The Wall Has Been Built!

…In the ritzy community of Bel Air.

Kathy Griffin has revealed that she built a special wall to separate her sprawling California mansion from her neighbor’s home, after he began screaming insults over to her in the wake of her controversial decapitated Trump picture.

During a video posted on Shane’s channel, which detailed how the intimate at-home meeting came about, Kathy gave the group a full tour of the Bel Air property, and explained as she took them out onto a large terrace that runs across the back of it why she ‘had to build a wall… as Trump would say’. …

‘We kind of built, like a little… As Trump would say, we built a wall. I’m not a Trump supporter, but we built a wall.’

Yeah, Barbie, walls are great for keeping out poorly-behaved neighbors, now aren’t they? Speaking of poorly behaved neighbors, the article continues:

While Kathy didn’t identify the man she discussed in Shane’s video, she and her neighbor Jeffrey Mezger, the 63-year-old CEO of KB Homes, have been involved in a legal battle since last year.

In September 2017, Jeffrey was caught in an audio recording lashing out at Kathy’s boyfriend Randy, referring to the comedienne as a ‘bald dike’ and a ‘cunt’ after Randy filed a noise complaint against Jeffrey’s grandchildren, as reported by the Huffington Post at the time.

In January this year, Kathy and Jeffrey faced off in a Los Angeles court after each filing a restraining order against each other.

Wow, Trump Derangement Syndrome has liberals building walls to keep out Trump supporters who tease liberals about not letting Trump build a wall to keep the neighbors out! I no longer understand my own species.

Let’s do a side-by-side physiognometric analysis of this little feud:

Related image

Mezger’s face is all straight lines and right angles, indicating a very non-emotional approach to life. Even allowing for fatness (he’s fat), those are some impressive jowls. Combined with a broad, prominent chin, narrow eyes and thin lips, he probably has a very forceful personality. The article’s quote of his frank assessment of Griffon’s sex past confirms this. Here’s a guy you want to negotiate/enforce your contracts… not a guy to handle delicate whiners with grace.

Griffin’s face is nearly an exact opposite. Everything was rounded before it was stretched until the elastic broke. Her wrinkles have wrinkles and her smile is as fake as a politician’s promise to cut spending. I’d guess she spent the first half of her adult life in constant orgasm and the second half abusing Xanax to silence the voices. The fakeup makes it hard to be sure but I’d wager money she’s alcoholic. Not a smoker, though.

Drugged-up Psycho-Barbie and “My way or my lawyers’ way” CEO is an inevitably bad neighbor-pairing. He can’t back down and she can’t stop acting impulsively. I’m surprised Griffin decided to build the wall first. She must have had walls on her mind… hmm, Mezger does look like Trump, now doesn’t he?


The Looming Birth Rate Learning Curve

It’s practically axiomatic that Tradcons Never Learn. Today, they don’t learn about the causes of low birth rate. Michael Barone is a fairly typical specimen of the Old Guard who predicts/hopes the birth rate is about to rise because the economy is good:

By Michael Barone, July 27, 2018

Sometimes a society’s values change sharply with almost no one noticing. In 1968, according to a Gallup survey, 70 percent of American adults said that a family of three or more children was “ideal” . about the same number as Gallup surveys starting in 1938. That number helps explain the explosive baby boom after Americans were no longer constrained by depression and world war.

Those values and numbers didn’t last. By 1978, Gallup reported that only 39 percent considered three or more children “ideal.” The numbers have hovered around there ever since, spiking to just 41 percent in the late-1990s tech boom.

He disproves himself right off the start, as Tradcons are wont to. 1978 was one of the Carter years in which President Jimmy Carter worked such economic magic that economists had to invent a new term “stagflation” to describe the misery. And people then had the same opinion of family size as during the heights of the tech boom? It seems that contra Baby Boomer philosophy, birth rate beliefs were NOT based upon the state of the economy.

Similarly, the 1970s showed sharp increases in female workforce participation, divorce and single-parent households, as well as decreased participation in voluntary organizations . all unanticipated.

He obviously senses the connection because he brings this up yet doesn’t go anywhere with it, unlike his pundit peer John Hawkins, recently covered here.

Birth rates typically drop during recessions and rise a bit during booms. They did drop notably from 2007 to 2009. But the latest data don’t show a rebound, despite significant growth and record-low unemployment.

Barone is astonished that people act as though there’s more to the reproduction decision than the next four years of economic prospects. What more does a man need to make babies than extra money and a crib in the spare bedroom? A young, fertile wife that won’t abandon him when she gets unhappy? A gov’t that won’t take his children away in violation of anything that might possibly be called due process? Nah, that’s crazy talk.

The trend varies among demographic groups. Native-born Hispanics and blacks used to have birth rates above the replacement rate (2.1 births per woman). Now they’re below replacement, almost as low that of as native-born whites and Asians, which are down only a bit. The immigrant birth rate remains above replacement level among blacks, but only barely above among Hispanics, and below among whites and Asians.

One possible consequence: Those often-gleeful predictions that whites will soon be a minority will not be realized so soon, or maybe ever. Nor is it clear, as sociologist Richard Alba has suggested, whether often-intermarrying Hispanics and Asians will see themselves as aggrieved minorities.

It’s as if all the government’s social policies for the last couple generations have been human extinction, not just white extinction. Rarely does a good economy overcome a centralized bureaucracy.

During the sluggish 2008-2013 economy, young Americans stayed put in tiny child-unfriendly apartments in hip central-coastal cities like New York and San Francisco, and paid high rents resulting from stringent environmental restrictions. This was hailed as a move toward progressive attitudes. But evidently not. As Newgeography proprietor Joel Kotkin has noted, since growth returned, young people have been heading to child-friendly suburbs and exurbs, ditching subway cards for SUV fobs.

Barone thinks Democrats are poor people who will vote Republican once they get a better job. There is no ideology, there is only the economy?

The paragraph doesn’t even make sense. Young Americans didn’t have much money so they lived in trendy, artificially high-rent areas? Then they moved to the cheaper suburbs when good economies provided more money?

All of which raises the possibility of current stubbornly low birth rates being on the verge of a rise, away from the economically and culturally divided low-birth-rate society described in Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart,. and toward something suggested by Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again..

For the moment, these countertrends are just possibilities. But since persistently low birth rates lead to population loss, economic stagnation and low creativity, let’s hope some of them come true.

The words of a pundit afraid that the bread and circuses aren’t working anymore. News flash, even an awesome economy cannot compensate for women being too busy with careers and envy of men to bother with having babies. Children are not SUVs, they do not come from factories. It takes a marriage to produce children. Housewives. There is no substitute.

Instead of hoping that a better economy will produce a higher birth rate, Michael Barone should hope the gov’t will stop punishing men for having kids. He should possibly even advocate for patriarchy, if low birth rates bother him. But instead, he sees the economy improving and hopes men will start… start… asexually producing babies unto their own destruction? Sharp learning curve ahead, Mr. Barone.

The epitaph of William Buckley conservatism: money couldn’t buy love.


Ted Hickman Is On A Winning Streak!

Continuing the saga of a moral, outspoken Vice Mayor in tiny Dixon City, California, we see the long-awaited defenders of health and Christ emerge:

Updated July 25, 2018 12:10 PM

Citing First Amendment rights, the Dixon City Council announced Tuesday at its meeting that it has decided against stripping Ted Hickman’s title as vice mayor after a controversial column he wrote in the town’s newspaper . calling for a Straight American Pride Month and using a derogatory term to refer to gay men . went viral.

Before the decision was announced, Randy Thomasson of Save California . a group that describes itself as a .pro-family organization: working, speaking and fighting the good fight for your values. . announced that he was going to speak at the meeting.

As a result, a small group of Hickman supporters and another, larger group of advocates for LGBTQ rights descended on the City Council meeting.

.Our society needs to defend its foundations, there’s no such thing as a homosexual culture that is everlasting,. said Don Grundmann shortly before the meeting. .When you break down the family unit, you’re hurting the children and it’s only a matter of time before you produce psychotic broken children, which is the whole idea of the so-called LGBT movement..

You haven’t reached status as a legit California conservative until you’ve stood with Don Grundmann. He’s possibly the most successful third-party politician California has ever produced and is well worth the occasional check to see what he’s up to. He somehow manages to be on the ballot every election and I vote for him every time.

Tom Ruppel, a longtime Dixon resident, was carrying a sign that said “We stand with our LGBT neighbors.” He clashed with Grundmann almost immediately after they both arrived holding signs for their respective movements.

Grundmann isn’t your typical, slick car-salesman politician who reaches across the aisle to find his own spine. His intolerance of politically correct bullshit has incited two political third parties to self-destruct rather than support their own stated principles. More below.

Thomasson spoke in favor of the council’s decision and said that Hickman spoke the truth.

.The intolerant left has picked a fight with Ted Hickman, they don’t think he had the right to say what he said in a column, and they don’t think the newspaper that published it had the right to publish it,. Thomasson said. .Well, both accusations are completely false . we have a Constitution in our country: the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech for individuals, and freedom of the press for all publications..

Thomasson showed onlookers graphic photos of gay men at pride parades, and eventually submitted the photos to the Dixon City Council for review.

Kaboom! Go back in the closet, you freaks.

.Ted Hickman doesn’t want this in Dixon, and the majority of people in Dixon don’t want it here, either,. Thomasson said of the photos.

Discussions between the two groups were heated before the meeting started, with both inside and outside City Council chambers arguing over their respective group’s values.

There were discussions because the good guys won. Had the bad guys won, the city council would have ordered compliance to the New Morality and sent the police to arrest dissidents for thoughtcrimes. Hate crimes, I mean.

There were a couple class acts going on in Dixon. The Reporter has more:

Hickman roused ire when he published a piece in the Independent Voice newspaper about homosexuality, calling for Straight Pride American Month (SPAM) and referring to gay people as “tinkerbells” and “faries” (sic).

The Recall Ted Hickman group mobilized about 75 people to show up at the council meeting for a “pizza party” on the lawn in front of the building to reiterate their opposition to Hickman’s words. They sat on picnic blankets and played songs on their phones like “Over The Rainbow” and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

“Pizza party” is code for pedophilia in this context.

.I.m here in opposition to the LGBT agenda,. said San Leandro resident Don Grundmann, a member of the Constitution party who ran for president in 2016 and the senate three times.

Asked if he supported Hickman’s use of pejoratives to describe gay people, Grundmann said that it was a “cover story..

.The real reason they’re upset is he’s advocated for Straight Pride Month,. he said, holding up a sign that said “Straight Normal Healthy Sane/Sanity Rational, Support Ted..

Grundmann said that Hickman’s idea was in opposition to “Sodomite pride marches..

Honest politicians give me hope for the future… hope that sometime in the future, I’ll find a second one.

Most vocal was California’s MassResistance organizer Arthur Schaper, who carried a “one man, one woman. marriage sign. Schaper confronted protesters on the other side and journalists, and he filmed the entire event on a hand-held camera. Schaper asked people why they would “get a man fired” for exercising his First Amendment rights.

.What happened to Love Trumps Hate?. he asked a counter-protester.

Schaper attempted to talk to Councilman Devon Minnema, asking him about comments he made to The Reporter about how most of the counter-protesters were not from Dixon, and why that mattered. Minnema demurred and made a hurried retreat, with Schaper calling out, .He needs to really pick it up if he wants to lose some of that weight..

I like his style! Yes, I too would like to know why so many nonresidents of Dixon are protesting the legal, peaceful, moral behavior of Dixon residents. Don’t they realize heterosexuals were born this way? *snicker*

The MassResistance group eventually moved into the council chamber, awaiting the meeting. People from Discovery Bay, Oakley, Sacramento, and Alameda jointed their ranks. Schaper continued to film and raise questions, rousing some of the crowd enough for a man to confront him for his words.

Amelia Lacey, 14, sat near the MassResistance crowd unaware of their stand [GQ: yeah, right], and said that she was shocked at their commentary. As she listened to them discuss the health hazards of homosexuality and hold up pictures of men dressed as fairies in gay pride parades, Lacey, who is gay, began to cry.

.Fake tears!. said a woman sitting with the MassResistance group to Lacey.

.How lowball do you have to be to come after a 14-year-old girl?. asked Lacey.

HAHAHAAAA! THE PUSSY PASS IS EXPIRED! Cry, little girl, cry me a river wide and deep for being upset that we show pictures of what the faggy fairies are doing in public celebrations!

At the end of public comment, each councilman asserted that they did not support Hickman’s words, with Mayor Thom Bogue asking the city attorney to draft a resolution stating that the council is in opposition to Hickman’s article and that it .doesn.t represent our voice.” Hickman also addressed the crowd, saying that he appreciated how both sides of the argument seem to respect the First Amendment, and left it at that.

Sigh, well, it can’t all be good news. Regardless, I feel better about the future of California than I have in awhile. People are getting big-time fed up with the freaks and I suspect the names we’ve seen here will come up again. is something I must look into. Any organization with the strength to maintain its beliefs in the face of a whiny little girl is stronger & more successful than, apparently, the entire Christian Church.


The Evil of Public Pensions

Debt is a key factor in the implementation of Communism because the easiest people to rob are the people who don’t yet exist to complain about it.

It’s time for a conversation on government pensions. They need to be ended immediately on the grounds of no taxation without representation.

Pensions devour school budgets, flatten teacher pay

.California.s public schools have enjoyed a remarkable restoration of funding since the bone-deep cuts they endured during the recession, but many now face a grave financial threat as they struggle to pay the escalating costs of teachers. pensions,. reports Jessica Calefati on CalMatters.

More than half of the new money will go to pension costs, estimates the state Department of Finance and Legislative Analyst’s Office. “Some districts are predicting deficits and many are already bracing for what’s to come by cutting programs, reducing staff or drawing down their reserves even though per-pupil funding is at its highest level in three decades and voters recently extended a tax hike on the rich to help pay for school.”

Regulars here know I don’t give a single care for the survival of California’s public school system. It’s been twisted into a factory for grooming child rape victims and indoctrinating the mindless minions of tomorrow. However, being a flagship laboratory of leftoid social experiments does make it a splendid example of the old using pensions to exploit the young.

An economic downturn could lead to disaster, said Michael Fine, CEO of the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team.

.Building maintenance could suffer, grounds care could suffer, class size could suffer, instructional coaches could suffer, athletic programs could suffer, technology could suffer, intervention programs could suffer,. Fine said.

What is happening here is that in the recent past, the Communists made an agreement with the Baby Boomers: give us votes now and we’ll give you free money later. The unsustainability of this is clear; less clear but equally true is that the “free money later” will be taken from people who were not parties to this agreement.

When did parasites become the most protected class? Notice all those single mothers are content to see wealth transfers be more valued by the schools then even the pretenses of concern for her school-aged children. It was never about equality. It was never about the welfare of children. Feminism was a grab for male power and resources from the beginning.

This is what MGTOW in politics would look like: “I did not agree to to this pension. I refuse to fund it. You should blame the people who promised you this instead of me.”

The rapid rise in pension costs . 269 percent over 15 years . is one reason teacher salaries are flat, writes Chad Aldeman of Bellwether Education Partners on The 74. …

Even teachers who spend their careers in the classroom and eventually collect a pension will be losers, writes Aldeman. .This is essentially a giant transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, and no current or future teacher wins from this arrangement..

He nails the problem almost square on the head. Government pensions are a giant, involuntary wealth transfer between generations. Current and future voters have been sold into financial slavery by past voters.

The Founders made a mistake. They allowed government to carry debt. This has since been exploited massively, first by the (illegal) Fourteenth Amendment forcing its debt upon the former Confederates, then by the Nineteenth Amendment granting women, and their sexual attraction to other people’s money, the vote, and lastly by Communist infiltrators who funded their rise to power by deferring the price onto their dupes’ own children.

The only legitimate basis for gov’t financial activity is cash up front for goods and services rendered. At most, short-term debt instruments in times of existential need so that the generation of voters authorizing the debts are the same generation repaying it. Today, however, we are saddled with massive public pension systems that WILL destroy the United States. Even if taxpayers today wanted to pay these debts, we simply cannot. The Communists were too greedy and delved too deeply.

Either our government repudiates all debts, pensions and other wealth transfers, and henceforth proceeds on the basis of cash & carry, which would be the political death of all career bureaucrats, or we will end up the next Venezuela with physical death for everybody. There is no third option, not even a Collapse. The poor will always be with us… and the parasites, too.


Choose The Form Of The Destructor!

A heptatitis outbreak in San Diego among homeless populations coincided with the banning of cheap, disposable, plastic bags.

Plastic-bag ban led to hep A health crisis?

.The plastic bag ban is the main reason for the hepatitis outbreak,. says [Marty Graham,] the homeless man who writes the Homeless Survival Guide. .The hepatitis outbreak was completely predictable . it’s why I left San Diego..

Homeless people learned long ago that pooping in plastic-bag-lined containers meant you could wrap the session up and dispose of all the stuff without touching it, he said in a long email. So when it got harder to get the bags after the ban went into effect late last year, it became harder to find the bags and people who were able to keep things clean had to work a lot harder.

This is also a basic hygiene practice in camping and survival contexts so I’m inclined to agree. Digging latrine trenches is not always practical in urban environments.

Plenty of people discounted the plastic-bag theory but San Diego County Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten was not one of them.

.Yes, absolutely, we know people use the bags for that,. she said. .We know people don’t have bathrooms and they can put bags in cans and buckets and maintain good hygiene. That’s why we put plastic bags in the hygiene kits we’re handing out. That’s what we expect people will use them for.. …

Gibson, who is the executive director of the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Gibson doesn’t think it’s as simple as a lack of plastic bags.

.Given what I saw at the Grantville encampment and other smaller ones, I doubt very much that plastic bags would have made much difference,. he said. .I saw firsthand multiple buckets of waste, most likely fecal, at the Grantville site and no shortage of plastic bags. Moreover, at many sites fecal wastes can be found on the ground in the riverbed encampments as well as in and around parking lots with no shortage of bags then or now..

At the outbreak’s core is the truth that homelessness is “not a healthy way to live for many reasons,. he added. .Not being able or willing to practice basic hygiene measures we take for granted in our homes and businesses is a key part of the public and environmental health issues that transcend something as simple as a ban on plastic bags..

Of course homelessness isn’t healthy. Until it goes away, however, what do you do for homeless sanitation that’s cheaper than free bathrooms everywhere at taxpayer expense?

Amy Gonyea, the chief operating officer with the Alpha Project (which runs shelters and programs that include transitional and permanent housing for homeless people), said she’s been hearing it’s the lack of those once-plentiful bags that’s spreading the virus among homeless people.

.We have heard the same thing from our clients and our outreach team,. Gonyea said. .We’ve heard it on numerous occasions. Our staff hears it from our clients, and we think they know what they’re talking about..

The ban was approved in June 2016 and officially took effect in November, about the time the first cases definitively tied to the outbreak showed up. So far, 15 people have died out of about 398 confirmed cases. …

Detroit and (to a lesser degree) Santa Cruz are also in the midst of hepatitis A outbreaks, Wooten said.

Maybe the Big One won’t be an earthquake. Maybe it’ll be an outbreak of super-gonor-herpol-hepat-AIDS. If that dark day comes and the good liberals of California are forced to choose between plagues and plastic bags, which form of their Destructor will they choose? Will they sacrifice their own childrens’ health or the tender feelings of environmentalists? The horror!


In My Warm, Soft Fingers

The Ninth Circus, aka Dante’s Ninth Circle, formally the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, has just ruled that open carry of loaded firearms is part of the Second Amendment. Sweet, let’s hope it sticks. The San Francisco Gate was especially butthurt.

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Second Amendment protects the right to openly carry a gun in public for self-defense.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that Hawaii officials had violated George Young’s rights when he was denied a permit to openly carry a loaded gun in public to protect himself. …

If the ruling stands, it could lead to more guns in public in the few western states under 9th Circuit jurisdiction where they are currently restricted.

Heehee, the “few Western states under 9th Circuit jurisdiction”. That would be Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and Alaska. Only a third of the USA’s landmass & population. Just a “few western states”, y’know.

“We do not take lightly the problem of gun violence, which the State of Hawaii ‘has understandably sought to fight,’” Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain wrote. “But, for better or for worse, the Second Amendment does protect a right to carry a firearm in public for self-defense.”

Hmm, O’Scannlain is actually a white male American. With a name like that, I was expecting a Nigerian prince or something. He’s a pro-gun judge on the Ninth? And he achieved senior status in 2016? Interesting.

Feels nice when my cynicism turns out to be unfounded.


John Hawkins Can’t Sleep

I’ve been following this Tradcon lately. He’s begun to wake up to the reality of gynocracy despite his best efforts. This is a good time in the unplugging cycle for a fisking.

5 Ugly Truths About Women That Young Men Need to Recognize

I love women. Not in the social justice warrioresque “We must praise women as strong, capable CEOS and STEM graduates who can do anything men can do, but in heels. way, but in an old-school way. It’s easy to respect a mother who watches out for her children, a wife who is loyal to her husband, or a sister who cares for her brother. I love a beautiful woman. I love a sexy woman. I love a woman who gives off that amazing feminine energy. As a man, being around a woman like that is just good for your spirit.

He turbo-cucks right at the start because what’s coming is going to be more true than he’s willing to say in print. One day, he’ll look back on such “I love women so please don’t hurt me, women” pronouncements as missed indicators of a dysfunctional relationship.

All that being said, this is not about the more wonderful traits of women. To the contrary, it’s the kind of warning about women that fathers used to give their sons, but that’s frowned upon today. You see, in our society we can hammer home the faults of men until they become stereotypes, but we’re not supposed to point out the similarly damaging, but often very different flaws of women that young men need to worry about.

Hot damn, an established pundit is about to warn his sons away from damaged women! We are halting the stopwatch at… 49 years since Woodstock?

1. Beauty fades

Men don’t like to admit this, but the first thing they think about when it comes to women is beauty. Not only are we drawn to it, but it’s a status symbol. When a man has an attractive woman, other men think more of him. In fact, it can become such a powerful draw that some men put beauty first and second . and whatever comes third doesn’t matter. This is a mistake if you plan to be with her beyond a date or three because beauty fades for all of us, but it fades faster and harder for women. Moreover, beauty in and of itself only attracts for so long. As the old saying goes, .No matter how good she looks, someone out there is tired of her sh*t.. Point being, make sure you judge a woman on a lot more than beauty alone because the time is going to come when one way or the other, that beauty is going to fade in your eyes.

Close. Hawkins is still arguing from the female perspective. Female beauty is sex, male beauty is status. (Ironically, he assumes this for the rest of the article.) Any man who’s learned “chicks dig jerks” knows that the ability to attract hot women is a strong indicator of criminal & antisocial life choices. We admire Trump because he’s a billionaire celebrity who likes America, not because his wife is Ivanka.

Also, female beauty doesn’t fade if she’s done a good job of keeping her husband happy in bed. She can be an ugly hag to the rest of the planet but hubby with stay with her to the end.

2. After your relationship ends, you may be surprised at the ruthless treatment you get

Men tend to be famously ruthless about relationships a few dates in when women fall for them way too early and the men only care about sex. On the other hand, women tend to be much more ruthless than men when a relationship is ending. This is hard for a lot of men to believe because they can’t imagine the sweet, uplifting, nurturing woman they were in a relationship with is taking them to the cleaners in divorce court or using their kids as a bargaining chip after the divorce.

It’s like the first sentence is the “before” gym picture and the rest of the paragraph is the “after” picture.

3. Women are much more status-oriented than men

Women tend to put the same kind of emphasis on status that men put on beauty. That doesn’t mean it’s the end all and be all of everything, but it does mean status is a lot more important to women than it is to men.

Hawkins, stop undermining your own arguments. This Tradcon habit drives me nuts. Learn to be confident in your expressed beliefs.

What that means is that as a man, if you ever stop performing at the level your woman is accustomed to, you may lose her regardless of everything else. Lose your job, get demoted, take a big pay cut, lose your moxie somehow and women are much more likely to walk away than a man would be with a woman in the same situation. That doesn’t mean it’s a given, but it does mean that going backward in status as a man risks your relationship with a woman.

He came so close to admitting in public that frivorce is real and unjustified.

4. Women are not as stable as men

There are exceptions to every rule, but the most stable woman is as emotional as an unstable guy. Women are more emotional, more hormonal than men. Women are, at best, more tolerant of drama than men and at worst, they seek it out. They will become upset for no good reason, act irrationally, and are more prone to things like anxiety than men. The point of this is not “women are unstable and bad,. it’s that women are very different in this area and you need to be ready to deal with it. At times there’s going to be crying, no matter what you do. At times, your girlfriend / lover / wife is going to become angry at you even though you’ve done nothing wrong. Wise men learn that there are times to ignore things women say rather than get in a fight because ten minutes later, their mood will improve. To men who aren’t used to it, all of this can be freaky, but it can also help keep things fresh and exciting once you learn to navigate it.

Good, good. He’s accepted that men & women are fundamentally different and must be treated differently.

5. Women may come to hate you for your weakness

If your woman is stronger than you, she may still date you. She may love you. She may even marry you one day. However, on a fundamental level, she will not be able to respect you if you are not strong and competent enough to lead her. Women don’t want to be the ones who make all the decisions and wear the pants in the family and if you force her to do that, it will wear on her and she will come to resent you. How will that resentment play out? At best, probably unhappiness and at worst, cheating, divorce or contempt that’s so bad that you wish you were divorced. I’m not telling you to be a jerk, but I am telling you that if you are not a stronger person than your woman, you will ultimately be sorry.

An important step he didn’t quite finish. Admitting that women despise weak men is progress but he’s still hanging the blame on men being weak instead of women being rebellious.

John Hawkins still isn’t free of cuckservatism but by this date next year, he might be.

Edit, it broke on Dalrock’s simultaneously with my posting this.


Mohammed Again

Police released the name of the Toronto Danforth shooter: Faisal Hussain.

Related image

The Quebecois need to go back?

Toronto Danforth mass shooter identified as Faisal Hussain

According to a source who has met the family, Hussain was the son of Canadian parents of Pakistani origin who have been struggling through major challenges.

Hussain.s sister died in a car accident and his brother is hospitalized following a stroke, the source said. Hussain worked in retail and would accompany his mother to the hospital to visit her infirm son.

Hussain didn’t have a criminal record, according to a police source, but he did have a history of mental health concerns from 2010 onwards.

A good migrant boy living the American Canadian dream but depression and poverty forced this kindhearted soul to unfortunately go on a killing spree. Perhaps my readers would know, is there bad blood between Pakis and Greeks? This sounds to me like ethnic gang violence.

“A history of mental health concerns” is the exact same thing as a criminal record in any super-liberal area. More here and it surely isn’t unique:

Edit: His physiognomy based upon this picture indicate against emotional/impulsive behavior. Level, well-defined eyebrows and fairly level eyelids indicates level, well-defined reasoning. This compared with full lips suggest high in-group preferences. The smooth forehead (and also well-defined eyebrows) indicate low-average intelligence. The broad nose and low ears indicate mild greed/concern with money but not necessarily to a criminal level. Eyelids have some lidding but not enough to indicate sociopathy; but knowing what we do, perhaps he’s too young to have fully developed the symbol.

It bears mentioning that physiognomy across racial lines is not reliable. The slantedness of Asian eyes is the classic example of how benign race differences can be false indicators. Here, Faisal’s beard on a white guy would indicate an intentional attempt to appear friendly but such beards are so common in Arab circles that it’s no more meaningful than wigs on an Victorian Englishman.


MGTOW Life: An Exit Analysis

A major symptom of Churchian contempt for men is not caring when men give up and leave the Church. Wouldn’t do for me to be guilty of the same crime so when I came across this youTube upload “Why I Walked Away From MGTOW”, it’s time to take notice and reflect. Transcripts by me and are not verbatim; I can’t type fast enough.

Itachi Uchiha, 22-July-2018.

As time goes on, I’m starting to see how a vast majority of supposed MGTOW men are not much different from the average blue-pill man. Just saying you’re going your own way is not enough. You aren’t making a difference in the world. You’re not really impacting anything. Before, you know, my ex-fellow MGTOW brothers say, “Well, you know what, bro, we’re not trying to make a difference. We’re just going to go our own way and let it burn. We just want to let it burn.”

Well, it’s not true. You want your reality to become the reality for the masses. Otherwise, guys wouldn’t ask me, “Bro, do you think MGTOW is growing? Do you think most of the Blue Pilled men are going to wake up?” You want the world to be your way the same way the Blue Pilled want the world to be their way.

I wouldn’t expect much difference in behavior between the Blue- and Red-Pilled. We both like food and video games. Knowing somebody is a gymbro doesn’t indicate their leanings on feminism. Even Neo in the Matrix perceived the same reality as the normals. The Pill difference is mainly perceptions and goals concerning women… motivations rather than methods.

As a rule, men don’t (certainly shouldn’t) go MGTOW because it’s a more rewarding reality. There is only one reality and going MGTOW is the process of realizing our gynocentric society does not value men and deciding how we respond. We do want society to be more accepting of men so we can rejoin society but whence this talk of changing the world? Most men are in no position to do so; we will let it burn because we must, not because schadenfreude.

What’s going to happen with MGTOW, my prediction, you are still vastly outnumbered by Blue Pill men. So the simping will go on, the Blue Pill mentality will go on.

God predicted as much. Human history can confirm. There has always been simping in every culture; there has not always been patriarchy.

Women will always find a way to get pregnant, even if it’s by the worst of the worst men. MGTOW walking away and not passing on your seed, you’re gonna die out, right? Die out in 20-50 years but guess what, the whores are going to continue growing. There’s going to be more Blue Pill men being born. You aren’t going to win that battle by walking walking away. Walking away isn’t close to enough. My problem with most MGTOW men, although we see the world in a similar way, is they’re content being at Level 1. Seeing how the world works and not wanting to be a part of it. That’s one very small step in the right direction but not nearly enough to live a fulfilled life.

The Blue Pill is not a genetic condition. Every man starts out Blue Pill; that’s what we Christians call Original Sin. The false religion of evolution teaches that breeding is the solution to every social ill because it has nothing else to offer. It is disgusting to see eugenics making a comeback. If evil could be bred out of humans then Jews would be Angels. Memo to Dispensationalists, they are not angels.

Itachi doesn’t give enough respect to men going “Level 1”. That requires confronting the darkness in the human soul; the vast majority of men prefer Matrix Cypher’s solution of “let me eat steak, even if it be a lie”.

Let’s pretend you don’t want to change the world, fix people or heal people or whatnot. As a man, you’re never truly fulfilled unless you’re running on all cylinders and chasing your purpose. Simply walking away from women and leading an average life of consuming and hoarding resources is not enough to truly feel like a man and do what you were put here to do. You have a deeper calling. You could be a healer of some sort, curing people of sicknesses. You could have a number of purposes. But many members of MGTOW use it as a crutch to be lazy, mediocre men, not doing anything that matters. Your lives don’t matter. You aren’t making anybody’s life better. You just keep making these videos hating women and that’s good to a degree but it’s not the end goal. You aren’t trying to make anybody’s life better. Not healing men and women.

I slam evolution as much as I do because in addition to being a disproven lie, it promotes exactly this existential hopelessness. Going MGTOW doesn’t prevent one from following any pursuit of happiness one might care for… with the single exception of wife & kids. The atheist, having no hope of life after death, still tries to cheat death via reproduction even when he knows the attempt will destroy him and perpetuate the very misandry he despises. That makes MGTOW life a difficult exercise in nihilism.

Can any man escape the gynocracy without resorting to the divine? If breeding is one’s only source of enduring purpose and meaning then “we have the babies” women will always be in control. Most men are mediocre. That’s statistically inevitable and good. Keeping society peaceful and prosperous is not often an exciting job requiring herculean achievements. But it does mean that few men can access the other source of atheist immortality: being written into the history books.

With no kids, no God and no fame, Itachi coughs up the Red Pill:

A lot of MGTOW have the laziness and mediocrity of the Blue-Pilled and the shaming and exclusivity of the feminist. If you fused a BP man with a feminist then that’s a MGTOW. So many men in MGTOW reject content that is not exactly aligned with what their conditioning says. If I create content that steers things in a different direction, I get backlash. You have to be working towards something that matters. You say “we don’t want to have kids”, that’s a reactionary attitude like a feminist that don’t need no man.

Down deep, most of us would have loved to have a loving wife, loved to have kids, to live in healthy societies. You’re reacting the same way feminists react. The average man has been raised to be a BP faggot and women can’t trust & be attracted to that kind of man, so they become feminazis and hate men. That’s the same as being a Level 1 MGTOW saying “fuck these women, I don’t trust them, I’m keeping my distance”. You have to be working towards something that matters.

It’s the old “weak men created feminism”, sigh. Hypergamy, Itachi. A woman trapped for a week in the locker room of the Dallas Cowboys would find most of them weak men to be shunned. There is no comparison between feminists, who actively seek to enslave and persecute men, and MGTOWs, who try to salvage what they can out of the modern West’s shit sandwich.

I can guess where Itachi is headed: he’s going to knowingly wife up the best female he can find, have kids and hope it all works out because that’s the only form of immortality he can conceive (heh). Maybe it will work out. I honestly wish him the best.

But most likely, he’re going to end up a statistic. MGTOWs complain about women to help each other resist the broken, natural impulse to serve women. Feminists complain about MGTOWs because we’re ugly men escaping the slave collar. There is no comparison and no possible peace.

We Christians can thank God we’re spared the psychic pain of a meaningless life. A believer can spend life in solitary prison and still believe, correctly, that God has a reason for that. The Godless must wife up the pink-haired in fear of being forgotten entirely.


Suicide Help-Line For Men?

Question: What do you get when a suicide-prevention nonprofit expands its services to include domestic violence services? Answer: Ugly.

Context from Wikipedia: Lifeline is a non-profit organisation that provides free, 24-hour Telephone Crisis Support service in Australia. Volunteer Crisis Supporters provide suicide prevention services, mental health support and emotional assistance, not only via telephone but face-to-face and online.

29 April 2018

Suicide prevention group Lifeline is being lobbied to remove controversial feminist Clementine Ford as the keynote speaker of domestic violence awareness forum.

A petition argued her previous tweets saying ‘kill all men’ and ‘all men must die’ made her unsuitable to address the ‘Recognise, Respond, Refer’ event in Melbourne next month.

Incredibly, Lifeline was reluctant to tell a woman calling for the violent deaths of all men that she’s unsuitable to participate in events hosted by a suicide prevention organization.

…’It is common place for a range of views and perspectives to occur in a discussion panel,’ [Lifeline] told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Lifeline does not necessarily agree with any particular panel member or commentator’s views.’

Clementine Ford said she had ‘addressed the intention behind these statements numerous times’.

‘If we lived in a world where women were murdering men en masse and men genuinely had reason to fear they might be murdered in their beds by a gang of marauding feminists, I would agree with your concern,’ she told Daily Mail Australia on Monday.

‘As it is is, we live in a world where it’s women who are being murdered by men at a minimum rate of one a week in this country, not to mention the countless circumstances of sexual violence, physical harassment and ongoing domestic violence perpetrated against women.’

The author of ‘Fight Like A Girl’ has also previously tweeted ‘I bathe in male tears’ and last year wrote ‘Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?’ in a book signed for a fan. [GQ: I found it; added below]

Image result for clementine ford kill

Ms Ford… is due to speak at the State Library Victoria on May 29 at the ‘Recognise, Respond, Refer’ forum moderated by former Ten and Sky News presenter Tracey Spicer, who is spearheading the ‘Me Too’ movement against male workplace sexual predators in Australia.

I was never curious to see what would happen when a suicide hotline got Converged by #MeToo. Maybe the same nonprofit that convinces suicidal men to continue living shouldn’t simultaneously call out men as sexual predators?

THEY FINALLY AGREED! A petition to shut down the event succeeded with 14,342 signatures. Lifeline gave the follow apology:

“The employees and officers who duped us into hiring a spokeswoman who repeatedly called for the deaths of all men have all been fired immediately for sabotaging Lifeline’s very purpose for existing. To prevent this from happening again, we pledge to immediately terminate all association with anybody who makes public, genderwide death threats or is known to ever have made false accusations of rape or domestic abuse. Such behaviors contribute directly to the male hopelessness and despair that we wish to heal.”

Sorry, it must be Friday afternoon. That was incorrect. Here’s the real apology:

MAY 14, 2018 . Thank you for letting us know how the panel membership for the DV Alert forum event has impacted you. We appreciate it has been an issue that has triggered strong emotions and reactions. As such, we have reconsidered the event.

The forum, including a panel discussion, was intended to be the final event in a month long series of activities. We were open to various ideas being considered in the discussion. However, we are concerned that the forum will not be able to be conducted in the spirit intended and to continue with it will cause some people further distress . and may impact on our ability to offer support to all people in our community. We do not see our role as one that should ever promote conflict or distress and have, therefore, decided to not proceed with the forum.

Lifeline.s mission is to support all Australians in crisis and to do so in a non-judgemental and respectful manner. We do hope that you understand our decision regarding this event and that you continue to support Lifeline and our vision for an Australia free of suicide.”

The Feedback Support Team
Lifeline Australia

That is no apology. It’s a windy notice of event cancellation. Refusal to admit any wrongdoing just means they’ll be back next year with more government funding.

Men are under such incredible pressures these days that we can’t even use a suicide hotline without a real danger that the person on the other end will be a #MeToo activist. God grant that the Manosphere will help those the authorities can’t be bothered with.

Speaking of hotlines, I’ll close with this.

Clementine Ford used to be a phone sex operator

23 September 2017

It appears her motivation for doing so was partly money, and partly due to the fact that no boys found her attractive or wanted to have sex with her. It is believed that this was the main reason she became a feminist. …

Surprisingly, she even felt sorry for some lonely men she received calls from who didn’t even want to talk about sex. Such a contrast to her vile .kill all men. speech today.

“But it was unbearably sad to receive calls from men not even interested in sex. Lonely men with no one to talk to, who wanted someone not only to share in the minutiae of their day but also their passions and dreams at a starting price of $3.95 a minute. All these years later, it still makes me sad to think that there are people for whom human contact is in short supply.”

Oh, My Funking Alley Dog

First, let me sanitize this post for WordPress Reader:

Okay, now for some ugly truth. As of July 11, 2018, San Francisco’s new mayor is a black woman named London Breed.

Related image

She’s… she’s wearing a red flag… dear Lord, I can’t even… sputter…

Has Obama taken a thousand miles of cock, too? He has the same smile.


London Breed was just elected San Francisco’s first female African American mayor in a historic California election. Breed narrowly defeated a rival who was seeking to become the first openly gay man in the position.

In a landmark election, Ghetto Rat has been declared a higher state of victimhood than Fudge-Packer.

Politico describes Breed as a “product of the tough Plaza East public housing project in the city’s Western Addition.” She told Politico that she once considered herself .hood,. after growing up in poverty, watching her sister die of a drug overdose and her brother get hauled off to prison. …

Breed is a proud, native San Franciscan who was raised by her grandmother in public housing, according to her campaign site. She graduated from Galileo High School with honors, and attended classes at the University of California, Davis. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science/Public Service with a minor in African American Studies. She continued her schooling to receive a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco.

That doesn’t sound like growing up in poverty. That sounds like growing up in polygamous atheism.


.About 70 percent of the people estimated to be homeless in San Francisco were actually housed in San Francisco before they became homeless,. she said. .We have to make sure people who live here, [and] sadly, people who are homeless here, that they are also held accountable for taking care of our streets..

I doubt that. Wild guess here, 70% of SF homeless were given bus tickets there by Californian police departments who didn’t want bums shitting on their streets.

It.s unclear how Breed will hold public defecators accountable. She said Friday that harsher penalties for offenders are not on the table.

Instead, she directed her criticism towards homeless advocacy groups, who she said aren’t doing a good enough job teaching their clients how to keep the streets clean.

Atheists always talk like that. They talk like if anybody does wrong, it’s a lack of education. Here, Madame Muumuu talks about stopping homeless from shitting in the streets by teaching them how to clean up their shit? Does she believe those adult Americans don’t already know how?

And she’s been in office all of one week.


Jarrid Wilson’s Convergence Away From God

Boxer introduced me to Associate Pastor Jarrid Wilson (he’s a nu-male clone so no need for a portrait) when he complained about a woman pointing out that men like domestic, thin, pretty, chaste and untatted young brides. This is horrific, undeniable proof that most men prefer Original Sin to their normal, God-given sexuality.

My old test for genuine Christianity was “Who is Jesus?” Any answer except “Son of God” or “Savior of Humanity” is a conclusive negative. Now, a better test is “do young men deserve a thin, virgin bride with long hair?” That works so well, it might possibly detect a Christian before the guy actually converts.

How did he end up like this? A nu-male in the Bible Belt spouting globalist propaganda?

The Problem With a Colorblind God

November 22, 2017

I feel like growing up in Southern California made me a little ignorant to the realities of racism and bigotry that fuels the yearning for racial supremacy.well, really ignorant. I had friends who were black, Mexican, Asian, Indian, Native American and, yes, Caucasian. I didn’t know any different. The melting pot that was my Californian suburb kept me pretty sheltered from the hatred that was still going on in the world. I figured racism was a just thing of the past, something you study in History class, and only see in movies or really rural towns in the South. I didn’t actually believe there were people in this world who were outspoken racists. That just seemed silly. If anything, I figured the small amount of them who existed kept their beliefs hidden behind closed doors and at secret meetings.

Actually, I can relate. Race wasn’t weaponized in the 80s in Los Angeles (Jarrid grew up more inland and probably south of LA.) I remember Mr. T and Bill Cosby without regret. Part of me still resents having to be race-conscious. I came to understand that’s because I was sheltered in a very large, very devout, very homogenous country that had just had its culture unified like never before via television and other mass media. That happy situation is gone and because whites are the designated target for all ethnic strife, I’ve adopted a measure of ethnic loyalty purely for self-defense. I didn’t pick the game but I do want to survive it. Enjoy your stupid prize, vibrants: I’m now the enemy you always wanted me to be.

By contrast, how did Jarrid react to the weaponizing of race?

It wasn’t until I moved to Memphis, Tennessee, that all my assumptions about racism changed. The KKK just so happened to be hosting a rally the same day I got into town, and at that very moment, racism wasn’t just an idea or foreign happening anymore; it was taking place right in my own backyard. I couldn’t believe it. It was eye-opening. I felt the pit of my stomach turn. I was blindsided by the fact that not everyone had parents like mine, ones who taught me to never judge someone by the color of their skin or where they’re from, but to instead love all people the same way Christ loved the church; without partiality (Romans 2:11). Why? Because like I had learned when I was younger, we were all God’s children and made precious in his sight.

About that “not everyone had parents like mine”. Jarrid’s parents gave him the name “Jarrid”. That says a lot about their hatred of America and Western tradition. Jared is a Biblical name; he’s the father of Enoch. Enoch is one of two humans who haven’t died yet and is arguably God’s first prophet. Jarrid’s parents likely hated God, just as manginas love to give their daughters male names to emphasize their little Princess don’t need no man before she’s old enough even to breathe.

I also was taught to not judge individuals by their skin but that was before “my race right or wrong” became a thing. Jarrid associated with differently-colored Americans, no problem, but when he encountered group-oriented whites, he freaked. I bet encountering group-oriented blacks like BLM did not trigger a freakout.

Jarrid, that’s called programming.

Little did I know this wasn’t out of the norm for the south, let alone our entire country if I were to open my eyes a bit. If I’m transparent, I think the concept of racism was something I didn’t want to believe, so I purposely shut myself out from seeing it even if it was in plain sight. I was scared to admit that there were people in this world who would hate others because of their skin color. I was afraid to admit that our country hadn’t fully moved on from the dreadful past of enslaving African-Americans for personal gain.

A common fault in public school graduates is the belief that American history began with Rosa Parks riding the bus. Jarrid even quotes MLK Jr. in the article. Does he know MLK was a false Christian?

His comment about our “dreadful past of enslaving African-Americans for personal gain” indicates a great deal of white-guilt indoctrination. Probably from his America-hating parents. Even the blacks who say America is the worst place on Earth are in no hurry to return to their African roots.

My experience of living in Memphis, Tennessee, changed my life completely, and I no longer wanted to hide from the reality of racial discrimination but instead leaning into it, wanting to learn more about its origin, and how I could help be a voice toward finding reconciliation. The only problem was I didn’t know where to start. I was a bit scared. I didn’t know what I was allowed to say or not allowed to say, or whether or my voice would be taken seriously if anything was said at all. All I knew was this; Jesus stood against injustice, and it was time for me to man up do the same regardless if I was taken seriously. It’s the right thing to do. It’s what Jesus would have done. We’re called to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:31).

Jesus never stood against injustice. Rather the opposite: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” and “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses. seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” Matt 23:2-3

Jesus DID act racist against the Samaritan at the well and the Syrophoenician woman.

All that Jarrid knew about race, even within Scripture, was a lie. What was he thinking, moving halfway across a continent without expecting culture shock? He got of the plane, “Oh no racism is real!” and quickly began to impose his beliefs upon the locals. Globalist little fuck.

If I’m honest, I think I’m just fed up with people not acknowledging the fact that racism is an obvious issue in our country; especially those who have influence within Christian culture but remain silent because they don’t want to be seen as controversial.specifically pastors.T rust me, I was that guy for a long time, but that’s changed dramatically. Racism isn’t controversial, it’s just wrong. It’s unbiblical. It seems that many of us have forgotten that the Acts 2 church was multi-ethnic. And not to mention, Jesus wasn’t white.

The Acts 2 church in which Peter gave a speech starting “Fellow Jews and all of you who live in Jerusalem, let me explain this…”? Pete was race-conscious right off the bat. Even Paul who corrected Peter’s backsliding gave preference to his own people until Jewish persecution left him no choice.

It’s okay to prefer your own people to strangers from distant lands, Jarrid. You were lied to about the Bible, twisting “God shows no favoritism between Jews and Gentiles” into “you must give favorable treatment to all foreigners regardless of all circumstances.”

I.m not going to do things perfectly, but I’m still going to try. Why? Because I’d rather be deemed controversial than let my silence be conveyed as purposeful ignorance as it pertains to the racial discrimination and affliction that terrorizes our country.

Translation, Jarrid seeks approval from the multi-Cult. There’s no way that toeing the path of least resistance, the globalist lie of equality, would be perceived by anybody as a controversial act.

America is not being “terrorized” by racial discrimination. Not unless you’re talking about #BlacksLoveMisery and their riots & cop killings.

We as Christians are called to stand up against injustice no matter where it’s from or what it looks like. And one of the most purposely ignorant things we can do as humans would be to ignore the reality of racism in our country. The local church should be forerunners in the journey toward reconciliation, and examples as to how we are to love one another without limitation.

The best way to make racism go away is to obsess over it constantly?

News flash: racism is a just behavior. A man should care more about his own children than his neighbor’s children. Men should uphold their own society before involving themselves in other societies. That’s all racism is. Bringing in outsiders can wreck the society you’re invested in so you should be very cautious about immigration. heard the phrase “God doesn’t see color. time and time again in conversations surrounding race; specifically from white people trying to bandage up some of the damage caused by hate-fueled rhetoric and actions against people of color. And while I understand the intent of this phrase is to ensue unity and equality through all ethnicities, I believe it to fail in doing this on both ends of the coin. God isn’t colorblind. He knows my brothers and sisters of color. He knows every hair on our heads and the pigment on our skin. Every shade. He sees it. He loves it. He created it. To say that God doesn’t see color is to say that God doesn’t see what makes his creation so beautiful; we’re unique, wonderfully made, and made precious in his sight.

This is Jarrid trying to square “ceasing to be racist” with “obsessing constantly over racism”. He didn’t do that as a kid… “I need you as my friend because I need an Amerindian’s approval. See, I’m not racist!”… but now that he’s doing it in adulthood to protect his sabotaged ego, cognitive dissonance sets in.

If Jarrid reads his Bible then he should know about Proverbs 18:17. “The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.” He’s listened to Antifa all his childhood life; perhaps he should now listen to Christians who say racism is okay. That’s not a demand that he conclude we’re correct. It’s a demand to drop his ego-shields enough to give us the chance.

Many of us were also lied to in childhood. We were raised to not care about race–that was good when we were bound together by common culture, language and religion–but once the globalists began forcing immigration to destroy the nations, race consciousness became essential to resisting the devil’s plans. Sorting ourselves along ethnic lines is actually a righteous idea because the last part of our identity that the globalists can take away is our race.

We racist whites are holding on to who we are amid great persecution. The devil hates that. He hates all distinctions between humans and would see all humanity reduced to a grey goo of faceless livestock. Stop living in the past, Jarrid. Realize that the spiritual war today is between globalism and nationalism, and anti-racism is a work of the devil.

And stop spelling your name wrong. That is a corruption of your identity as a human being worse than even anti-racism. Your name is Jared.


Feminism 2.5

Dalrock put up an article about the interestingly batshit psycho Bridget Phetasy’s hatred of men.

Mel Magazine, which he linked to, had another article written by her not suitable for Dalrock’s mainstream audience. If Feminism 2.0 was women’s liberation from male authority and Feminism 3.0 is women’s open rebellion against men today, the link between the two is Evil using the opportunity to corrupt sexually mature women with permissive fathers/husbands. The evil of feminism has not just been its laws. It’s also been convincing men that women are naturally good and Not Like That. It should not have been such an easy sell.

My Month As A Member of the “Wild Wild Country. Sex Cult

One of my best and most free-spirited friends recently texted me, .I totally would’ve been a Rajneeshee..

On my recommendation, she was watching the extraordinary new Duplass brothers documentary on Netflix, Wild Wild Country, which chronicles the too-crazy-to-be-true story of Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later known as .Osho.) when he comes to the U.S. in the early 1980s and purchases 65,000 acres on which to create an “intentional community” called Rajneeshpuram. What ensues when 2,000 hippies and a cult leader descend on a sleepy retirement community in the middle of nowhere Oregon is stranger than fiction: a story of sex, controversy, conspiracy and power. been,. I reply.

.Of course you were a sannyasin,. she texts back.

Until recently, I’d happily repressed all my memories about my three weeks as a .sannyasin….Sanskrit for .devotee….at an Osho ashram in Australia. But then my roommate started watching Wild Wild Country, and when I walked in the room, a bunch of people were jumping around on the screen naked, breathing heavily.

.Hey, I’ve done that!. I exclaimed.

Well, that went bad fast. First, Hollywood is apparently making favorable documentaries about bizarre, real-life sex cults; second, women are apparently excited at the thought of participating; and third, Bridget was traumatized by that exact cult but then introduced her friend to the documentary. We know chicks dig jerks but do chicks make a point of sharing jerks, too? Or was Bridget trying to damage her friend the way she herself was damaged?

Related image

“Osho” Rajneesh. Remember what I said about heavy-lidded eyes a few posts back? Add to that a beard that hides almost all his facial features. This is a man with many vile secrets. Per Wikipedia,

In 1981, the Rajneesh movement’s efforts refocused on activities in the United States and Rajneesh relocated to a facility known as Rajneeshpuram in Wasco County, Oregon. Almost immediately the movement ran into conflict with county residents and the state government, and a succession of legal battles concerning the ashram’s construction and continued development curtailed its success. In 1985, in the wake of a series of serious crimes by his followers, including a mass food poisoning attack with Salmonella bacteria and an aborted assassination plot to murder U.S. Attorney Charles H. Turner, Rajneesh alleged that his personal secretary Ma Anand Sheela and her close supporters had been responsible. He was later deported from the United States in accordance with an Alford plea bargain.

After his deportation, 21 countries denied him entry. He ultimately returned to India and a revived Pune ashram, where he died in 1990.

Continuing with Bridget’s story,

An ashram is a spiritual hermitage, usually in a remote, isolated, pristine place reminiscent of Eden, where hippies (apparently “seekers” is the politically correct term) like myself go to do yoga, meditate and get in touch with our inner Zen by trading about four hours of work a day….meditation in action. as it’s rebranded on the .Ram…like gardening, laundry, cooking and cleaning around the grounds for room and food.

There’s something incredibly seductive about living that simply…if it was actually that simple.

Normal femininity. Nesting instinct, keep a happy home serving a husband, all healthy. But no, Bridget had to see the world and “find herself” with a playboy millionaire first.

“…The reason I ended up on an ashram fours days after I arrived in Australia not knowing a soul was, of course, due to a boy. I’d accompanied a Sydney trust fund kid on a road trip up the coast to Byron Bay, where he was meeting some of his best mates for a boy’s week of shenanigans. He’d assured me I’d love it there (I did) and that lodging wouldn’t be an issue. But it was Christmas break and there literally wasn’t a single room in town. Mind you, this was pre-Airbnb, and Sydney Trust Fund Boy basically shrugged his shoulders and told me I was on my own.”

Oh noes, the fish lost her bicycle! Bridget traveled alone to Australia in order to spend Christmas not with family but with Trust Fund Baby. She’s already crossing all kinds of lines that would normally have kept her hypergamy in check. In that sort of situation, I might have tried the local church for shelter and not taken it badly if I had to bunk with the homeless for a few days. Bridget instead traveled inland to stay at Swami Hotel.

The only option I found…the ashram…was on a WWOOFing website. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and it can be a great way to trade about four hours of work for lodging (and sometimes food) if you’re trying to travel the world on a limited budget. It was advertised as “an ideal atmosphere to relax and reconnect with yourself.” Leaving the beach to go work in the Bush didn’t sound ideal to me, but I was desperate.

I.d never been to an ashram despite being a yogi and all that other shite. So I had no idea what to expect when I was picked up by an almost too-jovial-looking ginger wearing all white. He drove like a bat out of hell. It was especially aggressive for someone who was supposed to represent peace and love, and I was scared as we careened away from the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay into the jungle. Everyone else in the car had wide, clear eyes that unnerved me and that goofy fucking grin of a fool whose brain had been washed. It occurred to me that I had no idea where I was going, that I might never see civilization again and that I may have just inadvertently joined a sex cult because I had no place to stay.


No, Barbie. No “oops”. You were looking for trouble. You were already active in New Age. Nobody “inadvertently” joins a sex cult hours away when she doesn’t even have transportation. This sort of behavior is why women must be kept on leashes held by men. The era of easy, global transportation has only made this problem worse… the problem of “Eat, Pray, Love, Suck Foreign Cock Where Daddy Will Never Find Out”. Women wince in pain when Ernie Engineer smiles at her and then travel with strangers into the Australian Outback to be bodily consumed by an Interpol celebrity.

It wasn’t until I arrived that night I realized it was an Osho ashram.

Oh fuck, I thought. I didn’t know much about Osho, but I knew enough to realize I had no idea what I’d just gotten myself into. Before I left for my two-year globetrot, I’d looked into staying at the Osho “meditation resort” in Pune, India. One of the things that struck me was the mandatory HIV test before your stay.

.Why is that?. I asked my yoga mentor in L.A.

.Because everyone is fucking,. he explained.

Osho was controversial for many reasons, but his most controversial concept was the idea of sex and the spiritual going hand-in-hand. He bucked the rigid system of traditional ashrams (and in fact, even today the Osho ashram in Pune doesn’t consider itself an ashram) and the notion that you have to renounce the material world in order to be spiritual. The guy had 120 Rolls Royces, after all.

The Chinese ambassador is on Line 1. He wants his red flags back.

Her father ponied up the cash for an unsupervised two-year journey around the world for his sexually mature yet unmarried daughter? What could possibly go wrong with that? Feminism’s evil is not just removing the legal and cultural barriers to this level of stupidity. It’s convincing fathers and husbands that women don’t need those barriers, anyway. Or in Feminism Wave 3, it’s threatpointing fathers and husbands to not reimpose those barriers when they see what monsters their womenfolk are becoming.

If you’ve seen the documentary, our Osho ashram-not-ashram is a watered-down version of what existed in the 1970s…although on the first night, it became clear that sex was definitely encouraged. Usually there’s some type of “Master” or “Guru” or whatever he prefers not to be referred to as; he runs the place and guides the exercises, work and spiritual progress of us humble young grasshoppers.

My Guru took me aside on the first night and asked me if I had any questions.

.Yeah, is this a sex cult?. I asked.

Guru grinned. .I like you. You’re direct. But you’re too smart for your own good..

He was charming in that creepy kind of way that makes you simultaneously crave his approval and his tough love. “No” No one has to have sex, but you are free to have as much sex with as many people as you like. People with shame about sex think this is a cult, but we’re just individuals experiencing the flow of love..

This is as bad as it gets. Combining sex with rogue “spiritual experiences” is the fast lane to demonic possession. And ditsy Bridget couldn’t hide her excitement at being next.

The first night was relatively tame. We listened to some Osho recordings and danced. Okay, I can probably handle this until Sydney Trust Fund Boy can come get me, I thought. It wasn’t like I had much of a choice. We were a five-hour walk from civilization on acres of wild Bush. The only two people who had the internet were the Guru and his secretary. There was no service, and if we were caught on our digital devices, they would take them away. We were “free to go,. but I came to learn it wasn’t quite that easy.

I was basically only allowed to email my dad that I was fine and that I was at a “retreat” in Australia and would be out-of-touch for a while. “Be careful and don’t join a cult,. he responded.

This useless, worthless mangina is so willfully ignorant of female nature that Bridget could hang out at a sex cult while waiting her turn in Playboy Rothschild’s harem rotation without her father suspecting anything. “Hi Daddy, I’m okay, the people here are nice, they don’t have names and there’s no address but I’ll be in touch! Bye!” AND DADDY WAS OKAY WITH THAT!

I remember at the next-to-last church I attended, hearing the pastor boast about his daughter going to university. I asked why he’d do that. “So she wouldn’t have to depend on a husband,” he replied. “She needs education to have a good career.” It looks so obvious in hindsight, the damage being done to women by female liberation, yet so many men are incurably blind to Original Sin.

Feminism did this. Not us Red-Pilled guys. Waves 1 and 2 threw open the gates of Hell and convinced the menfolk they were sniffing rainbow farts instead of brimstone. Then Wave 2.5 hit, young women getting pumped and dumped and recycled everywhere by not just Chads but some truly Evil men working corruption on an industrial scale. Now in Third Wave feminism, women burn with hate for the bottom 99.985% of male humanity because we can’t compare to the cocaine highs of her misspent youth.

Whenever you take groups of people from all over the world and ask them to co-exist, problems are bound to arise, especially in an extremely small system that encourages polyamory. The partner swapping caused huge problems because despite how elevated in consciousness everyone likes to imagine themselves to be, women and men are still prone to jealousy and suspicion and love. And so, it was nearly constant drama. So much so that it felt like a reality show sometimes: The Real World: Ashram Australia. People would get banished only to return a week later and beg to be let back in.

I give props for her acknowledgment that diversity is not our strength and take back the props because she meant it as approval not criticism, enjoying the chaos and conflict caused by diversity. This was Hypergamy on drama-crack.

All ashrams have their own culture and theology. A certain amount of indoctrination comes with any culture, especially a closed-system in the middle of nowhere like the “Ram” A large part of the Guru’s rhetoric focused on our identity, letting go of whatever ideas of ourselves we clung to the most desperately. He focused on it so intensely, though, that there was something unnerving about it. In particular, he asked, .What remains when everything has been washed away? When there are no distractions? When there’s nowhere to run to? No one to affirm your existence, stroke your ego, favorite your Instagram? Who are you when you can no longer hide from the loneliness, the fear, the pain and the insecurity? What happens when you let your old self go?.

I.ll tell you what happens: You go bat-shit crazy.

Do tell.

Believe it or not (because I couldn.t), I actually found myself grateful to be using a compostable toilet instead of flushing away hundreds of gallons of precious water. I got in touch with my love of farming…a love I never knew I even had.

On second thought, don’t tell. It’s just water, Bridget. There are trillions of gallons of water on the planet. We boring, unsexy men can make all the clean water you could possibly want. “Twenty Cumz Chad” would rather lie around all day and make you do the work… which you happily did.

The surest sign a woman is becoming an Alpha widow: she complains the washing machine makes laundry too easy.

Ashrams are designed specifically to remove all the hundreds of thing we use to escape the inevitable encounter with our Self. We pop pills. We drink away our pain. We bury ourselves in work, television, porn, Facebook or a million other distractions so easily at our fingertips. We go on weekend retreats and expect the effects of those two days to counteract years upon years of social conditioning. For me at least, that’s why the ashram’s rigid schedule was easy to adhere to…it was designed to minimize disruptions and work with your body’s optimal biorhythms (admittedly, that’s what they told me, but it seemed to be true).

Ohmigawd! We bury ourselves in productive work and quietly use p0rn instead of fucking like rabbits around open sewers! Modern society sucks and who likes having excess drinking water, anyway?

Beware the subsequent link. Short version: “Bill Cosby raped me when an investment banker slipped me a roofie while I was drinking underage with a fake ID.” But the link helps explain Bridget’s lifelong misandry for the interested: either all men are rapist pigs or she’s a dirt magnet.

During the [scheduled] freak-the-fuck-out phase, I started crying. The crying turned to sobbing. The sobbing turned to rage. Out of nowhere I was screaming, .Get off of me! Get off of me!. and reliving the experience I had of being drugged and raped at 18. Mind you, this is 15 years later. I’d been to rehab and hundreds of hours of therapy by this point. But what I hadn’t processed were the repressed emotions, the stuff I didn’t get to say because I was drugged, but felt in my body. I spent five minutes screaming, .YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!. while I punched a pillow. During the 15-minute meditation, I vowed I’d never do this stupid practice again. But by the time the dancing was over, I felt lighter and somehow better. …

There were some English newbies who had just arrived that day. It was hilarious to watch them crawl around and struggle to get in touch with their inner animal spirits or really let themselves go. They left that night, but it wasn’t because of the jibberish or the animal-spirit guided meditations…it was because of what happened next.

…Then, out of nowhere, he singled out a German woman who had been there for a while. I didn’t know what the backstory was or what ashram drama led to his rage, but suddenly, the Guru was screaming. .You’re a PSYCHO! You’re INSANE.. It was shocking to watch someone get so thoroughly publicly humiliated at a place that was supposed to be .spiritual.” The Guru ordered her to pack her bags. The rest of us were instructed to partake in the ecstatic dance party. The pasty Brits, however, had seen enough and left in the car he sent the German woman away in.

Ritual abuse mixed with invocation of animal spirits. Better start naming those voices in your head; it’ll help your future therapists keep them straight. Skipping ahead,

“.I.m leaving,. I informed [my lover,] Wolf, back in my room, where I was curled in the fetal position in my room. .I hate him..

Then, like clockwork, there was a knock at the door. It was the Guru’s secretary. .The van is leaving to go to the farmers market and the waterfall if anyone wants to come,. she promised.

Wolf convinced me not to be stubborn and to join him. In that moment, I surrendered…to all of it.

We headed out to the … Farmers Market. Wolf and I danced until we were laughing hysterically. We explored the waterfall and stripped down to our underwear for an ice-cold plunge. The waterfall was stunning. I felt both baptized and reborn after such an intense emotional purge. …

Twu Wuv!

After that night, I fell into the ashram life, having lots of sweaty sex with Wolf, and dramatic muddy fights where we both cried in the rain. I exchanged dynamic meditation for sleeping in and cuddling. The next 10 days were a blur of routine, infatuation and bliss. I was playing little ashram wife and making sure our cottage was clean while Wolf sat on the edge of the bed and sang. His voice was otherworldly and haunting. I never wanted the moment to end. The river of love was flowing, and I’d decided to go with it. …

I also gave in to the constant guilting for more money and donated a bit more to the residence. My family started to worry I was never going to leave. I laughed it off, but truthfully, I was on the other side of the looking glass. I never wanted to leave.

Until Playboy Trustafunder was ready to take her back.

I was dying to go see an opera at the Sydney Opera House. Australia Day was coming up, and I wanted to do a bunch of drugs and party. It was the NFL playoffs. The Australian Open was going on in Melbourne. And after 14 days of porridge and veggies, I was craving a steak and endless amounts of booze. New Zealand was three hours away. Southeast Asia and India were serenading my soul.

I texted Sydney Trust Fund Baby, .WTF, WHERE ARE YOU? GET ME OUTTA HERE..

Two days later, I peaced out in a Range Rover and never looked back.

Until now.

I binged the Wild Wild Country series twice, hoping to resolve some of the mixed feelings I had about my own ashram experience, but alas, many of the residents who experienced Rajneeshpuram in its heyday seemed to live with the same conflicting feelings I was left with. Were we just hedonists following our bliss? Or was there something evil lurking behind it all?

You were living such a maximum-drama life that you didn’t just get Alpha ghosts, you got Survivor: Outback ghosts. You’ve hated your life ever since because normal life is boring. You hate yourself, you hate all men and you hate your father for being gullible enough to believe all the lies you told him.

It.s possible that these environments bring out the best and the worst in humanity…and they’re a prime example of the road to Hell truly being paved with good intentions…but what’s always haunted me is how much of the bad I overlooked in order to selfishly experience the good.

Philip Toelkes, who was the Bhagwan’s lawyer until 1983, sums it up best in the docuseries when he remarks, .There’s darkness in all of us. doesn’t make you a bad person..

After that, he laughs. Otherwise, he’d have to contemplate the alternative.

Defense attorneys are like that. They like to find the good in their clients’ hearts instead of accepting that their life’s work is helping human trash escape justice. That can feel awkward on lonely nights with the whiskey bottle.

Bridget Phetasy is the Playboy Advisor and a frequent Playboy contributor. She last wrote about how long sex should last.

“My record with Wolf is ten days while Daddy paid for it all!” Ugh, Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks. God, please let enough of the Manosphere survive through the ages to prevent men from ever being this cucked-up again.


Mirko Bagaric Is Professionally Blind

This post is long because there’s so much fun to be had! My previous post discovering Mirko led me to believe he was a typical bleeding-heart Liberal defense attorney masquerading as a law expert who thinks most crooks are kindhearted citizens who haven’t been educated enough to understand that huffing paint and robbing convenience stores are bad ideas. It was also a bit dated–January 2016–so I had a look at what Mirko has been doing more recently. Behold, I quickly found an article from him calling for TOUGHER sentencing guidelines! Interesting. Does he break the mold?

Sentencing expert Mirko Bagaric says some non-custodial sentences were not tough enough to stop young ­offenders from reoffending.

A quick note on physiognomy. If you look at most people, their right eye is slightly more recessed than the left. The right side of a person’s face tends to reflect their attitude towards the outside world while the left side reflects their inward attitude. People are typically more on guard against the outside world than their inner thought life because you’re honest with yourself. This is the second picture I’ve seen of Mirko in which his left eye is the more recessed/guarded. That suggests either cognitive dissonance with himself or left-handedness.

Let’s dig into the article:

Sentencing experts call for tough youth penalties

Yay! Tough on crime!

The number of youth offenders breaching the terms of their bail, community corrections orders and parole in Victoria has increased five-fold over five years, prompting sentencing experts to call for stronger penalties for young people as the state tackles an outbreak of gang crime. [GQ: community corrections orders here are punishments that don’t involve incarceration or corporal punishment: curfews, homework, travel restrictions etc.]

Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council data shows the number of secondary offences . or offences that relate to conditions imposed on an offender following a first ?offence . had greatly increased from 2011 to 2016.

In the Children’s Court, secondary offences grew from 2.83 per cent of all charges sentenced, or 590 charges in 2011, to 14.34 per cent, and almost 3000 charges in 2016. In all courts across Victoria, the number of secondary offences almost tripled, with 12,244 recorded in 2011-12 and 31,862 by 2016.

Yikes, that’s serious. A society doesn’t change that fast without external disruptions. Like, say… immigration?

The State of Victoria has been enriched by the presence of people from all over the world. At the 2016 Census 28.4% of Victoria’s population were born overseas and 49.1% of Victorians were either born overseas, or have a parent who was born overseas. Victorians come from more than 200 countries, speak 260 languages and dialects and follow 135 religious faiths. Most of the overseas-born Victorians came to Australia as migrants hoping to find a better life for themselves and their children. A significant number came to Australia as refugees . first Europeans displaced by the Second World War, then refugees from the war in Indo-China and more recently refugees from conflicts in the republics of the former Yugoslavia, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Boldface mine. Here’s your problem, Victoria, you’ve been importing Negroes and Muslims and discovering they don’t behave as well as Hans & Gretel searching for a home that hasn’t been Ground Zero for two World Wars. Shee-it, that’s an official government site talking? I thought California was bad.

Anyway, here’s the smoking gun showing what happened to Victoria between 2011 and 2016:

Click to access Table1VictoriaCountryofbirth2016Censusandchange5July17.PDF

Here are the highlights:

Number of Australians in Victoria, up 5% from 3.7m people in 2011 to 3.8m in 2016

Overall foreign-born, up 20% from 1.4m to 1.7m. That’s 60,000 new foreigners per year to this one region.

Indians, up 52% from 111k to 169k

Chinese, up 71% from 94k to 161k

Italians, down 8% from 77k to 71k

Scottish, down 13% from 30k to 26k

Pakistanis, up 130% from from 9k to 22k

Iraqis, up 46% from 13k to 19k

Afghans, up 82% from 10k to 18k

Iranians, up 123% from 7k to 17k

All of Africa–the morons broke it down by country so I need to calculate–

Africans, up 30% from 23k to 30k


Special note: South Sudanese, distinct from Sudanese, up 146% from 1k to 3k. I’ve a hunch this is the problem just because the datum is unique, like somebody wants to speak truth without getting caught.

Hmm, not as devastatingly Afro as I’d expected but still great strides on the road to Demographic Hell. While I don’t advocate ethnic purity, this massive growth in diverse vibrancy can only result in social collapse. But that’s not my problem today. Mirko is. How does Mirko propose handling the massive increase in lawlessness that just happens to parallel the massive increase in diversity?

Back to the original linked article:

Sentencing expert Mirko Bagaric, who heads Swinburne University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Sentencing, said some non-custodial sentences were not tough enough to stop young ?offenders from reoffending.

.The reason why you’ve got a lot of youth reoffending is because there are utterly insufficient ?resources that are being put into the type of programs that better educate and rehabilitate young ?offenders,. Dr Bagaric said. .If they do something wrong, they need an adverse consequence with that. Good behaviour bonds sometimes don’t convey the message..

The Labor government is battling to contain a wave of violence committed by street gangs comprised mainly of teenagers, which broke out over summer. The street thuggery came at the end of a year during which the state’s youth justice centres were rocked by violence and riots.

The Attorney-General, Martin ?Pakula, yesterday declined to comment on plans under consideration to tighten community corrections orders [GQ: non-incarceration punishments for criminal convictions], but said the government was working to bring sentencing standards in line with community expectations.

.We will continue to make the changes necessary to keep the community safe,. Mr Pakula said.

.We want to make sure serious offenders are punished for their crimes and receive consistent sentences which better meet community expectations..

Mr Bagaric said penalties for young offenders should aim to be as least punitive as possible, but magistrates also needed to make sure that the offender felt some form of hardship to impress the lesson.

Translation, Mirko thinks non-incarceration punishments need to be increased. “You know what’ll stop this crime wave? Not allowing young thugs to wear gang clothes anymore! Forcing them to live without air conditioning! A third probation officer! That’ll teach ’em to behave! Rampant vandalism may be unhealthy but prison is barbaric!”

.The number one priority should be the protection of the community and if they’re behaving repeatedly in a way that’s causing sexual or physical harm to members of the public, then there is a need for them to be put into detention,. Mr Bagaric said. .What they do in Victoria is that they’re very bad at putting in place active interventions that salvage these young people quickly..

Classic Leftoid Utopianism. Notice Mirko thinks the top priority should be “protecting the community”? That’s what atheists tell themselves after they dismiss the notion of Evil and discover that a large percentage of the population does not wish to live in peace and honest work. “This is evil… no, wait… there is no evil… um… this is disrupting the safety of the community! Stop, you under-educated-but-not-evil person, in the name of the Generally Accepted Community Guidelines, Revised!”

Notice that mass immigration with no effort at integration apparently doesn’t impact “protection of the community”.

Good and Evil are unchanging principles defined by God. Human Law in the Christian West is meant to be the uniform application of God’s general principles to specific societies and situations. Stealing is bad because God said so, not because the law said so. Stealing would remain bad if the law legalized it. This simple concept is how an educated, degreed, credentialed, published, peer-reviewed and award-winning professional with extensive experience wound up so fuck-witted stupid that an Internet nobody like me can and should lecture him on his own life’s work. It’s not because I’m smarter than him. It’s because I know WHY we have laws in the FIRST PLACE: to honor Almighty God. Not to keep communities organized or God help us, properly EDUCATED to State standards of BEHAVIOR.

Mister Bagaric, you don’t EDUCATE a criminal into behaving. You PUNISH him. Even if you somehow know for a fact that he’ll never commit a crime again, you punish him because evil will be punished either in this life or the next. If you love the criminal then you’ll punish him now, when the punishment is temporary.

And you call yourself a criminal sentencing expert!

The rising number of secondary offences is not resulting in increases to the prison population.

Wow, what a finish. That’s the entire article summed up with a pretty bow on top.



Here’s an article confirming South Sudanese are the problem as well as Mirko’s theory that criminals aren’t deterred by punishment, only being caught. It’s a bad sign when even network news blames the dark-skinned for a crime wave:

African gangs in Melbourne are a problem, police admit, as Victorian Government defends strategy

Victorian police have conceded Melbourne has a problem with African street gangs, after earlier insisting there were no gangs in the city, as the State Government rejects criticism it has dropped the ball on the problem.

Police Minister Lisa Neville on Tuesday defended the Government’s handling of youth crime after the Federal Government on Monday said “African gang crime” was out of control in Melbourne because of lenient state policies.

The issue has become a priority for both major parties after a series of recent headline-grabbing crimes blamed on groups of young African men, including the trashing of an Airbnb property in Werribee, vandalism in Tarneit and a night of violence at St Kilda Beach involving dozens of youths.

Just days after Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp said he did “not accept for a minute that we do have gangs”, Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said there were African street gangs in Melbourne.

“We have for a significant period of time said that there is an issue with overrepresentation by African youth in serious and violent offending as well as public disorder issues,” Acting Commissioner Patton said.

“These young thugs, these young criminals, they’re not an organised crime group like a Middle Eastern organised crime group or an outlaw motorcycle gang. But they’re behaving like street gangs, so let’s call them that . that’s what they are.”

More frontline police

Ms Neville said most African migrants were law-abiding citizens, but “this core group of African youths are causing huge fear”.

She said Victoria Police noticed youth offending “go to a new level” in 2016, and the State Government responded by:

  • adding resources to the gangs squad and special operations group
  • recruiting 3,135 additional frontline police
  • funding an intelligence system, bulletproof vehicles and other technology and resources.

…Ms Neville said upcoming changes to the Youth Parole Board meant police would be informed when young people were paroled, and conditions would be placed on parolees to prevent reoffending.

A program that started in November was also targeting repeat offenders with intensive, individual case management, she said.

My previous post quoted Mirko’s theory that criminals only fear getting caught; actually punishing them isn’t needed. Neville is implementing his theory and the results thus far say Mirko is so wrong that the government might destabilize because it did what he recommended.

On Monday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the Government was concerned about “growing gang violence and lawlessness” in Melbourne, and frontbencher Greg Hunt said “African gang crime in some areas in particular is clearly out of control”.

“We lost Melbourne” won’t look good on the resume, Mirko. Still believe there is no God, when devils are running free?

South Sudanese Australian Nelly Yoa, who said he mentored troubled young people in the community, is also critical of the State Government.

Ouch! The vibrants themselves are telling the government it’s being too lenient with them.

Image result for lisa neville

Police Minister Lisa Neville proves feminism is ugly. Did she ever work the streets before reaching top brass?

Open your eyes, Mirko. The proper sentencing guideline for criminals who are either foreign-born or their first-generation descendants is THEY HAVE TO GO BACK! Not returned to society with a frigging curfew. As for the native-born criminals, PUNISH THEM! Make then regret they ever chose to do evil. It’s not about preventing recidivism or maintaining good order in society. It’s about right against wrong and you, sir, are wrong. Repent and take the hit to your credibility–admit you are dangerously wrong about the most basic principles of criminal justice–or stand fat and proud before God in Judgment.


One final article, this on Mirko’s concept of “hardship” towards criminals. Here’s a published paper of his from the U of Akron, Ohio of all places.

The Hardship That is Internet Deprivation and What it Means for Sentencing: Development of the Internet Sanction and Connectivity for Prisoners(2017)

Oh, Lord.


Twenty years ago, the internet was a novel tool. Now it is such an ingrained part of most people’s lives that they experience and exhibit signs of anxiety and stress if they cannot access it. Non-accessibility to the internet can also tangibly set back peoples. social, educational, financial, and vocational pursuits and interests. In this Article, we argue that the sentencing law needs to be reformed to adapt to the fundamental changes in human behavior caused by the internet.

We present three novel and major implications for the sentencing law and practice in the era of the internet. First, we argue that denial of access to the internet should be developed as a discrete sentencing sanction, which can be invoked for relatively minor offenses in much the same way that deprivation of other entitlements or privileges, such as the right to drive a motor vehicle, are currently imposed for certain crimes.

We don’t have to incarcerate petty crooks? We only have to take away their Internet because that’ll be just as harmful to their lives as being locked in a concrete cell? Internet deprivation is what’s called a First World Problem. Not an “inmate civil rights” problem.

How the hell would anybody enforce this? There are smartphones smaller than wallets. I pay a premium to have a NOT-Internet-enabled phone.

Second, we argue that prisoners should have unfettered access to the internet. This would lessen the pain stemming from incarceration in a manner which does not undermine the principal objectives of protection and infliction of a hardship.while at the same time providing prisoners with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and relationships that will better equip them for a productive life once they are released. Previous arguments that have been made for denying internet access to prisoners are unsound. Technological advances can readily curb supposed risks associated with prisoners using the internet.

See again, Mirko thinks the purpose of criminal justice is community protection. Who cares if inmates get free 24-hour porn as a “punishment” for their crime? The important thing is the community is no longer being disrupted by the “uneducated”. And yes, in the report he argues that inmates using the Net for porn is okay. I actually agree there but not as an entitlement; as a cheap entertainment the warden can take away if he doesn’t behave.

But I disagree, in the strongest terms, about inmates having relationships over the Internet while incarcerated. Never mind Death Row Fan Club, there’d be an army of trolls debasing Internet forums who are ALREADY BEHIND BARS!

And those “technological advances”? Bleeding-heart liberals put a LOT of trust in technological advances, don’t they? And they have constant witch hunts and purges among the people they can’t replace with tech. That might say something about their internal belief systems.

Finally, if the second recommendation is not adopted, and prisoners continue to be denied access to the internet, there should be an acknowledgement that the burden of imprisonment is greater than is currently acknowledged. The internet is now such an ingrained and important aspect of people’s lives that prohibiting its use is a cause of considerable unpleasantness. This leads to our third proposal: continued denial of the internet to prisoners should result in a recalibration of the pain of imprisonment such that a sentencing reduction should be conferred to prisoners.

The linked paper is fun to read. Mirko is a blind legal expert leading the credulous.


A Mangina Down Under

Australia is a bit off my territory–like most Americans, I regard “the rest of the world” as a largely theoretical construct, or I did until the globalists turned San Jose into San Delhi–but commenter Virginia on Dalrock’s pointed me at a strong candidate for Mangina of the Year. Introducing Mirko Bagaric, Dean and Head of School of Law, Deakin University.

Related image

Dis gonna be good.

When it comes to committing crimes, humans have two distinct forms. Overwhelmingly, men perform most criminal acts. And, with only a hint of exaggeration, women never commit the most heinous offences.

A law professor should know better than this. Overwhelmingly, men are convicted of most criminal acts. Women never get convicted of the most heinous offences. But that does not mean offenses are never committed. Remember Harvard School of Law’s unofficial motto, “if you can’t be convicted then you’ve done nothing wrong.”

Women constitute approximately 8% of all Australian prisoners. However, the total number of women prisoners has grown considerably over the past decade.


But the level of female under-representation in overall imprisonment rates is not nearly enough. It should be somewhere between 0% and 1% of the total prison population.


…Women are even less represented in relation to the most serious offences. They commit virtually no sexual offences. Women constitute 15% of all defendants whose most serious crime is homicide or a related offence. However, the number of women charged with such offences is low given that only 955 such offences are reported annually.

With sodomy still being a tiny proportion of all sexual behavior, women being charged with virtually no sexual offences should be a massive red flag of institutional bias. Women are having uninhibited sex everywhere today and this law professional believes women NEVER EVER commit a sex crime against men? He’s calling for a target of 0% female incarceration so, yeah.

Since when does the criminal justice system have assigned outcomes, anyway? That’s another massive red flag, this time that social engineers have taken over society are are forcing their hopeless utopian fantasies upon the general public. What SHOULD be the target incarceration rate of a society? 100% of the guilty and 0% of the innocent; anything else is favoritism. If half of all black women are incarcerated because half of all black women commit crimes then all is well.

When women do kill it is usually different to male killing. Women often kill against a backdrop of victimisation and hopelessness, not because they are angry or revengeful.

BWAHAHA! Start using public transportation, you dipshit bubble boy. You’ll see angry and revengeful women on a daily basis. One week on BART (San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit) will give Mirko a better education in human nature than six digits of student debt ever can. Learning about human behavior in college is like learning about animal behavior from a Jane Goodall biography.

The most common offences for which women are imprisoned are unlawful entry (10%), theft (8%), fraud and deception offences (8%), drug offences (17%) and offences against justice procedures (11%). By contrast, the majority of men are in prison for acts of violence or sexual offences.

This sounds cherrypicked. The majority of male crimes is also non-violent. Trespass, theft and drug possession are always going to be more common than homicide and rape-rape.

Whoa, wait up. When he says “for which women are imprisoned”, is he talking prison or jail & prison combined? In America, prison is hard-time land; you don’t go there for trespass, shoplifting or a gram of coke. Unless Australia is much different, both men and women in PRISON there should be majority violent/sexual.

The undeniable difference between men and women when it comes to committing crime should be reflected in a fundamentally different approach to the sentencing of women. Not only should women generally receive more lenient penalties than men because they are normally more law-abiding, but women who commit the same crime as men should in most cases receive lighter penalties. This should be so for three reasons:

1. Women re-offend less frequently than men . and by a considerable margin.

Women don’t need to be punished because they won’t do the crime again anyway? Care to bet on that?

2. The impact of imprisonment on women is generally more damaging than on men. Women who are imprisoned for a long time can have their right to procreate effectively negated. For men, the same sanction is typically merely a suspension of this right.

It’s disgusting to see a man with penis envy.

Women also suffer more while they are imprisoned. They are more likely to have mental health issues and be victims of sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, men half-joke about “dropping the soap” in prison showers. Notice we aren’t laughing when we say it.

3. Women perform a greater portion of the nurturing and benevolent acts in society than men do. Removing them from society often has a devastating impact on their children, relatives and other dependants. This disruption should be minimised.

By granting custody to the childrens’ fathers? Does Daddy get an “I have kids” pass, too? Or is the father considered disposable by the government?

It is only an utterly perverse and misguided sense of equality that would suggest that female offenders should be treated the same as males.

Related image

Effectively eliminating the threat of imprisonment from the female psyche will not encourage them to commit more crime. Empirical data establishes that there is no link between severe penalties and low crime. The only policing and sentencing approach that reduces crime is increasing the perception in people’s minds that if they commit a crime they will be caught.

Side note, Mirko prides himself on being a criminal sentencing expert.

Implementing changes to the sentencing system that will benefit women does not necessarily prejudice men. The opposite is the case. The reforms will prompt a reassessment of all sentencing principles so far as non-violent and non-sexual offenders are concerned.

This will logically result in less severe sanctions for men who commit crimes of this nature. It is the only tenable approach to dealing with Australia’s prison over-crowding crisis.

You just bought yourself a Fisking Round Two with a conclusion that deranged. Such a magnificent target must have more to offer! Stay tuned!


Patriarchy In Ancient Israel

It’s a question worth exploring, seeing as Israel was both founded by the proverbial Patriarchs and abandoned by God as a blueprint for nation-building and precondition for following Him. The various phases of Israel’s history each have an insight to offer. There are two definitions for patriarchy in the Manosphere today, male leadership of his family and ethno-state building. I use small-P patriarchy for male control of his household and capital-P Patriarchy for running an ethno-state.

The first Patriarch

Abraham’s story of finding a wife for Isaac is heavily misused by Churchians, who teach that Isaac prayed for God to pick out a wife for him. This is what Churchians want the story to be because they dislike the notion that a man should choose a wife for reasons such sexual attractiveness or thinking she’d be a pleasant domestic influence in his house. Marriage should happen whenever she’s ready without the groom having any real choice in the matter, yes? But the actual story makes a joke of that. Heavy paraphrasing of Genesis 24:

“Abraham summoned his chief of staff and said, ‘I will not suffer my son to marry a local. Go to my homeland, purchase the best virgin you can find and bring her back. Here’s a suitcase with $10 million, that should be enough.’

“The chief of staff set out in a small convoy of vehicles for the trip. He arrived and prayed, ‘God, I have no idea how to please my master. Help me out by giving a sign?’ God did. The chief went to her father, asked his leave to take Rebekah as a wife for George Soros’s heir Abraham of Canaan’s heir and offered the suitcase of cash.”

Not at all the traditional church message of “God will provide a hard-ridden carousel veteran when she, er, God is ready, just like He did for Isaac.”

Was this an act of patriarchy? On one hand, Abraham did right by securing a decent wife for Isaac; on the other hand, one wonders how much Isaac was a participant in the process. It certainly was an act of Patriarchy in that Abraham was ethnically intolerant of the very people he lived among. The best tie-breaker for this question is the account of Ishmael.

Genesis 16:1-2: “Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, had borne him no children. But she had an Egyptian slave named Hagar; so she said to Abram, .The Lord has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her.. Abram agreed to what Sarai said.”

Very stupid.

Genesis 21:9-11: “But Sarah saw that the son whom Hagar the Egyptian had borne to Abraham was mocking, and she said to Abraham, .Get rid of that slave woman and her son, for that woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with my son Isaac.. The matter distressed Abraham greatly because it concerned his son.”

Very stupid. A patriarch in this situation would have directly refused Sarah’s demand instead of being upset that pleasing his wife was now going to cost him his first son. Arguably, Abraham’s stupidity of following his wife’s advice is still causing suffering in the Mideast.

Abraham himself was a Patriarch but not a patriarch. He clearly had little willingness to control his wife.

The other Patriarchs

The pattern of Abraham-Issac-Jacob is one that has frequently repeated itself in the lives of kings everywhere. You have the man who sets things in motion; his son dutifully keeps the machinery going without a lot of insight or risk; and his son’s son is the slacker playboy who burns it all. Isaac is almost a cipher to us. I speculate that God didn’t use Isaac to make the twelve tribes because He thought the deceitful Jacob would be a better symbol of Israel’s perennial creative rebelliousness against Him.

The lesson here is the dangers of thinking one can make himself a Patriarch. Ruling your family well is something all fathers can and should aspire to; creating a longstanding clan is a project that will most likely fizzle out in two generations.

Moses committed murder on behalf of his fellow Jews and when he wasn’t rewarded by them for his loyalty as he expected, he fled the country and lost his claim to the throne of Egypt. Just as well, as things turned out, but this kind of immorality is a classic and systematic problem with Patriarchy. He did go on to be a reasonably strong father-figure, standing against his brother Aaron when the latter tried to cause trouble by denouncing his choice of an Egyptian wife–a case of patriarchy versus Patriarchy. God Himself weighed in on behalf of patriarchy.

The Mosasic Law

Polygamy. The practice is essential to nation-building but destructive of the family, as fathers become so busy supporting a large family (or stealing from other men to support the family) that they don’t have time to be present. That’s manageable if there are alternative social structures to fatherhood and ways to dispose of excess men, typically via constant petty warfare. Of course, “manageable” does not mean “advisable”.

Polygamy in Israel is complicated by the fact that Israel was designed by God to exist in stasis. No allowance for growth was made; Joshua parceled out the exact lands for each tribe to live in. This is confirmed by practices such as the Year of Jubilee, an event in which all debts are canceled and all lands returned to their original tribe of origin. Even the permission to marry your brother’s wife was only to perpetuate your brother’s existence (Deut. 25:5-7). That is not how anybody proposes to use polygamy today.

Small-p patriarchy was facilitated by the Law’s allowance of unilateral male divorce. This is a crude, early method of government using its authority to support male leadership. God hates divorce but, in my opinion, the needs of balancing out the temptations of polygamy required giving men this level of despotism in the home during Moses’ time.

The Judges

The time of the Judges is the one that most closely related to Gentile life. We have no divinely ordained priesthood or ruling elite for the most part and likewise, Israel’s leaders were ordinary men drawn from obscurity to greatness–a short road for the most part but not one that female hypergamy and Pareto principle can tolerate. As God said to Samuel, the people demanding a king to rule over them was a direct rejection of God’s rule over them. Although the Bible doesn’t say so, I firmly believe the motivation for this rejection came from men wanting to please their wives instead of asserting enough authority over them to restrain Original Sin. It’s usually women who don’t like the concept of written rules.

This illustrates how beneficial and pleasing to God middle-class life is, and how alien it is to manginas and the women they can’t be bothered to control. (Samson is the patron saint of white knights.) God actually gave an example of this during the Exodus with the manna from heaven. Exodus 16:18b, “The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little.” A far cry from the devil’s work of diving humanity into the glutted and the starving.

The Kings

I like how different the Judges are in comparison with how similar the Kings are. Human history would have been far more pleasant had the skill to seize power also been the skill to wield it responsibly.

Once again, we have a direct case of patriarchy vs Patriarchy, this time in the life of famous King David. No man in Scripture is sexier–even Solomon didn’t compare with David’s musical talent–but what many people and all Churchians miss is that David was a miserably bad father. His son Amnon raped his daughter Tamar and David handled the incident so badly that, well:

2 Samuel 13:32:”But Jonadab son of Shimeah, David’s brother, said, .My lord should not think that they killed all the princes; only Amnon is dead. This has been Absalom’s express intention ever since the day Amnon raped his sister Tamar.” David’s advisor knew more about his children than David did.

Joab, another of David’s advisors had to intervene to reconcile Absalom with David. Then Absalom undermined David’s rule in the literal gates to the city and David didn’t notice until it became full rebellion (2 Samuel 15).

David’s son Adonijah also rebelled, mainly a power play to secure his succession to the throne, and David thwarted the attempt by granting succession to the gold-digger’s son, Solomon. Why did David not have a designated successor and why choose the rebellious whore over his many legit wives? That’s how strong of a hold Bathsheba’s crotch had on him even in old age.

Lesson: David’s johnson was thick enough to be Israel’s favored leader but not enough to raise his own kids. I’ve seem semester-long series on how great King David was but hardly a single sermon on what a bad father he was. In the long run, being a good patriarch was more important than being a good Patriarch, as Solomon subsequently proved. Foreign wives led the Wisest Man Ever astray from God while he turned Israel into a despotic nightmare, like his warlord father but on a grander scale. Israel split up immediately upon his death. That’s how bad Solomon was at Patriarchy.

The Prophets

So far as we know from Scripture, God stopped dealing directly with the kings in favor of dealing directly with the prophets. The prophets were neither Patriarchs–they mostly failed to do any lasting service to Israel’s integrity–and as far as we know, not patriarchs. Daniel probably had children, Jeremiah was forbidden to and for the others, if they did then it wasn’t deemed relevant to their work.

The only lesson I draw from here is that being a Patriarch won’t impress God and not being one won’t disappoint Him. Interesting that Original Sin is a relatively moot point when the sexes don’t interact. The Judges were often stupid with women, hello Barak, but the prophets managed to avoid that–example, Elijah and the widow.

Women destroy kings because kings run afoul of Original Sin when pussy enters the picture.


Christ did away with certificates of divorce and within a generation, polygamy. This created a problem, however. An outright ban on polygamy would require polygamous converts to Christianity to divorce all but one of their wives, and divorce is outlawed. This issue was handled by accepting polygamists on condition they take no more wives and are not considered fit for church leadership (as if they would have time for that anyway). Many would-be Patriarchs reinterpret this today to be formal legalization of polygamy with a tiny little restriction that won’t ever come up. Catch is, we don’t have a formal priesthood in New Testament times; all of us are to be as good examples and teachers as we can manage. Intentionally ruining our utility to God in order to get lots of “sanctioned” sex completely misses the point of why polygamy isn’t outright banned.

I suppose Jews still practicing Mosaic Law today can still do polygamy but that comes with the entire package of the Mosaic Law. You would be required to live in the correct geographic corner in Israel and in social stasis. If your brother’s wife is a harpy who murders him before spawning a son then you’ll be making conjugal visits to a prison psycho. Hello, Patriarchy!


Israel is one of the purest ethno-states in existence with millennia of genealogical records and preference for in-group loyalty over matters of conscience. One could define all of Hollywood as “the Jews exploited a high-trust population to seize ethnic dominance of culture and then punished the indigents with their own sexual perversions”. Nothing has changed since Abraham sneered at the locals outside his regional headquarters and called for his chief of staff. Nothing has changed since David, either. The ability to create and rule an ethno-state is far less important than the willingness to invest in and raise one’s children to have a conscience. The needs of patriarchy and Patriarchy are often in conflict, which helps explain why Christ did away with genealogies and ethnic loyalties.

Not that ethnic uniformity is a bad idea but shared culture, language and especially religion can tie people together more effectively and morally than ‘demographics is destiny’. Even Patriarchy cannot be achieved until patriarchy is first asserted. Remember Abram knocked up the “differently ethnic” Hagar on Sarai’s orders.


Devon Minnema, SJW

I took a closer look at Devon Minnema, King of Neckbeards and his work in Dixon politics. What I found was not quite what I expected. The research was swift thanks to Devon’s history as a op-ed writer for various papers. I’ll give some background bio then fisk my favorite article of his.

Image result for devon minnema

From his recently failed bid for Solano County Supervisor:

Devon Minnema is a fourth generation Japanese-American California family farmer. With his deep roots in the agriculture community, he was involved in FFA and 4H and served as an FFA officer while attending Dixon High School. He served on the board of directors of the Downtown Dixon Business Association and is a proud Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau member.

Four generations and he’s still a hyphenated-American? Maybe it’s just a virtue-signal.

Minnema is a Kiwanis member and currently serves on the board of directors so he can aid our county’s children and ensure that they have as much opportunity as possible. He attended Neighborhood Christian School and Dixon High School and goes to Living Hope Church in Dixon.

This explains why Pastor Jeff Myers of Living Hope Church chose to publicly attack Ted Hickman. I thought there’d be a lot of dirt to find on a Churchian who faults a man for honoring heterosexual relationships but found little. Living Hope is a depressingly generic Prot church… except that Myers may have violated his church’s 501c3 tax exemption by openly criticizing a elected government official. Hickman hadn’t made a policy statement but Pastor Myers advocated his removal from office regardless.

In addition to working on his family’s farm and his duties as a councilman, he also works at a Solano County feed store.

Thus far, we see that Devon is an extremely social guy with few marketable skills and thanks to Pastor Myers & Neighborhood Christian School, no moral compass.

Since being elected to City Council… Minnema set agenda points like increasing access to books, protecting migrant workers’ ability to find seasonal housing through the Dixon Housing Authority, ensuring that local watersheds are protected… He has been an advocate for young people and minorities getting involved in local politics as the only mix-race councilmember and the only councilmember under 30 in the district. He has spoken to groups like the Women’s Improvement Club, the Saint Peter’s Youth Group, and multiple high school and junior high classrooms.

Minnema often jokes that his constituents have the opposite reality of most people. Instead of trying in vain to have their opinions heard, they have a councilman knocking on their door asking for their opinion.

Translation, Devon has no agenda of his own except doing what it takes to gain power. A very common position for very insecure politicians.

Surprisingly, at this point I’m far more upset with the “Christian” influences in Devon’s upbringing than with Devon himself. Some men are naturally independent and self-teaching; other men are heavily dependent upon being taught right from wrong for no fault of their own. Devon is the latter: not athletic, not book-smart, not self-disciplined. Unknown if he had a father in his life.

Regardless, Devon is a man and therefore must own his beliefs. What are those? On to his politics:

Just who are the real “conservatives” in America today?

By Devon Minnema, 2/25/16

While moderates would probably like to label me a .libertarian,. I consider myself a conservative first and foremost. I have found, especially in speaking with voters during my recent time out of state, that few people truly understand what a conservative really is. Conservatives are not nationalists, nor are they budget busters, nor are they the so-called “moral majority..

He’s mostly right. Conservatives have proven they are globalists who believe in unlimited spending and simultaneously preaching and violating every virtue they can find. But what, then, is the difference between a conservative and a liberal?

A conservative believes in Renaissance ideals: Freedom, equality, liberty, respect, and diplomacy. Unlike Donald Trump’s fallacious supposition that conservatism is about, “conserving our money, conserving our wealth,. it is in fact all about conserving order in the pursuit of those ideals.

Do liberals not believe this also? Liberty, Equality and Fraternity was the French Revolution, not the American Revolution. The difference was that the clergy supported the American one and became the national conscience while in the French one, the clergy supported the oppressive royalists and the people revolted against both Church and State. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the French system of revolt is coming back now that American clergy have excused themselves from the light of truth.

In America, this concept has been adapted to protect the Constitution. Peaceful transition of power, restrictions on the influence of the federal government, and the protection of states. ability to make their own laws and economic systems are key pieces in the Constitutional puzzle.

This is why conservatives are so often constitutionalists as well.

Simply wanting smaller government or even good governance does not a conservative make. You must ask yourself why. Why do you want smaller government? Is it so you can enjoy freedom and liberty? Or is it simply because you don’t trust Democrats?

In America, we wanted small government because we already had a God. “No king but Jesus”, remember? Now that God has been abandoned, government is helpfully filling the void. As usual.

The Renaissance was much more than simply writers coming up with new political concepts. The Renaissance was a renewal in the Greek and Roman tradition of being at peace with our humanity.

Devon isn’t smart enough to be this wrong. That’s not a slur on him; only the brightest of humanity can invent lies this huge. Devon’s primary fault is having been lied to by people he trusted.

The Roman Empire was at peace with its humanity, seriously? Aristotle & Plato didn’t teach peace and freedom, either.

Our country is special. It is not because our people are somehow inherently .better,. or that we have some secret “superior” values or even that there is any specific cultural difference, as many nations within Western Civilization share, to some degree, our values. Nor does it have anything to do with our soil.

We loved God. That love took the form of monogamy, integrity, self-discipline, keeping each other honest and a culture that glorified His Son. That’s America’s secret. Pastor Myers is a worthless son of a bitch for never having taught this to Devon. All of America’s success came from Father God. Never by human ingenuity and effort.

Credit where it’s due, atheists try very, very hard to make their utopias work. Their inevitable failure is never caused by lack of effort. Skipping to the end,

If what you want is nationalism or military dominance, go ahead.

Vote for the Hillary.s, and Trump.s, and Marco’s of this world. But true conservatives will be fighting to defend our rights, our Constitution, and not just the bits that are politically expedient.

Remembering the run-up to the 2016 election, it’s rather impressive Devon took a swing at Hillary in a publication as leftist as the Daily Democrat. He must have been a Bernie supporter.

All in all, I didn’t have the strong objections to this article that I was expecting to. He’s wrong about the American experiment but my read is that’s because he was taught a pack of humanist lies despite a nominally Christian upbringing.

Of course, two years after writing about fighting for our Constitutional rights Devon turns on Ted Hickman for peacefully speaking his mind and sides with a mob of professional agitators. What happened between then and now, I wonder? Trump Derangement Syndrome? Needs of the many? Kicking a political rival?

Trying to be accepted by the cool kids?

Some men fall from grace. Others are pushed. Devon is a social justice warrior today because he was deceived by the social justice warriors of yesterday… a fragile, anklebiting ego in the grasp of dark forces he was never told existed.

How can a guy raised in the church not understand the sickness of homosexuality? What a dismally low standard of Christian education.


Ted Hickman Shoots Straight

After years of searching, I have found a good politician in California! And he’s just been through the fire. h/t Spawney’s Space

Image result for ted hickman

Ted Hickman is the Vice-Mayor of small-town Dixon located halfway between Berkeley and Sacramento. He moonlights as a humorist and wrote this in a local paper (I couldn’t find the original column):

.Last week I proclaimed the Month of July as SPAM .(Straight Pride American Month).(as Vice Mayor don’t know if I can, but what the heck). “Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th, as healthy, heterosexual, fairly monogamous, keep our kinky stuff to ourselves, Americans.

Thank God, that’s a politician wanting to make America great again. And even better,

.We are different from them. We work, have families, (and babies we make) enjoy and love the company (and marriage) of the opposite sex and don’t flaunt our differences dressing up like fairies and prancing by the thousands in a parade in nearby San Francisco to be televised all over the world”

So true, so true. We are different from them. Men are not women. Soy is not beef. Homos are not normal.

Naturally, the LGBTFAGZ crowd freaked.

Unnaturally, Ted Hickman refused to apologize.

Hickman defended the column Saturday in a phone interview with The Sacramento Bee, saying that he is entitled to express his opinions using humor.

“It was tongue-in-cheek and had nothing to do with my elected position,” Hickman said, and that “thin-skinned people took offense” to his column.

Speaking of his elected position, one of Dixon’s councilmen took this opportunity to tip his fedora. The article continues:

One of Hickman’s fellow city councilmembers, Devon Minnema, made an official statement on Facebook on Saturday harshly criticizing Hickman’s column as “deeply disturbing” and calling for action.

From Devon’s Facebook:

The positions of Councilman Hickman published in yesterday’s Independent Voice are deeply disturbing to me. I have known what kind of person he is for a long time, but have never garnered enough community or council support to take action. I hope that the other councilmen will see through the ideology of hate that they share with him, and do the right thing in coming weeks. There is no part of the community that is untouched by the venom that Councilman Hickman has spewed over the years, and that is the saddest part. A man of his age should know better, but perhaps even that is an excuse, because really a man of his age should BELIEVE better.
Still believing in a better Dixon,
City Councilman Devon Minnema

Related image


Hey, that’s an interesting article this picture was attached to. Devon may hold his council seat fraudulently, not being a resident of Dixon. Daily Republic has a scoop:

Another possibility: Devon is butthurt from losing an election. From the guy himself,

Dixon.s entrant in the [election] races, Devon Minnema, lost the Supervisor’s race in all Dixon precincts including his home district that elected him to the city council two years ago.

Sounds like a Convergence power play is happening. Fortunately, Ted Hickman also has allies. Mike Ceremello, a local journalist and former Vice-Mayor writes the following in Ted’s support on It’s awesome.

Mike. No soy detected.

As an observer and commentator on human behavior, the week leading up to July 4th has been beyond entertaining. Was it not former US attorney general Eric Holder who proclaimed America was to afraid to have a discussion on race? Evidently Holder’s idea of a discussion was only to hear from people who agreed with his party’s viewpoints. I find a great similarity between this and the uproar of a handful of people over Terrible Ted’s last column advocating a Straight Pride American Month.

Considering that I will be running for a council seat this November, I have been warned by many well wishing people to stay out of the fray. Like that will happen. When you have no principles, no strong beliefs, and simply are a politician, that is easy enough to do. In my case, I believe in the freedom to express ideas in print or any other format one would choose, no matter what position a person holds or what the idea is. …

Isn.t that what all parades are about, including the ones in which these haters choose to participate? Then we have the plainly ignorant whom I can attack from two directions. .Members of the City Council must faithfully represent ALL of their constituents, without favor or prejudice.. . Tim Goncharoff. Really?

Tell me Tim how the election process works. Do Democrats represent Republican views once elected? Hell, even Republicans rarely represent the base once elected. Ever hear of John McCain, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, or Olympia Snowe? When you are elected to local office do you actually believe those people represent those who didn’t vote for them? Look at this logically.

If a highly contentious issue comes before the council and half the people are for it and half against, a council person can only represent half of his constituents. views at best. As most people coming before the council in Dixon don’t declare their sexuality or homosexuality, terrible Ted would not be acting prejudicially in making a decision. This brings up an interesting thought. It wasn’t long ago that I was in Cotati, home to typical Marin County liberal lunacy, where a racist, liberal professor had died and the council was considering a replacement for his position. One candidate got up and declared that “she was a lesbian and her partner was there to support her..

While she may have considered it a “qualification” or premium, the council did not. Did that make Cotati’s four council members judgemental, prejudicial, or showing some sort of favoritism? Let’s look at this from a different perspective, that of representing your constituents. views specifically on a gay rights issue. In 2008 Dixon voted FOR Proposition 8 . recognizing only monogamous heterosexual marriage . by 60.9% v 39.1%. The same vote countywide was 89,292 Yes = 55.82% versus 70,680 No = 44.18%. The Supreme Court nullified this vote of the People by claiming it violated homosexuals. civil rights.

The real result was altering of the Miriam Webster definition of the word marriage. Sort of like it depends what your definition of “is” is. Going on to the next point, it is being claimed that Ted “represents” the city as an elected councilman and its vice mayor. Considering Dixon’s political reputation of being anything but staid and people claiming there must be something in our water, Ted fits into the mold. I would contend that he no more represents the city than he represents every diverse view of our rather independent population. I could say the same thing about our mayor and the other three councilmen or any of their predecessors. …

So now a little insight from Mike. First, this has been blown way out of proportion by the posters on Dixon 411 Political and two opposition councilmen on the current council. Perhaps they need a lesson in basic free speech. If you take governmental action as retribution or a repercussion to a person in an attempt to silence him, you have just violated his free speech right and the freedom of the press. The same goes for a censure action from the council. Second, Ted can’t be recalled as it is too close to his seat coming up for re-election if he so chooses. Learn the law, folks, before you start spouting off. Third, having read Ted’s column a couple of times, most of it is statement of facts except for the symbol of barring the gay parade. No where in his column did Ted say he didn’t want it to occur or didn’t mind if it did. If a writer’s description of a group’s antics discomforts you because your mind comes to the conclusion that the description is .denigrating., aren’t you the one who is really in denial? I also found it fascinating how those who defend the parade want to claim it is about their struggles and the lives that were lost in gaining equality in some shape or form.

How exactly does the leather brigade of two men in the parade with one whipping the other honor anything but sexual deviance? Ever see the pictures of naked people on ten speed bikes at these parades? Somehow the struggle got confused with hedonism. Fourth, along with the spewing of hate, we have the Gaystapo going after the livelihood of not only Ted but this newspaper itself.

We have the emails attempting to induce advertisers to pull their ads. We have the emails threatening to destroy Ted financially. We have seen this kind of attempt before by the bad old boy group in town. For those of you advertisers who pull your ads, I intend to identify you and tell the real Americans who believe in the First Amendment to boycott your business. It is now a two way street. Fifth, I understand the three major networks were looking for interviews from Ted and hiding behind his truck looking to surprise him coming out of his house. Now that’s professionalism. You want an interview? I am available at [GQ: redacted on general principles]. You can call ahead so I can put on my suit. I know the wonders of Channel 3 letting Rick Fuller know ahead of time they were coming and then just storming my front door to catch me in less than official gear. Isn.t that right, Rich Ibarra? Sixth, if you think Anti-fa has a lock on thug cowardice, you didn’t hear about the Safeway firework’s booth. Seems like three vans of outraged potential criminals arrived to confront Ted. On Sunday, they ran into the American Legion Riders. Upon seeing what they viewed as stern opposition, they drove to Safeway. When several of the men decided to see if they could answer any potential question this caravan might have about fireworks, the vans promptly left, tires squealing as the men approached.

My conclusion to this whole mess? Sarcasm is a lost art. Humor is in the eye and mind of the beholder. You don’t get to dictate morals or immorality to others. Nothing has been gained by those spewing their hatred. In fact, much has been exposed about those people and the ones foolish enough to post on Facebook. Rather than dignity, the gay community condemned itself due to its blatant show of bigotry and venom. Just as much as some want to claim this is some “viral” response, I can only assume due to its low numbers that most of the LGBT community doesn’t give a damn what Ted wrote. Just as the cranks on the Left, in the media and certain vocal individuals, feel they speak for all on the Left, it must be somewhat disturbing that Trump’s popularity continues to rise including defections from within their own party, at least according to the latest Harris poll. Finally, don’t threaten one of Dixon’s own. Many of us don’t appreciate it. If you come for me holding a pipe, as I have now heard is Anti-fa.s MO, just remember. I might introduce you to a bat with your name on it …

*Gunner Q wipes a tear from his eye* God Bless America… with men like Ted and Mike.

I delayed posting the above because last night was the LGBTSJW protest at the scheduled bimonthly city council meeting. 200 protesters showed up per the Mercury News:

Hickman personally opened the meeting with guns blazing:

The council meeting began with a time for public comment, but first Hickman himself addressed the crowd.

.I didn’t give up my first amendment right when i became an elected official,. he began. .To the contrary, I swore like the rest of the council to uphold the Constitution which includes the first amendment..

He went on to say that he’s written more than 750 columns and it was this one . the 736th one . that seems to be getting the most attention.

.If I were to rewind time in order to write the column again, I would not use the words . sarcastically or not . of “vice mayor” because I see that that might be unacceptable to some..

He did not apologize for the words he wrote, however, which is what several people who spoke during the public comment portion suggested he do.

YES! Yesyesyes oh my Dog it feels so good to see a politician shoot straight instead of begging for mercy from emotionally stunted fudge-packers. This has driven me nuts since the Brendan Eich scandal, how leaders and entire institutions will laugh as they drive away profits and customers yet cringe in terror from one homosexual activist feeling butthurt that morning.

Speaking of the little devils…

Pastor Jeff Myers of the Living Hope Church said that the Independent Voice newspaper has been “littering our streets for as long as I’ve lived here,. and he asked that Hickman look within himself in the nature of the teachings of Christ and try to find redemption with the community. …

Solano County Supervisor Monica Brown came to the demonstration because she said the Vice Mayor’s words were unacceptable.

.How dare you?. she asked rhetorically. Brown said she and others were working hard to find someone to replace him when he goes up for re-election in November. He has yet to announce if he’s running for re-election.

Councilman Devon Minnema, who sported a rainbow necktie for the meeting, said the blow back that the Vice Mayor is facing “has been a long time coming..

The heat is on, baby. I got blog material for the rest of the week.

Yep, these midterm elections are going to be the stuff of legend.

Physiognomy: The Easiest Warning Sign

A triple stabbing by vibrant women in south San Jose isn’t national news. However, the arresting pics are insightful as examples of the most visible and reliable indicators of criminal activity that physiognomy can offer.

Basically, police reported to a man stabbed in the stomach… and then a second stabbing while they were on the first call… and then a third… and then a sharp-eyed cop noticed a couple suspicious Norwegians watching from the shadows with a bloody knife.

Alexandria “Thelma” Campos and Tori “Louise” Sanchez. My nicknames. I’m guessing from their complexions that they both have herpes but never mind. Look at their eyes & hair.

Heavy-lidded eyes that cover half the pupil are a reliable indicator of extreme narcissism and detachment from reality. The reasoning is that the person is using his eyelids to wall himself off from reality around him, either as a defensive method (paranoia/persecution) or concealing foul intents (sociopathy). Thelma’s eyes don’t quite look that bad in this picture only because her head is tilted up–a gesture of superiority, so I’d guess she’s the masculine dyke of this ‘civil union’. I bet she told Louise to hold the knife while the cop walked over.

Another physiognomic sign is their ‘frizzy’ hair with lots of loose ends. Disorderly hair & eyebrows indicate disorderly thoughts. This isn’t always a bad thing–Einstein had frizzy hair and his unconventional thoughts proved valuable–but combined with the heavy-lidded eyes, Thelma & Louise are batspit cuckoo even for BPDs from the ghetto.

Here’s a few male examples of Thelma & Louise:

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Heriberto “Eddie” Seda, aka the New York Zodiac Killer. Worst case of ‘heavy lids’ I’ve yet seen, plus mondo frizzy hair.


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David Berkowitz aka “Son of Sam”.

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John Wayne Gacy. Hair not frizzy but possibly due to balding.

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Ted Bundy has neither heavy-lidded eyes nor frizzy hair, showing how physiognomy isn’t an infallible indicator of criminality. Bundy was a necrophiliac so likely driven by sexual urges rather than sociopathic urges. Bundy may have had the opposite of heavy lids, the “white all around” eyes. That’s another bad one–it indicates the limbic system is running wild and the person could impulsively do almost anything. Unfortunately, women are prone to finding this reliable indicator of emotional disturbance sexy.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was another necrophiliac. Significant but not heavy lids, no frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair doesn’t always indicate disordered thoughts. For example, the guy might cut his own hair to save a buck; cheapo, not psycho. Eyebrow hair is therefore a more reliable indicator but often hard to make out in a photograph.

When meeting a stranger for the first time, one should be suspicious if their eyes have the ‘heavy-lidded’ property, especially if their hair is also disorganized. It’s a warning sign, therefore not 100.0% reliable but their mental state and motivations absolutely must be checked out before they’re trusted. They won’t rape your corpse but that’s a cold comfort to the naive.