Gamergate 2023: the Starfield Shenanigan Explained For Non-Gamers

The ride never stops for Gamergaters. Some people think the young are hopeless; I hear stories like this and think they’re rather precocious. I’ve grown a bit too technophobic in my old age to enjoy A-list games anymore, not to mention that the very real (and very First-World) problem of dopamine addiction means I can’t do the spastic FPS shooters like I used to. (I hit bottom during Borderlands 2 and have been mostly clean since then, but I sometimes load up Prey for a quick, shotgun-based soap opera.)

Headlines of sociopathic bankster CEOs debating how best to LITERALLY addict people to their games, for optimal wealth extraction, doesn’t help. Maybe I’m just waiting for Doom the LARP to hit the streets. Ahem.

But I keep it real with my roots, even if I don’t play the games anymore. Here is the Starfield Shenanigan for my readers who are even less gamer-y than me. We start with early access, because nobody releases finished games in Current Year. Finished games cannot be sold a second time… when they’re, you know, finished.

Streamer meltdowns and mass refunds: Players boycott Starfield over pronouns controversy

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By Richik “anarkiddie” Bhattacharya, modified 4 September 2023

Starfield’s Early Access launch a couple of days ago has already seen a number of controversies, with the latest prompting players to mass refund the game and streamers having meltdowns, all because it allows them to choose their preferred pronouns during character selection. A clip of YouTuber HeelVsBabyface ranting about the customization option has gone viral, with Dr DisRespect also revealing that he was rejected by Bethesda for his past comments.

Ahh, I’m home among my people once again! With proper English names such as anarkiddie and Dr Disrespect, not Bhattacharya.

Many players seem to be refunding Starfield because it allows pronoun choice.

Or as HVB put it,

“You take everything we love and shovel your dogsh*t ideology.”

What triggered that? (GunnerQ ducks)

For those wondering, Starfield allows players to select their preferred pronoun when starting a new character, which has ruffled many feathers.

That is the entire complaint, that has seen half the Legionnes Gamergateur demanding refunds and boycotts against publisher Bethesda for nearly a month solid now.

When you make a new character in Starlight, an open-ended exploration game comparable to Bethesda’s older and beloved works such as the Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim… there is one point at which you can choose gender pronouns independently of your choice of gender.

That’s it. Blink and you miss it. Gender, Wokeness or other Social Justice dogsh*t plays no further point in the entire game.

Many [Twixter] accounts have been calling out Bethesda for including it in the game. Meanwhile, people on the other side are making fun of those demanding refunds and boycotts.

[HVB:] “I love nothing more than to be dragged out at every f*cking conceivable opportunity so that you can f*cking current-day us. Sorry, you wanted to get immersed in our world? Guess what, f*cking pronouns! F*cking gender ambiguity! F*cking current-day Californian sh*t, because that’s what we f*cking know because we are boring. We’re so, f*cking, boring! We can’t see past our own f*cking reflections, that’s the level of our narcissim at the Bethesda Western Gaming Company.”

[ReviewTechUSA on Twixter, 2 September 2023:] I’m jealous tbh. I want to live in @heelvsbabyface’s world where life is so easy that pronouns in a character creation screen cause me to rage like this.

So, what do you think? Is this an overreaction to a mere microaggression (GunnerQ ducks again), or did HVB and friends correctly, and instantly, diagnose an SJW infiltration?

One video-streamer that I have great esteem for, Upper Echelon Games (UEG), believed it an overreaction.

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“You can call the game dogsh*t and you’d have valid reasons to do it. [Some bugs, some balance issues, quantity over quality of explorable areas.] Likewise, you could call the game a masterpiece after exploring it for 100 hours, and you’d have valid reasons too. [UEG liked the game overall but is reserving final judgment.] But it’s not a game that deserves to be the focal point of a console war, a political powder keg and a social media gamer civil war of sorts, all at once, at the same time.”

Today, I disagree with him. This is the Mockingbird Mechanic I coined in my preceding post. Here’s a game that UEG wants to like, but oops, there’s just a little Narrative in it “for no reason at all”. In truth, that’s exactly why it was included, in such an inoffensive way… so he would accept an evil that he would normally be opposed to.

Therefore, the correct response is total war for the first offense, no matter how trivial that offense.

Which of us is right?

Fortunately, there’s a simple litmus test to determine whether the inclusion of gender pronouns was malicious. Remove the option with a post-release, voluntary mod. Easily and quickly done.

Behold, the long knives immediately came out.

Starfield mod that removes pronoun options has been banned by NexusMods

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By Vikki Blake, 17 September 2023

One of the biggest PC mod repositories in the world, NexusMods, has banned a mod that lets Starfield players remove all mentions of pronouns.

The mod was presumably crafted after a tiny number of perpetually angry snowflakes kicked off because Bethesda had adopted the inclusive practice of enabling players to select their pronouns for their sci-fi adventure.

[Quote from NexusMods:] .It’s not a “political statement” or an “alignment to one side or the other in the culture war.” We stand for diversity and inclusion in our community and the removal of diversity, while appealing to many, does not promote a positive modding community..

“Frankly, we are not sad to see them go,” NexusMods said.

That settles the question. The inclusion of gender pronouns was malicious.

The ironic part is that the mod in question removed all gender; your character became they/them.

UEG has a tough choice to make. He just wants to play games, as do all us Gamers. The only way that we’ll be allowed to play the games we enjoy, however, is an absolute-zero-tolerance, first-strike-you’re-out policy with respect to Social Justice.


We cannot coexist. They are agreement-incapable. They will demand endless concessions while making none of their own, until they allow us no game to play but The Last Of Us Part Twat.

I grant that NexusMods is not Bethesda, but I’m not going to wait and see if Bethesda voluntarily removes the gender option. It’s too late for apologies. They knew what they were doing. Heck, I can see their thought balloon: “Normal people have some tolerance, but SJWs have none. Therefore, since we can’t please both sides, let’s offend the Normies then walk it back if we have to.” Every single time. Until Normie becomes equally easily offended, and equally unforgiving.

God bless these Gamergaters who have already figured out the game! They didn’t write the rules; they’re just playing to win.

The Mockingbird Mechanic

It was a stupid book, made worse by being stupidly popular. One of the low points of my childhood was being assigned to read “To Kill A Mockingbird” four times consecutively across four years, across both junior high and high school. The fourth time I didn’t even open it, I just passed the tests.

It wasn’t until this weekend that somebody made the connection for me between “To Kill A Mockingbird” and the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, its illegal infiltration of the domestic press… with the fact of the Civil Right Act’s passage only four years after its publishing.

From Z-Man’s blog

h ttps://

Jeffrey Zoar on September 22, 2023 at 11:51 am said:

You don’t have to be a dissident to question whether Harper Lee really wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Many non dissidents have. But this is beside the point.

If you’ve ever read the book, as I did long ago, you know it’s not very good. Certainly no page turner. Not the kind of thing that would get normie charging to the bookstore. Normie charging to the bookstore at all, for anything, a questionable concept in itself. Yet we are told this mediocre (at best) book, written by an unknown, sold millions immediately upon publication, and was translated into ten languages within one year of release. Even Danielle Steele and Stephen King, much easier reading more page turnable authors, with name recognition and huge fanbases, never had a hit quite like this. That year of release being, coincidentally, 4 years prior to the passage of the CRA.

Then you look at the title again and realize the answer was right in front of you all along. Kind of like Alphabet Inc.

Time to dig.

h ttps://

To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by the American author Harper Lee. It was published in 1960 and was instantly successful.

Looking back, that was a big red flag. Harper Lee published no other work, yet TKAM sold faster than Harry Potter books at midnight openings.

Published 1960

Pulitzer Prize 1961

Movie adaptation, 1962

Mandated for public education, I’m not sure when, but <1977. Mass-market paperback was released 1962.


In the early 1960s, [Polish Jew Alan Jay Pakula] returned to [Robert] Mulligan with the proposition of directing To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Harper Lee. Mulligan accepted the offer despite the awareness that “the other studios didn’t want it because what’s it about? It’s about a middle-aged lawyer with two kids. There’s no romance, no violence (except off-screen). There’s no action. What is there? Where’s the story?”

Millions of schoolkids have wondered exactly that.

With the help of a screenplay by Horton Foote as well as the pivotal casting of Gregory Peck in the role of Atticus Finch, the film became a huge hit, and Mulligan was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director.

For this film to be released in 1962, it had to have started production almost immediately upon the book’s publication. We today recognize this as Ticket-taking behavior; Harper Lee may have been one of the first.

End Segue

Harper Lee’s second book was released in 2015… which is the original manuscript for her first book. Sounds like somebody had a ghost writer with lots of money and an agenda! Continuing the synopsis for now,

In the United States, it is widely read in high schools and middle schools.

Less so now that blacktivists demand whites no longer use the word ‘nigger’. Ironic. The ACLU appears to be opposing every attempt to ban TKAM, which isn’t what you would expect from that organization until you read further about one of their founders. Also ironic.

The plot and characters are loosely based on Lee’s observations of her family, her neighbors and an event that occurred near her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, in 1936, when she was ten.

Her father, Amasa Coleman Lee, was a DODO, Dad Of Daughters Only. Also a lawyer, legislator and journalist. He pushed his daughters hard to become co-lawyers with him at his company. “Lee & Electras, Attorneys at Law”? One daughter did but Harper did not.

Harper was introverted with low self-confidence, and she was not inventive as a writer. The protagonist of TKAM, the lawyer Atticus Finch? Who represented a falsely accused black man? Her father once represented two black men accused of murder (they were hanged), and Finch was her mother’s maiden name. That’s… not impressive.

It gets less impressive when you learn her father sent her to study at Oxford, hoping that the more prestigious credential would interest her in law, and even less when she finally left home to follow a “close friend” and writer, Truman Capote, to New York City. She never married.

It’s not just women themselves who commit Original Sin. Sometimes their fathers push it on them.

When the book was released, reviewers noted that it was divided into two parts, and opinion was mixed about Lee’s ability to connect them. The first part of the novel concerns the children’s fascination with Boo Radley and their feelings of safety and comfort in the neighborhood. Reviewers were generally charmed by Scout and Jem’s observations of their quirky neighbors….

The second part of the novel deals with what book reviewer Harding LeMay termed “the spirit-corroding shame of the civilized white Southerner in the treatment of the Negro.”


You get tricked into emotionally investing in the story, then Act 2 or 3 throws the Narrative in your face… when you don’t want to quit the story.

Back to Z-Man,

Sgt Pedant, September 22, 2023 at 1:59 pm said:

Whoeve wrote it, TKAM is a clever and sinister bait-and-switch.

It starts out as a rather wholesome children’s story about making Boo Radley come out and then veers off into pure anti-kulak propaganda once the hook has been set.

Jews operate this way instinctually. A lot of white artists and writers end up doing it too, because Jews control all aspects of the creative rackets.

Mycale, September 22, 2023 at 9:16 pm said:

I started watching a show on Netflix last year, my mistake I know, but I had little going on and the premise seemed intriguing. The first couple episodes were, in my opinion, pretty well done. Then, by episode 3, the white daughter of the protaganist had a fling with the random black kid whose presence on the show made no sense. This scene just came out of nowhere and then the kid disappeared from the show shortly after. Then, I got to thinking, and realized that this is basically what every show does these days. They get you with the setup, then drop in the subversion after a few episodes after you are “hooked.” Most will continue to watch it of course, as the subversion just gets turned up on you gradually.

Modern Hollywood, not even once.

I can confirm from my own life experience in Nerd Culture. I have friends who STILL watch Star Wars, because they like what Star Wars once was. As a result, they watch the Narratives and try to enjoy the show regardless of what gets thrown in their face.

Driving back from a viewing of The Last Jedi, which I watched only because 1. my friends & family were going and 2. they were paying my ticket, I excitedly brought up all the literary failings and violations of lore & suspension of disobedience, and… and they didn’t want to hear it. They didn’t WANT to notice the poison pills.

Heck, I’ll do it again right now. That show, the Mandalorian?

The reason for Reboot Mania is to seize the residual goodwill and fan investment, and use it like a pill-hiding dog treat to force Wokeness down our throats.

Here’s another example by Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, on the importance of timing microtransactions. A transcript follows, heavily formatted by me.

h ttps://

Credit to youTuber bigcudafish.

“When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you’re really not price-sensitive at that time… The reason the “play first, pay later” model works so nicely, is the consumer gets engaged in a property… they might spend 10, 20, fifty hours on a game… they’re well invested in it.

We’re not price-gouging, but… I can attest to how well it works. It’s a great model and represents a substantially better future for the industry.”

And after Electronics Arts became the scumbag of the video gaming world on his watch, here’s him doing it again as CEO at Unity Video Game Engines:

h ttps://

Unity announced yesterday (amid layoffs, by the way) that it will merge with ad tech firm Ironsource. Among other things, this partnership will give developers who use the engine more ways to monetize and “rise above the noise,. according to Unity general manager Marc Whitten. At this point in the conversation, characterized this focus on monetization as receiving “pushback” from some creatives, giving Riccitiello a chance to sound off.

.Ferrari and some of the other high-end car manufacturers still use clay and carving knives,. Riccitiello said about the necessity of making monetization an early priority. .It’s a very small portion of the gaming industry that works that way, and some of these people are my favorite people in the world to fight with.they’re the most beautiful and pure, brilliant people. They’re also some of the biggest fucking idiots..

Riccitiello, a veteran of the industry who previously served as EA.s chief executive, added that he sees a growing divide between game developers who “massively embrace how to figure out what makes a successful product” and those who, as in other art forms, maintain distance from the money side of things for creativity’s sake. seen great games fail because they tuned their compulsion loop to two minutes when it should have been an hour,. Riccitiello said. .Sometimes, you wouldn’t even notice the product difference between a massive success and tremendous fail, but for this tuning and what it does to the attrition rate. There isn’t a developer on the planet that wouldn’t want that knowledge..

*GunnerQ checks Unity stock prices.* What I hear is not what I see.

Riccitiello’s known political affiliations are UC Berkeley and Barak Obama.

End segue

So, that’s the Mockingbird Mechanic, as I’ve coined it. You’ve probably noticed by now that there wasn’t much mention of the CIA in that. When I dug into the human angle of how the book succeeded so unnaturally well, I found the usual suspects instead… who also would have had the funding to push it through… and may or may not be the same thing as the CIA.

h ttps://

By Emma Cueto, 13 July 2015

Tay Hohoff was in her 50s when she first began working with Harper Lee in 1957 at the now defunct publishing house J. B. Lippincott Company. Lee originally delivered the manuscript for Go Set a Watchman, but Hohoff did not feel the book was ready for publication. Instead, she started pushing Lee to explore the story more, and over the next few years, the book changed form and instead shifted focus from Scout as an adult to Scout as a child, eventually becoming the classic work we all know and love, To Kill a Mockingbird. Which sort of means that Go Set a Watchman is less of a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird and more of a first draft.

Hohoff’s position as an editor at J.B. Lippincott was very unusual at the time for a woman. Which raised the question of who parachuted her into that position, because as you’ll see in a moment, she didn’t gain it on literary merit!

As you might expect from the fact that she was able to steer Harper Lee from writing a story about a disillusioned young woman to instead producing a child’s coming-of-age story, Hohoff was very hands on and influential in shaping her authors’ work.

Doubtful, because Hohoff’s own books were beyond unsuccessful:

Around the same time she was working with Lee on To Kill a Mockingbird, Hohoff was writing a book of her own, a biography of John Lovejoy Elliott, an early 20th century activist from New York. The book, titled A Ministry to Man, was published a year before Mockingbird was released. It has long since apparently fallen out of print, but used copies exist on Amazon.

Marxist, not activist. Knowing female nature, Hohoff’s willingness to publish a biography like that… as her only work of significance… there’s an emotional investment to be explored.

As I said, the biography was her “only work of significance“. She also published a memoir, Cats and Other People in 1973.

You can’t make this stuff up.

THIS is the editor of the amazingly successful TKAM?

A former associate who had just started at Lippencourt when Hohoff was editing To Kill a Mockingbird remembers that Hohoff and one of the other female editors at the publishing house were the first women she knew to keep their names after marriage. And apparently Hohoff had strong feelings that women should not change their names.

Feminist confirmed, as if we needed confirmation.

…she seems to have been fiercely protective of her author. Burlingame told the New York Times, .Tay really guarded Nelle [Harper Lee] like a junkyard dog. She was not going to allow any commercial pressures or anything else to put stress on her to publish anything that wouldn’t make Nelle proud or do justice to her.”

What kind of editor guards an author from writing a sequel to a history-altering smash hit? The kind of editor who knows that the first success was artificial and had accomplished its purpose.

h ttps://

John Lovejoy Elliot was a 20th century Ethical Culture Leader and Social Worker. Mr. Elliott took part in a social reform during the Progressive Era and the New Deal.

He was Scots-Irish and Hohoff was Quaker, but…

Elliott became ((Felix Adler))’s assistant and protege in New York City. There he settled into a round of activities as teacher, lecturer, scholar, and organizer for the Society for Ethical Culture, activities that put him in daily contact with stimulating persons in the arts, society, and politics.

In New York, he also moved among the disadvantaged, observing firsthand the desperate social conditions of the poor, especially the immigrant poor, in their dilapidated and noisome neighborhoods.

That was Communist recruitment, not charity.

As was the case with many young idealists of that generation, his conscience would not permit him to live sheltered from hardships suffered by others, and in 1895, he founded one of the great early settlement houses, the Hudson Guild, in the Chelsea district on the West Side of Manhattan, then a predominantly Irish neighborhood.

The Guild’s programs began modestly enough with boys’ clubs and a kindergarten for the children of working mothers but soon branched out to include a print shop for training children as apprentices, a cooperative store, an employment bureau for unskilled women, and a 500-acre New Jersey farm worked by Guild families.

An early introduction of feminism. Child care for working women was what enabled women to work away from family. Then he got the kids busy printing pamphlets….

Though Elliott devoted himself to the Hudson Guild, he continued his duties at the Society for Ethical Culture, and in 1933, following Felix Adler’s death, he became its senior leader.

The Society for Ethical Culture was an early-stage institution of Talmudic Reform Judaism. One that, frankly, fell away because it de-emphasized the importance of ((Tribal)) loyalties.

John Lovejoy Elliott is known as one of the chief founders of the American Civil Liberties Union (1920).


h ttps://

Felix Adler was born in Alzey, Rhenish Hesse, Grand Duchy of Hesse, Germany, the son of a rabbi, Samuel Adler, a leading figure in European Reform Judaism, and Henrietta Frankfurter. The family immigrated to the United States from Germany when Felix was six years old so that his father could accept the appointment as head rabbi at Temple Emanu-El in New York.

Adler attended Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School and graduated from Columbia University in 1870 with honors. He continued at Heidelberg University where he studied as part of his training to become a rabbi. He received a PhD from Heidelberg in 1873. While in Germany, he was strongly influenced by neo-Kantianism, especially the notions that one cannot prove or disprove the existence of a deity or immortality, and that morality can be established independently of theology.

So, a Sadducee not Pharisee.

When Adler returned to New York at the age of twenty-three, he was asked to give a sermon at Temple Emanu-El, where he was meant to follow in his father’s footsteps as rabbi of the congregation. His sermon, “The Judaism of the Future”, shocked the congregation, as he did not once mention God. Adler introduced his concept of Judaism as a universal religion of morality for all of humankind. The sermon was his first and last at Temple Emanu-El.

Pharisees and Sadducees don’t mix? Two thousand years later, nothing is different.

In 1874, after it had become clear that he would not become a rabbi, members of his father’s congregation helped Adler gain a teaching position at Cornell University as a nonresident Professor of Hebrew and Oriental literature. He was popular with his students, with whom he discussed his novel religious ideas while illuminating contemporary labor struggles and power politics. He was attacked as an atheist for his views, and in 1876 Cornell declined to accept the grant that had paid Adler’s salary.

Cornell is probably where he met Elliot, who was able to became his prot?g? thanks to Adler’s teaching of pan-racism.

In 1902 Adler was given the chair of political and social ethics at Columbia University, where he taught until his death in 1933. There he opposed the formation of a Zionist student club, considering it to be a “divisive force”.

There’s that pan-racism again.

Did you know that the Pulitzer Prize is awarded by Columbia University? Adler and Elliot both died long before 1961’s award to Harper Lee, but left behind multiple endowments and chairs at Columbia.

h ttps://

In 1856 Adler removed to United States at New York City, and at the beginning of 1857, he received an offer from Temple Emanu-El, New York to succeed Leo Merzbacher, recently deceased, as the head rabbi of the leading Reform congregation in the United States.

He pushed for the recognition of gender equality within Judaism. It was through his influence that the mechitza, which had segregated the women from the men in the ancient synagogue of Worms, was leveled, allowing the sexes to sit with each other during services.

If Samuel Adler founded Social Justice, his strong ties to Germany could explain much about Current Year politics.

Adler gave special attention to the improvement of the religious instruction of the young, both in the city and in the rural schools he supervised. He made it his aim to enhance the order, the solemnity, and the dignity of the public worship. He was instrumental in founding a number of new charitable institutions.

Bolshevist institutions, I say with the benefit of hindsight. The guy unleashed feminism even among his own people!

So, Samuel Adler founded an NYC-based institution of feminism and what came to be known as Social Justice, with personal ties to Columbia University; his son and Elliot carried it on; and the next generation saw Hohoff take an insecure young woman’s manuscript and twist it into a vehicle of Social Change.

But where did her contacts get the funding?

One of Sam Adler’s two sons was Felix, the creator of Society for Ethical Culture. One of Sam Adler’s two daughters, Sarah, married into Goldman-Sachs. Although 1960 was two generations after Samuel, his feminist organizations… such as the ACLU… endures to this day.

There’s the money.

Assuming it wasn’t bankrolled directly by the CIA, but of course I found no headlines regarding their wealth and its uses. We do know that the Civil Rights Act was a priority for the Deep State. After Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, it was that gangster Lyndon Johnson’s top priority. The CRA was, after all, a massive expansion of Federal power into the lives of ordinary people.

There is one last thread to go down. Returning to Harper Lee’s Wikipedia page:

Lee found an agent in November 1956; Maurice Crain would become a friend until his death decades later. The following month, at Michael Brown’s East 50th Street townhouse, friends gave Lee a gift of a year’s wages with a note: “You have one year off from your job to write whatever you please. Merry Christmas.”

Rather generous, that. It was Brown who made the introduction and he the profile of an OSS recruit. Per his wikipedia page,

In 1940, at the age of 19, he was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the Plan II program at the University of Texas, Austin. After attending Harvard University and the University of Iowa, he defended his master’s thesis in English Literature, on the writer Wilkie Collins, at the University of Virginia. During World War II he enlisted in the Army Air Forces on April 6, 1944. He attended Officers. Candidate School at Yale, where Glenn Miller played in the mess hall. He served with the 723rd Army Air Forces Base Unit as a Cryptographic Officer (0224). The bulk of his time was spent in the Caribbean where he wrote and performed songs when not deciphering phantom enemy submarine signals. Up to the time of his discharge on June 4, 1946, he used his name given at birth, Marion Martin Brown, II. He moved to New York City in 1947. Thereafter, he used the name Michael.

A smart boy like that, spent his subsequent life as a cabaret performer? With money to spare? Homo with a Deep State paycheck.

The Man Who Helped Make Harper Lee

h ttps://

Maurice Crain was a literary agent, a Southerner, and a personal friend to the reclusive author. And, as I learned from his letters to my grandfather, he was a champion for writers in the 1960s whose small-town settings were falling out of fashion.

By Ari N. Schulman

Paywalls prevent me from learning more. It appears that Crain was trying to publish stories of Southern small-town Civil Rights injustices in order to break or at least humiliate the Solid South, as the southern U.S. was called back then. Brown was a talent scout and Harper Lee was one of several they recruited. It took several years… as always, Satan rarely gets to recruit humanity’s brightest… but Lee’s work was eventually judged worthy of discrediting Dixie. Perhaps they were running out of time?

Adler’s Columbia University Awarded the Pulitzer.

Crain tapped his publishing sources, briefly making TKAM more popular than the Bible in terms of publishing rate. Although I couldn’t find hard numbers.

Money came from either Goldman-Sachs or CIA.

Not sure where Alan Pakula fits in, but I’d guess he is Reform-flavor Jewish and was thus an associate of Adler’s Social Justice organization.

Tay Hohoff was their controlled asset, a politically reliable feminist.

Police Trainer Ron Borsch Profiles Womens’ Bad Dates As Murderous Threats

The human id is a funny thing. Even today, when high-level law enforcement authorities look at school shooters and similar foul products of a decadent Godless society, who they see is… men that women don’t like. The men, that DON’T go on shooting sprees.

Precious Foreknowledge to Recognize Threats

h ttps://

*This is a guest post from my friend Ron Borsch. Ron is a retired police officer/trainer who is one of the world’s leading experts on the behavior of active killers. In his article below, he shares the most well-researched list of common active killer personality traits and pre-incident behaviors that I have seen. Becoming aware of these warning signs and being willing to take action when you encounter them will undoubtedly save lives..

Hi, Ron! I am GunnerQ, an armchair theologian, amateur Kremlinologist, no one of consequence, and possibly the last bipedal reason why God hasn’t Sodom-ized California with fireballs from Heaven.

And I say, you are ignorant and incompetent in your expertise on the behavior of mass killers, based on the free sample you helpfully offered for public consideration. Are you a shill for the ADL? Serious question, because you think the problem is white men.

But we can be more specific. You think the problem is your daughter’s dating prospects, presuming that you have a daughter. Your idea of a murderous threat is the loveless creep that feral women like to complain about.

I’ll fisk his top-10 list, then finish with a REAL predictive profile of an ‘active killer’:

Some experts have said that a profile of Rapid Mass Murderers cannot be done, due to a myriad of variables. I agree that it was difficult, however our exclusive…

And proprietary…

…protocol made it possible. After a couple of decades of experience instructing, presenting, research and writing on the subject, it became obvious that if no one else would dare broach the subject, I would, and did in 2018. I was recently invited to do my “Stopwatch of Death.? presentation at a future School Resource Officer (SRO) convention, so now was a good time to update my previously internet-published “Profiling An Active Killer” for 2022. My update appears below.

Let’s skip the marketing copy and “some of my best friends are U.S. Marines”. Do give me a moment, however, to explain why you readers should listen to me instead of the nationally respected expert. While I have no military or law enforcement experience… when Hollywood made an action movie of my early adulthood, they cast Snake Plisskin as me in “Escape From Los Angeles”.

Seriously. I survived the barrios of Los Angeles. You were downrange twice in Shittistan with your gunz, your friendz and your air strikes? That’s nice, now do it again solo and with no weapon but a pipe wrench. That’s how I know more about sudden violence while walking down the street than any platoon of government-trained killers. I kept the lights on in gang territory.

(Note: When the author is properly credited for his work anywhere it appears, permission to share is granted)

1) NUTS : Possessing a standout of “Numerous Unstable or Troubling Symptoms. ?. Murder starts in the mind. Some active killers have been clinically diagnosed before or after the incident as mentally ill. NUTS? is probably the most frequent and revealing factor, especially considering the suspects tracking history of words, (especially social media), videos, drawing, etc. and deeds such as Animal cruelty, can all reveal malice forethought.

I must award a style point for managing to copyright “he’s nuts”. But no, many spree killers have no significant criminal or psychiatric history.

2) ABNORMAL, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming oddball, sometimes shunned by his peers. Any cliquish, unfair treatment, ridiculing, playing tricks on or any embarrassment of these NUTS? could result in deadly pay-back. Recall that a few of these rogue-humans have actually murdered their own parent/parents before going onto their main target.

Just say “creepy”.

Since the emphasis here is on prediction, please note how useless is the idea of “it’s a red flag if that guy walking in the door just murdered his parents”.

3) IMMATURE, and or Low IQ. The human mind does not fully mature until around age 25, or even older according to new UK research. However, a sick or evil mind acting out can occur at any age. A recent revelation of some active killers is their being an INCEL, (involuntary celibate movement), unable to attract a girlfriend. .Evil is as evil does..

Dayumn, they’re STILL claiming that Eliot Rodger is typical of a spree killer? If sexless men were inclined to random violence, we’d all be dead already.

And for good cause, frankly. A society that refuses to accept the legitimacy of its mens’ reproductive needs, is a self-doomed society. Also, a society that refuses to accept the legitimacy of its womens’ reproductive needs, pushing them to have careers instead of families.

Age-immaturity is such a blatantly false claim, I call it a lie, Ron. For most of American history, kids were regularly trusted with firearms under no supervision at all. Guns were sold in hardware stores. There are people still alive today, who drove pickup trucks with full rifle racks to school while younger than age 25. Nobody cared. Nobody went on a killing spree.

What changed between then and now, is what’s creating the spree killers. What changed, is that America used to be a white and Christian nation… uh, spoiler alert.

4) PLANNER, PREPARER and/or RESEARCHER of previous Rapid Mass Murder? incidents. An unhealthy fan of the Colorado Columbine High School massacre and or Adolph Hitler. A suspended, fired, or expelled, former student or employee. Often shares their evil intent with one or more persons. Reconnoiters and rehearses his plan.

Textbook ADL tactic, branding all malcontents under the Not-See flag. Ever wonder why old Adolph hated the Jews so much? The answer is the Jewish-run Weimar Republic, not “no reason at all”.

5) AGE CONNECTION very close to targeted victim pool. Exceptions have been pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school massacres, where the active killer is typically much older than the victims.

This is correct… as far as it goes. Kids shoot up schools because they do everything at school. Being mandatory and taking up most of their day, it’s their concept of “the world”.

6) SUICIDAL, often having spoken about or actually attempted suicide previously. However, post-murdering, active killers have been more likely to flee or surrender to police, only rarely engaging in a firefight with officers.

Which is it, Ron? Are they premeditating types or impulsive types? They plan out their kills down to the second and the footstep, then have zero plans for when the cops show up? They’re suicidal but when the police have their guns pointed and two pounds drawing the trigger, they want to live?

7) VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES: Especially about Columbine High School. An excessive and unhealthy fascination or addiction with violence is a common trait.

Debunked many, many, oh so many times. I can’t believe I’m even reading it. Is violence addiction even a thing? “Stop me, somebody! I just can’t quit punching people in the face! Guess I’m going back to rehab!” Kleptomania, sure. Pyromania, sure. Picking-unwise-fights-mania, hmm.

8) WHITE MALE, (98 percent), typically seeking retribution for a real or perceived wrong and or to achieve notoriety or infamy. Many seem to be affected by the copycat effect using Columbine as a role model.

The reason it’s “only white men” who do spree killings, is because Ron is very… carefully… deliberately… not counting Chicongo drive-bys or Mexican-cartel violence.

This is why we have this word game going on in the background. “Spree killers”, “active shooters”, “rapid mass murderers?“, why all the competing terms? Because if we just used “killers” then we’d be including lots more demographics than the unsexy young white men that Daddy’s daughter despises. This is also why Ron mentions Columbine repeatedly but not the tranny shooting, Mandalay Bay or the nonwhite white supremacists of Texas.

9) COWARDLY, rarely distinguished with any positive trait of courage. Avoiding a fair fight, he is seeking to quickly surprise, ambush and assassinate defenseless innocents before anyone can stop him.

Enough with the effeminate thought patterns, Ron. Making a permanent decision to ruin one’s future beyond recovery is not a coward’s act. Risk-taking is the opposite of a cowardly act. Just because an action is evil, does NOT make it every flavor of evil.

Hiding behind a badge while criminals sign your paycheck, is what cowardice looks like. If you need a relevant example.

10) ACCESS TO WEAPONS: Arson, Bow/Crossbow, Explosives, Firearms, Hatchet, Knives, Vehicle, Etc. Each of these have been used by active killers.

Cars? Archery?

You can be more specific, Ron. The killers we’re talking about, use the AR-15. Do you know why they use the AR-15, out of proportion even to its high popularity? Because it’s what Marxists think when they think “assault gun”. It’s the Two Minute Hate symbol of the gun-ban agenda. Thus, it’s their go-to symbol for a false flag incident.

You should be instantly suspicious of Deep State involvement whenever an active shooter uses an AR-15 instead of something concealable or cheap.

BLAMELESS are Tools or Methods used in Rapid Mass Murder . Tools and methods do not have a mind of their own, nor is it even possible to act on their own. Again, .Evil is as evil does..

Which is it, Ron? Are guns an indicator of murderous intent, or are guns inert tools that are frequently used to protect innocent life? Let me answer my own question:

Now look back over your list, Ron. You think ‘rapid mass murderers’ are…

young white men
who play video games instead of, may I suggest, “manning up”?

That’s exactly how Affluent White Female Liberals hate on white men.

Barbie is busy being a man, all educated and fast-tracked, so when she looks for a housewife to raise her kids… because lactating is a man’s job, now they say… all the men she finds are either too masculine for her to submit to… “violence! guns! politics! No back-talk, female!”… or too effeminate to interest her… “yay! After thirty years of waiting, I’m finally going to have friends and birthday sex!”

And worst of all, by her AWFL standards, are the men who don’t want to live in a world run by Barbie at all. Those men do NOT go on killing sprees. They live in a van down by the river, happy that there’s no skanking harpy ruining his life.

Apparently, Ron, you’re teaching entire classes of LEOs to suspect boring men of being Satan in disguise. “All you need to know about mass murderers, is what I learned from listening to my daughter complain about her dating life.”

It’s sad, man. You didn’t just ignore your entire professional life. You ignored it because your women told you to. The sexually unwanted men who can still enjoy “Call Of Duty” are observably NOT the school shooters of recent years.

Meanwhile, my four signs that somebody is a high risk for “Rapid Mass Murderer”… no charge:

1. Marxist. Nearly all mass killers are atheists, and many have been active in Antifa, college and other sources of militant-humanist indoctrination.

2. Sexually abnormal. It’s a continuum of damage starting at “broken family”, peaking at “homosexual” and ending at “blue-haired post-op tranny”. Any time you see somebody who’s visibly sexually damaged, it’s a safe bet that they have other fuses blown, too, because they’re missing a very basic level of human identity.

3. High levels of SSRIs or other mind-altering drugs. Notice I’m not saying mental illness. Very few ‘rapid mass murderers’ are paranoid schizophrenics who tortured animals as children. The more typical pattern of “winding up a shooter” is a psychiatrist drugging a child to help him cope with his parents’ divorce.

4. His friend is an FBI informant. Seriously, Ron, if you don’t admit that the government incited some of these mass killings as acts of State-sponsored terrorism, then you got no business having an opinion on what motivates young spree killers with their shiny, new AR-15s.

And my final word on the topic, is that young men are doing these spree killings because the government, including local law enforcement, is training them to do it. What results are you expecting, when you raise them Godless and materialist in a world that the media constantly screams is about to die at any moment? Which is it, “human life is sacred” or “human life is a meaningless accident”? Why do you single out white men before they get violent, while refusing to notice the in-progress violent tendencies of blacks? Why do you quickly conflate young mens’ LEGIT complaints against society, with illegitimate complaints? Why do you authorities let child molesters groom kids in government schools, then act surprised when they end up as hair-triggered psychos?

Why are you not looking at America’s past and wondering what changed?

Looking at YOU, school resource officers! Do not follow Ron’s advice:

I recommend training and arming selected volunteer teachers, having one SRO at each school, and acquiring the notification School Guard 911 app for each teacher’s smart-phone (free for police officers). This is a precious time and lifesaving notification directly to patrol officers with simultaneous connection reporting to police dispatch.

The wrong solution to school violence is arming the adults to quickly execute any white boy that gets violent. Instead, SEGREGATE THE SCHOOLS, reward excellence, spank the misbehaved, and hang the child molesters on the tree out front in the Name of Father God. Put the boys in vocational-tech classes and the girls in home arts. The school shootings will stop, I promise you, because the schools won’t be torturing children until they crack anymore.

You see why I am not a nationally respected expert on spree killers. The globalist rulers of my nation don’t want to hear what I say… because they’re the architects of all this wickedness. It is NOT happening “for no reason at all”.

But no, Daddy’s daughters don’t want to go back to that kitchen full of happy children who love her, now do they? Thus, men like Ron Borsch disbelieve their own eyes and professional experiences, in order to believe that the most evil men are… the men that feral women reject.

Rumble Regrets Taking the Ticket: the Russell Brand Canceling

I don’t know who Russell Brand is, and British comedy failed to make me care. That being said, his Cancellation is more interesting and less organic than veggieburger!

YouTube suspends Russell Brand from making money on his channel which has six million subscribers and nets him up to ?1million a year – for ‘violating responsibility policy’

h ttps://

By Rory Tingle, 19 September 2023

On Saturday, The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches reported allegations of abusive and predatory behaviour including rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse said to have been committed by the presenter between 2006 and 2013.

Uh-huh, and I menaced Cleopatra in my past life as Mark Anthony. Come on, man, you want to see what an emotional abuse survivor looks like? She looks like… Russell.

The guy was once treated for bulimia. That’s almost unheard of in men.

So, I don’t know what he actually did to get Canceled… hmm… he was more sane about Covidism than the entirety of organized Christianity… ooh, he no likey Ukie War?.. but the subsequent dogpile proves that this has nothing to do with what may or may not have happened 17 years ago.

YouTube has stopped Russell Brand from being able to earn any money through his channel for ‘violating our Creator Responsibility policy’.

The 48-year-old produces around five videos a week for his 6.6million subscribers, earning him an estimated ?1million a year.

Under the terms of his suspension Brand – whose net worth has been estimated between ?15million and ?40million – will still be allowed to post videos on the platform but will not receive any of the advertising revenue.

YouTube said in a statement: ‘If a creator’s off-platform behaviour harms our users, employees or ecosystem, we take action to protect the community. This decision applies to all channels that may be owned or operated by Russell Brand.’

Other channels associated with his main YouTube page include Football Is Nice, which has some 20,000 subscribers, Awakening With Russell, which has 426,000 subscribers, and Stay Free With Russell Brand, which has 22,200 subscribers.

This is a new and expected low for JewTube, policing the offline behavior of its content creators.

Today, it emerged the BBC has removed shows which feature Russell Brand from its iPlayer site. An 2018 episode of QI featuring Brand as a panellist and a Joe Wicks podcast where he was a guest in 2021 have been unavailable since Monday evening.

A Cuckservative would complain that all this is happening without due process, on nothing but allegations. A dissident would calmly note that the people who made Russell are now unmaking him. Dissidents such as most of the youTube channels that I pay attention to, who build side hustles and merchandise because they aren’t bovine-brained livestock unable to connect the dots to see the lurking predator.

You ever wonder why youTube operates at a massive loss every year? Never mind canceling its most profitable affiliates at the drop of a hat? Because that loss is a subsidy that makes competition against youTube extraordinarily difficult. As gatekeeping efforts go, a couple billion dollars a year is pretty cheap to control a global media market. Especially when your most critical religious, political and ethnic priorities are silencing witnesses and rewriting history.

Which brings us, soon, to JewTube’s competition, Rumble.

The news comes after the remaining shows of Brand’s Bipolarisation tour were postponed and the Metropolitan Police said they had received a report of an alleged sexual assault in the wake of media allegations about the comedian and actor.

The scandal has already seen Channel 4 remove all programmes linked to Brand on its website, including episodes of The Great British Bake Off and Big Brother’s Big Mouth in which he was featured. Brand’s PR firm MBC PR and talent agent Tavistock Wood no longer advertise him as a client, and his publisher Bluebird, an imprint of Pan Macmillan, has suspended their relationship.

And Netflix has now been urged to remove his comedy special, Re:Birth, from its catalogue.

*checks* still there. Sounds like it’s the British government who has got it in for Russell.


h ttps://

DOWNING Street has spoken out on the allegations against comedian Russell Brand, warning they are “very serious and concerning”.

On Monday morning, Rishi Sunak’s official spokesman said: .These are very serious and concerning allegations.

.The Met Police has asked anyone who believes they have been a victim of a sexual assault to come forward to speak to officers.

.As the Foreign Secretary said over the weekend, people should feel able to raise concerns where they have them and know they will be treated seriously and treated with sensitivity.

Twenty year-old allegations that a celebrity was naughty, were such a UK national security issue that the FOREIGN SECRETARY worked the weekend? No, but Brand might be a UKR national embarrassment issue. Does anybody know if Zelensky has a sense of humor? …cannot unsee piano!

.The Prime Minister has been clear there should never be any space for harassment, regardless of where it is found..

Meanwhile, Downing Street declined to urge broadcasters and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix to take down Brand’s output.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: .It’s a decision for all broadcasters to consider the right approach in light of these very serious allegations. They are deeply concerning, they need to be investigated.

.But I’m not going to dictate the actions of broadcasters or streaming services..

Hold that thought.

End segue

Brand still has a presence on video platform Rumble, where his channel has 1.4million followers and he hosts a weekly live show at 5pm BST, but there was no new episode on Monday.

His most video on Rumble is the short clip from Friday when he denied the allegations against him which were published the following day.

The Rumble channel description reads: ‘Everybody knows that the old ideas won’t help us. Religion is dead. Capitalism is dead. Communism is dead. Where will the answers of the next century lie? Particularly, when we’re facing a mental health epidemic and ecological meltdown.’

He says religion is dead, but Judaism has never had so much success… oh.

Critics claim Brand has ‘set up a cult’ online to back him since the birth of the Me Too movement in 2017 by giving a platform to conspiracy theories including the idea that the pandemic, the Ukraine war and climate change distract from the activities of the global elite.

It’s time for our main attraction! Remember that held thought? The Prime Minister refusing to dictate the actions of streaming services? Of course he would never do that. He has flunkies for that.

Rumble CEO fights back after UK Parliament pressures company to demonetize Russell Brand: ‘Extremely disturbing’

h ttps://

By Chris Enloe, 21 September 2023

Rumble, the online video platform, is refusing to cave after British politicians pressured the company to demonetize Russell Brand.

After YouTube demonetized Brand over allegations of sexual assault, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski received a letter from the British House of Commons’ Culture, Media, and Sport Committee.

In that letter, chairwoman Caroline Dinenage problematized the fact that Brand issued a “preemptive response” to the allegations on Rumble, explaining her committee is concerned that Brand may be able to profit from Rumble, where his account boasts more than 1.4 million subscribers.

“We would be grateful if you could confirm whether Mr. Brand is able to monetise his content, including his videos relating to the serious accusations against him,” the letter states.

Canada isn’t England, Barbie Chuckles. Wait… is it? Now that I think about it, the answer is unclear.

“If so, we would like to know whether Rumble intends to join YouTube in suspending Mr. Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform,” Dinenage added. “We would also like to know what Rumble is doing to ensure that creators are not able to use the platform to undermine the welfare of victims of inappropriate and potentially illegal behavior.”

The UK’s draconian Online Safety Bill was passed by Parliament barely two days ago, and Media Minister Dineage is already trying to coax incriminating statements out of a major media platform. Madame Defarge, more like.

Heh, the UKommissar of Media said “inappropriate behavior”.

CEO Pavlovski’s partial response:

We regard it as deeply inappropriate and dangerous that the UK Parliament would attempt to control who is allowed to speak on our platform or to earn a living from doing so. Singling out an individual and demanding his ban is even more disturbing given the absence of any connection between the allegations and his content on Rumble. We don’t agree with the behavior of many Rumble creators, but we refuse to penalize them for actions that have nothing to do with our platform.

That sounds great, but why is the UK Government asking Rumble to define its position? That’s a loyalty test. Dineage did not, in fact, ask for a ban. Why did she ask if youTube’s competitor intends to “join youTube” in canceling a high-value customer? Rumble isn’t subsidized by the Deep State. It can’t even afford to do what she wants.

Did Rumble do anything to invite in the GAE vampire?

Is Rumble, A Right-Wing Social Media Company, Already The Next Meme Stock?

h ttps://

By Abram Brown, 2 December 2021

Rumble, a fast-growing social media business with a strong following among conservative Americans, aims to take itself public next year in a SPAC deal that could value the company at over $2 billion, a transaction similar to the one former President Trump has envisioned for his own right-wing media firm.

To go public, Rumble intends to merge with an investment company initially created by Cantor Fitzgerald, a decades-old Wall Street bank. The deal would leave Rumble with $300 million in cash, the company said in a statement announcing the transaction on Wednesday evening. It hopes to complete the process by the second quarter of next year.

Rumble, which was founded in 2013, bills itself as a “true neutral platform,. but has become a popular site among Republicans over the last two years as criticism of existing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has increased among conservatives, who say they unfairly limit speech.

.Rumble is designed to be the rails and independent infrastructure that is immune to cancel culture,. Rumble CEO and founder Chris Pavlovski said in a statement. .We are a movement that does not stifle, censor or punish creativity and believe everyone benefits from access to a neutral network with diverse ideas and opinions..

Cantor Fitzgerald is a hedge fund front for the New York Federal Reserve. From Wikipedia:

Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P. is an American financial services firm that was founded in 1945. It specializes in institutional equity, fixed-income sales and trading, and serving the middle market with investment banking services, prime brokerage, and commercial real estate financing. It is also active in new businesses, including advisory and asset management services, gaming technology, and e-commerce. It has more than 5,000 institutional clients.

Cantor Fitzgerald is one of 24 primary dealers that are authorized to trade US government securities with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Chairman and CEO is ((Howard Lutnick)). Yep.

How was Rumble this stupid? To ask the Jews for help in opening their company to ownership by hedge funds, in order to be an “independent” media company against JewTube?

Not “no reason at all”.

Facebook director Peter Thiel invests in conservative rival Rumble

h ttps://

By Theo Wayt, 19 May 2021

Prominent conservative venture capitalists including Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance are investing in free speech-oriented video streaming site Rumble Video, the company said Wednesday.

The deal, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, marks PayPal and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel’s first investment in a social media company since he bought a large stake of Facebook as an early investor in 2004. It also means that Thiel is supporting a competitor to Facebook while he sits on Facebook’s board.

More of a black line than a red flag, there.

…Rumble plans to use the money to quickly boost its growth. The company wants to expand availability to non-English speaking audiences, let users upload videos from its mobile app and allow all users to create livestreams, Pavlovski said. Currently, the company only lets paid users create livestreams and does not offer mobile video uploads.

Pavlovski was impatient for success. Peter Thiel offered him the Ticket. Six months later, Rumble was whored directly to the Hellmouth, going public/private/Palantir in September 2022.

I bet Minister Dineage’s next letter is going to Peter Thiel, now that she can wave his underling’s refusal to play ball at him… together with the UK’s brand-new Online Safety Bill.

CEO Pavlovski can yell “we’re independent” all he wants, but Thiel already sold his soul to the NY Fed.

The Glowie Of Maui: Police Chief Pelletier

This is another reader request, who was understandably interested in the chief investigator of the Vegas Casino shooting, John Pelletier, also being the chief investigator of the Maui Incineration. What a small world it is, when a 25-year veteran of Vegas Metro is the only qualified choice for police chief of a remote island!

Do you know what’s also a small world? The Burning Man music festival is held outside Vegas in the Black Rock Desert. Meanwhile, the beach at Lahaina, Maui is called Black Rock Beach. But I digress. Probably.

We start down the rabbit hole with Maui’s opening for police chief back in 2021. Me having firsthand experience of Hawaiian locals’ attitude towards mainlanders, why the heck did they choose a Las Vegas vet with a past?

Wanted: Maui Seeks New Police Chief. FBI Training Is A Plus

h ttps://

By Blaze Lovell, 23 June 2021

Well, well. I want to feel all smart and investigative, but it’s like the Deep State isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

A volunteer panel of Maui police commissioners is getting ready to select a new police chief to lead the state’s third-largest law enforcement agency.

Maui County law requires candidates to have a minimum of five years experience in law enforcement, with at least three years in an administrative capacity. But the island’s police commission wants more.

The commissioners are looking for someone with at least 15 years experience as a police officer, including five years in administration. The commissioners also prefer someone with a four-year degree from an accredited university and proof of training from the FBI Academy, or equivalent experience.

Translation, they did NOT want local talent and DID want an FBI presence at the highest level of Maui law enforcement.

During the last search in 2014, the Maui Police Commission required all applicants to have a bachelor’s degree in police administration, law enforcement, criminal justice, political science, business administration, sociology or a related field. If not, they had to prove they graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va.

In March, De Rego argued in favor of keeping the bachelor’s degree requirements since they are becoming standard around the country.

The only thing dumber than mandating a credential because other people are, is waiving the requirement if the FBI vouches for a candidate’s intelligence.

But the commissioners decided not to make those education requirements mandatory after hearing pushback from several Maui police captains concerned that doing so would limit the pool of potential candidates.

.Some of law enforcement’s best, who have dedicated themselves to this difficult profession, do not have degrees,. Capt. Wade Maeda wrote in a letter to the commission. .We have people in the Maui Police Department with years of executive level experience that do not have a degree. A four-year bachelor’s degree is nowhere near the substitution for four years at MPD.s executive level..

Mmm-hmm. Even the managerials will blame stupidity when the alternative is admitting evil. “We should require college degrees because everybody else is!” except that doing so also eliminates most of the local talent.

De Rogo’s name came up a lot. The media didn’t talk much with the other commissioners.

New this year, the commission may require the top five police chief applicants to take a written exam.

If a civil service exam to screen out capable non-loyalists was good enough for the KKK of the Antebellum South, it’s good enough for the Clown World Deep State.

The search comes as Oahu’s police commission also is recruiting a new police chief after Susan Ballard retired on June 1. However, the selection processes are playing out much differently.

The Honolulu Police Commission will largely rely on a consultant and advisory committee led by a police chief on the mainland.

Hawaiians don’t like mainlanders. It’s understandable given their deep-Pacific location. Their land is too strategically important to the empires of the world to be left alone, yet too small to defend themselves from said empires. So, the only reason they would outsource the choosing of their next leader to a mainland talent scout, is because the American Empire is no longer satisfied with having a few military bases.

Speaking of local talent,

Police chiefs previously had to have lived in the state for at least one year, but that state law was lifted in 2017.

That’s now true for California also. USA’s military is also being converted to an all-mercenary force, now that the all-volunteer force isn’t volunteering to be literally castrated.

Now it’s time to discuss how Pelletier was the candidate they were looking for. His disciplinary record is reportedly spotless, which is especially odd for a veteran of three officer-involved shootings, one of which was an ambush.

Metro Capt: Life Moves On But Not Easily After Using Deadly Force

h ttps://

By Joe Schoenmann, 15 June 15, 2017

Three years ago this month, two Las Vegas police officers were shot and killed while having lunch at a pizza restaurant on Nellis Boulevard.

The shooting came at a time when police were being scrutinized around the country for questionable shootings of unarmed suspects.

And much of the country still questions the use of deadly force by police, in large part because police work is so far apart from the everyday lives of most Americans.

Capt. John Pelletier says he gets that.

He.s been involved in three shootings over nearly 20 years as a Metro cop, one of them resulting in death. He talked with State of Nevada about his fatal shooting, he said, in the interest of transparency and the hopes of providing some insight for Nevada residents, as well as his fellow officers.

. . .

Pelletier was part of Metro’s Problem Solving Unit. In plain clothes. And looking for an armed robbery suspect. It was September 2002; still pretty warm out, and close to 11 p.m.

Pelletier was in his Metro-issue Chevy Lumina.unmarked, sure, but Luminas were known to almost everybody as the go-to car for police — when his “spidey senses” went off.

Bullshit. Undercover Vegas cops are well-known for using a specific type of car for their undercover work? That kind of stupid would get cops killed. Innocent drivers of civilian Luminas, too.

Somebody was gunning for Joe, or at least, his undercover persona.

That.s when he noticed the interest that a driver stopped next to him — at Stephanie Street and Tropicana Avenue–was taking in him and his Lumina.

The next stoplight turned green, but the Blazer didn’t immediately move. Pelletier knew he had been recognized. Then a dispatcher crackled over the radio that the Blazer was driving with a stolen license plate.

More bullshit. How would he have read the Blazer’s license plate from the side, while stopped at a traffic light?

Pelletier drove ahead and saw the Blazer and another vehicle drive into the parking lot of the Nevada Palace Hotel-Casino on Boulder Highway. He followed but was already thinking “ambush.”

MORE bullshit. “I think this is an ambush, and I have no backup or even my badge, and I’m driving a car that screams ‘undercover cop’, but let’s see how this plays out.” But wait, Pelletier was driving ahead? Did he circle back into the ambush, hoping to get credit for snaring a stolen vehicle, when he was supposed to be looking for an armed robbery suspect?

Pelletier did call for a marked unit backup, but apparently decided not to wait.

Suddenly the Blazer stopped. The driver got out and, holding what Pelletier described as a “hand cannon,. walked back quickly toward Pelletier with the gun pointed at him.

Pelletier said he had no option. He couldn’t move his car or get out of the car quickly enough . the man had him dead if he pulled the trigger.

Instead, Pelletier pulled his gun out of his holster and fired seven times, shooting through his windshield, one bullet hitting the man in the head and killing him.

That is a very unlikely self-defense story. “I suspected they marked me as an undercover, and I watched them set up an ambush, but I decided to circle around and follow them anyway, then their ambush took me by total surprise and I had to shoot the perp seven times before he could get a shot off. Sorry I didn’t wait for backup.”

It turned out later that the man was working with a woman . who was in the vehicle that followed him into the Palace parking lot. And the “hand cannon” had been used in the murder of a police officer in Arizona.

I don’t doubt that the perp was dirty. But that’s no comment upon the fact Pelletier’s story does not hold together.

After the shooting, he was part of what was then called the .coroner’s inquest,. a quasi-legal proceeding where a county prosecutor questions witnesses, including the officer involved, to determine if the shooting was justified or not.

Inquests were open to the public and held in the Clark County courthouse. And they were fraught with tension, as both family members of the deceased and friends of the officer were all packed into a small courtroom.

Pelletier.s shooting was deemed justified.

He.s also been involved in two other shootings since then. Both suspects survived and are serving life sentences in Nevada. Pelletier talks about those shootings, especially the fatal, with incredible detail, like it just happened yesterday.

h ttps://


Officer John Pelletier, 30, on Friday shot and wounded Edward Seely, a 32-year-old robbery suspect, at an apartment complex near Charleston Boulevard and Torrey Pines Drive.

Officers from the southeast area substation had been at the complex looking for Seely in connection with a robbery March 9 at a nearby 7-Eleven store in which a clerk had been shot and wounded.

Shortly after midnight Pelletier spotted Seely as he was walking away from one of the apartments. As Pelletier, who was in plain clothes, approached Seely and identified himself as a police officer, Seely pulled a handgun from his waistband and began to run back to the apartment, police said.

Pelletier fired at Seely, hitting him in the torso. Seely is recovering from his injuries at University Medical Center. When he is discharged, he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, felony resisting arrest, being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a stolen handgun, police said.

That was definitely mishandled. A lone officer, presumably on stakeout, made an arrest decision such that the perp had time to draw on him? That was poor conduct even though I’d fault the perp. When an officer gets to choose the circumstances of an arrest, it’s not passable for the result to be a gunfight.

h ttps://

The Las Vegas police officer who shot and wounded a 36-year-old man in a mobile home park Friday has been identified as Sgt. John Pelletier.

Pelletier has been with the Metropolitan Police Department since July 1999. He is currently assigned to the patrol division of the Northeast Area Command.

He was one of two officers who responded to a call about a gun-wielding man at 3825 N. Nellis Blvd., south of Las Vegas Boulevard North near Nellis Air Force Base, about 8 p.m. Friday.

When the officers approached Ernest Charles Gibbs, police said he reached for an object under his shirt. Pelletier then fired shots and wounded the man.

Gibbs was reaching for a large, Bowie-type knife, police said. He was taken to University Medical Center for treatment.

Gibbs is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and felony resisting arrest. His criminal history in Las Vegas includes convictions for being an felon possessing a firearm and attempted burglary.

That is more understandable. Pelletier was told he was looking for a gunman and a guy they tried to approach went for his waistband? Good shoot.


1997 BA Political Science, U.Nevada Las Vegas.

1999 Recruitment by LVMPD

2002 Fatal officer-involved shooting while undercover. He couldn’t have been long out of training.

2003 Nonfatal OIS while undercover.

2009 Nonfatal OIS while uniformed.

c.2012 Promoted to training sergeant. He also helped implement a Federal DOJ program to reduce the frequency of OIS.

2013 Promoted to lieutenant. Pelletier’s captain at the time was Tom Roberts, now a Nevada state legislator. The two have a long and continuing association.

2015-2016 SWAT Team commander, despite never serving in SWAT.

March 2017-January 2020 Manager of Convention Center Area Command, aka Las Vegas Strip. Also K9 Section manager? but no history working with dogs.

October 2017 Mandalay Bay shooting, blamed on Stephen Paddock. Pelletier was incident commander. Investigation closed by FBI in January 2019.

2019 Certificate in criminal justice, FBI Academy at Quantico.

2020-2021 In charge of the department’s Major Violator, Narcotics Bureau.

Which is when he acted on his lifelong dream to return to Hawaii, paraphrasing from his acceptance speeches, despite being born in Buffalo, NY and living his life in Vegas with no particular interest in travel.

Pelletier’s first act as police chief was waiving hiring requirements to bring his former supervisor in… as his deputy.

New Maui police chief chooses Las Vegas colleague as deputy

h ttps://

19 November 2021

WAILUKU, Hawaii . Maui’s new police chief is bringing a colleague from the Las Vegas department he came from to serve as his deputy chief, according to a letter to members of the Maui Police Department obtained by The Maui News.

Incoming Chief John Pelletier announced in the letter he selected as his second in command [Assistant Sheriff] [blacktivist] Charles L. Hank III. Both men, who served in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, will be sworn in at a December ceremony in Wailuku.

The commission previously waived a one-year residency requirement for Pelletier. He will have the ability to waive the residency requirement for his deputy, said Corporation Counsel Moana Lutey.

Lutey said Hank was the only applicant for the deputy position with all the qualifications for the job, which were determined by Pelletier.

I didn’t figure Pelletier for a coal-burner. Uh-oh! What happened in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas!

Sooo, how did island life suit them? Before all those little kids went missing in an engineered firestorm that happened to advance the 15-Minute City agenda of Maui’s foreign-loyal government.

Commission declines to discipline police chief

h ttps://

By Lila Fujimoto, 8 September 2022

The Maui Police Commission voted Wednesday not to take disciplinary action against Pelletier, saying that a third-party investigation found two complaints against Pelletier were unsubstatiated.

Two complaints of eight.

The Maui Police Commission decided not to take disciplinary action against Police Chief John Pelletier on Wednesday after reviewing investigations of three employee complaints that alleged a hostile work environment.

Five complaints of eight.

In a statement following a closed executive session to discuss the complaints, commission Chairman Frank De Rego said the nine-member commission “unanimously voted to decline to initiate disciplinary proceedings” against Pelletier.

I was told there would be transparency in Hawaiian government.

The three complaints are among eight that have been filed by county employees against Pelletier and members of his executive staff, according to the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers. The complaints allege harassment in the workplace and gender discrimination, according to SHOPO.

In the statement, De Rego said, .The commission took note that Chief Pelletier has retained an executive coach to address management style. After carefully considering the investigative reports including all interviews and documentary evidence, the commission voted to file the complaints and not initiate disciplinary action. The commission’s annual review of the chief’s performance will include a review of the executive coaching program and its results..

That’s what judges call “diversionary treatment”, and it doesn’t justify memory-holing the complaints before the diversion is completed.

Before then, the commission heard testimony supporting Pelletier from a dozen people, including eight who know him from when he worked at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Pelletier has almost as many staffers as a Congressman. That’s not a compliment. And that’s some biased testimony there.

The commission also received written testimony, including letters from Maui Police Department employees who didn’t give their names. One letter questioned the actions and motives of commissioners, but De Rego shut down discussion of the letter’s allegations, saying, .This is out of order..

LOL! Nine complaints of eight!

In stopping the discussion, De Rego said: .I would hate to set a precedent where commissioners are constantly being questioned about their motives through written testimony. It’s not even on the agenda..


Maui County deputy police chief retires after just 10 months on the job

h ttps://

By Staff, 28 October 2022

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Questions are lingering over why Maui County’s deputy police chief is retiring after just 10 months on the job.

Charles Hank III was recruited by Maui Police Chief John Pelletier after they worked together in Las Vegas for years.

MPD did not explain why Hank is retiring.

He will be replaced by Wade Maeda in November, who is being promoted from captain.

Maeda has been with the department for 25 years.

Remember Maeda from the first article, complaining that not all Maui top cops have college degrees? De Rogo imported an entire squad of Vegas Metro Glowies in an effort to not promote Hawaiian native Wade Maeda… and FAILED.

I close with my analysis of the 2017 Vegas shooting vis-a-vis Pelletier. I agree with the theory that it was a botched assassination of a Saudi prince, Alwaleed bin Talal, one of Mohammed Bin Salman’s Wahhabist rivals. Paddock was a gunrunner and FBI informant, a licensed pilot with a girlfriend in the Philippines, a history of international travel and a documented tendency to have meetings in high-level hotels. The hit went bad, Prince Talal’s bodyguards managed to shoot their way out (killing Paddock in the process) and the FBI was left with a world-class political incident about to explode. Over the next hour, the conspirators decided to open fire on a large crowd of Trump Voters in order to cover the incident in a complete shitshow of Chaos.

That accounts for nearly all of the discrepancies I found in the official accounts. The hour gap, Paddock’s room having no broken windows and waaay more expensive guns than any spree shooter would lug through a public area, all the way to the black helicopters.

Taking that as the true situation, Pelletier’s role was simply to sow confusion. He was not one of the conspirators but had taken the Ticket in return for plush, high-status promotions…. perhaps via Tom Roberts. And confusion there was, with reports of multiple shooters in multiple hotels, police sent to wrong floors, cops getting shot at times inconsistent with the official timeline and so on.

The year that the incident’s investigation was closed with a finding of “no reason at all”, Pelletier was rewarded by his handlers with a Quantico endorsement, and soon, a transfer to Maui.

Which fell apart so quickly that maybe the reason Pelletier skipped out of Vegas was not merely to join some plutocratic Great Reset. Maybe his Ticketholders simply couldn’t keep the lid on his second life any longer… even in Vegas.

Justin Pickett’s Righteous Charge

There’s a shortage of heroes in Current Year. I found one! A criminologist who doesn’t just expose crime even among his peers… he knows that taking flack means you’re over the target!

FSU professor fired; provost says research ‘negligence’ caused near ‘catastrophic’ damage

h ttps://

By Tarah Jean for the Tallahassee Democrat, 27 July 2023

I suspect the reason this is a news story as of Sept. 11 is because he exhausted his appeal. More on that later. Meanwhile, this article is a good intro.

Florida State University research professor of criminology Eric Stewart has been fired following a full investigation into ongoing, questionable research allegations from the past four years.

The decision was effective Thursday, July 13, and stated in a five-page termination letter to Stewart from FSU.s Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs James Clark, firing Stewart from the position he held since 2007.

.You demonstrated extreme negligence in basic data management, resulting in an unprecedented number of articles retracted, numerous other articles now in question, with the presence of no backup of the data for the publications in question,. Clark stated in the termination letter.

Stewart is… was, a nationally-recognized, tenured criminologist, so no, he didn’t get fired for negligence. You gotta try to lose your tenure.

Stewart is also black in addition to tenured, which is both why he committed his upcoming, race-motivated hate crimes and is NOT in prison for a zillion years to life.

Stewart earned his bachelor’s degree in criminology from Fort Valley State University in 1995, a master’s degree in sociology from Auburn University in 1996 and a doctoral degree in sociology from Iowa State University in 2000.

After graduating, he began his teaching career as an assistant professor of sociology at Georgia State University followed by his time at the University of Missouri-St. Louis as an assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice.

He joined FSU in 2007 as an associate professor of criminology with a $90,000 annual salary before being promoted to full professor in 2011 and being named Ronald L. Simons Professor of Criminology in 2016, which ultimately landed him a $190,000 annual salary.

Then came the multi-million dollar grants from the National Institute of Justice, the National Institute of Health… prestigious awards from criminology societies….

It’s an old story. He was blakk, he wrote papers that supported the blakk-persecution Narrative, and with all the boxes checked, was escorted into the halls of shame, err, power. Nothing says multigenerational race persecution like a six-digit salary from your tormentors.

Photo credit to

Florida State University research professor of criminology Eric Stewart has been fired following a full investigation into ongoing, questionable research allegations from the past four years.

The decision was effective Thursday, July 13, and stated in a five-page termination letter to Stewart from FSU.s Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs James Clark, firing Stewart from the position he held since 2007.

It took FOUR YEARS to terminate a high-profile academic who refused to share or maintain any evidence regarding his work.

Justin T. Pickett. No relation to James T. Kirk.

Timeline from my research

2011 Pickett co-authors a study with Stewart, being the latter’s teaching assistant, and receives his doctoral degree in criminology from FSU. An implication is that one of the studies Pickett calls out as fraudulent was the basis for his own PhD.

15 Nov 2017 Stewart is honored by the American Society of Criminology, per FSU, “for his collective body of scholarly work and his service to the association.” He previously served the Society as executive counselor and VP.

2018 Pickett is anonymously notified of misconduct in the paper he co-authored in 2011. He investigates and gets stonewalled by Stewart when asking for raw data.

2019 Pickett calls for the study’s retraction in a 27-page manifesto of errors and concerns. The other five retractions happen shortly afterward. An FSU Research Misconduct Inquiry turns up no misconduct despite the unprecedented retractions, because the retractions proved that any problem had already been solved.

2020 More allegations. An FSU Research Misconduct Inquiry turns up no misconduct.

2021 More allegations. An FSU Research Misconduct Inquiry turns up no misconduct.

2022 A full investigation is launched and discovers Stewart doesn’t even teach his classes.

July 2023 Stewart is fired for gross negligence and incompetence, but he is not accused of any criminal or ethics violations, and is offered the chance to appeal.

Sept 2023 The appeal apparently fails.

Quintet of study retractions rocks criminology community

h ttps://

By Dalmeet Singh Chawla, 26 November 2019

Criminology researchers are retracting five studies that have sparked a bitter battle over potential scientific misconduct and issues of race. The episode has riveted the criminology community.and severed a once close relationship after one of the researchers accused his former mentor of falsifying data.

On 10 November, Justin Pickett, a criminologist at the State University of New York in Albany, announced on Twitter that he and his co-authors have agreed to retract a 2011 study published in Criminology that examined public support for taking a suspect’s ethnicity into account at sentencing. Four additional disputed papers, published between 2015 and this year in the journals Criminology, Social Problems, and Law & Society Review, have been or are in the process of being be retracted with the agreement of all the authors, ScienceInsider has learned. Eric Stewart, Pickett’s former mentor and a criminologist at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, is a co-author of all five studies.

The studies being retracted cover a range of topics. Two found that the number of black people lynched in a U.S. county 100 years ago influences whether white people in the same area today perceive black people as a threat and favor harsh punishments for them.

The quest for Magic Dirt continues? Sounds more like an attempt to blame the living for the crimes of the dead.

Another examined the role of social context in antiblack and anti-Latino sentiment in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Highlighting the insensitivity of both white and colored cops to the ancestral Negroid tradition of gimmiedat.

The upcoming retraction notice for the 2011 Criminology study.which Pickett shared with ScienceInsider.states that Stewart, the study’s second author, “identified a mistake in the way the original data were merged” while responding to concerns raised about the paper. The problems are “coding and transcription errors,” the notice says, which “collectively exceeded what the authors believed to be acceptable for a published paper.” It also notes that Pickett “disputes that the identified discrepancies are attributable to researcher error.”

Them’s fighting words! “This was not a mistake.”

Stewart did not reply to ScienceInsider’s requests for comment. (He also reportedly did not reply to the Chronicle, although the publication quoted an email that Stewart reportedly sent to FSU administrators; it stated that a co-author “essentially lynched me and my academic character”.an especially loaded phrase because Stewart is black.)

Pickett says he doesn’t regret being outspoken about the studies. “I am afraid that I have burnt many bridges, and it worries me a great deal,” he says. “I very much wish the world of science was more receptive and more kind to people who speak out about problems in published research, whether those problems result from honest error or misconduct.”

Prof. Pickett was smart to not talk to the media! That last paragraph is a quote from his article in Econ Journal Watch, March 2020. Let’s go there, because it demonstrates why he’s a hero and not just another whistleblower.

The Stewart Retractions: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

By Justin T. Pickett, March 2020

This study analyzes the recent retraction of five articles from three sociology
journals.Social Problems, Criminology, and Law & Society Review. Analyzing the retractions is important for several reasons:

.When you’re taking flack, you’re over the target.

Okay, that one was mine.

. The retraction notices are vague, providing little information about
what went wrong.

Pickett saw the academic Establishment covering for Stewart time and again. He could have satisfied himself with sounding an alarm that nobody would hear… but instead, he chose to be aggressive, exposing not just the fact that the papers were fraudulent, but WHY.

. The authors have continued to promote their retracted findings in
print, insisting that “the main substantive results are correct. (Law &
Society Review 2020).

Pickett is charging after the motivation for propping up that wormtongue blacktivist. He knows that Stewart is not the only problem here.

. Other articles by the authors have some of the same irregularities (e.g.,
Mears et al. 2013; Mears et al. 2017; Stewart and Simons 2010; Stewart
et al. 2006; Stewart et al. 2009), but thus far only one of these has been
corrected and none have been retracted.

Naming names! AKA personalizing the political, good. Cuckservatives fling themselves at “issues” instead of specific persons and end up shadowboxing phantoms while the perps regroup and repeat. Pickett wants lasting results!

. Examining how coauthors and journal editors respond to learning
about irregularities in articles sheds light on the sociology of science.

HE’S CALLING OUT THE COLLABORATORS IN THE JOURNALS! For academics, this is huge, seriously huge. “Publish or perish” is the coin of Academia, and Pickett is risking an industry blacklist to expose all the criminal conduct backstopping Stewart’s race-baiting lies. Pickett has legit courage!

What happened at the journals

The Committee on Public Ethics (COPE) says that journal editors should investigate when .a published article is criticised via direct email,. regardless of whether the sender is anonymous, and emphasizes that “it is important not to try to “out” people who wish to be anonymous. (link). An analysis of emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveals that all of the editors were alerted in May about the data irregularities in all five of Dr. Stewart’s articles, either by an anonymous sender..John Smith..or by another editor.

Law & Society Review, regarding Mears et al. 2019

After receiving the anonymous email, Dr. Susan Sterett, the journal’s editor, shared it with the authors, writing: .it seems to imply pretty egregious misconduct.points 4 and 8 especially..Then she emailed the editors of the other journals and tried to get them all on the same page. She wrote: .I would like to have a coordinated response, including possibly ignoring the email. (my emphasis). She also explained that she tried to discover the source’s identity: .I asked “John Smith” to give me more information about himself and he would not.”

In July, after I posted my preprint, Dr. Sterett contacted the other editors again to reiterate her position, .I am not interested in asking for a response from the authors to an anonymous email. However, to my mind it’s worth knowing that the issue isn’t going away.” But she also explained that if any of the other editors ever decided to do anything, she wanted to be included: .I.d appreciate knowing, and I’d appreciate doing something together..

The female instinct for unity as an end in itself, is a great tool of totalitarianism.

In late August, she contacted the other editors again, and forwarded them a discussion by Dr. Jeremy Freese of the mathematical impossibilities in the articles. In the same email, Dr. Sterett noted that she had received Dr. Gertz’s letter of support, and once more reiterated her stance on the data irregularities: .I want to treat the issue as closed unless someone wants to question the survey in detail.” Months after she closed the issue, the article was retracted at the authors. request.

Social Problems, regarding Stewart et al. 2015 and Stewart, Johnson et al. 2019

Drs. Annulla Linders and Earl Wright, the journal’s co-editors, received an email in May from Dr. Stewart listing some of the accusations and irregularities, and, in relation to Dr. Brown, Dr. Heathers, and Mr. Smith, asserting that .data thugs.demand data and if they do not receive it, they contact editors and universities and threaten to write blogs and tweets about the errors uncovered..

A group of researchers who specialize in exposing bad science. That “data thugs” slur was repeated without citation in several articles that I sampled for this post.

Drs. Linders and Wright also received emails in May and July from Dr. Sterett about Dr. Stewart’s articles. The May email included a full list of the irregularities in all five articles. The co-editors did not investigate. Two weeks after they got Dr. Sterett’s second email, and two months after they received Dr. Stewart’s email, Drs. Linders and Wright received an email from a reporter, Thomas Bartlett, asking if they were looking into the irregularities in Stewart et al. (2019). They replied, .no question concerning this paper has been brought to our attention.” Before replying to the reporter, however, Dr. Wright wrote to Dr. Linders: .a writer from the Chronicle of Higher Education is sniffing around. Is the paper he cites below the one inquired into by the “data thugs?. Of course, I won’t respond until we get a plan together..

Conclusion and Recommendations

Scientific fraud occurs all too frequently.approximately 1 in 50 scientists admit to fabricating or falsifying data (Fanelli 2009).and I believe it is the most likely explanation for the data irregularities in the five retracted articles. Dr. Stewart’s current claim about the source of the 2013 survey differs from his previous claim and from what the survey firm’s owner and director have said. His claim about the number of 2008 samples also differs from the director’s account. When asked for the 2008 data, Dr. Stewart claimed he destroyed the original file, even though FSU officials said not to change it. More generally, many aspects of the data and findings are impossible, and others are so implausible or improbable as to be preposterous.

None of the editors followed COPE.s guidelines when alerted to the irregularities in Dr. Stewart’s articles. One editor seemingly tried to coordinate a collective response of ignoring the allegations, even though she recognized their potential seriousness. At two journals, the editors sought the whistleblower’s identity. I believe that it is possible that one or more of the editors would have revealed the whistleblower’s identity had they discovered it. For instance, email correspondence reveals that Dr. Johnson kept Dr. Stewart up to date on what his co-editors knew and were doing, even after officially recusing himself from the matter. Not a single editor started an investigation in response to the anonymous allegations. Dr. Linders explained her reluctance to take those allegations seriously:

“At this point, especially since the person complaining would not come forward, I assumed this was something along the lines of the scientific version of complaints about “fake news. (now “fake science.). If you cannot verify the credibility of the source, how can you trust the information?”

Textbook managerialism. How can anything good come from a non-certified-compliant source?

The Shadiversity SJW Conflict

If you aren’t familiar with Shadiversity then you either don’t watch much JewTube, or you rarely fantasize about disemboweling your enemies with two feet of sharpened steel. That is to say, he’s one of the premier historical experts on medieval swordsmanship and related topics of my generation, and like most “amateur” historians, his explorations are much more… experiential?.. than professional historians tenured to their armchair.

Shad got an SJW swarming, possibly not his first. He’s taken the right steps so far but alas, is also a nice guy to his enemies. I’m not. This post is both a shout-out of support and the smackdown that Shad really ought to have done. The wrong time to salvage a friendship is when the friend knifes you in the back.

h ttps://

Matt’s polemic, since he deleted his own copy:

Dear community, fans and members,

“I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

This is the kind of post I normally try to avoid.

Remember the first rule of social media etiquette, Matt: you don’t have to say anything.

You will notice that this morning I have removed a post that I made while I was away working and travelling yesterday.

At quite short notice, I was kindly invited to get together with a varied group of people to do some filming.

Out of which I made the above meme. Background, he got together with Shad & dudes for some live-action swordplay. Why not? Sounds like fun; however, I doubt this was as spontaneous an event as he claims, if he’d been “working and traveling”.

I don’t normally turn down such opportunities, unless I have some concrete reason. Even if I have factual and non-damaging disagreements with another person involved. I try to beat views that I disagree with, with facts and argument.

Bullshit. Matt attended the event, everybody had fun, then after he went home, out came the shiv. Textbook SJW move. They do it because EVERYTHING is politics in Social Justice. That paragraph was Matt doing reputation damage control after finding out that associating with Shad is doubleplusungood. He’s not talking to Shad or the medieval-reenactment community. He’s talking to the Commissar behind the klieg lights… probably his ugly girlfriend, if I know SJWs.

One of the people involved yesterday, it turns out, is highly “personally” offensive to a lot of people I care about. Both here and offline. I did not know the depths and complexities of the issues with that person before yesterday.

“I didn’t know he was unperson, O Great Cthulhu! Spare me and I will sacrifice him to you!”

I don’t care if somebody has historical views that I disagree with – I will argue with them.

Oxymoronic sentence.

But I do deeply care if a person has views that I deem to be venturing into the realm of bigotry, such as sexism, racism or homophobia. That is absolutely, and obviously, a line in the sand for me.

Yeah, because you’ll get a free toaster if you champion feminism just five more times. Fifteen more times and your girlfriend will touch your body briefly, then apologize!

I have interacted with this person over the years, including posting video rebuttals…

“I never agreed with him.”


“I never agreed with him.”

responses, etc. on historical matters.

“I never agreed with him.”

I had not experienced anything negative with that person, other than disagreeing with a fairly large number of points that person has made…

“I never agreed with him.”

(as evidenced by my videos responses over the years, eg. what is HEMA?)

Historical European Martial Arts. Shadiversity went on the record in 2021, that HEMA is something you do. Matt objected, saying that HEMA is a gatekeeping organization that you must respect.


h ttps://

HEMA . Historical European martial arts . is generally accepted to be a movement aimed at reconstructing historical fighting systems that come from or are connected to the European continent. It is primarily focused on using historical treatises on fighting . a variety of documents, hundreds of which are available nowadays, many of them for free online, which were some variation of instructional books from the past.

It’s a gatekeeping bureaucracy and publishing house, not a movement.

Shadiversity, though, has another definition.

According to him, HEMA is everything you do that is connected to weapons and history. It doesn’t matter if you follow a historical source and try to recreate a historical system, or you just watch some videos of people online and look at any illustrations that show weapon use from history, you are doing some sort of HEMA.

Uh-oh! Is an unlicensed amateur not following your affordably-priced instructions?

It is important to note that in the past . in 2016 . Shad has visited a HEMA event and has fenced beginners and intermediate fencers. At the time he freely admitted he would join a HEMA club if one was nearby. Yet he has been offered help and teaching from local HEMAists in his region and has refused it.


Due to the reactions to his video [link to in this article], Shadiversity made another claim . that HEMAists are elitists and want to gatekeep HEMA only to those who study the sources.

Emphasis theirs!

Skallagrim [a peer/rival of Shadiversity] eventually made a video on the topic of HEMA elitism as well. He concludes there is a certain level of elitism in HEMA on average, and some instructors take things extremely seriously and professionally. Some HEMA discussions online also can get toxic . which is true for any community.

The self-pwning is theirs, too!

Matt Easton, [a well-known HEMA instructor and pioneer,] was the first to react, without naming Shad specifically, with a detailed video on what history is and why the treatises are the most important point of reference that defines HEMA.

In short, the study of history is mainly focused on written sources . which is why the term pre-history exists, defining the period before written sources. Written sources require interpretation, but some can be quite specific and reliable, especially when the identity and life experience of the author can be confirmed by other sources. HEMAist trust fencing treatises also because many of the masters are known as teachers of fencing, some . as soldiers, others . as duelists.

…Matt makes the argument that without those treatises, HEMA wouldn’t be what it is today . which is certainly true.

Poof, gatekeeping. “History is based on written records, and our treatises are based on those records, so who is this Shadiversity to say or do anything else?” Simple answer: whatever the ancients did, must have worked. Shad didn’t just ignore HEMA’s published-for-profit manuals, he tried stuff out to see what worked, what could work and so on.

Consequently, amateurs on youTube routinely outperform credentialed experts. Much as I routinely outperform credentialed theologians: it’s not because I’m smarter, it’s because I try to live it.

That is probably the “factual and non-damaging disagreements” that Matt referred to in his post. Both sides had legit points, although if you proceed to read the comments, HEMA was not the kind of organization to tolerate a non-Converged outsider.

Which isn’t news to pretty much anybody after their first Renaissance Festival. SJWs have a particularly strong love for escapist hobbies because their daily lives are eating political shit for the privilege of convincing outsiders that it’s steak.

I read a recent article by two Australian “researchers” who talked about how much fun it was to ride their bicycles and mass-transit everywhere, and how car owners don’t know how secretly unhappy they are. They got paid to say that, but if they actually do ride their bicycles in the rain and cold with fifty pounds of gardening supplies or whatever, then here’s a fact, they aren’t as happy as me in a Toyota.

Then they showed a diagram of a 15-minute city with all the distances relabeled “20 minutes”. We knows, precious, yes we do! gollum

There is every chance that Matt DID consider Shad a friend, and even still does, but guess what? The needs of the State outweigh the needs of the few.

End segue

Shadiversity’s rebuttal:

Something very sad has happened.

Not sad. The wild animal showed his colors before he could do you serious harm. That’s fortunate, not tragic.

Matt Easton@scholagladiato1, a long-time collaborator and friendly peer in the Youtube sword community has just chosen to cut off all association with me, Shad, and my channel Shadiversity.

We had just had a great day collaborating with other wonderful sword content creators. It was a day of friendship, discussion and laugher. Upon sharing some images of the day and filming he received many hateful comments about me, I’m guessing of the type that grossly misrepresent and vilify my beliefs in an attempt to discredit and harm my reputation.

Shad is reportedly Mormon.

Without contacting me to find out the true ‘context’ of my extremely basic and commonly held conservative beliefs that I am outspoken about outside of Shadiversity, he has chosen to totally and completely excommunicate me from his association, even in spite of the kindness, support, respect and friendship I’ve shown him over the years of our association. Good will, benefit of the doupt, personal friendly interactions, and past kindness, mean little apparently.

When the SJW says the political is the personal, it means he will betray you if and when the Narrative requires it.

Matt isn’t the first person to do this, and perhaps I.ll talk about the others in the future.

I keep Shadiversity free from politics, all are welcome regardless of their beliefs, and I extend a hand of friendship to all, those that agree with my belief and more importantly, those that do not, including Matt. I believe this is essential to push for a more peaceful and tolerant world. I will watch, support, and be friends with those who have beliefs I find offensive.

Big mistake, Shad. You are offering pearls to human swine. The SJW has no concept of truce or friendship, or any kind of life outside the State and the Narrative.

That does not mean I will not stand up and be outspoken about my beliefs, nor should people censure themselves for the sake of my feelings, and people should not have to betray their beliefs just to be accepted by others. We just need to learn to get along with those that are different.

Matt doesn’t want to get along with you. That’s why he didn’t talk to you first. It’s why he doesn’t want to discuss if maybe sodomy IS disgusting, or if women truly are happier as uneducated babymakers in the kitchen.

He’ll discuss the finer points of meaningless trivia such as historical European martial arts, because it (probably) can’t be used as a political weapon against him.

If you, reader, wonder why SJWs tolerate such a totalitarian lifestyle, it’s because they scheme to do the same thing: gain power over their peers by enforcing the Narrative. Their gods are the people powerful enough to enforce the Narrative while publicly violating it at the same time, which is why they don’t get hung up about their leaders’ blatant hypocrisies.

For all those who do not want to hear me fight for what I think is right, I separate it from Shadiversity as best I can, and share such views on my second channel, Knights Watch or here on X/twitter. I only address it now because people like Matt can’t seem to understand this separation, nor associate with people who believe things they find offensive.

Correct. Matt doesn’t understand that separation. To his perspective, whatever is against the Narrative is an exploitable weakness. That’s why he is willing to lose friends in order to not be vulnerable to people exactly like him.

This. Is. Who. They. Are.

This is why the very first step of Christian salvation is internalization. “I, I alone, am responsible for what I do. There is darkness *WITHIN ME* that I choose to confront.” SJWs externalize that darkness instead, creating a world in which they seek out the sins of other people while covering up their own sins. They must die for their sins before you die for yours!

Because they reject objective definitions of good & evil, they must make do with subjective definitions… the Narratives imposed by the only agency their materialist eyeballs can see, the State.

Not very long ago it was far more common for people to get along and be friends, regardless of their run-of-the-mill political or religious views, even if they found them offensive.

That’s the western side of the Hajnal Line talking. The races of Man are different from each other.

And yes, my views are standard views most Christian conservatives have, regardless of how much people try and vilify and misrepresent them. I’m just outspoken and stand up for what I believe. Of course, people love to misrepresent my views in the vilest of ways, apparently it is better to strawman a person into a villain rather than address his views… I stand by everything I’ve said there, not the strawman villainous caricature people that hate me try to depict.

Yes, Shad! Never apologize! Never kneel! The SJW has no time for mercy!

What many ideologically possessed people who sit on the opposite political spectrum to me don’t seem to understand is that they hold views that I find equally and *personally* offensive as many of my beliefs are to them, although it seems they probably don’t have a correct understanding of my views seeing as many hear disingenuous hateful comments about me and take them as categorical truth. My point is I actually believe and practice tolerance and acceptance of people different from me. You don’t have to agree or celebrate someone’s beliefs or lifestyle to tolerate them and treat them with kindness, as you would anyone else. I would never consider disassociating myself with anyone due to them believing many standard left leaning views that I find offensive, or if they received online hatred from activists for having standard left leaning views. That would be intolerant, and I stand by my friends.

No, Shad! They are not your friends if they do not act like friends! I understand tolerating Matt after the 2021 conflict, his disagreement with you was kept within bounds, but now he’s made it clear that the price of associating with him in the future is you accepting child molestation, white replacement, gender inversion and every other wickedness that that wicked can invent.

Tolerance of wickedness, or of wicked men, is not a Christian virtue.

Matt cut himself off from you because you stink of Christ. Respect his decision by cutting him off in turn. The only “tolerance” you should show him, is forgiveness after repentance.

And for the record, repentance will look like Matt publicly confessing that God is real and hates fags after all. Which God does. Repentance does NOT look like “I’m sorry, can we forget that happened?”

My tolerance and acceptance cease when people demand I practice opposing beliefs (betraying my own beliefs) for the sake of their feelings…

Matt Easton and the others who’ve chosen to do this, are guilty of this and have revealed their own intolerance, but I will not cut them off as they are choosing to do to me. My hand is still extended to move forward in collaboration and friendship, even though they have beliefs I find extremely offensive, and have cast me aside as someone so vile to be a pariah to them, when I have done nothing but show them support and kindness throughout our entire association.

Aw, Shad. This isn’t going to end well for you. You’ve taken the right steps thus far, but for your own safety, cut them off.

I believe Matt is capable of being a mature adult and being a truly tolerant person, not one that claims to be tolerant while excommunicating people from his association for wrong-think and false vilification, claiming standard conservative and religious beliefs as extremism.

Upon what do you base that assertion? Not observable reality. Not even ‘what he said’.

Here is the reality. The people that are so intolerant and emotionally unstable to the point of not being able to be near people with views they find offensive, are a tiny minority. And yes, they seem like a larger group because they are so outspoken, and they overrun many online platforms. But in the real world they are the minority. Most people are not so delicate, easily offended, or hateful. This minority will complain online and claim hate speech against, what in reality is, bland political views, but all they need to be is ignored.

So do it, Shad. Dust him off and walk away. He wants to come back, HE builds that bridge, not you.

The Real Great Reset Is Not As Advertised

The rate of my posting has slowed due to a need to insulate myself. My situation is “too close to Gay Area Commiefornia”, which is great for studying the bad about our decadent society and terrible for studying the good.

So far as I know, either in personal life or in my blogging/Kremlinology, there is absolutely zero hope and the devil already controls everything. I recognize this as observer bias. Other dissidents assure me that the kids are turning out just fine, that families are still forming, and even that some people have decent churches. But I myself am not in a position to see that.

Such is the failure of Kremlinology. It is like panning for gold, collecting all the Enemy’s lies and filtering out the truth nuggets that all professional-quality lies must contain. (If they told 100% lies, then they’d be telling the truth by opposition.) Kremlinology is very rarely predictive. This is why the Soviet Union looked strong right up to the moment of its collapse.

This article illustrates those limits.

Klaus Schwab Calls for Governments to “Merge” with Unelected Corporate Elite

h ttps://

By Frank Bergman, 8 September 2023

World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab has called on governments around the world to begin merging with the unelected corporate elite to usher in his agenda to end “the era of capitalism..

Schwab made the comments during an address at this week’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit.

The event is a meeting of Southeast Asian governments and their “partner” nations.

The WEF founder argues that governments must embrace his globalist organization’s allies and allow corporate power elites to begin forging public policy.

During his speech, Schwab took the opportunity to dictate his plans for the merging of state and corporate power.

It’s obviously a power flex. The temptation is to think the devil does that because he’s strong. Sometimes that is true, but assuming so is a tiny defeat. If we dig in to the story, we learn that’s not true, but the first step is believing that the opera isn’t over just because the fat lady sang and the usher wants us to vacate.

However, the address from Schwab left many questioning why the head of a non-governmental organization, that represents private corporate interests, was even at the event.

Simple. Klaus went to ASEAN because ASEAN did NOT go to him.


h ttps://

24 January 2023

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is bullish on Southeast Asia. One of the buzzy acronyms circulating at the meet was VIP markets: namely Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Yet most leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) chose to give the annual jamboree of global elites at Davos a miss

This year’s gathering at Davos, which began on January 16, was also missing a slew of marquee names who had attended in the past. In 2017, then Vice President Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Theresa May, and Shakira were among the guests. China’s president delivered the keynote address. ASEAN was represented by Cambodia’s Hun Sen and Vietnam’s Nguyen Xuan Phuc, both regulars on the Davos speaker circuit. However, this year Hun Sen skipped the event, and Phuc resigned as president while the WEF annual meeting was in session.

China doesn’t want to attend WEF anymore? Gosh, I wonder why. And China’s neighbors are feeling skittish, too? Might have something to do with, “Psst, we GAEs are going to wage World War 3 against China because they don’t use ((our banking system)). Wanna die for us? You need to die for us because we’re out of bullets. Don’t make us hurt you, too….”

Among Asian participants, there’s a feeling that the event is drifting away from its global agenda. Nikkei Asia referred to the meeting as .a eurocentric gathering.” After last year’s conference, Malaysian columnist Karim Raslan wrote, .How can it be a “World” Economic Forum when the concerns of Asia, which will contribute 60 percent of global growth by 2030, are disregarded?. The war in Ukraine is one of the areas of concern. Some ASEAN countries argue that sanctions against Russia are counterproductive. Hun Sen told a Davos audience last year, .Sanctions should be stopped because they don’t produce any benefits. Not only do poor countries suffer, even the countries that issued the sanctions are affected..

Summit fatigue could be another reason for the absence of ASEAN leaders at Davos.

The Davos connection has become “politically toxic” for world leaders in the post-COVID-19 era.

It’s neither fatigue nor Covidism. It’s the sanctions and 404 War, as in “this is what GAE does to its friends?!”

Reading the same story from the correct starting point changes everything. The Red Pill was like that to me. I had all the facts and observations stored up, but not the… intersexual experience, to pull it all together.

End segue

Nevertheless, [Mister “Eat Zee Bugz”] made an appearance at the latest Summit held in Indonesia and have a speech dictating his agenda to leaders of sovereign nations.

On its website, the Summit is described as “bilateral meetings between the leaders of the attending countries..

Schwab, who represents large corporations, was apparently the only exception to this rule.

As Australian politician Craig Kelly tweeted yesterday: .Why is Klaus holding court at the current ASEAN summit in Indonesia? And why is Klaus also advocating for a merger of state and corporate power?.

If I hadn’t dug deeper, I wouldn’t have recognized Schwab’s surprise appearance and speech as a desperate plea/threat to the nations that his allies are driving away. Even so, this doesn’t reveal what IS happening. Only that Klaus is a droopy face-puppet instead of the leader of the WEF conspiracy.

Oh, yes. The reason Klaus gets to give speeches, in his best “flag officer of defeated empires” attire, is because he shares the true leaders’ blood while being otherwise useless.

Perhaps his “conehead” phrenology should have been a tip-off. Or his meltface. Or his accent, which went out of style with the toothbrush mustache. Or maybe he’s just hopelessly, crayon-chewing incompetent…

Speaking at the summit, Schwab told government leaders that he is pushing, what he calls, .public-private cooperation..

He continued by asserting that, with the fusion of corporation and state, we would see a shift from “the era of capitalism to the era of talentism..

Heh, QED. Don’t call him ableist!

I cannot see that marketing department’s focus group, yet I know it must exist. Its spoor is everywhere!

Schwab explains that under his system, corporate elites will craft policies for sovereign countries to ensure that innovation becomes the “key competitive factor..

He had already declared that his plans for merging corporations and states will mean that “governments still provide direction but business provides the innovative power..

Sooo, the Asian governments left his fan club, then he crashed their Davos-alternative to dictate a future to Asian governments in which Asian government no longer exist except as puppets. Not even the real Borg could make that sale: “We are the WEF. Lower your borders and surrender your sovereignty. Your culture will adapt to service Africa. We will add your cultural and intellectual property to our stakeholds. Resistance is futile. We are the WEF.”

Meanwhile, the missing piece in all these high-level meetings of plutocrats and rulers, is 99.99% of humanity. I lack the illusion that many of them believe differently from their rulers, but it certainly isn’t all of them.

But I cannot see them. The Regime has monopolized media that much. Never mind the paucity of actual, on-the-ground reporting these days.

Schwab also gave a key address at the 2022 ASEAN Summit.

As with this year, questions were raised then as to why an unelected leader of the WEF is dictating policy to democratically elected officials.

Schwab.s stakeholder capitalism system is one where companies seek long-term value creation instead of short-term profits and governments cooperate with them.

In other words, the unelected leaders of for-profit companies are in charge of society.

Nothing has changed. The cycle is continuing with an inertia that cannot be overcome by human effort. The wicked take over, burn society to the ground, and then humanity is free to rebuild in a different, if not new, direction.

Which means that inevitably, the true Reset is already beginning among the young and in forgotten areas. The wicked will fail and GAE will fall. It could even be soon, as Klaus puts the Asian world on notice that they’ll be the cheese-eating surrender monkeys of the future. But for some of us, it takes faith to see what is not yet seen.

Hell Abhors A Spiritual Vacuum

I’m not entirely happy with this post, but it’s a worthwhile exploration of themes going through my head. The true horror of modern times is not the existence of evil… it always exists… or even the ascendance of evil, which invariably happens from time to time.

It is… THIS time only… the total absence of opposition against evil. We’re now at the stage of cops protecting trannies molesting children from the childrens’ parents, as publicly decreed by the State.

How Modern Man’s desire for self-annihilation at death has led (via inverted values) to the societal self-destruction of The West

h ttps://

By Bruce Charlton, 1 September 2023

It seems that the ultimate desire of “evil” is that Men should desire their own annihilation.

I don’t disagree, but it’s not that simple. We aren’t talking about sewer-cide here. Throwing off God in favor of other gods or humanism has always been popular, but throwing off God in favor of oblivion? Not so much.

I am saying that the ultimate reason that Modern Men do not believe in life beyond death, is that Men do not want life after death: Modern Men instead want annihilation at death.

I am saying that in this situation; desire causes belief, not the other way around.

Desire is almost always the cause of belief. It is a mistake to believe that the average person has been reasoned into his current worldview. “I want to believe” is a first principle of human behavior. Or to put it negatively, it’s hard to convince a man of something when his paycheck required him to not believe it.

Doc Brown in my last post is just such an example. He believes in climate change because his job is climate research, which he chose because that’s where the grant money is today. It would be very self-denying if he connected all the dots of “they’re paying me to backstop their totalitarian agenda” and had to repudiate his life’s work, so instead, he wrote an article connecting enough of the dots to blame other people but not himself.

If we assume that desire causes belief, and belief causes Men’s values; and if Men’s values cause Men’s behaviour; then we may infer that the fundamental nature of Modern Society is ultimately a consequence of Modern Men’s desires.

Therefore – given that Modern Men desire annihilation, it should not be surprising that Modern Society seeks its own annihilation; nor should it be surprising that this operates via increasingly-explicit value-inversion.

Mr. Charlton did not made the case for his assumption. WHY do Modern Men desire annihilation? The keyword is “desire”. They do not want Christ because they see benefit in rejecting ANY life after death. They aren’t chasing religions that offer reincarnation. They aren’t even doing the Pharaoh thing of being worshiped postmortem. As hard as they’ll try to extend their mortal lives, they clearly want to believe that death is the Hard Stop.

Why? Progressivism. The belief that newer is always better, that with sufficient tech, morality becomes obsolete and we can be as gods. But eliminating the need for God is not the same thing as eliminating God Himself, now is it? Thus, it is desirable for Progressives to believe that death is the end… that there is only the material world.

Denying God’s existence gives Modern Man the lebensraum to Progress into godhood for himself.

If a man believes that there is no life after death, then he is instantly freed from responsibility to anybody but himself and exempted from every moral code so long as he doesn’t get caught. Life becomes a negative-sum game instead of positive-sum: everybody is screwed, so improve your quality-of-life by screwing your neighbor before he screws you. Somebody was gonna end up with all that copper wiring in the walls, right?

This is sometimes referred to as Keynesian Economics.

By contrast, if Man lived forever then, at some point, somehow, his past would catch up to him. As Alan Keynes infamously justified the instability of his system, “in the long run we’re all dead anyway.”

And of course, once a man travels any distance down that road of doing evil in hopes of dying before the evil hurts, recovery is not just hard; it’s undesirable.

What is truly astonishing about Modern Society (especially in the West, and where Western values dominate) – and what is apparently unprecedented in world history – is that the fundamentals of human biological life have become officially and systematically denied, destroyed, and inverted.

Something as biologically natural and spontaneous as eating and drinking are under continual assault, top-down; to dissociate them from anything natural, to delete whatever is instinctive, to reshape and invert preferences. We often get ‘idealistic’ depictions of a future in which grossly unnatural and distorted foods and drinks are regarded as progress: in which such a situation is regarded as moral progress.

I hope that is true but fear that it isn’t. There’s a post that I’m building up towards. For now, weakening the body… specifically by not eating meat… is a known way to weaken the barrier between the soul and hostile spirits.

Also, note that this Agenda is being pushed by a very small handful of people upon a very large planet of people who 1. don’t want it and 2. are unwilling to resist it.

My theory of death-is-the-ultimate-liberator doesn’t explain this lack of resistance to imposed destruction. This is not a case of “everybody for himself” any more than it’s a case of “sewer-cide”.

Something as biologically natural and spontaneous as family, is likewise subjected to inversion following decades of successful destruction. Natural and biological family is increasingly depicted as innately evil, oppressive, exploitative; and “anything-else” is deliberately (with upfront financial and status rewards) mass-presented in idealized ways, with an inbuilt assumption of their superiority.

A good case study. Nobody rejects life-after-death in order to maltreat their children. The all-about-me materialist isn’t the one pushing the value-inversion. But he IS the one accepting it without a fight?!

There’s a generational cycle that I’ve seen with Communism. The first generation of atheists is raised religious and therefore, acts morally out of habit even after they discard God. Their children are carefully NOT taught morality by their parents, so… guess who does. Satan. Marx. The radicals. The criminals who embrace the ethos of “do what thou wilt” with no legacy hangups about envying your neighbor’s cow.

The third generation gets taught the same lies but by then, everything is stolen and they quickly realize the need to become independent of the increasingly desperate State. What they choose to replace the State with depends greatly upon what survives the culture purges of those, quoting Michael Savage, red diaper doper babies.

This three-generation pattern is no longer holding true. The first generation is rejecting God in favor of… nothing. Void. No belief system, no charismatic leaders, no moral code, just Progress Fixes All. Also, there’s no third generation. This time, the ((Marxists)) are programming the second generation to die, not to rebel. This is neither the self-annihilation that Mr. Charlton talks about, nor the Crowley-style self-empowerment that I talked about above.

This is the technocracy taking hold (and losing its grip). What was previously done by loyalists indoctrinated from birth, is now to be done by AI and microchip implants. The denizens of Hell no longer want human servants.

I will have an example at the end.

I regard these mainstream, official, totalitarian-imposed social-aspects of Modern Life; as distal consequences of the proximate desire for self-annihilation that characterizes Modern Man.

Put differently: the ultimate cause of the inverted values which are destroying Western Society (and probably, to some large extent, the whole world) – is the positive wish of so many individual Western Men to be utterly annihilated (body and mind/ soul/ spirit) when they die.

My conclusion is that the ultimate cause of the inverted-moral destruction of Western Society, is that supernatural evil is taking advantage of the spiritual vacuum created by atheist Progressivism. The Satanists spent decades liberating women from patriarchy but at this point, they can (and have) imposed State-sanctioned child molestation in mere weeks.

No Western authority is willing to fight back because it cannot fight evil with its Progressive assumption that there is no evil, there is only a temporary technological incapacity to digest evil. This is why American governments have made several attempts to ban GAE’s child molestation policies, which have already been banned for millennia because it’s child molestation. We don’t need more rules. We need all the rope in Texas and a big oak tree.

The unexpected consequence of the wholesale extermination of Christianity from the West, has been total self-disarmament against supernatural embodiments of evil.

Time for that example:

Elon Musk blames school for rift with daughter: .She doesn’t want to spend time with me.

h ttps://

Elon Musk blames his trans daughter’s progressive school for their now nonexistent relationship, according to a recent excerpt of an upcoming biography on the X, formerly known as Twitter, owner published in The Wall Street Journal.

Musk’s daughter, who legally changed her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson in 2022, came out as trans when she was 16. Wilson . who goes by her middle name, Jenna . did not tell her now-estranged father she was trans.

The Tesla CEO heard about his daughter’s transition from someone else, according to Walter Isaacson, who spent over three years following Musk and who is the author of the upcoming biography.

His estranged relationship with his daughter is why Musk, according to Isaacson, has adopted a so-called “anti-woke sentiments.” Musk often publicly complains about the alleged “dangers” of the “woke mind virus.” According to Isaacson, Musk told him that “unless the woke mind virus, which is fundamentally anti-science, anti-merit, and anti-human in general, is stopped, civilization will never become multiplanetary.

THAT is how he chose to phrase, “they sodomized my little girl”?

Well, Mr. Musk… not to kick you while you’re down… but the alien freaks that you’re searching for in space, just colonized your daughter. Maybe the trip to encounter other intelligences won’t be as long as you expect.

Maybe you shouldn’t have chosen to become a god instead of a father.


X ? A-12: Elon Musk and Grimes confirm baby name

h ttps://

End segue

No need for the article. They obviously didn’t choose that name because they thought it would be good for the kid. Musk is the guy bringing humanity to the stars while abandoning his kids to an extradimensional incursion of Nephilim.

Musk also partly blames his daughter’s ideology and decision to cut him out of her life on Crossroads, a progressive school Jenna attended in Los Angeles, Isaacson wrote. Musk believes, according to Isaacson, that Twitter “had become infected by a similar mindset that suppressed right-wing and anti-establishment voices.”

No, Musk. Don’t blame the school. Don’t blame her ‘choice of ideology’. Her story is typical of daughters abandoned by celebrity fathers. You did not corrupt her, but you DID assume that she could not be corrupted. Because Progress.

I would happily watch SpaceX fight Black Cube in a no-holds smackdown for world domination. But. Elon Musk cannot solve the problem of his ruined daughter by defeating globohomo, because the problem is Elon Musk being too busy being Elon Musk to be Daddy. He left her vulnerable to outsiders and then was surprised when the inevitable happened. He didn’t want to miss out on any lifetime achievements before the Hard Stop hits. Anybody can breed, right? But Starlink and rocket ships, fuck yeah!

The collapse of Christianity is having a similar effect at a grander scale. Society claimed there is no spiritual realm in order to excuse its abandoning God. Now that devils are rushing in to fill the spiritual vacuum, our authorities are paralyzed, unwilling to believe their own lying eyes.

Human Livestock: PhD As A Lifestyle Choice

American colleges are more like drug dealers than Chinacrap factories. They aren’t dumping bad product into an artificially inflated market; they’re feeding appetites that will always be lucrative but never should be indulged.

Consider that there have been far too many PhDs chasing academic slots for well over a decade. These are Smart(tm) people, right? Why do they persist in getting advanced education, when they see and know that their future employment prospects are dismal? The answer is, they’re weak men who want to be institutionalized, yet respectably. They actively want to be micromanaged. Get in the pod, eat the bugs, welcome the invader, marry your dog… Just do what you’re told and you won’t get hurt.

Some people really are like that.

Whether because the student is too emotionally damaged to face reality, or is merely female… this is the female nesting instinct on steroids… the student is the driving force behind academia-as-a-lifestyle. Instead of facing hardships, or worse, uncertainty & risk, they choose a career that… while guaranteed to be underpaid and unrewarding if not totalitarian nihilistic… will at least guarantee, with all the force of government, that the student will never starve.

Until he DOES starve, of course. Weak people trusting the government is like pigs trusting the farmer.

Academics pursue PhDs only because they’re too cool for Skid Row. They can’t handle life. They don’t care that the odds of tenure are nil, or that the price of tenure is a soul that they don’t believe they have. They want the air-conditioned livestock pen at any price, which unfortunately, is where the globalists got the idea for a Great Reset.

The other nine males “make the system work”. AKA McNuggets. But don’t worry, you’ll be The One because… reasons.

I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published

h ttps://

By Patrick T. Brown, 5 September 2023

Why would he do that? Because he’s… CHICKEN.

I am a climate scientist. And while climate change is an important factor affecting wildfires over many parts of the world, it isn’t close to the only factor that deserves our sole focus.

So why does the press focus so intently on climate change as the root cause? Perhaps for the same reasons I just did in an academic paper about wildfires in Nature, one of the world’s most prestigious journals: it fits a simple storyline that rewards the person telling it.

This worthless academic is going to talk a lot about how PRESTIGIOUS journals constantly tell lies to promote their political agenda. One wonders what, exactly, makes them prestigious. In this article, the author describes how “prestigious” means “the government will fund you only if you have PRESTIGIOUS approval”. I’ll be skipping that part because I deal in souls, not funding grants.

The paper I just published..Climate warming increases extreme daily wildfire growth risk in California..focuses exclusively on how climate change has affected extreme wildfire behavior. I knew not to try to quantify key aspects other than climate change in my research because it would dilute the story that prestigious journals like Nature and its rival, Science, want to tell.

That word again.

This matters because it is critically important for scientists to be published in high-profile journals… In many ways, they are the gatekeepers for career success in academia… The editors of these journals have made it abundantly clear, both by what they publish and what they reject, that they want climate papers that support certain preapproved narratives.even when those narratives come at the expense of broader knowledge for society.

A scientist would ask why they are so committed to a path of easily provable falsehoods. An academic would take the the money and do the deed, then complain that he feels violated the morning after.

As the number of researchers has skyrocketed in recent years.there are close to six times more PhDs earned in the U.S. each year than there were in the early has become more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd. So while there has always been a tremendous premium placed on publishing in journals like Nature and Science, it’s also become extraordinarily more competitive.

That’s NOT the fault of the Regime. It doesn’t care where its lies come from. If you make yourself available then they’ll use you. It’s true that kings want everybody reduced to pawns, but it’s also true that natural-born pawns demand a king. They will not live free even when given the chance.

“I want to tell the truth but it would hurt my career. I shouldn’t have to make that choice!” Behold the materialist conscience: they know you’re evil, they hate your evil, but the only alternative is courage & honor.

I suddenly realized why the moneychangers print those diplomas on “sheepskin”. 10/10 Black knight trolling!

In theory, scientific research should prize curiosity, dispassionate objectivity, and a commitment to uncovering the truth. Surely those are the qualities that editors of scientific journals should value.

In reality, though, the biases of the editors (and the reviewers they call upon to evaluate submissions) exert a major influence on the collective output of entire fields. They select what gets published from a large pool of entries, and in doing so, they also shape how research is conducted more broadly. Savvy researchers tailor their studies to maximize the likelihood that their work is accepted. I know this because I am one of them.

Here.s how it works.

You send them a selfie of your Brazilian butt-jobbed booty, pumped bulgingly full of credentials, then they give you money and bend you over a dumpster in a dark alley. You then give half the money to your pimp while complaining he’s not giving you a choice.

Maybe there’s a better way to live. Nah. You already know more about ‘plumbing problems’ than those tradesmen ever will. !Science!

The first thing the astute climate researcher knows is that his or her work should support the mainstream narrative.namely, that the effects of climate change are both pervasive and catastrophic and that the primary way to deal with them is not by employing practical adaptation measures like stronger, more resilient infrastructure, better zoning and building codes, more air conditioning.or in the case of wildfires, better forest management or undergrounding power lines.but through policies like the Inflation Reduction Act, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Correct. The first thing the astute climate researcher knows is the Golden Rule of Art & Science: whoever has the gold, makes the rules.

Actually, that’s not true. The greats of Art & Science rarely died wealthy. Their work was more important to them than a life of comfort and, sometimes, of life.

So in my recent Nature paper, which I authored with seven others…

It’s not that the research was that hard. It’s that the industry prestige is that limited. Pro-tip to you, Doc Brown: All seven of your collaborators ALSO hate themselves for lying about their work in order to gain respect.

Does your conscience hurt? It’s supposed to hurt in this situation. I want to see whether you think the problem is your evil, or your evil-detector.


…I focused narrowly on the influence of climate change on extreme wildfire behavior. Make no mistake: that influence is very real. But there are also other factors that can be just as or more important, such as poor forest management and the increasing number of people who start wildfires either accidentally or purposely. (A startling fact: over 80 percent of wildfires in the US are ignited by humans.)

In Greece today, it’s over 99 percent. In fact, authorities there just arrested 79 arsonists… and over 200 arrests for ‘negligence’… but refused to identify any of them. I investigated and discovered that migrants are setting fires in order to distract local law enforcement from arresting them, which means the globalists are trying to stop their own allies from burning down their own homes & families, without exposing themselves as allies of arsonists.

Ah, consequences. Often delayed, never denied.

I left academia over a year ago, partially because I felt the pressures put on academic scientists caused too much of the research to be distorted. Now, as a member of a private nonprofit research center, The Breakthrough Institute, I feel much less pressure to mold my research to the preferences of prominent journal editors and the rest of the field.

Ohhh, he DID find honest work. Alright then, he gets some respect.

You might be wondering at this point if I’m disowning my own paper. I’m not.

YOINK! I take it back.

On the contrary, I think it advances our understanding of climate change’s role in day-to-day wildfire behavior. It’s just that the process of customizing the research for an eminent journal caused it to be less useful than it could have been.

He silenced his evil-detector by blaming what other people did instead of what he did. Doc Brown is still all blah blah anthropogenic climate change; he just doesn’t understand why the only accepted, prestigious solution is totalitarian government control of all humanity.

He never will, either, because his chosen lifestyle is chicken.

Gabon Rejects the Rothschilds

Western humanity is so unprecedentedly evil, that Sub-Saharan Africans are rescuing their civilization from our corruption.

That should sting like a sriracha jellyfish, but my cracker peers are too busy nodding at my mention of African monkey supremacy. I’m not complimenting them! I’m disrespecting YOU, you Cuckleheads! You Gonzos for Bongo!

GAE Tool Won A Totally Fair, Democratic Election For the 56th Year In A Row, So the Men Started Voting With Their Guns For No Reason At All


Gabon military officers declare coup after Ali Bongo wins disputed election

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By Peter Beaumont, 30 August 2023

A group of military personnel appeared on state television to announce they were seizing power to overturn the results of a presidential election, seeking to remove a president whose family has held power for nearly 56 years. The officers introduced themselves as members of the Committee of Transition and the Restoration of Institutions.

If successful, the coup would be the eighth in west and central Africa since 2020. The most recent one, in Niger, was in July, while the military has also seized power in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Chad.

Kicking out the globohomo! That means they love their children more than we Americans love our children. And they send their children to work in lithium mines without safety equipment.

Hmm. Niger, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Chad are contiguous. If Sudan joins in, then there will be a BELT you could build a ROAD on across the widest part of Africa.

Crowds instead took to the streets of the capital and sang the national anthem to celebrate the coup attempt against a dynasty accused of getting rich on the country’s resource wealth while many of its citizens struggle to scrape by.

.Today the country is undergoing a severe institutional, political, economic, and social crisis,. the officers said in a statement, saying the 26 August election lacked transparency and credibility. .In the name of the Gabonese people . we have decided to defend the peace by putting an end to the current regime..

The officers said they represented all Gabonese security and defence forces and announced the election results were cancelled, all borders were closed until further notice and state institutions dissolved.

“We canceled your fake&gay election. WHAT NOW, NULAND? HUH? Tell your soldier-queers to bring it!”

Unlike Niger and two other west African countries run by military juntas, Gabon has not been afflicted by jihadi violence and had been seen as relatively stable. But nearly 40% of Gabonese aged 15-24 were out of work in 2020, according to the World Bank.

That’s not why the people opted for regime change.

The political demise of Bongo fits a pattern of coups in French-speaking Africa in recent years. The French-educated Bongo met the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in Paris in late June and shared photos of them shaking hands.

THAT is why the people opted for regime change. The same reason that France opted for regime change, too! but with more effectiveness. What’s the difference between the Gabonese military and the Yellow Vests? Firepower.

Bongo, in his annual Independence Day speech on 17 August, said: .While our continent has been shaken in recent weeks by violent crises, rest assured that I will never allow you and our country, Gabon, to be hostages to attempts at destabilisation. Never..

In his speech, Bongo acknowledged the widespread frustration over rising costs of living, and listed measures his government was taking to contain fuel prices, make education more affordable, and stabilise the price of baguettes.

Dayumn, that sounded tone-deaf even to me. A guy so ignorant of Africa that I thought, until this very hour, that Niger meant a part of Nigeria. “Let them eat baguettes!”

The French prime minister, ?lisabeth Borne, said France, Gabon’s former colonial ruler, was following the situation closely.

How closely, you ask?

France has around 400 soldiers permanently deployed in the country for training and military support, including at a base in the capital, and has extensive economic ties to the country in the mining and oil sectors.

Of course. All those accusations against us for the “evil colonialism” of centuries past, was only projection from the Jews and Yankees practicing the very worst forms of colonialism to this hour.

The implosion of GAE is going to uncover a lot… of…

Before Wednesday’s dramatic announcement, Bongo’s spell in office was marked by disputed elections and a stroke that spurred rumours about his fitness for office and fuelled a minor attempted coup.

The private intelligence firm Ambrey said all operations at Gabon’s main port in Libreville had been halted, with authorities refusing to grant permission for vessels to leave.

Heehee, they aren’t letting “the voters” escape to a safer harbor.

The French mining company Eramet said it was ceasing all operations in Gabon, and was implementing procedures to ensure the safety of its staff and facilities. The company’s subsidiaries in Gabon operate the world’s largest manganese mine and a rail transport company.

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Eramet is a French multinational mining and metallurgy company, listed on the Euronext Paris exchange under the symbol ERA.

The company was founded with the funding of the Rothschild family (although they were careful to avoid being listed as founders of the company) in 1880. With discretion, the family took full control of the company in 1890.

Every. Single. Time.