SF Mayor London Breed’s Murdering Brother

London Breed (what a ghetto rat name! Imagine Ocasio-Cortes with an extra hundred pounds of blubber) has petitioned Governor Moonbeam for amnesty for her misunderstood brother who because of poverty and a childhood history of crack flu, murdered his getaway-driver girlfriend while fleeing the cops after the armed robbery of a restaurant.

Moonbeam, furiously signing blank checks in his last few hours before retirement, has ordered new DNA testing for Breed’s brother. I’ll start with the news article and then cover the true-crime story of Napoleon Brown. Suffice to say, the DNA retest will not possibly be enough.

SF Mayor Breed seeks brother’s release from prison


By Lauren Hern?ndez and Dominic Fracassa, 19 December 2018

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has asked Gov. Jerry Brown to release her brother from prison, where he has served nearly two decades of a 44-year sentence for a manslaughter conviction in the death of a San Francisco woman, according to the mayor’s office.

Breed.s brother, Napoleon Brown, now 46, pushed 25-year-old Lenties White from a getaway car on the Golden Gate Bridge after an armed robbery in June 2000. She was struck by an oncoming drunken driver and died.

Breed sent a letter to Gov. Brown on Oct. 23 asking him to “consider leniency” and commute her brother’s prison sentence. The letter appears to have been sent on personal stationery, but the heading and the body of the letter reference her position as the city’s mayor.

Breed.s status as mayor could raise questions about whether the letter constitutes an improper attempt to use her status to influence the governor’s decision.

Ya think? This is what our society has sunk to, now that concepts like “evil” have been replaced with concepts like “optimal from an evolutionary perspective”.

.I am very sorry for all the people I hurt with my crimes 18 years ago,. Napoleon Brown wrote in his letter to the governor, in which he details his efforts toward self-improvement while in prison. Though he blames his “crimes and bad behaviors” on addiction, he wrote, .I still take full and complete responsibility for all my actions.” And he asks for the opportunity to re-establish a relationship with his children.

Not good enough. Addictions don’t shove people in front of moving cars.

In her letter to the governor, Breed said that “Napoleon struggled early on with a sense of hopelessness. And like many others, he developed a bad drug problem at an early age. His drug addiction led to a young life of crime..

Some kids get chicken pox. Other kids get crack cocaine. Life happens, yo.

Breed has often portrayed her impoverished upbringing in Western Addition public housing as an example of overcoming obstacles to succeed in life, especially in a city with stark income disparities. In that narrative, she has mentioned that her sister died of a drug overdose and her brother was in prison.

Would Daddy Issues have made London Breed tougher on criminals?

Breed, 44, is two years younger than her brother. Her letter to the governor apparently contains the most information she has made public about his situation.

It was enough for people to notice that she lied to cops on behalf of her brother. More here, although I won’t cover it:


.Although I don’t believe the 44-year sentence was fair, I make no excuses for him,. Breed wrote. .His decisions, his actions, led him to the place he finds himself now. Still, I ask that you consider mercy, and rehabilitation..

Which is it, Breed? Either no excuses or no punishment.

Before she died from blunt force trauma and blood loss at a hospital, White told officers that Napoleon Brown had pushed her out of the getaway car she was driving, according to court documents filed in 2014 related to the case.

And now the story of Napoleon Brown.


On May 10, 2005, a San Francisco County jury found petitioner guilty of murder, four counts of robbery and carjacking, and found true robbery and carjacking felony-murder special circumstances, and personal use of a firearm and arming enhancements except as to the carjacking count. The trial court granted petitioner a new trial on the murder count and he was sentenced to 44 years and fourth months on the other counts. …

On November 29, 2011, the prosecution amended the murder charge to involuntary manslaughter and petitioner pled no contest to involuntary manslaughter and was resentenced to a total term of 42 years and four months in state prison on all counts.

Even the new, reduced sentence is still “unfair” per the current SF mayor.

On June 19, 2000, between 12:00 a.m. and 12:30 a.m., two African-American men entered the Johnny Rockets restaurant on Chestnut Street in San Francisco as three employees were closing the store and preparing to leave. One of the men, later identified by two of the employees as [petitioner], was carrying a chrome semi-automatic handgun. The other wore a red bandana over his face.

Which one was the genius mastermind, I wonder? “Bro, wear this ski mask so nobody can see your face.” “Okay but I’m still gonna bring me my special piece. I just had it chromed!” “Eh, you can forget the ski mask, then.” “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Let’s go fuck some shit!”

The men forced the employees to the basement and made them lie face-down on the floor. The man with the bandana took money from each of the employees while [petitioner] escorted one of the employees to the safe and demanded that he open it. About this time, a fourth employee returned to the restaurant. The man with the bandana forced the employee to join the others in the basement and removed money from his pockets. [Petitioner] removed at least $7,200 from the safe before leaving the restaurant. Once the men left the premises, the employees called the police and reported the robbery.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m., Officer Gary Watts noticed two African-American men walking briskly towards him on Chestnut Street. One was carrying what appeared to be a red bank deposit bag. About 30 feet from him, they turned a corner and ran to a parked car in the next block that appeared to be waiting . . . with the taillights on.

Getaway girlfriend. Don’t cry for her.

The men got into the passenger side of the car, which immediately sped off. Watts ran to his unmarked police car, returned to the area in his car, and saw a vehicle two blocks ahead-the only vehicle in sight. As he pursued the car, he heard a radio dispatch concerning the robbery at the restaurant. He relayed what he had seen and reported that he was in pursuit of a car with the license plate number 4JLK910, later determined to be a Ford Escort. As the car approached the Golden Gate Bridge, Watts pulled next to it.

Cool, this went down on the Golden Gate! America’s #1 suicide destination.

He saw an African-American man in the passenger seat and an African-American woman driving the car. He could not see into the back seat because of the heavily tinted rear windows. Watts sped past the Ford and called for the Highway Patrol to stop the car. Watts waited in the bridge parking lot for the Ford to pass him and followed it on to the bridge. He did not activate his lights or attempt to stop the car.

Suddenly, the Ford pulled into the buffer lane in the center of the bridge and stopped. Watts stopped his car about 75 feet behind the Ford. The driver’s side door of the Ford opened and the female driver fell out, as if she had been pushed or kicked from the car. She tried to break the fall with her hands and rolled into the oncoming lane of southbound traffic, where she lay face-down, crying hysterically. As Watts got out of his car, a man exited the passenger side of the Ford. Watts yelled for him to get down on the ground but he ignored the command, entered the driver’s seat of the Ford and drove off. Watts had no doubt that the man he saw was codefendant Thorn. He could not see into the car and did not know if [petitioner] was in the back seat.

As the car drove away, Watts saw headlights approaching in the southbound direction and yelled for the female to get up. The woman, later identified as Lenties White, did not rise from the pavement before being struck by the oncoming car, which did not break or swerve before hitting her. Using videotape from the bridge surveillance cameras, Watts estimated that approximately 19 to 24 seconds elapsed from the time he pulled up behind the Ford until White was hit by the oncoming car.

Huh. I have to say, that wasn’t really murder. Manslaughter was the more appropriate charge. It might even have been the only suicide on the Golden Gate to not involve a swan dive.

At 12:57 a.m., Watts broadcast that the woman had been hit and that the robbery suspects were headed towards Marin. Minutes later three additional officers arrived on the bridge. Officers Michele Aschero and Keith Pasquinzo approached White, who was lying gravely injured on the road. Aschero asked the woman her name and date of birth and the woman identified herself as Lenties White with a birth date of May 17, 1975.

Good thinking on the cops’ part. Testing her memory validated that her statement was coherent enough to be admissible in court.

When Aschero asked her what had happened, White responded that S.B. threw me out of the car. The officers asked her to repeat the identity, and both officers clearly heard her say S.B. White also told the officers that S.B. lived at the intersection of McAllister and Fillmore and she asked them to contact her mother Sandra McNeil. The paramedic who responded to the bridge described White’s level of consciousness and awareness as remarkable, noting in his report that despite her traumatic injury, she remain[ed] oriented times two throughout transport. White died at the hospital later that morning from blunt force trauma and the resulting blood loss. She had a significant amount of cocaine in her system at the time of her death.

Keeping her conscious and aware despite no blood left in her body. An unpleasant death for a misspent life.

Meanwhile, at approximately 1:09 a.m., Highway Patrol Officer Paul Perez spotted the robbery suspect’s car traveling northbound on Highway 101 past Marin City. He activated his emergency lights and with four additional patrol cars followed the car on a high speed chase. The car was eventually stopped and the sole occupant, Thorn, was arrested. Inside the Ford, officers located two Johnny Rockets security cards. Thorn had $46 dollars on his person, but no money was found in the car.

Moron were still on Highway 101 (which crosses the Golden Gate Bridge) ten minutes later.

At trial, Samantha Jefferson claimed to remember very little about the morning of June 20. Her interviews with the police were admitted as prior inconsistent statements.

The girls never testify against the bad boys. Fortunately, they’re never cool-headed word ninjas either. The trick is asking them the same question twice.

In those interviews she told police that [petitioner] appeared at her home at approximately 5:00 a.m. that morning asking about White. He indicated that he thought something might have happened to her and he told Jefferson to turn on the news because he thought White was dead. They watched news coverage about the accident on the bridge involving a woman whose identity had not yet been released. [Petitioner] told her that White had been taken hostage while trying to buy cocaine. Jefferson told him she did not believe him, but [petitioner] insisted he had nothing to do with White’s death. Jefferson also told the police that [petitioner] used the nickname S.B.

Smooth Bastard? Shiny Browning? Skinny Banana? Meanwhile…

Kermit Allen was the driver of the car that hit White on the bridge. When Allen voluntarily surrendered at the toll plaza, officers determined that he was under the influence of alcohol and arrested him. Allen’s blood sample at 3:15 a.m. had an alcohol content of .10 percent. Highway Patrol Officer McClellen testified that based on his reenactment of the accident, he believed even a sober driver would have struck White.

Happiest DUI conviction ever.

Police recovered a red bandanna in the lobby area of the Johnny Rockets restaurant. DNA testing matched [petitioner’s] DNA to samples taken from the bandanna.

Oh, so Brown did bring a bandanna. What’d he do, take it off to eat an order of french fries while casing the joint?

Brown: … ..mumble.. …… …. ..mumble!… ..

Employee: Huh? I can’t understand you.

Brown: *rips off bandanna* Reach for the sky, muthafuckas! *throws it down to grab the employee’s shirt collar*

On June 20, 2000, Police Inspectors Anthony Camilleri and Antonio Casillas interviewed [petitioner’s] sister, London Breed. She told them that [petitioner] was known as Sonny or Sonny Boy. She thought he might also use the name S.B. While the interview was in progress, [petitioner] called Breed and spoke briefly with Camilleri. He told Camilleri that he used the nicknames Sonny and S.B. and acknowledged that he had been with White the previous night until about 10:00 p.m. Camilleri urged defendant to come to the police station to make a statement and [petitioner] agreed to call [him] later to make an appointment. Breed called later that day, however, and told Camilleri that [petitioner] would not be coming to the station.

Related image

No problem, that’s what arrest warrants are for.

Luette Harris, who was with [petitioner] at the time of his arrest, also knew [petitioner] to use the nickname S.B. [Petitioner] lived on Eddy Street near Webster, which is about three blocks from McAllister and Fillmore.

On August 6, 2000, [petitioner] was arrested on a warrant. He tried to flee but was apprehended without incident.

Dying girlfriend: Sonny Boy did it! *gack*

Next day’s girlfriend: Yeah, everybody calls him Sonny Boy.

Employees: Yep, that’s him! The only robber stupid enough to take his bandanna off.

DNA test confirms bandanna was his.

London Breed: I have him on the phone… yeah, he’ll come give a statement. … oops, sorry, he changed his mind.

Brown: *resists arrest*

Brown: *years later* I plead no contest, your honor.

And today, Moonbeam ordered a retesting of the DNA. I don’t think that could possibly be sufficient to exonerate him. At least it’s only taxpayer money.

Now for a lovely postscript:

Napoleon Brown, London Breed’s Brother: 5 Fast Facts

Last year [2017], Brown was convicted on an additional drug charge . he was found with heroin while in prison. That added another to years to his sentence. He will now be eligible for parole in the year 2032.

I don’t think he’s ready to “rebuild a life with his kids”.


Sheriff Adam Christianson Calls Out the Sacramento Traitors

California officer’s killing reignites sanctuary law fight


By AP, 29 December 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) . A man suspected of killing a California policeman was in the U.S. illegally and captured while planning to flee to his native Mexico, a sheriff said as he all but blamed the state’s sanctuary law for the officer’s death.

Last I heard, ninety percent of all murders in Los Angeles are committed by illegal immigrants. At the time, they would simply offer themselves up for Federal deportation before the local police caught up to them.

A two-day statewide manhunt ended Friday with the arrest of Gustavo Perez Arriaga, who came out with his hands up as a SWAT team prepared to raid a home in Bakersfield, about 200 miles (320 kilometers) southeast of where Cpl. Ronil Singh was shot before dawn Wednesday.

Singh had pulled over a suspected drunken driver in the small town of Newman when he was fatally wounded and managed to fire back but didn’t hit the attacker, authorities have said.

Sheriff Adam Christianson, who led the investigation, blamed California’s sanctuary law for preventing local authorities from reporting Perez Arriaga to U.S. immigration officials for deportation after two previous drunken driving arrests.

.We can’t ignore the fact that this could have been preventable,. Christianson told reporters, asking why the state was “providing sanctuary for criminals (and) gang members. It’s a conversation we need to have..

Yes! Tell it like it is, Sheriff!

Image result for sheriff adam christianson

Image result for sheriff adam christianson

He has the oblong face shape, sometimes called “metal” face shape. Logical, efficient, loves to plan… not spontaneous, not much fun at a party. Good chin for assertiveness. The dramatic eyebrow and “diplomat ears” (when the middle part of the ear cup pokes out the most) suggest more social skill than his recessed, extremely flattened (read, logical) eyes would normally predict. Thin lips, too… that plus the eyes and face shape, don’t expect emotion from this guy. The top third of his face is dominant but with only faint concentration lines. Taken together, this is a guy of moderately high intelligence who focused on understanding and controlling people rather than understanding and controlling ideas. A very good face for a law enforcement higher-up.

Perez Arriaga crossed the border in Arizona several years ago and had worked a variety of jobs as a laborer, including at several dairies. The 33-year-old had gang affiliations and multiple Facebook pages with different names, Christianson said.

Multiple Facebook pages implies he was sexually active. There aren’t many other reasons for a male to be highly active under many aliases on social media. Well, maybe drug dealing, but dude, pot is legal in Cali now.

Gustavo Perez Arriaga

I have no idea what’s going on with those earlobes. Per the Chinese school, he will have ungodly horrible luck in the later part of his life. Well, we already know he’s unlikely to be a free man at that point.

The middle third of his face is dominant, indicating orientation towards status & ambition. A fleshy tip of the nose indicates concern for money… there’s a reason “Jew Nose” is a meme… which confirms the middle third of the face.

The mouth corners are turned downward, indicating an angry/pessimistic outlook on life. Lips are relatively thin but with a solid Cupid’s Bow, indicating sexual energy only. The right eye is more protected than the left (notice you can see part of the left upper eyelid) which suggests his personal life is well-ordered. I can’t be sure but think the nose is pointing downward, another indicator of selfishness or pessimism.

I’ve seen that face shape described in Chinese face reading but don’t know how to translate .. They are reputed to be practical, stubborn and family-oriented.

The shooting came as the political fight over immigration has intensified, with President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats at odds over funding for a border wall that has forced a partial government shutdown.

Trump tweeted about Singh’s killing Thursday, saying it was “time to get tough on Border Security. Build the Wall!.

Arrest the Traitors!

California.s statewide sanctuary law limits cooperation between local authorities and U.S. immigration officials and has drawn scorn from the Trump administration. It includes more than 800 exceptions for violent crimes and felonies and bars police from asking people about their citizenship status.

Gov. Jerry Brown has said the law strikes a balance between protecting families and ensuring consequences for serious criminals. His spokesman said Friday that if the suspect was a known gang member, police could have informed federal authorities.

“Serious criminals” means males convicted of multiple violent felonies. Moonbeam is willing to let them be deported only when the alternative is life in prison, which helps them escape justice once again while saving the state gov’t a fortune on incarceration.

.California law fully permits the sharing of information on dangerous gang members,. spokesman Evan Westrup said.

But only “dangerous” gang members, which this guy apparently wasn’t.

Former state Sen. Kevin de Leon, the Democrat who wrote the legislation, said it’s “highly irresponsible” to blame the law for the officer’s death.

.The type of tone and attitude that Sheriff Christianson has taken instills fear and panic in all immigrant communities. that could make people afraid to report crimes, de Leon told KNX-AM radio in Los Angeles.

Kevin de Leon is a member of the La Raza terrorist group.

Authorities have arrested seven other people, including Perez Arriaga’s brothers, 25-year-old Adrian Virgen and 34-year-old Conrado Virgen Mendoza; his girlfriend, 30-year-old Ana Leyde Cervantes; and a co-worker, 27-year-old Erik Razo Quiroz, authorities said. Three people were arrested at the home near Bakersfield.

All are accused of helping Perez Arriaga, who’s expected to be arraigned on charges Wednesday, authorities said.

Yep, Perez is a family-oriented guy.

Singh, 33, was also an immigrant, coming legally from his native Fiji to fulfill his dream of becoming an officer, authorities said. Singh had a newborn son and joined the 12-officer Newman police force in 2011.

Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson called him a patriot.

.This is a man that loved his country. This is a man that worked hard for what he believed in. He believed in this community,. the chief said at a community vigil Friday night honoring Singh.

I don’t like even legal immigration these days and why did he need to come all the way to North America to be a cop? But he came legally, wore the uniform well and was murdered in the line of duty, and that’s more than enough to get a pass from me.

Sheriff Christianson made my day. Let’s read more about him giving Migramento the riot act.

Stanislaus sheriff slams California sanctuary policies after arrest in officer’s slaying


By Evan Sernoffsky, 29 December 2018

Hmm, somebody must have confused the URL on this article?

A day laborer with gang affiliations and past arrests for drunken driving, who was in the country illegally, was captured outside Bakersfield in the high-profile killing of a Stanislaus County police officer, officials announced Friday.

But while the arrest of Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, ended a statewide manhunt in Wednesday’s killing of Newman police Cpl. Ronil Singh, revelations about the suspect’s immigration status and criminal history reignited criticism of California’s sanctuary state policy.

At a news conference Friday, Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson echoed President Trump’s calls for stricter border security as he railed against the state’s sanctuary law. The policy, pushed by Democrats and signed in 2017 as SB54, prohibits local law enforcement from notifying or sharing detained immigrants. information with federal immigration agents, when they are not accused of serious criminal charges.

It has been established by Broken Window police methods that not punishing criminals until their crimes are severe is both a bad idea and a short wait.

Christianson, a Republican, has been a vocal critic of the policy and met with President Trump at the White House in May to speak out about the bill. The sheriff appears in a YouTube video posted by the White House seated beside Trump during the meeting.

Trump interviewing for his next Secretary of Defense? He could do much worse.

On Friday, the sheriff said, .The last thing in the world I want to do is politicize the death of officer Singh.” He then used the case to criticize California’s law and suggested it led to the deadly encounter.

The butthurt, it burns! How dare a Republican act like a Democrat! Shiv, shiv…

.We were prohibited . law enforcement was prohibited because of sanctuary laws and that led to the encounter with officer Singh,. Christianson said at Friday’s news conference. .The outcome could have been different if law enforcement wasn’t restricted, prohibited, or had their hands tied because of political interference..

Take a memo, politicians: it IS possible to both be honest and keep your job, at least if your character is of a certain minimal quality. Take another memo: you are not the solution.

Christianson never said when Arriaga was arrested, but records show . and officials confirmed . that he was picked up for a DUI in Madera County on June 5, 2014 . years before the state’s sanctuary law prohibited local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

It was unclear Friday whether officials in Madera County knew of Arriaga’s immigration status or alerted immigration authorities.

It was in Madera County that Chowchilla police arrested Arriaga on a speeding violation on June 5, 2014, and found he was driving with a blood alcohol level of more than .08 percent and without a license, Chowchilla Police Chief David Riviere said Friday. At the time, Arriaga also had a warrant out for his arrest for driving unlicensed and having no insurance, Riviere told The Chronicle.

Undocumented immigrants are poorly documented.

.As far as immigration status, I can tell you we do not ask those questions. We have no reason to,. Riviere said. .He was stopped for a traffic violation and found to be DUI..

Seriously, Chief Riviere? Ask your officer how that traffic stop went. “Why don’t you have a driver’s license?” “They won’t give me one.” “Why not?” “Oops. Yo no hablo ingles!”

It also remained unclear Friday whether Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents had ever encountered, arrested or deported Arriaga. Because of the government shutdown, ICE officials were unavailable Friday for comment on the case.

It’s good that they furloughed the press department first but methinks nobody wanted to swim in this media frenzy anyway.

.We’re not here to enforce federal immigration law . that’s not our job,. Christianson said at the news conference. “But law enforcement should be able to turn people over to ICE who are gang members who victimize and exploit others..

The sheriff’s comments came a day after Trump seized on the killing in his fight over border security and demanded Congress fund a U.S.-Mexico wall. The fight has been at the center of the government shutdown that began on Dec. 22.

.There is right now a full scale manhunt going on in California for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop,. Trump wrote on Twitter. .Time to get tough on Border Security. Build the Wall!.

Supporters of California’s policy pushed back on Christianson’s pointed statements Friday, underscoring that the law was written to encourage cooperation between law enforcement and immigrants, who may be reluctant to come forward if they are crime victims criminals.

Fixed it for you. And memo, Newman PD doesn’t want more cooperation between law enforcement and your favorite “immigrants”. Stanislaus County is looking sadface, too.

.This situation is more about what this person’s state of mind was and how he got into this situation, and it has less to do with the fact that he’s not a citizen,. said Bill Hing, a San Francisco immigration attorney and University of San Francisco law professor.

You need to go back, Mister Hing. I don’t care how long you’ve lived in North America; you are not an American. It’s not enough that you shit in our toilets and newspapers. You have to actively support America’s Founders, people, principles and way of life.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department additionally arrested Arriaga’s brother, 25-year-old Adrian Virgen, and a co-worker, Erik Razo Quiroz, 27, on suspicion of aiding Arriaga’s attempted escape from the country.

.They intentionally lied to us,. Christianson said of of the latter two suspects. .They tried to divert us off the investigation. They misled us. They provided information that was false all in an attempt to protect their brother..

Arriaga was a known associate of the Sure?o street gang, Christianson said, and was pictured on one of his various Facebook pages posing with a gun and machete.

The Sure?os are on Facebook? Law enforcement’s job just got easier.

Deputies brought Singh’s handcuffs down to Kern County to place on Arriaga before he was transported to jail in Stanislaus County.

Image result for i like your style


MGTOW Life: Upfront Pricing for Medicine!

Part of MGTOW life, especially for those inclined to go monk or ghost, is not having medical insurance. Obamacare was a nightmare in that regard and even on a good day, health insurance is a misnomer. A health service plan, more like.

The medical industry has been notorious for refusing upfront pricing. That’s one reason for HMOs, they negotiate for decent prices with the folks who tell you to close your eyes and open your mouth. But many MGTOWs prefer to simply pay cash.

There are many benefits to cash. Men have fewer health problems than women and being able to cash is a reward for clean living. There are no middlemen. Many providers will give discounts for cash customers.

But the main barrier to using cash is that doctors never want to talk about the costs. This is now changing with the Trump administration:

Hospitals required to post all prices online beginning January 1


26 December 2018

WASHINGTON (AP) . Medicare will require hospitals to post their standard prices online and make electronic medical records more readily available to patients, officials said Tuesday.

The program is also starting a comprehensive review of how it will pay for costly new forms of immunotherapy to battle cancer.

Blah blah cancer, whatever. Price transparency has finally arrived! What a pity it had to be forced upon the industry by the Feds.

Seema Verma, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said the new requirement for online prices reflects the Trump administration’s ongoing efforts to encourage patients to become better-educated decision makers in their own care.

.We are just beginning on price transparency,. said Verma. .We know that hospitals have this information and we’re asking them to post what they have online..

Hospitals are required to disclose prices publicly…

So they say, but so I’ve never yet seen.

…but the latest change would put that information online in machine-readable format that can be easily processed by computers. It may still prove to be confusing to consumers, since standard rates are like list prices and don’t reflect what insurers and government programs pay.

Patients concerned about their potential out-of-pocket costs from a hospitalization would still be advised to consult with their insurer. Most insurance plans nowadays have an annual limit on how much patients must pay in copays and deductibles . although traditional Medicare does not.

This could revolutionize medical payments. Instead of joining an HMO or health insurance company, one could theoretically prepurchase likely tests… at a package discount? Even with business as usual, comparative pricing will do much to invoke Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand.

Likewise, many health care providers already make computerized records available to patients, but starting in 2021 Medicare would base part of a hospital’s payments on how good a job they do.

Using electronic medical records remains a cumbersome task, and the Trump administration has invited technology companies to design secure apps that would let patients access their records from all their providers instead of having to go to different portals.

I’m less thrilled about electronic records in an age of Goolag surveillance and social media monetizing my daily life. In fact, when California implemented Obamacare several tech giants offered to build a centralized State medical record hub for free, out of the goodness of their hearts. My paranoia is still twitchy at that.

Verma also announced Medicare is starting a comprehensive review of how it will pay for a costly new form of immunotherapy called CAR-T. It’s gene therapy that turbocharges a patient’s own immune system cells to attack cancer.

Immune system T cells are filtered from the patient’s own blood and reprogrammed to target and kill cancer cells that had managed to evade them. Hundreds of millions of copies of the revved-up cells are then returned to the patient’s blood to take on the cancer.

Though only a couple of such treatments have been approved for blood cancers, the cost can exceed $370,000 per patient.

.It.s a new area for the agency,. said Verma. .We haven’t seen drugs priced at this level and we’re having to think about our strategy..

This is a different issue from price transparency but one for MGTOW minimalists to consider. Without considerable savings or misfortune, the end of one’s modern life is more likely to be a function of money than a function of health care. It would suck to die knowing there’s an unaffordable cure that could have given you a few more years of life. Of course, it would suck even more to pay into the System for decades and then end up in the same place. Money can’t buy happiness but money can rent it.

If you don’t live minimalist then your tax money will purchase some Baby Boomer a $400k cancer treatment. Trump hasn’t yet improved health care enough to thwart that. In fact, a major reason doctors don’t like to post prices online is because if they’re denied full reimbursement from Medicare & third parties then they need to make up the loss elsewhere in order to stay in business. Which means men with few health problems. Which is why men go MGTOW.

What must ultimately happen is patients guaranteeing payment to their providers then filing their own paperwork for reimbursement. Sadly, the unwillingness of wimminz voters to pay their own bills like that is exactly how Medicare got enacted in the first place.

Meanwhile, I must give Trump credit. He’s getting a lot of bureaucracy cut away while waging war over building the Wall and draining the Swamp.

When the news media isn’t slandering the President, they’re hushing his accomplishments.


She Nags!

This post was some time in coming, as personnel issues in the workplace are something to think twice about discussing on a public forum. However, I could certainly use advice.

I’ve had a female subordinate for several years. One that is willing to get dirty and do math, therefore the higher-ups are glad to have her on the payroll. I’ve worked closely with her on and off as work requires. Previously, she’s been professional and cooperative, if short on endurance in the field.

Over the last eight months, her attitude has disintegrated into what appears to be a personal vendetta against me. Endless criticism, endless argumentation, complaints that come out of nowhere, which broke into outright insubordination just before the Christmas break. Unacceptable, intolerable conduct.

The simple way to handle this would be reassigning her outside my supervisory control but I’ve already explored that option.

I’m not worried about getting #MeToo-ed. I’m well-defended and one defense I’ve activated is a paper trail in preparation for her termination if her insubordination continues. I have very limited tolerance for drama in the workplace; however, the powers that be don’t want to lose a STEM Girl so the situation is becoming political.

There are several potential factors:

  1. Her age is late 30s and her beauty has begun an obvious decline. Math aptitude notwithstanding, she’s an EPL girl with N>10, no interest in marriage and a growing collection of rescue pets.
  2. She lived with her father her entire life until several months before her behavior problems started. Office gossip didn’t give an exact date but said she wanted to “live more independent”.
  3. She occasionally cries at her desk and otherwise indicates via body language and habits that she has serious personal-life issues. I don’t know what and can’t safely find out.

My gut reading is that she’s targeting me because I’m the only male authority figure remaining in her life, and she’s been goading me in hopes that I’ll… God only knows… that I’ll be her surrogate Daddy or emotional tampon or something. What I’ve actually done thus far is patient endurance for the personal-life issue to pass, with a couple direct discussions to try and clear the air. With men, that works if they’re at all interested in continued employment. Not her.

So, my Red-Pill readers, what am I missing? Are there any solutions to be pursued other than getting her terminated for cause? (I don’t have authority to terminate her directly.) One thought I’ve had is contacting her father on the quiet but that could explode badly. Part of my sexual harassment shielding is the fact I’ve never shown the slightest personal interest in her.

Dear God, life is not worth living when it’s shared with a nag. I need a plan for the New Year.


Only Stupid People Leave California

So claimed the Los Angeles Times this holiday weekend. This promises to be a most interesting whitewashing of the latest census figures, aka Hard Reality.

Who moves to California? The wealthier and better educated, mostly


By Margot Roosevelt, 21 December 2018

Caption: Alexandra Bede, a supply chain manager for an e-commerce firm, and Paul Jordan, who works in venture capital, in their San Francisco neighborhood. They moved from the East Coast in April for tech jobs. Picture: slightly modified.

High taxes. Stifling regulations. Exorbitant housing costs. Freeway gridlock. Fires and floods.

Hand-wringing over an exodus of disillusioned Californians may be a Golden State pastime, the subject of political punditry and strung-out social media threads.

But the latest data are far from dire. The U.S. Census Bureau, in its newly released surveys for 2017, shows that California’s net migration remained fairly stable. Since 2010, as the economic recovery took hold and housing prices skyrocketed, departures accelerated . but the number of newcomers rose steadily as well.

That is consistence with housing prices going up. A strongly negative net migration would lower housing prices.

The state attracts a steady stream of college graduates, especially from the East Coast, even as many less-educated residents move to neighboring states . and to Texas . in search of a lower cost of living.

Interesting that the States consistently feeding into California are places with horrible weather. In 2010, the people moving out were headed for California-like climates with conservative politics. In 2017, it seems that people simply wanted to Get Out by the minimum distance necessary.

Then, it was about politics. Now, it’s about survival.

Consider that in 2017:

-More people left California (661,026) than arrived (523,131) from other U.S. states. But for the nation’s most populous state, with 39 million residents, that amounted to a tiny fraction in net departures: just 0.35%.

More like, 1.7% of the population was willing to risk everything to leave. In one year. Watching “net” departures obscures the reality of Sacramento’s population replacement agenda.

Among the 25-years-and-older set, the state lost a net 86,890 residents without bachelor’s degrees, and just 4,443 with a four-year degree. It gained 11,653 people with graduate degrees.

In 2017, the group without four-year degrees is called “men”. Of course the female parasites want to stay. Also, the people who allowed themselves to become dependent on credentialing and other fake, gov’t-backed certifications of competence… collectively known as “PhD candidates”.

No state boasts more loudly of its attractions than Texas. Indeed, 63,174 people relocated from California to the nation’s second-most populous state, more than to anywhere else in the U.S. But it’s also true that no state sent more people here than the Lone Star State . 40,999.

From all accounts, Texas is still a poor place to be a social parasite.

.The cost of living, especially housing, is what stops the whole world from moving to California,. said USC demographer Dowell Myers, a longtime census expert. .Otherwise, who wouldn’t prefer California? We have superior weather. We have mountains and oceans. And we have better jobs . better paying and more specialized, whether in tech, entertainment, the arts or medicine..

Better to say, the superior climate is why people tolerate massive gov’t shitstorms. There are many jobs here but as many newcomers have found out, they’re overwhelmingly terrible jobs… working for Big Tech hoping to enslave the world, entertainment/arts micromanaged by shamelessly Christ-hating homosexuals or medicine destined to fail like every socialized State medical system in human history.

The parasites never learn. They only consume.

In the 1980s, Myers said, .millions of people came to California . too many . and that created an anti-growth backlash. But California has been losing people to other states since 2004. We lost people in the bubble because housing prices were so high. We lost them in the recession because our job market was worse than the rest of the country..

In the housing bubble, housing costs were artificially too high. The recession should have corrected that but the gov’t didn’t allow it to. Skip to the conclusion for the meaning of this.

Ask people why they came or left, and the reasons are often multifaceted. A few of them shared their stories:

Six years ago, Keith Johnson and Sandra Martinez-Johnson felt the lure, moving to Whittier from New Braunfels, Texas, outside San Antonio.

.On paper, the decision looked great,. said Johnson, 50, who got a job renting out construction equipment for a Downey firm. .You.ll make more money, live the West Coast dream, go to the beach, whatever. Then you get here and reality sets in..

Two weeks ago, the couple packed their possessions to move back to Texas with their 6-year-old son, Javier.

.I.m making a good living,. Johnson explained. “But it doesn’t translate into a good quality of life. Everything costs more, from a gallon of gas to a gallon of milk. And it is impossible for an average person to buy a house..

Yeah, that sounds like a lot of newcomers to California. “They offered me $100k per year… rent in San Jose was $60k per year. Screw that.”

For Paul Urcioli and his wife, Sasha Smith, who were living in Pelham, a New York City suburb, the tipping point came in the winter of 2015.

.I had a 90-foot gravel driveway to shovel by hand,. said Urcioli, 54, who taught drama at New York University and acted in television shows and commercials. .We.d had five snowfalls of at least 8 inches deep..

Their twin sons were in preschool at the time, and “it was hard to find something interesting to do every weekend,. he recalled. .You.d bundle up the kids to go outside, but it was so cold they wanted to come back in after 10 minutes..

One day Smith went to Los Angeles on business. .Within 12 hours, I got an all-caps text saying, .WHY DON’T WE LIVE OUT HERE?. . Urcioli said.

Another predictable story, this time from the happy couple’s last names. Bitch Barbie wanted a better life without giving up her feminist ways. Hello, Los Angeles! It’s not the snow keeping your kids inside here, it’s the homeless camping in the local park. Wait, this couple has a NINETY-FOOT DRIVEWAY near NYC?

After Texas, New York was the largest source of migrants to California in 2017, with 34,278 arrivals . a 63% jump from 2010. Unlike Texas, more people moved to California from New York than vice versa: a net increase of 9,296. Departures from the Golden State to the Empire State remained flat over the eight years.

Consistent with the term “flyover country”.

Today the Urcioli and Smith family is ensconced in Rancho Park, a leafy Los Angeles neighborhood. Urcioli takes the bus to USC, where he teaches, and Smith, a digital specialist at a talent agency, can walk to work.

Rancho Park is between Beverley Hills (fancy) and Culver City (not fancy). *Checks Zillow.com* house prices between $1.5m and $3m. How does a “talent agency digital specialist” make that kind of money?

By being female?

.For so long, I identified as a New Yorker . with a certain chauvinism,. Urcioli said. “But here, we can still go to museums and try new restaurants. And the weekend after Thanksgiving we can go to the beach, or, if we want snow, we can drive to Big Bear..

It’s neither here nor there, but Big Bear is only for snowboarding. I tried skiing there a couple years ago and even the bunny slopes had snowboard rails on them.

While New Yorkers made a continental leap, slightly boosting California’s population, the three states accounting for the Golden State’s highest net losses in 2017 are along the border: Arizona (which gained 32,326 Californians), Oregon (29,561) and Nevada (23,745).

When people are making minimum-distance relocations, they’re going From rather than To. Example:

Paul McDermott, a Philadelphia native, first visited California in 1995. .I rented a convertible Mustang,. he recalled. .A friend took me to Newport Beach and we did something called rollerblading. Then and there I decided I wanted to move to California..

But in October, McDermott, 59, a manager for a security guard company, and his fiancee moved to Henderson, Nev. “After 22 years in California, the politics, restrictive gun laws and the ridiculously high cost of living drove me out,. he said.

He was paying $1,900 a month to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Huntington Beach. Now he pays $1,500 a month at a newer complex in Henderson. And Nevada has no state income tax.

The census report doesn’t reveal why people leave, but economics, lifestyle and culture may all play a part.

McDermott chose Nevada in part because of the warm weather. But also, he said, he was irked at the red tape involved in obtaining a concealed weapon in California, one required for his job. And then, he said, .there was the whole California mind-set: The final ‘straw,’ if you will pardon the pun, was when they restricted straws in restaurants…. I mean, seriously?.

I’ve begun straw-smuggling myself… packing plastic straws whenI’m going out to dinner. La Vida Commiefornia.

On the other hand, Aimee Imlay, a 38-year-old San Diego social worker who recently moved to Lexington, Ky., for graduate school to study economic inequality, says emphatically, .I did not choose Kentucky based on weather and politics, to be sure..

Rather, she said, the University of Kentucky’s stipend “is similar to what the UCs offer and my money goes so much farther here..

This useless Commie-bitch is why Californian expats have a bad reputation. No American would mind having Mr. McDermott for a neighbor… but a social worker studying economic inequality is a different study.

Memo to Sacramento, not all educations are equal.

At the same time, immigrants from China, India and other Asian nations are moving to California in greater numbers. Between 2012 and 2016, 58% of new California immigrants came from Asia, according to the Public Policy Institute of California, while just 28% came from Latin America.

.Many Asians come for technology jobs,. Myers said. .Also, they can handle the housing prices better than Mexican immigrants..

Chinese money laundering. Not to mention colonization.

Neena Moorjani, 45, moved from her native Hong Kong to California to attend college at Biola University in La Mirada. After gaining her bachelor’s degree, she worked in public relations, moving to Washington, D.C., then to Singapore and, two years ago, back to the Golden State.

In Sacramento, Moorjani took a UC Davis course to become a certified financial planner, but now, she said, high taxes and rising housing costs are driving her out. She is moving to Virginia to be closer to family. .I need to buy a home soon and homes there are half the price,. she said.

How does a Hong Kong native have family in Virginia of all places? California isn’t the only gov’t encouraging population replacement.

For college graduates, California’s high-tech economy is a powerful draw.

Paul Jordan, 28, and Alexandra Bede, 27, moved from the East Coast to San Francisco in April. The couple rent a one-bedroom apartment in the hip Potrero Hill neighborhood for $3,740 a month.

.The rents are ridiculous,. said Jordan, a Duke University graduate who works for a venture capital firm specializing in sustainable energy and industrial innovation. But he and Bede, a supply chain manager for an e-commerce firm, can afford it with their six-figure salaries.

A report from the state legislative analyst’s office in February found that “although California has had net out-migration among most demographic groups, it has gained among those with higher incomes ($110,000 per year or more) and higher levels of education (graduate degrees)..

.Families with kids and those with only a high school education predominate among those moving from California to its top destination states,. it said.

Or vocational education. Four-year degrees from Commie U are not a good metric of smartness.

From 2012 through 2017, Myers said, newcomers with bachelor’s and graduate degrees poured into California from other states, showing a net increase of about 76,000 over those leaving. At the same time, those with less than a four-year degree left in droves . a net loss of more than 400,000.

The only reason I can afford to live here, as a career professional and supervisor, is because I don’t have family to feed… or protect from the State.

Education sterilizes women. Social Justice Warriors don’t want to live with normals. All the feminists come in to take advantage of the hard-Leftoid State and… why am I still here?

Because there’s nowhere to go. Nowhere that isn’t growing feminists and pretending that a Master’s degree in social inequality isn’t money well spent. Kentucky, remember?

The imbalance may not be entirely positive. .We need low-skill workers too . hospital orderlies, school bus drivers, nannies and gardeners,. Myers said.

Did somebody say illegal immigrants?

It’s pretty obvious that Sacramento’s Brave New World is the world’s Elites being serviced by a slave class of mongrel savages. That might not be what they say they want, but it’s what is happening as a direct result of their policies. If only a pro-America state in the Union would be as careful & deliberate in its own immigration policies!

Elites want expensive land and cheap labor. Normals want cheap land and expensive labor. When the costs of living start getting jacked sky high, it’s either because of economic disaster or the Elites seizing full control. Remember how housing prices didn’t go down when the 2010 bubble burst? Remember how the Feds bailed out the banks instead of letting them go out of business on account of all those terrible loans?

Remember California declaring itself a “sanctuary state” in direct, open violation of Federal border control efforts?

Not hard to guess what the truth is for California and its Progress towards being a land of wealthy superintelligents and an impoverished underclass. Although let us note once again, that neither education nor wisdom count as intelligence.



Christ, Not America, Is Great

Instapundit linked to this, an immigrant’s spectacular failure to understand Western Civilization in general and America in particular. He was impressed with her attitude but she completely failed to give God the credit He is due.

I Am an Immigrant and this is Why America is Great

https://medium com/@s.g.cheah/i-am-an-immigrant-and-this-why-america-is-great-5d009ae8b532

By S.G. Cheah (A female self-identifying as Malaysian Chinese. Her physiognomy is too exotic for my skills to read.)

Recently, as I was reading about a protest in Malaysia against a United Nation’s treaty on racial discrimination, I am reminded again of why America is the greatest and most moral country I have had the fortunate privilege of leaving Malaysia for.

Assuming this protest was the big one in late November, Malaysians were protesting their leader, Prime Minister Mohamed, promising to impose the globalist UN Declaration of Human Rights without the approval of most Malaysians. We Real Americans would side with the protesters here. For a quick recap, use this link:


So, right from the start she’s speaking about America being great and moral because it doesn’t resist the UN globalist agenda. That’s a slap in the faces of Mount Rushmore.

.America is great because America is good. Alexis de Tocqueville writes. a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

Are we using de Tocqueville’s definitions of great and good, or Machiavelli’s? De Tocqueville wrote that Christianity was an integral part of daily life in young America but the author didn’t bring that up.

A good society isn’t one with few problems or high standard of living. A good society is one that respects Christ and implements His moral code. She probably means “good” as in “wealthy decadence”. Wealth is fun but it ain’t a moral code.

I would add to Tocqueville’s observation that America is great because it exemplifies all the great ideas of Western Civilization, but with one additional aspect which most of Western history lacks. That aspect is the American ideals of individualism, demonstrated in her sanctity for individual rights. The protection of individual rights is the remarkable aspect of America and is what makes the American experiment fundamentally different from the rest of the world.

Let me count all the ways she went wrong here:

  1. America didn’t invent anarchy. The Founders did not expect us to practice it. Most people in Europe had at least partial control over their lives.
  2. Our individual rights are restrictions on gov’t power, not entitlements to be exploited.
  3. We wanted weak gov’t because we trusted Christ Jesus as our deity of choice. Notice that atheists, every single time they build a society, empower the State to be their man-made deity.
  4. America feared God and allowed her men to seek God as best he could individually determine, with no powerful centralized gov’t to “help” him. That freedom of religion was freedom to worship Christ as we individually wished, not to worship Allah or Jupiter or ourselves.
  5. The American experiment is not “do what thou wilt”. It is the distribution of power such that any one wicked man rising to power will be too limited in power to inflict the usual cruelties. This was a result straight from the Reformation.

It is indeed different from my experience growing up in Malaysia because the concept of freedom and individual rights is detested in favor of collectivism through the bondage of social determinism. You see, I was born into an economically successful minority race in Malaysia (the same race as the infamous “Tiger Mom. Amy Chua), and hence my future was sealed. Racial politics argued that my race’s economic success were the results of our exploitation of the natives in Malaysia. That argument justified the subjugation of my life under racially discriminatory policies; officiated in law by the Malaysian government.

I wonder that she found America to be much different from her homeland. Were she Christian, she would not accept the American situation of persecuting a gov’t-specified minority any more than she accepted the Malaysian situation of persecuting a gov’t-specified minority. We Americans have this odd habit of believing that right and wrong don’t depend on whether we personally end up the winner… a perspective straight from Christ who gave up His Godhood to right a wrong that wasn’t even His.

Social Determinism
Social determinism claims that we are all a product of society. Since it is society which determines the course of a person’s life, it rejects the idea that personal accomplishments is connected to individual responsibility. Like others in Malaysia whom shared my race, we weren’t necessarily wealthy nor economically successful as the stereotype suggested. However, we were still subject to the discriminatory affirmative action laws in the name of “social justice., going back to when the idea of “social justice” wasn’t even part of the popular American lexicon like it is today.

The injustice was so egregious in Malaysia that Thomas Sowell wrote about it in his book, “Affirmative Action Around the World.. For instance, because of my race, I wasn’t able to attend public university despite my outstanding academic achievements. For those like me who are discriminated against, our only means of attaining higher education in Malaysia was to fork out exorbitant amounts of money and pay for private colleges that caters to second class citizens like us.

Again, why does she find modern America much different?

It wasn’t until I attended a class in American History (in one of these private colleges) when I understood the meaning of liberty and the importance of individual rights. America’s founding in the spirit of individualism was unprecedented in human history and unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.

Liberty is the combination of freedom and responsibility. The freedoms are given by our Savior, Christ, and the responsibilities are defined by one’s citizenship and position in society. That position may not be of one’s choosing. It’s merely guaranteed to not be of the State’s choosing.

The idea of individual rights…built upon the idea of individual responsibility…was contrary to the idea of social determinism which the Malaysian society was built upon. The repressive discriminatory legislation against the “wealthy Chinese” were justified on the basis that since the Malaysian Chinese were predominantly more successful, it is their race’s responsibility to take care of the poorer and “victimized” groups. welfare. It’s the reason I am allegedly responsible for the poverty and pain of those I victimized with my “Chinese privilege.” My American History class taught me the opposite, for “all Men are created equal” and my life wouldn’t be bounded by the limits of my race if I were in America.

Note that’s “all men are CREATED equal”, not “all men are equal”. (I take what she says about Malaysia at face value.) If Malay Chinese are more successful then they do have a God-given duty to help the less successful. But the gov’t should not compel them on how to do it. That is what she should have meant by “individualism”… we count ourselves slaves of God instead of the gov’t. Result, we need much less gov’t than Malaysia.

Clearly, America is great, no qualms about it.

Because our gov’t has become more powerful than any other? That’s anti-America. Because we built a near-utopia based upon Christ while in conflict with the so-far largest, hardest-trying Godless, humanist empire? Absolutely we’re great. But only because we honored Christ.

Notice how quickly America has gone downhill since embracing apostasy.

Suffice to say, I worked and saved up everything I could to make my voyage to America. Immigrating to America was worth all the effort and hoops I was made to jump through. It is a nation borne of individual liberty and man’s free will, not of social determinism. Culturally, the mere thought that a person’s fate was determined by external forces divorced from the individual’s own actions and choices is detested because America was the nation of the .self-made man..

It’s all very nice to have a self-made life but here’s two hard truths: One, everybody on the planet makes their own life out of their opportunities and abilities. Two, women are dependent upon men. I would not be surprised if this female author ends up drinking herself into a cold bed every evening… at least it’ll be a “self-made life”!

There’s a massive difference between the idea that humans are fallen creatures created by God and the idea that humans are interchangeable robots with “self-made programming”. America was based on the former, as demonstrated by the Constitution distributing powers with checks and balances… and the Constitution not allowing women to vote.

Unexpectedly, it seems the current American cultural climate is paradoxical to the idea of America as I remembered from my American History class. My understanding was that Americans strongly rejected the ideas of social determinism because it’s contrary to the American spirit of self-determined individualism. As I observe today, the opposite seems to be true. American society is shifting away from individualism towards the tribalism of collectivism. You can witness this tribalism through the popular emphasis on racial and class issues like “Black Lives Matters., the rise of the alt-right, Harvard Asian student lawsuit, Latino Dreamer rights, etc.

Unexpected for an atheist. “I don’t need God to be good. I just have to choose to be good. Whoa, where did all this evil come from?”

This dreadful trend is mostly noticeable in the tendency of a person shifting blame to the wider social-political environment for their own personal failings and problems. This is a celebration of the victimhood mentality because the victims are entitled to the expiation of their victimhood from their .oppressor.” The justification behind America’s “social justice” is practically the same nightmare of social determinism that I wanted to escape Malaysia for to begin with.

Such is the consequence of free-willed women doing what they’re good at. For missing the actual persecution of white men, she gets no points for noticing the fake persecutions.

Biological Determinism

The bad news is, America is descending into a worse form of tribalism, namely that of biological determinism. If you ever wondered where today’s obsession with “race as a crucial part of a person’s identity. originated from, look no further because you can trace its roots to the idea of biological determinism.

We have more important forms of group identity such as religion and nations. But once we proved that Christ was essential for a high-quality society, white atheists have been soft-genociding white Christians by replacement migration and financial misconduct… everything short of giving us a physical target.

Biological determinism, as the name infers, is the idea that a person’s thoughts and action are determined by the person’s biological makeup. It is the idea that a white person can’t help but act in accordance to his white race, an Asian to their Asian race, the African to his African ancestry and so on. It is perhaps the most unadulterated form of determinism, since an entity’s action is determined by the entity’s biological composition. Biological determinism sets the foundation for today’s identity politics.

No. Rejecting religion and nations as group organizations set the foundation of group identity to the most simple, least deniable form: skin. This author herself, she came to America but doesn’t consider herself an American. She never speaks of loyalty to her new country, never mentions the debt America owes Christ even while quoting de Tocqueville. Perhaps she was merely that badly educated but the fact remains, she came to America to be selfish, not American.

But credit to her, she bothered to learn English.

The ideology of biological determinism is how the regressive haters of Western civilization belittle the achievements of Western history. By arguing against the self-determinism of an individuals. free will, identity politics can section out a group of people and simply call that intersection “dead white males.” This work to discredit the individual accomplishments of great men like the American Founding Fathers, the Enlightenment thinkers and the Western philosophers whom inspired them. Without free will, man is essentially denigrated to the level of an animal and thus incapable of bettering themselves. This is the “Return of the Primitive” as noted by novelist Ayn Rand.

Wrong again. Individuals seeking their personal benefit is not how America prospered as a nation. It was seeking Christ and family, God and Country, no king but Jesus… and Jesus was our King.

Free Will

Come on, female. You had free will back in Malaysia. You used it to decide to come to America in the first place, remember? Nobody made you do that.

A lot of the misconception against “free will” began from a mistaken translation of the original phrase in Latin liberum arbitrium which actually translates as, .free judgement. (a subject for another essay).

I see no significant difference between “free to do as you wish” and “free to decide as you wish”.

The reason why it is supremely important to unify the concept of human nature to the idea of free will is because as Ayn Rand stated….Dictatorship and determinism are reciprocally reinforcing corollaries: if one seeks to enslave men, one has to destroy their reliance on the validity of their own judgments and choices..

Rand was wrong. To enslave men, encourage their women to rebel. Original Sin: works every time.

It never matters what people say you’re capable of, only what you actually are. Which might easily be less than you would wish.

Determinism is a breeding ground for dictatorship because determinism naturally revokes a person’s autonomy, along with his individual liberty. If America is to remain free, her defiance against tyranny must be fought against the erosion of individual rights. The battle of ideas lies in defeating the corruption of America by leftist identity politics because the act of placing individuals into differing groups, clumps the individual onto a collective where it undermines the principles of individual rights.

The author’s own Malaysia does not appear to be a dictatorship. One does not become a dictator of Africa by noticing Africans have low intelligence.

When the Leftists decided to corrupt America, our churches were a primary target. You can reverse the damage and ingratiate yourself to the True and Living God at the same time!

Most damagingly, identity politics is contrary to the principles of individual freedom. Identity politics was the reason I was desperate to escape my situation in Malaysia and emigrate to America. I understood America to be a land where a person can forge his own destiny and not be bounded by his given group identity. It is the reason America is exceptional in it’s uniqueness. The principle of individual rights being paramount and protected in America is the virtue which makes America great to me.

I suspect the truth is this female didn’t want to be low on the group identity totem pole and changed countries to where she’d be high on the totem pole. First she had responsibility without power, now she has power without responsibility. Both are great evils but only one of them is great fun.

In America, as I happily live my life as an individual with the liberty to exercise my free will, I am reminded often of how there is such a thing as greatness and goodness in this world…as Tocqueville stated. And as I celebrate Christmas this year, I shall also celebrate the greatness of America.

IS she going to celebrate Christ’s birthday? When she didn’t even credit Christ for America’s greatness? I’m sure she will enjoy the gift-giving, which symbolizes Christ’s gift of eternal life to us, and the Federal holiday off work, a many-times-removed symbol of God commanding the Israelites to hold holidays–holy days–in His honor, but like America’s individual liberties, she seems to have a cargo cult mindset about it all.

Many Godless people do. Many Godless people expect America can/will continue as a great nation without them bothering over the slanders against God incited by entryists, globalists, witches and their useful idiots. It will not happen, any more than a light bulb can shine without energy.

Lord Jesus, Light Of the World, happy birthday! We thank you for the kindnesses you have shown our nation and only wish we could rekindle the devotion our neighbors once had for you. Know that Your absence is sorely felt, Our King and Savior.

And to all humanity, a Merry Christmas!

Burning Coal In Morocco

Just because the men in your home country have been fully emasculated, don’t expect the men in the countries you visit to act the same, ladies. Two Scandinavian women were raped and murdered while backpacking through Morocco, leaving behind memories and teachable moments:

Maren Ueland & Louisa Jespersen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maren Ueland and Louisa Jespersen, two Scandinavian tourists who were backpacking in Morocco, were accosted and murdered in their tent in what authorities are investigating as a terrorist attack. A horrific video has circulated online that appears to show the gruesome murder of one of the two women, and a second video shows the suspects pledging allegiance to ISIS, authorities say.

I’m guessing an opportunistic rape & murder rather than organized Islamic terrorism. Those chuckleheads probably pledge allegiance to ISIS with every visit to the post office.

Louisa left, Maren right. The effects of Feminism has been catalogued almost to a timetable. These women are young, cute and long-haired, meaning they’re probably college students being taught women can do it all while selecting from an endless sex buffet of Scandinavian Fabios.

The next phase is graduating and getting tramp stamps to show they’re tough and can handle life as an officer of a major company… having skipped to the front of the line for management because they’re visibly too weak to do any actual work yet the company is required to hire them. But they wanted to “travel” first and “experience new cultures”.

Cue the beheadings.

Both women . ages 24 and 28 . were discovered with knife wounds to the neck (although that doesn’t begin to describe the attack shown in the video), and the Danish prime minister has declared the slayings .bestial,. according to BBC. Moroccan government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi, described the killings to the Guardian as a “criminal and terrorist act.” The women were remembered by loved ones for their adventurous and caring spirits. Jespersen’s full name is Louisa Vesterager Jespersen.

Criminal, yes, but what political point would the attackers have been making about Syria? “Our organization’s goal will be best met by killing unescorted Scandinavian tourists in the middle of nowhere with deniable assets! Aloha snackbar!”

It’s a VERY safe bet that ISIS wasn’t involved because these chicks were tourists. You don’t hurt tourists. They’re the primary source of income for a lot of these impoverished countries. An entire village of local Christians could disappear overnight and the police would only investigate when the world runs out of donuts, but whack one fat, obnoxious Westerner with a fat, happy wallet and you won’t live to see the dawn. Local lowbrows will be that dangerously stupid if the tourist does dangerously stupid first but not an actual organization that wants to be tolerated by the gov’t.

A French hiker found the bodies, telling the Australian news site, .It was horrible. They were broken. We warned everyone we saw in Imlil not to go up there. I did not want more to see what we had seen.It was a big shock, we’re thinking about it all day. It makes you think about what’s important in life..

Strong&Independent! I’m sure those college coeds fought like the US Marines at Tripoli.

The women were “knifed and beheaded on camera while camping in the Atlas Mountains,. News.com.au reports, adding that one woman’s body was decapitated and the other had severe wounds to the neck.

Or not.

The New York Post reports that, in addition to the ISIS ties, the attack might be sexually-motivated, and the men were camping in a tent nearby the women.

The women met their fate in Imlil, .a popular tourist destination at the foot of Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa,. according to Daily Star.

Two nubile, defenseless young women chose to camp in an isolated mountain range next to young men whose life ambition was being noticed by an ISIS recruiter so they can at least get laid after they’re dead. Could there have been a different outcome?

maren ueland

Maren and her… boyfriend? As a general rule in life, you don’t want a pet that’s bigger and stronger than you. Get a real husband, girls.

.The footage shows a blonde woman screaming while a man cuts her neck with what appears to be a sharp kitchen knife,. according to News.com.au, which also reported that this woman was Jespersen. The awful video, which is still circulating on sites like 4Chan… Horrifically, someone posted that video in the comment thread of one of the backpackers. mother’s tribute post to her daughter on Facebook. It’s easily one of the most disturbing things a person could ever watch. If you’re considering trying to watch it . don’t. You.ll have nightmares for days.

Ah, 4Chan. Keepin’ it stylish as always.

In 2017, an Australian woman posted a photo of Jespersen on Facebook and wrote, .A couple of days ago Cody and I were travelling down the coast when we saw this girl hitch hiking on the side of the road ! We picked her up and have travelled together the last couple of days ! Such a breath of fresh air having her around . We talked about our countries we lived in and the sites that have been visited.

“We picked her up.” Unbelievable. Even in tame America, that’s a great way for a young woman to disappear forever. “Hey, pretty girl, I’ll give you a lift to wherever you’re going.” “Okay!” Stupid stupid stupid!

This is how young women today expect to be treated. The world is so nice to them! By the time they learn that not all men are pussy beggars, she’s literally lost her head.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Hey, it’s Scandinavian Fabio with Louisa! At a frat party with alcohol. Don’t be sad for her, be happy that dumb luck carried her almost all the way to 2019 and a college degree.

Speaking to Denmark’s BT, Jespersen’s mother described her as “always happy and positive. She got the best in everyone..

No mention was ever made about Jespersen’s father.

According to VG, police arrested multiple men in connection with the slayings. The suspects. names are Abdessamad Ejjoud, Younes Ouaziad, Rachid El Afati, and Khayali Abderrahmane, ABC News reports, with Abderrahmane alleged to be the main suspect with ties to the Islamic State.

Swift police work. I doubt they actually cared about those overly entitled wimminz but hey, tourism.

Women these days are like train wrecks: spectacles gone off the rails, flying from puberty to reality with beautiful, curvy arcs. And noise. So much noise.

And a final note, why where these women spending the holidays far from home? Do they not celebrate Christmas in Scandinavia?

Doug Wilson Multi-Cucks

Hat tip to Jack for noticing a Douglas Wilson comment about Dalrock, posted at


Even better, Wilson answers some other letters that give insight into why the organized Protestant Church is dying on his watch.


What is “the Dalrock route?.


Keith, from what I have seen, I would describe the Dalrock route as over-realized patriarchy. This is not the same thing as extreme patriarchy (the toxic kind), and it is not the same thing as my own version of (amazingly balanced) patriarchy. I speak as a man, as Paul might say, and that’s the problem, as RHE might say. Over-realized patriarchy has a tendency to assume that the complementarians who gave away the store (and I agree with Dalrock that many of them did give away the store), did so on purpose. In other words, what they tend to describe as conspiracy, I would describe as a mix of conspiracy from some and confused foolishness from others. This also has had an impact on how Dalrock has interacted with some of my stuff, looping me as one of the conspirators to feminize everything. Since I know that he is persistent in reading me incorrectly, eventually I quit reading him.

Translation, I can’t prove he’s wrong but we should be careful to not be too correct. A typical Churchian statement. Wilson would get more points from me if he’d named some of the complementarians who gave away the store as examples of “the real bad guys”. But the only specific person he criticized was Dalrock.

I.ve been through this argument, “all sins are the same,.with churchmen more times than I care to remember. I gave up arguing some time ago. Now I simply ask, if all sins are the same, why does God assign different penalties to different sins throughout the case laws of Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy? And leave it at that. In my time I’ve run with the wild bunch and the church bunch both, and I’m afraid I’ve met just about as many idiots in church as I ever did at the beer joint.


James, yes. But at the beer joints they can always blame the alcohol.

That flippant not-answer was a badly missed opportunity for a professional theologian. Given the chance to explain the nature of sin and punishment, Wilson cucked out, so let this amateur blogger do the job instead:

God assigned different punishments to different sins, not different consequences. All sin is rebellion and all sin leads to death… but if all sin was punished by death then we would have no opportunity to learn better and confront our inner darkness.

Therefore, God scaled the punishments in proportion to the specific sin, for the purpose of modifying people’s behavior. That is the purpose of punishing bad behavior, after all: behavior modification.

Today, the modern Church has fallen into the two crimes against justice: punishing the innocent and excusing the guilty. They are actually the same crime. It’s no coincidence that the Church excusing the evils of feral women has led to false accusations by those same women against innocent men.

I.m a brother in Christ from the Minneapolis area that is greatly enriched by your Blog. I enjoyed your article, .The Sin of Flattening Sins.. I’m struggling with the lack of clear messaging from the elders of my church (Bethlehem Baptist Church Minneapolis MN; John Piper/Jason Meyer) as it relates to how Christians should respond when invited to a doctrine of demons ceremony (sometimes called a wedding associated with a gay mirage). The obvious answers to me are: 1. Attend and intensely and vociferously rebuke the evil proceeds (of course almost nobody will do this). 2. Respectfully, kindly, and discreetly decline attending.

A Godly response would be 3. Vociferously refuse the invitation. “What the hell is wrong with you, that you are planning to do this?” I don’t object to #1 except it leaves the opportunity for repentance too late. #2 is not appropriate because you are seeing someone you care about engage in a terrible and self-destructive crime against God and nature.

I was in a small group setting related to our church which was led by an elder. I suggested it was a sin to attend a doctrine of demons ceremony as a silent participant. The elder, visibly upset with me said, .I wouldn’t go either, but it is a conscience issue which we must respect.” At the same moment a couple of members rolled their eyes at me for suggesting such a thing.

I like this guy. He is where I’ve been, not only wondering why there is much evil in the world but why his fellow “believers” are so shy about confronting it. And like me, he decided to speak up about it in public. Education came swiftly to us both, it seems.

“While it is recognized that there are a multitude of conscience issues and we have to be careful we don’t impose our convictions on others…”

Bullshit. We have a God-given duty to impose our convictions upon others, not to mention the practical concern that if we don’t, our enemies will. Faith in God cannot be compelled but you shall not lie, you shall not steal, you shall not murder and don’t even think about putting a Satanist exhibit next to the nativity scene in the name of equality. God’s name is not Equality. You don’t want to follow Christ, fine, but if you choose to defy Him then get the Hell out of my society. We got no use for liars, cheats and perverts.

The marketplace of ideas is a false metaphor. What Christians believe is that Truth exists objectively and is knowable, at least in part. Therefore, when you have a group of people with different ideas about how things should be done, first assume a correct answer exists (with the help of Scripture, prayer, etc.) and then test the various ideas to determine which comes closest. Do not pretend that all ideas are equally valid.

…I.m inclined to think this scenario is not a conscience issue, that is, it is a sin for a Christian to attend a doctrine of demons ceremony as a silent participant.

Conscience issues are for the grey areas of Christian life. Scripture is very open-ended about how a society should function. This is how Protestants and Catholics can disagree vocally, even violently at times, yet both be devoted to Christ.

It should go without saying that a Sodomite mockery of marriage is not a gray area.

I’m curious your thoughts on this. It would be refreshing to know that as it relates to the subject matter you have stated from the pulpit in the most severe way possible (with outstretched arm and finger; flushed red face, and veins popping in your temples and neck) .how dare you think of attending such an evil proceeding!. Please let it be so. God bless,


Doug, I agree with John Piper that we should not attend, full stop. I also agree that we should do what we can to maintain our personal relationship with people trapped in this sin, but that is only done because we want to help them. If we start attending their ceremonies in silent acquiescence, we are no longer in a position to help.having become part of the problem.

You don’t help people who are going off the deep end by pretending they’re “trapped” in voluntary, public depravity. I don’t keep friendships with open homosexuals and within family, relations would be badly strained… they had better not bring their lover to Christmas at Grandpa’s.

Once again, we see Wilson trying to oppose someone without going on record opposing them. He opposed the event of Sodomite marriage but not the participants.

Could you share your thoughts on .Pedogate/Pizzagate.? It has been going around the Internet the last couple years or so. It was the subject of a discussion about so-called “fake news” with the Google CEO at their most recent congressional hearing. It makes me sick even thinking about what is alleged but it also troubles me how quickly people get shadow-banned or kicked off platforms for mentioning anything related to it. There are certainly some outlandish fringe theories around it, but there are also the Podesta emails (specifically from Tamera Luzzato), Tamara’s website, Jeffery Epstein,and James Alefantis’s creepy friends, and his Instagram antics. These seem to get light or no acknowledgement from the press. It seems like when anyone brings it up, they are immediately shouted down and called a .flat-earther,.wearing a tin-foil hat. Thankful for your clear thinking through crazy times.


Joshua, I haven’t said anything about it because I am not up on it at all. I only know enough to know (hazily) what is alleged, and also to know that the received wisdom says that it is bogus. But I can say two things. On the one hand, I do believe that there are many in our ruling elites who are capable of such things, and are capable of crushing anyone who wants to bring it all to light. On the other hand, I believe that there are many enemies of the ruling elites who are capable of lying about such things in order to damage or bring down the bad guys. I believe Washington is a dirty town, which means that people live dirty and they also fight dirty. So I just don’t know enough to say anything particular.

Wilson is blowing smoke. Even Christ our Savior was capable of harming little kids. That was not Joshua’s question.

Also, notice his attitude towards the abuse of State authority is not one based on my above concept that Truth is objective and knowable. “Eh, they all fight dirty. Who knows who’s right?” At least try to seek the Truth, Wilson you uninformed fool. Truth is only your deity of choice that you’ve spent a lifetime studying.

Hmm, sounds like a few of the laity are waking up to the Matrix’s existence.

In closing, leaders of a community do not have the luxury of ignorance about the outside world. Priests of God do not have the luxury of pretending that good people can live together with the wicked. The power, status and authority of leadership comes with the price that it must be used for the benefit of God and country… not esoteric theological discussions. Example, only highly placed leaders like Wilson has the resources to face lawfare and entrenched perpetrators of antichristianity. But he won’t fight. He only gives advice calculated to not offend anybody. He spends his time playing with terms like “complementarianism” while not even trying to be informed about systemic child molestation in the halls of power.

This in addition to Wilson’s support for Original Sin that Dalrock has exposed at length.

Wilson, if you don’t want to be a leader then you don’t have to be a leader. Step down, find a sinecure and let somebody willing to fight evil have your position, because you are too busy complaining Dalrock is overly correct about patriarchy to care about the rulers of your society purchasing children from sex slave traders.


Deck the Halls With Daddy Issues

Feminism is ugly. Normal, natural, healthy human behaviors are corrupted into the maw of the all-consuming Convergence. Here’s example #(Finite).

I.m Not Seeing My Trump-Loving Family On Christmas And I Couldn’t Be Happier About It


By Ashley Scoby writing for the Huffington Post, 20 December 2018

This Christmas will be the third one I haven’t spent in my hometown. It’s a small town in southern Kentucky filled with more than its fair share of Donald Trump bumper stickers and Confederate flags. But even before Trump was elected president, it always made me feel claustrophobic.

The end of this holiday season will also cap the second calendar year I’ve gone without speaking to my parents, and by extension, the rest of my family. My holidays are no longer spent at my grandparents. house with my parents, sister, uncle and random cousins. My parents helping to put Trump in office was the final nail in the coffin of a relationship that had long been rocky.

And despite people’s well-intended (but unnecessary) sympathy, life has never been happier for me.

One of my regular stops on youTube had bad family too, Barbie. She kicked his father out of the home, spent the chilamony money on herself, fed her kids expired twinkies fished out of a 7-11 dumpster for a treat and when he was no longer useful as a meal ticket, abandoned him so traumatically that he ended up with a false memory. That’s why he doesn’t talk to family.

You ungrateful piece of Wimminz Studies work.

My parents are passionate conservatives and attempted to raise me as a Baptist (I knew early on that wasn’t going to work for me). My parents complained about everything from interracial marriage and rap music to women going for summer jogs in shorts they believed to be too short. My mother literally highlighted Bible passages she claimed “proved” Barack Obama was the Antichrist. When NFL draft pick Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on live TV, I nearly cried. I grew up in a house full of sports fanatics and this was a beautiful . and groundbreaking . moment. My parents only talked about how “gross” it was.

It’s not natural for a girl to be that opposed to her parents’ beliefs. She either had young love with Tyrone or Daddy gave her a slutphone… not much difference, really.

Because of my family’s beliefs, I spent most of my life hiding my politics, my interests, my dating life and my friends from them. For decades, they didn’t know the real me, only the fa?ade that I put on for them. My parents had no idea that when I left the house on a typical high school weekend night, I was probably spending time with my gay best friend. They didn’t know I voted for Obama (shocker . he didn’t turn out to be the Antichrist). They didn’t know I donated to Planned Parenthood. Almost everything I love or am proud of in my life would probably make them cringe.

It’s extremely not natural for a girl to be that extremely opposed to her parents’ beliefs. One thought is Daddy was a massive hypocrite but that seems unlikely. Child violators like to hide among the Left, not among Baptist Trumpers waving the Dixie.

For a fact, Ashley was shamelessly promiscuous.

Holidays always seemed to exacerbate the canyon that yawned between us and, for as long as I can remember, my anxiety has spiked during November and December. A chronic eye-roller, I had to siphon every bit of self-containment I could to make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners . and daily life, if I’m being honest . with my family.

This is 100% on her. One of my close relatives still donates to the Carter Foundation. We get along.

Eventually I came to realize our vastly different beliefs had little to do with .politics,. a blanket descriptor often used in situations like this that greatly oversimplifies the rift between my family and me. Our differences have to do with vastly opposing views of what every human being deserves (health care, LGBTQ rights, a world without Confederate flags, etc). Trump being elected . and my parents helping him with their votes . was more than I could take. It was the wake-up call I needed, and it finally shook me free from the society-imposed guilt that kept me hanging onto my family ties for years.

The day after the 2016 election, my mother and I had a heated discussion on the phone . the first extensive one we’d had about politics in years. She proudly declared her support for Trump and said my dad had voted the same way. I hung up. I always knew my parents were wildly conservative, but in my heart of hearts, I didn’t think it would go this far.

Trump Derangement Syndrome. I still haven’t grokked it. Somehow, a sexy, masculine conservative being in charge is emotionally traumatic unto psychosis for bitter women who hate unsexy men. Do feminists hate themselves for wanting to be Trump’s domestic love slave? Did they expect the Lizard Queen’s ascendance to herald the literal castration of all men everywhere? Is Satan merely venting his frustration at this eight-year delay through his weaker minions?

I let the anger linger in silence for a couple of weeks. By the time my parents realized I wasn’t contacting them anymore, I had gathered all my thoughts. My dad finally called, wondering why I was freezing them out. I was on my way to Kansas City at the time and had an uninterrupted 45 minutes while driving to deal with the situation. After that? I knew I would be done. I was at peace.

Leftoids need to live in a bubble. It’s not just their ideas are indefensible, it’s that they’re badly damaged human beings who cannot tolerate the healthy.

So I drove down Interstate 70, my phone to my ear, and finally let 23 years of differences bubble up into speech. I was the most open I’d ever been with either of my parents. I told my father, for the first time, about how I’d been groped on a New York City street. How could he vote for a man who had admitted to doing the same to other women?

Did you tell him about your underage bisexual experiences? No? Seems that being “groped on a New York City street” would not be as sexually traumatic. What was a Kentucky girl doing in NYC anyway?

Can you imagine if Bill Clinton had ever groped a woman? *snicker*

I brought up our differences when it came to topics like race, religion and women in leadership positions. It probably wasn’t a complete shock to them . I’ve often slipped throughout the years and said “liberal” things. But I don’t think my parents ever knew our differences were this severe or would signify the end of our relationship.

Why should they have? None of those are legit reasons for breaking a family.

In most arguments I engage in, my temper comes quickly. I get flustered, and I often cry when I’m frustrated. But this was the calmest I’d ever been during a confrontation. I never cried. I never yelled. I didn’t have to. We knew it was over.

Since that day, I’ve spoken to my parents only once. I showed up at their door with two boxes a couple of months later and went straight to my old room to collect whatever I might someday want to keep. My mom followed me down the hall, berating me about how “ridiculous” I was being. The entire interaction lasted about 10 minutes as I grabbed photos off the wall and old books I thought I’d want. I took what I could because I knew I wouldn’t be back. The saddest goodbye was to the family dog, Zoe. Every other separation was a long time coming.

Many young people these days would kill to have had happily married parents. But Ashley’s only concern was “You didn’t vote for First Female President when you had the chance”.

It.s strange . with romantic attachments, we’re taught to recognize the red flags and act accordingly. We’re told, .Remember your worth. and “Being alone is better than being in a bad relationship.” We’re told, .Get out if someone doesn’t respect you or your beliefs..

That’s advice for battered spouses and it doesn’t work.

But with our family relationships, we’re often guilted into staying no matter how toxic the situation. We’re pressured into trying to make it work with people who are often viscerally at odds with everything we believe in . because it’s the “right” thing to do.

Intact families please God, who is working hard to form a permanent, eternal family. Ruined families please Satan for the same reason: God is working hard to form a permanent, eternal family.

It’s Christ worship, not guilt, to do right by obnoxious family members.

What.s more, we’re told that if we decide to leave or distance ourselves from our family, it’s “immature.” .Can.t you just talk it out?. we’re asked. Or better yet, we’re told, .Can.t you just not talk about politics?.

But what use is that?

Seriously, Ashley? Of what use is not talking about irreconcilable politics? Your father did you no wrong, you rebellious bitch. You tried to control him, failed and abandoned him to live “free” in a cesspit of sex, drugs and the politics of envy. There’s a spiritual metaphor in that.

Why would I want a relationship that needs to constantly be policed to avoid fighting or the realization that we have nothing in common? Why would I want a relationship limited to surface-level conversations about work and sports in order to steer away from discussing topics that truly make us who we are? I know I can’t change the way they think or feel. They’re not changing my beliefs. How valuable is a relationship where you have to hide or lie about who you really are?

The Converged cannot understand that family is more important than politics, that not every aspect of life must be bent to fuel the Narrative… and that most of our side’s opposition to Convergence is founded on exactly that principle. We want to go play, they want us to wave the freak flag. #Gamergate

So, after years of dreading the holidays, I finally took control of my life and created my own version of home . of family.

Last year, I crammed 15 of my friends into my tiny living room and hosted my first Friendsgiving in my own place. Some of my friends were gay. Some were black. One had parents who immigrated from Mexico. It was a hodgepodge of characters and identities, a mosaic that illustrated what already makes America great.

Free tampons! Easy sex with fags! No borders! No white men! No families! No God! Everybody united in political loyalty to my tender feelings! That’s what makes America great!

And I knew that no one there would make racist or sexist comments while digging into their turkey. No one would claim Jay-Z was a devil worshipper (I actually witnessed this at a family gathering). No one would (unironically) talk about how nice of a guy Ted Cruz seems to be.

Says the girl who was careful to include homos and coloreds in her holiday.

Note, Jay-Z is a famous rapper who is married to Beyonce and in retirement, became a major supporter of Barack Obama and sodomy. He’s a devil-worshiper but not because of his music.

I didn’t have to feel anxious and I didn’t feel anxious. It was the first time on a holiday I’d ever truly felt at home.

This year, I took a week before Thanksgiving and drove eight hours back to the region where I grew up. Toggling between Kentucky (Louisville and Lexington) and Indianapolis, Indiana, I crashed in my friends. studio apartments and spare rooms, drinking wine and revisiting old college haunts.

A lot of women who reject family life end up drinking wine… socially, alone and for a hobby.

But at the end of the week, I turned south. I drove back to my hometown, rolled down the main bypass and straight through the traffic light that, had I turned left, would have taken me to the house I grew up in. I wasn’t there to see my parents. I wasn’t there to silently sit on a couch surrounded by relatives I had nothing in common with but my genes. I drove back there not to see relatives, not to fight a losing battle, but to spend time with those who actually felt like family.

Family is not defined by feelings.

My best friend from high school and her husband hosted me for two days and made me an early Thanksgiving dinner. We sipped Kentucky bourbon and talked into the night about politics and old friends. I tried to explain all of Drake’s rap beefs, and we laughed in a way I wasn’t used to laughing during the holidays. This was the kind of Thanksgiving I’d been missing all those years: no anxiousness, no bitter fighting, no quiet resignation to just keep my head down and find a way to get through the meal.

When people find out I’ve cut my family out of my life, they often apologize and ask if I’m sad. But I’m not sorry, and I’m even less sad. My parents, unfortunately, brought me more stress and grief than anyone else in my life. Naturally, there are days I mourn the absence of strong family ties. But I certainly don’t mourn the loss of my own toxic family ties.

Avoiding Trump voters was the impetus for me to finally break away. But the journey was building my own happiness . free of an arbitrary obligation to a family I not only had nothing in common with but whom I actively disagreed with on fundamental issues that illustrate who we are as people.

Satan himself couldn’t say it better. Go build your OWN happiness instead of enduring the “arbitrary obligations” of people who love you regardless of political loyalties.

It.s not a situation I would wish on someone . of course, there are times I wish I had blood relatives I was close to. But the peace of mind and the happiness I’ve found these past couple of holiday seasons without my family? I would wish that joy on everyone.

And you legislate us accordingly, dividing wives from husbands and children from parents, because Gloria Steinem forbid that we be permitted to not make the same mistake you did.

Ashley Scoby is a native Kentuckian, a University of Kentucky graduate and a recovering sports writer. She’s now a freelancer living in Kansas City, Missouri.

Her father’s only clear mistake was sending Ashley to college. He was also ignorant of her young promiscuity but that’s hard to hold against him—fathers are generally the last to know. But if Ashley now being a “freelancer living in Kansas City” is any indication, he was manly enough to cut off support after she hated him for voting Right.

Dead career, no longer welcome in her home lands of Kentucky and Indiana, writing for Huffington Post about how she disowned her family for voting Trump and remembering their roots. What should we get her for Christmas, a cat or a bottle of cheap wine?

It’s not often one encounters so pure a specimen of Feminism’s endgame.


Women Are Going Off the Pill

But anti-natalism is still going full speed. We don’t need no stinkin’ babies!

More women now rely on female sterilization than the pill . experts unpack why


By Korin Miller, 19 December 2018

My guess upfront will be that the cost/risk of female sterilization has dropped thanks to improved surgical techniques.

In discussing female contraception, the general assumption is that you’re talking about the Pill. But new findings released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that another method has surpassed oral contraceptives in popularity: female sterilization.

According to the data, which was released Wednesday and gathered between 2015 and 2017, nearly 65 percent of the 5,500 women aged 15 to 49 who participated in the survey said they had used some form of contraception in the month before they were interviewed. The most common methods used were female sterilization (18.6 percent), oral contraceptives (12.6 percent), long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), such as intrauterine contraceptives (10.3 percent), and male condoms (8.7 percent).

The last time the survey was conducted (between 2011 and 2015), only 14 percent of women reported they were relying on female sterilization, i.e. tubal ligation, a surgical procedure in which the fallopian tubes are closed to prevent future pregnancies. Today, more women are opting for this method, the older they get. About 4 percent of women between the ages of 20 and 29 choose this method, compared to nearly 22 percent of 30- to 39-year-olds, and 39 percent of 40- to 49-year-olds. The researchers also found that rates of female sterilization declined and the use of the Pill increased with higher education.

My guess is wrong. It’s women giving up on having kids, perhaps because egg-freezing & in-vitro is intolerably expensive. In hindsight, mine was a very male guess.

Clearly, this isn’t a hugely popular choice among younger women, but it’s an important one for some. Life coach and hypnotherapist Bri Seeley tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she’s “known pretty much my entire life that I don’t want to be a mom. I feel like it’s just part of who I am.” After being on birth control for years, Seeley asked her doctor about getting a tubal ligation when she was 24, and her request was denied. Even though she repeatedly asked, her doctor wouldn’t even give her a referral to have someone perform the procedure on her until she was 30, which Seeley says was hard to take.

Her doctors were either very wise or very lawsuit-averse. Same thing?

.It was frustrating because I know myself. To have someone tell me that I don’t know myself well enough to make this decision was super-frustrating,. Seeley tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Seeley ended up finding a doctor herself and had the procedure done six years ago. .I went from being worried about getting pregnant all the time to now it’s something that hasn’t crossed my mind over the last six years other than “Thank God,’. she says. .I’ve seen female friends have to fight to get birth control, and I always think, .Thank God I don’t.’.

High-testosterone ugly sex freak. *checks*

167: Bri Seeley on Practically Following Your Bliss

Crazy eyes, the high cheeks-jutting jaw combo I’ve covered recently. She’s not as fat as I’d expected while her chest is flatter than expected. She couldn’t have gotten too much male attention as a teen. Maybe flat-chested is associated with high testosterone in women? Her haircut screams New York City. Hmm… briseeley.com has offices in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and yep, New York City. Raging SLUT!

In general, though, Greves says she usually performs this procedure on women who already have children, who have had difficult and high-risk pregnancies, who have tried and failed to use a LARC like an IUD or implant, or who have a partner who doesn’t want to get a vasectomy. “But as physicians, we’re supposed to counsel patients to consider other options, including a vasectomy, which is less risky,. she says.

The Chad-ectomy is even less risky.

Experts recommend that women just be certain this is a step they definitely want to take before undergoing the procedure. .It’s irreversible, so it’s vital to be 100% sure,. Wider says. Greves agrees. .If you’re unsure at about this at all, it shouldn’t be done..

I don’t mind women refusing to have kids as much as I mind them refusing to become wives. Men have legitimate sexual needs and young women who refuse monogamy despise men… no matter her “N=her zip code” lifetime achievement.


How to Reach Homosexuals: Intolerance

There’s been discussion lately in the Christian Manosphere about how to address homosexuality in the wake of Russell Moore and cronies dropping the Church’s defenses to welcome sexually depraved, unrepentant child molesters into the pews and families of their dupes.

My answer, informed by a life spent in urban Commiefornia during its queering, is absolute zero tolerance for homosexuality. Normal masculinity only. There is no such thing as a “Christian with same-sex attraction”. Nobody gets to identify as “gay” or any permutation of that debased term. You choose to be either “Christian” or “homo whatever” not both. The reason for this dogmatic intolerance is not just the safety of current Christians. It’s that not allowing any chance for sexual confusion or perversion is the medicine that homo-oriented people need.

They need to see what normal, healthy, God-approved human sexuality looks like. Nothing more. Nothing less. If they want it then they will come to us, not the other way around.

The following is testimony from an ex-gay in the charismatic community. I won’t source it because he’s put this past behind him.

I experienced every kind of abuse growing up, including sexual abuse. I started experiencing same-sex attraction and grew up being called gay, ridiculed by people close to me because of it. I was actually attracted to girls as well, but no one affirmed that in me. I decided to identify myself as a gay male when I was 17.

No one affirmed his being attracted to girls. That would include happily(?) married church elders as well as the schoolyard kids. “It’s okay for a guy to like girls” is an honestly counter-cultural idea. Especially in the Church, men aren’t supposed to want a girl until she first wants him… probably to fertilize her last egg at age 39.8 while her hair falls out from rage at missing her Bridezilla moment.

Many masculine guys were interested in me and flirted with me, although I didn’t have sexual relationships with them. Some of them wanted to keep their relationships with me a secret, which I hated. One day, I was going with a guy to the beach. He touched my back, and I felt my body lock up, and I started having tremors. I realized, .I don’t actually want this..

This is standard behavior for homosexuals. They will groom, rape and confuse young men into joining their perversions until the damage becomes permanent. White knights assist them by shaming the victims for what could be healthy sexual attraction. Barbie doesn’t want you, normal healthy guy!

I was also in anger management, had a restraining order against me, and had threatened to kill three of my roommates. I was consumed by anger. At age 18, I had been addicted to pornography for 11 years and was watching it six times a day. It wasn’t even fun for me, but it was something I felt I needed to get me through each day.

Starting porn at age 7? A standard indicator of abuse. Had he started “porn addiction” at 15 or so, it would probably not have been an actual addiction. Not that a Churchian would ever make that distinction because unsexy men aren’t supposed to be interested in his daughters at any age.

At my lowest point, I felt that I needed God to change my life because I was helpless on my own. I said, .God, everyone who ever told me about you was a hypocrite. But I want to know you for who you truly are.” This began my journey of healing.

Many can relate to this sentiment.

I began listening to Christian teachers every time I wanted to watch porn or do something destructive. I had six different counselors for trauma and PTSD. And I attended a ministry school, where I learned how to have healthy relationships with men.

In truth, he’s fortunate he came out okay, going to the formal Church for help. But this helps explain his recovery:

All the men I had known were abusive, so I was terrified of men. When I started going to ministry school, I had to live with guys. For the first time, the guys in my life were affirming me and my masculinity in a healthy, genuine way. They didn’t treat me differently even though they knew about my past. I also learned in the ministry school that my feelings don’t define me, and I don’t have to live by them. These experiences were extremely healing for me.

The devil wouldn’t target healthy masculinity if its existence wasn’t a threat. It must be emphasized, young men & women often don’t know what healthy human sexuality is these days. We can best correct that by modeling healthy sexuality, not by “reaching out” to a community of child molesters because headcount is down.

There is no such thing as a homosexual community. Gangs, yes, one could use the term syndicate or voting bloc, but nobody builds a community on sexual perversion. Active homos are moral cancer and rot, and the only reason they work together is to escape justice.

Notice conservative homosexuals are becoming a thing these days. That’s because conservatives have lost the spine to condemn sodomy at all and as a result, Sodomites don’t need the protection of the group anymore. The Churchians that abandoned undesirable young men to them now see new conservatives to be “brought into the fold”. Results will be predictable.

The same-sex attractions I used to have weren’t just physical, but also emotional. I don’t experience emotional attraction to men anymore, and I don’t really have a physical attraction to men anymore, either. At my lowest, I saw myself as a woman. Now I see myself as a man and enjoy being a man. The night terrors that used to plague me nightly are completely gone. I no longer wear lipstick or nail polish. I had an eating disorder. Now, I love to eat. My anxiety that used to be through the roof is entirely gone. Whereas I used to feel filthy and full of shame, I now live feeling clean and entirely shame-free.


Here’s anecdotal evidence that homosexual tendencies are curable, particularly if addressed at an early age. The California queers fear our success in this direction enough that they’ve banned all attempts at curing gayness.

Do you want to help homosexuals escape their sexual confusion? If you’re a Red Pill Christian and outspoken then you’re already helping.

If you’re Christian with a drug habit then you’re a Christian who faces temptations. Not a “Christian with opioid attraction”.

If you’re Christian with a porn problem then you’re a Christian who faces temptations. Not a “Christian with digi-sexual attraction”.

If you’re Christian with a homosexual past then you’re a Christian who faces temptations. Not a “Christian with same-sex attraction”.

We all face temptations. None of us define our identity by those temptations.

For similar reasons, an ex-homosexual should not be allowed in Church leadership. It’s not a punishment, it’s that one should not expose oneself to his particular temptations. Also, there’s a coming purge of malicious homosexuals from Church leadership. The repentant ones won’t want to end up as false positives.

Fear God, hate what is evil and cling to what is good. This is the correct path for all Christians. But the Church has forgotten all three.


Pastor John Gray, the Finished Product of Matriarchy

A minor church scandal opens up a canker crater of all that is wrong with the modern Church. Physiognomy is swift to clear the smoke screens.

Pastor John Gray Used Bible Verses to Explain Why He Bought His Wife a $200,000 Lamborghini

Pastor John Gray Used Bible Verses to Explain Why He Bought His Wife a $200,000 Lamborghini

By Kate Prengel, 14 December 2018

Pastor John Gray is an associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He and his wife have their own show on the Oprah Winfrey network, and Gray has just signed his second book deal.

Further research identifies him as the current head pastor of Relentless Church in Greenville, SC, so that’s an old affiliation. But the book deal and Orca Winfrey are confirmed.

In other words, Gray is not a poor man. That’s what the 45 year old pastor tried to explain during a Facebook live post he made, after he got lambasted for buying his wife a Lamborghini. You can watch Gray’s Facebook Live post here.

Gray.s critics were worried about the “optics” of the gift, with many suggesting that it would look bad to have a Christian leader shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a luxury car. But Gray shrugged off their criticism, saying that he didn’t use a penny of church funds on the Lamborghini. (.May God take my life on this feed if I did,. he added.) He also said that he didn’t buy the gift as a pastor . he bought it “as a man,. looking to make his wife happy.

On the one hand, I fully agree with Gray. His dollar, his choice. But on the other hand, buying a $200k car to make his wife happy is a big red flag. The “optics” are indeed worrisome because Pastor Gray does not present himself like a Lamborghini Man:

Picture is from the Relentless Church directory. Pastor Grey has a pear-shaped head, indicating a personality that insists on treating others kindly and being treated kindly in return. The beard is probably compensation for a fat neck. Not a DODO, that’s good.

He affects a watch that might or might not be expensive but for sure, that is not an expensive suit he’s wearing in this professional photograph for his church’s website. Even allowing he’s dressing down to not flaunt his wealth, a self-confident millionaire accustomed to the nice things in life would at least still wear a tie.

His wife has strongly upward-slanting eye canthus, indicating a personality that is optimistic, risk-taking and aggressive. Aggression is confirmed by her sharp, jutting chin and prominent cheekbones. A forceful personality and notice, she even posed with arms akimbo… a dominant posture.

She cut her hair short: doesn’t want to look pretty for her husband.

If Gray’s wife is driving a Lamborghini then he better be driving a Ferrari, but something tells me a Toyota pickup is a better guess. She’s nagging Pastor Gray into all kinds of concessions. He capitulates because of Male Guilt:

During a long Facebook Live post, Gray quoted Bible verses from the Book of Ephesians to explain why he spent $200,000 on a Lamborghini for his wife, Aventer. The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on December 11. You can watch Gray’s talk, explaining his purchase, right here.

On her wedding anniversary? A spontaneous gift, it was not. In the video I’m about to link to, Pastor Gray references Mosaic law that the number 8 is special to God; for example, Jewish boys were circumcised on the eighth day.

Wow. That’s the most tragic Freudian slip ever. Looking back at that family picture, his hands are protectively on his son’s shoulders. His subconscious knows the truth: his kids are the right age for her to trigger a frivorce.

Gray talked about the importance of a “good marriage,. explaining that he had never seen a succesful marriage when he was a boy growing up. And he said that, since he had never seen a happy marriage, he used to worry that he’d never be able to be a good husband. He mentioned men in his family who had abandoned their wives and family, leaving the women alone to raise their children. .I grew up with those stories,. he said. .I grew up seeing physical abuse, seeing domestic violence.” Gray talked about seeing men in his family abusing drugs and threatening their families with wives. .I swore to God I’d never perpetuate that,. he said. .I swore I’d be more..

This man’s home is not in good order, which makes him unfit for Church leadership. The hot car itself is not the problem, it’s the symptom. Aventer’s loyalty to her husband should not come with a price. Why does he bend over for her?

The relevant stuff begins at 3:30. Partial transcript: “My mother’s dad was a preacher, had five children. He walked away. So, you can be saved and preaching and walk away from your family. My grandmother got remarried and had three more kids, and then he walked away. So, my grandmother who loved God was stuck with eight kids, two ex-husband, none of them gave her one dollar. I grew up with those stories. I grew up seeing physical abuse, domestic abuse, domestic violence, saw my aunt’s boyfriend threaten her with a knife… and he came after me… he was high on drugs, or whatever…”

Sigh, multigenerational matriarchy in the ghetto. He was raised by women teaching him that everything wrong with family life is caused by the men, when it’s actually the women choosing bad men. As for that preacher, I’d guess he found out Grandma was a shameless skank having other mens’ babies. Don’t be too hard on the guy without a trip through the family photo album.

Start at 5:30 to reach his comment about circumcision and the number 8. (I can’t confirm the significance he attaches to the number 8 despite having studied Christian numerology. In addition to circumcision, the eighth day of ritual cleanliness from skin disease is the day on which livestock are sacrificed per Leviticus 14, which again is not promising in this context.)

Gray turned to the importance of being a good husband, taking a verse from Ephesians. He said, .Here’s the truth, husbands love your wives like Christ loves the Church. Even giving himself a ransom. That means give everything. Sow everything. Give the best of everything. And that’s where I’m at,. Gray said.

Dude, no. You’re living the feminist lie, that men exist to martyr themselves for women and give Pussy everything she ever wants. That is NOT REPEAT NOT how Christ loves the Church! He gives commands and expects to be obeyed, He gives punishments when He isn’t, He tests us to know our character whenever He is pleased to do so, He ruins us when it suits His purposes, He gives us advice that is not to be ignored. God is not our bitch and not our butler!

You’ve been killing yourself to make your wife happy and it’s a safe bet it hasn’t been working. How often does she do her part? How often does she obey you, does she stay loyal when it hurts, does she speak admiringly of you to others, does she ask your opinion and work to please you? I know the answer from her mutilated hair and drill-sergeant pose.

And here are the consequences of Pastor Grey’s internal unwillingness to control women: his church’s external unwillingness to control women:

“Pastors” Trevor & Aime, Young Adults

“Pastors” Byron & Mariah

“Pastors” Anzeo & Lauren. Dear God, the body postures in these photos!

“Pastor” Paola

“Pastor” Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, space alien who didn’t take her husband’s name.

“Pastor” Falon

“Pastor” Lacey

Pastor Herpes.

I can’t even guess at his problems.

This isn’t the complete directory, there are male-only pastor pictures, but the correct number of female pastors for any church is zero.

Pastor Gray’s inability to tell his wife “No” has led to Relentless Church becoming a den of rebellious women, manginas and probable homosexuals. The misery of his home life is righteous punishment for spreading that misery to innocents.

He can repent at any time but at this point in the game, repentance will cost him everything.

It was just last night that I went to bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering where I’d gone wrong. A career professional in his prime, living alone in a crackerbox apartment with nothing to show for his life’s work but a modest car and enough pay saved up for the next job loss. No close family, few friends, no social status, no retirement, not even a pet to welcome me home.

And then I read the next morning about a successful pastor bribing his wife with six-digit gifts in return for enough time for his son to grow up and follow his idolatrous example. It does provide a certain perspective.

If you’re debt-free, right with Christ and not beholden to parasites then you’re living better than Pastor Grey with his book deals on the Oprah Network.


Beware the Sexist Man-Date!

While checking up on Barbara Greenberg in my previous article on Assemblyman Not-White Arambula’s spanking, I made the wonderful discovery that Psychology Today has many advice pundits! Some of whom are white knights obviously in possession of red-pill truths that cause severe internal distress. Delicious angst! I have free backup material into eternity!

5 Signs the Man You Are Dating Is Sexist


By Guy Winch, 10 July 2014

No, that’s not a pen name. We begin with the author’s cringe-worthy background:

Guy Winch, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, keynote speaker and author. His books, Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts (Plume, 2014) and The Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the Right Way to Get Results, Improve Your Relationships and Enhance Self-Esteem (Walker & Company, 2011) have been translated into twenty languages, and his TED Talk Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid has been viewed over 5 million times and is rated among the top 5 most inspirational TED Talks of all time on ted.com.

He literally wrote the book on how to complain for results!

He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from New York University in 1991 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in family and couples therapy at NYU Medical Center. He has been working with individuals, couples and families in his private practice in Manhattan, since 1992. He is a member of the American Psychological Association.

Incredibly, he’s not a pedoface. I thought that was mandatory for a Manhattan-dwelling family therapist specializing in low self-esteem.

Although there are shared features. Heavy lines around the eyes obviously have broader implications:

YLY 040: Failure Is An Option With Guy Winch, PH. D.

And now, our feature presentation:

Would you be able to spot sexist attitudes in the man you’re dating?

Consider that most men are on their best behavior in the early stages of a relationship and are unlikely to express blatantly sexist opinions (although remarkably, many still do). Instead, sexist men often display negative beliefs about women in subtle ways, ones that are easy to miss in the early stages of excitement and romance.

Spoiler, he doesn’t mention any subtle ways in this article. Almost as if sexy men don’t try to be Nice…

Further complicating matters, some men hold beliefs they don’t even realize are sexist, as do some women. For example, a man who believes a woman should be protected, cared for, and admired might not seem sexist except such men are unlikely to feel comfortable with a woman who significantly out-earns them. Sure, some women might want a partner who protects them, cares for them, and admires them but they would probably also want the option of being successful without it causing him to feel resentment, insecurity, and hostility.

Mr. Guy, if you were a healthy man then you’d be angry at the idea that women want to replace men while keeping us around to defuse the consequences of women ruling the world. It’s as insulting and patronizing as a California handgun being locked up until it’s needed faster than it can be released.

Here’s an autoinjector loaded with testosterone. Try it, you wimp, you’ll like it. The first one’s free. The second one costs a gym membership and not at Planet Fatness.

Most women would probably want to know if the man they’re dating is potentially sexist and the following tips should help them do so. However, these signs should only be considered red flags or issues that warrant further attention.not grounds for immediate condemnation. Some men might not have thought through their attitudes sufficiently and others might not be aware their behavior or opinions are problematic.

Here’s an example of that low self-esteem he specializes in. Come on, dude, use that autoinjector. You’ll stop feeling the need to apologize for everything you say, WHICH YOU DO ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FIVE POINTS:

1. He orders you a drink or dinner without asking want you want. When someone orders for you they’re assuming they know what’s good for you or what you would like. Unless your date is a renowned mind reader with his own Vegas spectacular, he should always check with you first.

It might not be sexist if: He had mentioned his favorite drink/meal earlier and you indicated you would be open to trying it. Even then, he should have checked with you but hopefully his unilateral move is more a reflection of over-enthusiasm than it is sexism.

If he’s paying for your meal, Barbie, then he can order you whatever he wants. Especially if you visibly need help with your diet. Oink oink!

2. He asks you questions about your child-rearing goals but not your career goals. By doing so he’s assuming you should be more focused on motherhood than on your career.

It might not be sexist if: You had clarified your preference to be a stay-at-home mom previously, if he discussed his role as a father with equal enthusiasm, or if he happily mentioned his company gives paternity leave.

Women should be more focused on motherhood than their career. They’re hardwired for babies, need to do it young and nobody sane expects men to do the lactating. Sexist pigs assume the reason Barbie is interested in him is to have his babies because men produce sperm and money, not winsome resumes. Reality is sexist.

Don’t date your sexist pig of a boss, Barbie, unless you want to lose your career for a home.

3. He calls you babe, sweetie, toots, or other pet names on a first date. Pet names should reflect feelings of love or affection and as such, they should be earned. If he’s doling out pet names after knowing you for all of two hours, it more likely reflects feelings of superiority on his part.

It might not be sexist if: You called him a pet name first or if he works as a waiter in a greasy diner (“What can I get fer ya, toots?”).

Shut up, Barbie.

4. He resorts to name calling when referring to a previous girlfriend or ex-wife. Using derogatory terms about another woman when on a date is not just bad judgment but likely a reflection of his feelings about women in general.

It might not be sexist if: He’s getting over a really bad and really recent divorce in which he sustained significant emotional or financial wounds and you were the one who (unwisely) asked him about his ex. Regardless, he’s definitely not ready for a new relationship, so give this one a pass.

Translation, if he calls his ex crazy then you should investigate his past and find out whether he’s a sexist pig or Psycho Sweetie actually was psycho. Tip: check the medicine cabinet for old prescriptions, just like you were planning to do anyway, Toots.

Hmm, how does a female EARN a nickname like Toots? Perhaps Barbie would prefer being assigned a sexist pet name to being called Blowjob or Happy Sack in public. Or Toots! Take one guess, just one, why greasy diner chefs call the women who eat there Toots. She earned that!

5. He finds it necessary to share his “philosophy of women.” The fact that he even has a philosophy of women is a problem as it assumes all women are alike and want the same things which smacks of sexism even if his “beliefs” sound positive (e.g., I think women should be put on a pedestal!).

It might not be sexist if: You asked him about his views “on women,” offered your own manifesto about your views on men, or criticized an ex for how they viewed women.prompting your date to make the point that he’s not “like that.”

Also, it might not be sexist if it’s documented that all women are alike in basic, predictable ways. But wait, it’s okay for women to have their own philosophy about men? SEXIST!

Remember, if the man you’re dating fits any of these criteria it should warrant further discussion not immediate dismissal. It might also be a good idea to think through your own opinions and attitudes…

Gimme that autoinjector back! *Gunner Q stabs himself* Oh… ohhhhh… yeah… feel… better… *slumps down in soy overdose shock*

…about the differences between men and women…

which you just claimed in #5 don’t exist and are sexist unless she signals approval

…to assess whether your own beliefs are sexist in some ways. Having sexist beliefs is usually a product of our upbringing and social context so we might have such opinions but our attitudes can and should be updated if we take the time to think things through.

Hello, Hello, Anybody Home? Hey, Think, McFly, Think?? HIS LOVE IS ETERNAL!! ? theidolbabbler.com

The Guy got a PhD in his own psychiatric problems. This will save him a lot of money but perhaps the emotionally damaged shouldn’t be the ones to help the emotionally hurting.

Why does the APA have the most “mentally nonconforming” membership of all professional organizations? They’re supposed to be the experts on mental health.


Senator White Boy Arrested for Spanking?

Tell me if I’m being oversensitive here. While scrolling through the daily headlines, I saw a headline for a California State Assemblyman who was arrested for spanking his 7-year old daughter.

Arambula Mugshot

Photograph taken from the Fresno Bee’s original article on… Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula?

A recent photo of Mr. Arambula per Yahoo! News. Mexican, as expected by his name… but wow, what a Photoshop job to create the first pic, which even lacks his mustache. Somebody worked hard on the George Zimmerman treatment. Curious.

Physiognomy indicates a masculine, rules-oriented personality–strong brow, flat ears, thin nose. He seems to have some jowls forming, indicating anger as well as determination, but not to the point of personality-defining. The tops of his ears being turned make me wonder if he often wears glasses.

I’m loath to use that first image but one reason men adopt the basic mustache is to make their upper lip look bigger, hence more masculine. The upper lip is often considered masculine while the lower lip is considered feminine. But the ‘stache is so common in Mexican culture that it could simply be a choice of conformity.

California Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula Arrested on Misdemeanor Child Abuse Charge in Fresno

California Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula Arrested on Misdemeanor Child Abuse Charge in Fresno: Police

Associated Press, 11 December 2018

California state lawmaker Joaquin Arambula was arrested Monday on suspicion of misdemeanor child cruelty, Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

The arrest came after officials at Dailey Elementary Charter School discovered an injury on a child who came into an office Monday afternoon, Dyer said. He did not describe the injury or Arambula’s relationship to the child. He was cited for willful cruelty to a child,

Arambula, a Democratic state assemblyman, is married with three young daughters.

A Mexican DODO.

Officials at the elementary school reported the child’s injury to child protective services, which called Fresno police, Dyer said. Officers called Arambula and his wife, Elizabeth, who both arrived at the scene.

The child described how the injury occurred and said Arambula inflicted it, Dyer said. The police determined the injury happened Sunday evening. Arambula was cooperative and cordial, but he did not provide a statement to officers based on advice from his attorney, Dyer said.

Indicating he got a lawyer before answering the summons. That was fast moving; must be nice to have legal representation on retainer while making a living off thwarting due process for everybody else.

Officers were “confident that a crime had occurred” and arrested Arambula on suspicion of willful cruelty to a child, Dyer said. He was taken in a patrol car to police headquarter, finger-printed, photographed and then released because his crime is a misdemeanor. The injury did not rise to the level of a felony.

More from:


Arambula was arrested on Monday night and accused of willful cruelty to a child. As of Wednesday, CPS and the Department of Social Services declared Arambula and his wife, Elizabeth, fit to bring their three children . aged 3, 6 and 7 . who had been staying with Arambula’s parents, back home.

Fast moving by CPS.

.It was us disciplining . normal discipline to our child,. Arambula said. “And I’m in the midst of a process that is playing out as we speak..

The Fresno Bee additionally reports, “Arambula thanked his daughter’s teacher, Fresno police and Child Protective Services for “doing their jobs” and “following the process… Family psychologist Barbara Greenberg tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the incident was “handled beautifully..

Yeah, Barbie, having a lawyer present and advising at every step is how things get “handled beautifully”. If you can afford it. On the surface, Arambula handled things the way I would: go through the motions, be courteous at every point, imply this was all an unfortunate misunderstanding. Not hard to imagine that his kid was having a 24-hour temper tantrum and told a teacher in order to get Daddy in trouble.

If this Democrat has any sanity, he’ll begin pushing back against the feminist-industrial complex that came this close to ruining his family. But more likely, he’ll just lawyer up tighter and be surprised when his time comes for real. Not to mention being DODO.

.Anything that hurts a child physically and emotionally, in my opinion, is abuse and should be reported,. Greenberg says. .Too often kids go to school looking for help and they’re not taken seriously. The school took this very seriously, as they should, and they did what they were supposed to do..

As for the assemblyman’s actions, however, Greenberg says, .Nothing good comes from [spanking]..

.There are much, much better ways to teach your children, and losing control and putting your hands on a child, there’s nothing good that comes from it,. she says. .You don’t create kids with self-esteem and with the ability to handle frustration by spanking them..

Greenberg is a published author of a book on teenager psychology and a pundit with an advice column at Psychology Today.

Contact | Dr. Barbara Greenberg, PhD | Teen, Adolescent ...

Surprisingly normal physiognomy. She’s definitely more of a care-based moralizer than a CPS battleaxe.

Arambula told the publication that he has no plans to resign. If convicted, the assemblyman could face up to six months in jail and possible probation.

On a closing note, however, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has gone on record that the injury to the child was not located on the buttocks and is not consistent with the practice of spanking. The possibility exists that this isn’t merely a case of Leftoids getting the treatment they give others but an actual case of child abuse… in which case, CPS swiftly returned the kids to a known abusive parent because he was a VIP. This could explode.

The fact that the first picture of Arambula being circulated was heavily, obviously doctored to make him look white instead of Latino indicates somebody in media thinks the matter WILL explode.

For now, however, the story ends here until charges are filed… caught between child-crime confidentiality and Assemblyman Arambula’s legal defense team.


The Repentant Pedo

Nobody is more cruel and dishonest than the bleeding-heart liberal.

Death row inmate seeks execution; judge to decide competency


By Associated Press, Jeff Amy, 13 December 2018

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) . A Mississippi judge will decide whether a death row inmate who says he wants to be executed is mentally competent to waive all his appeals.

His face being more guarded on the right side, as normal, indicates he’s at peace with this decision. No internal issues of major significance. Both physiognomy and Christianity could have saved the Mississippi gov’t beaucoup bucks.

The state Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the examination in the case of David Cox.

Cox wrote to Mississippi Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. in August saying he wanted to fire his lawyers, give up all his appeals and have the state Supreme Court set his execution date.

“I seek in earnest to (waive) all my appeals immediately, I seek to be executed as I do here, this day, stand on MS death row a guilty man worthy of death . please grant me this plea,” Cox wrote in an Aug. 16 letter.

Cox pleaded guilty to shooting his wife Kim in 2010 in the Union County town of Shannon, raping her daughter in front of her, and watching Kim Cox die as police negotiators and relatives pleaded for her life. He also pleaded guilty to seven other crimes without making a bargain with prosecutors that precluded the death penalty. A jury sentenced him to death.

He has my respect for accepting responsibility without needing a bribe.

In another letter in July to Union County District Attorney Ben Creekmore, Cox wrote that “if I had my perfect way and will about it I’d ever so gladly dig my dead (sarcastic) wife up whom I very happily and premeditatedly slaughtered on 5-21-2010 and with eager pleasure kill” her again.

Cox’s lawyers argue that he is mentally ill and isn’t competent to waive his appeals, and that it’s unconstitutional for the state to execute him.

He could be judged mentally ill based upon… his waiving his appeals? Is accepting righteous punishment evidence of mental illness? That is the opposite of what Christ taught.

“There is no reliable evidence that Mr. Cox has a free or unrestrained will necessary to lodge a permanent, voluntary waiver of his right to continue pursuing post-conviction remedies,” wrote Benjamin H. McGee III of the state Office of Post-Conviction Counsel.

In support of that, he cited Cox himself. In a Nov. 7 letter to McGee, Cox wrote that he’s divided between “skin 1” which wants to continue appeals and “skin 2” which wants to be executed.

“Skin 1 is not willing, while Skin 2 is willing to surrender all counsel & all appeals . still. David Cox as a whole is not a single unit, but two . David Cox within David Cox is a living division of separated matter within the same vessel of life,” Cox wrote in the Nov. 7 letter.

If both “skins” had been willing to die then Trust Fund Baby McGee III could argue that he was suicidal and therefore mentally ill. There’s no winning here.

McGee has filed a fresh petition with Mississippi’s justices seeking a new sentencing hearing. The lawyer says Cox’s trial lawyers didn’t adequately lay out the history of abuse that Cox endured as a child, including poverty, neglect, parental abandonment, chronic exposure to pornography and witnessing his father sexually abuse his sister. Cox’s sister, in a sworn statement, said he dropped out of school and huffed gasoline “all day,” later becoming addicted to methamphetamine. Lawyers argued the substance abuse permanently injured his brain and that it would be unconstitutional to execute him, just as the Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional to execute someone with mental disabilities.

None of that excuses raping your daughter in front of your wife to spite her before murdering her.

“Mr. Cox’s rage, violence and impulse control problems are product of brain dysfunction, not a reflection of choice or character. He has a severe psychopathology – that is, a severe mental disorder or mental illness – but he is not a psychopath.” Forensic psychologist Robert Stanulis wrote in a report for the defense.

Billable hours-seeking quacks, the lot of them. Does law school not teach morality? Hey, that one made even the lawyers chuckle. Bad sign.

Mississippi hasn’t executed anyone since 2012, amid legal disputes over lethal injection procedures and difficulty procuring execution drugs.

Can anybody suggest a humane, constitutional, Leftoid-approved form of State execution? Me, I don’t see how a 12-gauge to the base of the skull can possibly be slow or incomplete enough to hurt.


Cyntoia Brown: Pussy Pass Denied!

It’s a slow news day when I notice what the Kardashians are doing but in my defense, they crossed paths with my hobby of true-crime stories. (As I always knew they would.) Behold their latest celebrity cause du jour and my false positive, a violently psychotic crack whore, whore and murderess who should have been hung years ago but now just narrowly escaped another brush with care-based morality. She should not be more than a statistic but instead is slated to be a display “victim” for the Womens’ March 2019 next month.

Cyntoia Brown Will Serve 51-Year Sentence For Killing Her Alleged Assailant


By Sarah Midkiff, 9 December 2018

Cyntoia Brown was 16 and a victim of sex trafficking when she was arrested for killing the man who allegedly solicited her for sex, Johnny Allen. In her defense, she says she believed he was reaching for his gun to kill her. However, Tennessee’s Supreme Court clarified an earlier ruling that she must remain in prison for 51 years before she is eligible for release.

Sounds like a system out of control, eh? An underage sex trafficking victim killed her rapist in self-defense but somehow got railroaded by The System? Tennessee must be a cesspit of toxic masculinity!

The state Supreme Court’s response comes after a lawsuit was filed claiming Brown’s life sentence is unconstitutional based on a previous Supreme Court ruling that said sentencing a minor to a mandatory life sentence was against the Constitution. Only 20 states and the District of Columbia have banned life without parole for minors. Tennessee is not one of those states; there, people convicted of first-degree murder can only be released from prison after serving at least 51 years of their 60-year sentence. A U.S. District Court in Tennessee noted that her sentence was different because she received a “life sentence, not a sentence of life without the possibility of parole..

What’s this about first-degree murder? That’s premeditated murder, as in, she was planning to murder that john from the start. The article immediately head-fakes:

The Women’s March, Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, and LeBron James have all publicly supported Brown’s release, funded legal support, and used her case to shed light on a larger need for prison reform and the systematic racism ingrained in our justice system. .The system has failed. It’s heartbreaking to see a young girl sex trafficked then when she has the courage to fight back is jailed for life! We have to do better & do what’s right. I’ve called my attorneys yesterday to see what can be done to fix this,. Kardashian tweeted.

But we are not fooled. We want answers about how this first-degree murder charge got hung on a sex trafficking “victim”.

In 2004, Brown was forced into prostitution by a pimp known as “Cut Throat” who she believed was her boyfriend. According to court documents, Allen allegedly brought Brown to his home and paid her to have sex with him. She was under the state’s age of consent at the time. In her testimony, Brown said that Allen showed her multiple guns in his home. When she believed that he was reaching under his bed to grab a gun and shoot her, she grabbed a gun out of her purse and shot him. She was tried as an adult and convicted of first-degree premeditated murder, first-degree felony murder, and especially aggravated robbery. Brown has already served 14 years in prison.

Aggravated robbery, too. He showed his gun collection to an underage prostitute, after which she shot him… with the gun in her purse? Was this a child rape or an arms deal gone bad?

In response to the court’s decision, the Women’s March tweeted in support of Brown and other sex trafficking victims, adding that the next Women’s March on January 19, 2019 is for them as well. The organization asked their supporters to contact Tennessee’s governor, Bill Haslam, to demand Brown’s release. “Gov” Haslam has the power to #FreeCyntoia. Every day she remains in prison, he is actively choosing not to,. they tweeted.

The article stops here, dizzy from the head-faking. But I followed the links… and found her appeal briefing! Let’s get inside the brain of this either-a-victim-or-a-perp.

Click to access browncyntoiadeniseopn.pdf

March 11, 2014 Session
Direct Appeal from the Criminal Court for Davidson County

The Petitioner, Cyntoia Denise Brown, appeals the Davidson County Criminal Court’s denial of her petition for post-conviction relief from her convictions of first degree premeditated murder, first degree felony murder, and especially aggravated robbery and resulting concurrent sentences of life and eight years. On appeal, the Petitioner contends that she received the ineffective assistance of counsel, that she is “entitled to relief under error coram nobis,. that her mandatory life sentence is unconstitutional, and that she was denied due process.

Translation, she wanted to be relieved of the consequences of her convictions on the grounds her lawyer was incompetent for not letting her take the stand. A Catch-22 if there ever was one. This goes long because fisking the quack celebrity doctors trying to make a victim of her just keeps getting funnier. Feel free to skip to Conclusion at any time.

Petitioner.s convictions: On the evening of August 7, 2004, police officers from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department responded to a 911 call and found the body of the victim, Johnny Allen, in a bedroom of his home. State v. Cyntoia Denise Brown, No. M2007-00427-CCA-R3-CD, 2009 Tenn. Crim. App. LEXIS 301, at *4 (Nashville, Apr. 20 2009), perm. to appeal denied, (Tenn. 2009). The nude victim was lying face-down on the bed in a large pool of blood, and his “hands were beneath his face, his fingers “kind of partially interlocked,.. as if he had been sleeping. Id. at **4, 15. An autopsy revealed that he had been shot in the back of the head and that he did not have any defensive wounds.

According to other sources, Cyntoia called 911 hours after the murder because she was tired of waiting for the story to break on the television.

Id. at **28-29. In the early morning hours of August 8, 2004, officers found the victim’s white pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot and arrested the Petitioner at a nearby hotel. Id. at *6. At the time of Petitioner’s arrest, she was sixteen years old and staying at the hotel with a man she referred to as ..Cut… Id. at **6, 8.

I bet Walmart is the first place cops look when they hear “stolen vehicle” on the radio. Even before the liquor stores. Or does Walmart sell liquor now?

The Petitioner waived her Miranda rights and gave a statement to police in which she said that on the night of August 6, 2004, she was walking near a Sonic Drive-In when the victim, whom she did not know, picked her up in his truck. Id. He drove her to the Sonic, they ordered food, and the victim offered to let her spend the night at his home. Id. The Petitioner accepted the victim’s offer, and they went to his house. Id. at *9. There, the victim showed the Petitioner some guns, and they got into bed together. Id. The victim whispered to and touched the Petitioner and reached underneath the bed. Id. The Petitioner thought the victim was reaching for a gun, so she pulled a .40 caliber handgun out of her purse and shot him. Id. at *10. She took money out of the victim’s wallet and two of his guns, drove his truck to the Walmart parking lot, and had someone drive her to the hotel where she was later arrested. Id. The Petitioner denied that she was a prostitute or that she had sex with the victim. Id.

Bullshit she wasn’t a whore. “Hey there, stranger lady, do you want to share my bed tonight after I buy you dinner? But no sex, okay? I just want to do a random favor.”

And his corpse’s position was not consistent with reaching for a gun.

The Petitioner was tried as an adult, and the jury rejected her claim of self-defense,
finding her guilty of first degree premeditated murder, first degree felony murder, and
especially aggravated robbery, a Class A felony. See id. at **34-35. The trial court merged
the murder convictions and sentenced the Petitioner to life. Id. at *35. After a sentencing
hearing, the trial court imposed a concurrent twenty-year sentence for the especially
aggravated robbery conviction.

Justice done. She went home with a john, murdered him for fun & prizes and when the police caught up, was too strung out on drugs to do better than “we weren’t having sex, I was scared and he didn’t need his truck no more”. (Not an exact quote.)

Id. On appeal, this court affirmed the Petitioner’s murder convictions but modified her conviction of especially aggravated robbery to aggravated robbery, a Class B felony, and remanded the case for sentencing as to that offense. Id. at *3. On remand, the trial court sentenced her to eight years and ordered that she serve the sentence concurrently with the life sentence.

Pussy pass #1.

After our supreme court denied the Petitioner’s application for permission to appeal,
she filed a timely pro se petition for post-conviction relief based, in pertinent part, on the
denial of the effective assistance of counsel and newly discovered evidence “that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome played a part in [her] actions on the night in question.” The postconviction court appointed counsel, and counsel filed an amended petition, maintaining that the Petitioner received the ineffective assistance of counsel and alleging that her life sentence was unconstitutional.

The postconviction court listened to that sack of lies? “I murdered him because my Fetal Alcohol Syndrome was acting up” is worse than the Twinkie Defense.

Pussy Pass #2

The record reflects that “counsel” and .co-counsel. represented the Petitioner at trial.
At the post-conviction evidentiary hearing, counsel testified for the Petitioner that she and co-counsel began representing the Petitioner after the Petitioner’s transfer hearing in juvenile court. The Petitioner had testified at the transfer hearing, and trial counsel reviewed tapes of the hearing. Counsel said that she and the Petitioner had many discussions about whether the Petitioner should testify at trial and that “there were parts of her [transfer hearing] testimony that were worrisome for us if they came out at trial.” Counsel thought that if the Petitioner’s trial testimony differed from her transfer hearing testimony, the State would be able to impeach her on cross-examination. Counsel stated, .I, apparently, was wrong, but I do recall having that conversation with her.” Counsel said that there were other reasons why she did not want the Petitioner to testify but that she assumed that particular reason “played a factor” in the Petitioner’s decision.

That’s not incompetence. I wouldn’t let Cyntoia even ask to use the bathroom after what she said to the investigating police.

Counsel testified that the Petitioner had received a mental evaluation for juvenile court
and that trial counsel had her re-evaluated. Counsel received three bankers boxes from the Petitioner’s juvenile court attorney, and one of those boxes was full of the Petitioner.s
psychological and medical records. Counsel reviewed everything in the boxes and did not seek an expert in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Regarding the disorder, counsel stated, .I am sure I had heard of it. . . . I became much more familiar with it after Mr. [Dan] Birman found or interviewed some people..

*checks* FASD manifests mainly as congenital organ defects and poor attention span/concentration. Sounds treatable by Ritalin, frankly. Unpredictable bursts of homicidal rage are not associated with the disorder. It’s not like Cyntoia accidentally drove his car home instead of hers.

On cross-examination, counsel testified that she became licensed to practice law in
1992 and that for the first sixteen years of her practice, including the Petitioner’s 2006 trial, she practiced criminal law exclusively. Counsel estimated that at the time of the Petitioner’s trial, she had tried fifty to sixty cases. The Petitioner had given a videotaped statement to police, and trial counsel filed a motion to suppress the statement. Trial counsel also gave Dr. William Bernet, a forensic psychiatrist from Vanderbilt University, the results of the Petitioner’s previous mental evaluations. Dr. Bernet re-evaluated the Petitioner and testified at the suppression hearing about whether the Petitioner knowingly and intelligently waived her Miranda rights prior to giving her statement to police.

Give it a rest, legal beagle. The “my client is too stupid to understand her Miranda rights” is a played-out mine. Spoiler, they’ll also argue that Cyntoia is IQ 134 in this same document.

Counsel described the Petitioner as “brilliant” but said that “her personality was all over the place and you didn’t know who you were going to be talking to from time-to-time, but it wasn’t competency issues, it was more like there was something wrong that we couldn’t figure out what it was..

She chose a life of drugs, prostitution and violence, that’s what was wrong with her. You can have high IQ and still be dumb enough to park your victim’s stolen vehicle in view of store surveillance cameras where the cops can see the license plate while driving past.

Counsel testified that she and co-counsel considered using a mental health defense but decided against it because “unless you have some sort of objective evidence to go with it
such as a brain scan that showed damage or something that juries seem hesitant to really give a lot of weight to psychological testimony..

Yes, I myself once refused to award damages due to a lack of objective evidence. Jurors can be so unreasonable like that.

I do not understand the insanity defense. It should be something the prosecutor argues in order to prove the necessity of a humane execution, not something the defense argues in order to get the perp back in circulation. For the truly insane, a quick death would be God’s own mercy. Don’t make them live with their minds like that.

Trial counsel also decided not to use a mental health defense because many of Dr. Bernet’s opinions were based on “bad things” about the Petitioner that trial counsel did not want revealed to the jury.

Again, that’s not incompetent representation. What are “bad things”, you ask?

…Counsel was worried that the Petitioner would lose her temper on cross-examination because the Petitioner had lost her temper in meetings with trial counsel, had lost her temper with guards, and “had an inability at times to control her emotions..

Wife material! And elsewhere:


Brown, who has seen support from celebrities in recent days, laughed after she killed a man who’d paid her for sex and later threatened to kill nurses after she was arrested.

…About a week after she was booked, Brown was transported to the Western Mental Health Institute for an evaluation. She wanted to call her adoptive mother, Ellenette Brown, and a nurse didn’t let her. So she attacked the nurse, according to The Scene.

“I shot that man in the back of the head,” she allegedly screamed, “and bitch, I’m gonna shoot you three times in the back of the head and would love to see your blood splatter on the wall.”

Yahoo argues that her laughing about the sex and violence was only a coping mechanism. True or not, such behavior is not something a competent defender wants the jury to know about. To say nothing of confessing to the murder while threatening to murder the psych ward nurse restraining you for post-arrest mental evaluation.

Back to the appeal,

…If trial counsel had presented a mental health expert at trial, the State could have cross-examined the expert about the Petitioner’s attempt to escape from Western Mental Health Institute (WMHI), her drug use, her asking someone after the shooting to take her back to the victim’s house so she could take the rest of his property, her lengthy juvenile history, and her disciplinary issues at the juvenile detention center and jail. She also acknowledged that in a pretrial jailhouse telephone call to her adoptive mother, she told her mother that she “executed” the victim. The Petitioner had understood the charges against her and received a transcript of her statement to police before trial. In the statement, she told the police that she bought the gun off the street. She said she lied in the statement about where she got the gun in order to protect Cut because she was afraid of him. She acknowledged that in the statement, she told the police that she did not know what happened to the gun after the shooting. She said she was telling the truth because she gave the gun to Cut and did not know what he did with it. The Petitioner stated that even though the State could have cross-examined her about all of those things, she still had wanted to testify at trial.

Sure, that sounds like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to me. I’ll guess she also refused a plea deal to testify against Cut, her “abuser”, because FAS.

Dr. Richard Adler, a clinical and forensic psychologist from Seattle, Washington, testified that FASD encompassed five different disorders, including FAS and Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND), all of which “relate to the fact that alcohol is a particularly heinous poison to the developing fetus.” Dr. Adler explained that the “primary disability” in FASD was damage to the baby’s brain. As a person with FASD grew up, the person also experienced “secondary disabilities” such as having trouble with school, behavior, obtaining employment, and the law.

Dr. Adler testified that the Petitioner had a “remarkable” I.Q. of 134 but that she did not function like a typical person with such high intelligence. He stated that “her functional abilities are terrible and they are so terrible they are equivalent to a person with mild mental retardation..

Thereby proving that intelligence is not wisdom.

Dr. Adler testified that he found evidence of childhood psychosis in the Petitioner’s medical records. For example, during an episode at Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute, the Petitioner had “appeared to be completely out of touch with reality.” A test administered to the Petitioner the next day found that she ..might be becoming psychotic, but she is able to control her thoughts some of the time… He stated that in 2000, “among the diagnoses in her records was that she might have bipolar disorder with psychotic features or they were concerned about psychotic disorder not otherwise specified.” He said that a test administered to the Petitioner in 2002 found her to have .dissociation, which is a very primitive mental defense mechanism. and that dissociation was a “rare and worrisome psychiatric symptom..

Now this is plausible. But “bipolar disorder with psychotic features” doesn’t play on the heartstrings as well as “her mommy drank too much”. Safe bet, alcohol wasn’t the drug(s) they should have been asking the birth mother about. “They” not meaning Adler. He wasn’t there.

On cross-examination, Dr. Adler acknowledged that he was retained by the Petitioner’s post-conviction attorneys and was being paid for his work and appearance in court. He stated that he was going to be paid “in the 10 to $12,000 range up to this moment, some things haven’t been billed yet. and that the amount did not include the work of his two colleagues.

More important than “how much” is “who” is paying his bills. I hope a Kardashian gets Cyntoia for a cellmate.

Dr. Adler said that although FASD was not specifically mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), .the negative affect of alcohol is mentioned in the section of mental retardation because fetal alcohol is the number one cause of mental retardation, so its in that section.” His actual diagnosis of the Petitioner was “cognitive disorder not otherwise specified 294.9,. which was in the DSM. Dr. Adler acknowledged that he never met or spoke with the Petitioner’s biological mother and that he learned about her alcohol consumption from an affidavit in which she described the amount and frequency of her alcohol consumption during her pregnancy. He also acknowledged that the Petitioner received previous mental evaluations and was never diagnosed with FASD.

While diagnosing her with just about everything else. On to a new doctor!

Dr. Paul Connor, a clinical psychologist specializing in neuropsychology, the study
of brain function, testified about his extensive background in fetal alcohol research. …

Dr. Connor testified that the Petitioner’s I.Q. was 134, meaning she was “very bright,. and that in order to make a diagnosis of FASD, the CDC required three domains of deficit. The Petitioner’s evaluation showed “absolute deficits” in five domains. First, she had deficits in visual/spatial understanding and reasoning, which was being able to take in complex information from the environment, reason through it, remember it, and reproduce it later. Second, she had deficits in motor coordination. Third, she had deficits in attention, particularly impulsivity. Dr. Connor observed that the Petitionerstarted tasks quickly, talked quickly, was .a little fidgety,. and became distracted fairly easily. Fourth and fifth, the Petitioner had deficits in two areas of adaptive functioning: communication skills and socialization skills.

Yes, Doctor Connor, we already know that the crack whore who emptied her victim’s brainpan with a .40 automatic has poor communication/socialization skills, if not a lack of motor coordination. She could drive a vehicle, after all. Let’s try a third doctor!

Dr. Natalie Novick Brown, a clinical and forensic psychologist, testified that she began working in the area of FASD in the mid-1990.s and regularly collaborated with Drs. Adler and Connor because .it’s the standard of care in FASD assessment to have multidisciplinary practitioners involved in the diagnosis..

Translation, FASD closely resembles other disorders of impulsivity, motor control and poor communication. None of which might justify premeditated murder.

Dr. Brown testified that she evaluated the Petitioner in June 2011. The evaluation consisted of an interview, additional testing, and a review of all of the Petitioner’s documented information, including her medical records, school records, juvenile court records, mental health institute records, and statement to police about the shooting. Dr. Brown explained that normal teenagers “do kind of crazy foolish bazaar things sometimes” because their “executive function processes are not fully formed yet and they are not thinking as efficiently as they ultimately will be when they reach their 20.s..

Dr. Brown noted that despite the Petitioner’s high I.Q., she exhibited “foolish” behavior during the event by taking items from the victim’s home that could be traced back to her, driving his truck, leaving his truck in a well-lit Walmart parking lot with cameras, telling Cut that she had killed someone, and using the victim’s cellular telephone to call 911. Dr. Brown said that although the Petitioner had been on a cocaine “bender” for the two weeks leading up to the victim’s death, her drug use did not explain her behavior.

When you’re bringing in three psychiatrists to testify that Barbie’s two prior weeks of cocaine binging didn’t alter her mental disorders enough to understand that murder was wrong, it’s time to give up. No matter how much money the ACLU is throwing at you.

On cross-examination, Dr. Brown testified that she could not say the Petitioner’s cocaine use affected her judgment on the day of the shooting. She acknowledged that if she had testified at trial, the State could have cross-examined her about the Petitioner’s escapes
from custody and a detailed letter the Petitioner wrote from WMHI, asking someone to help her escape. Dr. Brown said the letter was not inconsistent with someone with FASD because writing it was “foolish” and “fits in” with the Petitioner’s other foolish behaviors.

Being stupid is not a crime but acting stupid sure can be.

The Petitioner may have been trying to cover up what actually happened, or her tendency to confabulate may have caused her to fill in fabricated information. Although the Petitioner appeared to be lying, she was actually confabulating.

Dr. Brown acknowledged that some of the Petitioner’s behaviors associated with the shooting were not foolish. For example, the Petitioner gave the gun to Cut and wiped fingerprints off the victim’s truck as Cut had instructed.

To claim insanity, a defendant must act as though he doesn’t understand that what he did was wrong. Cyntoia telling the cops what happened when they asked is consistent with that. Her cleaning up the crime scene afterwards is not.

Cut was murdered several months after the Petitioner’s arrest and, therefore, was not available to contest anything she said.

I missed my guess about Cyntoia refusing a plea bargain to rat out Cut. But only on a technicality!

On redirect examination, Dr. Brown testified that by not hearing about the Petitioner’s FASD, the jury did not have .a clear picture. of the Petitioner or her mental state. Dr. Brown thought the Petitioner could function well in society and would be a low risk to reoffend if she lived in a structured environment and received support and treatment.

Hey… Doctor Barbie… you just argued that she was too young and mentally incompetent to not commit murder. I don’t think her problem is lack of a safe space. But if “structured environment” means “life in prison” then the State of Tennessee agrees with you.

On recrossexamination, Dr. Brown acknowledged that extensive efforts were used to treat the Petitioner prior to the shooting and that the Petitioner was uncooperative.

On re-recrossexamination, Dr. Brown didn’t lie, she confabulated.


The Petitioner claims that she is entitled to post-conviction relief because trial counsel were ineffective for giving her erroneous legal advice that resulted in her decision not to testify at trial; for failing to interview or investigate her biological mother; and by failing to investigate the case adequately, which resulted in their failing to present a defense based upon her severe mental disease and defect. The State argues that the Petitioner has not shown that she received the ineffective assistance of trial counsel. We agree with the State.

Boom! Pussy Pass #3 DENIED.

But the celebrities are planning to bring up Cyntoia again in January 2019 as part of Women’s March 2019. Along with illegal immigration and the UN Charter.


Professional Surfing Cucks Up

Move over, ban-happy YouTube & Twitter. Social Justice Warriors have been deplatforming organizations and people in meatspace, too, using the power of the State. The World Surfing League based in California was ready to stand its ground on pay “inequality” until entryists opened the door.


Mavericks Challenge California Surf Contest: What You Need to Know


The Mavericks Challenge California surf contest gives the world’s best surfers a chance to test their skills against monster waves that can rise as much as 60 feet high. It all sounds simple enough, but this contest has an interesting twist. It doesn’t have a fixed date. In fact, no one knows precisely when it will be held until just 24 hours before it starts.

The big waves at Mavericks near Half Moon Bay, California that are the reason for this contest of big wave surfing control the calendar. Just off a rugged, rocky point along the coast, winter storms and underwater geography combine to create some the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. …

Late each year, contest organizers announce the official waiting period for the Mavericks surf contest. This year, the competition window opens on November 1. When conditions look like they are going to be right, the organizers call a group of pre-selected surfers to let them know when the Mavericks Challenge will begin. The contestants have just 48 hours to get there. That’s all the time you’ll have to prepare to watch them, too.

The first Mavericks surf contest was held in 1999. The name and the group running it has changed every few years. In fact, Mavericks may be one of the unluckiest events in the entire surfing world, with a long tale of things gone wrong. The World Surf League whos was its sponsor in 2017-18 renamed it the Mavericks Challenge. They held an opening ceremony for the 2018-2019 contest in October 2018.

The bad luck appears to be continuing:

The Story

California just forced equal pay for female surfers. Could that change other games?


By Laurel Rosenhall, 6 September 2018

Bianca Valenti conquered 20-foot waves at a surfing competition in Mexico this summer, winning first place in Latin America’s first big-wave contest to include women. Her prize: $1,750. The surfer who won the men’s division at the same competition walked away with four times as much prize money: $7,000.

Video: Rabbi Marvin Hier, Surfer Bianca Valenti, Political Roundup | Watch KQED NEWSROOM Online ...

Bianca Valenti, age 28 and hitting the wall early due to manjaw and Million Cock Stare. The Internet has no bikini pics of this professional female surfer! The mind boggles at the implications.

But when Valenti, of San Francisco, competes on the shores of northern California in the famous Mavericks surfing challenge this winter, she.ll be eligible for the same amount of prize money as the men. Why? Because the state of California insisted on it.

Behold the face of equality: George Orwell’s boot heel.

Like Hollywood, tech and many other industries, the sports world is being forced to confront its historic practice of paying women less than men. Though the ranks of female athletes have grown dramatically since 1972, when federal law, through Title IX, began prohibiting gender discrimination in schools and colleges, pay gaps remain huge in most sports. Basketball and golf have struggled for years with pay equity issues, and female players have sued U.S. Soccer for wage discrimination, arguing they’re paid 40 percent of what their male counterparts earn, despite outperforming them on the field.

The wage gap has been debunked so many, many times already. It would be curious if women are paid less than men in an activity that gives women a chance to show some skin but remember this is professional surfing in dangerous conditions and cold water, not a swimsuit modeling contest. I did find some wetsuit pics of Bianca:

The Badass Women of Big Wave Surfing Today - BookSurfCamps.com

Boner test: FAIL.

What.s unusual with the Mavericks surf competition is that the government.a state commission, in this case.preemptively stepped in to compel equal pay as a condition of holding the event. Experts said they couldn’t think of a similar situation in another sport.

They helpfully included a link to the actual document. Relevant excerpt:

Click to access StateLands_Mavericks.pdf

Staff Report C36 dated 8/23/18

While safety concerns make it infeasible to open up this area to all surfers, the Commissions consideration includes whether authorizing exclusive use to this Applicant is in the best interests of the state. This includes considering how the Applicant intends to run the competition and ensure equity among its participants. Staff believes it is in the best interests of the state to require the event to implement certain measures to promote equity by requiring that the amount of compensation awarded to any participants does not depend on gender for the reasons described below. Staff has received inquiries expressing concern about the lack of equity in the competition between female and male athletes.

Doubtless the lawyers I’ll soon be talking about.

Staff has independently evaluated the issues raised relating to equity among athletes participating in the Mavericks Challenge. The Public Trust Doctrine at its foundation is a common law doctrine that requires the state to protect and manage its tide and submerged lands for the benefit of all the people of California. A core principle of the Commission’s draft Environmental Justice Policy is to promote the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, national origins, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, religions, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status concerning the implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations within the Commission’s jurisdiction.

A perfect example of unequal enforcement of partiality allows SJWs to simultaneous claim they’re respresenting everybody while issuing agenda-driven ultimatums. Are they going to prohibit beach pageants until men are allowed to participate and given an equal share of the purse?

The Maverick’s Challenge is unique among surfing contests around the world due to its popularity and intrigue. The Mavericks Challenge relies solely on the exclusive access to and use of public lands and resources to ensure a successful contest.

Best Mustaches in Sports

In fact, the core element and major draw of the Mavericks Challenge are the waves, a
public resource on public lands. The waves do not discriminate. Male athletes are surfing and competing on the same waves as the female athletes. While, according to staff’s understanding, the prize formula is based on the number of female and male athletes competing

There it is. Women are paid less (assuming they are participating) because there’s fewer of them. No systematic bias until the bureaucrats saw a chance to correct that.

…the Applicant has sole discretion in determining the standards participants must meet in order to qualify for the event. So other than the participation evaluation process which is controlled solely by the Applicant, there doesn’t appear to be any reasonable justification to treat prize compensation differently for female athletes versus male athletes.

Back to the previous article.

[This] Mavericks case could set a precedent for local governments to demand equal pay in any sporting event held on public property, said David Berri, a professor of economics at Southern Utah University who researches gender in sports.

.In any event where you are going across public land, then any government entity could say “You have to make this equal,.. he said.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it agreed to equality with the wolf.

Following the lead set by some tennis and cycling competitions, the World Surf League, which runs the Mavericks contest near Half Moon Bay, announced a new plan this week to pay men and women equal prize money starting on October 1. It came after an obscure three-person state panel indicated last month that it would only lease the public beach for Mavericks if women and men are awarded the same prize money.

The World Surf League. Remember that name for later in this post.

The commission.which includes prominent Democratic politicians Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Controller Betty Yee.hasn.t yet voted on the issue because the league pulled its application for the lease when the report came out. But the panel was likely to approve the equal pay requirement.

.We believe there ought to be gender equity with respect to the purposes of any use of our state lands,. Yee said in an interview.

Newsom also supported the requirement, said his chief of staff Rhys Williams: .A lease application that doesn’t reflect equal pay isn’t going to fly with him..

Yay, State coercion on private enterprise! I love these precedents the wicked are setting and intend to remember every one of them. God willing, we’ll regain power while they’re still alive to be on the receiving end of the shit they shovel at us today. Hmm, do you think Newsom gives as money to Father God as he does to his wife? I think Sacramento should force Newsom to build Christ a new cathedral, at his personal expense, that costs at least as much as his wife’s movie career. This is an urgent State priority because some people think Newsom is Christ-O-Phobic! He must prove himself innocent! And who gave him permission to use public roads? Those are public lands! He’s not under house arrest but he’s trespassing if he leaves home without a permit.

But wait, the WSL pulled its application?

Under the original plan, the prize purse for women was set at $44,400 while the prize purse for men was $106,600. The purse was to be divided among all competitors in each division, with $15,000 for the woman winning first place and $25,000 for the man earning first place. Second- and third-place prizes were to have even greater gaps, with the women earning less than half of what men would. The league previously defended the plan as fair because the men’s division included more competitors.

The league did not specify the prize purse or number of competitors under the new plan, saying only that it involved “equal prize money” for male and female athletes. It declined to answer questions for this article and, in a press release, cast its new arrangement as part of a .long-planned strategy to elevate women’s surfing..

A long-planned strategy of feminist lawyers on retainer. I’m getting to it.

But women who have been advocating for equal pay for surfers said the change never would have come about without the government taking a stand.

That’s right. Most men won’t pander to Ugly Barbie and give her free money without State thugs breathing threats at us. Is this how you want to do business, women? Think VERY carefully because whatever game you pick, we men will play it.

The Convergence Tactics

Said Sabrina Brennan of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing: .It’s what gave us leverage..

Brennan is not a surfer but she sits on the board of the San Mateo County Harbor District, so she knows a little something about government approval processes. Her fight for women surfers began in 2015, when she learned Mavericks could only take place with a permit from the California Coastal Commission. At that time women weren’t allowed to compete in the event.

Brennan discovered a male space! Three years later, Mavericks is pozzed by State decree.

.That.s when I initially realized there was an opportunity to ask a state agency to intervene and add a condition on the permit that would require women be allowed to compete,. Brennan said.

The commission agreed, and in 2016 required Mavericks to include a heat for women. But the event hasn’t been held since then, due to a lack of ideal surf conditions and a change of ownership in the management of Mavericks. So this winter was set to be the first time women would compete at the event.

As the surf league sought a new round of government permits, Brennan began to focus her lobbying on the issue of equal pay. She organized some of the world’s top female surfers.including Valenti.to send letters to the Coastal and State Lands commissions asking that they require Mavericks to pay equal prize money. A lawyer volunteered to beef up their letters with citations to relevant civil rights cases.

.It.s unfortunate that it took a tiny group of women athletes, an activist, an attorney and a couple state agencies to get them to do the right thing,. Brennan said after the league announced its new pay plan.

.But, whatever. I’m just glad it happened..

Barbie whistled and the white knights came.

Sabrina Brennan - Bilder, News, Infos aus dem Web

Sabrina Brennan, probably lesbian because she’s a high-powered lawyer in the Gay Area, isn’t trying to attract male attention and has eyes like that.

The Rest Of The Story

Remember the World Surf League mentioned above?

Finally, World Surf League offers equal prize money for women and men


By Bruce Jenkins, 6 September 2018

Of the many permits needed to hold the Mavericks contest, the most crucial are approved by the California Coastal Commission, which has recommended equality for years, and the State Lands Commission. When the [State Lands Commission] announced in August that it would require equal pay for women before issuing approval, the WSL withdrew its permit request . a sign that it had no intention of altering its policy.

…The event’s previous owners, Cartel Management, balked at the notion of including women until finally agreeing last year to a six-woman heat that would accompany the men’s competition (poor conditions prevented the contest from being held).

There was never a pay gap at Maverick’s because there were no women competing at Maverick’s. Re-read the previous article, above the first pic of Valenti. The pay gap it mentioned was in Mexico… and maybe that pay gap existed because that was the first womens’ big-wave event ever in Latin America, as reported?


Cartel arrogantly excluded Valenti from the entry list…

Ooh, hardball. I approve. Wasn’t Valenti doing this for the sake of global gender equality and not her personal career? She was content to see her sisters get in the door, right?


And to finish this post, why Cartel, or at least the World Surfing League part of it, gave in to this evil after trying to fight it:

Hangin’ With … World Surf League CEO Sophie Goldschmidt


By Travis Ostrander, 9 February 2018

SOPHIE GOLDSCHMIDT is the CEO of the World Surf League. She began her career with adidas and has since held positions with the WTA, NBA and Rugby Football Union. Goldschmidt brought her experience helping organizations enter new markets and developing sports in various global regions to L.A. five months ago when she took over the reins at the WSL.

Sophie is the first female CEO of the World Surfing League.

Five months age from February is October 2017 or so. That explains much of WSL suddenly knuckling under to Commiefornia gov’t demands of helpin’ da wimminz. It ceased being a private vs public issue and became private-public collusion against men and profits.

Under Goldschmidt’s leadership, the organization recently agreed to an exclusive distribution partnership with Facebook. She spoke with SBD Global about that deal, the WSL-owned Kelly Slater Wave Company, which develops man-made wave facilities, and the league’s ambition to play a role in surfing’s inclusion at Tokyo 2020.

That’s the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Corruption up the wazoo, in only six months of (((Goldschmidt’s))) leadership. Indicating Jewishness like that is lame but damn if that particular group doesn’t keep turning up in this kind of suspicious circumstance. Not to mention how Sophie could have collected all these high-level contacts. There’s always the old-fashioned way of pressing mattresses except she isn’t pretty enough to have pulled it off. (See the post’s end.)

On the recent partnership with Facebook …
Sophie Goldschmidt: We were delighted that they chose us as their first top-tier professional sports organization to partner with exclusively on a global basis. It’s really transformative for us to be able to tap into the biggest distribution platform in the world, with over 2 billion users. Our audience is growing fast but our relationship with them certainly helps to further accelerate that. We love what they stand for. They’re about community. The surfing world is a very tight global community, so right back to that main value, we’re very symbiotic.

Facebook’s audience is shrinking from what I’ve heard so maybe they’re rebranding themselves in preparation for social media’s well-deserved collapse.

On the appeal of Facebook …
Goldschmidt: We are able to be very nimble, very flexible. We want to be innovative, we want to be pioneering. Because of how we’re structured and we centrally control all our rights, it means that we can maybe afford to be a bit of a guinea pig, unlike some other leagues. So we really want to push the boundaries. … Another key criteria for us was that our content, for the most part, would still be accessible free of charge and Facebook allows us to do that. We didn’t want to go behind a paywall, we didn’t just want to be available on pay-TV platforms. So, the fact that the majority of our content is still going to be available for free around the world is hugely important for us.

As annoying as paywalls and pay-per-view can be for the consumer, Goldschmidt is throwing away bushels of money here. This does not strike me as a good business decision, which again raises questions about how she became a well-connected CEO outside of ingroup preference.

Which in turn, raises questions about how she expects to pay men and women the same amount of prize money. The professional tier of any sport needs financial compensation because there are costs associated with performing at that level. You may not win every event but you need to win a few in order to fuel the machine. Goldschmidt is reducing incentives while making the profitable content “accessible free of charge and Facebook allows us to do that”.

On the league’s conservation efforts …
Goldschmidt: We just relaunched our ocean conservation arm at the end of the year, which is called P.U.R.E. — Protect, Understand and Respect the Environment. It’s absolutely front and center of what we’re doing as an organization, heavily supported by the surfers. We’ve repositioned it to be much more inclusive. Previously, we were very much about sustainability but a lot of our focus and attention went toward research, which is still very important to us. But we really want to use our platforms to help amplify all the great work that’s out there. We felt that the world didn’t really need another ocean conservation charity and we wanted to see how we could just better support all the work that’s out there, which will involve financial investment, partnering our commercial partners with important NGOs and local projects and highlighting through our social channels all the great work that is happening.

Is she Deep State? Environmentalism is a notorious front for dirty politics and globalist economic initiatives. She really is connected… and none of her interests appear to be surfing. She’s converging the surfing world to the globalist agenda via social media.

Sophie. All these women have flat chests, manjaws, thousand-cock stares and no hair. Well, Sophie has a little hair remaining but it looks like it’s dying on the vine.

Envy and hatred of men turns women ugly inside and out. The cock carousel doesn’t help and how strange they all end up devoted to globalism and Convergence as a result.

I wonder how many female surfers are going to die in 60ft waves near Santa Cruz this winter? Used to be zero because women weren’t allowed… maybe there was a safety reason they weren’t allowed? We’ll find out.


Physiognomy: Matt Chandler

Dalrock has recently drawn attention to efforts of Matt Chandler (and various other name-level Prot leaders) to infect Protestant churches with unrepentant homosexuals. Time for a physiognometric reading! I should say that I don’t know what most celebrities look like because I never had a reason to care for most of my life. We were never going to meet, after all, and so it was only their ideas that mattered. And properly so, I suppose, but the ability of physiognomy to give advance indication is valuable.

A Beautiful Design Bible Study by Matt Chandler

4 Ways to Invest In Marriages

One of the first things I check is which side of the eye/face is more guarded. In nearly every picture I looked at, Chandler is more guarded on the left side of his face. This strongly indicates he is more troubled by his internal life than his external life. I do not trust that in a Christian leader. Such a man ought to have his internal life well in order before assuming the station.

His ears stick out a lot, indicating a non-conformist attitude. Not unusual in a professional public speaker who’s done a lot of work to “build his own brand”, as a marketeer would say. This nonconformity is confirmed by the backward slant of his ears:

Matt Chandler on forgiveness - YouTube

The ears also have large inner ridges, indicating a focus on his inner world and personal intuition. If he had conformist/logical features to combine with that then I’d expect a stalwart Bible-thumper. Instead, we see that intuitive focus combined with external social focus, predicting an unwillingness to be unpopular.

Thin lips indicate a guardedness about his personal life. The nose is concave in profile, indicating a need for appreciation. The combination of these two suggests Chandler is needy for external validation.

Large nostrils mean high social energy.

If the lines at the edges and bottoms of his eyes were constant then it would indicate sexual perversion or other dysfunction but they don’t seem to be constant throughout the pictures I sampled. It’s hard to rule out the effects artificial lighting, sleep deprivation or other stressors upon the vision.

Eyebrows are curved and widely spaced, meaning socially oriented and “not a detail person”, respectively.

Summation, a very energetic and social person, craves social approval, has skeletons in his closet. His personality is definitely not a rules-oriented one and his forehead lacks determination lines. A very malleable public speaker.

Of course, physiognomy can’t tell us what specifically is wrong with his internal life, only that something is. Possible reasons can be self-doubt, a quarrelsome wife, heavy debts or secret sin. My guess, and it’s a guess made on his behavior and teachings rather than facial features, is that Chandler has ceased to believe in Christ, if he ever did. He works for the status, being in the limelight, a sought-after speaker whose opinions shape peoples’ lives, and if he needs to pretend Christianity to continue that gravy train then he’ll do it. But he fears exposure, hence a relatively enjoyable external life and not-enjoyable internal life.

He’s not the vampire. He’s the Renfield opening the window and giving invitations because the alternative is getting off the stage. Whatever his internal problem is, he won’t risk his external life to address it, and his external life is “trustworthy Christian leader”.

Something inside him is at odds with that.



The Next Type of False Accusation: Restraining Children From Hurting Themselves And Others

A significant part of Current Matriarchy is the fear with which women and the State view male use of force on children. As I reported in


3. AB 2657: Student Restraint and Seclusion in Schools. Prohibits the use of restraint or seclusion on any student except when behavior poses a clear and present danger to the student or others. It also prohibits using for the purpose of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation, and requires data collection and reporting on the use of restraint and seclusion to the California Department of Education.

This is the current law of California and here is the first “by way of not-the-example-we-wanted” article making the rounds.

13-year-old student with autism dies after being physically restrained at school


By Kerry Justich, 7 December 2018

Oh noes! The big bad male guards crushed him to death! Toxic masculinity! Now as a blogger, I know that a headline must communicate what’s most significant about an article. This headline sounds as though a teen with mild cognition issues was forcibly restrained in such a way that the act of restraint was the cause of death.

A 13-year-old boy with autism died in Northern California last week after becoming unresponsive at school while staff physically restrained him, authorities said.

The boy became violent and needed to be restrained by staff at Guiding Hands School in El Dorado Hills on Nov. 28 to “prevent the injury of staff and students,” Sgt. Anthony Prencipe of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Thursday.

Guiding Hands is a private, K-12, “special needs” school with an incredible staff:student ratio of 1:5. “Special needs” in this context means “brain-damaged” or “uncontrollably violent” and the two often appear together. A child in an adult’s body is like a toddler driving a car: mayhem is guaranteed.

The unidentified student, who was described as being 6 feet tall, 280 pounds and having “severe autism”…

Holy shit. 13 Years old, 6′ tall, 280lbs? That is not most people’s mental image of “autistic child”. “Thick-headed teenage Neanderthal”, maybe. That body mass would be mostly fat but y’know, cars don’t know martial arts, either. Try holding one back when it wants to go.

…became unresponsive while being restrained. A teacher then began administering CPR until a medic arrived, Prencipe said.

A prompt First Response. This is not the brutality case the headline suggested.

The boy was taken to Mercy Hospital of Folsom in critical condition and later transferred to UC Davis Medical Center, officials said.

Cause of death isn’t given but if security’s restraint had caused the fatal injury then the first hospital would have been able to stabilize him. Broken bones and interrupted circulation, any ER can handle that. Cerebral hemorrhaging or organ failure, not always.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office was informed two days later that the student had died.

“EDSO deputies and detectives interviewed the parties involved and are completing a full investigation,” Prencipe said. “At this time, there appears to be no evidence of foul play or criminal intent.”

A full investigation that was required by Assembly-Person Weber’s man-hate-motivated law, which didn’t start with any criminal suspicion. It started with the fact of “security used restraint on a child”.

What was security supposed to do? Let a brain-damaged kid the size of a football linebacker face-smash a glass window or punch a classmate one-third his size? Incredibly, the answer is “yes until proven necessary after the fact”. The police didn’t start this investigation because they had “evidence of foul play or criminal intent”. They started this investigation to see if what security did could be justified after the fact.

This time, it’s easy to prove security’s innocence because the violent moron was a circus freak. Next time, the truth might not be so physically obvious… and men will be more afraid to punish disorderly conduct until blood gets spilled. And that’s what security is paid to prevent!


Physiognomy Threatens Social Justice



By Olivia Petter, 10 December 2018

People with masculine faces are perceived to be more competent than those with feminine features, which could adversely affect our choice of world leaders, according to a new study.

“Our” choice of world leaders, how optimistic. If the selection process ain’t nepotism & cronyism then it’s “Vote for Freebie” democracy.

Published in the journal Psychological Science, the study examined the “visual ingredients” of a person’s appearance that could convince others of their capability to be efficient and/or successful.

Locked behind a paywall, sadly.

Researchers at Princeton University used data from previous studies, where participants had rated a variety of different faces on how competent they thought the person was based on appearance alone.

By presenting these same faces to 33 volunteers as part of a new online experiment, and asking them to identify them as either male or female, the study’s authors identified a clear gender bias: people rated the more competent faces as male and the less competent ones as female.

They also found that the competent faces were generally perceived as being more confident and “masculine.”

This is going to sound awkward: I wish the book came with pictures so I could understand it. I’ll make a wild guess instead, that competence looks like Han Solo smirking.

In a second experiment, the researchers manipulated photorealistic images of male and female faces so that they appeared more masculine and asked 250 online volunteers to rate how competent they thought these people might be based on appearance.

Now a masculine appearance, we know what that is thanks to sexual dimorphism. AKA heteronormative biology.

It transpired that the most masculine faces were also viewed as the most competent.

The study’s authors have said the findings are significant because they reveal how gender bias may cloud our judgement when it comes to choosing world leaders.

A more competent female than this author would wonder why “masculine” is instinctively correlated with “competent”. Genetics? Experience? Both? But instead, penis envy strikes again. “Why do only boys get to look competent?”

If smiling comes natural.. - Bodybuilding.com Forums