Christians Against TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP Christian Nationalism

A faith-based lobbyist in D.C. has exposed a dark, secret underworld of Christians who like Trump, think other religions are inferior, want to Make America Great Again and believe America is supposed to be a pro-Christian nation… exactly what racist, dead white male NOT-SEEs once believed! REEE!

While the statement itself doesn’t directly reference Trump, most of the articles covering it did and several of the endorsing celebrities are known for hostility to Trump. But let’s go to the source!

Christians Against Christian Nationalism

As Christians, our faith teaches us everyone is created in God’s image and commands us to love one another.

That’s why you insist on the death penalty for violent crime, yes? “Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind.” Genesis 9:6.

As Americans, we value our system of government and the good that can be accomplished in our constitutional democracy. Today, we are concerned about a persistent threat to both our religious communities and our democracy . Christian nationalism.

America was never meant to be a democracy. Prot Christians are not supposed to build religious communities. Organizations, yes, but our first principles–not to mention reality–dictate that walling ourselves off from the outside world is neither desirable nor feasible.

Since we must engage with non-Christians, either we impose Christ’s morality upon them or they impose their morality upon us. Christ’s Will brings light and relief even to those who don’t appreciate it. (Loyal wives, honesty instead of lies, punish the thief.) Transgenderism brings suffering even upon its most devoutly mutilated adherents.

Christian nationalism seeks to merge Christian and American identities, distorting both the Christian faith and America’s constitutional democracy. Christian nationalism demands Christianity be privileged by the State and implies that to be a good American, one must be Christian. It often overlaps with and provides cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation. We reject this damaging political ideology and invite our Christian brothers and sisters to join us in opposing this threat to our faith and to our nation.

We Christians would be happy with being tolerated by the State. Meanwhile, how does Scripture provide cover for racial subjugation? Which is it? Does Christianity teach that we’re all made in God’s image or does it designate lesser races for exploitation?

Notice that this entire statement does not contain one single Bible reference.

As Christians, we are bound to Christ, not by citizenship, but by faith. We believe that:

People of all faiths and none have the right and responsibility to engage constructively in the public square.

No Christian believes that Satan deserves equal time & respect with Jesus. The righteous and wicked hate each other. Coexistence with the devil is simply not an option.

Patriotism does not require us to minimize our religious convictions.

What religious convictions? You who believe all religions are nothing more than social tools to be Trumped (ha!) by the State, do you even understand the concept of a religious conviction? It’s when you defy human authority in service to God.

One.s religious affiliation, or lack thereof, should be irrelevant to one’s standing in the civic community.

Frigging Communists don’t care what you believe so long as their government remains free of your morality. Remember, all religions are equal but nonreligion is more equal than religion.

Government should not prefer one religion over another or religion over nonreligion.

Hah, they even said it!

Religious instruction is best left to our houses of worship, other religious institutions and families.

Translation, the place of Christianity in society is safely boxed up and far away from our pandering, kleptocrat micro-tyrants. Get your laws off my body! I got babies to kill!

America.s historic commitment to religious pluralism enables faith communities to live in civic harmony with one another without sacrificing our theological convictions.

Again, I don’t think you know what a religious conviction is. Hint: it is not a fashion statement about how you waste your spare time.

Conflating religious authority with political authority is idolatrous and often leads to oppression of minority and other marginalized groups as well as the spiritual impoverishment of religion.

Some religions–namely Islam and Hinduism–do encourage the exploitation of marginalized groups. But you are only whining about Christians.

Shouldn’t your organization be called “Faith People Against Faith in Nationalism“? You keep talking like all religions are interchangeable but complain about Christians specifically. Which is it? Should all religions be treated equally or is it okay to single out specific ones for specific treatment?

We must stand up to and speak out against Christian nationalism, especially when it inspires acts of violence and intimidation.including vandalism, bomb threats, arson, hate crimes, and attacks on houses of worship.against religious communities at home and abroad.

Now you’re just slandering us. We Christians are the religion LEAST likely to do any of that. And you, you are atheists, the worst-offending religion of them all for senseless bloodshed.

Whether we worship at a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, America has no second-class faiths. All are equal under the U.S. Constitution. As Christians, we must speak in one voice condemning Christian nationalism as a distortion of the gospel of Jesus and a threat to American democracy.

Sheet, mon, you don’t know jack about Jesus if you think His followers will speak with one voice about anything except the most basic tenets of the faith, and even then we have lying infiltrators like you to deal with. That’s how diverse we are.

And you’re so di-worse, you think it doesn’t matter what anybody believes so long as they obey you with no religious conviction hangups.

You really should learn about “religious convictions”.

Who are “you”, anyway? Eighteen chuckleheads this time… the ride never stops. A grab bag of male feminists and the feral skanks who use them. Interestingly, many are cast-offs of the Southern Baptist revival in the 90s:



Overcredentialed, aging Baby Boomer.

The CBF splintered off from the Southern Baptists in response to Paige Patterson & friends bringing the denomination back in line with Scripture in the 90s. One of the founding tenets of the CBF is acceptance of female clergy.



Hey, look! Female clergy! Talking smack about Trump, if you look at those signs.



Mild pedo, very loud/angry to judge from the jowls.

What is RLC?

By calling ourselves Red Letter Christians, we refer to the fact that in many Bibles the words of Jesus are printed in red.

That’s neither Biblical nor Traditional, to believe that only Jesus’ exact words are authoritative. The red printing is, I hope, done only as a show of respect to Christ. It shouldn’t mean “this is the only part you have to believe”.

What we are asserting, therefore, is that we have committed ourselves first and foremost to doing what Jesus said. Jesus calls us away from the consumerist values that dominate contemporary America. Instead, he calls us to meet the needs of the poor.

Virtue-signaling : consumerism :: Pride : greed.

He also calls us to be merciful, which has strong implications in terms of war and capital punishment. After all, when Jesus tells us to love our enemies, he probably means we shouldn’t kill them.

Even though that’s what Jesus said to do in Genesis 9:6? My mistake, that’s what God said. Not Jesus. Big difference?

We should blow Tony’s brain by send him a Bible written in all-red text. The “Gloria Allred” Bible? Never mind.


The words of Jesus are authoritative and compel us to believe:

1. All people are made in the likeness and image of God.

Atheists really like that idea. They must not realize that being made in God’s image is why they’ll be damned to Hell instead of merely destroyed like a bug.

5. Diversity and collaboration make us stronger, not weaker.

For his birthday, I shall send Tony an e-mail written in the Urdu language because it will make him smarter. Then I’ll ask Baal to send him a Buddhist to teach him more about Jesus.

9. We embrace and work alongside people of different faiths, erasing the lines of “us vs” them..

THAT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT JESUS TAUGHT, YOU FRAUD. “I am the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father except through me.”



That’s an impressively bulbous nose (wealth-seeking). He’s also got serious sexual stress lines from the lower eyelids practically to his ears. Ascetic living isn’t working out for him.



Negro pedo. This is the chucklehead who presided over the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Which tells you everything you need to know about CACN. It also confirms that Prince Harry’s marriage is a plot to discredit the royal family and by extension, UK nationalism, which we already knew was the only possible reason for his choice of bride.

headshot square paula dempsey.jpg





Problem glasses and a beard shoring up a weak chin make me suspect SJW.






Negro mild-pedo.



Physiognomy has nothing to say but Hawkins is a Charismatic. Not just PCUSA.

darin moore larger.jpeg


You can trust an African-Methodist-Episcopal to have weak religious convictions. It’s the only way to daisy-chain one’s beliefs like that. Wide (‘visionary’) eyebrows and very concave nose (social) make me think he wouldn’t be much of a Bible-thumper anyway.



Not a witch on the technicality of not being clergy. But a definite feminist. Resting bitch face, if that’s her best attempt at a smile.



Problem glasses. Honest enough about his Social Justice to not lead a church, I guess, but he still falsely identifies as Christian.




Amanda speaking at SCOTUS tight.jpg



What’s BJC? I think “Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty”, to be covered at the end.



Looks like pedoface but the profile shot makes me uncertain.



A coal-burning witch? I don’t know what to make of a MAN with a hyphenated last name. Maybe I assumed her gender.



I saved the biggest name for last. This pic is hilarious! It’s so dark that only three things are visible: his face with a smirk-smile, his left hand showing off a watch and his right hand showing off his wedding ring while simultaneously covering his balls. A status-conscious, wife-pleasing cuck with a grifter’s “trust me” look.

And they say you can’t judge a book by its cover.

The accompanying blurb makes me think he’s the founder of CACN, or at least the guy who wrote their statement.

.Nationalism is not just a love for country; rather, it pits the power of one nation against others, often with ideologies of racial superiority, and has led to the worst violence in human history. There is no Christian nationalism; nationalism is unchristian. I am grateful to BJC for bringing faith leaders together to jointly proclaim that no nation is above another in God’s eyes, and that our nation must never put one religion above another or privilege religious people above those who do not follow any religion..

The CACN website doesn’t say anything about its founders or financiers but this paragraph makes me think it’s the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, aka BJC. They also had a falling out with the Southern Baptists in the 90s/late 80s and now preach exactly this kind of globalist message. What a surprise that BJC, a “faith-based” lobbyist in D.C. is worried about the insidious, growing influence of Christianity. One supposes that few God-fearing politicians want thirty pieces of silver.

Five seconds on was sufficient to confirm that Jim Wallis is a victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It should go without saying that any self-identified Christian who refuses to revere Christ above other religions is a blasphemer. Those who also give women authority over men are heretics and Original Sinners, too.


SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s Accusers: The Sewing Circle

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher was recently acquitted of all charges. (Cry me a river over that selfie.) Now that the American Special Forces Trial of the Century is over, we can look back and piece together the real story of an SJW Convergence gone so wrong that I half expect the next Portland Antifa rally to be crashed by SEAL Team Six.

A jury found decorated Navy SEAL Edward “Eddie” Gallagher not guilty Tuesday on almost all charges he was facing, including murder and attempted murder, in the killing of a teenage Islamic State member in Iraq.

Gallagher was accused of stabbing to death a 15-year-old ISIS fighter in 2017 and posing with the corpse for photos. …

He faced seven criminal charges in all. Six of the most serious charges included premeditated murder, willfully discharging a firearm to endanger human life, retaliation against members of his platoon for reporting his alleged actions, obstruction of justice and the attempted murders of two noncombatants. On all of those charges, the jury in San Diego found him not guilty.

Jurors did find him guilty of the seventh charge, posing for a photo with a casualty, considered the least egregious of the crimes, which carries a maximum prison sentence of four months.

“We have a sentencing to do, but the maximum sentence of what they’re about to sentence him on is much less than the time that they’ve already had him in the brig,” defense attorney Tim Parlatore said. “So he is going home.”

Full vindication so far as I’m concerned. I suspect the selfie accusation was included only for insurance against a total dismissal of charges because a morbid picture does not remotely warrant a court-martial. “We accuse you of capital murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and expired vehicle registration… WE GOT A CONVICTION! Justice!”

Now what’s this about his being accused by a sewing circle?

Navy SEAL Trial Exposes Divide in Normally Secretive Force

By Julie Watson, 1 Jul 2019

It was called the “The Sewing Circle,” an unlikely name for a secret subsect of Navy SEALs. Its purpose was even more improbable: A chat forum to discuss alleged war crimes they said their chief, a decorated sniper and medic, committed on a recent tour of duty in Iraq.

The WhatsApp group would eventually lead to formal allegations that Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher fatally stabbed a wounded Islamic State captive in his care and shot civilians in Iraq in 2017.

Gallagher, 40, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

A jury of mostly combat Marines will ultimately decide the fate of the 19-year-veteran and Bronze Star recipient charged with murder, attempted murder and conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline for posing with the corpse for photographs.

Thank God for that jury of Real Men. What should a senior enlisted guy do if he sees his peer murdering innocents in cold blood?

A. Alert the chain of command.

B. Kill the peer in media res on behalf of innocents.

C. Play along, wait a couple years then gossip about it post-deployment on social media until the NCIS visits.

None of the Sewing Circle’s members has a picture available for physiognomy, sadly.

“SEALs, it seems to me, have been seeing themselves as God-like on the battlefield, and there is a real danger in taking that view of one’s unit or one’s self,” said Gary Solis, a former military judge and Marine Corps prosecutor who teaches law at Georgetown University. “I think this will alert the SEAL community that the rules apply to them.”

On the practical level, that would end the utility of special forces. On the Convergence level, that establishes the motive for prosecuting Eddie Gallagher. Had Gallagher been convicted, it would be directly analogous to the LAPD being demoralized by the Rodney King incident. Recall that while all four four police officers were acquitted of criminal charges, they were later punished in civil court and an infamous consent decree was imposed upon the entire LAPD to remake its leadership by judicial fiat.

I don’t suppose the Clinton Foundation can locate some ISIS family members to whine about their cousin’s civil rights being violated by SEAL Team 7. Not today, at least.

The case has laid bare challenges among U.S. special forces as the United States increasingly relies on such troops, which make up only 2% of the military yet carry out most of its battles around the globe.

A number of special forces members are on trial this year. A U.S. Navy SEAL last month pleaded guilty to hazing and assault charges for his role in the 2017 strangulation of a U.S. Army Green Beret in Africa.

For those interested, the strangling is here.

Summary, SEAL Adam Matthews & two friends were upset at the Green Beret unexpectedly leaving their convoy in an ambush-prone urban environment and thought a scare & chokehold was in order. But the victim didn’t wake up from the chokehold. Matthews was repentant and pled guilty so it’s hard to see this as anything more than unfortunate horseplay between proud men selected & rewarded for aggression.

The scandals have prompted a review by the Navy’s top commanders into the behavior of the special warfare teams. During Gallagher’s trial, it was revealed that nearly all his platoon members readily posed for photos with the dead militant and watched as Gallagher read his reenlistment oath near the body in an impromptu ceremony.

Lt. Jacob Portier, the officer in charge, has been charged separately for overseeing the ceremony and not reporting the alleged stabbing.

Yep, it’s the goddamned LAPD Consent Decree School for Social Justice.

The trial also has shown the struggles of military courts in prosecuting alleged war crimes. The lead prosecutor was removed after allegedly tracking the defense team’s emails to find a news leak, and the lead investigator acknowledged on the stand making mistakes.

Translation, the SJWs running this farce turned out to be incompetent boobs. The only pic I can find of anybody besides the Gallaghers is the (original) lead prosecutor Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak:

Army decide removes prosecutor accused of misconduct in ...

Very punchable overall. Looks like rounded eyebrows for social mindset and while the hat hides the forehead, I’d guess the middle third of the face is dominant, indicating a desire for status & ambition. I’ve never quite seen cheeks like that before. Prominent yet thinly padded suggests he’s socially dominant yet doesn’t attract followers, an unusual combination. Upturned nose with visible nostrils is an aggression indicator but he doesn’t have the chin to back that up well.

Conclusion: he’s a self-righteous politician and his coworkers warn each other about him behind his back.

I’ll have much more to say about Czaplak in a minute.

“The Sewing Circle,” the WhatsApp group chat, formed with a select few members of Alpha platoon after they returned to San Diego from their deployment in 2017.

In the thread, Gallagher was referred to as “El Diablo,” Spanish for “the devil.”

“Not sure how to handle him,” [Corey] Scott texted. “But he is ready to fight and kill.”

Gallagher’s lawyers say the group chat was used to orchestrate a smear campaign to bring down their demanding platoon chief. A SEAL troop commander told the court that the allegations, which he took no action on for months, were suspect because they came about as Gallagher was being considered for a Silver Star and a promotion. Platoon members testified that the team was fractured, and the running joke was that if something was missing from a care package, Eddie took it.

But his accusers said it went beyond the theft of sunglasses and snacks. …

SEAL sniper Dalton Tolbert told the court he did not recall who started the chat group but that the intent was to talk with others who were disturbed by what they saw on the deployment and decide what to do.

“I shot more warning shots to save civilians from Eddie than I ever did at ISIS. I see an issue with that,” Tolbert texted others.

After plans were discussed about going to the commodore, an investigation was opened and Gallagher was arrested.

This is not correct. The Sewing Circle never filed charges. They were contacted by NCIS. I’m leaving discussion of the prosecutors for after my coverage of the Sewing Circle, however.

A medic testifying in the trial of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher . who is accused of killing an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq . shocked trial observers when he testified Thursday that he, not Gallagher, was responsible for the Islamic militant’s death.

Special Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, a SEAL Team Seven medic, revealed during cross-examination in the courtroom at Naval Base San Diego that he killed the fighter by asphyxiation. Scott testified that he saw Gallagher stab the fighter, but then he himself held his thumb over a breathing tube that had been inserted into the militant’s mouth.

.Did Chief Gallagher kill this terrorist?. Gallagher’s attorney Timothy Parlatore then asked Scott.

“No,” Scott replied.

.Why did you kill him?. Parlatore asked Scott during one point of the cross-examination.

.Because I knew he was going to die anyway,. Scott answered. .I wanted to save him from what was going to happen next to him..

Scott … told the defense counsel that during his time serving overseas, he had witnessed the Iraqi Emergency Response Division .torture, rape and murder prisoners..

.Is this why you asphyxiated him?. Parlatore asked. .Yes,. Scott replied.

In other courtroom testimony that seemed straight out of a Hollywood movie, the Navy prosecutor opposite Parlatore raised his voice at Scott, charging that only now he was offering this testimony because he had immunity and he wanted to keep Gallagher out of jail. He accused Scott of never mentioning his role in the death during prosecution interviews that took place ahead of the trial.

.You never said that you covered the tube, did you?. asked Lt. Brian John, the prosecutor.

.You said he maintained vital signs until he stopped breathing,. he continued, reading off an interview transcript, accusing Scott of changing his story “only now, after you’ve been granted testimonial immunity..

.You can lie about the fact that you killed the ISIS prisoner because you don’t want Chief Gallagher to go to jail,. Lt. John continued.

.I don’t want him to go to jail,. Scott shot back.

The courtroom drama continued to unfold as Parlatore — a tall, imposing Navy veteran — stood facing the navy prosecutor seated inches from him, accusing prosecutors of stopping short of ever asking Scott what the cause of death was. The reason, Parlatore charged, was because they had one goal: the prosecution of Gallagher.

This was a hand grenade dropped into Lt. John’s lap by his predecessor, Cmdr. Czaplak, after his removal for illegally wiretapping the defense. I’m getting ahead of myself but the main reason the prosecution failed was that SJWs set up a false accusation against Gallagher and after the mastermind’s removal from the case, he was prosecuted by a (more) honest lawyer who had no idea the evidence was largely fabricated.

Which is how he went so spectacularly wrong here. I suspect Czaplak’s plan was to submit the lopsided testimony of Scott without letting Scott take the stand.

Defense: “What was the cause of death?”

Scott: “Me.”

Defense: “Did Gallagher kill this man?”

Scott: “No, I did.”

Prosecutor: “Why did you change your story?”

Scott: “I’m not changing my story. I told this to NCIS in the first interview. But wait, NCIS did a second interview with me in which he didn’t ask about cause of death… and this is the transcript from that second interview. Did you see the transcript from the first interview?”

Prosecutor: “Huh?”

Defense: “What? WHAT?!”

Prosecutor: “Um, well, why did you kill him?”

Scott: “Because our allies the Iraqis were going to torture, sodomize and murder him like they always do. It was a mercy killing but, y’know, technically premeditated murder so I held out for legal immunity.”

Prosecutor: “Your Honor, I need a recess and a drink.”

Again, I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll discuss the NCIS but first, let’s continue with the Sewing Circle.

NAVAL BASE SAN DIEGO . The main thing to remember about Navy SEAL Chief Craig Miller’s testimony on Wednesday is that he didn’t seem to remember a lot.

Miller, considered a key witness in the trial of Chief Eddie Gallagher, testified that he saw his former platoon chief stab the wounded ISIS fighter but was unable to recall a number of details surrounding that event. Gallagher is accused of murdering the wounded fighter and separately firing on innocent civilians during a deployment to Mosul, Iraq in 2017. He has pleaded not guilty.

Under direct questioning by prosecutors, Miller spoke about what happened on or around May 3, 2017, when Iraqi forces brought in a wounded ISIS fighter to the SEALs’ compound. Miller, then the leading petty officer of SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon and on his third deployment, told a packed court room that the fighter looked “scrawny” and “young” when he was hauled in on the hood of a Humvee.

No fat old guys on the front lines? Say it ain’t so.

“I remember Chief Gallagher arrived after that,” Miller said, adding that he was then eating lunch at a nearby vehicle. The SEAL said the fighter, who was speaking, had a leg wound but no other noticeable injuries.

Gallagher then began assessing the fighter’s wounds. When he put pressure on the man’s leg, the fighter raised himself up, seemingly in pain, and screamed. Miller testified that he used his boot to push him back down before leaving the scene to go back to the vehicle.

About 15 minutes later, Miller testified, he returned and walked around a Humvee where he saw SEAL medics working on the fighter from about 12 feet away. Gallagher, he said, was kneeling down on the fighter’s right side.

“I kept walking and I saw him stab the prisoner in the neck,” Miller said. He pointed to the right side of his own neck to show where the stabbing occurred. Gallagher stabbed him “once or twice,” Miller said.

Afterward, Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, one of the medics, “jumped back a little bit,” Miller testified. He also said that blood came pouring out of the fighter’s neck, which “looked similar to a baby throwing up.”

Corey Scott disagrees, as covered above.

Miller testified that he then immediately went looking for the SEAL platoon commander, Lt. Jake Portier. In a bombed out building, Miller said he told Portier what he had just seen.

Soon after, a reenlistment ceremony for Gallagher was carried out near the body, Miller testified. Then they all took a group photo with the body, which included Miller. It was “not okay” that he participated in the photo, Miller admitted, since it was “unprofessional” and could be used in ISIS propaganda.

Your CO murdered the kid, then you voluntarily posed with both of them? Seems there were a lot of pictures taken with that corpse.

Later that evening, Miller testified, the SEALs had a meeting to discuss the day’s events. Miller said, “I told them what I saw and I asked if anybody was okay with it.” Towards the end of the meeting, Gallagher walked in and pulled Miller aside, and the junior sailor testified that he told him, “Eddie, the guys are not good with this,” When Gallagher asked which guys, Miller said, “I’m not good with it.”

Miller being the assistant leader of SEAL Team 7, his hostility towards Gallagher explains much of the team’s poor morale and conduct.

Besides recounting events in Iraq, Miller also said Gallagher threatened him in a parking lot soon after they returned from deployment. In a meeting Miller testified that he attended along with Lt. Portier, Chief Gallagher, and Lt. Thomas MacNeill, he quoted Gallagher as saying he “had shit on all of us” and if we said any more “he’d take us all down.”

What kind of blackmail shit did he have, one wonders.

Under cross examination, the defense went on offense against Miller, who seemed at times to be rattled during questioning by attorney Tim Parlatore.

After asking how many times Miller had met with prosecutors and NCIS agents (“several”), Parlatore asked whether he hated Gallagher. “I think I don’t trust Eddie Gallagher,” Miller said. He then admitted that he told others that Gallagher was “evil.”

Hearing “I don’t remember” seemed to be a common theme for much of Miller’s testimony.

As former Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Dylan Dille testified that morning, some SEALs in the platoon were part of a WhatsApp text message chain called the “Sewing Circle.” When asked about this, Miller said he couldn’t recall much of what was discussed and he did not know specifically which members of the platoon were on the text chain.

Additionally, Miller said he did not remember the ISIS fighter’s age. Other things he did not remember included who in the platoon wore helmet cameras, who a person named Mike was that he mentioned to NCIS agents, or, really, much of what he had told NCIS.

“I got pretty worked up” during the NCIS interview, he explained.

When asked what he specifically told Portier after the stabbing incident, Miller said he couldn’t “remember everything” but that it amounted to, “we should pack up and leave because I felt we were combat ineffective.”

That doesn’t sound like “I just saw Eddie murder a POW for giggles”.

Parlatore then asked what happened next. Answer: I don’t remember. Frustrated, Miller told Parlatore, “sir, this process has been a very long process. I don’t remember every conversation I’ve had.”

Parlatore then pivoted back to the reenlistment ceremony, asking him whether he knew the oath of enlistment. He had heard it before . he was on his second enlistment . and had been at other reenlistment ceremonies. But he could not remember it then. “Right now I just can’t,” he said.

When asked whether he had any medical issues that affected his memory, Miller said no.

Meanwhile, Parlatore asked whether Miller had played with a drone after the reenlistment ceremony that had followed the ISIS fighter’s death. After Miller said he did not remember, Parlatore played a video for him to refresh his memory, which was not seen by the jury.

Though jurors did not see the video, they listened as Parlatore described what it showed during his questioning. In the first video, taken from a SEAL’s helmet camera, Miller is seen controlling a quad copter before turning toward the SEAL filming and smiling. In the second video, someone other than Miller is controlling the quad copter, which can be seen moving close back and forth across the ISIS fighter’s body . now covered with a green blanket . before it is bounced off “the ISIS terrorist’s head,” Parlatore said.

“I do not remember seeing that,” Miller said. “I do not remember the drone stuff.” When asked whether the fighter’s body was in the same place the next day, Miller also said he didn’t know.

Parlatore tried to further chip away at Miller’s credibility by questioning his recent application for a concealed carry permit in San Diego, in which he indicated he had received death threats. He said that since the case was so politicized, he was told there had been threats against him but they did not come directly from Gallagher.

“You ever live in New Mexico?” Parlatore then asked.

After Miller said no, he was questioned extensively on why he had applied as a volunteer police officer in New Mexico, despite not living or working in the state. Further questions and answers seemed to indicate that Miller was among a number of current and former SEALs who had participated in a scheme cooked up by a small town police chief to hand out badges that allowed them to conceal carry weapons in all 50 states, in exchange for a $400 annual fee.

That was some seriously good homework by Parlatore.

“Did you do anything other than get a badge?” Parlatore asked. Miller said no.

Miller was also asked about SEALs drinking in Iraq. The SEAL’s assistant officer in charge, Lt. Thomas MacNeill, had testified on Tuesday that he had “drank with most, if not all, of the enlisted SEALs on the roof” of their safe house, and had also “played DJ.”

“I did not drink up on the roof,” Miller said. “Chief Gallagher was there.”

When asked whether Lt. MacNeill had found empty beer bottles in a Humvee, Miller said he didn’t remember. Did Gallagher talk to you about it? Parlatore asked.

I didn’t drink and drive,” Miller answered. Noting that Miller was the vehicle commander, Parlatore asked him whether he allowed others to drink inside the vehicle. “Yes or no?” he asked.

Miller said he did not remember.

Now Dylan Dille.

While under cross examination on Wednesday morning, former Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Dylan Dille was questioned at length about a private WhatsApp group chat he and his fellow SEALs used to pass along information within their unit as well as news about the Gallagher case.

In the thread named “The Sewing Circle,” the SEALs . who were apparently concerned with war crimes allegedly committed by Gallagher . tried to distinguish themselves as their own “Brotherhood” in contrast to what supporters of Gallagher have called the “Real Brotherhood.”

Secret kings. Gamma behavior.

In his testimony, Dille said “there’s a clear line in the sand” between both camps of current and former SEALs on what is acceptable behavior in combat.

“It ain’t over until we’re sitting on a front porch with six shooters and the ‘Real Brotherhood’ comes knocking,” Dille wrote in one text message. “I look forward to laying down some lead again on that occasion.”

Defense attorney Tim Parlatore then asked, “Who is the “Real Brotherhood?”

“People who are okay with war crimes,” Dille said. He went on to describe them as an “angry mob” of the entire conservative media and former SEALs. Dille and other SEAL witnesses have said in testimony that they have received online threats.

Confirming Dille as an SJW.

Parlatore then brought up text messages in the thread sent by SO1 Dalton Tolbert, who was a sniper for SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon during their 2017 Iraq deployment. Gallagher has been accused of murdering a wounded ISIS fighter and using his sniper rifle to indiscriminately fire on noncombatants.

Did [Tolbert] say he “worked with a bunch of people who don’t care about killing civilians?” Parlatore asked.

Dille said yes.

“Where does he work?” Parlatore continued.

Dille, clearly uncomfortable before responding, then said, “Development Group.”

Naval Special Warfare Development Group is the name of the classified unit of SEALs commonly referred to as SEAL Team 6.

At that point, the judge, Capt. Aaron Rugh, shuffled members of the jury and Dille out of the courtroom and had a private discussion with Parlatore and the prosecutor.

Once court resumed with the jury present, Parlatore then asked whether Tolbert had ever said in text messages that he “was going to burn this motherfucking court room to the ground,” a reference to where the trial was taking place at Naval Base San Diego.

“Yes,” Dille said.

Parlatore also said Tolbert had disparaged defense attorneys and the judge in text messages, though he did not go into specifics.

However, a screenshot of a text message thread obtained by Task & Purpose showed that Tolbert had referred to Rugh as “this shady ass judge.”

According to a source familiar with the matter, Tolbert also wrote in the text message thread, “what a fucking joke. Somebody fire this pussy ass fucking judge. Who’s fucking courtroom is this? Time to man the fuck up fags.”

“If the motherfucking courthouse burned down, I did it,” Tolbert wrote, according to the source. “Then they can go fuck themselves with the pussy footing bullshit.”

In his testimony, Dille told Parlatore he took the supposed threat against the courtroom as a joke.

Tolbert is expected to testify on Friday.

That’s right, folks, a member of SEAL Team Six threatened to murder Judge Rugh and burn the courtroom. The other members of ST6 were surely not amused.

Now for Dalton Tolbert.

Two Navy SEALs testified Friday that their platoon leader gunned down a young girl and an old man in Iraq in 2017 from his sniper’s perch, though neither witnessed him pulling the trigger.

The SEALs said shots came from the tower where Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher was posted and they watched through their scopes as the civilians fell to the ground.

Dalton Tolbert said he and another sniper were in a neighboring tower in Mosul on June 18, 2017, and had fired warnings shots to scatter civilians by the Tigris River because the Islamic State was operating in the area.

I don’t believe that our snipers fire warning shots. It gives away their position and the entire point of using snipers is precision killing. Besides, killshots work as well as warning shots for scaring away noncombatants.

An old man in a white tunic began running and then Tolbert heard a third shot come from the neighboring tower where Gallagher was positioned and saw the man fall.

Over the radio, he heard Gallagher say: .You guys missed him, but I got him..

Not credible. “I got to murder the helpless old guy!”

The defense said the testimony was unreliable because no witness reported seeing Gallagher pull the trigger.

Motivation for making up the radio confession. Alternatively, motivation for a guilty murderer to NOT make a radio confession. If Gallagher had been so far into Chaotic Evil that he was narrating his killing sprees to the world then this would have been a slam dunk prosecution.

Attorney Tim Parlatore accused the SEALs of organizing a smear campaign through a group text that pressured fellow SEALs to coordinate their stories and get Gallagher ousted permanently.

Tolbert was so upset that when he returned from deployment, he texted members of SEAL Team 7 to say he wanted people to speak up about Gallagher’s behavior.

.I shot more warning shots to save civilians from Eddie than I ever did at ISIS. I see an issue with that,. Tolbert texted others.

Bullshit. Had that been true and Gallagher that deranged, Eddie would have capped Tolbert’s trash for scaring his victims away. Not to mention silencing a witness.

Another witness, Joshua Vriens, said on another day that he saw Gallagher shoot at a group of adolescent girls in floral hijabs, hitting one in the stomach and sending two scattering.

Vriens said he watched through his scope as a fourth girl dragged the wounded girl over a berm and under a bridge to escape.

During cross-examination, Vriens acknowledged he reported to a superior that day that the Islamic State was shooting civilians.

The defense, however, countered that the Islamic State used civilians, including women, to provide supplies.

No paper trails on any of this, so far as I could find. Mention to the boss in passing that Eddie’s on a murder spree, then don’t write anything down, let Eddie keep killing and whine a couple years later that no followup was done.

Which is curious, as other witnesses including the Iraqi liaison officer who handed the victim to the SEALS have said no knife wounds. There is the possibility that despite his claims of a mercy killing, Corey Scott has a snuff fetish. A medic playing God with human life is dodgy at the best of times.

Or, maybe a guilty conscience provoked him to take a fall for Gallagher.

So, that’s the Sewing Circle. Corey Scott murdering Gallagher’s supposed victim, Craig Miller remembering the murder but not what he told NCIS about the murder, Dylan Dille protecting Iraq from a deranged murderer without stopping the murderer or even filing a report on him, Dalton Tolbert threatening to arson the trial then crying about losing his spot with SEAL Team Six when the judge found out, and Joshua Vriens who saw Eddie shoot civilians while he was watching the civilians instead of either Eddie or the Iraqi snipers he knew were around.

And all of them crying about Eddie stealing their lunch money just in time to thwart Eddie’s Silver Star.

America’s best, my butt pimple.

What kind of prosecutors brought such a worthless, undocumented mess to trial?

Marc Mukasey, one of Gallagher’s lawyers, accused Special Agent Joseph Warpinski of misconduct, which he said began as soon as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service began its investigation in 2018…

Mukasey accused the investigator of engaging in improper practices, alleging he lied to witnesses about the anonymity of their initial testimony.

.You let him believe he would be a confidential source,. Mukasey said of an interview with Navy Seal Chief Craig Miller, the first witness interviewed by Warpinski. Miller testified last week he saw Gallagher stab the detainee.

.You told him his name would be protected,. he said. .You told him this so he could go to town on Eddie Gallagher.because nobody would ever find out..

Miller was the amnesiac of the Sewing Circle, remember, who couldn’t recall anything about this conversation.

Raising his voice throughout questioning, Mukasey accused Warpinski of drafting SEALs “to get on the “Screw Eddie Gallagher Train…

.Jump on the train, come on aboard,. Mukasey jousted.

He said the investigator sided with SEALs who testified against Gallagher during NCIS interviews. Warpinski denied that, until Mukasey showed him an interview transcript.

.Did you or did you not tell Chief Miller you already had your take on the investigation on the first day?. Mukasey asked.

.I stand corrected,. Warpinski replied.

.You didn’t know what Chief Miller did in Iraq, what his agenda was,. Mukasey said. .You had no idea whether he was trying to frame Eddie Gallagher or not..

Mukasey cited another interview in which Warpinski told a SEAL the case was “black and white..

.It was just an expression,. Warpisnki said. .I was trying to build a rapport with him..

The defense attorney also blasted Warpinski for encouraging witnesses to talk to each other during the investigation.

.Did you take everything you learned at the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and throw it in the garbage?. Mukasey charged. He later accused the investigator of getting too friendly with SEALs.

.You’re not supposed to be the witness. pal,. Mukasey said. .You’re supposed to be an independent, unbiased fact finder..

While Warpinski defended the integrity of his investigation, he admitted to some bad practices in the case. .Sure, I made mistakes,. he said.

.You never asked Corey Scott for a cause of death, did you?. Mukasey asked. .I didn’t say it in those exact words,. Warpinski replied.

Let’s help Miller remember how this ball got rolling.

With a new team of prosecutors, the Navy takes a final shot at SEAL Eddie Gallagher

On April 10, 2018, Naval Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Craig Miller sat down in an interview room in San Diego.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Joseph Warpinski introduced himself and his partner, Seth Goodwin. He told Miller he was “going to take some bio information for you” but first he wanted to explain what was about to happen.

He didn’t say that nearly a week earlier Cmdr. Kevin Golden, the Staff Judge Advocate General at Naval Special Warfare Group 1, had reported allegations of war crimes committed during a 2017 deployment to Iraq by Chief Edward Ryan “Eddie” Gallagher, the senior enlisted sailor in Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 7.

Those accusations included the possible stabbing to death of a seriously wounded teenage prisoner of war who had fought for the Islamic State in Mosul.

Instead, Warpinski began the interrogation of Miller by telling him that everything he’s about to say will be filed under a “source number. . and .won.t go into a case file. . and “our reports are going to reflect that,. according to a recording of the NCIS interview obtained by Navy Times.

.It.s not like they could look at this recording or interview or anything like that,. Warpinski said.

Yet 14 months later, Miller’s name peppers the pages of numerous public legal filings in two war crimes cases and he’s slated to become the star witness for the prosecution on Wednesday, two days after jury selection begins in Gallagher’s court-martial trial.

So, Miller had a bunch of grievances and petty accusations, and he sat down with Warpinski to talk smack about Gallagher. Warpinski drew up a multi-charge murder case out of the gossip he’d been told and consequently, Miller suffered severe yet specific amnesia.

He told the special agents that nearly a year earlier, on May 3, 2017, he saw a lightly wounded Islamic State fighter brought into the SEAL compound near Mosul. He described the prisoner as conscious, not combative, with no apparent injuries to his throat.

Miller said that he left the scene, returning minutes later to see the detainee on the ground and Gallagher plunging a knife into his neck, a fellow SEAL SO1 Corey Scott “freaking out a little bit over what Eddie just did..

That became the basis of Gallagher’s premeditated murder charge but Miller continued with more allegations of the senior enlisted SEAL shooting at innocent civilians with his sniper rifle . although Miller also conceded he didn’t witness any of that.

On Friday, Navy Times contacted both Miller and Warpinski in San Diego to ask them about that fateful moment that kicked off a criminal probe by NCIS that’s turned SEAL Team 7 upside down and shined an international spotlight on American military operations in Iraq.

Now a chief, Miller declined comment.

Warpinski never responded at all.

And now for Czaplak, same article.

Citing constitutional violations committed against Gallagher, 40, by NCIS and a government attorney tied to a warrantless spying operation on defense lawyers and Navy Times, Navy judge Capt. Aaron Rugh removed lead prosecutor Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak from the case.


The lead Navy prosecutor in the war crimes case against a decorated Navy SEAL has been removed from the case by the judge for spying on defense teams and a Navy Times journalist.

Navy Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak was ordered off the case against Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher by the judge, Navy Capt. Aaron Rugh, on Monday after Czaplak admitted emailing 13 defense attorneys and paralegals, as well as Navy Times editor Carl Prine, a tracking beacon in an effort to find the source of leaks to the media.

The defense attorneys have asked the judge to dismiss the charges against Gallagher or remove prosecutors because of the surreptitious effort to track defense emails without court approval.

Brian O.Rourke, a spokesman for Navy Region Southwest, confirmed in an email to Navy Times Monday evening that Czaplak was removed from the case.

.The senior trial counsel will be replaced by a qualified military judge advocate,. he said, adding that no name has yet been introduced.

Cmdr. Jeffrey Pietrzyk.

.Chief Petty Officer Gallagher is entitled to a fair trial and the Navy is committed to upholding that principal,. the Navy spokesman said.

Last week, Rugh unexpectedly released Gallagher from custody as a remedy for interference by prosecutors.

Rugh removed Czaplak because the threat of an investigation into Czaplak could create a conflict of interest.

The judge did not make any decision on the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.

.While it is not within the purview of this court to conclude whether actions of trial counsel violated the rules of professional responsibility, the court must determine whether the fear of, or potential danger of, a professional responsibility complaint and follow-up investigation, is sufficient to create such a conflict,. Rugh’s motion read, according to a Navy official not authorized to speak on the record. “Conceding that this area remains both nuanced and unresolved under the ethical rules, still the court concludes that the danger of investigation is sufficiently real that any trial counsel so situated might be motivated by factors unrelated to his position as trial counsel..

Tim Parlatore, Gallagher’s attorney, said he was in the middle of a deposition when Czaplak was told to leave by Rugh as a result of the spying.

In a court hearing last month, Czaplak said the code embedded in the emails recorded nothing more than where and when messages were opened by recipients. It was part of an NCIS investigation into unauthorized leaks to the media.

Czaplak said the tracking ended May 10 after he was confronted by defense lawyers who discovered the code secretly embedded in an unusual logo of an American flag with a bald eagle perched on the scales of justice beneath Czaplak’s signature.

In court, Czaplak said the code was similar to what marketers use to see when an email is opened and on what device.

I congratulate Czaplak on his future career as a spam e-mailer. A good choice for his moral compass. End segue.

Another segue for a quote from the abovementioned law professor Gary Solis:

Gary Solis, a former Marine Corps prosecutor and military judge who teaches law at Georgetown, said he’s never heard of anything like this, saying Czaplak’s decision to track defense attorneys’ emails was “contrary to legal ethics and common sense.”

“Unprecedented is too tame a description for what he did,” said Solis, who applauded the ruling. “Unwise is overly optimistic … His conduct has been entirely inappropriate.”

End segue.

[Judge Rugh] also yanked Gallagher from restricted quarters . President Donald J. Trump already had freed the SEAL from pretrial confinement in San Diego’s Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar.

Gallagher claims he was treated worse in restricted quarters than in the brig. Parlatore filed motions against Capt. Rosenbloom, details here but I won’t cover it. I couldn’t connect Rosenbloom to any of the primary actors.

Navy SEAL Gallagher’s attorney calls out Capt. Rosenbloom’s ‘unlawful command influence’

And then Rugh made it easier for his lead civilian defense attorney, Timothy Parlatore, to pick a panel more favorable to Gallagher, who steadfastly has professed his innocence.

In the wake of Czaplak’s demise, another deputy was pulled for other reasons.

By the Marine Corps, not by Judge Rugh, but I have no references handy.

Gallagher.s prosecution is now overseen by Cmdr. Jeffrey Pietrzyk, who was transferred hastily to San Diego from Washington, D.C.

Before he was booted by the judge, Czaplak offered Parlatore a plea deal, agreeing to cap the SEAL.s prison term on the murder charge at 25 years.

Parlatore told Navy Times he rejected both Czaplak’s offer and a Saturday afternoon bid from Pietrzyk for Gallagher to cop to a manslaughter charge and await a potential pardon from Trump.

That’s a classic SJW tactic. “I just want an apology and then we can put all of this behind us. It’s just an apology! It won’t cost you anything.” Never apologize. Never accept false guilt.

Incidentally, Defense attorney Marc Mukasey mentioned above is a personal attorney of President Trump’s. The New York Times used him joining the defense team to plant a rumor that Trump was going to pardon Gallagher pre-conviction. That would have been a fatal mistake for Trump, as good an admission of guilt as a conviction.

Parlatore predicted the combat-hardened veterans on the military jury will exonerate Gallagher, who insists a tiny cabal of Miller-led “Mean Girls” in his former platoon failed to tell NCIS investigators the full story about what really happened in Iraq in 2017.

.If you look at communications between them and their SEAL command early on, they wanted Gallagher to go away, but not in a way that would’ve had to have gone forward as a criminal case,. Parlatore told Navy Times. .They were using the weapon of the rumor mill, generalized statements without having to put their names on anything.

I concur.

.When that didn’t work, they were coached by their command on what was needed, and that’s how we ended up here..

Naval Special Warfare officials have declined to weigh in on those issues but instead blasted Navy Times for finally revealing the names of Miller and other SEAL witnesses who are scheduled to testify against Gallagher.

.I.m not going to comment on information that has been provided outside of the courtroom proceedings,. wrote Naval Special Warfare spokeswoman Cmdr. Tamara Lawrence in an email to Navy Times.

.While we realize some names will become public in the courtroom, to release them prior to the proceedings is irresponsible. As a matter of security we do not release names of special operators as it potentially endangers current and future missions, the operators themselves, their teammates and their families..

Navy Times told Lawrence and other Navy officials last month that once the case was set for trial, this publication and others would stop cloaking the names of witnesses, a policy that applies to every other military court case.

Not to mention, the Navy Times figured out what everybody except Pentagon-level bureaucrats figured out, that this was bullshit from the beginning.

Parlatore believes the SEALs who went after Gallagher had a number of motives for bringing the chief down, including derailing his advancement to senior chief and a proposed Silver Star medal for combat valor.

Others seemed to want to get him fired from a training position Gallagher held, according to legal filings provided to Navy Times.

.They wanted Gallagher removed,. Parlatore said on Saturday. .Reputations are everything on the SEAL Teams, and they were worried about what he would tell people about their performance in Iraq.

.He was calling them “cowards” in country, mostly just to motivate them to get off their asses and fight, and they resented that and worried he’d do that in California “that what happened on deployment wouldn’t stay on deployment.

.They didn’t understand that he wasn’t going to do that..

Parlatore suspects that after NCIS started interviewing them they began to realize that they were stuck with stories they had to repeat, or face charges for lying to investigators.

A good way to phrase what I’d been wanting to say. The Sewing Circle was just whiners. The actual conspiracy to Converge the SEALs was officer-level. Warpinski cleverly boxed the chumps into a legal “kill or die” position.

Remember Czeplak embedding trackers in e-mails? My suspicion is that he was worried about the Sewing Circle contacting Parlatore to escape Warpinski’s trap. He wouldn’t need to know the content of the e-mails, just who was talking to who.

And then on Jan. 22, military prosecutors indicted Alpha Platoon’s officer in charge, Lt. Jacob “Jake” Portier, for allegedly helping to cover up Gallagher’s misconduct, accusations the Navy officer also strongly denies.

.Jake is collateral damage and they didn’t want to become collateral damage themselves,. Parlatore said.

Both the Navy and U.S. Department of Justice provided them immunity deals against prosecution in exchange for their testimony against Gallagher and Portier.

.This is a case that never should’ve been brought in the first place,. Parlatore said. .The prosecution and NCIS utterly failed in their duties to properly investigate this case and find the truth. Because of their failures, an innocent man is going on trial.

.But we’re confident that the jury will see the truth and Eddie Gallagher will be found not guilty. The days of these witnesses hiding in the shadows to try to destroy their chief’s life with their lies are over and they now have to answer for their false statements..

And they did, thank God. Eddie Gallagher is free.


Because You’re a Lovely Bunch of Hypocrites, You Jesuits

“So, you might ask, after 110 years of opposition to communism, why are we publishing an article in this issue that is sympathetic to it?”

Slowest softball pitch ever. *GQ cracks knuckles* The Jesuit-run magazine American just published an article “The Catholic Case for Communism”. It’s less subversion and more spiking the football in the faces of God’s remnant. But it’s interesting because the article is so shameless that the senior editor of American published his justification for publishing the heresy, simultaneously with the heresy itself.

Here’s the heresy. I won’t cover it except for one paragraph, just so you know I’m not off the rails.

In fact, although the Catholic Church officially teaches that private property is a natural right, this teaching also comes with the proviso that private property is always subordinate to the common good. So subordinate, says Pope Francis in a truly radical moment in “Laudato Si.,. that “The Christian tradition has never recognized the right to private property as absolute or inviolable, and has stressed the social purpose of all forms of private property..

Whatever you say, Forktongue.

But here is President and Editor-In-Chief Matt Malone, S.J., trying to justify that blatantly vile article IN THE SAME AUGUST 5, 2019 ISSUE. This, this is worth covering.

Why we published an essay sympathetic to communism

By Matt Malone, S.J. 23 July 2019

One of the finest hours in the history of the Catholic press occurred in the late spring of 1954, when this magazine, along with several others, published an editorial denouncing Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s witch hunt against communists, which was then reaching its ugly zenith in the infamous Army-McCarthy hearings. “Catholic Weekly Assails McCarthy,. read The New York Times headline.just one among several national stories about the editorial.

So, American magazine has been fully Converged since at least 1954.

America.s comments about Senator McCarthy generated a great deal of interest for a couple of reasons. First, Senator McCarthy was a prominent Irish Catholic, and he had powerful friends in the Catholic community, including several bishops. Second, America had spent much of the previous 50 years loudly denouncing communism in its pages. As early as 1934, my predecessor John LaFarge, S.J., who later served as the sixth editor in chief, had even introduced a detailed plan for how American Jesuits should attack the growing threat of communism in the United States. So the fact that the anti-communist America magazine was now critical of Mr. McCarthy created an “only Nixon could go to China” moment, lending great credibility to the anti-McCarthy forces.

While proving McCarthy right. So, Converged between 1934 and 1954.

John LaFarge, S.J. | America Magazine

LaFarage. Big nasolabial “disappointment” lines suggest an unhappy life. Triangular, narrow nostrils suggest a lack of social energy. Thin lips confirm a lack of passion. Per Wikipedia,

LaFarge was plagued by ill health throughout his youth, and the completion of his M.A. degree left him severely exhausted. His superiors advised him that he probably couldn’t support the rigors of life as a scholar. He moved into pastoral work, spending fifteen years (1911.26) ministering to mainly African-American and immigrant communities in rural St. Mary’s County, Maryland, along Chesapeake Bay. His work here deeply shaped his attitude to race relations and to racism, which he considered a sin. He spoke out publicly against the conditions under which African-Americans lived, and he demonstrated special interest in furthering education for disadvantaged communities. In 1926 he founded an industrial school in southern Maryland for African-American boys, the Cardinal Gibbons Institute.

In 1926, LaFarge left his pastoral work in Maryland to become assistant editor of America, a leading Jesuit weekly magazine in the United States. He went on to become its fifth editor-in-chief in 1944. Acknowledging that he was not a great administrator, he stepped down after four years and assumed the position of associate editor. All told, he worked on the magazine for 37 years, and he is credited with establishing a progressive editorial tone that the magazine has largely retained. He described himself as a priest who was also a working journalist…

He didn’t converge the magazine but his race attitude suggests he laid groundwork. Probably unwittingly; parasites don’t voluntarily step down from the reins of power. That was an impressively humble move on his part. Or, impressive leverage.

So, you might ask, after 110 years of opposition to communism, why are we publishing an article in this issue that is sympathetic to it?

Because you’re a lovely bunch of hypocrites who targeted, infiltrated and Converged the organizations successfully warning people against your poisonous beliefs.

Well, for one thing, you should not assume that America’s editorial position on communism has changed very much. It has not.

Oh come on! You wrote this article to explain why you DID change!

What has also not changed is our willingness to hear views with which we may disagree but that we nonetheless think are worth hearing. And we could not have picked a better author for such an article. Dean Dettloff [GQ: author of the heresy linked to above] has made many fine contributions to these pages as our Toronto correspondent.

Cult of Nice thinking. “Wait, wait, wait, don’t judge Karl Marx so harshly. While it’s true that some people have said bad things about him and a few might even be right, some of his ideas are actually interesting and legitimate!”

| America Magazine

Detloff is a good pedoface.

This sort of thing is also not a first for America. One year before Father LaFarge declared his red alert, the saintly Dorothy Day appeared in these pages, defending the values of the communists she knew, if not their political program. .The trouble with many Catholics,. Ms. Day wrote, .is that they think of Communists as characters from E. Phillips Oppenheim’s international mystery novels.” In other words, she thought Catholics were missing something of value amid all the legitimate criticism.

That “legitimate criticism” is that Communism is Godless EVIL.

Could the same be happening today? It is possible. Socialism is much in the news. One presidential candidate says he is a socialist, and several others don’t mind sounding like one.

My reading of Catholic social teaching, especially the commentary of recent popes…

The post-Vatican II ones that spawned a functional church split in the RCC? Maybe the current, Jesuit Pope Judas specifically?

…is that it has many good things to say about capitalism while always reminding us about the bad that comes with it. At the same time, it has many bad things to say about socialism while always reminding us of the good that comes with it. For my part, I don’t like ideological .-isms. of any kind, except for Catholicism, which is nothing like an .-ism. in the sense I mean here.

Blurring the line between good and evil. It’s one thing to make a specific complaint; I can even respect complaints that Christianity caused the fall of Rome even though I disagree; but this vague “everything has good parts and bad parts, we should hesitate to judge it all at once” is the hissing of demons.

For what it’s worth, my general view of economics begins with the fact that markets, for all their downsides, are the greatest force for economic empowerment that the world has ever seen. But that is just my opinion and, therefore, not the point.

Freeze frame. Right here. That paragraph. The wicked have a curious yet frequently observed compulsion to tell the truth about their wickedness even at the cost of self-destruction. That’s what Matt just did. He tells us that he believes capitalism has many downsides but is the best the world has done… in an article written to justify telling us about Communism.

Remember how Communists love to claim that Communism “has never actually been tried”? That’s how Matt is disguising outing himself as a Commie here. “Capitalism is the best the world has ever seen BUT WE CAN DO BETTER.”

It is entirely the point of this “Why we published an essay sympathetic to Communism” article that Matt thinks Capitalism is the best we’ve yet done but has many downsides. Every Communist everywhere thinks that.

Mr. Dettloff’s piece is in this issue not because I agree with it but because I think it is worth reading, just as I did with Arthur Brooks’s article in defense of free markets that we published in February 2017 and just as we did when we published Dorothy Day in 1934.

Matt obviously agrees with it. He, too, wants to Converge the Catholic Church to Communism but he doesn’t want anybody to notice, so he wrapped it in a fog of “our good people were not all good, our evil people were not all evil. Mr. Dettloff is not that evil if you listen to him.”

America, in other words, is not a journal of Father Matt’s opinions. Not even I would want to read such a magazine. This is a journal of Catholic opinion, and Catholics have differing opinions about many things.

It is a journal of Jesuit beliefs, not the opinions of random Catholics. And apparently, it is a journal specifically of Communists masquerading as Christians in the Jesuit organization.

Catholics have differing opinions about many things. They do not differ on the compatibility of Communism with Christianity. It is impossible to be Communist and Christian at the same time.

See what Matt is doing? First he attacked the concept of universally good/evil people (who don’t exist, as we saw above with LaFarage; humans are complicated and internally conflicted), now he’s using that to attack the concept of universally good/evil beliefs. Which absolutely exist.

The evil of Communism, both its ideology and history, is not a matter of opinion. As if we were debating breakfast cereals instead of whether the Kulaks deserved to die.

Our job is to host a conversation among Catholics and our friends in which people can respectfully and intelligently disagree. Accordingly, we publish something in almost every issue with which I personally disagree. I hope we publish something you disagree with, too. If not, we are not doing our job.

What about God? Do you ever publish something with which Father God might personally disagree?

It will be interesting to monitor reactions to Mr. Dettloff’s article on social media. I have followed folks on Twitter long enough to recognize certain patterns. While you who are reading this will know what we are up to, many among the Twitterati can be counted on to be uninformed, unreasonable and uncharitable. I can see the tweets now: .This Dettloff piece! So typical of that left-wing America magazine!. “America shows its radical tendencies again!. Well, that’s just claptrap.

For the Communist, it’s always a short trip from “please listen to me” to “silence the dissidents”

I once said that being an America reader requires you to engage with opinions that are different from your own. It occasionally requires something else, especially when browsing social media: the ability to spot what this family-friendly magazine will call male bovine fecal matter.

Your “family-friendly” magazine is now preaching an anti-Christian religion that has torn innumerable families apart, the wives feral and husbands disgraced, from Beijing to NYC to Stalingrad, and inspired the One Child policy of China… the largest single mass murder in recorded history.

By the way, I traced the Convergence of American magazine to LaFarage’s successor Robert C. Hartnett, S.J, who edited American from 1948-1954. Surprisingly for a main opponent of McCarthy, he has almost no existence on the Internet. I was forced to use American Magazine itself for information on him.

Robert C. Hartnett, S.J., came to America as editor in chief on Nov. 30, 1948, his new doctoral degree in philosophy from Fordham University in hand.

Red flag: he jumped directly from college graduate to editor-in-chief of an established magazine.

A tall, broad-shouldered man, Hartnett had the ability to write nuanced essays accessible to readers without a Ph.D.

Skip flowery praise.

As editor in chief, though, Hartnett was an autocrat of Shakespearean dimension. In theory he saw the other editors as advisors, but in practice he had a tendency to treat them as debate opponents, giving no quarter to their ideas and demanding that his own interpretation be applied to most everything they wrote. Little seemed to satisfy him; according to the magazine’s board of Jesuit overseers, he would make “tactless comments like “No one on the staff can write.. and often rewrote editors. copy.

He was either chosen to perform a top-down Convegence or was so insecure in himself that he made a point of tearing down the more successful around him. Both is possible.

When Senator Joseph P. McCarthy stood up at a meeting of the Republican Women’s Club in Wheeling, W.Va., in February 1950 and claimed to have in his hand the identities of 205 Communist infiltrators working in the State Department, he was an unlikely candidate to become the favorite son of American Catholics. Although McCarthy was a lifelong practicing Catholic, a veteran of World War II and a Marquette University-educated lawyer, his career…

Skip McCarthy slander. This article is dated 2009, long after Editor-in-chief Reese finished the Convergence by embracing sodomy. Speaking of…

Thomas Reese, S.J. (@ThomasReeseSJ) | Twitter

Thomas J. Reese. Great pedoface! But I digress.

But in February 1950, McCarthy’s accusation tapped into festering American anxiety. … American Catholics had a special investment in this conflict. Church encyclicals had long condemned specific propositions of Communism; even so, the political status of American Catholics remained in some quarters an open question. Blanshard’s screed against American Catholicism was a bestseller in 1949 and 1950, as well as a Book of the Month Club selection. When the Yale Law School sponsored a public debate between Blanshard and Hartnett in early 1950, the question posed was: .Is the Catholic Church fundamentally hostile to American democracy?. For a group still being asked to prove its trustworthiness, anti-Communism was a means of signaling loyalty. For many Catholics, McCarthy’s relentless pursuit of traitors over the next four years expressed the passion of their commitment to the United States.

To this day, McCarthy serves as a litmus test between those who realize the Communists won the Cold War, the Communists themselves, and the chumps. Using him for that today, Hartnett’s pattern of claiming anti-Communism while attacking McCarthy at every opportunity defines him as a Cuckservative at best and more likely, a Fifth Columnist who feared McCarthy was about to expose him.

At the inception of McCarthy’s hunt for Communist subversives, America was open to both sides of the question… they stated, .we ought to be very careful.not to identify ourselves too closely with anti-Communists like Senator McCarthy, who has never identified himself closely with the Catholic social movement..

Then, in late 1952, McCarthy publicly referred to Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic presidential candidate, as .Alger, I mean, Adlai, Stevenson,. and said that the Communist Daily Worker had just endorsed Stevenson’s candidacy. Hartnett espoused many of the ideals of the Democratic Party; in fact, some critics had accused him of being in President Harry S. Truman’s pocket. Hartnett found that The Worker had made no such endorsement. So he took McCarthy on, calling the insinuation a “cheap stunt” that exemplified “what are euphemistically called McCarthy’s .methods…

This was a bold move; in 1952 one risked much, even one’s career and livelihood, in attacking McCarthy. He responded in kind, calling Hartnett’s criticism “completely and viciously false” and condemning the magazine for having failed in its “heavy duty to the vast number of good Catholic people who assume that at least in a Jesuit-operated magazine they can read the truth.” In private he also put pressure on McMahon, the provincial, to rein Hartnett in. McMahon offered only a polite reply, saying he had read McCarthy’s letter “with interest.” Hartnett, however, published McCarthy’s letter in America and wrote a detailed response to his every criticism. McCarthy’s address, he said, was a “tissue of innuendoes..

The action of a man with something to hide, risking his career to discredit someone over a trivial issue.

The magazine then returned to its prior equilibrium, discussing McCarthy along with a range of other issues, and frequently calling on anti-Communists to be concerned not simply with the domestic scene but international issues as well.

Yep, that’s the sort of Convergence Forktongue that we just saw today. “What will the neighbors think if you oppose Communism too hard?”

In a piece on April 18, 1953, about academic freedom, Hartnett condemned academia for the “inexcusable mistake” of “rallying to the defense of “persecuted” professors, including (so it turns out) the pinks and even the Reds..

I don’t have this article so it could be a counterexample to my theory. It could also be that the accused professors were innocent and Hartnett used them as cover. The fact of his attacking and discrediting McCarthy, combined with the praise from American post-Convergence, heavily favors the latter.

Then, in October 1953, McCarthy began an investigation into possible Communist infiltration of the Army, including the secretary of the Army. This new move provoked consternation even within his own party; to take on the secretary was implicitly to attack fellow-Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The next spring Hartnett wrote an editorial opining that McCarthy’s actions encroached upon the jurisdiction of the executive branch, and calling on President Eisenhower to protect the balance of powers. Two weeks later a second editorial by Hartnett argued that anyone who asserts that his or her approach is the only approach regarding Communism has lost perspective.dangerously so.

Again, sounds like today.

It took the letter columns of two successive issues to present the responses to these editorials. Reactions ranged widely from .I am proud of America. to “It is my conviction that your charge to the effect that Sen. McCarthy is splitting the Republican party, etc., is a lot of first-rate potash.” Hartnett himself proved unable to hold back from the fray, attacking critics for considering theirs the only orthodox point of view. .The McCarthy issue is one of conflicting opinions,. he admonished.

Yeeep. Heard that one before, too.

A month later Hartnett returned to the issue again. In substance his editorial reworked old material, suggesting that the McCarthy hearings challenged the balance of powers. But he took the further step of suggesting that McCarthy’s actions amounted to a “peaceful overthrow” of the presidency. Hartnett published this editorial without showing it to any other editor.

That was a step way too far. He was scared of McCarthy revealing… something.

The piece was political dynamite. The Associated Press immediately picked up the story. America’s phone lines were flooded with calls, and letters poured in, many of them written on the back of America subscription cards: .Remember McCarthy in your prayers, not scandalize him in your weekly.. .Wake up. You are not helping the faith.. .No irony when I say that I would not have your paper as a gift.. .I WANT NO MORE AMERICAS..

Even among Jesuits there was backlash. The Brooklyn Tablet and other publications were host to numerous, strong criticisms of America by Jesuits who wanted it made clear that the magazine did not speak for the Society of Jesus. In some Jesuit communities in New York City the divisions were so strong that the topic of the McCarthy editorials simply could not be broached.

On May 29, 1954, McMahon informed Hartnett that America was not to write about McCarthy for two months: “America has stated clearly its position. We think it is best for America to let the matter rest there, at least for the present.” He also reassured Hartnett of the board’s backing. .We do not wish you to interpret this Directive as a vote of no confidence. It is not that. You are not asked to retract or change your position. You still have our support.” McMahon even left open the possibility of America writing about McCarthy in the future, subject to the board’s approval.

Sounds like his handlers were having trouble protecting their little firebrand. That’s John J. McMahon, head of the New York Province of the Jesuits and…

…professor of philosophy at Fordham University.

Where Hartnett got his PhD in Philosophy immediately before becoming editor in chief of the American upon graduation. McMahon hired his own student instead of promoting in-house.

I don’t have the timelines to verify this, in fact there’s almost nothing about McMahon online either, so this is as far as I can go.


Revisiting the New Zealand Gun Grab: They Have Not Yet Begun to Ban

A reader KAK was kind enough to comment on my post about the post-New Zealand Mosque Shooting’s gun banning efforts and the locals’ noncooperation from a local’s perspective. The article that was the basis of my post appears to have been flawed. She also picked up on my ignorance of NZ culture. It’s true but while reviewing the material she provided, I was struck by how NOT ignorant I actually was. What’s happening in NZ has many parallels with what’s happening in USA.

First is two corrective articles concerning the ban, then I’ll fisk her response for cultural comparison.

US “fake news” hits NZ gun buyback efforts

By Mark Daadler, 25 July 2019

On July 8, American Military News ran a piece in its ‘Controversy’ section entitled “Less than 1 percent participate in New Zealand gun buyback.” The article used the same flawed logic as Guns America and was shared more than 7000 times, including by a major Canadian gun lobby group.

(After being notified by Newsroom about omissions in its article, American Military News significantly updated the piece. In an email, editor Laura Widener insisted: .It was not our intent, nor is it ever our intent to intentionally mislead people..

To explain the error, Widener said, .New Zealand’s data on guns is obscure and even difficult for experts to estimate, as I assume you’ve also noticed in your research. We believe all estimates and solid data on the issue should be discussed in the effort of full disclosure..)

The update seems to have only involved stripping out the statistics. Quotes from NZ organized resistance to the banning remain. Here’s the link but I won’t get into it:

700 guns voluntarily surrendered in New Zealand before ‘assault weapon’ ban takes effect

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights shared the AMN article on both its Facebook and Twitter pages, leading to dozens of angry comments and more than 100 extra shares.

The greatest coup, however, came later on the same day when Reason, the US conservative magazine with a circulation of 50,000, ran an article stating: .Noncompliance Kneecaps New Zealand’s Gun Control Scheme.” While Reason avoided citing the misleading 1 percent figure, it still failed to note that the buyback had yet to actually begin at the time of writing, which would contextualise any claim about non-compliance.

That was the article I linked to. Seems the gun ban doesn’t take effect until Dec. 20 and the buybacks are a preliminary measure. In America, first the guns are banned then buyback-style programs are offered as a form of amnesty. This could explain the original assumption of mass noncompliance.

The entire saga has led to a complete misunderstanding of New Zealand’s gun culture and gun buyback among international firearm enthusiasts.

Gun rights activists enthusiastically congratulated Kiwi gun owners for their “strong resistance” and for “refusing to turn over their firearms to the government.” At the same time, others characterised the nascent buyback effort as a failure and used this characterisation to inform their own policy views.

[Dr Catherine Strong, a senior journalism lecturer at Massey University who studies social media and fake news] believed that was the goal of the articles – to portray New Zealand’s gun reform efforts as a fiasco. .They want it to look like it was a failure. This is going to really ramp up..

Another alcoholic feminist. No, “Lecturer of Social Media”, it was not a vast, right-wing conspiracy. We were wishing you Kiwis the best, wanting to believe that you were resisting gov’t tyranny. Now that we’ve learned you’re largely cooperating with your own disarmament, arguing only over the reimbursement price of your enslavement, American respect for our NZ cousins will be… reduced.

She also thought gun lobby groups could well be behind the articles, saying they were known for spreading fake news.

According to Strong, political groups like the United States. National Rifle Association use New Zealand “as a patsy”.

“They can say a lot of things about New Zealand because there’s no way of really proving or disproving it..

According to Gun Control NZ, the buyback has been far from a failure.

Between Strong and now Gun Control, this is obviously a leftward-slanted piece even by journalism standards. Although the original reporting was indeed flawed.

.The early signs are pretty positive,. said co-founder Nik Green. .The feedback we’ve had is that people feel pretty good about the prices. the Government is paying out for now-prohibited weapons.

Even David Tipple, the outspoken CEO of Gun City, believes the buyback – or, as he terms it, the “seizure” – is proceeding well.

.Police expect that the rate of seizure will increase following positive reports of those who have surrendered their guns and received prompt payment,. he said, adding that once gun retailers were able to receive the guns in lieu of the police, it would be “more palatable” for owners.

The police agree. .Following the first successful collection events in Christchurch last weekend, Police is very pleased by the reaction from Canterbury firearms owners,. a NZ Police spokesperson said.

Police declined to comment on the articles being shared overseas.

And now

Gun buyback working because ‘people just want to do the right thing’ – police

By Heather McCarron, 21 July 2019

Please, God, they can’t possibly be that stupid.

Police hope firearm owners who have had a positive experience with the buyback scheme will spread the word to others.

Seven-hundred people attended collection events throughout the country on Saturday, and more than 1000 firearms were handed in. More than $1.7 million was compensated to owners.

Southern District Commander Paul Basham was pleased with the steady turnout in Dunedin, deeming it a success.

“The systems have worked. I think people overall have interacted really well with us, and been broadly happy with the outcome – particularly in terms of some of the price points that have been offered for the weapons.”

Collection events were held in Te Aroha, Ohope, Hastings, Palmerston North, Upper Hutt, Hokitika, Rolleston and Dunedin. Well over 2000 parts and accessories were also handed in on Saturday nationwide.

Basham was pleased to see more than 100 people turn out in his patch, despite many having a “sentimental attachment” to their weapons.

“Overwhelmingly, people just want to do the right thing.”

“As word gets out it is a positive experience in terms of the engagement with us… and the compensation that’s being offered by way of the schedule, hopefully that will have a positive impact.”

Whew, it wasn’t an actual quote from the people being disarmed. This isn’t going to end well in New Zealand any more than it has ended anywhere else. Disarmament is always, ALWAYS the first step of enslavement. But that’s no excuse for the targets to be cheerful about it.


Now we get to KAK’s comment about the culture of New Zealand vis a vis America. My blogging philosophy is that mistakes are an essential part of the learning process. Thus, I would rather be wrong than silent, and when criticism comes from a more knowledgeable source I should review it very carefully to refine my beliefs. Hence my fisking. It was insightful for how similar our cultures are. Totalitarian Communism appears to unify disparate cultures as effectively as McDonalds or Microsoft.

(Christianity has not been effective at unifying cultures. As if God is pleased with a diversity of human races and cultures rather than insisting on shoehorning us into a universal mold. It never fails to amuse that the Tolerance in Diversity bunch are the ones lusting for uniformity to the extent of gender-neutering. But I digress.)

I.m not sure whether to be impressed that you’re writing about my country without understanding the culture here, or absolutely disgusted that you’re writing about my country without trying to gain even a basic understanding of the culture here.

I’m so mean!

Here, we don’t have guns to protect ourselves. It’s not even legal to use guns in self-defence. We’re not allowed to carry them in public, unless we’re in the bush hunting. Guns and ammunition have to be locked away at all times, separately.

None of this is much different from my California.

Farmers and hunters are the main gun-owners here. We don’t have a big “gun culture” like the US does. Even our Police are unarmed . except for the days immediately after the shooting when they carried guns . but it’s gone back to normal now.

The vast majority of New Zealanders are in full support of the ban on semi-automatic weapons. Those that don’t, are mostly upset that the buy-back is a set amount, no matter the price of the original gun, and the cost of modifications since. Many gun owners will lose money. We’re also pretty annoyed that the Police, who are in charge of this gun buy-back scheme, have allowed so many of these guns to be stolen from the Police Stations, after law-abiding gun-owners have handed their guns in. These guns are now in the hands of criminals. The gun owners kept the guns safely locked away, and used them responsibly, but the Police didn’t. THAT is why many of us here are upset.

HAHAHA!!! “Turn your guns in, we don’t trust you with guns anymore, oops we lost them.” And you people STILL cooperate with this gun ban? STILL?!

gun demotivational posters.

Hunting is huge here . but we don’t have any squirrels (you knew that, right?)

Heli-hunting, particularly, is very popular with tourists. The locals just get out in the bush and do it . deer and pigs, mostly. But tahr up in the Southern Alps and the odd chamois. Ducks, in season. And rabbits, of course. All country kids cut their teeth on shooting rabbits with a slug gun. But nothing that a semi-automatic weapon is needed for.

A classic mistake, that the gun banners will stop with only “military assault” guns. Trust a Californian on that.

If you knew anything about the history of NZ you would be impressed by the fighting ability of the Maori. They were warriors. Fighting had to be put on hold while the English brought in more soldiers, even though they had far superior weapons. And the atrocities done to the Maori by the English are absolutely abhorrent. Sometimes, I’m actually ashamed that my ancestors were one of “those.” Also, if you knew anything about my country, you would know that our government is still trying to right the wrongs done way back then, with breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi and land theft.

If you knew about America, you would be impressed by the fighting ability of the American Indians. We certainly were, enough that our counties, streets and sports teams are still named after them out of respect. Except where the Communists decided our doing so was “hateful”, when the historical truth was “respectful”.

Despite that respect, they were cavemen living a lifestyle so primitive that coexistence was impossible. They should have been grateful to be conquered by us because we gave them a gold-plated opportunity to be part of the greatest nation in human history. They chose instead to be ingrates, many of them to this very day.

Why are you ashamed of what happened a century or two ago? That was not your fault and their descendants deserve nothing today on account of it. The Maori should count themselves lucky to be conquered by the British instead of the Chinese or Japanese. So what if there were a couple atrocities involved? Millions of people from incompatible cultures encountering each other over decades, how could that possibly have been handled flawlessly?

Heck, the British Empire committed atrocities against us Colonial Americans. We overlooked that (and the War of 1812) to become close allies for many years.

Sonny Fatu is right. Gangs here are really only violent with rival gangs. Mongrel Mob members regularly come into the shop that my husband and I own; we deal with them on a weekly basis. They are always friendly, polite. Even as a female, in the shop alone, I have never felt unsafe with them. They are just part of the community. The only people who have anything to fear from them, are rival gangs, at specific times. The Mongrel Mob, especially, are anti-establishment. Not anti-white people.

That is good to hear. They’ll be protecting you from your own government in a few years, seeing as they wisely refuse to disarm. Although Fatu’s tolerance of Islam is a bad sign.

Also, at no time were the Mongrel Mob members criticized for “supporting Islam” as you seem to think. I’m really not sure where you’re getting your information from, but it’s not correct.

From the other article I linked to in that post. That was a quote from it.

Mongrel Mob members did provide security outside the mosques, and did their best to make the Muslim worshipers feel safe as they congregated to pray. They performed haka’s outside, as a gesture of respect. Many, many people of NZ, of all nationalities and cultures, united in their grief and solidarity, sung songs, left flowers, prayed, outside the mosques as a gesture of support. It wasn’t just gangs that did this. My children’s schools (in fact, most schools around the country) put on various assemblies to show support for the mosque victims. Many of us, all over the country, drove Muslim women to the supermarkets etc. in the weeks after the shooting and escorted them wherever they wanted to go, because they felt unsafe.

That was stupid of your people. Once the Muslims reach critical mass, you will convert or die. Islam does not even have the concept of “civilian”.

You get more of what you subsidize, both financially and culturally. My fellow white Americans, especially the older ones, suffer white guilt the same as your whites apparently do. It is proving to be the death of my country. I fear it will be the death of yours, too.

This is New Zealand. Nobody should live in fear in NZ. We all did what we could, to help make all NZers feel safe again. Muslims are part of our community here, and we were united in showing them that they are welcome here, and should feel free to practice their religion without fear. Freedom of religion is one of the backbones of my country.

That sentiment has been revealed in America to be a genocidal fever. The illegal immigrants, the militant Muslims, even the women who murder their own children must all be accommodated to “feel safe again”. All the enemies of America must be welcomed until there’s no place left for actual Americans.

Whatever. You’re female. You won’t heed my complaints about care-based morality.

But this is what was criticized . that gangs (criminals . because to be a Mobster you have to have done time in jail) who wear patches specifically to intimidate people, were acting as protection officers instead of letting the Police do their job. It was a well-meant gesture, but the NZ public found it offensive that criminal organisations were trying to be heroes.

That’s a point of cultural difference between us. America has never lacked for underdogs & antiheroes.

My original thought was that the gangs and Muslims were cooperating to traffic methamphetamine, which the Mongrel Mob has been long associated with per Wikipedia, and police were unwittingly protecting their warehouses. It would have been ironic if Tarrant had walked inside a mosque building to kill innocents and accidentally caused an explosion in a meth lab. I’m still not sure that I’m wrong, but if your society is generally that altruistic then I probably am.

You have to remember, that for a country as small as ours, this was a pretty big event. On a per-capita scale, this shooting for NZ was as big as 9/11 was for America. Adjusted for population size, the same number of people were affected, roughly. We were ALL shocked. And all of us, no matter our backgrounds, banded together to say “this is not who we are. This is not us.” We did it in different ways, but our message was the same. It’s really sad that you can’t see that.

About 9/11. It was indeed a powerful unifying event in America but it fell apart when our government retaliated against neutral Iraq instead of guilty Saudi Arabia. Most of the hijackers were Saudis, all of them practiced Wahabbi Islam funded by the Saudi government, Osama bin Laden himself was Saudi royalty, but we went after Saddam Hussein instead… the secular government keeping Saudi Arabia and Iran separated. It’s like we punished them by building them a caliphate.

Today, we’re watching your NZ unite against socialist white nationalism… and you socialist government is now using the opportunity to disarm you, you who obviously had nothing to do with the Mosque Shooting, EXACTLY AS BRENTON TARRANT HAD HOPED IT WOULD.

The parallel is obvious. Like us, your government is seizing the opportunity to force something unrelated upon you that you would never have agreed to beforehand.

Unfortunately, Sonny Fatu is right that racism is deeply entrenched in this country. Maori make up 14% of the population, yet they account for more than 50% of the prison population.

Heh, in ‘Murica we call them blacks. News flash, some races are more prone to lawless violence than other races. Yes, it’s racism to believe that, and that’s why every reasonable person on the planet is a racist. Because REALITY, baby.

We don’t have to look very hard to see that if a paheka commits the exact same crime, 9/10 they won’t go to jail, but the Maori will.

That might be a result of so many Maori having prior convictions. Per your own statistic just now.

Crime is not society’s fault.

If we look at the statistics of Oranga Tamariki (our child welfare agency) and the uplifting of babies, the vast majority of them are Maori. It is frightening. We are working hard to rectify it, but it is going to take a long time. When the gang leaders talk about entrenched racism, they’re not talking about Tarrant. They’re talking about historical grievances. Current grievances.

Again, we have parallel situations in America. Good news, you can fix this problem in two simple steps AND save taxpayer money in the process! One: DEFAULT PATERNAL CUSTODY. Two: NO WELFARE TO WOMEN.

[Prime Minister] Jacinda Ardern is very popular here…

Consistent with widespread acceptance of both Islam and Communism. That’s been America’s experience with female leaders, too.

…and the vast majority of New Zealander’s support the tightening of the gun laws, and the abolition of semi-automatic weapons.

As for banning gangs, studies have shown that’s not particularly effective. In many places, wearing patches in public is prohibited. In my small town, a number of signs on shop doors have a sign saying “no gang patches.” Gangs respect the signs, and leave their jackets in the car.

Banning guns is not effective, either, but that hasn’t ever stopped the gun banners. London banned all guns many years ago and is now so violent that they teach schoolchildren first aid for knife wounds in health class.

Nobody benefits from a gun ban except the government. And if the government bans your guns, Occam’s Razor and recorded history agree that it’s probably because you would object very strenuously to what the government will do to you after the ban.

Well, don’t worry, I’m sure all those criminals with guns and gangs with guns will never take advantage of the fact that after this year, all of their potential victims will not have guns. Vulnerability guarantees safety!

America is very different to New Zealand. You can’t use American logic and American culture and try to apply it to New Zealand. It just doesn’t work.

Telecommunications, cheap & fast travel and sharing the UK as a parent nation appears to have resulted in minimal cultural differences between USA and NZ, at least as far as the politics of firearm ownership go. International Communism/globalism appears to have enjoyed the same benefit, with the result that NZ is falling to the exact same ideology/religion that the United States is.

I wish I could say something to wake up my cousins.


White Knight Murderer Michael D.Biagio

Modern fathers, the ones still left in their daughters’ lives, have a Manosphere-documented tendency to blame everybody and everything except their feral daughters for her poor behavior. An extreme example occurs in Pennsylvania. Can physiognomy tell us if his victim deserved to die?

htt ps://

A 41-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing murder charges for killing his daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend, after suspecting the boy was supplying his daughter with drugs. Beaver Falls resident Michael D.Biagio, 41, was arrested immediately after the July 19 shooting that left 17-year-old Darren “Scotty” Jevcak dead. D.Biagio suspected Jevcak was supplying drugs to his daughter.

D.Biagio admitted to firing at Jevcak “five or six times,. as the teen walked out of Scustsie’s Super Pizza, in New Castle, where he worked.

D.Biagio was arraigned on July 20 and has been charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault. He is currently being housed in the Lawrence County Prison.

It’s an open-and-shut case. D’Biagio argued with his feral snowflake over the phone, then called Jevcak, asked where he was (at his job delivering pizzas), locked & loaded, went to the pizzeria, waited for Jevcak, gunned him down, performed a killshot in front of witnesses, told them Jevcak was a druggie, walked off a little steam and waited for the cops to arrive.

Joseph Camerot, owner of Scustie’s Super Pizza, said he looked out the window of his restaurant and saw D.Biagio shooting at the teen. Camerot ran out of the restaurant and saw D.Biagio still shooting. When Camerot asked why he had shot Jevcak, D.Biagio replied that the boy had gotten his daughter “hooked on cocaine” and “so this was what drug dealers get..

.[D.Biagio] was protecting his daughter,. [Police Chief] Salem said, adding, .Now he’s not going to be with his daughter anymore. He tore up two families, for nothing. It’s senseless..

He was clearly NOT protecting his daughter. He blamed her boyfriend for her disobedience. Before the Red Pill, I would never have thought that a major duty of the Church was encouraging fathers to punish their daughters instead of everybody else.

But if the Church doesn’t teach it then apparently, nobody does.

If Barbie was using drugs then D’Biagio should have gone to the police. Maybe even given them permission to wiretap & track her, to catch the suppliers. Or put her in rehab/with distant family. Or here’s a thought: confiscate her slutphone and take her car keys away.

Another thought: wait one year then marry her off to Jevcak. They were in love and Jevcak was reportedly working two jobs while keeping his grades up. Daddy could do much worse.

There were lots of steps to be taken before capital murder.

Beaver Falls man charged with criminal homicide after killing daughter's boyfriend | Local News ...

He’s very close to white all around the iris, which is a strong indicator of derangement/drug abuse, but one should take into account that this was the mug shot for his capital murder arrest. Angled eyebrows indicate desire for conflict and it’s enhanced by the beard putting an angle on his chin/jaw. A thin nose indicates a lack of energy for social behavior. Mouth corners are turned down to indicate pessimism but again, not surprising for the context.

His hair is orderly so his mind is also orderly. Flat cheeks suggests a lack of natural dominance; he may not have had the social skills to handle this situation well. Although one doesn’t need social skills for “hello police, my daughter is dating a drug dealer, could you help me out”.

Michael D'Biagio Allegedly Kills Darren Jevcak For Kid's Drugs Use | Crime Time

I don’t like his daughter’s eyes. White below the iris indicates a frequent state of fear. Horizontal eyebrows, generally flat eyelids, her thoughts are rational, but thick lips and rounded face shape mean she’s emotional underneath it. A pairing I see in Borderline women. The round-tipped nose with visible nostrils is a specific kind of nose that seem correlated to high-ego, but I could be wrong on that one. Visible nostrils like that indicate a open personality; noses that hide the nostrils entirely indicate a reserved/shrewd personality. Again, pessimistic mouth corners.

Taken together, she’s upset at Daddy, rational about expressing her upset attitude and lacking internal brakes against acting out. Did she choose her boyfriend to push Daddy’s buttons? Was he a likely druggie?

According to Salem, Javcek had no prior police record. .He was actually working two different jobs. By all accounts, he was a good kid.” New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem told there was no record of him having any run-ins with the police.

Family and friends are left to mourn Javcek’s untimely death. .The last couple years, we may not have spent as much time together as before, but that will never change the love and bond we had,. Jevcak’s uncle, Josh Altemus, said.

I’m undecided whether the druggie accusation was true. Working two jobs suggests a great need of money for a high school junior living with his family, but Occam’s Razor says it was simply to make payments on his car, which he presumably used to deliver those pizzas. And he’s attractive enough to interest a chick without needing to supply dope.

Darren (Scotty) Jevcak, 17, ? Ellwood City, PA news

CHAD! It’s Incel Chad!

Chad - Incel Wiki

Okay, Javcek isn’t Chad but he didn’t die a virgin, either. He didn’t get that tattoo to honor his Amerind totem spirit. Large and multiple colors? That cost a lot of tips. Tattooing is illegal under age 18 without parental consent in PA so again, not a strong indicator of lawbreaking.

Judging from the deltoids being proportionate with the rest of his arms, he isn’t using steroids, so that’s another strike against being a druggie along with no criminal record.

His ears are remarkably low; also small and wide. That indicates he’s a slow learner, including slow to heed advice, and nonconformist. Slow learner doesn’t mean low intelligence, it means they’re more likely to pursue skillsets than general knowledge or creativity. I can see this guy doing very well in the trades/manual arts.

I associate small mouth with people who don’t talk much. The mouth/lips are pure muscle, no bone, thus are reliable indicators, but I wonder if smartphone technology allows people to be really social without talking as much as they normally would for their level of extraversion.

His eyebrows are also angled for conflict. Also low for impulsivity but this is contraindicated by the placement of his tattoo. It’s high enough on the shoulder to be easily hid by a shirt sleeve. A really impulsive guy would place that elaborate tattoo in a more visible location and be surprised when getting hired becomes more difficult. So, he might be a little headstrong but not to the point of a character flaw.

Being a gym rat is also a good indicator of discipline. That’s a good physique. He’s not eating free pizza for every meal, either, so food discipline too.

I can’t decide if his eyes are hooded or cutting-pupils. Image quality just isn’t good enough. The former would be consistent with everything else covered so I’ll go with that and say he’s emotionally reserved. Along with listening to himself more than others, acting aloof probably comes easily to him. That, a gym body and careful attention to his appearance, he could easily be a chick magnet.

Final conclusion, he might have been experimenting with drugs but his lifestyle–holding down two jobs plus school, good reputation & clean background, working out regularly, acting like a teenager but not to an irresponsible degree–is not consistent with a drug habit.

Daddy murdered Javcek because he wanted his daughter to stop self-destructing. That was never going to scare her straight (‘whipping boy’ is a completely failed concept) and now that Daddy’s in the pen for 25 to life, he won’t have the opportunity to do anything at all for her.

Don’t punish Romeo for Juliet’s behavior. She is responsible for herself and can easily find another lover.


The Third Rule Of A Gunfight

A quick one for the funny files.

First Rule Of A Gunfight: bring a gun.

Second Rule: Bring friends with guns.

and *sigh*

Third Rule: Make sure your gun works before go-time.

Gunman’s weapon jams twice as he tries to shoot woman, NYPD video shows

22 July 2019

New York City police released stunning video Monday showing what could have been a fatal encounter — except the masked gunman’s weapon jammed twice.

Stunning? They meant hilarious! You can hear him curse even with his face covered and no audio filmed by a potato.

Is ‘gunman’ even the correct term here? Wouldn’t he be a “useless chunk of metal-man”?

Police say the intended target was a 45-year-old woman. The would-be shooter was still being sought and it wasn’t immediately clear why he attempted to shoot the woman.

The 24-second video clip was captured Friday in South Ozone Park, Queens, near Kennedy Airport.

I searched for it on youTube by entering “South Ozone Park” and wow, that place be pimpin’ like Compton.

The gunman wore a black shirt over his face to disguise his identity, according to the station.

This is why Heritage Americans are superior to vibrants: there’s a time gap between “I want to rob that guy” and pulling out the gun. Time that can be spent on preparation, noticing security cameras and thinking about honest work. Vibrants be like Nike “just do it”.

The footage shows the man struggling as the gun jams a first time, stepping back for a few moments, then stepping forward again and pointing the gun at the woman — and ultimately running off when the weapon jammed for a second time.

.Thankfully the gun did not fire before the suspect fled the scene,. the NYPD said.

The footage shows the shirt falling from the man’s face as he flees.

And his pants off his dumb ass.

Police said the suspect was wearing a white shirt, blue jean shorts, black socks and black Nike slides, the station reported.

Oh, and he’s black. But maybe that just gets assumed in Queens.


Save Your Mullet, Save Your Marriage

When a wife gives her husband an ultimatum before she’s even his wife, there is only one correct response:

I'll miss you.. NOT | Funnies | Pinterest | Memes

Which brings us to the tragic pre-tale of PGA golfer Rickie Fowler’s mullet.

Rickie Fowler?s Mullet Haircut Is PGA Championship MVP ...

Not even that impressive yet.

Rickie Fowler’s Mullet Haircut Is Real MVP of PGA Championship

htt ps://

Rickie Fowler has a long way to go to catch Brooks Koepka at the PGA Championship, but his mullet haircut has already won the week. Fowler is proudly rocking the mullet at Bethpage, but it is more than just a weird fashion statement. Fowler and fellow golfer Jason Dufner have implemented “Mullet May” and its all for a great cause, per Golf Channel’s Cara Banks.

.@RickieFowler confirms on @GolfCentral the long flow has been for “Mullet May. a new idea he & @JasonDufner decided to adopt to raise awareness for their respective foundations . Fowler’s will now focus more on leukaemia due to his close friendship with Jarrod Lyle,. Banks tweeted.

Lyle is a former PGA golfer who tragically passed away on August 8, 2018. He had been fighting leukemia for nearly 20 years as detailed:

“For more than half of his life, Lyle dealt with and fought the disease that begins in the bone marrow cells and spreads through blood. The battle, which lasted nearly 20 years, into adulthood and for a good part of his professional golf career, ended with his death Wednesday at 8:20 p.m. local time at his home in Melbourne, surrounded by his wife and daughters.

“Lyle was 36, and while doctors said he was cancer-free, his body had been ravaged by years of medication and just last week he chose to end treatments and leave the hospital.”

Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle passed away on Wednesday evening surrounded by family and friends

Lyle. Age 36 and fighting leukemia for twenty years, that’s harsh.

During the PGA Championship, Fowler reflected on his relationship with Lyle.

.It.s been fun to be thinking about him while we’re out there playing because he would probably be the one to kind of kick you in the butt if you started feeling sad or bad,. Fowler told .He would kind of give you a hard time and tell to you man up or something along those lines. It’s been enjoyable celebrating his life, and we’ll continue to do that..

Alas, his intended was not amused:

Rickie Fowler’s Future Wife, Allison Stokke, Wants Mullet Cut for Wedding

htt ps://

Rickie Fowler Wife

Soon-to-be-ux-&-ex Allison on the left, with serious mullet-envy. I did some research on Fowler’s mullet (can’t believe I just wrote that) and she must know that Fowler has a history of looking Like That. Per

Melina Vastola/USA TODAY Sports

Fowler in 2012. He looks good.


2013 was apparently his first mullet attempt. He needs that facial hair back.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

2014 and he’s lost his mojo. Fowler is one of those few men who look MORE masculine with a mullet. And being a golfer helps shed the stigma. “I’m not trailer trash, I’m PGA.”

His fiance doesn’t want him getting his mojo mullet back?

Rickie Fowler is sporting a mullet for a good cause, but his longtime girlfriend, Allison Stokke, wants the golfer to cut his hair before their wedding. Fowler and Stokke are planning an October wedding and the golfer plans to have a new haircut when his future wife walks down the aisle, per The Telegraph.




.I.m going to miss it when it’s gone, but it can’t say forever,. Fowler told The Telegraph. .I don’t see it as a possible hairdo for the wedding in October. We’ll have it off by then..

Wedding fail.

As for the mullet, it is a nod to Fowler’s late friend Jarrod Lyle as the golfer aims to raise awareness for leukemia. What started as “Mullet May” has now gone well into the summer.

Fowler is mourning his friend and doing some promotion for leukemia research, and getting his style back in the process, and Allison wants none of that the moment she’s in the picture. A very bad indicator of marital happiness.

The couple got engaged in June of 2018 and are now planning an October wedding. Fowler announced the news on “National Best Friend Day” back on June 8, 2018.

.Today is National Best Friend Day so I wanted to lock mine down.I WON!!. Fowler posted on Instagram.

It’s like a train wreck you see coming but can’t stop.

Earlier this year, Fowler gave Stokke a shoutout on her 30th birthday.

.Welcome to 30 @allisonstokke! I love you and I couldn’t be happier to be the one occupying the seat across from you.I.m glad we get to do life together! Happy birthday!! I win!!. Fowler noted on Instagram.

[Allison] Stokke is a former college pole vaulter and frequently posts fitness videos.

Attention whore confirmed, baby rabies possible. How insecure does a female need to be, to be intimidated by a six-inch mullet?


Superhappyfunamerica Ordered to Cease and Desist

A new diversity & inclusion behavior that you haven’t seen in the headlines is “Straight Pride” marches. There’s pushback against the homos, it’s just getting the silent treatment, but that dam is beginning to break. Enjoy a day trip to the following, safe for work unless you’re in the corporate sector:

The Blue and Pink flag, which has represented our community for over 0.5 years, is integral to our movement. Unfortunately, the City of Boston has discriminated against our sexual orientation by denying us the opportunity to raise the flag at City Hall. We will continue to fight for equality until the Walsh administration embraces our community and a more progressive vision of the future.

Women of Eve

Women Of Eve have joined together across the country in support of asking the LGBQT community to include the S for straight. Let’s not exclude the women and men of this world that procreate. After all, without us there would be no LGBQT. We are asking for fairness and total inclusion.

And other good stuff. They even have teeth!

Netflix hates the straight

Super Happy Fun America reached out to Netflix with an offer to sponsor the 1st annual Boston Straight Pride Parade based upon their reputation as a progressive and forward-looking company. We believed that they would jump at the opportunity to become involved in our young civil rights movement. Sadly, we have learned that Netflix is a heterophobic company steeped in hatred and bigotry. They not only rejected our offer but threatened us with litigation if we did not stop using their name and logo, which is perfectly legal for editorial or informational purposes.

Netflix labelled us bullies and declared that their legal department “is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.” Obviously, Netflix has no qualms about using their position of power to threaten marginalized groups who are exercising their 1st amendment rights. It appears that their legal department is staffed by gay supremacists who are so accustomed to privilege that our goal of equality for straights feels like oppression to them. In fact, it is Netflix that is acting like a bully. We have every right to inform the public about our attempts to gain sponsors for our parade and their hate will not stop us.

I can’t even fisk that, it’s so good. This is reportedly what Netflix’s lawyers had to say about potentially endorsing SHFA:

Dear John, Mark, and Samson, [all]

You are using the Netflix logo to promote your event, which despite its name is about hate–not pride. That’s gross and deeply hurtful, but it’s also deceptive misinformation and infringes our legal rights. Netflix has nothing to do with your organization or event. Indeed, it’s telling that you feel the need to lie to gain legitimacy.

As if fags get to throw THAT accusation at anybody. This is so unprofessionally worded that SHFA is either making it all up or Christ’s Own /Pol/. And I’ve ruled out the former… more in a minute, but let’s continue with the letter. Emphases mine as usual.

We write to you for two reasons: (1) to set the record straight that you are spreading misinformation about Netflix’s involvement or sponsorship of your organization and its events; and (2) to notify you that you are infringing our trademark and other intellectual property rights and if you do not cease such use immediately we will have no choice but to consider further legal action. Whether you like it or not, you are infringing our legal rights and we demand that you cease doing so immediately.

You should know that we’re unafraid of bullies. Our legal department is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.

We expect removal of our name and logo from all of your materials within 24 hours. Sincerely,

Netflix IP Department

Whoa, passive-aggressive much, IP Department? I haven’t actually seen Netflix’s logo on their site but this appears to be a pattern of SHFA’s, to offer large/Converged corporations the chance to sponsor their events and Straight Pride Marches, and posting the more hilarious responses for the amusement of the cis-gendered. Which brought me to some independent confirmation:

TripAdvisor sends cease-and-desist letter to organizer of Boston “Straight Pride Parade” peppered with song references about equality and diversity

Needham-based TripAdvisor has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the lead organizer of Boston’s “Straight Pride Parade,. writing that the group is infringing upon the company’s intellectual property rights by using its logo without permission.

The letter, addressed to John Hugo, president of the group Super Happy Fun America that is organizing the controversial Aug. 31 event, orders the group to remove a TripAdvisor logo that appears on its website under the “corporate sponsors” section.

The letter also says that the group’s statement that it is “in negotiations” with TripAdvisor as a “potential sponsor” is completely false.

Written by Bradford Young, one of TripAdvisor’s attorneys, the letter is filled with references to songs by Queen, Lady Gaga, Cher, Village People, Madonna and others.

.I.m Coming Out and saying this clearly: you are infringing upon TripAdvisor’s intellectual property rights,. the letter states.

The company said it chose songs that reflect equality and diversity, and that have been applauded by the LGBTQ community. …

The “Straight Pride Parade” received a permit from the City of Boston in June.

Mayor Marty Walsh previously said that the city cannot deny a permit based on an organization’s values.

I suppose Walsh left off the “not yet”. But this is too good! Let’s go straight to the source material. How many pop references can you find?

htt ps://

I get sixteen. How can these lawyers Dare To Be Stupid like this? They’re gonna Eat It big-time when their lack of professionalism catches up with them. It’s bad when even the slightest criticism can send them Off The Deep End. BigCorp is giving them Money For Nothing!

Smells Like Nirvana to me but hey, I’m so Tacky that this is like my own, personal Amish Paradise. Us White & Nerdy types, We Perform This Way, baby.

And now, a word about our sponsor:

John Hugo. I’m not certain if he’s got the New Moon eyes–lower eyelids concave, matching the upper concave which the Chinese physiognomists in particular think indicates deception (Hugo’s SHFA is thus an example that not all deceptive tendencies are immoral/evil) …Or if his eyes are simply hooded, indicating emotional defensiveness. (which would be useful in doing something like SHFA). He also a big nose, indicating financial interests. Eyebrows aren’t promising about his intellect. I’m surprised his ears are very flat to his head, indicating conformity, when SHFA is not conformist at all. But in his regular life, he’s an Establishment Republican, so there is that:

Woburn Republican John Hugo officially announces his candidacy for Congress in the MA 5th Congressional district. .I’ve submitted well over the required amount of certified signatures with the Elections. Division of the MA Secretary of State and I’ve been certified as a candidate. said Hugo.

For nearly a year, John Hugo has been actively reaching out to various Republican and Independent voters throughout the District. .I’ve met with many if not most Republican Ward and Town Committees, along with other grassroots activists. Everywhere I go, I hear the same things: .We need someone willing to challenge Katherine Clark. Clark is out of touch with the District and needs to be held accountable for her extreme views and actions… Said Hugo . adding “The residents of the 5th Congressional District need a Congressman or woman that will represent the needs of the District and will uphold the Constitution. Clark has failed miserably in this regard..

Hugo pledges to always first consider how legislation impacts the people of the 5th Congressional District and whether or not the Constitution authorizes the Federal Government to legislate on the matter. .If it’s right for the district, I.ll support it. However not every issue, is meant to be addressed by D.C. insiders that know little about needs and even less about the aspirations of the people living in MA 5th Congressional District. If there is good proposal that is better suited for State action, I.ll use my clout as United States. Congressman to tirelessly work with Massachusetts Law makers to make it happen. Many if not most, good proposals should be locally administered, where it can be closely monitored by the voters. This is what the Founders intended and the Constitution Requires!. Said Hugo, when asked about his views on limited government.

The 54 yr. old lifelong Massachusetts resident and Arlington native, describes himself as a “working class candidate.. .I struggle to earn a living and pay my bills, like every working person in the district. I believe Founding Fathers envisioned a government where ordinary people, from every walk of life would serve in government for a while and then return to their private lives.” Said Hugo. He pledges to only seek to serve three terms if elected. .I.m a strong proponent of Term Limits. Six years . Three terms, that’s long enough for anyone to be in Congress. Then I.ll return home to live under the same laws I helped to pass..

If SHFA is a grandiose election campaign then he’s a political artist and I hope he gets the chance to make good on that three-term promise.


NZ Gangs Are Disappointed that Their Victims Remain Armed

There’s no surprise that gun confiscation has failed in Kiwi Land. But there IS surprise that a violent gang spokesman talked a little too much to the press.

Noncompliance Kneecaps New Zealand’s Gun Control Scheme

Noncompliance Kneecaps New Zealand’s Gun Control Scheme

By J.D. Tuccille, 8 July 2019

Once again, responding to a horrendous crime by inflicting knee-jerk, authoritarian restrictions on innocent people proves to be an ineffective means of convincing people to obey. Specifically, New Zealand’s government.which also stepped up censorship and domestic surveillance after bloody attacks on two Christchurch mosques earlier this running into stiff resistance to new gun rules from firearms owners who are slow to surrender now-prohibited weapons and will probably never turn them in.

Officials should have seen it coming.

They did, per documents linked to by this post. Gun bans are win-win for Leftoids. They either disarm the innocent or condemn the innocent as guilty. It’s a quirk of having a soul that even when you don’t believe in God, you still feel a need to justify your conduct.

As of last week, only around 700 weapons had been turned over. There are an estimated 1.5 million guns.with an unknown number subject to the new prohibition on semiautomatic the country overall.

Traditionally relaxed in its approach to firearms regulation, and enjoying a low crime rate, New Zealand has no firearms registration rule. That means authorities have no easy way of knowing what guns are in circulation or who owns them.

“These weapons are unlikely to be confiscated by police because they don’t know of their existence,” Philippa Yasbek of Gun Control NZ admitted. “These will become black-market weapons if their owners choose not to comply with the law and become criminals instead.”

My point exactly. Gun bans turn ordinary, law-abiding citizens into “criminals with black-market weapons” without the citizen doing anything or potentially, even knowing.

The very concept of innocence is hated by the wicked.

Yasbek’s organization advocates registering all guns in private hands. But that won’t help with gathering guns already in the possession of owners appalled by the government’s attack on the rights of innocent people.government attacks, it’s worth noting, that come in response to the crimes of one man who explicitly anticipated just such a response.

“I chose firearms for the affect it would have on social discourse,” the killer wrote in a document he released to explain his crimes. “The gun owners of New Zealand are a beaten, miserable bunch of baby boomers, who have long since given up the fight. When was the last time they won increased rights? Their loss was inevitable. I just accelerated things a bit.”

Politicians fulfilled the murderer’s predictions with panic-driven legislation.

I was about to say. But again, NZ officials knew they were doing exactly what Tarrant wanted. Both feminists and white nationalists want massive, sudden, violent social change. If Tarrant was the Prime Minister, can anybody doubt he’d be doing exactly what PM Jacinda Ardern is right now? Tarrant specifically said he used guns in order to get them banned more quickly… it’s like they’re working together but can’t tolerate the other’s body odor.

Incidentally, here’s PM Jacinda. The smile is not unusual for her:

Why everyone's talking about New Zealand's next Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Either her dentures don’t fit well or she craps only when full of ego.

Just as Australian police named “outlaw motorcycle gangs, Middle Eastern organised crime groups, and other groups engaged in trafficking illicit commodities such as drugs” as beneficiaries of the prohibition-fueled black market in firearms, underground organizations are similarly poised to prosper in New Zealand. Gangs in the island nation announced very loudly after the new legislation was introduced that they wouldn’t be surrendering their own weapons.

“Will gangs get rid of their weapons? No,” one prominent gang leader told Stuff. “Because of who we are, we can’t guarantee our own safety.”

So Kiwis who actually do comply with the confiscation scheme will put themselves at a disadvantage relative to violent gangs that don’t intend to obey.

After this article, we’ll proceed to that “prominent gang leader”.

They would also be putting themselves at a disadvantage relative to the government, which is retaining its own weapons despite a distinct lack of competence (in April, a police station provided one-stop, discount gun shopping for an enterprising burglar) and intends to further squeeze the country’s liberty. Even before the latest law has been fully implemented, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is planning more gun legislation, including registration. Additionally, the Security Intelligence Service stepped up domestic spying after the mosque attacks and saw a big boost in its funding courtesy of the latest budget.

Arguably, defiant gun owners are just being realistic in seeing little to gain by obeying restrictive laws that have their greatest impact on those who pose no threat to their neighbors.

Or they’re connecting the dots between “we’ve lost control of our gov’t” and “they just declared me a criminal.”

So, let’s go to that gang leader.

Gang bosses say weapons won’t be handed back after Christchurch mosque shooting

By Carmen Parahi and Florence Kerr, 30 March 2019

A gunman apparently motivated by a white supremacist ideology killed 50 Muslims in two Christchurch mosques. In the aftermath, gangs like the Mongrel Mob and Black Power were criticised for trying to support the Muslim community. Their leaders cannot understand why.

I’m already suspicious. The headline says “gangs won’t disarm” but this teaser paragraph says “gangs were criticized for supporting Islam”.

Ask yourself . Sonny Fatu says . how many mass shootings in New Zealand have been committed by gang members? None, he says.

“And how many have been committed by someone of P.keh. origin? Many if we include the terror raids of marae when colonialists stole land and killed women and children, but in more recent times we have Aramoana and now this . the murder of 50 innocent people.”

Fatu is president of the Waikato branch of the Mongrel Mob.

And this points the article in a third direction, hatred of whites. “We never did any mass shootings except when you colonials forced us to”? That there’s the reason I personally own guns. I’m not dumb enough to pick a fight with the State–that’s a last stand at best–but they keep importing nonwhites and teaching them to hate us. If they even need to teach them to hate us.

In the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks, the Mongrel Mob was criticised for having used sieg heil slogans and swastikas. The Waikato chapter stopped the practice four years ago.

The gang was also criticised for offering to provide security around mosques at services marking the death of 50 Muslims in the Christchurch terror attack. This was a crude PR ploy and gang members would turn in their own guns if they were genuine, one commentator suggested.

But Fatu accuses P.keh. commentators of diverting attention away from the Christchurch mosque killer. The real issue, he says, is racism.

P.keh. means “white New Zealander” so Fatu is being a hypocrite here. “Don’t talk about the perpetrator! Talk about how all whites are responsible for this, or you’re a racist!”

“When a M.ori person commits a crime of extraordinary circumstances the M.ori community are asked as a collective to front on it and develop ways to make sure their people don’t do it again. The same is asked of our Muslim, Polynesian, any person of colour,” he says.

“When a white person commits a crime it is seen as an individual act of violence and only tars the individual and maybe their family.

“There are a number of our P.keh. people who are sick with racism. They need to come together as a collective and address this and heal this.

“Our brown brothers and sisters shouldn’t have to fix this for them . they, we, have endured enough.”

Dumbass complains white people aren’t cohesive enough just one breath after criticizing the colonization efforts of the last time white people were cohesive. When white men have our act together, Fatu, we don’t beg for the approval of the Maori. We subjugate continents.

“As my friend [Black Power life member] Dennis O’Reilly stated in a recent interview, it is a fact gangs identify with marginalised communities. What has happened in New Zealand is those faced with various forms of oppression have synergised to form a powerful unity in our community.

“Tikanga Maori, Fa’a Samoa and Islam share various cultural aspects and protocols.”

Specifically, methamphetamine trafficking. On that note:


Neither Fatu nor Black Power’s O’Reilly hide from the fact their gangs have guns . some of them illegal. And neither is willing to concede they should turn them in after the Christchurch attack.

“Will gangs get rid of their weapons? No,” Fatu says. “Because of who we are, we can’t guarantee our own safety.”

Per wikipedia, Mongrel Mob has been repeatedly hit by multi-jurisdictional police actions for meth production and distribution over the last 20 years. They aren’t talking about safety, they’re talking about drug territory.

A report by the Law and Order Select Committee in April 2017 described unlawful firearms possession is an integral aspect of New Zealand’s gang culture. A 2014 police analysis showed 44 per cent of gang members had been charged with firearms offences.

No shit, Sherlock. Maybe you should ban gangs instead of guns.

Police said 29 gun licences were given to known gang members in 2016. Six of them were later revoked.

According to O’Reilly, Black Power members use guns to hunt for food to feed their families and to defend themselves. He admits many obtain their guns illegally.

One doubts that many New Zealanders still hunt squirrels for dinner. But if that was his way of confessing to poaching then the environmentalists will jump in soon.

The two rival gangs, with a majority of M.ori and Pasifika membership have been working together in the past few years as other, criminal organisations move into the country. O’Reilly says the guns are used to protect the drug trade within those new groups.

At least they’re opposing the immivasion. Think global and cook meth local!

“They’ve been imported deliberately, as part of methamphetamine shipments, in parts,” O’Reilly says. “These are not M.ori criminal networks working here, these are criminal networks.”

Ethnic gangs like the Mongrel Mob and Black Power are involved mainly in gang-on-gang violence, according to Fatu. They also police their own members if they step out of line.

“It’s not in our culture to inflict harm on innocent people like what happened in Christchurch,” Fatu says.

“The attacks between our organisations are gang-on-gang, they do not involve the non-gang members. Although there may be peripheral damage and violence that occasionally spills out into the public eye, it is absolutely and without intention for any harm to be caused to non-gang members.”

We can trust criminals to have guns because they only attack other criminals? I get a suspicion that he’s actually talking to the government, explaining why the gangs should keep their guns but not the innocents.


Black Power and Mongrel Mob members gathered at the Wainuiomata marae last weekend. O’Reilly says 50 to 100 men, women and children travelled there from as far away as Kaitaia and Dunedin. They were meeting to discuss the future for the gang community in an effort to distance themselves from public perceptions of criminality.

But… you’re criminals. People perceive you as criminals because you ARE criminals. Even if you do talk like politicians.

Asked if turning in their guns was discussed at the hui, O’Reilly says: “Of course not. Why the hell would you be talking about handing back guns when you’re talking about progressing your family and moving from pathology to potential. Where on earth would discussions about guns come up in that?”

Because the innocent need guns to be safe from gangs like yours. Perhaps more people would voluntarily disarm if such gangs weren’t so powerful as to openly parade in solidarity with Islam:

The group, wearing their gang patches, decided to visit the Kilbirnie mosque in Wellington on the Saturday.

Fatu insists the gangs are not seeking public approval from their support for the Muslim community.

“We’re not trying to display change, we don’t care if people think we’re changing or not,” Fatu says.

“We’re doing it because that is what our people want now.”

That’s what the government said, too. I can’t imagine why “the people” of New Zealand are clinging to their guns while they’re stuck between their gov’t punishing them for the Mosque Shooting and the drug gangs threatening to blame them for the actions of non-resident Tarrant, all while claiming that that is what “the people” want.

They Obviously. Want. Their Guns.


Choose the Form of the Destructor THIRTEEN

I skipped Twelve for this one because it’s that special. San Francisco Police go full woke LGBT and march in a Gay Pride Parade… and their fellow LGBT Paraders attacked them because police work is heteronormative!

San Fran PD devote time, funds to Pride Parade- get attacked at parade

San Fran PD devote time, funds to Pride Parade- get attacked at parade

By Holly Sullivan, 1 July 2019

San Fran PD devote time, funds to Pride Parade- get attacked at parade

The article’s opening pic kinda says it all.

The San Francisco Police Department took to Twitter earlier this month to proudly display their new rainbow trimmed uniform patches.

A police vehicle was even emblazoned with rainbow decals making the unmistakable statement that the SFPD supports the LGBTQ community.

Not only did they do this, they apparently did it for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising on June 28, 1969 in Manhattan.

Segue to Wikipedia:

The Stonewall Inn, located at 51 and 53 Christopher Street, along with several other establishments in the city, was owned by the Genovese crime family. In 1966, three members of the Mafia invested $3,500 to turn the Stonewall Inn into a gay bar, after it had been a restaurant and a nightclub for heterosexuals. Once a week a police officer would collect envelopes of cash as a payoff, as the Stonewall Inn had no liquor license. It had no running water behind the bar.used glasses were run through tubs of water and immediately reused. There were no fire exits, and the toilets overran consistently. Though the bar was not used for prostitution, drug sales and other “cash transactions” took place. It was the only bar for gay men in New York City where dancing was allowed; dancing was its main draw since its re-opening as a gay club.

Fifty years and little has changed. Not even the fags now managing the police payroll.

Visitors to the Stonewall Inn in 1969 were greeted by a bouncer who inspected them through a peephole in the door. The legal drinking age was 18, and to avoid unwittingly letting in undercover police (who were called “Lily Law”, “Alice Blue Gown”, or “Betty Badge”), visitors would have to be known by the doorman, or look gay.


The age of the clientele ranged between the upper teens and early thirties, and the racial mix was evenly distributed among white, black, and Hispanic patrons. Because of its even mix of people, its location, and the attraction of dancing, the Stonewall Inn was known by many as “the gay bar in the city”.

Police raids on gay bars were frequent.occurring on average once a month for each bar. Many bars kept extra liquor in a secret panel behind the bar, or in a car down the block, to facilitate resuming business as quickly as possible if alcohol was seized. Bar management usually knew about raids beforehand due to police tip-offs, and raids occurred early enough in the evening that business could commence after the police had finished…

The period immediately before June 28, 1969, was marked by frequent raids of local bars.including a raid at the Stonewall Inn on the Tuesday before the riots.and the closing of the Checkerboard, the Tele-Star, and two other clubs in Greenwich Village.

Historian David Carter presents information indicating that the Mafia owners of the Stonewall and the manager were blackmailing wealthier customers, particularly those who worked in the Financial District. They appeared to be making more money from extortion than they were from liquor sales in the bar. Carter deduces that when the police were unable to receive kickbacks from blackmail and the theft of negotiable bonds (facilitated by pressuring gay Wall Street customers), they decided to close the Stonewall Inn permanently.

Scripture says it’s not good to pine for the “good old days”. Those Commies and other freaks were quite violent and the institutional corruption… makes modern times understandable as an extension of previous trends.

The raid did not go as planned. Standard procedure was to line up the patrons, check their identification, and have female police officers take customers dressed as women to the bathroom to verify their sex, upon which any men dressed as women would be arrested. Those dressed as women that night refused to go with the officers. Men in line began to refuse to produce their identification. The police decided to take everyone present to the police station, after separating those cross-dressing in a room in the back of the bar. Maria Ritter, then known as male to her family, recalled, “My biggest fear was that I would get arrested. My second biggest fear was that my picture would be in a newspaper or on a television report in my mother’s dress!”

The uprising was sparked by fear of their evil deeds being exposed to the light of day. Everything had worked well enough when they could bribe the cops and give token participation, but when that cozy, organized-crime racket fell apart, the police started doing their jobs.

Both patrons and police recalled that a sense of discomfort spread very quickly, spurred by police who began to assault some of the lesbians by “feeling some of them up inappropriately” while frisking them.

This might be the first recorded false rape accusation in American History. Since American history didn’t exist before the Sixties.

The police tried to restrain some of the crowd, knocking a few people down, which incited bystanders even more. Some of those handcuffed in the wagon escaped when police left them unattended (deliberately, according to some witnesses). As the crowd tried to overturn the police wagon, two police cars and the wagon.with a few slashed tires.left immediately, with Inspector Pine urging them to return as soon as possible…

Ten police officers.including two policewomen.barricaded themselves, Van Ronk, Howard Smith (a column writer for The Village Voice), and several handcuffed detainees inside the Stonewall Inn for their own safety. … Garbage cans, garbage, bottles, rocks, and bricks were hurled at the building, breaking the windows.

When demonstrators broke through the windows.which had been covered by plywood by the bar owners to deter the police from raiding the bar.the police inside unholstered their pistols. The doors flew open and officers pointed their weapons at the angry crowd, threatening to shoot. … [after 45 minutes total] the Tactical Patrol Force (TPF) of the New York City Police Department arrived to free the police trapped inside the Stonewall.

While the homos weren’t Communists, the local area was a Communist hotspot. Many Communists spontaneously joined the rioting that followed that night and the next, most famously Bob Dylan’s mentor Dave Van Ronk. The formation of organized homosexual organizations in the wake of the riots was clearly a consequence of new ties with Communist subversives.

The Mattachine Society newsletter a month later offered its explanation of why the riots occurred: “It catered largely to a group of people who are not welcome in, or cannot afford, other places of homosexual social gathering… The Stonewall became home to these kids. When it was raided, they fought for it. That, and the fact that they had nothing to lose other than the most tolerant and broadminded gay place in town, explains why.”

Yeah, sure, that’s why they arsoned the Stonewall when the police hid inside it. Because it was the only home they had, and totally not because they had the chance to kill some pigs. /sarc

End segue.

Well… looks like what’s old is new again.

Captain Troy Dangerfield added to the Tweet .It’s officially the start to #PrideMonth & I am #Proud to stand with the #LGBTQ community of San Francisco..

Leadership | San Francisco Police Department

Hey, he’s not wearing a rainbow patch! They didn’t have ’em out when this picture was made but that’s no excuse!

The SFPD didn’t stop there. According to KQED Arts. Nastia Voynovskaya, SFPD officers also marched alongside participants in the parade.

However, in the midst of the celebration, the parade came to a halt. A video shared by KPIX.s Katie Nielson shows approximately a dozen people, arms linked, completely blocking the street in a display of protest.

KHSU further reports that a protestor in the human barricade called through the microphone:

.The system of policing upholds white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, gender binaries and capitalist rule..

Close, bitch. The system of policing upholds law and order. I like how you threw in ‘capitalist rule’ as a nod to your Commie handlers.

Nota bene, law enforcement: now that the freaks have your approval and obedience, they want you gone. Which is what they’ve always wanted, ever since those NYC speakeasy days. The Communists just taught them to lie about it and join their Long March, is all.

The protestors also called for the release of transgender individuals being held in the San Francisco jail.

Hail Satan. Or as the ancient Jewish mob put it, “Give us Barabbas!”

Nielson further reports that some protestors during the event not only broke barricades but also threw water bottles at San Francisco Police Department officers. KHSU reports that a spokesperson for SFPD confirmed that two protestors were taken into custody.

Police: “We love you LGBTs! Even our uniforms now have rainbows! Half of our leadership is now LGBTs!”

LGBT activists: *throw rocks*

Police: “You’re under arrest for attacking us!”

LGBT activists: “See! Nothing has changed! Get your laws off my body!”

KQED Arts. Voynovskaya reports that a campaign called “Cops and Corporations Out of Pride” was organized by a group dubbing themselves Gay Shame. Gay Shame called upon the organizers of San Francisco Pride to entirely ban police presence at the event which drew approximately 1 million attendees.

Gay Shame promotes its “Cops and Corporations Out of Pride” campaign via video segments on their website of various LGBTQ+ personalities opposed to police or corporate participation in pride events.

KQED Arts quotes a video by Miss Major, a former sex worker: .These are only out to arrest, put us in jail, lock us up, beat us up, get us to suck their d-ck and kick us out naked to go home. Happened to me twice, I know what the hell I’m talking about. They should have never been in the Pride parade..

LET staff watched the entirety of Miss Majors. video in which she also says:

.The blue suit is all the same. They are all worthless, unimaginable horrible people and destructive to mankind in general especially to my trans and gender nonconforming community..

Remember: what today is left-wing fringe is tomorrow’s always-been-this-way. And if SFPD think the Socialists won’t get rid of them, they should look at the bail bondmen on their way out. Then they should look at 20th-Century Soviets, at how many police were replaced with “citizen militias”.

Get woke, go broke.

Gay Shame wasn’t the only group calling for San Francisco Pride to reject involvement by corporate entities. A letter signed by 140 staff members of Google requested that San Francisco Pride ban involvement by the technology giant in the 2019 parade as well as affirm that Google would not be welcome to sponsor or otherwise participate in future citing .Google’s failure to act in support of our community..

Google’s employees are too woke to let Google subsidize their flagrantly expensive sex lives? “We do not allow Google to support our community because of Google’s failure to act in support of our community!”

Reuters Maria Caspani and Matthew Lavietes report that protestors in San Francisco’s halted parade also cried “Stonewall was a riot” referencing a series of 1969 police raids of New York City establishments with primarily LGBTQ+ patrons. It is reasonable to assume that none of the SFPD officers present Sunday were involved in the events on the east coast 53 years prior.

It doesn’t matter, Barbie. It’s a symbology thing. They wear the uniform; therefore, they’re hated today for the same reason police were hated then: because police are symbols of law and justice.

Yes, reality frequently disappoints, but religious zealots are big on symbols. Notice the LGBT overuse of the rainbow. Sexual perversion is not a civil rights concern. It is a religious concern: anti-Christianity. But the gay community doesn’t have a new religion to fill in the gap made by removing Christianity, which I’m sure was the Communists’ reason for helping them organize back in the Stonewall days.

One day soon, when the Communists place their globalist humanism into that gap, they’ll decide the gay community is no longer useful.

KHSU reports that one protestor in Sunday’s human barricade yelled through her microphone .Police do not make us feel safe. and was met by cheers of approval.

However, the necessity for the services of the officers are not entirely unrealized. According to Voynovskaya, SacPride, the LGBTQ+ Pride event in Sacramento, banned the presence of police in their event. However, on June 7, only one day prior to events being scheduled to commence, they reversed their decision.

When they finally commit to banning cops, there will be a spectacularly violent example of black knighting. But it’s entirely in keeping with the behavior of “God did NOT make us male and female” persons, that they would drive away the very white knights trying to protect them from their victims.


Florida Man Tasers Good Samaritan

And I’m actually sympathetic. There are valuable lessons here for would-be Good Samaritans.

Florida man used Taser to fend off bystanders following crash, police say

By Ryan Gaydos, 16 July 2019

A Florida man was arrested Monday after police say he caused a car crash and then used a Taser to threaten bystanders who’d gathered at the accident scene.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the incident began when Nicholas Wagner, 23, ran a red light in Port Richey and hit a car filled with teenagers, prompting several people nearby to rush over and offer help, according to WFLA-TV.

Florida mom arrested after girl licks tongue depressor at doctor?s office, puts it back | WFLA

A face with remarkably small features. When the ‘inner face’ of eyes, nose and mouth is smaller than the outer face of skull shape, it denotes a personality well-insulated from the outside world. Not meaning introverted or sociopathic, just that concern for others isn’t going to be a big emotional deal to him. It’s a useful attribute for high-stress jobs. His face generally being rounded, however, I’d guess his personality is emotional without caring much about others’ emotions.

Also, I think men with small mouths tend to be men of action. If they preferred to talk then their mouths would be more stretched out from exercise, methinks.

But Wagner reportedly became angry and started threatening the Good Samaritans with a Taser, according to the station.

.The person we arrested broke out a Taser, started threatening people with Tasers, started chasing people with the Taser, actually dry stunned one of the victims in the chest,. Pasco Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kevin Doll said.

Meaning it was a handheld taser, not a pistol-style taser.

Wagner told WFLA-TV, however, that the situation only deteriorated after one of the bystanders began yelling at his sister, who’d since arrived at the accident scene and whose car Wagner was sitting in trying to collect himself.

.He started getting vulgar with my sister and everything and that’s when I freaked out, I had a lot of anxiety,” Wagner said. “I was sitting in my sister’s car, he wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Rich Abbate, one of the people who Wagner allegedly Tased, told FOX13 News he and some of the others who’d gathered thought Wagner was going to leave the scene of the crash when they saw him climb into his sister’s car. Abbate said he doesn’t regret getting involved.

That explains the situation. The collision happened and Wagner quickly called family to help him out. He’d need a ride home, after all, and it’s a good idea to have somebody less emotionally agitated to take point and be clear-headed. Adrenaline causes tunnel-vision.

But when Sister arrived and Wagner sat down in the passenger seat, Abbate thought he was going to flee the scene and involved himself. Bad move. Wagner was already agitated from “I’m probably going to jail for hurting those two kids” and hearing Abbate accusing his sister tipped him over.

I don’t fault Wagner. His behavior is in line with who he is, it’s that simple. It shouldn’t be a crime to be a “man of action and few words”. What can we learn from this?

1. Wanting to help doesn’t mean becoming a participant.

2. A Good Samaritan in this situation should ask “Do you need an ambulance? Do you want my help?” and if the answer is no then you’re done.

3. It’s never your job to detain people. If they act like they’re gonna run, note their license plate, clothing and time/direction and wait for the cops. Don’t be a hero.

Abbate tried to be a hero and then went on a feelz trip:

.This isn’t going to deter me in any way shape or form,. he said. “As long as there is a victim out there, I think I.ll do whatever I can to help..

Wagner told WFLA-TV he only used the Taser out of self-defense.

.I was sitting in my sister’s car and he wouldn’t leave me alone and I ended up getting out of my sister’s car to tell him to pretty much back up, get away dude, I have problems,. he said. .That’s when this man kept going and kept going and I felt like he kept trying to come closer and closer to me and I zapped it. I never once touched the man..

The zapping reportedly happened when Abbate put his arm up to “deflect the taser”. Which demonstrates that Abbate has led a very sheltered life.

I saw the video but it was so dark and grainy, you aren’t missing anything. This happened at night, by the way.

Police contend Wagner didn’t have the right to use his Taser, though, and he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Correct, he didn’t have good reason. But that felony charge is overkill. The incident was obviously not comparable to a firearm discharge or knife cut. Wagner was understandably agitated and a Good Samaritan playing “I am the law!” was asking for a life lesson. No harm done in my opinion, and I hope Wagner gets the charge dropped on the Texas “he deserved it” defense.

Wounded animals and panicked people: maintain a safe distance.


Let’s Help The Pentagon Recruit Cybersecurity Experts

It’s a Tradcon mistake to offer advice to one’s enemies, unless one does it to twist their petards upon their own rhetoric. For this lazy Monday, I twist the Pentagon’s petards with honest talk about how they can best staff their cybersecurity department. TL;DR hire the people you’re supposed to protect.

Tech vanguard is dodging Pentagon

By Patrick Kelley, 9 July 2019

The Pentagon’s cybersecurity mission is facing a classic supply and demand problem: There’s a nationwide shortage of tech talent and an oversupply of jobs.

This leaves the Pentagon starved of the cyber-sentries needed to defend its digital networks as the nation’s top computer scientists and software engineers often choose careers in the private sector that offer fat salaries and generous benefits.

When Silicon Valley complains they can’t find tech talent at any price, it’s groundwork for lobbying to allow more Hindus into North America. They publish their complaints, then point to those very complaints for justification. I cheerfully assume this isn’t the case… that the Pentagon isn’t actively plotting to offshore American national security to India.

.They are so talented and in such high demand,. then-acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said of the Pentagon’s red team members, cybersecurity experts who test and defend Defense Department computer networks, at a Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee hearing in May. .We really get out-recruited..

If there was ever a time the Pentagon would not want to lose the recruiting battle with the private sector, it’s now. The Chinese, Russians and Iranians have all hacked important aspects of American society since 2016. Moscow and Tehran targeted U.S. elections, and Beijing has hacked U.S. defense contractors, highlighting the Pentagon’s need for cyber-defenders.

Offensively, the Pentagon will also increasingly need tech expertise. The military soon plans to integrate artificial intelligence technology into its weapons systems, an endeavor that would give war machines advanced capabilities and rely on yet-to-be-implemented 5G wireless internet technology.

Comments like that make this article hard to take seriously. Our ‘weapon systems’ do not need ‘integrated artificial intelligence’. How would being hackable improve a laser-guided bomb? Only a bored and over-funded military needs to be on the cutting edge of tech anyway.

These tasks are monumental. Some of them may be done by entities on the Pentagon’s periphery, like defense contractors. Others, like those done by the red teams, must be carried out by the government.

Not monumental. This is a common situation. How does a company find quality employees? The lazy way is to throw money at the problem. It works, of course, but let’s assume you can’t outbid Citigroup for Mr. Cyber Wunderkind. General ideas:

1. Offer what your competitors can’t. In this case, offer white men protection from the institutional discrimination they face everywhere. Remember they designed and built those computer systems in the first place? Also, they have a much easier time qualifying for high-level security clearances than foreign nationals of countries notorious for theft and espionage.

If that’s too much then offer free legal services to get ex-wives out of recruits’ hair. You need to do this anyway because men desperate to see their kids again are security risks. Punish the perpetrator, not the victim.

2. Train talent in-house. As colleges ban males from getting higher ed, on-the-job paid education is increasingly the only way to get a real man worker. It’s also good for loyalty; treat your employees like investments and they’ll want to give you a good return. If they aren’t from a low-trust, non-Western society.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Pentagon if it didn’t opt for #3: Lower your standards and beg.

Capitol Hill knows this, and is nudging the Defense Department to create a pipeline from top U.S. universities to the Pentagon.

No! No! No! “Top U.S. universities” means the Socialist-Indoctrination Complex generally and the Ivy League specifically. Don’t tap your enemies’ newly certified minions for defending against your enemies!

But that pipeline will need to offer strong incentives to steer recruits with some of the highest-earning potential of all college students away from the private sector.

They even admit it won’t solve their problems.

.Students have many choices these days,. Sally Luzader, manager of corporate relations at Purdue University’s Department of Computer Science, said in an email. .So the top candidates, especially, have the luxury of being very selective..

A feminist who, typically, doesn’t notice unsexy men. Yes, everybody is tripping over each other to hire Unix Barbie at any price. #MeCodeToo! But how about the men that manage to sneak through uni to a BS CompSci? I guarantee they aren’t deciding between multiple six-digit job offers.

Those graduates, sought by massive tech firms, startups and even Wall Street, often choose between multiple lucrative job offers at salary levels reserved for veteran government employees.

.It.s hard to beat the pay,. said Sibin Mohan, a computer science professor at the University of Illinois, whose 2018 computer engineering graduates . the talent the Pentagon struggles to recruit and retain . earned an average starting salary of $99,741.

Sibin Mohan | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -

A Hindu. Getting the picture yet, Pentagon? The people you want, who do the job best, AND who aren’t making the megabucks, are WHITE MEN. These other people, demanding lots of money before they’ll offer you someone, they’re trying to cheat you.

Don’t believe me? Look though the trash bin of rejected applications, if you’re even allowed to.

That salary level for 20-something computer nerds rivals the top level of what some government workers earn in the Washington metropolitan area.

The government pays its employees according to its “GS” salary table, a 15-tier pay scale with 10 different salaries at each grade. The average Illinois computer engineering graduate from 2018 earns $569 more per year than a GS-13 Step 1 employee in the Washington area, with the maximum amount a GS can make in the capital being $166,500 per year.

West Coast companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Uber are recruiting these students well before they graduate, and the local climate is part of the draw. A lot of people want to live in California, “as opposed to say living in D.C.,. Mohan said.

Nobody wants to live in D.C.. And those nerds who go to Silicon Valley? They make six digits but live like they make four. There’s no outbidding to be done here. Just point out the blindingly obvious cost of living at job fairs.

Oh, right. The Beltway ain’t cheap real estate, either. Building a cyber campus in a cheaper place to live would be a good long-term way to attract talent. Why are tech centers so built-up, anyway? Tech is the easiest field for telecommuting.

But it is smaller tech firms that are escalating the bidding war.

.Startups are ready to pay extra money just to attract students away from some of these big names,. Mohan said.

That’s mostly a lie. Tech startups aren’t where the fat money is and the proof is they hire college grads instead of the experienced. Heck, they frequently offer stock options instead of actual pay; only newbies can run that kind of risk. However, this is complicated by the big names imposing real-deal slavery upon their workers.

And back on the East Coast, Wall Street quantitative trading firms are showering computer geniuses with cash to help shave lucrative nanoseconds off transaction times.

It’s a perfect description of America’s vulture capitalism that that is true. USA’s capitol isn’t D.C., it’s Wall Street, and has been since before the War Of Northern Aggression.


This is why I was initially resistant to the concept of an American Empire. If we were looting the rest of the world then where was the loot? ‘Murica hasn’t ever been overrun with filthy lucre stolen from other nations. The truth eventually came out, that the American Empire is an empire run for the benefit of a cabal THAT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT MONEY. They don’t even bother to rule the nations they conquer. American Empire is like a video game to them. They compete against each other to earn the highest score (in a bank account) then turn the game off and walk away to dinner.

Many cabalites don’t even retire with more than a gov’t pension. They just want to play God. Ours is the most meaningless, altruistic empire in human history.


In recruiting tech talent, the government simply can’t outbid the private sector. Luckily for the Pentagon, some of the country’s brightest college graduates aren’t solely motivated by money.

.I know students who’ve had offers from the Wall Street firms, a decent amount of money, and turned it down because they were not excited about it,. Mohan said. .If the government agencies show them the cool work that can be done, then some students might be attracted to it..

So-called “cool” work for recent grads could very well be their deciding factor between jobs. Those jobs could include the short-staffed red teams at the Pentagon and other cybersecurity roles across the government.

.Students often want to work on “cool” projects,. Luzader said. William Crumpler, a research assistant at the Center for Strategic and International Studies who has studied the federal cyber workforce gap, said government cyber programs need to “focus on the coolness factor..

The CIA has a really useful acronym for classifying motivation, MICE. Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego. These recent grads are refusing Money and without being Coerced. Fun work would qualify as Ego and frankly, I’d use Coercion to recruit before intentionally hiring either prima donnas or (in the context of gov’t work) God complexes.

I bet some of those grads simply have consciences. Who wants to shave nanoseconds off George Soros’ insider trading and make a living by stealing the retirements of strangers? And that’s the mindset that any high-level security outfit should be looking for.

So, Pentagon, here is my final solution for hiring new talent. Change the organization’s name from Red Teams to Sheepdogs with the slogan “We hunt evil.” Then hire white men exclusively, which will both improve working conditions (white male coders know much more than they want to about the politics of vibrancy) and prevent Muslims, Chicomms and other foreign threats from planting their freakin’ coworkers among your spycatchers.

Don’t tell me you can’t play race-favorites during hiring. Don’t tell me you aren’t allowed to. You are NATIONAL DEFENSE, Pentagon, you can’t do your job without putting Heritage America first.

But you won’t. My country is dying for no other reason than you won’t take my advice. You won’t prioritize your nation’s survival, you won’t recognize the concept of evil and you won’t believe men and women are fundamentally different.

By this logic, the Pentagon would do well to shed its stiff, top-down image, which some veterans say is a myth. been lots of places that are not the military that were way more rigid than my experience both at the [U.S. Naval Academy] and onboard a submarine,. J.P. Mellor, a Naval Academy graduate and head of the computer science and software engineering program at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, said. .There was plenty of room [in the military] for my creativity..

Mellor left the Navy decades ago, but sees ample room for innovation on the Pentagon’s red teams.

.That.s a super-creative activity,. Mellor said. .You have to try figure out what could go wrong here or how can I turn it on its head?.

Morons, are you TRYING to avoid Ideologically-minded recruits? You keep appealing to Money and Ego and aren’t allowed Coercion, but in the length of this article Ideology never once pinged your radar.

Mohan agrees, saying working on teams tasked with testing network security . hacking, essentially . “becomes a bit of an art and not completely a science..

It’s true. Who needs mad haxxor skillz when you can break into your enemy’s data vaults just by being the first arrogant, ethnic minority certified in data theft to show up for the job interview. “Somebody else will pay me. I’m just having fun with you.”


Facepalm. Either recruit for correct ethnicity & ideology and you won’t have to worry about money, or don’t bother trying to defend America. Why pay the wolf to eat the sheep when the wolf will do it anyway?


Negress 007 Stars in “Dropping the Popcorn”

At least they didn’t call it soap. This post is Exhibit “B” in my claim that the next James Bond film will need a literal exorcist.

Lashana Lynch will play 007 in new James Bond movie: report

By Lee Brown, 14 July 2019

James Bond fans wanting 007 to be either black or female are in for a double treat . with the movie spy about to be played by a black woman, according to a report on Sunday.

Only one such fan. Her name is Phoebe, an out-and-proud Satanist, and she’s more of a co-writer than a fan.

British actress Lashana Lynch, 31, will be introduced as the new 007 in what is being described as a .popcorn-dropping moment. in the franchise’s 25th movie that is currently being filmed, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Lashana Lynch

Not even female… an androgyne. A vibrant Pajama Boy, right down to the facial expression. This is the future decreed for us by our cultural Elites: no more male or female.

But it is not a complete do-over . with her just taking James Bond’s secret agent number after he retires from MI6, the report states.

Bond himself will still be played by Daniel Craig . and will still adhere to his old-fashioned macho characteristics, an insider told the UK paper.

.Bond, of course, is sexually attracted to the new female 007 and tries his usual seduction tricks, but is baffled when they don’t work on a brilliant, young black woman who basically rolls her eyes at him and has no interest in jumping into his bed,. a source told the Mail.

Why would Bond be sexually attracted to her? She’s done everything short of chopping off her nose to make herself repulsive to men.

The insider called it a “pivotal scene” when Bond is called back from retirement and introduced to Lynch as the new 007.

.It.s a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he’s been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman,. the source told the Mail.

Oh, how cute. James Bond is going to helpfully mentor his not-English, not-male replacement who hates his misogynistic stinking guts. Just like the #MeToo wimminz in real life! “Why won’t any high-value men give me everything he ever earned in life before I can ruin him with a false accusation?”

Londoner Lynch, who played the fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in “Captain Marvel., is hoped to modernize the franchise criticized by many as being too dated and sexist.

.This is a Bond for the modern era who will appeal to a younger generation while sticking true to what we all expect in a Bond film,. the source said.

.There are spectacular chase sequences and fights, and Bond is still Bond but he.s having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo..

That could have been entertaining.

“M, I broke another skank can I please have another.”

“That’s the fifteenth premeditated murder of your assigned partner this week, James. Human Resources is breathing down my neck about your rampant misogyny!”

“Okay. Do you want it quiet or to send a message?”

“NO, JAMES! You weren’t given a license to kill so that you could dispatch your own countrymen!”

“They’re not our countrymen, M.”

The silver lining on this turd is that it will be a COLOSSAL financial failure. Sadly, the Converged are okay with that. They aren’t in this for the money. Oh, they’ll steal all of it they can, but then they’ll burn the rest of the money because that’s what their Father in Hell does. Kill, steal and destroy. Not to GAIN anything.

The Joker (Heath Ledger) - Batman Wiki

How can humanity still be in denial about Christ? How visibly and loudly does Original Sin need to be spelled out for us? We’re already up to IMAX 3-D on that scale.

I make a prediction: along with those car chases and fights, Bond #25 will have a sacrilegious scene in a church. The devil would like that.


Reverend Arnaldo Barros, Paladin Of Brazil

I get asked occasionally how I expect modern clergy to behave, amidst all my criticisms of them. Today, a heartwarming positive example from Brazil: Reverend Arnaldo Barros.

One way out: Pastors in Brazil converting gang members on YouTube

By Marina Lopes of The Washington Post, 10 June 2019

As gang wars drive Brazil’s homicide rate to historic highs, evangelical pastors . long revered in the nation’s slums and prisons . have come up with a new way to protect members looking for a way out.

Gang leaders say the only way to leave the business alive is to convert to Christianity. So Barros, a televangelist popular here in western Brazil, memorializes a gang member’s embrace of the ancient articles of faith using the most modern of tools: He records the conversion on his smartphone and posts the videos on YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. The converts gain immunity against retribution by rival gangs and their own.

Gang leaders and law enforcement officials say it works.

He’s nothing like a televangelist. The term must have a slightly different meaning in rural Brazil.

“We aren’t going to go against the will of God,” a local leader of the powerful Comando Vermelho, the gang that was pursuing Viera, told The Washington Post. “God comes first, above everything.”

“It’s become a nonviolent escape route,” agreed Lucas Gomes, the head of prisons here in Acre state. “A way to publicize, justify and explain the exit.”

Barros, meanwhile, keeps close watch on each new Christian to make sure the conversion sticks.

If it doesn’t, he lets the gangs know.

HOLY SHI’ITE! A clergyman who doesn’t just want headcount, he wants to know if they actually mean it? And stays in contact with them post-conversion? When you have ever seen that attitude in an American churchman?

Gang violence has made Brazil one of the most dangerous countries in Latin America . killings nationwide reached a record 64,000 in 2017, and the death toll remains high.

The carnage, and the sense that the government wasn’t doing enough to stop it, helped the right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro get elected last year. The former military officer campaigned on promises to loosen gun ownership laws for private citizens and to give police more authority to shoot suspects.

Brazil, when you’re done with Bolsonaro can we Americans borrow him for a few terms of office?

That pitch resonated in Acre, where Bolsonaro won 77 percent of the vote, more than in any other state. The sparsely populated western state, wedged between Peru and Bolivia, is so often neglected by the federal government that Brazilians joke it doesn’t exist. But for the narcotrafficking gangs battling for control of Brazil’s profitable cocaine route, it has become hotly disputed turf.

The gang wars have transformed sleepy Rio Branco, a jungle-covered town of ramshackle houses and polluted canals, into one of Brazil’s most violent cities. The homicide rate in Acre’s capital rose to 64 per 100,000 in 2017, double that of the rest of the country.

Making converts has long been Barros’ business. As the death toll mounted, so did the calls. But it was a challenge spreading the message that the new Christians were out of the game in time to save their lives.

A life-and-death challenge in that neighborhood. I don’t ever see American clergy risking so much as their pensions.

“They come to me desperate for help,” the 56-year-old pastor said. “This is the only exit, the only way out. I thought, ‘How am I going to get the gang leaders to see this?’ “

For years, Brazilian gangs have posted cellphone videos on social media to keep members in line, intimidate rivals and orchestrate attacks.

As the violence has intensified, the videos have become increasingly gruesome. In 2016, a gang posted footage of the live decapitation of two men from a rival gang. By 2018, members were extracting the hearts of their decapitated rivals and waving them in front of the camera.

You can take the Incas out of the jungle…

Barros, pastor of Rio Branco’s Igreja Gera??o Eleita . the Elected Generation Church -saw these videos circulating on his feeds and decided to co-opt the approach. The social media savvy televangelist began to film gang members’ conversions and post them online to declare that the new converts were off limits. Other pastors in Acre have followed his example.

Political scientist Bruno Paes Manso studies gangs and violence at the University of Sao Paulo.

“What’s interesting is that the response here isn’t coming from the universities, from intellectuals or from the state,” he said. “It’s coming from the people who are living with these problems, who had to react and came up with this solution.”

That’s normal, professor, not interesting. Never send an egghead or bureaucrat to do a priest’s job.

The Rev. Adilson de Oliveira says the church’s endorsement of the videos adds a sense of legitimacy in a world of shifting alliances.

The locals know their priests are different from normal. Respect came from that. Can you imagine what a “seeker-sensitive” approach would have looked like in Rio Branco? “Use our altar for your decapitation needs!”

Oliveira, 60, spent nine years behind bars for armed robberies and drug dealing before he converted himself 20 years ago. Now he helps prison inmates who are looking for a different life.

“Sometimes people don’t believe that a member is leaving,” he said. “They think, ‘He was our partner. We know what he is capable of.’

“But a pastor is someone they can trust. The video says, ‘I’m leaving, but I want to stay on good terms.’ “

The videos show burly men such as Dianne Farias looking tearfully into the camera and making their confessions.

Standing before bullet-pocked buildings . and often bullet-pocked themselves . they state their names, code names and ID numbers within their gangs. They list their crimes, the number of people they have killed and announce they are now men of God:

Repentance. Such a rare sight. As rare in North America as an altar call that begins with “turn away from your crimes”.

“My brothers, I have to think about my family.”

“I don’t want this life for me.”

“I have kids to raise.”

Barros places a hand on their shoulders and pronounces them free: “In the name of Jesus, you are officially unaffiliated.”

A very practical illustration of… baptism. Not salvation. Baptism is the public announcement of devotion to God, the bridge-burning, the public declaration of repentance and acceptance of a new Master for life.

It’s hard for those who were baptized at a young age to appreciate that without seeing this level of life-changing repentance. Imagine that, the Third World Church has something to teach the First World Church. And I don’t mean African expressions of love.

Barros estimates he has saved 500 men through social media conversions since he began posting them in 2014. In the past year, the pace of killing in Acre has slowed. Violent deaths in the state fell 22 percent from 2017 to 2018, government figures show.

While the conversion videos appear to protect the converts, it’s unclear how much impact they’ve had on the larger homicide rate. Acre’s state government has strengthened its police, invested in new technology and increased prison inspections.

To nonbelievers, the video conversions might smack of compulsory spirituality. But for those who fear death at the hands of rival gangs, the choice is clear. Inside prisons, where Barros and other pastors film weekly, converts are stacking up.

Gomes, the prison official, said “the result is visible.”

Visible results are less important than priests who act like God is real. They aren’t offering Christianity as a “get out of jail free” card, let alone a wellness gimmick.

To keep religious inmates at the Francisco d’Oliveira Conde prison safe during unrest, guards confined them to a separate cell. But they’re converting at such a pace that the state is now constructing a new building to house them all.

Interesting that Christians are still singled out for persecution even when they’re literally on record as being out for good.

Of course, conversion by video is no guarantee that a gang member will stay straight. But converts who return to their gangs face serious danger.

Lucas Cunha, 18, was at work when a rival gang broke into his house. Worried they would eventually find and kill him, he called Barros and asked him to record a video.

When his attackers saw it, they dropped their pursuit. But they monitored him for months, checking to see if he was going to church or had contact with his former leaders.

“If I do anything wrong, they will kill me,” Cunha said. “I have to take the video seriously. They don’t tolerate regressions.”

Viera, 23, managed to escape both Comando Vermelho . the Red Command . and his own gang, Bonde dos 13. He’s staying at a rehabilitation center run by Barros’s church while looking for a place to live.

Resources for men in need? Not just wimminz and chillldrenz?

Barros says vouching for the converts can put him in danger. His home on the outskirts of Rio Branco is ringed by surveillance cameras. Barking dogs announce anyone who passes too closely to the gate.

He estimates that 5 percent of them slide back into crime. So he keeps a close watch on new converts. If he catches wind that one is back in the game, he informs gang leaders . to protect the integrity of the conversions.

Barros learned this month that Francisco Marinaldo, a former member of Comando Vermelho, had resumed using drugs. He tried to coax Marinaldo back to the church, he says, but was rebuffed.

Before Barros had a chance to let gang leaders know, he says, Marinaldo was stabbed to death.

Barros tried to help when Marinaldo backslid. That’s huge. It shouldn’t be but my expectations are that low.

On a recent afternoon in a shantytown outside Rio Branco, Marcos Adriano considered his options.

Caption: Marcos Adriano [on right] records a video conversion with the Rev. Arnaldo Barros. (Washington Post photo by Marina Lopes)

The 25-year-old had spent nearly half his life behind bars. He began selling marijuana when he was 7 and worked his way up to trafficking cocaine from Colombia to Brazil for Comando Vermelho. And then there were the killings . 22, he says, by the time he went to prison in 2008.

When he got out last year, he decided to convert in a video with Barros. Then he slowly got his life together. He found a job and tried to make new friends. But the $12 a day he made working at a local bakery paled in comparison to the $1,000 he said he sometimes brought home dealing drugs.

I got lots of respect for a guy who loves God enough to make that sacrifice.

He says he went back to the drug trade a few months ago.

Sigh. Well, trying is good too. In fact, in Christianity trying is everything.

When Barros stopped by his house to check on him…

Again, a priest who simply gives a damn. I’m really not that hard to impress. When I stopped attending a church, every single time, there was no followup. A couple pastors did make the time to meet once privately with me, I give them their due.

Adriano admitted he had rejoined a gang. But now he was having second thoughts.

“I want to go back to the church,” he said. “Too many people are dying. My chest isn’t made of steel.”

He pointed to his bullet wounds . fleshy craters bulging from his neck, abdomen and legs.

And so Adriano steadied himself in front of Barros’ phone, looked into the camera and took a deep breath. For the second time, he announced his name, nickname and his gang.

But when Barros finished recording, Adriano stopped him.

“Don’t send it just yet,” he said. “I’ll let you know when to post it.”

Adriano is not long for this world if he continues like that but if he hasn’t given up on God, then God hasn’t given up on him.

Getting saved is easy. Working out one’s salvation is a lifetime of hard effort, even for Christians in worldly luxury. They face poverty and the drug trade, we face temptations and the treachery of purported allies. There is not one Christian, anywhere in the world, who does not endure hardship for following Christ.

Sure would be nice if somebody helped us out during the low points. But that’s ugly, dirty, thankless work.

The clergyman I value is the one who lives that. He doesn’t have to save murderers from a life in the drug trade. He has to give a care about his fellow man, practice the sacraments of the Church (particularly repentance and baptism, and not as empty rituals) and be a symbol of Christ to the world. Reverend Arnaldo Barros, you do the work of God.


The Libra

Cryptocurrency is not a concept I understand. Economics has always been rough for me since I took an accounting class and learned you could add up the numbers three different ways and get three different, equally valid answers. That is not math! But it’s getting hard to avoid banking terminology in today’s late-stage Convergence towards a world government. Which brings us to Facebook’s recently announced Libra cryptocurrency.

Facebook Plans Global Financial System Based on Cryptocurrency

htt ps://

By Mike Isaac and Nathaniel Popper, 18 June 2019

SAN FRANCISCO . Facebook unveiled an ambitious plan on Tuesday to create an alternative financial system that relies on a cryptocurrency that the company has been secretly working on for more than a year.

The effort, announced with 27 partners as diverse as Mastercard and Uber, could face immediate skepticism from people who question the usefulness of cryptocurrencies and others who are wary of the power already accumulated by the social media company.

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are the biggest partner-names. Facebook has tried currency games on two previous occasions–FB Credits in 2011, FB Gifts in 2012, each lasting two years. The scale of a uniform global currency is mind-boggling.

The cryptocurrency, called Libra, will also have to overcome concern that Facebook does not effectively protect the private information of its users . a fundamental task for a bank or anyone handling financial transactions.

That could also be a factor. The best indicator of the future is the past. (The second best is cynicism.)

But if the project, which Facebook hopes to begin next year with 100 partners, should come together, it would be the most far-reaching attempt by a mainstream company to jump into the world of cryptocurrencies, which is best known for speculative investments through digital tokens like Bitcoin and outside-the-law e-commerce, like buying drugs online.

That last bit is important because it’s why an anonymous cryptocurrency will never exist. Like actual cash, anonymity is a problem to be solved in the eyes of Elites and governments. “But what if someone uses Bitbuck to buy cocaine or pay a hitman?” is all the justification they’ll need to include a backdoor.

The company has sky-high hopes that Libra could become the foundation for a new financial system not controlled by today’s power brokers on Wall Street or central banks.

.It feels like it is time for a better system,. David Marcus, head of Facebook’s blockchain technology research, said in an interview. .This is something that could be a profound change for the entire world..

That was plausible before both Visa AND Mastercard signed on as partners. Living close to Silicon Valley, what I’ve seen is that modern tech firms grow primarily by consuming other companies. The innovative portion of the Internet Revolution is pretty much exhausted… not because human ingenuity is exhausted, but because the context has changed from white nerds playing with tech for fun to banksters whipping pennies out of their imported slaves.

Mr. Marcus and other Facebook executives conducted press interviews ahead of the unveiling of their project at the historic San Francisco Mint, a nearly 150-year-old building that once housed one-third of the United States gold reserve.

Now it houses one-third of North America’s homeless population. Okay, exaggeration, but very much the image of San Fransico’s rise and fall. Per htt ps:// in 2015,

“The Old Mint, the 1874 building at Fifth and Mission that is a national historic landmark but has become an eyesore and hangout for street people, is going to make a comeback as an events space.” That last means nobody wants to/can afford to put a business there.

Marcus was president of Paypal before joining Facebook. Born in France then raised in Switzerland, and active in the online commerce market since age 23.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, has discussed his fascination with cryptocurrencies in recent years. And over the last few months, he has promised to offer users better privacy on company-owned services like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

But improving the privacy of users will make it harder for Facebook to show them ads tailored to their interests. A virtual financial network, if it should work, would be a way for the company to find new revenue if ad sales should drop.

The payment system would also help Facebook and other American companies compete for financial transactions in developing countries, where WeChat, developed by the Chinese company Tencent, already offers a highly profitable payments system built into its popular messaging product.

Several articles that I’ve perused highlighted FB targeting the Third World in its initial implementation of Libra. Reading between the lines, FB intends this system primarily to be an attractive alternative to unstable national currencies. The poorest people have the fewest options so they will have the least resistance to FB coercing this system upon them.

Which is how the First World spread feminism to the Third World. Anybody receiving our aid had to accept feminist indoctrination as a package deal. Make ’em choose between food and fatherhood. A case study for the interested:

Continuing with the Times article,

The project is being planned to address skeptics. The Libra digital token will be directly backed by government currencies like the dollar or euro, according to a paper describing the technology. So unlike Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency, it will not fluctuate in value any more than real-world money, and it is not likely to appeal to speculators.

Still, the wider cryptocurrency community is likely to point to Libra as evidence that digital tokens could have a mainstream purpose. Last week, as some details of the Facebook project leaked, the value of Bitcoin surged.

To acquire Libra (a reference to the Roman measurement for a pound, once used to mint coins) through a new Facebook subsidiary, called Calibra, users are likely to have to show government identification like a driver’s license, which would make it unappealing for black market transactions like buying drugs.

That would be spooky enough but come on, Grey Lady. Even a churchmouse like me knows his Zodiac signs, because you newspapers decided to place the horoscopes next to the comics.


Libra is one of the three zodiac air signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius. In astrology, a broad description of those who are born under these signs are calm, rational, and detached when dealing with situations. The sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales and is associated with the Roman deity Iustitia. …

The Moon was said to be in Libra when Rome was founded and this was based on the historical passage, which state “qua condita Roma”. Everything was balanced under this righteous sign. Manilius once said that Libra was the sign “in which the seasons are balanced”. Both the hours of the day and the hours of the night match each other. Thus why the Romans put so much trust in the “balanced sign”.

You would recognize a statue of Iustitia, aka Lady Justice:

blindfolded lady with sword in right hand held vertically down to floor, and a set of balance scales in her left hand held neck high

While true that the Libra was a measurement of weight (not exclusively of gold), it was named that in honor of the Goddess Libra who was the astrological origin mythology of Ancient Rome. It’s hard to believe that name was chosen for this project with no latent imperial ambitions.

Sweet dreams tonight. End segue.

Facebook is also distancing itself from direct management of Libra. The project is to be run by a nonprofit entity in Switzerland, the Libra Association, which is independent of the social network. The association will be overseen by other companies, which will have voting power over the design and release of Libra, Facebook officials said.

Of course, they aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their heart either. FB is content to be the implementer, which in the context of Libra means gatekeeper. That’s the thing about cryptocurrency: no internet access means you’re frozen out of the marketplace.

I always wondered how the Mark of the Beast could be enforced. There would, after all, be a massive demand for a black market once the biggest religion on the planet is frozen out of daily life. But even the black market’s success is based upon untraceable transactions.

While 27 companies, also including Visa, Spotify, eBay and PayPal, are on the list of partners released on Tuesday, so far they have not committed to much beyond donating money and taking part in the design of the association and the currency. Each enterprise partner will be expected to invest at least $10 million.

Considering the release is guessed to be next year, funding R&D is the only thing to be done at this stage.

Facebook.s involvement will be handled through the subsidiary, Calibra. Company officials said Calibra would not be allowed to share any of its financial customer data with other Facebook divisions, though there may be exceptions in incidents like fraudulent activity.

.Your financial data will never be used to target ads on Facebook,. said Kevin Weil, vice president of product for Calibra.

A much happier statement would be “we won’t be ABLE to use your financial data with others because we’re designing Libra for anonymity”. They… aren’t saying that.

The currency itself is being built so that any software developer in the world can build a digital wallet or other services on top of it, similar to the way that Bitcoin can be sent between people.

The structure of the new Libra currency is based on the blockchain technology made famous by Bitcoin.

The blockchain concept makes it possible to hold and move digital currencies almost instantly, usually with low transaction fees. Because blockchains are shared databases, they can function without any central operator like the central banks that have historically governed currencies. This structure will allow Libra to be overseen by many companies.

But what privacy advocates want is a structure that cannot be overseen by anybody. Even at this barely-begun stage, they are only promising that they won’t decide later to make use of the tools they’re building right now. These are not honest people.

Customers will be able to hold and spend their Libra with businesses that accept the currency, and there will be services that quickly convert Libra into traditional currencies and send the money to traditional bank accounts, according to project documents released on Tuesday.

I’m not an economist but linking your currency to the fiat currencies of the world makes your currency fiat as well, yes? FB isn’t going to back its currency with a vault of gold or other objective store of value, which is probably why the first two attempts failed.

While Libra is meant to be independent of Facebook, the social networking giant has clear plans for making money from the venture.

Initially, the Calibra subsidiary will offer little more than a wallet to hold and spend Libra. When Libra is released next year, the plan is to make the wallet available to the billions of people who have accounts with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

If Libra catches on, company officials said, Facebook’s Calibra could offer financial services to customers, such as lending and investing.

Unless you’re a Not-See, of course. Then they seize your wallet without even the courtesy of a dark alley and sap to the head.

To spur adoption, the Libra Association, which will manage the digital token, will help offer financial incentives to merchants and customers, like free Libra for opening a wallet, or discounts on Libra transactions for merchants who accept the currency.

.Libra has the potential to bridge the gap between traditional financial networks and new digital currency technology while reducing the costs for everyone . especially consumers,. Peter Hazlehurst, head of payments and risk at Uber, said in a statement.

Reduced costs? They just locked in the Baby Boomer vote. To heck with privacy and localized gov’t, we can start shaving our pennies!

The Libra project is certain to face scrutiny from regulators. In Washington, the Federal Trade Commission is considering levying a fine against Facebook that could run into the billions of dollars for repeated privacy violations.

Financial regulators in the United States and other countries could stop Libra before it is even released if there are concerns that the technology will enable money laundering or other types of crime that have become common with Bitcoin. On Tuesday, Representative Maxine Waters, a Democrat of California and the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, called on the company to stop the development of the Libra until regulators could closely examine the potential risks.

There’s no way the US gov’t will allow Libra because it is direct competition against the Federal Reserve. The petrodollar would have to collapse entirely for Libra to make its move. Which explains introducing it first in smaller, unstable nations before the American Collapse. As I highlight here:

It may also raise the hackles of those who worry that Facebook has accumulated far too much power, a concern that has led to calls to break the company into separate units.

Mr. Weil and other Facebook executives have said Libra is likely to be most attractive to people in the developing world who don’t have easy access to cheap digital bank accounts and credit cards.

Or whose local currency is being hyperinflated by a failing gov’t.

.Our hope is to create more access to better, cheaper and open financial services . no matter who you are, where you live, what you do or how much you have,. according to a paper released by the Libra Association.

Facebook is not the only big tech company with a cryptocurrency project. The messaging giant Telegram raised nearly $2 billion last year to create its own cryptocurrency, which is expected in the coming months.

Thousands of start-ups are still trying to build a new world of financial services on top of existing cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin remains popular with people who are concerned about personal privacy and the power that governments and big corporations have in the financial system. That could make Bitcoin supporters skeptical of Facebook’s project.

But Facebook has a built-in advantage: its size.

.It will take years,. Mr. Weil said. “But the goal is that this is a new currency that people can trust. And it has just as many use cases as money has..

Now isn’t the time to panic over ‘Mark of the Beast!’ and such. FB is only one of several efforts at establishing a global currency, all at development stages.

But whoever eventually wins, we Christians and cash will lose.


The Rent-Seeking Church

Rent-seeking, in economic and public-choice theory, refers to attempting to increase one’s share of current wealth without producing or creating any additional wealth according to

What is rent-seeking? Definition and meaning

They also helpfully provided this excerpt:

Rent-seeking taxi license corruption tariffs closed shop

Rent-seeking comes in many forms, including barriers to entry like onerous licenses, having to belong to a particular trade union in order to work in a trade, imposing tariffs, and corruption in government. In all cases, no additional wealth for the nation, sector or society is created. …

If you need to get a time-consuming, expensive, and extremely hard-to-acquire license to become a taxi driver, there will be fewer competitors in that market. If fewer competitors are permitted to operate within that sector, it means that each player gets a bigger slice of the wealth pie.

And now, today’s new low for the Church in North America: people are getting online ordinations in order to perform weddings for family and friends. Clergy are so outraged by this loss of revenue that they successfully lobbied the state of Tennessee to ban online ordination… and accidentally let their mask slip.

By the Power Vested in Me by God Or the Internet: The Fight Over Online Ordinations

By Kate Shellnutt, 5 July 2019

After a religious freedom lawsuit, a federal judge this week blocked Tennessee’s new ban on online ordination for wedding officiants, citing “serious constitutional issues..

The Universal Life Church Monastery.a top destination for giving friends and family credentials to perform ceremonies.had sued the Volunteer State over the policy, which it said “grants a preference to certain religions” and “burdens its members” free exercise of religion..

Segue to Wikipedia,

The Universal Life Church Monastery is a non-denominational interfaith ministry that is primarily known for its online ordination program, which allows individuals to preside over weddings, baptisms, and funerals across the United States depending on state and county laws.

Universal Life Church Monastery’s mantra is “We are all children of the same universe.” It also has two core tenets:

Do only that which is right.

Every individual is free to practice their religion in the manner of their choosing, as mandated by the First Amendment, so long as that expression does not impinge upon the rights or freedoms of others and is in accordance with the government’s laws.

The monastery’s stated mission is to ordain anyone regardless of their spiritual or religious denomination. It does not have a physical building that serves as a house of worship, and conducts ordination through its website. According to the church, ordination allows its ministers to perform marriages, funerals, baptisms, and exorcisms.

Heehee. BWAHAHA! A perfect black knighting of the seminary-industrial complex! Troll 10/10 because at least three state governments have tried to ban them for undercutting the local clergy’s monopolies on ceremonies! (Pennsylvania and Virginia being the other two that I know of.)

I am seriously thinking about getting ordained by them. Ordinating organizations are all hypocrites these days anyway. Might as well hit up the cheap one!

Fuller Seminary: [Our] practice-oriented Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program forms ministry leaders to be reflective and nimble to change. It will stretch you theologically and challenge you with new models of ministry for an ever-changing world. (actual statement)

Universal Life Church: Forty bucks.

Proceeding to some more background on the ULC,

Controversial online ordination surges in popularity

By Daily Emerald, 10 May 2011

When Justin Pratt was asked by his friends to officiate their wedding during the winter break, he already knew what his answer was and knew just what to do.

Pratt immediately went online and typed “free online ordination” into Google and found Universal Life Church Monastery, an online church whose website touts its sole mission is to provide ordinations to anyone, .regardless of your spiritual or religious denomination.” With just a few clicks of a mouse and by entering in a few pieces of personal information, Pratt was almost instantaneously an ordained minister.

.I was surprised at how fast the whole process took, but I shouldn’t have been, because we live in a pretty fast-paced world where you can do pretty much anything online,. said Pratt, a University junior journalism major. .I kind of figured that there was going to be more to it . it just asked me to put in my name and address and pay the fee, and that was about it..

I found a Rev. Justin Pratt, currently senior pastor of a Baptist church, but not the same guy.

According to the Universal Life Church, Pratt isn’t alone, and he represents a controversial growing trend of people turning to online ordination to officiate weddings and preside over baptisms and funerals . a move lauded by religious freedom advocates and castigated by theologians.

The Universal Life Church neither holds religious Sunday services, nor has a physical building that serves as its house of worship. In fact, church spokesperson Andy Fulton said the original Modesto, Calif., church that was founded in 1959 no longer exists.

ULC is now located in Seattle and that’s just doubling down on the meme.

Rather, Fulton said the main mission of the church is carried on through its website. Even before the online ordination became the newest fad next to miniskirts and sweater vests, the Universal Life Church had already provided nearly 18 million ordination certificates worldwide between 1962 and 2009, and that number has grown to nearly 20 million in 2011, according to the church’s website. In fact, it touts 114 University students alone as ordained ministers.

On the church’s website, ordained ministers can pay anywhere between $13.99 to $139.99 to purchase a variety of products and services, including receiving a religious title, doctor of divinity certificate, doctor of metaphysics certificate, master of Wicca certificate, .ordination package. and a .ministry-in-a-box..

A new definition of “Crossfit”!

.We are a church, but the purpose of our church is to ordain people so that they can perform these wedding ceremonies,. Fulton said. .What we do is perfectly legal; we’re a service organization, if you think about it. People hear the word “church” and they expect a brick-and-mortar church with a pastor or priest, but when you look at the Universal Life Church Monastery, you have to look past that model..

However, not everyone is supportive of online ordination. John Holbert, the Lois Craddock Perkins professor of homiletics at Southern Methodist University, said he finds online ordinations to be “absurd” and correlates its popularity to the secularization of modern-day.

.I believe that ministry is a learned profession that means that you don’t imagine yourself one day to be loved by God, and then go out and do it,. Holbert said. .I think it’s a kind of sign that the culture is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the traditional understandings of church and clergy..

Holbert disagrees with exactly what Jesus and the Twelve Disciples did.

Nevertheless, Holbert said he understands why this shift in society’s perception is occurring when he considers the numerous scandals many religious institutions have faced in recent years.

.I think the online thing has become a kind of outlet and a kind of revolt or rebellion, really, against the traditional church,. Holbert said. .I don’t defend it at all, and I frankly think it’s a mockery of traditional ordination, but at the same time, I’m not surprised that it’s happening..

Because Holbert himself is a mockery of traditional Protestantism. “You can’t just pick up your Bible and do God’s will! You have to be ordained by the Real Church(tm)!”

“But my behavior is compatible with State guidelines on church behavior!”

“We’ll see about that!” *Lobbies Tennessee to ban the competition.*

Fulton defended the Universal Life Church’s actions by saying the organization’s sole purpose is to ordain people to conduct wedding ceremonies, rather than grant people the religious authority to start their own congregations.

.If people that we ordained wanted to go out (and) form their own churches or their own congregations, then that would be a little sensitive and a little suspect, but 99.9 to the umpteenth degree percent of the people that we ordain are ordained so they can perform wedding ceremonies . they don’t go out to start churches,. Fulton said. .I feel like anyone who criticizes the Universal Life Church Monastery or criticizes online ordination doesn’t really know the whole deal behind it..

Fulton is lying, too, or those bits about performing baptisms and exorcisms are very new products in his catalog. That makes him a peer of Holbert. I am reminded of one of my favorite Bible verses:

The two kings, with their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time. Daniel 11:27

It’s not a theologically important verse but the mental image never gets old.

End this long segue.

The [no-online-ordination] law was set to go into effect July 1, but federal judge Waverly Crenshaw decided on Wednesday to allow weddings conducted by online-ordained celebrants to resume until a trial later this year. Officials argued the policy was designed to ensure officiants were responsible enough to perform their duties on behalf of the state.

THEY SAID IT! THEY SAID IT! They said the truth but only for the love of money!

Unlike most denominations, churches, and religious organizations, nonprofits like the Universal Life Church and American Marriage Ministries exist primarily to ordain the growing number of friends and family members tapped to officiate weddings. Recent surveys show between a quarter and half of US ceremonies are now performed by loved ones rather than traditional ministers.

How has this statistic not pinged my radar yet? No wonder the rentseekers are dropping Benjamins on lobbyists.

While Tennessee lawmakers see pastors and religious clergy as beyond the scope of the ban.since they already meet the legal standard of .a considered, deliberate, and responsible act. for ordination.the law could become an issue if churches begin to offer “online ordination as the culmination of online theological training,. according to Jennifer Hawks, associate general counsel at the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

.For now, if the law is upheld, most ordaining organizations will continue to ordain their leaders as they have always done,. she said. .Only those religious groups which do not include an in-person component for their ordinations would have to make changes in order to satisfy the requirements that must be met for private citizens to perform this state function..

By similar logic, persons shouldn’t be allowed to use their private vehicle for a taxi business. Classic rent-seeking.

In the US, weddings represent a unique intersection of church and state. The government licenses marriages, in part, to codify the legal benefits and protections afforded to married couples. More than a decade ago, CT reported how Pennsylvania barred online ordination for wedding celebrants, requiring religious officials lead to a “regularly established church or congregation” to qualify. Virginia has similar requirements, asking that religious officiants provide evidence of their role at a gathered congregation and that they are in good standing with their denomination.

Yep. Classic. It doesn’t matter if you know God’s will and are responsible for it! You must by paid by a group of chumps in a wooden box to do Caesar’s God’s will! Actually, I did mean Caesar because Caesar now agrees with me. So, ha!

Same-sex marriage? Frivorce? No, the REAL marriage crisis is that officiating State representatives aren’t backed by ‘traditional’ denominations.

But after state and county procedures have long straddled the civil and religious functions of the ceremony, fewer Americans care about the latter, leading to the rise of nontraditional and secular celebrants.

Some Christian leaders have questioned whether the church should be a part of the civil ceremony at all, particularly as same-sex marriage became legal. About a quarter of pastors and a third of Americans said clergy should no longer be involved in state marriage licensing in a 2014 LifeWay Research poll.

.The argument for allowing ministers to solemnize wedding with civil effect is basically an argument of accommodating the wishes and the convenience of the couple. Many people will want their wedding performed by a minister, by a clergy person, and why make them go through a separate ceremony?. said Thomas Berg, law professor and religious freedom expert at University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minnesota.

.If the issue is accommodating the religious desires of the couple, allowing the couple to have that single ceremony, then it does not suggest that the state has a very strong interest in regulating the quality of the minister performing it,. he said in response to Tennessee’s law. .A friend may be more meaningful than anyone else..

It’s not often that one can cite Elvis Impersonators for judicial precedent, but it’s totally in keeping with the shameless farce that American Christianity has become.

I Am The Law - Judge Dredd meme on Memegen

For years, even couples that weren’t active in their faith would refer to their local church when it was time for weddings or funerals. Pastors report that the availability of online ordination and private wedding venues decreased demand for those services.

Plus, many active Christians themselves are drawn to these options; only around 1 in 5 US weddings now takes place in a church, according to a survey by the popular wedding website The Knot. In almost every aspect of the wedding, people are less tied to tradition and ritual, instead preferring the kind of personalization showcased on Pinterest and Instagram, The Atlantic reported recently.

.The trends tell us that couples are not turning to the church to provide “marrying” and “burying” services. When was the last time you attended a wedding in a church sanctuary?. said Byron Weathersbee, co-founder of Legacy Family Ministries and co-author of To Have and To Hold and Before Forever. .Many churches are thankful to be out of the wedding business. In my opinion, this ends up costing them the relational capital to connect that newly married couple with the church..

Relational capital, hell. Show me the money!

.What we’re seeing in this trend [of online ordination] is a symptom of the shift away from the importance of the local church. On one hand, it’s meaningful to have a friend or family member perform the ceremony because they know us well. But historically, marriage in the church has been just the church,. said Catherine Parks, author of A Christ-Centered Wedding. .We submit to one another as members of a community of faith, and we need those people.pastors, elders, fellow church encourage and hold us accountable in our marriages from the moment they begin..

A female teacher of Christianity… calls for increased accountability in the Church… for the sake of one’s “community of faith”. Welcome to the Table of Two Lying Kings, Catherine. You’ll fit right in.

Scott Kedersha, who directs the marriage and newly married ministries at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, stresses the importance of couples choosing officiants that “communicate a biblical, Christ-centered view of the gospel and marriage,. whether they are a pastor, small group leader, college roommate, or best friend.

.At Watermark Community Church, we look for ways to partner with friends and family as they officiate weddings. We train and equip lay leaders to lead the ceremony well and we don’t change or lower our expectations for lay leaders to officiate weddings,. said Kedersha, author of Ready or Knot?.

While young couples may not be involved enough in a church to feel personally connected to a pastor, .candidly, as long as the gospel is proclaimed and God is honored through the relationship and ceremony, then we can still celebrate the marriage,. he said.

Scott gets it. What’s important in a Christian leader is not proper credentialism, it’s honoring God though relationship and ceremony. We judge the tree by its fruit, not its pedigree. Bonus points for simply using the phrase “we train and equip lay leaders”. Involving the little people in the Church has never been so rarely practiced, and though no coincidence at all, the little people have never been so aware that their leaders are rent-seeking betrayers of their trust acting in collusion with State government to protect an illegal monopoly on the work of God.

Scott Kedersha - Dallas

The pear-shaped face, denoting a personality that trusts others while demanding trust in return. Lower third is obviously the biggest, indicating practicality, and with both chin & jaw large enough to be assertive about his opinions. The low brow is impulsive. Eyebrows are thick on the inside so visionary rather than managerial. Small ears means he listens mostly to himself.

A very wide nose & nostrils is a good indicator for family life. (He has four sons and no daughters.)

A highly arched/rounded hairline like his is associated with a face shape that is very indifferent to social status. If invited to the party, he’ll have fun and be welcome, but if he’s not invited to the party then he’ll barely notice.

An excellent face for combining independent thoughts with confident actions.

And a thank-you to Federal judge Waverly Crenshaw for upholding an obvious case of religious freedom.

Judge Waverly Crenshaw Jr

On the left. Whoa, not a face I was expecting. Appointed by Obama, no less. New Moon eyes and protruding ears are signs of deceit and nonconformity. Managerial eyebrows in contrast to Scott’s visionary eyebrows. Pronounced gab lines running clear from jutting chin to the lower eyelid, he must be quite the talker.

Probably not good with money, to judge from extra-wide nostrils (generosity) and bulbous nose tip (financial focus). The middle third of his face is clearly the smallest, which means he is not obsessed with social status/ambition, which is very good for a judge… and rare for a judge of his level, so perhaps nose-indicating greed outweighed face-indicating lack of ambition.

But he ruled right in this case and there’s no arguing with documented actions.


Methodist Bonnie Sue Is the Last Of A Dying Breed

This incident covered by Heavy shouldn’t be noteworthy, except it’s probably the last time my generation will ever see it happen. A Methodist church matron shames a skanky teen for being a foul-mouthed fat slob in church! Film at the bottom.

Of course, she was swiftly thrown to the wolves by Pastor Save-A-Ho.

Church Leader calls Teen Chubby

htt ps://

A video of a church leader who followed a girl into the bathroom to tell her she was “too fat to wear shorts” and shouldn’t sing in front of the pews has gone viral after the tearful young lady uploaded the video to Twitter.

The incident was recorded by Twitter user Jenna, who wrote: .This woman followed me into the bathroom and attacked me calling me fat and that I couldn’t wear jean shorts because I was too fat.” You can watch the video below, but be warned that there is some harsh language involved.

Yes, somebody was a potty mouth. Guess which one of the above pics.

It’s a sign of the times that I had a brief, knee-jerk reaction to the first paragraph. I know why a man would follow a teenage girl into the bathroom… because bathrooms deserve to be free and gender-neutral and “Fruity Tony” Epstein is a Sensitive New Age Guy who can be trusted around exposed teenagers… but why would a woman follow a girl into the ladies’ room?

To correct her behavior in private as outlined in Scripture, a protection that Turd World Barbie instantly did away with by pulling out her slutphone for reverse-shaming.

The clip starts with the woman in red, whose name tag reads “Bonnie Sue,. talking about another churchgoer. .She’s a chubby girl. She’s got a dress on that’s appropriate. It comes to the top of her knees..

Wow. I didn’t think there were any modesty-enforcing women left in the church. This wasn’t about Jenna being fat, it was about modesty while publicly singing in church. Take notes, ladies! You don’t have to become a single mother in Uganda to do the work of God.

Jenna, who is sobbing while the woman confronts her, responds “so you’re calling me fat?. The woman puts her hands on her hips and replies: “Oh” You don’t think you are?.

.No,. Jenna responds angrily. “Because I f.king love who I am. Get the f.k out of my face..

I like to think that if Bonnie Sue hadn’t chosen to do this conversation in private, this is the point at which Billy Joe would have torn Jenny a new chin.

The woman tells her that she .doesn.t have to. get out of her face, and says .Don’t swear at my like that again.” She also tells her not to come back on stage wearing the jean shorts. .I.m warning you,. she threatens Jenna.

Jenna replies “Who are you? Who are you to tell me what I’m supposed to do? No. Get the f.k out of my face. Get out. I am 19-years-old and I can do whatever I want..

She performs on stage AND in the powder room!

.Really? Try it,. The woman responds. As she walks away, Jenna follows her back out of the bathroom while telling her that she “recorded the whole thing” and was going to tell her parents.

.I will never come back to this church because of how much you are disrespectful. You are so disrespectful..

Don’t let the door slam shut on your asses, Jenny. SJWs like you don’t belong in God’s home anyway.

The video has been viewed over a million times since it was uploaded on June 30 and has nearly 50 thousand retweets, with that number still rising. Jenna went on to post pictures of what she was wearing, which can be viewed above; the outfit consists of a long-sleeved red shirt and a pair of plain jean shorts. Her shirt reads .Agape: God’s unconditional and unending love..

Sweet Satanic irony!

Jenna also explained that Bonnie was actually a church leader who “speaks on behalf of our church at different conferences” and that she was telling other church-goers that it was Jenna’s fault that she would never be allowed back on stage to sing at the church again.

It’s just as well. “Like A Virgin” wasn’t meant to be a Christian hymn, Jenna.

Large upper eyelids denotes high emotional tendencies. Frizzy hair for disorderly thoughts. Combined with thin lips for emotional expression, this combination in women suggests borderline personality/emotional vampirism. Her choice of angled eyebrows (they look artificial) indicating conflict-seeking doesn’t help.

Uneven eyebrows, according to one source, indicate childhood abandonment issues but it doesn’t play out in the attached video.

.My pastor said that she will never be able to be on nay [sic] sort of committee/any leadership role in our church ever again,. Jenna added. .I.m absolutely astonished that someone can have this much hate in their heart..

Yep. Pastor cucked hard and fast, issuing this statement:

July 2, 2019

Dear Friends of Swansboro United Methodist Church and the surrounding community,

One of the main principles of Christianity and Methodists in particular is to “do no harm”.

It has come to my attention that great harm has been done in an incident that occurred this past Sunday where a faithful and very gifted young lady and worship leader was body shamed for her appearance.

We are shocked and saddened by this act. The church is supposed to be a place of safety, love and acceptance.

We are focused on caring for everyone involved in this incident and their families. Our goal is to provide the emotional and spiritual support they need to cope with the spiritual woundedness and also make sure that a just resolution takes place.

We are currently working to assure that nothing like this will ever happen again and will update the church on specific next steps we are taking soon.

The worth, dignity and safety of all who are reached by our ministry is our priority and will remain our sacred trust and duty.

Grace and Peace,

[signed] G. Kevin Baker

I thought it was California that legalized weed, not North Carolina. What recreational drug is Kevin smoking, to think that a main principle of Christianity is NOT TO HARM PEOPLE’S SELF-IMAGE? What part of “you need a Savior because you deserve Eternal Hell” is supposed to help people feel good about themselves?

She continued: I’m honestly shocked and upset that this happened at church.I should feel accepted and loved and now I don’t want to go back to that church. I love singing in the contemporary band with my friends and being up onstage and praising God with other people..

But more than singing with your friends, Jenna, you love to dress like a fat slob. That’s who you want to be so I’m forced to admit, your choice is appropriate. Much more so than Pastor Baker’s choice to encourage you in your shameless rebellion against feminine behavior.

Speaking of, what did Pastor Baker mean by “We are currently working to assure that nothing like this will ever happen again and will update the church on specific next steps we are taking soon”?

.My pastor said that she will never be able to be on nay [sic] sort of committee/any leadership role in our church ever again,. Jenna added. .I.m absolutely astonished that someone can have this much hate in their heart..

And another church dies, having kicked out the righteous for upsetting the tender feelings of rebellious Eve and White Knight Adam.

Here’s the video. The original was embedded in Jenna’s twitter feed and I couldn’t archive it, so here’s the next best I could find.

To close, you probably wonder how Bonnie Sue was able to survive this long in a notoriously Converged denomination like the Methodists. This incident happened on June 30, 2019 and Pastor Baker’s letter was dated July 2… But Baker has only been Pastor at Swanesboro UMC since June 26 per this link.

htt ps://

A Reichstag fire?


No, We Could NOT Be Next After Andy Ngo

Quillette journalist Andy Ngo being attacked at the latest Portland Antifa rally made me suspicious from the story’s breaking. For starters, he’s a journalist and he put himself in danger. I can respect a guy taking risks as part of his job but pardon me for not being outraged if the Law of Averages kicks in. Especially for journalists, who have done more than any other group to incite exactly these situations. You wanted Socialism unchained from Christian notions of morality and you got it; don’t cry to me because you didn’t know, despite all precedent and recorded history, that Godless morality plays take the form of backstabbings.

Then Ngo swiftly achieved victim status, which is something never granted to any potential ally of mine.

And now, to my total lack of surprise, I learn that Ngo is an out-and-proud homosexual. One faction of Socialists beat up on a different faction.

Sic semper, all ye Godless. You deserve each other.

If You Don’t Stand Up for Andy Ngo, You Could Be Next

By Jim Treacher, 1 July 2019

Last week, James Fields got life in prison for the 2017 murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. As far as I’m concerned, he got off light. Considering he committed his crime in a death-penalty state, he should consider himself lucky that he gets to live out the rest of his life on the taxpayer’s dime. I would’ve sentenced him to the needle, but I guess that’s because I’m a fascist.

As far as I’m concerned, Fields was railroaded, forced to try for an insanity plea because he apparently wasn’t allowed to present this in his defense: assistant professor and Antifa member Dwayne Dixon admitting on camera that Fields rammed the crowd immediately after Dixon pointed a rifle at him.

hat tip to

I don’t know a lot about Heyer’s political views, but I know she didn’t deserve to be hurt or killed for them. Most Americans would agree, or at least I hope so. But a lot of the same people who were rightly outraged by Heyer’s murder are now celebrating another act of political violence.

Deserve’s got nothing to do with it, although if we Patriarchy Rapists had had our way, she would have been painting toenails with girlfriends while watching her kids play instead of chanting slogans in a crowded alley.

This weekend there was yet another Antifa protest in Portland, against whoever those idiots think they’re protesting against, and there was yet more violence. This time the victim was journalist Andy Ngo. Ngo has been reporting on Antifa’s activities for several years, and they’ve repeatedly harassed and threatened him. But nothing like this….

An organization with a reputation for violence, that repeatedly threatened and harassed Ngo specifically, finally made good on their threats when he walked alone near a crowd of them wearing masks with no police around while carrying expensive camera equipment. The only news story… is that this is a news story.

Ngo forgot the three rules of safely attending an Antifa rally in a liberal stronghold:

1. Do not attend the rally.

2. Wear a motorcycle helmet, or at least a hard hat. Even though your brain is faulty enough to ignore Rule 1, it’s the only brain you got.

3. When the police walk away, it’s time for you to walk away, too, immediately and in the same direction. Don’t hesitate just because you got a sudden feeling that something interesting is about to happen.

What you just saw was a pack of privileged white dudes in masks beating up a smaller guy who’s a minority (Ngo is Vietnamese-American) and a member of the LGBTQ community (he’s gay).

Those damn white Nazis, always dressing like Antifa! News flash, Portland is sufficiently demographic-white… and generally privileged… that “privileged white dudes” is like calling a resident of Port-Au-Prince Rastafarian.

These cowards punched him and threw things at him in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, because they knew the cops wouldn’t stop them. [GQ: Rule 3] It might as well be Alabama in the ’50s. The only difference between Antifa and the Klan is fashion.

I thought PJ media was a mainstream-conservative media outlet. Guess not, but does this guy suspect how many of his readers think of ’50s Alabama as the good old days? More every day.

Before that, Ngo was the target of the utterly depressing, infuriating phenomenon known as “milkshaking”. [GQ: Rule 2] Apparently, in liquid form this cement can cause severe chemical burns because of the quicklime in it. If this is true, then this was basically an acid attack.

I get my hands dirty with cement enough to doubt that. As reported to/by law enforcement, Antifa uses cement, raw eggs and various corrosive fluids in its “milkshakes”. So, it’s not the cement specifically but it does qualify as an acid attack. The cement probably just makes it hard to wipe off.

And even if it was just a regular syrupy semi-frozen drink, this demonstrates why milkshaking isn’t just harmless fun to humiliate your enemies. Ngo got milkshaked twice as he was livestreaming:

But it didn’t stop him from recording what was happening. It didn’t make him do what they wanted. So they escalated. It’s broken windows theory: If you allow people to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior, they’re not going to stop with relatively minor offenses. If they see that they can get away with something small, they’ll try to get away with something bigger. Lawlessness encourages greater lawlessness.

This author being a Leftie, he’s got no clue what “acceptable behavior” is. That’s why Godlessness always results in violent anarchy, because you can’t have an impartial standard of behavior without an impartial source of standards.

And on top of the attack itself, now Ngo is dealing with all the alleged “journalists” who are mocking and/or dismissing it. They hate Ngo because he wrote some stories they didn’t like, or he expressed some opinions they think are bad.

I would totally care about Ngo & friends being hated if the homo community hadn’t first hated me for Christianity. I don’t fault them for it, the wicked will always hate Christ, but I get the giggles when their own turn comes.

They say he should’ve known that Antifa, who are considered the good guys by lefty journos, are feral savages and would turn on him.

Yes. Absolutely. No excuses.

They say the gay, 5’5″ Asian guy tricked those black-clad heroes into putting him in the hospital because he wanted attention.

I wouldn’t be surprised, not since Jussie Smollett. Truth became less important than winning, now we look for lies at every turn. Kind of like how gender became opinion instead of biological fact, and now gender reassignment surgeries are being forced on little kids.

This attack reminds me of Eric Clanton, the anarchist and community-college professor who was caught on film at a protest in April 2017 hitting a guy over the head with a bike lock. He was identified even though he was masked up. When everybody is recording every second of these protests and putting it up on the Internet, it’s a lot tougher to hide your identity while you’re breaking the law. Guess what, geniuses? You’re not Batman.

I don’t see the parallel. Remember Eric Clanton’s victim? The one who became a brief media celebrity within hours of the attack? *crickets*

That we even know Ngo’s name this early is proof he has defenders inside the Narrative.

Political violence is wrong, whether it’s committed by Antifa, or the Proud Boys, or the Daughters of the American Revolution, or whoever loses their minds next.

Only one of those three commits ANY political violence. Even when the author complains about Leftist brutality, he dares not notice that Leftism is the source of Leftist brutality.

Daughters of the American Revolution? Seriously?!

As Richard Fernandez notes, this isn’t going to stop with Andy Ngo. It’s only going to escalate. Once you normalize milkshaking, and spitting on people in restaurants, and standing outside a guy’s house with a bullhorn because he said something on TV that hurt your feelings, that’s not going to be enough anymore. Anyone who refuses to submit, refuses to do what he’s told, will be fair game.

Us Heritage Americans are exactly the wrong people to say that to, Chuckles. Welcome to our world. Your friends have been treating us like that for many years. We were the innocents they practiced on to refine their methods. Now it’s your butt-buddy’s turn to get doxxed and robbed and beaten? I’m gonna order myself a milkshake and laugh myself sick at you being outraged that Leftism, like your friend, swings both ways.

We should all be as lucky as Andy Ngo, to live in the exact world we demand.


Churchianity In Uganda

Renee Bach was raised in a quiet American church on the modern virtues of missions and church-plantings instead of the traditional virtues of motherhood and keeping home. Her hideous fate illustrates the consequences of Churchianity.

renee bach

She’s not a doctor… but she reportedly killed dozens of children while pretending to be.

htt p://

At an age when many young women are seeking admission to a university or working in their first jobs, a remarkable Moneta teen embarked on a mission that would soon become her calling, that of breaking the cycle of malnutrition, one life, one family and one village at a time.

Motherhood? Bah, humbug.

Not in the verdant hills of Appalachia, nor on a dusty reservation in the Dakotas, nor in modern, culturally diverse Europe, but in Uganda, an eastern African nation embracing the shores of Lake Victoria, once torn by strife and disparate tribal allegiances, once ruled by a cruel and rapacious dictator, Idi Amin, but now a growing source of strength and hope for its people.

Renee Bach, whose family attends Radford Baptist Church in Moneta, founded Serving His Children in 2009, setting out for Uganda to follow what she said was God’s call for her life. Bach, the executive director of the organization, lives in Masese, a village just outside Jinja, the nation’s second most populous town, with her adopted daughter, Selah Grace.

That’s the first red flag, when a Christian cares more about foreigners on the far side of the planet than his next-door neighbor. And Renee was 18 years old when she first went to Africa in God’s Name.

Radford Baptist is loosely affiliated with the SBC. Per the leadership page,

…the only church leader not posing with his wife is the childrens’ director. Things that make you go ‘hmm’, but the physiognomies aren’t noteworthy. I’m surprised none of them are black; one wonders where Renee got the idea to bang serve Uganda. Per the related missions page, they farm most of their missions work out to the SBC, which is standard practice for a small church, but they also have Renee’s organization (we’ll get to that) and a partnership with something more local, the Agape Center.

Per their June 2019 newsletter, Agape is a fairly typical Churchian charity, focused mainly on providing food and supplies for the needy in partnership with the government. Overrun with middle-aged women, natch.

I don’t mind the Churchians providing thrift stores and related assistance. I do mind that they conflate the Gospel with such efforts. We do good in order to honor Christ, not the other way around. An implication of this philosophy is that Christian charities should never partner with State charity. We have one master, not two.

You can’t take the king’s shilling without becoming the king’s soldier.

Something that caught my eye on Radford Baptist Church’s missions page is a link to the books of John Piper. Wondering if he wrote something about Uganda, I checked up on his writings. Suffice for now, that the reason Renee moved to Uganda to underwrite their Prosperity Gospel is most likely because she was raised on John Piper.

During her initial stay in Uganda in 2007, Bach helped start a temporary feeding program in the slum community of Masese, [GQ: the outskirts of the largest town on Lake Victoria] where she was struck by the extreme poverty and hopelessness of the people, particularly, the children. When she returned to Uganda, Bach knew exactly where she would start, renting a house and started a feeding program at her home for 900 to 1,000 kids two days a week. Word quickly spread that there was help for those in need and the first malnourished child was brought to her door in August, 2009. She established a malnutrition treatment center after she started getting a continuous flow of referrals for treatment.

This is what happens when young women aren’t encouraged to get married and raise their own kids. Their care-based morality goes haywire. I suspect the abovementioned Agape Center underwrote her initial efforts.

The second oldest of five children growing up on the southside of Bedford County, Bach and her siblings were homeschooled, she noted through emails from Uganda. She graduated from high school in 2007, and shortly afterward, set out on her first mission trip to the east African nation at 18.

That was stupid. Her first “missionary service” of adulthood was unstable East Africa? At a minimum, one should work up to long-term, overseas, foreign-culture work.

Incidentally, this is why I don’t try to found a new, Red Pill church. I spent Father’s Day weekend camping at a gorgeous lake with everything from zip lines to waterslides… alone. I couldn’t get any friends or family to go with me even with six months’ notice. Neither are they taking any vacations of their own this year. If I can’t even evangelize friends on selfish hedonism then I’m not going to try evangelizing strangers on voluntary suffering.

When Renee went back in 2009, she did so as founder & operator of the charity Serving His Children.

Our mission is to break the cycle of malnutrition by restoring the life and health of the child by partnering with government health centers, empowering families with education and resources and helping communities develop sustainable solutions to malnutrition.

There is no Christ in that. As missionary work, it was a total waste of effort. Now to Heavy, which provided the framework for this post’s material:

htt ps://

A Christian missionary is being sued in Ugandan court after two mothers accused her of pretending to be a doctor and accidentally killing their children. Renee Bach, 35, is the founder of Serving His Children (SHC), a nonprofit organization created to combat malnutrition in Uganda. The lawsuit alleges Bach killed hundreds of children by attempting to treat them without any medical training.

.I can’t rule out the fact that children died like they do die in any health facility. But still, it’s not true to say that I killed them,. Bach said in a comment read by Al Jazeera.

The lawsuit, brought about by two mothers whose children died while in the care of SHC, says that families were led to believe Bach was a medical doctor and that her house was a medical facility. The Women’s Probono Initiative, an organization that is representing the two mothers, issued a press release claiming Bach typically wore a white lab coat and stethoscope and was often seen providing medicine and medical treatment to children.

.It is unacceptable, narcissistic behaviour, for anyone, black or white, rich or poor, missionary or angel to pass off as a “medical practitioner” when they are not,. the Women’s Probono Initiative statement read.

The organization No White Saviors, has accused Bach providing children with medical treatment she learned by watching YouTube videos. The group claims that Bach took children from legitimate hospitals and medical centers for treatment at SHC and was very open about how much she enjoyed providing .hands-on medical care..

I think not a few American doctors do that too. But here, I can make a good guess what happened. Renee Bach went in to distribute freebies via her charity organization, was asked to provide medical help along with the supplies and her savior complex wouldn’t let her say no. Evidence:

Bach has adopted a Ugandan daughter, Selah Grace.

She ruined herself for marriage by becoming a single mother… and the child isn’t even hers! Tell me that’s not pathological altruism.

I don’t care about the lawsuit itself because it’s seeking damages. If she allegedly killed over 100 children by gross medical malpractice then it should be a death-sentence criminal trial, not a shakedown for more gimmiedat from a now-defunct charity.

Don’t feed the animals.

It’s the Ugandan Church’s job to feel the children of Uganda. If they need help then they can ask other churches. But this: an 18yo girl raised on “abandon your home to serve the World” departing for the heart of Africa to throw resources at social problems, this is not the work of God.

It’s the work of John Piper. Him specifically, and a rogue’s gallery of the usual Churchian suspects. Their Marxist heresies have twisted Christianity into not just Prosperity Gospel but a globalism that scorns the West. I knew Piper had gone bad but not this bad. Coming up is a excerpt of his most recent book linked to by the tiny Radford Baptist Church’s Missions webpage. (Available as a free download at the link.)

CROSS: Unrivaled Christ, Unstoppable Gospel, Unreached Peoples, Unending Joy

By John Piper and David Mathis [GQ: a Piper disciple], general editors

Excerpted from section “Be A World Christian”.

There comes a moment in every movement of God when continuing to saturate one’s native people with the gospel is simply no longer enough. This is true of many in our day, who have enjoyed renewal in the fresh wave of gospel-centeredness and new depth in the soil of Reformed theology.

It’s one thing to claim it’s “not enough to care about your own people”. It’s another to throw your pearls to the swine, or in this specific case, a marriageable young woman to one of the worst places on Earth. The only surprise is she was the one doing the murdering this time.

But as the movement has grown and deepened and matured, we’ve increasingly felt the power of God’s words through Isaiah,

.It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to bring back the preserved of Israel; I will make you as a light for the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.. (Isa. 49:6)

It.s not enough just to make more young, restless Reformed types among our already reached people.

What a sick joke. America is such a Christian place that abortion has metastasized into child genital mutilation in the name of LGBT.

It is “too light a thing,. as Isaiah would say, to see biblical substance and depth make a resurgence among conservative evangelicals. This vision of God is too big for a tribal deity. The God of the Scriptures is a God of the nations. The very message of such a big, gracious God is called into question if we are not soon turning to the nations.

Isaiah was prophesying that Christ’s salvation would eventually be open to non-Jews, not that John Piper would be awesome or America’s young women should abandon America’s sexually frustrated young men to be flung unprepared into the Dark Continent. Incidentally, Uganda reports as 85% Christian according to the Joshua Project, an organization cited elsewhere by Piper. They don’t need missionaries.

Of course, that’s 85% Prosperity Gospel Christianity… because the missionaries told the locals they’d get free stuff if they claimed Christ. We’ve done Africa more harm than good and should leave evangelizing Africa to African Christians. Not to self-righteous, globalist “Christian leaders” selling books to the gullible about how much God will love them for throwing their existing lives away.

“…perhaps the most moving turn to the nations came in Acts 13. There Paul and his companions came to Antioch in Pisidia, and as was his practice, Paul began by evangelizing the “reached” people of the day, his fellow Jews in the synagogue. After his first message, they wanted to hear more..the people begged that these things might be told them the next Sabbath. (Acts 13:42). But the mood changed the next week when “the whole city gathered to hear the word of the Lord. (Acts 13:44).

See if you can put yourself in the setting as a Gentile. Jew and Gentile have gathered to hear this remarkable news brought to the Jewish people. These are “things into which angels long to look. (1 Pet. 1:12), and the Gentiles stand with the angels, looking in from the outside. What an amazing thing God has done for the Jews.

Nice cherrypicking, Piper. Paul showed up and everybody was thrilled to hear him! Everybody got saved just because Paul showed up! Yay! It was one of the few major evangelisms of “Pinata” Paul that didn’t end in a riot, stoning, arrest or murder conspiracy. He merely got kicked out of the city by jeering crowds… and shook the dust of the city off his sandals in disgust at their treatment of him.

It’s a headsick father who volunteers his barely-legal daughter for such a life and a headsick priest who thinks ‘Murica is so Christian that God’s Work now consists of planting African cargo cults with Western wealth.

In the chapters that follow, you will be summoned, again and again, to consider the missionary call to the unreached and unengaged. We expect that many of you reading this book already embrace this call, or have begun to sense it. But what follows in these
pages is not only for current and future missionaries, but for the whole church, because this Great Commission is a venture we share in together. Yes, there are two distinct callings, but there is one team, one Lord, one Great Commission. So we pray that God would use this book to solidify your current season in life, or to open new vistas on your next, and we invite you to “world Christianity..which is really the only Christianity.

A gentle reminder that per 1 Thess. 4, God’s general command for believers is to live quietly, earn your food and work an honest job. Overseas missionary work is entirely optional… certainly, not a fast track to divine approval.

Becoming a world Christian means that, wherever you live, you .consider all other citizenship a secondary matter. and “reorder your life around God’s global cause..

Perhaps he meant “world Citizen” instead of world Christian.

It means that even as you give yourself to making disciples on the tract of land to which you’ve been sent, you connect your efforts with the Global Cause, among peoples reached and unreached, and you pray and dream and give toward completing the task.
But becoming a world Christian not only leads to the resourcing and flourishing of ministries abroad; it also leads to vibrancy and fruit at home.

Yes, we have many vibrants and fruits at home. Thanks, Piper, and go to Hell.

“Becoming a world Christian cannot be an end in itself,. writes Don Carson. .The aim is not to become so international and culturally flexible that one does not fit in anywhere; the Beautiful Feet aim, rather, is to become so understanding and flexible that one can
soon fit in and further the gospel anywhere..

Linguistic barriers alone make that impossible. But it’s what Renee was raised to believe, and it’s what Renee did, and both Renee and Uganda would have been better off if her plane had crashed at sea.