99 Signs You’re A Prepper, Urban Edition

The latest round of California earthquakes, topping at a couple 5.0s, had me reviewing my preparations for the Big One. MREs were about to expire so I upgraded to freeze-dried food and more water storage. On that note, this post, and a big hat-tip to


99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand

1. Pantries are so mainstream.you have food stashed in strange places in every room of the house.

Storage space is so bourgeois. You use your food stashes as furniture.

2. You have enough toilet paper to get through a year of uncomfortable digestive upsets.occurring with 6 people simultaneously

3. Speaking of which, you possess at least 3 different ways to use the bathroom, only one of which is an actual bathroom.

4. Your kids know what OPSEC means.at the age of 4.

Your kids say ‘no money’ to panhandlers.

5. You have topographical maps of your area.plural.

You have multiple paths to your favorite destinations, including paths through restricted property and/or local storm drains.

6. When you’re forced to interact with “the others” you feel like you are awkwardly censoring your true opinions

7. You think nothing of treating an injury or illness yourself because “what if there was no doctor?.

You treat your own injuries because the ER is where illegals go to die.

8. Paintball and laser tag are no longer just a fun way to spend an afternoon “they are tactical training.

Your tactical training is provided by the local school’s “active shooter” drills.

9. You’ve purchased duct tape in bulk.

10. With every major purchase, you contemplate going for the off-grid version.

11. You have more manual tools than power tools.

Whichever, so long as they fit in the silverware drawer.

12. You’ve washed entire loads of laundry by hand for either necessity or practice. (And not just your dainties.we’re talking about jeans and stuff!)

13. Your kids are not afraid of guns.or fingers pointed like guns.or pastries in the shape of guns.or drawings of guns.

14. When house-hunting you look for multiple heat and water sources.

You avoid first-floor rentals.

15. You store food in buckets.lots of buckets.like, maybe even a whole room full of buckets.

Of the four food groups–canned, frozen, instant and takeout–your preference is “canned”.

16. You garden with a determination and time commitment normally reserved for endurance athletes training for an Ironman triathlon.

You have tried to garden.

17. If you don’t have a water source on your property, you have put in miles of footwork searching for one nearby, and have mapped multiple discreet routes to and from the source, and figured out how to haul the water back to your house on each route.

You already use water purification in daily life.

18. Your first instinct when hearing about some event on the mainstream news is skepticism. (False flag event, anyone?)

Your first instinct is “should I reroute my commute?”

19. You read articles about multiple ways to use white vinegar and nod your head throughout.

20. You believe that FEMA camps are real and that you are most likely on “The List..

You are affiliated with FEMA because they feed their own people first.

21. Instead of CNN, you have alternative news sites bookmarked in your favorites on your computer.

At least once, you have reported on a major news event by looking out your window.

22. You have enough coffee/tea/favorite-caffeinated-item-of-choice to last you through 3 apocalypses.

Five apocalypses.

23. You could outfit a small-town pharmacy with all of the over-the-counter medications you have stashed away.

The pharmacy will be fine. It’s already built like a bank vault to keep the vibrants away.

24. You have an instinctive mistrust of anyone working for the government.

25. You could sink a ship with the weight of your stored ammo. In fact, you put it in the basement when you became concerned about your floorboards.

You have only enough ammo for one battle because the scavenging should be more than enough to replace your losses.

26. Looking for a fun weekend outing with the kids? Forget amusement parks . the shooting range is where it’s at.

So you HAVEN’T been to Disneyland lately.

27. When the power goes out, you calmly light the candles and proceed with whatever you had been dong previously.

When the power goes out, your automatic battery backups are good for at least 12 hours.

28. A longer-term power outage is called “practice.”

29. If a like-minded person comes over to your house, they.ll realize you are “one of them” by seeing your reading material. Other folks won’t even notice. The FBI might call your copy of The Prepper’s Blueprint and your A. American fiction “subversive literature..

You prefer to not host at your home so nobody knows how prepped you are.

30. Your children carry a modified bug-out kit in their school backpacks.

Your children have a locker to check their weapons into upon arrival.

31. You can and dehydrate food with the single-minded fervor of an Amish grandmother facing a 7-year drought.

32. Calling 911 is not part of your home security plan.

911 calls you because you’re a volunteer firefighter.

33. You spend your days off digging an underground bunker in your backyard.

You have already picked a good location to hide a body.

34. You have more than a thousand cheapo lighters that you purchased in bulk, stashed away in the back of your linen closet.and you don’t even smoke.

That would encourage arson. Coffee is the short-term barter and in a city, there’s no need for long-term barter.

35. You eat a lot of survival food now, so there is no “system shock” when you are forced to eat only the items you have stocked (or that you GROW . hint hint).

36. You stock alcohol in mass quantities so you can comfortably numb after the SHTF.

37. You stock alcohol in mass quantities . and you don’t even drink. (Barter, baby!)

38. You know what? Forget stocking alcohol. You have your own still . You.ll make alcohol.

39. You have enough salt to create another Dead Sea.

40. You don’t move . you strategically relocate.

You don’t move – the freeway is now clogged with idiots.

41. You purchased 50 of these little EDC multitaskers already for stocking stuffers for your friends/family/workmates/neighbor/random stranger.

42. Speaking of Christmas, you gave Conflicted to everyone last year.

43. When your friends ask about your favorite authors, instead of Hemmingway, Tolkien, or Kerouac, you get a blank stare when you tell them it’s John “Lofty” Wiseman .
44. You know exactly how many Mountain House buckets it takes to make a base for a single bed.

45. You don’t stock up on milk. You get an actual cow.

46. Your family doesn’t dare take something from the food stockpile without marking it off the list.

47. Your kids know how to don a gas mask in 30 seconds.

Your kids know how to hide a knife during a pat-down… and they’ve done it to you at least once when you grounded them.

48. Everyone in your survival group carries the same firearm so that ammo is standardized.

Whatever. Guns are disposable.

49. You have non-electric versions of appliances like wheat grinders , washing machines , and coffee makers.

50. You yell at the TV every time a commercial for Doomsday Preppers comes on. Oh. Wait. You don’t have a TV. But if you did, you.d yell, because you know how positively ridiculous and unrealistic that show is.

“Dog the Bounty Hunter” was a bad one, too.

51. Your family is no longer surprised when you announce, .Hey, we’re going to learn how to make (insert anything here)!.

Your family is no longer surprised when you announce, “We’re getting off the streets.”

52. You have more how-to books stored on hard-drives than most public libraries have on the bookshelves.

53. Your children have a plan in case they need to bug out from school.

54. Alternatively, you homeschool and bugging out is part of the curriculum.

Homeschool or die.

55. You have more than three ways to cook dinner if the power goes out: a woodstove, a barbecue, a sun oven , a fire-pit, and/or a volcano stove.

56. First Blood and Red Dawn are basic training films for your family.

57. You have long since accepted the idea that if you’re not on someone’s list, you’re probably not doing it right.

You keep your own list of neighborhood “deplorables”.

58. Your 7-year-old knows Morse code.

59. You’re secretly disappointed when the electricity comes back on after only a few minutes.

You didn’t notice it stopped.

60. You know more ways to make a homemade knife than the entire population of your local prison combined.

You find that unlikely, knowing the population of your local prison.

61. You don’t just rotate food, you rotate ammo.

62. You know the distance from your door to your front gate is precisely 207 yards.

63. Moving to a new house is no longer .moving., but “strategic relocation ..

64. You have mapped out at least 3 different routes by car and 2 different routes on foot to get to your bug-out location.

Your car IS your bug-out destination.

65. You know the difference between “Tyvek ” and “Tychem ” suits, and in which instance they should be used.

Along with preventing disease, good gloves prevent fingerprints.

66. Ditto the finer points of N-95 vs. N-100 masks.

You use those masks at work.

67. You watch The Walking Dead in order to critique their survival tactics. (And you were secretly delighted to see Beth building a fire in a Dakota pit.)

You think zombies are metaphors for rioters.

68. Speaking of fire, you can start one in at least 3 different ways, and you always carry a lighter, a fresnel lens , and a magnesium firestarter.

You stockpile cardboard for warmth.

69. You have two (or more) of everything important, well, because “one is none..

70. You have a decoy food supply.

71. Your kids think it’s a fun game to see who can find the most potential weapons in a room.

72. Even your dog has a bug out bag . which she carries herself.

Your dog carries her own doggie bags, which are not for food.

73. You have elected NOT to purchase greater armament because you plan on upgrading with your future assailant’s weaponry.

74. Your EDC includes a knife, firearm w/extra mag, flashlight, mylar blanket, Chapstick, and an ounce of silver . and that’s just for when you’re walking the dog.

75. The trunk of your car has enough supplies to carry the family through an entire week during a major blizzard.

76. One criterion for your new winter coat is that it fits over your body armor.

77. Your neighbors separate their compost for you into a) chicken food b) garden food and c) other

You take savage joy in not recycling.

78. You scour travel size aisles because they fit better in bug-out bags and they make great barter items.

79. You check out the garden center and pest control section for potential weapons.

80. Your subscribed channels for YouTube and bookmarks now contain more prepper and alternative media sites than cute animal sites.

81. Christmas and birthday gifts have a prepper theme.

82. You actually know what the letters “EMP” stand for.

You know there will never be an EMP attack because tyrants need the electronic infrastructure more than their victims do.

83. Every time there is a small household “disaster” like a power outage or local water “boil order” you just grab your emergency supplies and remind dubious family members. .See, told you it pays to be prepared..

Every time there is a small household “disaster” you instantly know which specific politician is directly responsible.

84. Your freeze-dried food has a longer expiration date than you do.

85. You know how to make bows out of skis and arrows out of garden bamboo.

On at least one occasion, you have gone camping in your bedroom.

86. You have (or are seriously considering, buying) an old armored personnel carrier to turn into your RV.

You already live in an RV because rent prices are out of control.

87. You know that Falling Skies has better idea for post-apocalyptic survival than The Walking Dead or Z Nation but you still watch them all just in case.

It’s eerie how relevant prison reality shows are to your daily life.

88. Your friend asks “Do you have enough bullets?. then you both laugh and laugh because you know you can never have enough.

You keep extra survival food for your landlord just because he knows you’re a prepper.

89. You changed your home page from MSN (or any other propaganda media) to Drudge Report or SHTFplan.

You have bookmarks to primary-info sites on earthquakes (West coast), tornadoes (Midwest) or hurricanes (East Coast).

90. You have no problem knocking on strangers. doors to ask for fruit tree cuttings.

You have no problem knocking on strangers. doors to ask for protection money.

91. You have vacuum packed underwear in a plastic tub stashed somewhere in your house.

92. You just might have more medical supplies than the local ER.

93. The Co-op and Costco recognize you but pretend not to. They know better than to ask questions about your purchases.

94. If you’re a man you are no longer embarrassed to buy tampons and sanitary napkins because they make great bandages.

95. If you’re a woman you know you don’t need to buy tampons or sanitary napkins because so many other options exist.

96. You actually own a toilet seat that fits on a bucket.

You plan to dig a sanitation trench in your neighbor’s lawn because he has a lawn. He will thank you for it.

97. You have enough wood cut and stacked to form a barricade around your whole property.

You have metal plates along the front walls of your home in case of stray bullets.

98. Admit it. Every time the power goes out, you go see if your car starts so you can get the jump on hunkering down or buying out the store with case in the event that this one is actually an EMP.

99. You have considered filtering water with a coffee filter or a t-shirt.

You have considered using spray deodorants on fellow bus passengers, with a lighter handy in case they object too much.


WeWork Is A Jewish Scam On America

What I had expected to be another “Optimist Prime Loses His Shirt While Investing In Silicon Valley” story on Heavy turned into Kabbalah-spewing international banksters jacking up my rent. My, my, the things you can find on the Internet.

WeWork Debacle Exposes Why Investing in a Charismatic Founder Can Be Dangerous

WeWork went from unicorn darling with a nearly US$50 billion valuation to a cautionary tale for gullible investors worth just $8 billion in a matter of months. It did so in part by wrapping its real estate sublet business in the cloak of a tech startup destined to “change the world..

Thank you, Heavy, I feel reassured about not signing up for my workplace’s matching 401k because of “paranoia” that not all investments are safe bets. But this show is a rerun. *GQ lifts the remote to change the channel.*

Were investors like SoftBank and JPMorgan duped by the hype of a charismatic founder, as happened with Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos?

Ooh, maybe there’s blog material here! Theranos was a glorious train wreck. I’d happily watch another. *GQ puts down the remote.*

As a lecturer in finance and someone who managed investments for 20 years, I believe that there was some of that, coupled with behavioral biases that lead people to make bad decisions. But I also think something else was going on that should give investors pause the next time they stumble across a visionary founder promoting a “change the world” branding strategy.

I bet she’s a thick-haired brunette with legs that go ALL the way up!

WeWork was founded in 2011 as a co-working venture.

But Adam Neumann crafted and pitched a vision for his company that went well beyond office sharing and real estate. He said the “we” culture he was building would change the world.

Huh? Where’s the chick? Where’s the fancy technobabble? There’s a formula for duping Silicon Valley investors and I’m not seeing it. The dumbest venture capitalist in San Jose wouldn’t shovel money at a glorified landlord, not when every politician in the Bay Area is calling for rent control. *Bullshit detected*

Well… Adam IS a thick-haired brunette but now I feel dirty.

Some pics have him in a mullet and some don’t; he’s certainly effeminate either way. Definitely guarded on the left side and no wonder once we discuss biography. Enough pics have him with disordered hair to both confirm disorderly thoughts and attempts to hide it… which normally indicates vanity except he’s so inconsistent with his appearance that “disorderly thoughts” is like calling Antarctica pleasantly cool. The lower pic having exposed bone structures indicates high stress or more likely, heavy drug use over the last few years. Bulbous nose for interest in wealth, long, thick, horizontal eyebrows for intelligence.

Small cheeks but strong zygomatic arches (bone ridge from eyes to ears). Women probably find that attractive but he’s not a natural leader.

Overall, his face is similar to Epstein’s circa 1980:

But Adam’s lips & hair indicate much less sexual energy, thankfully.

Starting with Wikipedia,

Neumann was born in Israel, the son of Avivit and Doron Neumann. When he was seven, his parents divorced.

And so his troubles began.

He and his younger sister Adi moved to the United States with their mother for her medical residency. Severely dyslexic, Neumann could not read or write until third grade. In 1990, after four years in the US, they returned to Israel and settled in Kibbutz Nir Am.

Socialism! Because Mommy couldn’t be bothered with being a Mommy.

Where’s Daddy? Segue:


NEW YORK (JTA) . WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann’s ties to the Kabbalah Centre have been in the media recently.

A story published last week by The Wall Street Journal described the close ties between Neumann and the center, a Los Angeles-based organization best known for teaching a version of Jewish mysticism to Hollywood celebrities.

Oy vey! One part of me wants to find out what kind of filth that Kabbalah teaches. Another, wiser part wants to be satisfied that it’s a variation of commonplace dualism.

According to the paper, the Israel-born Neumann would bring teachers from the center to company offices and retreats to teach executives. Neumann also reportedly drew inspiration from what he learned from the group when formulating his company values.

But his mother said that her son now has a different relationship with Judaism. Avivit Neumann, an oncologist, told the Israeli radio channel 103FM that her son is part of Chabad-Lubavitch, a Hasidic group with emissaries across the globe who are focused on reaching out to unaffiliated Jews.

.Recently he has also become religious,. Avivit Neumann said in an interviewed aired Wednesday. .I respect his relationship with religion. It enriches him. Today he is an American Chabadnik. He sings songs on Shabbat and lives in Manhattan..

End segue. Wifey became a doctor to marry a doctor, and by the time she got pregnant had the mothering instincts of a cobra.

He graduated successfully from the Israeli Naval Academy and subsequently served as an officer in the Israeli Navy for five years and was discharged with the rank of captain. He later attended the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City.

Honorably discharged at captain rank, which is astonishing given his childhood and subsequent drug-fueled arrogance. Forbes helps explain this:


Severely dyslexic and an indifferent student, Neumann found acceptance as an expert windsurfer and ringleader for unapproved extracurricular activities.

So gently phrased. Translation, he developed extremely high self-esteem as a defense mechanism against abandonment and being left feral, embraced a life of crime. Your typical hoodrat, both despicable and pitiable.

When it came time for mandatory military service, Neumann says he was among the slowest of the thousands of candidates for the elite naval officers’ school, many of whom had trained for their tryout camp for weeks. When the team-building missions came around, Neumann began to take charge. His was one of the last names to be called when the navy picked its 600-member class. He finished third and left the navy after five years of service.

Now that’s some bullshit. Mister “I don’t care and here’s my rap sheet” blossomed overnight into #3 of 600 at an elite military academy? Somebody laundered that service record, because his post-military life is proof he didn’t use the occasion to redeem himself.

End segue.

Prior to founding WeWork, Neumann founded a children’s clothing company, Krawlers.

A guy from a broken home with no kids of his own was that interested in children’s clothing? Creepy, and he founded a second one when the first failed: Egg Baby.

Neumann and McKelvey began working together after having previously met through a mutual friend. A shared interest in community upbringings and design led them to create Green Desk in 2008, a shared-workspace business focusing on sustainability, which served as the precursor to WeWork, which they founded in 2010. The pair sold their interest in Green Desk and using the funds along with a $15 million investment from Brooklyn real estate developer Joel Schreiber for a 33% interest in the company, they founded WeWork in 2010.

At first I suspected a homosexual relationship because McKelvey isn’t Jewish, but his wife probably is (an 11-year veteran of Lehman Brothers) and that’s how he got plugged into the NYC real estate scene.

Neumann stated that with WeWork, he intended to replicate the feeling of togetherness and belonging he felt in Israel and that he thought was lacking in the West.

This sentiment came up several times in my research. Neuman is mentally ill with persistent abandonment issues. It’s hell being raised by a single mother and he almost didn’t even get that.

By the way, his business partner McKelvey was raised in a rural, five-single-mom commune in Oregon that survived on food stamps. They reportedly met at a party at their shared employer but what united them was being from bad homes even by the standards of single motherhood.

It was on September 22 of 2019 that there were reports, from outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, that various WeWork directors were planning on asking Neumann to step down as CEO, after “a tumultuous week in which his eccentric behavior and drug use came to light” prior to a planned IPO.

In 2018, WeWork faced a lawsuit from a former employee who identified issues of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviors within the company workplace. In her statement, she mentioned that Neumann “plied [her] with tequila shots during her interview with the company.” Shortly after this claim was made, WeWork put an end to its unlimited beer [policy] and implemented a policy of only four beers per day in the New York office.

“Is this accusation true, Adam?”

“I don’t remember.”

“What do you remember about that interview?”

“Um… beer… good?”

Ladies and gentlemen, Capt. Neumann of the Israeli Defense Force, third in his Academy class and multibillionaire entrepreneur. No nepotism!

According to The Wall Street Journal, Neumann chartered a Gulfstream G650 for a trip from the United States to Israel during the summer of 2018. During the flight, Neumann and his friends spent much of the flight smoking marijuana. After the flight landed in Israel, the flight crew found a cereal box stuffed with marijuana and reported it to the jet owner. Fearing a marijuana trafficking incident, the owner of the jet ordered it to return to the US. Neumann and his friends had to find another way to return to New York.

No, that’s not how it happened. You can’t smoke weed in a private aircraft all the way from New York to Tel Aviv without the flight crew wearing respirators knowing. Neumann probably reported to some Israeli handler while stoned, who ordered the jet back early as a humiliation.

He was known for showing up hung over at other business meetings by way of confirmation. For example, a disastrous meeting with Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, officer of Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Neumann had aspirations such as living forever, becoming the world’s first trillionaire, expanding WeWork to the planet Mars, becoming Israel’s prime minister, and becoming “president of the world”. A September 2019 Vanity Fair article reported that Neumann made claims that he convinced Rahm Emanuel to run for the presidency of the United States, used JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as his personal banker, and convinced Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman to improve the standing of women in Saudi Arabia.

The boldfaced might be true. Skip to the end of this post for a hopefully thought-provoking conspiracy theory. Speaking of conspiracy theories and Israeli prime ministers,

Neumann became a partner of InterCure, an Israeli cannabis company led by Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel, in 2018.

Let’s move on to his company.


htt ps://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/09/inside-the-crash-of-weworks-magic-millennial-real-estate-kingdom

By Gabriel Sherman, 23 September 2019

Not long after Adam Neumann started WeWork in 2010 with a single coworking outpost on Grand Street in SoHo, the then-31-year-old Israeli entrepreneur showed up at a real estate industry conference on Park Avenue wearing his now-familiar uniform, T-shirt and jeans, with shoulder-length surfer hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed in days. Neumann, who is six foot five, was an instant object of fascination among the suit-clad executives in the room, many of whom were twice his age. But it was his hyper-confidence that one attendee recently recalled. .I remember Adam asked me what company leases the most office space in New York. I told him JPMorgan. They have about 3.5 million square feet. And he said, .Well, I’m going to lease more than they do…

Psychopaths can have both enormous self-esteem and indifference to social norms. We see the first warning signs here. I’m surprised his eyes looked as normal as they did in my reading.

The boast came true. Last September, WeWork surpassed JPMorgan to become New York’s largest private tenant, with more than 5 million square feet of office leases spread across more than 50 locations in the city. Fueled by more than $10 billion in venture capital from Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, Neumann grew WeWork to employ more than 12,500 people and was barreling toward an IPO this month that would have valued the company at $47 billion. On paper he was worth close to $7 billion.

That’s not natural. A real estate company that started in 2010 became New York’s new Godzilla by 2018? Worth $16b by 2016? With a drug-addicted surfer bum for a CEO? What’s going on?

In the media Neumann was heralded as the millennial prophet who foresaw a new kind of office culture, one in which the beer and kombucha flowed and MacBook-toting freelancers would love coming to work (at WeWork’s headquarters, Neumann threw “Thank God It’s Monday. parties).

More warning signs of psych trouble. Nobody thanks God for Mondays. Also the phrase “millennial prophet”.

But for WeWork, the last two weeks have been comparable to the end of tulipomania, a complete phase-shift in the company’s prospects. There were stories about Neumann’s reported erratic behavior and drug use. WeWork.s IPO prospectus revealed that Neumann held ownership stake in buildings WeWork leased from, essentially paying himself…

That’s massively unethical. Almost certainly…

Bloody hell.

I figured out their game. How the Jews are screwing us.

WeWork’s business model is to rent unused office space from landlords and “flip it”, renting it out to others. But landlords can do that for themselves, in fact, they’re experts at it if they’ve been landlords for any length of time. Especially the large-scale corporations that have been WeWork’s primary investors thus far. What makes this middleman so popular?

(Corporate) Property owner invests in WeWork.

Same property owner rents office space to WeWork.

WeWork pays him artifically inflated rents.

What the property owner invests in WeWork, he gets back in rents. Zero net change.

Where does the profit come from? Because WeWork intentionally pays inflated rents, the OTHER rents, what the property owner collects directly from real tenants, are also inflated.

This is market manipulation to keep the price of housing artifically high. That’s why WeWork is worth between 10-50 billion dollars on paper but without actually producing anything. That’s why they grew astonishingly fast: they aren’t trying to make money, they’re trying to preserve asset value.

Neumann tipped the scam by cutting out the property owner crony. He bought properties and rented to himself directly, probably thinking himself too clever to be caught (that high self-esteem he’s known for). He saw his friends making bank and followed their example but without the plausible deniability.

Evidence for my theory:

1. WeWork was founded in 2010, the nadir of the housing bubble, when prices would naturally have started correcting… to the massive losses of the banks and investment organizations who were its early investors. Powerful men were looking for ways to avoid the inevitable.

2. Seguing back to the Forbes article,

Some Silicon Valley investors are skeptical that its economics can survive the inevitable real estate slump. WeWork is charging high per-square-foot prices but is also locking itself into long-term leases at today’s record rents. One investor who passed on the company was concerned not by its high valuation but by the prospect of a tenant exodus amid a recession or cheaper competition.

Confirmation of my predicted, intentionally high rents. Also, in an honest business that would be suicide. You don’t assume long-term risks in order to make short-term profits unless there’s collateral, for example paying a house mortgage by renting to tenants. But my theory explains how WeWork can function even if it rents to nobody at all.


While its members pay premium rates . one WeWork member estimates he pays about $200 per square foot at the 79 Madison Avenue location, where office asking rents are in the low $40s . they are only committed on a month-to-month basis. This could cause trouble if the real estate market or the economy starts slipping. Minson, who was hired in part to help WeWork scale up even more quickly, acknowledged that the speed of growth creates challenges. But he called them “good challenges..

Intentionally high rents to as much as 500% of market value! And of course they don’t care if meatspace tenants stick around. It’s worth a slight premium to not be committed to a lease but not to the point of three months being as expensive as a full year.

3. Also from therealdeal,

To be sure, the spread of open floor plans predates WeWork. And major office landlords like SL Green Realty and Silverstein Properties have long offered co-working spaces in the mold of Regus, meaning more traditional and less focused on community and collaboration.

Their business concept is not unique. The niche has several established companies to invest in. Yet WeWork outpaced them because of large corporations investing hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. Are they doing that hoping for a profit they could realize on their own? Or as a way to maintain the valuation of their real estate?

Aside: About those open floor plans. If you disagree then I’d like to hear your thoughts, but mine is that a total lack of privacy is dehumanizing. State prisons also have no privacy and for the same reasons: management doesn’t trust or like its inmates.

4. My theory explains why this superstar company has both gone international swiftly (to protect the value of the offshore holdings of corporate investors) while simultaneously avoiding less urbanized communities–markets that are not dominated by large-corporation ownership of land, which is consistent with the idea that WeWork helps said large corporations artificially inflate their property values.

5. Newmann’s first foray into renting office space was substantially different from WeWork’s operation. From Forbes again,

McKelvey and Neumann struck up a friendship at a party. Neumann asked McKelvey to design his new office space. McKelvey persuaded him to move it to Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood. Their first inkling that they could make money selling shared office space came in January 2008, when Neumann began renting out a corner of his office to someone he found on Craigslist to cut costs. Weeks later Neumann’s landlord, Joshua Guttman, took him through an empty building he had just bought down the street. He was going to charge $1 per square foot for each 5,000-square-foot floor. Neumann said, “I got a better idea. Let me take over one of the floors. I’ll split it up into 15 offices, charge $1,000 each. We’ll make $15,000 a month on this floor–you can take $7,500, we’ll pay the receptionist $2,500, and I’ll keep whatever profit is left.”

That’s normal economic behavior and a typical first project for a budding entrepreneur. No red flags.

Neumann kept operating Egg Baby as Green Desk took shape. McKelvey quit his job to renovate the building with help from Neumann’s filmmaker wife, Rebekah Paltrow Neumann (she’s a cousin of the actress [Gwyneth Paltrow]).

Wifey not taking your last name is a bad sign… but wifey insisting on using the name of her famous cousin might be even worse. She is also a kabbalah-spewing freak, who opened a new school (apparently without permits) that proudly pushes children as young as five years old to work retail. You can read here about how she had them build a fruitstand in WeWork’s communal office space. I won’t go into the article but that’s the kind of business sense these people have.


He spent his weekends driving to Ikea to fill up his Zipcar with butcher blocks to create office tables. As the deadline for their first move-in neared in 2008, the economy crashed. Guttman told them the jig was up. “He said, ‘I’m not mad at you guys, but this business is going to fail. In a down economy people don’t rent,’ ” says Neumann.

Just the opposite happened. They filled Green Desk with a mere seven Craigslist ads and word of mouth, with tenants ranging from a private equity shop to blogging website Gothamist. But Green Desk was much closer to an executive suite rental company like $2 billion (market cap) Regus than WeWork would become. It didn’t have the communal open spaces or room for programming that the founders would have liked. “We had aspirations for a global brand,” Neumann says. That would mean designing different layouts for each location and spending much more capital on events and amenities. According to Neumann, Guttman preferred to replicate the model that had already worked in more locations in Brooklyn–and it would, with seven locations today. Just not with Neumann and McKelvey on board.

The founders sold to Guttman at a $3 million valuation that netted them $300,000 in initial cash and the rest in gradual payments they’d live off of for the next two years.

That’s the sort of move I would expect, and in my line of work, actually saw during the depression. Many landowners shrank the size of their rental units because money was tight and people needed to cut costs.

But WeWork, as described above, functions as a super-tenant. Landlords are going to them because they want FEWER tenants. Less turnover. More guaranteed returns. Which is the opposite model of Neumann’s GreenDesk. That is normal behavior in an expanding market, just as GreenDesk worked in a contracting market… but WeWork’s ascent from nothing to $16b in equity happened in 2010-2016, when there were very few swift-growing companies.

7. The company has cozy ties to corrupt politicians. From Forbes,

City governments are all-in on the benefits that such spaces can bring to the local economy. In San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee rerouted police patrols and opened a precinct outpost in the ragged Tenderloin district to keep the WeWork members there safe. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel insisted on personally showing Neumann his unannounced plans for new bike paths and other startup-friendly projects to convince WeWork to move to the West Loop. New Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh chose the new WeWork as the location for one of his first public speeches after taking office.

Which makes sense. High rents imply high property taxes.

6. Adam Newmann is their founder and CEO. QED. Nobody sane would trust that guy with a Benjamin, let alone $15m on Day One. But my theory explains how he doesn’t need to be a competent executive officer… he doesn’t actually have anything to operate.

And the cherry on the sundae,

7. Neumann confessed on record to price-fixing. From the end of vanityfair,

Neumann.s bet may be that he will be able to force landlords into renegotiating his leases to lower prices [in a recession]. Essentially it’s a bet that WeWork is too big to fail and the real estate industry will have to cut it a break. Neumann recently made that argument himself. .In the major cities in the world, WeWork is propping up the office market,. he told a real estate executive. .If I say “pencils down” to my people, the value of buildings will plunge and I can go in and buy them on the cheap.” The executive was chilled by the conversation. .We’re not talking about a Harvard Business School analysis here. This has a predatory aspect to it..

There it is, a smoking gun. “WeWork is propping up the office market.” Straight from the CEO’s mouth.

But I’m not done! Resuming with vanityfair,

…and that his wife, Rebekah Paltrow Neumann.Gwyneth Paltrow’s first cousin.was one of the people with the power to choose his successor. Investor demand for the stock dried up, forcing the company to slash its valuation by more than half, and then delay the IPO entirely. A string of high-profile executives walked out the door, including the chief communications officer, the co-head of WeWork’s real estate fund, and the global head of WeWork’s real estate partnerships. WeWork hemorrhaged almost $2 billion last year, which means the company desperately needs the IPO to happen to raise cash…

Rats scurry before the ship sinks. WeWork is a Ponzi scheme. See, the investor puts his money in and gets it back in rent, right? But what happens next year? WeWork owes him rent money again. The purpose of the IPO was to spread the cost of the Ponzi scheme’s collapse to non-Jewish investors so the original members, most of whom have Israeli passports, could cash out and restart the scam after the next housing bubble explodes.

But Adam Neumann, thank ye lad, fucked that up big-time. A couple months before the IPO, he pulled $700m out of his stake in the company in order to run his own, painfully obvious scam that I mentioned above. And he got caught. There’s been no investigation because the investors don’t want Uncle Sam to notice the BIGGER Ponzi scheme going on.

But outside investors don’t need a jury to tell them what their eyeballs can see.

Not only was the WeWork CEO outed as dirty, but the CEO liquidating a chunk of his ownership just before an IPO demonstrates a massive lack of faith in his own company. “We just lost $2b after we covered up our CEO’s defrauding the company to pay for his drug habits and will probably go out of business unless we can find a rich schmuck or some way to turn an honest profit. Would you like a prospectus?”

…or else must find other sources of funding. .I think this company may go down to zero unless they take drastic moves right away. They’ve gone from heroes to targets in 30 days,. said Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at NYU.s Stern School of Business.

WeWork.s board is expected to hold a meeting this week to discuss potentially removing Neumann as CEO. And inside the company, morale is sinking as fast as the share price. .It’s an all-around shitshow,. a WeWork executive told me.

It.s hard to overstate the degree to which WeWork’s business is built on the egomaniacal glamour and millennial mysticism of Neumann and his wife. Neumann sold WeWork not merely as a real estate play. It wasn’t even a tech company (though he said it should be valued as such). It was a movement, complete with its own catechisms (.What is your superpower?. was one). Many major players found this special sauce irresistible. After meeting Neumann, Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire cofounder of developer Boston Properties, told one real estate executive that Neumann was creating the future of work, according to a person briefed on the conversation. Rupert Murdoch also took meetings with Neumann, a source said.

But wait there’s more! Because WeWork is not just market manipulation. It might not be just a Ponzi scheme. There’s one source of income that a business like WeWork is perfect for, which explains why it has a useless CEO known for name-dropping Israeli government contacts.

WeWork could be a money laundering outfit.

Real estate is notorious for the job. “It would be illegal to give you money but I find myself in need of renting office space. Say, $200,000 for 500 square feet somewhere? One month only.” In fact, WeWork might have been TOO perfect for the job. This is getting speculative but bear with me:

CEO Neumann was sent looking for a savior.

The big-money investors bought it, none more so than Masayoshi Son, CEO of Japan’s SoftBank Corp., who ran the $100 billion Vision Fund backed by Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. In 2017, SoftBank and its Vision Fund invested $4.4 billion in WeWork, and would ultimately invest nearly $11 billion.

Vision Fund is primarily a front for Mohammed bin Salman.

The Vision Fund’s biggest backers weren’t the only ones growing skeptical of Neumann. Around the same time, Neumann came up with an idea to partner WeWork with Apple, sources said. Neumann flew out to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and pitched Apple CFO Luca Maestri on doing a deal with WeWork. It’s unclear why Apple would want to invest in WeWork, and not surprisingly, the company passed. .This was the Hail Mary,. a source briefed on the Apple talks told me. .There was Adam’s idea that there was some way out.. (A source close to Neumann said the potential Apple deal was a small one.)

[Fantasy Interlude]

Adam: “Yo, CFO dude! Would you like to invest in a company owned and operated exclusively by us Jewish banksters from New York? We’re kinda strapped for cash because, you see, I kinda got caught at a bad time.”

Luca: “No. No. No. Good day, sir, and I find Nizoral to be an excellent dandruff shampoo.”

Adam: “Come on, man, I got the primo weed! Got my own source, from my own company in the homeland! Defense Minister Ehud Barak used to own it. That’s right, I’m connected to the Israeli military! I’m Mossad, man! You want my help, trust me. Gonna be some wild parties here.”

Luca: ” *Line 1* Harold, drop whatever you’re litigating and turn on the voice recorder. I’m putting you on speakerphone and will explain later. *Line 2* Security, we have a Code Chutzpah in my office. Code Chutzpah! NOW!”

[End Fantasy]

But guess what, Vision Fund then invested more money into WeWork. That’s not a little suspicious.


On September 30, 2019, WeWork formally withdrew its S-1 filing and will postpone the IPO. The reported public valuation of the company is currently around $10 billion, less than the $12.8 billion it had raised since 2010. In October 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported that Neumann would receive close to $1.7 billion from stakeholder SoftBank for stepping down from WeWork’s board and severing most of his ties to the company.

*GQ blinks* No way… that’s Guinness level…

WeWork.s Adam Neumann offered package worth up to $1.7 billion to step down from board


By Todd Haselton and Alex Sherman, 22 October 2019

Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann will get up to $1.7 billion to walk away from the company and give up his voting rights, according to people familiar with the matter. SoftBank will pay Neumann up to $970 million for his shares, a $185 million consulting fee and will offer him $500 million in credit to help repay his loans to J.P. Morgan Chase, UBS and Credit Suisse, said the people, who asked not to be named because details of the agreement are private.

Holy Rollers! If Adam gets that, it’ll be the biggest golden parachute in human history. $1,700,000,000 to walk away from the company he screwed up and would surely already have gone to jail for had…


had he not been holding all the dirt on the entire NYC real estate cabal.

This is a lot of gap-filling, but tell me what you think:

1. USA needs petrodollars to keep its economy from collapsing.

2. MBS makes a lots of money selling oil to USA. Carrot: a nice profit, and Stick: all those American military forces in easy reach of his oil fields.

3. Israel, having coopted the American intelligence community, gets dirt on MBS via our CIA and proceeds to blackmail.

4. MBS’ payments are twofold: cash to Israel via fronts such as WeWork, and instituting the feminist agenda in Saudi Arabia. The latter creates new enemies for MBS and thus, forms a co-dependent death spiral until MBS now rents his own life day-by-day.

5. Adam blows up WeWork by acting out his insanities.

6. MBS sees a chance. He is trying to bribe Adam to hand over a controlling interest in this Jewish Ponzi scheme about to blow with all its Jewish secrets with enough money to buy himself clear of his troubles, with enough left over to hopefully die from drug overdose instead of a visit in the dead of night. If MBS seals that deal, it’ll be HIM holding ISRAEL by the balls… or should we say, by the OTHER ledger.

Or MBS is actually loyal to Israel and his bailout is Israel’s way of retaking control without leaving fingerprints. But that doesn’t explain the huge golden parachute. Subsonic bullets are cheap.

Like Theranos, this could be a glorious train wreck.


That Didn’t Take Long: Power Outages

In line with my previously blogged expectations, California’s power outages have done to environmentalism what a toothache does to teenage angst: a sharp little pain that instantly and correctly rearranges one’s lifestyle priorities.

San Jose Proposes Leaving PG&E And Creating Its Own Public Utility


By Evan Symon, 25 October 2019

The City of San Jose, Pacific Gas and Electric’s largest covered city, may soon have its own electrical system, due to frustration over numerous planned blackouts during the last several months.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo presented the plan to the San Jose Rules Committee late Wednesday. The plan states that the city should buy all of the bankrupt PG&E.s electrical utilities and create their own consumer-owned public utility, similar to several other cities in California such as Los Angeles and Pasadena.

Bankruptcy, like a recession, is not a catastrophe. The existing economic situation no longer works so you let what is, die off to make room for what will be. Very healthy, albeit not very fun.

Other cities are also currently weighing in on taking over electrical duties from PG&E following the planned blackouts, including San Francisco.

San Fran can’t accept a boom & bust cycle because their government is the economic deadwood needing removal. That there’s the entire history of Socialism in one sentence.

San Jose’s proposal would allow the city to not endure any further PG&E planned blackouts. The blackouts have heavily affected Northern California, with San Jose itself losing $500,000 in lost business and tax revenue due to having no power.

.We need to align the financial interest of PG&E with the public interest,. said Mayor Liccardo after the Rules Committee meeting. .Customer-owned utilities don’t have to pay federal taxes, they don’t have to pay shareholder dividends, they can access capital at much lower costs and that is going to be critical for us in the years ahead, given the extraordinary investment that we’ll need in the system..

Yeppers, Sam! Do it yourself instead of buying from a government-run monopoly and it’ll be cheaper AND more plentiful AND easier to maintain AND give your more control over your own life! Who knew that scraping off government/municipal parasites could feel so good?

And that’s just the first heady rush of… of freedom. Of self-determination. Of masculine pride at building something GOOD!

Pro-tip: hire only white men to do the job, now that the job really does need doing… and quickly.

PG&E responded to the proposal by saying that no part of PG&E is for sale, and repeated that they have a commitment to their customers. However, due to PG&E.s bankruptcy, the decision to sell or not to sell isn’t PG&E.s anymore. The bankruptcy court has that authority, as Mayor Liccardo noted.

.Although PG&E has stated that the company’s assets are not for sale, in fact, they’re in bankruptcy court,. said Mayor Liccardo. .They are for sale. And whether they like it or not, they are at the mercy of a bankruptcy court..

Bankruptcy is the mud before the flower. Die, PG&E. You’re too bloated, not effective enough and so top-heavy with regulations and owners/sharehodlers/stakeholders/eco-Nazi commissars/female management that the best fix is selling off your assets and rebooting the energy grid… this time, on a more distributed, local level.

Although I must wonder, where San Jose plans to get the cash for these purchases. Its gov’t hasn’t exactly been running a surplus, either.

Local reaction has been mostly positive, with many saying that they want to get away from PG&E as a provider due to mismanagement, allowing planned blackouts to happen, their bankruptcy, and poor customer service.

.The sooner we get away from them, the better,. said San Jose Resident Ricardo Reyes. .Nobody likes them for what they’ve been doing, but we haven’t had a choice. Now we do..

San Jose is also looking into building its own infrastructure as another option for electricity following a break from PG&E.

The proposal was accepted by the rules committee and will go before the San Jose City Council on November 19th. PG&E representatives are planned to be in attendance.

Save the whales! Save the delta smelt! Save the three-spotted arroyo night frog not yet known to science! Save the Triggered and Woke from white Christian nerds! And then…

Amazonian Paganism

Dalrock just went down for a vacation. One last commenter requested some red-pill for the website Patheos. Why not? Sounds more like my cup of tea anyway. This one should be fun for the whole Christian family!

Paganism, Catholicism and the Amazonian Synod

Paganism, Catholicism and the Amazonian Synod

By REN? ALBERT, 12 October 2019

As someone who has spent a significant amount of time in the Evangelical community, it isn’t uncommon to hear flippant comments about Catholicism. Often the main points of contention between Protestants and Catholics are the role of Mary, the meaning of the Eucharist, the means of justification through faith and/versus works and interpretation of Scripture to name a handful. Though an argument that is often brought up by Evangelicals is the notion that the Catholic Church is inherently pagan.

Paganism is not a point of contention between Prots and Cats. Scripture vs Tradition, yes, maybe idolatry vs anarchy, but neither side can legitimately be called Pagan.

The word “pagan” often makes Christians (especially Catholics) put their guard up. But a common talking point among certain Protestants is that the Catholic Church was created by Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. Of course, this is laughably false; but his dramatic conversion from paganism did lead to Christianity becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire. Many fundamentalists would claim that this is the reason why images of the Virgin Mary and the saints are reminiscent of ancient pagan gods.

Which leads me to ask, what’s so bad about paganism?

That is not a question any Christian should be asking. Paganism, like every religion except Christianity, is a false religion. There is one God and all claims to the contrary are either ignorance or treachery.

Rene’s attempt to deflect criticism of paganism to criticism of Catholicism is therefore suspicious conduct. The most firebrand Evangelical can still see the difference between Catholicism and rain dances.

[Wikipedia’s definition of paganism omitted]

In spite of the word originally being derogatory…

It was originally descriptive, from the Latin word paganus referring to rural people, who tended to worship nature without the hindrance of formal education. Most organized (in the city) religions, of which the Roman Empire had many, came to have little respect for the ignorant religious practices of their redneck bumpkins. Legalized Christianity inherited that disrespect and I’m happy to keep the tradition alive.

Go howl at the moon again, ye ignorant savages! (Lifts kilt.)

…it seems like many modern polytheists embrace the word like a badge of honor (at least in my observation).

Most polytheists being literal pagans, why not. The non-pagan polytheists, example Hindus, might have some words and sticks to share with you.

But it appears the most obvious thing that separates Christianity from the various forms of paganism is between the number of deities they worship. Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in one true God and that their faith descends from Abraham. Christians believe God exists in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (also known as the Trinity). The Trinity is often mistaken as three separate deities, which is why Jews and Muslims (as monotheistic religions) believe Christianity to be a form of polytheism.

That is fatally wrong. As I said before, the separation between Christianity and everybody else is that we worship the CORRECT God. Not “one god instead of many”. The Muzzies worship only one god, too, yet they’re Satan’s useful idiots.

Polytheism comes in many different forms, though for the sake of staying on the topic of the Amazonian Synod I’m going to focus mainly on North American Indigenous culture. In both Christian and Indigenous religious belief, the Earth is viewed as something to be good stewards of. However, the two differ in how the Earth and nature is revered. Christians view the Earth as a created gift and a temporary home, whereas the Indigenous generally belief is that the Earth is a mother of creation and an ultimate source of life . hence the popular name Mother Earth.

Thus far, Rene’s been playing the entryist/infiltrator strategy by the book. First explain why paganism is more of an insult than a false religion, then point out how the eeeevil Lutherans think all Catholics are that definition of “pagan”, then go into how actual pagans aren’t much different from Christians because we all believe that Starship Earth is our home that must be cared for as a religious duty.

Not a word of truth in all o’ that. Next in the playbook, he’ll say that we Christians have much to learn from God’s enemies.

I think we can certainly learn from our Indigenous neighbors on how to work together to be better stewards of the Earth and the environment.

Ding! Rene Albert, you are a Satanic piece of lying shit the infested the RCC because you couldn’t manage it in Protestant circles. Thank you for the backhanded compliment.

After all, we breathe the same air and drink water from rivers that are connected to others. However, from a theological standpoint, I think one of the biggest sources of contention between Christians and “pagan” culture is whether they worship the Creator or the created. As Christians, we ought to value our planet as a gift from God, but we certainly don’t worship the Earth.

The standard talking point of Globalists. “Your religion says you need to care about Climate Change!” Well no, it doesn’t. That isn’t what God said. He promised to destroy this reality when He was done with it, therefore there’s no argument to be made for our preserving it on His behalf.

Atheists got no authority to tell us Christians what our religion teaches… ESPECIALLY if they worm into our clergy first. That just pre-judges them as treacherous liars.

That being said, I think one of the reasons why there is so much apprehension from the Eurocentric Christian worldview is because race and culture are often assumed to be correlated with religion, even in cases where they shouldn’t be. For example, white people in North America are generally assumed to be of European descent, which many would assume come from some form of Christian tradition. But nowadays, that isn’t always the case since our modern society is becoming more non-religious. This is one of the reasons why I think culture and personal belief shouldn’t be viewed as one and the same.

You little shitbag, Rene. Suspicion of “what pagans have to teach us Christians” is hardly a “Eurocentric” perspective. Culture is the aggregate of personal beliefs, unless you take the position of letting people worship whatever deity they want so long as they also worship Caesar.

And don’t spike that “white men are no longer Christian” football too hard. We didn’t abandon God just because you termites successfully infiltrated our seminaries and legislatures. Heck, this won’t even be the first time that Christianity has found itself on the wrong side of the ascendant World Religion. Especially in that “Eurocentric” tradition you sneer at.

Case in point: I’m a French Canadian who was raised in the Roman rite of the Catholic Christian faith, though I didn’t always call myself Catholic. There was a 12-year period in my life when I considered myself to be an Evangelical Protestant. But during that time, I still valued my French heritage. I still partook in my hometown’s F?te au Village every year. I still had tourti?re every Christmas dinner. But now that I’ve reverted to Catholicism, I’ve rediscovered a sense of my own identity through attending the Tridentine Latin Mass. This is the same Mass that my own parents attended when they were young; and the Mass my grandparents grew up with as well as their own parents before them, and so forth.

The better liars try to establish rapport with their dupes before passing out the insults, Rene.

What comes to mind is when the early European explorers migrated to North America and shared land and culture with the Indigenous people. As more Europeans settled in North America, tensions between cultures became more commonplace. One of the reasons why the residential schools were so controversial was because of the methods of coercion used to forcefully convert Indigenous children to Christianity. For them, this meant adopting a religion that took on a westernized, Romanesque imagery rather than something that was resonant with their culture.

Oh, those horrible, evil, Eurocentric white cis-men, ruining the peaceful cultures of Stone Age primitives who have so much to teach us, like cannibalism. (And cannibalism is, in fact, resurging as a globalist priority.) Scum like Rene won’t listen to anything I have to say so let’s segue to a local expert. Here’s a name you won’t see anywhere in the mainstream media, not even the likes of Fox News: Jonas Marcolino de Souza Macux?. Segue:

Intervento di Jonas Marcolino de Souza Macux? al Convegno .Amazzonia: la posta in gioco.

10 September 2019

[translated from Spanish]

I, as indigenous leader Macux? and one of the directors of the North Roraima Indigenous Defense Association, stated that until the age of eighteen I devoted myself exclusively to hunting and fishing. I was born to illiterate parents, I became a mathematics teacher and I graduated in Law. My people and I are totally opposed to the demarcation of our Reserve.

We are integrated, we use electricity, cars, buses and we have productive villages. We want to access these tools, we want to progress. The problem is that some believe that in the 21st century there are still people who can survive by hunting and fishing. FUNAI ( Funda??o Nacional do Indio ) prohibits access to development. This policy condemns us to live in a primitive past. …

Some indigenous peoples have lived in the Americas long before the Portuguese and other Old World nations arrived. There they lived and fought, some died out and others emigrated.

Over the centuries in the Amazon a bit of everything has arrived: explorers, adventurers, pirates, missionaries, naturalists, botanists, zoologists, ethnologists, anthropologists and scientists. Many were the scholars who saw the opportunity and the possibility of offering a new lifestyle to the natives.

All this process of encounters with different cultures has actually allowed an interchange and a partial fusion with different traditions, behaviors and feelings with respect to the indigenous identity. The same story was shared. It was a natural and non-imposed process.

Unfortunately, the fruitful fruit of this process of cultural interchange was poisoned by missionaries of the so-called Liberation Theology, by some members of environmental and environmentalist movements, as well as by some NGOs, which under the pretext of protecting the poor indigenous have actually collected large sums of money, more for their own interests and for their financiers than for the natives of the Amazon. The external influences have been very many indeed.

Jesuits AGAIN?!?

It is from the mid-twentieth century that many supporters of the Indians, the so-called “indigenists”, religious and civilians, politicians and NGOs, both national and international, enter the scene. They followed the indigenist ideal inspired by a new conception of the Catholic Church, prophetically denounced in the work of Plinio Corr?a de Oliveira of 1977 “Indigenous tribalism, communist-missionary ideal for Brazil in the XXI century” .

These new missionaries worked hard to realize the false ideal described by Professor Pliny. They wanted to go back in history, taking the aboriginal as an ideal model. They wanted to destroy, dismantle, defame, separate and fight. The exact opposite of what we wanted.

Remember that the works of the devil are to kill, steal and destroy.

We natives by no means intend to go back to the past. We want to enjoy all the fundamental freedoms and rights, inalienable and indispensable to guarantee full human dignity. Thousands of natives are already fully integrated into universal civilization, no longer living in the stone age and not practicing cannibalism. The very few tribes that still practice infanticide in Brazil do so because the law allows it, considering this barbaric practice an expression of a cultural tradition, in total disregard of the inviolable right to life, freedom, security and dignity.

Many practices among the natives in the Amazon, such as walking long distances, carrying cassava in a backpack, or loading logs on the shoulders or straw on the head, are necessary for survival and not for tradition or cultural value.

Yeah, that never did sound like fun.

In 1949 the Mission of S?o Jos?, the Hospital of S?o Camilo and the School of Father Jos? de Anchieta were established, where the missionaries of the Consolata Mission mainly worked, starting a new phase in the history of the indigenous peoples of the state of Roraima.

Jos? de Anchieta is a known Jesuit. That faction practices much evil, specifically Liberation Theology:

This mission had begun well, but later, with the arrival of the new missionaries of Liberation Theology, these same structures – Mission, Hospital and School – were used to implement an opposite policy: that of dismantling the local economy, which is based on cattle breeding, rice culture and subsistence farming.

This dismantling process culminated with the closure of farms in the 1990s and the end of rice cultivation in 2005, following the unfortunate demarcation of the Raposa Serra do Sol reserve.

It is interesting to note that at that time the Indians were already integrated, an integration that had its peak with the prestigious presence of Marshal C?ndido Rondon in the indigenous Macux? villages of the state of Roraima. Rondon was a unique hero. After his death, his figure inspired universities, professionals, academics, army and navy in the creation of the Rondon Project, which led university students to learn about the Brazilian reality and to participate in the development process of these distant regions. This institution became permanent in June 1968, at the time of the military government, with the motto: “Integrating, not delivering”, which replaced the first “The jungle is not our enemy”.

We now see the influence of new religious missions and NGOs.

The Consolata missionaries arrived in the territory of Rio Branco in 1948 to continue the mission begun by the Benedictines which was intended to catechize the Indians.

In the 1970s, however, the new missionaries connected with the Theology of Liberation arrived and the change began, with clearly negative effects.

I give an example. The fazendeiros [GQ: farmers] made a great effort to help and grow the S?o Jos? Mission, donating 100, 200 and even 300 oxen to the Mission each year. They never imagined that the new missionary priests, whom they also treated with the utmost respect and affection, would use these resources to expel them from the region.

Even the commandments of God’s law were overthrown.

Edmilson das Neves, popularly known as N?go da Guanabara, states that in 1971 [Father Jorge ?lvarez Calder?n, a Jesuit] celebrated his marriage in the indigenous community of Cont?o. At the time, Father Jorge preached the word of God and spoke of the Ten Commandments, including “Don’t steal”. Already in the mid-1980s, when Edmilson again met this priest in the Canta Galo community, he asked him why he had changed his preaching, inducing the natives to steal the cattle from the fazendeiros , contradicting what he himself preached before. Father Jorge replied: “There are many types of theft. Stolen out of necessity, because someone is a kleptomaniac and so on … ” Edmilson concludes: ” Father Jorge spoke and talked until he almost convinced me that stealing is right “.

In addition to the preaching of theft, there is also suspicion of treason and murder.

The Grandmother Monica, an elderly woman from the Camarar?m community, tells for example that Father Jorge Dalden coming to Maturuca asked permission to live there. The Tuxaua Lauro Merikior, in a gesture of humanity, welcomed him. After a few months, the priest disappeared from the community, taking the young Jaci with him. When they returned, the Tuxaua Lauro died suddenly. For Nonna Monica it was Father Jorge who had the Tuxaua Lauro Merikior killed, to allow Jaci to take charge and thus achieve his purpose in the region. Lauro Merikior had inherited the chief’s staff from his father Meriquior, who had received it from Marshal Rondon.

I could tell many facts of this kind. These religious propagate liberation theology under the aegis of communism, and vice versa. In three decades, they succeeded in nullifying everything that had been built in the state of Roraima in more than a century. A century of prosperity based on economic freedom, private property and the principles of the capitalist economy, with an emphasis on the principle of freedom in work. In a short time everything was destroyed in the name of a revolutionary primitivism.

There’s much more at the link. I’m convinced that one reason Pope Frankie is holding his Convergence Synod in the Amazon is to spike the football where his faction, the Jesuits, successfully tore South America apart into civil war for half the 20th Century. It was one of their greatest accomplishments to date, apparently, and now it’s time for Liberation Theology to be applied globally.

Suck on that egg, Rene Albert.

End segue.

When it comes to Christians evangelizing to other parts of the world, one of the barriers they face is cultural differences. The Jesuits were especially good at using descriptions of God that resonated with the tribes, such as “The Great Spirit.” Even Christian iconography, an evangelizing tool that was used to communicate stories, was done in the form of Indigenous art in order to share stories from the Bible. Catholic Christianity blended immensely well with the aesthetics of Indigenous tribes with their respect and love for our Creator and nature.

Heh, heh. I didn’t intentionally time Rene’s endorsement of Jesuit behavior towards the locals but am pleased regardless. Per the Playbook of Evil, Rene is required to reveal who he really is despite it not being in his best interest to do so. God is not “the Great Spirit”. Even the Holy Spirit is not some nebulous “Great Spirit”, it’s the Spirit of Christ.

Unfortunately, as far as colonialism is concerned, the negatives tend to overshadow the positives. And the best way to deal with the negatives is to look them straight in their ugly faces.


I think the thought of losing a religious or cultural identity resonates with many conservative Christians, especially when we consider persecution for our faith.

Religion is not a synonym for culture. I’ll die for Christ but not a cheeseburger.

If you don’t want your own cultural heritage to be suppressed and wiped out of existence, why would you wish that upon someone else?

Because they want what we have to offer. Stop trying to cause division between people who have different cultures, you Jesuit!

This calls back to the passage in the Bible about doing unto others as they would do unto you (Matthew 7:12, Luke 6:31). This is one of the reasons why when Native Americans are told to “just get over it” by white people, it cuts deep to the core of their existence. It minimizes the experiences of hardship these people and their families continue to endure to this very day. It would be like someone telling a Jewish person to just get over the Holocaust.

More attempts to cause division.

This is what makes the Amazonian Synod at the Vatican so significant. It’s a historically pivotal event where the Church is attempting to reconcile with the Indigenous population of the Pan-Amazon nations for the collective sins of individuals who exploited the land, the resources and the people who live there . thus creating the socioeconomic climate they are left to deal with.

The Church isn’t even reconciling with the Church, now that the Synod wants to lift a millenium-old ban on married clergy. Let alone repair the damage done to the natives by JESUITS SUCH AS THE POPE HIMSELF.

Unfortunately, the positive intentions of the Synod have been drowned out by vocal groups who fear the Church changing disciplines regarding clerical celibacy across the board and being unequally yoked with pagan rituals.

Antifa? Is that you? You aren’t wearing urban camo today.

One of the sources of outrage came from images shared on social media of a tree-planting ceremony involving a carving that was mistaken for the goddess of fertility (which was believed to be an Indigenous artistic depiction of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Conveniently enough, the image also appeared to be bare-breasted, which I understand may be taboo in North American purity culture, but certainly does not phase a South American native. There have been many Romanesque depictions of Mary nursing the infant Jesus. Ironically enough, the Tilma of Guadalupe, one of the most iconic images in Catholic culture, happens to depict the Virgin Mary using ancient Aztec imagery.

That’s a total lie. Destroying those fertility idols were a beautiful act of trolling the crypto-Pagans wearing Catholic masks. Does the term “graven image” mean nothing to Rene?

While I can understand the reasoning behind the apprehension surrounding the Amazonian Synod, I think much of it is rooted in a fear of the unknown.

Oh no, not “the unknown”. We Christians fear that the Amazon Synod is exactly what it looks like: the enemies of God throwing a combination victory party and Vatican III to enshrine their globalist Convergence under the perennial fraud of Climate Change, using noble Commie savages for political props and rhetorical human shields. Is there any disgrace you Liberation Theology pigs won’t wallow in?

Anything new or unfamiliar is terrifying; and for many Catholics, this Synod is uncharted territory. I think it’s worth pondering whether or not the hype over “pagan idolatry” is a modern manifestation of deep-seated prejudice thinly veiled as righteous outrage.

This is a DARVO. Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.

This certainly does not mean we ought to dismiss the possibility of blurring the lines between Earth-stewardship and Earth-worship, let alone a relativistic approach to Church discipline. But I think if Roman-rite Catholics can get away with consecrating pagan objects into Christianity, I don’t see why the Amazonian Catholics couldn’t experience the same with their own culture as long as it brings glory and honor to Christ.

More true than he wants us to realize. “if Roman-rite Catholics can get away with consecrating pagan objects into Christianity, I don’t see why the Amazonian Catholics couldn’t experience the same with their own culture”, heh. That’s exactly why trashing those pagan idols is significant behavior. We do not respect the idols of unbelievers. That way lies Unity.

Or should we say, Convergence.


Spazz Hands and Vice Vixens

The age-old question: “Who will watch the watchers? Who will guard the guardians?” The answer, finally revealed to humanity: Pornhub customers. We begin with the Jazz Hands scandal.

Student union representatives at the University of Oxford passed a motion this week to ban clapping and replace it with silent “jazz hands” waving, insisting that applause “could trigger anxiety..

Please God, let this be Onion or Babylon Bee. *checks* The Guardian also confirms it for the University of Manchester. NOOOO!

Let’s try that again.

The motion to “mandate the encouragement of silent clapping” proposed using the more “inclusive” British Sign Language symbol for clapping . known as “silent jazz hands. (waving both hands by the sides of the body at about shoulder height) . in place of audible applause.

The clapping ban would affect student union meetings and events where traditional clapping and cheering “presents an access issue” to those with anxiety disorders.

Officers at the student union contended that traditional applause, whooping, foot-stamping, and other loud noises presented an “access issue” for some disabled students who have “anxiety disorders, sensory sensitivity and those who use hearing aids..

Well, when WW3 hits we’ll know how to screen for infiltrators. *golf clap* *REEEE!*

Sabbatical Officer Roisin McCallion says the change is specifically aimed at making events “more inclusive” and accessible to all.

I’m afraid to ask what a Sabbatical Officer is. Guessing here, it’s not a woman who services men on vacation.

.The policy was proposed in order to encourage the use of British Sign Language clapping during our democratic events, to make those events more accessible and inclusive for all, including people who suffer from anxiety. .Inclusivity is one of the Students. Union’s founding principles,.. McCallion said.

One former student told the Daily Mail that despite Oxford’s good intentions and desire to be accommodating for students with accessibility issues, .this idea will not work and is completely ludicrous..

He’s one for two. Plenty of sources have also covered this story but you came here because I take it to the next level. If you think this Convergence derpage was bad then you haven’t been paying attention to the Convergence of “fact-checking” websites.

.University of Oxford Clapping Ban. Rumor

‘University of Oxford Clapping Ban’ Rumor

Disinformation, Fact Checks / By Kim LaCapria / 24 October 2019

Remember that author name: Kim LaCapria.

Claim: The University of Oxford banned clapping because it makes “snowflakes” anxious.

Rating: Not True

Analysis: Straw Man. The original article clearly says the Oxford student union banned clapping, not the university admin. And snowflakes don’t call themselves snowflakes.

Now that staff allow students to run the university, it would have been BETTER if only the professors had banned clapping, because the sex freaks are running their circuses.

In October 2019, a number of tabloids claimed that the University of Oxford had “banned clapping,. a move made at the behest of “snowflakes” made “anxious” by applause.

The Daily Mail was one of those outlets, reporting: “Snowflake students at Oxford University are latest to demand clapping is banned because applause noise could trigger anxiety as they call for “jazz hands” to be used instead.

“Roisin McCallion and Ebi Edwards Cole, Oxford Union officers, backed the idea
They argued alternatives to clapping should be found for meetings and events
Jazz hands is a sign language expression for applause involving hand waving
It was argued that traditional applause poses problems for those with anxiety
Snowflake students at Oxford University are the latest to demand that clapping should be banned because applause noise can trigger anxiety and want “jazz hands” to be used instead.”

Noting that “snowflake students” were the latest to “demand” clapping be banned, the site reported that there were proposed alternatives, including what they described as “jazz hands.” A headline on a story from The Sun blared, .CLAPTRAP “Snowflake” Oxford University students ban clapping and replace it with “jazz hands” to stop .anxiety,’. quoting people who were apparently offended by the ban:

Noting that the fact-checker was confusing a partisan reporting of the decision with the decision itself, I decided that Kim had to be smoking crack. I was close… so very, very close.

Other iterations of the claim emphasized that “jazz hands” as a gesture was more inclusive to anxiety sufferers, with some stories strongly implying that “jazz hands” had been selected to mollify people with delicate sensibilities. Tacked on to the end of that item was the following, more honest characterization:

“Jazz hands is the British Sign Language expression for applause and is considered a more inclusive gesture.

“Sabbatical Officers Roisin McCallion said: .The policy was proposed in order to encourage the use of British Sign Language clapping during our democratic events, to make those events more accessible and inclusive for all, including people who suffer from anxiety.”

So, Roisin was accurately quoted. Thanks for confirming with evidence the exact opposite of what you’re claiming, Kim.

Note that in that context, the British Sign Language gesture for “applause” was indeed more “inclusive” . but for hearing impaired people and those with sensory sensitivities, not fun-hating “snowflakes.” Across all three tabloid articles, it would be reasonable to walk away with the impression that clapping was “banned” thanks to demands from the emotionally sensitive.

Yes, it would indeed be reasonable. Put down the crack pipe before you order us what to think, Commissar.

First and foremost, clapping was not banned as the headlines inaccurately claimed . it was simply replaced as a default with sign language.

Too late. And yes, that’s what a ban is.

The reasoning, as explained by the original school paper reporting, was that audible applause as well as whooping and yelling presented an access issue for hearing impaired students as well as those diagnosed with anxiety or sensory processing disorders.

Because deaf students can detect the motions of jazz hands but not clapping hands? And if “sensory processing disorders” means “blind” then you’re making things worse by taking away the auditory indicators they depend on. Stop oppressing blind people!

Second, that was in no way a “ban.” Instead of defaulting to a mainly auditory response (whooping, clapping), the students agreed to use sign language in order to make their gatherings more accessible.

Wrong. Student government ordered the students to use sign language because they’re so filled with corruption that dicks are sprouting out of their eye sockets and mouths like a bad H.R. Giger painting. (See Roisin below.) If there’s one thing Oxford obviously doesn’t teach these days, it’s how to recognize pure, transcendental evil for what it is.

Misleading descriptions of disability accommodations and inclusivity as a “ban” is a common tactic to create “ragebait” headlines by falsely insinuating such accommodations are forced upon the public at large by “offended” people rather attempting to include the requests of people with disabilities and their advocates.

That. Is. Exactly. What. Professionally Offended People. Are. Doing. And what you’re doing, too, Kim.

In short, Oxford University did not “ban clapping,. nor did it acquiesce to “demands” made by “snowflakes.” Oxford’s student union voted to encourage the use of British Sign Language for applause so that students could more fully participate in ceremonies, but clapping and cheering have not been banned.

This goodthink narrative has been brought to you by

Kim LaCapria, alias Vice Vixen, a professional Goth dominatrix sugar baby moonlighting as an Internet gatekeeper.

And so it begins!

Snopes Lead Writer Admits She Gets High While Fact Checking


Snopes Lead Writer Admits She Gets High While Fact Checking

By Baxter Dmitry, 27 November 2017

The Daily Mail report that LaCapria, who boasts of being a dominatrix called Vice Vixen, also keeps a personal sex blog. In her personal blog she described what she did on a day off, writing that she “played scrabble, smoked pot, and posted to Snopes.. She then added, .That’s what I did on my day .on,. too..

Here’s the link for the interested. Dayumn, it’s time to debunk Snopes!


The revelation raises further alarm bells for those uncomfortable with Facebook’s inclusion of Snopes in their fact checking team. Should a team of unqualified, avowedly liberal bloggers in California, who operate in a company with no checks and measures or standardized quality control, be given the power to decide what constitutes “real news” that will be allowed on Facebook timelines?

Snopes became the voice of reason by debunking Bigfoot stories and accounts of UFOs in Haiti, then in an ill-advised case of mission creep moved into political fact checking. Snopes have been added to the Red Flagged Spam Sites list . curated and shared by young progressive Democrats . as a “hit and miss” source. Snopes are no more trusted than most of the sites they disagree with politically and loftily claim to debunk.

Sounds like somebody frivorced somebody she shouldn’t have.

When it comes to politics, Snopes. modus operandi involves framing questions artfully so they can answer with the FALSE or UNPROVEN verdict that suits their partisan agenda. For more information see here and here. Being debunked by Snopes these days feels like being savaged by a dead sheep.

In a world where news that doesn’t confirm one’s bias gets flagged as fake, and the snowflake generation seek the solace of a partisan liberal fact checking site to tell them the world is exactly like they think it is, Snopes are thriving. The Daily Mail expos? revealed David Mikkelson, the founder, takes $50K holidays and divorced his wife for a porn star/prostitute.

But the most troubling part of the expos? of the Snopes HQ den of depravity is the fact that lead fact checker Kim LaCapria admits she smokes weed while fact checking.

Aww, I guessed cocaine.

It.s California, it’s legal.

See, if we were still doing the War On Drugs then police could sweep Kim off the streets for a couple years. California and the Internet would both be better off. And a few pussywhipped men would be less whipped by pussies.

That.s not the problem. The problem is that fact checking political news is a serious business, and it should be taken seriously by Snopes . especially now that Facebook have anointed them watchdogs of all of our news feeds.

Facebook should draw the line at using the services of a fact checking company whose senior staff admit they work while stoned. There is too much at stake.

Sure, but this raises uncomfortable questions about Zuckerberg’s potential drug use, too. Not to mention his political ambitions and the possibility he’s a “sub” in BDSM culture.

Lastly, let’s not let Sabbatical Officer Vice President of Welfare & Equal Opportunity Roisin McCallion off the hook, either.

Ow my eyes! HER eyes! Frizzy, cut hair for the OMG she’s batspit cray-cray! And look, she has a manifesto… just like an alt-Right terrorist!



The welfare provisions you receive should not vary depending on which college you happen to go to. However, at the moment it does. I will therefore lobby for all colleges to adopt an equally supportive welfare system ensuring the best for all students across the university, compiling a ‘gold standard’ of best practice and encouraging colleges to pool resources.

Emphasis hers. This suggests the “no more clapping because it triggers me” won’t stay local for long.

Oxford Wealth for Mental Health

I want to lobby the central university body to step up and prioritise mental health. I will reassess the mental health support Oxford currently has available for students and look for solutions beyond a referral to the counselling service. I will bring in external organnizations to properly train University and SU staff so that our university is as well-informed as possible on the issues affecting its students and is able to provide support when needed. Oxford has the money and research resources available, let’s use that wealth for mental health.

Again, emphases hers. Converge it, kill it, gut it, wear its carcass as a skin suit.

Welfare for All

I will dedicate time to male mental health

Eh? Wait, she’s beginning to care about men? Emphasis hers again.

…and engaging more male-identifying students with both the University and external mental health support and resources.

False alarm. Women self-identifying as men shouldn’t be deprived of female privileges!

And on it goes, into LGBT territory. She does like to pose in rainbow clothing, except when she uses her undergrad culmination pictures… back when she still had pretty hair.

Oxford is lost to us.


Kathryn Kuhlman, Whore Of Babylon

I was eager to watch the SJW reaction to John MacArthur’s punking of Beth Moore. This article is dated a month prior to that incident yet completely relevant and an interesting historical window on how modern Charismatics ended up as pussy-chasing lackwits.

Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank


By Grant Wacker, 20 September 2019

.You have been called .hypnotic, charismatic, hypnotizing,.. said Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show in 1974. His guest resisted. With a disarming smile, she said she was “just the most ordinary person in the world.” Carson didn’t buy it. .You’re not quite ordinary..

With this telling anecdote, Amy Artman launches her masterful biography of Kathryn Kuhlman, a charismatic healing evangelist who emerged in the post-World War II era alongside Oral Roberts. It’s hard to say whether Roberts or Kuhlman was the most prominent healing evangelist of the day…

Obviously Roberts, since you probably never heard of Kuhlman.

…but it’s easy to say that she was the most prominent woman in the field. At the height of her ministry, many people considered Kuhlman “the best-known woman preacher in the world.” Very few female religious leaders of any theological stripe were famous enough to snare a berth on a network talk show like Carson.s.

Perhaps they were too well-behaved. Go ahead, take one guess at how Kuhlman’s marriage turned out. You only need one guess. And we’ll see in a minute how optimistic your guess was.

Kuhlman.s story is a big one, yet she has won little attention from historians. Most American religious history textbooks give her a few sentences at most and some none at all. In The Miracle Lady: Kathryn Kuhlman and the Transformation of Charismatic Christianity, Artman not only rescues Kuhlman from undeserved obscurity but also crafts a sweeping interpretation of the cultural origins of the modern charismatic movement. (Artman is careful to credit her secondary sources, including Edith Blumhofer, David Edwin Harrell, Wayne Warner, and, in the interest of full disclosure, me.)

Yes, cultural origins. Not Scriptural origins. The Pentecostals can at least trace their origin to the Azusa Street revival and claim that their creating a new denomination was only a consequence of existing denominations not accepting them. (MacArthur himself is outspoken against speaking in tongues, for example.) This may be why Pentecostalism is referred to separately from the Charismatic movement, they actually did follow Scripture. Originally.

Artman.who teaches religious studies at Missouri State University.offers ample biographical details, but her main interest lies in two overarching arguments.

It’s obvious why Artman wants to Make Kuhlman Great Again. She can’t justify her current position via Scripture so she hopes to justify it via precedent.

The first is that Kuhlman was one of the key figures to transform the .down-home. Pentecostal revival of the early 20th century into the “uptown” charismatic movement of the late 20th century. The second is that Kuhlman offers a revealing case study of the indisputable achievements of strong evangelical women and the equally indisputable roadblocks they often face.

The Pentecostal in me sneered at the first. The second is irrelevant. Women are forbidden from leadership so competence is a non-issue. Although since Tradcons love to “give women a chance”, here we are.

We know comparatively little about the Miracle Lady’s life before her rise to fame in the late 1940s. She grew up in Concordia, Missouri, a small town in the middle of the state. In 1924, when she was 17, Kuhlman dropped out of high school and hit the preaching circuit with an older sister and a brother-in-law. Then she spent two years studying at Simpson Bible Institute, a Christian and Missionary Alliance site in Seattle.

The original faith healers, at least in American history.

The young evangelist did not graduate from Simpson, but at some point she audited classes at L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles (what today is Life Pacific University).The school had been established by Aimee Semple McPherson, Kuhlman’s famed predecessor on the healing revival circuit.

McPherson is much like Kuhlman, an evangelist turned de facto-priest by the magic of early telecommunications and credulous morons. Interestingly, she’s the origin of the meme “I was left for dead in Mexico!” Off-topic but let’s segue for fun… hope I didn’t just date myself.


On May 18, 1926, McPherson disappeared from Ocean Park Beach, in Santa Monica, CA. Presuming she had drowned, searchers combed the beach and nearby area, but could not locate her body. Immediately, McPherson sightings occurred around the county, often in widely divergent locations many miles apart on the same day. The Angelus Temple received calls and letters claiming knowledge of McPherson, including demands for ransom. After several weeks of unpromising leads, Mildred Kennedy regarded the messages as hoaxes, believing her daughter dead.

Just as the Angelus Temple was preparing for a service commemorating McPherson’s death, on June 23, Kennedy received a phone call from Douglas, Arizona. Her distraught daughter was alive resting in a Douglas hospital, and was relating her story to officials.

McPherson stated, at the beach, she had been approached by a couple who wanted her to pray over their sick child. Walking with them to their car, she suddenly was shoved inside. A cloth laced with some type of drug was held against her face, causing her to pass out. Eventually, the revivalist was moved to a small shack in the Mexican desert. When her captors were away on errands, McPherson escaped out a window.

She then traveled through the desert for around 11.13 hours across an estimated distance of 20 miles (32 km); and reached Agua Prieta, Sonora, a Mexican border town, at around 1:00 a.m. Collapsing exhausted near a house, the evangelist was finally taken by locals to adjacent Douglas.

I don’t believe that. Why take her 460 miles to a tiny town in Mexico when Nevada, not to mention most of Southern California, had plenty of Nowhere spots available? And left unguarded in a small shack that had a window? Any crook that organized would at least have confiscated her shoes. Organized crime wouldn’t have been that stupid and amateurs wouldn’t have taken her that far.

Officials also had their doubts and she was investigated by a grand jury whether she’d run off with a former employee for a combination affair and publicity stunt. The case fell apart into an OJ Simpson-style media circus. Allegations of extramarital affairs haunted her the rest of her life, and seeing as she associated with celebrities such as Mahatma Gandhi and President Roosevelt after a “vindication tour”, hypergamy makes it very likely that she was indeed a slut.

End segue.


After her studies, Kuhlman once again embarked on itinerant ministry with her sister and brother-in-law. In 1933, freshly ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance, she settled down as pastor of an independent church in Denver.Under her ministry, the fellowship prospered.


Kuhlman.s story took an abrupt turn when she met a traveling evangelist named Burroughs A. Waltrip. In 1938, Waltrip divorced his wife and abandoned his two sons in order to marry her. Burdened by (unproven) rumors of adultery, both Waltrip and Kuhlman tumbled into obscurity. The marriage, too, soon hit the rocks, and in 1944 the couple separated. Waltrip charged Kuhlman with abandonment, and in 1947 they divorced.

If your guess was at all pessimistic then it couldn’t have been far off. Vows of lifetime fidelity start ringing hollow the second time around, don’t they?

After Kuhlman’s reputation rebounded…

Which proves men have always been thinking with their little head. Feminism is less a modern curse than an incurable condition that occasionally breaks out into a rash, like shingles.

But telecommunications were a game-changer, it seems. Kuhlman and McPherson both were early pioneers in mass media, before male clergy began making effective use of it. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been surprising. I remain astonished that men give money to Internet whores. Why, you dickheads? Porn is free! There’s so much of it that those of you who wish to indulge, can indulge for free! Quality stuff, too! But noooo, you bankrupt yourselves just to hear Slutwalk Barbie whisper your name one single time.

Was the Charismatic/faith healing movement the precursor to camwhoring? That would explain much.

…she landed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she rented Carnegie Hall for her services. Although the prospering steeltown served as her main base of operations, she also crisscrossed the nation and much of the world.

April 1947 marked a major pivot point in Kuhlman’s career. Until then, she had seen herself as an old-fashioned evangelist, calling people to repent of their sins and turn to Christ. But that spring, says Artman, .Kuhlman received the first testimony to a miracle of divine healing at one of her services, a miracle she pointed to all her life as signifying the beginning of her healing ministry..

HAHAHA! Pastorette Kathy stopped calling people to repent of their sins in the same year she got a divorce!

By the late 1970s, Kuhlman had leveraged her 55 years of ministry into an evangelical stardom that included her best-selling books, mass meetings, a national radio program, and two syndicated television shows, Your Faith and Mine and I Believe in Miracles. Her name and face soon grew familiar in thousands, possibly millions, of households across the nation.

Crime pays. Then you die.

How did Kuhlman do it? She had no advanced education or blue ribbon social connections (even within the evangelical world), nor could she boast of institutional support from a particular denomination or a parachurch group like Youth for Christ.

Canwhoring in the early days of television, that was how she did it. It’s so obvious now! The patterns line up!

Artman deftly shows how the larger culture prepared both Kuhlman and her followers for her ministry, especially healing. The trauma of World War I, the flu epidemic of 1918, and the inaccessibility of modern medicine [GQ: where’d that one come from?] primed people to look for cures in the church. Then, as now, the healing of the will and the mind was everywhere in the air. Norman Vincent Peale’s block-buster The Power of Positive Thinking sold millions.

Kuhlman also profited from the mid-century boom in religious radio and television programs, including Billy Graham’s Hour of Decision and Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s Life Is Worth Living. She benefited, too, from second-wave feminism, which secured a woman’s right (however unfulfilled) to enter the workplace on equal footing with men. Female television stars like Barbara Walters, Arlene Francis, and Dinah Shore leveraged the new talk show format to their great advantage.

All this set the stage for the Miracle Lady.

By a combination of genes and skills, Kuhlman seemed born for the task.

Or demonically possessed. Check out my video links at the end.

Tall, willowy, and attractive, she fit the culture’s expectations for a successful female media figure. She knew how to dress the part, always modern and flamboyantly feminine. .Her flair for style and a little .sass,.. Artman wryly notes, appeared “in her choice of white high-heeled ankle-strap shoes that showed off her long legs to good advantage..

Camwhores for Jesus!

Kuhlman.s stylized.critics called it affected.manner of speech won attention, too. She spoke easily with wit, candor, and earnestness. And she understood timing: how long to wait for a laugh, how long to pause for dramatic effect, and how long to talk. Beyond all that lay another aptitude that biographer Wayne Warner calls “Missouri cornbread.” Kuhlman used that phrase to describe how she communicated with her working-class audiences.

Though homiletics professors might cringe, Kuhlman’s sermons were well structured and ran close to traditional evangelical teachings. She urged a view of the end times, always just ahead, that her fundamentalist-leaning audiences had come to expect (especially an abstruse scheme theologians called “dispensational premillennialism.).

Her husband was a hellfire preacher so she probably got it from him.

Kuhlman also taught that healing for the body resided squarely in the atonement. If Christ’s work on the cross offered salvation for the soul, why not for our corporeal selves? Kuhlman often quoted an Old Testament line that her listeners knew by heart: “By his stripes we are healed..

Because we aren’t going to live forever in meatspace. That’s why Christ’s work on the cross doesn’t help our mortal bodies. What sane Christian would want it to? Living forever in a corrupted world, constantly fighting against your own flesh and losing more often than you would like or God would tolerate, absent Christ’s salvation… I’d rather eat a bullet than spend eternity as a perennial disappointment to Father.

If old-fashioned evangelism had been Kuhlman’s only legacy, she would have been eclipsed not only by Billy Graham but also by the “Band of Brothers” that made Graham possible.Billy Sunday, Charles E. Fuller, Harold Ockenga, among many others. But, of course, it wasn.t. Though Kuhlman never considered herself a faith healer, most people did. And rightly so. By one journalist’s account, two million people claimed that through Kuhlman’s ministry they had experienced healing of ailments ranging from sniffles to cancer.

Either two million people were very badly misled or this author is trying very hard to whitewash Kuhlman’s prosperity gospel teachings.

They also claimed healing from ailments that skeptics dismissed as psychosomatic, yet Kuhlman remained undeterred. In the interview with Carson, the Miracle Lady pointed out that psychosomatic cases were the hardest to cure. “As she paused for effect,. Artman recounts, .the audience broke into applause . . . and Carson acknowledged her shrewd answer with a nod..

Unlike Oral Roberts and the deliverance evangelists of the 1950s, Kuhlman avoided healing lines.people standing in a queue, patiently waiting their turn to be anointed by the evangelist’s healing hand. Nonetheless, she did routinely reach out to the faithful. Sometimes she actually touched them, sometimes not, but either way, she often “caused” them to fall to the floor, .slain by the Spirit.. They typically remained prone for several minutes but sometimes much longer.

Not relevant, but the first time I saw that happen I almost did CPR on the guy. It’s really disturbing when the associate pastor pulls a blanket over a guy apparently having a seizure… and then you notice he has more blankets ready for use… and then you wonder about the coffee you just drank.

In terms of theology, Kuhlman strongly opposed the notion advanced by Roberts and others that people would be healed if they had enough faith. .Too often,. she snapped, .I had seen pathetically sick people dragging their tired, weakened bodies home from a healing service, having been told that they were not healed simply because of their own lack of faith.” Instead, she used the gift of discernment to identify healings that had already taken place and called people to come forward and testify to God’s miraculous work in their bodies.

THAT’s how she claims to not be a faith healer? Spiritual gifting is real but those gifts are given for the benefit of others… not so the “gifted” can build a multi-million-dollar personality cult around herself. When they do that, they’re a fraudulent Christian even if the gifting is real.

That “love is patient, love is kind” Scripture passage that you constantly hear at weddings and see on Nikki’s ass at the Bottoms Up club? That is bookended by Paul’s discussion on spiritual gifting. It’s not a celebration of “twu wuv”, it’s a reminder of what’s important in the Christian life in the middle of discussing the people who get to play Elijah.

From the beginning of her ministry to the every end, Kuhlman strenuously insisted that she herself did not heal anyone. She was a mere instrument in the Holy Spirit’s hands, an untrained “maiden of the Lord..

You quit school to follow your itinerant preacher brother-in-law… you married a preacher… you studied at two seminaries… and were ordained as a pastor… yet you’re an “untrained maiden of the Lord”?

More like “expert whore of Babylon”.

In Artman’s view, Kuhlman, more than any other individual, guided historic Pentecostalism into the modern charismatic movement.

Many older Pentecostals, now led by Kuhlman, leaned away from the margins and into the mainstream. They no longer encouraged overt emotionalism or insisted on glossolalia (speaking in tongues) as the only valid sign of Holy Spirit baptism or viewed non-Pentecostal Christians as hopelessly lost. Indeed, many took care to retain their ties to their natal mainline denominations, especially Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Catholics. Artman calls it the “gentrification” of the Pentecostal tradition.

As a result, the newer Pentecostals.now dubbed charismatics.quietly moved from the fringe of respectability toward the center. Maybe they never quite made it, but most came close enough to pass. Though Artman does not say so, she intimates that their position on the American religious landscape looked a lot like that of Mormons: almost good enough to be president.

Kuhlman.s career helps us understand not only the progression of 20th-century charismatic Christianity but also the role of female leaders in the American religious story. The problem here is that Kuhlman, like many evangelical women, held that men.and only men.should be formally ordained, administer the sacraments, and stand behind the pulpit and exposit Scripture. At home, women should submit to their husbands, joyfully if possible, obediently if necessary.

Seriously? The author is citing her for precedent then admitting she refuted that very precedent? I appreciate his full disclosure but seriously, now.

So how did Kuhlman reconcile the apparent contradiction between her restrictive theology of women in ministry and her own expansive practices? More precisely, how did she say what she said and then go out and do what she did?

To begin with, Kuhlman insisted that she was a preacher, not a pastor. When critics countered that this was a distinction without much of a difference.after all, she had served as a pastor explicitly in Denver and implicitly in Pittsburg.she nimbly shifted gears. In so many words, she said, .God called me. That’s all. God called me.” In 1973, Christianity Today asked Kuhlman straight up, .Why aren’t there more women preachers?. Her answer was equally straight up: .You will just have to ask God..

Kuhlman is a liar and hypocrite along with being a false teacher and rebel against her husband. That’s not a precedent; it’s a pattern of female clergy.

Some cultural assumptions played in her favor. For example, women who served as founders of a ministry or denomination were viewed in a separate category. They acted not in their own capacity but rather as ad hoc instruments that the Holy Spirit used only for that particular time and that particular purpose. It also helped when female leaders placed their financial affairs in men’s hands, served in non-traditional spaces like auditoriums or civic centers rather than church buildings, and surrounded themselves with male musicians, counselors, or ushers.

Sound like anybody we know today? *cough* Beth Moore *cough*

McPherson offers another case in point. Her name appeared year after year on the front page of American newspapers; she established and served Angelus Temple, one of the largest churches on the West Coast; and she also founded and ran her own denomination, The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. At the same time, .Sister,. as she was often called, refused to “sit under” the ministry of another woman, insisted that a man always accompany her on the platform, and chose only men as ushers.

Total bullshit hypocrisy. “I created this denomination from scratch but don’t worry, my kitchen bitch is the real pastor. God must be obeyed!”

Artman notes the same contradictions in The Miracle Lady. .Kuhlman lived the liberated life while opposing women’s lib,. she writes. .It is difficult to discern whether Kuhlman knew she was acting disingenuously or if it was just second nature to protect herself in the way she knew best. The answer probably lies somewhere in between..

The age-old question of “do women have agency?” God said yes so there’s no excuse to not call a witch a witch.

In Artman’s even-handed treatment, Kuhlman emerges as a flawed yet admirable figure. She was tough, savvy, enormously gifted, and absolutely committed to serving God and God’s people, especially those broken by suffering. She was not free of ego, but she also evinced a humility that is hard to deny. Kuhlman once told the Lord, .Take nothing, and use it.. A grace note, perhaps, but in her case a grace note that seemed to echo the entire symphony.

She was a false priest turned TV celebrity almost before the term “TV celebrity” was coined.

Kuhlman.s example helped carve the space that many female clergy and clergy-like leaders have come to occupy on the Christian landscape. In The Miracle Lady’s foreword, historian Kate Bowler notes that today’s female faith leaders “owe much of their success to a handful of pioneers who battled convention and prejudice to convince American Christians that a woman’s voice could win the crowds.” Think Methodist Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, mainline preacher Barbara Brown Taylor, evangelical Bible teacher Beth Moore, charismatic evangelist Juanita Bynum, or Donna Barrett, who was recently voted in as the first female general secretary of the Assemblies of God.

No, they owe their success to weak men believing that encouraging female rebellion is legit religion. This paragraph is how I came across it while hunting reports for Beth Moore.

Not all would claim Kuhlman as a predecessor, but no matter. Artman makes a compelling case that the Miracle Lady spurred a growing conviction in the broader culture that God calls women as often as men to tend God’s kingdom on earth.

Unlike Social Justice Warriors, God never contradicts Himself. Kuhlman was a hypergamous celebrity dogged by suspicions of adultery, who denied being a pastor without recanting her ordination as a pastor, who weakened her teachings on Scripture when they would have condemned her for divorce and proceeded to let stupid male dickheads purchase her a new denomination.

That pattern of treacherous female clergy didn’t originate with Kathryn Kuhlman but she certainly perpetuated it. She eventually died of sleeping pill overdose compounded by failing kidneys… possibly a suicide but possibly not.

Kuhlman’s career was recent enough that youTube has archival video of her. She creeps me out. Especially her eyes:

John MacArthur Kicks A Red-Pill Field Goal!

I once attended MacArthur’s Grace Community Church until the Sisterhood ran me out for trying to date them. Never thought the day would come, when he’d face off against them! This past weekend was a conference honoring his 50th anniversary of pastoring, at which he launched a broadside against feminism.

First, enjoy the video:

Accusing SBC of .caving,. John MacArthur says of Beth Moore: .Go home.

Accusing SBC of ‘caving,’ John MacArthur says of Beth Moore: .Go home.

By Bob Smietana, 19 October 2019

(RNS) . Evangelical pastor John MacArthur, speaking at a celebration of his 50th year in pulpit ministry this week, weighed in on an ongoing debate in the Southern Baptist Convention over women preachers, claiming the nation’s largest Protestant denomination has lost faith in the authority of the Bible.

He claimed the SBC had taken a “headlong plunge” toward allowing women preachers at its annual meeting this summer.

That, he said, was a sign the denomination no longer believed in biblical authority.

.When you literally overturn the teaching of Scripture to empower people who want power, you have given up biblical authority,. said MacArthur.

During the “Truth Matters Conference,. held Oct. 16-18 at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, where he is pastor, MacArthur and other panelists were asked to give their gut reactions to one- or two-word phrases.

Asked to respond to the phrase “Beth Moore,. the name of a well-known Southern Baptist Bible teacher, MacArthur replied, .Go home..

Sounds of laughter and applause could be heard in response during a recording of the session, which was posted online.

MacArthur . a leading proponent of Reformed theology and of complementarianism, the idea that women and men have different roles to play in the church and in society . was apparently responding to a controversy this past summer when Moore noted on Twitter that she spoke at a megachurch on a Sunday morning.

Her tweet led to accusations that Moore was undermining Southern Baptist teaching, which bars women from holding the office of pastor in churches.

MacArthur went on to criticize Paula White, a prosperity gospel preacher known as a spiritual advisor to President Trump, saying that he found these women preachers troubling because, .I think the church is caving in to women preachers..

For those curious about Paula White, aka the Bride of Cain:


But continuing with the article,

The pastor went on to say that the #MeToo movement was a sign the culture was taking over the church and accused feminists of wanting power rather than equality. He also seemed to compare women preachers to salespeople who hawk jewelry on TV.

When asked if the Southern Baptists were now moving toward “soft complementarianism,. MacArthur replied, .I don’t know about terms. I just know women are not allowed to preach..

MacArthur also criticized the Southern Baptist Convention for passing a resolution that was supportive of critical race theory and intersectionality, seeing it as a sign that “liberalism” was taking over.


He also dismissed calls for more ethnic diversity on Bible translation committees.


Hmm, does John MacArthur read my blog?

His comments provoked a spirited response on social media.

Stephanie Tait, a Christian author and speaker, said on Twitter that she was .heartbroken, angry, and honestly just exhausted.

.I.ll keep preaching, but this still hurts,. she added.

That’s your conscience, Stephanie. Feel the burn of guilt!

An image posted by the author.

Her Amazon pic. From her bio there: “As an adoptee from the foster system, and as both daughter and wife to non-citizen immigrants, she developed a passion for social justice and political advocacy.”

Micah Fries, a Southern Baptist megachurch pastor in Chattanooga, Tennessee, objected in his Twitter response to MacArthur’s .derisive, divisive manner. and called his comments “devastatingly dismissive of the inherent dignity, value and self-worth of women..

This is Micah Fries. Physiognomy is real:

Once again, we see that unity is a globalist priority. “You might be right, but how dare you be derisive and divisive! Truth excuses nothing!”

J.D. Greear, president of the SBC, responded good-naturedly on Twitter, saying that Moore was “welcome in our home any time,. adding a hashtag referring to the Baptist Faith & Message, a statement of SBC beliefs.

SJWs always double down. Somebody should write a book on that.

Beth Moore has not posted a comment on her Twitter feed in response. Instead, she continued tweeting her thoughts on reading through the book of Job.

Article ends here. I read Greear’s response on his Twitter feed. He got roasted! Let’s meet some new allies:

htt ps://twitter.com/jdgreear/status/1185644655632928774?s=20

J.D. Greear @jdgreear
Dear @BethMooreLPM, you’re welcome in our home any time.
12:51PM 19 Oct 2019

Josh Buice
Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
Which is precisely why many are looking for a new home outside the SBC.

Josh Buice
.Oct 20
Reading through this thread makes me chuckle! People criticize John MacArthur for not being nice to Beth Moore and turn right around and say far worse than he did to others. How dare John MacArthur speak like that…but I can do it….but not him.

Well said, Josh. He’s a Georgia pastor and writer.

G3 Speakers | The G3 Conference | Gospel . Grace . Glory

Top third of his face is dominant for intellectual motivation. Definitely no frizzy hair, which is impressive when rocking the Santa Claus beard, so his thoughts are orderly and he’s probably generally disciplined in his personal life. Said beard is favored by men who don’t want to be perceived dominating with a clear jaw & chin line.

The drooping eye canthus indicates patience and mild temper; in extreme cases, indecision.

Justin Peters
.Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
You are right, JD. She definitely has a home in the SBC. That fact is a sad commentary on how undiscerning the majority in the SBC are. Her false claims of visions, God speaking to her, twisting of scripture, preaching to men & endorsements of known false teachers mean nothing.

An evangelist with his own organization, Justin Peters Ministries.

Justin Peters . Kootenai Church

Lower third is the smallest so he’s not the most pragmatic of men. His eyes are puffy & hooded, which indicates long-term stress of some kind, although I think some sub-ethnicities of white have that naturally. Large ears suggest he’s a good listener. His facial hair was chosen to accentuate his jaw so unlike Josh the academic above, this guy is more willing to engage people directly and even confrontationally.

Not a lot of social energy indicated by his nose, however. He probably does his work in spurts with plenty of rest periods.

jack pickel
.Oct 19
I love Justin Peters… just saying.

Nathaniel Jolly
Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
And that’s why I left the SBC as pastor. The SBC no longer cares about what is in Scripture.

Now a missionary in Uganda. I can’t read his face but his body says he worked on construction sites so forklifts wouldn’t have to. Either he has a tall wife or he might have some Napoleon complex.

Patrick Martin
That.s a mighty broad brush you’ve used to paint 46.5k churches into one light, my man. Lots of good churches and pastors in the SBC.

Pastor Patrick Martin

A career student. Uh… he’s too fat to be sure, but men with a wider lower face than upper face tend to give affirmation easily and demand it in return. I’ve read that a “W” hairline shape indicates spiritual interests but haven’t confirmed it to my satisfaction.

Robin S.
Oct 19
But the ones in leadership are writing all the Sunday School material to include social justice. Lifeway holds women’s conferences full of false teachers. What can the little guys like us do to change it? The uninformed members are the ones electing these clowns @ convention.

Lisa Saunders
Oct 19
You could not attend and have a man of your choosing write your Sunday school book. Meanwhile many grateful/excited women will look forward to learning from @BethMooreLPM and others. Thanking the Lord for her calling & gifting her to rightly divide the Word.

Robin S.
Oct 19
.Grateful/excited women. does not equal biblically literate/discerning. I used to be a huge fan of hers til thankfully my eyes were opened to her egregious errors & foolishness. Sadly not many are willing to look at what she says with an open mind, willing to admit she’s wrong..

Robin is a female who groks Christianity. That’s a rare find.

Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
A big difference between @jdgreear and @johnmacarthur. MacArthur is concerned with being Biblically clear, while Greear is concerned with being politically savvy

No good pic, but he has wide/nonconformist ears and a nose for conflict.

Alex Hannis
Oct 19
Saying true things in slanderous ways doesn’t make you concerned about being “biblically clear.” It means you are in sin.

As I just snarked, “You might be right, but how dare you be derisive and divisive! Truth excuses nothing!”

Hell yeah, baby, American Protestantism ain’t finished. This party’s just getting started! It’s a great time to be alive, when God sends His children forth with sarcasm and weaponized autism to prick the consciences of anklebiters!


My Babies Triggered Me!

I try to not read Spawny’s Space (spawnyspace.wordpress.com). They always have such interesting off-topic links that my blog backs up like the public toilet at the welfare office. So much shit to step in!

Today’s shit is Joanna Schroeder, a female contributor to the New York Slimes who did a nation-wide point & shriek at her own children.

A definite candidate for Control Freak of the Year.

This isn’t the first time she used her sons as props for her not-quite-realized dream to be a nationally syndicated columnist. Huffington Post has a couple of her articles such as “7 Things I’m Not Afraid to Tell My Sons About Love, Sex and Their Bodies”…

You don’t have to be jacked. You don’t have to be ripped. You can be yourself and people are still going to want to be your friend and date you.

and “What Nobody Told You About Zombie Nipples While Breastfeeding”. I’m tempted to post a link just to prove that’s real.

Racists Are Recruiting. Watch Your White Sons.

https://www.nyt imes.com/2019/10/12/opinion/sunday/white-supremacist-recruitment.html

By Joanna Schroeder, 12 October 2019

Parents need to understand how white supremacists prey on teen boys, so they can intervene.

Because nothing says Mommy Cares like being test subjects for her witch hunt how-to manuals.

Raising teenagers can be terrifying. Our squishy little babies become awkward hormonal creatures [GQ: men] who question our authority at every turn.

I expected that. What I didn’t predict was that my sons. adolescence would include being drawn to the kind of online content that right-wing extremists use to recruit so many young men.

I twirl my handlebar mustache, don the black hat and offer your impressionable adolescent sons the respect, wisdom and male camaraderie that you couldn’t offer them even if you had ever tried.

The first sign was a seemingly innocuous word, used lightheartedly: .triggered..

As my 11- and 14-year-old sons and their friends talked and bantered . phones in hand, as always . in the back seat of the car, one of them shouted it in response to a meme, and they all laughed uproariously.

I almost lost control of the car.

You are overly sensitive.

That.s because I know that word . often used to mock people who are hurt or offended by racism as overly sensitive .

*whistles innocently*

is a calling card of the alt-right, which the Anti-Defamation League defines as .a segment of the white supremacist movement consisting of a loose network of racists and anti-Semites who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of politics that embrace implicit or explicit racism, anti-Semitism and white supremacy.. People associated with this group are known for trolling those who disagree with them, and calling critics “triggered” is a favorite tactic.

I’m blushing, even though I’m not alt-Right and the ADL is wrong about the alt-Right anyway.

The next red flag: I watched my son scroll through Instagram and double-click on an image, lighting up a heart that signifies a “like.”

.Hold on a minute,. I said, snatching his phone. .Was that Hitler?.

OHMIGAWD HAHAHAHAHA *gasp gasp* “Was that Hitler?” HAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

The meme showed a man in contemporary clothing tipping off the Nazi leader to the invasion of Normandy. My son said he hadn’t even read it, he’d just assumed the time traveler was trying to kill Hitler, not help him. He was shocked and embarrassed when I pointed out the actual message: that it would have been better if the Holocaust had continued.

.I.m not stupid enough to like a Hitler meme on purpose, Mom,. he said. “And anyway, I’m sure my friend shared it to be ironic..

We must excuse his fibbing. Had he told the truth, Mommy would have lost control of the car. She was already looking over his shoulder instead of at the road. Would’ve been very easy to ‘trigger’ a collision. *ducks*

Belly up to the MGTOW bar, kids. Anybody who likes a good Hitler meme is welcome here and the first [non-alcoholic beverage because you’re still underage] is on us.

I didn’t see the irony and my son couldn’t explain it. I talked to him about the Holocaust, the trauma and violence that Jewish people all over the world still experience and my late friend Edith, whose delicate arm displayed a number tattoo that stopped my heart every time I saw it. He knew all this already, but I worried that he was forgetting. I worried that he was being pulled toward a worldview that would see this painful history as fodder for jokes, or worse, as something to celebrate.

At a time when the F.B.I. reports a 17 percent rise in hate crime incidents from 2016 to 2017, the most recent year for which there is data, white parents like me have had recent, terrifying reminders that we must prevent our sons from becoming indoctrinated by a growing racist movement that thrives online and causes real-life devastation.

I don’t mind that they hate us. I mind that they ruin their own childrens’ lives in the effort to poison them against us. It’s okay to be white, Joanna!

In August, a young white man who admitted to targeting Mexicans killed 22 people in an El Paso Walmart. In New Zealand, 51 people were killed when a gunman attacked mosques filled with worshipers observing Friday prayers. In the past year, a total of 12 worshipers were killed in the U.S. in two hate-motivated attacks on synagogues in Pittsburgh and San Diego.

So what? Is that typical behavior of white men? No!

In each of these cases, the killers were white men with a history of extremism. The San Diego gunman, for instance, left a manifesto on 8chan also claiming responsibility for a mosque fire.

And the San Diego and New Zealand gunmen posted hate-filled online manifestoes that included internet-culture references, such as references to memes and a notorious shout-out to a noteworthy YouTube personality. Both of them mentioned or alluded to the “white genocide. . which the Anti-Defamation League defines as the white-supremacist belief that the white race is “dying” because of growing nonwhite populations and “forced assimilation..

You left out “government-mandated favoritism towards non-whites”. Joanna cares more about the ADL’s approval than allowing her own sons to think for themselves.

But of course, it’s not just that we want to prevent our sons from becoming perpetrators of mass shootings. We want to raise them to be the kind of men who would never march with the neo-Nazis who chanted “Jews will not replace us. in Charlottesville before one of them killed a counterprotester, Heather Heyer. Beyond that, we want to keep them from becoming supporters of the racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and gender- or sexuality-based hatred that is on the rise.

Over-controlling your sons to ensure they don’t commit thoughtcrime against the Jew-operated ADL might be the worst possible way to do that.

According to Jackson Katz, author of “The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help,. it’s not necessarily the ideology behind white nationalism, anti-feminism or the alt-right that initially appeals to young white men and boys as much as it is the sense of being part of a “heroic struggle..

Participating in the alt-right community online “offers the seductive feeling of being part of a brotherhood, which in turn validates their manhood,. Dr. Katz says. YouTubers and participants in chat forums like 4chan, the defunct 8chan and Discord “regularly denigrate liberal or progressive white men as soft, emasculated “soy boys” and insufficiently aggressive or right-wing white men as .cucks…

(((Jackson Katz))). Sometimes I think that the reason the alt-Right is growing so quickly isn’t that they’re antisemitic, they’re PRO-Semitic. They imitate the Jews. They use the same methods towards the same end of building a pure ethno-state. The Jews were able to destroy nationalism but cannot destroy ethno-nationalism without destroying themselves.

It also seems to me, as a mom, that these groups prey upon the natural awkwardness of adolescence. Many kids feel out of place, frustrated and misunderstood, and are vulnerable to the idea that someone else is responsible for their discontent. When they’re white and male, they’re spoon-fed a list of scapegoats: people of color, feminists, immigrants, L.G.B.T.Q. people. If they really embrace this, it’s not hard to convince them that there’s a “white genocide” happening and that these people . and the “leftists” who represent their interests . are to blame.

So what can parents do?

Admit the obvious truth instead of punishing their children for correctly perceiving reality.

First, we need to understand how this works.

A favorite activity for many boys is to watch gamers playing video games on YouTube.

That sounds like a double miss. Not only is youTube not a video game platform, they’re notorious for persecuting dissident perspectives.

According to John Duffy, author of “Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety,. the problems come with advertisements that may appear during the videos. Kids can be exposed to dozens of ads in a sitting. They might hear about the border, or “Crooked Hillary” or a conspiracy theory on how the left works, Dr. Duffy said. Many of these spots are created and promoted by organizations like PragerU, which, Dr. Duffy notes, is not an accredited university but a propaganda machine that introduces viewers to extremist views via video. And YouTube’s recommendation algorithm offers videos that become more and more extreme as viewers watch them.

This bitch be nutz.

.There is a sophisticated psychology at play,. Dr. Duffy warns, noting that today’s teenagers have been using smartphones and tablets their whole lives. They like to dive deeper into topics that pique their curiosity, which is a great thing. The problem is they often turn to the internet before their parents for answers.

Hands down, we have our Control Freak of the Year!

Google may lead them to white nationalist outlets like The Daily Stormer, where hate and harassment are normalized. Often, they have no idea which sources are reputable.

This fake news is also old news.

They may also find videos by more mainstream figures, including members of the so-called intellectual dark web like Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto, whose conservative perspectives on feminism and gender are very popular among young men and often are a path to more extreme content and ideologies.

Such as Vox Day’s refutation of Jordan Peterson.

In an interview with the actor Alan Alda for the podcast .Clear+Vivid,. Christian Picciolini, a former Nazi, explains that modern white supremacists create friendships and build trust in online spaces such as autism chat rooms and gaming-related forums. They “go to these places and they promise them paradise,. he says.

No, that’s Islam, you crazy cat bitch who thinks Gamergate is still a thing.

What really hooks many white teenagers is the alt-right.s insistence that white men are under attack in America, the true victims of oppression. If your child has already been punished for his opinions, this message is especially resonant. They find a home for their rage, a brotherhood of guys like them, and that oh-so-alluring heroic struggle . and that’s how an extremist is born.

Other white teenagers know something is wrong with their ADL dogma-spewing mother who kicked Daddy out of their lives at a young age, drinks too much and loses her mind when they utter phrases like “triggered”… but need a third-party perspective to help them figure things out, because they’re so deep in the feminist lies that they can’t see daylight.

You don’t have to agree with us dissidents. We’re satisfied if you listen to us then reach your own conclusions. By contrast, the Left demands goodthink:

Parents also need to encourage our sons how to think critically about the things they’re hearing online. One term I’ve debunked in this way for my kids is “snowflake.” An insult embraced by moderate conservatives and the alt-right alike, it’s used to dismiss people who complain about racism, sexism or homophobia as laughably delicate.

When one of my kids used it, I smiled and, in a conspiratorial tone, asked him to think about this: Who is more of a delicate snowflake? The person who wants people to stop racial slurs or mocking of gay people or the person who is upset and offended by the use of the phrase “Happy Holidays. . a common talking point during Fox News’s infamous War on Christmas segments?

He thought about it and laughed at the irony.

Methinks he was laughing at his delicate snowflake of a mother.

He, like the rest of us, sees that Christmas is promoted everywhere in society and isn’t going anywhere. I also took the opportunity to explain that calling someone who is upset or offended a “snowflake” or “triggered” is just a lazy . and often hypocritical . way to justify treating that person poorly. For my sons, this conversation was effective. After all, they don’t want to hurt anyone, and they’ve long understood that a person who refuses to take responsibility and apologize is probably a jerk. But they needed a reminder.

Control Freak of the Year with oak clusters!

Perhaps the best tool is prevention. … If we avoid talking about our values about race and the experiences of marginalized people, strangers on the internet will be happy to share theirs.

.Right now, our fear about addressing race causes us to leave kids guessing,. says Shelly Tochluk, a professor of education at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles, and author of “Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It.. .They fill in the blanks with whatever they see online, and this includes horrifically twisted messages from white nationalists..

That’s not education. That’s circling the wagons. That’s “Two Minute Hates”. On your terms, when you’re surrounded by allies, you force people to recite the Narrative. Only liars and cowards can pass that test. The devil is pleased with either.

Parents of white kids need to talk about race and racism and how they’ve played out in this country . a lot. That history includes horrors and tragedies, but as Dr. Tochluk says, it also “includes the fact that there have always been groups of white people in the United States who have fought for freedom and liberty for all..

.In our choices and actions,. she says, .white people can align ourselves with that lineage..

Probably the most attractive part of the alt-Right to her sons is them not having to spend their entire lives atoning for the “horrible, tragic crimes” committed by other people centuries ago.

Dr. Katz suggested, .To counteract the seductiveness of that appeal from the right, we need to offer them a better definition of strength: that true strength resides in respecting and lifting up others, not seeking to dominate them..

Stuff your lies, Jew. They don’t work on us anymore. How about if YOU do nice things for US at YOUR expense for a change? Because your people need to atone for the horrible USS Liberty attack… never mind that you weren’t personally involved.

Requiring all Jewish organizations to have at least 20% Scot/Irish ownership would start the healing. Israel could take a couple million refugees, too.

I.m working hard to instill these values in my kids. But keeping them away from the radical right is a continuing project for me and should be for any parent. I have confidence that they’re more equipped than they were a year ago to detect and reject hateful messages, but in the meantime, every time they laugh at a so-called edgy meme, I’m going to make it my mission to find out what’s so funny.

You never will, you child-abusing bitch. I pray your children realize the problem isn’t them; it’s you.


Director Riggio Explains How Trump Is A Bad Leader

The psychiatric field has been quiet since being Converged into believing patriarchy is a mental disorder. Time to check on them! Ronald Riggio isn’t just a licensed shrink writing for Psychology Today; he’s also Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College in California, a high-status private college, and associate editor of Leadership Quarterly, so when he called Trump a bad leader I took notice. And made popcorn.

Ronald Riggio: Leadership Development - YouTube

The standout feature is that vertical line between his eyebrows, the determination line. Interestingly, the top “intellectual” third of his face is the smallest; the “ambitious” middle and “pragmatic” bottom are matched for size. Hooded and baggy eyes indicate a long history of pain and defensiveness. Flared nostrils can indicate a tendency to hoard wealth. Mouth is small with this lips, so he’s lacking in passion; the quiet type. His red nose suggests he spends leisure time outdoors. Some pessimism in the mouth corners. Flat eyebrows thicker on the inside for a “visionary” approach to work rather than “managerial”.

My read is personal issues prompted his choice of the psychology field. He then went into the “show business” side of the work (low intellectual interest, high routine/ambition interest, not a passive personality) rather than the clinical side (doesn’t talk or smile much). His life story confirms this, although I would not have predicted his focus on the topic of leadership. Natural leaders tend to have strong cheekbones. But not always:

Donald Trump doesn't know the difference between climate ...

Riggio doesn’t have a triangular face shape so I wouldn’t have predicted him to have Trump Derangement Syndrome, either. Perhaps his unknown internal problem incited that? Peer pressure?

9 Terrible Leadership Lessons From Donald Trump


By Ronald Riggio, PhD, 18 October 2019

As a psychologist, and a parent, I am always concerned about the lessons that young people learn from observing our nation’s and world’s leaders. Leaders who are ethical, honest, inspirational, and accomplish great things are positive role models. Leaders who are self-serving, dishonest, lack empathy and blame others for failure send a negative message to young people.

I’m neither a psychologist nor a parent, yet I still value competent leadership. Thus, I will helpfully correct his upcoming mistakes for posterity.

What about leaders that fit both categories? You can be ethical and honest for purely selfish reasons… because there is a God in Heaven who rewards that kind behavior. Similarly, cruel tyrants sometimes have impressive accomplishments. Those Pharaohs built some damn fine pyramids.

I.ve actually been thinking about the lessons that Donald Trump teaches young people for some time. Although I was vaguely aware of “the Donald” from news about his real estate dealings and seeing him on TV and in movie cameos, he first got my serious attention with his television show, The Apprentice. Students in my class seemed to be taken with the show and his catchphrase, .You’re fired!.

Little-known fact, Trump tried to copyright that phrase and failed.

Having never seen the show, I decided to watch it. As an organizational psychologist, I was worried about the message it was sending, and that led me to the first of the 9 terrible lessons that Donald Trump has taught young people.

*checks* Yes, this is a recent article. Why is Riggio wasting our time with old news? Nobody watched that reality show for leadership principles.

1. Competition and Elimination of Opponents Leads to Business Success. The reason I was concerned about my students watching The Apprentice was that it emphasized competition over collaboration, which ended in the elimination of team members. Although I understand that this was a competitive game show, I was concerned that it promoted lots of bad behaviors . finger-pointing, scapegoating, backstabbing . and ended with team members being fired for relatively minor problems/issues.

Um, yeah. I was ready to snark this but he’s right even though he doesn’t want to be. How can an organizational psychologist and expert in leadership think competition is a bad thing? That’s like a mathematician who can’t make change.

As Donald Trump became Presidential Candidate Trump, I learned more about him and started to find out about other bad lessons that he was imparting to our youth by virtue of his celebrity status and the amount of media attention he was getting.

2. Throw Money at Problems to Make Them Go Away. Presidential Candidate Trump allegedly paid off a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair so that it would not tarnish his image during the election campaign. This suggests that, rather than facing the consequences, wealthy individuals can get away with bad behavior and less fortunate people cannot.

Allegedly? This is a nothingburger. Ronnie, the incompetent socialists you vote for are the people who throw money at problems to make them go away. Titans of the construction industry, not so much.

Real 2. People think positively of you when they see you with big-chested escorts.

When I run for office, my “running mates” will be Sugar Trixie and Danielle Outlaw. Prostitution will be a legit business expense! California!

Oh wait, Danielle Outlaw is the police chief of Portland. I shit you not. Nice rack, though. She keeps her radio in it.

3. Loyalty Is Overrated. If a subordinate disagrees with Trump, he/she is often fired. When investigations are underway, Trump’s associates and underlings take the criticism and blame. A good leader takes responsibility for the actions of team members (think of Harry Truman’s slogan “the buck stops here.).

Trump is the executive officer. His subordinates exist only to assist him. Career bureaucrats acting independently of official leadership is the very definition of a Deep State.

Real 3. There’s no “I” in team. There is only “meat”.

4. Creating Enemies Can Solidify Your Support. A well-known psychological finding is that having a common “enemy” or “threat” can increase in-group solidarity. Donald Trump points out to his supporters a long list of enemies (e.g., Muslims, immigrants, political adversaries, etc.). But this .we-they. effect can fuel divisiveness. a critical problem in our country right now that is getting worse, not better.

I would’ve accepted this one except Trump didn’t do anything to create enemies other than win a big election and boink hot-10 whores. By the way, Ronnie, all those enemies of Trump have a list with two names on it: “white male Christians” followed by “everybody else”. We didn’t select them as enemies; they selected us because we were wealthy and altruistic. Two problems that white America is swiftly being cured of.

Real 4. Organizing against enemies is why we have government in the first place.

5. You Can Lie Without Repercussions. This one is quite puzzling . and I’m an expert on deception.

Oh, really? Then you know what projection looks like:

Where other presidents and government officials are condemned when they lie and often face the consequences, President Trump seems to get away with bald-faced lies with little pushback. At this point, there are so many lies that another obvious lie doesn’t get much notice. This sends the message to young people that it is okay to lie if you can get away with it.

Everything he accuses Trump of is what the Clinton/Obama Machine has actually been doing for years, not to mention most politicians from the beginning of history. In fact, many atheists don’t believe the concept of lying even exists. Ref. postmodernism.

He cited no examples of Trump lying. I know that Trump frequently does lie, but usually as a tactic to smoke out his enemies. It works very well because despite all the accusations of Trump being a liar, Leftoids are continually surprised when he actually does lie.

Real 5. Words are weapons.

6. Opinions Are Just as Good as Facts. When making decisions, President Trump often seems to go with his gut rather than relying on data. As a social scientist, one of the prime lessons that I try to teach students is that opinions and observations are biased (by your own experiences/orientation) and that good decision making should be based on objectively collected data. Trump also seems to eschew the recommendations of experts in favor of like-minded friends and relatives, who provide opinions.

Did Trump ever go wrong with his gut? Has he made obviously bad decisions by trusting his instincts over his advisers? *crickets*

Riggio can’t be a competent researcher with that attitude. There’s no such thing as objectively collected data. Wasn’t he required to design a double-blind study at some point in his academic youth? When I was in college doing my general ed, the grad students practiced research methods on us Psych 101 students. A good learning experience for everybody.

Conversely, opinions don’t come out of nowhere. Trump’s instincts and personal judgment have built him a real estate empire. That sort of thing is so valuable that it’s why we elect our executive officer instead of promoting the oldest bureaucrat in the Redundant Ministry of Redundancy.

Lastly, my blog is chock full of times I outperformed nationally recognized experts… typically by looking to God or remembering “that didn’t work last time”.

You academic cogs are all the same, Riggio. You think that because many smart people have told you what to believe, your beliefs correspond to reality more closely than the people who experience reality for themselves. Like yesterday’s three Nobel Prize-winning economists, none of whom had ever run even a lemonade stand.

Real 6. Don’t trust the Ivory Tower.

7. The Best Defense Is a Strong (Legal) Offense. In many ways, Donald Trump acts like a bully . belittling opponents or those who disagree with him, turning his supporters against his enemies, threatening people who criticize him with lawsuits. The fact that he so often gets away with this behavior sends a terrible message to our young people.

Riggio, are you accusing Trump of doing evil… or of his being able to get away with it while you are not? Seeing as you self-identify as an expert on deception.

Trump doesn’t even have time to file lawsuits; meanwhile, treasonous judges trip over each other to thwart his every attempt at reducing illegal immigration WHICH IS HIS JOB while his on-paper allies stand with the Democrats until Trump stops rocking their boat, the SS Sinecure.

Real 7. Crush you enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of women like Ronald Riggio.

Image tagged in dont punch - Imgflip

8. Others Are a Means to an End. Donald Trump has burned through more cabinet members and advisors than his predecessors and has a tendency to hire and then discard and disparage people. Good leaders value team members, support them and work to develop them and their capacity as team members and future leaders.

Riggio is showing his reality-bubble limitations here. “Member of Trump’s Cabinet” is not a lifetime appointment that needs to offer growth opportunities. At the high levels, you’re supposed to already be expert, and when your specific skillset is no longer needed… to say nothing of attempts to backstab the boss… it’s perfectly normal to be scooted out the door at the executive officer’s convenience.

Trump isn’t running a kindergarten for precious snowflakes and thank God, he doesn’t act like it either.

Real 8. Mission focus is essential to good leadership.

9. If You Are Famous/Powerful/Rich, You Can Get Away with Anything. I am almost quoting Donald Trump here. Philosopher and leadership scholar Terry Price talks about how power is associated with .exception-making. . believing, because of your status/power, that the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to you. This is the main reason why leaders willfully engage in unethical, and sometimes illegal, behaviors . believing that they are the exception.

Very true in the mortal life, and it is what Trump lives… his spiritual adviser was the Bride of Cain, last I checked… but there is a God in Heaven who has appointed Judgment Day so that nobody will get away with anything.

Real 9. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

What, no #10?

Riggio has obviously never been a leader, despite holding the title of Director, and his apparent allergies to competition and expectations of performance explain much about his choice of career.

Real 10. Don’t expect Bubble Boy to run with the wolves.

So, if these are 9 bad lessons from a powerful leader, what defines a good leader?

Good leaders:

1. Unify and Don’t Divide.

Good leaders do not create divisions in their constituents.

Trump didn’t create division. He wanted to preserve the existing division between USA and the rest of the world. By definition, unity is a globalist priority, not a nationalist priority.

2. Achieve Results, But Limit Collateral Damage.

A good leader is effective, but not at the cost of hurting the well-being of followers, or harming the environment, or turning friends into foes.

Translation, a good leader’s first priority is upholding the Narrative.

3. Share the Leadership With Followers.

They work with followers, consulting with them, caring for them, and developing their shared leadership capacity.

Frustrated Boromir Meme - Imgflip

4. Leave the Team, Organization, or Nation Better Off Than They Found It.

Oh, like whores!

That ends the article but let’s go back to #3 with Boromir’s facepalm. That’s care-based morality. Practical leadership, what Riggio has been refuting all through this article, is a hierarchy. Leaders lead, followers follow. The leader provides the resources but he’s not their mother. He’s got a job to do in the face of problems and/or opposition and anybody not useful for that job is off the team. That’s masculine.

Riggio’s conception of leadership is feminine. Why the team exists is less important than everybody playing nice with each other, helping each other’s career, taking turns planning the bake sale, cooperating and sharing. Neither winners nor losers. Unity uber alles.

We see how women can contribute to the family and other organizations. They keep it running smoothly, make it a pleasant place, alleviate the burdens. But they don’t LEAD. They don’t call the shots and don’t honestly want to. The mantle of authority is too heavy for them even though they lust for it. The work is too hard and injurious.

There are no leaders except male leaders willing… and permitted… to kick ass when asses need kicking. I bet that’s why Riggio has that strong determination line on his forehead. He wants to be a leader but for whatever reason, failed or wouldn’t try. Or was filled with too many lies, too soon.

So he ended up a kitchen bitch, a man acting like a woman, a male feminist, repeating Adam’s sin of accepting female leadership. That way lies ruin for him and everybody.


Extinct THIS!

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to ride the bus, but damn if this didn’t get me grinning and pumped for battle. Context: a British subway train got delayed by an Extinction Rebellion protest. It took awhile but a couple commuters finally noticed that the perps were unarmed and scrawny.

I love how the first Real Englishman didn’t even slow down when he got kicked.


A Nobel Anti-Poverty Effort

This will bow the O-ring out of any remaining respect you might have for the Nobel Prize. O-Ring referring to the winner’s economic model, of course, and totally not to sodomy. So we are assured.

Esther Duflo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Esther Duflo is the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences and only the second woman. Duflo is a native of France and has been teaching economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1999.

Duflo was awarded the Nobel Prize on October 14, 2019, along with her husband, fellow MIT professor Abhijit Banerjee. Michael Kremer from Harvard University also shared the award.

That’s nice. Why should we care?

esther duflo

Whoa, that’s an amazing pedoface on… Ab.. Abhijit… Banarjoy Banerjee. A French chick and a pedo-dot-Indian? Are there no American economists worthy of teaching young Americans anymore?

Duflo, of course, set off the usual alarms for female privilege.

The three researchers are known for their anti-poverty research. They have conducted experiments in African nations and in India to determine how various factors, such as health care and education, could be improved to combat poverty. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences noted during the award ceremony that Duflo and the other two economists “have played key roles in transforming research on global poverty alleviation..

Here.s what you need to know.

What you need to know is that poverty has two causes: stupidity and government. Stupid people don’t clean their homes, live frugal and stay sober. Government either robs you of your property or prevents you from working.

See, poverty isn’t scarcity. A bad crop season or played-out mine is scarcity. But poverty is a lack of money, the medium of exchange. They’re related but not synonymous, which is why half the world survives on wages that would kill a Westerner. Also why, as in Venezuela, people can be destitute while squatting on an ocean of oil.

I just outperformed three nations’ worth of top experts on poverty, who think the cause is not enough government intervention. So has every counter monkey at McDonalds whose till balanced at the end of the day, because all three co-winners are lifetime residents of the academic Ivory Tower.

Esther Duflo was asked about how it felt to be the second woman to win the Nobel Prize for Economics during a phone call with the Academy shortly after she was announced as a winner. She said she felt “humbled” upon being selected for the reward and hopes to represent “all of the women in economics..

Duflo said she hopes that her win can inspire other women to continue their research. She added that she hopes professionals in the economics profession will treat women with more respect.

.We are a time when we are starting to realize in the profession that the way we conduct each other privately and publicly, is not conducive all the time to a very good environment for women. Showing that it is possible for a woman to succeed, and to be recognized for success, I hope is going to inspire many, many other women to continue working, and many other men to give them the respect they deserve, like every single human being..

Was she given the award specifically because she was not male, or was she given the award for achievements that have nothing to do with her gender and that she didn’t want to talk about?

Before getting Duflo on the phone, the representatives from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences discussed Duflo and her team’s research. The committee noted that more than 700 million people live in extreme poverty around the world and that a large portion of children in poverty leaves school without basic skills.

Michael Kremer found in his research that simply providing additional tools such as textbooks did not improve results. Duflo and Banerjee then conducted field experiments that found that matching the teaching to the children’s learning levels led to improved results; to explain, children should be taught .based on learning levels rather than age or grade.. This research, called “Teaching at the Right Level,. is now used in India to benefit more than 60 million students.

That’s an obvious, old educational principle. It’s also not economics. To answer my previous question, Duflo didn’t have any accomplishments to brag about, so she felt “humbled” to represent “all women” instead.

Esther Duflo and her husband, Abhijit Banerjee…

No sharing last names? Top billing to wifey?

…have collaborated multiple times in the course of their research. In 2011, they published “Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty.. The book has been translated into 17 languages and won the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award.

Duflo and Banerjee used the book to explain the results of their “hundreds of randomized control trials” analyzing why impoverished people make certain decisions and how those choices impacted the trajectory of their lives. A summary included on Duflo’s bio page on MIT explains:

.Through their work, Banerjee and Duflo look at some of the most surprising facets of poverty: why the poor need to borrow in order to save, why they miss out on free life-saving immunizations but pay for drugs that they do not need, why they start many businesses but do not grow any of them, and many other puzzling facts about living with less than 99 cents per day. POOR ECONOMICS argues that so much of anti-poverty policy has failed over the years because of an inadequate understanding of poverty..

Why the poor need to borrow in order to save” because government permits usury against them. Also, stupid.

Why they miss out on free life-saving immunizations but pay for drugs that they do not need” could be either stupidity or government wondering why normies don’t trust Socialist medicine.

Why they start many businesses but do not grow any of them“, government again. Those free, life-saving immunizations aren’t actually free, y’know.

POOR ECONOMICS argues that so much of anti-poverty policy has failed over the years because of an inadequate understanding of poverty.” The solution to government micromanagement is not government indoctrination. These chuckleheads won the Nobel Prize for discovering that the solution to poverty is reeducation camps for underperforming fools!

Smelling many rats in this, I dove deeper.


While [Duflo] believed [gender imbalances in Nobel Prize winners] was starting to change with a younger cohort of economists, it was “not happening fast enough,. and the field needed to make more progress in showing younger people that it was relevant to the problems they cared about.

The economist also said her profession lacked ethnic diversity.

Then quit your job, Duflo you Western European. Pajeet will happily import his cousin to replace you with.

The French-American Nobel laureate received the MacArthur “genius” Fellowship in 2009 and was named as one of the “forty under forty” most influential business leaders by Fortune magazine in 2010.

MacArthur Foundation is notoriously globalist. She certainly hasn’t missed any Narrative talking points in her acceptance rant.


Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee (born 21 February 1961) is an Indian-born American economist, who is the Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ford Foundation is another major Swamp funder. Magic dirt didn’t change Abhijit into Arthur.

He received his school education in South Point High School, a renowned educational institution in Kolkata. After his schooling, he took admission in the University of Calcutta in Presidency College, Kolkata where he completed his B.Sc.(H) degree in economics in 1981. Later, he completed his M.A. in economics at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi in 1983. During his JNU days, he was arrested and jailed in Tihar Jail during a protest after students ‘gheraoed’ the then Vice Chancellor PN Srivastava of JNU . He was released on bail and charges were dropped against the students. Later, he went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard University in 1988.

“Gheraoed” is a form of picketing that Americans would call unlawful confinement. Bit of a rabble-rouser, was he? *follows Wiki links* Banerjee was incarcerated on charges equivalent to sedition but was released on bail after ten days. Charges were dropped after a year. He claims he was protesting Leftists but seeing as he’s a hardline Leftist now, that dog doesn’t hunt. *GQ digs deeper*

Guess who else was arrested at that 1983 incident? India’s Defense Minister and current Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman.


Sitharaman had studied economics at JNU in the 80s, and gheraoed then vice-chancellor P.N. Shrivastava in 1983 as an activist of the Free Thinkers to protest disciplinary action against a student. The university had been temporarily closed because of the agitation.

That school closure for riot wasn’t mentioned in any bio of our Nobel Prize winner. The Free Thinkers, as far as I can determine, was/is a loosely organized yet vocal atheist organization. Although Nirmala went on to become a politician for the Hindu nationalists.

It is likely that Banerjee’s award-winning research on poverty in India is closely connected to his fellow detainee from university, India’s Minister of Finance.

Sigh, I thought I was going to plumb MIT’s Deep State with this post. Now I’m doing India’s instead.

Let’s move on to the third guy, the actual economics researcher, Michael Kremer.

Michael Kremer | Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University


Kremer, the Gates Professor of Developing Societies in the Department of Economics, shared the honor with Abhijit Banerjee, Ph.D. .88, and Esther Duflo of MIT. The award recognizes their work on reducing poverty by breaking down larger problems, such as deficiencies in education and child health, into component pieces, then designing targeted field experiments to determine the most effective solutions.

Breaking big problems into small problems? Is this a joke?

Kremer received both his 1985 undergraduate degree in social studies and 1992 Ph.D. in economics from Harvard. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship and a Presidential Faculty Fellowship. In 2010, he was named the Scientific Director of Development Innovation Ventures for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and in 2013-2014, a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

A career student, he has no idea how the real world works. That’s beneficial for the globalist designing a new economy for the world’s poor to “enjoy”. MacArthur Fellowship association confirms him for a globalist.

Duflo is also MacArthur Fellowship. Probably how they met.

.It can often seem like the problems of global poverty are intractable, but over the course of my lifetime and career, the fraction of the world’s people living in poverty has dropped dramatically,. said Kremer. .Over the years, we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work, and why. Governments and nonprofit organizations have become much more effective in addressing [poverty], and there is much wider recognition of how researchers and policymakers can work together in the fight against poverty..

As I mentioned at this post’s beginning, government is often the source of poverty, so we need a closer look at Kremer’s research. And what I found was remarkable.

O-ring theory of economic development


The O-ring theory of economic development is a model of economic development put forward by Michael Kremer in 1993, which proposes that tasks of production must be executed proficiently together in order for any of them to be of high value. The key feature of this model is positive assortative matching, whereby people with similar skill levels work together.

The name comes from the 1986 Challenger shuttle disaster, a catastrophe caused by the failure of a single O-ring.

Plausible but it’s also a sodomy reference, even back in 1993. Considering the source, a professional student funded by globalists and a policy designer for the world government, we can rule out the innocent explanation.

This is exactly the sort of confession that wicked men are compelled to make. They need to show the world how evil they are, in a way that the world won’t believe or will convince itself isn’t what it looks like.

Kremer thinks that the O-ring development theory explains why rich countries produce more complicated products, have larger firms and much higher worker productivity than poor countries.

Rich countries have people that are well-behaved under a government that doesn’t rob them blind. It’s that simple.

I won’t cover the actual model. It’s a lot of math that this trained mathematician can’t understand, probably because he isn’t supposed to understand it. My default position with any new economic model is that it exists only to make a simple situation difficult to prosecute, er, explain.

I’ll try to prove that by reviewing the summary.

There are several implications one can derive from this model:

1. Workers performing the same task earn higher wages in a high-skill firm than in a low-skill firm.

That sounds fishy. When I get paid a lot to do something routine, it’s usually incidental to what I’m actually paid to do. Hiring a day worker to keep my timesheet would be much more expensive than me doing it myself.

2. Wages will be more than proportionately higher in developed countries than would be assumed by measurements of skill levels;

Had he said “disposable income” then I’d be inclined to agree. The suck part of being poor is that most of your time gets spent treading water. As it stands, he sounds like he’s trying to justify the command-economy wet dream of dictating lawful wages from Moscow.

3. Workers will consider human capital investments in light of similar investments by those around them;

He’s making up new terms. Never a good sign in economics.

4. This model magnifies the effect of local bottlenecks which also reduce the expected returns to skill;

He keeps going back and forth between “skills” and “wages”. This really does sound like a command economy pig wearing a new, capitalist tutu. Skill X returning Z wages/returns on investment? That’s a uselessly massive oversimplification of workforce education. Any PhD who had to work a McJob as a graduate student should know this.

5. O-ring effects across firms can create national low-production traps.

If he means a local market failure, well, that’s the bane of command economies. It’s hard to see disaster coming when your only source of info is complaints from distant proletariats.

Capitalist economies correct themselves; socialist economies screw themselves.

You want to know how to prevent “O-Ring blowouts”, Kremer? Let the normal people rule themselves. A poor man, even a stupid man, is better off ignored by the government than micromanaged by the government.

But nothing I might say will convince this Ivy League Elite, who spent his entire life in a university bubble because he didn’t want to live an independent life, that leaving people free to fend for themselves is a successful economic model… one that doesn’t require a PhD making veiled jokes about anal sex to comprehend.

His more recent work is in vaccinations, which is curious behavior for an economist.

The World’s First Hookworm Vaccine

The Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Product Development Partnership is developing the world’s first hookworm vaccine for human use. The Sabin Institute was established in 2000 with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is the only Product Development Partnership in the world working to develop a vaccine for human hookworm infections.

The institute is receiving support from the European Commission FP7 program and uniting professionals from around the world to build research. This global consortium has been coined HOOKVAC and includes members from the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, England, Germany and Gabon. This project aims not only to perfect the manufacturing process of the vaccine, but also to increase and share research on NTDs [Neglected Tropical Diseases].

That doesn’t sound ominous. I didn’t even know a vaccine could kill an invasive organism.

Children and pregnant women are by far the most drastically affected by this disease. Children with long-standing blood loss from hookworm often experience sufficient mental and motor development delays. They can actually lose IQ points as well. These detrimental effects undoubtedly follow them into adulthood, making productivity more difficult.

We don’t need no stinkin’ men! There’s the first red flag that all is not well in Charity Town. “Sick children become unproductive adults” is perhaps more revealing of their motivations than this author intended.

The first clinical testing of the vaccine will take place in Sub-Saharan Africa once it is ready. Gabon’s Lamberene Research Centre will lead clinical testing in adults and children in Gabon, a region plagued with hookworm.

Punking Gawddamned Africa! You know what the Africans want? White Man to leave them alone! Let’s quarantine the continent and pretend it doesn’t exist for a thousand years. We’ve already dumped resources into Africa for centuries with nothing to show for it.

Do these people want to save millions of lives? Legalize DDT! Kill the mosquitoes and other parasites, don’t immunize the people so they can coexist.

The vaccine is being called the .anti-poverty. vaccine due to its vast potential to lower child mortality rates, save mothers in labor and improve health conditions for agricultural workers, who are the backbone of many poorer economies.

Children, women and… “agricultural workers” instead of men. These people aren’t trying to make Africa a better place, they’re trying to inoculate their would-be livestock against local pests.

That’s why a high-level economist is involved, to determine potential returns on investment.

Watch me outperform a Nobel Prize winner again: Give it up, Mike. Africa always wins and need I bring up the last time whites tried to make Negroes into a slave class? Bad idea, then and now.

Africa is a poor place because the people there are stupid and the governments are thieves. That doesn’t mean resources are scarce. Half the world lives on two cents a day, yet they live and occasionally thrive… because poverty is not necessarily a lack of life’s necessities.


Indigenous Ingrates

I celebrated Columbus Day by traveling for an extended weekend holiday. Got back to discover the anklebiting I knew was waiting for me. An Amerind professor at UNC-Chapel Hill is offered for my fisking.

Here’s the TL;DR on America’s indigenous peoples: they are ungrateful losers. They got a gold-plated opportunity to be part of the greatest nation ever in human history and instead of trading tepees for indoor plumbing, whined that their literally Stone Age non-civilization is no more. We gave them horses; no thanks. Metal goods; no thanks. Free, dual citizenship; no thanks. Christianity; ooh, they’re still hissy about that one. And when all that wasn’t enough, we gave them Indian casinos. Zero thanks.

Now, they want Christopher Columbus’ metaphorical scalp.

Why more places are abandoning Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day


By Malinda Maynor Lowery, Professor of History and Director, Center for the Study of the American South, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

No surprise that the university leading the charge (heh) to tear down Southern memorials believes that book-burning the 1860s is not enough. Although the real credit for starting this cultural arson probably belongs to my California. I’ll guess Berkeley just because reputation.

Increasingly, Columbus Day is giving people pause.

More and more towns and cities across the country are electing to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day as an alternative to . or in addition to . the day intended to honor Columbus. voyages.

Critics of the change see it as just another example of political correctness run amok . another flash point of the culture wars.

As a scholar of Native American history . and a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina . I know the story is more complex than that.

The growing recognition and celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day actually represents the fruits of a concerted, decades-long effort to recognize the role of indigenous people in the nation’s history.

Which is it, Malinda (correct name: Melinda)? Do you want to celebrate your people or do you want to remove Columbus from prominence? These don’t have to be exclusive goals. Had you declared Tuesday to be “Indigenous People Day” while keeping Monday “Columbus Day” then I wouldn’t care enough to fisk your article.

There’s room for both of us to have a day in the sun… unless you’re obsessed with identity politics and religiously committed to zero-sum methodologies, in which case you can’t boost “your people” without slandering and silencing “my people”.

That being the case, I opened up with my “ungrateful loser” broadside. Your rules are stupid, Malinda, but you run society and I don’t. These are the rules you wrote; feel free to have second thoughts.

Why Columbus?

Columbus Day is a relatively new federal holiday.

If we should get rid of Columbus Day because it’s relatively new then say goodbye to Indignant Parasites Day.

In 1892, a joint congressional resolution prompted President Benjamin Harrison to mark the “discovery of America by Columbus,. in part because of “the devout faith of the discoverer and for the divine care and guidance which has directed our history and so abundantly blessed our people..

You may have already noted that 1892 is the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ first voyage. That might be another part of the motivation for this pronouncement.

I give Malinda credit for providing many links in this article. Let’s follow this one down memory lane, to when our leaders were trustworthy servants of men and God.

Proclamation on the 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of America by Columbus

Whereas by a joint resolution approved June 29, 1892, it was resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.

That the President of the United States be authorized and directed to issue a proclamation recommending to the people the observance in all their localities of the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America, on the 21st of October, 1892, by public demonstrations and by suitable exercises in their schools and other places of assembly.

Not actually enforced until 1934.

Now, therefore, I, Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States of America, in pursuance of the aforesaid joint resolution, do hereby appoint Friday, October 21, 1892, the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America by Columbus, as a general holiday for the people of the United States. On that day let the people, so far as possible, cease from toil and devote themselves to such exercises as may best express honor to the discoverer and their appreciation of the great achievements of the four completed centuries of American life.

Not uniquely of Columbus, then. I hadn’t known that.

Columbus stood in his age as the pioneer of progress and enlightenment. The system of universal education is in our age the most prominent and salutary feature of the spirit of enlightenment, and it is peculiarly appropriate that the schools be made by the people the center of the day’s demonstration. Let the national flag float over every schoolhouse in the country and the exercises be such as shall impress upon our youth the patriotic duties of American citizenship.

Universal education… you’re losing me, President Harrison. WAS there ever a time when politicians were trustworthy servants of men and God?

In the churches and in the other places of assembly of the people let there be expressions of gratitude to Divine Providence for the devout faith of the discoverer and for the divine care and guidance which has directed our history and so abundantly blessed our people.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington, this 21st day of July, A.D. 1892, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and seventeenth.

Back to main article.

Europeans invoked God’s will to impose their will on indigenous people. So it seemed logical to call on God when establishing a holiday celebrating that conquest, too.

It was indeed God’s will to impose Christian morality upon you, both to rescue your souls and end your loathsome immoralities. You’re welcome. But if Christ had wanted you conquered and enslaved, your history in USA would have been much, MUCH different.

Of course, not all Americans considered themselves blessed in 1892. That same year, a lynching forced black journalist Ida B. Wells to flee her home town of Memphis.

A feminist agitator and pioneer of false rape accusations, to judge from her wikipedia profile. Even today, I have zero sympathy or patience for outspoken black women complaining about white man’s brutality. They all get treated worse by their boyfriends and love it.

And while Ellis Island had opened in January of that year, welcoming European immigrants, Congress had already banned Chinese immigration a decade prior, subjecting Chinese people living in the U.S. to widespread persecution.

Shut your hypocritical mouth, Malinda the Lumbee Tribe Amerind writing this article to justify replacing Columbus with her own people.

And then there was the government’s philosophy towards the country’s Native Americans, which Army Colonel Richard Henry Pratt so unforgettably articulated in 1892: “All the Indian there is in the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him, and save the man..

Who? *Checks wikipedia* Oh, wow. Colonel Pratt was a VERY interesting and relevant figure. Postscript at the end! For now, that quote of Pratt’s was NOT a call for genocide. It was a call for forcibly uplifting Amerinds out of their codependent squalor.

It took another 42 years for Columbus Day to formally become a federal holiday, thanks to a 1934 decree by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

He was responding, in part, to a campaign by the Knights of Columbus, a national Catholic charity founded to provide services to Catholic immigrants. Over time, its agenda expanded to include advocacy for Catholic social values and education.

When Italians first arrived in the United States, they were targets of marginalization and discrimination. Officially celebrating Christopher Columbus . an Italian Catholic . became one way to affirm the new racial order that would emerge in the U.S. in the 20th century, one in which the descendants of diverse ethnic European immigrants became “white” Americans.

I sometimes wonder if bringing Catholicism into an openly Protestant nation was an intentional act of destabilization on par with modern immivasion strategies. Glory to Christ, the attempt backfired hard with Joe McCarthy. Prots and Cats might not agree on the best way to run a government but we’re both enemies of the devil.

Indigenous people power

But some Americans started to question why Indigenous people . who.d been in the country all along . didn’t have their own holiday.

They had done nothing to celebrate. No great voyages, no achievements, no insights. We whites are willing to celebrate South American peoples such as the ancient Mayans with their remarkable stonework and mathematics/astronomy. But the Pueblos who painted with mud on the walls of their cave-homes? Not so much.

You want white man’s respect? Then DO SOMETHING.

In the 1980s, Colorado’s American Indian Movement chapter began protesting the celebration of Columbus Day. In 1989, activists in South Dakota persuaded the state to replace Columbus Day with Native American Day. Both states have large Native populations that played active roles in the Red Power Movement in the 1960s and 1970s, which sought to make American Indian people more politically visible.

Besides that!

As an aside, check out the official symbol of Red Power: bunny ears!

Or is it the Playboy symbol?

Then, in 1992, at the 500th anniversary of Columbus. first voyage, American Indians in Berkeley, California, organized the first “Indigenous Peoples. Day,. a holiday the city council soon formally adopted. Berkeley has since replaced its commemoration of Columbus with a celebration of indigenous people.

Heh, I wasn’t far wrong with my assumption of Berkeley kicking off this nonsense.

The holiday can also trace its origins to the United Nations. In 1977, indigenous leaders from around the world organized a United Nations conference in Geneva to promote indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. Their first recommendation was “to observe October 12, the day of so-called “discovery” of America, as an International Day of Solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.. It took another 30 years for their work to be formally recognized in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was adopted in September 2007.

Oh, look at that. The world government weaponized a pack of dissidents into agitating for what the world government just happened to already want. Viva la Prole!

Unexpected allies

Today, cities with significant native populations, like Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles, now celebrate either Native American Day or Indigenous Peoples Day.

That’s a lie. I know from personal history that there are no “significant native populations” in Los Angeles. Malinda is virtue-signaling to her REAL tribe, the International Communists.

And states like Hawaii, Nevada, Minnesota, Alaska and Maine have also formally recognized their Native populations with similar holidays. Many Native governments, like the Cherokee and Osage in Oklahoma, either don’t observe Columbus Day or have replaced it with their own holiday.

Like I said, they’re ingrates. If Europeans had never discovered the New World the Amerinds would be speaking Chinese right now… the ones left after multiple ethnic cleansings. Or perhaps the South Americans would have migrated north to win their hearts and minds.

Just last year, the town of Carrboro, North Carolina…

Near UNC-Chapel Hill, in fact.

…issued a resolution to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. The resolution noted the fact that the town of 21,000 had been built on indigenous land and that it was committed to .protect, respect and fulfill the full range of inherent human rights,. including those of indigenous people.

Shrug, okay. Send in the National Guard to imprison all city aldermen and government officials who ever served in the town government for massive violations of human rights.

Of course, that wasn’t what they meant. Here’s a group photo of the Carrboro, NC alder-“men”:

They’re so obsessed with feelings and care-based morality that they didn’t notice they signed a confession to receiving stolen goods.

While Columbus Day affirms the story of a nation created by Europeans for Europeans, Indigenous Peoples Day emphasizes Native histories and Native people . an important addition to the country’s ever-evolving understanding of what it means to be American.

And that’s what this is all about. Fools like Malinda fantasize about a world in which the United States, and the Christian nations that led to its creation, never existed, and dream of the day when our skulls pave the road to victory for the World Government.


Richard Henry Pratt as a lieutenant. Wikipedia gives his history:

At the outbreak of the American Civil War Pratt enlisted in the 9th Indiana Infantry Regiment. After his first three-month term expired he re-enlisted as a sergeant with the 2nd Regiment Indiana Cavalry and saw action at the Battle of Chickamauga. While on a recruiting detail in Indiana during the winter of 1863-1864 Pratt met Anna Mason. They were married on April 12, 1864. Eight days later he was commissioned as a first lieutenant with the 11th Regiment Indiana Cavalry. He served in administrative roles for the remainder of the war and was mustered out of the Volunteer Service on May 29, 1865 at the rank of captain. He became a companion of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States – a military society for officers who had served the Union during the Civil War.

Pratt returned to Logansport, Indiana to be reunited with Anna and ran a hardware store. After two years in the hardware business, he re-entered the Army in March 1867 as Second Lieutenant in the 10th United States Cavalry, an African-American regiment composed of black men, including some who were recently freed from slavery famously known as the “Buffalo Soldiers” at Fort Sill in the Oklahoma Territory.

Pratt’s long and active military career included eight years in the great plains, which involved participation in some of the signal conflicts with Native Americans of the southern plains, including the Washita campaign of 1868.1869 and the Red River War of 1874.1875. The winter of 1874-1875 caused many hostiles to surrender to their Indian Agents and Pratt was responsible for gathering testimony for and against the worst offenders. He worked directly with interpreters and prisoners to clear as many charges as possible.

This is the man Malinda quoted as a hate-spewing racist. That’s not just wrong, it’s 180 degrees from right.

After the Indian wars subsided President Grant’s Attorney General concluded that a state of war could not exist between a nation and its wards therefore the prisoners would be sent as prisoners of war for permanent imprisonment at Fort Marion. Pratt was chosen to lead the prisoners because he had much experience with Indians and interpreters from working on their cases. His orders were extremely vague so after he requested further authority over the prisoners he began to experiment with education. In the 1870s at Fort Marion, Florida, he introduced classes in the English language, art, guard duty, and craftsmanship to several dozen prisoners who had been chosen from among those who had surrendered in the Indian Territory at the end of the Red River War.

On November 1, 1879, he founded the Carlisle Indian Industrial School at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the first of many nonreservation boarding schools for Native Americans.

His signature achievement.

Pratt’s practice of Americanization of Native Americans by cultural assimilation, which he effected both at Fort Marion and Carlisle, was later regarded by some as a form of cultural genocide. He believed that to claim their rightful place as American citizens, Native Americans needed to renounce their tribal way of life, convert to Christianity, abandon their reservations, and seek education and employment among the “best classes” of Americans. In his writings he described his belief that the government must “kill the Indian…to save the man”.

…Pratt became an outspoken opponent of tribal segregation on reservations. He believed the system as administered and encouraged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs was hindering the education and civilization of Native Americans and creating helpless wards of the state. These views led to conflicts with the Indian Bureau and the government officials who supported the reservation system. In May 1904, Pratt denounced the Indian Bureau and the reservation system as a hindrance to the civilization and assimilation of Native Americans. This controversy, coupled with earlier disputes with the government over civil service reform, led to Pratt’s forced retirement as superintendent of the Carlisle School on June 30, 1904.

Analysis: true. It’s always a mistake to create a new government agency with wide-ranging powers, and task it to preserve the status quo forever.

But Pratt was also disastrously wrong. We didn’t owe the Amerinds anything but the opportunity to be Americans. Like Christianity, that isn’t something that can be forced, excuse me, “educated” upon a person.

The races of men are fundamentally different. Pratt’s own Carlisle School gave the proof of it.


The Carlisle Indian School was a well-spring for the Society of American Indians, the first Indian rights organization created by and for Indians. The Society was a group of about fifty prominent Native American intelligentsia who exchanged views collectively confronting their tribes and gave birth to Pan-Indianism. The organization was influenced by the Carlisle experience and dedicated to self-determination and preserving Native American culture. From 1911 to 1923, the Society was forefront in the fight for Indian citizenship and the passage of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924.

That Act is what granted automatic dual citizenship for Amerinds. They learned our system then used our system to agitate for gimmiedats.

Carlisle was created with the explicit goal of assimilating Native Americans into mainstream European-American culture. “The goal of acculturation was to be accomplished by “total immersion” in the white man’s world.” Pratt founded Carlisle to immerse Native American children in mainstream culture and teach them English, new skills, and customs. Pratt’s slogan was “to civilize the Indian, get him into civilization. To keep him civilized, let him stay.“[citation needed] Pratt’s approach was harsh but an alternative to the commonly-held goal of extermination of Native Americans. A positive outcome of a Carlisle education was the student’s increased multilingualism.

The boldfaced is the fire in which America burns. We let all these people in and they hang us with our own rope, as predicted by a very evil yet very smart person.

While assimilation was a crucial part of the Carlisle School’s plan, it was also looked at controversially by some Native Americans who felt they were pushed to marry interracially. As Katherine Ellinghaus notes in her book, “There was considerable resistance to the school’s unspoken policy regarding interracial marriage.”

A reasonable complaint. I wouldn’t enjoy that situation, either.

Exterminating the other races is wrong and presuming them to be equals is stupid. It’s a thorny problem that even God pointed out with the metaphor of mixed iron and clay.

All children who attended Carlisle were subjected to “militaristic regimentation and disciplines,” such as cutting of their hair, changing their dress, diets, names, and learning unfamiliar conceptions of space and time. They were also forced to let go of their cultural gender roles, and assimilate to what white men believed they should do in society. Native women traditionally held important political, social and economic power within their communities, as most Native cultures promoted gender equality, and this was disrupted at Carlisle.

News flash, my headdress homies: your gender equality was why you were living in mud huts while we conquered oceans. It’s hard to believe that gender equality was accepted in a society that depended daily on male strength to lift rocks and hunt meat, but the Amerinds handled female inferiority the same way we “Euros” handle it today: by promoting women to the top as quickly as possible:

Some Cherokee women also attained the rank of chief. “They were not, as Euro-Americans imagine, merely chattel, servants to man, wives, and mothers.” It wasn’t uncommon for Native women to be warriors, statesmen, religious leaders, and shamans (the equivalent of doctors). Carlisle instructors forced the women to learn the industrial and domestic skills appropriate to European American gender roles. For many of them, this cultural assault led to confusion, alienation, homesickness and resentment.

They meant “resentment, resentment, resentment and penis envy”. Cultures can vary but Original Sin unites us all.

During the first few weeks at Carlisle, when the Lakota and Dakota greatly outnumbered all other tribes, it was discovered that Cheyennes and Kiowas were learning to speak Lakota and Dakota. After that, English was the only language permitted on the campus. Dormitory rooms held three or four each, and no two students from the same tribe were permitted to room together. The plan helped in the rapid acquisition of English, and although some were hereditary foes, Pratt believed the Indian students to be less inclined to quarrel than most white children. However, there were consequences.

Aww, the entry doesn’t elaborate on those “consequences”. Although we can easily guess at the gaps between “we forced hereditary foes to bunk together” and “they united against us when we gave them the chance”.

It’s funny except these Progressives were honestly surprised at that outcome. To this day, and every day they ever tried, despite every precedent lining up the exact same way like lodestone, they’ve always been surprised to discover that human nature cannot be freely altered by Ivory Tower eggheads and their jackbooted thugs.

Luther Standing Bear was called to the superintendent’s office and asked him if it was a good idea to get some Indian boys from the reservation and put them in school with white boys, expecting that the Indian boys would learn faster by such an association. Luther agreed that it might be a good plan, so a permit was received from Washington. Sixty boys from Pine Ridge were mixed with 60 European-American boys. Teachers had hoped the Indians would learn the English language faster by this arrangement. “But lo and behold, the white boys began learning the Sioux language.” The program was discontinued.

White men lack the “my race right or wrong” gene. That plus enough intelligence to be curious… and self-delusional… can become an existential problem.

Luther Standing Bear got a mixed reception at home on the reservation. Some were proud of his achievements while others did not like that he had “become a white man.”

Even when the State succeeded in reprogramming an individual, that didn’t guarantee a happy life.

Exposure to “white men’s diseases”, especially tuberculosis, was a major health problem on the reservation as well as the East. During the years of operation, hundreds of children died at Carlisle. Most died from infectious diseases common in the early 20th Century that killed many children. More than 180 students were buried in the Carlisle Indian School Cemetery.

Disease is another reason to not race-mix. Only by grace of God has there not yet been a super-plague in this era of aviation.

Beginning in the early 1900s, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School began to diminish in relevance. With growth of more localized private and government reservation schools in the West, children no longer needed to travel to a distant Eastern school in Pennsylvania. … In 1914, a Congressional investigation focused on management at the School and the out-sized role played by athletics.

Some things never change.

On the morning of September 1, 1918, a transfer ceremony took place. The American flag was lowered for the last time at the Carlisle Indian School and presented to Major A.C. Backmeyer, who raised it again over the new U.S. Army Base Hospital Number 31.

Today, instead of enjoying the choice of living in self-sufficient communities or being participants in the United States, the welfare-dependent Amerinds work the system Pratt taught them to use for all it’s worth… hating us for all the good we ever did them.

Particularly their women, who hated being taught to respect and honor men.

Which explains Malinda’s disgust for the Colonel who gave her people the keys to the kingdom.


Hooray! Power Outages!

Great news for liberty: California’s Pacific Gas & Electric Company is voluntarily shutting off power to upwards of a million people. This is the one step that tyrannical government must not take: “you are on your own even though you pay the highest tax rate in the nation”. They are literally forcing huge numbers of people to become independent of their control, forcing hundreds of thousands to accept that Big Brother is a tax-thieving bully.

They are wising up the chumps against the chumps’ own will. The first step of victory! I’ve been waiting a very long time to see civil disobedience begin in Commiefornia.

The cause of this “precautionary” power shutoff is easy to explain. PG&E is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy because of punitive lawsuits over recent major fires such as the one that destroyed Paradise. (Never mind that the access road to Paradise had been intentionally narrowed by Sacramento to discourage driving, which was the main factor in the evacuation’s failure.)

PG&E is turning off the power because if their equipment sparks one more fire then they will be sued into literal oblivion whether or not they’re liable. It’s that simple. Between the gov’t taxing people into poverty and the gov’t refusing to provide infrastructure at their personal convenience, it’s a good day to be a scofflaw prepper.

Of course, SJWs always lie, double down and project. A threefer just in the title:

Editorial: Don’t just blame PG&E for the Northern California blackouts. It’s everyone’s fault


10 October 2018

Millions of Californians lost power Wednesday in the first large-scale exercise of one of the state’s new wildfire-fighting tools: allowing utilities to shut down power lines proactively so they can’t spark fires.

Most of the people affected by the blackouts are in Northern California, where strong Diablo winds have been forecast, raising the threat of wildfires from downed or malfunctioning Pacific Gas & Electric lines. But Southern California Edison warned that some customers in its Southern California services areas, including Los Angeles County, might have their power cut as well. And about 30,000 customers were without power in San Diego County.

The blackouts have been challenging, to be sure, disrupting lives, snarling traffic, making communications more difficult and potentially endangering vulnerable Californians. Public schools and universities in affected areas shut down for the day. Anxieties have been exacerbated by the lack of concrete details about when and where the blackouts will occur, and when the power might return. And things might get worse before they get better.

The experience has many people shaking their fists at PG&E, the utility that Californians love to hate.

That was a tie between Comcast and Verizon, last I checked. But this is Los Angeles. A little-known fact: for many years, the LA City Council has tried to extort money from its Department of Water & Power, an astonishingly well-run utility company. More here:


…but suffice to say, the SJWs writing this article love to hate their home version of PG&E for not cosigning the next $50b of LA City loans. Projection.

The way many people see it, this is a crisis created entirely by a financially and morally bankrupt utility whose penny-pinching on maintenance opened the door to the catastrophic fires that razed neighborhoods and killed dozens of people. And now the utility, it seems, is inflicting misery on millions of Californians just to avoid incurring more fire liability.

Fire liability that the State saddled them with, our noble legislators having fatal allergies to being held responsible. One of the ACTUAL causes of these fires is that California has too many trees–roughly double what it had in 1850. Are more trees and fewer fires ALWAYS a good idea? Well, no. But the eco-Nazis won’t hear a word.

Certainly, the state’s largest utility must be held to account for its negligence and its failure to maintain the far-flung lines that have sparked so many fires.

Because the alternative is holding the micromanaging eco-Nazis to account and we can’t have that. See, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti just got elected (yesterday, in fact) to the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, “a network of the world’s largest cities committed to acting on climate change” per


so his political career would suffer a major setback if he was forced, as Climate Change Chairman, to cut down and burn California’s forests back to historically sustainable levels. Only humans can be cut down and burned!

So, too, can it be faulted for giving customers in the blackout areas insufficient notice and shutting off power well before the big winds blew in.

That’s a lie. Weather is not that easily predicted and it’s the State (and journalists, hint hint, LA Times) that didn’t tell people that their utilities can now be shut off at any time for lawsuit liability avoidance.

We have lies and projection. We only need doubling down to make the SJW trifecta!

But it’s not fair to lay our current predicament entirely at its feet. This bitter meal has been years in the making by many cooks.

It wasn’t PG&E officials who approved housing developments in high-risk areas. In fact, the utility can’t say no to serving those homes, no matter how great the fire risk. The utility also doesn’t make decisions about how the vegetation around their customers. houses and the forests nearby are managed. Nor is it the utility’s fault that human-caused climate change has created conditions that fuel massive wildfires. That’s a disgrace we all own.

Do you know why they live far away, Costal Elites? Because your urban planning thwarted their efforts to live near. You won’t let them live in rural areas and drive up the costs in urban areas. I think you just don’t like people.

Besides, as disruptive as these outages are, they may save lives. Gov. Gavin Newsom acknowledged as much, even as he said Californians “should be outraged” by them.

Saving lives is outrageous!

Of course Californians must not accept blackouts as the new normal every time the winds blow. But until we make the changes in land use and fire safety needed to ensure that utility lines won’t trigger the sort of devastation that leveled the town of Paradise last year, power shutdowns will be our collective cross to bear.

Their word, not mine! We MUST not accept blackouts as the new normal because if we do, then we’ll be motivated to become independent of Commiefornia overlords. The real problem here is not that hundreds of thousands of voters are suffering–their votes don’t count for jack–it’s that hundreds of thousands of slaves might decide to learn independent living methods.

And that is an endgame defeat scenario for parasitic homosexual micro-tyrants.


Baptist ERLC Solicits A New Christian Theology From A Jesuit

At their recent conference, the Southern Baptists’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s executive committee produced a report on civility, or more specifically, how evangelical Christians can use their faith to make democracy work. It is hard to imagine a more clear usurpation of the Church’s function, which is to glorify God… not to create or support a specific type of society. Chinese, Indians, Italians and Americans can all make Christian societies that retain major cultural differences from each other.

But “Democracy” is so special that supporting it is a major goal of SBC leaders. Let’s dig into the report, archived here for your convenience and because I don’t expect the Cloudfront server I found it at will be accessible long-term. It’s rather long so the excerpts I select for fisking will include page numbers.

Faith and Healthy Democracy

Click to access ERL9025_CivilityReport_092619.pdf

Click to access erl9025_civilityreport_092619.pdf

by Paul D. Miller, lead researcher

Paul D. Miller (@PaulDMiller2) | Twitter

I see warning signs, especially in the eyes. His background is… huh, he’s a professor of international affairs at Georgetown University. The Jesuits have been coming up in the news a lot lately, and not in Christ-friendly contexts.

That’s a huge red flag: a non-Christian studying how Christians should behave… for the benefit of democracy? On behalf of the Southern Baptist leadership?


In June 2017 a gunman opened fire on a group of Republican Congressman, nearly killing one. Just over a year later, several pipe bombs were mailed to prominent Democratic officials, including former President Barack Obama. In recent years Americans have attacked and killed fellow Americans at synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway, a gay nightclub in Orlando, and a church in Charleston because of political, religious, or ethnic differences. In June 2018, 31 percent of respondents in a Rasmussen poll believed civil war was likely to break out within the next five years.

One of these is not like the others. One of these involves ordinary Americans AND is peaceful AND a polite yet justified complaint of pessimism about the future… AND is what the ERLC has a problem with. It wouldn’t do to condemn all Muslims for one guy shooting up a gay bar, now would it?

Some observers warn that democracy cannot survive a wholesale loss of faith in one another, in public persuasion, and in the rules of democratic politics.

Yes. They are absolutely correct for obvious reasons. ALL group interactions become hostile, if not impossible, in the absence of mutual trust.

That conclusion might be overdrawn.the United States did, in fact, survive the 1790s and 1960s (and, barely, the 1860s).but it is also unnecessary. We do not have to believe that democracy is on its last legs to want it to see better days.

Don’t change the subject and don’t claim an answer to an existential criticism is unnecessary. Are those “some observers” right or wrong, Miller?

Waiting for an apocalyptic crisis is a dereliction of the duties of citizenship, a form of national procrastination that is both cause and evidence of the state of the public square. Christians can and should desire a better public square, and we can and should bear public witness for that goal. Christians are called to love our neighbors; we are called to “seek the peace and prosperity of the city” in which we sojourn (Jeremiah 29:7) [similar verses omitted]

Dumbass. The reason anybody looks forward to a civil war at all is because we have become non-participants in our society. We have no say in the government, in the corporate-dominated marketplace and our SJW-infested church who thinks it’s a Christian problem that our society might not continue its democracy-fueled death spiral.

I think this was JFK: “Those who make peaceful revolt impossible make violent revolt inevitable.”

[p2]This report was supported by the Fetzer Institute to contribute to a healthy democracy in America. The Fetzer Institute is devoted to “helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world.” It is not a Christian organization, but it shares with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) a concern for a healthy public square, which we both believe is informed by the unique resources of faith communities.

Why did this ERLC production partner with a non-Christian organization to research a new Christian policy? No God-fearing Christian ever uses the phrase “faith communities”.

The Fetzer Institute is…

Holy Shit.

…a Satanic organization dedicated to the creation of the World Religion. Zero hyperbole in that statement. Let’s segue to their brochure on Theory of Change:

Click to access Fetzer%20Theory%20of%20Change%201.14.19.pdf

The bottom sentences read “aligned narratives grounded in particular paths” and “building blocks of the New Narrative”

By providing a rationally and emotionally compelling personal and global vision, the New Narrative will become a powerful force drawing new members into the global
movement. …


“Faith traditions” meaning currently existing religions.

The global movement’s strategy for engaging the faith traditions must be informed by three realities of our current world. First, each of the traditions provides practices and paths that lead to profound life-affirming personal transformation. Second, each of the traditions also contains extremist, dogmatic, and life-denying paths that contribute to many of the world’s most intractable problems and conflicts. And third, for the foreseeable future, a solid majority of people in the world will be on spiritual paths within one of the traditions. Two key conclusions follow:

. The movement will never reach critical mass to drive significant global transformation without broad participation from within the traditions. Thus, the movement must have an energetic and effective strategy to engage large numbers of people within the traditions.

I’ve never heard Convergence stated so clearly.

. To increase the traditions. positive contribution to life-affirming personal and
societal transformation, the movement must support those within each tradition, and particularly those leaders within each tradition, who are trying to shift the tradition.s
center of gravity away from extremist and life-denying dogma toward the direct,
transformative experience of Spirit.

I hadn’t yet found the words to explain Greear’s Gospel heresy. Any path to God’s power that doesn’t go through Christ is an obvious heresy but the details escaped me… there were threads I wasn’t holding. But using ‘Gospel’ as a synonym for the Fetzer Institute’s global narrative of “Spirit” explains the heresy perfectly. Greear is not just a resource-sucking parasite, he’s twisting the work of God into the New Narrative, the work of Spirit.

The ERLC is devoted to, .engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ and speaking to issues in the public square for the protection of religious liberty and human flourishing.” The Fetzer Institute sought to learn more about how American evangelical Christians might contribute to healing political and cultural divides in America. Secondly, and relatedly, this initiative also aims to identify gaps in Americans. civic education and civic practice and to suggest ways to fill that gap. We hope to engage Christians on what healthy democratic participation looks like: how do we love our neighbors politically, and how might our faith lead us to advocate for human flourishing in the public square?

Our “faith” is going to get a lot of people killed in the near future. Us Christians first, for rejecting Satan, and then the rest of humanity for rejecting Christ.

The ERLC commissioned a public opinion poll (see Appendix B). A team of researchers conducted several dozen interviews with evangelical thought leaders (see Appendix C) and consulted academic and historical work on evangelicals and American politics (see Appendix D). This team talked and debated amongst one another. And we prayed for wisdom.

Again, one of those things is not like the others.

“Thought leaders” is a phrase straight from the Fetzer Institute literature.

[p7]Civility is not the most important virtue of public life: justice has a good claim to that. As several of our interviewees told us, there is a time and place for incivility when fighting injustice (war is uncivil yet, sometimes, just).

That’s right, you bitch. Sometimes justice is more important than being civil.

But civility is a proxy variable, an indicator of the health or illness of the body politic. .The essence of civility is not spinelessness but self-control,. according to Bruce Ashford, professor, dean, and provost at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, .it is the capacity to show love and grace particularly when we disagree with others and even when we dislike them..

A proxy variable? So, not a virtue at all, just an indicator of mob psychology? Then you should not be trying to affect civility directly at all. That ruins its value as an indicator as surely as wiping your fingerprints off a knife ruins its value as evidence in a criminal trial.

And civility not being a virtue, is not a Christian priority.

I checked on Bruce Ashford. He writes very Tradcon; hates Marxism, which is good, but at best he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Civility is especially important because we live in a pluralistic democracy: we share government with people with whom we disagree. In normal times, we can and should expect civility from our fellow citizens. The absence of it is a warning, a symptom of some broader and deeper ailment. Civility is the proverbial canary in the coalmine: when it dies, we know there is poison in the air. The point is not the canary, but what its demise tells us. The goal of this report is not to perform CPR on a dead canary, but an autopsy. What killed American public discourse?

Elites locking us normies out of the halls of power killed American discourse. When our opinions, votes and donations ceased to influence the behavior of our institutions and leaders, we got cranky about it and started wishing for an alternative. Seriously, Miller, you wonder why the little people are pissed these days while authoring a paper on how to manipulate our political behavior?

Another worrying feature of today’s public square is evangelicals. felt need to mask or disguise their beliefs in public. Over half of evangelicals report that they do not reveal their political beliefs in environments where those beliefs are unpopular. Over a third said they simply ignore disagreeable political comments in conversation rather than engaging them. David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group, shared that his own research found that evangelicals are “least likely to say that they could have a natural, normal conversation with someone who is different than they are,. compared to other religious groups. Interestingly, hiding one’s political beliefs was associated with higher levels of incivility in LifeWay’s civility index (see below), suggesting that evangelicals. habit of hiding their beliefs actively harms their public witness and the public square.

…Incidents such as Brendan Eich’s resignation as CEO of Mozilla in 2014 after a public pressure campaign highlighted his views against gay marriage likely shape evangelicals. perception of the dangers of expressing their beliefs.

Blatant indicators of Christian persecution in USA flew straight over the head of this mouthpiece for the freakin’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

[p13]One reason we so readily immerse ourselves in our media bubbles is to find reassurance amidst a morally confusing world, which points to another major factor in the breakdown of the American public square: the loss of moral consensus in American society. The United States has experienced a profound religious and cultural shift in the past century or so. Earlier in American history, the United States could be seen as a kind of Christendom, broadly understood as a civilization shaped by the norms, symbols, and rhetoric of Christianity. That is not to claim all or most people were Christians, that official Christianity was necessarily correct or heartfelt, or that Christianity superseded secular cultural sources (like the Enlightenment). We simply recognize that Protestantism used to have an undisputed place as the privileged religion in the United States and that it provided much of the framework for moral and political discourse. (This raises the fraught question of whether the United States is or ever could be usefully described as a “Christian nation,. which we address in the closing pages of this report).

A Christian would not write that. There is ONE standard of morality, written by God our Creator. All others are fabrications or approximations.

The Constitution was written by God-fearing men to implement Christ’s teachings upon the limited roles of government and sanction for men to worship Christ (not all religions) free of government interference. This very paper turns that on its head.

Whether or not the American version of Christendom was good, bad, or a hypocritical fa?ade is beside the point.

I can’t believe this paper is written by and for the Southern Baptist leadership.

Some celebrated the ways that a Christianized public culture helped create a presumption against some forms of injustice. Others argued that it just as often functioned to excuse or bless other kinds of injustice (especially slavery and racism).and, besides, confused the gospel with political theory. For our purposes, we note that public Christianity played an important social function: It provided a point of moral consensus. It contributed to the public a common language with shared meanings (alongside secular sources, such as Enlightenment thought).

Good luck creating a pan-religious world government that offers anything like a moral consensus. On second thought, we already know what this looks like. For the atheist, moral consensus is twofold:

  1. Whatever the government says you should do. (Applies to other people.)
  2. Whatever you can get away with. (Applies to you.)

Scholars and statesmen could debate justice because they had a common heritage defining what the word meant, or at least offering a shared history of a debate about its meaning. No longer: today, neither Christianity nor the Enlightenment provides a common frame of moral reference for public discussion. As Michael Wear, a former Obama administration official and Founder of Public Square Strategies, told us, .we don’t even share a common moral language anymore.” We not only disagree on which immigration policy is most just; we cannot agree on what “justice” means, or even if there is such a thing.

Yes, because we have abandoned God. So much for secular Enlightenment principles.

[p18]Human beings are social and political animals. We are made for community. When we lose one kind of community, we invent others to take its place.

Yes, and…

[p19]Polarization in voting behavior and among elected officials is only one part of the tribalization of American politics. More worrying is our tendency to sift ourselves into geographically-distinct, politically- and culturally-homogenous neighborhoods and even states in what amounts to “the Big Sort,. as journalist Bill Bishop dubbed it.16 It is good civic hygiene to know and befriend people of a different race, religion, and income level, but Americans are increasingly choosing to live in neighborhoods and go to schools and churches where we never have to meet them. Such homogenization has political consequences.

…no? Dumbass, that’s normal human behavior BY YOUR OWN OBSERVATION! We want to live among people we have common ground with, in order to have nice things like moral consensus.

Miller outlined the globalist agenda of miscegenating humanity physically, politically and culturally, so that we’ll be at each other’s throats unless Big Brother tells us how we should live. He agrees with the social experimenters who are INTENTIONALLY destabilizing societies across the world… mass migration is a major step in that plan.

In this report, we want to discern how evangelicals can help improve the public square. Before we can do that, we need to take the temperature of American evangelicals, to put our finger on the pulse of our community, especially regarding our political beliefs and behavior. We need to establish a baseline of what our co-religionists feel and believe about politics and religion and what sort of behavior these beliefs foster.

Evangelicals are comfortable with the idea that their faith informs their politics. Between 75 and 85 percent said the Bible informed their political views; that they look for biblical principles to apply in political issues; and that their faith influences how they engage others politically. Over half said that the teachings of their local church or a prominent Christian leader influenced their political views. But these are, again, self-reported figures. Some of our interviewees suggested they saw little evidence that we evangelicals are truly or rightly influenced by our faith in the public square.

Again, I can’t believe what I’m reading in this official Baptist publication. Since when did Bible-Belt Christians, of all people, ever prohibit God’s will from influencing their politics?

The Fetzer Institute believes the purpose of religion is self-actualization and positive vibes. Father God has a rather different opinion.

[p27]In this section, we begin to sketch out the outlines of an approach to politics that we hope can appeal across these divides. What should a Christian public witness look like? How can evangelicals work to improve our public witness, love our neighbors politically, and seek the prosperity of our city? …

First, it is extremely difficult to forge a consensus among evangelicals on specific political issues. It is not terribly difficult to find consensus among white Christians, or among black Christians.but it is extraordinarily difficult to find consensus across racial and ethnic lines.

Miller, do you even read what you write? You have discovered that the most natural way for people to live is among the like-minded and genetically similar. Yes, it will be very hard to impose unnatural behaviors upon people… by definition. But hope for twisting human nature into arbitrary shapes springs eternal!

[P30]Third, the problem is not that we lack a proper political theology, or that we need more academic theological work done. Theologians and Christian scholars have done an extraordinary job of exploring the intersection of Christianity and politics (see Appendix D). But the lived political theology in the pews does not reflect the academic theology taught in our seminaries and published by our presses. There is a disconnect between what scholars and theologians are writing about politics and what is practiced in the pews. Evangelicals are taking their political cue from elsewhere.


Our interviewees regularly returned to the idea that human dignity and human flourishing should be the central organizing concept for Christian politics.

That is blasphemy. More than that, it’s the Fetzer Institute again. The resources of Christianity must be Converged away from worship of God to the self-actualization of humanity.

About 90 percent of the survey respondents agreed that their political views are informed by the idea that every human being has equal and inherent dignity. God made humanity uniquely in his image. He desires our life and our flourishing; and so should we. The biblical idea of love (agape) means working for the good and flourishing of another.

No. Being made in God’s image does not give us dignity. In fact, nowhere in Scripture is dignity a virtue. And don’t get me started on ANY kind of suggestion that God wants us to think highly of ourselves.

God does not even desire our life. He has sworn to kill us: “It is appointed to men once to die and then to face Judgment.”

[p32]Centering our political thought on justice understood as human flourishing helps us guard against the political idolatries of the left and right, for whom equality and liberty are the central organizing principles, respectively.

That’s Phase 1 of the Revolution. I quote Robespierre for Phase 2: “If the basis of popular government in peacetime is virtue, the basis of popular government during a revolution is both virtue and terror; virtue, without which terror is baneful; terror, without which virtue is powerless. Terror is nothing more than speedy, severe and inflexible justice; it is thus an emanation of virtue; it is less a principle in itself, than a consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing needs of the patrie [homeland, fatherland].” Or the democracy, one supposes.

Miller has abandoned Christ for a 200 year-old abomination of Enlightenment humanism. But he’ll succeed where his predecessors failed because THEY didn’t believe enough! Didn’t try hard enough!

Daisy Dukes: Superman: Billion Dollar Limited (1942) | On Falcons:

[p47]The institutions of democracy depend on certain social, cultural, and economic conditions to thrive, like respect for the rule of law, honesty, an ethic of voter participation, and more. Unfortunately, American Christians have often operated under a misguided theory of what those preconditions are. This is where the second issue comes in. There is a long tradition of American Christian thought that argues the preconditions of democracy are either British culture or Protestant Christianity, or both. That viewpoint confuses the origins of liberal democracy (in 18th century Protestant Britain) with its necessary preconditions. Neither Britishness nor Protestantism are necessary for democracy to exist, to which a widespread and robust tradition of non-western democracy attests. And the viewpoint is not only wrong, it is damaging: at its worst, this line of thinking exaggerates the importance of (white) British culture and can lead to white supremacy, as we’ve already discussed.

Et tu, Protestant? I notice Miller said Protestantism wasn’t necessary for democracy but stopped just a little shy of saying we’d be better off without it… while saying we WOULD be better off without white people culture.

Our own people hate us whites. Why? What was our crime?

I agree that democracy is not a Western Protestant invention; it began in ancient Greece for us and was surely practiced earlier. And it failed, every single time. As soon as the people begin voting themselves money out of the tax revenue, kaboom.

[p47 cont.]But even the more benign form of this argument, emphasizing Christianity rather than British culture, results in a kind of Christian nationalism that ends up harming, not helping, democracy in America. It is harmful in several ways. This viewpoint can end up harming the principle of religious freedom by trying to give Christianity a legal preference.which is helpful for neither the church nor the state. This view can also devolve into a form of identity politics for Christians, which is a fundamentally selfish form of politics: if Christians should be known for loving their neighbors and working for the common flourishing of all, asking for privileged status for ourselves does the opposite.

Unbelievable. Christianity MUST be given a privileged status in society because we are correct and all other religions are wrong! If we do not insist upon the truth then we will get nothing but lies! We can tolerate the existence of those other religions, at least to a point, but the very first Commandment is that Christ comes FIRST! No other gods are His equal and we shall never claim so, on pain of divine Treason!

[p48]Setting history aside, a political agenda of making America into a Christian nation is politically counterproductive. It is simplistic to assume that our various political issues would be easily or smoothly resolved following a revival of Christianity in America, especially considering how rarely Christians agree among ourselves about politics. There are far more, and more complex, dynamics at work (as covered in this report) that have brought our current political crisis about than a simple tale of America’s spiritual decline and fall.


In the meantime, trying to root American democracy in one particular identity, even a Christian identity, fundamentally misunderstands the ideals of the American experiment.

YOU have misunderstood that experiment, Miller. It was never about democracy. Mob rule. The lowest common denominator of the human soul’s corrupted urges.

It would serve to undermine, not strengthen, democracy in America by exacerbating our culture war and trying, fruitlessly, to work against the established pluralism of American life in favor of an illiberal, “Christian” solution. A healthy culture for democracy in American will include Christians who are comfortable with and supportive of “confident pluralism,. and “faithful presence..

Nobody who talks like this can possibly believe that Christ Jesus is the Son of God.

Initial Recommendations


1. Get news from print media.

It is good civic hygiene to stay informed about current events. TV and social media are very bad at this. They seem better suited to entertainment and superficial connection with friends, respectively. Avoid TV news and talk shows, subscribe to a newspaper or news magazine, and do not debate politics over Facebook or Twitter. Do not use late-night comedy or YouTube shows as your primary sources of news. Print media do not avoid bias, but they do engage our minds more actively, helping us to assess and filter out bias.


Text is also less emotional and less sensational than the image-based media of TV and most social media. Debate politics with passion, but do so face-to-face with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, not over the internet.

Because people have appropriate politics when they can be punished for what they say.

2. Put down your smart phone, and don’t give them to kids.

While good advice on its own, in the context of “don’t listen to alternative media” it gets sinister quickly.

3. Teach your children the importance of gracious social interaction, even if it seems old-fashioned.

Lessons such as “remember your manners,. “be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. (James 1:19), .a gentle answer turns away wrath. (Proverbs 15:1), and “be kind. (Ephesians 4:32) are preparing children not just for kindergarten but for interacting with social media and for Christian political engagement.

Standard Cult of Nice thinking. I used to be like that. Then I got tired of being easily and constantly ignored.

4. Get involved locally, and drop roots, for however long you can.

Shall I pay off the national debt while I’m about it, milord?

Go to your local parent-teacher association, city council, or home owner’s association. Join a veteran’s group, a bird-watching club, or a neighborhood chess night. Join or coach a sports team.

Join and pay your dues and be very nice to everybody and be played for a chump forever.

Do something that physically gets you out of your house and into face-to-face contact with people who live in your immediate vicinity.

Well, if I learn Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Vietnamese then I can actually do that. That’s another reason people prefer homogeneous communities. You don’t have to research how to say hello.

5. Seek out difference.

If your friends are of the same race or ethnicity, the same political party, or the same income and education level as you are, you live in a bubble and are depriving yourself of the opportunity to grow. Go make friends and seek out those from whom you might learn something new.

Which is it? Does God believe we’re all exactly equal, or is there value in “seeking out difference”?

6. Try not to have opinions about everything.

We are blessed to live in a country where we can believe and say anything. That doesn’t mean we should. Nor does it mean that whatever we say or believe has automatic validity. Learn and study before forming an opinion; if someone disagrees, ask why and listen. Do not rush to ascribe malice, foolishness, or stupidity to someone just because they disagree with you.

I don’t. Thanks for asking, you stupid, blasphemous, humanist fool. I rush to ascribe malice and stupidity on the basis of your own words, aired publicly.

7. Join a church, pray for the nation, and remember they are different.

Our churches are our most important communities outside of our families because they are the company of saints helping us along our pilgrim path to the Celestial City.

The workplace does that much better than your banal, obsolete lectures in a giant wooden box. And unless you’re an intern, you don’t have to pay for the privilege!


1. Seek out difference.

If your church members or seminary students are all of the same race or ethnicity, the same political party, or the same income and education level.and especially if your demographic makeup is disproportionate to your neighborhood or your city.you have created a bubble and are depriving yourself and your members of the opportunity to grow.

That’s what the Lutherans in Minnesota did. Result: Mogadishu-on-the-Mississippi. Any church that follows this advice will be repeating their mistake and advancing the globalist agenda of destroying all natural human ties to their fellow man.

2. Talk about politics.but talk about it holistically.

The gospel has political implications. Do not avoid politics and do not avoid controversy. Doing so only cedes the ground to secular sources of commentary.

Translation, “only talk about politics because if you don’t then the Little People will get badthinks”.

When you address controversial issues, you are likely to be the only or the best place that models to your congregation how to talk about such issues with truth, grace, wisdom, and compassion.

Because like God, pastors should never share the reins of power. It’s the example Christ set when He sent out the Seventy disciples to preach in His name… oops.

Be especially attentive to teaching about human dignity and human flourishing. Teach
a full, complete political theology, one that reminds us that we will never achieve complete or perfect justice in this world.

Teach a political theology? Shameless, just shameless. If identity politics is a bad idea then why is the SBC now recommending specific political positions to its churches? Isn’t being different important?

Why preach that perfect justice cannot be achieved, except to discourage efforts to pursue that perfect justice?

3. Don’t just talk about politics.

The mission of the church is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to reflect the character of God, and to carry out his mission of reconciliation and renewal to the world.

Not anymore in the SBC. And for the record, it never was. We preach Christ crucified and resurrected, not Greear’s “the Gospel of Jesus”. If you don’t believe that a dead man came back to life by His own power then you are not a Christian, whatever else you might believe.

4. Experiment with different methods of teaching.

Skip. Any pastor who needs to be taught that, needs to be defrocked in shame.

5. Foster civil society in and around the church, but don’t let it replace the gospel.

Form partnerships with local organizations, or create your own, like veteran’s groups, scouting organizations, neighborhood schools, tutoring programs, prison ministries, homeless shelters, and others.

As Miller himself mentioned earlier, the state of Christianity in the United States is such that we’re increasingly afraid to be publicly identified as Christians… and for good reasons. But that’s not a concern of Greear’s New Baptists. No, his leadership wants us to serve the very “civil society” that has hated Christ Our Savior since the Johnson Amendment.

How about defending the next Brendan Eich, Miller? Maybe something like that would promote a civil society, instead of something safe like letting the Boy Scouts sodomize each other in your spare cathedral?

6. Model the life of the mind.

Teach your members what it means to love God with our minds. Preach against anti-intellectualism. Hold up wisdom as a model and an aspiration. Have a bookstall or library stocked with quality books. If you have the resources, consider programs to fund seminary studies for your members. Invite members in your congregation whom God has gifted in this area to speak or to organize an event.

Education is always a top Socialist/humanist priority. Let me close, at the end of all this talk about leadership and civil service, by remembering that Christ ordered his disciples to SERVE the people in His Church, not to lord their authority over us for selfish gain. And then He demonstrated it with foot-washing, a dirty job for slaves and toe-headed stepchildren.

That was the exact moment when Judas, the false shepherd, decided to betray our Savior.

Because if there’s one thought these Ivory Tower SJWs can’t stand, it’s the idea that after all their rent-seeking and jockeying for status and power, they’re supposed to give a damn about the people of God sitting in the pews.



J.D. Greear: the Seven Deadly Myths

The Southern Baptists’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission just had its sixth national conference last week. This story came out of it and there’ll probably be more. TL;DR Greear wants to end church independence by invoking “sex abuse”.

‘Caring Well’: Sex abuse ‘a Gospel issue,’ Greear says


By Tom Strode, 4 October 2019

GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP) — The Gospel cannot be separated from how the church deals with sexual abuse, Southern Baptist leaders J.D. Greear and Russell Moore said Thursday (Oct. 3) on the first day of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s sixth annual national conference.

Greear, SBC president, and Moore, ERLC president, spoke to a sellout audience of more than 1,650 registrants at the conference, “Caring Well: Equipping the Church to Confront the Abuse Crisis,” in Grapevine, Texas. The gathering — hosted by the ERLC in partnership with the SBC Sexual Abuse Advisory Group, which Greear convened last year — is designed to educate churches about abuse prevention and ministering to survivors of such abuse.

Right off the bat, I have a huge issue against Greear: THIS ISN’T THAT HARD! Per Romans 13:1-5, God gave government the duty of punishing evil. Therefore, anybody in the church who detects sex abuse should report to the police and follow their instructions. Even in today’s Clown World, that system still works very well. We don’t need a national committee holding a national conference to figure out what God has already decreed.

But SJWs never waste a crisis. As we get into the Seven Deadly Myths, notice that Greear’s advice is less about preventing and punishing child molestation–which he refuses to even name, opting for generic “sex abuse”–and more about him being ten years late to #ListenAndBelieve.

“This is a Gospel issue,” Greear told the capacity crowd in a convention center ballroom. “The credibility of our witness and, even more importantly, the souls of our people are at stake.”

Caring for those whom God has entrusted to the church “is a way that we can, and we must, put the trustworthiness of the Gospel on display,” he said.

Moore said, “Sexual abuse is awful in any context in any place, but church sexual abuse adds” Jesus to the predatory act and trauma, “and that is a perversion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

That’s the capital-G Gospel, the other path to divine power. Greear teaches a heresy that the Church wields God’s authority (“the Gospel”) separate from the person and teachings of Christ. More here for the interested:


Greear — pastor of The Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., area — opened his address with an apology to sexual abuse survivors.

“I cannot speak for every Southern Baptist in America, but I can speak for myself and say that I’m sorry, truly sorry. As a pastor and as a dad, I’m sorry,” Greear said.

“Your church leaders should be the first to rush to your defense,” he told survivors, “and when we don’t do that, we dishonor the name of Christ, we betray the Gospel that has been committed to us.

“We have to learn from our past,” he noted, “and we have to change our future.”

That apology is indefensible by Christian moral standards. Greear is signaling that henceforth, Listen And Believe shall be the church’s new standard of “fighting sex abuse”.

In his message, Greear named and answered seven myths regarding sex abuse that prevent churches from combating it and caring for survivors as they should:

— Myth No. 1: “Sexual abuse in the church is not really a problem but simply the latest leftist attack on the church.”

He didn’t wait to punch a Nazi, now did he? What are we talking about, anyway? What is “sexual abuse”? Is it rape-rape specifically? Not a systematic problem. Is it “the creep asked me out on a date”? That’s Barbie’s problem. But homosexual child molestation is absolutely a Leftist attack upon the church by false priests.

“Survivors and advocates have been calling our attention to this for years,” he said in response to the myth. Believing this myth has caused many to “miscategorize the words of people like Christa Brown, Tiffany Thigpen, Mary DeMuth, and Anne Marie Miller, Dave Pittman, Jules Woodson, Megan Lively and so many other victims as attacks from adversaries instead of warnings from friends.”

I arbitrarily picked Christa Brown for a closer look. She claims to have been raped at the age of 16, which is a really suspicious age for claiming it was 100% the man’s fault. Especially since she didn’t come forward right away to either church authority or the police. But I can’t be certain of my facts because I haven’t bought her book… there wasn’t a full account available for free.

Not that I doubt that sex predators have been making inroads into all branches of Christendom after our leaders became reluctant to confront evil in any form, but a 16yo losing her virginity to a probable sex-starved minister is not the kind of sex abuse that requires systemic changes.

— Myth No. 2: “Abuse only happens in Catholic or liberal or complementarian or you-fill-in-the-blank churches.”

Nobody believes that.

This myth “is naive: It relegates abuse to an ideological problem, when it should be most properly seen as a depravity problem,” Greear said.

It’s a criminal justice problem, Greear. Like I said at the beginning.

— Myth No. 3: “The church is best equipped to handle this internally.”

“Some things … are not only immoral, they are illegal, and criminally so,” he told the audience.

Oh, so Greear agrees! Why then, does he keep talking about increased vigilance and increased oversight and sweeping policy changes?

Because he’s only talking about the LOCAL church “not being equiped to handle this internally”. He wants the national organization to intervene when a woman makes an accusation… the religious version of frivorce courts.

Greear doesn’t mean law enforcement should get involved, otherwise he’d say so and be done.

— Myth No. 4: “A posture of grace requires giving the benefit of the doubt to those accused and offering the convicted a second chance.”

Yes to the first. Clergy get special respects for the position they occupy and not entertaining poorly-documented accusations against them is a relevant one. Even apart from American standards of due process and presumption of innocence.

And yes to the second. Notice Greear’s wording of it. Offering the CONVICTED a second chance. That’s a separate issue from covering up child abuse, which is what most people are thinking when they hear “sex abuse in the Church”.

“Christian teachings on grace and forgiveness never mean covering up sin in ways that expose others to harm,” Greear said. “And someone that has abused another should never be in a position in our churches where they can do it a second time.”

They probably should not have been in that position a first time. Going back to Christa Brown’s case, whose bright idea was it to put a man in authority over impressionable young women?

Men and women are different, and pretending otherwise is how a lot of such problems come to pass.

— Myth No. 5: “Enduring abuse in marriage is part of learning to love like Jesus.”

“We say, ‘God hates divorce.’ Yes, but God also hates abuse. And we don’t enable one thing God hates to try and prevent another,” he said.

That’s the big one. Sex abuse can happen in marriage!

Greear, you Christ-hating fucker. You only mouth the words ‘God hates divorce’. Maybe if you ACTED like it and punished women for divorcing their husbands, we wouldn’t have so many sexually starved men causing trouble.

— Myth No. 6: “We would know an abuser if one was in our church.”

Nobody believes that.

Abusers “can be disarming and downright charming,” Greear said. “And they thrive in environments of naive assumptions and no accountability, where stereotypes, rather than sober thinking, control the day.”

On this, Greear is right. But his solution is the Catholic one of centralizing authority, which would be fine if Baptists were Catholic. But they’re Protestant, which brings up the problem that laymen are locked out of criticizing or monitoring our clergy entirely… on all issues, so when Pastor gets frisky with the cute girls there’s nobody present to raise suspicions.

Greear wants the reins of power over all the SBC churches. An honest Protestant would instead be calling for local laymen to be allowed more involvement in Church authority.

— Myth No. 7: “Updating our policies will take care of the problem.”

Updated policies are “essential steps,” but they must be combined in local churches with “changes in attitude and culture,” he said.

Aaand there it is. He wants to “change the attitude and culture” of the SBC and that can’t happen until he’s dictating policy to all those currently-independent churches. Leveraging the child abuse “sex abuse” scandals with the help of false accusers and feminists is allowing him to set the necessary precedents for dictating feminism from Central Planning.

And the churches are cooperating because their Cucked clergy would rather be ruled by Moscow than share their local authority with capable laymen. Incompetent leaders hate and fear competent followers.

Recap of the Seven Deadly Myths:

  1. Sex abuse is a Leftist attack against the Church
  2. It can’t happen here
  3. We can handle it ourselves
  4. The accused deserve the benefit of the doubt
  5. Sex abuse can’t happen within marriage
  6. We can police ourselves
  7. All we need is a procedure for handling accusations

Greear’s agenda is an ugly one. We’ve seen it elsewhere. Fortunately, it will kill an organization that has already become so feeble that it cannot recognize Evil when he writes a book and keynotes their national conference.

I only regret that those about to be screwed cannot be convinced to take the Red Pill.

Let me close with this article I found while researching Christa Brown. It shows how the focus of these SBC “sex abuses” is church independence rather than church coverups.

SBC Officials Criticize “Predator Preacher. Report on .20/20.

SBC Officials Criticize ‘Predator Preacher’ Report on ’20/20′

By Bob Allen, 18 April 2007

Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page called last week’s .20/20. story on predatory preachers “yellow journalism” and a .slice-and-dice. piece to make it appear Southern Baptists aren’t doing enough to combat sexual abuse by clergy.

Page appeared on Friday’s program, saying he agreed to an interview to provide balance to a story he expected to be “overwhelmingly negative..

After seeing the program, Page, pastor of First Baptist Church in Taylors, S.C., complained Monday in Baptist Press that ABC News used just a few seconds of his two-hour interview, leaving out his comments about what the nation’s largest Protestant faith group is doing to address the problem.

.Much is being done right now and much is being done on the local level,. Page said. .They did not want to include that because it would have tainted their piece..

Never talk to the media. Although, I suppose that was part of Page’s job.

.I felt that it was an intentional slice-and-dice effort to portray the SBC and its president as uncaring and uninformed,. he said. .It was more than a two-hour interview reduced to less than 60 seconds of choppy response. It was a prime example of yellow journalism, in which a broad brush was used and the whole truth was denied a fair hearing..

August Boto, general counsel and vice president for convention policy with the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, issued a statement criticizing what he said were inaccuracies in the report.

.Unfortunately, the .20/20. report last Friday had the effect of misleading at least some of its viewers to believe that the Southern Baptist Convention somehow condones, hides or denies sexual offenses committed by ministers in SBC-affiliated churches,. Boto said. .The convention does none of those things. Quite the contrary..

Christa Brown of Stop Baptist Predators and the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) said the Southern Baptist leaders. response to the .20/20. program was “both revealing and disheartening,. because it “reflects institutional denial..

.Most ordinary, decent people might expect that religious leaders would immediately take action, on learning that their ministerial registry included convicted child molesters,. Brown said. .They might expect that someone would be held accountable, that someone would be instructed to get the convicted child molesters off the list, and that someone would be told to do it NOW!

No examples given of such “convicted child molesters”. Perhaps she meant suspected molesters, or perhaps the SBC didn’t regard sex with an almost-legal girl as the unforgivable sin.

.Decent people might even expect that religious leaders would make a public apology to the families who long endured the salt in the wound of seeing men who molested their kids continue to be publicly held forth as Southern Baptist ministers..

Why? Did these religious leaders were not directly involved then they have no guilt. Nobody taking Ditsy Barbie seriously is not the same thing as condoning child abuse.

Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics said, .Rather than attack ABC News, SBC leaders should atone for the lack of accountability for predator preachers..

FYI, the Baptist Center for Ethics operates ethicsdaily.com. Parham is basically quoting himself.

.Fundamentalists always assault the messenger, instead of hearing the truth of the message,. Parham said. .ABC News and EthicsDaily.com have told an inconvenient truth that children need protection from preacher predators, and that too many predators take advantage of a system that hides behind local church autonomy..

I saw that attitude also come up in a review of the actual 20/20 interview, that the problem of sex abuse in the SBC is due to church autonomy rather than concealing child molestation as happened in the RCC. Even though neither is what apparently happened in Brown’s case.

Baptist Press said .20/20. did not report that the SBC adopted a resolution in 2002 on the sexual integrity of ministers. BP also listed five books on the topic available from LifeWay Christian Resources, along with an arrangement allowing churches to do criminal background checks on prospective ministers at a discounted rate.


Brazilian Dumpster Fires Unite Prots and Cats

Brazil has been enjoying a respite from the globalist agenda in the person of President Jair Bolsonaro. They wasted no time drowning him in accusations that improving the welfare of ordinary Brazilians is a crime against humanity. Or as the gobalists say, “he’s making climate change”!

Heck, the climate is changing right now in Commiefornia. I can feel it in my sinuses. That means Gavin Newsom needs to leave, right?

Anyway, you gotta like Jair. A quick excerpt from his Wikipedia page:

Bolsonaro provoked controversy for a series of remarks made to and about Federal Deputy and former Human Rights Minister Maria do Ros?rio. During a Congressional debate, Bolsonaro said that minors should be treated as adults if they commit heinous crimes such as murder or rape, to which Maria do Ros?rio responded by calling him a “rapist”. Bolsonaro then stated that Congresswoman Ros?rio was “not worth raping; she is very ugly”. The remarks drew considerable condemnation throughout Brazil.

It eventually got Jair convicted of inciting rape and defaming a wimminz. He beat the rap by getting elected President; apparently, the position comes with official legal immunity for hurting the feelings of Social Justice Warriors.

We've got 99 problems and a witch aint one - Misc - quickmeme

And so the holy war began, to remove Jair from office by changing the political climate.

For Catholics and Protestants, Amazon Fires Fan Partisan Flames


Fires in the Amazon come every year during dry season, but reports indicated that this year’s were particularly severe, some saying the worst in a decade.

“This is the hottest day we’ve ever had this year!”

While international attention turned toward the burning rainforest in August, the Christian community in Brazil was divided in its reaction.

The Catholics will hold a high-level conference this weekend to blame Jair for scorching the planet while the Protestants already released a manifesto of grievances against the bourgeoisie.

Now, the Catholic Church will revisit its environmental concerns in the region as 100 bishops meet at the Vatican’s Synod for the Amazon, starting Sunday.

Amid rising global climate concerns, the fires have drawn scrutiny toward Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, whose pro-business policies were said to be responsible for spurring an uptick in farmers. and loggers. slash-and-burn efforts across the world’s largest rainforest.

The economy is improving! What a horrible fate! We Americans will probably hear that one the moment the last Baby Boomer dies.

The conservative, populist politician initially dismissed the outcry before political pressure led him to declare a 60-day ban on land-clearing fires in late August.but not before Catholic authorities in Brazil criticized Bolsonaro’s leadership on the issue, and the Ecumenical Forum ACT Brazil, a blend of Protestant and Catholic leaders, blamed the administration’s policies for .a surge in devastation of the environment..

Yet many evangelicals, who make up about a quarter of the country’s population, have come to the president’s defense, dismissing the fires as normal rather than the crisis international officials and media have made them out to be. (Bolsonaro, a Catholic, is married to an evangelical and attended a Baptist church for a decade.)

That must be why the Vatican chose the more ad hominem strategy. They don’t like non-Cat leaders of predominately Cat countries.

While Catholic leaders assert pressure on Bolsonaro’s regime to bolster protections of the Amazon jungle.one archbishop called the scorching a “true apocalypse..and the papal synod is expected to denounce the situation, many evangelicals and Pentecostals said the fires had been hyped to target the president. …

The evangelical outcry has not come from church leaders in the Amazon or among indigenous pastors. Instead, they say the fires in their area are no larger than before. Speaking with the Religion News Service, Leonardo Cortez, an Assemblies of God pastor in Cacoal, a city in the Amazon state of Rond?nia, attributed the blazes to natural causes and the crises to political clashes.

.The environmental activists don’t understand that we take from the Earth a great part of our livelihood and of the commodities Brazil exports,. he said. .So it’s necessary for us to achieve a balance..

The upcoming Vatican synod approaches the environmental concerns around the fires as a major part of the sustainability of the Catholic Church in the Amazon and among indigenous communities, as the National Catholic Reporter noted. The gathering will focus “first on lifting up the voices of the people of the Amazon, then on the need for a new, integral ecology in the face of so much environmental destruction, and finally on the challenges the church in the region faces in being more prophetic.” Meanwhile, Bolsonaro reportedly dismissed the synod’s “leftist agenda..

A vocal minority of Brazilian evangelicals have joined Catholic leaders who have spoken up in favor of stricter environment protections and in opposition to some of the president’s policies.

The Brazilian Evangelical Christian Alliance released a manifesto in defense of the environment and affirming a rooted creation theology, expressing hope that the government would listen.

That dumpster fire of a manifesto will be fisked at the end.

Perhaps the most prominent evangelical voice speaking for the protection of the Amazon and condemning the policies of the Bolsonaro administration is that of former Brazilian environment minister and one-time presidential hopeful Marina Silva.

.The fires in the Amazon are a crime against humanity,. said Silva, a member of the Assemblies of God. .The Brazilian government is undoing all the environmental policies that previously existed..

Silva has called Bolsonaro’s environment minister, Ricardo Salles, “an anti-environment minister..

.We.ve had fires and deforestation under every government, but with the difference that [before] you had environment ministers. who were genuinely committed to protecting the forests, biodiversity, and our water resources,. she stated.

Here’s the meat behind Marina Silva’s bitching. Two Presidents back, Dilma Rousseff, a feminist and the only female to hold the position, created a Ministry of women, racial equality and human rights. This included indigenous people, which in turn included the rainforest conservation efforts, which meant the Amazon basin was completely in control of the globalists.

When Rousseff was impeached and convicted for corruption during her time as chairwoman of Petrobas, the state-run oil company, her successor Michael Temer downgraded the Ministry to a secretariat under the Justice Ministry. (Dilma’s creation of it had been unpopular.)

One of Jair’s first acts as President was transferring the secretariat again, this time to the Agriculture Ministry, which means all the Woke LGBT feminazis now answer to ministers primarily concerned with business and profit. And then, Jair appointed a pro-life zealot to run the secretariat just to twist the knife.

Abortion was shadowbanned! The rainforests are now being used for the good of humanity! The Vatican is deploying 100 high-level white knights just to BEGIN to control the Narrative damage! Jair Bolsonaro is my hero!!!

But I can’t dump too hard on the Catholics. The local Prots may be fighting the good fight (“We didn’t notice that we all burned to death last month”) but their leadership is every bit as Converged as in the States.

Manifesto in defense of the Environment

[Translated from original Spanish]


By Brazilian Evangelical Christian Alliance, 28 August 2019

Due to severe climate and environmental events unequivocally caused by burning and deforestation. We reiterate our commitment to responsible Christian participation in the care of our home.

There is no such consensus. Nothing in Christianity make caring for the environment a moral priority except to the degree it affects humans. Christ did not die to protect Amazonian mosquitoes from pesticide.

We affirm that:

In the original plan of creation, God instructed humanity to exploit natural resources in order to conserve and care for them.

The original plan was tending a garden. We are now banned from that garden on pain of death. It is not relevant to our current situation.

Furthermore, the nation God created ex nihilo, Israel, was not given any orders concerning the environment… except, again, as is relevant to humanity. Bury your shit. Kill your food animals a certain way. Here’s a procedure for mildew.

Furthermore, Christ cursed a fig tree. Remember that? He did it for an object lesson but that doesn’t change the fact that God, on a whim, murdered a helpless, innocent plant that didn’t do nuthin’ and surely would have gone to college.

The fall brings with it the conflicts between alterities: the Creator and the creation, being humanity part and responsible of the latter. Nature becomes “hostile” because of human sin (thorns and thistles) and challenging for human sustenance (struggling bread). Human sin becomes indirectly responsible for cataclysms and direct for environmental depredation.

It’s better fiction than most of what the bookstore offers but I must ask, did these chuckleheads EVER read the Bible? Because they’re so far away from the concept of Original Sin that criticism is meaningless.

Look at that last sentence, blaming all humanity for… for what? Animals eaten to extinction by other animals? Is Donald Trump responsible for the Dodo going extinct? And what “cataclysm” is not a natural event? Hurricanes? Volcanoes? Some trees can’t even reproduce without brush fires!

Nature awaits her release and groans as parturient for the manifestation of God’s children. There is a promise of a new heaven and a new earth where communion between God and His creation, man and a new restored nature will reign.
But between now and not yet, it remains for the Christian (saved and redeemed by Jesus Christ) to live the values ..of the Kingdom of God in the present, including the manifestation of God’s love for the essential goodness of His creation.

But… look… you even CITED the fact that God is going to nuke and replace reality! This world is the diaper of our spiritual infancy. It’s all going to burn except for human souls. ALL of it. Yo, Eco-Nazis, you’re trying to conserve tinder in a firepit.

Citation needed for caring about the environment AT ALL. Another citation needed for caring about the environment more than our fellow man.

Love is the strongest characteristic of God-reborn man and woman. Love to God, love to neighbor, love to creation. By the cross we are reconciled, we and the creation, with Christ, and thus with each other. Our relationship with God drives us to care for others through caring for the environment.

Love for God is the first commandment. Love for one’s fellow man as much as your love yourself is the second commandment.

…There is no third commandment. I shall cease asking for a citation that I know does not exist. They’re lying, skin-suited traitors against Christ, it’s that simple.

But if these traitors keep this up, I’m sure an atheist will happily cap a few to feed the maggots and fertilize the lawn.

Therefore, as Christians responsible for “caring for the garden,. we expect from our rulers a consistent environmental policy.

Christianity is not a religion for RULERS to obey. It’s for THE CHRISTIAN to obey. If you truly believe that stopping brush fires in the Amazon Basin is God’s work then it’s YOUR duty, on pain of damnation, to quit your job and become a swamp firefighter.

Don’t just make payments to the right organization. Don’t pat yourself on the back after voting a party ticket. YOU do the job with your own two hands or by your own argument, you’re an enemy of God.

Without going into the similar behaviors of previous governments, because none of them were threats to our hidden Satanic agenda, Jair Bolnsonaro delenda est!

Okay, I made that up.

Without going into the merits of the debatable actions of previous governments, which did not prioritize the protection of the environment in their public policies, with regret we are currently witnessing governmental demonstrations that minimize the destruction of our ecosystem with visible consequences for the climate and survival of the planet.

Probably a translation error and they meant ‘maximize’.

We also warn that science should not be viewed as an enemy in the process of protecting the environment.

Nobody views science as an enemy. But Satanists love to wear lab coats for their infomercials and public service announcements.

There is almost worldwide unanimity…


…about the importance of preserving the Amazon for the balance of the world’s climate.


And Brazilian scientists have already highlighted the richness of biodiversity…


…and “flying rivers” coming from the rainforest.

Huh? *checks* A fancy name for fog.

Making the forest unfeasible by deforestation and burning…

That’s not what is happening.

…is decreeing the death penalty for various ecosystems of our country and the planet.


It is time for unity.


More than political ideologies and economic interests, we need to defend life.

Stupid peasants want a comfortable life with plentiful food. Smart peasants understand they deserve to starve under the boot heels of fat tyrants. And dangerous peasants think Christ died to redeem humanity from a fallen reality instead of damning humanity to preserve it forever.


John Wayne’s Last Fight

I went into this originally thinking it’d be a great way to remember how Wayne, among many of his peers, stood against the Communist Convergence of Hollywood. As sometimes happens, my post veered in a different direction during its making… this time into a nightmare of an SJW attack intended to dishonor the Duke forever.

SCA responds to students. protest against John Wayne exhibit

SCA responds to students. protest against John Wayne exhibit

By Summer Dahlquist-Tookey, 29 September 2019

The School of Cinematic Arts will talk with students in the coming days about how to address the school’s exhibit honoring controversial film star John Wayne, Interim Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion Evan Hughes wrote in a statement to the Daily Trojan Sunday.

The decision follows a protest Friday in which two students held up a banner in front of the SCA asking for the removal of The Wayne Collection and accusing the school of “endorsing white supremacy” for honoring the actor.

Contextual Fact 1: John Wayne is one of USC’s most famous alumni.

Contextual Fact 2: This exhibit was installed in 2012, seven years ago.

Contextual Fact 3: One day’s protest by two homos was enough to imperil this homage to one of America’s greatest actors who popularized the only uniquely American cinematic culture, the Western.

.Our values as an inclusive community are predicated on the idea that our student population needs to be heard and have a say about our SCA environment, especially when information comes to light that changes how we relate to it,. Hughes said.

If you’re curious about the Left’s new obsession for child leaders, it’s because the devil is the First Rebel and nobody is more rebellious than brainwashed kids programmed with goodthinks and given power beyond their wit. Brain-damaged, ignorant, ego-driven arsonists are to Hell what paladins are to Heaven: paragons of the most important virtues, who go farther for their spiritual Father than normal people can imagine.

Eric Plant, a junior majoring in fine arts, said they created the banner because of Wayne’s controversial stances and portrayal of Native Americans in film. The banner calls Wayne .a blatant racist. and states that the actor promoted the genocide of indigenous Americans in his films.

.By keeping Wayne’s legacy alive, SCA is endorsing white supremacy,. the banner read.

I can’t find a pic of Eric; however, his ally Saul Singleton is already a published moviemaker, thanks only to his intense LGBT activism. Saul:

He appears to have… a pierced brain. A metal rebar rammed between his ears and crimped to not fall out. Must be one mother of an ice cream headache in the winter. Moving on, pencil neck and sharply triangular face are indicators toward an SJW mindset, confirmed by his choice of pursuing a fine arts degree at >$40,000 per year. Can’t confirm whether his lip corners point down to indicate general pessimism.

Segue to https://www.metroweekly.com/2018/03/film-festival-that-banned-short-film-for-showing-a-gay-kiss-reverses-its-decision/

Saul Singleton’s Since the First Day We Met is a film about a deaf boy’s crush on a fellow student. In the end, the two boys share a quick kiss between them before the credits roll. Harmless right? …

Singleton, currently a senior at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland, was told that because of the Golden Lion Film Festival’s .PG-comparable rating system,. they were “unable to accept any films with clearly illustrated LGBQT+ themes..

He refused to compete according to the rules and was disqualified according to the rules. Anybody but a paladin of Hell would have taken his Certificate of Loser home and re-thought his life. But why lose when you can cry like a spoiled brat instead?

Originally, the Golden Lion Awards stuck to their guns and continued to bar Singleton’s film. However, five days after his initial tweet, they revoked that decision and decided to allow his film and two others with LGBTQ themes into the festival, calling their initial response “insensitive and not well articulated..

While Singleton’s film was accepted, it was only brought to the judging phase. Though happy that his film was allowed entry, he is worried that the awards only accepted it due to bad publicity, and still will not move it forward in the process due to the kiss.

.I appreciate that they tried to show [acceptance] by reversing the decision, but I still think there’s a lot of steps to go towards being more progressive,. Singleton says, adding, .If it gets rejected from the showing at the festival, the only thing that goes through my mind is .Yeah, they still aren’t being the LGBTQ-inclusive that they said they would be.’.

Never give in. Never apologize. Do not feed the animals. It’s not even you they’re screeching at. They’re trying to silence their inner conscience by forcing all outside voices to tell them it’s okay to be Sicko. That’s why their amygdalas squeal when outside voices say the same thing their conscience does.

End segue.

Wayne attended and played football for USC before becoming an actor but is controversial for his stance on the treatment of people of color and indigenous people throughout history.

The Wayne Collection exhibit, which features a statue of Wayne along with several of his personal items in glass cases, was dedicated in June 2012. The collection contains a variety of Wayne film posters, memorabilia, awards and letters.

.I.m going to go every minute that I have and stand there,. Plant said. .I had conversations while I was standing there, and I was getting people to support it. I would like to keep being there and keep having a presence there..

I’ve come to understand that protesting is an actual hobby for a certain mindset. Is it like a Confucian experience? The drop of rational individuality becoming one with the ocean of braying useful idiots?

Plant said they hope to create larger banners and rally people to protest in front of SCA.

.If we can get enough students and if we can get enough faculty to say that this exhibit bothers them, they either have to take the choice of the people that they’re supposed to be representing, or they take the choice of John Wayne and all that terrible white supremacy,. Plant said.

Until Eric does find allies other than his probable butt-buddy, the administration should tell him to pick a mountain and take a hike.

Plant cited a 1971 Playboy interview with John Wayne in which the star expressed support for white supremacy and the removal of indigenous Americans from their land when discussing their reason for protesting the exhibit.

Eric is such a fag, he really does read Playboy for the articles! Wait… my research for this post turned up the fact that this interview went viral in February 2019 and was occasionally popular before then, too. Even Heavy.com covered it; guess I missed the story the first time around.

.I believe in white supremacy,. Wayne said during the 1971 interview, which resurfaced earlier this year. .We can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the Blacks..

Later in the interview, Wayne said that he didn’t feel bad for the treatment of indigenous people throughout America’s history.

.I don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them,. Wayne said then. .Our so-called stealing of this country from them was a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves..

Plant said they had been working with the Diversity and Inclusion Office at SCA to get the exhibit removed, but believe that protesting will be the most effective means of creating change. SCA has hosted multiple events related to Wayne, and during a 2008 celebration for what would have been his 100th birthday, the school organized an event called “John Wayne: Actor, Star, Icon, Trojan..

Plant added that SCA removed nine items from the exhibit in an attempt to more accurately reflect Wayne’s legacy, but Plant believes the exhibit is still problematic.

…According to Plant, the SCA Diversity and Inclusion Board suggested placing a plaque in the exhibit in order to contextualize and critique Wayne’s legacy. But some students feel that this action does not go far enough to address the injustice.

.That.s not enough,. said Saul Singleton, a sophomore majoring in cinematic arts, film and television production. .I feel like SCA.s trying to give a quick solution that won’t resolve the problem by putting a small section of indigenous point of view..

Nothing will make them happy so let’s not try. Instead, let’s read Playboy Magazine 1971!

This is only an excerpt and I switched to indenting my comments because this is so long. The parts Eric quoted are in underline. It’s worth your time to read the whole thing, it’s an eyewitness account of Communist infiltration.

Click to access John_Wayne_Playboy_Int2.pdf

PLAYBOY: How do you feel about the state of the motion-picture business today?

WAYNE: I’m glad I won’t be around much longer to see what they do with it. The men who control the big studios today are stock manipulators and bankers. They know nothing about our business. They’re in it for the buck. The only thing they can do is say, “Jeez, that picture with what’s-her-name running around the park naked made money, so let’s make another one. If that’s what they want, let’s give it to them.” Some of these guys remind me of high-class whores. Look at 20th Century-Fox, where they’re making movies like Myra Breckinridge. Why doesn’t that son of a bitch Darryl Zanuck get himself a striped silk shirt and learn how to play the piano? Then he could work in any room in the house. As much as I couldn’t stand some of the old-time moguls.especially Harry Cohn.these men took an interest in the future of their business. They had integrity.

Why ever did they stop? Why do few current business leaders care if their company and work endures longer than their pension payouts?

There was a stretch when they realized that they’d made a hero out of the goddamn gangster heavy in crime movies, that they were doing a discredit to our country. So the moguls voluntarily took it upon themselves to stop making gangster pictures. No censorship from the outside. They were responsible to the public. But today’s executives don’t give a damn. In their efforts to grab the box office that these sex pictures are attracting, they’re producing garbage. They’re taking advantage of the fact that nobody wants to be called a bluenose. But they’re going to reach the point where the American people will say, “The hell with this!” And once they do, we’ll have censorship in every state, in every city, and there’ll be no way you can make even a worthwhile picture for adults and have it acceptable for national release.

Foolishly optimistic in hindsight but wow. This is gonna be good.

PLAYBOY: Won’t the present rating system prevent that from happening?

WAYNE: No. Every time they rate a picture, they let a little more go. Ratings are ridiculous to begin with. There was no need for rated pictures when the major studios were in control. Movies were once made for the whole family. Now, with the kind of junk the studios are cranking out.and the jacked-up prices they’re charging for the privilege of seeing it.the average family is staying home and watching television. I’m quite sure that within two or three years, Americans will be completely fed up with these perverted films.

PLAYBOY: What kind of films do you consider perverted?

WAYNE: Oh, Easy Rider, Midnight Cowboy.that kind of thing. Wouldn’t you say that the wonderful love of those two men in Midnight Cowboy, a story about two fags, qualifies? But don’t get me wrong. As far as a man and a woman is concerned, I’m awfully happy there’s a thing called sex. It’s an extra something God gave us. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be in pictures. Healthy, lusty sex is wonderful.

Odd that Eric didn’t bring THIS comment up. “If he was alive today, John Wayne would call me a pervert and a fag!”

PLAYBOY: At what point in your career were you nicknamed Duke?

WAYNE: That goes back to my childhood. I was called Duke after a dog.a very good
Airedale out of the Baldwin Kennels. Republic Pictures gave me a screen credit on one of
the early pictures and called me Michael Burn. On another one, they called me Duke
Morrison. Then they decided Duke Morrison didn’t have enough prestige. My real name,
Marion Michael Morrison, didn’t sound American enough for them. So they came up
with John Wayne, I didn’t have any say in it, but I think it’s a great name. It’s short and
strong and to the point. It took me a long time to get used to it, though. I still don’t
recognize it when somebody calls me John.

It matters, the name you are known by.

PLAYBOY: After giving you a new name, did the studio decide on any particular screen image for you?

WAYNE: They made me a singing cowboy. The fact that I couldn’t sing.or play the guitar.became terribly embarrassing to me, especially on personal appearances. Every time I made a public appearance, the kids insisted that I sing The Desert Song or something. But I couldn’t take along the fella who played the guitar out on one side of the camera and the fella who sang on the other side of the camera. So finally I went to the head of the studio and said. “Screw this, I can’t handle it.” And I quit doing those kind of pictures. They went out and brought the best hillbilly recording artist in the country to Hollywood to take my place. For the first couple of pictures, they had a hard time selling him, but he finally caught on. His name was Gene Autry. It was 1939 before I made Stagecoach.the picture that really made me a star.

This is the only account I’ve ever read about an actor who gave up paying work because he was too ashamed to live a false life.

PLAYBOY: Do you think young people still feel strongly about you?

Ohhh, do they.

WAYNE: Luckily so far, it seems they kind of consider me an older friend, somebody
believable and down-to-earth. I’ve avoided being mean or petty, but I’ve never avoided
being rough or tough. I’ve only played one cautious part in my life, in Allegheny
Uprising. My parts have ranged from that rather dull character to Ralls in Wake of the
Red Witch, who was a nice enough fella sober, but bestial when he was drunk, and
certainly a rebel. I was also a rebel in Reap the Wild Wind with De Mille. I’ve played
many parts in which I’ve rebelled against something in society. I was never much of a
joiner. Kids do join things, but they also like to consider themselves individuals capable
of thinking for themselves. So do I.

PLAYBOY: But isn’t your kind of screen rebellion very different from that of today’s
young people?

WAYNE: Sure. Mine is a personal rebellion against the monotony of life, against the
status quo. The rebellion in these kids.especially in the SDSers and those groups.
seems to be a kind of dissension by rote.

He didn’t have computers to know what an NPC is. Makes me sad, like the knowledge that I get to eat bacon and Almighty God didn’t.

PLAYBOY: Meaning what?

WAYNE: Just this: The articulate liberal group has caused certain things in our country, and I wonder how long the young people who read Playboy are going to allow these things to go on. George Putnam, the Los Angeles news analyst, put it quite succinctly when he said, “What kind of a nation is it that fails to understand that freedom of speech and assembly are one thing, and anarchy and treason are quite another, that allows known Communists to serve as teachers to pervert the natural loyalties and ideals of our kids, filling them with fear and doubt and hate and down-grading patriotism and all our heroes of the past?”

Damn. Good. Point. From possibly the last sane pundit to ever emerge from Irangeles, no less. To this very second, neither the Conservatives nor even most Manospherians dare to so much as advocate for the destruction of our misnamed “education” system.

PLAYBOY: You blame all this on liberals?

This was the first comment from the interviewer that pinged my SJW detector. John Wayne was talking about a specific group, not all liberals generally, and what’s this about blame?

WAYNE: Well, the liberals seem to be quite willing to have Communists teach their kids in school. The Communists realized that they couldn’t start a workers’ revolution in the United States, since the workers were too affluent and too progressive. So the Commies decided on the next-best thing, and that’s to start on the schools, start on the kids. And they’ve managed to do it. They’re already in colleges; now they’re getting into high schools. I wouldn’t mind if they taught my children the basic philosophy of communism, in theory and how it works in actuality.

That would be quite embarrassing for Commies. They always try to burn the past because they fear people remembering it.

But I don’t want somebody like Angela Davis inculcating an enemy doctrine in my kids’ minds.

PLAYBOY: Angela Davis claims that those who would revoke her teaching credentials on ideological grounds are actually discriminating against her because she’s black. Do you think there’s any truth in that?

WAYNE: With a lot of blacks, there’s quite a bit of resentment along with their dissent, and possibly rightfully so. But we can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.

Eric cut off the “until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility” bit. SJWs always lie.

PLAYBOY: Are you equipped to judge which blacks are irresponsible and which of their leaders inexperienced?

Ping-ping-ping! SJW detected!

WAYNE: It’s not my judgment. The academic community has developed certain tests that determine whether the blacks are sufficiently equipped scholastically. But some blacks have tried to force the issue and enter college when they haven’t passed the tests and don’t have the requisite background.

I presume he refers to the use of IQ tests in testing potential employees. Indeed, SCOTUS ruled on Griggs v. Duke Power Co. (Griggs being a black man) in March 1971.

PLAYBOY: How do they get that background?

WAYNE: By going to school. I don’t know why people insist that blacks have been forbidden their right to go to school. They were allowed in public schools wherever I’ve been. Even if they don’t have the proper credentials for college, there are courses to help them become eligible. But if they aren’t academically ready for that step, I don’t think they should be allowed in. Otherwise, the academic society is brought down to the lowest common denominator.

That was a wrong answer, Mr. Wayne. Just half a dozen paragraphs back you mentioned that the Commies had already infiltrated the colleges and were working on the high schools, now you say that school is the way to get the requisite background for civic leadership.

When their background reflects wisdom and maturity, is when blacks can be trusted with authority. Just like everybody else. Not when their background reflects ghetto rat life and gimmiedat victimhood. Looking at you, Mayor London Breed.

PLAYBOY: But isn’t it true that we’re never likely to rectify the inequities in our
educational system until some sort of remedial education is given to disadvantaged minority groups?

WAYNE: What good would it do to register anybody in a class of higher algebra or calculus if they haven’t learned to count? There has to be a standard. I don’t feel guilty about the fact that five or 10 generations ago these people were slaves. Now, I’m not condoning slavery. It’s just a fact of life, like the kid who gets infantile paralysis and has to wear braces so he can’t play football with the rest of us. I will say this, though: I think any black who can compete with a white today can get a better break than a white man. I wish they’d tell me where in the world they have it better than right here in America.

PLAYBOY: That’s hardly the point, but let’s change the subject. For years American
Indians have played an important.if subordinate.role in your Westerns. Do you feel any empathy with them?


Full stop. This interview was a Communist hatchet job to coax incriminating statements out of Mr. Wayne. The poor sod stood high against Communism yet didn’t recognize their agent while taking advantage of Wayne’s hospitality. Get him a little drunk, start off with some innocuous questions and jokes about the good old days, and before Wayne knew it, the interviewer was bouncing from one Leftoid cause to another, trying to pin him down on something his peers could exploit.

In perpetuity.

The interviewer was Richard Warren Lewis, a journalist with almost no Internet presence. Here’s his obituary from the LA Times:

Richard Warren Lewis, 65, prolific author and journalist who wrote for several newspapers and magazines including The Times and its now-defunct West magazine. Lewis studied political science at the University of Michigan and served in the Army before beginning his career as a writer. Based for many years in Los Angeles, he wrote more than 200 articles for such publications as TV Guide, Playboy, Playgirl, People, Life and Saturday Evening Post. Among Lewis. books were several anthologies and nonfiction works such as “The Scavengers and Critics of the Warren Report,. published in 1967. On Thursday (March 1998) in Hancock, N.H., of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Rot In Perdition, Lewis. A cowboy’s last fight should be with a gun, not a devil’s advocate pretending friendship. Back to the interview,

WAYNE: I don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them, if that’s
what you’re asking. Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of
survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.

“If that’s what you’re asking”. Wayne’s subconscious was also sounding the alarm. Alas, it went unheeded.

PLAYBOY: Weren’t the Indians.by virtue of prior possession.the rightful owners of the land?

WAYNE: Look, I’m sure there have been inequalities. If those inequalities are presently
affecting any of the Indians now alive, they have a right to a court hearing. But what
happened 100 years ago in our country can’t be blamed on us today.

PLAYBOY: Indians today are still being dehumanized on reservations.

Oh, yeah. Gloves-off SJW feeding frenzy.

WAYNE: I’m quite sure that the concept of a government-run reservation would have an
ill effect on anyone. But that seems to be what the socialists are working for now.to
have everyone cared for from cradle to grave.

Nice comeback, but one shouldn’t continue engaging an SJW when caught off-guard. Only fight the battles you’re prepared for.

PLAYBOY: Indians on reservations are more neglected than cared for. Even if you
accept the principle of expropriation, don’t you think a more humane solution to the Indian problem could have been devised?

WAYNE: This may come as a surprise to you, but I wasn’t alive when reservations were
created.even if I do look that old. I have no idea what the best method of dealing with
the Indians in the 1800s would have been. Our forefathers evidently thought they were
doing the right thing.

I skip sections discussing the Vietnam war and Lewis’ accusations projections of Wayne’s blacklisting.

PLAYBOY: What sort of [violent] activists?

WAYNE: A lot of Communist-activated people. I know communism’s a horrible word to
some people. They laugh and say, “He’ll be finding them under his bed tomorrow.”

Or be interviewed by them on his yacht.

But perhaps that’s because their kid hasn’t been inculcated yet. Dr. Herbert Marcuse, the
political philosopher at the University of California at San Diego, who is quite obviously
a Marxist, put it very succinctly when he said, “We will use the anarchists.”

PLAYBOY: Why do you think leftist ideologues such as Marcuse have become heroes on so many of the nation’s campuses?

WAYNE: Marcuse has become a hero only for an articulate clique. The men that give me faith in my country are fellas like Spiro Agnew, not the Marcuses. They’ve attempted in every way to humiliate Agnew. They’ve tried the old Rooseveltian thing of trying to laugh him out of political value of his party. Every comedian’s taken a crack at him. But I bet if you took a poll today, he’d probably be one of the most popular men in the United States. Nobody likes Spiro Agnew but the people. Yet he and other responsible government leaders are booed and pelted when they speak on college campuses.

PLAYBOY: Beyond the anti-administration demonstrations on campuses, do you think there’s any justification for such tactics as student occupation of college administrative offices?

What a stupid question.

WAYNE: One or two percent of the kids is involved in things like that. But they get away with it because 10 percent of the teaching community is behind them. I see on TV how, when the police are trying to keep the kids in line, like up at the University of California at Berkeley, all of a sudden there’s a bunch of martyr-professors trying to egg the police into violent action.

Today it’s Bike Lock Man, yeah. Wayne had these guys pegged.

PLAYBOY: If you were faced with such a confrontation, how would you handle it?

“I’m asking for a friend.”

WAYNE: Well, when I went to USC, if anybody had gone into the president’s office and
shit in his wastepaper basket and used the dirt to write vulgar words on the wall, not only the football team but the average kid on campus would have gone to work on the guy. There doesn’t seem to be respect for authority anymore; these student dissenters act like children who have to have their own way on everything. They’re immature and living in a little world all their own. Just like hippie dropouts, they’re afraid to face the real competitive world.

Ah, so that’s why Eric spends mega-$$$ for an obviously useless college degree. I hope he feels the burn of guilt as he tears down men whose every movie flop is a healthier, more enjoyable achievement than anything crybullies like him can ever hope to achieve.

Man, I didn’t want to end a reminiscence on John Wayne with how he got pwned at the end of his life by the very enemies he fought against off-camera. This was supposed to be a happy post. But it does serve as a cautionary tale for us Red-Pilled today and I can give the Duke the last word:


Although he enrolled in a cancer vaccine study in an attempt to ward off the disease, Wayne died of stomach cancer on June 11, 1979, at the UCLA Medical Center. His body was buried in the Pacific View Memorial Park Cemetery in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach. According to his son Patrick and his grandson Matthew Mu?oz, who was a priest in the California Diocese of Orange, Wayne converted to Roman Catholicism shortly before his death.

He requested that his tombstone read “Feo, Fuerte y Formal”, a Spanish epitaph Wayne described as meaning “ugly, strong, and dignified”. His grave, which was unmarked for 20 years, has been marked since 1999 with a quotation from his controversial 1971 Playboy interview:

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”



MGTOW Life: Homecoming

I have found a picture that perfectly captures the modern sexual marketplace. Behold the homecoming king & queen for a small high school in Texas:

Homecoming queen gives crown to friend with Down syndrome


By Caitlin O’Kane, 30 September 2019

When the S&S High School homecoming queen winner was announced, Trinity Arrington was shocked to hear her name. Arrington, a senior at the Sadler, Texas school, walked across the field to get her crown . but she decided it actually belonged to someone else. So, she handed it to another girl: her classmate, Emily Petty, who has Down syndrome.

“I didn’t think I was going to win. I told everyone that asked me if I wanted to win that I wanted Emily to win, so I told them to vote for her,” Arrington told KXII. Both girls were nominated for the high school honor, but Arrington ultimately won.


That’s a woman on the right, Petty. I’ll guess that the special needs class was allowed to nominate a candidate for homecoming queen.

A trip through the high school website was useless despite this story going viral.

However, she wanted Petty to share the spotlight. “I decided to give my crown to my sweet friend Emily because she’s always wanted to be a princess. So I decided she deserved it,” Arrington said.

Video from the homecoming game shows the two girls walking hand-in-hand down the field . the glittering crown sits atop Petty’s head. The teens met a year ago, when Arrington started eating lunch in the special education classroom and befriended Petty.

Question: why would a hot chick refuse to eat with the normal students? Why did she prefer the company of the barely-functional crowd? A year is too long to do it as a class project.

Either Trinity was trying to look good by comparison or she was sick of constant attention from “creepy” boys. Clue: she’s already hawt by the standards of a rural high school.

“I love her every day,” Petty said, holding her friends hands as they spoke with KXII after their homecoming win.

Arrington said she cried when she handed her friend the crown. And Petty assured her she shouldn’t cry.

“We got to be it together. I think that was the best part for me,” Arrington said. For both of these girls, winning homecoming queen is a day they will never forget . but it’s about more than a high school title.

Arrington’s kindness means the world to Petty. And Petty inspires Arrington right back. “She’s always been my queen, she deserved it. It made her happy,” Arrington said.

On the left, Trinity got to virtue-signal while looking extra-pretty by comparison while not having to touch the homecoming king.

In the middle, Petty is too brain-damaged to be blamed for accepting an award she didn’t earn.

On the right…

Um, on the right…

I don’t know his name.

No story and no Internet search I did turned up Homecoming King 2019’s name. Only one version of the posted video was un-edited enough to call him Elijah, first name only.

On the right, Elijah was forced to walk with a butterball of a fraud while the real Queen practically sneered in this photo, this despite him being athletically muscled and even posing with a football.

And my last note on the picture, look at their hands. Ignored Elijah was gracious enough to hold Petty’s hand and walk at her pace. (Notice head positions.) Trinity her “friend” pulled her along by the arm for the victory walk and abandoned her entirely at the end. (Apologies for not linking the video, CBS is keeping it locked down.)

Welcome, future MGTOW! Pull up a chair, Elijah, you are among friends in this club.

Meanwhile, even in small-town America (Sadler, TX population: 360), girls are getting so drunk on online attention, and at such a young age, that they snub even the local Alphas.