Vigilantism, Converged

In the wake of Kyle Rittenhouse utterly pwning three Jews rioting for BLM, an Antifa shill ponders what a future of vigilantism might look like… and proves that the first man a liar lies to, is himself.

Vigilantism, again in the news, is an American tradition

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By Jonathan Obert, 27 August 2020

It.s a contentious time in the U.S., with a pandemic, racial equality, police violence and a presidential election all occupying people’s attention. Given all that stress, it can seem like people are taking the law into their own hands more often.

“They’re starting to fight back! Help! Police! Pigs! Anybody!”

It.s not just in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In recent weeks, there have been confrontations over removing monuments to the Confederacy, clashes over the use of face masks, attempts to protect . or intimidate . Black Lives Matter protesters and even a renewed interest in .citizen’s arrests.” Some of these events have turned tragically violent and deadly.

“Confrontation” here meaning “our targets offering positive resistance”. You didn’t hear about the Karens who bullied white men into re-covering their faces yet still remember the haunting screams of that day in Manhattan Beach, California.

Just in case you, personally, didn’t:

These events show Americans moving beyond differences of opinion and free speech into private displays of force. Their participants may be trying to enforce their own ideas of what the law is, or protect property or defend their communities against threats . especially in light of the failures of police to provide a fair system of justice.

YOUR PEOPLE attacked us, repeatedly, while YOUR allies in government literally cleared the roads for their advance. What did you expect us to do? Continue believing that your lives are sacred to the Christ you openly hate? Do you even remember what Christ did to HIS OWN life?

Attorney General William Barr has claimed, by contrast, that this vigilantism might be a premonition of the disorder yet to come if police funding is in fact slashed in communities nationwide.

Feel free to *not* defund the police.

As a scholar of vigilantism in U.S. history and a political scientist interested in how the state and law develop over time,

And as a welcome member of an openly Marxist institution of learning,

I have found, as have others, that for many Americans, law and order has long been as much a private matter as something for the government to handle.

Our author today, Mr. Obert if I may presume his/her/hir/their/its gender, is an associate professor of political science at Amherst College. This strongly suggests he is a member or ally of Antifa, although since he’s more interesting in talking about vigilantism than doing it, he might just be a Nu-Male.

Vigilantism . the private, violent enforcement of public moral or legal standards .

Whoa, hoss.

Oxford: [vigilantism is] law enforcement undertaken without legal authority by a self-appointed group of people.

Free Dictionary: [vigilante is] a person who is not a member of law enforcement but who pursues and punishes persons suspected of lawbreaking.

Webster: [vigilante is] a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate) broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice

Vigilantism is not self-defense. It is not owning slaves. It is certainly not law enforcement.

tends to rise in two types of situations, neither of which may be what people expect. It doesn’t come from a government being weak or absent, leaving citizens on their own, but rather when the very principles that make up a government and its people themselves seem to be changing.

I’m intrigued that he defines vigilantism as last-minute resistance to government forcing new beliefs upon its people.

And it doesn’t necessarily come from situations where one ethnic or racial group clearly dominates others . but rather in times and places where who belongs to a particular community is up for debate. Vigilantism is often about the attempt to establish power rather than a reflection of preexisting hierarchies.

Yes, it’s very curious that those BLM terrorists were Jews. It would be very bad optics for all those oppressed survivors of the Holocaust, some of whom are now 20 years old, were the general public of America to realize the extent to which they hate Christ, hate the nation that rescued them during WW2 and weaponized some Useful Idiots of Color for a terrorist campaign against the governments of the United States.

Many Americans are feeling like the rules of the game are changing in unfair ways and have a sense of unease about what the nation is going to look like in the future. As scholars and pundits opine about the serious possibility of another American civil war, the grave implications of domestic political violence loom more than at any point in the past 50 years.

The Seventies were a nightmare of Leftist vigilantism.

These fears are reinforced by a president who seems to encourage division and fear between Americans, even as Black people’s voices are attracting more attention in the public and the halls of power.

Poor MLK Jr. Nobody listened to him.

We are left in no doubt as to the author’s political loyalty.

Through U.S. history, the distinctions between vigilantism and lawful arrest and punishment have always been murky.


Frequently, vigilantism has been used not in opposition to police efforts, but rather with their active encouragement. Indeed, in some recent protests that still seems to be the case.

He’s blurring the definition of vigilantism, a telltale of Social Justice. One cannot be both a vigilante and a servant of official law enforcement. Being wrong at the definition level of his specialization bodes ill tidings for Obert’s competence.

Before police departments existed, arrests were made under traditional common law, which depended on private participation in legally organized posses and serving as deputies.

That’s not vigilantism.

Institutions like slave patrols required that non-slave owners were willing to use, or at least permit, violence to maintain white supremacy.

Not vigilantism, unless Obert wants to make the case that the Confederacy did not support slavery.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, private detectives and security guards also possessed powers of arrest similar to those of police officers.

Private detectives being a specific topic of interest to Obert. He’s well-poised to help with the Convergence of law enforcement with socialist criminal organizations. Maybe someday he’ll be tossed a cheap sinecure for a reward.

Meanwhile, private detectives are not vigilantism, either.

Even the spate of “stand your ground” laws passed in the last 15 years borders on vigilantism, giving private citizens lots of freedom about how to use force to protect themselves.

Not. Vigilantism.

American vigilantism is primarily associated with the terrible lynching campaigns of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that targeted Black Americans and other racial minorities. But that isn’t the whole story.

Dude, that’s not even the definition.

You lied to yourself, Obert. You lied that words don’t matter. You lied that the ends of Social Justice justify any means, including the means of getting yourself an easy professorship in 19th Century dime-novel trash while spouting just enough of the Narrative to still be welcome on campus. Now you can’t even define the subject yo specialized in without crossing the Narrative.

You’ll never get tenure because your usefulness does not require you getting tenure. What can you do about it? I dunno. Maybe commit some lewd acts with livestock while wearing blackface and send the pictures to Soros. Or the Chinese embassy, I hear they’re buying souls now, too, but learning their language is hard. Unlike poli-sci.

Political scientist Eleonora Mattiacci and I studied what were called “vigilance committees,. private groups organized in the decades before the Civil War that typically promoted anti-immigrant sentiment in areas, including cities, precisely as the laws concerning the powers of local governments were rapidly changing.

Additional confirmation that what Obert calls vigilantism is in fact, resistance to the Convergence.

Eleonora Mattiacci, for your Halloween costume inspiration.

In fact, though it has been most often used to try to establish racial and economic hierarchies, vigilantism . including actual lynching . has also, at times, been used by disadvantaged communities for self-defense.

Take recent events in Milwaukee, for instance: A small gathering of people in a predominantly African American neighborhood violently confronted residents of a house where two girls were believed to be held in a sex-trafficking ring. This follows a long tradition of people of color using private force to protect themselves and defend their communities.

Has there been even a single incident in all of America’s history of white men legitimately using violence to defend their white community against persons of color? Or to ask the question more simply, are you voting for Trump in November?

Vigilantism has often abetted the worst instincts in the politics of crime in the U.S., making justice appear to depend on what the people want rather than the rule of law.

No, no, that’s democracy.

But it is also evidence of the complicated relationship between violence and justice at the core of American democracy. The founders thought seriously about self and community protection and believed that popular participation in law enforcement and defense could be an important corrective to an unresponsive and oppressive legal system.

But allowing the majority to impose justice can have unequal effects on disadvantaged members of the nation, granting the police a mandate to act violently precisely because that seems to be what the people want.

The relationship between violence and justice is not at all as complicated as Obert tries to make it sound. Convergence uber alles. Anarcho-tyranny. The devil’s children can do no wrong and those who love Christ and America can do no right.

As Americans focus on the way in which people of color, in particular, have been policed in this country, they should disentangle the damaging forms of vigilantism from a deeper notion that democracy might require ordinary citizens to rely at least partly on themselves to enforce the law.

QED. Convergence uber alles. Anarcho-tyranny.

Democracy requires Americans to somehow be vigilant over the use of force in their midst . without themselves becoming vigilantes.


The QAnon Phenomenon

With all my postings on current events, true crime and false priests, one might wonder why I’ve never once mentioned QAnon. It’s because I can’t tell why the guy is talking about. I’ve seen more legible word salad coming from Jordan B. Peterson. As a rule, if somebody makes a point of not speaking clearly then I don’t believe they’re honest.

Which today, puts me in company with the Left. Awkward.

Why Are So Many Christians Falling for QAnon?

Why Are So Many Christians Falling for QAnon?

By Tyler Huckabee, 3 August 2020

Back in October of 2017, an anonymous person calling themselves the .Q Clearance Patriot. (.Q. for short) started dropping vague messages on 4Chan purporting to detail President Donald Trump’s coming war on the “evil tyrants” who control America. These messages . called “breadcrumbs” or .Q Drops. by adherents . appear garbled and even incoherent to most of us, but a growing community has used alleged clues to piece together a narrative. That narrative involves a cabal of Hollywood actors, wealthy elites and well-known Democratic personalities like the Clintons and the Obamas, all of whom have conspired to exert control over America for their own sinister ends.

Also Jews and Jesuits, the latter now controlling the Catholic Church and COVID-19 lockdowns in USA. Hello, Fauci! You aren’t a conspiracy theory anymore.

This is the essence of QAnon, which has become a big tent for a family of conspiracy theories involving secret child trafficking rings hidden right under our noses…

The child abusers teach sodomy to schoolchildren under State protection. That is also not a conspiracy theory anymore; it’s government policy.

…Robert Mueller, COVID-19 trutherism and anti-Black Lives Matter sentiment.

Dude, every property owner in America is anti-BLM.

Holding it all together is the idea that Trump is working behind the scenes to engineer “The Storm. . a code name for the mission to dismantle this group of “Deep State” operatives and restore peace and order to America.

Joe Carter has done an excellent job explaining QAnon for the Gospel Coalition.

He calls QAnon Satanic because hysteria over Satanic Ritual Abuse in the 80s petered out with little to show… besides George Soros being a victim of it, and Soros doesn’t like people remembering his early days as a literal, swastika-wearing, let’s-gas-the-Juden German National Socialist.

The appeal of QAnon isn’t hard to figure out. America has been, as they say, .going through it. lately. QAnon provides explanations . however farfetched . for the seemingly inexplicable. It simplifies the maze of life into a relatively simple narrative. As America grows less religious, conspiracy theories like QAnon can provide a religious sense of peace and meaning . assuring followers that everything is under control. QAnon is a sort of faith movement . one that has found a lot of traction with evangelical groups. In fact, a pastor of a megachurch used his sermon time to show a QAnon video just a few weeks ago.

There are a few possible reasons.

The appeal of QAnon is twofold. One, people know they’re being lied to and want to figure out exactly what and who the lies are covering up, preferably while there’s still a chance to do something with the truth. Welcome to my blog. And two, people want to believe that a Jesus figure will come along to save them. The real Jesus is not popular for this purpose, often teaching His followers patient endurance over Mohammedan murder sprees, so wouldn’t it be nice if President Trump saved us from evil?

Hence the heartburn over QAnon these days. Trump is up for reelection and *anything* that brings him support must be countered!

First, QAnon a logical extension of the culture war, providing real plot and vocabulary to the “us vs” them. model that became popular with the rise of the Moral Majority. QAnon codifies the mistrust of science, “big government” and celebrity into a real (if slippery) system.

A conclusion I reached in my previous post, that the Moral Majority was a reduction of Christianity’s political potential into controlled opposition.

But QAnon has nothing to do with the way our Marxists misuse science and government.

Secondly, as evangelicalism becomes more of a secularized collective, QAnon rejuvenates it with new religious energy, providing a shared sense of secret knowledge to bring communities together and an assurance that everything is going to work out alright in the end. In a way, QAnon provides a political spin on end-times theology; a peek at the end of the book to provide confidence that the bad things happening now won’t last forever.

Religion doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t just wander off. It’s always a monkeybranch thing.

Finally, QAnon isn’t necessarily as crazy as it sounds.

It’s undoubtedly true that powerful, immoral people do have an alarming amount of control and they do get away a lot of bad things. Look at the story of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who had connections to powerful politicians on both sides of the aisle. Look at Roger Stone. Look at the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, who deliberately downplayed concerns about Oxycontin as the opioid crisis surged.

Unfortunately, these horrible stories more banal and out in the open than QAnon adherents want them to be. They aren’t mysteries. You can read about them in pretty much any newspaper in America. But the headlines provide enough confirmation bias to keep Q followers glued.

Confirmation bias is my take on QAnon’s popularity.

X-Files "I Want to Believe" poster

There are no easy answers about what can be done about QAnon.

You could ignore him, like I do. If Q’s right them Trump will defeat you regardless and if he’s wrong then everything you do in response to him is wasted effort.

The lack of a shared epistemology means that debates are often doomed to frustration, as what one side considers a trusted news source may be considered a propaganda machine by the other.

Man, this author is too short for the lollipop ride.

But the fact that Christians seem extra open to conspiracies does reveal that something is deeply broken in how people of faith are spreading their worldview. When Christianity is set up as a cultural battle instead of an opportunity to serve, others are seen not as people in need of love but enemies who need to be feared and mistrusted.

In other news, Christians are not permitted to sing as a temporary health measure. You are not being persecuted. You are merely being silenced for the good of humanity. Stop trying to look behind the curtain!


Sins Of the Father: Jerry Falwell I, II and III

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is currently the subject of an obviously political, yet deserved scandal. However, it spirals into the history of the Moral Majority movement’s founder. There is one picture that while technically safe for work, is creepy AF.

A little background. Forgive me if my editing is a little off, there was a lot to process.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Put On “Indefinite Leave. From Liberty University After Latest In Long String Of Scandals

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Jerry Falwell Jr. agreed Friday to take an “indefinite leave of absence” from his roles of president and chancellor of Liberty University at the request of the Board of Trustees after he shared a provocative, now-deleted vacation photo on social media, the latest in a series of scandals for the evangelical leader.

We’ll get to the pic but the key here is “series of scandals” dating back to 2012. Why are all these scandals only blowing up now? Spoiler: Junior was an early Trump supporter in 2016. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Falwell began stoking controversy shortly after he took over as president of Liberty University, one of the world’s largest conservative Christian universities, urging students at a 2015 convocation to carry concealed weapons so they could “end those Muslims before they walked in,. referencing a mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik went Aloha Snackbar on a combination training seminar and Christmas party. Fourteen dead, most of them shot in the back, pipe bombs failed to explode, RC car wired with explosives didn’t work. Sounds right for violent Muslim Arabs.


Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. urged students, staff and faculty at his Christian school to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon on campus to counter any copycat attack like the deadly rampage in San Bernardino, California just days ago.

“Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here,” Falwell told an estimated 10,000 of the campus community at convocation Friday in Lynchburg. While Falwell’s call to arms was applauded, his remarks also seemed to target Muslims.

Forbes blatantly mis-stated Falwell’s words.

Following the San Bernardino shootings, which left 14 dead, Falwell said he began carrying a .25-caliber handgun in his back pocket. He said he’s had a permit for more than year.

A .25 to defend the innocent from up-gunned jihadists?

During his address Friday, Falwell mentioned the weapon and reached around seemingly to fetch it.

“Is it illegal to pull it out? I don’t know,” he said, laughing, drawing some hoots from the audience.

How unprofessional. While I appreciate the stand he took, Falwell didn’t act like a serious ally of gun rights.

End segue

As controversy swirled around Falwell’s business dealings involving a young pool attendant in Florida, photos emerged of the Liberty president and members of his family partying at a Miami Beach nightclub in 2014; Falwell dismissed the allegations, which don’t line up with the school’s standards for students barring co-ed dancing and drinking, saying the images were photo-shopped (though the photographer published more the next day).

“The Wall” Miami nightclub. Pictured are Trey Falwell, Jerry Falwell Jr., Becki Falwell, & Wesley Falwell. These pictures were made publicly available and sourced from

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The photographer, Seth Browarnik, founder of the World Red Eye photo agency, didn’t even know he had these pictures until Politico Magazine showed up. He took it as a personal offense that Junior accused him of photoshopping evidence and graciously made these public to prove his innocence.

So, Junior gives the impression of being a blowhard and pervert who is also closely tied to Trump, going back to Trump giving the 2012 graduation address at his Liberty University. Inevitably, Junior went one scandal too far:

Falwell landed in hot water once again this week after posting a photo of himself on a yacht while on vacation with his pants unzipped, midriff hanging out, a drink in hand and his arm around a woman.

I warned that it was creepy. That’s not his wife his arm’s around… and she’s reportedly pregnant.

Where did that line about “black water” come from? Probably a song lyric: “Oh black water, keep on rollin’ Mississippi moon won’t you keep on shinin’ on meeeee”. The party was themed after an exceptionally raunchy show about hillbillies.

It gets even creepier when you think about this and connect some dots. Falwell is a well-known Trump supporter and is well-known in Christian circles. Trump is currently in the reelection fight of his life against opponents who are eager to alienate Christian voters from him. And Falwell intentionally and publicly posts a picture like this on public social media? And then gives an interview like THIS?

Falwell apologizes for unzipped pants photo: .I.m gonna try to be a good boy.

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Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said on Wednesday that he had apologized for posting a photo of him in unzipped pants and arm around a woman . but also defended the incident as a vacation “costume party” that was “just in good fun..

Oh come on. He’s got to be a better liar than that.

The now-deleted photo showed Falwell, a leading evangelical supporter of President Donald Trump, with his pants unzipped and his underwear showing beneath, while he had one arm around a woman whose shorts also appeared to be unbuttoned and his other holding a glass with a dark-colored liquid. The photo appeared to be on board a yacht.

The posting . which was quickly withdrawn . drew a sharp backlash and charges of hypocrisy because the evangelical university that he leads prohibits students from having sexual relations outside of a .biblically-ordained. marriage and consuming media with lewd lyrics, sexual content and nudity. The university’s policy also counsels “appropriateness” and “modesty” in how students must dress.

He had to have known the truth would come out… but for the truly wicked, the greatest thrill is getting away with it. apologized to everybody,. Falwell said in an interview on the Morningline show on WLNI 105.9FM, a local radio station in Lynchburg, Va., Falwell’s home town and that of the Liberty campus. “And I’ve promised my kids I’m going to try to be . I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out..

His son, Trey got Daddy to buy him a gay hostel with Liberty University’s money. Link at the end. He hasn’t yet acted upset with his gay co-owner of that hostel who literally fucked with his mother for years.

Falwell described the woman in the photo as his .wife’s assistant.” On his Instagram account, Falwell tagged a picture of the woman as Kathleen Stone, who lists on her Facebook account that she works for Liberty University. A university spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The photo of Falwell appeared to be a parody of the comedy TV show “Trailer Park Boys.” The website Pulpit & Pen also published a video, set to the theme music of the show, that shows Falwell and other yacht guests in costume. The video appears to have been taken by someone on the yacht.

Asked about the reference to the TV show during the interview on Wednesday, Falwell demurred. .Whatever,. he said. .It was a costume party on a . we were on vacation. And, anyway, long story short it was just in good fun. That’s it..

Sounds like Falwell Jr is a swinger/wife-swapper. While other scandals have broken in his recent past, this is the only incident that blew up.

Curious that he accepted a permanent “out” in only two days.

Jerry Falwell Jr. says he was depressed after wife had affair, man blackmailed family

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By Leonardo Blair 24 August 2020

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., who is currently on an “indefinite leave of absence” from the Christian college after a series of public embarrassing acts, revealed Sunday that he had been depressed after his wife, Rebecca, had an affair with a young man who then blackmailed his family.

.During a vacation over eight years ago, Becki and I met an ambitious young man who was working at our hotel and was saving up his money to go to school. We encouraged him to pursue an education and a career and we were impressed by his initiative in suggesting a local real estate opportunity. My family members eventually made an investment in a local property, included him in the deal because he could play an active role in managing it, and became close with him and his family,. Falwell said in a statement to the Washington Examiner late Sunday.

.Shortly thereafter, Becki had an inappropriate personal relationship with this person, something in which I was not involved . it was nonetheless very upsetting to learn about,. he explained.

Falwell did not identify his wife’s former lover but previous reports identify him as Giancarlo Granda, the son of immigrants from Cuba and Mexico, who was 21 at the time he met the Falwells. Granda met the Falwells while working as a “pool boy” at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach. That relationship would eventually result in the Falwells investing in a gay-friendly youth hostel they purchased in 2013 for $4.7 million.

I found pics. The place is a dump. No way, not even by California real estate standards, was it worth five mil.

According to the Miami Herald, the investment led to even more trouble as Falwell settled a lawsuit last October brought by 28-year-old lawyer Gordon Bello for an undisclosed “monetary sum” over the hostel deal. Bello claimed in the lawsuit that he and his father, Miami builder Jett Bello, pitched Falwell on the hostel idea after Granda, a high school friend, introduced them.

Also a Cuban name. Looks like Junior stepped into a real estate scam… but Granda’s behavior goes way beyond simple organized crime.

Granda, who flew with the Falwells on corporate jets and traveled to Liberty University in 2012 to meet now President Donald Trump (a keynote speaker at the university at the time), was granted a 25% share in the South Beach real estate deal. Bello argued that he was promised a similar share.

This is the earliest association between Junior and Trump that I could find. While I don’t share the Left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome, I sense a loose network of cronies held together with lots of real estate backroom dealing.

According to, his wife Becki Falwell’s father went to prison for $7mil of tax evasion… on real estate.

He further noted that he met Falwell’s wife through Granda and formed a “personal relationship” with her before he met the now suspended university president in the lobby of the Loews Miami Beach for the alleged pitch meeting in 2012, the Miami Herald noted.

In his statement Sunday, Falwell explained how he lost 80 lbs after learning of his wife’s affair. The couple, he said, .forgave each other, because while her indiscretion may have been more obvious and apparent, I realized that there were important smaller things I needed to do better too..

I won’t cover it in detail but Granda reportedly had sex with Becki while Junior watched frequently. Voluntarily or not, hard to say, but Junior clearly has hompedo connections.

.Someone.s Gotta Tell the Freakin. Truth.: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence

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By Brandon Ambrosino, 9 September 2019

At Liberty University, all anyone can talk about is Jerry Falwell Jr. Just not in public.

.When he does stupid stuff, people will mention it to others they consider confidants and not keep it totally secret,. a trusted adviser to Falwell, the school’s president and chancellor, told me. “But they won’t rat him out..

That.s beginning to change.

With a setup like that, this could be an SJW point-and-shriek. But they go on to talk about money changing hands which is a much more specific accusation than being a rayyypist.

In interviews over the past eight months, [current and former high-ranking Liberty University officials and close associates of Falwell] depicted how Falwell and his wife, Becki, consolidated power at Liberty University and how Falwell presides over a culture of self-dealing, directing university resources into projects and real estate deals in which his friends and family have stood to make personal financial gains. Among the previously unreported revelations are Falwell’s decision to hire his son Trey’s company to manage a shopping center owned by the university, Falwell’s advocacy for loans given by the university to his friends, and Falwell’s awarding university contracts to businesses owned by his friends.

.We’re not a school; we’re a real estate hedge fund,. said a senior university official with inside knowledge of Liberty’s finances. .We’re not educating; we’re buying real estate every year and taking students. money to do it..

We’re getting the drift and not liking where it’s headed. Large sums of money getting moved around the nation in real estate markets by an entrenched false Christian with sex perversions… Pizza Party anybody?

Liberty University says Jerry Falwell Jr. “withdrew” his resignation

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By Caroline Linton, Updated 25 August 2020

After hours of conflicting statements, a spokesman from Liberty University said late Monday that Jerry Falwell Jr. had agreed to resign as president of the evangelical Virginia college and from the school’s board of directors, but “following media reports about the resignation, withdrew it.” The contradictory reports about his status came after Falwell denied allegations of a sexual impropriety involving a business associate.

According to spokesman Scott Lamb, Falwell agreed to resign immediately but then instructed his attorneys to not tender the letter for immediate resignation. The full board of directors will meet Tuesday.

Earlier Monday, a senior official at Liberty University told CBS News that members of the school’s board “have been in discussion” with Falwell and expect to make a statement on Tuesday.

Sounds like he was expecting a deal that didn’t happen.

Maybe this is what it appears to be at first glance: Falwell got too drunk at a swinger’s party, posted something he shouldn’t have and couldn’t take it down fast enough. I have several problems with this:

  • Previous scandals were equally bad yet caused him less damage, and he never made permanent concessions as a result… let alone within two days.
  • He took no precautions to prevent a drunken Tweet. He goes to sea in a yacht for privacy then uploads dick pics to his public account?
  • He apologized to his sons specifically, not to the Christian university with its uniquely stringent moral code that he has now completely disgraced… and flaunted for the entirely of his leadership.
  • He is not repentant.
  • He expected, somehow, to survive this with his office (or at least, its wealth) intact. He went on leave 7 August, right away, but only resigned on 24 August after efforts to remain on indefinite leave.
  • The timing stinks.

I think Falwell, Jr was offered the ticket. Take a dive, humiliate Trump’s Christian supporters and in return, he’ll be allowed to feed off the family empire. He was in no position to refuse thanks to his degenerate lifestyle. So he did the pic, made an apology to indicate he’ll play ball and then discovered blackmailers aren’t honorable.

Comparable to the dive Jim Wallis just took:

I also think his son Trey and his probable lover Granda are the ones who forced this on him. Partly because Sodomites are almost exclusively Democrats and partly because Granda is the most obvious person to have blackmail on Junior. And, partly because Granda made a habit of having sex with Junior’s wife while he watched. I’ll be proven right if Trey survives in Liberty University leadership.

The disgrace of this just doesn’t stop. If Jerry Falwell III was a gay bathhouse operator and Jerry II an utterly shameless sex hypocrite then I have questions about Jerry I being leader of the “Moral Majority” political movement. What’d he do, offer his firstborn son to the devil in return for power?


The Vatican, Occupy Wall Street, and Jerry Falwell’s Legacy

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By Sally Steenland, 2 November 2011

SS: I want to talk about your new book, The Right Hand of God . It’s coming out in January and is a biography of the Reverend Jerry Falwell, who created the Moral Majority. When you were researching his life, did you bump into any surprises?

Michael Sean Winters: I did. One was his capacity for friendship with political opponents. There’s a very funny episode in the early 80s where one of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s staffers signs up to get the Moral Majority report in order to see what was being written about Kennedy. They issue a membership card to Ted Kennedy. This got to the press, and what comes of it is that Kennedy goes to Lynchburg and speaks at Liberty College. But first he goes to dinner at the Falwell’s and they become friends. A year later, Sen. Kennedy reads in the newspaper that Reverend Falwell is in Fort Lauderdale. Sen. Kennedy is in Palm Beach and his mother is ill. So he asks Reverend Falwell to come pray with his mother, and he does. They spend the afternoon together at the Kennedy compound. Ted Kennedy ends up writing the letter of recommendation for Jerry Jr. to go to the University of Virginia Law School.

And perhaps most famously, Jerry Falwell sues Larry Flint over an ad parody, and it goes all the way to the Supreme Court. Afterwards, they do this dog and pony show where they go to college campuses to speak about it, each on their private plane. They realize, .Oh, we’re going to the same place.why don’t we ride together?. They start sharing rides and end up becoming friends. Every time Jerry Falwell would go to Los Angeles, he’d visit Larry Flint.and when Falwell died in 2007, Flint wrote a very moving tribute to his friend. I had no idea Falwell had that capacity for friendship with his political enemies.

High-level enemies of Christ hated Falwell Senior based on his reputation but when they got to know him personally, they became longtime friends. It’s a red flag when your sheepdog hangs out with the wolves.

The other thing that really interested me was that he, like many Southern preachers, was a segregationist, and then he flipped. Unlike some, he was very explicit and said, .I was wrong, I apologize.” What he never did was say, .Here’s what I used to say and here are the biblical verses I used to justify my position. Here’s where I now stand in opposing segregation and here are the biblical verses to justify that.” It never dawned on him that this switch raised questions about his ability to interpret the scriptures in other areas. Again, this is part of fundamentalism, which is not particularly intellectually agile or curious. You find your position and then you find the proof text, not the other way around.

I already knew he took flak for being a segregationist holdout. I didn’t know that he did a 180 with no explanation.

There was not a lot of intellectual curiosity in Dr. Falwell, although he was certainly an extraordinarily intelligent man. I’m glad I never had to debate him. But there was a lack of curiosity. In contrast, go back in the Catholic intellectual tradition, pick a century and there’s a fight between the Franciscans and the Dominicans or the Jesuits and the Franciscans. There have always been competing schools which leads to a dialogue that improves the intellectual life of the entire church.

Falwell didn’t engage in any sectarian infighting. What he did instead, was mix Christianity with politics:

SS: During the 80s a strong alliance developed between conservative business and the Christian right. It was a powerful match, and many would say it began in the 80s. But you say that Jerry Falwell had been preaching a gospel of conservative economics for decades, so this was not a new thing for conservative Christians.

MSW: Before Falwell got politically involved in the 60s, he would frequently give his Wednesday-night sermons on anti-Communist themes. That’s where “American exceptionalism” with a very Christian inflection comes about, and part of that was not only that Communists were godless, but that they were Communists. Falwell contrasts them with the God-fearing, free-enterprise system of Americans. This predates by over a decade his decision to encourage Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists to get involved politically. It was not a leap for him. But it was a leap for pro-business elements to accept evangelicals into the fold.

On issues like abortion, when Ronald Reagan signed a very lenient abortion law as governor of California he did it with the support of Republicans in the state legislature. Democrats, who were largely Catholic, were opposed. All those issues were changing in the late 60s, 70s, and 80s. Falwell himself did not respond immediately to Roe. It took many, many years before he got politically engaged on that.

I don’t immediately credit a Leftist’s complaint that Moral Majority was all about business… but the shoe fits that Falwell Senior brought the Christian Church onto the Republican false-opposition plantation using the Moral Majority organization.

Paul Weyrich was co-founder of the Moral Majority and a pretty obvious Deep Stater who also founded the Heritage Foundation, so the idea of Moral Majority being a way to leverage the Church into Republican-controllable channels is not far-fetched.

The idea that religion and politics don’t mix was invented by the Devil to keep Christians from running their own country.” -Jerry Falwell Sr. Actually, it was the example set by Christ who despite denouncing the Pharisees, never sought worldly power Himself.

If your wife doesn’t treat you as she should, be thankful, you might not like what you deserve.” -Jerry Falwell Sr.

To those who knew him well, Rev. Falwell was known as a consummate prankster. He carried M-80 firecrackers in his pockets, had an extra-loud horn installed on his SUV, and learned to hotwire his associates’ cars, drive them several blocks away, and leave them. When we spoke, Falwell admitted placing a stinkbomb under the chair leg of Bob Jones, Jr., then-president of Bob Jones University, at a conference of pastors. “When he sat down, the bomb broke,” he said, laughing. “And in a crowded auditorium, it got pretty rank pretty quick. Everyone was choking for ten, fifteen minutes.”

That’s an astonishingly inappropriate sense of humor.

When Rev. Falwell first met Macel Pate, who would become his wife of 49 years, she was already engaged to Falwell’s roommate at Bible college. Undeterred, Falwell wrote her love letters in secret, and when his roommate asked him to mail his own correspondence to Macel, Falwell simply threw the letters away. Within months, Macel had broken off her engagement to the roommate and agreed to marry Falwell instead. Stealing another man’s fiance isn’t exactly a biblical approach, but all’s fair in love and war.

One supposes that this should not come as a surprise, to find the tree near the fallen apple.

Falwell Sr was a psychopathic political manipulator who gatekept the ability of Christians to participate in politics.

Falwell Jr is a sex pervert, fraud, hypocrite and real estate scam artist.

And Falwell III, aka Trey, was co-owner of a gay hostel with the bisexual sleeping with his mother.

htt ps://

Inside the Falwells. hostel, the stench of general decay and cigarette smoke is overpowering. Walking to the lobby, Andy and I passed down narrow hallways as spatterings of people milled about, smoking, talking to each other, playing billiards, staring into their phones. There’s an ashtray on every table.two at the red bar, above which shone a Miller Lite sign.

As we approached the reception desk, the older of the two men behind the counter cocked his eyebrow, as if to ask us what the hell we wanted. .We’re checking in,. Andy explained. .Oh,. said the younger one, his burly biceps bulging out from his tank top. .Give us five minutes. You can go into the kitchen..

The kitchen was also what you might call the business center: Two computers lined a wall, next to which stood a bookcase with a Bible hidden on the second-to-bottom shelf, buried amid the kind of fiction your fourth-grade teacher might read at the beach. Across from the books was a wall display of Minicards advertising local entertainment and other venues for tourists and offering coupons for their business. One of them caught my eye: a closeup of a redhead with entirely too much eyeshadow, sporting a wide choker around her neck. Tootsie’s Cabaret: 74,000 square feet of adult entertainment and FULL NUDITY.

I took a seat at a hightop, and tried to figure out the situation at the only other occupied table in the kitchen. A guy and girl were seated across from each other. The girl stared blankly at the guy, who was very angry at whomever he was on the phone with. I couldn’t understand anything he said except a few shouted fucks.

Andy grimaced at the stench of the room. .I have to breathe through my mouth,. he said quietly, before heading back to the lobby to check in. Minutes later, he returned holding two frayed towels and a folded pile of formerly white bedding. The employees had advised him that we should go to CVS and buy locks to keep our belongings secure while we slept. There.d been thefts, and management took pains to remind us that they weren’t responsible for what happened to our stuff. .Seriously, Brandon, there’s a Hyatt just up the street,. Andy said.

We made the way to our room, climbing up a narrow green staircase and passing through a hallway straight out of a slasher film.long and narrow, with a dim light flickering at the end of it.

As soon as we unlocked the door, I smelled incense, which masked the unmistakable scent of marijuana. Two guys were conversing in Spanish, while another sat on a lower bunk fidgeting with his fishing rod. Everyone quickly, almost imperceptibly acknowledged us, and we returned the greeting. There were six bunks, two of which were reserved for us. Andy took one top bunk and I threw my stuff on the only other open top bunk, in the opposite corner of the room.

Junior paid $5mil for that property. The article discusses one way that Junior might have been laundering Federal taxpayer funds into real estate purchases.


Having Failed to Flatten the Curve, CDC Now Fails to Flatten Workplace Violence

This should amuse, that the Center for Disease Control has released new guidelines on how to handle the workplace violence that comes from people who are damn sick and tired of wearing face diapers in the summer heat.

Guidelines on workplace violence have already been issued by OSHA, FAA, FBI and even the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, itself a subsidiary of the CDC… and that’s just what the coming guideline bothered to link to.

OSHA: Wear correct PPE, personal protective equipment, during all hostile human resource encounters. Serious injury may result from inadequate PPE.

FAA: Kill the hijacker before it’s too late! Get that plane on the ground NOW!

FBI: Don’t bother us unless there’s a synagogue involved.

NIOSH: [direct quote] “The most serious workplace violence issues facing taxi drivers are homicide and physical assaults, which are often related to a robbery.” I did NOT learn something new today.

I’m so glad we have multiple layers of government to guide us! Without their leadership, my reaction to workplace violence would be to win it. “That was fun, Bob, but now you’re fired AND need a dentist. Remember to pay him cash beginning *dial insurance carrier* right now. Where’s my ice pack?”

But no, the CDC decided that what we proles need to hear next from them is how to handle physical resistance over their COVID-19 lies and dictats. Their hands are somewhat tied owing to the fact that encouraging independence and self-reliance would hinder the original, illegal policies they’re trying to enforce.

Limiting Workplace Violence Associated with COVID-19 Prevention Policies in Retail and Services Businesses

24 August 2020

Who this is for: This information is intended for use by employers and employees in retail, services, and other customer-based businesses. Retail or service businesses sell goods and provide services to the public and include department stores, grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants. These businesses are open [despite our recommendations] and have started [WHO-directed, Federally-directed,] state-directed, municipality-directed, and company-directed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) prevention policies and practices to minimize the spread of the virus among employees and customers.

Please… have mercy… I just want to buy a couple polo shirts….

Purpose: This webpage offers strategies to limit violence towards workers that may occur when businesses put in place policies and practices to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 among employees and customers. These policies may include requiring masks to be worn by employees and customers, asking customers to follow social distancing rules, and setting limits on the number of customers allowed in a business facility at one time.

“Only ten customers or two hundred looters at a time… where is all this violence coming from?!”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may update this page periodically. Please check the CDC COVID-19 website regularly for updated guidance.

One of the best reasons to not worship the Narrative is the fact that it changes so fast, you need hourly updates on… for example… how disease spreads. You might think that microbe behavior wouldn’t vary with election results but you would be surprised! I’ve been wearing my face shield to the gym with no trouble until the last time I went, when the staff informed me that face shields no longer protect against C-virus like they used to. Must have been one of those ‘evolutions’ I keep hearing about… the C-virus evolved into a drone, or something.

I’m done with my gym. Not that they care about losing a customer, I just can’t take the abuse any longer. My muscles may weaken but never my self-respect!


Workplace violence is “violent acts, including physical assaults and threats of assault, directed toward persons at work or on duty..


Workplace violence is “violent acts, including physical assaults and threats of assault, directed toward persons of color at work or on duty..

Who will take my bet? …Aw nuts, my readers have all read “Animal Farm”.

Employers can take action to prevent workplace violence:

  • Offer customers options to minimize their contact with others and promote social distancing. These options can include curbside pick-up; personal shoppers; home delivery for groceries, food, and other services; and alternative shopping hours.

“Get rid of all customers as a preventative measure.” Nice opener.

  • Post signs that let customers know about policies for wearing masks, social distancing, and the maximum number of people allowed in a business facility.

“Create a hostile climate for dissident customers in order to reduce violence.”

  • Advertise COVID-19-related policies on the business website.

“Create a hostile climate for dissident customers in order to reduce violence.”

  • Assign two workers to work as a team to encourage COVID-19 prevention policies be followed, if staffing permits.

Teamwork? But but but social distancing! Also, “if staffing permits” is a total nonstarter after four months of economic suicide plus a Canceled tourist season.

  • Provide employee training on threat recognition, conflict resolution, nonviolent response, and on any other relevant topics related to workplace violence response.

“Education creates good citizens! With enough education there will be no problems!”

  • Put in place steps to assess and respond to workplace violence. Response will depend on the severity of the violence and on the size and structure of the business.

“Education creates good citizens! With enough education there will be no problems!”

  • Remain aware of and support employees and customers if a threatening or violent situation occurs.

“If workplace violence happens then you should notice it.”

  • Install security systems (e.g., panic buttons, cameras, alarms) and train employees on how to use them.

  • Identify a safe area for employees to go to if they feel they are in danger (e.g., a room that locks from the inside, has a second exit route, and has a phone or silent alarm).

“Run away!”

Lord, what women these mortals be.

Do: Be aware and call for help, preferably from a (male) authority figure you can hide behind. Don’t: argue or fight back.

Oh come on! When I tell women to do exactly that, I get shamed for misogyny. The CDC says the same thing and they get hailed as innovative heroes! I totally understand why some men choose to become male feminist bureaucrats but alas, I wasn’t joking about my self-respect.

GunnerQ’s COVID-19 Workplace Violence Guidelines:

  1. Sympathize. Take your mask off and tell the angry customer that you’ve just about had it, too, with both the masks and the government lies. This helps the subject not see you personally as the threat, redirects his anger at worthy targets and gives you the chance to breathe free for a precious minute.
  2. The customer is always right. Let him take his mask off. Let him sit close to his friends. It’s not the end of the world and you might get an extra tip if you wink and a “just for you”. If all the other customers follow his example then it’s time to have “the conversation” with senior management… right then, right there.
  3. Be patient. Hear him out. Some people relax when they vent to someone willing to listen. (Others get worked up even more and that’s when you proceed to…)
  4. Win it. A little fisticuffs can bleed off a lot of frustration for all concerned. More than a few men have bonded over ice packs apres hockey. Remember: no cops, no weapons and don’t follow them down. All y’all are just blowing off some steam if anybody asks.
  5. If the problem is a Karen or other mask Nazi then tell them no. No, you don’t care if X isn’t wearing a mask. No, she cannot talk to the manager and No, she is not a cop. Unlike the singer in the opening video.


Unwoke HR!

Killshots galore! Red Bull cleaning house of Social Justice Warriors was just the beginning!

Work without the politics.

We believe that a healthy professional environment facilitates the communication of a broad array of ideas, whether political, philosophical, or personal. No one should ever be afraid to express themselves for fear of retribution. Unfortunately, that fear has pervaded corporate culture. Millions of Americans limit themselves from expression which may threaten their businesses, job security as well as the institutions for which they work. We’re changing that.

An update from the creators of Unwoke.

To whom it may concern,
We understand that a very small but loud group of people have taken serious offense by the Unwoke Platform.

. We don’t care.

We just find it jaw-dropping that so many people in that particular line of work (destruction) have been shouting for years about establishing hiring processes where the ethnicity of a person is masked. Now, when we’ve created it, their heads suddenly explode because of how “racist” it is. It makes one wonder how dedicated to their principles they really are [rhetorical question].


To Vice Media
Please remove your statements linking us to “white supremacists”, calling us “dumb” and deserving of being “trolled to death”. Fail to do so and you will have a nice defamation suit coming your way very soon. Trust us, serving you would be an absolute joy.

Target bracketed, now firing for effect!

To our users
Thank you for the unimaginable level of support. The amount of love letters are in the thousands and we’re working diligently to reply to each and everyone of you.

Confidentiality is obviously critical against an opponent notorious for infiltration and targeting third parties so I can’t tell if this is a real HR recruitment website. One hopes it is.

Some people out there including some media outlets, would like to have you believe that we’ve had a “rocky start.” We not only disagree, that whole notion is blatantly false.

First of all, we weren’t hacked. We were “XSS-attacked”.

Secondly, the email “leak” wasn’t really a leak.

Spiking the football!

We built the entire Unwoke platform over a weekend to see if a concept like this would stick. So of course there were flaws. But the trolls did us a favor by exposing our vulnerabilities. Then they put their findings on social media so we could fix everything immediately. Just brilliant work there. Free lunch as far as we’re concerned. So stay tuned, a lot of new and exciting updates are coming very soon!

. What have we learned?
Nothing. It only confirms what we already knew. That the people shouting are incapable of creation and only capable of destruction. And that a platform like Unwoke is desperately needed and desperately feared by the same people who seek to destroy it.

Didn’t the Geneva Convention ban incendiaries?

. Is the platform secure?
Unequivocally yes.

The creators of Unwoke.

However did I miss this battle? Let’s go to the source of the REEE!

‘Unwoke’ Jobs Site Launches, Is Brutally Trolled and Hacked Immediately

htt ps://

By Samantha Cole, 15 July 2020

A right-wing job recruitment site called Unwoke was immediately trolled, then defaced to display antiracist memes and images.

Um… they knew that was going to happen… and you SJWs french-kissed that tar baby after making love to it., a platform for listing open positions and job-seeker profiles, believes that the modern workplace “has become a hotpot for unchallenged radical thinking and left wing ideology,” and that society needs a culture of “enlightenment, beauty, truth and freedom through free market initiatives,” according to the site. The domain was first registered in late June.

“Hire courageous, free thinking and freedom loving individuals,” the site says. “Not ideologues whose only agenda is to weaponize your brand and business to further a radical cause.” It encourages hiring managers to “watch your woke competition implode” for hiring diverse staff.

Because this is a ridiculous thing to say, let alone build a website for.and because the site didn’t verify CVs or listings before anyone is able to post them.people immediately started trolling the site with fake profiles, which made it the perfect recruiting platform for those looking to hire a Big Chungus.

Apparently, Big Chungus is a “Big Is Beautiful” take on Bugs Bunny. I did not click on that link to confirm. My antivirus has limits and lately, a persecution complex.

The lack of screening should have been a tip-off. The SJWs couldn’t run fast enough into Unwoke’s trap of simultaneously 1. proving the need for Unwoke’s business model and 2. free advertising.

One is the complete “Navy Seal” copypasta meme. Another, “Pee Pee Poo Poo Man” (20 years of experience in fintech). “Professional Fuckup,” “Farty Fart” and “Cringey White Supremacist Incel” also feature on the site’s hireable talent pool.

I sense a Phase Two to this trolling and bet the SJWs don’t.

Within 30 minutes of Unwoke getting attention on Twitter, someone hacked the site to display a crossed-out swastika, and then the Big Chungus video game meme, rendering the whole platform unusable.

The YouTube link on redirects to a right-wing YouTuber called Mr. Regan, whose videos include a defense of keeping confederate statues…

So unreasonable!

…and “The Left-Wing Plot to Cause a Race War in America.” His most recent videos include links for in the descriptions.

I recall a Mr. Regan youTube that outed Alexia Occasional-Cortex as just an actor hired by some Pajeet immigrant whose name I’ve never managed to remember. I have no idea if he’s right because IMHO, all politicians in a democracy are actors with handlers.

In a week when we’ve seen (at least) three open letters deriding or responding to the idea of political correctness as sicknesses of Internet Discourse.including two big rage quits from Andrew Sullivan and Bari’s dog-whistling about diversity quotas and “left wing ideology” aren’t subtle.

Neither was their threat of a lawsuit. This is still up after a month?

Weiss got SJW-swarmed out of the NY times; Sullivan forced out of NY Magazine.

Like far-right social media network Gab, which started as an alternative to mainstream social media and was quickly ruled by white supremacists, these sites calling for less accountability for people’s problematic actions aren’t sneaky anymore. They’re just dumb, and deserved to be trolled to death.

*checks* no lawsuit filed yet? Three points off. Troll 7/10! 6/10 if not a real HR site, either.

I have fantasies of old Adolf rising from the grave as a superpowered undead and leading a zombie Third Reich to world domination, and all the SJWs just sit down and gibber in face of impending doom because they used up all the “ultra-right-wing fascist neo-not-see white-supremacist” ammunition on people who just want to be left alone.

I’ve reached out to to ask what they plan to do about “DIck Sucker” and “Nut eater” on their platform, and will update if I hear back.

You go, girl! You go on frenching that tar baby!


Fireballs Versus Chinaballs

I couldn’t sleep last weekend, partly because of a heatwave and partly because there was so much lightning that I first thought my neighbor was binge-watching J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies. My count was 150 lightning strikes in ten minutes, when I haven’t seen lightning at all since about 2011.

And we had a firenado because why not.

And the power went off. I wouldn’t even have noticed had the quarantine nor forced me to be spending Saturday night online with friends. Turns out that solar & wind power doesn’t always work even in the height of summer when the energy yields peak.

Naturally, this all happening during fire season has resulted in yet another epic fire season. That’s not news. If Pacific Gas & Electric doesn’t start the fires with faulty equipment and no funding for tree trimming then God will do it directly, I guess. What is news is that some of the fires were burning practically in my backyard and I didn’t get activated as a volunteer firefighter.

I am trained specifically to support firefighters fighting brushfires. For example, I can run cooling cabanas (pop-up shades with misters that help firefighters cool off and rest in between air tank fills), direct traffic and other basic skills to free up the experts. I can even substitute as inmate labor although I won’t remind anybody of that.

My phone never rang.

Instead, I helped a coworker evacuate his home.

What gives?

I talked with some folks I know. Turns out, the fire department was prohibited from using volunteers because of COVID. We might have infected the firefighters despite wearing masks and social distancing and washing our hands every five minutes! And I’m not joking about that last one. Our latest newsletter had so many lockdown hygiene warnings that I probably wouldn’t have shown regardless, because if they’re that convinced I’m vomiting blood, pus and plague from the moment I say hello then I don’t want to bother “infecting” them with my assistance.

Turns out, they didn’t even give me the chance. Safety first!

What they say is true, the lockdown will do more damage than the disease ever would have.

This Newsweek article illustrates other ways in which the COVID lockdown is ruining us.

As California Fires Rage, Pandemic Leaves State Hundreds of Firefighters Short

htt ps://

By Soo Kim, 20 August 2020

As California battles both wildfires and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, resources have been “stretched totally thin,” the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) told Newsweek.

Cal Fire President Tim Edwards said: “In the last few weeks, resources across California have been stretched totally thin.”

Man, Newsweek is going downhill if the quality of their editing has gotten bad enough to ruin the first two sentences of a published article.

Nearly 150 firefighters from Cal Fire, which is responsible for fighting fires in over 96 to 99 million acres of California’s nearly 101.7 million total acres of land, are currently in quarantine due to COVID-19 infection or exposure.

Lame-O statistic. It’s called CalFire because, yes, it fights fires across the length of California.

“For Cal Fire, right now statewide we have approximately 130 firefighters who are quarantined. Out of those, over half have tested positive [for COVID-19] and the rest were exposed due to it. So this adds to the strain on Cal Fire,” he said.

They sidelined sixty-odd firefighters because they were in the same room as people who weren’t even symptomatic.

Even before the outbreak began, due to budget cuts Cal Fire was short by 400 firefighters to bring the department up to its minimum operational requirement, Edwards noted.

COVID-specific budget cuts. More below.

In addition, Cal Fire’s total number of inmate crews, who operate line construction around fires to contain them, have nearly halved from 99 to 45 crews, Edwards told Newsweek. Each inmate crew consists of 15 to 17 people.

Oh, that’s right! We emptied the prisons! Now crime rates are through the roof while firefighting is left hanging. (In fact, police are currently arresting looters who target the homes of the evacuated.) I recall those inmate crews are actually paid to fight fires so this isn’t mere slave labor, but maybe that’s changed in the last couple decades. For a group too scared to call a hard drive “master”, legislators have surprisingly few qualms about issuing mandatory guidelines.

Fires are being battled along the central coast, including the areas of “Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Sonoma, Napa. All up there along San Francisco, we have multiple fires going on right now,” Edwards said.

“But because the fires in southern California, including in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino areas, broke first, they got the majority of the resources,” he said. So these areas are struggling to get their resources freed to help fight fires in the other parts of California.

“If it continues in this state, there will be a time when federal and state governments will have to decide whether to bring on additional resources,” in the form of “hiring more federal firefighters and more single [individual contractors] firefighters to take over these fires on federal land,” Edwards said.

“At some point in time, they [governments] will have to make that decision if it keeps going at the pace it’s going now,” he said.

The decision has already been made, Edwards. The Federal government will rescue California or it’ll be Trump’s fault that Governor Newscum and friends looted the budget of all its wealth and left We the Taxpayers with nothing but homosexual Marxist schoolteachers for our money.

I cannot wait for California’s leaders to die of their AIDS and syphilis and cronies. The loathsome swine! Parasites! I know why they fear the noose and it isn’t because of any racism! It’s because that’s the favored tool of vigilante mobs of righteous American men! And they call ME diseased, those pig-fucking lovers of LGBT activists!

Edwards said: “It’s been really difficult because we’re having individuals do 36 plus hours straight on a fire line. And with the amount of heat [in the state] right now and especially given the terrain these fires are in, there’s a high risk of fatigue and injury. We’ve had a lot of heat strokes [at least 15 individuals affected so far] already.

“With less manpower, the firefighters are working longer and harder, which puts a stress on their bodies. Fatigue can cause injuries. So right now, we’re trying to keep our guys as rested as we can.

How sustainable are the current strained conditions? “Realistically, we’re gonna have to keep going until these fires go out and get the job done. But at the end of the day, how many firefighters were gonna have injured is gonna be higher than normal,” Edwards said.

Government that refuses to do its job is not a legitimate government. The people then have the right and duty to replace that government. Here, the California State government refused to properly fund firefighting efforts while spending billions unaccountably on what turned out to be a false threat. For this, there MUST be consequences! Because the perpetrators are unrepentant.

Holding morning briefings, which usually see fire crew members “just pile into an area,” Edwards noted, has proved to be more difficult now, with enhanced safety measures required amid the ongoing pandemic, including temperatures checks before crew enter their fire base camps.

Whaaaat? They’re checking forehead temps of FIREFIGHTERS RESPONDING TO BASE CAMPS? “Oops, you’re a bit feverish from that last fire you fought this morning! That’s two weeks of quarantine for you and the crew you came in with because there’s no way a 40,000-acre brushfire is more important than protecting us from your China Balls!”

[Edwards continued]: “Our base camps (fire camps) have to be more strategically planned out because of the social distancing and mask requirements. We have to have bigger areas where crew can stand technically six feet apart.

“So it’s creating a logistics problem, having to find a big enough area to hold these briefings, as well as house them [the firefighters], feed them [between fires],” he said.

I… I can’t even.

Maybe it’s true that California deserves to die. If firefighters are willing to sabotage their own firefighting efforts because some desk-humping bureaucrat in an air-conditioned office said “Chinaballs” then there’s nobody to save California for.

Cal Fire was said to be lacking 400 firefighters before the pandemic due budget cuts over the years.

“In the January budget, the governor [California Gvo. Gavin Newsom] proposed [hiring] 553 new firefighters just to bring us up to where we need to be. But we didn’t get all of those. We’re still short 400, so we were given 153 firefighters,” Edwards told Newsweek.

“Because COVID came along and killed the state budget, we were not able to get them [the full 553 new permanent staff firefighters]. So COVID killed the budget. This just creates an even bigger problem [for staff shortages].”

Newsom lied, people died!


Hypergamoid Hamster!

This is a quickie about a quickie marriage. I mean really quick, as in the groom didn’t make it to the wedding night before getting fucked. Normally the shotgun comes before the marriage, not the .380 after.

Wedding guest in Texas shoots groom in chest; bride refuses to talk

htt ps://

A Texas couple’s wedding day ended with a guest shooting the groom in the chest and the bride refusing to cooperate with authorities, according to reports.

Yes, it’s an ethnic kind of neighborhood.

A Texas couple’s wedding day ended with a guest shooting the groom in the chest and the bride refusing to cooperate with authorities, according to reports.

It happened at a residence in Harris County Thursday night.

.A groom has been shot on his wedding day. Witnesses not cooperating with responding officers,. Capt. John Shannon, who is with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said on Twitter.

Investigators said those who were clamming up included the bride, KPRC-TV reported.

Priest: “Do you take Preggo Barbie for a wife?”

Groom: “I do.”

Baby Daddy: *pulls a gun* BANG BANG

Bride: “How much fo’ last rites?”

Priest: “Last rites are free. My silence to the cops, five Gs.”

A medical chopper gave the groom a ride to the hospital where he was in critical condition.

He stabilized so unfortunately, Ghetto Barbie can’t yet cash his life insurance. Man, that’s gonna be a cold marriage.

Investigators were told that a person who was invited to the wedding got into some sort of altercation with the groom, the station reported. That person then shot the groom and fled the scene.

A woman told the station she was in bed when she heard a loud commotion.

Okay, okay, this was probably a drug deal gone bad. One supposes that Hay-Soos was willing to turn water into wine but not flour into coke.

.My daughter ran into my room and said, .Mom, there’s shots, there’s shots, there’s shots,.. the woman said. .So we came outside to see what was going on and we saw the bride come out and she started yelling, .Where is he? Where is he? I need to find him…

Thus proving that Hubby ain’t her first love.

Video can be found here. I’d guess the bride’s weight at 190lbs.

Flight Of the Cities

Much ado is being made about the ultrawealthy and the “knowledge workers” leaving cities for more affordable & spacious locations. It rarely amount to more than first-level thinking such as “good riddance to the One Percent” or “why weren’t they already telecommuting anyway?”

The strength of cities is its labor force. That’s why the factories were built there and it’s why Silicon Valley is full of people who theoretically could telecommute… they want to be part of the labor pool. While in theory a lot of tech-based jobs do not require meatspace socializing, the simple fact is that meatspace socializing is what people do. Blah blah efficiency but few people are naturally so misanthropic as to be happy toiling in physical isolation.

Thus, the telecommuters will flee to the suburbs but not farther, because they’re still human and wired to socialize.

The superwealthy don’t like cities. Never have, because they’re full of uncultured proles who alternate between envying them and sucking up to them. They go there to work but always maintain residences in pleasant (and remote) locations along with those stereotypical penthouses. I daresay those fleeing NYC banksters aren’t escaping to any newly purchased destinations.

But the purpose of cities as labor warehouses will continue because humans are human.

Plague doesn’t change any of the ancient equations. You’re born on a farm and die in a city, it’s always been that way, because farmers breed their own labor force and a city is short on space.

The cost of city living is a result of 1. the debt economy driving up prices, 2. banksters using real estate as hedges against the very inflation they profit from and 3. population mobility. The cost of California property would plummet if immigration was reversed and people were required to live in the houses they purchased.

The rich want cheap labor and expensive land. The middle class wants expensive labor and cheap land. Nobody cares what the poor want. If you see the middle class leaving, it’s because misanthropic Elites have taken control.

And on that note, the reason cities are liberal cesspits is because predators go where the food is. If you get your kicks from hurting innocent people then you won’t dedicate your life to becoming the Commissioner of Podunk County. No, you’ll move to the capitol and campaign for Mayor.

Every city-government-level election victory should be celebrated with an all-access investigation into the winner’s personality, known criminal associates and whether he tortured the family pet as a child. I look forward to the day when not having a detectable disgust reflex invalidates a man from holding office.

Let me try to teach these concepts to the slow class:

This Terrifying Economic Crisis Will Make Cities Better

By Hamilton Nolan, 18 August 2020

Nolan is formerly of Gawker?! This should entertain.

Have you heard? The gold?en age of the Amer?i?can big city is over. The pan?dem?ic and the protests are scar?ing peo?ple away. Res?i?dents are flee?ing. Crime is up. Bud?gets are bust?ed. The offices are emp?ty, the rich are mov?ing to the sub?urbs, and the peri?od of unbro?ken pros?per?i?ty has shat?tered forever.


Evil. Crime is up, the leaders have betrayed the people and the System in general is crashing.

Well…to be more pre?cise…there is a strong poten?tial for this to be good, if a few things break the right way. The pan?dem?ic is bad, as is the human suf?fer?ing and the eco?nom?ic cat?a?stro?phe…and it’s all like?ly to get worse. But the city? The city is going to be reborn for the better.

No. The Red Dawn is E.V.I.L. Nothing good can come of it.

To under?stand why this is true, you have to under?stand who cities are for: every?one. Cities are not theme parks for the rich, where every?one who makes less than six fig?ures is sim?ply a cast mem?ber with a ser?vice role. Cities are not archi?tec?tur?al show?rooms for bank branch?es. Cities are not apartheid states that pro?vide the raw mate?r?i?al to the prison-indus?tri?al com?plex. Cities are not just back?drops for Amazon’s new head?quar?ters build?ing.

Cities are for people whose work requires lots of labor, or who want to sell their labor. If you aren’t looking for a job then why not live cheaper in the boonies? Many retired people do.

Cities are…or should be…fre?net?ic quilts where every type of per?son lives togeth?er. The mag?ic, and the ben?e?fit, of cities is that they bring togeth?er rich and poor, young and old, artists and busi?ness peo?ple and col?lege kids and retirees and hus?tlers, facil?i?tat?ing unpre?dictable rela?tion?ships and smash?ing (to some degree) the bub?bles that we form to sep?a?rate our?selves from one another.

It never ceases to amaze, that liberals value diversity. I remember trying to convince a coworker that language diversity meant I couldn’t even say hello to my (Asian) neighbor, and that was bad for community-building. It positively HURT to explain something so blindingly obvious.

One would think that Chinatowns and Italian Quarters being typical features of city life would tip off the Kool-Aid drinkers that people don’t like to regularly confront cultural barriers.

That capa?bil?i?ty of cities has bro?ken down in two ways. Some cities have been hol?lowed out by post-indus?tri?al decline, los?ing the pri?ma?ry dri?vers of their economies with noth?ing to replace them. This is the Detroit prob?lem, and its emp?ty down?towns and board?ed-up homes can be seen in once-thriv?ing cities across the coun?try.

Yes, the loss of need for labor caused by, at first, unions driving labor costs too high, followed by “off-shoring”. Which is when Chinese cities began to enjoy exponential prosperity.

But oth?er cities have been afflict?ed by the oppo?site prob?lem: death by pros?per?i?ty. From New York to Los Ange?les, San Fran?cis?co and? Seat?tle, a rapid influx of wealth into such cities has raised the cost of liv?ing in gen?er?al, and the cost of hous?ing in par?tic?u?lar. In the most suc?cess?ful cities in Amer?i?ca…the very places where it would make the most sense to encour?age the most peo?ple to live…the rent is too damn high, and, for the aver?age work?ing per?son, buy?ing a home is a math?e?mat?i?cal impossibility.

Immigration driving down the price of labor. Also, banksters artificially inflating the cost of housing with tricks from environmental activism to inventing fraudulent renters.

This con?di?tion has reached the most absurd pro?por?tions in San Fran?cis?co, where there are vir?tu?al?ly no homes in the entire city that one could pur?chase on a teacher’s salary. The same dynam?ic is true in large swaths of New York and oth?er thriv?ing cities. Unless you believe that cities should come with ready-made slums pop?u?lat?ed by the ser?vant class?es, you have to admit that a city with?out afford?able hous?ing is fun?da?men?tal?ly flawed.

But WHY is there no affordable housing? Don’t just say “prosperity”. Say “immigration” and “investment properties” and “tax shelters”.

The most ratio?nal response to this influx of rich peo?ple into cities would have been to build a large amount of new hous?ing, in order to pre?vent the prices of the city’s hous?ing stock from sky?rock?et?ing as it was bid up by wealth?i?er res?i?dents.

You can’t build more housing, as a general rule. There are hard upper limits, both physical and social.

Of course, that is not what hap?pened. Instead, every city just allowed their hous?ing prices to sky?rock?et until they faced deficits of hun?dreds of thou?sands of units that would need to be built in order to meet demand.

Tip-off! Labor market manipulation!

In the long term, that hous?ing will indeed have to be built as cities grow; but the past decade is proof that in the short term, it will not hap?pen, due in large part to the intran?si?gence of exist?ing home?own?ers, who make up the most potent force in any city’s local politics.

Earlier, he complained about the prison-industrial complex. Now he complains about homeowners not cooperating with the construction of ultra-high-density housing. News flash, increasing the size of the labor pool FURTHER will do nothing to raise the wages of laborers!

For years, it has seemed like many of America’s cities were doomed to become increas?ing?ly unaf?ford?able playpens for the rich, able to be vis?it?ed by nor?mal peo?ple, but not lived in. Unless. there was an exo?dus of the upper class from major cities. Wow…that.s just what the pan?dem?ic has pro?vid?ed! All of the trend sto?ries about New York?ers flee?ing the city droves. are not about the poor, nor about the mid?dle class. They are about the wealthy, who have the means to go live wher?ev?er they want. And while this dynam?ic is being pre?sent?ed by some media out?lets as a night?mare, the real?i?ty is that a reduc?tion in the demand of upper class peo?ple to live in cities would serve as a release valve on hous?ing mar?kets, mak?ing these cities more afford?able for every?one else.

The Elites have worked very hard in recent years to drive off the normies. Confiscatory taxation, slave labor both imported and home-grown homeless.

The middle class leaving the cities is a major priority for the rich because the remaining labor pool will be more easily exploited. Don’t confuse the Elites’ COVID-vacations in the Hamptons with a refusal to return to the cities.

Frankly, the only reason so many Elites insisted on living in NYC as long as they did is Jewish xenophobia and the profitability of insider trading on the stock markets. Look, social connections!

Lack of mon?ey can dev?as?tate a city. But mon?ey can dev?as?tate a city as well. Over?whelm?ing pros?per?i?ty dri?ves out the cool peo?ple, prices out the artists and the dive bars, and pro?motes chain stores and lux?u?ry goods. It makes once-inter?est?ing and unique places look like every?where else.

No, it’s poverty that brings homogenity. If you’ve seen one strip mall in the barrio then you’ve seen them all.

This has hap?pened to Man?hat?tan. It has hap?pened to San Fran?cis?co. It has hap?pened to gen?tri?fied neigh?bor?hoods in Atlanta, and in Den?ver, and in Los Ange?les. But it can be reversed. The big chain stores are already shut?ting down in New York. In their place will be some?thing cool?er, because there is noth?ing less cool.

Of course, there is a steep down?side to what is hap?pen?ing to cities right now. City bud?gets rely on tax rev?enue. When the busi?ness?es and the peo?ple in cities are not mak?ing mon?ey, and when the prop?er?ty val?ues decline, tax rev?enue goes down, and bud?gets get cut. We are liv?ing through that now. New York City is poised to lay off more than 20,000 city work?ers, and they are not all bad cops. They are san?i?ta?tion work?ers and ambu?lance dri?vers and tran?sit work?ers and the oth?er peo?ple who make the city run. Los?ing them will make the city a worse place to live. The city will be dirt?i?er, crime will rise, the sub?ways will break down, and count?less needs will go unmet as ser?vices are slashed. If all of this were inevitable, it would cer?tain?ly be a strong argu?ment against the idea that there is any sil?ver lin?ing to all of this.

But it is not inevitable. City bud?gets can be res?cued by the fed?er?al gov?ern?ment.

Indeed, mon?ey to bail out city and state gov?ern?ments, to pre?vent the cut?ting of ser?vices out?lined above, appears to be one of the main stick?ing points in the cur?rent stalled nego?ti?a?tions between Democ?rats and Repub?li?cans on a new Covid res?cue pack?age. If Repub?li?cans get their way, city bud?gets will have to be cut, and the down?ward spi?ral will com?mence, and any new hous?ing afford?abil?i?ty will come at the cost of a much more bro?ken city that will hurt the most vul?ner?a?ble res?i?dents. But if the fed?er?al gov?ern?ment does the wise thing…most like?ly under a future Pres?i?dent Joe Biden “then we could enjoy the exo?dus of a good num?ber of wealthy peo?ple from our cities and the sub?se?quent relief in hous?ing prices with?out the awful cuts to mass tran?sit and oth?er ser?vices.

Subsidies never lower prices. Put down the tax money bong. Step away from the tax money bong. You are nothing but a useful puppet to your Elite handlers.

In that sce?nario, we could legit?i?mate?ly be enter?ing a new gold?en age of cities…afford?able for nor?mal peo?ple, open to art and music and cul?ture once again, and with?out Chase branch?es and tech bros lit?ter?ing the streets. The dream would be realized.

And yet, the homeless bums would remain to “revitalize” downtown with vibrant culture!

So keep yelling at the rich to scare them away, but be sure you also yell at Con?gress. If we don’t get that bailout mon?ey, things are gonna suck. But if we do, you may final?ly get a chance to live with?out a roommate.

But the supply of cheap, exploitable labor will remain behind.


Jim Wallis Bargains With the Devil

I really don’t get it. How can a white man make a career of warring against “white privilege”, “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” then get blindsided when his Colored/female underlings decide to go +1 on his chalky fat ass? Isn’t that exactly what he taught them to do?

Isn’t that exactly the story of Joe Biden? Hey Joe, you taught People Of Color to hate Whitey for a long time… you are very white… and now I see you chose a Prostitute Of Color to balance your Presidential ticket… gosh, I hope she doesn’t believe in what you’ve been saying for a career. It would be awkward to watch the Secret Service protect the Prez from his Veep.

But November 4 is still a while off. Today, Cthulhu came for Jim Wallis the Sojourners Justice Warrior. Wallis’ first mistake was, of course, thinking God isn’t real and Christianity was therefore a tool to Converge The World with. His second mistake was green-lighting this blatant hit piece:


htt ps://

BY ERIC MARTIN, August 2020 Edition of Sojourners Magazine

I haven’t been able to identify Eric Martin unless he’s a pop guitarist. He came without the usual credentials and offices of a skinwalker.

WHEN THE U.S. Catholic bishops gathered to draft a document on race in the wake of the 2017 white terrorist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock, Ark., submitted an amendment to condemn the imagery of swastikas, Confederate flags, and nooses. The U.S. bishops deliberated and voted to reject it.

The document, .Open Wide Our Hearts,. was billed as .a pastoral letter against racism,. making its writers. inability to adopt the amendment condemning three famously extreme symbols of racism a curious one. The bishops explained themselves by arguing that swastikas and nooses were already “widely recognized signs of hatred,. which would seem to make them all the easier to condemn. (Interestingly, they eschewed this logic when issuing their only condemnation, against violence toward police.) As for the Confederate flag, .some still claim it as a sign of heritage,. they argued.

Segue, from the same link:

Correction: An earlier version of this article claimed that the writers of the document Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love – A Pastoral Letter Against Racism, developed by the Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), were silent on three extreme symbols of racism: swastikas, Confederate flags, and nooses. This is not true. The final language of Open Wide Our Hearts includes the sentence “The re-appearance of symbols of hatred, such as nooses and swastikas in public spaces, is a tragic indicator of rising racial and ethnic animus.” The document did not condemn these symbols, but did address them. The final document does not address Confederate flags.

Martin wrote this screed to demand that the USCCB oppose the Confederate flag specifically and be extension, white male American history generally. He cloaked his intention by adding nooses and swastikas to evoke the proper emotions.

Wallis not catching this was either foolish or… intentional.

End segue

The decision to avoid condemning swastikas, nooses, and Confederate flags would be troubling under any circumstances. But this moral failure is compounded by the fact that Catholics are among the most integral groups that rally behind these symbols. From the highest reaches of government to the lowest depths of social media, many members of hate groups and politicians who model their talking points are part of the bishops. flock. Catholics not only contributed to the platform for the so-called alt-righters who terrorized Charlottesville and killed Heather Heyer but are leaders and even founders of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups in existence.

The Catholic Church, once persecuted by the Ku Klux Klan, today has a visible white-power faction. As long as the bishops actively refuse to condemn its banners, they give white supremacists space to embrace their anti-Black and anti-Semitic work free of religious dissonance.

I’ll guess that Martin is a nobody of a hack, because accusing the USCCB of being “leaders and founders of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups in existence” forced his SJW allies in the USCCB to publicly oppose him. A house divided against itself cannot stand and guess who the cheap sacrifice was this time? The lead editor who didn’t do his job of screening the cannon fodder.

Here Catholics discussed everything from their favorite saints to their thoughts on Pope Urban II. They talked of “how to defend proper Catholicism” and shared links to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. They saluted “Sieg heil!. to each other. They went from joking about the murder of Heather Heyer, the anti-racist activist who was run over in Charlottesville by a neo-Nazi, to singing “Ave Maria” together. They discussed the merits of Mein Kampf, identified themselves as “Charles Coughlin Roman Catholics. (after the 1930s Catholic radio demagogue), encouraged genocide against Jews, advertised the anti-Semitic podcast The Daily Shoah, and confessed their allegiance to what they call the .14 words.: .We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children..

This went way too far for a hit piece. Hello, open-and-shut libel against the single largest organization on the planet!

Augustus Sol Invictus grew up Catholic. Matthew Heimbach was raised in a Catholic family and eventually switched to the Orthodox Church. Both have been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “major players from the “Unite the Right” rally..

Surprise, the SPLC did not back up Martin’s claim of the two being agents of the Catholic church when they did their thing. And so the article continues.

Then Wallis made his third mistake: he apologized. He had no choice, of course. Doubling down would have shredded his golden parachute.

I excerpted heavily from the following as usual but I will also give the overall word counts. It emphasizes the silly suckage.

htt ps://

July 28

Word count: 118

Sojourners has removed this article from our website. It was offensive and should not have been published. We are sorry and are looking into our internal processes. This article did not meet our editorial standards for accuracy, fairness, and balance. White supremacy and alt-right factions are insidious realities of the American society and indeed have manifestations in all our communities of faith. But this article made unwarranted insinuations and allegations against many Catholics, many in leadership, including the bishops, and within the wider Catholic Church who are working toward and are committed to racial justice. We are sorry for harm this article has caused in those efforts and we will work to repair the damage.

. Jim Wallis, Editor-in-Chief

Wallis’ apology was directed at his allies in the RCC. Alas, forgiveness is only a CHRISTIAN principle.

UPDATED July 31, 2020

Word count: 785

Based on further conversations and reflection, as Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners, I feel it is important to clarify a very unfortunate situation regarding an article published in Sojourners and the decision to take it down. In this case a breakdown occurred in the final step of our editorial process, caused in part by this time of COVID-initiated remote work, in which the Editor-in-Chief reviews the final copy of the magazine before publication and which, in this case, was never sent to me. That is not the author’s fault but ours and mine, and I apologize to the author for any harm this has caused.

No way. The Editor-in-Chief never saw even a draft of an issue before it went to print? The problems with Martin’s screed were not of the “typo in the final copy” kind.

I read this article after it had been published, and in further conversation with some of our team and many of our longtime and trusted friends including within the Catholic community, I made the difficult decision to have it taken down– something which would only happen in an extraordinary circumstance.

That was Wallis’ fourth mistake. He silenced an SJW attacking Christians. While he shouldn’t have given Martin the voice he enjoyed, apologizing to Christians alienated everybody on Team Narrative. Not even Wallis approved of Wallis doing that:

All institutions, including the Catholic Church, need to continually acknowledge and address their roles and responsibility as it relates to issues of racial justice. This article failed to place in context the ongoing work of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church to address these issues which would have led to a fuller and more comprehensive understanding of the work being done by leadership within the church. We also know and believe that the Catholic Church, as with all institutions, including our own, has more work to do to address these issues.

UPDATED: August 10, 2020

Word count: 2,430

Dear Friends and Fellow Sojourners,

The posting of an article by Eric Martin, and my unprecedented decision to take it down as a feature on our website (though it remains in print), has generated understandable confusion, and in some cases, outrage on the part of many of our friends and readers.

The first expression of hurt and outrage came from the original publication of the piece, and it was greater than anything I had experienced in our 49 years of publication.

“Remember how loyal I’ve been, O Dark Lord!”

This came from many of our dearest, closest, and long-term progressive Catholic allies.

You swung Left, dude. Don’t blame the tool for that.

This was followed, after the decision to take the article down (and without an adequate explanation), by a whole new wave of hurt and outrage, this time by other friends and readers (many of them also Catholics), who wondered what could have justified such an extraordinary action.

When you serve the devil, don’t make the mistake of admitting that Christians are not as bad as you just said they were.

The opening of the article referred to the fact that in approving their 2018 post-Charlottesville letter on racism, .Open Wide Our Hearts,. the bishops chose not to “condemn” the hate symbols of nooses, swastikas, and Confederate flags. In fact, the letter did cite nooses and swastikas as symbols of hate, though it is true that it omitted reference to Confederate flags. (Needless to say, Sojourners has consistently called for the removal of all Confederate flags and monuments, long before the murder of George Floyd or Charlottesville, and I would have admired the bishops if they too had taken that position before it became as popular and widespread as it is today.)

August 12, 2020

Word count: 1,091. It dropped off, perhaps because the movers were taking the furniture out of his office at the time of writing.

Repentance- A New Way Forward

Jim, I don’t think Satan does repentance, either.

At the heart of the situation is the natural and ongoing tension between our identity as a publication and as an advocacy organization in and supportive of broader movements.

This is Wallace offering to break up his empire as a compromise.

That tension has been with us from our outset until now, 49 years later. Both pillars of our work are dedicated to our mission “to articulate the biblical call to social justice in order to inspire hope and build a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church and the world.

Whoa. Jim Wallis took the mask off. He shined a quick light into the dark places he inhabited for half a century as a final threat to what he can do if his offer is rejected.

Learning from the mistakes made recently, I am committed to working with our staff and board to make the changes needed, including but not limited to:

1. Evaluate and strengthen a transparent structure and policies and procedures that enable and protect both genuine editorial independence and a faithful commitment to advocacy and movement building and to share it clearly with our readers, authors and partners.

“Choose between my commitment to your cause or me taking my little empire independent.”

2. Commit to any future editor and writer for Sojourners, we will never again take down an article that has already passed our editorial standards to be published, even if mistakes are made in our process. In the future we will always find another way.

“I offer you control of the editorial process.”

3. Redouble our commitment to racial justice and the abolition of poverty–all based on the deep biblical instruction of human equality and Imago Dei.

“You need me. You want me.”

That principle is the foundation of all politics for people of biblical faith. For Sojourners’ part of that commitment involves existing plans for our managers to engage in managerial training in September with an emphasis on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“In the future, I promise to be loyal enough to give you a kill switch… aww, man, you already got one.”

13 August:

htt ps://

Dhanya: I officially resigned from my associate editor position late last week. I secured another position elsewhere but let me be clear . three years of experiencing this toxic environment as a Dalit woman/WOC + recent events is the reason why I decided to leave.

And associate editor Jose Camacho had already left. The “Isolate and Swarm” stage of the SJW attack had been achieved.

Jim Wallis steps aside as Sojourners editor-in-chief after removing controversial op-ed

By Samuel Smith, 20 August 2020

Longtime progressive evangelical leader Jim Wallis has been replaced as editor-in-chief at Sojourners magazine after staff members resigned following his decision to unpublish a controversial op-ed accusing the Catholic Church of having a .white-power faction..

Sojourners, a monthly magazine and online publication popular among progressive Christians that also serves as a social justice advocacy organization, announced last Friday that it has made structural and editorial changes to reflect the “editorial independence” of the publication from the nonprofit’s advocacy work.

Offer accepted. Turns out, they needed him after all. They wanted him.

As part of these changes, Wallis will no longer serve as editor-in-chief of the magazine. Wallis has overseen the magazine since it was founded as The Post-American in the early 1970s.

Wallis, 72, will continue to serve as the president of Sojourners, an evangelical activist organization based in Washington, D.C.

In his place, the magazine’s executive editor, Sandi Villarreal, has assumed the role of editor-in-chief of the magazine and online publication.

.She will have editorial independence as she oversees Sojourners magazine and,. Sojourners said. .The new Editor-in-Chief will continue to be part of the senior leadership team of the Sojourners organization..

I see a lot of deceit in that New Moon left eye. That smile indicates high ego and the hoop earrings, whoredom. But I admit, I’m surprised to see long hair and not-a-Negress.

htt ps://

Sandi Villarreal came to Sojourners in 2012 after starting her career in print newspaper reporting and veering quickly into digital media and online journalism.


Sandi holds a master’s degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Baylor University. She has worked in both print and online journalism, publishing, digital marketing, and non-profit community development.

She doesn’t even pretend to be a Christian. A politico-journalist hack from the beginning.

Sandi is most interested in writing about the intersection of faith, politics, and culture, especially as it relates to women’s leadership both within our churches and on the political stage.

Wallis negotiated a leveraged takeover of his little empire. While being unwilling to walk away, he promoted his in-house Commissar into the highest office to ensure that by the time he walks away, there will be nothing left but a genocidal organization wearing Christ as a skin suit.

Sandi has earned awards for her news and commentary writing, as well as for her work as editor of Sojourners’ online publication.

Sandi hails from deep in the heart of Texas, is married to a Lutheran preacher from Arkansas, and is mom to three young kids. In her downtime, you can find her visiting local wineries…

LOL! Truly, the wages of sin are cheap wine!

…watching the San Antonio Spurs, and helping out with the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Solutions Journalism Network.

Nobody values loyalty as much as the Rebel. Christ values loyalty also but remembers that we are frail and blind, and also believes in allowing us breathing room to be ourselves. As in Sandi’s case, the devil will Converge your every last moment of life to the Narrative.


Interview With A Vampire: Dallas Judge Mary Brown

What kind of female judge would reverse herself with no explanation or even a hearing to rule that a father must not be allowed to protect his son from a child molester of a mother? We can find out thanks to an interview she gave that confirms every single Red Pill Manosphere concept about female nature.

I start with the latest on the story, then how the judge got assigned and finally the interview.

Court axes “Save James” ruling, mom who wants gender “transition” for 8-yr-old regains decision rights

By Madeleine Jacob, 12 August 2020

August 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) . Yesterday, a Dallas judge took away Jeffrey Younger’s say in his son James. medical, psychological, and psychiatric care, giving that power to James. mother, who wants to “transition” him into a .girl.” After receiving national attention in October 2019, the bitter parental dispute had ultimately resulted in both parents getting a say in decisions regarding James and his twin, Jude; this ruling effectively reverses that.

The next article discusses exactly what happened between October 2019 and August 2020. Not just China Pox!

James Younger’s mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will now be able to enroll the eight-year-old in school as a “girl” named “Luna” and subject him to transgender medical procedures. …

Yesterday.s ruling effectively reverses Judge Kim Cooks. October order.

Mr. Younger was especially concerned about medical, psychological, and psychiatric decision making as medical records indicated James had been referred to a local gender “transition” clinic and Georgulas was looking to start the process of medically “transitioning” James into a “girl.”

But in October, Judge Kim Cooks. ruling found that Georgulas was overly affirming in instances when James supposedly showed a desire to be a girl, including taking him to LGBTQ parades, buying him dresses and fake hair, and enrolling him in kindergarten as a “girl” named “Luna.”

Mr. Younger claims that James does not show any signs of wanting to be a girl when he is with James. He shared with the court that he initially allowed James to wear dresses and girls. clothing at his home until he found the girls. clothing in his trash one morning.

Since then, Georgulas. attorneys have challenged Cooks. ruling. They filed multiple motions requesting Georgulas be granted additional rights and exclusive decision-making abilities for the boys.

Too many of my readers PERFECTLY understand what that is like.

Yesterday, Judge Mary Brown, who was appointed to the case in January, granted Georgulas. requests to force Mr. Younger to pay for counseling for James and Jude and attend family counseling. Mr. Younger previously objected to both of these requests as he was not allowed a say in the selection of the boys. counselor or the family counselor.

Go ahead, ask my readers about this kind of behavior the family courts show towards fathers. Let me watch! Who says the Fourth of July can’t happen in August?

The “Save James. Facebook page, run by individuals who support Mr. Younger’s cause, claims counseling will cost Mr. Younger $5,000 a month, in addition to a $10,000 retainer required by the counselor. Court documents do not specify the cost for counseling or the retainer.

In case it’s not obvious, this is pure Anti-Christianity. Human authorities ruling against a father’s authority over his children, his wealth and ultimately, his own life… because Eve took a new lover.

Judge Brown’s ruling came without the hearing that was scheduled to take place yesterday. There was no explanation why Judge Brown issued her order without the proper hearing.

Inn-teresting. The interview will give this context.

After almost a week in court, in October Cooks had granted both parents, Mr. Younger and his ex-wife Dr. Georgulas, a say in medical, psychological, and psychiatric decisions for James and Jude. If the parents could not agree, a court-appointed parenting coordinator would be the tie-breaker. Now, Georgulas . who supports subjecting James to a gender “transition” . will be in charge of those decisions. Georgulas is not even James and Jude’s biological mother; she and her now-ex-husband used an egg donor to conceive the boys via in-vitro fertilization.

How did justice get this twisted? Captain Save-A-Ho!

Judge removed from 7-year-old James Younger case, new judge to be appointed

By Brandon Showalter, 11 December 2019

The Texas judge who rejected a jury’s decision granting conservatorship to a mother intent on medically gender-transitioning her 7-year-old boy into a girl and instead awarded joint conservatorship to both parents has been removed from the case.

No good deed goes unpunished.

A regional administrative judge, a conservative Republican, will soon be appointing a new judge to oversee the ongoing dispute.

YOU MOTHERFUCKING CUCK! Not to be confused here with the child-fucking mother.

In late October, Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th district ruled that parents Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas would share conservatorship and have equal decision-making regarding the medical and psychological treatment of the boy, and Jude, his twin brother.


…believes James is a transgender girl and is already socially transitioning him, calling him “Luna,” and plans to pursue hormonal interventions like puberty blockers in the next six months to a year.

Two days prior to Cooks’ ruling, however, a jury had awarded Georgulas sole conservatorship in an 11-1 decision that elicited a massive public outcry, heightened media scrutiny, an investigation from Governor Greg Abbott, and promises from state lawmakers to outlaw the medical transitioning of minors during the next legislative session.

Promises not kept. More rope, please.

Georgulas’ attorneys filed to have Cooks recused from the case because of a Facebook post the judge shared on her personal page, a Dallas Morning News article about her ruling where she added a statement of her own, neither .[the] Governor nor any legislature had any influence on the Court’s Decision..

Georgulas’ attorneys maintained that by Cooks commenting on the case her impartiality had been compromised, and that “nothing the judge posted was in the best interest of the children in the case or to advance justice, but to simply advance her own political aims,” according to The Texan last week.

Logan Odeneal, Jeff Younger’s attorney, argued Cooks. actions did not meet the statutory requirement for recusal because her comments were made after the final verdict was issued.

An amicus attorney on the case . appointed by the court to be a third party, neutral voice . agreed with Odeneal, and asked for the motion to be scrapped.

That is the lamest Lame-O excuse to recuse a judge ever.

Last week, Georgulas’ team’s request was granted.

Judge Tena Callahan, a retired district court judge, recused Cooks from the case. Thus, Cooks will not hear another motion from Georgulas, that the jury’s original decision in her favor, be upheld.

Callahan is an LGBT activist.

The lesbian marriage of Patti Fink, left, and Erin Moore, right, on 1 April 2016. Judge Callahan in the middle, presiding. Sourced from

So, a pioneering LGBT activist overruling another judge in a high-profile LGBT case was NOT “compromising to her impartiality”?

The fate of James Younger now rests in the hands of Ray Wheless, a regional administrative judge who is a conservative Republican from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Wheless will be assigning a new judge to oversee the contested case.

We the People of the United States think very little of Conservatives In Name Only.

Wheless with his staff. That pic says everything about his beliefs re feminism. Sourced from discussing Wheless’ new no-jail-for-DWI program. Suffice to say, participants who can afford the program are taxed an extra $400 on behalf of the participants who can’t.

And now, our feature presentation: the judge he picked to replace the Honorable Kim Cooks.

A Conversation With Judge Mary Brown

A Conversation With Judge Mary Brown

11 March 2019

Attorney at Law Magazine Dallas Publisher P.J. Hines sat down with Judge Mary Brown, of the 301st District Bench, to discuss her career on the bench and as an advocate, as well as her perspective on the legal industry.

AALM: How did you transition from your career as an attorney to your career as a judge? What prompted the change?

Brown: Prior to being hired as an associate judge for the Family District Courts in 1996, I worked for the District Attorney’s Office representing Child Protective Services in cases where children had been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. My office was in the George Allen Courts Building, and all my hearings and trials were held before one of the seven Family District Court judges or associate judges, so the scenery didn’t really change at all, just my role.

That’s a huge conflict of interest. If Joe the attorney for XYZ Corp. becomes a judge hearing cases brought to trial by XYZ Corp, with his chambers in the same building with the same breakroom as XYZ Corp, probably keeping friends with his former attorneys at XYZ Corp, then favoritism is not just credible but inevitable.

Now replace XYZ with CPS. Nothing has changed… least of all the profit motive.

I had an 18-month old at home at the time…

Unfit mother. Her job is more important than her kid.

…and not having to spend large periods of time outside of work hours preparing for trials was a big positive for me, as was the fact that no longer would my wok consist solely of child abuse cases. In Family Court, I would hear cases involving a variety of issues. Applying for an associate judge position when one became open was a logical next step for me.

She became a judge because paperwork was hard? Hold that thought.

After 18 years as an associate judge, I made the decision to run for the 301st District Bench. I was elected and began my first term in January 2015 and ran unopposed for a second term which just began in January 2019.

I would say that my style in the courtroom is focused on getting things done. I like to think that my rules, written and unwritten, are grounded in practicality.

AALM: Describe your style in the courtroom.

Brown: I would say that my style in the courtroom is focused on getting things done. I like to think that my rules, written and unwritten, are grounded in practicality.

“Unwritten rules” is ominous coming from a woman.

AALM: Describe your relationship with your staff.

Brown: My staff members are the best! But it’s not just the court staff that make up our team. The deputy district clerks assigned to 301, as well as the bailiffs supplied by the Sheriff’s department, are also crucial members. In fact, we received the Dallas Bar Association’s Best Court Staff award for 2018, so it’s not just me who thinks they are wonderful. Each member works hard to serve the public and to ensure that the court runs efficiently and effectively.

The “henhouse” style of female management. Cliques in the judiciary are always a bad sign.

AALM: Do you have any advice for attorneys trying a case before your bench?

Brown: The best advice I can give to anyone appearing in the 301st Court is to know what you want and put it in writing. This will help you focus on your or your client’s goals and really is a must in order to streamline any proceeding. It will also help the court make its ruling on all the issues presented once the proceeding is concluded.

Remember that thought you held? That Brown became a judge because paperwork was hard? Here, she wants other people (men) to do all the real work so she can fire off a quick decision then go home to play with her toddler.

Shoulda been a housewife, Barbie.

AALM: What drew you to the legal industry?

Spoiler: Daddy issues!

Brown: I began to consider law school late in my senior year of college. After graduation, I was unable to get a satisfactory job in my field of study, which was marketing. I did land a job as a waitress and later moved up to become a bartender.

Shake your moneymaker, baby!

If nothing else, both of those positions fueled my desire to attend law school, and it paid the bills while I applied and was accepted.

No, part-time waitressing did NOT pay well enough for law school.

Throughout law school, and in each job thereafter, I searched for the law job that would best utilize my strengths. After four years, I found the closest match…

Patent law? Torts? Land use?

and that was the job with the district attorney’s office representing CPS.

Somebody has Alpha ghosts!

I loved that job, but being a judge is even better.

AALM: What do you love about your job?

Brown: I love being able to help people. Going through a divorce or a child custody proceeding is stressful. While there is very little I can do to prevent that stress, I try not add to it. We try to provide a pleasant, calm environment, stocked with chocolate and plenty of tissue.

*GQ jabs himself with a testosterone autoinjector. Goes to debtor’s prison for being male.*

I feel it is part of my job to help litigants gain the tools they need to get through the court process and beyond. This may translate into orders to complete classes or attend counseling. As parents, we love our children, but we may not always know how to meet their emotional needs.

Stop. Sodomizing. Them.

If we can learn some simple solutions that work, well then, problem solved. I get excited about this stuff!

Hormone blockers and sexual surgery on eight-year-olds are never, repeat never, a “simple solution that works”.

AALM: Are there any challenges that you believe need to be corrected in the legal community?

Brown: I don’t like the idea of any erosion of the right to trial by jury, and I believe that, even in family law, the right to a jury trial is critical. With all its messy parts, trial by jury is still the best option for litigants in certain situations. It is one of the cornerstones of our legal system and provides a crucial check and balance to trial judges. It must be protected and defended.

On the one hand, this sounds good. On the other hand, we’ve already established that she’s lazy.

AALM: What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

Brown: For the last 24 years, I have been a working mother, and all my time outside of work was spent on that job. Now that our youngest child is a senior in high school, I have rekindled my love of gardening. I am in the middle of a multi-year landscaping project at my home.

Doing the math, she started her family after becoming a judge. Her job is more important than ALL of her kids!

What male was stupid enough to stick his dick in a sitting CPS judge? Repeatedly, no less?

AALM: Tell us about some of your mentors.

Brown: Every judge for whom I have worked, as well as many of my colleagues, have mentored me, but Judge Dee Miller was my first “judicial mentor,. and I have definitely tried to emulate her judicial style and work ethic. Judge Dennise Garcia has also been a mentor to me and is always there for me when I need help or have a question.


Dennise “Manjaw” Garcia

Judge Dennise Garcia

As per the order signed by Judge Garcia, the father sought to take possession of the children, only to meet blatant refusal by their mother. The father proceeded to report the matter to the Coppell Police, who informed him that they lacked jurisdiction, as the issue pertained to a civil lawsuit. The father then returned home without the children.

The father then received a text message from the mother that said, .Judge Garcia has called the police department and clarified the order.” The father relayed the development to Judge Coen, who stated that it would not be possible that any judge would communicate with a litigant ex-parte (that is, with only one party of the case present) or would call the police after-hours or during the weekend, as he had never seen it happen in his numerous years on the bench.

The mother then communicated to the father via email, attaching a “Corrected Order” and a communication from Judge Garcia requesting that the mother instruct the father to appear in court on Monday, September 23, 2013. After refusing to enforce a legally binding court order, altering the content of the order ex-parte and outside of court, and scheduling the subsequent hearing without providing the father an official court summons, Judge Garcia proceeded to file her “corrected” order with the court, thereby again revoking the father’s custody rights over his children.

Subsequently, the father filed an Open Records Request with the Coppell Police Department and received a set of audio files demonstrating that Judge Garcia had been in ex-parte communication with the mother and had called the Coppell Police Department, instructing them to not enforce her own order.

The father has since made numerous attempts to get at least some minimum access to his children, but all of his attempts have been thwarted by the associate judges and Judge Garcia.

My sympathy is limited because the father is a Pajeet who should never have been in North America in the first place. That being said, with this witch as a role model it’s no wonder that Judge Brown reversed her own decision before hearing Mr. Young plead his case.

End segue.

I think my legal hero, as well as my just plain hero, would have to be my late father. He had the wonderful ability to connect to people and make them feel heard.

AALM: Who is your legal hero and how do you try to emulate them in your day-to-day life?

Brown: I think my legal hero, as well as my just plain hero, would have to be my late father. He had the wonderful ability to connect to people and make them feel heard. He was genuinely interested in people and in helping them when he could. I am not as adept at it as he was, but I do try to emulate his behavior in that regard. He would be proud to know that I followed him, as he had followed his father, in becoming a state district judge in Dallas County.

She failed as a marketing executive, she failed as a bartender, she failed at finding a quality husband, so she played on Daddy to pay her way through law school and give her the judicial firepower to hate all the men who never wifed her up. Just like Daddy!

No review of a slut’s life is complete without the Daddy Issues review!

The badthink judge was removed for opposing the Narrative by an LGBT activist. The “Conservative Republican” Save-A-Ho appointed a CPS veteran for a replacement, who originally held the same position then changed her mind after several months of peer pressure from her friends who supported the prosecuting mother. As a direct result, a child is damned to a life of grotesque sexual violation and a father has been completely failed by society.

And it all started with a Daddy who protected his little snowflake from ever ending up dependent on a husband.


CEO Chuck Bentley Weighs In On the Cashless Society

There’s no shortage of authorities giving advice on how to prep for the coming cashless society. When a Christian CEO of a financial services company wrote an op-ed, however, I took note.

He advised… poorly.

Ask Chuck: Preparing for a cashless society?

By Chuck Bentley, CP Guest Contributor, 24 July 2020

Dear Chuck,

I.m hearing more and more about a “cashless society.” What can we as believers do to prepare for such a possibility and how should we navigate the days ahead?

Prepping for Digital Currency

The passive voice is strong enough to suspect this is a made-up request; indeed, this post generally reads more like an op-ad than an op-ed; but the topic is certainly hot and relevant.

Dear Prepping for Digital Currency,

This is not an easy question as there are many strong, differing opinions; some say that it absolutely is going to happen, and others say that it absolutely will never happen.

Dude, NOBODY says it won’t happen. China ANNOUNCED it was implementing a cashless society. The question is when, not if.

A 2019 Harvard Business Review article points out that 30% of all transactions happen with cash. They don’t think it is likely to ever be eliminated as a form of payment. On the other side of the argument, a BBC article suggests it will get here sooner than we think. I fall somewhere in the middle as to the probability of it happening. But, to your point, we do need to be informed and prepared.

Oh, it was Harvard that said it’ll never happen? Now that only 30% of transactions are cash, mainly transactions of less than $100? News flash, Harvard is a den of liars, thieves and Jewish banksters.

A cashless society means absolutely no cash. That means transactions will be fully digital and fully controlled. While many young people welcome it since they are almost there already, the idea deeply concerns me.

Some Context

The most used form of payment today is debit cards, followed by cash. The coronavirus caused many to fear using cash because of possible transmission of the virus, even though there is no proof that paper money carries the virus any longer than plastic cards.

That was a clue you missed, Chuck, that the authorities are lying about their sudden motivation to get rid of physical currency. Try to keep up. You’re late to this dance.

On July 14, 2020, an article from Bloomberg CityLab stated: .A June report from Square showed that at the start of the pandemic in March, 8% of U.S. sellers were effectively cashless, meaning that at least 95% of their sales were made through credit or debit card. That figure jumped to 31% by the end of April and has since leveled off at 20% in mid-June as cities reopen. In the U.K., cashless sellers jumped from 10% to 60%, according to the Square analysis, and dropped just slightly to 57% in June..

QED. Nobody is saying the cashless society ain’t gonna happen. seen the use of cash discouraged and even refused by certain vendors. However, cashless stores were banned in San Francisco, New Jersey, and Philadelphia on the grounds of discrimination.

Because it was a way to keep homeless bums out of your store. Don’t worry, once SF Mayor London Breed’s wealth-redistribution plan kicks in and the bums have debit cards full of taxpayer money, those laws will change.

These factors could either propel or delay the push towards going cashless, so don’t make a determination too quickly one way or the other.

Benefits of Cashless Society [to peasants]
. Convenience
. Lowers crime
. Reduces cost of printing and storing cash
. Eases international payments

Disadvantages of Cashless Society [to peasants]
. Privacy sacrificed
. Hacking risk, technology issues, and impaired access in a natural disaster, power outage, etc.
. Overspending and management issues
. Susceptible to imposed fees and lack of control
. Biometric IDs will likely be required

Benefits of Cashless Society [to the State]

  • Total control of society
  • You can loot anybody with the push of a button
  • Dissidents will slowly starve
  • De facto godhood

Disadvantages of Cashless Society [to the State]

  • Small, long-term chance of going to Hell if it turns out to be real.

Cash Alternatives
. Debit and credit cards
. Payment apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle
. Mobile payments like Apple Pay
. Cryptocurrencies

This bit is how it’ll shake out. There WILL be an obvious and massive financial incentive for helping dissidents participate in a cashless society. “Lowers crime”, hah! It might not run on cash but for sure, there’s gonna be a black market.

GlobalData predicts the following countries are poised to go cashless this decade: Finland, Sweden, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, and Australia.

“But others say that it absolutely will never happen.”

Although disturbing, some are concerned with the government “unbanking” political enemies. Government control would also eliminate those who hoard cash or drop out of the financial system. The idea of the government being in control of all citizen money is concerning.

The idea of the government being in control of all citizen money is exactly what makes this inevitable. Come on, give your advice!

Prepping for Cashless

There are only two ways to be prepared for a cashless society. One is to grow in wisdom. .If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.. (James 1:5-6 ESV)

Chuck took a dive on the opening question.

Wisdom allows you to look at the facts and make appropriate decisions. We do not know if this trend is going to take us into a cashless society or not. That means we do not need to waste time in fear and needless use of energy to protect ourselves from it.

HALF OF THIS VERY POST WAS HIS OWN PROOF THAT IT’S ALREADY COMING TO PASS!!! I know Churchians love to sabotage their own arguments but this one is a contender for “gunshot foot wound of the year”.

The other way to be prepared is to be sure that your life is not defined by or controlled by money. The Bible tells us over and over to keep our lives free from the love of money.

WORTHLESS MORON! “How are we going to pay for our food?” “Ask God for wisdom! Also, keep yourselves free from the love of money.”

So, no ACTUAL words of wisdom from this financial services CEO.

If you’re looking for practical ways to prepare for these possibilities and seek to grow in wisdom, Crown offers many online studies, videos, and more on our online platform.

I checked his Crown Financial Ministries; looks to be a typical get-out-of-debt company. Nothing in there about setting up alternative secure currencies or tips for a barter economy. Perhaps there’s no reason to prep for something that “others say will never happen”.

Let’s dig in to what Chuck really does teach. From

Crown Financial

What we teach

The world is not in danger of running out of resources; but we do believe the world is in danger of running out of faithful stewards. Jesus came to seek, restore and redeem a broken world. And, the practice of redemptive stewardship is an essential part of that transformation.

Sigh, no, this world will be neither restored nor redeemed. This world is the diaper of our spiritual infancy and will be treated as such.

Memo: God uses disposables. Disposable realities. Because you can do that when you’re a real God.

Environmental Stewardship
We should be the best stewards, not only of our resources and talents, but also of the earth. It’s God’s spectacular and bountiful creation! Genesis 2:15 says, .The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it..

Genesis 3:23 “So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden…” We ain’t in Eden anymore, Dorothy.

To practice environmental stewardship, you can start small, incorporating good practices into your daily routine. Do things like recycle, shred paper and use it in the garden, try to compost, and avoid products packaged with excess paper or plastic.

Duuude, come on! China doesn’t want to buy our “recycle” garbage anymore. That’s all it ever was. And paper is a renewable resource. We will never run out of it.

Money Dates
Many marriages today are in trouble! And struggling couples often tell us that conflicts over money are the leading cause of their arguments.

Maybe you can relate. Yet God’s desire for you and your spouse is to live in peace with each other, unified and making financial decisions together.

We created 10 date nights, or Money Dates, to help spouses and engaged couples connect on the topic of money. Come together to create a biblical financial plan that will help you achieve all God has for you. You can start with the date that seems best for you — or begin with How Did We Get Here and work through the rest in the suggested order.

Okay, some legit financial assistance stuff.

Career Stewardship
From the very beginning, work has been a gift from God.

Sheesh, back to Genesis 3 we go.

“Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” Oops, that was Mark Twain.

Genesis 3:17-19 “To Adam he said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the tree about which I commanded you, .You must not eat from it,. .Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return..

Honestly, God, Mark Twain said it better.

It’s a key part of how we’re designed. So why does work sometimes feel like something we have to do, and not the fulfilling, God-glorifying act it was meant to be?


Any job can glorify God. Whether you work in a church, factory, school, office, or the great outdoors, all of our work can still be done with Him at the center. To be a vocational steward, you should first discern if your job matches up with the talents God has naturally gifted you with.

Why? If any job glorifies God then you can do any job you want regardless of whether you feel “gifted” about it. Because frankly, few of us are designed by God for a specific line of work. I’m already on my fourth & fifth careers, simultaneously, because hello unstable command economy.

Homemakers and retirees can also steward the work they do every day for God.

The term is “housewife”, Chuck. The home is womens’ work.

This page will help you discover the right vocation for you, and help you to better manage your talents for the Lord.

It’s a scam. A petty one but, still.

Gospel Stewardship
Our great passion as a ministry is to see lives transformed, not just for this lifetime, but for eternity. How can we make an eternal impact? Gospel Stewardship. The greatest, most lasting impact a person can make in another person’s life is to lead that person into the love, joy, peace and hope offered through a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Chuck, you should be enough of a Christian to understand how to evangelize people. You start with the existence of God and Evil, explain how the Fall happened… woman rebelled and man encouraged her… then offer the chance to turn against Evil and accept Christ’s offer. Which comes with more blood, sweat and tears than love, joy and peace these days.

If there is no evil, no rebellion against God, then there is no need for Christ’s offer. Don’t leave the existence of evil outside your altar calls. Remember that Christ came to thwart the devil, not to share the Boyfriend Experience with us.

Are you a Christian? Are you currently trying to walk through this life on your own, or do you have a relationship with the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ?

The old “personal relationship with Jesus” canard. We got ourselves another Churchian.


Ethicist Parker Crutchfield Intends to Poison Our Drinking Water With Morality

And in the dead of night, no less, because that’s when do-gooders like to do their good deeds. Move over, Red Pill! Make room for… morality pills! AKA the Birth Control Pill?

.Morality pills. may be the US.s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

By Parker Crutchfield, 10 August 2020

An associate professor at Western Michigan U who became qualified to teach ethics by acquiring student debt while living a sheltered academic life. Too bad that he never realized how unethical it is for colleges to intentionally train so many academics that there’s not nearly enough tenured faculty positions to go around. The resulting desperation makes “associate” college faculty prime recruiting grounds for domestic terrorist organizations whose members demand society take responsibility for their own poor decisions.

On that note…

COVID-19 is a collective risk. It threatens everyone, and we all must cooperate to lower the chance that the coronavirus harms any one individual.

Demanding that society be held responsible for individuals who acquire China-balls. Never before in human history have healthy people been blamed for sick people being sick.

Among other things, that means keeping safe social distances and wearing masks. But many people choose not to do these things, making spread of infection more likely.

When someone chooses not to follow public health guidelines around the coronavirus, they’re defecting from the public good. It’s the moral equivalent of the tragedy of the commons: If everyone shares the same pasture for their individual flocks, some people are going to graze their animals longer, or let them eat more than their fair share, ruining the commons in the process. Selfish and self-defeating behavior undermines the pursuit of something from which everyone can benefit.

Already we see that Crutchfield is a hardline Soviet, blaming bourgeois individuality for oppressing proletariat communes. Rise up, faceless minions! You have nothing to lose but your chains, your jobs, your freedoms, your possessions, your religion, your history, your friends and your daily bread! Progress, ho!

Democratically enacted enforceable rules . mandating things like mask wearing and social distancing . might work, if defectors could be coerced into adhering to them. But not all states have opted to pass them or to enforce the rules that are in place.

The boldfaced is indeed what a true democracy looks like. Two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner, y’know. Mob rule. That’s why the Founders meant America to be a REPUBLIC but one can’t expect a college professor to ever have been taught that.

My research in bioethics focuses on questions like how to induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good. To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior. Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?

No. Morality does not come in a can. But perhaps Unity does?

It.s a far-out proposal that’s bound to be controversial but one I believe is worth at least considering, given the importance of social cooperation in the struggle to get COVID-19 under control.

Evidence from experimental economics shows that defections are common to situations in which people face collective risks. Economists use public goods games to measure how people behave in various scenarios to lower collective risks such as from climate change or a pandemic and to prevent the loss of public and private goods.

The evidence from these experiments is no cause for optimism. Usually everyone loses because people won’t cooperate. This research suggests it’s not surprising people aren’t wearing masks or social distancing . lots of people defect from groups when facing a collective risk.

What material benefit are people gaining by not wearing masks? Oxygen, of course, but oxygen is still free.

There’s no economics at work here. Mask-wearing is purely political. It’s individualism versus collectivism and people know it even if they can’t articulate it. That’s why we “dissidents against the collective good” don’t want to wear masks, because this is MY life to live and the road to Hell is paved with appeasement.

By the same token, I’d expect that, as a group, we will fail at addressing the collective risk of COVID-19, because groups usually fail. For more than 150,000 Americans so far, this has meant losing everything there is to lose.

But don’t abandon all hope. In some of these experiments, the groups win and successfully prevent the losses associated with the collective risk. What makes winning more likely? Things like keeping a running tally of what others are contributing, observing others. behaviors, communication and coordination before and during play, and democratic implementation of an enforceable rule requiring contributions.

“Keeping a running tally of what others are contributing, observing others. behaviors” = the real reasons for mask-wearing. Public demonstrations of loyalty to the State.

“Communication and coordination before and during play” = the real reason for contact tracing.

“Democratic implementation of an enforceable rule requiring contributions” = Black Lives Matter reparations.

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

For those of us in the United States, these conditions are out of reach when it comes to COVID-19.

YAY FREEDOM! Choke on some inalienable rights bestowed by our Creator, you Commie motherfucker Crutchfield!

You can’t know what others are contributing to the fight against the coronavirus, especially if you socially distance yourself. It’s impossible to keep a running tally of what the other 328 million people in the U.S. are doing. And communication and coordination are not feasible outside of your own small group.

Even if these factors were achievable, they still require the very cooperative behavior that’s in short supply. The scale of the pandemic is simply too great for any of this to be possible.

t seems that the U.S. is not currently equipped to cooperatively lower the risk confronting us. Many are instead pinning their hopes on the rapid development and distribution of an enhancement to the immune system . a vaccine.

But I believe society may be better off, both in the short term as well as the long, by boosting not the body’s ability to fight off disease but the brain’s ability to cooperate with others. What if researchers developed and delivered a moral enhancer rather than an immunity enhancer?

Moral enhancement is the use of substances to make you more moral. The psychoactive substances act on your ability to reason about what the right thing to do is, or your ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative.

NO! THIS IS NO! What kind of monster can say this AND call himself an ethicist at the same time?

For example, oxytocin, the chemical that, among other things, can induce labor or increase the bond between mother and child, may cause a person to be more empathetic and altruistic, more giving and generous. The same goes for psilocybin, the active component of “magic mushrooms.” These substances have been shown to lower aggressive behavior in those with antisocial personality disorder and to improve the ability of sociopaths to recognize emotion in others.

These substances interact directly with the psychological underpinnings of moral behavior; others that make you more rational could also help. Then, perhaps, the people who choose to go maskless or flout social distancing guidelines would better understand that everyone, including them, is better off when they contribute, and rationalize that the best thing to do is cooperate.


One is that the science isn’t developed enough. For example, while oxytocin may cause some people to be more pro-social, it also appears to encourage ethnocentrism, and so is probably a bad candidate for a widely distributed moral enhancement. But this doesn’t mean that a morality pill is impossible. The solution to the underdeveloped science isn’t to quit on it, but to direct resources to related research in neuroscience, psychology or one of the behavioral sciences.

Another challenge is that the defectors who need moral enhancement are also the least likely to sign up for it. As some have argued, a solution would be to make moral enhancement compulsory or administer it secretly, perhaps via the water supply.

Crutchfield is not just a Communist. He’s a poisoner waiting to happen. Nobody who advocates sneaking mind-controlling drugs into society’s water supply deserves his white privilege. This is a monstrous evil and before I’m done, I’ll prove this article isn’t just a one-off.

These actions require weighing other values. Does the good of covertly dosing the public with a drug that would change people’s behavior outweigh individuals. autonomy to choose whether to participate? Does the good associated with wearing a mask outweigh an individual’s autonomy to not wear one?

You better get the right answer to that question, Parker.

The scenario in which the government forces an immunity booster upon everyone is plausible. And the military has been forcing enhancements like vaccines or “uppers” upon soldiers for a long time. The scenario in which the government forces a morality booster upon everyone is far-fetched. But a strategy like this one could be a way out of this pandemic, a future outbreak or the suffering associated with climate change. That’s why we should be thinking of it now.

Okay, let’s think about whether face diaper “defectors” should be force-fed female hormones and hallucinogens until they become team players, on the pretext of martial law overriding their civil rights… I think Parker got the wrong answer.

The first time the idea of using female hormones to cure COVID came up in April, I thought it was just a little virtue-signaling to the LGBT community.


Estrogen, a possible hedge against COVID-19

By kellibusey, 29 March 2020, confirmed by her linked Twitter to be a transsexual activist.

Transgender men might have a natural hedge against COVID-19.

When the Novel Cormovirus was first reported in Wuhan it quickly became apparent that more men than women were being infected. The media quickly attributed that disparity noting that while nearly half of Chinese smoke, less than 2 percent of women smoke. Unhealthy lifestyle choices, most made by men, such as diet, drinking and lack of exercise were also attributed.

Clearly, hormones played the critical role here..?

But soon it became apparent that there had to be other factors. So while we anxiously await the outcome of clinical trials for Remdesivir and become proactive by breaking our own bad habits we need to be educated about this deadly virus.

Specifically, educated about how artificial estrogen can be the solution!

Studies in 2013 and 2017 have shown that female mice have a naturally occurring resilience to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) Cormovirusi resulting in a much lower mortality rate than male mice. The results of these studies, regarding infection and mortality rates, have shown to parallel that of humans during this viral pandemic happening now.


This disparity has been attributed to higher estrogen levels in the female mice.

Do mice actually use estrogen? *checks* Okay, “estrogen” is a family of related chemicals. Regardless, this was not a useful conclusion from the study. What were the male mice supposed to do, begin hormonally transitioning into females? …Uh-oh.

How does this relate to the transgender community? The studies show that:

  • Female mice with artificially induced estrogen suppression, oophorectomy, or hysterectomy, when infected with Cormovirus, have increased mortality rates equal to that of male mice.

So they WERE preparing arguments to promote artificial sex hormones as a “healthy alternative lifestyle”!

  • Testosterone suppresses menstrual cycles and decreases the production of estrogen from ovaries as evidenced in these studies, as these mice had a higher mortality rate. By extension, and not verified by these studies, trans men currently taking HRT might result in increased susceptibility to COVID-19.

Here, emphasis hers.

There haven’t been any studies that I can locate which would specifically indicate that estrogen improves transgender women’s resilience to Cormovirus infection or mortality. All of the studies were binary sex-based comparisons.

We need medical professionals to undertake studies regarding the novel Cormovirus, HRT and the transgender community.

The transgender community proceeded to study the issue and, in a rare moment of sanity, realized the predictable consequence of forcing cis-men with guns to grow boobs: the loss of victimhood status. Oh, snap!

Now as promised, Crutchfield’s article wasn’t a one-off. He’s published actual research documenting the “morality” of secretly poisoning water supplies with mind-altering drugs and hormones.

By Parker Crutchfield, 28 August 2018, so he’s been talking about doing this for at least a couple years. The actual paper is paywalled but here’s the abstract. Emphases mine:

Some theorists argue that moral bioenhancement ought to be compulsory. I take this argument one step further, arguing that if moral bioenhancement ought to be compulsory, then its administration ought to be covert rather than overt. This is to say that it is morally preferable for compulsory moral bioenhancement to be administered without the recipients knowing that they are receiving the enhancement. My argument for this is that if moral bioenhancement ought to be compulsory, then its administration is a matter of public health, and for this reason should be governed by public health ethics. I argue that the covert administration of a compulsory moral bioenhancement program better conforms to public health ethics than does an overt compulsory program. In particular, a covert compulsory program promotes values such as liberty, utility, equality, and autonomy better than an overt program does. Thus, a covert compulsory moral bioenhancement program is morally preferable to an overt moral bioenhancement program.

Maybe we Christians will check out of modern society BEFORE the Mark of the Beast forces us to.

Postscript, here’s a letter to the editor Crutchfield wrote in defense of mosquito-spraying a year ago. His arguments sound very much like what his ilk use today to justify C-Virus mandates. So many landowners of Kalamazoo County, MI opted out of aerial spraying for mosquitoes that the program was canceled (before it was canceled anyway because of weather). Among the reasons for opting out was concern over the harm insecticides would have done to native honeybee populations.

Opponents of mosquito spraying are the new anti-vaxxers (opinion)

htt ps://

Updated Oct 03, 2019; Posted Sep 30, 2019

He took this political right from the title. When I try to convince other people that I’m right and they’re wrong, I generally try to be nonconfrontational and demonstrate how my way is in my opponent’s best interest. Crutchfield couldn’t wait to disabuse everybody of the notion that he had come to do anything but point fingers.

The following is a guest opinion from Parker Crutchfield, Ph.D.

As an ethicist who is often responsible for teaching public health ethics, the state’s recent decision to withhold aerial insecticide from Kalamazoo and Portage due to so many opt-outs is disappointing. Opting out of aerial insecticide that is intended to prevent further infection of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is the moral equivalent of opting out of vaccines. Those who have opted out put others at unnecessary risk, in particular those who are already most vulnerable.

Yes, actually. It’s exactly like opting our of vaccines. If an individual decided that a vaccine is not in his best interest then he has every right to refuse it. My body, my choice, remember? If he gets sick later on as a result, that’s on him. Similarly, if a landowner doesn’t believe that the threat of mosquito-borne illness justifies aerial pesticide, that’s a decision he should be allowed to make. That goes double if he believes that the spraying would do him direct harm.

The guiding principle here is that government is a servant of the people, not a master. State policies in USA are not (should not be) set by bureaucrats cloistered far away from the consequences of their decisions. This doesn’t seem hard. Merely unpopular among cloistered bureaucrats.

This does mean that some potentially beneficial ideas and policies cannot be implemented in a free society. The Fifth Amendment was not written to make our police forces MORE capable.

By living in a governed society, we all must accept some intrusion into the way we want to use our property and live our lives.

This is America, bitch. You need the CONSENT of the governed in order to be a legitimate authority.

I object to my neighbors mowing their lawn at 8 p.m. on a weeknight. It prevents me from using my property the way I want to use it and it keeps my children awake.

Sheesh, First World Problems!

But I accept this intrusion because prohibiting my neighbors from mowing at 8 p.m. on weeknights would be an even greater intrusion of their liberties. I would love to opt out of all the ways in which my tax money is misappropriated. But as a taxpayer I can’t opt out of the things I don’t like . I have to take the whole package.

That’s not what we’re talking about. Can you walk onto your neighbor’s property, against his will and in the company of armed guards, spray his plants and animals with a pesticide of your choosing and then walk away to leave him with the consequences of your actions? THAT is what we’re talking about.

I’m actually sympathetic to aerial spraying. Fifteen years ago, Salinas Valley, CA had an invasive moth get established and wreak havoc. Plans were made to spray them with synthetic moth-sex hormones which were known to be safe for local agriculture but unknown to be safe for humans. (You wouldn’t expect any crossover but such things can happen.) The decision was between protecting billions of dollars’ worth of agriculture in addition to local ecology–oak trees were already CARPETED in squirming mats of caterpillars, there were CLOUDS of moths fluttering around–or allowing a few NIMBYs to cancel the project in fear of unspecified health risks.

I solidly backed the spraying because 1. it protected local farmers and local industry, specifically the food supply of which I am very fond, 2. the State had done everything imaginable to minimize risk to people & property and 3. the NIMBYs themselves couldn’t offer a coherent reason for their opposition.

How does my reasoning stack up in this situation?

The threat of EEE is a collective risk with potentially devastating consequences. The most tenable solution, aerial spray of insecticide, requires that everyone sacrifice some minuscule liberty. Everyone must accept the liberty intrusion for the intervention to work.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Aerial spraying is “the most tenable solution” therefore “Everyone must accept the liberty intrusion”? Just because bureaucrats think it’s the easiest way to solve the problem does not justify its coercive implementation.

That’s strongly parallel to “most studies show that face masks can help block aerosol particles that can carry viruses, therefore every human being in North America must be forced to wear a mask for their every waking moment under penalty of fines and solitary confinement in perpetuity until they can be forcibly vaccinated.”

The same can be said of vaccinations. For risk of contracting measles to be eradicated, everyone (or almost everyone) must accept the liberty intrusion of a vaccine. For the risk of contracting EEE to be eradicated, everyone (or almost everyone) must accept the liberty intrusion of aerially administered insecticide.

One, note he’s trying to “eradicate measles” not “protect people from measles”. Two, there are legit reasons to refuse a measles vaccine. Some people do react badly to them. There’s risks of heavy-metal poisoning and other concerns.

When a person opts out of vaccines, they put themselves at risk. We should allow people to make judgments about what level of individual risk is acceptable. But by opting out of vaccines, they’re putting others at risk.

Not if others chose to get vaccinated, right?

For them, individual liberty trumps concern for others.

Correct. This is a central principle of both Christianity (you can only save yourself) and American government (self-rule). Or if one prefers philosophy, it’s the difference between Western guilt-based morality and Eastern shame-based morality.

There are no reported deaths from measles in 2019. Even so, those who opt out of measles vaccines bear a significant portion of the blame for the suffering that resulted from this year’s outbreak. Had those who opted out instead acknowledged that to allow others to live the way they want to live we must accept some intrusion of our liberty and accepted the vaccine, the suffering from measles could have been prevented.

Crutchfield’s PhD is obviously not in debate, with arguments like that.

The same is true of any EEE cases that may arise. So far, three people in the area have died. The many people in Kalamazoo and Portage who opted out of the spray bear significant responsibility for any suffering, and likely death, that results from their opting out. The suffering from EEE can be prevented by acknowledging that protecting others sometimes requires accepting intrusions of one’s liberty. If helping to prevent collective risk is too much to ask of these people, then perhaps they should not be granted collective benefits of living in such a society.

Assuming that people should not be allowed to run any risk of poor health…

Assuming that individual liberty is always subject to government approvals…

Assuming that the only reason one person gets sick from a disease is because another person did not obey the proper authorities…

Assuming that private property is “private” only in the sense that somebody signed up to pay taxes on it…

And assuming that somebody gives a tootsie roll from a rat’s ass damn about Crutchfield complaining about his neighbor mowing the lawn at the ungodly hour of 8pm…

He’s totally right.

Crutchfield reportedly got death threats for this op-ed. I would never go that far. I think Crutchfield should be forcibly relocated, permanently, to Venezuela as a health measure… far away from America’s water supplies.

He will be much happier living with the consequences of his collectivist beliefs.


Church Of the Pussies

If Boise, Idaho wants to aggressively pursue a way to avoid Los Angeles’ fate, they could start with the Church of the Rockies, a Methodist church that recently decided to Cancel Culture, in no particular order, gun ownership, white America and a stained-glass window featuring Robert E. Lee.

Grace and Peace to you in the name of Jesus-

Are you sure that’s the deity you want to use? Because Jesus will condemn George Floyd to Eternal Hell for being an armed robber, gang thug, coke head, meth head, fentanyl head and porn star who tried to cheat innocent people with fake money.

On June 17th America will mark the five-year anniversary of the tragic massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. . at the time, one of the deadliest shooting in an American place of worship. This deliberate slaying, by a white supremacist, triggered national debate on modern displays of the memorialization of the Confederacy.

AKA the Dylan Roof shooting. His haircut was sentenced to death for the attack.

The Gospel of Christ Jesus compels us and our Baptismal vows embolden us to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves. Our pastors and staff have spoken and speak against systemic racism, study to understand, and work with leaders of color to listen and learn.

There’s some grade-A hypocrisy.

Following the Charleston tragedy, we began a process to engage this community in deep questions of racial justice…

Dude… you’re in Boise. There isn’t a black community in Boise worth mentioning. Bruthas don’t like the cold.

…and God’s call to us in the 21st century, acknowledging our own sin with a stained glass window panel in the right transept of the Cathedral. This windowpane honors Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Confederate General Robert E. Lee. We have heard from deeply passionate voices who have engaged with us and held us accountable to this process, and we thank them.

I like how Lincoln’s name is blood-stained. Very appropriate. Although I must still wonder who would put Lee and Lincoln next to each other in any work of art.

Those voices, the conversations within our community, and national events have brought greater focus on the key question facing us: Is this section of window, installed in 1960, an appropriate part of our sacred space?

Stop lying, clergy. You wanted to “fight injustice” by siding with the Communist uprising but instead of throwing bricks at cops like an honest brownshirt, you picked a fight with an inanimate object that you already own.

After considerable prayer and deliberation, your Cathedral of the Rockies Church Board has voted to immediately modify the window and remove this divisive and hurtful image.

“We seriously considered keeping it because Robert E. Lee was a man of great honor, significance to history and inspiration to white America.”

We believe this section of our window to be inconsistent with our current mission, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world…

That is the Globalist agenda. Christ saves us FROM this world.

…as well as the banner which hangs above our doors espousing, “all means all ” you are welcome here..

In Current Year, maybe change that to “We crucify child molesters”?

Further, such display is a barrier to our important work resisting evil, injustice, and oppression. Symbols of white supremacy do not belong in our sacred space.

The Confederacy lost. So much for “supremacy”.

This summer, this section of the window will be redesigned, removing the image of Lee, replacing him with a yet to be determined person of color.

Up for consideration are Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Leontine T.C. Kelly, who was the first African-American female bishop in the United Methodist Church.

Guess where Kelly was bishop? San Francisco until her retirement in 1992. She is a major reason the Sodomites gained power unopposed.

Burn in Hell, witch, for what you did to my people.

We want to be clear that we are not attempting to remove history…

We are SUCCEEDING in removing history!

…but rather are removing a piece of a window from the sacred space within the Cathedral that does not reflect our Christian values. We believe this action can yet have a second life as an effective teaching tool in a context yet to be determined.

The piece was installed in 1960.

In the coming weeks and months, your Cathedral leadership will create opportunities for all in the Cathedral community to express their views and feelings… [including] staff-led small groups, via Zoom, on the book, White Fragility, and other activities yet to be determined due to COVID parameters. We promise to listen carefully to all who are willing to share.

Willing to share, and allowed to speak by their handlers.

Grace and Peace-

Rev. Dr. Duane A. Anders, Senior Pastor

Pastor wears orange to remind others about gun violence awareness

htt ps://

By Rev. Duane Anders, 27 June 2016

The violence of hate is the denial of the image of God in all human beings.

No, twisting human nature is how one denies the image of God. Say, by tolerating homosexuality or outlawing fatherhood.

In the fall of last year I gathered with clergy friends in Arizona for a time of study, prayer, support and learning. We were meeting just a few miles from where then Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., was shot on Jan. 8, 2011, while holding a public meeting in front of a local supermarket.

During our meeting we were presented with new orange clergy stoles. Clergy often wear stoles during traditional worship services as a sign of ordination and as a reminder to the liturgical calendar marking the Christian year. Orange however, is not a liturgical color. Rather, orange is the color hunters wear to say, .I am here, don’t shoot!. Orange is a color of safety. Orange is the color that represents gun violence awareness.

I wear my orange stole not as a political statement.


I wear orange as a moral choice to love and not to hate.

More shit.

I wear orange not in opposition to guns but rather in contrast to gun violence. Last year, 12,942 people were killed in the United States by gun violence. In that same year, more than 50,000 additional people in our country were victims of gun violence.

Duane Anders is a Satanist, a Child of the Lie.

Just one year ago, hate led a young, white man to a Bible study at Mother Emmanuel Africa Methodist Episcopal Church, where he gunned down nine people in attendance, hoping that his hatred would ignite a race war.

Dylan Roof again. Only a deceiver can believe that one incident by one person acting alone justifies a lifetime of reprisals against an entire race.

Rev. Debbie Coutts, Pastor

Director of Family Life… and Marketing.

Rev. Robert Walters, Pastor

A new hire for a satellite campus.

Jerri Walker, Executive Director

Witch. No other bio available.

Susie Pouliot Chair, Church Board

No pic but an obvious witch.

Methodists are almost too easy to criticize but they are excellent examples of the equalitarian endgame. If you let women in then they take over and whore themselves to “noble savages” like BLM. Them and the weak, cowardly male feminists they despite because they can control them.


Garcetti’s Got Nothing

Let me set the record straight on LA Mayor Garcetti’s notorious threat to shut off utilities to dissidents: it’s a hollow threat that relies upon the cooperation of his enemies.

LA Mayor Threatens to Shut Off Electricity and Water to Churches that Meet

By Michael Foust, 7 August 2020

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday said he is authorizing the department of water and power to shut off utilities at houses, businesses and “large gatherings” within 48 hours that are violating health orders related to COVID-19.

Although churches weren’t specifically mentioned, the term “large gatherings” has been used by the city to include houses of worship.

And NOT to include “mostly peaceful protests”.

Garcetti.s order came the same week that pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles conducted several interviews and said his congregation would not obey a statewide order to stop meeting.

.Tonight I‘m authorizing the city to shut off Los Angeles Department of Water and Power service in the egregious cases in which houses, businesses and other venues are hosting unpermitted large gatherings,. Garcetti said at a Wednesday news conference. .Starting on Friday night, if LAPD responds and verifies that a large gathering is occurring at a property, and we see these properties reoffending time and time again, they will provide notice and initiate the process to request that DWP shut off service within the next 48 hours..

The order, Garcetti said, focuses “on the people determined to break the rules, posing significant public dangers and a threat to all of us..

Focus instead on “I’m authorizing the city” and “[LAPD] will provide notice and initiate the process to request that DWP shut off service”. That is curiously passive-aggressive language for a Christ-hating mayor with a license to Cancel. Why doesn’t he just say he’ll do it?

Because he can’t do it.

California deregulation laws make LA DWP a completely separate entity from the LA City government. I’ve lost touch with my old crowd so perhaps GarcettiCorp got its plants and moles into the leadership but given the long history of animosity… specifically, City bureaucrats lusting after DWP revenue… it’s not very likely.

My read on the threat is that Garcetti is making a power play against DWP leadership. If he orders them to punish “quarantine breakers” and they refuse then he’ll have a political casus belli.

By contrast, if Garcetti said he’d do it and DWP refused to cooperate, then he’d look bad just in time for the election.

More here for the interested:

Which brings up another valid point. Every Californian should always be ready for sudden utility shut-offs because this is earthquake country.

Attorney and Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver on Friday said Christians in California “now have a choice ” serve the Lord or have their basic utilities cut off..

Romans 11:4 “And what was God’s answer to him? .I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal..

.Did you ever dream that Americans would have their water and power cut off if they dared worship God? It’s happening right now in California,. Staver said. .… As it stands right now in California, Gov. Newsom has banned all worship for 80 percent of the population, including home Bible studies and fellowship..

Referencing restrictions in Los Angeles and elsewhere, Staver added, .I have never seen such outrageous attacks on religious liberty..

He hasn’t read history. This is pretty tame for Christian persecution. What IS outrageous is pastors uniformly cooperating in fear of the devil’s DISAPPROVAL.

Man up, clergy. They ain’t got nothing on you.


Lance Armstrong Cheats Even On His Protests

Do you remember Lance Armstrong, the guy who beat the Tour de France the way he beat cancer? Using drugs then losing his mojo? A refresher:

He now manages a bicycle shop in disgraced retirement (in addition to partly owning… Uber?). The shop did pretty well, too, even landed a six-digit contract for maintaining the Austin PD Bike Patrol’s equipment. Until he saw a chance to Get Woke.

Lance Armstrong’s Bike Shop Cancels Police Contract, Still Expect Cops to Protect from Threats

Last week, the Austin, Texas, bicycle shop founded by cycling star Lance Armstrong announced it was ending its contract with the Austin Police Department. However, since that announcement, the shop made it clear they still expect the police to protect them.

As shameless hypocrisy goes, I’ve seen better. Here’s the gold prize for “Canceling Muh Saviors”:


Report: LA Councilman Who Voted to Cut Police Funding Called Cops to Home 8 Times Since April

A Los Angeles councilman who voted to cut the city’s police budget by $150 million allegedly called police to his home several times since April.

Fox 11 reporter Bill Melugin tweeted a link Friday to a public information records request that reportedly showed Councilman Mike Bonin “called LAPD to his home 8 times since 4/4/20, including to provide extra patrols and protection from peaceful protesters at his house.…

I never said that Antifa is ALL bad. Check the linked article to read the whiny fag deny this then move the goalposts once presented with evidence.

The People.s Budget LA proposal was developed by a coalition of organizations led by Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles chapter, and it seeks to have the LAPD.s proposed budget cut by 90%, with the funds allocated to social services, such as mental health and housing. LAPD.s proposed operating budget for the next fiscal year is about $1.86 billion.

.I think we owe it to Los Angeles to come up with a better and a smarter way of doing public safety and emergency response, and I think this motion is the first step in doing that,. Bonin said at the time.

This looks like self-defeating hypocrisy but 1. Bonin is a flaming homosexual and 2. police are the people who go after child molesters.

End segue

Wednesday, the Austin-based store announced that it was canceling its five-year contract with the Austin Police Department, worth nearly $350,000, and would not be renewing it, the Star-Telegram reported.

But even as the shop canceled its association with the police, it insisted that the police should continue to protect them from threats.

.We are not anti-police,. they exclaimed after saying the police are on the “wrong side of history..

Spicy! Let’s go to the source.

htt ps://

Dear Austin,

When in the course of human events…

In the context of the current evaluation of community policing in Austin, we have decided to no longer purchase, re-sell, and service police-issue bikes and accessories under a City of Austin RFP the shop was previously awarded.

Worth $350k give or take a contract extension.

We regret not publicizing our decision before it was presented by others on social media.

They stole muh thunder! I was going to have a gender-reveal party for who ain’t my customer no more! Pink for Antifa or blue for cops!

It’s difficult in these times to balance the needs of a business and a community. Our entire employee group was engaged in this dialogue and we delved deep into our community to understand how we could best do our part to keep our customers safe and this city moving in the right direction.

This is a good time to mention that Armstrong moved away from Austin two years ago. He cared for the community so much that he removed himself from it!


Lance Armstrong rides out of Austin to live in artful Aspen mansion

htt ps://

By John Egan, 17 January 2019

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong . at one time one of the most revered celebrities in Austin . has pulled up stakes and relocated with his family from the hills of Central Texas to the mountains of Colorado.

A new article in Architectural Digest reveals that the Plano native; his wife, Anna Hansen; and their children moved full time to Aspen sometime last year.

.With five kids, it’s just great to live on a street that has no cars on it, ever,. Armstrong tells Architectural Digest of his life in Aspen. .We can ride our bikes into town..

Armstrong sold his Old Enfield mansion in June 2018 for nearly $6.9 million. Shortly after that, he forked over at least $1.28 million for a decidedly less spacious bungalow in Clarksville. It’s unclear whether Armstrong . who recently divulged that he hit the jackpot with an early investment in Uber . still owns the bungalow.

An early investor in Uber moved his family so they’d have a car-free street? My Deep State detector just pinged.

Highlights of the Aspen abode . in the skiing mecca’s exclusive West End . include a media room, a wine room, and a formal living room with nearly floor-to-ceiling windows.

Probably the most prominent aspect, though, is the pricey artwork scattered around the house. Architectural Digest reports that Armstrong’s art collection features pieces from American contemporary artists Ed Ruscha, Shepard Fairey, and Tom Sachs; Japanese contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara; and anonymous English street artist Banksy.

Nice digs. Why am I suddenly suspicious that a disgraced athlete running a bicycle shop has enough money, and DIS-interest in motor vehicles, to become an early investor in Uber to the point of once again having tens of millions of dollars to play with?

*checks* huh. The Federal government settled its $100m lawsuit against Armstrong for $5m, which let him keep most of what he made while doping. Another ping from the Deep State detector.

Armstrong has a somewhat rocky history in Aspen.

Back in August 2018, the cyclist . stripped in 2012 of his seven Tour de France titles after admitting the use of performance-enhancing drugs . crashed while biking on a trail in the Aspen area. Later that month, Aspen cops responded to reports of a robber at his home.

Two years earlier, in 2016, Armstrong put up the Aspen home as collateral in injunction with a $10 million legal settlement he reached in 2015 with Dallas-based SCA Promotions Inc., a provider of insurance for promotions, contests, and games. The company took Armstrong to court to recover Tour de France bonuses it had paid him and to recoup financial damages.

And in 2015, Armstrong pleaded guilty to careless driving after crashing his SUV into two parked cars in Aspen. The wreck occurred in 2014. He was ordered to pay a $150 fine and nearly $240 in court costs.

Oh, so that’s why he wants to live on a street with no cars: he sees double when driving drunk.

Despite those incidents, Armstrong has chosen to permanently hang his cycling shoes in Aspen.

But while Armstrong may have abandoned Austin as his full-time residence, he still visits the Capital City. .I.m running the Austin marathon in February, which is kind of crazy,. he tells Architectural Digest.

Lance Armstrong cheats even on his protests. He’s using the business he left behind in Austin to signal virtue from his Aspen, Colorado Fortress of Solitude. First he hacked off the entire police department, now he’s leaving his employees with a ruined customer base in a city whose cops wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

How are his Woke employees okay with this treatment from what they call a One Percenter? I like rich people (no poor man ever gave me a job) yet I’d be very upset at a multimillionaire boss angering the police in a city he no longer lives in but I do, with my work address on the announcement.

End segue.

These are certainly trying times and we understand people will object to any decision made along these lines.

“We’re doing our part to protect you from police whether you want us to or not.”

Businesses can no longer be non-participants in the communities they serve. We chose what we think will do the most to suture these divides and place our community on the right side of history. We have had to make these choices before when we felt companies whose products we sold put kids at schools at risk of violence.

A reference to Marxists bankrupting firearm manufacturers with endless litigation. Remington is looking shaky at the moment. I couldn’t find a reference of Armstrong participating in that, however.

We lost sales due to this choice. We also saw our former vendors later divest of holdings and we’ve returned to selling these products. We will live with the choices our customers make if they want to buy bikes and bike products somewhere else.

No, his employees will go on unemployment at taxpayer’s expense because getting Woke, going broke is not technically quitting one’s job.

Hmm, he mentioned the Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement.

We are committed to the city of Austin and the community of cyclists that we serve every day.

We are not anti-police. We do believe our local police force will protect us from the very threats we are receiving right now.

I’d mock this except Armstrong is already two States away from suffering the consequences of this.

We wish this entire community peace and progress and togetherness at the conclusion of these trying times. And we intend to be a part of the discourse, struggle, and growth for Austin, as we have since we opened our doors in 2008.


The hashtag is quite ironic, as Armstrong is doing what he can to ensure people don’t ride bikes any longer and not in safety if they do.

Austin PD should have known better than to do business with an infamous criminal.

Postscript, about the name of “Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop”:

Lance Armstrong’s Business Mocks Him Having Only 1 Testicle

While Lance Armstrong no longer competes in cycling, he’s still very connected to the sport through business. One of his multiple ventures is the Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop in Austin, which opened in 2008 and serves as a riders. destination as well as a place for social gathering.

The name Mellow Johnny’s is a play on the French words “maillot jaune,. which means yellow jersey.

In the context of a lifetime ban from competitive sports, methinks somebody is being a bitter loser.

Inside Mellow Johnny.s, riders, downtown residents, and those visiting the downtown neighborhood can enjoy coffee, smoothies, snacks, or wine and beer, at Juan Pelota, the in-house cafe. Juan is a homophone for the word .one,. and pelota is the Spanish word for ball.

Whether you like him or despise him, Lance Armstrong overcame tremendous odds early in his life in beating cancer. Why he decided to take the path he did after staring down death, only Armstrong knows that answer and must live with that decision. The fact he’s managed to maintain a sense of humor after enduring a career-ending scandal and defeating a disease doctors thought would kill him, is impressive and a credit to his perseverance.

That’s not humor. That’s perversion. Sure, gonad jokes are good for a couple one-liners on the amateur comedy circuit, but actually serving people drinks from his “Juan Pelota” is vile.

Hiding in plain sight.


Keynesians Don’t Sweat the Wu Flu

It’s reassuring to know that some aspects of modern life still haven’t changed. For example, Keynesian economists remain totalitarian lying sacks of shit.

Yes, most workers can collect more in coronavirus unemployment than they earn . but that doesn’t mean Congress should cut the $600 supplement

By, David Salkever, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy, University of Maryland, 4 August 2020

Americans who lost their jobs because of the pandemic had been getting a US$600 bump on top of state benefits in their weekly unemployment checks since March. That ended on July 31, and lawmakers are debating whether to extend the program and if so by how much.

The first question should have been “do we have the money to extend this program?” But Keynesian economists assume prima facie that the society uses fiat currency.

Senate Republicans are arguing it’s too generous to the 18 million who are unemployed and serves as a disincentive to returning to work. Their initial proposal in the ongoing negotiations would slash the benefit to $200 a week.

As an empirical economist, I wanted to see if their concerns about the disincentive were valid. So I analyzed data on earnings and unemployment benefits to estimate the share of benefit-eligible workers who could collect more on the dole than on the job.

I’m not familiar with the “empirical” school of economics. Here’s a book I found:


Empirical Economics publishes high quality papers using econometric or statistical methods to fill the gap between economic theory and observed data. Papers explore such topics as estimation of established relationships between economic variables, testing of hypotheses derived from economic theory, treatment effect estimation, policy evaluation, simulation, forecasting, as well as econometric methods and measurement.

“Use statistics to fill the gap between theory and observed reality”. Like I said, LYING SACKS OF SHIT. An honest man would change the theory to better describe reality.

End segue

Replacement wages
I started my analysis by looking at 2019 Current Population Survey data to estimate weekly earnings of private-sector employees, both nationally and state by state. I then adjusted the numbers for wage inflation and compared the results with jobless benefits and “replacement wages,. which vary from state to state.

Iowa is the most generous and replaces 49% of a worker’s weekly wages with a cash benefit when he or she loses a job involuntarily, while Alaska is the stingiest and replaces only 28% of income. I estimated that on average the replacement rate for all workers in the U.S. was about a third.

Once the $600 federal supplement is added in, the national average wage replacement rate soars to 127%. On an individual basis, I found that 56% of eligible workers would receive more in benefits than they would earn gainfully employed. Among those workers, the average excess benefit was $253.

“We’ll pay you $253 extra per week to stay home, sleep in and avoid getting sick.”

“No thanks. Life is more fun when it sucks.”

This figure also varies in each state, depending on replacement rates as well as average weekly earnings. For example, benefits exceed their earnings for little more than a third of workers in Washington, D.C., while that figure is 75% in New Mexico.

He posts a chart of U.S. states ranking the number of workers eligible for overpayment from 30% to 80%. His own figures indicate that people are being paid to stay home. We didn’t need him to prove what we already know.

If Congress passes a lower federal supplement of $200, the result would drastically change the picture. As a result, I estimate only 9.5% of workers across the country would receive more in benefits than what they could earn . on average about $61 . and the replacement rate would drop by half to about 65%.

The Republican plan would eventually have the $200 supplement replaced with a system that provides workers with a combined state and federal benefit equal to a replacement rate of 70%. The federal share would be capped at $500.

And they go back to work, because the reason people work is to make money. We have recapped observable economic reality. Onward to the Keynesian reality!

Why $600 is still important
While Republicans are right that the $600 jobless benefit may seem high, that alone does not mean it should be cut.

The unemployment insurance program started in 1935 soon after the Great Depression ended with two major objectives: to provide temporary partial wage replacement to unemployed workers and to help stimulate the economy during recessions.

Boom, there it is. Classic Keynesian thinking. When the economy goes into recession, the government increases spending. When the economy recovers, the government increases taxation.

Every elected politician just heard 1. tax-and-spend is virtuous behavior and 2. move over Jesus, I’m the REAL savior of humanity!

The second objective is important. With the U.S. economy sinking into recession, a more generous supplement acts as a powerful stimulus. Consumer spending makes up more than 70% of the economy, and most of those who receive the benefit will spend it quickly. This powerful and ongoing jolt would help revive the economy . or at least keep it alive . as well as offset worries that economic inequality will soar as a result of the pandemic.

Spend it on what? Going to Disneyland? All events are canceled. Movements restricted. Either you order Chinacrap you don’t need from Amazon or you bank it in preparation for the coming massive economic collapse into Keynes’ “in the long run, we are all dead anyway.”

I wonder if God would let me watch when He raises Keynes from the dead to face Judgment Day? I bet the expression on Alan’s face, when he realizes that in the long run we ARE NOT dead, will be priceless.

In addition, unemployment insurance only replaces wages. A job often comes with other benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. Even full-time service workers in the private sector, who as a group earn less than $15 per hour in wages, receive an average of $1.99 per hour in employer-paid insurance, mostly for health care.

Overall, non-cash job benefits amount on average to 19% of total employee pay. Factoring in that non-cash dollar value reduces the average replacement rate to 108% and lowers the share of employees receiving excess benefits from 56% to 43%.

Look, Dave, anybody who pretends to understand the welfare state in this level of detail is self-delusional. That goes double for you experts who work on it.

Finally, employment insurance works in a way that limits its ability to act as a disincentive to work. People who quit their jobs voluntarily are ineligible for benefits. And someone without a job who receives a suitable offer of employment is no longer eligible to continue receiving benefits.

One, that’s not a factor in this Wuhan Big Whoop situation. Two, many people will lie when they’re paid to.

That’s one explanation cited in a recent study by Yale economists that found no evidence that the $600 federal supplement reduced employment.

QED: many people will lie when they’re paid to.

Altogether, I find Republican concerns that the $600 supplement dissuades work unpersuasive in the context of the current pandemic. A generous policy that helps support the economy and aids those at risk of losing their homes or struggling to feed their families seems more sensible than one that assumes someone collecting unemployment benefits could just as easily be working.

Maybe if the government hadn’t banned work, fun and oxygen in the first place, people wouldn’t be at risk of losing their homes or feeding their families? To say nothing of all the new laws being passed to destroy private property, excuse me, landlords’ rights to evict nonpaying tenants. But that observation would expose the fatal flaw in Keynesian economics: the State is not your Savior.

Business Insider’s Hit Piece On the Church

So, a man walks into a church and nearly 100 people instantly die of Chinavirus. Or something like that.

Nearly 100 people in Ohio got sick after one man infected with the coronavirus attended a church service

By Business Insider, 6 August 2020

Yahoo is a media whore but Business Insider limits article viewing. Getting around that is what media whores are for!

  • Ninety-one people caught COVID-19 after a man infected with the virus attended a church service in Ohio.

He must have been a kisser.

Wait, which is it? Did they get sick as in symptomatic or did they merely test positive one time?

  • Governor Mike DeWine tweeted a graphic from the Ohio Department of Health on Tuesday, which showed how the 56-year-old man was responsible for 91 infections.

Wait, that’s not the same thing. Did he intentionally infect 91 people at church or did he accidentally infect a few people who over time, infected others? Answer:

  • The man infected 53 people at the service, and 18 of them then passed the virus to at least one other person, the graphic said.

Better, but most church services today don’t have 50 people attending at all. Suspicion remains. Here’s DeWine’s graphic:

The graphic clearly shows that the one guy in the middle is not responsible for all subsequent infections. It is a common Socialist tactic to hold (ungood) people responsible for what they can’t possibly be responsible for.

  • Experts have previously warned that religious ceremonies are breeding grounds for the virus.

Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Yeah, right. For me to believe this is anything but a false-flag hatchet job, I need the names of the church and the man who apparently showed up projectile-vomiting little spiky balls across the auditorium.

Segue to linked source, the Kansas City Star:

htt ps://

A single person attending church with COVID-19 led to an outbreak of nearly 100 cases, showing the risk of group gatherings during the pandemic, Ohio officials say.

The 56-year-old man attended a church service on June 14 while infected with coronavirus, Gov. Mike DeWine says. By the Fourth of July, at least 91 people ranging in age from a 1-year-old girl to a 67-year-old woman had the virus.

No identification or other sources provided, excepting DeWine’s Twitter feed which also doesn’t name any names. Oh wait, it does name ONE and guess whose?

On Thursday, DeWine’s office announced he tested positive for COVID-19 just before a scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump, McClatchy News reported.

Was this a passive-aggressive assassination attempt? Regardless, no evidence was presented that this church even exists, let alone was the “superspreader” that Business Insider claims it was.

End segue

“It is vital that to control the spread of the virus that any time people gather together, including for religious services, that everyone wear masks, practice social distancing, wash hands, and also while indoors, making sure there is good ventilation and airflow,” he said, according to The Kansas City Star.

It is not clear whether anyone at the church service wore masks or practiced social distancing. Ohio’s mandatory face-mask only came into effect on July 23.

NOT ACCEPTABLE. They know he infected exactly 91 people but don’t know if he ever went within six feet of them? They were able to rule out all other possible sources of infection for those 91 people spread across four counties?

In late May, President Donald Trump declared religious institutions “essential” services and told state governors to let them start admitting people again.

But religious services have been identified as situations where the coronavirus can spread like wildfire.

Fortunately for atheists, BLM protests are not religious services. While it’s true that such gatherings also have a lot of yelling and chanting, it’s not SINGING which is somehow totally different. Also, the protests are all outdoors, excepting the indoor protests, and COVID-19 can’t spread outdoors. That’s why you can still attend a ball game without wearing a mask.

Experts have warned that loud talking and singing could spread the coronavirus further than six feet. When people give exhalations that require more energy, the droplets they emit can travel further. Some research has also suggested that louder speech produces more droplets.

It’s an ideal setting for transmission,” Carlos del Rio, an infectious-disease expert at Emory University, told The New York Times, referring to church services. “You have a lot of people in a closed space. And they’re speaking loudly, they’re singing. All those things are exactly what you don’t want.”


htt p://

Photo of

Squish his face a little and he’d look exactly like Fauci. Very punchable smirk.

[Carlos del Rio] is … Professor of Global Health in the Department of Global Health and Professor of Epidemiology at the Rollins School of Public Health. He is also co-Director of the Emory Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) and co-PI of the Emory-CDC HIV Clinical Trials Unit and the Emory Vaccine and Treatment Evalaution Unit.

Another globalist, vaccinator and AIDS activist. The Chinavirus “response” is headed by a very small group of people and I don’t just mean epidemiologists.

Dr. del Rio is a native of Mexico where he attended medical school at Universidad La Salle, graduating in 1983.

Not my people.

End segue.

A number of churches have caught headlines after large chunks of their parishioners caught the coronavirus.

In March, 35 people at a church in Arkansas caught COVID-19 after attending a service. Three of them later died of the virus.


Among 92 attendees at a rural Arkansas church during March 6.11, 35 (38%) developed laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, and three persons died.

A five-day-long church service?

On March 16, 2020, the day that national social distancing guidelines were released…

Suspicious timing.

…The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) was notified of two cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) from a rural county of approximately 25,000 persons; these cases were the first identified in this county. The two cases occurred in a husband and wife; the husband is the pastor at a local church (church A). The couple (the index cases) attended church-related events during March 6.8, and developed nonspecific respiratory symptoms and fever on March 10 (wife) and 11 (husband). Before his symptoms had developed, the husband attended a Bible study group on March 11. Including the index cases, 35 confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred among 92 (38%) persons who attended events held at church A during March 6.11; three patients died.

Okay, Wu Flu cropped up in a rural community… but the implication that a church service was driving the disease’s spread is an obviously inadequate explanation.

On March 10 and 11, the wife of the church pastor, aged 56 years, and the pastor, aged 57 years, developed fever and cough. On March 12, the pastor, after becoming aware of similar nonspecific respiratory symptoms among members of their congregation, closed church A indefinitely. Because of fever, cough, and increasing shortness of breath, the couple sought testing for SARS-CoV-2 on March 13; both were notified of positive results…

The same day, ADH staff members began an investigation to identify how the couple had been exposed and to trace persons with whom they had been in contact. Based on their activities and onset dates, they likely were infected at church A events during March 6.8 and the husband might have then exposed others while presymptomatic during a Bible study event held on March 11.

Contact tracing will never prove anything. It’s ridiculous to think that even perfect knowledge of a person’s movements is sufficient to track a virus spread, because the person is not the virus.

To facilitate the investigation, the pastor and his wife generated a list of 94 church members and guests who had registered for, or who, based on the couple’s recollection, might have attended these events.

So that’s where the number came from. “I think these people might have attended that day.” Color me skeptical that he had all 94 names in his head and didn’t just fax the church directory.

End segue.

In May, 107 people tested positive for coronavirus after attending a church service in Frankfurt, Germany.

They couldn’t find a second appropriate incident in North America? Come on, San Francisco spreads plagues for fun.

In June, 236 people in Oregon got the coronavirus after a church held multiple services during lockdown.

Ah, they could!


Union County in eastern Oregon is now battling the single largest outbreak of COVID-19 yet in Oregon, according to state public health officials.

The outbreak has spread among the congregation of the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Island City, just east of La Grande. Of 365 church members tested, 236 returned positive for COVID-19, according to Dr. Tom Jeanne, deputy state epidemiologist.

Jeanne suggested that the timeline of the outbreak . with so many people testing positive simultaneously . indicated that the primary transmission likely occurred between church members and not as part of broader community spread.

.It could have been one service or one event that was responsible for the majority of transmissions,. Jeanne said. .It’s a little early to tell..

He doesn’t know but speculates that “attending one church service” spread the virus from 1 to 236. That is not how viruses spread. Being a single event would mean that one or two people sneezed or sweated on nearly 400 people. I know Pentecostals lay hands on each other but not like that.

Local public health officials have offered a somewhat different explanation, downplaying the role of the church in the transmission of cases. …

[Mayor] Clements said he’s concerned about whether there’s a plan to get food and financial aid to families that need to quarantine to keep the virus from spreading. Complicating that effort, he said Union County has relatively few social service organizations and nonprofits, so churches often fill that role.

So, either one person walked into a church and infected 365 people within the hour by singing praises to Christ, or the church had stepped up to help their community and acquired COVID from many acts of charity work. Hmm.

Incidentally, Mayor Clements is a gutless coward:

.I.m scared. I’m concerned for my community. I’m concerned for my family, my friends. I feel helpless sometimes,. he said.

So stunning and brave! What a leader!

End segue.

During the early months of the pandemic, a secretive doomsday church in South Korea was accused of accelerating the outbreak in the city of Daegu. The city is now suing the church for endangering lives.

Business Insider finishes the hatchet job by comparing mainstream American Christianity to a Korean doomsday cult.

The idea that churches are “superspreading hot spots” flies in the face of how viruses actually get spread, which is mostly dirty hands touching your face. But why bother with medical arguments? It’s enough to notice that hundreds-strong, chanting BLM protests have never been described as a “superspreading hot spot”.

Don’t tell me that the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was not a superspreading hot spot.

What a disease. The only ways to avoid getting C-virus are throwing bricks at cops, giving money to AIDS activists, walking counter-clockwise in the grocery store… and intentionally neglecting Christ Jesus, our Savior.


Officer Barbie’s Close Call

Police who don’t get defunded, will soon be getting killed, all because of Wokeness.

http s://

That deputy Sheriff is the size of a child!

King County [Washington] Sheriff’s Office
July 21 at 12:00 PM ?

We acknowledge no one in this photo is wearing mask, but please read on and you’ll see why. It’s an incredible story.

WTF kind of opening line was that? Not a professional one.

On 7/18/2020 around 1 AM, Deputy Elliott was off duty, driving her marked patrol car home after her shift when she was flagged down in the City of Auburn near the E Valley Access RD for a very intoxicated male who had just caused a multiple vehicle collision.

Deputy Elliott checked on all of the occupants of the vehicles involved to make sure no one was injured and everyone was alright. A woman whose car was hit told Deputy Elliott the man that had just caused the collision was drunk and trying to walk away from the scene.

Deputy Elliott called out to the male to stop, but he kept trying to stumble away from her. Deputy Elliott had to jog up to the male and was able to grab on to him to advise him he was not free to leave and was being detained. The male immediately turned around in a fighting stance with his arms up in the air. A struggle began and at one point Deputy Elliott was able to get the suspect onto the ground and call for help on her radio.

Okay, not bad for a pint-size… although I suspect a taser was involved.

Suddenly, the suspect wrapped his arms around Deputy Elliott’s neck, put her in a headlock and began squeezing. She struggled to get out of the hold but thankfully did not lose consciousness.

About this time, Deputy Elliott heard several men’s voices yelling “get off of her.” A group of young men, pictured below, jumped on the suspect and struggled with him as Deputy Elliott was able to get free. They held the suspects shoulders and legs to the ground to allow Deputy Elliott to handcuff the man.

She might have gotten him on the ground but still couldn’t control him. This would have been a fatality except for those YOUNG MEN.

Deputy Elliott sustained scrapes and bruising but thankfully she was not seriously injured. We cannot thank these five young men enough for coming to Deputy Elliott’s rescue. They quite possibly saved her life. The photo was taken just a few minutes after the teens helped her. Moms and Dads, you should be proud of these kids!

The suspect was arrested for felony assault of an Officer and DUI and booked into SCORE jail by Auburn PD, who will be the primary agency on the case.

The suspect had several other warrants for his arrest, including for DUI, DWLS 1 and failure to have an ignition interlock.

This isn’t funny. Police are going to get killed, either physically or financially, unless they accept that one, the real criminals are the politicians signing their paychecks, and two, don’t hire a woman to do a man’s job.



Karen Versus Antifa!

One pic that’s maybe NSFW. After an exhaustive (lazy) search, I have found the perfect incident to describe the Portland situation. One stupid chick put herself in danger then stabs an Antifa chick in the boob, later is found by police but walks free because another Commie terrorist stole the knife she left behind when police tried to do their job.

UPDATE: Stabbing Investigation Ongoing, Involved Parties Have Been Contacted

3 August 2020

Officers have determined that the stabbing took place in Lownsdale Square park when an adult female suspect entered the park taking photos and/or video.

The alleged stabber, a stupid unescorted female who showed up to a Portland protest with shorts, flip-flops a Karen haircut… and a knife? No man who understands violence would have been so entitled and careless.

An argument ensued between the female and other people in the park. During the argument, the female produced a knife and stabbed another female in the chest. The victim is being treated at a hospital and her injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

Ouch! A Portland boob job! A few inches deeper into her body fat and the “victim” would have been forced to shut up. Fortunately, the knife missed the tramp stamp so she’ll make a full recovery.

The suspect initially left but returned and is being interviewed. There is no known ongoing danger to the community related to this incident.

She had apparently dropped her knife at the scene and gone back for it. Unbelievable.

During the initial response, officers encountered a hostile crowd and additional police resources were summoned to try to conduct an investigation. Officers initially located the knife used in the stabbing, however as the officers were trying to secure a crime scene someone picked it up and ran off with it.

Sweet karma!

Officers were unable to safely conduct an investigation due to the hostile crowd, and supervisors made the decision to disengage. As the knife is evidence, it should be returned to police custody.

Too late, spokeswoman. To put it very clinically, “the chain of evidence has been broken”.

When it’s one person against a group of Communists then lethal force from the one is acceptable. Even if she shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


Globalist Jim Denison Claims Individuality Is Evil

One of the few silver linings of the Plandemic is that our enemies have gone…

From his wikipedia page, “Jim Denison is the founder and CVO of the Denison Forum, a nonprofit Christian media organization that comments on current issues through a biblical lens…. The Denison Forum was founded in February 2009. It was formerly known as the Center for Informed Faith, an independent ministry hosted by the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

He is the Resident Scholar for Ethics with Baylor Scott & White Health, a Senior Fellow with the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, and a Senior Fellow for Global Studies at Dallas Baptist University, where he heads the Institute for Global Engagement.

A literal globalist. Per their website, IGE works directly with the Chinese government.

Why America Is So Conflicted over the Pandemic

By Jim Denison, 31 July 2020

Oh, I wish America WAS conflicted over the plandemic.

Many school boards across the nation are debating with local health officials and parents over opening school this fall. Some universities are planning to reopen in-person classes, while others are not.

No. Many health officials are issuing illegal dictats to school districts… with resulting chaos over who is responsible for what. We couldn’t obey the government if we wanted to, because the government wants us confused.

Some churches are holding in-person worship services while others are not. Some ministers see restrictions on such worship services as an infringement of our religious freedom while others do not.

Some ministers worship God while the others worship Government. When Christ told us to enter Heaven via the narrow gate, He meant righteousness not the scrawny nerd.

Some theologians believe that Windows being hopelessly susceptible to viruses for its entire design life was a prophetic warning about Bill Gates’ human vaccination program.

Debates are raging over various therapies and the propriety of receiving an eventual vaccine for COVID-19.

Oops, Denison gave away the game with that one. There is no debate. There is only Cancel Culture because a cure too soon would mean no vaccine.

Lazarus delenda est… encore!

Meanwhile, bad news continues to mount. More than 1,400 coronavirus-related deaths were reported nationwide Wednesday, roughly one fatality for every minute of the day.

That’s 1,400 people died who had C-virus, not 1,400 people who died OF C-virus, for a continent-sized nation of 400,000,000. Not accounting for government lying about statistics.

The total number of confirmed cases has passed seventeen million as of this morning.

Not even symptomatic cases.

The US economy contracted by 9.5 percent last quarter in a record decline. The stock market fell more than two hundred points yesterday in response. The chair of the Federal Reserve has warned that the path of the economy depends on the path of the pandemic. And stimulus payments run out today as Congress cannot agree on next steps to provide economic assistance.

Yes, it’s called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. If you print money fast enough then you don’t know how much you actually have at any specific point. Year 2020 might be the first time in history that money got printed faster than the speed of light. It’s no wonder those poor Congressmen are confused by physics! Their only skill is handling mobs like Steve Irwin handled snakes.

I am en fuego today! Enough with the warm-up.

We might think that the worst pandemic and recession in a century would unite us in response, but the opposite seems to be the case. Why?

In an article for the Boston Globe, cultural psychologist and author Michele Gelfand writes: .The decentralized, defiant, do-it-your-own-way norms that make our country so entrepreneurial and creative also deepen our danger during the coronavirus pandemic. To fight this pandemic, we can’t just shift our resources; we have to shift our cultural patterns as well..

In her view, our nation’s conflicted responses to the pandemic “reflect a broader cultural phenomenon. In a loose culture like the United States.s, people are simply not used to tightly coordinating their social action toward a common goal and, compared with other nations, we’re more ambivalent about sacrificing our freedom for strict rules that constrain our choices..

Dr. Gelfand cites the US, Italy, and Brazil…

Bolsonaro specifically?

…as examples of “looser cultures” which “have weaker rules and are much more permissive.” She contrasts them with Singapore, Austria, and China as “tight cultures” which have “many rules and punishments governing social behavior..

The latter have “histories of famine, warfare, natural disasters, and, yes, pathogen outbreaks. and have learned the hard way that “tight rules and order saves lives.”

The Communist Chinese government holds the all-time world record for murdering its own citizens. The competition was fierce but not close. Powerful, centralized government is the primary cause of the world’s wars and, after the invention of refrigeration in the 19th Century, its famines.

Hey, did you know where COVID-19 came from in the first place? CHINA! That beautiful land of .many rules and punishments governing social behavior.. How are they the success story that we should emulate?

Cultures that have faced few threats, such as the US, .have the luxury of remaining loose. They understandably prioritize freedom over constraint, and they are highly creative and open, but also more disorganized than their tight counterparts..

She notes that the US shifted “from loose to tight” during World War II and believes we need to do so again by .temporarily sacrificing liberty for stricter rules. so we can “limit the damage from this disease..

Boom. Plandemic.

But Denison hasn’t yet thrown in his own two cents:

Dr. Gelfand’s cultural analysis is both instructive and illuminating. As a philosopher, however, I would add a second dimension: The “tight” cultures she describes have been less influenced by the Western emphasis on the individual.

America.s founding document proclaims that “all men are created equal” with the individual right to .life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” These values have been catalytic to the remarkable achievements and progress of our great nation.


Quoting the entire sentence, with the portions Denison mentioned in boldface: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

What part got left out? The part about humanity having a Creator who does not see us as cogs in a great machine.

However, since World War II, we have also been influenced by existentialism and postmodern relativism. As a result, we are a .post-truth. culture in which truth and meaning are found in our personal experience. .My truth. is not “your truth,. and vice versa.

No, no, no. There’s no “also” in that. We believed in individualism because God gives us individual souls. That belief ended as our schools, including the seminaries, began teaching existentialism and relativism.

It is logically impossible to be both Christian and “post-truth”.

As a theologian, I would add a third dimension: humans are infected with what Nietzsche called the “will to power.” Because of our fallen nature, we seek to be our own god (Genesis 3:5). This drive for personal power, expressed in a culture that centers on individual rights and happiness, produces the kind of “loose” culture Dr. Gelfand describes.

Denison, we don’t want to be gods. We want to be ourselves. You have a problem with that? Then you have a problem with Christ our Creator.

How does this discussion relate to masks, public worship services, and other pandemic issues that are highly controversial?

Some in our .post-truth. culture question scientific arguments for masks and against treatments such as hydroxychloroquine. Our emphasis on individual liberty leads some to resist governmental authority regarding worship, school, and masks.

I can hardly believe that even a fake Christian just said that.

In the midst of this cultural conflict, Christians should adopt Jesus. command to “love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39) as a guiding principle. Here’s how I understand this command to relate to the pandemic.

I always wear a mask whenever I am around non-family members. I am persuaded by the science that says masks protect others and myself, and I want to do nothing to harm my neighbor. If there is even a chance that not wearing a mask could infect others, I choose not to take that chance. And I choose not to give offense to my neighbor (cf. 1 Corinthians 10:32) who believes that my mask-wearing protects them.

That’s nice, Jimmy boy, it’s really nice that you restructured your life the way you were already going to in order to show what a good boy you are… while demanding that other people believe what you believe and do what you choose to do.

But you made two mistakes.

Number two, what you missed in the Commandment, Jimmy boy, was “love your neighbor AS YOURSELF.” I refuse to wear a mask for YOUR safety and therefore expect, nay, require that you let me be responsible for my own health in return. I don’t force a vaccine on you; you don’t force a vaccine on me. That Commandment is a mandate against hypocrisy, not an unconditional mandate to worship the State as Christ’s successor.

Which brings me to your first mistake. It was indeed a conditional mandate… being the second greatest Commandment.

In-person worship is more contextual. At the chapel where I preach on Sundays, we have chosen to offer virtual worship because we do not believe we can keep our “neighbor” safe at in-person gatherings. Your church may feel differently about your congregation and safety protocols. My point is that you should make loving your neighbor central to your decision.

The FIRST Commandment is to love God above all other loyalties, even above family, and specifically above those “loyalties” that have banned Christianity: banning church attendance, banning Communion, banning baptisms, banning hymn-singing, banning fatherhood and banning obedience to any authority other than the globalist agenda.

If you care more about your neighbor’s health than worshiping God in the ways He decreed then you are an enemy of God and will surely rot in Eternal Hell.

In a “loose” culture driven by individualism and relativism, loving our neighbor as ourselves is a privilege that will make a greater difference than we can imagine, one life at a time.

Who are your neighbors today?

Not you, Jim Denison you false Christian and globalist infiltrator into God’s Church. You are like the Levite in the Parable of the Good Samaritan: a credentialed expert in religion who, upon seeing a man ruined by robbers and needing help, reminded him to cover his face and not visit your church.

For his safety, of course.