Humanity Is Not Capable Of Moral Progress

To misquote Charles Dickens, it’s the blackest of pills, it’s the whitest of pills: we need not concern ourselves about warning future generations against evil.

Severian’s mailbag kicks it off.

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We have reached the point where we are definitely watching History in the making. We’re in a period about which there will be libraries. worth of books written, fought over by huge schools of historical interpretation. Think .Weimar,. if not “The Reformation..

So here’s what I’d like you to do: Start writing down all your memories of the Before Times, and keeping a journal. Be sure to do it on paper, so future historians don’t have to have access to MS Word or whatever to read it. But also be sure to hide it, so that it won’t show up at your thoughtcrime trial. It’s vital that we do this. Someone has to testify to future generations that not everyone in these years was utterly bugfuck insane.

Why? Why warn the future against repeating the acts of the present? We dissidents can’t even warn the present against the evils of the present.

I’ve thumped a hole clean through my Bible, yet even the Baptists can’t hear me yelling about Sin Number One. It’s hopeless, man. They won’t listen.

Humanity is not capable of moral progress.

Every generation, we reboot from ethical zero. Every generation must meet God for themselves, as if for the first time. We saw this in the Old Testament. We saw this with Plato & Socrates and probably Confucius. There has never been a shortage of sound moral advice. It never makes a lasting impression.

If humanity approached morality the way it approached technology, we would have built a Tower Of Babel out of psalms and proverbs five thousand years ago, and police would have less to do today than the Maytag Repairman.

In fact, when you look at technology, the problem becomes clear. The most reliable sciences are the ones farthest away from the human soul, while the most treacherous sciences… looking at YOU, psychology and economics!.. are the ones which address the human soul directly. Humanity dares not face the Monster From the Id. Our wickedness protects itself even as we examine it.

We cannot warn the future. They will marvel at our grand LARPS and derps, wondering how we could be like that, while they do the same thing themselves. Warn the future? No, let’s MOCK the future for being as foolish as us! Haha, future losers, who’s your Daddy?

This is also a white pill. Humanity is equally incapable of capital-P moral Progress, if you know what I mean. The Blofelds and chumps both obsess over implanting microchips in our brains and dumping us in virtual reality reeducation camps such that we’ll never have the chance to choose righteousness, but they are also doomed to ultimate failure. Stop the signal? They couldn’t stop Tucker Carlson. They couldn’t stop Russia with a million billion dollars and ten years of unopposed preparation.

Nobody is born directly into the families of either God the Father or the Prince of Lies. For all of us, it is a choice to be made and then endured.

Teach your children right, of course, because you love them and you love yourself. That being said, there is jack that you can do, to prevent humanity from repeating the cycle. As much as God wants us to fight against evil and its many forms, He won’t allow us a lasting success. Not that He is the one thwarting us, it’s our own corrupted hearts, but if Satan was crushed before his time, God’s plan would fail as completely as if He abandoned us to the wolves.

Our mortal reality is not a war. It is a factory for making saints.

And apparently, clowns.

Register Your Child With the Free… Mason… CHIP Today!

[Prologue: Sometimes the Internet scares me. The Freemasons have been doing this since 1998 across the USA, yet despite how relevant it is to modern events, and me being well-traveled at public events, I’m only finding out about the program now after following up on a rumor that I’d expected to be incidental to my planned post. Watch how quickly I tumble down the rabbit hole.]

A few voices have criticized the movie Sound of Freedom for being a gatekeeping operation. An easy charge to hang on any, obviously politically motivated media production, and I wouldn’t dispute it, but I did take note of the unexpectedly strong reaction against its depiction of child sex trafficking as organized & overseen by the governments of the West… to the point that some Lefty pundits were blaming mothers for kiddie trafficking in their “fact-checking” efforts! That would normally be crossing a thick, feminist line. (Especially because it’s true; it’s fathers who keep the children safe. Women are simply not warriors, even when they aren’t the criminals in question.)

Before I depart the movie, I heard something that would perfectly explain how it could be a gatekeeping effort. Can anyone who watched it confirm for me, that there is a scene in the movie in which an injectable microchip is offered as a way to keep children safe from kidnapping?

I gots to know.

Hey wait, this is the Information Age. I can check the rumor for myself.


Sound of Freedom’s Ballard denounces microchipping children

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By Lee Harding, 22 July 2023

The real-life main character of Sound of Freedom has taken to social media to dispel allegations his movie is part of an agenda to microchip children.

.It will never cease to amaze me how far the godless leftist media will go to run interference for human traffickers. They’re throwing everything at me right now,. Tim Ballard, star of the movie about child sex trafficking, said in a recent Instagram post.

.I just saw a post that seems to be trending in certain places, saying that I am in favour of putting microchips in children so we can track them. It’s complete baloney.”

“I’ve never weighed in on that. I’ve never said anything. In fact, I’m very much against anything that would allow the government or others to control children..

Ballard included memes and headlines by his accusers to illustrate the issue.

I agree that he’s being slandered & libeled out of all proportion to the offense… but hmm, this doesn’t confirm or deny the scene I’m asking about.

[One] meme included the title, .GEE, thanks Sound of Freedom.” Below was the picture of a brochure for a public safety event sponsored by the Freemasons of Georgia entitled GA CHIP. The brochure included the same symbol allegedly on Ballard’s tie.

The Freemasons of…

What the hell?! And just like that, I’m fisking a different post today.

h ttps://

Freemasons have long been committed to children and families through our scholarship program, children’s learning centers, Shriner’s Hospitals and sponsorship of youth groups. Massachusetts Freemasons have been conducting a child identification program since 1988 and have identified more than 300,000 children. We are proud to offer this program called MYCHIP.

Other programs consist of a single photo and fingerprinting. This new program adds a short video interview, DNA swab, and a dental imprint called Toothprints. Toothprints is a technique developed by David Tesini, a Massachusetts children’s Dentist and incorporated into CHIP by Dr. David Harte, a Massachusetts Freemason. These additions make MYCHIP the most comprehensive Children’s ID program available. MYCHIP now makes the process even faster, and the information even more convenient for parents to hold onto. Using tablet computers and credit-card-sized USB sticks, parents have a complete set of information in wallet-friendly form, perfect to keep handy and never lose.

MYCHIP is designed to give families a measure of protection against this ever-increasing problem.

The DNA test is unnecessary and dental records is preposterous. Frankly, identifying missing children is rarely a problem unless the child was taken from Squatemala at a very young age. Fingerprints & picture are sufficient. A parent can volunteer their own DNA to law enforcement if they want to go the extra mile, because that’s the DNA the police will use to establish parentage regardless. Such DNA would be processed in compliance with evidence chain-of-custody regulations, too, not processed by third-party volunteers from an international secret society.


h ttps://

GACHIP provides a valuable tool for the parents or guardians on a small computer disk that includes… DNA and Scent: The swift recovery of a missing person can be aided by tracking dogs.

Scent? That’s some Gestapo-level paranoia. Literal Gestapo. Cold War East Germany preserved the scents of suspected dissidents in jars so if they ever suddenly vanished, Gestapo could unleash the hounds even without a recent article of clothing. You don’t know what ‘totalitarian police state’ means until you catch the secret police stealing your dirty underwear so they can murder you more easily. I’m just sayin’, Melania Trump, maybe not all of those FBI agents raiding your panty drawer were perverts.

But parents would absolutely have a recently-worn piece of clothing. Man, that’s creepy.

End segue

What is MYCHIP?
Massachusetts Child Identification Program addresses the alarming fact that more and more children are reported missing each year. While most are found, many are not. ALL of the identifying materials generated by the program are given to the child’s family.

We retain NONE of the information and this program is offered to the public at NO CHARGE. MYCHIP is part of MasonicCHIP International, Inc. an initiative of North American Freemason’s Grand Lodges, which generates “completed packs” of various identifying items of children for parents or guardians.

If you ask them, the chip in MasonicCHIP is just “child identification program”. But if you don’t see this obvious telegraphing of “MicroCHIP” then you are lacking in discernment. It’s not just a foreshadowing play on words, it’s the obvious direction that the program is moving in.

MasoniCHIP International. Inc. is recognized by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) as the most comprehensive program of its type and has received a SPECIAL AWARD OF COMMENDATION from the NCMEC in February 2007.

The Massachusetts Child Identification Program has been acknowledged and awarded by the US Congress.

Behold, a privately funded organization operating on behalf on law enforcement and government, with documented interests in both diabolism and your kids. We see this public-private two-step everywhere now.

Even the Huffington Post smelled a rat.

Why Are the Freemasons Collecting Our Children’s DNA?

h ttps://

By Amy MacPherson, 26 September 2012

You know them as MasoniChip, or perhaps you’ve been led to believe it was a state and provincial endeavor intended to protect your little ones. They set up fairs, forge partnerships with law enforcement and even strive to distribute their services through North American public school systems. In Massachusetts this Freemason program was promoted by CBS News from the steps of the official State House and included their police dog, coincidentally named Mason.

I wonder who the Freemasons recruit these days. I’ve never known of one in meatspace, so probably not many Christians. If a large percentage of law enforcement is Masonic then that helps explain their increasingly curious and self-destructive submission to the globalist agenda.

Conspiracy theorists need theorize no more. In pages from a fiction novel brought to life, the strangest twists in popular folklore have been winding through our government corridors. In this case I wouldn’t blame you for being tempted to run it by Snopes.

Fabled as a secret society, Freemasons see themselves as an esoteric fraternity…

Skip the backstory.

What is MasoniChip you ask? It begins on the surface as a child identification project, in case your loved ones are ever to be horrendously abducted. Parents are familiar with at-home kits to record their kids’ vital information, for protection against the greatest of all fears to be inflicted on a family. Normally height, weight, hair and eye colour are recorded, along with a set of fingerprints and hopefully a current photograph. It’s just the good folks at your local Masonic Lodge saw fit to take things further.

With advances in technology, they began to offer digital fingerprints, digital imaging, digital video, dental impressions and DNA mouth swabs. This data processing is managed by their proprietary software that’s designed to be compatible with local and national law enforcement. This is after all, a campaign created by police in the brotherhood regardless of its private funding.

She provides a confirming link for the boldfaced that didn’t work for me.

A great distinction is made to ensure governments are nothing more than their supporters. Freemasons assert ownership of this project as an integral part of their mission statement:

“We the Freemasons are the sole “sponsor” of the Masonic Safety Identification initiatives as developed in our various Masonic Grand Lodge Jurisdictions. As such we schedule the Events and coordinate the equipment, materials and volunteers necessary to conduct events. All groups and individuals are welcome to work alongside, but they are not referred as sponsors but listed and involved as “supporters”, “supporting partners”, “corporate partners”, “in collaboration with”, or “in cooperation with.”

There is no way to guarantee what happens behind closed doors….

Because Freemasons fund 100 per cent of the initiative, there is no opportunity to discuss issues regarding data ownership…

The only thing they share is an internet portal, where everyone claims to expunge the information that was painstakingly collected.

Very good, Amy! No oversight plus government affiliation equals Red Flag.

Let us then consider the function of a DNA sample. If a child goes missing will police swab every glass and rock they come across for a match to find the trail? In the video for Massachusetts they claimed it would help Mason pick up a scent, but in all reality the clothes a child was last wearing will provide stronger notes and this can’t be the intended purpose. DNA has nothing to do with scent and its only use can be harnessed once a child has been located.

With somber scrutiny and if further tragedy struck, authorities would match remains with parental samples for definitive confirmation. It is the parents’ DNA that could aid in matching the unnamed, but only accredited laboratories are permitted to conduct the process. Whether a parent or child, collecting DNA cannot occur at an open park event, run by stranger volunteers and become admissible to the national database. The FBI continually quotes the DNA Identification Act of 1994 in establishing these requirements to be included within CODIS.

VERY good, Amy! You are wasted at Huffpo!

All in all they’ve registered 1.5 million children to date. The push is on to document as many possible, as keenly demonstrated by the event schedule for Ontario. From community halls to grocery stores, fairground booths, libraries and even chartered banks, the private fraternity will be on hand to collect everything about your children whether it’s relevant or not.

When it comes to the little people we’d do anything to protect them, but perhaps their families might give sober second thought to what exactly they’re signing in a contract with Freemasons. This DNA collection program is planned to be extended to the disabled community and seniors, but who benefits when it’s inadmissible to a certified registry of any sort?

I haven’t confirmed that. Maybe it’s only happening in some states? Maybe it’s just the kids that they’re interested in.

And why is the face of government through public schools or police through public events, being placed on an effort from private organizations to mislead parents? Sharing one’s fingerprints and biometrics is a serious decision. For public safety we must insist that brokers of such events become transparent and regulated.

It’s not often that a female pundit impresses me, but she said it better than I did. So, to answer her titular question…

Why are the Freemasons collecting our children’s DNA? Because they’re early adopters of Satan’s schemes.

Meanwhile, any parents who are nervous about their children disappearing can find wearable GPS trackers with little difficulty. Why, home invasion robbers reportedly use Apple AirTags to follow expensive cars home from the grocery store! It’s a Scooby-Doo mystery why they don’t just rob the expensive houses… anyway, do not EVER be stampeded by fear into providing your child’s identity to strangers… or worse, the State. Because Gestapo is becoming a thing again.

Barbie the Feminist Reviews Barbie the Movie

What do the movies Sound of Freedom and Barbie have in common? Young girls being sold into sex slavery for the enjoyment of men! What the Deep State does with armed kidnappings in the dead of night, creeps do with matrimony! No wuving God would allow such a misogynistic crime to happen, and if Jesus is anything, He’s more wuvs than a kitten in a blanket.

Aside from some other Churchy stuff that Barbie doesn’t think about. It can’t be important if it’s not trending on social media, right?

As Christians, we can learn something from ‘Barbie’

h ttps://

By Aleassa Jarvis, 8 August 2023

We can learn that matriarchy is hell? That a woman who gets everything she wants, will still be unhappy? That a fully actualized life of materialism remains spiritually void?

For sure, we can learn… that the Fall Of Eden was not a one-time event.

Some critics are saying, .Don’t watch .Barbie., go see ‘Sound of Freedom’ instead.. I’ve actually seen both movies and I believe they share a similar underlying message.

In .Barbie,. the main character lives in a seemingly perfect Barbie World . a female-driven society in which the Barbies are all intelligent, strong, and celebrated super-achievers. The Kens in Barbie World are little more than complementary accessories, whose main purpose is to look good and cheer on the Barbies.

And Ken was happy, right?

Well… at least Barbie was happy… right?

One day Barbie wakes up to find she is less than perfect, which is devastating to her. Barbie goes to the real world, in which she discovers that everything is upside down . she finds a patriarchy, where she is objectified and even hated. Ken, on the other hand, starts believing that patriarchy is where he can finally be valued. He takes this idea back to Barbie World and establishes a machismo hierarchy where the Kens are in charge and the Barbies cater to their egos.

Wokism increasingly sounds like it’s jumped the shark… that its “smash the patriarchy” movies are increasing in popularity, but only because the audience identifies so strongly with the villain. The red flag for that is when the reviews are more popular than the actual show.


The movie is a hilarious satire built on a reversed world of extreme gender stereotypes, but the writing is incredibly deep and full of beautiful moments if you’re willing to peer beneath the surface. Both Barbie and Ken ultimately discover that each of them has equal worth…

No. The self-absorbed and materialistic are not of equal worth to a man who goes out of his way to take a risk at improving the circumstances of his life.

…and that gendered power imbalances might feel good to those in power, but they actually exploit and harm everyone.

Akshually, those gendered power imbalances are increasing quickly in popularity! If DisneyCorp has done a single righteous thing, despite its every single intention, it was pushing Gender Equality until it passed infinity to became the sampaku-eyed toxic broken wine aunt of Social Justice. I hear that Zoomer girls have begun rejecting feminism because they don’t want to end up like a Disney Princess.

Burn, Kathleen Kennedy! Nobody wants to be you when they grow up.

.Sound of Freedom,. by contrast, is a dark, gut-punch of a film. Two children are kidnapped in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and sold to sex traffickers in Mexico and Colombia. The main character, Tim Ballard, embarks on a journey to find them and it yields the liberation of many more child sex slaves and the start of his nonprofit organization, Operation Underground Railroad.

Critics have pointed out that some of the rescue tactics depicted in the movie and the way in which child trafficking was portrayed, can wind up doing more harm than good. Those are valid points worth considering.

Here’s another point to consider: E.P.S.T.E.I.N.S… I.S.L.A.N.D. If reviewer-Barbie had listened to those critics, she would have heard them blaming the mothers of trafficked children because the alternative is admitting the existence of a global network of pedophiles operating at the highest levels of government. Women most affected, indeed.

Even so, this powerfully told story brings to light the horrific reality of human trafficking, calling on moviegoers to end this form of modern-day slavery. It also makes two crucial points . that sex trafficking is fueled by the supply and demand of pornography, and that “the United States is one of the top destinations for human trafficking and one of the top consumers for child sex..

Two lies in that sentence. One, porn doesn’t make men violent or cruel. The proof is that you, dear reader, are still alive. Consider how the Information Age has pushed the amount & availability of porn beyond the wildest imaginings of the ancients. If porn was a gateway to impulsive sexual violence then civilization would have murdered itself circa Betamax.

And two, don’t conflate white people with ((white people)). The same demographic that brought Negro slavery to America, is now bringing child sex slavery to America. We should punish them.

What connects the two films is that both showcase the ramifications of a world in which we dehumanize and objectify our fellow human beings.

.Barbie. uses humor and over-the-top satire to illustrate how harmful and demeaning it is for one sex to rule over another. The movie calls out patriarchy and abusive men specifically, and for good reason. When Will Ferrell’s character commands Barbie to “Get back in the box, Jezebel,. many women know exactly how that felt.

Whaaat?! THAT got said in the movie?! Dayumn… maybe I should watch it.

Likewise, when America Ferrera’s character pours out her powerful speech at the end, many women felt every single syllable.

Aaaand maybe I was right the first time.

How’s that gender equality working out for you ladies? Oh, that’s right. It’s equity now. Because one gender is more equal than the other.

Also, mental illness is now at an all-time high, concurrent with female empowerment. Women most affected, yet again!

You women are in rebellion against men in general and your husbands in particular. It’s you women, not porn, that are driving sexual misconduct. You refuse to boink the man you should, and boink every man you shouldn’t instead. How is that not rebellion?

.Sound of Freedom. employs blunt, heart-breaking imagery to illustrate the horrific abuse that happens when someone decides that another person is theirs to use. When the hero of the story resolutely declares, .God’s children are not for sale,. we felt it in the depths of our souls. Humans weren’t created to be owned, used, and dominated by other humans. We were made for freedom.

Women WERE created to be owned, used, dominated… and to be happy that way. God make women to be servants of men. When women go all strong & independent, is when my boxed wine investments pay dividends.

I’m dropping kitty litter futures, however. The next growth market for feral wymyn, post-vexxination, will be in the mortuary sciences. What’s this? There aren’t any funeral homes or casket-makers on the NYSE? How odd. It’s not like my Congresswoman, Diane Feinstein, to miss such an obvious… ohhh. Right.

Another common thread is that pornography, sex trafficking, and what we know today as patriarchy all share the same core belief . that one person is entitled to exercise power over another person through control and domination and that one person is less human than another.

That is how women think… in terms of power, control, domination, status. Men are the cooperative sex. Men just want to boink. Feed us, too, and we’ll happily give you females the world.

Starve us of boink and we won’t get violent. We’ll just boink elsewhere. Child sex slaves from the Amazon river basin are not as fun or cheap as one-off Tinder dates. Or porn.

Or your best friend, girl! Not that we would… but we certainly COULD, hahaha!

That’s what the anti-porn movement is all about. It’s not about Biblical morality… it’s about rebellious women protecting their monopoly on boink, to exercise their one power over men that God meant to be given freely.

The loudest critics mocking “Barbie” insist that American women have nothing to whine about, that women are already regarded as equals, and that they should stop living with a “victim mentality..

Yeah, that’s another sex difference. Men don’t like to claim victimhood. Which proves, I suppose, that some humans with male bits really are the pussies they claim to be.

If true, why do varying studies reveal that 57% up to 91% of American men admit to regular pornography use?

Because our women deprive us of sex.

Why is the U.S. a top consumer [and] producer of pornography?

Because our women deprive us of sex. And again, you’re conflating white people with ((white people)).

Is that because American men view women and children as equals?

There is no equality. There MUST be no equality! As I just stated, women think in terms of dominance and power dynamics. If her man doesn’t put her in her place, then she’ll go feral.

If her man DOES put her in her place, the Bidenreich will defend her against God’s Plan for Humanity. What snakes they be!

More troublingly, Barna research indicates that 68% of churchgoing men and over 50% of pastors consume porn regularly. Is that because they view women as equals?

Let.s be honest. When we say that .68% of church-going men struggle with porn. what we are really saying is that 68% of churchgoing men struggle to see women as fully human.

You heartless bitch. First you won’t put out, then you blame your man for finding an alternative. Does it hurt, when you get outperformed in the bedroom by an iPhag? I hope it does.

If you think I’m exaggerating, are you aware that popular social media influencers now encourage Christian wives to take pole-dancing classes?

Hee hee. Like I said, the young chicks these days don’t want to end up like… YOU. With your globe-trotting career and your drinking habit and your kitchen bitch and your damaged little trophy bastard. No, the new girls want husbands who give them healthy & happy kids and let them play with their girlfriends while he works. What a hardship, that that husband would then expect cleaning (like you’d do anyway) and meals (like you’d cook anyway) and child care (like you’d insist on doing anyway) and some nookie, which he will happily make fun for you if only you make it fun for him, too.

Or consider these words from pastor Doug Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho: “All Christian wives, in all Christian marriages, occupy a subordinate rank, and it is always bad for a subordinate to be insubordinate..


How about this from Jack Hyles, who once preached: .For every single man in prison for rape, there ought to be right beside him a half-naked girl in the next cell..

Word again! Does this Hyles guy run a church, and is it within my commuting distance?

Michael and Debi Pearl’s blog and books, Created to Be His Helpmeet, and The Bible on Divorce & Remarriage, instruct wives to .stop defrauding your husband and start pumping him dry about every day or so. If he is younger than 25, make that every day and twice on Sunday . If you do not cheerfully, joyously make yourself a willing participant, you are the tool of Satan to bring your husband down..

WORD AGAIN! This author is covering her ears and screaming past all the warning signs like Thelma and Louise flooring the gas pedal! She’s gonna blow, folks!

Not to belabor this, but none other than pastor John MacArthur has said:

.Man is the sun and woman is the moon. She shines not so much with the direct light of God, but that derived from man . woman was made to manifest man’s authority and man’s will as man was made to manifest God’s authority. The woman is the vice regent who carries out man’s wish . She demonstrates her significance in the world in response to the direction of men who are given divine dominion..

None other than pastor John MacArthur tried to turn this Globalist Slutwalk Barbie from the error of her ways.

Perhaps these critics have never been girls who had to change their clothes to protect grown men’s minds, had to kneel down to have their skirt lengths measured, or had to endure a teen girl’s youth group session where they were compared to a chewed-up piece of gum, un-sticky tape, or a wilted rose [if they lost their virginity].

She’s not an unchaste whore. She just dresses and acts like an unchaste whore. Trust the Science!

I laughed and cried through “Barbie.” I cried through “Sound of Freedom.. The latter calls attention to the horrors of a world in which people are dehumanized and objectified in the worst possible way. The former seeks to open our eyes to the entitled, power-hungry belief systems that can build such a world.

“He touched me! My entitled, power-hungry husband! It was horrible!”

She actually does have a husband. Let us have a moment of silence for that poor man… nah. He’s probably a male feminist.

As long as there are churches in this country teaching women that they are more easily deceived than men…

Do mirrors reflect your image, Aleassa? Because you aren’t reading what you just wrote, and I want to show you the problem.

Seriously, you just listed four Christian authorities telling you what the Bible has always told you, to respect and obey your husband… so you compare obedience to hubby, to being a kidnapped sex slave.

…that men are entitled to unconditional respect, that husbands will be unfaithful if they aren’t given sex on demand, that marital rape does not exist, that wives dishonor God when they leave abusive marriages, then we cannot claim to say women and children are equal to men.

She knows! She knows she’s guilty! Look at her twist words to justify the unjustifiable!

As long as there are churches in this country teaching women that female bodies of all ages are threats to men’s fragile sexual integrity, that God calls women to martyr themselves to abusive husbands…

That’s in 1 Peter 3:1.

…and that women and children can provoke rape or assault with their clothing, that blames teenage victims of clergy sexual abuse, we cannot claim to believe that women and children have equal worth with men.

Followers of Christ are called to love as Christ loves. Christ-like love challenges and levels ungodly hierarchies, empowers the weak and vulnerable, protects children, and sets captives free. It is for freedom, after all, that He came.

Ahh, we end with some refreshingly honest heresy! Freedom from slavery, freedom from a husband! FATHER God would never want a PATRIARCHY!

What does that freedom sound like? It sounds like voices raised that were once silenced. Some may mock or belittle those voices, but the Church is called to a love that listens, honors, and spreads the Word. The shared messages in “Barbie” and “Sound of Freedom” call us to this if we’ll listen.

Lead the way, dear Church.

Barbie: “Let’s spread the Gospel!”

Ken: “Okay… Original Sin is humanity’s great flaw. Eve rebelled and Adam simped and then…”

Barbie: “The other gospel. Of freedom, and dressing like a prostitute without judgment, a place where virginity is never valued.”


I never saw the movie… because that’s how it should have ended.

Aleassa Jarvis is a freelance writer specializing in women’s issues and trauma-informed ministry in the church. She and her husband have spent most of their married life in local church ministry and international mission work in Central America and the Caribbean. Her years working alongside vulnerable women and children inspire much of her writing.

Don’t Mix Life And Death: the Sinister MAID Of New Jersey

This one began with a reader request. One of his elderly relatives was legally homicided under questionable circumstances, by a New Jersey doctor Robin Plumer. He can’t afford a lawyer to investigate the death but knew of my true-crime interests, so he asked me to take a look.

I will not be accusing her of any criminal or civilly-liable conduct… but being a self-confessed killer of at least eighty people, Dr. Plumer is surely confident enough in her spirituality to withstand my moral recommendation: don’t mix life and death.

That’s moral, not ethical, because it goes back to God and the symbolism laws of the Old Testament. Don’t boink wifey during her monthly time, why? Because you’re mixing life and death. Don’t boil a goat in its mother’s milk, why? Mixing life and death.

Here’s a well-said opinion about the goat one:

h ttps://

Boiling a young goat in the very thing that is intended to bring life to the goat would be abhorrent. A goat in the Old Testament was killed for one of two reasons, for food or for atonement for sins. In both instances, the goat is giving up it’s life for the good of the people. Not only has the goat’s life been taken, but now we’re taking something that is intended to give life to the animal, and we’re using it to add flavor to the young animal whose life has been taken. This practice would be considered abhorrent mainly because of the blatant misuse of the milk. It’s main purpose is life intended for the young, not flavoring to please those who take the life of the young.

It’s not unlike the respect that hunters have for the deer that they kill. The hunters I know (and I know quite a few living in Texas), will tell you that one of the most disturbing things that can happen while hunting is that might fail to make a clean kill. That is, they don’t shoot the animal in a place where it’s death is as quick and painless as possible. Hunting isn’t about animal cruelty. It’s about finding food for the hunter. No hunter I know wishes to bring pain upon the animal. They recognize that the life that the deer gives brings life to those who take it (via it’s meat), and they seek to respect the animal by not bringing more unnecessary suffering upon it.

There’s a respect that comes in the exchange of one life for another.

Fortunately, we today can eat cheeseburgers because we aren’t under that law, and because that cheese probably wasn’t a dairy product anyway. Looking at YOU, Kraft Corporation!

But God does not change: don’t mix life and death. Don’t empower doctors to kill. Which brings us to Dr. Robin Plumer of New Joy-Zee.

Let’s start with a brief summary of how New Jersey does MAID.

Understanding the New Jersey Medical Aid in Dying Act

h ttps://

By Andrew M. Grenell, Esq., 23 March 2021

In 2019, a law was enacted in the State of New Jersey which authorized medical aid in dying for terminally ill New Jersey residents. The Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, sometimes referred to as the .MAID Act., provides certain qualifying individuals with the legal option to seek, obtain, and take prescription medication intended to peacefully end their lives instead of suffering through the pain and indignity of the end stages of a terminal illness.

While the MAID Act first became effective on August 1, 2019, the implementation of the MAID Act was immediately stayed by the Court in conjunction with a lawsuit filed by a physician who claimed that the MAID Act was unconstitutional. The MAID Act has only been effective as a practical matter since August 27, 2019…

Perhaps a better legal objection to MAID is that it meets the legal definition of premeditated murder, and the State legalizing it has a conflict of interest thanks to State-subsidized medicine. But I digress.

A patient who wishes to avail themselves of the MAID Act must be:

    • An adult who is 18 years of age or older;
    • Capable of making their own healthcare decisions and communicating those decisions to [at least two] healthcare professional[s];
    • A New Jersey resident; and
    • In the terminal stage of an irreversible illness with six months or less left to live.
    • Additionally, although not expressly stated in the MAID Act, a patient must also be physically capable of self-administering any medication prescribed to end their life.

It’s the do-it-yourself plan? Perhaps the intent is to prevent the doctor from being considered an accomplice.

It’s also false compassion. The reason to get doctors involved in end-of-life decisions has nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with moral inversion. I understand somebody checking out instead of, for example, losing his mind to Alzheimer’s, I wouldn’t even argue against it, but why would he get medical permission? His last act alive would be doing his part to turn healers into killers.

This is an older picture of Robin Plumer that she seems to prefer. I’m told she now has a butch haircut, which is easily believable because she already has Evil Eye and was dressed Goth. Those aren’t hospital scrubs in the pic.

Plumer runs a very visible-on-the-Internet organization that promotes MAID, the only such in New Jersey, although I doubt she’s the only doctor doing it. This link contains two dozen MDs who publicly supported the law in 2019:

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…although “support” and “practice” are two different things. Regardless, I note that several organizations originally supported the law but only Plumer is publicly pushing it.

Now for some background.

Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice Welcomes New Hospice Physician Robin S. Plumer, D.O.

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By NJNews4U, 27 June 2017

Robin S. Plumer, DO, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, has joined Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice as a hospice and palliative care physician. She is the fifth staff doctor at the Marlton-based not-for-profit, whose 325 employees provide a range of services for people with serious illnesses and their families.

Plumer will oversee patients. care near the end of life, and work with their personal doctors to provide palliative services — including pain relief and social, emotional, and spiritual support.

Pain relief, companionship, emotional support and cyanide on demand. One of those is not like the others.

Plumer recently returned to the United States after spending nine years in New Zealand, where she held a variety of positions in palliative care, emergency medicine, and sexual health. Prior to practicing in New Zealand, she worked for 25 years at Virtua and Kennedy Health systems.

Those are three categories that you don’t often see combined.

Plumer completed her postgraduate diploma in palliative care from the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. She received her doctorate of osteopathy from the former University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Stratford, New Jersey (now Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine) and a bachelor of arts, cum laude, in interdepartmental studies-neuropsychology from the University of Rochester, New York.

She’s a doctor of osteopathy. Not an M.D., although D.O. is the next best thing in USA. That’s a slightly alternative form of medicine, like a chiropractor who can prescribe drugs. At least Plumer is more of a real doctor than “Doctor” Tony Fauci. PhD in immunology, never licensed to practice medicine AT ALL.

I tried to trace down why she went to Auckland to learn palliative care, half-expecting to find some Jewish necromancer cult like those archaeologists just did in Jerusalem. (She’s not Jewish, although there’s a findable interview she did with… maybe the topic of my next post.) As best I can determine, however, she went there for their program’s lack of rigor & academic integrity.

How lacking, you ask? Auckland’s palliative care program has apparently been merged with the Maori equity program to create a secret harem.

Tess & the team awarded the Health Research Council Te Tohu Rapuora Medal

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The Health Research Council (HRC) awarded Dr Tess Moeke-Maxwell and the Te “rai Research Group the Te Tohu Rapuora Medal at the Royal Society Te Ap.rangi Research Honours event on Wednesday in Hamilton. The medal recognises the contribution to M.ori health leadership of a single researcher, research team, or community group.

Tess credited the inspiration of Professor Merryn Gott and the vision of Matua Rawiri Wharemate and Te .rai’s Kahui Kaum.tua to improve M.ori end-of-life outcomes. .The end of life is a tapu (sacred) time when the wairua (spirit) is very active, so it’s imperative that great care is taken in this space. We’ve been privileged to hear some of these wairua-filled, end-of-life rituals, which belong to iwi and hap.,. says Dr Moeke-Maxwell.

On the one hand, this is so linguistic-xenophilic that I can barely read it. On the other hand, maybe my crack about Jewish necromancers wasn’t far off, since this article on Maori witch doctors was on their front page. And on the eleventh finger, 18 of 19 research group members are female. The 19th is a tribal elder.

That sounds like a harem.

Dying patients protest looming telehealth crackdown

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By Jonel Aleccia for Associated Press, 24 April 2023

At age 93, struggling with the effects of a stroke, heart failure and recurrent cancer, Teri Sheridan was ready to end her life using New Jersey’s law that allows medically assisted suicide — but she was bedbound, too sick to travel.

So last Nov. 17, surrounded by three of her children, Sheridan drank a lethal dose of drugs prescribed by a doctor she had never met in person, only online. She died within minutes.

Soon, others who seek Sheridan’s final option may find it out of reach, the unintended result of a federal move to roll back online prescribing of potentially addictive drugs allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

.How much should one person suffer?. said Sheridan’s daughter, Georgene White, 68. .She wanted to just go to sleep and not wake up..

Online prescribing rules for controlled drugs were relaxed three years ago under emergency waivers to ensure critical medications remained available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has proposed a rule that would reinstate most previously longstanding requirements that doctors see patients in person before prescribing narcotic drugs such as Oxycontin, amphetamines such as Adderall, and a host of other potentially dangerous drugs.

Telehealth doesn’t work for hospice/palliative care. Why didn’t Plumer make a house call? Is her field anything but pain management drugs? One difference between M.D. and D.O. is the latter emphasizes physical therapy and other, non-telehealth-compatible approaches to medicine, so this D.O. has even less of an excuse.

Which is it, Dr. Plumer? Do you comfort the sick and dying, or do you resent having to meet them in person before prescribing the hemlock?

The proposal has sparked a massive backlash, including more than 35,000 comments to a federal portal and calls from advocates, members of Congress and medical groups to reconsider certain patients or provisions.

Among the biggest complaints: The rule would delay or block access for patients who seek medically assisted suicide and hospice care, critics said. Many of the comments — including nearly 10,000 delivered in person to DEA offices — came from doctors and patients protesting the effect of the rule on seriously ill and dying patients.

I have trouble believing that inconveniencing the suicidal was a major complaint against ending telehealth.

Telemedicine was key to access during the COVID emergency, said Dr. Robin Plumer, the New Jersey doctor who prescribed the drugs Teri Sheridan took. Plumer has overseen 80 assisted suicide deaths since 2020. Without online prescribing, 35% to 40% of her patients wouldn’t have been able to use the law.

Or, she could have visited them. It’s not like signing paperwork requires an MRI scan. (If it does then how was MAID-telehealth even a thing to begin with?)

.I feel like we’ve taught people over the past couple of years that telemedicine does work in so many areas and it’s a great improvement for people,. especially for those who are homebound or dying, Plumer said.

.And what?. she said. .They’re suddenly going to yank that away?.

The problem I find with Plumer is that she, being a hospice doctor and advocate for MAID, is like a Pfizer sales rep getting a second job as intake receptionist at a cancer ward. She has a major conflict of interest regarding the welfare of vulnerable patients. How do we know she isn’t in the nursing home just to… ah, headhunt… potential clients?

Those who comfort the dying should not also be the ones culling them. Don’t mix life and death. The hunters should do the killing, not the nurturers.

The Craig Robertson Shoot Might Have Been Personal

I didn’t have much to say about the shooting of Craig Deleeuw Robertson by FBI before the Truth Social angle got leaked. As Fedpoasters go, Craig was somewhere between “wannabe suicide-by-cop” and “low-IQ honeypot”. There was simply no way those rantings couldn’t have ended with either a door kicked in, or termination for being an incompetent asset.

More than that, I’m so weary of Normalcy Bias that I’m fine with FBI making a few Cuckservative wishes come true. They be all “we’re ruled by lawless Communists!” then be all “I can’t believe they would do that”.

It takes a special kind of stupid to call the play and then be surprised when the play is run.

But then reports came out that it was Truth Social that called the authorities, when the guy’s samples had been sourced from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That was worth a closer look. On the one hand, it would be typical for FBI to deflect blame towards Trump. On the other hand, maybe YouTwitFace didn’t call the cops because they’re directly operated by the cops, and they forgot to report this kind of stuff to themselves in order to keep up appearances.

Either would amuse me.

Craig Robertson’s Facebook Posts Before Being Fatally Shot in FBI Raid

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By Khaleda Rahman for Newsweek, 10 August 2023

An armed man who was shot and killed by FBI agents on Wednesday had posted numerous threats against President Joe Biden and others on social media, according to court documents.

The FBI said special agents had been trying to serve a warrant at Craig Deleeuw Robertson’s home in Provo, Utah, when the shooting happened at about 6:15 a.m., The Associated Press reported.

Everything about that is suspicious, from the early timing to the fact that it wasn’t the Secret Service handling a threat to the Prez. But several others have already pointed that out.

Robertson was armed at the time of the shooting, according to two law enforcement sources who spoke to The AP on condition of anonymity as the investigation is ongoing.

The neighbors said he wasn’t. Honestly, after what he wrote, he shoulda been armed. He literally asked for that visit, which was timed to alarm him… just before he would normally have woken up, I bet.

Court documents show Robertson had been charged under seal on Tuesday with three felony counts, including making threats against the president and against FBI agents investigating him.

He was shot dead hours before Biden flew to Utah on Wednesday, ahead of a visit to a Veterans Affairs hospital in Salt Lake City on Thursday to talk about the PACT Act, which expanded veterans’ benefits.

Now the matter begins to interest me. Sealed indictments are when the police don’t want to arrest somebody right away… typically because they want to make multiple simultaneous arrests, or they want to finish an undercover operation. But they can also done to time arrests for political convenience.

Here, we’re supposed to believe that FBI was preempting a threat to POTUS, although no authority actually says that. “We served a warrant and POTUS was going to be in the state.” But is that WHY they served the warrant at that time? FBI raids on mouthy malcontents in advance of a POTUS visit aren’t a standard practice.

The FBI’s investigation into Robertson began with a tip about the threat against Bragg from Trump’s Truth Social platform in March, according to the court documents.

Robertson posted that he would be “waiting in the courthouse parking garage” with a suppressed weapon and wanting to “put a nice hole in his forehead.” His account was later suspended from Truth Social.

Okay. That’s exactly what any social media platform should do. Credible and specific death threats are not protected by free speech.

Two FBI agents went to Robertson’s house in Provo on March 19 after the warning about him from Truth Social and found him wearing a Trump hat and an “AR-15 style rifle lapel pin,” one of the FBI agents wrote in an affidavit.

MAGA hat maybe, but how many fat, old cranks wear lapel pins? How often do people wear both baseball hats and suits? That sounds like something an SJW would project into a report. I’ve blogged previously on how rifle-shaped lapel pins are triggering.

Per other sources, the March interview happened as Robertson came home from church. Notice there was no officer-involved shooting that way.

The affidavit said Robertson told them his threat toward Bragg was just “a dream.”

“We’re done here! Don’t return without a warrant!” Robertson told the agents, according to the affidavit.

Five days later, Robertson posted on Facebook: “To my friends in the Federal Bureau of Idiots: I know you’re reading this and you have no idea how close your agents came to ‘violent eradication.’”

Ah, the picture clears. Craig came to the Deep State’s attention as a verbally abusive-but-harmless crank in March, but an SJW agent took personal offense and saw a chance to fluff his resume at the same time.

Let me re-quote from above: Court documents show Robertson had been charged under seal on Tuesday with three felony counts, including making threats against the president and against FBI agents investigating him.

Would those be the FBI agents investigating him in March? “He threatened the President in August and me back in March.”

Prediction: one of the agents of the March investigation, was part of the August incident, and is now gloating on not-Truth Social about avenging an insult.

Meanwhile, ask not why Truth Social reported that fool. Ask why Twitter and Facebook did NOT.

I Am Progressive Of Borg. Who You Were Created To Be, Will Adapt To Service Us

Death is the event horizon of morality. Which reality you occupy depends exclusively upon which side you choose, and only the outside choice will set you free.

If there is nothing after death, then morality consists exclusively of satisfying your bodily appetites. If instead, there is a part of you that will pass beyond death, then nurturing that part of you is obviously more important than a body doomed to fail in threescore and ten. Morality begins with the realization that we are not our bodies.

Animals do perfectly fine when they indulge their bodily appetites without limit. Humans die off. Is there a more obvious disproof of evolution than the repeatedly confirmed observation, that humans doing what feels good always leads to self-destruction? Women kill their children, men quit working. You ever seen a beaver quit working?

What we should do is not what we want to do.

Thus, along with the awareness that we are not our bodies is the awareness that we have a Creator and are corrupted from what (who) we should be. Most religions choose oblivion at the point of admitting this. Literal oblivion for Buddhists, reincarnation for most others… endless replacement bodies… and the remainder, the most inbred level of stupid, imagine a paradise of endlessly indulging… our bodily appetites.

The purpose of life for us who accept the truth, then, becomes restoration of our spiritual selves. This is not to deny the importance of our bodies or our mortal lives, because they are the tools we have to work with. What we choose to do becomes who we are. This is obviously a very individual process.

In Current Year Clown World, this restoration is endangered by the insistence that with sufficient technology, humans are all the same. Just as militant atheists deny God then try to kill God again, and feminists claim gender is a social construct then mutilate the gender evidence of helpless children, the Progressive claims anybody can be good at anything then buries the failures under a rug of automation.

AI to assist 911 operators fielding repetitive stressful calls to prevent burnout amid understaffing problem

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By Candace Hathaway, 10 August 2023

Artificial intelligence technology is already being integrated within 911 emergency call centers to assist operators struggling with burnout amid an understaffing problem.

A study published by the National Emergency Number Association found that 82% of 911 call centers in the United States are understaffed, and 75% of operators reported feeling burned out.

Walden University reported that approximately 240 million emergency calls are made in the country yearly, which averages roughly 600,000 daily.

That doesn’t sound like a technical problem. It sounds like a human-management problem.

On the demand side, maybe government shouldn’t recommend that everybody call 911 at the drop of a hat. There have been efforts to reduce demand over the years, but none have worked well.

Your local police probably have a phone number for non-emergency requests for service. Not a bad idea to program it into your phone.

On the supply side, not everybody can handle the emotional stress of a 911 call center. If this means centers are understaffed, then the solution is to reduce demand, not hire people who aren’t wired to take the heat.

Sometimes you have to work a McJob to get by. I’ve been there myself. But if you make a career of doing work that is a bad fit for who you are, then nobody is going to win.

The spiritual aspect of that is becoming urgent thanks to the Progressivism cult. One of their core beliefs is that anybody can do anything with sufficient levels of technological assistance. Write a book? Push a button. Troubleshoot a power plant? Push a button. Emotional breakdown after the local orphanage explodes? Push… a… button.

North Central Texas Emergency Communications District, which oversees 40 emergency call centers in Texas, told Fox News Digital that it is integrating artificial intelligence to assist operators and monitor mental health.

[NCT911 Director Christy] Williams hopes the technology will flag tragic calls and alert supervisors when an operator may need to take a break. The AI system will listen for specific keywords or detect the tone of the caller’s voice to detect higher levels of stress.

Williams told Fox News Digital that she believes the technology could streamline work and be a game changer for protecting the mental health of operators.

Only a woman could think that spying on her underlings more closely, will HELP them manage their stress levels.

Boss: “Sue, the Microsoft Psycho app says you’re about to pop. Need a hug?”

Sue: “Thanks, boss! I love how Big Brother is always looking out for me! Maybe I’m just not cut out for this work.”

Boss: “Nonsense! Everybody find this work stressful.”

Larry: “I don’t. I can listen to a home invasion while eating a cheeseburger.”

Boss: “You’re sick, Larry. And you make other people seem… incompetent. Wait! What we need is an AI to help us manage our mental health, not just an app.”

Larry: “This place wasn’t obsessed with mental health before we let all you chicks in.”

Boss: “You better learn to care about my mental health real quick, Larry.”

In fact, that’s one of the most heartless, inhuman, ass-covering managerial policies I’ve smelled since…


h ttps://

I know someone who is a physician. When the COVID hysteria hit, he was skeptical and refused to wear a mask unless he was in surgery. This made him a subject of whispering and sniping and he got hauled in before the CEO and the administration and told to wear a mask. He pulled out a mask in the factory packaging with a sticker on it that said .DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19. and showed it to the CEO.

He was told “Wear it anyway..

End segue

In partnership with Amazon’s subsidiary, Amazon Web Services, NCT911 is testing an AI system that will monitor operators’ calls and keep track of stressful conversations.

The usual suspects. Nothing says Twenty-First Century like “This is 911, what’s your social credit score?”

AI could also be implemented to resolve any potential language barriers. Carbyne, a software company, can automatically translate Spanish to English for 911 operators, cutting down time previously needed to transfer calls to a translator.

That wouldn’t be a problem in a monocultural society. Import the entire Third World and you’ll never speak to your neighbor again, because language barriers. Progressives constantly go out of their way to violate natural human behavior, and then trust, or hope, that technology will fix the resulting consequences.

In hindsight, Star Trek’s universal translator was the faggiest piece of Progtardism on the entire show. I thought it was just a McGuffin for conveniences’ sake… but it’s exactly what would make a managerial Federation think that multiculturalism in pressurized environments is a great idea.

Which means the Borg wasn’t a threat to the Federation, it was the Federation’s inevitable future. Its Nemesis following Hubris.

That’s the goal of real-life Progressives and their fascination for technology. They hope to twist humanity into arbitrary shapes, then escape the consequences. The predictable result of that is everybody wishing they were dead because they cannot be… themselves.

The proper response, then, is to figure out who God made you to be, and who you want to be based on what God has provided thus far, and go in that direction. That should be trivial but it’s not in Current Year. Just being human is becoming an effort.

As we saw with this example of Amazon imposing Big Brother on 911 call centers to ensure that the emotionally vulnerable women err, workers they hired, don’t go Postal. It’s no accident that they don’t trust the workers to know themselves well enough to ask for help… that’s exactly the kind of self-knowledge and self-ownership that the Progressives DON’T want.

If a woman did what she was wired to do, what God meant her to do, she’d be raising a family instead of listening to a family die. But that’s a patriarchal heteronormative stereotype, therefore a worse fate than putting an AI on permanent suicide watch over your staff.

Bagman Vivek

I would no longer be surprised if Vivek is POTUS 2024.

Normal American electoral procedure is that early results favor a homosexual (for Democrats) and a house Negro (for Republicans) in order to honor their respective sacred cows. Once things get serious, however, the true powers sit down to discuss realpolitik, which excludes homos (for Communists) and coloreds (for plantation owners).

That formula is changing with Vivek… his last name is hard, Run-Me-Swarthy or something. He has a tremendous amount of political support, is proving capable at money laundering (the ruling class’ one, true and definitive skill these days) and temporarily giving control of USA to India would go a long way to securing Indian cooperation for the upcoming and so-stupidly-unnecessary-that-it’s-obviously-a-false-front Sino-American War.

Would that leave India holding the bag when then American economy implodes? One should consider such things when welcoming Jews bearing gifts.

Anyway, let’s talk about money laundering and Vivek.

Vivek Ramaswamy settles lawsuit with World Economic Forum, will donate money

h ttps://

By Brandon Gillespie for Fox News, 1 August 2023

I confess, I still get a kick out of MSN becoming a mouthpiece for Fox after the latter shot itself in the foot by ditching Tucker Carlson. A case of Cancel-Tucker envy?

Republican presidential candidate and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has settled his lawsuit against the “globalist” World Economic Forum (WEF) for “creating a false perception” he was affiliated with the organization, and has promised to donate the settlement money to a conservative nonprofit.

Ramaswamy slapped the organization with a lawsuit in a Cincinnati, Ohio, court in April after it failed to remove his name from its 2021 list of Young Global Leaders even though he declined the nomination to the list and requested multiple times for them to remove his name.

In a letter Ramaswamy shared with Fox News Digital, the WEF apologized for its mistake of including him on the list without his permission, and noted internal changes it made to its process to ensure no such failure would happen in the future.

Make mine a Whopper of a lie!

One, that obviously was not a mistake.

Two, I cannot think of any time in American history that it ever happened, that an organization tried to discredit an opponent by extending him membership. If Vivek actually was anti-WEF, he could have leveraged such accidental honors to dirty the WEF’s reputation by association. And attend closed meetings, et cetera.

Three, the WEF didn’t back down when called out, but DID back down quickly when the inevitable lawsuit was filed. End result, the WEF went out of its way made Vivek look like a winner.

Don’t tell me WEF lawyers couldn’t take that level of heat.

Lastly and most importantly, the WEF offered a cash settlement of undisclosed amount for no stated reason. It can’t be for damages because they made Vivek’s anti-WEF stance look good.

…which Vivek donated to the most anti-WEF charity he could think of: a newly formed Republican Party gatekeeper. Move over, everybody from Dr. Robert Malone to the Mises Institute!

Ramaswamy then vowed to distribute the undisclosed amount from the settlement to the America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit research group that “exists to advance policies that put the American people first,” according to its website. Ramaswamy described the institute as “the most opposite of the World Economic Forum’s agenda.”


America First Policy Institute moves to remake GOP in Trump’s image

h ttps://

By Haris Alic & Tyler Olson, 28 July 2022

The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) is working to take over the GOP to ensure it remains a populist party in the mold of former President Trump . regardless of which Republican occupies the White House next.

The AFPI mission was evident during a two-day conference it hosted this week in Washington, D.C. The event, which drew GOP luminaries from Capitol Hill and far-flung state capitals, was billed as a forum to showcase its platform ahead of the midterms and 2024.

“We will be laying the ground for the return of the America First agenda,” Brooke Rollins, the organization’s president, said. “With the hope that America First leaders [will be] returning to the White House, Congress and to the state houses.

Forget Rollins. ((Larry Kudlow)) is the creator of this abomination.

Here’s the lowdown on AFPI. POTUS Trump was the best friend Israel ever had. Trump enjoyed Israel’s protection post-presidency because they were hoping to run him again. They thought he was still popular enough with the American people to defeat the Clinton/Obama/secular Jewish Regime in 2024. That’s why, for example, the Israeli puppet Jair Bolsonaro landed at Mar-A-Lago when he fled the Regime-backed coup in Brazil, because Trump was still Israel’s main man in the West and expected to regain power.

Once they became convinced that Trump wouldn’t be able to win 2024… he has not helped his own case… you cannot remain a populist by tweeting from a Fortress Of Solitude that the vaxx is safe and effective while your supporters get railroaded in kangaroo courts… they cut a deal with the Regime, and that’s when Trump’s indictments began.

Israel then activated their tool DeSantis to be their next POTUS; however, they also hedged their bet by creating this AFPI gatekeeper to ensure that whoever the next Republican candidate is, they’ll be Israel’s good little goy.

That’s why AFPI is heavily staffed with ex-Trump admin. They aren’t Trump loyalists, they’re Israeli loyalists who worked for Trump. Just sayin’, if I had been a senior Trump Administration official then I’d be relocating beyond extradition right now instead of remaining an active target in Federal politics… unless I had serious protection.

Although Trump was the keynote speaker, AFPI’s brass stressed repeatedly that they were laying the groundwork for any future Republican president.

“If President Trump decides to run, I think, he’ll clear the field,” former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said. “But if he doesn’t decide to run, I guarantee you the dozens of men and women who do run for president, and indeed the Republican nominee and winner of the 2024 election, will be someone who is proudly and loudly carrying the mantle of the America First policy agenda.

The very definition of gatekeeping.

Much of the conference focused on the group’s efforts to define what “America First” means when it comes to policy and ideology. Although Trump popularized the term during his 2016 presidential run, Republicans are still working to define it.

It means “Israel First”, not “America First”, but they can’t say that out loud. Meanwhile, Israel is close to civil war so there’s no clear-cut way to support their Current Thing.

Some of AFPI’s leadership, many of whom served in the Trump administration, say they understand the problem. That is partially the reason why the organization is working to sketch out an America First agenda and identify sufficiently committed individuals to staff the next Republican White House, they say.

Would a donation help them decide what their agenda is? Maybe a self-funded candidate with diversity points?

In laying the groundwork for the next GOP president, AFPI says its mission is guided by two simple principles: what is beneficial for Americans and, more pragmatically, what can actually be accomplished.

End segue

“I’m directing any payment I receive from this settlement straight to them, because this isn’t about me. This is about this country and our future. And what we really need today is more leaders with a spine,” [Vivek] said.

Hmm, did Vivek’s donation bypass any mandatory reporting requirements? I say again: did that transfer of an undisclosed amount of money bypass reporting requirements? It did, if there were any to be bypassed.

I confess, I don’t know for sure. Proles like me are not supposed to understand how politicians get funded, which is why the relevant rules are an ever-shifting wall of spaghetti logic.

I can only say that WEF went out of its way to make Vivek look good, then transmitted money without a fight that ended up at the kind of Deep State organization that WEF likes to fund regardless.

If Vivek has the chops to serve as a bagman for the WEF while successfully posing as its “greatest enemy”, his quote, then I can see him in the Oval Office as part of the realpolitik backroom dealing to bring China into a two-front war between GAE and India.

Is Israel allied with WEF? If not, then this apparent bribery attempt could lead to a house-cleaning in AFPI, which might render then ineffective at gatekeeping the candidates… just before the debates begin.

Skulduggery Against Fabian Marta

There’s a hot take going around about Fabian Marta, one of the “financiers” of the movie Sound of Freedom that has the Regime’s knickers in a twist. The movie was released on the Fourth of July weekend and Fabian was arrested for felony child kidnapping on July 21. When the movie hit the $100m mark in ticket sales, give or take a day.

That sounds awfully convenient for the Pizza Phile crowd.

The story is still in “hot take” mode so I can’t guarantee accuracy, but from what I’ve gathered…

1. Marta made bail in February 2023 on charges of defrauding & lying to the FBI regarding his fundraising efforts. He has plead not guilty and the trial hasn’t yet begun. I am told by hot takes that it was fundraising for SoF but that is not credible as you’ll soon read. I think it was fundraising efforts for the “We Build the Wall” organization.

2. He’s also facing civil charges from the FTC for the same fundraising effort. They have a restraining order against Marta that also applies to Brian Kolfage, who has been convicted of Federal-level fraud regarding “We Build the Wall”.

3. No info has been made available regarding the kidnapping. Typical headlines will note the location and/or circumstances of the kidnapping, ex. “we caught him at the airport trying to board a private plane” or “during a routine traffic stop” or “authorities discovered in his backyard…”. Two weeks after the arrest and no details?

4. Per, Marta was formally charged on July 23 and released without bail on July 24. That is unusual for child kidnapping. Next court date is August 28.

4. Per distributor Angel Studios, SoF was crowdfunded by 6,678 people totaling $5m. One of the perks of being a backer was having your name listed in the credits. We’re not told the amount Marta contributed but I doubt it’s what one would expect upon reading “he’s a movie financier specifically named in the credits”.

5. Marta is an Air Force veteran with Trump & Q-Anon associations… and apparently, a very active Facebook presence. *sigh* Cuckservatives STILL use Facebook and Twitter? “I believe Qanon and use Gmail” is the best example of normalcy bias that I can imagine.

While I wouldn’t put it past the Cabal to order a pedo to invest in an anti-pedo movie, in order to discredit it by association, that’s a lot of foresight for this movie with its troubled production history. An easier path would have been ordering Disney to not sell the distribution rights back to the creator… paying for that was the reason for the crowdfunding.

This stinks of a false accusation that’ll never see a courtroom.

My hot-take guess is that Deep State is going for a twofer: discredit Sound of Freedom and pressure Marta into accepting a plea bargain for his other charges. Such a bargain could prevent Marta from suing the FBI for defamation and false arrest, presuming there is zero substance to the kidnapping charge.

More Blood Than Soil

An underexamined wrinkle in Current Year’s saga is that the world has become a small place. There is no more frontier (until you can grow crops on ice cubes) and telecommunications have made what happens in Beijing daily news in Podunk. One implication here is that the concept “blood and soil” is obsolete because the soil part might no longer be available.

THE URBAN RECONQUISTA: How post-collapse American cities represent a unique opportunity for Conservatives

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The promise of the suburbs that once drew the middle classes from the oppression of the cities has now trapped them in a cycle of debt that most cannot escape. The inexpensive Craftsman houses which built the suburbs three generations ago are long gone. Suburban house prices (if a prospective buyer can even find a house to buy) have increased by an order of magnitude above median wages.

And it “just happened”, right? The suburbs were a great place and now they aren’t? That wasn’t anybody’s carefully executed plan, was it?

Because if it was, then there’s no reclaiming the suburbs without thwarting that plan and those persons.

This debt explosion is not limited to suburbs surrounding major coastal cities. House price growth in smaller cities in the once-affordable West, like Bozeman, Montana and Salt Lake City, Utah, has far outstripped local area wage growth. The median house price is now well over 500% of the median income. Average Americans are fighting a battle for land and for homes in areas they have traditionally dominated, and are losing. There are increasingly fewer places remaining to go.

Aside from cheaper housing, better public schools and security were the largest causes of the middle-class flight from the cities. Today these attractions are closer to fantasy than reality. The increasing liberalization of the suburbs has catalyzed a leftist fanaticism in once stellar public school districts and led to suburban police kneeling before BLM rioters. Middle-class Detroiters fled the riots of 1967 by the tens of thousands and made a new home in the suburbs, but in recent years lawlessness has arrived at their doors once again. The suburbs are no longer the safe haven they once were.

Of course, cities haven’t transformed into a utopia of opportunity, either. Despite [GQ: Because of] the best efforts of the laptop class at gentrification, most American cities are worse now than they were twenty years ago. Criminality is rampant across most major US urban centers, and major retailers have either begun to or have long since pulled out of urban areas. Detroit, a city of over 600,000 people, has precisely one Home Depot, which sits on the fringes of the city. The only major grocery retailer is Whole Foods, which sits in the center of a small, extremely gentrified neighborhood.

Hmm, they must have either bad dirt or Vibrants.

But post-collapse cities like Detroit offer something that the suburbs cannot: cheap land. The median house price in muncipal Detroit is $73,000; in the suburb of Grosse Pointe, it is $460,000. While much of the existing housing in Detroit is useless to the current generation of homesteaders, Detroit also has over 100,000 empty housing plots, approximately 15,000 acres which the city offers nearly for free. An aerial view of the Detroit border with Grosse Pointe shows the latter side bursting with houses, and block after block of empty grass-covered plots on the Detroit side. This land is there for the taking.

That’s the most convincing case I’ve heard yet, for restricting access to the Internet in order to prevent dangerous misinformation from getting people killed.

Gosh, why isn’t anybody rushing to buy land in Communist Shitopia next door to D’Wayne Shitavious? It’s easy to drill a well with one hand while gunning down Zergs with the other! Just like ol’ granpappy Cleetus did when he loaded up the Conestoga!

Nobody wants that almost-free land because it is burdened with a malevolent, unavoidable government. The only way a white male “frontiersman” will live free in Detroit is if he can commit slaughter at any scale at any time, starting with self-defense against D’Wayne and ending with the National Guard suing for peace after their missile strike doesn’t faze the vegetable garden.


That is the problem we face.

Fortunately, it’s a problem primarily tied to land. Notice in his depiction of suburbia, it was good when the white people lived there then went bad about the time that government imported BLM activists. It was the people that made suburbia nice, not the dirt.

Armed with an exceptional spirit of self-reliance and freedom, the outliers hitched wagons, packed themselves on ships, or simply walked in into the unknown, and dragged the West with them. Along the way they faced dangers unimaginable to those they left behind…

No, they didn’t. Settlers who wandered alone into the wilderness, either faced no significant dangers or didn’t survive. They certainly didn’t wander into the Cherokee chief’s settlement, put down stakes next the braves’ barracks and begin Westernizing their neighborhood.

Sadly, this kind of hopium is everywhere. I’ve read several stories of “that’s a cheap property, I’ll flip it and make some rental income!” that ended with the new landlord being found dead after attempting to evict the squatters that the cops were too tired to re-re-re-arrest again.

But cap one of those squatters, and you’ll discover that even the most banana-republicked government can be effective whenever it wants to be.

The pioneering spirit that they carried with them made the United States the dominant power in the world.

On the upside, that is wrong too. White Man’s greatest strength is that he is White Man. We build complex societies. Technology that past generations would call sorcery. Incomparable art and theology. Empires, even though we shouldn’t.

Our strength is certainly not Frontier Freedumb. It is good to have, but freedom is like money. If you never exchange it for something then it’s ultimately worthless. You can’t have a family, master a craft or even grow old without giving up freedom in the process.

If you can acquire land then by all means, do so. Land is useful. But don’t fret if you cannot. Now that we face an omnipresent Regime, (thereby proving that omnipresence is not omniscience,) land opportunities are becoming scarce, as noted at the start. Don’t try to force a solution by relocating next door to a frigging crack house in a Socialist Hive. Land isn’t THAT useful and the local po-po will NOT thank you for self-cleaning that oven.

It’s your people that will make you strong.

Once we Heritage Americans get our act together, the Regime WILL fall. Everything they’ve done since Cloward-Piven in the Sixties, is how to fight us without crossing our line of… sight. Their concept of final solution is convincing our feral women to sterilize themselves more quickly than we men can un-Cuck ourselves from Original Sin and social media, because their alternative is banging on our doors at night to announce hostile intentions.

It’s not the land that matters. We conquered it once, we can conquer it again.

It’s the people that matter. Which is why you can by 100 acres of pristine Detroit for the price of a meth habit. It might have groundwater but it doesn’t have good, pinkish neighbors.

A return to cities has another advantage over further retreat to the hinterlands: a customer base for high-demand trades. Blue Collar jobs have never been in greater demand in America, and much of that demand is in the very cities that pushed those workers away. Proximity to upscale urban areas and border region development offers blue-collar workers the revenue streams they need to rebuild their own communities.

Yeeeah. Think about that for a moment. “The people who intentionally ruined this city, will appreciate us coming back because we’re useful!” Dude… envy of white man’s accomplishments is half of why the Regime wants to murder us all in the first place. The very last thing a plutocrat or lowbrow will do, is appreciate you as he pays you well for services rendered.

The Regime doesn’t even want the land it seizes. It knows that nations are made of people. Everything else is just tools.

Without a frontier offering new soil, it’s the blood that matters.

The Other Reason To Buy Land Next To A Military Base

I’ve been busy with work, so here is an unhinged rant at the American government quietly accepting its status as a pawn of unknown powers:

Officials worry that foreign interests might be behind purchase of nearly $1 billion-worth of land around major USAF base

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By Joseph Mackinnon, 11 July 2023

An investment group has snatched up roughly 52,000 acres of land . much of dubious agricultural value . around a critical U.S. Air Force base northeast of San Francisco.

These acquisitions and the investors’ obscurity have government officials worried about possible ulterior motivations as well as security risks.

Didn’t they just check? USA is better at signals intelligence than any other country on the planet. I have more CIA spyware in my pocket than most nations have in their legislatures.

What do you mean, they DID check and were told no? By… Delaware? Because corporate privacy laws trump national security? Buckle up.

Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, on the southwestern edge of the Sacramento Valley, is known as the “Gateway to the Pacific.” Its host unit is the 60th Air Mobility Wing and is home to the 621st Contingency Response Wing, the 349th Air Mobility Wing, and over 50 partner organizations. The base itself has just over 7,600 active USAF personnel and 4,250 Air Force Reserve personnel.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the investment group Flannery Associates has spent around $1 billion in recent years to become the largest landowner in Solano County, acquiring some 52,000 acres across 300 parcels of land near the base, 20 of which surround Travis.

The company has admitted in court filings to paying prices of “multiples of fair market value” for the land.

Solano County Supervisor Mitch Mashburn said, “The majority of the land they’re purchasing is dry farmland. … I don’t see where that land can turn a profit to make it worth almost a billion dollars in investment.

Hyperinflation, Supervisor Mashburn. The dollar is being dismantled. You’ll live to see a trillion bucks for a condo.

Until the universal basic income kicks in, at least. You know that UBI is the stated goal of Cloward-Piven, right?

A spokesman for the base indicated that USAF officials “are aware of the multiple land purchases near the base and are actively working internally and externally with other agencies.”

The USAF’s Foreign Investment Risk Review Office has reportedly been looking into the group’s acquisitions, but has not yet been able to determine precisely who is backing Flannery Associates.

When the military cannot identify its neighbor even in the name of national security… that’s my cue!

GunnerQ pulls up a map It’s the only large rural area between San Francisco and Sacramento. A valuable location, aside from being unusually burdened with laws-for-little-people. I’m inclined to accept the official reason:

The group’s attorney previously told Solano County that Flannery “is owned by a group of families looking to diversify their portfolio from equities into real assets, including agricultural land in the western United States,” reported the Daily Republic.

Real estate is a classic hedge against inflation and God knows we’ve got inflation going on. The likes of Gates and Bezos haven’t tried to hide their real-estate purchases, however, so why the secrecy?

Rio Vista Mayor Ronald Kott told the Journal, “Nobody can figure out who they are. … Whatever they’re doing.this looks like a very long-term play.”

That sounds like Jews. Them and China are the only two groups capable of ordering the American government to not see them. Even so, China has already been caught buying land next to military bases.

Hmm… there’s a third group… the military-industrial complex itself.

A spokesman for the base indicated that USAF officials “are aware of the multiple land purchases near the base and are actively working internally and externally with other agencies.”

The USAF’s Foreign Investment Risk Review Office has reportedly been looking into the group’s acquisitions, but has not yet been able to determine precisely who is backing Flannery Associates.

Unacceptable. Government knows who owns the land because a central, foundational purpose of government is guaranteeing property rights to landowners. That means they need to know. They don’t guarantee property rights to a lawyer representing words on a letterhead that may or may not be staging an invasion.

This mystery can be solved easily. Solano County government should confiscate that land and watch who complains. Deny the anonymizing middlemen “standing” in the courts. The mystery would be solved quickly.

All we know is that national-security-relevant information that government has a need to know regardless, is being withheld from the entire American government. By the same financialization industry that gutted the military so completely that the Pentagon is seizing black powder from toy companies.

The Journal indicated that local and federal officials’ inability to learn the identities of those in the Flannery group is in part due to the fact that Delaware-registered LLCs, such as Flannery Associates, do not have to publicly disclose the identity of their owners.

Change my mind on this: Delaware and New Jersey are 18th-Century predecessors of Blackrock and Vanguard. They aren’t states, they’re hedge funds with sovereignty. That’s why they’re huge presences in the financial sector, yet you never hear about them.

FedGov doesn’t know who lives next door to major military institutions… because of corporate privacy laws? They cracked Switzerland’s secrecy but not Delaware’s? What do they have an NSA for, if not for spying on Americans when they can’t get a search warrant?

FedGov allowing itself to be told No by a rented corporate lawyer is scarier than a Drag Queen Story Hour behind a police safety cordon. Both are government submission to an even darker power, but at least the fag is visible. Wish that he wasn’t.

This is not the first land grab in recent months to inspire concern.

The Washington Examiner recently noted that China, the U.S.’s preeminent adversary on the world stage, has been buying up vast swathes of American land. Whereas in 2011, when Chinese investors owned 69,295 acres of American land, by year-end 2021, they controlled nearly 400,000 acres.

This one ain’t China. Yes, it’s land next to a military base, but China wouldn’t pay $1b just for an espionage site. They’d pay a tiny percentage of that for a warehouse across the street, then put a brothel on the first floor and WMDs on the second. Bioweapons galore!

[I wrote that before finding out about their bioweapon lab in Reedley, CA that they didn’t pay squat for. Although that wasn’t directed at a military base.]

There are two reasons to buy land adjacent to a military base on the brink of war. One is to attack/spy on the base; the other is to be protected by the base.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I get that proximity to Travis is for safety, not aggression. And of course, not coincidence. A military-industrial tycoon could do much worse for an SHTF plan than a major air base’s backyard. Especially since “take the money and run” is, apparently, how the MIC’s been doing war since the 1960s.

I bet the reason they don’t just tell the military it’s okay, is because that money is supposed to be in the Ukraine.