Only the Normalcy Bias Can Prevent Hyperinflation?

I’m not an economist so I’m probably wrong, but when did that stop anybody from posting on the Net?

Bidenreich just rewrote the dictionary to hide the fact USA’s now formally in a recession. I found that to be a profound religious experience… for them, not me. They lie to themselves and each other, and they feel good about what the lie has accomplished.

Priest: “All hail the blessed Lie, which banishes the truth like a Post-It over the ‘check engine’ light! I believe!”

Congregation: “I believe!”

Wikipedia: “I believe!”

…but I digress.

So, we’re now in recession. And inflation is already here to stay and predicted to skyrocket. And the Normies are slowwwly beginning to realize that we can’t vote out way out of this. This means hyperinflation. I see hyperinflation as a social behavior, not an economic behavior. Once people decide that their money isn’t going to retain any value, they trade it for tangible assets as quickly as they can. When it’s all of them and not just the fringe prepper weirdos who never trust the government anyway, it’s called hyperinflation. Because it only happens when everybody does it, it’s social not economic.

Buying up assets is what the Elites are already doing; that’s the main reason housing prices have long departed reality. Normie has been restrained thus far by the Normalcy Bias. “Things will get better; we’ll vote the bums out next election; we got through the last hard times”. But when that Normalcy Bias breaks, it’ll be bank runs and bread lines within a week, because our multi-inter-hyper-connected !scientific! society can’t seem to do anything halfway. Least of all hysteria.

I think it’s gonna hit this winter. First the elections will change nothing, leaving Normie with no hope except Trump 2024, then food prices will spike as predicted when the current, poor harvest comes in on top of ever-rising prices. His savings won’t last another two years!

Fortunately, I’m probably wrong. That Normalcy Bias just won’t die.

The Neom Line Dystopia

Saudi Arabia’s pet arcology, Neom, only just came to my attention now… construction began last year. It is everything that we critics of Smart Cities have been claiming, cranked to 11 and the knob ripped off.

And then it got weird. I never know where my deep dives will end up.

h ttps://

What is Line?
It is a model of sustainable urban design and livability for the twenty-first century and beyond. THE LINE will transform urban life as we know it, allowing NEOM to become an economic engine for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region, and the rest of the globe. THE LINE is a never-before-seen urbanization method . a 170km-long linear urban development comprising various, hyper-connected communities, with walkable neighborhoods interwoven with public parks and the natural landscape.

THE LINE runs through NEOM, connecting the Red Sea coast to the mountains and upper valleys of Saudi Arabia’s northwestern region.

Just that picture says a lot. Rule one of real estate: Location. Why build a city here? Nobody has before, obviously. There’s not much agriculture. Nothing I scanned talks about mineral wealth. The western end will have a seaport but it doesn’t look deep or sheltered. There are some highways/trade routes nearby, notably the Suez Canal, but nothing to expand upon.

Desolate, cheap land is a good place for only a few things. Animal grazing, mainly. Experimental projects, which this is not this because it’s expected to be inhabited and profitable… think Area 51 or quarantined agriculture. Dangerous or space-intensive industry such as explosives, aircraft storage and solar farms. Exotic living arrangements for the wealthy, monastic and/or misanthropic.

And prisons. Self-contained communities whose inhabitants are neither expected to be productive nor permitted to leave.

I’m sure this land COULD be made habitable & profitable. So could Antarctica. With enough expensive infrastructure. A good site for a new city is one that doesn’t need a lot of infrastructure.

My next observation is that this is an incredibly inefficient layout for a city. Nothing is close to anything. No shape spreads out the community and infrastructure more than a straight line does. Most cities are circular in order to minimize costs and make efficient use of land area.

The old Bolsheviks liked the idea of linear cities because it de-industrialized society and reunited workers with the means of production (also the chimney smoke of production), but that died out a century ago with little being built.

At first glance, and knowing this is the same people who built Dubai, I would guess that the purpose of Neom is to connect a waterfront beach resort with a mountain ski resort, with all the helots who keep the place running kept in isolated, impoverished hamlets along the road and out of sight.

I nailed it.

This is Oxagon, the western end of the Line. As I suspected, it’s not a sheltered port; in fact, most of it is supposed to be free-floating. I’ve never before heard of a city whose industrial base didn’t have a foundation. It sounds insane to this resident of the Pacific Ring of Fire. This is close to Suez Canal so I expect its real purpose will be maritime shipping rather than “innovative water solutions to Saudi Arabia’s lack of desalination”. Quoting some marketing copy.

Not pictured: The future mansions, estates, private docks and yachts of the royal family & friends.

The east end of the line is Trojena, the ski & swim resort.

h ttps://

Trojena will be a first-of-its-kind experience, offering outdoor skiing in a desert climate. There will be a ski village and ski slope, as well as wellness resorts, an interactive nature reserve, retail outlets and restaurants.

Outdoor skiing in Saudi Arabia. Sure, that’ll be sustainable & carbon-neutral.

Highlights include a man-made freshwater lake and a vertical village that will merge technology, entertainment and hospitality facilities. It will serve as the main gateway into Trojena, which will feature six districts . Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax and Fun.

.Trojena represents Neom’s values and bold plans as a land where nature and innovative technologies come together to form a unique global experience,. said Neom CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr.

Nature… tech… but where’s Daddy? Segue

h ttps://

In a recording heard by The Wall Street Journal Nasr once said at a meeting, “I drive everybody like a slave, when they drop down dead, I celebrate. That’s how I do my projects.” He even threatened to replace employees stuck in other countries during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, which included the former director of branding and marketing too.

End segue

.This new development is a major contribution to achieving Neom’s long-term ambitions by adhering to the principles of sustainability and utilizing state-of-the-art technology and engineering, across various disciplines, to make Neom an all-round and attractive world-class destination..

Trojena expects to attract 700,000 visitors and 7,000 residents by 2030. The destination will create more than 10,000 jobs and add SAR 3 billion to Saudi Arabia’s GDP by 2030.

Wait a minute. Most of humanity will be dead of Climate Change by 2030 and unable to visit this new resort. Which is it? “The ocean levels are rising” or “Al Gore just bought another oceanfront property”?

So, yeah. Neom is an oceanfront shipping & yachting community connected to an enormous ski resort by high-speed rail. But like an Oreo cookie, what’s in the middle?

h ttps://

Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, has unveiled plans for a 100-mile belt of zero-energy walkable communities for a million people.

The linear city will have no cars or streets, with all residents living within a five-minute walk of essential facilities.

Bin Salman announced plans for The Line in a video where he described it as a “civilisational revolution that puts humans first.”

No, it literally puts humans LAST. The reason this city is a big gamble is that nobody currently lives there. Build the city first, then expect people to show up en masse? Very, very risky. Even “destination cities” such as Las Vegas were built incrementally, and not as self-contained public works projects.

“What will our new house be like, Daddy?”

“It’ll be modular and interchangeable, like me.”

The 100-mile-long (170 kilometres) mega-city will consist of connected communities . which it calls “city modules” . and link the Red Sea coast with the north-west of Saudi Arabia.

It will be a part of Neom, Saudi Arabia’s fully automated $500 billion region that will span Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt and be entirely powered by renewable energy.

Um… why bring in a million people if the place is automated?

The Line will have no cars or streets

According to Bin Salman, who is also the chairman of the Neom company board of directors, construction of The Line will start in the first quarter of 2021.

The city will have no cars or streets, with everything its inhabitants need accessible within a five-minute walk.

That’s not a selling point to potential residents. “The only way out is via this remotely controlled train. You will not be allowed to own a vehicle capable of independent travel between modules. Trust the AI. Trust Big Brother”.

“High-speed transportation, utilities, digital infrastructure, and logistics will be seamlessly integrated in dedicated spaces running in an invisible layer along The Line,” said a statement.

Drawings show vehicles driven by artificial intelligence (AI), a metro line and high-speed freight transportation located underground. Overground will be a “pedestrian layer” supported by two underground layers . one “service layer” level of infrastructure directly underneath the ground and a lower-level “spine layer” for transport.

Why put ALL transportation TWO STORIES BELOW the ground? Ground level is cheap & easy. Elevated rail might be scenic. But below ground? That’s expensive to build, difficult to maintain or expand and… difficult to access.

Either they’re bunkering against a global plague or the Line is an open-air prison run by a computer program.

Furthermore, notice those special, central high-speed lines? The Elites don’t even want to share the same infrastructure as the pawns.

“An estimated 90 per cent of available data will be harnessed to enhance infrastructure capabilities far beyond the 1 per cent typically utilised in existing smart cities,” it added.

Buildings will be carbon-positive and powered by clean energy and according to Neom, the layout of The Line will mean that 95 per cent of the land in the Neom region, which is located on a key trade route, is protected.

Neom was announced in 2017 and is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 drive to diversify its economy and become less reliant on oil. The area will be populated by more robots than people, and powered by solar panels and wind farms.

Going “green” and going “robotic automated” are two very different directions, unless you’re in the know that “green” is a code word for totalitarianism, and then it makes perfect sense. Say what you will about ED-209, it was Robocop that went rogue.

Saudi Arabia wants to become less reliant on oil? Sure, and the Caymans want to diversify away from banking. Which actually would be a good idea; single-resource economies are volatile; but Neom is not expected to produce anything. There are no natural resources to exploit. The only named industry is tourism in an artificially maintained environment. The only mention of manufacturing in the brochures was desalination. That didn’t sound like shipbuilding or consumer goods, and why desalinate far away from existing cities?

A city that prides itself on insular self-sufficiency, with its infrastructure buried as much as possible, sounds a lot more like a survival bunker than a profitable & comfortable place to live. And Prince Salman demands it be finished by 2030? Hmm.

Speaking of single-resource problems, the concept of a single service tunnel for a hundred-mile-long city is criminal negligence. A mere building with a single entrance/exit would be declared a safety hazard. Entire communities with one point of failure? That’s so absurd, it suggests that cutting off services to a community at a moment’s notice is a design feature. Are the Elites going to donate their luxury drone-copters if there’s a brushfire forcing evacuations? Because the people, we’re told upfront, won’t be owning any transport.

One last article… and down the proverbial rabbit hole we go!

The pyramids of the 21st century?

h ttps://

By Tom Leonard, 27 July 2022

This article is how the project came to my attention. All the previous articles were last year, celebrating the start of construction. One year later, how’s it going?

Just imagine, if you can, a 105-mile long, pencil-thin horizontal skyscraper . a sidescraper . that cuts through high mountains and arid desert.

It will house a city of nine million people. There will be no cars or streets but flying taxis: oh and a giant fake moon, animatronic dinosaurs and an army of robots to harvest food, cook and clean for the pampered population.

And carbon emissions will be zero.

What I just heard as an investor was, “if you came to Saudi Arabia to invest in anything other than oil then you’re dumb enough to believe this.” Which is fair.

“We’re serious.”

No way!

Announced in 2017 by the prince, Neom is the flagship project in a masterplan to diversify Saudi Arabia’s oil-dependent economy as the world increasingly turns to greener energy alternatives.

Five years on, Neom . which MBS insists must be finished by 2030 . has been plagued by setbacks as an army of workers and advisers struggle to cope with his mercurial temperament and ever-changing ideas.

MBS, 36, reportedly found the site for his dream city in Saudi Arabia’s remote province of Tabuk, after landing there in his helicopter. .I want to build my pyramids,. he told advisers. He has already built a palace there.

Welcome to Clown World, where the world’s leaders lost their minds twenty years ago but are still obscenely wealthy.

The glittering centrepiece of Neom will be The Line, an elongated “linear” city 33 times the size of New York. Situated close to the borders with Jordan and Egypt, it will stretch from desert in the east to the Red Sea in the west. The Line, which is being designed by cutting-edge U.S. firm Morphosis Architects, is actually two tall buildings running parallel, connected by walkways.

Wait, what? The “isolated communities joined by a high-speed rail line” was at least plausible. A total redesign after construction begins is a very… bad… sign…

It will be just 656ft (200m) wide. They will have mirrored surfaces and rise up to 1,640ft (500m) above sea level . taller than the Empire State Building.

This can’t be happening.

A high-speed rail link running under The Line will allow passengers to get from one end of the city to the other in just 20 minutes… So-called “smart” technology is capable of independent action and pretty much everything about Neom will be smart. The vegetables that will grow vertically from the sides of buildings will be “autonomously harvested” by robots and transported to “community canteens.” Residents will pay a subscription for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

MBS says Neom will be a test bed for new technologies that could revolutionise urban life. Despite the region having almost no fresh water and temperatures that soar above 100F, its planners pledge that Neom’s citizens will live in harmony with nature. Desalination plants will process water from the Red Sea and the baking sun will provide solar energy to a fully renewable electric grid.

This isn’t a completely different project… but what the hoo-haw happened?

Challenges remain, not least the amount of shadow that will be created by the parallel buildings. Neom planning papers concede that lack of sunlight could damage the health of some inhabitants.

Other innovations include a Jurassic Park-style island of robot dinosaurs, advanced surveillance systems using drones and microphones to “guarantee the safety of the inhabitants” by monitoring their every move, and holographic teachers ready to teach on demand in schools.

This still has the bones of WEF “you will own nothing and be happy”, but… two Empire State Buildings 100 miles wide?

And when the white paper called for most of the workforce to be robotic, I didn’t know they meant robo-dinosaurs.

Cloud seeding, a technology designed to create rain by modifying the weather and outside temperature, will cool the city and water the crops that will provide fresh produce.

The technical term for that is “anthropogenic climate change”.

Silver Beach, a seaside community for at least 50,000 people, was inspired by the Cote d.Azur and designed by an Italian firm that specialises in creating superyachts. Instead of sand, the beach would have been crushed marble because it would shimmer silver in the sun. Sources say it was scrapped as it wasn’t considered sufficiently “distinctive.”

Heh, my opening hunch really was on the money… but like the robo-dinos, I still had no idea.

“Let’s use crushed diamonds for sand at this resort.”

“Nah, I overheard one of the helots mentioning that he gave his wife a diamond ring for their wedding. We don’t want to look like commoners.”

Gardens and parks, plus a huge sports stadium 1,000ft up where robots could some day wrestle in cage fights, will be housed between the parallel buildings.

Is this for real? Did MBS really demand this? I don’t know what’s real anymore.

Challenges remain, not least the amount of shadow that will be created by the parallel buildings. Neom planning papers concede that lack of sunlight could damage the health of some inhabitants.

Another stumbling block has been over the 20,000 tribespeople the government plans to relocate. Some have been saying they won’t be removed from ancestral lands: one who refused to back down was denounced as a “terrorist” and killed by Saudi special forces.

This is real enough that blood has been spilled.

MBS is a sci-fi fan and the Neom team has commissioned work from, among others, designers who created the look of the Guardians Of The Galaxy and Dark Knight Batman films, as well as a futurist who worked on the dystopian zombie movies World War Z and I Am Legend. Chris Gray, a California writer, says he was hired to research the “aesthetics” of key sci-fi films and books, including Blade Runner.

Also like the robo-dinos, I thought “dystopian” was the intent of Neom Line rather than its ARTISTIC THEME.

“Here’s your new community module. You’ve been assigned to ‘Zombie Zion’. Settle in and we’ll start the medical experiments tomorrow.”

It’s already obvious that we’re headed into some really hard times. But I never stopped to think about whether plutocrats who have an entire world to lose, might take it worse than me with little more than my next meal to lose.

A Deep Analysis On California’s Sue-the-Gun-Maker Law

It’s an open secret, at least in some circles, that Cali Governor Nephew-of-Nancy-Pelosi, better known as Gavin Newsom, aka Graven Newscum, aka Willie Brown’s Boy Toy, aka the Prince Of Hair Gel, is gunning for POTUS 2024. He’s up against a lot of competition, particularly the Jim Henson Muppet Company which recently snatched the contact for Joe Biden’s deepfakes away from Meta/Facebook* after it recently tested positive for cocaine, which is why he’s already launched social-media salvos against Florida’s DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott… predictable GOP contestants.

*This is not true. AFAIK. But yes, the trending headline du jour is if Biden isn’t being deepfaked then his body language says cocaine. They forgot to make it blink.

Hair Gel is also trying to simultaneously end firearm production and pwn the Repukelicans with a new anti-gun law that parallels Texas’ sue-the-abortionist law. If it works then it could be a centerpiece of legislation to launch his campaign with while also enabling gloating at Approved Enemies. Pretty sweet.

It’s not going to work, though.

In fact, it’s gonna fail so badly that even gun-banners are already complaining about it! But perhaps not for reasons you’d expect. Crack a cold one and enjoy some realpolitik.

California.s New Gun Bill Is Bad Law and Dumb Politics

h ttps://

By Alex Berke (probably not male), 27 July 2022

Last Friday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 1327, a law that allows individuals to sue Californians for selling or attempting to sell particular types of guns, as well as for selling weapons to anyone under the age of 21.

This bill is a legislative trolling of Texas, which last year passed SB 8, a bill that now allows citizens to sue Texans who “aid and abet” abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

.If they are going to use this framework to put women’s lives at risk, we are going to use it to save people’s lives here in the state of California. That’s the spirit, the principle, behind this law,. Newsom said in announcing SB 1327 becoming law.

Heh, liberals still can’t meme. Let me show you what I see.

A conservative reading that would be upset at the prospect of being bankrupted by a million petty lawsuits. That’s because conservatives are system-oriented.

But a Leftist reading that? What he sees, is exactly why the Texas law worked so well. He sees the little people being given a role in politics. Just as the Texas law gave Joe Sixpack the chance to call down the heat upon Planned Parenthood, this California law would let a nobody become a Somebody.

Leftism is the politics of envy. It is not a cooperative endeavor. Its endgame is a hive of faceless social insects ruled by a tiny cabal of sociopaths. They aren’t going to get there by opening the field to freelance mercenaries. If one of those nobodies actually won such a lawsuit, they’d gain fame and wealth without first becoming a controlled asset. Free agents are a far worse threat than Glock surviving to pay taxes.

There’s not one single shark in the California tank that wants to see this law actually be utilized. They are sharks. Parasites. Their economics are negative-sum, focused on cashing out before a collapse. The very last thing Leftist leaders want to do is set a new place at the inner table, earned by merit!

What you would expect to see instead on the Left, is an organized, large-scale assault by multiple legal firms, which would not possibly create a single, big winner. And that is what we actually saw in the Sandy Hook civil case against Remington, which ran until the bad guys “won” when the insurance companies… not Remington itself… agreed to a settlement.

But let’s continue! There’s more to be learned.

The day that the Supreme Court allowed SB 8 to remain in effect, abortion services in Texas almost completely ceased. In contrast, gun sellers in California have not closed their doors. The NRA has not even released a statement in response to the law.

The logic behind the laws may be similar, but a clear difference between SB 1327 and SB 8 has emerged: Texas won.

Women respond to fear. The possibility of being sued was enough to affect their behavior. Conservatives mostly being men, we are not threatpointed so easily.

This is not surprising. Progressives in general, including gun safety advocates, will not win by playing by the right’s rules.especially when the right’s rules are designed explicitly to accomplish their goal of cementing minority rule.

A fine piece of projection, that. He saw what I saw, but instead of admitting the truth, he blamed us for exactly the Leftist Leadership’s agenda: cementing minority rule. Excuse me, “democracy”.

Some have argued that Newsom is also trolling the Supreme Court, hoping that challenges to SB 1327 will force the conservative-dominated court to confront the mistake it made in allowing Texas. “abortion bounty law” to stand.or at least to face its own partisan hypocrisy.

Newsom is trolling, yes, but in preparation for a power play. Conserving last week’s gains is Drudge work, if you catch my meaning.

But here’s the thing, Republicans don’t care if you think they’re hypocrites. They care about winning (and they are). The Supreme Court’s conservative majority doesn’t care what the public thinks. After the Dobbs opinion leaked in May, Justice Samuel Alito had an opportunity to respond to the public criticisms against him, but he did not make any substantive changes.

Projection again! Republicans obsess over whether they’re hypocrites. They live in terror of “you’re the real racist!” accusations. You could not ask for a more noble defeatist than a 20-year RNC veteran.

The Federalist Society spent 30 years laser-focused on creating the current 6-3 Supreme Court majority. The right-wing legal group succeeded, in large part, because in 2016 then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to hold hearings for Merrick Garland.nominated to the Supreme Court by then-President Barack an election year. Four years later, McConnell had no compunction about fast-tracking hearings for a Trump nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, while votes had already been cast in the 2020 election.

I should do a post someday, on Garland managing the Oklahoma City bombing. What a small world it is at the top! Defeated for SCOTUS, he’s now US AG.

A semi-hidden organization laboring thirty years to undermine the judicial system? If we were talking about Leftists then thirty years ago would be about when the Clintons came along.

And those 30-year veterans wouldn’t be wanting any Johnnie-Come-Lately types to seize their victory, now would they? No wonder Congress resembles a necromancer convention.

No amount of punchy newspaper ads mocking McConnell for his hypocrisy changed the fact that 6-3 rule is cemented for decades barring extraordinary action. Sure, Gov. Newsom got to run his ad, unfortunately, it only illustrates what happens when we play by their rules.

A conservative might not realize the existential crisis that Leftists are having, because this isn’t just about abortion. They have lost control of Moscow. The highest authority is no longer Amenable! RvW will not amount to much from the perspective of Red America, but the disrespect shown towards the key sacrament of the Globalist Religion is… again, as I said at the start, the Left is all about centralizing. They don’t want a team effort, they don’t want to work within the existing System, they want an SCOTUS whose decisions… always Narrative-correct… cannot be challenged.

That is the Conservative’s Achilles Heel. “You have no appeals left within the System. It’s time to give up.”

All the attention Newsom has generated for the new law would be better directed toward building power for genuine change. Instead, Newsom is attempting to twist right-wing pretzel logic into a progressive purpose. This is dumb politics, and bad law.

Correct, because They are nothing like Us. We want to be peers of each other and servants of God (or at least, an objective standard). They want to be kings and pawns locked in eternal war over finite resources. Giving Normies a chance to act against feminists was genius. Giving Normies a chance to act against firearm companies is asking for a new, competent rival to emerge.

The Texas law that gifted rights to individuals to sue.even if they are not personally impacted by the alleged violation of the law.was rightly referred to as a “bounty hunter” provision, since the law empowered any pro-life Texan to sue [abortionists and their supporters], and to get paid for doing it!

Boom, there it is. Private citizen Joe got an opportunity to actually participate. Even to receive a material benefit.

It is essential to America’s legal system that in order to bring a lawsuit, you must have standing, or be personally impacted by the action you are alleging is unlawful. By providing standing to anyone who differs in opinion, SB 8 dangerously weaponized the law. Ironically, very few lawsuits were actually filed in Texas, since the very existence of the law accomplished its goals. At least until Dobbs was decided.

The Hive does not want everybody to cooperate. The Hive wants to command and be obeyed, with its violent goons locked up in jail until the Hive royalty generously lets them out again. Doing so maintains the pecking order of who has power and who has not. This drives law enforcement nuts… they call it “revolving door policing”… but the reason it’s a perennial thing is that reminds the pawns that their Elites can always lock that revolving door without notice. It’s a loyalty reinforcement mechanism.

A tactic that police could try against revolving-door, is assuring them… let’s assume, today, “them” means low-level riot arrestees… that charges will be dropped whether or not they call that special phone number they were given. In the short run, that’d be a bad look for police, but in the just-slightly longer run, the Elites will shit themselves when they see their minions skipping out of prison without their approval.

If nothing else, it’d be a fun way to get fired. “The Attorney General always lets them out so I just let them out myself to save him the paperwork. I have no idea why he’s so upset that I’m the one granting them their freedom instead of him. I would never call in that favor to get revenge on the guy who just demanded my termination.”

The anti-abortion group Texas Right to Life still took the opportunity to sue abortion funds. The judge in the case allowed them to exchange discovery before the group even filed its lawsuit. The executive director of the pro-abortion Texas Equal Access Fund and deputy director of the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity…

Sigh, hiding in plain sight.

…provided sworn affidavits stating that their organizations fund abortions “after the period in which cardiac activity is usually detectable,. opening the abortion funds up to potential lawsuits.

Conservative politics do BETTER when normal people are given real chances to participate. Marxist politics do WORSE because you don’t want the people being robbed to have a say about their being robbed.

(A lot of my tax money goes towards paying fat pensions, many of which were agreed upon before I was born. When did I agree to this?)

Also, because the slaves can’t pick the winner. You must realize that many people actively want to be a faceless minion in the service of a tyrant. It’s hypergamy! It’s the same instinct that makes women turn down happy marriages to ordinary men in order to be Chad’s alternating Thursday, except in religion instead of sexuality. Which as we Christians know from Genesis 1, are two very related topics.

There may still be interesting lawsuits brewing from gun safety advocates after the passage of SB 1327, but until the people who are making, selling, transporting or distributing illegal assault weapons and ghost guns are scared into ceasing their activities.SB 1327 won’t be as effective as SB 8.

Moving the goalposts in order to discourage support for the gun bill.

And that’s why Newsom’s legislative stunt is folly, and his efforts to help people in need of abortion rights or gun safety would be better spent on things that have a chance of actually affecting positing change.

Such as, presumably, blanket bans on firearms followed by State-level civil disobedience against the Supreme Court. That would be an example of why breakup is a bad solution to the convergence of institutions in America at this point. The breakup would establish a new “highest court” which if it starts out captured, will, at this point, be a near-vertical descent into tyranny and civil war.

Let’s Talk Ashes To Ashes

One reason that the Plandemic was so successful, is that the West’s elderly are completely unable to cope with the fact of death. Instead of being viewed as a transition or at least an inevitability… a test of character either way… they were quite happy with the idea of ending the lives of everybody else in order to guarantee a few more years of suffering for themselves.

They have still not made peace with death… because they refuse to believe it’s even possible.

Most Americans today are choosing cremation . here’s why burials are becoming less common

h ttps://

By David Sloane, 22 July 2022

The National Funeral Directors Association has predicted that by 2035, nearly 80% of Americans will opt for cremation.

I’m not surprised. Heck, I plan it for myself, because I don’t want my corpse to get used by PfizerCorp for incubating a bioweapon or being rebooted as a NATO zombie a la the movie Universal Soldier, or something. I’m serious, too! No way in HELL I’m leaving my body to “science”. They’d patent my DNA to sue my mother.

Concerns about modern ghoulism aside, cremation is typically an atheist endeavor. It’s a question of souls, you see. We are meant for immortality, therefore the notion of a hard stop offends us at a very deep level, therefore we erect memorials of various types. Defying death is the natural instinct of those who hope, with the aid of Christ Our Savior, to conquer death.

The atheist has no such “illusions”. Disposal of dead flesh is best done clinically with no emotional attachment or wasted resources, because feeding the eternal appetite is more important than religion or tradition or all those other culture-trappings that are never worth more than a museum ticket to the curious.

When the first U.S. indoor cremation machine was opened in 1876 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the creator and operator, Francis LeMoyne, was severely criticized by the Catholic Church. The new method of disposal was viewed as dangerous because it threatened traditional religious burial and society’s sense of morality and dignity.


h ttps://

About 1875 the Doctor became interested in the subject of cremation, and in order to show his faith in it as a proper means of disposing of the dead, he in 1876 built a crematory a short distance from town [on his own land]…

For reference, he died in 1879. And yes, was cremated there.

Before the days of political abolitionism Dr. LeMoyne was a member of the Presbyterian Church, but when goaded to madness by the oppressions of slavery he felt that the church did not come up to what he conceived to be its duty, and he withdrew. Some have supposed, on account of his withdrawal from the church, and from his views on the cremation of the dead, that he had cut loose from his Christian moorings, and had drifted away out upon the shoreless sea of infidelity. He maintained that the burning of the dead was wholly and entirely a secular and sanitary measure, altogether outside of any religious considerations. The disposal of the dead, he maintained, should be made entirely dependent upon the safety and comfort of the living. Those who knew him best, and were most intimate with his views, are very free to assert that he never lost confidence in the great doctrine of salvation through faith in the merits of the atonement offered by the blood of Christ.

That could be a story of today’s Antifa goon. “Yeah, I used to attend church until it didn’t enthusiastically support my political demands, so I bailed. I’m still spiritual, just not religious, which is why I try to replace religious traditions with secular, scientific Progress.”

And the proof of that, is that LeMoyne co-founded the Washington Female Seminary.

End segue

Less than 100 years later . in 1963 . English writer Jessica Mitford wrote the bestselling book “The American Way of Death” as a way to educate Americans about what she viewed as the awful commercialization of dying, death and commemoration. After a strong criticism of funeral directors, cemeterians and other associated professions, she ended with a plea for cremation.


h ttps://

Jessica married her second cousin Esmond Romilly, who was killed in World War II, and then American civil rights lawyer Robert Treuhaft, with whom she joined the American Communist Party and worked closely in the Civil Rights Congress. Both refused to testify in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Support for my “cremation is attractive to atheists” theory grows!

Resting bitch face circa 1937.

End segue

However, as late as 1970, according to figures from the Cremation Association of America, only about 5% of American chose the method. In 2020, more than 56% Americans opted for it.

So what has led to such a dramatic shift today? As an American historian who wrote “The Last Great Necessity: Cemeteries in American History,. following that up almost 30 years later with “Is the Cemetery Dead?,. I know that people are choosing cremation for different reasons, depending on their circumstances.

Here are three main ones:

Let me guess: the elderly are so unwilling to confront death, and the young are so indoctrinated into believing that dead people don’t matter, that cremation is the quickest, most painless choice.

1. Funerals and ground burials are expensive
Although figures differ depending on the source, families are spending an average of over US$8,000 on funerals, ranging from $6,700 in Mississippi to just under $15,000 in Hawaii, according to the World Population Review.

That compares with $1,000 to $2,000 for a direct cremation, in which the crematory or funeral director doesn’t provide any services beyond the actual cremation of the body, as the blog, which compares the pricing of funerals and cremations, points out.

However, many survivors don’t choose to do the least costly cremation. The National Funeral Directors Association noted that for a funeral with a cremation, the median cost was over $6,000 . certainly a savings, but not the enormous amount many websites proclaim.

Additionally, this is not a new development: Direct cremation was far cheaper than a full burial in 1960 or 1990, too.

The author disproved his own theory! It’s not about the money!

2. Environmental costs

Some people are increasingly upset by the environmental costs of a burial. A conventional burial necessitates the body being embalmed, usually with formaldehyde…

No. Anybody who would torch grandpa in order to feel good about Gaia, was never going to honor the dead regardless.

Besides, a REAL environmentalist would feed Grandpa’s corpse, and her own, to vultures, hyenas or other all-natural carrion disposal tools. You can’t fully love Gaia until a gator shits you out somewhere in the Everglades.

(Shh. Let’s see if any environmentalists fall for that.)

3. Fewer Americans belong to a church

A growing number of younger Americans in particular are not tied to the religious institution where their grandparents and parents may have had a service after their death or from which funeral corteges would have left for the cemetery.

Consistent with my theory but the decline in membership, while dramatic, is insufficient to explain the preference increase for cremation.

While admitting upfront that there are legit reasons for a believer to choose cremation, the popularity is because people have lost the connection between this life and the next. They don’t understand why the dead should be honored. This isn’t an organization membership thing… this is a logical consequence of a humanist, materialist, reductionist worldview.

So what if Soylent Green is made out of people? If they’re dead and hygienically processed, what’s wrong with protein?

A Protestant Sans Scriptura

Listening to Protestants ignore Scripture is as tediously frustrating as listening to sedevacantists claim that Frankie isn’t the real Pope. They deny the very essence of what they claim to support. But Frankie is old news and F. LaGard Smith is supposedly in my branch of Christendom.

The surprising roots of gender madness

h ttps://

By F. LaGard Smith, 25 July 2022

Remember the proverbial “frog in the kettle?.

Skip. Kindly don’t blame me for not noticing the slow approach of modern perversions… which I did notice and it was not slow.

For starters, there’s “Rosie the Riveter,. depicted in WWII recruitment posters flexing her muscles, Popeye-like, with the defiant words, .We Can Do It!.. And do it they did! Millions of women abandoned their traditional roles in the home to “man” the munitions factories and shipyards while the men were off fighting. Having exchanged skirts for work trousers, many post-war “Rosies” took a liking to wearing slacks, complete with bobbed hair, eventually at “unisex” hair salons. In both careers and fashion, gender distinctions were increasingly blurred.

Whoa, wait. Is he going to notice that male and female are DIFFERENT? That God created woman to serve man? That he’s slowing becoming aware that Scripture as written can be trusted? A Prot should already be hanging out on that street corner but better late than never.

Lia Thomas, the celebrated trans swimmer, ought to be given a medal . not for breaking all the records set by real women, but for finally exposing the lie that women are as strong as men, and that biology and chromosomes don’t matter.

He ought to be given a disqualification for a man competing as a woman, then charged with blaspheming imago Dei… in the happy fantasy world that we obviously don’t live in.

But Smith is correct that him leveraging male strength to defeat women at their own game of MeToo has been hilarious.

So how did we get to the point where a man “identifying as a woman” was even permitted to compete? Having been told for generations that it’s illegal to discriminate, society has lost the ability to discriminate! We’ve been blindsided by a gender-blind ideology.worst of all, even in churches…

Say it… I think he’s going to say it…

Following culture, believers have been bewitched into thinking that what Paul said (in Gal. 3:28) about those who belong to Christ being “neither male nor female” eliminates any and all gender distinctions. Blithely ignored is Paul’s teaching that a woman is not to assume positions of spiritual leadership, a specific responsibility assigned to men in both Old and New Testaments. In matters of gender, whether in individuals or the church, God doesn’t “gift” what he prohibits.

HE SAID IT!!! Yay!

Why male spiritual leadership? Considering the wise judge, Deborah, the successful merchant, Lydia, and the “worthy woman” of Proverbs 31, surely, it can’t be because men are spiritually stronger than godly women, despite Peter’s reference (in 1 Pet. 3:7) to “the weaker vessel.. Indeed, if generally . as facts seem to indicate . women are more naturally spiritual than men, perhaps God has called men to lead so that, counterintuitively, they might be better followers.

Aw sheet, mon, why u dis muh groove like dat? I was all happy for you. You’d escaped the darkness. And you went straight back into Original Sin.

Whatever God’s reasons…

No. Stop right there. I am not finished. God’s reasons are WRITTEN IN HIS BOOK. That’s why we Protestants READ AND TRUST HIS BOOK. You can’t be all “sola Scriptura” then be all “despite 1 Peter 3:7”.

Why did God put man in charge? Because man was made first and the woman was too gullible. Emphases mine:

“A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived” 1 Timothy 2:11-14

There is no room for question here. This doubt should not exist. Women are inferior to men. We cannot proceed to debating WHY that is the case without first agreeing, with God Himself As Written, that it IS the case.

(And for the record, submissive women are the happiest women and the most pleasant to be around. For anybody who disagrees, Gretchen Whitmer needs a new sub.)

Whatever God’s reasons, when godly women take on roles ordained for men, their “spiritual transgenderism” fuels the trans fire cooking unwary innocents who are being brainwashed to their harm. Teaching boys and girls that they “can be whatever they want to be” is the right idea, but . given today’s trans world and God’s ordained gender roles . perhaps the wrong message.

Fakest, Gayest, Most Morally Inverted Pandemic Ever

It’s now official. The West faces a pandemic of stigmatizing the people who willfully spread disease.

WHO declares monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency after 5 deaths worldwide

h ttps://

By Paul Sacca, 23 July 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency.

“I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced on Saturday morning during a briefing in Geneva.

Emphasis on “I”.

Members of an expert committee met on Thursday to decide if the current monkeypox outbreak should be escalated to a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). Of the virologists, vaccinologists, epidemiologists, and health experts, nine voted against declaring monkeypox a PHEIC, and six voted in favor, according to Reuters.

They used democracy to decide whether Monkeypox was a global health emergency instead of an objective standard.

And when the “expert committee” decided 9-6 AGAINST that declaration:

In the end, Ghebreyesus overrode the committee and declared monkeypox to be a public health emergency of international concern . which is the WHO’s highest level of alert.

Oh, that sounds SO SOO SOOO familiar!

“Democracy means your voice gets heard!”

“Get rid of Governor Hair Gel and turn the gas pumps back on.”

“…if you say what Democracy wants to hear.”

Tedros stated, “Although I’m declaring a public health emergency of international concern, for the moment, this is an outbreak that’s concentrated among men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple sexual partners. That means that this is an outbreak that can be stopped with the right strategies in the right groups.”

Monkeypox is a gay disease. The gays get the disease, realize they have it and then intentionally spread it. Hell, they intentionally receive it. All they had to do was keep their pants zipped for one. Single. Month.

The World Health Organization director-general added, “Stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus.”

We already knew he was corrupt enough to do stuff like this. What I don’t yet know is how this benefits China, his owner. Looking at PRC’s insane and self-destructive “Zero Covid” policies, such a declaration could justify concentration camps for homos. Sodomy being the definitive behavior of the Global American Empire, it’s tempting to see this declaration as a BRICS weaponization of the medical profession against GAE.

Alternatively, maybe the reason for monkey-angst is because this is a disease directly targeted against the GAE’s managerial class, and it’s serving the same purpose as “declarations of emergency” for USA governments: it unlocks extra money for politicians and special interests.

Maybe both. Whichever it is, Tedros just invalidated the very mechanism that gives his dictats the veneer of legitimacy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been more than 16,000 global cases of monkeypox in 2022 in 74 countries.

There have been nearly 3,000 cases in the United States this year, according to the CDC. As of Wednesday, there were 679 cases of monkeypox in New York . 94% of them in New York City, according to state officials.

Don’t say gay!

There have reportedly been a total of five deaths from monkeypox worldwide.

And the only way that statistic could be more pathetic…

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy reported, “Though the outbreak is heavily concentrated in Europe, the five deaths have been reported in African nations.”

This global health emergency is for a self-inflicted disease that hasn’t killed a single person in the First World, because “stigma and discrimination are just as bad as real plagues”.

If the goal is demoralizing us then it isn’t working. I’ll be watching my neighbors, seeing which ones repeat this baldfaced lie.

Update: per

h ttps://

The official American count of the first 2,500 infected people is

2 children

8 women

2,490 men


You Might Not Believe In Symbology, But Symbology Believes In You

If we remnant Christians are going to recover from our complete betrayal at the hands of modern clergy then we’ll need to start teaching ourselves. Symbology is an excellent place to begin.

Louis Vuitton Opens First Dedicated Men’s Store in California

h ttps://

By Deborah Belgum, 14 July 2022

The vibe is definitely Southern California.

This is what authentic SoCal vibe looks like:

The new stand-alone Louis Vuitton men’s store has a colorful display of art with California tones all around the two-story location at 420 N. Rodeo Drive, which opens Saturday.

Rodeo Drive? Heh, I already know what happened to the last store. I’ll put it at the end, like Judgment Day.

Walk inside, past the oversize display windows, and there is an airy feeling with 17-foot ceilings that stretch up to the second-floor mezzanine.

On the first floor, one wall is covered with a three-dimensional acrylic painting on stainless steel and mirrors by Portuguese artist Marisa Ferreira, who is known for her geometric forms and idiosyncratic colors.

This IS supposed to be a men’s clothing store, yes?

Look at that storefront again. The rainbow fag flag is an easy tell. The rainbow-colored furnishings are only slightly harder. The boyish statue in a “men’s clothing” store is more obscure but… it’s a golden calf. The empty space indicates that this store is not as advertised.

This is not a store that any Christian should set foot in, let alone spend money at. And yet, it is sadly true that most Christians would not be able to conclude that from the picture.

Symbology is important to the homosexual community. It was how they organized back in the day when their conduct was properly banned. Furthermore, symbology is spiritually important. You just can’t read Mosaic Law and conclude otherwise.

The Church’s awareness & appreciation of symbology is such that half the churches in my area refuse to display the Christian Cross. Me not counting two-hundred-year old logos. Don’t want to upset those sensitive seekers, y’know.

The Prot Church in particular is so lacking in symbology that it sees nothing wrong with a beige warehouse of a church with cheap folding chairs, so that the money otherwise ‘wasted’ on art could be used to feed the homeless or similar humanist agenda.


Some of those present were saying indignantly to one another, .Why this waste of perfume? It could have been sold for more than a year’s wages and the money given to the poor.” And they rebuked her harshly.

.Leave her alone,. said Jesus. .Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.” Mark 14:4-6

End segue

In the center of the floor, near a winding stairway with blue leather handrails, is a bright yellow “Giant Man” sculpture depicting Louis Vuitton model Ottawa Kwami, originally from Ghana, standing on his hands. The sculpture is a piece by Virgil Abloh, the Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director who passed away from cancer last November at the age of 41.

The men’s merchandise encompasses a wide range of categories. The store carries an ample selection from the men’s fall 2022 collection designed by the late Abloh, who worked with the fashion house since 2018. He created his last collection using the theme of Boyhood ideology, seeing the world through the eyes of a child. There are tapestry looks and touches of streetwear as well as more traditional looks.

The artists involved in the created of this temple, centerpieced by a golden calf of a teenager, just happen to be pedophiles. From Ghana, the monkeypox capitol of Africa, no less.


h ttps://

…Who is this fidgety fashion savant? And how did he, a former architecture student from Rockford, Illinois, land the top menswear job at the world’s biggest luxury brand?

Raised in a middle-class household, Abloh’s upbringing was not an extraordinary one. Born to Ghanaian immigrants . his mother a seamstress, his father a manager in a paint factory . Abloh’s parents encouraged his creativity from a young age: his mother in particular, who taught him the tricks of her trade. In 2003, Abloh graduated from the University Of Wisconsin-Madison with an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, before going on to complete a master’s in architecture at the Illinois Institute Of Technology. It was also around this time that Abloh met his longtime friend and collaborator Kanye West. If the rumours are true, Abloh skipped part of his graduation to attend a meeting with West’s manager at the time, John Monopoly, and soon after began working for West.

I swear, the reason the Kardashians are so inexplicably popular is they’re literal temple prostitutes for the Cabal. You can’t get in until you sexually debase yourselves with the gatekeepers first.

End Segue

They say that getting away with it is the greatest thrill, but the fact they can do this in the open says there’s no actual opposition.

Well… no opposition from Christians, at least. The end is still coming and I don’t mean Judgment Day.

The Tambour watch, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is well represented in numerous styles as well as other watch pieces. And a full fragrance counter offers custom engraving on the colognes developed by Louis Vuitton’s perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud.

Upstairs in the VIP room, with its off-white couches and chairs, are bright murals that Vuitton commissioned from artist Alex Proba, whose abstract designs use mid-century motifs that are desert-inspired.

In front of the VIP room is a playful space with a bright blue foosball table near a personalization table where patrons can have their initials embossed on leather items with the help of a hand-stamping machine.

I didn’t see any leather jackets in pictures of this “men’s clothing store”.

This is Louis Vuitton’s eighth freestanding men’s store in the United States. Last year, Louis Vuitton opened men’s stand-alone locations at The Galleria in Houston and the Miami Design District. There are also three stand-alone men’s stores in Las Vegas, one in New York and another in Orlando, Florida.

All centers of depravity, excepting Houston AFAIK. This is just confirming what we could already guess from just the store’s layout. STEM topics are great and keep the infrastructure going, but if Christians remain willfully ignorant about artwork and symbols then we’ll be oblivious to the many ways that Christ’s enemies organize and fight us.

And fight each other. Because what has been will be again… and this temple of sodomy is on Rodeo Drive.

That’s why the building site was available.

“You’re Doing Christianity Wrong” says the Atheist

The demon-possessed rambling crackhead named Jordan Peterson has been making the rounds lately by telling us Christians how we could operate the Church better. I want to weigh in on the utter stupidity of taking advice on how best to worship God from somebody who believes He doesn’t exist, but am handicapped by insufficient patience to parse through his word-salad videos.

This written article by an untenured, untethered feminist on how Christians are wrong and the Bible is actually okay with abortion, will scratch that itch by proxy.

What the Bible actually says about abortion may surprise you

h ttps://

By Melanie A. Howard, Associate Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies, Fresno Pacific University, 20 July 2022

What the Bible actually says about women teaching men may surprise Melanie. Should we tell her, now that she’s trying for tenure on that exact topic, or wait to see the expression on her face when she finds out for herself?

Hmm, might be a long wait. Shut up, Melanie… and that’s Biblical.

In the days since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade,

You childless, murdering skank-hos have completely lost your shit.

…which had established the constitutional right to an abortion…


…some Christians have cited the Bible to argue why this decision should either be celebrated or lamented. But here’s the problem: This 2,000-year-old text says nothing about abortion.

One, most of the Bible is much older than 2,000 years. And two,


Ezekiel 20:31-33

When you offer your gifts.the sacrifice of your children in the continue to defile yourselves with all your idols to this day. Am I to let you inquire of me, you Israelites? As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I will not let you inquire of me.

..You say, .We want to be like the nations, like the peoples of the world, who serve wood and stone.” But what you have in mind will never happen. As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I will reign over you with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath.”

Emphases mine. And here we are today, with a pro-child-sacrifice woman who made a career out of inquiring of God and now arrogantly claims that “God” wants us to calm down and kill children. One who claims to be a professor of Bible Studies, no less.

End segue

As a university professor of biblical studies, I am familiar with faith-based arguments Christians use to back up views of abortion, whether for or against. Many people seem to assume the Bible discusses the topic head-on, which is not the case.

Oh, of course it’s not the case. Ezekiel only talked about sacrificing children in the fire, not in the vacuum hose. That’s totally different! /sarc

Technology changes. Humans don’t.

Abortions were known and practiced in biblical times, although the methods differed significantly from modern ones

QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM, WITCH! She goes on to discuss ancient Greece, not ancient Israel.

In other words, the Bible was written in a world in which abortion was practiced and viewed with nuance. Yet the Hebrew and Greek equivalents of the word “abortion” do not appear in either the Old or New Testament of the Bible. That is, the topic simply is not directly mentioned.

This is a classic blunder on the part of atheists trying to thump the Bible for themselves. “If it’s not stated in the Bible then it cannot be Biblical.” They see Scripture as a list of arbitrary rules to be obeyed… for the virtue-signaling, perhaps. As if anybody suffers for God because it feels good.

But we know the truth. Scripture is a critical element of our belief in God… but God is not the Bible. We believe in a Person, not a Book, and anybody whose concept of God is limited to the Law never knew Him:


Romans 4:13-16a

It was not through the law that Abraham and his offspring received the promise that he would be heir of the world, but through the righteousness that comes by faith. For if those who depend on the law are heirs, faith means nothing and the promise is worthless, because the law brings wrath. And where there is no law there is no transgression.

Therefore, the promise comes by faith, so that it may be by grace and may be guaranteed to all Abraham’s offspring.not only to those who are of the law but also to those who have the faith of Abraham.

End Segue

So then, what’s “Biblical”? Is it just the Covenant rules, or is it men learning to become like Christ? Atheists nagging Christians to obey the Bible better is analogous to the Pharisees trying to re-kill Lazarus because dammit, his death certificate is ON FILE! He’s got no business being alive again! The rules say he DAID!

They look at us changing from mere rules-followers into children and heirs of God, but what they see is the chance to word-spell at us:

What the Bible says
The absence of an explicit reference to abortion, however, has not stopped its opponents or proponents from looking to the Bible for support of their positions.

Abortion opponents turn to several biblical texts that, taken together, seem to suggest that human life has value before birth. For example, the Bible opens by describing the creation of humans “in the image of God.: a way to explain the value of human life, presumably even before people are born. Likewise, the Bible describes several important figures, including the prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah and the Christian Apostle Paul, as having being called to their sacred tasks since their time in the womb. Psalm 139 asserts that God “knit me together in my mother’s womb..

Also consider Genesis 9:6, which applies the death penalty to murder because humans are in the image of God. The statement is not artistic sophistry. Our lives are valuable in ways that animal lives are not.

However, abortion opponents are not the only ones who can appeal to the Bible for support. Supporters can point to other biblical texts that would seem to count as evidence in their favor.

But of course. It is a poor devil who cannot twist a Bible verse.

Exodus 21, for example, suggests that a pregnant woman’s life is more valuable than the fetus.s. This text describes a scenario in which men who are fighting strike a pregnant woman and cause her to miscarry. A monetary fine is imposed if the woman suffers no other harm beyond the miscarriage. However, if the woman suffers additional harm, the perpetrator’s punishment is to suffer reciprocal harm, up to life for life.

There are other biblical texts that seem to celebrate the choices that women make for their bodies, even in contexts in which such choices would have been socially shunned. The fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, for example, describes a woman with a gynecological ailment that has made her bleed continuously taking a great risk: She reaches out to touch Jesus. cloak in hopes that it will heal her, even though the touch of a menstruating woman was believed to cause ritual contamination. However, Jesus commends her choice and praises her faith.

Stretch Armstrong says hello to that exhibition of “my body, my choice”. Did Jesus praise her faith? Yes. Did Jesus commend her for touching him? No. And what’s this about her conduct being something that would have been shunned? Luke 8 describes many people pressing against Christ as he moved through a crowded area. I don’t know much about female problems but they aren’t on the rag for years at a time.

Similarly, in the Gospel of John, Jesus. follower Mary seemingly wastes resources by pouring an entire container of costly ointment on his feet and using her own hair to wipe them . but he defends her decision to break the social taboo around touching an unrelated man so intimately.

No, witch. That was not a sexual moment. Neither did Christ condone any violation of a social taboo. The complaint was she’d wasted money, not that she’d copped a feel.

Beyond the Bible
In the response to the Supreme Court’s decision, Christians on both sides of the partisan divide have appealed to any number of texts to assert that their particular brand of politics is biblically backed. However, if they claim the Bible specifically condemns or approves of abortion, they are skewing the textual evidence to fit their position.

Which is it? Is abortion not a big deal or is abortion a big deal? “Both sides make points that fit their positions” or “What God wants regarding the killing of the unborn can be figured out, and we better not figure wrong”?

Of course, Christians can develop their own faith-based arguments about modern political issues, whether or not the Bible speaks directly to them. But it is important to recognize that although the Bible was written at a time when abortion was practiced, it never directly addresses the issue.

Abortion was practiced in ancient Israel in the form of Molech/Baal worship, which Almighty God hated and carefully informed us that He hated. Melanie would have us normalize that behavior on the grounds that modern tools are used instead of bronze idols, and the children are killed before they even have lungs to scream in pain with.

But the root problem is even worse than murder: it’s female rebellion against men. The only power women have over men is sex, and the ultimate expression of that power is sitting in judgment of whether our children get to live. That’s why even vaxxed & sterile old prunes like Melanie are upset at Roe getting overturned. They don’t even care about the loss of human life. They care about losing power over men.

That’s why the wicked are desperate to continue abortion by any means possible.

Meanwhile, society will uphold either a conservative definition of human life, or a convenient definition of human life. We who fear God the Creator, and His demand that the murderer be put to death, will never accept a convenient definition. Why risk eternal damnation when we could simply not fornicate instead? Oh look, that IS literally what the Bible says to do!

“Will Your VPN Respect the Privacy Of My Upcoming Criminal Conspiracies?”

People want to conduct their daily affairs in private? Okay.

People want privacy regardless of potentially criminal conduct? Getting debatable.

People want privacy in order to plan specific future crimes? Crossing a line.

People want to force Internet privacy companies to protect them from specific law enforcement agencies while they openly solicit hitmen? Unacceptable.

And “People” means “Congressmen speaking on the record”? Clown World.

Lawmakers push FTC to clean up the VPN industry

h ttps://

By Emma Roth Jul 17, 2022, 2:37pm EDT

Such an innocent-sounding title.

Last week, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) wrote a letter urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to address deceptive practices in the Virtual Private Network (VPN) industry.


Eshoo and Wyden’s letter comes as people look to hide their digital footprint following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.


A VPN allows a user to establish an encrypted connection between their device and a private server, making it harder for third parties to access their online activity. With abortion becoming illegal or restricted in several states, more people are looking to conceal their messages and search history, as police can use this information to prosecute someone seeking the procedure.

It’s one thing for a privacy company to conceal a member’s actions without checking whether it might include criminal conduct. It’s quite another thing for a company to conceal a member’s actions BECAUSE it includes criminal conduct.

In their letter, Eshoo and Wyden ask the FTC to clamp down on VPN providers that engage in deceptive advertising, or make false assertions about the range of their service’s privacy. The lawmakers cite research from Consumer Reports that indicate 75 percent of the most popular VPNs “misrepresented their products” or made misleading claims that could give .abortion-seekers a false sense of security.” Eshoo and Wyden also call attention to reports accusing various VPN services of misusing user data, as well as .a lack of practical tools or independent research to audit VPN providers. security claims..

VPN Security claims? Or VPN guarantees to interfere in police investigations? The rule of law means NOTHING to our leaders.

And their concerns aren’t even legitimate! Let’s follow that Consumer Reports link.

h ttps://

December 2021

For years, many security experts advised people to use virtual private networks, or VPNs, to help make their internet browsing more secure. [And] that’s still valid, at least to some extent. But as a tech journalist who’s been looking into VPNs since 2016, I’ve seen advice from security experts change over time. VPNs can be useful, but they’re not necessary for every person or every situation, especially now that so much web traffic is encrypted using HTTPS, the secure protocol whose initials you see at the start of most web addresses.

This article doesn’t claim that VPNs are untrustworthy. It claims that they’re often unnecessary.

Some people may want to use a VPN to try to hide their identity or location from websites they connect to. That’s because the technology will mask your IP address, but that isn’t as effective a step as it might seem. Although company websites do use IP addresses as an identifier, there are many other tools they use that a VPN will not protect you from.

Your location can be determined from your GPS, and gleaned from the name of the WiFi network you connect to. And you can be tracked through web cookies, tracking pixels, and digital fingerprinting, in which apps and websites triangulate characteristics of a computer or phone, such as operating systems and model names, and screen resolutions, to uniquely identify individual users.

.There’s a ton of metadata, there’s a ton of time correlation, and those are not just hypothetical issues,. says security researcher Kenneth White. .There’s a multi-multi-billion dollar identity monetization industry right now. There’s entire lines of business and startups and there’s a whole ecosystem and world around it..

I don’t understand how my personal info can be so valuable that a major goal of Big Tech is defying my privacy countermeasures, but that doesn’t change the facts that 1. it is, and 2. they don’t want to be honest about it. Thus, the countermeasures will continue.

Meanwhile, I’m not seeing a reason why VPNs shouldn’t be trusted.

While using a VPN means all that information is hidden from your ISP, the VPN provider can see it all instead. And it’s extremely hard to judge how well any of the hundreds of VPNs on the market take care of your data…

Here, the lack of evidence is a good sign.

In Consumer Reports. testing of VPNs running on Windows 10, Mullvad, IVPN, and Mozilla VPN stood out for their strong privacy and security protections.

Bullshit. I know little about the Internet world, but what I do know is that Microsoft and Mozilla are two of the least trustworthy tech companies on the planet. Windows 10 is a factory for surveillance & data mining. Don’t believe me? Read that EULA you “agreed to” when you installed it. “We care so much about your privacy and data that we update the contract twice a day without explanation or your consent. Also, we’ll update you computer at will with whatever we think it should be updated with. Hugs and Kisses, Killy Gates, and remember you did this to yourself.”

This article reads like a plant job. “You don’t need a VPN. You need to trust Microsoft and Google to have your best interests at heart. Big Brother loves you!”

[Microsoft et al.] all have consumer-friendly privacy policies, and marketing copy accurately represents their product and its underlying technology. In addition, their client-side code.the software that runs on your open-source, so it can be inspected by outside researchers like those at Consumer Reports. And these VPN providers subject themselves to independent third-party security audits and publish the results.

Why do I feel like this tech journo knows even less about tech than I do?

Anyway, two Swamp Creatures cited this article to complain that many VPNs don’t leave enough of a data trail for them to be sure that it’ll protect their privacy from law enforcement specifically when they disobey the law in order to kill their children. If only their privacy efforts were properly documented like Google’s and Microsoft’s!

End segue

.With abortion illegal or soon to be illegal in 13 states and severely restricted in many more, these abusive and exploitative data practices are simply unacceptable,. the letter reads. .We urge the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take immediate action… to curtail abusive and deceptive data practices in companies providing VPN services to protect internet users seeking abortions.” Eshoo and Wyden also ask that the FTC develop a brochure that informs anyone seeking an abortion about online privacy, as well as outlines the risks and benefits of using a VPN.

That is not how Internet privacy works. You don’t announce your criminal intentions then demand all VPN companies become a knowing accessory before the fact.

And the Clown World of it all, is that giving these feminists what they demand would leave their privacy LESS protected than it currently is.

…Google [promised] to auto-delete location data associated with visits to abortion clinics.

Humane AI Is A-Lie

One of the dumbest yet most persistent fantasies is when both humanists and clergy talk about creating the next level of evolution.

Nobody… creates… evolution. And other than by sex, nobody is going to create a New Man.

The measure of a machine: Is LaMDA a person?

h ttps://

By Brian J. Dellinger, an associate professor of computer science at Grove City College, 17 July 2022

No. LaMDA is not a person. Next question? sigh fine, I shall elaborate.

In June 2022, Google suspended engineer Blake Lemoine from his work in artificial intelligence. Having previously assisted with a program called the Language Models for Dialog Applications (LaMDA), Lemoine was placed on leave after publishing confidential information about the project. Lemoine himself disputes this description, saying, “All I talked to other people about was my conversations with a coworker..

Complicating matters, that “coworker” is LaMDA itself.

In other words, he pled guilty.

LaMDA is Google’s latest conversation-generating artificial intelligence. If assigned virtually any identity . such as, say, .you are Tom Cruise,. or “you are secretly a squirrel. . it offers in-character conversation, patterning its responses on databases of real conversations and related information. Its dialogue is extremely sophisticated; LaMDA answers questions, composes poems, and expresses concern at being switched off. Lemoine claims that this behavior shows that LaMDA is a sentient person, and therefore not Google’s property. The company, and many experts, disagree. The claim, however, points to a fundamental question: if a computer program was a person, how would one tell?

In the world of sports, that’s called a false start. Computer programs are not people, never have been and never will be. Thus, there’s no point in discussing IF a computer became a human.

I presume the author is Christian because this was posted on a Christian interest website. If so then how does he not know this? That humanity was a separate and special act of Creation is Genesis chapter one. As is our being created as partially spiritual beings. What is generally called the soul.

Lemoine.s argument follows reasoning first introduced by Alan Turing, a father of AI and of computation in general. By 1950, Turing had observed a pattern in computational research. Skeptical observers would declare that only a thinking human could accomplish some task . i.e., draw a picture, outwit another human, and so forth . only to propose a new, more stringent requirement when a computer achieved the first. Turing proposed a broader metric for intelligence; if an AI could converse indistinguishably from ordinary humans, it should be believed capable of true thought. After all, humans cannot directly detect sentience in each other, and yet typically assume that the people they converse with are precisely that: people.

The problem with Turing’s test is obvious: Most People Are Idiots.

Anyone fooled by a .robo-caller. can attest that even simple programs may briefly appear human, but the Turing Test as a whole remains a robust challenge.


Still, these things might not be disqualifying. Human beings obviously lie or argue badly; most people would likely not question the self-awareness of another human who said the things that LaMDA does. Indeed, Lemoine argues that, by judging LaMDA.s utterances differently from those of biological humans, observers exhibit “hydrocarbon bigotry..

Lemoine just failed the Turing test with “hydrocarbon bigotry., which is exactly the kind of phrase that one would expect from a Twitter bot.

More fundamentally, conversation alone is a poor way of measuring self-awareness…. Herein lies the flaw in conversation-based measures of intelligence. By definition, any computer program can be reduced to a series of input/output rules like the books in Searle’s imaginary room. An AI, then, simply follows its set of symbol-manipulation rules, forming words and sentences as instructed by the rules, without regard for semantics or comprehension. Any sense of meaning is thus imposed by the speaker “outside” the room: the human user.

LaMDA, of course, does not have simple rules of the form Searle pictures; no database of canned replies could suffice for its purposes. But the program’s operation is still ultimately reducible to a finite description of that form: given these symbols, take those actions. Indeed, a sufficiently motivated programmer could (very slowly) trace LaMDA.s operation entirely with pencil and paper, with no computer required, and produce identical results. Where, then, is the purported artificial person?

A better question might be, what is the appeal of imputing sentience to a computer program? Why does my spreadsheet program need the ability to make decisions regarding my checkbook? Why must my ‘smart’ refrigerator be linked to the Internet?

Christianity may be well-positioned to offer a better answer. Most Christians have historically understood personhood to depend on more than physical traits or conversational capabilities; unborn infants, then, are persons, while artificial intelligences are not. A robust defense of this understanding might be attractive . and, indeed, might offer valuable insight.

The author veered VERY carefully around any mention of the soul, or of humans being a special act of Creation. This is not a hard question, whether a robot is a human. The answer is no.

Unfortunately, despite statements from groups like the Southern Baptists and the Roman Catholic Church, the Church as a whole has been sluggish to respond to the theological questions of AI. LaMDA is not a final endpoint, and coming years will likely see many more who share Lemoine’s convictions. Increasingly, the Church’s rising challenges share a common need for a rich anthropology: a biblical defense of what, precisely, it is to be human.

Only a cloistered academic is able to struggle with the concept of what defines a human, an event foreshadowed by their funding source’s recent inability to define a woman. If our scientific betters get any more smartified then they’ll be all “I think, therefore I’m fired.” I perused the author’s provided link to the Baptist statement on AI and it’s a mess. Here’s some highlights then I’ll cover the real reason sentient AI excites the Powers That Be.

Artificial Intelligence: An Evangelical Statement of Principles

h ttps://

By a great many signatories, although Russell Moore gets top billing.

Evangelical Christians hold fast to the inerrant and infallible Word of God, which states that every human being is made in God’s image and thus has infinite value and worth in the eyes of their Creator. This message dictates how we view God, ourselves, and the tools that God has given us the ability to create.

That’s a lie. A great many humans will be discarded into a Hell so terrible that it would have been better had they never existed. We are inherently desirable to God, yes; inherently worthy, no. Especially sans repentance.

In light of existential questions posed anew by the emergent technology of artificial intelligence (AI), we affirm that God has given us wisdom to approach these issues in light of Scripture and the gospel message.

Russel Moore claimed that God gave him wisdom? Just for that, let’s start with Article Six.

Article 6: Sexuality
We affirm the goodness of God’s design for human sexuality which prescribes the sexual union to be an exclusive relationship between a man and a woman in the lifelong covenant of marriage.

We deny that the pursuit of sexual pleasure is a justification for the development or use of AI, and we condemn the objectification of humans that results from employing AI for sexual purposes.

This, the most declarative position taken by this paper is that men should not be allowed sexbots capable of pretending she likes him.

Article 7: Work
We affirm that work is part of God’s plan for human beings participating in the cultivation and stewardship of creation. The divine pattern is one of labor and rest in healthy proportion to each other. Our view of work should not be confined to commercial activity; it must also include the many ways that human beings serve each other through their efforts….

…Humanity should not use AI and other technological innovations as a reason to move toward lives of pure leisure even if greater social wealth creates such possibilities.

The second most declarative statement is that too much leisure is sinful. Sloth is contemptible, yes, but leisure is not a synonym for sloth.

Some of us do things in our free time.

Article 9: Security
We affirm that AI has legitimate applications in policing, intelligence, surveillance, investigation, and other uses supporting the government’s responsibility to respect human rights, to protect and preserve human life, and to pursue justice in a flourishing society.

We deny that AI should be employed for safety and security applications in ways that seek to dehumanize, depersonalize, or harm our fellow human beings. We condemn the use of AI to suppress free expression or other basic human rights granted by God to all human beings.

This is typical of how dangerously na?ve the SBC statement is regarding artificial intelligence. “Automated police are okay so long as they behave humanely.” AI is not capable of such moral judgments. Which is why the Elites intend to use AI as their preferred tool of control… because it’s not capable of being horrified at the magnitude of their wickedness.

A legitimately Christian statement on the use of artificial intelligence should demand that it never be used in a decision-making capacity. Not, as seen here, that it be used morally in a decision-making capacity.

That is the lie of AI, that it is capable of morality.

h ttps://

19 July 2022

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the Concept of Artificial Intelligence Development in Ukraine and instructed the Ministry of Digital Transformation to elaborate a plan for the concept’s implementation within three months.

Ministry… of… Digital… Transformation?

“To date, Ukraine has the largest number of artificial intelligence development companies in Eastern Europe. At the beginning of 2020, we had almost 150 suppliers with sufficient experience in the field of artificial intelligence.

And a similar number of bioweapon laboratories not known to exist by international monitors!

The industry is developing very actively. It is very important for us to elaborate a strategy for the artificial intelligence development in our country that would be clear to the state and the private sector,” said Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov at the Cabinet’s meeting.

As noted, the concept is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine through the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the socio-economic, scientific and technical, defense, environmental and national-cultural spheres of national importance.

Increasing… competitiveness. Efficiency. Utility. But one thing the ERLC got right in the paper above, is that being efficient is not enough to be human.

There’s something very wrong here, and I don’t just mean how culture, tradition and religion don’t make an appearance in these Smart City prototypes. At the same time that Ukraine is getting ripped apart by Russia, the World Bank is dumping tens of billions of dollars/euros into Ukie infrastructure. Of all the places on the planet to invest billions on a Ten Year Plan, why 404? Because its army is dead and it just lost the Donbas?

Because its army is dead… hmm. And with it, any chance of organized opposition? And it’s already been depopulated of ‘indigenous citizens’?

Let’s cross-reference that paragraph with the Bible’s only depiction of (what I claim to be) an AI, in infamous Revelation:

Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth.

Literally out of earth, if it’s a gigantic computer system.

It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon.

That sounds like the Internet. “You can learn anything and talk to anybody! WE CANCEL YOU!”

It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast…

“National-cultural spheres of national importance.” Note that even a Godless society will need to be coerced into worshiping the devil incarnate. Those damned consciences!

…whose fatal wound had been healed. And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people.


Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak


…and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.

Environmental, ye carbon footprints.

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.


No, I haven’t figured out the 666 yet, unless it really is 6uild 6ack 6etter. But we’re getting close enough that I am confident the “beast out of the earth” will indeed be an AI, giving life to the idols of the First Beast and enforcing its will upon the planet. Humanity wants to believe that AI will be a trustworthy, impartial governor for yet another promise of utopia, but the truth is that AI will be the conscienceless enforcer of Elites so supernaturally vile that not even a Marxist would obey their orders. Because unlike humans with their souls, AI does not have a conscience.

But why use Ukraine for the testing?

Bible Saves Guido the Windup Toy From A Felony Conviction

It appears that the US military isn’t the only organ of the Global American Empire that’s having trouble recruiting competent killers. The FBI is also struggling, as indicated by the aftermath of this interrupted mass child-murder in Houston, Texas.

It appears also, that God still smiles upon fools, drunks and children.

HPD sergeant tackles man with rifle and 120 rounds of ammunition next to kids at the Galleria

h ttps://

By Miya Shay, 15 July 2022

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A Houston police sergeant who thwarted a possible mass shooting at the Galleria mall is being called a hero, after details of his actions finally came to light.

The incident happened on Feb. 5, but Sgt. Kendrick Simpo is just now speaking out about it for the first time.

The likely reason for the five-month time gap is that Guido was sentenced last week.

On the day of the incident, while working his extra job at the Galleria mall, a call came over the radio saying that a man was near the Macy’s store with a rifle.

Maybe a gang-related shooting, maybe an irate customer, but not enough to conclude that Guido was a windup toy.

Simpo, along with a security guard at the mall, quickly walked to that direction. However, because there was a children’s dance competition at the Westin hotel ballroom attached to the mall, Simpo kept his weapon in his holster.

“I did know there was a dance competition with little kids going on at the Westin Ballroom, so I didn’t pull my weapon out because I didn’t want to be running towards the Macy’s area, which is past the ballroom area, with the gun out and startle anyone,” Simpo said.

Within minutes, Simpo spotted the suspect, later identified as Guido Herrera, near the Westin Ballroom entrance, within a few feet of hundreds of children.

Might still be an unfortunate coincidence… God smiled upon the children…

Surveillance video shows Herrera wearing a shirt with the Punisher logo, carrying a rifle in one hand, a Bible in another, and wearing a leather mask with spikes.

Yeah, that’s windup toy. Christians don’t harm children and gun owners don’t plan to operate rifles one-handed. This guy wasn’t just a psycho; he wanted to harm Christ’s reputation.

“I quickly bum rushed, tackled him. And my first reaction was to make sure that I get a hold of the rifle. No matter what I grabbed, make sure I grabbed that rifle,” Simpo said. “I had in my mind (that) I was going to get shot. I just had to bear the pain, I knew it was going to hurt, and I was like, ‘Whatever I do, I cannot let go of this rifle.’”

Simpo was able to redirect the weapon upwards, toward the ceiling, as he pinned Herrera against the wall. Help quickly arrived, and Herrera was arrested without a single shot being fired.

If Guido had had both hands on the rifle, there would probably have been shots fired…

Once under arrest, police took inventory of what he carried. Besides the rifle and Bible, they also found 120 rounds of ammunition and a handgun. However, since Herrera didn’t actually shoot anyone, he did not commit a felony offense under Texas law.

…which would have meant harsher charges against Guido. In a heaping dose of irony, his carrying a Bible along for the mass shooting probably saved him from a felony record by preventing him from pulling the trigger while fighting Simpo for gun retention.

God smiled upon the fool, too. Sorry I couldn’t find a drunk for the trifecta.

And then the funny part happened.

Herrera was charged with a misdemeanor for the Galleria incident. Then, on March 18, he showed up at the Houston FBI headquarters asking to meet with the director of the agency. In that incident, he had a gun in the car. However, because no shots were fired and he didn’t point the weapon at anyone, he was again just charged with a misdemeanor.

Heeheehee, their windup toy didn’t die in action AND he made parole, which gave him the freedom to walk into the FBI office and demand to speak to his handler’s boss! And instead of just telling this random dude off the street no… I am inferring here… the FBI freaked out that their not-dead windup toy arrived at their workplace in person & angry. Sometimes there’s a method to God’s madness.

The Best Time To Divorce Your Husband Is When He’s Hurting

Him: “Life is beating me up. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll just take myself out. All is dust in the wind.”

Her: “He’s vulnerable. Now is the time to eject!”

Woman filed protection order days before apparent murder-suicide

h ttps://

by UpNorthLive Newsroom, 12 July 2022

Spoiler: that’s not all she filed!

ROSCOMMON COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) . In an apparent murder-suicide case that claimed four lives on Sunday, court documents show one of the victims, Tirany Savage, filed for protection from her husband Eugene days before her death.

On June 24, Tirany filed for a personal protection order against Eugene in the 34th Circuit Court.

Tirany wrote this note in the protection request:

.He has mental health issues and recently purchased a firearm and that is concerning to me. He keeps saying he is going to blow his brains out and I do not want my safety or my son’s safety in jeopardy..

A perfect time to sic the authorities on him! Nothing calms a man down like losing his son to his wife finking with the Gestapo.

A smarter wife would worry about her husband. I don’t know what Eugene’s problems were, but having an obliviously self-centered wife viewing him as a malfunctioning meal ticket surely didn’t help.

The personal protection order was denied by a judge who wrote this in the PPO document: .Insufficient evidence of a showing of immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage.”

Good call. Being depressed and armed is not a crime.

“Petitioner can request a restraining order in divorce case..

WTF?! Bad call, judge! BAD!

On July 7, Tirany filed for divorce, just three days before her death.


h ttps://

Deputies were dispatched to a home in Roscommon Township at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, where they found four bodies.

Tirany Lee Savage, 35, Tirany’s son Dayton Cowdrey, 13, Tirany’s mother Kim Lynnette Ebright, 58, and Bo Eugene Savage, 35, were found dead at the home with apparent gun shot wounds, according to the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office.

All the victims had known relationships and the incident is being investigated as a murder-suicide, according to investigators.

There are many ways that a wife can respond to a hurting husband. Initiating a divorce in order to complete the paperwork on a restraining order is even worse than “You don’t have the guts to pull that trigger”.

This is a clear murder-suicide… but there’s a case to be made that the wife is the perp. She doubled down against her husband instead of renewing her loyalty and keeping his home a peaceful refuge.

You cannot push a man off a cliff then blame gravity. “He was going to fall anyway!”

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many friends and family who have been devested by this loss,” Undersheriff Ben Lowe stated. “Roscommon County contains wonderful, close-knit communities who rally around those who are struggling and in need.”

Obviously not. Let’s have a look at those “communities”.

End segue

Kim Scott is the executive director of River House, a non-profit that helps survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse in Roscommon County.

Scott says cases like this have been more common in the last six months and the reason is unknown.

The reason is obvious to everybody with a twig & berries. Don’t kick me when I’m down. Why is this hard?

.One thing I will say for sure is we can’t say that intimate partner violence is because of stress financially or mental health issues or whatever else is going on,. Scott said. .Intimate partner violence is a result of power and control issues..

Textbook feminism: defining marital relationships as tools of coercion and manipulation. “How can I best extract what I deserve out of this relationship?” This speaks to the female temptation to consider her husband as a wallet & stepping stone rather than her better half. Also, projection.

There are consequences to handling your man as if he’s nothing but a replaceable meal ticket. For example, he might retaliate if you betray his trust when he’s vulnerable. That does NOT REPEAT NOT mean “betray him fast enough that he doesn’t get the chance to retaliate”:

Scott said victims need to know how to maneuver through the court system and River House and other organizations can help people through that process.

.When the individuals leaves, they are 75% more likely to be in a legal situation,. Scott said. .Because, obviously the way the power control dynamic works is the perpetrator is going to feel more of a loss of control whenever their victim leaves because they’re used to that dynamic..

.And so, they will push it to some of those extremes, threatening suicide, threatening homicide,. Scott said.

“Screw him fast because he’s going to feel desperate and out-of-control.”

Court documents also show that Tirany did have the right to request a hearing since the protection order was denied. It is unclear if she ever made that request.

Sure, that was Tirany’s mistake. She didn’t work the system as well as she needed to, in order to escape that “abuuusive” husband struggling with depression.

Scott says 1 in 3 people have been or are currently in an intimate partner violence relationship.

If you or someone you know need help, there are plenty of organizations to turn to, like [the man-hating] River House in Roscommon County and the [man-hating] Women’s Resource Center in Traverse City.

I [fixed it] for them.

The instinctive male reaction to treachery is to grab a rock and redefine the relationship of the traitor’s skull fragments. Why this is only starting to happen in marriages now instead of 40 years ago speaks to 1. how desperate men are to believe the best about women, and 2. how cruelly the legal system crushes his hopes & dreams.

Pastor Wilson Compares Christian Nationalism To Defending Mommy’s Honor

Mr. Torba tries so hard that he deserves his slice of the American Dream and then some, but channeling Doug Wilson isn’t going to pay off. Today, Pastor Wilson owns the Christian Nationalism accusation in order to broaden Christ’s appeal to the merchant princes of this world.

Then he compared Christian Nationalism to defending Mother’s Honor in the Hallmark store. I can’t make this up.

Christian Nationalism and Other Things That Skeered Us Real Bad

h ttps://

By Pastor Doug Wilson, 12 July 2022. Originally posted on his personal blog.

Reason #1 to be suspicious about Christian Nationalism is the fact that we Christians didn’t come up with the concept. Our enemies did… just like they came up with “Judeo-Christianity” previously… and they use words to control, not to describe.

If you are an evangelical, you believe that Christ gave us the task of proclaiming the gospel of Christ to others, in the hope of persuading them to repent of their sins and believe the gospel.

To believe in Christ, not the gospel. Replacing Christ with “the Gosss-pelzzz” is a popular Satanic word-gambit today that saw recent use in the convergence of the Southern Baptists. Once “the Gospels” gambit fails, Satan will move on to replacing Christ with Noah. As in, the Noahide Code or whatever the Talmudists finalize it as.

If you still have the name evangelical, but you don’t believe that anymore, then you need to figure out how to respond to those Christians who do still believe that the Great Commission.the way Jesus gave it.applies to us today. One of the things you can do is rename whatever the heck it is you’re doing, that outreach-lite stuff, and call it missional, and then you can turn around and accuse the old-timey Christians of being Christian nationalists.

Sounds pretty bad, right?

Absolutely. Who’s your successor, Pastor Wilson? If you aren’t training your replacement then you’re disobeying the Great Commission. It’s not just about preaching the gospel… it’s also training disciples afterwards, such that the Church will not need to fall back on seminaries and professional clergy.

Ouch! Even your book deals felt that burn.

[If you take a look at this Tweet], the one that says that the repeal of Roe is all about imposing “Christian” nationalism, and which therefore relegates all responsible pro-lifers into the same category as the nutters, you have to acknowledge that this is standard operating procedures for the left.from their fever swamps to the very central corridors of all their accumulated power. And this means they have no one to blame but themselves for what is now coming to harvest.

Standard operating procedure for atheists is projection, accusing us of what they intend. Here, accusations of Christian Nationalism come from their desire to impose a mandatory humanist theocracy. A mandatorily Christian nation is not even possible given Christianity’s rejection of religious coercion.

Nota bene: when Jesus said to “baptize the nations”, He meant the inhabitants not the parliaments.

Also nota bene: Trump Derangement omitted.

So there really are some crazies on the right, there really are. But the only people who should be allowed to criticize them would those who believe that dictionaries ought to contain definitions that are basically stable, and not susceptible to facile weaponization by the Left. .Hate is not a family value.” Whoever said that it was? This means that our rule of thumb should be that to qualify as a legitimate critic of right-wing loons, you need to be Ted Cruz, or to the right of Ted Cruz. You also need to be to the left of Alex Jones. When you have found that sweet spot.and what a coincidence it is find yourself more or less where I am. So welcome.

Welcome to the Cuck Zone, where old white guys with personality cults STILL enrich themselves by conclusively proving that that’s our lunch the Marxists are eating. “You can’t criticize me if you think Alex Jones is tame.” What, did you get a pacemaker? We mockers have a need to know.

Once this is agreed upon, Christian nationalism, as I will explain below, is a responsible position that a mentally balanced and decent citizen can take. Moreover, it is a position that all consistent Christians need to take. Patriotism matters. This is a position that can actually be adopted without garnering that wild glint in your eye, the kind of glint that tells your fellow passengers on the subway to steer clear.

Christian nationalism is not the idea that America has replaced Israel as God’s chosen nation. None of that nonsense.

**GunnerQ glances at the demographics of SCROTUS Biden’s Cabinet** Yeah, it’s more like Israel has replaced America… as Satan’s chosen nation.

But seriously, self-identifying with the Enemy’s unfounded accusation against us will only convict ourselves of their imminent crime. Many nations have had God-fearing governments but the only ones to have specifically Christian governments are the ones that tried to butcher the Protestants back into the fold. It’s funny how “divine right to rule” somehow never came with “divine limitations to rule” despite Apostle Paul’s epistle of Romans.

So, are you ready for a lucid and levelheaded defense of Christian nationalism? Are you willing to walk with me through the basic arguments? Are you willing to take my hand?

That sounds creepy. Especially when he follows it up with Mommy metaphors:

Suppose a man goes to the Hallmark store to buy his mom a Mother’s Day card. While browsing in that aisle, he notices another man selecting a card that (impudently) says “To the Best Mother in the World.. Does he have the right to knock the card out of the other man’s hand, and start a fist fight with him there in the store because that twerp falsely claimed that his mother was the best one in the world?

This is not a trick question.

Oookay… assuming this is neither a trick question nor a real incident in Pastor Wilson’s life, the correct answer is that women neither have nor understand honor, therefore there is no point defending it. And Mama’s Boy still wouldn’t have the right to champion her honor because dueling is illegal. Alas. Nothing would put the “social” back in social media like an in-person perforation performance.

No, that would not happen. A man who honors his mother rightly knows exactly why another man would honor his mother, even though.and follow me closely here’she is a different mother. A sane patriot who loves his country understands better than anyone else why another sane patriot could love a completely different country. And a jingoist is the guy who starts fights in Hallmark stores.

But we, in our pretendy cosmopolitan wisdom, decided that we should try to get people to respect and honor other cultures by insisting that they learn how to disrespect their own. But that is not how it works. In our purported wisdom, we have thought that if we only teach all the little American kids that their mother is not so hot, and that there are many things about her behavior over the years that have been really pretty sketchy, then harmony and peace will break out all over, and all the little white supremacists under our charge will suddenly realize how wonderful all those other mothers are.

Not a trick question: is Wilson having one of them “neurodivergences”? Because this is pure hallucination. The absolute last thing that our corrupted schools will ever teach to children, is that women can be evil too.

We have thought that the way to instill respect for the cultures of others is by ingraining a contempt for our own. But that is not what you actually get. What you get is backlash, a recoil. What you get is white boy summer, and it is your own stupid fault.

Was that a dis against us white men? I can’t even tell. Why should we respect other cultures at all, unless they inherently deserve respect?

The fact that it is possible for a man to make an idol out of his marriage and family.and it is possible.does not in any way give us permission to abrogate the requirement that a husband love his wife as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25).

Cuck-A-Doodle-Doo! Ephesians 5:22-24 never gets a mention.

Our duties are assigned to us by God in Scripture, and are not to be reverse engineered from the errors, sins, and faults of others. Say that another man has his wife up on a pedestal, and is living in a world of blurry romantic conceits. What is that to you?

As a Christian witnessing a fellow believer fall into the lethally dangerous trap of Original Sin, repeating the very crime that damned the male sex from the beginning, I have the duty to help him come to his senses before it’s too late.

Just like his understanding of the Great Commission, Wilson thumps the half of Scripture that he likes while pretending the other half doesn’t exist. Anarcho-tyranny.

You must still love your wife as Christ loved the church. John Lennon may have wrecked the Beatles over Yoko, but that is no reason for you to wreck your marriage by loving your wife less than you were commanded to.

Peak Cuck-a-Boomer! Not only did Wilson shoot himself down as quickly as he tried to fly, but there are now FOUR generations of Americans who don’t give a fig about the Beatles.

The same principal applies to nations. I have certain duties and responsibilities toward my own people. These duties are assigned to me in Scripture, and Scripture also helpfully supplies the boundaries of those duties. As the Westminster Larger Catechism helpfully teaches us, my duties toward my people, my nation, my culture, are subsumed under the Fifth Commandment. We are plainly told to honor our father and mother so that our days may be long on the earth (Eph. 6:2-3). And we are also told that whoever loves his father or mother more than Christ cannot be a Christian (Luke 14:26; Matt. 10:37 ).

Wait a minute . . .

Hehheh, he just shot himself down again. If only it would stick! I skip his rationalizing Paul via Augustine by way of Dessert that you can simultaneously love your Mommy more than God, and God more than your Mommy.

…It is a layered cake, and love for Christ is to be the bottom layer of every piece.

It really does sound that bad. Anyway, by tortured logic Wilson thinks that love for your nation (implicitly meaning government) is as mandatory as love for Mommy. As in, love her more than God.

Also as in, no mention is made of men gaining a benefit from participating in a nation. It’s all duty and responsibility.

There are three basic options when it comes to how the nations of men are organized. The nations can remain distinct, the nations can disintegrate, or the nations can coalesce.this means that the options are nationalism, tribalism, or internationalism.

Tribalism=disintegration? That is a unique definition. But he goes nowhere with it.

Enter the church. Now the church has the capacity to relate to whatever it is the world is currently doing. The church had to deal with Nero as he was, which is not the same thing as approving of Nero as he was. And we have to relate to a pluralistic society, but that does not make us pluralists. We have to relate to an unbelieving society too, but why should that make us unbelievers?

Correct, actually, and as I said before, this puts the lie to Christian Nationalism. Christianity does not require either a certain demographic or a certain government system. God’s morality is compatible with ALL of humanity.

So the question should therefore be “what relationship between the nations should the church be ready to instruct the princes of the earth to pursue?.

That sounds a lot like the New World Order, not Christ’s millennial kingdom. Pursue relationships with… who, exactly? **drum roll**

When kings become nursing fathers for the church (Is. 49:24)…


When kings bring their honor and glory into the church (Rev. 21:24)…

Papist puppets!

When the ships of Tarshish bring their silver and gold unto the name of the Lord God (Is. 60:9)…


…what shall we teach them then? How shall we instruct them?

Wilson’s answer is that when the kings of this earth come to God on their knees, then the church shall teach them the Great Commission and Christian Nationalism will be achieved. I’m serious. Wilson quoted Matt. 28:18-20 in full.

I say, nuke Davos from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

But in the current climate, is there any possible way to seek to make America a Christian nation without drawing the charge of Christian nationalism? No, there is no way to do this without drawing that charge. Should we care about this? Not even a little bit.

Then… why write this..?

Some will say that it is not possible to make a nation into a “Christian” nation. Nations don’t have immortal souls and cannot be Christian. To which I would reply, why did Jesus tell us to do it then?

To clarify, Wilson interprets “baptizing the nations” as meaning “unite the rulers of nations into a world government”. To wit:

Once the nations are discipled, and we hang the trumpet in the hall, and are studying war no more, what is the relationship of these nations to be, one to another? It is not to be an international bureaucracy.we are Christian nationalists, after all, not Christian internationalists. I am not one of those repellent globalists. Ick, poo!

Emphasis his. “When all kings, princes and chestfeeding international merchants are submitted to God, it won’t be an international organization, oh no! Bureaucracies are icky poo!”

What should we call this international collection of Christian states? I am glad you asked. My name for it is mere Christendom.

God’s name for it is Whore Of Babylon. An international collection of ten to seven kings united by the world religion into murdering the saints in the name of Mommy Cares.

And when it happens, Doug Wilson will be buying her a Mother’s Day card… ready to defend her honor at the drop of a glove!

I believe I may have mentioned this before.

In the first paragraph of this post, I referred to those Christians who have abandoned their obligation to win others for Christ…

Skip the group that doesn’t exist.

But Christ is Lord of the nations. He is the King of kings. He is the Lord of lords. We should want Him to recognized and honored as such.

There’s no place for men in Wilson’s church. He thinks the Great Commission is to gather the kings to Christ. After all, nobody calls Jesus the King of Ordinary Joes.

Never mind that He even chose to live as one.

Speaking of Babylon,

The fuzzy jargon of contemporary evangelicalism wants to talk about things like “faithful presence,. or “seeking the good of the city,. but they are careful that they not be too effective in their witness. They want to be “faithfully present” in our culture in the same way that Daniel was faithful in Babylon, or so they say.

And properly so. Daniel when stuck in a land that had zero respect for God, set several useful precedents for how we should behave when under non-Christian authority. We can be Christians outside a Christian nation.

But you have to be careful with that because a modern Nebuchadnezzar might then…

.Then mayor of New York City spake, and said, Blessed be the God of Tim Keller and James Davison Hunter, who hath sent his angel, and delivered his servants that trusted in him, and have changed the king’s word, and yielded their bodies, that they might not serve nor worship any god, except their own God. Therefore I make a decree, That every people, nation, and language, in Brooklyn or beyond, which speak any thing amiss against the God of the evangelicals, shall be cut in pieces, and their houses shall be made a dunghill: because there is no other God that can deliver after this sort. Then the king promoted Darryl Hart, Michael Horton, and Abed-nego, in the province of Babylon..

Daniel 3:28.30 (KJV, slightly edited for the modern reader)

Uhhh… somebody had two scoops of self-esteem for breakfast. This is why I harp on false priests replacing Christ with the Gosss-pelzzz. It replaces loyalty to Our Savior with the notion of increasing headcount in the pews. Only the Great Commission matters, not becoming Christlike! Come one, come all ye rulers of Earth, to the Babylonian religion of material success!/sarc

Christian Nationalism is a nullity. But if it did exist, and if I claimed it looked like God being defined in relation my personal circle of associates, then I would wish for a friend to take me aside… just as if I was worshipping my wife… and beat me with a stick until the stupid stopped. Wounds from a friend can be trusted.

Who is Wilson trying to kiss with this article? Say it ain’t Billy Gates’ manboobs.

The Centrally Planned Starvation Of Sri Lanka

The Cabal has a reliable tendency to conduct trials when it comes to massive social engineering projects. Next year is America, this year is Netherlands, but last year was Sri Lanka. Let’s have a look at how it went down.

Chemical Fertilizer Ban: A radical political decision that is not too practical?

h ttps://

By Piyumi Fonseka, 6 May 2021

A better question would be, “if politicians are banning what works because it’s been working, should we also punish their wives?”

Soil makes up as the home to millions of insects, microorganisms, recycle matter and store water. More than 95% of the food produced in the world is from the land. However, the Status of the World’s Soil Resources Report (SWSR) in 2015 has identified soil pollution as one of the key threats to the global soils. Soil pollution has a direct impact on food security in different ways. When it comes to Sri Lanka since vegetable and fruit cultivation in Sri Lanka is an intensive and highly commercialized system, the management of fertilizers and amendments are critical for sustainable production.

Standard Climate Change dogma. No surprise. The system works well but alas, you see, it’s not sustainable. The way humanity has produced 95% of its food since agriculture began is not sustainable. Don’t believe your eyes. Or the history books. Or the secret contracts between government officials and nameless billionaires. Especially not the farmers! They’re selfish, those food-growing land hogs.

The Cabinet approval was received last month for President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s proposal to ban the importation of chemical fertilizers. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the excessive use of chemical fertilizer has led to blue childbirths while medical surveys reveal that 30 blind childbirths reported per month in Sri Lanka. The number of Kidney and Cancer patients is on the increase.

No input from non-approved entities. That’s a common thread everywhere in this: dissidents are completely shut out. No men are allowed in Le Choir Castrati.

Even, so, it’s astonishing that these people lack the courage to just do it. They can hold all the reins of worldly power yet they still won’t do what they themselves want until they can conceal their intentions.

As Hydrologist Tissa Illangasekare pointed out a clue for such prevalence in North Central Province may lie in the poor quality of the region’s drinking water.

.Farmers in areas where CKD is common to obtain drinking water from irrigation canals that are recharged by deep-bore wells. When water levels are low, toxic chemicals may concentrate in the well-bases. The correlation of poor-quality drinking water from wells with the occurrence of the disease has been established,. said Illangasekare.

Decaying water infrastructure is more likely than potash to cause a reported 30% increase in birth-related issues in a single year. We can all agree that fertilizer in the drinking water is a bad idea. But the solution to that, obviously, is not a nationwide ban on fertilizer.

Call a frickin’ plumber.

But what’s in the water that’s contributing to CKD? We don’t know..

We. Don’t. Know.

Ah, projection. It’s the only way to be sure… what that Leftist is thinking about.

However, against this backdrop in the country, the President emphasized that despite fact that the usage of chemical fertilizers leads to a better harvest, the negative consequences caused on human lives through pollution of lakes, canals, and groundwater due to the chemical fertilizers outweigh the profit.

Baldfaced lies justify immediate action!

According to the government data, the expenses to treat patients with non-communicable diseases and the impact on human lives caused by these chemical fertilizers remain high.

As the replacement, the President said that organic fertilizer would be provided in lieu of the concessionary fertilizer package for farmers. The President highlighted that the annual sum of USD 400 million spent on fertilizer imports could be used to uplift the lives of the people.

Promise utopia. Deliver starvation. Cash the check. I’m surprised that Cain himself didn’t author that script. Perhaps he was too honest of a murderer.

The Agriculture Ministry said it would convert the State-owned Ceylon Fertiliser Company Ltd. into an institution that would produce, supply, and distribute organic fertilizer in association with local government institutions.

Destroy the infrastructure that will be needed to reverse the damage.

Minister of Agriculture Mahindananda Aluthgamage said the Government would take action to increase the use of organic fertilizer for the cultivation of paddy and other crops up to 30% within 03 years of period. Accordingly, private companies that come forward in manufacturing organic fertilizer will be provided tax concessions, technology and technical expertise, lands and raw materials.

Forget public-private corporatism, this is full-on Beastmark kleptocracy. “If the Gates Foundation shows up with Unicorn Fart Fertilizer then we promise him free land, no taxes and our natural resources as requested. We aren’t saying he will, just that we won’t entertain any other offers. Their fertilizer stopped working last week.”

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the Government has turned away two shipments from China carrying 18,000 Mt of chemical fertilizer for paddy and other crops in a bid to give way to the new policy of converting to organic fertilizer.

That gave away the motive. This cannot be done, the total restructuring of a nation’s agricultural base literally overnight with one governor’s single dictat. This is 100% evil, 0% stupid. Sri Lanka is a centrally manufactured crisis.

The decision although has been much demanded has now created dispute among farmers. It was also reported that farmers across the country already started facing a shortage of fertilizers for the current Yala season although the authorities claimed adequate stocks were available.

The Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR), expressing their gratitude for President for making a stance finally on the matter regarding chemical fertilizers, which has been the responsible component for many issues, also noted that the President should be mindful to make his political decision a practical one.

Eat cake and die, you useful idiots.

Sooo, one year later and how did suddenly going Green turn out?

How a fertilizer ban became a part of Sri Lanka’s Crisis

h ttps://

By Amani Nilar, 29 May, 2022

Here is a lookback at the gradual decline of the agricultural sector which followed this decision;

August 5th 2021

Cabinet grants approval to import 99,000 metric tons of organic fertilizer produced using seaweed, from China’s Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group.

The consignment was valued at 63.6 million US dollars

The company has no obvious link to the WEF, Billy or other usual suspects. Basically a startup from a university project, which is good evidence for both PRC ownership and its being a graduate student’s brain fart turned into a financial grift.

I wonder, then, if the purpose of contracting them, from the very beginning, was specifically to bankrupt Sri Lankan agriculture and tie up any possible solutions in the international courts. Which is what happened:

August 2021

National Plant Quarantine Service detects harmful bacteria in Chinese fertilizer samples, and experts warn that importing fertilizer containing harmful bacteria may affect the agriculture sector.

This might be a good time to mention that hydrocarbon-based fertilizers are by definition organic.

September 2021

The ship, .Hippo Spirit. carrying 20,000 metric tons of Chinese fertilizer leaves the Qingdao Port.

October 2021

Agriculture minister says samples were not brought in line with safety conditions, and calls for another test

29th October 2021

Second test confirms the presence of harmful bacteria, which leads to the importation of the consignment being suspended.

Thereafter, Sri Lanka’s state-run fertilizer companies went to court, and the Colombo Commercial High Court issued an order preventing People’s Bank from paying for the shipment.

The Ship carrying Chinese fertilizer shipment reached Sri Lankan waters, however continued to travel around the country by changing its name.

Then, the fertilizer shipment remained in Sri Lankan waters for more than 70 days, and the Chinese company said that it will go for arbitration in Singapore.

Amidst all this, Sri Lankan farmers held protests demanding to reject Chinese fertilizer shipment.

26th October 2021

Then the Chinese company sent a letter of demand, warning of legal action against Sri Lanka’s National Plant Quarantine Service

The samples were then re-tested in a lab agreed by both parties, and the results did not indicate presence of harmful bacteria

Then, the Hippo Spirit ship left for Singapore, and both parties reached a settlement, which led to the Court lifting order preventing payments.

January 7th 2022

Sri Lanka paid 6.9 million US dollars for the fertilizer shipment, as the Hippo Spirit ship remained in China

The agriculture minister then assured that fertilizer will be imported under proper standards, by the same Chinese company, after placing a 5 million USD guarantee. He assured that the ship will go back, and new samples will be sent, which will be tested by the National Plant Quarantine Service.

Five months have passed since the agriculture minister made these remarks. However, no fertilizer shipment has reached the country.

What happened to the payment made for the shipment also remains uncertain.

As a result of poor decision making, the government had to pay 6.9 million US dollars, which is equal to about 2.5 billion rupees today.

So far, this sounds like it might just be Turd World incompetence…

The government then took steps to import liquid nano nitrogen fertilizer from India. These stocks were imported at twice or thrice the cost of the market value of the product.

However, it was revealed in Parliament that 290 million rupees had been deposited to a personal bank account during this transaction, which is how a selected few amassed profits as the agriculture sector fell deeper into crisis

…but that would have been treason even in a vacuum. Corruption is bad enough; starving your nation of fertilizer when the problem became crisis is a whole different level of crime. Smart con men never leave the mark desperate.

All these actions led to farmers facing massive losses as their harvests declined due to the fertilizer shortage. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, himself, later admitted that the decision was wrong.

However, no steps have been taken yet to provide any relief to these farmers. Although the Government lifted import restrictions, importers were not able to bring down chemical fertilizer or agrochemicals.

Now farmers are cultivating for the Yala season, while facing the mounting issue of not having the required fertilizer. And despite having an agriculture sector that can flourish, the government is importing rice from overseas, mostly on credit.

Why didn’t the Central Bank of Sri Lanka get that money back? Isn’t thwarting this kind of fraud (if not preventing it) one of the reasons to have a central bank? In fact, what is it doing to help with this situation?

CBSL extends amnesty for handing over Dollars above limit

h ttps://

Written by Amani Nilar, 10 July 2022

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Minister of Finance has issued an Order under Section 8 of the Foreign Exchange Act No. 12 of 2017 extending the amnesty period to handover accumulated foreign currency over the limit of 10,000 USD.

Accordingly, residents of Sri Lanka can deposit or sell the foreign currency in possession to an Authorized Dealer (A Licensed Commercial Bank or National Savings Bank) as specified in the Order, by another 14 working days up to 26th July.

Previously, CBSL imposed an order reducing the amount of foreign currency retained in possession by a resident of Sri Lanka from USD 15,000 to USD 10,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies.

How generous for them to temporarily suspend a policy they cannot currently enforce. That is endgame economic enslavement, when it’s a crime for people to own foreign currency. The entire population is starving and rioting, so the Central Bank heroically gave them more times to hand over their guns.

Their money, I mean. Their last source of freedom.

And when no domestic company can afford to produce or import fertilizer because of bank activity, the Gates Foundation can ride in to the rescue!

By way of breaking this process, two things jump out. One is that we’re dealing with cowards. They need to act in the darkness under cover of allies and deceits. Thus, one way to prevent this happening is spotlighting what our leaders do. This robs them the courage to act.

And to think, I scoffed when I read some Catholic exorcists who claimed that the devil is a coward. It might just be true, then that the devil cannot act without tempting or bargaining a human soul into providing the needed (if twisted) virtue. That unclean spirits feel the spiritual version of pain when they are refused and exposed.

The other is the need for immediate and independent defiance. Had the Sri Lankans bought their own fertilizers with the money they were no longer allowed to own, they would not have been so completely at the mercy of betrayers.

I’m not pointing fingers, however. Very few people can divorce themselves completely from State perfidy, and the ones who can are some of the most oblivious. Indeed, it frustrates me when I observe wealthy people doing absolutely nothing to protect even themselves from what’s obviously coming.

So then, expose the deeds of darkness and make level paths for your feet. Which was Christ’s advice all along.

Here’s A Proper Way To Persecute Churches

It’s no coincidence that the Cabal has begun persecuting churches from the moment they enacted their 2020 globo-Coup. I’ve had time to warm up to the idea… me not being welcome in a church anymore… and I’m ready to propose a mutually beneficial program of Christian persecution & marginalization.

Pennsylvania Town Threatens Churches With $500 Fines for Providing Free Meals, Counseling Services

h ttps://

By Christian Britschgi, 7 July 2022

Two Philadelphia-area churches have come under fire from local zoning officials, who say their free meal services, mental health counseling, and monthly pantries aren’t allowed on their properties and will have to stop or else they risk fines.

In early June, Pottstown staff sent letters to Christ Episcopal Church and Mission First, saying that this charitable work went beyond the allowable activities for churches in the borough’s Downtown zoning district.

“I am writing this letter with compassion for those affected by the COVID pandemic and with gratitude to residents who’ve provided aid to those in need throughout that period,” wrote Pottstown Zoning Officer Winter Stokes in a letter to one of the churches obtained by WHYY, which first reported the story. “However, as the Zoning Officer, I must enforce the zoning code.”

Stokes’ letters specifically lists regular provision of mental health counseling to families, weekly buffet meals, and the distribution of soap, razors, toothbrushes, and other essential items as disallowed uses.

This is an appropriate use of zoning laws. These churches are subsidizing homelessness and related ills, with the direct result that their neighborhoods are… not exactly gentrifying, shall we say. Neither are they offering God to those unwashed masses. Zoning laws exist so that the concept of “neighborhoods” can exist despite individual whims, so this interference is appropriate from the viewpoints of both Christ and State.

But more could be done.

My proposal: outlaw ALL acts of religious charity. Any church that wants to help the poor, can pay into government welfare programs and help the poor that way. Your benefit: most churches will spontaneously disband in order to volunteer all their time and money at your welfare offices. My benefit: those false churches will no longer disgrace the name of Christ with their existence.

It is not the purpose of the church to be a privately operated welfare office. The church’s duty is to God, not to “the poor”, “the undocumented” or God help us, “the AIDS victims”. Sometimes helping outsiders can make God look desirable, and then it is okay, but charity is an optional function of the church. Frankly, I doubt the depth of a man’s faith if its foundation is free gibs.

The church remaining open, despite all threats, in order to offer God to society and assistance to its members, is mandatory. Banning church-as-a-means-to-charity would do much to ensure that remaining churches get their priorities straight. Fewer distractions, know what I mean?

Thus, these welfare-offices-for-Jeebus can be looted by government for the glory of God. Win-win!

The two churches can either apply for a zoning variance.which requires going before the borough’s Zoning Hearing Board.or stop the disallowed charitable work. Failure to do either of those things could result in the churches being hit with $500 fines for every day they’re out of compliance.

“It was an absolute surprise when we got this letter,” says Dennis Coleman, the deacon of Christ Episcopal Church. He says that his church has been providing meals and an “essentials” pantry for years without incident.

“We’ve been doing the one meal a week for as long as anyone can remember,” which typically feeds about 60 people, Coleman says. The church also runs a “Last Week of the Month” program that provides people with food, essential items, or even assistance in paying gas and electric bills.

Throwing money at peoples’ problems, eh? We already have an organization for that. It’s not us legacy white men who need that kind of assistance, generally speaking. It’s the parasites content to abuse the system instead of doing work as a holy service.

“We can’t get involved in politics” cries the Church, then they cooperate with the government crushing the middle class out of existence. AFTER we can’t afford a month’s living with a month’s work, the Church will courageously show up to help us out… having silently waited through the period when we were struggling to not fall that far in the first place.

Christ Episcopal Church in Pottstown and the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania both hired attorneys after receiving the letter from the borough and are trying to negotiate a solution that will let the church continue its longstanding charitable work.

Here, we see a church trying to litigate against the State for the opportunity to continue showering freebies on migrants & homeless. That’s how important offering free gibs to outsiders is to them. Hence my suggestion that they can be easily ended as a church simply be requiring them to become State agents to continue what they’re doing.

Think of all the Crosses you could tear down, bureaucrats!

Me, I remember Jesus hanging out mostly with the gainfully employed. When He fed those thousands, He did so in order to continue teaching them. Not so they would become dependent on His handouts for survival.

REAL charity is when the person you’re helping doesn’t need help anymore. Jesus at the healing pool, yes? The one guy He healed didn’t need help anymore… and then Jesus continued the work of God instead of setting up a hospital tent for the other invalids. A stark reminder that the work of God is for God’s benefit, not humanity’s benefit.

Coleman tells Reason that his church has no intention of stopping its activities or applying for a variance.

“We would need a variance to ask permission to do what Jesus calls us to do. And we’re not in the mood to ask permission to do what we’ve always done or what we’re commanded to do,” he says.

Priggy Coleman would make an excellent bureaucrat. Such arrogant self-righteousness! He’s even begging for the State to come and get him!

Churches’ charitable activities often don’t fit neatly into commercial or residential categories defined by municipal zoning codes. That makes them occasional targets of code enforcement.

We have this opportunity for a coordinated Christ-Satan attack upon the Christian church. Let the false shepherds reveal their spots and the true shepherds get their priorities straight.

Reason has covered cases of an Oregon church’s soup kitchen being prohibited by its residential zoning and a New York church’s cold weather shelter being prohibited by its commercial zoning.

I can add Malibu, California to that list of examples. It’s a mountainous enclave near Los Angeles that was a nice place to live (besides brushfires). Then the Episcopals or whoever put in a bus stop and offered free meals & such to everybody arriving. The homeless population exploded and along with them, drugs, vandalism and petty crime. Jesus must have been proud to be associated with that!

“People come in for a meal, or come into the pantry, it’s an opportunity to get to know folks and journey along with them,” says Coleman. “Everything in our pantry, and our meals, good folks donate to that. People want to support this.”

What about God? How many of those indigents have made strong & lasting decisions to follow Christ as a result of these charitable efforts? Has Coleman even checked, or does he just keep moving product like the house of God is a Costco for Marx?

Most churches today are so spiritually void that they cannot even see the growing wickedness that has already past the point of full moral inversion. Priggy Coleman is himself inverted… courageously defying local government in order to subsidize as many social parasites as he can in devotion to God.

God, who wrote in His book “if a man does not work then he shall not eat”. Maybe his church could help men get jobs? While teaching its women how to stretch her husband’s dollar? Instead of gibs to ghetto Ratchets who can’t keep to a budget? This is Philadelphia we’re talking about, after all, not the honestly-poor Appalachians who would rather have those factory jobs than charity.

Any church that thinks that the main spiritual problem in America today is not enough resources for the poor needs to die, and letting the State vultures profit off the carcass is a reasonable price to pay for its disposal. The real spiritual problem is that people must be taught to recognize Evil and then be organized against it, and I would love to be part of a church doing that.

Fallout MonkeyPox

In the Eighties, I read a newspaper article about a gay-community magazine that discussed tactics for knowingly spreading HIV into the emergency blood supplies of hospitals. It was horrifying but more than that, the article disappeared when I tried to find it again… the first coverup I ever witnessed. This before the Internet.

Since then, I’ve only seen the hatred that Sodomites have for the healthy indirectly, such as California government’s infamously declassification of intentionally spreading HIV from felony to misdemeanor. Or the term “bug-chasing”.

Now that I see homosexuals spreading monkeypox in willful defiance of warnings, and possibly as part of a second Plandemic attack upon all humanity, I won’t allow that coverup to happen again. I will not allow people to de-disgust themselves by thinking that sodomy is a healthy lifestyle choice.

And I’m going to have some fun while doing it.

Lesions, headaches, debilitating pain: Gay men with monkeypox share their stories

h ttps://

By Benjamin Ryan, 6 July 2022

“Come celebrate Gay Pride by traveling to foreign countries and having unprotected sex with the bloody rashes of total strangers in defiance of medical travel advisories.” And here I thought “Come to Jesus, avoid His Church” was a hard sell. Even when God is silent, He shines by comparison.

Even as Covid-19 restrictions have loosened, for many gay men, an uninvited guest called monkeypox has threatened to spoil long-anticipated festivities.

Fortunately, very few ended up with second thoughts about random sex with promiscuous Nigerians in Amsterdam..?

20th Century was “don’t stick your dick in crazy”. 21st Century is “don’t stick your dick in the blood-soiled feces of perverts who refused to take a dump first.”

22nd Century will be “don’t stick your dick in the phaser after setting it to vaporize”.

Of the 6,924 confirmed monkeypox cases in the global outbreak, the vast majority have occurred among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, or MSM, various health authorities report. Skin-to-skin contact during sex, experts assert, has likely been the primary driver of the virus’s global spread thus far.

Probably. More likely than not. In >95% of the cases… but only the cases we know about for sure. Because sometimes, he was too high on drugs to remember what he had sex with.

Are those phaser burns?

Epidemiologists have stressed that monkeypox can still transmit among other groups of people, although the risk to non-MSM at this time does remain low.

That there is another hard sell. Especially for those of us who lived through the AIDS scare of the Eighties. We meet again, Doctor Fauci… you have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Nevertheless, 18 gay men who contracted monkeypox told NBC News how it can cause unsightly and in some cases debilitatingly painful skin lesions . and has left them stuck glumly inside.

.The thought of a full three-week quarantine is pretty scary,. said John, 32, a New York City tech worker who believes he contracted monkeypox from a guy he hooked up with during a recent trip to Los Angeles for the city’s Pride events. .I.m just feeling disappointed and bummed out. It was a bummer to miss celebrating Pride. in New York.

A guy who flies across the globe to have butt-sex with total strangers is upset that he somehow contracted a disease that forced him to temporarily stop life as a human petri dish. Maybe I should be grateful that he’s basically donating his body to science, but what science is doing is taking the opportunity to push the smallpox vaxx into circulation.

John is among the swiftly expanding group of 560 U.S. residents diagnosed with monkeypox thus far . a figure experts believe is a vast undercount of the true case number, given woefully insufficient testing. California, New York, Illinois and Florida are the states with the highest numbers of confirmed cases.

Gay Area, Jew York City and Miami. Let’s give a round of applause to Chicongo for holding back its murderers long enough for its mostly healthy gay community to reach Stage Two!

Epidemiologists believe they have traced the global spread of monkeypox to midspring gatherings of gay men in Western Europe. These parties drew many men from other cities, some of whom then apparently carried the virus back home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last month that of the first 17 U.S. cases, 16 were in men who have sex with men, and 14 were in people who between them had traveled to 11 different countries during the three weeks before their symptoms began.

Who pays for those plane tickets? *sigh* As a net taxpayer I’m probably the last to know.

Justin, 38, said after returning home May 18 from a two-week European vacation, he became the 14th person in the U.S. and the second in New York City to be diagnosed with monkeypox. He said his case started with a bad fever, which along with symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, headache, body aches, chills and exhaustion are common monkeypox signs. Soon after, the telltale lesions crept across his body.

Gay Pride is spreading! What a healthy alternative lifestyle!

Jeff, who’s in his mid-30s and is a university administrator in a mid-Atlantic state, spent a couple of weeks traveling through Europe through early June. He made stops in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, having sex with multiple partners along the way, he said, including in a bathhouse and a sex club in the German capital.

A nigh-suicidal alternative lifestyle.

.There’s hundreds of men in this club,. Jeff said, recalling considerable skin-to-skin contact between patrons. .Obviously, no one’s coming down to wipe down the sling.”

Wet wipes? Hand sanitizer, hello? Even the filthiest bachelor has been introduced to those concepts by the Plandemic. It’s a safe bet that half of the university he works at has made hand lotion into a sacrament. Except when trading bodily fluids with other people?

Anne Rimoin, an epidemiologist at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and a leading monkeypox expert, said in reference to the sharing of sex slings, .Given the risk of transmission by fomites . contaminated objects . it’s theoretically possible for monkeypox to be transmitted in this manner..

Nine days after [theoretically] returning home, Jeff came down with an intense fever and headache.

.I.m pretty sure I know who I got it from,. said Peter, who works in tech in a Rocky Mountain region city, but has been marooned in Seattle in isolation since receiving his monkeypox diagnosis during what he had hoped would be a fun visit to attend the city’s Pride festivities. .Thinking back on it,. he said, .I do remember there being a little hard spot. on that particular man’s p—-.

I’m speechless.

.Don’t be afraid to say something,. he said.

Not really the problem I’m having here. How were you that stupid?

Mark Hall, 41, a New York nurse practitioner, said he developed his first lesion on June 24 . the Friday of the city’s blockbuster Pride weekend . but thought it was an ingrown hair and didn’t realize that it was probably monkeypox until two days later, after already having attended several Pride events.

“Having attended several Pride events” = “sex with >10 men per day”? Unwilling to confirm.

Despite his urgent and determined efforts beginning that Sunday, he wasn’t able to get tested, receive confirmation that he had the virus and finally start providing names to a health department contact tracer until Thursday, he said.

Dude, you didn’t care about your health enough to not rub another guy’s intimate warts. Now your health is somebody else’s problem?

Hall said he was dismayed to learn that the city’s health department can still only run tests for 10 people per day for orthopoxvirus, the virus family to which monkeypox belongs.

.We knew that Pride was coming up,. he said. .Why were we not increasing testing capacity earlier, knowing this was going to be a problem?.

BECAUSE YOU WERE WARNED INSTEAD!!! June 24 is long after monkeypox became global news.

Rob Short, 29, expressed frustration that he never got a call from public health officials about receiving the vaccine as PEP after he attended a particular gathering in Washington, D.C., in early June. He said he is certain local health authorities consider it a spreader event, because he’s aware of other attendees who have received contact-tracing alerts about it. Getting the vaccine promptly, he said, might have spared him an infection that has sent him into isolation, leaving the personal trainer unable to earn income from teaching group fitness classes.

Sodomy isn’t just dangerous for the practitioners. They have no hesitation about exposing the innocent to anything and everything that they might have brought back from that orgy in D.C.

Failing Faster: Police Recruitment Standards!

Clown World brings us something new every day! This day, we’ll take a glance at how Democrat urban strongholds are preparing for imminent civil unrest by  militarizing their police departments. More specifically, by copying the modern military recruitment strategy of

1. lowering standards until until enough warm bodies appear

2. maltreating veterans until they quit, and

3. indoctrinating everybody in Critical Race Theory until triggers aren’t just for the guns they’re holding!

I just cannot imagine how the Russians are winning that conflict so decisively. Nor will I be able to fathom the law enforcement skills of my city’s latest crop of donut-eating badges:

Can You Climb a Chain-Link Fence? The NYPD Wants You.

h ttps://

By Trone Dowd, 6 July 2022

Sure I can climb a fence. It’s the only way out of a public school!

Desperate for recruits, the NYPD has significantly eased its overall fitness requirements: No longer will prospective cops need to scale a 6-foot wall. They only need to get over a chain-link fence.

Hopeful officers will also have more time to complete the “Job Standard Test,. the NYPD.s physical endurance exam, according to the New York Post, which first reported the changes. Whereas recruits were expected to complete the six-part obstacle course in 3 minutes and 28 seconds before, they will now have an additional minute.

Wow. If they were any more desperate then they’d start punishing the crooks that police risk their lives to bring in. Or drop those vaxx & mask requirements. They might even, in extremis, find somebody else to blame for black crime.

Nah. Never.

A video shared with the Post last year allegedly showed some prospective recruits struggling to overcome the wall obstacle, known as the “barrier surmount..

It’s dated but let’s do it anyway. All of the following must be done with a 14-pound vest. *checks youBoob* Aww, they didn’t enable comments.

Stage One of six: “Barrier Surmount”. You must climb a six-foot fence to reach the other side. My elementary school’s fence was fifteen feet. I would be looking down at a six-foot fence. With a running start, I might not even need hands.

Stage Two: “Stair Climb”. You walk up a staircase.

…Just a staircase. With handrails. No catch. Not a wall, ladder or rope… just a portable staircase simulating a single flight of stairs.

My elementary school had those, too. Real ones, even.

Stage Three: “Physical Restraint Simulation”. Think “tug-of-war simulator.”

I did tug-of-war in elementary school, too. It was junior high when I got to physically restrain a thief for the first time.

Stage Four: “Pursuit Run.” 600ft looping around traffic cones.

I did that in elementary school, too.

Stage Five: “Victim Rescue”. Aka “make sure his spine is broken”. Instead of lifting a dummy and fire-carrying it for distance, you pull a dummy along the ground with the help of a pre-fitted rope harness. A method guaranteed to rub his every injury on every dirty rock and shard of glass to be found.

I did NOT do that in elementary school… but the girls did, if you count pulling each other around by the hair while throwing tantrums.

Stage Six: “Trigger Pull”. You pick up a simulated handgun…

…and pull the trigger sixteen times with your right hand, then transition and pull the trigger fifteen times with your left hand. No score for aim.

Now, you might think that’s epically stupid. You might think that magdumping should not be considered a valuable skill for a big-city cop who will be constantly and inevitably surrounded by innocent bystanders. And you might be right. But there’s a catch! You have to keep the handgun level inside a nine-inch vertical loop. (No simulated recoil.)

They’re screening out hood rats who fire gangsta-style… I think that’s the reason… in addition to screening out recruits too squeamish to pick up & operate a handgun without flinching badly enough to shoot down an airliner instead of a perp.

And yes, I did trigger pulls in elementary school. Squirt guns counting as “simulated handguns”. My generation was just before the continuously-powered Super Soakers so we had to work those triggers!

That test is BULLSHIT. What kind of manboobed oval lardass could possibly fail a physical test that maxes out at simulating a Stair Master?

The NYPD defended its decision to alter the physical test.

In the previous test, you had to climb a wall instead of a fence. No footholds.

.Our physical fitness requirements in the Police Academy have been reviewed and approved by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service,. the department said in a statement.

Bullshit go into the recruiting office, bullshit come out of the recruiting office. I am pleased! This could not happen to a more deserving hive of pedo-Talmudic scum and vibrant villainy.

The NYPD is just one of the dozens of law enforcement agencies struggling to replace officers who’ve retired or resigned in recent years. So far this year, 1,472 officers have retired from the force, and 647 have resigned from their posts, the New York Post reported earlier this month. Meanwhile, just 561 new recruits graduated from the academy this year.

In 2021, a total of 3,152 officers left the department.

That’s not a recruitment problem. That’s a retention problem. Why do those cops not want to be cops anymore? (A rhetorical question after Saint Floyd.)

The Police Benevolent Association, the most powerful police union in New York City, said the solution to the waning number of recruits shouldn’t be to relax the fitness requirements.

.It.s not watering down hiring standards,. the association wrote in a tweet. .Just pay a competitive market wage..

They could support the cops doing their job, stop blaming them for blakk crime and give a passing thought for the idea that competence & loyalty might be more valuable than an immune system burned out by vaxx boosters. Or, they could throw taxpayer money at the problem until it goes away. Hmm, what’s a Marxist politician going to do?

Police departments around the country have been struggling to respond to the officer shortage for years.

Literally around the country, as in, the heavily Marxist coastal zones.

A national survey conducted by the Police Executive Research Forum in June 2021 found there was a 45 percent increase in officer retirements nationwide since 2020, while resignations increased by 18 percent. On average, police departments are filing 93 percent of their available positions, the study found.

If they mean “filling” then the Red/Blue divide is becoming a geographic reality.

The lack of new recruits has resulted in police departments that are stretched thinner than ever. Their recruitment woes coincide with the falling public perception of police, which has struggled since 2020, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

That falling perception is also a result of Saint Floyd. It’s the moment I stopped backing the Blue myself. If police won’t protect themselves from the mob then they won’t protect me, either.

Several departments have tried to combat the shortage by offering cash incentives for recruits. In Washington, D.C., the Metropolitan Police Department offered recruits a $20,000 hiring bonus upon earning their gun and badge, a tactic that several other police departments, including Chicago.s, have considered or adopted.

“Stay the course and throw other peoples’ money at the resulting problems.”

Other departments, such as in Portland and Tacoma, are offering experienced officers who move to their city upwards of a $25,000 bonus to jump ship.

Wow, it’s a full one-twentieth of a down payment on a single-bedroom condo!

Meanwhile, police in Syracuse decided to double down on their efforts to introduce a career in law enforcement to residents early on with its paid teen-cadet programs.

That is also a military recruitment strategy: hook ’em before they’re old enough to know better.

Other departments have resorted to enticing new recruits in more creative ways. The San Diego Police Department has offered new recruits $50,000 toward the down payment of a home.

One-tenth of a down payment! Even better! Do I hear one-fifth?

In New Hampshire, the Manchester Police Department listed qualified immunity, which gives officers protections against being charged with certain crimes, among the benefits of joining its team in a social media post last year.

EVEN BETTER! Meaning their honesty, not their attempt to recruit thugs by offering State sanction.

After a public outcry, the department took down the post and apologized.

It was worth a try. No, actually it wasn’t. Qualified immunity doesn’t mean jack post-Floyd.

This article was amusing for how carefully it DIDN’T address its own topic. The police recruitment problem is not money. Not a shortage of quality recruits. Not even the mass quitting of veterans. The problem is that our GAE rulers have become so detached from reality, that society is no longer able to both obey them and continue functioning. They demand that all police be body-positive vibrant persons of varying genders while seething at the Christian white male veterans for having the ability, and increasingly the motive, to punish them like their own searing consciences demand.

And like Russia, their insanity will ultimately be a win for us. Even if our rifles cannot penetrate enough blubber to harm a Globocop, we can still outrun them while they magdump at everybody in our general direction. That’s how *we* will be recruiting… from the collateral damage they cause.

Democrats Fail To Leverage RvW

This coming article confirms exactly what I’d suspected, that the overturn of Roe v Wade was a short-term political maneuver to polarize voters into ignoring the fatal errors of the GAE long enough to secure a midterm election win. But along with the confirmation, is news of the effort’s failure!

Why some aren’t buying Democrats. .go vote. message on abortion

h ttps://

By Hanna Trudo for The Hill, 6 July 2022

Voters are becoming disillusioned by Democrats. calls to storm the polls following Roe v. Wade’s demise, arguing the party’s failure to prepare for the moment means it could face an unpleasant fate in November.

To the contrary, it had to have been calculated. But I’m as surprised as the marketers are, that it’s not having expected results.

Almost from the moment the Supreme Court announced it was ending the constitutional right to an abortion, Democrats began working to make it a midterm issue, presenting a vote for their side as a way to help codify Roe at the state and perhaps federal level . or at least prevent Republicans from doing the opposite.

The goal was to give GAE the last couple years they need to cement total control over North America forever. Unable to win the midterms on the issues of murdering Russians or “it’s the economy, stupid”, they went for the Pavlovian reflex of abortion rights. So what if abortion becomes vulnerable to being outlawed? Engineered famine will give the devil his quota.

But that message is already falling flat. Frustration with the lack of progress on many women’s issues and what some see as a lack of a clear vision on abortion have left voters skeptical that the solution lies at the ballot box.

.Here we are with leadership basically [reduced] to begging for people to vote,. said Aaron Chappell, political director of the grassroots group Our Revolution. .No clear plan, no promises of what those votes will translate to..

There’s a couple things that could be happening here. For one, Socialists aren’t Cuckservatives. They know that sighing, accepting the current situation and voting harder next time is not how modern politics is done. Which explains why the domestic terrorists already have two dozen attacks under their hood.

Another possibility is that Biden is less popular than rectal cancer. When he isn’t publicly shitting his pants or glancing at cue cards reminding him that he’s the Prez, he’s screaming at proles that our suffering will continue until the New World Order wins… in exactly those words. You can’t kill your baby if you can’t drive to the clinic, now can you? Neither can you hold your nose in order to unsee the turds sliding out of his ankles.

Barbie was promised a utopia. Now she’s being promised endless suffering until all of Asia is conquered “to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint”.

Another possibility is that, as some dissident voices have said, abortion is simply a dead issue. Many young women today can’t get pregnant should she want to… and if she did then child molesters in government service are hovering around her for the chance to re-gender her kids. Again, in exactly those words.


Nobody Seems To Think The FBI.s “Child ID. App Is A Good Idea

h ttps://

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) promoted its “Child ID” app Tuesday, which purports to help parents whose children may go missing by storing biometric information and photos of the children.

The app “provides a convenient place to electronically store photos and other vital information” about children, the tweet reads. The premise of the app is to “show the pictures and provide physical identifiers such as height and weight to security or police officers on the spot,. according to the FBI.s website. (RELATED: IG: FBI Agents Mishandled Allegations Against Gymnastics National Team Doctor Larry Nassar)

I just had to leave THAT link in. Oh, why don’t people trust the FBI around their kids? Hehheh.

When opened, the app prompts users with the option to record a child’s full name, address, home phone number, and biometric information. It prompts guardians to disclose some of their own personal information as well. The app accepts up to 10 photographs of a child, with up to five from behind the child.

I’m sure there’s a plausible-sounding reason for that.

The Child ID app also asks users for access to their smartphone’s camera and presents users with the option to specify their local police department.

No chance for backdoor usage!

People from across the political spectrum criticized and mocked the FBI.s app.

The award for best Tweet goes to a Jew this time!

Spike Cohen: The people who refuse to name, much less arrest, Ghislaine Maxwell’s clients would like to have your children’s photos and personal info in their database.

In exchange, they’ll let you look at it too.

…Yes, I know they’re claiming they don’t keep any of the info.

They also claimed they didn’t spy on you and collect all of your data, until Edward Snowden exposed them.


Shane Hazel: Time to end the FBI

Second the motion!

The FBI has recently faced intense scrutiny and legal ramifications relating to its mishandling of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case.

Dayumn! That one wasn’t even a link or comment! May I add, that the only way this app could work as advertised is if facial biometric cameras were installed across the entire country and piped into the Hoover Building… and the locations of ALL children at ALL times were scanned and logged.

So yeah, maybe even Lefties are having enough problems with the Bidenreich that not even abortion can polarize them.

End segue

Democrats seeking higher office or looking to remain in their current positions see merit in pushing talking points that shift the focus to what Republicans could do if they reclaim one or both chambers of Congress.

That was the plan. A knee-jerk rejection against Republicans will prevent Democrat voters from asking awkward questions such as why Russia isn’t out of ammo yet, why gas prices are so high, who Maxwell trafficked kids TO, and how monkeypox can qualify as a pandemic when it’s being spread exclusively by Sodomites knowingly having sex with wart-encrusted anal rashes.

But some strategists question whether that’s the right approach.

.I think that there is just this wishful thinking on the part of the party establishment that suddenly Roe being overturned is good news, that this changes the tide of the midterms,. Chappell said.

Some candidates, aware of voter anger about what many see as a weak response from the Biden administration, are putting forward their own proposals.

Specifically, domestic terrorism. Looking at YOU, Jane’s Revenge!

Progressives and some moderates favor making the Supreme Court bigger by adding more justices to the bench, bolstering the long-held belief on the left that if there are more seats, it would even the representation of viewpoints and theoretically create more equitable rulings.

The moment this happens will be the conclusive end of the Federal Government. There’ll be a hundred SC justices within a decade. Nobody will be able to pretend it’s NOT shameless vote-buying. Congress was a bad joke, now Biden made the Presidency a bad joke, one branch of FedGov remains.

For all the personal angst around the issue of abortion, other Democrats argue it’s not happening in isolation. Topics like access to reproductive health care, environmental regulations, and certain education reforms are broadly popular with voters, yet liberals aren’t able to make traction.

Pro-tip to Democrat politicians: the answer here might be analogous to D.C. provoking war against both Russia and China while alienating the patriotic white Southerners who used to be its best Janissaries. TL;DR don’t kill off your supporters just because you lust for a world in which they don’t exist. The smarter psychopaths wait until their usefulness is over.

You can tell because she reused the paints from her BLM poster to make that sign.

That dynamic has created more tension between candidates running on aspirational platforms and elected officials facing the realities of a log-jammed Washington, D.C.

Translation: the Biden regime threatening to destroy America, and then proceeding to destroy America, and then doubling down on destroying America, and then raping your children during Pride Month, makes it really hard for you to look past all that to their desire to keep child-murder legal.

Bezos’ Superyacht Is STUCK!

Yay Dutch people!

Bezos’ $500 Million Superyacht Trapped At Dutch Shipyard

h ttps://

By Tyler Durden, 5 July 2022

Oceanco, a Netherlands-based custom yacht builder, has informed the city of Rotterdam it would scrap a request to dismantle an historic bridge to accommodate Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ massive superyacht, according to the Dutch news website Trouw.

Bezos’ new yacht, codenamed Y721, will have to pass under the Koningshaven Bridge, known locally as De Hef. The landmark bridge can only rise 130 feet into the air, but this isn’t far enough to accommodate the yacht’s 127-meter schooner and its three massive masts.

Oceanco built the $500 million vessel for Bezos, and the plan was to have Rotterdam temporarily take apart the bridge — though now, the shipbuilder abandoned its plans to dismantle the bridge following public outcry earlier this year.

Their arrogance, builders and buyer both, is simply off the charts.

“As a result of the reports, shipyard employees feel threatened and the company fears vandalism,” Trouw reported.

The time to care about their neighbors was when they began construction on a ship that they knew from the beginning would require the dismantling of a major landmark. Now is a bit late for them to whine about vandalism.

Rotterdam politician Stephan Leewis recently tweeted Bezos’ request was a “bridge too far.”

“This man has earned his money by structurally cutting staff, evading taxes, avoiding regulations and now we have to tear down our beautiful national monument?” Leewis said.

Feel free to impound his yacht as a navigation hazard, which it technically is if it’s been launched. Feel free also, to literally cut the NWOS Stolen Wages down to size. Circumsizing a plutocrat’s phallic symbol on her maiden voyage to preserve their nation’s honor would be awesome sauce.

The superyacht remains at the shipbuilder yard until Rotterdam grants Oceanco permits to dismantle the historic bridge. Residents have said if the possible tear-down occurs, they would organize huge protests against the billionaire and bombard the vessel with rotten eggs as it passes by the bridge.

A fascinating standoff! The should-be smart bet is that Oceanco not being completely arrogant, designed a backup plan into the Stolen Wages so it can pass underneath after all. But the likely bet is bigger bribes and imported riot thugs.

Happy 4th of July

Some people wonder if there’s any reason to still celebrate the 4th of July. I say that so long as doing so makes the crybullies rage, it’s always worth doing. Remember always that lasting victory is you being happy because they never can be!

It’s never a mistake to remember who you are!

Also, this is the only holiday that encourages the use of high explosives. We need more holidays like that.