First Case of Lockdown Dysphoria

I had wondered when these people would start making the news… the people who cracked under the fear-mongering and paranoia of Coof-ination, and now need help to recover their normal lives. From

dysphoria-noun. A state of dissatisfaction, anxiety, restlessness, or fidgeting.

Thus, Lockdown Dysphoria is a mental disease (as in dis-ease) in which people have unreasonable anxiety about ending lockdown procedures such as masking, isolating or God help us, watching network news for medical advice.

My Husband Won’t Take His Mask Off.Even for Sex

We’re both vaccinated now. When will this stop?

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BY Torie Bosch, 27 May 2021

Congrats on being married to Patient Zero for lockdown dysphoria! Best if you don’t share that designation with him.

Dear Prudence,

I have been married to a great guy for five and a half years. He is handsome, sexy, funny, and kind. It’s true that he has always been a little “prissy” about illnesses, but I never thought it was a real problem. However, during the pandemic, his terror about getting sick has reached new levels. For the last year, he has refused to take off his face mask, even when we are at home.just the two of us. This is true even now that he is fully vaccinated for the virus. He wears it to sleep, to do most of his bathroom activities, and, yes, even during lovemaking. To eat, he pulls it up to expose his mouth, and then quickly pulls it back down between bites.

Listening to Gruesome Newson was his first mistake.

While he does not insist that I do the same, I can tell it bothers him that I don’t.especially because I have now started going maskless outside, per the CDC guidelines, and plan on restaurant dining inside soon for a girls. night out.

When I have tried to present him with the science, he says, .Scientists don’t fully understand the virus yet,. or, .I know it probably isn’t necessary, but wearing it doesn’t bother me, so if there’s even a small chance that it can protect us, I’d rather be on the safe side. What’s the harm?.

What’s the harm? Ask a druggie who says he can quit anytime he wants. If it’s true then no problem, aside from drug-sniffing dogs and judges getting up in his crotch, but if that’s not true then the first stage of grief is denial.

I disagree that there’s no harm. I want to see my beautiful husband’s face again. I want to kiss him on the lips romantically, like we used to, and not through a piece of fabric. (He does not change his mask very often and it is often smelly and soiled.)

That is a telling indicator that he’s not just being a germaphobe. He’s using the mask as a security blanket to the detriment of his health. Credit to his wife for being concerned!

And I don’t want to feel judged by him for my own behavior, which I consider reasonable.

Aaand I walk that credit back. Wives have the duty to obey their husbands, especially when he’s being unreasonable, which is why the smart girls lock down a stoic, low-drama man as quickly as they can.

This is making me depressed and concerned about our future together. I have asked him when he plans to stop masking, and all he says is “When it is safe for everyone..

Who taught him that lie, I wonder? Wifey should totally sue the CDC for the cost of his psychiatric wellness therapy sessions.

What if this becomes a permanent part of him?

Possibly. He may need professional help, or better, a wife with the patience and determination to bring him out of his shell. Going out with the girls while he stares in quiet judgment is not going to do that.

My mother, who is very conservative, thinks that I should move out.

*GQ spits up his coffee.*

But I don’t think I’m ready for that step yet. What I want is my husband back. How can I get through to him?

.Maskless and Alone

Good girl. Start with the basics: make it a priority to ensure he always has a fresh mask available. As stupid as masking is, there’s no excuse for a wife to let her husband go around in smelly and filthy clothing.

Next, distract him from the fear-porn. Not just sex. Try to interest him in the hobbies and friends that he used to enjoy. His mind will improve once the fear viruses aren’t getting hourly dopamine updates. Don’t directly confront the mask issue. Let the inconvenience of masking come up naturally, such that he’ll start wanting to take it off without prompting.

Physical affection will help, too. Again, not just sex, but hugs and similar, brief contacts. If he’s wearing a mask to control his anxieties then there’s a lack of affirming behaviors in his life.

Dear Maskless and Alone,

I suspect your mother and I would agree on almost nothing COVID-related except the fact that your husband’s behavior is alarming.

Inevitable, not alarming. Of course some people’s minds broke under the very deliberate, intense campaign of terrorism by the Deep State. But for the Grace of God, I would already have snapped a Mask Nazi like a burnt churro.

.What’s the harm?. is such an insidious phrase. It’s not a question; it’s a statement of “leave me alone.” But there is lots of harm in leaving him alone.harm to his mental health, to yours, and to your relationship.

Agreed. This needs to stop… but wifey needs to be wise about how to do it, not forceful. Coercion does not cure anxieties.

You need to sit down with him at a time free of heightened not right after sex (I am that the word?.that you are still sleeping with him!).

Wifey Duty Number One.

Tell him all about the harm here: His behavior is alienating you and is certainly not offering him any real protection against disease. Give him three options.

Nope. Wives don’t get to do ultimatums.

First, he can make an appointment with his physician to talk about effective protective measures.

The quack would fill his head with fresh nightmares. Stupid. The very last thing a terrorized man needs is another session with his terrorists.

A few more years of this and doctors will be giving us sickcare instead of healthcare. Bigger profit margins!

Hopefully, his doctor will say he has to do option No. 2: start seeing a therapist. If he chooses this, he has to commit to at least six sessions (or some other number that feels right to you)

What a worthless advice columnist this is. “What should I do?” “Go to an expert who will recommend you to an expert, who will double-team him with his wife for an accomplice.” A lifetime of that attitude is how men end up broken in the first place.

Finally, he can decide.because it would be his decision if he doesn’t take another call an end to the relationship.

“Divorce any man who inconveniences Wifey.”

I know you want your husband back, but he isn’t that husband right now, and he needs to understand just how serious this is. To be clear, you have to mean it when you say that the relationship has to end if he doesn’t make progress, but I think that would be the right move.

To be clear, the marriage is already over when wifey says that. Either he calls her bluff or he submits to his servant. Neither is a winning scenario for the couple.

True Crime: Kashe Quest, A Toddler with 146 IQ!

You’ve already heard about how science has a problem reproducing their findings. Well, that reproducibility crisis just produced… a baby?

Toddler admitted into American Mensa has an IQ of 146, makes history as youngest member

h ttps://

By Cortney Moore, 26 May 2021

A 2-year-old girl has just made history as the youngest member of American Mensa.

California native Kashe Quest has an IQ of 146 and was accepted into the high-IQ society, according to Fox 11 Los Angeles.

That’s the name a ghetto queen would give her daughter. Not many supergeniuses come out of the projects.

Consistent with my suspicion. This is the only picture of her that doesn’t overexpose the color of her skin, like this:

There are several serious problems here, not least being the image problem that as of yesterday, not all Mensa members are potty-trained. Let’s dig deeper.

Kashe, who is nearing the age of 3, has made several academic strides that many toddlers her age have yet to reach.

According to Fox 11, Kashe can count to 100, identify all 50 U.S. states by shape and select elements on the periodic table.

Her communication abilities are also advanced with 50 sign language signs memorized so far in addition to learning English and Spanish and how to read.

While one report published by Harvard Medical School states that “babies are primed to learn language.any language.while still in the womb, and are born ready to continue the task,” most people begin to learn to read in early elementary school grades.

I don’t care about Harvard. I care about what testing authority thinks a toddler’s “146 IQ” means anything at all. Hmm… Fox11 and Mommy are the only certifiers mentioned in any of several articles I’ve checked.

However, Athwal noted that Kashe shares many behavioral similarities with other toddlers her age . including negotiations and tantrums. The main difference is that Kashe can understand what is being told to her more so than her young peers, Athwal explained to Fox 11.

I got questions:

  1. Why does daughter’s name not match Mommy’s name? Where’s daddy?
  2. How might Mensa virtue-signal equity with black people OTHER than a stunt like this?
  3. Why are children not allowed to be children anymore?

Sukhjit Athwal… Hindu not half-black, so I’m wrong to the extent of this being a massive virtue-signal… unless Kashe is adopted, which I can neither confirm nor deny… ooh, she’s a published author! Her bio from Amazon:

As a mother and published author to a 2 year old & with 10+ years in the childcare field, Sue Athwal holds a valid Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, with a degree in Liberal Arts and Psychology, and a Childcare Program Director’s Permit.

A woman specializing in babies… okay. No red flags.

As the Founder of The Modern Schoolhouse, and Co-founder of The Modern Mom & Baby, she had the opportunity to work with organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation and Big Brothers & Sisters Club, while playing in the NCAA.

Volleyball in college, in California.

With innovative teaching practices and self-created curriculum, Sukhjit is well-known for promoting early education, and helps children reach their full learning potential. She has also privately worked with students in their toddler years, who have then qualified for John Hopkins Center of Talented Youth & Mensa by the age of 5. With the wealth of knowledge and demand of high-quality childcare in need, Sue became inspired to create the same content she has used with other gifted children and make it accessible for all other children to learn.

Uh-oh. A woman who specializes in recognizing and tutoring child prodigies, who boasts of being connected with famous organizations, when her turn came to have a baby, had the youngest child prodigy ever recognized by the famous organization Mensa?

Either she figured out how to train literally any child into a genius before they’re out of diapers… or she used her means, motives and opportunities to falsify her child’s intellectual achievements, and Mensa went along with it because they’re dangerously short on vibrant membership.

How long until she’s investigated? Will Mensa feel stupid when the truth comes out? I cracked this mystery with the original post and a page off Amazon… and I’m just a midwit.

A midwit who knows that babies aren’t rocket scientists.

Pansy Babies!

A salute to Reverend James Altman, pastor of St. James the Less Roman Catholic Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin, for not only tweaking the noses of the devil’s useful idiots but ALSO surviving a purge by refusing to apologize or step down! This is how you do it!

He already had a reputation:

Priest: Catholic Democrats Are Going to Hell

h ttps://

By Jason Devaney, 9 September 2020

A Catholic priest in Wisconsin said any Catholic who votes for a Democrat is destined to go to hell . and a Catholic bishop in Texas agrees.

That does sound like Texas but today, we honor Cheeseboy.

“Here is a memo to clueless baptized Catholics out there: You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat. Period,” said Father James Altman of St. James the Less Catholic Church. Altman was taking aim at another priest, Father James Martin, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, is a Catholic but is pro-choice in his political life, which goes against Catholic teachings.

He has something in common with the Pope, then. Neither is Catholic despite self-identifying as one.

“The party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches, so just quit pretending that you’re Catholic and vote Democrat. Repent of your support of that party and its platform or face the fires of hell.”

Preach, brother!

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, posted a tweet that backed up what Altman said.

“As the Bishop of Tyler I endorse Fr Altman’s statement in this video,” Strickland wrote. “My shame is that it has taken me so long. Thank you Fr Altman for your COURAGE. If you love Jesus & His Church & this nation…pleases HEED THIS MESSAGE.”

A year later, Altman is still going strong!

Priest Says COVID Rules Enforcers Will Burn in ‘Hottest Levels’ of Hell

h ttps://

BY Darragh Roche, 27 April 2021

A priest in La Crosse, Wisconsin had called COVID-19 safety measures “godless” and “Nazi-esque controls,” while the church’s recent bulletin offers criticism of vaccines.

I want THAT church! Why can’t you Lutherans be like this? It wasn’t Martin Luther who taught you to be scared of a few small boils!

Father James Altman of St. James the Less Catholic Church ignored COVID protocols at a recent Easter mass, according to the La Crosse Tribune and spoke out against rules designed to arrest the spread of the virus.

In a video posted to one of the priest’s YouTube accounts on April 5, a large number of parishioners line up for communion.the newspaper estimated around 170 people.many of whom received the sacrament in their mouths instead of their hands, while many were also not wearing facemasks.

And then they all died of Chinky Pox… no? NO?! Well then, we have other ways of killing him off!

Petition to Fire Priest Who Blasted ‘Godless’ COVID Rules Signed by Thousands

h ttps://

(A repost from Newsweek)

By Darragh Roche, 29 April 2021

Same author, hmm.

An online petition to remove a priest who strongly condemned COVID-19 public safety measures garnered 10,000 signatures within 24 hours of its launch on Tuesday.

“Tuesday” meaning 27 April… the date of Darragh’s last article.

Father James Altman of St. James the Less Catholic Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin told parishioners at a mass that COVID protocols were “godless” and “Nazi-esque controls.”

The church’s bulletin on April 18 also featured a page discouraging worshipers from getting the COVID-19 vaccines, calling them “an experimental use of a genetic altering substance that modifies your body.your temple of the Holy Spirit.”

The page was unsigned but critics have attributed it to Altman.

If they need a name then I’m their huckleberry. Pretty sure I’ve been sayin’ just that for awhile now.

The petition was organized by Faithful America, which describes itself as a group of grassroots Christians. They’re calling on the Bishop of La Crosse, William Callahan, to remove Altman from ministry.

“The Faithful America petition asking Bishop Callahan to fire Fr. James Altman for spreading deadly vaccine misinformation and breaking COVID-19 protocols has gathered more than 10,000 signatures in its first 24 hours. The current signature count is 11,137,” the group’s executive director Reverend Nathan Empsall told Newsweek in a statement. He is an Episcopal priest.

What’s Faithful America? As if one needs to ask. Any organization with ‘faith’ or ‘America’ in its title is probably swamp-bilge.

h ttps://

Faithful America was founded in 2004… independent 501(c)4… We stick up for courageous Christian voices acting for fairness and freedom in every denomination. We work together for immigrant and refugee rights, climate justice, and full LGBTQ inclusion among other important social, economic, and racial justice causes that reflect the Gospel’s values of love, dignity, compassion, and equality.

Par for the course. How gloriously different the saints, how monotonously alike the tyrants.

Since July 1, 2019, Faithful America’s grassroots campaigns have been led by our executive director, the Rev. Nathan Empsall (he/him). Rev. Nathan is an Episcopal priest and experienced organizer who holds both a Master of Divinity and a Master of Environmental Management.

Did they not offer a Master’s in Gaia Worship?

Although Rev. Nathan is personally an ordained Episcopal priest, Faithful America is independent and not affiliated with the Episcopal Church or any other denomination.

Dayumn, even the feminist Churchians couldn’t tolerate the stench of this one.

Working together, Faithful America members have:

    • Removed a partisan, racist, and anti-vaccine priest from his Wisconsin pulpit
    • Convinced networks to drop the televangelist Jim Bakker Show for selling a fake COVID-19 cure
    • Blocked a hateful, Islamophobic Trump nominee in the Senate…

Oh noes! They already took out Altman?!

Not so fast!

Wisconsin Catholic pastor who preached against Covid-19 vaccine ordered to step down

h ttps://

By Corky Siemaszko, 24 May 2021

The pastor of a Roman Catholic parish in Wisconsin who told his congregation to shun the Covid-19 vaccine and preached right-wing politics from the pulpit has been asked to step down by his bishop.

The Rev. James Altman, of the St. James the Less Roman Catholic Church in La Crosse, made the announcement during his sermon at Sunday Mass, calling himself a victim of the “cancel culture..

.If the left whines, like they do, like a spoiled brat often enough, they succeed in canceling so many voices of truth,. he said. “And now that they are whining like, if I may say it, the pansy babies that they are, to cancel me..


Altman, whose sermon was posted on YouTube…

…said Bishop William Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse asked him to resign Friday and called him “divisive and ineffective.” He said he’s engaged a canon lawyer and intends to fight the bishop’s decision, but that this could be his last sermon as pastor.

.I am no expert on canon law, but understand only that while we are contesting the Bishop’s request . and we are . he could in theory appoint a parish administrator whilst I remain a pastor without duties until the appeal goes through Rome, which can take up to a year or more,. he said.

Fight it! Fight it! Fight it! Godless ‘Murica spiked that football way too soon!

The “Friends of Father James Altman. Facebook page, which has since April more than doubled in size to 1,600 members, has posts and comments expressing anger and anguish over what’s been happening with the priest, as well as bogus assertions that there is “no science behind the false religion of covidism” and baseless claims about the supposed dangers of the Covid-19 vaccines.

In totally unrelated news, the government has promised unprecedented and total legal protection regarding the safety and long-term effects of the C-19 not-vaccines.

.I cannot picture that podium at St. James the Less Church without Fr. Altman,. one parishioner wrote. .Woe to you Bishop William Callahan and all you other wolves in shepherd’s clothing..

.Heartbreaking,. wrote another.

In an earlier interview, Catholic theologian Jason Steidl said Callahan does have the power to oust an .Alt-right priest. like Altman but risks antagonizing the ultraconservative parishioners who are drawn to his message.

They hate Altman because they first hated Christ!

Altman has courted controversy in recent years by denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement and making other conspiratorial false claims about climate change and systematic racism and homophobia that are common in right-wing media.

Before the presidential election, he insisted in a video produced and posted on YouTube by a right-wing group that “you cannot be Catholic and a Democrat..

As for the pandemic that has killed nearly 594,00 people in the United States and sickened more than 33 million, Altman called it a “hoax” during Easter weekend services that attracted 300 to 500 worshippers, few of whom wore masks or practiced social distancing, The La Crosse Tribune reported.

Altman is wrong and just a nutcase, but silencing him before people can hear what he has to say is a mission-critical task for both the mainstream media and Catholic hierarchy. Which is it?

Also, church bulletins approved by Altman have been rife with more Covid-19 misinformation and baseless claims about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

Right about here, I started giggling.

Altman.s pandemic preaching has been in defiance of Callahan and in opposition to the Vatican, which in December declared that taking the vaccine was “morally acceptable..

Both Pope Francis, and his predecessor, Pope Benedict, have been vaccinated against Covid-19. And when it comes to getting vaccinated, most Catholics appear to be ignoring right-wing clerics such as Altman and Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, and getting their shots, according to recent polling by the Public Religion Research Institute and Interfaith Youth Core.

“None of Altman’s hateful words or dangerous actions speak for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and now Bishop Callahan has thankfully made it clear that Altman does not speak for the Catholic Church, either,” Nathan Empsall, head of the Christian watchdog group Faithful America, said in a statement.

Well, well. Look who’s shown up at both Newsweek and NBC!

“We pray for all who have fallen victim to the lies and bullying of false prophets like James Altman, and we encourage all our siblings in Christ to receive a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine as soon as they can,” said Empsall, an Episcopalian whose group has also criticized Protestants for things like fanning anti-Islamic hate.

We are not siblings, Empsall you pansy baby. You aren’t even a heretic because you were never a believer. You’re a con man and a wage slave and such a disgusting male feminist that even the pastorette who ordained you doesn’t want you around anymore.

Altman, though? I like his style and what a relief it is, to see a priest doing the legit work of God Himself! It is good to know that he has both supporters where he is and if needed, a warm welcome in Texas.

A Day In the Life Of SCROTUS

Nothing makes you care about the health of The Leader Of the Free World, Incorporated, like betting he won’t have the chance for a second term. Every headline about Potato Joe’s remarkably robust and vigorous health regimen is in line with my January 6, 2023 guess. Meanwhile, you too can enjoy reading, and shredding, between the lines:

A day in the life of Joe Biden: Orange Gatorade and chocolate cookies fuelling world’s most powerful man

h ttps://

By Josie Ensor (the Telegraph), 24 May 2021

Good, good. Soon it’ll be apple juice and Jell-O.

President Joe Biden has a strict morning regimen of weight-lifting…


…but also struggles with a sweet tooth, according to a report which gives insight into his little-known daily routine.

The Washington Post spoke to more than a dozen people close to Mr Biden, who gave a rare glimpse into a day in the life of the world’s most powerful man.

Biden DOES know he’s President, right? And that he doesn’t have to listen to Jill anymore?

According to interviews, Mr Biden, who at 79 is the US.s oldest-ever president, begins the day by lifting weights and working with his personal trainer in an effort to keep mentally and physically fit.

Again, no. Not unless walking in a circle waving two-pound dumbbells counts as “lifting weights”. You could snap Joe’s leg like a twig… his dog already did.


h ttps://

A “Major” injury to President-elect Joe Biden appeared to be minor.

Biden “sustained a sprain in his right foot. Saturday when the 78-year-old Democrat turned an ankle while playing with his dog Major, his office said Sunday. Biden will see a doctor “out of an abundance of caution” but X-rays show no obvious fracture, according to his personal physician.

A subsequent CT scan “confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot,. according to a statement from his doctor, Kevin O.Connor. .It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks..

End segue

He eats healthily – opting for a soup and a salad for lunch – but he also has a sweet tooth, regularly enjoying treats such as orange Gatorade and chocolate chip cookies.

He has stocked the outer Oval Office with individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies and salt water taffy (boiled sweets) from Dolle’s in Delaware, where he travels on weekends.

That would be the maid, not Joe. The World’s Most Powerful Man, not to be confused with the World’s Most Powerful Sexy Man that he stole the election from, does not have free time to shop for treats on the weekend.

Wait, this is Resident Joe the Pretender. Maybe he DOES have that free time. All he’s needed for is signing stuff, after all.

He has said in previous interviews that he could not live without his favourite food, ice cream.

.He has the tastes of a five-year-old,. a longtime Mr Biden adviser told the Post.

He arrives promptly at the Oval Office in the White House each morning at 9am, but likes to sneak out to the South Lawn or Rose Garden for fresh air to walk his German shepherds, Champ and Major.

They say that dogs are good judges of character. They say that Major kept biting White House staffers until he was no longer welcome.


h ttps://

Vice President Joe Biden made headlines today when he appeared alongside President Barack Obama in the East Room at the White House for an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The 72-year-old politician was seen [with] a small bruise on the side of his lower lip; the injury did not appear to be serious.

So, what happened?!

He tried to celebrate the ADA by going out on a disability claim while VP? This is more than a little ironic, him showing up injured to the ADA anniversary.

The vice president’s office told reporters that Biden got the bruise by playing with his dog, a German Shepherd named Champ.

How did Biden’s mouth get injured by a dog? Did he sniff something he shouldn’t have?

Fact: Joe Biden is the executive officer of the American Empire.

Fact: It would suck cow farts to be Joe Biden.

End segue

Unlike his predecessor and Fox News enthusiast, Donald Trump, Mr Biden is not a huge consumer of TV, but he does watch CNN.s “New Day” or MSNBC.s “Morning Joe” when working out.

We interrupt this assurance that Biden is on top of his game and in fine, jovial health despite being the oldest Oval Office occupant ev3r, and that stairs incident that is totally behind him, to remind you that good people listen to CNN. Only BAD people like DRUMPF listen to Fox News.

Despite morning workout sessions, aides described the president as a “night owl.” He usually returns to the White House residence around 6-7pm for dinner with wife Jill, before carrying out late-night calls with advisers.

Nothing about his behavior suggests that level of energy. Trump reportedly had a reduced need for sleep, however, so Biden needs to keep up with the Joneses even after stealing their election.

The couple has a close relationship, speaking on the phone several times a day. He is known to interrupt whatever he is doing to take calls from family members.

Move over, Jezebel. Doctor Jill is in da house!


h ttps://

According to Jill Biden’s first husband, Bill Stevenson, the story she and her present husband, prospective Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, tell of how they met after she divorced Stevenson is not true. Stevenson claims Joe Biden was having an affair with his wife while she was still married to Stevenson.

In 2008, The New York Times reported on how Joe Biden explained meeting his present wife Jill:

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. has said he first saw pictures of Jill Jacobs in March 1975 in an advertisement for a local park in Wilmington, Del. The young blonde caught his eye. She was beautiful . you might call her drop-dead gorgeous.

No. Good hair but flat chest. Not bad, just nothing special.

That night, his brother, Frank, told him he had the number of a young woman that the senator would like, mainly because she did not like politics. Mr. Biden called her the next day and asked her out, for that very night. She was busy. Mr. Biden persisted. He was in town for only one night. Couldn’t she change her plans?

She did, finally. And when Mr. Biden arrived to pick her up, she turned out to be the woman in the advertisement.

It was going to only be a one-night stand but turned out to be Twu Wuv! And bullshit. I don’t even care what the competing story is, the truth ain’t this.

.The Bidens, who have been married since 1977, have publicly said they met on a blind date in 1975 . after Joe became a widower and Jill’s first marriage had broken up,. the New York Post reported.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, Stevenson stated, .I don’t want to hurt anyone. But

“I don’t think of my ex as an ‘anyone’.”

…facts are facts and what happened, happened..

Stevenson asserted that he first met Jill in August 1969, saying, .I was leaving for Woodstock the following day. I was at a car wash and she and her friend came over to admire my 1968 Z28 Chevy Camaro. It was yellow with black stripes, all the rage at the time. I was going to my friend’s birthday party that night, so I invited them along. There were four good looking girls in that apartment and I thought the more the merrier. The rest is history..

Stevenson, who is the founder of The Stone Balloon, a famed live music club that Rolling Stone once called “the best kept secret in rock and roll,. continued that he married Jill Jacobs in 1970, adding, .It was February, I believe it was the 7th..

Two years later, as Biden ran for the Senate, the Stevensons worked on his campaign, Stevenson claimed. Biden was still married to his first wife Neilia, who was tragically killed along with their one-year-old daughter Naomi in a car crash before Biden was sworn into the Senate.

Ooh. Bad, bad idea, putting your wife to work for a more powerful man. That reflects poorly on Stevenson… which in turn, gives this the ring of truth. He’s not being complimentary towards his own conduct.

The Daily Mail continued, .Stevenson said he first suspected Biden and Jill were having an affair in August 1974. He was then 26, Jill was 23 and Joe was 31..

Stevenson said, .I know exactly when it was. Bruce Springsteen was going to play at The Stone Balloon and I had to go to Northern New Jersey to pay him in advance. I asked Jill to go with me and she said no . she had things to do, she had to look after Joe’s kids, Beau and Hunter.

OUCH! Managing Bruce Springsteen wasn’t enough to keep wifey interested in him.

Stevenson said that in October 1974, .I was at work and a guy came in and asked: .Do you own a brown Corvette?. I said yes, it’s my wife’s car. He said back in May it had crunched his bumper and they told him to get an estimate and he never heard back from them. I said: .Wait a minute. Who is they?. And he said: .Funnily enough, Senator Biden was driving…

Stevenson concluded, .I asked Jill to leave the house, which she did. Her father was begging me to take her back when he found out what was going on. He asked me to give her a second chance, but I wasn’t interested. I considered Joe a friend. I’m not surprised he fell in love with Jill. Everyone who meets Jill falls in love with her immediately. It’s hard not to..

Stevenson said he has an autobiography in the works. He said, .It’s ready to go. They can print 30,000 copies in 10 days. I genuinely don’t want to harm Jill’s chances of becoming First Lady. She would make an excellent First Lady . but this is my story. It’s not a bitter book . I.m not bitter because, if it wasn’t for my divorce, I would never have met my wife Linda and she’s the greatest thing in my life .

That kind of groveling attitude would be WHY managing the Bruce wasn’t sexy enough.

…but it does have facts in it that aren’t pleasant to Jill and Joe. People ask me how I can go back 40 years, but I am not, I’m going back 72 years to tell my life story..

Stop with the Gamma humblebragging, Stevie. Either burn your ex and cash that paycheck already, or don’t.

I think it fitting that the wife of a man who became great by betraying his country to anybody that he could, is herself a traitor to the husband of her youth.

End segue

.[Resident Biden] will never say, .I.m in the middle of something important right now . can I call you back?.. said Democratic Senator Chris Coons, a longtime Biden confidant, said. .He will never let it go to voicemail..

No. Feck, that’s not even trying to lie to me. That’s just a straight-up diss. There is no way in any reality that any POTUS would ever NOT use voicemail.

Every night before bed, the president is reported to phone his son Hunter, who has battled for years with drug and alcohol addiction. If he does not answer the call, sources told The Post that Mr Biden will text him.

That lie was supposed to show that Biden is a family man. But hey, Sleepy Joe, there are companies that’ll check whether your loved ones are taking their drugs so you don’t have to.

Throughout the election campaign he has engaged in numerous malapropisms, slurred words, mispronouncing words and misidentifying people, such as calling his wife Jill his sister.

Ahh, now that we reach the end, a little truth can dribble out so this puff piece won’t look like the blatant hatchet job that it is.

Mr Biden was branded “Sleepy Joe” during the election campaign by Donald Trump, 74, who suggested that his opponent’s cognitive abilities should be tested.

They were not tested.

Some Republicans have criticised Mr Biden for his relatively light daily schedule, which is notably lighter than his predecessors.

The 79-year-old often with just one or two brief public appearances a day, only sporadic travel and weekends at his family home in Wilmington. A .lid,. meaning no further public activities, is often called early in the day.

Which is it? Is Biden a night owl that meets with advisers even after dinner, or do his handlers often put a ‘lid’ early on his day?

In the early days, however, his travel was hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic raging across America.

Thus, his about-to-become the first octogenarian in the power seat must obviously have nothing at all to do with his lack of public appearances. You didn’t ask but hey, just so you know, Biden is doing GREAT! As much as Trump ever did, plus he can do it on a light schedule and he’s buff from working out and he still has time to be a family man!

Tick tock, Resident Biden. The devil gave you the world as promised… plus the dementia and frailty and FAMILY to prevent you from enjoying it.

Mosquitoes In the Palace Economy

The Z-Man has a theory that our current government is best described as a “palace economy”, in which all money routes through the centers of power. It came to my mind when I fell for a piece of clickbait.

US cities with the most mosquitoes

h ttps://

By Daniella Genovese, 24 May 2021

News you can use! especially if you, like me, are unusually tasty to biting insects and actively looking at relocating to where vaxx-deniers aren’t literal outcasts from society. Most such destinations being in the swampy South. Number One for mosquitoes in USA is…

Los Angeles . seen as the epicenter of the entertainment industry . is being recognized for its dense mosquito population.

What? No… no way that’s right… I grew up there. It’s an arid climate. The L.A. River is a gigantic concrete storm drain that the city once thought to convert into a seasonal freeway, it’s so dry. They had rock gardens before rock gardens were trendy. There were NO mosquitoes AT ALL.

The City of Angels has landed on top of Orkin’s list of the cities with the most mosquitos . known for not only biting humans but potentially transmitting various diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Zika virus.

Yes, I was a utility fieldworker during West Nile. At one point, I was stepping over dead birds killed by it. I never got WN because 1. I washed my hands and 2. NO MOSQUITOES.

After Los Angeles on Orkin’s Top 50 Mosquito Cities list is Atlanta, which held the top spot for seven consecutive years.

Okay, I can believe Atlanta has lots of skeeters. I can’t believe Los Angeles.

Rounding out the top five is Washington, D.C., Dallas and Chicago. The newest additions to this year’s list, however, are three West Coast cities: Seattle, San Diego and Fresno, California.

DC, Dallas and Chicago are in swamps. I can believe them. San Diego has a similarly arid climate to Los Angeles and I’ve lived there to know better, too, so no. Fresno? It has drought conditions. Cold, rainy Seattle is doubtful. And NYC is on the list… it’s a concrete jungle… where could mosquitoes even breed?

1. Los Angeles (+1)

14. Grand Rapids (+5)

2. Atlanta (-1)

15. Orlando (+5)

3. Washington, DC

16. Nashville (+1)

4. Dallas (+2)

17. Minneapolis (-2)

5. Chicago

18. Indianapolis (+4)

6. New York (-2)

19. Baltimore (-1)

7. Detroit (0)

20. Memphis (-7)

8. Miami (+2)

21. Richmond, VA (-7)

9. Charlotte (-1)

22. Phoenix (+2)

10. Raleigh-Durham (+1)

23. Boston (-2)

11. Houston (+1)

24. Norfolk, VA (-1)

12. Philadelphia (-3)

25. Cleveland

13. Tampa (+3)

26. New Orleans (+4)

27. St. Louis (-1)

39. San Diego (new to list)

28. Seattle (new to list)

40. Lafayette, LA (-7)

29. Greenville, SC (-2)

41. Oklahoma City (-2)

30. West Palm Beach (+4)

42. San Francisco (-6)

31. Mobile, AL (-2)

43. Denver (-1)

32. Tulsa (-4)

44. Cincinnati (-1)

33. Austin (+5)

45. Burlington, PA (-8)

34. Knoxville (-2)

46. Savannah, GA

35. Albany (-4)

47. Fresno, CA (new to list)

36. Kansas City (-1)

48. Shreveport

37. Jacksonville (+8)

49. Ft. Wayne, IN

38. San Antonio (+9)

50. Baton Rouge (-10)

Not only are all of ‘Murica’s power centers on that list… I notice that NONE of the top entries are in Minnesota (#17 is Minneapolis). How can San Francisco rank at all? It’s got cold weather, salt water on three sides and high winds… none of which is mosquito-friendly. Those are syringes poking into your arms, not skeeters.

The pest control company owned by Rollins Inc. noted that outdoor activities, which were “maximized in 2020” and will likely continue as Memorial Day nears, “may lead to increased experiences with mosquitoes.”

Coinciding with the plandemic? Oh, boy. Is the Deep State trying to scare people in the power centers–LA, Seattle, DC, Dallas, Chicago and NYC–into staying indoors to avoid CkinkySkeeterPox?

“We are committed to educating the public on the risks associated with these blood-sucking pests, and more importantly, eliminating them from yards across the country,” Orkin President Freeman Elliott said.

Whatever’s going on here, “MOAR EDDUKUSHEN!!!” is not the solution. “Hey Ma, this weird insect landed on my arm, poked its nose into my skin and is inflating with a blood-colored fluid, and the last insect which did that, the spot itches. Could you contact the local government aid office and see if they have any education available to explain what I’m seeing? I don’ wanna think for myself. SO MANY ITCHES!!! Hurry up and educate me, government, I don’t know what I’m supposed to believe!”

Eh. You can’t out-mock a True Believer. I probably just described a Cupertino millionaire.

Orkin also announced the second annual “Donating Blood Should be Voluntary” campaign in order to “aid the American Red Cross in maintaining our country’s blood supply and protect people against the public health threats of mosquitoes.”

Orkin pledged to donate $25 to the Red Cross for every mosquito control service purchased from May 24 to June 30, 2021, up to $120,000. The company is also encouraging the public to donate blood through the Red Cross through the SleevesUp campaign, through June 30.

They’re claiming that mosquitoes are most problematic in the places with both the most money and least exposure to the bugs, coinciding with a sales promotion. That sounds a lot like what one might see in a “palace economy”.

Although, the list is confirmed by rival Terminix. Link here, dated 2018:

h ttps://

By using service data across 300+ branches nationwide, Terminix identified 50 cities where residents had the highest number of mosquito services last year…

Ahh. These aren’t where mosquitoes are most common. These are the cities that purchased the most anti-mosquito services. Which is still consistent with my palace-economy suspicions. The folks with money to burn freak out over gnats while the good folks of Florida use strange devices called “screen doors”, “DEET” and “grit” instead of professional services.

Credit to Terminix, they led with the above-quoted disclaimer. But that’s not what the Orkin article said:

The City of Angels has landed on top of Orkin’s list of the cities with the most mosquitos

Oh, wait. This was buried inside:

For its data, the Orkin ranked the metro areas by the number of mosquitoes based on the customers served from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

Businesses know where the money is. Not in Des Moines, Milwaukee or Grand Rapids. It’s in NYC and SF and Lost Angels. Which are also, coincidentally, the political capitols of USA.

And they’re overrun by bloodsuckers? Say it ain’t so!

The Congressional Medal Of Current-Year

How much does the O’Biden Administration want war with China? Enough to award the Medal Of Honor to the most recent (living) American grunt to kill Chinese soldiers… a century ago.

Biden awards first Medal of Honor to Korean War hero

h ttps://

By Morgan Phillips, 21 May 2021

President Biden awarded the Medal of Honor to Col. Ralph Puckett on Friday, more than 70 years after Puckett’s act of service during the Korean War.

Bullshit detector TRIGGERED!

Puckett was the recipient of Biden’s first medal of honor for his leadership during the war where he risked his own life to draw enemy fire away from his platoon.

The president said he was “incredibly proud” to give the nation’s most prestigious military honor to the colonel and called the award “long overdue.”

“Today, after more than a decade of effort, including support from my good friend, John McCain, God rest his soul… I’m incredibly proud to give Colonel Ralph Puckett’s acts of valor the full recognition they have always deserved,” Biden said.

They were never friends. Hmm.

Biden said that in preparations for the ceremony, 94-year-old Puckett asked: “Why all the fuss.” Can’t they just mail it to me?”

“I was gonna make a joke about the Post Office but I decided not to do that,” Biden said. “I think you deserve a little bit of fuss.”

Yes, Mr. Puckett, why the fuss? You should have seriously considered that question. Ah, well. Perhaps a geriatric case should be forgiven for not realizing when he’s being used as a prop for dark powers. Which could go for Biden, too.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in attended the ceremony along with Biden, as he was in Washington for a summit between the two world leaders. Moon addressed the event and spoke in Korean, saying he found it “incredibly meaningful” to attend the ceremony. He said he was the first foreign leader to attend a medal of honor ceremony and hugged Puckett after giving his address.

President Moon’s visit does NOT explain this award.

Puckett, at the time a first lieutenant and commander of the 8th U.S. Army Ranger Company, held a strategic position near Unsan, known as Hill 205, for two days in November 1950 while fighting off numerous enemy attacks and suffering multiple wounds.

That does not explain this award, either.

Puckett’s Medal of Honor was made possible under the 2020 defense policy bill, which lifted a requirement that such awards be made within five years of the commission of the act of valor for which the individual is being recognized. The five-year limit was waived for Puckett and three other U.S. service members. Puckett’s nomination still had to be approved by the defense secretary and president.

That was done to enable the rewriting of American history to suit present needs… as we are seeing here. A classic and stereotypically Marxist agenda item.

More info!

94-year-old Korean War veteran and former Army Ranger Ralph Puckett to receive Medal of Honor

h ttps://

By Nikki Wentling, 19 May 2021

During the first of several Chinese attacks on the American-controlled hill, Puckett was wounded by a hand grenade but refused evacuation. He directed artillery support, moved between foxholes to check the company’s perimeter and distributed ammunition to the other Rangers.

As the Chinese continued to attack, Puckett was told over his radio that supporting artillery fire was unavailable. His company continued to fight, and Puckett was wounded two more times by enemy mortar rounds.

.The pressure increased, so I ran back to the foxhole,. Puckett said in an interview for an oral history project. .I got on the radio, called force artillery and said, .We’re under great pressure. We’re crumbling. We’re being overrun. I just gave my unit the word to withdraw.. .

As the Chinese overran them, Puckett ordered his company to evacuate the area and told the soldiers to leave him behind. Two of his Rangers disregarded the order and carried Puckett off the hill to safety.

That… could explain a lot. “We award you our nation’s highest honor for being the last American serviceman alive to kill Chinese solders. We hope they’ll take the hint today.”

Puckett earned two Distinguished Service Crosses for his actions on Hill 205. He had a 22-year career in the Army, during which he also served in combat during the Vietnam War.

He’d already been honored for the action, too? And people have been born and died of old age since then? This award DEFINITELY is a Current-Year political tactic.

First Biden cozies up to China then he does a stunt like this. I keep wondering who is pulling his puppet strings… and keep reaching the conclusion that it’s not just one faction. This misuse of the Medal of Honor was most likely purchased by the neoconservatives, to judge from Biden citing his “good friend” Songbird McCain.

But that leaves unanswered what connections Puckett has with the Neocons.

He mentored decades of Army Rangers. At 94, he.ll receive the Medal of Honor.

h ttps://

Shivering in freezing temperatures, about 50 U.S. soldiers braced for the worst. Hundreds of Chinese soldiers were about to launch a series of bloody attacks on the hill the Americans had just taken under fire, and no reinforcements were within a mile.

The clash that then-1st Lt. Ralph Puckett and his soldiers experienced that night on “Hill 205. came at the outset of the Battle of the Chongchon River, a pivotal moment in which senior U.S. commanders were surprised by China’s full-scale entry into the Korean War.

Thousands of U.S. soldiers died in following days as they withdrew hundreds of miles back into South Korea in what the Army now describes as the longest retreat in U.S. military history.

LOTS of politics in the bestowing of this award, at this moment in history.

.I had been wounded three times by then, and I was lying there in my foxhole unable to do anything,. Puckett would later recall for an oral history project. .I could see three Chinese about 15 yards away from me, and they were bayoneting or shooting some of my wounded Rangers who were in the foxholes..

More than 70 years later, Puckett, 94, will receive the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for valor in combat, for his actions. President Biden called Puckett at home in Columbus, Ga., on Friday to inform him of his decision to approve the award, said John Lock, a retired Army officer who began petitioning the Army for reconsideration of Puckett’s actions in 2003. …

Puckett would go on to earn the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second-highest award for valor in combat, for his actions in the battle. The recognition came near the outset of a 22-year career that also included a second Distinguished Service Cross and two Silver Stars for valor in Vietnam. Puckett was awarded five Purple Hearts for injuries suffered in combat and two Bronze Star Medals with the V device for valor.

Puckett comes highly decorated and was in much demand as a public speaker after military retirement.

Among those who assisted in Puckett’s case were the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who contacted the Army on Puckett’s behalf a few months before dying of cancer in 2018, and retired Gens. Joseph Votel and Stanley McChrystal, who know Puckett through their mutual service as Rangers, according to documents that Lock provided to The Washington Post.

Puckett.s wife, Jean, said in a phone interview that the family hopes to visit the White House for a ceremony. Considering her husband’s advancing age and some health problems, she expressed concern about how long it was taking.

.He is not the one who has been pushing it. It has been John and our immediate family, who want him to be able to receive it personally if he is going to be awarded that medal,. she said, referring to Lock. .He felt the Distinguished Service Cross was honor enough..

For years, Puckett has been a spiritual and cultural leader of sorts for the 75th Ranger Regiment, the elite fighting force that specializes in raids, airfield seizures and other difficult missions in combat. As an “honorary colonel” for the regiment, he traveled overseas in his 80s with U.S. commanders, including to Iraq and Afghanistan, and regularly met with soldiers at Fort Benning, Ga., the home of both the Ranger Regiment and much of Ranger School.

Maybe instead of being an insult directed at the Chinese, this is a tone-deaf peace offering to the Neoconservatives… coming as it is, with a openly hateful purge of white male Christians from military ranks.

Votel, who retired as chief of U.S. Central Command in 2019, was commander of the 1st Ranger Battalion when he got to know Puckett during an exercise in South Korea.

The picture takes shape. Puckett was the good-boy soldier that was unwittingly used as a prop by frauds such as McCain and McChrystal. Giving him the MOH was the next best thing to giving themselves the MOH. Obama/Biden finally went along with it, either to pressure China on something, as part of a deal with the neocons or simply to take the sting out of twisting the US military into a jobs program for transsexual freaks.

Or simply to tarnish the US military’s highest honor. Destroying all that is good and beautiful about America is their top priority, after all.

MIT’s Biology Lab Researches Cuckoldry

It’s the kind of thing you’d expect more from the behavioral psychology labs, being your own case study in deviant family structures, but… let’s just get to it.

MIT professor who put crib in his office to support his grad student goes viral

h ttps://

By Ann W. Schmidt, 21 May 2021

A professor in Massachusetts has gone viral for helping his graduate student who has a baby.

Dr. Troy Littleton, a professor of neuroscience at MIT, posted a picture on Twitter of a crib he put up in his office earlier this month.

Along with the picture, Littleton wrote: “My favorite new equipment purchase for the lab – a travel crib to go in my office so my graduate student can bring her 9-month-old little girl to work when necessary and I get to play with her while her mom gets some done. Win-win!!”

But I thought MIT was full of smart people? If you’re not the Daddy then her kids are not your problem, whether or not you’re her thesis advisor. There are literal morons who understand that better than this high-level research biologist.

Since he posted it, the tweet has hundreds of responses, more than 117,300 likes and more than 9,500 retweets.

“This is what equity and support of women looks like, for those who need concrete examples!” one person commented. “And done with excitement even!!”

Someone else wrote: “Thanks for doing your part to [normalize] motherhood in academic pursuits.”

Two days after his first post, Littleton addressed some of the attention he received in a follow-up tweet.

“Well that little tweet blew up?!?” he wrote on Mother’s Day. “However, I wish people were able to spot the real hero here. It’s the graduate student mom, not me. She’s amazing to do all she has to with her daughter and still keep up her thesis project research. Happy Mother’s Day to all . they deserve it!”

Littleton — who runs a research lab at MIT — told ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA) that he bought the crib for his graduate student, Karen

…Karen Cunningham and her young daughter Katie because the lab wasn’t able to throw Cunningham a baby shower during the pandemic.

‘Murica: the bastard child of too much smart and not enough wise.

“This was sort of the lab gift for Karen, 10 months later,” Littleton told GMA. “It’s always a challenge [being a parent while in graduate school] so anything you can do in a lab to facilitate and help out, we try.”

“Anything you can do in a lab to stop Barbie from being punished with a baby”?

He went on to say that when he tweeted the picture of the crib, he had no idea it would go viral and “create this large discussion about the challenges mothers face in the workplace,” Littleton said.

“But I’m glad it had that effect because we need to be solving these issues, both in academia and on a broader level as well,” he added. “It’s highlighted that this is a really important issue for our community.”

Cunningham told GMA that Katie will start daycare in the fall, but until then, Cunningham.s husband will be staying home with Katie. However, the crib in Littleton’s office is a helpful backup.

Yes, this IS an important issue for the academic community. And society in general. This clueless Professor Cuck is teaching all the women of MIT that they can spawn as many babies as they want and their entire world will bend over backwards to absolve them of the inevitable consequences of doing so.

Female envy of men pushes them to deny their own biological urges in order to become false men.

Male “little-head thinking” encourages them to go along with her incredibly stupid and cruel behavior.

The result is inverted sex roles, female rebellion against all standards and opportunistic evildoers taking advantage of the precedents that such behavior sets.

“There’s the solid, focused six to eight hours of work that you wouldn’t want to bring a baby in for, but then there’s the lab errands that you do here and there and that’s when it’s really useful,” Cunningham told GMA. “I can put Katie down and just go do something quick and I can see her and talk to her and she can nap in there. It’s great.”

It’s child abuse.

Female Leadership Leads To Deviant Sex At Baylor U

“It’s not what it looks like!” Baylor University cries as it eviscerates itself, preparing to become a skinsuit for the New World Order. Behold the consequences of female leadership yet again… the ride never stops.

Baylor U opens door for recognizing LGBT student group, says sexuality stance remains unchanged

You can’t even start the article before facepalming.

h ttps://

By Brandon Showalter, 19 May 2021

Baylor University, one of the world’s largest Baptist universities, has opened the door to possibly providing official campus recognition to an LGBT student group but maintains that its stance on marriage and sexual ethics continues to be unchanged.

Last week, the Waco, Texas-based school’s board of regents approved a resolution that greenlights a path forward for recognizing a group of LGBT-identifying students.

Which is it? “Sodomy is immoral” or “We need more Sodomites”?

The board of regents charged President Linda A. Livingstone and the university administration “to determine the appropriate pathways to provide additional care, connections, and community for Baylor’s LGBTQ students, including the possibility of establishing a new, chartered student group that is consistent with Baylor’s core commitments …”

I suggest dunking every Cross on the campus in urine, in order to have both Cross and Corruption in the same place at the same time. Also, because Hell doesn’t stink ONLY of sulfur.

While both Baylor’s statement on human sexuality and policy on sexual conduct presently signal adherence to biblical orthodoxy, some say the allowance of an LGBT student group is the first step at chipping away at crucial theological foundations.

Nooooo, of course they wouldn’t actually disobey God. They just want to toe the line so the Deep State will leave them alone. They would never… oopsie…

The university changed its sexual misconduct policy in 2015, taking out language on “homosexual acts.”

They erased the line! Now they’ll NEVER cross it!

Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said in a Monday episode of his daily podcast that if an institution of higher education is not clear about what it believes and what those convictions require and “it actually begins to recruit students or even to accept students who hold to a contrary view and then allows official recognition of that group … you have just sown the seeds for the revolution of your own institution..

Well, he’s right this time.

The latest resolution is part of a trend of Baylor gradually adjusting its policies over the years, removing the specifics as to what is and is not permitted amid intensifying cultural pressures and financial considerations related to federal funding and regulations, Mohler pointed out.

Ooh, he’s REALLY right this time! Is the SBC belatedly realizing that Satan’s promised payoffs are taking the form of layoffs? This might explain Russell Moore’s recent decision to jump ship to Christianity Today.

.Just consider the mainstream media and beyond that, even the larger cultural pressure when it came to Oral Roberts University’s men’s basketball team making it to the Sweet 16 in the national basketball tournament this year,” Mohler said. “But then consider something else. What team won the NCAA men’s National Basketball Tournament this year? None other than Baylor university.”

.Baylor can’t possibly face the reality that its team that just won the national championship might not have access to post-season play,” he added. “No one’s denying that Baylor University faces incredible pressure. But what we are seeing is a one-step-at-a-time succumbing to that pressure..

Dayumn, Al Mohler came SO close to calling them out! But he didn’t so it’s all for naught. His proper response should have been the excommunication of Baylor’s regents from the denomination followed by lawfare for its endowment. The leadership is already gone; nothing left to do but destroy Baylor in order to deprive the Enemy.

Here’s the full resolution. Half of the regents are women.

Baylor University Board of Regents Resolution on a Caring Community

h ttps://

May 14, 2021

The mission of Baylor University is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community. Baylor is committed to providing a loving and caring community for all students because it is part and parcel of the University’s mission.

Emphasis theirs. So many problems just in that first sentence!

  1. It’s unBiblical to educate women the same as men…
  2. For leadership…
  3. Of this fallen world…
  4. By employing care-based morality.

The Baylor University Board of Regents reaffirms the following core commitments of our Christian mission for our campus community:

. The dignity and worth of all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, as we strive to fulfill our Christian commitment of a caring community.

. The biblical understanding that sexual relations of any kind outside of marriage between a man and a woman are not in keeping with the teaching of Scripture, as summarized in the University’s Statement on Human Sexuality.

Number 2 is blatantly not compatible with Number 1.

. Our commitment to providing a welcoming, supportive educational environment based on civility and respect for all.

Only allowing devoted Christians into our explicitly Christian organization, not so much.

As a Board of Regents, we recognize that Baylor’s LGBTQ students continue to seek care, connections, and community on our campus and a sense of belonging within the Baylor Family. As an important and faithful expression of our Christian mission, we desire to establish trust with our LGBTQ students so that, among other things, they might seek out the resources provided by Baylor.

And if a Regent takes a wrong turn in San Francisco, the gay bath houses will also welcome him with care, connections and community. After which, he’ll be a BAD EVIL MAN for cheating on his wife by getting gang-banged full of diseases.

THEREFORE, the Baylor University Board of Regents acknowledges the University’s responsibility to serve the needs of all students entrusted to us across all areas of their development . academics, personal, and spiritual.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Baylor University Board of Regents approaches this challenging situation with a spirit of grace and truth, as described in the first chapter of John. .For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. (v17). The University remains committed to extending Christ-like love and grace in caring for all our students and meeting them where they are, just as Jesus did, and adhering to traditional biblical teaching of Scripture regarding human sexuality.

But not Christ-like fulfillment of the law! Laws are for BAD people! Welcoming perverts with open legs, er, arms is what Jesus would do!

Remember when Jesus met the whore? Remember what He told her? “Stop doing that.” Seriously, Christianity isn’t hard. It just makes you unattractive to black-hearted abominations. This is a problem?

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Baylor University Board of Regents charges President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D…

I give up.

…and the University Administration to determine the appropriate pathways to provide additional care, connections, and community for Baylor’s LGBTQ students, including the possibility of establishing a new, chartered student group that is consistent with Baylor’s core commitments summarized above and the University’s policies and

Churches and colleges didn’t pander to evildoers when men were calling the shots… men who understand God’s design for human sexuality, anyway. Baylor gave lip service to the idea that sex should only be within marriage but it’s beyond obvious here that they don’t actually know why that should be.

First, they emancipated sexuality from the patriarchy so that women could be mens’ equals. Then they separated sexuality from its purposes so that women wouldn’t feel guilty about maybe having one genetically-diseased child at the tender age of 40-something. And now, Baylor reaches the logical end of denying God’s design: “Moses wanted the female to be submissive to the male but we, I mean, Jeebus decided nah, what matters is you mean well. Umm… we love you even though you have sex with dogs but please, you should… umm… get a marriage certificate, I think it’s called. Jeebus would like that. But it’s cool if you just wanna be you.

GamerGate and MeToo Have a Japanese Baby

Wage-slave aka “associate” college profs are great fun, often being walking cliches of the Red Pill and related sociopolitical talking points. This professor of ancient feudal Japan was surprised by how much a student-made edutainment game taught him after he… um… told them to make it.

How student-designed video games made me rethink how I teach history

h ttps://

By Adam Clulow, Associate Professor of History, The University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts. 17 May 2021

Imagine you’re a young samurai in Japan in 1701. You have to make a difficult choice between an impoverished life in exile, or the prospect of almost certain death while trying to avenge the death of your dishonored lord. Which do you choose?

You have to ask? *kill kill kill*

Oh, wait. You aren’t allowed to kill people and take their stuff in edutainment games. *sigh* Stupid trick question.

.Ako: A Tale of Loyalty,. a video game built in 2020, takes players along a difficult journey through early modern Japan filled with decisions like this one. It’s become an essential component of my classes on Japanese history, but it wasn’t developed by a professional game studio. Instead, it was created by a team of four undergraduate history majors with no specialized training.

That and a sandbox game-making engine is all it takes, although there’s something to be said for artistic skills too.

Designing a video game may seem like a strange assignment for a humanities classroom, but as a professor who teaches a range of courses in East Asian history I have found that such exercises provide an engaging learning experience for students while also generating new educational content that can be widely shared.

A fine idea for a teacher to give his students, but the title of this article is clearly misleading. He’d already rethought how to teach history.

Among university students, video games are utterly pervasive. When I ask my classes who consumes video game content, either as a player or via streaming services like Twitch, it’s rare that a single student’s hand is not raised.

Schools and colleges have rushed to respond to these trends.

Of course they did. Schools and colleges are State-run indoctrination camps. Converging a popular recreation into a tool for mind control has got these types all excited.

Deus Ex didn’t lie to us.

Programs like Gamestar Mechanic or Scratch help K-12 students learn basic coding skills, while many universities, including my own, have introduced game design majors to train the next generation of developers.

QED. We can’t have men make just whatever games they want to! That’s what they’ve been doing and look, it’s a $180 BILLION dollar industry that we don’t control! Completely unregulated! Patriarchy memes everywhere! We must… educate them… yesss….

History professors, however, have been slower to embrace video games as teaching tools. Part of the problem is that the historical content contained within games is often, with some exceptions, repetitive and superficial.

Bullshit. Two words, Professor Clulow: CARMEN SANDIEGO. As in, Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego? That gold standard of edutainment was swiftly followed by Where in USA/World/Time/America’s Past/Space sequels in addition to reboots and a Netflix animated series. Don’t tell me you came of age in the 1980s but missed that franchise!

Even repeated history isn’t boring. History constantly repeating is why we study it. If history is ever boring, Professor, that’s your fault not history’s.

While there are many games focused on Japanese history, for example, the majority reinforce the same tired image of the heroic warrior bound by the rigid code of .bushid.,. a code that scholars have shown had very little to do with the daily life or conduct of most samurai.

Bullshit again. While I’m no expert in feudal Japan, their warrior code as recently as WW2 was terrifying. And their culture is still based around shame instead of guilt. Just because a atheist-trained indoctrinator can’t imagine dying for his beliefs (that change every day; who would?), does NOT mean that few people in history did.

In 2020, I asked four undergraduate history majors to design a fully functional video game with a clear educational payoff built around a controversial episode in Japanese history.

I was motivated by two ideas. First, I wanted to move beyond a standard reliance on academic essays. While I still assign essays, many students find them fairly passive exercises which don’t stimulate deep engagement with a topic.

Clulow deserves credit for discontentment with the usual, and very limited, methods of learning.

Second, I was convinced that university professors need to get into the business of producing games content. To be clear, we’re not going to design anything even close to what comes out of professional studios. But we can produce compelling games that are ready to be used both in colleges and . equally important . K-12 classrooms, where teachers are always looking for vetted scholarly content. A conventional academic essay is intended for just one person, the professor. But a video game produced by a group of committed undergraduates can be played by thousands of students at different institutions.

Aaaand I walk that credit back. He really is an indoctrinator, not a teacher, and hopelessly dependent upon the education-industrial complex.

At first, I worried the task I had set was too big and the technological barriers too high. None of the four team members was enrolled in a video game design program or had specialized training. It quickly became clear that such fears were overblown.

The team decided to work on a visual novel game, a genre that originated in Japan and can best be described as interactive stories. The design process for such games is facilitated by programs such as Ren.Py, which streamline development.

*Depression Quest flashbacks* NOOOO… gasp, gasp, pant. Whew. Flashback is over. We must forgive history students for not knowing how to code.

The team’s first task was to design a believable central character. Successful games push players to emotionally invest in their characters and the choices they make. In the case of .Ako,. the design team created a young samurai named Kanpei Hashimoto who was grounded in the period but also easy to relate to as a young person struggling to find his way in a complex world.

I might be wrong in this specific context but in most of history, young people didn’t struggle for lack of guidance. That is a First World problem, for kids to be overwhelmed with life choices at a young age with no fatherly assistance.

More common were kids wanting to escape the farm, either by pursuing tradeswork in cities or going to sea or military service… which was often compulsory anyway. Nothing makes you happy to milk cows for the next fifty years like trying to invade Russia.

From there, the team created branching storylines punctuated by clear decisions. In total, “Ako” has five possible outcomes depending on the choices a player makes. Numerous smaller decisions along the way open up additional ways to navigate the game.

The next step was dialogue. A typical academic essay is around 2,500 words, and students often complain about how difficult it is to fill the required pages. In contrast, the “Ako” team wrote over 30,000 words of dialogue. It required extensive research. What would a samurai family have eaten for breakfast? How much did it cost to buy a .kaimy.,. or posthumous Buddhist name, for a deceased parent? How long did it take to make the oiled paper umbrellas, called .wagasa,. that many poor samurai sold to survive?

Okay. Sounds like a fun project.

Finally, the students developed historically accurate artwork. The game has four chapters with 30 background images and 13 characters. Making sure everything was consistent with this period in Japanese history was a huge undertaking that stretched both me and the students.

Ultimately, the team learned more about samurai life and early modern Japan than any group of students I had worked with across a single semester. They read a dizzying array of books and articles while working and reworking the overall design, dialogue and artwork. And they succeeded in developing a fully functional video game that has already been used in other classrooms across the country.

Most importantly, I believe their experience provides a template for how student-designed video games can transform the humanities classroom.

Making this game was surely fun & educational but I see Depression Quest-level problems such as “what’s for breakfast?” that are not going to motivate players. Period accuracy is great but it’s not why we play video games, and it’s not fun to role-play characters such as “Ako who refused to fight and die as honor demanded”. Nobody wants to be a coward.

One part of me wants to credit Clulow for going the extra mile in his studies and student interactions. He’s clearly not a normal aca-drone. But another part of me watches him join a long line of malevolent lie-spewers in trying to twist our favorite pastimes into opportunities to mindfuck us.

The Hegelian synthesis of my thoughts is that his product is most likely a technically-accurate depiction of feudal Japanese life coupled with a shocking tone-deafness about people who care more about honor and tradition than their own lives… which is what captures the gamer’s imagination about samurai so completely.

That would align it with much of modern historical entertainment. Many historical movies in recent years went to great pains to ensure that everything from costumes to accents were realistic… not counting the main plot of a kung-fu princess kicking Conan in the balls for staring at her chest.

Clulow still has his un-tenured job after distributing this game so I feel no need to actually play it to know its loyalties.

Don’t Let the Media Define Your Reality

Things get silly when this political science professor claims that churches spread Wuhan Flu because they’re “ideal vectors for disease”. Silly because, before you even hear anything, you already know that every church in your region was proud of meeting in parking lot tents with chairs set at pool-noodle distances from each other. If it didn’t close entirely.

Faith in numbers: Is church attendance linked to higher rates of coronavirus?

h ttps://

By Ryan Burge, Non-tenured prof of political science at Eastern Illinois U, 13 May 2021

To ask the question is to answer it. To read the article the way to the bottom, is to answer it correctly.

The lockdowns that almost every state went into in order to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020 interrupted nearly every aspect of Americans. lives. Businesses were shuttered, schools closed and social groups stopped meeting as scientists rushed to understand the pathways through which the virus spread.

One of the most controversial parts of the lockdown strategy in the United States was the closure of churches across the country.

It should have been controversial. Instead. the entire Christian Church voluntarily closed itself as a massive virtue-signal. His hypothesis cannot possible by true. Everything from here on is popcorn time.

New hypothesis: this political science professor doesn’t actually know what the Church did.

But as an analyst of religious data, I believe the latest evidence appears to point to the clear conclusion that there was a correlation between attending church and the spread of COVID-19.

He’s published some papers, particularly concerning the Emergent Church movement.

Public health experts strongly urged churches to cease congregational meetings during the worst parts of the pandemic, noting that religious services were an ideal vector to spread the virus.

How so? Because we sat indoors on pews, sang a few songs and occasionally munched some wine & crackers? Why hasn’t the Church been an “ideal vector” of disease before Chinaball season? Not enough trans-blacks with advanced engineering degrees to notice?

They pointed to incidents such as that in March 2020 when a choir practice in a church resulted in 87% of attendees being infected with COVID-19, and two members losing their lives.

Ohh, right. Well, a one-time event during peak hysteria as described by the Christ-hating media is undeniable proof of a global trend that went unnoticed for 2,000 years.

But the closures were met by a massive backlash among conservative Christians who believed that executive orders closing religious institutions were a clear violation of the First Amendment’s freedom of religion protection.

No. Burke is talking exclusively from his prejudices here… and from NPR, to credit his link. A few churches across the continent could not make any kind of difference in propagation rates. I wish the Church had been massively disloyal to the State that for decades previous, had sneered “Separation of Church and State” at our moralizing. It didn’t happen. Anywhere. At all. On the entire planet. For two years now. Unless you count a very polite lawsuit that’s still going nowhere.

Burke literally doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Some places of worship simply ignored state closure orders. As the pandemic wore on and people tired of socially isolating, many churches, mosques and synagogues began to reopen.

Islam and Judaism spread disease! Hmm, no published papers credited to him on THAT yet.

Although this was bad news from a public health perspective, it meant social scientists were able to investigate whether churchgoing during the pandemic did indeed lead to a higher level of infection. And in March 2021, the Cooperative Election Study released the results of a survey it fielded in October of 2020. The annual survey of the American public saw a total of 61,000 respondents quizzed over a number of topics.

Alongside a question about their level of church attendance, respondents were asked if they had been diagnosed with COVID-19 during the past year. Because of the highly partisan nature of the response to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, the sample was divided into Republicans, Democrats and independents.

aka Churchians, Atheists and No Comment.

The trend in the data is unmistakable . the more frequently someone goes to church, the more likely they were to report that they had been diagnosed with COVID-19 during the first seven months of the pandemic.

Gonna quote him on that.

Just 3% of Republicans and 4% of Democrats who never attended church were more likely to respond that they have been infected. Among those who attended church multiple times per week, nearly 11% of Democrats had tested positive for the coronavirus, while 8% of Republicans reported the same.

How shocking that people with social lives get sick more often. I would snark about how the government should ban all human social behavior, in all forms, in perpetuity, as a preventative health measure… but THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT DID.

It.s worth pointing out that there’s not a large partisan gap in those reporting a positive COVID-19 test . in most cases the share of Democrats and Republicans who had been infected did not deviate by more than one percentage point. There’s ample evidence that Democrats took public health directives more seriously; however, that may have been offset by the fact that Democratic areas tend to have high population density. Urban areas were especially hard-hit in the early days of the pandemic.

Cities cause disease! Sending associate professors of political science back into gong farming on the rural fief should absolutely be a CDC ‘mandatory health guideline’. Don’t scoff; those gong farmers were essential workers.

The survey results do come with some caveats.

Quote: “The trend in the data is unmistakable”. But if the data itself is not reliable then the trend don’t mean jack. This is garbage in, garbage out.

It’s important to note that this is a survey of self-reported infections, without any independent verification. A concept in public opinion research called “social desirability bias” highlights the tendency of respondents to lie when they are asked a question that is sensitive in nature. As such, the number of people infected may be an underestimate.

Translation, Christians didn’t lie about being infected. “The trend in the data is unmistakable”: liberals will lie to get believers in trouble.

‘Do you go to church?’


‘Did you get Chinaballs?’


And while the focus here is on church attendance, it’s logical to conclude that individuals who felt comfortable going back to weekend worship were also more willing to engage in other social activities. It is therefore difficult to isolate whether church attendance was the vector that most likely spread the infection, or if a general disposition toward social gatherings drove up the likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19.

A credit to Burke for admitting the correlation between church attendance and general social activity. I take back the credit because it means he knew this piece with its attention-grabbing headline was a hit job from the get-go.

Nonetheless, it does seem fair to conclude that those who attended church more frequently in 2020 were also more likely to be infected with COVID-19.

Uh-huh. “It’s people who socialize that spread disease. Church is one of many forms of socialization. Therefore, Church spreads disease.”

One notices that Burke gave no consideration whatsoever to what Church attendance might have done to comfort, reassure and de-stress people during times of hardship and uncertainty. Which is entirely consistent with his still maintaining that banning hugs, clean air and visits to Grandma will create a better, healthier tomorrow.

Not to mention, let us never forget, that Burke gave not a moment’s thought to whether there might actually be a God. Church is nothing to him but an optional social activity of dubious benefit and a collection of fairly tales that hurt the feelings of transsexual freaks. That must be singled out for destruction? Why does he not just ignore the Christian like he ignored the Muslim and Jew?

But the closing thought you should have, is that to believe his own data and conclusion, Burke had to be ignorant of what the Church actually did during the first rounds of lockdown. He only parroted the headlines and news feeds.

Let’s Not Bicker & Argue About Feminism In the Church

A week ago, Rick Warren(tm)’s Saddleback megaChurch went full frontal feminist with the appointment of three witches to the clergy. I’ve been waiting for an explosion of condemnation… and heard nothing but crickets. This harlot complaining about people noticing her spiritual harlotry will have to do.

‘Historic night’: Saddleback Church ordains first female pastors

h ttps://

By Michael Gryboski, 8 May 2021

Saddleback Church, the California-based megachurch headed by Pastor Rick Warren, announced that they ordained their first three female pastors, despite being affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, which prohibits female ordination.

In an announcement posted to their Facebook page on Friday, Saddleback said that they had a “historic night. on Thursday when they ordained their first three female pastors.

.We ordained our first three women pastors, Liz Puffer, Cynthia Petty, and Katie Edwards,. Saddleback Chuch said in the post. .We commissioned three new elders, Anthony Miller, Jeremiah Goley, and Jason Williams! And we appointed Pastor Johnny Baker as the new global leader of Celebrate Recovery!.

What an odd ceremony. I doubt Thursday is normally a busy day at the church and this historic ordination was buried in a bunch of other appointments. Why wasn’t it celebrated on Sunday morning? It’s common to want lots of witnesses to these types of life-changing events.

“Okay folks, we’ve got a few items to announce from the Elder Board meeting’s minutes. The fundraiser bake sale has been scheduled for the Fourth of July weekend, Asmodeus was ordained by Pastor Greg and let’s give a big welcome to our sponsored missionary team visiting us from out of town! Does anybody have questions about the bake sale?”

Of course, people DID notice… but the appropriate people first:

As of Saturday afternoon, the Facebook post garnered around 575 likes and over 360 loves, but it has also garnered some critical comments from those opposed to female ordination.

The Christian Post called Saddleback Church on Saturday afternoon for comment and to confirm whether the church will continue to be part of the Southern Baptist denomination. The church was closed at the time, however.

Owen Strachan, a theology professor at Grace Bible Theological Seminary, posted a comment labeling the ordination as an example of “unbiblical developments,. adding that the “time to leave is NOW..

.Now is the time to leave and find a sound congregation. Do not delay. There is no spirit of competition in what I write here; what Saddleback is doing grieves me, and I have no doubt grieves many in the congregation,. posted Strachan, himself getting more than 140 likes and loves as of Saturday afternoon.

.Churches that affirm women pastors are opposing the Word of God, and opposing the Word of God means opposing God himself,. Strachan added.

Well said, Owen!

To justify his stance, Strachan cited 1 Timothy 2:9-15, which includes the verse in which Paul writes: .I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet..

In recent years, there has been much controversy over the SBC’s stance against the ordination of female pastors, with some churches and individuals leaving the denomination over the position.

One side of that “controversy” needs to burn the other side at the stake for witchcraft.

In 2020, before the lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some SBC pastors demanded that Hosanna Wong, teaching pastor at EastLake Church in Chula Vista, California, should not be a featured guest of the SBC Pastors’ Conference.

That didn’t sound like a witchburning. Bueller? Torquemada?

Anyway, well said Owen and what a shame that nobody else spoke up. Not until Eve decided to complain that people were still whispering about that Garden of Eden incident!

I Got Ordained So I Can Talk About Jesus. Not the Female Pastor Debate.

As a priest, I’m tired of a political battle that distracts from the gospel.

h ttps://

By Tish Harrison Warren, 11 May 2021

Rick Warren’s Saddleback…

Whoa. Whoa, whoa whoa.

This author is… female pastor Tish WARREN?! *checks* No relationship. She’s an Anglican with a long history as a college chaplain.

Rick Warren’s Saddleback church recently made headlines by ordaining three female leaders. I was grateful to see these women recognized and lent both the public authority and institutional accountability that comes from ordination.

Real priests don’t need public authority, least of all from ordinating institutions.

But when I read the news, I also thought with a heavy sigh, .Oh, here we go again.. I knew the debate about women’s roles in the church would dominate conversation all week, and I could already predict the rutted arguments I’d hear recited over and over.

Here.s an open secret: You know who hates talking about women’s ordination? Female pastors. Not all of us, of course. Some women have a special unction to debate this topic, and honestly, more power to them.

But the reality is that few of us become pastors in order to talk about women’s ordination.

No shit, Sherlockette.

We get ordained because the gospel has captured our imaginations. We get ordained to witness to the beauty and truth of Jesus. We get ordained to serve the church in the ministry of Word and sacrament. (And, for the record, don’t get ordained for any “cause” other than the ministry of Word and sacrament. Nothing else is worth it.)

“I minister the Word of God to you!”

“The Word of God says you’re an illegitimate priest and a rebel against male authority.”

“Not those words. Shut up!”

I wasn’t always in favor of women’s ordination. Until my 30s, I was a so-called soft complementarian. But I was also a woman in ministry. People in my church assumed that I’d eventually marry a pastor (as an unofficial way “in” to vocational ministry for laywomen).

This is what the male side of Original Sin looks like: he acts like she’s doing nothing wrong and even grants legitimacy & opportunities to her misconduct.

Tish is still guilty. She chose to cross that line. She is unrepentant. But her cheerleaders-in-drag are also guilty.

I interned at a Southern Baptist church in its youth group and a PCA church in “mercy ministries,. working among immigrants, the homeless, and the poor. Then I went to seminary, discovered I loved and had a knack for theological study, and eventually worked for years as a campus minister.

“I’m not technically disobeying God yet.”

I spent time carefully studying the ordination debate and, over the years, changed my views.

“Now I am!.. but it’s okay, I just changed sides in a debate. I still love Jeebus.” *cuts her hair*

But once this long theological work was done, my decision to get ordained was a rather organic and practical one. I didn’t get ordained because I wanted to prove that women should be pastors or to make some statement about justice. I didn’t get ordained because I think women (or men) have an inalienable right to ordination.

That was not the ordination debate, witchy britches.

I got ordained because I was already serving as a lay minister and had a high enough view of the church and a high enough view of the sacraments that I could no longer understand my ministry as separate from the life and authority of the church.

I was already doing the work. I was already teaching people and forming disciples. I wanted to do it under the gaze and in the name of the body of Christ.

“I was already rebelling against God and everybody was okay with it. You only complained when I started using the correct term.” Hmm, that would actually be a good point. Not only should women not be allowed to cross the line, they should not be allowed to approach the line either.

As Christ Himself put it, sin starts in the heart and before lines get crossed.

Now, when I preach, when I put my hand gently on the shoulder of a weeping woman and take her confession, when I write an essay, when I go on a walk with a student asking questions about the Bible, when I hold up the body of Christ before weary men and women and proclaim in the clearest, loudest voice I can that these are “the gifts of God for the people of God,. I’m not thinking about women’s ordination. I’m not thinking about Greek verbs or biblical womanhood. I’m silently praying that the Spirit draw us to himself in order to make his people whole and teach us to believe again.

Matthew 7:21 .Not everyone who says to me, .Lord, Lord,. will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” When I was a child, I sometimes wondered if that could apply to me and how I might know. Not anymore. The only people who will be surprised to find themselves locked out of a Heaven they had thought they were serving, are the liars who lied first to themselves.

Of course, women’s ordination is an important issue. I am very grateful for biblical scholars and theologians who are doing the work of looking closely at biblical arguments (most recently Beth Allison Barr and William Witt, who both have great new books out on the topic). We need to have these arguments. And I will keep having them.

But online and in the church, this issue is often bandied about, mostly in abstraction. For those of us in ministry, the work we do is rooted in the concrete.the lives of real men and women we love and serve. Although this topic rarely comes up among parishioners who just need to be cared for, too many people on the planet want to talk about ordination too much of the time. I don’t know a female pastor or priest who hasn’t sat by someone on a plane, train, or bus who, upon finding out she’s a lady preacher, feels a trill of righteous zeal and launches into a long lecture on how women’s ordination is wrong.

Good on them! You witches should never have a moment’s peace. The problem of your open disobedience is far too important to drop just because it interferes with the “real” business of Christianity: membership and Mommy Cares!

Which is it? Do you preach Scripture or do you complain that it crimps your style?

But while half of the church is trying to convince us to quit our jobs, the other half wants to cheerlead for us as gladiatorial smashers of the patriarchy.

Sounds right. So, which side do you listen to? Neither. You listen to Father God aka the Patriarch.

Actually, she should listen to a husband but she doesn’t have one. She gave up having a family for the chance to bitch about frequently being called out for hypocrisy. With public authority!

Early on after my ordination, when I was in between meetings and still in my clerical collar, I’d pop into my local, hip coffee shop and get thumbs-up and enthusiastic smile-nods from customers cheering me on. I appreciated the response. I really did. But I knew they were seeing me as a symbol of feminist triumph, not as a preacher of the gospel. Plus, sometimes a gal just wants to be able to get coffee and read a book without being a walking theological .take.” I am a Rorschach test. I represent something to people, whether I want to or not. (Precisely for this reason, I don’t often wear my collar in public anymore.)

My very existence is troublesome to some or encouraging to others. And almost everyone assumes a lot about what I do or do not believe about the Bible and gender and Jesus.

There is an added complexity for those of us who are willing to collaborate with and even learn from complementarians. We love the church and the Scriptures and don’t want to “burn it all down..

Progressives see us as “fraternizing with the enemy,. and yet we never fit into complementarian circles. So we end up feeling like misfits in the conversation.buffeted by both sides of an immensely polarized church, which often regards the gospel of Jesus as second fiddle to the debates of the day.

In my own denomination, my sisters who are clergy are lightning rods in ways they never asked to be. They serve their churches. They each submit to their bishop. And they often have to navigate criticism about everything from their voice to their theology in ways that men do not.

Oh really? With that attitude, we can be thankful that she’s not leading any blind people.

And yet, they continue to be pastors. Because that is what they are: pastors, shepherds, mothers, servants.

Traitors. Rebellious servants. Man-hating hags. Living, walking curses against the Father Of All.

Yesterday, a younger woman in ministry sat on my couch and said, .I.m doing this to see people set free.” Because what draws us into ministry is Jesus and his mission. We aren’t motivated by second wave feminism or by “the impulses unleashed by liberation theology,. as Al Mohler put in his recent response to the Saddleback news. We want to serve the church with the gifts God has given.

Typical for a complementarian, he found some men to blame for female misconduct.

As a female priest, I often feel like an unwilling pundit in a culture war that I frankly find boring. What’s interesting to me about ministry isn’t convincing anyone that I’m worthy of a particular office. What’s interesting about ministry is participating in Jesus. work in the church.

No-Mask Outrage Porn Post!

I don’t normally do social media outrage porn; bad movies on the Syfy channel were the all-time nadir of my cultural diet; but this is a good occasion, Glenn Beck made it easy and you can add your own at the end! Because nobody listens to you on Twatter except bots, Feebs and blue-haired ovoid things.

President Biden gets blasted for new ‘rule’ on COVID-19 vaccinations and masks: ‘Kindly, screw off’

h ttps://

By Paul Sacca, 14 May 2021, who categorized this as news not op-ed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally eased indoor face mask requirements on Thursday. The new CDC guidance allows vaccinated Americans to not have to wear masks outdoor and in most indoor settings. Following the announcement, President Joe Biden issued his own new “rule” about face masks and coronavirus vaccinations, which caused a stir on social media, and many lambasted the order as “authoritarian.”

It may have been one of his trans-female SJW interns who issued the tweet. Nothing reported, it’s just me noticing that it doesn’t sound as polished as his handlers usually are. Trump’s female staffers were big-chested and long-haired and filed lawsuits against him just to be noticed and groped again.

The mind recoils in horror, to imagine Biden’s nonbinary New Normal office staff. The need for paper bags over their heads could explain much about Biden’s enthusiasm for multiple-masking. All politics is local, y’know!

The official Twitter account for President Biden posted a video calling for Americans to get “vaxxed or masked,” and had the caption: “Folks, if you’re fully vaccinated . you no longer need to wear a mask. If you’re not vaccinated yet . go to to find a shot, and mask up until you’re fully vaccinated.”

That sounds like Creepy Joe.

The Twitter account for President Biden also posted a proclamation, “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.”

That… not so much. Anyway, cheerleader time!

BlazeTV host Glenn Beck hurled back, “Hey #POTUS – the rule is simple. Kindly, screw off. You will find the rules in a little read document called ‘the constitution’. The sequel is even better. You can find it on line under ‘The Bill of Rights’. You and your authoritarian pals will find it a quick read.”

Properly dismissive but not hard-hitting. 5/10

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-K.Y.) countered the president on Twitter, “Show us in the Constitution where you have this power Mr @POTUS. (You don’t).”

Massie tell it like it is! 8/10

Rep. Paul Gosar (R- Ariz.) stated, “Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.”

Okay, Boomer. 1/10

Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) retorted, “Requirement to do one or the other of two things demanded by another person, against your will, is not called a choice; it’s called coercion, and we reject it in a free society.”

Mansplaining. 3/10

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) reacted by saying, “No. 1) The federal government can’t force you to wear a mask until you’re vaccinated, 2) it would also have no way of tracking vaccinations, and 3) this doesn’t account for natural antibodies.”

More mansplaining? 3/10

BlazeTV host Chad Prather fired back, “Eat shit, Adolph.”

Cutting deep with minimal effort! 9/10

Donald Trump Jr tweeted, “Um, team Biden, Joe somehow got a hold of his Twitter account and is talking all crazy again.”

Ooh, this might even be true! 10/10

Actor Rob Schneider snapped back, “The rule is even simpler, YOU are an elected official of a Republic, not a doctor or Russian Czar, therefore it is the citizens who will make THEIR OWN HEALTH DECISIONS FOR THEMSELVES AND FOR THEIR FAMILIES. The CHOICE IS INDEED FOR EACH AND EVERY FREE AMERICAN AS THEY SEE FIT!”

Biden stole the election, Rob. Don’t give that pretender legitimacy. And we haven’t had a republic since the War Of Northern Aggression. 0/10

Conservative comedians the Hodge Twins pointed out, “Choice is a decision between a several options. An ultimatum is a final demand of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations. Dictators and their sheep usually can’t tell the difference because you’re idiots.”

Effective but wordy. 6/10.

Conservative activist Scott Presler explained, “The rule is simple: the government has no authority to tell me how to live as a private citizen & I’m not forced to disclose my health. We can defeat this authoritarian gov’t by electing more leaders, like Ron DeSantis.”

We’re not electing our way out of this, Scott. 0/10 Epstein didn’t kill himself but Biden DID elect himself. 7/10

Sebastian Gorka, the former deputy assistant to former President Donald Trump, quipped, “My body. My choice buster.”

Abortion rhetoric is a good choice. 8/10

Cultural critic James Lindsay replied, “We have replaced ‘mean’ tweets with nakedly authoritarian ones. This is fine.”

6/10 Should be in a meme.

Mediaite senior columnist John Ziegler responded by saying, “If Trump had been pro-mask from the start & said this now, the woke crowd would be taking to the streets. This is clearly a move to help the mask cult accept this new edict by making them feel better knowing they can still feel morally superior to, & be allowed to shame, others.”

Don’t remind me that the Trump admin was the one to start this Plandemic. 1/10

One commenter added, “You nor the government have any sort of authority to force me or any other person for that matter to wear a mask. Plain and simple. Time for bed Joe.”

Functional but without feeling. 4/10

Another person noted, “Biden is vocally tougher on unvaccinated Americans than terrorists who hacked American infrastructure.”

A solid 7/10.

A Twitter user joked, “I ‘identify’ as someone who is vaccinated.”

Will use myself! 9/10

There we have it folks, Team Trump may have SNAFU’d its Presidency but they’re always a tough act on the populist circuit.

Republican Governors Order the Slaves Back To the Plantation

Rush Limbaugh was right about Republicans when he spoke of them “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”. Today, let’s discuss how Republican states have refused to oppose the welfare state until their businesses ran out of exploitably cheap labor.

A a rule, their past efforts ‘opposing’ welfare have only been to include a provision that the recipient work some kind of a job. This allowed Republicans, the Party of Big Business, to employ people at reduced wages because the government would backfill what employers refuse to pay. A hundred years later, nothing has changed:

Montana Is First State To Cancel Unemployment Benefits In Response To Unprecedented Worker Shortage

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By Tyler Durden, 6 May 2021

Three weeks ago, when looking at the unprecedented labor shortage that is crippling the US economy (even with some 100 million Americans not in the labor force), we said that there is a simple reason for this paradoxical phenomenon: trillions in Biden stimulus are now incentivizing potential workers not to seek gainful employment, but to sit back and collect the next stimmy check for doing absolutely nothing in what is becoming the world’s greatest “under the radar” experiment in Universal Basic Income.

The Democrat experiment in Universal Basic Income is having its expected consequence of turning ordinary people into unproductive bipedal parasites. Excuse me, I meant reliably Democrat Voters.

From the Republican perspective, the problem is that the Democrats dropped the “thou shalt work” mandate. No, no, Churchians, shut up, this isn’t about 1 Thessalonians 4:11. If you were consistent about your interpretation of that command, you’d enforce it upon the idle rich as well as the idle poor. Pigs would be shamed by the human squealings that would cause.

There is nothing wrong, Biblically, with leisure or nonproductivity as defined by government economists. What *IS* wrong, is eating food that doesn’t belong to you. Multibillionaire Democrat banksters don’t earn their food. They steal it. Republican senators don’t earn their food. They steal it. And the minimally employed, deliberately impoverished workers who don’t want to take a pay cut to do manual labor for minimum wages, I’ll call that theft only when the government stops intentionally sabotaging them such that they have no choice but welfare.

According to Yahoo, Montana plans to stop some of its federally-funded unemployment benefits to address “the state’s severe workforce shortage,. according to its labor department, which will leave many out-of-work residents without any support at all.

“Nearly every sector in our economy faces a labor shortage,” Governor Greg Gianforte, a Republican, said in a statement on Tuesday, echoing what we said last month, namely that “The vast expansion of federal unemployment benefits is now doing more harm than good..

Only now? The time to thwart the Welfare State was AT ANY TIME SINCE THE 1930s. Why now?

As a way to incentivize workers to return to work, the state is offering a one-time return-to-work payment of $1,200, using money from the American Rescue Plan to fund the program. Only those who complete four weeks of work would receive the payment.

.Incentives matter,. Gianforte said. .Our return-to-work bonus and the return to pre-pandemic unemployment programs will help get more Montanans back to work..

Aaand there it is. Even in Montana, the Republicans aren’t opposed to welfare or even UBI. They just want their cheap labor. Offering a one-time cash bonus for the wage slaves to crawl back into their pens is exactly their concept of what a welfare state should be: socializing the expenses of Big Business while privatizing the profits. The Left shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that and neither should the Right.

What would happen if we had NO welfare state?

Consider the following striking anecdotes from Bloomberg:

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, Melissa Anderson laid off all three full-time employees of her jewelry-making company, Silver Chest Creations in Burkesville, Ky. She tried to rehire one of them in September and another in January as business recovered, but they refused to come back, she says. .They’re not looking for work..

What beautiful loyalty to one’s employees. “Early in the pandemic”, did you catch that? Either Melissa was on the edge of bankruptcy in the first place or she treated her employees as liabilities the moment she could justify it. Build up some inventory. Stretch to new markets. Try new sales strategies. Or JUST DON’T SHUT DOWN, because jewelry stores have never been a hotbed of plague in the entire history of history.

I was furloughed immediately because I’m hourly and Californian, but my boss fed me jobs as they came in as quickly as he could. He tried to keep his men employed. But Melissa, she sent her employees home for five months then was upset they didn’t come back when she whistled.

*checks* She makes cheap-o knockoff jewelry. I doubt her employees were highly paid or trained.

Sierra Pacific Industries, which manufactures doors, windows, and millwork, is so desperate to fill openings that it’s offering hiring bonuses of up to $1,500 at its factories in California, Washington, and Wisconsin. In rural Northern California, the Red Bluff Job Training Center is trying to lure young people with extra-large pizzas in the hope that some who stop by can be persuaded to fill out a job application. .We’re trying to get inside their head and help them find employment. Businesses would be so eager to train them,. says Kathy Garcia, the business services and marketing manager. .There are absolutely no job seekers.” says their wages start at $16/hr for laborers. That’s not bad but not really incentive to move to a rural area, hence the signing bonuses. Which is what would happen without a welfare state: companies would pay more for hired help, which would fuel a regrowth of the middle class, which would be bad for our rapaciously cruel rulers.

[From NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg:] “Small business owners are competing with the pandemic and increased unemployment benefits that are keeping some workers out of the labor force.”

They compete by offering potential workers MORE MONEY. Which will raise prices.

One can only hope that more states follow Gianforte’s extremely unpopular, if extremely prudent decision, before the US is mired in 1970s style hyperinflation.

Higher prices are a good thing when the money is flowing to your neighbor instead of a Chinese sweatshop. A reliable rule of thumb:

The rich want expensive land and cheap labor.

The middle class wants expensive labor and cheap land.

But guess what? More (red) states DID follow Gianforte’s decision!

Nine Republican-Led States Reject All COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits

h ttps://

By Tyler Durden, 12 May 2021

Wow, that was fast. This issue is hitting near and dear to the hearts of the Republican Establishment.

One week ago, when we reported that Montana was the first state to cancel unemployment benefits in response to the unprecedented worker shortage which was laid bare by the dismal Friday jobs report, we said that “one can only hope that more states follow [Montana Gov] Gianforte’s extremely unpopular, if extremely prudent decision, before the US is mired in 1970s style hyperinflation” but that “we won’t be holding our breath.”

In retrospect, we were badly underestimated the willingness of at least some people to do the right thing, because just hours later South Carolina announced it too was joining Montana in ending all supplemental unemployment benefits programs, which in turn sparked a wave of Republican states following through with what would be a career-ending move for any Democratic politician.

And any Republican politician. At this rate, Dems won’t even need to steal any votes.

By the way, Greg Gianforte’s net worth is estimated at $135 million. No doubt that every dollar was earned from the strength of his arm and the sweat off his brow…


h ttps://

Greg Gianforte, chief executive and 20% owner of Bozeman, Montana-based RightNow Technologies Inc., which Larry Ellison’s Oracle Corp. said Monday he’ll buy for $1.5 billion, grew up a high school football star, class president and neighborhood fix-it man in [affluent Philadelphia suburb] King of Prussia, son of an engineer at General Electric Co.’s Philadelphia satellite works.

To his credit, he did have a lot of early achievements in life, but he started high and flew higher the old-fashioned way of being in the right place at the right time. It’s no wonder that he is not sympathizing with what the underclasses are going through today.

Also to his credit, he was convicted of beating up a journalist for the Guardian in 2017. Against his credit, he did no jail time for it.

End segue

As the WSJ reports overnight, at least nine Republican-led states have rejected enhanced federal Covid-19 pandemic unemployment payments, saying the extra $300-a-week supplement is providing an incentive for some people to avoid work at a time when employers are struggling to find labor.

Did Greg allow Oracle Corp to buy him out because he wanted to work MORE or work LESS? Hello, hypocrisy.

On Tuesday, Iowa and Tennessee joined the list of states that are moving toward the elimination of the extra benefits ahead of the program’s scheduled expiration in September, which even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blamed for the sudden collapse in labor supply as millions of Americans opt to stay home and collect benefit checks instead of working.

.Federal pandemic-related unemployment benefit programs initially provided displaced Iowans with crucial assistance when the pandemic began,. Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds said in a statement that called for the pandemic-related benefit to end June 12. “But now that our businesses and schools have reopened, these payments are discouraging people from returning to work..

Which is it, Republicucks? Do you want businesses to be able to throw away people at will without facing torches and pitchforks, or do you want your worker drones to be dependent upon having a job for their daily food?

As a result, there are now 9 states that are ending the generous handouts are: Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and South Carolina, which have sent letters to the Labor Department asking to end their participation in federal programs including the $300 supplemental benefit and extended payments and benefits for gig-economy and other workers not typically eligible for unemployment benefits. Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee have announced publicly they plan to opt out of the programs early, but the states hadn’t sent letters to the Labor Department as of Tuesday.

All they have to do is allow businesses to raise wages & prices. The prices will be going up regardless thanks to the corporatism and feminism and all the other evils that Republicans have courageously tolerated since the New Deal.

Unemployed workers are eligible for an additional $300 a week on top of regular state jobless benefits, which average $318 a week, according to the Labor Department. That means the average benefit recipient earns slightly more than the equivalent of working full time at $15 an hour. How much? Former Obama Admin Treasury counselor Steve Rattner recently tweeted that “with enhanced benefits, workers (take Pennsylvania, for example) can now make more on unemployment than they did at their jobs.”

He also showed a chart according to which as of this moment, tens of millions of US workers, in jobs ranging from dishwasher, to hotel clerk, to preschool teacher, to anyone on minimum wage, can now earn more from unemployment than from their regular job.

I cannot imagine why a dental assistant would rather stay home than root around in peoples’ mouths when the reward is the same and the job will be yanked away again with no notice and the assistant has been terrorized into believing that every person she works on is about to die of a horrible plague while she watches.

There’s nobody innocent here. Republicans have driven down wages to the point where Democrats can simply buy the poor’s loyalties. Behold the furious and well-thought-out retaliation of Reps:

So instead of rewarding sitting on one’s ass, the mostly republican states are pursuing back to work policies: Montana’s Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte said residents would instead be eligible for a $1,200 .return to work bonus. if they were receiving unemployment benefits as of May 4 and subsequently took a job and completed at least four paid weeks of work. Idaho implemented a similar one-time bonus of as much as $1,500 last year.

Yeah, that’ll show those poor people. You want to enjoy life without effort like a rich man? Making money while you sleep just because you’re special? You don’t get to enjoy life like a rich man! Eat Orwellian boot heel! It’s good for you!

Physiognomy: Woka-Cola

“Just when I’m out, they drag me back in.” That line from the Godfather series is apt for my attitude towards physiognomy. I tried and couldn’t get trustworthy results, at least not with Internet selfies which make up most of the information available on the Internet, so I hung it up. But sometimes, a few face-pictures can say it all. I won’t even do interpretations of these. Like Barbara Krasnoff in a recent post which generated calls for eye-bleach warnings, you can’t look at these titans of industry without wondering if the Reptiloids forgot to check the fit of their skin suits prior to their media appointments.

On that note… *ahem* Eye Bleach Warning.

Coca-Cola pauses aggressive diversity plan after chief lawyer resigns

h ttps://

By Will Feuer, 4 May 2021

Coca-Cola has paused its controversial diversity plan . that included penalties on outside law firms if they failed to meet racial diversity quotas . after intense backlash.

The pause comes after the orchestrator of the plan, Coke’s former general counsel Bradley Gayton, abruptly resigned last month after less than a year on the job and as criticism of the quotas mounted.

Resigned, we should be so lucky. Keep reading.

Some questioned whether Gayton’s policies violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which says employers can’t treat people differently based on their race.

Basically, he ordered that CokeCorp would no longer associate with white people working for affiliate legal companies. It was a foolhardy move, the senior for a Fortune Top Ten company ordering all the company’s legal partners to disobey civil rights legislation. But then, he is not of our species.

He looks like a pedophile LARPing as Peewee Hermann. Prior to his appointment to CocaCorp, he was Ford Motor Company’s first Negro attorney. They could have done better, methinks.

Legal defense foundation Project on Fair Representation published an open letter to Coca-Cola last week warning that Coke’s outside counsel “racial quota requirements” are “unlawful.”

In a meeting with Coke’s global legal team, Douglas, the company’s new general counsel, said that Coca-Cola was “taking a pause for now” but would likely salvage some parts of the diversity plan, reported.

Coca-Cola hired Gayton in September 2020 after spending nearly 30 years as the top lawyer at Ford. Despite his departure from Coke as general counsel, he still has a relationship with the company.

Was there not a second Lawyer Of Color that they could have hired, that Gaylord–er, Gay Tony… Gayton had to pull double duty?

He signed a new contract to serve as a consultant to Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey. In that position, he.ll be making a hefty $12 million over the next year. That included a $4 million sign-on fee and a monthly consulting fee of $666,666, according to an April 21 securities filing. It’s unclear how Gayton will be able to impact the company’s outside law firm diversity plan in his new position.


Here’s James Quincy:

He’s got a bad case of Soros Eyelids. The stretched-out frog lips is also not a good sign. How did he end up as CEO?

h ttps://

Quincey was born in London in 1965 but his family moved around quite a bit, making a stop in the United States while his father lectured at Dartmouth College before moving back to England. He went to university in Liverpool, studying Electronic Engineering. However, he found his calling wasn’t in building semiconductors, but in the world of business.

That’s unusual. Most people who graduate in hard engineering, work in engineering, or at least try to. Did he get tapped to take over Daddy’s company or did something about his personality attract him to Kabbalah-spewing globalists? (That was another eye bleach warning, by the way.)

After graduating from the University of Liverpool, Quincey joined Bain & Co., which was a burgeoning consultancy at the time. He worked for Bain for a couple of years before joining a startup formed by former Bain and McKinsey employees called the Kalchas Group. Quincey then moved back to the US with the Kalchas Group to set up US operations, first in Chicago and then eventually in New York. It was while Quincey was working in New York that Coca-Cola recruited him, and his Coke journey began.

Bain is notoriously secretive per Wikipedia and has made billions of dollars by “giving management advice”. Obviously a front company for… let’s see who’s running it… it was Mitt Romney from 1991-1992… not sure when Quincy left, but if it was after then, the Chairman was Orit Gadiesh.

I’ve never walked back my belief that constantly disorderly hair = disorderly thoughts. This Queen Bee of a secretive global-management agency has since moved on to become a member of the Council On Foreign Relations and trustee of the World Economic Forum. Not a little suspicious.

He joined Coca-Cola in Atlanta in 1996 as the Director of Learning Strategy for the Latin America Group in an internal consultancy role. He went on to work in a series of operational roles of increasing responsibility in Latin America, eventually leading to his appointment as President of the South Latin America Division in 2003. Quincey is credited with developing and executing a successful brand, pack, price, and channel strategy that has since been replicated all over the world throughout Coca-Cola.s system.

One of those suits that produced nothing and branded everything, but it’s still curious that he could have been productive in electronics. Whatever Bain saw in Quincy, it wasn’t his background… just his happy face and undiscovered ability to globally network for local solutions?

The Dictionary Demands More Racists and Vaxxes

The demand for racist white people (obligatory facepalm) has exceeded the supply by such a degree, that Merriam-Webster has rewritten their dictionary definition so that white people CAN’T not be racist. This story is a bit dated, I missed it the first time around, but it came up when the same company recently added an extra definition of “vaccine” to include Pfizer’s gene therapy experiment. SPECIFICALLY Pfizer’s gene therapy experiment.

A Missouri woman asked Merriam-Webster to update its definition of racism and now officials will make the change

h ttps://

By David Williams, 12 June 2020

Kennedy Mitchum wasn’t expecting much when she emailed Merriam-Webster last month, but she wanted to let the dictionary publisher know that she thought its definition of the word racism was inadequate.

So she was surprised when an editor responded and even more surprised that the company agreed to update the entry.

Aww, how sweet! A grandmotherly old lady noticed a mistake in the dictionary, wrote a nice letter to the publisher and was surprised when her voice was heard!

We’ll call that Possibility #1.

Mitchum has gotten into a lot conversations about racism and injustice where people have pointed to the dictionary to prove that they’re not racist. It’s happened a lot more lately as the world reacts to the death of George Floyd while in the custody of four Minneapolis police officers.

The 22-year-old Mitchum recently graduated from Drake University and lives in Florissant, Missouri, just a few miles away from Ferguson, where protests over the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown helped solidify the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I kept having to tell them that definition is not representative of what is actually happening in the world,” she told CNN. “The way that racism occurs in real life is not just prejudice it’s the systemic racism that is happening for a lot of black Americans.”

Mitchum said many people she’s talked to use that to dismiss her concerns about racism and overlook broader issues of racial inequality because they don’t personally feel that way about people of color.

You’re racist because centuries ago, a white man bought a slave. You’re white. Therefore, you owe endless reparations and probably deserve to be genocided wholesale regardless if you specifically have racist attitudes.

Is that clear? No? Well then, let’s MAKE that clear!

Mitchum said she sent her email on a Thursday night and got a reply from editor Alex Chambers the next morning.

Suspiciously fast timing. *checks*


h ttps://

For nearly a month, Drake University graduate Kennedy Mitchum emailed Merriam-Webster to let the dictionary know that its definition of racism, which read: .a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,. failed to address the systemic and institutional elements of racism that regularly disenfranchise minorities. Merriam-Webster responded to Mitchum and is working on changing the wording of its current definition.

End segue

After a few emails, Chambers agreed that the entry should be updated and said a new definition is being drafted.
“This revision would not have been made without your persistence in contacting us about this problem,” Chambers said in the email, which was provided to CNN. “We sincerely thank you for repeatedly writing in and apologize for the harm and offense we have caused in failing to address this issue sooner.”

What a virtue-signaling kiss-ass. Wait, why did I suddenly imagine a struggle session?

Peter Sokolowski, an editor at large at Merriam-Webster…

…and frequent contributor to National Public Radio. Eat your heart out, police who got fired for attending a single MAGA rally.

…told CNN that their entry also defines racism as “a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles” and “a political or social system founded on racism,” which would cover systematic racism and oppression.

Here’s Possibility #2: Freshly graduated from a Socialist indoctrination camp, Kennedy spam-mailed Alex Chambers to make her desired revision. He refused to be her tool. She went up the chain to Sokolowski, an SJW to guess from his having a job with both high status and no requirement to actually be productive, who bullied Chambers into making the change.

He said that dictionary definitions have traditionally been short, because they had to fit so many words into their print editions. That’s no longer the case since so many people use the dictionary online.

That’s a double lie. One, that’s not why racism didn’t include “systematic racism” in the first place and two, it’s not why his new definition of racist is incomprehensibly long Feel free to skip his shameless virtue-signaling by filling the definition with blacktivist examples, although some are entertaining:

h ttps://

(Retrieved 8 May 2021. That needs to be said now.)

Definition of racism
1: a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

Ladino elites used racism to justify the displacement and enslavement of the indigenous population, and these beliefs, along with the resentment created by the continued exploitation of indigenous land and labor, culminated in the Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1996).
. Mariana Calvo

. how do we begin undoing the processes of internalized hatred and internalized racism?
. bell hooks

I would guess, not by institutionalizing it in the dictionary.

also : behavior or attitudes that reflect and foster this belief : racial discrimination or prejudice
The kind of trenchant racism to which black people have persistently been subjected can never be defeated by making its victims more respectable. The essence of American racism is disrespect.
. Imani Perry

From racist graffiti in schools to daily microaggressions and police profiling, rally testimonials highlighted that issues surrounding racism are still very much local issues.
. Ryan J. Degan

The War on Drugs, cloaked in race-neutral language, offered whites opposed to racial reform a unique opportunity to express their hostility toward blacks and black progress, without being exposed to the charge of racism.
. Michelle Alexander

2a: the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another
specifically : WHITE SUPREMACY sense 2
institutional racism

One of the many ruses racism achieves is the virtual erasure of historical contributions by people of color.
. Angela Y. Davis

Discriminatory housing practices, redlining neighborhoods, underfunded education, lack of access to healthcare, racial profiling, police brutality and mass incarceration are just a few examples of cage wires that all together contribute to structural racism.
. Sylvia Luetmer

“You wayciss cuz you no support me poly-seas.”

Our nation faces a fork in the road and a decision to either continue down the same path of systemic racism or to confront our past honestly.
. Bree Newsome

“Honestly” is out the window when one side rewrites the dictionary in order to not be proven wrong anymore.

“People of color, low-income people, and Indigenous peoples have been made especially vulnerable through decades of environmental racism: policies that intentionally concentrate pollution and toxic hazards in our communities.”
. Michele Roberts

“I’m racist against the poor.”

b: a political or social system founded on racism and designed to execute its principles
In 1913 the Natives Land Act reserved 90% of the country for whites, who then made up 21% of the population. Under the formalised racism of apartheid 3.5m blacks were forcibly moved to isolated reservations called “homelands.”
. The Economist

God forbid they make these definitions any longer.

Let’s proceed to the redefinition that brought this up in the first place. “Merriam-Webster, what is a vaccine?”

Definition of vaccine
: a preparation that is administered (as by injection) to stimulate the body’s immune response against a specific infectious disease:

a: an antigenic preparation of a typically inactivated or attenuated (see ATTENUATED sense 2) pathogenic agent (such as a bacterium or virus) or one of its components or products (such as a protein or toxin)

b: a preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA) that is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein)

What. The Hell. Definition “b” is so specific to the Pfizer jab that it could hardly mean anything else.

Merriam-Webster adds new definition of “vaccine” so Covid “vaccines” can be defined as such

h ttps://

By JD Rucker, 27 April 2021

Merriam-Webster, the dictionary company that has built a reputation for pandering to the “woke” crowd and embracing leftist government mandates, has quietly played their own role in pushing the Covid-19 “vaccines” out to the general public. They added a new definition to their listing for the word “vaccines” to match what’s currently being offered to the American people to fight the coronavirus.

NOQ Report first discovered this by accident. It started with an innocuous Tweet I posted and a comment that followed.

“Isn’t whether or not these are vaccines a matter of definition? It is to Merriam-Webster, at least.” . Pete Finnegan (@Pete_Finnegan) April 27, 2021

It struck me as odd that the (b) definition seemed to match perfectly with the Pfizer and Moderna versions of the Covid vaccines. According to the dictionary, a vaccine is .a preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA) that is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein)..

The CDC website has a conspicuously similar way of describing the vaccines: .COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a harmless piece of what is called the “spike protein.” The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.. …

The whole purpose of vaccinations is not to “help reduce” infections. The purpose has always been understood to be near-complete elimination. This is why we rarely see cases of polio or measles. Some vaccines may be slightly less effective, perhaps 98%, but what we’re seeing with the Covid vaccines isn’t even close. The numbers are hard to pin down properly with everyone from the CDC to mainstream media doing everything they can to keep the real information suppressed, but the fact that so many people continue to get sick after taking the vaccine (and often BECAUSE of the vaccine), it’s no wonder companies like Merriam-Webster are trying to give credibility to them while companies like Twitter run cover.

It isn’t uncommon for our language to evolve based on new information. Words get redefined to match a changing world. But this move seems conspicuously political as if an agenda is in play that needs support. Merriam-Webster is happy to oblige.

I’ll cap this off, for giggles and archival purposes, with the redefinition of herd immunity. It wouldn’t do to forget what it meant, before it meant “the health needs of the many outweigh the corporeal sovereignty of the few”.

WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

h ttps://

By Jeffrey A. Tucker, 23 December 2020

Maybe you have some sense that something fishy is going on? Same. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Coronavirus lived on surfaces until it didn’t. Masks didn’t work until they did, then they did not. There is asymptomatic transmission, except there isn’t. Lockdowns work to control the virus except they do not. All these people are sick without symptoms until, whoops, PCR tests are wildly inaccurate because they were never intended to be diagnostic tools. Everyone is in danger of the virus except they aren.t. It spreads in schools except it doesn’t.

On it goes. Daily. It’s no wonder that so many people have stopped believing anything that “public health authorities” say. In combination with governors and other autocrats doing their bidding, they set out to take away freedom and human rights and expected us to thank them for saving our lives. At some point this year (for me it was March 12) life began feeling like a dystopian novel of your choice.

Well, now I have another piece of evidence to add to the mile-high pile of fishy mess. The World Health Organization, for reasons unknown, has suddenly changed its definition of a core conception of immunology: herd immunity. Its discovery was one of the major achievements of 20th century science, gradually emerging in the 1920s and then becoming ever more refined throughout the 20th century.

Herd immunity is a fascinating observation that you can trace to biological reality or statistical probability theory, whichever you prefer. (It is certainly not a “strategy” so ignore any media source that describes it that way.) Herd immunity speaks directly, and with explanatory power, to the empirical observation that respiratory viruses are either widespread and mostly mild (common cold) or very severe and short-lived (SARS-CoV-1).

…The discovery of this fascinating dynamic in cell biology is a major reason why public health became so smart in the 20th century. We kept calm. We managed viruses with medical professionals: doctor/patient relationships. We avoided the Medieval tendency to run around with hair on fire but rather used rationality and intelligence. Even the New York Times recognizes that natural immunity is powerful with Covid-19, which is not in the least bit surprising.

Until one day, this strange institution called the World Health Organization . once glorious because it was mainly responsible for the eradication of smallpox . has suddenly decided to delete everything I just wrote from cell biology basics. It has literally changed the science in a Soviet-like way. It has removed with the delete key any mention of natural immunities from its website. It has taken the additional step of actually mischaracterizing the structure and functioning of vaccines.

So that you will believe me, I will try to be as precise as possible. Here is the website from June 9, 2020. You can see it here on You have to move down the page and click on the question about herd immunity. You see the following.

Link h ttps://

That.s pretty darn accurate overall. Even the statement that the threshold is “not yet clear” is correct. There are cross immunities to Covid from other coronaviruses and there is T cell memory that contributes to natural immunity.

Some estimates are as low as 10%, which is a far cry from the modelled 70% estimate of virus immunity that is standard within the pharmaceutical realm. Real life is vastly more complicated than models, in economics or epidemiology. The WHO.s past statement is a solid, if .pop,. description.

However, in a screenshot dated November 13, 2020, we read the following note that somehow pretends as if human beings do not have immune systems at all but rather rely entirely on big pharma to inject things into our blood.

What this note at the World Health Organization has done is deleted what amounts to the entire million-year history of humankind in its delicate dance with pathogens. You could only gather from this that all of us are nothing but blank and unimprovable slates on which the pharmaceutical industry writes its signature.

In effect, this change at WHO ignores and even wipes out 100 years of medical advances in virology, immunology, and epidemiology. It is thoroughly unscientific . shilling for the vaccine industry in exactly the way the conspiracy theorists say that WHO has been doing since the beginning of this pandemic.

What.s even more strange is the claim that a vaccine protects people from a virus rather than exposing them to it. What’s amazing about this claim is that a vaccine works precisely by firing up the immune system through exposure. Why I had to type those words is truly beyond me. This has been known for centuries. There is simply no way for medical science completely to replace the human immune system. It can only game it via what used to be called inoculation. …

That is why the Great Barrington Declaration, written by three of the world’s preeminent epidemiologists and which advocated embracing the phenomenon of herd immunity as a way of protecting the vulnerable and minimizing harms to society, was met with such venom. Now we see the WHO, too, succumbing to political pressure. This is the only rational explanation for changing the definition of herd immunity that has existed for the past century.

Link h ttps://

Editorial addition, January 4, 2021: WHO has changed it definition yet again, to incorporate the obvious reality of natural immunity.

They Said It Was Safe

When taken in large doses, government lies about the vaxx are sillier than they appear to be individually.

Millions of Americans are only getting one shot of two-shot vaccines

h ttps://

By Matthew Rozsa, 27 April 2021

As most of the public knows by now, the two mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna to protect against COVID-19 require two shots to function. Sure, one shot is helpful, to be sure; but like a puzzle with two pieces, the vaccination isn’t technically “done” until both inoculations are complete.

That is why experts are concerned about a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that reveals that millions of Americans never returned for that second jab. The CDC’s data reveals that almost eight percent of the people who received one Moderna or Pfizer shot . roughly five million people and counting . did not get a second dose.

Only 8% of Americans can learn from experience.

The reasons for second-shot absenteeism vary: some facilities that give out the shots simply ran out of supplies.


Others had the wrong vaccines on hand.


In some cases, patients mistakenly believed one shot would keep them safe.


In other cases, some were wary after experiencing side effects from their initial jab, according to interviews conducted by The New York Times.


“From that survey, our psychobehavioral data enabled us to come up with five distinct segments of Americans based on their intention to get the vaccine.The Enthusiasts, the Watchful, the Cost-Anxious, The System Distrusters, and the Conspiracy Believers,” Charles explained. “People in each segment share similar beliefs and concerns about COVID-19 vaccination, rather than being similar primarily in their demographics.”

While the Enthusiasts are on board with vaccination and it will be extremely difficult to sway the Conspiracy Believers, the other three groups are known as the “Persuadable.”

Begin Persuasion!

The Rare COVID Vaccine Side Effect Doctors Want You to Prepare For

h ttps://

By Kali Coleman, 29 January 2021

Just that headline is special.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the expected vaccine side effects.fever, chills, tiredness, headache, and pain or swelling of the injected arm.are a normal response to your body building immunity against the virus. But now, doctors are warning about another vaccine side effect that hasn’t been as discussed. As more and more people get their shots, they’re noticing a lump in the armpit of the arm where they got vaccinated.

Also in the neck, per this article. Don’t worry, it’s not breast cancer! Not for another decade or so.

While this might seem strange or alarming, doctors want to assure patients that it’s actually totally normal, even though it’s on the rare side as far as side effects go.

It’s rare to be normal!

Mother’s face, arms, chest, back and legs erupt in agonising red rash after getting AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine

h ttps://

31 March 2021

Leigh King, from North Lanarkshire in Scotland, claimed her skin flared up almost immediately after she got her first dose two weeks ago . and is still sore now.

‘My skin was so sore and constantly hot,’ she said. ‘I have never felt pain like this… and to say it’s been the worst time of my life is an absolute understatement.’

The hairdresser, 41, was invited for the jab because she is the sole carer of her autistic son, Aidan, 13. Ms King said she has been unable to look after the teenager since because of her burning rashes.

She claimed she visited hospital for help three times but was turned away by doctors despite the pain being so bad she could ‘barely walk out’ on the final visit.

Britain’s drug regulator lists rashes as an ‘uncommon’ side-effect of the AstraZeneca jab . affecting up to one in 100 people . and has recorded 3,795 cases so far. It is not clear whether she suffered an allergic reaction to the jab, or whether her rash was because of her immune system’s natural overreaction to the jab.

It does not list them as a possible reaction to the Pfizer vaccine but a few thousand Britons have also reported suffering rashes after getting that jab.

A few thousand RARE Britons, remember!

NHS England said it could not comment on individual cases, but insisted the jabs approved for use in the UK met ‘strict standards’ on quality, safety and efficacy… Ms King said she waited 48 hours before seeking treatment from doctors, in line with medical advice, but was turned away each time.

NHS Consultant dermatologist in London and British Skin Foundation expert Dr Adil Sheraz said the rash could have been sparked by other factors. ‘The case in question here is of course very unfortunate and may have been secondary to the vaccine, or more likely to one the components that make up the vaccine,’ he told MailOnline.

It wasn’t the vaxx, it was a component of the vaxx!

‘Commenting on this individual case would be difficult, as there could be a number of other causes for the rash, which appears to be very much urticarial (hive-like) in nature.’ …Rashes can be triggered by a multitude of factors including pollen irritating the skin, insect bites and exposure to heat.

“I got vaxxed and for the first time in my life, I had a persistent full-body rash to sunny weather! But at least the vaxx is safe!”

He added: ‘Data from the vaccination programme continues to be updated and to date, the chances of having any severe side effect remains low. ‘The only way we will defeat this pandemic is via the vaccination programme and I would urge the public to continue to get themselves vaccinated when their time comes.’

It’s no skin off his back. It’s skin off her back.

That was AstraZeneca, this is J&J:

by: Talya Cunningham

Posted: Mar 29, 2021 / 07:43 PM EDT / Updated: Mar 30, 2021 / 02:17 PM EDT

WARNING: The following article and video contains graphic images

It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, assuming you’ve enjoyed boiled lobster with the shell cracked open before.

Richard Terrell got the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine earlier this month. He suffered a severe rash that spread over his entire body and turned his skin red. The 74-year-old was admitted to the hospital and spent five days at VCU Medical Center.

Terrell was released from the hospital and is now sharing his vaccination story as he recovers from the comfort of his Goochland home. He tells 8News that he’s still very weak and that it will take some time for him to fully recover, but he’s thankful to have received his dose. “It all just happened so fast. My skin peeled off,. Terrell said as he looked down. .It’s still coming off on my hands now..

On March 6, Terrell received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ashland. He shares that everything went perfectly fine, however four days later he started experiencing symptoms.

.I began to feel a little discomfort in my armpit and then a few days later I began to get an itchy rash, and then after that I began to swell and my skin turned red,. Terrell explained.

Armpit again? Those damn lymph nodes are giving Fauci-Jabs a bad reputation.

Terrell told 8News as days passed, things got worse. He had a consultation with a dermatologist and was told to go to the emergency room; on March 19 Terrell was admitted. The rash quickly spread over Terrell’s body. His legs and hands were almost unrecognizable from swelling and his skin was red and patchy.

.It was stinging, burning and itching,. Terrell said as he described the pain. .Whenever I bent my arms or legs, like the inside of my knee, it was very painful where the skin was swollen and was rubbing against itself..

Dermatology Hospitalist at VCU Health, FNU Nutan, is one of Terrell’s doctors. After conducting a biopsy over the weekend, it was determined that it was a drug reaction. Dr. Nutan says it could have been life-threatening if untreated.

She said that through careful testing and process of elimination, as well as consultation with colleagues around the world, it’s been determined that the rare reaction was sparked by the vaccine.

.We ruled out all the viral infections, we ruled out COVID-19 itself, we made sure that his kidneys and liver was okay, and finally we came to the conclusion that it was the vaccine that he had received that was the cause,. said Dr. Nutan.

After careful consideration and global consultation, Nutan was forced to accept the obvious.

She and her colleagues believe Terrell’s reaction has something to do with his genetic make-up and the vaccine type. Dr. Nutan says Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA.s and Johnson & Johnson is a vector viral.

Regardless, the reaction Terrell suffered is extremely rare.

“The vaxx is safe.”

“My skin is coming off in sheets!”

“Unfortunate. Regardless, the vaxx is safe.”

.If you look at the risk for adverse reaction for the vaccine it’s really, really low,. Dr. Nutan told 8News. .We haven’t seen a great concern at all. I am a big proponent of the vaccine..

Terrell and Dr. Nutan are encouraging people to get vaccinated and monitor their response. Dr. Nutan goes on to say, this reaction is treatable and she’s seen worse symptoms of COVID-19 over the past year.

“His skin peeled off but that’s treatable and COVID can kill you.”

Bonus, I found this in the comments:

Mississippi father suffers stroke hours after being vaccinated, CDC investigating

h ttps://

By Meg Farris, 15 April 2021

ST MARTIN, Mississippi . Local doctors are treating a man from the Mississippi Gulf Coast who suffered from a stroke not long after getting a COVID vaccine.

At this time, no link has been made to the vaccine, but the CDC is investigating the case.

Brad Malagarie, 43, is the father of seven from St. Martin, Mississippi. Three hours after he had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine he was unresponsive at his desk.

Dude, take all the time you want. The link will still be there whenever you’re ready.

North Carolina man says he suffered stroke 2 days after getting J & J vaccine

h ttps://

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) . A North Carolina man tells FOX 46 he suffered a stroke after getting his Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but he says doctors are still trying to figure out if there’s a connection.

Ronald Talton says he doesn’t regret getting the vaccine, but says the stroke, which he got from a blood clot, came just two days after he got his shot. Now, he’s just trying to figure out if it’s a coincidence or a cause.

Talton says his stroke came just two days after he got his shot at Bank of America Stadium. He says he has a history of atrial fibrillation but had never had any episodes, up until April 13.

That’s a heart condition, not a brain condition. Irregular heartbeat, if my faux Latin is working today.

.Started to get a headache around 5:00, it wasn’t remarkable, but then I noticed having trouble seeing monitors to the right of me,. he said.

He had to go to the hospital and he says, right now, doctors are still trying to figure out what happened. Talton wants to make it clear that there is no connection yet to his shot and his stroke, but doctors have had to note what happened for further study.

.The good thing is, they do have protocols in place to check this out, record and see if there’s anything that led to it,. he said. “But my true hope is that there is no coincidence, that it was a result of my atrial fibrillation..

Experts say the rare clots related to the vaccine have mainly shown up in women, but not exclusively. Talton is also in good physical shape and, despite what happened, he still believes in the COVID vaccine.

.I would probably do the other vaccines if I had the opportunity, but I would not hesitate to get it again..

We have a contestant for Darwin Award 2021! It’s gonna be a crowded field but “I would get the vaxx again even if it does turn out to have been the cause of my stroke that happened immediately after getting the last one” is a strong entry.

These blood clot experts want you to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Here’s why.

h ttps://

21 April 2021

It was just about a year ago that doctors started noticing Covid-19 patients showing up in emergency rooms with strokes, and complained that blood clots were clogging up dialysis machines and other equipment being used to keep coronavirus patients alive.

Frantic intensive care unit specialists reported “dramatic” blood clots in the heart, liver and other organs. Autopsies of coronavirus victims in New Orleans showed their lungs were jammed with clots.

Some young, seemingly healthy patients were suffering massive strokes from Covid-19.

“As a blood clot expert, I can tell you it’s the most blood-clotting disease we have ever seen in our lifetimes,” said Dr. Alex Spyropoulos, a professor at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research in New York.

So they feel it’s ironic that fears about a much, much rarer type of blood clot may now scare people off getting vaccinated.

A virus causes blood clotting, then a vaxx that uses parts of the virus also causes clotting? That’s not irony. That’s CONSISTENCY.

Last week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration recommended a pause in giving out Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen coronavirus vaccine while experts investigate whether it can cause blood clots and, if so, what to do about it.

Let’s close it off with this video from Bitchute about a woman who got the first Pfizer jab, had a stroke, went back for the second jab and had a second stroke. I wasn’t able to properly source it so don’t know if she had sampan eyes before her journey into brain damage.

Foolish Women Tear Down Their Offices, Too

Proverbs 14:1. “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” Today in your hearing, they tear down their offices, too.

Are we seeing the return of the closed-door office? I hope not.

h ttps://

By Barbara Krasnoff, 2 May 2021

So it seems that Google, the exemplar of the open-office concept, is trying now to figure out how to keep its design ideals intact while offering its employees at least some feeling of safety in these 6-foot-apart times.

That will be tricky. If the open-office concept is good for anything but fostering paranoia then it’s a well-kept secret and certainly not “some feeling of safety”.

Apparently, these measures may include a number of interesting concepts, such as inflatable walls. (A GIF of one of those walls slowly unfolding nearly had me doing a spit-take with my morning coffee.)

I don’t see it catching on because of incompatibility with panopticon-obsessed managers who project their hateful suspicions upon their maltreated proles. Barbie has nothing to worry about.

“Let’s go camping, everybody!”

These rather complex measures may have some people wondering whether we should abandon the entire open-office concept and go back to a more old-fashioned . but in these pandemic days, safer . plan of separate offices and high-walled cubicles. To tell you the truth, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But.

It sounds like an AWESOME idea! Forget outlawing slavery, we should have instead passed a right to put a soundproofed-cardboard barrier between ourselves and that mouth-breathing, nose-picking neighbor. In fact, that’s what the Bible did. Instead of outlawing the putting of chains and collars on slaves, it instead mandated that subordinates be treated so humanely that there was no longer an economic incentive to slavery by ANY name.

USA doesn’t have slavery anymore. We have student debt, prison labor, alimony and new for Obama-2, mandatory recommended health guidelines. Totally different, except none of our leaders want themselves to be treated in the new ways, either.

First, let me assure you that I am not a great fan of the whole open-office concept myself. As someone who worked out of a home office for many years, and in a traditional office setting before that, while the comradery that the open office encourages is nice, I don’t love the need to dash for a closed-door “phone booth” every time I receive, or need to make, a personal call . or, in fact, any call. I don’t enjoy having to hide in a cubicle in the ladies. room if I am even a little upset or angry.

If Cuckservatives only knew how unsuited women are to the workplace… temperamentally as well as physically… then they would furiously outlaw reality.

In fact, before the pandemic hit, I was strongly tempted to put a photo from the 1928 film The Crowd or 1960.s The Apartment up at my desk to show that, well, open offices aren’t exactly new to our times.

Exactly! What could be worse than such dehumanizing behavior?

On the other hand. One thing I definitely do not miss about the traditional office structure is what having a private office represented. It was status. It showed what your boss thought of you and your potential. It represented your place in the organization . both to you, and to everyone else.

So? There are always status indicators in the workplace. Privacy for managers had the extra advantage that they sometimes need to keep discussions with staff discreet. It’s status, sure, but status that serves a purpose. Like a CEO getting a company jet. Why force everybody to be unhappy because the alternative… uh-oh.

She could be the poster girl for “somebody who would rather watch the entire world suffer than be happy for a man in authority over her”.

Today, she is.

Years ago, a newly-appointed editor-in-chief at a publication where I worked decided that he didn’t like me, but didn’t want to look bad by firing an employee who had a good record with the company. So he reassigned me from a private office to a cubicle next to the sales department, where I had to try to do my work while the guy next to me spent the day shouting into his phone. I, and everyone I worked with, recognized the significance of the move. It was meant to tell other workers that I was a pariah. It was meant to tell vendors and PR reps that I was not respected by my publication, and perhaps they should be dealing with someone else. It was meant to convince me to leave.

In a truly open office, where nobody (including the editor-in-chief) has their own office, that is no longer an issue. There are other ways, of course, to mistreat an employee . lots of different ways. But the use of the office as an indication of your status within the company can be incredibly toxic.

And years later, she’s still bitter and resentful about that editor-in-chief? I cannot imagine why he decided he didn’t like Barbie and her “good record”. No, instead she wants no man above her to have a scrap more privilege than she does… which I’m guessing has, inexplicably, not increased much since being paired with Loud Howard.

In The Apartment, for example, Jack Lemmon plays a worker who is promised his own office if he allows executives to use his apartment for their extramarital flings. In other words, he is strongly tempted to compromise his own ethics in order to gain this status symbol.

There’s a movie that nobody saw… a man trying to sleep his way to the top of his company. *checks* It won a lot of awards, natch for early feminism… Wikipedia says eighth-highest grossing film of 1960, hmm, they didn’t do the blockbuster thing back then so I dunno. It was reportedly played for laughs at the time so maybe was popular for that reason.

Not that I’m going to watch a second of it.

If Google, and other current companies, can combine the better features of the open-office system with an increase in privacy and safety, then more power to them . even to their weird, inflating walls.

Yeah, so, feminism was never about equality. It was always about male envy.

Incoming CDC Coverup Of Post-Vaxx Cases

Headlines move so quickly these days, that it’s hard to spot a story before it happens. Hat tip to for turning me on to how the CDC is preparing to cover up post-vaxx COVID incidents.

h ttps://

Let’s start by declaring victory:

COVID-19 Vaccines are Effective

Vaccine breakthrough cases occur in only a small percentage of vaccinated persons. To date, no unexpected patterns have been identified in the case demographics or vaccine characteristics among people with reported vaccine breakthrough infections.

COVID-19 vaccines are effective. CDC recommends that all eligible people get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is available to them.

CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people continue take steps to protect themselves and others in many situations, like wearing a mask, maintaining an appropriate social distance from others, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and washing their hands often.

Which is it? Are post-quaccination infections rare or do you need to continue taking physical precautions?

Never mind. Now that we know the Quaccines are effective, let’s review the CDC’s methodology for measuring the effectiveness of quaccines:

Establishing a vaccine breakthrough case definition

A person who has SARS-CoV-2 RNA or antigen detected on a respiratory specimen collected .14 days after completing the primary series of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-authorized COVID-19 vaccine.

Reasonable. This is what we’re talking about when discussing “breakthroughs” here. The vaccine-quaccine literary duel would only get tiresome.

How to cook the breakthrough books!

Step 2: Make it opt-in.

It is important to note that reported vaccine breakthrough cases will represent an undercount. This surveillance system is passive and relies on voluntary reporting from state health departments which may not be complete.

You could always require that reporting. Come on, you require that I not worship Christ because my spittle might fly farther than six feet even if I did wear the recommended number of face diapers. If you can do that, CDC, then you can require being notified of reports that FauciJab really is the shit.

Step 3: Sweep the ones the journalists won’t look for under the rug.

Identifying and investigating COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases

In the coming weeks, CDC will transition from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only vaccine breakthrough infections that result in hospitalization or death. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance.

Step 4: Add a middleman.

CDC has developed a national COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough REDCap database where designated state health department investigators can enter, store, and manage data for cases in their jurisdiction. State health departments have full access to data for cases reported from their jurisdiction.

Ultimately, CDC will use the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) to identify vaccine breakthrough cases. Once CDC has confirmed that a state can report vaccination history data to NNDSS, CDC will identify vaccine breakthrough cases through that system. At that time, the state health department will stop reporting cases directly into the national COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough REDCap database. CDC will upload the available data reported to NNDSS into the COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough REDCap database for further review and confirmation by the state health department.

Suuure they will.

Step 5: Falsify the testing.


If SARS-CoV-2 sequencing will not be performed locally and a specimen is available, the state public health laboratory should request the residual clinical respiratory specimen for subsequent shipping to CDC.

For cases with a known RT-PCR cycle threshold (Ct) value, submit only specimens with Ct value .28 to CDC for sequencing.

The Ct value for non-breakthrough cases is still 40, as mentioned here for example.

h ttps://

This means that the tests for detecting virus in non-vaxxed people will be roughly 4,000 times more sensitive than the tests for detecting viruses in vaxxed people.

That’s not just cooking the books, it’s an admission that the CDC knows the false positive rate thus far has been through the roof.

Step 6: Blame mutants.

Current data suggest that COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States offer protection against most SARS-CoV-2 variants circulating in the United States. However, variants will cause some of these vaccine breakthrough cases.

That’s not the definition of a breakthrough case. Well, I guess it does meet the definition we established at the beginning, but that wouldn’t be a one-off breakthough case, that would be a completely useless vaxx, now wouldn’t it? We don’t call every single case of influenza a breakthrough after the Year One variant.

The only thing worse than the seething bundle of lies that is the Plandemic, is its unquestioning acceptance by general society. Get ready for more ‘evidence’ that the not-vaccines are perfectly safe.