The Downfall Of Paul Pelosi Began With His Porsche

It’s always dangerous to blog on stuff so recent that it’s all hot takes. I’m making an exception for the Paul Pelosi home invasion, however, because most of what I have is not actually that event.

This has been coming for months.

As usual, I am probably wrong so this is not any kind of accusation. You probably know about the Pelosi DUI but a recap is in order:

Drunk-Crashing Paul Pelosi’s Situation WORSE Than Imagined, Jesse Watters Reports Additional Drug Use And Huge Judicial Scandal

h ttps://

by Hailey Sanibel, 3 August 2022

Fox News. Jesse Watters is one of the few journalists willing to look into the drunk-driving of Smirnoff Nancy’s husband and his dogged efforts have unveiled a story even worse . and it was already bad . than we could even have imagined.

I compared this to Fox News’ own post a day earlier:

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…and it’s less informative than this one, despite this one citing a Fox News journo. Curious, but I digress, and the Fox News link at least offers the initial police report.

Previously, we were told that hubby Paul was driving home from a bender and caused a collision. Occupants in both cars were fine aside from the hassle of dealing with police and insurance. Of course, even at the time it was almost impossible to get a mugshot and basic report from the incident, but that was to be expected from a highly-connected family.

Paul was arrested at 10pm but his mugshot was taken at roughly 4:30am. My suspicion is the police put him in the drunk tank until his face no longer displayed inebriation… a ‘courtesy for a gentleman’. I saw the resulting mugshot and you wouldn’t even know it was a mugshot without a label.

Now, Watters uncovers a scandal so outrageous that is blood-boilingly infuriating. Here is Watters with a hugely critical five-minute expose:

Let.s break that entire video down. For starters, it wasn’t just Chardonnay, as Watters humorously notes. It was drugs of a certain sort. And that “Papa Paulie was absolutely plastered.” The police report mentioned red/watery eyes and a stupor so ridiculous it’s incredible he could even find the gas pedal.

Indeed, the police report makes clear that Pelosi was under the influence of both “an alcoholic beverage and a drug..

Probably cocaine, but never referenced as such in official documents. Paul’s breath was not tested for alcohol, leading me to believe claims that he refused the breathalyzer. That would be an automatic confession in California. Instead, the report asserts that Paul failed field sobriety tests followed by a blood test. The latter would surely have confirmed what the ‘other drug’ is.

Other accounts state that Paul had a teenage passenger and was subsequently re-arrested for kiddie porn and a crack pipe, but I cannot confirm.

Both of them declined medical treatment at the scene, but Doe on June 2 told Napa County prosecutors that he had begun suffering pain in his upper right arm, right shoulder and neck the day after the crash. He also complained of headaches and said it was difficult to lift things with his right arm, according to the documents.

Probably dislocations of bones & joints. I’d recommend a chiropractor over a doctor. John Doe was never identified, which means Paul paid him off in return for silence. Which is fine, I suppose. Doe probably enjoys his new Jeep.

Then there is the injury sustained by the victim. It was a complete lie that everyone was fine. Again, the police report details how the other driver suffered injuries enough to be afflicted by pain in the arm, shoulder and neck, and was even suffering from headaches so much so he required attention by a physician. Is that not a felony DUI at this point?

Since Doe refused medical treatment at the time, not at that point.

Watters ends the segment with the most incredulous reporting in an already-outrageous scandal. On the eve of the trial, the presiding judge “mysteriously” stepped down and in their place a Democrat who has never presided over a criminal trial was placed on the bench.

And it gets worse. The judge received campaign donations from the assistant district attorney who would be prosecuting the case. This new judge also received campaign donations from the D.A for Napa County whom Watters keeps saying hello to in a joking matter. Hey, Allie.

To top it all off, this new judge has a special relationship with Gavin Newsom, himself connected to Clan Pelosi.

It.s, as Watters says, deck stacking of the highest magnitude a once more a clear-cut example of America’s ruinous two-tier justice system

The conviction didn’t mention the ‘other drug’ and Paul was sentenced to time served & bail paid. His driving record wasn’t even touched… you can’t even run a stop sign in California without getting a point on your driving record.

The point here is to establish that Paul has a severe drug problem as recently as this year, and not just alcohol.

I have unconfirmed reports that Nancy sent Paul to rehab in the trendy Aton Centers under the name-anagram Louie Lapps, but I believe it. The DUI was a humiliation to Nancy so criminal justice & family concern aside, she would surely act to prevent a second such incident.

California has a number of boutique and eye-wateringly expensive sex & drug rehabilitation clinics that found a niche in cleaning up after Hollywood degeneracy, and expanded to include globalist degeneracy. Despite the price, their recidivism rate is unimpressive.

Next article:


h ttps://

By American Patriot, 29 June 2021

[Formatted for readability]

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi personally rents office space to a child welfare group, First 5 San Mateo County, that was set up by a convicted pedophile. The group partners with a nonprofit that ran a group house where child molestation occurred and partners with a conflict resolution center that had a volunteer convicted for storing hundreds of images of child porn.

NATIONAL FILE has exclusively obtained the lease documents showing that Nancy Pelosi is the group’s landlady dating back to 2002, the same year monstrous pedophile Dr. William Ayres was given an award by city politicians for his work with the group. By that time, numerous pedophilia allegations including a police report had been made against Ayres, who was later convicted on pedophilia charges in 2007 and died in prison.

First 5 is a statewide supposed child welfare group in California that was previously chaired on a state level by Rob Reiner, and is funded with cigarette tax money.

This suggests that the Pelosis are associated with child traffickers, after the fact if not before. Which explains why the might have… other curious associations.

Indeed, and I’ll be coming back to this, I have trouble believing that 82yo Paul is still sexually active. There’s a biological age limit on such things.

San Mateo County, where pedophile Ayres set up the local First 5 chapter that calls Pelosi landlady, is arguably the center of the child sex trafficking crisis in California. Nancy Pelosi spends a lot of time in San Mateo due to her friendship with San Mateo lawyer and Democrat fundraiser Joe Cotchett. Cotchett, who is picking federal judges for the Biden administration, and was accused by his ex-wife in his divorce case of physically assaulting his children and being nude around his daughters. A partner in Cotchett’s law firm protects judges from her perch on the Commission on Judicial Performance…

Nancy Pelosi Is First 5 San Mateo County’s Landlady, dating back to when the group was called the San Mateo County Children and Families First Commission and Ayres was still at large terrorizing children.

Following up on the Cotchett mention,

Sealed With A Dis

h ttps://

By Will Harper and Mary Spicuzza, 23 May 2007

For those of you not familiar with the name, Cotchett is one of Gavin Newsom’s longtime business partners in Plumpjack and he’s sometimes described as one of the best trial lawyers in the country. The 68-year-old Hillsborough resident is currently representing outed CIA officer Valerie Plame in her lawsuit against key members of the Bush administration including Dick Cheney.

What a small world it is at the top.

Cotchett, who served many years as Gov. Gray Davis’ appointee to the state park and recreation commission, is also a major national political player. He has personally donated $68,900 to federal candidates and political action committees this year alone, according to the Federal Election Commission. A couple of months ago, he hosted a fundraiser for presidential hopeful (and fellow trial lawyer) John Edwards. Cotchett has been rumored to have his own political aspirations; a few years ago, his name came up as a possible Democratic candidate for attorney general.

Victoria Cotchett, an art critic, filed for divorce in San Mateo County Superior Court in September… In her March 28 sworn declaration, she accused Cotchett of being a name-calling tyrant, one who would push his kids’ faces into their plates, or pull them away from the table by their hair when they didn’t finish their meals. She also described him as a foul-mouthed heavy drinker who averaged one bottle of wine each evening and drove with a plastic glass of wine, sometimes when the girls were in the car with him. She claimed her hubby liked to walk around the house naked . even as the couple’s two daughters grew older and became uncomfortable with his nudity. When she asked him to stop, he allegedly screamed he would do “whatever he fucking well pleased,” according to her court declaration. (Cotchett filed depositions of a nanny and a housekeeper who said they never witnessed any sort of abuse.)

And the Pelosi attacker was found in his underpants, too. Hmm. I didn’t find a connection, but this suggests that Depape being a nudie around kiddies would not be the red flag to Nancy Pelosi that it might have been to ordinary people.

Next, background on the suspect:

David Depape, Paul Pelosi Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

h ttps://

By Jessica McBride, 30 October 2022

Police confirmed the suspect’s name. Depape is a Berkeley, California, resident. What are Depape’s politics and was he on social media? On a blog and website, he was fixated on censorship and made antisemitic comments. In one post, he ranted about government attempts to control information, calling for the arrest of journalists from prominent news organizations. He also posted COVID and election conspiracy theories online and made posts about QAnon. Online records give Depape’s age as 42.

The coverups were FAST on this one, and more phony than a store-bought Halloween costume. But I’m here for the historical facts.

An older picture of Depape, a Canadian-born resident of Berkeley with a history of drug use, showed him alongside a prominent Berkeley nudist activist with whom he helped raise children. She is incarcerated after being convicted in the stalking of a teenage boy.


1. David Depape, Described as “Very Odd,. Is a “Former Castro Nudist Protester. & Hemp “Jewelry Maker. Who Once Lived in a Berkeley Storage Shed, Reports Say

Linda Schneider, who has known Depape for years, told CNN that he once lived in a storage unit and had done hard drugs. She later received “really disturbing” emails where Depape sounded like a “megalomaniac and so out of touch with reality,. she told the cable news network. She stopped communicating with him “because it seemed so dangerous,. adding to CNN that he used “Biblical justification to do harm..

Laura Hayes worked with Depape making hemp bracelets years ago.

.He was very odd. He didn’t make eye contact very well,. Hayes said to CNN, adding that he told her “he talks to angels and there will be a hard time coming..

A psycho is not surprising. A psycho on visiting terms with the Pelosis, however? This was a struggle for me from the beginning, what common ground existed between an international bankster like Paul and a no-life pervert living in a van down by the San Francisco sewer?

Because one incontrovertible fact, is that Paul let this freakjob through his extensive home security. Don’t tell me a homeless bum in his underpants just walked into the official residence of the U.S. Speaker Of the House.

TMZ obtained dispatch audio of the police response to the Pelosi home. .He states there is a male in the home and that he is going to wait for his wife. He stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but that his name is David and that he is a friend. He sounded somewhat confused,. the dispatcher told an officer.

Said audio is so heavily redacted that it’s not even a firsthand account. It certainly doesn’t have the infamous “Where’s Nancy?” recorded.

Methinks that Paul is going around the bend. He’s not the first of his generation to do so [sly look at Potato Joe] and his doing hard drugs is more likely the cope than the cause. It’s not like his wife loves him. Neither do those hundreds of millions of stolen dollars in the bank comfort him at night.

According to CNN, threats against lawmakers and their family are on the rise.

Was David threatening Nancy the Lawmaker, Nancy the Landlord or Nancy the Head Of Household?

Or… was David asking for her assistance?

2. Depape Has Helped Raise Three Children With Taub, a Now-Incarcerated Russian-Born Activist Who Has Worked a Homeless Youth Director, Old Newspaper Articles Reveal

According to The New York Post, DePape was “living in a dilapidated yellow school bus on the street in front of” the home of nudity activist Gypsy Taub in Berkeley. .A Black Lives Matter sign and a flag combining pot-leaf symbols and the LGBTQ rainbow decorate the debris-strewn property. Out front, an unpainted wooden fence sports a hand-lettered sign: .News Reporters Go Away,’. the Post recounted.

No way was Depape a right-winger.

Despite her naked wedding to someone else, the Daily Beast reported that Depape still lived with Taub… However, in 2021, Taub was convicted of serious crimes after being accused of stalking a teenage boy.

She is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women, according to VINE LINK. Her real name is Oxane Taub.

Taub.s Facebook page says she is from Moscow, Russia, and is “the homeless youth director at Jerry Garcia Family Healing Clinic..

Depape grew up in Powell River, British Columbia, CNN reported. He moved to California 20 years ago “to pursue a relationship,. the network reported.

What’s this Jerry Garcia Clinic?


Jerry Garcia Family Clinic was founded in December of 2016 by activist / shamanic healer Gypsy Taub. It is named after the leader of the Grateful Dead band, Jerry Garcia.

The other 3 members of the street kids project are Gypsy’s 3 children: Inti Gonzalez (age 18), Nebosvod Gonzalez (16) and Daniel Gonzalez (14).

The same kids that Depape helped raise.

Jerry Garcia Family Clinic (or Life on the Street Support Services) is a 501 C(3) non-profit organization.
EIN: 83-2701341

Our headquarters are in Berkeley, California, United States.
We currently provide services in the East Bay, CA and in Mexico.

We help homeless people in general but our main focus is street kids and homeless youth.

A homeless organization headed by known child molesters and homosexual nudists, maintains operations in both USA and Mexico. That’s a perfect setup for child trafficking. But what might be the Pelosi’s interest?

We help street kids with everything they need: shelter, food, clothing, counseling, therapy, natural medicine. We also help them quit drugs using natural and alternative remedies.

We know Paul has a drug problem, and it’s a pretty safe bet that whatever luxury rehab center he went to after that infamous DUI didn’t fix it.

We are strongly against forced treatment. Our rehab programs are based on free will 100%. Instead of threatening and shaming our patients we reward them (we buy them phones and bicycles as a reward for undergoing an ibogaine treatment).

I couldn’t identify who funds them, but the Pelosis are on record associating with such ‘charities’. Some of whom have nudist leaders.

Ibogaine is one of if not the most magical healing medicinal plants on this planet. It is by far the most effective medicine known to humankind against addiction, PTSD, depression and anything else related to early infant and childhood trauma no matter how severe.

Ibogaine is legal in Mexico. We are currently working on legalizing it in the US and worldwide.

In addition to child trafficking, they were doing drug trafficking also. Only in San Francisco could they operate in the open like this… with the local government protecting them from Federal authorities.

When it comes to conventional rehabs in the US, in most of their so-called “success” cases they just take the patients off of one drug and put them on another. Prescription medications can be 50 times stronger than heroin and are often more damaging and more addictive than street drugs, not to mention that they are often made of the exact same thing as heroin: opium.

And what is ibogaine?

h ttps://

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants in the family Apocynaceae such as Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana, and Tabernaemontana undulata. It is a psychedelic with dissociative properties.

Preliminary research indicates that it may help counter drug addiction.


Its use has been associated with serious side effects and death.

Too soon.

Between the years 1990 and 2008, a total of 19 fatalities temporally associated with the ingestion of ibogaine were reported, from which six subjects died of acute heart failure or cardiopulmonary arrest. The total number of subjects who have used it without major side effects during this period remains unknown. It is used as an alternative medicine treatment for drug addiction in some countries. Its prohibition in other countries has slowed scientific research. Ibogaine is also used to facilitate psychological introspection and spiritual exploration.

Sooo, Nancy has a problem. Paul has a drug habit bad enough to be a political liability. She already sent him to Aton Center and he relapsed. But here’s the thing, the reason those rehab centers cost megabucks is for discretion, not results.

Nancy needs a discreet alternative to those discreet rehab centers. Emphasis on discreet. And she needs results, because the family money laundering won’t happen without Paul. No way would she put Paul in a normal rehab program. The political risks are obvious.

Maybe she reviewed her investment portfolios and the Jerry Garcia Clinic For Homeless Teen Crackheads jumped out. Maybe she simply asked her peers & domestic staff for ideas. Despite their being ultrawealthy, I can personally vouch that many Elites prefer servants who are illegal immigrants with minimal language function, to their middle-class neighbors.

She probably liked the idea of Depape… presumably the operating manager of the Jerry Garcia Clinic, now that its founder is in prison… making home visits to treat Paul with ibogaine. Either it’ll work and problem solved, or Paul will go certified-insane and Nancy can lock him away in a retirement home. Depape won’t talk to the press because he’s very obviously compromised.

Privacy guaranteed, cure possible. Nancy put Paul on ibogaine.

Mash et al. (2000), using lower oral doses (10.12 mg/kg) in 27 patients, demonstrated significantly lower objective opiate withdrawal scores in heroin addicts 36 hours after treatment, with self-reports of decreased cocaine and opiate craving and alleviated depression symptoms. Many of these effects appeared sustainable over a one-month post-discharge follow-up.

That’s why Depape had access to the Pelosi residence. He wasn’t just Paul’s drug supplier. He was Paul’s therapist.

In case it needs to be said, money is not wisdom. Thus did the inevitable happen. My opinion:

Depape showed up for a therapy session and decided the therapy should include some free love. He drugged Paul with hallucinogenic ibogaine and proceeded to undress & generally unnerve Paul. That’s when Paul went to the bathroom and made the curious phone call. A typical account:

According to SFPD “RP [Reporting Person] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David, and that he is a friend,. the dispatch official said. .RP sounded somewhat confused..

Possibly because he was already under the drug’s influence. Awkward situation, when your home’s private security answers to Nancy who let somebody like Depape inside because it was in her career’s best interest.

Police did a welfare check based on the call, and it being the Pelosi residence, bumped the priority to Code 1. They arrived to find Paul & Depape fighting in their underpants. When Depape realized the police had been called in, well, he was an international drug trafficker and pedophile caught in the act of buttraping Nancy’s husband. Enraged, he grabbed a hammer and did what damage he could.

Which explains why an 82yo man wasn’t killed outright by that beating with a hammer. Until the cops showed up, it was only aggravated rape.

And when Depape asked “Where’s Nancy?”, it was not because he was trying to murder the Speaker Of the House. It’s because Nancy was his employer with the power to protect him.

Which she didn’t. She couldn’t afford to be associated with him after the mess caught the public eye.

Police offer new details in Paul Pelosi assault

h ttps://

SAN FRANCISCO . Police said Friday evening the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was “intentional.”

The man accused of entering the Pelosi home and attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer specifically targeted the California Democrat, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott confirmed on Friday. That was consistent with the revelation that the assailant, a 42-year-old Berkeley resident, had asked “Where is Nancy?. before his assault.

“Where’s Nancy? She’ll vouch for me. I’m tight with her, cops, you just watch yourselves. Where’s Nancy?”

.This was intentional,. Scott told reporters, adding politicians. families .don’t sign up for this..

Just because it happened to a politician, doesn’t mean it had to be political, Police Chief. But I see your investigation is already over.

David DePape forced his way into the home through a back entrance, Scott said. Officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door and were let inside by an unknown person.

Bullshit an “unknown person”. I suspect Nancy arranged for private security to be off-site in order to minimize the witnesses to Paul’s therapy sessions, and it was the police who had to break in. That explains why the official narrative is “we don’t know who let us into the house”. Also why Depape thought he could get away with rape.

They discovered DePape and Pelosi struggling for a hammer, and after they instructed them to drop the weapon, Scott said, DePape took the hammer and “violently attacked. Pelosi.

“You called the cops on me?! Damn you! I only wanted a little fun and now you ruined everything!”

Police have taken DePape into custody and said he will be booked for attempted homicide, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with serious bodily injury, elder abuse, infliction of great bodily injury on the elderly, dissuading a victim, threatening a family member of a public official, and damaging or preventing a communication for an emergency call.

Police threw the book at him as Step One in negotiation. She’s holding the rest of his life; he’s holding the rest of her career. No mention of drugs, though. The crazy naked guy with a hammer wasn’t on drugs?

Pelosi has undergone successful surgery for fractures to his skull and arms.

“He’s expected to make a full recovery” say other accounts, but I betcha that instead, Nancy will have him declared incompetent so she can put him away before another drug episode happens. It’ll be a harsh blow to the Pelosi family… Nancy will have to marry another well-connected, stock-trading insider.

The emerging portrait of a politically motivated attack by a man who consumed fringe conspiracy theories has shocked San Francisco and stoked fresh concerns about elected officials facing violence.

While authorities have not detailed a motive, DePape’s online history indicates that he subscribed to the discredited narrative that the 2020 presidential election was illegitimate and espoused a range of bigoted and radical beliefs. He expressed anti-Semitic views and appeared to embrace the QAnon movement, which posits a secret cabal of pedophiles has been protected by people in power.

The only right-wing radical in one of the Gay Area’s most notoriously homosexual neighborhoods. How did nobody notice him? He didn’t keep to himself.

Scott also thanked the responding emergency dispatcher Heather Grives for recognizing something was wrong when Paul Pelosi dialed 911, allowing police to spring into action.

She recognized the address, that’s all. Chief is trying to distract from talking about the actual incident.

POLITICO reported earlier Friday that Pelosi had been able to dial 911 after telling the intruder he had to use the restroom and then called from inside, where his phone had been charging.

Why would a murderer looking for a Congressman allow that? He wouldn’t. Because it wasn’t a murder attempt.

It was a date-rape attempt.

Felicia’s Puzzle Question

Test your lateral thinking skills on the most face-palmingly stupid rescue of the 21st Century! There’s no right answer to how this happened, but there is a right question. Can you guess it by the end of the article?

Being outdoorsy myself, I’m always interested in search-and-rescue stories (and search-and-body recovery stories). When I saw this headline of a caving rescue, I just had to know.

Grand Canyon Caverns tourists trapped 200 feet below ground finally rescued after almost 30 hours

h ttps://

By Cortney Weil, October 25, 2022

This one could be nasty! I did a serious caving trip one time, to see if spelunking could be my next big thing. It was fun, interesting and one of the more emotionally traumatic experiences of my life. Big men of wanderlust do not belong head-first and upside-down in tiny cracks with nicknames such as “the pancake press”.

Five tourists, trapped 200 feet below ground in the Grand Canyon Caverns after an elevator malfunctioned, have now finally been brought back to the surface.

On Sunday afternoon, a family of eight touring the Grand Canyon Caverns, the “largest dry caverns in the U.S.A.,” became trapped when the elevator, which transports people from the surface to the caverns below, malfunctioned. While three members of the group were able to negotiate the 21 flights of stairs available to ascend to the earth’s surface, five people . including an infant and a toddler . remained behind, either because they could not risk the arduous trek or they chose to stay back with loved ones.

What? Whaaat? “Arduous trek” of ten stories’ worth of staircase? You don’t choose to be stuck.

If the tour guides were anything like the gleefully-dirty simian contortionists I caved with, they could’ve humped a family of five up 200ft of stairs no trouble. I could’ve done that. Why call the fire department?

The incident was frightening for everyone involved, and one woman, identified only as Felicia, even ran out of diapers and formula for her babies, which made the situation all the more urgent.

“It’s gonna blow any minute!”

“The gas pocket?”

“The infant! Hurry!”

“We have a search and rescue team standing by as well as a hoisting apparatus to lift people out if the repairs take longer than expected or if people are not comfortable staying down there,” Coconino County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jon Paxton said on Monday.

By late Monday evening though, all the trapped tourists had been rescued one at a time using the “hoisting apparatus.” Each individual rescue took about 25 minutes.

This was a puzzle, how that level of Stupid could be reached.

Felicia: “We’re trapped!”

Hypothetical me: “Or, we could take the stairs.”

Felicia: “I’ll never make it!”

Me: “Fine, let me at least save your baby. I only need one hand to hold the rail.”

“Nah, she’ll be fine here, trapped underground with me.”

The elevator malfunction is believed to have been mechanical.

Are you ready for the big reveal? The question that explains everything?

Here it comes…


That explains everything… the elevator breaking down in the first place, the refusal/inability to use stairs even with assistance, why Mommy was trapped underground but didn’t let her kids escape, and why S&R needed thirty hours to set up a hoist when that’s part of their standard job & kit. I don’t have photographic evidence… the file was too big to download… so there’s nothing to prove me wrong!

More reading between the lines:

Crew discusses rescue at Grand Canyon Caverns

h ttps://

By Ashley Paredez, 27 October 2022

GRAND CANYON, AZ . The Coconino County Search & Rescue Unit helped three family members who were stuck underground at the Grand Canyon Caverns on Monday.

I presume the other two were the kids carried up the stairs after Waffle the Hutt was strapped in.

They hoisted them up through an elevator shaft, nearly 200 feet, after the elevator they rode down in broke.

Yo Mama so fat, the elevator only went down!

“Normally we’re out in the wilderness, we have trees to work with,” said Lisa Callan with Coconino Co. Search & Rescue.

This was the unit’s first-ever elevator shaft rescue, with 11 volunteers and additional help from Flagstaff Fire Department.

Also, their first whale rescue.

In this case, they had to use their truck as their anchor.

Yo Mama SO fat, the fire truck was the counterweight!

Once everything was set in place, they planned out the safest approach… Rescue operations leader Adam Barnhart helped place each person, one by one, inside a hammock-like chair made with rescue-grade material.

Your local hospital uses such slings to move fat people through the hospital like beef carcasses. Suspended from reinforced tracks in the ceiling, they can safely carry up to 1,000lbs of oval animal with little effort. The surgeons I knew called them Orca Lifts.

It’s not something that rescue personnel keep handy because… well… the people who get lost in the wilderness are the people thin enough to reach the wilderness. Also, you’re never lost when you’re visible from space.

The only alternate route up, the stairs, wasn’t an option for everyone.

“In fact, I opted to come up on the rope, on the rope system at the end of the operation, as opposed to using the emergency fire escape stairs they had built into the shaft… because I felt our rope system was far more secure,” said Barnhart.

“And I was tired.” Secured with the combined weight of a fire truck and 11 volunteers, with a capacity measured in tonnage, it probably WAS safer.

Now, three days later, an inspection of the elevator is underway before it is clear for use.

New rule for the staff: don’t let anybody down the elevator that you can’t hump back up the stairs.

Let us spare a thought for the elevators heading into dangerous places, who die a little each day so the Foolish Americans With Disabilities Act can live.

Christian Nationalism Is A Meme Trap

Now that Christian Nationalism has become a concept, people are trying to figure out what it is. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? Here is one attempt at definition that I believe sincere and well-meaning, and yet it confirms my doubts regarding substance.

Moral inversion has reached such extremes that maybe people don’t even know what Normal looks like anymore. Or worse, maybe Christian Nationalism is nothing but Normalcy Neurosis… the desperately self-deceiving effort to believe it’s still 1985.

Or worse yet… maybe Christian Nationalism is the same kind of gatekeeping meme-trap that Buckleyite Conservatism, Moral Majority and Tea Party turned out to be. A common trait of Totalism is that, as Saul Alinsky described, it personalizes opposition. It dramatizes its enemies to the point that they become symbols. It needs a big, beautiful bogeyman that the sheeple can direct their Two Minutes Hate at. “Don’t lie to me, Gustav! You’re not just a protester waving a flag… you’re a Russian agent of Orange Man destroying our democracy! Worse than Putler!”

(America will have achieved full Totalism when Antifa goons scream accusations at Putin (who is not present) while firebombing the local Starbucks. Such people will have a lie wedged so deep inside their brains that they’re functionally psychotic. Do not weep for them. They chose the lie and loved the lie and lived the lie until there was nothing left but the lie. Thus did their self-hate achieve cherished oblivion.)

To be fair, I believe Moral Majority was well-intentioned, and Tea Party was a single-issue tax revolt. That didn’t stop the Marxists from gleefully Converging those big, new, wealthy and respected TARGETS. The lesson here is it doesn’t even matter who came up with Christian Nationalism. I wish people would catch on that in totalitarian err, liberal democratic states, it’s not safe to gather dissidents into a single organization then announce your address and political ambitions to Big Media.

A thousand Christians forming a hundred low-profile groups in order to shelter their families from the queers is not a threat the Regime can easily oppose. They can’t fantasize themselves as Heroes Of the Revolution by ambushing the soccer moms of Podunk. It would be a TEXTBOOK PSYOP if the Regime floated Christian Nationalism as a national label (read, target) that its enemies (read, you) would voluntarily pin to their chests.

Let the record show, I do NOT consider myself any kind of Christian Nationalist.

14 Points of Christian Nationalism . A Draft

h ttps://


As Christian Nationalism gains more steam amidst the ongoing collapse of Western liberalism, I’m seeing a lot of detractors attempting to dismiss it as meaningless. They take theological and political disagreements among Christian Nationalists as a sign that even we don’t know what it is.

It IS meaningless. You conservatives have been handed an ideology that’ll be defined as needed by the authorities of the moment. Again.

Do I need to paint you a picture? of William F. Buckley, Jr? during his CIA days?

They also make bizarre and illogical conclusions about what Christian Nationalism entails and portray them as core principles. The result is confusion all around.

If that’s a reference to the globohomo detractors, I’ve had a great time reading their articles. Sweet projection! Everything they fear we religious freaks will do, is what they’ve been doing all along.

Because they’re not religious at all, don’cha know. Can’t a guy rebel against the God of Truth and Creation via child sacrifice without being compared to Moloch?

Putting my zealotry aside, however, while reading those articles, I have also noticed that “Christian Nationalism” is giving them a target to hate and lawfare at… the kind of target they didn’t have before. Christians should stop and think before proceeding in this direction.

Having written about Christian Nationalism several times myself, I’m keenly aware that none of my descriptions amount to a clear definition or statement of principles. And so, I thought it would be appropriate to put together a list of 14 points of Christian Nationalism to help the concept coalesce.

1. Christian Nationalism is a political ideology informed by the Christian faith, not a religion informed by political ideology.

The nation will be Christian by not insisting on Christianity? History has tried this all three ways: mandatory-Christian, optional-Christian and ethnic-Christian. All three have failed because no human institution is, or even can, be loyal to God.

God is within us believers, not the Constitution. Or the Vatican. Even the divinely appointed Levitical priesthood was a completely failed institution. There can never be a Christian nation, only at best a nation of Christians. Remember that God’s favorite form of government was the incredibly formless system of Judges. Is that what a Christian National government will look like? Serious question.

7. Government is incapable of forcing conversion to Christianity because conversion depends on a faith that cannot be coerced into existence.

We aren’t talking about forced conversion. We’re talking about forced morality, and government has the duty of enforcing morality.

9. Wrongdoing may be tolerated by government when legal suppression of evil would lead to even greater evils.

This is not a Christian moral. Why is the author already talking about government sanction of explicit evil?

12. God has appointed fathers to govern their own households. National government proceeds from this household government and exists to serve it. It does not replace it and may not usurp it.

We STILL aren’t telling women No!

13. Immigration is tolerable only insofar as it neither unduly burdens nor harms our nation. Mass immigration is always harmful. Smaller scale immigration is more harmful the more an immigrant differs from our nation in terms of ancestry, language, history, culture and religious heritage.

Treachery! This is just another attempt at squaring the Marxist circle. “A ‘Christian’ government will figure out a way to make immigration work! Maybe a little slower from higher-quality nations?” Better idea: let’s stop immigration entirely for a few decades in order to repopulate and rediscover who we are without the constant reintroduction of foreign ideas & loyalties, what say? If American plutocrats end up forced to pay their workers high wages, creating a dreaded middle class, then that’s a risk Christ is willing to run.

Let me paint the picture of what a Christian nation… ANY nation describable as Christian… MUST look like:

a. Women are forbidden all authority over men. Men who empower women shall be put to death for rebellion against God.

b. Government shall mandate that women marry young. Men have sexual needs and the ONLY Christ-approved place for those needs is marriage. Thus, marriage must be a duty of young women. Note carefully that this is a social duty, not just a religious duty. Godless men have needs, too.

c. Government is not permitted to help the poor. It is theft to take money from he who earned it, to he who did not. Theft does not stop being theft when government says so. God defines evil, not government.

d. All homicide must be punished by death, excepting self-defense.

e. Sodomy must be punished by death.

f. Adultery must be punished by death.

g. Blasphemy and heresy must be punished by death. Get the idea? God is a big proponent of the death penalty. Other crimes can be debated, but God is on record that those specific crimes warrant execution.

h. Get rid of the Synagogue of Satan. This shouldn’t even have to be said but nooo, we STILL have Judeo-Christianity in America!

i. Government shall be empowered and required to conduct ethnic purges. Nobody shall sell their land to foreigners. There’s no way around this, if…

3. Christian Nationalists understand nation as meaning a people who share common ancestry, religious heritage, language, culture, and history together.

…is going to be the standard. And that is, indeed, what ‘Nationalist’ means.

Let me say it again for the slow class: Christian Nationalism INEVITABLY means YOU WILL BECOME A RACIST. That’s a good thing. Everybody is racist, especially the people who claim not to be. God made us racist. But if you get your Christian Nationalism then you’ll have to own it and stop crying in the corner whenever a groid welfare bum screeches raycisss at you.

You want a Christian Nation, ye Christian? Do you really? Because God is not your kind-hearted therapist butler uniting the world in love. You don’t get a return to the Good Old Days. You don’t get a government you can blindly trust. And you don’t get to raise your daughter into a son.

When I read what Christians are thinking Christian Nationalism is, it ain’t none of what I described.

Meanwhile, they’re so lacking in discernment that they don’t even recognize that creating a national Christian Nationalist movement is Step One in beginning the purge of Christianity… bringing all the dissidents into one “big tent” that the Regime can drop a bomb on. Instead of going door-to-door across a continent.

Stop trying to recreate the past, Churchians. Stop being so damn ignorant of your own beliefs. Stop being na?ve about modern evil. And please, if it’s at all possible, do not describe yourself as a Christian Nationalist until you are certain what the term means to other people.

Because it’s probably a lie crafted by Satan to ensnare Christians attempting to escape Globohomo.

Edit, I see I didn’t explain my concept of “meme trap”. We start with the fact that Christian Nationalism doesn’t have a preset meaning, organization, leader etc.” It could have several meanings from theocracy to ‘USA 1985’ to ‘no more Christ-hating socialism’. The fact of its having several possible and desirable definitions, entices a person to pick up and pin the ‘Christian Nationalist’ label on himself.

Then, for example, the Regime chooses to define ‘Christian Nationalism’ as insurrection and a racist threat to our democracy. Which is plausible because USA started out as a republic (of nations) and not a nation. Result, the people who self-identified as Christian Nationalist must now explain they didn’t mean what they said to the J6 Commission. From handcuffs and solitary confinement.

I call it a meme trap because it’s a good-sounding idea that could become dangerous to its holders depending upon what other people choose to define it as.

This happens frequently enough. The examples I gave? People thought Buckleyite Conservatism was conservative, the Moral Majority was moral and the 20th Century Tea Party was going to be the ‘throw ’em overboard’ that the 18th Century Tea Party was. People joined expecting one thing, discovered it was not and quit. One must always check whether their organization is, indeed, as advertised.

But as I just showed, in the context of a totalitarian state, one must be VERY careful of which political beliefs they claim. If there is not already an established definition then you’re setting yourself up for an involuntary Talmudic reinterpretation of who you are.

Garland Shuts Down Cointel After Xi Secures Power Base

Vox Day believes that Hu Jintao’s public disgracing together with Xi securing his leadership apparently for life, is prompting a GAE abandonment of its effort to switch flags from D.C. to Beijing. As proof, the Chinese markets… unquestionably where the banksters would apply their leverage… are suffering a sudden collapse.

I’ve found confirmation on the criminal justice side.

h ttps://

26 October 2022

Ignore all the rhetoric and the neo-liberal economic assumptions and focus on what the various parties mentioned are doing. What’s actually taking place is that The Empire That Never Ended, which intended to transfer its global center of power from Washington DC to Beijing, has finally abandoned its attempts to do so.

Xi Xinping was seen as an impediment, not an implacable obstacle, but the confirmation of his continuing power in the CPC and his ongoing anti-corruption campaign means that the imperial plans for China have failed.

And as part of that abandonment…

Garland announces arrest of Chinese spies who stole confidential information

h ttps://

By Adam Schrader, 24 October 2022

China has been spying on us?! Gasp, nooo! I’m shocked!

Pro-tip, FBI: look for the ETHNIC CHINESE NATIONALS WITH CHINESE PASSPORTS AND CHINA-DWELLING FAMILY MEMBERS who want to work in our academic, tech and military sectors. China is a hostile nation, yes? Then why have we been letting them in? Looking at YOU, FBI!

Strike that. Looking at YOU, universities charging out-of-state tuitions for probable Chinese student spies!

Oct. 24 (UPI) — U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Monday the arrest and indictment of Chinese spies accused of stealing confidential information and harassing Chinese victims living in the United States to return to China.

Over the past week, the Justice Department has taken several actions to disrupt criminal activity by individuals working on behalf of the government of the People’s Republic of China,” Garland said.

Hmm. Has anything interesting happened in China over the past week?

Garland said that earlier Monday that a complaint was unsealed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York charging two Chinese intelligence officers with attempting to obstruct, influence and impede a criminal prosecution of a telecommunications company based in China.

Huawei per h ttps://

“The defendants believed they had recruited the U.S. employee as an asset, but in fact, the individual they recruited was a double agent working on behalf of the FBI,” Garland said.

Those defendants, identified as Dong He and Zheng Wang, allegedly paid a bribe of $41,000 in Bitcoin to the double agent to obtain non-public information, including files from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District.

Garland said that the Chinese spies had sought confidential information on witnesses, trial evidence and potential new charges to be brought against the company.

“The double agent provided the defendants with documents that appeared to present some of the information they sought. In fact, the documents were prepared by the U.S. government for this investigation and did not reveal actual meetings, communications or strategies,” Garland said.

“This was an egregious attempt by PRC intelligence officers to shield a PRC-based company from accountability and to undermine the integrity of our judicial system.”

And the FBI knew about it since at least 2019, just like me. Everybody has known for years that Chinese intelligence has had a free hand in American affairs thanks to our inexplicably cooperative government. Paging Eric Swalwell…

I’m not angry at the FBI for not grabbing the Chink spies earlier. Domestic counterintelligence against foreign threats is something they’re supposed to do. Feeding disinfo to such an organized intelligence operation is more valuable than a couple arrests. Hence the sealed indictments.

It WAS a counterintelligence operation, yes? Because the FBI surely wouldn’t take a Chinese bribe to look the other way, set up a sealed indictment as an insurance policy and trigger it now to prevent Xi blackmailing them. Nah. Even though Chinese intelligence has managed to steal a LOT of tech over the years from the FBI’s home turf.

Anyway, now they’re burning the operation and shutting it down. That’s only a good idea if they expect Huawei to not be operating in USA for much longer.

I *am* angry, however, that a multi-year cointel operation resulted in only two perps nabbed:

Dong He and Zheng Wang were each charged with attempting to obstruct a criminal prosecution.

He also was charged with money laundering for the Bitcoin bribe and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted.

That’s the best they had after four years? And the Bitcoin charge won’t even stick. I have questions that will never be answered.

An indictment also was unsealed Monday in New Jersey charging four individuals including three Chinese intelligence officers working with the Ministry of State Security with conspiring to act in the United States as illegal agents on behalf of a foreign government.

Two anti-China busts on Monday. Hmm.

Those defendants were identified as Wang Lin, 59; Bi Hongwei, age unknown; Dong Ting, aka Chelsea Dong, 40; and Wang Qiang, 55.

The spies allegedly used an affiliation with the purported Institute for International Studies at the Ocean University of China as their cover.

I see the Confucius Institutes are still here, just rebranded. They were brazen PRC intel operations publicly placed in American colleges and permitted to operate until August 2020. They were not the only such organizations.

“The indictment alleges that between 2008 and 2018, the defendants used the cover of a purported academic institute to target, coopt and direct individuals in the United States to further the PRC’s intelligence mission,” Garland said.

Garland said that those directives included attempts to procure equipment and technology from the United States and ship them to China, as well as attempts to stop protests in the United States he said “would have been embarrassing to the Chinese government.”

An eleven-year cointel operation, burned. And resulting in so few arrests that I must wonder what was REALLY going on.

Separately, the Justice Department charged seven people in New York for working on behalf of China “in a multi-year campaign of threats and harassment” to force a U.S. resident to return to China.

Two of those defendants were arrested last Thursday and identified as Quanzhong An, 55, and Guangyang An, 34.

The other defendants — who remain at large — are Tian Peng, Chenghua Chen, Chunde Ming, Xuexin Hou and Weidong Yuan.

The lack of sealed indictments and failure to collar most of the accused, indicates that this was a rushed decision.

Garland said that those activities were part of a Chinese initiative called Operation Foxhunt to locate and bring back to China alleged fugitives who fled to foreign countries, including the United States.

The victim was identified as John Doe in the court documents.

Yep, rushed. There are surely plenty of dissidents who would happily press charges. If China is already trying to kidnap them back then they have nothing to lose and publicity might even be a deterrent.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said Monday that the cases take place “against a backdrop of malign activity” by China that includes espionage, harassment and obstruction of the U.S. justice system.

And kicking out the pro-GAE Hu Jintao.

Monaco added that the cases “make clear that Chinese agents will not hesitate to break the law and violate international norms in the process.”

Phone call for you, Mizz Monaco. Nordstream on Line Two.

It’s impossible to know which way the intelligence was flowing in these operations. What is known, however, is that two longstanding and potentially useful operations are being shut down immediately after Xi’s appointment-for-life along with a hastily executed mass arrest to embellish the headline. God knows it needed help:

In total, 13 people were charged in three separate cases in the harassment and espionage schemes, the Justice Department said.

That’ll put the fear of Uncle Sam in Pooh Bear for sure. “After fourteen years of investigation, we’ve unmasked all thirteen of your spies & agents in America! And eight of them have already been caught!”

In closing, let me give a shout-out to True the Vote for doing what the FBI in all these secret-squirrel cointel operations didn’t do: uncover that Konnech Election Company founder Eugene Yu allegedly tried to run American elections from servers in China. While stealing the identities of poll workers.

THAT is how completely China has undermined the United States government. Now that USA is severing economic links with China (and China is severing economic links with USA, incidentally), I look forward to witnessing, for the first time in my life, mass arrests of spies and traitors against my country.

Hmm, Mr. Swalwell has not answered his page.

Brazil’s Lula Offers Open Letter To Evangelical Voters But Doesn’t Let Us Read It

Lula is Bolsonaro’s close competitor for president of Brazil, the election for which has reached the runoff stage. What you need to know about Lula is that he was a toady of the globalists in his Brazil presidency 2003-2011 until the people got rid of him when they had the chance.

Now it’s time to erase that mistake, as Robocop’s Dick Jones once put it.

You also should know that, as is typical for South America, all of Brazil’s voters identify as Catholic and one-third of them identify as evangelical Protestants. Thus, the evangelicals are shaping up to be the swing voters in this run-off.

And so Lula held a press conference, reading an open letter to evangelicals containing a promise that he won’t go Socialist on them… while noting that he DID go Socialist the last time he had the chance. That means we can trust him! The GAE press is buzzing over the fact that the press conference was held… but nobody linked to the actual letter and the only publicly-offered recording of Lula reading the letter on the entire Internet does not have an English translation.


This is what I pieced together from excerpts of English-speaking, mainstream sources.

Open Letter To Brazilian Evangelicals Asking Them To Change Loyalties At the Last Second To the Godless Socialist

.My administration will never use symbols of your faith for partisan political ends, respecting the laws and traditions that separate State and Church, so there’s no political interference in the practice of faith,. the former president said. .The attempt to use faith politically to divide Brazilians doesn’t help anyone..

Maybe Brazil does it differently, but separating Church & State is the State promising to never allow itself to be burdened by Christian beliefs and moral demands. Also, I can think of a couple reasons why Lula intends to avoid ANY display of Crosses.

Political interference in religion is one thing. Religious interference in politics is another. Is a country’s government supposed to NOT reflect its people? Very. Serious. Question.

.We are living at a time in which lies are used intensively with the objective of stoking fear in people of good faith, pushing them away from a candidacy that is defending them more,. the letter said. .That is why I felt a need to reaffirm my commitment to freedom of religion in our country..

Possibly a reference to a viral TikTok video in which an unnamed, self-described Satanist praises Lula, already removed. It’s unusual for such an unsourceable media to be widely believed outside the UFO community.

Lula is not a Satanist. I checked. He worships Lucumi, not Lucifer. Lucumi are… Afro-Cubans…


Brazil: Socialist Lula Disavows Support from Satanic Sorcerers, Says He’s Never Made a Deal with the Devil

h ttps://

Cancel your Netflix. GunnerQ is here with your FREE weekend entertainment!

Flavio Bolsonaro also shared a post that recalled Lula appearing at an event with followers of the Nigerian Yoruba religion, known commonly as santer?a in much of Latin America, and receiving as a gift a ceremonial ax associated with the African deity Chang? (Xang? in Portuguese). Santer?a, Lucum?, or Nigerian Yoruba paganism by its other names does not have any association with Lucifer as he is known in the Judeo-Christian faiths, though many Christians in countries where santer?a is common, such as Cuba, consider worshipping the Yoruba gods a sin.

Yeeeah… I vaguely recall a commandment… or two… “Thou Shalt Have No Cubans Before Me”, or something like that…

End segue

.To me, life is sacred, the work of God the creator, and my commitment always has been and will be to protect it,. he said.

.I am personally against abortion, and remind everyone that it is an issue to be decided by Congress, not the president.” [Brazil currently bans abortion in all cases except rape, incest or risk to the mother’s life.]

Which is it? “Life is sacred as God decrees” or “Life is disposable as government decrees”?

“My government will not adopt any policies that hurt religious liberty or create obstacles for churches to function freely,” he said.

Until his government decides that women can kill their babies, and churches don’t get with the pogrom. Program, I mean.

“The Brazilian people know that I took care, with special affection, of the poorest and, with God’s blessings, my government contributed to improve the lives of millions of families,” the former president said.

Now he’s just lying. We have accumulated almost two hundred years of history demonstrating that all Socialists view “the poor” as tools. “You Christians don’t love the poor because the poor exist! I love them and that’s why I appointed myself their representative without asking their approval! I get to steal your property and wealth for redistribution to my supporters because the poor said so! Don’t be too quick to hate me… you’re about to become poor yourself!”

Unless Bolsonaro wins the run-off election.

That needs to stop. Elections, I mean. GAE has mastered the art of vote manipulation to the point that the democratic process is the WEF process. Every nation is about to become a dictatorship anyway, so I wish the decent types such as Bolsonaro would seize the advantage of their mass popularity and choose to win… instead of Lulu the Generic Globalist Despot.

They have nothing to lose but their chains, their feminists and their Dominion Voting Machines.

Full Retard Complementarianism

We’re back at the Southern Baptist Convention today, where they heroically strained out the gnat of female pastors and swallowed the camel of female church officials wielding authority over pastors. It’s complementarianism unmasked and on crack!

One must try hard to fail this badly. And yet, I must disqualify their effort on the grounds of not obeying the rules.

SBC seminary passes resolution affirming pastoral roles should be limited to men

h ttps://

By Michael Gryboski, 19 October 2022

A Southern Baptist Convention seminary passed a resolution affirming its president’s stance that only men can be pastors, an indirect response to Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church ordaining three women pastors last year.

Heh, they did an “indirect response” to a direct provocation.

In May 2021, Saddleback Church garnered controversy in SBC circles by ordaining three women . Liz Puffer, Cynthia Petty and Katie Edwards . despite the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 stating the “office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture.”

No process for a swift excommunication of blatant heretics? Did they think that such a process wouldn’t be needed in Current Year? Those ain’t just for Catholics! 

At their fall meeting last week, the trustees at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, unanimously approved a resolution encouraging the seminary’s administration to continue theologically training both men and women…

“It is further resolved that this Board encourages The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary administration and faculty to continue its theological training with this stated conviction “graduating both men and women for service to the church, but with men alone reserved for the office and function, and thereby title of pastor,” stated the resolution, in part.

So… women can still train to be pastors, they just can’t sit in the chair. The SBC fears that being too devout would hurt enrollment at their seminaries!

The resolution commended the stance of SBTS President Albert Mohler, who helped craft the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, the official statement of faith for the SBC.

Mohler took to his official Twitter to post his support on Tuesday for the trustees’ resolution, saying he is “thankful” for their work.

“Our @SBTS trustees made an important statement last week, passing a unanimous resolution defining pastor as both function and office and limited to men by Scripture as confessed by Southern Baptists in the Baptist Faith & Message,” tweeted Mohler.

There are Christian leaders still using Twitter? Do Baptists STILL not know anybody who has been Canceled by GAE social media for Christ-based dissent against Satan?

Mohler penned a column denouncing Saddleback’s ordinations as “contrary to Scripture” and “an attempt to redefine and reformulate the convictional foundation of Southern Baptist faith and cooperative ministry.”

“The theological issues have not changed since the year 2000 when Southern Baptists spoke clearly and precisely in the Baptist Faith & Message. More importantly, the Holy Scriptures have not changed and cannot change,” wrote Mohler at the time.

Too wordy. Next time, try “go to Hell and take your witches with you!”

Some within the SBC pushed for Saddleback to be disfellowshiped from the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

Not me, I’m outside the SBC and saying that.

However, the SBC Credentials Committee, which handles issues regarding whether member churches are abiding by the SBC standards, announced at the SBC Annual Meeting in June that it would delay a decision on Saddleback.

Committee Chair Linda Cooper told the messengers at the annual meeting that “we have concluded that we are not yet prepared to make a recommendation regarding Saddleback Church, recognizing there are differing opinions regarding the intent of the office of pastor as stated in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.”


And speak of the witches.

A national committee with authority to take action against pastors & individual churches… is headed by a woman. Who refused to condemn the concept of female clergy even though the Bible does AND EVEN THOUGH THE SBC NOW DOES. Thus, the men under her authority are not permitted to take action against female clergy. Somebody got grandfathered in! Or grandmothered, as it were.

They went full retard Complementarian.

“We feel it is very important for you to know that it is the unanimous opinion of the Credentials Committee that the majority of Southern Baptists hold to the belief that the function of lead pastor, elder, bishop or overseer is limited to men as qualified by Scripture,” she added.

“[However, we have] found little information evidencing convention beliefs regarding the use of the title of pastor, for staff positions with different responsibilities and authority than that of lead pastor role.”

I see you, you unclean spirit of lies. “Of course women cannot be LEAD pastors! But there are other kinds of pastors, too. And God wants women in those positions even if some Church traditions once said otherwise.”

Linda Cooper needs to be exorcised of a demon and the SBC needs to be exorcised of Linda Cooper.

The Credentials Committee initially recommended that the SBC messengers vote to create a study committee that would report at next year’s annual meeting a “recommendation to provide clarity regarding the office of pastor.” However, Mohler voiced opposition to the idea.

“If we eventually have to form a study committee over every word of our confession of faith, then we are doomed and we are no longer a confessional people,” Mohler said to applause from the crowd.

[The Credentials Committee withdrew the recommendation.]

Amazing! Mohler’s laziness accomplished what his spiritual insight could not.

It’s getting bad out there. The SBC is dying in blatant lies and feminism, just like every other Christian organization.

The Tears Of A Clown, 404 Asset Edition

GAE must be planning to impose a military draft. That would be insane but there’s no other explanation for their recent effort to make heroes out of a couple CIA assets that got caught in Ukie uniforms.

Popcorn time!

.We prayed for death.: 2 American veterans freed from Russian captivity in Ukraine describe torture

h ttps://

By Michelle De Pacina, 18 October 2022

Two American soldiers who were captured by Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine have described the torture they endured in several interviews since their release in September.

That’s what happens when you do wetwork for the Big Man.

“Thanks for getting me out, Larry!”

“No prob… but hey, Andy, the Russians didn’t rough you up enough. You can’t give interviews about being tortured without looking the part, know what I mean? Larry hooks up the jumper cables Sooo, this ain’t nothin’ personal, okay?”

Wait… wait… upon rereading the opening paragraph, there are alternative interpretations of the subordinate clauses.

Andy Huynh, 27, and Alexander Drueke, 39, who volunteered in the Ukrainian army, entered Ukraine in early April. They were taken as prisoners in June [9] during a firefight in the village of Izbytske and held captive in the Donbas region.

In September, they were released to the U.S. embassy in Saudi Arabia as part of a prisoner exchange.

The soldiers from Alabama, who spent 105 days in Russian captivity, told ABC News they were held in a “black site,. where the had to endure daily torture. According to the pair, they lived on dirty water and spoiled bread and were interrogated, beaten, deprived of sleep and forced to stand or sit on their knees while blindfolded for hours.

Why were American citizens wearing Ukrainian uniforms in the first place?

Huynh, a Vietnamese American who served in the U.S. Marines, was studying at Calhoun Community College when Russia invaded Ukraine. He had been making wedding plans with his fianc?e before he traveled to Ukraine.

Ahh, he went MGTOW. “I’d rather by shelled to death by Russian artillery than wake up next to you!”

.We prayed for death. We just wanted to die. We just wanted it to end,. Huynh said.

“Then the recruiter showed up to offer us a new life in 404!”

During their captivity, Huynh and Drueke were also forced to make propaganda videos and partake in interviews, wherein they were forced to praise Russia. If they had not followed the script, they were to be raped or killed.


Drueke, 40, retired from the U.S. Army after 12 years. He was chosen as the duo’s spokesperson and was allowed to make calls to his family in Tuscaloosa under duress.

They allowed him to make phone calls from a black site? “They listened in on my phone calls! That never would have happened in America!”

But wait, a military retirement is only after 20 years..?

According to Drueke, the captors had cracked four of his ribs.

“Hi Mom, I can’t talk for long, they broke four of my ribs and it hurts to breathe and I’m in a ‘dark site’ where they listen in on my international phone calls. But I wanted to let you know I’m safe and don’t worry about me. I’m not a CIA asset but the State Department is still arranging a prisoner transfer to get me back.”

The captors believed Huynh and Drueke were CIA operatives, and they demanded information from them.

.They really thought that we had been sent by our government, or had a large amount of government support,. Drueke told The Washington Post. .They really wanted to make sure we weren’t lying about that . and they had their ways of doing that..

I am assured by other veterans, that if an American citizen veteran of the American military goes international mercenary without State Department authorization, then he went Full Retard.

“Why didn’t I seek my government’s support, you ask? I dunno. It never occurred to me, being an experienced Army vet, to ask the State Dept. for permission to wear another country’s uniform in time of war.”

When they were being transported to prison, their eyes were wrapped with packing tape and their bodies were stacked in a vehicle on top of other prisoners. In prison, they reportedly suffered through solitary confinement.

I’ve been treated worse at slumber parties. Then again, my slumber parties weren’t rated BDSM. But that would make solitary confinement a luxury, not a torture, so they’re probably losers who never got invited to slumber parties.

.When we weren’t physically abused, we were struggling with severe boredom,. Huynh told CNN.

If Huynh was any more of an American superhero, he’d be wearing his underpants on the outside.

The men said they had no regrets, but they feel guilt for surviving and having been freed when many remain in Russian captivity.

.We feel guilty that we got traded and they are still there. That’s one of the worst feelings you can have,. Huynh told ABC News.

Their peers were also freed.


h ttps://

Shaw confirmed that Drueke and Huynh were among the 10 prisoners from Morocco, the U.S., the U.K., Sweden and Croatia. Saudi Arabia arranged the release of the prisoners held captive by the Donetsk People’s Republic, the country said on Wednesday. Although the two veterans traveled to Ukraine separately in April, they bonded while volunteering after learning that they are both from Alabama.

End segue

So, the burning question of the hour: were they really CIA assets?

According to

h ttps://

Huynh was an “engineer equipment operator” who left the Marines after four years at the rank of corporal. His last duty assignment was Camp Pendleton, California, according to the service.

Unimpressive for either a merc or an intel asset. Just another guy in community college on the GI Bill, contemplating a marriage with which to end it all, when a recruiter came by and asked the Marine if he’d like to be a real soldier in exchange for a bushel of cash.

Drueke was a “chemical operations specialist” with a deployment to Iraq and one to Kuwait. He was in the Army Reserve for 12 years, according to the service.

Ranked staff sergeant. Probably signed up for one term, was stop-lossed and made the most of it. An undocumented Army CBRN in 404 could easily be CIA. His mother claims he got debilitating PTSD while performing bodyguard work, which if true, means he both had downrange experience and was also a veteran going nowhere when the CIA was shopping for meat.

I must disagree with my opening comment. The probable reason these two are getting the hero treatment across GAE media, is to encourage more losers to accept a third-class Ticket to 404. It’s the only way that “I almost died of boredom in captivity” doesn’t sound 100% stupid.

End segue

Drueke said that he is willing to return to Ukraine to help rebuild once the conflict ends. As for Huynh, he will be focusing on his family and his obligations at home. Both men believe that Ukraine will be victorious over Russia.

Drueke: “Ukraine is where the future is! Hoo-ah ‘Murica! Make me GAE!”

Huynh: “She’s pregnant and swears the kid is mine. I gotta go.”

Move over, French Foreign Legion! Make room for the CIA Greenbacks!

A Exchange Highlighting Dissident Feminism

The extent to which Original Sin undermines even dissident beliefs is hard to overstate. I had this exchange on Zman’s blog; its OP is irrelevant. Likes and dislikes are included.

h ttps://

[angelus:] One indicator I see that is very distressing, is older white women in their 70.s, pushing shopping carts full of their neatly piled belongings around town during the day, trying mightily to remain a normal demeanor. This has happened because the owners of section 8 subsidized senior housing have increased their rents so much that even with the government paying the larger portion, these women cannot afford their share. These are not drug addicted or crazy people, they look like my Grandma. They may not have any relatives or children nearby, and most of them were too old to drive. I shudder to think what happens to them when night falls, and what will happen this winter.

L: 34 D: 0

This is reportedly happening an hour out of Boise, ID. For what it’s worth.

[Gunner Q:] Her government housing allowance is no longer enough for her to live on? I don’t care. me who.ll never have such an allowance while being taxed to pay hers.

If her own family won’t support her then why should we care? What do they know that we don’t?

L: 1 D: 5

Yeah, what I said! I shouldn’t have to support anybody outside my family… isn’t that the very heart of dissident race politics?… and when the kids cut Granny out of their lives, I’ll guess that’s not because she’s such a sweet person to have around.

[Jack Dobson:] She is White. That matters. Maybe there is an addiction or mental health reason, but perhaps not. There are shanty towns throughout South Africa filled with Whites who did nothing wrong but landed there. We need to help our own people. The morons donating to the stupid grift to help “Holocaust survivors” in Russia need to be shamed into helping their fellow Whites here.

L: 8 D: 1

That ranks fairly high as not-a-response to my complaints of female entitlement and neglect of (unattractive) taxpaying men. Even in dissident politics, we have a very long way to go before patriarchy is accepted as a solution.

There’s no point in preferring your own people if you also prefer your women over men. Recall that America’s demographic downfall was 1. White society serving men, 2. White society serving women and 3. Nonwhite society serving women. That’s not coincidence.

Gender reality > race reality.

Interestingly, even a female commenter weighed in:

[3g4me:]No personal offense intended… they ought to be a clear lesson and reminder to the rest of us re what comes of relying on government promises. SS was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning. I .paid in. my share, and don’t expect to ever see a penny of it. I’m old enough to apply now, but based on our current tax bracket it would all go back in taxes for redistribution to Shaniqua, Juan, Li Feng, and Zelensky. Unless circumstances change drastically, I don’t see myself ever applying for it . even if I’m not declared ineligible for my White privilege and my intolerable opinions.

L: 12 D: 1

She’s right and the thing to do is shut down the welfare state completely and overnight. Partly because one cannot reform a theft-in-progress, but mostly so that men can be incentivized (by getting to keep what we earn) to patch up those supply chains.

That will happen only when society benefits men. Values men. And cuts women loose to either fend for themselves or find a husband… the original retirement plan that Angelus never noticed was missing.

Lastly, I note that 3g4me didn’t go against Team Woman. That was the difference between her post and mine. “It’s a scam” versus “It’s a scam against men“.

99 Problems But A CBDC Ain’t One

The future is not going to be like the past. There’s no more frontier. Advances in communications are flatlining culture & language. And life is going to be, to some degree, a fish bowl of a surveillance society. We’re already there in terms of technology and the integration is proceeding swiftly.

But some things never change, like human greed. That can be a good thing! Also, conservatives offering meaningless solutions to serious & complex problems. That can’t be good. I’m not ranting at this specific author; his article helpfully collected the worst offenders in one spot; it’s all advice that I’ve gotten repeatedly and from many sources which ought to have known better.

How To Resist CBDCs.5 Ways You Can Opt Out of This Dystopian Future

h ttps://

By Nick Giambruno, 13 October 2022

Hmm… the headline promises two different things. Coping with CBDCs, and avoiding the shitpocalypse.

There’s an excellent chance governments worldwide will soon force their citizens to use central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

CBDCs enable all sorts of horrible, totalitarian things.

They allow governments to track and control every penny you earn, save, and spend. They are a powerful tool for politicians to confiscate and redistribute wealth as they see fit….

He goes on to list several examples. Oddly, he never lists the primary appeal of CBDCs: the government can straight-up delete your money.

The problem with every fiat currency ever is that it eventually gets inflated into toilet paper. The people running the currency always print more for themselves, increasing the money supply, because they can and they’re evil.

But… that’s because with paper money, the Regime Du Jour can ONLY increase the money supply. It can’t touch the already-existing currency in peoples’ hands. If the currency is all digital and more importantly, stored on a central ledger, then the banksters can get more money without creating more. They merely take it from everybody else. With no money being created, there’s no inflation. A government could have literally zero tax rates and fund itself just by haircutting its inmates’ accounts at will.

All the concerns over the CBDC State micromanaging your accounts are insignificant next to the power of that State to simply take your money at will and spend it however they want.

It still won’t work, of course; there remains the Soviet problem of “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us”; but that’s the dream which makes CBDCs an inevitability.

CBDCs are, without a doubt, an instrument of enslavement. They represent a quantum leap backward in human freedom.

Nah. Giving women the vote was far worse. That’s the one single solution to State overspending that no conservative, Christian nationalist, white supremacist (with scare quotes or without) or dissident is even proposing: start putting men in charge of society, and by extension, society’s SPENDING, for the benefit of men. Know what I mean, ye who gave credit cards to teenage daughters?

What we’re offered instead of Christ:

It.s important to remember the wise words of Ron Paul: .What none of them (politicians) will admit is that the market is more powerful than the central banks and all the economic planners put together. Although it may take time, the market always wins..

By the author’s own logic, however, we aren’t talking about economic planners anymore. We’re talking about tyrants and in this world, it’s tyranny that usually wins. Especially when there’s no avenue of escape, hence my mentioning the lack of frontier and omnipresence of global communications.

He proceeds to offer five steps for countering CBDC currencies.

Step #1: Use Physical Gold and Silver

That old Boomer chestnut, seriously? “If you don’t want to use the government’s money then just use gold and silver coins. They’re always money!”

Gold didn’t become money by accident or because some politicians decreed it. Instead, it became money because countless individuals throughout history and across many different civilizations subjectively came to the same conclusion: gold is money.

Actually, politicians did. You can’t exchange that dollar for gold anymore, why? Because a politician said so. You can’t buy a car with gold bricks, why? A politician said so. You must use a CBDC, why? A politician said so.

And speaking of countless individuals, maybe check if the local grocery and car dealership will accept payments in bullion before investing.

Step #2: Obtain Financial Sovereignty With Bitcoin

Similar problems. I’ve become convinced that bitcoin is legit, but when… not if… the government bans its use, will it still be viable? I am monitoring the situation in El Salvador right now… it’s trying to go Bitcoin for a national currency and GAE is already staging a color revolution there in response. I keep meaning to recap it but more stuff keeps happening… anyway, that’s how threatened the Regime is by Bitcoin.

Step #3: Get Organized Locally

Get to know the people in your local community.

You will have to become self-sufficient and rely on your local community to obtain what you need. And that starts with knowing who can provide you with the things you want and need.


Exhibit “A”: the Church. Organized resistance to CBDC tyranny is something that an intact Church would be able to do well enough to defeat the concept outright.


Not one single church, anywhere in USA, is even talking about organizing to serve its members in case of economic ostracism. Most of the clergy openly agree with the State, that Christianity is a disease vector that should be periodically locked down for the good of humanity.

Exhibit “B”: the Internet. Why are we here on the Internet in the first place? Instead of spending time with real friends, discussing what to do about homo homeboy at the local city hall? Take one guess. You should only need one because the implication in this advice to join/create a “local community”, is the admission that one doesn’t already exist.

Exhibit “C”:

The Amish are incredibly successful in this regard.

The Amish don’t exist.

It needed to be said.

Oh sure, there’s an ethnic subculture in Pennsylvania and a couple other places that thrives via isolation and their neighbors’ overdeveloped nostalgia for simpler times. But this author is thinking of Fantasy Amish. Very different. There are three things to know about Fantasy Amish:

  1. They don’t use electricity.
  2. They are happy and successful at everything despite no electricity, never suffering hardships.
  3. Their open, simple and trusting way of life is so superior that the devil himself cannot tempt or harm them.

It’s a garbage fantasy. The truth is, we today don’t live like them because it wasn’t a fun way to live. Bad medicine, unreliable food, 14-hour workdays, no industrial equipment, vulnerability to weather and so on. Meanwhile, real Amish are xenophobic to the point of inbreeding while not being as immune to the allure of tech… or Satan… as might be imagined by Conservatives reaching for the hopium.

“Just live like the Amish!” is impossible without large tracts of land for everybody and a skillset that people cannot develop on a whim or short notice. You can argue that city life isn’t healthy if you like, but city life is where most of us are today. If we did all have farms then how about dem droughts we’re having? Watering the West is something that the Amish could never have done.

If I was asked to provide a textbook example of Boomer advice, “if you don’t like modern society then you should live like the Amish” would be an excellent choice. I didn’t intend this article to be an attack on Boomering but man, the condescending attitude… it bothers me that Conservatives are so quick to dismiss the American ways of life. Have we achieved so little culture since America’s founding that we have nothing to cling to, or have the Communists demoralized us so effectively that the average Griller sees his entire way of life as an unsalvageable failure?

I am not saying you must go 100% Amish to avoid CBDCs. But we can learn how their societies work outside the traditional system and emulate the areas that make sense in our local communities.

Wasn’t this author’s previous piece of advice to invest in Bitcoin? Not very Amish.

Step #4: Exchange Value for Value

Humans invented money to solve the difficulties of barter.

But with CBDCs, governments will have perverted money from a technology that facilities economic exchange into a tool of enslavement. With CBDCs, barter doesn’t look all that bad.

“If you don’t like the gubbermint’s money then just don’t use the gubbermint’s money.” Gosh, thanks for the advice. It would never have occurred to me.

There are reasons we left barter economies behind along with the Amish. My neighbor gives me two chickens and I give him 1/20,000th of a schematic for a custom hydroelectric dam.

The problem here is not “there’s going to be this new currency with a lot of problems”. The problem here is “they hate you and want you dead”. All these “buy gold” and “live Amish” and “learn to code err, barter” ideas is they don’t address the fact that the State intends to do us dirty.

About here, you’re wondering if I have anything positive to contribute. I do! Let me give an example of how to oppose a CBDC:


Unhappy with prices, ranchers look to build own meat plants

h ttps://

By Scott McFetridge for Associated Press, 16 October 2021

DES MOINES, Iowa — Like other ranchers across the country, Rusty Kemp for years grumbled about rock-bottom prices paid for the cattle he raised in central Nebraska, even as the cost of beef at grocery stores kept climbing.

He and his neighbors blamed it on consolidation in the beef industry stretching back to the 1970s that resulted in four companies slaughtering over 80% of the nation’s cattle, giving the processors more power to set prices while ranchers struggled to make a living. Federal data show that for every dollar spent on food, the share that went to ranchers and farmers dropped from 35 cents in the 1970s to 14 cents recently.

Situations like that are how Killy Billy got the idea that he can control entire industries via a bank or two. THAT is what needs to change, the centralization of power and control. As we’re learning from petrodollar shenanigans, the key to an alternative currency is having something to back that currency with.

Cutting out a few middlemen is not a bad idea, either.

It led Kemp to launch an audacious plan: Raise more than $300 million from ranchers to build a plant themselves, putting their future in their own hands. been complaining about it for 30 years,. Kemp said. .It’s probably time somebody does something about it..

Crews will start work this fall building the Sustainable Beef plant on nearly 400 acres near North Platte, Nebraska, and other groups are making similar surprising moves in Iowa, Idaho and Wisconsin. The enterprises will test whether it’s really possible to compete financially against an industry trend that has swept through American agriculture and that played a role in meat shortages during the coronavirus pandemic.

The State will certainly attack them. But it will NEED to attack them. None of Cuckservatism’s ‘they get to make the rules and we get to make the rules work’.

End segue

Step #5: Become a Prepper

To minimize the inconvenience of barter, it’s ideal to become as self-sufficient in as many areas as possible. That includes stockpiling supplies and gaining survival knowledge and skills.

Prepping is good for crises. You need the ability to get through a month or winter of sudden hardships, persecution etc. But there’s no prepping for an apocalypse. Similar to Fantasy Amish, and possibly even a derivative of Fantasy Amish, is the Conservative presumption that living in a hut away in the woods with people just like you (but no immigration restrictions!) will make you bulletproof against the coming troubles. Sure, you won’t have ‘conveniences’, but when the Zombie Bureau of Investigation makes its slow, shuffling, moaning way up your driveway, you’ll get to sit on the porch and pick ’em off with a rifle.

GAE won’t just fly a kamikaze drone though the window of your barricaded redoubt because… reasons.

Look, we’re past “make their world work somehow”. We’re at “avoid them if you can, fight them if you must.”

So then, if I don’t approve of the stock Cuck answers to State control of the economy, what’s MY oh-so-expert advice?

Simple: wait patiently for greed to find a way.

What is Gab Pay?

h ttps://

14 November 2021

Recently launched, Gab Pay moves us into the #ParallelEconomy.

Gab Pay will power the Parallel Economy by enabling peer-to-peer payment processing. Gab has built a custom option for you to make on-line transactions, similar to other well-known payment processors. Features will be added in the coming months to basic options.

Gab’s vision and plans:
An alternative to PayPal has never been more important now that the ADL will be combing through your financial transactions and ruining people’s lives for financially supporting people and organizations they don’t like.
Gab has been banned from any online payment processing, limited only to checks, money orders and bitcoin to operate the business.

God had a plan and getting banned only led us to build GabPay

I’m still not sold on Torba’s take on Christian Nationalism but will happily make use of GabPay in the near future. Especially for suspicious and potentially criminal purchases such as beef and heating oil.

There will be other payment processors, too, because Paypal is hemorrhaging accounts after its “$2500 fine for political misinformation” stunt, and that’s a lot of wealth seeking a new home. I see the WISE financial group is testing the waters of payment processing….

There will be a LOT of people who don’t like CBDCs, not just dissident Christians. That means a lot of money waiting to be tapped. That means the merchants who want to sell, will work with us who want to buy. No need to form a new community of Amish gold miners.

Not until the Mark of Beast comes, but that won’t be a CBDC.

Another reason for doing nothing, is to watch and see what governments do with their newfangled CBDCs. The ones who exploit the tyrannical possibilities as much and quickly as possible, will see mass monetary disloyalty a la Paypal. The Americans will switch to the Mexican CBDC, or the French, or the Chinese, or the Botswanan if GAE starts issuing arrest warrants based on purchasing patterns.

What is more likely, is that governments will try to push adoption of CBDCs by using the tyranny-tools to incentivize rather than punish & control. Like they already do with credit cards… cash back, discounts at approved merchants etc.

It gets frustrating to be offered advice that is increasingly difficult to implement, ineffective at the actual problem, and even in theory, nothing more than a bandage on the spurting neck wound of they intend to destroy us. Perhaps if Normie Conservative was willing to confront frightful modern reality instead of offering useless advice to people who can’t follow it… how many gold bricks can YOU afford, assuming you wanted to?… they would have a chance to actually defeat evil.

Don’t stress. Let CBDCs happen, unless you are in a position to thwart them. Keep prepping for emergencies… which is a much smaller, easier and more affordable scale than prepping for “the rest of your life” shitpocalypses… and make new friends where you live regardless of whether the other guy is a skilled blacksmith. Meanwhile, shun the useless advice of “buy gold and live Amish”. Its only purpose is to reassure the speaker that the problem is merely economic.

Normalcy Neurosis

I.m coining a new term: Normalcy Neurosis. Whereas normalcy bias is the assumption that daily life hasn’t changed, normalcy neurosis is denial when daily life clearly HAS changed. Afflicted people keep their heads down and don’t notice hurtful facts, refuse to address dangers while they can be addressed, refuse to act and react only to the bare minimum needed to maintain the status quo of everything is okay.

A case study: Montana’s Sheriff Slaughter.

Canadian police found in undercover operation at Great Falls gunshow

h ttps://

By Joee Taylor, 28 September 2022

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – According to Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter, local county employees and people noticed someone with Canadian plates watching people at the gun show.

Once deputies and the sheriff arrived, the operation was shut down immediately.

“It’s very dangerous to have an operation like that, and we should have been notified. So we told them the operation was over and to their credit, they agreed and they left that,” said Slaughter.

The police officer was assigned to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Task Force for gun smuggling and was working with ATF.

That’s more than a little vague. “This guy was watching people,” seriously? According to secondhand reports from social media, the Mountie was videotaping license plates in the parking lot. That makes more sense. The Mountie was scanning licenses, if not literal faces, so gun-loving Canadians could be easily detained at the border for questioning & search. Hugs and kisses from Uncle Sam’s ATF.

And if some American license plates ended up in ATF databases despite no warrant for their collection, well, these things just happen when two nations share intelligence. Which we know became a thing between the FBI and RCMP just before the latter violently suppressed the peaceful Truckers protest. If not sooner.

We want to work with our federal partners. We do. And I want to have a working relationship with them. We have always had a really good working relationship. But there needs to be that mutual respect,” said Slaughter.

That’s what I’m talking about regarding Normalcy Neurosis. Slaughter’s deputies caught Spy Mountie in the act of illegally collecting intelligence against gun owners on American soil, gun owners under Slaughter’s protection, without Slaughter’s knowledge. His response was… per those social media accounts… catch-and-release the Mountie so there’s no international incident. How courteous.

Suuuure, Slaughter. It was just an oversight that the ATF didn’t tell you about their buddy’s fact-finding mission that you would have rejected for being a blatant fishing expedition. It was just a coincidence that Americans citizens would get caught up in the same fishing net.

In return for Slaughter’s ‘professional courtesy’, the ATF gave him the back of their hand so hard that he broke the cop code of silence to complain on news media.

Slaughter tells Montana Right Now that not much information is known about the investigation as he wasn’t informed about the undercover operation.

“That could have been extremely, extremely dangerous. And then you had the variable that there was a Canadian Canadian law enforcement officer in there, and that would have been an international incident,” said Slaughter.

There SHOULD have been an international incident! But his response was to quietly escort Spy Mountie to safety then bitch to the press about his being kept in the dark even afterwards.

A Dublin Alchemist Refuses the Ticket

This is an excerpt from a book whose overall merits I won’t be commenting on, but it contains a plausible example of an early Ticket-offering.

From G.H. Pember. “Earths’s Earliest Ages”

…The brother of the last-mentioned lady drew my attention to a very remarkable attempt to entangle a correspondent of the well-known Methodist divine. Dr. Adam Clarke. The circumstances are narrated at the beginning of Book V of the Account of Dr. Clarke’s life, ed. 1833.

Clarke was a famous Methodist theologian who started as an itinerant preacher and ended up being wrong about the Rosetta Stone. (He wrongly thought it was made of basalt and identified its third language as Coptic instead of the correct Demotic.) He was also wrong to deny Christ as God’s Son prior to the Crucifuxion, a perspective that most of Methodism rejected.

Regardless, he had skill with languages and was a member of many scientific societies.

Clarke on the left, Jeffrey Epstein on the right. Just sayin’, quite the resemblance.

His interest in chemistry led to a long friendship with a Mr. Richard Hand, who is described as “eminent as a man of science, a gentleman of character, and one who would not on any account knowingly misrepresent any fact.”

On December 2nd, 1792, Mr. Hand wrote from Dublin to Dr. Clarke that,

The 2nd of November last, came to my house two men, one I thought to be a priest, and yet believe so, the other a plain sedate-looking man; they asked for me. As soon as I went to them, the last-mentioned person said ” He had called to see some of my stained glass and hoped as he was curious, I would permit him to call and see me now and then “: of course. I said I should be happy that he would do so. After much conversation he began to speak of metals and their properties, and of alchemy. asking me “If I had ever read any books of that kind. (but I believe he well knew that I had). After some time, and many compliments passing on my ingenious art, they went away.

I understand this was typical behavior for early scientists, who were often so distant from each other that physical visits were special occasions, and meanwhile they corresponded with each other so frequently that we know more about them than if they’d written a proper book.

This coming account, for example, would never have shown up in a textbook.

At twelve 0 clock the next forenoon he came himself. Without the priest, and told me “He had a little matter that would stain the glass the very colour I wanted” and which I could never get: that is, a deep blood red.

Not as diabolical as one might think.


h ttps://

Glass is colored by adding metal oxides or metal powders to molten glass. Depending on the metal, the glass takes on a particular color. You may have seen “cobalt blue” glass .yes, that color comes from adding cobalt. Copper oxides also make glass blue to bluish green. Sulfur and cadmium make yellow. Iron oxides produce greens and browns. Tin produces white. Chrome produces emerald greens. In early glass production, the rarest of colors was red. This is because red required the most costly of additives . gold. Today, chemists have found other ingredients that produce red, but you will not see much red glass in truely antique stained glass. (Learn more: See the article “Elements of Color” for more on metal oxide coloring of glass…)

End segue

Said he. .If you have a furnace hot we will do it. for the common fire will not do well.” I replied, “Sir, I have not one hot, but if you will please to come with me I will show you my little laboratory and I will get one lighted.”

When we came out he looked about him, and then said, ” Sir. do not deceive me, you are an alchemist.”

.Why do you think so, Sir ?”

I infer from this, that Hand was a glass-blower by trade, which explains well why a priest would be interested in his work. Also, why Hand might develop an interest in alchemy.

.Because you have as many foolish vessels as I have seen with many others engaged in that study.”

.I have,” I answered “worked a long time at it, it is true, without gain, and I should be glad to be better instructed.”

” Do you believe the art ? “

.Yes, Sir..

“Why? “

.Because I give credit to many good and pious men. He smiled. “Will you have this air furnace lighted?”

.Yes Sir.” I did so: he then asked for a bit of glass—‘opened a box. and turned aside, and laid a little red powder upon the glass with a pen-knife–put the glass, with the powder on it, into the fire, and when hot took it out, and the glass was like blood.

Traditionally gold chloride, but more modern methods are selenium oxide or various copper oxides. The first is a brownish liquid and the second is a white powder. Yes… I checked whether he was doing it the old way just to trick Mr. Hand into thinking he had special knowledge, but nope.

“Have you scales?”

I got them for him, and some lead: he weighed two ounces : he then put four grams of a very white powder in a bit of wax and when the lead was melted put this into it, and then raised the fire for a little while:-then took it out and cast it into water :-never was finer silver in the world! I exclaimed and said, “0 God! Sir you amaze me!.

This can’t have happened per chemistry, except by nuclear reaction. Silver is a brittle metal compared to lead and the density is much different, so I assume Mr. Hand would not be caught off-guard by a plating or other trick.

“Why,” he replied, “do you call upon God do you think He has any hand in these things? .

” In all good things, Sir,” I said.

.Ah, friend, God will never reveal those things to man. Did you ever learn any magic?.

. No. Sir.”

“Get you, then,–he will instruct you; but I will lend you a book, and will get you acquainted with a friend who will help you in that knowledge. Did you ever see the devil?.

. No, Sir, and trust I never shall.”

“Would you be afraid?”


“Then you need not be, he harms no one; but is every ingenuous man’s friend. Shall I show you something wonderful?.

“Not if it is anything of that kind.”

“It is not, Sir…”

Bullshit. “You shouldn’t invoke God. He’d never teach you these tricks, but we will. Say, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Then how do you know you wouldn’t like it?”

“…Please to get me a glass of clean water.” I did so. He pulled out a bottle, and dropped a red liquor into it and said something I did not understand. The water was all in blaze of fire, and a multitude of little live things like lizards moving about in It. I was in great fear: this he perceived took the glass, and flung it into the ashes, and all was over.

.Now, Sir,” said he, ” if you will enter into a vow with me as I see you are an ingenious man, I will let you know more than you will ever find out.”

This I declined, being fully convinced it was of the devil; and it is now I know the meaning of. “coming improperly by the secret.” After Some little he said “He must go, and would call again when I should think better of his offer.” He left me the two ounces of luna.

In a letter of the next month, Mr. Hand gave further details of the experiments, and said:

“I was not imposed upon in the transmutation, having used a quarter of an ounce of the silver in my own work and sold the remainder of it for pure silver.”

He added:

On his flinging the water on fire under the grate with the lizards in It, I looked to see if I could observe them there: he observed me and said:

.They are gone..


.From whence they came.”

.Where is that?.

“Oh, you must not know all things at once!”

“Why, Sir, I believe this is magic. You could, I have no doubt, raise the devil if you liked.”

“Would you be afraid?”

“Yes, Sir, I hope ever to be saved from having anything to do with him.” He replied:

“You are a very ingenious man, Mr. Hand, and I wish you to be better acquainted with Nature and the things in this curious world through which I have myself almost been, and I have more knowledge than most I have met with, and yet I know many wonderful men.”

“Do you know any person, Sir, who has the red stone?.

.I do, multitudes.”

“I wish I knew some.”

“You shall, and the whole secret.”

“Sir you are very good.”

“But you must know that we are all linked like a chain, and you must go under a particular ceremony and vow.”

Context of Ireland, that meant either Jesuit or Freemason. I’d guess the latter given the overt rejection of God.

“I will vow to God, Sir,” I replied, “that I will never divulge—-. Here he stopped me, and said: “I was going beyond the question,” and appeared vexed. He said the vow must be made before another; and with an angry tone, .It is no matter to you whether it be before God or the devil, if you get the art..

Then, indeed, my dear friend, I saw almost into his inmost soul, and I grew all on fire, and said : .I will never receive anything, not even the riches of the world, but from God alone..

“Oh, Sir,” he replied, .you seem to be angry with me. My intention was to serve you; you are not acquainted with me, or you would rather embrace than offend me.”

He told me that there was but one way on earth of knowing the transmutation of metals, and of that he said I knew nothing.

On May 13th following, Mr. Hand added:

Since I wrote to you last, I met the man who was at my house, and who made the transmutation, and did the other matter. I said:

“How do you do, Sir ?” He replied:

.Sir I have not the honour of knowing you.

.Do you not remember,. said I, .the person who “stains glass and to whom you were so kind as to show some experiments ?.

“No, Sir, you are mistaken,” and he turned red in the face.

That’s a rejection technique as old as Scripture, as current as Judgment Day and as sharp as a pimp slap.

.Sir ” I answered, “if I am mistaken, I beg your pardon for telling you that I was never right in anything in my life, and never shall be.”

“Sir, you are mistaken, and I wish you good morning..

He several times turned round to look after me; but be assured I never saw a man if that man was not the one who was with me.

Surely this was a deliberate attempt by evil powers to inveigle an able and inquiring mind into their toils. One is reminded by it of a statement by the founder of the Theosophical Society, Colonel Olcott, concerning the ” Masters,” who are alleged to be ever at hand to help seeking souls towards the “Great Reality,” that “some have encountered them under strange guises in unlikely places” (Old Diary Leaves, The True History of the Theosophical Society, 19). How does the Christian need to pray, “Deliver us from the Evil One:’ and to watch and to pray that he enter not into any temptation. Is it beyond possibility that some of the modem chemical discoveries, now in use for wholesale massacre, have been revealed diabolically, perhaps to minds not so cautious as Mr. Hand?

Speak of the devil, Olcott was himself a notorious Freemason. Ticket-taking has surely been a thing for as long as there have been secret-keeping societies. Not all of them were diabolical; it was common for businesses to hoard methods of manufacturing as recently as the recipe for Coca-Cola, with many dire punishments for he who broke the silence; but it suggests that mystery cults say much about human psychology.

For a closing note regarding the above boldfaced, I find that while the devil is not a creator himself, he is a past master at seizing upon new technologies for maximum advantage. The Communists had a monopoly on television news until the advent of cable; Bill Gates seized control of operating system architecture; and here, a Freemason used a newfangled process for stained glass to tempt a soul directly into Hell. I am tempted to add the privatization of spaceflight but still have unanswered questions about Elon Musk’s loyalties. One the technical questions of these technologies were worked out, the devil swooped in to… monetize it, for want of a better term.

The devil doesn’t understand tech but he does understand people.

USA’s Breakup Will Be ESG-Fueled

I am honestly surprised, and pleased, that American states whose economies depend upon fossil fuels are willing to act in self-defense.

In related news, California is slowly going back into Covid lockdown for flu season. This hasn’t made the headlines yet because it’s being done voluntarily by individual organizations acting on their own.

As others have put it, the game of musical chairs is in progress.

Louisiana divests from BlackRock over ESG policies: ‘Would destroy Louisiana’s economy’

h ttps://

By Thomas Catenacci, 5 October 2022

Louisiana’s government doesn’t want to sabotage itself and die? That’s almost unprecedented in modern American politics. I would sooner expect politicians to swan-dive into wood chippers than defend their people from financial rapists. Most American politicians don’t even acknowledge the concept “my people”.

Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder penned a letter to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, explaining the state would liquidate all BlackRock investments within three months and, over a period of time, divest nearly $800 million from the bank’s money market funds, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. The state treasurer blasted Fink’s pursuit of so-called environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards that promote green energy over traditional fossil fuels.

“Your blatantly anti-fossil fuel policies would destroy Louisiana’s economy,” Schroder wrote to Fink in the letter first obtained by FOX Business.

“This divestment is necessary to protect Louisiana from actions and policies that would actively seek to hamstring our fossil fuel sector. In my opinion, your support of ESG investing is inconsistent with the best economic interests and values of Louisiana,” he continued. “I cannot support an institution that would deny our state the benefit of one of its most robust assets.”

Where did this pleasant surprise come from?!


h ttps://

Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder, a Republican, says he is running for governor in 2023.

In a text to his supporters obtained by USA Today Network, Schroder writes, .Just wanted to let you know that the Schroder family has met, and we will be entering the governor’s race. Timeline for announcement is not set yet, but I wanted to let you know..

Schroder has long been considered likely to run, telling USA Today Network last spring, .I love being a public servant and working to instill faith in the government process is my No. 1. If you want to fix things and help people, (governor is) certainly the best position to be in..

Oh. It’s just election season. Then again, if he’s willing to kick the banksters out then Louisiana could do much, much worse for a governor. Also, a finance guy who cares about his state is good raw material for somebody capable of meaningful opposition against the globo-banks. The timeline I boldfaced above means he’s going to divest regardless of election outcome. I would not have believed him, had he done the usual Republicuck tactic of making it a campaign promise.

End segue

The treasurer noted in the letter that the state has already removed $560 million from BlackRock investments, a figure that will swell to $794 million by year’s end under his agency’s plan.

Schroder is a go-getter!

BlackRock and several other major financial institutions have spearheaded an effort to promote ESG standards over the last several years. A chief pillar of the ESG movement is to utilize publicly-traded funds to incentivize a “net-zero” transition from fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives like wind and solar.

But the firms have recently faced increased pressure from Republican-led states and groups like the State Financial Officers Foundation which have criticized ESG policies as anti-democratic and, in some cases, illegal.

“Consumers’ Research applauds Treasurer Schroder’s commendable decision to withdraw the state’s assets from BlackRock’s misuse,” Will Hild, the executive director of Consumer’s Research, told FOX Business in a statement. “As noted in his letter, BlackRock is using the people of Louisiana’s money to advance a destructive agenda that raises costs for consumers in the state and across the country.”

“The seeds of today’s energy crisis were planted by BlackRock and others in their reckless abandonment of their fiduciary duty to cozy up to radical, woke politicians,” he continued. “We are glad to see the Treasurer working to put an end to their economic vandalism.”

Economic vandalism… an excellent description of Climate Change. Will use myself!

In late July, West Virginia became the first state to punish banks that pursue ESG standards. Several other states including Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas and North Dakota told FOX Business at the time that they were prepared to take similar actions.

Texas and Louisiana have already pulled the trigger. Florida and Wyoming are surely only a matter of time. California has significant oil reserves but they’ve been all but confiscated by Sacramento already.

BlackRock declined to comment on Schroder’s letter, but pointed FOX Business back to a letter it sent to 19 Republican attorneys general in September.

“We are disturbed by the emerging trend of political initiatives that sacrifice pension plans. access to high-quality investments . and thereby jeopardize pensioners. financial returns,” the firm wrote to the state officials on Sept. 7.

Behold the true Utopia of Marxism: a government-backed sinecure ripening into a government-backed pension! Too bad for Blackrock, that threating to revoke government pensions is less of a threatpoint than crashing the state’s economy in the first place.

Barring U.S. Army intervention… which is on the table… the states with energy reserves have every motivation to oppose ESG, while the states without have every motive to betray their people.

I suspect that the driver behind ESG is Great Resetting from soon-to-collapse fiat currency to an energy-backed currency. The only way this can happen is if the globalists can somehow purchase the world’s energy resources at heavily discounted prices… and if there’s one thing that ESG will achieve, it’s devaluing hydrocarbon-based energy assets.

Everything about GAE’s activity makes sense from that perspective, from using domestic national reserves to manipulate our gas prices to all the foreign reindeer games over oil pipelines that have been going on for many years. Cornering the global energy market would make the petrodollar bulletproof… but to corner the market, it must first be devalued… by making everybody stop using gas, if only briefly. Or at least, everybody’s gas except GAE’s.

Moral Inversion Flipped the Skanky Script

It’s an old story. He’s working hard to support a young family. She gets bored, sleeps around, gets caught, cries a sob story. Everybody believes her against her husband. She gets the kid and the house.

But that was before full moral inversion was achieved!

I was married to a ‘wife guy’ for 10 years. He cheated on me, so I ended it.

h ttps://

By Rebecca Tidy, 4 October 2022

I spent 14 years in a relationship with the kind of man who wrote “devoted husband” on his Twitter bio. Everyone said this guy adored and cherished me. He even waited at home in London, posting lovesick Facebook statuses, while I traveled the world in my early 20s.

“There aren’t many men who’d do that,” my mother admonished me.

HE was the best wife a woman could hope for… but no, his husband was too busy being a high-powered executive to appreciate him! It’s HER fault her wife cheated!

“She doesn’t appreciate how lucky she’s got it,” another woman disapprovingly told him.

This “devoted husband” cheated on me, so I ended things. Yet I was seen as the bad person for upsetting a nice man who “made a silly mistake.”

Can’t… stop… ROFLMAO…

My sister let him move into her place for three months, then my parents loaned him an apartment on their farm. Just over a year later, my neighbors still look at me in disgust for tearing apart our “happy” family.

He wouldn’t have cheated if she’d stayed home and made time for him!

Working long hours? You’ve got no time for him.

At the gym? You’re making him insecure.

HAHAHAAA! Suck it suck it suck it

My ex-husband had actually crafted a strong personal brand by flooding everyone’s timelines with content about his undying love for me. He was a textbook “wife guy.”

But social media isn’t an accurate portrayal of anyone’s daily lives or relationships. The sickly sweet graduation photos and effusive praise for my achievements failed to convey that he was rarely at home.

“Wife” played on social media while “husband” was away.

The oh-so-predictable selfies of him in blue scrubs, while I was being sliced open to deliver our baby, brought him effusive praise from online observers. Yet the fact he was at a Christmas party when I came home from the hospital with our newborn slipped by unnoticed.

What was it like, “husband”? Watching your “wife” getting to be the center of attention while you got cut open between business trips?

I believe that my ex-husband had a deep desire to be seen as a selfless hero: He thrived on recognition and congratulatory responses to his posts. But as any reader of childhood fairy tales knows: Where there’s a hero, there’s always a villain. The “heroic” cops have their “villainous” robbers, while the wife guy has, well, his wife.

Uh-uh, flat tits. “Wife guy” has his husband. Feel the burn of half a century’s disrespect!

My ex basked in the halo effect of “being a devoted husband,” a label that all too frequently renders almost any negative characteristic void. Thanks to his public displays of emotion and “vulnerability,” people overlooked his flirting, excessive partying, and questionable ways.

Pussy pass!

They didn’t know that he rarely changed a diaper, but he was always sure to share a selfie on the rare occasion he did. In contrast, critics seemed all too keen to highlight my “faults” in the face of his apparent devotion.

“She rarely cleaned my house but demanded a medal when she did.”

We live in a society that tells women to be grateful for the smallest amount of male attention and assistance . from offering empty compliments to taking out the trash. The bar for men is set so low that even finding your wife attractive is deemed worthy of congratulations.

Robbie Tripp, one of the first internet “wife guys,” was lauded for a cringe-inducing Instagram post about loving his wife’s “curvy” body. Why does society celebrate a dude who talks about being sexually attracted to his wife as if it makes him some kind of hero?

I will answer as best I can without my emesis tray: WE. GAVE. YOU. WOMEN. EVERYTHING. YOU. EVER. WANTED. Here’s your male privilege, Barbie, now be a good boy and keep the world spinning while I post selfies on Twitter about painting my toenails.

There’s no female equivalent of a wife guy . you don’t hear the term “husband chick.” That’s because society expects women to be devoted to their husbands automatically and without question.

If only. Ohhh, if only.

But he still didn’t get the kid and the house in the divorce because… because…

Covid Means I Can’t See My Partner In Prison. It’s Been Torture

h ttps://

By Rebecca Tidy, 2 December 2020

[Note: Rebecca Tidy is a freelance journalist specialising in drugs, prisons and policing. She also works part-time as a research fellow at the University of Exeter, where she obtained a PhD in Political Science.]

Wife Guy must have been QUITE the research project.

England may be finishing its second national lockdown, but for many families like mine, the first lockdown never really ended. That’s because my partner, Chris, is awaiting trial . on drug importation charges . in Guernsey prison, and we haven’t been allowed to see him since March.

The past seven months have been an extremely stressful and emotional time, made worse by the fact that Chris. trial has been delayed to March 2021 due to coronavirus. He’s been detained since November 2019, and it’s almost unheard of for someone to be on remand this long. According to Parliament, the average remand time in 2016 was just 39 days.

The remand time for international drug trafficking probably exceeds the average.

This extended wait for trial has been torture. It’s caused arguments, sleepless nights and untold anxieties. Chris is autistic, and his symptoms have become noticeably worse, from his inability to cope with noises to his fear of sudden changes. I’m convinced the emotional impact of these problems would be eased if we could see one another face-to-face.

They say that crazy women give the best sex. Does that apply to Wife Guys?

I.m a single parent, but I don’t qualify for the government self-employment grant or Universal Credit. This means I’ve had to work harder to pay the bills, but it has perhaps been a blessing in disguise. The lengthy hours mean I have less time to dwell on the lack of face-to-face contact, or focus on just how much I long for a hug, or Chris. familiar smell.

At least her wife has the excuse of doing hard time. What’s the excuse of mens’ wives for their emotional neglect? always used weightlifting as a coping mechanism when things get stressful . but obviously the gyms have been closed for much of the last seven months. So instead I’ve simply focused my efforts on work and the kids, while trying my best to support Chris emotionally. I try not to compare my personal situation to anyone else.s, as I get irritated when people complain about trivial things like not being able to go to the pub.

Yep, she’s fully masculinized, except for the whole birthing-person thing. And if he was any more female, he’d be hearing voices in his head…

But, of course, it’s been much more difficult for Chris to distract himself. There’s little to do in a prison cell. He was moved into isolation, after experiencing an autism-related meltdown when officers unexpectedly tried to move him to a different wing.

Prisons aren’t supposed to punish inmates for displaying protected characteristics of their disability, whether it’s autism, schizophrenia or a broken leg. But the prison service claims that isolation is an administrative measure, and not a punishment.

Psychos don’t go in general population. Also, one of those is not like the others.

Crucially, there needs to be a clear acknowledgement of the trauma experienced by inmates during the pandemic, as well as provision of adequate mental health and pastoral support.

Otherwise, there will be an entire generation of inmates for whom prison will have held no restorative value. They won’t have attended rehabilitative courses, participated in therapy or maintained adequate family ties. And to compound this, they certainly won’t have trust in society.

And as we all know, housewives need LOTS of therapy in order to maintain adequate family ties. Otherwise, wifey will go skanking the moment she’s out of prison… which is exactly what Chris apparently did. Which means, it really isn’t his fault that he’s a bad wife. Not when his husband was so emotionally unavailable!

Ancient Pirates Of the Black Sea

I’m never certain what I’ll find when I go down the rabbit hole. A reader asked me to look into the topic of Decolonizing Russia that’s making the rounds in political circles. At first I thought this was about resuming the brief strip-mining of Russia in its post-USSR days, and I wasn’t completely wrong, but then I thought it was about some papers published by the RAND Corp. think-tank over the years, and I wasn’t completely wrong, then I thought it was the global realignment into ten economic zones… that WILL happen, by the way, it’s reasonably clear in Revelation… but I soon extracted the sordid truth.

There’s a missing page in the history of the Golden Age of Piracy.

World.s largest imperial power sponsors calls for Russia to “decolonize” and the lack of self-awareness is palpable

h ttps://

By Daniel Kovalik, 28 June 2022

[Daniel Kovalik teaches International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and is author of the recently-released No More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using “Humanitarian” Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interests.]

Knowing what he’s about to say, I am pleasantly surprised to find somebody in academia still capable & willing to dissent against the Regime. A nod of respect to Pittsburgh School of Law, for so long as they defend Mr. Kovalik from the media wolves.

On June 23, 2022, an organization funded by the US Congress, the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe . also known as the Helsinki Commission . held a virtual conference calling for the “decolonizing of Russia..

This begs the question of why they are not seeking the decolonization of the United States. After all, the country was literally founded by the successors of white colonists who had crossed an ocean to violently seize the territory from its indigenous people.

You should get out more, Mr. Kovalik. We white “colonists” are being exterminated from North America. Exterminated very indirectly, because we sleep with our guns like dragons on their hoard, but yeah. Come on, man, you live in Pittsburgh. Ya gotta know these ain’t our glory days.

The Congressional organization he mentions the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe shares the same mysterious puppet master as Biden.


h ttps://

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the world’s largest regional security-oriented intergovernmental organization with observer status at the United Nations. Its mandate includes issues such as arms control, promotion of human rights, freedom of the press, and free and fair elections.

What about free and fair banking?

It has its origins in the mid-1975 Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE) held in Helsinki, Finland.

Hence the many references to Helsinki regarding its activity.

In 2004, at the invitation of the United States Government, the ODIHR deployed an assessment mission, made up of participants from six OSCE member states, which observed that year’s US presidential election and produced a report.

That was the presidential election between George W. Bush and

*drum roll*

John Kerry, who is still in the White House Cabinet from Clinton to this day. It was a close election despite Bush being incumbent.

It was President Slick Willie Clinton who invited in OSCE to monitor the election between Bush and Clinton’s SecState. A failed coup?

It was the first time that a US presidential election was the subject of OSCE monitoring, although the organization had previously monitored state-level American elections in Florida and California, in 2002 and 2003.

The 2003 California election was the first time California recalled a governor, a loser named Gray “Gay” Davis. (It was an insult at the time.) OSCE monitoring didn’t keep him in power. FWIW, our next governor was Arnold Schwarzenegger. He actually did well, calling out Sacramento legislators as “girly-men”, then his friends took him aside and told him he’d never work in Hollywood again if he continued stepping on toes. He was a rubber stamp ever since.

Anyway, OSCE tried and failed to “monitor” GAE elections.

End segue

While the conference speakers… used the current crisis in Ukraine as a jumping off point, they demanded that the Russian Federation “decolonizes” from regions and republics which have been governed by Moscow since the 16th century (e.g. Siberia and Tatarstan) and others going back to the early 1800.s (e.g. Chechnya).

This is, of course, tantamount to calling upon the US to relinquish nearly all of its territory from the Atlantic to Pacific, not to mention more recent holdings such as Hawaii.

Indeed, when a conference attendee asked what the US should do with Hawaii in light of this “decolonization” discussion, the panel speakers danced around this issue and quickly changed the topic, showing they are not so concerned about “decolonization” at all, but are truly interested in breaking up the Russian Federation for its own sake.

…And of course, it is the US, not Russia, which has, in just the past 29 years, traveled halfway around the world to invade, and invariably destroy, other nations such as Iraq (twice), the former Yugoslavia, Libya, Somalia and Afghanistan…

Just so, Daniel, but there’s no point in confronting GAE people with their hypocrisy. They don’t care. They Do. Not. Care. They are children of lies, why not accuse them of breathing while you’re about it?

There’s a better way to make them squeal, heh heh. Sunlight!


h ttps://

21 June 2022

Russia.s barbaric war on Ukraine.and before that on Syria, Libya, Georgia, and Chechnya.has exposed the Russian Federation’s viciously imperial character to the entire world. Its aggression also is catalyzing a long-overdue conversation about Russia’s interior empire, given Moscow’s dominion over many indigenous non-Russian nations, and the brutal extent to which the Kremlin has taken to suppress their national self-expression and self-determination.

Wow. I get Daniel yelling accusations in an op-ed, but this is an official notice for an international think tank. Why were they not concerned about pro-Russian sentiments that some of their members and delegates from across the world might have?

And why is it more concerned with Russia’s past than its present..?

The following panelists are scheduled to participate:

Fatima Tlis, Circassian journalist
Botakoz Kassymbekova, Lecturer, University of Basel
Erica Marat, Associate Professor, College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University
Hanna Hopko, Chair, Democracy in Action Conference; former Member of the Ukrainian Parliament
Casey Michel, Author, American Kleptocracy

Erica Marat is affiliated with both Harvard and the Jesuits’ Georgetown. Hanna Hopko is USAID and Bloomberg affiliated, and became an MP during the 2014 coup. Botakox is Wellcome Trust affiliated and peer with Marat. Casey is a propagandist for the Ukraine, and Fatima…


What’s Circassia? Never heard of it.

An important question, as we see in the coming transcript portion. Most of the video is these people airing long-held grievances… centuries-old grievances… for which people alive today have blood guilt?

Why does that sound familiar?

[formatted by me] [Fatima the Circassian speaks]

In the face of such senseless brutality, many wonder what Russia’s endgame is. The answer to that question is Circassia. Just like Ukraine, Circassia was a vibrant prosperous nation centuries before Muscovy existed. Circassians converted to Christianity before Russia existed. Circassian nobility was embedded in the cave and rose from its very early stages. Seeking to strengthen his grip on power, the Russians had Ivan the Terrible married the circus and Princess Maria.

So, where is Circassia today? It is not on the world map or even in the history book.

It’s not a particularly valuable spot. The good places for ports are to the west and those mountains would discourage overland trade routes. It’s probably wet enough for good farming but agriculture alone doesn’t put a place into history.

Circassia fought against Russia for more than a hundred years. It never surrendered, Russia won and occupied Circassia by killing and forcibly deporting an estimated 98% of the population.

Losing people who don’t eventually surrender, tend to get wiped out. Yes.

But the genocide of Circassians did not end with raj end with Russia declaring a victory more than a century ago. The kremlin divided Circassia into three administrative entities and Circassians into multiple ethnic minority groups giving each different names and even different languages.

The Circassians and Circassian kids in Russia don’t study their history or their language or culture at schools today.

How do these Circassians even exist today? 2% survival rate, with no homeland, centuries ago? Which is it, were they wiped out long ago or is there a diaspora of a nation wanting to return?

Russia denies the Circassians their indigenous status. Their political, economical, cultural, ecological and linguistic rights to the millions of Circassians living in a forced exile in more than 50 countries around the world.

Say what? “Dem’s our ancestral water rights!” FYI, world, American-style rights are restrictions on government power. They are not government-secured entitlements. I know, I know, that’s not what the last American told you. It’s just a long-forgotten truth.

Again, that account of Russia denying Circassians “their indigenous status” sounds familiar. We’re talking about Circassians, right, and not Jews? Because Jews are the people known for getting kicked out of their settlements and holding centuries-old blood libels and…

…and not explaining why Russia decided that a hundred-year war of extermination against Circassia was worth the cost & effort.

The Jew tells you what happened but never why.

Russia denies the right for repatriation, instead imposing visa limitations quarters specifically designed for the Circassians regardless of who occupies the kremlin at any given era. Leadeth Atsar, a Communist or a Chekist, the Circassians know firsthand that the core of the regime’s policy towards Circassians is constant and that is a colonial policy of systematic and selective destruction of the identity and that also goes for other, what Russia calls ethnic minorities.

Yeah, so what? When you lose a hundred-year war of annihilation, you don’t get special status from the new government. That is every country and nation in human history.

Only white men care about preserving the legacies of OTHER peoples. And for that, these Fatima types accuse us of cultural appropriation!

Vladimir Putin made it clear twice his role models are two Russian emperors known for the most aggressive brutal and blood bloody step building strategies and that his mission is to rebuild that empire at any cost.

Putin is not, in fact, a Russian emperor, aggressive or otherwise. That is not Russia’s current political system. I suspect this accusation’s purpose is to justify blaming Putin today for what happened a couple centuries ago. Which I’ll get to.

His appetites, as we see with Ukraine, are only growing. I just wanted to underline, I’m not a policy maker, I’m not a political analyst, I’m not going to suggest any, um, measures to be taken to improve the situation…

“Oh, why won’t somebody get rid of this Putler for me! I didn’t say to kill him.”

…to prevent Russia from you know being emboldened even further, and further than it is now. I’m presenting a case of my people.

I hope this helps to understand the root of brutality and Russian colonialism and why this needs to be changed. Thank you very much.

It does help, Fatima. Thank you very much. When I first read you Wikipedia biography, it made no sense to me.

h ttps://

[Fatima] Tlisova claims she has been facing severe intimidation for reporting on attempts to counter increasing Islamic and Chechen insurgency in the violent North Caucasus region. She has been assaulted repeatedly since 2002, allegedly for filing reports not favourable to the Governments and Secret Services of the Republics of the North Caucasus, as well as the federal government of Vladimir Putin. Her travails included being beaten and having her ribs broken, being poisoned, kidnapped and having cigarettes extinguished on her skin, and her teenage son being harassed by the police [as a Chechen sympathizer].

There’s no background on those crimes. I am suspicious. Not whether they happened, necessarily, but when I checked, she was only “kidnapped” around a street corner for that beating. Technically correct but not really.

…She became the editor-in-chief of the Caucasus desk for the Regnum News Agency. Since 2005, she was also working with the Associated Press. She had travelled widely in the region, filing reports from Adygea to Dagestan.

Allied with Western media, nursing a prohibited ethnic grudge. I can’t imagine why she ended up on the FSB’s short list.

In January 2005, she faced considerable harassment for a series of articles about the murder of seven shareholders in the firm Kavkaztsement. A few months earlier, they had challenged the firm’s majority shareholder Ali Kaitov, nephew of the Republic president Mustafa Batdyev. Shortly after they went to see Kaitov at his dacha, gunshots were heard from the vicinity, and the seven disappeared. They included Rasul Bogatyrev, a deputy in the state legislature; the family of the murdered raised vigorous protests, and the case drew considerable attention in the international press. The relatives of the murdered people wrote to Vladimir Putin, saying that considering the dacha near which their sons disappeared belonged to the son-in-law of the republic’s president, they were compelled to express “categorical distrust in both the law-enforcement organs and the organs of state power of Karachaevo-Cherkessia” in investigating this case.

Is there a reason Putin would have responded? I honestly don’t know, and this is my danger when discussing foreign cultures. There’s a lot that I risk taking for granted as a ‘Murican. Traveled as I am, it’s all been internal USA.

After a month of official inaction, four of the seven bodies were found at the bottom of a mine; they had been dismembered and burnt with tyres as fuel.

Subsequently, a large rally protesting the local government overcame teargas and reinforced police lines to take over the presidential palace.

That, Putin might have had to respond to. It sounds too organized to have happened spontaneously, but maybe.

Following Tlisova’s coverage revealing further details of the murders, the Kabardino-Balkarian Interior Ministry withdrew her accreditation. She was accused of illegally receiving a pension and criminal proceedings were initiated, but were later dropped.

Sans the ethnic angle, I wouldn’t have known what to make of that. But Fatima is all about “her people” so I checked the guy she accused.

h ttps://

Batdyyev was born to an ethnic Karachay family in Kazakhstan; his family repatriated in 1957. Mustafa Batdyyev finished a boarding school in Cherkessk and served in the Soviet Army from 1970 to 1972. In 1978 he was graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University and in 1981 he got his doctorate there. Batdyyev is married and has two children.

Okay, what is “ethnic Karachay”?

h ttps://

The Karachays are a Turkic people descended from the Kipchaks, and are linguistically similar to the Kumyks from Daghestan. The Kipchaks (Cumans) came to the Caucasus in the 11th century CE.

In the nineteenth century Russia took over the area during the Russian conquest of the Caucasus. On October 20, 1828 the Battle of Khasauka took place, in which the Russian troops were under the command of General Georgy Emanuel. The day after the battle, as Russian troops were approaching the aul of Kart-Dzhurt , the Karachay elders met with the Russian leaders and an agreement was reached for the inclusion of the Karachay into the Russian Empire.

After the annexation, the self-government of Karachay was left intact, including its officials and courts. Interactions with neighboring Muslim peoples continued to take place based on both folk customs and Sharia law. In Karachay, soldiers were taken from Karachai Amanat, pledged an oath of loyalty, and were assigned arms.

A smart move, making peace with an incoming army. Meanwhile, Fatima’s ancestors never surrendered.

In 1942 the Germans permitted the establishment of a Karachay National Committee to administer their “autonomous region”; the Karachays were also allowed to form their own police force and establish a brigade that was to fight with the Wehrmacht. This relationship with Nazi Germany resulted, when the Russians regained control of the region in November 1943, with the Karachays being charged with collaboration with Nazi Germany and deported. Originally restricted only to family members of rebel bandits during World War II, the deportation was later expanded to include the entire Karachay ethnic group.

The Holodomir of about a decade previous might have had something to do with the decision. Again, I don’t know. USSR wasn’t afraid to kill people but there’s usually a reason for a genocide.

The majority of the Karachay people are followers of Islam. Some Karachays began adopting Islam in the seventeenth century due to contact with the Nogais and Crimean Tatars. Most Karachays adopted Islam by the mid-eighteenth century via the influence of the Circassians.

But Fatima said the Circassians were Christians? Time for the big reveal.

h ttps://

Circassia was a country and a historical region in the North Caucasus along the northeast shore of the Black Sea. It was conquered and occupied by Russia during the Russian-Circassian War (1763.1864). 90% of the Circassian people were either exiled from the region or massacred in the Circassian genocide.

In a curious parallel with Fatima’s Wikipedia entry, the Circassian one goes straight to the sympathy play. All you need to know about both Fatima and Circassia is Russia Bad Russia Bad!

[Spoiler: Circassia was never, in fact, a country.]

The Circassians also dominated the north of the Kuban river in the early medieval and ancient times, but with the raids of the Mongol Empire, Golden Horde and the Crimean Khanate, they were withdrawn south of the Kuban, from the Taman Peninsula to North Ossetia. During the Medieval Era, Circassian lords subjugated and vassalized the neighboring Karachay-Balkars and Ossetians. The term Circassia is also used as the collective name of Circassian states established on Circassian territory.

So, that journalism feud between Fatima and Batdyyev is actually an ethnic feud going back 400 years. But who’s counting? Everybody, because Middle East.

Circassia for centuries lived under the threat of external invasions, so the whole way of life of the Circassians was militarized. The governor of Astrakhan wrote to Peter I: “One thing I can praise about the Circassians is that they are all warriors.”

Circassia developed the so-called “Culture of War”. Honorable combat was a big part of this culture, during hostilities, it was considered strictly unacceptable to set fire to homes or crops, especially bread, even from enemies.

Hmm. A militaristic society… on the coastline of major sea-trade routes… in a mountainous region with few natural resources.

Legally and internationally, the Treaty of Belgrade of 1739 between Austria and Turkey provided for the recognition of the independence of Eastern Circassia (Kabarda). Both the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire recognized it, and the great powers at the time witnessed the treaty. The Congress of Vienna held in the period between 1814-1815 also stipulated the recognition of the independence of Circassia. In 1837, Circassian leaders sent letters to European countries requesting legal recognition. Following this, the United Kingdom recognized Circassia.

However, during the Russian-Circassian War, the Russian Empire did not recognize Circassia as an independent region, and treated it as Russian land under rebel occupation, despite having no control or ownership over the region. Russian generals referred to the Circassians not by their ethnic name, but as “mountaineers”, .bandits”, and “mountain scum”.

First Russia recognized Circassia, then it didn’t. Why?

Look at my boldfaced above. The Treaty Of Belgrade required Russia to recognize… Kabarda.

Oh, look at that. “Eastern Circassia”, indeed! Although both areas were at one time ruled by the same ruler, Russia never recognized coastal Circassia.

It is the tradition of the early church that Christianity made its first appearance in Circassia in the 1st century AD via the travels and preaching of the Apostle Andrew, but recorded history suggests that, as a result of Greek and Byzantine influence, Christianity first spread throughout Circassia between the 3rd and 5th centuries AD. The spread of the Catholic faith was only possible with the Latin Conquest of Constantinople by the crusaders and the establishment of the Latin state.

The Crusades were 11th century, and Circassia was rather out-of-the-way for that.

Some Circassian tribes chose Judaism in the past as a result of the settlement of approximately 20 thousand Jews in the 8th century Circassia, along with the relations established with the Turkic-Jewish Khazar Khaganate. Although Judaism in Circassia eventually assimilated into Christianity and Islam, Judaist influence on Circassian culture and language remained.

Fixed it.

Sigh. The Kazarian Jews, or Ashkenazi, colonized a Christian region. I’m sure those newcomers was miners and fishermen, not a ruling class of any kind, despite the reputations of the Khazars who installed them. /sarc

No wonder everything about all this talk of ‘Decolonizing Russia Today for Peter I’s Unfinished Plans Of 1714’ is chock-full of lies, half-truths and blood libels assessed against convenient leaders.

Turkish influence began Islamizing Circassia in the late 1700s, so there’s that. Hence my crossing out the “Christianity and” above. Christianity did not return to the region until Russia came along.

Meanwhile, to this American’s ears, a militant Christian nation hosting a Jewish colony is SOOOO familiar.

In 1714, Peter I established a plan to occupy the Caucasus. Although he was unable to implement this plan, he laid the political and ideological foundation for the occupation to take place. Catherine II started putting this plan into action. The Russian army was deployed on the banks of the Terek River.

That’s at least a 50-year gap. Catherine came to power in 1752.

In 1714, the Russian Navy (they had a good one at the time) was at war in Finland. Why would Peter have concerned himself with a Black Sea Sparta?

Especially since the historical significance of the Treaty of Belgrade is that it gave Russia naval access to the Sea of Azov/Black Sea for the first time… in 1739. And twenty-ish years later, Catherine II decided Circassia Delenda Est.

Why would a major naval power take notice of a militaristic coastal nation a few years after securing their new naval access?

…Were the Circassians pirates, by any chance?

…During the Russian-Circassian War, the Russian Empire did not recognize Circassia as an independent region, and treated it as Russian land under rebel occupation, despite having no control or ownership over the region.

And it became a Russian land when they DID assert control and claim ownership… yes? Bueller? Even by wikipedia standards, this entry has been edited for Narrative control.

Russian generals referred to the Circassians not by their ethnic name, but as “mountaineers”, .bandits”, and “mountain scum”.

Bandits? That’s not an insult, that’s a casus belli. Banditry along trade routes is just cause for military deployment… and there’s a word for “banditry at sea”.

The Circassian Parliament launched large-scale foreign policy activities. First of all, an official memorandum was drafted addressed to Tsar Alexander II. The text of the memorandum was presented to the tsar by the leaders of the Parliament during the latter’s visit to Circassia in September 1861.

1861? The conflict started in 1763… and ended in 1864. Those could only have been terms of surrender… but this was “first of all”? Somebody is trying to play the victim in a historical account.

The Parliament also accepted an appeal to the Ottoman and European governments. Special envoys were sent to Istanbul and London to seek diplomatic and military support. The activities of the Circassian government received the full support of public organizations, so the Circassian Committee of Istanbul and London supported Circassia. Thus, if not de jure, then de facto Circassia acquired the features of a subject of international law.

BULLSHIT! Even at a glance. “Friendly public organizations liked the idea of supporting Circassia, which made Circassia a legitimate, recognized nation under international law.”


And then a hundred years of bitter land warfare ensued. No mention of naval warfare in this entry.

According to Walter Richmond, “Circassia was a small independent nation on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea. For no reason other than ethnic hatred, over the course of hundreds of raids the Russians drove the Circassians from their homeland…”

Circassia was not a nation, the Russians deemed them bandits and THIS didn’t get mentioned at all:


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By A.Y. Chirg, 7 April 2009

During Russian-Caucasian War Tsar’s Russia did use not just ground forces but also Navy. Tsarism considered blockade of Adyghe (Circassian) sea coast as one of the main measures to conquest the Circassia, thus Russians wanted to stop any kind of connection Adyghe people with the rest world. The active role to fulfil it had assigned to Russian Navy. From the 1830 year along the eastern coast of Black Sea had patrolled especial Russian squadron named “Abkhazian expedition.” Battle cruisers did not allow to sail for commercial European and Turkish vessels towards Circassian coast.

The Russian Navy cutting off access between commercial shipping and the Circassian coast can be taken a couple different ways. One, they were trying to starve out the Circassians, or two, they were protecting trade lanes from Circassian piracy.

The fact that Circassia lacked natural resources, meant there was little reason for Russia to care about the people who lived there unless they were making pests of themselves.

Also, a context for this action is that Russia and the Ottoman Empire were fighting frequently. Circassia was predominately Muslim by the 1830s, so there is good probability (although I can’t document it at the moment) that the Circassians privateered for their Muslim peers at the opposite end of the Black Sea.

And on the other hand Tsar’s navy fought along the Black Sea coast of Northern Caucasus by landing numerous ground troops. They were occupying the most important places in strategic military meaning. In 1837-1839 years with the Navy’s assistance had been founded such military forts as: Saint Doukh on the Adler cape, Velyaminovskoye on the mouth of Tuapse River, Tenginskoye on the Shapsugh River, Novorossiysk in the Sudjoukh bight, Navaginskoye on the Sochi River, Golovinskoye on the Shakhe River, Lazarevskoye on the mouth of Psishuapa River.

Such a military buildup gives strength to the ideas that 1. Russia & Ottomans were going at it, and 2. Russia felt the need to protect its flanks from “bandits”.

Fighting with aggression of tsarism coastal Adyghes used their Navy, which consisted from small ships, named in European sources of 19 century as “galley.” Circassians mastered Black Sea navigation from ancient times and therefore they were very experienced navigators and sailors. There are a lot of information about Circassian navigation in ancient (Strabos, Tacitus, etc.) and medieval (Al-Masoudi, D. Interiano, etc.) sources.

By the 19 century sea navigation had very serious traditions. According to Swiss scientist F. Dubua de Monpere who observed Circassian galleys personally, that vessels could hold 60-70 persons each. But there also were which could hold up to 140 men. Adyghe vessels were sailing ones with the oars and sometimes were armed with light cannons. They could make very long coasting navigation.

Coastal navigation is not skilled navigation. The real test of sea navigation, is when you stop depending on coastal landmarks.

Russian trade representative in Western Circassia L.Y.Lulye wrote: “Coastal high-landers sailed very actively. For the transportation of provision from one gorge into another they used the same rowing-ships (galleys) as they did for the sea roads. I saw it by myself, how they were coming on the galleys using oars from very remote places of coast into Sudjouk bight (Novorossiysk) and even to fortress Anapa..

They didn’t even have sail technology?

That’s not a ship. That’s a landing craft. No sails made long-distance travel inefficient, to say nothing about protection from weather. Shallow drafts made deep-sea travel unsafe, but again, the Black & Azov Seas are small enough that it probably wasn’t a handicap. That might even be a landing ramp at the stern.

It’s the seagoing equivalent of:

In the October of 1836 year Tsar’s vessel “Nartsiss” was attacked near to mouth of Sochi River by 7 Circassian galleys. After, the commander of Russian vessel captain Varnitskiy reported that Circassians fought in organized manner, their commander was showing by long pole to each galley its place during attack. After fierce fight Russians escaped.

In the eastern coast of Black Sea Adyghes used to pursue and seize hostile commercial ships. According to words of one Russian sea officer N.N. Sushev, who was an eyewitness of the Circassian assault. During the assault to the hostile trade ship Circassian firstly “knocked by riffle guns all the sailor from the upper deck, after they were boarding with the daggers and then after few moments all was finished..

SMOKING GUN!!! Pirates they be!

We have to take into consideration that while war time all this also did England, Holland and others.

That was privateering. So, the Circassians were either doing piracy on behalf and with sanction of the Ottomans… or they were doing piracy.

And since we’re “taking into consideration”…


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The Barbary pirates were pirates and privateers that operated from the North African (the “Barbary coast”) ports of Algiers, Morocco, Sal?, Tripoli, and Tunis, preying on shipping in the western Mediterranean Sea from the time of the Crusades as well as on ships on their way to Asia around Africa until the early 19th century. The coastal villages and towns of Italy, Spain and Mediterranean islands were frequently attacked by them, and long stretches of the Italian and Spanish coasts were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants; since the 17th century, Barbary pirates occasionally entered the Atlantic and struck as far north as Iceland.

Or as far east as the Black Sea? They would not have needed such advanced ships and navigation methods for that.

Barbary pirates flourished in the early 17th century as new sailing rigs by Simon de Danser enabled North African raiders, for the first time, to brave the Atlantic as well as Mediterranean waters.

So, the Circassian raiders had access to such tech but did not use it.

Whilst the Golden Age of European and American pirates is generally considered to have ended between 1710 and 1730, the prosperity of the Barbary pirates continued until the early 19th century.

Concurrent with Russia fighting a “war” against Circassian sailors that was perhaps better described as a series of raids against their infrastructure until they got pissed enough to do a clean sweep.

Unlike the European powers, the young United States refused to pay tribute to the Barbary states and responded with the First Barbary War and the Second Barbary War against North Africa, when the Barbary pirates captured and enslaved American sailors.

Not relevant to this post, but USA was targeted by pirates because we won independence from England. When that happened, the English treaty with the Barbary pirates no longer protected our shipping. We did pay tribute but it didn’t stop the attacks. Whether that was Allah-sanctioned deceit or a simple communication error, we proceeded to kick Barbary ass. As our Marine Corps sings, “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…”

End segue

Other form of using sea fleet by Adyghes in the struggle with tsarism were landings of Circassian troops from the galleys into important places and attacking suddenly points occupied by tsar’s troops. Thus, tsar’s Command were stupefied by bold and successful landing of Circassian troops close to Bombory in May 1834.

Textbook pirate behavior.

…Vorontsov was an eyewitness of unsuccessful Circassian boarding when brave Adyghes started board Russian ship. They chose position for the attack in front of the vessel’s nose, but sailors on the deck cut off the anchor chain and while it was falling down on the light galleys all they sank with the Circassian pirates.

There might be an entire chapter missing from the history of European piracy… the Black Sea chapter.

Coming back to the 21st Century, a surviving Circassian demands that Russia give back everything it “stole” from her people 200 years ago in defensive actions against her people’s banditry.

But wait… Circassia was Muslim at the time Russia cleaned the place out, and arguably aligned with the Ottoman Empire. If Russia DID give back Circassia, it would be to modern-day Turkey.

The Kazarian Jews are demanding that Russia return what the Ottoman Muslims took from them. That is no kind of “decolonization”. Just perfidy, half-truths and historical revisions from the ((usual suspects)). Unless Fatima is herself Muslim, in which case she’s the descendant of pirates wanting to punish the descendants of her victims.

It’s called the Old World because you kick a man’s dog and a thousand years later, it’s the reason that somebody kills somebody. Who wants to live like that? I’m all in favor of curating my people’s history but not to the level of eternal war against neighbors.