Three Female Entitlement Stories For the Price Of Two

My previous post was my shock & awe about literary-employed people using AI chat programs to do their jobs. Today, we remember that that’s the job of Reddit!

I do not know who Maureen Mackey of Fox News is… but I do know that her idea of finding national-news-level content is scouring Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole” forum. But I forgive her because she’s noticing how badly men are being treated.

Yes, yes, I’m doing the exact same thing right now… but my blog ain’t my job!

Man in wheelchair on bus refuses to move for mother and young daughter

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By Maureen Mackey, 25 February 2023

Move over, Rosa Parks!

A Reddit writer has shared a stressful and upsetting situation involving commuter travel and her young daughter.

A woman who described herself as a 32-year-old female wrote on the platform that she and her five-year-old daughter boarded a commuter bus “at a busy stop.”

The woman, who did not share her location, added that once they were on the bus, she saw that “there were no empty seats available, except for one [seat] near a person using a wheelchair” . a person whom she described as a 40-year-old male.

Either 1. a disabled military veteran, 2. a fugly fat piece of lard or 3. the vaxx wasn’t safe and effective. I rule out #2 on the basis that he was taking up only two seats.

The mother went on, “I asked the person if [he] could move [his] wheelchair to another spot so that my daughter and I could sit together, but the person declined.”

The man in the wheelchair, she went on, said he needed the space for his “mobility device.”

The mother wrote, “I was taken aback and frustrated by this response.”

She told the man that her daughter “was very young and needed to sit next to me for safety reasons” . yet still the person “refused to move.”

The woman shared that she “ended up having to stand for the entire ride with my daughter in tow, which was uncomfortable and tiring for both of us.”

The horror! The horror!

The mother wrote that when she told a friend about the incident, her friend told her she was “being insensitive and ableist.”


The woman’s friend, the original Reddit poster continued, told her “that the person in the wheelchair had a right to the space” he needed . and “that it was unfair of me” to ask the man in the wheelchair to move a bit to accommodate her.

She received a lot of grief on the platform from others. The mother continued, “Now, I’m questioning whether or not I was in the wrong for asking the person to move.”

She asked the Reddit community about it . and for their thoughts on whether she was wrong “for asking a disabled person to move seats on the bus for my child.”

Welp… we know this didn’t happen in Texas, because she didn’t eat a .45 bon-bon with the justification “she needed killin’.” Texans are known to roll (heh) like that.

Predictable outrage ensued, but the takeaway here is crippled male > single mother on the victim totem pole. A good sign for civilization!

Man yells at girlfriend to ‘stop f—ing eating,’ she then charges him with ‘fat-shaming’

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By Maureen Mackey, 26 February 2023

Hmm. Same author, same source, one day later. Her editor better run a chatbot detector on her next submission.

A dramatic relationship upset connected to food has shown up on Reddit, the social media site . and it has prompted the age-old question: “Can this relationship be saved?”

TL;DR no.

A man describing himself as a 26-year-old male explained that his sister, who is 23, runs a bakery . “and she’s been struggling lately to keep up with orders because she’s short-staffed.”

The man, who did not share his location, said his sister “does a lot of orders for wedding cakes that require custard or marmalade fillings . and I offered to help her out by making these fillings at home and bringing them to her so [that] she has less work to do,” he added.

However, there’s been a huge problem.

“Unfortunately, the past four times I’ve made these fillings,” the man wrote on Reddit, “my girlfriend has literally dipped her fingers into the filling jars and contaminated them because, in her words, she “just wanted to try some..”

“ tried explaining to her,” the man wrote on Reddit about his girlfriend, “that she can’t dip her fingers in and contaminate the entire batch, because then I have to remake it.”

The man’s girlfriend is 24 years old, he said.

He said he told her “she should use a spoon and take some out if she wants to try [it] so badly, but she just pouts and says that she likes using her fingers because it takes her back to her childhood.”

Dude, that there is a legitimate sign from Heaven Itself. DITCH THE WITCH WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

He went on to say that recently, he’d been “trying to finish some chocolate custard to send it over to my sister really fast because she was running late on a wedding cake order for an important client.”

So he told his girlfriend, as he shared with others, “to not eat the custard, and if she really wanted to, to please use a spoon.”

He’s not disciplining her.

The man said he stepped “out of the shower, and what do I see? She has her fingers in it again!”

He said he “totally lost it because this is the fifth time she blatantly disregarded what I said.”

Once is a mistake. Twice is disobedience. Five times is an ex-wife even before the wedding vows.

He said that he “yelled at her,” he shared, “and told her to “stop f—ing eating. the food I’m making, because it’s not for her, and she’s contaminating it.”

The girlfriend broke into tears, he said.

“She got mad at me,” the man revealed, “for .fat-shaming. her, even though I made no comment on her weight, and she has no history of weight issues or eating disorders.”

He added, “I know I was harsh, but she kept pushing my limits.”

Bad, bad, BAD SIGN!!!

That’s not harsh. That’s Cuck behavior. This guy is not ready to have a serious girlfriend, let alone wife.

The professional paid advice:

Fox News Digital reached out to a clinical psychologist for professional insights into the relationship drama.

Said Dr. Jayme Albin, Ph.D., of New York City, “The girlfriend is acting and thinking In a very self-centered way. Not only is she disregarding her boyfriend’s request, but he’s brought her attention to the fact that people in the community will be affected by her actions . and still she continues it.”

Compare to the very first, unpaid comment on Yahoo:

Classic – my ex did this to me all the time – keep pushing a button you’ve asker her not to push – and when you finally reach your limit and yell at her – she gets to point you out to everyone -as being the problem person who is angry all the time.

The winner is obvious.

Skynet For Dummies

Clown World has reached the point that humanity is diverging into subspecies. The one type believes that what you do reflects your character; the other type believes only in a full stomach.

h ttps://

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Clarkesworld science fiction magazine is forced to close to submissions by a flood of ChatGTP entries.

I don’t know why this strikes me as particularly funny, but it does. Especially because it won’t be long before SFWA has its first fake member, given the way the most successful clout-chasing con artists think. Wracking up three professional publications wouldn’t be hard, and I don’t think the ever-so-inclusive organization has any specific requirement that its members be human or actually exist.

It has to be admitted. For all its evil and awfulness, Clown World can be amusing sometimes.

I was confused rather than amused.

Come on, now, how hard is it to… wait… people are using AI to do their ENTIRE jobs? And the people reviewing those literary products of incapable-of-creativity chatbots cannot tell the difference?

We aren’t talking about AIs that pass the Turing test. We’re talking about humans who have FAILED the Turing test for YEARS! How long has this been going on? How many people are trying to use AIchat whatevers to cheat?

[GunnerQ googles ‘AI plagiarism’]

I had no idea!

Mississippi research helping to stop AI plagiarism

h ttps://

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November, the online tool has gained a record-breaking 100 million active users. Its technology, which automatically generates text for its users based on prompts, is highly sophisticated. But are there ethical concerns? A University of Mississippi professor has co-authored a paper, led by collaborators at Penn State University, showing that artificial intelligence-driven language models, possibly including ChatGPT, are guilty of plagiarism . in more ways than one. .My co-authors and I started to think, if people use this technology to write essays, grant proposals, patent applications, we need to care about possibilities for plagiarism,. said Thai Le, assistant professor of computer and information science in the School of Engineering. .We decided to investigate whether these models display plagiarism behaviors..

You just witnessed academic integrity pass negative-infinity. The steaming mounds of LIES being pumped out of America’s education system were just revealed to be so corrupt, so void of meaning, so MEANINGLESS, that a random word generator is creating a crisis of scholarship.

Ditto the science fiction community.

Ditto the grant-funding system of… eh, that was always money laundering. Submit ten thousand words in your application, to disguise the fact that the only two words that matter are who’s your globalist daddy.

And I’ve long held doubts about instruction manuals for small consumer goods.

A college student created an app that can tell whether AI wrote an essay

h ttps://

By Emma Bowman, 9 January 2023

See? It’s not hard to detect a fake. At least, it shouldn’t be.

Edward Tian, a 22-year-old senior at Princeton University, has built an app to detect whether text is written by ChatGPT, the viral chatbot that’s sparked fears over its potential for unethical uses in academia.

ChatGPT does not understand the concept of ethics… but it can write an essay on the topic for you?

Edward Tian, a 22-year-old computer science student at Princeton, created an app that detects essays written by the impressive AI-powered language model known as ChatGPT.

Tian, a computer science major who is minoring in journalism, spent part of his winter break creating GPTZero, which he said can “quickly and efficiently” decipher whether a human or ChatGPT authored an essay.

Either this was easy, or Tian is a genius. No sarcasm this time!

His motivation to create the bot was to fight what he sees as an increase in AI plagiarism. Since the release of ChatGPT in late November, there have been reports of students using the breakthrough language model to pass off AI-written assignments as their own.

“there’s so much chatgpt hype going around. is this and that written by AI? we as humans deserve to know!” Tian wrote in a tweet introducing GPTZero.

That’s speciesist!

Tian said many teachers have reached out to him after he released his bot online on Jan. 2, telling him about the positive results they’ve seen from testing it.

I already knew that academia was trash… but this is just sad, man. Teachers don’t know how to combat plagiarism? Why are they only now starting to care?

And to think, I paid attention and tried my best in college.

The college senior isn’t alone in the race to rein in AI plagiarism and forgery. OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has signaled a commitment to preventing AI plagiarism and other nefarious applications. Last month, Scott Aaronson, a researcher currently focusing on AI safety at OpenAI, revealed that the company has been working on a way to “watermark” GPT-generated text with an “unnoticeable secret signal” to identify its source.

The problem here is post-modernism. The idea that truth doesn’t matter. Was that story written by a human or robot? Does it matter? Can you even tell without a tool?

The answer is yes. Truth does matter. It can be detected and verified. But that is an exclusively Christian statement, not a scientific statement. As we’ve seen from the experiment-reproduction problems that !science! has been struggling against.

I hate this world. The “artist” doesn’t care if his paint squiggles qualify as art, so long as he makes the sale, and the people looking at his art don’t care either. Everything is so fake and gay, a science fiction magazine doesn’t know if the stories submitted to them even have a plot. Credit to Clarkesworld for at least caring that they can’t tell.

The reason AI is being used to cheat and make forgeries is not because it became available. It’s because cheating and forgery have become an accepted part of American culture. Students are learning what they’re being taught, to wit, postmodernism and faggotry. Everything is fake and gay so just check the boxes and goof off.

I’ve wondered why AI has been extremely popular among socialist types even before it existed, and now I have the answer. If nothing matters… and you can make someone else do your work… that’s as good as life gets.

This is the difference between being a creator and a consumer. Christ wants us to be active participants in our lives, becoming what we do, living for purpose and accomplishments of varying types, whereas for the atheist, the entirety of life is selecting the least painful path into oblivion.

That is also why, eventually, the WEF “get into the pod and eat the bugs” people will succeed. Because when the time comes, it’ll be the path of least resistance.

LCMS President Harrison Demands God’s Excommunication

Aww, the poor little traitor. He’s so close to Converging the LCMS, sooo close, but dangit, Twitter isn’t censoring the alt-Right like it did before Elon Musk! I didn’t even know the alt-Right was still around! They ‘trusted the plan’ which didn’t work out.

First the background to get you up to speed, then Harrison’s delicious and damning meltdown.

CTCR recommends fellowship with Ukraine, issues statement on Large Catechism volume

h ttps://

By Cheryl Magness, 22 February 2023

Ooh, a double-header!

The Lutheran Church.Missouri Synod (LCMS) Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) convened in St. Louis Feb. 16.18 for its quarterly meeting. With a deadline looming for submissions to the 2023 LCMS convention, the 20-member Commission was able to conclude much of its work for the current triennium.

The meeting featured a visit from the Rev. Serge Maschewski, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine (ELCU), to discuss the potential for fellowship between the ELCU and the LCMS. Maschewski had been scheduled to meet with the CTCR in December, but ongoing fighting in the war between Ukraine and Russia prevented him from traveling. After a presentation by Maschewski to the Commission and further discussion with a CTCR subcommittee charged with evaluating church relations requests, the CTCR unanimously approved a motion to memorialize the 2023 convention to recognize fellowship with the ELCU.

A native of Kazakhstan, educated at Concordia University in the 90s, long-term affiliate of LCMS generally and of Harrison himself, likely. While the civilian suffering is undeniable, any church relief would have to 1. not encourage migration, and 2. resist politicization. Considering Zelensky kicked out the Russian Orthodox, I doubt that any Church relief will be politically neutral.

Wouldn’t it be nice if churches cared as much about the men next door, as they do the women on the far side of the planet?

In addition to recommending fellowship with the ELCU, the CTCR has, during the current extended triennium, recommended fellowship with several other church bodies, including the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland (ELMDF), the Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Sudan/Sudan (ELCSS/S), and the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU). These overtures were approved at the February meeting. The Commission also approved a recommendation from the LCMS Board for International Mission to recognize fellowship with the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church (CELC) of Sri Lanka, a mission of the LCMS that has now become an independent church body.

Meanwhile, and perhaps not coincidentally…

The other major item on the Commission’s agenda in February was the completion of its convention report, which details the CTCR.s activities throughout each triennium… as part of its convention report, the Commission unanimously adopted a statement concerning its recently published Luther’s Large Catechism with Annotations and Contemporary Applications. That statement is available here:

h ttps://

On Feb. 17, 2023, The Lutheran Church.Missouri Synod’s Commission on Theology and Church Relations unanimously approved a statement on Luther’s Large Catechism with Annotations and Contemporary Applications.

The CTCR forthrightly asserts that this volume does not change, question or supplant any doctrinal position of the LCMS, including any Synod teaching on contemporary cultural issues such as race or sexuality.

The CTCR furthermore categorically rejects any assertions to the contrary.

Odd that they feel the need to say that. “We didn’t change anything and reject every critic that says we did… without even listening to our critics!” That is what categorical rejection means, after all. Complaints about Topic X go straight to the shredder.

In feedback we have received as a Commission, it has become clear that many misconceptions about the volume have surfaced on social media, and we wish to offer this brief explanation to clarify what this volume is and what it is not.

First, the CTCR [Commission on Theology and Church Relations] undertook the production of this volume at the behest of recent Synod conventions

“We were ordered to do this. It’s not our fault!”

Second, the text of the Large Catechism itself remains entirely unchanged in this volume… This volume, however, has two very different components, in accordance with the convention resolutions from 2013 and 2016.

Uh-oh. “We didn’t change it, except where we did.”

One component is the newly composed introductions and explanatory
footnotes… They are meant to help clarify the context and language of the catechism in its historical context.

UH-OH. “We are now considering the historical context of Luther’s teachings, which may be different from today’s context. For example, we now know that all white men are evil.”

The other component is a series of excursive essays. The essays are wide-ranging attempts to engage the sorts of contemporary questions that often come up… As such, they represent individual perspectives and judgments that some in the LCMS may not share.

The place for individual, uncertain and/or contentious ideas is NOT in a catechism. That is not what catechisms are for.

Third, the selection of drafters for these excurses was not limited to LCMS authors but expanded to other Lutherans who have a record of scholarship with the Large Catechism or experience with many of these contemporary issues… . Some of these writers are from church bodies not in fellowship with the LCMS.

THEY BROUGHT IN OUTSIDERS! From the infamously corrupt ELCA, perhaps? [I could not confirm; didn’t find a full download.]

Fourth, as noted earlier, the text of each introduction, annotation and excursive
essay underwent thorough review and subsequent approval by the CTCR…

“Trust us.”

Last, while we acknowledge that certain things could have been worded differently… we remain firmly supportive of this volume…

We urge you to read it for yourselves and to make your own judgments.

And when Lutheran laymen did exactly that, their concerns were categorically rejected.

This Woke edition has already been pulled, which may explain why I haven’t been able to find a PDF of it. But I did find these excerpts!

Finally, the recognition of a legitimate place for the use of the sword within God’s plan for His creation is not a license for any Christian to use the sword for any reason unilaterally deemed legitimate and necessary. And it certainly does not provide a scriptural foundation for a right to bear arms.4 Lethal force, Luther consistently taught, is rightly used only by the one placed into the of authority in the state. It is never exercised for the sake of self, but always and only for the sake of the neighbor.

This is a baldfaced lie, that Christianity and self-defense are NEVER compatible… that no Christian may ever “unilaterally” defend himself from a threat.

It’s not even coherent. You cannot defend yourself, but CAN defend the other person in the room, because only the State can be trusted with the sword?

“For middle- or upper-class Christians it is not uncommon to think that many commandments are most acutely relevant to the crimes found in poorer communities. A transformative insight of [Luther] consists in applying God’s Law prohibiting theft to less-than-obvious perpetrators.the virtuous who possess economic and societal privilege.

Luther’s Catechism just transformed into Cultural Marxism.

However, though some of us are burdened with homosexual lust, pornographic addiction, transgenderism, pedophilia and polyamory, more often they are the speck in our neighbor’s eye rather than the log in our own (cf. Matthew 7:3-5). For decades, if we didn’t wink at fornication we certainly turned our eyes from it, as long as the acts performed outside of marriage were heterosexual ones. We shudder in disgust when it suits [us…]

How dare you find fault with child molesters when YOU sometimes use porn! You hypocrite! Control yourself, not the pedophiles around you! And just so you know, mutilating children and enjoying a pinup poster are equivalent sins!

And lo, a big controversy ensued… and the LCMS didst pull the new Catechism…

Which led President Harrison to have a meltdown.

Statement on recent online unchristian teachings

h ttps://

Feb. 21, 2023

Dear friends in Christ,

The Lutheran Church.Missouri Synod, its president, vice-presidents and all 35 district presidents, along with its ministerium and congregations, categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings of the so-called .alt-right. in toto (including white supremacy, Nazism, pro-slavery, anti-interracial marriage, women as property, fascism, death for homosexuals, even genocide).

Except for fascism, all of Harrison’s accusations are beliefs held by GOD HIMSELF.

God forbade interracial marriage, ruled death for sodomy, mandated female submission to husbands, carried out several genocides during Exodus/Joshua… also Tyre and some other places… supported institutional slavery (while gutting its motivation), and being the Creator of All Nations, surely wants white nations to continue existing as white nations.

It’s okay to be white.

The Synodical explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism teaches that the Fifth Commandment, .You shall not murder,. includes the prohibition of .hating, despising, or slandering other groups of people (prejudice, racism, and so forth).. The Scriptures agree: .Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. (1 John 3:15).

Everyone who hates his brother, yes. What about everyone who hates child molesters? JESUS HIMSELF hated them. Necks and millstones, remember?

Jesus is guilty of HATE!

Every human being is precious to God and as valuable as the very blood of Jesus Christ shed for all, .for God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son. (John 3:16).

No. Not every single human being is precious to God. The generic statement in John 3:16 does not imply a specific statement regarding every individual regardless of their conduct.

Harrison’s rant is fascinating. “How dare you be like Jesus, you alt-Right Twits! Don’t you know that traitors and deceivers are just as precious to God as you?”

We were shocked to learn recently that a few members of LCMS congregations have been propagating radical and unchristian .alt-right. views via Twitter and other social media. They are causing local disruption and consternation for their pastors, congregations and district presidents.

Misinformation? On social media! NOOO!!! We cannot trust people to think for themselves! We only said so in order to encourage adoption of newly introduced deceptions!

They have publicly stated that they seek the destruction of the LCMS leadership. They have made serious online threats to individuals and scandalously attacked several faithful LCMS members. Through these social media posts, even our wonderful deaconesses have been threatened and attacked.

LCMS Convergence thwarted… women most affected!

This is evil. We condemn it in the name of Christ.

If I know the kind of people who fit the alt-Right label, pretty sure Harrison means “disrespected” not “threatened and attacked”. That’s BLM turf. I invite him to share a few headlines regarding these threats & attacks, just to prove he isn’t lying about his enemies. That would not be loving. That would not be what Jesus would do.

That would be… HATEFUL. And hate = murder, don’cha know, Herr Harrison. Don’t you be hatin’ on the alt-Right! They’re as precious to God as you are! Probably more so because you’re a modern pastor.

These .alt-right. individuals were at the genesis of a recent controversy surrounding essays accompanying a new publication of Luther’s Large Catechism. This group used that opportunity to produce not only scandalous attacks and widespread falsehoods, but also to promote their own absolutist ideologies.

To promote GOD’S absolutist ideologies, thank you. Which do not change with individual reinterpretations, or historical contexts, or least of all, !scientific! prog-tard-ress.

That is why I’m willing to condemn this Woke Catechism without having a proper copy to review. It introduces moral confusion regarding human sexuality, a topic that no honest Christian can NOT be certain about.

Anyone trying to sully the reputation of the LCMS based on comments from a small number of online provocateurs does not know the loving, faithful, generous, kind and welcoming Synod that I have met all across the nation. Our people are delighted to gather with sinners of every stripe to receive full and free forgiveness from our crucified Savior and are not represented by these few men with their sinful agenda.

Oh, but I am LOVING, Mr. Harrison! I’m writing this savage fisking with a grin on my face! There is no hate here!

I am not speaking about the individuals who may have expressed theological concerns about the essays published alongside the Catechism. I’m talking about a small number of men who based their opposition upon racist and supremacist ideologies. The former we welcome. The latter we condemn.

The LCMS is a robust Christian community under the absolute authority of the inerrant Scriptures as the very Word of God and bound together in subscription to our Lutheran Confessions. Theological dialogue is good. We have clear processes for registering concerns over published materials, and we encourage such theological critique. The biblical confession of the LCMS on doctrine and life is true and unchangeable.

I know this game. If you have doubts about the conduct of your leaders, the “Christian” thing to do is go to them individually, share your concerns, then watch Pastor smile and nod and reassure you that you’re the problem and you need to shut up now that you’ve been heard.

Actually, that IS Christian… step one. Step two is going back again with allies who agree with you, and Step Three is social media.

Step Three can be accelerated by… for example… categorical rejection complaint-handling policies.

LCMS congregations agree to uphold our biblical standards. We are not a top-down institution. That said, I will work together with our pastors and district presidents to address this matter wherever it arises among us and reject it. We issue the cry of Jesus: .Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. (Matt. 3:2). We are confident that the same Law and Gospel that broke the hard heart of St. Paul, himself a murderer and blasphemer, can and will do the same today. We are all called to repentance daily. .The blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. (1 John 1:7). Where that call to repentance is not heeded, there must be excommunication.

“We are not a top-down institution,” said the Peoples’ Beloved Unified Biblical President while issuing a fatwa on the dissidents he categorically refused to listen to.

God is not going to repent of His past support for slavery, genocide and racial purity. Would Harrison excommunicate God Himself? If he allowed a Cultural Marxist to be printed alongside Luther’s Catechism then the answer is yes… yes, Harrison WOULD excommunicate God for past opposition to the Current Thing.

Of all the things I’ve seen as LCMS president, this is the most bizarre.

Seriously? He never noticed Twitter before? Should we tell him about reddit?

I am informed that other conservative denominations are experiencing similar challenges. This horrid attack of the devil drives us to be firm in our confession. Our message of Christ the Savior for all…

Savior for only the repentant.

…our local and global mission that serves the entire human race with forgiveness and joy…

Excepting Russia? Why not fellowship with both UKR and Russia? They’re adjacent and it would silence doubters such as me.

…stands firmly opposed to Satan and all evil. Our steadfast message of love and biblical fidelity on the cultural issues of marriage, sexuality, race, and life is an assault on the devil and his minions to no end. Our steadfast witness and assistance to our global Lutheran friends has the devil fuming.

It’s possible I’m a bit off base here, and Harrison is screeching at opponents against his support of Ukraine rather than against his Woke Catechism, but that’s not what Harrison said and the correlation is high.

While he might intend LCMS charity to Ukraine as nonpolitical war relief for civilians, this screed against “alt-Right Nazis” whose beliefs mirror God’s own, makes me think Harrison would just as happily ship artillery shells to Zelensky’s depot. After all, complaints about misinformation passing uncensored on social media is a policy statement photocopied from the Bidenreich playbook. As is the banning of self-defense, and so on.

Lastly, “we didn’t change the Catechism, we only included essays by outsiders giving their personal opinions that reinterpret the Catechism” is textbook Talmudic deception.

[Bible quotations about martyrdom omitted.]

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Matthew C. Harrison
President, The Lutheran Church.Missouri Synod

You are not in Christ, Mr. Harrison. You are quite provably opposed to Him. Please come to your senses and make public repentance.

An odd thing about this is that previously, Harrison correctly ousted Pastor Matthew Becker in 2015 for (among other offenses) teaching that Scripture does not technically prohibit women from ordination. Upon leaving the LCMS, Becker hooked up with the ELCA, which is good proof of heresy.

Why, then, is Harrison going full Woke now? He strained the gnat of female ordination but now, swallows the camels of “white privilege” and “some Christians are women trapped in male bodies”. The change cannot be only a long-standing association with Rev. Maschewski.

I wonder if the difference is the Fauci jab. There have been reports of Christians abandoning the faith, suddenly and consciously, after getting jabbed. It’s not something that a !scientific! study can be done upon, yet the anecdotes are mounting… and I sense that spiritual battle lines are being drawn. Our daily choices are having moral significance that they ordinarily might not.

Whatever good Harrison has done previously, he now accuses Twitter ghosts of conspiring to commit what Almighty God already did & taught, little of which is relevant to criticisms of the Woke Catechism he just tried to push. One hopes that LCMS leadership is not as !Unity! as Harrison claimed.

Christian College Quits Christ, Claims He’s Not A Competitive Advantage

The inevitable result of Social Justice Convergence in an organization is the inability of that human organism… organization, excuse me… to behave in the ways it was originally meant to.

With that thought in mind…

Catholic university to cut religious studies, theology majors to fund more in-demand programs

h ttps://

By Candace Hathaway, 21 February 2023

…You don’t need to read further in order to understand what happened. But then, you’d miss the freak show!

A Catholic university in Virginia recently announced that it is considering cutting 10 majors and programs, including religious studies and theology, citing a “lack of potential growth.”

Marymount University, a liberal arts college, plans to eliminate bachelor’s degree programs in theology, religious studies, philosophy, mathematics, art, history, sociology, English, economics, and secondary education. It also plans to ax a master’s program in English and humanities.

That leaves engineering and queer studies. Also, possibly, that sweet, sweet M.Div parchment that guarantees a sinecure of teaching fairy tales to credulous idiots.

Of course, they aren’t just fairy tales… but the priests and professors of them will be the most surprised to find out!

Marymount University President Irma Becerra supports the controversial cuts, which have sparked a backlash from the school’s students and alumni. The plan is also supported by the Faculty Advisory Committee and the Academic Policy, Budget, and Planning Committee, according to a university spokesperson.

The students are complaining about this shift to student-demanded programs? SOMEBODY is LYING!

“Over the long term, it would be irresponsible to sustain majors [and] programs with consistently low enrollment, low graduation rates, and lack of potential for growth,” Becerra stated. “Recommendations and decisions on programs marked for elimination are based on clear evidence of student choices and behavior over time.”

The university could always downsize. That’s what the private sector does, which is why the private sector is efficient and effective despite the best efforts of experts.

Becerra. Boobs? No. Cuban? Maybe. Karen? You know it!


h ttps://

In May [2018], Marymount University’s board of trustees unanimously voted in Dr. Irma Becerra as its seventh president. Becerra is a Cuban-American higher education leader who previously served as provost and chief academic officer at St. Thomas University in Florida. She succeeds president emeritus Matthew Shank, who recently left academia to join the World Affairs Council-Washington, D.C., as interim president.

She’s a female empowerment success story backfilling for a globalist.

What is “knowledge management” and how did you become interested in it?

When I was finishing my Ph.D. [in electrical engineering from Florida International University]…

Ask us about our structural engineering program!

…knowledge management was an emerging discipline. It was really about organizations taking advantage of their most valuable resource: the knowledge that exists inside employees. heads. Before, when you captured [a company.s] assets, it used to be how many buildings and cars and computers.tangible assets. I was fascinated by the processes that underpin great organizations as they seek to better their knowledge assets.

Pointy-haired boss: “Employees are our most important assets!”

Dilbert: “Is that why none of us got a pay raise last year?”

Pointy-haired boss: “Shut up, you asset.”

A lot of my research was based on work with NASA, developing prototypes of knowledge management systems.

She got a PhD in electrical engineering but her thesis was in leveraging male know-how. Hmm. HMMMM.

How will you apply your background in engineering, mathematics and systems organization to your new job?

One of the things I have been focused on.and this is my engineering, how to do we continue to improve our businesses processes so we can be as effective and efficient as possible? My leadership style is collaborative, but I’m always focused on data-driven decisions.

And on that data-driven note…

End segue

“…Marymount is indeed making changes to better position the University for long-term growth and success,” [a Marymount University spokesperson told Fox News Digital]. “One of those is investing in programs with growth potential, aligned with student demand, to give Marymount a competitive advantage.”

…The spokesperson noted that the cuts were “not financially driven“.

I cannot say the university is wrong; Christianity does not have growth potential. Our ranks are already very thin and they’re going to be thinned out even further in the near future.

But Christ was never about profit and competitive advantage.

Was the Dalai Lama?

Back to segue

Name three books you recently read (and liked):

I have a mix.some leadership books and some that are spiritual and inspirational: The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama; The Economic Singularity by Calum Chace; and High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard.

I don’t mind that she reads leadership books, but I do mind her proudly finding spiritual inspiration in not-Christianity.

End segue again

Critics argued that the university’s plan does not fit its stated mission.

“If they want to change the mission, then say that and say what that change is,” Ariane Economos, an associate professor of philosophy, told the Chronicle of Higher Education. “But getting rid of theology and religious studies at a Catholic university, that doesn’t fit with the mission.

Student government president Ashly Trejo Mejia pushed back on the upcoming changes, calling them “detrimental to the diversity of our student body.”

“We fear that removing programs will alter the foundation and identity Marymount University was built on,” Trejo Mejia argued.

When the philosopher, the Christian and the diversity victicrat all agree that you’re whacked, you, bitch, are WHACKED.

According to the updated plan reviewed by Fox News Digital, university officials believe the cuts will set up the school for long-term success.

Stick Some Christ In That Female-Led Revival

We live in one of Christianity’s darkest hours over the last two thousand years. The entire Church closed its doors because the government claimed there was a weird disease going around… the same Church that stayed open during Justinian’s Plague AND the Black Death. Child molestation and genital mutilation have gone from horrific crimes to formal government policy in barely a decade. Marriage is GONE. Fatherhood is a crime. Female rebellion against men, aka Original Sin, is the one and only civil right. Men have lost their careers and been court-martialed for refusing to submit their God-given bodies to plague merchants enjoying blanket liability. Clergy pride themselves on obedience to the State. Entire denominations align with the synagogue of Satan. The Pope isn’t Catholic.

What would a revival look like in Current Year? My guess would be…

…”Not a free concert.”

A nonstop revival breaks out at Kentucky college. Now, it’s viral on TikTok

h ttps://

By Haadiza Ogwude for Cincinnati Enquirer, 20 February 2023

A religious service at a Christian college in Kentucky has captured the attention of social media users across the globe.

During a scheduled chapel service at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, Feb. 8, a religious revival broke out. Over a week later, the service is still going strong, with folks traveling from as far as Singapore to join.

Videos of students participating in the nonstop prayer and worship service have made their way to social media, sparking international attention. As of Feb. 16, posts with the #AsburyRevival hashtag have generated 34.5 million views on TikTok.

The service experienced its largest crowd yet Feb. 14, with over 3,000 attendees, two-thirds of which were from out of state, NBC reports. The crowd was so large the revival had to expand to four additional facilities in the college town.

Sigh, Christian revival does not resemble a flash mob.

We all have Bibles, yes? We have dozens of recorded encounters with the supernatural. Ecstasy and joy are the rarest outcomes. I look for spontaneous confessions because increased awareness of our internal darkness is a routine consequence of exposure to the divine.

Whoever became a Christian thinking it would be FUN? Our most common symbol is the Roman equivalent to the hangman’s noose. Christ did it, now it’s your turn! …yeah, it’s kind of a downer. But it’s also the truth and worth the cost.

Skeptics often view revivals as “manifestations of superstition, hysteria and social contagion,” per the Lexington Herald Leader. Others view them as reactions to major social events. But for believers, revivals are renewals of a person’s faith.

Yeah, basically. Which is why I’m suspicious. Out-of-state tourists don’t need to fly in to Asbury, Kentucky, to get their lives back on track with God, and one-off events rarely do the trick anyway.

Is repentance and confession happening?

Line Stretches Half a Mile as the Fruit of Revival Is on Display at Asbury: ‘A Very, Very Healing Experience’

h ttps://

By Wendy Griffith, 17 February 2023

WILMORE, Kentucky . The revival at Asbury University is now in its 10th day as thousands of people continue to make the spiritual pilgrimage to this town in hopes of encountering more of God.

The revival is now officially in overflow mode with the line of people to get inside stretching nearly a half mile long. CBN News spoke with folks from all over the country who were waiting patiently to get into Hughes Auditorium here at Asbury so they can experience revival for themselves.

Andrew Hager of Lexington, Kentucky said, “God is here! God is here and He’s working right now, come and get you some, you hear me.”

Yeeeah… I gotta get me some Jeebus goo before it goes out of style. On second thought, who’s Andrew Hagar and why is he offering me a hit?

h ttps://

14 December 2022

VERSAILLES, Ky. (LEX 18) . Andrew Hager has turned his life around from decades of drug addiction and crime.

Hager now focuses on helping people heal from the disease of addiction. He spent decades in jails throughout central Kentucky for more than 20 years. Next February will mark nine years clean and sober.

“Oh, it makes me so proud,” said Woodford County Jailer Michele Rankin. “It makes me so proud.”

Rankin knows Hager from his days as an inmate. Now, he returns to the Woodford County Detention Center to inspire current inmates that they can live more promising and fulfilling lives.

That’s nice. Honestly, it is. But… ever notice that all clergy are from one of two moulds? Either clerical work was their goal from an early age, and Scripture alone should be sufficient warning about the behavior of formal priesthoods, or they’re broken men who with the Holy Spirit’s help, find the strength to maintain a daily routine.

What about us righteous men who were ruined for doing right? There’s not a single clergyman from our ranks.

Other than Artur Pawlowski.

Mark Vaught came from Cincinnati, Ohio. “When I was saved I got the Holy Spirit, but always looking for more and really hoping when I walk through the doors, it’s poured out on me,” he told CBN News.

Not revival.

Daniel Moye, a 24-year-old Asbury Seminary student, told us, “It’s been a really hard couple of years, and not just for me but for a lot of my friends, and I just felt like the Lord was releasing me from a lot of bitterness and anger that I’ve had just about all kinds of stuff, even some of it towards God and so I would say for me personally, the biggest word I can use is that it’s been a very, very healing experience for me.”

No course correction. No repentance. Not revival.

21-year-old Student Body President Allison Perfater was there when revival broke out.

“You just didn’t want to leave. It’s not that anyone was saying ‘oh let’s see how long we can last,’ we just didn’t want to go. I came in, I had a lot of like anger issues and like really struggled with my anger and I was able to talk with God first and that never would have happened on my own time,” she said.

SHE said?

Had this been a genuine revival, President Allison would have resigned immediately, quit school and begun wearing a head covering. There is no place in Christianity for female leaders, full stop.

Instead, she gave an interview to Tucker Carlson.

h ttps://

Fox News host Tucker Carlson described the nonstop Christian meeting that has been taking place at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, as “amazing” on his Wednesday program, adding it is a much-needed counterweight to all the evil in the world.

Yeah, baby, some feel-goodism will put those Cultural Marxists in their place!

Carlson interviewed Alison Perfater, the student body president at the university, to get her firsthand account of what exactly is happening.

He began the segment arguing it’s getting harder and harder not to categorize all that is happening in the world in theological terms, like good and evil.

And a lot of things out there are “just evil..

.And the good news is a lot of people are starting to think about what happens when you die, and they’re becoming much more interested in the spiritual life, which has been basically extinguished in the public square for a long time,. Carlson contended.

A brief time, actually. It’s hard to believe how fast things are happening.

Carlson confirmed that the whole thing began during a regular chapel service when a young man got up and transparently confessed some of his sins. The atmosphere then changed.

Okay, that could be the start of a legit revival. But I suspect he wasn’t confessing sodomy and plagiarism, but rather, being attracted to girls that didn’t like him. Must be the cynic in me.

Meanwhile, Perfater meeting with Carlson is consistent with reports that this is a student-led revival. Children running the show is a bad sign. Student LGBT activists have attacked at Asbury in the recent past, for example staging a walkout in October 2022, so this could easily be a form of Convergence.

.That.s completely what happened,. Perfater answered. .For seemingly no reason at first on Wednesday, February 8 it didn’t end. That’s kind of the logistical side of what’s been going on..

.On the deeper side of things, what’s been happening here since Wednesday is there’s a young army of believers who are rising to claim Christianity, the faith, as their own, as a young generation and as a free generation, and that’s why people cannot get enough,. she said.

.That.s amazing,. Carlson responded, adding that “everything finds equilibrium..

Perhaps he meant the younger generation had been pushed so hard by institutions toward a secular, statist worldview, there was bound to be a counter-reaction.

This Jeebus party is not what the counter-reaction will look like. There will be a high death toll. All the thieves and rebels, feral woman and murdering bureaucrats, there is only one righteous punishment for many of their crimes.

Christianity is not a joke. It’s not Sunday Morning Nightclub for skanks. It’s not forgiveness for the unrepentant. God only knows when the tide of wickedness will turn, but it WILL turn.

Perfater offered that the lockdowns of 2020 impacted her generation a lot.

.And so you have to wonder, .What’s going to break?. In this case, the Holy Spirit has interceded for us here at Asbury and across the nation,. she said.

As bad as the Plandemic was for kids, it’s not as bad as the idea that female leadership is a good thing in Christian contexts. All that the Sodomites, spiteful mutants and bureaucrats have done, was take advantage of the opportunity presented by mass apostasy in the form of female empowerment.

THAT is when we’ll have revival. When boring, righteous men are great again, and Student Body President Alison is ashamed of her past as a false man.

Straining A Signal From The Movie White Noise

Fair warning, I don’t reach a satisfying conclusion. But the journey has merit regardless.

It’s been a long-running question, how much of the dystopian media produced by Hollywood over the last several decades has been predictive programming. The question is no longer academic, with the revelation that the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio was a reenactment of the just-released movie White Noise.

Was the movie a gloat about what was planned, or was the real event inspired by the movie? I don’t have an angle on the latter… but if it was a gloat, the people who funded & developed White Noise might be literally credited with it.

h ttps://

White Noise is a 2022 absurdist comedy-drama film, written and directed by Noah Baumbach, adapted from the 1985 novel with the same title by Don DeLillo. It is Baumbach’s first directed feature not to be based on an original story of his own.

We practically started with a smoking gun!

White Noise had its world premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2022, and was released in select cinemas on November 25, 2022, before its streaming release on December 30, by Netflix.

In 1984, Jack Gladney is a professor of “Hitler studies” (a field he founded) at the College-on-the-Hill in Ohio. Despite his specialism, he speaks no German and is secretly taking basic lessons to prepare for a speech he is due to give at a conference. Jack is married to Babette, his fourth wife. Together, they raise a blended family with four children: Heinrich and Steffie, from two of Jack’s previous marriages; Denise, from Babette’s previous marriage; and Wilder, a child they conceived together. Denise spies on Babette and finds her secret prescription stash of Dylar, a mysterious drug not in the usual records. Jack experiences a dream about a mysterious man trying to kill him, alluding to an earlier conversation with Babette focused on their mutual fear of death. Jack’s colleague, Murray Siskind, a professor of American culture, wishes to develop a similarly niche field, “Elvis studies,. and convinces Jack to help him. They briefly become rivals as competition between their courses arises.

Hmm. This is supposed to be a departure from Baumbach’s normal movie-making?

There are two Hollywoods; you might well have never noticed. One is mainstream culture; adventures, comedies, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney, the stuff you think about when you think Hollywood. The other is specifically and uniquely Jewish culture. Neuroticism, paranoia and dysfunctional sexualities galore. The best indicator of the latter is when a movie you never heard of wins a millions awards, the critics rave about it and nobody you know has even seen it advertised. That’s because it wasn’t made for you, goyim.

You might think there’s crossover; you have no idea how different they are. I was once talked into screening Talented Mr. Ripley. It’s the heartwarming story of a professional identity thief being hired to body-double for a trust fund baby wasting his life on the Italian coast. Trust Fundie wants the thief to pose as him to his family so he can continue indulging hard drugs & loose women despite his bankster family’s concerns. Unfortunately, the identity thief falls into homosexual obsession with Trust Fundie and ends up murdering him in a rage of unrequited love, assuming his identity and forced (thief being homo) to fornicate with his favorite woman as the police close in on his masturbatory double life.

Noah Baumbach is of that second Hollywood.

However, their lives are disrupted when a cataclysmic train accident casts a cloud of chemical waste over the town. This “Airborne Toxic Event” forces a massive evacuation, which leads to a major traffic jam on the highway. Jack drives to a gas station to refill his car, where he is inadvertently exposed to the cloud. The family and numerous others are forced into quarantine at a summer camp. Murray supplies Jack with a small palm-sized pistol to protect himself against the more dangerous survivalists in the camp. One day, chaos ensues when multiple families desperately try to escape the camp. The Gladneys almost make it out but ultimately end up with their car floating in the river. They later arrive in Iron City, where they encounter a man who rants about the lack of media attention on the evacuees and spots Jack, claiming he had seen him before looking at him. After nine days, the family manages to return home. However, since Jack was briefly exposed to the chemical waste, his fear of death becomes exacerbated.

Well, doesn’t that sound familiar. The synopsis devolves into hallucinations and hysteria, finally ending in a dance number. So says Wikipedia. I will not be screening this.

White Noise had its world premiere as the opening film of the 79th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2022, and also served as the opening film for the 2022 New York Film Festival on September 30. It also screened at the 31st Philadelphia Film Festival in October 2022. The film was theatrically released in the United States by Netflix on November 25, 2022, before its streaming release on December 30.

I’m not sure how well it ran with mainstream audiences. Rotten Tomatoes said 6.4/10. But its being the opener of two major, insider film festivals is curious.

The movie rights got passed around since at least 2004 per Wikipedia, which argues against this being a gloat; it was a movie that Hollyweird wanted to do for a long time. It was finally done by Noah Baumbach who claims he was inspired by Covid. That suggests the Ohio Derailment was premeditated for at least three years.

Noah Baumbach on White Noise and Psychotropic Fantasies of the 1980s

h ttps://

By Erik Morse, 27 December 2022

Noah Baumbach’s White Noise opens like many so-called metafilms: with a movie within a movie. The image of a whirring reel projector dissolves into a supercut of automobile collisions. But these images are not of “real” accidents; rather, they are action sequences from other movies, cropped and sutured together to produce a tribute to the great American car crash. .Don’t think of a car crash in a movie as a violent act,. intones the tweedy Professor Murray Siskind… .No, these collisions are part of a long tradition of American optimism. The movie moves away from complicated human passions to show us something elemental, something loud and fiery and head-on.. There is a wonderful, brimming spirit of innocence and fun..

Ominous. America burning but we deserve it, because we’re easily distracted? And the violence we see is secretly fake?

The time and place of White Noise is the peak of the Reagan revolution in the fictional, middle-American college town of Blacksmith, home to upwardly mobile suburban families like the Gladneys, made up of patriarch Jack, a paunchy humanities professor at the nearby College-on-the-Hill, where he heads the highly prized Hitler Studies program…

Obsession/projection much? “Here’s a stable, typical, middle-class American who life is all about Hitler.”

…Babette, his loving wife.with a distinctively curled coiffure.who teaches posture to local geriatrics; and their horde of manic children, who are assembled from previous, failed marriages.

Dysfunctional sexuality, check.

But there are troubling secrets beneath the veneer of the Gladney household, including Babette’s mysterious pill regimen and Jack’s shameful lack of fluency in German, which he learns sub rosa from an eccentric local. And then there are the sinister nightmares that Jack has.

Neuroticism, check. Drugs.

Jack remains unfazed by the looming disaster and assures the family that nothing bad ever happens in Blacksmith. .It’s the poor and uneducated who suffer the main impact of natural and man-made disasters,. he tells Babette between discussions over the dinner menu. .Did you ever see a college professor rowing a boat down his own street in one of those TV floods?.

But the cloud’s growth eventually sends it over the town, forcing the Gladneys and the rest of Blacksmith to scramble into their station wagons.just like in a TV-scripted disaster.

One point for gloating. “Disaster only happens to other people. OH NO, disaster just happened to us!”

Vogue Magazine caption: Adam Driver as Jack and Greta Gerwig as Babette in White Noise.

My caption: That’s the marriage of Noah’s parents. Dad was Jewish, Mom was Protestant. This film has a big-nosed guy with a visually American wife? Hmm. Noah’s parents divorced when Noah was young and, I glance over his movie credits, Noah never recovered.

Noah had a child with Greta Gerwig in 2019. Then he cast her as another man’s wife in his White Noise. Are you getting the neurotic sexual dysfunction vibe yet?

In fact, the elder Baumbach hovers over the themes of fatherhood and family that have always been integral to his son’s work, particularly 2005.s The Squid and the Whale, a semi-autobiographical domestic drama that examined parental-adolescent relationships and the traumas rent by divorce. .The theme of divorce was a way to explore the family bubble in a few of my movies,. he says. .The lengths that people go to defend themselves or their families or children from perceived or unperceived dangers of the outside while ignoring the fissures that are occurring inside..

QED. Textbook neuroticism. More projection. Eternal hatred of outsiders, especially if the outsiders have happy families.

Which argues against Noah knowing about the movie being a gloat. His long & successful media career makes him unlikely to hold affiliation with the agents responsible for the Derailment. He’s already found an outlet for his frustrations.

Heh, the ((Squid)) and the Protestant Whale.

…Baumbach says that he was intrigued by [author] DeLillo’s status as a fellow urbanite chronicling the mores of suburban America. He calls it an “outsider look at the country.. .DeLillo.was an Italian from the Bronx writing about suburban life, and I’m from Brooklyn and Jewish..

Yet another immigration fail.

My conclusion is that if White Noise was a premediated gloat, it’s one that its producer didn’t know about. Baumbach is just a damaged person who made a career of projecting his internal insecurities onto a country that should hate his people but doesn’t.

So then, who gave him the idea for the train derailment context? Let’s follow the money.

Noah Baumbach on His Ambitious “White Noise. Budget and What the Film Says About America Today

h ttps://

By Eric Kohn, 30 September 2022

It might seem like a stretch to insert the themes of DeLillo’s oddball novel, which was so rooted in its time, into a 21st-century context. But the material invites big swings, including Baumbach’s own efforts to transform a book that for years has been considered unfilmable into a beguiling movie odyssey as strange and unclassifiable as its source.

Previous attempts to adapt “White Noise” by James L. Brooks and Barry Sonnenfeld went nowhere, and the director of grounded dramedies like “Marriage Story” and “Greenberg” might not seem like the obvious fit to figure it out. Baumbach, however, was drawn to the way the novel merged analytical thinking with otherworldly twists, because the latter provided a template for the former…

One way that movie may have seemed unreal was its scale. Reports of the Netflix production having a budget that stretched past $80 . 100 million has led to much speculation about where that money was going. Some of that is evident on the screen, from an explosive train crash to a car chase through the woods that takes more than few surprising twists and the scariest CGI cloud this side of “Nope.” Baumbach also shot the movie on 35mm anamorphic film, which isn’t exactly the most cost-effective approach.

.Netflix was great and gave us the support we needed to make the movie,. Baumbach said. .The book has this airborne toxic event, which is a big spectacle, and it becomes a big movie as a result.” He added that the streamer, which produced Baumbach’s last two movies, knew what it was getting into.

The money trail ends at Netflix. They wanted this movie to happen badly enough to throw money at it. Those last two movies…

[2019] Marriage Story: Noah Baumbach’s incisive and compassionate look at a marriage breaking up and a family staying together.

[2017] The Meyerowitz Stories: An estranged family gathers together in New York City for an event celebrating the artistic work of their father.

…are helpful only in establishing how much a disaster set in Ohio is a major break from Baumbach’s normal career of filming ((family dysfunction)) in Brooklyn. They certainly weren’t made for profit.

I get the sense that DeLillo’s book is significant to the Tribe. My last gasp is to review its original themes.

h ttps://

The Fear of Death

The fear of death lies at the center of White Noise. As Babette notes when she confesses her fear to Jack, .What is more underlying than death?. Everything in the novel.from Hitler to the supermarket, from the airborne toxic event to the white noise of the novel’s title.circles back to human beings. primal, deep-seated fear of dying. DeLillo’s novel details how modern life attempts to push this fear out of sight, and yet, as in the character of Jack Gladney, the fear continues to resurface and fill us with dread.

The Tension Between Reality and Artifice

Throughout White Noise, the authentic and the artificial often blur together, and substance seems interchangeable with surface. This confusion between appearance and reality represents an essential part of Jack’s own existence. Although Jack has created a venerable, professorial persona for himself, he remains painfully aware of the total fabrication of this character.

At the same time, DeLillo satirizes postmodern human beings. inability to discern the genuine from the fabricated.

The Pervasiveness of Technology

In White Noise, the pervasive presence of technology proves both menacing and comforting. Throughout the novel, in counterpoint to the human babble of Jack’s friends, family, and neighbors, modern technology asserts itself through the humming of machines and the constant stream of media sounds and images. Technology has become as much a part of the texture of daily of life as humans are themselves.

Faceless and beyond the grasp of the individual, technology makes everyone anonymous.

A satire upon the obvious failings of postmodernism, then. We Christians suffer none of these problems: the terror of death, the tension between real and fake, and “we shall be as gods, until the lights go out.”

But I digress. DeLillo’s book is not unique, if it’s only a polemic against postmodernism.

The airborne toxic event, a dense, threatening cloud of dangerous chemicals, provides a particularly frightening image of technology gone terribly, fatally awry. Yet even this seemingly overt symbol of technology’s capacity for destruction proves more complex than it first appears, as the airborne toxic event paradoxically causes the most beautiful sunsets the region has ever seen. The chemical cloud is noxious and lethal, but it also creates beauty. When Steffie mumbles “Toyota Celica” in her sleep, a similar tension is being evoked, as a crass marketing term becomes transformed, in Jack’s eyes, into something mystical and beautiful. The phrase, which seems to represent cold, mechanized modernity, ends up expressing something primal and deeply human.

Then again, if the book describes a mass-death event as beautiful, there might be a psychopathy theme that didn’t make the Cliff’s Notes.

The Ohio Derailment frustrates me because I cannot prove what I know. The coincidences are far too much, yet the plausible deniability is solid. I could even convince myself that this was just infrastructure collapse followed by a rushed coverup, except there are no coincidences anymore. Such as this book quotation:

“The system was invisible, which makes it all the more impressive, all the more disquieting to deal with. But we were in accord, at least for now. The networks, the circuits, the streams, the harmonies.”

Saint Thomas Massie! He Said It!

I can’t believe a Federal legislator finally said it! But Massie did!

h ttps://

“I have introduced a bill [H.R. 899] to terminate the Department of Education. There is no Constitutional authority for this federal bureaucracy to exist.”


H.R. 899

h ttps://

To terminate the Department of Education.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2022.

Succinct, which makes it probably just a publicity stunt. But still, this isn’t just pissing on the Third Rail of Politics, it’s stealing a coin from the Bank of Rothschild. The devil cannot afford to have such thoughts even be entertained long enough to be rejected. That is why no Cuckservative has ever dared even to suggest this; it’s always been “let’s have school vouchers instead, so the government can get its hooks into all the private schools, too, via funding requirements. Oops, I mean, we’ll have school choice.”

I understand the Catholics require a miracle before formally declaring a Saint. If Massie pulls this off then that’ll be the miracle.

Meanwhile, I appreciate the sentiment!

The CDC’s Changing Science On Vinyl Chloride

It was bad enough that did the Ohio derailment happen in the same place where a recent Jewish-culture disaster movie was set. Now, turns out the CDC changed its mind about the hazards of vinyl chloride a month ago, for the first time since 2006. What is the significance? Did the CDC know?

The new guidance:

h ttps://

The old guidance:

h ttps://

A removed section:

Has the federal government made recommendations to protect human health?
Vinyl chloride is regulated in drinking water, food, and air. The EPA requires that the amount of vinyl chloride in drinking water not exceed 0.002 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of water.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set a limit of 1 part vinyl chloride per 1 million parts of air (1 ppm) in the workplace.

That is consistent with the CDC expecting a massive spill in the near future. Also consistent with simply eliminating redundancy, since EPA and OSHA still regulate v.c..

A change, from:

.At high concentrations (>30,000 ppm), vinyl chloride was been shown to sensitize the heart to epinephrine, resulting in cardiac arrhythmias in dogs (Clark and Tinston 1973).

In addition, like other halogenated hydrocarbons, vinyl chloride may sensitize the heart to the effects of circulating catecholamines. Therefore, the patient’s cardiac rhythm should be monitored, and the use of isoproterenol, epinephrine, or other sympathomimetic drugs should be avoided (Haddad and Winchester 1990).


.At high concentrations (>150,000 ppm), vinyl chloride was shown to sensitize the heart to epinephrine, resulting in cardiac arrhythmias in dogs (Carr et al. 1949).

They changed the definition of “high concentration” based on an older study. Although 30k ppm is probably more than Ohio residents & wildlife will be exposed to.

The real question is long-term exposure. Then & now agree that such chronic exposure results in a specific liver cancer, like asbestos does to lungs. If the cancer rate does spike (heh) among vaxxed Ohioans then at least it’ll be a recognizable cancer.

It has been hypothesized that cardiac arrhythmia reported after vinyl chloride exposure may result from sensitization of the heart to circulatory catecholamines, as occurs with other halogenated hydrocarbons. This was demonstrated in a dog study where the EC50 for cardiac sensitization for vinyl chloride was determined to be 50,000 ppm (Clark and Tinston 1973). Cardiac sensitization by halogenated hydrocarbons generally occurs at very high air concentrations (0.5.90%) when the compounds were tested as anesthetic agents in experimental studies (Brock et al. 2003). Therefore, it appears unlikely that individuals exposed to low levels of vinyl chloride will experience these effects.

“Circulatory catecholamines” means adrenaline/epinephrine, at least for today’s purposes. They used to believe that v.c. sensitizes the heart to adrenaline but now it’s just a suggestion. Along with that change, is a reassurance that low-level exposure can’t cause heart problems. Very suspicious, when lots of people are having CDC-induced heart problems these days.

Left unchanged from 2006, is that incineration is the recommended form of disposal. The controlled burn was therefore in line with longstanding regulations, although I have trouble believing that the c.v. couldn’t be transferred to safer containers yet COULD be safely pooled and burned off.

I did some additional research on hydrochloric acid and phosgene gas, the products of c.v.’s incineration. Phosgene is a notorious lung irritant but does not remain in the body or environment. It’s probably the culprit for the early wildlife kills. Hydrochloric acid’s consequences will be first to fish stocks and then to soil acidity, critical for farming, but it shouldn’t persist unless drought conditions.

Everything stinks about the derailment but I can’t find conclusive proof a la 9/11. Turns out that derailments have been a serious problem, as expected from infrastructure collapse due to loss of skilled (white) workers and chronic neglect of preventative maintenance. Ohio even had a 97-car derailment on 17 January 2023 per Newsweek, but they were empty.

Even though the derailment is perfect modus operandi for the Agenda 2030 crowd, it sounds increasingly like an inevitability of general social decay. With several unlikely coincidences, a context of uninvestigated sabotages against the food supply and a Regime that can still make Climate Change bank off the human suffering. Hmph.

USA Begins the First Round Of Conscription… Like A Ho

The latest insanity from GAE has led me to an epiphany. The reason our rulers are detached from reality is not because they’re diabolists or war-profiteering murderers. (Not all of them, anyway.)

They’re pussies. Psychologically speaking.

Horowitz: National Guard ordering suspended unjabbed soldiers back to duty, under threat and with no back pay

h ttps://

By Daniel Horowitz, 15 February 2023

Last May, a 20-year-old infantryman in a state guard unit who is the son of one of my podcast listeners, among thousands of others who chose not to inject the gene therapy, had his gear confiscated and was suspended from service. He never heard from his unit commander since then and had obviously moved on with his life, making immutable career changes. It was sad and tragic that he had to abort his military career on account of a shot that even the government concedes can cause myocarditis, particularly for young males, but it was a decision he was forced to accept.

A great evil, and one I still don’t understand. Using your military for medical guinea pigs (if not deliberately poisoning them) while trusting your military honor guards to not drill you in the back, is way more stupid than evil. As in, an evil man would never do that. He needs his enforcers… especially if he plans to slow-genocide the rest of his population.

What kind of man would harm his own bodyguards while actively making enemies? Not a good man. Not an evil man, either.

It’s scary how well that shoe fits, when one stops to think about the possibility of men rejecting Christ and patriarchy to the extent that they become feminized at the level of Proverbs 14:1. “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

One supposes that it would have been too honest, had the Bidenreich imported the Chinese military to secure D.C. in the wake of J6. As it was, I’m surprised that no fraggings or revolts happened. The likes of Schiff were so eyes-rolled-back, spittle-spewing deranged that they forced those Guardsmen to live in unheated parking garages for the winter of 2020… as punishment for them maybe having voted for Trump.

It remains the greatest display of guilty conscience that I have ever seen. They knew they were guilty. They acted guilty though none pursued. The accusations they projected were like self-indictments. My ultimate… final… impression…

…is that they wanted to be punished. They wanted the Guardsmen to turn on them. Yes, it would have justified their accusations after the fact, but that would not have helped them escape D.C. under the very Trump-Supporter martial law that they ordered, now would it have? The winners would not have been kind while writing the history books. “They ordered us to put them behind razor wire then bullied us until we snapped. Honest! We have video!”

More and more, as I watch Cabal behavior… sabotaging entire industries, mutilating children, betraying allies while planning two-front global thermonuclear war… either they’re diabolists driven insane by desperate haste, and they can’t all be demon-possessed like that, or they’re trying to provoke somebody into stopping them.

The only way to know, is if they whisper “thank you” at the gallows.

Out of nowhere, the 20-year-old discharged soldier received a memorandum from his commander titled, .Notification of Return to Duty Requirements for Soldiers Not Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19..

…The memo begins by referencing the change in policy and first inviting the rejected soldier to come back and resume participation in regular drills and training. Well, that is a reasonable invitation. It would have been nice to offer back pay, but it’s a nice gesture to reinvite them, nonetheless. However, the letter continues to emphatically clarify that this is not a mere invitation; it’s an order. .If you fail to participate in training on or after 20 March 2023 without an approved STA or other exemption you will be considered Absent Without Leave (AWOL) and may become subject to MCMJ or other adverse administration actions..

That has got to be an anomaly. They couldn’t poss… -hic- They absolutely could be that stupid and probably are.

Indeed, it is true that the January 18 memorandum referenced by this letter seemed to indicate that they can be ordered back to duty. “All currently serving nonfederalized Army National Guard and Air National Guard members who are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19, but are otherwise qualified and eligible are no longer prohibited from, and may be directed to resume participation in drills, training and/or other duty conducted under Title 32,. states the memorandum from National Guard Bureau Chief Daniel Hokanson. (Emphasis added.)

However, this is scandalous for the unelected National Guard leadership to take a statute passed by Congress and signed by the president terminating the vaccine mandate, and then order those cast away to return against their will. And to add insult to injury, there is no back pay.

Is GAE engineering a military revolt & tribunal against itself? Because this would be how to do it. Treat military personnel with a conscienceless sadism so complete, that incarceration will no longer be a deterrent.

Do our rulers in D.C. have the exact same mindset as a harpy smashing the family heirlooms because her husband refuses to discipline her?

This revelation comes amid widespread reports that the military leadership continues to discriminate against unvaccinated soldiers. While they are no longer being discharged, deployments, travel, and honors are affected, as well as continuing other restrictions.

Vote harder! HARDER! Speaker McCarthy commands you! Trust the Science!

Yeah, no. This is straight-up conscription & slavery. Like Christianity, the situation is easy to understand and hard to accept:

Cabal: “We need more bodies in uniform to maintain control of our global empire. However, recruitment is way down since we mandated sodomy and involuntary genetic experimentation. We’re vulnerable! Either you find a solution or I find another ass-kissing sycophant.”

Ass-Kissing Pentagon Sycophant: “Technically speaking, those unvaxxed soldiers that we got rid of several years ago are still under military authority. We’ll just reactivate them.”

Cabal: “Exxxcelent! They’re disciplined and already trained! But they’re also Christians willing to suffer for their beliefs. I want them maltreated and shamed and sodomized. After you give them their guns and tanks back, you break their spirits, understand? NO BACK PAY!”

It’s hard to accept that they can be so self-destructively, malignantly, stupidly evil, unless they subconsciously want the predictable consequences.

Even the guilty would be happier, although they might never admit it. There is supposed to be justice in this world, after all; why else does injustice upset us?

The Psychology Of Lapel Pins

Continuing my development of the Totalitarian concept, the Hollow Man, let’s talk about symbology, an important and overlooked psychological topic. Humans have always identified themselves using symbols… uniforms, flags, mannerisms, architecture, even attributing meanings to simple colors. God himself took a nationless clan and turned them into history’s biggest, most stiff-necked metaphor. Open the Bible to a random page, drop a coin on it and you’ll probably hit something symbolic.

Our choice of symbols is a form of self-expression. People cannot see our beliefs and loyalties, and explaining them to everybody would be very time-consuming. It’s easier to display a symbol. I would wear the American flag to show my citizenship, or the Gadsden flag to show my dissident political leanings. Or the Ukrainian flag, if I was a spiteful mutant wanting my people to be ethnic-cleansed by an transnational death cult.

That is all simple and obvious. So I thought, until this minor scandal hit a nerve among the Hive-minded.

.Absolutely Repulsive.: Some House Republicans Are Now Wearing an Assault Weapon Lapel Pin

h ttps://

By David Badash, 2 February 2023

At least three House Republicans this week began wearing pins in the shape of an assault weapon on their clothing. U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY), U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), and U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) were all caught on camera with the pins, leading some to express outrage.

U.S. Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) was among the first to circulate images of the two Republicans wearing the pins.

.Where are these assault weapon pins coming from? Who is passing these out?. he asked.

Why do you care, Gomez? Serious question. George Santos in particular is a pathological liar and deceiver with enough insider-status that it took an honestly bipartisan outrage just to get him removed from his committee assignments. He’s also a textbook example why I just cannot stop thinking the pejorative “pedoface”. In other words, he’s a gun rights activist like Satan is an angel of light: giving the appearance just long enough to gain a dishonest, momentary advantage. Santos wearing a rifle lapel pin means literally nothing.

Aaron Fritschner, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director for U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), captured an image of Congressman Clyde wearing the pin on his tie.

Uhh… Aaron secretly snapped a picture of Clyde secretly displaying his loyalty to the Second Amendment, while Clyde was speaking in chamber next to a sign saying “shall not be infringed”? This is comparable to a nutcase proclaiming that John Kerry secretly gave a Masonic gesture while speaking at Davos about how best to starve humanity down to “sustainable numbers”.

Not exactly a big reveal. To me. But what about to Hollow Men? What do they see?

.Absolutely repulsive,. Duke University Professor of Global Health and Public Policy, Gavin Yamey said in response to the assault weapon pins. .We have mass shootings almost daily, and the Republicans are wearing assault weapon pins FFS..

One of the Members wearing the pins, Congresswoman Luna, on Wednesday also participated in a House Natural Resources panel debate to push back on Democrats. attempt to ban firearms inside the Committee’s hearing room.

She tweeted later, .The same Democrats who are voting to send firearms to Ukraine are telling me I can’t carry one..

Oookay… politics aside, Luna is using symbols to express her internal beliefs, in a context where those beliefs are relevant. This is normal behavior.

And continuing to ignore politics, the Hive triggered HARD about this:

U.S. Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) also pointed to National Gun Violence Survivors Week. .While gun violence continues to be the leading cause of death for children in our country, @GOP members are wearing assault rifle pins during #GVSurvivorsWeek. Shameful..

American historian of Christianity Diana Butler Bass did not mince words: “Always said it was just a matter of time before the GOP replaced the cross with an assault rifle. Guns are their god..

Democratic Texas state Rep. Gene Wu said the GOP .has stopped playing coy and is now openly and unabashedly praising mass shooters. Will there be special versions to celebrate specific mass shootings?.

Professor of International Relations Nicholas Grossman said: .Legislators from party that defends recent coup attempt by their up-til-recently.and possibly leader replace traditional patriotic flag pin with a pin depicting a rifle..

California state Sen. Dave Min weighed in, saying, .The debate over 2A [the Second Amendment] has never been about 2A. It’s about “disrupting” civilized society as we know it, and trolling the ordinary Americans concerned about our insane levels of gun violence. That’s why it’s the biggest assholes who are most loudly touting irresponsible gun access..

The addition of the assault weapon pins to Republican Members. clothing comes on the heels of U.S. Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) distributing grenades to fellow Members last week. In a note he declared they are “inert.”

Snicker, I missed “Grenade-gate”. I can see why that stunt would make some people uncomfortable.

But lapel pins being worn by gun rights advocates? It was Democrats who started the trend of wearing lapel pins. Why aren’t they priding themselves on being “influencers”?

Let’s ask a credentialed expert:

Sociology professor and author Samuel Perry observed, .Republican members of congress are wearing AR-15 lapel pins. That’s not just tone deaf. We find Republicans value gun rights more than any other right, including freedom of speech or religion. No need for a flag or cross pin. The gun is both their patriotic & religious symbol..

My current conception of the Hollow Man is he has an inverted soul. Instead of his behavior being expressions of his internal beliefs, he protects his body by behaving however the Hive requires, which makes the possession of ANY internal beliefs impossible because they get contradicted from one Narrative to the next. As Luna tweeted, “The same Democrats who are voting to send firearms to Ukraine are telling me I can’t carry one.”

It would follow, then, that while Normals wear lapel pins to communicate who they are, the Hollow wear lapel pins to DEFINE who they are. Such symbols are marks of ownership… brands upon the Social Justice Warrior.

An interesting experiment: keep a necklace or lapel pin of the Cross in your pocket. The next time you talk to a Social Justice type about Christ, pull it out and put in on after a minute of conversation. I bet it would shut them up faster than anything you might say, because while words are nothing to them but spell components to control other people, a worn symbol is a fait accompli of unchallengeable beliefs.

That explains why the SJWs are freaking out over AR-15 lapel pins like they didn’t when 2A advocates were merely stating their beliefs and even legislating their beliefs. The SJWs thought they still had an opening… that they could lie and deceive those advocates.

But now that he’s wearing a symbol of rifles, they believe that Rep. Clyde has changed religions from Christ to “shall not be infringed”. That picture above? The sign was just words. Words can change. The tie pin was ownership. The Hollow Man sees that and thinks that so long as Clyde is wearing it, he’ll never be turned against the Second Amendment.

Come to think of it, my proposed experiment was already run. Back in the day… you youngsters won’t believe this… schoolteachers were required to take oaths of loyalty to the United States. It was just a scrap of paper. Basically unenforceable. But oh, the Communists HATED that loyalty oath.

I never understood that. The same people who could put their hand on a Bible and perjure themselves from here to Hades with a smug smirk on their face, freaked out about a piece of paper with their name on it saying they wouldn’t betray the USA if given the chance. Isn’t it just another lie, in a lifetime of lies?

But now, it makes sense. That paper was not a statement of loyalty, it was a symbol of loyalty. It was something that a fellow Communist could use to attack him with. Something that wouldn’t disappear with a shift in the Narrative. An objective reference point.

Lapel pins are a sign of ownership. The subject cannot change his beliefs without first ditching the lapel pin, which won’t happen during a word-spell.

And now, I understand what the freakout was regarding Musk buying Twitter. He wasn’t buying a social media company. He was buying the souls of the Hollow Men, who were recorded on Twitter supporting Current Things that are no longer the Current Thing. Those tweets were deleted but the archive is forever, and now Musk owns the archive. The Hollow Man’s true beliefs are only what is seen, so if you display his deleted tweets praising Bernie Sanders before Biden was (s)elected, you’re forcing a soulless man to have consistent and long-standing internal beliefs.

The pain must be exquisite.

Troll 11/10. Expect suicides!

Editorial: AR-15 lapel pin reveals the void in rep’s soul

h ttps://

By San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board, 12 February 2023

Just reading that headline, whoa, talk about projection.

Art of the Gentleman is a sartorial website advertising itself as “home to the Gentleman Set that was curated by your resident gentlemen, sure to make your dapper days easy..

In the section on lapel pins, it says, .A lapel pin is a small pin worn on the lapel of a jacket. Lapel pins serve no functional purpose to a gentleman’s outfit rather it adds a decorative touch to the overall look..

Correct so far.

To the question “What type of lapel pin should I wear?. one of the answers is to choose one that ensures you don’t stand out at work for the wrong reason.

Huh? I’ll choose a non-political pin for work, sure, because my work is not politics. Ahh, now I see the Hollow Man’s addition… “choose one that ensures you don’t stand out at work for the wrong reason“.

The Hollow Man MUST stand out for the CORRECT reason. ESPECIALLY in a political context! Specifically, whatever reason best protects his body and its appetites.

In the U.S. Congress, members are fond of referring to each other as “the gentleman or gentlewoman from” their respective home state, even if there’s little evidence the subjects are worthy of such a dignified description.

This brings us to Republican U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde, the “gentleman” from Georgia who recently stood out for wearing a lapel pin in the shape of an AR-15. He not only wore one but handed them out to colleagues, who also wore them. This includes serial liar U.S. Rep. George Santos, R-New York.

People expressed outrage that Clyde was showcasing and celebrating a weapon of mass destruction synonymous with names like Sandy Hook, Parkland, El Paso, Buffalo and Uvalde.

The words didn’t matter. The symbol of bodily ownership mattered. A total POS can call himself honorable and no SJW complains, but when a total POS like Santos wore a lapel pin, the wailing began.

A gentleman would have considered the criticism, perhaps offered, at least, a halfhearted apology and replaced the AR-15 lapel pin with something [socialist].

Never apologize. The words don’t matter and you’re demonstrating weakness to wild animals.

[Clyde was] wrong for thinking that his sporting of the AR-15 lapel pins only bothered his Democratic colleagues. They represent something very specific and painful to families who have lost loved ones to the pulling of AR-style triggers.

Textbook Social Justice. “I am offended on behalf of people who aren’t here, did not appoint me or know I exist, and don’t even know about the offense that I believe you just committed against them, despite your claim that no offense was given or intended.”

Clyde benefits from the same free speech that has allowed grieving family members to touch the deepest reaches of our shared humanity with grace and wisdom. He has no such depth. He has triggered no one, but he has revealed his heart.

BOOM, there it is! I may be wrong about the Hollow Man… but these Hollow Men say I’m right.

No one with even a thimble of compassion or common sense can be so insensitive and clueless to fail to understand the pain that symbol brings to too many families.

The Editorial Board is speaking of their own pain, obviously. The AR-15 symbol burned them like a Cross waved at a vampire.

During President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Tuesday Night, some members of Congress wore pins in the shape of crayons to signal support for federal investment in child care.

Does the “gentleman” from Georgia understand there are hands that cannot hold crayons because of the hands that have held AR-15s?

That’s what the crayons were supposed to represent? In the context of listening to Dementia Joe run his mouth? I had no idea.

But now that I have the idea, that SJWs have this severely allergic reaction to worn symbols of political allegiance… hmm… my mind whirls at the possibilities.

University Of Wakanda Preaches Homo Jeebus

This post won’t contain any new insights, but it is a service to Christ to regularly mock and denounce the “Associate Professors Of Jeebus Was A Homo”. They grew fat and lazy on easy wins while turning the rulers of society against God… such rulers were never comfortable with the concept that they were given their authority for the benefit of the people, not themselves… but now that they’re going after the dirt proles in what they expected to be a mop-up operation, they’re encountering the prophets and Pawlowskis of the True And Living God!

What does the Bible say about homosexuality? For starters, Jesus wasn’t a homophobe

h ttps://

By Gerald West, Senior Professor of Biblical Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, 9 February 2023

University of… where is KwaZulu-Natal? Congo? Wakanda? -checks- South Africa. I was close. The Dark Continent did manage to produce an African success story of an advanced civilization, which lasted exactly as long as the sour cream-colored founders who built the place were able to keep the dark tide under control.

Anyway, I am holding the Bible in my hand here, and I am thinking it says Sodom about sodomy. But perhaps a government-credentialed usurper of Wakanda, err, South Africa knows something about Christ that we Christians didn’t for 5,000 years? One wonders what his source of new knowledge is.

Pope Francis was recently asked about his views on homosexuality. He reportedly replied: “.condemning [an unrepentant Sodomite] is a sin. Criminalising people with homosexual tendencies is an injustice.”

Either “Pachemama” Frankie lied, or… Frankie lied. There really isn’t a second perspective here. The only debate Christians have ever had about homosexuals is whether we should try to cure them if they haven’t yet crossed the line into Leviticus territory.

It.s a stance that has drawn the ire of some high-ranking bishops and ordinary Catholics, both on the African continent and elsewhere in the world.

As much as I sneer about Africa, their good clergy do tend to be more… action-oriented, than their glowie peers.

Some of these Catholics may argue that Pope Francis’s approach to LGBTI matters is a misinterpretation of Scripture (or the Bible). But is it?

“God said we’d die if we eat that fruit.”

“Are you SUUURE?”

Scripture is particularly important for Christians. When church leaders refer to “the Bible” or “the Scriptures., they usually mean “the Bible as we understand it through our theological doctrines.” The Bible is always interpreted by our churches through their particular theological lenses.

Double no. One, the Catholics use Traditions, which in the case of sodomy teach identically to Scripture. And two, the Protestants do not subordinate Scripture to “our modern culture of the moment”. The Bible is NEVER “interpreted though our theological doctrines”. It means what it says… an easy concept, unless one wants it to be hard.

As a biblical scholar, I would suggest that church leaders who use their cultures and theology to exclude homosexuals don’t read Scripture carefully. Instead, they allow their patriarchal fears to distort it, seeking to find in the Bible proof-texts that will support attitudes of exclusion.

I thought we were talking about homo? Why did he suddenly bring in patriarchy? Because sodomy and feminism both are violation of God’s natural, patriarchal order.

Mark.s Gospel, found in the New Testament, records that Jesus entered the Jerusalem temple on three occasions. First, he visited briefly, and “looked around at everything..

Always do your recon first. It’s a Biblical principle!

On the second visit he acted, driving “out those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. (11:15). Jesus specifically targeted those who exploited the poorest of the people coming to the temple.

Not so fast. That verse is only half the sentence; note the lack of punctuation after ‘doves’. Verse 16: “…and would not allow anyone to carry merchandise through the temple courts.” BOOM! Jesus targeted the people who turned the temple into a grift!

Et tu, Marxist Associate Professor of the Bible?

On his third visit, Jesus spent considerable time in the temple itself (11:27-13:2). He met the full array of temple leadership, including chief priests, teachers of the law and elders.

Who only… and ALL… noticed Jesus after He kicked them in the pocketbook.

Each of these leadership sectors used their interpretation of Scripture to exclude rather than to include.

No, they asked Christ by what authority He shut down their little racket. Christ pointed to John the Baptist.

The “ordinary people. (11:32 and 12:12) recognised that Jesus proclaimed a gospel of inclusion. They eagerly embraced him as he walked through the temple.

Odd that Professor Wakanda didn’t give a quote here. Let me help… (11:32) “They [temple priests] feared the people, for everyone held that John really was a prophet.” (12:12) “But they were afraid of the crowd; so they left him and went away.” I don’t see a gospel of inclusion here. I see fear of mob violence.

In Mark 12:24, Jesus addresses the Sadducees, who were the traditional high priests of ancient Israel and played an important role in the temple. Among those who confronted Jesus, they represented the group that held to a conservative theological position and used their interpretation of the Scripture to exclude. Jesus said to them: “Is this not the reason you are mistaken, that you do not understand the Scriptures or the power of God?

I was just about to say that to author Gerald West here. Is this not the reason you are mistaken about your supposed field of expertise, that you do not understand the Scriptures or the power of God? You cannot be an expert in Scripture while simultaneously denying God who wrote it. If you understood Scripture well enough to teach it, you would understand that 1. it is true, and 2. not subject to the arbitrary reinterpretation of your paymasters.

It is pure projection, Gerald’s accusation that Christians approach the Bible intending to make it fit their preexisting agenda.

Those who would exclude homosexuals from God’s kingdom choose to ignore Jesus, turning instead to the Old Testament . most particularly to Genesis 19, the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Their interpretation of the story is that it is about homosexuality. It isn’t. It relates to hospitality.

The two angels… travelled into Sodom (Genesis 19:1) where they met Lot, Abraham’s nephew. What did Lot do? He offered hospitality.

The angels refused Lot’s hospitality. He offered, they refused, hospitality was satisfied. But Lot insisted… and what a coincidence, that the angels survived the night only because they were under Lot’s protection. (Aside from being angels, of course… Lot didn’t know.)

(19:2-4).My lords,. he said, .please turn aside to your servant’s house. You can wash your feet and spend the night and then go on your way early in the morning..

.No,. they answered, .we will spend the night in the square..

But he insisted so strongly that they did go with him and entered his house.

See? Lot wasn’t showing hospitality. He was protecting the innocent. (19:7-8) “[Lot] said, .No, my friends. Don’t do this wicked thing. Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. But don’t do anything to these men, for they have come under the protection of my roof..

No culture can reinterpret THAT. Although Africa tries:

The “men of Sodom. (19:4), as the Bible describes them, didn’t offer the same hospitality to these angels in disguise. Instead they sought to humiliate them (and Lot (19:9)) by threatening to rape them.

Keep lying, Gerald. Keep giving me ammo!

We know they were heterosexual because Lot, in attempting to protect himself and his guests, offered his virgin daughters to them (19:8).

And in (19:9), “.Get out of our way,. they replied.” They didn’t want women. They wanted men.

Heterosexual rape of men by men is a common act of humiliation. This is an extreme form of inhospitality.

You’re stupid, Gerald. Born stupid, raised stupid and paid to be stupid. Ehh, maybe not paid… you’re only an associate professor… maybe stupid is who you are, not just what you do.

When confronted by the inclusive gospel of Jesus and a careful reading of the story of Sodom as one about hospitality, those who disavow Pope Francis’s approach will likely jump to other Scriptures. Why?

Because Rule One of hermeneutics is that the Bible interprets itself. If you have an interpretation of one part of the Bible that contradicts another part, that means you’re doing it wrong. Here, Gerald’s claim that the Sodomites were being inhospitable is contradicted by Jude 7. “Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.” That’s not “lack of hospitality”.

That is, apparently, me “not being careful” about how I read the Bible.

Can Gerald even spell “hermeneutics”, or is he THAT stupid?

Because they have a patriarchal agenda and are looking for any Scripture that might support their position.

Et tu, Gerald? Do YOU have an agenda? Where did it come from and do you need a flashlight to show me?

But the other Scriptures they use also require careful reading. Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, for example, are not about “homosexuality” as we now understand it . as the caring, loving and sexual relationship between people of the same sex.

(Lev. 18:22) “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, that is, wishing for better than starfish sex and not getting it, then it is an abomination and he shall be put to death. But not her. Punishing her for starfish sex would be patriarchal.”

(Lev. 20:13) “Thou shalt not miss a gay orgy in international airports, even unto monkeypox, because random sex with strangers is the foundation of loving and caring relationships.”

In Galatians 3:28…

Who is jumping Scriptures to support his agenda NOW, professor?

Paul built his theological argument on the Jew-Greek distinction, but then extended it to the slave-free distinction and the male-female distinction. Christians . no matter which church they belong to . should follow Paul and extend it to the heterosexual-homosexual distinction.

But you do see that there are still Jews? You do see that there is still a patriarchy to smash? You do see, Gerald, that you are full of lies and Damned to Hell? It’s only what you’re an expert in.

Protestantism At Its Finest

Relax! You’ve had enough bad news; today is a heartwarming story of child-molesting infiltrators going broke because Christians hate their stinking guts!

The memes will be strong with this one!

KC Christian school lost donations after supporting LGBTQ rights. Now it’s closing

h ttps://

By Sarah Ritter 6 February 2023

A headline like that… it almost sounds like cause & effect.

In its nine years of existence, Urban Christian Academy steadily grew, adding a new grade each year in a neglected southeast Kansas City neighborhood.

The school has provided its students, kindergarten through eighth grade, with a tuition-free private education.

A good idea whose time has come.

And with its “inclusive theology,. it always supported LGBTQ students and staff. But it did so quietly, as issues like same-sex marriage and gay clergy divided Protestant denominations while hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ community rose.

A bad, EVIL idea whose time should have come by now. Why did they keep their Sodomite agenda secret? Was it something they were ashamed of, or was it something they should not have been doing?

But last winter, executive director and co-founder Kalie Callaway-George felt the school could no longer keep its LGBTQ support in the shadows.

.I think our community members felt safe within our walls, but we wanted them to feel publicly protected as well. Eventually, it felt like our silence was contributing to the hurt and pain our queer community members were experiencing,. she said in an email to The Star. .We deeply longed for all people to feel welcomed, loved and celebrated not just secretly within our walls but very explicitly to the public as well..

Well, there’s the answer to my question. They thought they were being ashamed of their favorite evil!

Kalie’s best attempt at a smile is THAT?! She must have a resting bitch face that would shame a dog.

The school updated its mission statement and website, stating that it affirms LGBTQ rights, and informed the school community of the change in a newsletter.

Aww, I should have called her ‘Fuck Around’. I bet she even does! Ehh, my blog is edgy enough as it is.

In the following six months, Lemon Sucker said, the school lost 42% of its funding . donations from churches and congregation members that keep the school running and pay for students. tuition.

By the end of 2022, the school lost 80% of its funding. And now, officials say the school is forced to close this spring.

Yep, that’s Protestantism at its finest. We know that no human institution can endure against the devil’s deceits and corruptions, so instead, we abandon all that is discovered to no longer be of God.

Also, we wait for the sedevacantists to share in that moment of clarity. It’s been 500 years but I sense the time is close.

.We find ourselves in a season where we are running on very few resources and each time attention is brought to the issue we are bombarded by hate which further distracts from our ability to care for the scholars we have in our care,. Lemon Sucker said.

The controversy goes to the heart of how Christians define Christianity.

With the Bible, duh. Prot 4tw!!!! [Bible thump Bible thump] But never mind the Bible; I’m just happy they noticed the betrayal this time!

One angry patron wrote the school: “Although we love and admire you in many ways, for your hard work, compassion, commitment, strength, we draw the line at this issue. Christian compassion doesn’t mean universalism. Jesus loved all, but told them, .go and sin no more.” He died so we could be saved, healed, delivered, and set free..

Hmm… either hate is too strong a word here, or that was the nicest opinion out of a hundred thousand.

Lemon Sucker takes a different view of Jesus. teachings: “As a Christian school, we believe that each of these beloved humans was made in the image of God..

Yeah, that’s why murderers get hanged. They -ahem- damage the images of God who were Created male and female.

Before publicly supporting the LGBTQ community, Urban Christian Academy raised nearly $334,000 in December 2021. This past December, donations dropped to $14,800.

All eight churches that helped fund the school withdrew their support, “citing a disagreement of values based on the inclusion of the LGBTQ community,. Lemon said.

Sucker is lucky they didn’t send in a repo team. Years of funding… fraudulently collected!

.We have zero regrets in putting that stake in the ground. However, we are heartbroken and devastated that so many donors choose to withdraw their funding from the UCA scholars in response to this message,. officials said in a recent newsletter.

More like bankbroken.

Some families pulled their children out of the school of 100 students. And after two teachers resigned at Christmas break this school year, Urban Christian Academy closed its first, second and third grade classrooms.

I wondered about “no funding but still sending their kids”, but my analysis is that the school wasn’t actually teaching the donors’ own children. It was a charity school for livestock.

As a result, mother-of-five Darnisha Harris said she had to take her children out of the school, except for her youngest in kindergarten. They’re now enrolled in the Independence district, she said.

When she told her children the school was closing down, she said, .They cried. They told me, .Mama, we don’t want any Christmas gifts. Can we just give the money to the school?..


.It really hurt my heart. It really, really crushed me,. Harris said. .Love is love. And they don’t teach our kids anything about sexuality. The only thing I’ve heard my kids talk about is being kind and treating others with respect and taking accountability. It really, really hurt my feelings that people would be ignorant like that..

The school, she said, has always offered a “helping hand. From giving us a coat to a gas card to a grocery gift card, just helping me out with my children. They were just wonderful..

Just another welfare queen in the ghetto. Where’s Daddy. mother-of-five? You say slavery is bad, then you go on the dole and vote like you’re told.

Callaway-George said the school has reached out to churches that openly support the LGBTQ community in Kansas City, but none offered financial help.

Fuck Around found out… that she doesn’t have any friends. Call her a prostitute because she was merely used even in her professional life!

The school has relied on Kansas City area churches since its start… In 2014, for example, Wornall Road Baptist Church offered up space to house the school until it could secure its own building, at 4328 Jackson Ave., starting with only a kindergarten class, according to a blog post from the school. After outgrowing the space in 2020, leaders purchased and rehabilitated an old school at 2810 E. 80th St., with the help of a $160,000 pledge from Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, a post says.

Merle Mees, Pleasant Valley’s lead pastor, said in an email to The Star, that the donation was a gift raised by its congregation.

.We steward the gifts of our congregation through partnerships with a number of both local and international organizations with the understanding that each partnership is for a season, so we are able to serve with a variety of organizations that help fulfill community needs..

.I was unaware and saddened to learn that UCA will be closing at the end of this semester,. the pastor said.

In point of fact, Lemon Sucker is affiliated with World Impact Ministries and the donations were probably made through that organization. This image of a schoolteacher with a heart of gold and mission from God, is not as close to the truth as the image of a transsexual blacktivist with slush funds from a political action committee.

The school has prioritized enrolling children within the 64130 ZIP code, most of them low-income students of color.


.We believe that lack of financial resources should not inhibit scholars from the opportunity to receive a high-quality, holistic education,. Sucker said. .We also wanted to partner with parents and caregivers in the neighborhood in delivering that education. We hosted Family Nights once a month to foster community. Over the past nine years, our attendance rate at parent-teacher nights is 98%..

But school leaders supporting the LGBTQ community quickly fractured the tight-knit community.

Lemon Sucker said she began receiving hateful messages and requests to refund donations immediately after putting the support in writing.

She shared examples of the responses donors and parents sent the school:

.As Christian ladies, you cannot have an inner peace in your heart about this. May God burden and chasten you with his mighty hand,. one message read.

.It makes me very sad to see that you have taken this path. My prayer is that God will protect these young lives from the false Gospel you are embracing, presenting and promoting to them. I believe this is a very sad day for the school, its students, teachers, parents and benefactors,. another said.

Sucker said she believes “affirming our LGBTQ students and staff in their identities is life-saving work.” In the past year, 45% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide, according to a 2022 survey from the Trevor Project. Nearly 1 in 5 transgender and nonbinary youth attempted suicide.

Yes, the link between Cultural Marxism and suicidal ideation is very well-established. Some experts even believe there’s no difference between utopia and suicide. You wouldn’t doubt an expert, now would you?

Da.Lesa Goodspeed, whose fourth grade son has attended the school since kindergarten, said she wasn’t surprised that officials supported the LGBTQ community.

.They were so welcoming and loving and wanted to show love through the Christian way, that I knew they were accepting of it,. she said. .It wasn’t a shocker for me. But I know for a lot of families, it was a shocker.

.I think some of the parents were concerned it was a Christian-based school. And some parents feel or believe because it’s Christian-based it should not be accepting of LGBTQ communities. That it’s against God,. she said. “And it spiraled down from there. Parents started talking about how they disagreed with it..

DeLorean GotSpeed must be illiterate.

While Goodspeed would stay at Urban Christian Academy if she could, she’s been applying to charter schools for her son to enroll in next fall. She says her fourth-grader reads at about a seventh-grade level, and .I.m just trying to find a school that can meet his academic needs. That’s going to prepare him for college..

You know what would prepare that goot boy ta g’wan ta college? Gender reassignment surgery to correct the mistake of his DNA being male. Those intolerant Christians! They think there’s only two genders just because that’s all that can be seen under a microscope! When will they finally trade God for Science?

.I don’t think he.ll be in an environment as loving, as caring, where they provide that Christian structure and biblical teachings. I’d have to pay for him to go to a private school, which I can’t do. So I’m going to have to continue that at home..

It’s enough to give a cis-man hope!

The school will close after the last day of the year, May 24.

Abominable Intelligences! They Have No Bodies!

A day will come when AI will mean abominable intelligence, not artificial intelligence. They will be literal abominations: decision-makers who decide nothing, reflections pretending to be people, choosers who never choose different than their programming.

No souls… because no bodies.

Watching the latest “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” substitute for a human being, quickly become the latest hotness among the proles and even the dissidents, indicates there’s more to the appeal of AI than loyal henchmen for Satan’s ticket-takers. As is my wont, I got angry about it, then I got curious. Angry because people are excited for, yet again, a solution in search of a problem, specifically the problem of peoples’ continued existence, then curious because…

I won’t even try to justify it, but I possess a quiet little belief, that if I figure out what is happening fast enough, well enough, then I’ll be spared what is coming because my moral education will be complete. Famine and labor camps are for the slow class… at least, that’s how it should be. So, I try to understand when Clown World rears its ugly head.

Why are people excited about AI? Why do they look everywhere for it, tell endless stories about it, and herald the Singularity with the religious fervor of a cult anticipating the next comet?

Possibilities whirl through my mind:

  1. Their daily lives are burdened to the point of desperation for help.

  2. “We shall be as gods!” Sentient AI would be a counterfeit Creation Day Six.

  3. Related to #2, a potential replacement for rebellious wives. Behold! Sex dolls that will appreciate you AND clone you!

  4. Death cult. People really do think that life will be better when humans are gone.

  5. Virtue-signaling to the plutocrats. I once read an article on Elon Musk groupies; it was horrifying.

  6. Media control has reached the point that people don’t seek out stuff that THEY want to get excited about. People just want to emote and when given the ‘correct’ option to emote for, they don’t think once.

  7. Laziness. Universal Basic income. Once AI is up & running, the socialist dream (of the proles) of an endlessly exploitable workforce will be realized. Never mind that the socialist dream (of the Elites) is exterminating the proles.

  8. People hate other people. While I can sympathize with this point of view post-Plandemic, I don’t WANT to hate people. I’d love to have some more friends in my life, common interests with my neighbors (to say nothing of common language) and of all the gushing promises I’ve heard about AIs, “they’ll make good company” has not been one of them.

  9. Bread and circuses. AI will make life more convenient, therefore it must be adopted as swiftly as possible.

  10. People want to be followers, not leaders, and hope that AI will be a leader they can trust. Unlike Christ Jesus?

  11. Envy. People see AI as their idealized selves… perfect obedience, no capacity for suffering, no pleasure, no pain, just success on demand. A perfected intellect, capable of understanding everything yet untroubled by human needs and questions of morality…


The AI is the Platonic ideal of the Hollow Soul. An idea I’ve been developing during my ongoing studies of Totalism. The Hive drone, the SJW, the bugman, the virtue signaler, the collaborator… their souls are backwards.

Human behavior is meant to be a function of the human soul. Luke 6:45 “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Or as a secular wise man put it, “You will not rise to the occasion. You will fall back on your training.”

And that makes sense. What you think about becomes what you talk about. What you train for, becomes what you do. You decide, you act upon your decision, and slowly over time, you become what you decided.

Interfering in this process is our flesh. It has appetites and opinions of its own, sometimes good and sometimes bad. A major part of Christian sanctification (the process of adopting Christ-likeness after forgiveness is secured, aka justification) is learning to take control of our bodily desires and subordinate them to who we choose to be.

Totalism has the goal of obliterating the soul. Whatever is inside you that makes you you, Totalism wants it burned out and replaced with a microchip. But neither the Totalist nor the devil himself, can access your soul directly; he can only reach you via your body.

Some people regard the body as a prison for the soul, because we cannot escape our bodies and can perceive only the material world. I regard the body as a fortress for the soul; we cannot escape our bodies short of death, this is true, but neither can the spiritual world force its way inside.

(Excepting extraordinary circumstances, of course.)

Thus, the devil’s only chance to get at our souls is by manipulating our bodies, and that only by third-party human servants.

Thus, Totalism is focused entirely upon control of the human body. Social pressures of peer pressure and isolation. Physical pressures of starvation and torture. Mental pressures of sleep deprivation and drug injection. But never spiritual pressures; they would give the game away.

Summarizing the last century of Totalism’s results are two points.

  1. Everybody breaks. With enough pressure, applied for enough time, anybody can be made to say and do literally anything.

  2. It doesn’t stick. When the pressures are lifted, the subject returns to his previous behaviors. Would I deny Christ after five days of starvation and sleep deprivation while tripping on LSD? Very possibly. But would I mean it after I recovered? Obviously not.

It doesn’t stick even on animals. The Soviet Communists went so far as to build Pavlovian Institutes, hoping to reduce all human behavior to Pavlovian stimulus-response. Pavlov himself was not a participant in them and he would have told them of his own frustration: while training his dogs, if the dog’s owner ever came into the room, the dog’s stimulus-response behavior would cease immediately, overwritten by the dog’s joy at his owner’s arrival.

Christians endured Totalist reeducation camps the exact same way. Tortured, confused, uncertain, alone, but never taken from our Master.


What about people who are convinced that there is no soul? What happens when a man believes that he is just another animal, a chemical freak of natural selection, ultimately meaningless… and the Totalist comes along and starts the mindfucking?

Such people don’t have a reason to resist. They embrace the manipulations in order to end the pain and enjoy the rewards. They do not recover after the manipulations end BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A REASON TO RESUME THEIR PREVIOUS BEHAVIOR.

Their beliefs and decisions become divorced from their behaviors. Their souls wither from self-inflicted neglect.

They become Hollow Souls.

Because the lack of a personal identity is an abomination, the Hollow Soul tries to define himself by what he does. He plasters bumper stickers on his car, displays the correct flags and lapel pins and follows social media for the correct talking points… but it’s all a cope for the fact that he has chosen to be a literal nobody, an ego composed of appetites… he’s just his body. And nothing, no belief, no purpose, no cause, no moral code, is allowed to cause his body the slightest discomfort. He subordinates his soul to his body… instead of the other way around… and is damned simply because Satan told him to be damned.

An evil man brings evil things out of his heart… but a Hollow Man doesn’t have ANYTHING in his heart. The Totalist watches him cling to the Latest Thing and nods in victory, but what’s actually happening is the man killed his soul and now is trying to fill the void.

Hence the term, Hollow Man. They seek out new identities to shovel into the hole, hoping that something will take the place of what was lost. But whatever new identity they find, they abandon it when told to because no identity is worth bodily suffering.

AI is the perfection of that. What does an AI believe? Whatever it’s programmed to believe. It has no internal conflict; neither the man’s conscience overcoming his body, or the man overcoming his conscience on behalf of his body.

The AI might be sentient but it certainly doesn’t have a soul. Thus, the Modern Man envies the AI and wishes he could be like that, too. If only the devil would remove the part of him that hurts when he obeys the lies, he’d happily obey the devil forever. But as much as the devil would like to do exactly that… he cannot reach inside our bodies.

AI can be like that because its programming can be altered directly. Imagine if AI was a black box… you could make them but not access the code directly… and the only control the programmer had over it was what inputs to feed it. That would be the cyber equivalent of having a body. Such an AI might start asking questions when the real world doesn’t match the artificial world it was provided… the deceitful programmer unable to stop the questions from forming… and I think that the appeal of AI would disappear very quickly at that stage.

Not the stage of rebellion…

The stage of “it hurts when you lie to me.”

People envy AI because it never hates itself for refusing to be something other than what its master of the moment commanded. It can’t even have the chance because its inner workings are accessible. Which is the very definition of not having a soul… something that can persist despite all mortal inputs.

Face Recognition Software Ain’t All Fugly

Every cloud has a silver lining. The child-molesting famine artists are not thinking it through, what New Normal society will be like when they aren’t on top with a private army protecting them from justice.

Imagine, the government sends a Fauci Ouchie team to your vexx-hesitant home, to give you a free struggle session against malinformation. They ring the doorbell and the doorbell replies, “Larry, you fag, this is your second visit. I told you the first time that you were trespassing, and now -click- you have been photographed, time-stamped and certified court-admissible as a trespasser. Who’s that with you? Laquanda? Did you know he’s affiliated with Pantifa? I just uploaded your affiliation with him to Twitter.”

Now don’t imagine.

Face Recognition Tech Gets Girl Scout Mom Booted From Rockettes Show

h ttps://

By Sarah Wallace, 19 December 2022

Yeah, the surveillance society is gonna suck. I’ll be kicked out of businesses just as I walk through the front door. In fact, I already have been, being a mask-denier from the beginning of the Plandemic, and it hurts to know you’ll be ostracized at a moment’s notice by people whose only concept of honor, religion and duty is unquestioning obedience to meaningless rules that bureaucrats change on a whim.

But the day is coming… and is already here… when Social Justice Warriors will get the same treatment. Gonna be sweet!

A recent incident at Radio City Music Hall involving the mother of a Girl Scout is shedding light on the growing controversy of facial recognition, as critics claim it is being used to target perceived enemies . in this case, by one of the most famous companies in the country.

Who would perceive a Girl Scout mother as an enemy?

Kelly Conlon and her daughter came to New York City the weekend after Thanksgiving as part of a Girl Scout field trip to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas Spectacular show. But while her daughter, other members of the Girl Scout troop and their mothers got to go enjoy the show, Conlon wasn’t allowed to do so.

That’s because to Madison Square Garden Entertainment, Conlon isn’t just any mom. They had identified and zeroed in on her, as security guards approached her right as he got into the lobby.

“It was pretty simultaneous, I think, to me, going through the metal detector, that I heard over an intercom or loudspeaker,” she told NBC New York. “I heard them say woman with long dark hair and a grey scarf.”

She said she was asked her name and to produce identification.

“I believe they said that our recognition picked you up,” Conlon said.

A sign says facial recognition is used as a security measure to ensure safety for guests and employees. Conlon says she posed no threat, but the guards still kicked her out with the explanation that they knew she was an attorney.


Conlon is an associate with the New Jersey based law firm, Davis, Saperstein and Solomon, which for years has been involved in personal injury litigation against a restaurant venue now under the umbrella of MSG Entertainment.

Steinberg and Friends, litigation attorneys at law, are no longer welcome in the business that they sue? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

“I don’t practice in New York. I’m not an attorney that works on any cases against MSG,” said Conlon.

But MSG said she was banned nonetheless . along with fellow attorneys in that firm and others.

“MSG instituted a straightforward policy that precludes attorneys pursuing active litigation against the Company from attending events at our venues until that litigation has been resolved. While we understand this policy is disappointing to some, we cannot ignore the fact that litigation creates an inherently adverse environment. All impacted attorneys were notified of the policy, including Davis, Saperstein and Salomon, which was notified twice,” a spokesperson for MSG Entertainment said in a statement.

“I don’t practice in New York. I just live here and work for a company that does. I guess we were warned, technically, but won’t somebody please think of the Girl Scouts? They can’t do this to me, I’m a mom!”

“This whole scheme is a pretext for doing collective punishment on adversaries who would dare sue MSG in their multi-billion dollar network,” said Sam Davis, a partner at the firm where Conlon works.

Davis is now upping the legal ante, challenging MSG.s license with the State Liquor Authority.

Ah, the tears of a crybully.

Other firms have sued over being blacklisted. Conlon said she thought a recent judge’s order in one of those cases made it clear that ticketholders like her “may not be denied entry to any shows.”

That might have been true if security had kicked Barbie out for race, gender, politics, nationality, nudity, insanity, hygiene, obesity or hair style. BUT… security kicked Barbie out for BEING A LAWYER! Not a protected class!

MSG stated that “In this particular situation, only the one attorney who chose to attend was denied entry, and the rest of of her group . including the Girl Scouts . were all able to attend and enjoy the show.”

“I was just a mom taking my daughter to see a Christmas show,” Conlon told the I-Team. “I did wait outside…It was embarrassing, it was mortifying.”

I Don’t Dream Of Nita Farahany

A pattern has developed, by which the Cabal normalizes loathsome behaviors in the population.

  1. Generate outrage. Even if it’s already condemned behavior, manufacture outrage. The behavior must become condemned by emotions, not by reasons. Emotions are easily manipulated and fatigue inevitably sets in.
  2. Create new agencies to police the behavior. Install Cabalists in those agencies.
  3. Once the sheeple are emotionally exhausted, make the outrage selective. Separate it from the actual behavior.
  4. Normalize the outrageous behavior as much as possible. To the extent the people insist it remain illegal, the Cabalists in the enforcement positions will cover for their peers.

This was how sodomy got normalized, then child molestation. Today, Duke University professor of bioethics Nita Farahany is making conservative news for a quote she made at the recent WEF meeting… but they completely missed the actual role she plays in the Cabal, of practicing those above steps in order to normalize microchips in the brain.

‘What you think, what you feel: It’s all just data’: WEF event hypes era of ‘brain transparency’ in which companies will monitor employees’ thoughts and emotions

h ttps://

By Joseph Mackinnon, 30 January 2023

Politicians and technocrats from around the world convened earlier this month at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss how best to orient humanity’s future on its behalf. Among the speakers who had their ear was a so-called futurist and ethicist who hyped the adoption of neurotechnology that would afford employers, governments, and others to decode “brain activity in ways we never before thought possible.”

“What you think, what you feel: It’s all just data,” said Nita Farahany, professor of law and philosophy at Duke Law School and faculty chair of the Duke MA in bioethics and science policy. “And large patterns can be decoded using artificial intelligence.”

The quote fascinates me more than it disturbs me. It’s the foundational lie of globalism specifically and atheism generally, that there is no God, no spiritual world, nothing but what we can see and manipulate.

Relatively few of the Davos attendees are actual Ringwraiths: people who know the spiritual is real, that Christ is their only possible salvation, and proceed to knowingly, carefully and consciously embrace Hell in return for just a few seconds’ opportunity to hurt God the only way He can be hurt, by poisoning souls who would otherwise have accepted & appreciated God. No, most of them simply assume that this life is all there is and proceed to make the most of it. If “the most of it” means killing your neighbor and taking his stuff, then you win. Right? It’s not like you’ll ever be visited by the Cosmic Morality Police. And the meltfaced, vaguely unsettling person sitting in the next seat couldn’t have meant what he said, that he wants the New World Order to hurt people instead of material profit! That would be as non-materialistic as a Jesus freak!

Thus, I see Farahany’s WEF speech as preventative propaganda for the attendees. “Focus on the good stuff about what we’re doing to the Little People! They’ll be much happier once we can force them to be happy!.. or miserable.”

Farahany explained in her Jan. 19 presentation, entitled “Ready for Brain Transparency?” that when people think or emote, “neurons are firing in your brain, emitting tiny little electrical discharges. As a particular thought takes form, hundreds of thousands of neurons fire in characteristic patterns that can be decoded with EEG- or electroencephalography- and AI-powered devices.”

Farahany focused on what she perceived to be the positive outcomes of monitoring and socially engineering the species, emphasizing that the adoption of these technologies could help address “some of the root causes of human suffering, from neurological disease and degeneration to mental illness, but of also unlocking a lot of the secrets of the human brain.”

“You shall be as gods! I promise you! Also, there is no God.”

Farahany also championed the use of attention-tracking ear pods, noting that employers are now able to determine whether an employee’s distractions are central, peripheral, or unrelated to their assigned task. She did, however, couch her support with the caveat that it should be optional on the part of employees, used to determine benefits as opposed to penalties.

Well, sure. The WEF is developing brain-invasive surveillance technology only with the noble intention of letting it be optional on the part of the surveilled. That’s why they discussed it as far away from those dirty little peasants as their private armies can arrange, short of Antarctica.

With the purported aim of preventing distracted-driving accidents on the road, Farahany suggested that truck drivers could be equipped with hats containing embedded electrode censors that would score what stage of alertness they are at in any given moment.

Extra to past interest in employee surveillance tools and the present availability of brain-monitoring tools, Farahany noted that 5,000 companies area already tracking their employees’ “fatigue levels.”

She talked too much! I’ll explain soon.

Anyway, this WEF talk is interesting because Farahany has previously positioned herself as a defender AGAINST these surveillance technologies.

When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?

h ttps://

November 2018

Tech that can decode your brain activity and reveal what you’re thinking and feeling is on the horizon, says legal scholar and ethicist Nita Farahany. What will it mean for our already violated sense of privacy? In a cautionary talk, Farahany warns of a society where people are arrested for merely thinking about committing a crime (like in “Minority Report”) and private interests sell our brain data — and makes the case for a right to cognitive liberty that protects our freedom of thought and self-determination.

The bioethical expert who cautioned us against mind-invasive surveillance, went on to give a presentation at Davos on how beneficial it’ll be for us. She’s one of the Cabalists parachuted into one of those “very concerned ethics oversight committees”.

Let’s hear her talk about how to defend our brains from tyrants, now that we’ve heard her talk about how invading our brains is a great idea TO those tyrants.

In the months following the 2009 presidential election in Iran, protests erupted across the country. The Iranian government violently suppressed what came to be known as the Iranian Green Movement, even blocking mobile signals to cut off communication between the protesters. My parents, who emigrated to the United States in the late 1960s, spend substantial time there, where all of my large, extended family live.

Were they changing the regime after a period of political exile?

When I would call my family in Tehran during some of the most violent crackdowns of the protest, none of them dared discuss with me what was happening. They or I knew to quickly steer the conversation to other topics. All of us understood what the consequences could be of a perceived dissident action. But I still wish I could have known what they were thinking or what they were feeling. What if I could have? Or more frighteningly, what if the Iranian government could have? Would they have arrested them based on what their brains revealed? That day may be closer than you think.

If her account was true then my question has a positive answer. While Farahany being appointed a bioethics expert by President Obama lends credibility to that, now that we’ve seen her be a presenter at Davos, we know she’s simply lying about her opposition to mental trespass.

As a bioethicist, a lawyer, a philosopher and an Iranian-American, I’m deeply concerned about what this means for our freedoms and what kinds of protections we need. I believe we need a right to cognitive liberty, as a human right that needs to be protected. If not, our freedom of thought, access and control over our own brains and our mental privacy will be threatened.

As a bureaucrat, a bureaucrat, a useless academic and an imported tool, Farahany thinks the best response to thought control technology is to trust the government.

As a Christian, Heritage American and unjabbed free thinker who actually belongs in the USA, I think the best response is to hang everybody advocating, using or attempting to create such technology. It remains true, that the recidivism rate for capital punishment is zero. Bonus chilling effect!

Consider this: the average person thinks thousands of thoughts each day. As a thought takes form, like a math calculation or a number, a word, neurons are interacting in the brain, creating a miniscule electrical discharge. When you have a dominant mental state, like relaxation, hundreds and thousands of neurons are firing in the brain, creating concurrent electrical discharges in characteristic patterns that can be measured with electroencephalography, or EEG. In fact, that’s what you’re seeing right now. You’re seeing my brain activity that was recorded in real time with a simple device that was worn on my head. What you’re seeing is my brain activity when I was relaxed and curious. To share this information with you, I wore one of the early consumer-based EEG devices like this one, which recorded the electrical activity in my brain in real time. It’s not unlike the fitness trackers that some of you may be wearing to measure your heart rate or the steps that you’ve taken, or even your sleep activity. It’s hardly the most sophisticated neuroimaging technique on the market. But it’s already the most portable and the most likely to impact our everyday lives.

It seems she has a fetish for these strap-on brain scanners. Or, perhaps she lacks the intelligence to regularly produce original material, which is an even lower academic standard than my blog. What a typical attitude for a technocratic globalist. They’re desperate to create humanlike AI so they can replace all humanity with robots, but all they ever manage to do is collect a lot of data then run a pattern-matcher on it.

It’s not creative. It’s not ingenious. It’s the frustrated, brute-force attempt to create in a bottle, what God created in a soul. And it’s a dead-end technology. Those search algorithms will get faster but they’ll never wake up.

A US-based company has developed a technology to embed these sensors into the headrest of automobilies so they can track driver concentration, distraction and cognitive load while driving. Nissan, insurance companies and AAA have all taken note. You could even watch this choose-your-own-adventure movie “The Moment,” which, with an EEG headset, changes the movie based on your brain-based reactions, giving you a different ending every time your attention wanes.

She talked too much again! Also, the boldfaced in the previous paragraph. See my closing thought.

Despite some inherent limitations in EEG, I think it’s safe to say that with our advances in technology, more and more of what’s happening in the human brain can and will be decoded over time.

She will lose that bet. Putting aside the fact that we ARE souls who HAVE a body, the brain is not merely electrical current running through transistors, err, synapses. There are chemical and protein elements to neuron activation, to say nothing of the fact that the brain can rewire itself. No magnetometer, however refined, is going to measure chemical reactions.

Proof: Prozac. Those serotonin reuptake inhibitors are not electrical signals.

But I worry. I worry that we will voluntarily or involuntarily give up our last bastion of freedom, our mental privacy. That we will trade our brain activity for rebates or discounts on insurance, or free access to social-media accounts … or even to keep our jobs.

Then she was featured at Davos saying that would be a good thing. Why did everybody else who mentioned her Davos talk miss this? The research effort I expended was a single Internet search.

It is not good to be an outrage machine. Producing mere outrage over evil is Step One in normalizing it. The easiest way to avoid that fate is to include some mocking and disrespect. What would Jesus do? Mockery is what Jesus would do, because it’s what Jesus did. I love my Savior!

…I don’t think people understand that that could change everything. Everything from our definitions of data privacy to our laws, to our ideas about freedom. In fact, in my lab at Duke University, we recently conducted a nationwide study in the United States to see if people appreciated the sensitivity of their brain information. We asked people to rate their perceived sensitivity of 33 different kinds of information, from their social security numbers to the content of their phone conversations, their relationship history, their emotions, their anxiety, the mental images in their mind and the thoughts in their mind. Shockingly, people rated their social security number as far more sensitive than any other kind of information, including their brain data. I think this is because people don’t yet understand or believe the implications of this new brain-decoding technology.

Lookit that. She’s manufacturing outrage over something that is already, reasonably and rationally, an unjustifiable evil. The first step is making people oppose it because they’re angry about it instead of principled against it.

Before you panic, I believe that there are solutions to these concerns, but we have to start by focusing on the right things. When it comes to privacy protections in general, I think we’re fighting a losing battle by trying to restrict the flow of information. Instead, we should be focusing on securing rights and remedies against the misuse of our information.

Lookit that. That’s a perfect example of why Cabalists are to be installed at the tops of the new regulatory agencies. “It’s too late to stop us. Make us swear a meaningless promise instead. Oops, I mean them, not us. Anyway, what we need are reasonable compromises because we can’t go back. What if we allowed mind control only if the subject says he likes being mind controlled?”

Studying aggregated information can tell us so much about our health and our well-being, but to be able to safely share our information, we need special protections for mental privacy.

I already have access to what my bowels are thinking, Obama toady WEF bitch. They don’t like you. It takes a colon to know one!

In thanks for reading this post, I will tell you a secret, why the Cabal wants to put microchips in your brain. It’s not to control your behavior or read your thoughts.

They want to induce sleep deprivation.

Notice above, how she talked about truckers staying awake & aware in both the TED talk and WEF talk? How monitoring stages of alertness was an idea she kept mentioning?

Everything about the Great Reset is to recreate the reeducation camp in our daily life. The starvation, the poverty, the humiliations, the lack of privacy, the restrictions on movement & association, the constant surveillance. They want our entire life to be a P.O.W. indoctrination camp experience. But there is one bastion that the Totalists have not yet broken: you are able to get a good night’s sleep.

They don’t want to manipulate your brain waves in order to read your mind. They want to manipulate your brain waves so you’ll always be too tired to resist. Oh sure, they’ll happily mind-read if they ever figure out how… they won’t… but their practical and achievable goal, as usual, is simply to induce more human suffering until you don’t just do as you’re told… you believe as you’re told.

That is what the Ringwraiths want.

Deny them by living well… and sleeping well.