Let Us Give Thanks For Enemies Of Such Quality

We have much to be thankful for. Christ is on the Throne, Trump is in the White House and our 21st-Century enemies resemble clowns more than genetically engineered supersoldiers. By way of example:

You’re doing open concept all wrong: ‘This is the type of toilet I see in my nightmares’

You’re doing open concept all wrong: ‘This is the type of toilet I see in my nightmares’

By Elizabeth Hames, 13 November 2019

A real estate ad is garnering negative attention online for its unusual take on open-concept design.

The Philadelphia master suite comes with a walk-in closet, space for a bed and sitting area, and a bathroom. The catch: There are no walls separating the toilet and shower from the rest of the suite.

So, anyone sitting next to the fireplace or on the bed would be in full view of someone using the toilet.

That’s raising eyebrows on Twitter… with users expressing discomfort at the thought of using the facilities in front of guests or a partner.

Image result for Kamara Abdur-Rahim

One reviewes, “the bat man”: Philly is WILD this bathroom has NO DOORS and they’re calling it open concept… only the brave will poop while their friends are over and can see them.

melissa @ digitalemo: this is the type of toilet I see in my nightmares

Kamara Abdur-Rahim, the developer who posted the ad: “It’s not for everyone. It’s only for that person who feels comfortable with it.”

You now know way more than you want to about Kamara.

She added that it’s not for “the person who isn’t open to getting dressed and doing other stuff in front of their partner.”

WAAAY more. What do you think, African or Arab?

Abdur-Rahim says she likes to experiment with design and the open-concept bathroom gives the room “a bigger feel.”

It’s not the first time a bathroom-bedroom mashup has made headlines. … But Amanda Pendleton, lifestyle expert with Zillow, says she can’t see the trend catching on.

“While I could see this design in a modern loft-type space, it loses its appeal if you enjoy entertaining or value your privacy,” she says.

I could see this design in a modern RV-type space… with a curtain for privacy.

However, not everyone online hates the privacy-free bathroom… they take issue more with the shower than the toilet, fearing that pooling water could damage the floors.

Disgusting AND dysfunctional! She must be African. But no pic for confirmation. That’s okay, because we’ll get to her work history on Linkedin which must be nearly as entertaining.

But Abdur-Rahim says she has plans to add frosted glass around the shower.

“I’m pretty proud of how it came out,” she says.

Here’s how she came out. Misspellings will be in boldface.


Being a confident Gurl consists of being sure of oneself and it is revealing through one’s image, action, and Diet. Everything is taken into consideration, inside and out of the body. One can look glamorous on the outside but still not have confidence which would show through other significant aspect such as her actions or diet. Our company helps with these issues; we target the woman whose head is down and help to lift it up. In addition, we target the woman whose head is up and help her keep it up. …

Our oganization’s number one goal is to instill confidence in women and give an opportunity for all to come together as one and help the community. We know we will touch each woman in a different way, and every individual would gain or restore confidence in herself. We want every women to become a CONFIDENT GURL!

Co Owner/ Costruction Project Manager
Hewitt Realty LLC
Jan 2017 – Present 2 years 11 months

Her current job building bathrooms without doors or curtains.

Sales Manager/Event Coordinator
African Cultural Art Forum LLC
Jun 2015 – Jan 2017 1 year 8 months

Black Power! Not to be confused with Black Grammar!

City of Philadelphia
Health Inspector
City of Philadelphia
Feb 2014 – Jun 20151 year 5 months

● Responsible for performing routine inspections and enforcing health codes in various food establishments (i.e. restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, packing factories) and associated equipment used within assigned geographical area

None of her bullet points make reference to sanitation or water damage.

Quality Assurance Inspector/ Lab Technician
Westward Pharmaceutical
Jun 2013 – Feb 2014 9 months

United Way /Habitat for Humanity
United Way /Habitat for Humanity
Mar 2011 – Mar 2011 1 month

Helped build homes for low income families that were affected by Hurricane Katrina and also building literacy kits for low income daycare and schools. Duties included using scaffolding for support while adding additional material to homes to enhance the appearance and help avoid losing moisture.

She didn’t learn that doors on the bathrooms enhance the appearance? Or that shower curtains contain moisture?

Research Experience for Undergraduate
Jun 2010 – Aug 2010 3 months

Delaware State Univesity

Investigated the role of estrogen on Amypliod precursor protein levels followed by presentation to faculty and peers.

It’s a bad sign when your first job out of university is interning on the effects of estrogen.

You can put the savage in the college but you can’t put the college in the savage. More than anything, that unfortunate fact will guarantee the supremacy of White Men for generations to come.


Three Un-Hanged Men

After being exonerated of everything but a selfie, Eddie Gallagher should have been home free. Turns out that wasn’t the case and he was about to get drummed out of the military for “having a conviction”. And then, Trump stepped in and reinstated Gallagher in full, and also pardoned two other soldiers whose stories I’d never heard of. I’ll cover the other two first because Gallagher’s case goes all the way up to the Secretary of the Navy.

Donald Trump Grants Clemency to Army Major Matt Golsteyn and 1st Lt. Clint Lorance


President Donald Trump granted clemency to Army Maj. Matt Golsteyn and 1st Lt. Clint Lorance on Friday, who were accused of war crimes.

Lorance served more than six years of a 19-year sentence he received after he was found guilty for ordering his men in Afghanistan to engage a motorcycle with three men on it.

He capped either Cirque du Soleil or two goons riding shotgun.

“Many Americans have sought executive clemency for Lorance, including 124,000 people who have signed a petition to the White House, as well as several members of Congress,” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement.

Lorance was released from prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, on Friday night.

Golsteyn was scheduled for a trial after killing a terrorist bomb-maker after he was released from detention.

Translation, he took a known terrorist behind a dumpster in a war zone and came back alone. How is THAT a crime? Oh right, the terrorist didn’t get a taxpayer-funded legal defense and lifetime free room & board.

“After nearly a decade-long inquiry and multiple investigations, a swift resolution to the case of Major Golsteyn is in the interests of justice,” the White House statement from Grisham said.

Several members of Congress advocated for Golsteyn’s clemency as well as Clay Higgins, American author and Marine combat veteran, Bing West, and Army combat veteran Pete Hegseth of Fox News.

The president also restored the rank and honors of Special Warfare Operator First Class Edward Gallagher.

Sounds like…

(Segue for those suffering low blood pressure:)


(End segue.)

Gallagher was found not guilty of murdering an ISIS fighter in Iraq in 2017 but was convicted for posing in a photo with a dead ISIS fighter.

“For more than two hundred years, presidents have used their authority to offer second chances to deserving individuals, including those in uniform who have served our country,” Grisham said. “These actions are in keeping with this long history.”

We begin with Major Golsteyn.

Former decorated Green Beret, after years of investigations, charged in death of suspected Taliban bomb maker


By: Greg Norman, 14 December 2018

Just the title tells you this is bullshit.

A former Green Beret who told Fox News in 2016 that he killed a suspected Taliban bomb maker nearly a decade ago during combat operations in Afghanistan is now being charged in the man’s death — a move his lawyer says is an act of betrayal by the Army.

The murder charge facing Maj. Mathew Golsteyn comes after years of on-and-off investigations by the Army following an incident said to have taken place during his 2010 deployment. A military tribunal that probed the killing years ago initially cleared Golsteyn — but the investigation into him was re-opened after he spoke to Fox News’ Bret Baier.

“I think he’s been betrayed,” his attorney, Phillip Stackhouse, told Fox News on Friday when asked how the Army has treated Golsteyn.

Repeat, Golsteyn was cleared of charges (but lost a Silver Star for conduct unbecoming) then was charged anew after admitting to killing him during a Fox News interview.

Do. Not. Talk. To. The. Media.

The once-decorated soldier, who had been on voluntary excess leave amid the latest investigation, has been living in a newly bought home with his wife and a 2-month-old baby in Virginia, working for the International Association of Firefighters, Stackhouse said.

Golsteyn was informed of the murder charge earlier this week after being ordered back into active duty.

“They have insinuated to me that they have new evidence,” Stackhouse told Fox News. “I don’t believe there is any new evidence at all.”

Golsteyn, in 2010, had been deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Special Forces Group. Two Marines in his unit during that time in the Battle of Marja ended up getting killed by booby-trapped explosives hidden in the area.

Did those bombs stop after the “murder”, one wonders.

Golsteyn and his men later found a suspected Taliban bomb maker nearby — though he was not on a list of targets U.S. forces were cleared to kill, Fox News previously has reported. After he was detained, Golsteyn said the man refused to talk to investigators.

Under the rules of engagement, Golsteyn was ordered to release him.

However, Golsteyn was concerned that if he did so, the suspect would have in turn targeted Afghans who were helping U.S. soldiers.

More specifically, according to other sources, his indigenous allies knew he was the bomb-maker but didn’t have court-admissible evidence. They told Golsteyn that they feared reprisal for fingering him. Very plausible, and it put the Major in a bind. Legally, the perp had to be released but doing so would cost him supporters among the locals… perhaps by dismemberment.

How should a soldier handle that, in the context of facing an enemy that refuses to wear uniforms? The way the good Major did. Officially release him and unofficially walk him to the dumpster. In the unlikely event the man was innocent, welcome to the war party, pal. Soldiers are not lawyers. They do not presume innocence. They make use of premeditated murder the way security guards make use of trespass and loitering laws. If the price of a continued alliance is capping one probable terrorist then a soldier shouldn’t think twice.

If you don’t like that then good. War should not be waged lightly for exactly such reasons. But if you DO wage war then don’t cry when intentional killings happen outside of “due process”.

It boggles the mind, that Golsteyn was only allowed to kill HQ-approved targets in a conflict against irregular forces. Go to Hell, backseat chickenhawk war drivers. Better yet, Get in Front!

“There’s limits on how long you can hold guys,” he told Fox News’ Bret Baier in 2016. “You realize quickly that you make things worse. It is an inevitable outcome that people who are cooperating with coalition forces, when identified, will suffer some terrible torture or be killed.”

Golsteyn told Fox News he killed him. Two years later, he is facing the murder charge.

Whatever SJW did this waited until he was recalled to active service.

“Major Matthew Golsteyn’s immediate commander has determined that sufficient evidence exists to warrant the preferral of charges against him,” U.S. Army Special Operations Command spokesman Lt. Col. Loren Bymer told Fox News in a statement Friday. “Major Golsteyn has been charged with the murder of an Afghan male during his 2010 deployment to Afghanistan.”

The first Army investigation was undertaken after Golsteyn disclosed details of the incident during a polygraph test when he was interviewing for a job with the CIA in 2011.

Golsteyn, according to Army documents obtained by the Washington Post, reportedly told the CIA something that Stackhouse disputes – that he took the suspected bomb maker off base, shot him and buried his remains in a shallow grave before returning to the site to dig up the remains and burn them in a pit used to dispose of trash.

Stackhouse told Fox News the suspected bomb maker was released and later killed during combat operations in Marja.

It’s possible that Golsteyn didn’t even admit to killing in the interview and this is pure point & shriek. I don’t have his exact words.

Golsteyn, who had been awarded the Silver Star, the military’s third-highest award for combat valor, was initially accused of murder and conspiracy. But following the lengthy initial investigation by a military tribunal, no formal charges were filed.

Double jeopardy.

Instead, Golsteyn was removed from the Special Forces and had his Silver Star taken away.

As for the latest case, Stackhouse says: “we will be relentless in defending him.”

No need, Stackhouse. Trump has Golsteyn’s back.

Now for Clint Lorance.

This is an obviously partisan source, which means it’s as trustworthy as CNN itself. Good enough for me! (Because I’ll fisk CNN like a proctologist in the third act.)


In July 2012, while serving as a Rifle Platoon leader in a remote sector of Kandahar Province Afghanistan, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance’s platoon embarked on what was seemingly a normal combat patrol. Clint’s patrol, consisting of 16 US Infantrymen, 5 Afghan National Army Soldiers, and 1 US Interpreter, left their Strong Point early in the morning on July 02, 2012 to a neighboring village. The platoon knew this village all too well, as only days before, one of their brothers, a US Soldier, had been shot in the neck in this very village.

Having constant contact with overhead US Army helicopters, it would soon become apparent to Clint that the platoon was headed into enemy held territory. Army pilots warned Clint over the radio of enemy presence to the North, East and West of the Platoon’s position on the ground. Clint confirmed with the pilots a good description of the enemy, and pilots continued to track and provide overhead surveillance for Clint’s Infantry platoon who was traveling on foot in the mine-riddled Afghan terrain. The Soldiers were operating in a terrain that leaders had deemed too dangerous to drive vehicles due to the expensive damage to vehicles as a result of mine explosions. In an effort to preserve their vehicles, the Infantrymen walked everywhere on foot, behind hand-held mine-detectors and explosive-detective dogs.

A dirt road was situated between the small base and the village, which had been restricted to military and police use only. This road had been lined with concertina wire, so as to reduce the Taliban’s freedom of maneuver. This restriction had been in place for several months prior to Clint’s arrival. It was a common Taliban tactic to run from US Forces on their motorcycles to the river to the South of the base, out of Clint’s platoon’s area of operations (sort of like a jurisdiction, keeping military units properly aligned on the battlefield).

As the platoon made their way across the road and through the concertina wire, a two wheeled motorcycle bearing three military-aged males came down the road at a higher-than-normal rate of speed. As the motorcycle approached, the men were pointing at the Soldiers’ positions. Trial testimony proved that back at Headquarters and simultaneously, radio signals were being intercepted by US intelligence Soldiers which clearly indicated that someone was pointing out via radio the positions of the US Troops on the ground. These radio intercepts were being translated into English and relayed via secure military radio to Clint on the ground. These Taliban were clearly setting up for an ambush.

As the motorcycle approached the patrol, one of Clint Lorance army Soldiers, a former policeman, yelled back to the him and said the motorcycle was coming at a faster-than-normal rate of speed and ASKED FOR PERMISSION TO FIRE. The Taliban showed no indication of slowing down and ignored the Afghan Soldiers’ verbal and visual warnings to stop. Clint had 3-5 seconds to react to this threat before the bike reached his men, who were tactically vulnerable because the patrol was in the middle of crossing the road, Clint granted his Soldier permission to fire. The Soldier fired, and missed.

The motorcycle came to a stop under a tree a few hundred meters from Clint’s position. The Taliban dismounted and began approaching the patrol. The Afghan Soldiers who were in front of Clint’s men, instinctively raised their weapons and prepared to fire, shouting at the men to stop. The men ignored the Afghan Army’s commands. This is all happening in seconds. Clint gave permission to fire , killing two of the men, one ran away.

Minutes later, the Soldiers detained that man who had ran away, he later tested positive for homemade explosives residue on his hands. During this patrol, a separate element of Clint’s platoon on the other end of the village engaged and killed two Taliban who were visually observing and communicating that they saw the Soldiers’ position on the rooftop. A second man was captured while attempting to flee the village by another element of Clint’s platoon. This man also tested positive for homemade explosives residue.

It is important to consider that, though the men Clint ordered killed did not have any weapons on them; however, their motorcycle was taken away by another Afghan a few minutes after the engagement and the third man did run away. Was the third man carrying a weapon? Did the motorcycle contain an explosive device? See News reports by motorcycles used by terrorists.

That’s the crux of the case against Lorance: he ordered his men to fire at unarmed persons acting suspiciously and against his orders on a restricted-use road in an environment of IEDs and ambush killings. Once again, soldiers are not lawyers. They aren’t even police, and what’s the Number One cause of police shootings? Say it with me:


Never give a man pointing a gun at you a reason to shoot. Innocence and misunderstandings do not stop bullets, to say nothing of motorcycles known to be used for bomb delivery.

Intelligence reports for the area identified any personnel owning or operating a motorcycle as Taliban, as there were no local population living there. The local population had long since moved out of the area because it had been taken over by the Taliban. Essentially, if they were in this area, they were up to no good. The only other non-Taliban actors in this area were farmers who commuted from their homes south of the river to farm the land that had been left abandoned.

Upon return to base, Clint ordered both of the captured men be tested for explosives residue on their hands. Both men tested positive, confirming Clint’s suspicions that the men had handled explosives recently. Clint also ordered the men entered bio metrically into the platoon’s computer to check for past criminal history. Then men both gave a “John Doe” name when asked, negating the computer check.

Clint then ordered that both men be physically separated, put into a shaded area, and be given food and water. Both men refused food, but drank water. When the Afghan Police arrived and asked Clint for permission to interrogate the prisoners, Clint denied the Police access to the prisoners and declared them under US custody, as such, they would be treated in accordance with US Army laws for treatment of prisoners. These laws mandate that the US personnel must protect anyone in their custody from interrogation or unjust treatment. Clint instructed his men to guard the prisoners and not talk to them. 2-3 hours later, the prisoners were transported to the detainee processing facility at the Brigade Headquarters.

Sounds like Lorance followed procedure at every step. There was nothing he could have done differently except to wait for the suspicious trio to arrive and see if they wanted an autograph.

Even though both men tested positive for explosive residue and were acting suspiciously and acted exactly as all other Taliban do in the area, Clint’s higher HQ assumed they were innocent due to political reasons.

Generally an unacceptable presumption, but:

The Army assumed Clint guilty of random acts of murder, fired him from being a platoon leader, took his weapon away–in a combat zone– and moved him to headquarters to assume administrative duties while awaiting the investigation. …

The members of Clint Lorance’s platoon have since made efforts to protect themselves by testifying against him in exchange for immunity. Clint is the only person in this incident to face any criminal charges.


Each of the above circumstances were validated by witness testimony, while under oath, during the court martial.

Nine of the ten men being considered of committing murder were granted immunity by then -MG John Nicholson in exchange for their testimony against the remaining one, 1 LT Clint Lorance.

Something to think about: July 2012 was an important time for senior US officials in Afghanistan. Civilian casualty allegations across the battlefield were beginning to complicate the end-of-war transition negotiations to include a similar incident that happened only weeks before in the same area by a different infantry unit as well as a mass killing of Afghans by a US Soldier that made international news. Sufficed to say, Army officials needed someone to harshly punish in order to show the Afghan government we will take care of our own. Keep in mind that this is all happening as the US and Afghan governments are discussing a status of forces agreement between the two nations. That is, the US guarantees that if Americans commit crimes, they will be dealt with swiftly by US justice system. The US officials needed an example to drive this point home at this pivotal time in transition. Enter 1LT Clint Lorance.

Clint’s words today, ” I NEVER LEFT MY SOLDIER’S BEHIND”

And Trump didn’t leave him behind, either. If he doesn’t win 2020, it’ll only be because California voted twice.

My readers have already met Eddie Gallagher.


Now meet the scalp Trump took in his name!

Former SECNAV Richard Spencer. This pic is good enough you can see the horizontal lines on his forehead indicating good concentration/intelligence. When the lines are staggered horizontal, they indicate many intellectual interests.

Navy Secretary forced out after Trump’s war crimes intervention causes division and chaos in military

ht tps://www.cnn.com/2019/11/24/politics/pentagon-mark-esper-richard-spencer/index.html

By Barbara Starr and Nicole Gaouette, 24 November 2019

In an extraordinary move, the Pentagon chief “fired” the Navy secretary Sunday for going outside his chain of command by proposing a “secret agreement with the White House,” according to a senior defense official.

No no, Barbies, no quotations around “fired”. The door hit SECNAV in the ass on his way out. Then he cried like a bitch.

The agreement that led to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer’s forced resignation involved the case of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, one of three service members facing war crimes allegations whose cases have caused unprecedented tension between the Pentagon and President Donald Trump.

Spencer had appeared to be seeking a way to resolve a standoff between the Pentagon and White House over Gallagher’s case, but competing narratives that emerged in the chaotic hours after Spencer’s dismissal suggest the depth of the upheaval, disconnection and discord that remains.

Resolve a standoff, yeah right. The Deep State is trying to wrest control of the United States military away from the Commander in Chief. As we’re about to see.

Trump suggested on Twitter that Spencer’s dismissal had to do with cost overruns and the way Gallagher had been treated by the Navy. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he asked Spencer to resign because he had lost “trust and confidence in him regarding his lack of candor,” according to a Pentagon spokesman.

That tweet had nothing to do with this incident. The Navy wouldn’t have anybody ranked higher than O-2 if cost overruns were punished by dismissal.

“Can you sign for delivery on these USS Ford replacement part part replacements?”

“NOOOOO why me, O God? I have kids to feed!”

And Spencer pointed squarely to the President, suggesting that Trump was undermining the “key principle of good order and discipline” of the US military by intervening in Gallagher’s case.

“I cannot in good conscience obey an order that I believe violates the sacred oath I took in the presence of my family, my flag and my faith to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Spencer wrote in his letter to the President acknowledging his termination.

CNN is putting the cart before the horse. Spencer broke chain of command to pressure Trump to let him destroy Gallagher’s career; some news reports claim he even made threats to resign if Trump did not accept his decision. Trump made no public reply but Secretary of Defense Esper demanded his resignation for breach of military protocol.

AFTERWARDS, Spencer blamed Trump for undermining “good order and discipline” in his resignation letter.


ht tps://www.cnn.com/2019/11/24/politics/read-navy-secretary-richard-spencer-resignation-letter/index.html

Dear Mr. President: It has been the extreme honor of a lifetime…


As Secretary of the Navy. one the most important responsibilities I have to our people is to maintain good order and discipline throughout the ranks. I regard this as deadly serious business. The lives of our Sailors. Marines and civilian teammates quite literally depend on the professional execution of our many missions. and they also depend on the ongoing faith and support of the people we serve and the allies we serve alongside.

The rule of law is what sets us apart from our adversaries. Good order and discipline is what has enabled our victory against foreign tyranny time and again, from Captain Lawrence’s famous order “Don’t Give up the Ship”, to the discipline and determination that propelled our flag to the highest point on lwo ima.

The Constitution. and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, are the shields that set us apart. and the beacons that protect us all. Through my Title Ten Authority, I have strived to ensure our proceedings are fair, transparent and consistent, from the newest recruit to the Flag and General Officer level.

Unfortunately it has become apparent that in this respect. I no longer share the same understanding with the Commander in Chief who appointed me. in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. I cannot in good conscience obey an order that I believe violates the sacred oath I took in the presence of my family, my flag and my faith to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Cry, you whiny Admiral bitch. What order is that? Nobody is talking about an order. You didn’t even mention an order when you had the chance.

You didn’t quit, SECNAV Richard V. Spencer. Your ass was shoved out the door by SECDEF for lapses in discipline that would have shamed a Second Lieutenant.

The President deserves and should expect a Secretary of the Navy who is aligned with his vision for the future of our force generation and sustainment.

We can agree that that ain’t you.

End segue.

Gallagher had been convicted of bringing discredit to the armed services after posing next to a dead ISIS fighter’s body, which is against regulations.

No, Gallagher was not charged with conduct unbecoming.

He was demoted for that offense and acquitted of a separate murder charge.

Also acquitted of willfully discharging a firearm to endanger human life, retaliation against members of his platoon for reporting his alleged actions, obstruction of justice and the attempted murders of two noncombatants. That’s a lot of innocence.

After Trump reversed Gallagher’s demotion a week ago, military officials launched a formal review to determine if Gallagher was fit to serve, which is protocol after a conviction. That review was expected to lead to his expulsion.

Those poor, sore losers couldn’t take a hint. Trump forcibly reinstating Gallagher should have preempted any such review. Looks like the opportunity to Punch A Nazi while simultaneously disrespecting Orange Man the C-in-C was too much temptation for these Wokes.

Trump was too kind. He should have cut orders for Spencer to take a helicopter ride. For training purposes, of course. With SEAL Team 7.

Nah. Eddie got in trouble once already for posing with a dead man.

Gallagher issued a statement on Sunday evening thanking his family, legal team and supporters that ended by heaping praise on Trump.

“President Donald Trump you have my deepest gratitude and thanks. You stepped in numerous times and showed true moral fiber by correcting all the wrongs that were being done to me. You are a true leader and exactly what the military and this nation needs,” Gallagher said.

I remember watching Obama shove his mentors under a bus. What a difference!

Spencer’s departure is the latest shocking twist in an ongoing standoff between the Pentagon and Trump over Gallagher and the two other service members — a standoff that looks set to aggravate tensions between the President and Democrats in Congress.

For once, I believe the Clinton Narrative Network.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer released a statement Sunday night saying he had spoken with Spencer and offered support.

Wow. Spencer just got scalped for trying to bait Trump into abandoning an innocent serviceman and Schumer wants to be the first name associated with him? Does he want to throw his hat into the Democrat 2020 race, too? It’s not too late. [This just in, (((Bloomberg))) announced his Presidential candidacy in frustration that all his useful idiots are either dying of old age while live on national TV or boycotting Israel for the migrant vote.]

“Secretary Spencer did the right thing and he should be proud of standing up to President Trump when he was wrong, something too many in this administration and the Republican Party are scared to do,” Schumer said. “Good order, discipline, and morale among the Armed Services must transcend politics, and Secretary Spencer’s commitment to these principles will not be forgotten.”

Admirals who see nothing wrong with women on Navy ships do not know the FIRST GAWDDAMN THING about good order and discipline.

Trump intervened to reverse sentences against all three service members, ignoring Pentagon leaders who had told him such a move could damage the integrity of the military judicial system, the ability of military commanders to ensure good order and discipline, and the confidence of US allies and partners who host US troops.

Allies such as the Ukraine? CNN, if you have their names then Texas has rope.

Trump made the intervention on the day the House launched its public impeachment trial.


In the days afterward, the tensions between the Pentagon and the White House became concentrated on Gallagher, whose cause had been taken up by Fox News’ personalities.

After military officials started Gallagher’s review, Trump vowed on Twitter that he would never permit the Navy to revoke the Gallagher’s membership of the elite group.
Spencer had indicated publicly that he felt the review should proceed, telling the audience at the Halifax Security Forum in Nova Scotia, Canada, that “the process matters for good order and discipline.”

Behind the scenes, he proposed to the White House that Gallagher’s review go ahead, but offered a secret guarantee that Gallagher would be allowed to keep his status as a Navy SEAL, according to the senior defense official.

The Deep State wants Gallagher gone in a really bad way. I begin to wonder if liberals want to fast-track the convergence of American special forces in order to have alternative “cleanup crews” to the Clinton Machine. Competition lowers prices! Or as the next contingency plan against a “flawed” Presidential election.

The move prompted Esper’s decision to ask for Spencer’s resignation, according to Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman. The defense official said that Spencer’s decision to circumvent his chain of command — namely Esper — and go straight to the White House was a violation of military policy.

Moreover, Spencer’s private request to restore Gallagher’s rank and allow him to retire with his Trident pin contradicted his public position, according to the statement. The Trident Pin, which is worn by Navy SEALs, is awarded following their completion of an intense qualification course and symbolizes membership of the elite military community.

“I am deeply troubled by this conduct shown by a senior DOD official,” Esper said in the statement. “Unfortunately, as a result I have determined that Secretary Spencer no longer has my confidence to continue in his position. I wish Richard well.”

And the horse he rode in on.

Pocket Punch Misses the Point

One of my more controversial beliefs is that women shouldn’t be trained or expected to wield weapons. By way of example, some U of Texas students have invented a new self-defense weapon for women: plastic knuckles! Like brass knuckles but with designer colors and a keychain.

This puts the Purse in Personal Defense!

UT students create device that packs a punch in tackling campus safety


by Gabriela VidalThursday, November 14th 2019

Five University of Texas at Austin students are channeling their safety concerns on campus into a powerful new self-defense tool.

“Personally, I have felt unsafe walking home from campus, especially at night,” said Senior and engineering student Sydney Marvin.

It is a feeling these students say crept up on them following the murder of a UT student in 2016. Haruka Weiser, 18, was walking at night when she was killed by Meechaiel Criner.


Haruka Weiser: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A theater and dance freshman at the University of Texas was found dead on campus in mysterious circumstances on April 5. On April 7, a statement from the school’s president, Gregory L. Fenves, confirmed the identity of the victim as 18-year-old Haruka Weiser who was originally from Portland.

Per a nationwide survey, the virginity rate of theater students is 0%. She was headhunted to UT-Austin so had some legit dance skills.

The Austin Statesman reports that Weiser’s family still live in Oregon. The newspaper adds that the family were all together during a trip to Mexico over spring break.

On her Facebook page, it’s clear that Weiser enjoyed traveling. There are photos from 2013 and 2014 showing her in Europe with her family. While pictures from earlier in 2016 show her in Asia and in a statement her family said Weiser planned to travel to Japan in the summer of 2016 to visit family.

Weiser had ridden dick on three continents. That’s how you end up dead, ladies, by being stupid. Not because you weren’t packing heat while being stupid.

A family member told the Austin Statesman that Weiser also had dreams of going into some kind of medical field and planned to eventually double major in medicine.

That would have meant she was following in the footsteps of her father, Dr. Thomas Weiser. According to his Facebook page, he’s a graduate of UC Davis School of Medicine.

She wanted to please her father… eh, after riding the carousel into the ground.

Weiser wrote, “My favorite styles of dance are ballet and hip-hop. I love the precision and grace of ballet, but at the same time, I enjoy the freedom and challenges I find in hip-hop.”

Soooo not a virgin.

This is the first time that there has been an on-campus murder investigation at the University of Texas since 1966.

She was last seen leaving the drama building at around 9:30 p.m. on [Sunday] April 3. Her room mates called police later that night when they never heard from her.

Haruka Weiser University of Texas Waller Creek Dead Killed Murder


Law enforcement officials, who aren’t authorized to speak publicly about the investigation, told the Austin American-Statesman that 18-year-old Haruka Weiser was sexually assaulted shortly before her death on Sunday, April 3.

Homeless teen Meechaeiel Khalil Criner, 17, was seen stalking the UT student from a dance class that night and then emerging from the creek area about two hours later with Weiser’s bike and duffel bag.

Meechaiel Khalili Criner (pictured) was arrested on April 7 on charges of first-degree murder in the death of University of Texas freshman Haruka Weiser

Surveillance [showed] a black male dressed in a black jacket, orange shirt and grey pants. He was around 6 ft tall and of athletic build.

The surveillance shows him arriving on campus at 9.20 pm, where he is seen looking round and then leaves. He then returns to where a van was parked at 9.38 pm.

As he returns to his bike, a female dressed in all black and looking at her cell phone is then seen walking towards the alumni center.

Weapons can’t compensate for zero situational awareness.

The figure passes the suspect and then continues towards the bridge, the suspect appears to watch her and puts the kickstand of the bike down.

He then reaches into his pants with his left hand and pulls out what appears to be a shiny ridged object.

The suspect then follows the female across the bridge and onto the sidewalk that extends behind the Alumni center and runs along west bank of Waller Creek.

Then, at 11.47 pm the suspect is seen walking along the side of the same bike, but now has some type of injury to his left leg and is carrying a bag.

End segue.

“And that was when we were applying to UT,” said senior Margy McCallum, “And I remember coming into UT and you know, just feeling that fear.”

Margy, you went to a college knowing you would be afraid of getting stabbed there? It’s like that “25% of college women get raped” statistic. If you thought that was true then why would you go? Even unlit crack alleys don’t have a 25% rape rate but you wimminz will go into debt for the opportunity to not be loyal wives.

Just a year later, in 2017, 19-year-old Harrison Brown was fatally stabbed.

Segue again.


AUSTIN, TX — A male student was killed and three others injured Monday when a fellow student, reportedly armed with a hunting knife, walked around the Gregory Gym area of campus and attacked the four students, UT Austin Police Chief David Carter said at a press conference Monday.

Carter said police received a call around 1:45 p.m. about an individual who assaulted someone outside the Gregory Gym. An officer was on the scene in less than two minutes and saw a person walking away from a student who was lying on the ground, Carter said. Police were immediately able to take the suspect, identified as Kendrex J. White, 21, into custody.

Authorities found that within a block of where the student had been attacked, there were three more victims, all male students, who had been stabbed. One of the students died from his injuries, and the rest were taken to Brackenridge Hospital for treatment.

Not a sex crime. Happened in broad daylight.

In a press conference following the attack, Carter said the suspect “calmly walked around the plaza,” attacking the four students.


AUSTIN, TEXAS — The man charged in the fatal stabbing attack that led to the death of a University of Texas at Austin freshman last year was found not guilty by reason of insanity on Tuesday, according to reports.

The ruling means Kendrex White will not spend any time in prison for the May 2017 killing of Harrison Brown but instead be sent to a maximum security mental health facility. State District Judge Tamara Needles made the ruling after White was indicted in July 2017 on a first-degree murder charge and three counts of aggravated assault for the stabbing spree that left others injured outside the campus gymnasium.

In issuing her ruling, State District Judge Tamara Needles agreed with a doctor’s assessment that White was in the throes of severe mental illness and unable to distinguish between right and wrong when he stabbed Brown.

Kendrex White: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

End segue.

“You’re skeptical all the time now, like what if something like that were to happen again,” said Megan Doyle.

In the former murder, the victim was begging for it with her bad choices. In the latter, there wasn’t a CCW or ninja around when one was needed. A problem for men to handle, as that situation demonstrated.

So when Marvin, McCallum, Doyle, Ashley Raymond and Danna Tao joined forces for a class business project, they decided to create a device that put power and confidence in the hands of students.

Notably lacking in that list is skill, upper-body strength and a dominant/aggressive personality.

That project became “Pocket Punch.” It is a four-in-one tool that includes a flashlight, alarm, pepper spray and durable plastic knuckles all in one. They are now working on making that product available for students to buy.

Smartphones have an app for two of those already. Me being a street veteran who has used pepper spray in a dogfight, let’s take a look at the device.

I know plastic bludgeoning weapons can be useful… got me a plastic tonfa for training… but this plastic doesn’t look adequate for repeated use. There are ridges on the fingerholes to increase strike pressure but their small size suggests they were limited in order to avoid serious harm to the attacker, which is unacceptable outside the dojo.

The concept of integrating pepper spray into brass knuckles sounds gimmicky–I think pepper spray in general is gimmicky–but there is one good point here, that it’ll be pointed in the right direction once the knuckles are on correctly. And that’s the problem, “on correctly” will take more time than a self-defense situation allows. If you’re going to rock the oleo capsicum then choose a can & holster such that it’ll be aimed correctly the instant you draw it.

The bottom of your purse/pocket/belt bag is not a holster. Neither is the plastic knuckles. That nozzle is asking to get clogged with pocket lint.

The keychain is just stupid, like wrapping your grocery list around your rifle scope. Can you say “brandishing a weapon in public”?

“We just felt that there was a need for it, and most people we know face that need, but kind of use their car keys as a fix all solution,” said McCallum. “A lot of competitors that we’ve looked into have less functions than us, and even their products are more expensive.”

“Fewer” functions, college girl, and simplicity is a benefit not a drawback. They cost more because they aren’t literally made of recycled ocean garbage.

They say the device will cost $29.99 and feature the option to buy a retractable keychain for students to have quicker access to the pocket punch.

My plastic tonfa cost half that and it’s a real weapon, at least until I forget the skull isn’t a valid strike zone and break it on some asshole.

“We wanted to come up with a solution that would work as an intimidation factor and keep the device securely in their hand,” said Danna Tao.

Intimidation means open carry, not concealed carry, and brass knuckles on short, twiggy arms is not intimidating regardless.

“Our pepper spray will have a lock on the firing mechanism so it doesn’t accidentally spray at some point, and then also our alarm will have a safety mechanism to not sound off in class,” said Marvin.

Why not just scream like a little girl? Seeing as you’re a little girl.

While these students have been working on the device for a couple of semesters, legally, they had to wait until after September 1 to start building a model they could sell. The state of Texas legalized the use of “knuckles” as a safety device in the last legislative session.

“We kind of had to put a pause on our project until it was legalized because we couldn’t print 3D knuckles or anything of that sort,” said Raymond.

Even in Texas, you now need government permission to defend yourself?

They have even consulted with UT Police about launching their product.

“I just think it gives them that extra empowerment, and it also gives them that chance to think about their surroundings and what’s going on,” said Captain Laura Davis, “And [it] put[s] them in the mindset to be able to defend themselves if that had to happen.”

Couldn’t find a pic. But college girls AREN’T going to defend herself with this gadget. Men are not women. Knuckles don’t kill people; the testosterone-fueled muscles behind them kill people.

These young entrepreneurs say securing funding has been a learning experience.

“Unfortunately, on some of those big crowdfunding websites, our product falls under the category of weapon replica,” said Tao.

Maybe hot pink isn’t the intimidation factor you’re looking for.

Still, they are moving forward and hoping to secure funds for the project through their GoFundMe campaign. Since launching their website last week, more than 100 people are on a waitlist to buy a “Pocket Punch.” The students are also in talks with potential investors.

They hope to have it available to students on UT’s campus by early 2020 and eventually expand their sales to other college campuses.

“Primarily we want to start with students here on campus and their parents, to make those connections,” said Doyle.

I can’t wait to report on the dead female wearing Pocket Punches in a year or two.

The Sandman Heralds the Apocalypse

Do you know what the joke is?

Question: what happens if the Communists take over the Sahara Desert? Answer: in ten years, a shortage of sand!

Do you know what the joke isn’t?

It isn’t funny anymore.

Why the world is running out of sand

htt ps://www.bbc.com/future/article/20191108-why-the-world-is-running-out-of-sand

South African entrepreneur shot dead in September. Two Indian villagers killed in a gun battle in August. A Mexican environmental activist murdered in June.

Though separated by thousands of miles, these killings share an unlikely cause. They are some of the latest casualties in a growing wave of violence sparked by the struggle for one of the 21st Century’s most important, but least appreciated, commodities: ordinary sand.

Trivial though it may seem, sand is a critical ingredient of our lives. It is the primary raw material that modern cities are made from. The concrete used to construct shopping malls, offices, and apartment blocks, along with the asphalt we use to build roads connecting them, are largely just sand and gravel glued together. The glass in every window, windshield, and smart phone screen is made of melted-down sand. And even the silicon chips inside our phones and computers – along with virtually every other piece of electronic equipment in your home – are made from sand.

And where is the problem with that, you might ask? Our planet is covered in it. Huge deserts from the Sahara to Arizona have billowing dunes of the stuff. Beaches on coastlines around the world are lined with sand. We can even buy bags of it at our local hardware shop for a fistful of small change.

But believe it or not, the world is facing a shortage of sand. How can we possibly be running low on a substance found in virtually every country on earth and that seems essentially limitless?

Sand, however, is the most-consumed natural resource on the planet besides water. People use some 50 billion tonnes of “aggregate” – the industry term for sand and gravel, which tend to be found together – every year. That’s more than enough to blanket the entire United Kingdom.

The problem lies in the type of sand we are using. Desert sand is largely useless to us. The overwhelming bulk of the sand we harvest goes to make concrete, and for that purpose, desert sand grains are the wrong shape. Eroded by wind rather than water, they are too smooth and rounded to lock together to form stable concrete.

Seems there’d be an easy way to alter that sand, once the natural sources become inadequate. Nothing capitalist market forces can’t handle.

The sand we need is the more angular stuff found in the beds, banks, and floodplains of rivers, as well as in lakes and on the seashore. The demand for that material is so intense that around the world, riverbeds and beaches are being stripped bare, and farmlands and forests torn up to get at the precious grains. And in a growing number of countries, criminal gangs have moved in to the trade, spawning an often lethal black market in sand.

“Take a memo, Tony. No more dirt naps. That stuff’s the new dope!”

The main driver of this crisis is breakneck urbanisation. Every year there are more and more people on the planet, with an ever growing number of them moving from the rural countryside into cities, especially in the developing world. Across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, cities are expanding at a pace and on a scale far greater than any time in human history.

The number of people living in urban areas has more than quadrupled since 1950 to some 4.2 billion today, and the United Nations predicts another 2.5 billion will join them in the next three decades. That’s the equivalent of adding eight cities the size of New York every single year.

UN predictions aren’t worth dirt… which can be valuable… but I hadn’t realized industrialization had been occurring at such a furious pace outside the West. It isn’t a good trend when mixed with the rise of international socialism because cities require infrastructure maintenance and a minimal level of social discipline, particularly on the part of leaders. Socialism plus urbanization is a recipe for slavery, if not the apocalypse.

Applying the alt-Right meme of Diversity + Proximity = War, the world stage is being set for some serious ugliness.

The rest of the article is typical, hypocritical environmentalist whining, but I was curious about the abovementioned crimes.

José Luis Álvarez Flores, an environmental activist in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas who campaigned against illegal sand mining in a local river, was shot dead in June. A note threatening his family and other activists was reportedly found with his body. Two months later, police in Rajasthan, India, were shot at when they tried to stop a convoy of tractors carrying illegally mined sand. The ensuing gun battle left two miners dead and two police officers hospitalised. And early this year, a sand miner in South Africa was shot seven times in a dispute with another group of miners.

The Marxist globalists are taking over the entire planet, and the shortage of building materials demonstrates how determined they are to centralize humanity for ease of control. The first horseman of the Apocalypse?

Prince Andrew’s Interview Part 1

Epstein’s close buddy gave a rare interview on the topic of that association. I found a transcript. Let’s see what the devil’s roommate has to say about himself. Nota bene, I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt in this fisking. Nobody close to Epstein is clean.

Prince Andrew BBC: Newsnight interview – FULL TRANSCRIPT


By Katie Sewell, 17 November 2019

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, has broken his silence on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal in an interview with the BBC. Until now, Andrew – who has strongly denied claims that he had sex with Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre (nee Roberts) – had only released statements on the issue through Buckingham Palace’s press office.

Emily Maitlis, Interviewer: Why have you decided to talk now?

Prince Andrew: Because there is no good time to talk about Mr Epstein and all things associated and we’ve been talking to Newsnight for about six months about doing something around the work that I was doing and unfortunately we’ve just not been able to fit it into either your schedule or my schedule until now. And actually it’s a very good opportunity and I’m delighted to be able to see you today.

No. He wasn’t too busy to think about the world’s reaction to his established, long-term affiliation with child rapist and Israeli intelligence-linked blackmailer Epstein after he was murdered in a supermax prison waiting to testify… possibly against Andrew.

And every journalist drawing a paycheck would have dropped everything for the chance to interview him about it. The timing is probably directed by some necessity… Andrew is trying to send a message.

Interviewer: As you say, all of this goes back to your friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, how did you first become friends? How did you meet?

Prince Andrew: Well I met through his girlfriend back in 1999 who…and I’d known her since she was at university in the UK and it would be, to some extent, a stretch to say that as it were we were close friends. I mean we were friends because of other people and I had a lot of opportunity to go to the United States but I didn’t have much time with him.

The next segue will confirm that the 1999 girlfriend was Giselle Maxwell. Andrew was 39 at the time, a good age for an idle nobleman to be completely burned out on kinky-but-legal.

I suppose I saw him once or twice a year, perhaps maybe maximum of three times a year and quite often if I was in the United States and doing things and if he wasn’t there, he would say “well, why don’t you come and use my houses?” so I said “that’s very kind, thank you very much indeed”.

But it would be a considerable stretch to say that he was a very, very close friend.

He didn’t deny the friendship.

But he had the most extraordinary ability to bring extraordinary people together and that’s the bit that I remember as going to the dinner parties where you would meet academics, politicians, people from the United Nations, I mean it was a cosmopolitan group of what I would describe as US eminents.

Extraordinary people, he says, at the highest levels of society and government. I’m sure all of those rich & famous routinely associate with ordinary guys who like to let strangers couch-surf in his home.

Interviewer: Was that his appeal then?

Prince Andrew: Yeah.

The appeal of Epstein was his network, his ability to provide the… correct people.

Interviewer: Was that what you…because you were perceived by the public as being the party prince, was that something you shared?

Prince Andrew: Well, I think that’s also a bit of a stretch. I don‘t know why I’ve collected that title because I don’t…I never have really partied. I was single for quite a long time in the early 80s but then after I got married I was very happy and I’ve never really felt the need to go and party and certainly going to Jeffrey’s was not about partying, absolutely not.

It absolutely was. The segue is coming!

Interviewer: You said you weren’t very good friends but would you describe him as a good friend, did you trust him?

Prince Andrew: Yes, I think I probably did but again, I mean I don’t go into a friendship looking for the wrong thing, if you understand what I mean.

Trust was not part of their relationship. Power and perversion were.

I’m an engaging person, I want to be able to engage, I want to find out, I want to learn and so we blackmailed important people together you have to remember that I was transitioning out of the Navy at the time and in the transition I wanted to find out more about what was going on because in the Navy it’s a pretty isolated business because you’re out at sea the whole time and I was going to become the special representative for international trade and investment.

Segue and pass the popcorn:

The party prince: how Andrew got his bad reputation


By Zoe Williams, 18 November 2019

[This] was the 80s. So even though Prince Andrew’s relationship with the actor Koo Stark at the start of the decade was mainly a problem for the Queen, according to rumour (of particular concern was the film Cruel Passion, in which Stark’s character gets raped by a peer and two grave diggers, and is savaged by alsatians), there was also an amount of feminist disquiet. I mean, nobody thought that every relationship ought to end in marriage, least of all an 80s feminist. But a relationship with a woman who, never mind a ring on her finger, would probably not be allowed round an aristo dining table … it looks a tiny bit like using her. As an understanding of women as equals gained ground as the normal way to look at the world, Prince Andrew was increasingly marginal to that.

He was redeemed in the mainstream by his stint as a helicopter pilot in the Falklands war, though that generated some stomach-churning brown-nosing: “His arrival on the scene has given a new meaning to the initials HRH. With Andrew, they stand for His Royal Heart-throb,” is a line biographer Andrew Morton must surely have paid for in self-respect. “Warrior prince” came up a lot, too. So for a while, Prince Andrew was just Classic Royal, maybe a wastrel and a gadabout in peacetime, but a standup guy in a war. And then in 1986 he married, and all the Queen’s qualms were soothed. For about one second.

The union with Sarah Ferguson was not an especially happy one – 10 years later, Ferguson joked that she passed the time renting videos while he frolicked with 27 concubines – but rich people’s unhappy marriages aren’t fundamentally more interesting than regular people’s.

Nice try, Zoe, but your very job writing this very article puts the lie to THAT whopper.

…Because of the lurid infidelities that surrounded the split (obviously, the toe-sucking stands out – if you’re too young to remember all this, I would strongly discourage Googling it), theirs seemed more like a comedy subplot to the main tragedy [of Princess Diana]. Yet both divorces represented quite a serious crisis for the royal family. As Mayer explains: “The monarchy is smoke and mirrors. It exists, and there is a consensus, though a fraying one at this point, because it appears to have a unifying representation of the ideals and values of the nation. So when they started getting divorced, there was a sense that they were reflecting too accurate a portrait of who we really were.”

[It’s] a problem when your job is as amorphous as Prince Andrew’s was by 2001: no longer in the navy, he was a roving trade envoy, spreading the amorphous message that Britain was – God knows, as good as its word? Classy? For sure, his wasn’t a very feelgood life story; but he probably could have weathered these questions of constitutional purpose were he living a life of green wellies and speciality dogs. Instead, he was at the model Heidi Klum’s Halloween party in New York, where the theme was “kinky sex”, according to the Mail. From beaches in Thailand with “bikinied beauties” to “three-day flirtations with a Playboy pinup” in Los Angeles, there was a pictorial record of a man who has “trade ambassador” on his lapel, but doesn’t seem terrifically interested in the steel industry, put it that way. Ghislaine Maxwell was always tacitly blamed for introducing him to the “fast set” (he had met the daughter of the disgraced Robert Maxwell while she was at university); obviously, that was before we started blaming her for his friendship with Epstein.

Yeah, Andrew why DO they call you the Party Prince when you never went to parties? Because you went to orgies, not parties. Because you started with an actress best known for her necrobestiality movie, traded up to an Israeli honeypot and topped out at Heidi Klum in her Goth phase.

Then you apparently got bored of kinky but legal, because Epstein didn’t have a bridge for sale when you rang him up, Mister Trade Ambassador. What was the Queen thinking, to give you such a long leash?

End segue.

Prince Andrew: So I wanted to know more about what was going on in the international business world and so that was another reason for going there. And the opportunities that I had to go to Wall Street and other places to learn whilst I was there were absolutely vital.

Wall Street has got to be code for Israel.

Interviewer: He was your guest as well, in 2000 Epstein was a guest at Windsor Castle and at Sandringham, he was brought right into the heart of the royal family at your invitation.

Prince Andrew: But certainly at my invitation, not at the royal family’s invitation but remember that it was his girlfriend that was the key element in this. He was the, as it were, plus one, to some extent in that aspect.

It’s REEEALLY got to be code for Israel. He’s outing Giselle as the link.

Interviewer: Am I right in thinking you threw a birthday party for Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell at Sandringham?

Prince Andrew: No, it was a shooting weekend.

Interviewer: A shooting weekend.

Prince Andrew: Just a straightforward, a straightforward shooting weekend.



Dressed in winter coats and walking boots, Epstein and his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell enjoyed a pheasant shooting party on the Queen’s estate in Norfolk after being invited by the Duke.

Well… okay. That could have been very creepy.

One of the young women on the Balmoral trip told the Daily Mail how the prince personally welcomed the party to the castle in mid-1999 – after the disgraced US financier had already begun recruiting dozens of underage girls as sex slaves.

That’s a very brief interval between meeting Epstein via Maxwell and hosting him at a famous Royal Family estate. Methinks the Prince didn’t do that for all of his casual contacts.

It comes after revelations that Andrew even visited Epstein – who killed himself in prison this month – at his home in New York in 2010. This was two years after Epstein had been convicted of sex with a child.

Footage published by The Mail on Sunday showed the Duke of York grinning from the doorway of Epstein’s mansion, as a number of very young women leave and enter.

End segue.

Interviewer: We now know that he was and had been procuring young girls for sex trafficking.

Prince Andrew: We now know that, at the time there was no indication to me or anybody else that that was what he was doing and certainly when I saw him either in the United States…oh no when I saw him in the United States or when I was staying in his houses in the United States, there was no indication, absolutely no indication. And if there was, you have to remember that at the time I was Patron of the NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign so I was close up with what was going on in those time about getting rid of abuse to children so I knew what the things were to look for but I never saw them.

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Interesting that he volunteered that association in an interview about befriending a child-raping monster. Segue:

NSPCC distances itself from Prince Andrew after facing backlash over its historic links to the scandal-hit royal


By Jake Ryan, 24 August 2019

Britain’s largest children’s charity has distanced itself from Prince Andrew after facing a public backlash over its historic links to the scandal-hit Royal.

The NSPCC faced mounting criticism from members of the public who complained that the Royal Family’s website listed Prince Andrew as a patron of one of the charity’s campaigns.

They questioned the association of a charity that works to protect vulnerable children with the Prince in the wake of the renewed focus on his close friendship with convicted paedophile Epstein.

This isn’t funny anymore.

[NSPCC responded] to a barrage of criticism on social media by clarifying that its ties with Andrew ended a decade ago, saying: ‘Prince Andrew is no longer our patron, he supported our Full Stop campaign which ended in 2009.’

One of a string of social media users to question the charity said: ‘Prince Andrew is still listed as representing a number of children’s charities. I work with child and young people organisations and have cancelled all NSPCC training until I get a response to their position of having him as a patron.’

It’s not enough that ties have been severed. They should check if any children went missing during Prince Andrew’s time there. The NSPCC is probably safe, it sounds like a brief promotional thing. But Andrew was, and still is, well positioned to supply vulnerable children to organized pedo rings:

He is patron of more than 200 charities and organisations, including 33 involved in education and skills with young people.

Only the University of Huddersfield has so far responded after a leading academic called on the institution to suspend the Prince as its chancellor, a post he took up in 2015.

Author Dr Stephen Dorril, a security and intelligence expert and a former lecturer at Huddersfield, wrote a letter to the university asking how it intended to safeguard its ‘good name and values’ over the damaging allegations concerning Andrew.

A spokesman said Andrew had issued an emphatic denial to allegations of impropriety, adding: ‘His enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship is a natural fit with the work of the university.’

Innovation? Entrepreneurship? We’re talking about Prince Andrew? Total lies. His very questionable sex history outweighs any possible benefit.

Over 200 charitable organizations and only Dr. Dorril filed a formal complaint. Pathetic, but USA isn’t doing any better.

End segue.

Interviewer: So you would have made that connection because you stayed with him, you were a visitor, a guest on many occasions at his homes and nothing struck you as suspicious…

Prince Andrew: Nothing.

Interviewer: …during that whole time.

Prince Andrew: Nothing.

Interviewer: Just for the record, you’ve been on his private plane.

Prince Andrew: Yes.

Interviewer: You’ve been to stay on his private island.

Prince Andrew: Yes.

Interviewer: You’ve stayed at his home in Palm Beach.

Prince Andrew: Yes.

Interviewer: You visited Ghislaine Maxwell’s house in Belgravia in London.

Prince Andrew: Yes.

Man, this is a good fight!

Favorites Flourish On Friday Night - Pound4Pound.com - P4P Number 1

Veteran boxer seeks more sponsors for boxing

Anthony Yigit eye injury: Boxer shows off horrific bruise after Ivan Baranchyk WBSS defeat ...

Interviewer: So in 2006 in May an arrest warrant was issued for Epstein for sexual assault of a minor.

Prince Andrew: Yes.

Interviewer: In July he was invited to Windsor Castle to your daughter, Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday, why would you do that?

Prince Andrew: Because I was asking Ghislaine. But even so, at the time I don’t think I…certainly I wasn’t aware when the invitation was issued what was going on in the United States and I wasn’t aware until the media picked up on it because he never said anything about it.

Interviewer: He never discussed with you the fact that an arrest warrant had been issued?

Prince Andrew: No.

Interviewer: So he came to that party knowing police were investigating him.

Prince Andrew: Well I’m not quite sure, was it police? I don’t know, you see, this is the problem, I really don’t know.

Feel the burn, Prince Arsewipe!

Interviewer: It was the Palm Beach Police at the time.

Prince Andrew: But I mean I’m afraid, you see this is the problem is that an awful lot of this was going on in the United States and I wasn’t a party to it and I knew nothing about it.

Interviewer: In 2008 he was convicted of soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution, he was jailed, this was your friend, how did you feel about it?

Prince Andrew: Well I ceased contact with him after I was aware that he was under investigation and that was later in 2006 and I wasn’t in touch with him again until 2010. So just it was one of those things that somebody’s going through that sort of thing well I’m terribly sorry I can’t be…see you.

Did Andrew ever have “the conversation” with Epstein? The “you motherfucking asshole, you used Buckingham Palace as a safe house to duck a child molestation warrant! Come visit England one more time, I dare you!” conversation?

Interviewer: So no contact?

Prince Andrew: No contact.

Interviewer: When he was serving time there was no call, no letter, nothing there?

Prince Andrew: No, no, no.

Interviewer: He was released in July, within months by December of 2010 you went to stay with him at his New York mansion, why? Why were you staying with a convicted sex offender?

Prince Andrew: Right, I have always…ever since this has happened and since this has become, as it were, public knowledge that I was there, I’ve questioned myself as to why did I go and what was I doing and was it the right thing to do? Now, I went there with the sole purpose of saying to him that because he had been convicted, it was inappropriate for us to be seen together.

He cannot possibly think we’re that stupid, to believe he insisted on a face-to-face meet BECAUSE they couldn’t be seen together anymore. Instead, I think he’s telling (((them))) that when he went back, he knew Epstein was busted and vulnerable.

Because this sure as HELL isn’t making anybody feel better about their association. He couldn’t do a better job of increasing suspicion against him than… if he was trying to?

Prince Andrew: And I had a number of people counsel me in both directions, either to go and see him or not to go and see him and I took the judgement call that because this was serious and I felt that doing it over the telephone was the chicken’s way of doing it. I had to go and see him and talk to him.

And I went to see him and I was doing a number of other things in New York at the time and we had an opportunity to go for a walk in the park and that was the conversation coincidentally that was photographed which was when I said to him, I said “look, because of what has happened, I don’t think it is appropriate that we should remain in contact” and by mutual agreement during that walk in the park we decided that we would part company and I left, I think it was the next day and to this day I never had any contact with him from that day forward.

Andrew was probably getting cold feet. Per


“Questions over the credibility of the photographs came as a spin doctor [Jason Stein] hired by Andrew to help rebuild his reputation quit after less than a month.”

Moral of that story, don’t hire a Jew to investigate a Jew. Not even if it’s New York and there’s nobody else to hire.

Interviewer: What did he say when you told him that you were breaking up the friendship?

Prince Andrew: He was what I would describe as understanding, he didn’t go into any great depth in the conversation about what I was…what he was doing, except to say that he’d accepted, whatever it was, a plea bargain, he’d served his time and he was carrying on with his life if you see what I mean and I said “yes but I’m afraid to say that that’s as maybe but with all the attendant scrutiny on me then I don’t think it is a wise thing to do”.

Interviewer: Who advised you then that it was a good idea to go and break up the friendship? Did that come from the palace, was Her Majesty, the Queen involved?

Prince Andrew: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that came from…so there were a number of people who…so some people from my staff, some people from friends and family I was talking to and I took the decision that it was I had to show leadership and I had to go and see him and I had to tell him “that’s it”.

Interviewer: That was December of 2010.

Prince Andrew: Yep.

Interviewer: He threw a party to celebrate his release and you were invited as the guest of honour.

Prince Andrew: No, I didn’t go. Oh, in 2010, there certainly wasn’t a party to celebrate his release in December because it was a small dinner party, there were only 8 or 10 of us I think at the dinner. If there was a party then I’d know nothing about that.

Seriously, what WAS the point of this interview? We’ve passed parody.

Interviewer: You were invited to that dinner as a guest of honour.

Prince Andrew: Well I was there so there was a dinner, I don’t think it was quite as you might put it but yeah, okay I was there for…I was there at a dinner, yeah.

Interviewer: I’m just trying to work this out because you said you went to break up the relationship and yet you stayed at that New York mansion several days. I’m wondering how long?

Prince Andrew: But I was doing a number of other things while I was there.

Interviewer: But you were staying at the house…

Prince Andrew: Yes.

Interviewer: …of a convicted sex offender.

Prince Andrew: It was a convenient place to stay.

No. It. Wasn’t. Were they doing dirt back and forth? Andy bugging Eppy’s apartment while Eppy hired a photographer?

I mean I’ve gone through this in my mind so many times. At the end of the day, with a benefit of all the hindsight that one can have, it was definitely the wrong thing to do. But at the time I felt it was the honourable and right thing to do and I admit fully that my judgement was probably coloured by my tendency to be too honourable but that’s just the way it is.

Interviewer: Because during that time, those few days, witnesses say they saw many young girls coming and going at the time. There is video footage of Epstein accompanied by young girls and you were there staying in his house, catching up with friends.

Prince Andrew: I never…I mean if there were then I wasn’t a party to any of that. I never saw them. I mean you have to understand that his house, I described it more as almost as a railway station if you know what I mean in the sense that there were people coming in and out of that house all the time. What they were doing and why they were there I had nothing to do with. So I’m afraid I can’t make any comment on that because I really don’t know.

Sounds like yes, Andrew did bug the house. Those friends who told him to go back to Epstein one last time and “do a few errands while in New York” were probably COINTEL for MI6.

Interviewer: Another guest was John Brockman, the literary agent. Now, he described seeing you there getting a foot massage from a young Russian woman, did that happen?

Prince Andrew: No.

Interviewer: You’re absolutely sure or you can’t remember?

This interview is almost too perfect. Maybe Prince Andrew’s plan here is to taint the jury pool… of the entire planet!

Stay tuned for Part 2! (Or click on the link in frustration that I stopped on a cliffhanger.)


The Evolutionist Snake In The Church

Boxer’s blog is running hot as Derek expounds on his beliefs combining evolution and Christianty. (Links below.) I don’t believe I’ll get a good chance to say what needs to be said there, hence this post. But history first, a history of arguably the greatest heresy and apostasy to ever be allowed inside the Church.

Back in the day, the day Charles Darwin went public, the biological cell was known to be a soap bubble full of water and a little black dot called the nucleus. Darwin’s idea that that came into existence through trial and error was therefore plausible, and science had not yet advanced enough to refute him.

At the same time, many Church leaders were enamored of science, believing that science spoke to the careful design of a Creator. That was appropriate; I myself am Christian in large part because reason and Nature speak to His existence and glory. Science had even been invented by Christians; no other religion suggested that reality was based on natural laws given by a deity. Either there was no God or Nature was itself God or Zeus did as he wished.

So, when the idea came along that science might explain how God isn’t needed to explain the existence of life, Christian leaders in the Enlightenment faced a dilemma. Should they follow where the science led, and doubt God’s claim to be our Creator? Or should they resort to faith that given time, as we learned more, Darwinism would be debunked?

They chose to be faithless.

They–pastors, writers, theologians and preachers–deliberately let the lie of evolution into the Church because of fear that science would prove them wrong instead of trusting that science would prove God correct. They twisted God’s authorship into the preposterous idea that God intentionally made quadrillions of mistakes when bringing life into existence in order to validate the unbelief of the Godless. Their own unbelief in many cases, as things turned out.

“Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” -Richard Dawkins

Now that science has advanced to the point where we know the cell is not a “soap bubble full of water” but a factory complex to the subatomic level, science ought to have swiftly and quietly expelled the theory of evolution.

“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find no such case.” -Darwin

Atheists recognized the debunking of Darwinism as the greatest, most horrible achievement of science: the proof by counterexample that a Creator God is real and did indeed create life on Earth. They promptly began twisting evolution into a religion. They were assisted by many so-called defenders of the faith, who loved the idea of human Enlightenment more than the God they preached on Sunday morning.

“The strength of atheism is not its arguments, but its alternatives.” -GunnerQ

The theory of evolution has not advanced beyond Darwin’s finches, which we now recognize as microevolution–genetic variation within a species. Macroevolution, variation between species, has never been observed, demonstrated or proven to have occurred… in fact, no possible path between any two species has ever been suggested.

Instead, evolution became evolutionary psychology. Atheists have grown weary and worried against the swelling tide of objective evidence and thus, have seen fit to lower their burden of proof from observation & repeatable experimentation to fairy tales for adults.

May God damn those faithless, humanist clergy who allowed this failed theory and linchpin of apostasy to take root in the Church.


Which brings me to Derek. I realize my opinions often come across bluntly and I generally mean them that way, but here I honestly wish Derek the best. He’s trapped in the lie of evolutionary psychology and I would see him freed to have the faith in God the Creator that the clergy he trusts obviously don’t. My comments are in quotes, his not.

Alpha, Beta, and Reproduction

.God claims to be our Creator.

Evolution is not an origin-of-life theory: it is unrelated to creation. Christian claims about God do not conflict with natural selection and “random” mutation.

Come on, now. Darwin did not pull the book title The Origin Of Species out of a hat. Evolution is an origin-of-life story that makes God unnecessary. That’s the only reason it is still believed by anybody at all… as Richard Dawkins admitted.

It is not possible to be both Christian and evolutionist. They are competing, mutually exclusive, mutually hostile religions.

..nowhere in Scripture does God behave randomly..

Nature is full of chance events. Randomness is everywhere, from the quantum to astronomical level. I suspect you are unintentionally equivocating.

Randomness is everywhere but underneath it is a well-ordered reality of natural laws. Those natural laws are completely incapable of explaining a materialist origin of life as we know it. The probabilities, as even the evolutionists admit, are incredibly small. I see they’ve given up on the Multiverse hand-wave in favor of the it’s-not-actually-random-at-all handwave, whereas a real scientist would notice that the probability of the alternative hypothesis–God the Creator–is near-unity as a direct consequence.

God does not behave indiscriminately, unconsciously, or unintentionally (randomly), but intentionally and consciously (non-randomly) uses randomness and chance.

That’s just stupid. The Almighty does not commit nonrandom acts of randomness… certainly not in order to give atheists valid reason to deny Him. The debunking of evolution actually leads us closer to His original claim of six-day Creation, not farther.

It is my sincere, honest belief that the chicken came first, not the egg, because God created the chicken in one single action and chicken eggs don’t incubate themselves. Not only did God not blunder through epochs of failures to make the chicken, but the fossil record proves that the Almighty did not behave so incompetently.

Thus, science glorifies God. It does not give us excuses with which to deny Him. Have faith, Derek. Have faith that a hundred million professional evolutionists are wrong and Christ Jesus is right, lest you repeat the Church’s faithlessness that let the evolutionist snake inside the Church in the first place.

.Is there any argument one could possibly make that would convince you that women are not evolved to value reproduction?.

Of course! Scientific inquiry only works if we can fully pursue an hypothesis and also be willing to accept its negation. Anyone can publish their own competing analysis.

God already has: Original Sin. Women rebelling against male authority is a microcosm of humanity rebelling against God. God even says as much in Scripture. Any well-read Christian ought to recognize the incompatibility between the Fall and “human nature perfected via natural selection”.

Evolution predicts that if there’s one single thing that women will naturally get right, it’s breeding and raising healthy children. One look at tabloid headlines, not to mention the existence and popularity of contraception, is sufficient to debunk that.

But because atheists NEED evolution to be true, they persist in hand-waving away even the most blatant of counterexamples.

Mouse Utopia

It.s a matter of established science that mutations occur as a normal course of life and that these are passed to children during reproduction.

“No, and the term “matter of established science” is the giveaway. Any science that is not permitted to be questioned can be safely presumed faulty. You know. you have to know, if you are trying to straddle creation and evolution simultaneously. that the science of evolution is not settled at all.”

When I say “matter of established science. I mean “earth is round” level of established. I’m not talking about the “Everyone agrees with us!! No, don’t look over there! [points gun at your head]. level of established. If you deny that mutations occur and are passed on to children, that’s “earth is flat” level of denial.

This is disingenuous. Atheists have begun using the term “matter of established science” as a way to circle the wagons and prevent deserters from wandering off the atheist plantation. Hence my taking exception to Derek’s usage of the term.

Do genetic defects happen? Of course. Do potentially beneficial mutations happen? No. Humanity is not evolving. Neither is any other species. Fossil record for those wanting an example but let’s be honest, either of us could be holding smoking-gun evidence and the other would not be convinced.

That’s because this is a religious debate, not a science debate. Science cannot directly prove anything about the supernatural because its purpose is unearthing natural laws. If it could then most scientists would quit and become witch doctors but happily, what cannot be observed is indisputably beyond the boundaries of observation & experimentation, the scientific method. (Science can, and has, proven that life is impossibly unlikely without a supernatural cause.)

If no evidence will convince either of us then why am I writing this? To point out that evolution is the atheist excuse for unbelief in God, which is poison to faith in God… even though many in the Church claim the two can coexist, so they can have a convenient backdoor in case of apostasy.

.You know. you have to know, if you are trying to straddle creation and evolution simultaneously. that the science of evolution is not settled at all..

Of course I know. I’m a proponent of intelligent design and have written a number of articles on the topic. I appreciate your take on it on your blog as well. You won’t see me arguing for evolution at the very macro levels. It is often useful to accept it for sake of argument.

Wish granted. Pick a team, Derek. Are humans flawed by Original Sin or paragons of Natural Selection? It can’t be both because modern woman, the most liberated-to-follow-her-natural-instincts woman since the fall of the Roman Empire, is toxic, dysgenic trash.

I understand how r/K theory and related evopsych lies can be attractive. We live in a materialist world saturated and indoctrinated by militant atheists who think the Bible is at long last, only a couple nudges away from the dustbin of history.

Are there specific topics in evolutionary psychology I can address, that would strengthen your faith? I’ll address them. I retired from debating evolution in frustration that this Godless generation always wants another sign but I’ll do it for a Christian brother.

I’ll even teach you mysticism, if it would help you see the lies for what they are.

Have faith. God is true, His claim of Creation has been tested and proven, and it will be proven time and again until His return, when evolutionists will stop with their lies, cover their ears to drown out His voice and rush, screaming, to kill God again before He claims copyright upon humanity.



In Search Of the Volunteered

John Stonestreet has a tough job. As the latest president of the Chuck Colson Center’s Christian-industrial complex, he needs to address the now-critical problems in the Church with nothing but the behavior of the responsible Boomers to guide him. Imitating the criminal is a terrible way to solve the crime, friend.

Let us walk with John today as he goes…

When There Are No More Volunteers: How the Church Can Love God by Loving Others


John Stonestreet & Brooke Boriack, 12 November 2019

Getting help is a good idea. From a woman on Christian matters, no so good an idea.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the number of volunteer firefighters across the country has been steadily in decline, with a drop of over 132,000 volunteers in just the last four years. Many volunteer fire departments, especially in rural communities, are struggling to meet the demands of their districts.

Even more alarming, the most drastic demographic decline of volunteers is young people. In fact, over 50 percent of current volunteers across the country are over the age of 40. The widespread decrease in volunteering among young people threatens EMS services, pregnancy resource centers, shelters, and non-profits “from the Red Cross to retirement homes.

This is something you can totally blame on Donald Trump. Because of his disastrous presidency, employment of young men is HIGH. Nobody wants to work for free when he can work for money instead.

In other words, a live and pressing question we face as Americans is this: Will younger citizens be prepared, not to mention willing, to step in and maintain so many of the things we take for granted as Americans who rely on volunteers?

To misquote a grizzled old youTuber named razorbladekandy:

You’re fucked, John.

No free labor. No useful idiots. No cheap foreigners, either, the Democrats gave ’em the vote and now they’re taking your country away one State at a time. All you care to do about it is stand on a tired old soapbox built by a predecessor who taught you nothing and complain that you will have to break a sweat if society won’t improve.

It. Won’t.

Pay for your own damn food, suffer for your own damn beliefs, pick your own damn cotton and have a nice day.

Several federal, state, and local government entities have seen the problem and are experimenting with programs that will incentivize young people to volunteer.from high school and college credit, to scholarships, to tax rebates. Pennsylvania has even proposed a program to forgive up to $16,000 in student loans for those who volunteer for four years as a first-responder.

Alternative idea: PAY THEM. Don’t forgive those student loans, just give a $4k annual stipend to men… not women… who volunteer. As if CalFire would even want the help of a Master’s Degree in LGBT grievance studies. And if you haven’t already noticed, John, mandatory volunteering is already common in many high schools.

Hey, didn’t we outlaw slavery and child labor?

While these sound like good ideas, and we should applaud innovative efforts, government solutions don’t always work out as advertised…

…and we can’t fix what are ultimately cultural and spiritual problems through political means.

DO NOT GO THERE! Don’t you dare say that the Church can best serve the Brave New World by guilting its members into unpaid manual labor. What’s your next question… why Church headcount keeps falling?

Culturally speaking, ours is a far more mobile society than previous generations, but volunteerism and community engagement are rooted in a sense of ownership for a community. Simply put, it’s hard to foster ownership of a time and place among those always on the move.

That’s a triple lie. One, USA has always had a mobile population, it’s a major reason we’re called the New World. We even started out as colonies, remember? Two, people don’t relocate without having reasons to. Most of us would be very glad to put down roots somewhere.

And three, it doesn’t take years of residency to qualify for volunteer work.

Culturally and spiritually speaking, we are all susceptible in this world to the hyper-individualism that marks our age. All of us, but especially young people, are drawn today toward either the pursuit of social media celebrity-status, or personal happiness as our definition of “the good life..

Ah, there it is. Individualism, the perennial enemy of Unity. Look at us MGTOWs running around, following work, avoiding toxic government, never content with the crumbs our masters reluctantly scrape off the tax table. Always caring about ourselves instead of embracing altruistic oblivion like a Republican.

Do you know why I care so much about me, John? Because you don’t. If I don’t care about me than nobody will. Society used to be a two-way street, with men getting respect and assistance in return for participation. Guess which side broke faith? Hint: MASS IMMIGRATION.

What we get instead, as we’ve said before on Breakpoint, is increasing anxiety, loneliness, and depression, especially among young people. The “Joker” film is just the latest to picture what can happen to those who lose all social ties and abandon any sense of social responsibility.

A smarter person than you, John, would listen to what you just said and try to make us proto-Jokers a better offer than working for free… instead of, for example, hating and fearing us BECAUSE YOU KEEP GIVING US REASONS TO SNAP.

“I don’t trust that dog. Gonna have to put it down soon. It snarls a little louder every time I beat it with a chain.”

Not only is the decline of the volunteer ethic physically dangerous to the health of citizens in communities with no EMS providers to answer a call, it’s dangerous to the health of our young people if they don’t hear that they’re needed and that their life matters to their local community.wherever that is. That’s because volunteering protects the health of those providing care, as well as those being cared for.

If that was true then you wouldn’t have a volunteer shortage, now would you? In fact, it’s the reason I myself am a volunteer. When the Big One quake hits, FEMA will feed me first while I walk the fence keeping the zombies out. That, and when some Leftoid sics law enforcement on me I’ll be a friendly face to the local cop.

More effective, I expect, than stockpiling enough ammunition to interest the BATFE.

But if my reader doesn’t have such a motivation then lying to him about the unnamed health benefits of firefighting is a bad idea.

Here, of course, is where the church comes in.or should come in. We can create a sense of community and belonging, instilling civic virtue, helping people experience the truth that “no man is an island unto himself,. and that our faith, though personal, is certainly not private.


Think about it. God has revealed Himself as a community.the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Relationships aren’t merely something God does. It’s Who He is. Made in His image, we too are made for community. In other words, there’s simply no loving God without loving our neighbor.

So, here we have this place where a cultural need and a theological truth intersect. How might the church respond? What opportunities can we create, or can we join, that will draw young people into the life of the church for the good of the world?

And who knows, that young person we place at a soup kitchen today might be answering our 9-1-1 call tomorrow.

No, he’ll be serving soup today AND tomorrow so YOU can feel good about helping the needy. No? Then how many hours were you going to make him work before promoting him to a paid dispatcher position?

Postscript, about the boldfaced sentence above. It is absolutely possible to love God without loving one’s neighbor. They are two separate commandments, after all, and explicitly not equally important. If you spend a Saturday morning singing hymns to God by yourself instead of working in a soup kitchen like Pastor volunteered you to then you have worshiped God more effectively than the Church would have enabled you to.

If you create something with your hands then you have worshiped God the Creator.

If you go outside and thank God for the fine day and pretty sunset, you have worshiped God.

If you keep a promise even though it costs you then you have worshiped God.

If you go online to talk smack about false Christians trying to make God their tool… then I have worshiped God.

Feels good.


Choose the Form of the Destructor: Greta Thunberg Edition

A famous artist was hired to paint a Chicomm leader-sized portrait of the infamous eco-midget in San Fransicko… and is hated for using paint and electricity to do so.

Greta Thunberg mural in San Francisco stirs controversy over use of spray paints


By Robert Gearty, 11 November 2019

A massive mural of the face of teen climate activist Greta Thunberg in downtown San Francisco makes its debut Tuesday . even as it stirs controversy.

Yep, it’s not even finished yet and SJWs are point-and-shrieking. This must be why the good artists cover their art until it’s finished.

The artist behind the 60-foot-tall by 30-foot-wide creation is Argentine muralist Andres Iglesias, who goes by the name Cobre and is known for his .hyper-realistic. portraits. He agreed to work for free on the project, which is being sponsored by the environmental nonprofit One Atmosphere.

Per its website, One Atmosphere is a front organization for (“partners with”) the city and county of San Francisco. Partnering with the state is a little different than partnering with, say, the San Francisco Giants.

But Cobre was forced to go on the defensive after social media users began noting the irony of using spray paints . which they say harm the environment . to pay homage to the 16-year-old Thunberg, The Art Newspaper reported Sunday.

Relax, eco-Nazis. The chlorofluorocarbons destroyed the ozone layer twenty years ago, as infallibly predicted by UN climate change forecasts. You’re already dead, therefore don’t need to worry.

Cobre responded that the materials he was using were environmentally friendly, the paper reported.

.The thing is, the sprays I use are eco-friendly, and most of the paint is hand-painted with a roller,. he told the paper. .[It is] water-based so there is zero impact..

Uh oh, he apologized.

One Atmosphere said Sunday in a post on city guide SF Station’s Instagram page that they were using spray cans that don’t contain environmentally damaging chlorofluorocarbons.

.We are using low-pressure cans with a minimal footprint,. the post said. .The cans and the boxes will also be recycled, although many of the cans will first have a second life as part of a separate art project..

The nonprofit went on to say the cans have been picked up and delivered in an electric vehicle, and the artist and organizers have been traveling almost exclusively by way of electric car, electric scooter or on foot to the project site . the side of building on Mason Street, above the music venue August Hall.

.The lift being used is also electric, not diesel.. the post added.

Sure, and water comes from faucets. Milk comes from cartons. I hope God is herding all of His most vile enemies into the Gay Area in order to drop an environmentally-friendly asteroid on them, because that’s a lot of zombies overrunning my street if He just does the Hayward Fault.

I am reminded of that Berkeley philosophy student who recently went viral for saying rural farmers deserve to be punished for not living sustainably in high-density housing.

At the same time, the paper reported some budding art critics on Twitter claimed the mural looked more like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Greta Thunberg

Viggo the Carpathian, Ghostbusters 2. My vote.

.I can’t be the only person that thinks the mural of Greta Thunberg in San Francisco looks like Putin, right?. one person tweeted, according to the paper.

Hahaha! It’s been RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA for so long that socialists are losing their already-fragile grasp upon reality. You think they were already psycho? You haven’t seen 4 November 2020 yet.


Shutterstock CEO Jon Oringer: I’m Not Censoring Dissidents For the Money

I can respect an honest mercenary. Yes, they’ll do you wrong for a dollar, but they’ll also tell you who they’re doing it for, won’t seek sadistic pleasure by forcing you to violate your conscience and are kindred spirits: we both appreciate the freedom to live as we individually choose. Tyrants hate that.

Shutterstock’s CEO Jon Oringer would have been a better human being if he had been a conscienceless vulture capitalist. Instead, he chose true wickedness and now is falling into the pit he dug for others.

Shutterstock CEO Jon Oringer in contract to buy 56 Leonard penthouse

Ah, the warning sign of cutting pupils. Sociopathy is likely. His background is reported by Wikipedia to be a self-taught computer expert/entrepreneur but his face does not match that at all. The eyebrows are rounded for social orientation as opposed to flat, rational orientation. They are also notably thickest at the outside, indicating a managerial attitude compared to visionary attitude.

Middle third of his face is dominant, indicating a motivation of status/ambition. The chin is curiously strong compared to the jaw. I see the prominent chin most often on men who were high school/college football jocks… not on twiggy, pencilnecked soyboys that can’t grow a beard.

It may be a red flag, the combination of thin lips (dispassionate in interpersonal relationships) with very curly hair (high sexual energy). Or not. Something to think about. He does lack the eye crows-feet indicator of marital/sexual stress.

Read: he’s got multiple indicators of social dominance/aggression but absolutely no physical ability to back it up. Little to suggest tech-oriented interests. Thus, he’s a manipulator of people and was probably never the technical talent in any of his business efforts.

Report: Shutterstock Employees Fight Company’s Decision to Censor Images for Chinese Government


By Lucas Nolan, 7 November 2019

The stock image hosting website Shutterstock is reportedly coming under fire from employees who are angered by the company’s decision to willingly support communist China’s censorship by blocking searches that could offend the country’s government, such as blocking people from mainland China searching for “Taiwan flag..

The Intercept reports that the stock image hosting website Shutterstock is facing backlash from employees angered by the company’s decision to willingly support China’s censorship practices and block searches that could offend the country’s communist government.

From EMPLOYEES. Not watchdogs. Not critics. Not a lone whistleblower. This time, the people being ordered to carry out the censorship are the ones balking at the censorship. This is a tip-of-the-iceberg moment worth looking at.

Shutterstock hosts a vast catalog of images, the rights to which can be purchased for public use and has turned itself into a firm generating $639 million-per-year and operating in more than 150 countries. But, in September, Shutterstock engineers were told to begin developing a search blacklist to wipe images associated with keywords forbidden by the Chinese government from query results.

The new system reportedly went into effect last month and automatically blacklists the following terms from being displayed to anyone with a mainland Chinese IP address: .President Xi,. “Chairman Mao,. .Taiwan flag,. .dictator,. .yellow umbrella,. or “Chinese flag.” Any use of these words or variations of these terms will return no results.

Shutterstock.s relationship with China dates back to 2014 when the firm struck a distribution deal with ZCool, a Chinese social network and portfolio website for artists. Shutterstock announced a $15 million investment in Zcool last year and noted that due to the partnerthsip: .Shutterstock’s content now powers large technology platforms in China such as Tencent Social Ads..

It’s tempting to believe that this is just the CEO protecting his company’s foreign investments. But that wasn’t the reason he gave. More in a moment.

Shutterstock employee discussed the situation with The Intercept stating: .Yes, we’re a creative photo and video marketplace, but we are also an editorial news hub. Want to write a story about the protests in Hong Kong? They never existed. Want to write about Taiwan? It never existed. Xi Jinping is NOT a dictator because he specifically said so. This is dark shit..

The boldfaced is the tech sector’s current “have your cake and eat it too” situation. Being only a publisher/database/medium, they can claim Free Speech protections, but being also gatekeepers and editors-of-other-people’s-content, they get to act as censors. All power, no responsibility. Not a new situation.

But THIS is new:

Shutterstock employee petition: Petition to End Censorship

We, the undersigned employees of Shutterstock [GQ: over 180 signatures per the Intercept], are calling upon the company to reject the demands of the Chinese government to suppress search results for politically sensitive topics for site users in China.

While complying would allow the company to benefit from continued operation in China, we believe that any censorship would set a harmful precedent and have deleterious effects on our company, China and the world. By complying, we are enabling injustices, including the discrimination of the people of Hong Kong, the suppression of Chinese political dissent, and undermining the sovereignty of Taiwanese people. This first step of building search filters lays open the door to more types of discrimination in the future.

I wish I could believe that these are concerned whites who realize how likely Chinese oppressions are to be unleashed upon the United States once doing so requires only the sysadmin to click on a setting. But the truth is more likely that Shutterstock employs many East Asians who see their homelands as China’s next target after Hong Kong falls.

We are proud of Shutterstock’s history of taking a stand on important topics like net neutrality, immigration policies, and antisemitism, among others. We recognize that the issue before us today has the potential to impact our revenue and growth in a way these other issues may not, and therefore by meeting the Chinese government’s demands, we would send the message that our commitment to our values is secondary to our commitment to our bottom line. That’s not who we are.

Our opposition to content filtering is not just about China: we object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable, wherever they may be. Shutterstock.s own employees come from all over the world . many having experienced government oppression firsthand . and in taking on this project, we are letting them down.

Hence my thinking that it’s imported workers pushing this protest.

As such, we demand Shutterstock call an end to this project. Shutterstock is capable of being a leader for change. As employees and shareholders, we deserve to know what we’re building and we deserve a say in these significant decisions..

Well no, you really don’t deserve a say in business decisions. That’s the ugly beauty of stock corporations separating ownership from operation. But I’m pleased to hear this protest, even though it avoided terms such as EVIL to an almost comical degree. Remind me why oppressing the vulnerable is a bad thing to do?

Shutter CEO Jon Oringer responded to the situation in a letter stating:


On behalf of the Leadership Team, I want to provide an update to all employees about an important discussion going on in our Company regarding Shutterstock doing business in China. Some employees have expressed concern with the Company’s position, and we want to take this opportunity to clearly communicate that position to everyone.

For context, since 2014, Shutterstock has been working with ZCool, a creative social network and artist platform in China, to distribute Shutterstock content to millions of people in the country. We also license directly to customers in China through our e-commerce site. The Chinese government has effectively mandated that . if we want to maintain a level of business in China . we must abide by local laws governing the distribution of certain content in mainland China. Based on available information, we have determined that certain search terms will not return image or footage results to customers in that region.

We understand that some of our employees feel strongly about filtering content, particularly content that could be considered politically sensitive. A petition has been circulated asking the Company to refuse to comply with local requirements in China in order to do business there.

First we want to say . we hear you. We respect your position and your passion, and want to thank you for sharing your views in a thoughtful and constructive way. We are pleased to see open discussion and debate on this topic. There can be no question that we support the ability of our employees to freely express their views on issues important to them.

And we truly understand the concern.

I Feel Your Pain - Imgflip

And now that we’ve kissed the globalist idols of Unity and Tolerance:

We want to assure you that we do not make business decisions lightly. Our decision to make our website available in China, like elsewhere in the world, is based on careful evaluation of all factors in order to provide maximum value across our networks . from employees to shareholders, customers to contributors, vendors to partners.

Please, please tell us that you’re only doing it for the money. I can appreciate an honest mercenary.

At the end of the day, what does our brand stand for? We want to provide access to our content to everyone, everywhere. It is our mission to empower creativity and storytellers around the globe. We are also bound to local laws and therefore face a choice. Do we make the majority of our content available to China’s 1.3 billion citizens or do we take away their ability to access it entirely? We ultimately believe, consistent with our brand promise, it is more valuable for storytellers to have access to our collection to creatively and impactfully tell their stories. That is much more empowering and will better serve the people of China than the alternative.

There it is, folks. Jon Oringer officially stated that he’s not helping the Chicomms for the money. He’s helping them to ‘influence the culture’ and confirmed his Social Justice by invoking the concepts of empowerment and Narrative.

Additionally, we believe you are also asking for something more from our Company, which is to use our voice to make the world a better place, and we are doing that regularly. We are contributing to our global community through our involvement in a number of public policy and community initiatives that will not only make Shutterstock a stronger company, but will strengthen our communities, protect our employees, and deliver on our fundamental values. To drive more attention to these initiatives, we have created a page on The Lens where you can learn more about how to get involved in these initiatives, and also provide your feedback on other policy matters that are important for our business and our networks.

SJWs always double down.

Notice that Oringer is using the Churchian trick of hiding dissent by keeping it in-house where he’s free to ignore it. No, pastor, I don’t want to discuss your unBiblical teachings privately in your office where nobody who might care can hear me. No, CEO, I don’t want to discuss your newfound tyrannical censorship habits in a forum that’s under your total control.

We hope this message clarifies our position. We understand this is a difficult topic and perhaps we are not always going to agree on some issues . and that’s okay. As long as we continue to communicate openly and honestly with each other, we will advance our common goal of empowering creativity and helping professionals from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes produce their best work with incredible content and innovative tools.

It’s time to short Shutterstock. Not only because it’s an Orwellian globalist monster, but because all those China-hating Asians it employs are going to sabotage Shutterstock with backdoors, bugs and leaks like you would not believe.

Jon won’t listen, of course. That’s good. I love to snark “I told you so” when watching a train wreck.


Another Election, Another FBI False Flag

I’m not one to see hidden conspiracies everywhere; the visible, provable conspiracies keep me plenty busy enough. By way of example, my daily scan of crime headlines turned up the silliest FBI false flag I’ve yet seen.

The arrested suspect, Richard Holzer of Colorado. This is nearly the only picture being circulated of him and it was obviously chosen for the menacing head tilt.

Better. Nearly closed eyes at a young age suggests a lot of internal, emotional pain. Combined with a lack of criminal history, he’s a typical low-average guy trying to escape a terrible domestic situation. Twiggy arms indicates he’s not much of a physical threat. But the FBI claims he’s an anti-Semitic terrorist.

Richard Holzer is a California native and white supremacist facing federal charges accusing him of plotting to bomb a synagogue in Pueblo, Colorado.

Holzer is a resident of Colorado. Why bring up his childhood in California? To broaden the appeal of his arrest? If anything, this is consistent with my reading that he’s escaping a terrible domestic situation.

He told undercover agents [that he’s] a former KKK member and a current .skinhead,. the FBI says.

The FBI playbook has only one play in it: use informants and moles to infiltrate selected opposition and find (or create) enough dirt to file charges. That’s a maybe-legit tactic against organized criminal syndicates because one informant burns another, domino fashion, until the officers go down and the syndicate implodes.

Here, however, we’re talking about a grocery clerk who only allies were FBI informants and coming up, a nameless Mexican witch doctor.

Holzer is also accused of planning to poison members of the Colorado synagogue by putting arsenic in their water pipes.

I’ve never heard of arsenic being used that way in all my hobby of true-crime stories. White nationalists don’t poison the water supply, the government poisons the water supply. *Gunner Q points at his water softener and filters*

Per the criminal complaint, Holzer claimed to have already poisoned the synagogue a year ago but nobody noticed.

Holzer, 27, was arrested on November 1 on a charge of attempting to obstruct religious exercise by using explosives and fire, according to court documents filed on November 2 in Colorado federal court. Holzer is being held in federal custody pending a detention hearing.

November 5 is 2019’s big election day for USA (first Tuesday of November). This was perfectly timed to influence that election.

U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn said at a press conference said they stopped, .what we believe to be an imminent threat of domestic terrorism against a Colorado religious institution.” Dunn said FBI agents became aware of .racist, anti-Semitic and threatening statements. made by Holzer on social media.

*cough Facebook-data-mining cough*

He said Holzer, .repeatedly expressed his hatred of Jewish people and his support of a racial holy war..

We’ve heard those war drums before. It’s fun to watch the FBI leverage Jewish insecurities. Speaking of, isn’t it interesting that Jews apparently live in constant terror of a goyim uprising? Why might we be inclined to do that, and if they think it’s a legit threat, why not return to Israel… all expenses paid?

FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Dean Phillips told reporters the investigation into Holzer began after the FBI.s Denver office received a tip about online comments he had made. Phillips said they had “credible information” that Holzer was plotting to harm members of the Jewish community in Pueblo and began an investigation.

Yep, Facebook data mining. Not hard to imagine those Converged tech companies helpfully providing anonymous tips on just about any group the FBI might care about.

.After reviewing multiple social media posts, and utilizing a number of investigatory techniques, we determined that Mr. Holzer did pose a threat to our Jewish community, specifically, we learned that he appeared to be planning to destroy the Temple Emanuel synagogue,. Phillips said. .Our task force used multiple investigative techniques to gather information that led to Mr. Holzer’s arrest late Friday night, including recorded conversations, meetings with undercover FBI agents, exploitation of social media accounts and the execution of a federal search warrant..

Is that what they teach at Quantico now? Troll the reddit forums, send a pretty female informant to befriend the lonely ones and get it all on camera? That’s not law enforcement, that’s a prostitution blackmail ring.

Holzer told undercover FBI agents he was taking part in a “racial holy war,. and said his plot to destroy the Temple Emanuel synagogue in Pueblo was his .mountain.” He said Jewish people are a “cancer” on his community. Holzer was planning to attack the synagogue on November 1 and believed the undercover FBI agents he had been corresponding with and meeting with in the Pueblo area were going to help him, according to court documents.

Textbook entrapment. This is not legit police work.

According to the targeted synagogue’s website, .Temple Emanuel is on the National Register for Historic Places and is the second oldest Synagogue in Colorado. …

In court documents, an FBI agent wrote that Holzer should be charged because of his “hate crime and domestic terrorism-related activities.” The FBI agent added, .I submit that the evidence developed during this investigation shows that the defendant’s actions meet the definition of “domestic terrorism,. in 18 U.S.C 2331, in that the defendant’s actions involve criminal acts dangerous to human life and are intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population..

The undercover agents who convinced him to engage in those actions are, of course, exempt from prosecution. Even at the best of times, that’s one hell of a slippery moral slope.

Here.s what you need to know about Richard Holzer:

richard holzer

Who wouldn’t like to kill a bunch of pedophiles? Nobody rapes children and deserves to live, by decree of God Himself. The comment about spics actually undermines the FBI case that he’s an anti-semite. A guy who hates everybody and himself isn’t committing a hate crime because “everybody” is not a race.

But it’s hard to be sure when the tweet is blatantly copypasta-ed.

Holzer told the undercover agent that he had hired .a Mexican cook,. nicknamed “Mexican Hitler,. to “hex and poison” the synagogue on October 31, 2018, but the FBI said in the criminal complaint there is no evidence to corroborate his story. Holzer said he paid the cook $70 to put arsenic in the pipes of the synagogue. On October 4, 2019, he sent a video to the undercover agent showing him outside the synagogue and saying he would poison it again because the previous attempt hadn’t worked.

An international hitman charged only $70 to do a Jonestown on 30 families? Was he going to do it anyway but needed gas money after evading the Border Patrol?

Amusingly, the criminal complaint states that the synagogue was closed for a time after the hex and Holzer credited the hex for that… and Holzer was planning to pay for another hexing, not just the arsenic. I wish I could see the expressions on the jury’s faces when the prosecution claims that Holzer’s preferred terrorist weapon is a witch doctor that the FBI can’t find.

Notice that this undercover operation lasted for over a year but Holzer is the only person it was able to arrest. One wonders if the FBI got the dirt on him and then waited months for a politically opportune time to drop the hammer, because the alternative is that this operation spent a lot of resources with nothing to show for it.

According to the criminal complaint, when he was asked by undercover agents what he would do if anyone was inside the synagogue when he went to blow it up, he said he didn’t care if they died, “because they would be Jews..

I read that criminal complaint and it admits that Holzer specifically stated that he did not intend to harm anybody. Only after that admission did the informants ask “but what if somebody happens to be there when you bomb it?” and Holzer replied he didn’t care. The agents were worried that they wouldn’t be able to charge him with serious-enough crimes.

According to [the] criminal complaint written by FBI Special Agent John Smith, the investigation into Richard Holzer began after he began messaging with an undercover FBI agent posing as a female white supremacist on Facebook. Smith wrote that Holzer has “used several Facebook accounts to promote white supremacy ideology and acts of violence, in direct messages and group chats with other like-minded individuals..

Yep, prostitution blackmail ring.

“My name is Candy and I think KKK thugs are hawt. Are you a KKK thug?”

“Um… I used to be?”

“I’m so excited! If you bring me a copy of Mein Kampf with your fingerprints on it then I’ll pay for the hotel room.”


3. Holzer Was Arrested on November 1 After Meeting Undercover Agents at a Hotel While Carrying a Knife, a Mask & a Copy of “Mein Kampf,.

Score! He got screwed. Worried about your optics, FBI?

It is not clear exactly when Holzer moved to Colorado. He does not appear to have a prior criminal record in California or Colorado. At his first court hearing, it was revealed that he worked at King Soopers, a grocery store, in Pueblo, according to The Denver Channel.

A dim-witted loser wanted too much to be part of an organization that promised him a better future than bagging groceries, and when a troupe of crisis actors… excuse me, undercover agents… pretended to offer it to him, he thought with his little head.

This nothingburger of an indictment would be a guaranteed flop in the courtroom except that Holzer reportedly waived his Miranda rights in the police station to make more rants… consistent with his being so easily manipulated that he brought Mein Kampf to his arrest party as ordered. That will sink his ship even though it’s proof that he’s no real threat to anybody. The people who won’t shut up about their scatter-brained plans are not the ones you need to worry about.

The real hate crime here is the FBI stoking Jewish racial paranoia for political gain by ruining the life of a useful idiot… which would fit some interpretations of 18 U.S.C 2331.


The Complete History of Meme War 2019

On 4 November 2019, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren launched her Presidential campaign’s “Meme Team” to harness the mysterious energies that got Trump elected in 2016… and caused her to become a laughingstock everywhere in the United States outside of New York City.

On 5 November, the Meme Team went silent.

On 6 November, Twitter hosed the shredded, bloodsoaked corpse of her dignity off the Internet.

Sorry if you missed it.

Complete history, done. Boom. Word. Which means the time has come for historians like me to document that shitsack of WTF.

Already I am forced to reach for the archives… should not have stopped to eat that lunch burrito. Hat tip to Megan Fox on pjmedia.com.



.. Saving the nation with selfies and memes ..

Read about us in the NY Times!

Where did the

Almighty God, you are our witness. We warned them: Liberals. Can’t. Meme.

The most important political battlefield today is social media.
The Right currently enjoys an asymmetric advantage.

You have no idea, you STILL have no idea and Epstein didn’t suicide.

We’re fighting back by raising our content creation & distribution game.
WMT organizes ..writer, ..artist, and “marketer volunteers to help Senator Warren’s supporters spread her message.


No. Clipart done by unpaid interns is not how you… look, you’re messing with forbidden knowledge and it won’t end any better for your than the last chick who broke the seventh seal.

More here. It’s heavily copyprotected which is not a good way to encourage meme making.


Therefore, let’s go to the NY Times as Fauxcahontas recommended.

[Gunner Q has chosen to artistically interpret this article in meme language.]

https://www.nyt imes.com/interactive/2019/11/01/opinion/democrats-2020-election-online.html

1 November 2019

A long time ago, on a different internet . where Photoshopped images of “God Emperor. Donald Trump riding atop a velociraptor were just a faint glimmer in a young meme lord’s eye

90 Miles From Tyranny : 2016-09-04

[Hat tip to ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com]

…the Republicans were in trouble. Barack Obama’s 2008 win over John McCain was heralded as a digital over an analog.

In 2012, Mitt Romney’s technological secret weapon to track voters in real time crashed on Election Day. A 2012 profile of Mr. Obama’s digital team in The Atlantic exclaimed that the “nerds shook up an ossifying Democratic tech structure.” By 2014, the conventional wisdom was that progressives had lapped the Republican Party in the tech space. I heard rumors swirling that some of the Republican National Committee staff were scouring Silicon Valley churches for tech-company hoodies, looking for programmers to hire.

Two years later, the narrative flipped completely. Donald Trump’s 2016 victory was quickly cast as a digital triumph. The campaign successfully harnessed its candidate’s divisive, populist rhetoric to plaster Facebook with ads. The ads worked, in large part because of their incendiary messages. Mr. Trump’s grass-roots support online came from a legion of posters, message board communities and Twitter pundits who flooded the internet with memes, toxic trolling and hyperpartisan pages glorifying the candidate and vilifying his opponents. Democrats were flummoxed.

The Trump wing of the Republican Party appeared to have a structural advantage in online politics . and there was no clear lane in sight for a wonky, hopeful, progressive message. And for the past three years, as Donald Trump has governed by Twitter, Democrats have watched and winced. An unspoken question hangs over the looming presidential election: On an internet built to favor controversy, can Democrats (or anyone less controversial than Mr. Trump) win online in 2020?

If so, a successful challenger will need time, technology, money and inexhaustible shamelessness. As of today, time is running out, money has barely been spent, and one side has a near monopoly on the ability to operate without decorum or scruples.

The Trump campaign already has a healthy head start building up its microtargeting and fund-raising technology. In the digital ad-spend arms race on Facebook and Google, Mr. Trump’s campaign has spent more than the top three Democratic candidates combined to identify and turn out supporters in key states and counties. Arguably more important is the data acquisition play. The Trump campaign is building tools to take advantage of information like mobile location data to learn intensely personal details about potential voters and then hit them with explicitly tailored messages that fire them up.

SJWs always project. Sorry that’s not a meme but Vox Day hasn’t finished the trilogy.

.Trump has a time advantage we can’t erase,. Shomik Dutta, an Obama campaign vet and the chief executive of Higher Ground Labs, told me recently. .We have to change that by fixing the innovation cycle in progressive politics..

Mr. Dutta and his Higher Ground partner, Betsy Hoover, project an anxious optimism about their technology’s role next year. Ms. Hoover admits that “technology itself is not a strategy or a culture; it’s a tool that sits on top of those things.” And Mr. Dutta, who throws around startup-y business jargon like “loss aversion,. “churn rate” and “digital exhaust,. is honest about Democrats. deficiencies . most notably their inability to compete on digital ads.

.If the chief marketing officer for a Fortune 100 company spent less than 15 percent of their ad budget on digital, they.d be fired for incompetence,. he told me. .Democratic campaigns in the aggregate are all spending less than 15 percent on digital right now, and that is political and professional malpractice..

…Though a few candidates have amassed vibrant online supporters (#YangGang, Bernie Bros), there are concerns that progressive messages, especially from wonkier candidates, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, will be unable to find attention online against policy-light, image-heavy Trump memes.

Misha Leybovich, an M.I.T. engineer and start-up guy, wants to change that. His vision starts with an eight-page emoji-laden Google document titled, .Warren.s Meme Team Plan: Saving the Nation With Selfies and Memes.. .The right understands the importance of memes: They approach it like war,. he writes.

.We can’t let this be an asymmetric battle,. he adds. .We fight back, in a way that’s authentic to our values..

You mean, your LGBT values?

*sigh* Since I’m doing another text interrupt, in the Google document I linked to above, you will find that Misha is an expert mostly in emojis and attached his resume to the end of the Meme Team’s founding document as a full appendix. Warren’s own Meme Team knew the effort was doomed.

Mr. Leybovich’s plan involves creating a “distributed network of thousands of hands and brains” to spread Ms. Warren’s message across platforms. .One thing I think Trump did really well was crowdsourcing the creativity,. he told me. .If you look at the popular memes, it’s not the stuff his campaign makes. They just amplify it, even if it’s toxic.” His idea is to amass content creators and arm them with templates that work across platforms (images for memes but also filters for platforms like Snapchat and TikTok). .If you give people an easy way to have a good time making things themselves, you can get them to organically spread that message..

Mr. Leybovich, who says he has spoken to the Warren campaign about memes and also applied for its deputy chief technology officer position, is optimistic that the right infrastructure and coordination can make Warren plans like a wealth tax and universal child care into base-rallying content. There’s some thin precedent for this. Mr. Leybovich cited the tens of thousands of selfies Senator Warren takes with supporters at rallies as an indicator that the campaign has learned to tap into and energize its supporters. enthusiasm online.

The selfies are a natural fit, but there’s also something inherently cringe-y about an organized campaign to spark and capture the millennial and Gen Z meme magic. That tends to work only organically.

Tara McGowan, a veteran Democratic strategist who founded Acronym, a progressive digital strategy organization, described part of the legacy Democratic media apparatus as “paralyzed” by an older generation of “consultants with a stranglehold on outdated techniques” who rarely engage online.

.There’s a tendency in our party to be overly risk-averse in our messaging and tactics, which can dilute our ability to resonate with voters,. she said. .We don’t need to spread lies or play to people’s insecurities to win, we just need to compete and get our message to voters every single day where they get their information. Right now, we’re not even on the field.” Ms. McGowan says Acronym is trying to sound the alarm and provide a path forward. Political consultants say that means spending more money on political consultants and outmatching Mr. Trump on data collection to identify the two million or so voters who.ll determine the 2020 outcome.

Another central part of the campaign is messaging that doesn’t rely on responding to Mr. Trump. .There is so much noise on these platforms, and we are not playing in those spaces now. We can tell a powerful, true, cohesive story about why this guy is dangerous,. Ms. McGowan said.

Just as daunting an obstacle: whether Democrats can win without embracing Republican shamelessness. In the age of viral politics, momentum and political capital derive from a well-rehearsed echo chamber of attention: Social media dictates the news cycle, which is used to book TV appearances or rallies, where candidates can gin up controversy or conflict, which fuels social media.

Donald Trump and Republicans understand this potent combination of content creation and shamelessness. Whether it’s weekend tweets by the president or Rudy Giuliani’s constant availability to journalists and Fox News hosts, Trumpists flood the zone with misinformation or ragebait. A Photoshopped image of a dog getting the Medal of Honor. Sharpiegate. A Fourth of July military parade. They’re all attention spectacles. When the inevitable outrage comes, they merely double down, with more content. The reaction from their enemies . the surprise at the shamelessness . is even more indignant, which delights supporters. It feeds cable headlines for another day. The result is disheartening, exhausting and politically effective.

But Republicans don’t need to have a monopoly on outrage. Rather than the Trump variety of outrage and fear of the other, the correct blend of righteous progressive outrage on climate, inequality and corruption could compete with the virality of the MAGA message. Outrage, indignation and alarmism . sentiments proven to win online . can be harnessed by Democrats, provided they choose the right candidate.

Whether Democrats can compete [in the meme wars] with their integrity intact–

Slower, people, SLOWER! You meme mavericks kill so fast, the bodies don’t even hit the floor.

Dave Cullen on youTube has the best of the, ah, “response” memes. I have trouble archiving the animated stuff.


Citizenship Via False Accusations

You get more of what you subsidize. If you promise citizenship to illegals who are “victimized by a crime” then guess what’s going to happen.

Yep. And it happened.

The most valuable commodity in the United States today is victimhood.

Sheriff: Ten People Faked Restaurant Robbery with Likely Motive to Get Green Cards


By Neil Runro, 5 November 2019

A group of illegal migrants reported a daring restaurant robbery in King County, Washington, where “patrons were allegedly tied up, robbed of jewelry and two female members were said to be sexually assaulted..

But the October 19 robbery at Bob’s Burgers n. Teriyakis was just a daring scam by ten illegals to snatch U visas, green cards, and citizenship from the federal government, said county Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht, who described the claimed robbery. .Today I can confirm to you; it was all a lie . Every employee present that evening, every customer participated in a deliberate hoax..

Fortunately, the two men were described as Samoan rather than white.

She continued: “Not only is false reporting a crime, but in this case, concocting a violent takeover crime, where the suspects were allegedy armed, sets up the potential for some really bad things to happen . Deputies and detectives have been looking for that truck. What would’ve happened if we would’ve stopped the driver thinking they were a suspect in a very violent crime?”

The police would have shot another Dindu who resisted arrest because he had outstanding warrants? Because… well, here’s a segue about that truck she mentioned.


The Sheriff’s Office says they’re also looking for the customer’s truck that was stolen Saturday night, which is a 2005 brown Ford F150 with the license plate number C78292P. The truck is lifted up with large tires and chrome rims.

Yeeeep. I’ve worked on Section 8 housing projects and that’s typical of the vehicles. They go on welfare because they can’t afford food, then pimp their rides with chrome rims and custom sound systems.

Such vehicles, inexplicably, tend to be owned by Dindus with outstanding arrest warrants so Mitzi’s concern of accidental paloose brutality was a valid one.

End segue.

.I don’t recall a time where I’ve seen ten people band together to form a story and present it to individuals whose very job is to note consistencies and inconsistencies, whose very job it is to flesh out and flesh out the truth,. SeaTac Police Chief Jon Mattsen told Q13 Fox.

King County is a sanctuary jurisdiction, so it includes a growing population of illegals in service jobs. That population aids business owners and landlords because it pushes down wages and drives up rents for blue-collar Americans.

A good economic rule of thumb is that the Upper Class wants expensive land and cheap labor while the Middle Class wants expensive labor and cheap land.

The scam spotlights the growing fraud in the U visa program, which offers green cards and citizenship to people who testify against criminals in cases, such as sexual abuse of a child or spousal abuse. Each year, 10,000 U visas are given to people who claim to be victims of crimes, but the number of requests for U visas has skyrocketed as immigration lawyers have tried to guide their paying clients around the tighter enforcement rules set by President Donald Trump.

In 2016, the backlog for U visa requests was 64,000. The waiting list reached 250,000 by the end of 2019. The annual award of 10,000 U visas does not include the grant of U visas to the alleged victims. spouses and children.

Breitbart provides an example of U-visa abuse:

In October, a Colorado lawyer tried to defend his illegal-immigrant client from a rape charge by saying the victim’s mother had a hidden incentive:

“Hess declined to say whether [his client, [Ever] Valencia is in the country legally. He said the victim is a U.S. citizen. Her mother is in the country illegally, Hess said, and will probably apply from a crime victim’s visa, or U visa.

“Because the victim is a minor, her mother can show she cooperated with the investigation and prosecutors and could receive the U visa for which her daughter . the victim in this case . would be eligible, Hess said. Hess said his Glenwood Springs law practice does extensive immigration work and deals with U visas regularly.
.If you’re a victim of domestic violence or other qualifying crimes . and certainly sexual assault is one . you can seek a U visa,. Hess explained. .The motivation to get a U visa is a strong theme underlying this case..”

Feminism 4.0: the illegal immigrant falsely accuses you of rape in order to get citizenship.


The Incompetence of the Lambs

It never fails to amaze, when professional and/or tenured Seminary professors are publicly, easily wrong about the basics of Christianity. Today’s example is Patrick Schreiner, Assistant Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Western University, Portland campus, who says we shouldn’t be suspicious about celebrity conversions.


I’m starting to think those Franciscan monks had a valid point with those bowl cuts and plain robes as a way of being visibly separate from the world. Background: M.Div and PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He’s never left college. Never lived a normal life.

The New Testament Teaches Us Not to Second-Guess Surprising Conversions

By Patrick Schreiner, 30 October 2019

Actually, it does. 1 Timothy 3:6 in discussing the qualifications of overseers and deacons, “He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil.” Very sensible. Also, Christ Himself said it’s hard for a rich man to enter Heaven, Matt. 19:23-24, so maybe we should take a rich man’s conversion with a grain of salt.

Another valid, if non-Scriptural reason to doubt a conversion is when the convert is married to a Kardashian.

Kanye West’s move from saying “Jesus walks” to confessing “Jesus is King” has divided Christians.

Those in a position to know are optimistic…


…but this Californian has seen too many celebrity conversions end up fraudulent. Here, best case scenario, Mr. West’s genuine faith will drive his wife Kim Kardashian to divorce him by Christmas. He’s got a damn hard road ahead.

Some are overjoyed that such a prominent figure has made public turn to faith. Others are more hesitant, taking the .let’s see if this sticks. approach. Kanye himself expected the latter, singing on his new album, .What have you been hearin. from the Christians? They.ll be the first one to judge me. Make it feel like nobody love me..

Man, if you don’t like judgment then you ain’t gonna like God.

While some believers want to wait and see whether his faith is genuine, we don’t find much evidence for this strategy in the Scriptures.

That attitude is a serious mistake. 1 John 4:1, “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

The early church in Acts had its share of surprising transformations and celebrity conversions, which stirred a range of reactions. But ultimately, the text points to acceptance over distrust. It also emphasizes the importance of perseverance for these unexpected converts.

These accounts suggest that with Kanye, there is room for the church to rejoice without suspicion, while also pleading for endurance and mentorship in the faith.

“Without suspicion” is the dangerous part. Let’s dig in.

Paul represents the first surprising conversion in Acts. He was killer of Christians, but then Jesus appeared to him. Understandably, Paul’s conversion is met with some hesitation and fear. Some readers today may take this response as a case for wariness when someone does an about-face. Ananias questions whether he should go to Paul when the Lord comes to him (Acts 9:13-16). The crowd in Damascus is amazed, wondering what has happened (9:21). In Jerusalem, the disciples were afraid and did not believe he was a disciple (9:26).

Each reaction is different based on context. But it helps to consider their concerns in light of the pattern we see throughout Scripture: Continually, God’s people are slow to God’s plan. They need help to catch up to his agenda. They need convincing when God’s plan is out sprinting ahead of them.

That is a vile teaching, that God’s people did wrong by not rushing to accept, in violation of common sense, a unique situation that would become clear only with years of hindsight. In no context did God fault believers for thinking what they did about Saul.

Note that Saul’s conversion broke him to the point of name-changing. One of the most dramatic displays of divine power in the New Testament, including witnesses, and after being struck blind Paul didn’t eat or drink for three days. That’s what it takes for most genuine, late-in-life conversions. God was as subtle with Paul’s conversion as a Trigglypuff passing gas at a chili cookoff.

We didn’t see Kayne West at death’s door for three days after his conversion experience. In fact, he’s already released his first gospel music album. Hmm.

In contrast to the skeptics, Barnabas testifies to those in Jerusalem on Paul’s behalf, and they listen to him (9:27). He is gracious and patient with their concerns and explains the change he has seen. (Maybe the “accepters” need to hear this as well and be gracious to .skeptics..) The crowd moves from doubt to acceptance based on Barnabas’s testimony.

That is another dishonest teaching. Between Ananias’ healing and arrival in Jerusalem, Paul spent “many days” in Damascus, learning and practicing Christianity until he’d reached the point at which his former allies tried to murder him and his former targets helped him escape. To put it mildly, that demonstrated repentance.

Although Acts 9 does not specifically state this, Barnabas introduced Paul most likely because Barnabas knew about the events in Damascus. Paul was apparently known in Jerusalem only be reputation, and again, God faulted nobody for not taking Paul’s claim of brotherhood at face value.

I would be interested to hear anybody argue that Barnabas knew nothing about Damascus and was arguing for Saul of Tarsus’ acceptance strictly on Saul’s say-so.

This does not mean texts like the Parable of the Sower are out of the discussion. There is a place for watching for fruit and perseverance. However, waiting is put into the context of grace and hope, not concern and judgment.

Bullshit. Quoting Christ in Luke 6:43-44, “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers.” You never know if someone is a legit Christian until their behavior proves it.

God does not expect us to act stupidly, accepting every claim of Christianity with the kind of gullibility that made P.T. Barnum a wealthy man. We don’t even have a precedent in Scripture for this kind of foolish behavior… certainly not with Paul for an example.

A next surprising conversion comes from Cornelius and his household in Acts 10.11. Once again, we sense a hesitation as the Jerusalem council gathers to debate Cornelius and his household among the earliest accounts of Gentile conversions (Acts 10-11,15).

However, their story is not example of .let’s see if it sticks.” In fact, Peter and the rest are quite quick to accept that a Gentile centurion, the last person they would expect, has come to the faith. They recognize right away that “the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on Gentiles. For they heard them speaking in tongues and praising God. (Acts 10:45-46).

Again, Patrick is not only wrong but misleading. Cornelius didn’t come out of nowhere. Acts 10:1-2 “At Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius, a centurion in what was known as the Italian Regiment. He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.”

If Kayne West had had a history of self-discipline and charity instead of headline-making excesses, I would be much less suspicious about his conversion.

The God-fearers were non-Jews of the time who worshiped God as far as they could without actually converting to Judaism, which was a bad idea for many reasons… not least of which was Jewish arrogance towards outsiders. God responded to their devotion even though they didn’t expect it. God-fearers simply saw the rightness of Father God, perhaps as a stark contrast to the daily brutality of life in the Roman Empire.

That Jewish arrogance was so strong that God had to supernaturally convince Peter, who then used the event to convince the other Jewish Christians… and then backslid against his own divine revelation later on.

The Spirit has overcome their prejudices. The evidence is clear. The question in the Council is not if Gentiles are saved, but how and in what way they can enter the people of God. The council accepts the fruit of the Spirit.

Their prejudices were against non-Jews, not against young converts. Cornelius was absolutely not accepted on a “he said he’s Christian so he must be a real Christian!” basis.

The council concludes Gentiles don’t have to “act like Jews” to enter. This is an interesting example because the Spirit’s arrival and the evident fruit makes the conversion of Cornelius’s house widely accepted. They see fruit and move forward accordingly. This does not mean they move forward uncritically, but they move forward with open arms.

Had Patrick consistently argued this point, I would have blogged instead about a white mayor publicly disrespecting Blue Lives Matter in open favoritism towards Black Lives Matter. (If you’re interested in watching law enforcement’s reaction to a public snubbing on behalf of Negro thugs):

Marc Elrich: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

As it is, Patrick inconsistently claims “they saw fruit and moved forward” and in the next sentence, “they moved forward with open arms”. Which is it?

There is also a “celebrity conversion” in Acts: Simon the Sorcerer (8:4-25). This passage is notoriously difficult, and interpreters are divided about whether Simon’s faith is genuine to begin with. He “believed and was baptized. (8:13) and followed Phillip, but Peter refused to pray that Simon would receive the Holy Spirit, citing the condition of his heart.

It is not a difficult passage; notice Patrick answered his own question. The Holy Spirit baptism is separate from both repentance and water baptism, as is demonstrated in this very story.

Peter never refused to pray for Simon about anything. Instead, he ordered Simon to pray for forgiveness and to act out his repentance. That wasn’t something Peter COULD have done for Simon.

The only difficult part of this passage is that it leads into Christian mysticism, which is optional. As this story itself demonstrates, you can be a legit Christian without any fancy supernatural stuff. Why does Patrick have trouble with this story, I wonder?

Some are suspicious noting his discipleship to Philip is abnormal, and his fascination with signs and miracles will be his downfall. However, I think it is better to see Luke presenting this initially as a genuine conversion, though time will reveal the truth.

That would be why Patrick has trouble with this story. Modern clergy have great trouble with the concept that Christianity isn’t a stack of dusty old books to be translated from Aramaic. Simon was once a legit sorcerer, which the modernist cannot accept, who was so impressed with the supernatural acts of Christianity he saw that he wanted to become a Christian sorcerer, which puts the lie to Scripture being merely a useful guidebook for healthy living.

That’s good. I had feared that Patrick’s issue would have been the idea that God’s favor cannot be purchased with money. He did, after all, pay a lot of money to a seminary.

As Acts commentator Eckhard J. Schnabel writes, .There is no hint that Philip baptized Simon prematurely.” Simon follows Philip, like the disciples follow Jesus, and he is amazed at the signs of Philip like the Samaritans (8:6.7). It’s easy to doubt Simon’s conversion as genuine when we as readers already know the end of the story. But Luke makes a point present Simon’s conversion in a positive light before he reveals its spuriousness. This trains his readers to realize not everything is at it seems in kingdom ministry . like with Simon’s miracles. Some people might be attracted initially for the wrong reasons.

Luke SAID Simon BELIEVED. There is no doubt here except that you want to deny an eyewitness account of a believer watching Christians alter reality with the skill of a real-deal magician.

I’m honestly impressed with Simon the Sorcerer. He obviously abandoned a powerful ability in order to follow Christ. The insult he dealt Peter (and/or Holy Spirit) appears unintentional, seeing as Simon immediately sought to make amends.

We’re getting off the topic of Patrick’s bad teachings on acceptance of newly converted celebrities. Skipping several paragraphs of Patrick musing even more about Simon,

We see that conversions in Acts should be viewed initially with joy, acceptance, and baptism. However, Paul will also go around to the churches he planted and “encourage them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts. (Acts 11:23), to “continue in the grace of God. (13:43), to “remain true to the faith. (14:22). Paul urges his congregation in Philippi to “hold firmly to the word of life” because then he will be able to boast on the day of the Lord knowing that he “did not run or labor in vain. (Phil 2:16). Paul sends Timothy back to Thessalonica to find out about their faith fearing he had labored in vain (1 Thess. 3:1-5).

Encouraging perseverance is not the same as suspecting disbelief and doubt. Paul writes to these congregations as saints. He tells them they are loved by God. He encourages them by saying he remembers their faith, love, and hope. He says they have a great inheritance waiting for them: We need to hold fast to Christ, but ultimately he is the one who holds fast to us.

Patrick keeps blowing this kind of squid ink. Accept the new celebrity unquestioningly but encourage perseverance afterwards? When he’s already in the henhouse? I note that Patrick’s entire article has avoided any New Testament teaching on humility… perhaps the most relevant doctrine for a celebrity convert.

So what do the Scriptures teach us about how we are to respond to Kanye’s turn to Christ? They encourage rejoicing, acceptance, and support. They also call us to pray for his perseverance and for a mentor. To recognize that all of us can labor in vain. We shouldn’t rain on anyone’s Christ parade. We should fall to our knees asking the Lord of the Harvest to continue the work he has begun.

Blah, blah. He’s fluent in Christianese, hitting all the right notes without giving up any content. Windy words from a career academic whose awareness of God is limited to “a dead guy named Jesus“. (Acts 25:19)

We have reports of gospel musicians and pastors themselves who vouch for Kanye’s faith. My prayer is that Kanye would continue to be mentored, that a Barnabas would come into his life, that he would grow into an oak of righteousness.

My prayer is that when Old Scratch finishes deconstructing Kayne, when he’s friendless and impoverished and lost all, that he will be able to console himself with Christ’s salvation. If he manages that, he will no longer care if he has access to the halls of power, to cheering crowds, to fabulous wealth. He will be among the saints who have passed through the Valley of Death and therefore, have nothing left to prove.

Patrick chose an academic life so he’d never face that challenge. Perhaps he’s too weak. So be it, but it’s a terrible thing to wish health and prosperity on a new Christian. Such is not what we were promised.

Welcome to the Long War.

I won’t believe Kayne is a real Christian until he starts ordering Madame Kardashian to behave. And so it shall begin.


Meet Some Climate Change Factors

On this lazy Sunday, I want to embarrass some eco-Nazis. Begin!

California Wildfires Signal the Arrival of a Planetary Fire Age

By Stephen Pyne

As a historian of fire, I know that no single factor drives it. Flames synthesize their surroundings. Fire is a driverless car that barrels down the road integrating whatever is around it.

We begin our search for embarrass-able people in the Ivory Tower of Nollij. A “historian of fire” presents himself for our consideration.

Climate change acts as a performance enhancer, and understandably, it claims most of the attention because it’s global and its reach extends beyond flames to oceans, mass extinctions and other knock-on effects. But climate change is not enough by itself to account for the plague of megafires. Climate integrates many factors, and so does fire. Their interplay makes attribution tricky.

Hmm, I may have chosen poorly. While he’s plugged into the Narrative, admitting that climate change can’t account for our current combustions is playing with fire. *ducks*

Hey, I said it was a lazy Sunday.

Instead, consider fire in all its manifestations as the informing narrative. The critical inflection in modern times occurred when humans began to burn fossilized rather than living biomass. That set into motion a “pyric transition” that resembles the demographic transition which accompanies industrialization as human populations first expand, then recede. Something similar happens with the population of fires, as new ignition sources and fuels become available while old ones persist.

…We can envision Earth entering a fire age comparable to the ice ages of the Pleistocene, complete with the pyric equivalent of ice sheets, pluvial lakes, periglacial outwash plains, mass extinctions, and sea level changes. It’s an epoch in which fire is both prime mover and principal expression.

That hysterical trolling gets a 7/10. I feel better about my opening pick for a lying jackass.

In the developed world, industrial combustion arranges agriculture, built environments, peri-urban settings and reserves for wildlands . all the stuff available for landscape fire. Societies even fight landscape fire with the counterforce of industrial fire in the form of pumps, engines, aircraft and vehicles to haul crews. The interaction of the two realms of fire determines not only what gets burned, but also what needs to be burned and isn’t. It changes the road fire drives down.

“Industrial combustion” is his idea that burning hydrocarbons for industrial energy has resulted in lumber no longer being logged. The actual blame for that goes upon the Leftoid environmentalists who outlawed logging when it was profitable. Strange that Leftoid scientists stop short of identifying causes when the causes are fellow Leftoids. He is also correct that a century of preventing healthy, smaller brushfires has resulted in massive, hair-triggered brushfires. Again, the work of Leftoid environmentalists. Again, he talks like overzealous fire suppression “just happened”.

Add up all the effects, direct and indirect . the areas burning, the areas needing to be burned, the off-site impacts with damaged watersheds and airsheds, the unraveling of biotas, the pervasive power of climate change, rising sea levels, a mass extinction, the disruption of human life and habitats . and you have a pyrogeography that looks eerily like an ice age for fire. You have a Pyrocene. The contours of such an epoch are already becoming visible through the smoke.

If you doubt it, just ask California.

I am so glad you asked! Let’s look at some… how you say… “contributors to the Pyrocene”.

46 Fire in Jurupa Valley Ignited by Stolen Vehicle Fleeing Authorities; 2 Arrested

By Anthony Kurzweil, et al, 31 October 2019

The 46 Fire that ignited near Rancho Jurupa Park in Jurupa Valley and spread into Riverside was caused by a stolen vehicle that was involved in a pursuit early Thursday morning, police said. The two people involved in the pursuit were eventually arrested.

Riverside police officers were on patrol about 12:15 a.m. when they noticed a stolen vehicle traveling northbound on Van Buren Boulevard near the Riverside County line, Riverside Police Department spokesman Ryan Railsback said.

The officers tried to pull over the vehicle but a pursuit ensued.

The driver eventually entered a vacant field in the 4800 block of Crestmore Road in the city of Jurupa Valley, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Flores said.

Two people who fled the vehicle before it caught fire were arrested, Railsback said. They were identified as Bryan Anguiano, 23, of Jurupa Valley, and Kevin Hidalgo, 28, of Riverside.

Dindu Muffins! If only there had been a way to deport these Climate Change factors then California’s environment would be cleaner!

Heat from the vehicle’s wheels started a fire underneath and the car became fully engulfed, officials said. The fire spread quickly into the field and the the river bottom area.

Anguiano was booked on suspicion of felony evading, car theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and an outstanding felony warrant for burglary and false impersonation, police said. Cal Fire arson investigators are also expected to charge the suspect with arson violations related to the cause of the fire.

Hidalgo was booked for an outstanding felony warrant for violating his post-release community supervision.

Video from the scene showed the car completely engulfed in flames that quickly burned out of control. …The fire came as the region was under a high wind warning until noon and a red flag warning until 6 p.m.

.He sounded normal.: Local woman says she talked with man when he set California brush fires

‘He sounded normal’: Local woman says she talked with man when he set California brush fires

By Sherae Honeycutt, 26 September 2019

Come now, Barbie, admit the truth. You didn’t talk with this arsonist… you fucked with him.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri man is in a Northern California jail, accused of setting more than a dozen fires between Friday and Saturday near the Bay Area. Those fires burned nearly 130 acres of brush.

Freddie Graham, 68, is facing 15 felony arson counts in Santa Clara County. Two of them are for setting fires during a state of emergency.

He’s a physiognometric poster child for antisocial traits. He even resembles an old, fat Rorschach:

I gotta fisk that comic someday.

A woman who knows Graham said he was texting her at the time. She said in the time she spent with Graham she saw he was a troubled man. With the recent loss of his wife, and signs of depression, she said she wanted to help and was shocked by the news of the fires.

“It was crazy,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

She said she met Graham on a dating website back in July.

He was a fun guy,” she said. “He was very nice. He teased me all the time. I liked that. He made me feel comfortable.”

She said she quickly realized he was emotionally troubled and dealing with the loss of his wife, but she wanted to stay friends.

“He was just a very lonely guy,” she said. “It touched me, so I didn’t want to cut it off completely. So I kept a friendship with him.”

“He was fun, very nice and emotionally troubled with no friends.” Hmm. Hmm. Spoiler: he was also out on bond for felony arson while they dated.

A week ago, on Thursday, he told her he was heading to the Bay Area for his high school reunion in Milpitas. He texted and called her saying he was driving through the hills of Milpitas on Friday, and that he had a lot to tell her about his trip.

“He sounded normal,” she said. “He sounded happy.”

But what she didn’t know was, in California, firefighters were dealing with a serious situation.

…Police tracked Graham to a rental car after a witness spotted him on the hill and was able to get photos. Court documents show they traced the car back to the Hertz rental company at the Mineta San Jose International Airport.

They found that the car was returned, but the same person came back and rented a second car. That car was rented to Freddie Graham of Lone Jack, Missouri.

Investigators said Graham was using lighters to ignite napkins from fast food restaurants and then throw them out the window into the brush.

“It was crazy,” she said. “I just couldn’t believe it. I was like — did I really just hear what I thought I heard?”

Well, did you ever ask him about his criminal record?

Back in Lone Jack, Graham is facing an arson charge from last year. Court documents show on Aug. 12, 2018, around 2 p.m., they got word of a fire at the intersection of W. Cannon and Bynum roads.

A tractor trailer with bales of hay was ablaze in front of the old Perrywinkle building.

Investigators said they were able to connect Graham to the fire through surveillance video where they saw his car drive up to the hay and watch as an arm came out of the window and lit the hay on fire.

In the documents, officials say Graham was there while firefighters put the blaze out. When they talked to him about the fire, he said he went to lunch at the Lone Jack Cafe, came out and saw the fire.

When confronted with the video of the incident, he allegedly wrote in a statement, “I guess I done it.”

The woman said she had no clue about the fires in California or Missouri until she woke up and saw it on the news Thursday morning.

She said if she could talk to him now, she would ask him why he did this.

“I would say why? Why would you do that, and why didn’t you reach out for help?” she said. “There’s always someone out there that cares. That’s what I told him. I care.”

Somebody’s in love with jailbait, which means somebody needs neutering.

The charges he’s facing in California are more severe because the fires were set during wildfire season. California Gov.Gavin Newsom put the state of emergency into effect back in the spring ahead of the state’s dry season.

Graham is being held in the Santa Clara County Jail on a $500,000 bond. He is expected back in court in California on Sept. 30.

He was scheduled to be in Jackson County Court on Wednesday, but was in custody in California at the time. There is no new court date set for his case in Missouri at this time.

Some folks think he was a false flag but not me. Not when he missed his court appearance for arson because he’d just been arrested for arson.

And to cap this off, this opinion article.

Devine: Mismanagement, stubbornness have set California ablaze

htt ps://nypost.com/2019/10/30/devine-mismanagement-stubbornness-have-set-california-ablaze/

By Miranda Devine, 30 October 2019

It.s not climate change that has set California on fire, as Gov. Gavin Newsom claims.

It.s human mismanagement and green obstinacy.

Locking up forests and preventing tree clearing and the systematic fuel reduction required in any prudent management of nature has been a disaster in a state that is “built to burn..

Now that the cataclysm predicted by world forestry and fire experts has come to pass, the culprits are blaming climate change.

It.s a self-fulfilling prophecy. They warn of cataclysmic climate change if we don’t suddenly remove the cheap, fossil-fueled energy on which this nation’s economic prosperity was founded.

Then they work against any sensible management of California’s forests that would reduce the severity of routine regular wildfires.

Then, when the wildfires become record-breaking conflagrations, they point and say, .See, I told you so..

They’re like arsonists admiring their handiwork from afar.

“Like”, like hell. They ARE arsonists. Cultural arsonists, spiritual arsonists, legislative arsonists, judicial arsonists and literal arsonists. They will burn the world just to watch you suffer. Especially if you’re cis-normative.

But in this era of climate alarm, they are winning the argument.

When President Trump and then-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke pointed out the green culpability in California’s conflagrations last year, they were roundly condemned.

.There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor,. Trump tweeted last year.

Zinke went even further: When “we try to thin forests of dead and dying timber, or we try to sustainably harvest timber from dense and fire-prone areas, we are attacked with frivolous litigation from radical environmentalists who would rather see forests and communities burn than see a logger in the woods..

For his forthright approach, Zinke became green enemy No. 1, before he was bundled out of office this year in a stitched-up scandal over charter planes.

…Stephen Pyne, one of the world’s most eminent bushfire historians, and emeritus professor at Arizona State University, says we’ve reached the limit of the “fire suppression model” where the best and bravest firefighters use the mightiest equipment to extinguish fires.

Pyne is right but as we saw in his article above, he’s no friend of ours.

This aggressive fire suppression has made matters worse, leaving forests overgrown and plagued by dangerous fuel loads.

.It.s not enough of the right kind of burning..

Regular systematic prescribed burning to remove ground fuel, as Native Americans used to do, is one partial solution, as is “hardening the houses on the front line” so they can withstand embers, and spending money on burying underground the power lines that spark so many fires.

There’s also the problem of air quality in the smog trap of the Los Angeles basin, which has led to draconian measures to eliminate air pollution.

Which worked, to be honest. Although that has nothing to do with the brushfires we’ve been talking about.

Former Gov. Jerry Brown famously vetoed a bipartisan wildfire management bill in 2016 that would have mandated “prescribed burns,. claiming the work already was being done.

But clearly whatever he was doing didn’t work.

Newsom, after eight years as Brown’s sidekick, now blames .dog-eat-dog capitalism meeting climate change.” He is trying to scapegoat Pacific Gas and Electric, the nation’s largest private utility, which has cut power to 1.5 million Californians this week in a series of pre-emptive blackouts to prevent its equipment igniting more fires, and ward off the lawsuits that have bankrupted it.

But, as the Wall Street Journal editorial board has pointed out, the bungling and money-wasting at PG&E was largely driven by leftist policies of the Brown-Newsom regime. The Democratic political strategy was to use the company to advance their climate agenda, including laws mandating that 60 percent of electricity come from renewables by 2030.

Article is here but behind a paywall. A pity; would’ve been interesting.

ht tps://www.wsj.com/articles/fires-and-blackouts-made-in-sacramento-11572044500

The upshot is that Californians paid an average 19.86 cents per kilowatt-hour for their electricity in August 2019, which is 50 percent more than the national average.

All that money spent on satisfying climate ideologues has created the conditions that have turned off the lights in the world’s fifth-largest economy.

Ironically, the wildfires are now spewing an unprecedented amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

So much for saving the planet.


Physiognomy: Deadspin Tailspin

The NFL Convergence scandals made a disappointing story. This one is better because the senior manager who told the SJW creeps “No” was, according to his face, HOPING they would point & shriek at him. And they did, to our amusement!

Deadspin Writers Continue Quitting in Protest of Stick to Sports Mandate


By Dylan Gwinn, 31 October 2019

Deadspin writers have not relented in their protest of their parent company’s mandate to stick to sports, as staff members continue quitting en masse.

Sounds like winning to me, hehhheh. You go, girls! Out the door you go!

The latest sign of the tumult at the former sports/political/cultural website occurred Wednesday night and on into Thursday, as Deadspin waited until Thursday afternoon to post an article about the Nationals World Series victory on Wednesday night.

Shoulda named it Tailspin.

According to the New York Post:“Writers have been fleeing [GQ: rage-quitting] the site to protest a mandate to “stick to sports” after the site published a blistering story that accused the company’s owner G/O Media . which also owns Gizmodo, Jezebel and the Onion, and which is backed by the cost-conscious buyout firm Great Hill Partners . of hiring “older white guys” to run the site.”

You can’t quit, motherpuckers, I fired you last week. Sorry you didn’t get the memo, now you won’t get the paycheck either. But that’s okay since you just told the world you weren’t following my orders. Be sure to use me as a reference on your next job application.

In the face of the sports-only directive from G/O execs, staffers have protested that Deadspin’s stories about politics, media, and pop culture frequently generate more traffic.

I bet them getting canned is generating EVEN MORE traffic! Myself, I didn’t even know Deadspin existed this morning.

As of midday Thursday, the only other new story posted on the site since Wednesday evening was a piece about a Jordanian pro soccer team by a freelance writer. In a farewell tweet, Deadspin editor David Roth said he posted it to guarantee the writer got paid.

By way of example, that was not a sports story. Title: “For Palestinians In And Out Of Refugee Camps, Al Wihdat Is More Than A Soccer Team” and a link for the curious:


Textbook SJW. Problem glasses, left-side-guardedness, narrow, upturned nose and a beard that just can’t grow in.

The revolt began in earnest on Tuesday after Deadspin owner G/O Media sent out a memo telling writers that they were to confine their stories to issues dealing only with sports, and to leave politics to other sites within the network.

Segue for info on that memo:


In a Monday [October 2019] memo to staff, G/O Media editorial director Paul Maidment told the employees of the site.which primarily covers sports, but also frequently writes about media, politics, and culture.to abstain from stories that do not have an explicit link to sports.

.To create as much great sports journalism as we can requires a 100% focus of our resources on sports. And it will be the sole focus,. Maidment said. .Deadspin will write only about sports and that which is relevant to sports in some way..

The top editorial leader at G/O.the new company overseeing Deadspin, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Lifehacker, and a number of former Gawker Media sites.told employees that stories with tie-ins to sports were permitted to run on the site but that they should leave non-sports stories to the company’s other websites.

Sounds reasonable. “We have a different company for that kind of stuff.”

Whoa. Not a face I’d want to argue against. Very angled eyebrows for conflict, a defined brow with determination lines between the eyebrows, again the narrow, upturned nose and wacky hair indicating either creativity or insanity. (In physiognomy, it’s the same thing.) Strong, wide chin. Those thin lips do not care about you. Visible “disappointment” nasolabial lines are like battle scars when found on a confrontational face.

His face shape is also very rectangular (the Sanguine temperament), which is another indicator of conflict; partly because such people tend to work in bursts of energy instead of a measured pace.

But I don’t think he actually sucks on lemons to warm up for the day. His mouth corners are level so he’s probably a reasonable fellow… until he gets restless.

So, what I think happened is Paul made what he thought was a solid business decision, and when the SJWs infesting Deadspin complained for no good reason, Paul blew off some steam at them and the SJWs triggered for a swarm…

Against the kind of guy who needs the occasional fistfight to expend his focused, Sanguine energies. Which is probably why he chose work at a company that purchases failing business and turns them around. Paul’s face suggests that his preferred way of handling unprofitable insolence is to take a couple scalps and clock out early.

End segue.

In response, Deadspin writers flooded the site on Tuesday with stories having to to do with anything but sports.

As a result Deadspin Deputy Editor Barry Petchesky was fired.

.Hi! I’ve just been fired from Deadspin for not sticking to sports,. Petchesky tweeted.

.Top postings on Tuesday included “Woman Furiously S.s on Floor of Tim Hortons, Throws it At Employees,. as well as “What Did We Get Stuck in Our Rectums Last Year,. and “The Hateful Life and Spiteful Death of the Man Who Was Vig the Carpatian,. the New York Post reports.

Writers have continued quitting since Petchesky’s firing. Other writers who have recently left Deadspin include Drew Magary,

Dom Cosentino,

Dan McQuade, [proud author of https://adequateman.deadspin.com/how-the-hell-should-you-pee-in-this-toilet-1820834166%5D

Kelsey McKinney,

Laura Wagner,

and Luis Paez-Pumar.

Luis Paez-Pumar

Not uniformly SJW soyboy feminazi except in their actions. “Fight the power kicking our asses! Do me next!”

..Stick to sports. is and always has been a euphemism for don’t speak truth to power,. wrote GMG Union, the union which represents Deadspin said in a statement.

The statement specifically called out G/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller.

.In addition to being bad business, Spanfeller’s actions are morally reprehensible,. the statement claimed.

G/O Media has not taken the union’s criticism laying down.

FINALLY!!! Why is telling these SJW whiners No such a difficult thing to do?

The company released a statement debunking the writers claim that Deadspin’s political and cultural writing was one of the more popular features on the site.

.In September, unsurprisingly, 24 of the top 25 stories on Deadspin were sports-related while non-sports content accounted for less than 1 percent of the page views on the site,. a spokesman explained.

.While amusing, our readers haven’t actually come to Deadspin for stories like “Classic Rock, Ranked,. or .You’re Goddamn Right It’s Layering Season,. or .It’s OK to Logoff…

SJWs always lie but management doesn’t always kick their asses to the curb. I can’t wait to watch Paul Maidment decide that Jezebel needs to start respecting President Trump.


Popular Science Claims Eating Meat Is White Male Privilege

Hat tip to instapundit for the link. Yet another pillar of pop culture has been Converged into justifying female hysterics with hatred of Western Civilization. Woe unto those who call evil, good and veganism, healthy!

People think beef is manly, and that’s a big problem


By Sandra Gutierrez G, 30 October 2019

The guy in Burger King’s 2006 “Manthem” campaign for the Texas Double Whopper sits in a fancy restaurant and looks at his food. He’s appalled. The portion is tiny, and for some reason, it comes with a pink rosebud on the side. In a feat of utmost masculinity, he starts singing an altered version of Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman,” boasting that he can’t settle for “chick food” and needs to eat meat.

They included the link. It’s awesome!

Who could possibly find fault with that? Presenting “DIY Associate Editor” Sandra:

Sandra Gutierrez

Flipboard: This 25-foot-long dino discovery suggests ...

Huh, her face doesn’t reflect her toxic background. Long, thick hair–although she obviously dyes it… eyes might be acquiring the Thousand Cock stare but not too quickly. Only her narrow, upturned nose and jutting chin suggest a confrontational attitude.

Per her LinkedIn, she’s a journalist from Chile, had a career going there in local media until going North to abort her residual femininity at Columbia’s J-school, leaving just this year. I don’t think she graduated, having been there only one year, and nothing in her background suggests she is capable of intelligently reporting on science and related topics. She’s been straight journalism/media relations.

Which I guess, explains her starting at Popsci as an editor rather than a mere content producer. Real work is for male drones.

Popsci’s been going downhill for about a decade… now publishing quarterly instead of monthly. Not a mystery if their current (non-photography) staff is any indication:

Editor-in-Chief Joe Brown
Creative Director Pete Sucheski
Executive Editor Kevin Gray
Managing Editor Corinne Iozzio
Online Director Amy Schellenbaum
Features Editor Susan Murcko
Science Editor Rachel Feltman
Technology Editor Stan Horaczek
Senior Producer Tom McNamara
Senior Editor Sophie Bushwick
Associate Editor Mary Beth Griggs
Assistant Editors Claire Maldarelli, Sara Chodosh, Rob Verger
Associate Producer Jason Lederman
Engagement Editor Ryan Perry
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Three producers, four researchers and SIXTEEN editors/directors. Who’s making your content, Popsci? And Sandra isn’t even among them despite claiming employment for several months. Either she’s freelancing or their IT nerd got canned for a harmless joke.

Anyway, let’s continue the article.

The Double Whopper commercial aired more than 10 years ago, but the truth is, stereotypes around meat and masculinity haven’t changed much.

You had to reach back ten years because stereotypes HAVEN’T changed much?

To this day, there’s a cultural tendency to link the two together.particularly when it comes to red meat. Scientists have been digging into the connection since the 1980s to see how it adds up to traditional gender roles in different societies. Numerous studies have found that larger portions and unhealthy food are perceived as more masculine, while healthy food and smaller portions are considered more feminine.

You be the judge:

In fact, a 2010 study by researchers at the University of Toronto found that women tend to eat less in a romantic dinner situation to “make a good impression” on their male partners.

One, male preference for meat is biological. We have a lot more protein to maintain, most of us, and our naturally aggressive tendencies tend to get us hurt & stressed more often. We like it because we need it.

Two, meat is not inherently unhealthy any more than grain is inherently healthy.

These patterns go hand in hand with other research that’s looked at the way we perceive vegetarians and omnivores, and how that plays out when the binary-gender factor is thrown in. Vegetarianism and veganism are perceived as feminine practices, so when men engage in them, they face harsher judgement.

No, vegans are despised regardless of gender because they make an unhealthy religion out of not eating a good diet. They also tend to be conscientious objectors who enjoy the benefits of having violent defenders while sneering at them self-righteously. Nobody likes a hypocritical coward.

Does veganism also include a vow of not bathing? Asking for a friend in Santa Cruz.

.People generally are more critical of men who eat plant-based than they are of women who eat plant-based, partly because of the common belief that meat is a .man’s food,. . says Matthew Ruby, a professor at the School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe University in Albury-Wodonga, Australia.

Sandra is native to Chile and transplanted to USA, so why is she quoting an Australian? Is her science not ‘settled’ enough to quote a peer?

Both genders use descriptors like “less masculine” “physically weaker”, and “less likeable” when talking about men who eschew meat; some women even find them less attractive. Last year Italian researchers from the University of Padova looked at how dietary choices in men affected heterosexual dating preferences. In a series of studies, they found that omnivorous men had more success with women, even when women didn’t present a previous negative bias towards vegetarian men.

Let me solve this scientific Gordian knot on behalf of Italy: men who don’t eat meat are scrawny, soyboy crybabies that you women are not naturally attracted to. No meat means no muscles means no chick jumping your bones for a protein squirt.

“Women are often expected to take care of themselves more; they’re expected to be more compassionate and empathetic. Given that a lot of people don’t eat meat for concern for animals or the environment, that fits into those conceptions of what women should be like,. Ruby explains.

Most people who don’t eat meat, don’t have meat readily available. You can’t sniff traditional Chinese cooking without realizing it came about via multiple waves of centralized government-induced famine. “Are dogs edible? What about this seaweed?”

Any woman who says “those poor little fish tacos” cannot expect to marry well.

Meanwhile, when men quit meat for ethical or compassionate reasons, Ruby says they get flagged for adopting a feminine behavior that could jeopardize their position of strength and power.

Why do they believe that? The Christian knows that God designed us to eat meat, in fact, the first recorded animal killings were done by God Himself to provide clothing for Adam & Eve. It wasn’t even for food. Righteous Abel was a rancher. The Mosaic Law had kosher meat. Animal sacrifices were mandated. Saint Peter was a fisherman. Jesus is on record eating fish post-Resurrection.

Pigs are the only animal that will go to Heaven along with humans, because it can’t be Heaven without bacon.

The atheist knows that there is no morality, only winners and losers. There is no evo-psych reason to value the lives of the edible if you’re hungry.

What’s going on here is that weak men want to attract mates by publicly crying over Bambi while not having their man card shredded for just cause.

Pick a uniform and wear it, ye wimpy White Knights.

Matthew Ruby, a lecturer-not-professor. Definite intelligence third of his face. He’s obviously trying to highlight his jaw & chin, thus appearing more masculine than he really is… compensating for a toothpick body, perhaps, although he doesn’t have pencilneck (yet).

If that’s as high as his lips go when smiling then he’s naturally a very pessimistic person. Vegans tend to be that way. I’d be angry at the world, too, if I had to give up bacon cheeseburgers.

You can read some of his dishonest enthusiasm for veganism here; I’ll quote just one excerpt for the lulz.


For many years, veganism had relatively few adherents, and was largely dismissed as a fringe movement, if not met with outright hostility. In his 2000 book, Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain didn’t mince his words:

“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living.”

You would’ve been a great MGTOW, Tony.

Why do we think eating meat is masculine?

We don’t. We think eating meat is normal. Stop trying to set up a strawman argument!

In a time where the gender binary and gender roles have been questioned and debunked, it’s hard to put a finger on what masculinity actually is.and why meat has any role in it. While there’s no consensus on why we associate red meat to masculinity, experts have presented a few tasty hypotheses by bridging ancient societies with modern ones.

White men in North America should stop eating meat because the Neanderthals of Eritrea didn’t *all* starve to death on berries so far as vegan scientists are willing to admit. Bah! Don’t tell us that “ancient societies had different diets”, tell us by what authority our government can coerce us to adopt veganism against our will and valid nutritional arguments.

It sure as hell ain’t gonna be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”.

No. 1: Men are the providers

The most widespread explanation, first presented by Julia Twigg in 1979, dates back to our hunter-gatherer roots. “In many cultures, hunting was a very male activity,” Ruby says. “Men were the ones going out, doing the hunting, and providing that meat.”

This is Julia Twigg. Happy Halloween:

Professor Julia Twigg - Professor of Social Policy and Sociology - YouTube

The most successful hunters were often large, strong men who could take on a wild animal and survive. These men were regarded as powerful, and the availability of meat in the community’s meals was a direct reflection of their power.

This association might still be hardwired into our brains, Ruby says, even though “hunting meat” now only requires the strength to tap some buttons and open the door for the delivery guy.

No. The need for animal protein is biological, not sociological. This is a fatal error. This is a blatant lie crafted by deceivers to justify the unjustifiable.

No. 2: Eating meat is a risky business

No again. Just NO already!

In sociology, masculinity is described as a precarious state that men must assert regularly and publicly. One of the main ways to do this is by engaging in risky behavior, be that avoiding medical or mental health care, or engaging in risky sexual behavior or substance abuse.

A diet that includes large portions and plenty of red meat, which is proven to be unhealthier than poultry and fish, can also count as a risky behavior. “There’s this association between unhealthy eating and masculinity, that if you’re a real man you shouldn’t be so concerned about your health,” Ruby says.

How did this get published in Popular SCIENCE? “We can count eating beef as risky behavior on par with drug abuse.”

He.s cautious, though, and clarifies that this is only a possible explanation, given that the idea of red meat being unhealthy is rather new. Only a few decades ago, red meat was seen as a key element of any recommended diet.

Before the Convergence, natch. Although even then, the Federal gov’t tried to push too many grains upon us. I remember the stupid food pyramid. “Teacher, my dad says the food pyramid is meat, veggies and dessert. Why is the government wrong?”

No. 3: Meat is a symbol of white-male privilege

OH COME ON! How can anybody believe this lying trash?

According to Carol Adams, a feminist-vegan advocate and author of the book The Sexual Politics of Meat, the myth that you need meat for strength is “traceable to this intersection of colonialism, white supremacy, and masculinity.”

Wild guess, Carol Adams is New York Times… *checks* Nope, she’s a PastorWife with an M.Div from Yale, whose early work was discovering that wife batterers are all meat eaters.

Vegan's Daily Companion - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Historically, Adams says red meat was a luxury reserved for aristocrats, who, at the turn of the 19th century, were largely male and white.

In Europe, sure. Not in the Americas, Asia or Australia. All of which had meat-eating cultures.

The bourgeois didn’t hunt or raise the cattle they ate; servants and peasants did all the physical work, though they themselves couldn’t afford to eat meat on a regular basis.

Sheep herding was huge in Europe at the time. She’s projecting a fictionalized version of the American Deep South’s plantation system back through time to a different continent.

Sixteen full-time editors couldn’t keep this train wreck from publication? Do they need eighteen?

Regardless, Europeans upheld the concept that meat equals strength, masculinity, and ultimately, superiority. Adams notes that the English bragged about how they were able to colonize India because their soldiers ate red meat unlike the native men.

WHICH IS IT? Were the peasants not allowed to eat the meat they raised for idle aristocrats, or did White Man have powerful imperialist armies because the troops were raised eating meat in preparation for colonizing vegan lands?

She also mentions that in World War II, the US and UK rationed meat at home so that soldiers on the front lines would have more fuel for the fight. The governments also launched a victory-garden initiative using propaganda that featured only women planting and harvesting vegetables.

“Millions killed in the World Wars; idle housewives most affected.”

Winds of (cultural) change

Though it’s safe to say that the link between meat and masculinity is widespread, its expression varies between cultures. Understanding the nuances helps us to better dissect the stereotypes and learn how to get past them.


That’s no small order, of course. Culture is flexible and changes constantly, but it may take a while to get over entrenched beliefs on meat and gender roles. While feminist and LGBTQI+ movements across the world have forced societies to question their definition of masculinity, the industry has been slower on the uptake. Fast food ads continue to target men with gendered cliches and expectations. “All of these are ways of trying to recuperate something that has already been lost,” Adams says.

The popularity of plant-based diets has, in some part, forced meat-centric companies to invest in vegetarian and vegan trends.

Which is it? Are plant-based diets becoming more popular, or were meat sellers FORCED… your word… to carry vegan alternatives? Merchants don’t really care how they make a buck but tyrannical Ivory Tower elitists do… especially the sickly, bitter, vegan ones.

Maybe 2020 will be the year Burger King finally revamps its “Manthem” campaign to include a chicken nugget.or even a carrot.

How can anybody believe these lies? You’ve come a long way, baby, from “men beat their wives because the Super Bowl is on television” to “nutrition is a social construct.”

Get Woke, Go Broke, Popular Science magazine. Die in shame.