French Riots Reveal the Purpose Of Mass Transit

France is having a George Floyd moment. I don’t care; this was as inevitable as an Aloha Snackbar at a Bar Mitzvah in Tehran; but Faggy Macron cucked so hard, he spilled the WEF playbook.

He halted all mass transit in order to lockdown the population. While mobilizing an entire division’s worth of riot cops. We dissidents always knew this was the purpose of them banning private transportation, and now we have the proof. As if we needed it. Globalist diaper shits are so predictable.

He didn’t even halt it just for the no-go zones, but for everybody. Macron’s problem is feeling like he’s not in control… never mind the survival of France… so he’s going tyrant on innocents in order to feel good while apologizing to the Mohammedans burning down not Macron’s country.

It is painfully obvious that morons such as Macron were given what they have, and not by the people they rule over. Dickless wonders lust for an ivory tower of their own, and the dark day came when they were given one by the devil.

Analysis: Prigozhin Is A Russian

My first thought upon reading of Prigozhin’s little insurrection, coming so quickly after the Ukrainian counter-offensive failed, is that it was a Russia-planned event to smoke out Neocon sympathizers. I didn’t like the idea even as I formulated it, because who circles the wagons after victory is secured? Also, high-level agents provocateur have a tendency to do it for real should they smell victory, something Russia knows better than most nations.

Then Vox Day claimed Prigozhin and his relevant lieutenant are Russian Jews, possibly even direct-descendants of the Tsar’s murderers, and were acting as a highly-placed sleeper cell. I didn’t like that idea either, because the time to turn Wagner and/or sow dissention along the Russian border was during the counterassault, not afterwards. Also, it implied that Russia was so foolish that it put a known Kagan-cousin in charge of the military force sent to fight the Kagans, and was then surprised by treachery.

Big Country Expat looked at a map and noticed that Prigozhin’s turn towards Belarus just happens to also be a turn towards Kiev. This COULD be a way to position troops for the deathblow, and framing it as “Wagner coup against Putin” might convince the Kagans… out of their minds with bloodlust… to not see a threat coming down the highway that even a deer in the headlights would avoid. But why the theatre? After that counter-spasm, UKR’s down to blanks and bayonets in the hands of babes.

This comment at Zman got me thinking in a new direction.

On the contrary, I say that Prigozhin is a Russian and that he is acting within the Russian historical tradition.

The analogues of Prigozhin’s Rebellion are not to be found in 1917 or 1905, but much further back, in the uprising of Stenka Razin (1670) and in Pugachev’s Rebellion (1773).

That curious mixture of brigandry with populist politics (so misunderstood by people in the West); those ill-fated and quixotic marches upon Moscow, chanting death to Tsars and bureaucrats; the gathering and then exile of mercenary forces sympathetic to the reform but equally and patriotically in love with the has all happened before. This seems to be the way in which the Russian soul expresses itself in tense moments, just as surely as no American can get angry at his government without the echoes of the Tea Party and Declaration of Independence ringing in his ears.

Prigozhin gave voice to broad undercurrent in Russian society that, while very loyal to the government, wants to see the war prosecuted harder and burns with indignation at every brother Russian who dies in battle while the government plays it safe. Not wanting to appear contentious, they keep their thoughts to themselves until they explode in a great swing in the opposite direction, bringing vengeance and chastisement upon Moscow whom they view as a prodigal son. It is the style of the sudden catharsis, the style of the pogrom, the Russian style.

h ttps://

Razin originally set out to loot villages, but as he became a symbol of peasant unrest, his movement turned political. Razin wanted to protect the independence of the Cossacks and to protest an increasingly centralized government. The Cossacks supported the tsar and autocracy, but they wanted a tsar that responded to the needs of the people and not just those of the upper class. By destroying and pillaging villages, Razin intended to take power from the government officials and give more autonomy to the peasants. However, Razin’s movement failed and the rebellion led to increased government control. The Cossacks lost some of their autonomy, and the tsar bonded more closely with the upper class because both feared more rebellion. On the other hand, as Avrich asserts, “[Razin’s revolt] awakened, however dimly, the social consciousness of the poor, gave them a new sense of power, and made the upper class tremble for their lives and possessions.”

h ttps://

Pugachev’s success in holding out against suppression for over a year proved to be a powerful incentive for future reforms. It made apparent to the government several problems with their treatment of the provinces. They were left weakly controlled and consequently, susceptible to outbreaks of peasant violence. The most crucial lesson Catherine II drew from the Pugachev rebellion, was the need for a firmer military grasp on all parts of the Empire, not just the external frontiers. For instance, when the governor of the Kazan guberniya called for assistance against the approaching Pugachev, there was no force available to relieve him.

This seems the right track. Prigorzin was a maverick, a disgraced nobleman if I read his past correctly, who had a lot to gain from leading Wagner to victory and not much to lose. Wagner itself was founded as a paramilitary group to do what the formal Army couldn’t, comparable to Blackwater or Bellingcat but without the fiction of independent operation.

And he succeeded. The 404 war will be studied for centuries, no question. Unfortunately, he succeeded, and now that Russia’s claims to the occupied areas are established, it’s time (and politically safe) for the Army to step in. Having beaten the existential threat of NATO, Prigozhin’s reward was to be removal from the top slot.

He decided to protest, and was free to make a dramatic gesture once the counterattack had failed. Many Russians are unhappy with Putin’s slow handling of Ukraine, and I myself have grown suspicious that Putin is quietly cooperating with the Neocons’ genociding Ukraine via conscription into hopeless artillery cauldrons.

Maybe he doesn’t want to take in any refugees.

Razin and Pugachev were both minor noblemen and sort of rags-to-riches-to-rags stories. Neither ultimately succeeded in their military expeditions, yet both of them improved the fates of the serfs and other commoners during the effort.

I can see how Prigozhin’s mini-charge towards Moscow might have been calculated for a similar effect, expressing the peoples’ frustration by making a doomed advance upon the capital. That, and his carefully not singling out Putin, explains why Putin offered a soft exile despite having executed opponents for much less offense. It was a resignation-under-protest, delivered in a culturally acceptable format.

Them Russians. Huh.

After Pedophilia Comes Organ Harvesting

One of my sources for what Lefties are thinking,, has taken a turn for the sinister even by the standards of Totalitarianism. One recent article, which I couldn’t even bring myself to blog on, was an article fantasizing what the world would be like if (when) there are no more humans in it.

The article was explicitly targeted at children… one of thecon’s newer outreach efforts.

Today’s article is just as vile except it needs to be noticed. Now that pedophilia is well on the way to acceptance, and perhaps driven by the imminent threat of mortality for many of its most inner-circle members, the Cabal has set its sights on normalizing organ harvesting.

We wouldn’t want people who just sold a kidney for a passport to feel bad about it, now would we?

Illegal organ trade is more sophisticated than one might think – who’s behind it and how it could be controlled

h ttps://

By Frederike Ambagtsheer, Eramus University (Dutch Research Council), 27 June 2023

The title is a lie. She doesn’t mention who is responsible… I will… and her idea for controlling it is legalizing and destigmatizing it. Some of her recent work is investigating organ harvesting among migrants, many of whom claim that’s how their paid their way into their welfare-state of choice. No surprise that the Cabal might see migrants as spare parts, since they already see them as livestock.

In March 2023, a Nigerian politician, his wife and a medical middleman were found guilty of an organ-trafficking plot after they brought a man to the UK from Lagos to sell his kidney. Several months later in Kenya, following the arrest of a televangelist on charges of a mass killing of his followers, autopsies on the corpses revealed missing organs, raising suspicions of forced organ harvesting. And, in 2020, researcher Sean Columb exposed how numerous African migrants sold their kidneys in Cairo, Egypt, in hopes of using the earnings to pay smugglers to take them across the Mediterranean into Europe.

Yep, that’s Africa. Up to Current Year, the only driver of organ harvesting (legal or not) has been to supply pagan/animist religions. The shaman can’t read entrails without, y’know, entrails, and sometimes the chickens don’t know the answer.

These reports and cases are part of a global proliferation of the organ trade that started in the late 1980s. It coincided with advancements in transplantation. Until the 1980s, transplantation was regarded as a risky and experimental procedure. Since the introduction of immunosuppressive drugs in the 1980s (which help to prevent the body from rejecting organs), it has become standardised practice. Organ transplants are now conducted in hospitals in more than 90 countries.

Concurrent with that, the 1980s saw the Communists spread conspiracy theories across South America that the reason Americans wanted to adopt foreign and particularly ‘underprivileged’ children, was to cut up the kids for parts. The limitations of medical transplants was not common knowledge at the time, specifically, the need for a close genetic match. I’m sure that immunosuppresive drugs have come a long way since then, yet doubt the field has reached pick-your-part convenience. Besides, crippling your immune system will always be a mortality risk of its own.

Transplantation has however become a victim of its own success, with demand for organs far outpacing supply. Despite strategies to enlarge the donor organ pool, the worldwide organ shortage grows every year.

It will never disappear. There will never be enough replacement parts to keep the elderly alive forever. Face it, Boomers, one day you will die.

And you, you billionaire technocrats. One day you will die. If not by Father Time, then by an unfortunate airplane crash.

I am an organ trade and trafficking researcher. I’ve investigated many aspects of the activity including transplant tourism, the buying of organs, experiences of transplant professionals and police and prosecutors working on criminal cases and how trafficking networks operate.

I am an armchair criminologist & amateur pundit, and my snide comments are more informative than this professional’s published work because I have a functioning moral compass. found that claims are made about the organ trade in the absence of factual data. These have strengthened popular notions of the issue as an underground crime, organised by mafia-like criminals and “rogue” doctors who perform transplants clandestinely.

The reality is starkly different. The nature of the organ trade is far removed from these mythical depictions. In all criminal cases reported to date, illegal transplants took place in medical hospitals and clinics with the involvement of medical staff. Organ trafficking networks are highly organised with close collaborations between the legal “upperworld” (medical doctors, notaries, lawyers) and the criminal “underworld” (recruiters, brokers).

She repeats herself. Organ harvesting is a crime of three parts:

  1. Identifying a victim.
  2. Obtaining the organ.
  3. Installing the organ.

I agree that installation only happens in professional-quality settings. Only a surgeon can connect the blood vessels and other gooky bits, and more experts will be needed to assist the surgery, oversee recovery, prevent rejection and so on.

Obtaining the organ is a different story, however. Most of the organs in the human body are essential for continued existence, and typical clients will not want to wait for a compatible person to die of natural causes. Which means obtaining it won’t be voluntary, which means somebody will need to commit premeditated murder, cut the organ out properly, dispose of the body and deliver the meat to the hospital swiftly. That’s a lot of work & skillsets for a one-man operation.

While I’m at it… identifying the victim is one reason why the Great Reset wants a medical database with everybody’s DNA registered. A plutocrat’s DNA can be compared to the entirety of humanity for the best possible match, after which Igor & Agent 47 get a phone call.

Why do I want my medical privacy? because I might be an organ donor-match for some high-ranking globalist who needs a new liver. Why take a chance on a 9mm aneurysm?

Organ trade constitutes the sale and purchase of organs for financial or material gain. The World Health Organization (WHO) first prohibited payments for organs in 1987. Many countries subsequently codified the prohibition into their national laws.

Basic respect for human life demands that human life not be reduced to a commodity. Everybody dies, but not everybody gets eviscerated for profit like a steer at a meat-packing plant.

Of all organs, kidneys are highest in demand. About 10% of the world’s population suffers from chronic kidney disease. Between two and seven million of these patients are estimated to die every year because they lack access to proper treatment.

Under these circumstances, desperate patients seek illegal ways to obtain organs outside their home countries. The increased value of organs makes them more profitable. This fuels the desire of some people to trade and sell.

The reason kidneys are the most common is because it’s a redundant organ that can be removed without open-chest surgery. To the extent that the other organs are harvested, they’re probably classified as homicides not harvestings.

I doubt it’s the most profitable organ, however. Dialysis has also progressed, to the point that living without kidneys is probably as safe as living with some random dude’s kidney. Nobody ever got HIV from a dialysis machine.

The real money is in Cabalists, those Godless people of incredible wealth, incredible power, and for many, incredible age. The United States Senate is so old, I’m surprised there hasn’t yet been a nationwide ban on stairsteps “because Climate Change”.

Maybe I shouldn’t give those liches ideas.

(Is adrenochrome a real thing? I looked into it and found an apparently simple variant of adrenaline… nothing special. I have trouble believing that any one drug could be a one-stop solution for aging, and if it’s as good as I hear then why isn’t its usage more common? The hype does not match the available info.)

Global developments and catastrophes such as the widening gap between the rich and poor, conflicts, famine, climate change and forced migration further increase the risk of organ sale and exploitation among the world’s vulnerable populations.

Let’s step in that bullshit a second time.

Global developments…

Caused by global government.

the widening gap between the rich and poor…

Also caused by government.





climate change…

Government, and how might me heating my home cause your intestines to explode? Asking for a friend who doesn’t like you.

and forced migration…


…further increase the risk [and] exploitation among the world’s vulnerable populations.

Please save us, Government!

Speaking of government, that’s as close as the author gets to talking about the perpetrators. It’s not the medical clinics harvesting those organs, just like it isn’t the abortion clinics who kill babies. IT’S THE CLIENTS who drive the problem. The clients wealthy enough, individually or collectively, to make all those medicos forget their oaths.

Oh yeah, I went there. Even the vilest abortionist in North America won’t do a thing until MOMMY signs that medical release and pays his fee. Enough of those mothers have threatened to do their own abortions with a coat hanger if they need to, that I don’t see the doctor as more than a tool of her convenience.

How then can responses to the organ trade be improved? A first step would be to reach agreement on what types of organ trade we find condemnable.

“Do we need to ban ALL of these organs? Maybe if we legalized only kidneys for profit, nobody would want a pancreas anymore. If it doesn’t work then we can always legalize more organs. Besides, current polling says most people want the opportunity to kill themselves for spending money.”

For example, organ sellers are reluctant to report abuses because organ sales are criminalised and sellers will be held liable. Although many can be considered human trafficking victims and be offered protection, this rarely occurs.

They knew it was a crime and proceeded? Is there a reason they should not be punished?

Law- and policymakers should therefore consider decriminalising organ sales (removing penalties in the law) and offer organ sellers protection, regardless of whether they agree to provide evidence that helps to dismantle criminal networks.

That’s de facto legalization of organ harvesting. The author is barely trying to conceal her literal bloodlust.

Countries should also allow medical professionals to safely and anonymously report dubious transplant activity. This information can support the police and judiciary to investigate, disrupt and prosecute those who facilitate illegal organ transplants.

Secrecy goes both ways. The informer never knows if the police receive his tip. That tip might instead go to the recruiting department of Organ Harvesting For Billionaires, International. I bet most of the FBI/CIA’s talent comes from them hunting skilled crooks like they’re supposed to, then bringing them inside in lieu of prosecution. Preventing that requires a LACK of secrecy for all concerned.

Finally, a contested example of a possible solution to reduce organ scarcity and avoid black market abuses is to allow payments or other types of rewards for deceased and living organ donation to increase organ donation rates. To test the efficacy and morality of these schemes, strictly controlled experiments would be needed.

Organ harvesting IS AND FOREVER WILL BE IMMORAL. Full stop. It’s vilely, unjustifiably and sadistically immoral to bribe people to mutilate their bodies and/or commit suicide. Fuck her “strictly controlled experiments”.

It’s especially immoral when the harvesting is done so that somebody else can cheat death for a few more days. Death is the certainty of life. If you are not ready to die then you are a failure of a human being. That doesn’t mean you want to die. It means you don’t have others suffer just so you can avoid the unavoidable. It means you understand that other people matter, too.

It means, ultimately, that you accept you are NOT a god.

Trials on incentivised organ donation schemes have been proposed since the 1990s by transplant professionals, economists, lawyers, ethicists and philosophers who point out that there may be good reasons to allow payments under controlled circumstances.

Under GOVERNMENT-controlled circumstances? The same governments who sexually mutilate children and used terrorist tactics to sell third-party DNA poison for kickbacks? The same Dutch government waging WAR upon its citizens for the crime of growing food?!

While such experiments are currently forbidden by law, national surveys have found various degrees of public support for different types of incentives.

Assume the sale, build the consensus.

May God grant that author Ambagtsheer is a donor-match for some Dutch diabolist in urgent need of a heart transplant, so she can be the first to benefit from the crimes against humanity that she wants legalized.

Grave Robbers Of the RMS Titanic

Why was the sinking of a badly-designed tourist submarine a bigger story than any of the existential events going on in the world? Because the sub-plosion hurt the ruling families of GAE, obviously. But details were curiously slow to emerge.

When I finally got the passenger roster, one name on it explained everything. But first, why Stockton Rush was interested in the Titanic in the first place.

h ttps://

The OceanGate executive who was piloting the submersible on its fateful Sunday dive is married to the descendent of a couple who died in the very shipwreck his expedition aimed to see.

OceanGate founder and CEO Stockton Rush is married to Wendy Rush, the great-great-granddaughter of Isidor and Ida Straus, who choose to remain onboard the sinking Titanic together so that others could escape to safety in their place.

Bullshit the Jewish bankers stayed on the Titanic out of altruism for goyim.

h ttps://

Isidor Straus (February 6, 1845 . April 15, 1912) was a Bavarian-born American Jewish businessman, politician and co-owner of Macy’s department store with his brother Nathan.

When the newly formed Mutual Alliance Trust Company opened for business in New York on the Tuesday after June 29, 1902, there were 13 directors, including Emanuel Lehman, William Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Straus.

The most altruistic people on the planet!

Now for the roster.

h ttps://

The mother of Suleman Dawood, the 19-year-old who died with his father in the Titanic submersible, said she originally planned to join her husband on the vessel’s fateful dive, but let her son go instead.

Christine Dawood told the BBC on Sunday that she and her husband, British-Pakistani multimillionaire Shahzada Dawood, initially booked spots for themselves to see the wreck of the Titanic, but that their trip was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said that when the Dawoods embarked on this year’s mission, she “stepped back” to instead give her teenage son a chance to visit the shipwreck “because he really wanted to go,” per the BBC.

You know what’s colder than the Titanic’s resting place?

Dawood’s comments contrast the remarks made on Thursday by Suleman Dawood’s aunt, Azmeh Dawood, who told NBC News that the teenager was “terrified” when he joined his father on the trip to the Titanic’s wreck.

The aunt, who is the older sister of Shahzada Dawood, said her nephew “wasn’t very up for it” but embarked on the trip to impress his father.

…Mommy reportedly sent her son to his death, then lied about it.

Shahzada and Suleman Dawood went missing on June 18, alongside two other passengers and a pilot when the Titan disappeared less than two hours into its dive to the Titanic.

The other three passengers on board were British billionaire Hamish Harding, former French navy diver Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and Stockton Rush, the CEO of the company that runs tours in the submersible.

Three billionaire usurpers of Britain, the wealthy company owner/pilot… but that last name is not like the others.

Nargeolet was the kind of old white male that Rush famously said he didn’t want to hire. He was a heavily experienced submariner with two popular documentaries about the Titanic and credits for finding other wrecks.

Yeah… he’s already been to the Titanic wreck, possibly more than any other man alive, but THIS time, he was NOT the pilot?

h ttps://

15 April 2022

[translated from French]

Paul-Henri Nargeolet, 76, has more than 30 dives at 41? 43. 59. north, 49? 57. 36. west. Where rests, since the freezing night of April 14 to 15, 1912 , the giant of the British seas. Although he did not discover the wreckage, he remains the first, with his colleagues from the Nautile midget submarine , to bring up the remains of the liner at the end of July 1987. Since then, according to the missions, he has brought back more of 5,800 objects. Including a large part of those exhibited in Cherbourg.

Since the 1980s, he has searched wrecks: the Whale , the Moon , the Magenta … and not only boats: in 2010, he participated in the search for black boxes from the flight Rio . Paris, disappeared off Brazil.

Nargeolet’s presence on this ship… he was not a billionaire and was already familiar enough with this particular wreck that it would have no tourist appeal… strongly suggests that the purpose of this dive was not to visit the Titanic, but to grave-rob it on behalf of British-Pakistani billionaires.

Secrecy would explain A LOT of the unusual personnel choices, allergy to official inspection/certification and… unusual construction methods…

Unique applications of carbon materials in infrared stealth: A review

h ttps://

Carbon materials have revolutionized the field of stealth technology with their intriguing properties, such as low weight, large specific surface area, high mechanical strength and good electrical conductivity. The advancement of infrared stealth is particularly critical in order to counter the threat of infrared detection and the deadly strike of precision guidance. The employment of carbon black, carbon nanotubes or graphene offers attractive opportunities to synthesize lightweight, versatile and intelligent infrared stealth materials… The future prospects of carbon-based composites for next-generation infrared stealth materials are presented.

The carbon-fiber hull was reportedly built by Spencer Composites. Poking around their website, I notice that one of their offered products is… carbon-fiber radomes. Which of course, must be transparent to radar.

Why was the sub made of expensive & unprecedented carbon fiber instead of proven steel?

And why was the sub fitted with acoustic sensors across the hull? The official reason was early detection of the hull cracking under stress, which was nonsense. At “Titanic” pressures, the time gap between hull crack and implosion is milliseconds.

Because the sub was built for stealth. To visit the Titanic in secret. With a “passenger” who had retrieved more objects from the Titanic wreck than anybody else alive. On behalf of billionaires who wanted to pick out their souvenir firsthand, thus guaranteeing its legitimacy?

Then this happened:

Well… at least avoiding safety inspections got them the secrecy they wanted. Or it would have, if they hadn’t slipped the name of Paul-Henri Nargeolet.

You know what’s even colder than Mrs. Dawood lying about forcing her son to go to his death? The great-granddaughter of a man who died on the Titanic, grave-robbing her own ancestor’s grave.

The Wicked Find Courage In Plausible Precedents… Sometimes Even When They Shouldn’t

It’s hard to describe the depth of my disappointment upon discovering that demons are… cowards. All those supernatural abilities and they still have a gizzard? And yet, a fear of rejection perfectly explains why they wait to be sought out by foolish mortals hoping for momentary gain. They want to see assurances that the mortal won’t call out their lies.

Video games lied to me! I thought they were all supersoldiers! But nooo, demons are more like… Congressmen. Which also explains much.

And by Congressmen, today, I mean the lackwitted chuckleheads who turned Portland, Oregon into a vampiric, Socialist… Hell-On-Earth. Hmm.

US climate change lawsuit seeks $50 billion, citing 2021 heat wave

h ttps://

By Clark Mindock for Reuters, 22 June 2023

An Oregon county on Thursday sued Exxon, Chevron, other major oil and coal companies, and industry groups, seeking over $50 billion to counter the harms caused by extreme weather fueled by climate change.

They really, SERIOUSLY should have picked on somebody their own size.

Multnomah County said in the lawsuit filed in state court in Portland that fossil fuel companies and trade groups like the American Petroleum Institute intentionally deceived the public about the dangers of burning their products for decades. It said the companies and trade groups must now help pay for past and future harms from the extreme weather that has resulted, including a 2021 heat wave in the Pacific Northwest that killed dozens.

Rather than acknowledge the dangers of climate change, the lawsuit said the fossil fuel industry worked to undermine the scientific consensus around the problem “with pseudo-science, fabricated doubt, and a well-funded, sustained public relations campaign to promote their spin.”

More than ever, I wonder how long the energy industry will tolerate the WEF (and the Cabalists behind it) plotting their literal extermination, before “the State of Oregon” becomes “the State of Exxon”. Know what I mean?

It’s like watching that famous Matrix waterfall. You can see the talking points of the Illuminati flow downhill, through the various mouthpieces, to We the Sheeple Of the United States.

What do Portland, the Church of England and the National Women’s Basketball League all have in common? Their top priority is “stopping Climate Change before it’s too late” despite their day job of running a brothel.

Anyway, this is a stupid lawsuit. At least, it should be. “The punishment for disagreeing with our politics should be funding our politics!” But it’s also a courageous lawsuit. It’s $51b price tag guarantees top-level publicity, not a good thing if you proceed to lose, and while Big Oil has not yet redeployed its “peacekeeping international security forces of peace” to the domestic front, their Special Lawfare commandos have been bloodied against the United Nations itself… with results!


h ttps://

15 June 2023

The United Nations will require delegates attending its annual climate summit to disclose their affiliation in an effort to clamp down on undue influence by fossil fuel companies and others, officials said Thursday.

Climate campaigners have long complained that the so-called Conferences of the Parties, or COPs, are undermined by lobbyists for oil and gas firms attending under the guise of country delegates. Participants will also be asked to provide optional information on their relationship with the government agency or organization that’s nominated them and those declining to do so will be flagged accordingly.

SEAL Team Six is so third-generation warfare.

End segue

Knowing that the wicked are cowards at heart, what gave them the courage to try this lawsuit? Sure, it could always be a last gasp before Portland’s government collapses into Family Guy‘s Petoria, but this lawsuit ain’t gonna be resolved before the next budget season… now to include lawyer bills. Which means it’s a virtue signal, which in turn, means they wouldn’t proceed without testing the waters. Just like their supernatural owners.

Sooo, what recently happened to encourage them?

3M reaches $10.3 billion settlement over contamination of water systems with “forever chemicals.

h ttps://

By John Flesher, 23 June 2023

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) . Chemical manufacturer 3M Co. will pay at least $10.3 billion to settle lawsuits over contamination of many U.S. public drinking water systems with potentially harmful compounds used in firefighting foam and a host of consumer products, the company said Thursday.

The deal would compensate water providers for pollution with per- and polyfluorinated substances, known collectively as PFAS . a broad class of chemicals used in nonstick, water- and grease-resistant products such as clothing and cookware.

Described as “forever chemicals” because they don’t degrade naturally in the environment, PFAS have been linked to a variety of health problems, including liver and immune-system damage and some cancers.

The agreement would settle a case that was scheduled for trial earlier this month involving a claim by Stuart, Florida, one of about 300 communities that have filed similar suits against companies that produced firefighting foam or the PFAS it contained.

3M chairman Mike Roman said the deal was “an important step forward” that builds on the company’s decision in 2020 to phase out PFOA and PFOS and its investments in .state-of-the-art water filtration technology in our chemical manufacturing operations.. The company, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, will halt all PFAS production by the end of 2025, he said.

That boldfaced is the key to 3M’s motivation for settling.

Earlier this month, three other companies . DuPont de Nemours Inc. and spinoffs Chemours Co. and Corteva Inc. . reached a $1.18 billion deal to resolve PFAS complaints by about 300 drinking water providers. A number of states, airports, firefighter training facilities and private well owners also have sued.

The cases are pending in U.S. District Court in Charleston, South Carolina, where Judge Richard Gergel is overseeing thousands of complaints alleging PFAS damages. A trial of a complaint by the city of Stuart, Florida, had been scheduled to begin this month but was delayed to allow time for additional settlement negotiations.

One single judge presiding over an entire category of thousands of legal complaints? Now doesn’t that sound fortified.

Summary: Lots of lawsuits over PFAS were filed, and to be fair, it’s very toxic stuff. However, the EPA didn’t regulate it until this year… some corporate cronyism in that, surely, but 3M had already begun the phaseout.

That tidal wave of litigation waited to see how this big one went, so they would have a precedent to act upon. 3M cleverly planned ahead, building PFAS-cleanup equipment in parallel to the phaseout, so this settlement means they reluctantly agreed to be the sole equipment supplier for a cleanup that they’re probably responsible for anyway. They’ll still take a loss, but meanwhile, the settlement ALSO means that all those me-too lawsuits STILL don’t have a juicy precedent to work with. I expect another trial balloon will be floated, which will be another couple years for the plaintiffs to stop waiting and purchase the cleanup equipment themselves… probably from 3M.

That appears to not have been the lesson learned by ALL the observers, however.

Portland, now with no economy except prostitution and the drug trade, saw BigCorp agree to a settlement instead of a big legal fight over an Illuminati talking point, and what a great idea to sue Big Oil for megabucks? while scoring little gold stars from Blackrock? MeToo MeFirst!

It’s so badly flawed an idea, that I can call the play. Big Oil will videotape the plaintiffs driving their gas-fueled armored motorcades through downtown Portland to the courthouse, to blame Big Oil for providing their motorcades with gas. The judge will (purely for his amusement) order the plaintiffs to stop patronizing gasoline suppliers while they seek injunctions and damages against gasoline suppliers.

The next day, the plaintiffs walk through downtown as court-ordered, and the next week, the lawsuit is dismissed upon the discoveries of their looted, sodomized corpses floating in the Columbia River.

Sadly for SJWs, seeing that outcome requires awareness of what is commonly known as hypocrisy. The Totalist attitude of eternal rebellion guarantees they will eternally suffer from their own precedents.

They saw what they wanted to see, BigCorp bending the knee to fund the Agenda with ten zeroes, and rushed forward with the Narrative towards the goalposts of Free Money.

They don’t want to see those Viking-sized legal linebackers between here and there. Whose salaries depend on victory and might just be paid by that previous “settlement”.

In California, BigCorp Now Polices Itself

California is notorious as both the testing grounds and backup FedGov for implementing Satan’s Agenda upon USA. This example of Attorney General Bonta expanding his slice of the Deep State by empowering BigCorp with law enforcement powers demonstrates the usual tactics.

First is the old Hegelian Dialectic of creating a problem in order to offer a “solution” that would never be accepted otherwise. California infamously legalized low-value shoplifting and refused to prosecute thefts, in order to curate the growth of Organized Retail Crime/Criminals (hereinafter ORCs): organized thieves who steal stuff for resale on the Internet.

Obviously, the only possible way to thwart such hardened, cunning and motivated criminals… after they’ve been caught and released dozens or hundreds of times… is to monitor ALL sales on the Internet by EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING. It’s just common sense, really.

You’ll also see the public-private dance around restrictions on State power. “We bureaucrats didn’t spy on you! That would be illegal! We only legalized other people to spy on you and then bought the info from them!”

You’ll see the State encouraging proles to rat on each other.

You’ll see that California cannot force the entire nation to do things its way… unless “the entire nation” wants to possibly do business, at some point, inside California. Which is a large portion of USA’s economy. I keep waiting to see online retailers refuse to do business with Kali, but it’s only just begun to happen and only with the motivation that Kali’s demands are becoming literally impossible to meet.

And of course, you will see ten percent… oops… ten thousand dollars to the Big Guy, California AG Bonta, in return for his granting law enforcement powers to BigCorp.

Attorney General Bonta, Retailers, Online Marketplaces Sign Collaborative Agreement to Better Combat Organized Retail Crime

h ttps://

20 June 2023

LOS ANGELES . California Attorney General Rob Bonta, with retailers and online marketplaces representing some of the largest share of retail and online business, signed a first-of-its-kind agreement committing to specific actions aimed at helping address the growing issue of organized retail crime… In the agreement, the parties agree to take certain steps aimed at increasing the detection and reporting of organized retail crime, as well as improved collaboration on information sharing and investigation of organized retail crime in furtherance of prosecutions.

Now that Bonta & his Open Society friends have rendered the police demoralized & ineffective at their jobs, he has been slowly and reluctantly forced against his better judgment, to directly empower interstate/ international business enterprises to police themselves while creating a money pipeline exclusive to his office.

.The Home Depot applauds Attorney General Bonta for committing to this agreement and the passage of SB 301 and AB 1700, legislation that will fight organized retail crime and help stop dangerous criminals from stealing from our stores,. said Scott Glenn, Vice President of Asset Protection, The Home Depot.

And on that note… you know me, I actually read the legislation…

AB-1700 Theft: online marketplaces: reporting.

h ttps://

Approved by Governor September 30, 2022

This bill would require the Attorney General to establish a reporting location on its internet website for individuals to report items found on online marketplaces, as defined, that they suspect are stolen goods, and would require the Attorney General to provide that information to the applicable local law enforcement agency and regional property crimes task force.

Did you catch that boldfaced? The Attorney General’s office is NOT a law enforcement organization! When you notify the government of a suspicious transaction, it does NOT go straight to law enforcement! It goes to Bonta’s staff first. He’ll be in a perfect position to cover for allies.

The display shall be clearly, conspicuously, and reasonably designed to be seen by all users of the platform.

“Inform on the people that you don’t like! Win cash and prizes! Only your anonymous accusation can stop Climate Change!”

SB-301 Marketplaces: online marketplaces.

h ttps://

This bill would, commencing July 1, 2023, require an online marketplace, as defined, to require a high-volume third-party seller on the online marketplace, not later than 10 days after qualifying as a high-volume third-party seller, to provide to the online marketplace specified information, including certain contact information and a bank account number or, if the seller does not have a bank account, the name of the payee for payments issued by the online marketplace to the seller, as prescribed.

Oh yeah, let’s read that again.

1749.8.1. (a) An online marketplace shall require…

(1) (A) A bank account number…

The very beginning… Subsection 1, Part A-1-A…. the government requires you to provide your financial information to a third party. Because ordering you to provide it directly would violate privacy laws and/or raise suspicions that you’re being prosecuted simply because you can afford the resulting fine.

Does a different section of SB301 require that third party to give your financial information to the government?

1749.8.3. (a) (1) An online marketplace shall keep the information provided to comply with the requirements of this title for no less than two years… shall not be used for any other purpose unless required by law.

Boom, there it is. What does the law require? NOBODY KNOWS ANYMORE.


h ttps://

2 October 2022

SACRAMENTO . Governor Gavin Newsom just wrapped up the 2022 legislative session, signing 997 bills into law.

Nine hundred, ninety-six binders of laws on the wall,
Nine hundred, ninety-six binders of laws.
Pick up a bribe and take up a cause, and
Nine hundred, ninety-seven binders of laws on the wall.

End Segue

A person or entity who violates any provision of this title shall be liable for [up to] $10,000 for each violation, which may be assessed and recovered only in a civil action brought in the name of the people of the State of California by the Attorney General.

It’s NOT a criminal act to disobey this law! That means you get no free lawyer, no presumption of innocence and Bonta gets a lower burden of guilt. He also gets “reimbursements” for litigation expenses despite being a government office, and he can request additional punishments such as restraining orders that trigger immediate firearm confiscation. The next time you go to an ATM, it won’t tell you if your account still has money until you stick your foot in the slot to be fitted with an ankle monitor.

Meanwhile, nobody but the Attorney General gets a piece of that pie.

“We’re passing this new law to prosecute organized theft, but it can ONLY be a civil-court prosecution by me or my lieutenants, and the only punishment is money sent to my office.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Meanwhile, why would “online marketplaces” cooperate with feeding prey to Bonta like this? It’s quid pro quo for Bonta granting them police powers:

h ttps://

This Joint Statement of Principles is adopted by Attorney General Rob Bonta and the undersigned private sector industry stakeholders involved in retail and the sale of goods online (Stakeholders). It is the culmination of a collaborative effort by the Attorney General and Stakeholders to combat Organized Retail Crime.

Pure WEF Great Reset agenda.

To aid in the detection and prosecution of ORC and consistent with existing privacy, consumer, and other applicable laws and legal obligations, the undersigned Stakeholders commit to the following:

Retailers commit to filing police reports for all incidents determined to be related to ORC with specific information relating to the location, suspect information, and details of the stolen items, including stock keeping unit (SKU) numbers and retail price. The reports should also include, where possible, details for potential witnesses, including contact information, and details on each witnesses. role in the investigation.

They commit to doing the investigation themselves.

Retailers will maintain policies related to the retention of video of ORC-related incidents to aid in prosecution and keep internal rosters of individuals who can lay the foundation for the introduction of such video evidence during prosecution. These rosters should be kept up-to-date and, to the extent possible, be made available to law enforcement upon

They commit to testifying in court, not only as witnesses or plaintiffs, but as prosecutors. After which, Bonta can sue them in civil court for his ten percent. $10k, I mean.

Retailers will ensure loss prevention personnel are trained on gathering, reporting, and retaining the evidence listed above to aid in the prosecution of ORC-related incidents.

Again, that’s policework.

Retailers will maintain records of ORC-related thefts in a case management system.

Police call that “chain of custody”.

Retailers will communicate with Marketplaces to establish connections between ORC incidents and threat patterns across the retail ecosystem.

We don’t need no stinkin’ search warrants!

Retailers will communicate with Marketplaces to stay updated on trends in ORC. Such communication should focus on sharing general intelligence gathered by retailers

“Welcome to Five Eyes, Home Depot. We are so excited to begin sharing general intelligence with you.”

This information should be shared through the establishment of regular industry meetings, either facilitated by Regional Organized Retail Crime Associations, by prosecutors and law enforcement, or independently.

There’s a phrase for you to start noticing. These GAE monsters are not trying to solve retail crime; the proof of that is they’re the ones who cultivated it in the first place. What this is REALLY about, is 1. surveillance state and 2. thwarting dissidents from being able to do business online by first demanding access to their bank accounts up-front and then “legally” draining them via accusations that slouch around the Bill Of Rights.

If any of my readers do $20k of annual business on Etsy, you might want to blacklist Californian customers.

There is no way, socioeconomically speaking, that digital currency can possibly work. The banksters won’t be able to control their perverted lusts long enough to deny their orgies of destruction, forget lying about them. You’d sign up for Mark Of the Beast and by end of week, be facing a zillion felonies and enough debt that your grandchildren will all be organ-harvested before birth. Nobody sane would choose to be next.

No wonder Revelation mentions God “sending a powerful delusion” upon the damned.

Retailers will collaborate to provide training to law enforcement on how to partner with retailers to identify, investigate, and resolve ORC investigations.

On an as-needed basis, police will be PERMITTED to ASSIST in the investigations!

And for online, eBay-type businesses particularly:

Marketplaces will maintain external policies defining marketplace rules and the consequences of violations.

Marketplaces will maintain internal written policies that guide collaboration and information-sharing…

Shouldn’t both policies be external? How are customers supposed to know if the marketplace is misusing their information, if they aren’t allowed to see even the rules? Oh.

I close with the list of Stakeholders who signed on to being their own police department:

CVS Health
Rite Aid
Home Depot

Eh, I didn’t want buy a vaccine anyway. Expect Home Depot to begin selling third-party merchandise in the near future. Oh wait, they’re already a primary retail outlet for all kinds of power tool makers, household chemical products and so on. All of them must now provide bank account info to Home Depot, who in turn, must maintain that info for the Attorney General.

This truly is a “first-of-its-kind” partnership.

A Tale Of Two Travelogues: Catawba River Greenway, North Carolina

I have many adventures! which means the Law of Averages inevitably kicks in. This trip to a meetup in North Carolina was great; United Airlines, not so much. Enjoy my butterflies and missed travel connections!

To maximize my vacation time, I opted for a red-eye flight to North Carolina. We left at 10pm, then we left the same airport at 1:30am. The first time, the captain decided to turn back after 90 minutes into a five-hour flight because of an unruly passenger. I would have been all over that, both for my true-crime interests and my savage frustration at having my restless sleep disturbed yet again, not to mention me being a blogger, except I hadn’t heard any violence. What unruly passenger? I don’t want a canceled flight for anything less than a Vibrant chimp-out!

When the plane landed, security escorted two elderly Asian ladies off the plane. A three-hour delay because two Japanese lesbians decided they no longer liked each other? Isn’t handling this sort of thing why God stuck Denver Airport where He did?

Anyway, I eventually arrived and caffeinated up. We rented half a house for the weekend:

And the barbecue pit was put to good use. We hiked along the Catawba River Greenway.

You have no idea how alien that looks to a Californian. Lush, green plants in June?! WITH RUNNING WATER?!

Sorta water. Hmm, pea soup sounds good for dinner.

A case in point. The last time my neighborhood looked like that, the governor declared a state of emergency.

A tree in desperate need of a rope swing!

Riverfront boardwalks are the best location for an ice cream shop EVER!

This wouldn’t be the Carolinas without some bugs. Can you find all eight butterflies? Most are Monarchs but the leftmost might be a Painted Lady and the two centermost, Viceroys.

It’s a spicebush swallowtail.

It’s Mothra. With a hand for scale.

Ah, small-town America. What a rare sight now!

Speaking of rare sights, I took several pictures of this statue in case it gets Canceled! A gorgeous scene of what America was before the Yankees ruined everything then imported Bolsheviks to rape the corpse. They will burn in Hell for that, but I digress. The placards are the bottom didn’t identify him specifically; this was a monument to the town’s war dead, not an honorarium.

Time came to leave and, heh, speaking of Hell. I got to the airport early despite reassurances that security wouldn’t take long, only to discover that my flight was delayed THREE HOURS! The airline sent me an updated itinerary, showing that my new flight to Chicago would continue on to San Francisco. I wouldn’t even have to get off the plane. Convenient, although I noticed the updated itinerary was missing the last leg to San Jose. Eh, whatever, it’s close and the worst-case scenario is I’d have to take the shuttle bus.

I arrived in Chicago only to be pushed off the plane into a dimly lit, shuttered terminal with no outgoing flights AT ALL. Stranded traveler! I knew how to handle this situation… find an employee and start complaining… and they soon put me up in the only hotel in Chiraq that wasn’t running an airport shuttle. After making my way to the shuttle stop, I quickly found groups of travelers wandering around and asking how to get to the same hotel I was. I called the provided hotel phone number. Nobody answered.

I briefly debated whether to walk through six miles of unfamiliar, downtown Chicongo at midnight, chose to live instead, and paid $20 for a taxi. Upon arrival, the desk clerk took my reservation with a pencil and clipboard because their computers were down, which explained the phone problem.

It was a nice suite, to give credit where it’s due. I just had to get there, and back after a four-hour beauty rest, by taxi.

Flight delayed again. Customer Disservice gave me food vouchers for breakfast.

Made it to Denver instead of San Francisco. One last leg to make. I stared out the window at the aircraft while maintenance cleaned it up, feeling an ominous sense of dread. Maintenance poked around the aircraft, huddled for a minute, then sent the aircraft to the hanger instead of proceeding to the boarding. My flight was delayed again while they warmed up a replacement.

Ominous feeling confirmed.

We boarded only an hour late, taxied onto the tarmac and the entire airport closed because of weather.

Ninety minutes later, one aircraft decided to risk the thunderstorm instead of irate passengers, took off, survived, and the airport reopened.

The flight took longer than expected because of weather. Of course.

I arrived! Home last last! Dude, where’s my suitcase?

Sigh. Of course.

I knew how to handle this situation, too, and proceeded to the next unfortunate counter monkey.

“My suitcase didn’t arrive on the baggage carousel. Here’s my receipt.”

“GunnerQ? Hmm, why does that name sound familiar?”

“Because I’ve met you all by now?”

“What does your suitcase look like? Oh, okay, it’s in our breakroom. We all were wondering how it got there.”

Thus did my trip end with an Act of God. Clearly, the divine wants me to wear clean underpants. Elapsed travel time, 27 hours.

I am ever more grateful for my trips as the planned collapse of America slowly closes the door on competence and complex infrastructure. I sense, with the same ominous feeling of dread that I had in Denver, that our days as a First-World nation are numbered.

Is the Southern Baptists’ Purge Of Female Clergy A False Flag? Eh, Who Cares

The online religious world is abuzz over the SBC removing two churches because of female clergy, notably Saddleback megachurch that defiantly ordained three witches back in 2021 when nobody was allowed indoors to object. I was all excited for some good news! So I checked…

…and the Southern Baptists are now dead to me.

They passed a 100% GAE-friendly set of resolutions… except for a very specific disfellowship. I smell a setup, but it won’t be affecting anybody I care about.

Southern Baptists pass resolutions on the Great Commission work of women, the ethics of AI, and the office of pastor

h ttps://

By Tobin Perry, 13 June 2023

NEW ORLEANS (BP) . On Tuesday afternoon (June 13), messengers to the 2023 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in New Orleans approved six resolutions, including ones on the legacy and responsibility of women fulfilling the Great Commission, the ethics of artificial intelligence, and the office of pastor.

South Carolina Pastor David Sons, chair of the 2023 SBC Committee on Resolutions, told messengers that 23 resolutions had been properly submitted to the committee for consideration. Nine resolutions were submitted to the messengers for vote, with six being considered on Tuesday afternoon. Messengers passed all six of the resolutions passed during the Tuesday session.

All nine passed. I’ll hit them in no particular order:

On the legacy and responsibility of women fulfilling the Great Commission

Messengers affirmed the legacy of Southern Baptist women with a resolution thanking God for calling women to fulfill the Great Commission and urging churches to continue equipping them to make disciples.

Southern Baptists celebrated the “multitudes of women” who had served the convention as missionaries, writers, apologists, teachers, mentors and leaders. They also affirmed women’s intrinsic worth, gifting and dignity “for the purpose of his own mission and glory” and honored the work they are currently doing in .homes, churches, communities, and workplaces..

Two of those four are not Biblical for women. I boldfaced it for the slow class.

The resolution came just before Southern Baptists considered the appeal of two churches that had been declared “not in friendly cooperation” with the Convention because of women serving in pastoral roles.

That language is too weak. The Enemy will see an opportunity. Why am I so suspicious?

On the Southern Baptist confessional heritage of the office of bishop/elder/pastor

In the only resolution to pass with significant discussion, the messengers voted to .re-affirm our confessional heritage, grounded in Scripture, and recognize. only two biblical offices and “to encourage churches to uphold all the biblical qualifications for those who hold either office of bishop/elder/pastor or deacon..

This is the resolution that preceded the ousting of Saddleback et al. for “not in friendly cooperation”. Why did they phrase “God requires men to rule over women” as “we hereby clarify the biblical office qualifications for those who hold the office of pastor”? Again, weak language suggests weak men.

On artificial intelligence and emerging technology

In what is believed to be the first denominational statement on the ethics of artificial intelligence, Southern Baptists acknowledged the powerful potential of AI and other emerging technologies. They also expressed a desire “to engage them from a place of eschatological hope rather than uncritical embrace or fearful rejection..

Why is any church wasting a single moment of its time on… the atheist Utopia of sentient artificial intelligence… uh-oh.

The resolution also affirmed the Bible’s ability to answer any “ethical challenges, questions, and opportunities. that may emerge from these technologies. In addition, messengers also declared human dignity to be .central to any ethical principles, guidelines, or regulations for any and all uses. of these technologies.

The first and most obvious use of sentient AI, is wholesale replacement of humanity. Just sayin’, it’s obvious.

On wisely engaging immigration

Messengers approved a resolution affirming the inherent dignity of immigrants and refugees while asking government leaders to maintain robust avenues for asylum seekers to enter the country and take swift action to secure the border.

The resolution said that every immigrant and refugee had inherent value, .regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, culture, national origin, or legal status.” It asked government officials to create both avenues for asylum seekers and a pathway for citizenship.

That’s not even a fail. That’s treason against the delegates’ own congregations.

I want to be optimistic about them removing disobedient clergy. I want to believe that they’re slowly getting it. Here’s the thing, though: it’s an hour PAST midnight, not before. Our funeral pyre is lit. The controlled demolition of the West has begun. The SBC doesn’t get more time to think & plan. They NEED to get it NOW and they aren’t.

They are S.T.I.L.L. refusing to accept the most basic principles of Christianity. Here’s the smoking gun:

[Caption:] (Left to right) Brent Leatherwood, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission; Kristen Ferguson, vice chair of the SBC Resolutions Committee; David Sons, chair of the Resolutions Committee; and Jason Thacker, a research fellow at the ERLC and professor at Boyce College, speak during the Resolutions Committee press conference June 14 during the SBC annual meeting. Photo by Luc Stringer

Kristen: “Can I be a pastor?”

Brent: “Sorry. God said women cannot be pastors.”

Kristen: “Can I be a non-pastor leader of men?”

Brent: “Of course! God merely said ‘no female pastors’. He never said anything about female chairmen or Presidents! Excuse me, chairpersons. *wink*”

Textbook Pharisee Fail! The delegates would have been better off voting to remove the misogynistic parts of the Bible from future editions, than “God said no female pastors but women can rule over men otherwise. We don’t actually know why God wants male pastors, but it couldn’t be for the reasons He gave because women are now equal to men.”

Meanwhile, the Southern Baptists are siding with the Biden Regime to flood the United States with foreigners in order to incite civilizational collapse. But they’re no longer affiliated with that one megachurch, so… call it a tie?

On needed care and support for pastors and ministry leaders

Noting the unique challenges facing pastors and ministry leaders in today’s cultural climate, messengers affirmed the importance of caring for pastors and other ministry leaders. The resolution commended associations, state conventions and national entities that were caring for the wellness need of pastors.

No sinecures will be threatened in the coming hard times. How did God phrase it? “A quart of barley for a day’s wages, but do not touch the oil and the wine” or something?

Real pastors go to jail so devout working-men don’t have to. Fake pastors double-check their golden parachutes whenever there’s turbulence.

Messengers… also asked churches to neither ignore nor stigmatize leaders who express internal or external struggles.

Hmm, who would have taught those congregations to ignore & stigmatize men who need help? Maybe the guy who constantly lectures at them from the Pulpit Of Power?

Southern Baptists also committed to work together to “promote a culture of holistic flourishing among our pastors..

A blunt a day will keep the devils at bay!

On the importance of revitalizing and replanting

SBC messengers affirmed efforts to revitalize and replant churches as a key part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Yo, SBC, your churches are failing for the traditional reason of being worthless. Your churches are not to support and nurture women. They are to support and nurture men, the laymen who serve in the front lines of spiritual warfare.

You clergy are rear-echelon, paper-pushing motherfuckers in fancy hats AT BEST. You sit safely behind the lines, waiting for the men to straggle in after five or six days of keeping the world spinning. That would be okay if you celebrated them, provided legal representation for them, organized them, built parallel institutions for them. YOU are supposed to serve THEM. Read up on the Last Supper. Church leaders being the servants of the ordinary men, is what Jesus taught a microsecond before Judas decided to betray him.

And you, us. You clergy loaded up the laymen with MORE demands, then you conspired with his wife to undermine his home, and now you cry that the men of your church… the ones you failed to drive off with neglect and gaslighting… might choose to be callous to YOUR needs at YOUR moment of vulnerability.

I hope they follow your example.

That was day one. Continuing at

h ttps://

On Christ’s Sole Lordship Over Human Conscience

Messengers emphasized the historical Baptist belief of the priesthood of the believer in the resolution. They also stressed the Convention’s historical commitment to religious freedom, opposing any efforts to confuse “the separate covenants and responsibilities of the church and state” and the right of every person to have access to God and form their own religious opinions without interference by civil authorities.

Speaking of NOT HELPING THE LAYMEN WITH THEIR FRONTLINE BATTLE AGAINST SATAN, here we see the delegates approving a memo reminding the Totalitarian child molesters who rule over us, that we’re still entitled to our opinions.


Sure, the Bible is full of opinions.

I feel so safe now that their memo is watching my back, Klaus Schwab can have my guns after all. Not.

It’s coming, it’s going to be terrible, and with leaders like these, we’re FUBAR.

On Opposing Gender Transition

Southern Baptists overwhelmingly affirmed a resolution condemning .gender-affirming care. and all forms of “gender transition interventions.” The resolution called these activities “an assault on God’s created order..

That’s false opposition. Say it with me: EVIL. Evil, evil, evil. Evil must be punished.

On Appreciation for the City of New Orleans

Southern Baptists acknowledged the hospitality of the city of New Orleans and thanked the local association, state convention, and volunteers for their efforts in the annual meeting.

Whatever. The SBC is dead. They’ve been shamed into a single, grand spectacle, giving barely-technically-sufficient obedience to what they clearly believe is an arbitrary rule by a misogynistic deity whose wisdom has grown a little stale over the centuries. It still wasn’t sufficient obedience, but with an attitude like theirs, it would not matter if it was.

In fact… I wonder if this pastorette purge was a false flag, to give the FBI a civil-rights opportunity to move against the SBC. It is very out of step with everything else the delegates resolved at at that convention, the Feebs are actively searching for an opportunity and the SBC is the biggest available target now that Popa Frankie converged Rome.

Time will tell if it’s betrayal. Time will also tell, if Kristen remains in authority over men.

Three Steps To Moral Inversion: Eden, Babel, Sodom

The devil is a destroyer, not a creator. He offers Utopia tomorrow only to justify his crimes of today. Similarly, he has many factions, each believing one of his many lies, but every one rejects the truth.

Put simply, the devil is not FOR anything. He is AGAINST Christ. His children will hate each other, but they will always hate Jesus more.

Today’s example is Detroit fighting the pedophiles!

Pride flag may soon be banned from all city property in a Detroit-area city after unanimous vote by city council: Everyone ‘is already represented by’ the American flag

h ttps://

By Cortney Weil, 14 June 2023

One Michigan city may soon ban the Pride flag and other flags representing particular racial or religious groups from all government buildings and city property after a resolution passed unanimously by the city council.

YES! Out of the frying pan at last!

On Tuesday evening, area residents lined up outside the door to attend a city council meeting in Hamtramck, Michigan, a city almost entirely surrounded by the city of Detroit. Local interest in this meeting was so elevated because of a resolution introduced by Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem Muhammad Hassan, which would prohibit all “religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags” from being flown on city property.

…And into the fire!

You knew Detroit being smart was too good to be true… right?

Only “the American flag, the flag of the State of Michigan, the Hamtramck Flag, the Prisoner of War flag and the nations. flags that represent the international character of our City shall be flown,” the resolution stated.

You don’t get to do that, Muslims. And Churchians. And everybody else who’s happy with their piece of Progress but not the whole pie. The diabolical Progress of Eden->Babel->Sodom is organic. One form of corruption leads directly and naturally into the next. One might as well preserve the cuteness of a cat batting a coffee cup off the table without the broken mess afterwards.

Stage 1: Eden. Woman rebels, man submits. Women get disgusted by male simping and now being in the driver’s seat of society, proceed to find replacement men. Preferably noble savages, dusky shamans and Jwwish movie producers.

Stage 2: Babel. Women start importing all those excitingly untamed, new men. Society destabilizes as women pursue drama and prostitution to the max, which disincentivizes every XY chromosome pairing on the planet from putting a ring on her. Sexual privation and hoarding ensue.

Stage 3: Sodom. Perversions set in as men, having no off-switch, find alternative holes to stick it in. Bodily corruption scars the soul, driving humanity ever further away from the divine image & hope of marriage. You can be any gender of any race with any species, EXCEPT MAN AND WIFE. Cognitive dissonance ensues… the body being designed for one-and-done heterosexual union, now being used for (literally) everything but that.

Stage 4: Moral inversion becomes a cope to the sexual damage, and that damage doesn’t remain merely sexual. With family life and sex roles obliterated, the result is a globalist jungle in which “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. Said law, per God, being given as a teaching aid towards righteousness.

Coming back to the topic at hand, the Muslims infesting Detroit are Stage 2 corruption bitching about Stage 3 corruption being forced upon them. Can they really keep Fag Pride out of their community? Yes… but only if they control their women. It’s one thing to take advantage of your neighbor’s corruption, another to resist the corruption yourself. The historical pattern is that language and cultural barriers are more effective than moral education and fortitude, comparable to how your body’s skin is a better defense against disease than the immune system. The zero-effort solution is better than the maximum-effort solution. Alas, those language and cultural barriers are largely gone now… a technology-enabled new wrinkle on Stage 2 Babel.

ARE the Detroit Muzzies keeping their nation together?

The meeting lasted for more than three hours, as members of the public spoke either in favor of or against the resolution. “Pride Month, don’t put it down our throats,” said Hassan Aoun, a resident of Dearborn, another Detroit-area city with a significant Muslim population. “You can be gay by yourself. … Do not put [the Pride flag] on city property.”

Either he’s lying or he’s Stage 1. “Karen can use her body however she wishes! But she can’t bring in foreign lovers.” That’s not gonna work long-term because giving her that permission is EXACTLY what motivates her to bring them in.

Council Member Nayeem Choudhury argued that all groups are already represented by the American flag.

That one is DEFINITELY a lie. Councilman Mohammed Nayeem Hassan bin Mohammed knows that he ain’t no American.

Gay people “are welcome. … [But] why do you have to have the flag shown on government property to be represented? You’re already represented,” he said. Choudhury’s statement echoed a portion of the resolution, which affirmed that “each religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexually oriented group is already represented by the country it belongs to.”

On the one hand, this reads like the Muzzies want to prevent Stage 2 diversity without upsetting either their wives or the Sodomites. Not gonna happen. On the other hand, they’re achieving solidarity under cover of “we aren’t the white Christians you’re looking for”. Hmm, which is it?

Still others vehemently opposed the measure. “The LGBTQ community is the life blood of OUR organization,” claimed Darren Shelton, executive director of Planet Ant Theatre. “I don’t think sexuality is a political issue.”

Emphasis mine. “You shouldn’t ban us because we would be banned.” Textbook parasite thinking. The welfare of the host is that much of a non-issue to the parasite. A smarter approach would be arguing how the LGBTQ community benefits Islam. That would be difficult, granted, but the argument “do what I want because it’s what I want” would shame a toddler.

Another woman who opposed the bill wore a clown nose and said that the city should change its slogan to Hamtramck “welcomes you if you’re straight.” She even used some of her time at the podium to kiss the woman standing beside her.

Literal Clown World! “We just want to be left alone to enjoy ourselves AND YOU WILL BE FORCED TO ACCEPT US! Watch us perv in front of your kids while we still have the chance!” Those lesbians are gonna miss us Christians. Even when they come for our children, we’d rather they be cured. Meanwhile, Pinochet’s invention of the helicopter ride was only a “cultural appropriation” of Mohammed inventing the swan dive. Detroit still has a skyline of very tall buildings. Just sayin’, it was Christians who installed those guard rails.

Do the Sodomites ever wonder at themselves? why they’d rather be murdered by goatherders than nagged by saints? The many factions of the devil hate each other, but their one point of unity is hatred of Christ.

We must have UNITY! to quote a diaper-shitting puppet.

Hayley Cain told the council that the resolution, which she called “a clear message of discrimination, caused her to reconsider her choice to move there. “I relocated from California to Hamtramck, which is really far away because I thought it was a diverse community,” she said. “I’m questioning whether it is. … I don’t want to live in a place like this.”

Totalitarians are social parasites, needing a Hive in which their lies can be sheltered from the cruel Son-light.

Cain is correct that the city has a long history of traditional diversity. In the early 20th century, it quickly became a haven for Polish immigrants who had just entered the country, and it now has the highest percentage of immigrants of any city in Michigan. In the last few decades, many Muslim residents moved to the city…

Escaping Pajeet pogroms in Ontario, I’d guess.

…and Hamtramck is now the only city in the U.S. in which the mayor’s office and all city council seats are occupied by a Muslim.

It seems that the high Muslim population may have affected the vote…

No shit, Sherlock!

…as city leaders spoke openly about their desire to respect religious liberties and their frustration with accusations of bigotry. “You guys are the ones making problems,” Council Member Hassan told the LGBTQ crowd.

Bull shit, Sherlock! Those Muzzies will respect Christianity as much as the pervs do.

As the city council voted unanimously to approve the measure and Ghalib has already expressed his support for it, the bill is likely to become law. However, when the measure would take effect is unclear.

It’ll be interesting to watch how the Michigan courts… or more likely, the Mayorkas Migrant Express… handle this speed bump on the road to moral inversion. It’s not that the Muslims are endangering the GAE’s plot to kill the white, Christian West; it’s that they still have lootable resources. Meaning, their virgin schoolchildren.

Even so, guess what their common ground is?

Democrat apologizes after calling Muslims ‘white supremacist’ for demanding to opt children out of LGBTQ lessons

h ttps://

By Carlos Garcia, 13 June 2023

A Democratic county official apologized for accusing Muslims of being aligned with white supremacists after some parents opted their children out of lessons including LGBTQ themes and spoke out against the curriculum.

Read that again. She did not apologize for attempting to sodomize their kids. She apologized for claiming they agreed with Christians.

“I regret that although my remarks were focused on promoting inclusion, they created an opportunity for misunderstanding and characterization. I apologize for the hurt that caused in the Muslim community,” [Kristen] Mink wrote.

That was not an apology. “I’m sorry that you feel offended.”

“Even when individuals disagree about difficult issues, I am committed to finding space to foster authentic dialogue and seek points of understanding.”

“We can always talk about this. Meanwhile, you will obey.”

“I sat down to hear from Muslim community members before my remarks on Tuesday and with District 5 Muslim leaders on Thursday,” she added. “I listened, and I understand their concerns.”

“And I still don’t care.”

Parents protested at the Montgomery County Public Schools headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, after receiving an email in May that they would not be allowed to opt out their students from LGBTQ instruction.

“This issue has unfortunately put, it does put, not all of course, some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as white supremacists and outright bigots,” said the Democrat during the meeting. “However, the uh, the folks who have talked here today I would not put in the same category as those folks, although you know again it’s complicated because they’re falling on the same side on this issue.”

She we went on to say that LGBTQ literature was not an infringement on religious rights and compared the activism to teaching evolution in schools.

Yes, it’s exactly like forced teaching of evolution. Forced “God didn’t create you. If He exists at all, He’s just the demiurge thwarting your own apotheosis” led to the greatest apostasy of the Church in human history. The logical next step is forced “God didn’t make humanity male and female. We will spay and neuter you kids until you cannot even understand the concept of ‘Father’.”

The devil forever lost his chance at victory when Jesus resurrected. One of his goals since then, is to hide God’s salvation from us. Sexually mutilating children thwarts their ability to even comprehend God’s Plan, let alone accept and participate in it.

Look back at that Eden-Babel-Sodom progression. It’s a sexual progression. Human sexuality is so critical to theology that “male and female” is God’s second description of us.

[Genesis 1:27] So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Us being made in God’s likeness is directly associated with us being male and female. What will happen, then, if our children are surgically rendered androgynous from a young age? Will they still be imago Dei? Will they even understand what it means?

But Christian clergy, IF they even oppose child mutilation, do so because “kids aren’t old enough to give consent per existing government regulations”. Cowardice is too noble a word for that! As much as I rip on priests for rejecting Genesis Chapter 3, I am beginning to think that they don’t care much for Genesis Chapter 1, either!

I close with why Mink was forced to apologize for Sodomizing little kids under color of law… oops, excuse me, for comparing Muslims to Christians:

CAIR Seeks Apologies from Maryland Elected Officials Who Disparaged MCPS Muslim Families, Students

h ttps://

(WASHINGTON, DC . 6/8/2023) . The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on two elected officials in Montgomery County, Md., to apologize for offensive and disparaging remarks they made about Muslim parents and students in the Montgomery County public school system.

Over the past several months, Muslim families have been calling for the Montgomery County Public Schools to restore its opt-out option from newly introduced curriculum and classroom discussions that some parents fear would force their children to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.

CAIR using that language is all I need to hear, to know that CAIR advocates for Baphomet not Mohammed. Their only complaint is the slur that they hold a belief in common with followers of Christ Jesus.

During the school board meeting held Tuesday, Montgomery County Council member Kristin Mink testified that this issue “puts some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as white supremacists and outright bigots” but that she would not include those Muslims who she had personally spoken with before the hearing in that grouping with racists.

In a separate incident, Montgomery County school board member Lynne Harris publicly disparaged a Muslim student who testified at a prior board hearing. According to a report in Montgomery 360:

.All the speakers asking the board for an opt-out from such books were adults, except for one female Muslim student who testified to her personal discomfort with the “unsettling” curriculum. The student’s name is not listed in the meeting agenda, and an MCPS spokesperson was unable to verify whether she attends public school in the county.

That answers my question. The Muzzies aren’t controlling their women.

.Recalling the student’s testimony, board member Lynne Harris (At-large) said she felt “kind of sorry” for the girl and wondered to what extent she may have been “parroting dogma” learned from her parents..

CAIR sent separate messages to both Kristin Mink and Lynne Harris explaining why their remarks were inappropriate and calling on them to apologize and meet with their Muslim constituents.

In a message to Councilmember Mink, CAIR wrote in part:

.Using a public platform at a school board link your Muslim constituents with the same white supremacist groups who so often threaten our own existence and well-being, has caused deep offense and disrespect…”

QED. It’s Christ they hate.

In a message to MCPS Board Member Harris, CAIR wrote in part:

.The notion that religious young, religious Muslims are simply brainwashed individuals repeating “dogma” they have heard from their parents, without any independent thought, is a bigoted stereotype. It is possible for school board members to express disagreement with the merits of what a student says without weaponizing Islamophobic and anti-religious stereotypes to undermine and dismiss the concerns expressed by the student..

What they DON’T hate, is the idea that an underage girl can be trusted to think for herself regarding her sexuality. Of course that girl is repeating dogma learned from her parents. That’s what kids naturally do, it’s what they MUST do for their early life when everything is new and they don’t yet have maturity. That is why crimes against children are particularly evil.

Crimes, such as the State educating children against the beliefs of her parents.

I doubt the Muzzies of Detroit will succeed in protecting their children. Not when their primary concern is disassociating from Father God.

‘Uncle G’ Teaches Us To Thwart Ourselves From Home Ownership

The true danger of “Synagogue of Satan” is apparent if you rephrase it “School of Satan”. A wicked man does his own evil, but a true diabolist teaches others to do evil. Whether the chumps know they’re students or not.

Today’s example is how they encourage us to destroy our own dreams of home ownership.

.The worst investment you.ll ever make.: Financial guru Grant Cardone says too many Americans are chasing after the dream of homeownership. Here’s what he thinks you should do instead

h ttps://

By Bethan Moorcraft, 13 June 2023

Home ownership will be critical to your survival in the coming years, so much so that the State will do (and has already done) everything it can to thwart your efforts. Homes give you a base of operations, a place to live, to create, to store. Without that, pretty much everything in your life must be rented from others… who, overwhelmingly you’ll notice, are landowners themselves.

In fact, real estate is the PRIMARY form of investment for humanity. Blah blah stock market derivative hedge fund portfolios, but even a moron understands the importance of going HOME at the end of the workday. One of the most fundamental purposes of legitimate government is guaranteeing you ownership of your land. A lack of enforced private land ownership is how any society goes Hutu In Haiti in a hurry.

Homeownership has long been a cornerstone of the American dream. It symbolizes independence, financial security and prosperity . (things we all yearn for) . but is it a dream worth chasing?

If you ask Jesus the Messiah, yes. [Mark 10:29-30] .Truly I tell you,. Jesus replied, .no one who has left home or [family] or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, [family] and fields.along with persecutions.and in the age to come, eternal life.” Jesus understands that homes & fields are as important as families.

Not if you ask real estate investment guru Grant Cardone.

.Buying a home without a doubt is the WORST investment people can make, yet it’s also the most common one,. he wrote in an Instagram post earlier this month.

.Is it because [of] the lack of knowledge people have when it comes to financial education? Or is it just because too many people are trying to fulfill their American dream?.

Whatever the reason, Cardone . who goes by the nickname Uncle G . is on a mission to “change the trajectory.” Here’s what he thinks you should do instead of sinking deep into debt to buy a home.

He moves the goalposts from the indefensible “you shouldn’t own a home” to the easily defensible “you shouldn’t enslave yourself to banksters and hucksters like me”. Also, banksters and hucksters like YOU, if you take his imminent investment advice.

Dissing homeownership is bold coming from a man who made his millions by investing in real estate . but Cardone has his reasons, which he shared in that Instagram post.

Yes, he has his reasons for committing blatant hypocrisy.

No, he didn’t share them with us… us students.

He gave the example of spending $576,000 on a home that you keep for 10 years. On top of that huge total, Cardone said you.d also have to pay the following fees over a decade:

    • 12%, or $69,120, in broker fees;

    • 10%, or $57,600, in maintenance fees;

    • 20%, or $115,200, in property taxes; and

    • 70%, or $403,200, to the bank

Those additional costs add up to $645,120 . and when added to the original price of the home ($576,000), brings the total to a staggering $1,221,120.

You still pay the maintenance and property costs by renting. In California, the rental equivalent of a small house is about $4,000 per month… ten years… $480k, so about 80% of that purchase, except you don’t end up with any equity and have a landlord restricting what you can do with “your property”.

You do get to walk away at the drop of a lease, which is advantageous considering how fast the Mayorkas Migrant Express can enrich a neighborhood, but I digress.

Meanwhile, SEVENTY PERCENT to the Big Guy. THAT is why home ownership is often a bad idea. Not because of the concept… because of the malicious gatekeeping by Banksters.

He described the exercise as “dead money. . a term used for an investment that has shown little increase in value or is locked up for a long time with little yield.

.They’re serving a master,. said Uncle G [alias of author Grant Cardone]. .They.ll borrow money from the Bank of America. And then if they can get some more money, they.ll have a little retirement account . [and] that funds Wall Street. This is a big game..

True, but Step Two in living free of a master is owning your own land.

Step One is becoming debt-free. What a surprise that our usurious Elites have done their Damnedest to make the two mutually exclusive.

What Cardone thinks you should do instead

Instead of buying a house, the real estate investment guru says you should rent where you live and use the $100,000 you saved for a down payment to instead invest in real estate that generates passive income.

Look, everybody! “You will own nothing and be happy!”

He advocates for residential real estate, which has managed to maintain its strong fundamentals through the economic turmoil of recent years, while other parts of the commercial real estate sector . like offices, hotels and retail . have struggled.

That’s IMMIVASION odd. Normally, if there’s no IMMIVASION jobs then housing prices IMMIVASION decline.

These days, you don’t even need to buy a rental property outright or deal with the hassles of being a landlord to invest in real estate. Instead you can invest in a residential real estate investment trust (REIT), which are publicly-traded companies that collect rent from tenants and pass that rent to shareholders in the form of regular dividend payments.

…Uncle G said the priority is to generate cash flow . which you can invest and grow over time, until you have enough money to get on the housing ladder without all the financial challenges.

You may also consider crowdfunding platforms . a process championed by Cardone . that allow everyday investors to pool their money to purchase property (or a share of property) as a group.

The O.G. crowdfunding model was… extended families pooling their resources. But today, we’re advanced enough that you can pool resources with random Venezuelans fresh off the bus instead. Pro-tip for white crowdfunding investors: you’re the only guy in the room who wants everybody to benefit, because you’re the only not-racist in the room.

.I just don’t need to own a home on the way up. I need to own assets that pay me on the way up,. he said. “And once I have enough cash flow from the assets, then if I want to go buy a house or a watch or a car, I buy it out of the passive income..

Time was, owning a home in a man’s youth was HOW he worked up. Wife maintained the home (lower maintenance costs), raised the kids (no childcare costs) and cooked healthy food (lower healthcare & food costs) while he paid no more than property taxes and utilities. Additional income streams were typically from his parents (both sets) who gave it gladly because 1. he was going to inherit that money anyway, 2. they wanted their son to succeed and 3. grandkids.

Now in matriarchy, Barbie goes Eat Pray Love in Thai-One-On-Land until she runs out of money then grudgingly settles for a man who managed to succeed despite being disinherited for Barbie’s benefit. It’s like the Parable of the Prodigal Son with the genders corrected.

[Micah 2:1-2]Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds!
At morning’s light they carry it out because it is in their power to do it.

They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them.
They defraud people of their homes, they rob them of their inheritance.

Our rulers are teaching us to price ourselves out of the very home ownership we want via evils such as REITs. They are teaching us to destroy ourselves. This was explicit in the Covid vexxinations, but they also encourage us to commit usury against our neighbor for our passing, material benefit. These are not evils that benefit them, at least, not directly. Or materially.

I wonder if the difference between authoritarian government and totalitarian government can be defined as… the former does evil, but the latter TEACHES evil… and you will be forced to learn.

Mad Genius Matt Mikka Invents the Cordless Tesla, Wonders Why He Didn’t Just Buy A Truck

This little meme is all grown up!

The future is NOW!!!

YouTuber puts gas generator in Tesla so he doesn’t have to plug it in on road trip

h ttps://

By Joe Harker, 8 June 2023

Matt Mikka, who goes by the name Warped Perception on YouTube, last year decided to modify his Tesla and add in a gas generator which could charge up the car while on the move.

He then decided to take his Tesla Model S on an 1,800 mile journey with the self-imposed challenge that he wasn’t allowed to stop off at any electric car charging points along the way.

Mike told Insider he’d spent five years planning the journey, with a year and a half of that occupied by designing the gas generator so it’d fit into his Tesla and charge the batteries.

He figured out how to have his ‘cordless Tesla’ be charging even while parked up, so the battery would be getting juice while on the move and at other times as well.

In the end he made it all the way with his Tesla, making it 1,395 miles further than the car’s recommended range to reach his finish line.

He’s who Charles Lindbergh would have been, if Lindbergh had been a lumbersexual electrician. What lessons did we learn, other than “just buy a hybrid”?

…Matt did have to stop at a gas station along the way to refuel his generator.

He also had to stop his car for around five to six hours a day so the gas generator could charge the battery.

Matt also ran into trouble with the police at one point as he was pulled over for driving too slowly on the highway while trying to cut down on the Tesla’s energy consumption.

On top of that the gas generator is pretty noisy which makes for an annoying factor during a trip, and it’s thirsty enough that any environmental benefit accrued from driving an electric car was wiped out.

In the end, Matt admitted the modified car was ‘basically useless’ as it still needed plenty of time sitting around waiting to be charged up by the gas generator.

Sometimes you’ve got to fail to succeed.

Sometimes you’ve got to drive a Tesla to appreciate a truck.

Clown World Ennui

I haven’t been posting lately because I realized I’m not involved in Current Year. It’s one thing to oppose the Communists, weirdos and assorted Kagan-cult assholes…

…but then you realize that the other side of humanity doesn’t want you, either. The conservatives and Christians don’t want Christ any more than drag queens do.

The WHO just finalized the global digital vaccine passport, one of the final steps before they unleash the next Plandemic. 2020 was just a trial run with a slow-kill benefit; I expect the second plague will be high-lethality and optimized for skin lesions, for best optics in order to terrify the world population into compliance. Whether I’m right or wrong, the second plague WILL happen and no authority figure on the planet is taking even the most basic steps to thwart it.

Conservatives talk politics endlessly while letting Baphomet run their childrens’ schools. I see them pass anti-LGBT laws, but I don’t see them pass anti-LGBT punishments. They aren’t even trying to win. Do they even know what government is for? Not welfare checks.

Elon Musk: “Those people are crazy! They’re a deranged death cult!”

Also Elon Musk: “The FDA just approved trial runs of me putting microchips in your brain.”

And seriously, people, do you think a KENNEDY is going to drain the D.C. Swamp? Stick a fork in those Dominion voting machines, we’re done with democracy. USA is now a satrapy of Tel Aviv. Word. Twenty-seven “Red State” governments now require various oaths of loyalty to Zion. Looking at YOU, Ronnie DeSantis! And Trump’s remarkable 2016 victory becomes less remarkable after you notice he was the bitch of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The BRICS bankers are putting the screws to the Swift bankers, which would thrill me except the Swifts were already planning to destroy the petrodollar. I want to believe Russia-China are sane people, yet unlike 99.99% of today’s human population, I cannot force myself to believe what is obviously a lie.

Perhaps that is why I’m not like the others.

History is over for the next several years. The decisions have all been made, and not all of them by human souls. Whoever wins… the people who refuse to win, or the people who are not allowed to lose… the winner is going to be a feminist, globalist and managed pervert-puppet for occult powers that have existed since Babylon taught mystery cults to the exiled Jews.

Game Over simplifies politics immensely, but not in a way that helps blogging. Nothing I say or do can penetrate the Feminism force fields. I ain’t giving up, but sometimes it’s hard to proceed. Meatspace life feels that way, too.

Men need a plan in order to be mentally healthy. Facing impossible odds? Not a problem for us. Certain death? Was gonna happen anyway. Starvation, incarceration and abandonment in retaliation for non serviam tyrannis? Worth it.

Not knowing what to do, however, is the worst possible fate for a man. It is not our nature to be powerless. Women can handle being powerless, it’s a valuable life skill for a servant, and partly why they never learn to hate tyranny like they should. Meanwhile, a man can be well-fed, comfortably sheltered, and still wither away, if he finds himself with no ability to control his situation. Grillers can huddle up and grill because for the moment, that’s still a choice. They ain’t gonna thrive when the State orders them to stay home and grill.

How to be masculine, is a lost art. I blame the government bans on casual violence.

There’s no shortage of material in Clown World. Gavin Newsom is supporting DeSantis’ ill-considered Presidential aspirations by air-mailing illegal immigrants to himself then false-flagging Ronnie… but election theatre isn’t fun when I’m already going to vote for Biden in 2024. I might even vote for Biden twice. My community organizer hasn’t decided yet.

Anyway, the path is set. I know how this farce ends, in general if not in detail. The Lawful-Evil types will turn against the Chaotic-Evil types, not because they’re Good, but because you can’t have your slaves and murder them, too.

The one thing they’ll agree on, is that Christ is the problem and must be exterminated a la Robespierre. They’ll favor beheadings, also like Robespierre, and as prophesied by God, and as confirmed by the retailer Target’s new Pride Collection line of clothing…

…although many of us will simply starve when locked out of the economy by digital money/passports. Which we saw coming from a decade away but could not prevent. Were not allowed to prevent?

That final martyrdom of the saints will bring the last of God’s Children into salvation. Martyrdom always brings revival, which is one reason God allows it. The people will watch us be hated for our belief in a life after death, then they’ll look at their maggot rations, then they’ll make possibly the first smart choice of their lives, to reject the butchers who mutilated their genitals during childhood. It doesn’t seem a hard choice to me, but welcome to Clown World.

At some point, God will tire of watching us be slaughtered and pull us out, after which the real Doomsday Clock will start a seven-year countdown. I expect that Diane Feinstein will still be in the Senate when that happens.

Plandemic, the Unsold Board Game

I started out as a nerd. Even when I got better, I was never ashamed of my nerdy ways! Board games and wargames were the final masculine holdout against the forces of Woke, holding longer than even pro sports and gendered restrooms, either because we nerds were that dedicated to our hobbies…

…that participatory in our hobbies… those sports-watching Grillers are case studies in learned helplessness…

…or because feminists couldn’t endure us creepy autists with four-digit IQs long enough to thwart our true loves.

It’s victory each way, so HA!

But it didn’t last. We had too much discretionary income to be ignored… income that we possessed, ironically, because we were ignored. Income, and happiness.

There were warning signs, of course. One was Goth chicks infiltrating D&D. Another was vampire LARPs. And another, was the cooperative board game genre.

SJW: “You can win without competing against each other!”

Nerd: “You mean, like, forming military alliances? We’ve already been doing that.”

SJW: “Uh… yeah, except everybody can be on the winning alliance.”

Nerd: “You mean, like, adventuring parties? We’ve already been doing that.”

SJW: “Why are you creeps making this hard? It’s… uh… imagine if everybody gets to be a winner, AND there are no bad guys.”

Nerd: “You cannot tell a story without conflict. The seven literary elements are plot, tone, theme, setting, conflict, characters and point of view. No conflict means you have, at best, an open-world setting in which the plot is as constrained as a railroad locomotive.”

SJW: “Nerd!”

Nerd: “Yes, we are nerds here. Hello!”

SJW: “Maybe if I show you an example…”

Nerd: “Okay, that makes sense now. It’s a board game in which the plot is curing a global pandemic, the characters you play are various medical specialists, the setting is modern planet Earth, the theme is man versus nature, the point of view is third-person omniscient, and the tone is… um…”

SJW: “Climate change. Err, I mean, everybody cooperates and there’s no loser.”

Nerd: “But the disease loses, correct?”

Pandemic the board game was released in 2008, so it was unlikely to be a gloat regarding Covid. You play one of several medical specialists from researchers to dispatchers, and the goal is to cure 4 plagues spreading across the planet before too many cities die. Because nobody plays a bad guy and you can win ONLY be playing as a team, it was called a “cooperative” board game.

That word ‘ONLY’ distinguishes it from other games that allow varying levels of cooperation on your personal road to victory. Diplomacy, for example.

h ttps://

Diplomacy is a strategic board game created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954 and released commercially in the United States in 1959. Its main distinctions from most board wargames are its negotiation phases (players spend much of their time forming and betraying alliances with other players and forming beneficial strategies) and the absence of dice and other game elements that produce random effects. Set in Europe in the years leading to the Great War…

Diplomacy was the first commercially published game to be played by mail (PBM); only chess, which is in the public domain, saw significant postal play earlier. Diplomacy was also the first commercially published game to generate an active hobby scene with amateur fanzines; only science-fiction, fantasy and comics fandom saw fanzines earlier.

Sure, you can ally with your neighbor, but you better have a good reason for trusting him to not betray you.

Pandemic was a huge success, particularly with women, as I noticed at the time. Which was fine, women can enjoy games too, but the faint odor of participation award left me disinterested. Besides, the industry had already released the cooperative game Arkham Horror that was more my style.

SJW: “Want to try a game?”

Nerd: “Sure!” sits down at the table “As the designated quarantine expert, I immediately stop all air travel to China and Southeast Asia.”

SJW: “Um… you aren’t allowed to prevent migration.”

Nerd: “But quarantine is the first step in preventing any disease from spreading, and most global plagues come from East Asia.”

SJW: “You are totally overthinking this. You racist.”

Nerd: “I’m a nerd, not a racist. Remember our chat a moment ago? Meanwhile, when does herd immunity kick in? There should be a chance for regions to overcome the disease without international government intervention.”

SJW: “Just play the game. You can change stuff afterwards.”

Game gets played.

Nerd: “Okay, yeah, that was fun. You’re totally on to something here! I’ll just make a couple minor changes…”

h ttps://

Pandemic: Contagion is a card-based version of the game, first released at Spiel 2014, that puts players in the role of the diseases and, unlike in the base game, the players do not cooperate. The object of the game is to eradicate the human race by spreading infections.

Nerd: “FUN!!!”

SJW: “That was as fun as executing homosexuals for blasphemy against God.”

Nerd: “I know, right?”

SJW: “How about a nice game of Climate Change?”

Bored game: New woke game asks players representing US, Chinese governments to work cooperatively to solve climate change

h ttps://

By Cortney Weil, 31 May 2023

A new board game that will soon hit the market asks players representing otherwise opposing global superpowers to work cooperatively to solve climate change.

The new game, Daybreak, was developed by Matteo Menapace and Matt Leacock, the same designers who created the hit game Pandemic in 2008. In 2020, when interest in Pandemic returned because of COVID-19, Menapace and Leacock once again joined forces to develop a game that would “explore systemic, high-impact solutions to the climate crisis” without being “preachy,” Menapace wrote in a blog post last September.

I won’t say that Pandemic was an intentional effort to discourage masculine competition in favor of Narrative agendas… but /eye roll/ this is my shocked face. It’s almost like a certain personality type will inevitably reach a certain destination.

The result of their efforts is Daybreak, a game that, according to its website, “presents an optimistic vision of the near future, where you and your friends get to build the mind-blowing technologies and resilient societies we need to decarbonize the world.”

In Daybreak, which was originally called Climate Crisis, players act as a governmental power representing various countries or regions in the world, including the U.S., China, and the European Union, though other, less wealthy areas are also represented as well. “The last thing we want is for people to be treating their populations of vulnerable folks as hitpoints, or things to trade off, or resources,” Leacock said.

Because it would be too honest? “Humanity shall be limited to 500M headcount” was on the Georgia Guidestones, remember? Existing populations aren’t even hitpoints, they’re liabilities.

The only two things you need to know about Climate Change, are 1. you must make government-directed sacrifices today in return for a better tomorrow, and 2. tomorrow never comes.

Player-governments then negotiate with one another to reduce greenhouse emissions. Should one government-player achieve net-zero emissions, that player is the winner, but if one government-player has too many communities in crisis, everyone loses. In addition to carbon levels, all government-players share one other common enemy: time. Once time expires, the game is over.

How does that not create a hostage situation? If there’s five players then you have a 20% chance to win… or with a simple change in strategy, a 100% chance to not lose. At least, to not lose worse than anybody else.

Not having played the game, I cannot answer. Hmm… nobody else has played the game, either. It’s still in development.

Thus, Daybreak encourages player-governments to team up and work cooperatively for the good of the whole planet. “Each one of these powers has different abilities,” Leacock explained. “… You’ve got this global responsibility to figure out how to contribute in some way.”

[GunnerQ imagines those different abilities]

China can ignore all treaty-imposed carbon limits.

The United States can replace the real-life players at the game table.

The European Union has no player, automatically accepts every offered negotiation and never acts on its own initiative. Competing foreign demands cancel each other on a 1-for-1 basis.

All wars are carbon-neutral if they benefit Israel.

If time runs out then Africa wins. Africa cannot win any other way.

“The United States may be very good at research and development,” Leacock said. “China may have better control over its economy . direct control . and so on.”

But even though the game includes adversarial superpowers like the U.S. and China, it still encourages them to work cooperatively, seemingly turning player-governments into quasi-globalists. “I think that it’s an important message to get across with the game, that people really do have to cooperate,” Leacock said. “That just looking at it through this nationalistic, zero sum lens is not going to get us anywhere.”

That’s a design flaw. The game’s governments can be called literally anything, right? So, if using their existing names is problematic with players then just call China “Buddha Land” or “Eastasia”, or something. (Hmm, maybe not Eastasia, either.)

But they won’t change it. They can’t. They must be seen supporting the Narrative. The Narrative doesn’t want Cydonia and Olympus Mons cooperating to terraform the environment of Mars. The Narrative wants Climate Change forced upon the existing national governments, and peoples, of the world.

This game Daybreak is meant to be a morality play of Totalist victory upon specifically named enemies of the State, and the proof is in the choice of conflict: you, versus ‘everybody who wants to be left alone’.

“In Pandemic, players easily assumed that the diseases were naturally occurring, universal threats… never mind that four such diseases appear & spread at the exact same time, with no single points of origin… but in Daybreak, not all players easily assume that humanity must be enslaved to a world government preaching an impossible utopian vision in order to justify its massive social and economic cruelties. We blame White-recorded history for misinforming them and are silencing our critics as quickly as we can. IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! REAL COMMUNISM HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED! TURN IN YOUR GUNS ALREADY OR THE PLANET GETS IT!”

“Matt, you’re doing the hostage thing again.”

In true woke fashion, Leacock and Menapace are still attempting to make Daybreak even more inclusive. To that end, they are asking “folks who have experience in climate advocacy, policy, science, engineering, art, or games” . especially folks “based or rooted in the Global South” . to become part of their team.

In true Woke fashion, Peacock and Menopause are selling their utopian product before it exists, because it’s never going to. I tried to find images of the game board and such, but all I’m finding… even on the designers’ dedicated web site… is the year 2020 concept box art. Which is every bit as ground-breaking and creative, as the scientists who are so close to inventing pocket-sized clean nuclear fusion power plants that they’ve already green-lit the planned destruction of all hydrocarbon & nuclear infrastructures that exist outside of their paymasters’ control.

Making climate change look good is such a hard a sell that, after three years of selling it, Peacock and Menopause are begging Africa for help.

And for good reason.