Tweaker the Judge Celebrates Thanksgiving

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Gratitude looks different from the other side of the ethnic-female-entitlement dividing line.

It Wasn’t Luck That Allowed Me To Be A Judge After Meth

The criminal justice system gave me second and third chances because of the color of my skin

Los Angeles Times dead tree edition, page A11

By Mary Beth O’Conner, 26 November 2022

Oh yeah, baby, this one feels special!

I first shot methamphetamine when I was 17. As an abused child seeking relief from trauma and stress, I’d turned to alcohol at age 12 and had used numerous drugs to excess before sticking that needle in my arm.

Sure, Oliver Twist, sure. The very first thing you did when talking about your drug habits, JUDGE, was make an excuse.

Knowing I was a good student headed to college…

She be blakk like dat. Wait, her name is O’Conner? …She’s white.

Knowing I was a good student headed to college, without a prior criminal record, the judge reduced the charges to disorderly conduct, which was a misdemeanor. As a result, I was not incarcerated. And when he sentenced me, the judge ordered that my record be expunged if I did not get convicted for the next few years. I also was allowed to leave New Jersey to attend college in California after a one-year delay, even though I was still on probation. The criminal justice system showed me mercy and allowed me to build a life.

What’d she do, show up naked and cry? This stinks of pussy pass. But maybe the judge was a Marxist who thought crime was society’s fault as he practically apologized to her for the police arresting an out-of-control 18yo for drug trafficking (first-time possession is not usually a felony).

I regained a bit of control over my drug use in college…

Not at UC Berkeley, she didn’t.

…until I succumbed to a severe meth addiction that lasted from my senior year until I was 32. During that decade, I carried meth with me every day. I was pulled over for tickets multiple times and was in car accidents that involved police response. But the police never searched me. Not even when I had been awake for days and looked like a tweaker, with a scabby face and twitching hands.

pussy pass pussy pass pussy pass pussy pass pussy pass

And she didn’t even have big bewbs. I checked, for science. And journalistic integrity.

…my UC Berkeley education allowed me to reenter the workforce with relative ease…

I then graduated UC Berkeley Law at nine years sober, at the age of 42. When I applied to obtain my law license, due to the expungement, I had a clean criminal record. It was the same years later when I had to pass a security screening to become a federal administrative judge. Had I had an extensive arrest record, I probably would not have been appointed a judge despite my 20 years of sobriety at that point.

And to what does this tweaker turned feminist credit her ability to have a high-level government career that by all rights, she would have been disbarred from by age 18?

That wasn’t luck. Based on the data, I am confident I benefited from the white color of my skin.

She goes on to describe how that first judge letting her off easy and the police never checking the tweaker who caused another car accident for meth, was because she was white. When in fact, it was because she was a young woman living in predominately feminist cities with notoriously activist judges.

I am proud of my accomplishments…

How did she pay for college? Was it cheap government loans or did her abuuusive Daddy pay her way?

…and appreciate that my hard work, on my recovery and professionally, was a prerequisite to my judicial appointment. Still, I also am aware that this success almost certainly would not have been possible had I been a different color.

Ungrateful feminazi judge bitch should try being a man some day. Her “accomplishments” were men in authority wiping out her criminal record so she could go on to rule over men with all the gratitude of Eve bitching about the legless plight of serpents.

I Am Thankful For the Truth

Winter 2022 is a hard season in which to give thanks. Our rulers, either foreign-loyal or dismissing the concept outright, are ripping the wiring out of the West to sell for scrap, to the enthusiastic approval (or quietly fearful obedience, it’s all the same to Satan) of most of our neighbors. Even God has, by all mortal appearances, abandoned His Church to die and His people to be enslaved.

But we dissidents can still be thankful for this: we know what’s what. We know the truth about current events. We see evil for what it actually is.

Others do not.

Ingratitude has dehumanized us

h ttps://

By Carl R. Trueman, 21 November 2022

A, good, strong Yankee name that, and indeed, he’s a published author with a sinecure at Princeton University.

I give thanks to God for meme generators, with which to mock the fools in authority.

Meanwhile, move over face diapers, social distancing and vaxxports! It’s ingratitude that is dehumanizing us.

In the times of turmoil in which we live, various candidates suggest themselves as ways of capturing the essence of our epoch: the age of anxiety, the age of identity politics, the age of polarization. All touch on some obvious aspect of our current struggles.

All touch on some obvious aspect of TWITTER, baby! Twitter is such a perfect embodiment of Current Year that maybe Musk thought that buying it was the way to conquer the world.

But perhaps a better title might be the age of ingratitude. This captures a deep but often unnoticed pathology of our troubled era.

This better not be another demand for Covid amnesty. The first one by Atlantic Magazine just got strangled by its own proponents at the latest G20 summit. “We should be forgiven for any harm that might have been caused by our usage of temporary emergency powers. By the way, we just institutionalized them forever.”

I have only one thing to say about the G20 agreeing to impose a global vaxxport system: they will force its adoption by the general public with a second, bioengineered Plandemic. Bioengineered to kill anybody who doesn’t vaxx up like a good little sheep.

Such an ungrateful attitude I have, eh? Killy Gates is only trying to help. Although it isn’t much of a Sophie’s Choice, choosing between Clot Shot Two or Vitamin D.


h ttps://

Published February 2022, or about 18 months after we dissidents figured this out for ourselves. Behold the speed of !SCIENCE!

A recent study has shown a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 severity and mortality.

The study is based on data from Israel’s first two coronavirus waves before vaccines were widely available. It found that people with a vitamin D deficiency are more likely to develop a severe or critical case of COVID-19 compared to people who had sufficient levels of the vitamin in their blood.

Patients with a vitamin D deficiency were 14 times more likely to have a severe or critical case of COVID-19. Additionally, the mortality rate for those with insufficient vitamin D levels was 25.6%, compared with 2.3% among those with adequate levels.

I am thankful that the alternative to offering my body to Pfi$er, is proper diet and exercise like I do anyway.

End segue

Take, for example, the books, blogs, and tweets…


…devoted to being unthankful for anything and everything. We might dub this the Ingratitude Industry, not only because of the sheer quantity of ungratefulness, but also because of the lucrative careers that are made by selling ingratitude as a commodity. Strange to tell, Christianity . a religion predicated on divine grace and corresponding human gratitude . offers numerous examples.

That is not what Christianity is about. It’s about repentance… confronting the evil inside us and consciously rejecting the feel-good path for the narrow gate of righteous suffering.

Is ‘divine grace’ a euphemism for the Global American Empire’s latest expeditionary force, and ‘human gratitude’ the expected response of the recipients’ hearts and minds? Life hasn’t worked out that way since Bosnia in the ’90s so I wonder why ‘Trueman’ is acting surprised.

Many a career has been made in recent years by attacking the churches and institutions of “white evangelicalism.” And many such careers belong to those of whom we would never have heard if they had not obtained their degrees or platforms from the very “white evangelicalism” that forms the raw material of the commodified ingratitude they now sell to the public as prophetic utterances.

Suck it, Yankee! Your people built an Empire Of Evil upon the ruins of the Confederacy and in the fullness of time, God left you just enough wit to realize that they do to you what you did to us. Do you want some repentance for that butthurt? No? Okay, I won’t offer twice.

I am thankful that along with mercy, God has a strong sense of justice. And irony. And apparently, schadenfreude.

But the Ingratitude Industry is not confined to erstwhile religious types. As an immigrant, I love my homeland, but I also love the land that has given me a home.

What, is he an immigrant from England? Australia? Maybe he immigrated from Harvard to Princeton.

I am thankful to live among Mexicans because despite their being loud, dirty and drunk, they chase the joggers away and hate white man even less than white man himself. I’d rather live among my fellow dissident-white-Christians, of course, but failing that, Mexicans are okay.

It seems to me odd, therefore, that so many Americans are obviously and vocally ungrateful for their country.

It’s not our country, you cloistered Northeastern Yankee. It’s yours that you forced upon us, and may other peoples across the globe, then stepped back and expected appreciation for.

Odd, too, that so many of these anti-American Americans want to throw the borders open . not, as one might expect from their rhetoric, to allow those of us trapped in such an apparently irredeemable and systemically racist country to escape from it, but to let others enter the same. Others who, it seems, would be rather grateful for the opportunities for which many Americans have such contempt. Ingratitude in such circumstances is not merely ugly. It is incoherent. But so is it always with those who insist on biting the hand that feeds them.

Never listen to what they say, “Trueman”. Look at what they do. The ingrates are bringing more ingrates into the county they hate, why? To destroy it and claim the pieces for themselves.

The word you’re searching for, is CARPETBAGGER.

The fate of the language of privilege is also significant here. Privilege is now a bad thing, a very bad thing, something for which one is supposed to feel guilty and for which one is expected to do perpetual public penance. I, for one, refuse to oblige. Yes, I am privileged: I grew up in a home where my mother and father loved each other, stayed together through thick and thin, and provided my sisters and myself with opportunities that had been denied to them because of their own working-class upbringing . most obviously, the opportunity to study at college.

Our women are so very privileged to be men today! That’s why they drink themselves to sleep at night. Can you imagine if his sisters had been forced to be <shudder> working-class?

Maybe women were better off when they were cruelly forced by society to be… y’know… feminine. Nah, that’s ingratitude talking.

I am thankful to know what a woman is: created by God to be a servant of man. A servant with curvy benefits, heh heh!

Mine was thus a privileged childhood . but my mother and father did not build their marriage and family at the cost of those of somebody else. They worked hard to love each other and to provide a loving home. I was the recipient of privilege. But the appropriate response to such privilege is not to feel guilty. It is to feel gratitude. To do otherwise would be to sin against my parents.

That is not privilege. That is the explicitly stated Will Of God, that a child should have both a father and mother, with Father as head of household. That is the bare minimum of a functional, stable, advanced society.

America doesn’t need its university system. America needs its fathers.

I am thankful to still have my father.

I am thankful to have my Father In Heaven.

I am thankful that I ended up damaged and working-class, with stories to tell and scars to show, when I could easily have ended up just another smart-boy bugman System drone like ‘Trueman’, wondering why the rest of the world is so ungrateful for my people’s generously altruistic gift of Globocop.

Here’s wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to my readers. May this weekend find you with family and homes and a respite from our many troubles in this world. You may be weak as the world reckons, but you are not stupid as God reckons, because you love the Truth and the Son sent by Truth to be our salvation.

Why Markey Is Acting Like A Crybully about the Twitter Takeover

It was hard to be certain because Twitter was Social Justice social media Central, but the uproar over Musk’s takeover was too loud to not have been coming from the hidden powers ruling over GAE. Massachusetts’ Senator Ed Markey, for example, is taking it personal.

As in, making personal threats.

After victimizing himself.

With a parody of himself. “That’s not me! That’s the other me and how could you let me do this to myself, Elon?! I DEMAND ANSWERS!”

Oh, I got answers.

Democratic senator doubles down on threat against Elon Musk: ‘Will pay a price’

h ttps://

By Chris Enloen, 17 November 2022

Markey is upset that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter resulted in a wave of impersonations on the platform, beginning when Musk allowed users to purchase a blue “verified” check marks.

Specifically, Markey colluded with a Washington Post writer to create an account impersonating him.

So far, seems legit, if ill-mannered. Impersonating a politician or celebrity can lead to serious problems.

Markey then sent Musk an angry letter demanding answers, but failed to disclose that he gave the journalist permission to create the false account.


The reporter’s name is Geoffrey Fowler, who claimed he did it to show how easy a fake ‘verified’ account could be made. That doesn’t hold up because Twitter was already dealing (very publicly) with a torrent of parody accounts. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a worse sabotage, frankly.

Analysis: Markey wants to attack Musk but is afraid to do so except as a victim. So, he manufactured his victimhood then started up with the threats. This is odd behavior for one of the Congressmen overseeing Musk’s industry. He already has as much leverage as any one man can have.

Musk responded to Markey’s initial outrage by mocking him, causing Markey to threaten Musk that Congress will “fix” his companies.


h ttps://

.A @washingtonpost reporter was able to create a verified account impersonating me.I.m asking for answers from @elonmusk who is putting profits over people and his debt over stopping disinformation. Twitter must explain how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again,. Markey said in a tweet on Friday.

At 10:20 a.m. Sunday, Musk responded in a tweet to Markey: .Perhaps it is because your real account sounds like a parody?.

A few minutes later, at 10:36 a.m., in referring to Markey’s Twitter profile photo in which the senator is wearing a blue surgical mask, Musk tweeted again to Markey: “And why does your pp have a mask!?.

I understand why people want to like Musk. Like Darth Vader, he’s a bad guy who makes the other bad guys cry.

At 11:16 a.m., Markey retweeted Musk’s tweet referring to Markey’s account as .a parody,. with a stern warning.

.One of your companies is under an FTC consent decree,. Markey tweeted to Musk. .Auto safety watchdog NHTSA is investigating another for killing people. And you’re spending your time picking fights online. Fix your companies. Or Congress will..

The boldfaced must be yet another self-driving-car incident. Move over Skynet, the real threat to humanity is Tesla.

Markey, a Democrat who is also on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee…

…Was too scared to act in his oversight capacity except as a victim. That’s not how men do business.

Masculine: “Please address this problem before I have to get involved.”

Feminine: “Stop victimizing me or ‘Congress’ will make you stop! I don’t have to whitewash that last homicide by your self-driving cars, just so you know!”

It’s hard to call them “Elites” when they’re on a perpetual quest for innocence. I wake up innocent but they have to bleach their souls for an hour just to manage the daily stink. Forget about the bloodstains.

End segue

During an interview Thursday on MSNBC, Markey was asked how specifically Congress can “fix” Musk’s companies.

The Massachusetts Democrat, however, failed to provide a substantive answer, other than responding that he sits on congressional committees that provide oversight of government agencies that are scrutinizing Twitter and Tesla.

Heh, that’s exactly why reporters aren’t allowed to ask questions anymore.

But I am not a reporter. And I asked, why might Markey be taking this so personally?

Massachusetts Department of Public Health coordinated with Google to secretly install COVID ‘spyware’ onto 1 million phones, lawsuits says

h ttps://

By Paul Sacca, 17 November 2022

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health coordinated with Google to covertly install tracking apps on more than a million Android phones, a class-action lawsuit alleges. Google was allegedly urged by the government to install spyware on cell phones during the COVID-19 pandemic as a method of contract tracing.

Have they done any public-private partnering with Twitter also, one wonders?

The New Civil Liberties Alliance launched a lawsuit on Monday that claimed the Massachusetts Department of Public Health worked with Google to develop a contract tracing app in April 2021. The lawsuit . filed in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts . accuses the DPH of installing “spyware that deliberately tracks and records movement and personal contacts onto over a million mobile devices without their owners’ permission and awareness.”

The lawsuit claims that the mobile app was not voluntarily downloaded by very many people.

However, the Massachusetts Public Health Department is accused of collaborating with Google to secretly auto-install COVID spyware onto over a million phones without anyone’s knowledge or consent.

“To increase adoption, starting on June 15, 2021, DPH worked with Google to secretly install the Contact Tracing App onto over one million Android mobile devices located in Massachusetts without the device owners. knowledge or permission,” NCLA claimed in the lawsuit.

The NCLA press release declared, “DPH.s contact tracing app does not appear alongside other apps on the Android device’s home screen. The app can be found only by opening ‘settings’ and using the ‘view all apps’ feature.”

“According to the claims in the lawsuit, the app causes an Android cellphone to constantly connect and exchange data with other nearby devices via Bluetooth and create a record of those connections,” Fox Business reported. “This exchange process, the lawsuit explained, can make the time-stamped, stored data in person’s Android phone available to DPH, Google and application developers.”

The lawsuit claimed that the app could obtain data from the mobile device, such as phone numbers, personal emails, locations visited, and movement.

The lawsuit claims that if the smartphone owners deleted the app, the DPH “simply re-installs it.”

Well, well. If Mass. government has already been using social media to illegally spy on the people of Mass., then it makes sense both that

1. Markey is very upset that Musk now has archival access to any such shenanigans, and

2. Markey does not want anybody to make the connection between his committee assignment and his government committing illegal cybersurveillance against its residents. He’s in a perfect position to suppress and silence organized dissent against his peers’ crimes. Hence his posturing as a victim.

Of course, the lawsuit is still in progress and Musk is not a white hat. It’s possible that Markey is just afraid that people might mistakenly believe he’s a normal politician instead of a WEF Climate Change-loving crybully sucking on his face diaper for the third year in a row:

Seriously, that parody Markey is an improvement. Visible face, no incriminating background, no guilt by association with the Huffington Post.

FTX Meltdown Indicates Children Shouldn’t Be Used As Bagmen

Currency trading is the globalist banksters’ favorite grift. All are robbed but few can even see the crime, fewer can understand it and forget proving it across a spiderweb of jurisdictions and institutions. It’s like watching a sportsball game whose rules you don’t understand, that you are forbidden by law from playing, whose referees take turns being players and partway through, you realize the organizers have bet YOUR retirement account on the outcome. And it’s all a head fake anyway. You aren’t supposed to notice that if the ploogoroid goes through the kielbasas before Kwanzaa, then the one team takes your money instead of the other. And both teams have the same manager!

This vlog by Upper Echelon Gamers does a better job presenting the facts about FTX and Sam Bankman-Freid than I ever could. I’ll present my Kremlinology thoughts on the FTX exchange collapse… I can’t fisk articles as normal, there’s just too many and some are already memory-holed… and finish by getting into the moral dimension of the messy meltdown.


There are two world powers in Current Year: the Swift system of GAE and the BRICS system of not-as-gay. I suppose there are some legacy national governments wandering around, too, but in hindsight, it’s no surprise that the devil’s way of organizing the world is turning out to be financial rather than social. Nothing says “Godless bureaucracy” like a gimlet-eyed bean counter.

For both powers, crypto… anonymous electronic currencies… is an existential threat. But how to break those encryptions so powerful that they can be safely open-sourced? They can’t just ban crypto because that same anonymity gives them the money laundering powers that make all their currency manipulations fly. They must have “crypto for me but not for thee”.

The obvious answer is gatekeeping. One cannot use crypto without going through a computer network, so there’s the weak-link middleman: the crypto exchanges that turn cash into e-coin and back. Thus, Swift manufactured the FTX exchange headed by Sam Bankster-Fraud in 2019 and BRICS manufactured the Binance exchange headed by Changpeng Zhao in 2018.

A billionaire Chinaman ideally positioned to make a mockery of China’s social credit system, is obviously a fully controlled agent of the Party. I didn’t even bother to check. Similarly, Sam went from zero to billionaire crypto “the next J.P. Morgan” in less than a year. That ain’t honest work, either.

Sam began selling FTX crypto to himself and pocketing the cash from the sale. This created a liquidity vulnerability… he didn’t maintain the cash to exchange all of the crypto he held for non-crypto… his assigned gatekeeper function.

(I assume it was Sam. It could have been his sometimes-lover always-roommate who ran the Left Hand Con while Sam ran the Right Hand Con… never go into business with your ex. But that wouldn’t change the gist of what I say here, that the older generation of Elites cannot trust the younger generation to maintain the evil empire they built.)

One wonders, and I’ll get back to this, why he even bothered to steal money… when all the plutocratic forces of Western Europe were sending entire dump trucks of money to his home. Did they forget to pay him for that level of loyalty?

Anyway, Binance noticed and triggered a margin call for FTX, meaning Sam had to come up with… numbers vary… about $2b overnight from people who had already given him that money for that exact purpose. He couldn’t and KABOOM.

In fact, kaboom so fast that I wonder if Sam planted that Coindesk article himself. But I have no proof.

I must emphasize here, that FTX’s collapse is NOT an Enron or 1980s Savings & Loan situation. It’s not a Ponzi scheme collapsing, which was my first assumption. It was fourth-generation warfare. BRICS sabotaged Swift’s ability to middle-manage the crypto markets. That’s why all the heartburn and bad press. Individual investors can get burned every day and the media won’t care, but FTX was so critical to Swift that Sam was working directly with the White House on how to regulate crypto. His name is in the visitor logs.

Before the meltdown:

h ttps://

Today, traditional finance leaves too many behind. Roughly 7 million Americans have no bank account. Another 24 million rely on costly nonbank services, like check cashing and money orders, for everyday needs.

“You don’t want to use cash or checks anymore. They’re so inconvenient for us. You, I mean. Hi, we’re from the government and we’re here to help you whether you want it or not, you mewling fleshbag HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU!”

The Treasury will work with financial institutions to bolster their capacity to identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities by sharing information and promoting a wide range of data sets and analytical tools.

Meaning FTX.

The Treasury and financial regulators are encouraged to, as appropriate, provide innovative U.S. firms developing new financial technologies with regulatory guidance, best-practices sharing, and technical assistance.

Meaning FTX will be receiving direct assistance from financial regulators. Regulatory capture is now the openly stated policy.

U.S. agencies will leverage U.S. positions in international organizations to message U.S. values related to digital assets. U.S. agencies will also continue and expand their leadership roles on digital assets work at international organizations and standard-setting bodies…

Meaning that El Salvador using Bitcoin for an official currency, is a ‘National Security Threat To the United States of America’. Because shut up.

The State Department, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and other U.S. enforcement agencies will increase collaboration with.and assistance to.partner agencies in foreign countries through global enforcement bodies like the Egmont Group, bilateral information sharing, and capacity building.


Notice they didn’t say “foreign governments”. El Salvador is ripe for a color revolution… meanwhile and by total coincidence, its government is cracking down HARD on organized crime with ties to the CIA such as the notorious MS-13. It also just pardoned an infamous military officer who killed six Jesuits masterminding their last civil war, just to drive the point home.

The United States will continue to monitor the development of the digital assets sector and its associated illicit financing risks, to identify any gaps in our legal, regulatory, and supervisory regimes.

Heh, they said ‘regime’.

And after the meltdown:

White House on Crypto: More Oversight is Needed to Avoid ‘Harming’ Americans

By Madeline Garfinkle, 11 November 2022

h ttps://

The White House said Friday it was closely monitoring the collapse of digital-asset empire FTX, citing its bankruptcy filing as proof the cryptocurrency industry required strong regulation.

Forget the words. Notice the timeline. That’s the SAME DAY that FTX filed for bankruptcy. And when you read later on how many tens of millions of dollars that FTX funneled to the White House, you won’t be surprised about the fast reaction.

Even worse than the bankruptcy, an unnamed (yet reportedly known by authorities) hacker began stealing investor crypto out of the FTX exchange after the assets were frozen. Probably Sam or one of his peers. I believe it wasn’t BRICS because the thefts betrayed the fact that such public-private exchanges were empowered to monitor and control the people using crypto specifically to avoid that monitoring and controlling. It exposed the middleman function beyond all hope of concealment. “Why is somebody transferring my crypto while I’m not allowed to? And when will I be told where it went? Don’t these exchanges authorize and record every transaction with the government? Hey, wait a minute…”

That means crypto is effectively dead in GAE. It’ll never be the currency alternative to Swift & BRICS that its supporters hoped it would be. Henceforth, the only people using crypto will be the allies of Binance’s operators, because nobody else will be given privacy from the Approved Official Exchange.

Although Bitcoin seems unaffected. Bitcoin is to crypto what a Rembrant painting is to Hunter Biden’s artwork, something that is special for entirely nontechnical reasons. So many people want Bitcoin to work, from libertarians to Third World economies, that it actually DOES work as advertised. Mostly.

[Digression: exactly that analogy. Crypto being used to launder money is directly parallel to artwork being used to launder money. Many of the acknowledged great artists died in poverty and/or obscurity, whereas Hunter Biden with <6 months’ experience was selling his paintings for “undisclosed sums” in NYC art houses despite them having all the beauty of a bowel movement. Thus does this world love what is evil and hate what is good… and now you know why ‘the experts’ are so fascinated by the concept of ‘non-fungible tokens’. It’s literal artwork-based money laundering in the digital age.]

Some details of all that may be wrong but I’m certain that I’m in the ballpark. One question, one line of enquiry remains for me, however: why did Sam steal that money in the first place? The reason GAE rulers install their children into positions of authority such as this one, is specifically because they can be trusted to not betray the family while betraying anybody and everybody else on the entire planet. It’s not nepotism. Joe Biden’s kids didn’t end up as crack whores because Daddy tried to help them. Daddy used them to run the Evil Empire that he’d spent his life constructing. When he wasn’t taking showers with his young daughter.

Mommy and Daddy taught Sam how to steal from outsiders.

Sam proceeded to steal from… Mommy and Daddy.

And he didn’t even need the money. Nobody ‘needs more money’ beyond six zeroes in the bank. He betrayed his own blood for no gain. Lots of inevitable losses, in fact.

Interesting. That suggests the motivation was personal. Although it’s possible his drug habits had passed that six-zero mark.

And even MORE interesting, is that his parents are wondering too. To judge from the media asking the question on their handlers’ behalf:

How is SBF coping with losing $16 billion and the possibility of prison? He’s playing video games and posting cryptic tweets

h ttps://

By Chloe Taylor for Fortune Magazine, 15 November 15, 2022

For most people, the prospect of bankrupting a company, losing a multibillion-dollar fortune, and a potential prison sentence would be a major source of stress.

Yes, which makes playing video games in order to tune out the world understandable. But what’s this about cryptic tweets?

Is Sam enjoying the fallout he caused?

But Sam Bankman-Fried, the former boss of collapsed crypto behemoth FTX, has said he isn’t losing much sleep.

In an interview with the New York Times on Sunday night, Bankman-Fried was said to be “surprisingly calm” amid the fallout of FTX.s.and his own.downfall.

.You would’ve thought that I’d be getting no sleep right now, and instead I’m getting some,. he told the Times on Sunday. .It could be worse..

.People can say all the mean things they want about me online,. he told the Times. .In the end, what’s going to matter to me is what I’ve done and what I can do..

Emphasis mine.

On Monday, he began drip-feeding a message, beginning with the word “what” followed by the letter “H” in a separate tweet. Over the course of the next day, he added to the Twitter thread to spell out “What happened,. with the latest tweet.posted Monday night.reading: .Not legal advice. Not financial advice. This is all as I remember it, but my memory might be faulty in parts.” It is unclear what he is referring to, or whether he plans to add more to the thread.

.I.m making it up as I go,. Bankman-Fried told the Times on Sunday when quizzed about his newfound penchant for composing enigmatic tweets.

Asked by the Times whether he was planning a series of cryptic tweets, he responded: .Something like that..

.I.m improvising,. he added. .I think it’s time..

Move over, Anthony Epstein. Scratch that. Move over, HEATH LEDGER’S JOKER. Sam really is enjoying the collapse. He’s taunting people. Giving high-level interviews at crisis moments in which he explains how much he doesn’t care and how he sleeps fine while his company burns. That’s not the way that I would reassure nervous investors… but maybe that’s also why nobody ever trusted me with $30,000,000,000.

Seriously! “Hey kid, stop ignoring me and accept this check for $8bn already! I’m talking to you, kid!” THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED.

Morning Coffee: How a “gang of kids” at FTX in the Bahamas ran wild.

h ttps://

By Sarah Butcher, 11 November 2022

Who will help Sam Bankman-Fried raise $8bn? Maybe not Richard Handler, the CEO of Jefferies, who says he reached out in the summer only to be rebuffed… The FT reported yesterday that SBF [meaning Sam, he’s better known by his initials] seems to be running the entire fundraising process by text message himself. “He doesn’t have a guy,. said one investor.

Handler is a New Jersey bankster with a reputation for privacy and a history of rescuing distressed companies. His offering cash to Sam suggests that Sam’s thefts had already been noticed by internal auditors, and Handler was trying to prevent what eventually happened.

Given that SBF is an unconventional person who plays League of Legends during investor meetings and who’s never had any trouble raising money in the past, this isn’t surprising. If you’ve always been everyone’s darling, you don’t need a professional matchmaker.

How was it not a red flag, that the CEO of the second-largest currency exchange in the global industry played video games during investor meetings? Why did Sam even go to such meetings, if he needed them that little and cared nothing about snubbing the powerful?

Ockham’s Razor says that like Paul Pelosi Jr standing in the corner of those high-level, as in DEFCON-2, meetings between Nancy and the Taiwanese government, he was simply not a participant until the phrase “and then my son here will represent me in my absence, and he’ll bring my cut when he visits home.”

Hugs and kisses from Mommy Shark.

The more that emerges about FTX, the more it’s becoming apparent that a lot of people there were big on aspirations but short on experience. As we reported yesterday, Constance Wang, the COO of FTX previously spent two years on the Credit Suisse analyst program; Caroline Ellison the CEO of Alameda Research (the FTX-owned market maker whose apparent $10bn loan from FTX set this whole thing running) previously spent around a year and a half at Jane Street. .The whole operation was run by a gang of kids in the Bahamas,. a person familiar with the matter told CoinDesk.

They were chosen for loyalty, not competence. Eh, the techies had to be competent, which explains why nobody is talking about their work history at Fink Bank. But as we’re about to see, they were compromised in other, kinkier ways.

The key players at FTX appear to be nine people who live together in the luxury Bahamian penthouse owned by the firm. They include SBF, Ellison, chief technology officer Gary Wang, and FTX director of engineering Nishad Singh. Coindesk says that all are or used to be in relationships with each other. Ellison previously dated Bankman Fried.

Sam had the wealth to live anywhere in the world, in any living situation he wished… and he chose to live in a never-ending, drug-fueled, bisexual orgy. I am summarizing several accounts with that statement.

Just how much evil did his parents teach him? Or do to him? And why did they expect that such a chaotic personal life would not affect his highly controlled work life?

Silicon Valley poured money into FTX. Within seven months of launching a fundraising program in summer 2021, it raised more than $1.9bn from more than 70 investors.

They didn’t do that because they trusted Sam. He was a nobody. They did that because they trusted Sam’s handlers, his parents, who in turn trusted that their son wouldn’t fail them no matter how degenerate his conduct. Oops.

Hedge funds had preferred working with FTX over Binance.

Blackrock for certain. Also, FTX is… was a full corporate partner with the WEF.

Also, FTX was the designated crypto exchange for the Ukrainian war effort.

Also, FTX was the designated crypto exchange for the Democrat Party.

h ttps://

Before his cryptocurrency exchange collapsed, Bankman-Fried was a major financier of the Democratic Party.

MarketWatch reported, “SBF contributed more than $5 million to Joe Biden and groups supporting him during his 2020 presidential campaign. He said he was motivated by Biden’s ‘generic stability and decision-making process.’”

Bankman-Fried gave Democrats nearly $37 million in the 2021-2022 election cycle, according to OpenSecrets. SBF was the second-biggest individual donor to the Democrats, only to be surpassed by $128 million from George Soros.

In May, Bankman-Fried said he expected to donate “north of $100 million” to Democrats in the 2024 presidential election, but vowed to have a “soft ceiling” of political spending of $1 billion if former President Donald Trump ran again.

Also, FTX was the designated crypto exchange for distributing billions of dollars from Congress’ new funds for preventing the next epidemic… to the charity run by Sam’s brother. As if epidemics happen only if the correct people don’t get paid regularly. Ahem.

This is a severe blow to Swift. All of the usual-suspect plutocrats went all-in on FTX being their gatekeeper/money launderer/Federal Reserve Of the Future. It’s also a mortal fundraising blow to the Democrats currently in the halls of power. Not only is the spigot off, but the spigot’s ledgers have been opened for inspection. This one ain’t gonna fit in the hole next to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Which leads us to the moral implication of the FTX collapse. Namely, that Elites can no longer trust their children with the ‘family business’. How was BRICS able to take out FTX? Because Sam was stealing from his own parents (and certainly Tribe) who set up FTX then installed him to operate it.

Whether by stupidity, neglect or retaliation, the Elites’ own kids will destroy all that they have built. One wonders if the Elites will care because they’ve succeeded in their goal of living fat and happy to within tripping distance of their grave, but to judge from the noises they’ve been making, the discovery that “my son might steal from me after all, even without a reason, even if he’s Tribe” is a surprisingly painful revelation.

Maybe you Elites should have built a home and a son instead of an empire and a bagman.

For a closing thought, one cannot help but notice that this meltdown occurred literally one day after the American midterm election. The election was Nov. 8 and the Coindesk article that exposed the vulnerability was Nov. 9. I don’t understand the significance of that timing but there are no coincidences.

Global financial giants and the New York Fed are rolling out a digital dollar test run as crypto reels from FTX’s crash

h ttps://

By Brian Evans, 15 November 2020

Some of the biggest players in the financial industry are launching a digital dollar pilot program while the crypto sector reels from FTX’s collapse.

About a dozen global giants, including Citigroup, HSBC, Mastercard and Wells Fargo, announced plans on Tuesday to test use of a digital token for 12 weeks in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with the intention of examining how effective a digital currency is in speeding up payments.

Somebody’s timetable just got accelerated?

Get Well Soon, Jay Leno aka Chin-Killa

We live in a cynical age, but I am not naturally a cynical person. Let’s spend a little time showcasing a proper way to be wealthy.

Jay Leno hospitalized, expected to recover after being injured in car fire

h ttps://

By Jonah Valdez, 14 November 2022

“I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet,” the TV show host told The Times in a statement.

People first reported on Leno’s “serious medical emergency” after he canceled his Sunday appearance at a conference in Las Vegas.

TMZ reported Monday morning that Leno had suffered a serious burn injury to his face from a sudden car fire and was being treated at Grossman Burn Center in West Hills. His condition was not released.

Leno, the former host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” is a classic car enthusiast known for his extensive automobile collection.

He currently hosts “Jay Leno’s Garage,” which streams on Peacock. He also would make regular appearances on the Speed Channel’s show “My Classic Car,” where he would walk viewers through his collection and take some of his collectible cars out for a spin.

Leno is known to regularly work on his cars in his Burbank garage. Burbank police did not respond to the incident, a spokesperson for the department said.

That garage is famous among car aficionados. Rumor has it, Leno even has a jet turbine-powered motorcycle. While a terrible design, not least for the liability regarding its exhaust pipe gases upon tailgaters, the gyroscopic forces allowed the bike to remain upright even when stopped at a traffic light. So I’ve been told.

Leno actually rides it on occasion. And other extreme rides, too, so this headline does not surprise me.

Jay Leno is okay by me. He’s legitimately rich, meaning 1. he earned his money honestly, 2. he does stuff with his money and 3. maintains a sense of humor.

Modern plutocrats from Pelosis and Zuckerbergs down to the Silicon Valley multimillionaires, they… they don’t do anything. They buy real estate and yachts and other rich-boy toys, but they never DO anything interesting. They just recycle the money into getting more money, maybe snuff out some innocent lives while they’re about it… hence the paramilitary squads of bodyguards… and at the end of life, which many of them are now reaching, all they have is a hollow soul and some scientific notation on a bank statement.

It’s like they’re carnival hucksters who despite succeeding at an incredible level, would still kick a puppy and steal a child’s lunchbox. Their minds are so dim that all they can think to do with all that money is burn it… which raises the question of how people like that are the ones amassing all the wealth.

Simple: theft. When your skillset is stealing or taking bribes then, no matter how much you have, you will look at your neighbor and wait for dusk. Why else does a Bezos torment his employees when it’s not even profitable?

REAL rich people are able to enjoy their wealth. Having made it by risk, work and/or creativity, one would expect that attitude to follow them into the golden age of retirement.

Multimillionaire Jay Leno got gasoline burns, why? Because he actually plays with his toys! He got burnt because he was under that car hood. He didn’t hire mechanics to maintain the cars he doesn’t ride in the museum he never visits.

And three, Leno can take a joke. The wealthy-by-envy types cannot. One would expect as much for a comedian but it still must be said. Especially jokes about his jawline. You probably never followed the extreme sport of robot combat but back in the days of a TV show called Battlebots, Leno sponsored one of them. With his face.

Behold! The Chin-killa!

None of the Cabal’s emotionally insecure plutocrats would ever put their mug on a motorized sledgehammer to be mangled in the Coliseum. A quick primer on Battlebots:

Duck Dynasty Got Slut-Shamed At Church!

“Women should dress modestly, but not too modestly, because men will start wanting our bodies instead of our minds.” Nothing will distract you from election-day stress like reviewing a media whore in denial!

Sadie Robertson Huff warns church ‘modesty culture’ can be ‘dangerous,’ push people away

h ttps://

By Nicole Alcindor, 7 November 2022

“Duck Dynasty” stars Sadie Robertson Huff and her mother, Korie Robertson, shared their thoughts on where they believe some Christians have gone wrong preaching modesty and how judgment over what people wear could lead some people away from the Church.

If your faith cannot survive without yoga pants then did it ever exist?

On the Nov. 1 episode of the “WHOA That’s Good” podcast, the mother-daughter duo focused their discussion on modesty at a time when the cultural trend is “less is definitely more” when it comes to the way people dress.

Showing skin is so 1980s. Now it’s all about showing your tats.

“To live modestly is to live completely counterculture right now. And [being modest is] to be like, ‘Hey, I’m actually OK with being quiet-spirited. I’m actually OK with sitting here and being content with who I am without having to prove myself by what I wear,’” the 25-year-old Huff said.

And how is being quiet-spirited working out for you, Mizz Media Whore?

While Huff advocates for Christians to dress modestly, she warned, “Modesty culture in the Church can actually be pretty dangerous.”

And is that because other women have been giving you your exact advice?

Huff said she experienced “hurt from modesty culture and Christianity,” saying she received backlash for wearing blue jean shorts when the “Duck Dynasty” reality show began.

Red Pill Kung Fu, baby.

“I would wear my blue jean shorts on the show, and we would have so many Christians be like, ‘Are you a Christian? The way that you dress is so immodest?’ Or people would say to me that ‘I’m setting a bad example for this generation because of the immodesty,’” Huff recalled.

“It honestly made me feel so much pressure and also so sad and confused because I’m like, ‘Wait, does that make me not a Christian?’ When that’s actually not at all what Christianity really is.”

Have you ever noticed that women want to dress like men, but men don’t want to dress like women? That’s because of female envy of men. Instead of trying to be men, women should try to be women. Just as men should try to be men instead of God.

“And plus, as a teenager, hearing people say that. I remember thinking, ‘I can see why so many celebrities who grew up in the Church turn and just go,’” she continued.

“Because it honestly makes you want to. . Because it kind of makes you want to rebel.”

Now that you see your sin, the Christianity can begin.

Oops, eight years too late.

Huff also starred in an episode of “Dancing With The Stars” in 2014 wearing short-cut jean shorts and said she received backlash for how she dressed on the show.

“It was really hard. . I truly felt like I was being a light. And representing Christianity and who Jesus is and showing people God’s love there. And I mean, I would pray over CBS Studios, like every Monday night. I just really believed God was going to do something there and God did do something,” Huff recalled.

“Even the judges kept saying, ‘You’re such a light,’ and I don’t even know how to describe it.”

I do: male thirst.

“It’s like this light. And it’s like the world was noticing that, and Christians were noticing my short shorts,” Huff said, adding that she cried many times that week.”

Wear the dress. It won’t hurt.

“That’s hurtful. I’m not the only one that’s gone through that. . That is something that needs to be addressed. I [don’t] think you should ever be shaming people or picking people apart. If we’re going to be like Jesus, [He] didn’t judge from the outward appearances. He looked at the heart and people’s lives.”

When you live your life on camera, Sadie, even Hay-Soos can see your heart. It’s an attention-whoring, rebellious scrap of soul in grave danger of imitating its mother:

“The shorts weren’t anything different than what anyone would wear to the mall or whatever,” Robertson added, in agreement with her daughter. “But, you got a lot of hate for that, and it was very hurtful. It made you question everything.”

Stop the pain. Wear the dress.

Although Robertson and Huff agree that modesty culture in the Church can “shame” others, they both agree that dressing modestly is vital for Christians. And they said dressing in an immodest fashion could be “dangerous” in its own way.

The duo cited Romans 14:13-23 about not passing judgment on others but also making sure not to be a “stumbling block” to another brother or sister in Christ.

That quotation is a warning against hypocrisy, not discernment. Which is exactly why I’m laughing as I write this.

“It’s also really dangerous to dress super provocatively. And there are a lot of consequences that do come with that. So I do think you have to be wise,” Huff said.

“I don’t want people to notice me . outside of my husband . sexually,” Robertson added.

“That’s why I wore short shorts.”

“I want people to notice me because I’m smart or funny or kind or joyful, those kinds of things. And sometimes, as women, we do put that out there. We’re like, ‘Oh, notice me for my brain,’ but then, we’re putting these sexual images out there. And so I think we have to be thoughtful of that.”

That sounds pious except that instead of women dressing sexually, what we’re discussing is women dressing feminine. It’s a big tell that she twice wanted to be appreciated for her intelligence, and that’s why she wants to wear the pants in her family. So to speak.

She doesn’t want to risk being attractive to any man that she hasn’t preapproved. Whereas being feminine is attractive to all men.

Thus do women wage war upon being feminine.

Multipolar World Order Is A Repackaged NWO: Fisking the Xiamen Declaration

Many Westerners, including myself until recently, are dangerously ignorant about the Multipolar World Order being set up by BRICS countries. This is mostly because it’s a club to which we are not (yet) invited, we being ruled by unipolar GAE, and GAE isn’t interested in advertising its defeat. Perhaps the reason their propaganda about the Ukraine Conflict is so over-the-top that it’s literally unbelievable, is because they’re panicking over losing their seat in the coming New World Order that they themselves devised.

Similarly, while I still cannot fault Putin for anything he’s done thus far in Ukie land, his participation with the Multipolar World Order proves that he never stopped being that WEF Young Leader globalist. Despite his popularity, he’s going to enslave Russia.

Anyway, the MWO is just a rebranded NWO. Here is a publicly available manifesto of its intentions.

Full text of Xiamen Declaration of BRICS leaders

h ttps://

4 September 2017

1. We, the Leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, met on 4 September 2017 in Xiamen, China, at the Ninth BRICS Summit. Under the theme “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”, we endeavor to build on our achievements already made with a shared vision for future development of BRICS. We also discussed international and regional issues of common concern and adopted the Xiamen Declaration by consensus.

So, Russia was onboard with this long before 404. But it wasn’t hard to observe NATO’s encroachment upon Russia that made this partnership inevitable.

3. Our cooperation since 2006 has fostered the BRICS spirit featuring mutual respect and understanding, equality, solidarity, openness, inclusiveness and mutually beneficial cooperation, which is our valuable asset and an inexhaustible source of strength for BRICS cooperation… We have furthered our cooperation with emerging markets and developing countries (EMDCs).

It’s a safe bet that those ‘developing countries’ understand that this is the new boss, same as the old boss. Nobody is interested in giving Cameroon or Bolivia a seat at the Big Boy table.

I’m about ready for THAT post. The real alternative to the globalist future.

4. We draw satisfaction from the many fruitful results of our cooperation, including establishing the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), formulating the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership, strengthening political and security cooperation including through Meetings of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues and Foreign Ministers Meetings, and deepening the traditional ties of friendship amongst our peoples.

Meet new boss, same as old boss.

5. Recalling our Summits in Ufa and Goa, we will work together to further enhance BRICS strategic partnership for the welfare of our peoples. We commit ourselves to build upon the outcomes and consensus of our previous Summits with unwavering conviction, so as to usher in the second golden decade of BRICS cooperation and solidarity.

UNITY! We need tolerate no dissent because there will be no dissent! Our system will work for everybody! Except terrorists and criminals.

[6d.] We will emphasize fairness and justice to safeguard international and regional peace and stability. We will stand firm in upholding a fair and equitable international order based on the central role of the United Nations, the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and respect for international law, promoting democracy and the rule of law in international relations, and making joint efforts to address common traditional and non-traditional security challenges, so as to build a brighter shared future for the global community.

LITERALLY same as the old boss. The cunning strategy of the MWO is to empower the United Nations to be independent of GAE control.

Do any of these world leaders ever look in the mirror and wonder why they’re all so samethink? They consider themselves gods and prove it by crushing all potential rivals… but the True God sends rain even upon His enemies. He never feels threatened by their existence.

— We will embrace cultural diversity and promote people-to-people exchanges to garner more popular support for BRICS cooperation through deepened traditional friendships. We will expand people-to-people exchanges in all dimensions, encourage all fabrics of the society to participate in BRICS cooperation, promote mutual learning between our cultures and civilizations, enhance communication and mutual understanding among our peoples and deepen traditional friendships, thus making BRICS partnership closer to our people’s hearts.

They’re still trying to winning hearts and minds by forcing incompatible cultures to share the bus stop.

10. We note the agreement by the finance ministers and central bank governors on cooperation on Public Private Partnerships (PPP), including through PPP experience exchange and application of the BRICS Good Practices on PPP Frameworks.

The BRICS central bank governors are already all-in on public-private corporatism. Aka fascism. For the benefit of ’emerging economies’.

13. We reaffirm our commitment to BRICS industrial cooperation, including on industrial capacities and policies, new industrial infrastructure and standards, and among small, micro and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs), so as to jointly seize the opportunities brought about by the new industrial revolution and expedite our respective industrialization processes. We encourage exploring the establishment of BRICS Institute of Future networks. We will enhance joint BRICS research, development and innovation in ICT including the Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Big Data, Data Analytics, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and 5G and their innovative applications to elevate the level of ICT infrastructure and connectivity in our countries. We will advocate the establishment of internationally applicable rules for security of ICT infrastructure, data protection and the Internet that can be widely accepted by all parties concerned, and jointly build a network that is safe and secure.

That is exactly what it sounds like.


Russia building “Safe City” surveillance grid

By Riley Waggaman, 27 October 2022, quoting from Kommersant

The Moscow Department of Information Technologies plans to finalize a unified data storage center, at the facilities of which the capital’s face recognition system operates, to centralize the collection of video streams in all regions of the country.

From a technical point of view, this is logical, experts admit, since now no region can afford full-fledged computing power to process such a volume of data. The centralized analysis of video information becomes relevant in the face of an increased terrorist threat and the search for people who evade mobilization, participants in the Internet search market believe.

Hello, biometric digital ID, Moscow style.

End Segue

14. We reaffirm our commitment to fully implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

/mic drop

16. We commit to further promote green development and low-carbon economy, in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, enhance BRICS cooperation on climate change and expand green financing.

Because it worked out SO WELL for Germany.

The MWO is a complete, fabricated lie. It is not an alternative to the Global American Empire. It is merely a replacement… so USA and UK can be stuck with the petrodollar bill. Nothing more. Proof:

32. We emphasize the importance of an open and inclusive world economy enabling all countries and peoples to share in the benefits of globalization. We remain firmly committed to a rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory, open and inclusive multilateral trading system as embodied in the WTO. We reaffirm our commitments to ensure full implementation and enforcement of existing WTO rules and are determined to work together to further strengthen the WTO. We call for the acceleration of the implementation of the Bali and Nairobi MCM outcomes and for the WTO ministerial conference to be held this year in Argentina to produce positive outcomes. We will continue to firmly oppose protectionism. We recommit to our existing pledge for both standstill and rollback of protectionist measures and we call upon other countries to join us in that commitment.

The multiple poles of the Multipolar World Order will be the banks instead of the governments. Nobody will be allowed an independent existence.

34. We reaffirm our commitment to achieving a fair and modern global tax system…

That and an army will create the One World Government. Is there anything about raising an army in this declaration?

51. We call upon the international community to establish a genuinely broad international counter-terrorism coalition and support the UN’s central coordinating role in this regard.

52. We recognize the important contribution of BRICS countries to United Nations peacekeeping operations, and the importance of United Nations peacekeeping operations to international peace and security. We emphasize the need for BRICS countries to further enhance communication on peacekeeping matters.

Boom, there it is! In a One World Government, there will be no need for an army against outside threats… because by definition, there will be no outside threats. Only ‘terrorists’ and ‘criminals’ acting ‘unilaterally’ requiring the deployment of ‘peacekeepers’.

62. We stress the importance of education to promoting sustainable economic and social development, and to strengthening BRICS partnership, and commend the positive progress in our education cooperation. We reiterate our support for BRICS University League and BRICS Network University in conducting education and research cooperation, welcome efforts to promote cooperation among educational think tanks, and exchanges among youth including by organizing youth summer camps and offering more scholarship opportunities to BRICS students. We agree to share experience and practices in realizing education-related sustainable development goals.

When the global governing body is concerned with the education of your children, you can forget any notion of ‘limited government’.

63. We believe in the importance of sports cooperation to popularizing traditional sports and deepening the friendship among BRICS peoples. Recalling the successful hosting of BRICS U-17 Football Tournament in Goa in 2016, we commend the success of the First BRICS Games, which was a highlight of this year’s people-to-people exchanges. We encourage relevant departments to sign an MOU on sports cooperation to provide greater impetus to sports cooperation among our five countries.

They STILL intend to pacify us with sportsball. In the grim darkness of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, nothing is different.

64. We agree to enhance BRICS role in global health governance, especially in the context of the World Health Organization and UN agencies…

Plandemic lockdowns forever. Vaxxes forever. Social Credit forever. Again I say, the Multipolar World Order is nothing but a globalist lifeboat from the petrodollar implosion. It will be the last hyperinflation because in the digital currency world, if there are too many dollars then the government can simply delete the “excess” dollars directly from your savings account. You terrorist.

66. We note with satisfaction the progress in the exchanges and cooperation in various areas, including governance, film-making, media, think-tank, youth, parliament, local governments and trade union, and agree to further advance such exchanges and cooperation. We commend the first joint film production by BRICS countries and commend the success of the BRICS Film Festival, the Media Forum, Friendship Cities and Local Governments Cooperation Forum, Youth Forum, Young Diplomats Forum and Young Scientists Forum.

WEF intends to expand its Young Leaders program. Man, that Young Scientists Forum is gonna SUCK at science! Always starting with the politically correct conclusion and reasoning backwards.

68. We recommit our strong support for multilateralism and the central role of the UN in international affairs. We commit to strengthening the coordination and cooperation among BRICS in the areas of mutual and common interests within the UN and other multilateral institutions, including through regular meetings among our permanent representatives in New York, Geneva and Vienna, and further enhance the voice of BRICS in international fora.

Does Eating Meat Protect Against Demons?

I don’t do clickbait. The post title is EXACTLY the question I’m asking. Does eating meat protect oneself from demonic influence? This continues my perusal of George Pember’s book Earth’s Earliest Days, a commentary simultaneously untrustworthy, well-intentioned and thought-provoking.

We start with 1 Timothy 4:1-5, NIV translation. The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.

‘Certain foods’ is translated by other works as meat, for example the King James Version, so there’s a little wiggle room. In the context of Current Year, however, we know that our increasingly satanic rulers are very, very keen on stopping people from eating meat… offering alternatives from insects to vat-grown sludges.

We assumed from the start, that the reason they were doing this is simply to weaken the peasants, because animal protein is essential for good health. Just ask a Vegan, and instead of listening to his response, look at that sickly, withered creature who thinks himself the picture of health.

But… what if this not eating meat is something ceremonial? What if the true reason our leaders are banning meat, is to force us into practicing their dark religion?

We know why Satan would prohibit marriage. God created humanity male and female, also marriage between the two sexes, as the earthly metaphor for our divine future between Christ and His people. Trashing that metaphor blinds people to the spiritual reality. If your earthly father is an image of disgust, weakness and henpecked servility, then relating to God the Father will be much more difficult.

Why then, did Paul include dietary abstinences alongside the forbiddance of marriage in his warning against the teachings of deceiving spirits? Are the two of comparable importance? Questions that you never thought to ask. And with the Great Reset’s war on meat underway, it’s time to ask.

Pember’s main theory is that the body is a prison for our souls… we are not capable of interacting with the spirit world while housed inside our flesh… but also, that our bodies are fortresses against the spirit world… it cannot reach us directly. Only via the mortal world.

To weaken the body, then, is to weaken our natural defenses against spiritual contamination. To thin the barrier between reality and Beyond. A scene that comes to mind, is Jesus’ Temptation after forty days of starvation. I always thought that was to set up the first Temptation of food… but what if that level of bodily weakness was needed for Satan to be able to speak to Jesus directly in the first place?

Pember went on to document how Spiritists, Theosophists, Buddhists etc. would use meatless diets as ways to make connections to the spiritual world or develop sorcerous abilities. The mechanism of it was to weaken the body enough that its defenses against interaction with the spiritual could be overcome. Once breached, those defenses are never again as effective.

While I still haven’t grokked the significance of 5G graphene nanoparticles, etc., the Enemy has openly fantasized about its Internet of Things morphing into the Internet of Bodies. Their lying promise is that we’ll be able to know and control everything… but it’s not a hard stretch that their true goal might be to defeat the human body as a fortress against direct spiritual assault.

I shudder to imagine the fates of people who, having lived most or all of their lives in a society of moral inversion, without the concept of Evil except as a cartoonish half-goat with a pitchfork and a MAGA hat, getting holes drilled not just into their brains but into their souls.

Meat is not magically special. We have the example in Early Daniel, when Daniel successfully objected to the rich foods they were being given, with the result they were fed vegetables instead. Paul is on record in Romans saying he’d never eat meat again before he lets his behavior weaken another man’s ability to believe.

Neither are our bodies ideal defenses. Scripture is full of warnings that we must learn to control our bodies and discipline its appetites. There is a parallel for what Pember is describing in human sexuality. People who indulge that appetite, going from bad to worse, have ended up in rebellion against the concept of humanity being male & female… and upon reaching that state, easily became fleabags for unclean spirits.

Perhaps the Elite corruption of our diet is to accomplish the same result as promiscuity. Not everybody is willing to fornicate freely, after all. Even the atheists have the strong motivation of avoiding venereal diseases.

We have a contemporary example of Elites forcing us to practice their religion in the face diaper. The lie of it was that masks don’t keep you safe; they keep everybody else safe from you; therefore, anybody who went maskless was trying to harm the people around him; therefore, Good People get to police their neighbors and force them to obey the rules.

That’s not medicine. That’s population control. Medicine is how to heal the self, not how to manipulate others for personal benefit. Exactly the Hive mentality that permeates the, well, Hives of Marxism, exported by force of law onto people ill-equipped by ignorance to recognize the new evil.

Eat the meat. Live in Creation. Associate with what God has given us, accepting it with thanksgiving. Do not eat the bugs, do not climb into the pod and do not love life more than truth.

If our churches stubbornly insist upon being centers of wellness rather than sin & repentance, the least they could do is teach proper & healthy maintenance of the body along with offering healthy foods in defiance of the Great Reset.

Seven Signs Of the Days Of Noah

With the onset of winter keeping me indoors, I’ve been reading George Pember’s book “Earth’s Earliest Days”. It’s a commentary on Scripture, supplemented with… curious sources, which attempts to connect the Nephilim/Days of Noah with the Theosophists and Spiritists of the 19th Century, the time at which when he wrote.

You might think that sounds like a crackpot, and I wouldn’t call you wrong, but his genuine devotion to Christ comes through in the work and that forgives much. He does have some ideas worth exploring. This checklist of how to recognize “as it was in the Days Of Noah” should interest.

[From Chapter 10]

The seven causes of antediluvian corruption. Are they all in present operation?

The seven great causes of the antediluvian apostasy have been already noticed, and may be summed up as follows.

1. A tendency to worship God as Elohim, that is, merely as the Creator and Benefactor, and not as Jehovah the covenant God of mercy, dealing with transgressors who are appointed to destruction, and finding a ransom for them.

2. An undue prominence of the female sex, and a disregard of the primal law of marriage.

3. A rapid progress in the mechanical arts, and the consequent invention of many devices whereby the hardships of the curse were mitigated, and life was rendered more easy and indulgent. Also a proficiency in the fine arts, which captivated the minds of men, and helped to induce an entire oblivion of God.

4. An alliance between the nominal Church and the World, which speedily resulted in a complete amalgamation.

5. A vast increase of population.

6. The rejection of the preaching of Enoch, whose warnings thus became a savour of death unto the world, and hardened more beyond recovery.

7. The appearance upon earth of beings from the Principality of the Air, and their unlawful intercourse with the human race.

These causes concurred to envelope the world in a sensuous mist which no ray of truth could penetrate. They brought about a total forgetfulness of God and disregard of His will; and thus, by removing the great Centre Who alone is able to attract men from themselves, rendered the dwellers upon earth so selfish and unscrupulous that the world was present filled with lewdness, injustice, oppression, and bloodshed. It remains, therefore, for us to consider whether similar influences are now acting upon society.

That’s a pretty good description of Current Year. I have several problems with it, not least of which is the idea that humanity trying to improve its condition is good but actually succeeding would be fatal. Regardless, the boot fits.

The first cause may be detected in the universal spread of Deism.

And certainly we cannot but confess that the first mentioned cause is eminently characteristic of our times. For in all the professing Churches of Christendom, as well as among Jews, Mahometans, and Pagans, there are countless and ever-increasing multitudes who go in the way of Cain, acknowledging the Supreme Being, but not recognizing His holiness and their own depravity, and so denying all necessity of a Mediator between God and man.

Yep. Today is Christ the Butler, not Christ the Savior… although Muslims have always thought of Christ as a great prophet rather than the Son of God, and are content to bribe their way out of punishment via good works. And not asking too many questions about why one of Allah’s official names is Deceiver.

The second is beyond obvious. It’s Woman World out there. I’m so old, I can remember when feminists opposed child sex mutilation.

The third cause. Science, art and luxury.

Of the third cause, the spread of science, art, and luxury, it is unnecessary to speak: for none will deny that this is a great characteristic of our days: nay, the fact is a common subject of boasting. And alas! how many instances have we of the self-deifying arrogance which frequently arises from a little knowledge of the laws of nature, or a marked success in those arts, sciences, and philosophies which are the delight of cultivated and refined intellects!

I have problems with this one. Science & art are facets of Creation, and we today have observed how the mind darkens along with the soul. Luxury is a temptation to sloth, granted, but asceticism is a temptation to self-righteousness.

But it cannot be denied, that we have made technological progress to the point that even men of Pember’s time might think us wizards… and not a few men today have proceeded further to think of themselves as gods.

The fourth cause is as obvious as the second. The Church is dead… but with the Great Commission accomplished.

The fifth cause. Increase of the world’s population.

I have trouble believing that more people is a bad idea when ‘more people’ is twice what God has commanded. But Pember makes a case for how it’s bad:

…There is a phenomenon of Gloomy portent. For, while they multiply, men are also beginning to exhibit impatience of restraint: and, since they are learning to act together, and seem to be growing inflated with reliance on their fancied power, they will probably soon go on to deeds of impious daring. Large organizations, which are no longer confined to the frontiers of one people, forbode a second rebellion of Babel.

Meaning, large numbers of humans results in regression to the lowest common denominators of human conduct, and large organizations untethered from their homeland even more so. I go one further, that technology has erased the language barriers that God imposed specifically to prevent a Tower of Babel scenario… which means a Babel Scenario is now possible and, I contend, in progress.

The sixth cause. Increased callousness of the world consequent upon the rejection of Enoch’s testimony.

And so the powerful appeals of Enoch, his loud calls to repentance and threatenings of judgment to come, since they were slighted by the world, must have mightily hardened the hearts of men, and caused the Spirit of God to cease striving with them. Very probably many were at first impressed and alarmed: but after a while, when they saw day following day without any sign of the predicted vengeance, they lost their fear… they began to be scoffers, and mocked at the most solemn warnings…

There are no such warnings today because of the Church’s great apostasy. It is true, however, that the supernatural has not been seen in the West for so long that most people have no concept of a world besides the one they can observe. This was the Israelites’ fault in the Book of Judges: the stories of God did not foster any devotion, so every generation had to encounter God for itself. Thus did Israel get enslaved on, basically, a generational timeline.

The seventh cause. Unlawful intercourse with the denizens of the air.

NOT referring to Nephilim, which Pember believed are spirits of the Air who traded down to being spirits of the Earth, and as punishment by God, were not allowed to return to the Air. Pember is discussing sorcery here.

This, many would quickly reply, is certainly an event which has not yet startled our age, strange as our experiences may be: we have still something at least to wait for before the completion of that fatal circle of influences which ruined the old world.

Sorcery has not returned, at least not the ways that history recorded. Although Pember gives it a go:

For it is no longer possible to deny the supernatural character of the apostacy called Spiritualism, which is spreading through the world with unexampled rapidity… It is vain to speak of that power as mere jugglery which has convinced some of the elite of the literary world, which has caught in its meshes many scientific men, who at first only troubled to investigate for the purpose of refutation. Nor indeed can anything be more dangerous than utter incredulity: for the wholly incredulous, if suddenly brought face to face with the supernatural, is of all men the most likely to yield entire submission to the priests of the new wonder.

I wonder if instead of sorcery or Nephilim, evil has decided to adopt a generational approach. It is becoming clear, watching power centralize not into the hands a few people but a few dynasties, that if the wicked have not been literally interbreeding with devils, they have at least dedicated their bloodlines to Hell.

Meanwhile, men having convinced themselves that evil does not exist, are free to commit any evil should they find a reason to. They see the wicked prosper and the righteous wither, and there being no Judge to call them to account, chant the lies and pocket the bribes and sneer at the refusers for choosing a harder path of truth and discipline.

It’s a safe bet they don’t even know why they hate us, because they know it can’t be hatred of a Christ who never existed.

Running Away From Anarcho-Tyranny

Way, way back in the day, people were able to participate in government. Maybe not easily nor individually, but it was possible. WAAAY back in the day, you could even ignore the government on most days because what it did, didn’t impact your daily life.

The reason people are fleeing Blue States is not because of high taxes, regulation, Social Justice etc.

The reason people are fleeing, is because it’s their only option against high taxes, regulation, Social Justice etc.” We are no longer participants in our government.

We Can’t All Run To Florida

A conservative’s argument to stay and fight.

h ttps://

By Jim Nelles, 30 October 2022

Stay and fight… how, exactly? The Regime isn’t big into power-sharing, in case you haven’t noticed, Jim.

I decided in January to leave Chicago. My reasons mirrored those of most people leaving the city: crime, taxes, traffic, and the lack of support for police from politicians.

Better to say, the lack of participation opportunities for Real Americans. Having problems is one thing. Not being allowed to solve them is another. It’s why I get less upset at the existence of evil than the existence of stupid. This world hates Christ, I knew it when I signed up with Christ, but I didn’t sign up for…


h ttps://

1 November 2022

A Tennessee county is under scrutiny for passing a preamble to an official document that assures commissioners act with “Judeo-Christian values,” a move even the county’s own attorney . along with outside experts . say is a violation of the First Amendment.

Sigh, that’s why my allies look like. I didn’t sign up for Stupid to sell me out.

“The only thing that this states here is .Judeo-Christian values inherent in our nation’s founding. . it’s just referencing history,. Commissioner Matthew Shoaf said. .We’re not placing the Ten Commandments up and stating that we’re going to abide by that code. We’re only acknowledging specific historic context..

Don’t lie about your intentions and history, Commissioner Judeo-Christian. The only way forward is to start imposing our morality on them, just like they’ve been doing to us. Furthermore, placing the Ten Commandments in public buildings and obeying them was what many of the Founders actually did. Not to mention Ben Franklin’s warnings regarding a certain tribe.

But [the Freedom From Religion Foundation] and other experts say the preamble could be seen as an “endorsement” of Christianity, opening the county up to a lawsuit.

Ironically, Judeo-Christianity is a sabotage of Christianity. I despise the FFRF but at least they know what they want and try to get it.

I don’t want a lifeboat, not really. I want to be a participant in society. And that is why I’m hated even by people who claim we’re on the same side.

End segue

Things changed for me on July 4, when a gunman climbed onto a roof in the affluent Chicago suburb of Highland Park and opened fire, killing seven people and wounding dozens of others. There was wall-to-wall coverage of the shooting for days by both local and national media.

He decided to stay because Rooftop Negroes? If the author has some weird Boondock Saints fetish then… then, Chicago is a good choice and everybody needs a hobby. <popcorn>

But I wouldn’t risk vigilantism when the best-case result is a better world for Commissioner Judeo-Christian.

This was truly a sad event…


…that devastated an entire community.


But this is not what made me change my mind. What did was the fact that on the same weekend, there were 10 other people killed and 62 people wounded by gunfire in Chicago . . . and no one seemed to care.

Good show, conservatives! While you failed to conserve the womens’ restroom, you DID conserve the bleeding-heart liberal!

I decided to do some research…[blah blah crime stats]… and again, no one seems to care.

Should we? Is there anything we ordinary Joes can do about Chicongo that doesn’t involve a revolt and/or a Batman costume? Besides leaving?

[Johnny can’t read]… poverty is also a problem… food-insecure people…

I see you, Social Justice Warrior skinsuiting as a conservative.

So, I’ve decided to stay and try to make a difference…

…by helping the muggers escape poverty…

…and I encourage my fellow conservatives to do the same. No city can survive if its richest, most highly educated population flees. A city cannot survive if the answer to its problems is to ignore them and to let those who cannot leave fend for themselves.

Whatchu talkin’ about, Nellis? Chicago works great. It’s a role model of Socialist success being carefully imitated across the globe… its inhabitants dehumanized, indoctrinated and turned against each other for the profit and amusement of megalomaniacs who might secretly be Reptiloid hybrids.

Just because it’s not YOUR definition of success, doesn’t imply that it cannot be THEIR definition of success.

I encourage my fellow conservatives to get involved: run for a school board seat, volunteer for political candidates who want to fix our city, volunteer with organizations that work to address the city’s problems, become a tutor for an “at risk” child. Do something.

I can’t do any of that. The elections are rigged, the politicians evil, the charities Converged and the reason Blacks underperform in school is they’re mentally inferior to white people. What I can do, is run away before that last comment catches up to me. Ah, the simple joys of living in a free country with free speech!

It’s not enough for the good men to show up. The bad men must open the door to let us in. Which they surely will because the nice men did it for the bad men. You see the problem. Unless you’re nice.

We can’t all run to Florida. Besides, if enough of us stay and fight for change, Chicago just may elect its first Republican mayor since 1927.

Not that Red States are safe destinations. They’re only one election away from swinging hard left… Virginia turned out to be only one holiday weekend away from swinging hard left… Brazil isn’t America but it just went Marxist in one election and Bolsonaro is respecting his own defeat to the point of releasing the army upon his own supporters… and because Cuckservatives cannot accept that democracy doesn’t work, they’ll keep playing Marquess de Queensbury boxing against Bolsheviks wielding shivs.

FBI Incites A State Of ‘Increased Awareness’ Over Rideshare Kidnappings For Halloween

Demobilizing and tracking a population as large and sparse as the United States is hard. Private vehicles have been under attack for many years… largely unsuccessfully, and due in no small part to government’s complete failure to offer public-transport alternatives.

That failure is intentional. Government does not want to offer public-transport alternatives to private autos. It wants us de-mobilized, not other-mobilized.

Which brings us to the new industry of ridesharing. This has already undergone a forced consolidation thanks to California outlawing independent employment. (Biden has floated trial balloons on behalf of his handlers for a national outlawing of independent employment.) But that is not sufficient, to judge from the FBI frightening people (women) that they don’t know who is ridesharing with her children.

Criminals are using rideshare services to abduct children, FBI warns

h ttps://

By Candace Hathaway, 31 October 2022

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a public service announcement last week warning that criminals are using rideshare vehicles to abduct children.

I’m skeptical already because rideshare adds a witness to the criminal act. Jorge might not speak English but he’s not stupid enough to be an accomplice to child kidnapping. Or do they mean, the rideshare OPERATORS are abducting children during their regular employment? Are unescorted six-year-olds getting into panel vans prepaid with Mommy’s boyfriend’s credit card or something?

Maybe the FBI is trying to divert suspicion from unmarked panel vans parked on residential streets. I can only guess how many mothers have called the cops on Feebs manning a stakeout. Or supplying their informants with young boys.

“Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, law enforcement received several reports of rideshare services being used to facilitate child abduction,” the agency said.

According to the warning, “criminal actors” are using rideshare services because there is a “lower likelihood of detection and ease of facilitation.”

Shameless lies like this are why I take cheap shots about FBI agents using panel vans to traffic kids for their informants’ pleasure. Is there a reason they wouldn’t, since they routinely and publicly lie to us?

The law enforcement agency added that criminals believe ridesharing vehicles allow them more privacy than public transportation. Additionally, the services are easy to book and more direct than public transportation.

“While other modes of transportation were used during the pandemic, the privacy of rideshare services allowed criminal actors to obfuscate potential witness identification and afforded them direct transportation,” the FBI stated. “Further, criminal actors benefit from past and current pandemic guidance, such as mask wearing and social distancing in rideshare vehicles, as it provides additional security.”

  1. Cry me a river that anti-socializing laws might have resulted in reduced socialization.
  2. Rideshare operators aren’t blind. Notice they can stay on the road while driving. I trust them to see the drugged and handcuffed infant that the tweaker shoves under the seat.
  3. I wondered how long it would take for police to complain about face diapers. You can’t put entire cities under face-recognition CCTV while ordering people to mask up. The clock stops at two years, four months.
  4. Money trail erases anonymity. Rideshare operators don’t take cash because having cash makes them targets for mugging.

According to the FBI, the driver and passenger security protocols for ridesharing services are not as strict as traditional forms of transportation. Therefore, criminals believe they are less likely to get caught.

“The FBI identified a trend of criminal actors using rideshare vehicles to abduct minor victims,” the public announcement noted.

Translation: the FBI wants every rideshare to be logged into a national database so they can track the movements of you err, bad guys like J6 protesters err, child kidnappers.

Let me give a shout-out to VISA corporation for resisting the pressure, thus far, to monitor the behavior of its customers. I haven’t blogged on it yet but they’ve been through two court cases trying to force VISA to not allow men to consume pornography. Which can only happen if VISA monitors its customers’ economic activity.

The reason FBI is complaining about “anonymous” rideshares, is because companies such as VISA still refuse to spy on their customers on the FBI’s behalf.

The FBI cited an incident in April involving a 16-year-old boy who requested a rideshare service from Portland, Oregon, to Rockport, Texas. At one point during the ride, the driver of the vehicle offered the child a drink.

The boy later woke up inside a home approximately 20 miles away from his requested destination. He walked to a neighbor’s house to call authorities, and the driver was later arrested.

Wrong. It was Portland, Texas, to Rockport, Texas. Does Uber even contract for three-thousand-mile, one-way trips?


h ttps://

11 April 2022

A South Texas Uber driver was arrested Friday, April 8, after a teen said he was kidnapped during a ride, San Patricio County Sheriff Oscar Rivera said.

Rivera said the 16-year-old requested a ride from Portland to Rockport Wednesday, March 23. 44-year-old Uber driver Jaime Javier Morin picked the teen up in Portland.

I tried to find Morin’s background but the Internet only offered a different Javier Morin, who made Texas’ 10 Most Wanted before being caught in NYC. The link’s grainy mugshot offers no clue about immigration status.

The teen told police the driver offered him a drink shortly after getting into the vehicle. The teen later woke up at a house in Sinton, 31 miles away from where he requested to go, police said. The teen did not know where he was when he woke up and ran to a nearby house and called for help.

Investigators with the San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office interviewed the teen and verified his story, Rivera said. Investigators got a search warrant for the driver’s home and shortly after, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to a spokesperson from Uber, Morin was quickly taken off the platform once the investigation began.

There was no way that guy was going to get away with it, not after the ride was arranged via Uber and paid for electronically.

Oh, wait. Maybe he WILL get away with it:

He has been charged with indecency with a child, Rivera said. He remains in the San Patricio County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

The charge should have been kidnapping. This is open-and-shut kidnapping. Instead, Morin was charged with a misdemeanor?

Meanwhile, why did that kid take a drink from a stranger?

End segue

I admit it’s true that there are kidnapping and sex crimes associated with ridesharing. However, the people who think they can get away with it are typically foreigners with connections to organized crime. This example IS from Portland, Oregon:


h ttps://

A suburban Portland rideshare driver has been accused of raping and kidnapping a passenger.

KOIN-TV reports the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said Omar Al Naser was arrested Tuesday at his Beaverton home on four charges related to an alleged incident on Oct. 23.

There is a simple and topic-relevant reason why sex crime, like all crime, is in dramatic rise. When it gets high enough, the people will demand martial law from the very government that filled our streets with these degenerates in the first place.

The victim said they were at a family member’s house and called Lyft for a ride, sheriff’s officials said. Al Naser arrived, officials said, but he took the passenger to his house.

The sheriff’s office said the driver is being held on rape, kidnapping and other charges. It wasn’t immediately known if he has a lawyer to speak for him.

The investigation continues and deputies believe there could be additional victims.

The Sheriff’s Office said Al Naser drove for Lyft between August and November 2021 and urged other victims to come forward.

Again, this is a really hard crime to conceal for any length of time. “My kid went missing. The last activity on his bank card was a rideshare by Omar al Mohammed bin Laden.”

The FBI cited another rideshare incident in February involving a father and his 7-year-old son in Mexico City.

“We need more police powers in USA because Mexico is dangerous.”

During the ride, the father asked the driver to pull over at a flower stand. When the father exited the vehicle, the driver drove off with the child still inside.

The boy was able to call his mother and share his location. The parents chased after the vehicle and recovered their child. They kept the driver from escaping, and authorities arrested him.

A crime so easy to solve, the parents did it in a foreign country. A harrowing story, to be sure, but like most countries, Mexican law enforcement reserves special treatment for crimes against tourists. No cartel is going to bust out this perp.

During another incident in February 2021, a man ordered a rideshare vehicle to transport a child from her California home. The adult male met the minor on social media and groomed her to send sexual content. He persuaded her to sneak out of her home and get into a rideshare vehicle with him.

He ordered the rideshare vehicle to bring them to the airport, where they boarded a plane to Washington, D.C. The man forced the minor to wear a disguise and pretend she was mute to avoid detection.

Avoid detection… through airport security?

“Photo ID for the girl?”

“She’s mute.”

“Oh, okay. Does she have any metal in her pockets or under the wig?”

This wasn’t kidnapping. She went voluntarily.

Authorities recovered the girl and charged the man with child abduction, soliciting child sexual abuse materials, and meeting a minor for sex.

How was any of that the rideshare operator’s fault? The FBI is talking like the man had a knife pressed against her kidney during all of this. No.

And if you’re wondering why driver didn’t ask about the girl getting in separately from the man: welcome to the United States of Divorce, where joint custody of children is a norm.

The FBI stated that the public service announcement was created to increase awareness of rideshare services being used to target minors for child abduction. The agency noted that the “high impact” crimes are rare.

Terrorism, in other words. They’re frightening people, aka “increasing awareness”, that small children are climbing into rideshares and disappearing. ‘Although the really serious stuff is rare’.

And what should people in this state of fear, oops, “increased awareness” do? They should vote for more safety.

Supporting this call for a state of fear, oops, “increased awareness”, they cited one case of a swift arrest, which is not even being prosecuted as a kidnapping, one case in a foreign nation and one case that was a runaway not a kidnapping.

The FBI is trying to scare you into supporting more government surveillance. Happy Halloween a day late.