The Link Between Fentanyl and Havana Syndrome Is. PANIC!

*GunnerQ scans the daily crime headlines*

Police officer overdoses on fentanyl during vehicle search, saved by Narcan

It happens, man. Gotta wear gloves these days.

Doctors claim it was just a panic attack because fentanyl can’t do that.

Eh? Cop was male… male cops don’t have panic attacks.

Don’t believe the DEA and CDC. The cop had a panic attack. Nothing to see here except a pattern emerging across North America which means nothing at all.

We got a live one! *GunnerQ snaps gloves on*

Police officers are collapsing after touching fentanyl, but experts say you can’t overdose from skin contact. The likelier story? Panic attacks.

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By Erin Schumaker, 27 October 2021

Occam’s Razor… FAILED!!!

The video is harrowing: It shows a San Diego deputy crumpling to the ground in a parking lot after accidentally touching white powder during an arrest.

“I got you, OK? I’m not going to let you die,” someone said in a voice-over. Then someone yelled, “I need Narcan!”

In the video, Deputy David Faiivae, the officer in training who collapsed, wiped away a tear after describing how his lungs locked up that day in July.

“I almost died of a fentanyl overdose,” Faiivae, 32, said. Then Bill Gore, the sheriff of San Diego County, appeared on-screen with a public-service message.

“Being exposed to just a few small grains of fentanyl could have deadly consequences,” Gore said. He added, “Please take the time to share this video.”

But experts say you can’t overdose from touching fentanyl. So why did the San Diego police officer collapse?

Segue to video

h ttps://

It’s bodycam footage but presented in the format of a warning video to law enforcement. Because I can’t archive it, here’s the TL;DR. A San Diego sergeant and trainee were searching a vehicle after an arrest (suspect not present, presumably locked in a patrol car). Upon opening the vehicle, bags leaking a white power resembling fentanyl were located in plain sight. The trainee was not shown even touching the substance but while standing next to the vehicle, he suddenly lost balance, collapsed and went into respiratory arrest.

Per the interviewed training sergeant, symptoms included the trainee’s eyes rolling back into his head. Narcan, an emergency treatment for opioid overdose, was credited by the Sherriff for saving the trainee’s life.

That’s not a panic attack. There wasn’t even an environmental stressor… no screaming people, brightly lit day etc. It really sounds like a drug overdose.

End segue

It’s not that fentanyl isn’t dangerous. A record 93,000 drug-overdose deaths were reported last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, and potent synthetic opioids such as fentanyl are the most common drugs involved in those deaths.

But skin contact with fentanyl is different, experts say.

“The only way to overdose is from injecting, snorting, or some other way of ingesting it,” Dr. Ryan Marino, the medical director of toxicology at University Hospitals in Cleveland, told The New York Times. “You cannot overdose from secondhand contact.”

Snorting? As in, inhaling? That would be a very nasty drug, if you can OD as quickly as you smell it.

Marino is such a Social Justice Warrior of an ER doc, I’ll have a postscript at the end to dishonor him.

Moreover, the symptoms people describe after touching fentanyl vary widely, from dizziness to blurry vision to heart palpitations.

No. Drugs do NOT vary widely in their symptoms, excepting allergic reactions which don’t apply here. I find it very hard to believe that you can get dosed on fentanyl by casual exposure but never overdosed. The only difference is *ahem* dosage.

“Passive exposure to fentanyl does not result in clinical toxicity,” Dr. Lewis Nelson, the director of the medical toxicology division at Rutgers Medical School, wrote in a STAT News op-ed in 2018. He added that the reactions usually resolve on their own, and faster than the drug’s effects should last.

“They aren’t consistent with the signs and symptoms of opioid poisoning – the triad of slowed breathing, decreased consciousness, and pinpoint pupils,” Nelson wrote.

Segue to that 2018 op-ed:

.Passive. fentanyl exposure: more myth than reality

h ttps://

By Lewis S. Nelson and Jeanmarie Perrone, 21 December 2018

The news reports are alarming: Merely being in a room or in close contact with fentanyl, an increasingly popular opioid narcotic, can poison you, they say.

Perhaps the best known report of passive casualties from fentanyl is a 2017 news account that went viral. In it, an East Liverpool, Ohio, police officer brushed a white powder off his uniform, lost consciousness within an hour, and awakened after being given a dose of naloxone, a drug that quickly reverses the effects of opioids.

Was that a panic attack?

Reports of fentanyl-related passive toxicity has led to the release of hyperbolic warnings and burdensome recommendations by Drug Enforcement Administration, including the use of extensive personal protective equipment, such as gloves, paper coveralls, eye protection, and even particulate respirators. We believe that such responses to passive casualties from fentanyl are excessive and may actually interfere with the ability of first responders and others to do their jobs.

That didn’t age well. The Plandemic says hello!

All of these moves appear driven by concerns about the perceived risk of passive exposure to synthetic drugs, especially fentanyl and its analogs, by law enforcement personnel and first responders. Although mitigating risk is laudable, the risks of transient exposure have been blown out of proportion by media coverage.

One of the issues with this dramatization of fentanyl toxicity is that it further stigmatizes substance users as contagious and dangerous. That can potentially delay care to those who need prompt rescue and treatment. This trepidation is reminiscent of the fear of caring for people with HIV in the 1980s.

His motivation for countering alarmism is to protect the reputations of drug addicts? “If you wear all that safety gear then people will be scared to be around junkies shooting up!” That has nothing to do with the question of PPE for fentanyl.

There is clear evidence that passive exposure to fentanyl does not result in clinical toxicity. Descriptions of the signs and symptoms of those who have supposedly experienced passive toxicity vary widely. They include dizziness, blurry vision, pallor, weakness, sweatiness, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart palpitations, anxiety, and occasionally seizure-like activity. These findings are usually transient and resolve on their own, often far faster than would be expected, and are incompatible with the known duration of the drug’s effect. What’s more, they aren’t consistent with the signs and symptoms of opioid poisoning . the triad of slowed breathing, decreased consciousness, and pinpoint pupils.

That training video had slowed breathing, loss of consciousness, rolled-back eyes… and to be fair, possible dizziness. Which of these sets of symptoms is the correct one for opioids?

It.s also important to put into context the practical risk of exposure to fentanyl. Pharmacists have been working with fentanyl for years, without reports of passive exposure. The same holds for surgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, and others working in operating rooms and emergency departments, where fentanyl is routinely administered as a pain reliever.

A little amateur research indicates that medicinal fentanyl is provided in forms that preclude accidental exposure, from liquids to patches to lollipops. It seems that these medical personnel don’t work with street versions of the drug… and I notice that chemical forms of fentanyl also vary.

I searched for specific examples and found this interesting story.

A Guide to Fentanyl Touch Overdoses, Which Do Not Exist

h ttps://

By Claire Zagorski, 11 August 2021

Once as a paramedic student, I accidentally sprayed fentanyl in my face. It was my first time administering the medication, and a patient with a broken ankle was lying on the gurney in front of me, tensed uncomfortably, when the ambulance hit a curb. My thumb was hovering over the syringe’s plunger. I stumbled. The fentanyl squirted out, streamed through the air and splattered onto my cheek.

The patient got a laugh out of this, as did my trainers. This wasn’t cruel of them; I was fine. I didn’t feel any effects at all.

This makes sense, because fentanyl can’t absorb through the skin very well. (There are fentanyl skin patches prescribed for pain, especially among cancer patients, which work very slowly and use additives to help the fentanyl absorb, but they’re in no way analogous to either liquid injectable fentanyl or powdered illicit fentanyl.) But month after month, we see headlines recounting police encounters with fentanyl that lead the police tell it.sudden, dramatic, near-fatal overdose, often requiring multiple doses of naloxone.

A plausible account, since it doesn’t make Claire look good. But the police aren’t faking it… not when it’s an international pattern… and I’m detecting a lot of deception along the lines of “street fentanyl is safe to touch because liquid fentanyl doesn’t absorb through the skin.”

Deputy David Faiivae of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department recently had one such experience, according to a widely circulated video put out by the department. [GQ: linked above] Faiivae had no direct contact with the powder; he was simply standing in its vicinity. Shortly after being warned by his field training officer to stay back from the suspected fentanyl..Hey dude, too close. You can’t get too close to it..Faiivae fell to the ground. He was given four doses of naloxone, after which he returned to his normal self.

What a coincidence, that he had a panic attack that looked like an opioid OD at the exact moment his training officer was warning him to step away from the opioid.

Perhaps unlike Bill Clinton, the trainee DID inhale?

End segue

But the police officer in San Diego wasn’t the only one to collapse. Officers in Ohio, Arkansas, Massachusetts, California, and North Carolina have also struggled to breathe or fainted after touching fentanyl. Faiivae declined to comment on the incident. The New Republic’s “The Politics of Everything” podcast set out to solve this mystery last month, and it concluded that officers were having panic attacks, fueled by misinformation.

“People are probably familiar with what in the 19th century or early 20th century was called hysteria,” Patrick Blanchfield, an associate faculty member at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research who specializes in psychoanalytic theory, told “The Politics of Everything.”

In classic hysteria cases, symptoms present as temporary paralysis, Blanchfield added: “People’s limbs would lock up. They would start screaming, wailing – no apparent reason.”

In modern-day terms, police officers may be experiencing a conversion disorder – when intense stress is converted into physical symptoms, Blanchfield explained. It’s similar to a panic attack.

Blanchfield didn’t think the officers were exaggerating or collapsing on purpose. He believed they were truly scared.

Scared of what? The trainee didn’t have years of pent-up PTSD. There was no indication that the arrest had been violent. And as anybody who’s had to learn a hard field job knows, the presence of a training officer is more of a relief than a stress.

“That suffering is real,” he said.

Your excuse is not, Pat. You could have said “I don’t know.” You could have, being a minor celebrity, probably palmed and sniffed some powdered fentanyl to prove your claims of harmlessness. No doubt a few cops would love to watch the result.

But instead, you actively claimed “panic attacks”. That many police officers, across many jurisdictions and cultures, are having freak panic attacks that respond to Narcan. That don’t resemble the panic attacks caused by poor mental health. Men who trade punches with the insane and clear houses in the dark where bad guys hide with unknown weapons, are traumatized instead by a white powder that you “experts” claim is safe.

You “experts” are lying. I don’t know the cause either… see, it doesn’t hurt to admit ignorance… but I’m not trying to handwave it away, either. Why do you want this topic to go away? so badly that you’ll make obvious lies about it?

Because fentanyl is being used as a population-control method, and the faster it kills, the fewer humans pollute the planet with their existence? I really hope not. But first you globalists said you wanted Earth’s population decimated and now you run the world, so yes, I think you would cull us with deadly-toxic drugs. And then lie about it when police accidentally stand downwind.

Policing is a stressful and dangerous job, so news stories and police reports about officers who are said to have overdosed during drug busts might have led to a contagion effect, in which certain behaviors or actions spread through a group.

“When your whole job is maintaining boundaries, but also those boundaries are unstable and full of contradictions, it’s probably not surprising that people develop conversion disorders and contagion fears specifically, that they seize up or act out,” Blanchfield said.

You know what else people are having panic attacks about these days? Hearing crickets in American embassies.

Havana syndrome: US experts pinpoint origin of mysterious illness in new report

h ttps://

By Sebastian Kettley, 1 October 2021

Testimony from “US experts” is why I don’t stream Netflix for my entertainment needs.

The mystery illness, which was first reported in Cuba in 2016, has followed US embassy staff and military personnel around the globe. Cases of Havana syndrome have been reported in the US, China, UK, Poland, Russia, among others, and most recently in Serbia. Symptoms include pain, dizziness and reports of a high-pitched metallic sound, which has led some to speculate these were targetted attacks by America’s adversaries.

Okay. Plausible.

Russia has frequently come under fire for its alleged involvement in the “attacks” although no one has ever proven any involvement from foreign powers.

Less plausible. Russia Russia Russia! Gotta push the Narrative!

Earlier this month, Iain Boyd, a Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder, claimed weapons harnessing the power of electromagnetic waves could be responsible.

He said: “If Havana syndrome turns out to be caused by weapons that shoot energy beams, they won’t be the first such weapons.

“As an aerospace engineer and former Vice Chair of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, I’ve researched directed energy.

“I can also personally attest to the effectiveness of directed energy weapons.”

VERY plausible! “Hello, I’m an engineer who has built one of them and tried it on myself. So yeah, they exist.”

You can also buy one. Segue to the Soundlazer website!

h ttps://

A non-lethal acoustic weapon is a tool or a device that uses sound to immobilize, deafen, threaten, discourage a target or to disperse crowds of people such as rioters. In some cases, they are handy for addressing crowds and for public safety and for transmitting sound over long distances. In many cases, these devices use technologies like ultrasound and infrasound, where the frequencies emitted by devices are higher or lower than what a normal human being can hear. Some of these weapons also use technologies like the directional sound waves, which makes the sound audible only to those that find themselves in that beam.

Cue the mysterious attack on the US embassy in Havana, Cuba, where an attacker used an unknown sound weapon on the employees within the embassy. The attack was inaudible to the people inside the embassy, but the noise caused a lot of damage. Non-lethal acoustic weapons can be a powerful way to control rioters and generally disturb the receiving party.

Out of stock at the moment, alas. Stupid port bottlenecks delaying shipments of ultrasonic weapons so cutting-edge high tech, they’re still California-legal!

End segue.

So, yeah. It’s an open secret that Havana Syndrome is sonic weapons.


In 2020, a study by the US National Academies of Sciences (NAS), Engineering and Medicine concluded more than 130 victims of Havana syndrome have experienced real symptoms.

But with no tangible culprit in sight, the report only served to deepen the mystery.

The mystery illness was explored by authors Robert Baloh and Robert Bartholomew in their March 2020 book, Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria.

According to the book’s description, Havana syndrome “is one of the most extraordinary cases in the history of science”.

The authors concluded at the time Havana syndrome was not an effort to target US diplomats, but rather a psychogenic illness linked to the mating calls of insects.

Y’know, man… I want them to stop lying… but a part of me would miss the freak show.

And according to a declassified report by the US State Department, their conclusion was right on the money.

The document was obtained by BuzzFeed News and was penned by the JASON advisory group – an independent group of specialists who advise the US government on sensitive matters of science and technology.

The report confirms that “many of the affected individuals describe hearing unusual sounds, and that there are a number of recordings of these sounds”. However, an analysis of these sounds concluded these were most likely mechanical or biological in origin and not electronic. The most likely culprit? The Indies short-tailed cricket (Anurogryllis celerinictus).

The report reads: “The call of this animal matches, in nuanced detail, the spectral properties of the recordings from Cuba once room echoes are taken into account.

“Other hypotheses are also plausible, such as generation by mechanical devices (e.g., a worn pump motor), or structure-borne vibration.”

The report also stated with “high confidence” the reported sounds were “not produced by the nonlinear detection of high power radiofrequency or ultrasound pulses”.

However, the report’s findings seem to contradict the NAS’s 2020 report, which concluded microwaves were the “most plausible” culprit.

The NAS told BuzzFeed: “We are grateful to the JASON Group for their insight, which while coming to no firm conclusions, has assisted us in our ongoing investigation of these incidents.”

Damning with faint praise. “I’m so glad the government spent money on you private contractors in order to make us redundant!” So, they still don’t know what actually caused the sickness but they did hear some Cuban crickets and are certain, CERTAIN that it was NOT a sonic attack.

Which is the best proof you can get, short of being next.

But what’s this psychogenic illness that book talked about? Like you can’t guess by now…


h ttps://

By Jack Hitt, 6 January 2019

Unfortunate name, that.

An American working at the U.S. Embassy in Havana.some call him Patient Zero.complained that he had heard strange noises outside his home. .It was annoying to the point where you had to go in the house and close all the windows and doors and turn up the TV,. the diplomat told ProPublica. Zero discussed the sound with his next-door neighbor, who also worked at the embassy. The neighbor said, yeah, he too had heard noises, which he described as .mechanical-sounding..…

The outbreak at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba wasn’t the only mysterious illness to pop up in the headlines. Around the same time that embassy officials were preparing to fly home, more than 20 students at an Oklahoma high school suddenly came down with baffling symptoms.uncontrollable muscle spasms, even paralysis. A few years before, a similar incident at a school in upstate New York had caught the attention of the local Fox News affiliate, which sent parents into a panic over the possibility that their children had been stricken by an unidentified immune disorder. But the Cuban mystery, the Trump administration insisted, was different. It was not some environmental mishap, but something far more diabolical.


Encouraged by U.S. officials, the media quickly unfurled a story that the mysterious sound was an act of war. Some kind of “acoustic weapon” had been secretly aimed at the diplomats, in an effort to reduce them to brain-damaged zombies.

[insert crack about State Department zombies]

The story got told with a side helping of Cold War envy. Private contractors and the Pentagon’s own hip military lab, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, had long been working to develop an arsenal of sound weapons. There had been some limited success with cumbersome devices like MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) and LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), designed to cause excruciating ear pain to disperse mobs on the ground and pirates at sea. The dream, of course, was to get past such giant blunderbusses to something more portable and powerful, like a Flash Gordon ray gun. But the air force, after some experiments, concluded that any such effort using sound waves would be “unlikely” to succeed due to “basic physical principles.. If someone had developed a portable acoustic weapon, they had leapfrogged well beyond the skill set of a Raytheon or Navistar and into the arsenal of Q Branch from the Bond movies.

Behold the Soundlazer!

By January 2018, some of the government’s own experts had ruled out a sonic attack. In an interim report, the F.B.I. revealed that it had investigated sound waves below the range of human hearing (infrasound), those we can hear (acoustic), and those above our hearing range (ultrasound). The conclusion: there was no sonic cause to the physical symptoms experienced by the diplomats.

The FBI is, of course, renowned for their expertise in theoretical infrasonic weapon development. Pay no attention to that aerospace engineer from flyover country. He doesn’t even have a name.

.Most patients had conventional imaging findings, which were within normal limits,. the medical team reported, noting that the few scattered anomalies could “be attributed to other pre-existing disease processes or risk factors.” The scientists wrapped up their report with a sentence that expressed their bafflement: .These individuals appeared to have sustained injury to widespread brain networks without an associated history of head trauma.” According to one author, the team enjoyed referring to this contradiction as the “immaculate concussion..

With the medical doctors left scratching their heads, and a sonic weapon ruled out by the F.B.I., enterprising scientists continued their search for a sonic explanation…

If you view what happened to the diplomats in Havana as an .attack,. you must look for something capable of producing such an assault. It would have to emit a sound that varied widely from listener to listener. It would have to strike only people who worked at the embassy. It would have to assail them wherever they happened to be, whether in their homes or staying at a hotel. It would have to produce a wide range of symptoms that seemed to bear no relation to one another. And it would have to start off small, with one or two victims, before spreading rapidly to everyone in the group.

As it happens, there is and always has been one mechanism that produces precisely this effect in humans. Today it’s referred to in the medical literature as conversion disorder.that is, the conversion of stress and fear into actual physical illness. But most people know it by an older, creakier term: mass hysteria. Among scientists, it’s not a popular term these days, probably because “mass hysteria” summons the image of a huge mob, panicked into a stampede (with a whiff of misogyny thrown in). But properly understood, the official definition, when applied to the events in Havana, sounds eerily familiar. Conversion disorder, according to the International Journal of Social Psychiatry, is the “rapid spread of illness signs and symptoms among members of a cohesive social group, for which there is no corresponding organic origin..

.Think of mass psychogenic illness as the placebo effect in reverse,. says Robert Bartholomew, a professor of medical sociology and one of the leading experts on conversion disorder.

And writer of the abovenamed book.

.You can often make yourself feel better by taking a sugar pill. You can also make yourself feel sick if you think you are becoming sick. Mass psychogenic illness involves the nervous system, and can mimic a variety of illnesses..

So, there we have it. State department personnel with inexplicable concussions and overdosed police officers responding to Narcan are both faking it. In one-off situations across the planet.

How did this linked lie happen?

The Bidenreich accepted Bartholomew’s Narrative of Havana Syndrome being psychosomatic just a few weeks ago. When journalists were looking for a way to explain away police suffering (apparently) exposure to extra-toxic levels of fentanyl, they decided to use the same Narrative because it had just been officially approved. It was not a good fit, yet better than “all those police departments are lying”… and most importantly, they couldn’t commit a Narrative Violation if they used fresh copy.

Why are police having panic attacks over exposure to fentanyl? Because journalists are so afraid to be original with their lies that given the chance, they’ll use whatever Potato Joe Stalin just greenlighted.


One cannot talk about fentanyl in Current Year without paying homage to Saint Floyd of the Choke. Remember Dr. Marino from above? Watch him discredit himself as an ER doctor:

Dr. Ryan Marino Chauvin trial defense rests . after smearing George Floyd with false overdose theory

h ttps://

By Dr. Ryan Marino, emergency physician and medical toxicologist, 16 April 2021

.I can’t breathe.” Those were the last words . called out repeatedly . by George Floyd, whose death in the custody of police officers last spring was captured on video and witnessed by millions. Derek Chauvin, an officer in that video, can clearly be seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes. His murder trial this month has reopened never-quite-healed wounds; it has also recycled old and misleading stereotypes about drug abuse and addiction.

Right off the bat, Marino warn us that this is as much about Narrative control as it is medicine.

The defense, which rested its case Thursday, has spent a considerable amount of time discussing Floyd’s drug use. Defense attorney Eric Nelson has repeatedly mentioned drugs, going so far as to suggest Floyd’s death may have been due to an overdose. This scenario has been disputed by Dr. Andrew Baker, the medical examiner who examined Floyd’s body.

“The only reason you keep mentioning drug use is because my client happened to be on drugs at the time!”

As an emergency physician and medical toxicologist (a specialist in how drugs, medications and overdoses affect the human body) who has further specialized in the treatment of addiction and drug use, I spend a significant amount of my time studying, witnessing and treating drug use in humans. I have unfortunately seen many more overdoses . from fentanyl in particular . than I could possibly count. However, I also frequently see misinformation about drugs and drug use, particularly fentanyl, and the people who use them.

Misinformation about drugs… like police suffering accidental ODs that experts are certain cannot happen? Misinformation about… the people who use drugs? “Check your privilege, law-abiding citizen, that there is a junkie!”

There remain competing theories . posited by a veritable parade of medical experts . about what exactly caused Floyd’s death. But what’s very clear to me is that George Floyd did not die from an overdose.

First, while both fentanyl and methamphetamine were detected on autopsy, the levels detected were not high enough to suggest a fatal overdose. Additionally, postmortem drug levels are notoriously inaccurate…

Which is it? Do we know how much dope was in Floyd or do we not?

…and do not reliably reflect pre-death levels, making their interpretation highly subjective. Postmortem fentanyl levels in particular can be extremely inaccurate and falsely elevated.

Oh, I see. The error can occur in only one direction, the one favorable to your argument.

It’s a sign of the times, that I’m comfortable lecturing at an ER doc about his own medical specialization.

Second, we know . we can see . that Floyd was awake, talking and desperately trying to breathe right up until he died. Fentanyl, and other opioids, cause the exact opposite effect. Opioids act on the brainstem, the part of the brain that controls breathing, to suppress breathing. Not only do opioids suppress breathing, opioids also suppress respiratory drive; they take away even the desire to breathe. We commonly prescribe opioids to help people who are dying or suffering from serious respiratory problems to stop them from feeling “air hunger.” In other words, opioids like fentanyl actually prevent people from knowing they can’t breathe and from feeling like they can’t breathe.

Marino is dishonestly considering the effects of fentanyl and methamphetamine individually, when he knows that Floyd had taken both of them together. It’s anybody’s guess which will dominate which organ, when you take uppers and downers at the same time.

Another assertion the defense has made was that drugs like fentanyl gave Floyd superhuman strength. This theory is supposed to justify extreme physical response from police, even though video shows us that Floyd was already handcuffed, in a prone position (which, when forcefully restrained, is also known to impair breathing)…

No. Chauvin’s hold was known to NOT impair breathing. That’s why it was department policy. See how Marino dances between theory and the incident in question?

…and in the custody of four adult male police officers.

Only one of whom was sitting on him. Chauvin was not a big man, either.

What the science tells us, and what health care workers see every day, is exactly the opposite. Opioids are so well known for their calming and relieving effects that the word “morphine” comes from the Greek god of sleep, Morpheus. Fentanyl is one of the most commonly used sedating agents in both surgical anesthesia and for patients on ventilators in emergency departments and intensive care units. Many of these myths about drugs have racist roots, and the defense about “superhuman” strength rhetoric in particular has a long history of racism.

A high-ranking medical doctor just claimed that some of a drug’s known effects on the human body are racist social constructs.

Methamphetamine, too, is a well-studied drug that is also used medically.

It can treat weight loss. Seriously, that’s what Merck said. Given the weight-loss alternatives available, however, it would be medical malpractice to prescribe something so dangerously addictive to somebody with a demonstrated inability to control his appetites. It can also treat ADHD. Again, malpractice given the safer alternatives.

The video and bystander statements are not consistent with a person who had overdosed on methamphetamine, and the autopsy report does not suggest findings of end-organ damage (like a stroke) that typically cause death from methamphetamine overdose. The argument that methamphetamine or other drugs could have worsened an underlying heart condition has also been debunked.

They ARE consistent. That was a flat-out lie. Although Floyd’s labored breathing would be better attributed to the fentanyl. “Floyd didn’t die of an overdose because he didn’t have a stroke or organ failure”, come on, man. You didn’t get through med school by being this stupid.

The objective information that has been made available, coupled with facts depicted on video, clearly refute overdose as the cause of Floyd’s death. This is also what the medical examiner . the expert pathologist tasked with determining cause of death . has stated. We should not let breathless myths about drugs distract from actual facts. And we cannot allow the narrative that Floyd’s death was somehow deserved because he, like about half of all Americans, used recreational substances.

Fentanyl mixed with methamphetamine is not comparable to beer & coffee. We see here in the boldfaced, that Marino cares as much about the possible consequences of the debate, as the merits of the debate.

George Floyd told us he couldn’t breathe; we would do well to remember his words.

Let’s remember Dr. Marino’s words instead: it’s racist to believe that Floyd’s death was an OD.

Halloween Fat Shaming: the Unfit Christian!

To celebrate Halloween this year, I shall burn a witch on my blog. Some people think it’s is a dying holiday but me, I’m expecting Halloween to go 24-7 in the near future. If you eat beef while reading this then you can watch her burn at the steak!

BRING FORTH THE SACRIFICE!!! *forklift makes beeping noises*

Sunday .Noire: Meet The Unfit Christian, A Digital Pastor Teaching People How To “Decolonize” Faith One Step At A Time

h ttps://

By Shannon Dawson, 24 October 2021

Religion and faith can often be a touchy and polarizing subject for people to discuss, especially in today’s world where cancel culture has made it problematic for folks to express a difference of opinion. Mix that in with religion’s strict and often outdated views on secular culture and you have a recipe for disaster.


Let.s face it, the church hasn’t always been the most comfortable place for everyone to practice their form of faith freely and without judgment, but there are a select few who are looking to provide a space for people who may not necessarily proclaim or even subscribe to the century-old biblical text that has been born out of European Christianity.

What… fresh Hell… is THIS?!

Enter the Unfit Christian.

Yes, that is definitely an unfit Christian. Squished into Fat Elvis’ old leisure suit, no less.

She.s the pastor or .passuh,. as her digital congregation affectionately refers to her. She is providing a space for people to express, question and practice their views on religion however they see fit. It’s a place where you are welcomed to “decolonize your faith….

In case you’ve ever been mistaken for the New World by a boatload of Puritans.

…and hear different opinions that may challenge your traditional views on the church, gender, class or even sexuality and race.

Or geometry, or gravity, or whoever thought this ovoid astronomical blackbody would be the best choice to show us Euro-Christians the error of our Euro-ways. She just singlehandedly proved our ancestors right about everything from Church leadership to portion size!

“Biblical loopholes and life hacks”? But hey, we’re all LGBT now. Let’s Go Brandon… Together!

The Unfit Christian’s digital chapel has grown to an astounding 20,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 16,000 on Facebook. It’s an achievement the platform’s founder D. Danyelle Thomas never expected when she decided to launch the blog back in 2016, following the sudden passing of her father, who was also a preacher.

That makes her less popular than the Napoleon Dynamite Fan Club, which explains why Central Media is trying to convince the children of God that an 800lb drama queen of sass is a legitimate spiritual authority. She needs all the help she can get to stand on her own!

.When I started, my whole thing was I wanted everybody to know that there was room at the cross for all of us, no matter how different our approach to God is,. Thomas told MADAMENOIRE. .So I’ve always kind of gone with this whole thing that I don’t care if you’re Christian. It’s not the goal. I’m the Unfit Christian because that’s my particular upbringing. But you can be the Unfit Muslim. You can be the Unfit Hindu person or Agnostic..

Move over, Crossfit… here comes Unfit!

Thomas initially launched the Unfit Christian as a way to reframe and make sense of her own ever-changing ideas on faith and Christianity.

I must give points for honesty. “Am I fit to be a Christian? No. Then, I shall become…”

Lookit that, a hashtag that didn’t trend. Unlike her waistline. It must be like having a superpower, being able to fill up Hell with just yourself, except your action figures keep getting bagged with the potatoes.

After setting off for college, Thomas explained that she experienced a crisis with her own faith as she was learning all sorts of information that fell outside of the margins of religious theology she grew up believing. The blog served as a way for her to unravel and document her spiritual rebuilding as well as her views on intersectionality.

Best summarized as ‘banana splits’.

However, over time, Thomas’s sparse blog quickly blossomed into a thriving digital community of progressive church members across the globe. She was shocked to realize there were all kinds of people looking to deconstruct…

Or backfill.

…their traditional views on religious ideology, but Thomas says her goal isn’t to proselytize people or convert them. She hopes to give people the tools to contextualize their own beliefs on topics like homophobia, classism and sexism while simultaneously teaching donut-centered faith ethics.

Oops, that should have been ‘justice-centered faith ethics’. With feminism and frosting!

.I want people to really see themselves and have an experience of God that feels like I don’t just have to take parts [of] me,. Thomas shared of her mission. .I can take the gay part, I can take the trans part, I can take the Black part . all of those marginalized identities that sometimes we feel like we can’t show up with…

It’s the fat identity that keeps you from showing up in Church, Dam Yell. How many double doors do you think we have?!

…I always want to make space and say naw that ain’t true. That’s just someone benefiting from your oppression, so how do we reframe that in a way where your faith and your practice really does see you as a whole..

As a whole lot of ‘Unfit Christian’! Dam Yell is so fat, she needs two Saviors: Jesus and Peloton!

At first glance, you might be quick to call D. Danyelle Thomas a Christian Influencer on social media, but it’s a term she deeply despises.

Ever since that crack about Planet Earth influencing her Moon….

.For me prosperity gospel by any other name is still prosperity gospel, so even if I called myself a Christian influencer, that means at some point I’m using my faith, even if I’m presenting it in a progressive way to influence you to buy a thing or believe in a brand or whatever. It just feels like it still ties us to this system of un-nuanced and un-critiqued capitalism. So many folks, myself included, have poor money relationships with church because we’re told that if we were obedient and paying our tides or if we were giving more in church that we would get the things that we desire. When we present it in a way that money is tied to your blessing, I think we really do a disservice to people..

Move over, theologians! Dam Yell… excuse me, Danyelle… proved that prosperity gospel is bad because it’s capitalist. No need to quote Scripture at all!

What we need is the Gospel of Universal Basic Income! Because it buys a lot of ice cream. God does not exist but comfort food does!

So what does a digital congregation even look like?

I’ll guess Methodists. Their churches are always empty.

The Unfit Chrisitan offers a number of services to her devout followers via her website or Patreon where folks can gain access to her hefty database of devotionals, .shade-throwing. and thought-provoking articles, along with her monthly pre-recorded Q&A lectures based on faith, race, gender and sexuality.

Yep, Methodists.

The platform also offers digital church-goers special services like tarot card readings where Thomas provides people with one on one spiritual guidance and counseling.

Again, Methodists.

.A lot of my clients say It’s like we’re having a private pastoral session,. the Unfit Christian explained. .For me, it’s really about how do I get you into enlightenment with your highest self? How do I get you into a space where your mind, your heart, your emotions, and your spirit feel well?.

With comfort food? Or is that the way to get you into enlightenment with your widest self?

.Everybody is not going to agree with me, and that’s okay… I have to focus on the positive and focus on what my ultimate goal is, which is to challenge people’s experiences with God, and sometimes that’s going to make you uncomfortable..

And at other times, it will amuse the Muses out of us!

Yo mama’s so fat, when she fell I didn’t laugh, but the sidewalk cracked up.

As the Unfit Christian grows…


…Thomas says her role as a digital pastor is something she does not take lightly.


.I had such a negative association with the word pastor which is why I rejected it so much because I had gone through Church hurt. I had gone through a lot of pastors who just did not care for and Shepard me the way that they should and the thing is I knew that was the kind of audience I was serving to,. she said. .I knew I was serving an audience of people who had experienced their own disappointment and hurt, and sometimes like downright egregious abuse.all in Jesus. name. I never wanted to take that title on, but it challenged me when I sat down with it one day and I finally realized that people were calling me that because I was a reassociation of good touch for them. They saw me as a good pastor. They saw me as a good leader and somebody they could trust..

We know that women don’t behave like men. A unbelieving man is sometimes reasoned into seeing God but never an unbelieving woman. They tend to, so far as I can tell, see how an ideal woman behaves and tell herself “I want what she’s having.” In normal times, that means having well-behaved kids, a husband who’d die for her and a cozy home where she entertains entire generations of family. In DanYelle’s case, however, it means having seconds at the diner while picking whichever religion will shame her the least for that unbound appetite.

She’s a witch who reads the tarot… but don’t accuse her of spelling.


Apologetic TMI: A Response To Wintery Knight

I’ve had an issue with civilization for years, an issue shared by many people: *I DON’T KNOW!* Too much info!

Do you REALLY know how your computer works? How to tell if it’s spying on you?

Are you sufficiently proficient in still-experimental mRNA replication biomechanics and statistical p-value analysis to decide for yourself if the clot shot is a good idea?

What is the metaphysical significance of the Higgs boson being called the God Particle?

Can you do your own small-business taxes?

Will 5G radiation really cook your little buddies? Should a man still wanting kids invest in an EMF cup? Are there real health benefits to wearing a tinfoil hat?

I don’t know and cannot find out except with great effort. Sometimes I get the feeling, that I’m not supposed to find out.

A lot of social media incoherence and high-volume conspiracy theories, to say nothing of clickbait, are the result of people not knowing, and not reasonably being able to find out for themselves, whether decisions that they MUST make are good ideas.

So much information has been gathered in such a short amount of time, that inventors might as well be wizards in ivory towers: coming down on occasion to show us how our lives are about to be improved whether we want them improved or not. The only way you can have an opinion worth listening to, is if you become a wizard yourself. As if you have nothing better to do with your life.

My original opposition to the vaxx had nothing to do with its merits (if any). Why should I have known anything about mRNA research? At the time, I simply noted that the government banned the cure in order to push the vaxx, also, they lied about mask-wearing and Cuomo killed Grandma. Now that I’ve found out the makers of the vaxx created the disease, lie to Congress, torture puppies and will starve me if I keep refusing it, I feel pretty good about my decision. But it wasn’t originally based on medical knowledge.

Into this state of confusion, Wintery Knight made a post about quitting apologetics if the other party tries to skip discussions on the religious implications of cosmological physics. He does good work, so not the most deserving target for a fisking, but apologetics is something that I CAN talk knowledgably about… so here goes.

All emphases are mine, as usual.


By Wintery Knight, 26 October 2021

Here are three situations I’ve run into while doing apologetics in the last month.

First situation. I was talking with a lady who is an atheist. I had a copy of .God’s Crime Scene. in my hand, and she asked me about it. I told her that it was a book written by the guy who solved the homicide case that I asked her to watch on Dateline. She remembered . it was the two-hour special on the woman who was killed with a garrotte. She pointed at the book and said .what’s in it?. I said, it has 8 pieces of evidence that fit better with a theistic worldview than with an atheistic one, and some of them scientific. Her reply to me was . literally . .which denomination do you want me to join?.

Do I have this right? WK asked her to watch a documentary of an interesting crime incident… and the next time she saw him, he held a book on linking the story with Christianity? Her response, in that situation, was appropriate. She got blindsided and chose to eject.

Second situation. I was talking with a friend of mine who teaches in a Catholic school. She was telling that she got the opportunity to talk to her students about God, and found out that some of them were not even theists, and many of them had questions. So she asked them for questions and got a list. The list included many hard cases, like “what about the Bible and slavery” and “why do Christians oppose gay marriage?. and so on.

That’s not even apologetics. That’s a Catholic school administration in dire need of an Inquisition purge for sabotaging the faith and trust of children in God. Whatever they’re teaching, it ain’t Christ and it ain’t an accident.

Third situation. Talking to a grad student about God’s existence. I’m laying out my scientific arguments for her, holding up the peer-reviewed papers for each discovery. I get to the Doug Axe paper on protein folding probabilities, and she holds up her hand. One question: “Am I going to Hell?.


So think about those three situations. In each case, the opponent is trying to reject Christianity by jumping way, way ahead to the very end of the process. When you do Christian apologetics, you do not take the bait and jump to the end of the process dealing with nitty gritty details until you have made your case for the core of the Christian worldview using your strongest evidence.

That’s not my sense of the situations. All three did the same thing but for three different reasons.

The first one might never have been interested in discussing Christianity. Her thought-terminating statement is reasonably definitive on that.

The second one, the children wanted reasons to continue believing… in the face of formal, established Church authority figures.

The third one was a legit opportunity. Blah blah Doug Axe paper on protein folding probabilities and she cut through it like a boss to ask the most important question of the human condition. She was trying, I daresay, to not fall asleep before reaching the good part.

So, your strongest evidence as a Christian are the scientific arguments, along with the moral argument. Those would include (for starters) the following:

kalam cosmological argument
cosmic fine-tuning
galactic and stellar habitability
origin of life / DNA
molecular machines / irreducible complexity
the moral argument

The problem I am seeing today is that atheists are rejecting discussions about evidence because they think that all we are interested in is getting them to become Christians. Well, yes. I want you to become a Christian. But I know perfectly well what that entails . it entails a change of life priorities.

That list entails Wintery Knight’s listener having an intellect on his level. Those are few and far between. I’ve forgotten more math and compsci than most people will ever know, but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing more than a couple of those topics at the level of “should I drastically change my life priorities?”

My own strongest evidence for Christianity is the self-observable truth that the way people should behave is not the way they do behave. What we Christians call the fallen nature of Man. Does a dog ever struggle to be doglike? But a child must be trained into adulthood and morality! I’m eating a Ding-Dong right now! We need a way to fix this internal flaw… and where did it come from in the first place?

Both of the women I spoke to are living with their boyfriends, and the kids in the Catholic school just want to have fun. None of them wants to believe in a God who will require self-denial, self-control, and self-sacrifice. Nobody wants God to be in that leader position in their lives. Christianity is 100% reversed from today’s me-first, fun-seeking, thrill-seeking, fear-of-missing-out travel spirit of the age.

Don’t whine. This is what you have to work with. It is what IS, whether it should be or not. It is not the duty of the Lost to reach you on your level. It is YOUR duty, apologist, to reach them on THEIRS.

I wish that Smart People everywhere could here me say that. It is YOUR duty to convince me with arguments that *I* understand!

Frankly, the bigger the gap between Christ and this world, the easier apologetics should get. They should want what we have; they should not be beaten into submission by our obviously superior intellects. This is why half the time, my blog reads like a failed manuscript for the Jerry Springer Show, because I want to reach people where they ARE… sitting in the pews of false priests, wondering why their girlfriends are Like That, upset at God for what the devil secretly did in His name.

So, how to answer all these late-game questions? The answer is simple. You don’t answer any late-game questions until the person you are talking with accounts for the widely-accepted data in your list.

Most people lack the intelligence to even comprehend Mr. Knight’s arguments, let alone independently weigh the merits. That is not a slam on most people. Intelligence is vastly overrated today; indeed, some people *cough Vox Day* act as though intelligence is a prerequisite for Christianity. I blame the ubiquity of computers.

Christianity is not only for the smart; it is not even preferentially for the smart. “God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Cor. 1:27

These are things that have got to be accepted before any discussion about minor issues like one angel vs two angels at the empty tomb can occur. When we discuss all the basic issues where the evidence is the strongest, then we can go on to discuss issues where the evidence is debatable, then finally, in the last bits before the end, we can discuss these other kinds of questions.

I get it. You are playing to your strengths. That’s solid planning. But you must realize, the only people you will be able to reach for Christ are the ones who feel comfortable discussing esoteric science. A refusal to participate might easily be them being, for no fault of their own, too ignorant to proceed.

I think this approach of not letting them rush you to the end at the beginning is important for two reasons. First, we can get our foot in the door to talk about things that are interesting to everyone, in a non-stressed environment. Everyone can talk about evidence comfortably.

No, Mr. Knight. Your motivation in rejecting a topic change is NOT so the other party feels more comfortable. QED, you are playing to your strengths.

I’ve given up on discussing evolutionary psychology because atheists make arguments that I cannot refute. It’s not that their point is valid; it’s that I cannot know if their point is valid without putting my life on hold for two years until I can fully understand the relevant dissertations and take a trip to the Galapagos Islands for a double-check. They would do better to meet me where I am, in my own comfort range of knowledge, if they are to convince me of anything.

Such are the limits of knowledge upon apologetics: if your knowledge is too abstract and specialized then it’s unreasonable to expect anybody to believe you… and maybe they’ll try to skip ahead or change the topic.

Second, we show that we hold our beliefs because we are simply letting evidence set boundaries for us on what we are allowed to believe. We can’t believe not-Christianity, because not-Christianity is not consistent with the evidence. And you start with the most well-supported evidence, and eliminate worldviews that are falsified by the most well-supported evidence. Atheism actually gets falsified pretty quickly, because of the scientific evidence.

Atheism persists despite the weight of scientific evidence against it. Thus, being right has been scientifically proven to be insufficient.

And that’s where you want to be. Cut off all discussions where the challenger tries to jump to the end and get you to debate the very last steps of your case.

Perhaps a better solution is to not depend entirely upon cosmological arguments that, while true, are rarely convincing. Intelligent design was new in the 90s. It has never been refuted. And yet, it has completely failed to thwart the worship of Evo.

Many people are not comfortable debating topics that even accomplished professionals disagree over. Most people need arguments that affect them personally and offer an advantage over their current situation. Instead of insisting that they play to your strengths (and likely, their self-admitted weaknesses), consider first if they want a discussion at all and then if an alternative approach might work better.

“Why should I bother with Christianity?”

“Because women such as your ex are Satan’s Rubik’s cube… would you like to know more?”

Brawndo Declares War On Texas

One hears many musings about Civil War 2 these days, but here’s my issue with the concept: you need a government to wage a war. I’m not aware of any instance in history when a group of ordinary guys got together, decided they’d had enough and walked away from their day jobs for months of killing enemy soldiers.

A weekend, sure, but not months. Those guys on the front lines start needing beans, bullets, bandages, and let’s be honest, paychecks and “external motivations” to keep up the pressure.

Thus, I’ve had nothing to do with militia movements but have watched with great interest as certain state governments decide that the D.C. government is crimping their style. NOW we’re talking Civil War 2! In fact, the Bidenreich nearly pulled a Fort Sumter right out of its starting gate:

Biden looks to shut down travel to Florida

h ttps://

By Kelly Sadler, 11 February 2021

[opinion article]

.I.m going to shut down the virus, not the country,. then-presidential candidate Joe Biden said in October.

Apparently, that’s a lie.

The Biden administration is considering imposing domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, fearing the spread of coronavirus mutations, the Miami Herald reported yesterday.

Putting the constitutionality of this potential move aside, the bottom line is it’s anti-science and designed to further politicize the virus by pitting red states against blue states.

Putting politics AND constitutionality aside, remember that Fort Sumter was located to control access to Charleston Harbor. The North refused to abandon the fort because it allowed them to dominate harbor access to the newly seceded state. Had Biden erected “military barriers to points of entry to the State of Florida” then the situation would have been the same. Not analogous; exactly the same.

So why even consider something as draconian as a domestic travel ban? And then why specifically single out Florida, and not say, New York?

Because the Bidenreich must have UNITY!

But that was February. Why bring it up now? Because imposing blockades is not the only way to start a civil war. A second way is when two governments demand mutually exclusive loyalties. As one of my readers documented, the Thirst Mutilator just crossed that line!

This is not the same Brawndo as I discussed in a previous post… but stupid is as stupid does.

Letter From Brawndo Chief DIE Officer

Greetings, headcount!

I am happy to report that vaccination levels across America have passed the 70% level needed for us to safely reopen our offices. However, it has come to our attention that 30% of you still require special encouragement to make the right choice. A little starvation will help you understand how much I love you.

We have spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the pros and cons of enacting a vaccine mandate as a condition of office re-entry. Based on current statistics…

He knows. He has to know the truth, saying things like ‘current statistics’.

…vaccination is proven to prevent COVID-19. Since we want to welcome you, and our clients, back to the safest possible working environment, all employees of Brawndo must be vaccinated on or before December 8, 2021.

Some extremely limited exceptions may be made for valid and documented medical or religious reasons.

Why This Is the Right Choice

First and foremost, this decision is about your safety. We know that vaccines are effective… we also have learned that we are better together, especially when working under the same roof…. more than 150 clients and partners are requiring proof of vaxx… additionally, the US federal government recently announced a vaccine mandate.

What makes this hurt isn’t the “get vaxxed or starve” mandate… it’s the “we love you and want the best for you and we’re in this together” wrapping that it comes in. They lie, we know they lie and they know we know. And they lie regardless, just like Orwell called it.

We now proceed to the linked FAQ.

Why is Brawndo mandating vaccines?

Our primary focus has always been the health and safety of our employees. The decision to require certain employees [those who either enter company property or work remotely] to obtain full vaccination status was made after consideration of local, national and global health guidance.

In addition, the US government ordered us to.

I paraphrased that last only for brevity. They actually said that, but with footnotes.

Notice that what they didn’t consider, was state-level health guidance. One guess where this is going… start the popcorn.

What does it mean to be “fully vaccinated”?

At this time…

I must admit the competence of the Great Reset’s psychology. Looking back over two years, it’s been a masterclass in moving goalposts, slow boils and managing expectations. We’ve gone from “two weeks to flatten the curve” to “inject this into your children if you ever want to visit a beauty salon again.”

They were using the term “fully vaccinated” from the very beginning specifically so they could move the goalposts just by redefining a term. No need for new legislation or buy-in. “You already agreed to this” except no, you really didn’t.

Methinks it says a lot about the spiritual dimension of the Plandemic, that its highest levels are grand masters of human behavioral psychology yet completely, hopelessly unable to create anything new. Or to resist the temptation to torture animals and children.

They have near-infinite wealth and power but all that they do with it, is steal, kill and destroy.

If I am vaxxed, will I still be required to mask up and social distance?

Yes, per US federal guidelines.

Because the vaxx is KNOWN to be SAFE! And EFFECTIVE! (at myocarditis)

Is being vaxxed a condition of employment with Brawndo?

No. However, you will not be allowed to work on projects or enter company property until fully vaxxed.

The New Normal is they don’t fire you. They just send you home without pay and forget you exist. Anything else would expose them to a lawsuit.

In other news, companies are having trouble finding people willing to work!

What about State bans on requirements for vaccines, such as Texas?

We will comply with the US federal mandate. We believe that the federal mandate will successfully supersede any contrary State law or pronouncement.

Boom, shots fired!

“We will not obey the State of Texas. We will obey the federal government instead, in expectation that D.C. will bring Texas to heel.”

This, from a company with considerable real estate holdings and numerous employees in Texas… and multimillion-dollar contracts with the State of Texas directly.

You’re up to bat, Governor Abbott. Whatcha gonna do? We the people cannot fight a war. Either you do a thing or Brawndo will be proven right to openly defy your useless, gutless, yellow-bellied Texas. Brawndo just called you out! A company that lacks the courage to fire its own employees, says Texas ain’t shit!

Don’t tell us your response, Governor. Show us. Show the world. The hour is past late.

College Girls Develop A Syringe Fantasy

Fake rape hysteria, often used as a precursor in the illicit manufacture of Narratives, is taking on a disturbingly familiar, pointy shape.

‘Needle Spiking’ of Women in Britain Stirs Alarm Over New Kind of Assault

h ttps://

By Megan Specia and Isabella Kwai for the New York Slimes, 23 October 2021

NOTTINGHAM, England . Lizzie Wilson was standing in a crowded nightclub Monday night with three friends when she felt a sharp pinch in her back, as if she had been pricked by a needle. Ten minutes later, she was struggling to stand.

Wilson, 18, said she had heard about young women being injected with syringes at crowded clubs and immediately feared she was another victim. Her friends rushed her to the hospital, where she spent hours disoriented and without sensation in her legs.

.Nobody should ever go through that,. said Wilson, a student in her first year of college in Nottingham in central England. .The most upsetting thing is, I could not control anything..

Let’s distill some facts.

  1. She’s a barely-legal college freshman.
  2. She went to a crowded nightclub… not even on a weekend night.
  3. She ended up in a hospital with a drug overdose.
  4. The system immediately assumed that Lizzie was a victim because she didn’t admit to experimenting with injectable drugs.

It’s almost as if women get a thrill from putting themselves at risk.

Daddy: “Princess, won’t you PLEASE attend college remotely? 75% of college women end up as rape victims… and that’s only because 25% go trans! It’s not safe! Please don’t make me write these large rent checks!”

Slut: “Daaaaad, how am I supposed to be a victim with you hovering over me all the time?!”

For more than a year, Britain has witnessed a disturbing spate of violence against women. High-profile abductions and murders have stirred a national conversation, inspired vigils and protests, intensified scrutiny of police, and prompted deeper exploration of the misogynistic culture often at the root of this violence.

Let’s call that fact #5: you were supposed to be locked down at home, Barbie. If there’s one bright side to the Plandemic, it should’ve been crimping the style of young harlots in all the ways that her father should’ve been doing. Presuming he even exists and is allowed to be involved in his daughter’s life. Because UK is totally the land of misogynistic culture.

Now come alarming reports, if still relatively small in number, of women being injected with syringes at crowded pubs and nightclubs, in a variation of .spiking,. in which drugs are dropped into someone’s drink, a crime that often targets women. A number of police forces in England are investigating reports of “needle spiking,. including 12 incidents in Nottinghamshire. Police in Scotland are looking into similar reports.

Some who reported being spiked had effects “consistent with a substance being administered,. police said in a statement, much like Wilson’s account.

“Date rape” hysteria used to be a big thing. I still remember when the wheels came off it… almost to the day:


Controversy Over Student Nail Varnish Date Rape Drug Detector

h ttps://

By Natalie Ilsley, 28 August 2014

Four students from North Carolina State University have invented a nail varnish that detects common date rape drugs by changing colour.

The all-male group of undergraduates, Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, Tasso Von Windheim, and Tyler Confrey-Maloney, aim to combat sexual assault by combining modern chemistry with traditional cosmetics.

The nail varnish indicates the presence of date rape drugs, such as Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB, by changing colour after being dipped in the drink.

“While date rape drugs are often used to facilitate sexual assault, very little science exists for their detection,” the team, known as Undercover Colors, wrote on their Facebook page. “Our goal is to invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves from this heinous and quietly pervasive crime.”

Translation: in an early example of what came to be known as mansplaining, four unsexy nerds thought Barbie being afraid of getting date-raped meant she didn’t want to risk being date-raped.

However, Katie Russell from Rape Crisis England & Wales was critical of the idea, saying that the charity will not support the invention.

“Whilst Undercover Color’s initiative is well meaning, on the whole,” she said, “Rape Crisis does not endorse or promote such a product OR ANYTHING SIMILAR. This is for three reasons: it implies that it’s the woman’s fault and assumes responsibility on her behalf, and detracts from the real issues that arise from sexual violence.”

Kaboom. Enphases mine.

End segue.

Female students have made the majority of reports, but some young men say they also have been victimized. Nottinghamshire police say no other offenses, including sexual assault, have been linked to the reports of being injected, and there have been no known arrests for injecting someone; regardless, authorities say they are stepping up patrols and working with local universities and hospitals to investigate.

And they’re giving more funding to “rape crisis” organizations, raising awareness of #BelieveAllWomen and blaming men everywhere for Barbie getting blackout drunk at raves in her first few months away from Daddy’s supervision.

Honestly, it’s ridiculous to believe in untraceable men running around sticking women with untraceable substances, in crowded establishments that check IDs at the door, instead of applying Occam’s Razor to that drunken floozy with needle tracks on her body.

After pandemic restrictions shuttered campuses and night life for months, this school year was supposed to be a fresh start, with raucous nights out that many students see as a rite of passage.

A rite of passage onto the Cock Carousel, interrupted by mystery rapists forcing women to overdose on the good stuff against her will. And then NOT raping her! How rude!

But as these stories . and the fears surrounding them . have spread, young women have called for a boycott of clubs and also launched a petition calling for clubs to be required to search people on entering. To many women, the idea that they could be victimized by someone wielding a syringe at a nightclub is horrifying.

But not horrifying enough to stay home on Monday evening. Don’t listen to what she says. Look at what she does.

.If I didn’t think I could be shocked anymore, if I didn’t think the behavior could get any lower, this is a new depth,. said Sue Fish, the former chief of Nottinghamshire Police, who has long been an outspoken advocate for women’s rights.

Fiona Measham, professor and chair of criminology at the University of Liverpool and director of the Loop, a charity which monitors drug use in nightlife, said that there are a few hundred spiking cases nationally every year and described the risk as “quite low..

Of needle spiking specifically, she said, .It.s not impossible, but it’s really unlikely.” But she said that each allegation needed to be investigated and taken seriously. .I think the anxieties are very real; the anger toward nightclubs is real,. she said.

Which is it, Fiona? Really unlikely or disturbingly plausible?

In recent days, speculative posts on social media about dirty needles and criminal gangs have increased the fears. (Wilson.s doctor said she may have been injected with Ketamine, an anesthetic drug, and she has begun a course of hepatitis shots and blood tests to ensure she hasn’t contracted a disease.)

Female speculation about criminal gangs has been well-established in UK by feral hordes of Muslims. But whence this speculation on needles?

At a recent parliamentary hearing, Yvette Cooper, chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, called for police to review the reports of attempted druggings and compile a comprehensive nationwide assessment to better understand what is going on.

.There isn’t a proactive assessment happening about what the scale is of the problem,. she said, adding, .It.s still seen as the victim’s responsibility to protect themselves..

Not a single arrest has been made, yet Parliament is already hearing testimony. In the land of Victimhood, the demand for villains far exceeds the supply.

But many young people are not willing to wait for assessments. Local groups, under an initiative called “Girls Night In,. have popped up across the country calling for a boycott of clubs next week to raise awareness and demand better protections.

Ally Valero, 20, one of the students who set up the local Nottingham boycott, said the goal was not to signal that women should stay at home. It is intended to send a message to club owners that they must do a better job of ensuring the safety of patrons.

.We want to go out again,. Valero said. “But we want to go out in a safer environment..

Gettin’ some flashbacks to nail polish here.

Primrose Sparkes, 20, who helped launch a similar boycott at Durham University, said that in the past the main factor she considered before deciding whether to go out was whether she had an early morning class.

.Now it.s: Do I feel safe?. she said. .There’s an element of fear that wasn’t there before..

A budding rocket scientist, to be sure. Next time, Daddy, just send your daughter to Twerk U.

On Wednesday, crowds of college students, some dressed in costumes for themed parties, headed out in Nottingham. Several young women said they’ve always been careful about someone spiking their drink but that the prospect of needles was different.

.It.s always been, .Watch your drink; cover your drink,. . said Jocie Mears, 18, who was out with two friends. .You can’t cover your whole body. It’s not our responsibility, it’s the people who are spiking us..

Luis Danton, 20, a student and president of the soccer society at Nottingham Trent University, called the situation “mad” and said the team is planning to join the boycott.

.And a lot of people are scared, if I am being honest,. he said.

Scared of being called a misogynist. CUCK!

Outside the sprawling Pryzm nightclub, students removed jackets and emptied their pockets before walking through a metal detector. The club says it has stepped up searches to reassure customers.

Some 150 miles north in Durham, hundreds of students streamed onto cold cobblestone streets. With concerns heightened, women said they felt safest drinking at bars accessible only to students who have campus cards.

“I’m straddling biology! Studying.”

Students here have been critical of the response to their concerns after the university told them to avoid getting spiked in a now-deleted post on Twitter, calling it victim blaming.

Guess which male instinct is stronger: raping random women in dark alleys, or explaining to women how they can reasonably solve their self-inflicted problems.

At Jimmy Allens, a nightclub in Durham, the wait was unusually long Wednesday as bouncers frisked students and checked their bags . a policy introduced this week. Staff members have also begun wearing bodycams.

.It.s taking people longer to get in, but it’s worth it,. said Darryl Watson, a manager.

The bodycams are to protect the staff from false accusations… not to catch glimpses of creeps shanking barflys with Roofies.

Police in Durham said in a statement that though they were aware of posts online about spiking incidents by injection, they have not received any reports.

Regardless of how widespread the needle spiking is, at the root of the fears expressed by many young women is an awareness of the disproportionate risks they face.

.Women have always done all these sort of things to protect themselves when actually its men’s behavior that needs to change,. said Fish, the former police chief.

“…who has long been an outspoken advocate for women’s rights”, as quoted above. All of this is about gaslighting the Betas while boinking with the Alphas.

Putting the onus on women to fend off an attacker does not solve the problem, she said, adding, .What should women wear on a night out, a suit of armor?.

A bong, a thong and her own private stash of sterile syringes and contraceptives.

I’m sorry. I just mansplained a reasonable solution to Slutwalk Barbie’s problem of not taking responsibility for grossly unsafe and immoral conduct. That was inappropriate.

These attacks aren’t happening. No man, however creepy, is going to risk a dozen life sentences for randomly pricking women in the middle of a big crowd then running away before he gets any chance to actually mount her. Or watch her. Or whatever.

Why, then, are young women now fantasizing about being raped by syringes? And why are tattoo & piercing artists across Western Civilization booked into the 22nd Century?

We in the Manosphere talk a lot about the medical and political consequences of the vaxx… as one would expect men to do… but meanwhile, the act of submitting her body to the death jab may be exciting young women in ways normally reserved for her husband on her wedding night.

Or, the death jab may simply be putting ideas in the heads of immature, feral skanks who need a simple explanation for waking up in a hospital with needle tracks on her ass. “I was, um, rayyyped!”

The First Righteous Pastorette

Don’t worry, the Chinaballs haven’t reached my brainpan yet. They hopefully won’t reach Kristen’s any time soon, either, because she is resourceful and courageous! I found this article by wondering how the Left is reacting to the flood of religious exemptions. Amazingly, all that I found on Lefty news was legit! They’ve been caught by surprise! They forgot to uninstall the system they used to bring Satanism into prisons and now have no defense against their own favorite weapon, the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Behold a better example than Queen Esther!

Ohio mom becomes a minister in a minute, then signs religious exemptions for anti-mask families

h ttps://

By Connie Schultz, USA TODAY, 17 October 2021

On Sept. 3, the day after her children’s school district mandated that students wear face masks, Kristen Grant became an ordained minister.

She did this through an online site, Universal Life Church. The process takes less than a minute, I discovered. Two clicks, and I was one step away from becoming Rev. Connie. I declined.

Bless you, O Prince of Paperwork! The ULC has been thwarting Luciferan efforts to gatekeep clergy certification for decades now! An unlikely yet accomplished servant of God.

The 37-year-old mother of four in Germantown, Ohio, said she sought the online ordination for one reason. She wanted to support anti-mask parents seeking religious exemptions for their children.

Valley View School District’s religious exemption form requires a signed statement from a “religious official.” Grant, a self-described “Constitutional Christian,. was happy to oblige.

.I haven’t broken any rules,. she said. .I haven’t broken any laws. I did what I was told I had to do..

She’s right! Kristen has not taught Scripture… She has not held authority over men… she’s just beating the bureaucrats at their own game! And by supporting the people of God instead of ruling over them, she’s now more accomplished than half of real clergy.

On this, she’s right. Several school officials bemoaned to me Grant’s willingness to exploit a loophole, but the district set no qualifications for religious leaders. And so here we are.

Here YOU are, Connie… completely PWNED!

Grant is certainly not the first “religious leader” eager to use a self-styed version of religion to defy government attempts to keep children and families safe during this pandemic.

So, why bother talking to Kristen Grant? Why give people like her any attention?

To me, the answer is obvious. She’s having an impact, just like other so-called leaders who are waging wars against science across the country. We can ignore them, and some enjoy mocking them. But we underestimate their growing influence at our peril.

She’s NOT being a leader. The Left needs to believe that she is a leader, that by attacking her they can take ownership of her followers. But we Christians are not like them. Our leader is Christ, and if we allow that title to anybody else, it’s only as a means to achieving Christ’s goals.

It took a while for Kristen Grant to agree to an interview. Online reader comments on a recent Dayton Daily News story about her efforts had rattled her.

.People were saying that I should be arrested,. she said. .One of them said something about me being responsible for other people’s deaths. Let’s hope my child doesn’t get COVID and die. That I was a horrible parent. Attacking my parenting, attacking my religious beliefs, attacking pretty much everything you can attack when it comes to another human being..

Better to have not granted an interview to the media ever, but there was a lot of pressure being put on Kristen. She earned my compliment of courageous.

She does not believe factual reports of rising COVID-19 hospital deaths among the unvaccinated. It’s a scam, she said, to help doctors and hospitals make money through reimbursements for treatment. She believes in a mythical natural immunity and is critical of those who “expect a person to wear a mask to protect you, but don’t take any care of your own body..

She recited a list of vitamins and supplements that are not proven defenses against COVID-19. When I tell her there is no support for her argument, she insists that’s because “anything that is naturally good for you is being censored. You can’t even look up elderberry syrup on Pinterest..

This is false. I Googled “Pinterest” and “elderberry syrup” and immediately found a site with dozens of images.

FWING! went Kristen’s point over her head.

Each of us is more complicated than our current story, and Kristen Grant is no exception. Her childhood was hard, she said; her father died when she was in her 20s, and she has long been estranged from her mother. She was open about how she has been seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety, depression and panic attacks. She cited this as the reason for her refusal to wear a mask. This decision, along with her beliefs about the pandemic, ended her two-decade career as a hairdresser. Most clients, it turned out, didn’t agree with her about this pandemic.

Lockdowns, mandates and snitches might have played a part in that, too.

She shrugs it off.

Like a boss!

COVID-19 is the work of the devil . she said this repeatedly . and while her church attendance in the past was sporadic, she is one of God’s soldiers now.

.You’re not going to change the world by going to church. You’re only going to change the world by being the church. . My calling is to help others and that’s what God wanted you to do: He wanted you to be the church for people who needed it and that is what I’m trying to do..

Kristen is closer to Christ than the Pope is. Not because she’s ordained… because she wants to help the people around her against the work of the devil.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. In Traffic

You’ve heard it stated before that feminism is a death cult. Sure, it drives women to hate men and men to cut their wangs off in response, and the birth rate craters as a direct and intended result, but two recent pieces of Commiefornia legislation will prove it like you’ve never seen before! Alas, both were vetoed by Governor Gruesome. I kinda wish he was MORE wicked… we could have had ourselves some fun at wimmin’s expense.

Letters to the Editor: It isn’t ‘nutty’ to allow jaywalking. What’s nutty is driving hulking SUVs

h ttps://

By Los Angeles Times, 21 October 2021

To the editor: Columnist George Skelton deemed a bill vetoed by Gov. Gavin Newsom that would have decriminalized jaywalking “nutty.” Assembly Bill 1238 was actually sensible, and Skelton’s framing of it from the perspective of a weary “commuter driving home at night [with] enough hazards to worry about” was much nuttier.

Are these people serious?


AB 1238

Introduced by Assembly Members Ting and Friedman (Coauthor: Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez), 19 February 2021

Feminist authors… check.

Existing law requires the driver of a vehicle and other specified persons, including a pedestrian, to obey the instructions of any official traffic signal applicable to the person and placed as provided by law…

This bill would exempt a pedestrian from that requirement until January 1, 2029.

They ARE serious! These wimminz tried to legalize pedestrians walking in traffic… defying the very traffic signals put in place to keep them safe!

Existing law prohibits a pedestrian from crossing at any place except a crosswalk… This bill would repeal those provisions until January 1, 2029.

Fried ice, man. First the women wanted flashing lights at crosswalks so we’d see them even better, now they don’t want to use the crosswalk at all.

Existing law declares that provisions relating to pedestrian access do not prevent local authorities from adopting ordinances prohibiting pedestrians from crossing roadways at other than crosswalks.

This bill would remove that authorization until January 1, 2029.

“No government in California shall prohibit feminists from playing in traffic.” Huh. Okay. *Gunner Q turns off his dashcam*

Existing law prohibits a pedestrian from suddenly leaving a curb or other place of safety and walking or running into the path of a vehicle that is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard. Under existing law, a pedestrian who is not within a marked crosswalk or an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection is required to yield the right-of-way to all vehicles so near as to constitute an immediate hazard.

*singing* It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… everywhere I go…

This bill would, until January 1, 2029, state that an immediate hazard exists [only] if the approaching vehicle is so near or is approaching so fast that a reasonably careful person would realize that there is a danger of collision.

A reasonably careful person would obey those traffic signals so… whatever.

End segue

Since 2010, Los Angeles pedestrian deaths have climbed higher than motorist deaths, despite the fact that many collisions are solely between people in cars. That uptick is due to trends on the driver side, such as increasing purchases of sport utility vehicles, which are up to three times more likely than sedans to kill pedestrians whom their drivers hit.

Penalizing jaywalkers will not keep pedestrians safe. It does the opposite by asserting auto and, by extension, white supremacy. Police in Los Angeles have been known to stalk Metro stations to fine transit commuters, who are more likely to be people of color and low-income than drivers.

Hello, death cult. These people taking the bus are so consumed with envy at car drivers that they wanted a legally protected right to walk into traffic in order to force us “white supremacists” to swerve around them.

That ain’t how it was gonna play out, girl. Two words: cow catcher.

Any serious investment in rail and greenhouse gas reductions requires progressive action to decriminalize jaywalking and place greater responsibility on the drivers of larger, more dangerous cars. Further, journalists should put on the brakes before speeding to a conclusion that reinforces our state’s tired reputation as a cartopia.

Alisanne Meyers, Los Angeles

Interstate 5: It’s not just for port traffic anymore.

To the editor: I can only guess that Skelton never did much cycling. That may explain why he sides with Newsom’s misguided veto of the bill by Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas) to let cyclists treat stop signs as yield signs.

Another feminist with a death wish!

I’ve been cycling for seven decades. In New York, jaywalkers are a constant threat. In L.A., it’s as if drivers can look at cyclists and not see them. And yeah, there are bad bikers on both coasts.

It’s like drivers can’t see us, therefore we should be allowed to get all up in their grill… literally! That’ll teach them to ignore us, when they have to buy a new radiator!

Yet when a vehicle stops at a corner (assuming drivers actually pay attention to stop signs and don’t consider them merely suggestions, which is all too common in post-lockdown L.A.), the only effort required to get going again is a little bit of pressure on the accelerator. When cyclists stop, it’s as if they parked, opened a car door and got out. To get rolling again, they have to get back in the seat and pedal from a dead halt. That takes a great deal more effort than stepping on the gas.

He wants to legalize ignoring traffic signs in order to prevent bicycling from requiring more physical effort than driving? I can’t count the ways that that is wrong, but a prominent one is the pleasant fantasy of two bicyclists refusing to stop at the same intersection at the same time… at right angles.

By vetoing this bill, Newsom makes it clear he’s in the driver’s seat, and not on the bike’s.

Peter Altschuler, Santa Monica

They say I shouldn’t assume xir gender but methinks Peter is a feminist. A lazy one, who rides the bicycle to show he cares about the environment while quietly pining for a truck. “Why should pedaling a bicycle be harder than driving a car? I’m breaking a sweat here, people!”

But because Newsom didn’t want to depopulate his state of his most loyal supporters… negresses riding the bus and entitled eco-bicyclists secretly wishing that their religion permitted internal combustion… he vetoed the righteous wrath of Henry Ford and Isaac Newton.

The Cult Of Nice Cucks On the Clot Shot

Several of my friends are getting hit with the vaxx mandates. You know what? I’m willing to do a miniseries on Covid Mandate Horror Stories if my readers are willing to submit (even more) content. Today, let’s slam on “Pastor Bob” from the Cult Of Nice. Context is that “Dennis” asked his longtime pastor for a letter of religious exemption.

Hello Dennis,

I want to first apologize for inserting myself into your present situation related to the Covid vaccine. You need to know that I wasn’t “recruited” into discussing this and this email is from my heart to yours because I love you and have since you were born.

Dennis already has a mother, Pastor Bob.

Now to business. The basis for Christians requesting an exemption stems from the civil rights act of 1964.

Dennis didn’t ask for a history lesson, Pastor Bob.

Dennis, my wife and I are not vaccinated and have no intention of doing so “until” the government makes us. We believe that day is coming and it is just a matter of time. Right now it is using government contracts, soon it might be social security or the tax code, etc. I believe that they will eventually find a way to forcefully coerce the entire country to comply.

Maybe you should do something about that, Pastor Bob. Maybe, when Josef Mengele’s midget clone walks into the room, suspends due process and the rule of law, bans fun and oxygen, and then orders you to submit your body to medical experimentation if you ever want to eat food again, you should DO SOMETHING about that. Writing a letter to the fire department telling them to come to their senses, stop fellating Potato Joe and retain ten-year veteran Dennis in the name of Christ, would be a good start.

If it was wrong for six million Jews then it’s wrong for sixty million Americans!

At a personal level between myself, who cares a great deal about you and your family, and you. I strongly encourage you to give a lot of thought to this issue.

GENUIS! Pure GENUIS, I say! Surely Dennis has not given this matter much thought, if he’s willing to risk his life and family to defy Big Brother!

“Can you help me, Pastor? I can no longer obey the government in good conscience.”

“Of course, my child. Are you suuure? Maybe there’s a way that you CAN obey the government in good conscience? Because ultimately, there’s nothing you can really do about it. We’re helpless, baby. Just let it happen.”

Ohh, you think I was joking just now? Putting words in Pastor Bob’s mouth?

I say this not because of your values because I agree with them 100%. And it is a shame that our government has decided to force citizens to undergo a medical procedure against their will, but that is where we are. If you think about it, the government has a long list of requirements that I disagree with and I have come to view them as “just how life is.”

Cuckservatives have this very strange hang-up: They can’t be serious. They ARE NOT ABLE to be serious. You know the stereotype of Boomers hollering at the television then going to bed? That’s how the Pastor Bobs of this world treat ALL OF REALITY. Nothing is real. Nothing truly matters. Nothing has eternal significance. It’s all a game show and the smart move is exerting minimal effort for maximal gain.

Let’s assume for a moment that Dennis happens to be wrong… that he’s overreacting. His willingness to accept hardship for the sake of what he believes Christ wants would STILL be worthy of eternal reward even if Christ didn’t actually require it. Very few men have the courage and integrity to accept hardships for the sake of conscience. A real priest, like Christ Himself, would recognize that greatness of spirit and encourage it instead of trying to snuff it out with an Eden-esque “are you suuuure?”

Dennis, you are awesome, man, and when this crisis is over, you’re going to like that man in the mirror.

For example, after 9/11 they decided to restrict the entire nation’s ability to travel to “keep us safe.” And life has gone on. I am not sure which issue or at what time the citizenry should say “we have had enough” and refuse to comply.

When somebody sets himself up as a Christian authority despite, by his own admission, having a total inability to recognize evil, it would be kinder to “cash him out” than let him become an accessory before the fact to the devil’s work. Because in Christianity, there are worse things than even death.

Christianity is not a game. Clergy are not given their authority in order to talk about their feelings. My friends are losing their livelihoods because they will not allow our newly Fascist government to poison either themselves or their children, and Pastor Bob DOESN’T KNOW if it’s time yet for civil disobedience.

And he won’t take Dennis’ word for it, that the time is now.

My wife and I…

This is the second time that Pastor Bob gave his wife top billing. I gave him a pass on the first one but now we have a pattern.

My wife and I are not taking the vaccine until they force us, but when that time comes we will. That is because at a medical level we have several doctors in our church who have all taken it and I don’t think they would have if there was a concern medically.

Which is it, Pastor Bob? If you really do trust those doctors then why aren’t you taking the vaxx willingly? Do you have… doubts?

To conclude, Dennis, this is a mess and I feel very bad that you have to go through this. But my prayer is that you remember the adage “pick your battles” and make sure that this is one you should take on. The key word here is “should.”

The key word here is CUCK!

Scene: In the near future, Satan has taken his throne.

“Bend over and take my Mark upon your butt cheek, Pastor Bob!”


“Remember that I pay your salary.”

“Okay, well, I don’t have a choice then. OW!”

My office is always open if you want to talk about this more. In love and peace,

But not in Christ or with a letter of religious support,

Pastor Bob

Post or submit your personal vaxx horror story to gunnerq at protonmail!

City Of Redding Dodged A Party Bus

This is a case of the Left protesting entirely too much.

News-Illiterate Cops Order Air Hunt for ‘Antifa’ Citing Neo-Nazi Rumors That Triggered Armed Mobs

h ttps://

By Dell Cameron (for Gizmodo?), 24 August 2021

Screenshots of two rambling social media from Facebook, one from Instagram.form the sum total of the evidence police used last summer to justify an aerial surveillance operation in North California, records obtained by the nonprofit transparency group Property of the People and reporting by the Guardian show.

I’ll be linking to the Guardian in a moment. Their article was picked up by MSN, Daily Kos, Daily Beast and several other hard-left mouthpieces, all of which had a very curious attitude. Let me demonstrate:

The paper reported Monday on events surrounding the California Highway Patrol’s decision in June 2020 to deploy surveillance aircraft to hunt for an (fake) caravan of left-wing .terrorists,. who were ostensibly on a roundtrip across California, smashing windows and starting fires.

The boldfaced gave me a double take at the byline. An event in June 2020 was covered by multiple news outlets… in August 2021?

The rumored invasion, which failed to materialize but prompted armed displays by right-wing extremists in cities across the Northwest, stemmed from social media posts made viral by an army of accounts claiming “Antifa” was on a traveling rampage.

On the face of it, this doesn’t seem newsworthy. Police get anonymous tips all the time. They rarely pan out but you try anyway because that one time in ten is totally worth it. Highway Patrol kept watch for a specific vehicle and nothing came of it… *shrug*

First, Twitter took action, saying the rumors had been boosted by “hundreds of spammy accounts” as part of a coordinated disinformation campaign. Facebook followed soon after, citing details shared by its competitor. Many of the accounts posed as members of “Antifa” or as official “Antifa” accounts while warning of the caravan’s movements.

Huh? FaceTwit contacted law enforcement and told them to ignore reports of rioters coming in a specific bus? That is NOT how cops do business. “Stand down, police, you don’t need to look for that. Your information is bad. Trust me.”

In reality, the campaign was launched by a white hate group, company officials said, one whose notoriety is tied to 2017’s “Unite the Right” rally; a bloody event staged by neo-Nazis and Klansmen defending the Confederacy, which capped off with a murder.

The Guardian’s new details add a chapter an already bizarre saga about a California sheriff who, in the summer of 2020, also insisted, despite all evidence to the contrary, that a band of anti-fascists were roaming the countryside, mayhem and madness in tow.

Documents obtained by Property for the People offer a singular look at how officers in California’s rural, northern counties.mostly “known for weed farms and hiking and [being] overwhelmingly white,. the Guardian duped into promoting the same false claims themselves, meanwhile throwing taxpayer resources at a phantom threat that even residents said beggared belief.

What a hatchet job. This is Antifa complaining that police acted on a tip that Antifa was looking for trouble!

Do you have that “protesting too much” feeling yet?

Despite the volume of journalists and law enforcement officials reporting the rumors were false…

Mostly just journalists…

…Humboldt County’s sheriff, William Honsal, refused to back down on the claims, which he promoted via his weekly “media availability” videos. Lost Coast Outpost, a news site covering California’s northwest, documented Honsal’s insistence he’d seen .substantiated, law enforcement reports. about “buses full of people” hurdling toward the state.

A CHP spokeswoman told the Guardian that the agency had received no evidence about possible buses beyond the two screenshots, and said its investigative unit reviewed the social media posts “to evaluate potential public safety issues..

Credible enough for a BOLO, “be on the lookout”.

One of the two screenshots was of an Instagram post that claimed far-left “domestic terrorists” were headed for the small city of Redding in Shastha County; an easterly, three-hour drive from Honsal’s turf. The second, from Facebook, claimed the caravan had paused briefly in Klamath Falls, a five hour drive out of state, before continuing its journal. No photo or video evidence was offered, except for .a grainy image of a small van with “Black Lives Matter” written on the back..

The main reason I scanned several accounts of this was I wanted to see those screenshots. They were nowhere to be found.

The Associated Press, at the time Honsal received the screenshots, was circulating a fact-check saying photos of buses with text warning about “Antifa” being “bused in” to “incite violence and destruction” were fake. The text painted on the buses was photoshopped.

Segue to that fact-check. They’re usually good for a laugh…

h ttps://

CLAIM: Photo shows two buses emblazoned with “Soros Riot Dance Squad” at a Milan, Michigan, gas station, offering proof that billionaire philanthropist George Soros and far-left militant groups are transporting out-of-town rioters to protests.

Michigan? Are they blaming California for not noticing what was going on just 2,500 miles away?

AP.S ASSESSMENT: False. A photo of two unmarked buses was manipulated to add the words “Soros Riot Dance Squad” to the side of each vehicle. The buses are not being used to transport people to protests; they belong to a local transportation company and are providing a local shuttle service.

Okay, it’s pretty easy to believe that that was a fake. But this Redding incident, so far as I’m aware, there was no goofy comment photo-slapped onto the pics.

Rumors about organized networks of out-of-town anti-fascist rioters descending on cities nationwide have swirled across social media in recent days as citizens continue to protest the death of George Floyd. There is no evidence that Soros or others are organizing such networks.

Those were not rumors. Those were documented facts, that Antifa, BLM and similar organizations will routinely bus in hundreds of professional agitators to ‘help’ with a protest. And yes, Soros is one of their most infamous, and documented, backers.

If law enforcement has a chance to stop one of those party buses in the middle of nowhere instead of downtown, everybody wins except the bad guys.

End segue

Soon reports surfaced of armed vigilantes gathering on city streets, steeling themselves for a showdown with a threat that no one in 800 miles could find.

The link is another far-Left source. I’m strongly inclined to doubt its claim that gangs of white vigilantes played Rooftop Korean across the street from BLM protests, or that they wandered around town in gangs with ARs at port arms. There’s just no way they wouldn’t be arrested for brandishing weapons in public, or at a minimum, their faces doxxed across the Internet. Northern California is still mostly white and conservative but no, nobody does that kind of thing without the usual excitement.

Honsal, still, did not back down.

Good for him!

Property of the People’s executive director, Ryan Shapiro, criticized the highway patrol for engaged in .military-style. surveillance while Honsal and others issued disturbing public announcements based on a threat supported by virtually nothing.

“Military-style surveillance”? This is going farce. Let’s go to the article that launched this pathetic effort to pressure police into not following up on rumors of Antifa activities.

Revealed: how California police chased a nonexistent “antifa bus.

h ttps://

By Sam Levin, 23 August 2021

On 1 June 2020, a law enforcement official in the small northern California city of Redding sent screenshots of two social media posts to her staff, asking them to investigate.

Sounds like a disgruntled night-shift worker and not, for example, the divisional chief of State Police.

One was an Instagram story. .BE AWARE . I have heard, from a reliable source, that ANTIFA buses with close to 200 people (domestic terrorists) are planning to infiltrate Redding and possibly cause distraction and destruction,. it read.

Spoiler: there were Floyd protests in progress in Redding. You might find that context relevant. Network news did not.

The second, a Facebook post, warned that buses of protesters planning to “riot” had stopped in Klamath Falls in southern Oregon, “but there was no rioting or burning as they decided to move on.” The post included a grainy image of a small van with “Black Lives Matter” written on the back.

Elizabeth Barkley, then chief of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) northern division, which covers rural parts of the state just south of Oregon, asked her colleagues to look into the claims and “notify our allied agencies in town.” Ninety minutes later, another CHP official forwarded the message to officers saying, .The thought is these buses are roaming . looking for events to attend (and possibly cause problems)..

A chief of the Highway Patrol is not “a law enforcement official in the small northern California city”. And for my international readers, Redding is the largest city in Northern California, in Shasta County.

Fifteen minutes after that, a CHP sergeant told a listserv of commanders that “possible ANTIFA buses [are] heading to Redding., adding that the agency’s tactical alert center had been notified. The official said that CHP aircraft operations were now actively trying to locate a vehicle on the freeway. The sheriff of nearby Humboldt county, William Honsal, shared the information with his entire staff, saying, .BOL [be on the lookout] for ANTIFA buses from Oregon..

What?! They didn’t blow off the regional chief of Highway Patrol just because MSN told them to?

The actions of officials in Shasta and Humboldt counties last summer were outlined in internal documents obtained through a public records request by Property of the People, a not-for-profit transparency group, and shared with the Guardian.

They show how officers in these rural counties, known for weed farms and hiking and overwhelmingly white, were swiftly duped by unfounded allegations about “Antifa buses” threatening to “infiltrate” the community as the United States wrestled with the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that sprung up in the aftermath.

The records also show how the agencies. response to those unsubstantiated allegations helped spread misinformation rooted in online conspiracy theories. The files were particularly troubling, experts said, because antifa conspiracy theories have inspired armed rightwing vigilantes to organize in response, sometimes with violent demonstrations.

Show me the bodycount, please. Those “mostly white racists” are not Chicongo monkeys; they do not miss. Ask the Kenosha Kid.

A CHP spokeswoman told the Guardian that the agency had received no evidence about possible buses beyond the two screenshots, and said its investigative unit reviewed the social media posts “to evaluate potential public safety issues.” She noted that Oregon police had raised similar concerns.

.A CHP air unit conducted a short search for the buses; however, they were unable to locate them,. the spokeswoman said in an email, adding that no specific individuals were surveilled, contacted or apprehended, and that no threat was identified. The full extent of the operation is unclear, though the spokesperson said the actual aerial search was brief: .The Antifa bus mission was a 12-minute event..

Conclusion, hard-Left journos got their Freedom Of Information Act request granted, to the effect that aircraft were used to search for those two Antifa Party buses based on what could reasonably be considered an anonymous tip… and nothing came of it. Welcome to police work. It’s very boring when done right.

Why are they making so much noise over this?

The obvious answer would be trying to “train” police to obey Marxist fact-checkers in matters involving the policing of Marxists. I don’t see that happening because the first cop who stands down and lets them through will have his life justifiably ended for everything from incompetence to criminal conspiracy.

It is tempting to also believe that those Antifa buses existed and when the police BOLOs went out, their allies warned them off the highway and tried to run interference for them. For that to be true, however, the buses would have had to be headed for a destination.

A 2 June report from the CHP northern division on “George Floyd protests” said no arrests were made, and noted that all related protests in the region were “expected to be peaceful..

*GunnerQ checks for mostly peaceful protests*

UPDATES: Protests wind down after mostly civil night in Redding

h ttps://

By Mike Chapman, Alayna Shulman, David Benda, Damon Arthur, Matt Brannon, 2 June 2020

While the initial Redding march in honor of George Floyd was postponed, groups of protesters demonstrated Tuesday night at City Hall and at Shasta County Courthouse. A group that said it was protecting businesses from looting formed outside the Kohl’s store, where the march had been scheduled to take place. That group crossed paths with the George Floyd protesters at City Hall and the courthouse, while police and sheriff’s deputies watched.

Nearly three hours into the protest, Police Chief Bill Schueller came down from upstairs at city hall to mingle with protesters, but declined to take a knee in solidarity.

Meanwhile, police shut down Court Street as protesters and counter-protesters continued to gather in front of the courthouse. The situation got tense between the two groups but people separated them.

On 1 June, CHP and county sheriffs went on (sort-of) high alert for specific buses reportedly carrying agitators. On 2 June, the protests in downtown Redding fizzled out.

Looks like the City of Redding dodged a party bus.

Eureka protests: Arrests, vehicle incidents, law enforcement’s .solidarity.

h ttps://

By Shomik Mukherjee, 1 June 2020

The city of Eureka is the seat of Humboldt County.

After a weekend of protests brought hundreds to downtown Eureka in rallies against the controversial police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, law enforcement and local activist groups on Monday addressed the chaos.

Across two days, three individuals were arrested, while protesters spray-painted multiple buildings and smashed windows at some locations. One arrest led to a GoFundMe page for bail payments; the fundraiser has over $11,000 in donations at press time.

Law enforcement officials joined protesters on Sunday afternoon to chant with the crowd for justice in Floyd’s case and echoed the sentiment in a public statement on Monday, but a local activist group later called the Sunday incident .trauma-inducing. and “humiliating.”

Others on social media denounced police firing nonlethal rounds into crowds on Sunday [May 31] night.

Separately, a witness at the protest on Saturday said she saw a large truck pushing its way through protesters on the street in front of the Humboldt County courthouse . an experience she called .really, really scary..

On Monday afternoon, Sheriff William Honsal and Eureka police chief Steve Watson issued a joint public statement denouncing Minneapolis police’s fatal arrest of George Floyd.

Looks like a party bus got through to Humboldt County… but maybe not all of the buses? Let me requote something that MSN said earlier: Lost Coast Outpost, a news site covering California’s northwest, documented Honsal’s insistence he’d seen .substantiated, law enforcement reports. about “buses full of people” hurdling toward the state.

Maybe the party buses that he claimed to have seen, were the buses that came down before the June 1 tips? It’s a good bet that many of those agitators were not locals.

Looks like the mainstream media is lying their heads off at law enforcement to prevent them from doing their jobs again.

The Secret, Beautiful Underworld Of Chiropractic

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag now. I got a new education when my spine went sideways and I began using chiropractors. Turns out, there’s a lot of animosity between Establishment medicine and chiropractic. It’s no wonder! The Establishment has your body all figured out, you see. You’re not a person; you’re a juicebag of hoses and chemical reactions. Thus, all you’ll ever need to be healthy is scalpels and drugs. That’s great if what you need is scalpels and drugs.

But as chiropractors point out, all of that doesn’t help if your problem is NOT scalpels and drugs. How many drugs to heal a pinched nerve or re-seat a bone? Never gonna happen.

Part of wellness is wimminz being New Age and all that. But the chiropractic definition of wellness is the assumption that your body is self-correcting and actively tries to be healthy. Good medicine, then, is helping your body do what it naturally wants to do.

It’s not a perfect solution, of course. If your arm falls off then you need those scalpels and antibiotics. Chiros are willing to admit that, possibly because they don’t want your goop on their hands. But Establishment medicine is remarkably hostile against the idea of wellness. Possibly because chiropractors don’t end up as debt-slaves to the New World Order.

A case in point: the death jab.

Chiropractors being dependent upon neither the Medical Industrial Complex nor invasive methodologies, were immediately skeptical of even the concept of vaxxing away the Coof. Disease is a natural part of life and while that doesn’t mean they’re opposed to curing the sick, it does mean that their way of going about it was enhancing the body’s natural defenses with diet and exercise rather than a cocktail of pharmaceutical patents. And guess what? Sunlight, zinc and Vitamin C DID turn out to be effective!

In gratitude to the dissident-docs for proving them wrong, Pfizer issued a press release admitting defeat and quietly shuttered it doors.

We should have been so lucky.

Anti-vaccine chiropractors rising force of misinformation

h ttps://

By Michelle R. Smith, Scott Bauer & Mike Catalini, AP, 9 October 2021

PROVIDENCE, R.I. . The postcard covered with images of syringes beckoned people to attend Vax-Con .21 to learn “the uncensored truth” about COVID-19 vaccines.

Participants traveled from around the country to a Wisconsin Dells resort for a sold-out convention that was, in fact, a sea of misinformation. The featured speaker was the anti-vaccine activist featured in the 2020 movie .Plandemic,. which pushed false COVID-19 stories into the mainstream.

The convention was organized by members of a profession that has become a major purveyor of vaccine misinformation during the pandemic: chiropractors.

Yep, an ENTIRE PROFESSION has united against the death jab! Shoulda reached across that isle when you had the chance, hospital administrators! But nooo, you invented ‘physical therapy’ so you could keep billing insurance companies without enriching those back quacks and their good-nutrition hang-ups.

At a time when the surgeon general says misinformation has become an urgent threat to public health, a vocal and influential group of chiropractors has been capitalizing on the pandemic by sowing fear and mistrust of vaccines.

That’s right, wannabe doctors! Obey the authorities who don’t obey themselves…or ELSE!


US surgeon general cited for being in closed Hawaii park

h ttps://

By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, 6 October 2020

HONOLULU – The U.S. surgeon general was cited for being in a closed Hawaii park in August while in the islands helping with surge testing amid a spike in coronavirus cases, according to a criminal complaint filed in court.

A Honolulu police officer cited Jerome Adams after seeing him with two men “looking at the view taking pictures” at Kualoa Regional Park on Oahu’s northeastern coast, the citation said. The park in a rural area offers a picturesque view of Mokolii island, known as Chinaman’s Hat for its cone shape.

Now known as Breonna Taylor’s Twat… because rayciss!

Adams told the officer he was visiting Hawaii to work with the governor for COVID-19 and didn’t know parks were closed.

At the time, Oahu parks were closed by Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell in an attempt to prevent crowds from gathering.

A phone number Adams gave the officer is the same number Adams listed on an email to state officials seeking an exemption for Hawaii’s quarantine on arriving travellers.

The email to Adams confirming his exemption included links to rules that were in effect in each of Hawaii’s counties, including the order closing Oahu parks.

.We do not have a comment at this time,. said Kate Migliaccio-Grabill, a spokeswoman for the Office of the Surgeon General said.

We the People weren’t asking for a comment. We were asking for a resignation from a hypocrite caught in the act.

Later Tuesday, Honolulu attorney Lex Smith issued a statement: .During his visit to Oahu, the surgeon general was cited for accidentally violating the mayor’s emergency order, due to his misunderstanding of the law. He has not asked for, nor has he received, any special treatment in connection with this citation, and will respond to it appropriately..

“Hey guys, we have this popular state park all to ourselves! I wonder why nobody’s here and why the gate was locked? Oh well, let’s take some selfies before getting back to imposing emergency plague quarantines.”

End segue

[Chiropractors] have touted their supplements as vaccine alternatives, written doctor’s notes to get out of mandates, donated large sums of money to anti-vaccine organizations and sold anti-vaccine ads on Facebook and Instagram. They have been the leading force behind anti-vaccine events like the one in Wisconsin, where hundreds of chiropractors shelled out $299 or more to attend and earn continuing education credits to maintain their licenses in at least 10 states.

Heehee, they found a way to get continuing education credits for defying the Plandemic! AND it’s a tax writeoff!

Public health advocates are alarmed by the number of chiropractors who have hitched themselves to the anti-vaccine movement and used their sheen of medical expertise to undermine the response to a COVID-19 pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 Americans.

There’s the institutional hostility that I mentioned at the beginning.

.People trust them. They trust their authority,. said Erica DeWald of Vaccinate Your Family, who tracks figures in the anti-vaccine movement. .You go because your back hurts, and then suddenly you don’t want to vaccinate your kids..

Imagine that. Some freak with a massage table does in two minutes what all the world’s PhD.MDs never could and then suddenly, you’re magically compelled to think he knows better than them.

The purveyors of vaccine misinformation represent a small but vocal minority of the nation’s 70,000 chiropractors, many of whom advocate for vaccines. But the pandemic gave a new platform to a faction of chiropractors who have been stirring up anti-vaccine misinformation long before COVID-19 arrived.

“small but vocal minority” = “they’re everywhere!”

The first complaint the Federal Trade Commission filed under the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act was against a Missouri chiropractor, alleging he falsely advertised that “vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus,. but that supplements he sold for $24 per bottle plus $9.95 shipping did. He says he did not advertise his supplements that way and is fighting the allegations.

“They’re everywhere and they’re winning!”

“Nebraska chiropractor Ben Tapper landed on the “Disinformation Dozen,. a list compiled by the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which says he is among a small group responsible for nearly two-thirds of anti-vaccine content online.”…

Tapper said he has lost patients, and that Venmo and PayPal seized his accounts. He believes vaccines have no place in what he calls the “wellness and prevention paradigm..

.We’re trying to defend our rights,. Tapper told AP, when asked why so many chiropractors are involved in the anti-vaccine movement.

A standard example of how the NWO prioritizes influential leaders for Convergence.

  1. Identify a respected institution (or person).
  2. Kill it.
  3. Gut it.
  4. Wear it as a skinsuit while demanding respect.

Tapper didn’t roll over so the NWO is stuck on Step Two. You just know he refused the Ticket!

Even before the pandemic, many chiropractors became active in the so-called “health freedom” movement, advocating in state legislatures from Massachusetts to South Dakota to allow more people to skip vaccinations. Since 2019, the AP found, chiropractors and chiropractor-backed groups have worked to influence vaccine-related legislation and policy in at least 24 states.

The group Stand for Health Freedom was co-founded in 2019 by another member of the “Disinformation Dozen,. Sayer Ji, along with chiropractor, Joel Bohemier, and Leah Wilson, who co-owns a chiropractic business in Indiana with her chiropractor husband. It says it has an estimated reach of 1 million .advocates.” It takes credit for killing a New Jersey bill in early 2020 that would have ended the state’s religious exemption for vaccines after rallying tens of thousands of residents to send emails to lawmakers through its portal.

The group is currently pushing people to send messages opposing vaccine mandates to lawmakers in states including Iowa and South Dakota. It says it has gathered more than 126,000 signatures on a petition to oppose vaccine mandates for air travel.

Well done, well done, Mr. Bohemier et ux! America DOES still have heroes!

On the West Coast, a chiropractic seminar and expo called Cal Jam, run by chiropractor Billy DeMoss, said in 2019 it raised $500,000 for a group led by one of the world’s most prominent anti-vaccine activists, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Photographs online show DeMoss and others presenting Kennedy with a giant check for $500,000.

Does that sting, Wokies? Tell me that stings, to watch your heroes turn against the Narrative.

Brian Wussow, a chiropractor and vice president of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin, later told a state Senate committee that more than 400 chiropractors and 100 chiropractic technicians from Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas attended. Based on ticket prices, the event would have generated revenue of at least $130,000.

What’s with the money envy, Wokies? You’re being bankrolled by the entire ‘Murican Empire. Aww, does Satan not believe in paying his employees? But he pwommished!

James Damrow, a third-generation chiropractor in Janesville, Wis., is a member of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board… He said chiropractors were being unfairly cast as anti-science and .that’s not accurate..

Notice how the Left went about targeting the leaders of this convention, movement, etc. They’re still in the paradigm of “strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered”.

Letters to the Editor: Why would anyone take vaccine advice from a chiropractor?

h ttps://

To the editor: I wouldn’t go to a chiropractor for treatment for an infectious disease, nor would I go to an infectious disease physician to get my back adjusted. (“Anti-vaccine chiropractors rising force of misinformation,” Oct. 9)

Additionally, as a retired pharmaceutical representative, I have far more knowledge and training hours in infectious disease than any chiropractor around.

The better question is, why would anyone take vaccine advice from a drug dealer?

Because he can afford a politician?

Why, oh why would anyone listen to a chiropractor (they are not physicians) on vaccines anyway? I continue to be awed by the stupidity around me.

Cindy Baker, Simi Valley

She’s not just a spokesman for stupidity. She’s also a client!

There’s a medical black market coming. The need is there and the talent has been freshly squeezed out of regular employment. If you find yourself in need of medical services while denied access to a hospital, the local chiropractor might be a good place to start researching options.

He’s been denied the Establishment’s respect since med school.

The Vaccinated Are Dropping Dead Of. Exercise-Induced Heart Attacks!

Hat tip to Computing Forever for linkage. All these headlines have essentially the same content. Heart attack: The surprisingly healthy activity that could increase your risk – warning

CNN: Sudden exercise may increase risk for heart attack … Physical activity may increase heart attack risk, study suggests

All in September 2021. Is this like the FDA’s food pyramid? Did Mum lie to me from childhood about getting fresh air?

Let’s go with the Irish Times’ spin.

h ttps://

Physical activity may, paradoxically, hasten your risk of a heart attack, a new study suggests.

This is because physical activity may lead to a quicker build-up of plaque, or calcium deposits in the coronary arteries, according to the research.

This finding does not outweigh the many health benefits of exercise, the researchers emphasise.

Regular physical activity is associated with a reduction in the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and death. But the new research shows that despite these important benefits, people who are very physically active seem to have high levels of calcium deposits in their coronary arteries.

However, it is not clear if exercise may itself be associated with calcification, or hardening of arteries, according to the study published in Heart journal.

What a nothingburger. “Physical exercise does a lot of good, but it can calcify your arteries if you overdo it… maybe.”

To explore the issue further, the researchers studied healthy adults attending for check-ups in South Korea over a six-year period.

Those who were more physically active tended to be older and less likely to smoke than less physically active participants. They also had lower total cholesterol, more high blood pressure, and existing evidence of calcium deposits in their coronary arteries.

Exercise causes aging!

An association between physical activity level and the prevalence and progression of coronary artery calcification emerged over time. Higher physical activity was associated with faster progression of calcification scores.

Experts said the new study may mean that exercise increases the risk of a heart attack, or it may be that calcium build-up is not a good measure of heart attack risk.

Or, it may mean that young people are suddenly having a lot of heart attacks that must be explained without making any reference to the Pfizer Death Jab… because the vaxx is KNOWN to be SAFE… therefore we must look to obscure papers written by people who think kale is healthy for an alternative explanation.

Here’s the link to the actual study…

Conclusion: We found a positive, graded association between physical activity and the prevalence and the progression of CAC, regardless of baseline CAC scores.

The media is obviously using it to generate headlines rather than inform the reader of any new development in cardiac medicine. As is their wont, the media are speaking to manipulate not communicate.

What are they trying to manipulate, you ask?

The Link Between Myocarditis and COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

h ttps://

By Colleen Moriarty, 24 June 2021

This is just one of many typical articles that never quite made the mainstream headlines in recent months.

Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, is a medical condition you may not have heard much about.until recently. It became a trending topic this spring when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that it is monitoring a small number of cases of heart inflammation that have arisen in young adults not long after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. The side effect is considered important but uncommon.arising in about 12.6 cases per million second doses administered. And now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced it will place a warning on the mRNA vaccines. It’s important to note that the vaccination is still recommended for everyone who is eligible.

There’s a tiny risk. Not statistically significant. But for no reason, we’re putting warnings on the jab, banning vaxxed pilots from flying and recommending anticoagulants post-jab.


h ttps://

Two studies published by JAMA Cardiology today discuss adverse effects associated with COVID-19 vaccines… Despite these risks, both research teams continue to advocate for COVID-19 vaccines as the health risks from the virus are far greater than those linked to the vaccine.

Both the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines have regulatory warnings about VITT [vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia] now, and data have shown that women under 60 years old appear to be at a higher risk. Symptoms include intracranial pressure, shortness of breath, lethargy, back pain, abdominal pain, spot bleeding under the skin, and leg or arm weakness, as well as positive test results for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Onset occurs a median of 8 or 10 days after receiving the Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, respectively.

No current strategies exist to avoid VITT….

Although both AstraZeneca’s and Johnson & Johnson’s adenovirus-based COVID-19 vaccines have been connected with VITT, the syndrome seems to occur at four times the frequency with the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to the researchers. As for the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, no instances have been recorded with the Pfizer vaccine, but three cases have been connected to Moderna.

The Elites are pushing Pfizer really hard. As with Highlanders, in the end there can be only one.

“Adverse events like VITT, while uncommon, have been described despite vaccination remaining the most essential component in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. While it seems logical to consider the use of types of vaccines (eg, mRNA-based administration) in individuals at high risk, treatment should consist of therapeutic anticoagulation mostly with nonheparin products and IVIG,” the researchers write.

You could just take your chances with the Coof. Or, you could take your vaxx with a month’s worth of anticoagulants. One of these is legal and the other is not. One of these enriches the Med-MIC and the other does not.

One of these will kill you and the other will not.

End segue

The CDC.s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices said that there’s a “likely association” between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and reported cases of heart inflammation. This inflammation may occur in the heart muscle (myocarditis) or in the outer lining of the heart (pericarditis).

Per the above segue, there are “no recorded incidents” of this..? They can’t keep the Narrative straight.

The safety group reports that the majority of cases have occurred in people 30 years old and under, mostly in males, and more often than not, inflammation occurred after the second dose of the vaccine.

Stay tuned for the third dose! The experts all agree that this trend will reverse itself because the vaxx is KNOWN to be SAFE.

In May, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group, a special panel that advises the CDC, reported that the cases were occurring about four days after vaccination.

At this point, it’s too early to tell what may be causing the recently reported myocarditis cases.

This bullshit is crossing into mass murder territory.

Still, doctors are reassuring patients and families. .This is an incredibly rare event,. says Dr. Asnes. He adds that patients seem to get better quickly. .I think that the most important message at this point is that we are still recommending eligible people older than 12 follow the vaccine recommendations from the CDC,. he says.

It’s too soon to determine if the vaxx is causing heart attacks. But just to be safe, since you’re not at risk or anything, you should… quit exercising!

Health Ministry to consider asking newly vaccinated to avoid working out

h ttps://

By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, 7 October 2021

Israel is the national case study for Vaxx consequences, since the world neither waited for human trials nor bothered to remember the animal trial outcomes. It seems that extreme xenophobia can lead to extreme levels of in-group trust. After all, if the Palestinians refuse the “Jew Juice” then it’s just got to be the next mother’s milk for the Israeli.

“Is your graphene organically sourced?”

Individuals vaccinated with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine may be asked to avoid strenuous exercise and other physical activity for one week after receiving each dose due to cases of myocarditis that were detected in a small percentage of vaccinated people, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

In a slide deck prepared for the Health Ministry’s advisory committee for epidemic control and coronavirus vaccines, which the Post reviewed, some health officials in the Epidemiology Division of the Health Ministry are recommending that individuals “avoid strenuous activity for one week after their second dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines..

Casual walking, stretching, working while standing and housework would all be acceptable.

The recommendation comes on the heels of a study published late Wednesday night showing that one dose of the Pfizer vaccine increased the risk of heart inflammation . however, cases were usually mild and the majority were among young males.

“The Vaxx causes heart attacks but don’t worry, it mostly only kills the young men.” We have still not reached peak matriarchy.

I wonder. Since the Forever Vaxx is giving the Elites power of life and death over our individual bodies… is it possible that they’ll kill off the menfolk in order to reduce the chances of organized revolt? Imagine a society in which the gender ratio is artificially maintained at 1:10 in favor of women, and the women are culled after they age off the carousel. A sex paradise for the most depraved of the devil’s servants.

It won’t happen, of course. The birth rate is already cratering. If the Elites win then humanity won’t have more than two generations left before dying of neglect and abuse. Who could have guessed that humans would stop breeding after being penned up on starvation wages and only permitted menopausal ball-busters for wives?

But it’s interesting to think about the reindeer games that can be played if Fauci gets to inject any specific person with anything he wants. Beware the day when vaxxes are “individually tailored” to specific regions and persons! It is coming.

.We recommend that everyone, in particular adolescents and young men aged under 30 avoid strenuous activity, such as intense exercise, for one week after the first and second doses,. the slide deck said.

It defined high-intensity exercise as circuit training, vigorous forms of weight training, sprinting and swimming longer distances.

The officials said that high-functioning athletes that would be concerned about losing their conditioning could consider “downgrading their level of exercise” to a low intensity.

Translation: “Shut up and get jabbed.”

A member of the vaccine panel told the Post that although the matter would be discussed at the next meeting, most committee members are currently opposed to it.

I agree that the smart move is playing dumb rather than “you should take precautions against the heart attacks that the vaxx will NOT ABSOLUTELY NOT CAUSE!!!” Less of a paper trail that way.

Wyoming’s Judas: Episcopal Bishop Paul-Gordon Chandler

You’ve probably read the Washington Post’s hit piece on Wyoming being stubbornly White and Christian, and the latest efforts to flood the place with Muslim foreigners. One name from the post stood out; here’s some background on the dark forces being pointed at the last, most remote bastion of Heritage America.

I’ll recap that article, cover some biographical information then point out the timeline.

One state has never taken in refugees. Will it welcome Afghans?

h ttps://

By Karin Brulliard, October 2021

CASPER, Wyo. . Jim Shumard, the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church here, sent the email to his congregation with some trepidation. The plan it announced could be historic . for the parish and for Wyoming. But he knew it could also be divisive.

.Together, we are exploring hosting an Afghan family here in Casper,. the headline said in bold blue letters.

It is not the purpose of a Christian church, to bring in foreign-born, foreign-religion, foreign-EVERYTHING rapefugees into a peaceful and stable community of largely Christian believers. We have nothing to learn from Islam. We have nothing to gain from traitors fleeing retribution by the country they betrayed on behalf of our rulers who busy their days with betraying us.

Whether that will happen, or even be possible, in this deeply conservative Western state remains in question. Wyoming, overwhelmingly White and Christian, has never formally welcomed refugees. Just a few years ago, debate over refugee resettlement spiraled into anti-Islam protests and a Koran-burning, alarming the state’s tiny Muslim population and dashing the hopes of its most prominent refugee advocate.

Well done, Wyoming, although I suspect that your winter also had something to do with their decision to leave. Not a bad thing. Ask Russia.

And this summer, amid a deluge of support for Afghan evacuees spanning political and faith spectra, the leaders of just two states, Wyoming and South Dakota, said they did not want to take in refugees. Wyoming is the only state that has no refugee resettlement program, nor has it ever had one. That makes the Cowboy State, as it is known, an island in a nation where states red and blue have for decades welcomed refugees.

To our destruction. I’m a Commiefornian, ask me how I know. Better yet, ask your neighbor. He’s probably a Commiefornian, too, the way this place is sinking.

Bipartisan enthusiasm for helping Afghans who assisted the U.S. war effort and fled the Taliban takeover has waned somewhat, with Senate Republicans last week attempting to curtail evacuees. access to aid and identification cards.

Other reasons for waning enthusiasm include arrests for child molestation and coercive rape even before they left military jurisdiction.

Even so, 46 states are now preparing to host the refugees . including Wyoming’s neighbors. Idaho is expecting about 400 in the next year. Utah is welcoming 765 in the coming months. Montana will soon receive 75 Afghans.

It is unclear why Wyoming never established a resettlement program, experts say, but it is fairly clear why it is not doing so now: There is negligible overt support in a state where in 2020, 70 percent of voters cast their ballots for President Donald Trump, who slashed refugee admissions and banned travel from several Muslim-majority nations.

Specifically the terrorist-sponsoring nations. The real pandemic is Trump Derangement Syndrome. Still.

In a sparsely populated state where just 3.4 percent of residents are foreign-born, a go-it-alone ethos, some say, translates into hostility toward refugees who might need help finding housing and jobs.

.There’s honestly a little bit of a fear of the unknown,. said Landon Brown, a Republican state legislator who was one of few to voice support for Afghan resettlement. .They’re afraid of these people coming into Wyoming and living off taxpayer dollars, and maybe the fear of Islam becoming a main portion of our small population..

“They might need help with housing and food. But for some reason, the locals suspect they’ll end up on welfare instead. And they’re scared of becoming a Muslim-majority society because they bitterly cling to Christ.”

Brown said he is generally wary of refugee resettlement but views the Afghans. plight differently.

How stupid do you think your constituents are, Mr. Brown? Pro-tip, they haven’t been breeding with either goats OR cousins in recent years.

[Female Allison Duvall, manager for church relations and engagement at Episcopal Migration Ministries] said her office has been flooded with interest from parishes throughout the country that want to assist Afghans . including Shumard’s church and two others in Wyoming.

So, three churches in Wyoming.

And now we get to the man of the post.

That is the hope of Bishop Paul-Gordon Chandler, who leads the Episcopal Church in Wyoming, the state’s 50-parish diocese. He arrived last year in Casper, a city of 59,000 that rises from windswept grasslands and rock outcroppings, with a decidedly internationalist r?sum?. Previously a rector in Qatar, he grew up in Senegal and has worked in North Africa and Europe.

Qatar? Seriously? What does a… Qatari… know about Wyoming?

Wyoming, he said, became an interest when an arts nonprofit he founded, Caravan, brought an exhibition of Muslim, Jewish and Christian artists to the state in 2016. The state, Chandler said, has welcomed him more warmly than any other place he has lived.

That’s a lie. You cannot convince me that the people of Wyoming had any interest in viewing Judeo-Islamic artwork from the United Arab Emirates. I agree with their critics, that they are not what anybody would call sophisticated.

“The people here loved experiencing foreign cultures! I will help them overcome their jihad-hesitancy!”

Chandler insists he is undaunted by past uproar over refugees, though he acknowledges that buy-in will require being “strategic.”

Translation, he will have to betray and deceive us. Because he sure ain’t listening to us, now is he?

But he says he is confident the Episcopal Church, with its long history in the state, can play a unique role as a bridge. This month, the diocese is hosting a talk on the refugee issue by an Afghan who served as a combat interpreter alongside U.S. and Afghan forces.

The MIC would totally go for that. But them Jesus freaks still have hang-ups about Muslims and loving the livestock.

.One family, two families, three families . whatever it is, it’s not a lot,. Chandler said. “But I think it makes a bigger statement as to what we should be doing both as a church and as a people, as Americans, in this kind of distinct moment..

Chandler said he had spoken to Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon (R), an Episcopalian. Gordon, he said, listened but did not commit to any particular action.

Gordon declined to be interviewed, but there are signs his view has shifted. In mid-August, his spokesman told Cowboy State Daily that Gordon had “no interest” in accepting Afghans. In an email to The Washington Post last week, the spokesman said Gordon was exploring the process through which Wyoming faith groups might host evacuees and would work with the legislature to craft a program if necessary.

Somebody is putting pressure on Gov. Gordon. Somebody new to the scene, perhaps?

That’s enough for our purposes today. So, what brings Africa-born Chandler to the heartland of America? And just in time to resettle Muslims in a very Christian land, against the repeatedly stated will of the Christians?

The Episcopal Church in Wyoming reaches all the way to the Middle East for their new Bishop

h ttps://

Laramie, February 14, 2021: The Rt. Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler, who was elected on September 19, 2020, was ordained and consecrated as the 10th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming on Saturday, February 13, 2021 at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Laramie, Wyoming.

Chandler, who grew up in West Africa, hails most recently from Doha, Qatar, in the Arabian Gulf, where he was the rector of the Anglican Church in Qatar, a church that hosts approximately 20,000 Christians each weekend from over 85 faith communities of varying traditions. An authority on the Middle East and Africa, Chandler is also an art curator, having founded CARAVAN, an international non-profit affiliated with The Episcopal Church that is recognized as a global leader in using the arts to further our quest for a more harmonious future, both with each other and with the earth, and which has held several strategic interreligious art exhibitions throughout Wyoming over the last several years. Chandler has spent much of his life focused on building bridges between the Abrahamic faith traditions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

That is treason against Christ. There is no bridge between Christ and the Jews. Ask a Jew. There is no bridge between Christ and the Muslim. They deny that Christ was anything but a prophet.

He studied Theological/Biblical Studies at Wheaton College and at Chichester Theological College in West Sussex, England, and French at the Alliance Fran?aise in Paris, France. He is married to Lynne Chandler and together they have two grown married children.

The author of four books, Chandler’s most recent book is titled .IN SEARCH OF A PROPHET: A Spiritual Journey with Kahlil Gibran,. which focuses on the all-embracing spirituality of the early 20th century Lebanese born poet-artist and mystic, Kahlil Gibran, the author of the best-selling book The Prophet.

Gibran is new to me, but he identified as a universalist and is popular with many lost souls.

The Most Rev. Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, said, “Bishop Paul-Gordon really brings remarkable gifts and graces to join in this new partnership in the Gospel. As you read and learn his story and get to know him, you will discover a person of deep faith, with profound and wide experience of living that faith in a variety of contexts always centered in Jesus and his way of love. I simply can’t wait to see and experience what this new partnership of the Holy Spirit, the clergy and people of Wyoming and Bishop Paul-Gordon will do. Our world needs you. And God has called you, bishop and people, together for this moment, .for such a time as this,. as the Bible says. God love you, God bless you, and may God hold us all in those almighty hands of love..

During the service, Chandler was entrusted with the historic Diocesan Crozier by the Rt. Rev. John S. Smylie, whom he has succeeded. The service incorporated the languages of Arapaho and Shoshone, and creatively reflected the uniqueness of Wyoming . from visual imagery of the state’s beauty to highlighting its distinct diversity. Shoshone and Arapaho drum circles and cedaring were also part of the service, as well as a diocesan virtual choir.

Chandler rejected the concept of a white America from the moment of his installation. I wonder if there were any ‘native prayer rituals’. *checks*


[From Chandler’s speech:] As this service was developed, it was especially meaningful to be able to honor the spiritual traditions of our Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho sisters and brothers.

Those were not Christian traditions. They certainly were not Episcopal traditions. Getting away with it is the biggest thrill.

End Segue

The Chief Consecrator was The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, the former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Bishop Jefferts Schori says, .We look forward to the ministry of Bishop Paul-Gordon Chandler, expecting that his abundant multicultural experience will bring fresh insights and ways of contextualizing the gospel in Wyoming. His focus on the arts offers yet another way of understanding the good news of God in Christ and should bless this diocese in an expanding ability to love and serve ALL neighbors. The Diocese of Wyoming has had a deeply gifted series of bishops, and Paul-Gordon will build on those well-laid foundations..

That’s Missus Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori. Just last post, I was talking about how female leadership can destroy a government, if not civilization itself. And here we are, in the midst of catty feral women ordaining a Deceiver so arrogant that he flaunted paganism during his acceptance ceremony.

You go, girls.

Artists Melissa Strickler of Lander and Shirley J. Sanderson-Stephens of Cody had been commissioned to produce artwork for the service that formed an installation titled “Christ of the Frontier.. During the service, Chandler was presented symbols of the Office of Bishop that had been crafted to reflect Wyoming, including a beaded stole made by the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho peoples that incorporates their sacred symbols, a crozier in the shape of the staffs used by the early Basque shepherds in the state, and a cope and mitre with embroidered symbols of Native American spiritual traditions which were designed and constructed by Ecclesiastical fabric artist Phyllis Lehmberg.

Reflecting Chandler’s years in West Africa and the Middle East, he was given a silver pectoral cross made by Tuareg nomads in the Sahara, and a ring handcrafted in Cairo, Egypt. The service also included the languages of Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic. Due to the pandemic lockdown in the UK, the sermon of The Rev. Dr. Samuel Wells, the vicar of the historic church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields on London’s Trafalgar Square, was live-streamed.

Bishops from around the region were in attendance, as well as The Rt. Rev. Bob G. Jones, the former Bishop of Wyoming for 20 years, from 1977 to 1997. All visiting bishops participated in the act of consecration of Bishop Chandler.

Following the consecration, Bishop Paul-Gordon says, .I am profoundly humbled to serve with the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming. I look forward to building on the excellent foundation that exists and the unique history of the diocese. I believe the Episcopal Church in Wyoming is uniquely positioned for a visionary future, and I look forward to all that God has in store for us together as we discover how “Christ walks the Wyoming Road…

I also look forward to seeing the Almighty show up with spurs, a twelve-gauge and a squint that would put the fear of God in Chuck Norris himself. There be no shortage of claim jumpers on this field of souls.

Lambeth Award recognizes CARAVAN president for interreligious peacebuilding

h ttps://

By Episcopal News Service Staff, 30 June 2020

The Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler, an Episcopal Church mission partner serving in Qatar, is among this year’s recipients of the prestigious Lambeth Awards for outstanding contributions to the church and wider society.

The Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation and Interfaith Cooperation was awarded to Chandler “for his distinct and exceptional contribution in using the arts for interreligious peacebuilding around the world,. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said in announcing a total of 32 awards recognizing significant contributions in fields such as evangelism, safeguarding, ecumenism, theology and interfaith relations.

Chandler is the founder and president of CARAVAN, a nonprofit initiative affiliated with The Episcopal Church that uses the arts to build bridges between different cultures and religions around the world. The initiative is now in its 11th year of touring the world with peacebuilding exhibitions that showcase art.

Modern art is practically synonymous with money laundering. I don’t have any specifics in this particular case; I’m just saying that Chandler might have more in common with Hunter Biden than a museum.

Chandler “has spent his life focusing strategically on the role of the arts in the context of interfaith peacebuilding, toward building bridges of understanding, respect and friendship between the Abrahamic faiths,. the Lambeth Awards citation noted.

Currently serving as senior Anglican priest of the Church of the Epiphany and the Anglican Centre in Doha, Qatar, Chandler told ENS that he is “deeply honored to receive this award which seeks to inspire us to realize what is possible, and how we can each play an important role in shaping our world into one where understanding, respect and compassion are valued above all . regardless of faith, cultural, or ethnic backgrounds..

There can be no doubt whatsoever than Chandler’s religion is globalism, not Christ.

Bishop Chandler is a false priest.

ABOUT CARAVAN: Transformation through the Arts

h ttps://

CARAVAN, an international arts NGO/non-profit that is recognized as a leader in using the arts to further our global quest for a more harmonious future, both with each other and with the earth. Our mission is based on the belief that the arts can be one of the most effective mediums to heal our world and to creatively foster peace, harmony, wholeness and health in all its forms.

Hello, climate change agenda. You’ll be missing that propane come February, Bishop of Wyoming. You ain’t in Qatar no more.

The nomadic “caravan” theme comes out of the founding vision to encourage and facilitate those from diverse backgrounds and worldviews to “journey together through the arts.” While CARAVAN’s mission is global in focus, we maintain an ongoing program emphasis on the Middle East due to our founding.

Let’s discuss the other candidate for the Bishopric, when it became available last year.

Two Candidates Announced in Wyoming

h ttps://

21 May 2020

The Diocese of Wyoming has announced a slate of two candidates to become the X Bishop of Wyoming. Alphabetically:

Chandler grew up in Senegal in West Africa and has lived and worked around the world in leadership roles with the Episcopal Church, faith-based publishing, the arts and Christian relief and development agencies. He is also the founding president of Caravan, an international peace-building nonprofit closely associated with the Episcopal Church that uses the arts to build sustainable peace around the world, and which has held several strategic interreligious art exhibitions throughout Wyoming.

Duprey grew up in Connecticut and was ordained to the diaconate and the priesthood in Wyoming, in 1988 and 1989. He served in the diocese for 20 years, first as vicar for four years of St. John the Baptist in Big Piney, then as rector of St. Peter’s in Sheridan until 2008, when he answered the call to become a Navy chaplain.

The search committee named three finalists, but one withdrew from consideration.

Duprey belongs in Wyoming. Nobody can dispute that. His background is solid. By contrast, Chandler is a Christ-hating globalist foreigner even at first glance. He does not belong in this hemisphere. I cannot believe that Duprey was rejected for any reason except that the Powers That Be want Wyoming to be forcibly Converged. To his eternal glory, the devil’s servants rejected Duprey as a potential anti-Christian.

Let’s recap the timeline:

May 2020 Chandler is nominated for the Wyoming Bishopric out of nowhere… Qatari art industry nowhere.

June 2020 Chandler is given the prestigious Lambeth Award.

September 2020 Ordained as Wyoming Bishop. Immediately holds an indigenous-pagan worship service.

That is a seriously scary level of globalist cooperation. But it’s also the sort of thing that one would expect a One World Government to be capable of. Chandler sets off nearly every alarm for false Christianity then gets confirmed to a very high-level position despite it. Whoever is running the Episcopal Church, it isn’t the pussies in the fancy bathrobes.

The Crazy Cat Commissioner of Florida

How do you get rid of thousands of feral cats? According to female city management… you make sure they all get a loving home! Enjoy this deep dive into what happens when women run the city.

Florida city has too many stray cats, officials say. Here’s how they plan to fix the problem

h ttps://

By Wells Dusenbury, South Florida Sun Sentinel, 12 October 2021

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. . It started with one defenseless kitten wandering in a circle by itself on Lake Ida road.

.I pulled over and picked her up,. said Delray Beach City Commissioner Juli Casale. .She was so tiny, she needed to be fed formula. Once I brought her home and she stayed..

And so it begins, crazy Florida cat lady.

She took in another stray the next year, but one commissioner can rescue only so many stray cats when thousands are roaming her city’s streets.

To limit the growth of “community cats,. Delray Beach is spending $25,000 for a new neutering and vaccination program.

Why more money? You’re the government. You have armed government agents just itching to kill themselves some mammals. And why are you healing animals that you want there to be fewer of?

There are likely between 7,000 and 11,000 stray cats in Delray Beach, said Heidi Nielsen, director of information and outreach for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. Countywide there are between 150,000 and 200,000 stray cats, Nielsen said. And if left unchecked, those numbers can surge exponentially and pose health risk to residents.

Just like women in government! How are people still believing that men and women are the same? We let a huge number of women into authority and by total, freak coincidence, the immediate result is our entire civilization going Borderline Personality Disorder… just like your ex!

And why is the birth rate suddenly so low, now that women can pick their own husbands er, male-presenting lovers?

Casale, who’s spearheading the initiative, frequently feeds community cats, which are often malnourished and defenseless. .If we don’t help them, who’s going to?. she said.

I just thought of a cheaper, more effective way to control the kitty population than “more government”: get rid of Juli Casale.

Feral kittens suffer an abnormally high mortality rate of 75% rate, Nielsen said, attributing it to a variety of factors, including lack of food and water, being attacked by dogs or other animals and being run over by cars.

“We must feed and protect the puppies and kitties! Changing the subject, why are there now so many of them?”

Jan Steele, director of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, said unchecked growth poses a “huge health risk” due to rabies.

.If you have a large population of cats that does not have rabies vaccination that are continuing to breed, they’re overcrowded and often times not having enough food,. Steele said.

.They’re more susceptible to picking up rabies from the local raccoons because they’re going to the same food sources. If they’re in the same community as humans, you’re putting [people] at risk for rabies as well..

To combat the issue, Delray Beach is adopting a trap-neuter-vaccinate-release (TNVR) initiative. Animal experts use traps to capture stray cats and then transport them to a veterinarian. After being given anesthesia, vet technicians will neuter or spay the cat, provide a rabies vaccine and implant a microchip. The whole process takes roughly an hour, Steele said. Afterward, the cat is returned to its original territory.

In the context of Current Year, that paragraph is more than spooky enough for Halloween. Just change the definitions of “tom” and “vaxx”….

The program is being done in coordination with Peggy Adams and Purrzilla Cat Rescue. Paul Bates, who coordinates the TNVR program for Peggy Adams, said they’re planning on starting around November and are hoping to finish by February.

You’re never going to finish, when sterilizing feral cats is step 3 and feeding & sheltering them are steps 1 & 2.

Wait, what? Purrzilla Cat Rescue?

Between the facilities at Peggy Adams, Tri-County Humane Society and Palm Beach County Animal Care and Rescue, they can do about 200 procedures per week.

In addition to the TNVR program, Steele recommends that crazy cat ladies not be given access to the public treasury.

Oops. Let me fix that.

In addition to the TNVR program, Steele recommends people who have housecats keep them indoors to prevent them from potentially mating with unneutered or unvaccinated animals.

Or to avoid being eaten, one supposes, but perhaps cats aren’t livestock.

She said a good compromise for people with screened-in porches to design a .cat-io. . a patio tailored for a cat.

.Your car has a little kitty door that allows him to go into the screened-in patio, get some sunlight, some fresh air,. Steele said. .It’s lush, but it keeps them in your property..

That’s crazy, cat lady.

In fact, I checked if Juli is crazy. So did a Florida ethics commission.

Did Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Make False Statements To The Palm Beach County Commission On Ethics?

h ttps://

Decide for yourself! Alternatively, have flashbacks to your ex for yourself.

The ethics complaint stems from Casale threatening [Christopher Mitchell,] a Delray Beach mortgage broker’s business back in February.

The complaint states that at the Greater Delray Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum at the Arts Garage on February 10, 2021, a visibly intoxicated Juli Casale verbally berated Mitchell about social media posts Mitchell had made regarding Mayor Shelly Petrolia.

There’s a lot of women in this government. Hmm.

Commissioner Juli CasaleCasale allegedly became histrionic and insisted that he stop posting negative statements about Petrolia. Mitchell refused.

He responded by stating he can say and write whatever he wanted. As a result, Casale channeled her inner Joan Crawford and had a Mommie Dearest style meltdown in front of at least 12 people.

At that point, Casale threatened Mitchell by saying: “I can really hurt your business. We’ll tell people not to do business with you. How about that!”

Mitchell perceived this as a direct threat to his business. Mitchell also wrote in his complaint: “This was an obvious threat to my business as a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and therefore my livelihood. Commissioner Casale has threatened to use her influential position in the city to discourage potential loan customers from working with me or my firm at obvious detriment to my personal income.”

Yep, that’s an ethics violation.

On May 17th, the COE determined there was legal sufficiency to proceed with a further investigation.

As a result of COE.s findings, Casale retained high priced and influencial criminal defense lawyer Scott Richardson.

Unfortunately for the good people of Delray Beach, Richardson was able to convince the COE that the complaint was without merit… Richardson pulled off his victory even with Casale’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

.Ms. Casale never refused to cooperate with this investigation. On June 4, 2021, Commissioner Casale’s mother suffered a stroke in Connecticut and was very ill.

Commissioner Casale flew to be with her mother. On June 15, 2021, Investigator Higgs called me to see if Commissioner Casale would agree to be interviewed. I advised Investigator Higgs that I would discuss it with my client. On June 19, 2021, Commissioner Casale’s mother passed away.

Mr. Higgs and I spoke on June 22, 2021; I informed Investigator Higgs that Commissioner Casale’s mother had passed away and that we would revisit the issue at a more appropriate time..

And instead of rescheduling, the ethics investigation was closed?!

The COE didn’t press her for a copy of the death certificate.

This summer, a woman claiming to be Juli Casale’s sister called Chris Mitchell. Mitchell alleges the woman made a cryptic Deep Throat style comment about Juli Casale:

.There is more going on than you know..

The woman then disconnected the call. However, thanks to modern technology, we were able to confirm the phone number the woman called from. The number did belong to Casale’s sister Amy Seaburg.

As a result, we were also able to track down the whereabouts of their mother, Mrs. Simmons. It appears she may not [be] dead.

Yep, that’s an ethics violation. You should read this article for yourself; it pulls no punches and goes where even I’d rather not tread, in covering small-city Florida politics. You will not be bored. Certainly not by the mayor.

Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia On the Offensive Again

h ttps://

By Randy Schultz, 17 November 2020

Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia wants to purge a member of the planning and zoning board for saying something that she didn’t like.

Rob Long is that board member. A civil engineer by training, he’s also chairman of the Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District. Like the planning and zoning board, it’s an advisory group.

In that capacity, Long on Nov. 3 sent an email to say that he was “appalled” by Delray Beach’s response to the “alarming discovery” of cancer-causing chemicals.known as polyfluoralkyl substances, or the city’s water supply. He cited a report by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

So that’s what Florida puts in their drinking water. I’d wondered for a long time.

Long noted that the amount of PFAS was within legal limits under Florida’s “lenient standards.” Still, he wrote, the issue should be “cause for concern..

In addition, Long suggested causes for the problem, such as consistent turnover among staffers in related city departments. He also claimed that Petrolia “downplayed the severity of the problem..

Last week, Petrolia brought up the email, after a discussion of the city’s water department and its response to recent problems. Commissioner Shirley Johnson called the email .a disservice to our residents.. Julie Casale, Petrolia’s most reliable commission ally, asked what “recourse” might be available to punish Long. Petrolia said Long .doesn.t belong on our board..

Juli Casale (spelling?) is not an outlier.

Ryan Boylston and Adam Frankel disagreed. Boylston, who nominated Long to the planning and zoning board, said a reprimand or worse would be “an odd precedent to set.” To be consistent, Frankel said, the city would have to review texts and emails from all advisory board members. They serve at the commission’s pleasure, but removal is rare unless members are chronically absent or prove unfit to serve.

From what I can tell, everything in Long’s email with regard to the PEER report was accurate. He could have included the city’s official denial of the group’s finding. But PEER is a credible organization.

The political point of contention is Long’s reference to Petrolia. He based that on a Feb. 4 text message from Petrolia to City Manager George Gretsas, who is now suspended. Petrolia wanted Gretsas to avoid any comments that might “implicate this administration.. As a weak mayor, Petrolia isn’t part of any administration.

Gretsas got sort-of removed from his position due to scandal.

Petrolia said the (reclaimed water problem) .didn’t happen on our watch.” Gretsas has called that a lie, saying that Petrolia knew about the problem when residents first complained in December 2018.

Johnson accused Long of “yelling fire in a theater.” Long responded, .It isn’t a crime to yell fire in a movie theatre if there is a fire. This is an issue that should be taken seriously, and it’s my duty to keep the public informed..…

City Attorney Lynn Gelin said she would “reach out” to Long for a formal response…

One response to Long’s email came from Kelly Barrette. She’s a social media presence in Delray Beach and another Petrolia ally.

.Sounds like you’re running for Mayor, Rob,. Barrette snarked. .Good luck with that!.

This is what happens when women hold the reins of power. They don’t stop being women, whether that means mothering the (legions of) helpless kittens, making up excuses to beat an ethics investigation or most of all, blaming a man for mansplaining a problem that she’s now officially in charge of solving.

Our situation will not improve until men rule over women once again. As God intended, and was denied, from the beginning.

Travelogue: Deadwood

GunnerQ takes a prepper vacation!

I can’t say where I was. The place might not even have a name, just a section number on a township plat. A homesteading family needed slave labor to help butcher cattle for the winter and wisely chose a blogger over a Negro. Me! And why not? I’m practically an expert in meatpacking after two hours of “The Bearded Butcher” on youTube.

What could possibly go wrong? (The answer turned out to be “don’t set up your beef hoist on a slope”.)

“Burger” the Vegan.

MEAL Team Six lines up the shot… a copper-tipped .223 special…

One shot, one kill, one less vegan! ‘Murica!

I’ll skip what happened afterward. While social media happily displays pictures of mammals wearing no clothes, it still frowns on displaying mammals wearing no skin. Suffice to say, even a smaller steer like this one yielded enough beef that we were up past midnight getting it dressed, packaged and into the deep-freeze. Food for a year!

Meanwhile, Commiefornia tried its best to increase the price of bacon by demanding “humane treatment” for politicians, excuse me, pigs. Memo to our Christ-hating leadership, “humane” is how you’re supposed to treat humans. Pigs get porcine treatment… and if you insisting on mixing this up then your turn will come, you swine!

To nobody’s surprise, I eventually wandered off the plantation. There were lakes and cliffs… deciduous trees turning their fall colors…

…and a scarecrow that drove an Edsel off a cliff in the middle of nowhere. Because reasons.

Much like his country, this bald eagle was feeling a bit frazzled from a recent storm.

Despite this post’s title, stay away from Deadwood. That place grabbed its ankles, asked for the Vegas treatment and is now a tourist trap. Not good tourists, either, but drunken fat old farts pretending to be cowboys while playing the nickel slots.

We stopped there for food after a hard day of hiking and the only decent place to eat was a humble hotel & restaurant. Just a typical American diner but the chef wore an awesome cowboy hat with an eagle feather and the waitress was a skinny Goth with amazing tits, electric blue hair and an illegible wall of text down her arm that she swore was a tribute to her mother. It actually felt like small-town America! The food was okay and cheap enough that you didn’t feel like hoping for a miracle at the video poker afterwards.

The trip went so well that the family offered to take me in if Commiefornia should spit me out. And y’know, I’m thinking about it now. There’s nowhere to go where you can expect good government, so the opportunity to go where you can expect good people is the best that Current Year gets.

They were Good People.

Random Thoughts October 2021

Now that only the vaxxed are allowed in the largest workplaces, what are the odds that they’ll continue to see the unvaxxed as fellow human beings? They’re in the perfect Totalist echo chamber: the majority of humanity self-selected into a death cult by fear of independent living & personal responsibility. There are no more wrongthinkers in their lives at all: not professionally, not personally, not on (their) social media, not even indoors. They are completely untethered from reality and competing ideas.

The Great Separation continues.

How did the West fall so far, so fast? One explanation is that Christianity wasn’t merely the dominant moral code, it was the only moral code thanks to homogeneity. Not that an influx of Islam would have improved our moral robustness. But it does partly explain how our societies could flip from “devoted to Christ” to “sacrificing infants to Baal” in a single generation, if not in just two years.

Related: de Tocqueville’s views on democracy as a form of envy:

This Envious Age

I simply think of democracy as a financial institution of legalized theft. All democracies last only until the people notice they can vote themselves free money out of the public treasury. I don’t remember who said that first but Potato Joe Biden said it most recently with his $3.5T 6uild 6ack 6etter effort.

Governor Gavin Newscum sold his last few soul-chunks in return for clinging to power and he’s been signing dozens of laws to “fundamentally transform” California since the recall effort to repay the ‘Vote Counters’, whoever they are. I’m still too angry to blog in detail about it but here’s the highlights:

  • It is now illegal to build single-family homes in California. Anybody who currently owns a single-family home, can convert it into (up to) a four-plex without the approval of local government, without the need to secure utilities such as power & water and with special permissions to bypass the usual demands and bribes of environmental activists.
  • There will be no further recall elections, ever. Foreign nationals will be placed on election commissions in the future. All elections, in perpetuity, will be vote-by-mail only. (Tell me that’s not a bone thrown by Newscum to the Vote Counters.)
  • There is now, officially, no such thing as an illegal immigrant to the California state government.
  • All schoolchildren must be vaxxed. That was going to happen anyway, the Gay Area being Globohomo Central.
  • All law enforcement internal discipline has been outsourced to the Executive Branch of the state government. Whatever police reform you might have wanted to see, I’ll guess it wasn’t a Commissariat of San Francisco blacktivists appointed directly by the State Attorney General.
  • We are promised severe water rationing in the near future. Details to follow.

TL;DR all local governments in California have been disbanded and no longer have authority. To the extent that Sacramento allows them to exist in the future, it is only and exclusively for the convenience of Sacramento.

Frankly, that seems redundant. Only the most northerly, impoverished counties of California have even discussed organized opposition to the New World Order.

You Normie dissidents, we need to talk. I want to join you. I went to one of your rallies against the mass layoffs of unvaxxed medical personnel and would like to get involved, if only for the opportunity to meet people that won’t freak out if I forget myself and speak my mind for an honest moment, but… you were organized on Facebook with a Gmail contact.

Stop. Letting. Your. Enemies. Coordinate. You.

I’m not technically sophisticated, either. Most of my blog’s security features involve “not having features to be secured”, hence the severe lack of even embedded videos, to say nothing of Twitter feeds. Regardless, peeps, at least use Gab or Telegram with a secure e-mail service such as Protonmail. Half-measures are better than no measures.

If you complain the the Powers That Be are out to get you then please, act like you believe it.

On a related note, I don’t grok organized protests. They would not work on me if I was a politician. Then again, even death threats don’t work on me as a unpaid blogger. But they do work incredibly well, if inconsistently, upon our career leadership.

Context: I blogged a couple posts back on DHS Secretary Mayorkas deporting Haitians at the Texas border because (I believe) they were fleeing persecution by Communists.

Protesters Confront Mayorkas’s Wife, Unfurl 30-Foot Emergency Blanket Outside D.C. Home: “Biden Presidency Trump Policy.

h ttps://

By Hannah Bleau, 29 September 2021

Protesters affiliated with the Jewish anti-ICE group Never Again Action gathered outside the D.C. home of Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas on Monday, unfurling a giant banner accusing the Biden administration of carrying out Trump immigration policies.

Just a wild guess here, but white male anti-migration activists protesting at Mayorkas’ personal home would have been shot as terrorists.

.Secretary Mayorkas, himself a refugee and the child of Holocaust survivors, has now joined the long list of U.S. officials enforcing racist policies that turn away desperate refugees and migrants, sending many of them back to their deaths,. Never Again Action campaigns director Alyssa Rubin said.

.We are here today in honor of our ancestors who died because they were turned away from the U.S. by policies just like these,. she added.

SUCH tiresome bullshit. Mayorkas being Jewish himself, this is his own faction pushing him back onto the “straight and narrow path” of unrestricted immigration into the country despite his unwillingness to let in potential anti-Communists.

From his perspective, he was actually trying to help them avoid a future threat.

A press release detailing the protest said it was in direct response to the “horrifying scenes documented at the border” as activists call on Mayorkas “to end the Title 42 deportations of refugees at the border, denying them their right to apply for asylum.” Protesters also demanded Biden cancel all ICE contracts . a promise outlined by Biden. While the organization recognized Mayorkas canceled one, 115 still remain, .empowering local police to sweep up immigrants for deportation,. they said.

The demonstrators said they spoke to Mayorkas. wife, who was said to be “very angry” and told them that “this was her family home..

Do you object, you ((foreign-passport)) feminist? The time to object was when they did this to us.

.And we really do understand that. But again, there are families being torn apart every day. There are people being deported from their home forever, every day,. demonstrators said, defending their actions.

.We know that doing an action at someone’s house can make things personal & bring families into the equation. But our first responsibility is to the personal trauma and the families torn apart by Trump’s policies, that the Biden administration continues to use against immigrants,. they said.

That protest was on 28 September. Two days later:

Secretary Mayorkas Announces New Immigration Enforcement Priorities

h ttps://

Release Date: September 30, 2021

WASHINGTON . Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas announced new Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law to better focus the Department’s resources on the apprehension and removal of noncitizens who are a threat to our national security, public safety, and border security and advance the interests of justice by ensuring a case-by-case assessment of whether an individual poses a threat.

It is obviously not possible to handle tens of thousands of undocumented migrants every month on a case-by-case basis.

Enforcement priorities for apprehension and removal remain focused on noncitizens who are a threat to our national security, public safety, and border security. But the guidelines are a break from a categorical approach to enforcement. They require an assessment of the individual and the totality of the facts and circumstances to ensure resources are focused most effectively on those who pose a threat.

There is also recognition that the majority of the more than 11 million undocumented or otherwise removable noncitizens in the United States have been contributing members of our communities across the country for years. The fact an individual is a removable noncitizen will not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them. The Department’s personnel are to use their discretion and focus the Department’s enforcement resources in a more targeted way.

Exactly the agenda of the Jewish “Never Again Action” organization. That was a fast work of cowardice by Mayorkas. If you want to control a man, squeeze his wife. Preferably where he lives.

But Mayorkas, and many other politicians, face many protests from many protesters over their years in the halls of power. Why do some of those protests change their behavior and others don’t?

It’s hard to say for sure.

Lastly, a prayer for the the suffering.

God, look kindly upon your people who are being punished for refusing the lie of the vaxx. Grant strength to their arms, courage to their hearts, productive work to their hands and daily bread to their families. May all who gloat over Your people being forced out of society be put to shame. Make true the words of Your Son, Christ, when He said, “Such things must come… but woe to them through whom they come.”

Grant health to Your children so that the world will see and know that You love us.

A Self-Vaxxing Oven

Police have a term for neighborhoods in which criminals kill each other faster than the cops can arrest them: self-cleaning ovens. Today with its new breed of criminal, we need a new term: self-vaxxing ovens are the sick, paranoid shut-ins who won’t call 911 to save their own lives because paramedics might be secretly contagious!

Letters to the [Los Angeles Times] Editor: Unvaccinated cops and firefighters make me hesitant to call 911 for help

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28 September 2021

To the editor: I am retired and 79 years old. I have multiple medical problems, including heart disease. Because I have a high risk of dying if I get COVID-19, I have carefully kept myself in a protective bubble for the last 18 months.

A side effect of Christianity is my total inability to respect this behavior. Why protect your body so zealously while stuffing your brain full of the Los Angeles Times? You won’t get Coof but you will get Socialism. Guess which one is the better killer.

It is unconscionable that if I call the police or the fire department in a medical emergency, there is a substantial risk that the first responders would be unvaccinated and more likely to expose me to COVID-19.

Dude, if you have advanced heart disease at age 79 with a sedentary lifestyle then the last thing you should be worried about is getting Chinaballs from the paramedic after he reboots those chest pains.

Vaccination for fire and police personnel must be mandated for their continued employment now.

Jeoffry Gordon, Venice

3 of 5 pillows. Would snuff again!

To the editor: It is outrageous that our “heroic” first responders in the police and fire departments are among the strongest opponents of COVID-19 vaccines.

Yeah! What information could first responders possibly have about this health emergency that would justify them disobeying Big Pharma executives?

Indeed, as reported by The Times, this refusal to become vaccinated and “protect and serve” the citizens is partially attributable to the plague of toxic masculinity that had surfaced because of our polarized politics and the sentiment that “real men don’t need vaccinations.” It’s shameful and sad.

It’s sad that society is so polarized that you won’t obey my every demand and whim. Reach across the aisle already, Cuckservative!

As a progressive, I have always been against the notion of “defunding” the police. However, if our public servants refuse to engage in and demonstrate health safety in a leadership role, I would no doubt support defunding those who threaten our collective health and safety.

Michael Schneider, Irvine

If these are the people whose lives you’d be saving if you got vaxxed… then why get vaxxed?

To the editor: Fire these first responders. I don’t want someone who’s carrying a deadly and transmissible disease to come “help” me.

Barbara Schiffler, Encinitas

It’s time for the West to have a real-deal die-off if we’ve reached the point of “Save me, 911! But only if you have a rescuer in my area who’s fully documented… but it would *ow… the pain!* be okay if he’s not immigration-documented, but just so you know, my preferred language is English… and *owww* you will address me by my preferred pronouns of hir/their… why are you making this hard? Can I speak to… ugh… chest pains… to your manager-*gack*”

The Effect Of Gun Ownership On the Beliefs Of Vaxx Tyrants

I’ve made no secret of the disgust I’ve had with the Second Amendment crowd dating back to the State of Virginia swimming Left in a single weekend. All of that state’s well-organized militias swiftly held a peaceful protest kindly asking Governor Northam to give up his successful coup… harshly self-policing to ensure that nobody actually used any of those AR-15s that they’d prepared for exactly that situation. Screw you, gun nuts. That was your Go Time and you knew it.

The most hypocritical thing you can do is arm up like Rambo with the intention of proving how nice you are by never, ever firing a shot. Which is it gonna be?

But I cannot say that the massive over-armament of ‘Murica has been entirely pointless. Today, we’ll hear a Globohomo Jew split legalistic hairs to explain why he isn’t calling for direct confrontation with vaxx dissidents… without naming “Beretta the elephant” in the room.

Think vaccine mandates are controversial? What if police held you down and injected you?

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By Nicholas Goldberg for the Los Angeles Times, 29 September 2021

“What if police held you down and injected you?” You mean, like this?



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UPDATE: Great News, LASD.s Operation Homebound has resumed!

On January 7, 2021, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva put “Operation Homebound” into motion. A program designed to vaccinate the most underrepresented, homebound, and underserved disabled residents in our communities, including those experiencing homelessness.

With armed men ready to use force if the ‘underserved’ should refuse their kind, voluntary help.

We are administering the Johnson & Johnson (1 shot only) vaccine utilizing our deputy sheriff personnel who are certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians. LASD is working with local community based organizations like “Integrated Community Collaborative” and “Disability Voices United. to connect with LA County residents most in need, go to their residences, and provide them this life-saving opportunity.

“They gave consent via an approved NGO or legal guardian.”

And that was in Goldberg’s own backyard of Los Angeles. So yeah, Nicky, tell us how you’d do it differently from China. And why.

End Segue

At the end of August, police in China’s Hunan province came to the home of Zhang Jianping. They questioned him about why he had not been vaccinated against COVID-19, and took him by car to a hospital.

In a social media post that included photos and videos to back up his story, Zhang said he was very clear that he did not want to be immunized. .I am not informed. I do not consent,. he says he told the authorities. But they held down his arms and legs and forcibly injected him.

According to Yaqiu Wang, the researcher at Human Rights Watch who saw Zhang’s post, the local police and healthcare officials were acting in response to President Xi Jinping’s call for the vaccination of 80% of the country’s population by the end of October. Even though the central government in Beijing says that “informed consent” is the rule and injections must be voluntary, Wang says many such complaints of compelled vaccination have appeared on social media.

When I first heard about this, I was horrified. For government officials to burst into people’s homes to forcibly vaccinate them seemed, at the very least, like an extraordinary violation of personal liberty.

He was jealous, not horrified. We know this because he’s a…

But am I being a hypocrite?

After all, I’m a supporter of vaccine mandates in this country to get recalcitrant Americans immunized. I think it’s reasonable to bar unvaccinated people from restaurants and sports arenas and even schools if they’re not vaccinated. The justification for that goes back to the 19th century philosopher John Stuart Mill’s harm principle, which says that although people should generally be free to behave as they want, constraining their behavior is justified when their actions cause harm to others.

A gentle reminder that J.S. Mill is the inventor of Social Justice. “It necessarily follows that we should treat all equally well who have deserved equally well of us, and that society should treat all equally well who have deserved equally well of it, that is, who have deserved equally well absolutely. This is the highest abstract standard of social and distributive justice; towards which all institutions, and the efforts of all virtuous citizens, should be made in the utmost possible degree to converge.” -Ch. 5, Utilitarianism

Couldn.t it be argued that pinning people down and vaccinating them is just the logical extension of our own mandate policies?


The Chinese and the U.S. governments have the same objective . to vaccinate the maximum number of people and stop the spread and mutation of the virus. The Chinese are just going a little further in their tactics, right?


Not right. Flat wrong. What these local officials in China are doing is entirely unacceptable.

Because Americans have guns.

Never mind that the 2A crowd isn’t actually going to shoot back… not until the bread and circuses run out, at least. Like women, male feminists are motivated by emotions such as fear. To be fair, that IS a lot of ammo the gun nuts are sitting on….

Despite the harm principle, not every use of power is acceptable to prevent injury to others. It is justifiable to restrict a measure of liberty in pursuit of the communal good; that balance must sometimes be struck. But in the opinion of most bioethicists . and I agree . forced vaccination goes too far.

Reread that paragraph carefully. Goldberg is making an expediency argument for the benefit of the enforcers. What might happen to them if they paid Samuel Colt a little visit? Maybe something not acceptable to prevent injuries to others?

The fight over whether vaccinations should be mandatory is an old one. The first vaccine was developed in 1790 to fight smallpox. In 1853, the immunization of all infants against the disease was made compulsory in England, with parents who refused punishable by fines and prison terms.

That in turn led to anti-vaccination protests and even riots, according to James Colgrove, a professor of public health at Columbia University. As a result, exceptions were added to the law.

Was that cited as a precedent or a preview?

In the U.S., a case went to the Supreme Court in 1905 over whether it was within the “police power” of the state of Massachusetts and its cities to make vaccinations compulsory. The court ruled that it was.

But in neither the U.S. nor England were the authorities seeking to physically compel people to undergo unwanted immunizations. In Massachusetts, the penalty for disobeying the law was not that you were wrestled to the ground and jabbed; rather, you had to pay $5.

Yeah, sure, Nicky. You refuse to break into peoples’ homes and forcibly vaxx them because of an obscure court decision in 1905 Massachusetts. And totally not because your ventilated carcass would bleed out in their living room to cries of “That was awesome!”

Nothing says ‘the bread and circuses are over’ like a goon squad bashing in your door. It’s the one line that you Elites dare not cross. Yet.

Today, too, our “mandates” are really not mandates in any strict sense.

Bullshit, motherfucker! THOSE ARE OUR LIVES YOU’RE RUINING!!!

In the U.S., if parents don’t want their child vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s possible the child won’t be allowed to enroll in public school. But parents have other choices, including in many cases, private school or home schooling.

It’s no fault of the State if parents have a choice.

If a restaurant bars you at the door, you can eat elsewhere. If your employer won’t let you back in the office, you can work from home or seek a new job. These rules are not meant to punish, but to protect public health.

That’s the kind of dishonesty that makes Goldberg a ((Goldberg)). Every restaurant is required to obey the mandates… but sure, you COULD eat at a different one. Theoretically.

…or seek a new job.

Nicky, do you really want to try “learn to code” again?

In general, it’s best to use the least intrusive means necessary to encourage vaccination and protect the population, following what ethicists sometimes call the “principle of least restriction” as well as a sense of proportionality. Robust public education persuading patients to give their informed consent is ideal. Incentives are good too. Bans and restrictions are obviously less desirable.

Physical coercion is almost universally considered unacceptable.

The ‘Murican State doesn’t have the enforcers to physically coerce everybody. That’s one of many reasons that 80% of society needs to get vaxxed voluntarily. Excuse me, it’s now 98% post-Afghanistan!

There’s a big difference between saying “there will be consequences” for failing to get vaccinated . and injecting people by force.

A 0.30-inch difference, give or take.

The right of patients to control their bodies is a bedrock principle not just in the United States but in medical communities around the world.

Translation, Pfizer could be criminally liable if anybody was given their vaxx without signing the consent forms.

“We don’t believe in our society that it is acceptable to force people to take a vaccine even though we might think their refusal to do so is stupid or misguided or irresponsible or even dangerous,. says Colgrove.

Besides, sticking people with needles against their will is unlikely to build trust or encourage widespread cooperation.

What’s this ‘widespread cooperation’, Kemosabe? You won’t even let us in the door without needle-sticks. The first thing you did was wall off D.C., that’s the value you put on ‘cooperation’ with Heritage America.

China is of course a repressive, authoritarian country. It is also, by long tradition, a country that values the community interest over the liberty of the individual. But physical coercion is an unethical and counterproductive way to accomplish the goal of reaching herd immunity, a goal that all countries should be striving for through education, persuasion and adherence to science.

Heehee. Goldberg stares enviously at China’s “just put ’em against the wall” policy and wonders why he can’t do that here.

Because Muh Ghunz! and no other reason. All his pious expressions of community interest, body sovereignty and legal precedent are lies he tells himself as much as you because he can’t face the coward in the bathroom mirror.

“Legal precedent”, what a joke concept. These evil fools can’t honor a contract for a week.