Final Countdown for USA: Transportation

Skimming headlines, this one made me suspicious because it was completely redundant. Peeking into the details, I confirmed the inevitable: the Biden administration is already reaching out to the forming World Government, offering it total control of our transportation sector.

TSA to require masks at screening checkpoints as new strains of COVID-19 hit the US

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By Michael Hollan, 31 January 2021

As new strains of COVID-19 appear across the US, officials are making masks a requirement for travelers.

The acting secretary of Homeland Security directed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to take steps to protect passengers and employees in the transportation system. This will include expanding the areas where people must wear masks while traveling.

Umm… isn’t that already 100% of all public transportation areas? I flew last summer and they only grudgingly allowed me to even use the bathroom.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security David P. Pekoske announced that a National Emergency Determination had been made to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. According to the announcement, this new determination stems from a previous determination on March 13th, 2020, that the spread of COVID-19 constitutes a national emergency.

They even reference the document that created the situation that they already solved, that they just solved again? Maybe this is just because it’s a new President?

The determination grants the TSA certain authorities required to implement an executive order issued by President Biden on January 21, titled the “Executive Order on Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel.”

According to a statement from the public affairs office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the TSA will be requiring individuals to wear a mask at TSA screening checkpoints. Masks will also be required throughout the commercial and public transportation system.

We’re already doing that. What a waste of an article!…? Time to look at that Executive Order.

Executive Order on Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel

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Section 1. Policy. Science-based public health measures are critical to preventing the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by travelers within the United States and those who enter the country from abroad.

Of all the SJWs’ many skin suits, !Science! is probably the smelliest. But it’s their only choice. They have no god to appeal to, only “we so smart!” and “inevitable Progress!”

Sec. 2. Immediate Action to Require Mask-Wearing on Certain Domestic Modes of Transportation.

(a) Mask Requirement. The Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Secretary of Transportation (including through the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)), the Secretary of Homeland Security (including through the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard), and the heads of any other executive departments and agencies (agencies) that have relevant regulatory authority (heads of agencies) shall immediately take action, to the extent appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to require masks to be worn in compliance with CDC guidelines in or on:

(i) airports;

(ii) commercial aircraft;

(iii) trains;

(iv) public maritime vessels, including ferries;

(v) intercity bus services; and

(vi) all forms of public transportation as defined in section 5302 of title 49, United States Code.

The highlighted means this EO has nationalized control of all public transit at every level in the United States, from the city bus to bicycle paths. Local governments are no longer in control of their own infrastructure. De facto martial law.

Sec. 3. Action to Implement Additional Public Health Measures for Domestic Travel.

(a) Recommendations. The [Secretary of Transportation, the FAA, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the TSA and the Commandant of the Coast Guard), in consultation with the Director of CDC, shall promptly provide to the COVID-19 Response Coordinator recommendations concerning how their respective agencies may impose additional public health measures for domestic travel.

That’s the Final Countdown, folks. You will not be allowed to leave your home without complying with every single bureau of the Federal Government… funneled through the ‘health director” office.

For your health, you see. It’s not healthy to disobey your government. Coof might get you.

Sec. 5. International Travel.

(b) Air Travel.

(iii) The Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of HHS (including through the Director of CDC), the Secretary of Transportation (including through the Administrator of the FAA), and the Secretary of Homeland Security, shall seek to consult with foreign governments, the World Health Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Air Transport Association, and any other relevant stakeholders to establish guidelines for public health measures associated with safe international travel, including on aircraft and at ports of entry. Any such guidelines should address quarantine, testing, COVID-19 vaccination, follow-up testing and symptom-monitoring, air filtration requirements, environmental decontamination standards, and contact tracing.

The International Vaccine Passport is now inevitable. As is the world government.

(e) International Certificates of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. Consistent with applicable law, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of HHS, and the Secretary of Homeland Security (including through the Administrator of the TSA), in coordination with any relevant international organizations, shall assess the feasibility of linking COVID-19 vaccination to International Certificates of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) and producing electronic versions of ICVPs.


Sec. 6. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof…

This is the Deep State’s “Your Lawsuits Are Not Allowed To Work On Us” card.

Notice that nothing in all that I quoted, makes any allowance for the involvement of elected officials.


January 21, 2021.

I added his lawful titles for the record.

And Faux News, stop wasting my time. The upshot of this EO is not “masks are now mandatory”. Were you evil or lazy to miss that pink elephant in the living room?

The FBI Called. They Found Your Man Card In A Pipe Bomb.

I’ve documented previous false-flag efforts by the FBI before… as have others, including the infamous “NASCAR Noose” incident… but this one beats even “evangelism brochure stuffed into a jerry can of gasoline” for transparency of effort.

Suspected far-right extremist with ‘white privilege’ card charged; pipe bombs found at Napa business

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By Matthias Gafni, 27 January 2021

White privilege doesn’t come like FOR FRACK’S SAKE, ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME?!


I gotta get me one of those.

h ttps://

Only $10.99. WHOA, now, why is that a black dude selling me a white privilege card? That’s like an atheist Jew selling “What Would Jesus Do?” merch… aw Hell, no. Next you’ll tell me that pro wrestling is faked.


Meet Joel Patrick, .The Legendary Black Redneck.

h ttps://

25 June 2020

There are numerous ways a 12-year-old can contribute to society. Raising $15,000 for a charity is definitely uncommon for someone at such a young age, but that was precisely what Joel Patrick did.

Kids don’t do that. Parents using kids as virtue-signaling props do that.

A native of Beavercreek, Ohio, Patrick was exposed and involved with issues in his community early on in his life. He was the third youngest of seven children.

Patrick made his way into the social media scene in the fall of 2017 when Joshua Feuerstein, an American internet personality, shared one of his videos. Since then, Patrick has amassed over 500 million views on different social media platforms and has been a tireless advocate for several issues in America, contributing to the recent discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Feuerstein is a shock-jock kind of evangelical Internet celebrity that hasn’t made my acquaintance before. This quick quote from wikipedia seems typical: “Feuerstein first received media attention in April 2015 after he posted a video where he denounced Cut the Cake, a bakery in Longwood, Florida. In the video, Feuerstein stated that he had called the bakery on April 1, 2015 and asked them to make a cake with an anti-gay marriage message on it. After the owner refused Feuerstein posted the video and encouraged his followers to call the bakery themselves and show what he said was hypocrisy. This resulted in his followers attacking the bakery’s Facebook page, including posting one-star reviews. Feuerstein later removed the video and stated that he had done this as part of a social experiment on religious freedom.

Not Christian behavior, particularly that last sentence which was a lie. Admit your motivations when asked, Mr. “Stein”.

Patrick is off to a poor start, biographically speaking.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a movement that aims to uphold fundamental human rights and condemn systemic racism and violence towards black people. This international movement originated from the African-American community.

Patrick is quick to point out this movement’s dangerous potential to create unnecessary division amongst people. He expressed in Twitter:

“We can seek justice for #GeorgeFloyd and for #AhmaudAubrey without making it about race…don’t believe me?…look at the color of the investigators that charged both the Officers and the McMichaels. We must fight injustice together and not needlessly divide.

Justice for Fentanyl Floyd was the cops riding his resisting-arrest ass into the pavement. Jogger got whacked by the very cop who put him away the first time. Joel Patrick sounds like controlled opposition.

Additionally, he advocates against the term “racist” being an adjective to describe only white people-slamming black supremacy and emphasizing that anyone who believes a particular race is superior to another can, in fact, be considered racist.

Dubbed as “The Legendary Black Redneck,” Patrick exudes courage and commitment towards the betterment of his homeland. He continues to use his platforms to voice out injustices in his community. An up and coming artist himself, Patrick uses his music as an instrument of his beliefs.

Fed up with the constant oppression by the Left towards causes and people he holds dear, Patrick is inspired to use his talents to influence and educate his fellowmen. The young activist hopes to educate anyone, whatever their political stand. He continues to travel across the country to participate as a public speaker in schools and various events. Among the topics he has a passion for are the rights of unborn babies, the suppression of conservatives and Christians in the mainstream media, and the 2nd Amendment.

Liberty Hangout, The White House Brief on The BlazeTV, ABC Nightline, The Epoch Times, Fox News Special Report, The Hodgetwins, Brietbart, and Glen Beck Radio Show are some of the TV shows he has appeared in… For bookings, you may visit his website.

I’ve heard enough. Patrick is a race grifter preying on Cuckservatives who still need their beliefs validated by a Negro. Selling white privilege cards to white people, come on, man.

End segue. Dang, I haven’t even started the main article yet!

A suspected far-right extremist who carried a “white privilege” mock credit card has been charged with possessing pipe bombs and accused of threatening to bomb Democrats, the state Capitol and social media companies in an attempt to keep Donald Trump as president, according to court records.

The demand for far-right extremists greatly exceeds the supply.

Ian Benjamin Rogers, 44, of Napa was arrested Jan. 15 and charged in federal court on Tuesday. From Rogers. home and business, officers seized 49 firearms; five pipe bombs; materials used to manufacture destructive devices, including black powder, pipes, endcaps and bomb-making manuals; and two dozen ammunition boxes containing thousands of rounds of ammunition, authorities said. Among the arsenal, they said, he had a replica MG-42, a weapon used by Nazis during World War II.

So that’s where all the ammo has been going. While it’s easily plausible that a “far-right extremist” would have that kind of firepower, a replica… meaning, nonfunctional… machinegun of a type “used by the Nazis” is shameless fear porn.

Investigators said Rogers told them he had the bombs for entertainment, but the FBI special agent probing his case said she found text messages making threats, including many in the days following the Capitol siege in Washington earlier this month.

Trump had publicly given up after the Capitol protest which was NOT A SIEGE, NOT A RIOT, NOT AN ATTACK.

.We allege that Ian Benjamin Rogers possessed homemade pipe bombs and the materials to make more,. U.S. Attorney David L. Anderson said in a statement. .We draw a bright line between lawlessness and our constitutional freedoms. We will prosecute illegal weapons stockpiles regardless of the motivation of the offender..

Nobody believes you, Davey. “We prosecute everybody who possesses pipe bombs and it’s only a total coincidence that the Antifas went free while this guy had a White Privilege card handy when we arrested him as part of our ‘Trump laid siege to DC’ Narrative”. Per wikipedia, this guy clerked for both SCOTUS Kennedy and California’s infamous Ninth Circuit, and was close to AG William Barr. A Trump appointee, officially, but Trump turned out as notorious as Ulysses Grant for being a bad judge of character.

Trump Fan Ian Rogers Caught with Five Pipe Bombs

Ian Rogers. I must ask, is he transsexual? That hair is simply fabulous, darling, and most Trump supporters don’t dye their hair. I allow it could be an effort to disguise his appearance, however.

Jess Raphael, Rogers. attorney, said his client was full of “bluster and bandwagoning” following the Jan. 6 Capitol siege and had an “alcohol problem,. but was not a danger.

.He was president and half of the country believed the guy. They believed the lies. He was just like tens of millions of other Americans,. Raphael said.

Indeed, and it’s been astonishing how many people are now saying only that “many people believe the election was stolen” rather than its obviously having been stolen. He’s called Pretender Biden for a reason.

Investigators found a sticker associated with the far-right extremist group “Three Percenters,. a group who “ascribe to extreme anti-government, pro-gun beliefs,. according to the FBI probable cause statement. The reference is to the belief that only 3% of American colonists fought against the British during the American Revolution.

Raphael said Rogers went to one Three Percenters barbeque, but “was not a member or anything.” The meeting was held at his shooting club. Rogers was a gun collector, he said, but not in a militia, only participating in a “prepper group” that focused on preparing for end-of-the-world type scenarios.

Eh, the sticker was on his truck:

Investigators say Ian Benjamin Rogers, 44, of Napa had a

…and they met at his club, so he probably was a member. I can guess their type. They’re people who are used to thinking out loud, who love to play fantasy at the shooting range but would be out of their depth getting pickpocketed at a bus stop. I’d be much more concerned about the quiet, healthy-masculine white men in their place, but such men are hard to set up when propaganda needs a false flag.

Investigators also found a “white privilege” mock credit card in Rogers. possession, with references to former President Trump.

Ohmigawd, he supported the 45th President of the United States who quietly gave up after getting the Brutus treatment from every reptile in the Potomac swamp! Terrorist!

.I know that many extreme anti-government militias are populated by white supremacists,. wrote Stephanie Minor, FBI special agent. .I believe that the statement “Trumps Everything” and the numbers .0045. repeated four times (to make it look like a credit card number), are references to Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States..

Yes, Stephanie. But you left out that those cards are manufactured by a controlled-opposition blacktivist.

Suddenly, I feel very good about not giving my credit card number to Mister Patrick. I don’t know that he’s anything more than a grifter, but what a sweet honeypot it would be to sell merch to disaffected Trumpeteers in order to make a list of Badthinkers who already sport incriminating shirts and mugs. Profitable coming and going!

She said the timing of alarming text messages found on Rogers. cell phone also indicated that he believed Trump won the 2020 presidential election and that he had an intent to attack Democrats and buildings associated with Democrats to keep Trump in power.

On Jan. 10, four days after the Capitol attack, Rogers texted a friend: .We can attack Twitter or the democrats you pick. and .I think we can attack either easily.. The other unidentified individual wrote back, .Let’s go after Soros,. referencing George Soros.

There’s the informant, coaxing incriminating statements out of the dupe.

At Rogers. business, British Auto Repair of the Napa Valley, investigators said they found a large gun safe, along with suspicious literature, including “The Anarchist Cookbook,. a U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook, .Homemade C-4: A Recipe for Survival,. the U.S. Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare, and a U.S. Army Guerrilla Warfare Handbook.

None of that strikes me as suspicious. Particularly that this man who “owned 49 guns” also was found to have a large gun safe on his property.

A Napa County Sheriff’s Office bomb technician examined the pipe bombs seized from his business and determined they were fully operational.

Unless it’s found soaking in a puddle, black powder is always fully operational.

When will conservatives ever learn? We don’t live in a free society anymore. Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination are a joke, yet they loudly boast about how they’ll mess up the bad guys then go back to their daily routine. It’s so easy for the FBI to set up another chump that they barely even try.

“Let Them Eat Cake!”

There’s no fixing stupid. John Kerry, who is back in the White House along with most of ex-President Obama’s inner circle, re-implementing Obama’s agenda almost exactly, just reenacted the infamously out-of-touch line “Let them eat cake!” He told all the oil workers that the administration that just killed their entire industry will soon give them better-paying jobs working from home.

As meth dealers, I presume.

John Kerry, Gina McCarthy: Laid-off Oil, Gas Workers Will Have “Better Choices.

h ttps://

By Joel Pollack, 27 January 2021

Climate Envoy John Kerry and National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy told reporters in the White House briefing room that oil and gas workers who are laid off as a result of President Joe Biden’s new climate policies will find “better” jobs.

Biden caused widespread layoffs . and potentially tens of thousands of lost future job opportunities . when he revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit, and suspended oil and gas leasing on federal lands, on his first day in the Oval Office.

Asked by a reporter what their “message” was to workers in the fossil fuel industry, Kerry and McCarthy promised that workers could find new jobs in “green” industries . or that they could benefit from New Deal-style work programs.

New Deal-style work programs? Somebody knows a massive economic depression is about to hit. Then again, his buddy is the one actively making it happen so it’s not a prediction. It’s a policy.

Kerry said that President Biden had emphasized the “need to grow the new jobs that pay better, that are cleaner..

Kerry is lying his ass off to people who 1. know he’s lying to them and 2. have nothing left to lose. Stationing an entire division of National Guard in D.C. is beginning to come into focus.

He added: “What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they could be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. .. That is going to be a particular focus of the Build Back Better agenda. And I think that unfortunately workers have been fed a false narrative . that somehow dealing with climate is coming at their expense. No, it’s not. What’s happening to them is because of other market forces already taking place..

Only a professional liar can say that without a giggle.

He said that a worker in a BMW plant in South Carolina could build electric engines, rather than combustion engines.

Because electricity is infinitely renewable with no need for fossil fuel-powered generators?

McCarthy mentioned the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a revival of a New Deal-era job program, promising that workers who lived in areas where oil, gas, and coal facilities had closed would be able to find work in their own communities rather than having to move to take advantage of jobs in the solar industry or other new industries.

There will be no new industries… but there will probably be new, Chinese owners of our oil fields after their values are artificially collapsed by Biden’s handlers. Biden himself probably thought he was signing a birthday card for his granddaughter.


h ttps://

WASHINGTON, DC.At one point during the flurry of executive orders signed by President Joe Biden, he said, .I don’t know what I’m signing here..

.Just sign it,. his handlers responded, and he signed it.

Unfortunately for Biden, VP Kamala Harris had inserted a “Do Not Resuscitate” form into the stack of executive orders, making Biden sign his own death warrant.

.It was a very clever move,. political analyst Sam Eagle said of the procedure. .Most vice presidents try to sneak in a DNR order for the only person standing between them and ultimate world domination, but Kamala was savvy enough to get it done on Biden’s first day in office..

The Harris-Biden administration will now just wait for an untimely accident or Biden playing with his dog again to knock him out cold and complete the transition to the communist states of America.

.It was a good run Joe. Good luck with everything,. Eagle added.

End segue

Solar panels were also a focus of Biden’s first attempt at “green jobs” under President Barack Obama’s stimulus. That attempt ended spectacularly with the failure of Solyndra, a company that Biden and Obama had both touted.

They’re doing it again. The same old Deep State has rushed back into power with the same faces and in John Kerry’s case, I’m pretty sure, the same hairpieces.

President-elect Joe Biden named ex-Sen. John Kerry as his special presidential envoy for climate.

So many masks in that picture! Gina McCarthy was head of EPA under Obama and is occupying a new Cabinet position under Biden. That is exactly the definition of a Deep State, bureaucrats whose agendas and careers exist independently of their supposed leaders. As for John Kerry, the New York Post has already done my gruntwork exposing exactly how much of Biden is recycled Obama.

Biden climate envoy John Kerry is a lifelong joke

By Post Editorial Board, 23 November 2020

h ttps://

No punches will be pulled today!

What was Joe Biden thinking for his choice of climate-change ambassador extraordinaire?

What was “VP under Obama” Biden thinking when he chose “SecState under Obama” Kerry to redo what Kerry did the first time around? I don’t wonder.

John Kerry is one of the biggest gasbags in American politics, singlehandedly responsible for massive amounts of terrible emissions.

People have been laughing at him since Yale, when “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau was zinging his pretentious, vacuous self-promotion.

We look forward to the anti-carbon lectures from a guy who travels the globe on private jets and luxury yachts.

In 2016, Kerry sold his Nantucket mansion…

John Kerry and his wife have put their beloved Nantucket mansion on the market for $25million, a surprising move after spending much of his vacation there for the last two decades

…to live in Martha’s Vineyard:

John Kerry Moves to Martha's Vineyard - John Kerry Sells ...

Not counting his D.C. quadruple-decker corner house:

John Kerry fined $50 for failing to shovel sidewalk ...

Odd that a man so frightened about rising sea levels would purchase such expensive beachfront properties. Of course, hypocrisy is de riguer for this crowd.

Set aside his deer-in-the-headlights loss as the Democrats. presidential nominee in 2004. He was a joke as secretary of state under President Barack Obama . off on his yacht during Egypt’s 2013 military coup.

John Kerry Boating During Egypt Coup

He vowed a crushing response when Syria crossed Obama’s infamous “red line. . only to have Obama pull the rug out from under him and agree to let Russia pretend to take Syria’s chemical weapons away instead.

Hmm, one of Biden’s first decisions was to send the military back into Syria.

Kerry also cluelessly “negotiated” the Iran nuclear deal even as the real talks were being run out of the White House; then he had to pretend to cheer an accord that gave away several points he’d said were non-negotiable, such as truly tough inspection requirements.

Segue 1

h ttps://

Incoming president Joe Biden has said that he wants to rejoin the Obama-era nuclear deal that Trump backed out of. But not every country will welcome the post-Trump United States with open arms.and picking up where Washington left off with Iran, in particular, may not be so easy.

A look at the last year in the US-Iran relationship reveals why. After assassinating Suleimani… While Trump wavered and shrugged in the face of the pandemic’s toll in the United States, he was focused and relentless when it came to making life worse for Iranians. Even as the pandemic exploded, the United States intensified a decades-old sanctions regime, hurting the Iranian medical industry and impoverishing millions of Iranians.

The author isn’t wrong. Trump grossly mismanaged the COVID scare, primarily by refusing to recognize it as a scare tactic and failing to recognize that Fauci was the creator of COVID:


But when it came to Israel, Trump was decisively Zionist.

Segue 2

h ttps://

Communist China on Monday demanded the United States to return to the Iran nuclear deal and end all sanctions placed on Tehran under President Donald Trump’s watch once Joe Biden moves into the White House.

.The US shall return to the Iran nuclear deal as soon as possible and without any preconditions, and the US should also scrap all sanctions imposed on Iran, other third-party entities and individuals,. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a video conference with other four signatories of the 2015 nuclear accord.

I don’t know what China’s interest in Iran is… seems to me they could make bank defying American sanctions pretty easily… but I do expect President Xi-den to obey in short order.

Or should I say, John Kerry who worked on the original Iran treaty will be quick to obey. Seeing as it was his idea to begin with. What a small world it is at the top!

End segues

And he helped craft the 2015 Paris climate accord . a performative non-binding “triumph.”

The Kerry-initiated Israeli-Palestinian peace talks of 2013-14 went absolutely nowhere. He later blasted President Trump over moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, insisting it would cause “an absolute explosion. . when it actually helped bring unprecedented Arab-Israeli rapprochement.

I don’t really understand the significance of the embassy’s relocation because it’s literally not my problem. I could not care less about Old World people with their millennia-long Old World grudges. Take it outside my country, you… foreign-born rulers making it my problem… sigh.

The only conclusion you can draw is that Biden, having vowed to make fighting climate change a top priority, simply wants someone who.ll look like he’s trying hard . but won’t actually get anything done.

We should be so lucky. The old gang is back in town, however, with the same agenda… meaning, the same handlers… and the Obama years were suck even before accounting for our new, globalist-managed command economy.

Four years of Trump has changed nothing at all. He did nothing, literally nothing, to stop these scum from coming back.

Ah, well. War is in the air and if John Kerry doubles down on his tone-deaf Elitist arrogance just a little more, the war will happen while Heritage France America is still capable of fighting it.

He DID Cut Off His Nose To Spite His Face!

The rise in occult behavior isn’t normally a suitable topic for a public blog. People will either be put off (very prudent) or fascinated (less prudent). But when the circus comes to town despite anything you did, it’s okay to stop and stare for a minute.

Man turns himself into ‘black alien’ by cutting off nose and slicing his top lip

h ttps://

By Kelly-Ann Mills, 26 January 2021

A man who wants to look like a ‘black alien’ and had already had his nose removed has lost his top lip in his latest shocking body modification.

Anthony Loffredo has already split his tongue and covered his entire body – including his eyeballs – in tattoos as part of his @the_black_alien_project on Instagram.

I love that crucifix earring. It makes a nice contrast to…

What disturbs me about these extreme body modifiers isn’t that they mutilate their body. Like the poison dart frog, their eye-catching exterior is a warning that can save me a lot of trouble. I appreciate that, you freaks! What disturbs me is they mutilate their bodies in the exact same way. Black eyes… horns… forked tongue… dark-purple skin… They aren’t trying to look different. They’re trying to look like something specific.

The 32-year-old Frenchman had his nose removed in Spain as it is illegal in his native country.

Speaking about his latest face change he did not say when he had to work done, where or by who, but did say he now struggles to speak after the lip removal operation.

He had to have known that going in. Which means he’s retreating from human contact into an internal fantasy world.

He added: .I love getting into the shoes of a scary character.

.I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets, he has fun.

.I explore the contrast between the role I play and myself..


During a live question and answer session on Instagram Anthony said he dreams of removing his skin and replacing it with metal.

Specifically brass? I was unable to confirm.

He said the next parts of his body to be ‘modified’ are his arms, legs, fingers and the back of his head and despite his terrifying look he has no problem attracting members of the opposite sex.

Not hooves, at least. That’s something.

In 2017 he told French newspaper Midi Libre: “From a very young age, I have been passionate about mutations and transformations of the human body.

“I had a click when I was a security guard.

“I realised that I was not living my life the way I wanted. I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia.

I wonder who pays his bills? 24-Year old security guards don’t exactly get stock options.

While physiognomy didn’t pan out for me, I still think there’s something to be said for the possibility of internal corruption manifesting externally. To that end, perhaps France is wrong to outlaw self-mutilation. It allows the deranged to out themselves for easy identification and containment.

Cyberbully-Murder Mad-Lib

When reading between the lines, one must be careful not to go too far, especially in a near-absence of information. That’s not to say that going too far can’t be a lot of fun. This cyberbully-related murder story contains the barest minimum of information and yet, the Red Pill makes it nearly connect-the-dots.

Texas dad fatally shot when confronting daughter’s cyberbully, family says

h ttps://

By New York Post, 26 January 2021

Just the headline gives the story away.

A Texas dad was fatally shot when he went to confront the parents of a teen who had been cyberbullying his daughter, his family said.

Brandon Curtis, 35, of Houston had hoped to put an end to the harassing messages that a boy had been sending his 15-year-old daughter for nine months, news station KTRK reported.

How to end this kind of situation, in order of “how much do you love your daughter”:

1. Take her off social media entirely.

2. Teach her to ignore the punk. Ignoring such people is a valuable life skill.

3. Notify the authorities who have lots of fresh new laws about boys who tease girls.

4. Screen all her incoming social media so she doesn’t see the dirt that upsets her.

5. Blame the punk’s father for the punk’s behavior. Not that the blame is entirely undeserved, but it’s pure Original Sin to try to control another man’s son because you won’t control your own daughter.

When he left from here, my husband went to go resolve the issue. He wanted to go speak to the parent,” Curtis. wife, Shantal Harris, told the news station.

The Crazy Ahjummas: Kmuse's End of Year Countdown - The Worst of 2014

Aaaand it got resolved, now didn’t it? Taking the confrontation from social media to meatspace was the exact opposite of limiting the engagement to words.

Curtis had spoken to the boy’s father before, but he went over with his daughter and son to address the issue again Friday evening at the home in the Humble area.

“Talking didn’t work so I’m gonna pay him a visit to… talk.”

While outside the residence, the confrontation escalated to violence, KTRK reported.

A 20-year-old man told police that Curtis hit his younger brother, the outlet reported.

He claimed he then pulled out a gun to defend the teen boy and shot Curtis, who was pronounced dead at the scene, the outlet reported.

Yep, the context of this is the ghetto. Humble, TX is 1/3 black per online sources.

But Curtis. family strongly denies that he would have become physical with the boy.

“My brother would never put a hand on a child,” Curtis. sister, Jeran Perkins, told the news station. “We want justice.”

Translation, Curtis was going to put a hand on the father. Which would somehow stop the vibrant yoof from cyberbullying.

Curtis. wife also denied that he would have become violent.

“I know my husband. My husband is not like that,” she said, adding, “For them to claim self-defense, it’s sickening.”

No charges have been filed against the shooter.

I’ll guess that Curtis is a fat Bucky-Beta type. Fat because he didn’t show impulse control and Beta because a masculine man would either have his women under better control or at least, not play when they start let’s-you-and-him-fight.

Dad shot dead 'after taking his daughter, 15, to fight ...

He’s not too fat, I guess, but when he was succeeded by his wife, sister and daughter then I’ll claim victory on the Beta part.

The case will be referred to a grand jury when the investigation is complete, the Laredo Morning Times reported.

Honestly, what’s there to investigate? He went looking for trouble by himself, a trouble that wouldn’t have existed if he’d done any of several options to end the cyberbullying on his snowflake’s end. I don’t know what he tried for nine months but it’s an easy guess that he didn’t take her social media away.

Only One Degree Of Separation

Social media drastically decreases the communication distance between any two people. While this ought to be axiomatic, the reality didn’t sink in for me until I wanted a sandwich for lunch yesterday and got scolded for not wearing a face covering that had been acceptable just last week. It has slowly dawned me, living here in Hotel California, that most people were obsessed with monitoring every hiccup and burp to emanate from every layer of government that has anything to say about Wuhan Flu. Seven layers of government, last I checked. City, county, two State-level, Federal, CDC/NIH and WHO. Do these people have nothing better to do? Are they truly that traumatized at the idea of missing…

It finally dawned on me that all of these people simply signed up for hourly updates from Coof Central. That’s how much I’m NOT on social media. I even noted Trump’s use of Twitter for official business and while I scoffed at it, I never connected the dots between his energized fan base, him and his use of social media to access them directly.

The coming technocracy is different from bureaucracies past because there’s no gap between an edict’s creation, distribution and enforcement. Our rulers can rule in real-time. Governor Newscum can ride down the street in his limousine, see a behavior he doesn’t like, pull out his smartphone, write a new law and fifty million residents plus all levels of law enforcement will be notified of it within two minutes.

This combines with the current ‘Murican attention span of “nil” to create a situation in which most people, meaning slutphone addicts, have no homeostasis, no daily routine, no past or future, except checking with the government every morning for a short list of acceptable behaviors for the day.

Government is no longer a uniform standard nor a bureaucratic kleptocracy. It is dozens of petty kings throwing a temper tantrum with millions of people in the throne room who are eager to please him because they fear being punished for a crime that didn’t exist TWENTY SECONDS AGO and might not exist a minute later.

So then, this is how the West went Covidian Cult. First society was feminized to the point that experiencing even painfully negative emotions is preferable to sober-minded self-control, then the cult leaders gained direct access to their followers via social media. The manipulations have no limits. The tests of purity and loyalty can be administered 24-7.

California’s Governor Newsom was quick to adopt this “New Normal”. He built a permanent lockdown bureaucracy, which he even called a “light-switch economy”, in which he can swiftly dictate the openness of the economy based on a model that no expert can understand except Newsom himself.

California keeps key virus data out of public sight

h ttps://

By Don Thompson, 22 January 2021

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has from the start said his coronavirus policy decisions would be driven by data shared with the public to provide maximum transparency.

But with the state starting to emerge from its worst surge, his administration won’t disclose key information that will help determine when his latest stay-at-home order is lifted.

State health officials said they rely on a very complex set of measurements that would confuse and potentially mislead the public if they were made public.

And that’s coming from the hardline-Marxist Associated Press. I’ll save you the trouble of looking: the latest “Recall Newsom” effort just passed a milestone in gathering signatures, so he’s trying to reduce We the People’s motivations for wanting his ass canned.

While no mere mortal can hope to understand the God-Governor of Hair Gel’s genius, here is one of his system’s known inputs:

California Adds ‘Health Equity’ to COVID-19 Metrics for Reopening

h ttps://

8 October 2020

California health officials have added a new metric for assessing whether counties are doing enough to contain the spread of COVID-19. A new “health equity metric,. effective Tuesday, will examine rates of infection in communities that have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.

.Low-income, Latino, Black and Pacific Islanders have been hardest hit. by the pandemic, said state epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan in a presentation Tuesday.

The new metric assesses the rate of COVID-19 infections in census tracts that have been identified as having less healthy conditions, as measured by the Healthy Places Index. The index generates a score based on factors such as access to health care, housing density, crowding and air pollution.

So, white people who live clean will not be permitted to live any freer of disease than illegal immigrants who turn their neighborhoods into ghettoes and barrios. Lovely.

Obviously, Newsom just wants the power to play God. In fact, he’s sabotaging California’s vaccination progress:

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 vaccination plan for California bogs down

h ttps://

By Dan Walters, 13 January 2021

As a deadly surge of COVID-19 began hammering California late last year, [inexplicably coinciding with the onset of flu season,] Gov. Gavin Newsom imposed new restrictions on personal and economic activities and repeatedly promised that massive vaccinations would soon stop its spread…

…The vaccination program that Newsom promised is seemingly bogged down. Newsom said Monday that 783,436 doses of vaccine had been administered, 31.6% of the 2.5 million it had received from suppliers. However, that’s below the national rate of 36% and, according to a Bloomberg survey published on Monday, one of the lowest rates of any state.

Although California had spent months planning the vaccination rollout and had adopted a seemingly bulletproof priority list, with health care workers at the top, in practice it has lagged behind expectations.

If this was a real vaccine then it’s the elderly who would get it first; they’re the ones most at-risk. Instead, it’s the government agents, er, “essential workers” who are getting it first. But I digress.

How could this lag happen? Was there ANYTHING else that the government has been obsessing over daily for the last year?

One factor, apparently, is a software program that isn’t working as expected.

“The network is down” is the best excuse he could find? He’s a professional liar, for pity’s sake!

.California.s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is being at least partially slowed by technical problems with a software program used by the state to coordinate vaccine distribution,. the Los Angeles Times reported last week…

The stumbling vaccination program is . as it should be . highly embarrassing for Newsom.

It isn’t. Newsom is afraid that the injections might actually work, therefore is only distributing them to people that the government has deemed ‘essential’. In fact, I was offered the jab as a volunteer firefighter last week and there’s just no way I can be a legitimately higher priority than, well, anybody else. (Alas, they didn’t let me scalp my seat.)

I admit to mixed feelings, watching the governor sabotage Bill Gates’ power play in order to maintain his “light switch”-style command economy that perfectly reflects my theory of cult-government-via-social-media. There’s worse evils than a politician taking bribes.

Fascism has never been so… pure. The State is no longer confined to Moscow. The State is now, and I forget who said it first, your borderline-personality girlfriend ordering you to stop your life and pay attention to her anxieties.

Baby’s First Witch Hunt

I don’t think the Jews will be able to hide their black-hearted hatred for America anymore, now that they suffer no external restraint. First they kill the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have lessened USA’s reliance on the Saudi-Israeli controlled petrodollar, then they persecuted their own defenders with barely a… crumb?… of plausible deniability.

National Guard soldiers booted out of Capitol, forced to sleep in parking garage

h ttps://

Bu Breck Dumas, 21 January 2021

Several outlets confirmed Thursday night that thousands of National Guard troops sent to provide security for the inauguration of President Joe Biden were kicked out of the Capitol and other federal buildings the following day . with several hundred or more sent to the cramped quarters of a single parking garage.

Politico reported that thousands of soldiers were “forced to vacate congressional grounds” Thursday, kicked out of the buildings they had guarded for weeks with some banished and packed into the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center garage.

“Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service,” one Guardsman told the outlet. “Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.”

How did you not see this coming? Why did you think they would be grateful to Dirt People like you? Is it an unspoken requirement for modern American military service, to believe that your leaders are kind-hearted Defenders Of the Free World? Hmm, that might not be just my sarcasm.

One soldier told Task & Purpose, “”There’s one toilet for somewhere between 500 and 100 people, there’s no water fountains or anything, no power strips to charge our radios and cellphones, which have been our primary mode of communication since we’ve been here. It’s pissed a lot of dudes off.”

He added, “It’s f***ed up because it just shows how politicians really feel about the National Guard. Leaving our families for the last two weeks to come down here . it’s certainly important and historic, but the day after inauguration you kick us literally to the curb? Come on, man.”

Congress humiliated and persecuted not just the innocent, but their own defenders? Why?

National Guard Forced to Evacuate Capitol Grounds After Alleged Mask Complaint by Democrat Congressman

h ttps://

By Kristina Wong, 21 January 2021

National Guard troops were forced to evacuate the Capitol building grounds on Thursday and hang out in parking garages, allegedly after a Democrat congressman complained about one National Guard member not wearing a mask at a cafe in the building.

According to a source, Rep. Will Keating (D-MA) reported to the Capitol building authorities earlier in the day that a National Guardsman was seen in a Dunkin Donuts without a mask on.



After Keating commented out loud that masks were required to be worn at all times in a federal building, the National Guard member responded, .I appreciate my freedom,. according to the source.

National Guard commanders are now looking for the National Guard member, according to the source.

I want to believe that story. I want to believe that the National Guard which in a couple years, will shoot me dead for being the Trump Supporter that I never was, is so chock-full of black knights that they and I will end that showdown with a fist bump and bromance instead.

But I just can’t believe it… because that Guardsman, with his name on his uniform, face unmasked in a heavily surveilled city under martial law, mouthing off against a Congressman apparently with no staffers at his side, couldn’t be identified.

WTF was a Congressman doing in a Dunkin Donuts? Anybody that comfortable associating with Dirt People would not have objected like this… and it’s legit to not wear a mask while eating, besides. Unless you’re in California.

Nope, there’s too many holes for me to believe that story. So, I looked deeper.

Steve Cohen: National Guardsmen Who Voted for Trump Are a Threat to the Capitol Building

h ttps://

By Julio Rosas, 18 January 2021

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) voiced his unfounded concern about the National Guardsmen who voted for President Trump and are now charged with protecting Washington, D.C. and the Capitol building.

Citing how there were some veterans and active-duty members of the military present at the pro-Trump protest and the Capitol building riot, Cohen guessed many of the National Guardsmen did not vote for President-elect Joe Biden.

“You know, I think the Guard is 90 some odd percent I believe male, only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. You gotta figure that the guard which is predominantly more conservative and I see that on my social media, and we know it, there are probably not more than 25 percent of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden, the other 75 percent are in the class that would be the large class of folks who might want to do something and there were military people and police who took oaths to defend the Constitution and to protect and defend who didn’t do it, who were in the insurrection,” Cohen told CNN anchor Jim Sciutto.

“So it does concern me,” Cohen said.

Steve Cohen official blue.jpg

Steven Cohen is Tennessee’s first Jewish Congressman… sits on multiple Committees including the Judiciary Committee… and is a “pediatric psychiatrist”. And here I was thinking that lawyers were the lowest kind of Congressional scum.

He also co-sponsored HR 645 which established FEMA camps inside military bases for “emergency uses” back in 2009. Odd that he doesn’t feel comfortable around military personnel during martial law. Doesn’t he want to enjoy those nice internment camps that he helped to create?

His projection alone is enough to establish Cohen as a total scumbag. He’s afraid that Guardsmen will betray and kill him because they didn’t like Biden? That kind of xenophobia, that attitude of “betray them before they get the chance to betray us because it’s what we would do” is exactly why the ((Chosen People)) can’t have nice countries.

I never bothered to sell MGTOW because the misconduct of women did a better job of it than I ever could. Similarly, I don’t think I’ll have to convince Normies that Jews are illegitimate foreign occupiers who will destroy us given the chance.

Mayor Buttplug Backs Up Traffic

It’s farcical just how Jewish the new Executive Branch is…

…but one name you didn’t see on that is Pete Buttigieg, homosexual former Mayor of South Bent, er, Bend, current Federal Transportation Secretary and possible 2024 President. Future gubernatorial aspirations aside, let’s discuss his out-of-the-box idea for fundamentally transforming our national transportation infrastructure:


In South Bend, Pete Buttigieg challenged a decades-old assumption that streets are for cars above all else

h ttps://

By Ian Duncan, 16 January 2021

For years, South Bend drivers held in their heads a magic number: Get their car to hit that speed and you could whip through downtown without seeing a red light.

Okay. Sounds like traffic is flowing smoothly. A refreshing change from Los Angeles.

When Pete Buttigieg took office as mayor of the Indiana city in 2012, he changed that. He pitched a $25 million plan to convert downtown’s wide, one-way roads into two-way streets with bike lanes and sidewalks. He hoped making it safer to get out on foot would encourage more people to spend time and money in the area.

Buttigieg branded the idea “smart streets.” Opponents lampooned it as “dumb streets..

Yet another effort to demobilize the population. It’s hard to count all the ways that this could go wrong, from “I bet $25M of YOUR money that’s you’ll like what I do to your city without your permission” to “white people need to use more mass transit and enjoy the cultural enrichment of sitting next to the noggers we taught to hate their guts”.

To Greg Matz . who pegged that magic number precisely at 32? mph . it looked like a waste of money.

.It seemed like an inconvenience,. said Matz, 46. .That was exactly the point, to slow down traffic, which in my initial view was a bad thing..

Double Standards and Goalpost Moving | Evolutionary Truth ...

Buttigieg pressed ahead. He secured the support of the city council to borrow money for the project. He held off primary and general election challengers who campaigned against it during his 2015 reelection bid. Soon after, South Bend’s roads were torn up for construction and Buttigieg cut the ribbon in 2017.

Three years later, Matz is a convert.

.Downtown was a ghost town. You wouldn’t go there after dark,. said Matz, who went on to volunteer for Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. .The results speak for themselves. It’s more than just the number of businesses, it’s the feeling of it not being dead anymore..

Goalposts successfully moved. “I thought it would interrupt traffic, but now downtown doesn’t feel dead anymore!”

So, you wouldn’t go there after dark because you live in the suburbs, or you wouldn’t go there after dark because the homeless now have five times more camping space?

In the coming days, the Senate is expected to confirm Buttigieg as secretary of transportation. He will bring experience taking on the car-centric street designs that have dominated the American landscape, but which many urban leaders are striving to undo in the face of rising pedestrian fatalities…


…and a reckoning with transportation policies that bored highways through neighborhoods home to Black residents.

Yes. Cars are one of the best crime prevention devices of all time, a lockable metal shell that goes everywhere you do. Protecting you from vibrancy. Theft. Mobs. Brownish turds sloshing down the sidewalk.

Blacks wuz victims because their wealthiest targets were high-speed hardened targets escaping to the suburbs every evening.

The 15-year-old movement for so-called “complete streets” seeks to balance the needs of pedestrians and cyclists with those of drivers. But wherever political leaders try to make changes, they face entrenched opposition from some drivers who see the projects as needlessly making traffic worse.

Experts say the pushback shouldn’t be surprising when generations of drivers expect to have their needs catered to and cities have evolved to become difficult to navigate without a car.

.We have approached local transportation the same way we approach highway transportation, with the goal of moving as many cars as quickly as possible,. said Corinne Kisner, director of the National Association of City Transportation Officials. Complete streets “represents a shift in thinking and thinking about design as more contextual and less cookie-cutter..

Context she missed: the Indiana winter for bicyclists.

Henry Davis Jr., a Democratic member of the city council and the lone “no” on a key vote to advance the smart streets project, remains steadfast in opposition, saying if anything, it has held back the city’s economy and snarled traffic. Installing bike lanes in a city with South Bend’s harsh winter climate makes little sense, he said.

I can speak to the nice-climate California perspective. A major road near my home got the “smart street” treatment, with double bike lanes added down the center median. Years later, STILL no bicyclists are using those dedicated bike lanes including yours truly. There’s an alley that runs parallel to that street, you see, and if I use the alley then I 1. can skip half a dozen red lights going to the grocery and 2. am not traveling through the middle of busy intersections hoping that left-turning drivers know I’m in their blind spots.

Epic, expensive eyesore of a FAIL.

.Taxpayers are paying a heavy price financially to underwrite the costs for this idea,. said Davis, who unsuccessfully challenged Buttigieg in the 2015 mayoral primary. .We will be paying that cost for several years now because a bond was floated..

Deficit spending on an elective priority. Fortunately, Buttigieg just KNEW this would be a great idea so going into debt couldn’t possibly backfire!

In December [2020], the first new downtown office building in decades opened, following renovations and conversions of distressed properties into apartments.


The major caveat to the progress is the coronavirus pandemic. South Bend, like other cities, has seen people stay away from restaurants while downtown office workers are staying home as the virus spreads.

Uh-oh, indeed. No new revenue to pay back this heavy-handed social engineering project, probably ever since the NEW new Socialist priority is working from home. Who could have known?

But downtown business leaders say the benefits have been dramatic.

Restaurateur Mark McDonnell said he had long identified the way drivers would speed through downtown as something holding the area back.

.My livelihood is up or down as downtown is,. said McDonnell, who catered Buttigieg’s [homosexual] wedding rehearsal dinner. .If downtown is thriving then I’m thriving..

Thank you, WaPo, for doing the legwork confirming that the people who think Petey did a great job are Petey’s boot-licking allies.

Buttigieg was succeeded as mayor by James Mueller, a schoolmate and his former chief of staff. Mueller . magic number 33 mph . said he has tried to build on the smart streets program. The city council earlier this month approved a citywide elimination of rules requiring developers to include a minimum number of off-street parking spaces in their projects.

Thus proving that the goal of ‘smart streets’ is getting rid of cars, not revitalizing downtown.

Buttigieg, whose struggle to win Black support hobbled his presidential run, said he also invested in neighborhoods. He said pursuing projects equitably will be one of the foundations of his approach at the Transportation Department.

You weren’t a Jew, Buttplug. Like the Negro Republican that runs every four years, you were the designated “vision of the future” candidate that people support initially as a show of solidarity and Goodthink but when things got serious, they put you away to focus on realpolitik.

Measuring the success of the program has been tricky. Mueller’s office shared a list of economic development projects downtown valued at more than $275 million, but it’s hard to know how many of them might have happened without the street redesign. When it comes to traffic, the mayor’s office could only say that, anecdotally, the average drive through the area is three minutes longer than before.

It is fitting that a fudge-packing mayor’s legacy is backed-up congestion.

A Christian Whore Of Babylon

Behold the inevitable, realized consequence of Churchianity: a prostitute grown shameless by indulgent parents and clergy whose only consistent belief is female empowerment.

Christian OnlyFans model who rakes in $200,000 a month insists that religion does not ‘interfere’ with stripping off for money – and says her equally devout parents are ‘so proud’

h ttps://

By Kate Dennett, 19 January 2021

However did we reach this point? when tabloid pundits understand Christianity better than the people who profess it? Like a faithful Catholic wanting to scourge the abortion-hypocrites off Holy Ground, I want to kick some serious ass today. No perv in that, either; while this prostitute does have a ginormous moneymaker, her reputation has preceded her.

The model, 22-year-old Lindsay Capuano, reportedly rakes in $200,000 per month selling photos of herself in which she takes off her clothing.

Capuano’s Instagram page boasts a following of more than 2.4 million.

There’s her claim to fame: buying two airplane tickets when it’s time to fly.

Capuano said that many of her followers . or as she refers to them, “amazing fans” . often tip her anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 per day.

I’ve been following Sigma’s work on the Online Amateur Sex Industry but still can’t grok men paying that much just to be smiled at, or tipping megabucks for the privilege of additional pictures of a female caboose. Link for the interested:

God will love you no matter what,” she reasoned of reconciling her faith and her profession. “That’s what I was taught in my household, school, and church. I pray every single night. I pray for whatever I feel I need to that day. I pray for family, my fans, myself.”

I believe her because this attitude is everywhere. Christianity has been reduced to “God Wuvs You!” It’s all forgiveness, all wellness, no judgmentalism or standards. There’s not even a difference between Greeks and the synagogue of Satan!

Make Evil Evil Again!

Capuano said that her family is Christian but “very laid back.”

“My religion has never interfered or stopped me from doing anything I’ve wanted to do,” she added.

THEN YOU DON’T HAVE A RELIGION. Certainly not Christianity, chock-full of warnings against sexual misconduct. If there’s nothing you do specifically because of your beliefs then you don’t have any beliefs. Only an id that seeks pleasure and avoids pain like a dull-witted animal.

Lindsay previously worked at a Christian daycare center but quit her job after deciding to focus on social media and OnlyFans full-time.

She said: ‘Throughout the summers of 2016 to 2018, I worked at a private Christian daycare. I actually loved the job and I really enjoyed working with the children. But when things started really taking off last summer on Instagram and Snapchat, it didn’t make sense to go back.’

She said that her Christian parents are very supportive of her decision and join her in celebrating her achievements, including reaching two million Instagram followers.

Her Christian parents need to be publicly tarred and feathered so their bodies match their morals.

She admitted that she feels extremely lucky to have such accepting parents, who have always taught her that God will love her no matter what she chooses to do.

I’m not a fan of the Sin of Presumption, the idea that knowing you’re pre-forgiven makes it easier to commit sin. My view is that you are pointed at one of two worlds, the mortal or the spiritual. The reason a Christian hates sin is not merely because it’s verboten… it’s because that’s not who he wants to be, an attitude that can be held even during an act of sin. God’s morality doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The proper motivation is this isn’t the way things are supposed to be rather than Sky-God is gonna smite me. Although the latter is a decent place to start.

Conversely, anybody who positively enjoys doing wrong has problems far worse than thinking God’s a chump. Lindsay Fat-ass-ay being a case in point.

Lindsay explained: ‘My parents are supportive of whatever I choose to do. They have always been that way. ‘They are so proud of me, we celebrate every time I reach another million followers on Instagram.’ I’m blessed to have the family I do. I know a lot of parents aren’t as accepting as mine, so I consider myself to be very lucky and never take it for granted.’

Her parents are a postcard of garbage in, garbage out. That does not excuse Lindsay. Young men get lied to also but they have to own the consequences. Why should women get a pass just because they didn’t know that giving up on monogamy and children to make twenty-five times a workingman’s salary doing soft porn would be a bad idea?

The model currently earns around $6,600 a day from posting her half-naked photographs online, but rakes in most of her income from fans who give her tips. She said: ‘I have multiple amazing fans who tip me $1,000 to $3,000 every day, sometimes.

…She said that her fans’ devotion to her and the positive feedback she receives makes her feel more confident and ‘sexier’ in herself. Lindsay said: ‘It actually makes me feel sexier and more confident because I take all of the positive feedback I get from my fans personally.

I never would have guessed that social media would be the harbinger of the Sex-pocalypse, allowing women to get attention from a near-infinite number of men. Removing middleman speedbumps at the same time was merely a +1 to that.

But modelling is not Lindsay’s only passion, as she also hopes to pursue a career in singing in the future.

She has posted videos of her singing on YouTube and Instagram since she was just 14 years old and plans to devote more of her time to her music.

Lindsay added that the COVID-19 lockdown has helped her keep her focus on her singing, and even teased that she is currently working with an award-winning producer.

Early exposure to male attention is an excellent reason to block girls from the Internet until her wedding day. Meanwhile, her singing career is DOA. Men aren’t giving her $3k tips for hearing her voice.

But she might marry that producer. I saw it happen all the time in Los Angeles.

Well, we’ve hit bottom. Church-going parents think they’re doing the work of God by raising their daughters to be literal Whores of Babylon. Even the Godless point and stare at the half-naked hypocrisy.

Something something rods and whips.

Faux News Cleans House!

Imagine my surprise when, as I scrolled down the day’s headlines, I discovered that Fox News chose NOT to go quietly into the dark night!

Fox News Launches “Purge” to “Get Rid of Real Journalists,. Insiders Say

h ttps://

By Diana Falzone & Lachlan Cartwright, 19 Janunary 2021

Not a moment too soon, but possibly a month too late.

Fox News on Tuesday fired the political editor who was tasked with defending the network’s election night decisions that especially angered President Donald Trump and his allies.

Politics editor Chris Stirewalt’s exit from the network coincided with the sacking of at least 16 digital editorial staffers, including senior editors. People familiar with the situation said the layoffs.a “blood bath,. as multiple Fox News insiders described it.were perpetrated by Porter Berry, the Sean Hannity crony now in charge of remaking Fox’s digital properties in the image of its right-wing opinion programming.

The author repeatedly denounces Berry for his association with Hannity but I’ve not found any stories of note about the connection. While I have little respect for Hannity, Stirewalt is a known anti-Trumper.


Eric Bolling Says Employees At Fox News Are “Nervous” About Drop In Ratings

via h ttps://

By Daily Wire, December 24, 2020

According to Sinclair TV.s Eric Bolling, a former host at Fox News, staffers at his previous network are worried by the change in audience numbers in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

Speaking at Turning Point USA.s annual Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, Bolling explained why networks such as Newsmax and One America News Network had surged in popularity after the election on November 3rd.

.Here.s what happened guys, let’s be honest with you. on November 3rd . Fox declared Biden the winner in Arizona. MAGA-world went ballistic, they said .I.m not watching Fox News,. they switched over and they looked and they found Newsmax,. Bolling said. …

Since election night, Nielsen TV ratings showed that many of Fox News. programs experienced a severe drop in viewership. Between the dates of November 2nd and November 11th, viewership dropped by 40% for Neil Cavuto, 40% for Bret Baier . who hosted one of the presidential debates between Trump and Biden . 40% for Martha MacCallum, 36% for Laura Ingraham, 33% for Sean Hannity, and 29% for Tucker Carlson.

Hannity is not on our side… but methinks he’s definitely on his own side.

End segue

In addition to Stirewalt.the Fox News “nerd” who became the face of the network’s election-night projection for Joe Biden to win Arizona, which angered much of the network’s MAGA viewership and led to the rise of an even more obsequious, pro-Trump alternative in Newsmax.sources confirmed that long-time digital editors and reporters, some of whom had been with Fox for a decade or more, were among those laid off. (Additionally, on Monday morning, Fox News senior vice president and D.C. managing editor Bill Sammon, who is in his early 60s, announced he is “retiring at the end of the month..)

.Fuck this,. one particularly despondent current Fox News staffer remarked to The Daily Beast.

If the Daily Beast is championing their cause then they ain’t on the Right side of history.

Officially, the network claimed the layoffs are merely part of a “restructuring” initiative. “As we conclude the 2020 election cycle, Fox News Digital has realigned its business and reporting structure to meet the demands of this new era,. a spokesperson said in a statement. .We are confident these changes will ensure the platform continues to deliver breakthrough reporting and insightful analysis surrounding major issues, both stateside and abroad..

But a dozen current and recently departed Fox News employees who spoke with The Daily Beast all said the a few characterized it.was part of the network’s larger effort to pivot its website from straight-news reporting to right-wing opinion content in the mold of Fox’s primetime programming.


.There is a concerted effort to get rid of real journalists,. said one recently departed Fox staffer. .They laid capable people off who were actual journalists and not blind followers..

You real journalists, in one evening, torpedoed the entire Fox News Empire. How distressing that they took it personally!

Others said it was an attempt to silence leakers from speaking to outside media about the changes being instituted by Porter Berry, a former producer for Hannity and Bill O.Reilly, who recently transitioned from the TV side to running Fox’s digital properties.

.Porter.s uncomfortable around and is suspicious of experienced editors,. one Fox News insider remarked to The Daily Beast. .They make him feel inept because his background is entirely in TV..

.Porter is at the helm,. declared one current employee of the layoffs, while a recently departed staffer said: .This is all Porter. Both an ideological purge and a purge of people he was threatened by..

.It.s essentially the final nail in the coffin for digital journalism at Fox,. another recently departed staffer declared.

Even before this round of layoffs, Berry’s management and editorial style had resulted in the departures of several key employees, such as Jason Ehrich, former executive vice president of audience development and strategic partnerships, and Greg Wilson, the former managing editor of the Fox News website, among others.

As The Daily Beast reported, Berry’s influence over the network’s online properties has raised eyebrows among staffers, largely because he continues to act as a “shadow executive producer” for Hannity.yet another sign of the increasingly blurred lines at Fox between the network’s right-wing opinion commentary and its so-called news division.

The ouster of Stirewalt came months after he publicly defended the Fox decision desk’s early (and accurate) election-night projection of Joe Biden winning Arizona’s votes.

Good news, the mask is off. The globalists are openly gloating. Bad news, Normie America doesn’t care.

The on-air call immediately infuriated President Donald Trump, as such a projection by his then-favorite network inhibited his plans to prematurely declare victory that evening. .Jared, you call the Murdochs! Jason, you call Sammon and Hemmer!. Axios reported Trump shouting that night at his son-in-law Jared Kushner and top adviser Jason Miller.

Yeah, he should have been angry. Why wasn’t Normie? Maybe he was Trusting the Plan.

Immediately following the Arizona call, which has been linked to angry Trump fans abandoning the network for even more fact-free, right-wing outlets like Newsmax, Stirewalt was repeatedly grilled on-air over the projection and asked whether his team would reverse its call. .Not that I see,. Stirewalt said, standing by decision desk director Arnon Mishkin’s analysis.

Mishkin is an NYC Jew graduate of Harvard and is known to have voted for Clinton 2016. Every single time.

While the network’s pro-Trump opinion hosts openly undermined the decision desk and political team’s Arizona call, parroting the Trump campaign’s complaints, Stirewalt refused to reverse course while also throwing cold water on the president’s bogus claims of widespread voter fraud.

.Lawsuits, schmawsuits,. he said the day after the election. .We haven’t seen any evidence yet that there’s anything wrong.. …

Stirewalt.s final contribution for Fox News was a Monday afternoon digital post, titled “Put that in your Hot Pocket..


h ttps://

Before Lincoln could finish his work and help the nation move on from the justice of the “terrible, swift sword” and into the mercies described in his second inaugural . “with malice toward none, with charity for all” . an idiot murdered him.

What happened instead was a long period in which frustrated Southerners spent the fury of their wounded pride on African Americans in their midst. The cruelty and indignity of this American apartheid is well known to many, but always worth remembering. … It is hard to imagine greater violence done to the spirit and the words of our Constitution than using the force of government to oppress millions of people because of the accident of their status at birth.

Maybe using the force of government to oppress millions of people wanting to leave? Is it hard to imagine the American Civil War while talking about Lincoln?

End segue

So, is this Porter Berry guy a potential ally of ours?

h ttps://

Hannity.s sphere of influence has become all-encompassing and his nominal bosses are reluctant to rein him in, former Fox News executive John Huddy, a close confidant of the channel’s late, disgraced founder Roger Ailes, told The Daily Beast.

.The fact is that Sean Hannity is untouchable, on the one hand, and they’re terrified that he’s going to do something that is so offensive that it’s going to bring everybody down,. Huddy said. .He’s come really close a few times. He’s the devil in the deep blue sea. They’re terrified of him but they can’t lose him. If they lose him, they know they’re fucked. And they don’t have a Roger Ailes to call him in and kick his ass..

Definitely some in-group activity there.


h ttps://

John Huddy, a former Fox News correspondent who was fired after his sister spoke out against Bill O.Reilly, has hired a lawyer, he told TheWrap.

Huddy, who worked in Jerusalem, was terminated on Oct. 23, the same day his sister, former Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy, talked about her experiences with O.Reilly to NBC.s Megyn Kelly. Juliet Huddy settled a sexual harassment suit against O.Reilly earlier this year.

You can be legally fired if your sister talks smack about your employer. You can definitely be fired if she airs dirty laundry against one of your employees. I’ll guess that Huddy was asked to rein her in and instead…

.At this point I’m retaining a lawyer to fight Fox’s false accusations,. John Huddy said. .In my experience at FNC and to my knowledge I have never seen someone summarily fired the way I was. What I have seen is Fox renewing the contracts of people accused of sexual harassment, assault, lewd behavior and fabricating stories..

That’s because accusations are neither convictions nor inconvenient sisters. This article was dated 2017 so I don’t think Huddy’s lawsuit went anywhere.

That’s how you do it. Never Cuck. Never appease.

But the lower-ranking troops, especially those working for the website, haven’t exactly fallen in line.

SJW alert! Low-level employees who hate their employer yet insist upon staying inside the organization! Why would they do that, I wonder? Does it rhyme with “subversion”?

Some digital staff have expressed discomfort at the increasingly rightward tilt of the site. Multiple network insiders told The Daily Beast that staffers have felt uncomfortable putting bylines on thinly sourced stories, including several pre-election pieces aggregating the New York Post’s questionable reporting on Hunter Biden. .Staffers did not want their byline on Hunter Biden because it didn’t stand up,. a current employee said. .It could be a career-killer..

Career-killer, yes. But the evidence against Hunter Biden… and his father… of treason, bribery and drug trafficking is absolutely legit.

And yes, it rhymes.

.The digital staff has no respect for Porter,. said another current Fox News employee. .They see him as someone who is driven by everything that is antithetical to real journalism.snubbing truth for distortion that furthers an ideological agenda, prioritizing factory-scale productivity over quality that you get only through taking the time to confirm, to check, to challenge information and then writing and rewriting it to ensure a balanced and fair presentation of that news, and echoing the cable channel’s Republicans-are-always-right mantra..

Then absolutely, they should get shat out their organization with all the ceremony of a Taco Bell indulgence. I’m impressed. Fox News is taking anti-SJW measures that are devastatingly overdue. Whether Berry is an ally or not…

The Name Is Bond. The Hashtag Is Petromasculinity.

Sovietman made a good point of not bothering about the hypocrisy of our enemies. Regardless, I can’t resist fisking a Canadian bureaucrat named Bond who tweeted smack about pickup trucks then cried when people pointed out his tiny dick.

h ttps://

The bumper reads “Global Warmer” with a grinning skull. Somebody was triggered!

Tweet 1: “Your pickup truck is violent and dominates wymmyn!”

Tweet 2: “Thank you, Twitter, for protecting my fragile ego!”

Tweet 3: “You’re all fags because I really do have a dick!”

Elites make a point of hypocrisy because it demonstrates how powerful they are when they get away with it. Implicit in that, Mister Bond, is your being able to get away with it. *GunnerQ snaps on his fisking gloves*

.The Glorification Of Violence And Domination.: Politician Mocks Big Pickup Trucks

h ttps://

By Hank Berrien, 18 January 2021

A politician who serves as a North Vancouver, Canada council member triggered outrage on social media after he posted a picture of a large pickup truck on Twitter and captioned it, .The glorification of violence and domination. #unnecessary trucks #petromasculinity..

The truck, which had a large plate attached to the front reading “Global Warmer,. catalyzed Mathew Bond to slam it for its dismissive attitude toward global warming. After blowback ensued from his tweet, Bond launched a Twitter thread addressing the issue in which he accused some of his critics of mocking him as unmanly, while he speculated that some of the owners of similar trucks were trying to prove their masculinity.

The smarter hominids quit digging upon realizing they’re in a hole. Here’s the continuation of his self-immolation by Tweet:

[Bond Wrote,} “Trucks are necessary in many rural areas. Designing or modifying them to be more dangerous to others than they already are is unnecessary..

Jacking them up actually makes them LESS dangerous to others because their bumpers can’t hit stuff anymore.

.Glorifying global warming, when millions around the world are suffering from its impacts, is sad, harmful and disgusting,. he continued. .Since everyone seems to be enjoying this pile-on, here’s a few more things you might enjoy as you head into the week.

Yes! More! MOAR!!!

The fact is that trucks (all vehicles in fact) are being designed larger and more powerful than they have in the past. Pick your favourite light or mid duty model and compare today’s version to that of your parents (or grandparents if you’re young)..

My uncle has a story about a large tree collapsing on his truck in a windstorm. The tree broke over the cab and Uncle pounded the dent out of the all-stainless-steel frame with a sledgehammer.

.The design, specifically the size and height of the front of the truck, is more dangerous and can cause more harm to others on the road than it used to,. he commented. .Lift it up 6. inches plus, put a big bull bar on front, and the affect is amplified..

What a fag. “It’s dangerous to own more truck than you need! I get to decide what you need because I’m a government official…and I get scared easily!”

Bond speculated, .From the replies Twitter has shown me, it seems a lot of people haven’t thought about this. Or they have thought about it and don’t care about the impact on other people using the road. Or they’ve thought about it and decided that having a bigger, more powerful truck with modifications that are going to be more harmful to others in a crash is somehow more .manly…

He means “more harmful to me when I inevitably crash in my tiny Prius that doesn’t need any cargo space because I own nothing and am happy and don’t have a job that requires ANY kind of manual labor!”

He turned to accusing his critics of misogyny: “And that a man that has thought about the impact of the size and mods on these trucks, or who cares about the harm that global warming is having on people around the world is a sissy, a p*ssy and a girl (as if being a woman is an insult). The misogyny is pretty disgusting..

Which is it? Are you upset at being called a girl or not upset at being called a girl? Be advised that this time, we already know your answer. This is merely a test of your honesty, you truckless p*ssy.

He concluded: .The mental leap from “the message on the truck is harmful, glorifying global warming is violent and the size/mods on this truck make it more dangerous for others on the road. to .Mathew is a d***less, ball-less, spineless, soy latte drinking, city living p*ssy who’s never done a day of “real” work in his life, sits down to pee, hates all trucks, the hard working people that drive them and wants to control our lives. actually illustrates the toxicity I was mentioning in the hashtags better than anything I could have done myself..

Boldfaced for truth! And he said it himself.

Jesus Stormed the Capitol

Now that the Globalists have total control of the American government… even over the parts that they haven’t even infiltrated yet, as demonstrated by the Kung Flu lockdowns… they’re advancing their agenda. It’s no longer Trump who laid siege to D.C. with a massively armed, violent militia for an entire afternoon before getting bored and going home… it was Christ Jesus.

First, the author:

h ttps://

Samuel L. Perry is an associate professor of Sociology at the University of Oklahoma. He is also core faculty in the Religious Studies Department and affiliated faculty in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department. He received his PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago in 2015. He also holds a Masters of Theology degree in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he graduated at the top of his class in 2008.

Baylor has fallen from Grace completely, to allow male feminists like this inside.

And now, our feature presentation:

The Capitol siege recalls past acts of Christian nationalist violence

h ttps://

By Samuel Perry, Baylor University, 15 January 2021

Christian imagery loomed large on Jan. 6 as the “Stop the Steal” rally morphed into a mob siege. A group of Trump supporters prayed around a large wooden cross, and others carried “Jesus saves” signs and yelled “shout if you love Jesus” as they occupied the Capitol building.

No, it didn’t loom large. American flags, some Confederate flags, a couple Back the Blue flags. But I could be easily mistaken, since I’m not the one tasked with rewiring history to suit the present. Facebook is.


Facebook to ban and remove photos and videos from Capitol protest; content labeled as “promotion of criminal activity.

h ttps://

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube deleted videos from President Trump addressing the Capitol chaos, where he instructed his supporters to “go home,. and declared that “we have to have peace.” He also continued to press the narrative that the election was stolen from him.

Twitter released a statement on Wednesday that read, .In regard to the ongoing situation in Washington, D.C., we are working proactively to protect the health of the public conversation occurring on the service and will take action on any content that violates the Twitter rules..

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of integrity, said the company deleted Trump’s video over the risk that it would increase the risk of violence.

.This is an emergency situation and we are taking appropriate emergency measures, including removing President Trump’s video,. Rosen wrote on Twitter. .We removed it because on balance we believe it contributes to rather than diminishes the risk of ongoing violence.. . READ MORE

End segue

The real reason they memory-holed the actual records of what happened is so the Narrative could be rewritten at will. First it was Trump not accepting defeat, then it was a paramilitary insurrection that accomplished nothing, then it was both assassination and kidnapping…


PHOENIX (AP) . The pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol last week aimed to “capture and assassinate elected officials,” federal prosecutors said in court documents.

The revelation came in a motion prosecutors filed late Thursday in the case against Jacob Chansley, the Arizona man who took part in the insurrection while sporting face paint, no shirt and a furry hat with horns.

Sounds like a football fan. Nobody dresses up for the cameras while intending to kidnap and murder heads of state. At a minimum, assassins change out of their pajamas first.

The details, tucked into the court papers, shed new light on the seriousness of the Capitol riot. They suggest that investigators believe there was a much more organized effort afoot, despite claims from rioters that it was a spontaneous outburst of anger over the election and President Donald Trump’s loss. Trump had been repeating baseless claims of election fraud for weeks.

Repeating baseless claims is not a stone that Democrats get to throw. The only thing more disgusting than watching them rewrite the history of StopTheSteal in realtime was watching them Steal the Election in realtime.

Prosecutors say that after Chansley climbed up to the dais where Vice President Mike Pence had been presiding moments earlier, Chansley wrote a threatening note to Pence that said: “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

They call that evidence?

Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions at the Capitol, supports that the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States Government,” prosecutors wrote in their memo urging the judge to keep Chansley behind bars.

End segue.

…Which bring us to the newest Narrative iteration, that Christ Jesus had ordered his followers to storm the Capitol and assassinate government officials.

Meanwhile the Christian flag . the red, white and blue emblem designed by a New York City Sunday school teacher in 1887 to unite and symbolize Christians worldwide . was one of the flags carried through the Capitol.

A quick check on wikipedia says the idea was first proposed in *1897*, but the flag he’s probably referring to:

History of the Christian Flag -

…was not officially adopted until 1942. When we were at global war against the fascists, hmm. Some things never change.

This blending of Christian imagery with Trump flags put Christian nationalism, the often militarized fusing of Christianity and American identity, on display during one of America’s darkest days.

As someone who has written about white nationalism during the Trump presidency, I find this somewhat unsurprising.

As scholars of religion Andrew Whitehead and Samuel L. Perry argue in their book “Taking Back America for God,. Christian nationalism is predominant in Trump support.

Hey, lookit that. This author is citing himself to support his argument.

Perry and Whitehead describe the movement as “as ethnic and political as it is religious,. noting that it takes in assumptions of white supremacy.

Christian nationalism is not always violent, but Christian nationalist violence has been a presence during the Trump administration. More broadly it has been on the rise over the past few decades.

It ceased to exist a couple generations ago. Heck, just last year the churches rolled over and died for no reason than the health inspector asking nicely.

Violence perpetrated by Christian nationalists has manifested in two primary ways in recent decades. The first is through their involvement in militia groups; the second is seen in attacks on abortion providers.

NOT seen in attacks on abortion providers, he means. The rare examples only highlight how much of a trend it isn’t. And speaking of rare examples establishing a trend:

The catalyst for the growth of militia activity among contemporary Christian nationalists stems from two events: the 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff and the 1993 siege at Waco.

Two incidents that happened 27 years ago. QED.

Weaver ascribed to the Christian Identity movement, which emphasizes adherence to Old Testament laws and white supremacy. Christian Identity members believe in the application of the death penalty for adultery and LBGTQ relationships in accordance with their reading of some biblical passages.

During the standoff, Weaver’s wife and teenage son were shot and killed before he surrendered to federal authorities.

Those murderous Jesus freaks!

In the Waco siege a year later, cult leader David Koresh and his followers entered a standoff with federal law enforcement at the group’s Texas compound, once again concerning weapons charges. After a 51-day standoff, federal law enforcement laid siege to the compound. A fire took hold at the compound in disputed circumstances leading to the deaths of 76 people, including Koresh.

Those murderous Jesus freaks! For the Capitol mob to have “recalled” the Waco moment of ‘insurrection’, the Feebs would have had to murder at least 75 more men, women and infants than they actually did.

FWIW, Baylor U. is in Waco, Texas.

Distrust of the government blended with strains of Christian fundamentalism, bringing together two groups with formerly disparate goals.

As scholar of religion Ann Burlein argues, “Both the Christian right and right-wing white supremacist groups aspire to overcome a culture they perceive as hostile to the white middle class, families, and heterosexuality..

I presume he means Ann M. Burlein of Hostra University.


h ttps://

Photo of Ann Burlein

She’s a professor of religion, gender and sexuality. One of the classes she teaches, RELI030 for undergrads, is “Paganism and Magic“. Another class, RELI088 is “Alternative Medicine and Religion”… she’s never been to med school… Ayurveda medicine per the course description.

A literal witch. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that she would perceive Christians as hostile!

End segue

It is important to note that the vast majority of Christian nationalists never engage in violence. Nonetheless, Christian nationalism does supply a vocabulary and narrative suggesting that unless Christians control the state, the state will attack or suppress Christianity.

Never mind that that is true.

The growth of Christian radio stations, in particular, has featured cross-platform programming pairing conservative commentary with Christian, mostly white evangelical messaging. One prominent example is Salem Media, the third-largest radio presence in the top 25 U.S. radio markets. Salem media reports 11 million regular listeners.

The programming for Salem and its print outlets, like Regnery Publishing, feature political and religious commentary that blends Christian and American identities in a way that appeals to nationalism. While they may not dip into the extremism of the militia movements, they often use conflict-driven language.

Sounds like Salem and Regnery are being targeted for the next round of Convergence. “Salem media is Christian nationalist! They haven’t said or done anything but they’re really big and a lot of deplorables listen to them!”

Personalities like conservative radio host and author Eric Metaxas use Christian bona fides to legitimize the political commentary on their programs. In a phone call with President Trump broadcast on his radio show, Metaxas told his listeners that claiming there was not enough evidence to prove the 2020 election was stolen was akin to saying there was not enough evidence to believe in Jesus.

True, in fact, unlike the Crucifixion we still have living eyewitnesses to the Steal. Many of whom have agreed to testify before judges who suddenly decided that the truth wasn’t important enough to delay Trump’s exit.

Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcast Network has operated for decades and similarly blends politics with religion. Its flagship show, the 700 Club, attracts 1 million viewers a day.

It sounds funny when the Left’s main complaint about our remaining institutions is that they’re big and meaty.

While blending politics and religion is not necessarily a recipe for Christian nationalism, it does contribute to conflating Christian identity with American identity.

“It’s not bad when we do it.”

The dangers of blending nationalism and Christianity were on display at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Christian groups intermingled with white supremacists. When the demonstration outside the Capitol escalated into a siege…


…the violence mixed with Christian symbols in a way that recalled past acts of political violence and terrorism associated with Christian nationalism.

Especially recalling the 20th Century, which saw more Christians martyred for the faith than the previous nineteen combined. My turn is coming and frankly, if Normie’s wits are too dull to resist baldfaced lies like these then death shall be no great sorrow.

Yankees On the Run

Vaguely reflecting my failed, last-ditch effort to find a Place of Sanity, here’s a firsthand account of a Cuckservative who found out the hard way, when he moved from Austin, Texas to Nowheres, Tennessee, that everything he liked about the place was exactly why it turned out to be Left Side Up.

Come with me on a journey of discovery, that Place of Sanity means different things to different people.

Leftists Are Colonizing Red Towns Like Mine, And Local Republicans Are Clueless

h ttps://

By Mark Pulliam, 13 January 2021

As 2020 wound to a close, pundits noted the growing toll of leftist policies on residents of blue states, prompting migration from California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois to Republican-run states such as Texas and Florida, which offer lower taxes and a better business climate. In addition to losing Oracle, Charles Schwab, Hewlett Packard, and Elon Musk, for the first time in its history California is expected to lose a congressional seat in the upcoming decennial census allocation, due to stagnating population. Texas is expected to gain three seats, and Florida is expected to pick up two.

Cuckservatives think it’s all about the economy. “Growing toll of leftist policies” forcing major companies out of the state, bah. The reason the little people are leaving California (population replacement, anti-natalism) is not the reason Fortune 500 companies are leaving California (a new wealth tax about to be levied against the Board of Directors).

This was my first clue that Mark and I are “differently sane”.

Blue states tend to be dominated by urban voters, large numbers of unionized government employees, California.a technology-based economy that relies on large numbers of young, college-educated (and in many cases foreign-born) employees. Even historically red states such as Texas exhibit symptoms of dysfunctional leftist governance in their burgeoning urban areas. Austin is rapidly becoming a clone of San Francisco and Portland.

Predators go where the food is. That’s why urban life skews heavily Socialist. It’s a mistake, however, to think that predators will never feed on the margins. Especially when the predator population has been exploding thanks to a lack of higher-tier predators (meaning the fathers who, when fatherhood existed, protected their kids).

We have come to expect blue states to be .woke,. displaying fealty to the latest academic fads, such as critical race theory and other forms of identity politics. Rural America, the “flyover country” populated by Donald Trump-voting deplorables, is supposed to be immune from this trend.

This kind of thinking is what happens when one relies upon media headlines for his worldview. However can I tolerate living in California? Because I don’t live in either the Gay Area or Los Angeles. California is huge, y’know. It ain’t just UC Berkeley.

As a [new] resident of a small town in east Tennessee, I regret to report that wokeness is everywhere, even in the brightest-red areas of Republican-majority states. My town is home to a small, 200-year-old, Presbyterian-affiliated liberal arts college that appears to be an island of sanity in higher education. But it’s not, and neither is the rest of the town.

Fatal mistake, assuming that any longstanding institution hasn’t been coopted by the forces of weak men holding sinecures because they’re scared of private-sector life.

Hmm, how did he not know that? Serious question.

When we relocated here from Austin, my wife and I imagined the school was comparable to Hillsdale College, except nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Located in Michigan, Hillsdale is a quietly infamous college because it rejects all Federal financial aid. Sounds like the author accepted a skin suit imitation instead of following the money.

That’s why skin suits work. They show you what you want to see and that’s the easiest deception ever. I wanted to believe, too, but then I did my homework.

My wife and I quickly learned the reality is otherwise when a supposedly faith-based lecture we attended on campus was devoted to the teachings of Karl Marx rather than Jesus Christ. The lecturer, who teaches “religious studies” at Skidmore College, is the daughter of the host school’s equally-leftist campus minister.

“It was supposed to be a faith-based institution but turned out to be a Marxist trap!” Next time, goober, hold out for a CHRISTIAN institution. Checking for female leadership is step one in vetting that kind of thing.

We were also chagrined to learn that the local public a county that voted for President Trump in 2020 by a margin of 71-27 percent.maintains a curated “antiracism” reading list that includes controversial fare such as Ibram Kendi’s “How to Be an Antiracist,. Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,. and Ta-Nehisi Coates. “Between the World and Me..

Along with headlines, don’t trust statistics. I hope the author’s relocation research was more than “most Trump-supporting county in USA according to exit polls”.

Ignoring the blight homeless people inflict on library users across America, the local library also provides office space to a newly formed organization serving the homeless, with which the library works as a partner, even engaging in “street outreach.” The library staffer leading this initiative is.predictably.a graduate of the local leftist college. Indoctrination works.

That’s not indoctrination. That’s parasites working the system. The key phrase in that paragraph for me was “a graduate of the local … college”.

Is Mark one of those parasites? Since he intentionally chose a mainline church-aligned college town? Then how did the other parasites not recognize their own?

Even though the area is overwhelmingly Republican, the local paper (owned by a national chain headquartered out of state) is unfailingly and obnoxiously left. The editor admits that one of his .life’s greatest disappointments. was being interviewed by The Washington Post and getting turned down for the job. The local paper is a WaPo wannabe, albeit relying heavily on Associated Press reportage. It consistently boosts leftist ideas, locally and nationally.

Yep, Mark trusted the headlines. “Everybody there is a Republican! except, surprisingly, for the schools and journalists and government officials and mainline-denomination church and all the other people I thought I could trust because they’re credentialed! How could I have known that people whose religion is parasitic avoidance of reality would infest century-old, respectable institutions offering lifetime employment and taxpayer-backed retirements for makework?”

Due in part to the paper’s favorable coverage, a leftist activist who chaired the local Democratic Party and founded the radical organization Indivisible East Tennessee was recently elected to the ostensibly nonpartisan city council. The local Republican Party belatedly.and reluctantly.supported the center-right candidates in a four-person race for two seats. Supported by Soros-funded organizations from outside the state, the Democrat eked out a second-place finish by a few hundred votes, establishing a leftist toe-hold in an otherwise solidly conservative county.

I thought it was great that campaign funding disclosure laws were passed. Not so great that anti-sedition laws were not attached to them. That is typical Cuckservatism. They’re more interested in having a Grendel to play Beowulf against than actually slaying Grendel.

Complacency is a problem for east Tennesseans. They are so used to Republicans winning elections that they falsely assume victory is automatic. It is not.

Dude, your leader refused to fight for you against an obvious threat. That’s treachery, not complacency. Meh, you’ll vote for him next year anyway because it’ll be the most important election ever.

The first step in electing sound candidates to local office is to make sure that someone representing your values is running.

You’re STILL falling for the “Values Voter” scam? You fool.

In 2020, a leftist educator and “diversity consultant” who formerly served as dean of students at the local “woke” college was elected to the county board of education without any opposition. Public education desperately needs responsible oversight, but frequently is captured by letists aligned with teachers. unions.

Sure, the problem with public schools is not enough high-level government regulation. Not their chemically castrating 10yo children against their parents’ wishes.

I’m not even angry anymore. I’m not Certified enough for Cuckservatives to even hear me. Mark Pulliam is trying desperately to live a fantasy in his head, a fantasy in which he can have childlike trust in the schools, the churches and the government without any of those people ever taking advantage of the opportunity.

Mark will never stop trusting the Authorities. He is too broken a human being to live a responsible life. But how did that happen? He doesn’t look soyboy.

Cowardly administrators wishing to avoid responsibility for making unpopular decisions often resort to commissions, committees, and task forces. Ironically, the diversity task force, supposedly formed to collect community input, has been meeting behind closed doors, claiming to be exempt from the state’s open meetings law.

.It.s not our intent for the work of the diversity task force to be aired in the public,. the director told a reporter. .It wouldn’t be fair to them to have those conversations in public..

Treachery, not irony. A conservative would hate that POS director and call him out… Maryville City Schools Director Mike Winstead…

Maryville system donates sanitizer to Blount Memorial ...

…regardless of his… political identity… hmm. Occam’s Razor says the reason a guy would simultaneously accuse a politician then not hold that politician up to public scrutiny is because he’s trying to handle the matter in-house.

Which implies this is a clash of two in-groups.

Why do voters tolerate such high-handed actions by their public servants?

Many are uninformed; few people read the local newspaper.

Which is it? Are they uninformed or do they NOT read the local newspaper?

Whatever do you mean, the newspaper has what they need to be properly informed?

Most ordinary people in small towns are busy working, taking care of their families, and living their lives. They do not spend their time on social media or the internet, putting them at a disadvantage compared to better-organized, tech-savvy activists on the left.

Translation, “we Old Guard people should be able to trust the government to do its thing but can’t because the Newcomers are co-opting us”. Old Guard meaning… hmm, mainline denominations, Ivy League academia, political loyalty proven (ideally) by credentialism… Yankees?

When I first got into blogging, I didn’t understand the hatred for Yankees. I thought I did. Southerners hated them for the Civil War and its aftermath, yes? Not quite. I finally clued in that the Yankees have been the ruling class for all of America since then. By “ruling class”, I don’t just mean the D.C. Beltway. The sort of blind faith in America’s institutions that Mark is demonstrating here is the blind faith born of 150 years knowing that Your People have a reserved seat at the top of society. “Values Voting” makes sense if all of the politicians have already been vetted. It’s all ice cream, just pick your favorite flavor.

Not just political dynasties, then. We’re talking about a Yankee subculture that, like all ruling subcultures, erected institutional barriers to keep the Dirt People out. That’s where the love of Credentialism came from. Why Republicucks won’t hear my voice just because I got no sheepskin.

I’d wondered how the Jews were able to coopt American government so thoroughly. Fifty state governments, hundreds of subcultures, some of them openly hostile to Zion. The answer is that the Yankee had already fought that war, so to speak, and usurping the Yankee was easy thanks to 1. a shared hatred of the rest of America and 2. reliance upon institutions to undermine local-level independence.

Yeah, yeah, I’m late to the party. But I’ve been played for a fool my entire life.

Most residents of small towns are trusting, good-natured people who naively believe that civic leaders will “do the right thing.” East Tennesseans are nice, and they assume that their niceness will be reciprocated. Sadly, all too often local elected officials betray this trust, in order to dole out political favors or do the bidding of business cronies.

Mark is trying to rebuild the mound of Yankee-ism. He assumes their betrayals are only for in-house problems such as bribery or political favors because the truth… a new religion motivating his Yankee peers to burn down their own homes… would mean he’d be ON HIS OWN for the first time in his life.

When Mark fled Austin, he wasn’t fleeing the Convergence. This is obvious just from his continued, location-independent participation in the Federalist. Yankee Culture had lost its grip there and he was trying to stay inside that culture. A different situation from me seeking a place where the government hasn’t yet criminalized my existence.

Thanks for nothing, Yankees.

For example, our Republican county mayor, the most powerful local elected official, supported the opening of a methadone clinic located near a daycare center. Astonishingly, the owner of the methadone clinic is one of the biggest supporters of the Democratic activist who was recently elected to the city council.

In short, weak leadership, public inattention, lack of organization, and general complacency make small towns vulnerable to aggression by liberal activists. Wokeness can be resisted successfully when the majority of voters actively oppose it. But in the absence of political resistance, the left’s agenda will take over, as inexorably as the rising tide.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight and don’t bring a politician to a religious war. Especially when your religion of choice is a witch-ruled empty husk called “Presbyterian”.

Unless rural voters in states like Tennessee wake up, they may find that their communities have become knock-offs of Portland, Minneapolis, Austin, or Nashville. Like it or not, small towns are embroiled in the national culture war. They must fight back or they will lose.

Too late, Mark. Nowhere to run. No place will welcome you. You will either worship Christ or worship the State. Your people don’t run the State anymore and Christ requires soul-searching about how your people have so misruled America that foreign invaders didn’t even have to try to conquer us.

Analysis Of Ashli Babbit

As the flurry of dramatic headlines finally slows, it’s Gunner time! Let’s have a look at Ashli Babbit, the woman who was fatally shot while bashing her way into the Capitol building instead of quietly standing in line a couple entry doors over.

Ashli Babbit

Her Calvert County, Maryland driver’s license. However, she was reportedly living in San Diego at the time so I’m not sure of the date.

h ttps://

Ashli Babbitt is a San Diego-area Air Force veteran who was identified as the woman who was shot and killed as people rushed the U.S. Capitol building in an unprecedented scene that included the vice president being rushed to safety, reports of gunfire and IEDs, and people roaming around the chambers of the U.S. Senate.

More specifically, she’s a veteran of the 113th DC Security Forces. The military wing of the Capitol Police, I presume, which means she knew where she was going inside that building and probably had inside information to plan… whatever she’d planned.


h ttps://

DC Air National Guard airmen depart for deployment
113th Wing D.C. Air National Guard
Story by Capt. Renee Lee

Date: 02.15.2014
JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. . Nearly 30 airmen of the 113th Security Forces Squadron departed for a five-month deployment to an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia Feb. 15.

While deployments are certainly not unusual, what makes this one unique is the range in experience shared among the airmen. In fact, this deployment will be the first for more than 10 of the security forces airmen of the District of Columbia Air National Guard’s 113th Wing.

.I.m very excited for my first deployment,. said Senior Airman Cordero Santiago. .I volunteered to deploy because I wanted the experience and I feel prepared..

Senior Airman means E-4. First deployment at that rank suggests he joined the ANG to pay for college.

Santiago credits his confidence in his preparation for this deployment to his time spent at the intensive two-week Regional Training Center at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., where training included small group tactics, weapons sustainment and mounted operations.

Marginally applicable skills to her fatal incident.

Like Santiago, many of the newer airmen have since gained confidence and a better understanding of what to expect of the deployment, said Tech. Sgt. Jose Perez, one of the two squad leaders of the deploying unit. And thanks to deployment veterans like Perez, for whom this will be his sixth deployment, the newer airmen are in good hands and have the opportunity to seek mentorship and advice from those who have deployed on numerous occasions such as Senior Airman Ashli McEntee.

Ashli Babbit was McEntee back then. I’ll cover her sordid love life soon!

Since joining the Air Force eight years ago on active duty, McEntee has deployed seven times. This deployment with the 113th SFS will be her eighth total deployment and her second since joining the DCANG. While preparing for deployment here and at Eglin AFB, she also found herself in a mentoring position to the younger and newer airmen for whom this will be their first time “down range..

.The newer airmen have been coming to us and asking about the living conditions, the weather, the gear, the schedule, how we work as teams, the hours we work,. McEntee said. “As we have a large amount of first timers deploying with us, I think we can offer comfort and knowledge..

Mentoring can mean a couple things. Being E-4 in the Guard means McEntee was more likely a back office trainer than a snake-eating trigger puller. Especially if she failed to make E-5 after seven deployments; I’m military-illiterate but deployments tend to be the way to get promoted at the lower ranks?

This video makes me doubt that 113th is a serious unit:

End segue

A graphic live stream video showed Babbitt lying almost motionless on the ground inside the Capitol building as supporters of President Donald Trump milled in a hallway and roamed around the chambers of the U.S. Senate. Babbitt’s husband told KUSI-TV in San Diego that she was a “strong supporter of President Trump, and was a great patriot to all who knew her,. in the words of the station.

It was a tweet, not a phone call or interview.

Her Twitter page contained references to QAnon, which is a fringe extremist right wing conspiracy theory movement…

That’s lunatic fringe extremist ultra-right wing nationalist conspiracy theory movement. Didn’t you get the memo from Open Society?

Is this mic still hot?

…that believes pedophiles are embedded in high-ranking governmental positions.

.Nothing will stop us..they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours..dark to light!. she wrote. She had retweeted QAnon accounts and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Well, that settles it. Tweeting veiled threats of violence with specific timelines on a public forum is the exclusive behavior of Trump supporters.

One photo on Twitter showed her wearing a MAGA hat…

An armed standoff took place for a time outside the U.S. House front door on the afternoon of January 6. The mayhem unfolded as Congress met to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump held a rally at which he railed against the election results, falsely labeling them a fraud and declaring himself the victor. Even Republican officials in various swing states have declared that Trump did not win the election after conducting audits and investigations.

No joke, the Left has lost its mind. The sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome have been driven into a feeding frenzy at the sight of Donald being vulnerable.

Although some Trump supporters on social media are claiming antifa was involved in the breach of the Capitol, evidence that has emerged of the identities of people thus far shows some to be QAnon and Trump supporters, based on their social media accounts and live streams.

Based on their social media accounts and live streams?

According to KUSI, Babbitt was .a 14-year veteran, who served four tours with the US Air Force, and was a high level security official throughout her time in service..

Per masslive, link below,

The Air Force said Thursday that Ashli Elizabeth McEntee was on active duty from 2004 to 2008, most recently at Dyes Air Force Base near Abilene, Texas. She was also member of the Air Force Reserve from 2008 to 2010 and the Air National Guard from 2010 to 2016.

I don’t know her exit rank but that E-4 would’ve had to get promoted really fast to end as a “high level security official”.

A man from New Jersey spoke to a journalist and said he was an eyewitness. He had a bloody hand. .We had stormed into the chambers inside, and there was a young lady who rushed through the windows. A number of police and Secret Service were saying get back, get down and get out of the way,. he said.

An obvious crisis actor. Had he been actual MAGA confessing to media that he’d stormed the Capitol, he would have already been doxxed on national news, arrested, charged, fired from his job and placed on the national no-fly list.

None of that is hyperbole.

To answer Arthur’s question:

Here’s what I’ve pieced together. At one location, Capitol police stood down, opened the doors and let Trump supporters in. Video shows they acted like tourists, gawking at the scenery and walking in a mostly-straight line into the main chamber.

Simultaneously, a small group of probably Antifa types, led by DC military police veteran Ashli Babbit, smashed entry at a different section of the Capitol building where various reports placed VP Pence. This was after Pence betrayed Trump by accepting electors based on the fake election results. A team of uniformed DC police followed Ashli’s group but did not intervene until she got shot.

My pet conspiracy theory is that Babbit was leading an Antifa cell to make a martyr of Pence now that his Judas deed was done, with some peaceful MAGA people allowed inside to take the blame. The police unit behind her was intended to “cut out” Ashli’s team. Unfortunately, one DC cop either didn’t get the memo to allow the assassins inside or was wrong place, wrong time, and barricaded the doorway. Either explains why Ashli was willing to ignore his threats to shoot with the handgun pointed at her.

I have trouble posting video on my blog. Having seen the footage, however, there are two remarks I’ll make on it. One, the DC police was just a few feet behind her and neither aggressively interfering with her bashing on the makeshift barricade or panicked over actual gunfire twenty feet away. Two, one of her peers–he wore a blue Giants hoodie and was standing next to her when she was shot–turned around and pulled out a smartphone to shoot video of her while standing in the line of fire of the cop who’d just opened fire. Bovine dumbassery at its finest.

Babbitt was shot to death by Capitol police as Trump supporters trespassed into the building during the protest

That’s Bovine on the left.

Now for Ashli’s personal life.

h ttps://

Ashli Babbitt . the pro-Trump rioter shot dead while trying to breach the barricaded House chambers . had been accused, then found not guilty, of reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property and tampering with a car in 2016.

The 14-year Air Force vet was prosecuted under her previous last name of McEntree, according to court documents from Calvert County, Md., where she lived at the time.

The Maryland public court records show police found probable cause for the string of charges, which are not described but were somehow connected to a “traffic case,. the records show.

Two restraining orders had also been issued at the time, but appear to be separate from the criminal case.

In February 2017, another restraining order was issued against Babbitt, according to court records. No reason is given in the court records for any of the restraining orders.

As liberal as Maryland is, multiple retraining orders against the wife indicates serious psych issues.

A petition for divorce was filed by Babbitt’s then-husband, Timothy McEntree, in 2018, records also show. The divorce was finalized in 2019.

More specifically about that divorce…

h ttps://

Babbitt.s ex-husband, Timothy McEntee, called her a “wonderful woman with a big heart and a strong mind” in an email to The San Diego Union-Tribune. McEntee said he and Babbitt were married from April 2005 to May 2019.

A Facebook account with Babbitt’s name says she married Aaron Babbitt on June 25, 2019.

Divorced May 2019. Remarried June 2019.

And this time, SHE was the pool boy!

.Mask Free Autonomous Zone Better Known as America,. read a large sign on the front door of a pool service business she ran with her husband in Spring Valley, near San Diego. No one answered the door Thursday at the business or the couple’s home, a modest duplex in San Diego.

Per the Sun, “It is unclear what Aaron does for a living.”

That monkey-branching psycho bitch! Let’s not lose any sleep over Ashli’s dirt nap.

Any Fans In the Idaho Panhandle?

I’m looking at a move to the North. Do I have any readers who can tell me the current situation in East Washington/North Idaho?

This would be a complete, permanent break in my life and a nearly blind one at that. I have family up there but no illusions that they’d be setting a place at the dinner table weekly for me… we’ve just never gotten that close, but I’ve at least met them and not hated them. I also know the area and unlike most Californians, know what “cold” means.

If I leave California, my company will probably fail within a month. Several people will lose their jobs. Only one deserves it. So, there won’t be any going back. I might not have children but there are still people who depend on me.

I can’t live another year like last year. No friends, no activities, every business lusting to enforce the latest rule changes from whatever level of bureaucracy they can find. Better to start over outside the path of history than stew until I snap a Door Nazi like a cracker. I think. Maybe God DID put me on Earth to snap Door Nazis like crackers but He hasn’t yet said anything about it.

Laws are going draconian–California now has a statewide mask-no-airholes mandate a and no-travel “advisory” locking people within 120 miles of their homes. There’s a lot of civil disobedience at the parks and beaches so I know there’s momentum to resist, and police aren’t yet enforcing the many warning signs the government constantly puts up, but no detectable trend and I don’t know how to meet people without shared activities. Walking up to random bicyclists doesn’t do much to establish trust. I lost my inside connections to local government when they took a witch’s advice to double lockdown restrictions then ordered me to take sexual harassment training if I still wanted the privilege of volunteering unpaid to help with disasters. It’s unreal.

Decision time comes this week. I don’t get to wait until Trump pulls a Q-plan out of his ass at the last possible second or whatever. All thoughts are welcome.

A Kind Word For West Virginia’s Derrick Evans

The suddenness and depth of the Trump Purge has been incredible to behold. To do what little good I can, freshman WVa Representative Derrick Evans is getting railroaded and I want to give him a shout-out of support.

h ttps://

Headshot Professional.JPG

I wouldn’t have been impressed at first blush. That looks like a nu-male facial expression and he doesn’t show the skin (dis)coloration of an outdoorsman.


Ooh, baby, I like it like that! Starting to warm up to Derrick. Fellow ammosexual!

Pro Trump Conservative

Derrick is a Pro Trump conservative who will always stand up, speak out, and Fight For Christian Values.

Zzz. Politicians always claim that. I hope one day to watch Siick Willie Clinton try to convince Jesus that Monica Lewinsky is what Jesus would have done, too.

Our Christian Values are under attack all across this country and across this state. It’s time for us to be bold, stand up, and speak out on these issues. I do NOT support transgender bathrooms, dragqueen story hours, or forcing Christian business owners to do things that go against their religion. I will always stand up, speak out, and Fight For Christian Values!

Legit! “I’m a Christian” doesn’t mean much these days but “no perverts allowed” is a step up.

He was endorsed by West Virginia’s Coal Association. It’s a good sign when a politician wants other people to have electricity and indoor plumbing, too.

A newly elected West Virginia GOP lawmaker live-streamed himself on Facebook storming the US Capitol, shouting: ‘We’re in baby!’

h ttps://

By Kate Duffy, 7 January 2021

w00t! A politician rubbing shoulders with his constituents! No ivory tower here! Bonus for the naughty double entendre.

A West Virginia Republican lawmaker live-streamed a Facebook video of himself and other rioters storming the US Capitol Wednesday.

It was a formally organized protest with POTUS’ personal blessing. That is not a riot.

Derrick Evans, a newly elected member of West Virginia’s house of delegates, later deleted the video from his page, but evidence of it remains online through screenshots and screen-recordings.

The Internet never forgets. Better to put it back up than appear guilty.

In a five-minute clip of the video posted on Reddit, Evans chanted “Trump! Trump! Trump!” as the crowd forced open the doors to the Capitol. He flipped the camera round to show himself wearing a black motorcycle helmet.

“Keep it moving baby,” Evans said, who complained he couldn’t see out of his right eye because of pepper spray.

Right there, Evans gets my respect. How many of America’s lead-duhs have ever needed protective equipment, let alone taken a hit and kept going? I can even respect a Pantifa politician if he’s actually put himself in harm’s way. Alas, in Woke-town that job is reserved for useful idiots.

Once the doors opened, the pro-Trump mob pushed past police officers and Evans can be heard cheering: “We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!”

Evans was not in the lead per other accounts.

The video showed Evans walking around the halls of the Capitol shouting “We’re in baby!” and “Freedom!”

Four people died in the siege – one shot by police, three from medical emergencies.

And yet, they called it violent. Unlike 2020 with its “mostly peaceful protests”.

Evans approached a police officer, fist-bumping him and saying: “God bless you sir. Nothing personal all right. We still respect you all right. Nothing personal against you.”

Insurrection! Insurrection! I’m literally shaking here!

Towards the end of the video, Evans warned other rioters not to destroy the property. “No destruction of anything. No vandalizing property. This is artefact,” he said.

It would have been awesome if StopTheSteal had 1. burned the Capitol building to the ground and 2. carefully preserved all the heritage artwork while doing so. Alas, we only got #2.

Thank you for the thoughtfulness, Evans.

The clip finishes with Evans chanting “”Our house!” and then “I don’t know where we’re going, but I’m following the crowd.”

Hours after he posted and deleted the video, Evans posted on his Facebook page that he was on a bus headed back to West Virginia. He claimed that he went to the Capitol as an “independent member of the media to film history.”

“I want to assure you all that I did not have any negative interactions with law enforcement nor did I participate in any destruction that may have occurred,” Evans said. “I was simply there as an independent member of the media to film history.”

Evans’s live-streaming kicked off at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, showing himself and other Trump supporters gathering by the Washington Monument before making their way to the Capitol.

“Live in D.C., baby!” Evans said in the video. “Three hours before Trump speaks this place is crazy already . It’s unreal, guys. I can’t even explain it … I can tell you right now… The patriots are fired up, man.”

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Evans wrote “I can’t wait for tomorrow” with the hashtag #StoptheSteal.

The following day, he posted a photo of Trump supporters on a bus headed to Washington with the caption “Two bus loads of Patriots from WV, KY, and Ohio are loaded up and heading to DC.”

Roger Hanshaw, the Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates, told WV Metro News that “participating in a violent intentional disruption of one of our nation’s most fundamental political institutions is a crime that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

I agree. That cop who shot an unarmed non-black was rayciss!

He said he hasn’t spoken to Evans about the incident and that he doesn’t know how Evans was specifically involved, apart from what was posted on social media.

In Current Year, the evidence comes AFTER the accusation.

“He will need to answer to his constituents and colleagues regarding his involvement in what has occurred today,” Hanshaw said.

Hanshaw. So punchable! I’m ready to place my bet in this upcoming fight: Evans, first round, TKO.

Never give up, Derrick! Never surrender! You ain’t alone!

Gandhi Opposes San Francisco Lockdown

Not Mahatma but she is even more Progressive!

University of California infectious disease specialist denounces unscientific lockdown extension

h ttps://

By Greg Piper 6 january 2021

Few university medical researchers have been willing to challenge lockdown orders from their mayors and governors.

But San Francisco’s indefinite extension of its stay-at-home and 10-day quarantine orders prompted a University of California-San Francisco infectious disease specialist to speak out.

It may actually increase the spread of the novel coronavirus because more people will gather indoors, where scientists have long known the threat of infection is highest, Monica Gandhi, medical director of the HIV Clinic at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, told CBS San Francisco.

Pretty impressive credentials.

Female “Dauktur”, check.

HIV advocate, check.

Director at Zuckerberg Hospital, check.

Proudly Hindu daughter of a H1bbie, check check check.

And even she is tired of the nonsense.

Mayor London Breed’s order is not data-driven and is likely to backfire with the public, she said: .We never reached those hospitalizations or ICU capacity concerns that the state had set as metrics for this degree of shutdown,. she said. “And then to continue it indefinitely, as kind of our New Year’s present to San Francisco, didn’t make sense to me..

It makes perfect sense if the purpose is to punish the celebration of Christmas:

Even though the city has a healthy 30 percent of ICU beds available, and only about 200 new positive cases daily on a seven-day average, Mayor Breed said the city needed more time on hard lockdown to “determine that we are moving in the right direction and that the December holidays don’t set us back..

Which December holidays might those be? Kwanzaa? Solstice? Isn’t imposing hard lockdown to determine if a hard lockdown is needed, circular logic?

At least Gandhi is not a Totalist.

The mayor is at risk of losing public trust, however, according to Gandhi. She believes a data-driven approach would safely allow outdoor dining with some mitigation protocols and limited indoor gym capacity:

.It seems paradoxical to say loosen to allow more compliance, but it’s actually the truth, because the idea is that people will trust public health officials more if they keep things that are safe open,. said Dr. Gandhi.

Dear Gandhi, the Coofdowns were never about medicine and never about earning the peoples’ trust. They were always about control and when controlling people is a central tenet to your religion, the Normies choosing “December holidays” over loyalty to the Prophets is grounds for discipline.

The wheels continue falling off the Covidian Express.

My Trumpian Crisis Of Faith

Watching Trump’s response to the astonishing election fraud has been quite the test of faith for me. Not in the sense that he’s my savior or a decent human being or anything so mush-brained. The classical definition:

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

I had faith that Trump would beat the election fraud. With his massive ego on one side and Unilaterally Assured Destruction on the other side, there was no other possible outcome. I even reassured some of my readers that Trump surely had this. The only reason I didn’t put cash money on Trump remaining Prez was professional ethics in the workplace.

It was a hard test of faith. At every point short of giving up, Trump cucked. He kept trying to make backroom deals. He authorized the Biden transition team. He ignored his supporters’ worries. His SCOTUS choice backstabbed him. His Vice President backstabbed him. Trump still identified as a Republican. I did not despair. Trump had, he simply HAD to know that his choice was Death Or Glory.

And then…

Ralph Northam Sending Virginia National Guard to D.C. amid Chaos

h ttps://

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced Wednesday that he will send the state national guard to Washington, DC, amid chaos and protestors entering the Capitol building.

.My team and I are working closely with @MayorBowser, @SpeakerPelosi, and @SenSchumer to respond to the situation in Washington, D.C. Per the Mayor’s request, I am sending members of the Virginia National Guard along with 200 Virginia State Troopers,. the Virginia governor wrote Wednesday.

The coup begins as the Deep State orders the military into the streets. I still had faith…

The announcement follows as Donald Trump protesters stormed the Capitol building to object to the 2020 presidential election certification.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Wednesday that Trump ordered the National Guard to D.C. to reestablish order.

The counter-coup. This has been TOO LONG in coming. I still had faith…

.At President @realDonaldTrump.s direction, the National Guard is on the way along with other federal protective services. We reiterate President Trump’s call against violence and to remain peaceful,. McEnany wrote.


.Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement,. Trump wrote [on Twitter]. .They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!.

Trump added later, .I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order . respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!.


Trump ordered his supporters to stand down at the exact moment he needed them most. Did he ever want supporters or did he just enjoy the parades while trusting his political connections for the realpolitik? What was he expecting his supporters would do when he didn’t let any of them in on what his plans were?

Other prominent Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), called on protestors to stop the violence.
.Violence and mob rule is wrong and un-American, and it will not bring about election reform,. Paul said. .Today’s mayhem sets back any intelligent debate for a generation. Just stop it..

It would be a mistake to opine further on a developing story of this magnitude. Suffice to say, I had faith that Trump at least wanted to survive right up until he told his supporters, at the moment they were storming the Capitol on his behalf, that he was ashamed of them.

He wants us to Trust the Plan, I guess, but I don’t trust Trump anymore. Not even to save his own neck.

Couldn’t Year 2021 go a single week without breaking my heart?

Closing Thoughts On Totalism

My recent posts on the topic made Totalism sound like it’s every form of atheism ever. To be sure, all the elements are there–treacherous leaders sending brownshirts against Designated Enemies in order to impose their beautiful, humanist Utopia du Jour. Indeed, it is much like a denomination of atheism… but more of a cult, because it is atheism taken to such a harsh extreme that other denominations such as anarchists and Communists cannot tolerate it for long.

For example, there are many atheists who would be appalled at the idea of permanently rewriting history for a momentary political talking point. Who believe that dissidents sometimes do have legitimate criticisms and even if they don’t, are still fellow people. Some of them even believe in the existence of objective truth. God has given consciences even to unbelievers.

Not so the Totalist. Or in today’s example, the Branch Covidians ruling Los Angeles that I just escaped from (once again!).

New, extreme precautions urged for L.A. County residents because COVID is .everywhere.

h ttps://

By Rong Gong Lin II, 5 January 2021

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said this week that Los Angeles County residents should follow new, even more strict guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic in order to tamp down the community spread of the deadly virus.

In a Tuesday report from the Los Angeles Times, Ferrer said that people run the risk of contracting COVID-19 by just leaving their homes.

Oh yeah, baby. They ain’t stopping until there’s nothing left.

“Everyone should keep in mind that community transmission rates are so high that you run the risk of an exposure whenever you leave your home,” she explained. “Assume that this deadly, invisible virus is everywhere, looking for a willing host.”

So much for masks being essen… WHAT SHE SAY?

Willing host? Barbie, that is not how diseases work. That is how the voices in your head work.

Seriously, how is that the mugshot of a health director for a major city?

The Times reported that “the risk of getting coronavirus in Los Angeles County has never been greater” with approximately 1 in every 5 residents testing positive for the virus.

Problem: I was there and they aren’t even testing 1 in 5 residents, let alone getting that many positive results.

“The anticipated surge from the winter holiday gatherings is done,” Ferrer added. “And tens upon tens of thousands of people are paying the price with new COVID-19 infections. The increases in cases are likely to continue for weeks to come, as a result of holiday and New Year’s Eve parties and returning travelers.”

She’s punishing Los Angeles for celebrating Christmas.

It’s better to be lonely than to be sick. It’s better to care for others by following all the rules than to end up passing along the virus to someone who gets hospitalized or even dies,” Ferrer added.

Who the fuck is this bitch ordering me to be lonely until she decides I get to have friends? Pure Totalism is on display here.

Officials have said the latest coronavirus surge was caused in part by holiday gatherings, beginning with Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Infections linked to the latter two holidays will be apparent later this month, further jamming overwhelmed hospitals.

Statistics to be invented as needed.

Workplaces have also been increasingly spreading the virus. Costcos, Targets, Walmarts and grocery stores have seen outbreaks, as have a variety of other job sites, including some TV production sets.

WHOA, NELLY. Read that again. From the very beginning, big box retailers have been given favorable treatment. This is the first time I’ve seen the Covidians call out fellow atheists for insufficient devotion.

Furthermore, Hollywood was shut down until their lobbyist went to the infamous French Laundry dinner with Governor Newsom to bribe him into granting permission for reopening. That “including some TV production sets” is a shot across the bow of a hardline socialist governor that up until now, was their ally.

You see why I call them Totalists. Newscum wants his bling and Big Butt Business wants a monopoly, but the Totalists want civilization to burn.

The Totalists are turning upon their own allies in rage over Normies celebrating the holidays, specifically including Christ’s birthday. Happy Birthday, God, and happy birthday again: we your children bring you some freshly gnashed teeth from your enemies!

But nativity scenes aren’t the only thing triggering Priestess Farrar of the Branch Covidians…

Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis and public health officials have expressed dismay at protesters who oppose wearing masks, including recent demonstrations at Westfield Century City mall.

…their Narrative is failing.

Anti-Mask Protesters Storm Century City Mall in Los Angeles

h ttps://

Anti-mask protesters aggressively approached shoppers at a Ralph’s grocery store in Los Angeles’ Century City neighborhood and then moved to the nearby Westfield mall, leading to minor altercations and the police at times intervening.

The protest, captured in a series of videos from a Twitter thread Sunday and livestreamed by the protesters, took place as Los Angeles COVID-19 cases soar, as safer-at-home orders remain in effect and as Southern California ICU are stuck at 0% availability.

“This thread is so embarrassing to the human race,” filmmaker Judd Apatow said in a tweet.

Who? *checks* A Jew from NYC who made The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Trainwreck, among others you’ve probably seen.

At the Ralph’s grocery store, one female protester falsely claimed a man hit her and began pursuing the man with a shopping cart as other protesters shouted. The woman then was seen kicking the man. Another protestor called a shopper a “mask Nazi” and said he didn’t have to wear a mask because he had tested negative for the virus.

The protest then moved to Bloomingdales and other stores throughout the Century City mall. Protesters were asked to leave various stores and had a brief dance party to the tune of YMCA in the corridors. When one shopper says that her father was in the hospital with COVID-19, the man shouted back that, “People die. Your father’s not special.”

Harsh but fair!

The Twitter thread concludes with a video of one woman appearing to be detained. LAPD officer Rosario Cervantes told TheWrap that police were present on site to keep the peace and maintain First Amendment rights and that individuals entered each location without masks. No arrests were made, but battery reports were taken, one at each location.

The police, at least this year, were on our side. Even the toxic jackboot police were on our side because they’re getting tired of mask antics, too.

One last post to illustrate how Totalists never stop.

California city bans public sitting, removes seats from public property in attempt to battle COVID-19 spike

h ttps://

By Chris Field, 4 January 2021

The city of Manhattan Beach, California, is really worried about a recent spike in COVID-19 cases. In fact, city fathers are so worried that they have issued a new edict for their subjects: No sitting on public property.

That’s right: Residents will no longer be permitted to use the city’s seating on publicly owned lands . the officials had all of the seats removed this weekend, the New York Post reported Sunday night.

The coastal city, located about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles and inside L.A. County, saw its number of confirmed COVID-19 cases nearly double over the last two months.

According to the Manhattan Beach Twitter feed, the city had 425 cases on Nov. 1. As of last Saturday, the city had 821 cases. And the daily number of new cases set record highs on Dec. 31 (21 cases) and Jan. 1 (26 cases).

So city officials decided it was time to take action. That action came in the form of a sitting ban. As of 10 p.m. Sunday night, all outdoor seating on public property was closed to the public. The tables and chairs were removed until further notice.

Mayor Suzanne Hadley said in the tweeted statement from the city, that people should stay home . except to go to work, pick up “essentials,” or exercise.

There was no word from the city on where people outside exercising might sit and rest if they need a break.

This isn’t about exercise. It’s about punishing the little people for lack of devotion.

But officials who have helped cripple local businesses with their restrictions were quick to encourage citizens . whom they simultaneously told to stay home . to go out and support “our local businesses that are offering pick-up, curbside, take-out, and delivery services.”

Coronavirus: California closes bars and indoor dining at restaurants after record-breaking COVID ...

Mayor Hadley looks exactly like what I expected. Her words illustrate the Totalist thought process:

“We must continue to respond to the ever-changing dynamics of this pandemic.”

Social control, mystical manipulation.

“This recent spike in the virus is significant, despite the good news last month of our Manhattan Brach firefighters receiving some of the first COVID-19 vaccinations… Although public seating areas will be closed temporarily, please continue supporting our local businesses…”

Demand for purity. You aren’t doing enough to support the Narrative!

“With a new mutant strain of COVID now present in California, which is reportedly more easily spread than the original virus…

and less virulent, even per official reports…

“…we must continue to strive to reduce virus transmission.

The science is settled! There is nothing to discuss but how we respond to this urgent, life-ending threat.

“Please continue to support one another by wearing face coverings, maintaining a safe distance, staying home as much as possible and not sitting when you are able to stand because even though your butt crack is completely masked, chinaballs can zoom around your clothing and up your ass. Unlike when you wear underpants on your face oops, I mean, supporting our local businesses…”

She didn’t actually say the boldfaced but she did imply it.

Atheist uprisings tend to have two prongs, one group trying to achieve a particular goal and the other group living in the moment of pure, infantile Godlessness. They might be peers, as we see now with the globalists and the Covidians, or chronological such as the Reign of Terror interrupting the French Revolution.

It is fitting that atheists should be the ones who, in horrified desire for survival, are the ones to suppress the ugly reality of unchained Godlessness. They need to see the endgame of their beliefs… and having seen the darkness, perhaps a few of them will seek the light.

By all means, Covidians, keep threatening the governor’s meal tickets. Keep accusing Chinamart of spreading plague. Tell the people they won’t even be allowed to sit until they do as they’re told by the Prophets they’re already disobeying. See how long your Brave New World lasts.

That is how Totalism differs from other forms of atheism. It’s the most extreme form, unlimited by conscience or tangible results.

12 O’Clock Baltimore

It’s year 2021. How long can ‘Murican cities go until… oops… Baltimore just had its first murder on Day 1. So much for New Year’s Resolutions. Hmm, a lesbian darling of the Sundance Film & Pedo Festival broke though the glass ceiling of an all-male outlaw biker gang to set a positive example, then murdered her lover. You just can’t make this up.

Let’s start with the heartwarming story (and theatrical release) of “Pug”.

12 O.Clock Boys. Eric Blair takes Baltimore audience behind the scenes

h ttps://

By Anthony C. Hayes, 1 March 2014

It.s been called “The Wire with wheelies., and for those who had a chance to see the gripping film 12 O.Clock Boys this week at the Charles Theatre, that description might well carry along with it a bag full of mixed emotions. How was this film shot? Who are these outlaw riders? Why doesn’t the city stop them? Why would anyone make a film which seems to glorify this lifestyle?

Nobody in Current Year is asking any of those questions. Least of all, the residents of Baltimore.

Eric Blair, the producer of the film, addressed some of those concerns yesterday morning during an hour-long behind-the-scenes talk at the Eubie Blake Center in Baltimore. Blair’s presentation was the latest installment of the new Creative Mornings Baltimore series.

12 O.Clock Boys is a documentary which looks at the outlaw street dirt-bike culture which permeates some of the poorer neighborhoods of Baltimore City. The film is currently the second most popular documentary in the world. It is also the tenth highest rated independent film.

The film is unique as well in that it is a hit simultaneously in both theaters and video on demand.

Not unique in its glorification of gang life.

While the film features shots of more than a hundred riders, the story revolves around a precocious boy named Pug; his mother Coco; and Steven . a man in his thirties who is seen as a sort of patriarch to the urban riders.

Blair told the audience, .It was a four-year journey to make this happen. Coco and Pug were pretty courageous in allowing us to show their lives on screen.. (During the course of filming, Coco’s 18 year old son died from an asthma attack.)

Not COVID? Oh wait, this was 2014. They had asthma back then.

Pug was only 11 when he became the center of the story. .Lotfy was shooting a lot of footage around town, and Pug just sort of rose up from the crowd; trying to do wheelies on his bicycle,. Blair said.

The bicycle wheelies, of course, are nothing compared to the heart-stopping images of the dirt-bike riders doing wheelies straight up . or at 12 O.Clock.

The more ephemeral shots . presented in slow-motion . were filmed from the back of a pick-up truck.

That would have been my first guess and I haven’t even seen the movie. Don’t plan to. There’s nothing glorious about an 11yo boy trying to join a ghetto biker gang via death-defying stunts in traffic.

.The Phantom scenes were highly composed and choreographed. It was a tightly controlled process to be safe, especially for Pug. Pug was very involved in the process, as both a rider and as an actor. I learned that showing Pug and the other riders the footage was very helpful in explaining the process to get them to go along and hit their marks..

That, and books with pictures. Public ed-zoo-cation meets human biodiversity. The other documentary!

For safety, Blair also made sure his crew was securely strapped into the back of the truck. .We did everything we could to do this professionally, including taking out a 2 million dollar insurance policy..

Only professionals take out life insurance policies on their employees?

Anyway, Annie Oakley decided she could do it better because she’s not a boy.

In popular . but illegal . Baltimore dirt bike scene, female rider makes waves

h ttps://

By Justin Fenton, 7 November 2014

The 85-cc engine of the Honda dirt bike belches as the bareheaded rider accelerates down Fayette Street through West Baltimore.

With a bicep tattoo of a 12 O’Clock Boy . a rider holding a wheelie, straight up . the biker leans forward, pulls on the handlebars, lifts the front tire high in the air, and keeps the pose steady as the bike glides out of view.

The rider’s name is Keyria Doughty. Around here, she’s known as the “Wheelie Queen.”

This 12 O’Clock Boy is a girl.

Just when you think ghetto culture reaches its bottom, it goes feminist.

Doughty, 20, is one of only a few females to break into dirt bike riding on the streets of Baltimore, the homegrown, male-dominated subculture that’s gaining in popularity . despite the efforts of police and lawmakers.

I miss the word criminal. It was gone too soon.

Bikers have been cruising . some say terrorizing . the city for at least a generation. They are a chief complaint at community meetings, where residents complain of packs roaring in and out of traffic, through red lights and across medians.

The activity has been illegal in Baltimore since 2000, when two riders were killed in a crash and fed-up city leaders took action.

“There’s nothing positive that can be said about that,” said state Sen. Catherine Pugh, who pushed for the ban as a member of the City Council. “There’s places where you can ride dirt bikes; the streets of Baltimore aren’t it. You can’t scare people in the street.”

Pugh went on to become mayor, write a series of childrens’ books and get caught in a money laundering scam so blatant that not even Baltimore could ignore it.


But neither the prohibition on street riding nor related measures . a ban on filling the bikes at gas stations, a law that allows police to seize unlocked bikes, a tip line residents can call to turn in riders . have dimmed enthusiasm for the pastime.

The cure to law enforcement? PUBLICITY!

A documentary on the 12 O’Clock Boys last year won acclaim on the festival circuit and airs on Showtime. Videos on YouTube and Instagram are carrying the riders’ exploits to an international audience. A recent Sunday ride through the city drew participants from five states.

Bikers say riding is a constructive activity that keeps young people out of trouble. One of their slogans: “Put down a gun, pick up a bike.”

It makes sense that blacks being less cerebral, are more physical. That still doesn’t explain or excuse the compulsion to break American laws.

Into this subculture comes Doughty, a Baltimore native who got her first bike at 11. She’s one of a few women to try to ride with the Boys.

Most of them skip the bike and just ride the Boy. Where’s Daddy?

Her mother thinks riding helped her cope with the loss of her father, who suffered an aneurysm in 2009.

“She’s not over the death of her father,” said her mother, Latarsia Barksdale. “He was always in her life from day one, since she was born.”

After Jarvis Doughty’s death, Barksdale said, “she didn’t care no more. She was getting in trouble. I said, ‘Your father don’t want to see you like this. You have to step up and be strong for your other siblings.’

A severe injury at one point caused her to stop riding. She was riding a four-wheeler in the spring of 2013 when it came down awkwardly on a concrete bench. The impact knocked her wrist out of place.

At that point, she had yet to master the wheelie, and getting back on a bike wasn’t a priority.

Later that year, she found the motivation to climb back on: A female rider she knew was posting pictures of herself riding a dirt bike.

“My homeboys were like, ‘How can you let her do this? You’ve been riding longer than her,’ ” she said. “It was in my head . there’s a girl beating me, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

“Once it was in my head, it was stuck, and it wouldn’t go nowhere.”

Attention whoring. Although the boys suffered that problem, too.

She got back on the bike and started practicing regularly at Carroll Park. By June last year, she says, she was able to wheelie. Now it’s something she can’t imagine not doing.

Her mother calls her “awesome.”

“I’m really proud that people are looking at her, complimenting her,” Barksdale said.

Submissive housewife, bah! Pop a wheelie and…

Wheelie Queen of “Charm City Kings” charged with stabbing girlfriend; defense attorney says actress tried to save ex’s life

h ttps://

By Tim Prudente, 4 January 2021

In the days before her death, Tiffany Wilson tried to break up with the actress and Baltimore dirt bike rider Lakeyria Doughty, the “Wheelie Queen..

Wilson, a 33-year-old Baltimore chef, sent text messages to Doughty asking for the keys back to her apartment, police said. Wilson repeatedly told Doughty to leave her alone.

Then on New Year’s Day came a frantic phone call to 911. Doughty told the operator that Wilson had stabbed herself with a kitchen knife.

But officers charged Doughty with murder, writing in court documents that the medical examiner determined Wilson could not have stabbed herself.

That determination led Baltimore District Court Judge Mark Scurti to order Doughty held without bail Monday. Her defense attorney had urged the judge to release the actress, saying she didn’t kill Wilson but tried to save her life by performing CPR and calling for help.

It’s already down to assault/deadly weapon per Faux News.

Attorney Andrea Jaskulsky said Wilson felt down on herself in the preceding days.

.My client’s position is I didn’t do anything wrong. That this was a self-inflicted wound. I tried to save her,. defense attorney Jaskulsky told the judge.

The 26-year-old Doughty is well known among Baltimore’s dirt bike riders and appeared in the HBO movie “Charm City Kings.. The film debuted at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and won acclaim for its authenticity. Her attorney said Doughty is supposed to star in a TV adaption of the film.

She a goot boy! G’wan to college!

Doughty is regarded as a pioneer for breaking into Baltimore’s male dominated 12 O.Clock Boys dirt bike crew. In a 2014 profile in The Sun, Doughty said she wants to set a positive example for Baltimore youth. She graduated from Frederick Douglass High School in West Baltimore and held a steady job at a senior care facility before her career as an actress. In her early riding videos, she stops at the red lights.

The real red light was taking work as an actress.

.People underestimate people, and I feel as though they shouldn’t do that,. she told The Sun. .You should never let nobody tell you you can’t do something. I just want to get it out there: I’m a girl, and I’m doing everything you doing..

Up to and including homicide. I’m shocked that a fatherless girl who made a point of cross-dressing and hanging out with outlaw bikers ended up a lesbian murderess.

Lakeyria Doughty, 26, has been charged with murder in connection to Baltimore's first homicide of 2021. The fatal stabbing of 33-year-old Tiffany Wilson in West Baltimore occurred about four hours into the new year.

Doughty told officers of other text messages that were not confrontational. Still, police wrote that they found a history of domestic violence between the two women.

Wilson.s death was Baltimore’s first homicide of 2021.

You go, girl! You go to jail.