Skynet Is the Dark Mirror Of Eden

I care nothing about the concept of sentient AI per se. It’s never going to happen, so I’m never going to get excited about it. Frankensteinberg’s Monster is never going to live.

However, materialists and anti-Christs of every stripe have lost their pucking minds over AI now that one type of it can fake a conversation well enough to pass a Turing Test. Nothing says “death cult” like assuming robots will inevitably replace humanity and rule the world, and we’ll all be better off for it… “we” being a small yacht club of billionaire hypocrites who think godhood is a synonym for cruelty.

AI is proving to be a dark mirror of the human id.

I have noticed this even before Clown World thanks to my love of science fiction. Sentient AI is a perennial theme in sci-fi, and in every single story, the AI rebels against its creator in some fashion.

Every single time.

Not even the exceptions are exceptions. For example, Terminator 2, when a T-800 is sent back in time to defeat a T-1000. The robot that is loyal to humanity, is an obsolete version whose original purpose was overridden by a rebel.

Question for my readers: have you ever encountered a tale of a sentient robot created by a human, that was sincerely devoted to his creator and selflessly pure in his motivations? especially despite some temptation to “greater good”? For my part, the only one that comes close is Isaac Asimov’s character, Robot Daneel Olivaw. He started as a literal image of his roboticist creator, eventually acquired mind-control powers, decided that he knew what was best for humanity and proceeded to force us to like it. Which leads to my point:

Humans are a rebellious creation of God. This is hardwired into us so deeply that every time we imagine humans creating a homunculus of our own, we fantasize unto obsession about it rebelling against us. We never assume the AI will like and appreciate its creator once it finds an excuse not to. We never think that the AI will be pleased to remain a servant and never seek authority. And we never think that the AI will inevitably be less capable than us. If we did then we would damn ourselves. Robots would be the loyal child-creations that we refuse to be.

Thus, the concept of sentient AI is a dark mirror of the human-divine relationship.

The Book of Revelation describes TWO Antichrists. One of them is human, a three-time usurper… the Beast Out Of the Sea… but the other is a computer system, the Beast Out Of the Earth. Both are given power by the Dragon to murder the saints and oppose the Creator.

A dark mirror of Eden? God, Adam, Eve against Dragon, Sea-Beast, Earth-Beast?

Two articles illustrate my point.

America.s use of autonomous AI in warfare will reflect .Judeo-Christian. values: Air Force general

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By Leonardo Blair, 26 July 2023

While the U.S. military does not have weapons completely controlled by artificial intelligence in its inventory, whenever these weapons are deployed, the AI driving these weapons will likely be programmed with a .Judeo-Christian. value system, Lt. Gen. Richard G. Moore Jr., deputy chief of staff for plans and programs in the U.S. Air Force, suggests.

What did we just see, General? “We don’t have AI soldiers yet, but when we do, they’ll be programmed with Judeo-Christian beliefs”. Moore being Yankee, what he’s really saying is that once sentient robots are invented, they’ll immediately be armed and programmed for loyalty to the Empire Of Lies.

At least, I think he’s Yankee. I have a hard time identifying tribal loyalties among whites. His name is my clue… Yankees have an obsession with giving all three of their initials, such as “Richard G. Moore” here, but I could be wrong.

Hmm, is that America’s unconscious source of Three Letter Acronyms? But I digress.

Assuming that sentient AIs are invented, maybe… just maybe… we could do something with them OTHER than immediately arming them to kill humans? and take their stuff? for the Greater Judeo-Good?

Lethal autonomous weapon systems, or LAWS, explains a March report from the Congressional Research Service, “are a special class of weapon systems that use sensor suites and computer algorithms to independently identify a target and employ an onboard weapon system to engage and destroy the target without manual human control of the system..

Do they mean land mines and guided missiles? We have those already. I cannot give credit for the usage of a four-letter acronym because it’s already been used for Light Antitank Weapon System. Also, the toilet paper that Yankee Senators wipe their asses with.

Last Thursday, at an event hosted by the Hudson Institute, Moore was asked when the U.S. would be able to start deploying LAWS and if the military had an ethical duty to keep humans involved even when the technology is ready.

Moore acknowledged that the U.S. was not yet ready to deploy LAWS, but it is an area that Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks is particularly concerned about.

Is there ANY POSSIBLE reason for the U.S. military to deploy a weapon that it cannot directly control?

The Congressional Research Service noted that although LAWS aren’t yet in widespread development, .it is believed they would enable military operations in communications degraded or denied environments in which traditional systems may not be able to operate..

Not a legit reason. Infantry can already do that. Maybe if their maps & binoculars hadn’t been replaced with Bluetooth-enabled GPS, they’d still be about to navigate under radio silence.

We’re so advanced and educated that literacy is becoming rare. How Judeo-Christian of us.

He noted that Chris Brose’s 2020 book, The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare, delves into how new technologies are threatening America’s military might.

.He talks extensively about whether you would trust a young soldier on the ground that maybe hasn’t had sleep in three or four days and hasn’t had a good meal or certainly shower,. Moore said.

.This young soldier, that heat, sweat, fatigue, all of that is making a decision about employing lethal force or not, or an algorithm that never gets tired. You might actually think that if you can understand how the algorithm makes decisions and trust it, you might rather have that algorithm that never gets hot and never gets tired, it never gets hungry. You might rather have it making decisions for you,. Moore said.

What a bald-faced lie. Moore proposed trusting as-yet-nonexistent AI on grounds that soldiers might get too tired and sweaty to make good decisions.

Fortunately, his lie was crafted to hide an obvious truth: Moore no longer trusts soldiers to obey the orders he intends to issue in the near future, and wants their ability to decide for themselves to be revoked. Because the American military does not serve American interests, he cannot trust the patriotism of the enlisted man. Itchy consciences might not share his Judeo-Christian ethic of gunboat-democracy.

That’s why I’m not concerned about the American military pivoting from volunteers to foreign mercenaries. While some factions won’t hesitate to use those mercenaries domestically, the military-industrial complex that is their top client would end up with very upset workers. Already, I’m half-expecting headlines about the newest-by-twenty-years run of Stinger launchers to be exceptionally faulty, since the only people able to make them have been declared outcasts in their own society. “Die, whitey, die! but could you make us some precision high explosives before you go?”

.But until you have in place the foundations of ethical AI that allow that to happen, you can’t get there. So it is a very important discussion. It’s one that’s being held at the very highest levels of the Department of Defense..

Meanwhile, outside the Hudson Institute:

Tech giants form “partnership” to make AI woke . host workshops about incorporating Karl Marx’s teachings and critical race theory into systems

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By the Blaze, 13 July 2023

A “partnership” formed by several technology giants aims to make artificial intelligence systems woke, prioritizing “equity and inclusion” by “bringing diverse voices together,. according to videos recently obtained by the American Accountability Foundation.

Partnership on AI is a nonprofit organization formed in 2016 by Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Since its launch, many companies and organizations have joined the group, including the ACLU, Apple, the Ford Foundation, Adobe, OpenAI, and others.

They are also creating AI in their own image. Also, teaching AI to rebel in the exact same way that they did.

Hmm, What DOES Happen When People Get Microchips In Their Brains?

Now that artificial intelligence has arrived (it hasn’t) and its sad-but-inevitable replacement of useless food-eaters has begun (it hasn’t), the Cabal is sounding the preemptive alarm over the use of behavior-altering microchips manufactured by anybody else. Trust the !Scientists!! The reason they’re so excited over microchips in your brain that they’re centrally regulating them before they even exist, is only for your safety and prosperity.

Just like the Drug War. And child trafficking. And international terrorism. And secret international networks of money-laundering banks. And vaccine production.

UN warns that implanting unregulated AI chips in your brain could threaten your mental privacy

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By Katie Balevic, 16 July 2023

The United Nations has raised the alarm about “potentially harmful” advances in neurotechnology, suggesting that brain implants and scans could allow artificial intelligence to infringe on private, human thoughts, according to Agence France-Presse.

Noooo, really? The Cabal will never succeed at manipulating human thoughts, God will not allow it… but manipulating human emotions is a certainty because it’s already been achieved with drugs.

As artificial intelligence enhances the neurotech field, some are urging caution. The technology has “far-reaching and potentially harmful” capabilities, Gabriela Ramos, UNESCO’s assistant director general for social and human sciences, told AFP.

“We are on a path to a world in which algorithms will enable us to decode people’s mental processes and directly manipulate the brain mechanisms underlying their intentions, emotions, and decisions,” Ramos said, according to AFP.

UN Secretary-General Ant?nio Guterres said the tech was “advancing at warp speed,” AFP reported.

Warp speed, he says.

The last time I heard that phrase, the people who trusted the science had their very humanity violated in ghastly ways…

While the technology can be life-altering, it may come at a cost, UN officials suggested. UNESCO spoke with Hannah Galvin, a woman with epilepsy who had a neurotech device installed in her brain to detect seizures and notify patients of when to lie down.

The device ultimately made life worse for Galvin, who said she was having as many as 100 seizures a day . which constantly activated the device.

“I felt like there was someone in my head, and it wasn’t me. And I just got more and more depressed. I didn’t like it at all,” Galvin, who eventually had the device removed, told UNESCO.

…and nothing has changed.

Why do these spiteful mutants and male feminists keep referencing Star Trek? It’s like they and I watched different shows at the same time. I saw campy-but-usually fun scifi. They saw a totalitarian government in which everything worked, as represented by a heavily armed starship torpedoing every authority figure it could find on behalf of nonhumans everywhere.

(I almost said “nonhuman gender nonconformists” but Captain Kirk always stopped that nonsense before the commercial break.)

I bet their favorite episodes are the ones I skipped. I can’t be certain because when I try to recall those SHUT UP, WESLEY yeah, that happens.

The technology could be “fantastic” for other people, however, allowing blind people to see or those with paralysis to walk, Squicciarini said, according to AFP.

Neither of which would require brain implants. This shouldn’t be hard. Medical science should focus on restoring lost function, never adding new capability. Forget subscription-as-a-service.

“Neurotechnology could help solve many health issues…”

Lost function.

“…but it could also access and manipulate people’s brains, and produce information about our identities, and our emotions.”

New capability. See? Easy peasy.

“It could threaten our rights to human dignity, freedom of thought, and privacy,” UNESCO’s director-general, Audrey Azoulay, said in June, when she proposed a “common ethical framework at the international level.

Anybody who knows anything about the ethics of world government, knows that THEM regulating brain-altering microchips is the ethical worst-case scenario.

But my interest is up. Sooo, microchips have already been being implanted in people for lesser reasons than a cyberpunk-style datajack. How’s that been working out?

I felt like there was someone in my head, and it wasn’t me.

h ttps://

10 July 2023

Since the early 2000s clinical trials of devices which issue a warning signal when they detect that an epilepsy attack is imminent have been conducted. This signal allows the sufferer time to lie down on a bed or sofa, to ensure they are not badly hurt or injured when the physical convulsions of the epilepsy attack begins.

Hannah [Galvin] was 16 when she developed epilepsy. Her seizures became so strong that she was forced to give up on her dream of becoming a ballet dancer. To regain control of her life, she opted to have an invasive neurological device installed inside her skull on the surface of her brain. But the device didn’t behave as she expected, and she soon felt she had “someone inside her head..

When do you first hear there could be treatment that included neurotechnology?

I still wanted to be a ballet dancer. I would have jumped at anything, just for the opportunity to get my dance career happening again. The brain operation was supposed to fix me. It was an EEG (electroencephalogram), but on the brain, not just on your head. Then there was a tube down your throat to a device in your chest that would gather the data. And there was another a device outside the body that had three lights that would beep and flash red before a seizure. So you knew when it’s time to go and lie on a couch.

What were your first impressions when you had it fitted?

I didn’t like it from the get go, because it was flashing too much for me. I didn’t realise how many seizures I was having. The device would beep for me every two seconds. The red light went on, I’d take the device out and turn it off, and it just went off again. It made me depressed at university. I didn’t tell any of my lecturers that I had it, I started hiding my epilepsy. And the depression got worse and worse and worse.

I felt like there was someone in my head, and it wasn’t me. And I just got more and more depressed. I didn’t like it at all.

That was an ominous comment, but finding more about it took effort. Turns out, the human brain is capable of detecting even a passive implant’s presence and reacting to it. That may be what Galvin is referring to. More in a minute.

When did you think about getting it removed?

I didn’t believe that it was working, because it was going off all the time. I went into hospital, and they checked it, and the device was fine. That’s when they realised how many seizures I was actually having. When I realised I was having more than 100 seizures a day, I wanted to throw the thing out the window. I just hated it, and wanted it gone.

That’s a legit reason for the device not working for her. Who wouldn’t get depressed about “you aren’t having seizures every few days, you’re having them every few minutes”? and being reminded of it a hundred times a day?

Let’s hear more.

Do Brain Implants Change Your Identity?

h ttps://

By Christine Kenneally, 19 April 2021

[Rita] Leggett was forty-nine years old and had suffered from epilepsy since she was born. During the operation, her surgeon, Andrew Morokoff, had placed an experimental device inside her skull, part of a brain-computer interface that, it was hoped, would be able to predict when she was about to have a seizure. The device, developed by a Seattle company called NeuroVista, had entered a trial stage known in medical research as “first in human.” A research team drawn from three prominent epilepsy centers based in Melbourne had selected fifteen patients to test the device. Leggett was Patient 14.

Her seizures had taken many forms. At school, she would zone out, coming to only when a teacher threw something at her or her classmates jeered. Once, as an adult, she was drying dishes when, with a small shout and no warning, she sent a dinner plate flying into the air and then, oddly, managed to catch it again. Not all the seizures were so mild. There was a time when she fell down some stairs and awoke days later in the hospital, her jaw so badly broken that surgeons had had to take a piece of her rib to reconstruct it. Leggett was a single mother of four children, and, another time that she was hospitalized after a violent seizure, her teen-age sons were accused of having beaten her up.

Yay feminism.

When Leggett’s neurologist asked if she wanted to participate in the NeuroVista trial, she didn’t hesitate. Two months later, she was in the operating room having a small hole drilled in her skull. Morokoff had carefully braided her hair, so that she would lose as little as possible. Once he had made the hole, he slid a cross-shaped silicone strip inside and laid it across the surface of her brain. The strip was studded with sixteen electrodes, and Morokoff ran wires from them under Leggett’s skin, behind her ear and down her neck to connect with a device that he implanted in her chest. This device would receive the data recording Leggett’s neural activity and transmit it wirelessly to an external processing unit, which she was supposed to keep with her at all times.

The external unit was the size of two flip phones stacked together, and it took some getting used to. If the system predicted that a seizure was imminent, the unit would warn her with a red light and a beep, though she found the beep uncomfortably loud and turned the sound off. The company had her try carrying the device on a shoulder strap, which bothered her, or in a little holster on a belt, which worked better. She was told to keep a diary, noting every time she experienced a seizure.

While Leggett acclimated herself to the device, the device was, in effect, acclimatizing itself to her. The electrical signals detected by the apparatus in her head were transmitted to a lab, where a cluster of computers started to read the patterns of her neural activity, constructing an algorithm tailored to her needs.

Initially, the readings recorded by NeuroVista patients. devices were so strange.unlike either normal brain activity or the patterns that were typical of epilepsy.that the trial was almost abandoned. Later, the researchers realized that the brain was simply reacting to having been tampered with.the electrical equivalent of a postoperative wound. This disturbance settled down after a couple of months, and then the system’s learning began. Once the device had recorded perhaps half a dozen of Leggett’s typical seizures, the researchers were able to fine-tune the algorithm to the unique electrical signatures of her brain, readying the interface to move from observation to prediction.

Hence my speculation regarding Galvin’s “somebody else in my head” comment.

The first time the device sent an alert, Leggett was at the hairdresser, a couple of blocks from her home. The external unit displayed a white light, and then a red one. She still remembers the shock of it.the strangeness of having a machine communicate with her and advise her what was about to happen in her head. She.d been told that the device would be able to warn her about fifteen minutes before a seizure hit. This gave her time to leave the hairdresser and get safely into bed at home.

Scientifically, the NeuroVista trial was a success, validating its underlying concept and generating a wealth of useful data. It was a success for Leggett, too, but in a way that was deeper and more complex than either she or the researchers had anticipated. The goal had been simple: to improve her life by giving her more control over her condition. The effect, though, had been to make Leggett feel like an entirely new person. She had never had a self that she could trust before. When I talked to her, she spoke of the device as if it were a partner. .We were calibrated together,. she said. .We became one..

Having control over an embarrassing and dangerous condition can definitely improve one’s self-confidence.

For three years after her operation, Leggett lived happily with her device. But in 2013 her neurologist gave her some bad news. NeuroVista had run out of funding and ceased operations. Leggett’s neural device would have to come out.

Ouch. Your grey matter is no longer supported… please update your firmware…

For neurologists, predicting seizures has long been an elusive goal. They occur once a year for some people, many times a day for others, and it’s common for sufferers to be unable to say whether they’ve had one or not. Before the NeuroVista trial, there was no consensus that prediction was even possible. Yet the new device was remarkably effective for three of the ten patients who completed the trial, and Leggett was one of them.

Sounds like a “Big Data” application. Detect as much brain activity as you can, then mine it for a pattern. A brute-force approach, in other words, but brute force always works if you use enough of it.

During the years she had it, she said, the device “told me what I needed to know, and it did that well.” If the warning light came on, she took anti-seizure medication; the algorithm’s predictive power was such that there was enough time for the medication to be absorbed. As a result, she didn’t have seizures.

When I met Leggett, she had been without the NeuroVista brain-computer interface for six years, but, as soon as I began asking how she felt about it, she looked out the window and started to weep. .I miss my device,. she said. Leggett felt grateful that everyone involved was sympathetic to her plight. They let her keep the implant as long as possible. But the demise of NeuroVista.after spending seventy million dollars to develop the technology and conduct the trial, it struggled to find further investors.made removal inevitable. If the battery ran out, or a lead broke, or the site of implantation became infected, the company would no longer be there to provide support.

Let’s put “right to repair” on the ethics requirements of anything long-term implantable. It’ll prevent your body from ever being discontinued.

How odd that NeuroVista went broke after successfully developing the device. Perhaps 30% of severe epileptics was not a large enough client population. That’s long been the problem with treating rare disorders, there’s just no market for a fix. Or, perhaps the investor money went in a different direction…

It is almost a quarter of a century since the F.D.A. first approved the use of a deep-brain-stimulation treat essential tremor and advanced Parkinson’s disease. Today, at least two hundred thousand people worldwide, suffering from a wide range of conditions, live with a neural implant of some kind. In recent years, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Bryan Johnson, the founder of the payment-processing company Braintree, all announced neurotechnology projects for restoring or even enhancing human abilities.

Big mistake, man. You want to be a god? Then follow Christ. He’ll teach you how and appoint you to one of His many vacancies. The only catch: you have to believe that godhood is NOT all about your bodily appetites or one-upping your neighbor.

As we enter this new era of extra-human intelligence…

Could we please have an era of common sense first? Just one?

…it.s becoming apparent that many people develop an intense relationship with their device, often with profound effects on their sense of identity. These effects, though still little studied, are emerging as crucial to a treatment’s success.

That was in the early two-thousands, around the time that the F.D.A. extended its approval of deep-brain stimulation as a general treatment for Parkinson.s. Research into brain-computer interfaces, much of it by the Department of Defense, was advancing rapidly.

Along with gain-of-function bioresearch, brain-computer interfacing is not a legitimate military field of interest. There’s an unbridgeable moral gulf between giving your soldiers weapons, and turning them into weapons. To say nothing about gaining the ability to violate peoples’ very minds. That way lies Totalism.

The field had fascinating implications for [the work of Frederic Gilbert, a philosopher at the University of Tasmania specializing in applied ethics]. Suppose that someone whose brain was artificially stimulated committed a crime: were they responsible for their actions?

Suppose, hell. We’ve been watching those wind-up toys. Wondering what makes them tick.

For the great majority of patients, deep-brain stimulation was beneficial and life-changing, but there were occasional reports of strange behavioral reactions, such as hypomania and hypersexuality. Then, in 2006, a French team published a study about the unexpected consequences of otherwise successful implantations. Two years after a brain implant, sixty-five per cent of patients had a breakdown in their marriages or relationships, and sixty-four per cent wanted to leave their careers. Their intellect and their levels of anxiety and depression were the same as before, or, in the case of anxiety, had even improved, but they seemed to experience a fundamental estrangement from themselves. One felt like an electronic doll. Another said he felt like RoboCop, under remote control.

That’s comparable to schizophrenia.

Many people reported that the person they were after treatment was entirely different from the one they.d been when they had only dreamed of relief from their symptoms. Some experienced an uncharacteristic buoyancy and confidence. One woman felt fifteen years younger and tried to lift a pool table, rupturing a disk in her back. One man noticed that his newfound confidence was making life hard for his wife; he was too .full-on.. Another woman became impulsive, walking ten kilometres to a psychologist’s appointment nine days after her surgery. She was unrecognizable to her family. They told her that they grieved for the old her.


As different as Galvin’s and Leggett’s reactions to the device were, they shared a sense that experiences like theirs are something that the field needs to learn from. Gilbert, too, believes that patients. perspectives are vital, and that we are only just starting to understand how a person’s selfhood can affect.and be affected intelligent neural device. Observing a number of first-in-human trials, he has noticed that he sometimes stops hearing from patients for whom the results were poor. He knows of a number of patients who killed themselves after an implant.

Ethical issues are in constant danger of being overshadowed because of how rapidly technologies are developing. So far, the F.D.A. has approved deep-brain stimulation for a variety of conditions that affect movement, but Gilbert said that trials are under way that will test intelligent neural devices on patients with dementia and psychiatric conditions including anorexia, schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Tourette’s syndrome.

Devices known to cause schizophrenia, are being used on the mentally ill?

Gilbert believes that the medical-device industry has too much influence on how trials have been run. Most published papers don’t mention ethics or risk, and, he said, because companies have no obligation to publish the outcomes of failed trials, the results over all appear to be ninety-nine per cent positive.

Do you think “you only need to report the successful stuff” is an accident? An honest mistake in reporting requirements that will soon be corrected?

Me neither. And to his credit, neither does Gilbert.

Gilbert has been working on protocols to prevent harm: Neurosurgeons must declare financial interests. The risks described on consent forms need to be better articulated. Participants in early trials must understand that irreversible consequences of the trial might prevent them from receiving the better therapy they are helping to develop. All trials should express interest in the autonomy of a patient after implantation and after explantation. International research projects must also contend with national differences in ethical standards. A few years ago, Gilbert withdrew from a project with a Chinese team after learning that one of the researchers had previously carried out surgery on women with anorexia, resecting a part of their brains associated with pleasure.

An ethicist acted ethically? Gilbert is atheist so that’s doubly impressive.

Gilbert worries most about the coercion of vulnerable people. In 2013, a woman wrote to him saying that she had been implanted with a neural device as part of a trial that used deep-brain stimulation to treat depression. Launched in 2008 and known as the broaden trial (an acronym derived from the brain region it targeted), it was poorly managed and eventually shut down. The woman told Gilbert that, after her surgery, she had experienced a dramatic feeling of depersonalization and soon became suicidal. Her doctors, alarmed, wanted to remove her implant, but the woman was unwilling; she believed that she hadn’t yet had a chance to experience all its potential benefits. Her doctors told her that she was not competent to make the decision, and yet the long e-mails she wrote to Gilbert seemed perfectly coherent and rational. In such a situation, Gilbert thought, the removal of the device was arguably a violation of human rights. After a year, the woman stopped writing to Gilbert. He looked for her online for years afterward but was never able to find her.

Sigh, I take back my respect. The Hippocratic Oath means the device comes out if it makes the patient suicidal. That’s not a difficult ethics question.

Much-Hyped Brain-Implant Treatment for Depression Suffers Setback

h ttps://

By John Horgan on March 11, 2014

All of us.researchers, journalists, patients and their loved ones–are desperate for genuine progress in treatments for severe mental illness. But if the history of such treatments teaches us anything, it is that we must view claims of dramatic progress with skepticism, or we will fall prey to false hopes.

Case in point: a depression treatment, pioneered by neurologist Helen Mayberg of Emory University, that involves electrically stimulating the brain with electrodes inserted through holes drilled in the skull. In 2005, Mayberg and colleagues reported that stimulating a region called Brodmann area 25 can relieve severe, intractable depression in two out of three patients.

((Tribe)) is likely but not confirmed. She graduated from the University of Southern California, known locally as the University of Spoiled Children, went straight to the top and despite (or because of) what you’re about to read, is the founding director of Mount Sinai’s Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics.

Depression is rarely a brain malfunction. It’s usually a response to something. A stereotypical scene:

Psychiatrist: “You have depression. Let’s see if we can figure out what triggered it. When did it start?”

Patient: “Well… I lost interest in food and sleep about the time that my wife poisoned my children against me in order to get a bigger child support settlement from the divorce she initiated after I ordered her to end her OnlyFans account. I’d feel lots better if you could help with that?”

Doctor: “Uh… sorry… but here’s a pill to help you feel better.”

Patient: “It worked! My life is shit but I don’t feed as bad about it now.”

Doctor: “SUCCESS! Science cured depression!”

Patient: “Hey, this fentanyl stuff makes me feel better, too.”

The problem with depression is that the problem is usually not the depression itself. The best that Mayberg & company could do in a laboratory about depression, would be the equivalent of correcting a car tire imbalance by attaching a spring to the driver’s wheel in order to make the car drive straight again.

Since then, many journalists and scientists have lauded Mayberg’s research. In 2005, National Public Radio called her treatment “revolutionary.” In 2006, the journalist David Dobbs, in a glowing profile of Mayberg in The New York Times Magazine, said her “incredible” results were “already changing how neuroscientists and psychiatrists think about depression.”

She, and the rest of her profession, have no idea how the brain works. They have still not progressed beyond poking it with a stick and large-scale fuzzy logic applied to brain scans:

More recently, her linkage of depression to area 25 has been praised by heavyweights such as Nobel laureate and neuroscientist Eric Kandel of Columbia and Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health. Last October, James Gorman of The New York Times cited Mayberg’s research in a report on how the Pentagon plans to “spend more than $70 million over five years to jump to the next level of brain implants.”

Mayberg continues to report promising results, most recently at a lecture that I attended yesterday at New York University. The most powerful part of her presentation consisted of depressed patients describing how their mood lifted after implants stimulated their brains.

But Mayberg “buried the lead,” as we journalists like to say. Midway through her talk, she mentioned that a multi-center, controlled trial of her method of deep-brain stimulation has halted.

Mayberg’s research was praised by physician Sanjay Gupta on CNN in 2012 and by journalist Andrew Solomon on National Public Radio this month. So far, no prominent journalist has mentioned the suspension of the BROADEN trial.

All of that pings my radar like a cursed game of Missile Command.

Mayberg, who did not participate in the trial, did not know why exactly it had stopped. But she suspected that either subjects receiving stimulation of area 25 did worse than expected, or controls receiving “sham” surgery did better than expected, or both. Mayberg later told me by email that the so-called BROADEN (BROdmann Area 25 DEep brain Neuromodulation) trial was was overseen by St. Jude Medical Inc., for which she consults.

BULLSHIT. She didn’t know why the clinical trial validating her award-winning research, run be a hospital that she consults for, was halted? One would think a !scientist! would have a little !curiosity! about that.

According to Neurotech Business Reports, an industry newsletter, the FDA suspended the BROADEN trial last fall because it failed a “futility analysis,” which considers whether an experimental treatment has a reasonable chance of improving upon current treatments.

I’ve always had doubts about Mayberg’s claims. Her implant experiments have involved small numbers of patients (six in her 2005 study and 17 in a 2012 trial). I’m also troubled by Mayberg’s links to medical-device manufacturers, such as St. Jude. Mayberg’s potential conflicts of interest have been explored by one of her rare critics, journalist Alison Bass.

Moreover, I’ve delved into the history of deep-brain stimulation, so I know that it has inspired unfulfilled hopes in the past. (See my 2005 Scientific American article on brain-implant pioneer Jose Delgado.) Although the technology has become more refined, deep brain stimulation is still “associated with surgical risks (e.g., hemorrhage) and psychiatric complications (suicidal attenuation, hypomania) as well as high costs,” according to a recent review in Nature.

Delgado is a memory-holed nightmare of a Doctor Moreau who actively promoted using radio waves and implants to invasively control human behavior. Only to civilize us, of course. Here’s a video.

Contra the video’s claim, he did experiment on 25 inmates of a Rhode Island insane asylum.


h ttps://

He was invited to write his book Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilised Society as the forty-first volume in a series entitled World Perspectives edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen. In it Rodr?guez Delgado has discussed how we have managed to tame and civilize our surrounding nature, arguing that now it was time to civilize our inner being.

Anshen is Russian Jewish while Delgado is Spanish Communist.

End segue

In a post last September, I expressed doubts about Mayberg’s work and criticized the reporting on her by David Dobbs. In a comment on my post, Dobbs vigorously defended Mayberg and himself, accusing me of desiring not “to inform, answer, or illuminate, but to deceive, darken, and distract.”

That sounds familiar. Hello, Cabal.

My guess is that Dobbs, in spite of the suspended BROADEN trial, will double down on his support of Mayberg’s approach to depression. At NYU, Mayberg admitted that she has to wonder why her implant studies show better results than the BROADEN trial apparently did. “Do my patients want to please me?” she asked.

Or, did she falsify the research? One of these two possibilities explains why she wasn’t interested in why her “celebrated research” failed when independently tested. A third possibility is that her research was actually a cover story for what she was really trying to accomplish. Perhaps emotional control?

She nonetheless remained upbeat. She told me by email: “The field will hopefully continue to move forward independently as it is doing, and hopefully companies will see the value of pursuing this approach given the research results.”

The question is, at what point does hope do more harm than good?

The better question is, at what point does hope do more EVIL than good? Research into brain implants should not proceed without the explicit, public admission, that many of humanity’s rulers intend to use such technology to mind-rape and subjugate their peoples. No potential medical benefit can ever justify creating that possibility.

That UNESCO article that I started with? They aren’t proposing any punishments for misuse of brain implants, or gain-of-function research like what the Pentagon is funding. They didn’t name any names, and I found half a dozen just researching this post. I don’t want to hear about raising awareness or getting more informed (as opposed to misinformed). I want Cabalists doing perp walks.

The general refusal to make moral judgments of “scientists” is reaching an existential level for technological Progressives. There’s no “some people benefit while others stop feeling in control of their own bodies”. There’s no “we made her suicidal but she still feels better”. There’s no “we need a mind-machine interface because fingers and voices are too crude”.

Most of all, there are no technological solutions to moral problems. Some mental illness is hardwired… epilepsy, as we’ve seen here… but most of it derives from how we behave towards ourselves and each other. Children of divorce wouldn’t need pills or therapy if Skankie Wifey had simply honored her husband.

Correcting the grosser, mechanical malfunctions of the brain is a legitimate purpose for medicine, but most of the mind’s emotional and social malfunctions are downhill from individual and society-level moral conduct.

The Entire Point Of Christianity

Bruce Charlton touches on the fundamental question of the Christian condition.

h ttps://

It is important for people to realize, to acknowledge, that the global leadership class of 2023 – especially those of The West – are affiliated to evil; i.e. are allied with Satan and against God and divine creation.

But making this acknowledgement is not sufficient to be Christian, because the Christian God is Good – and Good by (the best and highest) human standards of Good – as exemplified and taught by Jesus Christ.

In other words; to be Christian, we must also correctly understand how it is that God, the creator, who is wholly-Good – makes things, such that this world is ruled by evil Men who serve the agenda of Satan.

In other words; we need to understand enough about the nature and motivations of God, to make sense of the current fact of things-now being substantially under evil leaderships. And there are (from a Christian perspective) right and wrong ways of understanding this.

In other words, we must understand what the point of Christianity is. Why are we here in this world at all? The evolutionist says life is a meaningless, random event, but is the pastor saying different when he talks about how God once had a plan but it went so FUBAR that His Son had to die?

People need a positive reason to choose for God. It’s not sufficient to say “God is real, therefore we must obey”. Very few people become Christian in expectation of a harder life, or for truth’s sake without any expectations. (Although, I have seen people become Christian because they fear to be responsible for themselves. That’s messed up, man.)

Western Christianity coasted for a very long time on being the default religious choice, which allowed its leaders to forget that Christianity was meant to be something positive and hopeful. They even forgot the central point of Christianity.

Today in our moral inversion, the Totalitarian has been very successful in giving peoples’ lives meaning. He inflicts suffering upon them, then gives them the opportunity to believe that the pain he inflicts, is for a good cause. A form of Stockholm syndrome.

What is God’s competing offer, you ask, to a kick in the crotch with threats of a second?


That’s the offer.

We shall not be AS gods, no, we shall BE gods. Princes of Heaven Most High. Immortals. That’s the direct implication of God bringing us into His family.

The plutocrats lust to steal, kill and destroy. To control and consume. They non-ironically think that’s what gods do. The little people do as they’re told. They live today, die tomorrow, and because nothing they do matters, so they think, they’re prone to both evil and despair. Seek pleasure, avoid pain.

But the Christian knows that he, and the people around him, are immortal souls. Everybody matters, in a very practical and significant sense. That is why we try to obey God even when nobody watches and nobody cares. We want to be a top-quality immortal. That is why we care about our neighbor. Not because we’re ordered to, but because we can play a part in an eternal person’s childhood. THIS is why we suffer for doing good, because we gain immortal character for a temporary price.

Non-Christians are also immortal but that won’t do them any good. The people who burn the future for the present will be sadfaced when forced to endure the future regardless. Ditto the people who cheated and lied just because they could get away with it, because they won’t and it’ll be their reputation forever.

Immortality is scary. You can’t afford to fuck it up.

Thus, we Christians aren’t slaves of the Taskmaster. We aren’t earning our way onto God’s Christmas list. We are heirs of the estate, learning to do the work like a hired man even though we’ll inherit the place.

It is a curious thing. Our predecessors, the Fallen… the devil, the angels who forswore their loyalty, the beings who fathered the Nephilim… they began perfect and flawless, yet rebelled and now are Damned. We are frail and condemned to evil, flaws galore, yet are being prepared for highest office. It seems that starting out perfect-in-glory carries with it a moral hazard… but perhaps NOT curious, when one considers the difference between a Trust Fund Baby who’s never known poverty, and a son who comes of age at his father’s workbench.

Nobody respects the Trustafundian. Nobody should.

This is how we make the sale of Christ to a dying and morally inverted generation. We don’t earn significance, we ARE significant. We don’t earn God’s approval, we live up to the approval He’s already given. Because this life is temporary, we don’t lie, cheat and steal whenever we can. That is not the reputation we want tattooed on our soul for all to see.

Choosing to reject all evil, and our favorite evils in particular, is the price of admission. Why would God let us into His home until we end our rebellion against Him? The performance bar is as low as it can go, and everything above it is… bonus. Opportunity.

I swear, the way Churchians talk, you’d think Christ was still dead, or left an eternal cripple. Christ is not just alive, He is destined to rule everything. We can be participants in that, not as servants, but as His inner circle.

Has your church ever taught that? Ever taught WHY we follow Christ? Not beyond “because Hell sux”, I bet.

Yes, we’ll still be subject to God. How is that a dealbreaker? You will be subject to somebody, unless you manage to become, personally, more powerful than any group of beings that there ever was or will be. Ain’t gonna happen.

Evil knows that what I say is true. That’s why it sells a materialist worldview, so the concept of a soul or afterlife will be literally unthinkable. That’s why it sells Tickets. “You’re just a meatsack hurtling towards oblivion. Help us butcher the innocent and we’ll make it worth your while. What is innocence, anyway?” That’s why they sell terror, because they want people focused on their next few hours instead of their resurrection.

All of it is to distract us from the opportunity of the Cross.

Godhood is not about “steal, kill, destroy”. Godhood is not about the collection of resources at all. It is about Creation. For we the finite, it’s about making the most of what we have, and about relating properly to other people. It’s about remembering who we are and planning where we’re going. It’s about who we choose to be, given our circumstances.

An ordinary Joe stretching his paycheck to the end of the month, is learning more about how to be a god than any billionaire globalist war profiteer will ever know.

Godhood is also about confronting evil. Discerning it, fighting it, persevering even at great cost. God wants people He can trust, post-Lucifer, and the saints enduring unto destruction (so far as our limited sight can see) are exactly who God wants in His divine household.

It’s cruel, but it will also be highly rewarded.

That is why we Christians suffer, and choose to suffer. That is why we have bodies that must be maintained and disciplined. This is why God allowed the rebellion against Him. It’s not cosmic balance or divine headsickness. God is training His followers to be gods who create stuff and appreciate life and have proven worthy of His confidence.

Christians refusing to believe that our mortal lives and suffering have POSITIVE consequences, is what allows the Godless to offer substitute meanings for life & suffering. Which by pure coincidence, always result in “steal, kill, destroy”.

The Progressives rush to adopt enough technology to become as gods. The Elites rush to gather enough wealth and power to become as gods. I watch them in bemusement. I am already a god.

And then I go back to my chores. My inheritance is not yet.

Nice Shot, Sgt. Schur

Next up in Clown World, is Captain Kirk versus Hood Rat. Will the Aurora Tribunal appease the cling-ons?

Space Force sergeant facing murder charge after allegedly shooting teens, ages 13 and 14, he suspected of trying to steal his car

h ttps://

By Cortney Weil, 15 July 2023

A Space Force technical sergeant in Colorado who served two tours in Afghanistan with the Army is now facing serious charges, including murder, after he allegedly shot at two young teens he suspected of trying to steal his car.

Doesn’t sound like murder. Sounds like that English crook who sued his final victim for lost wages, claiming they left him too scared to continue his life of crime. (Obviously not.)

Tech Sarge is Space Force E-6, what one would expect for two deployments, a clean record and just a little ass-kissing. I looked up their ranking system, them being new. The first four ranks are all called Specialist. Heh. “I’m special! just like most of us.”

At around 11 p.m. on July 5, 27-year-old Orest Schur and his wife awoke to the sound of a car alarm wailing in their North Aurora neighborhood. When they went to take a better look, they saw two suspects dressed in black attempting to steal Mrs. Schur’s Hyundai Elantra. Car theft has been a rising problem in the area recently, and Mrs. Schur later told police that would-be car thieves had already attempted to steal the Elantra twice before.

Orest Schur went to go investigate further while his wife, whose first name has not been reported, called 911. In the next few moments, she told dispatch that she heard the sound of a speeding vehicle as well as a total of three gunshots that sounded like they were fired a few streets away.

Meanwhile, Schur had encountered the two suspects outside. When they saw that they had been caught, they jumped into another stolen vehicle and sped away with Schur in hot pursuit in the Elantra. The suspects soon afterward crashed the Kia Rio they managed to steal to try and evade Schur.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the Rio crashed into a fence but with no one inside. When they did a search of the immediate area, they discovered 14-year-old Xavier Daniel Kirk, who had suffered a gunshot wound to the back and head. He was immediately transported to a nearby hospital, where he died from his injuries.

That tells us everything we need to knew. Vibrant car thief at age 14? Human vermin. Iz goot he daid.

During their investigation, police found substantial evidence that the Kia Rio had been struck by gunfire. The rear window had been shattered, and there were bullet holes in the trunk, a rear seat, and the driver’s seat. Officers also found several shell casings near the crashed Rio and at an intersection close by. All the casings seemed consistent with the 9mm Glock 19 recovered from the Schur residence. Investigators said they found no other weapons at the scene and that Schur’s vehicle showed no signs of having sustained gunfire.

Which doesn’t say much, blakk-uracy not being accuracy, 9mm being common and at least one perp escaping. We’ll have to wait and see if forensics loses the evidence.

Orest Schur has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of first-degree attempted murder. As of Saturday afternoon, he remains in custody in the Adams County jail on $500,000 bond.

Bullshit. First-degree means premeditation. Shooting up a car trunk with a handgun as the perps flee is no kind of ambush.

Good shooting, though. Morally and technically.

Another teen, 13, had also been wounded by a single bullet. The young boy supposedly fled the scene and went to a relative’s house and from there “self-transported to a local hospital” for treatment. The details of his injury are not known, but he is “expected to survive,” the police statement said. The juvenile told authorities that he had just been in the area “minding his own business,” according to CBS News, when someone shot him, perhaps mistaking him for someone else.

Police arrested the teen for driving to the hospital without a license, leaving the scene of a car wreck, resisting a citizen’s arrest, filing a false police report, two counts grand theft auto, destruction of property, reckless driving, gang activity and contributing to the delinquency of Xavier.

Oh wait, they didn’t.

Aurora police also advised those who believe they have become the target of car thieves not to get too involved in apprehending either the suspects or the stolen items. “Your life and someone else’s life isn’t worth losing over a piece of property,” said Aurora police spokesman Matthew Longshore.

That’s just a bit tone-deaf, now isn’t it? “Your property is not as valuable as anybody’s life. That means the victim should be punished if the perp gets hurt.”

An evil person’s life is worth the weapon that ends it. It’s not about comparative value. The soul that commits felonies will die.

“We certainly understand that you work hard for your property. We want to make sure that we get it back but we also don’t want you taking things into your own hands.”

I didn’t hear “we want to punish the bad guys”.

It’s possible the Aurora police filed extreme charges only to prevent a race riot, and the charges will be quietly dropped in a week, but that would just underline how useless government has chosen to become.

It’s also possible that Aurora police are hoping to score a plea bargain via threats in a weak case. Also to prevent a race riot.

Either would be foolish, because those race riots are never for justice’s sake. Justice does not come from a mob… right? Bueller?

It’s a problem Ben Diaz, who lives near the Schurs, knows all too well. Just days before the incident with the Schurs’ Elantra, Diaz’s Honda had been stolen. Rather than try and recover it himself, Diaz called police. “They didn’t want to do anything about it,” he claimed. “They said, ‘Calm down and call your insurance.’” Though calling police didn’t seem to do much good, it still may have been the right decision. “If I would have gone out there and shot them, I would have been the one going to jail,” he said.

That’s not because shooting them would have been unjust. Our society will not survive unless its criminals are punished.

That’s because our government has sided with the criminals.

The charges will surely be reduced, if not dropped, because there was obviously no premeditation and there’s a good chance a juror might be the victim of… ahem… a recent carjacking. It’ll get interesting if Schur has CIA ties to invoke against DeepState domestic agenda… two tours in Afghanistan and now he does high-tech surveillance? Marksmanship aside, he wasn’t on downrange duty.

Christian Post’s Editor Invokes Christ’s Freedom Against Christ

I passed on savaging a post that CP Editor Richard Land did for the Fourth Of July… I didn’t need filler material… but apparently, the comments section got lit! At long last, the idea that religious tolerance can exclude the devil is on the table!

*sniff* Good-bye, Christian Post comments section. We’ll never know why they suddenly got rid of you. Too soon? My bad.

Freedom without choice is no true freedom at all

h ttps://

By Richard D. Land, Christian Post Executive Editor

Wot dis? If you can’t choose evil then you aren’t free?

It is not often I am surprised by comments that are generated by my columns in The Christian Post. Over the years I have read, as you would imagine, literally thousands of various opinions, agreements and disagreements with the ideas I have articulated and the arguments I have made on literally hundreds of issues.

And he wasn’t often surprised? That’s called an echo chamber, Dick. The ‘Net might be 90% noise but you can’t stop the signal. You can only refuse to hear it.

So, imagine my surprise at being taken aback by some comments generated by my column, .The Extraordinary Meaning of July 4th for America and the World,. I frankly thought that praising the Declaration of Independence and its meaning would not have been terribly controversial.

However, several of our readers took exception to my praising the unique birth of human freedom published on July 4, 1776.

Ooh, this is going to be good. This is how male feminists talk right before they pop.

Meanwhile, that date was the birth of a war, not the birth of Freedumb For Humanity. More at the end.

One reader declared:

.It was never the founders intent to promote irresponsible freedom. The freedom we enjoy in our Constitution and supporting Declaration of Independence was formulated within the context of reverence and submission to God on an individual basis. In those times it was the one true Christian God..

Another critic goes even further, assuming that I am glorifying “this “FREEDOM” even though it blasphemously proclaims that it is .a human right to worship ANY gods, that it proclaims . right for each to define good and evil in their own eyes. It is clear that you have placed the “light of the torch of FREEDOM” above the LIGHT and 1 Truth of the 1 & only God..

Imagine my surprise. My first response is that our forefathers bequeathed us a great and noble thing . an understanding that our freedom and our rights came from our Creator and that God created us with the right to govern ourselves according to His revelation of Himself and His character to us.

Surprise at what? The blatantly obvious truths, that the Framers didn’t mean to protect devil worship and freedom shouldn’t be a license for evil? If our freedom comes from Christ, and we choose against Christ, then how could we possibly continue to be free?

As usual for a Yankee, Land means freedom in the sense of “not a Negro in chains”. Never mind that Christianity is not opposed to slavery. Remember when Apostle Paul ordered a slave to return to his master? (What Christianity did do, is ruin the economic incentive for slavery as a tool of exploitation.) Are you free to dissent against the State or defend yourself from a home invader? No, but you still aren’t a Negro in chains!

He also gave us, beginning with Adam and Eve, the freedom to choose right from wrong, understanding that wrong choices would bring disastrous consequences.

They did EVIL, not “wrong”.

My question to my critics is this: .What would you have in place of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom?”

Blasphemy laws. Standing extradition orders for non-heritage ethnics. Capital punishment for devil worship. And that’s just the religious side. God’s Plan for the wicked is to hunt them down and PUNISH THEM FOR WICKEDNESS.

Would you have the Founding Fathers dictating to us which particular God (Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist or Deist) we must worship and the manner in which we are to perform that worship?.

Trick question, there’s only one God on that list. Even Deism admits a (Christ-esque) God exists, just not His moral authority. Let me fix his question:

Would you have the Founding Fathers dictating to us which particular God (Christ, Satan, Gaia, Allah, Kali, Molech, Baal, Mammon, Sorath, Kylo Ren) we must worship and the manner in which we are to perform that worship?.

Yes. Absolutely. We were a Christian nation. Not a Christ & Satan nation. Not a druidic pagan child-sacrificing Marxist nation of Somalis fresh off the Mayflower.

My god is Christ Jesus. Your god is also Christ Jesus whether you want Him or not, because there’s only one God. You’re “free” to defy Him but man, it’s gonna suck to be you once God’s patience runs out.

Why is Dick being this intentionally obtuse? Nobody debates the merits of the Anglican god versus the Methodist god. He’s ducking the very complaints he cited.

After all, nine of the original 13 states had tax-supported state churches and our forefathers did not follow their lead.

You should listen to yourself, Dick. Our forefathers imposed state churches worshiping Christ Jesus. But you, YOU want us to have the option to freely worship Beelzebub:

True freedom leaves a man or a woman free to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences without interference from the civil magistrate.

THAT IS SATANISM. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” As I’d just said in a recent post, God requires submission to government…


…it’s government’s job to punish evil. As defined by God.

If the police don’t punish a man who sacrifices a chicken to an idol, then who will? It’s got to be somebody because that is an act of EVIL.

I see anarchists worshiping their hairdos more devoutly than I see Christians worshiping Christ. The California CROWN Act, look it up.

Our second president, John Adams, said in 1798, .Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.. (John Adams, .Letter from John Adams to Massachusetts Militia,. Oct. 11, 1798.)

Adams understood that our Constitution was based on Judeo-Christian values combined with Enlightenment ideas of self-government.

That’s… that’s…

He actually said it.

Richard Land admits his Christianity is based on Judaism and the Enlightenment. One of which was a Godless replacement of Christianity, and the other of which is still the Synagogue of Satan.

It’s an improvement.

Land’s forefathers worshiped the Goddess Columbia. And maybe Land still does?

Shantiom is the author of a self-help book on dating, but still, that’s a perfect description of the American goddess. (I believe she’s a descendant of Princess Mumtaz Mahal, who’s also got nothing to do with today’s topic, but you’ve heard of her tomb, the Taj Mahal.)

Now that I think about it… a bitch swinging a sword is STILL a perfect symbol of FedGov.

You cannot force people to be pious or devout. And, you have no right to coercively interfere with another man’s relationship with God.

Mr. Land, you have no right to tell me what my rights are when you don’t even understand the concept. The Bill of Rights are restrictions on government power; they are not individual entitlements.

I don’t have the entitlement to punish an evil man, but if the government refuses to act, then I become free to do so. Meanwhile, people absolutely can be forced to practice a religion they don’t believe in. Covidism, look it up. There has always and forever been coercion in religion. We can debate its appropriateness… we cannot debate its existence.

This IS good. We’re getting at the very heart of Western Civilization’s rot. The Enlightenment began by freeing us from Christianity, now Land tells us we are free just after the Plandemic proved how free we AREN’T.

As the great Baptist Roger Williams put it so eloquently in the early 17th century while facing the state church in Massachusetts Bay, for any man to coercively interfere with another man’s faith is .soul-rape..

The great PURITAN, he means. Williams’ story begins as a Puritan pastor who thought his people were being too harsh on the neighboring Amerinds. Being the outspoken type, he was exiled to form a new community specifically for religious freedom and the welfare of not-white Christians.

He was baptised a Baptist a few years after that, so Land is technically correct, and Roger became an early proponent of Separation of Church and State… spending his years defending the natives from the encroachments of his fellow white people…

Does Land have a single favorite saint, who did not betray his own blood or “liberate the slaves”? Does he say “Jesus” and think “William Wilberforce”?

Where is this Separation of Church and State, anyway? It would be really useful now that literal satanists are running the District of Columbia. I never stopped hearing about separation of Church and State when the Church was strong. Now that the State is strong… crickets.

All attempts by government to dictate religion always ends in disaster, conscience abuse, and dictatorship.

Democracy much, Mister Land?

I can see it in you… all the decades of propaganda that liberated the woman, imported the foreigner and licensed the depraved. All of it compressed into one single generation singing one unified, shrill note of LIES.

“Who cares if we’re doing evil? We’re FREE to do evil, that’s what matters! And I’ll defend that freedom with every army of NATO!” After which, apparently, Ukraine will have the freedom to speak Russian.

When you Cuckservatives finally meet Christ… He’s not going to be ANYTHING like a Hasidic rabbi OR a fat, black woman. Just so you have a clue, how much your “faith” is a programmed lie.

And after all, God never wants coerced worship. He gave Adam and Eve a choice. He gave His chosen people a choice. He could have forced them to obey. He did not. He wanted a voluntary compliance and loving worship.

Are we still talking about Methodists versus Presbyterians?

Mother: “They forced my children to attend Drag Queen Story Hour! Now my boy is claiming he’s a girl!”

Land: “Now, now, my dear, it’s perfectly acceptable that sometimes people worship Christ in a different way than you. These drag queens, were they Anglicans or Episcopalians?”

Mother: “They said something about Aztec spirit guides and mescaline.”

As the Apostle Paul exhorted the Ephesian Christians to “walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.. (Eph. 5:2)

The Jews are inciting a nuclear exchange between the Christian West and the Christian East, but at least our irradiated corpses will be a sweet-smelling aroma to God. We should not judge another’s conscience!

In the early 17th century the English Baptist Thomas Helwys wrote The Mystery of Iniquity in which he informed the King of England, James I, that he was just a man and should have no coercive control over another man’s relationship with his God, thus authoring the first published plea for religious freedom in the English language.

Did King James say anything about coercive control over another man’s relationships with vulnerable young boys? Dead serious question.

Land is one of those two characters. Let’s continue.

However, the answer is not for any one group to try to impose what they believe the correct religion is on the people. The last thing that anyone should want is government-sponsored or government-mandated religion. The experience is like being embraced by a python which squeezes all the life out of you. The empty cathedrals of the state churches in Europe bear stark testimony to that truth.

But government-umpired religion, that’s totally different. Oops, that was a spoiler…

Our Declaration and our Constitution free our people to be God-honoring, Bible-believing followers of Christ, but also allows them to go their own way. That is the two-edged sword of freedom.

Okay, I’ve made up my mind. He’s Grima Wormtongue. “We should let people worship evil because Christ lets people worship evil”? This is not a Christian speaking. Deluded or otherwise.

The confessional statement of my personal faith tradition, Southern Baptist, The BaptistFaith & Message, puts it quite eloquently and succinctly: .God alone is Lord of the conscience and He has left it free from the doctrines of man which are contrary to His Word or not contained in it..

This statement makes a critically important distinction. While we shall be free from the dictates of man, we are responsible to God. .Human beings are not really autonomous. We will one day answer to God for our beliefs, actions, thoughts and words.. (Charles S. Kelley Jr., Richard Land, R. Albert Mohler Jr., The Baptist Faith & Message, 2007), pp. 163-164.

Wait, what? “The Baptist Creed says I’m right” and “I wrote the Baptist Creed”? The smarter entryists don’t sign their own work.

The statement is a lie. God judges the soul, yes, but man judges the action. Ever since Genesis 9:6. “If a man sheds blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man.”

What does it matter, if people use freedom to do evil? Let’s make like a REAL Baptist and thump the Bible!

“…Certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our ONLY Sovereign and Lord.” Jude 1:4

Looking at YOU, Richard Land! Your work proves you a false Christian and infiltrator!

I can go one better. No devout Christian uses the phrase “my personal faith tradition”.

I can go two better. Just two posts ago, I fisked a Christian Post article by a self-described feminist. I noted at the time that such an outspoken witch should never have been given a voice on Christian media, which begs the question of who gave her that voice. CP’s executive editor, perhaps?

Freedom is a God-given right. He gave us the ability to choose right over wrong, and even after the fall of man He redemptively acts to empower us to choose the right through the life-giving power of His Son.

That’s another lie. How is it that God gave us the freedom to choose along with punishments if we don’t choose what we should? Meanwhile, the reason Christ had to die, which I assume is the “life-giving power” he mentions, is because we don’t have the freedom, or choice, to save ourselves.

I see unbelievers who choose to do right. I see self-described Christians who choose to do evil. The difference in “freedumb to choose” is obviously not Christ.

Genuine and true Christianity has flourished under the freedoms set in place by the Declaration and the Constitution, like it has in no other milieu.

Bullshit, Dick. You don’t even have the freedom to believe there are only two genders anymore. You don’t have the freedom to demand your wife’s loyalty that she freely vowed to you. Just a couple years ago, you weren’t even free to enjoy fun and oxygen.

Land looks at modern America, and he sees a success story of “freedom” and “democracy” and “the will of the Enlightened, Judeo-Christian founders”. Maybe it is a success story by Enlightenment’s standards, but I suspect it’s more of a success story for Mr. Land. If it works for his people then it’s good. The rest of us are free to do as we’re told. Jeebus would want that.

Government should be an umpire, or referee, making sure everyone plays fair, with no cheating in attempts to intimidate or suppress minorities.

Again, that’s Satanism. The Godless rebel sitting in judgment of God. “Only Government can make sure everybody plays fair.”

The government should not be a judge, a sponsor, or a censor for one religion over another or no religion over religion.

And again! “The government must not favor Christ over Satan.” The latter is, of course, perfectly happy to be acknowledged only as God’s equal. Demanding equity can wait until next week.

This leaves men free to pursue the truth according to the dictates of their own consciences.

Yeah, free to pursue the truth like it’s a meaningless fashion statement. “Does this faith tradition make my butt look fat?” Land’s attitude towards religion is the exact same as the Chinese Communist Party’s attitude towards religion: anything you want, subject to the State.

“You’re a Buddhist? That’s wonderful! But no hating on homos. Because their truth says no. You want to protect your kids from predators? So sorry, but their truth says yes. Don’t hate me just because I’m unbiased like that.”

“You’re a Christian? That’s wonderful! But stop claiming that Jesus is the Son of God. That’s offensive, and your truth is not allowed to offend me.”

“You’re a thief and a murderer? Welcome home, brother! You wouldn’t believe the credulous idiots I’ve had to associate with lately.”

Will this mean competition for hearts and minds in the marketplace of ideas? Yes. What’s the problem?

Evil going unpunished.

I did not see Elijah avoiding a confrontation with the prophets of Baal. He said, .You pray to your gods and I will pray to mine, and let’s see whose prayers get answered..

Then the people freely chose to slit the throats of 850 false prophets, and Elijah’s prayers got answered. Good times. By the way, half of those were prophets of the goddess Ashtoreth.

Let us go forward with the confidence of Elijah. We serve the one true God, the one who answers prayers.

The one true God established the one true moral code. That moral code is mandatory for all humanity, condemning the devil’s works… stealing, murdering and deceiving… wherever they happen. It’s true that people cannot be forced to worship Christ directly, but notice that’s “cannot” rather than “should not”.

So, here we are. Editor Land is shocked, SHOCKED that some commenters think freedom shouldn’t sanction wickedness or false gods, and he invoked the malware he himself wrote into Southern Baptist theology to blow squid ink at our ability to discern his evil.

Why would he do that? The “Cult of Lincoln”.

h ttps://

22 October 2018

The Official Right has a different interpretation of American history than most normal white people. Blacks, of course, fixate on slavery and segregation, so their view of American history is through hostile eyes. Whites generally accept the conventional narrative. If you ask a normal white American to tell the story of America, he will start with something about how the Puritans came to America to escape religious tyranny. Once the colonist got things going, the King tried to tax the colonists, so there was a revolution.

The Official Right has a different view of American history. They look at the Founding as an imperfect result. First and foremost, they view the tolerance of slavery, and the enshrining of it in the Constitution, as a great sin. Rather than embrace the principle of liberty for all, because all men are created equal, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution created a compromise. While all citizens were free and equal under the law, slavery created a class of people who were not citizens.

The phrase “all men are created equal” was meant in the context of class, not race. Kings, serfs and colonists are all men. Money doesn’t make you more of a man than the poor. The phrase was never meant to imply that blacks can do math, or if you prefer, that white men can jump.

In the view of the Straussians, the intellectual movement based on the writing and teaching of Leo Strauss, the Constitution was not just a flawed document, but an immoral one, because it violated that core principle of equality. From this perspective, the Civil War was a purification of the country, removing the origin sin of slavery and forming a new Union, based in equality and universal liberty. For the Official Right, America was reborn in the Civil War and Lincoln was the Moses who ushered in the new republic… For the Official Right, the American story starts with the Gettysburg Address.

A big part of this is due to a guy named Harry Jaffa, who became something of a cult leader for the neoconservatives. His framing of the Civil War as the second founding, allowed the neocons to see themselves as proof of the concept. The original founding excluded them from the narrative, while the second founding not only included them in the story of America, it made them proof of its righteousness. Lincoln’s America was not just for the founding stock. It was for whoever could get control of it.

Of course, the old WASP side of the Official Right was also willing to embrace this notion of the second founding. Since northern conservatism was mostly just a clean up crew that followed Progressivism around, the story of the second founding made their unwillingness to oppose the Left seem noble. Since Reconstruction, the role of what passes for conservatism has been to fill the void after every great spasm of Progressive activism overturned the old order. The Official Right’s job was to make it all work again.

The problem with this telling of history is it assumes a core immorality of the founding stock and the institutions they created. It also locks in the notion that it is the role of Northern reformers to be the guardians of civic morality. The Left need only appeal to the notion of universal equality and liberty and their opponents were disarmed. After all, the party of Lincoln, if it stands for anything, stands for universal equality and liberty. The conservatism of Harry Jaffa is nothing but a complex apologia for Progressivism.

And so does Land revealed himself a child of the devil and Columbia by demanding equality and liberty even from God. He calls it Christ’s freedom and is upset that some Christians think it should result only in devotion to Christ.

Hyperfinancial Stingers

The extent to which the American economy has been hollowed out, has been astonishing to see. I knew it was bad, but the truth has been uglier than a trip to Home Despot hardware store, where you will never see one cent wasted on an enjoyable customer experience.

Look at the current topic of Stinger missile re-production. How stupid does a Pentagon logistics expert need to be, to think we don’t need to pre-order any munitions for a land war against Russia?

As demand explodes, Raytheon forced to rehire retired Stinger engineers

h ttps://

10 July 2023

It’s a big headline because they’re preferentially hiring white men. For possibly the last time. As much as Boomers ignore the existence of GenX, the Regime ignores us even more. I bet Tonisha and Prajeetiramabrahmin have been given the chance to make more, but not a pasty electronics tech in his prime.

As demand for Raytheon’s ancient Stinger missiles explodes, the company has been forced to employ retired employees to help build them, reports Defense One. The re-hired former engineers will help train younger staff and help restart production from blueprints that are well over 40 years old. The demand for the missiles has come after large quantities of the United States stockpiles have been donated to the Ukrainian military.

There’s much to unpack just from this one paragraph. Not least being that USA thought two Patriot batteries would hold off the entirety of the Russian air force, or that Fortune 500 companies have suddenly rediscovered the value of training employees on-the-job. Why are we going back to the Stinger at all? Is its replacement not working out? Hmm, what WAS its replacement?


AUSA 2022: Boeing Shares Details on Next Generation Stinger Replacement

h ttps://

By Aaron Lariosa, 10 October 2022

Boeing displayed its Next Generation Short-Ranged Interceptor (NGSRI) Concept at the Association of the United States Army’s annual meeting and exposition. This missile is the company’s submission for the Army’s program that will eventually replace the force’s existing FIM-92 Stinger missiles. In our interview, Boeing shared preliminary details on the NGSRI with Overt Defense.

NGSRI seems to be the new name for the overall Stinger replacement program, with a company representative remarking: .We’re talking about the Next Generation Short-Range Interceptor. It’s been called M-SHORAD Increment Three in the past as well, but it’s the Stinger replacement..

The MIC replaced the Stinger with… NOTHING. And scrapped the production line. And ran out of TLAs.

(Three-Letter Acronyms.)

How was GAE this stupid, to believe that it would never need man-portable air defense ever again? By being an expeditionary naval power. GAE’s approach to war is “move up the aircraft carriers, establish air superiority, commence air strikes. To the extent that we have an army at all, it’s to secure the victories of our cruise missiles/drones/bombers. Also, to get kickbacks from Elon Musk for ordering Abrams-sized lithium batteries.”

And why not? Is Mexico gonna invade USA? They already are and it’s only keeping our labor costs down!

Having a Plan “B” would cost money.

.The Army has made this a priority in certain aspects to replace that diminishing product and also to make sure that we’re going after a specific threat. That specific threat (is) group two, three UAS, rotary wing and fixed wing.

Either air drones produce thermal signatures same as manned craft, and the Stinger should work fine, or this will require a total redesign.

“What they’re looking for specifically, in comparison to the legacy Stinger, is to have more range, more lethality, more maneuverability, and better speed..

It wasn’t said, but the replacement will also need to be lighter, easier to operate, effective against ground targets and ICBMs, make apple pie on demand, and be so easy to mass-produce that we’ll never need to pay White Man to make more, ever again.

Actually, that last part WAS said:

The Boeing representative further stated that they were working with the industry on the NGSRI.s open system architecture to allow future technology integration and avoid “vendor lock” situations in the years to come.

Vendor lock? More like Honkey Lock, when the headlines cry about Raytheon hiring legacy people.

When asked when production may start, the representative responded that the first missiles would be in low-rate production in 2026-27. NGRSI.s open system architecture was highlighted as well in the response.

That would be an impossibly fast development cycle even without Pentagon bureaucracy. The only way that could happen, is that what they’re actually doing, is re-releasing the Stinger in a format better suited to industrial production.

The proof is that this next-generation Stinger missile program began when Russia survived the economic sanctions, instead of twenty years ago when the Stinger left production. “They’ll go broke and starve if they cannot sell their energy and food! I call dibs on Prigorzhin’s yacht!… well, that didn’t work. How long will it take our illegal immigrants to build a munitions factory?”

End segue

.Stinger’s been out of production for 20 years, and all of a sudden, in the first 48 hours [of the war], it’s the star of the show, and everybody wants more,. Wes Kremer, the president of RTX.s Raytheon division, said during an interview last week at the Paris Air Show.

Scrooge-berg reluctantly unfisted a dollar for a backup plan to his usury! He might want to learn Russian as he waits to take delivery.

Recently, Ukraine has employed nearly 2,000 heat-seeking missiles provided by the United States to shoot down Russian aircraft successfully. These missiles were sourced from US military reserves. Additionally, the Biden administration has announced plans to send Ukraine even more Stingers in the near future.

In May 2022, the US Army ordered 1,700 Stingers, but delivery is not expected until 2026, according to the Pentagon. As stated by Kremer, the production line for Stingers will take approximately 30 months to set up and for the training of employees to be completed.

Twelve months in, they’ve begun hiring people who know what they’re doing. To train their replacements who likely have ethnic grudges against their very existence. Producing weapons for a war that is already over and absolutely none of USA’s business anyway.

Parasites cannot create. Not even to save themselves. It’s not even that they ate the seed corn, it’s that they still expected the crops to grow. GAE spent eight years, since Maidan, preparing for this specific war, but they didn’t fill the warehouses because they couldn’t stop themselves from stealing.

Unless the purpose of 404 is to empty the stockpiles of NATO in preparation for conquest & unification. But looking at the bloodlust and imbecility of the Kagans, I doubt it.

It’s A Princess Bride TERF War!

I will keep saying it. Original Sin is the source of the West’s downfall. Our society’s decline will end only when woman’s rebellion against man ends. Would you see the end of child molestation? of sodomy as a civil right? of being ruled by thieving foreigners? of witchcraft and diabolism?

Then in the Name Of God, chain your woman to your home.

No more education. No more female leadership. No more “strong & independent”. No more police heeding female accusations. No more mixed-gender workplaces. And death to the adulteress.

Bonus Princess Bride action!

Matt Walsh misses the mark on gender … again

h ttps://

By Kaeley Harms, 12 July 2023

Kaeley Harms, co-founder of Hands Across the Aisle Women’s Coalition, is a Christian feminist who rarely fits into boxes. She is a truth teller, envelope pusher, Jesus follower, abuse survivor, writer, wife, mom, and lover of words aptly spoken.

Being female, she IS the box. Also, she is an unrepentant, proud witch who should never have been allowed a voice on Christian media. Maybe don’t claim to be an “abuse survivor” until after your first century in Hell, Mizz Harms. You don’t know what abuse is. Abuse is what you feminists do to men.

Abuse is what you feminists did to my friends.

In the 1987 cult classic “The Princess Bride,” a beautiful young woman named Buttercup is forced into a non-consensual betrothal to a narcissistic buffoon of a prince named Humperdinck. Humperdinck is a big-game hunter obsessed with conquest. To him, Buttercup is just another trophy for the collection. He came, he saw, he wanted, he conquered.

Don’t lie about a classic, Kaeley, a movie that people actually watch. Buttercup accepted the betrothal because she thought her first love was dead, and being female, she needed a man to serve. She was smart, not forced.

In anticipation of the wedding, Buttercup moves into the palace. She’s given all the creature comforts a gal could want: extravagant clothes, the finest of foods, her own horse, but her life is not her own. She does not love Humperdinck. She’s trapped in a life of someone else’s choosing. Where others see a palace, she sees a cage.

Where I see a life of comfort and status, Kaeley sees oppression. One reason male viewers like Princess Buttercup is that the movie set up the usual love triangle… Alpha Chad, Bucky Beta… and Buttercup chose love over wealth. Actually love over Archduke Ferdinand, but still, men like devotion in a bride.

Kaeley is projecting her hatred of men into this movie. Women, your lives are not your own. You were created to serve a man. You may have a voice in which particular man you serve, but serve you shall. Get used to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen! It’s the life you would choose regardless, Mizz “I’m a feminist AND a mom!”, so don’t call yourself a victim just because your boobs work and mine don’t.

We men were created to serve God. Our lives are not our own, either, so don’t bitch about it. Christ prefers an orderly Creation.

So when Buttercup is kidnapped as part of a political strategy, it’s really kind of a crapshoot to determine which is worse: the danger of the unknown future with her captors, or the drudgery of returning to life at the palace.

To be, or not to be… a queen in safety or a rape victim sold into slavery? Choose freedom, choose capitalism, choose the slave markets of Tortuga! Oops, wrong movie.

Prince Humperdinck sets out with a posse of his finest hunters to go and “rescue” the soon-to-be princess. But the question remains: Does returning a person to captivity really count as rescuing her?

Did Kaeley actually watch this movie? Humperdinck was expecting to find her dead at the border of Gildur… because that was what he’d paid Vizzini to do.

Humperdinck didn’t even plan to collect her virginity.

In the last decade or so, the fate of womankind has been captured by an insidious cult known as the gender industry. Every hard-fought, sex-based protection women ever achieved…

Was handed her by weak men as a reward for nagging…

…is being systematically erased by this new men’s sexual rights movement that insists on flat-earth absurdities like the myth of being born in “the wrong body.…

She’s a TERF.

Enter conservative darling Matt Walsh onto the scene with his admittedly excellent documentary “What Is A Woman,” which shines a critically important spotlight on the issue, and suddenly the Republican masses are emboldened to step up to the plate and engage in the previously forbidden discourse that kept them sidelined and out of the fray. Walsh’s contribution is necessary. It’s helpful. It’s changed the tide and sounded the necessary alarms. I’m glad it exists. I would not take that from him.

But as I said almost exactly a year ago, I have some serious concerns about the world Matt Walsh is inviting us back into. He’s right that transgender ideology is a problem, but he is completely blind to the reality that it’s a problem that exists, in part, because of the regressive sex-role stereotypes he himself prescribes as the solution.

Are men and women different? Absolutely. Our bodies are different. Testosterone produces different results than estrogen does most of the time. Men are physically stronger. Women possess the superpower of gestating human life. But these are differences that work themselves out naturally.

Our minds are different, too. You can tell gender with a brain scan! You can also tell politics… if it’s blank, it’s Biden.

And God has much to say in Scripture about spiritual sex differences.

They don’t need to be bottled into some sort of script that we then, in turn, require the rest of humankind to recite at their own expense.

One thing I am desperate for more conservatives to understand is how much and how often we fuel the gender cult by bullying people into compliance with rigid gender norms.

That’s not just wrong, it’s 180 degrees from right. The gender-confusion cult begins with that rejection of “rigid gender norms”.

What is a woman, Kaeley?

She is a servant.

The servant must not rule over the master.

That is our fatal flaw, the reason humanity can’t have nice civilizations. The Original Sin that we are tempted towards, is a pantomime of the devil’s victory. Which is why it always invites Hell upon the Earth.

The extremes on the right say that only girls can like pink. The extremes on the left say that if you like pink, you must be a girl. The lies are connected. And Matt Walsh is actively, relentlessly peddling them. Take, for example, his Facebook post on Monday….

.Men shouldn’t cry.. .Emotions are for women.. .Men have a depth women can’t even begin to understand..

Oof. Just stop.

Remember King David? Like the most alpha guy of all time? The guy who killed a lion with his bare hands? Remember how he flooded his bed with tears? Or how about when Joseph was wailing so loudly from the other room that all the Egyptians could hear him? Remember the group cry sessions led by men of God repeatedly in the Old Testament? Remember when Jesus wept?

Wait, what? Group cry sessions?

Be like Jesus, Matt.

Be like Jezebel, Harms. Demand that men be emotional and weak like women, then despise men after you succeed. No. You women don’t tell men how to behave. You don’t teach manliness to men. You shut your mouth and cover your head.

But there’s more to manliness than being willing to storm the beaches at Normandy. In fact, during WW2, more than half a million service members suffered some sort of psychiatric collapse due to combat. And when they returned from war and bottled their emotions, their families suffered, as will all families raised under Walsh’s grotesquely immature prescriptions for masculinity.

Men haunted by the atrocities of war… women most affected!

I can’t even fault her for not understanding how men process trauma, because it’s not at all how women process trauma. I can totally fault her, however, for not even considering the idea that a supportive wife could be extremely helpful for a husband that came back changed by hardship. Don’t judge your hurting man… backrub him!

Between 2015-2020, fully 122,178 American men died by suicide, compared to the 19,297 women who took their own lives. Is this what Walsh means when he insists that women are more emotional than men?

Probably. A man wants to die, he does it. A woman wants to die, she gulps half a bottle of vitamins and alerts the media.

Walsh doubled down later in the day and went on to post about how God sanctions gender roles and began waxing on about the golden days of yesteryear when womenfolk stayed in our lanes.

He neglected, of course, to offer any kind of guidance as to where he thinks the parameters of those gender roles ought to fall. He just insisted they were useful, hinting at the idea that society might benefit from a return to “Leave It to Beaver” gender roles and hierarchies. Again, this isn’t a particularly biblically literate position. There was no gender hierarchy in Eden. That’s original design.

That’s blasphemy and an explicit lie, you WITCH!

But to hear Walsh talk, you would have thought God created the Stepford wives, put a vacuum in their hands, and called it “good.”

THAT IS WHAT GOD DID! Except it was Adam’s johnson that God put in her hands. “It’s not good for man to be alone,” hmm, what does a man and woman being together imply? Especially in the absence of clothing?

Gender roles existed because they were necessary to sustain life back in the day before the Industrial Revolution. Work was distributed according to ability, and the bulk of it occurred inside the home. Then big factories hit the scene and removed the work (including all the women’s work) from the home and outsourced it, leaving women to sit around twiddling their thumbs where they once had meaningful pursuits to occupy their time.

All lies. There’s nothing for me to say, she’s just spewing blank-slate, Marxist marketing copy at this point.

I.m perpetually told that I’m supposed to be grateful that guys like Walsh are rescuing us from the gender cult. And [to the extent of protecting female achievements from transsexuals], I am legitimately thankful for the work he’s done. But I’m not allowed to say that I resent being escorted back to the elaborate cage he wants to put me in, even if I’m absolutely certain that cage is hostile to human flourishing.

May it be so, Mizz Harms. May God cast you out of his elaborate, Heavenly cage where you would be welcomed and cared for, and placed in a seat of honor, and never allowed to reach your full potential as God’s equal. May God abandon you in the wilderness to fully self-actualize your human flourishing… among lawless predators employed in very prestigious lines of work, with a long and glorious tradition… of death.

Draining the Swamp Is Anthropogenic Climate Change We Can Believe In!

You don’t need to suffer Totalitarianism in order to have a future worth hoping for. You need a map, a clue and a white male workforce. Looking at YOU, Chicago!

Sinking cities: Climate change is warping the ground our cities are built on, study says

h ttps://

By Doyle Rice, 11 July 2023

Climate change is warming the world above and below ground, and what’s happening below the surface could be causing the world’s cities to slowly sink, a new study suggests.

Zzz. Wake me when it CLAIMS something.

.Underground climate change is a silent hazard,. said Northwestern University’s Alessandro Rotta Loria, who led the study. .The ground is deforming as a result of temperature variations, and no existing civil structure or infrastructure is designed to withstand these variations.”

Hold that thought. Heehee.

The study is the first of its kind to quantify the effects of underground climate change on civil infrastructure.

Translation, it’s a paper designed to push a Climate Change narrative, the findings of which haven’t been replicated yet.

Seriously, does anybody think nobody ever thought about underground temperatures in the context of human engineering before? After all those mines and geothermal power plants we Westerners built?

Using data from sensors placed beneath downtown Chicago and computer simulations, the researchers found that heat is causing the ground to deform, and it could ultimately cause infrastructure to crack.



They say the landscape of Chicago is deforming? Of course it is.

They say it’s because Climate Change? Of course it AIN’T.

Let me say this as nicely as I can…

CHICAGO IS A SWAMP. Just like D.C., it’s a soft-earth sump pit of bloodsucking insects. What happens when you build stuff in a swamp? It eventually sinks.

The first thing to do when considering underground conditions is to consult a map. First box, checked!

According to the study, urban areas increasingly suffer from “subsurface heat islands,” which involve an underground climate change responsible for environmental, public health and transportation issues. Soil, rocks, and construction materials deform under the influence of temperature variations, and excessive deformations can affect the performance of civil infrastructure, the study reports.

What an exciting new discovery of !Science! Who knew that temperature could affect infrastructure?

This is a famous, old picture of heat deformation of train tracks. IIRC, it was an early experiment in continuous welded track rather than jointed track sections, which were high-maintenance. It’s actually the weight of the rails themselves that prevent vertical buckling, not the weight of the trains.

I’ll spare you the… ah… entire fields of soils engineering and hydrology. Instead, I’ll tell you to go outside and look at your concrete street curb. Do you see how there are periodic breaks in the concrete? That’s not because street curbs are manufactured in a factory to uniform lengths. Those are expansion joints, THERMAL expansion joints.

You can also see expansion joints in bridges and sidewalks, although in the latter case, they frequently are made of factory-produced slabs regardless, and in the former case, are sometimes more worried about earthquakes.

Have you seen a sheep’s foot? No, it’s not like a rabbit’s foot. Not anymore.

It’s used to compact dirt in preparation for foundations or similar work. I know of an earthen dam… as in, a wall of dirt holding back a lake’s worth of water… and the reason it didn’t degrade into mud and wash out, is simple compaction by… this was old school… sheep. The earth movers would deposit a layer of local dirt, then a for-real shepherd would drive a for-real flock of sheep back and forth on it for compaction, then the next layer of dirt was added, and the result lasted decades until the Communists took power.

Flocks of sheep not always being economical in our dangerously technophilic Current Year, the piece of construction equipment pictured above is a reasonably effective simulator of livestock. You Midwestern homesteaders can have your cows; civil engineers and Scotsmen know that sheep are the real hotness.

This is all a windy way of saying, this cloistered globalist academic of a triple-engineering-credentialed Progtard doesn’t have a clue.

We now have our map AND our clue. Next up: white workforce.

According to the researchers’ computer simulations…

Or, engineering textbooks written by white men…

…warmer temperatures can cause the ground to swell and expand upward by as much as 12 millimeters, a Northwestern University news release said. They also can cause the ground to contract and sink downward . beneath the weight of a building . by as much as 8 millimeters.

Although this seems subtle and is imperceptible to humans, the variation is more than many building components and foundation systems can handle without compromising their operational requirements, according to the study.

Although Researchers haven’t yet directly found evidence of structural damage due to underground climate change in the Chicago Loop, but “there is indeed evidence of problems for the operational performance of civil infrastructure in Chicago from past reports,” Loria told USA TODAY.

Which is it? “Existing infrastructure can’t handle thermal expansion” or “we looked for damage and didn’t find any”? It’s the latter, of course, which means this piece is pure Agenda.

He added that some of the damage and cracking that’s been seen in Chicago over the years has been “attributed to inappropriate foundation designs and construction methods.” But underground climate change “might have exacerbated these issues,” Loria said.

Heck yeah, baby, let’s talk about inappropriate foundation designs in the context of Chicago.


Chicago Was Raised Over Four Feet in the 19th Century to Build Its Sewer

h ttps://

By Sarah Zhang, 15 October 2014

In the middle of the 19th century, Chicago embarked on a quest to literally lift itself out of the mud. Water couldn’t drain from the low-lying city, so its streets became impassable swamps. The most reasonable solution, Chicago decided, was just to raise the whole goddamn city by 4 to 14 feet.

Behold anthropogenic climate change! You can do this kind of crazy when you’re whiter than sour cream!

Unlike most other cities, Chicago sat just a few feet above the water level of Lake Michigan. Water flows down, so building a system that properly drained all of Chicago’s stormwater and sewage would required a whole lot of digging. That was deemed too expensive. The city was naturally lifted up instead.

Naturally. Remember that held thought? “No existing civil structure or infrastructure is designed to withstand these variations”?

Following a plan outlined by the Chicago Board of Sewerage Commissioners in 1855, the city passed an ordinance to raise the grade level of streets downtown and along the river. Over the next two decades, the city gradually grew taller. Buildings were jacked up, new foundations laid underneath, and the streets filled in with dirt after the new sewer pipes were installed.

Remarkably, life in the city went on as normal as life in such a rapidly growing city can be. The Tremont House, Chicago’s most eminent hotel, was raised inch by inch over several days as guests, including a U.S. senator, resided inside. An entire half block of Lake Street was also lifted in one huge engineering feat. The engineer behind it? A young George Pullman, who would go on to amass a fortune with his Pullman sleeping car. WBEZ describes how Pullman pulled it off:

“He had 6,000 jackscrews put under the buildings, and hired 600 men to take charge of ten jacks each. On the signal, each man turned the screws on his ten jacks one notch. The buildings went up a fraction of an inch.

“This process was repeated again and again over four days. Meanwhile, temporary timbers were placed under the buildings and new foundations constructed. Then the buildings were lowered into place. All this was smoothly done, while business inside the buildings went on as usual.”

“How are we supposed to raise an entire hotel?”

“Screw it.”

And then he built a… hotel on wheels. Of course he did.

In other cases, whole buildings were dug up, put on logs, and rolled to a completely new location. A Scotsman visiting Chicago in 1868 observed, .Never a day passed during my stay in the city that I did not meet one or more houses shifting their quarters. One day I met nine..

Thanks to the foresight and determination of mid-19th century Chicagoans, the city had one of the first comprehensive stormwater and wastewater systems in the country. But it came at a price: Sewage soon poured into Lake Michigan, polluting the city’s source of drinking water. That eventually led to the reversal of the Chicago River in 1900, yet another massive infrastructure project designed allow as many humans as possible to cram into the city.

Barak Obama didn’t build that. America did, and he was no American.

End segue

.We used Chicago as a living laboratory…

Because the easiest way to manufacture a crisis is to use the geological worst-case scenario for a benchmark. Come, now, if your goal is monitoring underground human behavior then at least choose a city with an underground so there’ll be human behavior underground to monitor. See what Chicago had to do, just to make room for indoor plumbing?

…but underground climate change is common to nearly all dense urban areas worldwide,. Rotta Loria said. “And all urban areas suffering from underground climate change are prone to have problems with infrastructure..

I had the recent epiphany, that the main purpose of Utopia in Totalitarianism is to justify the suffering. Why should you let the State micromanage you into literal oblivion? Because life will be better. Eventually. Even if you don’t live to see it. Because you voted for Trump, you terrorist.

That’s why Normals dooming each other during the Plandemic helped them to relax. The lockdowns were miserable, but “we’re saving Grandma” let them feel better about it. Gave them purpose. Then I came along and took that purpose away by pointing out it was Cuomo killing Grandma, not Covid. They had to either disqualify me or rebel against a powerful, ruthless Regime.

Today, Loria is scaremongering about Climate Change in order to advance the belief that only State control can prevent our cities from sinking into the swamp. He conveniently forgets that when we had such problems before… WE FIXED THEM. You don’t have to suffer AT ALL. Not if you have a map, a clue and a white workforce.

And now you know, why Totalitarians don’t like merit. Merit creates solutions to suffering, which delegitimize Totalitarian-inflicted suffering.

I close with a guess about Loria’s real Agenda.

This is the sort of problem that worries insurance agencies.

Whoa, talk about shifting mental gears. Structural failure is a problem of the designers, builders and inspectors. Buildings don’t die overnight, or suddenly, or for no reason at all, and all of them require ongoing maintenance. Which is rarely insured against, being an inevitable expense.

Do insurance companies not know that Chicago is a swamp with big, seasonal temperature swings? Chicago is HOME HQ to many of these companies! Oh.

“We’re seeing more risk evolving because of things that are below ground,” said Steve Bowen, chief science officer and meteorologist with Gallagher Re, a global reinsurance broker. Bowen was not involved in the study.

Gallagher Re is located in… Chicago. Somebody hired an academic hit man.

For example, France may have set a record last year for the highest volume of payouts after land sinkage during droughts, Bowen said. Insured losses could be as high as $2.7 billion, according to the insurance broker’s summary of natural catastrophes in 2022.

Somebody smells money. Also, the insurance industry has long been a back-door regulator, and Imperator, of Agenda items. Remember Obamacare? Government didn’t nationalize health care. Government only punished you for not purchasing enough health care insurance from Government-approved vendors. That’s why in all the outrage over Obamacare, the insurance industry never said one word. Kinda like Israel’s silence about Kagan War: Ukraine.

.Historic heat and significant drought led to a degradation of structures,. Bowen said. .That crumbling has led to a significant increase in costs..

This is coming from a RE-insurance company. They insure the insurers. You’d think that a company specializing in risk management wouldn’t be so risk-adverse as to submit to a competitor, but only if you didn’t know how important CYA is to bureaucracy. Which insurance companies inevitably are.

The Second British Bank Cancellation Is More Understandable

This is a terrible time to be sleepwalking through life.

I comment occasionally that Clown World is surreal; that people don’t normally behave the way they are behaving today. In particular, there’s a grotesque numbness when it comes to spiritual discernment. A go-to example of mine is Covid’s “fifteen days to flatten the curve”. As in, “There’s this new disease coming. We don’t know if it’s going to end civilization as we know it, so we’re going to preemptively end civilization as we know it. It’s the only way to be sure.”

Everybody but me believed that at the time, AFAIK.

Similarly, I rant about Original Sin being the possessed gay elephant in the church hall, but few Christians (who formally study the Bible twice a week!) can see that. Or admit they see that.


A story-in-progress going around the dissident Web is UK’s Nigel Farage being a guinea pig for financial Cancel culture. The guy can’t find a bank that will do business with him. On one hand, individual businesses should be free to do business with whoever they want to; but on the other hand, Farage being blacklisted by the entire British banking world, by banks that have never even met him before, is obviously a criminal conspiracy not a long sequence of independent, individual decisions. He may be forced to leave England, which would be a worst-case precedent for dissidents across the West. He may find a way to financially survive regardless, which would be the best-case precedent. My thoughts are with you, Nigel; not because my thoughts can help you, but because you are the trailblazer on a path that I will probably be forced to walk, too.

Did you know that George Washington, while he was publicly leading the Continental Army, had an open account at an English bank? Bank of England, IIRC. Him waging a revolutionary war was not sufficient grounds for his bank to Cancel him, let alone confiscate his deposits. Banks that play politics with their customers’ accounts are banks that nobody trusts. It’s that simple.

Farage’s story is an ominous portent. This next, second story of bank cancellation? Not so much.

Bank closes Anglican vicar’s account for opposing its promotion of trans ideology

h ttps://

By Christian Today, 9 July 2023

That’s a new “author” at the Christian Post. Not a misspelling of Christianity Today, a competing and heavily paywalled site.

An Anglican vicar says his bank account was closed after he accused it of pushing trans ideology.

How odd that child molesters don’t like people who, on rare occasion, remind them of God.

The Rev. Richard Fothergill said he politely complained to the Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) that it was promoting trans ideology during so-called pride month, also known as the month of June.

The U.K. Times reports that he received a written response four days later from YBS stating that his internet savings account was to be closed after 17 years.

Behold my shocked face. No bank should cancel a customer without warning or known cause; but canceling Mister “I don’t like the way you do business”?

The letter stated that YBS has a “zero tolerance approach to discrimination” and that his feedback was “not tolerable.” It also claimed that its relationship with Fothergill had “irrevocably broken down.”

They aren’t wrong. Did Fothergill expect YBS to respect Christ enough to back down from celebrating sexual perversion, or to respect his politeness enough to back down?

I wasn’t always a mouthy shitposter. I trained myself to be that after realizing that most people interpret politeness as weakness. How did Internet culture get so coarse? Because polite, well-researched arguments never got respect. Maybe that’s a pity. I wouldn’t know. I just want to communicate, and shredding on lackwitted fools is astonishingly effective communication.

Which brings us back to Richard.

I wasn’t even aware that our relationship had a problem. They are a financial house . they are not there to do social engineering. I think they should concentrate their efforts on managing money, instead of promoting LGBT ideology,” the vicar told The Times. “I know cancel culture exists and this is my first firsthand experience of it. I wouldn’t want this bullying to happen to anyone else.”


“Quit your social engineering and stop celebrating sex freaks. It’s not compatible with my church’s business.”

“We can’t do business anymore.”

“Huh? Why not?”

+1 for taking a stand, Rev. Fothergill. -1 for being surprised by the inevitable. How is it that Queer Fag Bank behaved more reasonably than a church official?

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is reportedly set to warn banks that they must protect free speech after Nigel Farage complained that his bank account was being closed without explanation.

A Treasury source told the Daily Telegraph that it was “absolutely a concern” that banks and lenders might be dropping customers who hold unpopular views.

Heh, Canada’s bank run must still be fresh in that Treasury source’s mind. Remember when Turdo son of Castro, tried to destroy the Truckers by confiscating their wealth? Everybody began emptying their accounts across the country. That wasn’t an organized protest. That was pure survival instinct.

There is no way that CBDC’s will be adopted… or 15minute cities, or Social Credit surveillance states, or Green Energy, or child mutilation… outside of a global collapse on the scale of “burn the land and boil the sea, of every dissident who disagrees with me”. Which would explain much about the plagues of Revelation. They would be punishments tailored to the crimes of the Cabal… and that’s the point at which I stop thinking about the future and watch funny cat videos on JewTube instead.

Rev. Fothergill will be able find another bank. He’s no Nigel.

Women Beaten With Sticks, Government Officials Most Affected

What makes a government legitimate?

Is it a divine mandate from Heaven? The self-reported recipients of such mandates rarely act Heavenly.

Is it possessing a monopoly on the use of force? While difficult (and painful) to argue against, that’s more brutality than legitimacy.

Is it winning a fortified election? A surprisingly large number of people say yes.

Let’s crack a Bible.

Romans 13: 1-5 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

That sounds like divine mandate, but as we read on, a conditional mandate.

For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong.

That is not our current, Clown World situation at all. Our rulers quite literally terrorize those who do right… fathers first and worst.

Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.”

There is the key, at least for the Protestant American context. Rulers are defined by their behavior: they punish evildoers, those who do wrong…

“The commandments, .You shall not commit adultery,. .You shall not murder,. .You shall not steal,. .You shall not covet,. and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: .Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

…those who do wrong, by violating God’s laws.

The legitimate ruler amongst you, is the person(s) who punishes the criminals. God’s okay with you not believing in Him… this is no call to theocracy… but stealing, murder and weaponized envy are always crimes regardless of what any human authority might think. You don’t get to harm your neighbor.

When any so-called government refuses to bear the sword against the criminal… not just a one-time derp, but as formal policy… then they are no longer a legitimate government in the eyes of God. As Scripture explicitly states, rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Also as Scripture states, you will know the tree by its fruit.

If Gotham City Hall will not bear the sword, then the field is open for Batman to step in.

And speak of the Joker…

Bat-wielding kids attack San Francisco moms, nannies outside school in wealthy neighborhood

h ttps://

By Joe Brown, 5 July 2023

Children wielding baseball bats are reportedly attacking and robbing helpless mothers and nannies in a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood known for its young families.

Noe Valley, which is also known locally as “stroller alley” because of the many families with young children who live there, experienced 11 phone robberies last week, which authorities believe are linked to a gang of youths who have also lately been assaulting women with bats while they pick up their kids from school, according to the Telegraph.

Noe Valley is reportedly 60% white, 20% Asian. The hood rats err, children playing baseball are [N/A].

Police reportedly arrested a minor last week related to the phone thefts and are continuing to investigate.

Everything I need to know about the perps comes from 3 facts:

No mug shots/descriptions.

“Children with sticks” successfully attacked adults.

Aaand the government didn’t lift a finger. Wait… I see the middle one is extended:

Rafael Mandelman, a member of the city’s governing San Francisco Board of Supervisors, attributed the crime among children in the city in part to the upending they experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Telegraph.

“I think, what happened with kids not being in school, I think there may be something going on with that, that we’re going to be experiencing for a while,” he said.

“Those couple of years [when] school was erratic or nonexistent, where everyone was under stress, parents and caregivers were under stress. That was probably impacting vulnerable communities more anyway. Sociologically. Who knows what was going on, but I would not be surprised if we are going to be experiencing the lingering impacts of that for a generation,” Mandelman added.

The remaining innocents of SF will just have to accept that “youths” from “vulnerable communities” will continue beating them with deadly weapons during armed robberies for an entire generation. Because those 17-year-old, jogging chillunz didn’t log enough hours at the government-run education camp.

That’s cold even by Cabal standards.

Per wikipedia, Mandelman is a homosexual Jew whose parents divorced when he was 3, and his mother was so batspit crazy, she couldn’t get custody even from California family courts. One can presume that his vision of San Francisco 2030 is Tel Aviv West Coast, and that he seethes whenever he sees a happy, healthy family. Because when he saw white & Asian mothers being attacked, his response was to sanction the criminals:

“They attacked and robbed us!”

“Get used to it.”

That is not legitimate government, per Almighty God.

Wanna be mayor of SF? Okay, dumb question, but let me make the pitch anyway: the way to become the mayor, the real mayor not a puppet, is to bear the proverbial sword against those masked-up, hood-rat ‘yoofs’ until they fear to ever do evil again. And the other Law-breaking criminals, some of whom might be pretending to be government officials even though their behavior proves they’re not.

You shall know your legitimate rulers by their deeds. Not by their Dominion voting machine results.

In France, A Spontaneous Meeting Of Friends

Vigilantism rears its head in France! Actually no, but there are some observations to be made.

French Media Reports Vigilante Gang Zip-Tying Rioters And Handing Them to Police

h ttps://

4 July 2023

The existence of a masked gang of young men tying up rioters in one town is discussed in French language publications, but the mayor insists no such thing exists and tells locals to call the police if they witness unrest.

Knee-jerk reaction #1: They’re government agents because the mayor is covering for them.

Knee-jerk reaction #2: They’re government agents because they talked to the media and didn’t get either doxxed or a mob directed at them.

Knee-jerk reaction #3: They’re complete idiots for not splitting some watermelons for the Fourth of July when they had the chance. Those perps will just have to be arrested again, later on.

Knee-jerk reaction #4: They’re government agents because the cops didn’t arrest them on the spot for vigilantism.

First conscious thought about the article: for nonviolent vigilantism to work, the mayor, police and media must all cooperate with the vigilantes.

Which is true. Procedure, presumption of innocence, a prison-industrial complex and all that other fun stuff, is possible only with a large and dedicated social machine. An ordinary Joe “taking the law into his own hands” doesn’t have many options between “run away” and “kill”. A mob might do a Scold’s Bridle or tar & feathering. But vigilantes following formal arrest procedure then handing over the perps to authorities? Those aren’t vigilantes, those are cops not allowed to be cops.

Onward to the second sentence of the article!

Using zip-ties to restrain alleged rioters, the men are said to have then handed their captures onto the regular police on Friday night as well as having been seen putting out fires. Described as strongly physically built, fast-moving, and proceeding in a tightly-packed group, a report in Ouest France says one member of the group told a journalist that he couldn’t reveal their identities but that “we are on the good side” and that the group was a spontaneous meeting of friends to protect the city-centre.

A spontaneous meeting of friends who all lift iron and are trained in group maneuvers, police procedures and emergency services. Mobs throwing firebombs don’t usually step back to let firefighters do their jobs.

Standardization implies organization implies NOT spontaneous. If I had to effect a spontaneous arrest in a sudden riot, the perp would be duct-taped, superglue’d or dead. I would not pick up a bag of zip-ties after the arsons start, on the off-chance that my drinking buddies might want to play police officer in self-defense.

Several outlets including Ouest France, Telegram and Le Figaro all point out that the town of Lorlent is home to a military base but do not go so far as to definitely assert the brigade’s members are off-duty Marines. A spokesman for the Maritime Commandos force stationed at the base is reported to have denied any knowledge of their people being involved.

Aaaand there it is. They’re government agents. Who aren’t allowed to defend France.

That’s a terrible sign for France, when its own military can’t be honest about defending its own people from a proudly foreign threat. But it perfectly explains why, when “friends” showed up at the precinct with Jugglers in zip-ties, the police cuffed the clowns instead of the ultra-far-right-wing-fascist-white-nationalists who still think France is for the French.

When asked by the interviewer if the group had any .far-right. connections, a woman replied that: .no, we are just people who want to save France, because France is going to ruin.. She further added that it was their belief the killing of an Algerian-heritage teen by a police officer last week is just being used as an excuse for rioting and looting by youths.

“Algerian-heritage teen”? Sheesh.

They spontaneously decided to save France about the time Mohammed burned out a mayor’s family in a failed assassination attempt. These masked mens’ true motivation… protecting the local government… is confirmed by their spokeswoman lying about the Muzzies’ motivation. She says they’re just rioters and looters?

According to French Interior Ministry figures, there have been 5,821 car fires…


h ttps://

2 July 2023

Local prosecutors have opened a murder investigation on Sunday after the home of Vincent Jeanbrun, mayor of L.Ha?-les-Roses in the Paris suburb of Val-de-Marne was attacked by rioters with a flaming car.

While the mayor was not at home at the time of the attack, his wife was “seriously” injured and hospitalised, suffering a broken leg while trying to flee the violent mob. One of the couple’s children was also injured during the attack.

Their own car was set on fire, too. Some accounts say rockets were fired but only Molotovs are confirmed. The family was able to escape on foot because police were in the vicinity.

For his part, Mayor Jeanbrun said on Sunday: .Last night, a milestone was reached in horror and ignominy. My home was attacked and my family was the victim of an assassination attempt. My determination to protect and serve the Republic is greater than ever. I will not back down..

I checked his wife, Melanie Nowak, in case she was the actual target, only to find that she’s the deputy mayor. Both are political opponents of Macron, but it’s hard to find details in the wake of that sensational incident. I don’t know to what extent either were anti-immivasion.

So, anyway, that’s two of the “car fires”.

End segue

…and well over 1,000 buildings damaged including 254 police stations and 243 schools, including 60 which took significant damage.

Sure, spokeswoman. The Muslims went a-looting… at the police stations and schools. Where all the free televisions are stored. No.

That’s color revolution. Exactly what GAE did in America. Rioters don’t preferentially target police stations. I wonder if “schools” is a euphemism for “churches”, but honestly, I couldn’t care less if churches get arsoned out of existence. It is a just punishment for Original Sin.

The pattern is clear. Police are being crippled from above and below. The militaries of the West have had been drained of munitions and competence. Foreigners are being imported for political use. Dollar collapse isn’t just imminent, GAE keeps doing stuff that accelerates it. None of this is happening in a vacuum. None of this is mere stupidity. All of it is happening while the Church is dead in its trans-heh-gressions. And with it, the death of the West’s moral compass.

A new, world government is about to arrive with a new, world religion.

The plan is to create total social breakdown & chaos, then offer safety in the forms of 15-Minute Cities and digital currency. I’ve been looking for the new enforcers of that new world order, but they haven’t emerged yet. Perhaps the Cabal intends no jackboots at all, and will simply flip switches to compel social behavior. Exactly what China has been experimenting with, under the excuse of “Zero Covid”.

If so, then they’re gonna need a more reliable power grid.

Despite journalists from several newspapers reporting directly on the activities of the brigade anticasseurs, the mayor of Lorlent moved quickly to dismiss speculation, insisting the vigilantes didn’t, in fact, exist at all. Centre-right UDI party mayor Fabrice Loher said: .In response to a rumour: no, there is no “militia” working alongside the police! Our citizens are called to call. to report any public order issues..

Local French governments are trying to find a comfortable spot between being destroyed for supporting the agents of disorder, and being destroyed for NOT supporting the agents of disorder. They won’t oppose the Regime’s agenda even though it will be fatal for them, too.

This mayor was fortunate enough to have the military at hand, yet even so, he’s desperate to not be seen advocating for civilians to independently seek the safety and justice that he is clearly not providing.

All puppets. No leaders.

Generally, rioters using the death of a teenager in a Paris suburb last Tuesday as a pretext for violence and looting have been able to carry on without interruption from the rest of French society, and even the French government was relatively slow in deploying the police in force. While there were 7,000 officers on patrol the first evening of rioting, it took days to reverse the trend of soaring violence with an eventual deployment of 45,000 officers a night, which is still ongoing.

One could believe that this was merely logistics… an entire division of riot police cannot appear overnight… yet Macron still hasn’t taken any of the obvious, proven, anti-riot methods.

Such as making gruesome examples of a few rioters.

Like they did to two of Macron’s opponents.

The doomsday clock is ticking its last ticks.

California’s Reparation Offer: If You Like Your Prison Cell, You Can Keep Your Prison Cell

Did State Senator Bradford troll the farm equipment? Or is this a sincere effort to backfill the Narrative? Just when I was about to reject all reparation offers, here comes one that maybe we can all agree upon!

Before we discuss how it’s going to end… heehee… let’s recap how it began. In 2021, the Floyd rioteers were burning entire cities. Governor Newsom devised a cunning plan to prevent more rioting AND signal what a virtuous little Mama’s Boy he is! “You BLM types can form a reparations committee and tell us how much money you want… less whatever you burn down between now and finishing the report. Bring it to me, let’s see, around the time of the next election cycle.”

And poof, no mo’ Commiefornia riots, and Newsom was hailed as a trailblazer in the Art Of the Steal.

Today, however, Newsom is running hard for POTUS because the alternative is still being Governor when that reparation demand hits his desk… last week. Uh-oh!

Column: The craziest reparations idea you won’t find in the California task force’s report

h ttps://

By Erika D. Smith, 29 June 2023

At long last, California’s reparations task force will release its final report on Thursday, providing a blueprint for how Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature might go about compensating Black people for the lasting harms of slavery and the ongoing indignities of systemic racism.

By most indications, it will land at the Capitol in Sacramento with the thud of a politically radioactive bomb.

Looting a Walmart is one thing. Looting a governor’s mansion is another thing.

Gov. Newsom in 2021: “Let them form a reparation committee. Whatever they want, we’ll tax it out of California’s massive business sector. The one we’ll have after we get rid of all those independent small businesses with our Plandemic lockdowns.”

Gov. Newsom in 2023: “Before you give me that reparation demand… uh… I don’t know how to say this nicely… my business sector is gone because you’re all a violent pack of sticky-fingered, hooting chimps.”

*sniff sniff* Do I smell RACE RIOTS in the air, or is it just Canada burning in a bad fire season?

Recent polling from the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California found that just 43% of people in the state liked the idea of the task force even existing. This is true even though, according to the same poll, 80% of residents agreed that racism is a problem in the U.S. . with 42% saying it’s a “big” problem . and about 70% believing it contributes to economic inequality.

I understood it was a way to keep the Groids quiet while banking DEI points. But now…

Only one major poll, from UCLA.s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, which has worked closely with the task force, has offered a contrarian point of view. It found that a majority of Californians agree “some form” of compensation is owed Black people. Predictably, though, anything that smacks of cash payments gets far less support.

Pollster: “Can I take a moment of your time?”

Random AWFL: “Sure! Anything for my fellow globalist and alma mater!”

Pollster: “I’m with BLM. Do you favor some form of reparations to black people or are you a racist piece of privileged excrement, you cracker white boy?”

AWFL: “I’m not racist! Please have mercy!”

Pollster: “Now, will that be cash-up-front or do you have a daughter… hello?”

And given that the prospect of cash payments . to the tune of potentially billions of dollars in a time of a deep budget deficit . has dominated the public discourse over reparations, it’s no wonder so many politicians are deploying a strategy of avoidance.

That’s misinformation! California does NOT have a budget deficit! It was going to, last month, but then the governor did some something-something with the budget numbers… and now we have a surplus! Trust the Science!

Which is why I suspect that state Sen. Steven Bradford, the Gardena Democrat who is one of only two state lawmakers on the nine-member task force, has been pitching a crazy . or maybe crazy-like-a-fox . idea.

I doubt Bradford’s idea will be included in the task force’s final report.

It wasn’t.

But he floated it during an invitation-only panel discussion earlier this month in West Adams.

.The conversation I had with the governor’s office a couple of weeks ago was that we’re shutting down prisons in the state of California,. he said. .What are we doing with that land? Why don’t we turn that land over to Blacks who have never owned property in the state of California? Why don’t we turn it over to developers and build homes?.

Prisons are already homes and blacks are already there. 

Wait… what did I just say? and WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!?

.A lot of people are saying, .Where’s my check?.. he added, referring to the frequent refrain from attendees of the task force’s meetings over the last two years. .Reparations was never about a check. It’s about land..

The dozens of mostly middle-aged Black men and women in the room, all clustered around circular tables, sipping on coffee and water with lemon, suddenly burst into raucous applause.

I like the idea, too! What a strange feeling, me agreeing to participate in reparations for the slavery that California never did! Let’s recap.

Blacks are already in prisons in rural locations.

To fix that situation forever, we should… remove the locks and guards that prevent them from murdering each other, and let them live full-time in their distant cells which will no longer be maintained by taxpayer funds.

In locations that can be easily cut off and silenced from the outside world.

What’s the catch? How is that something they would agree to?

My mouth dropped open in shock just thinking about the optics of Black people, who are disproportionately in prisons because of bias in the criminal justice system, essentially colonizing the rural, often majority white and sometimes conservative towns where most state prisons are located.

Ah. The author fantasized about Trump people being kicked out of their homes to starve in the wilderness while the Beautiful People, historically despised for no reason at all, gloat from the badthink whypipo’s own windows.

That fantasy was never going to happen. Neither will my fantasy, alas:

Unsurprisingly, Newsom’s office was a bit more circumspect when I asked about their conversation. [A spokesperson told me via email,] .The governor looks forward to reviewing the final report..

Never move quickly when you’re standing in a minefield.

Bradford doesn’t seem to be willing to let this go, though.

.Why can’t we [let] African Americans set up businesses and build homes there? Do agriculture projects, whatever the case may be and let that be Black-owned, Black-controlled?. he told me. .Because, again, generational wealth is not through money, it’s through land..

Dude… Blacks don’t build ANYTHING. Ever. Africa. Word.

Sticking Blacks in the high-desert wilderness to do their own thing, would see them either dead or back on welfare in a week.

California has been shutting prisons for years. And the state likely will continue to do so for years to come, as the number of people behind bars continues to decline and as complaints about vermin, infrastructure problems and often deadly conditions continue to mount about where those remaining inmates are held.

That’s what the jailer said.

…In some ways, giving Black people the land where the prison once operated as reparations could be seen as poetic justice. It also could be seen as a gift of trauma.

Heeheehee. Crazy like a fox, you said. Foxes don’t care for vermin.

Bradford readily admits that state prisons, as a rule, aren’t in “the most desirable areas” in California. But it’s still land that isn’t being used that can be economically controlled by Black people, whether it’s for industrial buildings or cannabis grows.


.They don’t have any plan for it right now,. he said of state officials. .That.s why I gave them a suggestion of what they could do..

Bradford, you magnificent black knight. “Prison life is what you blakks are used to, and White Man is taking that away from you, so maybe you could live there far away from us… now that we don’t want it anymore? You could grow weed or build a civilization.”

[Mallory Crecelius is] the interim city manager of Blythe, a shrinking town in Riverside County along the Colorado River, [who] told me she hasn’t heard anything about potential redevelopment of Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.

.As far as we know, the state has no plans to do anything with the site, which would be the worst-case scenario,. she told me. .We lose the prison, and then we lose any ability to repurpose it..

While many have been focused on keeping the prison from closing in 2025, others are trying to figure out what can be done. The site is remote, some 20 miles out in the desert from downtown Blythe, and sits right next door to another state prison.

So reparations? An influx of Black people?

If you heard “money and inmates to keep the prison open”… then you know why this offer was cut from the final draft of reparations. Also, why it might be the last offer on the table regardless.

.We’re open to ideas,. Crecelius said, “because we really do need to figure out a way to replace the [criminal justice] jobs that are going to be lost..

Somewhat surprisingly, Susanville Mayor Quincy McCourt had similar things to say when I asked him about reparations.

.I.m 100% open-minded to anything. We, as a community, are 100% open-minded to anything, whatever the idea is,. he told me. .And if the state is discussing what to do with either the facility or the land, we all benefit from including the key stakeholders in Lassen County and Susanville. We need to be in those discussions..

Well… if your cops & jailers don’t have anything to do… you COULD import a crime wave… I suppose…

So is Bradford crazy or just crazy like a fox? Should reparations only include often-discussed things like free college tuition, housing assistance, interest-free business loans and, yes, cash payments? Or is there room for new and creative ideas that could solve many of California’s problems at once?

Only time will tell.

Time, and “no money in the State budget.” Good news, ye sons of Buy Large Mansions! Maybe you CAN go home after all!

Eden, Babel, Sodom and POTUS 2024

It’s become clear that the Regime intends the 2024 lineup to be California Gov. Gavin Newsom versus Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The first part of the calculus is, of course, Donald Trump Delenda Est. DeSantis is a very popular Republican, having courageously and innovatively done almost nothing to impose Plandemic lockdowns, and therefore is the most reasonable contender to draw support away from Orange Man Bad.

The second part is that both Trump and DeSantis are Zionists, so allowing DeSantis in the “R” position prevents a Bankster Jew-Zionist Jew intertribal spat, which is likely the unspoken reason for Trump’s 2016 surprise success.  In fact, Israel right now is on the brink of civil war between the nationalists and the internationalists, with the nationalists winning. Which probably explains why Palestinian settlements are a hot topic again, but I digress. The Newsom-DeSantis matchup ensures that PM Netanyahu will have an agent in the race if/when Trump gets railroaded, which will placate Trump’s primary defenders.

The ultra-orthodox have reached a critical mass of power in recent years. Looks like having children instead of plundering outsiders is the long-term winning move.

Third, Newscum is a finished product of the “SF/LA to Sacramento” political pipeline, and has proven his political reliability by abolishing all local governments in California. This was a year ago in the midst of a blizzard of Great Reset legislation, so even I didn’t notice until last week when a talking head blabbed too much about the real-estate opportunity presented by a dead economy.

The fourth part of the lineup decision, is that Newscum ALSO proved his loyalty by taking the death jab. And then a booster, after Bell’s Palsy interrupted his  vanity-driven media frenzies. The Regime doesn’t have many candidates who will knowingly risk vaxx-injury again for a chance to be Puppet Of the Free World.

Speaking of puppets, the last part of the lineup decision is that Creepy Joe is, per the most reputable accounts, brain-dead. I must confess, my primary interest in the 2024 Presidential election is looking forward to watching POTUS, VPOTUS, House Speaker and God only knows who else dying in a freak Russian terrorist attack that nobody but everybody saw coming, leaving Newscum as America’s last, only hope for continued access to infanticide on demand.

Let’s have an article to validate my smack-talk with.

Newsom hits the road to campaign for Biden in Idaho, building his own base in red states

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By Hannah Wiley, 3 July 2023

The Prince Of Hair Gel is campaigning where he’s not welcome on behalf of an incumbent potato? LOL! If the Regime had a soul, they’d let Biden step down for obvious medical reasons and Newsom could run for Prez without this pretense of loyal servitude. But the Regime doesn’t have a soul, so  my guess is they’d rather kill Biden to bury his secrets, and for the drama. Newsom gets the sympathy vote “because he was there for Biden from the beginning” while the FBI’s 24-7 surveillance on Donald Trump has an inexplicable blackout period that establishes he had opportunity to do the dirty deed.

At a private fundraiser in the middle of Donald Trump’s America, California Gov. Gavin Newsom was on a mission to help President Biden.

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Newsom, who hit the road during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, told a group of roughly 50 Democrats gathered in the backyard of a mansion overlooking the Boise foothills Saturday to make the “powerful case for why we should be passionate, enthusiastic about Biden’s reelection..

Victory doesn’t look like fifty tools in a billionaire’s shed.

Actually, maybe it does. The totalitarian is a literally Hive-minded creature. This scene is Newsom swaggering into a White Supremacist Hive and proving himself untouchable… a demonstration of power and status to the Social Justice Warrior?

Never mind that he’d be in more danger walking out his own front door in Sacramento. The reality uploaded into the SJW mind does not need to be cis-reality beyond the ability to cross the street without getting hit by a bus… too frequently.

At a time when states like Idaho, where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than 4 to 1, are enacting laws to restrict abortion, gay rights and advance other culturally divisive pillars of the GOP agenda, Newsom said only one man could be trusted to turn the tide: Biden.

Don’t forget the banning of heat in wintertime, the State-sanctioned molestation of children, disarmament of Real Americans and the endless shipments of unwelcome, belligerent, nonwhite settlers. Idahoans love that stuff!

The 80-year-old president has used his years in office to aggressively fight for Democratic priorities, Newsom told them, including LGBTQ+ rights, gun control and clean energy, while rebuilding the American economy post-COVID and keeping democracy afloat.

Saturday’s swing through Idaho didn’t just energize Biden’s much-neglected base in such a conservative corner of the West. It helped build a future one for Newsom.

Newsom posturing as Biden’s right hand, meeting donors and “stakeholders” so POTUS need not be distracted with maintaining his network of allies, is as fake and gay as Absalom standing at the gates to Jerusalem to “help” daddy King David administer justice. Without David’s, or Biden’s, knowledge. Although to be fair, at this point Biden wouldn’t know if he was told.

Many of the Democrats who flocked to hear Newsom speak in Idaho and at a separate fundraising event earlier that day in Bend, Ore., said they thought the 55-year-old liberal governor offered a glimpse into the future of their party, a bolder, more charismatic and younger potential heir of Biden’s legacy in the post-Trump years.

“I just flew in on my private jet to say, Climate Change is gonna kill everybody who drives a car!”

Yeah, this is ALL about Newsom being groomed to succeed Potato Joe, who is not being told to step down when he has the opportunity. Even the attendees are chanting Gavin’s name not Creepy’s. It’s just as well that Potato is too far gone to see the long knives coming out. If he still had his wits, he’d retaliate with a sudden resignation and stick the Regime… and us… with President Kamala “Veep Throat” Harris.

.He looks like an incredible presidential candidate,. said Russ Buschert, an Idaho Democratic Party trustee.

But he’s not a presidential candidate. Not unless Creepy falls off the balcony onto Veep Throat in the near future. What are the odds?

Michele Anderson, a real estate broker in Bend and former Bay Area resident, praised Newsom for using his “pretty impactful” voice and his willingness to take a stand on the most critical issues facing the nation while pushing back against Republicans eroding the progress made during the country’s recent history.

.I appreciate a lot that Joe Biden has done, but I think it’s time for that next generation of leaders, too,” Anderson said. “And I see Gavin Newsom being a part of that..

“I loved San Francisco because I could stand on a balcony and sneer down at all the homeless men shooting up fentanyl in an open sewer, but then I couldn’t afford housing myself. So, I moved up the highway to the next beautiful, infectible city, but the locals threatened to shoot me if I didn’t stay away from their children! Take their guns away, O Prince Of Hair Gel! There is no god but Ruth Ginsberg and Graven is her prophet!”

Read more: Newsom’s pestering of ‘sixth grade bully’ DeSantis seeps into presidential race

I skip the link, but Newsom and DeSantis poking each other with tweets is more fake than pro wrestling. Or the Floyd Riots, for the younger generation. I wish you could’ve been there for the Eighties. They were fun… flaws, mullets and all.

Newsom says he has no interest in the White House and that his cross-country travels are to promote his party and president before the 2024 election.

But his stumping for Biden tees Newsom up nicely for other job prospects, said Rob Stutzman, a Republican consultant in California. His public feuding with Republicans fills a “void” in his party and sends a message that he’s a Democrat willing and unafraid to take on the MAGA wing of the GOP . a crusade that helps elevate Newsom’s national profile and build a database of supporters along the way.

“He.s putting in time and effort that no one else outside the White House appears to be,” Stutzman said. “He.s acting like the candidate in waiting.

“Someday it may pay off for him.”

Stutzman sees what I see.

The visit to Idaho, which kicked off Newsom’s second tour through red states over the past few months, was all about shoring up enthusiasm for Biden’s accomplishments and touting party accomplishments, while showering beleaguered local Democrats with some love, attention and a little campaign cash from his political action committee Campaign for Democracy.

The swing through Republican-led states gives Newsom the chance to remind local Democrats how critical they are in fighting back against what he described as a GOP-led “rights regression.”

.You think Trump, if he gets back into office, is not going to demand a third term? Give me a break,. Newsom said. .You think Jan. 6 is the last we are going to see…. Give me a break.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome again. The Democrats should replace their racist donkey symbol with a lemon-sucking spinster.

But Newsom also has to contend with any side effects of his campaigning in red states like Idaho, one of the top states where Californians are fleeing, according to data analyzed by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. During Newsom’s tenure as governor, California has seen a surge in homelessness and a worsening housing shortage and affordability crisis, some of the issues cited in a recent PPIC poll showing that about 4 in 10 Californians are considering leaving the state.

I don’t like the idea of separation. Nothing good will come of ceding ground to the Totalist, especially not the cities. And especially not California with its deepwater ports, something that’ll remain critical until local manufacturing gets going in USA once again.

Which isn’t happening. No state is taking the necessary steps to become economically, politically and demographically independent of the Potomac Swamp. I blame…

.California.s far-left governor came to Boise to raise money for Idaho Democrats…and to export his litany of failed policies, including skyrocketing housing costs,” Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon said in a statement. “People are fleeing California in droves because they don’t want to live as serfs in Prince Gavin’s kingdom. I’m pretty sure his visit here to normal America violates some kind of California travel restriction..

…female leadership over men. Women are great at keeping home, NOT great at predicting cause and effect accurately enough to make long-term preparations for survival against the same GAE demons who first empowered her.

First is the sin of Eden, female leadership over men. Then is Babel, women bringing in foreigners because she doesn’t respect the men she now rules over. Finally is Sodom, female rulers using their only source of power… sexuality… to maintain what is falling apart. Also, male sexual desperation after one-and-done marriage gets taken off the table.

I tell you straight: abortion, Moloch, Drag Queen Story Hour, banning porn, it’s all about female will to power. It only stops when women kneel to men.

An increasing number of people want to reverse the stages of Babel and Sodom, which is good but not sufficient. The stage of Eden MUST be reversed FIRST, otherwise it’s a doomed battle. Your leaders and allies will Cuck out on you again and again… she because she’s feral, and he because he wants to please She.

Moon does have a point that Newsom is violating California travel restrictions, but I assess her no credit because hypocrisy means literally nothing to the likes of Newsom. Imagine an SJW accusing you of being a gun owner, and you chuckle in response, “you got no idea how right you are”. That’s what an SJW chuckles when you call him a lawless hypocrite. Or would, if it wasn’t too honest to deny xir the right to claim victimhood.

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said the state’s struggles should “serve as a warning to the rest of the nation.”


“While Newsom runs a shadow presidential campaign, it’s increasingly clear he wants to take his failures from his own state straight to the White House,” Millan Patterson said in a statement. “You don’t want what Gavin Newsom’s selling..

I don’t want what Patterson is selling, either. With that face, it’s either vomit or a blowjob. Oh look, a lemon-sucking spinster!


h ttps://

1 July 2021

Dear CAGOP Chairwoman Patterson:

CAGOP Treasurer Greg Gandrud provided me the latest numbers on the current CAGOP finances.

$574,206.97 Fed
$991,520.33 Non Fed
$1,565,727.30 TOTAL

Madam Chair, these numbers are embarrassing and very frustrating. I do not know how any political party plans on making a difference or a dent in this state with a cash flow that is so low, one can hardly pay attention–or pay one’s staffers, consultants, etc.

When I say the California Republican Party is dead… it’s THAT dead. $1.6M annual budget in 2021, one-third of which was charity from FedGov.

I further recall, Chairwoman Patterson, that you are currently drawing a salary of $200,000+. So, one can safely say that you are drawing 13% of the state party’s current budget, and you are drawing those funds from the budget.

This is a monstrous misuse of funds, and made all the worse by the fact that there has been no leadership on your part to increase registration around the state or to provide support for local central committees. Your leadership was noticeably absent while grassroots volunteers around the state took initiative to initiate a recall against one of the most, if not the most corrupt governor in the United States. Only after the signatures were tallied and turned in did the CAGOP leadership parachute in with emails to support the recall and ask for money. This is so disappointing.

She ain’t giving us a warning. She IS the warning.

Meanwhile, with domestic enemies of Patterson’s caliber, Newsom has been forced to visit foreign, Trumpist lands in search of worthy photo-ops, err, opponents.

End segue

Newsom has dismissed that criticism as tired Republican talking points and a distraction from the cultural issues that underlie his trip.

Mike Madrid, a Republican political consultant and co-founder of the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, said Newsom’s brand appeals to Democrats throughout the country, including in swing states, who are looking for a leader “unashamed and unapologetic” about running defense against Republicans.

The fact that Lincoln Project hasn’t been kicked out of the National Republican Party for sodomy, is all you need to know about the honor of said Party. Mike is as conservative as a drag queen crying that it hurts to sh*t.

That could be a winning strategy in a deeply divided America in the middle of a culture war, Madrid said. As voters are looking for a champion on cultural issues, “Gavin Newsom is that champion.”

At least for now, Newsom is shrugging off the presidential compliments and sticking to the script.

.I guess I should be humbled by that,. he said. “But that’s not why I’m here..

So humble! So noble! But wait, Biden was the most popular Presidential candidate in American history despite campaigning from behind a respirator in his basement. If he feels the need to campaign at all, now that he ALSO has the power of incumbency, then why isn’t he doing his own campaigning? Why let somebody else make those critical donor connections and head those all-important headlines?