Purity Spiral, Massachusetts

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to verbally defeat the Social Justice Warrior. The SJW’s fundamental motivation is envy; therefore, one way is to be happy and successful despite all that they do to you. “They can’t take the sky from me” and the best revenge is living well. Be calm & smug; remember their often-inconvenient past; and if you really want to piss them off, remind them of your white privilege and what a better human being you are.

The latter sounds like arrogance, but as a debate tactic, reminding them that you’re a superior human being drives their envious instincts into mistake-making overdrive. Besides, you ARE superior because you love truth and have honor. Never let them forget that.

The other way is based on the SJW’s primary operating mode of solipsism. It’s why they are immune to reason or consequences, have no future or past, and are dogmatically confident in concepts that mean nothing. They are the heroes of the movie playing in their heads. Thus, to defeat them, you crush their egos.

The first way drives them to double down; the second way drives them to project; and them refusing to be the villain in that movie playing in their heads, is why they always lie and cannot ever stop. It is the moral splinter in their souls that drived them to lie and lie and lie: they know they’re losers and refuse to admit it, which is the first step in recovery. Shunning that introspection, refusing to confront their internal evil, is what makes the Social Justice Warrior different for unbelieving Normals.

FORCING that introspection… holding up the mirror to the vampire… is how you do it… how you have FUN with them.

Sourced from h ttps://www.barnhardt.biz/2023/04/26/32-insmeme/

Envy is a social evil. Unlike greed, sloth, cowardice or even lust, envy REQUIRES the involvement of other people. It cannot exist in a vacuum. If the envious don’t have anybody else to feed off of, then they will turn upon each other.

Which brings us today, to the ancestral homeland of Puritanism.

Woke school district in shambles over petty PC obsessions

h ttps://nypost.com/2023/04/24/woke-school-district-in-shambles-over-pc-obsessions/

Opinion by Kristen Fleming, 24 April 2023

A few weeks ago, the town [of Easthampton, Mass.] made national headlines after their first choice for the job [of school superintendent]. longtime educator Vito Perrone . lost the gig during email negotiations when he addressed women on the school committee as “ladies.”

Perrone said that the school committee chairperson, Cynthia Kwiecinski, told him that using the plural of lady was a “microaggression” and “the fact that he didn’t know that as an educator was a problem..

Perrone said he was simply trying to be respectful during a good faith negotiation . but his offer was rescinded by the committee.

Maybe if he had read New York Magazine’s ridiculous etiquette rules back in February, he would know that addressing more than one woman as “ladies” is frowned upon. From men, it’s “oddly creepy;. from women, it’s “an unnecessary attempt to feign some kind of unity,. according to the magazine.

What should be a routine hiring became even more mired in the woke muck a few days ago when the second candidate, a woman named Erica Faginski-Stark, reportedly withdrew her application because she failed a student’s purity test.

An unnamed student wrote to the town’s mayor expressing “extreme concerns” about Faginski-Stark.s Facebook posts from two years ago.

Those posts included a petition to “Defend Title IX” and expressed a sentiment that would seem universally rational only a hot second ago: .Only girls should play girls. sports!.

In 2021, she posted a video from conservative site PragerU, writing, .For EVERY female athlete out there, it’s time to speak up. As a former Div. 1 scholarship athlete and academic & athletic ALL American, our young women just got stripped of their equal rights and equal opportunity..

The student wrote to Mayor Nicole LaChapelle: .Under the belief that this is her Facebook account, she has posted conservative transphobic rhetoric a multitude of times..

It.s unclear if Faginski-Stark withdrew her application because she was told it would go no further, but according to the Boston Herald, the police . in an excellent use of resources . verified that it was her Facebook account.

I sense sarcasm.

As much as I want to mock & fisk those purity-spiraling administrators… I can’t match their self-inflicted efforts. The Socialists are losing their minds because they won. We’re gone, evicted, ridden out of town with our tax money and our little dog Toto, too.

They can’t handle victory. They can’t envy NOBODY. So, they now attack their allies… TERFs versus trans, at this point… because that soul-splinter still burns. That “I’m still a loser trying to convince myself that I’m not, by tearing down everybody around me” splinter.

Her sin was expressing a belief that trans athletes should not compete against biological women. This sentiment is not only in line with the majority of Americans, but there is scientific evidence to back up the fact that biological men have an athletic advantage over women. This isn’t transphobic, rather it’s an acknowledgement of reality.

Now the district has no superintendent and the committee will meet Tuesday to discuss how to proceed.

Rather, it’s misandry. “Cis-men have an unfair natural advantage!”

“You are fired, banned, blacklisted and Canceled for acknowledging the unscientific concept, ‘reality’. We create our own fates! And anybody who ever created a different fate than today’s Narrative is worse than Spitler!”

Perhaps they should turn this into a reality show where educators parade their woke bonafides before a committee of easily offended children and adults who want trigger warnings on everything.

Pretty sure that’s what they’re doing. If you want results out of that purity spiral, just turn the cameras off and close the proceedings to the public.

Once the witnesses are gone, lock the women in the closet and start the bathroom swirlies.

The prize is being an underpaid school administrator with outsized agita and a mandate to please a small minority of the population.

No, no, no. The prize is hearing the world cheer and adore you, the celebrated head judge of the Nuremberg Trials, first among equals, as you fit the noose around Old Adolf’s neck, basking in approval and Me So Important while sneering at the pathetic begging of the Most Evil Man Who Ever, Ever Lived. You are powerful. You are glorious. Thy Will Be Done to a grateful and devoted humanity, united in admiration of your wisdom and righteousness. There is none like you.

Then the vision clears and you’re still a pussy-begging, mask-breathing minor bureaucrat in Podunk who just destroyed a man’s career because he tried to be polite in a way forbidden by the February 2023 issue of New York Magazine.

You beg Satan to lie to you again.

This entire debacle is not only self-inflicted by the powers in charge, but it surely makes the argument for school choice more compelling. Why have your kids see the bosses mud wrestling about nonsense when you can pick a school where they’re actually learning math, science and history?

Why not have your kids watch? The spectacle of deranged Socialist leaders purity-spiraling unto their own destruction is the best education the School-Industrial Complex (aka SIC) can offer in Current Year. “You can become just like us if you chop your dick off young enough!”

Some people find God and submit; others find the devil and search for an alternative. Both types are seekers of Truth.

Reaping What They Stole

When the bankster stands before Almighty God on Judgment Day, he’ll offer God a bribe to pervert justice. When God refuses, he’ll cock his head to the side like a dog hearing a new noise, then offer a bigger bribe. Refused again, he’ll start threatening God to stop acting so holy and righteous.

Behold divine muzzle velocity! I bet Hell will be more cratered than the Moon, from the impacts of arriving ultrawealthy inmates.

What got my motor spun up today, you ask?

U.S. production of bullets, shells, and missiles sidelined by explosion at 1 Louisiana gunpowder mill

h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/u-production-bullets-shells-missiles-073133212.html

By Peter Weber, 27 April 2023

When a gunpowder mill in Minden, Louisiana, caught spark and blew up in June 2021, the Pentagon lost its sole domestic producer of black powder, the original gunpowder developed in China in the 9th century and a crucial ingredient for more than 300 types of munitions, The Wall Street Journal reports…

Estes Industries, the model-rocket maker, bought the Minden mill from Hodgdon last year and plans to have it back in service this summer, after the completion of $3.5 million in safety upgrades paid for by the Pentagon through the Defense Production Act.

Take a moment to comprehend the incomprehensible stupidity of that. The Pentagon’s sole supplier of black powder exploded two years ago… and they hope to get it online soon. In the midst of all their Forever Wars spreading child molestation to the far ends of the Earth, winning hearts and minds and blood libels dating back to the very first time they were punished for usury.

The Biden administration has used that law to start bringing critical elements of industrial production, from certain chemicals to factories, back to the U.S. In the meantime, defense contractors who rely on black powder have been using up reserves or importing it from abroad, the Journal reports.

Alas, poor Estes. I have fond childhood memories of playing with their toy rocket motors and launchers. Now that they’ve signed onto the Mil-MIC’s Terms Of Service, they’ll be gutted of equity before they can gasp “I was trying to help you!”

Where did all that MIC money go? Not into supply chain redundancy:

The closure of the black powder mill in Minden, 30 miles from Shreveport, highlights the many “single source” producers in the Pentagon’s supply chains, the Journal reports. Only one company makes the rocket motors for Javelin anti-tank missiles, or example, and one foundry forges all the titanium casings used in howitzers. These potential bottlenecks to U.S. industrial munitions production are tied to industry consolidation after the Cold War . the dozens of major Pentagon arms suppliers in the 1990s has shrunk to just five, while the overall defense industrial base has declined to 55,000 vendors, from 69,000 in 2016, the Journal reports.

Hmm. 20% decline in name brands, 99% decline in actual suppliers. I agree, that is the endgame of corporate merging & consolidation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that the Regime intending to murder me for being a rightful heir to America, starved its thugs before it dared to sic them on me. Regardless, I do hope they get marooned on that Caribbean island with no food, no water, no shelter, no innocent victims, nothing but 100 million billion trillion quadrillion dollars and no way to spend it.

My read is the banksters intended to do to America what they tried to do to Russia in the 1990s. Disarm us, split us up, then strip-mine our natural resources into oblivion. Probably with a U.N. occupying force, seeing how heavily armed USA still is, and remembering how exactly that was the purpose of the American military post-WW2.

Then, the little hats and banksters got roadblocked from exiting the USA-dollar. All those economic sanctions targeting Russian plutocrats at the start of 404? I bet the plan was to exterminate Russia’s economic elites then triumphantly sail into Russia in their enemies’ own luxury yachts, using 404 to bleed the American military to the breaking point. (This is also why so much equipment was left behind in Afghanistan. USA was being disarmed in preparation for its planned collapse.)

Putin decided to NOT play along once he got installed. He fought off the economic sanctions instead of opening the gates. GAE in its Kagan Cult-fueled bloodlust, couldn’t stop the 404 war once it had begun.

It’s not that Putin is a champion of Christ and defender of nationalist Russia. He’s hardcore WEF. It’s that he, along with the entire rest of the planet, is weary of the sniveling, cheating, lying GAE banksters that would make even Beelzebub look good by comparison.

Now those banksters, via Puppet Joe’s Defense Production Act, are trying to reindustrialize USA enough to survive the very economic apocalypse that they engineered. It ain’t gonna happen because they still aren’t desperate enough to stop the usury that got them into this mess to begin with. Vultures gonna vulture.

How will Satan rescue his spiteful little mutants this time, one wonders? Rocket science?

Mayor Carpetbagger Rapefugee Proves Democracy Is A Sham

When did anybody decide that democracy is a source of legitimacy? If there ever was a defense for that idea, it died when GAE began weaponizing migration to stack the deck of voters.

German town elects Syrian refugee as mayor: ‘I am not planning to become a supporter for other refugees’

h ttps://www.theblaze.com/news/syrian-german-mayor-23

By Andrew Chapados, 24 April 2023

A 29-year-old Syrian refugee was recently elected mayor of a small town in southwest Germany, years after fleeing his home country to avoid conscription, NBC News reports.

Ryyan Alshebl was elected mayor in the small German town of Ostelheim, home to a population of just 2,500 residents. Alshebl has been in the country just eight years but won the election in early April 2023, pulling in a total of 55.4% of the vote against two other candidates.

Alshebl said many of his supporters are families who have lived in the region for generations and voted for him based purely on his platform. His campaign was reportedly focused on social cohesion and municipal infrastructure policy. He visitied over 200 homes on the campaign trail.

.Those who voted for me are Germans, Swabians, people who have always lived here,. he said. .The majority voted for the one with the better concept. And this reveals that democracy really works. I can hardly imagine stronger proof that democracy works..

I can hardly imagine stronger proof that democracy DOESN’T. “Hello, German people! I am best choice to rule over you because I am nothing like you! and have no history here!”

The Syrian says he fled his home in 2015 to avoid military service, traversing illegally through several countries until landing in Germany.

.Either I had to do military service and thus be forced to be exploited by a warring party in the war or leave the country and surrender to an uncertain fate,. Alshebl said. .I gave myself up to this fate unconditionally and set off on the escape route,” he continued.

.I definitely could not serve for Assad regime,. the new mayor added. After crossing the border into Lebanon, he continued through Turkey before embarking on a dangerous boating expedition to the Greek island of Lesbos.

It is honorable for a man to refuse conscription because he’d be serving sex predators. It is extraordinarily DIS-honorable, however, to refuse conscription because you’re LOYAL to sex predators such as GAE.

Alshebl chose to become a criminal against his government because he sympathized with GAE’s foreign agendas of perversion, color revolution and/or economic games of conquest. GAE then selected him for government leadership:

After traveling through the Balkans, he made his way to Germany to benefit from a 2015 German stance that was referred to an “open-arms policy” on refugees. German leaders welcomed 1 million refugees, which would eventually strain the nation, even causing an alarming rise in sexual assaults.

After arriving, the refugee said that an apprenticeship in city administration sparked his interests in politics. His supervisor at the town hall encouraged him to run for office.

Sure he wasn’t interested in politics until he was prepared for politics. The word here is CARPETBAGGER. “I cannot serve my government, but I will happily be parachuted into this other country to take over its government. Don’t worry, I won’t use your people to help my people the way I used your people to help me.”

I don’t know that Alsebl is himself a rapist… perhaps it was the other men in his refugee demographic causing that spike in sex crimes… but no explanation is given for why GAE liked Alsebl enough to prep him to rule in their name, and no explanation for why, as mayor, he would punish his own people for those sex crimes in defense of a people alien to him.

However, the new mayor said he isn’t focused on being a refugee supporter or role model, but rather wishes to support the town.

.I want to support Ostelsheim,. he said. .The realization that I could also be an example or role model for someone else is, of course, also gratifying. There’s justifiable pride there. But my job is mainly to move Ostelsheim forward. I am not planning to become a supporter for other refugees. I’m the mayor, not a refugee commissioner,” he explained.

The state’s integration minister encouraged the town’s move, saying he hoped the election would encourage “more people with a migration history to run for political office..

The immivasion minister didn’t coordinate his lies with Alshebl’s. Perhaps there was a language or cultural barrier.

The former mayor, J?rgen Fuchs, did not run for re-election according to Deutschland.de, but remarked that the “local people voted according to the candidates. qualifications.”

The Regime lost its previous incumbent and promoted their groomed Syrian prot?g? for a politically loyal replacement.

We always knew that democracy was bad for financial reasons. As soon as people figure out how to vote themselves other peoples’ money, insolvency hits within a century.

But now, in the modern age of cheap transportation, we see that democracy also incentivizes ethnic genocide. Just import more loyalists and poof, you’re the majority. While this could be theoretically interesting, the idea of people organizing according to interests and personality, the sad truth is that the lowest common denominator of humanity is envious parasite.

The devil’s servants will always be better able to organize than God’s servants. One reason is simply because there are so many of the former. Another reason is that they can identify each other more easily. One evil deed can be a tighter restraint than any handcuffs, meaning blackmail, whereas one righteous deed is forgotten or undone as quickly as it’s performed. An odd situation, that.

God has appointed government to be the defender against such wicked men & deeds.

Which means that democracy cannot be the basis of any legitimate government. Evil will simply import more evil until that democratic government redefines evil as good because majority rule, and no longer defends the interests of its original people who created that government.

Which means Alshebl is not, and never will or can be, the legitimate mayor of Ostelsheim.

The Trump Connection To the Current Sudanese Crisis

The first I knew about the 2023 Sudanese crisis was Biden announcing that all American citizens in that country are abandoned & on their own. Yeah… there are certain lines that governments cannot cross, and throwing their own people to the wolves is one of them. (Turns out, that early impression is probably not true.)

This timeline has been making the rounds, for example at h ttps://www.theburningplatform.com/2023/04/24/in-case-you-were-wondering-why-a-civil-war-suddenly-erupted-in-sudan/

Let’s go through it and see what rabbit trails we find!

AUG 24, 2022 – US Ambassador appointed to Sudan (following a 25 year lapse)

John Godfrey, a career State Department diplomat who never attended the Ivy league. But discerning his loyalties wasn’t hard.

h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Godfrey_(diplomat)

Godfrey began his career as an assistant to the assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs… After serving as an arms control counselor at the United Nations Office at Vienna, he was chief of staff for Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns.

Burns is now CIA Director for Biden.

Sept 28, 2022 – US Ambassador warn Sudan against finalizing Russian naval base deal

[From Middle East Eye, I think. My antivirus triggered at some of my foreign-media links.]

Published date: 28 September 2022

John Godfrey, who earlier this month became the first US ambassador to Sudan in 25 years, has warned Khartoum not to allow Russia to establish a naval base on its Red Sea coast, saying it would harm the country’s interests.

Godfrey made the remarks during an interview with the Sudanese newspaper Al-Tayar, in which he said his mission was to thaw ties between Khartoum and Washington and that he wished to see a civilian government running the country.

And what better way to start thawing ties, than issuing ultimatums and threats of regime change?

However, he also spoke of Russian influence in Sudan, warning against the rekindling of a 2017 agreement to establish a Russian navy base in Port Sudan, a major seaport city and the arrival point of 90 percent of the country’s imports.

Godfrey told Al-Tayar on Tuesday that “it is essential to say that international isolation around Russia and President [Vladimir] Putin is currently increasing due to the… invasion of Ukraine”.

He added that “if the government of Sudan decides to proceed with the establishment of this facility, or to renegotiate it, it will be harmful to Sudan’s interest“.

Sudan signed an agreement allowing Moscow to build the base, capable of hosting nuclear-powered ships, during the government of former President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who was ousted from power in 2019.

Russia would lease the site for 25 years and could extend the deal for another 10 years, giving it access to the Red Sea’s warm waters and the international trade chokepoint of Bab el-Mandeb.

Nov. 11, 2022 – Blinken urges Sudan to consider “US support for the rapid formation of a civilian-led transitional government.

Dec 5, 2022 – UN brokers Framework Agreement between Sudan’s military leaders and leading pro-democracy parties.

Dec. 7, 2022 – Blinken threatens travel ban for Sudanese who endanger Framework Agreement deal

h ttps://editorials.voa.gov/a/new-political-framework-in-sudan-an-essential-first-step/6879283.html

In October 2021, Sudan’s military, led by General Abdel-Fattah Burhan, overthrew a civilian-led transitional government, derailing Sudan’s nascent transition to democracy after decades of dictatorship. Massive protests followed and were met with violence, and economic conditions in the country worsened. In July, General Burhan announced that the military was willing to hand power back to civilians.

A broad range of Sudanese stakeholders signed the December 5 framework agreement. Political Counselor Kelley commended their efforts and their plans for an additional phase of continued dialogue on key issues. He urged all Sudanese actors “to engage in dialogue in good faith and to establish a civilian-led transitional government as soon as possible..

On December 7, the United States announced an expansion of the current visa restriction policy to cover any current or former Sudanese officials or other individuals who attempt to undermine or delay democratic progress in Sudan, including through suppressing human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who welcomed the initial political framework agreement, said in a statement that the U.S. action “expands the Department’s tools to support Sudan’s democratic transition and reflects our continued resolve to support the people of Sudan in their manifest desire for a responsive and responsible civilian-led government.

Sounds like GAE’s 2019 color revolution got overthrown by military commanders wanting to preserve women in dresses. Let’s review Sudanese history…

h ttps://hir.harvard.edu/the-womens-revolution-female-activism-in-sudan/

The protests in recent years were not the only time that al-Bashir saw political unrest since the beginning of his rule in 1989… After al-Bashir assumed power, he instituted Sharia law in Sudan. This decision ultimately created a source of tension between Sudan’s northern Muslim population and its southern Christian population. When non-Arabs started to rise up against al-Bashir.s dictatorial rule in 2003, he launched a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

I vaguely recall that, and wondering that Sharia law calls for Christian enslavement not extermination (as a first resort). Either way, a religious conflict is not ethnic cleansing.

In response to these longstanding tensions, South Sudan seceded in July 2011, taking ownership of the majority of Sudan’s oil fields. As a result of rising commodity prices, more protests broke out in January 2018. When these protests evolved into resistance against al-Bashir himself, the government cracked down on the opposition, marking the beginning of Sudan’s Third Revolution.

Seceding does sound like a Christian response to tyranny, but starving the civilian population does not.

The army finally arrested and overthrew al-Bashir in a coup on April 11, 2019. Afterward, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) took control of the government and was met with further resistance from protesters who wanted to establish democracy in the country. Just as al-Bashir had responded violently to protests, so did the TMC, which sent troops to attack the opposition. It was not until July 5 that the TMC announced that civilians and the military would share power over the next few years. They signed this power sharing agreement in August 2019 and formed the sovereign council, a new ruling body. This political transition, made possible by many women protesters, has been referred to as the .Women’s Revolution..

It certainly ain’t the Christians’ Revolution. All this talk of “civilian rule” would be obvious code for GAE carpetbaggers even if the Harvard chick writing this article wasn’t bragging about it being a feminist achievement.

Women, in particular, had to endure years of injustice under al-Bashir.s rule. In 1996, al-Bashir passed the Public Order laws that prohibited women from violating certain dress codes and standards of behavior. For example, women could be whipped for choosing to wear pants or not covering their hair, and they were not allowed to spend time with any non-relative man. Additionally, Sudan has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the world, and Sudanese law allows fathers to force their daughters to marry as young as age 10.

My, my, how nothing changes. Sudan will be ending FGM just in time to begin sex reassignments. The butchers won’t be out of work for a single day.

The end of al-Bashir.s rule is a significant step in combating these widespread rights abuses. Notably, this victory would not have been possible without opposition activists, especially women, who constituted 70 percent of the protesters.

Taking her statistic at face value, the South Sudanese were not Christians at all.

Sudan is not going quietly into that dark night, and cozying up to Russia is… as with many small nations not in the Western Hemisphere… a chance to escape GAE’s “democratic friendship”.

In other words, the Empire continues to crumble.

Feb 12, 2023 – Sudan confirms deal for Russian naval base, key players Lavrov and Burham.

Feb 16, 2023 – Biden Admin sends $288M in humanitarian aid to Sudan

WHOA… my searching turned up Sudan committing to normalized relationships with… Israel… about a week before Sudan finalized hosting a Russian military base?

In the waning days of Trump’s Presidency, October 2020, Trump convinced Sudan to normalize relationships with Israel in return for financial concessions, in particular, removal of Sudan from GAE’s terrorist watch list.

Such a lame-duck strongarm move didn’t do anybody any favors:

Opinion: First Saudi Arabia, Now Sudan: Why Israel’s Normalization Strategy Is Imploding

h ttps://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2021-11-05/ty-article-opinion/saudi-arabia-to-sudan-why-israels-normalization-strategy-is-imploding/0000017f-e38e-d804-ad7f-f3fe27ad0000

By Yonatan Touval, 5 November 2021

One year and two days after the celebratory announcement that Sudan and Israel had agreed to normalize relations, Jerusalem finds itself facing a strategic dilemma in the wake of the Sudanese military’s power grab in Khartoum.

Suspicion that Israeli officials were in the know about the plot, if not outright complicit in it, surfaced almost immediately following a report reports that a Sudanese security delegation had secretly visited Israel just weeks earlier. And this suspicion seemed all but validated in light of the revelation that an Israeli delegation, which included defense and Mossad representatives, traveled to Khartoum in the aftermath of the coup for talks on unspecified topics.

While it is not known who headed the Israeli side on both these occasions, it appears that on the Sudanese side it was Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the notorious commander of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and a key ally of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the man responsible for the putsch.

But not al-Burhan himself? He was the top leader and the guy who signed with Russia.

The 2023 situation could be that Dagalo is a Zionist and Burhan is a nationalist. Why the change? Because for the Sudanese nationalist, escaping GAE’s influence is now a possibility. The Russian naval base is, officially, only four berths, so it doesn’t sound like much of a deterrent. But I can see how a permanent Russian presence can open secure diplomatic and financial communications. As I just said, GAE had economically sanctioned Sudan to the brink of bread riots and regime change.

There is also an interesting possibility of piracy against all those LNG supercarriers that I’ve read are being built in a hurry… now that the Russian pipelines are gone.

Unfortunately, even if there are no grounds to believe that Israeli military and intelligence officials were complicit in the military takeover (a possibility about which even some Israeli journalists have openly speculated), Israel is far from an innocent bystander.

Israel is a stakeholder with vested interests, formally bound up in Sudan’s political transition in light of the Trump administration’s ill-witted decision last year to force Khartoum to agree to normalize relations with Jerusalem in exchange for a package of vital financial incentives, including Sudan’s long-awaited removal from U.S. list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

It was a role in a quid pro quo that Israel should have refused to play, and precisely because of its genuinely strategic interests in forging a long-term relationship with a stable and functioning Sudan. Indeed, as some analysts, including myself, had warned ahead of the announcement of the deal, the heavy-handed manner in which Washington pressured Khartoum to normalize relations with Jerusalem was bound to backfire.

At a time that Sudan was governed by a fragile cohabitation arrangement between military and civilian stakeholders and undergoing a fragile process of democratization, we argued, a decision as publicly contentious as recognizing Israel risked strengthening the very elements who posed the greatest impediment to a smooth transition to civilian rule . primarily, the military, which assumed the lead in establishing contacts with Israel, and the Islamists, who opposed any such contacts.

In the event, Israeli prime minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu, put aside Israel’s long-term interests in favor of a short-term public relations victory in the form of yet another normalization deal with a Muslim country. In so doing, he joined President Trump’s desire to score a quick victory for expedient political gains . just two weeks before the U.S. presidential elections.

I say it again, Trump was a Zionist and a close ally of Netanyahu. He was an agent for Israel, never America.

This transition of Sudan to “civilian leadership” is ((Them)) attempting to disarm Sudan in preparation for colonization or retaliation. One condition of the normalization is that Israel would have to wait until the Sudanese government finishes transitioning to civilian control, before making a formal agreement.

That ain’t gonna happen now. Which is quite a motive… destabilizing the government in order to stabilize it? This IS Africa, just sayin’.

And speaking of the Tribe…

Mar 9, 2023 – Victoria Nuland visits Sudan to “discuss democracy”

Unable to verify. Although I did find supporting social media claims. It’s worth nothing that March 8 is International Womens’ Day.

Per a State Dept. release, Nuland was scheduled for Japan & Philippines around that date.

April 8, 2023 – Conflict escalates between Sudanese Armed Forces (under General Burhan) and paramilitary group RSF (under Dagalo).

April 22, 2023 – US evacuates Sudan.

Leaving behind a reported 16,000 Americans. Mainstream media reports they’re mostly dual-citizens. That would explain why the Biden Regime refused to evacuate them, and for once I agree with their decision. You aren’t American if you’re Sudanese-American living in Sudan.

But… why would such dual-citizens be able to afford PMC extraction? And need it?

Americans trying to flee Sudan are hiring private security companies to get out of the civil war zone after the US said no military evacuation is coming

h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/americans-trying-flee-sudan-hiring-034723350.html

By Hannah Getahun,Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert, 23 April 2023

Early Sunday morning in Sudan, American military forces, under the order of President Joe Biden, evacuated 70 staffers and their families from the US Embassy in Sudan as the country descended into violence over a power struggle between the country’s de facto leader and the head of a rival paramilitary group.

Biden issued a statement calling for the violence in Sudan to end in an “immediate and unconditional ceasefire.” However, the US said on Friday it would not be evacuating the estimated 16,000 private US citizens that remain in the country.

“We have advised Americans to not travel to Sudan since August 2021, and the US embassy in Khartoum’s security alert on April 16th stated that due to the uncertain security situations in Khartoum and closure of the airport, Americans should have no expectation of a US government-coordinated evacuation at this time,” Vedant Patel, the Principal Deputy spokesperson with the US State Department said in a press briefing on Friday. “It is imperative that US citizens in Sudan make their own arrangements to stay safe in these difficult circumstances.”

As a result, some citizens have taken it upon themselves to hire private security, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

I guessed that Sudan is too poor a nation for its citizens to drop money on top-quality mercs, but various accounts state that Sudan is a financial hub of the Islamic world. So, I might be wrong in suspecting ((moneyed cousins)).

Dale Buckner, the CEO of Global Guardian, a private-security firm, told the WSJ that the company’s staff has escorted dozens of expatriates to neighboring countries . sometimes dodging gunfire, artillery, and mortar fire.

“Our rescue teams have to navigate dozens of checkpoints in an active war zone,” Buckner told the WSJ. “We have hundreds of other clients waiting. But it’s increasingly getting dangerous.”

The Global Guardian team is made up of former military special operations and federal law enforcement personnel who provide international services, including asset protection, personal security, and evacuations from Sudan to Egypt and Eritrea over the past week. The company previously helped evacuate Ukrainian citizens at the onset of Russia’s invasion of the country.

They were all over the evacuation of Ukrainians who could afford their prices, yet the mainstream media billed them as humanitarian aid workers. They were even active before Russia started its limited campaign, suggesting they have excellent intel.

Their insurance rates run $16k-$30k per year, according to one old source I found.

Anyway, this story is pretty much as the timeline billed it: Sudan was on track for coerced submission to Israel via US Golem intervention, when the military devolved into infighting after one faction saw its last, best chance to escape GAE for BRICS.

I swear I don’t look for J00ish perfidy. It’s just Every. Single. Time.

The Darien Gap’s Immivasion Replacement Is Cuba

Michael Yon performed a magnificent feat of investigative journalism when he revealed and documented the Darien Gap migration funnel to the American southern border. Today, I make the case that GAE is rebuilding the migration funnel via Cuba.

Sourced from h ttps://michaelyon.com/dispatches/the-invasion-continues/

It’s remarkable how visible the Trump Presidency is, in the charts and graphs of GAE’s extermination of Heritage America.

Biden.s Border Chief Shuts His Deadly Trail in the Panama Jungle

h ttps://www.breitbart.com/economy/2023/04/12/mayorkas-shuts-his-deadly-migrant-trail-in-the-panama-jungle/

By Neil Munro, 12 April 2023

President Joe Biden’s border chief is shutting down the deadly Darien Gap jungle trail in Panama he built for migrants in 2021 . just as a huge wave of northbound migrants is now overwhelming his border management plans.

In January 2021, just after Biden was elected, many economic migrants from Haiti, Venezuela, Ecuador, and other countries began using the Darien Gap jungle trail to cross the roadless mountains between South America and Central America.

Once across the gap, the migrants trek up to the border where Mayorkas let them into the United States to replace Americans in housing and jobs.

In late 2021, a few U.S. newspaper reports sketched the death toll.

That’s right, Brightbutt, don’t mention Michael Yon. You are not worthy. He is a REAL reporter!

The news prompted Mayorkas to open a second, shorter, and safer trail along the Panama coast and through a shorter, flatter jungle trail. He visited the area by helicopter and also provided taxpayer funds for aid centers, a security force, and a bus network to get the job-seeking migrants onto the Panamanian roads toward distant Texas.

Mayorkas would be guilty of treason if he was any kind of American. I cannot say that he has ever pretended loyalty. He barely bothers with enough make-up to pass for human. His closing the first trail Yon found and opening another is just one of many shadow games he played.

Yon stayed on the case until Mayorkas “gave up”:

The shutdown news was delivered on April 11 in a Trilateral Joint Statement issued by Panama, Columbia, and border chief Alejandro Mayorkas:

“the three governments will seek to achieve the following ambitious goals:

“End the illicit movement of people and goods through the Dari?n by both land and maritime corridors, which leads to death and exploitation of vulnerable people for significant profit.”

Well done, Mr. Yon, well done.

“Open new lawful and flexible pathways for tens of thousands of migrants and refugees as an alternative to irregular migration.”

That’s my cue!

U.S. encourages groups to sponsor immigrants through parole program

h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/u-encourages-groups-sponsor-immigrants-171817964.html

By Orlando Matos and Carmen Sesin, 21 April 2023

Ten days after Mayorkas’ announced closing of the Darien Gap.

HAVANA . The U.S. is making efforts to expand the number of people in organizations who are willing to sponsor immigrants from Cuba and other countries as part of the Biden administration’s parole program, according to the U.S. charg? d.affaires in Havana, Benjamin Ziff.

The parole program was initially rolled out in October 2022 for Venezuelans and extended in January to include Cubans, Nicaraguans and Haitians. Up to 30,000 people from the four countries are eligible for humanitarian parole every month, entitling them to work in the U.S. for two years. Anyone who tries to cross the border illegally is returned to Mexico and denied a chance to seek asylum.

Read that paragraph again. It’s located in Cuba, run by not-Ambassador Ziff, but it was first for Venezuelans? Importing 360,000 people per year is an act of war, not an act of charity. And it was scaled up after just three months?

So far, over 16,000 Cubans have emigrated to the U.S. through the program.

The Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan program that began in January is “innovative in that you don’t have to have family or friends as sponsors,. Ziff said in an interview with NBC News in Havana. .An NGO, a church, any organization can sponsor an immigrant to go to the United States under the program..

Ziff said the goal of the program is to have .legal, orderly and safe migration..

Or as Mayorkas put it, “lawful and flexible”.

But there have been… disagreements about this plan. What if Cuba doesn’t want to be a holding cell for international human trafficking?

Cuba has been roiled in an economic crisis fueled by a decline in tourism since the pandemic, tightened U.S. sanctions and a centralized economic model. Shortages in food, medicine and power are rampant. Inflation has caused the price of basic foods to skyrocket and an ongoing gasoline shortage is leading to hourslong queues.

The U.S. and Cuba held a fresh round of migration talks in Washington last week.

.We touched on the various elements of the migration situation, we discussed the role of the U.S. embassy in Havana in issuing visas,. Ziff said.

Ziff also said the U.S. is “looking for a correct and pragmatic relationship with the Cuban government. There is a realm of interests that we share with Cuba, with the Cuban people..

.We have a very deep disagreement with the Cuban government on its Human Rights policies and its lack of freedoms on the island, but at the same time we have other interests that are important to us, that we will continue to work on, that are relevant to the U.S. interests in the region,. Ziff said.

That was the sanitized version. Here’s the realpolitik version:

In pioneering workshops, U.S. trains Cuban entrepreneurs to do business

h ttps://www.reuters.com/world/americas/pioneering-workshops-us-trains-cuban-entrepreneurs-do-business-2023-04-06/

By Dave Sherwood, 6 April 2023

HAVANA, April 6 (Reuters) – U.S. venture capitalist Stacey Brandhorst has traveled Latin America giving advice to fledgling entrepreneurs. But communist-run Cuba, she says, is a tough nut to crack.

“Being an entrepreneur is one thing, but (being one) in Cuba is entirely another,” she recently told a group of around 50 Cubans in a hotel conference room in Havana.

The crowd laughed as Brandhorst, a business adviser from Oklahoma, kicked off a series of in-person seminars last week that the U.S. Embassy in Havana says will offer tips to Cuban entrepreneurs looking to start and run their own businesses.

Sure, the State Department is allying with the private sector of Cuba out of the goodness of its Talmudist heart.

Brandhorst is a director at i2E Inc, a venture capital fund / holdings company that is partnered with the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Supposedly a private not-for-profit, but certainly the kind of NGO that Ziff will be allowing to sponsor migrants.

Benjamin Ziff, the top U.S. diplomat in Havana, told Reuters that private enterprise could take up the slack in an economy going through perhaps its greatest challenge since Castro’s revolution.

“Cuba’s state-run economy has traditionally not delivered, and recently has delivered even less,” Ziff said in an interview. “We want a Cuba that’s democratic, free and prosperous. The prosperous part depends greatly on the private sector.”

Such programs, however, touch a nerve in Havana, where the U.S. embassy is often characterized by officials as meddling in a bid to overthrow the government.

“(The United States) is betting that the private sector, as it grows, will become a faction that opposes the Revolution,” President Miguel Diaz-Canel said ahead of recent March 26 elections in Cuba. “And we won’t let that happen.”

President Diaz-Canel is correct. This is an obvious lead-up to a color revolution. And Ziff can barely be bothered to hide his intentions:

Diplomat Ziff said the United States was seeking ways to ease the burden of U.S. sanctions on private business but in a way that would not inadvertently benefit the Cuban government.

“We are working on it, I don’t know that is something we have achieved completely yet, but it is certainly something that we are trying to do,” he said.

Ziff said the Cuban government, meanwhile, should get out of the way of the private sector.

“The biggest impediment to doing business in Cuba is the Cuban government,” Ziff said. “The recent reforms for small and medium business in Cuba … are a Band-Aid on a much larger wound.”

Well… that wasn’t subtle. And the timing with Mayorkas abandoning the Darien Gap was not likely coincidence.

Effective Altruism From Ineffective Breeders

It’s not Halloween and these aren’t costumes:

Meet the “elite” couples breeding to save mankind

h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/meet-elite-couples-breeding-save-100000548.html

By Io Dodds for the Telegraph, 17 April 2023


At the beginning of March, Aria Babu quit her job at a think tank to dedicate herself to something most people have never heard of. Having worked in public policy for several years, the 26-year-old Londoner had come to an alarming realisation about the future of the UK, the world . and the human species.

.It became clear to me that people wanted more children than they were having,. Babu says. .Considering this is such a massive part of people’s lives, the fact that they were not able to fulfil this want was clearly indicative that something was wrong..

Somebody got baby rabies and conflated herself with “people”.

The new focus of Babu’s career is a philosophy known as pronatalism, literally meaning pro-birth. Its core tenet is deceptively simple: our future depends on having enough children, and yet life in developed countries has become hostile to this basic biological imperative.

My smirk at this statement of the blindingly obvious faded as I realized she was serious. Will she go all the way to realizing that the antinatalist hostility is intentional and carefully funded?

Linked to the subcultures of rationalism and .effective altruism. (EA), and bolstered by declining birth rates, it has been gaining currency in Silicon Valley and the wider tech industry . especially its more conservative corners.

.I.ve been in various text threads with technology entrepreneurs who share that view. there are really smart people that have real concern around this,. says Ben Lamm, a Texas biotech entrepreneur whose company Colossal is developing artificial wombs and other reproductive tech (or .reprotech.) that could boost future fertility.

That’s not how reproduction works. “Okay, I’ve set up the CRISPR for DNA recombination… found a mix of organic fluids to function as a growth medium… but we need a way to add a carefully monitored amount of proteins and other nutrients over time… what about an immune system? Gosh, if only there was a way to automate this… maybe we could genetically modify a pig…”

In the time it’ll take him to secure venture capital funding, Dumb and Dumber will become grandparents. And frankly, I’ll feel better off with them for neighbors instead of the mad scientists. Uncle Cooter might not know calculus but he at least knows what women are for.

.We are quite familiar with the pronatalist movement and are supporters of it,. says Jake Kozloski, the Miami-based co-founder of an AI matchmaking service called Keeper, which aims to address the “fertility crisis fueled by a marriage crisis” by helping clients find the other parent of their future children.

.I encourage people who are responsible and smart and conscientious to have children, because they’re going to make the future better,. says Diana Fleischman, a pronatalist psychology professor at the University of New Mexico and consultant for an embryo-selection start-up (she is currently pregnant with her second child).

Fleischman. Every single time.

The Jews have a serious problem. They’ve managed to bleed the white, Christian West… ah, white… thanks to the unprecedented Cuck-up of Christianity. They tried to arrange an exodus to China, which failed, then arranged an exodus to India. Which as one of my readers pointed out, they aren’t really pursuing.

India is wealthy only in the sense of having a billion people with one dollar each. Worse, light-skins cannot blend into that population, and there are few places more race- and caste-aware. The “hello, fellow white Judeo-Christians!” routine isn’t gonna work.

They cannot stop being parasites and they cannot parasite off low-trust clannish races. Most of whom have no real wealth to steal. The River Ganges is not a tourist destination, it’s a corpse dumping opportunity.

They cannot stay, won’t leave and would rather die than show mercy.

Solution: manufacture new whites in laboratories for profit, like livestock. Hardly a new idea. Its current branding is “effective altruism”.


h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effective_altruism

Effective altruism is a philosophical and social movement that advocates “using evidence and reason to figure out how to benefit others as much as possible, and taking action on that basis”…

Prominent philosophers influential to the movement include Peter Singer, Toby Ord, and William MacAskill. Several books and many articles about the movement have since been published, and the Effective Altruism Global conference has been held since 2013.

Singer was a tenured professor, infamous eugenicist and promoter of infanticide before infanticide was cool. I remember there was actual pressure to get his tenure revoked for advocating the murder of children, but I disagreed. It’s important for the young to see that some monsters are pleasant people wearing business suits and lab coats.

Billions of dollars have been committed based on effective altruistic principles, by philanthropists who include Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. Prior to late 2022, a major funder was Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, though its bankruptcy has since been a source of controversy and criticism of the movement.

Trotsky on the left, Sam Bankster-Fraud on the right.

According to MacAskill, the view of effective altruism as doing the most good one can within a defined budget can be compatible with a wide variety of views on morality and meta-ethics, as well as traditional religious teachings on altruism such as in Christianity.

Altruism is a sin in Christianity. You care first for yourself, then for your family, then for your people. YOUR people.

The philosophy of effective altruism has been criticized in practice as masking a culture of predatory behavior by some self-described effective altruists.

Yeah, a ((culture)) of predatory behavior. Cui Fundo?

End segue

At the centre of it all are Simone and Malcolm Collins, two 30-something American entrepreneurs turned philosophers . and parents . who say they are only the most outspoken proponents of a belief that many prefer to keep private. In 2021 they founded a .non-denominational. campaign group called Pronatalist.org, under the umbrella of their non-profit Pragmatist Foundation. Buoyed by a $482,000 (?385,000) donation from Jaan Tallinn, an Estonian tech billionaire who funds many rationalist and EA organisations, it is now lobbying governments, meeting business leaders, and seeking partnerships with reprotech companies and fertility clinics.

Tallinn started life as a good computer wizard and bad businessman. He became an overnight plutocrat when Google bought out his startup company, after which he became a prophet of postmodernism. Of rationalism, excuse me. I gotta keep up with the marketing.

The Collinses did not coin the word .pronatalism., which has long been used (along with .natalism.) to describe government policies aimed at increasing birth rates, or mainstream pro-birth positions such as that of the Catholic Church. Its opposite is .anti-natalism., the idea that it is wrong to bring a new person into the world if they are unlikely to have a good life. Lyman Stone, a natalist demographer and research fellow at the US.s Institute for Family Studies, has described the Collinses. philosophy as .a very unusual subculture. compared to millions of everyday natalists. Yet it is their version . a secular, paradoxically unorthodox reconstruction of arguably the most traditional view on earth, driven by alarm about a looming population catastrophe . that is prospering among the tech elite.

If you cannot violate the Narrative long enough for a one-night stand with your spouse, then I’m torn between admiration at your piety and pity at your sawn-off pecker. Oh, that’s right. Eunuchs are immune to certain temptations.

The problem, [Malcolm] concedes, is that falling birth rates are also a common preoccupation of neo-Nazis and other ethno-nationalists, who believe they are being outbred and “replaced” by other races. .A lot of alleged concerns about fertility decline are really poorly masked racist ideas about what kinds of people they want on the planet,. says demographer Bernice Kuang of the UK.s Centre for Population Change.

The Collinses strongly disavow racism and reject the idea that any country’s population should be homogenous. Still, Babu finds that many in the rationalist and EA community, which skews pale and male, are wary of exploring pronatalism . lest they be “tarred with the brush of another white man who just wants an Aryan trad-wife..

“It’s not Aryanism! I just want a baby!”

[Skip references to Austrian corporals.]

Some more illiberal countries are already shifting in this direction. China has begun restricting abortions after decades of forcing them on anyone who already had one child. Russia has revived a Soviet medal for women with 10 or more children. Hungary, where fertility long ago dropped below 2.1 births per year per woman . the “replacement rate” necessary to sustain a population without immigration . has tightened abortion law while offering new tax breaks and incentives for motherhood. Following the end of Roe v Wade in the US, Texas has proposed tax cuts for each additional child, but only if they are born to or adopted by a married heterosexual couple who have never divorced.

Texas will reduce your taxes if you anchor a migrant anchor baby. That’s totally not a pay-to-play immivasion scam.

Though they define themselves politically as conservatives . Malcolm invariably votes Republican . they claim to favour LGBT rights and abortion rights and oppose any attempt to pressure those who don’t want children into parenthood.

“I’m a bisexual Republican!”

“Hi, I’m a Christian feminist!”

Unite to form… not a baby.

It was on the couple’s second date, sitting on a rooftop and gazing out at the nearby woods, that Malcolm first raised the prospect of children. Simone’s response was not enthusiastic.

.I was very excited to spend my life alone, to never get married, to never have kids,. she recalls. .People would be like, .Do you want to hold the baby?. I was one of those who’s like, .No, you keep it. I will watch that baby from behind glass and be a lot more comfortable…

As she says this, her five-month-old daughter Titan Invictus . the couple refuse to give girls feminine names, citing research suggesting they will be taken less seriously . is strapped to her chest, occasionally burbling, while Malcolm has charge of their two sons Torsten, two, and Octavian, three. They live in the leafy suburbs of Philadelphia, balancing parenthood with full-time jobs as co-chief-executives of a travel company, writing books about pronatalism, and their non-profit projects (to which they donated 44 per cent of their post-tax income last year). They project an image of accentuated preppiness, dressing in ultra-crisp country club, business casual when photographers visit, and are effusive and open to the press. Malcolm starts our interview by saying, “Absolutely spectacular to meet you!.

But beneath their smiling, plastic, neo-feminist surface…

Both dealt with adversity in their own youths. Malcolm, 36, was held by court order in a centre for “troubled” teenagers, where he was told by staff that if he resisted they would simply invent new infractions to keep him locked up. Simone, 35, now needs hormone therapy to menstruate regularly and IVF to conceive a child due to years of anorexia.

Back then, Simone was a textbook anti-natalist. She grew up as the only child of a failed polyamorous marriage among California hippies, where her understanding of a wedding was “everyone puts on masks in the forest and there’s a naked sweat lodge.” She was also a “mistake baby., who watched her mother struggle with shelving her career ambitions.

If any SJWs are reading this… the people who hurt you were not Christ or His followers. They were the atheists, feminists and Marxists, and they hurt you so they could control you forever.

Want out? Acknowledge God and make peace with Him. I cannot promise you mortal healing, but I can promise that you will escape the slavers who literally broke you to the collar.

It begins with male headship because this ain’t the way to a life worth living:

What changed Simone’s mind was not any kind of Stepfordian conversion but a simple promise from Malcolm that she would not have to surrender her career. So it proved. She took no time off during Octavian’s gestation, answered business calls while in labour, and returned to the office five days after his birth. She stays with each child continuously for their first six months, carrying them in a chest harness while working at a treadmill desk, after which Malcolm handles the bulk of child-raising. She finds she gets a productivity bump with each newborn . .You’re up every three hours anyway, so why not knock off some emails?.

These personal epiphanies might not have translated into political ones except for Malcolm’s stint as a venture capitalist in South Korea, where the fertility rate is the lowest in the world at 0.8. He was shocked that nobody seemed to regard this as an emergency.

If Mommy’s happy then there are never any problems.

Most demographers do not consider this a crisis, according to Bernice Kuang. .In pop culture, there’s so much really alarmist talk about fertility and population implosion, and that just doesn’t really come up in the same way in academia,. she says… Many experts also see overall population decline as a good thing, arguing that it will help prevent or mitigate climate change and other problems.

((Harvard)) is not worried about the demographic death of the West? Shocker.

But pronatalists argue that problems will manifest long before this, as working-age people begin to be outnumbered by older ones. The global economy is predicated on the assumption of continual growth in GDP, which is strongly linked to population growth. .If people assume that the economy is going to shrink in future, and shrink indefinitely, then it’s not just a recession . it’s like there’s no point investing in the future,. says Babu, who defines her politics as economically liberal, feminist, and pro-immigration. .If that happens, your pension breaks down because your pension is gambled on the stock market. You withdraw your savings; the government can’t borrow. A lot of these structures just break down..

They’re so materialist that they see EVERYTHING in dollar costs. Can we afford to manufacture a baby? Pros: our retirement programs get more funding. Cons: we might be accused of Not-See loyalties.

I’m serious:

[The] Collinses fear that as fertility declines it will not be some racial Other who outbreeds everyone else but each culture’s equivalent of the neo-Nazis. .We are literally heading towards global Nazism, but they all hate each other!. says Malcolm.

Yeah, what’s up with us natalist nationalists hating each other? We should be hating ourselves instead!

For the Collinses, all of this is only part of the crisis, because the fertility of different cultural groups is not declining uniformly. Research by Pronatalist.org found that higher birth rates are associated with what some psychologists call the .Right-wing authoritarian personality. . or, as Malcolm puts it, “an intrinsic dislike and distrust of anybody who is not like them.” That is, says Malcolm, emphatically not his or Simone’s brand of conservatism, which welcomes immigration and wants a pluralistic, multicultural society in which all groups are free to raise their children in their own way of life. [However, their brand of socially just conservatism has] fewer children on average, not least because of a widespread despair about climate change among millennials and Gen Z.

What is to be done?

Fuck. Boink. Screw. Shag nasties, bump fuglies, HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!

And stop believing the Climate Alarmists. Remember they’ve been wrong since they began making predictions, which is why they don’t make predictions anymore. “The climate is gonna change soon!” yeah, it’s called seasons. “People will die to climate change!” because they built luxury homes in remote disaster destinations, then February came.

.Our solution is, uh, we don’t have a solution,. he admits.

He says the only things proven to increase birth rates are poverty and the oppression of women, which are bad and should be stamped out.

The only hope is to find those few families that combine liberal, pluralistic politics, such as support for LGBT rights, with high fertility . or create new, hybrid micro-cultures that value both . and help them multiply.

“I transitioned at the age of ten, now I’m sterile and want to have my own kids because the Christians won’t let me play with theirs. I hope I can afford to fuck a pig-cubator, or my pension plan is toast.”

It’s !Science!

This is where technology comes in. .Many of the groups that we are concerned about disappearing . gay couple couples, lesbian couples . from a traditional organs-bumping-together standpoint, can’t have kids. that are genetically both of theirs,. says Simone. .That certainly dissuades some people from having kids entirely.. A still-nascent technique called in vitro gametogenesis (IVG), which grows eggs and sperm directly from stem cells, could change this.

Then there are those who struggle with inheritable problems such as depression and schizophrenia. Diana Fleischman says she knows many “wonderful people” who are leery about having children for this reason. Such problems could be mitigated by genetic screening and embryo selection. Titan was born through just such a process, the Collinses tell me, winning out over other embryos that had higher estimated risks of traits such as obesity, migraines and anxiety.

*A moment of silence for the unborn children murdered by Mommy Cares*

The idea of using birth rates to influence future politics is one many will find alarming… Fleischman says she has encountered this too: .A lot of this is secret, because it’s just not socially acceptable to say, .I.m going to use my wealth to make as many half-copies of myself as possible. I’m going to photocopy myself into the future…

First they sterilized themselves with their political beliefs, now they want to breed because they don’t want the future to belong to Narrative Violators. At what point will they realize their spawnling is a human being? When Titan wants to play with ponies instead of Antifa?

In the meantime, the Collinses hope to have at least four more babies, unless they are thwarted by complications from repeated C-sections. .When I look into the eyes of our children,. says Simone, “and I see all the potential they have” and I think about a world in which they didn’t exist because we thought it was inconvenient? I’m like, I can.t. I can’t not try to have more kids..

Poor Simone is oppressed and doesn’t even know it.

God STILL Has Eyewitnesses To the Bible

Catholics have Traditions, Protestants have Scripture, and Satan has accredited college professors of religious studies.

Satan, Social Justice Warriors and Derek Ramsey all forget that the Bible is not the Bible’s Author.

Patriarchal Forgery?


By Ram-Man, 13 April 2023

A while back, while was I was debating .Headship: Authority or Preeminence?. at the Sigma Frame blog, a couple readers were discussing it over a Deep Strength’s blog. One commenter asked an excellent question:

“The text of I Corinthians 14:34-35 is included in every single existing manuscript. The only point of question is that some manuscripts have those two verses placed a few verses later at the very end of chapter 14. Anyway, what sin could possibly arise from women keeping silent in the churches? The sin of men leading? LOL I’m not sure why Derek would question that passage.
. comment by Sharkly @ Deep Strength, .Torturous logic on divorce and complementarian trashology.”

Why would I question that passage? What’s the point?

Recall in .Headship: An Evidence Summary. the list of patriarchal passages in the New Testament:

1 Corinthians 11:1-15
1 Corinthians 14:34-35
Ephesians 5:22-33
1 Peter 3:1
Colossians 3:18-19
1 Tim 2:11-15
Titus 2:3-5
The argument for Headship from the New Testament is not particularly strong. It needs every bit of evidence it can, so each of the patriarchal proof-texts is important. Therein lies the problem.

One notices that Derek left out all the examples of Biblical headship. Esther 1, Abigail, Michal, and all the way to early Genesis.

Headship, male leadership over women, directly parallels our spiritual reality of Christ’s leadership. It was the explicitly Created Order of Eden, until it got reversed as Humanity’s Original Sin. This is one of the most critical parts of Christianity, therefore this will be a good fight.

And an easy one. Christianity is not hard to understand. It is only hard to accept. God wants us to know Him, in fact, He will not tolerate being ignored or misinterpreted. He didn’t kill His own Son just to watch us forget.

According to most scholars who study the origins of the books of the Bible, both 1 Timothy and Titus are considered forgeries. Few scholars.as distinct from theologians.believe those books were written by their stated authors, that is, the authors lied.

We begin with Social Justice lies? “The Bible supports my claim that men are NOT to rule over women. The proof is that the passages which prove me wrong, are contained in books of the Bible that were forgeries for 2,000 years and nobody noticed. Not until the properly credentialed scholars of Current Year came along, who don’t regard themselves as theologians. We cannot trust any part of the Bible that says I’m wrong, therefore the Bible says I’m right.”

Not even apocryphal. Straight-up forgeries. Because Almighty God couldn’t protect His own Word from human effort? Because only GAE-funded experts trained in evolution instead of Christ, could recognize such convincing lies?

Just give up, Derek. You got no case… but meanwhile, you pique my curiosity who those “scholars” are. You didn’t say but I still found him. One single, atheist college professor at one of the most notoriously Marxist universities this side of the Canadian border, claimed the Bible is a total lie and you believed him because… hmm… you idiot. I couldn’t think of a nice way to say it.


h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bart_D._Ehrman

Bart Denton Ehrman is an American New Testament scholar focusing on textual criticism of the New Testament, the historical Jesus, and the origins and development of early Christianity. He has written and edited 30 books, including three college textbooks. He has also authored six New York Times bestsellers. He is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Derek, you let a Marxist college professor of Historical Jesus tell you that the Bible is fake? Why did you even listen to his claims? “I hate Christ but on a totally separate topic, I discovered that Christianity is a total lie.”

Ehrman was raised as an Anglican in the Episcopal Church; as a teenager, he became a born-again evangelical. In Misquoting Jesus, he recounts being certain in his youthful enthusiasm that God had inspired the wording of the Bible and protected its texts from all error. His desire to understand the original words of the Bible led him to study ancient languages, particularly Koine Greek, and textual criticism. During such studies at Princeton, however, he became convinced that there are contradictions and discrepancies in the biblical manuscripts that could not be harmonized or reconciled:

“I did my very best to hold on to my faith that the Bible was the inspired word of God with no mistakes and that lasted for about two years […] I realized that at the time we had over 5,000 manuscripts of the New Testament, and no two of them are exactly alike. The scribes were changing them, sometimes in big ways, but lots of times in little ways. And it finally occurred to me that if I really thought that God had inspired this text […] If he went to the trouble of inspiring the text, why didn’t he go to the trouble of preserving the text? Why did he allow scribes to change it?”

Ehrman lied. That entire last paragraph is a textbook SJW lie. “I was just like you and believed just like you, UNTIL I GOT SMARTER AND MORE EDUCATED. Today, I am SMART enough to NOT believe in Jesus. Are you SMART like me? ME SO INTELLIGENT I’M BETTER THAN JESUS!!!”

Be suspicious of any journey of discovery, that ends with the apostate becoming smart and educated enough to reject Christ.

He subsequently turned into a liberal Christian, remaining in the Episcopal Church for 15 years, but later became an agnostic atheist after struggling with the philosophical problems of evil and suffering.

Now that, I believe. Hard times came and he quit with the easy lies. Then, he lashed out at God for how other, unnamed people hurt him.

Liberals think intelligence is everything, meanwhile they live in a misery they don’t have the WISDOM to process.

In Forged, Ehrman posits that some New Testament books are literary forgeries and shows how widely forgery was practiced by early Christian writers.and how it was condemned in the ancient world as fraudulent and illicit. His scholarly book, Forgery and Counterforgery, is an advanced look at the practice of forgery in the New Testament and early Christian literature.

If I was SMART and EDUCATED, then I would be able to understand the arguments that Ehrman makes that the Bible is a forgery. (Not just Timothy & Titus that Derek claims.) I cannot. It would take a decade of intensive college work to gain that ability. Not happening.

It’s enough for me to recognize “the early Christians were notorious liars and deceivers, to the horror of pagans everywhere” is a blood libel. There were witnesses to Christ’s and the apostles’ miracles, remember? “They faked it” is a total nonstarter.

If I wrote a book claiming 2+2=5, and I wrote it in Latin, would you stop your life in order to become fluent in Latin in order to figure out that I’m wrong? Or would you just wrinkle your nose at my elitist stench?

SJWs love SMART and EDUCATED because they are materialists. True power is the ability to manipulate reality, they think, and obviously, smart people are going to do that better than stupid people.

They’re sad stories. “I’m a globally acknowledged expert with 200IQ, three PhDs and EIGHT Covid boosters! Haha, losers, I just… lost my job for misgendering a blue-haired slug… this is Jesus’ fault!”

You don’t need worldly smarts. You need to love the Truth. To demonstrate this, I will prove God’s mandate for male headship with the ENTIRE BIBLE tied behind my back!

If 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 itself is a forgery (and there is strong reason to think it, like the Pericope Adulterae, is not original), then 43% or 3 of the 7 patriarchal passages not only don’t count as evidence of Headship, but are evidence of doctrinal development.

Derek’s claim that exactly two sentences of 1 Corinthians are forgeries but we can totally trust the rest of it, is Jesus Seminar-level stupid. As in, “it just so happens that the wrong parts of the Bible are the ones that I don’t like”.

That is WHY I’ll fight with the entire Bible tied behind my back. Derek thinks he can invalidate Scriptural truth by fomenting doubt over whether it’s original material. He doesn’t realize the power of truth: it CANNOT be falsified. It cannot be destroyed, overwritten or twisted. It does not change depending on the source it’s drawn from.

It doesn’t really matter if people think women should be silent in churches. There is some evidence to think that there was a tradition of women and children sitting quietly and separately from the men in certain early church. But tradition isn’t doctrine. We need to know that our doctrines are rooted in truth.

Which is it? “It doesn’t matter if people think women should be silent in churches” or “there was a successful conspiracy to falsify God’s Word in order to make people think women should be silent in churches”?

“You can believe it if you want, but you cannot believe that that’s what God meant” is a WRONG answer because there is no truth in it.

The purpose of this post is not to argue that any of these patriarchal passages are in fact forgeries. Rather, it is to answer the question, .What’s the point of questioning it?. The answer is plain. If, and I mean *if*, one or more passages of significance are forgeries, then it greatly matters to anyone who is willing to ask whether or not Headship is a valid doctrine. One should be very careful before pushing an uncertain doctrine based in large part on forgeries.

I.ve never argued that 1 Timothy or Titus are actually forgeries, only 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.

You deceiving piece of witch shit, Derek. YOU didn’t argue it, but the first thing you did was import a proxy to argue it for you. “Most REAL scholars think Timothy and Titus are forgeries,” remember? What you are doing here, is blowing a big cloud of squid ink to create doubt, then posturing yourself to humbly request a reasonable compromise. How generous that you’ll let us have our wrong beliefs, so long as we admit that patriarchy was never God the FATHER’s plan.

SJWs believe there is no God and no Truth. They believe that Christians are “people who obey the contents of a book they don’t really understand, called the Bible”. Implication? If SJWs can rewrite the offensive sections of the Bible then they can shift… aka, converge… the Bible into ordering us to support the Narrative. The only difference between Jesus the Son of God and Jesus the Bitch of Beelzebub is a few words of text! A text that few believers can read in the original Aramaic! Christianity is founded on ignorance and rote obedience, just like Social Justice! We’ll do whatever Bible tells us to, regardless of the past or the future or inconsistencies or sky-God or ANYTHING EXCEPT THE NARRATIVE OF THE MOMENT!

Dumbfuck Social Justice Wankers think we’re just like them. Materialists obsessed with momentary gains. “I support the Current Bible Thing!”

See how Derek’s lies metastasize through Scripture like cancer:

But it does concern me how heavily the doctrine relies on (1) what may possibly have been an attempt by dishonest forgers to create a false doctrine where none previously existed and (2) based on traditionally difficult to understand passages that few theologians can agree on. Without the support of the potentially contested patriarchal passages, you are left with the uncontested passages Ephesians 5:22-33, 1 Peter 3:1, and Colossians 3:18-19, which together describe mutual submission.

Sharkly is only right.when he asks “what sin could possibly arise from women keeping silent in the churches..if that is a tradition. If, rather, women are kept silent as a matter of false doctrine, then that is a grave sin we should all be concerned about.

Women being submissive nonparticipants IS a tradition, for legit and entirely non-Biblical reasons, and in non-religious contexts.

Ask a sailor. It’s bad luck taking women to sea, why? Because women aren’t men. She’ll sleep around, men will fight over her, then she’ll get pregnant and make a mess while they’re months out of port.

Ask a miner, soldier or other heavy laborer if he should accept women as peers. He’ll say no, why? Because women aren’t men. Women are weaker than men… physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ask an engineer or surgeon if he should accept women as peers. He’ll say no, why? Because after he invests all the training into a female apprentice, she’ll want to stay home with her sick kid instead of working. Assuming she ever develops the ability to manage complex systems with foresight and improvisation.

Ask a priest if he should accept women as peers. He’ll say yes, why? Because women technically aren’t men but they were supposed to be men and God, if God exists, is wrong about women being weak, doesn’t care enough to be clearly understood, and His clear instructions to the contrary are probably forgeries.

Which brings me to my primary argument, why women MUST remain silent. Why women MUST NOT be allowed peerage with men. Why women must be OBEDIENT AS SLAVES TO A MASTER.

Because women are not space aliens. We can see them. Watch how they behave.

We have seen for ourselves, in our lifetimes, this very day, what happens when women are liberated.

It is Hell Upon the Earth.

Women DO lust for “male privilege” and when they gain it, they do the bidding of devils. Welfare Queens and Ratchets demand male resources while refusing to respect men enough to even keep her vows.

How it started:

h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_B._Anthony

In 1872, [Susan B.] Anthony was arrested in her hometown of Rochester, New York for voting in violation of laws that allowed only men to vote. She was convicted in a widely publicized trial. Although she refused to pay the fine, the authorities declined to take further action.

What’s the worst that could happen, huh? She just wanted her voice to count.

Aaand how it’s going:

h ttps://www.pasadenastarnews.com/2020/05/24/men-should-not-be-allowed-to-vote/

[I am a Los Angeles-area journalist who was waiting to interview some high-powered female] candidates, just shooting the breeze with the guys . men, as editorial board members are wont to be . I suddenly, capriciously, with no malice aforethought . with no thought at all, in fact . tossed out a verbal notion.

.I don’t think men should be allowed to vote,. I said.

.What!. one colleague sputtered. .What do you mean?.

.Just that. I suppose that means they . we . wouldn’t be allowed to run for office, either. Oh, well. You.d miss your Barack Obamas, but not so much your George Wallaces..

.But . why?.

..Cause we messed up,. I said. .We had our chances, and we blew it, man. Give the women, I don’t know, say a thousand years, and then take stock. After all, we didn’t let them vote until a century ago..

My colleague wasn’t having it. .You just want the women to rule “cause most of their politics are more aligned with yours..

.And your point is?.

Meanwhile, our churches have changed loyalty from God the Father, to the Whore of Babylon. “We got the child care, we got the boy band, we got Sunday morning forgiveness for what happened Saturday night… what are we missing?”

“Complementarian marriage counseling!”

None of that would have happened, if women had been kept silent in the church.

And where are the men? Who even cares? We’re listless on the couch, unwanted in society, our wealth extracted by every means imaginable. Many of us were divorced because our wives went to the local priest for marital advice instead of submitting to us. We’re hated for keeping to ourselves, we’re hated for trying to participate, we’re hated for mansplaining how things work and blamed when things don’t work, and most of all, we’re hated because we’re not sexy enough. Barbie prefers prison thugs.

PRISON THUGS! Look at who the women are choosing, now that they aren’t “the chattel of men”! We let our women have a say, and found ourselves pushed out of the very society we built.

We should never have let them speak.

Women want to be disciplined, subjugated, controlled and humiliated. They are natural-born slaves. If you won’t believe the Bible then you can believe Fifty Shades Of Grey instead. Y’know, the other best-selling book of all time.

The women who are happiest, are the ones who willingly serve her husband and keep busy at home. The unhappiest women are the FREE women. Those C-Suite executives with lavish perks, the obedience of a thousand men and an empty nest. They’re so strong and independent, they drink themselves to sleep at night! No bartender!

All of this we learned for ourselves, with our own eyeballs, no education needed. We are firsthand witnesses to the NECESSITY of 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Even if God had not required women to be silent and subservient, the fact remains that society and church thrive only when she is.

Boom. I proved Scripture without referring to Scripture. As much as I hate living in Current Year Clown World, it has confirmed Christ and His teachings as the Immutable and Eternal Truth like I never would have imagined possible.

I have seen evolution telling us that we’re perfected beings always getting better, and then I see us not do what we know we should… like tearing families apart, a severe failure of reproduction. Evolution can’t explain that.

I have watched Godless scientists explain that life on Earth is random, and I see them change their explanation every year so it doesn’t get disproven. Then I watch them Cancel dissidents.

And I just now while writing this, read a college professor claim the Bible is wrong because it says women should be obedient to men… but I know and have followed the collapse of my country and people in parallel with, and proudly credited to, female liberation from men.

Somebody is lying and it ain’t me eyeballs.

Which means it ain’t Scripture, either.

This is what Derek and the SJWs don’t understand: God is a Person. He is not a rulebook. God is not a synonym for Bible. God didn’t give us the Bible because we needed to practice arbitrary obedience to easily confused rituals. God is the Truth, and the Truth exists outside of ANY human tool or perception. The Bible is just a shortcut, a textbook so we don’t have to constantly rediscover how humans should behave. A history book so that Christ doesn’t have to reenact the Crucifixion twice a century, like the Judges had to save Israel every generation because the children never retained the wisdom of their parents.

When we DO have to rediscover how humans should behave, we reach the same conclusion Every. Single. Time. Every single time, we learn that men must rule over women. Society must be reserved for men while women are kept at home, barefoot, pregnant and usually happy despite themselves. But every time we achieve that stable society, something, some fatal flaw in our souls, makes women want to rebel and men want to appease.

Almost as if we need a Savior to fix us. We know the good we should do, but we don’t do it.

A decade or two ago, a loose-knit group of men coordinated over the newfangled Internetwork. They called themselves pickup artists because they wanted to pick up girls and get laid, and dedicated themselves to figuring out women for themselves. Trial and error only. !Science! They went on to independently rediscover the truth of Biblical sex roles, after which they chose (once again) to follow female misconduct for the poozy instead of holding to male righteousness and demanding better. They were soon destroyed by the MeToo movement.

It was like watching a reenactment of Eden.

I don’t care how exactly Genesis 3:16 phrased Eve’s curse, when I can see that curse for myself in modern America. While cloistered academics debate the semantics of dead languages, wondering what God meant with His “women, shut up and obey your men”, I live in the real world where God and women also live. Pretty lies dies quickly outside the Hive.

God is real. Truth is objective. The Bible is trustworthy. The man wears the pants.

Signed, an eyewitness to the necessity of male headship.

What ELSE is Causing Male Loneliness?

I see the occasional article noting that men are lonely because of the romantic scene, which is true but not actionable. The Pareto Principle is what it is, and young women aren’t going to be taking any hints from the men they already reject.

It is also NOT the sum total of why men are lonely today.

It’s spring in California and I’m anticipating a year full of weekend breaks, vacations and other fun activities. With a couple exceptions involving out-of-state relations, I also anticipate doing them alone. There are several points of failure:

1. Me: “Let’s go camping!”

Friend: “Sure, when?”

Me: “Literally any weekend between now and Thanksgiving.”

Friend: “Sorry, can’t make it.”

2. Me: “Let’s hang out!”

New guy: “Okay!” brings girlfriend.

3. Me: “Please let’s do anything!!!”

Everybody: “Government said no. I might get sick.”

3. Me: “I should take up a team sport.”

Checks out Meetup, Craigslist, local gyms and random Internet searches. Nothing?! And half of Meetup is drinking opportunities.

4. No friends left.

5. Contemplate going to church again, this time for the social club that it is. But why? Sit in a pew, get lectured at by some mangina tool about something irrelevant, sing a couple 7-11 songs… seven words repeated eleven times… and dismissed. How am I supposed to socialize like that? “Come to our midweek Bible study.”

Back when I had a fix-it mentality, I would have tried to address each of those efforts as if they were independent problems. But they aren’t, now are they?

Male spaces have vanished from society as well as from the marital home. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that social life is a zero-sum behavior. A society arranged to benefit female socializing, cannot also benefit male socializing. This has been explicit since the Covid Coup but implicit for a long time before. It also puts a new perspective on a woman’s place being in the home.

Our freedom of association has been abrogated, but not by the State… by women pushing into male spaces then hanging curtains. That’s why nobody noticed; the enemy isn’t jackbooted Government thugs this time.

Or better, why nobody called out the abrogation.

Men are lonely because male loneliness is emergent behavior from female empowerment. We have no more ownership in society, no place to call our own, and that absolutely wrecks a man’s self-image. Which makes him less likely to seek out male companionship.

Men define ourselves by our position, accomplishments and experiences… and we don’t have any more of those. Just sports and hobbies, and those only grudgingly & if we let the girls play, too.

Women covet male status but they don’t invest their ego in it. Their ego is invested in all the flattery they get from men for displacing (other) men.

Men do not create anymore. We do not explore. We have less living space every year, less wealth for “non-essentials” like friendships, and whatever we get around to doing is always under the watchful gaze of She.

Life just ain’t rewarding anymore.

That’s extraordinarily bad because when the next Covid Coup hits, people (men) will be more accepting of “a different way to live”. But it’ll be the same lie yet again. The same feminism, doubled down, re-breaded and baked to hide the rot.

All of this is being done to break down male resistance to female authority. Demons do it consciously, women instinctively, but their common goal is as in Eden: get the man’s buy-in before God shows up to reassert patriarchy.

I don’t have a solution to offer, but when it comes, it’ll look like “No Girls Allowed”. Meanwhile, you can hold the line by mocking every globohomo freak show and finding ways to enjoy life. With friends if you can, alone if you must, but we always will have the option to defy the devil.

Peerage And the Bell-Curve Split

It’s been remarked upon by a number of sources, that most of the opposition to the managerial state’s Covid Coup were both the smartest and dumbest fringes of the general public. Who could have guessed that the common ground between Stephen Hawking and Uncle Floyd would be love for truth, fun and oxygen?

Actually… the common ground is that civilization was built for NEITHER Hawking NOR Floyd. Being outsiders gave them an advantage in noticing evil on the inside, because they were not invested in the status quo.

By necessity, society is built for the average person. Most government services exist where most of the need is. Most people live where the most social services are. Rules are made for the benefit of as much of society as possible, which, mathematically speaking, is the area underneath the bell curve… which is mostly around the middle, aka the Normal.

People know this, subconsciously if not consciously. Normie knows that society was built for HIM, not the glandular freak on the left nor the brainitor on the right, so it’s a natural assumption that whatever the authorities do will be to his benefit first and foremost.

This is the driving force between a great many of social ills. The Oppenheimers are not going to believe that the newfangled welfare state was created for his benefit. Neither do the gong farmers love and trust the sources of all that downward-flowing excrement. But if the Regime has a plan to “save society”, Normie’s gonna read between the lines and smirk.

There has always been a subtle pact between the Normies and authorities, to build civilization at the expense of malcontents and outliers. This has a few implications.

  1. Most obviously for Current Year’s purpose, Normies are the ones who have the most trouble grokking “they are lying you”. That subtle pact brings the presumption that the deal is still on. It’s easy to notice that the government is acting against you when it always has been.

  2. Which in turn, is why Normies trust the bureaucrats’ say-so over the eggheads’ facts and the blakks’ memories of Tuskegee Airmen. They have not yet been wronged… and reasonably assume they never will be, because civilization would burn if the government betrayed literally everybody.

  3. There is nothing dissidents can do, politically, to solve the situation. We don’t have the numbers. The situation will change only when Normie realizes and accepts that for the first time in recent history, the authorities are betraying their own meal ticket.

  4. That realization been a long time in coming because Original Sin. Women are much more average than men. Geniuses and nimrods are overwhelmingly male, while the few women not close to ‘ordinary’ are driven by herd instinct to fake it.

  5. Combining female averageness with female desire for authoritarian masters, the social threat of emancipating women becomes obvious. “Society exists for the children!” no, society should exist for the men who build and maintain it.

And lastly, 6. by the time Normie wakes up to the fact of dissidents being right, he’s going to need to eat a lot of crow. Humans have trouble admitting they’ve been wrong for many years.

I don’t have a solution. The historical solution is that when enough Normal men are left poor & sexless, they will take by force what they cannot trade for by participation. Outliers, typically, know they are outliers and reach some level of compromise with the status quo… the alternative being a fight against literally everybody.

I’m just saying, the reason the smartest and dumbest were the strongest opponents of the managerial coup is because we were never “stakeholders” in the first place, to use the WEF’s dehumanizing language.

We can still theorize about what a recovered civilization will look like. Obviously, women must be submitted to male authority, but a generalization of that statement would be “dissidents need to be included in society, too”.

The way to do that is the middle class. Men who don’t have a lot of power, but DO have a lot of autonomy and enough wealth to make critical decisions for themselves. The ultra-poor don’t have choices and the ultra-rich don’t have feedback on the consequences of their choices. Meaning both monetary and social wealth… the middle class is not a caste.

It’s fair to say that when you reach a certain level of poverty, you stop trying to improve yourself (because you can’t) and instead, try to find somebody powerful to champion you. That’s the agenda behind WEF “stakeholder” language… humans are just commodities, livestock, so you deal with the rancher instead of the cattle.

Conversely, when you reach a certain level of wealth, managing your wealth becomes a full-time job. This is why all the rich people are bureaucrats or bankers, and never engineers or truck drivers. It’s not that engineering and transportation cannot be profitable; it’s that they cannot be iteratively profitable. “I make money by making money” versus “I make money by patenting new inventions”.

I call this the Game Of Kings And Pawns. People reduced to pawns demand a king; people who ascend to nobility, are driven to ever-greater power & wealth. The middle class are peers of each other. They offer neither Kings for the pawns not pawns for the Kings, and thus are hated by both.

We cannot simply outlaw being wealthy, of course. Whoever’s job it is to confiscate the wealth would have the same iteratively-wealthy situation. Neither can we mandate self-improvement.

This is a role for Christianity, in my opinion. God is a great equalizer because He doesn’t change and doesn’t play favorites, and the problem to be addressed is society being divided into mutually hostile camps defined by self-interests to be achieved at the expense of the other camps’ self-interests. That is a cannibal society.

The predictable winner of such a society will be the Normie-Government partnership because it’ll have critical mass. Until democracy gets fortified enough that Normie is no longer needed, and disposed of by being partitioned into still more factions.

The poor and the rich, the normal and the circus freak are all equal before God. Wealth and smarts and social status (or lack thereof) do not impress the Creator Of All. But no, today’s Church preaches that we’re equal in ways that we cannot ever be… men and women, Christ and Pharisee, the various races of humanity… and is treacherously silent about achieving equality in ways that we can… social and economic standing.

How is abandoning the Godly concept of “we are peers before an impartial God” working out for you, ye Churches? Oh, that’s right… you got classified as a nonessential business by your humanist King. Perhaps like God, you shouldn’t play favorites. Even God listens to His critics.

Our Female-Run Military Admits It No Longer Understands Honor

I would not fault Con-servatives for not understanding what’s going on in Current Year, except they reject my explanation so quickly and confidently that their self-deception cannot actually be a deception.

“Why doesn’t society work anymore?”

“Because we’re ruled by women and foreigners.”

“No! You are wrong! Why doesn’t society work anymore?”

“Could you maybe spend one moment…”


Today, USAF Retired Colonel Ulrich and her all-female colleagues complain that the military no longer understands the concept of honor.

Me hairy caveman, make helpful suggestions where to stick it, ug ug!


h ttps://warontherocks.com/2023/04/renewing-democracy-through-oath-education-at-the-air-force-academy/

By Marybeth Ulrich, Lynne Chandler Garcia and Sydney Fitch

“I do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Matriarchy from all enemies patrician and patriarchal… to prevent transsexual men from usurping the birthright glory of female achievement… and to wage as many Forever Wars against civilian populations as it takes to make the world’s children play nice with each other.”

America is experiencing declining trust in democratic institutions and an erosion of the democratic norms essential to maintaining them.

The U.S. military, which historically has enjoyed the status of being the most trusted national institution, has seen its trust levels decline in recent years.

“Why don’t you trust us anymore?”

“Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, all the way back to 9/11 when you waged war on Iraq because the Saudis blew up New York. Dare I mention Israel and the petrodollar, and by the way, where are your balls?”

“I bet you don’t think we’re credentialed enough. Is that it?”

Some attribute this to the perceived politicization of the armed forces. Others question whether the military’s professional ethos has been compromised to the point where it has become a political actor that increasingly strays from its nonpartisan ethic. Still others point to the over-representation of veterans in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and conclude that the U.S. military may not be relied upon to uphold the rule of law.

Aaand some washed-up, old-time, mean-spirited Ozark geezers remember that the military worked back when it was MALE.

Speaking of, a MAN would not proceed to finding a solution without first concluding what the problem is. “Our aircraft is losing altitude. Some people think the left engine exploded but others think the hydraulics caught fire, so let’s increase power to the other engine. It could only help. Thank God that our pilot is precocious for a six-year-old!”

The status of the American military profession is declining and likely contributing to the armed-forces recruiting shortfalls. One piece of restoring public trust is to examine how we educate servicemembers in the professional norms related to military service in a democracy, starting with their oath to uphold the constitution.

The stupid, it HURTS! Which is it? “Always keep your promises” or “the right thing to do is the popular thing”? “I pledge allegiance to the Consensus of the United States…”

And which Constitution? The one the Framers wrote, which was NOT a democracy, or the one the Yankees wrote after democratically scraping the Confederacy off their boot heels? The Confederacy, Amerindians, Spain, Mexico, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Central America, South America, Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq again, Afghanistan, Russia, and soon, China and Mexico (again)?

At the Air Force Academy, we have worked to incorporate oath education into crafting a renewed professional ethos that would keep servicemembers focused on the norms of behavior in a military accountable to elected civilian leaders. Through these efforts, we believe that the military’s current “warrior ethos” can be complemented with an equally important “democracy ethos.” The Air Force Academy’s Oath Project is a cadet-led initiative to improve understanding of the Oath of Office among military students at academies and professional development institutions. This program provides education focused on civil-military norms and the importance of upholding the values inherent in an apolitical military. We encourage military leadership to embrace expansion of the program at other institutions and encourage Congress to support these efforts through increased funding of civil-military education programs.

Oath-taking is like Christianity. It’s not hard to understand, unless you want it to be.

But for the oath to work, the men and women who uphold it also need to understand it. Two years ago, the few cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy enrolled in a political science civil-military relations elective questioned the adequacy of what they learned about the oath in their pre-commissioning education.

If there was any justice in North America, the people slaughtered by the United States Armed Forces would be the people who need a political science class to properly understand the oaths they take. “I’m not educated enough to keep my word of honor!” bang bang and God bless America.

WHICH IS IT?! “The Air Force has been politicized” or “my Air Force Academy’s political science curriculum needs more funding”?

Even though [my students] were within months of becoming commissioned as 2nd lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force, at the beginning of the course they could not articulate what it meant “to support and defend the Constitution” beyond understanding that military members must obey the lawful orders promulgated by the military and civilian authorities with command responsibility for them.

That’s because the “all enemies foreign and domestic” clause includes many sitting members of Clowngress and a big chunk of “mil chain of command. They don’t want their liveried windup toys questioning their ultimate loyalties. But I don’t advocate any drastic action. The window of opportunity has passed.

The vaulted status of the American military profession stems from the public’s recognition of servicemembers. professional expertise and years of education.


Stupid females! You obsess over smartness because if you were WISE, you’d marry young and keep the home instead of enjoying a fabulous career in the prestigious Chair Force. And deep down, you know it.

Deep down, you love the lie because you hate the truth, that you should never have been allowed to wear the uniform. You women are not men and never will be. Ulrich’s entire career was a lie.

I am a nobody who routinely outperforms world-famous PhDs because I have one single piece of WISDOM, not gained in any institution of higher learning, that dicks are not chicks. Who knew, right? Not the biologists!

A deeper understanding of the national purpose and the commitment to preserve the democratic character of the nation through their oath contributes to military effectiveness and will give U.S. military members an edge in future conflicts waged against autocracies.

The national purpose is to steal, kill and destroy the entire planet, now including North America itself, in the names of Molech, Talmud and Mommy Loves You.

Although I admit, I do look forward to the inevitable matchup between a South American cartel backed by the Deep State, and the Hair Force backed by remedial classes in political science. “You aren’t literate enough to smash my skull op…”

San Francisco Needs Men! Chooses Death Instead

San Francisco is back in the news! They have a Problem That Must Not Be Named!

No, no… they did finally discover a new, less offensive term for monkeypox. It’s “mpox”. Such is the devil’s creative capacity… and that after all of the Manosphere’s helpful, royalty-free suggestions! I still like “rainbow buboes”.

The Problem That Must Not Be Named is… “we’re out of men“. SF’s tax base has collapsed. Its streets, once full of city life and sewage, now lie empty. Sooo…. Belial, Cretin and Klinefelter walk into a sushi bar…

*GQ launches spy drone.*

Breaking the SF Doom Loop: Convert Downtown Offices Into Student Housing

h ttps://sfstandard.com/housing-development/sf-doom-loop-convert-downtown-offices-student-housing-uc-berkeley/

By Josh Koehn, Kevin Truong, 10 April 2023

Since the start of this year, a rotating cast of San Franciscans have been gathering for dinner and drinks while discussing the city’s most pressing problems. Rather than the typical bitchfest, this discreet group of tech entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, elected officials and City Hall commissioners spends less time bemoaning what’s wrong and more time noodling on solutions.

I don’t think Sodom Francisco understands the word ‘discreet’, but let’s review my spy-drone video:

I bought an FAA drone license to hear that?

Bilal Mahmood, a startup founder and neuroscientist who finished third in a state Assembly special election last year, designed the dinner parties after the Junto Club, a 12-member group of tradesmen and artisans formed by Benjamin Franklin in 1727. Franklin’s goal was to develop ideas on how to build a new nation and more humane society, and the result of these meetings led to the colonies. first community fire department and the country’s first hospital. The latter was created through a public-private partnership, an untested concept in the burgeoning nation.

Four years later, Franklin formally joined the Freemasons. Just sayin’. Belial here is affiliated with Stanford and Obama.

Mahmood told The Standard that these off-the-record dinner parties will soon go by another name Franklin’s group used.Leather Apron Club, a decidedly metal-meets-Folsom Street Fair moniker. In mid-January, Mahmood and 11 others gathered to discuss one of San Francisco’s most existential issues:

Treating monkeypox?

how to save Downtown.

By hiding monkeypox under leather aprons? Nobody wears leather in the Gay Area to honor Benjamin Franklin.

The loss of businesses and in-office workers since the pandemic has kneecapped the flow of tax revenue to City Hall, and foot traffic to small businesses in the area has evaporated.

That means “no more men”.

San Francisco is staring down the barrel of a nearly $800 million deficit, and increasingly hyperbolic concerns of a real estate collapse, death spiral and doom loop are becoming commonplace.

But as Mahmood and his guests discussed the state of Downtown over karaage, sashimi and wagyu at Ozumo, an upscale Japanese restaurant near the Embarcadero, one guest floated an idea that seemed to linger. Zach Klein, the venture capitalist and co-founder of Vimeo, suggested San Francisco should create a new university, or at least a vast array of college student housing, in the downtown core.

No jobs, no history, endless indoctrination, endless lockdowns, but the Metaverse is next door and everybody is equal?

I would approve of “pods for pod people” if they actually did generate electricity. Cremation doesn’t drive the turbines nearly as well.

.That was one idea that nobody had any negative thoughts around, and we thought it could be a really powerful way to revitalize the area,. said Cristina Cordova, an early stage venture capitalist who also attended the dinner.

The theory goes: Vacant commercial towers in San Francisco will likely never again reach capacity…

They aren’t assuming that. They are planning that. Big difference. Cities don’t have to die, particularly deep-ocean seaports, but without men, dying is what’s gonna happen.

Respecting men enough to beg for our return, apparently, is NOT what’s gonna happen.

…but they could be converted to student housing by public universities, which are exempt from much of the red tape that otherwise stymies development. These schools also receive substantial tax breaks, making the cost of such projects “pencil out.” Large cohorts of new, young residents would not only make use of the buildings themselves but also reinvigorate Downtown by supporting local restaurants, bars and other small businesses.

My theory goes: a bunch of foreign-born vulture capitalists rented a five-star penthouse sushi restaurant to smirk down at the homeless men living in their own feces, while debating how to keep the real-estate bubble going for the next few years.

.We are proposing a university or an academic campus or student housing Downtown as one of the major solutions to solve this crisis, because we have a lot of piecemeal solutions that are important and necessary,. Mahmood said. “But there’s no big, bold idea that could radically solve this in a single swoop..

Mahmood and others have spent the last few months studying the issue and taking meetings to figure out what’s feasible. And while the idea of transforming Downtown into a mecca for college kids is still in its infancy, the initial reaction from city officials, urban planners and developers appears promising.

…Mayor London Breed and Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin recently introduced legislation to streamline office-to-residential conversions. The changes would address planning codes and zoning issues, although cost remains an overriding concern.

Better get used to that, when your Plan ‘A’ is not letting the “taxpayers” back inside city limits.

This is not just about the grift. “College students” are thrilled with the idea? And “taxpayers” shall be an afterthought, at best? Those quoted terms have gendered correlations in Current Year.

They’re gonna turn San Francisco into a giant harem.

I can see it! The future University of Eden, San Francisco, will have a student body of 200,000 young women, aged 18-25 and freshly escaped from parental supervision, and a small inner circle of dusky, foreign plutocrats. And trendy sushi restaurants! It will offer accredited courses in female sexual empowerment, witchcraft, ponies, color revolutions and the Tony Fauci Medical School dedicated to womens’ health and venereal disease gain-of-function. The history department will only discuss slavery, the engineering department will only discuss genderfluid dynamics and the English department will be used only for target practice.

The entire university will be built on stilts. The bottom floor will be made of glass so the female students can literally look down upon all the street men living in government-maintained squalor.

Churchian missionaries will occasionally sneak inside and try to raise the girls’ self-esteem enough that they decide to leave and be stay-at-home mothers… for dusky, foreign plutocrats.

Mass transit will enable the deployment of braying feminist mobs to any location in California that rejects the New World Order. Because the cuckservatives will never tell a woman No.

Aaaand, the one-year self-deletion rate of new graduates will be double-digit. Her beauty, fertility and femininity burned out in five years of relentless sexual competition for those five minutes of Dubai Port-O-Potty that came with an incurable gift.

Downtown San Francisco is clearly in crisis. The remote work shift has hollowed out many buildings and made issues like street conditions and homelessness more stark.

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute published research that found a nearly five-fold increase in people working from home during the course of the pandemic, a key reason why San Francisco’s economic recovery ranks 24th out of 25 large U.S. cities, beating out only Baltimore. The neighborhood’s resulting 60% drop in daytime population has been an albatross around the neck of small businesses that rely on a steady stream of office workers.

Those workers cannot afford to live where they work. It’s that simple.

The simple solution to the housing “shortage”: nobody shall own property where they don’t physically live. No legal entity shall property, EVER.


No more foreign ownership of land. No more living in one state and doing business in another. If you buy a house then you have to live in it, and not just “one day a year”, and if you own a business or rental property then you must live close enough to actually visit & care about it.

Let’s watch Mahmood and ((friends)) try to sell their billion-dollar investment properties for pesos on the dollar, before the government confiscates it outright, to the people who work where they live. Not including imported mystery meat.

But this student-housing idea? An ENTIRE CITY devoted to student housing? Transient housing, you mean! It’s rent-seeking! It’s the sacrifice of yet another neighborhood for the benefit of meltfaced humanoid sociopaths who made their first million by selling their mother’s kidneys.

The growing consensus among the business community, city officials and the general public is that Downtown needs to evolve in order to survive. Putting student housing at the center of that transformation, advocates say, could reinvigorate the city in the way New York City has embraced campus culture across different boroughs with NYU, Cornell and Columbia. Meanwhile, a younger population could also help reactivate BART, which continues to struggle with low ridership.

Sure, why not. The coeds will need a supply of outrage, otherwise they’ll manufacture their own. The only reason people don’t like mass transit is they still have alternatives!

An analysis conducted by architecture firm Gensler and public policy nonprofit SPUR found that the conversion of vacant office buildings could yield 11,200 new units Downtown. But the study also noted that current economic conditions and costs make most conversions .not financially feasible..

Because NO MEN to pay the bills.

But state agencies like public universities are able to take advantage of their tax-exempt status to limit the expense of such projects.

“We don’t need no stinkin’ men! not if THEY pay the taxes instead of us! Run, run but you cannot hide from Uncle Sugar!”

.Look, Downtown San Francisco is super-rich in transit,. Peskin said. .It’s just a couple or three BART stops from [UC Berkeley]. So yeah, it sounds like a fine idea. The University of California is not subject to the laws of any city or county in the state of California. And they know how to acquire real estate, and they know how to do development projects. So, I’m happy to knock on their door, and they’re welcome to knock on mine.”

The rule of law is COMPLETELY dead in California. Can you imagine what we ordinary men could accomplish, with pussy passes that big?

Jeff Cretan, a spokesperson for Mayor Breed, said the city would be open to UC Berkeley and other universities expanding student housing Downtown, but there have been no discussions with school officials.

“The Mayor’s Roadmap for Downtown calls for diversifying uses in our commercial areas, and a proposal to add either an academic institution or housing for students would certainly fit that goal,” Cretan said, adding that the UC College of Law development is an excellent example of what’s possible.

Breed let the homeless population explode, so the city lost its status as a tourist and convention destination, then she locked the place down so hard that the taxpaying men all left… and how does she bring them back? Trick question, she doesn’t even try! She replaces the lost men with housing and education for women!

Even when you empower women beyond all sane limits, she still wants to be a homemaker forrr the chillldren.

Imagine an influx of young people that could shift the staid reputation of Downtown, help feed a thriving arts scene and fill restaurants, bars and nightclubs with energy and activity past happy hour. In a town that is already on the younger side, bringing in a bunch of kids may be San Francisco’s best bet for the future.

Harem, QED.

And I did. I imagined ten thousand scantily-clad chicks fighting to the death on the San Francisco shoreline, hoping to catch the eye of a crown prince passing by on his megayacht… but he never looked up from the investment portfolio on his smartphone. And I thought, no loss.

I imagined “culture” being redefined to an endless buffet of alcoholic foreign delicacies instead of families, God and inheritances, and what kind of fool would go along with that.

I imagined the dystopia when the California government collapses and Uncle Sugar ain’t paying the bills no mo’. Good luck commuting 50 miles per day on that New Normal Power Grid, or visiting ‘the closest convenience store that hasn’t been looted away’.

And lastly, I imagined what all the princes of this world will say, when to their bleak existential horror, they are returned to life and put on trial for all they did. Will they blaspheme against God until He chucks them into Hell? Will they bluster and threaten the Almighty, then make Him a limited-time offer to earn their forgiveness?

Or, will the screaming just never stop?

This picture is backwards. The man should be leaving his grave, not entering it. THAT is where the horror of resurrection comes from… the shriving of all material success, the reduction of a man to only his honor.

Women need us men but they sure don’t act that way. Belial, Cretin, Breed and Kleinfelter were all invited to discuss San Francisco’s future… guess who wasn’t?

The Baptist ERLC’s Descent Into Matriarchy

In my recent post on mind control, I made a novel claim without much documentation: that Original Sin is an active implementation of the devil’s plan for humanity’s damnation. Not just another ‘failed to obey’ sin. Nobody can dispute that Eden is where it all started, but there is clearly work to be done in shoring up my claim.

Also in a recent post, I discussed Brent Leatherwood of the Southern Baptists’ Ethical and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). At the time, I was covering a school shooting that involved his children, who are thankfully safe, so I didn’t launch into a rant against cuckservatism at that time. And the more I considered what I’d learned about Brent, the more I recognized an educational opportunity.

The thing about Brent Leatherwood, is he was a high-ranking politician before he was a high-ranking Churchman, which enabled him to turn the ERLC into a political force capable of national-level influence. I don’t fault him for that per se. We don’t have the luxury of political neutrality. In fact, him being a Top Cuck of both worlds, religious and secular, made him the very evidence I needed.

First the past, then the present:

ERLC Names New President

h ttps://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2022/august/abortion-abolitionists-pro-life-movement-christian-roe-wade.html

By Kate Shellnutt, 13 September 2022

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s interim leader, Brent Leatherwood, will become its next president.

Leatherwood spent the past year as acting president, leading the Southern Baptist Convention’s public policy arm during a historic span that included the reversal of Roe v. Wade and landmark denominational moves on abuse reform. The ERLC board of trustees unanimously approved his appointment on Tuesday.

A five-year staff member at the ERLC, Leatherwood was chief of staff under the previous interim leader, Daniel Patterson, and vice president of external affairs under former president Russell Moore, who left his position and the SBC in 2021. (Moore is now editor in chief of CT.)

Like during Moore’s leadership, the ERLC has continued to be a topic of debate in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), whose 48,000 churches operate independently but cooperatively. For some Southern Baptists, the ERLC.s lobbying and training efforts around issues like religious liberty and sanctity of life represent an important form of witness and engagement. Critics, though, believe the ERLC and its leaders have taken stances that do not represent the denomination overall.

At the annual meeting in June, as in previous years, a proposal to defund the ERLC was voted down. Former ERLC president Richard Land told the convention, .I cannot imagine a more damaging moment for the Southern Baptist Convention to defund the ERLC..

Richard Land was affiliated with Paige Patterson, who led a successful revolt against Baptist convergence. For this, Patterson was hated, and Moore twisted the ERLC into a weapon of entryism.

But not with much success, which is why he quit to turn Christianity Today into his personal soapbox. (So far as I can tell from this side of his new paywall.) Thus, both sides wanted the ERLC dismantled at various times, and the infiltrators leveraged that confusion to bring in outside support.


Southern Baptist task force may split with Guidepost over LGBTQ views

h ttps://religionnews.com/2023/04/04/southern-baptist-task-force-may-split-with-guidepost-over-lgbtq-views/

By Bob Smietana, 4 April 2023

(RNS) . When leaders of a Southern Baptist task force chose an LBGTQ-friendly firm to set up a database to track abusive pastors, they tried their best to head off any opposition.

The work on a “Ministry Check” website that will track abusers, according to leaders of the SBC abuse reform implementation task force, would be overseen by Faith-Based Solutions, a division of the consulting firm Guidepost Solutions that works with religious groups.

The entryists’ “abuse report” succeeded so well, they were able to set up a DIE commissariat.

In recent weeks, Baptist leaders in Florida urged the task force to cease working with Guidepost and “engage only providers that share a solidly biblical worldview to develop and maintain the “Ministry Check” website database.” Leaders in Ohio did the same.

Several megachurch pastors, including Willy Rice, a failed SBC presidential candidate, criticized the decision to work with Guidepost and warned it might lead to their church rethinking its giving to the denomination. Rice dropped out of the presidential race last year after news became public that his church had a deacon with an abusive past.

And it has already taken its first scalp. Meanwhile… about that abuse report… there is, legally speaking, no truth to it.

High-profile SBC lawsuit ends in win for former leader, loss for abuse reform proponents

h ttps://www.tennessean.com/story/news/religion/2023/04/07/claims-dismissed-in-lawsuit-against-sbc-leader-over-abuse-report/70086730007/

By Liam Adams, 7 April 2023

A lawsuit against a prominent former Southern Baptist Convention leader for mishandling reports of sexual abuse concluded Wednesday after a federal judge dismissed additional claims.

The win was significant for Paige Patterson, a man who many blame for the SBC.s current abuse crisis, in a controversy that largely caused his public downfall in 2018, when Patterson lost his job as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

A former Southwestern student who Patterson reportedly mistreated when she came forward about her rape, under the pseudonym Jane Roe, sued Patterson and Southwestern in 2019 for negligence and then later defamation.

Paige Patterson, a prominent former leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, who was president of the convention and of two Southern Baptist seminaries.
U.S. District Court Judge Sean Jordan dismissed Roe’s negligence claims last week and this week, dismissed her defamation claims.

.Roe has failed to create a genuine dispute of material fact . that Patterson directly defamed her,. Jordan said in a memorandum filed Tuesday. The decision arrived just as the case was scheduled to go to trial in Plano, Texas, though only for the defamation claims due to Jordan’s decision last week.

Jordan.s decision Tuesday to dismiss Roe’s defamation claims said Roe had to prove some of those alleged defamatory statements caused her damage. Jordan said there wasn’t sufficient proof to bring before a jury.

Haddock said in a statement about Jordan’s ruling, .We encourage the media and the public to refrain from trying this case on social media by drawing inferences and reaching conclusions based on the extremely limited and skewed information currently available in the sealed court record..

Brent Leatherwood was not directly involved in this sex abuse re-Convergence… at least, not until his promotion to ERLC President removed the possibility of neutrality.

End segue

Leatherwood also ran into pushback when he presented a vision for pro-life campaigns in the .post-Roe. era but didn’t agree with an abolitionist minority who wanted to criminalize abortion. .You are not going to get me to say I want to throw mothers behind bars,. he said from the stage.

And so the descent into Matriarchy begins. By existing legal definition, women who seek an abortion are guilty of premeditated murder. Also by definition, Brent, they are NOT mothers.

Why didn’t he want to punish babykillers, when he’s happy to go after Planned Parenthood and abortion pills? A serious question. Answer, Original Sin. It makes no rational sense, as we see here, yet men do it all the time. “I just can’t put Mommy behind bars!” he wails.

The ERLC has also been involved in addressing the most high-profile issue the SBC has faced in recent years: its response to abuse….

.It is essential that we resist the urge to react defensively or from a position of protecting ourselves or an institution rather than precious individuals made in God’s image. Whether at a church or an entity, we must foster an environment where survivors are confident they will be received, listened to, and supported,. Leatherwood wrote in May.

.It is imperative that the stories of survivors be met with the same compassion Jesus exhibited for those who were marginalized or vulnerable..

First Brent excused women for known crimes, then he pre-excused them for uncertain or future crimes “because it’s what Jesus did”. Except it’s not what Jesus ever did. If you disagree then citations, please.

It is hard to overstate the insidious nature of Original Sin. It is a flat refusal to acknowledge reality; a blanket sanction of any & all future evil. With predictable results.

Him: “I cannot bring myself to punish her.”

Her: “I can get away with anything!”

This removes the brakes on female behavior. Those brakes are needed because women are natural-born tyrants. They exist in a world of masters & slaves, kings & pawns, and using her sexual power against male physical, mental, spiritual and emotional powers.

Why else are we still talking about slavery in modern USA, if women are not naturally fascinated with the concept? We men did away with it 150 years ago and never looked back.

Look at what I just wrote about that abuse report! It is a recursive iteration of Original Sin… no… it is a REENACTMENT! Guidepost Solutions is the serpent. The ERLC is Adam. Female empowerment is the forbidden fruit. The women replaced the ERLC with Guidepost, which then imposed new management upon the Baptist Church… and Brent accepts this on behalf of the ERLC!

That was the past. Now for the present… now, for MORE iterations of Original Sin:

ERLC 2023 Public Policy Agenda

h ttps://erlc.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/ERL3103_LegisAgenda_012523.pdf

By Brent Leatherwood and Hannah Daniel

Hannah is head of the D.C. office of policy for ERLC. Brent’s immediate subordinate, but she has subordinates under her as well, one can presume.

2022 proved to be a history-making year for the cause of life with the overturning of the disastrous precedents set in Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision. This decision was the culmination of 50 years of dedicated work by Southern Baptists and other pro-life advocates. For the first time in generations, abortion policy can be determined by states, ushering in new opportunities for the pro-life movement.

States were ALWAYS able to set their own abortion policy, but they never had the moral compass to tell women No. Even today, with SCOTUS’ surprise moves to assist.

Those Conservative, Republican Christians refused to do so, then AND NOW:

This moment was not the end of our advocacy for life, but in many ways, the beginning of a new chapter. In an ever-changing landscape, we must continue to advocate for life both at the federal and state levels while also taking on new frontiers such as “abortion tourism.…

Wait for it.

…the increasing accessibility of the abortion pill…

Wait for it.

…and supporting abortion-vulnerable women.

BOOM, there it is! After half a century of the Church opposing abortion with every available resource, abortion is more common than ever. Why? Because Churchmen won’t blame the women who are the source of the problem.

“Punish the abortion doctors! Get rid of chemical abortifacients! Outlaw government funding and support! WE WILL BLAME EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE WOMAN WHO DEMANDS THE ABORTION, AUTHORIZES THE ABORTION IN WRITING AND PAYS FOR THE ABORTION!”

This demonstrates the iterative nature of Original Sin. The refusal to confront her specifically, becomes the refusal to confront generally, which leads to a silent, unacknowledged, perhaps not even conscious, but very intentional, redirection of standards and agendas.

The weed always flourishes when its roots are safe. The devil rules because ‘God’s servants’ will never, ever, EVER punish a rebellious woman. Every defeat the devil suffers, he can fall back to the bailey of don’t-blame-me-I’m-just-a -girl until the heat’s off. How could Adam have defeated the devil’s scheme in Eden after learning that Eve had already signed on?

By Nexting that bitch a la King Xerxes.


Esther 1:15, 19:.According to law, what must be done to Queen Vashti?. he asked. .She has not obeyed the command of King Xerxes that the eunuchs have taken to her..

.…Issue a royal decree and let it be written in the laws of Persia and Media, which cannot be repealed, that Vashti is never again to enter the presence of King Xerxes. Also let the king give her royal position to someone else who is better than she.

God’s Word, that is! I do not claim to be a prophet but Mr. Leatherwood, in the event you read this… God’s Will is for you to sack Hannah Daniel for being a woman in authority over men, and to start putting “mothers behind bars” for murdering her unborn kids. Do this, and you will be astonished at the sudden and iterative realignment of your faith towards God.

Christianity is not hard to understand. It is hard to accept.

As an aside, let me say once again that the most fascinating and compelling philosophical achievement that I have ever seen, is a group of Godless pickup artists resolving to figure out what women want, then running experiments and comparing notes over years, and ending up independently reinventing Biblical sexual morality. Move over, scientific method; hello, The Mystery Method!

End segue

We will continue working towards a day where abortion is, as stated in multiple
resolutions from the Southern Baptist Convention, not only illegal but also unthinkable.

Bill Clinton said it better with “safe, legal and rare”. One out of three is better than Brent’s zero out of two.

Now we get into the talking points.

Oppose The Equality Act: There have been multiple pieces of legislation introduced in recent years which aim to, at their most extreme, codify the demands of the sexual revolution and radically reshape religious freedom in the United States.

The Equality Act died in 2021 and has not yet been resurrected. As female wickedness becomes ever harder to ignore, Cuckmen begin fighting battles whose purpose is to make themselves look like they’re fighting when in fact, they’re refusing to fight.

Oppose the Do No Harm Act: The ERLC will oppose the so-called Do No Harm Act, which would essentially hollow out the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), gutting its most central purpose. The bill, if passed into law, would weaken religious freedom protections for millions of Americans.

Blah blah religious freedom protections. Have you Republican Party leaders ever considered attaching punishments to violations of the Bill of Rights? Maybe enact a defense of Christianity specifically, instead of Christ, Mohammed and fricking Satan all at once?

I dare to say it straight: the reason Con-servatives want to protect all religion instead of just Christianity, is because Barbie wants to experiment with witchcraft. Feel free to prove me wrong, Southern Baptists; let’s see you put out a mission statement dis-fellowing women who play around with New Age toys.

Support the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act: Across the country, child welfare and child protection systems are overcrowded and under significant strain…

BULLSHIT! Misogynistic matriarchal BULLSHIT!

As women become ever more empowered, her respect for her weak male enablers (such as Brent) shrinks. Because the Church has refused to confront its women and push them into their Biblical roles as domestic wives and mothers… we have reached the full realization of the Devil’s Agenda to steal, kill and destroy.

Broken families, ruined fathers, churches that reject God by page five of Scripture… courts that seize the money you earn because parasites need to eat, too… the opioid epidemic is but a symptom.

It gets worse.

Buckle up. I’m gonna hit ’em fast.

Support the Adoptee Citizenship Act: …automatic citizenship to all foreign-born children brought to the United States…

Ensure Intercountry Adoption Remains a Viable Option

Because your wife does not want to have YOUR babies.

Support a Permanent Solution for Dreamers: After multiple attempts to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program… we will continue to work closely with Congress and the Biden administration to create a permanent legislative solution for our Dreamer neighbors that also addresses necessary border improvements.

Rebuild the Refugee Resettlement Program: Though President Biden set an ambitious goal of resettling 125,000 refugees in fiscal year 2022, the United States only successfully resettled about 25,000 individuals…

Support the Afghan Adjustment Act: As part of the SBC.s longstanding commitment to serving refugees, many Christians and churches were on the frontlines in welcoming thousands of our Afghan allies and other vulnerable Afghans evacuees following the fall of Afghanistan in 2021… The Afghan Adjustment Act… provides a path to permanent legal status…

Support the Central American Women and Children Protection Act: Women and children in Central America face high levels of violence, including femicide. Northern Triangle countries have some of the highest homicide rates in the world, with many crimes against women going unreported due to government corruption and justice system failures. This lack of protection and threat of violence has led many vulnerable women and children to make the dangerous journey to the United States to seek asylum protections…

How feral, how rebellious have America’s “Christian” women gotten? It is now their stated, formal, policy to ethnically cleanse the United States of white men in favor of vibrant Afghan warlords, Central American drug cartels and… prison thugbait:

Support Further Criminal Justice Reform: Following on the heels of the historic First Step Act, which was passed at the end of 2018, the ERLC will continue to advocate for reforms that focus on [inmate] transformation and rehabilitation [and] reintegration into society.

AKA taming the unicorn.

It finally happened. The conservatives are conserving Barak Obama’s campaign of weaponized immivasion against conservative America. Because Barbie wants it savage, my precious, not nice. gollum

We have a uniparty because both ‘sides’ embrace Original Sin.

Women refused to be wives and mothers. Men enabled that, Dems and Reps both.

Women then wanted to participate in politics and government. Men enabled that.

Women then wanted her husband punished if she found fault with him. Men enabled that.

Women then demanded full equality with men. Men enabled that.

Women then demanded full equity at mens’ expense. Men enabled that.

And now that women rule our society, they want the men who gave them everything to BE REPLACED. Congratulations, Church Cuckmen. YOU are enabling that! Dems and Reps BOTH!

The proof that it’s been women driving it all, is that female sexuality has been the weapon of choice at every stage. “Free love! He touched me! He raped me! He maritally raped me! He punished me with a baby! Womens’ right! Victims’ rights! Trans-gender-fluid rights! OBEY ME IF YOU WANT YOUR BABY TO LIVE!”

It’s iterative, like I said.

Today, we live in the full bloom of Original Sin’s root. Enormously fat, tatted, miscegenating She-goths rule over soy-cucks living in impoverished terror of being denounced as racist, sexist or… or…

Combat Global Anti-Semitism: Numerous researchers and advocacy groups have demonstrated the reality of an alarming rise of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe and the United States. Anti-Semitic speech has also increased around the world, particularly in the Middle East. Extremist voices in the United States have contributed to the rise of anti-Semitism in America…

That is CHRISTIANITY, you knuckleheaded Bent Peckerwood! Does Synagogue of Satan mean anything to you, other than the exact opposite of its Biblical description?

This is not a coincidence. Brent started out unconditionally supporting the behavior of women, now he unconditionally supports the behavior of Jews.

Nowhere in Scripture are Christians commanded to champion the God-forsaken Talmudists! AND Nowhere in Scripture are Christians commanded to champion skanks! Does Original Sin enable TWO different groups of defilers? Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anybody who unconditionally opposes anti-Semitism who does not also unconditionally oppose misogyny.

Your women… such as Hannah Daniel, Mr. Leatherwood… hate Christ because she first hated YOU. See, you represented Christ to her because you were the male authority figure over her… or under her heel, perhaps… and she lost all fear of justice because you were so damned NIIIICE.

You can hate me for saying that. Or, you can stop excusing the evil behavior of women. I predict that new path will take you all the way from “the ho claiming to be the victim, is actually the problem” to “the ((ho)) claiming to be the victim, is actually the problem”.

…while a variety of sometimes seemingly disparate ideological groups have driven the same around the world. Through collaborative action with like- minded organizations, we will work against such anti-Semitism at the United Nations. We will continue defending victims of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe and anti-Semitic speech and action wherever they happen.

Brent, why do you denounce ALL “anti-Semitic incidents” without asking once about context? Because your women have trained you to “listen and believe” the accounts of Officially Endorsed Victims. Truth doesn’t matter when the pussy pass does!

Men are cooperative, industrious and individual. Women are hierarchical, competitive and delusional. What’s gonna happen when women are in charge and men enforce her rule? Society will change from “many intact families working together to make a community” to “One State to rule them all, One State to find them, One State to bring them all and in the darkness bind them, in the land of Satan where the women lie.”

God’s Gambit: Oliver Twist

Z-Man’s blog did a courteous ode to Western Civilization’s debt to Christianity. All too typically, the comments brought out some trolls who cannot stand to see Christ worshiped… especially on His holiest day.

h ttps://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=29666#comment-349178

Arm?nio Pereira on April 7, 2023 at 12:07 pm said:

Until we are able to wrap our heads around the concept that a perfect entity . God . could have not created imperfect artifacts . e.g., humans . we won’t be able to understand how stuck we are within the loop of our own contradictions.

And with all due respect, dear Christian readers, don’t you ever forget that, according to your mythology, God created Lucifer; have you ever wondered why? (Do you subject your loved ones to perils just to gauge their fealty?)

Ahh, that old chestnut! “If God doesn’t behave the way I say He should then He contradicts His own existence. Checkmate, believers!” Snarky responses whirl through my mind, from…

…to a lowbrow adaptation the South Park episode featuring Alec Baldwin’s cloud of smug.

Since he invoked Lucifer… and today being the day that we Christians celebrate Lucifer’s permanent defeat and humiliation as a poseur loser of a deity… let’s go with the mansplaination!

What does God want?

He’s an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent being with no peer. Anything He wants, He gets.

But… that means that what God creates is not really of value to Him. That legion of perfectly obedient angels over there? God could create a new legion in the time it takes Him to destroy the last one. It’s not valuable to Him. Useful, sure, otherwise why would He have made the first one, but replaceable.

God values most what God cannot create for Himself. That sort of thing would by definition, be of limited supply… to a being not normally limited by such concepts.

Specifically, freewilled worship. Being worshiped by independent creatures not compelled to worship, is something that the Almighty cannot create for Himself. Since every description of God portrays Him as a social creature, this makes sense.

I do not know why worship (definition, ‘to ascribe worth’) is important to God, but unlike Pereira, I understand that my opinion is not the controlling factor here. It is God who decides what is important to God.

So, God wants to be worshiped, and not by robots built for the task.

In fact, worship appears to be the spiritual drug of choice. Lucifer was #3 in the entirety of Creation, arguably #2, and found worship so addicting that he risked all to be #1. Thus did a perfect being that God created to worship and live with Him, turn against Him. And not just him. A third of Heaven, so we’re told, and there are strong indications in Scripture that the Liar was not the only perfect-yet-freewilled rebel; merely their leader.

How did God respond to perfect creatures choosing to rebel? He created rebellious humans and gave us the choice to repent.

That is what Christ did at the Cross. He was NOT a Captain Save-A-Ho. He was buying followers…. purchasing from humanity, with His blood, those of us who choose to worship Him instead of persisting in our rebellion.

It seems backwards, doesn’t it? And yet, that is what Scripture says. Lucifer was made perfect, best of the best, and He turned against God. Adam was created perfect, or at least sinless, and having enjoyed the presence and company of the Almighty Himself, he threw God away to follow Eve’s twat straight outta Compton. Eden, I mean.

One might call it “God’s Oliver Twist Gambit.”

Here we Christians are. Born to be badly flawed rebels trapped in entropic meat sacks, we don’t have the first clue about the spiritual realm. We get the suffering up front instead of the knowledge, power and status. Our beginning is in this gutter of a polluted, corrupted backwater of a reality, not our end. And we are promised by God Himself, that the suffering and misery and sacrifices we make for Him, for no reason than He desires it, is of such great importance to God that He’ll give us the keys to His own kingdom.

After He kills us.

I understand why that is a sticking point for atheists. They reject the existence of the soul along with all other spiritual concepts, so they think death is the end. It is not, and for us Christians, our proof is Resurrection Sunday. Easter.

Christ’s death served a special purpose; it allowed God to forgive our original status as rebels and our inevitable disobediences. He can’t have unpunished rebels in his own home, otherwise why would He have kicked Lucifer out?

But along with that, Christ showed us that physical death is a transition He did that by NOT STAYING DEAD. Being killed by God sucks, but we also have promise of resurrection from death. If Christ had stayed dead then we sure as heck wouldn’t be calling it “Good” Friday.

Why do I believe Christ will raise me from the dead? Because He raised himself from the dead first. If you don’t want to believe that then you don’t have to, but please, don’t make the mistake of only seeing the death of Christ.

Because Christ the man lives as an ordinary man, He ennobled humanity.

Because Christ the innocent died for us, we have the opportunity to be declared innocent.

Because Christ the God returned to life, we know that He will return us to life also. As gods, bee-yatch! As unlikely as that seems.

And when Christ bring us home to God, we will be Lucifer’s replacements. No wonder Old Scratch is forever butthurt at us!

I don’t say all that to convince anybody. I say that to answer Pereira. Why does God subject us and our families to horrific circumstances? Because

1. He can fix it ALL.

2. He did not exempt Himself. And

3. Starting with perfection didn’t work out.

I will forever be loyal to Christ. Not because I’m forced; not because I was born a prince over all realities; but because I am GRATEFUL to God for lifting me out of this muddy-sucky mortal world.

Gratitude. Something that God cannot manufacture for His own enjoyment. Something that the devil, beginning at the top of perfection, never needed.

I am grateful that Christ died for my crimes, and grateful again that He got better. He who saved Himself from the grave, I trust to save me also.

With faith like that, I’ll never betray God for eternity. AND, God can trust me with the wealth and status that ended up corrupting my predecessors.

Everybody gets what everybody wants, except Job’s wife. “Curse God and die!” Haha, no.

Was the Audrey Hale Shooting A Terrorist Attack Against the Southern Baptists?

It is possible that the intended targets of the Audrey Hale shooting were the children of Brent Leatherwood, the just-confirmed President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee of the Southern Baptists. My case is not conclusive… his children are thankfully safe and the only known attacker is quite dead… but the circumstances and timing are quite suggestive.

A quick recap on my previous post: Audrey Hale is female. Not male, and not on high doses of male hormones to judge from the lack of facial hair and acne in pics that I’ve seen. Women do not engage in mass killings of random people. Men do. Unless Audrey is the first exception I’ve ever come across, therefore, the official story is more fake than Audrey’s dick.

But it’s where we begin. I’ll recap the relevant parts of the shooting then go into Leatherwood’s background for the motive.

Why did a murderer armed with two rifles and a handgun, over 15 minutes, in a school with zero security, kill ONLY six people? I’ve read of drive-by shootings with higher bodycounts.

h ttps://heavy.com/news/audrey-hale/

Hale “entered the school through a side entrance and traversed her way from the first floor to the second floor, firing multiple shots. We now know that there are three students who were fatally wounded as well as three adults inside the school.” According to Aaron, “an officer had a wound from cut glass. That is the only other injury that I’m aware of..

Six kills and no gun-related injuries? Either Audrey is a natural marksman (her mother is a Sandy Hook activist who didn’t know Audrey even owned a gun) or somebody else did the actual killings.

Aaron said there were not any armed officers or security at the school. .This is a church that operates a private school,. Aaron told reporters. .There was no Metro Police personnel assigned to that building at any time.. He said the shooting happened in an upper level of the school in an area he described as “kind of a lobby-type area. It was not in a classroom per se..

Whaat? She hung out in a lobby waiting for her victims to come to her?

The first call to 911 about shots being fired in the building came in at 10:13 a.m. Officers rushed to the campus, made entry and began clearing the building. Shots were heard coming from the second level. It was on the second floor, in a common area, that a team of officers encountered Hale shooting (she had been firing through a window at arriving police cars). Two members of an officer team fired on Hale and fatally wounded her.

If she was waiting to ambush the cops… then she wasn’t there to hurt children at all. This timeline confirms:

h ttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11909639/Anti-gun-Mom-Nashville-school-shooter-says-think-just-lost-daughter.html

09:53am – Hale’s gray Honda Fit is seen arriving at The Covenant School in Nashville.

09:54am – Hale is seen driving through the parking lot, seemingly calm. Nothing suggests anything is out of the ordinary as she finds a spot to park.

10:10am – The glass front door, which was locked, is shattered as Hale opens fire. She then steps through the debris into the empty reception of the church, which is adjacent to the school.

Right off the bat, this makes no sense. She broke into a room that she could see through windows was empty, announcing her presence & threat for no gain.

10:13am – Brandishing her assault rifle, Hale is seen entering a carpeted room, inside the church looking for any victims. The room is empty. The first call to 911 about shots being fired in the building came in at this time.

10:18am – Hale is seen on the same camera inside the church still looking for victims. She opens a door into the next room.

10:19am – The 28-year-old returns through the door, and aims her gun, although there is no one there. She tries another door, then returns 30 seconds later.

10:20am – Hale is now walking through a wooden-floored building labelled ‘first’ in the footage, past an empty reception. She stalks the corridor, then disappears from view.

10:27am – Hale is shot dead on the second floor of the school, having engaged officers who fired back, killing her.

That reads like a suicide-by-cop. She broke into an apparently empty building, noisily enough to scare off potential victims, looked around in no particular hurry, then when the cops arrived, shot at their cars from an elevated position until her ass got capped. It really sounds like she wasn’t there to harm anybody but cops… at most.

But… while I can believe that a suicide-in-progress would kill two teachers and a janitor if they tried to interfere, no way would they murder small children.

Ockham’s Razor says she was the lookout tasked with slowing down the cops, while somebody else did the killing. But that still doesn’t answer the low bodycount. Ockham’s Razor again, they were looking for specific children under cover of a ‘mass shooting’. But hard info didn’t come. Not even the promised manifesto. Those are usually written to be distributed, but Audrey left hers in her bedroom.

The case languished in the back of my mind…

SBC ERLC President Reveals His Children Are Students at Nashville School Where Shooting Took Place

h ttps://thescotfree.com/humanity/sbc-erlc-president-reveals-his-children-are-students-at-nashville-school-where-shooting-took-place/

6 April 2023

…and reopened to consider new information.

Brent Leatherwood, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said this week that his three children attend The Covenant School and were at the school when a shooter opened fire on six people last week.

.A week ago, at 10:28 am, I received the most terrifying call a parent could imagine: a shooter was at the school of my three children,. Leatherwood wrote on Twitter this week. .While our family is safe now, the trauma from that day and the memories of six friends, classmates, leaders, and servants will be with us for the rest of our lives..

. Brent Leatherwood (@LeatherwoodERLC) April 3, 2023

The shooter killed six: Evelyn Dieckhaus (9), William Kinney (9), Hallie Scruggs (9), custodian Mike Hill (61), substitute teacher Cynthia Peak (61), and Head of the School Katherine Koonce (60).

All three kids were age 9? That implies only one classroom was targeted. I was unable to confirm whether any of Leatherwood’s kids were 9 years old. Good for Brent, for keeping his family off social media! Anonymity protects you from the crazies.

I admit that the children not being the same sex indicates against a targeted attack.

So, who is Brent Leatherwood and why might Sodomites want to hurt him?

h ttps://erlc.com/people/brent-leatherwood/

Brent Leatherwood serves as President for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Since September 2021, Brent served as the Acting President of the ERLC, where he provided steady leadership for the organization’s staff and continued the mission of the ERLC during the interim period. Prior to serving as Acting President, Brent served as the Chief of Staff at the ERLC, as well as the entity’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. He brings an expertise in public policy to his work, having been the Executive Director of the Tennessee Republican Party, the Director of Communications and Policy Strategy in the Tennessee General Assembly, and working for several years on Capitol Hill. Brent is a dedicated member of The Church at Avenue South in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served as a deacon since 2014. Brent is married to Meredith, and they have three children.

Acting President in Sept. 2021, formal Pres. in Sept 2022 to now. Leatherwood brought his past political activism to the work of the ERLC. Let’s hear more.

Three states pass new childhood gender protection bills

h ttps://www.baptistpress.com/resource-library/news/three-states-pass-new-childhood-gender-protection-bills/

By Diana Chandler, posted March 13, 2023 i

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BP) . Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee are the latest states to pass new legislation protecting minors from transgender surgery and hormonal treatment.

The three states join Utah and South Dakota bringing to five the number of states that prohibit gender-changing medical treatment on children.

Similar bills are progressing in 22 states, according to tracking sites.

While a 2021 law in Arkansas is enjoined in federal court, the Arkansas legislature sent a new bill March 8 to Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders to strengthen legal protections for minors.

The Arkansas bill would extend to 18 years past adulthood the amount of time minors who received such treatment can bring legal action against their doctors, a move experts say would adversely impact a physician’s ability to obtain malpractice insurance. The bill, as passed, does not apply to children born “with a medically verifiable disorder of sex development,. a stipulation widely present in such legislation.

Brent Leatherwood, president of the SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, has described such legislation as a vital protection for children.

.Christians have long said the state has the God-given role to protect innocent lives and that principle absolutely applies here,. Leatherwood told Baptist Press. “Children should not be subject to social experimentation. These proposals will ensure that doesn’t occur in these states..

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed March 2 the law that takes effect on July 1 and bans all forms of gender-transforming treatment on children under the age of 18.

It’s a start. No, it’s a finish line. Conservatives couldn’t conserve the Constitution, then they couldn’t conserve the national border, then they couldn’t conserve the womens’ bathroom. Now we’ll see if they can even conserve their own childrens’ lives and sexual innocence. I have my doubts… but this post isn’t about my assessment of Leatherwood’s political capability. It’s about the Bidenreich’s assessment.

RSC, Harshbarger lead pro-life legislation to nullify Biden rule change on chemical abortions

h ttps://rsc-hern.house.gov/news/press-releases/rsc-harshbarger-lead-pro-life-legislation-nullify-biden-rule-change-chemical

18 January 2023

WASHINGTON, DC . Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01) and Representative Diana Harshbarger (TN-01) introduced new legislation to rescind the Biden Administration’s December rule change eliminating in-person dispensing requirements for chemical abortion pills. This bill will also prevent the federal government from putting a similar rule in place in the future.

.Thanks to last year’s Dobbs decision, we have the opportunity to protect and empower life for the first time in a generation,. said Chairman Hern. “Chemical abortions are dangerous, not only to the unborn child, but also to the mother. The Biden Administration’s move to eliminate in-person dispensing requirements for use of these dangerous drugs was politically motivated and will put millions of women and babies in danger. We must fight every day for those unable to fight for themselves..

Brent Leatherwood, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission: “It has long been the view that pharmacies exist to provide medication that improves health and extends life. Allowing these pills to be dispensed in local pharmacies does the exact opposite. In the post-Roe moment, our priority should be saving lives and serving mothers, not taking life and hurting mothers.”

He’s been making a name for himself, opposing the Regime’s sex-perversion agenda.

Brent Leatherwood, ERLC Leaders Meet With Biden’s Staff, Congressional Members

h ttps://churchleaders.com/news/439168-leatherwood-erlc-leaders-meet-with-bidens-staff-congressional-members-bp.html

By Tom Strode, 21 November 2022

WASHINGTON (BP).Brent Leatherwood’s first trip to Washington, D.C., as head of the Southern Baptists. public policy entity impressed upon him a recognition of the appreciation government leaders have for the churches of the convention.

As president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Leatherwood traveled from Nashville to the capital “to discuss some of the pressing issues our convention of churches cares about,. he said in a Nov. 16 Twitter thread.

On Twitter, Leatherwood summarized some observations regarding those meetings Nov. 15-16 with lawmakers and executive branch officials.

.Throughout all these conversations, it was apparent our nation’s leaders deeply appreciate the SBC.s commitment to life, religious liberty, and marriage and family,. Leatherwood tweeted. .While we may not always agree with these individuals, I’m thankful for their willingness to serve and listen..

Four months later, one of our national leaders’ trannie wind-ups took a shot at his kids. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, behold six dead examples of our national leaders’ commitment to life, religious liberty, marriage and family.

And, he said on Twitter, it “makes me even more appreciative that our SBC churches cooperate to ensure our entity may do this sort of crucial public advocacy and, more importantly, bring the Gospel into the public square..

After serving as acting president for a year, Leatherwood received in September the unanimous approval of the commission’s trustees as the ERLC.s ninth president.

Two months later, he spent time with officials of the executive branch and Congress on behalf of Southern Baptists. ERLC Policy Manager Hannah Daniel joined Leatherwood in addressing a variety of issues of concern to the country’s largest evangelical Christian convention or denomination.

In meetings with members of Congress, they continued to make clear the ERLC.s priorities in the current lame-duck session, which began Nov. 14.

These included objections to the Respect for Marriage Act (RMA), which would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and require federal and state recognition of same-sex marriages considered legal in the jurisdiction where they took place. The ERLC opposes the bill because it contradicts God’s design for marriage and threatens religious freedom.

In a Nov. 16 roll call, the Senate voted 62-37 to bring the bill to the floor for a vote on passage. The Senate must still vote to pass the proposal, and the House of Representatives, which approved a different version earlier, must endorse the Senate-amended bill, but the enactment of the measure into law appears certain.

The RMA Act passed in December 2022. States are now ordered by D.C. to recognize Sodomite civil unions that have been granted in satanic jurisdictions. But thanks in part to Leatherwood’s advocacy, private organizations can still refuse to recognize them if they have faith-based objections.

That sounds SO Cuckservative… but again, that’s my assessment. What matters here is that Leatherwood has been busy as a public face of legislative advocacy at both the State and Federal level, and has been at least partially successful.

Now, we know that the Regime is failing overseas. The 404 war has been disastrous. The petrodollar is falling. Why heck, Chad (the nation) annexed Exxon’s property in its country and GAE hasn’t retaliated yet. The empire is crumbling.

When empires fail overseas, they lash out domestically. The Regime is hypersensitive for any populist and effective leaders emerging… ‘influencer’ is their watchword… and Brent Leatherwood is emerging as the head of a coalition between the Red State Republican parties, and the 13 million-strong Southern Baptist denomination.

AND he’s been having success against the LGBT agenda in particular. And who has even met personally with Regime powers, and I presume, impressed them as a potential political rival. At a time when the Regime needs a win at home to bolster its hegemony. Putting Christians in our place has always been coming, and taking the chance to threatpoint a link between the Republican Party and the not-yet-queered element of Trad Church? It’s a definite motive to pick the school his kids attend, when picking a Christian school to target.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been so many wind-up toys going off (over 100 by many estimates, in three months) that the media has failed to sustain public interest in them. In fact, the media has failed to NOTICE many of them. Mere body count has failed to advance the antigun agenda. I speculate that for the Audrey Hale shooting, the Deep State decided to make it personal instead of just another number. Brent Leatherwood was a convenient choice… an up-and-comer yet not a hardened target.

Although if I’m correct about the quality of Leatherwood’s moral character, they need not bother him:

The ERLC.s requests for the lame-duck session continue to be that the Senate and House “should instead focus on pro-life protections in the budget & a solution for our neighbors known as Dreamers,. Leatherwood tweeted.

You read that right. Leatherwood’s conservative coalition is now “conserving” Barak Obama’s immivasion agenda. But I gotta hold my personal opinion for another post.

To summarize, Freaky Hale’s behavior made no sense except as a rear guard for a second shooter, who inexplicably targeted only the class of 9yo kids per available media statements. Then left early to avoid detection, abandoning her to be the fall ‘guy’. Also present at that school that day, were the children of a new Southern Baptist officer who is leading the very large denomination into effective political activism against the Bidenreich generally and child sex perversion particularly. I lack conclusive evidence, but that’s one heck of a coincidence.

Answering Mr. Charlton’s Question About How the Mind Control Works

I have trouble commenting on Blogger-supported platforms, so I make this a post on my own blog. Bruce Charlton has my respect for being an asker of provocative questions… smart is when you know the right answer, but genius is when you know the right question… anyway.

This first article is preamble.

I think there’s blanket Mind Control in operation.

h ttps://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?120291-I-think-there-s-blanket-Mind-Control-in-operation.

By Bill Ryan, 5 January 2023

Not Mass Psychosis. Not ‘Mass Formation’ (see this thread: Mass hypnosis, or “Mass formation”: how large populations become extreme). Not even mass media manipulation and persuasion.

There’s no such thing as Mass Formation Psychosis. I looked into MFP and found the same old God & devil.

But something more insidious, acting like an invisible controlling blanket on hundreds of millions of people, maybe many more.

And it only affects a proportion of humans. Maybe 50-60%, a wild guess. But absolutely not everyone. Some are somehow immune.

Assuming all this, the human race is being divided into two distinct camps: the controlled and the uncontrolled.

The controlled are easy to see. What may be the giveaway about all this is that everyone in that camp believes the same things. We can easily make a list. And they believe them strongly and sincerely.

Another giveaway is that no matter what logic, what evidence, what facts one might present, the controlled cannot see. They are blind. All their intelligence, whatever it may be (and it’s quite often high) is deployed to reinforcing and justifying their programmed beliefs.

…there seems to be a strongly correlated overlap between them. Someone in the western world who’s a pro-vaxxer is likely to support Ukraine and believe Putin is an evil monster. Someone who truly believes CO2 is the cause of wild weather round the world is likely to be sympathetic to ‘multigender equality’ (whatever that may mean!). And so on.

That is the key observation, that many people are suddenly singing the same notes in the same choir even though there’s no rational connection between the notes.

I was fortunate, if that is the right word, to experience this at a young age in the Protestant Church. On one hand, I knew what the Bible said about male & female roles. On the other hand, every single pastor of every single denomination taught the exact same counter-message of what came to be known as complementarianism. They didn’t collude. Different seminaries. Many of the denominations were mildly hostile to each other. All supporting elements such as books and Christian lifestyle sources agreed.

Which do I believe? Scripture, or every single professional expert on Scripture?

I was left in a state of confusion which, among other factors, ensured I remained dateless. Until I discovered Vox Day’s old Alpha Game Plan blog, which connected all the dots.

[response-post by ‘wondering’]: I recall clearly a couple of times, 2 or 3, in the early days when I already clearly believed the vaxx was harmful and the whole thing a charade, at least to some extent, when the thought would come to me “maybe I should just get the shot”. This was followed by disbelief that I would consider that for a moment, so certain was I of the harm it would bring. I talked to someone just this week about that exact thing happening and I have been told others felt that same brief impulse.

Can confirm by my own experiences. At multiple times, I have suddenly believed that sodomy is harmless; that Christ is a social construct; that obvious liars actually mean well and I should trust them more. It was a supernatural raping of my mind, and is one of the driving forces behind my blogging. That… invasive dissent has worsened to the point that during the Plandemic, I could not explain my rejection of Regime lies even after preparing statements and memes in advance. A fog descended upon my thoughts, leaving me incapable of more than a stubborn ‘non serviam tyrannis’.

(Also and more understandably, the occasional berzerker rage at being ordered to comply by twiggy lickspittles.)

But I’ve learned not to talk about it much. Normal people do not like the fact that humans, supernaturally speaking, are prey animals. Thus, they try to find faults such as schizophrenia and demonic possession in self-reporters.

It’s actually a normal experience, in kind if not intensity. C.S. Lewis has self-reported the same behavior. Recalling from memory, “When I was an atheist, there were times when Christianity looked terribly likely. As a Christian, there still are times when the whole mess seems very UN-likely. Faith becomes persistence in maintaining one’s beliefs.” Sorry I couldn’t find the proper quote.

I am now ready for the Bruce.

How does the blanket mind-control system work?

h ttps://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2023/03/how-does-blanket-mind-control-system.html

Friday, 31 March 2023

A thread over at Project Avalon [provided above] made me return, yet again, to the question of how the blanket mind-control system works nowadays?

On the one hand, there was a decades-long strategic preparation of the masses – and especially the intellectual-managerial classes – to be ready to receive the control system.

On the other hand, there are tactical and immediate mechanisms by which the control is directed at specific attitudes and beliefs.

Also there is an underlying spiritual – or anti-spiritual – aspect to this system of control; on the other hand, it is instantiated by material means.

And the system must be simple-enough to be fast and reliable; while complex enough to be not-too-obvious, and to have fall-back or back-up aspects such that a simple denial or specific resistance does not allow anybody to escape the Matrix.

There must also be sufficient complexity that the individual seems to see the same message, wherever he turns (rather than emanating from one locatable direction).

So – does anyone want to make a try at encapsulating, with reasonable brevity, the nature and workings of our blanket mind-control system, as it is in 2023?

There are four factors. Two are old and two are new.

First is Original Sin. As I experienced in my account above, it is not a mere failure to maintain God’s standard. It is the act that put the devil in charge of Creation.

Matriarchy, then, is not just a negative concept in the sense of “this is away from God’s plan”. It is a positive concept in the sense “this orients you towards the devil’s plan”. It sets us on a well-defined and specific path. How well-defined, you ask? Every single pastor told me the exact same lies about female behavior independently of each other.

Perhaps we are simply farther along that matriarchal path than earlier generations could manage… our societies kept functional by the Industrial Age’s machines.

Second is the difficulty of persistence in belief. As described in three separate accounts above, humans do not persist in belief without effort. It is an ongoing and conscious process… frustrated, perhaps and on occasion, by occult forces, but not necessarily. Mortal laziness alone ensures a constant regression to the path of least resistance.

Third, the problem now, certainly in modern America, is that people don’t HAVE any beliefs. Evolutionary psychology is notoriously descriptive, not prescriptive, and in fact, this is exactly why so many people believe in “science”. Science tells us how to do stuff and never if we should; therefore, it provides a religion of personal empowerment free of moral demands.

But when the pedophile comes along and demands access to your children, on what grounds do you refuse him? When governors do evil like they have for the length of recorded history, why risk your neck to fight against the inevitable? Why do you reject my bribe? Is it not large enough?

Evolution combined with the total apostacy of the Church, have left the people with no alternatives to the globalist agenda. This partly explains the popularity of Donald Trump. Having no beliefs, the people are looking for a strongman instead. A warlord that will share the spoils of his victory, or at least, maintain a comfortable status quo.

When you don’t have any beliefs of your own, it is hard to oppose the beliefs of others. The primary reason that we dissidents have not organized, is because we cannot agree on what victory even looks like. The Woke have a great organizational advantage in pointing to the plutocrats and chanting “Progress”.

The last and most modern, is milieu control. Telecommunications and surveillance technologies prohibit escape and isolation. There is nowhere to start over, no way to avoid the temptations, no chance to organize before the effort is detected and subverted. We are now one degree away from Kevin Bacon. That is too close.

To sum:

With no reason to suffer for doing right, confusion over exactly what “right” even means, a certainly that that suffering will happen, criminalization of mere association with potential allies, and the primal, overpowering temptation to just do what “She” says… poof, mind control. Men now lie about Scripture even as they read it, champion only moral causes that don’t inconvenience them, have no life goal beyond short-term personal gains, don’t ask questions when their daughter comes home from college as a boy, and when the powerful command a new course for civilization, they cannot even imagine an alternative.

In a word: materialism.

Thus are the behaviors and thoughts of men controlled. The same lie is repeated everywhere, enforced by feral women and reinforced by peer pressure more Converged every day. Then there is the collapse of religion, idealism or anything outside the material realm. Men struggle just to have an unapproved belief, let alone feed & defend it. And lastly, punishment for misconduct is ever more certain… refusal to comply, recorded permanently by social media. (That’s the reason the Left freaked over Musk’s Twitter takeover.) The cost of breaking out of such a totalitarian system is increasing daily. It starts with telling women “No”, escalates overnight to social rejection, and already can cost you your job or worse.

One needs VERY strong convictions to buck that System on his own, and very early in the bucking. But there is a traditional shortcut: martyrdom. The people have already seen during the Plandemic, that some of their friends and neighbors accepted persecution for refusing the birdemic peck. They did not understand why we would choose to suffer instead of claiming a momentary gain.

Now that they see the peck for the death jab that it is, they are telling themselves that we WERE seeking momentary mortal gain just like they do; we simply read the signs of the times more accurately. Cartoonist Scott Adams said as much, as he began a famous journey of discovery that eventually got Dilbert canceled for noticing the truth about black crime statistics.

I think few additional people will escape the mind control until we Christians specifically, are persecuted for our transcendental religious beliefs specifically. That will explode the lie of materialism, of evolution, wide open. People will see us suffer mortally for immortal gain, and they will begin to ask themselves if this world really is all that there is.

It will be their last chance to remove the NPC microchips from their brains. They will be able to escape the mind control at that point, not by internal principled beliefs… that window is nearly closed at this point… but by following the faith of the martyrs, like fireflies though the dark forest, who found something worth dying for.

For the materialist, there is nothing worth dying for. There are only the needs of the moment, like animals foraging for food and mates. It is easy to control an animal. You put it in a pen and feed it bugs.

Blog Derp In Progress

The commenting function on my blog is currently unreliable. You should expect to post a message a second time in order to push it through. Email me at gunnerq protonmail dawkkom if you still cannot, because I don’t even get notification of attempts at commenting.

Even the spam has stopped coming, so there’s definitely a derp in progress. And I’d already begun to wonder if the ‘like’ button works.

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Cake-Eating Lizards And Other Sins Of Doctor Jordan Kit Mah

They know we can see the lies. They just don’t care because 1. they still get paid and 2. there’s nothing their victims can do to them. We don’t even need to do anything to them. They poison themselves and feel smug about it. Even so, it’s really quite astonishing that so many pathological and/or paid liars think that justice will never catch up to them. They don’t have to believe in Father God, to believe in history’s documented examples.

Let’s expose and mock yet another one.

Toddler.s mystery infection traced back to cake-snatching iguana

h ttps://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/mar/31/toddlers-mystery-infection-traced-back-to-cake-snatching-iguana

By Nicola Davis, 31 March 2023

It could almost be a fable from Aesop, or a story from the Brothers Grimm: the toddler, the lizard and the cake.

He must be thinking of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch And the Wardrobe. Except he’s apparently not allowed to cite Christians.

But for one small child, whose baked treat was snatched by an iguana, it was a tale with a twist.

Doctors have revealed that the toddler ended up with an unusual infection after being bitten by the reptile as it tried to steal a bite of cake.

In the presentation “Never get between an iguana and his cake: a cautionary tale., due to be given at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Copenhagen later this month, Dr Jordan Kit Mah, a medical microbiologist at Stanford University, describes how the three-year-old was on holiday with her parents in Costa Rica when the attack occurred.

Yet another mystery-meat, foundation-funded credentialist faces the existential horror of “publish or perish”.


h ttps://calgary.ctvnews.ca/i-feared-for-my-life-calgary-doctor-shares-battle-with-covid-19-as-younger-demographic-being-hospitalized-1.5407614

CALGARY — A Calgary physician contracted COVID-19 while working at a hospital in Montreal during the first wave of the pandemic and is sharing his experience to encourage others to get vaccinated.

Dr. Mah is an infectious disease fellow at the University of Calgary. He became infected last spring during the first wave of the pandemic while he worked at a hospital in Montreal.

He described his experience by posting photos on social media and says he spent a week in the intensive care unit on high-flow oxygen. He says it was terrifying not being able to get out of bed or being so breathless he couldn’t speak.

“Mentally I want to say I’m pretty strong but physically it just wears down on you having a fever, of 40 degrees and sort of sweating..It was to the point where I wasn’t able to shower without oxygen, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom on my own.”

The first wave of da ‘Rona was pretty tough by most accounts, as most new diseases are, but Mah’s experience was not typical even by that standard.

Dr. Mah is speaking out as a warning to others, as the pandemic continues and is impacting younger and younger people.

“With the new variants, younger people are getting sick and that’s a fact,” said Mah.

The young DON’T get sick of Coof. The younger the kid, the truer that is.

Canada.s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam has said previously that coronavirus variants may be impacting younger Canadians more than the older population because many seniors and vulnerable groups have been vaccinated.

They SAID that, but they never SAW that. These are lies, Lies, LIES!

Dr. Mah says he trusts vaccines approved by Health Canada and has been vaccinated.

“Full disclosure, I am also employed by Health Canada and vaccinated as a condition of continued employment”?

He understands there is a lot of misinformation being shared about vaccines, but he believes those being administered are effective against hospitalizations and death from COVID-19.

I would empower people to sort of make that decision for themselves but I think it’s really important to vaccinate so that we’re able to develop herd immunity and sort of put this pandemic behind us.”

“Hello, I am Doctor Mah, an infectious disease specialist, and I tell you that herd immunity did not exist until invented by Moderna a week after Donald Trump lost reelection. I wish I could trust you to do the right thing, but unfortunately, you still won’t submit to a totalitarian biosurveillance state run by genocidal depopulationists. I will continue lying to you until that changes.

“Did you hear the news about the cake-eating iguana?”

End segue

As she tucked into the treat on a beach, the lizard suddenly appeared and attempted to steal the cake, biting the back of the child’s hand in the process.

.It was trying to mark its territory or something like that,. Mah said.

Or something like, it was being teased by a little girl. Iguanas don’t eat cake. Although generally omnivorous, they do not thrive on a human diet. Neither do iguanas normally attack much larger animals. Neither do iguanas mark territory. Cold-blooded species aren’t built to do metabolic-intensive activity such as patrolling territory. Most are not even social animals.

It’s no big deal that the kid teased the lizard, but the professional authorities are missing a lot of red flags just by accepting the origin story at face value. Where’s that scientific skepticism?

The girl was disinfected and given five days of the antibiotic amoxicillin, with the wound subsequently healing.

However, five months later the toddler’s parents noticed a lump on the back of her hand, around the size of a coin. Though it was not painful, it began to grow in size and became a reddish-bluish colour.

Ultrasound imaging initially led doctors to believe the bump could be a ganglion cyst, but with the size increasing and it becoming painful, an orthopaedic surgeon decided to investigate further given the atypical features.

The lump was found to contain a thick white mass and pus, with further examination revealing dead tissue, clusters of white blood cells and the presence of bacteria later identified to be Mycobacterium marinum . an organism known to infect fresh and marine water fish. While closely related to the bacterium that causes human tuberculosis, it does not itself cause the disease in humans.

.[Nontuberculous mycobacteria] are found in the environment, they are very ubiquitous,. Mah said. .Some of them are capable of causing skin and soft tissue infections like this..

Mah said the delayed onset of the girl’s infection was not surprising as the bacteria are very slow growing with a long incubation period, from exposure to the onset of symptoms. .This came on insidiously and became a problem later on,. he said.

With the bacteria resistant to amoxicillin, the toddler was treated with the antibiotics rifampin and clarithromycin.

It is not the first time a human has developed this infection, with cases generally associated with aquatic activity or exposure to fish tanks. While early cases in Britain were linked to swimming pools, experts say infections related to such facilities have dramatically declined.

Goodbye, infected iguana. Hello, infected water used to wash an open wound.

David Turner, a professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Nottingham who was not involved in the new case, said infections could also occur after cuts to the hands when opening oysters.

.I.ve never heard of this infection after a reptile bite,. he said. “Although reptiles do carry some very toxic organisms, including salmonella, which is why hand washing is always advised after handling reptiles..

Experts have found that the bacteria grow best at temperatures of about 30C, which is below the average human body temperature of 37C.

Mah noted that the cold-blooded nature of iguanas may make them the perfect reservoir.

For a fish-borne disease that is STILL not known to exist in iguanas? Can we please hang Mah’s oh-so-conclusive findings on something a little more repeatable than “a toddler said so”?

He said he hoped the report, thought to be the first case related to an iguana wound, would raise awareness that lizards such as iguanas can carry Mycobacterium marinum as well as pass it on to humans. He added that the case highlighted the importance of using lower temperatures to grow and investigate pathogens involved in infections after reptile bites.

.If you are thinking about this organism, you have to know the right methods to diagnose it in the first place,. he said.

Speaking of right methods… either this was the first occurrence in the entire history of animal science, despite the longtime existence of both iguanas near humans and bread products, or the kid’s cut got washed with infected water as is usual for such cases.

The iguana was not available for comment. Or study.

Why is Dr. Mah going so far out of his way, and out of his mind, to claim that a lizard spread a new disease to humans? A claim he cannot prove, and a disease that’s not even new? By any sane standard, he should expect to be the laughingstock of that upcoming conference. I recommend wearing a clown wig.

But what about the Climate Change standard?

New UN report outlines ways to curb growing spread of animal-to-human diseases

h ttps://news.un.org/en/story/2020/07/1067711

6 July 2020

Covid didn’t come from bats or pangolins. It was a engineered variant of SARS. Fauci only claimed Covid-19 was zoonotic because that was a funding loophole that allowed him to use American taxpayer funding in a Chinese bioweapons lab, for bioweapon research that was banned in America as a safety precaution after the anthrax release.

That didn’t stop the climate alarmists from jumping onto the idea that Gaia is attacking humanity until we get in the pod and eat the bugs.

Preventing the Next Pandemic: Zoonotic diseases and how to break the chain of transmission identifies seven trends driving the increasing emergence of zoonotic diseases, including a growing demand for animal protein, unsustainable farming practices and the global climate crisis.

It also sets out 10 practical steps that nations can take right now, including expanded research into zoonotic diseases, improved monitoring and regulation of food systems, and incentivizing sustainable land management practices.

In particular, the report recommends that governments adopt a “One Health” approach that brings together public health, veterinary and environmental expertise to prevent and respond to zoonotic disease outbreaks.

QED, totalitarian biosurveillance state. I read it…

h ttps://www.unep.org/resources/report/preventing-future-zoonotic-disease-outbreaks-protecting-environment-animals-and

…and the TL;DR is that hunting and ranching are forcing humans into unprecedented exposure to dangerous new plagues from the heart of Africa. (By way of Gates Foundation biolabs.) The iguana wanted cake because humans are eating more chickens than ever!

Also, urbanization used to be “suburban sprawl”, now it’s “gas stoves and air conditioning”.

Oh noes! Completely unexpected threats against all of humanity are emerging because we eat healthy food and no longer use four-legged manure machines for travel and industry! Also because our rulers are breaking their own laws to engineer bioweapons in secret laboratories, gloating about how much we’re about to suffer, but regardless! Whatever can we do to prevent humanity’s imminent extinction???

Other than resume our daily lives without change, which has thwarted the eco-Commies since the 1960s.

What that UN report says… I summarize pithily:

To this end, the following ten science-based policy recommendations are proposed:

1. Awareness

What Mah admitted to doing.

2. More funding for world government

3. More funding for infectious disease experts

…such as Mah… we now have an undisclosed conflict of interest…

4. Biosurveillance state

5. Foreign control of the food supply

6. Forced behavior modification

7. Biosecurity and control (that one wasn’t even a pithy summary)

8. Total control of the environment

9. Indoctrination

10. Enacting the “One Health” agenda that takes up most of the PDF. You don’t need to know the details, to know it’s yet another WEF wet dream.

Doctor Mah owes us an apology for lying to us… also, for being a totalitarian globalist shill… for being a non-Trucker Canuck… for being incompetent at his job of understanding how disease works… and most of all, for not disclosing that the purpose of his “raising awareness” of the dangers of cake-eating iguanas, is his financial benefit.

It’s the least he can do, one supposes, to be entertaining about it.