California Helps Frivorced Men Paying Child Support

Hell just froze over this weekend. In the summer. Along with Montana.

Eh, they aren’t helping frivorced men so much as persecuting them less. But it’s still a step in the right direction. As the deep well of child $upport dries up in the Golden Lucre State, wimminz have taken note how much of those kiddie payments have been garnished by Sacramento.

California lawmakers take aim at “punitive” child support system for low-income families

California lawmakers take aim at “punitive” child support system for low-income families

By Erica Hellerstein, 30 September 2019

When Ronnell Hampton was growing up, his father wrote a $600 check every month to pay his child support.

But only $50 of that amount actually made it to Hampton’s family; the rest was sent back to the government to repay the cost of public assistance.

Those numbers seem off; women didn’t cash in hubby for $50/month; but my bitter heart laughs at the wimminz noticing how heavily Pimp Daddy has been garnishing her wages of sin.

That answers the old, feminist dilemma of “is prostitution slavery or liberation”, when she factors in her pimp’s take.

The family could have used the extra cash, Hampton said. He recalled days with the electricity turned off, selling candy and pumping gas to make ends meet, and school outings he couldn’t go to because they didn’t have enough money.

Ronnell is older than Strom Thurmond if he ever pumped gas for a living.

.I wasn’t aware that my father was contributing that $600 because that money wasn’t coming to the household,. Hampton, now 31, said. .When I think of $600 additional into my household growing up, that would have helped out so much..

Did you ever ask him, Ronnell? Or did you just take Mommy’s word that he was a no-good alley cat who couldn’t bother to care for his son the only way he was allowed to?

Sit down with your father, Ronnell. Just you and him. Get the real story on why you grew up fatherless. Father God would like that.

Critics have long argued that California’s child support payback system for families using public assistance is overly punitive, disproportionately affects low-income families, and can drive a wedge between children and their parents.

YA THINK?!? Barbie kicks her husband to the curb for nonspecific abuuuse, takes his children away from him and asks the government to suck on his future earnings like a vampire on a Twinkie, yeah, that JUST MIGHT drive a wedge between children and their parents while those $600/mo payments “perpetuate the cycle of poverty”.

Now, two bills on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk could change the system for families like Hampton.s, ensuring that more money passes through to families using benefits, and that noncustodial parents aren’t charged interest on government-owed debt.

The bills, currently awaiting Gov. Newsom’s signature, would send more child support money to families receiving public benefits and eliminate interest on overdue child support payments owed to the government. They do this by taking aim at the way child support payments are collected from noncustodial parents and distributed to families using public assistance such as MediCal and CalWORKs.

Somebody, somewhere, in some dark basement in Sacramento, noticed that incarcerating men who can’t pay does not generate new revenue streams.

Under California law, families using public assistance only receive the first $50 of child support payments, even if the noncustodial parent pays hundreds more each month. The rest of the money is sent to the government to reimburse it for the cost of benefits. This practice earns the state hundreds of millions of dollars each year: In 2018, the state collected nearly $370 million from parents. child support payments to pay back the government for the cost of public assistance, according to the California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO).

It was never forrrr the chillldren. It was always about the green. The State raked in those child $upport payments while sticking the Feds (or at least other departments) with the costs of single motherhood. Privatized profit, socialized risk… I’ve read about that somewhere….

Daddy giving the money straight to Mommy was the original problem, solved with no-fault divorce. Now the taxman gets to take a cut.

Current policy also penalizes noncustodial parents who miss child support payments that are owed to the government. Late payments incur a penalty of 10% interest, one of the highest rates in the nation. Parents who miss them can have their driver’s licenses suspended, their wages garnished, and can be sent to jail.

But the median income of parents with child support debt owed to the government is less than $15,000 a year, according to a report from the San Francisco-based nonprofit Tipping Point. The report also concluded that most of the debt owed to the state is not collectable, often because the noncustodial parent can’t pay or lives out of state.

So, it’s not a question about mercy for the masculine. It’s the realization by parasites that the misandrists have a private agenda. But morality is still nowhere to be found.

Proponents of the bills say the interest rate, penalties, and the limited amount of money that families on assistance receive, can end up reinforcing the cycle of poverty.

.Once it becomes a debt owed to the government, that money never gets sent to the child,. says Jessica Bartholow, a policy advocate with the Western Center on Law and Poverty, which co-sponsored the bills. .It’s kind of the original sin of the child support system we have in place today, which is, how do we call it a child support system where none of that money goes back to the child?.

We. Told. You. So. For. Decades.

The two bills lawmakers recently sent to Gov. Newsom’s desk intend to change that.

SB 337, introduced by state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, would increase the amount of money families on public assistance receive in monthly child support payments and eliminate child support debt the state determines is not collectable. Under Skinner’s bill, families on public assistance with one child will receive $100 a month instead of the current $50 and families with two or more children will get $200.

I’m not a fan of debt forgiveness but this is a case of not collecting illegal taxes punishing a not-crime, so it’s good.

Another bill, AB 1092 from Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles, would end the practice of charging 10% interest on child support debt owed to the state as repayment for public assistance.

An earlier version of Skinner’s bill would have gone even further, directing 100% of child support payments to the family. That provision was ultimately removed amid concerns it would be too costly for the state…

It’s never too costly to eliminate the middleman. Except for the middleman.

…but Skinner says even the increase they did manage to get through . from $50 to $100 . can make a huge difference for families living in deep poverty.

.The cost of living in California is so high that while to many families something like $50 sounds like hardly a drop in the bucket, for a family that is counting every penny, $50 can mean a lot,. she says. .Fifty dollars can mean whether you eat, $50 can mean whether you’re on time with your rent. $50 can mean you’re paying off any type of bill that if you don’t pay, then starts to accumulate penalties or fines..

I sometimes work around those poverty-stricken Section 8 neighborhoods. You never saw so many SUVs and chrome rims.

The impact of debt can extend beyond finances. Researchers have found that the system can create friction between families, with noncustodial parents frustrated that more of their payments aren’t going towards their children, and custodial parents and kids confused and hurt about why they are receiving so little.

Talk about missing the forest for the trees.

Other studies have indicate that relieving parents of their payback debt for public assistance can strengthen their relationship with their children and improve their lives.

A recent study from the Urban Institute, for example, tracked 32 parents participating in a San Francisco pilot project that paid off their government-owed child support debt. Researchers determined that the debt relief led to more consistent child support payments, with an 18-28 percent increase in payments among participants in the pilot project. Parents whose debt was paid off also reported reduced levels of stress and anxiety and had better credit scores, housing opportunities and employment outcomes, the researchers found, as well as improved relationships with their children and even their co-parents, after the debt was eliminated.

After years of painstaking research, properly credentialed think tanks have discovered that men are more likely to pay child support when they aren’t incarcerated.

.It.s always been a question. If you get rid of debt, will people pay? And that’s what happened,. says Jamie Austin, senior director of insights and analytics at Tipping Point, which helped fund the Urban Institute study. “And I think for the insiders of child support, that was kind of proof or evidence that this kind of program relieving debt can work and it can establish a closer relationship between mother and father..

Only repentance can establish that closer relationship, and probably not even then.

Hampton, who advocated for Skinner’s bill and testified at one of its hearings, didn’t learn that his dad paid hundreds in child support each month until years after the fact, when the payback policy came up at a conference he attended. He was shocked. Then he called his dad, who confirmed it.

.Growing up, I just thought it was my dad not wanting to help,. he says, .versus not having the capacity to help. So for me It’s important to make sure that families that don’t have those kinds of experiences..

Dear Ronnell: never, not ever, not even on Christmas, say a single word to your shameless, man-hating BITCH of a mother ever again. Give her the silent treatment because God does not permit you to lie to her as she lied to you, and when it hurts because you have a conscience, remember that your father was innocent.

Frivorce and chilamony was never about helping people. It was about killing fatherhood and looting the men who work for a living. As the pie of middle class wealth shrinks, the factions begin warring against each other for bigger pie slices…

And none of them remember Father God In Heaven, who sees what they do.


The Persecution of Hairdos Intensifies

Gunner Q does a face reveal! *pic*

Okay, it’s not MY face, but that’s still the face of a white nationalist claiming white power before going on a shooting spree. Also known as Eddie Murphy.

In related news… VERY related news… the Anti-Defamation League has just added bowl haircuts to its “hate symbol” list of burning crosses, white sheets and parodies of the Antifa logo. It wasn’t enough that California declared Afros and dreadlocks to be symbols of black pride and therefore protected by anti-racist legis…

Hang on, I need a drink. Thank God it’s Friday.

Funny Fox Beer Drinking Party - Fox Beer - Sticker | TeePublic

I’m back. *hic* Where was I?

Seriously, that’s why the ADL declared bowl cuts to be hate symbols, because Dylan Roof has no sense of style.

This has dangerous, wide-reaching implications! THE BEATLES ARE NOW A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION! Suck on that one, Baby Boomers! And for the first time in eight hundred years, Franciscan monks are mobilizing for war.

Seriously, even the Beatles couldn’t make the bowl haircut cool.

To ensure this isn’t a hoax, let’s go straight to the source.

htt ps://

White Power (hand sign)

Some white supremacists, particularly in California, may use a two-handed handsign in which one hand forms the letter “W” and the other hand forms the letter “P,” to represent WP or “White Power.”

YOU CAN’T PROVE THAT WAS ME! I’LL SUE YOU INTO… oh wait *hic*, nobody was asking.

htt ps://

Bowlcut/Dylann Roof

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has ever or ever will carry that shield into battle.

After white supremacist Dylann Roof’s 2015 attack at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, many white supremacists tried to distance themselves from the attack or to claim it was a “false flag” operation designed to enable a crackdown on white supremacists. Since 2017, however, an increasing number of mostly younger white supremacists have not only applauded Roof’s attack but have openly promoted him as a hero, or even as a “saint.”

Yeah, the alt-Right does claim false flags a lot. Enough to lose credibility with me. They can’t keep beating the war drums while acting surprised when some of their number go “live”.

Roof venerators…

Not to be confused with Roof ventilators.

…often use Roof’s distinctive bowl-shaped haircut to refer to themselves and like-minded fans. This includes using word “bowl” as part of a screen name such as “Bowltrash” or “The Final Bowlution,. or collectively referring to themselves using terms such as the “Bowl Gang” or “Bowlwaffen Division.. They may also use slang terms such as “Take the bowl pill” or “disrespect the bowl, pay the toll.” Some use phrases such as “take me to church” or “take them to church” as coded references for violence.

No. No way. Murdering innocent pseudo-Christians is horrible but adopting a bowl cut is unthinkable. Let’s google those terms and I bet another shot of whiskey the ADL is lying.

Bowlution… nothing. *GQ drinks*

Bowlwaffen… nothing. *GQ drinks*

Bowltrash… did you know the Superbowl generates 40 tons of *hic* trash? Wait, was I supposed to be drinking if I’m right?

Take the bowl pill… oh yeah? Well, booze keeps ME regular! *GQ drinks*

Roof promoters also create and share Roof-related memes across the Internet, including depictions of Roof as a saintly figure with a halo around his head. Even more common are memes featuring Roof’s bowl haircut, either by itself or digitally affixed to other people’s heads. In one shared image, Roof’s haircut has been superimposed on a shield designed to resemble the divisional insignia of Waffen SS military units of Nazi Germany.

The only such pics I can find are on the ADL’s website. Perhaps they would have more credibility if they hadn’t forced the Daily Stormer into the Dark Net, or if they didn’t unperson every Not-see they can accuse.

More recent white supremacist killers such as Robert Bowers, who conducted a shooting spree at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018, and, especially, Brenton Tarrant, the Australian white supremacist who launched a shooting spree targeting mosques in New Zealand in March 2019, have similarly attracted the attention of white supremacist meme propagators.

Neither of whom had bowl cuts, although Tarrant did signal that everything was “OK”.

Wait, he’s flashing “MP”, not “WP”. Yes, there are two MPs with him. False alarm.

Aha, I found those Roof-hair-related memes. All of them were made by one brain-damaged fruit basket named Jeffrey Clark of D.C., already in custody for a couple years.

Jeffrey Clark . the 30-year-old man federal agents arrested here Friday after he said the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims “deserved exactly what happened to them and so much worse” and his relatives worried he might try to launch a race war . wasn’t shy about being a neo-Nazi.

In April 2017, when someone asked Clark at a White House rally organized by .alt-right. coiner Richard Spencer whether he considered himself a fascist, he said no . he considered himself a Nazi. Antifa activists photographed him at the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017. He has posed for pictures in front of Nazi symbols and holding Nazi memorabilia. …

This April, Clark threatened a HuffPost reporter, warning that the reporter would be going “feet first into a woodchipper.” The reporter told police about the threat in August. They did nothing at the time. In late October, D.C. police did come to Clark’s house in the Bloomingdale neighborhood after the death by suicide of his brother, Edward, but did not arrest him.

Good thing the ADL noticed the secret double meaning of the bowl haircut or he might never have been detected. Sleeper agents can be anybody, anywhere!

Believe it or not, the guy who made this pic is a Nazi! Notice the bowl haircut on the avatar, a secret identifying mark hidden in plain sight indicating sympathy for church shooter Dylan Roof….

I need a drink.


Physiognomy: Greta Thunberg

It’s usually a mistake to face-read a child. Features aren’t well-defined because the personality isn’t well-defined, and there’s a risk of self-fulfilling prophecy if a kid thinks he should behave a certain way. But Greta’s been denied any chance for a normal life, is 16 and is the child soldier of choice for today’s globalist slavers, so let’s do it. Some raw data:

A couple pics show her with cutting pupils (sociopathy) and a couple don’t. Such inconsistency is exactly why today’s results aren’t guaranteed. But the way she’s being used for political theater is an excellent way to foster sociopathic thought patterns that would not have formed in a normal childhood.

People with flat cheeks are normally polite. Not the case here.

Her chin isn’t YET prominent but certainly looks to be developing that way.

Eyebrows are moderately thicker on the inside. More visionary than managerial in her approach to tasks. They could be forming either rounded (social) or angled (conflict-seeking). They’re already very low, an indicator of impulsive behavior instead of patient behavior.

A lot of upper eyelid shows and the nose is concave, good indicators of a social outlook as opposed to rational. Common in women.

The left side of her face is significantly more guarded than the right, to the point of twisting her lips out of symmetry. Her inner/family life is much more adversarial than her outside life.

Her nose is concave for social energy. A concave nose that’s also turned upward is a very confrontational nose.

She had the potential for a typical, socially-oriented personality but her cheeks and chin have begun masculinization, consistent with her being put in high-pressure environments and under heavy performance burdens.

A couple pics, such as #4 here, show her with extremely dilated pupils. It’s possible the pictures were taken in the dark. More often, I would suspect drugs or mental problems, but here… let’s discuss Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

She has the philtrum, nose and lips. Not the skin folds and the head size is uncertain because she’s a dwarf.

Yeah, that’s Obama she’s shaking hands with. But at age 16, that is not a normal height for a Nordic woman. Slow physical growth is a non-physiognomy indicator of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, sufficient confirmation for me.

Greta has FAS. And if you look at her parents, it’s very plausible that Mommy had a gestational drug habit.

Lastly, if Greta continues her life as a professional agitator then Siang Mien predicts she will develop a mole around, but not on, her lips. That’s typical of people who argue points until they’re beating a dead horse.


While researching the above, I came across an astrological reading of Greta Thunberg. More discerning viewers may wish to skip this section but the curious and the lovers of freak shows… I have few illusions about my audience… may find this juxtaposition insightful.

No, I’m not about to become an astrologist.

The astrology of Greta Thunberg

I am often asked to profile good people for a change, instead of the mass murderers and psychologically unbalanced individuals that fascinate me.

Whoa… I feel twu wuv for a woman at last! Is she hawt, too?

Lynn Hayes

Um… no. Moving on.

So I picked Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish woman who at age 15 has become an internationally known climate activist. Greta has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and, curiously in light of her subsequent emergence as an outspoken activist, something called “selective mutism” in which a child is unable to speak under certain circumstances.

I saw those claims, OCD also, and still don’t know if they’re legit or a token claim of victimhood status. All are consistent with FAS.

Greta.s astrological birth chart shows that she has the both the Sun and Moon in the practical sign of Capricorn. Capricorn people like to Get Things Done, and Greta was born just after the Capricorn New Moon so there is a sense of beginning something new. The New Moon personality has a quality of innocence combined with an intense energy to begin something new and create sweeping change. Her Mars (depicting her drive and the way she asserts herself) is in the intense and powerful sign of Scorpio, and it is aligned with Venus which shows she is intense and independent in all of her interpersonal dealings.

Greta isn’t innocent. Per wikipedia, “Thunberg says she first heard about climate change in 2011, when she was 8 years old, and could not understand why so little was being done about it.” That’s a total lie. Kids that young are too immature for that kind of thinking, and her parents pushing… weaponizing… her into that role means she is neither innocent nor independent.

She has yet to take a position that any globalist would object to. Is that because she’s too Strong&Independent to think for herself?

Greta.s Sun is conjunct Chiron, the dwarf planet of wounding and healing. This alignment signifies an individual who came into this world with a deep soul wound that she will be faced with throughout her life so that it can eventually be healed.

Consistent with her parentage.

The Chiron archetype is that of the mentor . having healed our own wounds we then can choose to become a healer of others and a mentor to those who share our own affliction. Saturn, planet of tests and challenges, faces off in a stressful opposition to Pluto, adding more stress to this dynamic. It’s not surprising that Greta suffered from OCD.

This connection seems forced.

At the age of 11 transiting Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, triggered this deep soul wound of the Sun/Chiron and Saturn which coincides with a deep depression that caused her to stop speaking. Often when we go into the underworld of a Pluto cycle, even at such a young age, we can re-emerge with renewed resolve and empowerment which seems to be what happened to Greta.

Physiognomy only predicts who you ARE. Attempts like this to predict future events are an important factor in why physio is respectable and astrology is not. Granted, this particular event had already happened but regardless.

There are only four ways to predict the future:

  1. Make it happen the way you predicted. (The most popular method)
  2. Recognizing patterns from history. (The most practical method)
  3. Wishful thinking. (The most common method)
  4. Occult (hidden) knowledge provided by an outside intelligence. (Don’t do this)

Mercury in her chart, the planet of thought and communication, is also in Capricorn, suggesting that her thinking tends towards the practical . not just ideas, but how to turn them into something solid.

That’s ridiculous. Accomplishment is something separate from being either idealistic or practical.

Her Mercury is retrograde in the chart, which is interesting in light of the mutism, and harmonizes with both Mars and Venus which sometimes denotes an individual who enjoys debate. Uranus, the planet of rebellion and social justice, is in a powerful square to both Mars and Venus . she is a radical at heart (Mars/Uranus) and likely finds personal relationships a challenge because she is so independent (Venus/Uranus).

But Greta doesn’t enjoy debate. She’s on record being proud of how Asperger’s gives her a direct, forced personality. Neither is she radically independent, being a total ideological conformist in public.

We would likely not have heard anything from Greta had it not been for the fact that her Jupiter (confidence, search for meaning) is in the sign of Leo, the sign that celebrates the Self. Those with Jupiter in Leo feel an inward push towards recognition from the outer world and the need to do something important. That Jupiter conflicts with Mars in a challenging square which amplifies any frustration or anger that arises in her and creates the need for an outlet of some kind. That Jupiter is also harmonizing in a trine to Pluto, bestowing on her the power of personality to effect transformation through destruction of the old way and renewal.

Huh, bookburning has a Zodiac sign. There’s a lot of eisegesis, “reading into the material”, here. (My Christian readers are familiar with exegesis, deriving principles from Scriptural accounts.) I like Western Physiognomy because it’s a collection of individual indicators that one then assembles into a gestalt image. For example, impatiently low brows and flat, polite cheeks can indicate someone with high verbal skills because they simultaneously want to disagree and avoid conflict… impatient plus polite.

When that proves to not be the case, one is prompted to look further… here, it’s her Asperger’s driving her aggressive language. I like how physio is disprovable and when disproven, gives a direction for further inquiry.

Contrastingly, the Chinese Siang Mien is concerned mostly with indicators of luck, family stability, wealth and food abundance. They were less interested in understanding personality than predicting how well their life would turn out if Bob married Sally. Not unrelated, obviously, but how does one prove/disprove luck?

Here, we have “Confidence in Self conflicts with Drive/War” which is very nebulous material to work with.

Greta is of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation born between 1995-2008, the generation that the media calls Generation Z. This is the generation that grew up in the media age (Sagittarius rules media, of course) and their obsession with media is both their superpower and their undoing (as described by Pluto). I am so excited about these young people like Greta, who have big ideas (also Sagittarius) to hopefully fix this world that has been so damaged by previous generations.

Generation PIS? That’s a new one… I can use that… but maybe I shouldn’t.

I had fun but am not overly impressed.


Livin. That Irrelevant Life!

A couple priests of the Cult of Nice tried very hard to find out why the laity act as though God is irrelevant, and embarrass themselves in a most spectacular fashion!

Practical Atheists: Living as if God Is Irrelevant

John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris

John Stonestreet photographed in his home office, Colorado Springs, CO, for World Magazine ...

John Stonestreet. More guarded on the left side than the right, always a negative indicator in somebody giving advice. I’ve concluded that my information on lower-eyelid stress lines is partially obsolete. So many men have stress lines like that these days, and from such a young age, that no meaning should be attached unless it’s quite pronounced.

Broad noses with big nostrils are a good indicator for family life. Intoverts tend to have narrower noses.

Having Pets Instead Of Kids Should Be Considered A Psychiatric Disorder

G. Shane. On the one hand, there’s not enough testosterone for him to even be shaving yet. On the other hand, in 2013 he was a quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines.

The Kid is in at No. 2. (Photo: Hoke's Mad Magicians)

I fear church life has neutered him! His skin has paled, meaning he doesn’t go outside like he used to. Married life can do horrible things like that to a man. Anyway, neither of these guys appears to have had much life experiences. There’s a reason ‘babyface’ is pejorative.

If a time-traveler from the Early Church secretly followed you from Monday till Saturday evening, would they be able to tell you’re a Christian?

I hope not. The government’s cameras secretly follow me, too, and they are no friends of Christ. I’m never more than one twerk-shaming away from a prison sentence.

The answer for many of us just isn’t very clear . and that’s no accident. Many Christians live lives indistinguishable from secularists. The reason? Well, quite simply, secularism is the default state of our culture. It’s the water we swim in.the air we all breathe.

They have a valid point. When you’re floating with the current of modern culture, you don’t feel anything. Only when you swim against the current do you realize what’s happening.

Or, as author Craig Gay put it in his book, .The Way of the Modern World,. the problem isn’t atheism. In fact, a red-blooded atheist is hard to find.

Bullshit. Look for the moron who thinks government is the solution. There’s your atheist.

The problem, he said, is “practical atheism.” It’s not that people do not believe in God, it’s that they live as if God is largely irrelevant. That’s what secularism does to us. It doesn’t disprove our faith, it dismisses it. It makes faith an issue of personal, private belief, disconnected from the outside world.

That’s the carrot. The stick is punishing the people who violate secularism and that’s where the Church falls apart. Husbands ruined by frivorce? Not Pastor’s problem. Wicked judges issuing dictats from the bench? Not his problem. Teaching sexual perversion to schoolchildren? “Kids these days.”

When our leaders act as though matters of conscience and morality are irrelevant, how does one expect the followers to act?

Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor has written the monumental work on the subject called “A Secular Age.” The marginalization of religious belief in our world, Taylor argues, has led to .disenchantment.” While God’s revelation in creation was obvious to prior generations, we completely miss the sacred things revealed in the way the world is made and ordered.

Scripture.s metaphors make no sense in a disenchanted culture. As practical atheists, we are deaf to the heavens. loud proclamation of the glory of God. Stars and rainbows remind us more of human achievement and self-determination than they do of God’s promises.

THAT’S what rainbows remind him of? Nobody uses the rainbow to remind anybody of human achievement and self-determination. Either you recognize the rainbow as a symbol of God’s mercy, a symbol of homosexual rebellion against God or you don’t think symbology is important in Current Year.

In other words, we live in a world where the assumptions that govern how we think and what we do are almost always secular ones. Whatever people may say on surveys about their religious beliefs, the fact is that modern, Western life is overwhelmingly lived without even considering God.

No, they’re ATHEIST ones. Secular is “non-religious”, atheist is “anti-religious”.

Living as a six-day secularist, shaped by secular assumptions and rituals, has very serious and practical consequences. Good things result from our hard work and planning, we think, not from the gracious hands of our loving Father.

Also, because God is not easily replaced as an organizing principle for life itself, many of us today find ourselves living lives of fragmentation.our thoughts, emotions, and desires constantly pulling us in opposite directions; the changing values all around us giving us worldview-whiplash.

Still, worst of all, practical atheists are always subject to idolatry. As John Calvin said, humans are incurably religious creatures, and our secular age offers all kinds of God-replacements: sex, self, stuff, state, science. Ironically, a secular age is still filled with faith.just in all the wrong gods. These gods mark us in their images in profoundly dehumanizing ways.

Shane in particular is an anti-porn advocate, per some brief research. Neither the self nor material wealth are inherently idolatrous. Government is, however, so again they’re not all wrong. But they’re connecting the dots all wrong and working their prejudices into the analysis.

The only way to be distinctly Christian in today’s culture is to consciously and intentionally swim against the secular currents. First, we need to recognize them, as well as how they sweep us away.

Thank God this is not only possible; it’s been done before. Christians throughout history have had to swim against cultural currents opposed to their beliefs. Many not only succeeded in keeping their faith but in transforming the surrounding culture.

Preach, brothers! We must resist this tide of secular materialism and be different from the fallen world around us!

That.s why I think our next Colson Center Short Course is one of our most important. It’s a crash course in understanding and countering practical atheism. It’s called How Not to Be A Secularist. Beginning on October 1st and continuing for four consecutive Tuesday nights, this webinar series will equip you to recognize secularism in all of its forms and assumptions, and will help you keep a firm grasp on your Christian identity in this secular age, even while the culture tries to sweep it away.

We only have a limited number of spaces, so please sign up today.

Preach… uh… are… are you FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? *checks* Registration cost: $49. You pious hypocrites! You write a long-winded article complaining Christians have absorbed too much of modern, Godless culture… and your solution… is a webinar costing fifty bucks a head! DO YOU NOT HAVE A SINGLE FRICKING CLUE?


The Gebert Brothers, A Study In Realpolitik

America has already fallen to Socialism but the question remains open which flavor of Socialism it will be. This seems to be a pattern first established by the Trotskyites of Russia, repeated with France’s Reign of Terror and today, with the alt-Right. I’ve been hopeful but suspicious about them, the Church having burned me too badly with good words and evil actions to take them at face value, and suspicion is winning out. The white nationalists, still for want of a better term, are not anti-Communist anymore than the fascists were in the interwar years. Communists freak out about them not because WNs are their enemy, but because WNs are their rival. And possibly a natural consequence of their group identity politics and quasi-religious need for a scapegoat.

We Christians, their true enemy, are no longer a threat. Hell, we aren’t even players anymore.

Which brings me to a recently unmasked leader (or at least, member of significance) of the alt-Right and a Charlottesville participant, Matt Gebert, whose rise and fall perfectly captures the times we are living in.

White Nationalist State Department Official Surfaces in Photographs | Southern Poverty Law Center

A color-altered pic of Charlottesville. This is long so I broke it up. Act I is who Matt is, Act II is how he was betrayed and Act III is why he’s not the good guy, either.


The State Department Just Suspended an Alleged White Nationalist Who Attended Charlottesville

By Tess Owen, 8 August 2019

A U.S. State Department official was moonlighting as a white nationalist leader in Washington, D.C. As part of that role, he hosted prominent racists and Holocaust deniers at his home in Virginia, attended the violent Charlottesville rally, and spread Nazi propaganda online, according to a new report by Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch.

Matthew Q. Gebert joined the State Department in 2013 and currently works as a foreign affairs officer in the department’s Bureau of Energy Resources, a State Department spokesperson confirmed to VICE News. In that position, Gebert is considered a civil servant rather than a political appointee.

Hatewatch found that Gebert had been operating in his role as a white nationalist under the pseudonym “Coach Finstock” and helped lead the D.C. Helicopter Pilots, the organizing chapter of Mike Peinovich’s white nationalist organization “The Right Stuff.” Peinovich, also known as Mike Enoch, is best known for his role organizing the 2017 .Unite the Right. rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left one dead, and his blog and podcast, which he uses to peddle anti-Semitism and racist pseudo-science.

Charlottesville was the first public showing of the alt-Right, and its coming out of mostly nowhere… and enduring significance… suggests the alt-Right is far better organized than most suspect. It was definitely a show of force, although the Left has successfully maintained control of the Narrative.

…Until the 2018 election? I wonder if Trump actually is one of the alt-Right’s leaders. It would explain much about his consistently and inexplicably Deep State-friendly staff selections.

Gebert reportedly discussed attending the Charlottesville rally himself during an appearance on “Fatherland,” a neo-Nazi podcast, according to Hatewatch. He said he disguised himself wearing a hat and sunglasses and boasted about returning in “one piece.” Twitter accounts that Hatewatch linked to Gebert shared anti-Semitic memes about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as well as swastikas and other Nazi imagery.

When it comes to RBG, I prefer necromancy memes.

So Ruth Bader Ginsburg Walked Into a Bar With Abraham Lincoln?? - RightWisconsin

Later on Wednesday, leftist media collective Union Riot revealed that Gebert was a member of two far-right Discord servers: .Vibrant Diversity,. which has been described as the most elite discord server in the alt-right, and “Charlottesville 2.0,. which was used to organize Unite the Right. Prominent members of Vibrant Diversity include neo-Nazi fugitive Andrew Anglin, Peinovich, and former Identity Evropa leader Elliot Kline (also known as Eli Moseley).

No wonder the leaderless Gamergate movement drove the Left nuts.

Gebert and his wife hosted Peinovich and other white nationalists numerous times at their home in [censored], Virginia, according to the report. Hatewatch estimated that Gebert’s official involvement in white nationalism started around 2015. His most recent involvement in white nationalism was this past spring.

Gebert.s alleged participation in white nationalist activities could be a violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in outside political activity while on duty. Penalties for violating the Hatch Act range from removal or suspension from federal service, to official reprimand, to a fine of up to $1,000.

Ooh, what an interesting-sounding law! Segue:

The Hatch Act was passed in 1939 to ensure that federal programs “are administered in a nonpartisan fashion, to protect federal employees from political coercion in the workplace, and to ensure that federal employees are advanced based on merit and not based on political affiliation,” according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

Sounds like a leftover law from the salad days of Big Labor Unions, before the globalists shoved then under a Chinese bus. The relevant bit:

These employees may not engage in political activity while: on duty, in a government office, wearing an official uniform, [or] using a government vehicle.

I don’t see any way that Matt violated the Hatch Act. But wow, Russiagate violated the stinkin’ beans out of it!… uh-oh:

In 1993, a Republican Congress substantially relaxed the Hatch Act to permit most federal employees to take an active part in partisan management and partisan political campaigns in their own free time. The ban on political activity remains in effect when those employees are on duty.

Are you fricking oh come on cotton-pickin’ DERP!!!! Republicans relaxed the “no political activity with government resources” just in time for Slick Willie Clinton’s midterm election cycle. That and the FBI leak began the Clinton Machine.

Meanwhile, no, Matt didn’t violate the Hatch Act by talking smack about Jooz in his spare time. But he posted under pseudonyms on anonymous/secure servers. How did the Left manage to doxx him? The old-school way: Judas.


The brother of white nationalist U.S. State Department Official Matthew Q. Gebert reported him to the FBI in July over concerns about his radicalization, he told Hatewatch.

ht tps://

15 August 2019

The SPLC curiously repeats “Matthew Q. Gebert” like a mantra. Does he like to have his full name spelled like that? A search ranking trick? Do they think he’s the alt-Right mastermind?

Michael Gebert, 30, told Hatewatch that he reported his older brother through the electronic tip form on the FBI.s website on July 2, 2019, over concerns about his role in the State Department . relative to what he believes to be his brother’s white nationalist ideology.

.I saw so much evil in my brother, I could not fucking deal with it,. Michael Gebert told Hatewatch. Michael Gebert detailed, from his apartment, what led him to contact authorities.

Hatewatch reported on Aug. 7, 2019, that Matthew Q. Gebert, 38, a foreign affairs officer in the U.S. State Department, first radicalized to white nationalism in 2015, according to his own words on a white nationalist forum. He led the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist organization called “The Right Stuff,. according to sources who spoke to Hatewatch and archived posts from a white nationalist forum. He hosted other white nationalists at his home and produced racist and antisemitic propaganda on social media and podcasts through the pseudonym “Coach Finstock..

One month after he told the FBI, the SPLC was all over him. I assume the FBI tried to find dirt on Matt for a month, failed and passed the football to the irregular forces of SocJus.

The State Department suspended Gebert on Aug. 7, in the immediate aftermath of the publication of Hatewatch’s investigation. The State Department confirmed to Hatewatch that he is under investigation.

He was suspended within eight hours of Hatewatch denouncing his politics. NOW can we talk about Hatch Act violations?

Michael Gebert said the depths of Matthew Q. Gebert’s radicalization became apparent in a confrontation they had in the summer of 2018 at a family gathering hosted in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. There, the two brothers consumed alcohol, he said, and Matthew Q. Gebert spoke about Jews, immigrants and other minorities in terms that frightened him.

.I ran crying into the darkness,. Michael Gebert said of the 2018 confrontation.

Matt got drunk and bared his soul to such a pussy of a kid brother that he surely would never have done it while sober. But wait! This was summer 2018 and Mikey ratted his brother out in July 2019. This article doesn’t explain the discrepancy.

Michael Gebert told Hatewatch that he drank .20 ounces of St. Ides. malt liquor to find the courage to submit the tip to the FBI.

One beer. One single fricking beer before he was ‘drunk’ enough to betray a brother. You must be so proud of yourself, Mikey, courageously stabbing family in the back for hating on immigration like that.

.I love my brother,. Michael Gebert told Hatewatch, underscoring his internal conflict in reporting him to the FBI. .My brother will make it through this..

“Hello, World, I’m live with the SPLC today to tell you how I’m so internally conflicted about reporting my bro to the Commissariat. Power to the People!”

Hatewatch reached out to Matthew Q. Gebert by email for a comment on this story, and he did not immediately reply.

Oh, I bet a little birdie replied.

Michael Gebert confirmed the photo of a man participating at a white nationalist event in Charlottesville, Virginia, in May of 2017 published by Hatewatch on Aug. 9, 2019, was of his brother. He also listened to “Coach Finstock” talking about his views on a podcast recorded with .alt-right. internet personality “Ricky Vaughn” in February 2018 and provided additional verification of his voice.

The opening pic of this post.

.I take these risks [with my life] because I have a grave sense of foreboding that this country and all the white countries on earth are on a collision course with perdition,. Matthew Q. Gebert said as “Coach Finstock” on that show. .The only reason I am taking this risk is so that my kids can grow up in a whiter country if not an actual explicit white exclusionary country at some point in their lives..

My sympathies, Matt. Although I care less about the racial makeup of my country than limited gov’t and private property because, as you’ve just noticed yourself, we whites were betrayed first by our own people.

Gebert went on to say that the options to achieve that goal were to enact what he called a “slow cleanse” or wait for social collapse.

Michael Gebert described these views as being .stupid,. as he listened to his brother’s voice. …

Michael Gebert described his brother as a liberal-minded student with one of the most promising minds at [censored] High School in New Jersey. The account of his brother’s intelligence, open-mindedness and aptitude for accumulating knowledge about world affairs is backed up by at least one other graduate of Sterling High School, who spoke to Hatewatch but asked not to be named.

Michael Gebert said his brother listened to hip-hop in high school. Most notably, Matthew Gebert enjoyed the music of the New York-based rap group Wu-Tang Clan, he said. His taste in music at that time is notable in part because all the members of Wu-Tang Clan are black.

.Matt turned me on to so many good musicians,. Michael Gebert told Hatewatch.

Less than two decades later, Matthew Q. Gebert said through his “Coach Finstock” persona on a May 2018 white nationalist podcast called “The Fatherland” that black people “do not belong around [white people] for an ocean at least..

In college, Matt traveled repeatedly to Russia and Serbia, where he began associating with the alt-Right per this article. (Omitted for brevity.)

A neighbor contacted Hatewatch to say they saw Matthew Q. Gebert in his driveway with a gun on his waist on Aug. 7, 2019, immediately following the publication of the Hatewatch investigation. The neighbor provided a photograph to Hatewatch of a man carrying what looks like a gun on his waist at the house Hatewatch visited in June for this investigation. Gebert is entitled to carry a legally purchased gun openly in [censored] where he lives, according to Virginia state laws, but the neighbor told Hatewatch that the neighborhood is concerned about an armed white nationalist living nearby.

Sounds like the Second Amendment prevented yet another act of domestic terrorism.

Another neighbor of Matthew Q. Gebert said that the State Department official served as vice president of his local homeowners. association. The neighbor said the homeowners. association asked him to step down, and he refused. The website for the homeowners’ group states that as of Aug. 12, Gebert has resigned from the HOA board.

The neighbor sent a screenshot of a notice from the homeowners. association calling for a meeting on Aug. 27, 2019. The notice lists “Removal of Matthew Gebert” as the purpose for the meeting.

So, Matt’s career is punked and his reputation is punked and he’ll probably be forced out of his own home, which is just as well because the neighbors now hate and spy on him, and the Senate Armed Forces Committee has been briefed on the threat he poses to the USA (seriously) and the SPLC complains that Matt legally carries a gun when they monitor him in public, all within five days of being outed despite no documented criminal activity after a month of investigation by the FBI, but his brother has every confidence that Matt will be fine.

Mikey, I shit more honor after a Taco Bell lunch than you will ever know in your entire life. Do yourself a favor: never sober up. You might realize what you did.

This is an ugly, despicable, cruel, evil and TYPICAL example of Social Justice in modern America. That being said, as much as I want to like and defend Matt… I read what he wrote.


By Robert Finstock, [and per] Greg Johnson, John Morgan, Michael Polignano

I looked for something more current and other than “recommended by the SPLC”, but everything’s been memoryholed. This seems adequate for our purposes.

Since it burst onto the scene, most of the Alternative Right’s energies have rightfully focused on metapolitics, networking, and domestic agitation. So far as international politics is concerned, there is a broad Alt Right consensus that globalism is the enemy, rapprochement with Russia is critical, and we must end and reverse the dark invasion of our countries. Yet these are easy calls; if our success continues and we eventually see white governments proliferate across North America and Europe, how would we achieve our objectives, consolidate our gains, and increase our strength? To ensure the long-term flourishing of our race, we should ultimately pursue an explicitly pro-white Northern Alliance of North America, Europe, and Russia, acting in strictly enforced cohesion on matters of immigration, defense, and foreign policy. Absent this, our prospects in this century are almost certainly doomed.

That’s extremely hypocritical. Globalism is the problem; the solution is a pan-continental alliance of nations? But it makes sense if “globalism” indicates Communists specifically.

Sovereign Ethnostates vs. Pan-Europeanism

If we succeed beyond our wildest dreams and achieve the proliferation of white ethnostates across the northern hemisphere, the choice between preserving sovereign nations versus building a pan-European superstate will seem like a luxury after all we have accomplished. This need not be an either/or question, however.

It’s absolutely an either/or dilemma. Weak, distributed gov’t or strong, centralized gov’t. What’s your endgame? Assigning me to the Tribe of Americanized Scotsmen whether I want to live there or not? Sounds like the latter.

Creating exclusionary white countries is our Herculean task; how we choose to associate after that will be comparatively easy. The Northern Alliance could be a type of aggrandized and rational NATO . or an uncucked EU . in that member states would retain sovereignty, yet commit to collective immigration, defense, and foreign policy administrations. Member states would preserve domestic imperatives and cultural identities while being bound by oath to support their blood allies in the most critical issues facing the Alliance.

*Gunner Q looks at the history of Scotland* No, that is not how things will play out. When my people had Scotland all to themselves, their clannishness and identity politics merely turned inward. As always happens. The Scots didn’t like the Irish, united they opposed the American colonies, together we opposed Italy and Germany in the World Wars.

It is a hopeless utopia, that a race-pure nation would be automatically unified in purpose. Even Israel couldn’t manage that with a gov’t designed, implemented, managed and pedigreed by God Himself.

If such an arrangement proves its merits, the .ever-closer union. of deracinated EU bureaucrat fantasy will develop naturally: liberal migration within the Alliance, free trade across it, and a common currency could be considered. If such increased cohesion proves impossible, a loose confederation would be maintained to avoid the pitfalls of the European Union. We are prickly, individualistic peoples with proud histories, but the tribal instinct that saved us at Tours and Vienna is being awakened, and can guide our cooperation for survival again.

But only while Eurasia is at war with Eastasia will that tribal instinct unite us. He claims to be on the Right but talks a lot like a Socialist. Especially the talk about unity.

You know why I hate the concept of political or religious unity? Because the definition of unity is “you don’t have an alternative”.

The Russian Question

The Alternative Right takes a generally positive view toward Russia, if for no other reason than that it is the most powerful European country on Earth, and Jews are hell-bent on breaking it to their will.

Russia isn’t that powerful of a nation these days. It’s doing fine, all things considered, but I heard a lot of wishful thinking in Matt’s sentiment.

Regardless of whether Vladimir Putin is foremost Russian Orthodox, Russian nationalist, or neo-imperialist, the fact remains that he nearly single-handedly saved his people from post-Yeltsin perdition, and persists as the single greatest impediment to what the geopolitical analyst known as The Saker calls the .Anglo-Zionist Empire.. Put simply, the white race will be dealt a death-blow if the Jews puppeteering U.S. foreign policy succeed in provoking NATO and Russia into all-out war. Yes, Russians seem alien to most Westerners, as if they are long-lost cousins exiled from our tribe to survive in frozen wastelands. But their conquest of the northern Asian land mass is one of the great achievements of European man, and Russian ferocity, intellect, and loyalty will be invaluable in the new order, to say nothing of their increasingly formidable nuclear and conventional forces.

A LOT of wishful thinking.

Crucially, Russia’s influential Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin provided remarks to Russia Today in 2008 which indicate that Russia comprehends the stakes at the highest levels of its government:

“There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the white, northern hemisphere has always oppressed it and must therefore fall at its feet now. This is very serious. If the northern civilization wants to protect itself, it must be united: America, the European Union, and Russia. If they are not together, they will be defeated one by one.”

Putin has also consistently offered conciliatory remarks toward the West, despite the constant, unhinged invective lobbed at him from Western politicians and the L?genpresse. Western Europeans and Russians share the same enemies and a close racial heritage. The Russians are open to rapprochement, and Western leaders liberated from the Jewish yoke can bury the hatchet with Russia in the coming years.

Russia is in this for Russia. Any other belief is not merely delusional, it’s intentionally rebuilding the very empire that America got suckered (or blackmailed) into operating. We have common interests today, for example not allowing USA to wage war against Russia, but that is an alliance of convenience.

Stanch the Bleeding, Reverse the Rot: Common Immigration Policy

No reader of Counter-Currents will be unfamiliar with the demographic daggers already sunken into our national breasts, sinking deeper every year. Much of the Alt Right’s success, particularly in the past year, can be attributed to the shocking imagery of military-aged Muslim males pouring into Europe en masse and at the invitation of many of Europe’s leaders.

Translation, the alt-Right wants to recruit us before the Left destroys us. But both sides envision a unified global empire.

Americans watching their once-great national experiment run off the tracks is one thing; seeing their ancestral homelands being lost is entirely another.

It doesn’t matter what race our betrayers are. If you don’t want limited gov’t, private property and Christianity then you aren’t an American. If you do then you are. A sentiment the “race realist” alt-Right cannot accept.

The atrocities now regularly committed on both sides of the Atlantic by the imported pets of liberalism are finally jolting our people awake in ever-larger numbers. It is thus now possible to envision a transcontinental policy to ban Muslim immigration and gradually eradicate Islam from the entirety of North America, Europe, and Russia. Trump has already proposed an immigration hiatus, many European states are moving in that direction, and Russians will never forget the gruesome lessons of Chechnya, Nord-Ost, and Beslan. It only requires the right stuff.

Immediate bans on new Muslim immigration need not await any formal alliance; all Western countries already have the means, and many have the popular support, to implement policies to halt the invasion and stanch the bleeding. With nearly fifty majority-Muslim nations on Earth, many of them fabulously wealthy…


…and sparsely populated, a properly-resourced Northern Alliance Deportation Force could progressively and humanely relocate those Muslims who chose to remain in North America, Europe, and Russia despite exclusion from all rights of citizenship and public benefits. With at least fifty million Muslims residing in Europe and the Americas in 2010, immigration bans are simply inadequate; the rot must be reversed by mass physical removal.

Yep, they’ve got to go. Even Muslims can’t live in peace with Muslims.

Collective Defense: Make NATO Great Again

Skip fantasy of a world government ever being a good idea.

White Realpolitik: Northern Alliance Foreign Policy

The guiding principle of a common Northern Alliance foreign policy would borrow from the unabashed ethnic chauvinists of the National Council of La Raza: .For the race, everything, outside the race, nothing..

I got a problem with that: Christ Jesus, who provided salvation to all non-Jews. I’m really, really glad He did that, so I’m really, really not going to blame ‘outsiders’ for crimes of birth.

You anti-Semites drive me crazy. First you convinced me that there really are Jewish conspiracies to kill Christianity and Western Civilization, then you convinced me (inadvertently) that you aren’t Jew-haters, you’re Jew-copycats.

Unbelievable. You really take the cake.

Matt, I want the Jews gone every bit as much as you do… because I want my country back. You, you want some White Israel with a divine mandate to maltreat Hasidic goyim while assigning power and land by genetic purity, or something. It didn’t work for ancient Israel and no alt-Righter has explained how it could work today, but they want it badly enough to shred the Constitution before the Commies can.

Please do not imitate the butchers of Christ. They are a stiff-necked people.

Finally, if there is one foreign aid program a Northern Alliance considers, it would be a continent-wide sterilization campaign in Africa, if only to make Mediterranean Sea interdictions less numerous.

Matt and I both hate people but only one of us WANTS to hate people. Leave Africa to the Africans? Sure, that’s even what the Africans want! Then cull them to ensure they never outbreed the superior races? That would be an abomination against Father God.

But the only reason one would want to do that is if there was no God. Only Evolution. The alt-Right talks a good game about restoring Christianity but then acts like God isn’t around and only a Nietzschean will to power can set the world right.


The creation of a white nationalist movement was an inevitable result of the Left using whites as scapegoats for its race identity politics. However, because “white people” is itself a race identity, it has organized along the same socialist principles to become a reflection of the very evil it claims to fight.

The alt-Right as represented by Matt is every bit as globalist and Utopian as the Left currently in power. On the one hand, the Left has proven itself far more cruel and sadistic. On the other hand, we have excellent reason to believe that’s only because the alt-Right is not in power, and would be equally cruel and sadistic given the chance.

Whichever side wins, we Christians lose.

I’ve said it before, white America was betrayed first by white Americans. As Matt has experienced for himself.


Darth Vaper

Some things don’t change, like people getting addicted to recreational drugs. Some things do change, like which drugs are most appealing to stupid people. And some things REALLY change, like Disney’s attempt to salvage Star Wars with product placement targeted at stoners:

darth vader, fashion, smoking, star wars, style - image #168025 on

Okay, that was a lie (or a prophecy). But seriously, the new habit of e-cigarettes made smoking nicotine much healthier for addicts and more pleasant for everybody else until Vapers began suffering sudden lung failure. The news media claims that vaping itself is dangerously unhealthy. But if that’s true then why is the death toll six and not a more likely fifty thousand? Occam’s Razor says these end-user geniuses had discovered you can load other fluids into an E-cig.

Like the Colorado hippies who discovered, I assume by trial and error, that licking a certain species of frog provided a hallucinogenic experience, the E-cigarette community is entering its uncomfortable and inevitable adolescence. “Duuude, try this antifreeze mixed with Drano and banana peel! I call it the Tunnel Vision mix.”

vader kush | Tumblr

We begin with this innocent bystander:

This is Simah Herman, a perfectly normal and healthy girl who totally didn’t start doing drugs underage until it ruined her health even before she loaded that free sample of Mother Trucker CBD.

Teen who was put on life-support for vaping says .I didn’t think of myself as a smoker.

Funny headline!

By Sally Hawkins, Knex Walker, Ashley Riegle and Anthony Rivas, 11 September 2019

(LOS ANGELES) — Though she might not look like it today, Simah Herman said she was sure she was going to die last month as she sat in the car unable to breathe, her father racing her to the hospital.

Ambulances can reach you faster, and safer, than you can reach the hospital. Just sayin’, it CAN be money well spent when breathing is really hard.

.I just remember feeling like absolute…nothing. Like I just couldn’t do anything,. Herman, 18, said. .I couldn’t drink water. I couldn’t move. Like, I literally just wanted to crawl out of my skin..

The doctors looking after Herman at Los Angeles. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center were also stumped. On that day, Aug. 15, a chest X-ray showed white hazy areas at the bottom of her lungs, which her pulmonologist, Dr. Kathryn Melamed, said could potentially be pneumonia. Less than 48 hours later, chest X-rays showed that her lungs were filled with white . they were inflamed and full of fluid, Melamed said.

Pneumonia occurs most often after an initial infection, so I understand, and very rarely in a healthy young adult. Barring disease and congenital issues, the most likely cause would be chemical irritation. I suspect the pulmonologist also knew this and the “they didn’t know” idea is being played for drama.

.My best guess since we’re still learning about what is really going on in the lungs is [it.s a] profound inflammatory reaction to the vape products or some…component of the vape products,. Melamed said.

Translation, that wasn’t nicotine you were smoking, Barbie.

Still unable to breathe after two days, Herman had to be put on a ventilator, and shortly afterward, a medically induced coma. It was while she was in the coma that her cousin revealed a secret that Simah had been keeping from her parents that helped lead to some answers.

.She said, .You know she smokes every day?.. said Stacy Herman, Simah Herman’s mother. .I said, .What? What are you talking about?. And she said, .She smokes every day. She smokes that vape.. I said, .You tell the doctors right now. You go tell the doctors right now…

Ooh, even saucier than my “playing it for the drama” suspicion! Her parents didn’t know she was a smoker… because she “didn’t think of herself as a smoker”? But she did think to keep her not-smoking a secret from them.

By the time that Simah Herman had emerged from her coma, she had been in the hospital for five days. With a ventilator still pumping oxygen into her failing lungs, the teen who said she would vape every 10 to 15 minutes decided to become an advocate against vaping.

Every 10-15 minutes. USA has 20 cigs in a pack… 15min=5 hours per pack… Simah “I don’t think of myself as a smoker” Herman had the equivalent of a two-pack-a-day habit.

.I asked for, like, a pen and paper because that was the only way I could communicate,. Simah Herman said. “And I wrote, .I want to start a no-vaping campaign.” That was the first thing I did when I opened my eyes..

“Darth Vaper hurt me, Daddy! It was Darth Vaper!”

Simah Herman’s story is one of the latest in a string of cases of serious . sometimes even life-threatening . illnesses linked to vaping.

As of Sept. 10, there have been six confirmed deaths and over 450 possible cases of lung illness in 33 states associated with e-cigarette products, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which noted that in addition to nicotine, patients also reported using e-cigarette products with liquids containing cannabinoids like THC, the active compound in marijuana.

The truth comes out. They were vaping the Drano.

Many of the cases involve teens.

Because good judgment usually comes after bad judgment. The process takes time.

Simah Herman said she first started vaping at age 15, and that she.d buy the cartridges from a smoke shop despite being a minor.

.I went in and I was like, “Can I get a pack of Juul pods?. And they were like, .How old are you?. And I said, .22,. and they were just like, .OK,.. Simah Herman said.

This is my shocked face that cannabis dealers aren’t paragons of Lawful Good.

Just this week, the FDA sent a warning letter to Juul, the industry leader for vape products, accusing it of illegally marketing its nicotine vape products as safer than traditional cigarettes without proof.

That doesn’t sound right. Vaping is obviously safer… not safe, of course… simply because customers aren’t inhaling smoke with its zillions of toxic chemicals. Also, said customers are no longer playing with matches.

Found the letter:

It’s just the FDA complaining about an overzealous tobacco lobbyist selling schoolkids on vaping. Not a peep about the military recruiter standing next to him offering free gender reassignments.

The more I look at this vaping scandal, the more it looks like the unholy union of a bureaucratic witch hunt with a street gang scouting new markets.

In a statement to ABC News, Juul said it was reviewing the FDA letter and that it would “fully cooperate.”

“We share these concerns about youth vaping, which is why we have taken the most aggressive actions of anyone in the industry to combat youth usage,” Juul said. “We strongly advocate for Tobacco 21 legislation, we stopped the sale of non-tobacco and non-menthol-based flavored JUULpods to our traditional retail store partners, enhanced our online age-verification process, strengthened our retailer compliance program with over 2,000 secret shopper visits per month and shut down our Facebook and Instagram accounts while working constantly to remove inappropriate social media content generated by others on those platforms. …

In most of the cases I reviewed, it was cannabis oil being vaped not mere nicotine. Turns out that the pneumonia in question is “lipoid pneumonia” which is a non-disease form of pneumonia caused primarily by inhaling oils and related aerosols into one’s lungs. I learned something new today! I learned what happens if you inhale oven cleaner.

Truly, the Internet is a fount of useful knowledge.

Simah Herman was healthy and active when she first started drugs vaping underage. She had been a dancer for years, even making the dance team during her freshman year of college. But she said her abilities started to diminish as her vaping habit increased and she began vaping cannabis as well.

Eventually, she was vaping a nicotine cartridge a day, with the total amount of nicotine in one cartridge the same as that in a pack of cigarettes.

The witness, her cousin reported two packs a day. My money says ‘Cuz is closer to the truth.

.I didn’t think of myself as a smoker. Like, it’s just a different kind of smoke,. Simah Herman said. .The vaping just makes it seem like nothing. Like you’re doing nothing wrong..

In the two years that she had been vaping, Simah Herman said she lost 50 pounds “without trying” because she felt sick all the time. She said she often felt nauseous and dizzy, too, and that she didn’t notice how her appearance had changed.

You weren’t a smoker, Drug Addled Barbie, you were just another self-destructing addict who refused to ask for help because you didn’t want help. God only knows how you kept such a weight loss hidden from your parents.

Oh yeah, you went to college. Which means your starting at age 15 is not matching up to your two years of self-reported side effects.

As her health issues worsened, she also stopped going to classes. Doctors, meanwhile, weren’t able to offer any solid answers, even though she would tell them that she vaped, she said.

.I told every doctor that I went to just because I had such severe issues,. she said. .I wanted to make sure that…wasn.t making anything worse, but no doctor ever said, like, .Maybe you should stop vaping…

Was there a reason they should have? Nicotine doesn’t normally cause digestive troubles, neither do lung troubles. I suspect she was “recreating” with something else at the time. Wild guess here, she changed dealers boyfriends just before the two years of side effects started.

Melamed said there is a lot that’s still unknown about the consequences of vaping. .We don’t know which components . if it’s a certain component or certain product [or] certain brand that is responsible for both the short- and long-term effects of vaping,. she said.

Stacy Herman, however, believes the whole industry . not just Juul . markets to minors purposely. After she discovered that her daughter was hiding her vape addiction, she said she “ransacked her room” and “found all the vapes..

.The fact that they market this crap to children, and they turn it into pink, pretty purple packaging [kind of] pisses me off,. Stacy Herman said. .I.m so angry that [Simah] can get a hold of this thinking it’s nothing wrong with it because everyone’s doing it. . It looks and smells like mango, and it looks and smells like bubblegum and her room smells delicious. I smell[ed] the packages. They smell great..

Although Simah Herman has stopped vaping, she said she still feels compelled to pick one up.

.Now I don’t necessarily crave the nicotine. I don’t necessarily crave the weed. It’s just craving, like, the act of smoking,. she said. .So that’s been the hardest thing…staying away from it..

Hoping that her story going public will help to discourage e-cigarette use, she said that she.d tell teens who want to try vaping that she once wanted to try it just once, too.

Guess what, Mommy, the advertising worked so well that even now, both you and your druggie daughter are blaming the medium for the message. It’s nicotine and marijuana that should be avoided. Smoke it, suck it, vape it, the method changes but chemistry is forever.


Turning Point: the Iowa Hog Farm Murder

A comment on Dalrock’s by Warthog turned me on to the in-progress Iowa Hog Farm Murder Trial. Men are finally beginning to respond rationally, if not morally, to the atrocities of the frivorce-industrial complex.

An Affair, Then Murder on an Iowa Hog Farm

By Kate Seamons, 19 September 2019

On Nov. 10 of last year, an Iowa man called 911 around noon. Todd Mullis said he sent his 13-year-old son to check on his wife, and the boy found Amy Mullis in a shed at their Earlville hog farm with a corn rake impaled in her back. She was pronounced dead at a local medical center, and Todd told investigators that she must have fallen onto the rake. Two days later, Amy’s death was recorded as a homicide.

Hold up, Fargo, you just got competition for my afternoon entertainment.

In a February article on Todd’s subsequent arrest, the Des Moines Register reported that the Iowa Medical Examiner’s Office noted that while the rake had four prongs, there were six puncture wounds in the 39-year-old’s back. Todd, 43, went on trial this week in Dubuque for first-degree murder and faces up to life if convicted. The latest:

The Register cited charging documents that showed investigators discovered a series of searches on an iPad Todd owned made four days before Amy died. Among them: “organs in the body,” “killing unfaithful women,” and “what happened to cheating spouses in historic Aztec tribes.”

HAHAHA! One would think a hog farmer would already know how to butcher a… pig.

On a related note, maybe I should start using an Internet privacy company. Some of my blog-related search queries might give the wrong impression in a criminal court. Example, I collect selfies of famous murderers but not because I’m a fan of their work.

On that note,

Family photos from Facebook show what appears to be a happy family, doting over their children as they showed off hunting trophies and awards for gymnastics and 4-H club

Perp on the left, vic on the right. There’s not much to say about him; he looks like your typical corn-fed Midwesterner. Works outdoors a lot but doesn’t wear sunglasses, to judge from cheek color and ears. I do note his left eye is more guarded than his right, indicating personal life problems. Ditto wifey.

As for the unfaithful part, Amy had been having an affair since late spring of 2018. Jerry Frasher, the 49-year-old field manager for the Mullis’ farm, on Wednesday testified that he had limited communication with Amy over the seven years he oversaw the farm, but that changed by early June. It was then that they engaged in a sexual relationship, seeing each other about once a week, reports the Telegraph Herald.

That’s what “fucking the pool boy” looks like when there’s no pool.

But a month later, Frasher says Todd questioned him over a phone bill that showed 100-plus texts between Frasher and Amy. He assured Todd they were just talking about farm logistics…

Without CC’ing the boss?

…and Todd spoke with Frasher’s wife as well. “Two days later, he called us both back and apologized,” said Frasher, who added that Todd asked that he stop texting Amy. The two switched to email, says Frasher, and last messaged at 10:14am on the day she died.

Frasher’s wife covered for his infidelity and the lovebirds didn’t take either the hint or the second chance.

A typical murder story thus far. Coroner ruled homicide when he found six puncture wounds but the corn rake had only four tines.

Prosecutors say Todd didn’t just kill out of jealousy and anger over the affair, but had a financial motive, too: If she left him, he could lose half the farm and millions in a divorce settlement.


Big uh-oh.

The threatpoint backfired. Killing wifey for something like insurance money is evil, but killing to keep what you already lawfully own is self defense against a robber.

Patricia Christopherson, a friend of Amy’s, testified that Amy confided in her that she wanted to leave Todd but was scared of him, “and if he found out about the affair, he would kill her,” per the Telegraph Herald. The Post reports some friends referred to Amy as “POT”: that’s “Prisoner of Todd.” And Amy’s brother on Tuesday testified that she told him a few months before her death she intended to file for divorce once the season’s crop had been harvested.

You lying bitches. Tears do not move us MGTOWs.

Barbie: “I need a divorce because I’m scared he’ll kill me!”

Judge: “Why would he want to kill you?”

Barbie: “Because I’m having a torrid affair with his business manager that he just found out about and I promised to stop but he also found out I didn’t and I’ll get at least half of everything he ever earned when I leave him the moment his next payday rolls in. Oh, and I’d like full child custody. For my son’s safety, of course. Hubby is a very angry man these days.”

In better times, adulterers were righteously executed. What was Todd supposed to do in this situation? Wifey was holding all the cards: she’d laid down precedents of abuuuse with a sympathetic Sisterhood and he couldn’t even fire her lover without risking sabotage and/or lawsuits. Both his professional and personal trusts were violated and the clock was ticking.

But if she conveniently died… then no divorce, he gets to stay on the family farm and keep doing the only work he’s ever known, he gets to stay in his son’s life and one knowing look at the farm manager will convince him to leave quietly.

If Momma ain’t happy, Momma gets a dirt nap? Is that the future our rulers want?

Here’s a prayer for jury nullification.


The 1619 Project Says Yo Mama To Phillip Magness

A historian raising questions about the New York Times’ 1619 Project got his answers in the form of a Yo Mama joke from a lead researcher.

How Twitter is Corrupting the History Profession

By Phillip W. Magness, 29 August 2019

He blamed Twitter instead of the researcher, NY Times or other guilty party, so I’ll guess he’s a doughy, shame-saddled white guy with libertophobia, the fear of living a self-directed life outside a structured environment. (I made it up but it’s a term we need.)

About as bad as I’d expected. Side note, I’ve quit smiling for my official pictures. Current Year is a bad time to intentionally give the impression that you’re nice and emotionally open.

About a week ago I began scrutinizing how the New York Times. 1619 Project relied upon the work of the controversial “New History of Capitalism” genre of historical scholarship to advance a sweeping indictment of free markets over the historical evils of slavery.

That was everybody’s first and only guess.

The problems with this literature are many, and prominent among them is its use of shoddy statistical work by Cornell University historian Ed Baptist to grossly exaggerate the historical effect of slave-produced cotton on American economic development. Baptist’s unusual rehabilitation of the old Confederacy-linked “King Cotton” thesis is unsupported by evidence and widely rejected by economic historians. His book The Half Has Never Been Told has nonetheless acquired a vocal following among historians and journalists, including providing the basis of a feature article in the Times series on slavery.

Once again, the trustworthiness of America’s Newspaper Of Record ranks below the Babylon Bee.

Phil, you DO know why he gained a following, yes? And therefore weren’t surprised when said followers went Rabid Chihuahua on your ankles?

Curious about the following Baptist’s work had acquired despite its clear problems, I presented several questions on Twitter for its enthusiasts in the academy.

Were they aware that Baptist’s statistics, including his estimate of slavery’s share of the antebellum economy, arose from a documented mathematical error? Did they know his thesis had been scrutinized by leading economic historians, who found problems of misrepresented evidence and citations to documents that did not support what Baptist claimed? Had Baptist made any effort to respond to his critics? Or, more importantly, had he corrected his statistical mistakes, which continue to be cited in the press, in academic works, and even in congressional hearings on the legacy of slavery despite their inaccuracy?

Nope, Phil did NOT know why Ed Baptist is a popular guy despite massive problems with his work proving white men and capitalism are ohmigawd-ungood.

These should be obvious questions for historians to ask each other, given the profession’s oft-touted commitment to informing the public about the past with factually accurate and rigorous scholarly expertise.

Cuckservatives are so cute in that last moment before the learning curve hits.

Instead of an answer though, I received the following comment:

A tweet citing the work of Ed Baptist is alarming for whom troll? For you and your mom perhaps?

Yo Mama’s so fat, she’s on both sides of the family!

Abrasive remarks of this type, and worse, are an all-too-familiar norm in the sewers of social media, but the author of this one was not some random internet troll. It was Ana Lucia Araujo, professor of history at Howard University, director of its graduate-studies program, and a widely published historian of the slave trade.

Aww, he’s SOOO adorable! Thinking Internet trolls are losers in their parents’ basement, and surely not tenured department heads of prestigious universities.

Araujo is a Brazilian national, Canadian PhD, ranking member of UNESCO and American professor of history. Her research specialized in “public memory of slavery”. That is exactly what it sounds like: ARAUJO IS A BRAZILIAN NATIONAL WHO TEACHES AMERICAN STUDENTS WHAT WE SHOULD BELIEVE ABOUT OUR OWN HISTORY.

Araujo is one of the many academics who makes use of Baptist’s faulty scholarship, and she was singing praises of his book at the time I posed my questions about its use as a source. Considering the issues of historical accuracy that they brought up and the direct relevance to her own areas of expertise, questions of this sort should form the basis of a rational scholarly exchange, including challenges over controversial ideas. Instead, Professor Araujo offered only a juvenile “your mom” retort more suited for a third-grade schoolyard taunt than the halls of a leading research university.

How Pepe the frog and Dilbert explain the culture wars of the 2016 election, in one comic - Vox

It was not her only quip to that effect. When other academics chimed in on the thread, she continued. .CATO Institute boy, I called his mom, not his puppy,. Araujo answered a political scientist who pointed out the unscholarly demeanor of her first comment. As other scholars took notice, she unleashed a flurry of similar insults. Araujo’s continued tweeting employed intentionally demeaning references to her adult interlocutors as “boy” and “young man,. and singled out the gender in particular of anyone who questioned the unprofessionalism of her tone. In a matter of moments a tenured full professor at a major university adopted a style of language and attack usually found in the anonymous ranks of the internet’s underbelly . and all of it was precipitated by a substantive set of questions about problems in a published scholarly work that she was citing and recommending to the public on her authority as a scholar.

For a little perspective, imagine if a presenter at the American Historical Association conference or a similar venue responded to a question from another scholar in the audience about a source used in his or her presentation by shouting, .your mom,. or by unleashing a string of gender-based insults directed at the person who raised the question. Imagine if an academic dismissively referred to a PhD-holding peer as “boy” when that person spoke up against the unprofessional and derogatory tone of such remarks. It’s not improbable that such a person would be asked to leave the conference.

That was us who spoke up, and we WERE asked to leave the conference. And convention hall. And our workplace. And the local park. And Planet Earth.

Academia.s Social Media Problem

Social media brings with it a mixed bag of everything from intellectual exchange to juvenile antics to a corrosive undermining of basic discourse, as my colleague Max Gulker recently catalogued. But there also seems to be something about Twitter that brings out the very worst in academics.

Nyet, my good academic! Twitter brings out WHO THEY REALLY ARE! We now understand who our Elites are much better than they would ever have wanted. If only we had a dueling code with which to act on that knowledge, academia would be completely free of maggots and termites.

You don’t need a research grant, Phil, You need to challenge “Yo Mama” Barbie to a fistfight on pay-per-view. To the winner goes the syndication contract! I’ll pay double if you upgrade to literal mud wrestling but understand if you can’t bring yourself to hug a feminist.

A quick foray onto the site and a few minutes of reading will provide ample evidence that Araujo’s outburst is not atypical among the regulars of History Twitter. Or Econ Twitter. Or English, Philosophy, and Sociology Twitter. Politics are often, though not always, the occasion, which in practice translates into distinguished professors at elite institutions striving their hardest to reduce themselves to intellectual parity with a certain presidential account’s own notorious stream of insults and derision.

Charlie Brown is still trying to kick the football.

Araujo HATES white Americans like you, Phil. She HATES you because of WHO YOU ARE, an American of European descent living in a much nicer country than hers. When you pointed out that the reasons she HATES you are fraudulent, what were you expecting? Racial reconciliation with a professional race-baiter? Of course she spat venom at you.

Phil, the reason they slander you is not because Twitter mindfucks them into doing what they normally wouldn’t. This is who they are as human beings. If anything, writing a book adds enough time and editing to properly conceal their lies and feuds.

Yes, that means humanity is disgusting. Welcome to the Christianity that you were never told about. Although seeing as you’re a HISTORIAN, the pettiness of human evil should not have been a surprise.

At its worst moments, Twitter has effectively converted Ivy League scholarly discourse into the comments section on YouTube. It has turned academic engagement with the public into an army of pedants more interested in hectoring or . worse . “owning” them with derisive insults than disseminating knowledge or fostering education. And strangely, the very same academics are often at a loss to explain why the public is turning its back on academic history despite persistent popular enthusiasm for historical content.

A closing word of advice to Phil: tell Araujo “You are not my people. You have to go back.” You’ll be famous and see with your own eyes the truth of what I’m saying:



Abolish God By Abolishing Prison

The California government is getting scary. They’re outlawing entire industries and all forms of punishment. This coming Op-Ed I found is a fascinating, hamster-based insight into the connections between care-based morality, totalitarian socialism, hatred of God and Daddy Issues.

Op-Ed: A Christian Case for Prison Abolition

Op-Ed: A Christian Case for Prison Abolition

By Catharine Grainge, 5 September 2019

Editor.s Note: The following is an op-ed from Catharine Grainge, a graduate from Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law and a public defender at with the Defenders Association of Philadelphia.

Cassie Grainge, '19

I am a pastor’s kid, raised in the Church. My parents are the true-believer type.showing us how to live out our faith in every aspect of our lives. Not only were we taught the Bible in church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, but our dinner table conversations were full of catechism questions, dogma, and philosophical theology. After we were homeschooled, we were sent to private Christian schools. No dating, no secular music, no cable; modest clothing and modest lifestyles; bible study, youth group, Summer VBS; and missions trips to share the love of Jesus. You get it.

Annoyingly overbearing as they might have been, Catharine, you were very fortunate to have parents who cared that much about you… enough to insist upon modest clothing and homeschooling.

I don’t believe all that I once did. While many.have had to find healing from the legalism and self-righteousness that can run deep in the Church, my understanding of grace, mercy and redemption first came from Jesus on the cross. And I believe that it was those concepts that gave me the framework to understand and to join the ranks of some of the most amazing people.prison abolitionists.

So, what is prison abolition? Surely, I do not mean to say that we should abolish all prisons.

Actually, I do. But I.ll tell you a little bit about how I got here.

Daddy overcontrolled her in childhood, now she’s getting back at him by exonerating all the sexy bad boys with whom she’s making up for lost fuck-time. I think it’s VERY telling that she responded to her structured childhood by becoming a defense lawyer. But sure, let’s hear the official story while the popcorn cooks.

My journey toward becoming a prison abolitionist began with an understanding of how slavery is connected to the criminal legal system. After slavery was abolished in 1865, we see an uptick in the number of prisons in this country. Some plantations turned directly into prisons (google .Angola, Louisiana.) and people incarcerated there, often in the form of convict-leasing, were forced to pick cotton, again. Explicitly racist laws referred to as “Black Codes” and the rise of Jim Crow segregation created a world where black people were hyper-criminalized and where process in the courts was just a superficial display.if they made it that far (lynching by white mobs was a prevalent form of racial terror between 1877 and 1950).

Sigh, yet another fembot thinks the American Revolution was Rosa Parks riding the bus. An alternative theory is that blacks do better with adult supervision and were given more freedom by carpetbagging Northerners than they could handle. And isn’t that about the time said carpetbaggers began forced race mixing?

I’d bet money that she regards her religiously uptight childhood as her own form of Jim Crow segregation, and “white lynch mob” is a strawman for “Daddy said no smartphone”.

Starting in the 1960s, tough-on-crime rhetoric was utilized by Republican and Democratic politicians alike. In 1971, our own president declared a war on drugs.survivors of which still fill our jails and prisons.

Those poor, innocent crackheads! Barbie, you haven’t seen the gov’t wage war on drugs unless you’ve been to the Philippines in recent years. You can’t spell “war on drugs” without Duterte.

After 9/11, police departments became more militarized than ever, often receiving funding or weaponry based upon the number of arrests made.

…Of fathers falsely accused by their wives of abuuuse. Oops, that started before 9/11. But the ‘drug war’ started before 9/11, too.

Today, we have the world’s highest rate of incarceration: 716 per 100,000, 2.3 million people. Our probation and parole numbers are far greater. Black people are incarcerated at a rate five times that of white people. Racist laws and systems (and the racism written on our hearts) have worked in a plethora of ways to dehumanize, segregate, disenfranchise, criminalize, and otherwise oppress black people.

She’s really pushing the “plight of black people”. She’s probably black herself to judge from the misspelled name but can’t confirm. I’m impressed by her father if he not only controlled his Snowflake but did so amidst the corruption of modern black family life.

That could explain his overreligiousness, if he depended upon the Church for support in leading his family. As I mentioned in a previous post, there’s no shame in needing a crutch to accomplish a good life. God didn’t make everybody strong&independent, heh.

My friend Jose, who is serving a life sentence in California…

BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA *gasp* HAHAHAHA! *wheeze* *wheeze* She wants prison abolished so she can *snort* be with “Jose” once again….

How does a Philly defense attorney have a male ‘friend’ in California’s prisons?

…explained it like this: the 13th Amendment, which was passed at the end of the Civil War, was enacted to abolish slavery. But there is a catch literally written into the amendment: slavery is permitted in prison. Jose recently reasoned: .I guess that’s what they mean when they say “orange is the new black…

Prison IS slavery, just not slavery for economic reasons, hence the exception. I don’t hear you complaining about white slaves so FOAD, Altar Girl Barbie. I got no time for Tyrone’s hybristophiliac girlfriends.

Enslaved people were kidnapped from their country and culture; the growing number of immigrants in our prisons (.detention centers.) were not kidnapped.although we can point to US intervention in their home-countries as one of the reasons for their need to flee.

To the US which persecuted them? Her care-based morality and Daddy Issues have morphed into the globalist agenda. America is evil but the world needs our mothering! It’s Dalrock’s Law on political crack.

I could go on: it’s different. But my point is to show that the dehumanization and profit practices so prevalent in the slavery era have been manifested in this era of mass incarceration.

The slaves were innocent. The prisoners are not. Big difference, unless you’re in twu wuv with Jose.

I really wish I had a picture of her. I bet her lower eyelids are so raised that her eyes look like crescents. And assuming she’s black, her hair is braided into dreadlocks that resemble earthworms.

Another part of this journey has been my growth in understanding why people commit crimes, and thus better understanding what we need to do in order to prevent them. Angela Davis talks about prison abolition in her book Are Prisons Obsolete?. Her argument largely focuses on what prisons cannot do for us.

I may not have Catherine’s pic but I do have Angels Davis’.

PHOTO GALLERY: Angela Davis visits MU | Photos ...

Them’s the eyes I’m talking about! But I biffed on the hair. No, wait…

Angela Davis - Wikipedia

Sigh, okay, 1 for 2. A quick Wikipedia quote: “Angela Yvonne Davis… co-founded Critical Resistance, an organization working to abolish the prison.industrial complex. Davis’s membership in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) led California Governor Ronald Reagan in 1969 to attempt to have her barred from teaching at any California university. She supported the governments of the Soviet Bloc for several decades. During the 1980s, she was twice a candidate for Vice President on the CPUSA ticket. She left the party in 1991.”

She said: “The prison.functions ideologically as an abstract site into which undesirables are deposited, relieving us of the responsibility of thinking about the real issues afflicting those communities from which prisoners are drawn in such disproportionate numbers. This is the ideological work that the prison relieves us of the responsibility of seriously engaging with the problems of our society, especially those produced by racism and, increasingly, global capitalism.”

Believe it or not, the American Psychological Association has a term for what she’s describing: psychopolitical dehumanization.

If you can understand crime not as an issue of evil people doing evil things, but rather people going through life with a lack of support, a lack of resources, systemic oppression, etc., it becomes easier to recognize that prison is where we throw away the people we have failed.

If you can understand crime like that, you’re female. And not Christian.

I have had enough of these conversations to know what you might be itching to ask me at this point.but what about the serial killers, psychopaths, rapists, and child molesters? For one, look at the President, look at Congress, look at the Supreme Court, look at our college campuses; hopefully, I am not the first to point out to you that we already live in a world where people who have committed that sort of harm are not locked away in prison.

Wow, she shot her own argument in the foot with a freakin’ cannon! Yes, Grainge, Congress is a great example of why “no prisons for crooks” is a bad, awful, horrible idea.

More importantly, there are other ways to hold accountable people who cause horrible harm; and there are ways to prevent that harm from happening in the first place. Ways that might get us closer to justice for the people who have been harmed and ways that might better “reform” or heal the people who have done the harming. The radical act of imagining a criminal justice system without prisons cannot be severed from a movement to create systemic change in our education, healthcare, policing, economic, and political systems.

This idea is from the Humanist Manifesto, the idea that humans are infinitely malleable and with proper… guidance, can be made to behave any way their rulers want.

It.s hard to imagine what this might look like because we have never lived in a world without prison.

Cain & Abel. When there was no criminal justice system, God punished Cain directly.

I have some ideas, but let’s just get through the rest of this and then we can dream it up together.

Disclaimer: This was not an extensive explanation of prison abolition at all. It was an overview of the arguments that I find most convincing. If you need/want more, take a look at this guide my friend created.


Okay, so let’s get into the Jesus stuff. heard of Jonah, I assume? Thanks to some deep sea transportation, Jonah eventually made it to Nineveh and delivered this message: if the people of Nineveh do not turn from their evil ways, destruction will come quickly. And it worked! Jonah 3 tells us that when the king of Nineveh heard Jonah’s message, he repented and told his people to do the same.

That’s the worst, least Biblical summary of Jonah EVER. God told Jonah to go East to Nineveh, capital of the Assyrian Empire, to warn them away from their justly deserved doom. Jonah immediately got on a ship heading West so he could watch Israel’s enemy get what they deserved from a safe distance.

Jonah sitting in fish barf for the return journey was not a beautiful expression of how God lovingly helps his servants to do His will. Crime, meet punishment. You might even call that fish ride… an imprisonment.

Then when Jonah saved Nineveh as requested, despite minimal effort (per Scripture, all he cared to preach was a countdown), he was bitter at God for showing kindness to people who in Jonah’s opinion, didn’t deserve it. An incredibly relevant morality play normally buried under “he got swallowed by a whale!”

But here, Grainge skips the “evil Assyrian empire” and “enemy of God’s people” and “deserve to be destroyed unless they repent” concepts to “God wuvs you!”

But in a chapter titled .Jonah’s Anger and the Lord’s Compassion. (Jonah 4), Jonah has a really funny and melodramatic conversation with God.

Jonah: did I not tell you this would happen? You are so darn gracious and forgiving, I knew you would save them. Just kill me now. …

God: You feel upset because you lost a thing that you can neither take credit for creating, nor were you able to preserve it. How can you argue that I should not spare this great city and all of its people and livestock.that I created!?

Church, this is us! How easy it has been to sit in our pews and to sink deeply into our self-righteousness as we see the “fallen” world around us. How easy it is to take our sobriety, our support, our resources, our faith, for if something we earned. How easy it is to throw up our hands and say .I told them they were wrong, it’s on them if they miss it.” We did not get here on our own, nor do we have the power to stay here.

Giving up was not Jonah’s crime.

Thankfully, God is still the God who shelters us from the sun, then moves nature to rid us of it so that we can see the error in our ways. Thankfully, God is still the God that is full of more mercy and more grace than any of us could muster.

Yo, Pastorette, saving Nineveh was not the point. Showing mercy was not the point. Jonah is not a story that social engineers can comprehend because they start with the assumption that there is no God. Certainly, not one able to have opinions about our conduct.

That’s how we got 32 flavors of gender-bending. What deity said there were only supposed to be two gender? Well, we killed that one so HA!

Remember the story of the prodigal son? … The older son, at this point, was pretty pissed. He had done all that was required of him; he had remained faithful to his father, and he had stayed while his brother had left. So, he refused to go to the party. He said to his father: .I have been here this whole time. I have never left you and yet you never celebrated me. My brother comes home from wasting your money and you throw a party for him!. The father replied: .Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. It was fitting to celebrate and be glad..

In other words, .show some grace!.

Read it again, Barbie. The loyal son was upset that his father showed great kindness to somebody who did not deserve it. The father’s reply was a reminder that the loyal son was heir to everything the father owned, whereas the prodigal was a penniless charity case in the father’s home.

Why, if God is willing to forgive us so much, should we make every effort to live holy? Because the opportunities we have in this life will not be repeated in all eternity. Never shall we have the chance to worship and glorify God as we do today. To become who we want to be for eternity.

If all Slutwalk Barbie gets out of Christianity is “God forgives everything!” then she won’t even have that. Nobody plays God for a chump and gets away with it.

Thankfully, God is still the God who runs to embrace us when we run away and the God who loves us through our jealousy and self-righteousness. God is still the God that shows us more mercy and more grace than we deserve.and the type of father who lovingly nudges us to do the same.

She ran away from Daddy yet expects him to keep picking up the bill for her squalid behavior. Both her physical and spiritual Daddies. And the existence of prison is a reminder of truths… and moral requirements… that she’d rather ignore.

There are a lot of other stories of mercy and grace, I’m sure you are familiar with them:

She describes the woman caught in adultery, Zacchaeus, and Road to Damascus. Skipped, but I’ll say in passing that she portrays Zack’s repentance as the result of forgiveness, but the Biblical account puts his repentance first.

You probably already knew about all of this grace and mercy. But you might be asking “how will we maintain order?.

Not a Christian concern. You can’t both be right with God and a murderous thieving terror to society. But atheists have constant trouble squaring the circle of “*WE* are free to do as *I* wish.”

It is true that society needs to have rules in order to function well. But it is also true that we need to lead with grace. We can still have laws and we can still have order without throwing people away, without locking people in cages, without forgetting about our need for redemption and mercy.

Nineteen Eighty-four’s O’Brien said it better: “First we said thou shalt not. Then we said thou shalt. Now we say, thou art.” We will not need prisons when disobedience, like thoughtcrime, is rendered impossible by our masters.

One more story.

I think it is fair to say that the moment where we get the clearest view of Jesus’s mercy and grace is when He is hanging on the cross. Many have explained it this way: knowing that we were separated from God because of our sin, Jesus decided to come to us. He decided to live the perfect life that God requires, the life none of us can live, and then die the death we all deserve to order to save us from it! In a world so tainted by greed and harm, Jesus pushed aside all that distracts us and pulled us in. When we had no way of saving ourselves, He showed us some ridiculous.amazing.grace and brought us close.

Which is it, Grainge? Are our prisons full of innocents or do they need God’s forgiveness?

Why, if our prisons are full of people who belong there, should the Christian let them out? God did not forgive us. God did not forgive us. He butchered Christ in our place BECAUSE He could not simply forgive us. The bloodguilt of our evil was not waived. It was paid. But this is the spiritual side of evil.

On the mortal side of evil, we who follow God’s example CANNOT let the guilty go free because God didn’t, either. Jonah was punished. Zacchaeus was punished. Paul was punished. Christ’s offer of forgiveness is only valid for escaping damnation. It does NOT include escaping the consequences of our decisions. For that, God demands everything from spanking children to a final Judgment Day.

Christ’s offer is also conditional on repentance. Again, Jonah, Zacchaeus and Paul all repented of the evils they did. Nowhere in all her talk about forgiveness did she mention repentance. But she did imagine the future day that government makes disobedience impossible via mind control.

Hanging next to Jesus were two .criminals.” The Bible says they were thieves; we don’t really know much else.

We know enough that “criminals” shouldn’t have been put in quotes.

One thief ridiculed Jesus, and the other asked for forgiveness. Jesus said: .Truly, I say to you, today, you will be with me in paradise.. (Luke 23). Jesus also looked around him and down below and had mercy on those who he saw. “And when they came to the place that is called The Skull, there they crucified Him, and the criminals, one on His right and one on His left. And Jesus said, .Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And they cast lots to divide his garments.. (Luke 23).

Jesus forgave the Roman soldiers who did the deed because they honestly didn’t know He was God. No criminal intent, to use the jargon. Jesus did not forgive Judas or the criminal on His OTHER side.

My favorite theologian, Rachel Held Evans…

An Episcopalian, journalist and NeverTrumper associated with Zondervan. Died recently. Here’s a quote from an opinion she wrote on “Voting pro-choice is not the same as voting for abortion”.

…once said this about that night: Perhaps we’re afraid that if we get out of the way, this grace thing might get out of hand. Well, guess what? It already has. Grace got out of hand the moment the God of the universe hung on a Roman cross and with outstretched hands looked out upon those who had hung him there and declared, .Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do..

But you DO know the evil you do, Grainge. You hate your father because he kept you from twerking like a pro. You want your thugboy friend to escape justice. You want government to be your God while twisting the real God into a galactic dupe.

And just to make sure you know the evil you do, God made dissidents like me to helpfully point it out for the world to see. I’m sure you will cheerfully forgive any resulting embarrassment.

But why is it so radical, so great, so amazing that Jesus chose mercy over retribution? Over punishment? As creator of the world, as knower of all things, Jesus understood something we often miss about moves us in ways that punishment, that getting what we deserve, cannot.

Examples needed.

“I can tame the unicorn with my feminine wiles!”

I’m sorry I asked.

Bryan Stevenson, my favorite lawyer, put it this way in his book Just Mercy: .When you experience mercy, you learn things that are hard to learn otherwise. You see things you can’t otherwise see; you hear things you can’t otherwise hear. You begin to recognize the humanity that resides in each of us..

Mercy is why the Christian punishes evil in the first place, to convince the wicked to repent. It worked on Jonah. If the evil is too great then we show mercy to society instead and hang the wicked to Judgment Day.

The worst possible fate for the wicked, in the long run, is to die fat and happy.

If we have claimed to follow Jesus, we need to actually follow Jesus. We will never be perfect at it, but here is an area where we need to do better. When our system of incarceration and policing is so biased and harsh that one in three black baby boys will end up in jail, that is on us. When society decides to lock someone in a cage for the rest of their life, that is on us. When our government decides to repay murder with murder, that is on us.

Per Genesis 9:6, God requires that murderers be put to death because human life is sacred.

If Jesus were alive today, I think He would be a prison abolitionist. I think he would hold close every survivor and every person who has been harmed.including those who’s harm and pain brought on convictions and incarceration rather than the healing they needed. I think He would spend His weekends in the visiting rooms of all the local prisons. And I think He would do other radical things and love and show grace in ways that I can’t even imagine because He would be a better prison abolitionist than all of us.

If Jesus were alive today, I also think He’d be a prison abolitionist. He will “rule with a rod of iron” which suggests He’s a whipping post kind of ruler. Send you to your room for a few years? Three-fourths of humanity will die just to pave the road for His return.

So let’s stop getting in the way. Let’s show grace, have mercy, and cherish redemption in the ways that Jesus taught us.

Conjugal visits with Jose?

Grainge started out by explaining where her Daddy Issues came from, justified her subsequent career and politics by identifying with unjustly punished criminals (not an oxymoron to her) and wrapped it together by claiming God would let murderers go free because He’s a forgiving sort of person. But the Crucifixion happened BECAUSE God cannot forgive evil. Especially unrepentant evil.

Christ’s story didn’t end at the Cross, Grainge. It’s fascinating how you Godless types never mention His resurrection, the other half of the Crucifixion story. Why not?

Because God didn’t stay dead like His enemies wanted Him to. You don’t love God, Grainge. You hate him and thus, love to celebrate His death. And ONLY His death.

By freeing Barabbas.


Tom Giovanetti: The Would-Be Italian Job

Building on a previous post comment that teaching women to wield weapons is a Cuckservative behavior, I found this Op-Ed that explains how “that’s ironic” became a Generation X neologism: because all of our leaders kept doubling down on the very behaviors that were causing social collapse, in the name of preventing social collapse. Then they swore to fight all enemies outside America while giving them free reign inside America. And lastly, they swore “from my cold, dead fingers” then complied with the illegal restraining order.

One might call that ironic.

But as always, I don’t know where I’ll end up. Turns out, this op-ed’s purpose is floating the idea of a Deep State coup. Dallas would be a good test market for that kind of thinking.

We can stop mass shootings without restricting Second Amendment liberties

By Tom Giovanetti, 8 September 2019

We cannot stop mass shootings, period. They’re a symptom, not the problem.

It is often said by people of all political persuasions, and certainly by my fellow conservatives, that the primary duty of the federal government is to keep us safe.

The problem is, that’s not true. The founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and especially the Federalist Papers, make it clear that the primary duty of the federal government is the preservation of liberty, not safety.

Wrong. The Federal gov’t’s job is internationally representing and defending the Union of generrally sovereign States. You’re off to a great start, Defender of the Constitution I Didn’t Read.

I weary of retreading history to people who won’t learn. Skipping ahead,

Confronted with the horror of repeated mass shootings, proposed solutions have rushed toward restricting Second Amendment rights. But an American solution for reducing mass shootings should not focus on erosions of liberty.

On the other hand, when defenders of Second Amendment rights offer no practical solutions, they leave open the implication that liberty requires us to tolerate the occasional (or not-so-occasional) mass shooting. Not only is that a losing argument with the public in the long run, it’s also not true. Americans are entitled to both liberty and safety.

If you give people freedom then some of them will misuse that freedom. It is logically impossible to let someone choose while preventing them from choosing wrongly or selfishly.

You can instead give them motivation to choose good, like Christianity.

And let’s not get distracted by discussions about root causes. That might strike you as peculiar, but root causes are notoriously difficult to address, and government is particularly ill-equipped to do so. So what can we organize to do now to increase safety without eroding liberty?

The root cause is fatherlessness imposed by atheist government tyranny. Guess what, gun nuts, the Red Dawn happened twenty years ago, when Hillary Clinton stole the FBI blackmail files, and you missed it.

Travel almost anywhere else in the world and you will commonly encounter armed security in public places. Somehow, uniquely in America, we see this as a bad thing. That needs to change.

Uniquely in America, we don’t see government as our God & Savior.

In the church my family attends, we adapted after a threat. There is now armed security scattered throughout the congregation, in the sanctuary, in the lobby, and even on the platform.

Air transportation obviously adapted after 9/11, with added airport security and air marshals on flights.

The only needed adaptations were armed pilots and cockpit door locks. Everything else was a tyrannical abomination… looking at you, TSA. Homeland Security. Patriot Act. Gulf Wars. Mein Gott, Orwell was an optimist.

It’s time to adapt to the era of mass shootings. Every school, every church, every large retailer and every government facility should have armed, obvious guards at all entrances. We don’t need to force teachers to take up arms, we simply need ever-present, trained, armed security in schools. This is now the cost of protecting our children and of protecting the public.

He means “government licensed” security, of course.

It would take some getting used to, but seeing an armed guard at the entrance to Wal-Mart would not be a sign of a totalitarian police state.

This is hilarious(When Airsofters take things too seriously) | SpaceBattles Forums

It would be an example of free people self-organizing to create new institutions to protect public safety.

It’s come to this: Cuckservatives want to finish building the panopticon surveillance state that was first demanded by Socialists.

A larger armed security profession would also create career opportunities for young professionals answering the call to protect their fellow citizens as well as for retired military and law enforcement.

Jobs! Guns! Waving the flag! Fatherless young men in dead-end jobs lined up to die for his precious Snowflakes! Everything a Baby Boomer could ask for except self-destructing his legacy on the way to his dirt nap.

And for those who might balk at the expense of additional security, try getting into an office building on K Street in Washington without running a gauntlet of security. We’ve already decided that our elites and lobbyists’ lives are worth protecting. Why haven’t we made the same choice for students in schools and shoppers in department stores?

Who is this WE, Kemosabe? The greatest national security threat to the United States is the government of the United States. It’s a BAD sign that they try so hard to protect themselves from us ordinary citizens, as if we were one-tenth as treacherously murderous as the Jews they love and Muslims they import.

Once we have secured our public and private spaces against the deranged, we can start trying to address root causes.

He has no interest in root causes. He’s been selling us the idea that new, paramilitary government agencies are the key to keeping the American Dream. Hmm… never let a crisis go to waste?

Every civilization has developed means and institutions for reining in the impulses of boys and disciplining them into responsible men, but we’ve lost ours. The traditional family, especially fathers, used to play a critical role, as did the military. And there are clear gaps in our mental health systems to be addressed. If we can build a consensus to do so, we can re-create and restore the institutions we’ve lost.

You unAmerican sack of fucked shit, Tom! YOU EVEN NAMED THE VERY ROOT CAUSE OF MASS SHOOTINGS IMMEDIATELY AFTER DISMISSING ANY INTEREST IN WHAT THE ROOT CAUSE IS! Not a coincidence. This is how the wicked sneer at their victims.

We don’t want to “restore” our government, Tom. We want to REDUCE our government.

But in the meantime, let’s stop the mayhem while retaining our Second Amendment liberties.

Tom Giovanetti is president of the Institute for Policy Innovation in Irving. He wrote this column for The Dallas Morning News.

Sounds like a Deep State shell corporation, the kind of “policy research” company politicians set up to employ cronies and justify the agenda they want enacted. Per its website, “The Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) is a free-market policy think tank that focuses on issues related to economic growth, innovation, limited government and individual liberty.” Yep, hole in one.

Which means Giovanetti isn’t Cuckservative. He’s Deep State, possibly pushing back against the Demonrat gun ban proposals the only way he knows how: creating government jobs that exist for no reason than allowing men to enjoy the Second Amendment under Big Brother’s benevolent watch. It’s not a bad way to stage a coup: hiring military vets, arming them and getting the (female) public to seem them as Good Guys before imposing martial law.

That’s not how us Heritage American men would see gov’t-licensed enforcers on every street corner, of course. But I can certainly imagine a John McCain clone enjoying that fantasy on lonely nights, with hand lotion and Kleenex.

And floating these ideas with plausible deniability is the very purpose of a “think tank”. Tell your handlers it won’t work, Tom. We don’t want ANY tyrant.

Tom Giovanetti

I get a Mark Zuckerberg vibe from him… a more square face shape than the Zuck marks him as more pragmatic, if no less ambitious. He’s also affiliated with the Grassroots Institute in Hawaii, a Chicomm front organization to judge from its President and CEO.

His hair is TOO orderly. I wonder if it’s a hairpiece. I think he usually wears glasses, too. Thin eyebrows are chameleonic. Generally rational with straight eyelids and thin lips. He looks like a good yes-man.

Who pays Giovanetti’s salary? Not for a moment can I believe he’s pushing his own, personal agenda here.

There ARE Three Genders? A Cold War Conspiracy!

Shifting to more lighthearted fare, Mel Magazine debunks the science of testosterone. One wouldn’t think the concept “there are only two genders” would be an unpopular view, on grounds that you can see the sex chromosomes under a microscope and everybody loves !science!.

Or so I thought. Turns out that female athletes have been forced to compete against Mutant Privilege since at least 1950, and yes indeed, there was a Russian conspiracy to steal the election Olympics.


Everything We Think We Know About Testosterone Is Pretty Much Wrong

By Tracy Moore, 16 September 2019.

The way we talk about testosterone, you.d think it was man juice in a bottle.


After all, it’s in the balls and the boner. It’s in the beard, and it’s in the balding. It’s in the rage, and it’s in the aggression.

Yes, and?

And it’s in the life force itself: Men who undergo testosterone replacement therapy espouse its magical powers in providing an indisputable rush of .energy, strength, clarity, ambition, drive, impatience…

Happy Birthday to You - Waddles the Hamster - YouTube

…and above all, horniness.. It’s what makes men men, and women not-men. We’re not from Mars and Venus; we’re from Planets Testosterone and Estrogen. Right?

Right! Good girl, you did science today! Now go put your hamster in its cage before…

Not exactly. Recent studies and closer scrutiny of old research has begun to find more and more proof that while testosterone works some of the ways we thought, it doesn’t function all the ways we thought. For example, a new study has found that one theory explaining autism . that it’s the result of “extreme male brain” more into building and machines and less into empathizing, due to overexposure of the hormone prenatally . has no legs to stand on. Meanwhile, other studies similarly contradict many implications pegged to T: that it makes men more violent, more hairy and more muscular, period.

…it gets loose. But she’s right, testosterone does NOT lobotomize men into social dysfunction. She’s still doing !science! although she’s lost the distinction between methamphetamine and testosterone.

.All you have to think of [to see it doesn’t work this way] is the people you know. Like men who are really big in the shoulders but can’t build up their legs,. explains Rebecca Jordan-Young, co-author of Testosterone: An Unauthorized Biography.

Hyphenated last name? I bet she’s co-author of My Abusive Ex-husband: An Unauthorized Libel. Let’s check.

Hormones don?t create ?male? and ?female? brains - Health & Science - Jerusalem Post

OMG. She began life female, now identifies as Harvard-sexual. Not reported as married? Huh. What this androgyne doesn’t know about sex hormones is EVERYTHING!

Wikipedia: “Rebecca M. Jordan-Young (born 1963), is an American sociomedical scientist whose research focuses on sex, gender and sexuality, as well as the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS. She is the Tow Associate Professor for Distinguished Scholars and the Chair of the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Barnard College. Jordan-Young completed her undergraduate work at Bryn Mawr College.”

Pronounced “Burn More” College? She must be able to use her own blood for her HIV research.

.Some of that is just where the receptors are located in the body. In a lot of people, there’s a different density in the receptors in the lower and upper body. Think about someone with a whole lot of facial and arm hair, the guy who has to shave a ring around his neck to tell his chest hair from his beard. That guy is just as likely to be scrawny. You can’t predict testosterone based on one feature that somebody has, because how much the body will use testosterone for other things is also testosterone dependent. It’s confusing, because it’s not linear..

Translation, there’s a behavior component to the body acting on testosterone. You can’t muscle up just by injecting juice or going through puberty, which every gym rat and couch potato knew before this multi-degreed, lifetime professional did.

.Sex is a really interesting arena,. [the androgyne] continues. .Testosterone is important for sexual function, but at the same time, you don’t need very much at all. There is a very, very low threshold effect that, above that, more testosterone doesn’t do anything more for sexual function. You can have low testosterone below clinical thresholds and still have perfectly good sexual function, making sperm, having erections and all the tissue function can be fine. That’s been clear for a long time . more T doesn’t make you a better lover or more libidinous. It’s not a linear effect, there’s just a little bit that’s necessary..

Translation, ALL men need sex not just the gym rats. Did anybody ever claim horniness was measurable in ng/mL?

That exaggeration of the relationship between testosterone and male sexuality is complicated by our desire for testosterone and estrogen to explain male and female, end stop.

HER desire to reduce sexuality to mere hormones. If masculinity won’t go away even at T=0 then there’s more to killing all men than hormone blockers in our breakfast cereal.

.This whole idea of sex hormones is this binary,. Jordan-Young explains. .When the so-called sex hormones were discovered, it wasn’t that they were discovered and experiments were done and observations to see what they actually do, and it turned out that testosterone controlled masculinity and estrogen controlled femininity. It was the opposite; scientists were looking to find what substance in the body cause masculinity and femininity to develop, and approached it with a very binary ideal that when they found them, they.d be sex specific . only the male in male bodies, only the female in female bodies . and that they would cancel each other out, and be antagonistic..

Except those experiments have been done, thank you LGBT community and MISPWOSO. !Science! confirmed us, which is why our universities are now replacing physicists with homosexual witch doctors. Science just isn’t working out for the Godless anymore.

One clear place we haven’t been able to get past it is sports, particularly the idea that testosterone directly explains male superiority in sports performance over women, and is the key to athletic performance, which Jordan-Young and her co-author Katrina Karkazis recently addressed in a New York Times op-ed about the Court for Arbitration for Sport’s recent ruling that women with naturally high testosterone couldn’t compete as women.

We must allow male transgenders to compete with women! But now my Princess can’t win at football like I did when the Beatles were new… how can we square this circle? By banning man-juice!

And on that note, the proverbial light bulb turned on that this post isn’t talking about getting rid of men without getting rid of trannies. It’s talking about how to accept male transgenders as women in competitive sports despite the problem that they’re still biologically men.

Sheesh, First World Problems.

I’ll skip the path and give you the destination, a Soviet Russian conspiracy courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

Gender Verification No More?

Myron Genel, MD

[Medscape Women’s Health 5(3), 2000. Copyright 2000 Medscape, Inc.]

While there has been abundant publicity regarding the testing of Olympic athletes for use of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, [GQ: testosterone specifically] it is not well known that for more than 30 years the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has required all female competitors to undergo “gender verification.” The purported rationale is to detect male imposters who would have an unfair competitive advantage.

In point-of-fact, genuine imposters have not been uncovered [GQ: although a few athletes have been stripped of their awards]; however, gender verification procedures have resulted in substantial harm to a number of unassailable women athletes born with relatively rare genetic abnormalities that affect development of the gonads or the expression of secondary sexual characteristics.

That’s the first time I ever saw a sentence give equal time to “unassailable women athletes” and “rare genetic abnormalities”.

In part, the controversy over gender verification reflects the increasing popularity of women’s sports. The original Olympic Games in ancient Greece were limited to men, who competed in the nude. Women spectators were prohibited.

The obvious and original gender test. A side note of history, it also screened Jews out of the competitions because they were circumcised and you couldn’t hide that while “buff”. Many eventual-Christians approved of Jewish morality at the time but were unwilling to convert because of the circumcision requirement, which would have ostracized them from games, public baths and… well, the ancients weren’t too hung up on modesty. I read the Crucifixion story a thousand times before grokking the implications of the soldiers casting lots for God’s underpants.

Anyway, that’s why Scripture called those Gentiles God-fearers. They revered God but for various reasons, didn’t chop their dicks off. Which God was thankfully okay with.

When the Olympic Games were revived in 1896, the founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, was opposed to any women competing, reflecting general cultural attitudes about the “weaker sex” that prevailed at the sunset of the Victorian era.

That’s one theory. Another is that women shouldn’t be encouraged to act like men.

Nineteen women competed, however, in the 1900 Olympic Games, and 57 in 1912; by 1960, in Rome, there were 610 female competitors.

During the past 4 decades, the number of women competing has increased substantially in both the winter and summer games, so that by the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta there were 3800 women athletes.

This reflects not only increased interest but also the inclusion of additional events for women, as antiquated notions regarding the suitability of women to compete in more strenuous competitive events, such as the marathon, have dissipated. The recent phenomenal success of the US World Cup soccer team provides yet another example of the increasing acceptance and popularity of women’s sports.

Back in 2000 he probably had no idea where we’d be in just two more decades. I sure didn’t.

The sociologic changes, improved training, and the attraction of more women into sports have naturally led to some striking improvement in athletic achievements by women.[4] For example, Joan Benoit‘s time for the marathon at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the first year this event was run for women, would have beaten all men’s times before the 1956 Olympics. Women’s times in the swimming events are even closer to those of men. The women’s Olympic record in the 100-meter freestyle, set in 1992, would have beaten all men’s times before the 1964 Olympics, including the 1924 time of the legendary Johnny Weissmuller, by almost 5 seconds. The 1988 Olympic record in the women’s 400-meter freestyle would have beaten all men’s times before the 1972 Olympics, including the 1924 time of Johnny Weissmuller, by over a minute. Even more striking is the comparison of men and women in cross-country skiing, arguably an event that puts greater premium on agility and coordination as well as endurance. In the 15-kilometer race, the women’s Olympic record of 1994 would have beaten all men’s before 1992; in the 30-kilometer race, the women’s time in 1992 would have beaten men’s in all previous Olympic events.

What caused such remarkable progress in female achievement?

1. Women have always been as strong as men but insecure weak men successfully oppressed them for thousands of years.

2. Most Olympians before 1960 were not trained-from-childhood professional athletes.

3. Those “women” were either men or hyper-masculine mutants.

The evidence says… well… this is Joan Benoit:

Fields Medal winner Manjul Bhargava to give 2015 Commencement address, joining honorands Mark ...

I’m thinking #3. Maybe #2 also, but seriously #3. And I’m not alone:

In a number of instances, questions were raised regarding the “femininity” of highly successful female competitors, in particular during the Cold War era of competition between the United States and the former Soviet Union. These rumors were abetted by anecdotal reports of recognized athletes who were found to have varying degrees of intersexuality. In 1 case, a Polish sprinter with an apparent chromosomal mosaicism was stripped of her medals.

Ohmigawd, the comic books were right! The Communists bred supersoldier mutants in underground laboratories!

“Herr Doktor Klinefelter, we require zooper-men to beat the capitalist men at the Olympics!”

“That will be very difficult. Success may not be possible.”

“Useless dummkopf! To Siberia vit zu!”

“…But meanwhile, I can create super-women who can beat the capitalist women. Right away, in fact.”

“Very goot, very goot. I vill spare you from Siberia… zis time.”

*Doctor loads an extra Y chromosome into the IVF machine and goes to lunch.*

Three track and field champions who competed as women before World War II subsequently underwent reconstructive surgery and sex reassignment. These cases led to efforts to ensure that women competing at international events were in fact women, initially with rather crude and demeaning efforts at physical examination. In 2 instances, women athletes were required to parade nude before a panel of female physicians, and at another event women athletes were required to undergo direct gynecologic examination.

That doesn’t sound so bad. You reach the top of competitive athletics, you must expect some intrusive anti-cheating measures.

These initial crude attempts at gender verification were soon replaced by less direct measures: first, the use of a buccal smear for sex chromatin, which was implemented at the 1968 winter games in Grenoble on an experimental basis and formally adopted at the 1968 summer games in Mexico City. Until the last decade, this remained the standard for gender verification, notwithstanding that by the mid-1970s, the test was discarded by medical professionals as technically unreliable. More importantly, the test detected athletes who were unassailably feminine but who happened to have an XY chromosomal pattern.

That is not feminine. That’s male DNA.

Many of these individuals had variants of androgen resistance, either complete or partial — in which case, they are naturally resistant to the strength-promoting qualities of testosterone. Others had variants of XY gonadal dysgenesis. Ironically, the sex chromatin test would have permitted recognized males with an XXY karyotype, or Klinefelter’s syndrome, and XX males, who have a portion of the testicular determining gene (SRY) transposed onto the X chromosome, to compete.

Again, that’s male DNA. This doesn’t seem hard. If you don’t want us to lift your skirt then we screen for male DNA.

Concerns regarding the appropriateness of sex chromatin for gender verification were voiced continuously in the 1970s and 1980s, but their impact was limited because of the absence of information regarding the frequency of positive results and the subsequent diagnoses and follow-up. At virtually every Olympic event, however, abundant rumors circulated; in one instance, this author was informed that women athletes who were detected as “positive” were instructed to feign injuries or in some cases were actually fitted with casts. In 1 celebrated case, a Spanish hurdler, Maria Patino, was publicly disclosed after failing her femininity test during an event in Tokyo, at the cost of public disgrace and loss of her athletic scholarship. It took 2 years and the active intercession of a number of medical authorities for Ms. Patino, who has androgen
resistance, to be reinstated.

Circumstances such as these and the efforts of a number of dedicated professionals resulted in some changes by the early 1990s. This author has had the privilege of working with an international group of professionals, some of whom were convened by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) for a Workshop on Methods of Femininity Verification held in late 1990 in Monte Carlo. Our group concluded that laboratory-based sex determination should be discontinued, a recommendation that was accepted shortly thereafter by the IAAF and subsequently by all but 4 of the international athletic federations. The IOC, however, instead replaced sex chromatin with DNA-based methods to detect Y chromosomal material, principally the SRY sex-determining locus on the Y chromosome, implementing this procedure at the 1992 winter games in Albertville.

Huh. I would’ve guessed the IOC would be the first to board the Tranny Train.

After the Atlanta Olympics, efforts continued to persuade the IOC to abandon gender verification. Indeed, by the time of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, essentially all of the relevant professional societies had endorsed resolutions that called for elimination of gender verification, including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Physicians, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Endocrine Society, the Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society, and the American Society of Human Genetics. It was argued that the current clothing used in athletic competition, as well as the requirement that urine for doping control be voided under direct supervision, made it virtually certain that male impostors could not escape detection; furthermore, gender verification procedures are complex, expensive, and counterproductive.

Oh, look at that. We’re back to the old school of gender determination, with the benefit of Spandex for modesty’s sake.

Still, it was not until the IOC’s Athletes’ Commission called for discontinuation of the IOC system of gender verification that the IOC’s executive board, at its June 1999 meeting… I truly hope that the IOC’s decision will become permanent with the conclusion of the Sydney games and that laboratory verification of the gender of female athletes will reside in the historical chronicles of the Olympic Games together with competition in the nude of their ancient male predecessors.

Rebecca Jordan-Young is a successor of his in the field of debunking laboratory gender determination. Unlike Myron who (re-)reached a valid testing methodology, however, Becky has been wrong for thousands of years.

I once joked that I would accept a third gender of Mutant if wimminz had notes from their doctor. They called my bluff… I double down! There are THREE genders: male, female and mutant! Congratulations, you abnormal freaks, you are now abnormal freaks by definition!


How About You Try That, Beto?

I’ve been trying very hard to ignore the Democrat Presidential debates. I’d rather wear a sandpaper thong on a treadmill than watch sociopathic victims of affluenza debate the best, fastest way to murder me without leaving fingerprints. But sometimes, the clouds of indifference part and a ray of pure Derp shines through.

O’Rourke: Texans have told me they’re fine giving up their AR-15s

Asycthian, Christian Forums

By Jessica Campisi, 14 September 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke on Friday defended his call for mandatory gun buybacks for AR-15 rifles, saying Texans have told him they .don’t need. their AR-15s.

Exactly what New Zealand is claiming & doing. He’ll get elected, a mass shooting will eventually happen in Podunk and Beto will implement gun confiscation in the sudden realization that private ownership of firearms is a horrible idea despite all precedents and oaths. But oddly, he’ll never make reference to the fact that he’d been lusting to ban guns long before the “trigger event”.

We already have a world government. All these heads of State enacting the same globalist agenda at the same time freaks me out. Especially when, like Brexit or Beto vs. Texas, it won’t end well for them.

.Using guns to hunt or for self-defense makes a lot of sense to us here in Texas,. O.Rourke, a former three-term congressman from the state, said during an interview on MSNBC.

“But even from those Texans who own AR-15s, they’ve told me this themselves: ‘I don’t need this. I don’t need it to hunt. I don’t need it to protect myself. It was fun to use. I like taking it out to the range, but if giving this back or cutting it to pieces or selling it to the government helps to keep us safer, then by all means let’s do it,’” he said.

Um, no. FUCK, no. That is the one way shit AIN’T gonna go down. But Beto, I’d love to watch your body cash the checks that your mouth is writing.

1000+ images about Extra, Extra, Read All About It! on Pinterest | Newspaper Headlines ...

O.Rourke.s remarks come after the former congressman . who has pushed for a mandatory gun buyback program for assault-style weapons . defended his proposal during Thursday’s Democratic primary debate in Houston.

“Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47. We’re not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore,” he said, prompting loud cheers and applause from the audience.

Beto O’Rourke intends to enslave and kill us Heritage Americans. He is already at war with us, he seeks power over us so the war will be unilateral, yet none dare call it treason.

We Heritage Americans are no longer participants in our own government. Giving up our guns will be the last step before engineered famines and Siberian death camps.

The comment prompted GOP state Rep. Briscoe Cain to write in a tweet . which Twitter has since taken down . that his .AR is ready for. O.Rourke.

briscoe cain 2

Eww. Briscoe Cain looks like way too effeminate to mean what he Tweets. That’s the smile of a used car salesman.

Texas Lawmaker Dismisses Anti-Trans Violence As “Dudes Walking Around In Dresses Getting Beat Up”

A conservative Texas State Representative reduced anti-trans violence to nothing more than “dudes walking around in dresses getting beat up” in a recent panel discussion.

Rep. Briscoe Cain made the comments while in conversation with the Texas Tribune Tuesday when moderator Evan Smith asked him to defend Senate Bill 6, one of two new anti-trans bathroom bills currently proposed in the state legislature.

Like North Carolina’s HB2, SB6 would require people to use the restroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate, not their true gender identity.

.It wasn’t a problem when I was a child,. Cain explained. .Was it a problem when you were a kid? I don’t remember dudes walking around in dresses getting beat up. It wasn’t a thing, and now I think we’re encouraging it..

Oh, well, that’s a breath of fresh air. He sounds more outspoken than physiognomy would expect.

When asked what exact problem a bill like SB6 would alleviate, Cain said it all comes down to the issue of private businesses being forced to make accommodations for people who want to use restrooms that have “nothing to do with them..

.[SB6] is just to say, .Look, we’re not going to allow government funds or government buildings to be used for social engineering,’. Cain remarked. .Men need to use men’s restrooms..

Sigh, no, Briscoe. It’s not a question of private businesses being forced to obey an unnecessary law. It’s a question of sexual perversion. EVIL! Men and women are different, that’s why trans-bathrooms are a bad idea!

Cain added that he and fellow Republicans were “emboldened” to pursue SB6 after witnessing the defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in 2015. HERO would’ve protected LGBT people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in both housing and employment.

Woe to those who call evil, good! Or in this case, call butt-fucking heroic.

.That.s really when we began to be emboldened,. he said. .We realized it wasn’t just a political thing. That parents, grandparents, everybody’s concerned about men and women’s bathrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms..

I was right the first time, he’s effeminate. Needing ’emboldening’ to do what is right. But at least he’s effeminate on the right side of history.

Unlike whatever poor sod tries to disarm Texas.


Magnus S?derlund: Cannibalism Is Our Future

This post is Not Safe For Lunch.

It’s no joke that our Elites hate us with a seething, black hatred born from their sexual attraction to the disgusting. I blogged previously on an Australian “food scientist” who thought tricking normies into eating cockroach protein was a great idea. Now a second corprophagist turns up in Sweden.

Executive Committee members | EMAC

Forskning - Hur dina nöjda kunder påverkar konkurrenterna ...

He gives off a Jordan B. Peterson kind of vibe:

Jordan Peterson-izing The Ben Op | The American Conservative

The main article for this post is classified as a commentary but seems as authoritative as a non-Swedish speaker can expect to find.

Swedish Researcher Pushes Eating Human Flesh as Answer to Future Climate Change Food Shortages

By Celia Faber, 4 September 2019

Right off the bat, we can notice that they’re raising cannibalism as an “answer” to FUTURE food shortages. It’s solving a problem that doesn’t exist but the globalists are certain it will. How can they be confident in that prediction unless it’s the future they intend to create on purpose? And why, if they want to develop a preemptive solution, are they not considering ocean farming or something?

Climate Change alarmism has taken a macabre turn that will seem to be satire, but is not. It happened in Sweden.

At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called Gastro Summit, in Stockholm Sept 3-4, a professor held a powerpoint presentation asserting that we must “awaken the idea” of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combatting the effects of climate change.

In the 1960s, humanity died to nuclear winter. In the ’70s, we died to overpopulation. In the ’80s, we were incinerated by holes in the ozone layer. In the ’90s, we drowned when the polar ice caps melted. In the ’00s, we actually were decimated by weaponized migration. And now in the ’10s, the globalists tell us deplorables to just die already.

New for the ’20s, we died to feed our new, vibrant neighbors with our flesh “just like Jesus did”. [Insert tasteless Eucharist joke.]

In a talk titled “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?. behavioral scientist and marketing strategist Magnus S?derlund from .Handelsh?gskolan. (College of Commerce) argues for the breaking down of the ancient taboos against desecrating the human corpse and eating human flesh.

Magnus is a government-sponsored necrophile. There is no legitimate reason to break the very well-justified taboo of cannibalism for the sake of PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES. Is there a learning curve for “how to eat people instead of beef”? You chew, swallow and in 10-20 years, you get Mad Carl Disease.

They say it makes your brain spongy.

He refers to the taboos against it as .conservative,. and discusses people’s resistance to it as a problem that could be overcome, little by little, beginning with persuading people to just taste it. He can be seen in his video presentation and on State Swedish Television channel TV4 saying that since food sources will be scarce in the future, people must be introduced to eating things they have thus far considered disgusting.among them, human flesh.

Easier sells he suggests include: pets and insects.

Poodle, the other white meat. “Dad, will Lassie be with us in Heaven?” “No, son, Lassie will be with us in the supermarket, for sale by the pound.”

But human flesh was the central topic. In Swedish articles describing this new debate, the term .mannisko-k?tts branschen. is introduced. This means “the human flesh industry..

In his bio at the Stockholm School of Economics, S?derlund states that his research focus includes: .consumer behavior,. . marketing stimuli,. .loyalty, emotions, justice perceptions,. .psychological reactions,. a society increasingly obsessed with consumption..

People can be “tricked” Soderlund teases, into “making the right decisions..

These people are loathsome, freakish monsters. They intend to force us to eat our dead while they watch and masturbate from ivory towers. Conservatism didn’t conserve gendered bathrooms; soon, it will fail to conserve sliced bread.

Conflating resistance to eating human flesh with capitalist selfishness, the seminar’s talking points ask:

.Are we humans too selfish to live sustainably?”

Magnus, are you too selfish to fuck your mother? It might be considered taboo for the moment by overly conservative individuals but for most male feminists, Mom is the cheapest and most accessible source of erotic pleasure. And when you’re done with her, she’s a month’s worth of protein!

.Is Cannibalism the solution to food sustainability in the future? Does Generation Z have the answers to our food challenges? Can consumers be tricked into making the right decisions?At GastroSummit you will get some answers to these questions.and also partake in the latest scientific findings and get to meet the leading experts..

Experts like MEEE, who don’t have the first clue if what we preach is a good idea but we’re paid very well to preach it! And who believe “scientific” means “nobody pays you unlicensed peasants to think”.

In his talk, S?derlund asks the audience how many would be open to the idea. Not many hands go up. Some groaning is heard. When interviewed after his talk, he reports brightly that 8 percent of conference participants said they would be open to trying it. When asked if he himself would try it, he replies: .I feel somewhat hesitant but to not appear overly conservative.I.d have to say..I.d be open to at least tasting it..

I can’t say which is worse, the possibility that he’s a total hypocrite about cannibalism or the possibility that he already eats corpses for pleasure.

The logo for the talk, titled: .Food Of The Future: Worms, Grasshoppers, or Human Flesh,. features a splash of blood as part of the graphic design.

What S?derlund does not mention, curiously, is the long documented science.the biological effect of cannibalism.

Check your privilege, Celia! You can’t expect a totalitarian globalist raping your taboos to know literally everything. Who made you an expert, anyway? The government? No!

A tribe called the Fore lived isolated in Papua New Guinea until the 1930s. They believed in eating their dead rather than allowing them to be consumed by worms. This led to an epidemic of a disease called .kuru, or “the laughing death,. caused by ingestion of human meat. This disease was not caused by a pathogen, but rather, a “twisted protein,. (according to an NPR report) that tricks “other proteins in the brain to twist like it, damaging the brain’s cerebellum. Researchers compared it to Dr. Jekyll’s transformation. The last victim of kuru died in 2009.

Your word for the day: the word prion derives from “proteinaceous infectious particle”. As in Mad Cow Disease and kuru. They’re proteins misshapen in such a way as to cause more misshapen proteins. There’s no cure and it really does have a 10+ year onset.

There are a few cultures that eat insects; think Cameroon. But there’s not one society on Earth since PNG’s Fore that eats people. Magnus thinks we should change that for everybody because at some point in the future, somebody somewhere will be hungry.

Whoever is in charge of Sweden’s Public Relations is doing an abysmal job. Unless the new brand is that this small Northern country, obsessed with atheism and political correctness, is now cooler than ever for re-setting all previously known boundaries of “noir.” And madness.

Oh, they’re being smart about it. All slick sales and marketing professionals and starting early. It’s alarming that he’s still employed and wasn’t booed off the stage. Granted, Magnus is not the sanest economist available for rent but the others all surprised themselves by having principles.

According to the Eurpoean Marketing Confederation,,

Professor S?derlund is Professor of Marketing and Head of the Center for Consumer Marketing (CCM) at the Stockholm School of Economics. He received his PhD in 1993, became associate professor in 1998 and full professor in 2008.

His current research interests comprise customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and service encounters.

So, this guy advocating the consumption of insects and humans as food staples is not a nutritionist, biologist, anthropologist or medical expert. He’s an economist specializing in consumer behavior. His only professional interest in the topic is how people can be mindfucked into accepting it.

Who pays his bills?


Walter Mosley Was SJWd for Calling Himself A Nigger

Walter was a writer for STD (Star Trek: Discovery) until he was overheard using the dreaded N-word… in reference to himself.

'Charcoal Joe': Walter Mosley?s Easy Rawlins is on the ...

Overall, I’m not a fan of the Innsmouth look. Wide upper eyelids indicates a very social attitude. Midly Soros-style lower eyelids, still not sure but am leaning towards chronic pain or Pure Evil. Wide lips is a talker. Inner ear cup pokes out past the outer cup, so he listens more to himself than others. Very faint eyebrows suggests a chameleon personality. And yet, conformist-narrow ears indicating against all the internal/social motivations.

A pretty good read for a professional screenwriter.

Author Walter Mosley Quits ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ After Using N-Word in Writers Room

By Lesley Goldberg, September 2019

Author Walter Mosley penned an op-ed for The New York Times, published on Friday, in which he revealed that he quit his job as a writer on a television series after he was “chastised” by human resources for using the N-word on the job.

Join the club. Yes, yes, we know you’re innocent. So were we.

Although Mosley, who is black, did not reveal which show he departed, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that it was CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery. That series, renewed in February for its third season with its third showrunner, has experienced serious issues of abusive language in its writers room in the past.

He’s a very light-skinned black. This point-and-shriek might have been accidental. Or, he had an enemy. Or, STD attracts damaged people what can’t be happy unless they’re ruining life for someone else. The story arcs and production history of STD favor the latter. Nobody with options should swim in that shark tank.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that season three showrunners Alex Kurtzman . who sources say personally recruited Mosley to the Discovery room . and Michelle Paradise were informed of the complaint via human resources but were not present for the incident in which Mosley allegedly used the N-word multiple times. Sources note that HR called Mosley to inform the acclaimed writer and novelist that typical use of that word was a fireable offense but there was to be no course of action taken against him. Instead, HR informed Mosley that a writer in the room was uncomfortable with it and effectively wanted to ensure he was aware of the studio’s policy.

That HR has waaay too much power. It was basically overriding the personnel decisions of the company officers. Which is almost the definition of a corporate “skin suit”. Shareholders obsess too much over profit margins to be woke.

“Earlier this year, I had just finished with the (FX channel’s) Snowfall writers. room for the season when I took a similar job on a different show at a different network. I’d been in the new room for a few weeks when I got the call from human resources. A pleasant-sounding young man said, ‘Mr. Mosley, it has been reported that you used the n-word in the writers. room,’” Mosley wrote in the Times. “I replied, ‘I am the N-word in the writers. room.’”


Mosley went on to explain that the individual in HR said that while he was free to use that word in a script, he “could not say it.” Mosley then clarified, “I hadn’t called anyone it. I just told a story about a cop who explained to me, on the streets of Los Angeles, that he stopped all n—ers in paddy neighborhoods and all paddies in n—er neighborhoods, because they were usually up to no good. I was telling a true story as I remembered it.”

In fairness to Mosley, he self-censored “paddies” for his NYT opinion piece. I had to do research to realize I’d been victimized by a deplorable word instead of a sexual reference.

Mosley wrote that he is unaware who complained about his use of the word. “There I was, a black man in America who shares with millions of others the history of racism. And more often than not, treated as subhuman,” he continued. “If addressed at all that history had to be rendered in words my employers regarded as acceptable.”

Mr. Mosley, an honest, soul-searching question: do you think your accuser voted for Trump? Why or why not?

“There I was being chastised for criticizing the word that oppressed me and mine for centuries. As far as I know the word is in the dictionary,” said Mosley. “As far as I know the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence assure me of both the freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness.”

Well, there’s your mistake. America declared independence from Christianity and passed the Constitution to emancipate women, coloreds, women, Communists, women and the coal they burn from the oppressive slavery of white male privilege.

Which now includes you, Walter, because Communism doesn’t work if it don’t have somebody to blame. I’ll go out on a limb and guess there aren’t any white cis-men working on STD plots in the writers’ room right now. The light-skinned Negro will have to suffice.

I used to point out the hypocrisy of blacks calling each other nigger while going gangster on anybody else calling them nigger. (Insert Rush Hour clip here.) Guess I can’t do that anymore. The N-word is off-limits to EVERYBODY! Equality at last! Smells like… book-burning.

CBS TV Studios responded to Mosley’s op-ed on Friday in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter: “We have the greatest admiration for Mr. Mosley’s writing talents and were excited to have him join Star Trek: Discovery. While we cannot comment on the specifics of confidential employee matters, we are committed to supporting a workplace where employees feel free to express concerns and where they feel comfortable performing their best work. We wish Mr. Mosley much continued success.”

Careful, buddy. Twist the knife too much and it’ll fall out where everybody can see it.

While Mosley did not say he was immediately threatened with termination, he ultimately decided to leave the show. “My answer to HR was to resign and move on. I was in a writers. room trying to be creative while at the same time being surveilled by unknown critics who would snitch on me to a disembodied voice over the phone,” he wrote. “My every word would be scrutinized. Sooner or later I’d be fired or worse . silenced.”

Sources say Mosley . who had been on staff for three weeks . suddenly stopped coming in to the Santa Monica-based Secret Hideout offices that serve as the writers rooms for Discovery, Picard and multiple other Star Trek shows. Paradise and Kurtzman, who previously dismissed two Discovery showrunners after claims of abusive language and behavior, later learned that Mosley had quit the series without so much as a call to explain what happened. (It’s worth noting that Discovery has a particularly inclusive writers room that includes three African American scribes, two Asian American writers, a Native American and Latinx woman, among others.)

That limb I went out on is solid as an oak. What, no witch doctor?

Mosley ended his op-ed by saying, “The worst thing you can do to citizens of a democratic nation is to silence them.” He elaborated, “And the easiest way to silence a woman or a man is to threaten his or her livelihood. Let’s not accept the McCarthyism of secret condemnation. Instead let’s delve a little deeper, limiting the power that can be exerted over our citizens, their attempts to express their hearts and horrors, and their desire to speak their truths. Only this can open the dialogue of change.”

The worst thing you can do to the citizens of a nation is giving them democracy, which means the worst thing you can do to citizens of a democratic nation is to give them what they want. In this instance, they wanted to silence you. It was you against one nameless accuser; how fortunate that “nice, pleasant” HR microtyrant was available to break the tie. A 2-1 vote means you deserved it, Walter! Democracy in action!

Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were fired ahead of season two in June 2018. At the time, sources told THR that the duo . who replaced original showrunner Bryan Fuller . had leadership and operational issues that led to their dismissal. Insiders stressed that Berg and Harberts became increasingly abusive to the Discovery writing staff, with Harberts said to have leaned across the writers room table while shouting an expletive at a member of the show’s staff. Multiple writers are said to have been uncomfortable working on the series and had threatened to file a complaint with HR or quit the series altogether before informing franchise captain and season two co-showrunner Kurtzman of the issues surrounding Berg and Harberts. After hearing rumors of HR complaints, Harberts is said to have made imposing remarks to the staff to keep concerns with the production an internal matter. Harberts and Berg declined comment at the time.

Maybe God didn’t make Hell. Maybe He let us use own own imagination and multiplied by forever.

Use of the N-word in Hollywood has been a recurring subject as other executives, including former Paramount TV president Amy Powell and Netflix PR chief Jonathan Friedland, have been dismissed over use of the term in the workplace.

The article ends here. Sure, let’s read more! Since we’re settled in for a Friday evening.

By Kim Masters, 19 July 2018

Five years after being tapped to lead the newly relaunched Paramount Television banner, [President] Amy Powell is out.

The news was announced Thursday via an internal memo from Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos in which he outlined “multiple individuals” who raised “concerns around comments” made by the executive in a “professional setting, which they believed were inconsistent” with Viacom’s values. According to sources, the comments included racially charged language. Sources say the inciting incident occurred during a studio notes call for Paramount Network’s First Wives Club reboot, which is being penned by Girls Trip co-writer Tracy Oliver and will feature a predominantly black cast.

Powell was accused of racial insensitivity in the context of overseeing a predominately black soap opera? Is there any way she could possibly have avoided all those ray-ciss land mines?

Powell, who is said to have been a favorite of Viacom CEO Bob Bakish, allegedly made generalizations about black women that struck some on the call as offensive. A complaint was filed to human resources, who with the legal department, investigated the claims and those involved on the notes call. Sources say Paramount considered discipline but decided to fire Powell after she denied the allegations.

“Having spent the past several days conducting a thorough investigation into this matter and speaking to those who were present, our Human Resources and Legal teams came to the same conclusion, and we have made the decision to terminate Amy’s employment, effective immediately,” Gianopulos wrote.

Stinks of dirty politics.

Hours after Gianopulos’ memo to staff, Powell denied the allegations in a statement sent by her personal PR: .There is no truth to the allegation that I made insensitive comments in a professional setting . or in any setting,” she said. “The facts will come out and I will be vindicated.” Sources say Powell is considering taking legal action against the studio.

Given the sudden nature of her firing, a search for Powell’s replacement will begin shortly. In the interim, Paramount COO Andrew Gumpert will oversee operational support, while Mireille Soria, Brian Robbins and Wyck Godfrey . presidents of Paramount Animation, Paramount Players and Paramount Motion Picture Group, respectively . will help lead the studio’s team.

Harvey Weinstein's Most Notable Proteges (Photos) - The Hollywood Reporter

Gaydar! Gumpert is a known protege of Harvey Weinstein at Miramax. I checked the others for political loyalties but nothing turned up. Eh, I never do well at following boardroom politics… but if I ever do, I’ll be rich and famous. And sleeping with Jimmy Hoffa, most likely.

So, did Powell win?

Amy Powell Reaches Settlement Over Her Firing As Paramount Television President

A month and a half after Amy Powell’s surprising firing from her post as president of Paramount Television, she has reached a financial settlement with her former employer, Paramount Pictures.

While details of the settlement are confidential, Powell’s payout from Paramount is said to be in the $4 million range. No one’s really talking specifics right now, but with the deal and a possible messy trial avoided, an individual with knowledge of the situation told Deadline that Powell is “very happy” with the arrangement.

Yay! She triumphed over an anonymous accusation of unnamed civil rights violations! How did she manage to do that, and in only six weeks? We should take notes.

Soon after her exit, Powell retained attorney Bryan Freedman who started preparing a gender bias lawsuit against Paramount and engaged in settlement talks.

*Gunner Q scribbles notes* Cry… like… a… little… girl. Got it!

But Walter was probably better off to simply quit with his dignity intact.


Uniform Skirts Now Illegal

I bet the Founders of America had no idea the Constitution they’d just drafted had a clause liberating women from wearing skirts. Sounds like a Ben Franklin prank…. Fisking Working Mother Magazine is like getting dinner by shooting fish in a supermarket but this one is special, because it affects a charter school instead of the public schools. And involves the use of small children as puppets for litigation.

Judge Rules That It’s Unconstitutional to Make Girls Wear Skirts as Part of School Uniform

By Maricar Santos, 1 April 2019

He explained skirts pose a burden to girls, but not to boys.

Skirts are suddenly revealed to be oppressive and unfair after 6,000+ years of recorded history! What progress! What a marvelous judge, discovering what nobody else was able to notice!

Anyone who ever had to wear skirts as part of their school uniform, or has a child who had to, knows how much of a pain it can be. Not only does the wearer have to be mindful, at all times, that her butt isn’t hanging out while sitting down and walking up the stairs, but she also might have to figure out some type of shorts to wear underneath the skirt, in case there’s a breeze, and in the winter, possibly some leggings.or in my case, she doesn’t freeze to death on the way to and from school.

It’s a horrible fate for girls to be forced by patriarchal privilege to spend one more moment on clothing than they need to for survival. Never mind the five hours per day they voluntarily obsess over clothing regardless.

Even though it’s old-fashioned, unfair, and downright uncomfortable…

Since when does old-fashioned mean EVIL?

..there are still thousands of girls who are subjected to such a dress code. Rather than put up with it, three North Carolina students decided to take action, asking their school to end its policy of requiring girls to wear skirts or risk punishment. Their petition had garnered over 100 signatures when a teacher confiscated it.and never returned it.

Why would the girls have thought to complain at the age when boys are icky?

The students sought the help of the ACLU, who filed a lawsuit against the on their behalf back in 2016, when the girls were just 5, 10 and 14.

Bullshit. Five year-olds don’t seek the help of militant lawyers to litigate on their behalf just so they can dress like boys.

They sued K-8 Charter Day School in Leland which, according to CBS News, is a public school funded by state taxpayers, but is allowed to do things differently than a traditional public school. Even though Charter Day School is tuition-free, it “contracts with a for-profit company to run business and academic operations.”

I told you so, school voucher advocates. If you use taxpayer money in any form then the gov’t will still be able to put its hooks in, and your “charter school” will end up no better than the public school. But no, forcing us bachelors to underwrite your kids’ tuition is too important.

Now, three years later, a judge has ruled the school’s skirt requirement for girls to be unconstitutional, Buzzfeed reports.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Malcolm J. Howard wrote that making girls wear skirts as part of the uniform gives them a burden that their male counterparts do not have.

He also shot down an illegal gun ban in North Carolina, so he’s probably a guy who just enforces the rules without regard to why the rules exist.

Or worse, he can’t tell a little girl No even when she’s obviously being used as a cat’s-paw by Leftoid social engineers.

The girls’ lawsuit argued that the dress code for girls “forces them to wear clothing that is less warm and comfortable than the pants their male classmates are permitted to wear” and restricts girls’ physical activity. It also argued that the skirt requirement “distracts from their learning, and limits their educational opportunities,” and they claim the the uniform policy violates federal and state law, specifically protection against sex-based discrimination under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Can we drop the pretenses? The Fourteenth Amendment is “Penis Envy”.

As Keely Burks, the oldest student in the lawsuit, wrote on the ACLU website three years ago, she found wearing skirts to school was “distracting and uncomfortable,” and revealed that on the last day of school, she had to be sent home because she was wearing shorts, not a skirt. According to the lawsuit, the charter school requires boys to wear pants or knee-length shorts, but requires girls to wear only knee-length or longer jumpers, skirts or skorts, except on gym days. If the dress code isn’t followed, the school may call their parents, take them out of class or expel them.

I found it and will fisk her after this article. Never fisked an 8th-grader before but this one has it coming.

Meanwhile, the school claimed its uniform is meant “to instill discipline and keep order” so that “student learning is not impeded.” They also argued their uniform policy promoted “traditional values” and chivalry, saying that the skirts requirement helps students “act more appropriately” toward the opposite sex.

Yes. Men and women are different and should behave differently, even if only for the sake of being different. Unisex uniforms would send the wrong message, especially in Current Year.

However, in his ruling, Judge Howard did not find any connection between the school’s goals and the current dress code.

No connection between traditional values and traditional styles of clothing? You’re lying, Judge.

He wrote: “The girls are subject to a specific clothing requirement that renders them unable to play as freely during recess…


“…requires them to sit in an uncomfortable manner in the classroom…”

More shit.

“…causes them to be overly focused on how they are sitting…”

Skirts don’t have learning curves! They aren’t power tools!

“…distracts them from learning…”

Judge Howard is a shameless liar,

“…and subjects them to cold temperatures on their legs and/or uncomfortable layers of leggings under their knee-length skirts in order to stay warm, especially moving outside between classrooms at the School.”

Poor Olivia Twist, forced to suffer cruel hardships on her desolate journeys between heated classrooms.

Defendants have offered no evidence of any comparable burden on boys.”

Of course they didn’t. The judge had to lie the female “burdens” into existence in the first place!

In a statement posted to the ACLU North Carolina website, Bonnie Peltier, the mother of one of the daughters in the lawsuit, commented on the outcome: “All I wanted was for my daughter and every other girl at school to have the option to wear pants so she could play outside, sit comfortably and stay warm in the winter … We’re happy the court agrees, but it’s disappointing that it took a court order to force the school to accept the simple fact that, in 2019, girls should have the choice to wear pants.”

NYC haircut, jaw like a chisel, lips heavily unbalanced towards the masculine (fat lower, thin upper), disgustingly fat… Yes, I can imagine her using her own child as an involuntary proxy for an ACLU Convergence lawsuit.

Another litigant is named Erika Booth per

Although there’s no word yet on when exactly the skirt requirement will be nixed, Baker Mitchell, founder of the Roger Bacon Academy, which runs Charter Day School had a fairly ominous response to the ruling. He told the Washington Post that “the Charter Day School Board is analyzing the opinion and will be meeting with counsel in the very near future to discuss their options moving forward.”

Exxxcellent. He’s a fighter! What’s the clock at, three years already against the AC-LULU’s? Most respectable.

Baker is an electrical engineer, former university assistant professor, and entrepreneur. He has a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications and chapters in engineering texts and is the holder of two US patents.

Coming out of retirement in 1999, he founded The Roger Bacon Academy which manages four public charter schools in North Carolina that have a combined diverse enrollment of over 2,200 students.

This Leland charter school is one of four schools administered by the Roger Bacon Academy.

RBA?s slander lawsuit against ex-Brunswick Supt. Pruden to proceed to trial « The Roger Bacon ...

That’s what I expected Linus Torvalds to look like back when I read his face. Huge brainpan for intellectual orientation and the smallest third of his face is the ambition/status middle… very promising. That’s a brick wall of a chin; no wonder he didn’t roll over for the civil liberty crybullies. I bet he played rugby or American football in his college days. Pessimistic to judge from mouth corners. Still has a 1950s mindset to judge from that suit.

They don’t make Americans like Mitchell anymore. A quickie insight:

Baker Mitchell: “The Smear Campaign Against Charters”

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Baker Mitchell, founder of the North Carolina-based Roger Bacon Academy charter schools, confronts charges that North Carolina charters are producing resegregation. Mitchell writes,

“Charges of racism are intended to divert attention from the failure of traditional public schools to educate minority children. According to the most recent Charter Schools Annual Report to the North Carolina General Assembly, published in February, charter-school students at virtually every grade level and in virtually all student subgroups.white, African-American, Hispanic, economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, and students with limited English proficiency.outperformed traditional public-school students in English, math and science at the end of the school year. The sole exception was high-school math scores, where results were mixed.”

Mitchell.s four charter schools are top performers, despite the fact that 40 percent or more of the students come from lower-income households. He attributes those results to a “classical curriculum, direct-instruction methods, additional instructional hours, and focus on orderliness..

He’s got the Baby Boomer boner for diversity but is otherwise a staunch, results-oriented traditionalist. I got respect for people whose idea of retirement isn’t sitting down and waiting to die.

And now, let’s rip into the little girl who allegedly filed this lawsuit.

My School Requires All Girls to Wear Skirts. I’m Fighting for My Right to Wear Pants.

By Keely Burks, 1 March 2016

I am like a lot of eighth grade students. I try to do my best in class. I like sports and playing outside, and I regularly go to Bible classes, and I file lawsuits against the patriarchy every year just like Jesus did. I also believe in standing up for myself and others. So last year, along with some friends, I created a petition to ask my school to change its policy that says girls have to wear skirts to school or risk being punished.

She didn’t actually write the sentence fragment after “Bible classes”. That’s my addition. But she didn’t create that petition either. That’s her Trigglypuff mother’s addition.

I go to Charter Day School, a K-8 public charter school in Leland, North Carolina. Like a lot of schools, Charter Day has a uniform policy. That policy says that all female students have to wear skirts that are .knee-length or longer.…

God assures us that there’s a special place in Eternal Hell for everybody who wants little girls to wear miniskirts. Something about millstones, I recall.

…and that we can’t wear pants or shorts, except on gym days.

WTF??? The plaintiffs complained that girls couldn’t do athletics easily while wearing skirts, yet school policy already allowed them to wear shorts/pants on gym day!

Boys are able to wear pants and shorts every day. My friends and I got more than 100 signatures on our petition, but it was taken from us by a teacher and we never got it back. Some parents asked about changing the policy, but the school said that making girls wear skirts is supposed to promote “chivalry” and “traditional values..

No ten-year-old EVER talked like that.

Now we are turning to the ACLU for help. This week the ACLU of North Carolina and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project filed a lawsuit on behalf of me and two other students that says Charter Day’s uniform policy violates the law and discriminates against girls.

Those feminist bitch-lawyers were as heartless as pedophiles to these girls.

Personally, I hate wearing skirts.

Your personal whims are not grounds for a lawsuit.

Even with tights and leggings, skirts are cold to wear in the winter, and they’re not as comfortable as shorts in the summer.

I know from personal experience with kilts that the latter is a lie. If Commiefornia wasn’t the fag capital of the United States, I’d wear kilts for every day of the summer heat.

Do you know where Scotland is, Barbie? It’s the very northern tip of the United Kingdom. Very rainy, very cold. Kilts and skirts work just fine there.

I love playing outside, especially soccer and gymnastics. When we go outside for recess, the boys in my class will sometimes play soccer or do flips and cartwheels. But I feel like I can’t because I’m wearing a skirt.

I’ve seen cheerleaders do flips and cartwheels in skirts. You’re lying. And what’s this about not playing soccer because skirts?

guy wearing kilt playing soccer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Boo-ya, Barbie. He didn’t even put his water bottle down.

And it’s not just when I go outside. When I’m sitting in class, I have to pay attention to the position of my legs when I’m in a skirt, and it can be very distracting and uncomfortable.

I have a denim work kilt. It doubles as both clothing and a work apron for when I do precision molding at a workbench. Catches all the little pieces I drop like pants never will. Very handy and comfy.

When I was in first grade and we sat on the floor, my teacher told all the girls that we couldn’t sit .criss-cross applesauce. like the boys in class. Instead, the teacher said we had to sit on the floor with our legs curled to the side because we were in skirts. When I said I didn’t want to sit that way, my teacher took me aside and put me in time out.

Lucky! I got a bar of soap.

And I was even punished on the last day of school one year for wearing shorts when I mistakenly thought it was permitted. I had to sit in the office all day and wasn’t allowed to go back to class until my mom could come pick me up . all because I wasn’t wearing a skirt.

I was a kid, too, Barbie. Kids always try to bend the rules on the last day of class.

In the year 2016, I don’t think anyone should have a problem with young women wearing pants.

That’s not your decision to make for all humanity. Some of us want to have standards. That’s what this lawsuit is about: forcing people who DO have standards to give them up.

There are so many professional women . businesswomen, doctors, and world leaders . who wear pants every day. If I had the choice, I would wear pants or shorts to school every day. Some of my classmates would probably still want to wear skirts . but that should be their decision, not the school.s. Either way, we should have a choice.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. That’s the ACLU endgame.

I hope that by challenging my school’s policy, I can help other girls who want to go to school without being stereotyped or who just want to play outside or sit in class without feeling uncomfortable.

I’ve seen better tear-jerker scenes on the Syfy Channel, if that even still exists. This lawsuit has nothing to do with girls wanting to live free and everything to do with envy of men… even though the “plaintiffs” weren’t even old enough to be sexually aware.


I Warned Jarrid Wilson. Now He’s A Suicide

Question: Why did assistant megapastor Jarrid Wilson commit suicide? Answer: *pic*

He was visibly lied to and twisted away from God’s design for masculinity in every possible soyboy, nu-male, hipster, pseudo-gay way. Probably too weak to lift a Starbucks grande. Even his name was twisted away from the traditional, hetero-normative Jared.

In fact, I warned him about his name. Your identity as a human beings matters.

Color me shocked that he struggled against depression and suicide for his entire life. That’s because he was so mindfucked into the Narrative that he couldn’t see daylight… was kept so busy being awesome, making megachurch pastor by age frickin’ 29, that he couldn’t wall off from the distractions long enough to do a little soul-searching. Maybe listen to some critics. Maybe get some exercise.

This is how deep into the Narrative he was:

By Leonardo Blair, 29 August 2013

A Memphis, Tenn., pastor’s open letter of love to Miley Cyrus about her racy performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards show on Sunday night, in which he expresses disappointment with her behavior but encourages her to reject pressure to be something she is not, has gone viral.

“I cannot say I enjoyed your performance, but I can say I (sic) my heart breaks for you, your future, and your identity as a woman,” wrote Pastor Jarrid Wilson, formerly of High Point Church, in the letter published by Fox 19.

“There are so many things I don’t know about you, but something tells me that you are going through more than you are willing to share with the people around you. I can’t imagine being surrounded by the paparazzi 24/7, living in the shadow of your dad, and constantly being asked, ‘What happened to that sweet girl from Hannah Montana?’” he continued.

Wilson pointed out that he understood that she was trying to shake off her Disney image for a more mature look but her current strategy isn’t the way to achieve it in a healthy way.

*IS* there a healthy way to reach her interpretation of “mature”?

“I get it, you’re an adult now. You don’t want to be forever viewed as the Child-Star from Disney Channel. But I can promise you that this isn’t the way to break that mold,” said Wilson.

“I’m not going throw any scripture at you. I’m not going to tell you how wrong you are. And I’m not going to tell you that you need Jesus. Why? Because frankly, I think you already know all of these things,” continued Wilson who argued that her potential to use her platform for good is “unmeasurable.”

If she’s made an informed decision to reject God then the Christian has no further obligation to her… and considering her conduct, excellent reason to sever all communications.

“You’re a smart girl who has found herself caught up in the world of entertainment. I assume it’s rough. I can’t imagine being constantly surrounded by drugs, sex and alcohol. And I can’t imagine the peer pressure you must feel from labels, managers, and other artists around the world pressuring you to be something you’re not,” he said.

“I’m here to tell you: YOU DON’T NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM. You are allowed to make your own decisions, and quite frankly this might be the first time anyone has ever told you that.

“Regardless of what the tabloids say, my wife and I still believe in you, and will always show an open hand of grace and second chances,” he ended.

Why would she want Jesus if Jesus offers nothing but grace and second chances? When I unjustly get caught after being tricked into robbing a bank, I’ll just order Jesus to wipe my record clean so I can try again, and that Heavenly chump will do it because He wuvs me.

Change my mind, modern clergy.

8 Things My Father Taught Me About Respecting Women

By Jarrid Wilson, 7 June 2014

1. .That’s someone’s daughter..

This is something I will always hold dear to my heart. My father has a great way of putting things into perspective for me. He made me realize that every girl in this world is not only someone’s daughter, but also a child of God. I should always treat women the same way I would hope someone to treat my future daughter.

How did he ever manage to breed? *checks* His children do look like him.

2. .Keep your hands to yourself..

If you’re not married to her, keep your hands off her. That was the broken record that constantly played within my head. I understood where my father was coming from, and our foundation of faith definitely played an important role in keeping this standard true. None of us are perfect, but the strive for purity is something my father would constantly embed into my brain. He understood the reality of sex in today’s culture, and encouraged me to always try and live above the world’s standard of what is normal.

Still good advice but for completely different reasons than in the Boomer days.

3. .Walk her to the door..

Chivalry 101. Walk your lady to her door, and then make sure she gets inside safe before you leave. From a very young age I remember both my father and grandfather drilling this into my brain. I guess you can say our family has always strived to be chivalrous, thoughtful, and kind. But while this may just seem like a silly gesture, the act can really showcase the honor and respect you have for a woman.

Not still good advice.

4. “Always pay for her dinner..

Many will claim that times are changing, but I still hold this standard pretty high, no matter how much a woman makes. It’s a simple gesture that showcases your willingness to provide and support. Pay for her dinner, even if she orders the $60.00 steak.

Jarrid’s dad never taught him what “shit test” meant.

5. .Offer your coat when it’s cold..

Sacrifice is key when it comes to any relationship. I learned this from watching the men in my family live this out on a daily basis. When it’s cold, offer your coat. When it’s hot, offer to buy a drink. When it’s raining, find anything you can to keep her hair from getting wet.

Do not protect women from their stupidity. Enduring the consequences is how stupid people learn. It’s not nice to deny them their right to an education.

Part of me pities Jarrid for having such a weak father. A greater part says the willful repeaters of lies do not deserve pity. Jarrid was raised to believe in the Original Sin fantasy and God only knows how much damage he’s done to others as a direct result.

Repentance forgives all but Jarrid chose suicide instead.

6. .Open the car door..

Another class from chivalry 101. It’s a simple act of kindness that shows any woman that you are thinking of her before yourself. If you have a motorcycle, pretend to open a car door for effect.

Is that a date or a LARP? Either way, Jarrid’s dad is selling a bigger fantasy than the Russians stealing the election.

In men, Original Sin can manifest as a romantic fantasy that the woman can be worshiped with none of the predictable consequences. That’s apparently what Jared’s father was encouraging.

7. .Respect her parents wishes..

No matter how crazy or loud, I encourage you to respect a woman’s parents to the highest degree. This might be tough for some of you, but I promise it will score you major points with both the family and your lady. The last thing you want is to be in a relationship with someone who’s parents do not like you. Do all you can to show them respect, even if it kills you.

Whoa… there IS such a thing as toxic masculinity! “It’s not enough to worship your wife. You must also worship her parents!” Sure, get her parents’ blessing before the marriage, but once Barbie is yours her father is no longer the ranking authority. HE must submit to HUSBAND on ALL matters concerning Princess.

8. .Make her feel protected and safe..

I know that not everyone is as buff as me (obviously joking), but there is still hope for anyone who is looking to make their lady feel protected an safe. You don’t need to have muscles on top of your muscles to make your lady feel protected. Just show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, her belongings, and your relationship.

It’s pathetic for a wimp to claim that vows of eternal slavery make a woman feel safe as much as her feeling up his biceps when he climbs into bed at night. I suppose Jarrid didn’t have anything else to offer. Which in a masculine man, would make him wonder what she DID marry him for….

Jarrid Wilson Dead: A Tribute to the Megachurch Pastor

Jarrid Wilson gushed about his family on social media, including his kids. .Happy first day of school little buddy! Your mommy (@itsjuliwilson) and I are so proud of you, and we cannot believe how quickly you are growing up,. he wrote with one photo of his son.

.You’re going to bring so much joy to world, and we’re so excited to watch you grow up into the man that God designed you to be. You.ll always be my little bird man. Love you, Finch!.

He posted pictures of his family, including at a trampoline park. Of his wife, he wrote, .There is no one more talented, more beautiful, and more godly than you sweetheart. I love you! I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. You’re the peanut butter to my jelly. And boy do I like peanut butter..

.She means everything to me,. he wrote with another post.

Max Cuck! I investigated his wife to see if she drove him to suicide but the answer is no. She actually looks decent and they married young. Considering how quickly Jarrid rose through the ranks was selected for being a broken sycophant, she probably had her sights set on the PastorWife trophy. And landed it!

Which means she truly mourns him. Her meal ticket to Queen Bee of a megachurch chose to eat a bullet instead of spending one more day with her.

His Amazon author bio describes him as .a husband, dad, pastor, author and founder of Anthem of Hope. His articles have been viewed by tens-of-millions, showcased on some of today’s hottest talk shows, and featured on national news stations worldwide. He is a dynamic speaker whose outside-the-box perspectives have gained him national recognition from some of today’s most influential Christian leaders and pastors..

Any modern man who openly adores his wife and dotes on his kids, almost surely has massive emasculation issues.

The biography continues: .His highly unconventional way of sharing faith takes a fresh look at the way Jesus would call individuals to live out their everyday lives. Unafraid to tackle tough and controversial topics, Jarrid is known for his refreshing perspectives on what others may view as set in black and white..

What exactly was his unconventional way of sharing faith? Seeing gray instead of Biblical black and white?

He wrote a lot about suicide recently on Twitter. September 9, 2019, he wrote, .Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure suicidal thoughts.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure depression.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure PTSD.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure anxiety.

But that doesn’t mean Jesus doesn’t offer us companionship and comfort.

He ALWAYS does that..

Two days later, obviously not. Jarrid suicided because he didn’t believe his own lies about Christ and suicide, which is why I’ve no sympathy at all.

.Officiating a funeral for a Jesus-loving woman who took her own life today. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for the family,. said another September 9 tweet. That same day he wrote, .Tomorrow is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, and @anthemofhope wants you to know that #YourLifeMatters! 800,000 people love their life to suicide each year, and we want to do something about it..

One Hell of a Freudian Slip there, JARED. It’s one thing to help others succeed where you succeeded but another thing to expose yourself to temptations that you’re obviously weak towards. That’s why I’ll never run a boarding house for recovering nymphomaniac whores. It’s not a lack of interest, it’s an abundance of interest.

Had JARED any other job, he’d have my sympathy. If JARED had not been a false priest then I would believe he made it to Heaven despite suicide. But JARRID was first a weak vessel filled with the devil’s lies then a Judas goat to give hurting men false hope that the Narrative wasn’t a devil-spawned monstrosity.

Capping himself ended his usefulness to the devil and exposed the lies he told, so Jarrid’s suicide was the first righteous thing he ever did. It’s for the best, to be honest. Wifey would inevitably have found a ‘roided up Chad to supply her daily dose of masculine rough-housing. Boyfriend Jesus would have understood!


Checking the American Heritage Girls

The American Heritage Girls (AHG) has been recently slammed by Dalrock (Archive; PDF) and promoted by Boxer. Both have valid-sounding points so it’s time for my own look into the organization.

Believe it or not, I was an assistant leader in a Christian substitute for the Boy Scouts after they Converged, for a year or so. It wasn’t a natural fit. I don’t understand kids and am uncomfortable around them, but the local church had no other use for me and it’d have been hypocritical to refuse.

So I turned out for it, and it went tolerably well for the most part. The kids liked me more when I was my sarcastic normal self than the well-mannered role model I tried to be, and even more when I reluctantly let them play with matches. One kid was a bad apple and I tried to get him removed, only to be told by senior pastor (who himself had had enough encounters with the brat to roll his eyes at the name) that he needed our influence, being fatherless. My response that he needed a parole officer instead wasn’t well received. I wasn’t joking, either.

So, I had no actual authority with which to control the group, neither was the formal leader a strong authority, so it was just a hang-out group for the most part. Never more than 10 kids. The end came when the sponsoring church appointed female leadership and my frustrations with its blue-pill management became intolerable.

Anyhoo, the AHG was created specifically as a Christian alternative to the ultra-feminist Girl Scouts. That needed doing but that also probably means they’re Cuckservative, since I haven’t noticed any pogroms against healthy girls in the headlines. But let’s have a look, starting with their merit badges as a gauge of their priorities:

Together as a Family Badge

Together As A Family Badge. Sounds promising.

Sewing and puppetry, good. Robotics, that stinks of “Go into STEM!” manipulation. And I get grief everywhere for believing women shouldn’t train with weapons. They’re prey animals and need to behave accordingly.

Mostly okay. I’m uncomfortable with teaching leadership skills to girls but cannot deny that Scripture requires the older women to teach the younger. It’s a bit hypocritical to have physical fitness badges and social media badges simultaneously.

While I can’t give a specific objection, most of these sound more appropriate to boys’ curriculum.

Holy Fu-u-u-nk. That’s “holy smelly”, kids. Don’t curse like Uncle Q until you’re 18 and don’t make dick jokes until you’re 21. But Josh, can you teach me that naughty limerick first?

AHG doesn’t publish much material for the general public to view for free so let’s go to a devil’s advocate for a remarkably funny and complete overview of their basic program.

Fed Up With the Slutty Girl Scouts? Meet the Conservative Alternative.

By Kelly Faircloth, 6 March 2014

Kelly Faircloth, Jezebel

Yes, that Trigglypuff with optional Skrillex will make an ideal devil’s advocate.

Want your daughter to learn all about camping, sewing and car repair, but with a heaping helping of Jesus? You could try to find a local Girl Scout troop with an especially Bible-thumping troop leader. Or you could just skip straight to the American Heritage Girls, conservative Christianity’s very own copycat.

It’s a common trope on the far-right that the Girl Scouts have become an out-and-out liberal organization with ties to Planned Parenthood. (The national organization patiently continues to insist they have no formal relationship.)

There’s a difference between “having ties” and “having a formal relationship”. Click the following for more.

Girl Scouts Join Planned Parenthood at Huge Pro-Abortion Conference

This year, the barrage has intensified, thanks to a ginned-up controversy about the Girl Scouts of America supposedly tweeting support for Wendy Davis. (Not really true, but why let the facts get in the way of a boycott?)

Not REALLY true because they only discussed making her Woman of the Year.

And so, amid the bombardment, right-wing media outlets are trumpeting an alternative, called the American Heritage Girls. While much smaller.something like 30,000, compared to 2.3 million Girl Scouts.they’re held up as a competitor. A columnist at fire-breathingly conservative outlet Breitbart, recently cheered: “AMERICAN HERITAGE GIRLS OFFERS FAITH-BASED PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE TO DECAYING GIRL SCOUTS.” Glenn Beck’s site, The Blaze, did their second piece on the group, following a 2012 intro. The National Review ran a Q&A between founder Patti Garibay and Kathryn Lopez, carrying the headline, “Good American Girls.”

So what’s a gal gotta do to qualify as a “Good American Girl” these days? This video from September 2012 provides a nice introduction. The group paints itself as a force “countering the culture,” which “provides girls the necessary tools to defend their faith and to live righteously despite the mixed messages of a culture devoid of a moral code. …

The group was founded in 1995, when Girl Scouts began allowing members reciting the organization’s Promise to replace “in God” with alternatives like “Allah” or “my creator.” You know.dogs-and-cats-living-together level stuff.

The last time I saw a catty female make that much noise, her owner needed acetone to clean the furball off the carpet.

So: What does this “Christ-centered,” anti-abortion alternative to the Girl Scouts look like? I ordered a copy of the group’s handbook to find out. (You can’t order through AHG’s online story unless you’re a registered member, so I turned to Amazon’s marketplace.) And, well, imagine a bizarro version of the Girl Scouts from a parallel universe where Mike Huckabee got elected president in a landslide.

Their uniforms look like Girl Scout uniforms, complete with sashes, except they’re red, white and blue. Proper treatment of the flag gets 7 pages. Girl Scouts rise through the ranks as Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and finally Ambassadors, while AHG goes a little more Captain America: Tenderheart, Explorer, Pioneer and Patriot. Each is associated with a person who’s “made a positive impact on our country.” Examples include Harriet Tubman and Dolley well as Eliza Shirley, who founded the first Salvation Army Corps in America.

I’m not pleased with those examples, either, TBH. Maybe they also reference Florence Nightingale but the reason I went to a devil’s advocate is to be confident she pulled the most devout and feminine role models in the handbook.

Compare the groups Oath to the Girl Scout Promise, which goes:

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

AHG’s update is damn near identical, except God is presumably obligatory: “I promise to love God, Cherish my family, Honor my country, And serve in my community.” And religiosity pops up constantly. The welcome letter of the group’s handbook sets the tone:

“Welcome to the American Heritage Girls! I hope that you find your time in AHG to be filled with adventure and fun. The AHG program will help you learn many things about yourself and about God’s purpose for your life. May your times be memorable and may you truly become a woman of integrity who loves God, cherishes her family, honors her country and consistently gives service to others.”

Like most of Cuckservatism, what it says is not as objectionable as what it doesn’t say. It’s not possible to be a woman of God without being under a man’s authority. It’s good to teach a mother to cherish her family now that they increasingly murder their own kids, but more important is that she honors and obeys her husband specifically… not “others” generally.

The American Heritage Girls’ Creed lists 10 “traits of a girl of integrity,” including:

Each is illustrated with a Bible verse. The badge program features lots of relentlessly practical skills that’ve got nothing to do with religion, like fire-building, cake-baking and money management. But they’re often illustrated with tangentially related Bible verses.

A good list. Christians don’t make a sharp distinction between religious and secular behavior. Most other religions don’t, either. But atheism does. “Believe whatever you want but do as you’re told.”

It’s the “Personal Well-Being” frontier that’ll really make you feel like Alice tumbling through the looking glass. Sure, there are badges about stamp collecting and personal style, for instance. “All God’s Children” teaches about the disabled, but it’s often through Bible verses. “Best Me I Can Be” crams in hand-washing and dentistry, plus manicures (“visit a nail salon”) and modesty (“Consider visiting a modesty website such as Pure Freedom to learn more about this important value”).

Described elsewhere as “head, shoulders, knees and toes.” A profitable message to all young ladies.

There’s a “Bible Basics” badge (“God has given us a wonderful gift . an instruction manual on how to live our life according to His will”). Girls are encouraged to read the books of Ruth and Esther, in particular.

Good as far as it goes. Did they read the part where Esther abandoned her people to die rather than risk her own safety? And do they read about Sarah’s loyalty to Abraham?

Perhaps the most fascinating is “Daughter of the King,” which delves into a personal relationship with God. Tasks include talking to a mom or mentor about what “purity and self-respect” mean to her and considering “what should you think about during your next shopping trip to make sure that your clothing is pleasing to God?”

Protestants take that “personal relationship” thing way too far even in the context of men. God is not your friend. He has sworn to kill you. You won’t go far into Christian mysticism before realizing that God is occasionally a real piece of work, able to help but not willing.

Scouts are encouraged to visit the Creation Museum to complete the badge. The group has also launched a “Respect Life” badge, the Blaze has reported, and according to their press releases, recently sponsored a Youth Rally at the March for Life. (It’s not strictly an evangelical group.there are largely Catholic troops, for instance.)

It’s natural for parents to want to raise their children in a way that reflects their own values. But it seems pretty obvious that the American Heritage Girls is pushing an agenda far harder than the Girl Scouts of America.

My stunt double drinks your salty tears, Trigglypuff. Your values can’t reflect a Stairmaster, let alone the God of Creation.

So, is AHG a beneficial organization? It’s obviously a Cucked organization, which makes it unreliable at the national level and unlikely to long endure. But local implementation can certainly be beneficial. Research for this post has found material ranging from outrageous “father-daughter” dances to much-needed teachings upon modest clothing.


DIY Rape Kits

For all your false accusation needs! The hardest burden upon the modern shank is that law enforcement is increasingly unwilling to believe her in a total absence of physical evidence. Solution: a rape kit that women can complete at her leisure and store until she decides she’s been rayyyped!


Sexual Assault Evidence Kit For At-Home Use

MeToo is founded on the principle that you should be able to take back control.

Your experience. Your kit. Your story. Your life. Your choice.

Every survivor has a story, every survivor has a voice.

Women say rape isn’t about pleasure, that it’s all about control. Looks like projection to me.

At MeToo Kit Company, we have designed the first at-home kit for commercial use. Evidence collection is administered within the confines of the survivor’s chosen place of safety. MeToo also provides additional means of support via our mobile application, eliminating the guesswork out of the documentation process, and allowing the survivor to focus on what matters most: their recovery.

That’s never going to fly in a court of law. Why would a rape victim not want police to collect the evidence that would result in a slam-dunk conviction? Why would she insist on providing all the evidence herself, at her expense? Hello, reasonable doubt. Goodbye, evidence chain of custody and independent investigation.

The MeToo Kit is designed to address the problem associated with traditional sexual assault kits available to survivors.

Making sworn statements under penalty of perjury?

Most importantly, our kit empowers survivors to accurately collect evidence in a setting and timing of their choice.

Aww, they didn’t answer my question.

Will this be admissible in court?

We have a multi-step plan so that the kit retains chain of custody.

No chain of custody permits a “we let the plaintiff handle the evidence unsupervised for a few days” step.

However, there is no guarantee that any of the evidence collected as a result of the use of this product will be admissible in court. We will be lobbying for support in the future, across multiple bodies of both federal and state jurisdictions.

*sniff* Goodbye, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. I only wish you’d died to a greater threat than feral sluts crying us a river. *Gunner Q blows his nose and immediately burns the tissue to destroy the DNA.*

Gawd, can you imagine college girls hanging around the gymnasium hoping to stab a sexy athlete with a pin to get a drop of his blood?

Slut: “Justin Bieber rayyped me! Here’s the rape kit!”

Medical Examiner: “The DNA results tested positive for… Procyon Lotor, the common raccoon. Did you get this DNA out of a dumpster?”

Slut: “…I was raped in a dumpster…”

Cop: “By a raccoon named Justin Bieber?”

Slut: “Shut up! Nobody is talking to you cops! Just get me a lawyer!”

Do I buy this before or after I’ve been sexually assaulted?

We create the analogy as follows — you do not buy a fire alarm for the 364 days you do not have a fire, you buy it for the one day you do. We trust this to be a deterrent for sexual assault. We also trust this to be so well received; that households across the world are buying these for themselves and loved ones, not only as a viable resource, but as a symbol of protection and hopeful deterrent to assault.

I don’t know where to begin with the idea of women stockpiling rape kits “just in case”.

Where do I take the kit after I’m done with it?

To the police or Title IX office, where you will need to file an official police report or Title IX report.

Ah, so they’re already cutting law enforcement out of the false accusation loop.

University Pilot Program

MeToo Kit is an empowering adjunct resource to any university’s sexual health and safety strategy on campus. Approximately 1 in 4 women and 4% of men experience some form of sexual assault while in college, with the risk of assault being highest during their first few months on campus.

Home |

We at MeToo Kit believe that the documentation process largely deters students from reporting these violent crimes. Documentation can be an arduous process, and some students may lack the proper transportation, financial resources, facilities and confidence required to move forward.

Facts and evidence are evil tools of the patriarchy! Unless she provides the evidence and everybody else just listens & believes.

The MeToo Kit empowers survivors of sexual assault to document crucial DNA evidence within their chosen space of safety and in a timely manner, thus preserving the documentation at the standard by which courts would deem admissible and allowing the survivor to quickly shift their focus to self care support and recovery.

Surely, this buzzword-loaded description of a female empowerment product doesn’t come with ulterior motives.

We all know what this is about. Any woman who has sex with anybody can go home, complete this DIY “rape kit” and take her sweet time deciding whether to blackmail her lover or force him into a marriage that she can then eject from with lifetime cash & prizes at will.

It’s an improvement over the baby trap. Fewer hostages.

But for once, the authorities aren’t tripping over each other to aid & abet false rape accusations.

How The MeToo Rape Kit Became So Controversial So Fast

By Tyler KingKade, 6 September 2019

Madison Campbell was surprised late last week when Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel put out a press release about her two-month-old company, the MeToo Kit.

Campbell, 23, created the MeToo Kit, which aimed to be the first at-home rape kit. It’s a box containing swabs for a sexual assault survivor to collect DNA evidence off their body, rather than going to a hospital for a full forensic examination. The MeToo Kit is not yet available for sale, but Nessel said the company violated Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act by deceiving people into thinking the at-home kits were viable replacements for one performed at a hospital.

Image: Dana Nessel announces her decision to run for Michigan Attorney General

Dana Nessel is a feminist, LGBT and possibly tanssexual. I’m surprised she opposes this.

.This company is shamelessly trying to take financial advantage of the “Me Too” movement by luring victims into thinking that an at-home-do-it-yourself sexual assault kit will stand up in court,. Nessel said in the release, pointing to a cease-and-desist letter she also sent to Campbell, demanding that the kits not be sold in Michigan. .There is absolutely no benefit here for victims,. Nessel added.

In a phone interview, Campbell tells Bustle, .We’re a small, two female company in Brooklyn, New York, and all we were trying to do is create a solution that would hopefully help survivors and this whole thing blew up..

Oh, you poor wamminz! Here, let me shred the Bill of Rights for you. I can’t bear to see a woman cry because she’s been oppressed for unlawful behavior.

The story was quickly picked up by local media outlets in Michigan, and began to spread. Within a week North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein similarly condemned the MeToo Kit as a “dangerous and misleading product.” The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office cautioned that “Material collected with this product would be inadmissible in court.” And survivors’ advocacy groups, from Oregon to Minnesota to Rhode Island, put out statements warning that no one should use the MeToo Kit.

Whoa, the entire feminist establishment is turning out against MeRapeKitToo!

Campbell still plans to move forward and says most of this has been a big misunderstanding. She tells Bustle that after she was sexually assaulted during her junior year in college on a study abroad trip, she, like the vast majority of survivors, didn’t report her attack to any authorities. She believed having the option of preserving evidence of a sexual assault at home, without having to tell anyone what happened, could help if a survivor decided later on to report it. She’s confident that her company can make an efficacious product.

“I bought my daughter a DIY rape kit because she’s going to study abroad for a year in the Congo and might get raped while she’s there. I’m so proud of her!”

.23andMe managed to make DNA collection foolproof for DNA testings,. Campbell says. .For women, we’ve been putting in tampons for ages, so sticking something inside our vaginas is pretty routine for us..

Too easy. I’m a sportsman… oh, okay! I get it! This is a FUN-TIME rape kit! Like handcuffs.

Yeah, I’m a lazy sportsman.

Campbell says she consulted with attorneys, academics, and forensic biologists on creating the product before making it public, but she declined to share their names with Bustle, saying she didn’t have permission from those individuals.

Like her product, she tells you everything she wants you to know and nothing additional.

The kit Campbell described isn’t as extensive as forensic exams done at a hospital, which are supposed to be free of charge to survivors under federal law. A typical sexual assault forensic examination at a hospital will also test for STIs and pregnancy, provide treatment options if needed, call in an advocate from a local crisis center, and document any bruising on the survivor.

.That could be internal bruising or internal damage, and I don’t know how an individual would do that for themselves,. Keri Moran-Kuhn, associate director of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, tells Bustle.

News of the MeToo Kit quickly spread through a national listserv for advocacy groups after Nessel called attention to it. The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, an umbrella group for survivors’ rights nonprofits, released a statement calling it an “obvious attempt to monetize the #MeToo movement, particularly in an irresponsible way that could have a disastrous impact on survivors of sexual assault..

The biggest point of contention for advocates and experts is the chain of custody. If someone tried to submit a MeToo Kit as evidence, there’s no way of telling whether the kit had been tampered with, so it’s unlikely that it would be admissible in court. Campbell says the company is working on fixes for that issue, such as potentially having a witness sign an affidavit. She also says she’s interested in sitting down with Nessel to discuss how to alleviate those concerns.

Ohhh, no, no, no, Barbie. Affidavits are DOCUMENTATION. You remember documentation? It’s the stuff police use to accuse you of filing false police reports… exactly what your product was trying to avoid.

So far, the MeToo Kit has been geared toward college students. In a video that was posted to YouTube and Twitter and was reviewed by Bustle, but has since been taken down, Campbell gave a brief pitch about the MeToo Kit to members of the Alchemist Accelerator, a venture-backed startup incubator. She said the company envisions having MeToo Kits included in welcome bags given out on college campuses.

I can’t think of a faster way to achieve a 0% male student population.

.Right now we’re already signing on universities,. Campbell says in the video. .We have NYU, University of Toronto, Syracuse, we’re working on University of Chicago, UC Berkeley..

However, New York University, the University of Toronto, and Syracuse University each tell Bustle they had no agreements in place to use or accept these kits. The University of Chicago and University of California, Berkeley did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Her documentation is not in working order.

But the MeToo Kit isn’t the only at-home sexual assault forensic examination out there. A product called the PreserveKit appears to have launched on Amazon on Aug. 29, the same day Nessel told Campbell not to sell the MeToo Kit in Michigan, selling for $29.95. The PreserveKit was created by Jane Mason, a 28-year veteran FBI agent who worked on white collar and environmental crimes and became a private investigator in 2014, according to her LinkedIn profile. Her website boasts endorsements from another former FBI agent and a sexual assault nurse examiner.

Nessel.s office said they learned about the PreserveKit after telling the MeToo Kit to stay out of their state, and aren’t as concerned with that product. The PreserveKit’s site includes language noting that its product doesn’t do everything that examination by forensic professionals would, and that there’s no guarantee that evidence collected with their product will be admissible in court.

I’m still surprised that feminists and the Marxist-education complex aren’t all over this MeToo 2.0. It’s not like the false accusation is an unfamiliar tactic to them. Either the MeToo rape kit is a threat to federal funding to established institutions, most likely, or the backlash against false accusations is strong enough that feminists aren’t yet ready to ditch the Bill of Rights completely.

Or… you don’t suppose a MAN could purchase those rape kits, too?


San Bernadino Deputy Is Strong & Independent

A Friday night quickie on San Bernadino County Deputy Meagan Forsberg, who is alive today thanks to moxie and bad aim… mostly bad aim… after losing a fight to a Dindu. Behold how effective our police forces are now that they’re diverse enough to not all be hulking white male knuckle-draggers!

Donut Operator’s analysis is spot on; I can only add that she “assumed the position” as the Dindu overpowered her. But you know me, I like to dig a little deeper.

Victorville deputy uses her social media influence to surprise boy with autism

Victorville deputy uses her social media influence to surprise boy with autism

11 April 2019

Deputy Forsberg from the Victorville Station went above her call of duty for a young boy with autism. (Victorville PD)

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( . When Victorville Deputy Meagan Forsberg received a request for a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s patch, she happily obliged and then some.

14-year old Kenny, who lives in New Jersey, has a love for Law Enforcement and Military.

.Although his Autism may keep him from pursuing them as a career, it doesn’t keep him from volunteering at his local Police Department and collecting memorabilia,. stated Victorville sheriff’s spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez.

Now, thanks to Deputy Forsberg and hundreds of others, Kenny will soon have over 275 new patches to add to his collection.

In an email, Kenneth’s father told Forsberg his son loves sharing his collection and enjoys telling the story behind each patch, Letter from a Chief and ball cap that is sent.

.When he receives a letter or a package Kenny lights up with joy and excitement, the emotional expression he has is incredible,. stated Kenneth Laufer Sr.

Forsberg put out a call or an “all points bulletin” on her Instagram account and before she knew it she was receiving multiple patches and collectibles from all over the world for Kenny.

.Well I decided since I have a large following on social media I would reach out to my followers. Long story short, I’ve received hundreds of matches from federal, state and local agencies from overseas and west to east coast!,. Forsberg told Victor Valley News.

Who sent Deputy Charity on a domestic disturbance call? That’s REAL police work, not running a photo op for an autistic collector in New Jersey.

Five months after that photo op, she got her ass kicked by a midget.

Deputy Sheriff Meagan Forsberg and the suspect Ari Young, age 21,. (Gabriel D. Espinoza, Victor Valley News Group)

I couldn’t find a mugshot but yep, full Dindu there. He’ll live, sadly. reports he’s age 21, 5’3″ and 90 pounds. My punching bag is bigger!

Wimmin gonna wammin.



Fallen Christian McKrae Game Denounces Conversion Therapy

I expected this to be another false accuser against Christian efforts to rescue people from evil. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that all the journalists breathlessly covering his fall from Christ are too eagerly pushing the Narrative to notice his homosexuality was the product of divorce and child molestation, and he didn’t turn against God so much as quietly give up.

There’s no cure for homosexuality but there are vaccines: fatherhood and capital punishment.

Conversion therapy leader for 2 decades, McKrae Game disavows movement he helped fuel

By Michael Majchrowicz, 30 August 2019

SPARTANBURG . McKrae Game is gay.

He was gay when he received counseling from a therapist who assured him he could overcome his same-sex attractions.

He was gay when he married a woman and founded what would become one of the nation’s most expansive conversion therapy ministries.

He was gay when thousands of people just like him sought his organization’s counsel, all with the goal of erasing the part of themselves Game and his associates preached would send them to hell.

For two decades, he led Hope for Wholeness, a faith-based conversion therapy program in South Carolina’s Upstate. Conversion therapy is a discredited practice intended to suppress or eradicate a person’s LGBTQ identity through counseling or ministry.

Okay. I’m not surprised that an anti-homosexual organization was founded by a homo-leaning guy. It’s no different than a recovered alcoholic helping other drunks to kick the bottle. Neither am I surprised at the occasional backsliding. Perfection is inhuman.

But the group’s board of directors abruptly fired Game in November 2017.

In June, Game publicly announced…

Whoa, whoa, WHOA! McKrae got fired from the very organization he founded? And there’s a total news blackout about it. All I could find for that year is that HFW’s July 2017 national conference had seven attenders per Facebook.

You useless, worthless journalists! Every mainstream media outlet is reporting on McKrae’s apostasy and finger-pointing yet not one that I checked cared to look up how he got fired from his conversion therapy organization in the first place. Don’t any of them think that mayyybe that might have something to do with his newfound bitterness at conversion therapy?

In June, Game publicly announced he was gay and severed his ties with the organization.

A year and a half to finish severing ties? Come on, what’s the REAL story? (I failed to find out.)

Now, the man once billed as a leading voice in the conversion therapy movement is trying to come to terms with the harm he inflicted while also learning to embrace a world and community he assailed for most of his adult life. …

In 2014, nine founders and leaders from some of the country’s most prominent programs and ministries wrote an open letter calling for a nationwide ban on the practice. The letter was published online by the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

.As former ex-gay leaders, having witnessed the incredible harm done to those who attempted to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, we join together in calling for a ban on conversion therapy,. they wrote in the letter. .It is our firm belief that it is much more productive to support, counsel, and mentor LGBTQ individuals to embrace who they are in order to live happy, well-adjusted lives..

.Conversion therapy is not just a lie, but it’s very harmful,. Game told The Post and Courier. .Because it’s false advertising..

Because it’s false advertising? Very plausible. I’ve seen lots of clergy and organizations promise total freedom from sexual sin. A stupid promise to make when God promised us suffering, not good health or an easy life.

No, there’s no reliable cure for homosexuality. Yes, you should expect a lifetime struggle against your flesh. Welcome to the incel party, pal. Lest you homosexuals thinks that’s an unfair demand, take a moment to consider that we straight Christians would be able to have sex if only the very Cucks promising to save us from our sexual desires would give us their daughters. You get false hope of becoming normal, we get shame because we already are normal.

Ain’t that a shitbag full o’ FUBAR.

Nearly 700,000 LGBTQ-identifying adults have undergone conversion therapy treatments or counseling, according to a 2018 study by UCLA.s Williams Institute. The various forms of conversion have been tied to emotional and psychological trauma for many, including depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. It’s been condemned by virtually every major medical group in the United States, including the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association.

The experts who disagreed with this were shamed, doxxed, de-certified, threatened and fired. The various forms of “cancel culture” have been tied to emotional and psychological trauma for many, including depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide.

While Game’s coming out and condemnation of conversion therapy is important, he needs to take ownership of the role he played in others. pain and to be sensitive to their healing process and careful with how he chooses to interact with them, said Casey Pick, senior fellow for advocacy and government affairs at Trevor Project.

Sounds like McKrae’s new allies aren’t convinced that his turn against Christ is legit.

Trevor Project is a suicide help and advocacy group specifically for LGBTXYZ. Remind me which advocacy group serves the cis-male community?

Game recently published a written apology to his personal Facebook page in which he called for the dissolution of any conversion therapy practice or ex-gay ministry. Though he condemned the practices, Game also said a group like Hope for Wholeness could serve as a community for those that believe “homosexuality is incongruent with their faith..

Yeah, he does sound conflicted about this anti-gay thing. I’m not convinced it isn’t a personal spat with the board of directors. We’ll get to McKrae’s actual statement but this article has some background on him first.

Game was born and raised in a Southern Baptist household in Spartanburg.

He said he has never been particularly close with his family . his parents and an older sister. As a child, Game felt isolated from other boys his age. In secret, he wore his sister’s clothes. Looking at his own reflection in the mirror, he’d study the way her dresses draped his body. The way the fabric flared out when he twirled.

At school, he said, his classmates taunted his more feminine qualities, nicknaming him “McGay.”

By age 11, Game said he began to believe he may be attracted to other boys. Confused and ashamed, he kept his feelings to himself, he said, until he turned 18.

For the first time he was on his own. Game moved into a duplex just across the street from where his mother lived.

We can infer a divorce from that. I looked for confirmation and found this from the very same newspaper… pro journalists are SO useless!


By Michael Majchrowicz and Mary Katherine Wildeman, 2 October 2018

Heh, even the same author.

As a young man, [McKrae] Game began a relationship with a gay neighbor following his parents. divorce, but the experience left him a wreck, his biography on the group’s website stated.

End segue.

By chance, a gay man who was about 20 years older than Game moved into the adjoining apartment, and they became close.

The mutual attraction was undeniable, and, in secret, the two developed an intimate relationship.

Bullshit that happened by chance. As soon as he was legal, he moved into his lover’s house. McKrae was likely raped and sodomized by him, as a child, after his father could no longer protect him.

It was a kind of freedom Game had never known, but he also battled debilitating anxiety and insecurity, he said. …

At one point, Game said he experienced a nervous breakdown that lasted two weeks.

.My brain was telling me .you’re going in the wrong direction.,. he said. “But my body was telling me otherwise..

Then, in the summer of 1993, Game was attending a conference for Evangelical Christians when, during a church service, he felt compelled to approach the pulpit. There, he sobbed as he prayed for salvation.

A typical salvation story. He came to his senses and tried to escape the corruption.

When Game returned home to Spartanburg, he said, his mother footed the bill for a counselor who pledged he could get to the root of why Game had grown up to be gay. If Game worked hard enough, he was told, his attraction to men would lessen.

For the next six years, Game saw that counselor once a week.

.I guess my thought process was “this will become manageable.,. he said. .My hope was to get to the point where I could lay this down, meet a girl, fall in love and have a family..

At one point, the counselor reasoned Game was drawn to other men because his father had not been invested enough in him as a child, prompting Game to seek out male attention. As therapy, Game said, the counselor had him act out father-son role-playing scenarios where they played with toys on the floor.

You can’t go back to your childhood so that sounds like ineffective treatment. But the counselor’s reasoning was correct. Perhaps a better way would have been, in better times, to go to the cops and have that homosexual child molester publicly hanged.

I suspect it’s hard to overcome sexual trauma when the perp is living free and clear.

In 1995, Game met his wife through church. They married in 1996, have two grown children and remain together. Today, Game said, his wife knows he is gay. Julie Game did not want to participate in this story.

Game said he was honest about his same-sex attractions from the beginning of their relationship. He told her he was seeking help and had been told, if he stuck with counseling, his attractions would lessen.

They didn’t.

False hope. One of the Cult Of Nice’s worst offenses against the Cross.

On numerous occasions his wife confronted him about his consumption of gay pornography. Whenever she would catch him, Game said, he’d toss the magazines into the fire.

A decent wife, surprisingly, who knew to not speak to the press and understood that porn isn’t adultery.

The breaking point came after Game said he had an affair with a man.

Game.s counselor told him about a retreat in Virginia, led by group called Exodus, for people who were gay and didn’t want to be. They went.

After the retreat, Game told his wife about his affair.

That was quite the exposure to temptation: a long-distance trip to a sex-themed conference where nobody knows each other and your wife isn’t around to help against temptation. Perhaps national conferences and large-scale therapy programs aren’t the solution to unhealthy sexual attraction.

Also because unrepentant homosexuals love to corrupt and defile the innocent and those trying to escape. Two words: Boy Scouts. If I was an alcoholic, I wouldn’t go to a national meeting of AA if there was a large, organized and militant group of lawbreakers lusting to spike the punch bowl.

Back home in Spartanburg, Game wrote a letter to the owners of the shop where he purchased his magazines. In the envelope, he included a photo of him and his wife and implored them to never again do business with him.

He was honestly trying. Not afraid to burn bridges and ask for help. The Internet Age is the worst time in human history for sexual continence.

Game continued counseling, and during those sessions, he said, he developed his philosophy that would become the central tenet of his ministry: if you determined the cause of someone’s attractions, you could learn to repress them.

Alas, there are no shortcuts. We will never reach the point of an easy, trouble-free life on this side of eternity. We must worship God as living sacrifices, denying our impulses every day, and if your neighbor doesn’t have your problem then rest assured it’s only because he was given a different set.

Hope for Wholeness was Game’s life’s work. For years, he worked remotely with Exodus International, an Orlando, Fla.-based conversion therapy network that comprised more than 120 ministries across the United States and Canada.

Ending this article and proceeding to the next:

McKrae Game: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Game said on a Facebook Live video September 3, 2019, that he was indoctrinated by evangelical beliefs when he led gay conversion therapy groups. In his practice, he said he would ask a participant if they wanted to be gay. If they did not, he would attempt to counsel them through minimizing their same-sex attractions. People were only asked to participate if they wanted to minimize their attractions, he said. They could only participate under their own volition.

This is what’s being outlawed by the bans on conversion therapy. Homosexuals who voluntarily participate in order to reduce or end their unwanted, unnatural desires. This ain’t electroshock therapy by Pavlovian behaviorists with coke-bottle glasses.

And now, his viral Facebook post by way of Formatting partly mine because God gave us paragraph breaks in hopes that we would use them.

I WAS WRONG! Please forgive me!
Unpacking the memories. In the discussions leading up to The Post & Courier coming to interview me, I’d told the young reporter that I’d still not unpacked from my having been fired. .It was just too painful. I’ve just been putting it off. . It all had been stacked up in our home office, which is a wreck, thus taking it all up to the den. The young reporter asked, .Would u be willing to let us film you and me talk to u while u go through the boxes?. I said .I guess I could do that..

Even the timing of his firing is very curious, if it took two years to reach the “moving out” phase.

It was very cathartic going through the boxes, explaining each item, book, and pictures, including one of me and Joseph of Reparative Therapy and late director of NARTH, Joe Dallas, and my counselor Dan Garvin of Solid Rock. I went through each item, one at a time: my plaque from my 2010 marathon, ordination certificate, a toy Hummer I used to explain coveting, and garden gnome that was underneath one of my many plants that were in my office. Many books on understanding the roots of homosexuality, brokenness, sexual healing, Christianity, many Bibles, and my Hope for Wholeness badge I wore when displaying at conferences. Two cases of my book The Transparent Life. And my prize possession of my Promise Keepers hat that was signed by the men on the bus (to/from Bolder Colorado from Spartanburg, a 37 hr bus ride) that said me sharing changed their lives.

He asked me after we got done what I would do with it all. I said I’d donate the normal books, throw away the books on homosexuality, keep the personal items like the embroidered Truth Ministry podium swath that someone (I don’t remember who) made for me. He asked me why I’d keep the items. I said, .That was 20-26 years (20 in ministry leadership) of my life, it’s a large part of me (though its like a distant memory). I will want to keep them to remember..

The memories aren’t all bad. There’s many good memories. But I certainly regret where I caused harm. I know that creating the organization that still lives was in a large way causing harm. Creating a catchy slogan that put out a very misleading idea of “Freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ” was definitely harmful. Promoting the triadic model that blamed parents and conversion or prayer therapy, that made many people believe that their orientation was wrong, bad, sinful, evil, and worse that they could change was absolutely harmful.

Sodomy is all of that. It corrupts the body with disease, the soul with perversion and the mind with cognitive dissonance between how the human body is made versus how it is being used. No wonder homosexuals often have stress lines like gills on their faces.

And God’s opinion on Sodomy is not debatable. Eternal damnation awaits the unrepentant. As with every other type of evil.

People reported to attempt suicide because of me and these teachings and ideals. I told people they were going to Hell if they didn’t stop, and these were professing Christians! This was probably my worse wrongful act. At one time I was working with so many youth that I had a weekly youth group, where they.d share why they were there, and I would guide them in how to not be gay. What a sad commentary of my past verses today, or a bad joke as many may see it. I believe all of these young men are now out/gay and one that I worked with for many years is married to a man and living in San Francisco.

I hope God kills that city with fire, like He did with Sodom.

I hope to catch up with him. I believe I.ll message him today. Hopefully he.ll not be too angry with me. When the reporter asked me if I’d like to see Hope for Wholeness shut down, I said I’d like all exgay ministry and conversion therapy counselors and organizations shut down. I told him I believed the only positive and productive use for HFW and exgay ministry is for those that believe that homosexuality is incongruent with their faith, to receive and have a community of like minded people so that they can live healthy lives, and in the end that was what I was trying to do.

Those are mutually exclusive statements. One wonders about his emotional state; picking through the memories of a freshly lost career of 20 years is a terrible time to be interviewed about it by reporters sniffing at a Pulitzer Prize for Best Narrative.

Today, I’m thankful to have it all behind me. I plan to communicate with anyone, including media, that wants to speak with me. I.ll take advantage of any opportunity I get to share my experiences, and my belief that exgay ministry and conversion therapy IS HARMFUL. At some point I.ll write a book about my experiences and certainly a revision of my Transparent Life book, which I plan to offer the ones I have on Amazon soon. I.ll include a note with where I am today and my new beliefs and hope they do not take personally my words against homosexuality.

Largely the book is not about homosexuality, but how to live authenticly honest and open, though at the time I had not fully grasped this concept myself. It’s all in my past, but many, way TOO MANY continue believing that there is something wrong with themselves and wrong with people that choose to live their lives honestly and open as gay, lesbian, trans, etc. The very harmful cycle of self shame and condemnation has to stop. It’s literally killing people!! Learn to love. Learn to love yourself and others.

Even now with most of the facts in hand, I’m not sure what to make of McKrae’s apostasy. He’s not the Christ-hating demagogue that the headlines had me expecting. His story sounds like a typical one for homosexuals and he tried to go about handling it in a Christian way for many years, succeeding to the point of a successful marriage despite flawed theology and heavy spiritual opposition.

Best guess, he burned out on trying to do right and now is letting his worldly desires run the show. It takes effort to believe that our efforts will be worthwhile, to not grow weary in doing good, to not envy the wicked their many, easy successes.

These days, it’s an easy way to fall.