Gunner’s First Canceling

I am Christian but my blog discovered reincarnation. Now that it’s past the first couple baby steps, here’s what happened… appropriate for Memorial Day weekend.

I blogged on the Gendron mass killing, as is typical for my true-crime interests. As part of that, I made the Gendron manifesto available on my blog. All the mainstream media outlets were talking about it but not offering it. That is the laziest and most obvious form of deception, when I get to tell you about something that you don’t get to see for yourself. We cannot be a free-thinking society if people are denied access to source materials, it’s that simple.

That being said, it was a 29MB pdf. I almost balked at the size but muh principles. Besides, experience with previous manifestos predicted modest interest. So I put it up, went to bed, and next I logged in, it had been downloaded well over 1,000 times.

Uh-oh. That was way over 30 gigabytes of traffic in 12 hours on a usually quiet blog. That’s how a guy gets flagged for review.

Damage done so I hoped for the best. The download rate dropped quickly… bless you, American attention span… and my next couple posts went up as normal.  No complaints or takedown requests.

Alas, it was not to be. WordPress pulled my blog, notified me that it was invoking the at-will termination clause of the service contract and refunded my money.

Well, I ain’t the first blogger to get deplatformed for no given reason and I feel oddly pleased that they paid me to go away. Always thought they’d accuse me of being too Christian for their own good. This site still uses their software to keep the learning curve down but has a different host. Look for me on Gab if this one goes down, too. I started an account there to check it out, no activity yet… Gab isn’t set up for long-form blogging of the sort I do but joining that community looks like a good idea.

About my old blog. I kept it backed up but failed to import it here. Not that I tried hard. My archives were rarely visited aside from a few specific posts. So, as a rainy day project I intend to make some “Best Of Blog One” pdfs. That’s better for archival purposes anyway. No need to cross-reference XML files with a media library.

My whitelist moderation will be going up in a few days. If you comment now then you’ll be grandfathered in.


There’s being a cluster of mass killings in the news. There’s a strong pattern emerging of known mentally ill/Marxist weirdos suddenly buying guns then going on sprees. But more than that, these weirdos had been successfully detected as potential threats a year or so prior, then no action was taken.

  1. Known to authorities for psychosis/instability.
  2. No history of gun ownership. Sudden purchases of firearms immediately before the incident.

Suspicious. Especially the Asian shooting.

CA church shooter is Chinese national who hated Taiwanese, authorities say

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Authorities believe the suspect behind a deadly Sunday shooting at a church in California is a Chinese national who acted out of hate for the church’s Taiwanese congregation.


The Associated Press reported that at a Monday press conference, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said the suspect, identified as David Chou, was a Chinese immigrant who acted out of a grievance against the Taiwanese community. The gunman killed 52-year-old congregant Dr. John Cheng and wounded five others during the shooting at the Geneva Presbyterian Church, where the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church meets.


Barnes said Chou, 68, of Las Vegas, Nevada, drove to the Orange County church where he was not a regular attendee. Barnes said the suspect fastened the church doors shut before he started shooting and brought four “Molotov Cocktail” incendiary devices with him during the attack.


Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer also said there’s abundant evidence that the suspect “had an absolute bias against the Taiwanese people, its country, as a Chinese or mainland national.”

That motive is a lie. Random killing sprees are what Marxist-indoctrinated whites do, not Chinese. China has persecuted Taiwanese dissidents in USA, to be sure, but never by killing spree. (Using allies in American government is far more likely.) Also, Las Vegas is a world away from Orange County. I could accept if he had a specific grievance against a specific Taiwanese person at that church but no potential name has emerged.

Also and most critically, the Donbas conflict is about to be clinched as a victory for Russia. GAE needs a new war soon and has already made direct threats against China. Wouldn’t it be useful if a Chinese national suddenly murdered a bunch of Taiwanese right about now?

Congregant and witness Jerry Chen told the Associated Press about 40 churchgoers had gathered in a fellowship hall for a luncheon to welcome their former Pastor Billy Chang, who had served their church for 20 years before moving to Taiwan two years ago.


Chen said the people at the church were mostly retirees and were an average of 80-years-old.

Politically motivated mass murder is almost universally a young man’s decision. People that old are very rarely motivated by ideology.

Barnes indicated one piece of evidence suggesting the gunman’s alleged anti-Taiwanese views, a letter left in his vehicle describing “his hatred of the Taiwanese people.”

I’d love to see that source because “I am loyal Chicomm. I go murder innocent Taiwanese because I want American people to hate China just in time for next wave of planned American government sanctions” is pure Clown World.

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A neighbor who knew Chou said the suspected gunman had recently become homeless after he was evicted from his property, and said that he believed Chou was struggling with mental health issues and problems receiving government assistance, according to a video from Fox 5 Las Vegas.

Despite being elderly Chinese instead of young GAE, Chou fits the pattern of being previously known by government as problematic. Various sources such as

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…say the mental health issue in question was a traumatic brain injury Chou suffered while evicting a tenant in the four-unit apartment complex that he owned. Chou was also a licensed armed guard, which is proof of his having no violent past before the injury.

Authorities said during the news conference that Chou has a wife and son who were both living in Taiwan. Chou has one family member living in the United States, officials said.

That’s a reason why Chou would NOT go around killing Taiwanese. It would expose his family to hardship, even danger.

Wait a minute… Chou is Chinese, his family is Taiwanese and he didn’t get along with “Taiwanese”? Is he… divorced?

Jerry Chen told the LA Times congregants did not recognize the gunman. The newspaper reported church members greeted and welcomed Chou into the church. Chou told them he had been there several times before, but doubted his words because none of them recognized him.

Authorities later determined Chou did not have any connections to the church. Barnes said Chou may have selected the church because it was the closest Taiwanese church in proximity to his home in Las Vegas.

This doesn’t sound personal and I cannot confirm divorce but guess what? Going back to that reference above…

Mr Chou’s hatred toward [Taiwan], documented in hand-written notes that authorities found, seems like it began when he felt he was not treated well while living there…


[A neighbor said] Mr Chou had been a pleasant man who used to own the Las Vegas apartment building where he lived until February.


Records showed the four-unit property was sold last October for a little more than $500,000.


Mr Orellan said Mr Chou’s wife used money from the sale to move to Taiwan.

Chou hated living in Taiwan but his wife cashed him out to move back to Taiwan? Leaving Chou homeless in her wake? Maybe I was right the first time and this WAS a personally motivated attack. Even if he didn’t know the specific victims.

Chou was avenging himself by proxy on his disloyal, mercenary Taiwanese wife.

How did I get on this topic? Oh, right. My blog was Canceled for talking too much about mass killings.

I gotta be me.