Freaky Hoodie And the Kiddies

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Man covered in tattoos with eyes surgically turned black upset he can’t teach kindergartners any more

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By Phil Shiver, 29 September 2020

A schoolteacher in France was upset after he was told he could not teach kindergarten any more because children under six years of age “could be frightened by his appearance.”

Sylvain Helaine, 35, reportedly known in the tattoo world as “Freaky Hoodie”…

That’s called a red flag.

…has had his body, face, and tongue completely covered in tattoos and even had his eyes surgically turned black.

Yet he told Reuters the school’s decision to remove him from his previous post was “quite sad.” Most of his students are “cool” with his appearance and are able to see past it, he argued.

His previous post being an elementary schoolteacher.

“All of my students and their parents were always cool with me because basically they knew me,” said Helaine, who has spent an estimated 460 hours under the tattooists’ needles. “It’s only when people see me from far away that they can assume the worst.”

Yes. Exposure to evil leads to acceptance of evil. That’s why letting freaks teach kids is a bad idea.

Helaine was reportedly teaching kindergarten at the Docteur Morere Elementary School in the Paris suburb of Palaiseau when the parents of a three-year-old child complained to school authorities that their son had nightmares after seeing him. The child was not a student of Helaine’s.

According to the Reuters report, a couple of months later, the school informed Helaine that he would no longer be able to teach kindergartners due to his appearance. A spokesman for the local education authority expressed that children under six years of age “could be frightened by his appearance.”

“I think the decision they took was quite sad,” he said.

Nevertheless, Helaine is determined to continue teaching, and an agreement made with the school allowed him to stay on as a teacher for children over six years old.

France almost impressed me by recognizing evil as swiftly & accurately as a three-year-old. Alas, that bar was too high.

“I’m a primary school teacher … I love my job,” he told Reuters.

Not as much as extreme body modification in order to look demonic.

He has no plans to stop tattooing himself, either. Helaine said he started getting tattoos when he was 27 after he went through what he called an “existential crisis.” And since then, it has become his “passion.”

Now he hopes that his students will be inspired because of him to be more accepting of those who are different.

“Maybe when they are adults they will be less racist and less homophobic and more open-minded,” he said.

The last two sentences, possibly the last four, are what made this a post. I fully admit that circus freaks are people too and can be fun to stare at…

…but they are simply not normal people. We can have sympathy for Pepper here because, unlike Freaky Hoodie, Pepper didn’t hit himself with the ugly stick after an “existential crisis” made self-mutilation into his “passion”.

Maybe he’s not fully demon-possessed but frankly, do we need a scientific, repeatable blood test before deciding? He’s a walking catalog of psychiatric problems who wants to be around children in order to teach them that his sicknesses are normal. That’s good enough.

Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Julie Marcus False-Flags At Trump

Trump hired a security company to station armed guards are voting places to threaten and intimidate voters! Actually no, that was a lie vomited by Julie Marcus, this week’s Florida Woman of Interest to law enforcement.

She’s a temporary appointment as of May 2020 with her replacement to be determined in next week’s election.

Armed security guards spark concerns of voter intimidation in St. Pete

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By: Lisette Lopez & Ryan Smith, 21 October 2020

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. . The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of possible armed voter intimidation at a downtown St. Petersburg voting location, the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections said.

According to the Pinellas SOE Julie Marcus, two people suspected of voter intimidation were wearing security uniforms at the downtown St. Petersburg early voting location at 501 First Ave N.

According to Marcus, the pair told a responding law enforcement officer that they are with a private security company. She says a concerned staff member reported at least one of them was armed.

A uniformed security guard with a holstered firearm was seen cooperating with a deputy? What’s the real story here?

The pair set up a tent and claimed to be working for the Trump campaign, Marcus said.

These persons claimed or said that they were hired by the Trump campaign, again I’m not going to speculate to that. This was a licensed security company and they were licensed security officers,” Marcus said.

YOU JUST DID SPECULATE that they were HIRED AGENTS OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN INTIMIDATING VOTERS WITH FIREARMS. You don’t get to lob an accusation like that then say “but I won’t confirm”. Not when you’re the County Election Supervisor!

The Deputy National Press Secretary for the Trump campaign issued a statement to ABC Action News denying the campaign hired the pair.

Well, of COURSE the Trumpists denied sending armed thugs to tamper with the election! We all know that Biden is so popular, he’s being hidden in a basement to keep him safe from the screaming fangirls!

They sent a black to do a white man’s job? Is Team Trump allying with BLM? (Yes, because Biden’s Laptop Matters.) And what about that black woman electioneering for Trump next to him? She wasn’t breaking the law by standing there but he was?

“There are very specific laws to prevent voter intimidation and it will not be tolerated,” Marcus said. “This is unacceptable. I have been here for 17 years and I have never seen this happen before.”

In politics for seventeen years, her current position for this one election.

Voter Ben Pereira said his early voting excitement quickly soured to concern.

.I noticed his gun, that was the first thing that I noticed as a voter was that this man was carrying a weapon,” said Pereira. .He wasn’t there to vote, he was standing there to make his presence known..

The first thing Pereira noticed was the gun? Liberal. Maybe he should have noticed the rest of the guy at some point. “OH MY GAWD HE’S GOT A GUN! HE’S GOT A GUN! Oops, sorry officer. I didn’t see that you were in uniform.”

Notice also that Pereira assumed the motive was voter intimidation with no information except they were uniformed security guards. Unlike the “unlicensed, non-uniformed not-a-real security guard” that committed actual murder on camera who worked for the Biden Campaign (by way of the mainstream media).

Pereira tells ABC Action News, one of the guards offered him a Trump sticker while standing with a Trump-decorated tent.

On Thursday, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said since the two guards remained outside the 150-foot no-solicitation zone, they did nothing wrong.

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men and FBI wannabes. You don’t suppose Pereira has an established history as a Leftist agitator?


After coming out, gay professional has sights set on sports administration

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By Ben Pereira, 8 May 2018

In 2009 my teacher announced to our eighth-grade class that for our final project we’d be required to create a poster about what our dream job was. I knew almost instantly that being a general manager of a professional baseball team was my aspirational job of choice.

Fine, but most kids want to be the sports hero not the sports hero’s paper-pusher. always had a complicated relationship with sports. Growing up, I was a mediocre athlete who loved to play, and I maintained a strong passion for the organizational prowl that took place behind the scenes of professional sports franchises. My favorite day of year growing up was July 31, because it was the MLB trade deadline.

Bullshit. Had he said “owner of a baseball team”, that would be plausible. But he wanted to be a hidden string-puller because he was a bad athlete? Either he was quite the Gamma in grade school or this entire article is a lie from the get-go. Both are plausible.

I never felt truly recognized as an athlete, as a sports fan and certainly not as an aspiring sports professional. I always felt a heightened sense to prove myself, I still do to an extent today. Because I am gay.

Because you were a bad athlete. That’s why you were never “truly recognized”.

I knew I was different and I grew up surrounded by a culture and society that made it seem that the gay community had no place in sports. As a Little Leaguer I remember hearing gay slurs used by my peers and they stung. I felt ostracized and uncomfortable.

As a Little Leaguer, he should not have had any sexual interests at all. Either he was sodomized young or again, this entire bio is a lie.

As much as I knew that my passion and knowledge of the game was unrivaled I never felt equal to my peers. I had a preconceived idea of what it meant to be gay and I knew that sports were not something gay people “liked” or participated in. I grew up so badly wanting a career in sports and for a while denied my sexuality because I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around being both a sports aficionado and a gay man.

My personal conclusion is that this is all a lie, because homosexual tendencies never prevented someone from liking sports or being known for mastering sports trivia. He’s trying to sell us a sob story, plain and simple.

Sports was not an industry that welcomed the LGBT community.

Two years after he wrote this, pro sports is not an industry that welcome anybody except the LGBT community. Equality achieved?

I graduated from UMass Amherst with my undergraduate degree in Sport Management before enrolling in Florida State’s master’s program for the same field of study, on a full ride no less.

Because he thought he wouldn’t be welcome in that career? Or because he wanted to infiltrate that male space and sodomize it?

While there, I decided I would step up and create a forum for minority students to connect and learn from industry leaders and for my peers who were in the non-marginalized groups to learn about the struggles their friends faced.

For too long, regressive norms in the sports industry have held back students of color, females, and members of the LGBT community from pursuing a career. The industry is still faced with racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Sodomy it is. We’ve heard enough. He’s a Leftist agitator who got suspicious when he saw a GUN GUN GUN in the holster of a uniformed security guard talking to a friend… standing around the Trump booth.

End segue

“The mere presence of uniformed, licensed Florida-authorized security personnel does not violate the law,” said Sheriff Gualtieri.

Mayor Rick Kriseman calls it unacceptable.

The existence of uniformed, licensed, private security guards?

Per wikipedia, “Kriseman received media attention after he tweeted about “barring” Donald Trump from entering St. Petersburg, which he did in response to Trump’s earlier controversial comment on banning all Muslims from entering the U.S. in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.”

What started out as a false police report threatens to go full conspiracy. If anybody in authority is going to bother.

“There’s zero reason for anyone to be armed, openly armed, out in front of a polling place,” said Kriseman. “I can’t think of any justification for that..

That’s quite the failure of imagination, Kriseman. Oh right, you probably want the police unarmed these days too.

UPDATE: Pinellas Sheriff says armed security outside early voting site not hired by Trump campaign

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By 10 Tamps Bay, 21 October 2020

Less than one single day after Marcus alerted the media that Trump was sending hired goons to intimidate voters, the county sheriff announced it’s all okay.

Here’s what happened:

On Wednesday, Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Julie Marcus suggested two security guards hired by the Trump campaign were outside an early voting site located on First Avenue North. Then, on Thursday, Sheriff Gualtieri clarified the two men were not associated with the president’s reelection campaign. A few hours later, a security contracting company said it was all a big misunderstanding and suggested there were not two guards . but rather just one off-duty security guard.

In Gualtieri’s version of events, there were two licensed security guards from Syotos LLC who reportedly told deputies they had been hired to provide security. But, Gualtieri said there was no evidence they had been hired by the Trump campaign.

“The Campaign did not hire these individuals nor did the Campaign direct them to go to the voting location,” Trump Campaign Deputy National Press Secretary Thea McDonald wrote in a statement.

The owner of Syotos LLC described the whole situation as a “huge misunderstanding.”

No, not a misunderstanding. A false flagging. Notice the County Election Supervisor talked to the media before the police had one single day for an investigation. If she saw something suspicious and involved the police, fine. If she magically knew they were paid subcontractors of Donald Trump (which turned out to not be true) there to intimidate voters with firearms (the worst intimidation, as reported by a militant homosexual, being the offer of a free Trump sticker) and proceeded to alert the media before hearing from the investigating deputy… then that’s terrorism: advancing a political ideology using threats or intimidation, or inciting a state of fear.

“We do not have any employees engaging in poll watching,” the company wrote in an email to 10 Tampa Bay. “We had an off duty employee who was picking up a family member who happened to be in the vicinity of a polling location. The employee saw someone they knew near the polling location and had a short conversation. Again, this employee was off duty and was in no way engaging in poll watching. The employee was [stopped] by a local deputy that had every right to ask what was happening. The employee made it clear that they were not affiliated with the polling [booth]. A change of information from the officer to the deputy happened and all information came back valid and true. The officer just had on their gear from leaving work and that was taken out of context.”

Sheriff Gualtieri says he doesn’t believe this is a case of voter intimidation. Nobody was unlawfully carrying, and everyone involved remained outside the polling location, so they didn’t violate Florida laws, he said.

What about false accusations? Was Marcus ever able to give a reason for believing that they were employees of Trump?

Marcus stressed that voters should feel safe and that “physical security” and “cybersecurity” procedures are in place at voting locations.

.Know that our office is working with law enforcement to ensure if there are any perceived or actual threats of intimidation, deterring voters from voting, impeding voters to vote, anything that would involve a person’s ability to cast a ballot in this election, know that our office and the sheriff’s office will take this very seriously . are taking this very seriously. It will not be tolerated,. she said.

Nice gaslighting, Karen.

Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome: The Elevator Incident

Ah, Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome. Women killing themselves by entering situations requiring either a male temperament or a male understanding of technology. This one is both!

Carrie O’Conner, deceased at age 38, professor of business, French language and at Boston University, “French culture through gastronomy”. To her credit, she doesn’t look the part.

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Carrie O.Connor, a 38-year-old Boston University professor, died on Monday at around 5:15 p.m. when she was crushed in an elevator accident in her apartment building. Boston police released the victim’s identity on Tuesday and said O.Connor died of traumatic asphyxiation, ruling her death accidental, NBC Boston reported.

According to the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, traumatic asphyxia is usually caused when a person is crushed “by an object that compresses the chest or upper abdomen..

O.Connor.s death was also confirmed by Boston University, where she worked as a French lecturer at the College of Arts & Sciences. She was described as adventurous, a traveler who had a “commitment to community and learning.” She is survived by her parents, her brother and sister-in-law, and .two cats that she loved . Artemis and Apollo,. according to her father.

It may be best that she died young & fast because she was right on schedule for Feminist Life Path/Train Wreck.

O.Connor had moved into the Commonwealth Avenue building in the Allston neighborhood of Boston only a few weeks before her death, neighbors said. One of O.Connor.s neighbors, Leanne Scorzino, described the incident to NBC Boston: .It was horrifying. It wasn’t a cry. I can’t even describe what it was. I went out in the hall because I genuinely thought someone was being murdered..

She said when she got to the hallway, a neighbor told her that O.Connor had been trying to load a large, heavy package into the elevator and he’d warned her that it wouldn’t fit. She said all she could see was the open elevator door and the top of the car and cables.

Yeah, girl, what does the Patriarchy know! Down with mansplaining! Way down, way fast.

Package played role in Boston University professor’s elevator death, state says

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By Peter Aitken, 25 October 2020

Massachusetts inspectors found that a professor crushed to death by an elevator last month may have met her fate because of a large package she was carrying at the time.

Boston University professor Carrie O’Connor was seen in video carrying a 7-and-a-half-foot-tall box, which appeared to hit a switch that sent the elevator into free-fall while the door was open, according to a report by the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Inspections.

O’Connor was later found pinned between the elevator and the wall of the shaft.

The “birdcage” style elevator requires the occupant to close the gate manually, which O’Connor did not have a chance to secure before the package hit the gate switch – mistakenly indicating that the door was closed, the New York Post reported.

A maintenance person in the basement pressed the call button while O’Connor was getting into the elevator, which caused the elevator to drop before O’Connor was safely inside and the door secured, Inspector Martin Guiod said in his report on the Sept. 14 incident.

That was not Hultgreen-Curie.

O.Connor briefly halted the elevator’s descent when the box slipped from the switch and braced against the shaft wall, but when she lifted the package again, according to the video, it hit the switch once more.

THAT was Hultgreen-Curie. Also, a Darwin Award.

She then disappeared from view on the footage, indicating “that she had fallen backwards into the hoistway between the 1st floor and basement floor,. the report said.

“That won’t fit,” he said.

“I’ll make it fit,” she said.

An autopsy showed that O.Connor died of “traumatic asphyxiation..

Coof Ends Civilization, Women Most Affected

This review of a paper by the National Academy of Sciences started out as a hilarious “women most affected” article then floated the idea that the only reason people refuse to Social Distance is BECAUSE they’re contagious. No joke.

Birth rates will drop, people will stay single for longer and women will sexualise themselves more: Scientists predict how society will change in a post-COVID world

  • A multidisciplinary team of experts reviewed 90 studies to make their forecasts
  • The team predict various social impacts . even among those not infected
  • Gender inequality could rise due to lockdown, as could social conservatism
  • The ongoing pandemic is a ‘worldwide social experiment’, the researchers said

h ttps://

By Ian Randall, 23 October 2020

With bullet points like those, you can see the brewing of the coming fisk-storm!

Psychological fallout from the pandemic will cause birth rates to drop, people to stay single for longer and women to sexualise themselves more, experts have predicted.

Experts, they say.

Experts from the US reviewed 90 studies to help them predict how COVID-19 could shift social behaviours and gender norms . even among those not infected.

Experts, they repeat. I’m gonna quote them on that.

They expect planned pregnancies to decrease in response to the global health crisis as people defer marriage and kids, leading some nations’ populations to shrink.

In sane times, low fertility WOULD be the global health crisis, and experts would be horrified that families are being torn apart by government policy.

Drops in birth-rates will have cascading impacts on society and economics, affecting such things as job opportunities and support for elderly populations.

Those two ships have sailed. I don’t know that we could support the elderly population any less, now that they prefer death to continued solitary confinement.

Furthermore, the unequal division of the extra household labour brought by lockdown could see gender inequality rise and foster more social conservatism.

Women most affected!

In many ways, the researchers noted, ‘the pandemic has become a worldwide social experiment’ . the results of which have yet to finish playing out.

But that hasn’t stopped them from celebrating the (continued) decline in birth rates, nor making more wild guesses about global conditions like they should have learned not to since December, nor championing the plight of women who can’t park their kids in day care. No, the real problem is that women might go back to cooking dinner while pesky MEN keep the world spinning!

However can we put women in charge of the world without them suffering the same hardships as not-women? By tapping the wealth of knowledge offered us by EXPERTS!

The researchers applied their varied expertise to predicting the future . which included backgrounds in behavioural science, economics, evolutionary biology, medicine and neuroscience.

‘The psychological, social and societal consequences of COVID-19 will be very long-lasting,’ said paper author and psychologist Martie Haselton of the University of California Los Angeles.


Martie G. Haselton is a Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Communication Studies as well as ISG. Haselton’s research focuses on evolution and human behavior, social psychology, interpersonal communication, social endocrinology. Empirical work explores intimate relationships, sexuality, olfactory communication, psychological sex differences, social inference, evolution and health, and the effects of reproductive hormones on human behavior.

She’s an expert in “what women smell like when they’re ovulating”. Move over, Pavlov.

Furthermore, she added, ‘the longer COVID-19 continues, the more entrenched these changes are likely to be.’

Comments like that make me think Martie is Presidential material. “Fox News Channel correspondent Doug McKelway asked Biden if he has taken a cognitive test in June and he said he takes them all the time.” That actually happened.

Prospective couples who met video-dating amid lockdown could find themselves disappointed when they finally meet up in the outside world, the team warned.

‘Does a couple have chemistry? You can’t tell over Zoom,’ Professor Haselton said.

If Haselton actually understood human sexuality, she’d know that you could. Ten million camgirls have figured it out. But I understand what this expert in “olfactory sexual communication” has issues.

The missing of cues in new, digitally-forged relationships will likely lead to the over-idealization of potential partners . a misapprehension which may mean the coupling might not survive meeting reality.

She doesn’t know how right she is.

This . and missed opportunities for social meetings . could result in people remaining single for longer.

Unlike past crises, the team noted, the pandemic is not bringing people together and . for the most part . is not fostering an increase in compassion or empathy.

Banning all social behavior with exceptions for race riots can do that. Maybe these experts could have taken this opportunity to decry the lockdowns?

The team noted that the pandemic has heaped more onto the plates of women . who were, even before the pandemic, typically more stressed by the marriage of career and family obligations.

Lockdown and school closures, for example, have burdened women with more extensive responsibilities in the realms of childcare and education.

According to Professor Haselton, the impacts of this are already being felt. For example, she said, in the realm of academia women scholars already appear to publishing less amid the pandemic . the reverse of their male counterparts.

They used this exact picture, with that exact caption.

The roots of this inequality are not only bound up in traditional gender roles, the researchers argued.

‘Throughout evolutionary history, a woman’s reproductive fitness hinged on the success of each individual offspring to a greater extent than a man.s,’ they wrote.

Women evolved stronger motivations to attend to the details of childcare and may feel pressured to accept more childcare and homemaking responsibility when others, such as teachers and childcare workers [.] cannot.’

I haven’t shredded on evopsych in a while! If women evolved to be housewives then why does society force women to go against their naturally evolved instincts? Is there something wrong with being a housewife if that is what Jesus, oops, Evo has decreed?

‘A consequence of the pandemic, therefore, could be a reduction in tolerance across a range of issues,’ the researchers wrote.

These could include, they added, less acceptance for ‘non-monogamous mating arrangements, legal abortion, and rights for sexual minorities “who violate traditional gender roles and are also stereotyped as promiscuous.’

That’s not going to happen, of course. The lockdowns are breaking down marriage EVEN MORE, which means that marriage alternatives will increase. Camgirls are already complaining on Twitter that they can’t dildo themselves for entire months at a time. (No link.)

Furthermore, Professor Haselton said, economic inequality could see many women sexualise themselves more in order to compete with each other for desirable men.

That is fun but difficult to imagine. Better start losing weight NOW, Barbie! Uh-oh, the gyms are closed….

The team also used an evolutionary perspective to to examine the way in which the virus has evolved to attack us . alongside the strategies that we can, and should, employ to fight back against it.

According to the researchers, much of our inadequate response to the global health crisis is a result of humanity having evolved . both genetically and socially . in an environment that has little in common with today’s word.

“Today’s world” came into existence in a single month by government dictat. Perhaps a strategy to fight back against it would be to end government overreach and go back to 2019? When Trump was solidly in power? Oh.

This, they added, leads to ‘evolutionary mismatches’ with the present circumstances . such as, for example, how Americans typically value individuality and the ability to challenge authority.

‘This combination does not work especially well in a pandemic,’ said paper author and psychologist Benjamin Seitz, also of the University of California Los Angeles.

What they didn’t say is that Seitz is still a PhD student. Fine, but calling him an “expert” is inaccurate. His psych focuses are eating and learning, like most graduate students. And snowboarding.

‘This virus is exposing us and our weaknesses,’ he added.

Alongside this, the team wrote, ‘our species is not wired for seeking a precise understanding of the world as it actually is’ . with tribalism and groupthink leading to widespread misinformation and distrust of experts at a time such is needed.

We evolved to distrust government-funded experts? If only!

According to Professor Haselton, the virus is ‘wily’ for having the ability to infect us through our contact with others . especially loved ones . who seem healthy.

“Experts” is REALLY not the right word.

‘Our social features that define much of what it is to be human make us a prime target for viral exploitation,’ she commented.

‘Policies asking us to isolate and distance profoundly affect our families, work lives, relationships and gender roles.’

Yes, which is why those policies are evil… no?

Like all viruses, SARS-CoV-2 experiences an evolutionary pressure to manipulate the behaviour and physiology of its hosts in such a way to ensure its transmission and continued existence.

No… wait, what? Sheet, mon, that’s not how disease spreads AT ALL. That’s how bad Netflix movies spread.

Coronavirus may be altering our neural tissue to influence our behaviour, the researchers propose . such as by supressing unwell feelings and enhancing social impulses in the infectious peak before symptoms appear.

In this way, recently infected individuals would be more likely to come into contact with others and spread the virus before they were aware they had contracted it.

Have you psychology “experts” ever studied the concept of paranoia?

This isn’t funny anymore. Do these people really think the reason dissidents don’t want to wear masks is because their brains have been infected with mind-altering coronaviruses and been programmed to infect the still-living? Serious question.

Similarly, suppressing outward appearances of illness would enable SARS-CoV-2 to bypass the useful ‘disgust’ response that we have evolved to avoid catching disease.

Symptoms of disease are generally the body’s efforts to repel the disease… fever, runny nose, vomiting etc. It’s not even theoretically possible for a harmful disease to suppress symptoms because by definition, it does harm.

This does mean that your body quietly hosts quadrillions of harmless viruses and bacteria.

It also means, as we have seen with Sars-n-Cov-1984 itself, that diseases mutate over time into less harmful variants that the body attacks less energetically.

This ends the article but let’s hear more about the actual paper. Do these “experts” really believe that Wuhan Whoop is a mind-controlling parasite programming men to distrust the government and women to stay at home with her kids?

I can’t believe that’s even a serious inquiry.

The pandemic exposes human nature: 10 evolutionary insights

By Benjamin M. Seitz, Athena Aktipis, David M. Buss, Joe Alcock, Paul Bloom, Michele Gelfand, Sam Harris, Debra Lieberman, Barbara N. Horowitz, Steven Pinker, David Sloan Wilson, and Martie G. Haselton

More experts to review.

Photo of C Athena Aktipis

Athena Aktipis of Arizona State U, associate professor in “Evolution and Medicine”, psych and something called the GIOS Sustainability Initiative.

David Buss

David M. Buss of U Texas Austin, PhD from UC Berkeley, past President of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, “Current research: women’s sexual strategies, conflict between the sexes, stalking, sexual victimization, the psychology of status, prestige, and reputation, and the psychology of homicide. The research is guided by the conceptual frameworks anchored in evolutionary psychology.” per

Joe Alcock… umm… segue:

ZAMM 2020

h ttps://

By Joe Alcock, October 15, 2020

This week the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Medicine biannual conference is taking place online.

This wildly multidisciplinary conference uses a zombie lens to explore topics in medicine, social science, art and popular culture. I am Dr. Zed this week, broadcasting the apocalypse every day on a variety of streaming platforms.

I may have found the source of “Chinaballs are zombifying people!”. Alcock is the author of Evolutionary Medicine blog and is reportedly a practicing emergency doctor. I might have to look at that conference, seeing as Halloween is this week.

End segue.

Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland . American Regionalism

Per wikipedia, “[Michele] Gelfand is considered a pioneering researcher on the concept of tightness.looseness… which assesses how much a culture adheres to social norms and tolerates deviance. Tight cultures are more restrictive, with stricter disciplinary measures for norm violations while loose cultures have weaker social norms and a higher tolerance for deviant behavior. …Her research has shown that tightness allows cultures to coordinate more effectively to survive threats.

A totalitarian globalist at U Maryland.

Photo of Debra Lieberman

Debra Lieberman, Ph.D., is a media researcher at UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research, where she directs the Center for Digital Games Research. Her research interests focus on processes of learning and behavior change with interactive media and games, with a special interest in the research and design of digital games for health.

This androgyne’s life’s work is ensuring Gamergate never happens again. She is not a psychologist.

Barbara N. Horowitz is a Harvard professor of Evolutionary Biology.

David Sloan Wilson is co-founder of the Evolution Institute.

102111 Pinker 344.jpg

Steven Pinker is an evolutionary & cognitive psychologist associated with the American Humanist Association.

So, a couple actual doctors, mostly evopsych prophets, and my best guess, 42% Jewish.

Let’s dig in.

Humans and viruses have been coevolving for millennia. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) has been particularly successful in evading our evolved defenses. The outcome has been tragic.across the globe, millions have been sickened and hundreds of thousands have died. Moreover, the quarantine has radically changed the structure of our lives, with devastating social and economic consequences that are likely to unfold for years. An evolutionary perspective can help us understand the progression and consequences of the pandemic. Here, a diverse group of scientists, with expertise from evolutionary medicine to cultural evolution, provide insights about the pandemic and its aftermath. At the most granular level, we consider how viruses might affect social behavior, and how quarantine, ironically, could make us susceptible to other maladies, due to a lack of microbial exposure.

.Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution., and nothing about the human response to COVID-19 will either.

Starting off with a “There is no God” quote is an excellent way to bias all future thought. Not only does evolution explains everything, it is continually updated to ensure that remains the case.

Because its explanations keep failing.

Furthermore, the “human response to COVID-19” has nothing to do with evolution, except that evolution is a religion whose tenets must be upheld (read: worshiped) by society at all times.

We asked 10 evolutionary scientists, including evolutionary medicine researchers, theoretical evolutionary biologists, and evolutionary psychologists, to share their insights about the evolutionary pressures on the virus, our human response to the pandemic, and how an evolutionary approach can help us cope with COVID-19.

Everything about this paper is updating evolutionary psychology to justify government lockdown behavior.

Insight 1: The Virus Might Alter Host Sociability

There are two possibilities for how SARS-CoV-2 might be altering human behavior. First, it may be suppressing feelings of sickness during times of peak transmissibility. SARS-CoV-2 is characterized by a high rate of viral shedding, and the peak of viral shedding.and therefore transmissibility.occurs 1 d to 2 d before the onset of symptoms (5). It is possible that SARS-CoV-2 has been particularly successful because it is highly infectious before symptoms appear.

That is normal for contagious diseases. It is most virulent right before the body begins fighting it off… for painfully obvious reasons. Their mastery of evolution has not prevented them from forgetting the basics of how disease works.

The second possibility of how SARS-CoV-2 could affect host behavior is by contributing to mood disorders, such as mania, that could increase activity levels and decrease feelings of sickness, at least temporarily, during times of peak transmissibility. This could potentially lead to a .tug-of-war. over host behavior, with the virus “pulling for” greater host activity and sociability and the host fighting against this to reduce activity and instead prioritize healing.

“People who don’t want to social distance may be vampires trying to spread the disease. While we don’t QUITE have 100.0% confirmation of this YET, we must enact totalitarian mandatory rules to end all unapproved social contact indefinitely!”

No studies have yet looked at changes in social behavior with exposure to SARS-CoV-2. However, there is ample evidence that [blah blah blah]


Insight 2: .Generation Quarantine. May Lack Critical Microbial Exposures

Duh. Let’s skip to their proposed solution to this. I’ll guess a broad-spectrum mandatory vaccination program.

Predispersal exposures to microbes prime developing immune systems for anticipated novel microbial threats. This is why adolescents leaving for college receive vaccinations to prime their immune systems for pathogens they may encounter for the first time. Similarly, the immune systems of adolescent animals are primed by low-level exposures to microbes from the outside world through brief forays, practice dispersals, into the outside world, including play with conspecifics and other social activities…

Uh… sounds like I’m right. The babbling is getting thick.

But the risk-taking, neophilia, and drive to be sexual and socialize that characterize adolescence and promote dispersal are influenced by microbiota now fundamentally altered for many millions of adolescents around the world. COVID-19 has temporarily ended practice dispersals, physical peer-to-peer play, sexual activity, and other activities which would otherwise bring millions of adolescents into contact with novel microbes.

A pack of seething, State-imposed lies, but it does sound like I’m right. “The New Normal for children is they won’t be exposed to microbes naturally, which is why we vaccinate them when we send them out into the world.”

Might just be me, but necrophilia did not characterize the adolescence of anybody I ever knew.

Insight 3: Activating Disgust Can Help Combat Disease Spread

Disgust is a physical and social protective system that is a product of, and sheds light on, our evolutionary past. Disgust protects across three domains, all of which relate to pathogen exposure. First, disgust is part of our food psychology and motivates avoidance of foods harboring, for instance, signs of toxins and microorganisms.

Food tasting bad is not the disgust reflex.

Second, disgust is part of our sexual psychology and motivates avoidance of sexual partners (e.g., family members)…

What? Man, you Jewish evopsych people are freaks. I don’t need a PhD in the disgust reflex to know what I just felt. What makes you think about adolescent necrophilia and sex with family members… in public, no less?

…judged to potentially risk the immunocompetence and, hence, health and viability of offspring. Last, and most pertinent, disgust is part of our physical contact psychology and motivates avoidance of individuals displaying signs of infection, surfaces revealing microbial infestation, and the skin, mouth, anus, and bodily fluids of unknown others.

While I agree that disease is disgusting, they’re trying to stretch the definition to include socializing and eating… which are topics sensitive to mask-wearing dictats.

They hope to “evolve” people into feeling disgust at dissidents who don’t wear masks.

Motivations to physically distance and to cleanse after contact with potentially contaminated surfaces are native to the contact disgust system but are strongest when there are clear signs of disease.blood, guts, bodily fluids, yellow eyes, pale skin, lesions, or a runny nose. In the COVID-19 pandemic, this is not what most people see. Family, friends, coworkers, and strangers look they can be asymptomatic for days, not knowing they are infected. Without ecologically valid cues to infection, the contact avoidance function of disgust remains idle, posing an acute challenge to lawmakers enacting rules enforcing distancing. Given that valued relationships are often marked by gentle physical contact (e.g., hugs, handshakes, kisses), it is difficult to dissuade people from reaffirming their “close relationships,. especially during a time when such relationships are sorely needed. Disgust might therefore be important, although sometimes less potent than other emotions, such as empathy, to persuade people to distance.

QED. Not wearing a mask is going to be the new visual cue of “you’re contagious!”

Insight 4: The Mating Landscape Is Changing, and There Will Be Economic Consequences from a Decrease in Birth Rates


Insight 5: Gender Norms Are Backsliding, and Gender Inequality Is Increasing

With schools shut down, families have unanticipated needs for childcare. Who is picking up this slack? In April of 2020, women lost more jobs than men, in part because more women than men are employed in hospitality and service industries that lost customers.

Women can now be anything they want, yet they still choose overwhelmingly to cook food and clean laundry.

However, at that same time, women more than men felt more pressured to quit their jobs in order to manage added household responsibilities of childcare and education, and worried more that declines in their productivity during the pandemic would negatively impact their careers.

A direct result of women being awarded child custody in divorces… 85% of the time, as a ballpark statistic.

Before the pandemic, women already felt more stressed than men by competing family and job roles (36). With children at home, that stress seems to lead women to become homemakers and makeshift teachers.

Confirming that the primary purpose of K-12 education is daycare.

Evolutionary reasoning predicts women will leave the workplace or sacrifice their productivity more than men will. This could result in a large-scale backslide toward “traditional” gender norms. With the loss of their own economic autonomy, many women will come to rely on male partners as breadwinners, exacerbating the structural problems underlying gender inequality. This may shift families toward traditional structures and conceptions of gender.a shift toward social conservatism, which might have consequences for attitudes about premarital and extramarital sex

But but but didn’t women evolve to be like that?

Feminism has always been a massive, unsustainable pumping operation. Now that the pumps are beginning to fail, normality will reassert itself. Unless the State decides to kill us instead. Oh look, the fertility rate is down!

Insight 6: An Increase in Empathy and Compassion Is Not Guaranteed

With respect to the current crisis, some psychologists are optimistic (e.g., ref. 50), seeing an outburst of prosocial and altruistic behavior..catastrophe compassion,. as one scholar puts it. Among other considerations, the adoption of social distancing practices by billions of individuals is interpreted as “perhaps the most populous act of cooperation in history.” This interpretation is said to be supported by recent studies suggesting that the motivation to engage in these practices is increased by appeals to public health, more so than appeals to personal health, and increased, as well, by empathy inductions.

“Empathy inductions” = “emotional terrorism”. “If you don’t wear a mask then you killed Grandma!”

This is all consistent with a Rousseauian perspective: Human nature is fundamentally kind, and, stripped of the constraints of civilization, we are more equal, more generous, and mentally healthier.

That is pure, humanist evil. Nobody sane wants to see their neighbor be stripped of all civilizing influences and encouraged to act directly upon his “evolved” animal urges.

It’s called civilization for a reason, you “expert” psychologists. Look it up. Or be lazy and JUST KEEP READING!

But there are also reasons to favor a less rosy view… In fact, there is no evidence, to our knowledge, for any overall increase in kindness, empathy, and compassion right now relative to nonpandemic times.

Gosh, really? I…

Portland Man Charged With Arson For Lighting Dumpster On Fire During Riot | The Daily Caller


Dozens of Protesters Tear Down Confederate Statue In North Carolina - Charlotte Stories


Trump says domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle and demands CHAZ be retaken


Hawley: Facebook, Twitter, Illegally Donated to Biden Campaign By Suppressing NY Post Story ...


Watch: Pregnant Aussie Mother Arrested for Allegedly 'Inciting' Coronavirus Lockdown Protest


Seniors Protest Lockdowns Outside Colorado Nursing Home: 'Rather Die From COVID Than Loneliness ...


At least in the United States.although less so in countries such as Canada.this pandemic is not bringing people together; rather, responses reflect the partisan divide that so characterizes recent times, with conservatives and liberals having different views about wearing masks, the wisdom of a continuing lockdown, and much else.

As much as I detest the Baby Boomer generation, my people aren’t the ones forcing them to die alone in neighborhoods besieged by racist anarchists, now are we, you disciples of Rousseau?

Insight 7: We Have Not Evolved to Seek the Truth

HAHAHAAAAA! Which headline finally convinced you of that?

Humans evolved in small groups under threat of starvation, predation, and exploitation by outsiders.and generally lived brief lives, favoring short-term strategies for consuming resources that could support successful reproduction.

No, we did not live brief lives. In fact, human life expectancy has not increased much because of modern medicine. Allow enough food and don’t die in early childhood, and most people get their “threescore and ten”.

We have not evolved to think clearly about long-term threats like pandemics.which are statistically abstract and global. And yet, for at least a century, we’ve understood that the threat of a deadly pandemic is real and ever present. How should we have responded to this knowledge?

Strong borders would have been a good start. Like my people were calling for decades before Coof came along. But hey, it’s not too late to ban all high-speed travel between nations.

We should have prepared for the next pandemic in advance. But, to do this, we would have had to feel the need to prepare.and been willing to incur actual costs in the face of what could have seemed, in the absence of dead and dying people, like nothing more than morbid speculation.

Sigh, I should have known that humanists would have a different definition of truth than Christ Jesus. “We should have socially isolated everybody in perpetuity even before the plandemic hit but we we too short-sighted on living our normal lives. Maybe now people will obey their authorities without questions of whether there’s a reason to.”

Insight 8: Combating the Pandemic Requires Its Own Evolutionary Process

This duality is captured by the label dual inheritance theory, which posits both a genetic stream and a cultural stream of inheritance that have been coevolving with each other for as long as we have been a species. The slower process of genetic evolution often follows where the faster process of cultural evolution leads, as we know from classic examples such as lactose tolerance in adults (a genetic adaptation) in cultures that keep livestock (a cultural adaptation).

It’s not government manipulation of a captive population, it’s Cultural Evolution!

Insight 9: Cultural Evolutionary Forces Impact COVID-19 Severity

Evolutionary principles can be applied to understand cultural adaptations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Human groups under collective threat experience evolutionary pressures to tighten social norms and punish people who deviate from norms.

That’s not Darwin. That’s Orwell.

Insight 10: Human Progress Continues

Evolutionary reasoning makes several predictions about the future humans will face in the wake of the pandemic..from shifts away from economic independence for women to birth rates dipping below thresholds needed to maintain some human populations.

IT’S THE SAME PROBLEM! When women work instead of breed, the birth rate drops! How is that hard?

These are some depressing possibilities that invite a conclusion that humanity is spiraling downward to a new low point. Those who deny the possibility of social progress might feel vindicated by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, because it shows that life has gotten worse rather than better. But has it?

Suicide is way up. Old folks are dying at home of preventable problems because they’re too scared to visit the hospital when the chest pains started. Children put duct tape over their computer’s built-in cameras to stop their teachers from spying on them. And I’ve begun to “find some new friends”. Friends that don’t think it’s Chinaballs making me not want to wear a mask around them.

Many people have trouble reconciling the demonstrable fact of human progress.that, over time, we have become healthier, better fed, richer, safer, and better educated.with the constraints of human biology. Some fear that, if the mind has evolved as a complex structure, then progress would be impossible, because “you can’t change human nature.” Therefore, either there cannot be such a thing as progress or there cannot be such a thing as human nature.

There cannot be such a thing as progress. Not in the sense they mean. Over the ten thousand years of documented history, humanity has improved in every way except morally.

Which is why these fools STILL claim there is no God.

Good news: they aren’t claiming that Wu Flu mutates the brain into political dissidence. Bad news: they claim that resisting the lockdowns is resisting evolution and such resisters are in need of… reeducation.

Because we’re SO MUCH SMARTER now than the last time we tried that!

Evolution Of the Man Box

Snake Plisskin to the white courtesy phone, please. Having escaped New York, Los Angeles and now Milwaukee, it’s time for your greatest breakout ever.

Feminists have built a Man Box meme, challenged men to escape it and continually tried to tighten it up when we did. And when I say “feminists”, I mean “Scientific American”, “Journal of Preventative Medicine” and “University of Pittsburgh”.

I miss the ’80s action flicks.

Study: Men Scoring Higher on “Man Box. Scale are Prone to Violence, Mental Illness

htt ps://

Uncertain Authorship, 5 August 2020

Researchers at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Promundo-US found that men who harbor more harmful attitudes about masculinity.including beliefs about aggression and homophobia.also tend toward bullying, sexual harassment, depression and suicidal thoughts.

The study, published today in Preventive Medicine, is based on the “Man Box. Scale developed by Promundo-US, the U.S. member of a global consortium dedicated to promoting gender equality and ending violence, as a way to measure harmful norms and stereotypes about masculinity. The 15-item scale encompasses themes such as self-sufficiency, acting tough, physical attractiveness, rigid masculine gender roles, hypersexuality, and control.

Already you can read through the lines. Real men aren’t self-sufficient? Are ugly? Think fags aren’t masculine? That says more about the male whores, strike that, Y-chromosome-present gender-nonconformists who wrote this than anything about masculinity.

.While there has been a lot of discussion around harmful masculinities in the media and in the research community, no one has agreed on a standardized way to measure the concept,. explains Elizabeth Miller, chief of adolescent and young adult medicine at UPMC Children’s Hospital.

I suggest dick length.

Aaaand, my dick just shriveled. Elizabeth Miller, folks. She’s replacing the wrong hormones to judge by those sideburns.

The idea of the Man Box originated in the 1980s. Paul Kivel and his colleagues at the Oakland Men’s Project developed the “Act Like a Man Box” activity as a way to discuss how society tells men they ought to be. Since then, activist Tony Porter helped popularize the term in a TEDWomen Talk and his book “Breaking Out of the “Man Box.: The Next Generation of Manhood..

Here is Paul Kivel’s Man Box Mk 1:

Obviously a male feminist’s effort to be seen appeasing women while turning his tiny dick into a virtue. “I’m a good man because I cry and don’t understand sex and do as I’m told! That’s why I don’t feel ashamed of myself anymore.” Believe it or not, that is what they actually tell themselves.

When Man Box Mk 1 inevitably proved too complex, crude and mock-able, the cuckolds–the Good Men Project, specifically–stepped in to assist with their own humiliation. Because real men are neither tough nor successful!


Escape the “Act Like a Man. Box

htt ps://

By Charlie Glickman, 27 February 2012

One of the primary reasons that boys and men gay bash and bully queers is that they need to perform masculinity in order to show the world that they’re in the Box.

Another primary reason is that’s what Jesus would do. Yet another primary reason is that sodomy evokes within the male heart the same repulsive disrespect we normally reserve for people hammering a nail with a multimeter. YOU ARE USING IT WRONG! been teaching workshops on male gender socialization for about 15 years or so. The foundation of my presentation is the Act Like a Man Box, which I learned about from Paul Kivel’s book, Men’s Work: How to Stop the Violence That Tears Our Lives Apart. I like calling it the “Act Like a Man Box,. rather than “The Man Box. (which is a title I’ve also seen used for the basic idea) because it highlights how masculinity is a performance.When I do this exercise, I ask the group to brainstorm words that describe “real men.” And while I influence the responses by asking leading questions like “what does he do for a living?.

Productive work? Whoops, that was trick question.

…or “what does he do for fun?.

“the responses have been pretty consistent, regardless of the age, gender mix, sexual orientation, or racial makeup of the group. As long as the participants grew up in or have spent significant time in the US, they know what this guy looks like:

Mk 2 is not much of an improvement. No healthy male describes himself as cisgender and it’s still clunky to apply. Thankfully, Chuck proceeded straight to Mk 3:

After we come up with this list, I ask the group to name the things that men are called if we’re not all of these things. Here are some of the more common responses:

Much better, if from a negative perspective, because being masculine means NOT ACTING FEMININE.

Since the logic of the box is an either/or, you’re either all the way in or you’re all the way out.

Binary thinking is Social Justice thinking. “If you disagree with ANYTHING I SAY, or don’t agree STRONGLY ENOUGH, then YOU’RE A NAZI!”

On the other hand, all of the words on the outside fit into one of three groups: gay, female, loser. I think that says pretty interesting things about homophobia and sexism.

It says that humans are sexually dimorphic. If you won’t believe God when He says that then at least believe science when it says that. If you won’t believe that, either, then believe your focus group.

Oh, you think you believe in science? Show me the “Questioning” sex chromosome. How about that Gay Gene that “scientists” suddenly stopped talking about once women got upset about transsexual men overrunning womens’ sports?

Begin Segue #2

How to Fight Toxic Masculinity

htt ps://

By Savvy Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen, 26 July 2019

That byline is not a mockery, it’s what SciAm actually printed.

Toxic masculinity is best described as a box. It’s narrow, rigid, and men have to contort themselves to fit inside it.

It’s better described as an 80’s action flick, less Steven Seagal. Being strong feels GOOD, the world is a little smaller every day and most social problems can be solved with a smokepiece and a pithy one-liner.

To fit in the man box of toxic masculinity, a man must live by a particular set of beliefs and behaviors:

Suffer pain in silence
Have no needs
Never lose
Show no emotions other than bravado or rage
Don’t depend on anyone
Don’t do anything that could be construed as weakness
Never snitch.

Man Box Mk 4. That’s clearly the female “strong & silent” idealization of masculinity. We’re getting closer.

Now, there is a difference between traditional masculinity and toxic masculinity: There is nothing toxic about working hard, providing for one’s family, winning at sports, or being loyal to friends.

ABSOLUTELY a female idealization of masculinity. Real men pay Barbie’s bills while being a winning hunk that she can tolerate touching at bedtime.

End segues

Recently, the issue of harmful masculinities received widespread attention in response to the 2018 American Psychological Association’s (APA) Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men, which presented a series of steps health care practitioners should take to improve the psychological care of boys and men.

TL;DR ban fathers, porn and homophobia.

I didn’t savage that APA article in order to prove I was a man. I savaged it BECAUSE I was a man.

Using 2016 data from more than 3,600 men ages 18-30 across three countries, this study found that higher Man Box Scale scores were associated with up to five times higher rates of verbal, online or physical bullying, as well as sexual harassment. Men with higher scores were also about twice as likely to experience depression or suicidal ideation.

.These findings highlight how detrimental harmful masculinities can be to the people who endorse them, as well as their peers, families, and communities at large,. said lead author Amber Hill, Ph.D., fourth-year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. .It’s important to remember that individuals of all genders are influenced and impacted by the heteronormative society that we live in..

Amber Hill is why masculine men experience more depression or suicidal ideation, because we’re hated by our society ruled by toxic, man-hating radical atheist dykes like her.

To help clinicians more efficiently monitor their male patients. attitudes, the researchers developed a shorter version of the survey

Man Box Mk 5!

…including only the five items that had the strongest associations with violence and poor mental health:

1. A man shouldn’t have to do household chores.

2. Men should use violence to get respect if necessary.

3. A real man should have as many sexual partners as he can.

4. A man who talks a lot about his worries, fears, and problems shouldn’t really get respect.

5. A gay guy is not a “real man..

Real men are kitchen bitches who bitch!

.We have found a way to measure the concept of the “Man Box,. which allows us to clearly see that when men embrace stereotypical ideas about manhood, they’re also more likely to harm the well-being of others, as well as impact their own health in adverse ways,. said Gary Barker, Ph.D., president and C.E.O. of Promundo-US.

.As health care providers, researchers and public health workers, we now have a valid tool in our pockets to help us measure progress toward changing harmful stereotypes and advancing both gender equality and healthier versions of masculinity..

Promundo is, paraphrasing, “an international organization of socially like-minded people that helps them coordinate actions while having different employers”. Not hard to read between those lines.

Penis envy is a jealous god. And like God Himself, we men are not so easily put inside a metaphorical box.

Actually, we are. Show up naked and bring beer, Barbie, and we’ll even forgive you messing up dinner. Also like God Himself, we get mystified at why people try to control our behavior with words when making us happy is so dang easy.

Christian Pundit Defends the Honor Of Kali

The Christian Post weighs in: Hindu deities must not be mocked during anti-Drumpf rallies!

When Antifa’s barbarism offends worshipers of the Hindu god Kali

h ttps://

By Michael Brown, 21 October 2020

For months we have been saying that the spirit behind the violent protests and riots is not from above but from below. It is the spirit of chaos. Of lawlessness. Of destruction. Of murder. It is the spirit that motivates a grown man to kneel down on a burning American flag, hold a heart over his face, and then rip it apart as the blood drips down into his mouth and onto his face.

This a picture of the spirit of Antifa. This is straight from the pit.

Actually, Christian ol’ me is an ever-greater fan of lawlessness and destruction. Even homicide, in the form of dirt naps for looters and the Soros agents who love them.

As for the heart, it was intended to signify the heart of President Trump.

There was a second actor playing the part of murdered Trump so this is not guesswork.

Watch the video for yourself (viewer discretion advised) and tell me if this is anything but satanic. It was filmed at a protest in Boston this past weekend, and it doesn’t get much uglier than this.

*GunnerQ watches* Meh. Not Satanic. Brown must have never found himself in the middle of a Gay Pride parade after walking out of a bicycle shop in Sacramento.

Yet there’s more.

The crazed protester (really, worshiper), with blood splattered on his face and clothes, then shouts out repeatedly, .I.m on fire!. before rolling to his back.

Then, with his right hand clutched, he begins to yell (along with others), .Kali ma! Kali ma!. (They also yell out, .[Expletive] Trump!.)

This perverse video has even come to the attention of the people of India, with a headline in OpIndia reading: .Watch: Antifa anti-Trump protesters spread Hinduphobia, eat US President’s heart in symbolic ritual while chanting “Kali Maa…

Oh noes! The virtuous and equal Hindus of India think we Christians don’t respect their deities! …because Antifa disrespects them?

Indeed, .The whole incident appears to be a remarkable demonstration of Hinduphobia and the individuals here do not come across as people with control of their mental faculties. They are clearly using Goddess Kali to justify their own antisocial behaviour. In the process, they are insulting the faith and religious sentiments of Hindus with impunity..

Per wikipedia, this is the goddess Kali being used to “justify antisocial behavior” that she presumably wouldn’t normally tolerate. The man she’s trampling on the ground is her husband/consort, Shiva.

Hmm, horns but no hooves.

Mr. Brown, why do you give a single care about the opinions of the most literally idolatrous major religion on Earth? That is not what Jesus would do.

And where, pray tell, did these demonized protesters get the idea of ripping out someone’s heart while shouting, .Kali Ma.?

The answer is obvious. It is from the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Specifically, it is from the horribly famous scene where the priest “Mola Ram performs the ancient ritual of removing the still beating heart of a [living human!] sacrifice. before lowering that human sacrifice into the fire.

If you watch the video from that scene (viewer discretion is again advised), you will see something that really parallels the Antifa ritual.

It is reassuring and funny that while Antifa is eager to worship the devil, they don’t actually know how to do that. In the immortal words of Dogbert, they would have to be smarter in order to be stupid.

In the movie, it is clear that the people are under a spell. In the video, it is also clear that the people are under a spell.

Or, that the people have a smaller special effects budget.

All of this should be branded and exposed as demonic, plain and simple. It is way beyond politics. It is unrelated to righteous protests. It is a crazed bloodlust in the name of a Hindu deity.

I don’t see why this particular Hindu deity would object. She wears a necklace of skulls and needs four arms just to have a bloodsoaked hand free… and again, she’s trampling poor Mr. Shiva.

It glorifies ripping out and eating the heart of the president of the United States.

To repeat: this is from below, not from above.

Stop hyperventilating, Mr. Brown. You’ll lose your head.

Even if some of the participants were simply trying to get attention and put on a show, it takes a special kind of sick to do something like that. And every person of conscience should call out this evil for what it is.

Me with my lifetime enjoyment of gamer culture, I truly understand the situation. He’s acting out what his head had been filled with. Have you ever wondered why modern movies have so much CGI and shaky-cam techniques?

Bad story-telling, right, but besides that, the people now making movies grew up on video games and that’s how they think stories are told. Tell them that story conflict doesn’t have to involve cataclysm-sized armies clashing to the tune of Carmina Burana soundtracks and their eyes glaze over because it’s outside their experience as human beings.

The Kali-heart-sucking Antifa goon who wanted to sacrifice Trump to the devil? The only way he’s seen that actually happen is an Indiana Jones flick so that’s what he imitated. If you asked him to test whether a woman is a witch, he’d probably look for a duck.

As for the president, I understand that he provokes lots of hatred.

Speaking of small minds, let’s indulge Brown’s own, anti-Drumpf rant.

I stand against his referring to CNN as “dumb [expletives]. for the network’s constant reporting on COVID-19. (The crowd at his rally in Arizona certainly enjoyed the moment.)

I stand against him responding positively to the “Lock her up!. chant directed at Michigan governor Whitmer at a Michigan rally over the weekend. (Yes, that’s the same governor who was the target of a kidnapping and assassination plot just days ago.)

I stand against his ruthless trashing of members even of his own team, most recently calling Dr. Anthony Fauci “an idiot” who “gets more airtime than anybody since Bob Hope..

“I agree that Trump is evil but we must be careful not to offend the Goddess Kali while we’re about it!” White knight much, Mikey?

None of this good. None of this is necessary. And none of this is helpful. To the contrary, it is ugly and it is unjustifiable. Not only so, but it stirs up even more animosity and, with so many Americans stretched to their emotional limits, some of this rhetoric is downright dangerous.

Don’t make us play the pronoun game, Mikey. Tell us how you REALLY feel!

If I could, I would plead with the president to watch his words, remembering that life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

But Trump’s unfortunate rhetoric is still a far cry from the satanic madness that works through Antifa. And it reminds us that, while Donald Trump certainly does not personify the forces of light, Antifa members certainly personify the forces of darkness.

Let us expose them and resist them, in Jesus. name.

Are you sure you wouldn’t be happier doing it in Kali’s name, Mikey? Because you showed up with this article to defend her reputation, not Christ’s.

An SJW Test-Drives A Land Yacht

At first, I thought this would be yet another salvo in my distrust of the driverless technology being forced upon male America. It soon morphed into a perfect example of virtue-signaling gone wrong!

Driving the 2021 Cadillac Escalade was one of the most stressful experiences of my life: High anxiety with the king of oversized SUVs

h ttps://

By Andrew J. Hawkins, transportation reporter, 19 October 2020

When Cadillac reached out recently with an offer to test out the new 2021 Escalade for a day, I eagerly responded in the affirmative. I wanted to try out the latest version of the automaker’s partially autonomous driver assist system, Super Cruise, as well as all the other high-tech bells and whistles (augmented reality? 38 inches of OLED screen?) that Cadillac was stuffing into its flagship SUV.

Oh yeah, baby, smoking gun! “This thing is like a cruise missile that thinks it knows where it should go but wants a driver to blame just in case!”

Instead, I got one of the most stressful driving experiences I’ve ever had. I don’t consider myself a timid driver, but being behind the wheel of this 6,000-lb behemoth gave me high-grade, flop-sweat-inducing anxiety. I’ve never ridden on the back of an elephant before, but driving the 2021 Escalade may be as close as I.ll get.

Wait, what? A news outlet’s designated transportation reporter got scared because a massive SUV turned out to be massive?

Words cannot describe how gargantuan the new Escalade is, so numbers will have to suffice. The 2021 Escalade is nearly 18 feet long bumper to bumper, and almost six-and-a-half feet tall. This represents a growth spurt from the previous model year, including an additional four inches to the wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels), 2.6 inches to the overall length, and 2.4 inches taller in terms of overall height. Or, as Cadillac’s own marketing materials boast, .the largest and longest Escalade ever..

Why would driving that be stressful? Like driving an Abrams tank, it’s not YOU who’s going to get hurt by your driving.

Oh, right. Insurance. A legit concern for the law-abiding and honestly employed, which explains Andrew never bringing it up.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the outside world . mostly because you can’t see a lot of it. The grille was like a sheer cliffside, obstructing my view several feet out in front of the wheels. An entire kindergarten class could be lined up in front of this vehicle and I wouldn’t see them.

This is not hyperbole. Last year, a local television station measured the front blind zones of many popular vehicles, from family sedans and minivans to large SUVs and full-size pickup trucks. The Escalade had the largest front blind spot of 10 feet, two inches, with the driver sitting in a natural, relaxed position. It took 13 children seated in a line in front of the Escalade before the driver could see the tops of their heads.

Andrew has a curiously specific fear of running over little kids. Also, a curious assumption that kids like to play in the blind spots of moving vehicles. It’ll happen by freak chance but come on, nobody is going to accidentally speedbump over a kindergarten class.

I tweeted out a picture of my three-year-old son standing next to the Escalade to illustrate how dangerous this blind spot could be. Reactions ranged from flabbergasted (.That ratio of grill height to windshield height is insane,. one tweet read. .Made to kill..) to people sharing their own dangerous close encounters with oblivious Escalade drivers.

Do you have any intention of actually driving the vehicle you were tasked to test-drive, Andrew?

And by the way, 9 out of 9 Internet security experts recommend you not post pictures of your little kids on social media. The best way to protect them from Internet predators is to conceal their existence, not announce it unsolicited. Since we’re acting concerned about little kids and all.

What a hypocrite.

My initial interest in test driving the new Escalade was to try out the latest version of Super Cruise, the partially autonomous, .hands free. driver assist system. Cadillac has recently rolled out an enhanced version of Super Cruise that includes automatic lane changing, and I was eager to see how it has improved and how it measured up against Tesla’s Autopilot and other advanced driver assist systems.

But the Enhanced Super Cruise won’t be showing up in the Escalade until 2021. And my colleague Sean O.Kane has already gone over the Escalade’s 38-inch OLED display with a fine-toothed comb. So that leaves me to write about the driving experience . and that is tied inextricably to the bloated size of this vehicle.

Quelle surprise that their super-safe automated driving system still has a few bugs and has been briefly delayed. Again.

But it’s too late. My attention is now focused on this reviewer and his obsession with the vehicle’s “bloated size”.

I don’t mean to pick on Cadillac here, because this is a problem that is endemic to the entire auto industry. This trend in colossal vehicle sizes . particularly the very tall, square front end found on most large SUVs and trucks . is testing the limitations of our infrastructure. While driving the Escalade, I felt as if I could barely stay in my own lane. The massive width (6.75 feet, not including the mirrors) had me in a cold sweat while driving on narrow, two-lane suburban roads. The Escalade also could barely fit in my driveway, which wasn’t a total shock. As USA Today recently reported, SUVs and pickups are getting so large that they’re struggling to fit into some home and parking garages and public parking spaces.

So he did drive it around the block, at least. How’d it corner? Were all the gadgets distracting or well-integrated? Was the cargo area easy to access? Did you take it off-road and get some mud on the tires?

“It barely fit in my driveway.”

You whiny, useless wanker!

There is a clear correlation between vehicle design and the recent spike in pedestrian deaths. While the people driving SUVs are slightly safer (1.6 percent decrease in SUV occupant deaths in 2018, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the number of pedestrians killed by those drivers has skyrocketed by 81 percent in the last decade, according to a report released last year by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

That.s mostly because of the way SUVs are designed: larger bodies and higher carriages mean pedestrians are more likely to suffer deadly blows to the head and torso.

And totally not because of the way SJWs choose to protest: in traffic.

Higher clearances mean victims are more likely to get trapped underneath a speeding SUV instead of pushed onto the hood or off to the side.

You protesters are not victims.

Meanwhile, if you want high clearances and all-wheel drives to decline in popularity then feel free to fix the roads.

Speed is also a factor because SUVs have more horsepower than a typical sedan.

That’s not how horsepower works, Mister Transportation Reporter.

A recent investigation by USA Today and the Detroit Free Press found that the growing popularity of SUVs accounts for the alarming rise in pedestrian deaths.

If he was correct in this then there would be an alarming DECREASE in pedestrian INJURIES. Since they’re now being run over instead of tossed to the side.

To Cadillac’s credit, the Escalade is stuffed with the latest in safety technology. Multiple cameras embedded around the vehicle are used to create a digital overhead image of the Escalade when either in drive or reverse at low speeds. This view is projected onto the screen in the center console, giving the driver a more complete picture of their surroundings than what is actually available from the front seat. Haptic sensors in the driver’s seat will vibrate when there is a pedestrian crossing in front or behind the vehicle, or if there is a car behind you when you’re pulling out of a parking spot.

These are important features to have in a vehicle this large, but they’re also just workarounds. … Manufacturers know that these types of vehicles are more dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists, but they keep making them because people keep buying them.

Capitalists are EVIL! because they make unsafe cars that are only safe to drive because they have safety features.

Maybe if your efficiency-sized electric car has windshield wipers then it hasn’t been designed well, either?

Cadillac says it is responding to customer demands for more interior space and cargo room.

Does Cadillac feel stupid yet for, as mentioned at this article’s beginning, reaching out to a known Social Justice Warrior with an offer to test-drive the new 2021 Escalade for a day?

I asked David Schiavone, Cadillac Escalade product manager, why the Escalade’s front blind spot in particular was so egregious. .For me, this is new,. he responded. .Your comment catches me a little off guard. Is it because they’re so tall in the front?. After I defined what I meant by front blind spot, Schiavone replied by ticking through a list of all the alert systems and safety cameras, including front pedestrian braking, 360-degree cameras, and night vision. Again, these are all commendable features, but they wouldn’t be necessary in a vehicle with a safer overall design.

Nope, they don’t feel stupid. They feel surprised that an SJW attacked them in response to their offer of a free test drive.

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade is likely to win accolades for its “luxury” and “swagger.” It will be praised for its .world-class interior. and commitment to providing its customers with the most cargo space in its class. But beneath all that, the Escalade is still an oversized, gas-guzzling SUV in a country with far too many of those on the road already.

Andrew is so virtuous that he barely even drove the Escalade, so far as he’s willing to admit. Everything he said could have been said from the far side of the dealership. Through a microphone. While standing in traffic.

Will Cadillac learn the lesson and begin offering free test drives to potential customers instead of “you’re a Nazi because your SUVs are too big!” politically-vetted allies?

Pastor Keith Mannes Comes Full Political Circle

Imagine my surprise when after doping up on Sunday Morning espresso and logging into my blog, the most-viewed post was an oldie about a small-town pastor who decided the world needed more justice and went looking for a politician to bestow it.

To the surprise of nobody who read that link, Mannes has since contracted a wicked case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Shoulda listened to me, Keith. I told you to not see government as your Savior. The cost will be your soul.

Michigan pastor leaves ministry over church’s broad support of Trump

h ttps://

By Mitchell Boatman, 18 October 2020

HOLLAND . Keith Mannes has given his life to the Christian Reformed Church, serving as a pastor for more than 30 years. He’s done so happily and thankfully.

But on Oct. 11, Mannes gave his last sermon and walked away from ministry among increasing political tension and divisiveness.

Yeah, um… which is it? Did he love the laity of his church or did he quit them in political disgust?

Put simply, he stepped away due to the church’s broad support of President Donald Trump.

Political disgust it is.

While Mannes loves the congregation he served at East Saugatuck CRC for the past four years, he says the church as a whole has “abandoned its role” as the conscience of the state in support of Trump, leading Mannes to step away.

“There’s a quote from Martin Luther King where he said, .The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state,.” Mannes said. “That just hit me hard because I think, broadly, the white evangelical community in our country has abandoned that role.

Keith, do you remember a privileged white boi, back in the day, who said something about logs in your eye? You clergy have failed as completely as you possibly could to be the conscience of society. Fatherlessness, all-time high. Feral women in authority over men, everywhere. Abortion everywhere. Anarcho-tyranny everywhere. Usury everywhere. Socialism everywhere. Sodomy everywhere. Hundreds of priests deploring the existence of the white men who built this very country, on behalf of racist human parasite welfare addicts. That’s your idea of being a “conscience”: projecting your crimes upon the innocent!

And then Trump got elected, and then the people of Christ that you were trying to quietly smother found a new source of hope and began to struggle.

Go fuck your mother and get bent by the devil, your Father. Call it a family affair then book your ass on Oprah to talk about what a victim you are. You never knew Christ, Pastor Mannes.

“The question of the church largely and how it’s functioned in this moment has been really disturbing. That’s been troubling enough that I need to lay it all down.”

Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

Mannes is not the only Christian feeling the strain. He said he knows several other pastors who are feeling the same things.

Additionally, polls show that while white Christians still favor Trump, that support has decreased.

In a poll conducted by Pew Research Center from Sept. 30 to Oct. 5, Christian support for Trump had dipped since August.

“…Since August, when the Democrat political machine went into overdrive to discourage white Christians from supporting Trump. It’s been an uphill battle ever since unelected Democrat health directors broke the law to ban Christianity as a health risk. If only we could have stopped them from noticing how much we hate their guts!”

Ironically, I probably did more to undermine that support than Keith. The Bride of Cain is your spiritual advisor, Mr. President? Seriously?

George Lundskow, a sociology professor [Marxist agitator] at Grand Valley State University who studies the sociology of religion, said support from the religious community is tied to how people view God.

Fixed it. There is not one sociology professor in modern academia who hasn’t taken the Ticket.

Lundskow said that while some of the president’s actions may not align with Christian values, he has aligned himself with conservative Christians by acting similar to how they see God . judgmental and punitive.

What a putrid hypocrite this Lundskow is. Christians support Trump because unlike the Left, he’s not actively banning our existence. Attention, all Commies: we noticed.

“(His actions) don’t seem very Christian, much less conservative Christian,” Lundskow said. “I don’t think it’s about that. It’s something else about religion . whether you see God as punitive and judgmental or the loving, forgiving version of God. That definitely shapes political views as well.”

Yo, George. The Christians didn’t believe their own pastor when he vomited your party line. You aren’t vomiting it any better than he did.

Lundskow said this divide between conservative and progressive Christians based on their view of God is a point of division within the faith in terms of political support.

The professor explained that those who see God as punitive tend to support Trump, saying they see him as strong-willed for the way he attacks opponents and “punishes” people for being poor. Lundskow added that Christians who view God as loving and forgiving tend to be more liberal and progressive, welcoming immigrants and “seeking social justice” for the poor.

Last time I discussed you, Keith, you were just dipping your toe into politics. I thought it was a good sign. You were starting to care about the outside world. I even ruled out TDS at the time.

But now, I can see that what was happening was you looking for political allies to enlist against your own churchmen. You were an EARLY ADOPTER of TDS.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your mortal life, Keith. Be a shame if you went 0 for 2. You have not BEGUN to see Christ the Coming King in His judgmental and punitive mode.

Mannes has been feeling a disconnect between the teachings of the church and the actions of the political candidate it largely supports for years. It started when Trump announced his campaign in June 2015 while descending down an escalator at Trump Tower.

“From the time he came down the escalator,” Mannes said of when he began to feel an internal struggle. “It.s only been building ever since. From the beginning I thought there’s something about this man and the instrument that he is for a lot of things that are just very not Jesus.”

He said the congregation at his church has “saved (his) faith in many ways,” but what he’s seen from Christians nationally has challenged it.

That includes when white supremacists gathered for a rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 which led to three deaths and dozens of injuries, after which Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides.”

Trump occasionally says nice things about his enemies. Said enemies constantly complain that Trump is judgmental and punitive. Hmm.

Mannes was part of a group of pastors that walked 130 miles from Charlottesville to Washington, D.C., in August, hearing the stories of people there during the 2017 events.

That march was reportedly organized by Al Sharpton. One of many priests who will not be seeing the inside of Heaven.

He called Trump’s photo holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church in Washington in June, following the use of tear gas and riot control to clear protesters from the area, a “tremendous violation of something deep and holy,” and said it was a key moment in his views.

“It just floors me how church-going people who read the Bible and sing the hymns can show up at a (Trump) rally and just do that deep bellow like an angry mob supporting these horrible things that come out of his heart and his mind. It just began to trouble me so much that I am a pastor in this big enterprise.”

While some, like Mannes, may be turned off by Trump’s actions, Lundskow said many look past them because they believe Trump was sent to be a representative of God.

No. Well, okay, there’s a few goobers on the fringes more interested in results than faith. Get persecuted long enough and even Pontius Pilate begins to look like a savior.

As the tension in his heart and the world around him continued to grow, Mannes said his feelings began to show in his sermons, causing discomfort for some parishioners.

Trying to keep his thoughts internalized became more and more difficult as time went on.

Binary thinking is a trademark problem for Lefties. Christ with His parable of “let the weeds and the wheat grow together until harvest time” didn’t suffer from that.

I dunno, Pastor, but maybe the answer is inside this Book. It’s a bestseller!

“What it was really doing was tearing me up,” he said. “ had to be very careful to not speak about these things directly with members of the church.

“It.s not only me, but quite a number of pastors I know are just like, .This is it? All this preaching we did about Jesus and there’s this big of a disconnect?.

HAHAHA! See what happens when you don’t care about our opinions? No wonder you “loved your people” when they just kept quiet in the pews.

I think that’s a real burden on a lot of pastors. hearts. I love these people, I love God, I love Jesus, I love the church, but there’s something happening here.”

And he “just happened” to meet all those like-minded pastors on his pilgrimage to worship the Globalist Narrative of Charlottesville.

Mannes sat down with the elders of his church in September to express the tensions he had been feeling. After a long and emotional meeting, they agreed it was time to part ways.

Ah, to have been a fly on that wall. “You want our church to side with the Christ-banners?”

Mannes says he understands many Christians will vote for Trump, and he will still love those who do, but implores them to think about what it means to be a Christian before making their choice.

That’s a passive-aggressive way of denouncing the laity as false Christians.

He calls on his fellow Christians to be the conscience of the president, whoever it is, and force them to be better than the division that has become common.

A plea for Unity? Pastor must be new to Protestantism.

But good news for Mr. Mannes, I’m right here on WordPress serving as a conscience for society’s leaders great and small, just like you want. It really is what Jesus would do!

“We’re supposed to be the conscience of the president and we have refused to do that,” Mannes said. “I don’t know that a church who believes in Jesus as we do, can abandon its conscience and not say, “Mr. President we’re calling you to better than that and you need to call our nation to better than that.””

A few weeks prior to his last sermon, Mannes spoke with a member of the church, who asked him to reconsider his decision. The person asked him about his plans once he walked away, with no guarantee that the issue will even persist after Election Day.

“He said, .What are you going to do? What are you going to have?. ” Mannes recalled. “Well, at least my conscience.”

His conscience, and many highly placed allies with an established history of rewarding those who take the Ticket. Mannes isn’t going to end up homeless or even worse *gasp* in manual labor. He’s a goodwhite Churchian in a sellout’s market, who has been making friends in the correct places for years.

The Two Americas continues to take shape. Coexistence is increasingly not an option.

Grokking New Normality

Check my math on this one. I’m still working through some very unconventional ideas with the help of a textbook available herein.

We dissident Christians and fellow Red Pillers have grossly underestimated the appeal of the phrase “New Normal”. We thought at the time, and rightly so, that the “New Normal” offered by government tyranny’s Covidiocy acceleration would be an oppressive world government inevitably led by Satan’s inner circle, if not the fallen angel himself. We thought that the Elites crowing “it’s a New Normal” were thinking “this is total bullshit so let’s come up with a non-phrase to shut down dissent before it’s even spoken”.

What we didn’t think was that Ordinary Joe wanted a New Normal. That Ol’ Joe found the Old Normal so unsatisfying that not even truth was valuable.

Masks don’t work for blocking disease and can cause problems of their own making. Ordinary Joe doesn’t care.

The death rate from Chinaballs is now the size of a rounding error. A dozen reliable treatments exist. President Trump with his age, one of the most stressful jobs on the planet and a habit of eating Big Macs for breakfast, blew through COVID in four days. But Ordinary Joe doesn’t care. He still demands a vaccine.

Businesses, particularly non-chains, are dropping like flies in a bug zapper and for the same reason. Their owners are unrepentant for destroying their own businesses! They followed their government’s blatantly insane, triumphantly anti-capitalist guidelines until they couldn’t afford to stay in business anymore, and their response is at most, “I wish the government had been a little nicer to me. But they did what they had to.”

Churches traded in Christ for COVID lockdowns without hesitation.

I wanted to play with my friends. They said, “okay but only if you wear a mask.” “I’m not sick. I haven’t been sick and am so healthy, wouldn’t even notice if I’d been exposed.” “That’s not the point. I know you aren’t sick. But maybe you could be and if you are then masks might help while I’m around you indoors shaking hands for the next several hours. So we need to wear masks at all times.”

Yeah, that was a kicker.

This post asks the obvious question: What the HELL are we looking at?

We’re looking at people who don’t want the truth. The truth could be beneficial, even reassuring, and most people today still would NOT want it. “These guidelines will put you out of business.” “But it’s the right thing to do.” “You don’t have to worry about getting Coof anymore. We can safely end the lockdowns!” “I don’t want to end the lockdowns.”

I watched a conversation last week between two coworkers talking about how COVID was resurging on the East Coast, how we’d need to close ranks and reimpose more drastic measures… how people were going to suffer, surely… and I could tell from their voices and body language, they were happy about it. Happy about the idea that a magical new wave of Coof was just happening to show for the final election cycle, happy that they’d need to follow guidelines more rigorously, happy that society would have to face this threat as a united entity… and they were excited about those ideas…

Dayumn. I’m looking at a cult.

Group loyalty distorting their perception of reality… solidarity against a (largely imaginary) outside threat… distinctive behaviors and clothing to distinguish the faithful from the outsider… doomsday predictions for they who heed not the prophets… all that’s missing is the charismatic leader with a Messianic complex, and Fauci, Gates & Soros are only lacking the charismatic bit of that. They’re already leaders with Messianic complexes.

For the record, my coworkers in question are not blue-haired Feminazi journalists. They certainly aren’t sadists or nihilists. One is old enough to at least have a mildly legitimate concern about getting Coof. But what I saw was them bonding together over a shared Narrative against a perceived outside threat.

Putting aside what the Elites intend for us, the Chinaball narrative is giving a large cross-section of modern America something that they’ve been lacking. Truth is less desirable than… brotherhood? Religion? Being part of history? A sense of purpose?

Last month, I thought that people were going along with the lockdowns out of fear, either of the unknown or of death or of simply standing out from the crowd. My efforts at reassurance via observable reality failed. Now, I think people find a sense of belonging by wearing masks, find a feeling of togetherness and (dare I say it) moral superiority over outsiders who don’t appreciate the “threat that only a united humanity can overcome”.

So… are we looking at the largest cult in Western Civilization? The Branch Covidians?

If you think I’m on to something then have a free book. This is one of the most foundational textbooks on Communist thought control. I’m reading through it while thinking about what’s going on.

Click to access thought_reform_and_the_psychology_of_totalism.pdf

LAPD Acknowledges White Men Are Better Behaved

It took the end of their world before they said so but this bodes well for us… and promises some quality entertainment in our near future.

Los Angeles City Council unanimously votes to create ‘unarmed response’ teams to answer ‘nonviolent’ 911 calls instead of cops

h ttps://

By Dave Urbanski, 16 October 2020

The Los Angeles City Council voted 14-0 Wednesday to establish unarmed crisis response teams that would answer nonviolent 911 calls instead of police, KTTV-TV reported.

Gosh, why haven’t the regular cops tried this before? Because they can’t magically know in advance that guns will not be needed.

“Today marks a seminal moment in our City’s history in our efforts to reimagine public safety,” Council President Nury Martinez said in a press release, according to the station. “Through this unarmed response pilot for non-violent calls, we will help Angelenos get the mental health and other support services they need from trained professionals. We will also free up police officers to do the work they are trained to do. Ultimately, this will also allow us to provide our Black and Brown communities with the resources they deserve.”

Send deliberately unarmed, vulnerable cops to “service” the ethnic groups most notorious for mob violence and gang warfare? More popcorn, please.

The vote comes in response to the “defund the police” movement sparked by George Floyd’s death in May.


“Calling the police on George Floyd about an alleged counterfeit $20 bill ended his life,” longtime Councilmember Herb J. Wesson, Jr. said, according to KTTV. “If George Floyd had been met with unarmed, trained specialists for the nonviolent crime he was accused of, he would be turning 47 years old today. This plan will save lives, and I’m so proud of my colleagues on the Council for voting to move this forward.”

…the vote was in response to George Floyd’s birthday.

And for the record, resisting arrest for a nonviolent crime is not itself a nonviolent crime. Why, here’s a video of a gorilla who resisted NOT being arrested, complete with flash mob:

The station, citing the press release, said the kinds of calls the unarmed response team would answer include mental health, substance abuse, suicide threats, behavioral distress, conflict resolution, and welfare checks.

None of those are 911-level calls. Of course, people are notorious for calling 911 to report porch piracy and similar nonviolent calls so there’ll be a lot of “120% of 911 calls are handled nonviolently!”

Go run your victory lap, Officer Barbie, then march into that housing project and stop that psychotic tweaker who’s got nothing left to live for. Like this cop did:

Donut has been on a roll lately. Maybe even a croissant.

Sgt. Jeretta Sandoz of the Los Angeles Police Protective League told KTTV that she’s skeptical of the idea, since it’s based on a program in Eugene, Oregon . and Eugene is not Los Angeles.

Sandoz told the station that the Eugene program “serves a population of under 250,000, and that includes 83 percent white and almost all English-speaking.”

SHE SAID IT! SHE SAID IT! WHITE PEOPLE ARE BETTER BEHAVED THAN VIBRANTS! It’s nice to finally get some recognition instead of being picked on because we’re the ethnic group that doesn’t hit back.

And notice, even Officer Barbie wasn’t happy about this idea of going unarmed where angels fear to tread.

KTTV also said it isn’t clear how much the unarmed response teams program would cost or who would be in charge.

It will cost a large fortune in diversity seminars. Come on, now, LA City isn’t doing this to be more efficient or effective. They’re doing it BECAUSE THEY HATE COPS.

It’s a good time to be a spectator.

Heartfelt Advice for Law Enforcement Today

We’ve come a long way in the Manosphere. The greats of our founding have worked out the theory and principles; the task of us today is application to a society gone more feral than a transsexual with too many body piercings to pass airport security.

While I’m more police-friendly than most Manospherians, even I’ve been frustrated by their reluctance to believe that the Left’s “I want you pigs gone” agitprop means the Left actually wants the police gone. Well… Boba Fett’s breaking point was two days ago.

America.s largest police-owned media outlet hit with Twitter ban days after endorsing President Trump

By Kyle S. Reyes, 12 October 2020

And I’m sure that was a total, well-intentioned coincidence.

[Prologue:] This editorial is brought to you by Kyle S. Reyes, the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. If you want to join us in the fight, visit

We’ll get there.

We knew there.d be fallout for taking a stance. Because let’s be honest . the “loving and tolerant” left believes in free speech, as long as you’re saying what they want you to say.

It took four years of Trump Derangement Syndrome for you to notice? Well, better late than never.

Last week, Law Enforcement Today announced that we were endorsing Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. We’ve never endorsed a candidate before . but as far as we’re concerned, there’s no choice. America is sitting on a powder keg as the left releases inmates, protects criminals and is doing everything in their power to destroy law and order.

I understand the police’s situation. They’ve been indoctrinated as hard as schoolteachers to be Godless. To believe that the law must be enforced because the alternative is chaos, whereas the true reason is because the law was based upon God’s morality and God must be respected.

Police now realize the “law” hates them and loves the rebel. But they lack a moral code apart from that which legislators decree, that would allow them to act in a principled yet… outlaw fashion.

None of us here are lawbreakers but when God’s law conflicts with Man’s law, we’re going to be inside the one code and… outside the other.

Moments after President Trump shared our article, we were inundated with hate messages.

You police aren’t the first group to face leadership that now acts in defiance of its critically important, founding principles. I hope we dissident Christians & cops can work together in the coming days. Especially since Christianity is now being outlawed as a “health measure”.

To be clear, we’re not talking about people who disagreed with us. We’re talking about people who called for the torture and death of people who work for us . most of whom are active or retired police officers and their families.

Baby steps, I guess. But Kyle, you must eventually understand that 1. this is a religious war you’re getting into, 2. the good old days ain’t coming back and 3. everybody is now a legitimate target. Read what you just wrote: your enemies are targeting FORMER police officers AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Lex talionis. It’s not my rule. It’s not your rule. It’s their rule and they play it ruthlessly. The moral high ground is nothing but an airstrike target.

Then today, the staff alerted me that we’ve been slapped with a ban from Twitter. Why? Because we shared an article about liberal college professors attacking Vice President Pence after the debates.

That.s right . less than a month before the election, one of the three social media giants has shut down our voice.

Fight back. Land those punches! BOUNCE THE RUBBLE!

If you think they’re the only ones, they’re not. Law Enforcement Today . like at least one other major police-owned news outlet . has been massively throttled on Facebook in the weeks leading up to the election. No explanation. No violations. Simply highly targeted censorship.

Same thing goes for our Instagram page (note: FB owns IG).

No responses from the company. No explanation.

“FB owns IG” is explanation enough.

Let.s not forget LinkedIn. That’s the social media giant that many people don’t realize is about as biased as they come.

Dude… please… you’re SOOO late to this party.

Just a few months before the election, LinkedIn made the arbitrary decision to permanently deplatform myself and Captain Robert Greenberg, our founder.

Here are the details on that, in case you missed it, as written by Pat Droney, a retired police chief:

“Law Enforcement Today is the largest police-owned media company dedicated to law enforcement and those issues which impact the over 800,000 police officers across the country.

“As such, we report on stories in the areas of law enforcement, public policy and politics because in one way or the other, these issues all impact the law enforcement community.

“So what has that gotten us? Our founder, Robert Greenberg, a respected active law enforcement officer, and Kyle Reyes, our highly-regarded national spokesman, have both been permanently banned from LinkedIn, a platform on which they were both premium members.

“In addition, we have previously seen our content throttled, or restricted if you will, on both Facebook and Twitter.

Why? Because our content skews conservative.”

No. Because you police are what the Rebel fears, the righteous sword of Good against Evil. God gave government the authority to punish evil and you are the agents of that.

Come on, guys. They CONTROL you, they even SIGN YOUR PAYCHECKS and that’s STILL not enough for them to tolerate your continued existence. Please connect the dots. It’s not what you DO that makes them hate you. It’s WHO YOU ARE. You’re the Badge. The God-appointed symbol of Criminal Justice.

Let.s take the case of Robert Greenberg. On August 24, 2020, Robert received communication from LinkedIn, advising him that his account had been “restricted due to a violation of LinkedIn’s User Agreement,. and then referred to the specific content in question which had apparently been deemed false by the 20-something year old liberal .fact-checkers. at LinkedIn.

And understand least Facebook gives the “appearance” of using a third-party to .fact-check. their content.

At LinkedIn, it’s merely, .If we think it’s fake, it’s fake,. with absolutely no basis for determining that.

That’s some industrial-grade denial there, Mr. Droney. You’re trying to hold on to at least the fantasy that our rulers mean well. That fantasy will destroy you as completely as it destroyed the organized Church. LinkedIn is the one that did you the tiny favor… of not lying to you.

So, let’s go through the content that was flagged as false…

Skip. TL;DR: What Robert & Kyle wrote was provably correct but nobody cared. Neither truth nor innocence will protect you police from your persecutors.

Again, welcome to the party, pal. Listen to us, learn from us and you’ll save yourselves a lot of grief.

Robert of course appealed his initial restriction to LinkedIn. Some no doubt soy milk-swilling millennial named Wyatt…

Hee, hee. I like you guys. Seriously, I hope we can cooperate in the future.

…who works as a “LinkedIn Member Safety and Recovery Consultant” responded to him and said that the appeal was denied and they were maintaining their original decision.

Been there, Damore’d that.

When asked to clarify, “Wyatt” advised Robert that the account was “restricted permanently..

Now, let’s take a look at our National Spokesman, Kyle Reyes. …

Reyes noted that we started getting “throttled” (in other words, our articles. reach was restricted). For example, an article that was sent out from the New York City Police Department about death threats being levied against officers reached almost nobody as did another article.

In essence, Law Enforcement Today, Reyes and Greenberg were all being “shadow banned..

Been there, Gamergate’d that.

Reyes messaged LinkedIn asking for an explanation of why the articles were throttled after receiving an email from LinkedIn that they had in fact done exactly that. Once Reyes sent the message, they removed the throttling.

Passive-aggression is textbook Social Justice.

Reyes said that under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, protection is granted to third parties such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., under section 230, which means that such platforms are not “publishers” and therefore granted immunity from lawsuits since they don’t “control” the content from authors.

Si, Si. Eez called the publisher/platform dance. Bienvenido a la fiesta, amigo.

Reyes contends, and I agree, that by manipulating access to the post, they ceased acting outside the scope of merely a platform (prioritizing, extent of reach) and even acknowledged in writing they had done it, that removed their so-called third-party status and they therefore became publishers.

Did the content violate their standards of service? Nope. They claimed that the “content was not relevant to their audience.” Had it violated their terms of service; they could have removed it. However, that was not the case.

That.s called a breach of contract by LinkedIn, folks.

There’s a guy you should meet, calls himself Vox Day. What’s happening to you for the first time, has been happening to him for over a decade. He’s a bit jaded now but if you read up on his Indiegogo lawsuit, you may find some inspiration.

As stated, our content is designed for police officers, retired police officers, people who work in the criminal justice system, military both active and retired, law enforcement supporters and those who are interested in law enforcement and crime.

I do like me some true crime, which is why I pass through Law Enforcement Today semi-regularly.

People who follow Kyle, Robert, and Law Enforcement Today should expect that their content will be largely reflective of law enforcement, which sadly includes crime. We also talk about politics because that is something, as we have seen over the past 3-1/2 months that greatly affects crime and law enforcement.

Everything is now political whether we want it to be or not. Whether it should be or not. That was their doing, not ours, but meanwhile it is what it is. We can’t be apolitical anymore. I suggest allying with the groups who hate the livid, soy-ful guts of the scum-people who forced this upon you. Yo!

The fact of the matter is people decide to follow Law Enforcement Today. They are clearly able to scroll on by if they do not want to hear about criminal justice. The content of our page is deemed relevant by whomever chooses to follow us.or Kyle, or Robert.

Let me make this clear. We are not afraid to report the truth. Our writers take great pains, as do our editors to ensure that the content we post is sourced. Content that contains opinions is correctly tagged as just editorial.

That’s good but learn to hit back while you’re about it. That “Wyatt” guy at LinkedIn? Look him up. I daresay that most of the people calling for your deaths have criminal records and those are public information, now aren’t they? Be a shame if Wyatt’s convictions got sent to his manager and, oh, maybe he didn’t mention all of them at hiring time?

You police can’t be apolitical anymore. I will miss those days, too, of police not taking sides, but the simple truth is that America’s governments have chosen to oppose the American people. You can’t stay neutral in that situation any more than We the People could.

Choose your master. I pray it is not the powers of this world.

While researching for this article, I came across numerous posts on LinkedIn whereby the poster cited the Atlantic article (I won’t do it justice by even linking to it) which suggested President Trump had made disparaging remarks against World War I veterans, an article which cited “unnamed sources..

Yet, those posts still appear on LinkedIn and apparently those who posted clearly false information (the Atlantic article has been widely debunked by numerous people who were actually present) are still on the platform.

The powers of this world are the Children of the Lie. That is Christ’s term for them, not ours. They lie because lies give them power. We dissident Christians can offer you truth but not power.

Clearly if we were pro-Marxist revolutionaries, LinkedIn and other social media companies would not have an issue with us.

Time was you could disagree in this country and not risk your life in doing so. That time appears to be coming to an end and faster than any of us realized it would.

Finally, FINALLY, some police leadership admits that we’re in a Marxist revolution.

Now what are we going to do about that, Kyle?

Dear Officers . Backup Has Arrived

.Evil triumphs when good men do nothing..

As things turned out, the corrected quote is “Evil triumphs when your women vote.” That probably means we aren’t the allies that Law Enforcement Today wants.

We have reached a tipping point in society. Let’s call it what it is . there is a full-blown war on law enforcement.

FINALLY! No more denial!

There are rising calls to defund the police.abolish the police. kill the police. And we’ve all been sitting here silently, trying to figure out what happened. and how it happened so quickly.

August 2017 (“Unite the Right” rally) was not “so quickly”.

Officers signed up to serve and protect. They didn’t sign up to be attacked day after day. And it’s not just the criminals who are attacking them . it’s mayors who are handcuffing them and targeting them for doing their jobs.

YES! You noticed that your government wants you gone! What was your first clue–their saying so for months on end?

There are approximately 850,000 sworn law enforcement officers in America who right now feel alone and under full-scale assault.

850,000 of your feel alone? Don’t look for pity parties here.

How We’re Fighting Back hired dozens of new writers at Law Enforcement Today. Most of them are active, retired or wounded police officers or family members. Their sole job is to bring you the stories of what’s really happening in America.

And we’re putting a team of cinematographers on the road to capture the stories of police officers and patriotic Americans. The stories that the mainstream media often refuses to show you.

Okay. Counter-propaganda is useful. It IS going to be propaganda, right? Because your own experiences, as described above, have demonstrated the limitations of being merely correct.

No less than Aristotle recognized that there is a personality immune to reasoned arguments.

Pick your gifts below. Sign up for a membership. Perhaps even just get a lawn sign for your house to show your support.

The proceeds will go into expanding our staff of police officers, their families and cinematographers to bring you those untold stories.

We’re also going to start listing all of the Back the Blue Rallies across America for you to attend.

Standard, obsolete fundraising efforts. The lessons of the MAGA hat have not been learned here. We civilians who publicly identify with you–while our governments openly hate you, defund you and empty the prisons in order to create street mobs for destabilizing society–well, it frequently doesn’t end well for us.

I might pick up the “thin blue line” face mask but only because malicious compliance with petty tyrants makes New Normal life worth living.

Stop being the silent majority . and be a part of the army that will help save America. You are not alone. but right now, our officers are.

Stop trying to work within the system. Arrest the rebels. Today, the rebels have titles like “Governor” and “Senator” but that does not change the facts that they are rebels, their government is illegitimate and they intend the destruction of our shared society.

Play to your strengths, officers: your handcuffs and powers of arrest. Not your fundraising outreach events to offset your Marxist overlords reducing you to minimum wage and commanding you to go fuck yourselves during declared emergencies. “No tear gas for you!”

Backup has arrived . and this time, it’s all of us.

How can we dissident Christians help you? Other than by giving you money that will never be enough and publicly identifying ourselves as soft targets to the raging mobs you are frequently ordered to tolerate.

One way is legitimacy. Taking actions against child molesters in high office is daunting. You don’t want to be lawbreakers when your career is going after lawbreakers, but Christianity explains how you can uphold the law by punishing those who intentionally misuse it. America’s laws have never been arbitrary. They have always been human implementations of divine morality. “In God We Trust.”

This is America, after all, and State power is derived from the consent of the governed. None of us “governed” think highly about the Marxist tyrants in power. We have a Constitution, not a Manifesto, and it would be great if we could work together on keeping our country that way.

COVID-19 compliant regional summits in Democrat-controlled cities with Deep State cameras everywhere is not going to do that.

They are only beginning to learn the lessons that we’ve gathered for over a decade.

Let Them Eat Therapy

Continuing the theme of “We have forgotten how to be human,” today’s college students with severe, government-inflicted problems are being treated by Churchians with coupons for mental-health therapy.

Black Christian college offers students free online therapy amid rise in lockdown stress

h ttps://

By Samuel Smith, 14 September 2020

Students at a historically black Christian college in Texas, as well as several other colleges across the nation, will have access to free mental health therapy for one year as many struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Problem: loss of human contact. Solution: no-human-contact mental health therapy.

As students are now forced into a period of remote learning during the fall semester, Charles Smith, vice president of Student Services at Jarvis Christian College, explained that the school is seeing that some “students are really dealing with some mental health problems..

.They are just going through stress and all kinds of things with parents losing jobs and them not being able to return to school,. he told The Christian Post. .We have students who rely on us as a place for them to live. We have some students who have also been homeless and they are not able to return to residence halls. A lot of them are dealing with other issues of mental health..

Residence halls were reduced to half or even quarter capacity by government edict. Problem: some students are left homeless as a direct result. Solution?

A. Increase residence hall occupation beyond CDC guidelines enough to prevent student homelessness, because that’s a much bigger problem than Coof.

B. Set up cots in the now-unused ginormous lecture halls.

C. Adopt a student.

D. Boot them off campus then give them a phone number to an atheist-funded organization they can call if their mental health deteriorates as a direct result.

Jarvis Christian College, which is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in East Texas, announced this month that it received a grant from the Thurgood Marshall College Fund allowing it to give students struggling mentally during the pandemic access to licensed therapists through META Teletherapy.

Choice “D” for Dumbass.

META describes itself as an “online wellness platform built specifically for students to connect with counselors for private and secure counseling via mobile platform..

.The [United Negro College Fund] did a survey for schools that are part of UNCF. When we got our data back, our data indicated that 68% of our students had indicated that there had been a significant decline in their mental health and financial well-being,. Smith said.

Man: “I lost my job.”

Professional: “You need free therapy!”

Man: “No, I need a new job.”

Professional: “I can’t give you one. But I can keep MY job by helping you feel better about losing yours!”

Man: “Whose side are you on?”

Jarvis Christian College was contacted by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, a nonprofit organization that serves historically black colleges and universities. Smith said the organization provided a grant for the college to be able to partner with META to offer anonymous therapy for students.

.For a year, they told us that this service would be free for our students until September 2021,. Smith said. .This service is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. META has put together a group of licensed therapists who are certified. They also have an app that students can download, allowing them to select a counselor that they feel comfortable with based on their background..

The students will be able to contact the counselors and make appointments through the video-based telemedicine app.

Unlike the previous system which was based on contacting counselors and making appointments through the phone? All these “advantages” he touts are gaslighting.

Look here, ye credentialed experts in psycho-quackery, if videophones were sufficient for socializing then my Spock meme above is a valid replacement for your best friend because both of them are now pictures on a screen.

.They are also taking care of the cost for the therapists. time,. the college’s vice president said of the grant. .In addition to us using META through their platform, they are also paying for the time that the students spend with the therapist. They can have up to, I think, about five sessions..

Pubs can improve people’s mental health with one session. I understand that’s why there were allowed to stay open in USA. Wait, my bad. Only liquor stores were allowed open. No socializing. Socializing causes DISEASE! At least until the plutocrats’ Brave New “Vaccine” is ready.

Smith assured CP that “all the costs have been taken care of through the grant.” According to Smith, the grant from Thurgood Marshall College Fund was $50,000. He added that there are a total of eight HBCUs participating in the initiative.

The new partnership is expected to take a large load off the college’s lone counselor.

.We have one counselor trying to service our 700-plus students,. Smith explained. .So we see this is another resource to where, if they can’t get ahold of [the counselor], they can at least get online and find someone they can talk with..

The administration and staff were concerned about the escalation of suicide attempts and homelessness, Smith said, in addition to challenges faced by students who are having to get jobs to support themselves and their families.

.During this time, mental health issues have just escalated. . We just felt that our counselor was just having a full caseload,. he added. .So META offered this opportunity for us and we just jumped at it..

That says EVERYTHING about Mister Smith’s priorities. “Our one counselor was overwhelmed so we got funding for a bunch more counselors.”

Smith, who is trained as a counselor…

His linkedin says he’s been in senior college administration since 1998. Trained as a counselor maybe, but his career is “empty suit”.

…appreciates that the META mobile app is available for students late at night since many people that age stay up late. He also likes that it offers an additional layer of confidentiality not available in the traditional in-person counseling setting.

None of that matters. What does matter is whether the counseling is effective. It won’t be because the problems these students are facing have nothing to do with mental health and everything to do with economic and social collapse. As intended and decreed by the State.

.A lot of students today are private and they have issues they are dealing with and they don’t want to talk to mom or dad about it or their friends,. he said. .A lot of times, walking into the counselor’s office on campus is scary for some students. But now, they can talk to someone who may be on the other side of the country and they don’t have to worry about seeing the person the next day..

That’s. The. Problem! They aren’t going to see anybody the next day, or today, or even next week, and when their money runs out, they’ll be living on the street in front of an empty dormitory.

The TRiUMPh Troll

The Trump Show is now slotted into prime time, as they say in show biz. At first, I thought 19-year old “Felisrae” of TikTok fame was a magnificent black knight troll. It would simply never have occurred to me that…

…that worked?!

Actually, no. Felisrae wasn’t a black knight, just a black idiot. True credit goes to Brendan Lantry who organized the event.

Staten Island GOP hoodwinks Trump rally saboteurs into donating thousands to Republican Party

h ttps://

By Paul Sacca, 11 October 2020

The Staten Island Republican Party organized the “TRiUMPh Rally,” billed as the “largest pro-Trump, pro-Republican, pro-Law and Order rally in New York City this year.” Originally, the event was free to all, as long as they RSVP’d before the Oct. 3 event.

At one point before the rally, the organizers noticed that the RSVPs skyrocketed suddenly, and tens of thousands of people were responding and asking to attend the pro-Trump rally.

“We had about 1,500 RSVPs from Staten Islanders. Then all of a sudden we started seeing the numbers tick up to 10,000, 15,000, 75,000,” Staten Island GOP chairman Brendan Lantry told The New York Post. “We knew something was not right.”

The organizers spotted that the uptick of activity started on Sept, 19. Most noticeably, the purported rally-goers were from out-of-state. Not to mention that they had some questionable names, such as “Ivana Punchyou,” “F**kyou Trump,” and “Grabemby DePussay.” Is that last name French?


Lantry’s wife Jessica did some investigating and found the source for the fake rally participants . TikTok. A 19-year-old TikTok user who goes by the name of “Felisrae” posted a video on Sept. 19, subtly hinting for her followers to claim tickets to the Trump rally.

FBI Director Wray: Antifa doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s just an idea.

Brendan’s wife: Honey, I found them!

The 51-second video is captioned, “if you’re from new york or just HATE this idiot.”

“Do you hate this orange b**** as much as I do? It turns out that Trump is having a rally in Staten Island,” the teen says on the TikTok video. “So what I did was, I reserved myself two seats. But I’m pretty sure that I have something to do that day. So, do what you want with this information.”

The video racked up over 550,000 views and more than 154,000 likes on TikTok.

Thus proving that China does not like Trump AT ALL.

The goal of the video is to cause Trump supporters not be able to attend because the tickets will be gobbled up by people who had no intentions of attending. This troll tactic was employed in June for a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There’s even a Wikipedia page gloating over it. Me like gloating, too!


On June 20, 2020, Donald Trump held a rally for his 2020 presidential re-election campaign at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the event marked his first public campaign event since March 2020.

Critics and health officials warned that as a large public gathering in a confined indoor space, there was a high probability that new COVID-19 infections could occur at the event due to the lack of social distancing, amidst a recent spike in cases in Oklahoma; attendees were required to not hold the Trump campaign responsible for any COVID-19 exposure at the event.

YES! Please God, yes. Just let me sign a waiver and move along with my life.

The original scheduling of the rally on June 19 was considered insensitive due to the Black Lives Matter movement, as it is a day of celebration honoring the emancipation of African Americans, and Tulsa was the site of a race massacre in 1921. Citing these concerns, the Trump campaign later delayed the rally to June 20.

That was stupid. What were Trump’s supporters going to do, attend a BLM rally? Care about the racial sensitivities of I-Hate-Whiteys?

The rally attracted a smaller audience than projected by the Trump campaign, with an estimate of 6,200 by Tulsa’s fire comparison to the arena’s capacity of around 19,000. An outdoor overflow stage (where Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were also to make appearances) was scrapped due to the lack of turnout. President Trump and other campaign officials alleged that disruptions by “radical” protesters and negative coverage of the rally by news outlets had deterred attendance, although the former claim was disputed by CNN reporters on-scene.

At least eight positive cases of COVID-19 have been reported among campaign staff who worked the rally…

Oh noes!

…with six of them reported prior to the event.

False alarm.

The total attendance of the rally would be lower than was expected by the Trump campaign; roughly a week prior, Trump claimed that “almost one million” people had requested tickets.

Turning a negative into a positive!

It was reported that TikTok users and members of K-pop fandoms had credited themselves with falsely requesting tickets for the rally, as part of a coordinated effort to “troll” Trump; earlier, Mary Jo Laupp (who had worked for Pete Buttigieg’s campaign for Democratic candidacy in the 2020 presidential election) uploaded a video on TikTok which encouraged viewers to request the Trump camp a ticket and not show up.

No doubt, she was inspired by those same people buying tickets to Butt-Plug’s rally and not showing up. “It cost me my job! Now do it to Trump.”

Trump was reportedly “furious” over the low attendance of the rally; campaign manager Brad Parscale argued that “a week’s worth of the fake news media warning people away from the rally because of COVID and protesters” had deterred attendance…

Hold Brad’s thought for an upcoming blab.

End segue.

That campaign event was not as popular as other Trump events, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) celebrated the lower-than-expected turnout. “Y’all make me so proud,” she said.

Fine, fine. Do your victory lap. Just don’t blab your secret master plan to…

“Actually you just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/ fake ticket reservations & tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during COVID,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted at former Trump campaign senior advisor Brad Parscale.

…your enemies.

We don’t call her Occasional Cortex for nothing. Ah, well, if “Mr. FuckDrumph and his thousand trannie friends” wasn’t enough of a tell then nothing is.

To deter the anti-Trump saboteurs from influencing the rally, Lantry added a non-refundable $5 fee to the online sign-up form. But the army of trolls were unflinching in their attempt to affect the rally.

“But they kept coming,” Lantry said. “From Colorado and California and Chicago and Houston, all over the country.”

The Staten Island GOP said that the organization sold more than 3,000 vouchers and collected $15,785 from people who had no intention of attending the rally.

To make matters worse for the Trump-hating trolls, the rally was attended by 2,500 people to deliver well-wishes to President Donald Trump. No seats were sold since it was an open-air rally. The attempted sabotage didn’t affect attendance whatsoever.

“They hate this president so much that they’re willing to donate to the Republican Party to troll him,” Lantry gloated. “Thank you, progressives, for helping us put on a successful rally.”

Lady Justice Bares All, Scalps Men

Now that statues of American culture have been torn down, it’s time for the Left to raise new statues in their place. Remember Lady Justice?

She’s blind to emphasize our justice system’s impartiality. With one hand she weighs the evidence, with the other she executes the wicked, standing upon our nation’s foundation of Scripture. And she is beautiful to behold.

But that was the patriarchal Then. Now means NOW!

Edited by me to be safe for work.

The new Lady Justice is casually sexual without regard for the innocence of her beholder. With one hand she cuts down men and with the other she displays her conquests. There’s no need to weigh evidence because she is Strong&Independent with a huge, chunky ass! And of course, Medusa wouldn’t be ghastly to behold without a Skrillex haircut.

That face almost looks like Greta Thunberg.

‘Empowered Medusa’ to Stand Outside Courthouse Where Harvey Weinstein Was Sentenced

h ttps://

By Marina Watts, 21 August 2020

Those entering the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse: beware. A seven-foot-tall statue of Greek mythological Gorgon, Medusa, will be greeting you. Twitter user Marlene Bonnelly shared the exciting news of the statue’s home on Thursday evening. Manhattan Criminal Courthouse has seen many trials over the years, including the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein.

Interesting that they mention Weinstein specifically, repeatedly and prominently.

“Luciano Garbati, the sculptor behind quite possibly my favorite piece of art ever (Medusa with the head of Perseus) just announced that he received permission from the City of NY to install a bronze version of her for the public to enjoy!” she announced. “I AM SO EXCITED.”

Someone asked her where the Medusa statue would be erected. “She’ll be 7 feet tall and stand in the park across from the New York County Criminal Courthouse, which is where Harvey Weinstein was tried,” Bonnelly responded.

Which is it? Do you wimminz want to ban pornography or do you want anatomically correct, larger-than-life statues of women intimidating men by letting it all hang out?

Replace the cane with a sword and squint until you can believe she’s good with it… and… Lady Justice 2020!

Medusa is notorious in Greek mythology for having a head of venomous snakes for hair. Anyone who looked into her eyes was turned to stone. As per Greek mythology, she was beheaded by Perseus, and her head was used as a weapon. The image of Medusa’s head has been used in art for centuries. More recently, she became a feminist symbol.

I… I’m okay with this re-imagination of Medusa. Da wimminz ain’t exactly complimenting themselves, now are they? Girl power = ugly beyond tolerance?

Elizabeth Johnston explained Medusa’s significance in 2016 for The Atlantic: “Medusa is widely known as a monstrous creature with snakes in her hair whose gaze turns men to stone. Through the lens of theology, film, art, and feminist literature, my students and I map how her meaning has shifted over time and across cultures. In so doing, we unravel a familiar narrative thread: In Western culture, strong women have historically been imagined as threats requiring male conquest and control, and Medusa herself has long been the go-to figure for those seeking to demonize female authority.

Wasn’t Lady Justice already a female empowerment figure? No, because she would have given Weinstein a FAIR trial! “You jumped onto his casting couch in order to get his backing, heh, for your career. That’s not rape.”

The location of the statue is the perfect spot, with this message in mind. Following the highly publicized trial of Weinstein, the empowering Medusa statue will serve as a social justice symbol for those who have been silenced in the past.

On February 24, disgraced movie mogul Weinstein was found guilty on two sex abuse charges. Weeks later, he was sentenced to 23 years in jail for the crimes he was found guilty of. He is serving his time at Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo in upstate New York.

Bitches be vindictive. I’m surprised they didn’t cast Weinstein’s head in place of Perseus’. *checks* WHAT THE…

Did sculptor Garbati use HIS OWN head as a model for Perseus? He worships the feminism that HE KNOWS will destroy him as a man? White knight to the max!

Americans Have Forgotten How To Be Human

Ye who demand others wear masks to protect the health of the vulnerable, be ashamed of yourselves:

Greeley nursing home residents protest pandemic lockdown: .I.d rather die of COVID than loneliness.

htt ps://

8 October 2020

GREELEY . Waving signs that read such things as .I.d rather die of COVID than loneliness,. and “We are prisoners in our home,. residents of one nursing facility staged their own anti-lockdown protest along one of the busiest streets in Greeley, directly across the street from the city’s largest and longest operating hospital.

.Freedom, freedom, freedom,. one lady chanted while waving a sign that read “we want our families back..

The protest against the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Gov. Jared Polis. mandates that do not allow nursing home residents to see their loved ones, was thought up, organized and carried out by the residents, with oversight from their nurses and other staff members, said the Assistant Administrator of Fairacres Manor Ben Gonzales.

Gonzales said the facility has a resident council that meets monthly to discuss things that are on residents. minds. They usually discuss caregivers, things they.d like to do, or offer suggestions, among other things.

However, recently, they brought up the idea of protesting the lockdown as they enter their eighth month of no hugs, no smiles, no kisses from their loved ones.

.We are here to support our residents,. Gonzales said. .If they want to get their voices heard, they have rights just like we should have rights as well. We wanted to make sure that they were able to express those..

Gonzales said the staff made sure the residents were all placed six feet apart on the grass across from the entrance to North Colorado Medical Center, along a busy 16th Street in the center of town. They were wearing masks and each one had their own member of the staff nearby. The nurses and other personnel were also in all the appropriate personal protection equipment required for their jobs.

I found the problem. The government told them to stop treating the elderly like human beings so guess what happened: they stopped treating the elderly like human beings.

The least they could have done is created an “opt-out” group of elderly who’d rather have family than sterile isolation.

Hospital administration who happened to hear of the protest, applauded their efforts and took time to go across the street as well.

One woman, who was not from Greeley, but happened to be at the hospital during the protest yelled across the street “tell them to let you out of jail..

She identified herself only as a nursing home administrator in another community. She said has seen more deaths due to depression among her residents since the pandemic than she has COVID itself, blaming mandates and restrictions more than the virus.

The legislative bureaucrats can’t help themselves. They’re soulless abominations who hate God & fear reality. But for the staff of those nursing homes to look people in the eye and deny them the most basic of human kindnesses because soulless abominations demanded it, is inexcusable.

.The isolation is what kills these people,. she said. .It’s just incredibly sad that they can’t live out the last part of their lives with their family surrounding them..

Gonzales agreed. He said although the homes are now preparing for indoor visits as the weather gets colder, residents will still not be able to touch or hug their loved ones.

.But that’s what they need,. Gonzales said. .They need that physical contact, to hug their grandchildren..

Gonzales agreed some of the signs they created were tough to read.

So, help them with that, Gonzales. Helping them is your job… well, apparently not.

.We as staff members get to go see our family and our loved ones,. Gonzales said. .So, it’s tough when they don’t get to do that.”

You hypocrite, Gonzales. You look them in the eye every day to deny them what you enjoy and know they need.

“We are held to standards by the government and the state health department. But it’s very understandable. I feel for them. I can’t imagine what they are going through. So, it’s nice to be able to support them in this way. We are here to come together and to support each other..

So, YOU DISOBEY THE GOVERNMENT. We aren’t talking about politics. We’re talking about letting Grandpa hug his grandkids.

Truth: COVID-19 lockdowns are 0% medicine and 100% population control.

Weld County Commissioner Scott James stopped by the facility to lend his support for the protest as well. He said his heart breaks for all the residents of Fairacres and every other facility like it in Colorado.

.They are members of the greatest generation,. James said. .The very generation who fought to overturn tyranny and protect our freedoms. Now these members of that generation have had their freedom taken away via a tyrannous act by unelected bureaucrats. The governor and the CDPHE should immediately work with these facilities to give them a way by which they may hug their loved ones..

But not the Weld County Commissioners? James, your governor wants you dead and your society “fundamentally transformed” into totalitarian Communism. And the bureaucrats who created this lockdown, well, they knew what they were doing when they wrote these tyrannies in the first place.

Stop. Obeying. The soulless abominations, James. You’re in a position to actually do something about that.

False Flag Gretchen

I was saddened but not surprised that Michigan Gov. Gretchen’s tyranny being declared illegal ultimately resulted in jack diddly. But there is yet hope because Gretchen is hanging on so delicately that the FBI has resorted to false flagging their own allies to give her some sympathy.

Oops, did I say the FBI has allies?

6 men arrested in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

htt ps://

8 October 2020

DETROIT (FOX 2) – Federal authorities have arrested six men who they said were conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Right from sentence one, that doesn’t sound like the proverbial white supremacist. What good would kidnapping her do?

In a complaint filed in federal court, authorities announced the charges against six men, Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta, all are accused of conspiring to kidnap Whitmer.

I’ll show one picture to explode this whole case but let’s build up to it.

All men with the exception of Croft are residents of Michigan. Croft lives in Delaware.

Federal authorities and Michigan Attorney General held a press conference at 1 p.m. on Thursday to discuss the operation and arrests of seven other men connected to a Michigan militia group, Wolverine Watchmen.

According to the complaint, Croft, Fox, and about 13 other men gathered in Dublin, Ohio, on June 6 to form a society that followed the U.S. Bill of Rights in an effort to be self-sufficient.

That makes no sense at all.

The group discussed ways to achieve this through violent means, the complaint says, and discussed plans.

My first thought upon hearing that there were 13 Right-Wing Terrorists of whom only six were charged is that the seven were all FBI informants. It wouldn’t be the first time that ratio was achieved but the previous paragraph makes this sound like the six troublemakers tried to lure in a real militia who recognized crazy when they saw & heard it and quit on the spot.

When that picture comes, you too will take one look and opt out of ANY future association.

“Several members talked about murdering ‘tyrants’ or ‘taking’ a sitting governor,” the FBI wrote. “The group decided they needed to increase their numbers and encouraged each other to talk to their neighbors and spread their message. “

The FBI said Fox then reached out to a Michigan-based militia group and was focusing on Governor Whitmer.

Yep. They tried to lure in a real militia that wanted none of… eh, here he is.

Kudos to this Robby Starbuck guy, of course. A tatted yet scrawny loser with big ear gauges posting on social media in front of a Pantifa flag? Not. My. People. There’s no way this really is a vast, right-wing conspiracy.

Here’s the video for the curious, although I suspect it’ll go down before long.

Maybe there actually weren’t any FBI informants this time. Maybe their super-secret Echelon Five Eyes program is just a Twitter account.

“Fox said he needed ‘200 men’ to storm the Capitol building in Lansing, Michigan, and take hostages, including the Governor. Fox explained they would try the Governor of Michigan for ‘treason,’ and he said they would execute the plan before the November 2020 elections,” according to federal officials.

Which is it, hostage or execution?

According to the FBI, it learned of the plan through confidential sources and undercover agents over several months who attended militia group meetings.

And social media. Likely as not, they were monitoring their ‘protesters’ for signs that any of them were going off the plantation of acceptable targets. Blaming them for being right-wingers would turn that negative into a positive.

The FBI said the militia group would hold field training exercises on private property in remote areas of Michigan, where they would engage in firearm training and tactical drills.

At one point, the FBI said the group had a meeting in Grand Rapids in the basement of a shop that was accessed through a trap door hidden under a rug on the main floor.

Seriously? Somebody was living a movie inside his head.

At that business, the FBI said they discussed the plan for the Capitol and planned to use “Molotov cocktails” to destroy police cars.

1. That doesn’t work well.

2. That’s what Antifa does.

The FBI said Fox called Whitmer a “tyrant b****”…

Who hasn’t?

…and asked the group to be linked with other systems and asked for ideas of what they can do.

“Let’s overthrow the government. Step 1, publicly announce the conspiracy on Twitter. Step 2, recruit some people who know what they’re doing because this IED I made with black powder and a used condom don’t work.”

The militia group also met in Ohio and Wisconsin, the FBI reported, and on July 11 in Wisconsin, Croft and another member tried to make an improvised explosive device using black powder, balloons, a fuse, and BBs for shrapnel.


According to the FBI, there are recordings of a discussion to attack a Michigan State Police facility and shooting up the Governor’s vacation home. Fox said in a recording that the best opportunity was to “kidnap her outside her vacation home”, the FBI said.

That’s why they planned to assault the Capitol with 200 men, because her vacation home was the best opportunity? All these plans got spitballed around… it’s hard to believe it’s more than an antifascist trying to impress a girl.

“Snatch and grab, man. Grab the f*****. Governor. Just grab the b****. Because at that point, we do that, dude — it’s over,. the FBI quoted Fox as saying.

The FBI also said they would take her somewhere in Wisconsin for a “trial.”

The FBI added that to ensure they could retain jurisdiction over their own false flag. Crossing interstate lines during the commission of a felony, y’know. They surely wouldn’t have held her trial in, oh, the remote Michigan training facility they reportedly had.

On July 27, 2020 Fox asked in an encrypted group chat, which included Garbin, Harris and Franks .Okay, well how’s everyone feel about kidnapping?. No one responded to the question.


On July 28, 2020, Fox told CHS-2 over the phone that he had narrowed down his attack targets to the vacation home and the summer residence. The call was not recorded. The same day, Fox posted the following to a private Facebook page: .We about to be busy ladies and gentlemen . . . This is where the Patriot shows up. Sacrifices his time, money, blood sweat and tears . . . it starts now so get f—ing prepared!!.

According to the FBI, the group found her vacation home in late August, took pictures and video as they drove by, and found out how close police were to the home.

How did they find it? None of them sound like private detectives. Although the FBI would have had access to that info… gotta make the threat look credible….

In a mid-September meeting, the group met, made, and detonated an IED that was surrounded by human silhouette targets, the FBI said, and planned to put an IED under an overpass to divert police from the vacation home along M-31.

According to documents, Fox wondered whether the group just needed to “party it out, make a cake and send it,. in what CHS-2 believed was a coded reference to sending a bomb to the Governor.

There’s every chance he did mean cake, if his latest drug of choice was weed.

Fox spoke about explosives, saying “In all honesty right now . . . I just wanna make the world glow, dude. I’m not even f—ing kidding. I just wanna make it all glow dude. I don’t f—ing care anymore, I’m just so sick of it. That’s what it’s gonna take for us to take it back, we’re just gonna have to everything’s gonna have to be annihilated man.

“We’re gonna topple it all, dude. It’s what great frickin. conquerors, man, we’re just gonna conquer every f—ing thing man.” Fox and Garbin further discussed the need for the government to collapse because it has become so tyrannical.”

That’s not the motivation of any right-winger. Any of us who want to watch the world burn, can sit down in front of Portland TV and eat a sandwich.

During the planning, the group had a conversation with an undercover officer that it would cost about $4,000 to get the explosives they want to blow up the bridge leading to the vacation home and they agreed to use the next few weeks to raise money, the FBI said.

In a recorded call, Fox told an FBI source that he bought an 800,000-volt taser that he was planning to use in the kidnapping, the FBI said.

*snort* Try this link:

ht tps://

A one hundred-million-volt taser, totally legal and currently 10% off. A gentle reminder that there are only 76 shopping days left until Christmas!

The FBI is corrupt to its core but accusing its own Antifa “assets” of being right-wingers is a new low.

When There’s No More Whitey To Hate

The Coalition Of the Anti-White Willing is collapsing faster than Michigan Gretchen’s reign of terror (now ended). First we had Adel Enayat’s lawyer mouthing off to a sitting white judge in a previous post, now we have Sodom Fransico coming out of the closet playing race favorites. Sodom is low-hanging fruit for blogging but also a good bellwether because the crazy train will stop at neither “no more white people” nor “San Jose”.

Mayor London Breed Announces Launch of Pilot Program to Provide Basic Income to Black and Pacific Islander Women During Pregnancy

htt ps://

By Mayor London N. Breed, 16 September 2020

There was a time, as I look at that headline, when it would have read “free gibs for wimminz”. That was followed by a time when it would have read “free gibs for minority wimminz”. Now that there are no more white men in San Francisco, homosexuals and terrorists not counting as “white” by mutual agreement, it’s just “gibs for my people” as a black woman mayor triumphantly announces special treatment for her people only.

(I don’t know if she has any Pacific Islander blood; it’s definitely possible, looking at her, but her father was never publicly identified AFAIK.)

San Francisco, CA . Mayor London N. Breed, in partnership with Expecting Justice, today announced the launch of the Abundant Birth Project, a pilot program that provides targeted basic income to women during pregnancy and after giving birth. The pilot will provide an unconditional monthly income supplement of $1,000 to approximately 150 Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco for the duration of their pregnancy and for the first six months of their baby’s life, with a goal of eventually providing a supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy. Expecting Justice, a collective impact initiative led by Dr. Zea Malawa at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and supported by the Hellman Foundation and the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative, will study the resulting health impacts of the pilot program, which is the first of its kind in the United States.

Warren Hellman was a Jewish bankster and the youngest partner that Lehman Brothers ever had.

Segue for Zea Malawa, our Anointed African Ambassador du jour.

Could San Francisco, capital of anti-Blackness, become a sanctuary city for Black lives?

htt ps://

by Zea Malawa, 6 July 2020

Visions of ethnic purity!

Dear San Francisco,

I write to you as your Black daughter, one who is three generations rooted in this city, and one who had all but given up on you. Today, however, in the spirit of Juneteenth, I am thinking I can feel the fresh breath of something new in the air. Is it hope? Should I trust it? I want to.

But, San Francisco, you have near broken me with the profundity of your anti-Black racism. You have excluded us completely from the richness that has become emblematic of our city.

But but but the Mayor herself is black!

Your police department has been abusing us for decades, as has your justice system, your health care systems, and your school district…

Blah blah lies thinly veiled as grievances.

Should I trust you with something precious, SF? (I guess I already trusted you enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, 10,000 people deep, and share your air, masked of course).

Black Barbie complains about poor health care by marching 10,000-strong with no social distancing in a city with both a violent homeless population and a tetanus outbreak, upon disturbing ratios of crap to sidewalk, thinking that magic face masks knitted from old socks will keep the spirits away. Yep, sounds like Africa.


I have a fantasy that I can stay in San Francisco and finish raising my son here. As it stands now, I cannot, because in order for me to raise a happy, healthy, self-actualized Black child here, Black lives would have to really matter here.

And nothing says “black lives matter” like incentivizing their skank-hos to shit more ghetto rats. They could at least have demanded a father in the household for this little project. I won’t say “black lives matter” but I will say that all black children deserve a father.

Stick fatherhood in your “basic income”, Commies.

And even though this abuse literally robs years from our lives, you don’t feel you owe us anything, not even an apology.

You have all but cheered our disappearance from your neighborhoods over these last decades; it’s like you can’t even see what you have lost. Hardest of all, perhaps, is seeing how you treat Black children. I am a pediatrician and a mother . and the racism I have to watch our children endure steals my breath. San Francisco, do you even know how you are tearing our babies apart?

Bitch, it ain’t the cops who sell your chopped up babies for $2/lb. It’s Planned Parenthood.

Anyway, the context of this initiative is Mayor & Black Friends turning SF into Wakanda which, now that I think about it, didn’t have any Latinos or Asians living in it.

End segue

Mayor London Breed announced the city’s new Abundant Birth Project on Monday, the Miami Herald reported.

The public-private partnership will give $1,000 per month during a woman’s pregnancy and for the first six months after the baby is born.

But the city is limiting the monies to only 150 black and Pacific Islander women who, the city said, have been on the wrong side of a “longstanding racial gap in birthing outcomes,” the Herald said.

The mayor said hopes that so-called “basic income supplement” will be much bigger in the long term for the women who are able to secure it. She does not want them limited to just six months of post-birth help. The mayor has much more in mind: Two years of giving money to a group of moms selected by race.

It warms my heart to watch self-proclaimed anti-racists immediately throw up racist barriers and play overt favorites the moment White Man is gone. Such hypocrisy guarantees the scum will never see Heaven. If only I could figure out a way to show this to Cuckservatives, force them to see the Brave New World of turbo-charged identity politics they’ve created, then they’d be able to repent.

There’s going to be huge amounts of ethnic strife in America’s near future but I begin to suspect a lot of it won’t be aimed at white people. We won’t even be there to be attacked.

Attention all Rooftop Koreans and Latino gangs: if you can ethnic-cleanse San Francisco then you can keep San Francisco. Bon appetit, because I’d rather have you for a neighbor than China, Wakanda or…

.Despite decades of research and investment in clinical and behavioral interventions, the racial inequities in preterm birth persist, with Black and PI pregnant people the most affected in San Francisco,. said Dr. Larry Rand, Principal Investigator of the UCSF Preterm Birth Initiative, funded by Marc and Lynne Benioff.

…Israel. Now that’s interesting. Both of the foundations supporting this Black-and-Pacific-Islander-only eugenics program are specifically Jewish foundations.

“A Few Good Womyn”

The original title was going to be “SEAL Adel Enayat and the Accuser Who Shall Not Be Named” but as the story unfolded the parallels with the movie “A Few Good Men” became inescapable.

The Gallagher saga is a gold mine of Social Justice activism in action. I wove the following three threads together to minimize segues.

htt ps://

htt ps://

htt ps://

U.S. Navy intelligence specialist Colleen Grace was asleep on a remote air base in Anbar Province, Iraq when she was woken up by knocking on the door next to her room, and then a voice she recognized [as Hospitalman First Class Gustavo Llerenes].

The voice belonged to a Navy corpsman she knew. He was upset and speaking loudly to the Army colonel who lived next door. Grace heard the corpsman say that a sailor who attended a Fourth of July barbecue had just been raped by a Navy SEAL on base. The corpsman asked the colonel what to do because the victim was afraid that if she reported the incident, retribution would follow.

A dramatic and very suspicious beginning. “WAKE UP, COLONEL! THIS IS CORPSMAN GUSTAV REPORTING A VIOLENT RAPE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! AND THE VICTIM DOESN’T WANT TO REPORT IT! Oh, sorry. Did I wake everybody up? These walls are so thin.”

Grace looked down at her phone to check the time and saw a missed text from a friend asking her to come over. .Urgent,. the message read.

When Grace got to her friend’s room around 1:50 a.m., she found her friend in bed with a bruised face and realized she was the person who said she’d been raped. She told Grace that she and the SEAL started out having consensual sex but then he started choking her and at one point she thought “what is he going to do with my body when he kills me?.

As mentioned farther down, it would not have been considered rape without the incident being life-threatening.

Grace photographed her injuries, then hugged her and cried, unsure of what would happen next.

That was a gross mishandling of evidence. Court-admissible pictures of injuries must come from designated, impartial crime techs… not your friend the spook.

Even worse than Intelligence Specialist Grace’s crime scene skills were…

But she and her friend would not stay silent.

Grace later sent information about what happened to U.S. Rep. Mark Takano, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, according to the Associated Press.

Chain of command, VIOLATED TO HELL. Per wikipedia, Takano is “the first openly gay member of the House who is not white”. (Third-generation Japanese.)

Within weeks, the entire Foxtrot platoon of SEAL Team 7, known as Trident 1726, was sent home early. It was an extremely rare move to cut short the mission of a unit that was there to combat remnants of ISIS. Navy officials have given few details other than to say there was an alleged sexual assault and drinking at a Fourth of July barbecue in Iraq in 2019 in violation of Navy rules barring deployed troops from consuming alcohol.

The entire platoon was brought back from a remote, frontline base on the far side of the planet to address a single rape accusation during a liquored-up Fourth of July party? Was the accused a flight risk or something? Were their presence and combat duties in that region not important for national security?

Records obtained by the AP from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service also reveal a previously unknown reported allegation of sexual misconduct against the SEAL platoon chief, Special Warfare Operator Chief Nicholas Olson, two days before the barbecue. Olson denies any wrongdoing.

What an unlikely pair of events… or, did the first j’accuse fail and a second one attempted at the earliest possible opportunity?

The platoon was withdrawn after the Navy made an unusually public push to strengthen order and discipline in its secretive elite force amid a series of scandals.

While drinking in a combat situation is obviously a bad idea, drinking at a Fourth of July BBQ for young men far from home doesn’t sound like an atrocity that merits either public scrutiny or an international recall. Boys will be boys.

The Navy fired three SEAL leaders in the aftermath of the alleged rape and charged Special Warfare Operator First Class Adel A. Enayat with sexual assault, aggravated assault via strangulation and assault by battery for allegedly biting the victim on the face, among other counts. He faces a court-martial in November.

Is Admiral Green intentionally exposing his sevicemen to humiliation and disgrace in a Gramscian attempt to destabilize the SEALs? “Never let a crisis go to waste” and after all these NCOs were forced out in the last couple years, it just happened last month that Green rewrote the SEAL creed to be gender-neutral. Because God forbid that any woman tough enough to qualify as a SEAL have to endure the psychic trauma of calling her SOCOM organization a brotherhood.

Good question.

About a dozen female service members were attached to the SEAL platoon during a six-month deployment to Iraq that began in March 2019, the AP said. On the air base, Grace and the other service members supported Special Operations Task Force-West, which included the SEALs.

The intelligence unit was all-female?

On the air base, Grace and the other service members who supported Special Operations Task Force-West, the unit responsible for missions inside Anbar Province, Iraq, lived at Camp Fenin while the SEALs stayed at Camp Freiwald, about a 10-minute walk away.

Boy Town was a ten-minute walk from Girl Town. Either that was a big military base or somebody sane did the best he could to keep them separate.

The deployment . Grace’s first with the SEALs . was slow, she said. Others who had deployed previously to Iraq told her they had never seen it so quiet. She was asked to identify ISIS targets for the SEALs in an area that had been largely untouched for the past nine months.

Horny young men plus horny young women plus close quarters in stressful situations… plus BOREDOM… equals…

Two days before the Fourth of July party, Grace said, one of her friends knocked on her door crying and said Olson exposed himself to her after they met at a makeshift lounge on Camp Freiwald.

…frat parties.

Oh, look at that. Grace fielded the previous anonymous sexual assault allegation, too. And only two days previous.

Grace said the women worked hard to earn the respect of the SEALs. .We’re in there 18 hours a day. We wanted their respect. We were doing good work for these guys,. she said.

That’s Colleen per

OK, Mattress Girl. You were totally a work-a-holic with no time to fool around with muscular young men… wait… you were bored AND working 18 hours a day? Which is it?

But Grace said the intelligence staff was under a lot of pressure from the SEALs to do more. .People were itching to get outside the wire at every opportunity,. but not a lot of information was coming in that they could act on, Grace said.

Then she said she started receiving text messages from Olson, the platoon chief, late at night that were not work-related. At first, she thought it was because he thought highly of her work.

Dayumn, Starfish girl, put some effort into your lying! Maybe Olson really did like your work but from your perspective, he was the highest-ranked male on the Camp Freiwald market. There’s no way that YOU would have kept that platonic… until…

.After I’d been invited over to that side of the camp to have drinks on multiple occasions, I was like this is inappropriate, and that’s kind of when he and I stopped speaking,. Grace said.

“We dated some and Olson turned out to be a creep.”

Timothy Parlatore, a civilian attorney representing Olsen, said his client denies making any inappropriate comments. He told the AP that the July 2 allegation is false and was made by an intelligence specialist who held back information necessary to kill ISIS.

.These individuals have the motivation to lie about my client,. Parlatore said.

Gallagher’s snake-eater of an attorney is here?! There’s more that isn’t being said here than is.

Olson was reprimanded and has since lost his Trident pin, the symbol of his membership in the SEALs. Parlatore said the Navy cited his platoon’s drinking and the July 2 allegation. He is appealing the decision.

The case [against Olson] was closed after the victim signed a statement on July 13, 2019, saying she did not wish to participate in the investigation.

No conviction, no trial, the victim didn’t even cooperate, but Olson was punished regardless.

The woman told Grace she was concerned reporting Olson would hurt her career.

Incorrect. Grace said the woman told Grace that she was concerned for her career. Big difference. All of this information… of these accusations… are coming through Commissar Grace.

As if bypassing both military police and the chain of command wasn’t enough damage, Grace proceeded to TALK TO THE MEDIA.

Grace is the first service member to come forward to talk about what happened at Ain al-Asad air base in western Iraq. She spoke to the AP in an exclusive interview, detailing what she witnessed that night, describing what she said were attempts by Olson, the platoon chief, to stop the alleged sexual assault from being reported, and revealing other misconduct towards another female sailor working with the SEAL platoon during the 2019 deployment to Anbar Province.

AP spoke to other service members on the deployment who asked not to be named or quoted for fear it could jeopardize their military careers. The sailor who reported being sexually assaulted on July 4, 2019, declined to be interviewed. Llerenes, the Navy corpsman, also declined to be interviewed for this story. Multiple attempts were made to connect with Col. Collins but were unsuccessful.

Men: we ain’t that stupid!

Women: #METOO!!!

The drinking at the Fourth of July barbecue in Iraq and the alleged sexual assault that same night came only two days after the acquittal of Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward Gallagher, who was accused by his platoon members of killing a captive Islamic State fighter and shooting civilians during a deployment to Iraq in 2017. Gallagher was also a member of SEAL Team 7 in Iraq but with a different platoon and under different leadership.

That there is some suspicious timing.

The Fourth of July incident led to a second ethics review of America’s commando forces in a year. The review by the Special Operations Command found a problematic culture that overemphasized combat and put troops at times far from supervision, opening the door to inappropriate behavior.

That’s the problem with SOCOM these days. They’re all about combat in Shittistan instead of paperwork in their carefully monitored cubicles.

Navy SEAL Capt. Todd Perry, the commander of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Iraq in 2019, blamed the .Gallagher Effect,. a term coined by leadership to denote the corrosive influence on a platoon such as the one Gallagher’s behavior had on order and discipline.

.It only took one bad platoon chief to influence the entire platoon,. that the no-drinking rule did not apply to them and that the “brotherhood” was more important than the Navy . .just as Gallagher was able to do with the dishonorable members of his platoon. during his deployment in 2017, Capt. Perry stated in an interview with an Army officer investigating the Fourth of July incident, according to military records obtained by AP.

That is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what happened: Gallagher being falsely accused by his discipline-challenged, “Sewing Circle” subordinates who then either testified on his behalf or suffered severe and comically specific memory lapses.

The rape accusations eventually settled upon Adel Enayat. I’ll guess he’s Norwegian instead of a recent Arab immigrant sent to Arabia to fight Arabs. Because that would be rather stupid. (I don’t actually know Enayat’s background.)

At Friday’s hearing, a judge heard motions involving Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Adel Enayat, who is charged with sexual assault, battery and aggravated assault, according to a Navy charge sheet obtained by the Union-Tribune.

Although the charges include an accusation of intercourse without consent, under the military justice system the assault has to rise to the level of life threatening for the victim in order to become a charge of rape, said Brian O.Rourke, a Navy spokesman.

[Enayat]’s lawyer, Jeremiah Sullivan, said his client is innocent. Enayat, who was charged Dec. 30, filed a counter claim in February against the sailor alleging she sexually assaulted him.

Smart move. No white-knight martyrdom and bounce that rubble!

AP originally did not name Enayat because of the counter claim. But the Naval Criminal Investigative Service on Friday confirmed that it closed the investigation into that allegation after his lawyer declined to have him talk to investigators. AP has a policy of not identifying victims unless they choose to be named.

The reverse-victimhood move didn’t work perfectly but still, that’s a much better outcome than a preemptive apology.

At a hearing at Naval Base San Diego on Friday, Sullivan also said he was concerned Enayat, who identifies as .non-white,. cannot get a fair trial because of systemic racism in the military justice system, pointing out that there are no Black judges on the Navy bench.

.I’m not asserting your honor is racist,” Sullivan said of the judge, Cmdr. Chad Temple, who is white. “But institutional racism exists so the courts can’t be impartial and therefore I’m challenging you and the system.”


If Sullivan didn’t say hello to the brig after playing the “I’m not saying you’re racist, Judge, but you’re too white to suspect my non-white client of committing a violent felony” then the US Navy is beyond salvation.

During the hearing, Sullivan told the judge that other witnesses will testify that the alleged victim was sitting on Enayat’s lap and licking his neck during the Fourth of July party. Prosecutors said the alleged victim will testify that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Sullivan also said that a witness in an adjacent room to Enayat.s, where the alleged assault occurred, will testify they didn’t hear any disturbances that night.

Trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 16.

The SEALS were deliberately turned into a downrange frat party by SJW brass who hadn’t yet managed to push some wimmin through SEAL training, then the party was used to slander Gallagher post-retirement while providing another pretext for Admiral Green to “fundamentally transform” SOCOM culture.

When their first accusation against Gallagher’s ally Olson didn’t pan out because the designated victim refused to play along, they tried a second time with Enayat and succeeded well enough to secure a court date.

Whoever loses this trial, America will win because it’s a contest of Slutwalk Barbie versus Mister “Not-An-American”.

“A Few Good Men” was not really about the Code Red. “A Few Good Womyn” is not really about the rape.

Change Afoot

I was set to blog on all kinds of interesting stuff when my friends finally agreed to get together in-person for a game night on Friday! At last, after six months!

I got there, wore my mask until I was inside so the cops & Karens wouldn’t trigger, then we started tossing our masks aside and getting on with a grand old time. Then the host came by and politely asked us to put our masks back on. I froze in disbelief… while my friends all quickly masked back up.

The rest of the night, my friends didn’t feel like my friends. They were the same guys talking the same guy talk but there was no emotional connection, like I was talking to them over Discord again.

Something inside me broke when even my friends treated me like a disease. I’ve spent the weekend in a fog trying to figure out what it was and still don’t have words. Without realizing it, I had been holding out hope that being with them meant people would accept me again. Treat me like a human being again.

Change is in the air and I don’t mean the election.