It’s Traditional For World Wars To Start In the Balkans

As I covered just a few days ago, Serbia is fending off a color revolution.

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TL;DR, Serbia suffered two mass shootings then “opposition parties” began blaming Vucic’s administration for private gun ownership. However, Vucic successfully seized control of the disinformation campaign and destabilized GAE’s plan to fix his upcoming election.

If I may channel Paul Harvey… ahem And now… the rest of the story!

Why did ethnic Serbs attack NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo? Here’s what we know

h ttps://

By Christian Edwards for CNN, 31 May 2023

More like, here’s what CNN will admit, but it’s good for background.

Dozens of NATO peacekeepers were injured after they were attacked by ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo, during protests over the installation of ethnically Albanian mayors.

Violence broke out after Serbian demonstrators tried to block the newly elected mayors from taking office in the northern town of Zvecan on Monday, following a disputed election in April.

While this sort of violence against peacekeepers is rare, tensions have spiked in the region in recent months, fueled by deep historical rifts.

Spoiler: those weren’t peacekeepers and they weren’t keeping no damn peace.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, following the 1998-99 war in which Kosovar Albanians attempted to break from what was then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, made up of today’s Serbia and Montenegro. NATO intervened in the war to protect Kosovo’s Albanian majority.

Albanian Muslims, if I recall the demographics correctly, who committed various atrocities against Serbian Christians. What you need to know about that conflict is, Serbian leader Milosevic was first acquitted of corruption by local courts, then a five-year international tribunal for war crimes returned no verdict after he died of Suddenly in prison.

Serbia views Kosovo as a breakaway state and does not recognize its independence. Kosovo’s Serbs view themselves as part of Serbia, and see Belgrade as their capital, rather than Pristina.

In March, the two countries signed a fresh deal in Ohrin, North Macedonia, aiming again to normalize ties. But this was followed by controversial local elections in four municipalities of northern Kosovo.

Fearing potential violence, Kosovo’s central election commission changed plans to put voting booths in local schools, instead setting up mobile huts patrolled by NATO peacekeepers.

Bullshit. “We don’t want any violence, so let’s invite back the army that won us the last war against the Serbs to fortify our democracy at gunpoint. Guess what, we won all four mayorships! Those Serbs must love & trust us after all!”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called on ethnic Serbs in the region to boycott the elections, saying that they should no longer tolerate a foreign “occupation.”

After polls closed, election officials said only around 1,567 had voted across the four municipalities . a turnout of 3.5%, according to local media.

The diminished turnout was a mark of the boycott’s success in these majority Serb regions. The Zvecan municipality has a population of around 16,800. Of these, more than 16,000 are ethnic Serbs . with only around 500 ethnic Albanians.

The newly-elected Albanian mayor in Zvecan won with scarcely over 100 votes, prompting cries that his authority is illegitimate.

Huh, so that’s what a boycotted election looks like. Rather hard to claim a People’s Mandate, with a voter turnout of F.U.

The peacekeeping mission said that it had increased its presence in northern Kosovo after the newly elected ethnically Albanian mayors took office in majority Kosovo Serb areas. Its aim was to “reduce the risk of escalation,. KFOR said, but troops were “subsequently attacked by increasingly aggressive crowds..

As confirmed by other accounts, “increased its presence in majority Serb areas” means “NATO troops escorted the Albanian mayors into their new offices to rule over the local Serbs”, which was when they encountered those “increasingly aggressive crowds”.

This is typical color revolution stuff… but here’s what CNN didn’t tell you.

Largest military exercise “Defender Europe .23. officially starts in Kosovo

h ttps://

By Euronews Albania, 21 May 2023

Kosovo hosted the opening ceremony of the joint military exercise “Defender Europe 2023. this Sunday, an event organized in Pristina.

Present in the opening ceremony were Kosovo’s President Vjosa Osmani, Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Defense Minister Armend Mehaj, Commander of the Kosovo Security Force Bashkim Jashari, American Ambassador to Pristina Jeff Hovenier and other public figures.

Speaking to the Kosovo Security Force soldiers, President Osmani said they are “guardians of peace and stability, in an ever complex and challenging world..

…PM Kurti called this the biggest military exercise to ever have happened in Kosovo.

.More than 1,300 military forces of the Kosovo Security Force will perform military training tasks, alongside 24 thousand soldiers of the armed forces of the 25 NATO countries and partner countries of the United States..

On the other hand, Ambassador Hovenier emphasized the importance of exercises such as .Defender Europe 2023., while the Russian aggression in Ukraine continues.

.One of the goals of this training is to demonstrate the ability of the U.S. military forces to quickly deploy combat-ready troops and equipment to reassure allies, deter those who might threaten peace in Europe and protect this continent from aggression..

What a Cohencidence, eh? that Kosovo imposing foreign rule over ethnic Serbs having sudden “active shooter” problems, just happens to coincide with Kosovo hosting the largest NATO mobilization in NATO history. A mobilization explicitly intended to “demonstrate the ability of the U.S. military forces to quickly deploy… to… deter those who might threaten peace in Europe.”

And as we know from the 1990s, GAE already counts Serbia as one of those “threats”. Serbia’s refusal to sanction Russia hasn’t changed any hearts and minds.

Vox Day already called the shot, that the long-anticipated Ukraine offensive will happen about June 11, so I can’t really take credit for calling it now… but take a look at these other two headlines I found while researching this latest scuffle in former Yugoslavia.

Air Defender 23: The Huge Military Air Defence Exercise Planned In Europe Next Month

h ttps://

By Giacomo Amati, 24 May 2023

This is unprecedented. Between June 12-23, twenty-five nations will participate in the largest-ever military exercise in the European airspace.

Air Defender 23 will be the most significant military exercise ever carried out over the European skies. The event will take place from June 12th until June 23rd, involving the air forces of 25 nations.

More specifically, Air Defender 23 will represent the most extensive deployment exercise of air forces in the history of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, commonly known as NATO. The unprecedented event will involve up to 10,000 exercise participants who will train their flying skills with approximately 220 aircraft. The military exercise will take place in European airspace and under the command of the German Air Force, or Luftwaffe.

Hermann Goering spins in his grave. Yay Luftwaffe! THIS time you’ll beat that Russian bear! You and the Red Sox, for the WIN!

Although I admit, no exercises are scheduled near the Russian border per this article.

NATO Launches Arctic Maneuvers, Vowing To Protect Newest Member Finland

h ttps://

By Reuters, 30 May 2023

NATO countries are in the middle of Arctic military maneuvers, vowing on May 30 to defend their newest member, Finland, which is hosting its first joint NATO exercise since becoming the 31st member of the Western alliance in April. Nearly 1,000 allied forces from the United States, Britain, Norway, and Sweden joined some 6,500 Finnish troops for the Northern Forest exercise at an artillery training ground above the Arctic Circle just a two-hour drive from the Russian border. U.S. Army Major General Gregory Anderson is overseeing the exercise, which continues through June 2.

That’s three major, even unprecedented, exercises for early June in mid- or Eastern Europe. Hat tip to VD for this last headline:

US has been preparing Ukrainian counteroffensive “for months. . Nuland

h ttps://

25 May 2023

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told an audience in Kiev on Thursday that Washington has been helping plan the Ukrainian “counteroffensive” against Russia for almost half a year.

.Even as you plan for the counteroffensive, which we have been working on with you for some 4-5 months, we are already beginning our discussions with [the] Ukrainian government and with friends in Kiev . both on the civilian side and on the military side . about Ukraine’s long-term future,. Nuland told the Kiev Security Forum via video-link from the State Department.

Returning to the State Department in 2021 as part of Joe Biden’s administration, Nuland was once again put in charge of Ukraine policy. Speaking at a Carnegie Foundation event in February, she said the conquest of Crimea and regime change in Moscow would be the ideal outcome of the current conflict.

[GQ pulls up Google Earth] Finnish border to Moscow isn’t too far… ain’t no roads through Ukraine now… Serbia to Crimea, hmm, that would be an amphibious operation…


h ttps://

MAHMUDIA, Romania . Romania’s navy led multinational military drills in the Black Sea region Thursday that brought together U.S. and NATO troops as the 30-nation alliance looks to boost security on its southeastern flank amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

More than 30 naval ships, 14 aircraft and 15 .fast intervention. boats and other patrol vessels are taking part in Sea Shield 2023, which started [March 20, 2023] and runs until April 2. Anti-explosive divers have participated in drills, as have chemical, biological, and nuclear defense specialists.

These naval drills are almost monthly, but not in eye-catching numbers. Regardless, there’s certainly some capability for a Romania-to-Crimea amphibious operation and such a plan could explain why some of those drone attacks happening over the Black Sea in recent months were huge headlines ‘for no reason at all’.

End segue

She added that the attack will be “likely starting and moving concurrently” with events such as the NATO summit in Lithuania, scheduled for July 11.

I agree with VD, that announcing July 11 and “surprise!” on June 11 is probably the game, since large troop movements can no longer be concealed…

…and “exercises” have placed NATO forces for a three-prong invasion…

…and no way would NATO light this firecracker with its leadership concentrated in border-nation Lithuania…

…and it’s traditional for World Wars to start in the Balkans.

Sunlight. Women Most Affected!

In America, everything that lasts long enough becomes a grift. Including sunlight!

Los Angeles ridiculed for ‘life-changing’ female shade poles

h ttps://

By David Millward for Los Angeles Slimes, 22 May 2023

Where’s MY shade pole, huh? In my trousers… oh, that’s right. Male privilege!

A Los Angeles bus shelter with no seats has drawn ridicule after claiming its purpose was to provide potentially .life-changing. shade to women and minorities.

The so-called Sombrita, which cost $10,000, is essentially a pole with a lip that provides some shade, or a solar-powered light at night-time.

It has been mooted as potentially the most pointless piece of civic architecture in the world, rivalling anything produced by Britain’s councils.

So, what is a “sombrita”? Other than an overpriced alcoholic beverage?

They can’t figure out how to make shade? in a city that doesn’t even have weather?

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation said the 6,000 new shelters for stops with narrow pavements were vital to protect women using the transport network and hailed it as “low cost” infrastructure.

.The lack of essential amenities like shade and lighting isn’t just a simple inconvenience. For women and gender minorities . half of our population . it can change the trajectory of their lives,. said Chelina Odbert, founding principal of the Kounkuey Design Initiative, which developed the structures with input from female transit riders.

Their hatred of men means they can’t even say “shade for people”.

Scott Adams should introduce an “Oddbert” character.

The Sombrita is around 18 inches wide and barely provides enough shade for two people even when the sun is at the right angle.

According to images posted online, the light at night also leaves the pavement below almost pitch-black, illuminating only the upper portion of the pole.

Stay safe, gender minorities! Only the most transparent scams are good enough for you!

Whatever were they thinking?

Kounkey said the design was a response to the fact that only one quarter of LA.s bus stops have shelters. They added that a typical bus shelter costs $50,000 and requires the co-ordination of eight separate government departments.

.The first-gen Sombrita was designed to avoid permit and multi-agency co-ordination,. Kounkey said…

We are still not approaching peak feminism, but we may be approaching peak government, when it becomes so dysfunctional that people cheer whatever warlord burns it to the ground.


h ttps://

San Francisco politicians will gather at the Noe Valley Town Square Wednesday afternoon to congratulate themselves for securing state money for a long-desired toilet in the northeast corner of the charming plaza.

America! We make it happen!

The toilet . just one loo in 150 square feet of space . is projected to cost $1.7 million, about the same as a single-family home in this wildly overpriced city. And it won’t be ready for use until 2025.

America! We make $hit happen!

Assemblymember Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) secured the $1.7 million from the state for the toilet after hearing “loud and clear” from the community that families needed a bathroom. The plumbing is already there, added when the plaza was constructed six years ago, but there was never money for the actual bathroom. Until Haney stepped in.

The former San Francisco supervisor said the Recreation and Parks Department told him the going rate for one public bathroom was $1.7 million so he secured the full amount, not questioning the pricetag.

.They told me $1.7 million, and I got [ten percent err,] $1.7 million,. Haney explained. .I didn’t have the option of bringing home less of the bacon when it comes to building a toilet. A half a toilet or a toilet-maybe-someday is not much use to anyone..

So why is a public bathroom so insanely expensive, and why does it take so long to build? A joint statement from Rec and Park and the Department of Public Works, which will work together to build this extravagant bathroom, pointed to several reasons.

For one thing, the cost to build anything in San Francisco is exorbitant.


Like everywhere, construction costs have risen…


…global supply chain issues and the rising costs of fuel, labor and materials….


.It.s important to note that public projects and their overall cost estimates don’t just reflect the price of erecting structures,. the statement said. .They include planning, drawing, permits, reviews and public outreach..

Yes. AKA corruption, graft, bribery and, oh, let’s see, reparations for the slavery that California never practiced.

An architect will draw plans for the bathroom that the city will share with the community for feedback. It will also head to the Arts Commission’s Civic Design Review committee comprised of two architects, a landscape architect and two other design professionals who, under city charter, “conduct a multi-phase review. of all city projects on public land . ranging from buildings to bathrooms to historic plaques, fences and lamps.

The project will then head to the Rec and Park Commission and to the Board of Supervisors. According to the city’s statement, it will also be subject to review under the California Environmental Quality Act. Then, the city will put the project up for bid.

.Once we start the project, we’ll have a clearer timeline, but we expect to be able to complete the project in 2025,. the statement read.

The city said the $1.7 million estimate “is extremely rough” and budgets “for the worst-case scenario due to the onerous demands and unpredictable costs levied by PG&E,. the possibility code requirements could change during the project and in case other unexpected circumstances come up.

That’s how democracies end. The theft of tax funds and red tape of pet causes make the entire system impossible. Gridlock ensues until one of the factions gains enough clout, by whatever means, to push their reforms through.

End segue

Local authorities in Barnsley, Brighton, Nuneaton or Prestwich, may not have the weather of Los Angeles or celebrity voters like Jack Nicholson, Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie.

None of whom you’d see dead at a bus stop, shaded or otherwise.

But the next time bus passengers there are huddling under shelter from the latest downpour, they can always console themselves by knowing things could be worse. They could be in Los Angeles.

They’re been saying that for YEARS, dude. At least the toilet got canceled after Newsom wasn’t promised a cut. London forgot that Nancy Pelosi is the real mayor of Sodom Francisco. London Breed, I mean.

The wrinkle in USA’s end-of-democracy is that it’s happening artificially. A shadow government is already in place and maneuvering to seize control via lockdowns, but it’s anybody’s guess if they can pull it off between the Scylla of their bureaucracy and the Charybdis of their homicidal compulsions.

Meanwhile… women most affected.

Gio the Gatekeeping Hypocrite

Not all publicity is good publicity, Mr. Filotto. I’m not surprised that most people apparently ignore you as much as I do. See, you’re Catholic (which is fine, just not my world), you talk too much about yourself (which is not fine) and you talk tough in cyberspace (which nobody respects).

You lashing out at being ignored is the only apparent reason for throwing an unlit firebrand like this one. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame?

I think Bruce Charlton is a gatekeeper

h ttps://

I am not yet convinced he is an intentional gatekeeper, like say, Milo Yankmypolus, but he is undoubtedly adding to the level of blackpilling despair.

Gatekeeping is not blackpilling is not despair. I doubt “unintentional gatekeeping” exists but maybe somebody can make a case without invoking hallucinogens and/or Jordan Peterson.

I am more liable to put this down to his being the intellectual coward he is, as well as being a gnostic heretic, which, intentional deceiver or not, can only lead to Hellish effects, results, conclusions and beliefs.

“Unintentional deception” certainly doesn’t exist. Being wrong is not a sin and being technically correct is no shield against deception.

I’ll listen to the charges of gatekeeping, heresy and gnosticism, but people who publicly post esoteric ideas on the Internet under their real names… without a media empire to backstop them… are not cowards.

You got a lot of ground to cover today, Gio. The score is already 0 for 1 with a penalty-meme for moving the goalposts.

Let.s take a look at his “take” on certain things. Here is a screenshot of his latest posts:

Omitted because formatting issues. You aren’t missing much.

So, out of six posts, we have:

– 2 posts equating, implying or directly saying that computers/the internet and so on could be/are/would be influenced by or used by demons.

I have seen computers be used by demons. Remember those QR codes used to enforce vexxine passports? Remember Bill Gates founded Microsoft? So, it’s not impossible that demons might use computers to advance their agenda.

I don’t believe demons could possess a computer directly because it’s an inanimate object. Even so, mind/machine interfacing has been a no-funds-barred, top priority of the Cabal for decades… possibly to allow exactly this.

Pardon my intellectual cowardice unto gatekeeping?

– One post on psychology that is really quite absurd, don’t take my word for it, go on, read it yourself and let me know how it changed your life.

Title: “The ‘Psychological’ Nature of Mainstream Modern Metaphysics“. I recall not understanding its point. If Mr. Charlton wrote it to change my life then he failed, but who says that’s why he wrote it? Not him.

Meanwhile, spoiler for you: Filotto wrote this article intending to change your life. He wants to poison you against Mr. Charlton.

– One on the doom and gloom idea that even if we try to fight back against the forces of evil we are only contributing to the overall evil and destruction of all and his completely nihilistic nonsense ends with the panacea that we must only rely on the “spirit” since all battles in meatspace are only adding to the evil.

Bruce was discussing what I call the dilemma trap, a favorite of the devil. He wants to frame every moral decision as an either/or choice. That way, everybody escaping the one lie gets trapped in the other. Furthermore, IIRC Bruce made the valid point that mortal success is not what Christianity is concerned with.

Meanwhile, I don’t get Filotto’s raging against doom and gloom. It’s okay to be depressed about “they said they’re going to kill you; they’ve been killing people for three years already; and everybody you know STILL just laughs nervously and pretends it isn’t happening.” I know Catholics have a “sin of despair”, which from my investigation of it, is merely institutionalized objection to self-offing by comfortably sinecured bureaucrats. It wasn’t thought out well because it assumes that people feeling hopeless are best helped with threats and shaming.

Regardless, I don’t see Charlton practicing that sin.

Bruce is obviously of the opinion that the Spartans should have just gone quietly into the night, and so too the knights of Malta and everyone who ever picked up a weapon and fought the tyrants and won. Pathetic, disgusting black-pilling coward.

That’s not what C said. Filotto, you know what those two groups have in common, assuming you refer to Thermopylae and the Great Siege, respectively?

They were gatekeepers.

And as you say, Mr. Charlton is nothing like them.

– One in which he totally cripples the very idea of precognition, which, by the way is a verifiable scientific fact… and which I also have personal experience…

Is THAT why you took exception with Bruce musing about the limitations of demons, Filotto? You know better because you’re suffused with occult powers of knowledge?

– Lastly, one in which Earth becomes some giant being that “chooses” to be resurrected and everything is beings. honestly, it’s like the fever dream of a heroin addict, a bunch of utterly gnostic rubbish.

I do not think gnostic means what Filotto thinks it means.

Bruce Charlton is your typical British geek, he clearly has been an incel most of his life and retreated in his specialboi . idea that he is very smart and has very important ideas to share with the world.

With the score at 1 for 5… I think Charlton is, indeed, English… Filotto presents new charges of being Vox Day and unpopular with women.

In short, Bruce Charlton is not promoting anything real that will improve your life, your faith, or, especially, your reasoning ability. He is a fraud and ultimately a negative one.

The score is now 0 proven for 9 accusations. Upon review, I decided that being English shouldn’t count as a crime.

Some are liable to say that I criticise everyone and are not sufficiently supportive of those that are “on our side..

Of all the complaints to be made against you for this asinine publicity stunt, Gio, those two are unlikely.

Let me state the obvious again.

There is ONE truth. ONE.

It is the same for you, me and the entire rest of the Universe.

Yes it’s true that none of us sees it perfectly…

You should have stopped there, peewee. You don’t have a monopoly on truth, so don’t act like it. God holds that monopoly and thus far, He refuses to share it with us.

You are not responsible for the decisions and errors of others.

You are not responsible for the salvation of others, either. This is basic Christianity.

Being correct is unnecessary for salvation. Being repentant is what counts.

Lastly, if you had ever pretended to be as smart and tough in real life as you pretend to be online, you would have gotten this kind of stupid childish shit beaten out of you in the gym. “Hey you, you’re lifting those weights wrong. I don’t care what you think, it’s not helping me, now do it the way I told you, you no-balls gnostic CLAAAANG

Do I think Bruce Charlton is evil incarnate? No. I assume he’s your typically pedestrian Brit…

I’ve done more personal attacks than perhaps anybody else in this corner of the Internet, and I’ve never done one just because the other guy was wrong. I have publicly disagreed, sure, but the name-calling and mocking is reserved for the willfully evil… and particularly, those whose job or other self-identification requires them to be good. I see a pastor preach Original Sin and welcome unrepentant Sodomites, yeah, that’s a tongue-lashing.

I see a sex-damaged freak try to ban bacon because COVID left too many people still alive, yeah, that’s a tongue-lashing.

I hear an Internet twit disrespecting an ally with an accusation that he cannot maintain for one single sentence of his own explanation, and he does it in the names of God and truth, yeah, that’s a tongue-lashing. Twit.

Me not understanding a psychological perspective on metaphysics? Me disagreeing whether Microsoft Outlook can spread unclean spirits as easily as it spreads viruses? No.

Me not gaining a lifechanging benefit from reading random Internet articles? Dude… what’s your beef with Bruce? It ain’t what you said it was.

…while sharing it with others in an effort to make himself feel more relevant as a whole, but instead, just spreading despair, nihilism, and heresy. I don’t care about Bruce. I am far more concerned with the people he might influence into taking his gnostic nonsense on board in any way.

THAT. IS. GATEKEEPING. Insisting that your view is the only view. Poisoning people against listening to voices that you, personally, disapprove of. Have you no shame, Filotto? “I don’t care about Bruce” after I had to omit paragraphs of you cursing him, just for brevity’s sake?

Are you jealous that Mr. Charlton is smarter than you? Are you trying to AMOG the Synlogos aggregator? Perhaps Mr. Charlton banned you, thereby crushing your ego beyond repair, so you’re lashing out with the accuracy and cunning of a blacktivist with a toothache. You wouldn’t be the first on the ‘Net.

I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s enough for me, that you are shamelessly guilty of the very gatekeeping that you accused him of. YOU HYPOCRITE. Stick that up your universal truth.

I listened to your arguments and the summation is, “like all Gnostic heretics ever, BC had six posts in a row that I didn’t approve.”

You remain unworthy of my time.

Serbian Gun Control Is Pushback Against GAE

The gun ban taking place in Serbia is so close to the American experience, it took me some time to figure out it’s actually anti-GAE subversion! Let me get you up to speed on context. First off, Serbia is considered by some rankings to be #3 in the world for private firearm ownership, behind #1 USA (natch) and #2, Yemen. (That was a surprise to me.)

I’m not able to track the web of ethnic/religious divisions in former Yugoslavia. That will be missing from my analysis, but I don’t think I need it because the central actors’ motivations are quite obvious.

Aleksandar Vu.i.

h ttps://

In March 1998, Vu.i. was appointed Minister of Information in the government of Mirko Marjanovi.” Scholars described Vu.i. as the crucial figure in the shaping of turn-of-the century media policies in Serbia. Following rising resentment against Milo.evi., Vu.i. introduced fines for journalists who criticized the government and banned foreign TV networks.

This was to little avail; Milo.evi.’s faction took over parliament that same year. Vu.i. being kept on suggests that his media-control activities were neither uncommon nor with ulterior motive. For example,

The government crackdown on independent media intensified when NATO forces were threatening intervention in Kosovo in late September and early October 1998. Furthermore, the government also maintained direct control of state radio and television, which provided news for the majority of the population. After the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia began in March 1999, Vu.i. called for a meeting of all Belgrade’s editors. Print media were ordered to submit all copies to the Ministry for approval and they were allowed to publish only official statements and information taken from media outlets, which either are controlled by the state or practice radical self-censorship. Also, Vu.i. ordered all NATO countries journalists to leave the country.

Outlawing enemy media in time of hot war is normal. So far, no red flags.

[In 2008] Tomislav Nikoli. announced he would form his own party and called Vu.i. to join… On 6 October 2008, Vu.i. confirmed in a TV interview that he was to join the newly formed Nikoli.’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and that he would be the Deputy President of the party. He then seemed to change his positions. In 2010 he made statements such as a “horrible crime was committed in Srebrenica”, saying he felt “ashamed” of the Serbs who did it. “I do not hide that I have changed… I am proud of that,” he told AFP in an interview in 2012. “I was wrong, I thought I was doing the best for my country, but I saw the results and we failed, We need to admit that.”

TL;DR Vu.i. changed loyalties from nationalist to Globohomo in 2008.

Nikoli. stepped down as party leader on 24 May 2012 following his election as President of Serbia. Vu.i. assumed leadership until the next party congress is held to elect a new leader.

Also that year, he met personally with Regime officials such as then-SecDef Leon Panetta, patriarch of the (in my Californian opinion) now-Panetta crime family in California. From this time onward, Vu.i. was at the top of Serbian government… he took the ticket.

2012-2013 Minister of Defense
2013-2014 Deputy PM
2014-2017 PM
2017-now President

Vu.i. said Serbia will maintain military neutrality, but continue to build partnerships with both NATO and Russia.

The context of Eastern Europe in the 2010s being the ramp-up to the Ukraine Conflict, this behavior is a gentle reminder of the central problem with bribery: they never stay bribed.

Vu.i. has maintained traditional good relations between Serbia and Russia, and his government refused to enact sanctions on Russia, following the crisis in Ukraine and the Annexation of Crimea. Vu.i. has repeatedly announced that Serbia will remain committed to its European integration, but also maintain historic relations with Russia.

And with China; for example, Serbia used the China-vax for its Plandemic solution in 2020.

Straddling that fence must be uncomfortable by now… now that GAE is circling the wagons.

8 fatally shot in Serbia town a day after 9 killed at school

h ttps://

By Jovana Gec and Dusan Stojanovic, 4 May 2023

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) . A shooter killed at least eight people and wounded 13 in a drive-by attack near a town close to Belgrade late Thursday, the second such mass killing in Serbia in two days, state television reported.

The attacker shot randomly at people near the town of Mladenovac, some 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the capital, the RTS report said early Friday. Police were looking for a 21-year-old suspect who fled after the attack, the report said.


h ttps://

The shooter, 21-year-old Uro. Bla.i., quarrelled with his friends at a football stadium in Mladenovac. After that, he drove to where he took weapons from his cottage. Then, he went by car to Malo, where he shot 11 friends who were having a barbecue in the centre of the village, near the football field and the war victims’ monument. Afterwards, he continued to Dubona. There, he first shot with a pistol at several older adults who were repairing the fence, causing them serious injuries. Then he continued to the schoolyard, located next to the road, where he killed three young people with a rifle and then, again with a pistol, wounded several more people.

He then proceeded to carjack a taxi with a hand grenade. That’s a lot of ordnance even by American standards, but his father is a lieutenant colonel in the Serbian Army. I can believe a military careerist, in a region known for civil war, would keep a few just-in-cases under the bed.

I cannot believe that he would leave them unattended around unstable family.

End segue

The shooting came a day after a 13-year-old boy used his father’s guns in a rampage at a school in Belgrade that killed eight of his fellow students and a school guard.

Police have said that the teen used his father’s guns to carry out the attack. He had planned it for a month, drawing sketches of classrooms and making lists of the children he planned to kill, police said on Wednesday.

The boy, who had visited shooting ranges with his father and apparently had the code to his father’s safe, took two guns from the safe where they were stored together with bullets, police said on Wednesday.

The shooting on Wednesday morning in Vladislav Ribnikar primary school also left seven people hospitalized . six children and a teacher. One girl who was shot in the head remains in a life-threatening condition, and a boy is in serious condition with spinal injuries, doctors said on Thursday morning.

The shooter, whom the police identified as Kosta Kecmanovic, has not given any motive for his actions.

…Kecmanovic then unloaded the gun in the school yard and called the police himself, although they had already received an alert from a school official. When he called, Kecmanovic told duty officers he was a “psychopath who needs to calm down,. police said.

Classic MK-ULTRA. Real psychopaths don’t do that… they don’t grow a conscience mid-spree then call the cops begging to be stopped.

I don’t know the mechanism, but GAE has figured out how to make a susceptible person… typically a teenage male with disordered emotions… go on a murder-suicidal killing spree of random innocents, on command. I keep waiting for leaks about strange drugs, LSD mixed with phencyclidine or something, but no medical examiner has talked or tweeted even a rumor about it. I’ve perused documentaries on hypnotism, mind control… and nothing.

Nothing, but a clear and consistent modus operandi. Humans don’t do this. Which is it, impulsive or deliberate? The impulsive psychos don’t plan, and their weapons are typically whatever’s at hand. The deliberates have motivation and work towards a clear purpose over weeks. This situation… detailed maps of the target area combined with “no reason at all”… I don’t know what the truth is, but I do know this ain’t it.

I seriously wonder if it’s demonic possession. Because humans don’t do this, demons reportedly do, the code of silence about the method is absolute, the perps are consistently soul-vulnerable and it leaves no forensic (material) evidence.

The bloodshed sent shockwaves through a Balkan nation unused to mass murders.

Though Serbia is awash with weapons left over from the wars of the 1990s, mass shootings are extremely rare. Wednesday’s school shooting was the first in the country’s modern history. The last mass shooting before this week was in 2013, when a war veteran killed 13 people in a central Serbian village.

So then, what changed? and did it involve the one world power that constantly suffers politically convenient killing sprees?

Those two questions have an easy answer: GAE is losing Ukraine specifically, and Europe generally, to Russia & China. It needs a win NOW, something pour encourager les autres, because even France’s Macron is rethinking his loyalty to GAE/NATO.

Pushing Vu.i. off his SWIFT/BRICS fence could explain why Serbia is suddenly having American-style spree killers “for no reason at all”.

Serbia.s Vucic calls for death penalty and “disarmament” of private individuals

h ttps://

By Terence Abbott, 5 May 2023

After two scattered gun attacks in Serbia within 48 hours, President Aleksandar Vucic announced a massive disarmament campaign for the Balkan state. Vucic said on Friday that “almost complete disarmament” of private individuals is planned. On Wednesday, a 13-year-old boy shot and killed nine people at a school in Belgrade, and on Friday night a teenager shot dead eight people and wounded 14 in several villages.

.We will carry out an almost complete disarmament of Serbia,. Vucic told a press conference. The campaign includes both mass inspections of registered firearms and increased action against illegal gun ownership. Hundreds of thousands of firearms must be removed from circulation in this way.

But Vu.i. wanted to go a step further, APA news agency reported. The Serbian head of state has openly called for the reintroduction of the death penalty.

The death penalty for gun ownership? I cannot think of a better way to convince civilians to voluntary disarm, than starting with death threats for noncompliance against sudden and draconian new restrictions, after two extremely unusual and suspiciously convenient events.

MK-ULTRA might be untraceable but timelines are not:

May 3: unprecedented, inexplicable school shooting!
May 4: unprecedented, inexplicable cross-country murder spree!
May 5: “Clearly, these two incidents leave me no choice but to forcibly disarm the entire country excepting only the forces loyal to me! Death to all who would defy me!”

If Vu.i. didn’t plan those incidents then he’s running in front of a very tight OODA loop. Which option is true? Did he perpetrate those shooter events, or seizing the initiative from the perps? The answer will surprise you:

Dozens of Serbia schools receive bomb threats following mass shootings in early May

h ttps://

By Jovana Gec, 17 May 2023

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) . Dozens of Serbian schools on Wednesday received bomb threats, the education ministry said, amid security concerns following two mass shootings early this month, including one in an elementary school.

The education ministry said 78 elementary schools and 37 high schools in Belgrade received warnings by email early on Wednesday that explosive devices had allegedly been planted.

Classes were postponed and students evacuated as police checked the buildings.

There have been no reports that bombs were found in any of the schools, and police are yet to issue their report.

That was a very interesting incident. It’s the exact opposite of the first two. We started out with “look at all the dead children! The situation must change!” and now we have “it’s a phantom menace, the children are safe, we don’t have to make the changes that Vu.i. is forcing on us.”

Similar multiple threats have been sent to school addresses in the past, in Serbia and other countries in the region, and have proven false each time. However, the threats could further heighten security fears after the May 3 and May 4 shootings that left 18 people dead and 20 injured.

Serious question: are Serbians stupid enough to disarm like this? Let’s find out.

Guns, grenades and rocket launchers are among 13,500 weapons surrendered in Serbia

h ttps://

By AP, 15 May 2023

BELGRADE, Serbia . Authorities in Serbia on Sunday displayed stacks of guns and cartons of hand grenades from the thousands of weapons, including anti-tank rocket launchers, that they said people handed over since back-to-back mass shootings stunned the Balkan nation.

The government declared a one-month amnesty period for citizens to surrender unregistered weapons as part of a crackdown on guns following the two shootings in two days this month that left 17 people dead, many of them children.

Populist President Aleksandar Vucic, whose government has faced public pressure in the wake of the separate shootings at a Belgrade school and in two villages, accompanied top police officials to view the assortment of arms arrayed near the town of Smederevo, some 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the capital.

No reasonable people would blame him for such unusual events. But feminists absolutely would. Their favorite political play is “forrr the chillldren!!!” And feminists are always, always GAE.

Officials said residents had turned over about 13,500 items since the amnesty opened on May 8.

Photos from the scene showed lines of rifles, automatic weapons and pistols stacked neatly on the floor in a warehouse along with wooden boxes filled with hand grenades.

Serbia has tens of thousands of weapons brought in from the battlefields of the 1990’s wars in the Balkans. Similar weapons amnesties were held in the past with only limited success.

Good, good. I would not expect Serbians to be stupid about self-defense given their recent history, but one must check.

Vucic said that approximately half of the arms collected since last week had been held illegally, while the other half were registered weapons that citizens nonetheless decided to part with.

VERY good. The reason a lot of explosives were recovered is, no doubt, because they’re about 25 years old by now. It’s hard for a civvie to dispose of expired ordnance without awkward questions, hence the cooperation with this amnesty. Self-defense is one thing, sweaty dynamite is another.

So <10k legally held guns were turned in, eh? Sounds about right… for NON SERVIAM TYRANNIS, hahahaaa!

The relinquished weapons will go to Serbian arms and ammunition factories for potential use by the country’s armed forces, the president said.

If I was an Army logistics officer, I would get hives at the idea of reissuing old equipment handed over by the current government’s enemies. It’s all going into the burn pit.

Officials plan to order inspections of registered addresses “to check whether there exist conditions for safekeeping,” anti-crime department officer Bojana Otovic Pjanovic said on Serbian state TV network RTS. “If not, the guns will be taken away and punishment will be rigorous.”

On the one hand, that would be a righteous slaughter of jackbooted bullies.

On the other hand, I don’t think Vu.i. is talking about the ordinary Serb.

The thing about MK-ULTRA is that, as I complained, it’s a VERY guarded secret. Would GAE, the creator, give the secret recipe for wind-ups to their known-unreliable puppets? No. Also, Vu.i.’s reputation is for playing both sides, not false flags and child endangerment.

That means Serbia is having a color revolution right now.

It was GAE that slaughtered those kids. Those incidents were textbook-identical to what we Americans see in North America.

Vu.i. danced with the EU/GAE/IMF devil in order to gain power, but he then kept his alternatives open. GAE surely approached him to renew the Ticket; judging from this effort to destabilize his government, he obviously said no.

I think Vu.i. is using this gun-banning as cover for suppressing a NATO-backed coup. Let’s hear from a GAE orifice:

.We have a violent society.: hate speech in spotlight after Serbian mass shootings

h ttps://

By John Henley and Milivoje Pantovic in Belgrade, 15 May 2023

The president, Aleksandar Vuc.ic., a populist, pro-Kremlin authoritarian whose political roots are in far-right nationalism . he was briefly the information minister under the Serb leader Slobodan Milo.evi., who died during his trial for war crimes . decried “an attack on our entire country..

The quoted rhetoric threw me for awhile, because in this case, it’s actually correct. The two MK-ULTRA events were to trigger a color revolution.

As you saw in my quick bio, Vuc.ic. turned against Milo.evi. in return for GAE/EU’s support in the new government. A very dangerous game for Alek, but meanwhile, we see him officially on the Out.

Vuc.ic. announced the month-long gun amnesty, promising that people could hand over illegal weapons, ammunition and ordnance, as well as legally owned arms they no longer wanted, anonymously and without fear of prosecution.

It won’t work to thwart any further events. But it WILL work to give Vuc.ic. political cover… “I’m doing exactly what GAE always says I should do”… while potentially waiving police restrictions on “surprise inspections”.

He seized control of the Narrative!

Vuc.ic. won some praise, in particular abroad, for the move, with some commentators contrasting his decisiveness with the apparent inability of the US . which this year alone has witnessed 22 mass killings in which four or more people have been killed, excluding the perpetrator . to tackle its accelerating gun violence.

He has further pledged a two-year moratorium on new gun licences, a review of current licences, more psychological checks, 1,200 extra police officers in schools, and longer jail terms for gun crimes and illegal weapon possession.

All of that is GAE agenda. He’s wrapping himself in their own rhetoric!

But while their president was promising .a sharp response, urgent measures and severe penalties. to tackle gun crime, many Serbs were asking what else may lie behind it . and how far Vuc.ic., who has been in power since 2014, may have contributed to the excessive violence in the country, in its politics and on TV.

Thousands took to the streets of Belgrade on Friday in a second opposition-led “Serbia against violence” protest march, demanding the resignation of the interior minister . the education minister has already gone . and an end to what many see as a culture of violence fanned by the media and ruling party politicians.

Vuc.ic. has accused his opponents of seeking to exploit the tragedies for political ends, and announced plans for his own rally in late May. On Sunday he said would stand down “soon” as leader of his governing Serbian Progressive Party, pledging new parliamentary elections before the end of September.

That would be earlier than scheduled. He’s getting inside their OODA loop, acting before they can react! Of course their plan was to fix the next election… he’s screwing up their timetable!

Despite ready access to weapons, mass shootings were rare in Serbia before this month; the last major incident was in 2013. But amid hardship, the legacy of the war, endemic corruption and high levels of violence in society, politics and the media, experts have long warned that the presence of so many guns posed a threat.

Zoran Gavrilovi., a sociologist at the Bureau for Social Research, said the shootings had not surprised him. .The social climate was leading to this. We have a violent society. It was just a matter of time for it to erupt,. he said.

Many blame Vuc.ic., if not directly, accusing the president of deliberately sustaining a climate of violence. .Indirectly, Vuc.ic. is the main culprit . he is the one who created this atmosphere of hate, and all the attacks in his media,. said Marinika Tepi., a senior opposition politician. .Serbia is not a powder keg; it has exploded..

GAE’s response is pivoting the Narrative from “Vuc.ic. sanctions gun violence!” to “Vuc.ic. sanctions hate speech!” I presume their goal is to lighten his restrictions on NATO media, which would be suicide for him; but I don’t see that working, either. They’ve already tried to change his robust policies regarding international whorenalists.

Vuc.ic. and his ruling party regularly demean their political opponents and foreign rivals as .scum., “thieves” and .paedophiles., while parliamentary sessions are dominated by crude and aggressive insults.

.We will not be healed, even if all the weapons were taken away and all the sociopaths were put behind bars, as long as our destiny is shaped by the one who unlocked and rode that evil,. tweeted the opposition leader, Zdravko Pono..

Heehee. They love to play 5-dimensional chess with their pawns, but give ’em just a toothache and they start clumsily dropping truths while lashing out.

Nearly 450,000 people have signed a petition calling for two pro-government public TV stations to lose their licences over violent reality shows that, by some estimates, have made up 60% of their recent programming.

Pink TV. I was instantly suspicious, of course, but no, it’s not actually a Globohomo front.

Mobsters, war criminals and notoriously violent football hooligans regularly feature in scenes that have included women being beaten and threats being made at gunpoint, running alongside political programmes featuring Vuc.ic. and his allies haranguing their opponents.

.There is an “industry of populism” in Serbia designed to promote Vuc.ic. and denigrate his opponents,. Gavrilovi. said.

They’re called video games and reality TV. If GAE is blaming that for Vuc.ic.’s popularity then I’m ready to place my bet on who is gonna win this.

.The violence of the reality shows serves to legitimise the aggressive political vocabulary. Hate speech, by Serbia’s main social and political actors and via its main media, has become the country’s number one language..

Your artillery is hittin’ close to home there, feministas. But what about the dead children? Do you not care about those dead children? Vuc.ic. is saving us, not you! (so long as he remember to not actually send the goon squad, to search my garage.)

In theory a candidate for EU accession, the country is torn between the west and its historical political and economic ties to Russia, a Slavic and Orthodox Christian ally.

That does sound better than “to NATO, a kleptocratic and homosexual Jewish ally”.

In a scathing report last week, the European parliament highlighted several stumbling blocks to accession, including Belgrade.s refusal to align with EU sanctions on Russia

There it is. GAE thought that making an example of fence-sitting Vuc.ic. would be easy and would threatpoint other European politicians back into compliance with D.C./London.

Guess what, it’s backfiring. AGAIN.

Klemen Gro.elj, a Slovenian MEP, highlighted a lack of progress on an independent judiciary, and media that were “neither independent nor objective..

.I.m very pessimistic,. he said. .When I visited after the fall of Milo.evi., there was this positive energy. Unfortunately, it faded away; there is no real and honest political will for changes to be part of the EU. Serbia will soon need to make a choice..

Oh, I think Serbia already chose… against the murderers of their children.

And I’ll make a guess, that the people whose guns will be confiscated will NOT be the ordinary people.

The Real Threat Of Military-Age Migrants Is Gender Imbalance

The dissident sphere has made a lot of noise about most of the immivaders being military-aged young men. While this is, somewhat, a legitimate concern with the Chinese arrivals, because we know the PRC is operating military bases inside the United States and they cannot always just publicly rotate their uniformed soldiers through JFK Airport, the real threat they pose is the gender imbalance.

The consensus I’ve noted across various sources on demographic decline is that social upheaval begins when the imbalance hits 6:5, or 1.2 men for every woman. The imbalance being created among the 20-something American demographic is already worse than that, and getting worse by the hour.

The Regime isn’t planning any long-term specifics with all those immivaders. It doesn’t need to. Their presence and hormones alone will ensure that North America burns. One can only hope that the reason governments such as Panama are playing along, is NOT to empty their prisons at our expense, on top of the inevitably denied sex urges.

The real reason China is sending millions of its young men over here, is to correct for the consequences of their One-Child policies over there. Any fifth-column benefit is mere bonus.

I used to think that the immivasion could be easily reversed by ending the welfare state and giving free bus tickets home. No more gibs, no more appeal. But what actually will happen, when the welfare state inevitably collapses, is the Regime will lock down the border like an (ahem) Iron Curtain. They want us starving and desperate.

Which means nothing has changed. After all, the primary duty of every socialist Border Patrol in history, is preventing those Workers In Paradise from escaping.

A Marxist Word-Spell Invokes Domestic Tranquility

It’s all coming out into the open now… all of True Evil’s skinsuited, vomit-inducing, man-hating, unrepentantly diabolical ugliness…

DIE ALREADY, FEMINIST GRANNYKNOCKERS! You know it’s Clown World when your wife fishes the swimsuit edition out of the trash can you flung it into, and claims she’s only interested in the articles. Female territory marking does not begin to describe this offense against man-kind.

But seriously, I can feel it coming. The dam is breaking. Literal Hell is about to be unleashed and all the dried-up demon prudes are beginning the carnivale.

By way of example, today’s other dried-up demon prude is a retired “religion journalist” teaching the next gun-control word spell to his acolytes. I doubt he’s one of the inner circle, to judge from his lack of competence, which makes it all the more disturbing that he clearly knows what game is being played.

Change the narrative: mass shootings are terrorism

h ttps://

Opinion for by Cary McMullen, 15 May 2023

Consider this scenario. Citizens of a foreign nation are dispersed into our streets and our schools and public places, opening fire with assault rifles, causing multiple fatalities and injuries. Even if these acts were spaced out over months and years, the outrage and the reaction would be swift and unanimous. We are under attack. There would be no barriers to action to redress the crisis.

Uh… we’re not imagining that scenario, and the government’s response has been

…rather than our safety. Behold our cowardly FedGov, importing desperate dirt people to do the jobs that CIA jackboots don’t dare.

One reason the problem of mass gun violence has proved so intractable is how it has been described by gun-rights proponents and the media. Until now, the narrative has been that acts of gun violence are crimes, carried out by criminals or by those with mental health issues. In the wake of the recent Nashville school shooting, U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) said, .Criminals are going to be criminals..

Duh. By definition, yet again, criminals do not heed inconvenient laws. They also prefer victims who are reliably unable to fight back. Which says everything you need to know about the gun-banners’ defiance of the Second Amendment in order to disarm the productive wealth-creators, aka “lootables”.

Oh, wait. They know this already. I must keep quiet and give Cary the rope to metaphorically hang himself with.

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors (if there is a surviving defendant) deal with these situations with the tools available to them, as murders or assaults with a deadly weapon. The media, accustomed to covering crimes, follows along with this narrative, using criminal justice terms. It’s processed as a crime; it’s reported as a crime.

It IS a crime and the tools work. The number of perps who got away with their mass murdering is zero. Not counting FBI informants, handlers and/or support staff, obviously, but even they sometimes get caught, too! Looking at YOU, Ray Epps!

No… I must stop… sperging…

To describe the situation this way is to depict it as just part of everyday life, with responsibility falling to law enforcement, mental health counselors, or increasingly, by an armed public. In other words, there is no preventive remedy, only crimes addressed through remedial criminal justice avenues.

But these acts have threatened the fabric of society, so that people are fearful of conducting ordinary commerce, going to mass public events such as football games, or even sending their children to school. If an enemy were to succeed in planting doubt in the mind of the public that it cannot carry on normal activities, they would achieve the objective of weakening us. Without security, society cannot function.

Accordingly, we should no longer treat mass shootings like everyday crimes. Instead, they should be understood as acts of terror . as terrorism.

The sperg in me notices that terrorism is also, in Current Year, an everyday crime.

The Christian in me discerns projection. Terrorism is normal behavior for Socialists. Not us.

And the mocking wag in me, giggles at the idea that Cary is calling for mass shooters to go as unpunished as FBI directors telling Congress where to stick their subpoenas. Nobody goes to jail for terrorism anymore.

Maybe instead, we should punish mass shooters like they were divorced husbands!

Of course, the perpetrators of the overwhelming majority of mass shootings over the past thirty years are not foreign agents or members of a shadowy foreign organization. They are individual American citizens. However, in case after case, their intentions are indistinguishable from, say, al-Qaeda. They are not spontaneous acts of revenge or targeted at individuals against whom they have a grudge. They are not carried out as part of a robbery. Rather, in many if not most cases, they are planned in advance and indiscriminate. Their intention is not to commit a crime but to kill as many people as possible, regardless of age, gender, or social status. Often, they are suicide missions. By any definition, this is terrorism.

None of that is terrorism. You don’t even need violence for terrori–mmfph!

When these acts are characterized as terrorism . carried out against the innocent, and in the case of children the most vulnerable members of society . then we are no longer talking about ordinary crime. Now we are dealing with a matter of national security.

By changing the narrative and the language used to describe the problem, this shifts the ground under the feet of elected officials and lobbyists and forces them to confront the problem as a crisis of national security rather than as a problem of ordinary crime. Politicians would have to defend any opposition to gun control as opposing “domestic tranquility,. as the Prologue to the Constitution has it. And it could compel the national news media to describe these deadly events as the crisis that it is.

There it is. If murder being a crime is not producing the desired political results, then it should be re-branded with a scarier word until the Narrative “compels politicians to defend their opposition to gun control”.

Facts don’t matter. Reality, history and objectivity don’t matter.

Oaths, honor and the rule of law don’t matter.

What does matter, is disarming Heritage America in preparation for our extermination by any lies & deceptions necessary.

And hopefully, what ALSO will matter is some mockery to discredit Cary’s lame-o word-spell. If he doesn’t like his morning “domestic tranquility” interrupted by violent crime then maybe he’s living too close to his Socialist peers?

In war against a nation-state, there would be retaliation, including strategies to disable the enemy’s weapons. In the case of the domestic terrorism of mass shootings, we do have the means of eliminating the weapons used to carry out these attacks, and the crisis demands that we use them. The objective should be clear . the elimination of all assault rifles and handguns in the hands of private citizens, even if this requires a constitutional amendment.

It is urgent that concerned organizations begin to change the narrative of mass shootings. These are acts of terrorism that have produced a national security crisis in America. Let.s call it what it is in order to muster the necessary public will to end mass violence by eliminating weapons of mass destruction.

More like, “let’s call it whatever we need to call it, no matter if it’s true”.

THAT is an act of terrorism by Cary McMullen. He blames the innocent for what the guilty did, and demands the innocent be punished. He doesn’t have to be the one making the threats. He doesn’t have to be the one spilling the blood. He can merely be the one appropriating the crimes in order to make the demands. Even crimes that were not committed for his purpose.

“You’re a terrorist, you law-abiding AR-15 owner! You’re a national security crisis that must be ended forever!”

“Huh? What did I ever do?”

“That lesbian-mestizo child-killer on the far side of the Rocky Mountains disturbed my domestic tranquility. I’ll never have peace until you rot in prison!”

Blaming the innocent for the crimes of the guilty, in order to justify government maltreatment of the innocent, is a terrorist act. It is violence and/or intimidation meant to forward a political agenda. If you don’t see any violence there, then that’s because you don’t expect to be on the receiving end of it.

Peace in our homes, peace in our schools, peace in our streets.

Peace in our time. Peace at any price, excepting Cary’s political ambitions.

Go fuck yourself with your own forked tongue, Cary, like Martha Stewart learned to do in prison. News flash, “it’s out in the open now” means “nobody believes your lies”.


Hello, trans-exclusionary radical… queers? TERQs?

Conservative professor says he was suspended for handing out gendered chocolates where the ‘She/Her’ bars were nutless

h ttps://

By Joseph MacKinnon, 12 May 2023

A conservative history professor at a California community college claims he’s been suspended for running afoul of woke dogmas on campus.

He’s gay, not conservative, but it’s hard to not like his style:

Richardson reportedly signaled his noncompliance during a mandatory LGBT re-education seminar on “pronoun etiquette” in October 2021, which was helmed by transvestic chemistry professor Jamie MacArthur.

Those enrolled in the seminar were to indicate their name and so-called gender identity in a “small thumbnail.”

According to Richardson’s lawsuit against the district, he had indicated his pronouns were “Do, Re, Mi” in protest . to show that mandating an “irrational perception of reality … would frustrate communication for ideological reasons.”

Just like the TERFs defending feminism from trannies, Richardson defended real sodomy from transvestite poachers. “You’re not a real homo!”

The history prof. was reprimanded, ordered to stop using pronouns mockingly, and reportedly compelled to complete six-hours of DEI re-education before writing a letter detailing how he might “create a more inclusive environment that does not center on homophobia or transphobia.”

…so then he…

…got his hands on a case of Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing’s parodic “SheHer” and “HeHim” chocolate bars.

The female-designated chocolate bars were all chocolate whereas the male-designated chocolates contained nuts.

TheBlaze previously reported that Boreing advertised his gender-specific chocolates after Hershey’s Canada featured transvestite Fae Johnstone as the face of its International Women’s Day campaign called #HERforShe.

Richardson told Just the News that he wasn’t sure what to do with the parodic “goodies,” so he brought them to share at a campus open house on April 29, where he evidently broke thin skin.

Uh-huh, sure, but for once I don’t mind. This is as entertaining as watching J.K. “Rowing” up the feminism creek without a tranny paddle.

When Biden Pays His Bills And Big Pharma Saves Lives

Buckle up for some Climate Change: it’s budget season in D.C.

All the factions come out to play in the Budget Olympics! In this double-header post, I’ll cover Biden threatening the entire Republican Party with insurrection for thwarting him from paying his bills, then Big Pharma tries to pretend it’s curing people not poisoning them because of an off-hand comment Biden made.

Biden says he’s exploring 14th amendment to defuse debt ceiling standoff

h ttps://

By Jennifer Haberkorn, 9 May 2023

“FedGov has no more money!” the sooner that’s true, the sooner the healing can begin. Bad time for that expensive, Title 42 invasion by the Turd World, Regime. Please plan your self-owns a little more responsibly. And it wouldn’t hurt to defund your global network of bioweapon laboratories before they accomplish their design purpose of exterminating all taxpaying life on Earth.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he was “considering” the use of the 14th amendment as a means to circumvent the debt ceiling standoff he currently finds himself in with House Republicans.

But he cast some doubt on whether it could work, saying it would “have to be litigated and in the meantime without an extension it.d still end up in the same place.” The president said he would look at the issue of invalidating the debt ceiling through the 14th amendment “months down the road.” The amendment states that the public debt of the United States “shall not be questioned..

I vaguely recall the 14th is the Imperial Establishment Amendment that did to USA what Julius Caesar did to the Roman Senate. But what’s this about public debts?


h ttps://

Section 4
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

That “authorized by law’ bit requires Biden to respect the debt ceiling because Congress controls the Fed budget. POTUS has a veto but nothing more. For a time, there was a push to create a “line-item veto” that would allow POTUS to veto portions of a budget or other bill. Astonishingly, it died a well-deserved death for being an unlawful expansion of legislative power to the executive branch.

The only thing Biden could do with the 14th, is declare the Republican Party to be an insurrection. That would let him spend any money he wants to “defeat the threat”. Maybe he’ll just mean Trump, but there’s no reason the Repubs would hesitate to revoke Trump’s membership at that point. I don’t know why they haven’t already. Maybe they’re afraid he’d go third-party.

(He wouldn’t. Trump is Establishment, start to finish & against his own best interests. He’ll never think outside that box.)

More than that, Biden could legally refuse to pay any monies owed to Red States or other Republican-controlled jurisdictions. Anybody opposing Agenda 2030, really.

And the cherry on top: Republicans would have no legal standing to file court challenges with.

Biden also refused to rule out a short-term debt limit increase.

Of course he’s open to a temporary victory that would actually be permanent unless the Repubs figure out how to un-spend money… which they’re actually doing, but that’s the second half of this double-feature.

“I said I would come back and talk,. he said. .The one thing I’m ruling out is default, and I’m not going to pass a budget that has massive cuts..

That’s two things, and he leaves only one one option. Two options, if you count the Democrats declaring America is now a Communist utopia that refuses to honor the previous government’s debts. Which would torpedo the dollar faster than Janet Yellen admitting on a hot mic that only the Bank of Rothschild will be protected by the FDIC.

.Three of the four participants [were] very measured and low key,. Biden said.

Back at the Capitol, McCarthy laughed off the comment, saying: .If you ever spend time with [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer, you.ll find out who the fourth is..

True dat.

Biden expressed openness to one key GOP ask: Rescinding tens of billions of dollars in Covid funding.

Was that an earthquake? The ground shook just a moment ago. And my soul… it feels the weight of Sauron’s gaze….

.The answer is, I’d take a hard look at it,. Biden said, adding that the government .didn’t need it all. but needed to determine how much of that pot has been committed to various projects. .It’s on the table..

It’s not on the table. Biden isn’t going to piss off the terrorist medical-industrial complex armed with engineered bioweapons and a history of deploying them. Unless Big Guy don’t get his 10%, of course.

And he’s not going to piss off the banksters driven mad with Kazarian bloodlust and the loss of their financial lifeboat to Putler.

Who does that leave available for him to piss off? Not his wife. Not counting his diaper. We the People aren’t even in the room.

Bad news, Republicans. You’re beginning to look a lot like… insurrectionists. You have some time before that shoe fits, but let me re-quote Biden’s threat from above:

The president said he would look at the issue of invalidating the debt ceiling through the 14th amendment “months down the road..

Hey, isn’t next year an election year? Do you think our democracy is fortified enough to survive running out of money?

Meanwhile, in a story of inevitable Progress, !Science!, and why you shouldn’t trust misinformers… the Covid jab has cured cancer!

Finally, a vaccine for one of the deadliest forms of cancer

h ttps://

By Julia Pugachevsky, 10 May 2023

A new vaccine designed to treat pancreatic cancer prevented the disease from returning in 50% of patients who received it, scientists reported today.

[The New York Times reported that] scientists at the German firm BioNTech developed a vaccine that can be tailored to each patient’s unique genetic makeup, to train their immune system to destroy pancreatic cancer cells.

In a small study published today by Nature, scientists said they tested the vaccine on 16 patients in New York City, and half of the patients were still remaining cancer-free after 18 months . a success for the trial.

Cancer-free! Wow!

Even more encouraging, one patient’s new cancer growth in their liver disappeared in imaging tests after they received the vaccine.

Cancer-Free*! Less wow.

Because the patients were also given chemotherapy and another cancer drug, it’s hard to say how much of an impact the vaccine alone had.

Hey, wait a minute, chemotherapy IS cancer drugs. What’s this “chemotherapy AND ANOTHER cancer drug”? Was the experimental group given TWO treatments that the control group wasn’t, with the resulting success being attributed to only the one treatment?

Like the COVID vaccines, these utilized messenger RNA to instruct a patient’s immune system to destroy the cancer cells.

On the one hand, the mRNA tech’s observed purpose is to train the immune system to attack something it otherwise wouldn’t. Once they make it safe and effective (for real), they can engineer a Death Plague that no immune system can detect, spray the world with it and jab themselves to safety.

That’s the plan behind all these bioweapon labs being staged across the planet. It’s straight outta Tom Clancy’s book Rainbow Six.

On the other hand, the plan isn’t working. They still are faking success stories in order to justify continued funding. That’s why NYT published the story… to defend against THIS:

Is Nikki Haley right that $500 billion in COVID-19 funding could be rescinded? It’s not that simple

h ttps://

By Aleister err, Matthew Crowley, 5 May 2023

Wow, the Republicans ARE learning how to un-spend money! I never thought to see the day. Not that they’ll give it to the taxpayer, of course; it’s money that they printed, not collected; but still, it’s always a pleasant and novel sight to see a Republican trying to NOT lose.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was touring early primary states when she offered a suggestion for bolstering the U.S. economy.

.We start by clawing back the $500 billion of unspent COVID money,. she said at an April 10 town hall in Salix, Iowa.

Six laws enacted in 2020 and 2021, spanning the administrations of Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden, made $4.6 trillion in COVID-19 relief money available to a range of people, businesses and government entities.

The Wind-Up Part Of Wind-Up Toy Mauricio Garcia

I’m ready to blog about shooter Mauricio Garcia more quickly than normal. Usually, the best sleuthing is done after the hysteria fades but before the memory hole kicks in, but this time, the Garcia spree… a terrorist act against Texas by the same perps who brought you Uvalde… succeeded quickly enough that I can jump right in.

After which, I’ll go through how the Garcia spree is also a complete and total farce by Five Eyes front Bellingcat, which aged so badly that they’re already in damage control mode. But no matter; they got what they wanted.

As you know, most of our politicians walk around with a finger in the air and a thumb up their ass, one nostril reserved for sniffing money and the other for sniffing cocaine. Thus, their moral compass looks something like a Hegelian dialectic:

Thesis: “All firearm laws are a blatant crime against the Constitution that I am sworn to uphold. Disarming my people can only be a prelude to their enslavement by literally child-molesting Satanists!”

Anti-thesis: “After that last murder-spree by Socialists, I won’t get reelected unless I ban guns like the Socialists demand.”

Synthesis: “We need, uh, common-sense gun laws! and more coke.”

You might call that the wind-up part of these wind-up toys. They’re meant to amplify the word-spells directed at leaders who have no foundation of truth. Without that objective foundation, any person’s preferred lie is… just a matter of preference.

And preferences can be twisted.

Greg Abbott Says Focus Is “Mental Health Problems,. Not Gun Reform, After Texas Shooting

h ttps://

By Huffington Post, 8 May 2023

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said the state would focus on addressing “mental health problems” behind gun violence, but didn’t address calls for gun reform after another devastating mass shooting at a shopping center this weekend.

Eight people were killed and at least seven others injured at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, on Saturday after a gunman opened fire on the crowded facility. Authorities identified the shooter as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, who was killed by a police officer on the scene.

It was the second mass shooting in Texas in recent weeks after another gunman killed five of his neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, after they asked him to stop firing his weapon at home.

I wonder if that was the windup toy meant for this shoot, because Garcia reeks of being a hastily activated backup. Dumping data on a Russian social media site and a trip to the local Aryan tattoo artist do not a white supremacist make.

The twin shootings have renewed calls for increased gun control at both the state level in Texas and nationwide. But Abbott alluded Sunday the rise in gun violence is linked to a “dramatic increase” in “anger and violence,. not access to firearms, even after Fox News host Shannon Bream cited a poll showing strong support for increased gun control measures.

I don’t know what Fox signed in that settlement with Clinton-Dominion Voting Machines, but Satan got their souls.

Anyway, Abbott and every other Texan politician knows why gun control is wrong. It’s flatly illegal and nothing is gonna change that; American tradition, about the last one left at this point; gun control has been a prelude to E.V.E.R.Y. Communist genocide in the 20th Century, and please note D.C. is currently run by the O.G. Trotskyites; the right to life cannot be separated from the authority to defend one’s life; and of course, Texas be Texas.

He knows all that, but he cited mental illness when opposing the Cultural Marxist gun banners. He should have put the blame directly on the gun banners for their wicked intentions.

As we Christians say, the truth is not in him. Abbot refuses to tell the truth about gun violence. Whatever his reasons are, rejecting truth makes him vulnerable to word-spells and emotional appeals. Appeals such as a pile of dead children next to an SJW sneering “it’s YOUR fault.”

.Raise the age. gun bill passes Texas committee after months of advocacy by Uvalde families

h ttps://

By Niki Griswold for USA Today, 9 May 2023

In a shocking and last-minute turn of events in Texas, a bill that would raise the minimum age to purchase AR-15 style semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21 passed out of a House committee Monday, advancing the measure hours before a key deadline.

Several Uvalde victims’ relatives burst into sobs and cheers in the Capitol hearing room when two Republicans joined all the Democrats on the committee to advance the bill by an 8-5 vote.

This vote was held Monday, May 8. Garcia’s killing spree was Saturday, May 6. Ideally timed for media-driven hysteria to hit them the moment they walked in the legislature’ door:

As recently as 10 a.m. Monday, Rio Grande City Republican Rep. Ryan Guillen, who chairs the committee where the bill was pending, had said he was not planning to bring the bill up for a vote because he didn’t believe it had the votes to pass in the full House.

But by 11 a.m., after an emotional protest and news conference by the Uvalde families and gun control activists Monday, Guillen changed course.

QED. The Garcia shooting was timed to pressure Republican legislators into advancing the Uvalde bill. Cui Bono, eh? Abbott himself hasn’t folded, yet.

The bill is still in progress so I predict another spree or two… BECAUSE THIS ONE WORKED. You get more of what you subsidize. The Cabal will use whatever works. You want money? Women? Little boys? If we squeeze you here, do you hurt? What if we squeeze over here? HA, GOTCHA! Do it again, listen to him squeal, hahaha! Again!

The antidote is Truth mixed with Fortitude. “I will never support a gun law because the truth is, you gun banners intend to enslave or kill us all. History proves this. I will hear no emotional appeal. No body count will change my mind, so you might as well stop doing this murderous shit.”

Alas, female-voting democracies do not select for “Daddy says No” types.

.I’m feeling very overwhelmed, very emotional,. Kimberly Garcia said through tears after the committee vote. Her 10-year-old daughter, Amerie Jo Garza, was one of the 19 fourth graders and two teachers killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on May 24, 2022.

.I was super worried, but I feel like my daughter did this, and I feel like she’s making a difference, and I’m proud of her. I hate that it’s come down to this, but I know that she’s always with me, and I know that I’m not going to let anyone ever forget her,” Garcia said.

Uvalde victims’ relatives have been advocating for lawmakers to pass House Bill 2744 for months, coming to the Capitol nearly every week during the legislative session to demand its passage and even waiting more than 13 hours to testify in support of the bill in a committee hearing in April.

Their unrelenting push for lawmakers to pass gun control legislation has been an uphill battle in a Republican-dominated Legislature that has loosened gun restrictions in recent sessions. Monday’s vote, however, was a significant victory for the families.

+1 to the Texas politicians for enduring the emotional abuse this long. -1,000 for encouraging more murder-sprees by allowing Garcia’s to change their behavior.

And speak of the devil, let me introduce you to Misogynistic Antisemitic Russian Terrorist Incel White Supremacist Mauricio Martinez Garcia… runway model for the latest in CIA-backed bumper stickers, the only Neo-Nazi to OPPOSE the Azov Brigade and youTuber Tim Pool’s favorite listener that he doesn’t know about!

(If your eyeballs didn’t roll at that, then you still have too much credulity in your blood.)

Why some people are spreading false rumours about the Texas gunman

h ttps://

By Shayan Sardarizadeh & Mike Wendling for the Bumbling British Cocks, 9 May 2023

Social media posts by the man who killed eight people at a mall in Texas show he was deep into neo-Nazi and far-right imagery and propaganda.

But some activists have tried to cast doubt on the authenticity of the posts.

They’re claiming – without evidence – that the material is somehow part of a “psychological operation” or that the social media account is “fake”.

Says the people about to present our evidence so we don’t have to!

It may seem fringe, but the doubts have spread to millions via Elon Musk and others with popular Twitter accounts.

*GunnerQ pulls out his 2023 Bingo Card* Let’s see… I got ‘Twitter’… and ‘Elon Musk’… maybe they should be a single entry now…

Six people, including children, were pronounced dead at the scene in the north Dallas suburbs on Saturday, while two died later in hospital.

The suspect, named by police as Mauricio Garcia, used an AR-15 style rifle and wore combat tactical gear during the shooting.

AR-15, check…

Garcia, police say, wore a patch reading “RWDS”, short for “Right Wing Death Squad” – a phrase commonly referenced by hate groups.

I am SOOO tempted to look on Etsy, to see how new the “RWDS” patch making company is. However, that is one stinky, obvious honeypot.

It’s not on this bingo card but maybe the next.

Ha! Found it!


h ttps://

The patch appeared to match one previously for sale on the neo-Nazi apparel web store Anime Tobacco Firearms. The store said on its Facebook, Twitter and Gab pages Monday that “as a result of certain events,. it’s closing “for the time being..

End segue

Hank Sibley, regional director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said in a press conference Tuesday that the motivation for the shootings was still under investigation, and that the victims appear to have been chosen at random.

“We do know he had neo-Nazi ideation,” he said. “We’re trying to find what he looked at [online] and trying to find any information we can.”

Knee-o-not-see, check…

Mr Sibley said investigators were continuing to examine Garcia’s electronic devices and social media posts.

Conveniently placed, admissible evidence easily found on social media and used for search warrants, check the center…

Garcia posted a huge variety of material on a lightly-moderated, Russia-based site named Odnoklassniki. The account was mentioned in news reports and uncovered by the investigative outlet Bellingcat.


We Are Bellingcat – An Intelligence Agency For the People

h ttps://

Even I won’t click on THAT link. Suffice to say, Bellingcat even advertises as a “non-state-actor intelligence agency” that happens to love Ukraine, hate Russia/China and has proven valuable to Five Eyes. It’s clearly where CIA/MI5 say stuff they don’t want to be on record saying. Example, it was Bellingcat that fingered Jack Teixeira as the Pentagon leaker. The FBI then “may have” used that fingering to get their search warrant a couple days later; the affidavit contained no sources.

Poor Jack is likely a patsy. Uncle Ruy must not have liked him. (unable to confirm affiliation)

Bellingcat has received funding from George Soros and moved operations to Netherlands in order to avoid Brexit. Both put the lie to “independent international intelligence service”.

End segue

His posts included pictures of a swastika tattoo…

Left pectoral, not a visible location.

…long violent screeds, and pictures of the mall taken as recently as last month – interspersed with other pictures of boxes of ammunition and guns.

Symbols… manifestos… check… c’mon, man, nobody posts pictures of their ammo boxes. “Look, everybody! I love Spitler! I’m a Neo-Nasal! I stockpile ammo! I sure hope that while the Russians fight an existential conflict against the Banderites, none of them think to look on their own social media for loud-mouthed sympathizers!”

Other posts praised Nazis and the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet – who is often feted by people who use the “Right Wing Death Squad” phrase.

He directly addressed his ethnic background in one meme he posted which mentioned “Latino children” and the phrase “become white supremacist”.

Aww, no actual quote? I was looking forward to hearing a Latino explain his joining Aryan Nation. This here is just bullshit.

How do we know the account was his?
The BBC has examined the material and we can be confident the suspect is the person behind the posts.

BBC planted the material, more likely. The account must have been manufactured post-Azov because there’s no way Russia wouldn’t have checked its national social media for, like I said, loud-mouthed sympathizers posting pictures of their mass-murder preparations.

Did a language bot help with creating that backstory? Hmm.

Garcia appeared to use the account, on a social network popular in Russia


…as an online diary.

And BULLSHIT! That means he didn’t post ideas. NO CREATIVE CONTENT AT ALL?! That’s gonna become a good indicator of ChatGPT manufacture, I betcha.

He posted multiple documents including his name, date of birth and other identifying details, including a plane ticket, a speeding ticket and an ID card.

NOBODY POSTS THEIR ID ON A FOREIGN-HOSTED, UNSECURED SOCIAL MEDIA SITE FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!! “Let’s see, how best to protect myself against identity theft? I could put all this sensitive and potentially humiliating material in my bedroom file cabinet… or, I could go out of my way to scan it all and post it publicly next to  my Neo-Nasty murder rants, cunningly posted where the enemies of Stephan Banderas will keep it safe for me. Hmm, decisions… I gotta be me.”

Photos on the account also showed a distinct tattoo on his hand, which matches a graphic video of Garcia’s dead body taken at the scene of the shooting.

The shooter also posted images of the mall and its location on Google Maps, including the time the mall had the highest number of visitors, weeks in advance.

He didn’t know when malls are busiest? He planned to maximize bodycount then only killed eight people? He put his murder map on social media where it would NOT help him find the place?

In addition, open-source investigators found a YouTube channel with a video showing Garcia taking off a mask. Material on the channel was also posted on the Odnoklassniki account.

Who’s spreading false rumours?
Despite the clear evidence, several activists and internet personalities, including at least one mentioned in Garcia’s posts, have attempted to cast doubt on the authenticity of the material. They’ve claimed, without evidence, that it’s part of a “psychological operation” or “false flag” by the government to smear those on the right or far-right.

Yo! Bingo fox in da house!

“You don’t qualify as a personality.”


A number of posts spreading the false rumours were viewed millions of times. Among them, one by Twitter chief Elon Musk, called the fact the suspect had an account on a Russian platform “very odd” and in another message said it was “either the weirdest story ever or a very bad psyop!”

I don’t trust Musk, but tweets like that make me want to. Which makes me NOT want to, again. Hello, paranoia, my old friend!

However, Odnoklassniki has an English interface, and its lax content moderation policies mean extreme content is less likely to be taken down. Mr Musk and Twitter’s communications team did not respond to a request for comment.

Like I said, Russia JUST fought AGAINST the Banderites. I don’t see them giving a free pass on sedition during a hot conflict.

The podcaster Tim Pool, a former Occupy Wall Street supporter and Vice News reporter, was among those mentioned several times in the suspect’s posts.

There’s no evidence that Garcia was inspired to action by Mr Pool’s podcasts, which cover right-wing talking points and conspiracy theories.

But Mr Pool immediately tried to cast doubt on the veracity of the material, accusing those digging up the material as being part of a “psyop”.

Mr Pool did not respond to requests for comment.

Welcome to the big time, Mr. Pool! You haven’t arrived until Kain has sicced his media ninjas on you at least once.


Mauricio Garcia, Allen Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

h ttps://

According to The New York Times, which first reported on the social media platform’s existence…

Along with Bellingcat. How were they faster than Reddit & Twitter? “Well, if he’s an Incel then maybe he’s also a Russian agent infiltrating the United States, who likes to brag about being a Russian agent on Russian social forums. SCOOP!”

…Garcia suggested several times that he was “of Hispanic origin ” at one point indicating they are originally from Mexico,. but expressed white supremacy ideology.

They’re not my people. Mexicans are okay; USA could do much worse for a neighbor; but, not my people.

He also photographed and posted many pages of journal entries and drawings on the social media account. Garcia also shared photos of bullets, knives, guns, and shooting range targets. He wrote “my kind of people” with a picture of a man in a Nazi uniform.

I could believe that Mexicans have turned anti-immigrant by now. They had a sweet migration thing going, now all them new Haitians off the short bus have ruined it; but for all his right-wing talking points, he never blamed immigration. Brown dude only talked about making America white… this was NOT thought out well.

Which suggests he was all they had to work with.

I found conflicting reports of where he lived. He has parents in Dallas, also a brother (with rap sheet), but was living in an extended-stay motel. I always think of MK-ULTRA when these things happen, because there’s literally no gain for the perp. The idea that he was taken and programmed, then brought back but kept isolated from his parents until go-time does fit that conspiracy theory, but hard evidence is lacking as usual.

To date, I only know the Vegas shooter and Unabomber to have links to the brainwashers.

Garcia spent three months in the Army before getting dropped for psych reasons, so he never even passed basic, but that could have brought him to the correct peoples’ attention. He went on to be a licensed armed guard but was fired then let the license lapse, then didn’t do much during the Plandemic.

I’ve heard anecdotes from servicemen about the headcases of basic training. USMC was notorious because they’re the only branch that doesn’t screen for psych ahead of boot. No idea if that’s still true… *glances at cross-dressing recruiters* it’s still true. Anyway, you have to be REALLY messed up to get cashiered for retard. That is not consistent with some of his postings. Let me quote his opinion on, ahem, mass shooters:

“What is missing from the scapegoating arguments is a good look in the mirror by us as a society and a culture. Other developed countries that we consider to be our peers simply do not have the problem with mass shooting incidents that we do. It is my contention that the very roots of our mass shooting epidemic may be found in our core cultural value of fierce individualism, a belief in vengeance, and the ethic that might makes right. These cultural values have been central to what it means to be an American since our nation’s birth. We have always loved to settle disputes (at the individual and group levels) with violence and guns and we gleefully celebrate vigilantism in our popular culture.

“I further contend there are powerful, divisive, and negative social forces at work today that fuel the increase in mass public shootings. These factors include but are not limited to: financial and healthcare fears, a declining belief in the American dream, distrust of the government, racism, xenophobia, religious and gender biases, hate crime, domestic terrorism, and near-constant war since 2001. Political and social divisions fueled by seemingly ubiquitous hate speech across media platforms over the last few years have created an environment where violence is seemingly inevitable.

“The above factors have led to fear, alienation, powerlessness, rage, and nihilism for millions of people in our country. Tragically, but predictably, an increasing number of Americans are striking out in horrible, public acts of mass violence against innocent strangers that are driven by rage and unfounded retribution. This existential crisis demands that we reassess our core values and priorities as a society, and it deserves our collective commitment to change and grow if we are to stem the tide of this terrible phenomenon.”

Does that sound like somebody whose brain couldn’t handle Army Basic? No, that sounds like ChatGPT and/or Leon Trotsky. But I cannot resist responding to this excerpt:

“Other developed countries that we consider to be our peers simply do not have the problem with mass shooting incidents that we do. It is my contention that the very roots of our mass shooting epidemic may be found in our core cultural value of fierce individualism, a belief in vengeance, and the ethic that might makes right. These cultural values have been central to what it means to be an American since our nation’s birth. We have always loved to settle disputes (at the individual and group levels) with violence and guns and we gleefully celebrate vigilantism in our popular culture.”

That’s exactly the D.C. Regime’s stand on gun violence. That’s exactly the Communist complaint against Americans: we think the best way to debate whether foreign rule and pedophilia are universal civil rights, is with two to the body and one to the head. (It’s legit!) Garcia “individually” going “vigilante” because “muh, err, OUR white supremacy” is supposed to demoralize us away from our heritage as free men with a land of our own.

I spit on the Repub turncoats on whom that worked.

And every single time, every single shooter is an anti-Semite. Oh those poor Jooz, ALL of the MEAN EVIL people think they run the place! Are YOU mean and evil? Could you imagine if, I dunno, some of these antisomewhatic mass murderers actually targeted a J-Church? instead of selecting random children in order to maximize NOT the body count, but the emotional pressure?

It’s a farce, watching these shooters act against their assigned beliefs. Gendron was the worst. “I hate Noses!” *targets the only well-behaved blacks in New York State* Nobody benefitted except the Noses radicalizing the blacks.

Am I supposed to identify with these shooters of children? Because I have an AR-15 too, or am white like Mauricio Martinez Garcia, or something? Serious question. The Hive Drone is all about exterior appearances, there’s no there in his soul. I really think that the reason ARs are their terrorist weapon of choice is so we normal people will become ashamed of our ARs by association.

But our ARs don’t kill kids. Theirs do. Murder is who they are, not what the AR-15 is.

If shitlibs can denounce white America without noticing the color in the mirror, then maybe it never occurred to them that we’d hesitate and check the uniform before accepting Mauricio’s claim to be one of us.

Maybe Mauricio really was their A-game. In which case, our rulers have gone  deranged, balls-out Chaotic Evil. Or balls-off. Chaos gonna Chaos.

Truth is, slaughtering random innocents in order to prove that innocents cannot be trusted with tools of violence, makes as much sense as trusting Bellingcat because all the other intelligence agencies have to follow the rules.

I dream of getting my white America back. Maybe I’ll never live to see it, that’s for God to decide, but I’m not giving up on the dream because a brown who calls himself a white, got used by Talmudists for their latest terror plot. Truth is, I want that dream and my people deserve that dream. I will hear no emotional appeal. No body count will change my mind, so you Cabalists might as well stop doing this murderous shit.

Return Of the Twinkie Defense!

We true-crime hobbyists always knew this dark day would come. The day when the Twinkie Defense really is “I eat too much to be guilty!” It didn’t start this way:

Understanding the So-Called “Twinkie” Defense

h ttps://

By Stephen Handelman, 4 October 2017

.The devil made me do it..

You might not be surprised to hear a defendant in a criminal case make that claim. But what about, .Junk food made me do it?. Or cough medicine? Or caffeine?

Although not especially common, these kinds of arguments are still made in criminal cases. In fact, there’s even a name for such claims.the so-called “Twinkie defense..

The phrase “Twinkie defense” was coined by the media in 1978 in coverage of the trial of Dan White, who was charged with murder for the shooting deaths of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. However, the Twinkie defense is really a myth.

As explained in the San Francisco Gate, the defense presented evidence that White suffered from mental illness, including depression. A psychiatrist testified that White’s excessive consumption of junk food.including Twinkies.exacerbated his symptoms and was proof of his depressed state.

But the defense never claimed that eating snack cakes put White in a sugar-induced frenzy that drove him to kill Moscone and was the press that pushed that angle. Rather, the actual defense in the case was that White suffered from “diminished capacity” and acted “in the heat of passion..

The jury apparently bought this argument and convicted White of voluntary manslaughter instead of murder.

I prefer to think he got special consideration because he did the world two favors.

The corruption of San Francisco began during the Cold War. Sodomy was a crime in the US Navy usually punished by dishonorable discharge. San Francisco was the city where the Pacific Fleet dumped most of its share. Unwilling to return home in shame with their sex life revealed, an entire generation’s worth of North American homosexuals stayed in San Francisco. So many of them, that the homosexual population there was able to reach critical mass and begin wielding political power.

Harvey Milk was the politician who brought them mainline, into control of the city with the assistance of allies such as Mayor Moscone. The foothold established, Communist infiltrators took notice, partnered with the Sodomites… infiltrators such as Willie Brown… and working together, the moral cancer went straight up the river into Sacramento like a bad case of syphilis.

Los Angeles suffered a similar but less extreme fate, being also a deepwater port supporting the Navy.

That is how California fell early into Globohomo. But I digress.

Despite the truth, the term “Twinkie defense” has become stuck in the public’s imagination and the media’s vocabulary, essentially being used as shorthand for any defense in which the accused blames the consumption or use of some substance for his or her actions.

Since 1978, variations of the Twinkie defense continue to be made, expanding beyond junk food to include other substances.

For example, Matthew Phelps, an aspiring pastor in North Carolina, was recently accused of stabbing his wife Lauren [123 times] to death. He says that he woke up to find her covered in blood on the floor but couldn’t remember what happened that night. Although Phelps believes that he attacked his wife, he claims that the cough medicine he took to help him sleep caused him to black out. On Sept. 25, 2017, Phelps was indicted on first degree murder charges.

He originally pled not guilty, then changed it to guilty in order to ensure he couldn’t be sentenced to death. Odd that such a recent story would be cited in the context of the Twinkie defense 40 years ago. Perhaps the demand for Christian murderers outstrips the supply.

Anyway, the original 1978 Twinkie defense was not really “eating high-sugar snack foods means I’m innocent.”


Transvestite cleared of exposing his genitals to women at Ohio YMCA after judge ruled his fat played a concealing role

h ttps://

By Joseph Mackinnon, 8 May 2023

Just when you thought the transsexual agenda couldn’t get any uglier.

An Ohio man was charged earlier this year for exposing himself to multiple women, in one instance with little girls present.

While the presiding judge in 31-year-old Darren Glines’ case determined there was “no question that Glines was in the women’s locker room,” he ultimately let the transvestite off the hook because of the YMCA’s gender identification policy and the transvestite’s giant gut.

TheBlaze reported in February that Glines was charged in Xenia Municipal Court with three counts of public indecency for exposing himself in September, November, and on a third occasion with kids present . all fourth-degree misdemeanor charges.

A Greene County mother told WLWT that she was “upset” and “shaken,” after Glines, of Fairborn, allegedly exposed his penis to her and her 13-year-old and 16-year-old daughters in one of the reported instances.

Despite having an intact penis, Glines allegedly told the concerned mother that he was in fact a woman.

Scumbags like this don’t stop until they’re forced to stop. Usually by being out of breath after climbing a street curb. And when I call him a “bag of scum”…

Reduxx reported that Glines weighs over 350lbs.

…I’m talking smack about his diet.

So, you’re never naked when you’re 400lbs of lard? Come on, judge, at that size you ain’t nothing BUT naked.

The mother reportedly found no help from the director of the YMCA, who indicated that Glines and men like him couldn’t be stopped from entering women’s spaces.

The YMCA of Greater Dayton refused to bar the male patron from the once female-only space.

“Under no circumstance will we investigate an individual’s birth identity and then assign individuals to locker rooms. That would be counter to the law, counter to respect for all people and it is not who or what we are as an organization,” the organization said in a statement.

Hopes that Glines might be held to account were dashed on April 28 when Judge David McNamee cleared Glines in Xenia Municipal Court, noting that the YMCA permitted him to be in the women’s locker room and his gut likely covered his penis, reported WHIO-TV.

McNamee worked in private practice for 23 years, then Greene County Juvenile Division in 2016, then Gov. DeWine appointed him Xenia Municipal Court Judge in 2022.

“There is no question that [Glines] was in the women’s locker room. However, [Glines] was not charged with trespass, nor was [Glines] charged with being in an area of the YMCA where [Glines] was not supposed to be,” McNamee wrote, citing permission provided to Glines by Fairborn YMCA executive director Jacqueline Brockman.

Glines’ activist attorneys Lauren and Keara Dever argued that in addition to having the permission to parade around naked in the women’s locker room, it is “fair to say that the whole genital area was covered by body fat.”

Yo mama so fat, she can’t get her dick up!

The ruling makes a twisted amount of sense. Once body fat exceeds a certain percentage, it’s hard to tell if those are boobs or manboobs, and the groin is… gender-neutrally no longer seeing daylight. Is morbid obesity the budget way to effect a gender change? from human to spherical? I don’t remember shapes being genders in math class but that plus in LGBT+ covers a LOT of surface. Area, I mean. Topics.

But then, how did the plaintiff know that the fat chunky identifying as a woman in the women’s locker room, was actually a man? if his spare tire was functioning as clothing? There are lots of fat chicks in Ohio. Some with beards.

“Hey baby, you wanna…”


“…see something? Wait, I didn’t even put my Twinkie down yet! Did you just fat-shame me for maintaining my blood sugar in a gym?”

Maybe if Judge Mcnamee eats enough GMO Monsanto snacks, people won’t be able to see his shortcomings either.

The organization told WLWT that “Greater Dayton YMCA adheres to Ohio and Federal laws and antidiscrimination laws which allow all members access to its facilities and programs, regardless of religion, national origin, race, color, sex, age, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.”


The solution here is to narrow the doorways into the womens’ locker room enough that 350lb lardasses no longer fit. No more pedophiles! And no more fat chicks of Ohio, so sad, but they aren’t a protected class.

When you’re that fat, you don’t need protection. Except from harpooners.

RedState indicated that two precedents are set in this case: “First, if a man is so fat that their genitals can’t be clearly seen, then it’s apparently fine for them to get naked in front of little girls at a YMCA…

Such behavior is unacceptably disgusting, true, but for entirely nonsexual reasons. “She didn’t see my crotch; she only saw my belly button hanging down to my knees!”

The more worrisome precedent here is that the morbidly obese can go “clothing optional” anywhere and everywhere. I know that putting on a muumuu (so aptly named!) is unpaid hard work, but they make special tools for that now. “They” being recruiters for the 21st Century United States Marine Corps. Nothing says amphibious assault like a whale with legs.

Further, it is now apparently acceptable for a man to get naked in front of little girls as long as the degenerates at the front desk of an establishment give him permission to enter the woman’s locker room.”

Society will always have perverts. God has given the job of hunting them down to government. The direct implication here, is that any government that protects the perverts is no longer a legitimate government in the sight of God, because it is no longer performing the function that God reserved for it.

That is also unacceptably disgusting… again, for entirely nonsexual reasons.

Le Morte Du Crazy Bob

Move over, King Arthur. Today’s tale is how Global World Domination suffered a major setback with the death of “Crazy Bob” Lee!

One of the strongest early tells for a story that needs watching, is when an otherwise normal headline goes viral ‘for no reason at all’. Some chick hiker goes missing in the backcountry, found murdered, boyfriend suspected… blah blah… then the UN Security Council has an emergency meeting to discuss it, or something. Stuff like that is oh-so-typical of Clown World, wherein there’s a literally inbred subculture of diabolically stupid perverts infesting the highest levels of society, working to enslave the planet under ‘nobody at all’.

They don’t want to be noticed, but they can’t hide what they do. So, a story that affects them gets major play ‘for no reason at all’.

Which brings us to Crazy Bob.

Cash App creator Bob Lee was murdered over a week ago. Why haven’t San Francisco police caught his killer?

h ttps://

By Bevan Hurley for the Independent.Co.UK, 11 April 2023

It.s been over one week since Robert Harold .Crazy Bob. Lee was stabbed to death in San Francisco, and police are yet to publicly identify any suspects.

Cash App founder Lee, 43, was spotted on surveillance footage stumbling along Main St in Rincon Hill at around 2.30am on 4 April pleading for help.

In a 911 call, Lee reportedly said “someone stabbed me.” He died in hospital soon after being found by authorities.

The high-profile slaying of the MobileCoin chief product officer has shaken San Francisco and placed a spotlight on the city’s crime rates.

Most articles only describe Lee as the founder of CashApp, even though his current employment is MobileCoin. *filed away for future reference*

Lee.s incensed friends in the tech community blamed the city’s pursuit of progressive law enforcement policies, with one claiming they had .Bob’s literal blood on their hands..

In response, city officials have slammed the “politicisation” of Lee’s murder.

“Oh, sure, you only care about the crime rates NOW, when the Important People get hurt!” Which is human nature throughout history. The slums can be disease-riddled murder ranches and the government doesn’t care, but if a single perfumed prince turns up in that gutter, the world stops.

This is nothing interesting… thus far… except Bob Lee was not, at first glance, a perfumed prince of the Regime.

However, the unsolved homicide and a seemingly random attack on a former city fire commissioner on the same day have left residents on edge.

As the investigation enters its second week with no concrete signs of a breakthrough, many are asking: Why hasn’t Lee’s killer been caught?

NOW it gets interesting. Why is an INTERNATIONAL news outlet demanding an arrest within hours of “backalley rando stabs Pretty Boy in mugging gone wrong”? I intentionally chose an English news outlet in order to emphasize the point that the outrage here is not merely regional. Why do foreigners care what happened to yet another Silicon Valley millionaire who wandered out of his downtown Sodom hotel at 2am?

Because Dark Pervert Web.

Because San Francisco has so many, many cameras everywhere, the most likely reason they don’t have a suspect within 12 hours is because they DO and he’s connected.

After relocating from San Francisco to Miami in October last year, Lee had returned to attend a MobileCoin leadership conference in the city, friends say.

Living in one Totalist Hive is a bad sign. Living between multiple Hives is a VERY bad sign.

Surveillance footage taken at 2.30am on 4 April from the Portside apartment building at 403 Main St showed a mortally wounded Lee desperately trying to find help.

Multimillionaire Hive influencer gets stabbed at 2am on the streets of San Francisco while in town for a convention? I bet he was buying drugs because he couldn’t risk bringing a stash in his airplane luggage.

The footage captured Lee approaching several cars while clutching his stab wounds in one hand and his cell phone in the other.

He lifts his shirt to show the driver of a parked Toyota Camry the extent of his injuries, but the car immediately drives off.

Dude, don’t flash in Sodom, even if it’s just your guts hanging out and not your sausage.

In the hours after Lee’s death, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins was asked on Twitter by Elon Musk what she was doing to lock up repeat violent offenders.

There it is again. In the HOURS after Lee’s stabbing, Elon Musk demanded reprisals. Why does a billionaire multinational industrialist care about an apparent drug deal in a back alley gone wrong?

On Monday, Mayor London Breed urged the public not to rush to conclusions about Lee’s murder and a brutal attack on former San Francisco Fire commissioner Don Carmigiani.

A good counterexample. Carmignani was a lifelong San Franciscan, not a Hive creature, who told some street bums menacing his elderly mother to leave her property. One of the bums decided to murder Carmignani instead, grabbed a pipe and caved his skull in. Now the bum is free and Carmignani is facing criminal charges.


h ttps://

27 April 2023

Garret Doty, the suspect being held in the beating of former San Francisco Fire Commissioner Don Carmignani, was released Thursday after a preliminary hearing was postponed again when Carmignani failed to show, Doty’s public defender said.

The judge in the case ordered Doty released after prosecutors told the judge Carmignani has not appeared to provide a statement, according to public defender Kleigh Hathaway. The hearing was postponed until May 23.

“The district attorney informed us that they were not able to proceed with the preliminary hearing because they don’t have the proof that they need,” Hathaway told reporters outside the courtroom Thursday. “And the proof and the evidence that they need is Mr. Carmignani either to come in or give a statement. And because he didn’t give a statement, they have to have him come in. He did not come in.”

Question: how is it that the video has been released and Don has made statements to media, yet there’s no “proof” and he hasn’t given statements to the judge?

The second hearing postponement in as many days comes after the discovery of police reports on eight separate acts of violence targeting homeless individuals within a four-block radius of the Carmignani’s home. Surveillance video and images provided by police and the district attorney’s office show a man whose height and build resembles that of Carmignani in unprovoked attacks on homeless persons using bear spray.

Carmignani’s attorney issued a statement to KPIX denying his client was involved in any prior attacks.

“This is just victim blaming plain and simple. Don was nearly beaten to death. There is no excuse for that. The videos of the attack on Don speak for themselves,” said attorney Samuel Ray… Ray said Carmignani has not reported to court for medical reasons and is cooperating with law enforcement.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Doty has been released and we hope he abides by the terms of the stay away order and appears at his next court date,” said Ray.

Hathaway said she believes Carmignani will never appear and the case against her client will be dismissed, because if Carmignani does attend the hearing he will be potentially exposing himself to criminal prosecution as a possible suspect in prior attacks on homeless persons.

[In] none of these incidents, the individual has been prosecuted. So, for Mr. Carmignani to get on the stand in this case is opening himself up to making a statement of incriminating nature that potentially could result in a prosecution of him,” said Hathaway.

Answer: the judge refuses to hold the case unless Don shows up in person, and Hathaway threatened Don with 8 felony arrests if he does show up.

End segue

So, an SF resident defends his mother’s home with nonlethal force, get his skull smashed in, perp goes free, victim threatened with arrest if he shows up to press charges. Nobody in authority cares.

At about the same time, some rando Silicon Valley exec named Crazy Bob got knifed in a dark alley at 2am with cocaine & hallucinogens in his body, and even London demands to know why the perp isn’t arrested within 24 hours.

Things that make you go hmm.

.When the facts of many of these cases come out, many people are going to be surprised,. Ms Breed said in comments to media at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco.

More like amused than surprised. Here we go!

Suspect allegedly drove Bob Lee to dark area, stabbed him 3 times with kitchen knife, prosecutors say

h ttps://

By Max Zahn, 14 April 2023

Plot twists! It WASN’T a drug deal gone wrong?

A fellow tech executive killed 43-year-old Cash App founder Bob Lee earlier this month with a kitchen knife after driving him to a secluded area, prosecutors said in a court filing Friday.

Police arrested the suspect on Thursday and identified him as Nima Momeni, 38, who appears to be the owner of an Emeryville, California-based company called Expand IT.

Perp was a business partner?

In a motion filed on Friday to hold Momeni without bail, prosecutors offered new details about the events leading up to the alleged murder.

“During the previous afternoon, Lee spent time with Momeni’s sister and a witness, who identified him or herself as a close friend of Lee, prosecutors said.


Later in the day, at Lee’s hotel room, he had a conversation with Momeni in which he asked Lee about whether his sister was “doing drugs or anything inappropriate,” the witness told the police, according to the document.

Lee reassured Momeni that nothing inappropriate had taken place, the witness said to police.

The autopsy report put paid to THAT.

“Did you spend time with my sister yesterday?”

“Yeah. I was in town for the convention and looked her up.”

“Are you sleeping with her?”


“Are you doing drugs with her?”


“Are you doing ANYTHING inappropriate with her?”

“Fuck off.”

“Then what are your intentions?”

“Fuck. Off.”

“You better not be lying to me!”

“Whatcha gonna do, cry about it?”

<tune of America the Beautiful>

America, the Meritous,
where you can earn respect.
Be promoted for your work
and not the chick you necked.

America, America,
God hide His face from thee,
lest He spy your Saturday
and the lines you sniffed with She!

According to the documents, a text message sent to Lee from Momeni’s sister suggested she was aware of an uncomfortable incident between Lee and her brother.

“Just wanted to make sure your (sic) doing ok I know nima came wayyyyy down hard on you And thank you for being such a classy man handling it with class,” the text message read, according to the documents.


h ttps://

.Just wanted to make sure your doing ok,. she reportedly texted. “Cause I know nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you And thank you for being such a classy man handling it with class Love you Selfish pricks..

End segue

Some media outlets covered for “Khazar”, who I really hope is not named after Kazaria, the pirate un-nation being built by the once-again-in-progress Ukrainian genocides, because her husband…


San Francisco Standard

Born to a family of Assyrian and Armenian ancestry in Iran, Dino Elyassnia and his family immigrated to the United States during the Irainian Revolution. He grew up in California and attended the USC Medical School, where he specialized in cosmetic surgery…

…is Iranian.

Did a Khazarian princess give a ‘fuck you, Daddy’ and run off with her ancestral enemy?

End segue

Anyway, it happens that her text message was sent to Lee’s phone postmortem.

“Handled it with class” = “covered for me”.

The two men were allegedly captured on surveillance footage driving to a dark and secluded area of San Francisco during the early morning hours of April 4, following the argument.

Prosecutors said the pair were later seen standing on a sidewalk in the Rincon Hill neighborhood for about five minutes before the suspect allegedly appeared to “suddenly move” toward the victim.

The men then separated and Momeni was allegedly captured on video leaving the area in a vehicle at a high rate of speed.

Prosecutors have called the deadly attack against Lee “planned” and “deliberate.”

Then the medical examiner reported cocaine, alcohol and ketamine in Crazy Bob’s body, but not enough to be the cause of death, which were knife wounds to the heart and lung.

Although one can make the case that they were the “because” of death, hehheh.

It’s an old story. Khazar married a plastic surgeon and lived the high life, which are major slut tells, then as the marriage grew unhaaapy [during the Covid lockdowns, in which San Francisco was as bad as Beijing under zero-tolerance], she attracted the attention of Crazy Bob Lee. Her brother was okay with her belonging to Dino but not Lee, which makes me think the Momenis are ethnic-loyal Syrian/Armenian/Iranian, but it’s also possible that bro saw sis doing drugs and snowflake-guarded her. I’m uncertain here because there has been very little info on the Momenis’ background.

Meanwhile, it being an old story does not explain why Globohomo wants Nima memory-holed in a really bad way. Literally memory-holed:

Caption: The judge ordered artist Vicki Behringer to only sketch Momeni’s silhouette. Behringer was allowed to sketch his family members in the gallery.

Sketch sourced from h ttps://

Mr. Momeni is ALREADY an unperson!

I close with why Lee is so important to the Cabal:

h ttps://

Lee is survived by wife Krista.although multiple reports suggest they were separated.and their two children, according to NBC News.

In fact, the separation is why Lee moved to Miami; Krista stayed with the kids in Sodom.

In 2004, Lee moved to San Francisco [from St. Louis] for a job at Google. While there, he helped set up the Android smartphone operating system that released in 2008.

In 2010, Lee was hired by known as Block.where he launched Cash App. He became Square’s chief technology officer in 2011. Lee made the first payment on Cash App in 2013, sending $4 to Twitter founder and Block chairman Jack Dorsey. The service is now used by tens of millions of people to make digital money transfers.

Interpretation: Lee’s expertise in digital money laundering err, transfers brought him to the personal attention of Jack Dorsey, where he became a backroom “advisor” to Dorsey’s projects.

Lee left Square in 2014, according to The San Francisco Standard, and spent several years working with startups as an advisor. He became the CEO of a San Francisco-based group-chat app called Present in 2015.

Lee.s first involvement with MobileCoin, which Goldbard and Shane Glynn founded in 2017, was as an early-stage investor and advisor, according to PBS News Hour. From there, he became its chief product officer in 2021 and helped launch Moby in January 2023. Moby is a payment app that allows users to “send and receive money from anyone, anywhere in less than 5 seconds with the same privacy that you get from cash,. according to the MobileCoin web site.

Additionally, the World Health Organization told NBC News that Lee built a large portion of the server for its COVID-19 app.

You can thank Crazy Bob Lee for creating your vaccine passport.

Lee was also an active investor with stakes in companies like Figma, Clubhouse, and SpaceX. Current SpaceX and Twitter CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet he was “very sorry” to hear of Lee’s death.

His being an insider and money expert for Dorsey is why other big names such as Musk cared about… some random startup founder.

Tommy Sowers, a former Green Beret from Missouri, met Lee at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., during his 2010 campaign for the House of Representatives. He told the Associated Press that Lee had an “innate” kindness that contrasted the .tech-bro. stereotype.

Lee also “advised” Dorsey’s stable of politicians.

Goldbard praised Lee’s determination, saying he could turn anything he imagined into reality. .This may sound impressive, but Bob’s real resume is the hearts and minds he touched in his time here,. Goldbard wrote.

Lee had the coding talent that his ((bankster boss)) didn’t.

Josh Goldbard Of MobileCoin On The Future Of Money and Banking

h ttps://

By David Liu, 26 April 2022

The way we bank has changed dramatically over the last decade. It was not too long ago when you had to wait in line in a bank to deposit money. Today things are totally different. You can do your banking without ever walking into a bank. In addition, the whole concept of money has changed. In the recent past, money usually meant bills and coins. But today, the concept of money has expanded to include digital currency and NFTs. What other innovations should we expect to see in banking in the short and medium term?

To address this, we are talking to leaders in the banking, finance, and fintech worlds, to discuss the future of banking and money over the next few years. As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Goldbard.

Josh started his own Cryptocompany: MobileCoin which has dedicated itself not just to providing the privacy and ease of use that Crypto users expect, but also to providing unprecedented levels of environmental awareness. MobileCoin claims to be the world’s first Carbon-Negative cryptocurrency and is determined to continue its green initiatives as it grows across the world.

The idea that something as tech-dependent as cryptocurrency could be carbon-neutral is ridiculous… unless you remember that YOU are the carbon these people want to reduce.

So then, does Goldbard’s MobileCoin work to enslave you?

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your “backstory” and how you got started in this industry?

I dropped out of high school when I was 15. I started paying the mortgage on my family’s house. It was a lot harder at 15 than it is now. From 15.18 I flipped cars and from 18.26 I worked in telecom where I did everything from selling iPhones to laying fiber optic networks. I got laid off from my final telecom job as a Product Manager when the division was acquired by another company. A good friend of mine said, .Hey, take your severance and put it into Ethereum. I just want you to see what happens.” I took his advice and Ethereum went up something like 30x in price. That was the first time in my life that I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck. I was so blown away that I dove in and ended up begging my friends for money to start one of the first crypto hedge funds, Crypto Lotus.

Isn’t it amazing how Jews just happen to get 3,000% profit margins every time they invest a few dollars. It must be that Ashkenazi 370IQ, not their cousins in the Federal Reserve.

“I dropped out of high school in order to pay my parents’ mortgage,” NO.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began your career?

I made a joke in a mausoleum to a very smart friend and 12 hours later I produced the MobileCoin White Paper (with a lot of help). I took those 4 pages of paper and raised $30M at a $200M valuation without a single line of code written or a single engineer on the team. It was 2017 and the world was a wild place. Fun fact: our first investor had lunch with us and at the end of it basically handed us a thumb drive with hundreds of bitcoins while saying, .You figure out the deal terms.” It’s still to this day the single most powerful investor interaction I’ve ever had.

The lies are thick and fast in this interview. “We already raised $200M for our flagship product, and some angel investors handed us black checks because it’s such a noble idea… looks like it’s time to hire somebody who might be capable of actually making our flagship product. Let’s call him a ‘chief product officer’.”

And his name was Crazy Bob Lee.

Can you tell our readers about the most interesting projects you are working on now?

I work on MobileCoin which is digital cash. You can send end to end encrypted money anywhere in the world in 5 seconds or less. We want to fundamentally change global commerce. Imagine if you could do everything you do in your financial life right now with no trusted third party and at fees so low they would make a banker blush. That’s MobileCoin.

That sounds great. However… besides the technical problem of proving that your digital money actually is money, if there’s no verifying third party… the boss’ claim of perfect anonymity doesn’t fit with his fantasies of global financial conquest.

How do you think this might change the world?

We recently sent digital money directly to humanitarian workers on the ground in Ukraine with just a phone number in 5 seconds or less, without a bank. This resulted in food, water, medicine and generators being delivered into the heart of the war. We send money around the world into war zones and conflict regions with privacy so that workers don’t have to risk their lives to go to a bank or a money transmitter. There are parts of the Middle East where you can be arrested or worse if you show up at a money transmitter to receive a payment for humanitarian work. We are fundamentally saving people’s lives with our technology.

This “American” is most proud of his product because it lets him send money into Middle Eastern war zones without local-government interception.

What most excites you about the banking or payments industry as it is today?

I wake up every day with so much energy because the amount of possibility in payments is staggering. We are seeing the world fundamentally change around new ideas, building a new economy from the ground up smithed in the fires of technology.

Goldbard is one of the many foreigners working away at building GAE’s New CBDC World Order. There’s no chance that MobileCoin would actually be anonymous in the hands of a Ukraine-funding Sodomite so shameless that the lies about his “it just happened” financial successes are completely free of corroborating details.

“A friend told me to put all my money in this one weird fund, which unexpectedly exploded 30x.”

“Then, I cracked a joke with a buddy in a morgue about what would change the world next, and some random multi-billionaire overheard me and gave me a black check to do it. We were fully funded before we wrote a single line of code, which was lucky because I can’t write code.”

“Bob Lee was our Chief Product Officer.”

Bob Lee got whacked by a protective brother after snorting coke lines with an unhappily married supermodel.

How is GAE supposed to “fundamentally change the world” now? Good talent is soo hard to find, especially when it must come “with benefits” for the homosexual boss.

There’s no way that face ain’t a pillow-biter. A bow-tie in Clown World, seriously? And a pink-and-blue rainbow background?

One of the single greatest questions of the 21st century is this: Does anyone have a right to privacy? Our answer is: Yes, the maximum amount of freedom within the rule of law.

Only a Talmudist could give a non-answer like that. He hears “right to privacy”, thinks “how much freedom should be permitted”.

World domination suffered a major setback when Crazy Bob got vaxxed by Khazaria’s brother.

Show Me the Humans, Bernie

It’s true what they say: politics makes strange bedfellows. I have sympathized with some very unlikely people over the years. Gloria Allred, a hardline-feminist activist whose career never recovered from defending fathers cruelly and criminally wronged by Los Angeles then-mayor Gil Garcetti. Gaddafi of Libya, a tyrant murdered for trying to stop GAE’s creation of Islamic terrorist organizations. Ralph Nader, a busybody do-gooder who got sabotaged by his own supporters because he refused to join the ascendant Totalitarian Hive. Saddam Hussein, who after being defeated twice by supposedly-Christian GAE, turned out to have hired & protected Christians because we were the best choice for a stable Mideast government. Pornhub, because they’re being persecuted by the Churchians (and now Mormons) for their insistence that the male sex drive is legitimate. Visa Corp, for their now-decades-old Shadow War against the banksters.

(The reason GAE is pushing CBDCs is because they’ve failed to Converge the credit card industry. I bet one of its holdups, is that Visa & peers could still function as an anonymizing middlemen for transactions.)

And briefly, Bernie Sanders, who found himself on the wrong side of his own Socialist Paradise. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly for a Socialist, he failed to learn from his experience on the receiving end of his own agenda.

The envious gonna envy.

Bernie Sanders calls for income over $1 billion to be taxed at 100%: .People can make it on $999 million.

h ttps://

By Chloe Taylor, 2 May 2023

Longtime wealth tax advocate Sen. Bernie Sanders has argued that all earnings above $1 billion in the U.S. should be confiscated by the government.

In an interview with HBO Max’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, the Vermont senator was questioned about his long-standing view that billionaires should not exist.

.Are you basically saying that once you get to $999 million, the government should confiscate all the rest?. he was which Sanders responded: .Yeah..

.You may disagree with me, but I think people can make it on $999 million,. Sanders added. .I think that they can survive just fine..

One billion dollars is just a number on a ledger. A statistic without context. His implicit appeal is punishing successful thieves, but his suggested method for that is itself, literal thievery. I can make myself a billionaire just by loaning me a billion dollars. It’s called fractional-reserve banking.

There was a time I would have instantly dismissed Sanders’ idea. Wealth is not a crime and poverty is not a virtue.

That being said… who gets rich in the context of a kleptocracy? Not the honest men of business. Not the bankers who refuse the Ticket.

His idea is obviously not the solution, not when Uncle Sam is the worst offender. It’s just another word spell to trick voters into impoverishing themselves. But, it gives me the opportunity to suggest a BETTER way to exterminate the pirate class. No crime needed!


Just delete all legal entities from existence. No more corporations, no more foundations, no more trusts, no more endowments, etc. Money and property can only be owned by specific, designated humans. THEN we can discuss what to do about “the billionaires”… if that really does mean the pirates, once they have no place to bury the booty.

Sanders has long touted the idea of imposing much higher taxes on the wealthiest factions of U.S. society, proposing a wealth tax in 2019 when he was running to be the Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

What happened after Sanders crossed the Lizard Queen was probably his last chance at a moment of clarity. It didn’t take.

Under his [previous] proposal, a married couple with a net worth of $32 million would have paid a 1% wealth tax, while wealth over $10 billion would have been taxed at 8%.

.Under this plan, the wealth of billionaires would be cut in half over 15 years, which would substantially break up the concentration of wealth and power of this small privileged class,. Sanders argued during his campaign.

I stiff scoff at Sanders’ suggestions (not the idea) for going after plutocrats because he’s not addressing the usual plutocratic tricks. “It’s not MY money, it’s my incorporated trust fund’s money” or “it’s my dog’s income, I just manage it for him” or “I signed the Giving Pledge so it’s not really my money anymore” or “I’m a Congressman, I could confiscate my own money but why?” or worst of all, “only billionaires have to pay the tax, hello hyperinflation!”

When we get the chance, we need to bring back the humanity of business. All the current mess of mergers, acquisitions and vulture capitalism is because there are no actual owners. It’s all paperwork anymore. Middle managers who make entire careers out of “leadership of whatever”.

Make sole proprietorships great again!

The Lies Are For Them, Not Us

Z-Man made an interesting point on his blog, that the cost of maintaining the Narrative is passing the value of its benefit.

h ttps://

Enormous amounts of time and energy are invested in maintaining the rationale for the empire. Unlike the Roman empire, which was ruled by a small number of men, democratic empire must continue to provide energy to the spring of democracy, which is moral certainty. Rome conquered because it could, while America conquers because it has a moral duty. .Our democracy. requires an endless war against those who resist being crushed by “our democracy..

What this means is that in addition to the trillions spent on weapons and armies, trillions are also spent on maintaining the moral framework. This cost is not strictly a government expense, but the system requires it, so corporations are as engaged in narrative maintenance as government entities. Companies embrace degenerate social fads, like crossdressing, because they support the system. They support the system because it is the system that makes them possible.

The most obvious example is the media. Thirty years ago, much of what a newspaper did, even the big broadsheets like the Washington Post and New York Times, was report on the mundane affairs of the world. They promoted left-wing causes on the editorial side, but the news side was the boring stuff of the news. Today, the entirety of the mass media is engaged in the support of narratives. These entities are staffed with content creators and storytellers.

Here is an example in the Washington Post. Three people were assigned the job of creating a story to explain the mass shooter phenomenon. The plot here is that crazy white people are irrationally paranoid about crime, so they are going shooty all of sudden, for no reason at all! You see, crime is just fine. In fact, under the patient rule of Dear Leader, crime is better now. The real problem is these heavily armed white people and their racism.

His observation is correct, that journalism has gone from largely local to almost entirely Regime Mouthpiece, but his explanation is wrong. The Narrative manufacturers are not trying to convince other people of the Regime’s legitimacy. They are trying to convince themselves that they’re totally not evil even as they castrate children, starve Europe and blaspheme Christ.

The WaPo article is a case in point. It’s a justification for what the Regime already wants to do. It illustrates an interesting weakness in Totalism.

Roman Empire was all, “I want your cow. I take your cow.” That’s authoritarianism.

American Empire is all, “I want your cow. I take your cow. BECAUSE I AM A GOOD PERSON.” That’s totalism. That’s why it’s all lies, all the time.

The Totalist needs a Lie in order to get away with doing evil. Capability at evil is not enough, and that’s the weakness. This is why we keep seeing the Regime back down instead of crack down, because like cockroaches, they cannot proceed except under cover.

Enter the Lie, the explanation for why taking children from fathers by decree of child molesters is what’s best for kids. For why your neighbor’s standard of living is excessive but John Kerry’s private fleet of aircraft carriers is not. For why millionaires like Bernie Sanders piously demand heavier taxes on billionaires such as you.

For proof that the Lie’s purpose is camouflage not conviction, enjoy these tragicomedic examples:

A photo of women snickering at trans lawmaker Zooey Zephyr in Montana looks a lot like the photos of white people snickering at Black people in the 1950s

h ttps://

Even the title is tryhard.

The Montana House of Representatives last week voted to censure Zephyr, Montana’s first openly transgender lawmaker. The vote came in response to Zephyr criticizing her Republican colleagues for restricting access to gender-affirming care.

I remember when Democrats opposed Female Genital Mutilation. Now it’s the latest civil right hotness. Or hot mess.

Zephyr announced Monday that she is suing to reverse the restrictions placed on her. The censure prevents Zephyr from entering the House floor, so she has instead been working from a public bench outside the chamber.

A few days later, a photo showed multiple snickering women sitting on the same bench, forcing Zephyr to work standing up at a nearby lunch counter. The women identified themselves as family members of some legislators, according to the Daily Montanan.

The photo, in which the women appear to smile and laugh while leering at Zephyr, is reminiscent of photos taken during the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s that show white people mocking and harassing Black people.

This is what happens when “you rayciss” gets stretched from minority empowerment to sex perv empowerment. Until Satan ups his game, racism is better than no lie at all. Does it hurt to say bunk like “you racists don’t respect genderfluid queers”? The honest will never know, but they’ll surely notice that the accusation doesn’t match the crime.

I will charitably not mention Butt-Plug Buttigieg’s blathering about the racism of America’s roads. Oops.

Can Exercise Cause Heart Attacks? Yes

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1 December 2022

Strenuous exertion does increase the immediate risk for heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, despite the fact that regular exercise strengthens the heart and lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems over the long term.

Remember, the vexx is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE! Exercise is good for you but when an athlete in perfect health drops dead on the field, it’s because exercise was bad for him.

In this case, the Drone also cannot abandon the lie without confronting the fact that he took the vexx, too. Nothing says “slippery slope” like “booster shot”.

Hot air: five climate myths pushed by the US beef industry

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It.s a hard, unpalatable, disorienting truth: if we’re serious about avoiding the worst scenarios of the climate crisis, people . particularly those who live in wealthier nations . need to consume fewer animal products.

Translation: the author hates the Christian West and wants it dead, and uses the Climate Change lie to declare his hatred virtuous. But, it got awkward when his critics helpfully ended his own climate change accusation, forcing him to put the lie in their mouths, too:

Myth 1: fossil fuels are the only real problem to fix

Nobody says that. Neither Climate Nazis nor their intended victims.

Myth 2: methane is different . and it isn’t the problem

Nobody claims that methane is different from fossil fuel.

Myth 3: eating beef isn’t a problem in the US

As in, “eating beef does cause Climate Change as charged, but not enough to be a problem.” The beef industry is not about to plead guilty.

Myth 4: cattle are raised on lands where nothing else can grow anyway

Nobody claims that. Cattle don’t eat rocks.

Myth 5: future tech will save us

Meaning, CURRENT tech is IRRELEVANT:

These on-farm solutions . from reducing cow burps with feed-additive seaweed to using bio-digesters for methane-polluting manure . are the focus of UC Davis’s new research and extension program under Mitloehner’s direction… But no solution can be as effective as reducing the overall number of cattle worldwide, a solution that Mitloehner and his industry allies tend to suggest is impractical or otherwise off-limits.

“Cows are destroying the planet because methane!”

“Good news, we figured out how to stop the methane.”


Obviously, the alarmist is not trying to convince the rancher.

This is the end of a long process. Humanity was killed off by nuclear winter back in the ’50s. Then we all died to overpopulation in the ’60s, global warming in the ’70s, hair spray in the ’80s (ozone layer) and melting glaciers in the ’90s, so by the time the 21st Century came around, the Eco-Marxists just called it climate “change”.

And we disproved that, too. Our cows don’t even fart methane anymore but there’s no new lie to monkeybranch towards, when the previous lie was meant to be all-inclusive. Thus, our cattle DO produce methane EVEN WHEN THEY DON’T, so we need to eat the bugs like Uncle Ernst Stavro Blofeld told us to.

Opinion: How a misreading of the Bible fuels many Americans’ apathy about climate change

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By Bart D. Ehrman, 3 May 2023

Christianity causes climate change… Illuminati most affected!

Ehrman is a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill… a professional false teacher of Christ.

Christian theology and global politics can make strange bedfellows.

You have no idea, you Marxist tenured gatekeeper of Christianity… hmm, maybe you do.

Consider the intimate relationship between fundamentalist expectations of Jesus. return and market-driven disregard for the environment.

The affair became public back in 1981, when Ronald Reagan…

Oh, STFU. Your opening lie is forty-two years old? Longer than the Israelites wandered in the wilderness until they all died off?

American evangelicals are still disproportionately uninterested in climate change and other environmental issues. Their apathy is driven not only by their well-documented distrust of science but also by a specific eschatological belief that Jesus is coming soon to bring history to a rather climactic end.

This slanderous dogshit is what UNC calls an expert in Christianity? Our apathy is driven by the belief that God Created this world intending us humans to fill & make use of it. Also, we aren’t supposed to believe LIES.

And it’s not just evangelicals. Popular evangelical culture . including Hal Lindsey’s bestselling 1970 book “The Late Great Planet Earth” and, more recently, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. blockbuster “Left Behind” novels (with movie spinoffs) . has led many more Americans to believe the Bible predicts our imminent end.

Me: “So yesterday, I walked down the street with my Bible. I shoved it in this random guy’s face and he suddenly believed in Jesus. Who knew that simple exposure to a lie is enough to force its adoption?”

Social Justice Warrior: *weeps bloody tears of envy*

Me: “You know I made that up just now, right? And you totally believed it?”

Throughout the long history of Christianity . from at least the 4th century…

1st Century.

…to the early 19th . the vast majority of those who read and heard the stories in the Bible (including the forerunners of modern evangelicals) believed Revelation was describing events that had already happened or were happening in their own time in the life of the church. They were not thought to refer to a near or distant future.

Ehrman is spinning lie after lie, struggling to make the case that we oppose Climate Change for a reason that he can defend against. Because no climate alarmist can defy Genesis 1:28. “God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground..”

He’s not trying to convince us of anything. A child could prove him wrong with just the first page of Scripture, QED. He’s trying to justify disobedience against God’s clearly recorded Will.

Oddly enough, the French Revolution changed all that. The surrealities of the Reign of Terror convinced horrified Christians in Britain that the world was coming to a crashing halt in fulfillment of the catastrophes described in Revelation. This futuristic reading of Scripture swept through England and then, with a vengeance, America: The world was going to hell, and it was all according to plan.

If I know Englishmen, they laughed, gave France the V and told each other that they’d long seen this coming. Meanwhile, “let them eat cake” is simply not Whore Of Babylon material. Then or now.

Yes, we Christians have anticipated God’s return momentarily, as God requested, for two thousand years now. My money’s on 2047 but if it doesn’t happen then, neither my life nor my faith will be wrecked.

Biblical scholars have long recognized that the book was written for a 1st century audience with 1st century concerns about the 1st century Roman Empire…

Skip to the end.

If a significant portion of the voting public believes the end of our civilization is just 40 years off, why worry about the environment? Why support the Paris climate agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050? It’s no surprise that believers in the Second Coming are significantly more likely to oppose governmental attempts to fight climate change.

Which is it? Do the Christians believe the world will end by 2050, or the Climate Alarmists?


Who would have thought that serious biblical scholarship could help preserve the ice caps and stem the rising seas? Could it thereby contribute to our collective salvation after all?

Who would have thought that when Climate Change became entirely indefensible, the Climate Changers would drop their masks and spit on Christ?

The Christians did.

Because LIES.

Which brings me full circle to Z-Man’s argument. The reason for the Narrative displacing everything is not because the Regime is trying to maintain the Lie. That has already failed, unless you really do think chicken eggs cause vaxxidents and Christians expecting Christ’s return is why the planet will explode first.

As evil grows, justifications for evil become valuable. It’s that simple. Even if the justifications, like evolution, can’t keep up with the rate at which they’re proven false.

If Z-Man is right then our current mess will quietly collapse into foolishness and be replaced. If I’m right instead, then our current mess will expand into slaying the witnesses against the lies.

I kinda hope he’s right.

Fentanyl Took Dave Hollis To A Better Place… Where His Ex-Wife Isn’t

The modern Church has turned the parable of the Prodigal Son into a license for evil. You can spend your days doing whatever you feel like, and at the end of it all, God is willing to forgive you! No catch!

Yeah, okay, that is indeed half of the story. The other half is the catch, that the Prodigal is a permanent charity case, in Heaven with nothing to show for his time on Earth, gaining salvation “as a refugee fleeing through the flames.”

It’s bad to end up a Prodigal. It’s not the end of the world, no… but as Dave Hollis’ recent suicide will demonstrate, it can still be a life-ender.

Christian author Dave Hollis died from accidental overdose of cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl

h ttps://

By CP Staff, 26 April 2023

Dave Hollis, a former executive for Disney, Christian author and the ex-husband of Girl Wash Your Face author Rachel Hollis, died of an accidental overdose, a medical examiner’s office revealed nearly three months after the 47-year-old.s death.

According to an autopsy report obtained by NBC News from the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office, Hollis had lethal amounts of cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol in his system. The report also revealed that Hollis had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, high blood pressure, depression, hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and moderate to severe atherosclerosis in his heart. The Medical Examiner ruled Hollis’ death as an accident.

That was a suicide, not an accident. Accident is “Excuse me, waiter? I think somebody dropped a speedball in my martini… uh, chest pains…”

And Hollis had much to die for:

Hollis led theatrical distribution at Disney from 2011 to 2018, helping to launch successful film franchises like “Frozen” and “Black Panther.” He left Disney in 2018 to relocate to Texas with his family and ran Chic Media, which was owned by his then-wife Rachel.

A Devil Mouse executive turned kitchen bitch for a feral woman. Living in Austin, the most feminized hole in Texas. Publishing books & podcasts about how his downward spiral was bringing him closer to God.

He wasn’t wrong.

In a 2021 interview with The Christian Post, Hollis said 2020 had been the “hardest year” of his life, .outpacing any other year by a factor of 100. due to his highly-publicized divorce.

Yet, he said he was the “strongest” he’d ever been, mentally, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.”

.There is, for every single one of us, a very intentional purpose that our Creator has placed us on this planet for, and our work in this life we have is to do everything we can, every single day, to honor the intention of that Creator,. he said at the time.

The Creator’s intention was male headship. Also, not divorcing. His wife did the divorce, but he didn’t see it coming even as he set it up because he acted like God’s intention was female empowerment.

Sex roles are not personal choices. They are life-and-death important for both individuals and societies. I won’t pretend or respect otherwise. How God-Damned, pigheaded stupid must a man be, to claim Christ but practice female rebellion for decades?

We are out of time to stop this foolishness.

Hollis’ ex-wife, Rachel Hollis, an author and influencer, said in a statement that they were devastated by his death and requested prayers for their four children: sons Jackson, Sawyer and Ford, and daughter Noah.

No female introspection detected.

. The couple was married for 16 years before announcing their split in June 2020.

Better to say, they were married for only two years after Dave quit being an Important Disney Executive in order to serve his wife at her media company in 2018. A textbook case for the Red-Pilled: she lost respect for him because his social standing went from “top of the entertainment world” to “kitchen bitch”. Never mind that he did it for her sake. Women do not appreciate sacrifice. They aren’t men.

I cannot accuse Hollis of wickedness because he followed his own beliefs to his own destruction, but how did he never notice Original Sin? You can’t be both a Christian and a feminist.

You can’t be both a Christian and a feminist.

You CANNOT be both a Christian and a feminist!

And one has doubts about that high-level career at Devil Mouse.

Regardless of whether you’re stupid or evil, a life spent in defiance of God’s Will is likely to end in a bottle. Forgiveness or no. The Church needs to quit with its Prodigal-Son idolatry. It is not a free pass, and unless a pastor points out that the loyal son in the story is the only son with an inheritance, he risks his audience hearing “free pass for sin”.

It’s far more common, for clergy to portray the Loyal Son as bitter and butthurt about Daddy seeming to play favorites… as having a sin of his own to repent of.

More about Hollis’ divorce:

h ttps://

Dave Hollis still cringes slightly when he remembers the speech he gave at the Hollis Company Christmas party in 2019.

.I audaciously, to our collective team at a Christmas party, said I was going to have my best year ever in 2020,. The New York Times bestselling author and host of the Rise Together podcast told The Christian Post.

.I’d saved it for my 45th year on the planet, it was going to be the best year ever. And what I did not appreciate in the declaration was that I would not have a say in the conditions through which my best year would show up..

That year, Hollis weathered a highly publicized divorce from his wife, Rachel Hollis, the controversial self-help author of Girl Wash Your Face. His book tour was subsequently canceled, and he transitioned away from the company he’d spent years building with his wife.

Navigating a pandemic, grappling with the fallout from the end of a yearslong marriage and parenting four children alone, Hollis said, was anything but easy.

Dave Hollis misspent his life in feminism’s service, but at least he has the chance to enter Heaven as a Prodigal. Zero is better than Hell. He’ll also be much better off on Judgment Day than Ex-Wife Rachel the Adulteress will be… offing himself demonstrates remorse and a willingness to stop the evil. Whereas Rachel took the income then left him with the kids.

Yay Prodigal going home? Or, should the Church rediscover the concept of living like you actually believe all that Jeebus morality stuff?

Why Aren’t Oil Companies Raising Private Armies? Materialism?

Understand, I’m not advocating for anybody to raise private armies. Heavens, no! Violence is never the answer! unless Communists do it! because shut up!

That being said, it’s legit to ask why the titular question isn’t happening. The executives cannot possibly be waiting on the suggestion box to see the writing on THIS wall:

Sunak is pulling the plug on the North Sea . watch UK oil drain away

h ttps://

By Liam Halligan for the Telegraph, 29 April 2023

Far better to pump our own hydrocarbons than relying on imports in an increasingly uncertain world.

Renewables are clearly important . powering 36pc of UK electricity generation last year, up from 11pc a decade ago.

But oil remains essential for transportation and a range of industrial processes. And gas-fired turbines generated 40pc of electricity used in the UK last year, up from 30pc in 2012.

Even the Climate Change Committee, a government-created advisory body, acknowledges that oil and gas will still account for half the UK.s energy usage in the late 2030s. At a time when energy security has become critical, it makes economic and geostrategic sense to make the most of our own resources.

Plus, using North Sea energy involves far fewer carbon emissions than doubling down on the UK.s sharply increased reliance on gas drilled in the US and Qatar.

That would be the perpetrator’s motivation; but today, I’m wondering about the oil producers who AREN’T guaranteed inner-circle seats.

Environmentalists ignore such realities when they block roads and wreck high-profile sporting events, screaming for North Sea production immediately to cease.

For all these reasons, the Government’s windfall tax on UK oil and gas producers is deeply counterproductive. Little more than a year ago, when other UK businesses paid 19pc corporation tax, North Sea producers were charged 30pc plus a 10pc “supplementary levy” on top.

Since then, tax on North Sea profits has risen from 40pc to 65pc and now 75pc . thanks to then Chancellor Rishi Sunak and his successor Jeremy Hunt. This windfall tax also now applies not until 2025, as originally announced, but until 2028.

The Tories are keen to parade their green credentials . despite evidence even from the government’s own net-zero cheerleader that ongoing North Sea production will be environmentally useful for at least another decade and more.

Ministers are also under the impression this windfall tax will raise lots of revenue, helping to plug the huge post-lockdown hole in our national accounts.

It’s the same everywhere in GAE, excepting some friends of Creepy Joe that may or may not be Chinese: oil producers are being hit with State-sanctioned threats, State-sanctioned violence and State windfall taxes explicitly intended to punish and bankrupt those producers for the crime of existing.

Now, if the government came to me, blamed me for the imminent extinction of all human life, threatened to put me out of business forever no matter how much my customers suffered from my absence, gave itself a deadline by which to see me gone forever, and proceeded to confiscate my wealth on the grounds that it exists, and pass laws whose stated purpose is ruining me…

…Well, that’s a bit obviously existential, now isn’t it? “We want you destroyed by 2030” is not something that normalcy bias can sweep under the rug for a decade or two.

I would start thinking that maybe I, too, should bring an army to that negotiating table. I would start thinking that instead of quietly retraining for subsistence agriculture, I should work towards independence from government while I have the chance.

Which isn’t happening in the oil industry even though it can afford to, and even though the industry is in the habit of working under the protection of national militaries.

That’s a curious thing.

The last time I saw such behavior, it was the insurance industry back when Obamacare was going to nationalize their entire industries. They were conspicuous (to me) by their total silence. Did they not know what the consequences of nationalization would be? Did they not have an opinion on their own industry’s fate?

They didn’t. Of course, they told themselves that nationalization would be good for business. The government forces everybody to be their customer, and pays them for those customers who can’t afford to purchase. Guaranteed business! What could go wrong?

Other than the government micromanaging you until suicide looks like the heroic solution. “Did you attend your daily DIE indoctrination? Why do we have TWO insurance companies instead of only one, since everybody offers only the same, government-written policy? I smell excess headcount and untapped equity!”

But today, the promise is for no more customers, not mandatory customers. Which means that copacetic behavior makes even less sense. The oil industry in GAE appears to be quietly going to its destruction followed by buyout at fire-sale prices by literal Satanists.

More than that, GAE oil companies were QUITE willing to make use of the US military over the last several decades. Now that “mil is getting in touch with its genderqueer side, a private army is a necessity just to continue business as usual.

Possible explanations:

  1. They really are preparing contingency plans. But if so, NOW is when we would be seeing them. Those windfall taxes are meant to destroy them. California is already shuttering refineries; Germany is basically doomed.
  2. Normalcy bias. Just because it would be insane at this point, doesn’t mean that energy executives are not, in fact, insane.
  3. The entire oil industry’s leadership has already been replaced by the Green Cult. I don’t believe so because they aren’t proactively destroying themselves. See: Budweiser.
  4. My guess: materialism.

The true damage of materialism, the belief that there is only this mortal life and no chance of anything else, is that one’s priority becomes long life at literally all costs because this life, however miserable, is all you get. When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box. Why be a hero? Why not be a villain, if it’s the easier path?

And that’s what I see the oil industry executives doing. They look at the risks of fighting, then they look at their golden parachutes, and they carefully choose to be losers. What matters to them, being Godless materialists, is living the most calendar days possible. No matter if you spend those days grabbing your ankles and thinking of England sucking on Creepy Joe’s liquified gas terminal.

EVERYBODY IN A POSITION TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, GIVES UP INSTEAD OF TRYING! How is it that we saints are not anywhere, anybody in a position of leadership?

Only the devout who have a hope beyond death, are capable of virtue, because we’re the only ones with a motivation. Christianity alone… so far as I’m aware… teaches that this mortal life has an eternal purpose, of giving us the chance to become who we want to be for eternity.

To become is the 180-degree opposite of materialism’s to gain.

Most religions… and even some flavors of Churchianity… teach that you obey in this life in order to get a payout next life, but that’s not Christianity. Salvation comes upfront and freely given, because Christ wants the paperwork out of the way so we can be participants in life. Agents. Actors. People of import, however humble our station. Not customers feeding coins into the vending machine of divine favors.

This life matters… in quality, not quantity. That path leads to virtue. The path of quantity is cowardice and going through the motions. What a waste. Especially when that attitude turns up in leadership.

If you love mortal life then you’ll never really live it. If you risk your life to make a difference, however, then you’ll be significant however long your life is or however humble your station. To paraphrase John 12:25.

Methinks the reason everybody in GAE is a quitter, is because their religion’s central tenet is that nothing they ever do can possibly be significant.