The Sports Illustrated Swim-Burkini Issue

Get your boners ready, young lads! Here it…Halima Aden

…comes. Ugh, what is that? A quilted mannequin?

Halima Aden Becomes First Swimsuit Model to Wear Hijab and Burkini in “SI” Swimsuit Issue

By Warner Todd Huston, 29 Apr 2019

For the first time, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has featured a model in full burkini and hijab.

Halima Aden, a Somali immigrant who came to the U.S. when she was seven and who was born in in the African nation of Kenya, was photographed at her birth nation’s Watamu Beach by photographer Yu Tsai.

.I keep thinking [back] to six-year-old me who, in this same country, was in a refugee camp,. Halima said. .So to grow up to live the American dream [and] to come back to Kenya and shoot for SI in the most beautiful parts of Kenya.I don’t think that’s a story that anybody could make up.

.Sports Illustrated is proving that a girl that’s wearing a bikini could be right alongside a girl that’s wearing a burkini. And as women we can come alongside each other and be each other’s biggest cheerleaders,. the model told ABC News.

They’ve taken away our whores! This means war!

Halima made news when she became the first contestant to wear a hijab on the Miss Minnesota pageant. She became a semi-finalist and earned a contract with the IMG Modeling agency.

Miss Mogadishu-on-the-Mississippi.

Since joining the agency, Halima has appeared on the cover of Vogue, has been featured on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week, and was included as a UNICEF ambassador.

SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day insisted that beauty “knows no boundaries” and that Muslim modesty can also be beautiful.

I could describe MJ Day… but here’s her bikini pic off Instagram:

.I admire Halima,. Day said, “and I consider her an inspirational human for what she has decided to use her platform for and her work with Unicef as an ambassador. She is, in my opinion, one of the great beauties of our time, not only outside but inside. When we met, I was instantaneously taken by her intelligence, enthusiasm, and authenticity.

.We both believe the ideal of beauty is so vast and subjective,. Day concluded. .We both know that women are so often perceived to be one way or one thing based on how they look or what they wear. Whether you feel your [sic] most beautiful and confident in a burkini or a bikini, YOU ARE WORTHY..

Boner. Test. Failed. So, SOOO failed!

Churchians have railed against the SI Swimsuit Issue for many years. Turns out, the way to kill it isn’t shaming the men. It’s including some “after divorce” pictures then bragging about how desirable-but-absolutely-not-a-sex-symbol a Kenyan migrant in a Muslim pantsuit is to America’s young men.

How can they be this colossally stupid? Do they WANT us ordinary men to root for an extinction-level asteroid impact? They chop our dicks off and tell themselves we like it.


SF Port Commissioners Betray the People

Plans for a new homeless shelter on the San Francisco Embarcadero, one of the most valuable properties on the SF bay, have been finalized despite near-total opposition from residents. The American Thinker believes it’s a land grab, an intentional effort to depress land values for the superwealthy to snap up at a bargain price. What can physiognomy tell us?

In poop-covered San Francisco, the super-rich prey on the Left’s merely wealthy

By Monica Showalter, 25 April 2019

San Francisco is a city covered in excrement, and now even the wealthy inhabitants of its Embarcadero are going to experience more of it, up close to home and quite personal.

Here’s the news from the Guardian:

“Authorities in San Francisco have approved plans for a homeless shelter that had faced fierce protests from wealthy local residents.

Tuesday’s unanimous vote by San Francisco’s port commissioners was the culmination of weeks of contention that began with residents of one of the city’s most desirable waterfront neighborhoods raising more than $101,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to pay for an attorney to fight the construction of the Navigation Center.”

They got steamrolled. This comes despite what locals say was “nearly 100% opposition,” along with a swift raising of more than $100,000 from a GoFundMe campaign to legally fight the coming nightmare. They’re about to learn they’ve become the latest sacrificial lambs, because they’re now the low men on the San Francisco totem pole. They’ve become the new peasants, and they probably don’t even know it.

But they do know that something has gone wrong. The Guardian continues:

“We believe that in the mayor’s haste to meet her campaign promises, she has failed to follow the law,” he said. “It’s pretty disrespectful to the people who live there to shove it down their throats like this. I have been practicing law in this city for almost 30 years and I have never seen so much disregard for the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of thousands of people.”

This is classic Leftoidism. I’ve said it before, most Californians are disgusted by what’s going on but we’re completely frozen out of the halls of power. Yes, elections are still being held. No, they don’t matter worth a dime.

Maybe they should have thought of that before they elected an incompetent weakling like Mayor London Breed based on color considerations, or passed Proposition C in that same election, taxing big businesses to pay for More Homeless programs. The residents aren’t the most sympathetic people out there, given their voting patterns. All the same, this could be some kind of watershed, widening a new fault line on the left, given that tech billionaires were the ones behind this, making a sort of warfare on the merely wealthy. After all, in San Francisco, there’s no one else left.

I also confess to little sympathy but only because most of them are not long-term residents. You come here to knowingly take advantage of the systematic looting and corruption, don’t cry when your turn comes. And it will.

The city already spends $77,000 per homeless person (the money going to activists and nonprofits), which is higher than the mean average income of the average U.S. resident, wrote Rich Cibotti in a data-filled 2017 piece for the Daily Wire.

You get more of what you subsidize. One should not apply the presumption of innocence to these Elites who could give the homeless a middle-class salary for nothing and still save money.

The Embarcadero people, who likely have extended themselves financially to live there…

“Buy a house as quickly as you can!” they said. “Why pay rent when you can build equity by paying off a mortgage instead?” Reason one, paying off interest isn’t equity. Reason two, you’re committed to living in a society whose government doesn’t care about you.

…aren’t going to be happy about going underwater on their mortgages as the homeless move in. But on the left, money talks, and these poor souls just don’t have the political clout it takes in San Francisco to keep the homeless off their doorsteps the way the super-rich do. They are, after all, merely wealthy, not tech billionaires.

Now, the measure was opposed by residents, but it was loudly supported by the super-rich, such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff (formerly an Oracle biggie), who are fully sheltered from any ‘interaction’ with the city’s abundant homeless or their “byproducts.”

Benioff loudly supported Proposition C, which is likely to drive businesses and tax revenue from the city, but apparently not his company, which will have to shell out only $10 million in new taxes. The company itself paid $7 million to get the measure passed. (Dorsey opposed it.) …

Does it sound as though someone wanted to lower property values, chasing the local residents out, and then cleaning up later? The homeless center is, supposedly, “temporary,” with a lease to be renewed or not in two years. It almost sounds as though the super-rich are seeking to drive enough residents out by ruining the quality of their lives as they pay high costs, driving their mortgages under water, and getting the market low enough to make a killing. The super-rich can do that; the merely wealthy cannot. Makes you wonder why Benioff and Dorsey were just so enthusiastic as advocates for the homeless industrial complex. They seem to be using the homeless as guided weapons targeting the merely wealthy hoi polloi.

This is the Bank of Land that I’ve mentioned before. Property ownership is a good hedge against inflation but its value, like everything, is subject to change… and by extension, market manipulation & collusion.

Let’s bring in physiognomy by looking at the Port Commissioners. I’m expecting pedos, feministas, banksters and a First Black Female Whatever. *pulls out bingo card*

Kimberly Brandon, President

Commissioner Kimberly BrandonCommissioner Kimberly Brandon was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. in August 1997. She was first elected president of the Commission in 2000…

Ms. Brandon is the first African-American woman to serve on the Commission.

First Black Female Whatever! I was a bit worried about that one. She might have been a worthless Second.

She recently retired as senior vice president at Morgan Stanley. She previously provided strategic investment management advice at Bank of America Private Bank and worked with high net-worth clients at Wells Fargo.


She also spends numerous hours serving the community on various boards and is immediate past chair of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of African Diaspora and an active board member of PACT, Inc, Metta Fund, Vice Chair, San Francisco State University’s Board of Trustees, The San Francisco Foundation’s Koshland Committee and Professional Advisor’s Committee, The Bethel Heritage Foundation and a member of the San Francisco Chapter of The Links, Inc, where she serves on the Finance and Investment Committee of the Links Foundation, Inc.

She’s quite the influence peddler.

Ms. Brandon is a graduate of San Francisco State University. She has completed Cannon Financials Certified Wealth Strategist Mastery Program and holds the National Association of Securities Dealers Series 7 and 66 licenses. She is a native to San Francisco.

So Kimberly has skin in the game but being a senior investment manager and deal-maker for the superwealthy is quite the conflict of interest.

San Francisco Port Commission Elects New Officers

Kimberly is on the left. Cutting pupils and “new moon” eyes mark her as exceptionally untrustworthy.

On the right is the next guy, Willie Adams. His physiognomy is unremarkable, actually. Gab lines about the corners of his mouth (those are the second parallel lines, not the first) suggest he’s a talker. Nose tip is bulbous so some financial interest/experience. None of that’s a hard guess since I already know his background.

Willie Adams, Vice President

WillieAdams2014Commissioner Willie Adams was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Edwin M. Lee in July 2012. …

Mr. Adams was named the President of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) in 2018. Mr. Adams’s long history with ILWU started in Tacoma, Washington in 1978, where he worked on the docks as a longshoreman for 24 years. In 1998, he was elected by co-workers to serve on their local union Executive Board and chosen in 2000 to serve on the union’s International Executive Board. Mr. Adams was also elected to serve as one of three Trustees who oversee the ILWU.s finances. Mr. Adams has represented the ILWU during visits with workers in South Africa, Australia, Spain, Cuba, Vietnam and China.

A union boss, which is synonymous for political corruption, but he earned some calluses doing actual port work so I can’t be too hard on him. He probably does the real work of the Commission while President First Negress handles the photo-ops.

Mr. Adams also serves on the Board of TransAfrica, where he works closely with Board Chairman Danny Glover and Board member Harry Belafonte. He is a passionate cultural advocate. He produced “Celebrations of Black History and Labor” programs in Tacoma, which featured cultural and political figures including Danny Glover, Paul Robeson, Jr., Yolanda King (Martin Luther King Jr..s daughter), hip-hop icon Chuck D, and Betty Shabazz (daughter of Malcolm X). He is also executive producer of several documentary films, including one exploring the life of African American writer Langston Hughes, “Hughes” Dream Harlem,. and “The Black Composers,. which tells the story of African American film score composers. Mr. Adams is currently involved with a full-length dramatic film exploring the life of labor leader Harry Bridges. Mr. Adams has resided in San Francisco since 2003.

A blacktivist.

Doreen Woo Ho, Commissioner

Commissioner Doreen Woo Ho was appointed to the San Francisco Port Commission by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and confirmed by the Board of Supervisors in May 2011 and was elected President of the Port Commission in 2012 and 2013. She currently serves as a member of the U.S. Bancorp Board of Directors. … She is a retired seasoned executive with over 35 years of commercial and consumer banking experience. She is the former President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of United Commercial Bank and President of Community Banking.

Serious bankster.

Prior to UCB she was engaged by Wells Fargo & Company (1998-2008) as the President of the Consumer Credit Group and also was an EVP responsible for Enterprise Marketing, Student Loans and Corporate Trust. She was also a member of the Wells Fargo Management Committee. Ms. Ho managed a portfolio of over $100 Billion in assets with nationwide distribution in multiple channels. Prior to Wells Fargo, she was a Senior Vice President with Citibank, holding multiple management positions in corporate banking, marketing, retail banking, consumer & mortgage lending, and small business banking. Before joining Citibank, Ms. Woo Ho was a correspondent for Time magazine and CBS Radio News based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Ms. Ho is a graduate of Smith College and Columbia University.

Wow. I can’t believe she wouldn’t manipulate a housing market for personal gain given the chance. It’s only been her life’s work.

A resident of San Francisco since 1974, she is married to James K. Ho, Board President of Chinese Hospital and former Deputy Mayor of San Francisco.

On one hand, she’s a resident. On the other hand, mondo conflicts of interest. Can the superwealthy truly be residents of any particular place?

Board of Directors - U.S. Bank Annual Report 2014

Keeping exclusively to the Chinese school here, long, high, rounded eyebrows indicate a pleasant attitude and friendliness. “Slightly squished from round” eyes indicate cunning and shrewdness. A big-tipped nose indicates a big ego. Invisible, large nostrils indicates great courage in making money with a possible streak of selfishness.

The raised cheekbone is considered stubborn, tenacious or even treasonous. The Western system is more charitable, regarding raised cheeks as an indicator of general dominance. Because her eyebrows don’t fit with the rest of her face, I wonder if they’re fake.

Gail Gilman, Commissioner

Commissioner Gail Gilman was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Mark Farrell in April 2018. She has previously served on numerous housing and homeless tasks forces and was appointed in 2017 by Governor Brown to California’s Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council. She previously served on the commission for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.

Ms. Gilman has over 25 years of non-profit experience and extensive experience in real estate development of residential housing, land-use policy, activation of commercial spaces in supportive housing, social enterprise, economic development, homelessness, social services, public policy and community organizing. She has been chief executive officer at the Community Housing Partnership since 2010. She is extensively involved in regional and national public policy efforts related to housing and homelessness. Ms. Gilman received a Master of Non-Profit Administration from University of San Francisco and lives in the North Beach neighborhood along the waterfront.

A homeless advocate, of course she supported a new homeless shelter. More money for her the poor!

The “Mommy Frog-Lips” face of women who breed kids then are too busy with a career to raise them. (I couldn’t confirm or deny this for Gail.) Thousand-cock stare doesn’t raise my opinion of her personality. One eye larger than the other can indicate estrangement from parents. Regardless, she’s a feminista!

Victor G. Makras, Commissioner

Commissioner Victor Makras was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Mark Farrell in April 2018. Mr. Makras previously served on the boards for Permit Appeals, Public Utilities Commission, Police Commission, Fire Department, and the San Francisco Employees Retirement Board. He also volunteers his time with additional organizations including City College of San Francisco Mission Advisory Board, Willie J. Brown Institute and the California International Relations Foundation.

Another associate of Willie Brown. Willie’s burning ass is probably the first thing you’ll smell in Hell, for those who end up in the Other Land Down Under. Among other accomplishments, he supported Jim Jones of Jonestown Massacre infamy, was one of the first State leaders to give preferential hiring to Sodomites and his protege was now-governor Gavin Newsom.

An established Real Estate Broker in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Mr. Makras previously was president of the San Francisco Association of Realtors. He spearheads Makras Real Estate Group, a leading San Francisco real estate group specializing in buying and selling residential properties and property management. Mr. Makras is a benefactor of several charitable organizations, including On Your Feet Foundation, the Aids Emergency Fund, and the Mission Housing Development Corporation. He received training in real estate from College of San Mateo and is a member of the National Association of Realtors.


Port Commission | Port of San Francisco

Problem glasses! Pedoface! And confirmed by his support for the AIDS Emergency Fund.


Three Port Commissioners are high-level Wall Street types, one is a homeless advocate and one is the token cis-male who works for a living. If a super-Elite actually was trying to manipulate property values to build himself a new kingdom, he would assemble exactly this kind of team. Three to work the system, one to manage the homeless being used as foils and one to oversee day-to-day port operations.


Johnny Eric Williams Got Tenure By Hating Whitey

Tenured Sociology Professor Johnny Eric Williams has recently called for the extermination of White people… again. In fact, calling for our deaths is what secured him tenure.

Trinity Professor Johnny Eric Williams Calls White People 'Inhuman A-holes' Says 'Let Them Die ...

His eyes are naturally so narrow that I don’t know about drooping eyelids or even which side is dominant. He seems to have the pear-shaped head that suggests desire to both respect and be respected but this is not confirmed by the middle third of his face being dominant. Instead, it’s dominant lower third, which denotes practicality… which is not what I would expect of a college professor.

A nose that looks like a plucked turkey tail–wide, bulbous and in profile, angled downward–is correlated with social deviancy but don’t take that as gospel just yet. It’s something I’m still looking into. Physiognomy research is hard.

For what it’s worth, Buddha ears (banana-shaped) indicate good luck in the Chinese system, unless the earlobes poke out sideways, then it’s “die young”.

Trinity College Professor: .Whiteness Is Terrorism.

By Tom Ciccotta, 27 April 2019

According to a report from Newsweek, Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams is making waves again. Breitbart News reported in June 2017 that Williams had argued that first responders should have let Representative Steve Scalise die after he was shot during a practice for the congressional baseball game. Williams also shared a blog post by an anonymous author that asked black people to withhold life-saving help from white people in need.

.If you see them drowning. If you see them in a burning building. If they are bleeding out in an emergency room. If the ground is crumbling beneath them. If they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other: do nothing,. the post read.

That’s cold, man. Yeah, I want blacks shipped back to Africa but that won’t stop me from saving the life of an innocent black given the chance. I don’t hate you guys. I’m just frustrated at 200+ years of failed efforts at integration. It’s you, not us.

I hear that attitude annoys non-Whites across the planet. A story I read somewhere had a NATO observer expressing frustration that American soldiers would invade a village only to put out a structure fire and heal the burned, then come back the next day and torch the opium fields. *shrug* I don’t see the contradiction.

More recently, Williams tweeted that “whiteness is terrorism.. [GQ: On Easter Sunday.] Now, he’s defending those comments. In a conversation with Newsweek, Williams said that his tweets are only controversial to white people.

.They’re not controversial in the academy. They’re not controversial within the black community. I don’t think they’re controversial at all,. Williams said, defending his tweet. .I think they’re controversial with people who see themselves as white, because it reveals in a telegraph that they’re immersed in that whiteness to a point where it’s hard for them to see anything else..

I believe him. I also believe that’s why blacks have to go back and our gov’t-funded college system, shut down entirely.

.I.m referring to whiteness as an ideology, which everyone in the United States is immersed in because we live in a white supremacy society,. Williams added. “Because there are people walking around believing that they’re white and acting as if they’re white, when there’s just the human race..

If indoor plumbing is whiteness, and whiteness is terrorism, then we’ll not only send you back to Africa, we’ll track you down by the stink of you. Even our dogs will be happy the see you gone. And if some whites also reject toilets because toilets are white then I guess they can go with you. Bon appetit, ya savage.

I was curious about his 2017 suspension by the administration, in light of his claiming that his behavior was not objectionable to them. Here’s the announcement:

From Trinity President Joanne Berger-Sweeney

June 26, 2017

To the Members of the Trinity Community,

As a follow-up to my note from last week, I write to inform you that Professor Johnny Williams has been placed on leave, effectively immediately. We’ve determined that a leave is in the best interest of both Professor Williams and the college. The review by the Dean of the Faculty of the events concerning Professor Williams will continue.

Very well. Sounds like standard procedure.

Meanwhile, I want to take care to note that the principles that underlie this particular set of events go far beyond the actions of any one person.

Whoa, what? We’re talking about the words of one person, Professor Williams.

These involve principles that concern how we think about academic freedom and freedom of speech, as well as the responsibilities that come with those fundamental values. It’s true, too, that as scholars and citizens, and as individuals and as a community of higher learning, our roles in and relationship to social media and the public sphere are complicated.

No, they’re simple. You college types teach young adults high-level skills and beliefs.

We must be able to engage in conversations about these difficult and complex issues, and Trinity College and other places like it are precisely where such conversations should occur. I, for one, welcome them.

Conversations such as “abandon them to die, even if it costs you your job”? I agree. In the ’90s, there was a famous tenured eugenicist, Peter Singer, who publicly argued that killing malformed babies post-birth was healthy behavior. There were many calls for his dismissal but me, I thought it appropriate that America’s future leaders got the chance to learn firsthand that evil doesn’t come with horns and hooves and reeking of sulfur. It comes in a business suit with a pleasant speaking voice and convincing arguments.

Sadly, without the moral compass of Christianity my position proved to be… counterproductive in hindsight.


Joanne Berger-Sweeney
President and Trinity College Professor of Neuroscience

June 2017. But Williams’ LinkedIn profile says he got tenured in… July 2017. Hating whites got him IMMEDIATELY PROMOTED. Time for a look at Joanne, and that hyphenated name probably says it all.

Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney.

She needs to go back… to Innsmouth. Pedo eyes, hey, the same plucked-turkey-tail nose as Williams, lips are thicker than standard pedo but it might just be lipstick. Yeah, she’s got some sex freak in her closet and I don’t mean her disrespected husband.


By Janell Hazelwood, 27 March 2014

On Tuesday, March 25, the Trinity College Board of Trustees elected Joanne Berger-Sweeney, Ph.D., its 22nd president, making her the first African American and female to hold the post in the institution’s more than 190-year history. A leading scholar, neuroscientist and administrator, Berger-Sweeney will transition into the position from her current role as dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

Three years into her position, the first black and first female to lead Trinity College rewarded calls for the murder of innocent whites and assassination of conservative politicians with tenure… practically on the spot.

.We are confident that Joanne Berger-Sweeney is the right leader for Trinity. She is a world-class educator and scientist, who during her career has run a lab committed to Alzheimer’s research,. Cornelia Parsons Thornburgh, chair of the school’s presidential search committee, said in a statement. “As dean of Tufts. School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Berger-Sweeney is an accomplished administrator who knows the NESCAC well, manages a $311 million annual budget, and oversees a school of 5,000 students and a 385-member faculty. She is a collaborative innovator with a student-centric focus. She values our position in Hartford, recognizing it will be a key element in defining our future. .

It’s a rare person who is good at science AND good at administration, even among whites and Asians. Joanne is either a supergenuis or a diversity fraud.

Berger-Sweeney brings more than a decade of educational and administrative experience to the post, having served as an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Allene Lummis Russell Professor in Neuroscience at Wellesley College. A graduate of Wellesley, she also holds an M.P.H. in environmental health sciences from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in neurotoxicology from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She completed her postdoctoral training at the National Institute of Health (INSERM) in Paris, France.

Yep, diversity fraud. UCB in particular means she’s been vetted for Narrative loyalty.

Let’s look at Joanne’s research in neurotoxicology, specifically alcoholism. Now, I’m not a neurotoxicologist but as a college-educated everyman, I understand the primary mechanic of drunkenness at the molecular level is prevention of sodium ion neuron reuptake, which prejudices the electrical conductivity of various synapses. What does PhD Joanne say about the causes of drunkenness?

Trinity College Leader Sees Diversity as Stemming the Alcoholism Tide

By David Desroches, 2 February 2015

Alcoholism and sexual assaults on college campuses continue to make headlines across the country, but for one college president, part of the solution could involve simply increasing diversity among the student body.

Stop laughing, comrade! The PhD neurotoxicologist from the French National Institute of Health is speaking.

Joanne Berger-Sweeney, president of Trinity College in Hartford, told WNPR.s Where We Live that by actively creating an environment that reflects the diversity of the state’s capital, students would be exposed to different values that might alleviate some of the social and cultural pressures that lead to alcohol and drug abuse, as well as sexual misconduct.

.We have to try and break the culture of privilege on our campus,. Berger-Sweeney said. How does she plan on doing that?

.I think we do that best by making sure that we have a diverse campus of students that come” to Trinity, she said. “Because when you let a particular class dominate . as if they are the entire social scene . I think that’s when you have the problems..

White people cause alcoholism! Negroes hold their liquor so much better, doncha know?

Trinity has not traditionally been recognized as a diverse school, although the percentage of white students dropped from 73 percent to 65 percent between 2001 and 2015, according to the college’s Office of Institutional Research. The percentage of Hispanics attending Trinity dropped by half during that time. This happened while the Hispanic population in Hartford jumped by over 3,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Most of the change in demographics involved people identifying themselves as an “other” race or having multiple racial identities, school data showed.

Whites aren’t stupid. When administrators say “we need more diversity”, white students hear “we want to get rid of you” and given the chance, identify as “other” or “multiple”. Sure, I’m part Tanzanian… somewhere in the past… probably. Heck, the professor of evolution says I’m part fruit fly.

Interesting that Latinos also reached for the “other” dodge. Maybe they listened when the Powers That Be called Asians the model minority?

As the student body diversifies, Berger-Sweeney suggested that some social problems could be alleviated. The same type of pressure that may drive students to drink could be reversed in a more diverse cultural context, she said. This means that students would be pressured to avoid drugs and alcohol, though she suggested that this method works better for alcohol abuse than it does for drugs.

I heard a story about a black guy on a predominately white college campus. He paid for his education with drug dealing. When caught and interrogated, he said, “I just wanted an education. But everybody kept coming to me asking for dope so what the heck, I found a supplier and did what everybody expected me to do. I didn’t advertise or nothin’, just kept a few bags with me and sold it when asked.” Is this the sort of thing Joanne meant by diversity being “better for alcohol abuse than drugs”?

Known as a “Little Ivy” due its high academic standards and $40,000 in-state tuition price tag, Trinity has also earned a reputation as a party campus.

Which is it? High standards or party campus?

This status was likely intensified by allegations last year regarding a college fraternity that faced “serious alcohol violations,. according to an email from the school’s interim dean and obtained by WFSB News.

Berger-Sweeney acknowledged the connection between class privilege, alcohol/drugs and sexual misconduct, and noted that one of her first priorities upon taking the role of Trinity’s president last summer was to establish a task force to focus on sexual misconduct prevention, which she chairs.

I easily found drunkenness incidents and similar frat pranks going back to 1991, so it’s “party campus” not “high standards”. But here’s an interesting segue on Trinity College frat life:

…Officials at Trinity College in Connecticut aren’t thinking about today’s standards. They’re thinking about the standards of 2023. That’s why they’re requiring Greek life to go coed.

It.s part of a strategic plan to improve the sense of community and image of the college, where students tend to run in cliques, retention rates have declined slightly, and social culture has grown out of proportion to academic life, said Frederick Alford, dean of students. At the outset of the planning, the president asked officials to ponder what they wanted Trinity to look like in 2023, the year of its bicentennial.

The president of Trinity College of Connecticut, Joanne Berger-Sweeney, announced in a campuswide email Friday that the institution was ending a controversial plan to force Greek organizations to become coeducational. The plan, adopted prior to Berger-Sweeney’s appointment, has been opposed by many on campus, especially those affiliated with the fraternity system. In her note to the campus, Berger-Sweeney said that half of the campus fraternities would lose their charters because their national organizations do not permit coeducational chapters. Further, she said that she was not convinced the plan was achieving its goals.

“I have concluded that the coed mandate is unlikely to achieve its intended goal of gender equity,” she wrote. “Furthermore, I do not believe that requiring coed membership is the best way to address gender discrimination or to promote inclusiveness. In fact, communitywide dialogue concerning this issue has been divisive and counterproductive.”

Go Team Fratboy! Seriously, kudos to the national Greek dudes for telling the wimminz NO. Note this decision happened the semester after Joanne thought that “increasing diversity” would end alcoholism. Strange that Joanne backed down from forced integration so soon after claiming diversity would be their strength.

More frat shenanigans at Yale for the interested:

End segue.

.It.s not just a legal issue, this is moral issue,. she told Where We Live. .I have an 18-year-old daughter who will go to college next year. I care about these issues a lot. I care very much that we are, at Trinity College, on the cutting edge of some of these issues and not just following..

Ohhhh. That’s why Joanne backed down from forced integration. Her daughter will be attending next year. Having skin in the game changes everything, doesn’t it?

Sexual assaults tripled on Trinity’s campus between 2012 and 2013, according to a Hartford Courant analysis. This happened while Berger-Sweeney was still at Tufts University. The college certainly has a responsibility to handle these allegations appropriately, she said, but preventing and handling these incidents takes cooperation. Law enforcement agencies are also on the hook for pursuing claims with vigor, which is sometimes not the case, she said.


At Trinity College, the number of reported “forcible” sexual offenses climbed from 8 in 2012 to 25 in 2013.

Fred Alford, Trinity’s dean of students, said in an email that he believes the “increase in the number of reported sex offense incidents shows progress toward creating a safer and more responsive environment at Trinity for students to disclose incidents.”

Definitely not the “one quarter of college women are raped” statistic we’ve heard about. I agree with Mr. Alford that the increase is probably due to encouraging the reporting of such incidents rather than an actual increase. Interesting that this heightened awareness of female sexual assault happened only 1-2 years before the first female President was installed. Almost as if some pozzing was going on within the administration.

There’s a pattern that when Baby Boomers finally wander off, they appoint vibrant wimminz to replace them. They will never stop virtue-signaling on this side of the grave.

Meanwhile, I present this chart without comment:

End segue.

At the end of the day, Trinity is a place of learning, and it looks to broaden its reach. With the recent purchase of the former Travelers Education Center on Constitution Plaza for $2 million, Trinity is poised to not only expand its footprint and student offerings, but lead the way toward a less dangerous undergraduate educational experience, Berger-Sweeney said.

Pay no attention to the Sociology professor calling for your violent death, white boy. Or the President who thinks only whites are violent alcoholics.


Shake Your Money Maker Degree

UCLA celebrates “Sex Week” by testing the waters for a Bachelor’s Degree in Exotic Dancing. I approve. There’s no more effective and honest way to teach what women think of as “biology”. This should free up a lot of laboratory space for men while helping women pay off the ever-inflating costs associated with the YuGo To College, Girl lifestyle. Get your popcorn ready!

Class strips stigma from pole-dancing, trades fetishization for self-expression

By Eva Kaganovsky, 17 April 2019

Students will pole-dance to find their inner power on Friday, said TaMisha Greathouse. In honor of this year’s Sex Week…

For fuck’s sake. Literally.

…a beginner pole-dancing class will be held in Kerckhoff Art Gallery. Hosted by the UCLA Sexual Health Coalition and UCLA Housing, the event is targeted toward students who have not previously pole-danced. Greathouse, co-chair of Sex Week, said students are encouraged to enter the space with any motive they choose, whether that be improving fitness or exploring their sexuality.

.The goal with pole is to get in touch with yourself through movement,. Greathouse said. .We want students to leave with a better understanding of their self and more confidence for themselves than they came in with..

This must be her daily mantra of “I am not a whore. I am not a whore.” Pole dancing is even worse than belly dancing for intentional, hormonal voyeurism. No girl who “tries out” the pole is thinking about quietly enjoying an evening to herself with a more space-efficient hobby than yoga.

Instructor Candace Cane, who has been teaching pole classes since 2013 at venues around Los Angeles, said she plans to begin the class by allowing students time to get acclimated to the pole. They can then discuss any emotions the apparatus might elicit, from fear to excitement. Initiating open lines of communication will be effective in developing confidence, Greathouse said.

Chicks gossiping about their feelings. Current year has completely failed to change instinctive human behavior.

Elle Mendelson, a first-year molecular, cell, and developmental biology student, said she is attending the event because pole-dancing has many unacknowledged merits, including sexual empowerment and combating objectification.

Though pole-dancing can be thought to increase objectification, Mendelson said it actually decreases it by highlighting that women can be sexy, but are also human beings with emotions and personalities. Having had body dysmorphia for as long as she can remember, Mendelson said pole-dancing might help her move past her insecurities because the classes provide a safe space in which she feels a sense of belonging.

Body dysmorphia = fat. “Molecular, cell, and developmental biology” = getting pregnant.

.Having a pole-dancing class available to students gives them a way to take control of the way they present themselves, and in that way people are able to take back the objectification,. Mendelson said. .People are able to be like, .Hey, I am here, and I am sexy and a human being…

She wants to attract the Alpha and repel the Beta. That’s the “taking control” mentioned here.

[RELATED: UCLA Sex Squad’s performance aims to spread sexual health awareness through humor]

That was an ad link I included because you wouldn’t believe me if I said California’s flagship University of California, Los Angeles had a professional Sex Squad teaching the students how to… laugh.

Meanwhile, Greathouse hopes to convey the idea that pole-dancing is not a method of pleasing other people, but a form of self-expression. There are acrobatic and aerobic aspects to pole-dancing despite its sensual roots, she said. She hopes the class will help eradicate the negative stigma surrounding pole-dancing, including the ideas that it only occurs in strip clubs or is restricted to promiscuous people.

She just shot down the one good aspect of universities teaching pole dancing, that it’s a marketable, in-demand skill that can pay off student debts so quickly that the IRS might investigate.

.Pole-dancing is for anyone, at any age, with any body type or any gender affiliation. Literally, if you have limbs . even if you are missing a limb . you can still pole-dance,. Cane said. .People with only one leg, one arm, women, all genders, robust women, small women . everyone is able to pole-dance if they allow themselves to..

Once a pole dancer | Funny | Funny pictures, Humor, Old women

If you ever see me dancing on a pole, it’ll be because the rebar wasn’t safety-capped at the construction site when I slipped off the edge.

Public education needs to be shut down immediately and permanently. It’s been compromised by circus freaks at every level.


Where Are Nigel Shelby’s Bullies?

Parents shouldn’t raise their boys to be suicides by sexually confusing them.

Jeff Graves: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nigel Shelby was a 15-year-old Huntsville High School student who committed suicide on the afternoon of April 19. Nigel, who had been battling depression and struggled with his sexuality, also endured constant bullying at school. .Nigel was the sweetest child. He was so outgoing. He was always so full of joy full of life,. Nigel’s mother Camika Quintay recalled.

Flipboard: Video: Why Arundhati Katju, one of ?Time ...

Nigel. He never had the chance for a healthy, normal life because his mother raised him to be a sex toy for older men.

Quintay isn’t sure if any acts of bullying occurred at school on the day that Nigel took his own life but acknowledged that bullying had been an ongoing issue for her son. .Depression is really a disease and when you are to have a kid is really depressed and going through a lot emotionally, free to call him names that you shouldn’t call him you know or say stuff to them it sometimes has a worse effect then it would on a child who is not struggling with depression,. Quintay shared with WZDX. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Nigel’s family.

On April 20, Principal Aaron King wrote on the Huntsville High School PTSA Facebook page, .We were saddened to learn this morning of the death of Nigel Shelby, one of our 9th grade students. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.” He said that counselors would be on hand to help Shelby’s grieving classmates. The school’s Facebook also posted resources for students and their families.

On April 22, Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Christie Finley spoke at a school board meeting and implored listeners to “treat one another as you want to be treated.” She asked the community to embrace “values of acceptance, kindness, generosity, helpfulness and basically, just being a human.” She said that adults should not just teach these values, but model them as well.

You know what’s missing from this story? Besides the father?

The bullies are missing.

I looked through a lot of news stories on Nigel’s suicide and not a single one had a single example of the bullying that supposedly drove Nigel to suicide. Schools are practically prisons today, guards and cameras everywhere, with Social Justice drones on hyper-trigger for the slightest badthink. In fact, I’ll give an example of that at the end to finish on a high note.

But no bullies. Not one account of bullying in school records, not one anti-Nigel statement in social media. I trust that the NPC crowd have scoured those records more thoroughly than I ever could have. In fact, I even swam into the sewer of LGBT activists in search of the REAL story… and found this. No link, I don’t associate with this kind of site… the Faustian things that I do, sigh… but the mainstream media don’t like to give the full picture of an unwilling child’s prematurely forced sexual experiences. The Sodomites are always more honest among their own kind:

Nigel Shelby “struggled with his identity., mother says

Shelby.s mother explained: .I knew he was struggling. I knew he was depressed. We were going to see doctors on a regular basis. He was going to see a psychiatrist. I’m still shocked that my baby’s not here anymore.

.With Nigel’s situation he was already struggling with his identity, so he was going through some stressful times. And depression is real. A lot of people don’t understand that depression is a disease.

.And when you have a kid who is already depressed and going through a lot emotionally, for you to call him names that you shouldn’t call him or say stuff to them, it sometimes has a worse effect than it would on a child who is not struggling with depression..

She added: “Coming out at such a young age, it can be hard. You don’t know if you are going to be accepted. He didn’t know if I was going to accept him. He’s my child. I love him. I know him. I already knew..

She admits that Nigel’s real problem was struggling with the sexual perversions his mother was forcing upon him. Which leads us to the truth:

Nigel suicided because his mother used him as an unwilling subject for transsexual experimentation. At age 15, Nigel should be just beginning to be sexually aware, at odds with his “coming out at such a young age”. Camika Quintay is a child abuser who drove her son to suicide and then invented “school bullying” so people wouldn’t get the wrong idea about sexual predators… or her.

The principal? Superintendent? They’re helping with the coverup even though doing so opens them up to a wrongful death lawsuit. If schoolyard bullies really did drive him to suicide on their watch then they’ll lose their jobs at best. Come on, a high schooler wearing a MAGA hat is national news these days, let alone a team of LGBT persecutors. But that was apparently the easier way out than telling a ghetto rat baby momma that she done wrong.

The LGBT community? They know the score yet they’re milking the case for publicity and money. At age 15, Nigel had almost certainly begun to be raped by homosexuals.

Nigel Shelby’s suicide is a total lie. No school bullies, all sexual violations, yet the world celebrates him as a martyr for the very perversions that made suicide the easy way out.

May God damn the wicked in Nigel’s name.

Ending on a higher note, you probably wonder why the above article’s title was a guy named Jeff Graves. That’s Deputy Graves and a flippant comment from him gave the predators trying to hush up Nigel’s death an excellent distraction.

Cop Posted Homophobic Comments About Nigel Shelby, Who Killed Himself After Allegedly Being Bullied In School

Cop Posted Homophobic Comments About Nigel Shelby, Who Killed Himself After Allegedly Being Bullied In School

A police officer in Alabama was not fired after he posted a homophobic Facebook comment about a 15-year-old boy who had recently committed suicide after being bullied in school for being gay. Instead, he was only put on administrative leave for his despicably vile social media activity that falls well outside the scope of protecting and serving a community.

.Liberty Guns Bible Trump BBQ That’s my kind of LGBTQ movement. I’m seriously offended there is such a thing such as the movement. Society cannot and should not accept this behavior,. Madison County Deputy Jeff Graves wrote in the comments section of a Facebook post by a Huntsville TV station about Nigel Shelby to raise awareness about bullying of LGBTQ people.

Heh, and Jeff didn’t just make that up, either. It was a briefly lived clothing line from Kentucky.

A food truck owner faced backlash after advertising a T-Shirt that said, "I support LGBTQ. Liberty, guns, bible, Trump, BBQ." (Photo: Facebook)

Segue to

A food truck owner in Williamstown, Kentucky faced backlash for selling a T-shirt advertising his business on social media; however, the additional attention has caused the controversial swag to sell out.

Bell’s Smokin’ BBQ owner, Jamie Smith, shared a photo of the shirt on the business’s Facebook page on Thursday, and the message quickly went viral. The shirts in question read, “I support LGBTQ: Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ,” and people weren’t just offended because ‘BBQ’ does not start with the letter ‘Q’ and that’s not how acronyms work.

Can you spot the Gamma tell in that last paragraph?

“The first thing I thought when I saw it was what a bad idea,” Chris Hartman, the Louisville Fairness Campaign director, said. “What a bad business model, to automatically isolate not just a segment of your potential customer base, but all of their family and friends.”

SJWs love to advocate on behalf of people who aren’t present. It gives them authority without responsibility. But don’t whip out your credit card. Bell’s BBQ did the one thing you never, ever do. NEVER APOLOGIZE TO SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS! NEVER!

“Belles Smoking BBQ apologizes if we have offended and groups, organization or individuals with our shirts. We respect all beliefs and lifestyles and want no ill will towards anyone.

And if you do make the mistake of apologizing, don’t talk like you’ve lawyered up in fear.

We know each person has their own thoughts and beliefs but we are hurt that the people who are saying ‘stop the hate’ are the ones coming at us with the harassing messages and threatening phone calls.

And if you do lawyer up and grovel, don’t beg for mercy like that. The position of victim doesn’t come cheap with this crowd. You gotta fight for it, and that’s hard when you’ve already grabbed your ankles.

Again we apologize for any hurt feelings and thank our supporters who truly know us.

End segue.

A sheriff’s office spokesman vowed a full investigation would be taking place.

.The Sheriff’s Office holds all its employees to high standard, and the public can be assured that a thorough and complete audit will be conducted and appropriate action will be taken,. Madison County Lt. Donny Shaw said in a statement. .The involved employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the audit..

A paid vacation for the heat to die down. Jeff is probably on a beach in the Gulf, beer in one hand, phone spewing death threats in the other hand, with a shit-eating grin in between. That’s how you handle the easily triggered.

The fact that anyone who is supposed to protect and serve would say this under a post about a child is disgusting. Chances are this deputy is not the only one in his department who feels that way.

WITCH HUNT! Because we don’t want people to notice that nobody can find the schoolyard bullies.

Jeff Graves

Here’s Graves. A stereotypical “cop” face, squarish with thin lips and a solid jaw. Not a donut hound, that’s good. Sources say he has a background as a school cop, K9…

Deputy placed on leave after homophobic comments has worked as school resource officer, mental ...

and something called a Crisis Intervention Trainer, so he knows about dealing with the mentally ill. The “investigation” hasn’t finished yet but he should be okay, being experienced with handling psychos.

Deputy Graves, could you do me a favor and start asking where those schoolyard bullies are?


On Behalf Of State Involvement In Marriage

Many in the Manosphere believe the State has no place in marriage, no marriage license or other gov’t certification, just “you, me and God”. But speaking for myself, I would not get married unless the State IS involved in marriage… because it should be.

Any partnership of two cannot be a partnership of equals. One or the other must be in charge, to solve the inevitable 1-1 voting ties. God has declared that the man is to be in charge and the nonreligious-yet-sane are generally on board with that.

But here’s the thing, God is not going to show up and assert the husband’s authority.

Similarly, the couple can go off in the woods and make a private marriage contract or covenant, just the two of them. Great. But when breach is committed, who enforces the terms? If wifey cleans out the bank account, grabs the kids and moves to Papua New Guinea for the Eat, Pray, Love lifestyle, what can the man do to stop her? The contract/covenant is just a piece of paper. Not an avenging angel.

It is the God-given duty of the State to punish evil. Therefore, it is the God-given duty of the State, its natural function, to enforce the terms of marriage. Specifically, the husband’s authority.

Boxer, Derek and a few others have been trying to cheerlead for marriage recently, which prompted this post. It’s all tone-deaf noise to me. I do not care how good marriage MIGHT be. I do not care how well it CAN make me happy. Too many men exactly like me have been utterly ruined.

I want a guarantee that a wife would respect and obey me. Already, I know from experience that I’m not attractive to women. That can’t be compensated for with vetting and upping my Charisma statistic.

A guarantee is unreasonable in terms of realistic expectations but entirely reasonable for a man who’s spent his entire adult life watching family life burn because of everything from dead-bed marriages to the utter ruin of men exactly like me. I do not dare to live in a world of hopes and maybes.

Only a government can offer a guarantee of enforcing the husband’s authority over his wife. In the past, “government” meant local politicians and priests, which I assume is what the men who “want government out of marriage” actually want. You want a marriage with no human authorities involved at all? Then just start porking her and find out the hard way if she stays loyal for the rest of her life.

More than my personal demands, I believe the inability of modern husbands to threatpoint their wives is exactly why they are considered unsexy. Women respond to fear, not opportunity, and we’ve learned from the Red Pill that women even take a measure of comfort in the occasional spanking, smackdown or general frame-grab. The only two ways we can regain husbandly threatpoint is the State empowering fathers or the State turning a blind eye to domestic violence. Both are decisions the State must make, so this is a decision for the State to make.

Yes, the State today has weaponized marriage against the innocent. The State has weaponized everything against the innocent. My taxes keep going up and being used to fund outrageous perversions. Property ownership is encumbered to the point of “the working homeless” becoming a common term. That doesn’t mean that all State oversight of the institution of marriage is inappropriate, it means that our current crop of parasites and cultural arsonists need their necks stretched.

Yeah, I don’t react well to treachery. A major reason I can’t risk marriage.

I close with an example of what a healthy marital threatpoint might look like. Once per week, a husband can have the police put his wife in the stockade for a day. No questions asked, just drop her off in the morning. (Or call for a pickup if she won’t go quietly.) She spends a day in discomfort and public humiliation, but no actual cruelty, under the watch of a dispassionate jailer rather than a potentially enraged hubby.

Wives would respect their husbands more if they knew he could make that call and they’d have no recourse. Not unlike what’s happening now, actually, which suggests threatpoints are a primal way of how women think. Men don’t like the idea of using leverage against their wives, being more likely to attempt reason, outwait the problem or thug out upon her. Which is why the State should provide a threatpoint like this one as a marital convenience, to promote happy and healthy marriages among its constituents.



I found an interesting chart on the Daily Kos that said 11 state politicians have changed political loyalties since the 2018 elections barely six months ago. I don’t mean turncoats in the pejorative sense today; Left vs. Right has become meaningless, now that the real battle is globalist vs. nationalist. Then again, this is an awfully short time after the elections for the pols to reveal themselves as not who the people voted for. Let’s have a look at their reasons and physiognomies.

Johnny Tadlock, Oklahoma, Dem->Rep, 6 Dec 2018

Oklahoma State Rep Switches Teams?? | The Lost Ogle

The bulb on his nose suggests interest in money/finance. He’s probably decisive with a square, jutting chin like that; indeed, his career was in law enforcement rising as high as Sheriff before entering politics. Heavy crows-feet at the corner of his eyes but not extending across the lower eyelids; an unhappy marriage, perhaps, or police work may have aged him prematurely. A generally square face indicates a pragmatic, high-endurance personality.

As Democratic rural losses increase, state Rep. Tadlock says he is changing Parties, not changing sides

Oklahoma City . State Rep. Johnny Tadlock, first elected as representative from Oklahoma House District 1 in 2014, delivered the political equivalent of a trembler at the state Capitol last week.

Tadlock switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. The Idabel legislator cited conservative policy beliefs as the reason for the change.

In comments sent to The City Sentinel on Thursday (December 6), Rep. Tadlock said, .This to me is not at all about party affiliation. This is about representing the people who live in my district to the best of my ability and making sure their voice is heard at the state Capitol. To do this, I feel I would have better success in the majority party.

.I have not changed my beliefs. As a Democrat, I was endorsed by the National Rifle Association. I have always been pro-life. I have cared about safe and decent roads and bridges, public safety, free and fair public education and health care that reaches those in the rural communities. These are still the issues with which I will be concerned..

Not a conservative worthy of the label. But his switch leaves OK Democrats with almost no presence outside of the cities.

State Rep. Emily Virgin of Norman, recently elected as the Democratic House Leader, sent a statement soon after Tadlock’s party switch was announced. She said:

.Whether the legislator from House District 1 is a Republican or a Democrat, the Democratic Caucus is going to continue to fight for legislation that benefits towns like Broken Bow and Idabel.

For the last decade, Republican policies from healthcare to education have been devastating to rural Oklahoma so while we don’t understand Rep. Tadlock’s decision, we wish him the best of luck..

She didn’t scream at him for homophobia and Russia connections so I conclude it’s a reelection ploy done early.

Barbara Bollier, Kansas, Rep->Dem, 12 Dec 2018

Barbara Bollier

A textbook feminist face. Masculinized chin/jaw, sunken eyes, thin lips, New York City haircut, flat chest. I’m surprised she ever identified as a conservative.

Barbara Bollier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Barbara Bollier is a Kansas state lawmaker who left the Republican Party to join the Democrats. Bollier said her frustration with the party had been building for years but the final straw was the inclusion of anti-transgender language into the party platform, The Shawnee Mission Post reported.

Bollier has been an outspoken critic of her own party for years, even backing a Democratic candidate in the Kansas 3rd Congressional District election and the state’s governor’s race.

Bollier had been punished by the party by losing her position on the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee.

.Once I was removed from my committees, it no longer made sense for me to try to represent my constituents as a Republican,. she said.

Entitled termite bitch. She attacked her own party from the inside. Good that her peers removed her from positions of leadership but they should have kicked her out entirely before she had the chance to leave. They didn’t want to lose their meaningless edge against the Democrats, most likely.

Dinah Sykes, Kansas, Rep->Dem, 19 Dec 2018

New Member Spotlight: Dinah Sykes | Rotary Club of Lenexa

Not fully feministized. The accessories are Leftoid–haircut, glasses–but she could probably be rehabilitated to live a normal life. Smiles that bare the gums indicate a belief that the subject self-perceives as desirable.

Compromise, common sense and listening to all sides of an issue don’t seem like countercultural values. Certainly, in the home I grew up in they weren.t. My parents belonged to separate political parties, and those values were part of the air I breathed.

But in my state’s Republican Party, such values have become increasingly difficult to find. And that’s why I’ve decided to leave the party.

Impressive. Okie Republicans found their spine!

I ran for office because I strongly believe that elected officials should serve the people they represent. They should take the time to hear from those on all sides of an issue and consider how people’s lives are affected by policies. I didn’t see this from the incumbent, so I ran for a seat in the Kansas legislature.

That’s not how gov’t leaders serve the people, by giving them what they want. Fear God, punish evil, keep the infrastructure intact. It doesn’t matter how many soccer moms are inconvenienced by State prohibitions on divorce.

There, I identified with and developed friendships with moderate women in both parties who embodied this kind of principled compromise and common sense. Despite the work of then-Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican, to purge state government (and the Republican Party) of moderates, I believed the best way to fight for my state was to work with my moderate friends to try to reverse those changes; in fact, that’s what I had been elected to do. It’s what the people wanted. However, I quickly discovered during my own service what many of my moderate friends already knew: The changes were deeper and much more pervasive than I thought. To many in the Republican Party, “bipartisan” had become a dirty word.

Bipartisan IS a dirty word. Meanwhile, Dinah found sisterhood with the Dems.

I witnessed party bosses reinforce this message numerous times by punishing caucus members who disagreed with their leadership. I was even threatened early in my first session for advocating an end to Brownback’s failed tax experiment, a key issue in my campaign and one that the people of my district supported. When a fixed ideological position was put ahead of the people I serve and their wishes, I knew that was unacceptable.

Brownback, the previous Kansas governor and proponent of trickle-down economics, pushed massive tax cuts into effect. State gov’t revenue fell dramatically with education, transportation and abortion most notably affected. In fact, the State gov’t’s credit rating was downgraded in part for financial stability concerns. Sounds good to me but he’s considered to be one of the least popular governors in Kansas’ history. He is now President Trump’s “U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom” over loud objections from the ACLU, CAIR and the LGBT faction.

Sounds like there’s quite the cold civil war in Kansas politics today.

Stephanie Clayton, Kansas, Rep->Dem, 19 Dec 2018

The same day as Dinah. Looking forward to this one… on the right:

Sen. Dinah Sykes and Rep. Stephanie Clayton, both moderate Republicans, said Wednesday they are becoming Democrats. They join Sen. Barbara Bollier, who left the Republican Party earlier in December.

A very smooth face in a pic most likely indicates cosmetics; truly unlined faces at midlife have led sheltered lives. On a woman, curved (emotional) eyebrows combined with rational eyes & lips indicate emotional manipulation. This is perversely confirmed by her long, maintained hair. Committed feminists (which I admittedly didn’t learn from her face) who don’t cut their hair are breaking partly with the herd, which means they have practical advantage to gain from long hair–manipulation or sleeping to the top, stuff like that.

Also, her smile strikes me as predatory. I’ve seen it in a few other pics I sampled so it’s not just for this one.

Two more Kansas lawmakers are leaving the Republican Party to become Democrats, shrinking the ranks of GOP moderates after the Legislature grew more conservative in the November election.

Sen. Dinah Sykes and Rep. Stephanie Clayton, both moderate Johnson County Republicans, said Wednesday they are becoming Democrats. They join Sen. Barbara Bollier, who left the Republican Party earlier in December. …

Clayton, of Overland Park, called out what she described as “recent moves to support chaos in public policy” that she said had caused her great concern. She said she first ran for office in 2010, when her daughter was in first grade, because of a lack of stable funding for public education.

A perfect example of why women don’t belong in politics.

.Leaders in the Kansas House and Senate have now indicated that they will seek to scrap the bipartisan education plan achieved over the last two years, just as we are so close to solving this problem and ending the cycle of school litigation,. Clayton said in a statement.

.My Republican Party, then, seems to no longer represent or serve the interests of the 19th District, Johnson County, or the State of Kansas,. she said. …

The Kansas Supreme Court has largely signed off on a five-year plan to ramp up annual school funding by $525 million approved last spring, but faulted the Legislature for not accounting for inflation. Additional funding to address that could require roughly $90 million more a year, and the court expects lawmakers to act during the upcoming session. …

In addition to Sykes, Clayton and Bollier, departing Rep. Joy Koesten has also become a Democrat. The Leawood lawmaker was defeated in the Republican primary in August.

The new Democrats may help boost [Democratic Gov-elect Laura] Kelly, who will need votes not only for her agenda but also to potentially uphold vetoes of Republican-driven legislation.

That’s what I expected would be the motivation of most turncoats, voting politics, but damn… Kansas Republicans are kicking da wimminz out of their party!

Donald Marean, ME, Rep->Indep, 4 Jan 2019

Maine State House Rep Don Marean leaves GOP - News Growl

I don’t have much to say about this face. It’s too much like every Establishment politician ever. Large ears could indicate gullibility but there’s nothing confirming that. (The larger the ears, eyes and mouth are in proportion to the head, the more sensitive the person tends to be to life experiences.) If you draw a circle around his nose/eyes/mouth, notice that’s far inside the circumference of his face? That indicates a thick-skinned personality.

Recently re-elected Maine lawmaker quits Republican Party

AUGUSTA, Maine . A state legislator from York County left the Republican Party on Thursday without explaining his decision to unenroll, reducing the party’s minority in the Maine House of Representatives to 56 and becoming the seventh independent in the chamber.

Rep. Don Marean confirmed that he left his party in a Friday text message, but he said “out of respect” for House Republicans, he had no comment on his decision and would let it speak for itself.

.We were informed by the speaker’s office yesterday that he has unenrolled,. John Bott, spokesman for House Republicans, said Friday. .We do not have any details on his decision..

It’s one thing to not give a public explanation, another to not give ANY explanation even to your peers that you’re abandoning.

Marean is term-limited from running in 2020 after six overall terms in the Legislature. He won his seat in 2018 with 56 percent of votes and represents his hometown of Hollis and parts of Buxton. He was recently assigned to serve as the ranking Republican on the Legislature’s tax committee.

Marean has been a moderate member of a conservative caucus. Last year, he was one of four Republicans who opposed former Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of a bill to ban conversion therapy, a widely condemned and pseudoscientific treatment that attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

He’s not a pedoface. Maybe he’s just pulling the cord on a golden parachute. *checks* Fewer than 10 years in politics so that seems unlikely, too.

Brian Malenschien, California, Rep->Dem, 24 Jan 2019

Brian Maienschein.jpg

There’s our pedoface. My California, of course. *Sigh* *checks* Per wikipedia, he’s proudly endorsed by LGBTs and a volunteer children’s coach. Doin’ the Boy Scout thing, eh? Interestingly, he authored legislation permitting but not requiring youth programs to do background checks on children’s coaches.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. . A moderate California Republican state lawmaker switched parties Thursday while criticizing the policies and leadership of President Donald Trump, whom he said has led the party “to the extreme..

Assemblyman Brian Maienschein said he and the Republican Party have moved in different directions since he was first elected in 2012.

Right off the start? Republican unwillingness to police its membership for loyalty, not to mention sabotage, is a major reason it’s useless except as controlled opposition.

He represents the border city of San Diego and said he differs with the Republican Party on immigration as well as health care, gun control, abortion and gay rights.

No Sodomite is ever going to advocate Christian morality. Is there something Brian AGREED with his peers about?

Maienschein said he has been a Republican all his adult life, but is changing in part because “Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to the extreme on issues that divide our country..

.As the Republican Party has drifted further right, I and my votes have shifted to the left,. he added. .Over the years I’ve often been at odds with the Republican Party, and even when the GOP disrespected and ignored me, I crossed the aisle to vote for my values..

Maybe that’s WHY the GOP disrespected and ignored him. Brian will not be missed.

Dawn Addiego, New Jersey, Rep->Dem, 28 Jan 2019

Dawn Marie Addiego has served in the state Senate since 2010.

Central Casting feminist face. The nose appears to be concave which would indicate higher emotional expression than average.

In a rare and unexpected move, longtime Republican state Sen. Dawn Marie Addiego of Burlington County announced Monday she is switching parties and becoming a Democrat.

.As gridlock in Washington dominates the news, it has become increasingly clear that in order to effect change you have to be part of the discussion and not on the outside looking in,. Addiego, who has represented South Jersey’s 8th District since 2010, said in a statement she released on Facebook.

.The people of the 8th District did not elect me to be content in the role of loyal opposition,” the 56-year-old attorney added.

The “loyal opposition” part is interesting. The article gives several possible reasons for the move. This one is my guess:

Addiego.s decision could also be wrapped up in a Democratic Party civil war between Sweeney, D-Gloucester, and the more liberal Murphy, with whom the Senate president sometimes clashes, most notably on fiscal issues.

Addiego, a longtime moderate Republican, is likely to be part of a relatively moderate South Jersey voting bloc aligned with Sweeney, which could come in handy as another fight appears to be brewing between the Senate president and governor, over the next state budget.

That also means Addiego likely won’t have to stray too far from her past votes.

Sweeney says New Jersey is facing a financial crisis and is suggesting more cuts to public-worker pensions and health benefits to help save the state money.

Murphy, a major union supporter, has not lent his support and could seek more tax hikes instead to pay for pensions . something Sweeney says he’s against.

Sweeney told NJ Advance Media on Monday that Addiego is .a good friend” and will be “another vote” for the party.

.I know she’s not a liberal,. he said. “But she’s been moderate on a lot of social issues. It’s a good thing. … She.ll bring a view and a voice that.ll strengthen our team.”

I can see a low-commitment Republican changing teams if that’s what it takes to stop a major tax increase. As things stand, New Jersey is nearly as lost to the GOPe as California. No harm done here.

Bryce Edgmon, Alaska, Dem->Indep, 14 Feb 2019

Another squarish face indicating pragmatism and endurance. Horizontal eyes & brows indicate a very rational outlook on life, contrasted slightly with a mustache whose purpose, I think, is projecting more masculinity than he actually feels. Combined, he doesn’t strike me as a man of strong convictions. Even his glasses are rimless.

Bryce Edgmon reregisters as ‘Undeclared’


Lifelong Democrat Rep. Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham quietly reregistered as an “undeclared” yesterday, Division of Elections records show.

It may be part of a plan Democrats and three Republicans are hatching to nominate him as Speaker of the House, allowing him to return for another two-year term.

Today, two Speaker nominees were turned down by House members. Republican Dave Talerico failed on a 20-20 vote, and then Republican-in-name-only Gary Knopp, who has flipped to work with the Democrats, also failed to get the votes.

With the Republican side in disarray today, Edgmon’s change of party status appears to be the next move to organizing the House.

Edgmon is said to have consulted with Democrats in his heavily partisan district, and won their nod of approval to change his party in order to build a bipartisan coalition.

His official page at the Alaska Legislature still lists him as a Democrat.

I agree, this stinks of coalition building. Pure politics. Also, I verified that he still unofficially considers himself a Democrat.

Steve Holland, Mississippi, Dem->Indep, 1 Mar 2019

House votes to nix civil service protections | Mississippi Today

He could be Pink Mafia in the Vatican with a face like that. Bulb on nose tip indicating money. I think he has small nostrils, indicating low generosity, which is a bit disturbing when linked with the nose and those beady, hooded eyes. Is he originally from New Jersey? He looks like New Jersey.

*checks* No, but WTF? Um… never mind, let’s stay focused. I might do a post later.

Steve Holland (Independent) is a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives, representing District 16. Holland is running in the general election on November 5, 2019. He was first elected to the chamber in 1983.

Holland switched parties from Democratic to Independent on March 1, 2019. Daily Journal noted that this was most likely to avoid a primary challenge in 2019. “This, however, is a seeming maneuver to avoid a primary fight with former justice court judge Rickey Thompson. Holland has outspokenly identified as liberal. Thus, regardless of the outcome of the House District 16 race, the winner looks certain to caucus with Democrats,” wrote Caleb Bedillion.

Just a reelection ploy. Move along.

Nick Bain, Mississippi, Dem->Rep, 1 Mar 2019

I’m hoping this guy is a sane one but he’s the same day and state as Holland.

Hahaha! Forgive me, but that’s Trump’s hair he’s wearing and he looks so happy about it. Nice NRA pin. The crooked teeth stand out. Chinese reading says that indicates skill at public speaking. His face shape is too squat to count as triangular (often meaning SJW), so his face is probably Venusian: rounded at the upper corners, gently pointed at the middle bottom, sometimes called a “lozenge” shape. He’s a lover or at least, passionate about his interests. That extra fold of flesh around his jaw/neck is a Chinese indication of good luck. Still, he’s guarded on the left side of his face so his personal life is not all in order. Protruding cheekbones give his a slight air of dominance without which, he’d probably be considered ugly. That itself could be the personal life problem; his face has a lot of asymmetry so he might have been shunned until he learned to present himself well. Thick eyebrows with trailing hairs on both ends indicates an active mind.

Per Wikipedia, “In 2013, Bain introduced a bill to ensure that all Mississippi children would be screened for speech impediments.” I nailed his being passionate and a public speaker! *victory lap*

A late-breaking defection guarantees that Republicans will flip at least one seat in the Mississippi legislature this election cycle.

State Rep. Nick Bain is in his second term as a Democrat, representing House District 2, which includes Alcorn County. He announced re-election plans earlier this year, but not until Friday, the last day of qualifying, did it become publicly known that he will change parties and run for re-election as a Republican.

Ah, so that’s why they both switched on the same day: last-minute qualifying. I bet Mississippi regularly has party flipping on 1 March.

A Republican, DuJuana Frazier Thompson., had previously qualified in that district to challenge the Democratic incumbent.

Following Bain’s party switch, Thompson promptly dropped out of the race.

Bain.s decision apparently took Democrats by surprise, and no Democrat qualified, leaving Bain unopposed for re-election.

It worked.

In a press release issued by Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, Bain justified his switch by stating a desire to have more influence in the state capitol.

.I.m tired of sitting on the sidelines,. Bain said in the statement. .I.m ready to be part of the policy-making in Mississippi. I have always been conservative in my voting record concerning Second Amendment rights and social issues like protecting the sanctity of life and family values. With this switch, I know I will be able to better help my constituents of Alcorn County in House District 2..

Blah blah blah, it worked.

Andy McKean, Iowa, Rep->Dem, 23 Apr 2019

Longest-Serving Iowa Republican Ditches Party Over Trump ...

Pedo. He’s also got those bad-luck earlobes and… is his jaw dislocated? A second picture seems to confirm. That might mean he grinds his teeth which, when combined with being guarded on the left side, indicates major personal issues. Or, maybe Trump Derangement Syndrome causes teeth grinding. I’m guessing TDS from being a male Dem->Rep.

Report- Iowa's Longest-Serving Republican Switches to ...

This pic confirms crows-feet. The inner ear cup is flush with the outer ear, indicating he has trouble separating his inner life from his outer life. Huh, those earlobes are like cancer tumors. A theoretical interpretation: a small tragus gap indicates introversion. It would be interesting if McKean is naturally extroverted but so easily triggered in old age that he turned inward with so much effort that his earlobes grew to squeeze the tragus shut. A similar effect to stuffing one’s fingers in his ears to blot out unpleasant sound. But this is highly theoretical.

Andy McKean: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Andy McKean is the longest-serving Republican legislator in Iowa. McKean, a lifelong Republican, announced that he would switch parties to the Democrats over his opposition to President Donald Trump’s policies.

Trump Derangement Syndrome. Grinding teeth explained? Frankly, I expected more than two TDS patients but Trump has been in office three years already so maybe most of them are gone. McKean probably only lasted this long by being entrenched Establishment. Iowa has been going Blue swiftly on his watch; looks like we have the reason why.

McKean is a retired attorney and square-dance caller, according to his official bio. He served in both the Iowa House and Senate between 1979 and 2003. He returned to run for office in 2016 and says he plans to run for re-election as a Democrat.

Do male dancers tend to be homosexual? Dancing used to be a masculine thing, back when we sent the Redcoats home, but when I tried dancing a couple times (hey, I was desperate to meet girls. They said to go where the girls are. I ruled out anything alcoholic. That left dancing) it was strictly for make-out purposes. One class even assumed from the start that only couples would show up. Then they did the “grope”.

Then #MeToo ended any chance of me putting my arms around an unknown female ever again. You win, wimminz. Enjoy me not being there for you.

McKean, who had been appointed to head the House Ethics Committee, said that he left the Republican Party, in part, because he believed Trump’s spending was “reckless” and his foreign policy was “erratic” and “destabilizing.”

.I believe that his actions have coarsened political discourse, have resulted in unprecedented divisiveness and have created an atmosphere that is a breeding ground for hateful rhetoric and actions,. McKean said. .Some would excuse this behavior as “telling it like it is” and the new normal. If this is the new normal, I want no part of it..

Says the treacherous, bipartisan RINO.


Anti-Militia Collusion At the Mexican Border

A recent arrest of a border militia leader uncovers a nest of Convergence snakes colluding against President Trump and working to discredit the Militia movement yet again. We start with my favorite tabloid, Heavy.

Larry Mitchell Hopkins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

20 April 2019

The FBI has arrested Larry Mitchell Hopkins, the head of a militia group that has been detaining would-be migrants at the US-Mexico border. The FBI announced that Hopkins, 69, had been arrested on April 20 in Sunland Park, New Mexico on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Sweet, Americans are doing the job that Congressmen don’t want to. We all know what comes next!

Hopkins, who often goes by the name of Johnny Horton, is the leader of a militia called the United Constitutional Patriots. The group says it has detained thousands migrants at the border in the last month alone, most of them children. United Constitutional Patriots regularly releases videos of their detentions; the videos show militia members wearing military fatigues and carrying guns. The militia members say they are fighting to defend their flag and their country, but human rights groups, like the American Civil Liberties Union, have denounced the group as a “fascist militia organization..

*checks* Hmm, the UCP is such a fascist militia that youTube doesn’t even have age restrictions on their publicly posted videos of human rights-violating terrorist militia actions. Their algorithm probably thought their balaclavas meant they were black supremacists instead of white supremacists. Seems a small organization, however. I would think that safely detaining large groups would require double-digit personnel.

They also have a radio program that makes frequent references to Qanon and… well, we’ll get there.

larry mitchell hopkins mugshot

Here’s Larry. His eyelids are heavily hooded, indicating longstanding emotional issues. Confirmed with a pessimistic mouth and sunken cheeks. Frizzy hair suggests emotional/mental instability. However, the right side of his face is the more guarded side, so his issues are directed more at the outside world than the inner world. Chin looks strong enough that he won’t be passive-aggressive about his issues, whatever they are.

Here.s what you need to know about Larry Hopkins:

1. Hopkins Has a Criminal Record Dating Back to at Least 1986 & Has Been Convicted of Impersonating a Police Officer

FBI agents arrested Hopkins on April 20 on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He has a long arrest record, dating back to at least 1986, when he was arrested and convicted of the “felony of false pretenses,. or fraud, in Midland County, Michigan. Decades later, in 2006, Hopkins was arrested in Klamath County, Oregon on charges of impersonating a police officer and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to the arrest report filed in Klamath County, police found Hopkins at a gas station showing off a gun to a group of young people. The arrest report says that Hopkinns was also showing the group of juveniles a badge that said “special agent” and was telling them that he was a police officer. Hopkins pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer and to one count of possessing a firearm.

Not a promising history for a militia type. He appears to be the leader of the UCP, which explains how he avoided a background check turning up “convicted felon”.

[Edit: As my research progressed, I reached an ENTIRELY different conclusion about Hopkins’ relationship with law enforcement, one which suggests a more ominous reason why no background check turned up a felonious background.]

2. Hopkins Says He Has a Long-Standing Relationship with President Trump & Claims His Militia Shares Information with the Government

Hopkins has repeatedly said that he has sources in the US government that pass along information to him. He told the Southern Poverty Law Center that he was getting tips “from the very top” of the government. He said he didn’t want to tell the SPLC where exactly he was getting his information.

There are many reasons why people impersonate police. Larry’s reason appears to be “attention whore”. Not only does he have delusions of significance in the halls of power, but he’s apparently willing to speak directly with the freakin’ SPLC about his militia activities to garner publicity. We already know how THAT turned out for him.

But later, in a radio interview posted by The Renegade Network, Horton said that he had a long-standing relationship with President Trump and that he and the president were in close touch. He said that the president listened to his radio show and that they were exchanging information about the US border . Horton said President Trump was especially interested in the northern border. Explaining where he first met the president, Horton said, .When I was doing music, I met Trump and his first wife when he had the casino in Las Vegas, and I played there numerous times. OK?. Hopkins said. .That’s how I knew him. And Trump and I have kept in touch ever since..

I doubt Trump befriends many of the folks who perform in his casinos, especially if they aren’t in the D-cup range. Sure, Larry probably got a handshake from the Don at some point. It may have gone to his head.

3. Hopkins Calls Himself an “Entertainer” & Uses the Name of Country Music Legend Johnny Horton

Both on social media and on his YouTube videos, Hopkins uses the name Johnny Horton Jr. It’s a reference to country music legend Johnny Horton, who died in a car crash in 1960. Hopkins describes himself as an “entertainer” and also performs music.

Per Wikipedia, Horton did honky-tonk country. My first though was that Larry had an exceptionally weak personality to coopt a successful guy’s identity but his chin didn’t look nearly that weak. On further reflection, I wonder if it wasn’t just a nom de plume. It’s not like my own name is… um… Q.

Anyway, I doubt Hopkins used the Horton Jr. name professionally. That would have been an easy lawsuit.

4. United Constitutional Patriots Says They Detained Over 3,500 People at the Border in March

Hopkins is the leader of a militia group called United Constitutional Patriots. On April 1, Hopkins wrote on his Facebook page about the group’s recent activities at the border. He said the militia had detained over 3,500 would-be migrants in the past month alone. He added that most of the detainees were children whom, he said, were being trafficked by adults. The April 1 Facebook post reads:

.i am off of the border until after the 11th , people need to see the truth of whats going on on our border please go to the united constitutional patriots new mexico border ops page on face book , live streamed videos of what we are up against and why we need your support, in the last month our group of patriots have stopped over 3500, mostly kids being trafficked by adults , plus a lot of young men that are wanted criminals, i will be going back to the border soon we need help, GOD BLESS YOU ALL..

Horton.s Facebook page includes photos and videos of heavily armed members of his militia standing beside American flags. Many of the men are wearing camouflage; others have bandannas tied around their faces.

This got me thinking on motive. A militia group stopping a couple migrants here and there, cooperating with the Border Patrol, nobody would care much, but if this group is actually reaching four-digit monthly interception rates then notice might be taken… and an example made.

5. New Mexico’s Attorney General Called Hopkins a “Dangerous Felon. Who Should not Have Weapons

After Hopkins. arrest, the attorney general of New Mexico, Hector Balderas, issued a statement praising his arrest. The statement said, .This is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families. Today’s arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes..

And with a name, I started digging deeper. There had to be more to this story because why did the FBI arrest Hopkins instead of state/local cops or the Border Patrol? The charge of “felon with a gun” strikes me as a jurisdiction-neutral accusation, not even a parole violation. Why didn’t the NM Attorney General issue his own warrant for Hopkins’ arrest?

I’ve assembled my results in chronological order. Hopkins’ arrest was in retaliation for a specific incident, for reasons that made the UCP uniquely vulnerable to Leftoid pressure.

Video: Hundreds of asylum seekers surrender to armed civilians at New Mexico border

By Oscar Margain, 16 April 2019

WESLACO, Texas . Hundreds of migrants were captured on camera walking in the middle of the night across the New Mexico-Chihuahua border.

The video was taken by Jim Benvie, a member of a volunteer group called United Constitutional Patriots. The group has been camping out in the Chihuahua desert for two months.

The video . streamed on Facebook Live . shows droves of asylum seekers comprised of men, women and children, walking up a dirt road just after midnight Tuesday. They crossed through a border fence gap in Sunland Park, New Mexico, to turn themselves in to Border Patrol, but they came across Benvie’s encampment instead.

The link is still live. Hopkins may have been an ex-con but his organization appears to have been professionally run. Aside from giving too many interviews to media types. No offense, Kens5 TV.

.I literally walked out and I looked, and all I saw was hundreds of people coming at us,. said Benvie.

Benvie and three other men had been scouting the area Monday night before encountering what the U.S. Border Patrol estimated was 300 migrants.

.We held them there until Border Patrol came,. said Benvie. “And once they came then we did what we do, and that’s to help Border Patrol get them to the processing van. So, everybody is safe..

The KENS 5 Border Team first met the UCP two weeks ago, and was shown what Benvie identified as gaps in border security at the corner where the borders of New Mexico, Texas, and Chihuahua, Mexico meet.

Benvie has documented their encounters with smugglers and asylum seekers for the last 60 days.

.We’re just Americans. We’re veterans, we’re ex-law enforcement, we’re people that care about our national security,. he said. .We’re people that care about our strained Border Patrol..

Border Patrol said it’s aware of the presence of the UCP but does not condone the group’s actions. Actions Benvie described as peaceful . and the guns they carry . purely for self-defense.

Never having been fired in fear or anger, to judge from the lack of media reports. No doubt whatever that the Leftoids looked.

.There’s danger that goes along with this,. admitted Benvie. .We do have the cartel here. We are interfering with their business. We don’t think that we can save the border, we’re down here because we want to show America the truth. That’s why we’re making these videos..

Next, the Leftoids appeal to amenable authority.

18 April 2019

SUNLAND PARK, NM – Today, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Mexico sent a letter to New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Attorney General Hector Balderas asking them to investigate an armed vigilante group currently engaged in the unlawful detention of hundreds of migrants near New Mexico’s southern border.

Excerpted from the letter:

.Two nights ago, on April 16, 2019, an armed fascist militia organization describing itself as the United Constitutional Patriots arrested nearly three hundred people seeking safety in the United States, including young children, near Sunland Park, New Mexico. Other videos appear to show arrests in the past few hours. The vigilante members of the organization, including Jim Benvie, who posted videos and photographs of the unlawful arrests to social media, are not police or law enforcement and they have no authority under New Mexico or federal law to detain or arrest migrants in the United States. Their actions undermine the legitimate efforts of our state’s law enforcement officials to keep New Mexico families safe and they erode community trust.

Reading between the lines and taking a lot at face value, the UCP intercepted a shipment of trafficked children headed to a high-level government/NGO “recipient”.

The Trump administration’s vile racism has emboldened white nationalists and fascists to flagrantly violate the law. This has no place in our state: we cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum. We urge you to immediately investigate this atrocious and unlawful conduct..

Speaks for itself. The ACLU acted on behalf of foreign nationals attempting to bypass national border security as part of their personal hatred for the President. Interesting that they talk like they believed Hopkins’ statements about being close with Trump. They may have hoped that hurting Hopkins would also hurt President Trump.

Bad move, Larry. Claiming the association brought inevitable trouble, which was hard to endure because the association didn’t actually exist. The worst of both worlds.

“They Killed Us”: Crowdfunding Sites Have Cut Off An Armed Militia Detaining Migrants At The Border

By Salvador Hernandez & Adolfo Flores, 19 April 2019, Updated 22 April

A right-wing “patriot” group that detained hundreds of migrants at gunpoint at the southern border this week after raising thousands of dollars online was notified by crowdfunding giants PayPal and GoFundMe that its fundraising campaigns have been shut down, dealing a major blow to the militia’s operation.

Known as the United Constitutional Patriots, the militia has been patrolling a remote stretch of the New Mexico desert near the Mexican border for months with heavily armed members reportedly detaining dozens of migrants a day.

The group has used the thousands of dollars donated online to supply food, gasoline, propane, and a portable toilet at a camp in Sunland, New Mexico, but by Friday members of the militia learned they would no longer be able to use PayPal or GoFundMe to raise money.

“They killed us,” Mark Cheney, who described himself as the commander of the United Constitutional Patriots, told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. “I have to find some other way for people to donate.”

This is at odds with Larry Hopkins being the UCP leader as reported by others.

On Friday [19 April], the militia was notified that both their PayPal and GoFundMe campaigns had been shut down for violating the crowdfunding sites’ policy on the promotion of hate or violence, and in at least one instance allegedly using the funds to buy firearms. Cheney denied that the group used donations to purchase weapons.

National border security is “hate”. Gotcha. And since when is legally purchasing firearms a crime?

“The account associated with United Constitutional Patriots has been closed due to a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy,” a PayPal spokesperson told BuzzFeed News in a statement. “We do not allow PayPal services to be used to promote hate, violence, or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.”

That decision, Cheney said, dealt a significant blow to the group’s operations in a remote area near the southern border, where costs can quickly add up.

“As the commander, it’s my responsibility to find some way for people to donate,” he said.

On Monday [22 April] a third company, Cash App from Square, confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it too had shut down efforts by the group to raise money through its service.

Hence the article update.

“Square does not tolerate our products or our platform being used for hate,” the company said in a statement. “When we determine accounts violate our terms of service, we take swift action.”

Members of the group have been camped near the border since November, hoping to shut off the flow of people crossing the border they have called an “invasion,” echoing the hardline rhetoric by President Trump. Leaders say in that time they’ve detained more than 3,000 people, and members have posted dozens of videos online showing migrants, including young children, held in detention near the border.

Crowdfunding is, of course, a notoriously Converged sector of finance. God help us Christians when Visa & Mastercard gets Pozzed. One would like to believe somebody would always be willing to take our money.

An armed militia was “detaining” migrants at the border. The FBI arrested its leader.

By Kayla Epstein, Lindsey Bever and Eli Rosenberg, 22 April 2019

The leader of an armed militia that scours the southern border for undocumented migrants was arrested by the FBI on Saturday, days after a video of the group holding migrants against their will sparked outrage.

Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, was arrested in the New Mexico border city of Sunland Park on charges of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition, the FBI said.

The charges stem from the discovery of weapons at Hopkins’s residence in 2017, after the FBI received a tip about “alleged militia extremist activity” connected to Hopkins, according to a federal court complaint that was unsealed Monday. Elizabeth Martinez, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in New Mexico, declined to comment on the long delay in charging Hopkins.

Damn, that’s scary. The FBI held dirt on Hopkins for two years in case he became politically useful. One wonders if they tried to use him as an informant/mole in the militia movement. It’s not like the FBI has a second play in its playbook… assassinating a sitting President not having worked well the first time they tried it.

The FBI said it had found nine guns when it searched Hopkins’s home in November 2017, including a 12-gauge shotgun, long rifles and handguns. Hopkins told agents at the time that the woman with whom he was living owned the weapons.

Yeah, I can easily see Hopkins being honey-trapped into being a mole for the FBI. But I can also see him repeating the prior offense of con with gun. Speaking of that prior offense:

Hopkins was indicted on one count of impersonating a police officer and two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm [in Klamath County] but, in the end, did not serve a sentence, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

That’s all kinds of interesting. Prosecution should have been a slam-dunk. Methinks there is much to be learned about Larry Hopkins.

The FBI said it had been given information that Hopkins had “allegedly made the statement that the United Constitutional Patriots were training to assassinate George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

Either the FBI is lying shamelessly… or Hopkins is an FBI mole.

The United Constitutional Patriots came to public attention this month after the emergence of videos that showed men stopping and detaining people crossing the border. In an April 16 video, posted to Facebook by a woman who goes by Debbie Collins Farnsworth, a large group of migrants, including several children, were seen sitting on the ground and huddled together in the darkness, some of their faces illuminated by flashlights.

.This is crazy, everybody, totally crazy,. a voice that appeared to be Farnsworth’s narrated as she walked the perimeter of the group, claiming that it consisted of “hundreds” of people. .I don’t know what to say about this, other than the fact it’s got to stop,. she said.

A few minutes into the 45-minute live video, Border Patrol officers arrived and ordered the migrants to sit down before telling them to begin walking. The migrants were shepherded through the night by Border Patrol officials while Farnsworth followed behind.

Adults walked past holding children’s hands. .See the way they hold their kids? I don’t think those are their kids, honestly,. she said. .They’ve got grips on their wrists. It’s crazy..

Farnsworth.s video had garnered more than 100,000 views and 2,700 shares as of Sunday afternoon.

Everything comes back to this incident. The fanciful part of me wonders if it was a “shipment” of trafficked children heading to somebody in particular, but more likely it was the cozy, effective relationship between these militias and the Border Patrol. A quick pic by the UCP via buzzfeed:

A member of the United Constitutional Patriots poses with two Border Patrol agents.

That’s a UCP member posing with Border Patrol agents. They seem happy to work together and that must burn in the SJW’s craw. SJWs normally love public/private partnerships.

.This is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families,. [New Mexico Attorney General] Balderas said in a statement after Hopkins’s arrest. .Today’s arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not vigilantes.”

This statement of his was already mentioned above but either Balderas knew the arrest was actually a two year-old, sealed indictment or he was too happy to hear about the UCP looking bad to do his homework.

After Hopkins’s weekend arrest, one of the militia’s members, Jim Benvie, addressed the recent charges in a Facebook Live video, saying that the UCP was not breaking any laws and that Hopkins would be exonerated.

He asserted that Hopkins was “set up” by Grisham and Balderas based on the ACLU.s .false, baseless allegations against the group..

.This was their first attack,. Benvie said. .They want to create a narrative that there’s a bunch of reckless criminals out on the border..

He’s not wrong about the narrative but I fear he is wrong about Hopkins being set up. I would like to be wrong but Hopkins is most likely the UCP’s Judas.

On 16 April, UCP busted a large group in partnership with ICE. 19 April, the ACLU brings in its allies, the governor and AG of New Mexico. (Soros is well-known for preferring to fund lesser offices such as attorney general than top positions of governor and such. Remember it was a Soros fundee that let Jesse Smollet go free on hate crimes then lost his entire criminal file. I just checked if Balderas was a Soros fundee but the search engines are already clogging up with Hopkins claiming the UCP was training to murder Soros. However, the other recipient of the ACLU’s letter, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, has received at least $11k directly from Soros in 2018.)

Also on 19 April, UCP gets its funding deplatformed by multiple crowdfunding sites.

And on 20 April, the FBI arrests Hopkins, a leader of the UCP who apparently had an indictment of Damocles hanging over his head when he allegedly made claims of the UCP training to assassinate celebrities… when in truth, what they did was peacefully make the Border Patrol more effective.

That’s a lot of attacks in all of four days’ time. Collusion much?


MGTOW Life: Cars

The car, the penultimate symbol of personal freedom in America. Or is it? This Baby Boomer provides an amusingly wrong analysis. Pro-tip, any lifestyle claim that’s consistent with U.N. Agenda 21 is probably not a voluntary one for most people.

US Love Affair With Cars Nearly Finished

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article that strikes right at the heart of the auto industry: Driving? The Kids Are So Over It.

The linked article is paywalled so I skipped the link. This excerpt will suffice:

About a quarter of 16-year-olds had a driver’s license in 2017, a sharp decline from nearly half in 1983, according to an analysis of licensing data by transportation researcher Michael Sivak.

Whereas a driver’s license once was a symbol of freedom, teenagers are reaching their driving age at a time when most have access to ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft to shuttle them around town. At the same time, social media and video chat let them hang out with friends without actually leaving the house. When they reach their 20s, more are moving to big cities with mass transit, where owning a car is neither necessary nor practical. And of those who do buy a car, many more than in older generations opt for a used one, according to J.D. Power.

A new mind-set among many Generation Zers.roughly those born after confounding parents and stumping auto makers at a time when new-vehicle sales in the U.S. are slowing. J.D. Power estimates that Gen Zers will purchase about 120,000 fewer new vehicles this year compared with millennials in 2004, when they were the new generation of drivers.or 488,198 vehicles versus 607,329 then.

.That freedom of getting your own wheels and a license.and that being the most important thing in gone,. said Brent Wall, owner of All Star Driver Education in Michigan, a chain of drivers.-ed schools. He said the average age of students in his class is rising. .It used to be the day they turned 14 years and eight months, everybody was lining up at the door. Now I’m starting to see more 15- and 16-year-olds in class.” He frequently hears from parents that they’re the ones pushing their children to enroll.

End linked article quote. This is well-answered by a subsequent graph from J.D. Power. The relevant bit:

Share of drivers buying used cars by generation (2018):

41% Boomer

47% Gen X

51% Gen Y

63% Gen Z

At first glance, that’s alarming. But remember this is a breakdown by age. The wealthiest demographic is always the oldest demographic. (Implication, our political problem is not female voters but pensioned voters.) Although I don’t doubt that young people are having trouble affording cars… student debt alone guarantees trouble with that.

Cost vs Convenience

Cost is an issue. Detroit is busy churning out SUVs that cost well over $30,000. The cost of insurance is rising.

One can forgo a car but not a place to live. Housing costs have risen far more than the stated rate of inflation.

Actually, the reverse is true. Men are known to live out of their cars. Were I to advise a young man on career choice, RV mechanic is looking very good right now.

I expect to end up in an RV myself. Partly because of artificially inflated rents, partly because of natural wanderlust, partly so I can pull a Lot Out Of Sodom as needed and partly because new home building has been outlawed along with fun and oxygen.

Death of the SUV

So who has been buying all those large SUVs? Retiring boomers and those flush with assets from the latest Fed-sponsored bubble.

Also, anybody living on roads maintained by politicians who think too many people own cars. In California, they call it a “road diet”: if the roads get bad enough then nobody will want to drive on them. Nothing could possibly go wrong with intentionally allowing critical infrastructure to deteriorate, right? More on this later.

Boomers won’t live forever. Nor will the stock market bubble. And just around the corner are fleets of driverless cars and a wave of new services around those cars.

The insurance liability of driverless cars alone is sufficient to ensure they never catch on. It’s a persistent setback on the road to world domination, the globalists’ inability to get rid of all those unsexy male commercial drivers.


At the heart of this shift is huge change in attitude about cars and housing coupled with amazing technological advances.

Attitude change: Car = House. Again, I see RVs cropping up all over. Here’s a couple graphs:

Remember what happened in 2009-2010? The housing bubble.

Just more of the same?? - 361 Capital - Commentaries - Advisor Perspectives

Millennials and Generation Z saw what happened in the the Great Financial crisis and the first few years of the rebound. They saw their parents arguing over debt in fear of losing their house. They do not want to fall into the same trap.

Yes. Absolutely. We saw how land ownership could become a deathtrap and are increasingly opting for housing solutions that don’t come with a million strings attached. The worst that can happen with an RV is you lose your home… we remember the poor sods who couldn’t afford to lose their home. Never mind all the legal mandates attached to property transfers.

One guy I know, he recently wanted to add a detached unit to a rural house property he owned. One of the permit costs was a $30k grant to the school district… for adding a granny unit to his home in the boonies.

Most importantly, especially if you buy used, you can OWN an RV. It’s not much of a home but it’s YOUR home, by thunder. And you can take it across state lines faster than the gov’t can tax it.

That’s huge.

We boomers…

This explains a lot about his mis-analysis.

…did not have social media outlets when we were in high school and college. Nor did we have cell phones. If you wanted to do something you had to drive or get your parents to take you.

I spent countless hours as a high-schooler, even on weekdays, just driving around going nowhere. Gas was 20 cents a gallon.

Thank God that kind of boredom is gone. Yes, driving for entertainment has lost its luster for most people. Especially me after I nearly killed myself rubber-necking on Highway 1 in Big Sur. Gorgeous place to die. Many have.

The Future

The auto industry will soon not look like what it does today. Cars will be smaller, lighter, electric, and self-driving. Boomers will be gone. Those living in big cities will not need to own a car at all, and most won’t.

Cars will be homes on wheels, with cash-strapped working poor migrating between job opportunities and rents priced like commodities. The Boomers intend to enslave us into corporate enclaves of soullessly efficient economics but we still want our freedom. Real freedom, not the “driving around going nowhere at 20 cents a gallon” freedom.

Yeah, that DOES explain a lot about the Boomer concept of freedom.

Bullshit that people in cities won’t need cars. I’ve actually done the “commute to work on your bicycle” thing and let me tell you, half an hour of biking on rolling hills and a just-eaten breakfast until you’re already sweaty at 8am is not as much fun as it sounds. Oh look, there’s rain in the forecast!

Anybody who thinks mass transit is the answer to individualized travel needs should be forced to wear only one size of clothing, the size worn by the mayor of San Francisco. Currently, London Breed, as fat as her name suggests.

Boomers are the primary force keeping the current auto trends alive. Demographically-speaking, it won’t last.

So long as roads are the dominant form of long-distance travel infrastructure, people will continue using cars. The gov’t maintains the infrastructure, from roads to rails to canals, and the people make use of it. That’s the pattern everywhere.

If the Left were serious about centralizing the population then it would start replacing freeways with railroads, which are much easier to control and automate. A few of them have tried, mostly the True Believers in Climate Change, but the truth is that Leftists are parasites. They can’t build new infrastructure. They can only cannibalize existing infrastructure or skim money off funds for new infrastructure. Thus, they want driverless cars that their R&D monkeys can (theoretically) code in a weekend.

Expect massive change within a decade, on multiple fronts, including outright ownership.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Expect the Boomers to not have a clue about the future.

Let me end with a discussion on road diets. Officially, it’s reworking a street for safety purposes:

A roadway reconfiguration known as a Road Diet offers several high-value improvements at a low cost when applied to traditional four-lane undivided highways. In addition to low cost, the primary benefits of a Road Diet include enhanced safety, mobility and access for all road users and a “complete streets” environment to accommodate a variety of transportation modes.

“Low cost” is never a reason to do something. Merely a reason to favor one action over another.

A classic Road Diet typically involves converting an existing four-lane, undivided roadway segment to a three-lane segment consisting of two through lanes and a center, two-way left-turn lane.

Road Diet on Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Florida, before and after reconfiguration

I don’t object to this as a safety measure. However, notice that four lanes are now two. This is why it’s called a “road diet”, it limits the ability of cars to use roads, although you won’t see any “approved” sources admit to that.

The resulting benefits include a crash reduction of 19 to 47 percent, reduced vehicle speed differential, improved mobility and access by all road users, and integration of the roadway into surrounding uses that results in an enhanced quality of life. A key feature of a Road Diet is that it allows reclaimed space to be allocated for other uses, such as turn lanes, bus lanes, pedestrian refuge islands, bike lanes, sidewalks, bus shelters, parking or landscaping.

That reeks of centralized urban planning. “What about all the poor people who want to commute on their bicycle on a sunny day? We’re forcing them to use the sidewalk!”

Why consider a Road Diet? Four-lane undivided highways experience relatively high crash frequencies . especially as traffic volumes and turning movements increase over time . resulting in conflicts between high-speed through traffic, left-turning vehicles and other road users. FHWA has deemed Road Diets a proven safety countermeasure and promotes them as a safety-focused design alternative to a traditional four-lane, undivided roadway. Road Diet-related crash modification factors are also available for use in safety countermeasure benefit-cost analysis.

Fewer lanes is a terrible way to handle the problem of increased traffic volume. But I admit, the new congestion will reduce high-speed traffic collisions.

As more communities desire “complete streets” and more livable spaces, they look to agencies to find opportunities to better integrate pedestrian and bicycle facilities and transit options along their corridors. When a Road Diet is planned in conjunction with reconstruction or simple overlay projects, the safety and operational benefits are achieved essentially for the cost of restriping. A Road Diet is a low-cost solution that addresses safety concerns and benefits all road users . a win-win for quality of life.

Yeah, no. Those new bus lanes get special bus traffic lights, bus shelters are electrified so new wiring goes in and don’t claim those “pedestrian refuge islands” are as cheap as restriping.

These are all ways of justifying the reduction of driving to an unpleasant, if not outright difficult, chore. Instead of government trying to facilitate the way most of its members want to live, it decides on what we secretly want, usually without asking us, then forces it upon us and waits smugly for our admission that it was right to do so. Dissent punished by deplatforming.

Also, consequences punished by silence. Consequences like the Paradise fire. Via wikipedia:

As the Humboldt Fire ravaged Butte County in 2008 evacuations out of the communities of Paradise and Magalia bogged down in gridlock. Fleeing residents were trapped in their cars, flames boiling on both sides of the road. Many fled on foot, barely escaping with their lives. …

After the 2008 fire a grand jury investigation identified serious constraints on the region’s evacuation routes. Their final report noted there are only four roads of escape for 40,000 people in Paradise, Magalia, and Upper Ridge, three of which are narrow, two lane mountain roads. Those roads have “significant constraints limiting their use as evacuation routes during a major event, especially another event of multiple fires..

The only major route out of the area is Skyway Boulevard, a state highway that connects the mountain communities with the city of Chico. The grand jury recommended, .immediate modification of Skyway, from Paradise to Chico, as an emergency evacuation route, by removing trees and brush and creating fire barriers on both sides of the road..

Instead, in 2012 the county decided to narrow Skyway. It removed traffic lanes and installed bike lanes, bulb-outs, and other traffic calming measures throughout Paradise.

This is how ideology defeats common sense and costs lives. For the grand jury’s report was prophetic: The lack of adequate shoulder space to park disabled or abandoned cars contributed [to] gridlock so severe that people abandoned their cars by the thousands and fled on foot. Many of them didn’t make it.

According to Paradise resident Chuck Kessler, the narrowed roads contributed to the horrific gridlock that turned the evacuation into a death march. And Paradise evacuee Jennifer Morris said it took her and her two children more than five hours to escape. Similar stories abound in evacuation centers.

The same scene played out in Los Angeles last year. In the summer of 2017 the city installed a road diet on Foothill Boulevard, which is the main evacuation route for Shadow Hills and Sunland Tujunga in north L.A. The highway is particularly critical due to the area’s geography…

The halving of capacity on Foothill bottlenecked a critical intersection with Sunland Boulevard, severely impeding evacuations during the 2017 La Tuna Fire. [A] resident says that thanks in large part to the road diet, for several critical hours Foothill Boulevard became “virtually impassable, both for rescue equipment and evacuees.” She said that at one point the police department resorted to sending motorcycles into neighborhoods, because “they could drive on the sidewalks..

For disaster preparation, the danger to “bug out” plans are obvious. Part and parcel of intentional population demobilization.

The dangers of road diets are not limited to massive emergencies. Throughout Los Angeles emergency responders routinely bog down on newly narrowed streets. A senior official with the Los Angeles Fire Department, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, .Taking away lanes, and drivers. ability to pull right, impedes emergency response. We all have gripes.removing lanes has added another detriment in responding to emergencies at times..

So much for road diets being about safety.

Cars are an important part of modern life and the freedom to travel, obviously of value to we who live on the outskirts of society. The use of cars is indeed changing, from Boomer attitudes of casually meaningless freedom to MGTOWs wisely choosing alternative forms of housing to totalitarian Nanny Staters hiding the evidence of how their Utopian plans are, once again, getting innocents killed.




Review: Alt Hero: Q #1

At long last, Arkhaven Comics has shed its inaugural habits of Disneyesque kung-fu princesses and emphasizing political statements over plot and background. Alt-Q is a real achievement, offering a story that can be enjoyed on its own merits. A welcome change if, like me, you like to read to escape from modern life rather than to virtue-signal Right or stockpile tiny land mines about the house to shorten the visits of the easily triggered.

The first issue of AHQ introduces us to Roland Dane, a Treasury agent who runs afoul of a mysterious conspiracy and swiftly ends up presumed dead and short on friends. Most of the associated cast don’t last long, as one would expect from the synopsis, but the authors still manage to create three-dimensional characters with limited working space. This is a welcome change from Alt-Hero’s habit of starting in media res with no satisfactory explanation of how so many superheroes have gotten halfway through life undetected by superhero-seeking authorities, or even who they are as the ordinary people they’ve presumably lived as. I’m sure I learned Dixie Girl’s name at some point but there’s just no character to attach it to.

The artwork is also excellent. Many comics I’ve read in recent years are either too poor, too stylish or simply too cramped to communicate settings and action sequences. AHQ threads the needle and the story’s presentation flows smoothly.

There are a couple minor issues, for example the name Roland Dane should be attached to a bearded Viking rather then the clean-cut squarejaw the comic presented. Probably a result of trying to establish the character via name choice; that’s reasonable for a short story but in the long term, such choices tend to restrict freedom of character development. Still, Roland Dane is less heavy-handed than introducing Alt-Hero’s Michael Martel by showing him cracking Muzzie rape gang skulls. That character was born in a literary straitjacket.

I look forward to the next issue of AHQ much more than I did for Alt-Hero and recommend its purchase to comic lovers who perhaps are not fully on-board with alt-Right politics. Roland was left in a bad situation with Q-uestionable allies (sorry, couldn’t resist) and a good storyteller always leaves the audience wanting more.

The Bank Of Land

Today we talk economics. Like history, it’s a boring subject only if you have a bad teacher. Vox Day gets me started on the topic:

This destruction of the housing stock by rich foreign owners is the sort of consequence the free traders never factor into their “it’s good for the economy” arguments when considering the free flow of capital:

Drained whirlpools, decaying walls and foliage creeping up the stairs can be seen on a North London street called Billionaires’ Row. Bishops Avenue in Hampstead, north London, is one of the most exclusive roads in the country, but many of its 66 mansions lie vacant. Footage taken by ‘urban explorers’ shows moss growing up the once pristine white walls of the huge rooms and swimming pools with a shallow layer of murky water. The gardens rise high and in many the decor is clearly a few decades behind.

They include a selection of residences worth ?73 million, reportedly bought for the Saudi royals between 1989 and 1993. In those days the homes caught be purchased for a cool million, now prices rise to around ?20 million. In 2014, an estimated ?350 million worth of mansions could be found on the prestigious street, the Guardian reported.

An Iranian resident told the paper: ‘Ninety-five percent of the people who live here don’t actually live here. It is a terrible place to live really.

So, the best housing stock in the most desirable areas is being destroyed, but on the plus side, the natives can’t afford to live there anyway. And the cycle will only continue as new developments are built to house the people who now live elsewhere and are building up a desirable neighborhoods that will attract more foreign “investors”.

Living where I do, I assure the reader that the same is true of America’s Pebble Beach. The occupancy rate tops at 17% or so when a major event like a golf tournament passes through. The homes are extremely valuable but not enjoyed. There are more security guards there than residents and from what I’ve heard, more illegal immigrants than security guards as live-in staff.

“An Iranian resident told the paper: ‘Ninety-five percent of the people who live here don’t actually live here. It is a terrible place to live really.”

I once worked the streets of a wealthy neighborhood in Los Angeles. It reeked of sewage because the area was remote enough to rely upon septic systems which, thanks to absentee ownership, weren’t always well-tended. The value of investment properties doesn’t depend (much) upon the condition of the homes there. They tend to get remodeled with every change of owner.

So, the land isn’t being destroyed even when the homes aren’t being kept up. It’s very hard to destroy land short of strip-mining. But that’s the thing about land: it isn’t going anywhere.

When you have a region like Pebble Beach, the Hamptons or here, Billionaires’ Row, what you actually have is a bank. It’s a place to keep your money safe from inflation and other currency manipulations.

So far, so good. Wealthy people are always going to have more nice things than they can realistically enjoy. I don’t want to fault them for that because someday, I’d also like to have more wealth than I can enjoy. Sounds like fun!

But here’s something interesting. Now that every government in the world uses fiat money, most particularly the United States as the global reserve currency, inflation and other currency manipulations will inevitably and swiftly eat away at one’s savings. That makes the Bank of Land Ownership very attractive today.

So, wealthy folks the world over are putting their money in land, in preparation for the global economic collapse that everybody but welfare addicts sees coming. But wealthy types don’t like static value. What can they do to increase the value of the land they own?

(In fact, not liking static investment values is practically the definition of being wealthy. Beyond a certain point, proper management of your wealth becomes a full-time job… and eventually, a job employing multiple managers & analysts. If you buy a fancy house and make a home out of it then you’re paying a whopping lot of upkeep for something you’ll be emotionally reluctant to sell.)

They can do mass immigration. There’s no better way to drive up the value of land than the inevitable demand increase from millions of new arrivals per year… and although I lack the language skills to confirm this, I bet the lands they’re coming from are cheap, cheap, cheap right now, and motivated to sell. I’ve heard that some regions in Mexico have lost fully half their population to El Norte.

Buy low, sell high.

Perhaps one reason for the Elites’ focus on identity politics is waiting until they buy up the lands of Honduras or wherever so they can “repatriate” the migrants onto newly built plantation estates. Actually encouraging the migrants to go native could leave them reluctant to return. Or worse, fill their heads with Western concepts of Christianity and limited government.

They need to go back regardless. But if you’ve ever wondered why rent prices are skyrocketing then wonder no longer. The Elites don’t trust national currencies anymore and are looking to max out the value of their investments held in the Bank of Land.


Cher Falls For Donald Trump

These are the crazy years. Lies are better than honesty and tabloids are better news than newspapers. I no longer believe that’s a coincidence, having figured out how Trump behaves. A recap of his latest trolling:

Cher: Los Angeles .Can.t Take Care of Its Own, How Can It Take Care of. More Immigrants

By John Binder, 14 April 2019

Pop icon Cher said Sunday that Los Angeles, California, .can.t take care of its own. residents, much less newly arrived illegal and legal immigrants.
Cher said she failed to understand how the city of Los Angeles in the sanctuary state of California could afford to admit and take care of any more immigrants when city officials have failed to care for homeless, veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans.

.I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More,. Cher said.

The post came after President Trump threatened to bus border crossers and illegal aliens into sanctuary cities and states, like California, if the country’s asylum laws were not changed. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that the White House is considering the plan.

In response, Democrat mayors across the country . like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaaf . have welcomed bringing illegal aliens and border crossers to their cities.

While left-wing mayors say they will continue to admit any and all illegal and legal immigrants, Los Angeles is home to the second largest homeless population in the country, second to only New York City. About 50,000 residents of Los Angeles are homeless and about 7.5 percent of California’s American Veteran population is homeless.

On one hand, Trump’s enemies fell over themselves virtue-signaling one way or another. Fun, if you’re rhetorically (feminine) minded. On the other hand, if you aren’t then like me, you probably had a moment of terror that Trump might actually have done what he threatened to do. The border is already catastrophic so “crashing the system” would be a way for Trump to punish his enemies… in the short term… at the expense of us innocents.

But don’t worry. The U.S. President never meant what he said.

Christ teaches us to let our yes be yes and our no, no. I never thought that was an important teaching until recent years. Don’t be a liar, sure, but what do you call it when being right or wrong is irrelevant?

It’s comparable to the situation at Notre Dame right now. Was the fire an accident or was it Muslim arson? It doesn’t matter. The French government’s long pattern of protecting Muslims vandalizing churches means that its investigation into the fire’s cause is worthless. The Muslims are celebrating the fire as if they did it and the French people won’t believe any evidence that the 601st church desecration was the 1st accident. Nor should they. It’s all come down to identity politics. Truth, lies, they all work fine, whatever’s good for me & mine.

What a great world we’re living in, when the value of a man’s words are whether they make his enemies look bad. News flash, Trump, we already know that Hollyweird actors are NPCs and the immivasion generals are traitors to America. So, what are you going to do about it with the authority the American people have given you?

Embarrass America’s traitors instead of giving them perp walks? Give washed-up Cher the vapors? Thanks for nothing. Meanwhile, people who would otherwise be well-inclined towards you have learned you can’t be trusted about anything you talk about for several days. Awesome leadership!

Lack of trust has consequences more severe than the benefits of winning at word games. Empty threats and shallow gestures are not how Christ taught us to speak.


The Alpha Widow of Crossfit

I’ve waited SO VERY long to do a takedown on the Crossfit phenomenon. The Starbucks of gymnasiums, it was inevitable that its combination of franchising high-intensity interval training to unqualified operators with trendy slogans and merchandise would reveal dark secrets beyond how to use your calves as Pogo sticks. The wait was worth it!

We begin with its founding per Wikipedia:

Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai founded CrossFit, Inc. in 2000.

Already, you see it coming…

The original CrossFit gym is in Santa Cruz, California, and the first affiliated gym was CrossFit North in Seattle, Washington.

It’s TOTALLY coming…

Glassman obtained complete control over the company after a divorce with Jenai [in 2012].

There it is. If she doesn’t seize your last name like a drowning swimmer seizes a life preserver, divorce is inevitable. Living in Leftoid Land indicates he was probably okay with & prepared for inevitable divorce. In fact, when the judge gave him a tiny window of time to buy out his ex, he pulled $16M out of his ass an investment firm.

Next, what was the Florida Treehouse Murder?

Caption: This is the tree house on Laurel Avenue on Stock Island where police say three people were living when the murder took place. In San Jose, that would rent for $1,200 monthly.

Photo per

The robbery of a treehouse turns deadly with the slashing of a good Samaritan

By Larry Kahn, 23 November 2017

Two more men, one from Key West and one from Marathon, were arrested Wednesday night in connection with a homicide last Friday on Stock Island.

That brings to three the number of men charged in the stabbing death of Mathew Bonnett, 59, during a botched robbery.

Franklin Tucker, 46, of Key West is charged with two counts of armed robbery, one count of felony murder, two counts of wearing a mask while committing a felony, three counts of aggravated battery and with tampering with a witness. Following the crime, Tucker allegedly threatened someone who was cooperating with detectives in their investigation, which led to the tampering charge, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Remember this turd.

John Johnson, 39, of Marathon, reportedly the planned getaway driver, is charged with two counts of robbery and with felony murder.

So, Florida has accomplice liability laws.

Rory Wilson, 49, of Stock Island was arrested Wednesday morning. He’s charged with murder, two counts of armed robbery and two counts of committing a second-degree felony while wearing a mask.

Wilson is black but the other two are white. Mixed-race gangs are uncommon.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says Bonnett was a good Samaritan intervening when Paula Belmonte, 53, was being robbed by Tucker and Wilson while Johnson waited in his pickup truck outside. It went down at Belmonte’s home at 5650 Laurel Ave.

Sheriff Rick Ramsay said Belmonte’s home is a tree house. .Yes, it was a tree house,. he said.

Either she was psycho or Stock Island rents are very high. *checks* Could be either. Stock Island is immediately outside Naval Air Station Key West. Did somebody say drug trafficking?

Agency spokeswoman Deputy Becky Herrin said investigation revealed Tucker, Johnson and Wilson planned the robbery after hearing there might be a large amount of cash at Belmonte’s home. Herrin said Johnson drove the two other men to the scene of the homicide in his black truck and waited for them outside.

Tucker and Wilson, dressed in black and wearing masks, went inside just after 8 p.m. and held at knifepoint Belmonte and a male friend who was visiting. During the robbery, Belmonte’s neck was slashed, police say. Tucker and Wilson fled and encountered Bonnett, who was going to help Belmonte after hearing the ruckus, on the stairs.

.They got into an altercation with him during which Bonnett was stabbed multiple times,. the sheriff’s office says. He later died of his injuries.

Bonnett got murdered for White Knighting a crack whore. What makes this special is he went in unarmed! He had to have known it was a drug house, being a neighbor, so at a bare minimum he should have kept a 12-gauge by the front door.

Johnson, who was sitting in his truck outside during the robbery, saw someone running from the residence yelling .Police, police. and “decided not to wait any longer and he took off,. Herrin said.

Suggesting this was less inter-gang rivalry than three drinking buddies with gambling debts.

And now, what is the connection between the Crossfit founders on the West Coast and a drug-related murder on the East Coast? Twu Wuv!

Franklin Tyrone Tucker & Lauren Jenai: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Franklin Tyrone Tucker & Lauren Jenai: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Franklin Tyrone Tucker and Lauren Jenai

Lauren Jenai, a multimillionaire who says she co-founded CrossFit along with her former husband, plans to marry her former high school friend Franklin Tyrone Tucker, who is currently awaiting trial on a murder charge.

Jenai and Tucker, who had been living in Key West, connected over Facebook following her divorce. Their entire relationship has been over video chat because the Monroe County Jail in Florida, where Tucker has been in custody since December 2017, does not allow in-person visitation. Jenai lives in Oregon.

At first, I thought this was hybristophilia. Instead, Jenai is an Alpha Widow.

They had planned to get married following a bond hearing in January of 2019, but the judge denied bail. The plan now is to tie the knot at the detention center. Jenai has said she has no intention of drafting a prenup.

No point in prenups, honestly, but here it’s good that a reporter was sane enough to ask a WTF are you doing? question.

More evidence of Alpha Widowhood:

Jenai . who reportedly sold her CrossFit shares for up to $20 million as part of her messy split from Glassman in 2013 . had told us how she fell for Tucker during their video chats.

.We hadn’t seen each other in 30 years ….. We started having feelings for each other ….. We’re going to get married,. she said.

STARTED having feelings?

She.s hoping the nuptials will be this summer [2019], in part so she can begin to medically advocate for Tucker, who she said suffers from two hernias.

She added she won’t have Tucker sign a prenup: .Our relationship is very open and we are a team. I trust him. I love him. My house is his house. A prenup feels a little inappropriate..

However, there’s even more pressure for them to be together because Jenai’s been barred from video visitation with Tucker for a whopping 100 years, after an incident in February.

.I got a little risqu? ….. I was touching my boobs,. she admitted.

Half of American men are incel/forever alone/generally unwanted by the female sex. But after her divorce, Jenai looked up the thug she lost her virginity to, who after thirty years still excited her so much that she masturbated to the sight of him while his jailers watched.

Even more:

.We met when we were 15, 16 years old. in Philadelphia, Jenai told us of Tucker, whom she calls “Ty.” Their clique was “the kinds of childhood friends who last forever. We had established a pretty strong bond..

Easy to read between those lines. Homeschool or die. Homeschool or THIS!

Then around 1989, .He went to college,. then “went into finance and started a family.” Jenai wound up in Santa Cruz, Calif., creating CrossFit . a brand eventually valued at $4 billion by Forbes in 2015 . with her then-husband Glassman.

The Alpha dumped her. She ran away heartbroken to the other side of the continent. Married a Beta who got rich through hard work. But never forgot the Alpha. Sounds familiar.

Years later, each had marital difficulties, including Jenai’s “very messy, expensive divorce. from Glassman (which dragged on from 2009 to 2013, and as part of which Jenai sold her CrossFit shares). Meanwhile, Tucker “ultimately landed in some unfortunate situations financially..

The old friends later “rekindled a friendship” via Facebook. But then, Jenai recalled, she received a disturbing friend request informing her, .I.m a friend of Tyrone and he may need your help. He’s gotten arrested for murder..

There’s no friend. She lied. Jenai secured Beta Bucks with a California frivorce and then looked up the Alpha Fucker she lost her virginity to. Incarcerated for murder is no barrier! She has the money to break him out:

She began researching the crime from her home in Portland, Ore., and contacted Tucker. .We spoke on the phone a couple times,. she said. .To visit [an inmate] in Key West, you actually have to do it through a video service . I set up video visitations. We hadn’t seen each other in 30 years.. When they spoke via video, .We turned into little high school kids together.” She added of the murder case, .I did a lot of research [and thought] something’s not right here . I took a role becoming his advocate..

She hired a private investigator to review the case, as well as brought in power attorney Robert Hantman, and in August wrote an affidavit to Florida Circuit Chief Judge Mark H. Jones on Tucker’s behalf, requesting a bail hearing and defending his innocence.

She also became his girlfriend. .I’ve been single for a long time, but it’s really fun to connect and laugh,. the fitness guru told us. .We started having feelings for each other through the process, and developed a really special relationship. Now the plan is when he bonds out, he’s going to live with me in Portland. We’re going to get married. We are engaged..

Shameless lies, endless payments. When the money runs out, Jenai can sue her ex-Beta for MOAR! If I was Glassman, Belize would be looking good right now. No way that divorce is “final”.

Close friends and her own mom have been supportive of the relationship. .People who know Ty, like my mom, she knows the whole situation and she’s very supportive,. she said. .People who don’t know him . who don’t see my relationship with him. aren’t as enthusiastic. .I can tell they think it’s a bad idea and they think I’m crazy,. she said. .Especially my ex-husband..

Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

I’ll wrap up by discussing Mr. Glassman. As they say, it takes two to tango.

King of CrossFit - CBS News

Those lower eyelids… crows-feet like gills! She put him through Hell. Forehead lines indicate intelligence but large upper eyelids suggest he was in business, not rocket science. He has a bulb on the end of his nose; lots of finance types have that. Large nostrils indicate generosity. Very disordered hair, controlled by a baseball cap worn backwards, indicate Mr. Glassman himself is a couple McNuggets short of a Happy Meal. With thick eyebrows indicating lateral thinking, I’d guess he’s a contrarian at heart.

Greg Glassman on the 'Anthos Model'

I would not accept a fitness guru with a body like that. You can judge a bookbinder by the cover, know what I’m saying?

Do Not Cross CrossFit

By Burt Helm, July/August 2013 issue of Inc magazine.

He was in Seattle on business. The calendar that morning said Thursday, but Glassman’s gut said the mall, and the day had meandered from there. He had bought himself and his pilot new blaze-orange parkas at Mountain Hardwear, and taken his girlfriend to Tiffany’s to buy her a diamond pendant for her birthday.

His divorce was finalized in 2013… and he was already buying diamonds for his new girlfriend?

At first, the Tiffany’s staff had eyed him suspiciously: With his faded jeans, his parka, and the backward red baseball cap over his scraggly wisps of gray hair, the 56-year-old looked as if he had wandered in from a tailgate party somewhere or might whip out a hammer for a smash-and-grab.

A common reaction. Pick out the California Millionaire owner of a $4b athletics business from this lineup:

They really do dress like that here.

But then, it turned out the saleswoman was one of them. Her sinewy body should have been a giveaway. “Greg Glassman!” she said, looking at his credit card. “My husband was with you last night!”

Glassman is getting used to this kind of surprised recognition. The man who invented the WOD, the world’s most beautifully addictive workout, doesn’t look like a paragon of clean living. He doesn’t look like a paragon of anything. But then, Glassman enjoys defying conventional notions of good sense and good taste and good practice. And yet the business succeeds. So far, phenomenally.

Looks like I nailed his contrarian nature. *looks back* I don’t think his ears stick out enough to qualify as nonconformist but maybe. Hmm.

Glassman grew up in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. In the Glassman household, education trumped everything. Glassman’s father was a rocket scientist at Hughes Aircraft and an all-around hard-ass who lorded math and the scientific method over Glassman, his younger sister, and their stay-at-home mom. Arguments with the old man inevitably required data sets, says Glassman–“Any point you made had to be measurable, repeatable”–and Glassman clashed with his dad frequently.

I was hoping to hear about his father. Sounds like the guy had deep-seated insecurities which he handled by overinvesting his ego in his intelligence. I didn’t know how right I was with the “not rocket science” bit.

Glassman escaped into athletics and fell in love with gymnastics (the source, he says, of his pronounced limp), weightlifting, and cycling. After dropping out of several colleges and junior colleges, Glassman began working in fitness full time, as a personal trainer at local gyms.

He developed wacky routines: He had clients race their way through repetitions on a weight machine, and at one facility, he had them scramble up a 30-foot column in the middle of the room. Eventually, the owner of that gym welded disks to the pole to make him stop. “They added a hazard 15 feet up,” Glassman cracked to clients, before signaling them to go up anyway. He got kicked out of that gym. He got kicked out of several gyms. “I’ve never wanted to be told what to do,” Glassman says. “I think it’s genetic.”

I think it’s Daddy Issues.

In 1995, as Glassman was burning the last of his bridges at local gyms, he got a call from a friend who worked at the sheriff’s department in Santa Cruz. The department had heard about him and wanted him to train officers.

Badges aren’t brains. In fairness, cops do have special fitness needs such as jumping barricades that would have made Glassman’s unconventional workouts seem appropriate. Until the rhabdomyolysis sets in. (For the curious, it’s when your muscles break down from overuse. The dead muscle fibers clog your kidneys. Like flushing a newspaper down the toilet, one page at a time won’t back it up but the Sunday Edition will.)

Glassman, who was in the middle of a breakup with a longtime girlfriend, decided to go. He set up shop in a health center called Spa Fitness and taught his own brand of fitness training, which he had begun calling CrossFit, to officers and anyone else looking to buy 60 minutes of sweat.

A trend of girlfriend-hopping emerges. Crazy chicks love a dude with Daddy Issues.

Glassman began refining his approach. He favored gymnastic and powerlifting moves he knew from growing up, and functional calisthenics (squatting, pull-ups) that forced the body to use large muscle groups together, like in real life. He liked the idea of throwing exercises at clients seemingly randomly, believing it resembled the way early humans had to overcome daily physical obstacles. To goose participants’ natural competitiveness, he mandated that the workouts be for time, or for as many rounds or reps as possible in a set time period, so that no one slacked off.

You don’t train for knife fights by actually fighting with knives. The entire point of training is to safely develop such capabilities without the physical trauma of actually doing them. As if primitive hunter-gatherers had to regularly crank out 50 pull-ups at a moment’s notice anyway.

It’s one thing to tap competitive instincts, it’s another thing to set arbitrary fitness goals for a large group of people. When the military does that in basic training, it sets a minimum goal, not a “hard as possible” goal, and ensures that the drill instructors are trained to recognize & manage problems. On that note:

Glassman attracted a little flock. “I was looking for a trainer, and a friend of my wife’s went to Spa Fitness,” says Ben Elizer, who today is CrossFit’s chief information officer. He went to Spa Fitness and was told he had his pick of two: “one guy who is really nice and not that good, and another guy who is really good but super-opinionated and arrogant”–Glassman, of course. Glassman’s crew was tight-knit. He even ended up marrying one of his clients, a hairdresser named Lauren Jenai.

She does have nice tits underneath the ink… and below the Skrillex haircut…

When the Spa Fitness owner inevitably showed the CrossFitters the door…

That’s another pattern emerging. Glassman has a self-destructive streak that’s absolutely inappropriate for a physical trainer.

…and they leased a corner of a jujitsu studio, Lauren would manage the books and teach CrossFit classes herself. Soon they outgrew that space, and the Glassmans took their motley little group of cops, jujitsu fighters, and tech-company commuters to a 1,250-square-foot truck garage on a remote road three miles out in Soquel. In 2000, a number of clients asked if Glassman could put the WODs online so they could do them when they traveled, so he put up

An early client of Glassman’s described the CrossFit experience as “agony coupled with laughter.” Glassman liked that. It was as if his increasingly fit posse had a subversive secret: combinations of exercises that seemed strange and reckless and maybe dangerous to the ignorant. When Elizer, who volunteered to build the website, asked Glassman if he had a logo in mind, Glassman thought about the idea of agony mixed with laughter, then thought about thumbing his nose at all the ho-hum personal trainers he had ever endured. He came up with a vomiting clown. He called it Uncle Pukie.

It’s hard to believe this guy founded a fitness empire.

In December 2005, The New York Times ran a story about the budding CrossFit craze. The reporter interviewed some of the original CrossFitters and chronicled their fitness accomplishments, which were considerable. But the part of the article that grabbed the most attention was the opening anecdote: A first-time CrossFitter named Brian Anderson had experienced a true mess-you-up moment–he had ended up in the emergency room after his baptismal WOD. Repeated kettlebell swings had torn up his lower back to the point that he could barely stand. In intensive care, he was told he had rhabdomyolysis, a condition wherein muscle tissue breaks down to the point that it starts poisoning the kidneys. Rhabdomyolysis is rare as a result of athletics; ultramarathoners sometimes get it, but ER doctors are much more accustomed to finding it in cases of crushed limbs or massive third-degree burns. Anderson didn’t need dialysis, but he spent six days on an IV drip in intensive care, followed by two months of physical therapy for his back.

…But in the Times article–headlined “Getting Fit, Even If It Kills You”–Glassman used the kind of tough-guy talk he used to shout at CrossFitters during their WODs. “It can kill you…I’ve always been completely honest about that,” he said. “If you find the notion of falling off the rings and breaking your neck so foreign to you, then we don’t want you in our ranks.” Punctuating his blunt attitude, he had led his October journal article with a cartoon of a new clown, Uncle Rhabdo, who stands exhausted before a dialysis machine, his kidneys splattered in a pool of blood. The Times mentioned that, too.

It was within this context that Glassman began ramping up his affiliation program. This was growth without a safety net: Anyone who passed his two-day seminar could apply to open a box, call it CrossFit, and then rush paying customers through squats and snatches or whatever crazy WOD they dreamed up. To Glassman, himself a passionate libertarian, this was the right thing to do: He wants his affiliates to be free to open up a box in a garage or a warehouse or wherever else, and train how they want, and charge what they want. They should have the opportunity he had. He detests supposed experts who say their certification or education makes them better than him or his people. At the end of the day, he believes, the free market will provide all the necessary quality control.

The free market is one thing. I can also respect distrust of government licensing. But this is bordering on a persecution complex. Mocking the injured ain’t cool, either; here’s Uncle Rahbdo:

Why Pukie the Clown Isn?t Funny | Breaking Muscle

Why Pukie the Clown Isn?t Funny | Breaking Muscle

And here’s photographic proof that CrossFit is a cult:

Why Pukie the Clown Isn?t Funny | Breaking Muscle

Someday, random dude, your orthopedic surgeon is going to see that and laugh and your stitches will come out uneven. You will not get a settlement.

It was in Glassman’s own divorce case, though, that the CrossFit defense arsenal launched its full firepower. Lauren and Greg’s marriage hit the rocks in 2009. Lauren became pregnant with twins and could no longer travel to the seminars.Greg, wrapped up with CrossFit, became more and more distant. Rumors of infidelity swirled. Soon the two were living in separate houses.

My guess is that she needed both the drama of both Glassman’s mentally uneven aggression and the status of “co-founder” of Crossfit. The latter is unlikely; she started a competing chain called which, per its website dated 2016, has one physical location in Scottsdale, Arizona. Glassman is definitely the brains behind Crossfit’s success.

But as skilled as he is in business, Glassman is dangerously vulnerable to broken women who swarmed him even when he was a nobody.


Adam W. Greenway and Kevin Ueckert Unperson Paige Patterson, Other Baptist Conservatives

A series of stained-glass windows commemorating the Baptists’ Conservative Resurgence has been removed from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) immediately after Adam Greenway was made president… after being talent-scouted by the people who gave his predecessor Paige Patterson the #MeToo treatment.


Southwestern Seminary removes stained glass windows depicting Patterson, other SBC leaders

By Carrie Brown McWhorter, 11 April 2019

The stained glass windows in the MacGorman Chapel of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) have been removed.

The windows featured Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leaders who figured prominently in the denomination’s conservative resurgence movement, including former SWBTS president Paige Patterson; Paul Pressler, considered one of the architects of the conservative resurgence; and several past presidents of the SBC.

In an April 11 email to The Alabama Baptist, SWBTS spokesperson Colby Adams confirmed what had been circulating on social media for several days: .The stained glass windows have been removed from MacGorman Chapel and we are working with donors to finalize plans for relocating the windows..

No reason for the removal of the windows was provided.

A letter dated April 3 sent to “ministry partners” and signed by Kevin Ueckert, chairman of the SWBTS board of trustees, stated in part:

.After much prayerful consideration and discussion, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of the institution to remove and relocate the stained-glass windows installed in our J.W. MacGorman Chapel and Performing Arts Center. Expenses to remove the windows are minimal and will be covered by the seminary. . The seminary will safety store the windows until we have a chance to discuss with you the next steps..

Where have we heard that before?

The first of several stained glass windows were installed in the chapel in 2013, according to an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The Star-Telegram reported then that the windows were the dream of Patterson’s wife, Dorothy.

.My dream was to portray the 20-year history of the conservative resurgence of the Southern Baptist church,. Dorothy Patterson was quoted as saying.

An Oct. 19, 2015, SWBTS press release stated a similar purpose of the windows:

.In order to pass along the story of the SBC.s Conservative Resurgence, Southwestern has dedicated stained-glass windows in MacGorman Chapel to those who played a major role in turning the convention back to a high view of Scripture..

That establishes the motive for removing the windows. Erasing ungood history!

The seminary fired Paige Patterson May 30, 2018, following weeks of news reports about the “handling of an allegation of sexual abuse against a student during Dr. Patterson’s presidency at another institution and resulting issues connected with statements to the board of trustees that are inconsistent with SWBTS.s biblically informed core values,. according to a statement by the executive committee of SWBTS trustees.

The windows became a topic of controversy on social media during that time and in the weeks that followed Patterson’s firing, with many calling for their removal.

Patterson’s firing was for charges trumped up by Trustee Chairman Kevin Ueckert. An excellent review of the charges is available here:

FBG | Kevin Ueckert

Kevin. A remarkably triangular face shape in addition to the stress lines about his eyes.

Thomas Wright, executive director of missions for the Mobile Baptist Association and president of the SWBTS Alabama Alumni Association, noted that observers can only speculate about the reasons for the decision to remove the windows.

.Southwestern has not commented specifically why the McGorman chapel memorial windows are being removed,. Wright said. .It is appropriate for history to document the impact that individuals made during the crucial conservative resurgence transition. Perhaps some of the window subjects illustrate why institutions tend to memorialize those whom history has confirmed finished well. Some would contend we are best served remaining focused on biblical heroes of faith and practice..

Oh, we can do more than speculate, Mr. Wright. This sort of vandalism could not be done without the approval of SWBTS’ leadership. I checked for recent leadership changes and guess what? On 27 February, Adam W. Greenway was seated as SWBTS President after being selected by a search committee including Kevin Ueckert. On 6 April, five weeks later, give or take a day, the murals of Kevin’s enemies came off the seminary’s walls.

Don’t tell me that’s a coincidence.

Greenway elected 9th president of Southwestern Seminary

By Alex Sibley on 27 February 2019

Adam W. Greenway has been elected the ninth president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The election occurred during a special called meeting of the seminary’s board of trustees on the Southwestern campus, Feb. 26-27.

Greenway, 41, comes to Southwestern from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., where he served as dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry. Greenway’s election signifies a return to Southwestern, as he completed his Master of Divinity on the Fort Worth campus in 2002.

2002? Paige Patterson was installed as President in 2003. Curious timing.

Greenway was selected as a candidate by Southwestern’s Presidential Search Committee, which was chaired by trustee Danny Roberts. Other members were Denise Ewing (IL), Jamie Green (At Large, search committee secretary), Guy Grimes (CA), Todd Houston (NC), Tom James (KY), Philip Levant (At Large), Andre Palmer (NY), and Calvin Wittman (CO, search committee vice chair). Trustee chair Kevin Ueckert and vice chair Connie Hancock served on the committee ex officio.

Connie is the male pastor of Springboro Baptist Church. However, Denise is female so I doubt Greenway is a Bible-thumper. Philip Levant and Jamie Green were rewarded with an appointments to the seminary’s board of trustees upon Greenway’s installation. (I think that’s right. There’s a lot of “trustees” in SBC land.)

During the special called meeting, Roberts recommended to the board that Greenway be elected president as well as professor of evangelism and apologetics. The board affirmed the search committee’s selection, electing Greenway the seminary’s ninth president.

Trustee Bart Barber, speaking on behalf of the Academic Administration Committee, then recommended that Randy L. Stinson become the provost and vice president for academic administration of Southwestern. The board then elected him to this position.

…The meeting concluded with the board gathering around Greenway and Stinson for a time of prayer. Danny Roberts voiced the prayer on behalf of the board, asking for the Lord’s blessing upon Greenway and Stinson’s families and ministries, the Lord’s guidance through the coming months, and a bright future of Great Commission fulfillment by the Southwestern family.

So, who is Adam Greenway? He’s a former professor of applied apologetics yet hasn’t written anything for me to review. What I have found is standard Churchian fare… he’s a cloistered, professional bureaucrat with a license from God… hmm, he’s a licensed parliamentarian. That means he’s an expert in Robert’s Rules of Order As Amended, perhaps the best non-chemical sleep aid ever. It also means he’s an extraordinarily manipulative bureaucrat.

Here’s an article on his first actions as SWBTS President:

TRUSTEES: SWBTS to ‘recalibrate,’ ‘strengthen core’–swbts-to-recalibrate-strengthen-core

By Alex Sibley, 11 April 2019

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) — Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is looking to “recalibrate and to reposition” itself in “every way to strengthen the core of what we do,” SWBTS President Adam W. Greenway told trustees during their spring meeting, April 8-10.

Business included approving the budget for the 2019-2020 academic year, approving a change to Scarborough College’s degree offerings, electing a new vice president, and approving a change in the administration of the seminary’s endowment.

Addressing Southwestern Seminary’s full board for his first-ever president’s report, Greenway stressed the importance of recalibrating the seminary in order to return the institution to its core priorities — chief among them residential theological education.

“At the end of the day,” Greenway said, “our core of strength is what we do right here on Seminary Hill. It is the experience that happens here in the classroom and on this campus. Theological education in the context of a vibrant, worshiping, learning, living together community — that is of first importance.”

Greenway personally committed “to do everything I can to make sure that we have the resources and are making the investments to strengthen our residential theological education and to reprioritize our core degree programs of strength,” which he identified as the master of divinity, the master of arts in Christian education and master of music.

Very vague and bureaucratic. Education & music degrees are ways to slip women into church authority so I have suspicions but no proof.

“In a time where we must be extraordinarily judicious in conserving the resources entrusted to us by our Southern Baptist Convention of churches, by the donors and friends who believe in our work and are willing to invest in us, [and] by the tuition dollars we receive from our students, we must make sure that we steward and shepherd every dime in a way that is going to enable our seminary to flourish and thrive in an increasingly challenging environment and world,” he said.

Also boilerplate but hold on, let’s combine it with this:

The board approved the recommendation that funds managed by the Southwestern Seminary Foundation be moved to GuideStone Financial Resources for management as soon as feasibly possible, and that once said action is completed, the Southwestern Seminary Foundation be dissolved.

Originally known as the Harold E. Riley Southwestern Foundation, it was a gift from a banker type (Harold) to support Baylor and Southwestern Seminaries.

Seminary delays movement of $90M to management firm

By Staff, 23 October 2006

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, delayed the transfer of $90 million away from the Baptist Foundation of Texas to the seminary’s own foundation during their semiannual meeting Oct. 16-17 after questions surfaced about the investment strategy of the company that would manage the money.

The Southwestern Seminary Foundation had retained the services of The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF) -. a Charlottesville, Va., company .- as a primary fund manager, but several Internet blogs posted information about TIFF.s management of the seminary’s endowment funds shortly before the trustee meeting had begun. Bloggers claimed that the use of TIFF by the seminary foundation would violate the Southern Baptist Convention’s recent resolution calling for Southern Baptists to oppose the production and sale of alcohol.

TIFF, which also manages endowment funds of the American Bible Society, Baptist Community Ministries of Louisiana and the Virginia Baptist Homes, invests in thousands of stocks and bonds to reduce risks. But among its investment holdings are multiple “sin stocks,. or stocks in alcohol and tobacco companies including Coors, Heineken, Kirin Brewing Co., Tsingtao Brewing Co., Foster’s Group, Carlsberg Brewery of Malaysia, British-American Tobacco of Asia and Japan Tobacco.

In Greensboro, N.C., last June, messengers at the SBC annual meeting went on record as expressing their “total opposition to the manufacturing, advertising, distributing, and consuming of alcoholic beverages..

Note it was the SBC itself that had investment concerns, not the seminary.

How Internet bloggers were leaked information about the use of TIFF — information meant only for the seminary’s trustees -. is uncertain, but Marty Duren, moderator of the SBC Outpost blog, posted information about the company Oct. 15, the day before the trustee meeting was scheduled to begin. Duren said he wondered if the members of the trustee board had been “made aware of the specifics of this situation..

Heehee. They’ve stopped asking themselves how we get the info and proceeded with shadowbanning and deplatforming. It’s a poor age to have secrets, eh? Marty Duren sounds like he’d be right at home in the Manosphere.

Duren claimed that the use of the company, in addition to violating the alcohol resolution messengers adopted in Greensboro, also would run counter to a statement issued by the participants of the Joshua Convergence, which said they opposed “the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Throughout its history, our Convention has stood against the evils of alcohol. The present generation can in good conscience do no other..

…Instead of proceeding with the transfer of the funds, Southwestern trustees adopted a recommendation from at-large board member Geoffrey Kolander during the meeting. That statement read:

.Southwestern Seminary Foundation shall make a conscientious effort to steward investments which are consistent with the biblical, moral, and ethical standards embraced by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and its parent organization, the Southern Baptist Convention..

The Foundation operators respected the wishes of the SBC over potentially lucrative investment opportunities even though they didn’t have to. That is a good sign. Adopting this recommendation probably obligated the Foundation to respect the SBC’s wishes in perpetuity.

…In many cases, Baptist schools, organizations and churches look to GuideStone Financial Resources, formerly the SBC Annuity Board, for the management of retirement funds. The group also has an endowment fund for needy annuitants. Blogger Art Rogers asked on Duren’s blog why GuideStone could not manage the seminary’s funds in order to better facilitate the ministry of the seminary.

How interesting! The news article just happens to name-drop GuideStone Financial out of nowhere. Thirteen years later, the new seminary president moves quickly to shift funds from the Foundation to GuideStone. Yes, it’s a former department of the SBC but surely there are alternative financial service providers for wealthy colleges and denominations?

In response to questions Baptist Press posed to the seminary, Paige Patterson, Southwestern’s president, wrote that investing with GuideStone is an option and that the decision to delay would give trustees more time to consider all options.

Patterson said the initial move to transfer funds was not due to dissatisfaction with the Baptist Foundation of Texas but added that the seminary would “eventually do better in our yield.” He said the seminary was “given a foundation and need[ed] effectively to use it..

Patterson added that Southwestern’s primary concern is to limit exposure to so-called sin stocks and noted the difficulty in avoiding them in equity markets. .Southwestern wishes to expend every effort to honor God in investments as well as ministry,. he said.

Well said, Mr. Patterson.

Duren concluded that Southwestern Seminary’s decision to postpone the transfer of its funds to its own foundation and the management of TIFF was the result of “the openness and accountability that is being provided in the blogosphere,. which he claimed was working for the benefit of Southern Baptists.

Duren wrote that in the past, investment transactions like this transpired “without second thought,. stating that bloggers raised questions that had to be considered, showing the importance of conducting SBC business in the open. “Closed door sessions, except in extreme circumstances, tend toward trouble,. he said.

Patterson & friends voided the transfer to respect SBC morality… and when he was slandered out of office, his replacement swiftly transferred the money to GuideStone which is independent of SBC per its website.

GuideStone provides general financial services to many Christian organizations, specifically retirement investment/planning, and sponsors a charity, Mission: Dignity, which provides living incomes for retired yet impoverished clergy. GuideStone should be called GoldenParachute. Hmm, it was started up with a $1M John D. Rockefeller check but I digress.

What happened here is that with Patterson out of the way, Adam Greenway & Friends are maneuvering to become financially independent of the SBC by shifting assets outside the SBC’s control. Starting with their retirements. I’ve seen this happen before with the Ruth Soper fund:

Notice that Patterson himself didn’t pursue the GuideStone option when he had the chance. Despite his diplomatic words, he apparently didn’t believe it was the right path. But his enemies do, badly enough to immediately go for it.

That’s their idea of “conserving the resources entrusted to us by our Southern Baptist Convention of churches”.

I smell war.


Physiognomy: Baltimore Book Fraud

Die already, April Fools’ Day! This may not be trickery but the Baltimore mayor is a total fool for thinking she could get away with this.

Catherine Pugh Takes Lead Over Dixon in Mayor?s Race

This time, let’s start with her physiognomy and background. Definite triangular face shape, which in men I associate with Gamma SMV tendencies. Thin-skinned, obsessive personality, which is great for mastering an intellectual topic but not for relationships.

Large upper eyelids, rounded lower eyelids and thick lips indicate a heavily emotional attitude towards life. Hoop earrings indicate a promiscuous past and frankly, her lips look like she sprained them making duckfaces. However, there’s no cupid’s bow on the lips so actual sexual interest may be lacking.

I suspect that’s a wig she’s wearing. Thick and glossy hair isn’t commonly associated with flesh that emaciated. But if it’s real then her general health is good.

According to my only source (Chinese school) on moles, that mole on her left upper lip indicates trouble with children… halfway between “uterine failure” and “abortion”. The mole on her right cheek, if it is a mole, means “prone to accident with water”. For your entertainment:

The nose is wide, denoting ‘sociable with money’. The nose root is as wide as the rest of the nose, I don’t know what that means. Let’s see if I can look up her nose… the things I do for my art…

Candidates for Baltimore mayor ? minus Catherine Pugh ? clash in radio debate - Baltimore Sun

Big nostrils, meaning financially generous, with significant flanges/wings, indicating guardedness towards money. Thus, her nose says she wants to hoard wealth for social gain.


Catherine Elizabeth Pugh (b. March 1950) is an American Democratic politician serving as the 50th and current mayor of Baltimore, Maryland. Pugh has been involved in Maryland politics since 1999 when she served on the Baltimore City Council. She has also held office in the Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate, serving as the Majority Leader from 2015 to 2016. She first ran for Baltimore City mayor in 2011 and lost the primary to Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Pugh ran again in 2016 and won the primary against former Mayor Sheila Dixon. Pugh then won the mayoral election on November 8, 2016 with 57% of the popular vote, and took office on December 6, 2016. She is Baltimore’s third consecutive female mayor.

In April 2019 Pugh announced she was taking an indefinite leave of absence to recover from pneumonia. The announcement coincided with a scandal over a “self-dealing” book-sales arrangement, whereby organizations allegedly purchased large quantities of Pugh’s books in exchange for contracts with the city.

That last was one quick update. Let’s begin!

Baltimore Mayor To Take Leave Of Absence Over Questionable Children’s Book Sales

By Ryan Grenoble, 2 April 2019

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announced Monday she plans to take a leave of absence amid a children’s book-selling scandal that’s prompted calls for an investigation and threatens to derail her career.

For pneumonia.

At the center of the scandal is a series of “Healthy Holly” children’s books that Pugh herself authored and sold at least 140,000 copies of between 2011 and 2018. Pugh sold the majority of the books to government partners, but she also sold around 20,000 to a private company seeking a multimillion dollar contract with the city of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun first reported on Monday that health care provider Kaiser Permanente bought around 20,000 of the “Healthy Holly” books for distribution in and around Maryland from 2015 to 2018, paying Pugh $114,000 in the process.

And in a bit of troubling timing, Kaiser’s payments to Pugh overlapped with a $48 million contract the company signed with the city of Baltimore in September 2017 . a contract approved by a board Pugh controls.

Per the Sun, it’s the latest in a string of lucrative children’s book contracts involving Pugh and “Healthy Holly” going back to 2011, when she sold 20,020 of the self-published books to Baltimore City Public Schools.

Pugh also had a $500,000 deal from 2011 to 2018 to sell 100,000 books to the University of Maryland Medical System, where she.d previously served on the board of directors. Pugh resigned from her position on March 18, days after the yearslong deal came to light.

Pugh seems very avoidant to stressful situations. That didn’t come out in my reading. Could be a function of the triangular face’s passive-aggression on women… there are gendered differences in physiognomy.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) asked State Prosecutor Emmet Davitt to investigate the “deeply disturbing allegations. Monday afternoon:

Pugh initially dismissed the Sun’s inquiries into her book deals as a “witch hunt.” But at a news conference last Thursday, she called the arrangement with the University of Maryland Medical System .a regrettable mistake. and apologized “for any lack of confidence or disappointment” it may have caused. She didn’t take any questions.

I bet not.

.Every day, we get a little bit more,. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) remarked to CBS Baltimore after the press conference. .It raises more questions than answers..

Baltimore public schools told the Sun the district can’t verify if it received the full order of books, shipments of which it called “unsolicited.” The school system has 8,700 .Healthy Holly. books in storage.

In an emailed statement to HuffPost, Kaiser spokesman Scott Lusk said the company has offered a health plan to Baltimore City employees since 1986 . long before the September 2017 contract was agreed to.

And more importantly, before the late ’90s when Pugh entered politics.

As for the books, Kaiser said it purchased copies of “Healthy Holly” as part of a broader program to distribute health-centered literature that’s been ongoing since 2013.

.We purchased Healthy Holly books because we believe residents would be inspired by a book about health and wellness authored by a member of the Baltimore community,. the statement read. .In light of the issues that have been raised, Kaiser Permanente is reviewing the process through which books are selected and procured..

Translation, Kaiser will cooperate with the prosecution. It seems that pay-to-play isn’t always a mutual benefit.

In fact, Pugh is going to get NUKED on this issue:

8 April 2019

The entire Baltimore City Council on Monday urged Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh to resign amid mounting pressure over sales of children’s books Pugh authored and sold to government partners.

Her response, essentially: No thanks.

That thundering sound you hear is all of Baltimore’s professional crooks running for minimum safe distance from the mayor.

.The entire membership of the Baltimore City Council believes that it is not in the best interest of the City of Baltimore, for you to continue to serve as Mayor,. the Monday morning memo reads. .We urge you to tender your resignation, effective immediately..

…Citing her health, Pugh has been on a leave of absence since early last week. She doubled down on that explanation for her continued absence in a followup statement Monday in which she rejected the council’s call for her to resign.

.Mayor Pugh has taken a leave to focus on recovering from pneumonia and regaining her health,. the statement read. .She fully intends to resume the duties of her office and continuing her work on behalf of the people and the City of Baltimore..

Good luck, good-bye and good riddance, Mayor Pugh. And take your childrens’ books with you!

Hmm, what’s her children’s book series about, anyway?

[Mayor Catherine Pugh’s] self-published books, dubbed the “Healthy Holly” series, were distributed to schoolchildren and daycare centers. So what do they say?

The books follow the life of a young African-American girl named Holly. She loves to jump rope, pick out fruit from the grocery store and play with her little brother, Herbie.

She introduces herself to readers, saying: .The fun part about exercise is that you can do it by yourself or with family and friends. . Welcome to my world where exercising is fun!!!.

That’s the point at which every non-brainwashed boy rips the page out of the book, folds it into a paper airplane and gets some exercise. If you want boys to play outside then get out of their way, Public Education System! But no, you school authorities buy these female-centric “go do what we won’t let you do” books instead of dodge balls.

Holly.s day is filled by outings with her parents, who often talk with their daughter about the importance of staying healthy.

.Exercise is when we walk and ride our bikes. It is when we play tennis. It is when we swim,. Holly’s father says on page 8 of the first installment, .Exercising Is Fun,. as the family plays tennis with an anthropomorphic ball wearing glasses.

Props for the book having a father in the family. I can’t believe America has sunk that low.

In book two, titled .A Healthy Start for Herbie,. Holly’s parents bring home a little brother named Herbie. .This book is all about Herbie growing up healthy,. the introduction reads.

When Holly first meets Herbie, she is curious about his small size. .When will he be able to exercise?. she asks her dad. The family gives the baby milk and fruit to help him grow.

I’m getting flashbacks to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, in which the castes are verbally indoctrinated in their sleep. “Exercise is fun… how soon until I can exercise again… I think exercise is fun…”

The third book in the series is called “Fruits Come in Colors like the Rainbow.” Holly accompanies her parents on a trip to San Francisco, where she’s kidnapped and sexually educated by all thirty-two genders.

Okay, that was a shameless lie. Mostly.

The third book in the series is called “Fruits Come in Colors like the Rainbow.. Holly accompanies her parents on a trip to the grocery store where, as a surprise, she gets to pick out the produce. She places apples, bananas and kiwi straight into her family’s shopping cart.

Heehee. .Fruits Come in Colors like the Rainbow.” Oh, I am SO going to use that line.

There is another book in the series titled “Vegetables are Not Just Green..

Oooh, another one I can use! Catherine Pugh, you have a future on the comedy circuit!

The roughly 20-page books end with tips for parents on how to keep their kids healthy.

Healthy Holly

“According to the National Institute of Health, children should be doing a certain amount of exercise according to their age…” What happened to my country? Orwellian Institutes of Bureaucracy are lecturing us how to live our lives! Defund them AND their pensions!

On a closing note, this meme I found, hat tip to “Justin Fenton”:

Pay-to-play fraud in order to support Social Justice? I came pretty close with that nose.


Harry Potter and the Teenage Witch

A defining mark of the Churchian is his inability to recognize evil. Or hers; I didn’t realize this coming review was written by a female until the very end. I haven’t watched this show which makes reviewing it problematic, but I’m actually interested in the reviewer missing the real Evil for the fake one.

The Problem of Evil in “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

By S.D. Kelly, 5 April 2019

It has been two decades since the Harry Potter series emerged as a cultural phenomenon. When the story of the boy wizard who attends the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry began to dominate children’s literature, evangelicals wondered if it was okay to allow their children to read the books.

It was okay because magic was just a gimmick, another word for engineering. Magic has been in stories since before Greek mythology. In hindsight, the anti-Potter crowd’s problem was the witch stuff being unavoidably public. Probably hit too close to Daddy’s suspicions about what little Princess was most likely learning in college… not differential equations.

I remember being suspicious that Mrs. Dudley was vocally anti-magic to the point of maltreating young Harry, she being an otherwise typical housewife, but Mrs. Weasley was also a housewife (and of much higher quality) so my suspicion that the Dudleys were a metaphor for the ills of traditional family life didn’t pan out.

That sort of thing is what real evil looks like. Human behaviors twisted away from God’s designed standard. Horns and hooves are very secondary.

As the series continued, however, it became increasingly clear that the mechanical nature of the magic practiced by Harry and his friends carried with it very little of the occult. Ultimately, Harry Potter seems more concerned with matters of the material world than the spiritual, despite the occasional contention with ghosts.

You know what the major difference is between the material and spiritual worlds? The material world is rigidly right and wrong, actions and consequences. Masculine. But the spiritual world is murky, poorly defined and experienced not studied. Matriarchal. Not feminine, because the feminine appreciates the masculine. Only feral wimminz despise male headship.

So for the majority of Christians, the question of whether or not Harry Potter was a sort of gateway drug for the harder stuff of real witchcraft fizzled into nothing. Evangelicals, just like everyone else, waited eagerly for each new book to be released, doing their part to enhance the series. sales, currently pegged at around 400 million copies.

On the one hand, the books aren’t good enough to stand the test of time. (Especially with Rowling retconning sodomy into the series.) On the other hand, kids started reading books again. So, a net gain for society.

Now a new generation is experiencing their own moment of cultural resurgence when it comes to wizardry and witchcraft. Only this time around, it doesn’t seem quite so benign.

We’re Not in “Potterville Anymore.

This fall, Netflix released The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (with a bonus Christmas episode released in December). The series, which returns for a second season today, is based on the comic books published in 2014 by Archie Horror, which were a darker take on the character of the young witch Sabrina Spellman. Since first debuting in an Archie comic in 1962, Sabrina has made multiple appearances in various pop culture media, her fortunes rising and falling with the corresponding interest in the supernatural in pop culture. Before The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the most well-known of the recent iterations (among comic books, TV shows, and animated series) of Sabrina was the popular 1990s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch, starring the bright-eyed and chipper Melissa Joan Hart.

Doesn’t sound much different from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More on the 90s sitcom at the end.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may be similar to the .90s sitcom in that it features a 15-year-old protagonist (the compelling Kiernan Shipka), but this is no show for kids. True, Sabrina Spellman is dealing with some ordinary teen problems in her beloved town of Greendale: the ups and downs of her relationship with her boyfriend, Harvey, her social life at Baxter High, and confronting the school’s smarmy principal as he refuses to stop the bullying of one of Sabrina’s best friends (who, in one of many of-the-moment plot threads, is attacked for not conforming to gender expectations). Domestic considerations are in play as well. Sabrina is the product of a love match between her high-born wizard father and her human mother. Orphaned as a young girl, she lives with her two aunts and her cousin, who, fittingly, are in the business of embalming and interring the dead as proprietors of Greendale’s mortuary.

This gave me a chuckle. Strong&Independent wimminz successfully breaking the glass ceiling into the funerary-industrial complex! Enjoying the Male Privilege of embalming Baby Boomers! Then I noticed her antagonism with the (apparently) only father-figure in her life, the school principal. If that principal didn’t protect a “trans-gender” kid from being bullied for claiming to be a freak then he’s a good guy. The openly-committed sexual violation of children called “transgenderism” is one of several reasons that barring plague or starvation, I expect to see Aggro Jesus work out some frustration upon the planet before I die.

Yo, clergy. God made us male and female, yes? Remember reading in the papers that mothers are forcing sex changes upon children as young as infants? Are you not connecting the dots? Because they hate God, they want to deny that God made us male and female. First upon themselves, then upon those they can force themselves upon.

Sabrina’s conflict with her aunts ranges from the usual issues with curfew to the slightly more unusual: her strong desire to avoid pledging her life to Satan.

In healthier times, she could complain to the local priest, who would confirm the accusation of witchcraft, burn the witches at the stake and help Sabrina find adoptive parents who won’t sacrifice her to the literal devil in a world made safer for kids by the intolerant servants of the Cross. Or maybe the principal she doesn’t like but is the legitimate leader of the school? That’s a show I’d watch.

Who does the author think IS watching this show? And why? Serious questions.

Sabrina is just days away from her 16th birthday, which happens to fall on an important day for her family and coven: the convergence of a blood moon and the holiday of Samhain. It is also the date of her dark baptism, when Sabrina will renounce her humanity and pledge her soul to the devil. This pledge is sealed by cutting her hand and using her own blood to write her name in Satan’s Book. This act can never be revoked, and Sabrina will have to obey every wish of the dark lord for the rest of her very long, sordid life.

This is where the red flags start. A girl’s 16th birthday is the milepost of sexual maturity. Engineering crossed with magic isn’t a concern but sexuality crossed with magic absolutely is.

Also, that’s a disturbingly negative portrayal of marriage, a lifetime commitment to a guy who will command her obedience forever. Forget Satan, this slander against marriage is the True Evil in this picture.

The show is (sort of) set in the 1960s of the original Archie comic, although with plenty of anachronisms (a reference to the 1985 movie The Goonies, for instance). More to the point, Sabrina also borrows liberally from other entries into the witchcraft genre, with Sabrina’s admission into a boarding school for witches as a central conceit.the Netflix version of Hogwarts. The show also borrows from other, more disconcerting sources: a statue of Satan stands in the inner courtyard of the school, an exact replica of the very showy statue of the goat-headed Baphomet that the real-world members of the Satanic Temple have placed in front of the Arkansas capitol building. (The free publicity notwithstanding, this tribute, complete with adoring children gazing up at the devil, was not well-received by members of the Satanic Temple, who initially sued Netflix for copyright infringement before eventually settling out of court.)

Posting occult symbols in public can easily backfire on the perpetrators. Similar to the “Piss Christ” art installation which came close to ending the National Endowment for the Arts, such symbology reminds people they need to choose one side and fight against the other. For us Christians, everything is easier when it’s exposed to the light.

In spite of all this, for much of the series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina manages a light touch. The show does not lose sight of the fact that it is ultimately intended as a piece of pop culture. The fast-paced dialogue and whip-smart acting (a combination of Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) bring a wryness that is a welcome contrast to the dark.very dark.imagery. Sabrina herself is bright and cheery, if annoyingly earnest. When she’s not contemplating whether or not to be the bride of Satan, she is taking on moral crusades in the hallways of Baxter High, outwitting her principal to found a school-sponsored book club for girls. The name of the club is long and confusing, but succeeds in forming the acronym W.I.C.C.A. Subtle, Sabrina is not.

Subtle enough to fool you. Per this account, the WICCA club came into existence by thwarting legitimate male authority. That’s the evil. Not the name.

Imitating Life

But neither is the real world. Something of a resurgence of interest in witchcraft is taking place in our culture, even though it hasn’t reached mainstream levels. Over an 18-year period beginning in 1990, Barry Kosmin of Trinity College conducted three studies on American Religious Self-Identification. Research indicated a sharp increase in the practice of Wicca, with the self-identified number of Wiccans growing from 8,000 in 1990 to 340,000 in 2008.

“Even though it hasn’t reached mainstream levels”? Satanism doesn’t start with voodoo dolls or dancing around pentagrams with sacrificial chickens. It starts with destroying fathers, leaving children vulnerable to a predators & sexual perversion… for the second phase. By the time a female reaches the point of open declaration, she’s long past the Slut Event Horizon.

Fatherhood is a symbol of Father God. Thus, female independence/empowerment is rebellion against God. Monogamy is a symbol of Christ and the Church. The death of monogamy is blasphemy against Christ. Only after a full generation of such hatred against God is society beginning to sprout idols of Baphomet.

Connect the dots, clergy. It’s only your job.

Still, even at its verifiable peak, this represents a tiny fraction of the American population, and it is unclear if the numbers have increased as dramatically in the decade since data from the last study was released.

Per the study, Wicca grew 4,150% in 18 years. Be honest, author: it hasn’t fallen just as quickly. Don’t pretend it might have. Heresy and blasphemy are becoming so obvious that you church box tyrants are having trouble keeping your incompetence and disengagement secret from the sheep.

“Why are all the men leaving Church?”

“Don’t worry. When they repent, I’ll forgive them.”

“What should we do about gender-neutral bathrooms and sodomy being elevated to a civil right?”

“Don’t worry, that’s happening outside the Church.”

“They just installed the Arch of Baal on the Capitol lawn!”

“It’s only a protest.”

“My daughter just asked for a Satan-themed birthday party!”

“Uh… uhhh… it’s a… metaphor… Don’t blame me! What did I do?”

That said, the sense that interest in the practice of witchcraft is spreading is fueled by the anecdotal and increased disaffection with organized religion…

She blames the people who abandoned the Church because it didn’t confront the rising tide of evil, for causing the rising tide of evil? increase in Etsy sales of sage bundles and crystals, and a pop culture boom.

The reason it’s spreading is not crystal knickknacks being on the market. “How pretty! What’s it for?.. Shrug, sure, I’ll try to summon Hastur. What could go wrong?” No. Just no.

Similarly, magic has been everywhere in literature since before Greek mythology. It isn’t evil until it’s twisted into an evil pattern.

Writer and filmmaker Alex Mar wrote of the rising profile of witchcraft in her 2015 book Witches of America. Initially taking on the detached perspective of the documentarian, Mar becomes increasingly attracted to the practice of witchcraft by meeting witches who convey a sense of purpose and self-fulfillment.qualities Mar longs for. She decides to study … witchcraft, with the goal of becoming a full-fledged, practicing witch.

Something easily predicted from her name, the masculine-sounding Alex Mar, her home, New York City, and her husband, who doesn’t exist. Real witchcraft is the religion of female rebellion, God without intermediary, power without rules. Not the religion of some neo-paganism.

As a thoroughly secular person, one studiously raised to be open to all truths and committed to none, Mar longs for the certainty and reassurance of belief. In the end, she is struck by the religious aspect of witchcraft. .To have a legitimate, unpretended connection to God or Goddess or an entire army of godlike forms,. Alex Mar writes, .to have sincere religious beliefs at have to connect on a level that is more than intellectual.” In the end, Mar cannot commit.

The chick crack of You Shall Be As God.

The real-world Alex Mar is never confronted in the same way as the fictional Sabrina Spellman: No one asks her to pledge her soul to the Prince of Darkness himself. But she does come to realize that she is being asked to believe. The practice of witchcraft is to take on and attempt to channel the power of a force outside of ourselves, one we cannot understand.

The chick crack of Taming the Unicorn.

This truth, in a way, is the great gift that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is offering to a culture increasingly enamored of witchcraft. The series does not sugarcoat what is happening to the characters; it does not wrap Sabrina’s dilemma in a charming veneer of quirky house elves and Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavored Beans. Sabrina cannot gain the this case, the magical world.without losing her soul.

Correction, Sabrina cannot become Strong and Independent if she gives in to the temptation of marriage.

This is a choice Harry Potter never has to make. His dilemma is framed more generally as being between light and darkness, of choosing the noble Dumbledore over the wretched Voldemort. Sabrina, on the other hand, faces the nature of evil itself head-on.

The choice between light and darkness IS facing the nature of evil. This world has one truth and ten million lies. Although I admit, Harry never had a choice. When the villain tried to murder you once and is Jonesing to do it again, choosing Good is easy. One reason Harry Potter will never be taught in literature classes.

*checks* I take that back.

Satan in Sabrina is not somewhere offstage, an unseen dark force animating a range of haunted house villains. In this story, Satan is front and center, and he has not been rehabilitated for a secular, 21st-century audience.

He’s been reinvented to represent the evil of monogamy rejected by a heroic, newly sexually active girl.

Yet as a pop culture artifact in keeping with its times, the show still cannot resist glamorizing Sabrina’s eventual decision to throw in her lot with him. That decision, according to TVLine, gave her .a new look, a new attitude and a new outlook on the screwed up world around her.” The show’s star, Kiernan Shipka, says, .It’s the right amount of heartbreaking and sexy and intriguing,. and suggests that the character’s new power may help her beat Satan at his own game, even as she has taken a blood oath to serve him forever.

She gives in to marriage intending to twist the marriage against her husband and break her vow.

The references to sexiness come from this show being at least half a soap opera.

But underneath the sexiness, Sabrina’s story is still a dark, disturbing tale, one reminiscent of the foundational human story found in the Garden of Eden. We are all asked to choose, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina seems to be saying, between good and evil, between God and ourselves. But while the show evokes the temptation of Eve in the Bible (in a scene with Sabrina plucking an apple from an ancient tree in order to gain knowledge), Sabrina never truly confronts the very human dilemma of choosing between God and the self. Instead, Sabrina’s trouble is framed as that of choosing between different kinds of self-empowerment: her life lived according to the dictates of her own power or one in which she submits her power to Satan. In this way Sabrina’s dilemma is, perhaps, a false one, since she is choosing her self either way. The concept of submitting to a good God is never even mentioned, let alone framed as an option.

Like I said above, ten million lies. One truth. Should Sabrina submit to an evil marriage or live free and selfish? The correct answer is not even hinted at.

The choice Sabrina makes.regardless of the nobility of her motives and the resulting increase of her power through her self-knowledge.means that she cannot, in the ultimate sense, possibly do good.

The chick crack of Not Her Fault.

And if The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina continues to be honest about the devil’s purpose…

It hasn’t begun to be honest. We just discussed how it set up a false dilemma.

…it will eventually have to acknowledge that all the glamour and empowerment in the world can’t enable us to use his power for our own ends. .You cannot serve two masters,. Jesus said. We can cloak the choice in vagaries and obfuscation, in fantastic stories of fulfilling destinies and personal empowerment, but, in the end, we must make an answer, and there is no middle ground.

Remember the questions I asked above? “Who does the author think is watching this show? And why?” It’s young women watching it because it ties in with, simultaneously, their healthy desire to get married and their unhealthy desire to not submit. Watching it be portrayed as one evil balanced against another absolves her of consequences while indulging fantasies of either Eat, Pray, Love or Tame the Unicorn. During which, she snubs men in authority over her because they deserve to be snubbed.

Original Sin is female rebellion and male capitulation. The devil appears in this show only to illustrate the hatred feminists have for the institution of marriage.

The Harry Potter series didn’t try to depict marriage as a terrible evil. Harry had respect for the men in his life from Dumbledore to even (grudgingly) Mr. Dudley. Chilling Sabrina does depict marriage as evil. It does show disrespect for men. That’s why the Potter series is harmless and Sabrina is not. Not because the devil makes an appearance.


Postscript, the comparison with this older sitcom “Sabrina” is telling. Wikipedia helps me out:

Season 1:The pilot episode opens with Sabrina asleep on her 16th birthday, levitating above her bed. In the morning, her aunts reveal to her that she is a witch, but Sabrina does not believe them until she has a magical talk with her father from inside a book, where her father reveals that he is a witch and her mother is mortal. It is also revealed that Sabrina cannot see her mother, who is in Peru for two years, or her mother will be transformed into a ball of wax. After a rough day at school, Sabrina accidentally turns Libby Chesler, the most popular girl in school, into a pineapple. Fearing that she will appear “weird” to her crush, Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina asks the Witches Council to let her relive that day. The first season follows Sabrina as she tries to keep the balance between being a teenager and having magical powers.

Sabrina learns self-control.

Season 2: At the beginning of the second season, Sabrina turns seventeen and learns that she must earn her witch’s license or otherwise lose her magic. However, she neglects her aunts’ warnings to study for the test to obtain the license and consequently fails it. She then has to attend witch boot camp to earn the chance to take a makeup test. She passes the makeup test, but only receives a learner’s permit. Her aunts explain that she will be able to earn her license when she turns eighteen (“when she can pay for the insurance”) and that she will be tested throughout the year by a Quizmaster, a witch whose job is to instruct witches earning their licenses. Also introduced during the second season are Sabrina’s neurotic friend Valerie and the new school vice principal Mr. Kraft, who finds Sabrina to be very odd and has a crush on Hilda.

Sabrina has to earn a license, like driving a car. Responsible. The sentence about the school VP makes me wonder if Chilling Sabrina is a shameless reboot of this series.

*winces* I must know…

*clicks on a YouTube trailer*

Yep, it’s a reboot.


Oh, Gawd. It’s just like Star Whores. You think Jar Jar Binks is the worst ever, then you want to go back to those happy days of innocence.

Season 3: At the beginning of the third season, Sabrina earns her license, but then learns that in order to use her license, she must solve her family’s secret. (“Every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin”).

She must invest in family.

Season 4: At the beginning of the fourth season, Sabrina is assigned to be a mentor, which is like a Quizmaster, except “Quizmasters get paid”. Sabrina’s charge is Dreama, a witch newly immigrated from the Other Realm. A new student, Brad Alcero, who is also Harvey’s best friend, transfers to Sabrina’s school. Because Brad has a witch-hunter gene (which allows him to turn a witch into a mouse if the witch reveals his/her magic), Sabrina must keep herself and Dreama from using magic in front of Brad. Also, Sabrina begins working at Bean There, Brewed That, a coffee shop, where she meets and is attracted to Josh (played by David Lascher), a college student who is the manager of the shop, which leads to her kissing him and thus cheating on Harvey, who ends their relationship, but they soon get back together. Both Dreama and Brad are written out of the series without explanation over the course of the season. At the end of the season, Harvey reaches his “spell quota” (meaning that no spells can be used on him anymore) and discovers that Sabrina is a witch, and later breaks up with Sabrina off screen and is written out of the show prior to the start of the next season.

Older women teaching younger women is even Biblical, although I see why the audience left at this season. Rights were sold off and the series rebooted with:

Seasons 5 & 6: [Irredeemable soap opera trash].

Season 7: In the series finale Sabrina calls off her wedding with Aaron and runs off with Harvey, her soul mate… In the last scene of the series, Sabrina and Harvey ride off on his motorcycle to the song “Running” by No Doubt, Sabrina’s favorite band.

She gets married after suitable sitcom theatrics. A standard love triangle.

Obviously a worthless and completely immoral show, but I’m talking about the soap opera-ness and not the magic, which was a vehicle to drive the plot. To the extent that witchcraft was a central issue, it was something Sabrina had to control and direct as part of her maturity, and not just sexual maturity. All was well with puerile, low-brow entertainment.

New, Chilling Sabrina is a Third Wave appeal to the fallen female id of rebellion and romantic-sexual indulgence. Overt demonic activity is only used to vilify marriage.

What a difference a couple decades makes during Convergence. But you already knew that from Star Whores.


Adieu, California GOP!

I’ve ignored California’s branch of Useless White GOPes for so long, I didn’t notice they shut down permanently in February. No reason anybody should have noticed, of course, they’ve been irrelevant for a long time.

I noticed when I looked up Travis Allen, a politician so good that Governor Gavin Kitchen-Bitch singled him out for a lawsuit in his inaugural State of the State speech. How was Travis doing? Did he manage to recruit allies? Fighting the good fight? Was his district holding the line? There’s only a couple Cali politicians worth watching and he’s one of them, so…

He’d been shivved by his own party.


The following is an article by Republicuck shill Edward Ring, proud co-founder of the California Policy Center, a free-market think tank in 2013, thus a worthy subject for an autopsy of Cali-GOPe skinsuits. We begin with the perfect picture to express my hatred of Cucks… to express all that is wrong with the Republican Establishment:

Those are an assortment of past California Republican leaders… every one a Boomer Cuck… mooning over the newest Cal-GOP chairman chairperson, Jessica Patterson, a Latina and Ocasio-Cortes lookalike. How proud they are, to finally end all white male representation in California state politics.

Patterson, the new face of California’s “conservatives”. What is it they conserve, one wonders? Not even themselves per the Orange County Register: “With just 24 percent of voters in California now registering as Republicans, the party is No. 3 in the state, trailing Democrats and No Party Preference.”

California.s GOP Plays it Safe When Safe Equals Death

By Edward Ring, 25 February 2019

In September 2016, Michael Anton published an influential essay entitled “The Flight 93 Election.. It compared the 2016 election to the tragic Flight 93 of 9/11/2001. Anton’s essay opened with this: .2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You.or the leader of your party.may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees. Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain..

Good Gawd, did he date himself. 2001 was eighteen years ago. Kids who were born after 9/11 are graduating high school now. But George Bush heroically retaliating for 9/11 by building Muslims a new caliphate is the only good PR Republicans have produced in two decades so he didn’t have much to work with.

And he didn’t get the analogy right. Flight 93’s lesson is if your enemies are going to kill you anyway then the best thing you can do is thwart their plans so they don’t win, either. Also, don’t hope that giving your enemies an easy win will ensure good treatment of you.

California.s GOP faced a similar existential choice this weekend at their semi-annual state convention, when they had to elect a new party chairman. California’s GOP, like Flight 93, faces certain death. Many would say it is dead already. A new term has been coined to describe the status of the GOP in California, a “mega minority.” Whereas a “super minority” means your party holds less than one out of every three offices, a “mega minority” means your party holds less than one out of every four offices. That would describe California’s GOP these days, where they control a mega minority in the State Assembly, the State Senate, California’s Congressional Caucus, and the higher state offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, etc., where they are not represented at all.

Three people rose to the challenge of flying California’s GOP into 2020, hopefully not crashing on the way. Firebrand populist and 2018 Gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen, who is openly supportive of president Trump, the thoughtful veteran Steve Frank, who served as the party’s vice chair and is senior political editor of the California Political Review, and Jessica Patterson, who served as 2010 gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s statewide field director, and more recently as CEO of .Trailblazers,. an organization that trains GOP candidates.

Travis Allen was a fighter. Newsom chose him for his precedent-setting lawsuit forcing local governments to obey Moscow on pain of destruction. There’s no higher compliment for a good guy than to be hated by the devil himself.

Steve Frank was a guaranteed failure representing the Boomer Voting bloc.

And Jessica Patterson was the Entryist Woman of Color that will do to the Cal GOP what the Muslim terrorists did on Flight 93, grab the controls in order to kill you all. Does this mean that Ring is calling for Jessica’s ousting By Any Means Necessary? Of course not, as we’ll soon see.

As it turned out, on Sunday morning the establishment candidate, Patterson, received 651 delegate votes on the first ballot, which at 55 percent meant a second ballot was unnecessary. Allen got 366 votes, Frank got 175. It wasn’t close, but it wasn’t a blowout, either. If just 55 more delegates, out of 1,192 total, had gone with an insurgent, California’s GOP might have had a Trump supporter running the state party.

You GOPes installed female leadership in violation of God’s Will for human behavior. You instilled a nonwhite because they’re nonwhite. None of you, not even the political dynasties, raised a son of America to replace you. You have already entered Fatal Error 0E land. You’re done, you worthless, spineless, ball-less simps, and done by a very wide margin.

Travis Allen was your future. Steve Frank was your past. Jessica is your DEATH.

That.s the challenge that’s been handed to establishment favorite, Jessica Patterson, a thirty-something professional political operative whose first big job was working for Meg Whitman. Meg Whitman. Remember Meg Whitman? This is the business executive who ran for governor back in 2010, burning through $178 million . including well over $30 million from donors who were so embittered by her disastrous failure that they never came back.

Jessica isn’t going to lead. Women don’t lead, they follow. Who is Jessica going to follow? Not a Republican, now that she’s the top Republican.

You can go all the way back to the special election of 2005 to find examples of California’s GOP tepidity. It’s easy now to forget the excitement incoming Governor Schwarzenegger generated among the GOP faithful in California. Here was a candidate, as far removed from the establishment as Trump was a decade later, sitting in the guest’s chair, telling Jay Leno and half of America that .it’s the unions that are breaking California, and I’m going to terminate them.” And he tried for a full legislative season, during his first year as Governor, and he got nowhere. So in 2005 he took his case to the people, filing four initiatives . a balanced budget, redistricting reform, lengthened evaluation period for teacher tenure, and paycheck protection. The consultants, what a surprise, talked him out of a fifth . pension reform. And what happened?

There Schwarzenegger was, on television again, saying it was up to the people to save California. But he said it by himself. Alone. Where was California’s GOP during that entire election season? Instead of tapping into the populist momentum that had put Schwarzenegger into office, and giving it voice, most of them were running away from Schwarzenegger as fast as they could. Nobody who condemns Schwarzenegger for later pivoting left should forget that back in 2005, while the unions spent well over $100 million to defeat his initiatives, the GOP and its donors did not step up to match them in money or, more importantly, in their tone. They went to their safe spaces, protected their safe seats, and continued as the minority party, the dwindling opposition. Bleating haplessly. Losing.

His own party didn’t want him to succeed. Your party, Mr. Ring. Don’t blame the “donors”. I was here… I was watching.

These are the people who run California’s GOP. They’ve lost their mid level donors because mid-level donors can’t afford to support, over and over again, tepid, losing campaigns. They’ve lost most of their big donors because big donors would rather move their money into states where they can win.

Your big donors left because you were useless. Your middle donors left because you were useless. And your small donors…

And as of Sunday, February 24th, they’ve lost their grassroots support. That part is probably just fine; political consultants working for California’s GOP don’t care much for the grassroots.

The nice consultants . most of them . view grassroots activists with bemused tolerance. Others view them as an annoyance. On February 24th, they were more than a nuisance, they were a threat, crushed with moderate difficulty. Tragedy averted.

But the plane is still in a nosedive.

…can no longer pretend you give a care.

Do you think you’re any better than your peers, Mister Ring? Do you think you are not yourself seated in the cockpit, screaming praises to a false God as you betray the innocent? I will not allow you such blissful ignorance. The remainder of your article is advice to Jessica Patterson on how to “fix” California. It’s a joke but nobody is laughing:

All of [my coming suggestions] address the greatest inequity that Californians confront, but never solve . the criminally high, utterly contrived, scandalously avoidable, punitive cost-of-living in this state.



Enact school choice. Don’t just fight a rear guard action protecting the beleaguered charter schools. Approve school vouchers and allow competition between traditional public schools, charters, parochial schools, and private schools. Quit tiptoeing around this issue. California’s public schools are a ridiculous mess. Turn the state into a laboratory for education, and let parents choose which schools their children will attend. A lot of pedagogical debates would be settled pronto, if principals and teachers were able to run their schools any which way they wanted, yet were held absolutely accountable by the parents.

Ring wants to give Sacramento total control of ALL education in California because partial control hasn’t worked. “School vouchers” means “government funding”. So long as government is the middle man, they can easily attach all kinds of mandates and requirements to the money that vouchers would “force” them to provide. His advice is guaranteed to erase all differences between public, private and Christian schools through the magic of political centralization.

Instead, shut down public education entirely. It’s obviously not working and entrenched unionization means reform is practically impossible. Also, why should the childless be forced to pay for your children’s education? That is not their responsibility. Also also, the school are full of child molesting monstrosities. Drain the Swamp!

End all discrimination and base college admissions purely on merit. Expand STEM curricula so it represents 50 percent of college majors instead of the current 20 percent.

Insufficient. Ban all women from higher education so they focus on family instead. Men need young wives for sex and can’t have kids. This will also protect certain people… you Republicans, mainly… from the temptation to put your thumbs on the scales of ‘merit’.

Similarly, ban all Muslims and Subcontinental Indians from higher education. They are not the people of America. They do not belong in North America at all.

In all publicly funded institutions of higher education, fold all of ethnic and gender “studies” majors into the traditional fields of history and sociology.

Expel with prejudice all ethnic/gender students, faculty & administrators. For California’s sake, how can you be this stupid? The problem with Grievance Studies is NOT that it hasn’t been properly integrated with history!

Criminal Justice and Immigration

Restructure the penal system to make it easier for prisoners to perform useful public services. For example. along with working the fire lines during fire season, they could work all year clearing dead trees out of California’s forests. Use high-tech monitoring devices to reduce costs. Reserve current prisons only for the truly incorrigible.

The truth comes out. Switching the focus of criminal justice from “punishment” to “rehabilitation” was never about reducing crime. It was about fostering prison labor gangs. How can you look at our prison system and fantasize about all the work they could be doing for free? That is an abomination against Christ!

Punish crime such that the criminals don’t do it again. That is what the word “punishment” means. Don’t pretend that exploiting inmates is justifiable because they broke a law. One evil does not excuse another evil.

Support comprehensive federal immigration reform that includes merit based legal immigration, and attenuates chain migration.

That’s what the Democrats did when they declared California a sanctuary state. They legalized all immigration, documented or not. Good news, Mister Ring! You got your wish! This means California no longer has an immigration problem, right? Because it’s all government-sanctioned now? Just like you demanded?


Add at least one lane to every major interstate in California, and upgrade and resurface all state highways. Widen and upgrade roads up and down the state. Kill High Speed Rail.

Wow, such thinking outside the box! Try harder.

Begin investigating and facilitating private sector rollout of next generation transportation solutions, including coordinating development of aerial taxi corridors as well as high speed “hyperlanes” for next generation smart electric cars. Prepare for the advent of flying cars, self driving cars, share cars, ride hailing, micro-transit companies, and high speed cars.

What? | Reaction Images | Know Your Meme

Dammit, now *I* got my wish. He tried harder to think outside the box.


*Several ideas already shut down by environmentalists omitted.*

Work towards a grand bargain on water policy where environmentalists accept a few more reservoirs and desalination plants in exchange for plentiful water allocations to threatened ecosystems, farmers pay more for water in exchange for undiminished quantities, and taxpayers bear the burden of some new debt in exchange for permanent access to affordable, secure, and abundant water.

Better idea: get rid of the environmentalists. If you haven’t noticed yet, they are not pro-environment. They are anti-America. Notice how they haven’t been screaming about the ecological damage and spread of disease & parasites caused by our porous national border.

Don’t try to accommodate them. Don’t try to make peace with them. By your own analogy, they should be treated like Muslim terrorists who are happy to die if only they can kill us with the same effort.

Housing and the Homeless

Unlock open land for development. Quit acting like there’s not a single square mile of open space that isn’t sacred to the environment. California has over 25,000 square miles of cattle ranch land. If just 20% of that land were developed, California’s urban footprint would double. Enough already. Then subsidize practical new public infrastructure (i.e., roads, not “light rail.) throughout new regions opened up for land development.

Just like the Democrats, this guy is playing God with the power of gov’t. Sorry, cattle ranchers, I’ve decided that 20% of your land now belongs to developers serving the homeless. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. You’ll get what we think is fair compensation if you don’t force us to spend the money litigating you into oblivion instead.

Two words: South Africa. One word: Zimbabwe.

Allow police to enforce vagrancy laws, even if it means expensive corrective litigation going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Build inexpensive tent cities for the homeless. Some cities in California have already had success with this tactic. The corrupt and futile opposite extreme is to construct “permanent supportive housing” which in Los Angeles has cost over $400,000 per apartment unit.

Better idea: insane asylums. Many of the homeless need to be locked up & treated for severe psychological issues. Also, many of your political opponents. Also, the American Psychological Association. I’m not joking.

Pensions and Infrastructure

Require California’s public employee pension funds to invest a minimum of 10 percent of their assets in infrastructure projects as noted above. They could issue fixed rate bonds or take equity positions in the revenue-producing projects, or a combination of both. This would immediately unlock approximately $80 billion in construction financing to rebuild California’s infrastructure. At the same time, save the pension systems by striking down the “California Rule” that prevents meaningful pension reform.

Quit your whining over how YOU would appropriate the money. Those pensions are an act of theft. The government back then promised that taxpayers today, who were not voters back then, would be held liable for expenses they didn’t, and could not have, authorized.

Shut down CalPERS. Completely. Overnight. That’s not fair to a lot of people but continuing it isn’t fair to a lot of other people. The sooner a financial scam ends, the less damage it will do. Ain’t nothing else to be done at this point.

Vision and Leadership Will Save California’s Republicans

Not donors and voters?

The establishment GOP fought off an insurgency on February 24.

You fought off Travis Allen because he was bad for the status quo. Not because he was a treacherous infiltrator.

Their new chairman, Jessica Patterson, called for all the factions to join together and work as a team.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold visionary leadership! My brain hurts from all this derp.

But until California’s GOP is willing to embrace bold policies that will offer California’s struggling middle and low income communities opportunities for upwards mobility, they will remain irrelevant.

Seriously, STFU about the stupid economy!

It isn’t enough to secure some reliable flow of donor support. To thrive, a political party needs to have a distinct vision of the future, a policy agenda that will achieve that future, and leaders that understand and can express that vision.

There it is. “It isn’t enough to secure some reliable flow of donor support.” Cali Republicans aren’t even interested in attracting back the donors who’ve ragequit or the voters who’ve been betrayed one time too many. They don’t want to win. They’re just a club of out-of-touch Elites who pride themselves on their “Vision and Leadership” while watching their business investments and whining about being perceived as losers.

And when faced with an obvious entryist reaching ascendancy, Ring decides to offer Jessica Patterson advice instead of denouncing her as an existential threat.



They Punked George Washington!

George Washington University students approve measure to dump Colonials nickname

By Jennifer Kabbany, 1 April 2019

A slim majority of George Washington University students voted on Thursday to dump the school’s “Colonials” nickname, represented as a mascot of President George Washington.

According to the university’s website, the nickname “Colonials” came into use in 1926, and “George” has been its mascot since 1948.

But students “voted narrowly in favor of a controversial referendum calling on GW to abandon the Colonials nickname, with 54 percent of voters supporting the effort,. the Hatchet campus newspaper reports.

.The use of .Colonials,. no matter how innocent the intention, is received as extremely offensive by not only students of the University, but the nation and world at large,. the petition read. .The historically, negatively-charged figure of Colonials has too deep a connection to colonization and glorifies the act of systemic oppression..

Morons. Hate for “White colonialism” has reached the point of hating white colonists who resisted rule by a European nation. They probably don’t know that the American Revolution was the one that showed many other ruled peoples that it was possible.

The petition had suggested alternatives such as hippos, riverhorses and revolutionaries.

The latter sounds appropriate. *GQ does double take.* HIPPOS?! For a woke sports team?

Yes. Please, God, YES! Make them name themselves after a mammal so fat that it spends most its life in the water just to take the weight off its limbs.

Administrators, who likely have the final say on any change, have yet to weigh in publicly on the referendum results. However, campus leaders have already been weighing the issue.

What the administrators should do is expel every student who signed the petition, then expel every administrator and professor who supported the petition, then circulate a petition objecting to the mass expulsion. Then, have a second mass expulsion of the people who supported that petition. Then, create a mandatory, no-credit, pass/fail class on why America is the best nation to ever exist in human history and expel everybody who fails to understand why America is a good idea.

Teachers, teach the kids right or go home. Our universities were not created for your amusement or political activism, let alone your hated for the nation of your citizenship.

The university’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter stated that .a colonial is a unifying symbol of American resistance; it represents the American attitude to stand up to those who seek to defy liberty and justice for all. The referendum is an effort to divide the GW community..

Fail. Colonials were America’s founding people, not a ‘unifying symbol’. This was not an effort to divide the community, it was an effort to rewrite good white men out of the history books.

Expel the Young Americans for Freedom. The American experiment was not “liberty and justice for all”. I might have been less harsh had they included the phrase “under God” but my tolerance for thinking America was invented to be some kind of Utopia is exhausted. The entire reason we had separation of powers and the Bill of Rights enshrined in the Constitution is because people cannot be trusted to make a better society for OTHER people. We are inherently selfish creatures.

America became a near-Utopia, briefly, only by the grace of God and the devastation of the World Wars.

And George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley also spoke against the effort.

.The name Colonials is being stripped of its own historical meaning and wrongly treated as synonymous with .colonialism,.. he told Fox News earlier this month. .Not only were the colonials not a manifestation or celebration of colonialism, they were the very symbol of resistance to colonialism. They fought the British Empire to secure self-rule. In doing so, they defeated the greatest world power of its time..

Pass! Professor Turley gets it right. Unexpected for his profession. The colonials fought for self-rule. Not for Liberty, Justice and Other Neat-Sounding Stuff.

Jonathan Turley | GW Law | The George Washington University

Hmm, I’d have expected Deep Stater from his physiognomy. Lots of right angles to his face, an easy test for highly rational personality types.

While the measure to scrap the nickname passed, it’s unclear if it truly represents a majority opinion, given that only about 5,000 students voted in the election, while about 12,000 undergrads attend the private institution.

Doesn’t matter. We in California learned that one butthurt homosexual is more important to the Elites than 500,000 voters. Speaking of butthurt grievance-mongers, by coincidence this year saw the hiring of GWU’s first diversity director, black female Jordan S. West. The debate over the ‘colonials’ name predates her but she’s a perfect symbol of how things will be in the future… the very near future.

Jordan S. West Headshot

Jordan S. West, PhD (pronouns she, her, and hers)…

…is currently serving as the Inaugural Director of Diversity & Inclusion Education at The George Washington University in the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement in the Office of the Provost. In this capacity, Jordan is responsible for creating and implementing educational opportunities across the institution that inform people and practices, in order to continue shifting the campus towards a more positive and just climate.

You see why I called for the expulsion of Young Americans for Freedom. Justice is nebulous, self-rule is not.

Jordan completed her PhD in Cultural Foundations of Education and received her Certificate of Advanced Studies in Women and Gender Studies, both at Syracuse University. Jordan earned her Master’s degree in College Student Affairs . with an emphasis on social justice in higher education at The Pennsylvania State University and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Maryland College Park.

Psychology=mental illness. Social justice=original sin. Women and Gender Studies=she ain’t coming back to Sanityville.

Jordan.s experience and continued research interests focus on campus climate, narrative and storytelling as a method, and how People of Color and individuals from historically marginalized identities work towards liberation while in higher education through the lens of Black Feminist Theory and Critical Race Theory.

Jordan can be proud of her Negroes when I can be proud of my Colonials. Funny how all the professionally diverse people have exactly this kind of educational background.

Come to think of it, perhaps it IS time for Mascot George and the Colonials to be put away. The real George wouldn’t want to be associated with this crowd. Just change the university name while you’re about it. How about “People’s Liberation University”? Home of the Basketball Hippos!


*Another double-take a day late* Her Master’s degree in COLLEGE STUDENT AFFAIRS?


April Fool’s Day, Jussie Smollett Style

Liberals are THIS stupid? Or they think we’re this stupid? Or, maybe this was an April Fool’s Day prank… that they took to the level of a false police report… I can’t tell what’s real anymore.

Sword-carrying man wearing MAGA hat allegedly slashes pedestrian’s hand: ‘There was a river of blood’

By Elise Sole, 1 April 2019

A sword-carrying man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat allegedly slashed the hand of a pedestrian on a busy San Fransisco street.

Yeah, no. Not a chance. *Gunner Q sheaths his concealed carry katana.*

San Francisco is consistently misspelled throughout the article.

David Miles, who runs The Church of 8 Wheels, an alcohol-free, family-friendly roller skating rink on Fillmore Street, took a picture of the blood-streaked aftermath and posted it on Facebook. He was inside the venue at the time, but when he heard a man on the street was injured, he ran outside.

David Miles Jr

David Miles. His business may be young but he’s been an SF roller skating enthusiast since at least 2011.

.I assumed someone had taken their skates outside and fell, but I saw a man kneeling over . there was a river of blood. I said, .Stop the blood, ask questions later,’. Miles told Yahoo Lifestyle. He pressed paper towels on the man’s wounds until the police and the paramedics took over.

Miles told Yahoo Lifestyle that other customers reported a man outside using homophobic slurs.

A statement like “You roller-skating fags!” could be taken in a couple different ways. I encountered this homo on a bicycle the other day… or was it a hobo? I hope the bystanders heard me correctly.

From David Miles’ Facebook:

Caption “Tonight is the first time I have ever experienced how utterly crazy T-rump people really are!!! A guy wearing a MAGA hat attacked people in the street with a sword!!! This is right in front of the Church of 8 Wheels!!!”

Worst. Fake. Crime. Scene. Ever.

A representative of the San Fransisco Police Department told Yahoo Lifestyle the victim walked by the suspect and the man’s hat came off his head. The suspect took out his sword, cut the other man’s hand and ran away. The victim was treated in the hospital for non-life threatening injuries, and the suspect and his weapon are outstanding.

Well, that’s one shred of plausibility, if the victim knocked the suspect’s hat off then got knifed. Knifed, not fricking bastard sworded on the hand. But the shred of plausibility dies a swift death:

Sam Sweeny, a 24-year-old witness, told the San Fransisco Chronicle the suspect called him homophobic names. .In my mind, I didn’t think it was a real sword until we came out later and police were on the scene and there was blood and the hat on the ground,. he said.

Before police cordoned off the area, Miles took a photo of the bloody ground. .I didn’t realize a MAGA hat was laying there until later,. he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

If you’re going to commit a violent crime in SF, why not bring a MAGA hat in your pocket for a little misdirection? Even if you get caught, you’ll be famous! And Smollett proved you won’t get convicted if caught.

Miles said now his business of five years is affiliated with politics.

.We don’t give a damn who you voted for,. he told Yahoo Lifestyle, “as long as you voted, period..

That’s a total lie. “Get out the vote” types are hardline Leftists these days because they have popular support but not regional support. Hence their efforts to dismantle the Electoral College. Nobody is politically neutral in Sodom Francis-Is-A-Sicko.

This obviously stinks of a hate crime against Trump supporters. Only a crisis actor would put on a MAGA hat, pick up a *sword* and walk around downtown SF making homophobic slurs in public. My guess: two fags had a lover’s tiff or a bad drug deal. Somebody contaminated the crime scene with a MAGA hat before the police arrived.

But it happened just in time for April Fool’s day. There are no coincidences?


Tribalism and Moon Landing Hoaxes

I can’t believe that the Moon landings are being denied by people on the Right. First by Owen Benjamin, a guy who became a conspiracy theorist the honest way by pursuing an acting career in Hollyweird despite being a decent human being. Then published an anonymous it’s-a-hoax post. Vox Day jumped on it, too, and off it goes, in time for the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing on June 20.

It’s stupid. One can see the equipment and even footprints left behind. The moonwalkers are still alive as well as thousands of supporting workers. Evidence against the landings happening: the US gov’t lied to us about everything else so they must be lying about this, too. They couldn’t have honestly done something impressive.

There are many reasons to indulge in the conspiracy theory subculture from mental illness to Walter Mitty. This time around, it’s tribalism. Identity politics. These moon hoaxers want to hate the US gov’t so badly that they looks for excuses to hate it more and invent those excuses as needed. Just like CNN. That’s a moral trap, wanting to hate your enemies. If ever you’re disappointed that your enemies aren’t as evil as you originally thought them to be then you’ve got a serious problem.

Not to mention, if you ever speak words without care of whether they’re true in order to achieve a desired outcome. That’s what the snake did in Eden.

Vox Day’s usual curtness makes his commentary on the coming article an excellent example of that kind of evil: “I always reject every Official Story endorsed by the U.S. government on principle, because it has always – ALWAYS – proven to be less than entirely true for one reason or another.”

This from the same guy who uses and IIRC, coined the meme “You can trust biologists because physicists get amazingly accurate results”. Distrust the CIA? The FBI? The State Department? Okay, but why blame NASA, too? They’re staffed with nerds, not liars and king-makers. Let’s fisk the Unz.

The Moon Landings: A Giant Hoax for Mankind?

By “Moon Landing Skeptic”, 1 April 2019

Coming up is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In 2016, a survey showed that 52 percent of the British public thought that Apollo missions were faked. Skepticism is highest among those who were too young to see it live on TV: 73 percent of aged 25-34 believe we didn’t land on the moon, compared to 38 percent of those aged 55 or more. These numbers seem to be rising every year. British unbelievers were only 25 percent ten years ago. It is not known how may they are today, but a 2018 poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center revealed that 57 percent Russians believe that there has never been a manned lunar landing. The percentage rises to 69 percent among people with higher education: in other words, the more educated people are, and the more capable of rational reasoning, the less they believe in the moon landings. In the US, the percentage seems much lower: A 1999 Gallup poll indicated just 6 percent Americans doubting the moon landings, and a 2013 Pew Research showed the number to have risen to a mere 7 percent. Not surprisingly, then, a 2010 Pew Research poll showed that 63 percent of Americans were confident that NASA would land an Astronaut on Mars by 2050.

Polls are not evidence of anything. NASA could land an astronaut on Mars by 2022 if it wasn’t bogged down in finding women clothing for spacewalks and getting the Vibrant Dindu Module attached to the ISS. The science is there, the Christian white male space that bridges science into reality is not.

The moon hoax theory was almost unheard of before the spread of Internet and gained momentum with the development of YouTube, which allowed close inspection of the Apollo footage by anyone interested. Before that, individuals who had serious doubts had little means to share them and make their case convincing.

That’s actually a very good insight into why Internet kookery is a thing. The Internet is great for getting together with like-minded people from across the planet… and that’s a bad thing if you mind is paranoid schizophrenic wanting validation instead of pills.

One pioneer was Bill Kaysing, who broke the subject in 1976 with his self-published book We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle. He may be called a whistleblower, since he had been working for Rocketdyne, the company that designed and built the Apollo rockets. Then came Ralph Ren? with his NASA Mooned America!, also self published.

Kaysing quit Rocketdyne in 1963. His book questioning the Moon landings was published in 1976. According to this website maintained by his daughter,

Mr. Kaysing moved his house boat to Oakland, California. It was here in the harbor area, that he met some Vietnam War veterans. The conversations he had with these disillusioned veterans inspired him to research the then recent USA Moon Landing.

As I’ve reported on this blog, the primary way California was corrupted was the military discharging convicted homosexuals into San Francisco, being the most convenient port for its Pacific Ocean operations. The Navy in particular… and Kaysing was living in a houseboat? Why did he got involved with the homo crowd?

Bill Kaysing Tribute Website - Gallery

I can believe he’s homosexual but his physiognomy isn’t a smoking gun for it. He has those huge drooping lower eyelids I’m still trying to figure out. Ears stand out from his skull as I’d expect for a conspiracy theorist. The vertical lines between his eyebrow mark him as a very determined personality; his chin looks like he clenches it a lot, also. This is a face that thrives on facing opposition. makes it sound like Kaysing was fired from Rocketdyne for whistleblowing. That was not the case. Only when he went fringe, Oakland style, a decade later, did he ‘realize’ the hoax.

After the death of his wife Ruth, Bill moved to Henderson, Nevada. He had always loved the beauty of the desert. It was here that he dedicated the last years of his life to helping his dear friend Sylvia Renee Lyss run an abandoned cat sanctuary.

HAHAHA! Okay, not homo but the guy had problems.

Per Wikipedia, “On August 29, 1996, Kaysing filed a defamation lawsuit in Santa Cruz County Superior Court against astronaut Jim Lovell for calling his claims “wacky” in an article by Rafer Guzm?n for Metro Silicon Valley. Lovell is quoted:

“The guy is wacky. His position makes me feel angry. We spent a lot of time getting ready to go to the moon. We spent a lot of money, we took great risks, and it’s something everybody in this country should be proud of.

“The case was dismissed in 1997.”

Kaysing didn’t have enough evidence to sustain a defamation suit.

Back to Unz,

Then came Ralph Ren? with his NASA Mooned America!, also self published.

Unlike Kaysing, Rene had no association with the Moon program or formal education, although he did hold a couple minor patents. He managed celebrity status a la Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Research gained depth and scope, and disbelief became epidemic around the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11, thanks in great part to British cinematographer David Percy, who co-authored the book Dark Moon with Mary Bennett, and directed the 3-hour documentary What Happened on the Moon? An Investigation into Apollo (2000), presented by Ronnie Stronge. It remains to this day greatly valuable for anyone willing to make an informed opinion.

Per Wikipedia, “[Percy] is the main proponent of the ‘whistle-blower’ accusation, arguing that mistakes in the NASA photos are so obvious that they are evidence that insiders are trying to ‘blow the whistle’ on the hoax by knowingly adding mistakes that they know will be seen.” That’s the worst hoax theory I’ve ever heard. They wanted the world to know it was being faked but never actually said so?

Then there was the much shorter A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon (2001), directed by Bart Sibrel, which brings in valuable insight into the historical context. Sibrel also went around challenging NASA astronauts to swear on the Bible, in front of the camera, that they did walk on the moon, and he compiled these sequences in Astronauts Gone Wild, together with more useful footages of embarrassingly awkward statements made by NASA astronauts who are supposed to have walked on the moon but sound hardly competent and consistent; Alan Bean from Apollo 12 learning from Sibrel that he went through the Van Allen radiation belt is a must-see.

Discount Howard Stern.

First of all, we need to be clear about the aim of such an inquiry. We should not expect any conclusive proof that Neil Armstrong, or any other Apollo moon-walker, didn’t walk on the moon. That cannot be proven, absent some indisputable evidence that he was somewhere else (orbiting around the earth, for example) at the precise time he claimed to have spent on the moon. In most cases, you cannot prove that something didn’t happen, just like you cannot prove that something doesn’t exist.

They can prove that Van Allen radiation is so toxic that any astronaut going through it would have died quickly. They can find the movie studios where the pictures were supposedly taken. They can look at the blueprints and explain how the equipment was inadequate for the job. They can identify the sources of the Apollo radio transmissions, which were monitored from multiple sites across the globe. They can convince one of the many high-level participants, most of whom were engineers not Deep State swamp creatures, many of whom are still alive, to fess up and explain how the faking was done.

And one of the other nations with space programs can blow the whistle. Several of them are strongly motivated to make ‘Murica look bad.

“We cannot know the truth” is post-Christian existential bullshit.

Just like children of abusive parents, decent citizens of abusive governments will tend to repress evidence of their government’s malevolence. And so, people choose to believe in the moon landings, without even asking for proofs, simply because: .They wouldn’t have lied to us for more than 50 years, would they? The media would have exposed the lie long ago (remember the Watergate)! And what about the 250,000 people involved with the project? Someone would have talked.. I can actually hear myself speaking like that just 10 years ago. All these objections must indeed be addressed.

A reiteration of the Vox Day quote above, yet wordier. Our elected officials lie all the time! That means NASA lies all the time! And NASA said the Moon landing was real! THEY LIED!

Sorry we haven’t found conclusive proof yet despite years of searching. But you know it’s true! Signed, Robert Mueller.

But, first of all, can the NASA provide hard evidence of the moon landings?

Rock-solid evidence from Antarctica

Yes, they can. They brought back pieces of the moon: roughly 380 kilograms of moon rocks and soil samples, all Apollo missions combined. Moon rocks prove the moon landings, don’t they? Yes they do, but only if it can be firmly established that they were not dug out from the earth. And that is the problem. As explained here, .meteorites have been found in Antarctica which have proved to have the same characteristics as the moon rocks.” It may be helpful to know that in 1967, two years before Apollo 11, the NASA set up an expedition to Antarctica, joined by Wernher Von Braun, the leading NASA propagandist for the lunar missions; Antarctica is the region of the earth with the biggest concentration of meteorites, but it is not known whether the expedition included geologists, nor if meteorites were brought back. In fact, it was not until 1972 that lunar meteorites were officially discovered in Antarctica; their lunar origin, of course, was determined by comparison with the moon samples brought back by Apollo crews (Wisnewksi 202).

Von Braun made a trip there but the only people I found claiming it was a NASA project are the conspiracy theorists. Why send Von Braun? He was a rocket scientist, not a geologist. If the idea was to find a bunch of rocks then claim later that they were moon rocks then Von Braun wouldn’t have been capable of more than color-matching some gravel.

No official I’ve heard of uses the rocks to prove the Moon landing. They use other evidence like photography and telemetry. Speaking of:

The photographic evidence

What other proofs does the NASA have of the moon landings? The films and photographs, of course! The films are notoriously blurry, which makes their examination difficult. How, for example, can you be sure that astronaut David Scott from Apollo 15 is dropping a real hammer and a real feather to demonstrate Newtonian gravity in an atmosphere-free environment, when you can hardly see the objects? We do have a clear photo of the hammer and the feather on the ground, but how do we know they are the same as the blurry objects dropped in the film?

Blurry images are not evidence of anything. Why not look for a better example? Segue:

The missing flame
Claim: There was no exhaust flame from the lunar module when it blasted back off the moon. Therefore, it was a model pulled up on a wire.

Why it’s nonsense: The Saturn V rocket burnt liquid oxygen and kerosene on blast-off, which provides a fiery plume. The lunar lander ran on nitrogen tetroxide and Aerozine 50, which doesn’t. Its exhaust gases were transparent.

The absent stars
Claim: Space is full of stars, so why do they not appear in photographs taken on the moon?

Why it’s nonsense: The astronauts took pictures of brightly lit, shiny white objects. In these conditions, cameras need a fast exposure time and small aperture, making it impossible to capture faint background objects. Guardian photographer Graeme Robertson says: “They would have used a really fast shutter speed so everything in the background would just be black.”

End segue.

Had the Moon landings been faked by the likes of Walt Disney and Stanley Kubrick, there would likely have been visible flames and stars in the background… what non-technical people would have expected to see.

What would be helpful for a proper investigation is the original NASA footage. Researchers have been asking for access to these films for decades, under the Freedom of Information Act. In 2006, they were given an answer. Here is what you can read on Reuters:

.NASA admitted in 2006 that no one could find the original video recordings of the July 20, 1969, landing. Since then, Richard Nafzger, an engineer at NASA.s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, who oversaw television processing at the ground-tracking sites during the Apollo 11 mission, has been looking for them. The good news is he found where they went. The bad news is they were part of a batch of 200,000 tapes that were degaussed . magnetically erased . and re-used to save money..

When Hillary Clinton loses a server full of national security secrets the day after getting subpoenaed, that’s suspicious. NASA finding out years after the fact that the original tapes had been overwritten by an under-funded engineer for reuse, not so much. Do these conspiracy theorists have a reason to believe that the originals were crystal clear yet every copy of them was not?

Fortunately, we have the photos. Besides planting a US flag and collecting rock samples, the astronauts spent much time taking photos on the moon. And let’s be fair: in 2015, the NASA released to the public thousands of them in high resolution. They are accessible here, and can be examined in detail. Most of them are remarkable for their quality.

So, the evil masterminds wiped the film to hide telltale imperfections yet forgot about the photographs entirely? High-quality ones at that. Which we would expect, 1960s motion cameras not being on par with still cameras.

If anything, it’s the photos that would have been wiped and the film left alone.

[Technical complaints about photographic equipment excluded. The author is suspicious that the astronauts knew how to use the cameras they brought.]

More to the point, is there any evidence that these pictures were shot on the moon? None whatsoever. They are easy to make in studios. As a matter of fact, the NASA went to great length to train the astronauts in indoor settings reproducing the condition of the moon surface as they imagined it, fabricating tons of “moon dust” for that purpose (even before anyone had seen real moon dust), and even simulating the black sky. Some of the photographs taken in these movie-like studio settings, such as the following one from NASA archives, would be hard to distinguish from the “real” thing, if framed differently.

That’s exactly what I would do if I was going to fake the Moon landing. I would make as good a simulator of moon conditions as possible… in public for the world to see.

By the way, theorists, where do you believe the fake Moon landings were filmed? Because we know they weren’t filmed in those simulators. Remember Apollo 13? They used the simulator to work out solutions to technical problems while 13 was in flight.

Let.s face it: there is no proof that any of the Apollo photographs are genuine. That may not be enough to destabilize the believers. But what should is that quite a few of these photographs are “replete with inconsistencies and anomalies,. in the words of David Percy, who proves his point in What Happened on the Moon? The film contains an interview of Jan Lundberg, the Project Engineer for the Apollo Hasselblad. When asked to explain some of the inconsistencies concerning shadows and exposure (for example, astronauts fully lit despite being in the shadow of the lunar module, as in the photo reproduced on the cover of Wisnewski’s book), he answers: .I can’t explain that. That escapes me. why..

I would like to read that full quote before accepting it as legit. Even at face value, that is consistent with the Moon landings being real. The last thing a forger does is intentionally give people reasons to doubt his work. Had every last tiny detail about a photo shoot in an unprecedented, extreme location had a smooth explanation then that would have been suspicious. “I don’t know how the picture came out that way” is not “I screwed up the Photoshopping.”

I can think of a couple plausible ways that could have happened. That would be speculation on my part, which also isn’t proof, but I don’t even speculate because I’m okay with not having every last detail explained to my total satisfaction. It’s similar to my attitude towards Christians who claim that all versions of the Bible are unreliable except the original Koine Greek and Aramaic. If lots of people work on the same problem, some together and some independently, and all arrive at basically the same conclusion, then I can trust the conclusion. Don’t whine to me that a few holes and discrepancies cropped up. I’m not going to dedicate my life to either a triple PhD in dead languages or a triple PhD in the rocket sciences to know for absolute certainty that the fool talking to me does not have a valid point.

Incidentally, Lundberg’s embarrassed admission is the perfect illustration of how compartmentalization may have made the moon hoax possible. Like the hundreds of thousands of people involved in the project, he worked on a “need to know” basis, and had no reason to suspect he was working for something else than what he was told, at least until someone challenged him to explain impossible pictures.

That fails on two grounds. One, citation needed for the space program being “need to know”. The only secrecy was to keep the Russians a step behind. Two, Lundberg was commenting on a topic inside his “need to know”, being the project engineer for the camera.

To take another example, hundreds of thousands of people worked on the Manhattan Project, which remained completely hidden from the public until the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Is the Manhattan Project still secret? The designs for our nuclear weapons were leaked by the Rosenbergs in 1944-1950. We couldn’t keep Manhattan controlled for one decade but the faked Moon landing is 5 decades and going strong?

If the Apollo crews had photographed the moon’s starry sky, that could have served the NASA to counter the accusation of fraud. For back in the 1960s, it would have been very hard to make the computer calculation to make the stars constellation consistent. Unfortunately, no one thought about it at the NASA. The astronauts were asked to look down and collect rocks, not to look up and study the stars. It is as if the NASA were a congregation of geologists who despised astronomy. And to think that they spend billions of dollars sending telescopes into earth’s orbit! To be fair, I have read about a telescope installed by the Apollo 16 crew, but it seems that no one has ever seen what came out of it. In any case, not a single picture of the NASA archives show any star in the sky.

*checks* I assume he means the Far Ultraviolet Camera. Color me shocked if a UV-spectrum camera didn’t produce images visible to the human eye.

The official explanation? There simply were no stars visible in the moon sky. Period. It is so incredible that even some “moon hoax debunkers” prefer to explain the black sky in all Apollo photographs as resulting from low exposure. But they are wrong: the astronauts saw no stars with their own eyes. All of them, from Apollo 11 to Apollo 17, consistently declared that the sky was completely black, “an immense black velvet sky ” totally black,. in the words of Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon.

I found the full quote by Mitchell:

“When I went to the moon, I was as pragmatic a test pilot, engineer, and scientist as any of my colleagues — But there was another aspect to my experience during Apollo 14, and it began with the breathtaking experience of seeing planet earth floating in the vastness of space. The first thing that came to mind as I looked at earth was its incredible beauty – a splendid blue and white jewel suspended against a velvet black sky. How peacefully, how harmoniously, how marvelously it seemed to fit into the evolutionary pattern by which the universe is maintained. In a peak experience, the presence of divinity became almost palpable and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random process. . It was knowledge gained through private subjective awareness, but it was – and still is – every bit as real as the objective data upon which, say, the navigational program or the communications system were based. Clearly, the universe had meaning and direction . an unseen dimension behind the visible creation that gives it an intelligent design and that gives life purpose.”

The Unz author’s dishonest usage of this quotation is clear.

Edgar Mitchell dies; Apollo 14 astronaut had 'epiphany' in space - U.S. - Stripes

Mitchell, Apollo 14. Horizontal lines on his forehead and vertical line between the brow indicate intelligence and determination. Flat lower eyelids and thin mouth indicate rational outlook on life. Eyes are recessed but with the lids still visible, suggesting he was introverted yet sociable. Visionary eyebrows (heavy on the inside) suggest independent thinking, which helps explain the poetry in the above quote. Thin, non-flanged nostrils suggest he was emotionally generous but not financially generous. Square face shapes suggests a life of practicality and endurance. An excellent face for an astronaut.

Was it because the luminosity of the moon surface was too strong, so that their eyes couldn’t adjust (a day on the moon lasts 27 earth days, so the astronauts who landed on the illuminated side of the moon never experienced a night on the moon)? If that was the reason, then at least, the astronauts should have seen plenty of stars when travelling between earth and moon. They didn’t report seeing any. When they orbited around the moon and passed in its shadow, they found themselves in pitch darkness, and saw no stars. Michael Collins, who orbited around the moon several times in the Command Module while Aldrin and Armstrong were on the moon, declared in their 1969 press conference: .I can’t remember seeing any!. That is one of the weirdest remarks you can think of from an astronaut, but the whole press conference is a bizarre experience to watch.

Citation needed. I reviewed their 1969 post-mission press conference on youTube and the only mention of not seeing stars was in the context of landing the lunar module. Question for the author, are you claiming that none of the Apollo astronauts ever saw stars at any point in all their respective missions?

Don’t ask Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong’s November 1970 interview is just as bizarre. It has been used by several skeptics as evidence that he is lying. I highly recommend this very professional analysis commissioned by Richard D. Hall of RichPlanet TV from by Peter Hyatt, a nationally recognized expert in deception detection. I find it devastating for the credibility of Armstrong.

I don’t even care to watch the linked video. Suffice to say, nobody goes to all the trouble of a hoax the size of the Space Program and then lets the star of their show get pantsed in an uncontrolled interview shortly afterward. The Swamp did better than that with David Hogg.

Peter Hyatt sounds interesting, however. I might peruse his blog some lazy afternoon.

Fasten your Van Allen Belt
We set out to find out if there is any proof that the moon landings were real. We have not found any.

You did find proof but you found it lacking. That’s different from “no proof”.

Instead, we have found evidence that they were not real. But in fact, it was hardly necessary: NASA engineers themselves tell us they are impossible, for the simple reason that the astronauts would have to travel through the Van Allen Radiation Belt, which would kill them, and damage the electronic equipment as well. Listen, in the 10-minute video below, to astrophysicists and astronauts inadvertently admitting that the technology to send men beyond lower earth orbit is not yet available.

So, all our unmanned probes are hoaxes also? Again, WE HAVE EQUIPMENT ON THE MOON. We have wheel tracks. We had radio communications throughout each mission, through that radiation belt. Our electronics worked just fine.

He asserts, with no evidence, numbers and surely no personal knowledge, that the Van Allen Belt would have be fatal to human life despite the shielding of the time. He doesn’t know that’s true… but he needs it to be true. Because if landing on the Moon was possible then this might not have been a hoax as he wants to believe.

Why does the author want to believe it was a hoax? Because he wants to hate America’s Deep State of the post-WW2 years:

That may be the reason why, since the presidency of Tricky Dick, no manned mission to the moon, or even beyond low earth orbit, has ever been attempted. Remember, the International Space Station is orbiting at a distance of 250 miles from the earth, whereas the moon is about 237,000 miles away. On January 14, 2004, President George W. Bush, speaking at NASA headquarters, announced a new endeavor to “gain a new foothold on the moon” and beyond, remarking: .In the past 30 years, no human being has set foot on another world, or ventured farther into space than 386 miles.roughly the distance from Washington D.C. to Boston, Massachusetts. (quoted in Wisnewski 329).

Alternative reason: why bother? The Moon is a barren, gigantic rock. No economic value. No political value, less the Chinese “me too” missions duplicating America’s success. Going there was never cheap and as a tourist destination, the Mojave Desert is prettier. Awesome bounce house, though.

No manned mission to the moon came out of this announcement.

Translation, no funding came with this announcement. Baby Momma needs her monthly check!

Time is working to the advantage of the moon hoax theorists, for every year that passes makes people wonder: .If it was so easy to send a man to the moon between 1969 and 1972, why has it not been done again ever since?. Less that half of the British and Russians still believe in the moon landings. Among the educated, this percentage is falling fast. What will happen in twenty years, when Americans realize hardly anybody but them believes it? Will the United States of America survive the exposure of this giant hoax?

Teaching lies about your enemies is a classic element of identity politics. As Western Civ transitions from Christianity to tribalism, the desire for reasons to hate and discredit America increase sharply. The reasons don’t have to be real, merely the results they bring. Hence the increasing popularity of “USA lied about the Moon Landing” among people with either always hated USA or were raised by teachers who hated USA.

Magic spells: words that must be spoken to produce desired results. I don’t expect better from the Communists or pagans but it’s unfortunate to see the alt-Right employing the same evil.

Manufacturing belief

If the Apollo moon landings were faked, serious questions ought to be asked about the NASA, to start with. Then, there is a need for some deep thinking about what has become of the United States since World War II. And beyond that, the moon hoax is the ideal starting point for reflecting on the hypnotic control that television and the news media have gained over our mind. It is not just a political issue. It is a battle for our souls.

A serious question for the author, what if the Moon landings were real? Would you feel relieved that it wasn’t a James Bond-level psyop and the American people weren’t that badly brainwashed? Would you happily admit that your enemies were not as evil as you had believed? Or would you be upset that the people still haven’t woken up to their brainwashing?

The first step is to grow out of our infantile beliefs about the NASA, and do some basic study on what it is all about. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was founded in 1958 by President Eisenhower. Many people today commend Eisenhower for warning Americans, on leaving office, against the growing threat of the military-industrial complex, and the “potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power.” Ironically, the foundation of NASA was itself a giant leap for the military-industrial complex. There is no question that NASA.s so-called “civilian space program” was first and foremost a cover for a military program. The NASA Act of 1958 made explicit provisions for close collaboration with the Department of Defense, and in practice, the Pentagon was involved in all decisions regarding the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Erlend Kennan and Edmund Harvey documented this point in Mission to the Moon: a critical examination of NASA and the space program, as early as 1969, and concluded:

It’s not a cover when it’s an official, publicly stated purpose. Thank God the author spared us the hysterical “NASA was a haven for Nazi scientists!” conspiracy. Which is actually true. Wernher Von Braun was only one of about 1,600 German scientists who traded their knowledge for a ticket to the only Western nation not shelled into the Dark Ages by World War 2.

The early astronauts were Air Force test pilots. Kennedy gave his Moon speech in response to Russian space achievements. Don’t talk like NASA’s DoD origin and Cold War motivation was some kind of closely guarded secret.

The para-military purpose of NASA is essential to understanding the Apollo hoax. For in matters of military programs, .what the public knows is also known to the enemy. This means that in principle the public and the enemy can be seen as essentially one and the same thing. (Wisnewski 7). Therefore, we should understand that deceiving the American public was not a perversion of NASA.s original purpose, but an integral part of it.

Paramilitary purpose? Is Cape Canaveral a training camp for Muslim insurgents? Does the Houston Space Center spy on Americans for the NSA? Have our astronauts attempted a “regime change” in the International Space Station yet? If anything, NASA has ended up an overly tame dog-and-pony show for tourists.

Wisnewski (130-139) provides a spectacular parallel showing how breaking news related to the Apollo program conveniently turned the American public’s eye away from Vietnam war crimes. Apollo 11 landed on the moon two months after the media revealed illegal bombardment in Cambodia, and the Apollo program stopped just after the official end of America’s involvement in Southeast Asia.

Distractions don’t work if they need a month or two to activate. For the cost of the Space Program, the Deep State could simply have bought all three television networks and the Associated Press. Or, y’know, actually witch-hunted the Communists giving them bad press over Vietnam.

This Wisnewski guy might have been the author of this post, so completely does the author buy into his writings. I couldn’t track him down but didn’t try hard, either. I wasn’t going to buy his book.

Indeed, travelling to the moon and coming back alive is a feat of mythical proportions. It is tantamount to travelling to the Other World and coming back to the world of the living with your physical body. That makes the NASA astronauts the equals of ancient supernatural heroes, immortal demi-gods, and that semi-divine quality reflects on the USA as a whole. Such was the significance of the Apollo moon landings: it was about a new world religion that elevated the United States above all other earthly nations.

That’s a blatant, shameless lie. Ask most people to name the pantheon of NASA astronauts and you’ll get Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Tom Hanks. A Baby Boomer might score John Glenn.

The author hates America’s success and is speaking the magic words that he hopes will destroy our accomplishments. He’s ten pounds of sorcerer shit in a five pound-bag.

But yes, an increasing number of people will believe his words. Not because they’re true… because they’re useful. They want their own people to be the world’s winners and the easiest way to look good is to make everybody else look bad. Because math is hard and going to the Moon, extremely hard and very impressive.

The kicker is, there’s no need to believe the Moon landings are a hoax. Our Elites have done so much wickedness that I only believe in documented conspiracies just to keep from being overwhelmed. Is it not enough that the Deep State is 95% evil? Must we lie to each other until we believe the Deep State is 100% evil?

Why is winning more important than the truth?