Wilson Took the Ticket And Fuentes Didn’t

I must confess that somehow, Nick Fuentes and his Groyper fans have slipped past my politics radar. That’s true of several conservative groups because I dislike Trump (for entirely different reasons than the Regime has) and by extension, lack interest in Trump’s constellation of supporters.  Although the Proud Boys still turned up on my crime radar. Let me do a quick crash course on who Nick Fuentes is.

Source: h ttps://counter-currents.com/2020/01/nick-fuentes-our-xenus/

Seems comprehensive. Next, the latest J6 hotsheet.

Virginia Man Arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

h ttps://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/pr/virginia-man-arrested-felony-and-misdemeanor-charges-actions-during-jan-6-capitol-breach

20 September 2022

WASHINGTON . A Virginia man has been arrested on felony and misdemeanor charges for assaulting law enforcement officers and other actions during the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. His actions and the actions of others disrupted a joint session of the U.S. Congress convened to ascertain and count the electoral votes related to the presidential election.

Joseph Brody, 23, of Springfield, Virginia, is charged in a criminal complaint with assaulting, resisting, or impeding law enforcement officers, causing bodily injury, interfering with a law enforcement officer during a civil disorder, and obstruction of an official proceeding, all felony offenses. He also is charged with two misdemeanor offenses. Brody was arrested on Sept. 15, 2022, in Springfield. He made his initial appearance in the District of Columbia later that day and was released pending further court proceedings.

I can only guess that “during a civil disorder” is being used as an enhancement. Felony assault usually involves a weapon and there are differences between assaulting, resisting and/or impeding a cop.

Four other defendants also face misdemeanor charges. They include Thomas Carey, 21, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Gabriel Chase, 22, of Gainesville, Florida; Jon Lizak, 21, of Cold Spring Harbor, New York, and Paul Ewald Lovley, 23, of Halethorpe, Maryland. Carey and Lizak were arrested on Sept. 15, 2022, Lovley was arrested Sept. 19, 2022, and Chase was arrested today.

Hmm. What’s the connection between these five apparent randoms?

According to court documents, all five defendants communicated with one another in advance of Jan. 6, 2021, and eventually illegally entered the Capitol as a group, at approximately 2:16 p.m.

Not even misdemeanor trespass, because the door was opened for them. Some of those protesters took selfies with the Capitol cops.

They moved throughout multiple levels, corridors, and rooms of the building, including the office and conference room of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Brody also entered the floor of the U.S. Senate Chamber, where he filmed or photographed the desks of U.S. Senators.

If the Senators have nothing to hide then they don’t deserve privacy.

After about 35 minutes, the group exited the building and moved to the north end of the Capitol, witnessing the breach of the North Door.

Not a crime.

Brody assisted another person in the mob in using a metal barricade against a U.S. Capitol Police officer, knocking the officers back as he attempted to secure the North Door. Brody and Chase also participated in the destruction of media equipment.

Okay, maybe a crime. Was Brody locally charged & released, or was he extradited to D.C. and placed in solitary pre-trial confinement until he signs a confession?

This case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and the Department of Justice National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section.

Aaand here’s what they didn’t tell you:

h ttps://twitter.com/capitolhunters/status/1572344317057835014

#SeditionHunters – a big one has dropped, the first major arrest of Nick Fuentes’ Groypers: the neo-Nazi #SuitGuy, Joseph Brody, and his 4 friends (#SuitGuysFlock). This is a big one and some things about it are still embargoed – it will only get bigger.

#SeditionHunters have maintained a mega-thread on this set since March 2021. #SuitGuysFlock walked in with Fuentes’ Groyper Army (he brought over 200 followers) but then moved together all day: four young college-aged men and their older mentor. 2/

#WhitePufferBrat, one of the Flock members, is SUNY Binghamton student Jon Lizak, president of the NY Federation of College Republicans and a public figure in his own right, famous for suing his university in 2020: he felt he was ‘censored’ after a ‘leftist mob’ hassled him. 4/

Photojournalist @sandibachom filmed the Groypers marching too, now chanting “Christ is King” and “f-k you journalist”. The older guy in front with the megaphone is S. Calif. extremist Kim Sorgente (#BigBadSamaritan), arrested for assault at the tunnel. 8/

The Jan 6 Capitol attack was fueled by a long, deliberate campaign of rallies and social media. Nick Fuentes (#IamNickFuentes) – who praised Hitler at this year’s AFPAC conference – was a major player. His extremism was tolerated if he brought a crowd. 1/

Tolerated, yes, for upwards of 20 months by the FBI. I suspect they’ve been sitting on this particular indictment for a long time, and maybe the election in five weeks might be motivating this.

Incidentally, you have about four weeks to finish SHTF preps. Whatever the outcome of the November election is, half of America won’t accept it.

Time to look closer at Nick… whoa, the search engine results repeat themselves whenever I request “more”. Fuentes is mojo persona non grata with Team Evil… ah, he’s been recently accused of claiming Jews run the government. That could explain his fans getting arrested as a retaliatory action. Arrested, or worse:

Top ally of Nick Fuentes arrested for threats against conservative group, child porn

h ttps://www.dailydot.com/debug/alejandro-richard-velasquez-gomez-fbi-arrest/

By Mikael Thalen, 19 August 2022

A 19-year-old in Texas with ties to far-right figure Nick Fuentes has been charged by the FBI for planning to carry out an attack against the conservative student group Turning Point USA.


Dang, my BS detector was FAST. But yeah, the FBI would never prevent a Red-on-Red terrorist attack. They’d crush both sides by letting it happen then taking down the perp. After J6, nobody even pretends that FBI is about impartial law enforcement and I got headlines…

h ttps://www.theblaze.com/news/fbi-veteran-suspended-politicized-raid

…for anybody who disagrees.

Alejandro Richard Velasquez Gomez, according to a criminal complaint affidavit, made credible threats in a post on Instagram outlining plans to carry out violence against participants of the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit (SAS) in Tampa, Florida, last month.

.July 22 is the day of retribution the day I will have revenge against all of humanity which all of you will pay for my suffering,. the post said.

BS detector is redlining.

The post concluded with the statement that .SAS will be the turning point of the LatinoZoomer lore. alongside a video of Velasquez sitting in his car. The video and wording of the post are eerily similar to those made by Elliot Rodger, an incel who killed six people in California in 2014.

As noted by the San Antonio Express-News, an FBI agent who interviewed Velasquez claimed that “he intended the post to evoke Elliot Rodger and was familiar with Elliot Rodger due to extensive online research..

BS detector is smoking & sparking.

Velasquez, who agents say even booked but later canceled a flight from Texas to Florida, has since been charged with making threatening interstate communications and remains in custody. Following his arrest, Velasquez was subsequently charged with possession of child pornography as well after FBI agents reportedly located illegal images on his cell phone.

Located, or loaded? What a coincidence that the guy they picked up for terrorizing just happened to also be a perv!

Sooo, this kid’s smartphone made terrorist threats on a public platform, then bought a plane ticket and refunded it, then downloaded a bunch of kiddie porn for the convenience of law enforcement who stopped his terrorist attack mere days AFTER it was scheduled to happen. Can they prove this kid even knew what his smartphone was doing?

And his motive for interstate mass murder is “women won’t touch me”? Which is he, heterosexual or kiddie-diddler?

This stinks like sauerkraut in a sewer.

Turning Point USA has been an enemy of Fuentes and his followers, who refer to themselves online as “Groypers” or the “Gropyer Army,. after the conservative group attempted to ban them from attending their summit last year.

Rumor has it, that TPUSA and Ben Shapiro offered The Ticket to Fuentes and he refused.

Who is Velasquez’s role model, Elliot Rodger or Nick Fuentes? Does Fuentes know this “top ally” exists?

In a statement on the incident, Fuentes denied have any connections to Velasquez.

.For the record, Alejandro Velasquez had nothing to do with me or America First. As far as I’m aware he attended CPAC Dallas last year where I briefly made an appearance,. Funetes wrote on Telegram. “Claims on social media that he was part of our team in any way are completely untrue. Censorship, debanking, and blacklisting didn’t work so now they lie..

On the upside, this might not be an election shenanigan. That rumor I mentioned, Nick refusing the Ticket, would explain this surge in pressure on Fuentes perfectly.

I watched a couple of his videos on the not-youTubes. His youth is surprising. While he occasionally says things he shouldn’t, or should have phrased better, my early impression is that it’s the result of a young guy tackling an unforgivingly steep learning curve rather than a crisis actor throwing chum in the water.

If the measure of a man is his enemies then I like what I see. Although I wonder who his patrons are. Not much money in being a high-profile dissident in a totalitarian regime.

By contrast, Doug Wilson DID take the ticket. He’s recently been featured on an NBC interview with a ranking female journalist about Christian nationalism, in which he admits that homosexual couples would be allowed in a Christian society but not be recognized as married.

That was not exactly God’s opinion regarding sexual perversions.

I tried to locate the interview and don’t think I fully succeeded, as the clip I ended up with did not contain some quotes I found in other sources. (Such as the abovementioned sodomy comment.) But this helpful link from Vox Day will establish that Wilson is a false nationalist and by extension, false Christian Nationalist:

Kin, Skin, & Sin

h ttps://dougwils.com/books-and-culture/s7-engaging-the-culture/kin-skin-and-sin.html

By Doug Wilson, 26 September 2022

The time has once more arose, as the fellow once said, to have a little thoughtful interaction with the concept of kinism.

Kinism is racism as gatekept by either Wilson or a defrocked pastor from Michigan named Bret McAtee.


Christian Reformed Church dismissed Charlotte pastor two years before hate group designation

h ttps://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/local/2021/02/19/christian-reformed-church-dismissed-charlotte-pastor-two-years-before-hate-group-designation/6736329002/

By Rachel Greco, 19 February 2021

CHARLOTTE – Bret McAtee, the pastor of Christ the King Reformed Church of Charlotte, was dismissed as an ordained minister with the Christian Reformed Church in North America two years before the Southern Poverty Law Center identified his church as a “white nationalist” hate group.

After his dismissal, McAtee’s church, then named Charlotte Christian Reformed Church, left the denomination . which includes more than 1,000 congregations in the U.S. and Canada. The church’s name was changed to Christ the King Reformed Church of Charlotte after leaving.

McAtee taught and wrote about Kinism, a theology that holds to a belief that races should be kept separate and that people should not marry outside their race, said Ken Bieber, pastor of outreach and discipleship at River Terrace Church in East Lansing, a congregation in the Christian Reformed Church.

The denomination’s pastors knew what McAtee was teaching in 2016 and made efforts to address it, Bieber said.

The Christian Reformed Church’s leadership declared Kinism a heresy contrary to the denomination’s doctrine in June 2019.

McAtee’s actions prompted the move, said Reggie Smith, its diversity director.

Sounds like McAtee did nothing wrong. Regardless, I see no reason to believe ‘kinism’ is anything but racism viewed in a positive light. Which it often should be. Your family comes before your neighbors.

End segue

There are three reasons for tackling [my critic Bret McAtee] just now. The first is that Canon Press is re-releasing my book Skin and Blood, which challenges kinism in various places, and this is the book Bret interacts with.

This Bret guy did a takedown on Wilson. He is more forgiving than I am.

The second reason is that Canon is also soon to release Stephen Wolfe’s book called The Case for Christian Nationalism, and a predictable line of critique is going to be that Wolfe’s thesis is a racist dog whistle.

Wilson refuses to take credit for Wilson’s own critique.

And the third reason is that because we are all living under the current regime of a crazed board of governors overseeing the current ESG Madhouse, kinism is looking more and more like a responsible option to more and more conservative Christians, and so I think that some warnings are in order.

It’s not a madhouse. Cthulhu only swims Left.

Skipping his inscrutable word-salad warnings, these two quotes prove Wilson has less than zero interest in any form of nationalism:

…It is crucial to note that the apostle Paul does not leave the Cretans to wallow in their wicked ways. He goes on to tell Titus to “rebuke them sharply” so that they wouldn’t be like that any more. There is no genetic determinism when it comes to sin.

Moving goalposts. Paul never claimed genetic determinism. If the Cretans were ‘like that’ then Crete clearly had its own culture, people and modes of behavior. Crete was not Thessalonica was not Gaul was not Egypt.

I confess myself as not being in charge of anything that other people might want to call themselves. I am only in charge of what I am willing to call myself. And if Christian Nationalism comes to be widely associated with ethnic animosity and/or ethnic vainglory, then to Hell with Christian Nationalism, and I would rather be dead in a ditch than to call myself that. I would drop it like a hot rock.

No country for white men, eh? Just a proposition nation that doesn’t care who exactly is staffing it at any point in time, like a McDonalds?

Wilson claimed he’s not the guy in charge of what Christian Nationalism is, after he gave an interview with the Cathedral as a representative and agent of Christian Nationalism in Idaho. Then, he hid his GAE-mandated hatred of white people behind a word salad and a self-invented term.

Meanwhile, Nick Fuentes has been persecuted off multiple platforms and the FBI hunts his fans, hoping to hurt him by proxy & association.

Liberals Can’t Meme: Nordstream Example

It’s easy to spot a Liberal attempt at meme-crafting. The major giveaway is they’re scared to use metaphor or hyperbole; anything they say that can be intentionally misinterpreted by a peer in the Hive, is a weapon against them. Thus, the Lefty tries to either go Full Autistic or meaningless bafflegarble.

This meme turned up on Western Rifle Shooters. I don’t know its origin but am confident it’s “left of Drumph”.

The quick giveaway is that it literally calls out anybody who disagrees, retarded. Who does that, I wonder?

Then there’s a total lack of metaphor, symbology or… anything artistic. It’s a wall of text with an image of Putin giggling. Zero chance of a Narrative violation.

But sure, let’s entertain the idea that the author might have a point. What if the Nordstream sabotage really was a Russian effort?

1.Russia destroying Nordstream is terrible for Russian revenue. Revenue is why Russia built Nordstream in the first place, and now they’re not even ABLE to sell gas in Europe… at a time when prices are sky-high!

Was NATO not paying attention to what the Russian Navy was doing offshore of Sweden?

2. The only reason people might believe Putin blaming USA for such an act, is because USA has a very long habit of doing exactly such things. (Syria says hello.) Also, because Biden said in February that he’d destroy the Nordstreams. If Russia did what America threatened America would do, then frankly, America’s got no reason to complain about being framed for it.

Also frankly, if America threatened to do it then it wasn’t because they were secretly trying to help Russia.

3. “Putin gets to play the innocent victim”, ah, what sweet projection. Russia IS an innocent victim. Its special military operation came at the end of eight years’ provocation, the last straw being Ukraine joining NATO which would have put Moscow within blitzkrieg range, then when the limited invasion began… and it WAS limited, civilian infrastructure was mostly unharmed… all of NATO tried to destabilize Russia’s economy and headhunt its financial leaders. (Very strange behavior, that last bit. Very informative, too.)

And lastly, Putin can already do anything he wants vis a vis Europe. Russia just got the green light from all four of the referendums it just held in the Donbas.

It’s USA that is desperate to always be the prettiest whore. We always have to look like the good guy even as the world watches ten percent go to the Big Guy.

I don’t defend Putin because I’m a Russophile, or am paid to, or am trying to impress somebody, or am working some angle. I defend Putin because the truth is, Putin didn’t do this sabotage. If he had then I’d blame him just as quickly. Putin doesn’t matter. USA doesn’t matter. Memes don’t matter. Only the truth matters.

And there’s a lot of truth in that! (Also sourced from WRS.)

Explaining memes to a liberal is like explaining honesty to a Communist. They’ll never learn because they don’t want to learn. Liberals see art as a weapon, something that winners do to losers. That’s why they can’t create, can’t be happy, can’t be curious, can’t change over time, can’t be tolerant, can’t salvage Star Wars and can’t meme.

GAE Blew The Nordstream Pipelines Because Its Baltic Pipeline Just Came Online

The Doomsday Clock hit midnight yesterday, on Sept. 27. You heard it here first!

Nord Stream operator says three offshore gas pipelines damaged in one day

h ttps://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reuters.com%2Fbusiness%2Fenergy%2Fnord-stream-operator-says-three-offshore-gas-pipelines-damaged-one-day-2022-09-27%2F

27 September 2022

MOSCOW, Sept 27 (Reuters) – Three offshore lines of the Nord Stream gas pipeline system on the bed of the Baltic Sea sustained “unprecedented” damage in one day, Nord Stream AG, the operator of the network, said on Tuesday.

No way that wasn’t sabotage, by a major maritime power. It was either NATO/GAE or Russia, and Russia isn’t benefiting from the loss.

The bulletin was published after Sweden’s Maritime Authority issued a warning about two leaks in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, shortly after a leak on the nearby Nord Stream 2 pipeline was discovered that prompted Denmark to restrict shipping in a five nautical mile radius. read more

Nord Stream AG said it was impossible to estimate when the gas network system’s working capability would be restored.

Early reports say, not until after winter.

The destruction that occurred on the same day simultaneously on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented. It is not yet possible to estimate the timing of the restoration of the gas transport infrastructure,” it said in comments to reporters.

Nord Stream 1, which consists of two parallel lines with nameplate capacity of 27.5 billion cubic metres per year each, started supplying gas directly from Russia to Germany in 2011.

Flows via the pipeline, which had been working at only 20% of its capacity since July, were halted at the end of August and were not relaunched following maintenance.

Russia blames faulty equipment at a key compressor station and Western sanctions over Ukraine for its idling. read more

Nord Stream 2, which runs almost in parallel to Nord Stream 1, was built in September 2021 but was never launched as Germany refused to certify it. The project was halted altogether just days before Moscow sent its troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

USA did it, of course. Here’s Biden saying so before the fact, h/t Mr. Filotto:

h ttps://www.gfilotto.com/it-couldnt-possibly-have-been-the-usa-that-blew-up-nordstream-2-right

But why did they do it now, you ask? Check the date on this:

Baltic Pipe: Norway-Poland gas pipeline opens in key move to cut dependency on Russia

h ttps://www.euronews.com/2022/09/27/baltic-pipe-norway-poland-gas-pipeline-opens-in-key-move-to-cut-dependency-on-russia

By Alasdair Sandford with Reuters, 27 September 2022

Leaders from Poland, Norway and Denmark have attended a ceremony to mark the opening of the new Baltic Pipe, a key stage in the drive to wean Poland and Europe off Russian gas.

No need to pore over maps and histories for this one, folks. The Nordstream gas pipelines were triple-sabotaged ON THE SAME DAY as the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the globalists’ Baltic gas pipeline.

The pipeline will transport natural gas from the Norwegian shelf via Denmark and through the Baltic Sea to Poland. It is the centrepiece of a Polish strategy to diversify away from Russia that began years before Moscow’s February invasion of Ukraine triggered a global energy crisis.

The flows from Norway along with supplies via liquefied gas terminals are central to Poland’s plan. The country was cut off from Russian gas supplies in April, allegedly for refusing to pay in roubles.

Those evil Russkies, no longer accepting dollars just because GAE tried to collapse their national economy! That ungrateful evil Putler!

“The era of Russian domination in the field of gas is coming to an end, the era that was marked by blackmail, threats and extortion,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the inauguration at Budno in western Poland.

Jewish heads of goyim European states never lie or project when they accuse others of blackmail, threats and extortion!

Exquisitely punchable smugface!

Norwegian Energy Minister Terje Aasland said it was “an important step on the important road to Europe’s independence from Russian energy”.

Some background and timing about the Baltic pipeline:

h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltic_Pipe

The project started in 2001, when Danish oil and gas company DONG and Polish oil and gas company PGNiG signed an agreement on construction of the pipeline and Danish gas supply to Poland It was agreed to establish a pipeline consortium with two-thirds of the shares belonging to DONG and one-third to PGNiG with possible Statoil participation. However, shortly afterward the project was suspended, because of economic feasibility.

The project was revived in 2007… In August 2008, the Polish Government replaced PGNiG with the fully state-owned pipeline operator Gaz-System as the project partner.

On 18 May 2009, the European Commission launched a call for proposals for grants in the framework of the European Energy Programme for Recovery. It proposed to allocate about .150 million for implementation of Skanled and Baltic Pipe projects. The European Commission provided .3.2 million for technical design of the pipeline.[10][11] However, on 16 June 2009 Gaz-System suspended the implementation of the project due to the suspension of the Skanled project and a lack of natural gas demand in Poland.

It sounds like one of those on-again, off-again projects that’s too promising to drop yet not profitable enough to implement.

The project was reactivated by Poland in February 2010 after reviewing the project, to reduce its use of coal and eastern gas.

Again and again.

The current project was initiated in 2016 when a new feasibility study was conducted. The project was included in the first list of projects of common interest by the European Commission in 2013, and the binding list on 18 November 2015. On 24 November 2017, it was included for the third time.

On again, off again.

In 2018, public hearings took place in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland. In July 2018, a .18.3 million subsidy was granted from the Connecting Europe Facility.

Another year, another money pit.

In April 2019, .214.9 million funding was granted to the project by the European Commission.

Whoa, Nelly! “Producers and nations kept picking it up and dropping it, then one year the European Union came along, dumped .200M on the project and wanted it done yesterday.”

Between 2018 and 2020, analytical, survey and design works were carried out in order to obtain the required permits for construction and operation of the Baltic offshore pipeline.

You can’t get a permit to build a house in California in less than two years. This was across multiple national and international jurisdictions?!

On 3 June 2021, the Danish Environmental and Food Appeals Board announced that it had repealed a land permit issued in 2019 for Baltic Pipe. According to the appeals board, a permit for the project given by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency did not sufficiently lay out the measures that would be taken to protect dormice, Nordic birch mice and bats during construction of the 210-kilometer (130-mile) pipeline across Denmark. The decision meant that Denmark’s environmental agency needed to carry out more studies.

Hello, eco-grifters! I’m only surprised that this kind of shakedown happened only once.

Actually… I -AM- surprised that it only happened once.

On 19 June 2021, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency informed that the Baltic Pipe Project can resume construction works in specific parts of the 210-kilometer route across Denmark.

A pipeline shutdown by the rabid environmentalists of Europe barely lasted 16 days?! Did the EU cap-and-trade a few of ’em to encourage the others? That would explain the lack of additional attempts to grift.

When EU decided they wanted this pipeline, they wanted it so fast that their Climate Change goons weren’t even speedbumps.

Hey, wait a minute. At the exact time that global leaders were demanding their decarbonization agendas, they were ALSO building new international gas pipelines! They aren’t trying to eliminate carbon fuels. They’re trying to depress their value in order to monopolize the market.

In April 2022, the North Sea connection was made. Work still remained onshore.

Energinet plans to commission Baltic Pipe with partial capacity from 1 October 2022, by using parts of the existing gas transmission system in Denmark as temporary replacement for the parts that have been delayed. The entire project is expected to be operational at full annual capacity of up to 10 BCM by 1 January 2023.

Working that fast, they ran out of parts, although the Plandemic surely didn’t help.

Such hurried construction begs the question, why would GAE sabotage the Russian pipes before this hastily-built newcomer is even fully online? The odds of it working, when they didn’t even have the parts to build it right let alone spares, are low.

Because… the American election is in November, and the Biden Regime needs World War Three before they risk losing their grip on power.

That’s what the game is here. Eastern Europe no longer has the ability to buy gas from Russia, and the only working supply is now the GAE’s Baltic pipe. And GAE wants war against Putler at all costs, specifically the cost of Eastern Europe’s survival.

By destroying the Nordstream alternatives to its Baltic pipeline, GAE is making a death threat against all of Europe: fight Russia or starve this winter.

This threatpoint cannot be ignored. Europe WILL be going to war and before Spring 2023. Only their target remains uncertain. If they’re stupid, they’ll go to war against Russia hoping that both Putin AND Kagan will have mercy on them for doing so. If they’re smart, the European Union will be gutted before Christmas.

And if they’re genius, they’ll start downing certain private aircraft and sinking certain luxury yachts.

I know how a man would respond to such a death threat. I also know how a woman would respond, and Europe has many female leaders. Lastly, I also know this is Clown World and wouldn’t it be clownish if the Baltic pipeline broke, too? Diversity was their strength!

Academics Uncover the Harvard Plot To Eliminate Them, Complain About Its Lack Of Diversity

The notion should not surprise anybody, that the Ivy League in general and Harvard specifically, is the unofficial government service academy of the D.C. bureaucracy. While they might hire outsiders because of needs, they will forever be outsiders and not permitted into the real, often hidden circles of power.

Even when those outsiders are equally indoctrinated in the Narrative.

Study reveals hiring bias at US universities; most professors come from small number of programs

h ttps://www.theblaze.com/news/study-reveals-hiring-bias-at-us-universities-most-professors-come-from-small-number-of-programs

By Eric Cervone, 25 September 2022

A new study in the journal Nature has found that U.S. universities hire most of their tenure-track faculty members from the same handful of elite institutions. The finding suggests that academic researchers have “little opportunity to obtain jobs at institutions considered more elite than the ones at which they were trained,. a summary of the study states.

Diversity is our strength!

To gather their data, researchers looked into the academic backgrounds of 295,089 faculty members at more than 350 institutions. They found that 80% of all U.S.-trained faculty received their doctorate at just 20.4% of universities. The five most popular universities.UC Berkeley, Harvard, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Stanford.accounted for one in eight faculty members.

If you’ve ever wondered how your own people could betray and destroy you… that’s how. They are Janissaries. Children taken from (or given by) their parents and raised by foreigners to be the eunuch caste enforcing the foreigners’ will upon their own people.

If we’re going to have crimes against humanity then raising children against their parents ought to qualify. But I would prefer to see the formalization of crimes against God. “Humanity” is neither a source nor a goal of moral conduct.

The analysis also showed that, depending on the academic field, only 5.23% of faculty members worked at an institution deemed more prestigious than the one at which they earned their PhD.

.It.s not surprising, but it is jarring. to see the data, said Leslie Gonzales, a social scientist who studies higher education at Michigan State University in East Lansing. .There’s so much brilliant work and training of brilliant scholars that’s happening outside of this tiny sliver. of institutions, and it’s being overlooked, Gonzales added.

They know.

They. Know.

And that means they aren’t ignorant of the evil they do. The alumni of Harvard and UC Berkeley are comparing notes on how to get rid of their colleagues from less Totalist institutions, and proceeding to get rid of them.

Whatcha gonna do about it, colleagues?

Another recent study on elitism in U.S. high education, published in Nature Human Behaviour, showed that nearly 25% of faculty members in America have at least one parent with a PhD. In contrast, less than 1% of people in the general population have a parent with a PhD.

.Is the system a meritocracy?. asked Daniel Larremore, a computational scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder and co-author of both papers. .In peer review, no; in the spread of ideas, no; and in faculty hiring, surely no..

Correct, actually. A very good start. Indeed, the System is a religion, the most violent and intolerant one in human history: socialism. Or communism, Leftism, Marxism, humanism or atheism.

The inability of humans to come up with a lasting term for it is, in my opinion, the most indisputable proof possible that the religion is both supernatural and evil. Humans have been naming nature from the beginning and Christ wants us to understand Him, so when a religion comes along that hates God and cannot be named by Man… it ain’t from either.

Most prestigious academic programs admit students based on a combination of standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and the prestige of their undergraduate degree. Some experts argue that these factors unfairly limit who can be accepted into such programs and ultimately restricts the scope of scientific research.

Don’t change the subject. Be assured, that Harvard alumni preferring Harvard peers to non-Harvard peers has NOTHING to do with test scores, letters of recommendation, perceived prestige or anything else that might be called merit.

It’s a club and you ain’t in it.

.There is a huge amount of literature that says who is in the scientific community affects what research questions are asked,. said Aaron Clauset, a computer scientist at CU Boulder and co-author of the two papers. .By not being as diverse as we could be, as inclusive as we could be, we are losing smart people who could change the world for the better..

Sheesh, academics: you’re all smart and no wise at all. Even when you uncover the conspiracy to replace you with more “trusted” professors, you think the problem is a lack of diversity.

Why do people participate in Totalism? Why do they turn their minds off and go with the flow? The first answer is they tend to be weak people seeking strength in group identity, and that is true. But there is the second motive, that Totalism legalizes and weaponizes the hatred of people that you don’t like. That’s why identity politics is always a major concern with them, because the System requires an endless supply of enemies and scapegoats, and its members can make suggestions!

Here, we see the inner-circle Regime toadies hating their equally-indoctrinated peers for no reason except they can. You came from UC Irvine? What’s it like, being Dirt People trash like you? Damn, you stink of manual labor and catfish. To the outer darkness with you, Drumpf voter!

The -Other- RAND Corporation Plot

RAND is a famous think-tank corporation for the US government. A leaked paper supposedly written by them is being circulated by Swedish media that claims Germany’s self-imposed economic destruction is a GAE attempt at backfilling the American economy. That would be nice if it was true. At long last, I, an American nobody, would finally get my first benefit from being an unwilling inhabitant of one of the most diabolic empires in human history.


I’ll hit the paper briefly, then have some REAL fun. Maybe a rant or two.

h ttps://nyadagbladet.se/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/rand-corporation-ukraina-energikris.pdf

The present state of the U.S. economy does not suggest that it can function without financial and material support from external sources. The quantitative easing policy, which the Fed has resorted to regularly in recent years, as well as the uncontrolled issue of cash during the 2020 and 2021 Covid lockdowns, have led to a sharp increase in the external debt and an increase in the dollar supply.

This first paragraph is my first clue that the document is fake. There is not enough wealth in Europe to stop America’s collapse. Furthermore, the Bidenreich does not want to stop America’s collapse; it wants to hasten it and trigger its economic demolition for maximum yield. The proof is Biden’s first act was ending the Keystone Pipeline, followed by as total a gutting of American energy production as he dared to inflict. If his goal was to prop up the petrodollar by forcing Russia out of Europe then he would have maximized American energy production in preparation for blocking Russian energy.

The continuing deterioration of the economic situation is highly likely to lead to a loss in the position of the Democratic Party in Congress and the Senate in the forthcoming elections to be held in November 2022.

A gentle reminder that you have only about 50 shopping days left before SHTF. Whatever the outcome is of that election, half of America will not accept it.

The impeachment of the President cannot be ruled out under these circumstances, which must be avoided at all costs.

Hah! Getting rid of an American President is a two-step process. First the House of Congress impeaches, then the Senate of Congress convicts. And the Senate will never convict Biden because if they did, Kamala “Veep Throat” Harris would ascend. Biden could be impeached 100 times and still be POTUS. He could be impeached 200 times and still not notice. He could be straight-up assassinated without the powers behind the diaper-throne bearing the slightest inconvenience. I wonder if the Secret Service would even bother to evict his corpse, or if they’d just glue a pen in his severed hand for signing Executive Orders and compost the rest of him in situ.

Biden would die as he lived, a shit stain in the halls of power.

Skipping ahead.

Due to coalition constraints, the German leadership is not in full control of the situation in the country… however, the dramatic deterioration of the living standards may encourage the leadership to reconsider its policy and return to the idea of European sovereignty and strategic autonomy.

I wrote better fiction in grade school. The German leadership IS in total control of Germany; it’s the German people who aren’t, to the extent that they’re reportedly hoarding sticks and dry grass hoping to not freeze to death this winter after martial law gets imposed next month. Strategic autonomy? In the European Union? Whatever, dude.

And here’s the probable motive for this hack job:

The prerequisite for Germany to fall into this trap is the leading role of green parties and ideology in Europe. The German Greems are a strongly dogmatic, if not zealous, movement, which makes it quite easy to make them ignore economic arguments… Personal features and the lack of professionalism of their leaders – primarily Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck – permit to assume that it is next to impossible for them to admit their own mistakes in a timely manner.

Heehee, yes, let’s talk “lack of professionalism”. RAND Corp doesn’t write analysis of the “Mizz Baerbock is too stupid to realize she’s a tool” quality.

Elite US think tank dismisses EU plot report as ‘fake’

h ttps://www.rt.com/news/562911-rand-corp-ukraine-plot/

A top US think tank has slammed a Swedish news report which claimed that it plotted to weaken Germany and the EU by provoking Russia into attacking Ukraine.

RAND corporation has asserted that the claim is “fake.”

I agree. The war in U-Crime has been coming for much longer, and more serious reasons, than that.

The story of an alleged US plan to drain EU resources to prop up its economy was reported on Tuesday by Nya Dagbladet, a Swedish news outlet, which describes itself as anti-globalist, humanist, pro-freedom, and independent. An English-language version was released later in the week.

The newspaper claimed that it obtained a classified document signed by the RAND Corporation, titled “Weakening Germany, strengthening the US.. The paper, which was allegedly produced in January, outlined a scenario for how the US could help its struggling economy by draining resources from its European allies.

The purported plot involved goading Russia into attacking Ukraine, which would force the EU to impose sanctions on Russia and decouple their economies from Russian energy.

The think tank has been one of the most influential players in the realm of US foreign and military policy for decades. Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 leaked to the media classified documents detailing the scope of US involvement in the Vietnam War, gained access to the papers because he was working for the RAND Corporation as a strategic analyst.

It is painfully obvious by now, that the reasons for those energy sanctions have nothing to do with Russia.

Okay, RAND Corp. You’re innocent on this one.

But… but, but, but… GAE truly is in the business of destabilizing and overthrowing sovereign governments without just cause. And GAE, like most bureaucracies, loves to pay organizations such as RAND, and RAND specifically, to manufacture proof that what GAE wants to do, is a good idea.

I perused RAND Corp’s publicly available downloads and guess what I found?

Overextending and Unbalancing Russia: Assessing the Impact of Cost-Imposing Options

h ttps://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_briefs/RB10000/RB10014/RAND_RB10014.pdf

by James Dobbins, Raphael S. Cohen, Nathan Chandler, Bryan Frederick, Edward Geist, Paul DeLuca, Forrest E. Morgan, Howard J. Shatz, Brent Williams, 2019

It would be a Cohencidence if Raphael has any relatives in Congress.

This brief summarizes a report that comprehensively examines nonviolent, cost-imposing options that the United States and its allies could pursue across economic, political, and military areas to stress.overextend and unbalance.Russia.s economy and armed forces and the regime’s political standing at home and abroad. Some of the options examined are clearly more promising than others, but any would need to be evaluated in terms of the overall U.S. strategy for dealing with Russia, which neither the report nor this brief has attempted to do.

“How to destabilize and destroy Russia without technically getting into a war.”

Today.s Russia suffers from many vulnerabilities.oil and gas prices well below peak that have caused a drop in living standards, economic sanctions that have furthered that decline, an aging and soon-to-be-declining population, and increasing authoritarianism under Vladimir Putin’s now-continued rule. Such vulnerabilities are coupled with deep-seated (if exaggerated) anxieties about the possibility of Western-inspired regime change, loss of great power status, and even military attack.

Remember this was published 2019.

Recognizing that some level of competition with Russia is inevitable, RAND researchers conducted a qualitative assessment of .cost-imposing options. that could unbalance and overextend Russia.

Russian anxieties about the possibility of Western-inspired regime change & proxy war are clearly NOT exaggerated.

Economic Cost-Imposing Measures

Expanding U.S. energy production would stress Russia’s economy, potentially constraining its government budget and, by extension, its defense spending. By adopting policies that expand world supply and depress global prices, the United States can limit Russian revenue. Doing so entails little cost or risk, produces second-order benefits for the U.S. economy, and does not need multilateral endorsement.

Ironic, that GAE’s rejecting this suggestion is why I concluded the 2022 report is fake.

Imposing deeper trade and financial sanctions would also likely degrade the Russian economy, especially if such sanctions are comprehensive and multilateral. Thus, their effectiveness will depend on the willingness of other countries to join in such a process. But sanctions come with costs and, depending on their severity, considerable risks.

OUCH! was that one a bad idea!

Increasing Europe’s ability to import gas from suppliers other than Russia could economically extend Russia and buffer Europe against Russian energy coercion. Europe is slowly moving in this direction by building regasification plants for liquefied natural gas (LNG). But to be truly effective, this option would need global LNG markets to become more flexible than they already are and would need LNG to become more price-competitive with Russian gas.

Encouraging the emigration from Russia of skilled labor and well-educated youth has few costs or risks and could help the United States and other receiving countries and hurt Russia, but any effects.both positive for receiving countries and negative for Russia.would be difficult to notice except over a very long period. This option also has a low likelihood of extending Russia.

RAND wouldn’t be able to find a Chicomm spy if it used both slant-eyes. “Let our enemies in, what could go wrong? We have magic dirt!” No surprise that AIPAC rejected the idea of importing a mostly-white, Orthodox Christian workforce to undo 70 years of importing a vibrant, parasitic workforce.

Geopolitical Cost-Imposing Measures

Providing lethal aid to Ukraine would exploit Russia’s greatest point of external vulnerability. But any increase in U.S. military arms and advice to Ukraine would need to be carefully calibrated to increase the costs to Russia of sustaining its existing commitment without provoking a much wider conflict in which Russia, by reason of proximity, would have significant advantages.

RAND Corp was rather dense about GAE not lusting for exactly that proximity and provocation.

Increasing support to the Syrian rebels could jeopardize other U.S. policy priorities, such as combating radical Islamic terrorism, and could risk further destabilizing the entire region. Furthermore, this option might not even be feasible, given the radicalization, fragmentation, and decline of the Syrian opposition.

RAND Corp admits that USA is actively engaged in Syrian regime change. In ways that could promote international terrorist activity.

It’s all fun and games to debate politics, but ultimately it’s a game of using innocent people as pawns for self-interest. There must be limits to that. Some ideas should not even be talked about.

Promoting liberalization in Belarus likely would not succeed and could provoke a strong Russian response, one that would result in a general deterioration of the security environment in Europe and a setback for U.S. policy.

QED. “Should we destabilize Belarus’ government instead? Eh, might backfire.” Yeah, ya think so?

Expanding ties in the South Caucasus.competing economically with Russia.would be difficult because of geography and history.

Reducing Russian influence in Central Asia would be very difficult and could prove costly. Increased engagement is unlikely to extend Russia much economically and likely to be disproportionately costly for the United States.

Of course honest economic competition won’t work, when the supply line is “opposite side of the planet” long.

Flip Transnistria and expel the Russian troops from the region would be a blow to Russian prestige, but it would also save Moscow money and quite possibly impose additional costs on the United States and its allies.

A disputed territory in northeastern Romania.

Let’s see, what else…

Diminishing faith in the Russian electoral system would be difficult because of state control over most media sources. Doing so could increase discontent with the regime, but there are serious risks that the Kremlin could increase repression or lash out and pursue a diversionary conflict abroad that might run counter to Western interests.

State control of media is an effective deterrent to color revolutions.

Encouraging domestic protests and other nonviolent resistance would focus on distracting or destabilizing the Russian regime and reducing the likelihood that it would pursue aggressive actions abroad, but the risks are high and it would be difficult for Western governments to directly increase the incidence or intensity of anti-regime activities in Russia.

Make that MOSTLY nonviolent protests and resistance.

RAND considers secretly violating a treaty restricting nuclear missile development. That is also the kind of idea that should not be allowed on the table. It was rated “moderate chance to harm Russia, low chance of being beneficial, moderate risk to USA”. It should have rated “high risk to USA” because the deceit would eventually be discovered, but perhaps USA’s international reputation was not deemed important.

Aaaand I’m leaving out several pages of Military-Industrial Complex shopping priorities. A whisper in the wind speaks: “product placement”.

…Russia.s greatest vulnerability, in any competition with the United States, is its economy, which is comparatively small and highly dependent on energy exports.

Ahh, the infamous “Russia is nothing but a gas station run by peasants” conceit. RAND Corp should have told GAE that the best way to prevent Russia becoming a threat to it, is to leave Russia the F alone.

But then the check would have bounced.

RAND, the reason people thought the 2022 file was legit, is because you do similar evils like this 2019 file. Grow a conscience already. These are not innocent thought experiments that you’re indulging, and reputation IS important in the long run. One way or the other.

Climate Change Demands We Desecrate Our Dead

A growing frustration inside me over recent years is how Progressives, they of the “newer is always better” faith, are ever less capable of behaving like human beings. When one must argue that smartphone texting cannot replace real-life friendships, for example, it leads to uncomfortable suspicions about extraterrestrial doppelgangers. “Why am I explaining to this human how humans naturally behave? Maybe he’s an honestly ignorant space alien here undercover in order to study us in the wild, like Zuckerberg is? Or, is he a fanatical death cultist of Gaia and I should compost him while I have the chance?”

California’s dead will have a new burial option: Human composting

h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/californias-dead-burial-option-human-033705395.html

By Melody Gutierrez for the LA Times, 18 September 2022

Why do I have to explain the importance of respecting the dead? Why we don’t use their corpse-rottings for fertilizer? It was self-evident for millennia.

California will begin allowing an alternative burial method known as human composting in 2027, under a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday.

Nothing says “I’m proud to have authored this legislation” like backdating it to after the next major election or two. And nothing says “I’m proud to sign it” like signing it on a Sunday.

Assembly Bill 351 by Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) will create a state regulatory process for natural organic reduction, a method in which human remains naturally decompose over a 30-to-45-day period after being placed in a steel vessel and buried in wood chips, alfalfa and other biodegradable materials. The nutrient-dense soil created by the process can then be returned to families or donated to conservation land.

“Allowing your corpse to rot will honor Gaia!”

Supporters say it’s an eco-friendly alternative to traditional end-of-life options. Cremation, for example, is an energy-intense process that produces carbon dioxide emissions, while traditional burial uses chemicals to embalm bodies and a nonbiodegradable coffin to store them.

That’s Step One. Step Three: Newsom bans all internal-combustion funerals by 2035. Like he did for electric vehicles.

Step Two: Newsom’s cousin becomes president of the new human composting industry for California. Like he did for electric vehicles. That’s the real reason the law is backdated several years with details to be announced. It gives the government officials time to set up the grift for their profit, not the private sector’s profit.

California will join Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Vermont in allowing human composting.

“With climate change and sea-level rise as very real threats to our environment, this is an alternative method of final disposition that won’t contribute emissions into our atmosphere,” Garcia said in a statement.

It was Garcia’s third attempt to approve human composting in California after previous attempts failed in 2020 and 2021. Her office said for every person who is composted versus buried or cremated, the environmental impact is immediate. The companies that offer human composting say for every person who choses the option over burial or cremation it will save the equivalent of one metric ton of carbon from entering the environment.

I’m not sure why desecrating the dead was so important to Garcia, aside from, perhaps, her ghoulish Innsmouth parentage:

That is some seriously psychotic frizzy hair. Those lips must sneer a lot, to be bent in that shape. Wikipedia says she was a major proponent of the MeToo movement until she was accused of groping a male staffer while drunk. Upon investigation, the authorities concluded that the accusation was technically correct but she didn’t mean it.

Then she didn’t mean it a second time.

I must admit, the thought of abandoning her corpse to rot in a shallow grave is surprisingly appealing. Now that she mentions it.

The California Catholic Conference opposed the bill, saying the process “reduces the human body to simply a disposable commodity.”

“The practice of respectfully burying the bodies or the honoring the ashes of the deceased comports with the virtually universal norm of reverence and care towards the deceased,” said the group, which is the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in California.

BOOM! Thank you, Catholics! It can be hard to explain the painfully obvious.

I’ll go one better. The reason for respecting the dead via embalming, cremation etc. is that we aren’t supposed to die. Neither humans nor animals enjoy death, typically, but we humans have an additional aversion that comes of possessing an immortal soul. We are meant for immortality in ways that animals are not, which is why we either honor our dead or disappear them to rest until resurrection.

That also explains why Climate Change druids treat humans like roaches and roaches like humans. They deny the soul’s existence. Like the demons of Hell and the Zucker-Borg space aliens of Pluto, they believe there’s no fundamental difference between humans and roaches.

Newsom signed the bill without comment.

Human composting is slightly less expensive than a casket funeral, but at around $5,000 to $7,000, it is more costly than cremation. The soil created by the human composting process could be used on private land with permission and otherwise would be subject to the same restrictions as scattering cremated remains in the state.

Composting is more expensive, yes, but it’s also a selfie opportunity! Nothing maximizes your Social Credit score like feeding the worms instead of the capitalists evilly offering cheap energy.

And that is why punctuation is important.

This is a question of consumer choice, and Californians should have access to a deathcare option that is natural, carbon neutral, and a sustainable alternative to cremation or burial,” said Tom Harries, co-founder of Earth Funeral, which offers the burial option.

Honoring the dead is not a consumer choice. Not in a healthy society.

Looks like the entryists have identified the funerary-industrial complex, killed it, gutted it and now are wearing a skinsuit of Grandma, demanding respect.

Transhumanism… Trans To What, Exactly?

The video game Deus Ex 2 was unpopular. I thought it a fine enough game that had merely been saddled with an impossible legacy. Like the original, DE2 had alternate endings. The “villain” one, in which you help the pseudo-Templars achieve their human-purity terrorist efforts, fascinated me and I thought actually made a proper ending to the duology. Putting aside all the barely-concealed “bitter white man” trappings, they rejected cybernetics and bio-enhancements, and relied instead on powered armor, robots and fanaticism. And they held up against the Illuminati MiBs, horse-faced cyborgs and even stranger products of !science!. (Granted, that was necessary for game balance, but tactically, how big a performance difference would there really be between a man in servo armor against a man with cybernetic limbs?)

At the climax of their ending, the protagonist delivers a 24-karat, solid gold line to the famous J.C. Denton: “There’s nothing wrong with being human. Apparently, you lost sight of that long ago.”

Word, man.

As of 2019, we now live in a world in which modern technology is so advanced that the central question of real-deal progress is no longer whether we can. It’s whether we should.

Which is why science makes a very popular religion. It ONLY tells us how, never if we should.

And what did humanity do, knowing all about “how” and nothing about “should”? The answer is obvious from my setup: Humanity did effin’ 2020. With the best medical knowledge and capability ever, humanity quit life and went home to die just because the devil told us to. It’s time for all them smart boys to ask the question “should I be doing what I’m doing?”

Tech workers getting leg-lengthening surgery that costs up to $150K: report

h ttps://nypost.com/2022/09/16/tech-workers-getting-leg-lengthening-surgery-that-costs-up-to-150k-report/

By Thomas Barrabi, 16 September 2022.

Self-conscious tech workers are reportedly taking extreme measures to add a few inches to their height by forking over six-figure payments for painful leg-lengthening operations.

Kevin Debiparshad, the head of the Nevada-based LimbplastX Institute, said workers from the tech sector comprise a significant chunk of his patients for the cosmetic surgical procedure.

The operation reportedly costs $70,000 to $150,000, depending on how many inches the patient wants to .grow,. as well as thousands of dollars more in follow-up costs, GQ reported.

.I joke that I could open a tech company,. Debiparshad told GQ. .I got, like, 20 software engineers doing this procedure right now who are here in Vegas. There was a girl yesterday from PayPal. I’ve got patients from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft. I’ve had multiple patients from Microsoft..

I suspect they’re mostly Pajeets who, surprise, feel self-conscious living among us descendants of Vikings. Even though they take our jobs and are beloved by our government, they still have the hindbrain realization that we are not equals.

The leg-lengthening process requires a painful procedure in which a doctor breaks the femur in each of a patient’s legs and inserts extendable metal nails. The nails are gradually extended over the next three months by one millimeter a day . eventually making the recovered patient several inches taller.

The surgery also carries a lengthy recovery process that includes “relentless” pain that stretches the nerves, muscle and tissue of the legs to an “almost excruciating degree,. according to GQ.s report.

One customer, identified as a 23-year-old, Chicago-based software engineer named Alan, said he underwent the procedure after developing a deep insecurity about his height. A girl who he had a .a super big crush on, like, roasted me for it..

Alan spent three months recovering from the procedure and went from 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-9.

Another patient, a New York-based options trader named Bryan, also indicated he got the operation to improve his romantic life.

Aw, dudes… no. I was trying to be optimistic when I scoffed at Pajeets. They can become normal-sized just by going home where they belong and would probably be happier, if poorer. As if paying $150k for self-torture is a path to wealth.

But getting your legs broken every day for a month… to impress a woman? I have bad news for short men: IT AIN’T YOU. There’s nothing wrong with you. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry because if the problem was you, then you’d be able to fix the problem.

It’s the modern woman. Feral, ruthless, rootless, skanking her way to an all-consuming hatred of men because we don’t measure up to whatever fantasy-Chad her hypergamy instinct got pegged at.

And there’s nothing we ordinary, honorable, cooperative, decent and practical men can do about it. These guys here paid $150k and endured months of agony just walking to the bathroom, to bypass Skanky’s man-filter #001 of 666.

Nerd: “Can I take you out to dinner?”

Skanky: “Sorry, you’re rich but short.”

six months later

6-ft-3 Nerd: “Can I take you out to dinner?”

Skanky: “Sorry, you’re tall but poor.”

six months later

6-ft-3 millionaire Nerd: “Can I take you out to dinner?”

Skanky: “Sorry, you’re rich and tall but not jacked.”

six months later

6-ft-3 millionaire Adonis: “What happened to you?”

Skanky with a black eye: “He loves me.”

It’s not you. It’s HER.

Despite its painful physical and financial effects, Debiparshad said his clinic has no shortage of patients.

The Harvard-educated surgeon said patient counts have effectively doubled since remote work came to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic. Debiparshad claimed up to 50 patients per month visit his offices.

The roster of patients isn’t limited to the tech sector. Debiparshad told GQ he has performed the procedure on CEOs, actors, physicians, a nurse, a YouTube star and even a news anchor.

The patients are often, but not always, wealthy and share a desire to feel better about themselves.


If you dropped these short people onto a deserted island, or into a nightclub full of women who knew the value of a Steady Eddie, they wouldn’t feel bad about being short.

Our society is being consumed by envy and insecurity. It’s a world of vapid appearance uber alles driven by feral female instincts raised on social media diets.

So, what’s the point of the concept transhumanism? If you could alter your body any way you want, how would you?

“Make me more attractive to girls.”

“Make me stronger. Able to fly. Never be weak again!”

“Give me power over other people. I shall control their minds, defeat them with a gesture, make them dance like puppets on 5G strings.”

All three of those are vanity bordering on arrogance.

Here’s the thing. Humanity has advanced in every field of knowledge except morality. Stop and think about it, and that hole in human progress is so huge it’s funny. Teleport a man out of the Roman Empire and he’ll be amazed at everything from communications to dentists… but when he sees sexually frustrated men and overbearing Karens, he’ll know that nothing SIGNIFICANT has changed. Humans are still humans being human.

Building a patriarchal society patterned after God’s design for humanity is a more radically transhumanist goal than Captain America’s superhero serum, because it actually will turn us into Homo Superior. There’s nothing wrong with being human, except that we are morally crippled. The solution to that crippling is not more tools or abilities. It is a social & spiritual realignment to our Creator.

No microchips needed.

Right now, the world’s ethos is all about power. Every deed that can be done, is being done at unprecedented scale. Ultrasexy humans. Trillionaire plutocrats. Men playing gods in proxy wars. All these things we can now do… but we shouldn’t. Perhaps that is the lesson God is teaching us today, that humanity’s next advance will be “what should be done”.

Dope Dealers Of Mass Destruction?

No matter how far down I adjust my expectations of Clown World, I cannot escape periodic bouts of horrified incredulity. Today’s example: the Attorneys General of conservative States demand that Biden release the American military upon the streets of America with license to kill drug dealers on sight and with prejudice.

Surely, I must be joking..?

Attorney General Knudsen Calls on Biden to Classify Fentanyl a Weapon of Mass Destruction

h ttps://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MTAG/bulletins/32d2373

Office of Montana AG, 15 September 2022

HELENA . Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen and a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general today called on President Biden to classify fentanyl as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. The 18 attorneys general demanded the president take decisive action in response to the record nationwide increase in overdose deaths related to the lethal substance.

This action would require the Department of Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration to coordinate a response with other agencies, including the Department of Defense.as opposed to the federal government only treating the substance as a narcotics control problem.

Dayumn. Now the police are canceling themselves! “We give up, please task the military with our law enforcement duties.” I would expect such sentiments from the Marxist hellpits… I would also expect those Marxist AGs to be selling fentanyl on the side… Marxists are too pig-headed stupid to consider the possibility of their behavior backfiring on them.

But what’s your excuse, Montana? TEXAS?! FLORIDA! How do you not see, that you’re calling for our newly Woke military to be released upon your own neighborhoods? Let’s go to the letter they actually sent to Potato Joe.


Dear Mr. [Resident]:
As attorneys general of our respective states, we are deeply involved in the fight to end the national opioid crisis. Collectively, as a group on a bipartisan basis, we recently concluded several large, historic settlements that will give each of us resources to battle this crisis. As you well know, the national opioid crisis is not and has not been a static event. Instead, the opioid epidemic in this country has evolved over time from prescription opioids to heroin to synthetic opioids, namely fentanyl.

I agree that fentanyl is a severe problem. Law enforcement has many possible ways to address the issue; sadly, most of them begin with purging the relevant government of the officials sanctioning the fentanyl problem. Because criminals in government office are apparently untouchable, police have limited resources to handle a Sisyphean task.

Currently, fentanyl is exacerbating the death toll increasing exponentially every year for the last several years. The purpose of this letter is to propose an unorthodox solution that may help abate or at least slow the crisis’s trajectory while also protecting Americans from a mass casualty event from fentanyl.

Ooookay… I’m in favor of trying new solutions when the old ones don’t work… but we’re talking about drug dealing, not Glowies shooting up concerts.

Furthermore, why are these AGs asking Potato Joe for help? His faction is the one keeping the national border wiiiide open to facilitate drug and human trafficking. What solution do they hope to get from the aiding & abetting?

We ask that you consider classifying illegal fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction or, if you conclude you do not have authority to do so, urge Congress to pass legislation to do so.




I got two big problems with that. One, they want fentanyl to be redefined not just as a more serious crime, but as a crime so lethal that “shoot on sight” is the only acceptable response level.

And two, WHY DO THESE ATTORNEYS GENERAL NOT UNDERSTAND FEDERAL CRIME LAWS? They didn’t do any homework to see if Biden has the authority to do what they ask of him? For the record, definitions of terms are a routine part of legislation, therefore are Congressional responsibilities. Once again, a midwit on the Internet outperforms seventeen states’ best of the best.

If this is an election-season publicity stunt, it’s the catastrophically stupid kind. Then again, that term “bipartisan” means this is a RINO effort, not a MAGA effort. Which reminds one of Biden’s Red Sermon speech threatening anybody who associates with the MAGA crowd.

According to the New York Times…

More proof that this is a RINO derp. Eh, maybe they just picked a source that Biden’s handlers would trust. Because nobody in government knows what fentanyl is, or that it’s a problem. Certainly not after Saint Floyd swallowed his stash just two years ago.

According to the New York Times, the supply of tainted pills, crudely pressed and shipped to the U.S. by Mexican cartels using chemicals from China and India, has escalated dramatically in recent years. While record amounts of fentanyl have been interdicted by law enforcement in the last year, the historic number of overdose deaths from fentanyl demonstrate that large amounts of fentanyl are still entering the United States. Enough fentanyl has been seized in the last year to kill every man, woman, and child in the United States several times over. Indeed, given fentanyl’s lethality, the amounts being interdicted and seized are inconsistent with what one would expect from drug trafficking activity and are indicative of either purposeful conspiracy to murder Americans or an effort to stockpile a dangerous chemical weapon.

So what? Covid was a dangerous biological weapon… this very midwit saw the DARPA and CDC “this research is too dangerous” paperworks for himself, yet nobody called out Fauci as a bioterrorist for illegally continuing the research in partnership with a belligerent nation at taxpayer expense. I cannot care about the possibility of street gangs using chemical weapons on me when my government is already using biological & psychological weapons on me with impunity. I can only die once.

None of that paragraph is hyperbole, mockery or satire.

And no, drug trafficking has never been “conspiracy to murder”.

And to put the cherry on top, if fentanyl trafficking into the United States is an act of murder, then Fedgov’s refusal to enforce border security makes them accessories before, during and after the fact.

We are aware of scenarios that different federal and state agencies have considered utilizing and causing mass casualty events. Just two milligrams of fentanyl is needed to kill an adult, and it can easily be placed in other substances. In fact, it already is.according to reports, at least one-third of illicitly manufactured pills are contaminated with fentanyl.users often have no idea that they are consuming this poison.

Of course fentanyl could be used as a chemical weapon. Lots of stuff can be used as a chemical weapon. Maybe SJWs wouldn’t push so hard to disarm all those military veterans if they knew what said vets could do with an hour in a hardware store. Chicongo notwithstanding, firearms are a very discriminating weapon compared to chemicals. We’re better off with guns.

So, why this scaremongering attempt to turn USA into a de facto police state? Please don’t tell me I answered my own question.

In addition to different government agencies looking at fentanyl related scenarios, fentanyl has already been used as a weapon.the Russian army used it to end a hostage crisis two decades ago, killing more than 120 hostages in the process. The threat of a state enemy using this drug to do harm to the American people cannot be understated.

SCARE-MONGERING, I say! “The Russians already used it as a chemical weapon to kill 120 innocents!” This was the Moscow Theatre Hostage Crisis in 2002. I’ll cover it at the end but TL;DR Russia was forbidden by international treaty to stockpile sleeping gas, so after other rescue attempts failed, they manufactured some quickie sleeping gas out of a fentanyl derivative. 120 hostages died to it… and 730 hostages lived.

Considering the lethal dosage level of fentanyl, that was some impressive chemical engineering.

Designating fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction would require the Department of Homeland Security and the DEA to coordinate with other agencies or parts of agencies, including the Department of Defense, about fentanyl. Thinking about curbing the problem in different, new ways may disrupt what the foreign companies and drug cartels involved are doing or at least make it more expensive or difficult.

We’ve already been using the military to hit the cartels in foreign nations. The problem, as usual, is a porous national border combined with enormous profit margins. Not a lack of soldiers with assume-they-have-nerve-gas orders.

Meanwhile, if fentanyl is designated a weapon on mass destruction then I can guess what the FBI will find the next time they raid Mar-A-Lago.

The most dangerous weapon of mass destruction in human history is a government with a standing army. Change my mind.

We understand that there are two main criticisms against declaring fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction: (1) that fentanyl is a drug control problem, and we are attempting to solve a drug control problem by classifying the substance, which has legitimate, limited uses as a weapon; and (2) that no state or non-state actor has weaponized fentanyl other than the Russian incident discussed above.

And not even then. By the way, AGs, I have a few more main criticisms that… as it seems… have not yet occurred to you. Got a minute? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

As to the first criticism, the fact that classifying fentanyl would have a ancillary effect of preventing the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans would be an additional, beneficial reason to classify fentanyl.

Pay no attention the tens of thousands of dead dissident Americans that a Satanist-governed martial law would create.

…Waiting for some state or non-state actor to utilize it as weapon before it is
classified as such seems to be the same type of reasoning that kept the government from investigating foreign nationals learning to fly, but not land planes in the lead up to September 11.

In point of fact, the FBI knew of the hijackers and refused to investigate them because several were FBI informants. Clearly, the FBI’s problem was a lack of military resources.

We are deeply troubled by the threat that fentanyl poses to America. The seriousness of that threat is informed by the fact that in the 12-month period ending in Feb. 2022, more than 75,000 Americans died from overdose of synthetic opioids, mainly fentanyl.

Hopelessness from economic misery, stress from Plandemic lockdowns, institutional anti-white racism, the suicide of the Church… nah, their only problem is fentanyl. Their lives would be great if only they weren’t finding those rainbow-colored pellets on the ground.


h ttps://www.theblaze.com/news/bipartisan-attorneys-general-fentanyl-weapon-of-mass-destruction

Late last month, the DEA advised the public of an “alarming trend” in brightly-colored fentanyl and fentanyl pills being found in at least 18 states. Called “rainbow fentanyl” in news reports, DEA said drug cartels appear to be marketing the highly addictive and potentially lethal drug to children and young adults by making it look like candy.

.Rainbow fentanyl . fentanyl pills and powder that come in a variety of bright colors, shapes, and sizes . is a deliberate effort by drug traffickers to drive addiction amongst kids and young adults,. DEA Administrator Anne Milgram said on Aug. 31.

Yeeeah, I was walking past an elementary school the other day. This kid was walking along, completely normal, then he saw a bright orange powder on the ground, and was compelled to rush over and snort it like a line of cocaine.

Yeah, no. I call bullshit. Until this “rainbow fentanyl” is getting mixed in with the Skittles, this is a false threat.

End segue

Treating this solely as a narcotics control problem has failed to curb the proliferation of increasing quantities of chemicals that can cause a mass casualty event…

It failed because the government wants a fentanyl epidemic. Lookit all the culled “useless eaters”! Also, the government wants mass casualty events. They provide justification for ahem increased government authority over society.

…Bold action must be taken. We must not sit idly by until a terrorist chooses to inflict harm using this substance…

None are safe until all are safe! There is no time for dissent!

We urge you take immediate and decisive action and declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction.

Now what would the military do, if it was deployed in downtown America and ordered to assume the local dope pusher is carrying an armed nuclear warhead? Or anthrax aerosol spray?

The military would do lethal force as early as possible, forget about Posse Comitatus and rights of the accused. Soldiers are not cops.

None of the AGs had the courage to say it, but I will: this letter is a formally issued demand for the total suspension of the Bill of Rights.

The Republican Party is trying to lose the next election as furiously as it can. Looks like Biden’s Red Sermon succeeded in putting RINOs on notice.


h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_theater_hostage_crisis

The Moscow theater hostage crisis (also known as the 2002 Nord-Ost siege) was the seizure of the crowded Dubrovka Theater by 40 to 50 armed Chechen terrorists on 23 October 2002, which involved 850 hostages and ended with the death of at least 170 people. The attackers, led by Movsar Barayev, claimed allegiance to the Islamist separatist movement in Chechnya. They demanded the withdrawal of Russian forces from Chechnya and an end to the Second Chechen War.

Barayev openly identified his men as a “suicide squad”. My tentative guess at motivation is that his uncle was a wet worker for Russia’s FSB until a falling out.

Due to the layout of the theater, special forces would have had to fight through 30 metres (100 ft) of corridor and advance up a well-defended staircase before they could reach the hall in which the hostages were held. The attackers had numerous explosives, with the most powerful in the center of the auditorium. Spetsnaz operators from Federal Security Service (FSB) Alpha and Vympel, supported by a Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) SOBR unit, pumped an undisclosed chemical agent into the building’s ventilation system and began the rescue operation.

All 40 of the insurgents were killed, and up to 130 hostages died during the siege, including 9 foreigners, due to the toxic substance pumped into the theater. The identity of the gas was not disclosed at the time, although it was believed by some to have been a fentanyl derivative, such as carfentanil.[6] A study published in 2012 concluded that it had been a mixture of carfentanil and remifentanyl. The same study pointed out that in a 2011 case at the European Court of Human Rights, the Russian government stated that the aerosol used was a mixture of a fentanyl derivative and a chemical compound with a narcotic action.

Very, very obviously, this was not a case of Putler gassing innocents for entertainment or political gain. Of all the cases these attorneys general could have picked for an example of weaponized fentanyl, they picked a case of fentanyl being used defensively… twenty years ago… because there aren’t any offensive or recent cases. Yet.

The gunmen were led by Movsar Barayev, nephew of slain Chechen rebel militia commander Arbi Barayev, and threatened to kill the hostages unless Russian forces were immediately and unconditionally withdrawn from Chechnya. They said the deadline was one week, after which they would start killing the hostages.

A videotaped statement was acquired by the media in which the gunmen declared their willingness to die for their cause.

Cell phone conversations between the hostages trapped in the building and their family members revealed that the hostage-takers had grenades, mines and improvised explosive devices strapped to their bodies, and had deployed more explosives throughout the theater.

An entire platoon of heavily armed terrorists made impossible demands while wearing bomb vests and praising Allah, in a very defensible structure with nearly a thousand hostages. Pretty much a worst-case hostage scenario.

Mufti Akhmad-Khadzhi Shamayev, official leader of Chechnya’s Muslims, said he had no information about who the attackers were and condemned attacks on civilians. The pro-Moscow Islamic leader of Chechnya also condemned the attack.

AND they were rogue! Several celebrities were brought in to make various appeals. None succeeded except for the release of foreign-citizen hostages.

Then they executed two female hostages.

The Chechens told the BBC that a special representative of President Putin planned to come to the theater for talks the next day. Two members of the Spetsnaz Alpha Group moving around in the no-man’s land were seriously wounded by a grenade fired from the building by the terrorists, which was blamed by the Moscow police chief Vladimir Pronin on the media news leak.

According to an officer in the Russian special forces cited by The Guardian, the leak was controlled: “We leaked the information that the storming would take place at three in the morning. The Chechen fighters were on their guard. They began shooting, but there was no raid. Then there was the natural reaction . a relaxation. And at 5 a.m. we stormed the place.”

Inside, although many hostages at first took the gas (aerosol) to be smoke from a fire, it soon became apparent to gunmen and hostages alike that a mysterious gas had been pumped into the building. Different reports said it came either through the specially created hole in the wall, that it was pumped through the theater’s ventilation system, or that it emerged from beneath the stage. The security services pumped an aerosol anaesthetic, later stated by Russian Health Minister Yuri Shevchenko to be based on fentanyl, into the theater through the air conditioning system. The discovery caused panic in the auditorium.

The Chechens, some of whom were equipped with gas masks, responded by firing blindly at the Russian positions outside. After thirty minutes, when the gas had taken effect, a physical assault on the building commenced. The combined forces entered through numerous building openings, including the roof, the basement, and finally the front door.

After nearly one and a half hours of sporadic gun battles, the Russian special forces blew open the doors to the main hall and poured into the auditorium. In a fierce firefight, the federals killed most of the hostage-takers, both those still awake and those who had succumbed to the gas.

That’s how you do terrorists. You end them on the spot, like the Russian did thse Chechen terrorists. If the Attorneys General of Florida, Connecticut, Arkansas, Guam, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia get what they want, that’s also what the American military will do to American citizens: end us on the spot.

The Russian Federation, as a member-state of the Chemical Weapons Convention, undertook “never and under no circumstances to carry out any activities prohibited to member-states of this Convention to develop, to accumulate, to stockpile and to use chemical weapons that can cause death, temporary incapacitation, or permanent harm to humans or animals.”

Hence the adaptation of fentanyl as a narcotic gas.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein said the hostage-taking would eventually benefit the United States and Israel in undermining Islam: “It’s not wise for the Chechens to lose the sympathy of Russia and the Russian people. The tyrant of our era is Zionism and America, and not Russia, China or India.”

One of the worst parts about Clown World is coming to the realization that people like Gaddafi and Hussein were the wronged parties. GAE is pure evil.

Incoming false flag of weaponized fentanyl?

Travelogue: I Found Religion In Idaho And Don’t Mean Mormons

Summer vacation fever took me to Idaho this year! The rumors are exaggerated; as a Californian, I was not shot on sight. (I… umm… would have approved, if I HAD been shot at.)

There was a raptor aviary in Boise that I visited. This bald eagle agreed it was hot.

“Fingers” the peregrine falcon staring at his trainer’s injured hand… one moment before she lost another finger. Fun show!

This was an Osprey. After the color revolution failed, the American Communists attempted a Red Dawn-style invasion of Idaho over Labor Day weekend while I was there. Also a fun show!

I’m not lying. I’m just too soon.

Speaking of lying, this complete Faro set was at the county fair:

That kid’s got talent!

Also speaking of liars, the Snake River is famous for fishing! And waterfalls.

Move over, potatoes, it’s the rainbow trout that Idaho is REALLY famous for!

It doesn’t look like drought conditions but Idaho is getting hit, too. Moss & algae is up in the Snake River, partly because it’s flowing more slowly after drainage for irrigation uses. The land really can’t support any more increase in population, not without the kind of serious infrastructure that doesn’t happen overnight or under corrupt politicians.

The rot is in the culture there, too. I saw churches without Crosses. Feminism in the news. As much as Idahoans pride themselves on not being Left Coast people, the system is already in place. Maybe the Mormons will pull off a Deseret instead of a WEF. I have my doubts, but they’re still an intact identity group that cares for its members. Hard to put a price on that. Which is why GAE tried so hard to kill them all.

I desperately want to escape the Globohomo insanity, but as well-traveled and wanderlusting as I am, I’ve yet to find a place that is anything but a few years behind the curve.

Still, it was a fun trip and I got to reconnect with a branch of my family that I’d drifted away from. None of my cousins are bachelors… and nobody drank coffee. I had to do coffee runs to avoid withdrawal headaches and discovered there ARE non-Starbucks cafes in Idaho! I was waffling on the political implications of a move but if their Java joints don’t burn the beans like Sixbucks always does, I’m sold. There was this chocolate raspberry iced espresso near Twin Falls that can only be experienced, not described. I have found religion in Idaho and don’t mean Mormons.

Why is Commiefornia coffee always Starbucks? They put an entire State’s worth of competitors out of business with “we burn our beans” as their selling point? It’s yet more proof that the definitive personality trait of SJWs is self-hatred. “I’m so trendy, my coffee tastes like tree bark! What are you drinking… something you LIKE?”

Idaho was fishing, family, picnics, fried chicken, fried fish, crushed-ice espressos, clean air & water and only a couple nutcase Covidians. All the stuff that used to make the Left Coast such a nice place to live. Now there’s an algae bloom in SF Bay and the eco-nazis were screaming about it until ecologists traced its origin to increases in “unprocessed human waste dumping”. It was !science!

And just in time for people wanting to beat the summer heat with a swim. I stuck a Panhandle on my vacations plans and no regrets!

He Ain’t My Savior

Hat tip to Soviet Man for the link! Zambia has managed to do what at least three generations of professionally trained, overpaid clergy in USA never could: distill why Christ Jesus is the savior of humanity to the concentrated, simple purity of “Africa wins again”.

Zambian Pastor Dies After Asking To Be Buried Alive For 3 Days To Emulate Jesus. Resurrection

h ttps://www.faceofmalawi.com/2021/08/24/zambian-pastor-dies-after-asking-to-be-buried-alive-for-3-days-to-emulate-jesus-resurrection/

By staff, 24 August 2022

A Zambian self-proclaimed prophet died after his attempt to recreate Jesus. resurrection backfired spectacularly. 22-year-old Pastor James Sakara died after he asked his followers to bury him alive for three days so that he could miraculously resurrect.

Had he succeeded, I would have given serious though to whether I should continue following Christ. See, I’m going to die. The only way I don’t stay dead, is for somebody who can overcome death to rescue me on the other side. And if he cannot save himself, then he cannot save others, right?

At the moment, Christ Jesus is the only guy on record who resurrected Himself. There are accounts of people brought back from the dead by folks on this side but the problem there is all of them died again and it stuck. It was only ever a temporary reprieve.

Had this Sakara guy brought himself back from the dead then he would have been a legit alternative to Christ, because Christ doesn’t do franchising.

Hmm… as a thought experiment… I think I would still stay with Christ, because I’d rather endure suffering for God’s sake than kill myself for a publicity stunt in positive thinking. “Look at me doing a Jesus, everybody! See you in three days!”

There’s also that whole Judgment Day thing. Could a Zambian madman wash my soul white as snow? Let’s keep reading to find out!

Sakara who was a pastor at the Zion Church in the Zambian town of Chidiza somehow convinced his congregation that he could come back from the dead and resurrect on the third day. The charismatic pastor is reported to have also dabbled in traditional medicine. In preparing his congregant for the resurrection miracle, Prophet Sakara quoted Luke 22:19.

.And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, .This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me..

The Zambian prophet is reported to have focused on the last part of the scripture. According to his interpretation, Jesus wanted his followers to remember him, not only by partaking of the holy sacrament but through Ressurection miracles as well.

I want to call him a Satanist because he obviously tried to become a counterfeit Christ, but I just can’t rule out that he was merely too stupid to live. Rarely is it this obvious, that the devil is on the wrong side of history and his minions are on the wrong side of the bell curve.

While most of Sakara’s congregants baulked at helping him to perform his outrageous resurrection miracle, three men stepped up to help their pastor.

They are reported to have dug a shallow grave, tied up the Prophet’s hands and buried him alive. The three men and other congregants returned to the grave after three days to check on their pastor and welcome him back. Unfortunately, things had not gone according to plan, and the “man of God” was found dead.

Now why would a man step up like that?

Members of the church are reported to have performed a series of “spiritual exercises” to resurrect their prophet. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. Prophet James Sakara was unable to emulate Jesus and rise from the dead after 3 days.

After realising that their prophet was dead, two of the three men who had assisted him went on the run. They are currently wanted by the police. The third man handed himself over to the authorities.

Boom, there it is! Sakara couldn’t save himself from death nor forgive the crimes of His followers. He’s a double-fail Jeebus.

Don’t look at me like that, Christ my Savior. Comparing You to the alternatives is what makes You look good.

Ye Christian Nationalist, Are You Prepared to Go ALL the Way For Christ?

I’ve been wanting to discuss the concept of Christian Nationalism more, but it just won’t hold still. The wicked are frothing over the idea of public morality returning, Trump Derangement victims are having seizures at billboards announcing Trump as the second coming of Christ… and for once, I share the outrage of the TDS crowd…

Whatever evildoer came up with that one, is a particularly dangerous specimen. On the level of whoever opened the Capitol Building doors for the J6 protestors to wander in.

Other examples of Christian Nationalism are RINOs trying to run in front of the groundswell of Churchian realization that our government has gone full frontal deviltry.

Then there’s the way Doug Wilson defines Christian Nationalism, and while that guy is actually doing things, he still stinks of personality cult. And there’s other celebrities and pundits muddying the waters even further.

But today, I got an email from Andrew Torba announcing he has a new book on Christian Nationalism coming out.

At last, a hard target! I don’t like that talk about “taking dominion” and “disciplining nations”. The former sounds like “Prayer of Jabez” prosperity gospel and the latter is a topic untouched by the New Testament. In the OT, judging/disciplining nations was God’s job.

But maybe I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?

I didn’t find a proper review. Internet searches are narrowing to Regime-approved websites ever more every day. I managed to source some quotes but all come by way of openly hostile media organs.

Is Christian nationalism dangerous?

h ttps://www.christianpost.com/voices/is-christian-nationalism-dangerous.html

Author Michael Brown being a mild TDS sufferer, his answer was Yes.

…Recent comments by GAB CEO Andrew Torba have raised eyebrows and confirmed the worst suspicions about Christian nationalism, being quoted by outlets such as the Jerusalem Post and further fueling the fires of far-left websites such as Right Wing Watch.

I would complain about him proceeding to utilize that Right Wing Watch except today, I’m doing the same thing by proxy. It really is getting hard to search out conservative voices.

As Torba said with reference to a Republican candidate he backed,

That would be Doug Mastriano, successful Repub candidate for Pennsylvania governor. We’ll be looking at him shortly to see if Torba is walking the talk of his book.

.We are going to build a coalition of Christian nationalists, of Christians, of Christian candidates, at the state, local and federal levels and we’re going to take this country back for the glory of God..

Good. A cabal of Christians keeping each other honest while seizing the reins of power. No lies? No wickedness? No hypocrisy? No problem.

And, what exactly, will this look like? What will it mean to “take the country back for the glory of God,. a sentiment that, in itself, can sound very positive to many Christians?

A good question. Theologically, there is no such thing as Christian Nationalism. Christianity makes no political demands of its members (unlike Islam and Judaism) and Scripture still contains the history of what happened when God actually did some nation-building for His glory.

Its failures were SPECTACULAR.

That being said, there’s no theological objection to being a Nationalist who is also Christian. By all means, seize worldly power and kick out those foreign-loyal banksters, and God bless your efforts. But it won’t be that simple.

Torba explained, .We don’t want people who are atheists. We don’t want people who are Jewish. We don’t want people who are, you know, nonbelievers, agnostic, whatever. This is an explicitly Christian movement because this is an explicitly Christian country. We’re not saying we’re going to deport all these people or whatever. You’re free to stay here. You’re not going to be forced to convert or anything like this because that’s not biblical whatsoever. But you’re going to enjoy the fruits of living in a Christian society under Christian laws and under a Christian culture and you can thank us later..

There are two ways to take what he’s saying. One is theocracy. The problem there is that Christianity cannot be forced upon people. We CAN force Christian morality, and that is the other way. Which Torba probably meant. Perhaps this statement was chosen for quotation specifically because it suggests Torba is calling for theocracy.

We’re not saying we’re going to deport all these people or whatever…

I hope we will be. Whatever our next government ends up being, getting rid of the Jews and Muslims will be an absolute necessity. As I said above, those religions are politically active. You let them in, you get their government because that’s what they do.

This is a difficult issue for us Christians. We’re okay with cultural assimilation and even serving Muslims, Jews and atheists in good faith, but they are frequently unwilling to treat us kindly in return. All we want is the freedom to worship Christ… but the world will destroy us for exactly that reason.

I have the sense that the next, healthy government will be one of “learned men” governing in ways that would be completely unacceptable to the general population. While the ordinary congregants will learn cooperation, patience and tolerance, the “learned men” will hunt down those who would take advantage of such virtues with a pitiless hate born of the life experiences of… well, us today, who got to see what happens when feminism, usury and immigration are indulged. We saw it up close, fugly and personal like never before.

He also said, .You degenerate pagans and atheists and non-believers went way too far with the COVID nonsense, with shutting down our churches and forcing our kids to be masked, and forcing us to get vaccinated with some mystery goop in order to keep our jobs and provide for our families. You pushed us too far, and now we’re going to take dominion of this country, of our culture, of news, of entertainment, of technology, of education, of everything for the glory of Jesus Christ, our king. It’s just that simple..


In short, .Me loving my neighbor is wanting my neighbor to be ruled by wise biblical Christian men. Look at the fruits of what happens when we allow pagans, Jews, non-believers, atheists to run our country..

Yes, Mr. Brown. EXACTLY THAT. They don’t get to lie anymore. They don’t get to moneychange us and miscegenate us and destroy our fathers and import their cousins to rule over us anymore.

But it’s still okay if they reject Christ. Seriously. If you don’t need a Savior then Christ doesn’t want to save you… but in the meantime, you Will. Not. Lie.

So, don’t accuse us of Christian Nationalism. Accuse us of being Nationalist Christians. There’s a difference.

Note carefully those words “take dominion” and “rule.”

I did. The quote relaxed my fears of “Prayer of Jabez” heresies. Torba is not expecting God to show up and give us victory for the asking. Considering what Torba’s been through, I probably did him ill even to consider it.

Christian nationalists will literally take over. In Torba’s view, this will happen by winning elections and then making Christian values the law of the land. This, in turn, will benefit the whole society, as if Christians could change society by coercion rather than by sacrificial love and service and example.

Yes, Mr. Brown. EXACTLY THAT. They don’t get to lie anymore. They don’t get to moneychange… oh wait, I already said that. Well, they aren’t going to stop lying voluntarily, now are they? And they sure like the idea of coercing us.

Vote for GunnerQ! Slogan, “You Vill Eat Zee Bacon.” Goodbye, J00z and Muzzies!

And by the way, Scripture says that government gets the authority and duty to bear the sword against evildoers! Coercion is the very job of elected officials, Mr. Brown… coercion of evildoers unto punishment.

Some even take this one step further, telling Christians to prepare for battle by getting their guns and ammunition ready, in the name of Jesus at that. Get ready for holy war!

That’s not Christian. That’s American! Actually, I’m prepared to make the case that all Christians, everywhere in the world, have a divine right and duty to be heavily armed. God knows we already have the need.

This is irresponsible as it is dangerous, especially in today’s highly volatile, hyper-politicized, powder keg climate.

And so the mask falls off Michael Brown… wormtongue to the Christian Post… once again. “It’s especially irresponsible for Christians to own guns at a time when the traitors running the government are sabotaging the food supply, militant atheists are firebombing our neighborhoods and pedophiles are mutilating the genitals of schoolchildren under color of law! Somebody might get hurt, and then they won’t wuvs Jeebus enough to be saved! Won’t you please think of the homosexual satanists before you skin that smokepiece?”

How the HELL did things get this bad?

Meanwhile… I wonder about those inevitable RINOs whose job is to detect these groundswells and run in front of them. Anybody can talk the talk.

Let’s have a look at Doug Mastriano, Torba’s recent ally.

Christian Nationalism as the Keystone

h ttps://publicwitness.wordandway.org/p/christian-nationalism-as-the-keystone

By Brian Kaylor and Beau Underwood, 12 May 2022

At first blush, an effort known as “Pennsylvania for Christ” seems like a run-of-the-mill evangelistic campaign. Its stated mission is “to reestablish the kingdom of God in PA with word and action…” They held an event with speakers and praise music, announced a special time of prayer and fasting, and put out high-production videos featuring a minister, b-roll footage, and inspirational music.

*yawn* zzz

But if you pay closer attention, you.ll notice Pennsylvania for Christ is doing more than trying to save souls. This movement’s praying for votes in the Republican primary for governor.


.Come and be a part of a great, historical move of God..


Mastriano talked via a translator about his life, prayer, and God. And he campaigned. The projection screen above Mastriano featured an American flag with his name and the text “Senator Doug Mastriano “walk as free people. Jn. 8:36..


Other speakers criticized the separation of church and state and declared in prayer that “this nation was meant for you, father, to serve you first and I pray, father, that we remember and we get back to those principles. I pray, father, for a complete change and a complete turnaround in this nation..

*GQ perks up* They dissed SCS? Oh, but not the actual candidate.

In December of 2020, Mastriano wrote to a top Justice Department official that “election fraud is real and prevalent in Pennsylvania. Yet, despite evidence, our Governor and Secretary of State inexplicably refuse to investigate..

Taking matters into their own hands, State Senate Republicans ordered an election audit of the 2020 results and installed Mastriano as its head after he made a pilgrimage to a similar effort in Arizona. But he didn’t last long in the position, being replaced because, according to the Senate Republican leader, .he was only ever interested in politics and showmanship and not actually getting things done..

Ah, sweet projection (and Canceling) from the head RINO. Okay, Mastriano isn’t just another pretty face.

Ironically, Mastriano.s participation on Jan. 6 may have helped his candidacy. Despite early calls to resign from legislators in both parties, the additional attention bolstered his standing with the Trumpian base of the GOP.

It DOES help his candidacy in my estimation. Not because he was dumb enough to attend… because he’s now a marked man and no longer has the option to pillow-bite for the Regime.

While Mastriano has rejected the label “Christian Nationalist,. he clearly espouses Christian Nationalism and is supported by many other proponents of the ideology that dangerously conflates American and Christian identities.

Speaking of the Regime, I feel better that the label is being forced upon him. Were Mastriano a grifter, he’d have tattooed it on his forehead before the first press conference.

I am seeing green flags in Mr. Mastriano. Notice that none of the green flags I found were his protestations of Christianity, and all were his actually doing stuff. You want street cred as a Christian politician? Show me your scars… and Doug just did. He didn’t last long in the position… early calls to resign from legislators in both parties… While Mastriano has rejected the label “Christian Nationalist,. he clearly espouses Christian Nationalism…

.His street cred went up,. Jay Costa, the Democratic minority leader in the Pennsylvania Senate, told Politico. .There’s no question..

Word out!

He also spoke at other Christian Nationalism events and podcasts, such as on April 23 at an event in Gettysburg called “Patriots Arise for God, Family, and County. along with speakers pushing Christian Nationalism and QAnon conspiracies. Like many Christian Nationalism events, it started with individuals draped in Jewish prayer shawls and blowing shofars to declare the event as a prophetic place with a special presence from the Holy Spirit.

.Blow the trumpet in Zion! Sound the alarm on the holy mountain!. one of the shofar blowers shouted. .The day of the Lord is here!.

Yeah, that’s more what I was expecting to find. All Judeo-Christianity, which reassures the Pharisees that nothing will actually come of the event… looking at YOU, DeSantis in Florida… and over-the-top invocations of Jeebus that would unnerve a Pentecostal. But at least this wasn’t a Mastriano production.

When a grifter tries to identify with a new movement, he usually overcompensates on visuals and saying what you want to hear.

The idea of a special anointing at Christian Nationalism events [didn’t end there…] Julie Green, identified simply as a .prophet,. spoke at the Patriots Arise event while wearing a Mastriano campaign sticker. She said she came to Pennsylvania to speak because she had a prophecy about how “God is doing something very special in this state..

No, Doug, no! Tell me you didn’t pull a Barak! And I don’t mean Obama.

..Doug Mastriano, I have you here for such a time as this,. saith the Lord,. Green saithed. ..I know it seems like I had forsaken you. All your hard work and the time you put forth to get the truth and election integrity. You know the truth and you have seen so much evidence of what really happened. It is now time to move forward with the plans that you have been given. Yes, Doug, I am here for you and I have not forsaken you. The time has come for their great fall and the great steal to be overturned. So, keep your faith in me..

Later, Mastriano said, .Julie, your prophecy is on target there exactly..

Sigh. Look here, ye Christian Nationalists. The moment you invoke God in a leadership context, YOU STOP TOLERATING WOMEN IN POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY.



Don’t tell me that technically, women can be prophets. The modern woman hears so many voices in her head, I’d rather be shown one that can’t give a prophecy! And this particular model already discredited herself:

Green went on to claim God told her Gov. Tom Wolf would face .a major scandal. and “be removed by my hand” and “treason will be written on him for all eternity..

Wolf is terming out of office without a major scandal. Thus The Lord God Didn’t Saith, tits.

After reading some biblical passages, Green added that Trump “is the real president” and “he is coming back and it is going to be by the hand of Almighty God.

She’s a witch. Infiltrator. Deceiver. No way, no how is Trump a loyal servant of God. Will God put him back into the White House? Maybe, but not as the Second Coming Of Fricking King David. And he hasn’t been the real president since he abandoned his position to the thieves. There are two ways to decide an election, people, voting and… conceding.

There’s no point to Christian Nationalism if we don’t GET RID OF FEMALE LEADERSHIP in the process. This is not negotiable for any Christian. If you want to restore the natural order then the price is GET RID OF FEMALE LEADERSHIP.

Don’t tell me about your love life with Jeebus, Senators. Tell me about the civil rights lawsuit you’re facing for rejecting all female allies & staff up front. Doug Mastriano has street cred, I give him that… but he’s also on record Cucking for a woman’s approval.

Which is how we got into this mess in the first place.

I wonder what Torba’s new book says about females in the halls of power. Not much, is a safe guess.

The Last San Franciscan Covid Hermit Is… Positive

To celebrate my return from vacation, here’s the heartwarming tale of a bunkered-up Covidian taking his first, halting steps out of Vault-Tec’s Gay Area bunker… and straight into “It’s-Everybody-Else’s-Fault-That-I-Got” Covid.

And then, Gandhi tried to kill him by prioritizing OTHER peoples’ health!

Omicron finally got me after two years of being a COVID hermit. Then, doctors made it worse

h ttps://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sfchronicle.com%2Fopinion%2Farticle%2Fcovid-omicron-paxlovid-17416117.php

By Matthew Fleischer, 4 September 2022

Enjoy the suffering of a whiny git who deserves it! It was a dark and stormy night…

It was a hot, humid night . almost 90 degrees . but my body was freezing. Putting on a sweatshirt and diving under a blanket couldn’t warm me up. My head, on the other hand, was on fire. I had a temperature over 100 degrees and needed ice packs piled on my forehead to cool down. The coughing wouldn’t stop.

I didn’t need a test to tell me that I had finally caught COVID.

For more than two years I basically lived like a hermit to avoid just this scenario. Sure, after getting vaxxed and boosted I didn’t think COVID would kill me. But I don’t exactly have a gold medal immune system; even a common cold gives me a rough time. I imagined COVID would lay me out with symptoms that could drag on for weeks or possibly months.

Or possibly, for more than two years?

So I stayed away from the office, indoor gatherings and restaurants. The gym? No thanks. Fifteen extra pounds was worth it to avoid getting sick.

“I refuse to exercise in order to stay healthy. Meanwhile, I don’t exactly have a gold medal immune system. Must be genetic.”

But this summer was my sister’s 40th birthday. She and the rest of my family live on the East Coast and were throwing a big party. So I decided to leave my cave and fly to see them.

Sure enough, someone else showed up to the festivities quietly sucking cough drops, assuring anyone who asked that her unusually nasal intonation was just a cold.

It wasn.t. And I was dumb enough to sit right next to her.

This doesn’t compute. A guy deathly afraid of getting sick, after two years of isolation which causes the body to lose immunity just by not being current, jumps on a coast-to-coast flight to a big party, sits next to somebody who even says she’s sick, and keeps sitting next to her, and is upset that he proceeded to get sick in turn.

I could have credited the guy with courage if he’d simply decided to get da ‘Rona and get it over with. Instead, I think the Unabomber is right: part of Leftist love for being a victim is simply because they hate themselves so much, that deep down, they believe they SHOULD be treated like dirt.

Me, I would have changed seats. Strike that. I would have simply not gone to New York City in the first place. He didn’t say it was NYC, but it was NYC.

As soon as the first symptoms hit, I knew I was in trouble.

But but but the vaxx is SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

So I decided to do my damnedest to get a prescription for Paxlovid, the antiviral drug cocktail that can prevent the coronavirus from replicating in your body during the early stages of infection. I wasn’t technically eligible because I’m under 65 without any serious comorbidities. But having chills, a brutal cough and a sky-high fever had to count for something, right?

What part of “not technically eligible” was hard to understand? Face it, Matthew, Donald Trump deserved Paxlovid and you didn’t. Being POTUS had to count for something, right?

Apparently not.

Local pharmacists wouldn’t have anything to do with me. Neither would urgent care. I called my health care provider back in San Francisco for a prescription, but it too told me I wasn’t eligible for Paxlovid and had to rest and ride it out.

So ride it out I did for the next 12 days coughing, sweating, snotting and sleeping up to 16 hours a day. Instead of spending time with my family, I had to avoid them at all costs to keep them from getting sick . other than to beg for food and supplies; there are no delivery services in the rural community they live.

“I avoided my family for two years. But when I finally came out, I didn’t get to spend time with them because Fauci didn’t give me the medicine that wasn’t permitted to me. It was so bad, I had to trust my family to feed me!”

After a wasted vacation, a changed flight and a few extra sick days, I finally got home a couple of weeks ago.

That same day, my partner started showing symptoms of COVID.

But but but the vaxx is SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

She too was ineligible for Paxlovid and spent the next 10 days hacking away in isolated misery. She just finally tested negative, but neither of us are back even close to full speed. A mildly hilly walk in Golden Gate Park the other day had me huffing like I just ran a marathon. I was in bed by 8:30 that night.

“Unggh… chest pains… never had then before the jibby-jab… must… get boosted again… before it’s too late… why can’t I breathe anymore?!”

I don’t know for sure which variant laid us out, but, based on infection data, it was almost certainly BA.5. Now, as BA.4.6 gains ground . and future variants follow . are we going to have to go through all this again if we want to live freely like we did before the pandemic? Because I don’t have the sick days or the stomach for that. And I can’t be the only one.

Oh, too bad. The State uses subscription medicine now. You pay to get sick and stay sick, and when you can’t pay anymore, you die.

I.m hopeful the new omicron booster can break this cycle. But what if it doesn’t?


This begs the question: if an antiviral drug like Paxlovid exists that could potentially ease people’s COVID symptoms by preventing the virus from replicating in our bodies before it spreads, why are we being so precious about who we give it to? A pharmacist in Canada recently refused to fill a Paxlovid prescription for a 20-year-old with Down syndrome and a history of respiratory infections. How is that sensible public health policy?

Is that a trick question? The chronically sick should be abandoned to die, especially when they could be saved via expensive and limited medical treatments. That’s not MY opinion, mind… that’s what happens in every single socialized medical system, every single time, and the author of this is a coastal Elite big-time Marxist journo who brags about being anti-cop. No way did he NOT want a socialized medical system!

I asked UCSF infectious disease specialist Monica Gandhi why those of not wanting to feel like garbage for weeks at a time, and who need to work or see vulnerable family members, can’t get easy access to the drug? We give antivirals widely to ease flu symptoms, why not COVID?

She replied that Paxlovid is currently being used to prevent death and hospitalizations, and that studies of people in my age range have shown no discernible benefits in this regard to taking the drug.

“We’re reserving it to actually save lives.”

“But I feel like garbage! That’s got to count for something! I also have Gandhi’s phone number! That counts, too!”

My read on this is that even as public health guidance is evolving to tell us COVID is now endemic and we can start getting back to normal, in many unhelpful ways it still treats the virus like a deadly disease.

We can’t have it both ways.

Agreed and fortunately, Chinkypox is not a deadly disease. We now have three years of data that would be reliable if the government hadn’t falsified it at every step and lied at every opportunity. News flash: the mortality rate of Covid is considerably lower than “world-ender”.

It’s not even “immunocompromised Matthew-ender” despite his best efforts.

What happens then if the omicron booster shots prove ineffective at preventing breakthrough infections like the one that waylaid me? Are we willing to let perpetual sickness be the cost of normalcy?

Are we willing to be ruled by self-righteous priggy germaphobes with no sense of cause & effect?

Based on America’s COVID response thus far, I.m fairly certain the answer to that is yes . unless folks start agitating.

I concur. Alas.

Are we going to rely on insurance company actuaries and the power of positive thinking to guide us back to normal, with all the attendant consequences? Or are we going to insist that public health officials study all tools in the arsenal that could get us there with as little misery as possible?

A smarter man would be wondering if all those SAFE AND EFFECTIVE vaxx boosters he got were safe, now that they’ve been proven ineffective, rather than demanding !science! cram ever more gene-juice goop into him until… I dunno… he transcends the limits of flesh and becomes like unto a god. Or something:

Yeah, I admit that’s one way to get closer to God.

Meanwhile, those actuaries were screaming about massive spikes in death rates until Matthew’s friends silenced them for misinformation. “Are we going to rely on positive thinking and the people whose profession is connecting statistics to causation to tell us what’s going on?”

How are they this stupid? Serious question. They jab themselves MORE the LESS they see the jabs working, simultaneously sneering at the doubters who somehow appear healthy while triple-masking, quadruple-boosting and climbing over their dead to silence medical concerns about myocarditis.

I cannot imagine how fucked-up in the head these people are. I’ve tried. The best I can imagine is that like a Red Guard on the Interstate, they will either betray every act of charity they’re shown, or suicide themselves in such a way that their last words are claiming to be the victim they aren’t.

Catacomb Heresies

[Note: I’m headed on vacation so whitelist moderation is in effect. Might be a few days before I can catch up.]

While I generally don’t swing at my fellow dissidents, doctrinal disagreements paling in comparison to the great evils consuming our entire species, there are times that it’s appropriate. TL;DR for this article: the Cross is sufficient for your salvation. Christianity contains no occult knowledge or divinely favored inner circle. And Satan is NOT a loyal and faithful servant of Father God.

Satanic Propaganda

h ttps://crez.strob.us/2022/220901.html

By Catacomb Resident, 1 September 2022

This document is public domain; spread the message.

Here we go!

Do you suppose we’ve had way too many claims of “Satanic this” and “Satanic that” in recent times? On the one hand, it’s what you would expect from standard political hyperbole. The problem is we have some really smart people using it literally, and they tend to influence a lot of people with their bad doctrine.

I agree it’s overused because the legacy conservative branch of politics is addicted to Gell-Mann Effect outrage porn, but when it comes to literal usage, the proper question is accuracy not frequency.

We are, indisputably, in a time when Satanism is ascendant. Not the lame-o chickens killed in pentagrams and idols of anthropomorphic goats that serve as window dressings & strawman arguments, either, but militant feminism, moral inversion and child sacrifice.

I’ve written extensively on the biblical doctrine of Satan [link omitted]. Propaganda blather about Satan these days rests on Germanic mythology, as if Satan were equivalent to Loki. He’s not.

Loki being the deceiver of the Norse pantheon, that comparison seems appropriate. Regardless, even the outrage-pornographers rarely reference Germanic mythology and this post won’t be making further reference to it.

Satan began as God’s Covering Cherub, a distinctly Ancient Near Eastern concept. He was demoted for cause to serving as God’s Left-hand. It’s not a pleasant job, and nothing so glorious as he had before. He is now the Enemy of God’s people, but he’s good at it, and serves faithfully.

That is a very black heresy. Satan is not a loyal servant of God. He was not demoted, he was exiled and will soon be imprisoned in Hell.

The popularity of that heresy stems from the fact that God could destroy Satan right now, yet has clearly not done so. Why? Either God is unable to punish rebellion against Him, in which case Satan has already won… we can rule out that scenario, his defeat was sealed at the Cross… or God wishes to make use of Satan. Does that make Satan the loyal servant of God? The answer:

His rebellion took place prior to the Creation of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, and his temptation of them can be treated as his first assignment in his new job.

That word unlocks the answer: temptation. God is not capable of tempting us to disobey Him. It’s a self-defeating proposition. If God tempted us to disobey Him, and we disobey, we’re still doing something that God wanted. He’s offering us two Loyal choices, to obey Him the hard way or obey Him the easy way.

The solution is allowing a second, anti-God choice. Thus, God allows the devil existence and access to humanity so that he can tempt us to disobey God. Which will show God, witnesses and even ourselves, exactly how worthy of trust we are.

But that makes Satan God’s tool, not God’s servant. Like the storyteller’s villain, Satan is a briefly useful entity that must, and will, eventually be denounced and punished.

So, the real problem here is a very bad doctrine of what Satan does, so as to call some human action “Satanic” or now. The Ancient Hebrew outlook was otherworldly to begin with, very much of the mystical approach to things. This human existence is flawed and not precious at all. It is punitive in nature. The limitations we suffer here are part of the sentence against mankind, the Curse of the Fall. We should assume up front that we don’t see things clearly, and the only possible way we can know about eternal matters is by divine revelation alone. We know about Eternity only what God is willing to tell us.

I categorically reject that any part of Christianity relies upon secret or obscure knowledge, as did the Apostles. The very few parts of Christianity that are kept secret, from membership lists to exorcism rites, are secret only for practical (and usually obvious) reasons.

I agree that we only know of spiritual matters what God tells us. I disagree greatly, that God told the important parts only to His inner circle of Special Smart Boys.

We even saw that inner circle of Twelve. They were neither special nor smart.

Thus, a certain amount of human suffering is simply par for the course. That human governments can cause great numbers of people to suffer and die is also par for the course. That’s not especially Satanic.

Better to say, not always Satanic. Soldiers dying in war is morally neutral; Christians dying in persecution is evil.

The whole human race is by default born into Satan’s realm, so he need do nothing at all to gain dominion over them. And abusing them through his proxies is simply what was should expect. When you and I, the people of God, get swept up in this crap, it’s still par for the course. That we should suffer as part of the general human course of sorrow does not reflect any Satanic targeting.

He’s losing me with this idea that Satan’s minions stealing, killing and destroying, is not Satanic. There have been good kings and righteous rulers… not many, granted, but enough to prove that leaders and Satanists are not synonyms.

Humans exist in a very murky field of gray. Very few of us are 100% either way and even then, it’s impossible for others to be certain about us.

The only justification for using the term “Satanic” is when we refer to something Satan does to target God’s people. This is complicated by the recognition that God’s protection is not on His people at large, but is granted only to His people under Covenant.

That is another heresy, that God only protects His loyalists. God didn’t even protect His Son when the time came. “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” Likewise, we followers of Christ are promised mortal suffering and discipline… upfront.

If you, as a follower of Christ, are not living under the Covenant Covering, you have no grounds for complaint. You can either live by the Covenant or find yourself subject to all the sorrows of the vast heard of humanity under Satan’s control.

Cue the sales pitch. “You are suffering because you don’t have Covenant Covering insurance(tm). Here’s how to order yours!”

In particular is this pernicious idolatry of children and childhood. The West is obsessed with youth and worships childhood.

No. The West is obsessed with coercing loyalty, a sure sign that its rulers are illegitimate usurpers and betrayers. Meanwhile, the birth rate is disastrously low.

What, no sales pitch?

Anything that serves to taint a so-called “normal” childhood is therefore regarded as especially Satanic. This quite alien to the Bible. The Hebrews did have a certain sensitivity about childhood, but only as the symbol of someone defenseless, alongside widows, not a symbol of innocence. Westerners don’t want to hear that in the Bible times, the death of a child was a tragedy only for the family household. It was nobody else’s business…

This concept that society at large somehow has a vested interest in someone else’s children is an abomination to God.

The Mosaic law disagrees, as did Christ Himself in His discourse on necks and millstones. The idea that ‘proper’ Christianity doesn’t care about the deaths of children unless they’re direct blood relations, is an unjustifiable insult.

It arises from idolatry. Further, the only “innocent” children are those living under Covenant Covering. All of the children in this world outside of the Covenant are inherently defiled from birth. The abuses that fall into their lives are simply par for the course, and not particularly Satanic.

You see why I’m giving this article the fisking treatment. If the Crucifixion is not enough to secure our innocence in the sight of God then we aren’t talking about Christianity anymore.

The only proper use of the term “Satanic” refers to various efforts to deceive and manipulate those who are consciously seeking to walk in the Covenant.

What about using “Satanic” to describe attributes and behaviors typical of Satan? That would also be a proper use of the term…

This is the only thing that represents a change. Satan already has the rest of the world; his abuse of humanity is not particular “Satanic”.

…or not?

There’s no loss to the Kingdom of Heaven in that. It’s his efforts to pull Covenant people back into his realm that is a change, a genuine loss to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yes, we can talk all day long about how individual rulers and groups of elites are doing evil, but there is nothing particularly Satanic about that… It is not a transgression of any kind. It does not represent a rebellion against divine order.

Heresy again. “If you aren’t ‘Covenant people’ then you’re neither an innocent follower of Christ nor a guilty follower of Satan.”

Civilization is certainly not divine order. Walking in the Covenant alone is divine order. It should be obvious how Satanic it is to confuse this issue.

I kept waiting for the sales pitch on this “Covenant Christianity” but it never came. Maybe there’ll be a followup article on how God refuses to defend any innocent or right any wrong unless it’s committed against God’s inner circle of Ancient Hebrew Mystic True Believers, which Satan… being “God’s faithful left hand”… won’t touch.

Meanwhile, the only God I know… Christ the Creator Of Life, Savior of Humanity and True Son of the Father… Christ did not exempt Himself from suffering under Roman Empire occupation, Smart Boy Pharisees and temptation by the Literal Devil In Person. God’s Son must not have been part of this “Covenant”. Nah, He must have been a special case that didn’t mean anything.

It’s part of the Fall itself to insist that what mankind can do without God’s revelation still has value. It is trash, all of it vanity and waste.

That Internet you’re using? You’re welcome. That food you’re eating, some of which was grown by evil men who’ll never see Heaven? You’ll miss it when it’s gone. “Hello, plumber? My water pipe is leaking but unless you’re Covenant(tm), fixing it would be vanity and waste.”

What I’m asking is that you not get wrapped up in defending what mankind can do without God. Only what we do within the Covenant boundaries is blessed and protected, and Satan is highly constrained by the Covering. Trying to define as godly something entirely human in origin is a primary tactic of Satan.

A primary tactic of Satanic propaganda is moving the goalposts. Of course something entirely human is not something Godly, that’s a trivial statement, but that’s not what we were talking about until the last sentence.

We were talking about… concern for the welfare of children being an abomination to God, because Satan being God’s Left Hand, spares the specially deserving but not the innocent.

I’m not even curious what he’s trying to sell.

Epic Fail Acts 5:29 Pledge

Prepare for an object lesson in why I despise the modern Church. It ain’t because I want to. In fact, I was excited to discover there’s a pledge getting circulated in which pastors promise to never quarantine-lockdown their churches again. Sweet repentance bring it on!

h ttps://acts529.com

During the recent COVID-19 .pandemic,. representatives who were elected to secure our God-given rights, clearly transgressed their lawful authority in executive action that prohibited public meetings or mandated the wearing of masks and “social distancing.” God’s word directs us “not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.. (Hebrews 10:25) This verse is a Divine injunction.

We must obey God rather than the arbitrary decrees of men.

As a national coalition of pastors and churches, we reject any Presidential or gubernatorial decree requiring us to disobey the word of God. We will resist any attempt by a Federal, state or local official to restrict or prohibit the free exercise of our Religion or place restrictions thereon…

We do not need the permission of civil authorities to obey what God has commanded, nor does the Church need the approval of civil authorities to serve and worship our God in the way he has prescribed.

YAY! The pledge goes on, it’s too wordy by half and three-quarters, but there’s some fire in those words! Naturally, I looked at the California signers to get a clue if there’s a Based church in my area.


What, a female pastor? *checks* Dunno who Kelly is, but Restore Church is led by Tim Smith… whew… oh wait, his wife Karlene is co-pastor. Ugh, talk about getting your hopes up.


Females… don’t be a trend.


Whew! 1 for 3. Wait… Steinwachs isn’t clergy there, either. Dunno who he is.




Probably a joke… but it does sound like Santa Monica…. *checks* It’s one thread on Reddit. I’d hoped for at least a surfer gang.

I find thee a false church and sentence thee to thine image being appropriated for meme usage… in perpetuity.


She’s not just a witch, she’s a District Director in the CFRW Coven: the California Federation of Republican Women. Slogan: “Vote harder if you want your birthday sex.”



Not a church.


Not a church.


I can’t find that church, either. Simoneit is at least male and I got several links offering his criminal record, so maybe he signed this notice of defiance with serious intent. Or, he’s trying to get free advertising. Either way, dead end.


Not a church. Blacktivist.


Valley Baptist has male clergy and no Merlene Wade officer. She’s probably an attender; aged in her sixties per Internet searches. Not a legit signage.


Unsure if church exists, and Gayle doesn’t turn up as clergy in searching.


Unsure about Larson, but this church at least exists. Catholic, alas for me.


Also real and Catholic.

So, of 16 signed churches in California:

6 are feminist

5 don’t exist

2 are Catholic, not signed by clergy

3 are Protestant, not signed by clergy

0 seem legit.

This list is not complete, obviously. I know Grace Community Church in Los Angeles and Calvary Chapel San Jose defied the first lockdown and thus are likely to defy a second. Let me give a shout-out to Pastor Mike McClure of the latter for standing against some massive pressures, including seven-digit fines, for the horrifically irresponsible act of holding a maskless indoor service on Christmas Eve 2020. A big congratulations, Mike, on winning the subsequent court battle! You rock!

God: “Why should I let you into My home?”

Mike: “They ordered me to close Your church and I refused. Then they punished me for my loyalty to You but I stood my ground. Then they took me to court and I stood my ground again, and won a valuable precedent for other churches wanting to do right by You.”

San Jose Official: “I missed the chance to throw your human parents out into the cold, so I did it to your followers instead when they tried to celebrate your birthday. I called it a health guideline so you aren’t allowed to disagree. Who died and made you God, anyway?”

Christ Jesus: “Over here, yo.”

The problem with the list is it’s just a publicity stunt. No enforcement. No quality control. How hard would it be, to proofread a thousand-church list to screen out the N/As and Duderinos? It’s all fake and gay, and who let the women in? Maybe it’s already been abandoned. It could have been a valuable guide for dissident Christians, but it’s so badly implemented that it’s less than useless. It’s a joke, yet high-profile enough that I saw it on Blaze News.

What’s the difference between a Godly man searching for a half-decent church, and a homeless man dumpster diving for a half-decent meal? I don’t know. Both are all about rooting through garbage.