Czech Republic Defies European Union, Sanctions Armed Self-Defense

It’s funny how the nations most experienced with Socialism, are the nations most reluctant for a second go. It’s not funny how the first thing those “friends of the worker class” do is disarm the worker class. Everybody is most equal when the government agent is unstoppable!

Czech Senate Approves Right to Use Weapon in Self-Defense

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23 July 2021

The right to defend oneself and others with weapons under legal conditions will be enshrined in the Czech Constitution. It will become part of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

The adjustment is a response to disarmament trends within the EU. As expected, the Senate on Wednesday confirmed the approval of the amendment to the Charter. The change will now be signed by the president, who, unlike ordinary laws, cannot veto constitutional laws.

Per wikipedia, CZ already had some pretty lenient self-defense laws.


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There are three main concepts in Czech law which exclude criminal & civil liability based on self-defense. “Utmost necessity” (krajn? nouze) may be invoked against a danger other than an attack by another person, such as a raging dog. “Necessary self defense” (nutn? obrana) may be invoked against attack by another person, be it a direct assault or a dog ordered to attack. The third concept is called “eligible use of a gun” (opr?vn.n? zbran.) and generally may not be invoked by civilians, but rather by police or other officers.

I understand that in places where firearms are hard to use legally, trained attack dogs become commonplace. Animal rights activists should totally be pro-gun for humanitarian reasons. Alas, they’re just another front for Globohomo.

When I was a utility worker in Los Angeles, I was given specific & comprehensive training, with refreshers, on how to handle violent dogs. Nothing said ‘crack house’ like a 2,500sf property hosting 500lbs of angry dog.

Only slightly more than 3% of Czech adult population have concealed carry licenses. This together with a generally low rate of violent crime makes defensive gun uses relatively rare. More common are defensive knife uses, as there are no limitations on carrying of weapons other than firearms. Even more common are defensive uses of pepper sprays, the carrying of which is officially recommended by Ministry of Interior to women, elderly and other vulnerable groups.

Which explains why this amendment was for general weapon use rather than firearm-specific. I also understand that the world thinks us ‘Muricans rather daft with our obsession on firepower. It’s true that a knife is almost as good as a firearm in urban self-defense environments, although with the increase of STDs I prefer a collapsing baton for my EDC, but like the song says, there’s no feeling any greater than to shoot first and ask questions later.

This might have been the only song that Weird Al never dared to make an official music video for. Grand Theft Auto will have to do.

End segue

The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms will now contain a provision stating that “the right to defend one’s own life or the life of another person with a weapon is guaranteed under the conditions laid down by law..

According to the submitters, the constitutional change will prevent this right from being restricted by ordinary law. It will also strengthen the position of the Czech Republic in discussing other EU regulations.

.The proposal is not only symbolic in nature but can also serve as insurance for the future,. said Senator Martin .erv?.ek on behalf of the submitters.

.erv?.ek pointed to the tendency of some EU countries to ban carrying any objects that could be used as a weapon. According to .erv?.ek, the disarmament of the population will not bring greater security, as criminals will obtain weapons illegally.

More than a tendency, it’s a stated policy point… and in light of recorded history, a murderous threat. M.C. is smart to take this preventative step!

Overall, 54 of the 74 senators in the Senate voted in favor of amending the Charter. A three-fifths majority (45 votes) was needed. The proposal was enforced mainly by representatives of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), the TOP 09 and ANO movements, and the Social Democratic Party (.SSD).

Governments that allow people the means to replace it, are paradoxically the least likely to be replaced. It’s the governments who remove ordinary people from participation that risk infiltration and subversion. (When I say ‘people’, I mean male taxpayers. Not women, not bums.)

The amendment to the Charter will take effect no earlier than August 1 and no later than September 1.

The amendment is based on a petition signed by 102,000 people, including many constitutional officials. The petition was prompted by hunters and other gun owners who opposed the European Commission’s efforts to limit ownership of weapons, including legally held ones.

Molon Labe, Czech Edition!

The Commission justified its stance, among other things, by pointing out the necessity to take measures against terrorism.

“We promise you safety! Now turn your guns in!” (The Kiwi version ends in “oops, we lost the guns that you just turned in.”):


However, critics of the EU measure argued that terrorists mostly use illegally obtained weapons. Czechia fought the controversial EU directive in a lawsuit at the Court of Justice of the European Union but failed.

The government thus had to make changes to the law on weapons, implementing the EU regulation. The newly approved amendment to the Constitution will, however, override this law.

CZ has a future while Europe does not. It’s that simple.

Don’t CYA For Chick Volleyball

Instead of discussing face coverings, let’s discuss… everything else she’s wearing!

Editorial: Stop dictating to women athletes what they should wear

Archaic rule requiring that women wear bikini bottoms shows need for culture change in the world of sports

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By Mercury News & East Bay Times Editorial Boards, 29 July 2021

Nobody wanted to take personal credit for writing this. Dayumn, how many Socialists does it take to have a potentially unpopular opinion?

More than a century after the first women competed in the Olympics, sexism and sport continue to walk hand in hand, to the detriment of all. It begs the question of when men will stop trying to dictate to women what they should wear in athletic competitions.

Smarter atheists would recognize that statement as strong evidence that human nature cannot be changed, and despair of ever getting rid of the Creator.

For decades, men demanded that women cover up their bodies on the notion that they would be a distraction to the male athletes. Today’s policing of female athletes. bodies has gone to the opposite extreme, encouraging them to wear skimpy, revealing clothing, presumably to attract more male viewers. Never mind that rules requiring women wear revealing clothing may discourage young girls from wanting to participate and build the sport.

“Those poor young girls enjoying all that male attention! What a horrible fate!” says the combined effort of two hag-filled editorial boards.

On Monday, Norway’s women’s beach handball team was fined by the European Handball Federation because players wore shorts instead of the required bikini bottoms during a competition in Bulgaria. The International Handball Federation rules stipulate that female athletes must wear bikini bottoms “with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg.” Each player was fined the equivalent of about $177.

To no one’s surprise, male beach handball players can pretty much wear what they want.

Male privilege! Also because men are judged by their performance, not their gently bouncing… um, brains.

The men’s rules state that players. shorts, .if not too baggy, can be longer but must remain 10 centimeters above the kneecap..

Everybody wins when male thongs are not mandated.

Beach handball isn’t an Olympic sport . yet. The International Handball Federation has requested that the International Olympic Committee include beach handball as a new event at the Paris 2024 Summer Games. A condition of approval should be the removal of the IHF.s archaic clothing rule.

Let’s pin you journos down right now: which do you want? Mandatory skimpy attire or mandatory modest attire? Which do you think will get you in less trouble with the whamminz? (The correct answer is ‘fried ice’.)

But don’t hold your breath waiting for Olympic officials to recognize how a sport’s culture leads to the objectification of young women and girls.

It took nearly two decades before the Olympics in 2012 dropped the requirement that women beach volleyball players wear tiny bikini bottoms during competitions. Meanwhile, their male counterparts have always worn tank tops and shorts.

At the Tokyo Games earlier this week, Germany’s women’s gymnastics team, saying they were tired of the sexualization of their sport, broke with tradition and wore unitards that stretched to their ankles during the team competition.

Did those Germans pray to Mecca, too? Maybe post-nationalism isn’t as hot an idea as mandatory bikinis for athletic young chicks.


CAMEL-TOE unitards!!! I can’t post that pic on my blog. Suffice to say, no clothing regulation can prevent sluts from being sluts.

Since the 1956 Games, female gymnasts have worn bikini-cut leotards, while their male counterparts wear shorts or long pants, based on what they feel will be most comfortable during competition.

The same sexist approach holds true for figure skating competitions during the Winter Games.

Kudos to the Norwegian Handball Federation for backing Norway’s women players. The organization said it would pay the players. fines and continue supporting the team’s 15-year effort to change the uniform rules.

“Why do men care so much about how we dress?” cries the female athletic team entering its 16th consecutive year of demanding changes to the dress code. You aren’t fooling anybody, ladies and Progs. How women dress is a very big deal to women and if men don’t regulate it… men who, as a rule, do not care to weaponize clothing… then you women will be at each other’s throats forever with no solution.

It’s up to men to put women in their place… and in their dress code. And if men want bikinis then dangit, we get bikinis!

Leave the Jab, Take the Cannoli

No masks needed but folks, put your face shields on. Cat puke INCOMING!!!

Southern California Restaurant Claims It Will Only Serve Unvaccinated People

When the catch of the day is COVID-19

h ttps://

By Ross A. Lincoln, 26 July 2021

Careful there, Mr. Lincoln. You wouldn’t want to mock yourself.

A restaurant in Huntington Beach, California has added a brand new catch of the day to its menu: COVID-19.

Huntington Beach regularly turns up as the dissident bastard of Los Angeles-area city governments. I’ll never live in L.A. again but if God disagrees, look for me there.

That’s thanks to an absurd, and highly dangerous new marketing gimmick the restaurant has adopted…

Meaning either dissent against the government or quoting the Godfather trilogy.

…the claim that all patrons must prove they have not been vaccinated against the illness that has killed more than 600,000 Americans.

No, it was six MILLION dead. Oops, wrong lockdown.

So, how do we vaxx-dissidents prove a negative to each other? Aside from acting healthy & nonmagnetic.

The restaurant, Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, has demonstrated a repeated opposition to public health during the pandemic. It declared itself a “mask-free zone” in 2020, wrapping the policy in patriotic imagery. But the restaurant is now expanding this trolling campaign with signs declaring that simply being vaccinated is “treasonous, anti-American stupidity.”

That’s not trolling, doofus. That’s a policy statement. Also, the truth.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the restaurant isn’t actually checking vaccination status…

“They aren’t letting us in! I guess they actually are but they’re still thought criminals!”

…but the owner, Tony Roman, is opposed to the idea of vaccine mandates or the possibility of more lockdowns to stop the spread of COVID-19. In a statement to the times, he insisted that resistance to life-saving vaccines is a “missile of defiance” in the name of “liberty.”

No misapplied scare quotes either, please. These lockdowns and social-distancing, Fascist “guidelines”… note the correct use of scare quotes… are putting restauranteurs out of business left and right. I am pleased to see at least one restaurant owner seeing the obvious and responding rationally.

Meanwhile, states with lower numbers of vaccinated citizens are seeing three times as many COVID-19 cases as states with higher vaccination numbers. And as of today, 611,000 people in the U.S. have died from the illness.

Because the CDC mandated falsifying PCR tests to make vaccines look healthy. The sensitivity is REQUIRED TO BE CRANKED UP if they know they’re testing a Morlock. Excuse me, an un-fully-not-a-vaccine-ated person. It doesn’t roll off the tongue.

The restaurant is also selling t-shirts that say “Leave the vax, take the cannoli,” a reference to a line from “The Godfather” in which the thing left behind — in that case, a gun — was a murder weapon. The metaphor makes little sense of course, since vaccines prevent death, rather than cause it.

Mr. Lincoln, you need the vaxx like you need a hole in your head. eh, never mind.

NPC Witch Hunt!

This may be the first time ever, that computer avatars have been targeted by self-described victims of sexual harassment.

California sued gaming giant Activision Blizzard, alleging widespread harassment of female staff. A male supervisor delegated his work to a female employee so he could play Call of Duty, the suit said.

h ttps://

By, Anna Cooban, 22 July 2021

Heehee. Is there any other reason to be the boss at a computer game company?

California’s fair employment agency filed a lawsuit against gaming giant Activision Blizzard on Tuesday, accusing the Call of Duty publisher of a “pervasive frat boy” in which female employees were routinely harassed.

“He plays games while I have to do housework! I mean, officework.”

In one alleged incident, a “newly promoted male supervisor delegated his responsibilities to his now female subordinates in favor of playing Call of Duty,” the filing said.

I love you, man. Hermanos al fin!

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) sued Activision Blizzard and two subsidiaries – Activision Publishing and World of Warcraft creator Blizzard Entertainment – after a two-year investigation into working conditions for female staff, Bloomberg Law first reported.

“Oh noes! I cut myself while breaking through the glass ceiling! This male space is full of men acting male! My coworkers resent me because the government forced them to hire me! Life is so unfair!”

DFEH said in Tuesday’s filing to the Los Angeles Supreme Court that MEN at the company were discriminated against, subjected to “constant sexual harassment,” groped, paid less for “substantially similar work,” and retaliated against by company HR when they complained.

The original said “women” but this would surely be more correct. Also, in a related court case a California judge ruled that it is legal to intentionally misgender people!


California court says it’s OK to intentionally misgender and deadname trans people

h ttps://

A California court struck down a 2017 anti-discrimination law protecting LGBTQ elders, making it legal for employees to intentionally misgender and deadname patients at long-term care facilities.

The Third District Court of Appeals ruled that forcing employees to refer to patients by their preferred pronouns and names would be a violation of their freedom of speech and ideology.

“We recognize that misgendering may be disrespectful, discourteous and insulting, and used as an inartful way to express an ideological disagreement with another person’s expressed gender identity,” Associate Justice Elena J. Duarte wrote for the court.

“But the First Amendment does not protect only speech that inoffensively and artfully articulates a person’s point of view.”

Hail to the King Of Internet Trolls, baby. We can now LITERALLY flip the script! (Although I will refrain from here on.)

End Segue

“Unsurprisingly, [the] Defendants’ ‘frat boy’ culture is a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women,” the lawsuit said.

A spokesperson for Activision Blizzard said in a statement that “the picture the DFEH paints is not the Blizzard workplace of today.”

“The DFEH includes distorted, and in many cases false, descriptions of Blizzard’s past. We have been extremely cooperative with the DFEH throughout their investigation, including providing them with extensive data and ample documentation, but they refused to inform us what issues they perceived,” the statement said.

Epic moronic fail, spokes-dude. How did your in-house legal team miss that assault?

“We want all your employment documentation since the beginning of time and we won’t say why.”

“Okay, here you go. This should prove that we’re innocent. Please don’t hurt us!”

*megabucks lawsuit*

“We value diversity and strive to foster a workplace that offers inclusivity for everyone. There is no place in our company or industry, or any industry, for sexual misconduct or harassment of any kind,” the spokesperson said.

“We take every allegation seriously and investigate all claims. In cases related to misconduct, action was taken to address the issue.”

I meant it as a rhetorical question but thanks for pointing out how taking all female accusations seriously, documenting them fully and then handing all that manufactured evidence over to government investigators did jack squat to protect you from a harassment lawsuit.

Hey, did xe just MANSPLAIN right in front of us?!

The lawsuit detailed claims that some male workers engaged in “cube crawls” where they would “drink copious amounts of alcohol” and move between cubicles in the office, often behaving inappropriately towards their female coworkers.

And male coworkers, if I know drunks. Thanks for noticing us. Not.

The agency said in the filing that one female Activision Blizzard worker died by suicide during a business trip. A male coworker she had previously had a sexual relationship with was also on the trip, the suit said. Police found that the male supervisor had brought a butt plug and lubricant on the trip, DFEH said.

The butt plug strongly suggests that she drove him gay.

Some male workers made sexual advances to female employees on the World of Warcraft team, and also made derogatory comments about rape, the lawsuit claimed.

On that note… the WoW connection!

Blizzard Harasser From Lawsuit Is Still All Over World of Warcraft, Fans Dismay

h ttps://

By Ash Parrish, 22 July 2021

Yesterday, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard over the company’s allegedly pervasive culture of sexual harasment and discrimination.

As the horrific allegations against Activision Blizzard came to light, one portion of the lawsuit stood out as particularly egregious: Alex Afrasiabi.

One day later and he STILL hasn’t been unpersoned? REEEE!!!

Remember, it takes two days to unperson a life.

Alex Afrasiabi, a creative director on World of Warcraft, was allegedly so notorious with his behavior that his office was nicknamed the “Crosby Suite. .ostensibly a misspelling of “Cosby” in reference to alleged rapist Bill Cosby.

Not the Bing Crosby suite, perhaps? His office was allegedly named after an alleged rapist? Allegedly, Alex’s accusers have spelling problems. Also allegedly, they are lying weasels.

After all the accusations, criminal trials and even conviction & time served, it’s STILL ‘alleged rapist’. If Cosby isn’t innocent then at this point, he’s earned the right to be.

Afrasiabi worked for Blizzard as recently as June 2020…

And though Afrasiabi is gone, his presence still lingers in World of Warcraft. Kotaku was able to confirm the existence of at least two NPCs that continue to bear his name, in addition to a number of items that directly reference him.

Ahh, good! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Parade the sacrificial victims!

Wait, what? They… the Woke are going after Alex’s NPCs? Because the NPCs are still employed at Activision?

This one is spreading SARS-Cov-2-Delta because he isn’t wearing a face mask. Or maybe it’s the lambda variant but either way, a suspiciously healthy man like that has got to be diseased! And locked down!

And punished for sexual harassment…

Since the news broke, fans on the World of Warcraft forums are advocating that Afrasiabi’s references be removed or renamed.

The NPCs in question, Field Marshal Afrasiabi and Lord Afrasastrasz, can be found in the capital city of Stormwind and in Wrymrest Temple, respectively. In addition to the NPCs, there are a number of items named for Afrasiabi, including Fras Siabi’s Cigar Cutter, a rare axe, and common quest items like Siabi.s Premium Tobacco. The degree to which a player might encounter these things varies: The Stormwind inclusion is out of the way, and while the Temple reference belongs to a quest-giver, it’s for older Wrath of the Lich King content.

The Problem With Modern College Is It’s Too Much Work To Get A Degree

A female postdoctorate at the University of Spoiled Children makes the case that instead of coursework, universities should simply cash those checks and tell her what to think.

College can still be rigorous without a lot of homework

h ttps://

By KC Culver, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Southern California, 28 June 2021

How hard should it be to earn a college degree?

A good question, but also a wrong question. What matters is that you gain the skills and knowledge, not whether the process hurts like that one dentist who skimps on Novocain. I’ve seen good educations come out of Podunk Universities and I’ve also seen… Harvard.

When the book “Academically Adrift” appeared in 2011, it generated widespread concern that college was not effectively educating students and preparing them for today’s world. Among other things, authors Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa claimed that most colleges were not rigorous or demanding…


…in part because college students were not reading and writing enough in order to build their critical thinking skills. But is it really how much work students are assigned that makes college rigorous and helps them learn?

Oh, Barbie, the truth is worse.

[tangent] I was teaching math to a college kid a few years back; he was doing local community college for an Associate’s before transferring to a more expensive college for a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. I had him apply to the University of Southern California, aka the University of Spoiled Children, because they specialize in political dynasties and professional sports. Such universities have a problem: the kids of all those powerful donors, to say nothing of the jocks, are as stupid as bricks, which means the degrees they grant cannot be high-quality. Not unless ringers are brought in to up the IQ which, if it’s a private university, means giving huge scholarships to legitimately bright kids. Whatever it takes to make George Bush IV look smart.

My student got a full ride scholarship to USC… an ordinary kid from the backwaters of California… because he promised to make their “curriculum” look good. The curriculum that produced this very postdoctoral fellow writing to complain about too much paperwork! Try harder, my apprentice. [/tangent]

So, that’s where colleges are these days. They launder as many grants and loans as they can and if anybody gets edgy-crated in the process then kewl beans. There’s so much easy Fed money flying around that they don’t even compete for students… unless like USC, they’re so mind-numbingly expensive & exclusive that they need to rent their fresh blood.

As a scholar of higher education, I have taken a close look at college students. academic experiences and outcomes for several years. Some people define rigor as how many pages a student reads or how many pages a student writes. But in a 2021 peer-reviewed study that I published with colleagues John Braxton and Ernie Pascarella, I found that if they do that, they might miss key elements of what it takes to help students develop critical thinking skills and become lifelong learners. They also might create an unnecessary burden for students who have other demands on their time.

You’re missing the point of college, Barbie. It doesn’t matter what you do there. The college gets paid regardless. I don’t know who coined the phrase “lifelong learning” but my money is on a college loan officer.

In education, academic rigor tends to be defined in two different ways: as a workload that is demanding and difficult or as learning experiences that challenge and support students to think more deeply.

That.s why my study examines each definition of rigor . workload and academic challenge . in terms of helping students develop critical thinking skills. The study also looks at those definitions of rigor in relation to two related dimensions of lifelong learning. One is reading and writing for pleasure, and the other is the habit of thinking deeply and critically about things.

Barbie, nobody cares if your degree in whatever is rigorous. Neither would anybody care if your degree in civil engineering is rigorous. They only care if your bridge collapses.

Actually, that’s the exact point she’s making so I’ll be quiet and let her finish.

The study included about 2,800 students who attended one of 46 four-year colleges in the U.S. between 2006 and 2012. These students took part in the Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education, which was a large, longitudinal study of how college experiences affected outcomes associated with a liberal arts education. They completed surveys and tests at three different points during college: at the beginning of their first year, at the end of their first year and at the end of their fourth year.

In these surveys, students reported their course workload, including how many books they read, pages they wrote and hours they spent studying for class. They also reported how much their courses challenged them to engage in higher-order thinking. Faculty ask students to practice higher-order thinking when they ask challenging questions in class and give assignments that ask students to analyze information or form an argument.

Here.s what we found.

In the first year of college, higher-order thinking was related to an increase in both dimensions of lifelong learning: reading and writing for pleasure and the tendency to think deeply. Higher-order thinking was not related to development of critical thinking skills. Workload was not related to students. critical thinking or either dimension of lifelong learning.

Across four years of college, higher-order thinking was related to an increase in students. critical thinking skills and both dimensions of lifelong learning. Workload was related to only one dimension of lifelong learning: reading and writing for pleasure. This relationship was driven primarily by the amount of reading students did, rather than the amount of writing they did or the amount of time they spent studying.

Perhaps most importantly, my study suggests that students learn important critical thinking and lifelong learning skills because of challenging class experiences regardless of the workload. In other words, college can help students be better critical thinkers and lifelong learners without requiring them to spend a lot of time studying.

Not bad, not bad. She correctly discovered that a heavy workload is not needed for the average college experience. But neither is a light workload, or any workload, save for the need to look busy.

But… one problem, Barbie… I’m a math nerd.

Nobody learns math without lots of practice.

I haven’t looked at this Wabash study for the details. I don’t need to. I simply know that no amount of proper, guided thinking can turn a man into a mathematician. Or a coder. Or a chemist. Or a historian. Or a theologian. Or ANYTHING THAT MATTERS. You gotta earn it.

The proven-here theory that modern education is not hampered by a lack of study-time is proof that education is not happening in the modern college. Congratulations, Barbie, for being educated enough to prove that your education is not, in fact, any kind of education.

This study has implications for how courses and colleges are assessed as being rigorous. It also has implications for how faculty teach, as it suggests that they should create courses that engage students in higher-order thinking, rather than asking them to complete long reading and writing assignments.

These implications matter particularly for students from low-income backgrounds, who are more likely to work full-time during college. Low-income students are also more likely to commute to campus and have family responsibilities.

If you can’t keep up then don’t step up. You’ll just waste money.

Because of these responsibilities, students from low-income backgrounds often have less time to dedicate to homework compared to students from wealthier backgrounds who live on campus and who don’t work as many hours.

This could be easily tested by having no homework and only a couple tests. I’ve had classes like that. The vibrants didn’t do well then, either. Not that there were enough rising ghetto stars in differential equations for a properly scientific investigation. Science can’t test what isn’t detectable.

If campuses want students from low-income backgrounds to graduate at the same rate as their peers, then it is important that these students have a reasonable workload in their courses so that they don’t have to choose between college and their other responsibilities.

If colleges were smart, they’d do REAL apartheid with separate classes for unvaxxed white nerds and vibrantly pansexual, low-income Marxists. The nerds would happily accept cheaper tuition if, in return, they allowed the University to credit the tranny twinks in their curriculum statistics.

The Final Cash Grab

I don’t generally dump on the Boomer generation but this article is a worthy exception. The concept of reverse-mortgages instead of gifting the family home to one’s children is abominable… but this…

5 ways to cash in on your life insurance policy while you’re alive

h ttps://

By Erika Giovanetti, 20 July 2021

Sponsored by Credible – which is majority owned by our parent, Fox Corporation, and is solely responsible for its services.

They’re not trying to scam you. They’re Credible!

Life insurance provides your loved ones with financial security in the event of your death…

Man, that was a long time ago. When a man was the family breadwinner, life insurance made sense. In the modern age of easy, his-fault divorce and CEO Barbies, not so much, although I did have a dismemberment policy for a time. This advertisement’s target demographic is obvious.

…but you may be able to cash in on your policy while you’re still alive.

You can take it with you! Even your life insurance! Why should anybody benefit from your death except you?

Whether you need a lump sum of money to pay for college or you need money for a down payment on a house, tapping into your life insurance policy can help you meet your financial goals.

Disingenuous. College kids don’t have valuable life insurance policies but those snowbird homes don’t buy themselves.

If you’re in the market for life insurance with living benefits, it’s important to understand how it works. You can compare life insurance policies on Credible’s online financial product marketplace.

1. Tap into your policy’s living benefit riders

Some types of life insurance come with policy additions, referred to as “riders.” These riders may offer living benefits that apply if you meet certain criteria. Here are a few examples of living benefit riders:

    • You’re diagnosed with a chronic, terminal, or critical illness . You may be able to withdraw up to 80% of your policy proceeds to cover health care expenses through illness riders.
    • You need long-term care . Nursing homes, hospice care and end-of-life services are extremely costly. Long-term care riders can help you cover these expenses.

AKA dismemberment insurance against not being able to work anymore. If easy divorce didn’t ruin the material benefit of this then universal basic income is about to.

2. Take out a loan from the policy’s cash value

A life insurance policy loan uses the cash value of your plan as collateral. Since you’re borrowing money from yourself, life insurance loans:

Don’t require a credit check

Have relatively low interest rates

May offer flexible repayment terms

Plus, the loan isn’t technically income, so it’s tax-free.

Now we’re talking Boomer! It’s tax-free because you’ll be dead when the bill comes due!

3. Make a withdrawal from the policy

In addition to borrowing from your life insurance policy in the form of a loan, you may be able to simply withdraw from your policy’s cash value.

For reasonable, Credible fees.

4. Surrender the policy to receive the accrued value

5. Sell your life insurance policy to a third party

The biggest drawback, though, is that you won’t have life insurance coverage. This leaves your beneficiaries without a payout when you die.

We’re used to it. Generation X. The ‘X’ is for ‘latchkey’ but we’re too proud to complain, so Generation X we be.

Meanwhile, a company that calls itself Credible is standing by to help you screw your kids, er, ‘beneficiaries’, for the last time. You can’t make this up.

By all means, Boomers, activate your own life insurance policy and ensure that your only legacies are debt, abandonment and slavery. Brag to God In Heaven that if any of your children survive as free men in their own country, it will be no fault of yours. Let me watch.

Random Thoughts July 2021

If Churchians actually read their Bibles then they would have noticed that Moses wore a veil in order to comfort the people around him. Kinda humorous that it hasn’t happened yet. They would use that story to shame us the unmasked, then cry when we explained WHY Moses wore a veil. If they’re still capable of shame.

I don’t like following headlines anymore. It’s all Covid this and controlled opposition that, and the New World Order’s latest no-shots-fired victory. None of my blog readers are in a position to do anything of worldly significance and this more likely comes from God than any human agency. There’s a story that God wants to tell and if there be no other comfort, at least He’s telling it as quickly as He can.

How does one find the speakeasies? I got money for any businessman who likes income more than snitching for Science, but the question of how to advertise is a serious one. The college kids manage somehow but I can’t tolerate the Socialism long enough to blend in.

Remember those Dilbert cartoons in which Dogbert and the World’s Smartest Garbage Man (cartoonist Scott Adams’ self-cameo) discussed reality as a choice of perception? That never made sense to me. With gaslighting being the journalism profession’s New Normal, however, it makes more sense. All the available information is inconsistent and overwritten to the point at which your personal biases do as much to figure out truth as traditional methods such as predictive capability, pattern recognition and, well, tradition. That must be the point of all the misinformation; not merely to confuse, but to allow people to define “truth” for themselves.

Then again, when such confusion didn’t exist it was merely an existential justification for lying. Actually, it still is. Unless you have Father God for a North Star of Integrity.

One of my tricks for reading behind the headlines is when stories that shouldn’t be significant, are significant. Take that Surfside Condo collapse in Miami. Color me shocked that a shoddily-built apartment complex in a region notorious for real-estate corruption eventually collapsed from delayed maintenance. But not only has it been a news story for over a month, Israel flew in a damage-control team to “assist”. I suspect that a few of those apartments were safe houses for Epstein-type agents because no way do two nations care this much about that little.

Sooo, what IS up with the UFO reports? Don’t give me no Roswell aliens, they gotta obey the laws of physics just like everybody else. Either it’s the lamest headfake since tabloid Elvis (and I don’t know what they might have been distracting from) or waaay too many people at the Pentagon are diving into the occult. This story doesn’t help:

Policewoman Reported Being Chased by .Drone., Turned Out to Be Planet Jupiter

h ttps://

By Jack Montgomery, 17 July 2021

A Scottish policewoman who believed she was being chased by a drone was left red-faced when she fled back to her station, where senior officers told her the pursuing object was in fact the planet Jupiter.

The Glasgow-based officer, who has not been named but has reportedly served with Police Scotland for two years, called law enforcement on the public 101 number while on duty to complain that an object in the sky was “following her” along the M8 motorway, and that, despite her best efforts, she .couldn.t lose it..

She didn’t even use her radio? She must have had one because she was on duty while driving on a motorway. This sounds like a serious break with reality. Cops routinely get fired for much less disturbing conduct than this.

The call handler advised the policewoman to return to her station… She was found standing in the police yard with her hood up trying to hide from the “drone” and pointed out the bright white dot in the sky. They told her it was Jupiter, which is often visible on a clear night.

Say hello to a drug test, Glasgow’s Finest.

.The story is the talk of the steamie at her station. Nobody can quite believe it. She was very alarmed and spooked that she was being followed by a drone,. said a police source quoted by the newspaper.

.Everyone was quite concerned so you can imagine the red face and embarrassment felt when it was pointed out that the bright light following her was a planet millions of miles away,. they added.

.This is going to haunt her for years..

What? NO!!! She’s still employed? They’re protecting her identity?!

Police Scotland appeared to confirm the incident in an official statement, with a spokesman explaining that “Officers quickly established there was no criminality and were able to reassure the woman involved..

They extended the pussy pass all the way to handwaving away a psychotic break with reality! In a cop! I know my ancestral homeland has been on the skids for a long time but dayumn….

The Fuhlendorf Exercise-Loss Plan

To celebrate this Friday, let’s do some fat shaming! (Read: eye bleach warning.)


h ttps://

By Alex Lasker

Had to fix the title for her. She’d accidentally called this an “eating disorder recovery” and as you will soon see, it’s nothing of the sort.

For Hannah Fuhlendorf, exercise used to be an excruciating endeavor.


For people of a certain size, breathing is an excruciating endeavor.

.[Exercise] was a tool that was used for self-punishment and bodily control,. the 29-year-old certified counselor, who has a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, told In The Know. .There was no pleasure or joy in any part of it, and yet, it occupied a huge amount of space in my life and took up a lot of my time, energy and resources..

Remember, kids, anything worth doing gives you a dopamine hit!

Fuhlendorf, who has struggled with eating disorders in “varying degrees of severity” from the time she was eight years old through the age of 25, says that for those 17 years of her life, exercise represented nothing to her “except a path to thinness..

Exercise leads to thinness.

Thinness leads to a good husband.

A good husband leads to healthy children, a happy family life and a meal ticket through the imminent apocalypse.

Exercise: JUST DO IT!

.Like a lot of people, I grew up in a home and in a culture that expected thinness from me,. she shared. “But when it became clear during my childhood that my body sits at a higher weight than was expected of me or acceptable to those around me, disordered behaviors began..

“Disordered behaviors began”? If the article hadn’t already admitted it, that phrase would be a smoking gun that Hannah got a psychology degree in making top-quality excuses for eating too much and exercising not enough. Look at her blue hair in that pic! She could be her own thesis!

Over the past four years, Fuhlendorf has been working toward recovery, which has allowed her to rediscover the joy in movement and to untangle exercise and its many benefits from toxic diet culture and the pursuit of thinness . and she has brought TikTok along for the journey, under the handle @hannahtalksbodies.

The relationship between diet culture and exercise is a notably complex one that can take those struggling with weight-loss-obsessed mindsets years to understand and break free from, even with the help of a medical professional.

Specifically, a medical professional with dyed-blue hair, an entitlement complex and Daddy issues that she manages with intentional morbid obesity.

I’d say that Hannah must have gotten that advanced degree in clinical mental health counseling from a box of Cracker Jacks but we all know that a quart of Haagen-Dazs is more likely.

Although a lot of people exercise for a multitude of positive reasons, some people, particularly those struggling with disordered eating habits, may use it as a means to punish themselves for eating “bad” or indulgent foods or as a potentially harmful bid to change their appearances, rather than a means to benefit their bodies, minds and overall health.

It’s true! I eat lots of pizza but stay thin via weight lifting, hiking, biking, swimming and more hiking. Okay, okay, ‘thin’ might be pushing it. I’m kinda ripped from all the weights.

Clearly, I am harming myself with body-image issues.

.People with eating disorders frequently only engage in the most exhausting, highest impact forms of exercise,. Fuhlendorf explained. .The word “exercise” may as well have been swapped with “torture” for me, and that’s true for a lot of folks in eating disorder recovery..

Hannah, you’d break a sweat just getting through your front door. And I do mean “through”. Turning sideways won’t help you.

Fuhlendorf.s view toward exercise and movement started to change in 2017 when she began seeing a therapist who practiced Health at Every Size (HAES), an approach that aims to eliminate stigmas against weight, respect size diversity and improve access to health care for everyone.

Fuhlendorf is a waddling example of why socialized health care is a bad idea. Why is my tax money comforting that lardball in all of her ovoid glory?

Her new therapist’s focus on the idea that health can be attained separately from thinness, was game-changing for Fuhlendorf.

.She was a major part of my recovery journey,. the TikToker said of her therapist. .She helped me understand the reality of my eating disorder and provided an alternative perspective that I didn’t even know was possible. A life at peace with my body, not pursuing thinness was something I didn’t even think was an option for a fat person..

Her therapist gave her permission to quit!

After discovering HAES, Fuhlendorf set out on the daunting path of mending her relationship with physical movement . a journey that began with a mental reset and some much-needed rest.

.What I knew for certain was that exercise, in the way I knew it, was not safe for me, and I needed to be very protective of my recovery,. she explained. .So for almost a year, I took a break; I abstained from doing anything I considered “formal exercise.’.

For Fuhlendorf, this meant canceling gym memberships, unfollowing nearly 100 fitness influencers on social media, and deleting diet and workout apps off of her phone. The experience, she says, was nothing short of liberating.

.For the first time in 17 years, I felt like I could breathe,. she recalled. .I felt like I was actually participating in my life rather than just enduring it..

Except for the gym memberships, that was good. Her smartphone and social media habits were only enabling her sedentary lifestyle so getting rid of them was smart.

She DID get rid of the smartphone and social media, right?


As her recovery [from exercise] progressed, Fuhlendorf says she began to discover the types of movement that made her feel joy rather than pain . she began to fill her time with things like stretching, swimming, dancing, yoga and boxing, instead of the punishingly difficult high-intensity workouts that had left her scarred.

Only two of the five are actual exercise and even then, I’m not sure about swimming. Is it still exercise when you can’t sink and can’t feel cold?

Is it still exercise when you’re too fat to move? Exactly what were those high-intensity exercises? Was boxing not high-intensity?

Four years after first entering a period of recovery from her eating disorder, Fuhlendorf has successfully been able to adapt her exercise routine to include whatever feels good to her body at the moment.

But she’s still fat.

.To this day, I swim and box and dance and move my body however and whenever feels best,. she explained.

But she’s still fat.

.I have zero rules for frequency or intensity. It is all about my enjoyment. Period. I have found that to be the most impactful change in my relationship with movement. If I don’t like it, I don’t do it..

Yo Mama’s so fat, there’s a half moon every night.

Fuhlendorf still finds herself staying out of conventional gyms as much as possible . finding that they tend to be “rife with fatphobia and disordered behaviors. . and avoiding workout machines that reveal the number of calories a user has burned, which can be triggering to those who are prone to feeling they need to earn their food by burning it off.

Fatphobia, yes. Disordered behavior, no. Gym rats aren’t the Fuhlendorfs who pay therapists to lie about the health benefits of bulging those bulging bulges of fatness. “You can be beautiful at any size!” no.

“The Peloton triggered me!”

.I don’t take classes where the instructors talk about weight loss or make fatphobic remarks,. she added. .I don’t put myself in any spaces in person or online where the intent is to change or shrink my body at all. I still have to be very protective of my mental health..

The truly fun part of mocking Social Justice Warriors is that they can’t help but to mock themselves at the same time.

To anyone looking to improve their own toxic or harmful mindset surrounding physical movement, Fuhlendorf recommends taking a break from exercise and consulting a trusted therapist or physician. Most importantly, listen to your body and what it needs before diving into any new type of regimen.

Regimens such as biodiesel rendering! America’s fat population is like a second Strategic Oil Reserve.

“Focus on doing what feels good, not what you think makes a workout a “good workout..

That’s what I just did. Shaming fat people feels good!

Only Guidelines Can Make Biolabs Safe

It’s been a longrunning debate whether Chinaballs was intentionally or accidentally released from the Wuhan lab. This astonishingly tone-deaf article by a credentialed expert suggests… BOTH!

We work with dangerous pathogens in a downtown Boston biocontainment lab . here’s why you can feel safe about our research

h ttps://

By Ronald Corley, Director of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories, 14 July 2021

With a title like that, somebody is playing life on hard mode today! Especially since this article was surely prompted by that biocontainment lab incident in downtown Wuhan.

Microbiologist Ronald Corley has gone to work every day throughout the pandemic as director of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories. Within this secure lab facility in Boston, scientists study pathogens as diverse as tuberculosis, Ebola virus, yellow fever virus and Zika virus.

Courageously risking his life for !science! from behind a desk at the top of the org chart.

A newly emerging or reemerging human pathogen is detected somewhere around the globe every 12 to 18 months.

Ohmigawd Coof is MUTATING!!!! just like every disease always does and always has.

Infectious diseases don’t respect borders. Because of the global economy and unprecedented mobility, everyone on the planet is vulnerable to potentially devastating infectious diseases that may have originated halfway across the world. In this age of high-speed travel, we are as little as 36 hours away from any outbreak.

Maybe we should close our borders, if only for the sake of medical quarantine? Especially with China and India, which are by far the most frequent sources of “newly emerging pathogens”? Maybe we should try avoiding diseases instead of learning all about them.

In the lab, researchers can safely test new diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. The more scientists learn about these new diseases, the better prepared we are for the ones that will come after.

A better way to be prepared for an outbreak is to remove all women from positions of authority so they won’t freak out over the need to assume measured risks. Knowledge in the hands of government is like wisdom in the hands of a fool: a pretty thing to be flaunted but not used.

This is where labs like the NEIDL, and our stringent safety measures, are important. I feel safer from infection working in the NEIDL than I do in my apartment building.

That sounds like a roommate problem.

We know what we’re working with in the lab and how to keep ourselves and others safe. But outside, I don’t know who I might pass who could have a transmissible pathogen, including the coronavirus.

Definitely a roommate problem. Although I would hazard a guess, that he’d notice if the person next to him was hacking up tuberculosis or bleeding Ebola from the eyes.

This is not to say that there is no risk working within the laboratory . there is.


In California’s agricultural valleys, they have this concept of agricultural quarantine. Any disease that spreads to a new farm’s worth of livestock can do massive damage, so the farms are intentionally isolated, workers live on site and they go through cleaning regimens when they come back from vacation or supply runs.

Director Corley respects the health of his fellow humans less than a Mexican migrant respects the health of his chickens. But not to worry! Corley is CERTIFIED!

But we minimize it through a series of safety measures . including building systems, laboratory design, personal protective equipment, training and safety protocols . that have been tried and tested in laboratories across the world.

Except the safety measure of social distancing. Oopsie.

Our biosafety manual sets the standards for all work with biological material in the NEIDL….

Overview of biosafety rules omitted.

What does containment look like with these safety strategies in place?

Everyone undergoes annual background checks, medical clearances and training. Only cleared staff can enter the building alone.

None of that prevents the spread of disease. It doesn’t even prevent the spread of Chinese espionage.

There are limited ways into the space, one for pedestrians, and one for vehicles, like delivery trucks. Entry requires access via biometric or card access or both, and screening by security. Access controls limit staff members to entering spaces where they have permission to work, based on their training, clearances and biosafety protocols. A network of security systems and closed-circuit cameras monitors the facility.

Just like the Burger King across the street!

Entering laboratories requires that workers don the appropriate PPE for the area. Within the labs, we know what pathogen we are working with and how it is being used and are confident staff are following the safety measures required to keep them safe. This ensures the safety of others in the building as well as the surrounding community.

Importantly, the biosafety practices ensure that each pathogen we’re studying is restricted to the appropriate spaces. Researchers work at biosafety cabinets that sterile-filter the air before releasing it back into the lab.

Infrastructure is better than Burger King but none of it needs to be located in a dense urban center where a single failure can be catastrophic.

What kinds of regulation and oversight are there?

Synopsis of 574-page book of oversight regulations omitted.

What would happen if something went wrong?

An important aspect of safety is making sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Three trainings per year involve first responders from the city as well as from Boston University. These are done as either live drills or tabletop exercises with experts walking through what an emergency would look like. Afterward we review how we did and develop plans for improvement.

No, no, we aren’t talking about strokes or the Heimlich maneuver. We’re talking about you walking to work one morning and noticing that a rat on the sidewalk outside your lab is dead of hemorrhagic fever. What do you do? You file paperwork…?

At Boston University, we post all laboratory incidents, including those at the NEIDL, on a quarterly basis to ensure that we remain transparent in our activities. Depending on what went wrong, we may also report to the BPHC and the CDC.

That’s right. We can trust your biolab to operate inside a major city because you’ll tell everybody when you fuck up. Despite the obvious incentives to not tell everybody.

Look, when a plague escapes confinement in an urban center, there’s nothing that CAN be done. China was tyrannical enough to lock down entire cities and it didn’t help. But if your lab is physically isolated with a disciplined workforce then a lockdown can work.

Which brings us to the million-casualty question:

Why place these high-security labs in urban environments with lots of neighbors instead of the middle of nowhere?

Scientific research is a communal activity, and advances happen in places where diverse expertise is concentrated. It’s no different for research on emerging pathogens. Research on pathogens relies on faculty with expertise in not only the pathogens themselves but chemistry, engineering, stem cell biology, structural biology, immunology and more.

Biocontainment research also requires facilities engineers, safety professionals and security personnel. You can find personnel with diverse experience and expertise in metropolitan areas that are already home to biomedical research.

If they’re willing to come to USA all the way from Pajeet-istan to work in a biocontainment facility then they’re willing to travel twenty miles outside of urban centers and maybe live on campus, too. Behold, concentrated expertise! And frankly, if they’re coming from Pajeet-istan then they need to go through medical quarantine regardless. It would be awkward yet convenient, if your sparkly new diversity hire brought the next plague into your city.

Science can’t happen unless a Chicomm plant, an African bioterrorist and a Yankee politician collaborate at a wine-tasting next door to the BSL-3 biolab.

The original permitting process of the NEIDL mandated a comprehensive risk assessment [that] concluded that it’s as safe, or even safer, to have such a facility in an urban environment than in a rural or suburban environment.

You just lied to America, Director. Come to think of it, telling the truth was never one of your guidelines. Their purpose, as you stated in this article, was to reassure people. Truth is often NOT reassuring… therefore not a guideline.

.Near misses. have occurred at these kinds of labs within the U.S. and Europe. A near miss might, for example, involve glove tears and a potential exposure to a pathogen during laboratory work, but these have never resulted in any community infections. At the NEIDL, we intend to maintain this track record.

QED. His real concern is his own reputation. Not safety. Just the perception of safety.

Everything that Director Corley said in this article indicates he’s the kind of bureaucrat who would do that, to wit, violate the principle of safety with the justification that he followed all the safety rules.

That is why bureaucracy is evil. It offers a false morality, one that clumsy and careless humans can easily keep. It is good to follow safety procedures and better to know why those procedures exist. Not to protect your lab’s reputation; to protect the innocent. The principle says to house dangerous diseases where there are few people to be infected. But the rules don’t require it… so….

So long as Director Corley can’t be fired, it’s really not his problem if Bostonian Swine Flu becomes a thing. Thus, placing the biolab where it can function most cheaply (and importing diversity hires from around the globe) is worth the sacrifices that other people may have to make.

I tried to substantiate my suspicions of NEIDL being more concerned about the appearance of safety than actual safety. Guess who I found? Barbara “Doctor of Public Welfare” Ferrer, the health Nazi of Los Angeles.

h ttps://

In a discussion whose outcome may determine if Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) will conduct research involving pathogens such as the Ebola and Marburg viruses, speakers for and against research at BioSafety Level 4 (BSL-4) faced off last night at a lengthy Boston City Council hearing on a proposed ordinance to ban that level of research in the city. The ordinance was put forth by Councilman Charles Yancey, who told the standing-room-only crowd that he feared that BSL-4 research could pose a serious risk to the health and safety of the community.

While Yancey and several opponents of BSL-4 research tried to persuade the city council to support the ban, proponents, including Barbara Ferrer (SPH.88), director of the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), and M. Anita Barry director of the BPHC Infectious Diseases Bureau, argued that reliable safety precautions have been put in place. Representatives of the biotech industry also spoke in favor of BSL-4 research, maintaining that banning BSL-4 research would inhibit the growth of life sciences research in Boston.

Ronald Corley, NEIDL associate director and a BU School of Medicine professor and chair of microbiology, emphasized the promise of a research lab that can bring together expertise in many disciplines, such as chemistry, microbiology, and engineering.

.The great discoveries in science these days are coming from these kinds of multidisciplinary efforts,. he said. .The University’s mission is educating the next generation of scientists.” Corley said the mission of NEIDL is to develop vaccines, diagnoses, and therapeutics for emerging infectious diseases. .The NEIDL is not going to produce biological weapons, and it is not going to do classified research,. he said.

No gain-of-function research? This article is dated April 2014. It was October 2014 that the CDC outlawed GoF research after multiple biolab screwups, which was considered technically not bioweapon research. Probably just as well that NEIDL never went level-4.

Opponents of BSL-4 research at the hearing argued that safety studies of the lab conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were inadequate, and that NEIDL was constructed in “an environmental justice community” without sufficient dialogue with residents. …

Construction of the $200 million NEIDL facility was completed in September 2008, but controversy and litigation have kept much of the building’s 192,000 square feet of laboratory space closed.

So, they built the facility without asking the locals if they were comfortable living next to a biolab, then they tried to justify their fait accompli existence by claiming that their safety procedures guaranteed that nothing could go wrong.

I consider the point proven, that Director Corley is a bureaucrat with little concern for human life.

Worse Than Hitler’s Yearbook

Yay! Some true crime that doesn’t involve Hunter Biden continuing his bagman duties for his shameless-traitor father OR Fauci getting away with paying China to manufacture bioweapons with American technology & taxpayer money! This perp even got punished, although I fear his criminal journey has only just begun.

Hitler quote one of three offensive entries in recalled Glastonbury High School yearbook; responsible student “received consequences.

h ttps://

By Jesse Leavenworth, 21 May 2021

I added a couple sections from other sources for completeness. The virtue-signaling is so strong with this story that news outlets varied in how much information they were willing to give out!

A quote from Adolf Hitler that a student snuck into Glastonbury High School’s yearbook under the photo of an unsuspecting classmate was one of three offensive entries found in the yearbook, school leaders said Wednesday.

.Our school community is greatly distressed and disturbed by the anti-Semitic, racist and biased yearbook incident,. School Superintendent Alan Bookman and Principal Nancy Bean wrote to the school community.

One would think that Normie American would eventually clue in to the bleak terror that all (non-Muslim) American authorities have of ever permitting a Jew’s feelings to be offended. Almost as if we’re a satrapy of a racist foreign power, or something.

The quote from Hitler, a believer in the power of propaganda to deceive the masses, was, .It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them.. The quote was attributed in the yearbook to George Floyd, the Black man killed by a Minneapolis police officer last year. The quote by the Nazi dictator was attributed to George Floyd, the Minnesota man whose death under a police officer’s knee last year sparked nationwide outrage and calls for reform.

That’s a surprisingly appropriate quote for Current Year. Although not one that we dissidents would speak; it’s not fun watching society not even notice that it’s being taught to see us as subhuman disease vectors.

Another entry slipped in by the same student referenced the “Boston bomber. [Dzhokhar Tsarnaev] [and drugs] and a third entry found after scrutinizing the book glorified war, Bookman and Bean wrote. School officials were working with the yearbook publisher to replace the pages where the entries appeared.

The student responsible for the Hitler quote and Boston bomber entry “has received consequences” and is under investigation by local police, officials said. They did not describe the bomber or war glorification entries.

Tsarnaev’s was not a quotable kind of intellect. A brief perusal of his public statements makes me think it was a false reference.

.Our first priority was to support the students victimized by this act,. Bookman and Bean wrote. .We have been in regular contact with both the victims and the victims. families..

.We deeply regret not having caught the act of bigotry and vandalism before the yearbook was printed,. they wrote. .We are examining and will revise our yearbook procedures for collecting and reviewing future student submissions..

.There is no place for any of this anywhere in our school system,. the officials continued. .We recognize that racism and privilege exist in our society. As a district we have committed ourselves to examining our school system and our school culture and to dismantling any practices that support inequality, privilege, and racism.

.We made that commitment a year ago,. Bookman and Bean wrote. .These are NOT just words. We have begun this critical work this year and will continue the work for many years to come..

Hollister Tryon, 18, was a student at Glastonbury High School, where the quote appeared in May beneath the photo of an unsuspecting classmate, police said. [He has been charged with two counts of computer fraud.]

I’d expected a pasty white computer geek with a 4chan shirt. This is… a mestizo Fabio?! He looks more likely to have hacked a yearbook editor than a yearbook computer, if you know what I mean.

He has cutting-pupil eyelids indicating detachment from reality. That’s a bad sign and combined with his juvenile record… it wasn’t published but he’d already been prohibited from graduation ceremonies… and his quote about enjoying the spectacle of other people not noticing how they’re being manipulated, this guy isn’t the cheerfully insolent Based White Dude that one could have hoped for.

Congratulations, Principal Bean. Your obsession with total control over your student body has had the opposite effect of making society safer: you just graduated a low-functioning sociopath. Which is the only kind of male personality able to thrive in your Fascist pseudo-prison horror factory.

You’re worse than Hitler’s yearbook.

The Cuck And the Dyke

You may have seen in the headlines, that Rev. Dr. Bernard Randall of Trent College was reported to a counter-terrorist organization for peacefully speaking one time against the LGBT agenda in the name of Christ. You may not have heard, that he’d been reported two years ago and only found out when he discovered the memo in his file while preparing a lawsuit concerning his termination. Buckle up for the freakshow!

.My world fell apart.: School chaplain accused of terrorism over LGBT sermon says he won’t be silenced

h ttps://

By Anugrah Kumar, 5 June 2021

A school chaplain who was fired from his job and reported to the government’s counter-terrorism watchdog for delivering a sermon questioning the school’s LGBT policies says in a media interview that his world “fell apart” after he was accused of being a terrorist.

More specifically, after he LEARNED he’d been accused of being a terrorist:

The Rev. Bernard Randall, 48, told Premier Christian News that he discovered that he had been referred in 2019 to the counter-terrorism watchdog, Prevent, as he was going through the documentation related to the disciplinary action over his sermon at Trent College, a Church of England school.

Is that some kind of private-sector counterterror organization?


[link was lost]

The UK.s terror watchdog has called for an independent review of the government’s flagship anti-radicalisation strategy, Prevent, over concerns that it is sowing mistrust and fear in the Muslim community.

Okay, it’s a government program after all.

The programme, particularly its duty on schools to spot and report signs of radicalisation in pupils, has become a “significant source of grievance” among British Muslims, encouraging “mistrust to spread and to fester., said David Anderson QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism laws.

I’m warning up to this group.

In his written submission to the home affairs select committee inquiry into the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, he also raised concern that elements of Prevent were “ineffective or being applied in an insensitive or discriminatory manner..

An organization dedicated to early detection and neutralization of political threats is acting insensitive and discriminatory? Wouldn’t that be its job?

.It seems to me that Prevent could benefit from independent review,. wrote Anderson, who has no authority to conduct such a review.

He continued: .It is perverse that Prevent has become a more significant source of grievance in affected communities than the police and ministerial powers that are exercised … The lack of transparency in the operation of Prevent encourages rumour and mistrust to spread and to fester..

The watchdog’s concerns were echoed by expert witnesses who gave evidence to the select committee inquiry at the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Raheel Mohammed, the director of Maslaha, a social enterprise that works to improve conditions in Muslim communities, called for a review of Prevent in schools, warning of its stigmatising impact.

The programme was stifling schools from openly discussing and safely addressing issues around extremism, creating an atmosphere of fear, and failing to equip teachers with the skills and training to act on signs of radicalisation in pupils, he told the group of MPs.

.Prevent is seen by many educators . [and] by many in the [Muslim] community as being a blunt instrument,. said Mohammed. .What it’s doing is stigmatising whole communities.”

Well, well. Prevent, a UK government organ of all things, is actually doing its job of countering imported Islamic, excuse me, “home-grown” terrorism! Did somebody say “Never again, Rotherham”?

AND they did their job in regards to Dr. Randall, exonerating him in short order. Although sending him a celebratory fruit basket might have been in order, seeing as the memo wasn’t passed on:

End segue

.It.s not as if [school officials] sat me down and said, .This is what we feel we have to do.. I found that, as it were, by accident and all of a sudden, my world falls apart because I’m being accused of being a terrorist, which is just about the worst thing you can accuse anybody of in our society on the basis of I knew not what. It was just extraordinary,. Randall is quoted as saying.

What happened two years ago, to prompt this reporting? And why is he being fired by school officials now, two full years after they implicitly accused him of being a terrorist weaponizing the children at their boarding school?

He was dismissed from school for gross misconduct and reported to the counter-terrorism program after he told students, aged 11 to 17, that they were not compelled to “accept an ideology they disagree with.” He also told the students that they could make up their own minds about gender identity and sexuality.

In the 2019 sermon, he referred to a new LGBT-inclusive curriculum at the school because a student asked him to talk about it, he says.

The teaching material from the “Educate and Celebrate” curriculum was adopted after a visit by Elly Barnes, founder of Educate & Celebrate, an LGBT education charity. The material aims to “equip you and your communities with the knowledge, skills and confidence to embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your organization..

Sometimes you need special glasses to recognize a xeno in a skinsuit and sometimes, you don’t.

Making homophobia history

h ttps://

By Sue Learner, 26 October 2010

‘I’ve had pupils say ‘Miss, you are trying to turn us gay’ and I ask them, ‘do you turn black during Black History Month or Turkish during Turkish month?’” Elly Barnes, a music teacher at Stoke Newington school in north London, is used to tackling such questions. Prompted by seeing homophobia around her in school on many occasions, she now runs Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) History Month here every February.

“My focus is eradicating homophobia from all schools and educational establishments by giving staff the confidence and resources to do it, along with demonstrating good practice and changing opinions under the banner of ‘educate and celebrate’,” says Barnes, who is the diversity course leader.

At the first session, Barnes briefs teachers, PGCE students and an educational psychologist on current policy and equal opportunities. Then she moves on to the part many teachers dread and fear . teaching children about LGBT.

Florence, aged 12, tells the class about the first wedding she went to. “It was a gay wedding and they were called Andrew and Eric, and I wanted to be a bridesmaid, but I had only known them for two years.”

Barnes asks them what they know about the words lesbian, gay and bisexual. Josiah, aged 11, brings up the issue of religion, saying: “The pope opposes homosexuality, but I don’t know why, as I think everyone should have free will.”

Kids that age should not be taught anything about sexuality, let alone anti-Christian perversion.

Nine years later and being finished with London’s public education system, she moved on to Anglican boarding schools to corrupt the children there. Exactly one man opposed her efforts, not even harshly, and…

Over the five years, she has had only a handful of complaints. “A parent complained after her son told her he had seen a film at the school that showed two men kissing. I told her we are an inclusive school and it is part of the curriculum,” says Barnes.

I wonder if that parent was also reported to the authorities as a terrorist, the way she reported Rev. Randall.

What was it he said, anyway? That triggered her so hard?

A school sermon by Bernard Randall: Competing ideologies

h ttps://

By Rev. Randall, 10 May 2021

Despite the date of this article, this is reportedly the sermon Randall gave that prompted the terroristic investigation.

I have a theory about Brexit. It seems to me that people who voted to leave the European Union voted for largely political reasons . to do with democratic self-determination; and people who voted to remain did so for largely economic reasons . to do with prosperity and jobs. Of course I’m simplifying here…

No, you’re being wrong. Brexit is globalism vs. nationalism. Politically, economically, demographically, monetarily… it’s a decision of whether England should even exist in ten years.

…and both sides claim to consider both, but it seems to me that which set of ideas, which ideology, takes priority determines which way many people voted.

And so the problem with the often very heated and unpleasant debate ever since the referendum, is that people haven’t managed to cope with there being two competing sets of ideals . two ideologies. Now when ideologies compete, we should not descend into abuse, we should respect the beliefs of others, even where we disagree.

There has been another set of competing ideals in the news recently. You may have heard of the protests outside a Birmingham primary school over the teachings of an LGBT friendly “No Outsiders” programme. In a mostly Muslim community, this has been sensitive, because many parents feel that their children are being pushed to accept ideas which run counter to Islamic moral values. Many in that community are concerned, even angry, that their children are having an agenda, an ideology pushed on them, which is in conflict with their religion.

Dude… Revered… that’s exactly where the Muzzies would be with respect to Christianity if you clergy offered even a whiff of opposition.

And in our own school community, I have been asked about a similar thing . this is one of the requested topics, and the question was put to me in a very particular way . .How come we are told we have to accept all this LGBT stuff in a Christian school?. I thought that was a very intelligent and thoughtful way of asking about the conflict of values, rather than asking which is right, and which is wrong.

Epic Fail, especially for a clergy teacher of children at a boarding school. Disobedience against the True and Living God is not a “conflict of values”.

So my answer is this: there are some aspects of the Educate and Celebrate programme which are simply factual . there are same-sex attracted people in our society, there are people who experience gender dysphoria, and so on. There are some areas where the two sets of values overlap . no one should be discriminated against simply for who he or she is: that’s a Christian value, based in loving our neighbours as ourselves, and God making humankind in his image, male and female, and himself loving everyone equally. All these things should be accepted straightforwardly by all of us, and it’s right that equalities law reflects that.

Randall, why did you trying to find moral equivalence with the intentionally Satanic, child-corrupting programme founded and still operated by a militant, child-molesting dyke? Or maybe the better question, why were you surprised that she turned out to have a totalitarian streak in her?

But there are areas where the two sets of ideas are in conflict, and in these areas you do not have to accept the ideas and ideologies of LGBT activists. Indeed, since Trent exists “to educate boys and girls according to the Protestant and Evangelical principles of the Church of England,. anyone who tells you that you must accept contrary principles is jeopardizing the school’s charitable status, and therefore it’s very existence. You should no more be told you have to accept LGBT ideology, than you should be told you must be in favour of Brexit, or must be Muslim . to both of which I’m sure most of you would quite rightly object.

That sounds very familiar to an American Christian whose churches fear jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

Now I don’t know about the faith of the person who asked me to talk about this topic. I don’t think he would say is religious, though I may be wrong, but I am aware that there will be a good few in our community who will have been struggling, if they feel they are being told that they must accept ideas which run counter to their faith . or indeed non-faith based reasoning about the world. So I want to say to everyone, but especially to those who have been troubled, that…

…You can be confident that we worship Father God of Truth, the Creator of Life. Thus, you should defy all who hate Him with joy in your heart and courage in your step. For you are the redeemed and righteous of mankind, and the wicked will surely be exposed and condemned.

…you are not obliged to accept someone else’s ideology. You are perfectly at liberty to hear ideas out, and then think, .No, not for me..

There are several areas where many or most Christians (and for that matter people of other faiths too), will be in disagreement with LGBT activists, and where you must make up your own mind.

What demon-sucking gutless cockroach made YOU a reverend, Randall?

So it is perfectly legitimate to think that marriage should only properly be understood as being a lifelong exclusive union of a man and a woman; indeed, that definition is written into English law.

Christ likes monogamy because English law says He should. But only as an ideal, of course… we wouldn’t want to offend the other faith groups, including the atheists:

You may perfectly properly believe that, as an ideal, sexual activity belongs only within such marriage, and that therefore any other kind is morally problematic. That is the position of all the major faith groups . though note that it doesn’t apply only to same-sex couples. And it is a belief based, not only on scripture, but on a highly positive view of marriage as the building block of a society where people of all kinds flourish, and on recognizing that there are many positive things in life more important than sex, if only we’d let them be. This viewpoint is recognized by many people as extremely liberating. And it’s an ethical position which could also be arrived at independently of any religious text, I think.

It is, actually. Broken families in general and fatherlessness in particular have been conclusively linked to all kinds of social ills, thus even a devout atheist can understand the critical importance of patriarchy. So then, you Anglicans rebelled against not just God but sanity and science too, when you let that depraved Jezebel wolf into the childrens’ henhouse.

You might be concerned that if you take the religious view on these matters you will be attacked, and accused of homophobia and the like. But remember that religious belief is just as protected in law as sexual orientation…

So that’s how Randall managed to be surprised at Barnes’ passive-aggressive attack. He thought they were peers, arguing philosophical points of no eternal significance. But no, the people who sanction sexual perversion never had the slightest intention of also protecting Christianity.

You can’t protect the darkness and the light at the same time.

…and [remember that] no one has the right to discriminate against you or be abusive towards you. Remember too that “phobia” words have a strict sense of extreme or irrational fear or dislike, like arachnophobia, fear of spiders, or triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number thirteen . well there’s nothing extreme about sharing your view with the Church of England, established by law, and of the majority of the world’s population who belong to these faiths.

A Christian, if he is attacked, can remember that this world hates him because it first hated his Savior. He can remember that he has a home in God’s Heaven where moth and rust and BLM do not destroy… and if God is very kind, he can look to his friends to support him through the hard times.

But Randall? We should’ve guessed from his being declared not-a-terrorist by this fallen world that he is no Christian.

So, all in all, if you are at ease with “all this LGBT stuff,. you’re entitled to keep to those ideas…

…and entitled to denounce even the weakest opposition as worse than Hitler!

That is how the child-grooming militant lesbian was able to vomit her lies and perversions directly into the Church: because leaders like Randall are groveling, quisling, “be true to yourself” morons.

Mission Accomplished: Feminist Indoctrination

Here’s another horror story, excuse me, success story of how education EMPOWERS women.

AITA for telling my sister not to bring her kids over so much?

h ttps://

By Anonymous Bay Area feminist, 30 June 2021

I (25F) recently graduated. The city I live in has a shortage of apartments–I could technically afford an available one, but that would mean I would have no extra money for anything but the bare basics.

That rules out New York City. They have a surplus of apartments, albeit sill unaffordable. Thus, the Gay Area of Commiefornia. Nowhere else breeds feminists of this purity.

While waiting for a more reasonable place to open up, I have moved in with my parents, who own a house within reasonable commuting distance.

I know why she’s not eager to live with her parents: she’s in her prime skanking years.

My older sister (32F) has three children: 6M, 3F, 1F.

Probably got both a BA and MRS in college.

We aren’t very close, as her entire identity since her oldest was born is “SAHM.” She usually brings her kids over several times a week to visit and/or have my parents babysit while she goes grocery shopping or other errands. I’m not really a kid person–don’t plan on having any myself, and I can tolerate hers in small doses. Before, when I lived on campus, this wasn’t really an issue. Now, however, I feel like I never get a break from kids. My parents don’t allow them in my room, but when they’re here I can’t go out and relax in the living room since they’re in there. My room is fairly small, and I don’t like being cooped up in it all day when they visit. Yesterday, when my sister picked up the kids, they decided to stay for dinner, which meant I had even less time without them. I asked my sister if she would limit their visits to a max of twice a week while I’m here, in order to respect my needs. She got extremely angry at me and accused me of selfishly preventing her kids from seeing their grandparents. AITA?

You’re worse than an asshole, Skankie. You’re a success story.

That’s probably an advanced degree you got there, to judge from your age. For six years you attended Feminist U and here you are: strong, independent, wearing pants, ready for your man-career, emancipated like women rarely have been in human history…

And you’re completely unable to tolerate the existence of your nephew and nieces because they remind your biology of what you’re sacrificed for a life in the rat race.

I noticed that you never referred to them as family. They were always “the children of your older sister”.

I noticed that despite it being your parents’ home, you are giving them orders and venting angrily when said orders are not followed. Prepare to pay rent in the near future, ingrate!

I noticed you spitting through your teeth at your older sister being happy as a mother while you twerk your way through the local Tinder offerings. No chance you’re a virgin.

I noticed… that you are a SUCCESS STORY of everything degenerate about our society. Congratulations. You paid attention in school. It shows. It really does.

Now get a cat and die alone, unless it really would kill you to eat dinner with your extended family. Leave your parents to dote on their grandchildren in peace.

I bet that word stings.

An Epic Islamic Frivorce Fail

It only takes a single story of a feral woman cashing out a husband to inspire a thousand bored wives. Let’s see if the reverse is true, also!

Texas judge denies US citizen due process rights, sends her before Islamic Sharia tribunal instead

h ttps://

By Phil Shiver, 7 July 2021

A judge in Texas earlier this year effectively denied a U.S. citizen her constitutionally protected due process rights, choosing instead to order her to appear before an Islamic tribunal where her testimony is considered inferior. And when her lawyers sounded the alarm . the judge doubled down.

Oh noes! Sharia law is making inroads even in Texas! How could this happen?

The woman, Mariam Ayad, was attempting to exercise her legal right to a divorce last year when her husband, Ayad Hashim Latif, revealed that on the day of their wedding in 2008, she had signed an Islamic prenuptial agreement to have all matters regarding the marriage and divorce be decided according to Sharia law.

Oh. That’s how. She’d agreed in writing to Sharia arbitration and the judge… that horrid, nasty judge… was forcing her to honor the agreement. Don’t judges know that it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?

[Collin County District Judge Andrea Thompson] . in complete disregard of both federal and state law . ruled that the prenuptial agreement is binding, without taking testimony from the wife.

OUCH! A female judge ruled that a prenup is binding!

The strange case serves as an example of the incompatibility that exists between American law and Islamic Sharia law and the clash that can occur when the two systems are juxtaposed.

What’s especially unacceptable in this case, according to Mariam’s lawyers, is that a U.S. district judge would force an individual to undergo arbitration in accordance with a foreign legal system contrary to the laws of the country of which she is a citizen.

This article is as much author’s opinion as reporting, which I’m fine with. We’re all biased and I prefer that inevitable bias to be obvious. But Mr. Shiver is entirely wrong and it’s way past time for women who demand male privilege, to be held to male standards of conduct.

If you voluntarily agree to arbitration by a foreign power then it is proper that you not be allowed to use a more favorable system when the times comes.

Let me quote it again:

“The woman, Mariam Ayad, was attempting to exercise her legal right to a divorce last year…”

Wifey got bored, filed for divorce, expected to get that pesky prenup thrown out–always happens, right? Not this time!

Mizz Ayad is FUBAR.

In absence of relief, Mariam will now be required to settle her divorce matters with the Islamic Association of North Texas in front of the Muslim clerics who view her testimony and evidence as carrying half the weight as a man’s.

Schrodinger’s Pastor

The Christian Post is reaching Christianity Today-levels of apostasy and subversion. A couple recent articles underscore the total corruption of the organized Church, then I’ll demonstrate the consequences with a guest villainy from President Mark Tooley of the Institute on Religion and Democracy and a… spineless slug-ainy from megachurch pastor Bruce Wesley.

Why consumer church members leave your church

h ttps://

By Thom S. Rainer, 2 May 2021

.I.m not getting fed..

It.s one of the most common complaints of church members looking for excuses to leave a church. The gripe is that the pastor’s sermons are not providing the person adequate spiritual growth. And most of the time it’s baloney.

Baby talk aside, yes, it is the duty of the Church to benefit its members. Clergy are not to be like normal rulers, thinking it’s all about the fame and fortune and what they personally choose to do with it all. This teaching is straight-up Red-Letter Jesus:

“When the [other ten disciples] heard about [James and John fighting for the power seat], they became indignant with James and John. Jesus called them together and said, .You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many..

Note that Jesus was talking to his inner circle of Church-founding Apostles, not the crowds. Note also that this incident is recorded in Matthew 20, Mark 10 AND Luke 22.

For being experts in the Law, you clergy are surprisingly ignorant when it talks about you.

Proceeding upon this Scriptural instruction, that the purpose of Church leaders is to benefit the Normies in the pews…

Most of the time .I.m not getting fed. is a lame excuse to say the church is not catering to my desires and preferences. It’s a clear indicator of the growing trend of church member consumerism, and it has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Self-centered, consumer-driven church members are leaving. Here are some reasons why:

1. Because they never get satisfied. That is the nature of consumerism. Desires are met only for a season. Then the church member wonders what you have done for them lately. And if the church members feel like he or she has gotten all they can get from the church, they will move on to another church or drop out altogether.

Man: “I need help.”

Pastor: “No, you need another sermon.”

Man: “I quit.”

Pastor: “Consumerist! You think it’s all about you, eh? I wasn’t going to bring it up but your tithing has really fallen off since you lost your job. If you give when it hurts then Jeebus will bless you!”

2. Because they have no greater purpose. We all know church members who are the pillars of the church in the best sense of the word. They are giving, serving, and sacrificial. They have a greater purpose than themselves. They seek to serve the Lord by serving others. They never ask, .What have you done for me lately?. because they are too busy doing for others. The consumer Christian has no purpose beyond his or her own preferences. And that’s really no purpose at all.

You are nothing to the organized Church but a paycheck… an ox in need of a harness.

3. Because they are often divisive. Consumer Christians seek for themselves. And if they don’t get what they want, they can be critical and divisive. They may leave when they sense the support for their negativity is waning. They will complain that other church members did not support them. And they are, thankfully, correct.

No organization can survive by cutting loose its membership at the moment they want membership to have a benefit. Least of all, an organization that prides itself on charity work.

4. Because they know better than everyone else. You can usually count on consumer church members to send the pastor an article or podcast link to demonstrate how other churches are doing things so much better. For the consumer church member, the grass is always greener . until they move to the greener grass of the next church. And then they see problems there.

The same problem, no less: We. Don’t. Matter. Our input isn’t wanted, our service only as the servants of the Godless and the screwup. A (male) congregant asking for help is asking for dismissal.

5. Because they don’t understand the meaning of biblical church membership. Check out the characteristic of a church member in 1 Corinthians 12. It’s all about how the members of the body are functioning for the greater good of that body.

I read that chapter. Guess what? The gift of leadership is mentioned separately from the gift of teaching. I am no leader but I can teach, and I have considerable knowledge of Scripture. Far more than even a professional PhD, if we’re talking about what Scripture means instead of what it says.

I am not allowed to teach in any church I’ve been to because pastor declared that’s his job. Maybe an Elder, when he needs a break.

And look at 1 Corinthians 13. We call it the “love chapter,. but it’s really how church members are to relate to one another and to the world. The consumer church members can’t relate to biblical church membership because it’s sacrificial and driven to serve others.

Not to tout my own horn but let me demonstrate my gift of knowledge. Notice how Chapters 12 and 14 discuss spiritual gifts but Chapter 13 talks about faith, hope and love instead? Paul was making the point, in the middle of his discussion on various supernatural empowerments, that what really counts is trusting God and being there for your neighbor. You don’t need to be a prophet, minister or surgeon. You simply need to care and try.

Which is exactly what this chucklehead is advising AGAINST. You hope to get help from Pastor? That he’ll love you enough to inconvenience himself and put your needs first? GTFO, consumerist!

So, pastor, know that you are not alone when you hear those dreaded words, .I.m not getting fed.” It has been said countless times by countless self-centered church members. Rejoice in your church members who serve, encourage, love, and sacrifice. They are God’s instruments in your church.

Yes, rejoice in the chumps who always give you stuff while demanding nothing in return. Chumps are getting hard to find.

The consumer church members are nothing but noisy gongs and clanging cymbals. When they leave, there is a lot more peace and God-given quiet in the church.

We close with a bit of ironic hypocrisy. That boldfaced about noise was said about members of the Church who don’t love their neighbor… and here is the former president and CEO of the SBC’s Lifeway Christian Resources calling for the removal of his Church neighbors who aren’t easily exploitable.

Can I be an effective pastor if I don’t like management?

h ttps://

By Sam Rainer, 27 June 2021

Nota bene, Sam Rainer is a member of an organization called Church Answers that was founded by the preceding article’s author, Thom Rainer. Oh, hey, lookit that…

Pastors are not managers, at least in a corporate-business-world-publicly-traded-company-sort-of-way.

Um… your bylaws…

But pastors are shepherds. And shepherds manage sheep.

Pastors are shepherds… shepherds manage sheep… but pastors are NOT managers… pastors only manage sheep…

Leading a church involves management. A church hierarchy assumes management. And most churches.even smaller congregations.are not completely flat in structure. Even at the most basic level, churches require management. Who pays the bills? When does the meeting start? Who is responsible for snow removal? Who fills the baptistery? What is our policy? Those are basic managerial questions. Most churches are more complex.

The vast majority of pastoral roles include management.

The answer, of course, is Yes. You can be a pastor if you hate management. You’ll just have to hate your life. Every working moment of it. You will learn to hate every person who brings you another problem. You will remember lactating in the nursery as the good years of your career and secretly ponder the joys of working in a warehouse. On the night shift. Because there’d be NO PEOPLE TO MANAGE.

Feel free to skip a step and change your career right now. No, you were not ‘called by God’ to lead. Excuse me, to be a pastor. Because that’s totally not leadership, it just involves leading. There’s a difference. Shut up!

So, can church leaders be effective if they don’t like management? Yes, but they must compensate in these ways.

Be self-aware. One of the core problems of bad management is poor managers often do not recognize their weak managerial skills. When you’re self-aware about your weaknesses (and willing to admit them), then you’re more likely to receive help from others. No pastor can (nor should) do it all. And all pastors should be self-aware of what they can and cannot do.

QED. Be self-aware enough to know that you’re going to hate the job so you can find a more suitable career as quickly as possible.

Discern what to delegate. Just because you’re naturally good at doing something does not mean you are able to manage others doing the same thing. Some pastors delegate their responsibilities too quickly. Others delegate the wrong responsibilities. And some tasks should never be delegated. Delegation with discernment makes up for a lot of managerial weaknesses.

Delegation is a critical, fundamental aspect of management itself. Many people who hate management are the people who can’t/won’t trust other people to do a job, and that’s the exact reason they hate management.

Don’t fear being the doer. Some people prefer doing tasks. Others prefer managing people who do the tasks. If you cherish a few tasks, then don’t give them up. Keep doing them. For instance, a pastor might enjoy locking the church after the evening service as an opportunity to prayer walk. Or, if you’re an artistic type, there may be certain creative tasks that are difficult to manage. Good church leaders know what select tasks they enjoy most and keep doing them, sparing their followers the inevitable and overbearing micro-management that would accompany overseeing others doing them.

That’s delegation again. Look, you can’t delegate management WHEN YOU’RE THE MANAGER. You can’t delegate major decisions. You can’t delegate discipline. You can’t delegate hiring/firing. Yes, you can be a miserable manager but please don’t, for the sake of all the people who will need you to do your fucking job.

You don’t have to like management to be an effective pastor. But shepherding a congregation does involve managing others. …If you’re weaker at managing, then you can compensate through self-awareness, discernment, and doing the tasks you enjoy most.

Let’s be honest here. Why would somebody want to become a pastor knowing they’ll hate the duties of being a pastor? For the bennies. The prestige. The chance for a mediocre life of no accomplishments, no hardships, no trials, no changes, no life, just a quick slick chute from Now to the grave repeating fairly tales to the credulous.

But they are not fairy tales. God is real and He wrote many words about bad shepherds. That’s a good reason to say No to the pastor slot even for those who enjoy management.

All pastors should both teach and execute. Few master both.

Indeed, but as I touched on with the previous article, the portion of pastorhood which can (and should) be delegated is the teaching bit. No clergy today wrote Scripture so there’s nothing stopping a layman from being a better teacher of it than Pastor is… least of all, the lack a government-recognized credential.

But the pastor MUST lead because he is the leader. Look at the org chart. You can’t be on top and not be on top at the same time.

Schrodinger’s Pastor?

So then, what becomes of a church that has a leader who doesn’t want to lead and that treats its members as a flock of sheep to be regularly fleeced?

Well… somebody is going to lead it, by default. It won’t be the pastor. He’ll find some OTHER authority to absolve him of leadership’s heavy burden. An authority outside his church.

The happy ending to that is moralistic therapeutic deism:

Megachurch pastor heartbroken as 125 test positive for Delta variant of COVID-19 after camp

h ttps://

By Leonardo Blair, 6 July 2021

Bruce Wesley, lead pastor of Clear Creek Community Church, a multi-campus megachurch headquartered in League City, Texas, says he’s heartbroken after more than 125 youth and adults who attended a student ministry camp tested positive for what health experts suspect is the Delta variant of COVID-19.

What a crock of lies. Remember in my previous post,


…The CDC runs Coof testing at 1,000 times higher sensitivity for the unvaxxed than the vaxxed. It’s safe to assume that most of those kids aren’t vaxxed, not that any of them should be. The IFR for kids is zero.

“Health experts suspect” it’s the eeeevil scary Delta variant! But so far as this article goes, none of those kids are even sick. I very much doubt that Pastor Wesley will have 125 funerals to perform.

.More than 125 people reported to the church that they tested positive for COVID-19 after camp. And all who were sick came home and exposed their families to COVID. I.m aware of a number of families where everyone got sick after camp and obviously, that’s horrible.

Suck it up, buttercup. That was normal life for 10,000 years until March 2020, when normal life was banned by the New World Order.

That breaks our hearts. been diligent to follow strict safety protocols for over a year as a way of loving our neighbors and loving one another,. Wesley said in a video statement posted on YouTube Sunday.

No, you gutless gizzard Wesley, ending civilization in general and Christianity in particular is no way to love your neighbors. You can’t handle risk. You can’t handle disapproval. You’re afraid to make a decision. You’re a coward and you don’t even care if people know because pastorhood gives you enough defenses to pretend that cowardice and caring are the same thing.

More than 400 people participated in the camp designed for youth between the sixth and 12th grades. Wesley explained in a letter to congregants that in consultation with the Galveston County Health District, the church canceled services for July 4 and again on July 7. They hope to reopen on July 11.

The same clergy who would complain that I don’t attend church, shut down church for the slightest whiff of Chinaballs. That’s the happy scenario of having a pastor who’s not a pastor: he does a minimal job, with minimal damage, and is generally too cautious to ever do anything. “Join me on my quiet slide into irrelevant mediocrity! Let me pillow your suffering so you can pillow mine, too!”

Then there’s the unhappy scenario of absentee leadership: a leader who lets the wolves in. Wolves such as Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

True rainbow culture

h ttps://

By Mark Tooley, 5 July 2021

Pride Month has concluded with its profusion of rainbow flags celebrating sexual liberation and autonomous individualism. Corporate America was among its chief celebrants, with many rainbowing their logos. Government buildings, which should only showcase state emblems, went rainbow. And of course liberal Protestant churches further amplified their rainbow commitments. Many liberal Protestants complain of USA flags in or around sanctuaries as idolatry but affirm rainbow flags unironically. Look for annual July 4 sermons and blogs against American flags, just days after Pride Month hoopla.

You talk tough for a Methodist, Tooley.

Rainbow culture can be found almost exclusively in Christian-shaped societies throughout the West. Rainbow flags and logos aren’t common in historically Islamic lands, or in Hindu or Confucian or Buddhist shaped cultures.

That’s because LGBT is an attack against Christianity specifically. Once we Christians are persecuted, and it’s coming soon, it’ll be a bad day for the fags. The inner circle will have no further use for their cultural arsonists.

Sexual liberation and pride contravene historic Christian teaching of course. But Christianity teaches human equality and the importance of the individual. The Gospel proclaims freedom, rightly understood, against coercion. It also affirms human creativity. Rainbow and pride culture reject orthodox Christianity. But they are ungrateful descendants of it.

Tooley lies. Christ teaches that we are equal before God. Not that we are equal in any other way. Indeed, the abovementioned chapters of spiritual gifts and the metaphor of the Church as a body are counterexamples against the lie of equality.

Similarly, Christianity does not teach individuality. Goes deals with humanity at BOTH the macro and micro levels. Re-read the Old Testament, how God dealt with people by nation and tribe.

Tom Holland, author of Dominion, How the Christian Revolution Remade the World, notes that the “secular” West is suffused with Christian shaped assumptions. And the culture war is often a Christian debate over the meaning of human equality and freedom. The Christian-shaped West rejects state and religious coercion as found in Islamic and eastern societies.

Forty-eight hours later, that didn’t age well.

The imposition of rainbow ideology is often blamed by traditionalists on “elites.” Obviously there’s truth there on advocacy by corporations, universities, and government, amid efforts to stigmatize if not silent dissent. But it would be wrong exclusively to fault cultural elites while romanticizing the “populist” sentiment of the general population.

The boldfaced is intended to drive a wedge between you and “traditionalists”. There is no non-traditional Christianity. Our religion has not changed one jot or tiddle since first-century Anno Domini.

A teacher can teach how to recognize a lie but a pastor is needed to take action upon the discovery of a lie. Otherwise, we’re just arguing on a blog.

Polls show support for rainbow ideology is wider than just rich urbanites. Corporations would not tout it if not perceived to be in their commercial interest.


Universities would not tout if concerned parents of students and alumnae donors would object.

More shit.

Government would not tout if more concerned about voter reaction.

HAHAHAAAA!!! Actually no, this joke’s not funny.

Even much of flyover country including religious traditionalists have passively acceded to the rainbow even if not directly flying it themselves.

Sure, Tooley. Go fly your freak flag in backwoods Kentucky. Let me watch.

Pro-tip for liberals: Anybody who uses the phrase “flyover country” unironically knows nothing about said flyover country and should not attempt a visit. How close are we to civil war? Biden is threatening to go door-to-door with syringes… that close.

Choose life. Stay home. Oh, that’s right… you’d prefer an abortion. Well, God can’t say I didn’t warn you. Which was the only reason I warned you.

Yo’ mama should’ve had an abortion.

Some hardcore rainbow opponents have looked to authoritarian societies as the desired corrective. Orban’s regime in Hungary, recently downgraded by Freedom House’s ranking as only “partly free” after being “free” for 30 years, is often cited for its resistance to the rainbow. Russia, far more authoritarian, is sometimes often celebrated for its defiance of rainbow ideology.

Christianity shouldn’t be political except against the enemies of LGBT rainbow theology..?

The more effective antidote to rainbow ideology is remembrance of the original rainbow from the Book of Genesis: .Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.. After the Great Flood, God offered grace and mercy to Noah under a new covenant premised on faith and good living whose fruit would be human flourishing.

Grace and mercy was not the rainbow covenant. The boldfaced is only a partial quotation. Here’s the entirety of Genesis 9:15: “I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

The rainbow promise was not grace and mercy. It was God promising to never again drown us all like rats In punishment for our wickedness, according to Genesis 6:5-6.

It’s Christ who offers grace and mercy. Not a covenant, even; an offer conditional upon repentance.

The rainbow has been adopted by the depraved because they mock God for promising to not destroy all life again. But they deliberately forget, that God only promised to not destroy all life with water again.

But Tooley does have a point, that this foul corruption has spread into many, many churches. How did that happen? Clergy didn’t want to lead, and didn’t care if their people suffered for their poor decisions. And so they threw open the doors of doctrine to personnel to funding… inviting in anybody who would supply what Pastor wanted, in return for access to entire congregations of chumps.

This is the Schrodinger’s pastor. He wants the perks of leadership without the burden that the perks are meant to bear, so he parades himself as somebody important while begging outside powers to absolve him of his responsibilities. He is simultaneously the leader and the servant, the middleman brokering the betrayal of the trust put in him.

Perhaps he leads by showing videos of leaders. I knew one of those. Wouldn’t let anybody else teach but didn’t want to bother teaching himself, so… video Bible study.

And then, when somebody within the organization begins to ask pointed questions about the lack of spiritual sustenance, that “consumerist” is lovingly escorted to the exit.

NASA Encourages Women To Become Astronauts By Lowering Radiation Safety Standards

This would not work for a smarter sex, if that smarter sex would just ignore its little head.

New NASA radiation standards for astronauts seen as leveling field for women

h ttps://

By Anil OzaJun, 29 June 2021

A blue-ribbon panel has endorsed NASA.s plans to revise its standard for exposing astronauts to radiation in a way that would allow women to spend more time in space.

“If it’s not safe for women to be astronauts then we need to redefine ‘safety’.” Thus disproving any correlation between education and wisdom.

A report by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released on 24 June encourages NASA to proceed with its plans to adopt a new standard that limits all astronauts to 600 millisieverts of radiation over their career. The current limit is the amount of radiation that correlates with a 3% increase in the risk of dying from a cancer caused by radiation exposure.a standard that favored men and older astronauts whose cancer risk from radiation was lower. The proposed standard would limit all astronauts to the allowable dosage for a 35-year-old woman.


h ttps://

This means that at the low end [of the 3% standard], a 30-year-old woman could be exposed to no more than 180 mSv throughout her career; at the upper limit, a 60-year-old man could endure up to 700 mSv before being grounded.

End segue

The future of female empowerment never glowed so brightly. Not dying of radiation sickness is male privilege!

The changes are in line with current data and puts women on an equal footing, says Hedvig Hricak, [age 75,] a radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and chair of the committee that wrote the report. .There’s no evidence for significant gender difference in the radiation exposure, and associated risk of cancer,. she says.

Her pic is textbook Karen. Her lies are textbook feminist.

The new standard comes as NASA gears up for renewed exploration of the Moon and, eventually, a mission to Mars. The change should remove gender from the list of factors used to decide who gets chosen for those missions, says Paul Locke, an environmental health expert at Johns Hopkins University who was not on the committee. .Women will not be penalized because they are, under the old model, at higher risk,. he says.

They had to go outside NASA to find an expert who sees no problem with confining men and women in zero privacy for months on end on a dangerous trip lasting longer than nine months. I’m not even talking pregnancy, I’m talking about men going for a walk without a space suit just to end the nagging.

Francis Cucinotta, a biophysicist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, doesn’t agree with the report’s backing of a single dosage level. Instead, the former chief scientist for NASA.s radiation program thinks equity should come in the form of equal risk rather than equal dosages of radiation.

.[It] sounds like they’re just going to ignore the science and try to make it comfortable for everybody,. Cucinotta says, arguing that age, sex, and race affect an individual’s risk of developing cancer and should be factors when determining the amount of time astronauts can spend in space. .When they’re selected to be astronauts, there’s a lot of things where it’s not based on performance capability. But they’re not applying that model here..

Cucinotta would stick with the 3% increase in the risk of dying of cancer. For a Mars mission, which is expected to expose astronauts to 1000 millisieverts, he proposes raising that maximum risk to 5% after conducting research on countermeasures and weighing genetic markers that lower an astronaut’s risk of developing cancer.

He’s both correct and smart enough to frame his objection in terms of equity rather than “this is stupid”-style mansplaining. *sigh* Like me.

Although a mission to Mars is not planned for another decade, NASA also wants to improve how it tells astronauts about the risks. In particular, the agency proposed using a stoplight, color-coded system.using green for those at lowest risk, yellow for those with higher risk, and red for those that would exceed the lifetime radiation limit. Any astronaut on a mission expected to exceed the proposed limit would be asked to sign a waiver.

Is radiation exposure not already covered under the “let’s strap you to a pile of explosives built by the lowest bidder, light that candle and see what happens” waiver?

Ann Bostrom, a risk communication expert at the University of Washington, Seattle, who served on the committee, worries such a system may not be able to convey such complex information. .Sometimes if it’s too simplistic, it causes people to overlook nuances that they would otherwise see,. Bostrom says. .So [NASA] really needs to test this..

That makes two women who served on the committee to redefine safety so that women could pretend to be men. I want a group photo. *checks* Heavily paywalled, but this link to the first chapter…

h ttps://

8 of 16 are female AFAIK. None of them are employed by NASA but Georgetown and Harvard are represented. Here’s the Georgetown chick, Alejandra Hurtado De Mendoza:

Before & after what, I’m not sure. Left pic is Linkedin, right pic is researchgate. Maybe there’s two different AHdeMs? I’ve started to get paranoid about using Linkedin.

Cucinotta and others worry astronauts don’t have the perspective to make an informed decision to accept the likely health risks of their next mission. But Scott Kelly, [a former astronaut that spent nearly an entire year in space,] who was exposed to 240 millisieverts of radiation during his 20-year career.which translates to a 1.4% increase in his risk of developing cancer.pushes back.

.There are so many factors in whether you get a fatal disease,. he says. .You’re accepting a lot of other risks by flying in space, and this one is not the biggest..

This is not about risk. This is about female empowerment. This is girls wanting to play with the boys and the boys lying to her about the consequences in order to appease her… exactly Original Sin. But not to worry! Experts are developing a brave new form of birth control to help women handle the additional risk that doesn’t exist!

…Which will protect womens’ reproductive organs from both hard radiation and accidental groping from lonely men not allowed to use porn. News flash, tits: if you’re going to Mars then your reproductive organs are no longer needed. Indeed, the last thing you want is to have a baby upon reaching orbit. It’s about a nine-month trip, yes?

That’s the Astrorad radiation shield, if you’re interested. Not the military preggo-simulation aid for men. Remember, as quoted above by the chairwoman, .There’s no evidence for significant gender difference in the radiation exposure, and associated risk of cancer,” But the space community developed the Boobie Rad Shield anyway because reasons.

I close with an article from the Atlantic on Scott Kelly. Turns out, he has a twin brother astronaut and was intentionally kept in space to study the consequences of long-term weightlessness. Which involved genetic changes that no amount of lead shielding can prevent:

What a Year in Space Did to Scott Kelly

h ttps://

By Marina Koren, 11 April 2019

In the debate over whether human beings should set off to other worlds beyond Earth, one of the most compelling cons is this: Our bodies don’t like it.

Few people know this better than Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut who spent nearly a year on the International Space Station from 2015 to 2016. Like other astronauts, Kelly served as a test subject in the study of space travel’s effects on the human body. Unlike other astronauts, Kelly has an identical twin, Mark, an astronaut himself. This gave researchers an uncommon opportunity to monitor the two brothers as they lived in two very different on Earth and the other 250 miles above it.

According to their results, published Thursday in Science, Scott experienced a number of changes that Mark did not. Most of those changes went away after Scott returned to Earth. The long stint in space, the researchers say, produced some unexpected changes.but did not lead to any clinically significant health differences. …

Some of the most intriguing changes occurred at the chromosomal level, in the protective bits at the ends of chromosomes that make sure they replicate properly when cells divide. These caps, known as telomeres, are known to shorten as a result of stress. Researchers expected to see this change in Scott. Instead, the astronaut’s telomeres lengthened. .You might at first think, Oh, this is great. He’s going to live longer,. Susan Bailey, the Colorado State University professor who led the telomere research, once told me. “But the opposite side of that coin is always that it also increases cancer risk, because one of the very first things cancers do is turn telomerase on to maintain telomere length so they can essentially be immortal..

Most of the telomeres bounced back after Scott returned to Earth, but he now has more short telomeres than he did before his mission. In general, this puts someone at greater risk for quicker aging, Bailey said.

Researchers found some surprises in Scott’s gene expression. On Earth, changes in gene behavior occur in response to shifts in routine activities, such as sleep and diet, and Mark’s gene expression changed as well. But the changes to Scott’s gene expression were distinct, and scientists were stunned at the number of changes they recorded, especially in mitochondrial genes, which help the body produce energy, and in genes related to the immune system. More than 90 percent of these genes returned to normal when Scott came back. (This doesn’t mean, researchers are careful to note, that the rest are somehow .mutated,. as some news reports erroneously suggested last year.)

Researchers also detected changes in the mechanism that cells use to control gene expression, but they were too tiny to matter by the time Scott came back.

.We don’t know yet if these changes are good or bad,. explains Christopher Mason, a geneticist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York who led this part of the research. .This could just be how the body responds. But the genes are perturbed, so we want to see why and track them to see for how long..

We don’t know what space will do to our bodies long-term, but we do know that the presence of a goddess, I mean, commissar, that is to say, feminist is absolutely essential for any new accomplishments in SPHESSS!!!

MGTOW Life: China Lying Down

I get annoyed at people who claim that China is a success story that should be emulated. This attitude is particularly noticeable among the alt-right, who are prone to praising China for pushing ethnic nationalism. The same nation that forced the One Child Policy on its own people? Those ethnic nationalists?

Turns out, China is not so different that MGTOW isn’t happening there, too. They call it “lying down”.

Some Chinese shun grueling careers for ‘low-desire life’

h ttps://

By Joe McDonald and Fu Ting, 3 July 2021

BEIJING (AP) . Fed up with work stress, Guo Jianlong quit a newspaper job in Beijing and moved to China’s mountain southwest to “lie flat..

Guo joined a small but visible handful of Chinese urban professionals who are rattling the ruling Communist Party by rejecting grueling careers for a .low-desire life.” That is clashing with the party’s message of success and consumerism as its celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding.

CCP: “The toil of the peasants has made us strong! Yay us!”

Guo: “Life isn’t fun anymore. I’m going to enjoy life while I’m still young enough to enjoy it.”

CCP: “Get back on our plantation, you selfish prick!”

Beware the society in which being selfish is a privilege.

Guo, 44, became a freelance writer in Dali, a town in Yunnan province known for its traditional architecture and picturesque scenery. He married a woman he met there.

.Work was OK, but I didn’t like it much,. Guo said. .What is wrong with doing your own thing, not just looking at the money?.

That’s a profound insight that should not be profound. The New World Order is attempting to create Homo Economicus, a breed of humans that measures everything… even happiness… in terms of money. I suspect homo economicus is a consequence of hypergamy, of always looking to trade up, always scrounging for that +1 regardless of whether what you have is good enough.

It is an attitude that, like women, cannot be happy with what it has. Not even if it be a mansion.

.Lying flat. is a “resistance movement” to a “cycle of horror” from high-pressure Chinese schools to jobs with seemingly endless work hours, novelist Liao Zenghu wrote in Caixin, the country’s most prominent business magazine.

.In today’s society, our every move is monitored and every action criticized,. Liao wrote. .Is there any more rebellious act than to simply “lie flat?’.

This happens every single time that tyranny does. The Elites confiscate all the rewards of hard work then wonder why men aren’t motivated anymore. The Elites attempt to reverse that trend by lying to the men of vague future rewards then wonder why the men start lying back at them.

Beware the society in which lying is a privilege.

It isn’t clear how many people have gone so far as to quit their jobs or move out of major cities. Judging by packed rush hour subways in Beijing and Shanghai, most young Chinese slog away at the best jobs they can get.

Still, the ruling party is trying to discourage the trend. Beijing needs skilled professionals to develop technology and other industries. China’s population is getting older and the pool of working-age people has shrunk by about 5% from its 2011 peak.

What do the men need? Does China care about them? *crickets*

.Struggle itself is a kind of happiness,. the newspaper Southern Daily, published by the party, said in a commentary. “Choosing to “lie flat” in the face of pressure is not only unjust but also shameful..

The trend echoes similar ones in Japan [GQ: the herbivores] and other countries where young people have embraced anti-materialist lifestyles in response to bleak job prospects and bruising competition for shrinking economic rewards.

For all the bad consequences of telecommunications, the devil’s behavior has rarely been so… visible. He steals, kills, destroys, then rages at his victims no longer building and breeding.

Simultaneously, the devil has never been so trusted and loved. It is very frustrating for us Christians.

Official data show China’s economic output per person doubled over the past decade, but many complain the gains went mostly to a handful of tycoons and state-owned companies. Professionals say their incomes are failing to keep up with soaring housing, child care and other costs.

Sounds familiar.

In a sign of the issue’s political sensitivity, four professors who were quoted by the Chinese press talking about “lying flat” declined to discuss it with a foreign reporter.

Another possible sign of official displeasure: T-shirts, mobile phone cases and other “Lie Flat.-themed products are disappearing from online sales platforms.

So very familiar.

Urban employees complain that work hours have swelled to .9 9 6,. or 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week.

.We generally believe slavery has died away. In fact, it has only adapted to the new economic era,. a woman who writes under the name Xia Bingbao, or Summer Hailstones, said on the Douban social media service.


Some elite graduates in their 20s who should have the best job prospects say they are worn out from the “exam hell” of high school and university. They see no point in making more sacrifices.

.Chasing fame and fortune does not attract me. I am so tired,. said Zhai Xiangyu, a 25-year-old graduate student.

I’m tired, too. I can never afford a home or family of my own, not that I’d ever want to wife up a Commiefornia girl. All the savings I’ve built up will soon be stolen away by inflation, identity theft or God knows what. There’s no winning move. Why try? Serious question. When the thieves and locusts are smashing in your windows to rob you at noon, why?

Is it so terrible a fate to enjoy what you can, while you can, before the unavoidable consequences hit?

Some professionals are cutting short their careers, which removes their experience from the job pool.

Xu Zhunjiong, a human resources manager in Shanghai, said she is quitting at 45, a decade before the legal minimum retirement age for women, to move with her Croatian-born husband to his homeland.

.I want to retire early. I don’t want to fight any more,. Xu said. .I.m going to other places..

That sounds like a woman going MGTOW but really, she’s just monkey branching from a demanding husband to a more charitable one. Must be nice to have options like that.

Thousands vented frustration online after the Communist Party’s announcement in May that official birth limits would be eased to allow all couples to have three children instead of two. The party has enforced birth restrictions since 1980 to restrain population growth but worries China, with economic output per person still below the global average, needs more young workers.

China’s going to win the future because they’re pro-Han ethnic! Belt and Road and Will to Power! Yet they’re still killing their own future, just not as swiftly as before.

Minutes after the announcement, websites were flooded with complaints that the move did nothing to help parents cope with child care costs, long work hours, cramped housing, job discrimination against mothers and a need to look after elderly parents.

Read: not enough feminism. That’s probably why CCP is still killing their own kids: to free up the women to wage-slave for them.

Xia writes that she moved to a valley in Zhejiang province, south of Shanghai, for a .low-desire life. after working in Hong Kong. She said despite a high-status job as an English-language reporter, her rent devoured 60% of her income and she had no money at the end of each month.

She rejects the argument that young people who “lie flat” are giving up economic success when that’s already is out of reach for many in an economy with a growing gulf between a wealthy elite and the majority.

.When resources are focused more and more on the few people at the head and their relatives, the workforce is cheap and replaceable,. she wrote on Douban. .Is it sensible to entrust your destiny to small handouts from others?.

A woman can “lie flat” without taking an economic hit because she can always get married and make her finances her husband’s problem. For men, that’s rarely the case and we really do need to give up economic… and marital… success.

Guo impressed me that he could go MGTOW and still get married.

Guo, the writer in Dali, said he puts in more hours as a freelancer than he did at a newspaper.

Oh. That doesn’t quite sound like MGTOW.

But he is happier, and life is more comfortable: He and his wife eat breakfast on their breezy sixth-floor apartment balcony with a view of trees.

.As long as I can keep writing, I’m very satisfied,. Guo said. .I don’t feel stifled..

Regardless, I’m happy for him. All men should be so lucky.

A handful who can afford it withdraw from work almost entirely.

A 27-year-old architect in Beijing said she started saving as a teenager to achieve financial freedom.

.From last September, when I saw all my savings had reached 2 million (yuan) ($300,000), I lay down,. said the woman, who would give only the name Nana, in an interview over her social media account.

Nana said she turned down a job that paid 20,000 yuan ($3,000) per month due to the long hours and what she saw as limited opportunities for creativity.

.I want to be free from inflexible rules,. said Nana. .I want to travel and make myself happy..

Uh-oh. We know how HER story will end: with cats and Nigerian princes!

School’s Out For COVID

Let me set the mood with an Alice Cooper music video:

Ah, you kids today deserve a childhood like that. SO YOU TOOK THE INITIATIVE! I love you guys!

Children use lemon juice to get positive Covid test and get school bubble sent home

h ttps://

By James Hockaday, 1 July 2021

Teenagers have been using lemon juice to fake positive Covid-19 tests in an attempt to force their “bubbles” to miss school.

Pupils are sharing their tips with the world by posting tutorials on TikTok, which have already fetched millions of views. Other substances poured by users on lateral flow tests include Coca Cola, hand sanitiser, kiwi fruit and apple sauce. Independent fact checkers, Full Fact, have previously told how fizzy drinks and acidic fruits can trigger what looks like a positive result.


They added that rapid tests rarely produce false positives when actually used on humans the proper way.

Boldfaced is a new guideline. Mission accomplished!

General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, Geoff Barton, told the i: .We are sure this involves a very small minority of pupils, and that for the most part the tests are used correctly..

.However, we would urge parents to ensure that tests are not being misused, and we would suggest to pupils who are interested in chemical reactions that the best place to learn about them is in chemistry lessons in school..

That’s what they’re doing. Look at all the knowledge they’re sharing now that the taxpayer bought them all computers!

However, many users have pointed out that PCR tests are [now] required after pupils test positive on a lateral flow test.

Fixed it for them. I hope the school’s budget has breathing room!

The Government is currently looking at ways to end self-isolation for entire school bubbles.

Education minister Nick Gibb said trials are being conducted into daily contact testing as a possible alternative, with the Department for Education confirming that current isolation rules are likely to end in the autumn.

No, there’ll be a deadly new and unexpected Chinkypox variant appearing in the autumn because of an ancient mystery once known as “flu season”. Kids will get locked down again, along with the rest of England and possibly the rest of the planet.

Fortunately, the kids aren’t gonna take it anymore. Sing it with me!

Well, we got no choice.
All the girls and boys.
Makin’ all that noise
‘Cause they found new toys

School’s out for summer!
School’s out forever!
School’s been blown to pieces!

No more pencils, no more books,
No more teachers’ dirty looks!

The MIC Kills Meatspace Star Wars

I don’t really mind that the Navy decided to cancel railgun development but their given reason is disturbing.

Navy ditches futuristic railgun, eyes hypersonic missiles instead

h ttps://

By AP, 1 July 2021

The Navy spent more than a decade developing the electromagnetic railgun and once considered putting them on the stealthy new Zumwalt-class destroyers built at Maine’s Bath Iron Works.

But the Defense Department is turning its attention to hypersonic missiles to keep up with China and Russia, and the Navy cut funding for railgun research from its latest budget proposal.

“The railgun is, for the moment, dead,” said Matthew Caris, a defense analyst at Avascent Group, a consulting firm.

The removal of funding suggests the Navy saw both challenges in implementing the technology as well as shortcomings in the projectiles’ range compared to hypersonic missiles, he said.

The Navy’s decision to pause research at year’s end frees up resources for hypersonic missiles, directed-energy systems like lasers and electronic warfare systems, said Lt. Courtney Callaghan, a Navy spokesperson.

Those two programs are not equivalent.

Railguns are ballistic and require a nearby physical presence. Missiles are guided and potentially unlimited range. Different roles, different intended operating environments, etc.

[Railgun] technology was close to making the leap from science fiction to reality in the 21st century with the testing of prototypes.

Which suggests that the railgun program was doomed. Cancel the project at the moment that working prototypes are demanded? What a coincidence.

I think we Americans (in a world in which we’d want a militarily strong USG) should bring back the battleship. It would be a more cost-effective solution than missile frigates for lower-intensity Naval conflict and offshore support. Railguns make sense for that because they don’t need gunpowder stores and the Navy nuclear program was great until we handed it off to Latrina.

For war against a peer/rival, our submarine fleet is already a proven solution.

Certainly, we need something to replace the aircraft carrier with, something that we could (politically speaking) afford to lose. Too Big To Fail is a concept for Wall Street thieves, not military deployments.

But there were a number of problems, including the range of about 110 miles in testing. A Navy vessel could not employ the gun without putting itself within range of a barrage of enemy missiles.

110 Miles is awesome for a ship-mounted gun, especially if accurate. Our previous record was, what, 35 miles?

This speaks to the insecurity and megalomania of our leaders. They don’t want accountability. They don’t want risk. They crave deniability, omnipotence and not needing help from potential dissidents. Pushing a button to launch a cruise missile in the dead of night against any spot on the planet? Textbook Deep State. Parking a ship offshore where it can be photographed unloading on them goat farmers? Absolutely unacceptable.

Now then, what’s this about keeping up with China and Russia?

They’re developing hypersonic missiles to kill our carriers with. Cruise missile salvos are too expensive for sustained conflict but ideal for one-shot surprise attacks against an enemy with Too Big To Fail mentality. USA doesn’t need that kind of missile. We already have (ahem) aircraft carriers for long-range projection of force. If we’re going to keep up with the Jonses then hypersonic missile defense would be sensible.

We already know that our imposter-leaders are not aware of the outside world. They literally fenced off reality as soon as they stole the election and since then, have been living entirely within the theaters of their solipsist, scheming minds… people so insecure, egotistical and guilty-conscienced that they want to hide behind face masks forever.

So, naturally, when the Military-Industrial Complex decided they needed more funding for their Forever Wars, they spooked D.C. into thinking that we needed to keep up with Russian-Chinese military tech. Never mind that their naval tech is specifically and obviously intended to Pearl-Harbor our trademark carrier groups. If we don’t have carrier killers of our own then the Russians will win!

And in the process, they got permission to cover up their inability to produce results for a half-billion-dollar investment. Not that the railgun program is a total writeoff:

This is a picture of Superman: the Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, a roller coaster park in Los Angeles. It’s a Navy railgun, an attempt to build a replacement for the steam catapult that our carriers use to launch aircraft. The Navy couldn’t get it to work so in a rare moment of creative salvage, they sold the plans to the roller coaster industry.

Six Flags built it then brought in NASA and other eggheads to solve the magnet-synchronization issues. They succeeded. Our F-14s are still launched with steam but for an unreasonable entry fee, you can be electromagnetically launched into a full 8 seconds of weightlessness!

Information gleaned during testing will be retained in the event the Office of Naval Research wants to pick up where it left off in the future, she said.

Bon voyage, paper trail!

A Brief Glimpse Of California’s Red-Pilled People

How did I miss the existence of entire organizations’ worth of hard-right fellow Californians? Because they’re still organizing their anti-Left protests on Facebook… oh. Get a clue, Twitter Trumpists! That is not a safe space!

Online activism is spilling into the streets of Southern California, sparking a post-Trump movement

h ttps://

By Elizabeth Dwoskin for the Washington Post, 29 June 2021

SANTA ANA, Calif. — A week before California reopened its economy…

…to off-duty, fully vaccinated people only… wait, wait… Los Angeles is threatening to lockdown again…

…a group of 100 or so demonstrators gathered in front of the Orange County Board of Supervisors here to decry lingering mask mandates and other health restrictions.

Whipped up by a misleading campaign of social media promotion, doorstep fliers and TV ads, they carried signs that read, “RIP COVID VAX VICTIMS” and “My Body, My Choice, No Vax.” The previous month, more than 600 people had gathered in the same spot to protest a voluntary digital vaccine passport – by falsely claiming it would be mandatory, comparing it to Nazis forcing Jews to wear yellow stars.

Falsely? Local governments and Globocorps are already mandating it.

“A year from now, I don’t want to be back at this board demanding they repeal a requirement to donate a kidney,” local activist Peggy Hall said into a microphone at the passport protest in May. “What’s next? You’re going to be sterilized for the common good?”

Four of five county supervisors voted to put pause on any efforts to create vaccine passports in the county that day, effectively killing the plan. The lone holdout – a Democrat – says the others caved to the pressure.

Another day, another victory. California was emerging from the pandemic, but for these activists, the battle – both online and off – was far from over.

I admit, I don’t understand why protests work. How is a bunch of people making noise more convincing than a well-reasoned argument? But they DO work, thus proving that most people are idiots.

For years, social media companies have sought and failed to limit the reach of misinformation and other harmful material spread on their sites. That failure culminated in January when – after months of allowing falsehoods about a stolen election to proliferate – the companies kicked former president Donald Trump as, along with tens of thousands of rank and-file followers and some prominent ones off their platforms for inciting violence during the Capitol insurrection.

But six months later, a right-wing movement is reconstituting itself across the United States, and once again, it is fueled by social media.

This WaPo article, repeated by the Sacramento Bee, is intended to inform Facebook employees that they aren’t doing their job of controlling dissidents on the Internet. As I just said, protests works. “If you people don’t get your act together then we might have another Trump on our hands!”

Researchers say that’s because the combination of the pandemic and the election radicalized people and enabled right-leaning groups that were not previously aligned to find one another – creating a mega-network that was fueled by outrage and misinformation. Armed groups, Trump supporters, anti-vaccine moms, government skeptics and conspiracy theorists were suddenly protesting the same things.

You hysterical tyrants banned fun and oxygen. What did you expect, FEWER malcontents?

The mainstream tech companies’ crackdown on Trump and his followers helped splinter that vast network, researchers have found, without fundamentally weakening it. Influencers kicked off Facebook or Instagram ported followers to the lightly-policed app Telegram or right-wing YouTube rival Rumble…

That SHOULD have been the final clue needed for Normie Republican to accept that Big Tech is not your friend.

…but they’ve also found ways to get back on the mainstream platforms by creating new accounts or using alternate language to avoid detection.

Sigh. Well, if needs must then this is the traditional and inevitable outcome of “government made the rule, now let’s watch them enforce it”.

One of the epicenters of this movement is in Southern California, where activists have successfully protested the national vaccine rollout, even at one point prompting the temporary shutdown of a mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium. But more than a dozen Southern California activists interviewed by The Washington Post…

One part of me would love to make contact with like-minded people. Another part of me thinks self-doxxing on social media platforms who brag about sharing private information with activist Feds is a stupidly bad idea.

As much as I’d like to help… I’m not suicidal.

…say their movement is bigger than opposition to public health measures or any other single issue – even Trump. They see their fight against government overreach and the establishment as a patriotic struggle to counter authoritarianism, and even a battle for the civil rights of those who refuse vaccination.

“This is a humanitarian issue,” said Jason Lefkowitz, a Los Angeles-based organizer behind the Dodger Stadium anti-vaccine protest and others. Like others here interviewed by The Post, he said he was motivated to became an activist during the pandemic, after losing his job and other freedoms. “It is about our civil liberties being taken away over a made-up pandemic. It is a global war over everything.”

((Lefkowitz)). Who organized his event on the home cyber-turf of the FaceBorg SJW Collective. Hmm.

More than 600,000 people in the United States have died of the coronavirus since January 2020.

Which made 2020’s overall death count the second highest in the last five years. 2017 had more death.

In a post-Trump era, these activists use social media to organize, share information and sometimes to make a living as influencers in a right-wing universe, though the companies say they ban most misinformation about the coronavirus as well as groups that encourage breaking public health rules.

“Influencer”. That’s a term coming up with increasing regularity. The Powers That Be are obsessed with people who are able to control… or “influence”… the behavior of other people. They don’t want to convince people of anything. They want to find the people that are trusted and do a skinjob on them.

I do not think that there are many such people left in this fatherless world so this tactic probably says more about the Leftoid’s collectivist mindset than it does about our trusting natures. But then, ((Lefkowitz)) is one of the protests’ leaders so maybe they’re right.

The Facebook group promoting the Dodger Stadium anti-vaccine rally, Shop Mask Free Los Angeles, was incorrectly listed on the social network as a “local business” for months and was only banned by the company this past month. Lever had no comment.

Alan Hostetter, a former local police chief and yoga teacher as well as a speaker at the June rally attended by The Post, was indicted on a charge of his alleged role in the insurrection June 10. Shortly after, he went back on Facebook Live, YouTube, Spotify, Rumble and several other services, filming himself walking on the beach in San Clemente in a “Free Man” baseball cap. He decried the Jan. 6 riot as a “false flag staged event” and a “fakesurrection” because he believed infiltrators were in the crowd.

His being re-doxxed and pilloried on the East Coast by WaPo and the West Coast by SacBee proves he was right.

(More than 400 people have been charged in connection to the Capitol riots, many of whom had come to Washington at Trump’s behest to protest the election results.)

Off-topic, but Trump not even offering legal assistance to those fans is as bad an act of treachery as “Judas” Pence accepting the election results.

Southern California, and particularly Orange County, is a longtime bastion of reactionary conservatism and far-right politics in a largely liberal state. The region was a breeding ground for the John Birch Society, a conspiratorial anti-communist group in the ’60s. A “White Lives Matter” Ku Klux Klan rally that took place in Huntington Beach in April was organized on Telegram.

Be ashamed, Normie dissidents, when even a Klansman has better survival instincts than you.

From January 2020 through April of this year, the most “Stop the Steal” rallies and U.S. demonstrations opposing coronavirus restrictions combined took place in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, according to the Network Contagion Research Institute, a nonprofit organization that studies misinformation.

A spinoff of George Orwell College for Political Science.

Over the last year, Hostetter, Hall and other leaders – some with long-standing ties to the state’s influential anti-vaccine movement – have helped mentor and motivate a new crop of activists, who have organized online to host “mask-free shopping” events throughout the region, where they purposefully enter stores without masks to provoke a viral confrontation.

They proceeded to learn that in-your-face tactics work for Antifa only because the government owns Antifa.

Now that California has reopened, the protesters are continuing to push local rulemaking bodies to loosen remaining restrictions for the unvaccinated and are planning for a fight over school immunizations for covid. Some are also focused on Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, himself, including supporting a Republican-led recall campaign that has garnered enough signatures for a statewide vote this year. Some also post about a 2024 run for Trump.

Fun fact about that “D”: it’s not a typo. Newsom’s chosen Secretary Of State Shirley Webber deleted his affiliation with the Democrat Party on the governor-recall paperwork as an intentional snub. In addition to facing the recall, Newsom is now suing his own SecState for permission to be identified as a Democrat.

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Nobody is going to miss you, Gruesome Newsom.

In the near term, public health experts say groups like those in Southern California may sow just enough doubt in vaccination to prevent the broader population from reaching herd immunity. Orange County and Los Angeles County have vaccination rates slightly higher than California’s average of 49%, but the regional average is well below it.

Only 49% vaxxed in Commiefornia? I *know* there are dissidents here, right-thinking people, but I don’t know how to meet them… having ruled out both an account on FedTweet and trusting a Jew.

And in the years ahead, every successive fight – waged in person and over social media – is an opportunity build a bigger political movement, said Richard Carpiano, professor of public policy and sociology at the University of California at Riverside, who has researched local organizing against public health measures.

As said already, this article is a warning to Social Media Warriors that they need to silence dissidents harder. Because that always worked in the past!

“Covid was a spark for a fire that was just waiting to happen here in Southern California,” he said. “There’s already this belief that we’re in a high-tax state with too much government overreach and this politically organized anti-vaccine movement. Add in Trumpism . . . and you have a perfect storm.”

No, seriously? Commiefornia is overregulated? But but but we have negative population growth AND rising home prices at the same time! You can’t say that’s not progress!

Before the pandemic hit, L.A.-based organizer Lefkowitz was working three nights a week as a waiter at a Beverly Hills restaurant to support his career as a stand-up comedian. For much of his adult life, he was barely interested in politics, he said. He voted twice for Barack Obama.

But after California closed restaurants except for takeout and banned large gatherings, he lost his day job and his comedy gigs were canceled.

Infiltrator. His ethnic background alone proves he had significant political involvement whether he wanted it or not. “I voted twice for Obama but now I’m one of you”, seriously? That’s leadership material?

He began spending hours a day online, finding articles and documentaries purporting to chronicle how powerful figures were involved in sex trafficking…. “People call this going down the rabbit hole,” he said. “But it’s all part of the big truth. This whole new world order – Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Food, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Hunter Biden – unfortunately, it all is tied together and happens to be coordinated by one group of people.”

If he wasn’t honest about his people’s involvement in that New World Order then he’s a worst-case scenario for the L.A. Normies. Even assuming he originally meant well, how long until he makes the connection between Pedowood, the banksters and his tribe? Only a white man can be trusted to act against his own blood… and I’m not sure that’s a compliment.

Alison, a Los Angeles makeup artist, found herself in a similar predicament under the lockdowns, she said. Her makeup clients disappeared overnight, and the salon where she worked was temporarily shuttered.

“I’ve poured my whole life into this makeup business,” said the 29-year-old, who would not allow The Post to use her last name for privacy reasons.

The ditsy hair stylist has above-average survival skills for this crowd.

The more she read, she said, the angrier she became. People in California were being shuttered in their homes without knowing the facts, she said, adding she believed masks were ineffective and the vaccine was actually “poison.”

“The fear that this virus is instilling in people is crazy,” she said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended mask use to stop the spread of the virus among the unvaccinated…

Not recommended. Mandated. Mandated to this very moment in California with no end in sight.

…and has said that coronavirus vaccines have met rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality.

The manufacturers were also given total legal immunity because the vaxxes are so safe, they didn’t need it.

Alison said she started to become more vocal online, posting on Instagram against health restrictions. In the summer, she showed up at her first protest for the recall of Gov. Newsom, which she had also heard about on Instagram.

“I kind of went undercover,” she said, “I wasn’t even out as a Trump supporter then.”

As the election approached, Lefkowitz, Alison and Bryna Makowka, a self-described independent journalist who believes QAnon “awakened people,” began attending weekly pro-Trump “freedom rallies” at a Beverly Hills park with those they met at the anti-Newsom events.

By the election, Beverly Hills police had declared the ongoing rallies unlawful after clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters took place there.

To keep the momentum going, the group started attending events by Shop Mask Free Los Angeles. The Facebook page helped organize “maskless shopping events.” The effort would inevitably lead to a clash with customers or shopkeepers – and an opportunity to create a viral meme claiming discrimination.


After the first coronavirus vaccine was authorized for emergency use by the FDA in December, Lefkowitz began organizing a protest at Dodger Stadium. He pushed the idea out on a 400-member group on Telegram…

Okay, I guess. I presume Telegram isn’t a front for the fascists.

…and broadcast it on Facebook.


Alison said she promoted the Dodger rally on Instagram…

And I had just credited her with a speck of wisdom.

…as did the Shop Mask Free Los Angeles Facebook group which at one point had more than 3,000 followers and another Telegram group called California Curfew Breakers. The latter group – before it was banned from Facebook and moved to Telegram – had previously organized protests with Hostetter, the former police chief. One flier for the event said: “Please refrain from wearing Trump/MAGA attire as we want our statement to resonate with the sheeple.”

Lefkowitz says the group planned to show up at 11 a.m. As the group trekked toward the vaccine site, passing out fliers about “toxic chemicals, aborted fetal cells, and nano aluminum inside the vaccines,” the Los Angeles Fire Department closed the site.

As the day devolved into a shouting match between the anti-vaxxers and a handful of counterprotesters, Makowka said she believed – without citing evidence – that her side would prevail because “we have passion and they are paid.”

Yes, they were paid counterprotesters who knew when & where to show up. How did they know? Because fools like Makowka were trending on COINTELPRO’s Twitter feed.

One of the inspirations for the mask-free shopping confrontations is a former administrator at University of California-Irvine named Peggy Hall.

Hall, now a YouTube personality who is a regular speaker at the Orange County board protests, has tailored legal tactics pioneered by the state’s anti-vaccine activists to the conditions of the pandemic.

On social media, an organizer of the Shop Mask Free group – who was arrested this year for confronting a shopkeeper at a Family Dollar – calls her a “forever mentor and fearless leader.”

UC-Riverside professor Carpiano says some of the new influencers like Hall are also profiting off their activism. Alongside selling health serums and survival gear on her website, the Healthy American, Hall offers online legal education seminars at a cost of $39 to $175 for business owners and parents who want to use civil rights and anti-discrimination laws to avoid mask-wearing, testing and vaccination requirements. (Hall disputes Carpiano’s characterization and says he is a Twitter troll who has mischaracterized her work).

We can still date, Peggy, but I’ll sneak out before dawn.

Claiming that vaccination requirements equate to civil rights violations is part of a long-standing playbook for California’s anti-vaccine groups, said Dorit Reiss, a professor at the University of California’s Hastings College of Law who has researched the issue. Now those tactics are being repurposed online with greater effect.

“It’s okay when we do it.”

In an interview, Hall said she was previously involved in animal rescue causes, but really became an activist during the pandemic. The movement, she said, would continue long after it ends.

Oh sh*t, I will NOT be dating Peggy. Thanks for the warning, WaPo.

In hindsight, the scariest thing about the Plandemic is that the economy did NOT collapse when most of the workforce was locked down. That’s how uselessly makework most jobs are these days. I really am doing the work of 10 people, or at least, I’m feeding 10 fat sucking welfare faces.

“It is going to flourish, and it will take the shape and form that makes sense for each individual advocate,” she said. “Some will take it on vaccines. Some will take it on freedom. People will find their own lanes because there is no single rallying cry as there was for Trump.”

She said she does not endorse the tactic of confronting people maskless in stores and did not attend the Capitol rally.

Smarter than an Alison.

Other prominent figures here have also been swept up in the sprawling investigation resulting from the events of Jan. 6, including a model who organized the Beverly Hills rallies.

Hostetter, the former police chief, was part of a Telegram group for Capitol rallygoers called “The California Patriots-DC Brigade,” the indictment said. He allegedly joined rioters that pushed through a line of law enforcement officers guarding the Capitol until he reached the building’s upper West Terrace and shouted, “The people have taken back their house!” The indictment does not accuse Hostetter of entering the Capitol building itself.

So, he was extradited across the entire continent and is now being held in solitary confinement… for misdemeanor unarmed trespass. It’s July and the trials still haven’t started.

At the Board of Supervisors rally in June before his indictment, he told The Post that the mainstream media “had squelched any debate from the other side of this argument.”

“We’re not crazy. We’re not conspiracy theorists. We are not kooks. We are people that love our country,” he said.

And others are there to continue the fight.

Since the initial Dodger Stadium protest on Jan. 31, Lefkowitz has raised his profile. He now plans to start a community market for people who are opposed to government oppression, want to eat non-GMO food and aren’t “poisoned” by the vaccine.

That’s the sort of thing we’re going to need, and I cannot imagine that a black market will not grow up around the unvaxxed as the screws continue to tighten, but Lefkowitz would probably use Facebook to keep track of his vendors.

“You should keep that list offline where the SJWs can’t find it and shut us down.”

“Nah, it’ll be fine. Zuckerberg knows what he’s doing.”

Alison, the makeup artist, suffered a setback when she was temporarily kicked off Instagram after someone reported her content. But she regained thousands of followers after a viral incident in which she filmed herself appearing to be denied coffee by a Starbucks drive-through barista for not wearing a mask.

Alison is not an intentional infiltrator but Karens gonna Karen.

While a formal vote on Orange County’s voluntary vaccination passport was paused until July, Hall and others are now pushing for a county resolution prohibiting any vaccine verification system. They also want an end to California’s state of emergency, which gives Newsom special powers to issue executive orders.

And which Newsom has publicly announced he will never give up. Which means that if these protesters don’t act quickly, Governor ‘No-Ball’ Bruce Jenner will soon have a kill switch for the California economy.

Yes, he’s running against Newsom. And he’s going to win. Because he’s going to get the trannie vote and nobody else gets to vote. We iz Dumbocracy!

In interviews, protesters said they understand the digital passport was billed as voluntary but said they were skeptical it would stay that way and that the county had poorly managed the program.

Katrina Foley was the only one of five Orange County supervisors who voted against pausing the plan.

Since her opposing vote, she has been barraged with hate mail and targeted with social media posts calling her a “worshipper” of Adolf Hitler. Protesters also showed up at her home.

The latter might have been Antifa. Funny thing about destroying peoples’ lives: some people–even on the Left–want their lives back.

“There’s just too many vocal people who have managed to change the narrative from, ‘We’re providing a convenient, voluntary option,’ to ‘This is a mandate and big government is trying to control you,’ ” she said. “This is not about vaccines. This is about a political movement they are trying to build.”

Actually, it’s about a religion. The worship of Government as God, worshiped by the sacrifice of fathers and innocents because Christ didn’t make Himself available a second time.

Please, ye brave malcontents, be also smart enough to not use Facebook and Instagram to organize your cunning strategies against the Deep State. It’s nice that you exist and not nice that I’m still better off without you.