This is a partial restoration of the original, now offline Gunner Q blog (gunnerq.com) and its successor Gunner Q2 (gunnerq2.com). The originals were subject to various forms of censorship. One day this may also serve as a mirror for the third iteration (gunnerq3.substack.com).

“Gunner Q2” was still online at WordPress, so all the text and comments were imported here. Most of the images used were copied, rather than linked remotely.

“Gunner Q” is no longer online.¬†The data was pulled from archive.org.¬†The articles between January, 2022 and May, 2022 are, unfortunately, not available. Similarly, while most of the comments have been imported, it is impossible to ensure that all of the comments ever made were archived (e.g. comments written after the latest archive date are not included).

Please direct any private correspondence for this blog to gunnerq@androsphere.net.

NOTE: This site is not merely an archive. Gunner Q has full editorial and authorial access to this site and may post here directly in the future at his discretion.