In the Wake Of Roe V Wade, Conservatives Ban Men From Getting Abortions

It cannot be said often enough. Conservatism failed because they couldn’t tell their women No. They, not the Socialists, are the custodians of Original Sin.

Abortion should have, and could have, been ended decades ago. It would not even have taken legislation. It was already murder, but with a different name. EVERYTHING that Conservatives did to oppose abortion… litigation against abortionists and clinics, providing free adoption services and maternity care, blaming their political rivals for not caring about human life… it was all a smoke screen for their total refusal to BLAME THE WOMAN WHO DEMANDED AND PAID FOR THE ABORTION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

You want to “ban abortion”? Either bracelets for Barbie or don’t bother.

This article illustrates my point perfectly.

‘Your terms are acceptable’: Liberal actor/director Ken Olin tweets, ‘In States where abortion is illegal the father should be financially on the hook at the moment of conception’

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By Alex Nitzberg, 27 June 2022

The derp-O-meter redlined at just the title.

Amid leftist outrage over a Supreme Court ruling that struck down Roe v. Wade, Ken Olin . an outspoken leftist who has described President Joe Biden as “a giant” . declared that in states where abortion is unlawful, fathers should be financially responsible from the time of conception.

“In States where abortion is illegal the father should be financially on the hook at the moment of conception,” Olin tweeted . Olin is a director, producer, and actor.

Many responded by noting that they completely agree with the policy position that Olin mentioned.

“Your terms are acceptable,” tweeted Dan McLaughlin of National Review Online. “No man should ever fail to support his own children. Ever. In fact, no man should ever fail to stick around to raise his own children. Fatherhood in all of its obligations is what manhood is *for*,” he added in another post.

Father’s obligations, yes, but meanwhile the preggo woman is OBLIGATED to respect and obey Father for the rest of her life and raise the kid as HE dictates. It’s called a family.

You know what America needs? It needs some Daddy Privilege.

The Child Support Industrial Complex is already a man-killing abomination of every legal and moral principle going back to God punishing Eve for her disobedience after Adam refused to. But you’d never even know Chilamony existed by listening to these pussy-begging chuckleheads:

“It never gets old that the libs think this is a sick burn,” John Cooper of the Heritage Foundation tweeted.

“Thank you for making the decades-long argument that conservatives have made. We accept your terms,” [Publius @madisonianism] tweeted.

Olin is outspoken about his political views . he has praised President Joe Biden and denounced former President Donald Trump.

“Yes, @POTUS is an elderly man,” Olin tweeted about Biden. “But he’s an elderly man who knows what it takes to be a great President. And he still has the faculties to do the job with decency, ethics, empathy, conviction, honor, and character. Don’t mistake humility for weakness. Biden is a giant.”

That latter was a not-so-subtle reminder that when an actor opens his mouth, it better be to read a script. Not one of them ever became famous for being smart.

“That Donald Trump – the epitome of a profligate amoral crude ignorant narcissistic misogynistic vile sacrilegious liar and reprobate – would be the one responsible for taking America back to the repressive Christian laws of the mid 1950s is the cruelest of ironies,” Olin tweeted.

QED. There is no irony here, actor Olin. Left and Right are the two bloody hands of Karen. Men and fathers are hated by everybody in authority in the GAE. Big Brother generously granting permission for conservatives to ban abortion is already being turned into punishing men until they’re scared to be in the same county as “muh baby girl”.

What will post-RvW look like? It’ll look like Cucky proudly banning abortion nearby while turning two blind eyes to his masculinized daughter “finding herself” during a cruise aboard the SS Margaret Sanger. “She had fun!”

But not a baby.

It’s anarcho-tyranny all the way. Men are practically digisexual now while women are ugly, fat, insane and braying at the gates of Hollywood to get impregnated by Mister “As Seen On Netflix”. Poor Johnny Depp. He was not smart.

Manufacturing the Ethan Melzer Narrative

I normally suck as a prophet… but I predict that on the two-year anniversary of the J6 ‘Insurrection’, the Kommittee will sentence ‘white nationalist’ terrorist Ethan Melzer for his role in recruiting military veterans for Jeebus.

The Regime’s habit of telegraphing their moves is seriously out of control, but I’m not complaining!

U.S. Army private admits plotting attack on military unit

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By Larry Neumeister, 24 June 2022

NEW YORK (AP) . A U.S. Army private from Kentucky pleaded guilty Friday to charges that he plotted to murder members of his unit in an attack that he planned to carry out in 2020 on behalf of a group that promotes extreme violence to bring about the demise of Western civilization, authorities said.

Ethan Phelan Melzer, 24, of Louisville, Kentucky, entered the plea in Manhattan federal court. Sentencing was set for Jan. 6, when he could face up to 45 years in prison after pleading guilty to trying to murder U.S. military service members, seeking to support terrorists and illegally transmitting national defense information.

The timing of his prosecution stinks. His indictment was unsealed on 22 June 2020. His plea was entered the day after RvW overturn on 24 June 2022, almost exactly two years later. And in seven months, he’ll be sentenced on the two-year anniversary of the J6 protests.

That isn’t slow justice. That is hidden, manufactured justice.

I suspect that he’ll be reinvented as a white Christian nationalist by then.

He certainly looks the part of a white guy. But thinking him Christian would be a mistake.

In court papers, federal authorities say Melzer was already a member of a radical violent group known as the Order of Nine Angles, or 09A, before joining the Army in December 2018. According to a criminal complaint, the group is an anarchist group founded in the United Kingdom and now operating around the world, including in the U.S.

At first, I thought “Angles” was a typo. Segue

h ttps://

The Order of Nine Angles (ONA or O9A) is a Satanic and Left-Hand Path occultist group based in the United Kingdom, but with associated groups in other parts of the world. Claiming to have been established in the 1960s, it rose to public recognition in the early 1980s, attracting attention for its neo-Nazi ideologies and activism. Describing its approach as “Traditional Satanism”, it has also been identified as exhibiting Hermetic and modern Pagan elements in its beliefs by academic researchers.

According to the Order’s own claims, it was established in the Welsh Marches of Western England during the late 1960s by a woman who had previously been involved in a secretive pre-Christian sect which survived in the region.

Not. Christian.

The ONA promotes the idea that human history can be divided into a series of aeons, each of which contains a corresponding human civilization. It expresses the view that the current aeonic civilization is that of the Western world, but it claims that the evolution of this society is threatened by the “Magian/Nazarene” influence of the Judeo-Christian religion, which the Order seeks to combat in order to establish a militaristic new social order, which it calls the “Imperium”.

Explicitly anti-Christian.

According to Order teachings, this is necessary in order for a galactic civilization to form, in which “Aryan” society will colonise the Milky Way.

Put down the peyote, man. Step away from the peyote.

Various rapes, killings and acts of terrorism have been perpetrated by far-right individuals influenced by the ONA, with various British politicians and activists calling for the ONA to be proscribed as a terrorist group.

Now that’s just slander. Far-right individuals are soccer moms complaining to school boards about institutional LGBT and Christians moving into rural areas to raise families in food and safety.

I look at the minds of terrorists for a hobby. All those “far-Right” killers are the exact same as “far-Left” killers, not that the media acknowledges the concept of a far-Left. Some do it ‘for whites’ and some do it ‘for abortion’, but what they ALL have in common is hatred of Father God, desire for political change via violence, a hope to inspire copycats and a preference to murder people who are obviously innocent. They change their language but their actions have been identical over decades.

Will Melzer’s language change into ‘for Jeebus’?

End segue

In a release Friday, authorities said he joined the military to infiltrate its ranks on behalf of the group that espouses neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and Satanic beliefs and encourages its members to infiltrate the military to gain training, commit acts of violence and identify like-minded individuals so they can try to subvert the military from within.

Although he had joined 09A in 2017 or earlier, he began consuming propaganda from multiple extremist groups including the Islamic State on encrypted online forums after he was deployed to Italy in October 2019 as a member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, the release said.

Put down the CIA, man. Step away from the CIA.

After weeks of training including classified briefings in which he learned the importance and sensitivity of his new assignment, Melzer immediately began passing the information he learned to members of 09A as he proposed and planned a deadly attack on his fellow service members, authorities said.

They said Melzer planned to join co-conspirators to carry out a .jihadi attack. that would cause a “mass casualty” event and had told others that an attack would “essentially cripple” the unit’s .fire-teams..

This should be sufficient for when I revisit this article in seven months. Assuming USA hasn’t splintered up into easily conquerable pieces by then, making the J6 Kommittee redundant.

The gist of this article and what I found at the following is this:

h ttps://

Melzer joined the military in 2018, joined O9A about a year later by attempting the murder of a weed dealer. He went on one deployment to Italy, which was when ISIS or whoever recruited him.

His unit was selected and trained for a second deployment. The location is still classified but since he immediately went Jihad and began leaking troop movement information to Islamic State, not a hard guess.

The Army got interested and “with the help of the FBI”, took him down. Melzer was a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome, not a years-long conspiracy to overthrow the government in Jeebus’ name.

Except that the FBI has been playing reindeer games with Melzer’s case ever since the arrest. I wonder if he’ll be offered the chance at becoming a windup toy between now and his sentencing? The timing of his plea acceptance suggests that he was given the opportunity for exactly that in the leadup to the RvW overturn.

Although I’m not certain why he would have refused. Melzer reportedly plead up the charges against him to treason… voluntarily. That’s what the FBI indictment said.

RvW Overturn is January 6 All Over Again

Conservatives simply MUST learn to be more suspicious. Especially when their leaders claim a victory.

Remember the climax of the January 6 protest? It was when somebody… still unknown… ordered the Capitol Building doors to be opened to the protesters. The direct effect of this was the wicked and treasonous leaders of USA fleeing for their lives from what they thought was a braying lynch mob of Trump supporters.


Their guilty consciences remained pricked to such a degree that they turned D.C. into a fortress afterwards, and are still running kangaroo courts for the “insurrectionists” that haven’t taken a plea bargain in return for release from months-long solitary confinement.

Now consider the RvW overturn.

RvW had always needed to go. It was a legal, constitutional and moral abomination… three failures for the price of one, like Meal Ready to Eat. But the timing could not be more suspicious. Four months before a Federal election that the Bidenreich is expected to lose horribly, and two months after the unprecedented leak of advance notice of the decision?

That had “trial balloon” written all over it.

Now, overturning RvW won’t change the situation because Cuckservatives will never tell a woman No. Worst case scenario, they will ban the abortionist staff so Barbie must travel to California or similar Marxist shithole to kill her kid, and she’ll probably get to do it on the taxpayer dollar, too.

What the overturn WILL change… is the activation and radicalization of every windup toy and Pantifa wannabe in North America. The trial balloon alone saw the near-assassination of Justice Kavanaugh and return of Seventies-style terrorist attacks against Christians.

Terrorist group .Jane’s Revenge. claims credit for attack on Asheville pro-life center

h ttps://

By David Larson, 16 June 2022

On June 14, pro-abortion terrorist group .Jane’s Revenge. claimed credit for numerous attacks on pro-life centers around the country, including the June 7 attack on Mountain Area Pregnancy Services (MAPS) in Asheville. The message was originally posted on Abolition Media, which supports left-wing revolutionary groups around the world, but a day later, Jane’s Revenge also posted the message to the group’s official website.

.You have seen us in Madison WI, Ft. Collins CO, Reisertown MA, Olympia WA, Des Moines IA, Lynwood WA, Washington DC, Ashville [SIC] NC, Buffalo NY, Hollywood FL, Vancouver WA, Frederick MA, Denton TX, Gresham OR, Eugene OR, Portland OR, among others, and we work in countless locations invisibly,. the group said in the message.

Jane.s Revenge said they are “not one group but many,. and sources familiar with the group say they are connected to Antifa and operate as a similarly loose confederation of like-minded cells. The name is a reference to a group called the Jane Collective that helped women get abortions in pre-Roe v. Wade Chicago.

Shortly after forming in response to the leaked Dobbs decision, the group claimed credit on May 8 for firebombing a Madison, Wisconsin, pro-life pregnancy center, posting their “First Communique” on their website. They also sent confirmation to journalist Robert Evans. The message, .If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you,. was spraypainted on the clinic in the group’s signature cursive.

Just the possibility of an overturn was enough to create a new, for-real terrorist organization. Abortion is to the devil what Communion is to Christ, a sacred and irreplaceable ritual of great religious significance. The devil’s tools WILL kill in order to commit infanticide. It’s happened repeatedly throughout history and across cultures from Babylonian cults to Incan temple altars to China’s One Child policy to abortion in the GAE.

The overturn is not a victory for us. It’s a call to war for our enemy.

Just as J6 was an inside job to radicalize Congress, overturn is an inside job to radicalize the Left. Only to get out the vote, if we’re lucky, but to declare open season on Christians if we aren’t.

A Deep Dive Into the Socialist Hive

This post has been awhile in coming. The incredibly uniform groupthink demonstrated by Socialists is of major importance to us Christians. Not only is it a false god that we must counter, it’s literally going to be the death of us in the West.

They moved to liberal enclaves in red states. Now they worry about losing abortion rights.

h ttps://

By Daniel Arkin for NBC News, 5 May 2022

In the fall, Patrice Douglas was looking for a change. She decided to move from Philadelphia to Austin, Texas, a modern-day mecca for liberal-minded young professionals like herself. She started working in the gaming unit of a technology company and soaked up the city’s youthful energy.

But on Monday, after Politico published a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, Douglas felt “appalled.” She is a strong supporter of reproductive rights, and she was shaken by the idea of living in one of the 23 states that could ban abortions if the 49-year-old landmark decision is reversed.

.I am questioning my decision to move,. said Douglas, 29, “but it also makes me want to be more involved in local politics..

She was willing to change states but not live outside a Socialist enclave of abortion-on-demand.

She is one of an untold number of progressive-leaning Americans who, faced with the stark possibility of a post-Roe world, find themselves second-guessing having settled in liberal enclaves or academic sanctuaries in otherwise red states.

Calling them locusts is not merely an insult. It’s descriptive. This is a very common pattern of Socialism. First is the infiltrators & entryists, who then open the door for Marxist insects to come colonize a new host.

But like vampires in the daylight, these carpetbaggers cannot bear to actually associate with Outsiders. Like most things, geography means nothing to them. Only continued membership in the hive matters.

.The culture of downtown Austin, around the University of Texas . that’s not the stereotypical Texas,. Douglas said. “But as soon as you get outside the city limits, that’s where you experience more of the conservative perspective..

The rapidly shifting political environment is especially jarring for the many young people and restless professionals who moved during the height of the pandemic, seeking solace in rural communities or new opportunities in thriving blue-tinted cities like Austin, Atlanta and Nashville, Tennessee.

Exactly a year ago, Theresa Francisco and her husband, Sean Curtis, packed their bags and drove from Los Angeles to Greenbackville, Virginia, a rural seaside community near the Maryland border.

They enjoy their new small-town idyll. The rustic peace is a welcome change after nearly a decade of urban hustle and bustle. The rent is cheaper.

The rent is cheaper?

The rent is cheaper!

“Welcome to Red State America. What brings you here? Our culture? Our people? Our industry? Our way of life?”

“Cheap land and fast internet. It’s just like Sodom back home, but affordable! Or it will be, once we get rid of you.”

They continue to work remotely for employers based in California.

When a Californian moves in next to you, check them out. If they’ve come to build stuff or work the land or care for family, they’re probably okay. If they’re telecommuting knowledge workers who don’t care to fraternize with you, then you have my blessing to proceed. Signed, a based fox hoping to escape Commiefornia at the last hour without being shot by locals for having CA tags.

But since the draft Roe opinion was leaked, Francisco and Curtis, both 31, have grown increasingly alarmed. They do not want kids, and the thought of being forced to go ahead with an unwanted pregnancy terrifies them.

.I.m in a privileged position. I have a good support group,. Francisco said. “But this could jeopardize the life that I’ve built for myself and the life that we’ve built together, and that’s extremely scary..

Curtis said he realized he needed to “take steps to avoid” scenarios he and his spouse consider untenable. Two days after the Politico report was published, Curtis said he made an appointment to have a vasectomy.

It’s not just that they murder their own babies. It’s that they do it because convenience.

Twelve years ago, Arielle Kuperberg needed a job. She was nearing the end of her graduate studies in sociology…

Hypothetically speaking, would waxing an associate professor of sociology reduce humanity’s carbon footprint enough to offset me continuing to own a private automobile? And while I’m asking, how many times must I ride my bicycle to work to offset the pollution of one hour’s flight time for a loaded C-130?

…but the job market, still reeling from the Great Recession, looked bleak. She received one promising offer: a tenure-track position at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Kuperberg accepted the faculty role, although the Northeast native felt uncomfortable with the politics of North Carolina. She was opposed to the state’s rightward tilt on social issues like LGBTQ rights, for example, but she took the job and made a home in Greensboro, giving birth to two daughters. The city grew on her.

But the news about Roe sent her into a panic. She feels it would be unacceptable to remain in North Carolina if abortion is effectively outlawed.

Coming back to my thesis, why does she even care? She’s chosen life at least twice already. She’s also big into… nonreproductive forms of sex. RvW could be criminalized outright as murder, and she would not be directly affected.

Either she’s lying to score Social Credits, or she cannot bear to live outside the Hive.

.The politics here were barely tolerable before, and now it’s getting to the point where it’s endangering my daughters,. Kuperberg said, letting out a heavy sigh.

Kuperberg is strongly considering moving to a “solidly blue” state . maybe Oregon, Washington, California or somewhere in New England . even if it means abandoning her tenured position and changing professions.

Socialists don’t joke about losing tenure. She’s desperate to live in a Hive. And she’s hardly unique.

Austin has had an influx of new residents over the last decade, offering them a left-leaning home inside a deep-red state. Texas’ archconservative governor, Greg Abbott, signed a law last year that bars abortions after six weeks, before some women even know they are pregnant.

.The laws here are f—ing crazy. They’re scary,. said a woman who moved to Austin in November and requested anonymity because she fears being harassed for her views. “Austin is a liberal bubble: It’s queer, it’s creative, there’s good music, there’s good food. But you get two seconds outside this bubble and you’re very much in Texas..

.I feel unsafe because I’m a queer-representing female who comes from a hippie commune, so I don’t feel comfortable in a place where human rights are in question,. she added.

We end with a motive: Hive life protects the locusts from people they hate and fear. Not even with good reason; “red-state Texas” isn’t conservative enough to even qualify as Christian. It almost doesn’t even qualify as white. This hate and fear exist without proportion to the threat.

The world knows that the West is going totalitarian fascist in a swift hurry. One of the Covid lockdowns’ most horrifying lessons is that most people are okay with it. It’s obvious why kings want total power over their pawns… but not so obvious, is why the pawns would ALSO want the king to have total power over them.

A mutually shared hatred of healthy manhood is only the beginning of a partnership made in Hell.

Step two is broken souls needing firm guidance to function. They sure do seem obsessed with mental health, now don’t they?

Socialism has long been known to be the preferred government of weak men. Damaged, craven or simply inferior, Socialism offers them a safety net. Welfare. Give their loyalty to the System and the System will take care of them. It’s a false promise, or at best a Ponzi scheme, but even otherwise-based politicians such as Trump keep wanting to go back to earlier, smaller forms of Socialism rather than ditching it in favor of…


The source of Hive-mindedness is in one’s locus of control. Healthy people have an internal locus. They wield authority, accept responsibility (the two should not be separated), take risks, choose their beliefs and claim the consequences of those beliefs whether good or bad.

Hive people have an external locus of control. They do not want to be responsible. They fear to take risks. They don’t care about their beliefs because they lack the courage to uphold them in the face of adversity. Instead of trying to BE strong, the externally locused try to FIND strong outside themselves, and trade their personal lives for membership in something more powerful.

This becomes the basis for a deal between kings and pawns. The kings offer safety and the pawns offer loyalty.

To a large degree, that is a healthy relationship. I am a team player at my job, doing what the boss says in return for a guaranteed paycheck. The difference is that if I get fired, I walk away. Find another company. Start my own. Hike the Appalachian Trail. Become a lumbersexual drinking craft beer. Whatever I decide. My locus of control is internal.

Were I externally locused, I would be devastated. Turning in my badge would be like a turtle turning in its shell, its ability to survive in a cruel and uncertain world. When you are dependent upon external structure, losing that structure becomes a mortal threat.

Thus, the typical Socialist comes to value strength for the sake of strength. Like a battered wife admiring her “strong” abuser. The stronger, the better.

The internally locused are the creators. Here’s a problem, how do you want to solve it? But the externally locused are the envious. Here’s a problem, whose stuff do you need to appropriate? They are holes never filled.

They will help the king steal your wealth because they expect to get a share. Weak men have controllers like strong men have principles: it’s what directs our behavior.

I don’t say “weak men” pejoratively. We all have failings. But the internally locused do not define ourselves by what we lack. It’s just another risk, another factor. But the weak man wants external solutions to his failings… welfare state, pension, tenure, etc. That’s what he gets out of the partnership. The price is loyalty to the king or System.

The Hive comes into existence when the king/System takes advantage of the fact that its dependents don’t have independent beliefs. Outsiders are vilified. Purity tests are demanded. The Hive begins lying to its members, who are disposed to believe the lies if it makes the Hive look strong and capable.

This is how the Plandemic could happen… and still is happening. The Hive promised its members that the vaxx would keep them safe, even elevate them into a new state of being, and its members want to believe it badly enough that they actively want the System to silence the “misinformation”. It would only upset them.

This must be emphasized: Hive members WANT the Hive to silence the voices of dissidents. It’s not just the kings demanding it; the pawns demand it, too.

Most despicable of all Hive behaviors, is when it begins to sabotage the ability of its members to exist outside the Hive. Gaslighting and social unrest are common forms of this. For example, emptying the prisons then waiting for the people to demand more powerful police. Or the idea that banning abortion would leave to humanity’s extinction by overpopulation.

Outlawing fatherhood to ensure that the State’s authority is unquestioned gets its own mention because the internally controlled men are the greatest threat to the System… we being, by definition, the people capable of life without the System. Children without a father don’t even have the ability to question Big Brother. Women naturally prefer a powerful State to a husband weighted down by the effort of survival outside the System. All men must be enslaved or destroyed.

And here we are today.

The vaxxed & boosted man can’t leave without admitting that he seriously fucked up his body. The empowered whammin can’t leave without submitting to a man. The bureaucrat can’t leave because he never collected useful skills and still doesn’t want to. None of them have a backup plan should they be kicked off Twitter, let alone no welfare state. All of them think their problems can best be solved by seizing more money, more power, more control, more slaves, more, more, more, more MOAR!!!

Now they’re vaxxing their own infants, who never got Covid, for no reason than the Hive declared that they should… outside of business hours to prevent “misinformation about SADS”.

This leaves us Christians with a few conclusions. One, we can’t avoid what’s coming. Both the kings and pawns hate us for not submitting to their demonic System. After they chase us into the wilderness, they’ll hunt us down in the wilderness. After they ban us from using money, they’ll seize our possessions. After they demobilize us, they’ll incarcerate us. After they disarm us, they’ll kill us. We are always threats because we exist outside the System.

Two, we need a new monastic movement. The System is sabotaging its members, especially children, such that they cannot survive without a structured environment. Offering them an alternative structured environment will make accepting Christianity easier for them.

Three, let’s put an end to the Churchian “we’re broken people needing a Savior”. That confuses the locust into thinking that Christians just aren’t smart enough to back the winning team. Yes, we need a Savior. No, it’s not because we’re broken worthless pond scum. Christ did not sacrifice Himself for a people of no value! If we are going to make Christianity attractive to the Lost then let’s find our manhood already.

Four, as a corollary to three, have fun at their expense. The way to clean out the locusts is to violate the Narrative. This is literally painful to them. “Abortion is infanticide”, “welfare bums shouldn’t get to vote” and my personal favorite, “God says dicks are for chicks”. I also have a post coming up on how Idaho did just that… stay tuned, but let’s close with a meltdown-by-way-of-example!

Professor ripped after trying to mask-shame flight attendant in unhinged Twitter rant

h ttps://

By David Propper, 20 June 2022

A Canadian professor went on an unhinged Twitter rant as he attempted to get a flight attendant in trouble for not wearing a mask aboard the flight he was on.

Amir Attaran, part of the University of Ottawa’s Faculties of Law and School of Epidemiology and Public Health, called out the unsuspecting flight attendant, United Airlines and the United States over coronavirus policies in a series of social media posts over the weekend.

Attaran.s first tweet posted photos of the United flight attendant without a mask, which is required for all flights out of Canada.

.Hey @United, why are you breaking the law? Masks are required on all flights out of Canada. Your flight attendant isn’t wearing one!. he tweeted as he also included government agencies and Canadian news outlets.

The standard point-and-shriek, combined with appeal to Amenable Authority. Who replied to him and…

.WTF, United? Look here: no flights leaving Canada, masks are mandatory the “entire travel journey.” FOLLOW THE LAW!.

Oh noes! A locust without a Hive protecting him!

The COVID-crazed professor wasn’t done yet.

.United should be forbidden from flying to Canada.immediately,. he tweeted, while tagging the country’s minister of transport. .Our country, our rules. Even the supervisor I talked with in Chicago didn’t understand Canadian rules apply to flights departing Canada..

“Protect me, Hive! I do your will, see? You MUST protect meeeee!”

Later Attaran [then] tweeted that he had a “friendly chat” with the previously unmasked flight attendant, “and found she is blameless because @United misinforms its crew.

Thou be BURNED, O secret king!

The next day after an outpouring of critical tweets directed at him, he turned his ire to Americans and the Republican Party, mocking the country over its COVID death rate.

Then he took aim at America’s gun policies.

He was trying to invoke the Hive’s protection, triggering a defense reflex, because his locus of control is:

That is NOT a man who faces life on his own two feet.

He was still tweeting out how the US dealt with COVID as recently as Monday night.

That’s a very weak and insecure man. Not that it’s easy to do, but a fun experiment: offend a Hive locust when the closest authority figure is secretly a shitlord. Watch the locust’s head explode when Authority is not Amenable, and you’ll see why they cannot survive outside the Hive.

Whiteness Leads To Exercise Leads To Christ

Remember how the D.C. Regime responded to a scary disease by banning exercise? Turns out, it was a stealth attempt at banning nationalism and Christianity. So stealthy, in fact, that their enemies–overwhelmingly NOT bulging atheist land whales–didn’t notice for two years.

H/T Spawnyspace for linkage.

White Nationalists Want to Reclaim Nature as a Safe Space for Racists

h ttps://

By Tess Owen, 15 June 2022

America.s white nationalists are once again embracing the great outdoors.

That attitude puts a whole new perspective on the Plandemic lockdowns.

At first glance, it may seem out of character: Wholesome activities like hiking, foraging for berries, and camping seemingly stand in sharp contrast to lifestyles of the basement-dwelling, far-right livestreamers.

On one recent weekend, a number of young far-right extremists went camping in upstate New York. This “retreat” was the latest in a national event series that aims to foster real-world relationships within the very online, youth-oriented Christian nationalist movement.and with the land they vow to defend against anything they deem un-American and un-Christian, be it immigration, critical race theory, or transgender rights.

The standout idea in that unhinged screed is that we don’t actually want to be basement-dwelling losers… and for the Regime, that’s a problem.

Who knew that overthrowing the New World Order would look like a gym membership?

.We believe that Americanism has strayed far from its roots; primarily in connections to the land itself,. the event’s organizers write on their website. They promise to bring .America-first values to youth nationwide through an outdoor experience..

Without one SINGLE Ukraine flag! The nerve of those global citizens!

While this may be a relatively new phenomenon within the modern far-right, white supremacy has deep roots in the U.S. wilderness and recreation movement, which long excluded people of color from its national parks and green spaces. And that history has made America’s national parks attractive destinations for white-rights activists trying to stake their claim to the land.

This accusation is true. Whites DO ban vibrants from out National Parks. More specifically, we banned bus stops and vibrants don’t care to walk, so it works out the same.

Prohibiting groids with triple-digit bodymass indices from driving Segways across Yellowstone boardwalks over literal pools of acid was one of our most diabolical plans ever.

In 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed a declaration that removed Yellowstone from public action, and preserved it as a recreational space for all to enjoy. The tribes who.d lived on that land for thousands of years were forced to leave by the government, and the Army was brought in to keep them out.


h ttps://

Under a half-dozen tribes had made seasonal use of the Yellowstone area- the only year-round residents were small bands of Eastern Shoshone known as “Sheepeaters”. They left the area under the assurances of a treaty negotiated in 1868, under which the Sheepeaters ceded their lands but retained the right to hunt in Yellowstone. The United States never ratified the treaty, and refused to recognize the claims of the Sheepeaters or any other tribe that had used Yellowstone.

What an evil government that was… making false promises then seizing land under threat of projected military force! We should organize against that government!

Oh, wait.

End segue

These conservationists embraced restrictive immigration laws, scientific racism, and eugenics. Among them were John Muir, who founded the environmental nonprofit Sierra Club and was known for making derogatory anti-Black and anti-Indigenous statements. Madison Grant, who wrote a foundational text for the eugenics movement, was another.

Having torn down every hero of the Confederacy, the blacktivists have moved on to the heroes of the environmentalist movement. It’s like watching Darth Vader turn on Palpatine. Who will win? Everybody!

National Park Service data from 2020 showed that 77 percent of visitors to the 419 parks were white; just 6 percent identified as Black (recent Census data shows that 60 percent of Americans are non-Hispanic whites, and 13 percent are Black). A sociologist who.d studied that disparity found that many of the Black Americans they talked to said they.d encountered racism while visiting a local state park, while others said they were afraid of feeling unwelcome.

Why would the National parks ask about the local parks? And might that racism be from, perhaps, the Browns against the Blacks? “I don’t feel welcome on Latin Kings turf.”

National parks were regarded by the white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups [that Professor] Simi studied as not just free from environmental pollution but also remote, unclaimed spaces “free of contaminants..meaning, non-white people. Conversely, urban areas or diverse parts of the country have often been regarded as “cesspools” or .shitholes,. said Simi.hubs of moral and social decay.

I cannot imagine why neo-Nazis wouldn’t rather live in Chicongo. They’d be welcomed with open small arms!

(This language was famously repeated by then-President Donald Trump during a meeting in 2018, who referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as “shithole” countries.)


The El Paso shooter blamed immigrants for “urban sprawl” and the “decimation of the environment.”

It was California governor Gavin Newsom who said that. I give the Prince Of Hair Gel credit, he can publicly blame migrants for environmental ruin, then call for more migration in the next breath, and environmentalists will cheer him for it.

It’s all lies. All Narrative. If it wasn’t for CNN, these people wouldn’t believe in anything.

Speaking of lies, I find the devil to be… disappointing, these days. One would imagine that opposing the legions of Hell in wars over the fate of mens’ souls would be, I dunno, exciting or challenging.

It’s like Old Scratch is just phoning in humanity’s damnation at this point. But I digress. Sort of. We ARE, after all, talking about how abandoning Marxist urban cesspits to work off those Big Macs is an antigovernment conspiracy.

The long-standing obsession with purity and contamination among white supremacists has also manifested in their lifestyles. White supremacist Robert Rundo and his international network of “active clubs” places great importance on “clean living” and physical fitness.

Leaked chats from the preppy white supremacist group Patriot Front.whose members and leaders were arrested recently in an alleged foiled plot to violently counter a Pride celebration in Couer d.Alene…

Yeah, I remember that. I remember wondering why the police would arrest 30 people for terrorist activity before they did ANY activity, while allowing them to continue wearing balaclavas, hats and dark sunglasses while handcuffed.

I’m reasonably certain that Patriot Front isn’t actually a government false flag. They’re marketers for the SPLC. They show up and make ideal optics for their fundraisers, behaving as nonviolently threatening as possible, and so white-skinned that they wear those balaclavas as tight as yoga pants.

…revealed a pre-occupation with weight-watching, as well as abstinence from drinking, drugs, and porn. The recent upstate camping retreat also dovetails with another recent trend within the far-right: organic farming. In 2019, white supremacists began cropping up at farmers markets around the U.S.

Move over, Neo-Nazis! Make room for the Health-Nazis! Growing food is white privilege!

Of course, obsessions with purity and clean living aren’t just an American white supremacist thing. Nazi Germany was deeply concerned about the longevity of the Aryan race, and so encouraged a healthy lifestyle and good diet.

Of course, obsessions with purity and clean living aren’t just an American white supremacist thing. Nazi Germany was deeply concerned about the longevity of the Aryan race, and so encouraged a healthy lifestyle and good diet. But eating a natural diet was also a core component of the Nazi slogan .blood and soil..intended to foster nationalism by eating food grown on the land.

While the organizers of the “America First” wilderness outings don’t necessary identify as neo-Nazi or white supremacist (though their supporters may have ties to those ideologies), it’s clear that they hope those trips will solidify, at minimum, nationalist ties to the land.

Do you know why the New World Order is so keen on killing the people who belong here? Because the only way they can keep what they’ve stolen, is to murder the rightful heirs. Watching us leave their hives of saturated fat and limited oxygen to work the land is their nightmare scenario.

When Proud Christ-Haters Read the Comments

I’ve heard the phrase “never read the comments” before, and thought at the time that it pertained to under-moderated forums filled with trolls, Nigerians and moms working from home before it was a CDC mandate. Since then, the suspicion has grown that the real motivation behind the aphorism is uncontrolled Narrative violations. Let’s celebrate the lamest ‘Murican holiday ever by entertaining some honest feedback!

Reading a news story about Pride Month? You may want to skip the comment section

h ttps://

By Blacktivist Whamminz, aka Rayonna Burton-Jernigan for the Evansville Courier & Press, 20 June 2022

EVANSVILLE, Ind. . The chestnut suggesting to “never read the comments” on a social media or Internet article is certainly applicable during Pride Month in the Tri-State.

Businesses and organizations ranging from Holiday World to the Evansville Otters have hosted events to celebrate the month, but coverage of those events in local media have led to some … interesting contributions … in the comment sections.

A few examples:

“What month is straight pride going to be celebrated?”

“JESUS CHRIST! Let’s have a month celebrating him! No one would have anything if it weren’t for him!”

Boom, there it is. The objectionable comments being left were not trolls and haters. They were the ideas that Christ and Christ’s design of human sexuality should be celebrated at least as much as transmitting monkeypox.

When this queer author picked out something to be offended about, she picked out the Father of All.

The Courier & Press reached out to some of the people who left the social media responses, but did not get a reply.

They must not have read the comments on their comments.

For people who work with LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, the comments are disappointing, but not a surprise. “I think that we still have a long way to go as far as community acceptance, but I think that we’re doing a much better job at visibility,” said Ashley Riester, president of River City Pride.

Pride Month is celebrated each June to mark the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. On June 28, 1969, plainclothes NYPD officers raided the Stonewall Inn, one of the most popular gay bars in the city.

I celebrate that, too. #ThinBlueLine

In Evansville, the Rev. Craig Duke runs the non-profit Az-U-R, an inclusive community that comes together to share stories, find inspiration and impact our area with love and acceptance.

Another coal for the fires of hell.

Duke entered the limelight after his appearance on the HBO show “We’re Here,” which follows everyday people taking part in drag shows as an outreach for the LGBTQ+ community. He participated to show allyship to his daughter Tiffany, who identifies as pansexual.

As if being a false priest wasn’t enough evil, he’s also responsible for Tiffany.

“I get livid when people misquote and say things out of context completely,” he said. His feelings about an argument for day celebrating Jesus? Duke’s response was that Jesus is celebrated every Sunday, six weeks for Lent and Easter, and for five weeks leading up to Christmas. Duke was a grand marshal in the River City Pride parade this year, and said he believes God loves everyone, no matter their sexuality.

This false priest doesn’t celebrate Christ on any day of the year. “Jesus gets enough celebration, now which of my spawn’s holes do you prefer?” is not something any legit clergy will ever say.

They try to have pride in their perversion… but their conscience keeps getting in the way.

“We have to… continue to educate from our children all the way through, and no longer fear, what we don’t understand,” Duke said.

It’s his conscience that he doesn’t understand. Why does it keep burning!

Just as there are an influx of online comments, others have shown support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Two such posts:

“Pride is important because someone tonight still believes they’re better off dead than being themselves.”

That might be Tiffany they’re talking about, rather than some girl raised by a normal father to marry young and have a family.

“Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a straight pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one.”

Nobody today is persecuting homos except their own consciences and the diseases they trade like baseball cards. As demonstrated by their triggering hardest at the idea that maybe Christ should be worshiped instead of their bodily functions.

The Biden-Cowards Make One Last Play for World War Russia

It’s no secret, except to those unwilling to see, that Pedo-Kazar has failed as completely as only a sodomite Jewish comedian head-of-state inciting a land war against Russia in winter can fail. I’ve already seen some articles preparing the way for Bidenreich to escape responsibility, for example:

Ukrainian officials dispute Biden’s claim that Zelenskyy ‘didn’t want to hear’ warnings that Putin would invade

h ttps://

By Michelle Mark for Business Insider, 11 June 2022

Ukrainian officials are pushing back on President Joe Biden’s claim that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “didn’t want to hear” US warnings about a looming Russian invasion.

On Friday, Biden told California donors that prior to the full-scale invasion, the US presented Zelenskyy with intelligence that Russian President Vladimir Putin was planning to attack.

“There was no doubt,” Biden said. “And Zelenskyy didn’t want to hear it.”

On Saturday, Ukrainian officials said Biden’s comments were incorrect.

“The phrase ‘did not want to hear’ probably needs clarification,” Ukrainian presidential spokesman Sergei Nikiforov told the Ukrainian news outlet

Nikiforov told that Zelenskyy and Biden had multiple telephone conversations before the Russian invasion in which the two leaders spoke frankly about the threat Russia posed.

Nikiforov said Zelenskyy requested preventative sanctions in anticipation of the invasion and hoped Ukraine’s allies would help encourage Russia to de-escalate and withdraw troops.

“Here we can already say that our partners ‘did not want to hear us,’” Nikiforov said.

All that finger-pointing over an enemy that ran out of food & bullets three months ago, HAH! Somebody’s special operation is not doing so well!

Ukraine has pleaded with Western nations in recent days and weeks to provide more weapons to ensure the nation’s survival. Reports have indicated Ukraine is sustaining significant losses amid the fighting and that Russian forces are equipped with exponentially more weapons and artillery.

Ukraine doesn’t have enough still-warm bodies to use any weapons that they can be provided. NATO’s options are 1. provide infantry, thus establishing beyond all possibility of coverup that it is the aggressor in this conflict, or 2. incite Russia to invade NATO somewhere else.

They went with option #2.

Russian region says Lithuania will curb imports, exports by rail

h ttps://

June 17 (Reuters) – Lithuania has told the Russian region of Kaliningrad that it will block the import and export of a large number of goods by rail because of Western sanctions, the regional governor said on Friday.

The region – home to the Russian Baltic Fleet and a deployment location for nuclear-capable Iskander missiles – is sandwiched on the Baltic coast between Lithuania and Poland, both NATO members, and has no land border with Russia.

One glance at a map puts the lie to that. Sourced from sonar21:

So, Lithuania is trying to set up a blockade between two Russian areas on the false pretense that “Russia is importing sanctioned stuff into our country”. Only to send it straight back out to a Russian destination, but that’s the sort of detail that a history book can easily forget. I don’t see this working because Kaliningrad is a major port, but one wonders if… oh, that’s right. Do you see that big island north of the arrow and southwest of the words “Baltic Sea”? That’s Gotland, Sweden, and NATO was recently practicing maneuvers there with Sweden despite Sweden not being NATO and Gotland being demilitarized.

Swedish, US troops drill on remilitarized Baltic Sea island

h ttps://

By James Brooks, 11 June 2022

VISBY, Sweden (AP) . Having to defend Gotland against a foreign invasion seemed such a far-fetched notion to Swedish decision-makers at the start of the century that they demilitarized the Baltic Sea island.

Now, the Swedish Armed Forces are back, and they are practicing with U.S. troops not just how to defend the island with a population of 58,000, but how to take it back from a foreign aggressor.

U.S. Marines have conducted air drops and amphibious landings on Gotland as part of a NATO exercise in the Baltic Sea.

And just a few weeks after those exercises concluded, the siege of Kaliningrad starts? What a coincidence.

Strategically located in the middle of the southern part of the Baltic Sea, Gotland has seen foreign invasions throughout its history, the most recent one in 1808, when Russian forces briefly occupied it.

But after the Cold War ended, Sweden felt the risk of a Russian aggression was so remote it refocused its armed forces on foreign peacekeeping operations rather than territorial defense. The Gotland regiment was closed in 2005 as Sweden downsized its military.

Russia.s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula in 2014 led to a rethink, and a new regiment was established on Gotland in 2018. There are now around 400 Swedish soldiers permanently based on the island. Further reinforcements are planned following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

There’s how long they’ve been planning this operation. The Trump administration was nothing but a speed bump.

It would be a shame if anti-ship missiles placed at Gotland were accidentally launched at Russian supply ships. “By Ukrainian nationalists!”

I do not understand the Biden Regime’s cowardice. At the head of (supposedly) the most militarily powerful country on the planet, with no domestic opposition, they are terrified to act against a hated foe unless they can do so while painting themselves the victim. The end result is a Clown World in which all the world rolls their eyes at the endless tirade of lies that are not just obvious, they insult the intelligence of observers.

One part of me wants Biden to just push the red button and get it over with. Another part of me hopes that he and all his cronies will die of old age (any moment now) before they work up the courage. A third part of me doesn’t care because the Prince Of Hair Gel will still be potentate of Commiefornia no matter what happens.

Libertarians Unleash the Bitcoin Kraken

Bitcoin is libertarian crack. And that’s a good thing! It’s almost a pure distillation of libertarian monetary policy into a serious medium of exchange! We should all be so lucky as to have the chance to literally invest in our beliefs. Some consequences are good consequences.

Bitcoin is not doing well at the moment, along with a market crash of the other cryptocurrencies… notoriously not including the currency-backed stablecoins. I had wondered if this would happen. Not just a volatility concern; if its backers are right and BTC is a mathematically unfalsifiable currency, then its mere existence is a mortal threat to the GAE. If the banksters cannot subvert BTC then they will destroy it, which looks like what is happening.

It also explains the snark that I’ve been seeing directed at El Salvador. I’ll touch on it, but the big article today is the Kraken Exchange taking this opportunity to purge its SJW infestation!

El Salvador Bitcoin purchases look very stupid. Check the chart.

h ttps://

By Kane, 16 June 2022

[Quoting ‘CryptoWhale’ on Twitter:]

El Salvador is down $50 Million from #Bitcoin

Their Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya claims the country’s losses are “fake and don’t count..

The first stage of grief is denial.

If El Salvador was purchasing BTC as an investment then yes, this looks bad. They bought high and… would be selling low, except they aren’t selling.

But here’s the thing, I suspect El Salv isn’t going to sell that BTC ever, at any price. I suspect they actually want to use it. Their reason for getting into it in the first place was to make it their official currency. At which point, the investment paradigm is no longer relevant.

It’s the difference between speculating on gold values and taking delivery on a shipment to make computer chips out of.

El Salvador ‘has not had any losses’ due to Bitcoin price dive, Finance Minister says

h ttps://

By David Attlee, 14 June 2022

Alejandro Zelaya, the Minister of inance of El Salvador, reacted to the recent media attacks on the nation’s strategy of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) by calling the allegations of fiscal risks “extremely superficial..

During a press conference held on Monday, Zelaya responded to a journalist’s question about the government’s reaction to Bitcoin’s sharp dip in an emotional manner:

.There is a clear criticism of Bitcoin as such, not of El Salvador’s strategy. El Salvador is what interests them the least, they [the media outlet] are not interested in what happens to our economy, they are not interested in what happens with our people, what happens with inflation..

Zelaya’s comment is exactly what my suspicion predicted. The GAE banksters are trying to destroy crypto by devaluing it as an investment, making it unattractive as a store of wealth. They’re hating on El Salvador as a critical part of that demoralization.

But ruining crypto as a store of wealth, does not affect crypto as an exchange of wealth.

At the moment, El Salvador holds 2,301 Bitcoin, which amounts to around $50 million by press time. In fiat equivalent, that is less than half of the money the nation has invested in Bitcoin through its purchases in October 2021 and May 2022, when BTC was worth $30,700.

Like the whole crypto market at large, BTC has been declining since its all-time high in November 2021 (around $69,000) with the downtrend accelerating for the last month and a half following a series of the shake-ups such as the failure of Terra (LUNA, now L and the fiasco of a major DeFi lender, Celsius, as well as the global inflation rise.

Celsius was a Jewish scam. Literally; it’s being prosecuted by Israeli authorities. I’ll post a link to Upper Echelon Gaming who absolutely savages the topic better than I ever could, but your takeaway here is that El Salv’s using BTC to escape GAE influence is being compared to a money laundering racket. That shoe don’t fit.


h ttps://

Cointelegraph [ spoke with Dania Gonzalez, Deputy of the Republic of El Salvador] about central bank digital currencies, also known as CBDCs, and how their issuance by nations can impact the cryptocurrency market.

Gonzalez stated that she does not see a clash between cryptocurrencies and CBDCs, believing that both should coexist together in the digital ecosystem that will guide nations in the future. Furthermore, she stated that the proposed issuance of CBDCs by countries shows that they have understood the power of the crypto economy.

A typically positive libertarian sentiment but very false. The power of crypto is that it exists beyond the possibility of human meddling. The power of CBDC is that it exists to MAXIMIZE human meddling… reducing all currency to a mother-may-I voucher system.

The deputy also highlighted that El Salvador is working to expand the effects of the Bitcoin Law and will build an ecosystem based on cryptocurrencies, with the elimination of taxes for sectors linked to the crypto economy.

El Salvador is in for the long haul!

In addition, she highlighted that other laws will be reformulated to meet the new demands of the digital economy and to reduce bureaucracy in public administration procedures. She explained:

.We want it to be possible to open a business in 5 minutes here in El Salvador […] We already have a national digital wallet system for cryptocurrencies and we intend to make a law so that investors from all over the world can have immediate citizenship in El Salvador if they invest in the world of Bitcoin in our country..


It’s such a relief to watch a plucky leader try something new! All we have in GAE are crooks too old to even enjoy what they steal anymore.

And now, my feature presentation: the Kraken Crypto exchange is using this moment, when investments seem lost, to purge the termites!

Kraken Culture Explained

h ttps://

If culture is the way of life for a group of people, then company culture is the way of work for a group of people. It is a company’s shared set of traditions, values, goals, attitudes and norms . whether written or unwritten. We believe that every company should be as different and unique as every individual. Just as two individuals may or may not be compatible with one another, an individual and a company may or may not be compatible.

After reading this description of Kraken company culture, we hope that you have a sense of if you would like working here.

Shots fired!

Our Founders have worked together for over 20 years in remote-first companies, in the virtual goods industry. Prior to Kraken, from 2001-2011, they ran a virtual goods marketplace for video games called Lewt, which was constantly plagued by payment problems. Digital currency was obviously the future and when they discovered Bitcoin in 2011 they went all-in, sold Lewt and started Kraken with the belief that Bitcoin . if they could drive adoption . would improve life for billions of people.

Starting a crypto exchange was a daunting task, chock-full of danger, technical and legal complexity but the pair saw it a challenge worth pursuing. They funded the company from their own pockets for the first three years, before investors took the industry seriously. It requires an ideological drive, a greater sense of purpose, to walk away from a successful business and risk everything while “experts” call you crazy.

Eleven years later, our Founders are still on the front lines of the battle. Their values . crypto, cypherpunk, libertarian values . are the core of what continues to make this company the most attractive home for the top minds in the industry.

Bitcoin removes politics from money. The implication is that anyone is free to transact on the Bitcoin network as long as they can cryptographically prove control of their keys. Anyone can participate in Bitcoin mining as long as they follow the rules of the system and expend energy to do so.

There are no shortcuts. No one can change the rules of the system without the overwhelming consensus of all participants, not merely a democratic majority. No one can rewrite history. No one can print money out of thin air and give it to their friends. The culture of Bitcoin . and the aspiration of the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem it spawned . is one of extreme ownership, responsibility, and work.

I badly want to believe that, which is why I haven’t yet invested in crypto. If it sounds too good to be true… but if what I’m seeing in that chart above is GAE’s best shot against it, then it’s time to reconsider.

At Kraken, The Mission is to accelerate the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency because we believe that this will improve lives of billions of people and usher in a new era of human flourishing.

We will accomplish The Mission by building a bridge from the old world to the new, meeting people where they are, and shepherding them gently across in a way that feels natural, safe, fun and superior to everything they’ve known before.

Props to CEO Jessie Powell for clear communication skills.

Does every Krakenite need to believe in The Mission? We believe so. Why? We are fighting an extremely difficult, protracted battle, facing tremendous uncertainty and peril. For the true believers, the prize makes the pain worthwhile. For those with less conviction, the journey might be too much.

We shouldn’t forget that the biggest enemy is the incumbent system, those fighting to maintain power in the status quo, and the attachment people have to its familiarity, no matter how much they’ve been cheated.

Emphasis theirs. Say what you will about libertarianism, I got my own disagreements, but they’re the first organized resistance against GAE to appear in North American.

**The crypto movement is rooted in “dangerous” ideas**, such as all humans having fundamental rights to:

– Encryption
– Free speech
– Free markets
– Currency choice
– Open source software
– Personal & financial privacy

Some might characterize these beliefs as humanitarian, libertarian or classically liberal. People who hold the above beliefs often believe that none of those rights are possible without these rights:

– Liberty
– Self-defense
– Due process
– Personal property
– Limited government
– Personal bodily autonomy

I hate that the last one is even needed. This regime SUXX.

This should be no surprise to Americans as these rights can all be derived from the US Constitution. While government encroachment on these rights has become tolerated (or even demanded), we believe that we should covet the rights we have because they are never returned once taken. **Our ability to drive crypto adoption in the world depends on these rights.**

Here are some examples of how these beliefs might affect how you work and your experience:

– We will push back on government overreach

BOOM!!! Even square one ain’t safe from Jessie!

– We will go above and beyond to protect the personal and financial privacy of our clients

– We may develop or sponsor open source software that empowers citizens to resist corruption

– We will seek to limit market interference and restrictions on who is allowed to participate in markets

– We will engage in disputes with government agencies where outdated laws are unfairly exclusionary

– We will engage in lobbying, as a single-issue donor, supporting controversial politicians and legislation that furthers ***The Mission**, possibly to the detriment of other civil rights causes

– We will advertise with and sponsor controversial television programs, podcasts, influencers and events, if it furthers ***The Mission***

– We may incorporate firearm and self-defense training in to corporate retreats

Now he’s just twisting the knife.

– We will allow discussion and photographs of firearms in public (but optional) chat rooms

If nobody is ever offended, we either don’t have enough diversity of thought or we don’t have enough transparency in communication.

Diversity… of… THOUGHT!!!

– Should we aim to be exemplary in terms of stereotypical team diversity measurements? *No.*

– Should we aim to be exemplary in terms of execution, product and service quality? *Yes.*

– Should we donate money to the *Current Thing*? *No.*


– Should we donate money to crypto research? *Yes.*

– Should we mandate the seasonal flu vaccine? *No.*

He weren’t thinkin’ about no flu when he said THAT. And so it went, and the crybully whining REEEEached to the New York Post:

CEO of crypto firm Kraken offers severance to “triggered” employees

h ttps://

Word. The article’s got nothing more.

I haven’t invested in BTC before because I don’t like investing in stuff I don’t understand, just on principle. But now I see that I’d be investing in libertarians… people, not some money-making risk… and dang if they aren’t doing a thing, I’m reconsidering. AND they’re walking off GAE’s best shot like a Putin?!

Wouldn’t it be something if libertarians becomes the ones to operate North America’s coming black market?

CIA Burns Its Reputation To Plug A Wikileak

Many believe, mostly by inference and Cohencidence, that one reason the Deep State has so few defectors is that they preferentially hire child molesters, sadists and psychopaths, so that they can be easily accused & destroyed if they step out of line. One can only speculate how many talented project managers and analysts have been passed over by Fedgov because they were honest and honorable.

That’s what this sounded like at first: the CIA cashing out its insurance policy against an agent gone rogue. But as details emerged, no, the CIA is burning its own reputation in a desperate effort to frame a patsy!

Former CIA agent facing trial for the agency’s largest leak drew swastikas on students’ books at high school, report says

h ttps://

By Sam Tabahriti for Business Insider, 12 June 2022

The former CIA agent [Joshua Schulte] accused of the largest leak in the agency’s history drew swastikas and showed his genitals to other students at high school, according to a profile published by The New Yorker.

Joshua Schulte became so known for his temper at the CIA that he was nicknamed the Nuclear Option, Patrick Radden Keefe wrote.

One of his school friends, Kavi Patel, said the former CIA agent used to “draw swastikas all over the place,” but claimed he was not anti-Semitic.

Did none of that come out in his background check? A top-secret-compartmented-whatever-level background check on a CIA recruit didn’t notice that the new hire was a known anti-Semite and sociopathic exhibitionist?

Or is that why he got the job in the first place?

There’s no way to read this that doesn’t make the CIA look like a hive of rayciss incompetents.

When Schulte was in college, he argued on his blog that pornography is a form of free expression that “is not degrading to women” and “does not incite violence,” Keefe wrote for The New Yorker.

Wait. Those are not crimes. Even many feminists argue that porn is liberating and it’s certainly not violent, unless you count flogging the bishop.

One woman interviewed for the article said Schulte had repeatedly exposed his genitals to other students in the junior high school band. “He would try and touch people, or get people to touch him.that was a daily occurrence,” she said.

How did he even make it out of junior high without a sex offender registry? No way would that get missed during a security clearance screening. Either the CIA retconned the man’s entire life in order to discredit him today… or this was how the agency talent-scouted him in the first place. Could still go either way.

The investigators discovered a large amount of child pornography, and his internet research history showed his interest in WikiLeaks.

They lost me at kiddie porn. Which is it, sexual over-aggression or hidden fetish? A single personality is unlikely to do both. Furthermore, he reportedly liked women. Homo is a major indicator of pedo and that’s missing here.

But it’s really easy to upload a directory of jpegs, then get a warrant and “discover” them. Like accusing a clean-cut guy who is regularly drug-tested by his job, of being a junkie because a search found a dime bag in the laundry basket.

The wikileaks angle, well, that’s the crime he’s actually being accused of.

In March 2017, WikiLeaks published a series of articles disclosing confidential information from the CIA taken from 2 billion pages of documents stolen from the agency.

In his article, Keele quotes a WikiLeaks statement suggesting that the person who leaked the information wanted “to initiate a public debate” about the use of cyberweapons. Investigators suspected Schulte, obtained a warrant and searched his flat.

Hmm, that’s not what either an antiSemitic rapist or a kiddie-diddie would do. That’s what a troubled conscience would do. These accusations are BOGUS!

Let’s go to that New Yorker hatchet job. There’s clearly more to be learned.

The Surreal Case of a C.I.A. Hacker’s Revenge

A hot-headed coder is accused of exposing the agency’s hacking arsenal. Did he betray his country because he was pissed off at his colleagues?

h ttps://

By Patrick Radden Keefe, 6 June 2022

Nestled west of Washington, D.C., amid the bland northern Virginia suburbs, are generic-looking office parks that hide secret government installations in plain sight… To the casual observer, they resemble anonymous corporate drones. In fact, they hold Top Secret clearances and work in defense and intelligence. One of these buildings, at an address that is itself a secret, houses the cyberintelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. The facility is surrounded by a high fence and monitored by guards armed with military-grade weapons.

Hidden in plain sight, he says. Hmm. I knew a few ‘hoods in Los Angeles where this would have looked normal enough, surely D.C. does too, but this was a suburban office park?

When employees enter the building, they must badge in and pass through a full-body turnstile. Inside, on the ninth floor, through another door that requires badge access, is a C.I.A. office with an ostentatiously bland name: the Operations Support Branch. It is the agency’s secret hacker unit, in which a cadre of ?lite engineers create cyberweapons.

.O.S.B. was focussed on what we referred to as .physical-access operations,. . a senior developer from the unit, Jeremy Weber.a pseudonym.explained. This is not dragnet mass surveillance of the kind more often associated with the National Security Agency. These are hacks, or .exploits,. designed for individual targets. Sometimes a foreign terrorist or a finance minister is too sophisticated to be hacked remotely, and so the agency is obliged to seek “physical access” to that person’s devices. Such operations are incredibly dangerous: a C.I.A. officer or an asset recruited to work secretly for the agency.a courier for the terrorist; the finance minister’s personal chef.must surreptitiously implant the malware by hand. .It could be somebody who was willing to type on a keyboard for us,. Weber said. .It often was somebody who was willing to plug a thumb drive into the machine.” In this manner, human spies, armed with the secret digital payloads designed by the Operations Support Branch, have been able to compromise smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even TVs: when Samsung developed a set that responded to voice commands, the wizards at the O.S.B. exploited a software vulnerability that turned it into a listening device.

The modern equivalent of a keyboard pass-through is hardly an elite achievement.

The members of the O.S.B. “built quick-reaction tools,. Anthony Leonis, the chief of another cyberintelligence unit of the C.I.A., said. .That branch was really good at taking ideas and prototypes and turning them into tools that could be used in the mission, very quickly.” According to the man who supervised the O.S.B., Sean, the unit could be .a high-stress environment,. because it was supporting life-or-death operations.

Without having seen a bio, puff pieces like this confirm for me that Keefe is allied-CIA. “My job is extremely stressful because long after it’s done, some whore will upload it into a billionaire’s Nokia,” no.

“My job is extremely stressful because the heavily armed guards glare at me when I thrust my exposed genitals at them” would be plausible but maybe Schulte outgrew that after junior high? Such never gets mentioned.

But, while these jobs were cutting edge least vicariously.dangerous, the O.S.B. was, in other respects, just like any office. …There was banter, plenty of it, much of it jocular, some of it juvenile. The coders were mostly young men, and they came up with nicknames for one another. One unit member, who got braces as an adult, became known as Train Tracks. When another brought food into the office one day, but didn’t share it with some members of the team, his colleagues bestowed a new handle: Dick Move. The group’s ultimate manager was a more senior C.I.A. official, named Karen, who acknowledged that the members could get .boisterous,. adding, .Folks could get a little loud, a little bit back and forth.” Some O.S.B. guys brought Nerf guns to work.not mere pistols but big, colorful machine guns.and they would occasionally shoot darts at one another from their desks. Sometimes people got carried away, and work was paused for some sustained bombardment. But Silicon Valley was known for tricking out offices with foosball tables and climbing walls, and it’s likely that the C.I.A. wanted to foster a loose culture on the hacking team, to help engineers remain innovative and, when necessary, blow off steam.

One of the Nerf gunfighters was Joshua Schulte.his real name. A skinny Texan in his twenties, he had a goatee and a shaved head. In what may have been a pre?mptive gambit, Schulte gave himself the nickname Bad Ass, going so far as to make a fake nameplate and stick it on his cubicle. But others in the office called him Voldemort.a reference to the hairless villain in the Harry Potter books. Schulte and his colleagues worked on sophisticated malware with such code names as AngerQuake and Brutal Kangaroo. The hackers christened their exploits with names that reflected personal enthusiasms. Several programs were named for brands of whiskey: there was Wild Turkey, and Ardbeg, and Laphroaig. One was called McNugget. Though there was something dissonantly adolescent about naming highly classified digital hacking tools in such a fashion, it seemed harmless enough: if the tools worked as planned, none of the code would ever be detected. And, if the target of an operation did discover that some nasty bit of malware had infiltrated her device, a silly name would offer no clue that it had been created by the United States government. Deniability was central to what the O.S.B. did.

And so it went. To use the sociosexual hierarchy, which is useful here, this was a grouping of Gammas and Deltas. What you’d expect for an office focused on mentally demanding, no-muscle work.

On March 7, 2017, the Web site WikiLeaks launched a series of disclosures that were catastrophic for the C.I.A. As much as thirty-four terabytes of data.more than two billion pages. worth.had been stolen from the agency. The trove, billed as Vault 7, represented the single largest leak of classified information in the agency’s history. Along with a subsequent installment known as Vault 8, it exposed the C.I.A..s hacking methods, including the tools that had been developed in secret by the O.S.B., complete with some of the source code. .This extraordinary collection . . . gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the C.I.A.,. WikiLeaks announced. The leak dumped out the C.I.A..s toolbox: the custom-made techniques that it had used to compromise Wi-Fi networks, Skype, antivirus software. It exposed Brutal Kangaroo and AngerQuake. It even exposed McNugget.

In the days after this colossal breach became public, the C.I.A. declined to comment on the “authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents.” Internally, however, there was a grim realization that the agency’s secrets had been laid bare.

Not really. Somebody published the malware to make Alexa send a copy of what she hears to a certain IP address? The worst part of that would be other intel agencies using the program.

But who could have stolen the data? In a statement, WikiLeaks suggested that the person who shared the intelligence wished “to initiate a public debate” about the use of cyberweapons. But WikiLeaks had also shown, quite recently, a willingness to be a mouthpiece for foreign intelligence services: in 2016, the site had released e-mails from the Democratic National Committee which had been stolen by hackers working on behalf of the Kremlin.

Psst, the secret password was “password”. Nobody could have figured it out unless they were working for the KGB! Hillary Clinton was prescient when she wanted to nuke Russia into glass! See how hard they’re trying to stop her!

Vault 7, some observers speculated, might also be the work of a hostile government. James Lewis, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the Times, .A foreign power is much more likely the source of these documents than a conscience-stricken C.I.A. whistle-blower.” Perhaps Russia was again the culprit. Or might it be Iran?

Agreed that a government/corporate actor makes the best sense. While it was a massive data dump, the upshot of it was that device manufacturers learned how to secure their tech against CIA intrusion. Cui Bono? Sony Corp.

By contrast, Snowden revealed that Deep State was directly targeting American citizens in total violation of all restrictions on government power. Cui Bono? the American people.

As the intelligence community mobilized to identify the source of the leak, the federal government found itself in an awkward position.because Donald Trump, shortly before being elected President, had celebrated the hacking of Democratic officials, declaring, .I love WikiLeaks.. Nevertheless, this new breach was perceived as such an egregious affront to U.S. national security that the Administration was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Trump Derangement Syndrome for the motive! If Orange Man likes Wikileaks then somebody must hang for this databreach!

The F.B.I. began an investigation, and agents worked around the clock…

The Bureau was pursuing what it calls an .unsub..or “unknown subject..investigation. .A crime had been committed; we didn’t yet know who had committed it,. one of the lead investigators, Richard Evanchec, later testified.

HAH! The FBI investigates its own informants and false flags so often, they need a special term for investigations that begin without a known perp.

Fairly quickly, the agents ruled out a foreign power as the culprit, deciding that the unsub must be a C.I.A. insider.

And a Drumpf Lover! Or at least an anti-Semite. Hard to find a Drumpf Lover in the CIA.

As the F.B.I. interviewed members of the team, a suspect came into focus: Joshua Schulte. Voldemort.

What a convenient nickname.

He had left the agency in November, 2016, and was said to have been disgruntled.

Four months before the leak? That’s a very unlikely suspect. Even if Schulte was, as reported here, one of the sysadmins.

He now lived in Manhattan…

Not a Trump voter, then. Maybe they couldn’t find any in the CIA at all. Smarter institutions hire token conservatives for exactly this purpose.

…where he worked as a software engineer at Bloomberg. As Schulte was leaving the office one evening, Evanchec and another F.B.I. agent intercepted him. When they explained that they were investigating the leak, he agreed to talk. They went to a nearby restaurant, Pershing Square, opposite Grand Central Terminal. Schulte may not have realized it, but the other patrons seated around them were actually plainclothes F.B.I. agents, who were there to monitor the situation.and to intervene if he made any sudden moves. Schulte was amiable and chatty. But, when Evanchec looked down, he noticed that Schulte’s hands were shaking.

That’s not normal police interview procedure. At all. That’s a blindsiding and fishing expedition.

Schulte was born in 1988 and grew up in Lubbock, Texas. He was the oldest of four boys; his father, Roger, is a financial adviser; his mother, Deanna, is a high-school guidance counsellor. Schulte was a bright child, and in elementary school he was fascinated when one of his teachers took apart a computer in front of the class. By the time he was in high school, his parents told me, he was building computers himself. .Some people are born with certain talents,. Deanna said. While Schulte was studying engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, he did an internship at I.B.M., and another at the N.S.A. On a blog that he maintained in college, he espoused libertarian views. He was a devotee of Ayn Rand, and came to believe that, as he put it, .there is nothing evil about rational selfishness.” He also had a certain intellectual arrogance. .Most Americans, most people in general, are idiots,. he wrote in 2008.

Ayn Rand founded objectivism, not libertarianism. And MPAI is not arrogance. It is an exhausted, world-weary observation of the blindingly obvious.

.I don’t want a “Big Brother” constantly looking over my shoulder,. Schulte once wrote, and his libertarianism might have seemed difficult to square with a career in intelligence.

No shit, Sherlock. Which is it?

…According to Schulte’s parents, his dream was to work for the government. .He never talked about the private sector at all,. Deanna told me, explaining that he was motivated by patriotism. .I think he was very proud to serve his country..

Not libertarian, then. Look, I know this type. I was one myself until… life happened. We’re too nerdy to have strong political beliefs. Religion, maybe, it can keep us grounded, but the nerd mind is like Disneyland on a rocket ship that can go anywhere and do anything, and it’s way more fun than SCREW… the So-Called REal World. Our awareness of the outside world is mostly the bare minimum of food, friends and f*cks to keep our bodily urges from interfering with our explorations of the mind.

Schulte didn’t have any strong political beliefs going into the CIA, if this article is even half-correct. He simply relied on external social conventions while dabbling with the usual mental-political fads along the way. Unfortunately and predictably, that made him a Gamma. The Nerf gunfighting mentioned in this article, is Delta behavior. Guys who can give & take a little and socialize well enough. A Gamma put in that situation, will eventually take that kind of play personally, and that is basically what happened… coinciding with a promotion to administrator. Grudge + authority = bad office karma.

Things escalated between him and coworkers until Schulte began crossing lines:

Up to this point, though Schulte could be vexing and obstreperous, he was working within the broad bureaucratic parameters of the agency. Others might have found his vendetta against [coworker] Amol irrational, but he had confined it to traditional channels, pushing his appeal up the chain of command. Now he embarked on a more decisive escalation, concluding, as he later explained, that “since the Agency wouldn’t help me, perhaps the state would.” Citing fears for his safety, Schulte filed for a restraining order against Amol in Virginia state court.

This was a startling departure from normal conduct for the C.I.A…. The notion of allowing an internal squabble to spill into the unclassified realm was anathema.

If the CIA needed to find a fall guy for the Vault 7 Wikileak, nobody was about to cry for Schulte.

Before Schulte’s departure, there had been one final fracas… Without asking for authorization, [he] reassigned himself access to his old project. When his managers learned of this, they were so alarmed that they stripped Schulte of his administrator privileges.

That seems final. It would be out of character for Schulte to have downloaded the Vault 7 data in preparation for his self-inflicted loss of admin privileges. And of course, any cleanup team worthy of continued employment would have checked what Schulte did during his last few days of access.

This ain’t the kind of guy to nobly alert the world of CIA shenanigans. Unless he thought filing a restraining order on a coworker would establish credibility.

Soon after the F.B.I. began its investigation, agents placed Schulte under surveillance, and they learned that he was about to leave for Mexico. Edward Snowden had fled to Hong Kong and then to Russia, where he remains, beyond the reach of U.S. authorities. Faced with the possibility that Schulte might abscond in similar fashion, investigators made their move, with Agent Evanchec stopping him as he left work at Bloomberg and taking him to Pershing Square. It had emerged that when Schulte left the C.I.A. he had not returned his special black government passport, which assured the holder official status when travelling abroad.

That’s what all passports do. If anything, a special passport for a domestic-based covert-ops office nerd would be a restricted passport, not allowing him to leave USA without special permission. Now that I think about it, unless Schulte had lost his security clearance he would have had to inform the State Dept. of his international travels anyway.

Which would explain how the FBI ‘learned’ of his trip.

Schulte eventually acknowledged that he still had the passport, but maintained that the trip to Mexico was simply a spring-break excursion with his brother. (Roger Schulte told me that the brothers had purchased round-trip tickets for a short visit to Canc?n.)

The investigators had a warrant to search Schulte’s apartment, so they all went together to his building, on Thirty-ninth Street.

They did that ambush interview with a search warrant already in their pocket? Then they weren’t actually trying to learn anything.

But that would have been a perfect moment for a wetworks team to upload some kiddie porn.

It was full of computer equipment. When F.B.I. agents obtained a warrant for Schulte’s search history from Google, they discovered that, starting in August, 2016.when he was preparing to leave the C.I.A..he had conducted thirty-nine searches related to WikiLeaks. In the hours after WikiLeaks posted Vault 7, he searched for .F.B.I.,. and read articles with such titles as .F.B.I. Joins C.I.A. in Hunt for Leaker.. For a guy who was a supposed expert in information warfare, Schulte seemed shockingly sloppy when it came to his own operational security. Even so, the F.B.I. hadn’t found a smoking gun. It had amassed circumstantial evidence tying Schulte to the Vault 7 leak, but it hadn’t found any record of him transmitting data to WikiLeaks.or, indeed, any proof that the secret files had ever been in his possession.

A former CIA cybersecurity guy would naturally have found Wikileaks to be more interesting than most people. Feebs would need something incriminating if they wanted to keep him away from Cancun.

Schulte was not under arrest, so he got a room at a hotel while the search of his apartment continued. The F.B.I. seized his computer hardware, for forensic analysis… they couldn’t access it. But they also had Schulte’s cell phone, and when they checked it they discovered another startling lapse in operational security: he had stored a bunch of passwords on his phone.

Inside was a series of folders. When the investigators opened them, they found an enormous trove of child pornography.

Oh look, they found something incriminating.

On August 24, 2017, at 5:30 a.m., a dozen armed federal agents [arrested him]. At this point, the F.B.I. and federal prosecutors had been investigating Schulte’s possible role in the Vault 7 leak for five months, but they still hadn’t indicted him. Instead, they now charged him with .receipt, possession, and transportation. of child pornography. Schulte pleaded not guilty.

No Cancun for you.

Meanwhile, authorities in Virginia charged him with sexual assault, citing as evidence [a sexually explicit photograph of his female roommate found on his phone]. Schulte was taken into custody once again and locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, in Manhattan.

Hotel Epstein.

He was still there in the summer of 2018, when the government filed a superseding indictment with ten new counts and charged him with leaking Vault 7.

Schulte was on pretrial confinement for roughly an entire year before finally being charged with anything other than what the FBI crime lab might have uploaded onto his devices in order to have an excuse to detain him. Once charged with the data breach, the sex crime charges were dropped.

[Schulte] vowed to go down swinging and “bring this “justice” system crumbling to its knees..

First, he would need a phone. At the prison, he could make calls on pay phones.but they were monitored and did not offer Internet access. Luckily, black-market smartphones were easy to come by…

Dude, no, you were NOT that stupid.

Schulte figured out a way to hot-wire a light switch in his cell so that it worked as a cell-phone charger. (The person who knew Schulte during this period praised his innovation, saying, “After that, all M.C.C. phones were charged that way..)

Nothing mentioned in Schulte’s background suggests he could have come up with that on his own. Neither would illicit smartphones have been accessible without the prisoners having some way to charge them prior to Schulte’s arrival.

Astonishingly, it appears that Schulte may have even made contact with WikiLeaks during this period.

I’m “astonished” only that Schulte didn’t see it coming. Guess what happened next? Somebody who logged in as Schulte used that phone to send MORE info, identifying-quality info, to Wikileaks!

In a Twitter post on June 19, 2018, WikiLeaks released seven installments of Schulte’s prison writings, billing them as an account in which the “Alleged CIA #Vault7 whistleblower. would finally speak out in “his own words.” Schulte seems to have envisaged these essays, which combined diaristic accounts of prison life with a broader critique of the criminal-justice system, as a sort of “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.. He titled them “Presumption of Innocence.” Perhaps WikiLeaks simply stumbled on the Facebook page where these essays appeared.or perhaps it was in touch with Schulte. If indeed Schulte managed to contact WikiLeaks from prison, he was adopting a curious strategy: it would be pathologically self-sabotaging to counter allegations that he had shared a set of documents with WikiLeaks by sharing another set of documents with WikiLeaks.


GunnerQ shakes head

In one of these jailhouse meditations, Schulte wrote that, in prison, it is prudent not to discuss your case with anyone, because “people are vultures and will do anything to help their own situation..including barter your information for a better deal.

Or giving you a phone preloaded with CIA smartware.

When this news reached the F.B.I., officials panicked: if Schulte could surreptitiously make calls and access the Internet, there was a danger that he was continuing to leak.

No, the F.B.I. officials laughed their asses off. They had nothing on Schulte; his admin access was revoked long before the leak and he was not the type to think ahead; so they gave Schulte a phone, then logged onto it while he was sleeping and contacted Wikileaks in his name.

.There was a great deal of urgency to find the phone,. one Bureau official later acknowledged. One day in October, 2018, no fewer than fifty agents descended on the Metropolitan Correctional Center, accompanied by a cell-phone-sniffing dog. After they recovered the device, investigators found that it was encrypted.but also that Schulte, true to form, had written the password down in one of his notebooks. He was placed in solitary confinement.

That boldfaced is apparently an experiment in progress, but there’s no reason to not just trace the signal.

[Defense lawyer] Shroff further suggested that the story of Vault 7 was a parable not about the rash decision of one traitor but about the systemic ineptitude of the C.I.A. The agency didn’t even realize that it had been robbed, she pointed out, until WikiLeaks began posting the disclosures. .For God’s sakes,. Shroff said in court. .They went a whole year without knowing that their super-secure system had been hacked.” Then the agency embarked on a witch hunt, she continued, and quickly settled on an “easy target.: Schulte. Within this narrative, the string of prosecution witnesses recounting horror stories about Schulte’s workplace behavior almost seemed to play in Shroff’s favor. Her client was a scapegoat, she insisted.the guy nobody liked.

I concur. Check out what passed for evidence against him:

[On] the sixth day of the trial, prosecutors laid out what they regarded as a coup de gr?ce.the digital equivalent of fingerprints at a crime scene. Even after Schulte was stripped of his administrative privileges, he had secretly retained the ability to access the O.S.B. network through a back door, by using a special key that he had set up. The password was KingJosh3000. The government contended that on April 20, 2016, Schulte had used his key to enter the system. The files were backed up every day, and while he was logged on Schulte accessed one particular backup.not from that day but from six weeks earlier, on March 3rd. The O.S.B. files released by WikiLeaks were identical to the backup from March 3, 2016. As Denton told the jurors, it was the “exact backup, the exact secrets, put out by WikiLeaks..

Why would Schulte have skipped the latest six weeks of info, if his goal was to dump info? Somebody NOT Schulte, but trying to frame Schulte by using his login, absolutely they would have gone back six weeks… in order to be consistent with the Wikileaks date.

But why would Schulte? “I’m gonna leak all the information I can. Except for the last six weeks of data.”

On March 9th, [the jury] convicted Schulte of two lesser charges.contempt of court and lying to the F.B.I..but hung on the eight more serious counts, including those accusing him of transmitting national-security secrets to WikiLeaks. Judge Crotty declared a mistrial.

The article blames the jurors for not understanding the technical complexities of the case and the government overzealously protecting the lives of America’s heroes, but that verdict sounds appropriate. Schulte was never anything but a pre-hated patsy.

Schulte currently resides at the Metropolitan Detention Center, in Brooklyn, where he has been preparing for his new trial [beginning on June 13].

Coinciding with these hatchet-job articles.

Which begs the question once again, how did the CIA not know about those graphic sex crimes and antisemitic vandalism when they gave him top-tier classified admin access? Because none of it is true, Schulte is just a Gamma-class jerkwad that nobody will miss, and somebody needs to hang for the Vault 7 leak.

This is a scary time in the Global American Empire’s fall. The regime is so desperate and divorced from reality that it’s lashing out. Here, the CIA is publicly admitting it gave top-level classified admin access to a known sex offender just to make Schulte look a little more evil at the start of his retrial.

And it’s not even true.

Ennui Is Part Of Separation

There’s a trend in dissident circles of hanging it up, wondering “why bother” and/or dejectedly staring at the current of Stupid picking up speed across the globe.

It’s normal. Heck, it’s inevitable. Ennui is something that we should expect to happen as society begins the inevitable and planned breakup. There’s nothing left to talk about. We’ve made our choices and now come the consequences.

It’s ironic that Woke refers to the people most desperate to sleepwalk through life, while I and we search for people awake to what is going on. Satanically ironic, in the same way that gay now means you want to rape as many children as possible before a Father walks into the room.

That is also a step in social separation. Hatreds are being acted upon. This Gay Pride month has been in-your-face-you-Christians to a degree never before seen in North America. Geography is being renamed and statues destroyed to erase our past. ‘Groid behavior is simply off-the-charts while whites are increasingly (and proudly) banned from even having a job. And then there’s the vaxx parting us, like Fauci doing a Moses, into Us Deplorables and Them Idiots.

Thanks to dissident media over the last couple decades, everybody has had the information to make their choice. Or at least, had access to “misinformation” that they proudly shunned like the proverbial plague.

Misinformation such as THIS!

Monkeypox dilemma: How to warn gay men about risk without fueling hate

h ttps://

Monkeypox had arrived in Salt Lake County, with two men testing positive after returning from Europe, the epicenter of a global outbreak concentrated in gay and bisexual men.

Officials in the Utah county faced a dilemma. They wanted to warn men who have sex with men that they were at higher risk for exposure to the virus. But they feared unintended consequences: heterosexuals assuming they’re not susceptible, closeted men in a heavily Mormon community avoiding care so they’re not seen as gay, and critics exploiting the infections to sow bigotry.

In Salt Lake County, health officials consulted with advocacy groups and decided to get the message out to gay and bisexual men without making the message about them. At a booth during the Utah Pride Festival in Salt Lake City this month, Health Department staff distributed business-card-sized monkeypox warnings urging people to avoid close or sexual contact with anyone experiencing a rash or flu-like symptoms. The warning didn’t say anything about the gay community.

I’m gonna quote that in the future, when people ask why I don’t trust doctors anymore. And God will not be mocked. While it was probably Kill Gates’ action, I’m enjoying the divine coincidence of Sodomites doubling down on perverting children while living in terror of growing pus-wart Marks Of Cain on their faces. Their corruption is coming full circle.

We obviously cannot coexist with such people. Let the separation happen. It’s been a long time in coming.

God grant His every child a destination.

California Feminists Use Birth Control To Kill Vermin

Some Narrative fails… they just… write themselves.

Rat birth control used to manage rodent population in American cities

That headline was apparently changed after the fact to:

Some of America’s most rat-infested cities are trying rodent birth control. Will it work?

h ttps://

And to bypass the paywall,

h ttps://

With California and other states restricting the use of highly toxic rat poisons, cities around the country have turned to a new method to try to control their rat populations: birth control.

Rather than a pill, the contraceptive, otherwise known as ContraPest, is deployed in bait boxes as a liquid that is high in fat and water content and targets their reproductive capabilities, preventing them from contributing to the already-existing population.

.The problem is that rats reproduce at an incredible rate,. ContraPest CEO Ken Siegel said. .You just can’t kill them fast enough to offset that reproduction rate. And so ContraPest is really the only solution that’s out there that deals with the second half of the equation, which is birth rate..

If you can’t just kill them… then birth-control them.

San Francisco and Los Angeles . which are both among the top five “rattiest” cities in 2021, according to Orkin’s annual report . were among the cities to start using ContraPest as a method of pest management after California banned the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides. Those include some familiar brand-names such as d-Con, Hot Shot and Talon.

For decades, Marxists have used their control of California to force the nation’s manufacturers to choose between complying with insane Commiefornian environmentalist regulations, or losing access to 25% of the American economy. But the Marxists have used that sledgehammer so often that it broke. You haven’t seen it in the headlines yet, but the silver lining of supply lines crashes and the spiking inflation rate is that manufacturers are choosing to abandon California instead of expensively and constantly retooling their products. They don’t have enough stock to satisfy existing demand in the other 75% of America so there’s no longer any loss to be suffered.

It sucks for me personally, but “not for sale in California” is rapidly and finally becoming a thing.

ContraPest has been found to help decrease rat populations by over 90% based on studies done at various locations, including in Washington and a poultry facility in California, according to Brandy Pyzna, the vice president of research and regulatory affairs at the company.

.I think in the pest control industry, at least in the US, the idea of fertility control, they’ve heard about it, but it’s not widely understood why it’s beneficial,. Pyzna said. .It does take a lot of education to explain to people why you wouldn’t just kill..

It’s simple. You wouldn’t just kill those mammals because some of them still have guns.

Fisking the SBC Abuse Report 3: A Hot Flag Prediction

I keep getting distracted from the series that I do. It doesn’t help that the one-offs tend to be more popular. But my material doesn’t usually time out on me.

Part 2

Part 1

I was going to describe how, based on Guidepost Solutions’ recommendations, clergy are now reaping their whirlwind. They’re about to suffer the way they made the laymen suffer, by women taking their complaints to a higher level of church government in confidence that she’ll be believed no matter how baldfaced the lie. I was going to laugh at cuck-clergy for getting a double dose of pure, weapons-grade karma.

But there’s no longer any point to the SBC Abuse Report.

Guidepost Solutions. LGBT pride tweet sparks uproar in SBC

h ttps://

By Leonardo Blair, 10 June 2022

Guidepost Solutions, the investigative firm that recently produced a report on how the Southern Baptist Convention’s leadership mishandled sexual abuse allegations, is coming under fire from high-profile leaders in the denomination over a tweet supporting LGBT pride.

Guidepost is committed to strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion and strives to be an organization where our team can bring their authentic selves to work,” the firm declared in a tweet Monday. “We celebrate our collective progress toward equality for all and are proud to be an ally to our LGBTQ+ community.”

Oookay, then. We’re done with that lying lie of a lie Abuse Report. Ain’t nobody gonna believe it no more. It was written by pedophilia advocates on behalf of SJW infiltrators in SBC leadership, and their hatred is boiling over to the point that they’re even sabotaging themselves in order to make their hatred of us known.

Those poor grillers aren’t even allowed to believe the lies anymore.

The Regime is losing control. The signs are everywhere. Abortion has driven them to doxx Supreme Court justices and make assassination attempts at them. The vaxx injuries are piling up so fast that they invented SADS, and just that acronym is a massive fuck-you to the people who submitted to the Fauci jabby. The Jan.6 hearings have finally started but are drawing less interest than CNN+. Russia won the Ukraine conflict and is the stronger for all the sanctions inflicted. Monkeypox lockdown trial balloons are not floating well. There’s even a Boston anarchist group that’s stepped up its game from divesting from Israel into doxxing Israeli control of Fedgov.

US, Israeli officials call out Boston group over ‘mapping project’ linking Jewish groups to media, government

h ttps://

By Ronn Blitzer, 9 June 2022

A Boston-area group that opposes Israel is facing accusations of antisemitic “scapegoating” and conspiracy theorizing after it promoted a project that alleged ties between Jewish groups, the media, and government institutions, while posting their addresses online.

BDS Boston, which supports the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, posted an endorsement of the Mapping Project, claiming that various organizations and institutions are “structurally tied” to police, American imperialism, evictions, and the oppression of Palestinians.

The project features a map with markers for 482 agencies, organizations, media outlets, and politicians, including local police departments, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, Massachusetts Sens. Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, the Boston Globe, and groups such as the Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston, Jewish Arts Collaborative, and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts.

“Our goal in pursuing this collective mapping was to reveal the local entities and networks that enact devastation, so we can dismantle them,” the project’s website says. “Every entity has an address, every network can be disrupted.”

Israeli and American governments teaming up to suppress that is only going to prove them right.

And inflation is crippling the ability of the public to be distracted from it all. And worst of all for them, Christians are finding their courage. My last post was not unique.

Texas Pastor Calls for Gay People to Be Shot in the Head

h ttps://

By Donald Padgett, 10 June 2022

A pastor at a church in Texas labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center delivered a sermon calling for the government execution of LGBTQ+ folks, and it’s not the first time he’s made such disturbing calls for violence.

In his sermon entitled, Why We Won’t Shut Up, Dillon Awes of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Hurst said gay men were predatory pedophiles who have either committed sex crimes against a child or just haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, leading him to the conclusion that “We need to put these people to death through the proper channels of the government..

He’s right in the boldfaced. Even school policy says he’s right. “Kids must be sodomized regardless of their parents’ consent or even knowledge.”

Awes and the Stedfast Baptist Church are in the midst of an anti-Pride month where he visits various local churches and organizations celebrating Pride, and films himself calling these churches blasphemous and tools of satan.

I bet he was a griller just a few months ago. Possibly he’s controlled opposition instead… but this has been a LONG time in coming.

Last month, another preacher at the church, Jonathan Shelley, made the news for his call to commit violence against LGBTQ+ people. At an Arlington City Council meeting in May, Shelley railed against Pride, saying the Bible teaches “we should hate pride, not celebrate it..

.God.s already ruled that murder, adultery, witchcraft, rape, bestiality, and homosexuality are crimes worthy of capital punishment,. he said.

Stedfast Baptist Church’s website says the government should impose the death penalty for homosexuality, but “Christians should not take the law into their own hands..

The Regime is losing control at the speed of Internet. Thus, I predict that this year will see a hot flag: the government publicly and intentionally massacring a dissident population in order to terrorize the country. Think Waco Incident.

They can no longer contain their hatred of us, and they’re becoming desperate also. Our fate is not going to be the slow burn.

I don’t know if their target will be Christian or anarchist and I admit that my track record as a prophet is suck. Although I did predict the 2020 riots.

Not the ending I expected, for fisking a pack of lies.

Witch-Hag Smackdown! Mayor Jack Hilligoss Wins For Christ And Fathers

Ahh, it’s finally happening. Sodomizing public schoolchildren in full view of everybody but the kids. parents did the trick. The tide is turning against feminism! Just in time for Pride Month!


h ttps://

By Gary White, 9 June 2022

A Lake Wales woman is accusing Mayor Jack Hilligoss of religious discrimination in blocking her from giving an invocation before Tuesday’s City Commission meeting.

Juanita Zwaryczuk recently asked the city to add her name to a list of substitutes available to offer invocations when the official chaplain, the Rev. James Moyer, is unavailable. Zwaryczuk said she is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, a non-denominational religious organization, and regularly hosts small meditation gatherings at her home.

Ah, the ULC, the paperwork bypass for “thou must be government-credentialed to be clergy.” But Christians don’t do meditation gatherings. *checks* It’s a reiki class.

It.s a WIIITCH!!!

City Clerk Jennifer Nanek said she put Zwaryczuk’s name on the backup list and contacted her about giving the invocation for Tuesday’s meeting when she learned Moyer would not be there.

Standard entryist procedure, opening the door and lowering the defenses. .It’s HER turn!.

But Hilligoss overruled that arrangement. In an email, he told Nanek that Zwaryczuk didn’t meet the city’s guidelines.

Lake Wales formalized its invocation process in 2020 after Sarah Ray, then leader of the Atheist Community of Polk County, presented the message before a City Commission meeting. Two commissioners reportedly walked out while Ray was speaking.

Good on them, especially if they were meeting in-person during the Plandemic. Doubly good that they rewrote the bylaws to keep out the witches.

The commission appointed Moyer, a Christian pastor and a retired professor, as chaplain. The city also adopted an ordinance requiring those who give invocations to be leaders of a religious organization in the city.

Reiki meetings in the home don’t count!

In an email sent Monday afternoon, Hilligoss questioned whether Zwaryczuk and another volunteer, Charlene Bennett, were clergy or leaders of an established religious congregation. He said that the Rev. Scott Markley of First Baptist Church of Lake Wales would be attending the meeting to join in a proclamation of Responsible Fatherhood Month and suggested asking him to give the invocation.

The commission shut the door against feminist anti-Christs, then two years later the feminist city clerk added two feminist pastorettes to the “approved” list? I wonder if Nanek is a new hire… she certainly needs to be the Next Fired, or she.ll continue sabotaging the Christians.

There’s no way a cuck wouldn’t have bent the rules to allow a wimminz in. These guys be real deal!

Nanek replied that Zwaryczuk is an ordained minister and leads a spiritual group at her home, while Bennett “represents or is part of a secular organization..

In response, Hilligoss wrote that neither Zwaryczuk nor Bennett represented one of established religious organizations on a list compiled to find potential leaders of invocations.

Thinking ahead! .Your organization isn’t on our approved list.” That’s how you win in current year!

.If the Commission feels the procedure needs to be amended in some way in the future that is fine,. Hilligoss wrote. “But for now I think we should follow the resolution that they took the time to carefully work through together. To that end, at least until we are able to clarify that we are indeed following the resolution as written, I think it would be best to see if one of the persons who clearly meets the criteria we have listed is asked to offer the invocation..

Markley indeed offered the invocation at Tuesday’s meeting.

And so were fathers honored at the meeting instead of drag queens. Almighty God approves!

Zwaryczuk briefly addressed the matter during public comments before criticizing the commission for not issuing a proclamation for LGBTQ Pride Month.

.I.ll start by making it known that for the past three weeks I’ve been scheduled to give the invocation at this meeting,. Zwaryczuk. .I was informed late (Monday) that Mayor Hilligoss had my name removed from the list of ministers who could perform that duty and scheduled another in my place. Apparently, the spiritual community that I represent, as an ordained minister, is not acceptable to the mayor..

Damn skippy! You child-molesting LGBT freakjob witch anarcho-tyrants are NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

El Salvador Doesn’t Need Helicopter Rides

This started off as a hilariously Red Pill reading of El Salvador’s recent crackdown on violent street gangs… pregnant girlfriends most affected… but it quickly diverged into a failed color revolution and a nation’s remarkably competent leadership breaking free of the banksters.

‘It’s a war on the people’: El Salvador’s mass arrests send thousands into despair

h ttps://

By Tom Phillips in Salcoatitán, 8 June 2022

Let’s try that headline again.

‘It’s a war on the whores’: El Salvador’s mass arrests of violent young men send thousands of their lovers into despair

Only a few weeks ago, Sandra García was looking forward to the brighter future Nayib Bukele promised El Salvador’s opportunity-starved youth when he swept to power three years ago.

“I gave him my vote believing we’d have a better life,” said the 23-year-old, one of hundreds of thousands of young Salvadorans who chose the authoritarian-minded millennial as their president.

Bukele is only age 41.


h ttps://

El Salvador’s murder rate decreased to historic lows during Bukele’s tenure, falling by over 50 percent during his first year in office. Although Bukele attributed the decrease in murders to his deployment of thousands of police and soldiers to gang strongholds and an increase in prison security, his government has been accused by the United States of secretly negotiating with Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) to reduce the number of murders. Between March and June 2022, Bukele’s government arrested over 37,000 people with gang affiliations after a significant spike in murders, leading to accusations of human rights violations being committed by El Salvador’s security forces.

He’s getting good results AND the GAE accuses him of playing footsie with organized crime like it always does? I am already impressed with Bukele.

Bukele… has been accused of governing in an authoritarian manner. On 9 February 2020, Bukele was criticized for sending soldiers into the Legislative Assembly to encourage the passage of a bill that would fund additional purchases of equipment for the police and armed forces. On 1 May 2021, he led a move to fire the attorney general and five supreme court judges of El Salvador, which the United States Department of State and Organization of American States (OAS) denounced as democratic backsliding.

Authoritarian, maybe; anti-GAE, absolutely!

Following the approval of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador on 7 September 2021, protests against Bukele’s government took place.

Anti-GAE is CONFIRMED WITH AUTHORITY! He’s running the banksters out of town!

In February 2018, The Times of Israel published an image of Bukele “in deep reflection at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.”

He married Gabriela Rodríguez, a psychologist and educator, on 6 December 2014. In 2018, Bukele told the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, that Rodríguez has “Jewish-Sephardic blood”.

Sounds like he had a smooth entry into the GAE… foreign-loyal, ruled over by his Jewess wife… whence the falling out?

In February 2020, Bukele wanted to secure a 109 million dollar loan from the United States to go to increase funding for the [anti-gang] Territorial Control Plan.

So far, he sounds like a typical GAE plant.

…On 1 May 2021, Nuevas Ideas made a coalition with three other political parties, gaining control of two thirds of the legislature. On the same day, the Legislative Assembly voted to remove the five justices of the Supreme Court’s constitutional court and Raúl Melara, El Salvador’s attorney general. The event has been condemned as a self-coup by opposition politicians, accusing Bukele and Nuevas Ideas of committing a power grab. The incident was condemned by the United States and has been cited as an instance of democratic backsliding.

It WAS a coup, obviously, but a nationalist one. Opening theory, Bukele is a skilled politician who saw a chance to help his nation AND secure himself in power at the same time… and to judge from the timing, that loan was merely a robbery of Wall Street to pay for the “regime change”! Methinks it ain’t gonna be paid back.

On 17 May 2021, the United States named five of Bukele’s ministers and aides as being corrupt… Following the report, the United States diverted funding to El Salvador away from government institutions, instead giving funding to civil society groups.

Color revolution INCOMING!

On 4 June 2021, Bukele placed Ernesto Muyshondt, who succeeded Bukele as Mayor of San Salvador from 2018 to 2021, under house arrest on suspicions of electoral fraud and illegal negotiations with gangs to gain votes for ARENA in the 2014 presidential election. Muyshondt had just been named by Luis Almagro, the General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), as one of his anti-corruption advisors, and as a result, El Salvador withdrew from the Organization of American States’ anti-corruption accord.

Bukele nipped it in the bud. You rock, world’s coolest dictator. (His words, not mine)

End segue

Those dreams imploded when the man she planned to marry, Juan José Ibáñez García, was seized during of one of the most ferocious security crackdowns in recent Latin American history.

Two days later Ibáñez – who friends and family say worked in a local pizzeria and had no links to crime – was moved to a maximum-security penitentiary housing many of the 38,000-plus people the government claims to have imprisoned since the offensive began in late March. A fortnight later the 21-year-old was dead – one of at least 35 prisoners who have reportedly died in mysterious circumstances since Bukele declared a draconian state of exception supposedly designed to annihilate his country’s gangs.

He was a goot boy g’wan ta college.., who was inexplicably accused of being a violent ganger, then unnecessarily transferred to high security, where he still ended up dead in a violent confrontation that his dreamy-eyed girlfriend insists wasn’t his fault. Hmm.

Many of El Salvador’s 6 million citizens are delighted at the assault on US-born gangs, which have wreaked havoc since taking root here after the 12-year civil war ended in 1992. “He’s been rounding up all these scoundrels … we feel so much safer,” said Sandra López, 61, a supporter who attended a recent pro-Bukele demo in downtown San Salvador. Polls show Bukele has become even more popular since the state of exception started, with approval ratings of more than 90%.

That percentage seems legit, which is unreal and per the mathematical concept of regression, not going to last. I know my country exports many evils but street gangs surprise me. *checks* sigh, Drumpf Derangement Syndrome.


How the US helped create El Salvador’s bloody gang war

h ttps://

In 2015, homicides in El Salvador rivalled the most violent peak of the civil war, and it ranks consistently among the world’s most violent nations…

The story of El Salvador’s gang problem is a study in shortsighted thinking – from governments in Washington and San Salvador, on both sides of the political spectrum – that has backfired disastrously. In his first State of the Union address, President Donald Trump railed against “the savage gang MS-13”, and called on Congress “to finally close the deadly loopholes that have allowed MS-13, and other criminals, to break into our country.”

The gang is the president’s favourite public menace to invoke in his bid to convince US voters that illegal immigration constitutes an urgent crisis and a threat to national security…

Obviously biased article is biased. What would life be like, if I lived among only people who thought like I did? Even here in the Manosphere and Dissident Right, we have many strong disagreements with each other. Yet we still hang out together and given half a chance, cooperate. Frankly, we’re the better off (and know it) because we challenge each other’s ideas.

Rather than a problem to be deported away, however, the reality of the gang is considerably more complex. Born out of the ecology of Los Angeles’s fierce gang warfare, MS-13 was founded in the 1980s by Salvadoran refugees who had been hardened in a brutal civil war still raging at home. In time, the gang expanded to include other nationalities, and it spread to other American cities. Today, in the US, it numbers no more than 10,000 members and functions mostly – its penchant for sensational violence aside – like an average American street gang, fighting to control neighborhood turf and local drug sales.

That is a lie. Living in Los Angeles and working for a utility company, I was assigned to gang territory specifically because I was white. All the white gangs had been persecuted into oblivion, thus… paradoxically… the barrios were safer for native whites than for the imported diversity.

The smug hippie liberal bubble boy writing this article has no idea how much violence overlooks him simply because he’s not perceived as a competitor.

In the late 90s, the Latino gangs of LA found an export mechanism: in response to MS-13’s growing clout and amid Bill Clinton’s immigration crackdown, the US began deporting foreign-born residents convicted of wide-ranging crimes. Thousands of convicts were sent back to the Northern Triangle each year – the neighboring Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Among them were members of MS-13 and their LA rivals, the Eighteenth Street gang, or Barrio 18. In a region reeling from endemic poverty, wars and political violence, the struggle for survival and dominance of these Americanised gangsters produced a sociological phenomenon.

Export mechanism? Americanized? Screw you, bubble boy. I’m a Los Angeleno who lived what you described. Those murderers were imported specifically to murder. Ninety percent of the murders in Los Angeles, 90s-00s, were by illegal immigrant gang enforcers because they faced no punishment worse than deportation. Hell, the authorities would PAY for their return faster than the police could trace the bullets!

Thus did LA’s politics encourage the immigration of the most violent members of Central/South American gangs. Don’t blame Trump for pushing against that; it’s one of the things he did right despite you.

El Salvador had small, disorganised neighbourhood gangs before. But, according to a popular view in El Salvador, these mass deportations changed everything in the country. Many have come to believe that the US got rid of its problem at El Salvador’s expense. The state’s institutions had been gutted by conflict, poverty and corruption. The deportees came back from the streets of LA with tattoos and baggy clothes and brought along with them gang culture, urban warfare tactics and criminal networks from prison. The Salvadoran youths, a generation of jobless foot soldiers who made easy recruits, flocked to their banner. The maras have since drawn three generations into an escalating cycle of conflict that offers no easy escape. Today, the countries of the Northern Triangle, where the maras predominate, rank among the world’s highest murder rates and account for 75% of the migrants arriving at the southern US border. The maras, in this analysis, are the primary and most urgent problem facing countries such as El Salvador.

Which is it, you piece-of-shit Dumbocrats? Are illegal immigrants only coming here hoping for a better life, or is El Salvador the murder capitol of the world because Trump sent them back?

El Salvador’s government and its law enforcement have been quick to support this view. According to Salvadoran government numbers, there are 60,000 gang members and some 10% of the population are dependent on or otherwise tied to the gangs – in a country of just over 6 million.

Bukele imprisoning 30,000 suspected gangers is reasonable given that context. And no, it’s not America’s fault if we return the criminals. At least, not the ordinary Americans.

There remains the GAE, that vast, institutional evil that has organized this massive migration. You don’t really think all those poor people are traveling to USA on foot with no supplies, do you? No, the effort is well- and internationally-coordinated, and the media is careful never to discuss HOW they’re getting here.

So far as the headlines tell you, migrants just appear at the border, shoeless and hungry.

End segue

But the crackdown has been a nightmare for the hundreds of women who have been sleeping rough outside La Esperanza [prison], desperately seeking information about loved ones arrested on vague charges.

Uh-huh. Bucky Beta doesn’t have any woman (mothers excepted) holding a candlelight vigil for his release just outside the prison gates. For weeks.

“This isn’t a war on gangs, it’s a war on the people,” seethed one woman from the city of Santa Ana who was looking for her brother and asked not to be named.

Further up the street sat a woman in even greater distress. Mari Hernández said her partner, Saul Gómez, had worked at a sugar-grinding plant until police arrested him at their home in late April.

“They said it was an order from the president that people should be brought in whether or not they were criminals … and that if they didn’t detain him they’d be arrested themselves for not following the law,” claimed the pregnant 24-year-old.

Pregnant and not married? I thought El Salvador was Catholic. I bet 90% of it is… the 90% glad to see the government ending those up-to-fifty murders per day.

Police don’t arrest people “just because” during a major operation against specific targets. I’m not saluting them or anything, just pointing out the obvious fact that they don’t have the spare time to fool around for no good reason in that situation.

The officers told Hernández her 25-year-old partner would soon be free – but five weeks later he remained behind bars while she was two weeks away from giving birth.

It is not difficult to understand why the authorities are eager to depict El Salvador’s violence as the original sin. Doing so has allowed the Salvadoran regime to blame the cause not only on a gang culture imported from the US…

Per Wikipedia, Bukele went on record on Twitter not wanting his people to leave for USA. He’s not upset that some of them are coming back.

…but on often simplified notions of crime that have little to do with difficult and costly political solutions.

Hehheh. “‘Lock ’em up’ doesn’t work because it’s too simple a response! We need a political solution! Specifically, a regime change to somebody that Creepy Joe Biden says is okay!”

And in case you weren’t already thinking CIA:

Bukele declared his “war on gangs” on Sunday 27 March after an explosion of bloodshed shocking even for a country that until recently was considered the most violent on Earth. El Salvador’s murder rate has plummeted since the populist took power in 2019 – allegedly thanks to a secret pact with leaders of the Mara Salvatrucha gang. But on the eve of the crackdown – in a wave of attacks seemingly calculated to puncture one of Bukele’s key claims to success – 62 people were murdered in a single day.

“That Saturday was just horrifying … I told my kids not to go out because things were really messy,” said Jorge Beltrán, a crime reporter who has covered the gangs for more than two decades. “Once, on the most terrible day, there were something like 50 [murders]. But 60-something? This had never happened before.”

One body was dumped at the entrance to Bukele’s pet project: a resort town nicknamed Surf City with which the former advertising executive hopes to boost the economy and rebrand El Salvador as a tropical paradise for sunseekers and cryptocurrency fans.

It was a huge blow to the president’s public image – and image is so important to him, that he needed to come up with something that had never been done before,” said Tiziano Breda, a Central America analyst from Crisis Group.

Immediately before implementing something that had obviously been planned in advance, “street gangs” attempted to cripple El Salvador’s tourism industry in a way that would make Bukele look weak. Then a globalist NGO claimed that the subsequent, planned crackdown is only because Bukele is protecting his ego.

Three things to know about Crisis Group:

  1. It’s headquartered in Brussels
  2. To “prevent war”, which is a euphemism for preserving the international status quo and
  3. Its CEO is a Kenyan named Comfort Ero.

Closer to ego than eros, I would guess.

Bukele’s “something” was a state of exception that was immediately approved by the parliament his party overwhelmingly controls.

So much for Crisis Group’s theory that Bukele was protecting himself.

The results have been jaw-dropping, with more people arrested during the last two months than in the whole of last year – most of them young and underprivileged men and women whose names and photographs are splashed across state media each day. “It is really, really stunning,” said Breda. “This is an all-out, nationwide operation to capture anyone who may have or has had any relationship to gangs.”

Wow, a high-level politician is taking risks to defend his nation’s national security and people. Jaw-dropping indeed!

The tourism minister, Morena Valdez, celebrated the crackdown during a visit to Surf City, where an international surfing competition was taking place. “For the tourist sector it has been a boom,” Valdez said.

Tourism is up! Murder is down! This is a problem because it made the people love their leader!

Yet critics see the state of exception as the latest phase in El Salvador’s march towards tyranny under a messianic leader who has already amassed huge power and sarcastically calls himself “the world’s coolest dictator”.

I’m sure Bukele is no saint, but he might just be… indeed… the world’s coolest dictator.

Because in addition to securing a nationalist government, at GAE’s expense no less, then heading off a retaliatory color revolution, then cracking down on street gangs that GAE has begun funding instead of his government… guessing that latter from GAE’s projection, constantly accusing Bukele of allying with organized crime… and then giving the ultimate F-U to GAE banksters by taking his entire economy Bitcoin, Bukele is proving to be way more interesting than all the single suits of North America combined.

He’s actually doing stuff. And the popped cherry on top, is all the unmarried skanks crying that her lover is now rotting in a prison cell.

We should do something about that.

Methinks that the next great advancement in criminal justice, will be when we start going after the bad guys by going through young women outside male authority.

Maybe civil-rights protections should only be for men? Women will either enjoy those protections by proxy, by belonging to a man, or police can check up on her at will to determine who she’s texting all the time.

I bet we could end the drug war by declaring a War On Skanks instead. The benefit of the drug war has always been 1. the ease of prosecution for possession, plus 2. the people who deal drugs tend to be criminal lowlifes in general.

Nailing them for fornication instead has… possibilities.

Taser Manufacturer Axon Goes Skynet On Schoolchildren

Even if the circumstances of the Uvalde shooting itself had been insufficient, the aftermath confirms it as a Deep State operation. While calls for moar ghun lawz are typical, some Swamp Creatures have been entirely too bold with the Narrative for it to have been unplanned.

Swamp Creatures such as Axon Corp. CEO Rick Smith, nursing a serious case of MIC envy.

Firm proposes Taser-armed drones to stop school shootings

h ttps://

By Matt O’Brien and Michael Balsamo, 3 June 2022

Taser developer Axon said this week it is working to build drones armed with the electric stunning weapons that could fly in schools and “help prevent the next Uvalde, Sandy Hook, or Columbine.” But its own technology advisers quickly panned the idea as a dangerous fantasy.

From zero to Dilbert in one paragraph!

The publicly traded company, which sells Tasers and police body cameras, floated the idea of a new police drone product last year to its artificial intelligence ethics board, a group of well-respected experts in technology, policing and privacy.


Some of them expressed reservations about weaponizing drones in over-policed communities of color. But they were not expecting Axon’s Thursday announcement that it wants to send those Taser-equipped drones into classrooms to prevent mass shootings by immobilizing an intruding gunman.


In an interview with The Associated Press, Axon founder and CEO Rick Smith said he felt compelled to make the idea public after the mass shooting at an Uvalde, Texas elementary school, saying he was “catastrophically disappointed” in the response by police who didn’t move in to kill the suspect for more than an hour.


I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. Hmm… “Dick, I’m VERY disappointed” or something?


Axon’s stock price rose with the news. But the announcement angered members of the ethics board, some of whom are now likely to quit in protest.

I HAVE seen this movie before!

It was only a matter of time until the MIC started asking what it could do about the problem of school shooters. Other than, y’know, ending child genital mutilation and related psychosexual experiments in the absence of fathers.

“This particular idea is crackpot,” said Barry Friedman, a New York University law professor who sits on the Axon AI Ethics Board. “Drones can’t fly through closed doors. The physical properties of the universe still hold. So unless you have a drone in every single classroom in America, which seems insane, the idea just isn’t going to work.”

Dude, don’t say things like that to weapon manufacturers.

Friedman said it was a “dangerous and fantastical idea” that went far beyond the proposal for a Taser-equipped police drone that board members — some of them former or current police officials — had been debating in recent months.


“We begged the company not to do it,” Friedman said of the company’s announcement. “It was unnecessary and shameful.”


The product idea had been kicked around at Axon since at least 2019 and the company has been working to try to figure out whether a drone with a Taser was even a feasible idea. Over the last year, the company created computer-generated art renderings to mock up a product design and conducted an internal test to see if Taser darts — which transmit an immobilizing electric jolt — could be fired from a flying drone, Smith said. He added that he had discussed the possibility of developing such a product with the ethics board.


“And they said no but I went public anyway because…”


…he stressed Friday that no product had been launched and any potential launch would be down the road. The idea, he felt, needed to be shared now because of the public conversation about effective ways for police to safely confront attackers and how schools can increase safety.

Because sales. He’s manufacturing demand with which to override his own ethics board.


This is an idea that should get into the public’s consciousness while our minds are open to it…” he said.





Axon just went Skynet AND Clockwork Orange simultaneously.

Board members who spoke with The Associated Press said they were taken aback by the school drone proposal — which they got notice of only earlier this week — and cobbled together a unanimous statement of concern that described Axon’s decision as “deeply regrettable.” The company tweeted out the board’s dissent shortly after its own statement Thursday announcement.


“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were resignations,” said another ethics board member, Ryan Calo, a law professor at the University of Washington. “I think everyone on the board has to make a choice about whether they want to stay involved.”


Friedman and Calo both described this week’s process as a sharp turnaround from the respectful relationship that Axon executives have had with the board in recent years on controversial topics such as face recognition — which Axon decided against using in its body cameras — and automated license plate readers.


“Sometimes the company takes our advice and sometimes it doesn’t,” Friedman said. “What’s important is that happens after thoughtful discussion and coordination. That was thrown out the window here.”


Smith said the company is still in the very early phases of product development and would continue to consult the ethics board, along with law enforcement officials, community leaders and school officials. He acknowledged that the company might later determine that the idea isn’t feasible and abandon it.

The ethics board has been telling him No for over a year and he’s still pushing it. The Enforcement Droid program won’t be abandoned.

But he took issue with the idea that he had ignored the concerns from the ethics board, which is meant to provide guidance and share feedback. Ultimately, the decision still falls to Smith as the company’s chief executive.


“I have not ignored what they have said. People can have debates and disagree,” Smith said. “I think there is one thing the world can see: our [ethics] board is not a whitewash.”


“I hope they don’t resign,” he added.

The derp is over 9000!!!!

On Friday in an “Ask Me Anything” chat on the online forum Reddit. Smith acknowledged that “drones in schools can sound nuts” but went on to answer detailed questions about them. They could travel through school vents, he said, and perch on doors and walls near ceilings. It could be a “good thing” if a gunman tried to shoot one down because it would distract from trying to kill people.


“We’re doing this because we care,” Smith said. “We’re a business so ultimately we have to find a financial model that works, but at the end of the day we’ve been successful because… we solve problems we care about,” he added.

The only ways that could sound worse is…

Smith told a Reddit user that Axon was “absolutely not” trying to capitalize on recent tragedies to attract investors.

…baldfaced lying to 4chan, which TOTALLY won’t come back on him…

He noted the advisory board’s disagreements but said the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas — and what he described as misguided proposals to arm teachers with guns — compelled him to go public with the drone idea to field a “far broader array of voices.”

…and wanting to arm drones because the alternative is arming humans.

Hello, Skynet. Imagine your children playing in a school playground, patrolled overhead by taser-equipped drones ready to “incapacitate” any of them who behaving in a threatening manner.

In fact, don’t imagine. Smith wrote a graphic novel about it.

h ttps://

“I am done waiting for politicians to solve the problem. So we’re going to solve it,” Smith said. “We’re going to do this.”


Smith has promoted the idea for years, even including it in a graphic novel, “The End of Killing,” that shows a drone zapping a gunman rampaging through a day-care center. And in a question-and-answer session on Reddit the day after the announcement, Smith said that he knows the idea might “sound nuts” but that it offers some benefits over “today’s solution” for responding to shootings: “a local person with a gun.”


The shock drones, he said, would be installed in ceiling-mounted “launch stations,” like smoke detectors, and be shielded to prevent “kids throwing stuff at” them. Schools, he said, could install “simple, low-cost vents” above doors to allow the drones to fly into locked rooms, though he also acknowledged that idea could raise “some fire code issues” related to smoke ventilation.


The drones could fire a payload of up to four shock probes more than 40 feet, he said, and deliver a sustained current of electricity to incapacitate an attacker long enough for people nearby to kill them or take their gun. The drones would be small and hard to shoot at, he wrote, and “after running out of darts, we could ram the drone into someone to physically distract” them.

Here’s a link to that “End of Killing” graphic novel. I post two pictures of it here: one is that just-described system taking out a child at a school, and the next, just a couple pages later, is the same system taking out a jihadist in Syria. Smith intended from the beginning for this drone to be dual-use, just like ED-209.

How could this system NOT be designed to pacify a target population?

Schools or police agencies, he said, would pay an estimated fee of about $1,000 a year per drone, and the company would sell them only in markets where “they would not be used abusively.”

Fuck drones, this guy figured out how to predict the future! Oops, no, he’s just straight-up lying to us and not caring if we notice. What’s the truth, then?

“Once we get the bugs worked out on a captive civilian population, we can resell the system to the military where the real money is to be made.” Signed, Dick Jones of Omni Consumer Products.

The Federal Aviation Administration in 2018 banned anyone from flying a drone with a dangerous weapon attached. But Smith said such “legal limitations” could be resolved over time; Taser weapons and body cameras, he noted, had also been illegal in some states before Axon had started marketing them.

Laws are only for little people!

In the Reddit session, Smith was asked how he would handle pushback from parents not wanting flying shock machines near their children. “Many parents would likely find this situation more comfortable than an armed guard stationed at the school,” he said.

Not including the parents he was talking to, apparently, but haters gonna hate.

…The response on Reddit was scalding. Some commenters worried that the drones would be misused to punish students, break up fights or police protests, or that they would lead to unintended consequences, such as more people getting shot after the gunman was shocked.

My thoughts exactly. School authorities aren’t going to buy this system and then not use it until they’re forced to. Not when total control of their psychosexual-experiment subjects is so tantalizingly close.

And not when the drone maker needs test data to gain the Pentagon’s approval.

Wrote [one participant], “We sure do love addressing symptoms instead of root causes don’t we.”