Cuck Of the Year 2020

An exceptional year deserves an exceptional submission! What’s a man to do when he’s forced to choose between telling his wife No and telling a random server girl No? It’s an inverted love triangle between the wife of his dreams and the waitress whose name he can’t remember!

AITA for telling our server she had a beautiful scalp at my wife’s birthday dinner?

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By Asshole, 24 November 2020

Let’s call him “Bub”.

This happened before the coronavirus was a thing in case you’re wondering. Obviously right now we’re staying in as much as possible and supporting local business through take out and delivery.

He’s off to a strong start by signaling irrelevant virtues!

So this was over a year ago and my wife won’t let it go. I’m looking for some external input. I took my wife to our favorite local spot for her birthday. Everything was good as usual, but we had a server neither of us had seen before with a somewhat striking appearance: she was completely bald. Normally I wouldn’t say anything about something like that because I’m afraid of being rude, but toward the end of the dinner the server made a joke about she and I having the same haircut (I.m bald).

Motivation by fear. I wouldn’t have said anything in that situation because I don’t want fugly feminists spitting in my food. Motivation by hygiene.

I said something along the lines of, .I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m curious. Are you bald by choice?. It turns out she was, which was a great relief to me since I didn’t want to pry into it if she was sick or involuntary bald for some reason.

Cuck confirmed! If she’d been “involuntarily bald” then noticing would have been an insult, but “voluntary bald” is beautiful!

She was more than happy to talk about it and told me all about how she.d always loved bald heads and wanted to try it. She said she got positive feedback and just kept her head shaved. I told her I loved that and I thought women could look very beautiful bald even though it’s not something you see often. I told her she had a great head shape for it…

“Head shape”? Seriously?

…and joked about offering razor recommendations. It was light conversation and that was the end of it.

The waitress shaved her head because she’s past the Slut Event Horizon and possibly a transsexual. She brought it up because she wanted validation that cutting her hair off had been a good idea, which it NEVER IS!! Women, DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR! Any man who says the chemotherapy look is good for women is a lying pussy-beggar.

For the rest of the meal my wife was silent. I could tell something was wrong. When we got to the car, there was a moment of pause between us and I asked if something was wrong. She replied, “Are we going to stop at Walgreens and pick up some clippers?. I asked her what she meant and she said obviously since I was enthralled with our server’s shaved head she had to do something to win her husbands attention back. I was “blatantly” flirting with our server, apparently. It spiraled into a huge fight with my wife accusing me of wanting to experiment with an exotic-looking woman because I was tired of my boring old wife.

For once, I totally understand a woman’s side of the argument. She works on her hair, tries to be pretty, then THIS shows up…

…and gets a compliment & flirting from him!

I can’t deny that in the moment, I probably looked like I was flirting with our server. It was not intentional, but I guess I realize how it could’ve seemed inappropriate at my wife’s birthday dinner. I did find her attractive…

No. NO, Bub. She was NOT attractive. She was BALD.

…but my wife will always come first. I’m attracted to her and I love her. That’s why I married her. Even now she makes little references like .I guess I’m not as interesting as a bald goddess. or “Does this look good on me or do I need to show some scalp?.

So am I the asshole for this? I just want things to be okay. I’ve tried apologizing but nothing will stop it.

That’s the problem, Bub. You wanted to be nice to everybody. When a waitress tried to fish a compliment out of you for the way she mutilated her natural beauty, you gave it while your wife glared in fully justified frustration. The proper response was, “You look ugly. Baldness is only for men. Do you even try anymore?” But that required telling a woman No, now didn’t it?

(Pro-tip, it also requires your food to be delivered first. For hygiene’s sake, y’know.)

And that’s why Bub’s marriage has been rocky for a year now. He hasn’t found a way to validate his wife caring about her appearance that doesn’t in-validate his validation of a waitress who defiantly did NOT care about her appearance. We must defend muh’Lady’s honor! but which Lady? My wife or that one waitress from last year? Don’t make me choose!

But wait, there’s more!

EDIT: I’m starting to see people making comments that seem to indicate it is never okay to talk about balding in public. I reject this completely. I did not bring this up out of nowhere; the topic came up when the server pointed out (in a jovial fashion) that she and I had the same haircut. It was a brief conversation with zero negative or uncomfortable vibes, and when we left I said bye to the server and she pointed at her head and gave me a little thumbs up. I get the feeling we would’ve got along well as friends. So this isn’t the issue.

“I love you AND I want to be friends with her!”

EDIT 2: Good grief you guys, let me clear something up. My wife is 25 and I am 24. The server looked older than both of us, probably early 30s.

Right on schedule for the Epiphany phase.

So anything saying in flirting with a younger woman is wrong. Also my wife suggested I don’t find her attractive anymore which is completely wrong. Why would I marry someone I didn’t think was capital H O T?? She’s plenty attractive.

Is female baldness attractive to men, yes or no? Yes: your wife shaves herself bald for you. Cue impotence in the marriage bed. No: That waitress you saw one time last year will be sad when she reaches Heaven and finds out you didn’t mean it.

I.m reading everything you’re sending and it’s split down the middle as far as I can tell. All I can tell you is please read carefully. No one was trapped in a conversation with me they didn’t want. As I said the server got my attention as we were leaving. Do you get the attention of people you’re glad are almost out the door? Also I don’t remember the conversation down to the last detail but it was maybe a minute tops. Hope this gives things a little more clarity.

EDIT 3: Lmao yall I see my post got tagged. I don’t know if that means they counted or what but I guess what I.ll do is apologize to my wife in a more formal way and see if she.ll tell me why she’s been bringing this up over and over.

Train wrecks are not salvaged with flowers.

She doesn’t even seem mad anymore really, it’s just coming up every time she talks to me it seems like. And I never addressed it but I already apologized sincerely right after this happened last year. And again numerous times. I don’t know how I can do it any better.

Also yall are ridiculous! I got two messages saying I should get divorced by her immediately and one person said it was evidence of some kind of crime and I should be in jail! Yall I can’t with that one, but thanks to everyone who gave me reasonable input. I guess when this many people see a post I’m gonna get a few unhinged people. I will make a update if I ever get to a solution if this sub is okay with that.

Can anybody propose a solution for Bub? One that won’t require him to be honest or tell a woman No?

Happy Turkey Slaughter Day 2020

To all my readers, a happy Thanksgiving! May this weekend give you the opportunity to enjoy what our struggles are all about: family, friends, good food and a release from our labors in a home where we’re welcome.

And also, if you live in Los Angeles, the opportunity to enjoy the sight outside your window of the neighborhood Karen eating a cold vegan sandwich alone in the winter dark, consoling her own rejection of family with the hope that Winnie the Flu will punish our joy. “Where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth,” as Scripture put it.

I saw a lot of RVs while coming down to stay with family. Way more than usual. Maybe they’re doing that to social distance but I don’t see people buying such expensive, high-maintenance toys for one-time use. Since sales have been high for months, I’m more inclined to believe people are going off-grid before Governor Gavin Gruesome beats them to the goal.

I looked into purchasing one myself. Seems like a useful thing to have when the end of the world is not only nigh but public policy. During the due-diligence research, however, I was advised they’re best for handymen who can make their own small repairs. That would be hard for me so maybe I’ll upgrade my camping gear instead.

The rest stops along California highways are open which surprised me. I ate a sandwich at one for lunch, no hope of dine-in so why not do a picnic? About 2/3 of the people wore masks. I traded a few knowing nods with the men who didn’t. Interesting times are coming.

But first, the holidays. I’m not as fat as I’m going to be!

Manufacturing Cop Crime

As Instapundit often says, the demand for hate crimes outstrips the supply. While everybody knows that cops routinely hunt & murder innocent blacks for sport in broad daylight, details of such behavior are so inexplicably hard to find that Netflix has begun producing them.

Directors Say Their Netflix Movie “Cops and Robbers. Made for Black Victims of Police Violence “Just for Being Themselves.

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By Alana Mastrangelo, 24 November 2020

And just in time for Christmas, too! Move over, Charlie Brown!

Netflix is releasing an animated movie called Cops and Robbers, which it’s directors say was made for all of the black people who’ve been “victims of police violence and other injustices just for being themselves..

The animated short was directed by Arnon Manor and Timothy Ware-Hill, who say that they made the film .for all the Black men, women and children who have been victims of racial profiling, police violence, loss of life and other injustices just for being themselves..

…yet can’t find the evidence to prove it actually happened.

The animated movie was inspired by the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was shot and killed in Brunswick, Georgia, in February. Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis, were arrested in May and charged with the murder of Arbery.

.You do not see [black vulnerability] a lot…


…and that for me was important because it humanizes black men. It also humanizes black people and marginalized communities,. said actress Jada Pinkett Smith of Cops and Robbers. .We can talk about the issues, but if you don’t feel, if you don’t really see and understand that and see that there’s nothing to fear . we are human and we bleed just like you,. said Pinkett Smith, who interviewed Manor and Ware-Hill.

Wanna see some black vulnerabilities? Of course you do.


Jada Pinkett Smith Says She ‘Often’ Considered Suicide: ‘Mental Health Is a Daily Practice’

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By Stephanie Petit, 12 June 2018

The star has often spoken about her life as a drug dealer after growing up in the tough area of Cherry Hill in Baltimore.

.I grew up in a drug-infested neighborhood where you walk out each day and you just hope that you make it. I came from a war zone,. she told the Mail on Sunday in 2012. .I.ll never forget seeing a friend of mine on the street in Cherry Hill and him calling my name, .Jada!. And I’m like, “All right, Meaty.. I go and see my other friend and then hear .phat, phat, phat. and I come out and he’s dead in the street..

Her first Alpha ghost actually was a ghost.

She added, .There was a possibility that I wouldn’t make it past 21 . that was the reality. When I turned 40, it was a surreal moment because I had never imagined reaching 40..

How did she get that messed up?

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Regarding Jada’s response to all of this, she said she remembered some of those abusive moments. .I knew that my mother and my father had a very violent relationship early on,. the actress explained.

According to Banfield, he was never violent like that when he was sober. He had to be in an “altered state,. as she put it. And the culprit was alcoholism. Jones described her mindset at the time, stating that she believed it was love.

I heard NO excuse for drug-dealing.

[URL withheld]

Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed she’s battled several vices in her life . like an addiction to sex. Smith, 46, opened up about her issues during her latest Red Table Talk on Facebook.

“I had a sex addiction of some kind, yes, that everything could be fixed by sex. You know what I’m saying?. she asked the roundtable guests, which included her mom, Adrienne Banfield Norris, husband Will Smith’s youngest sister, Ashley Marie, and special guest August Alsina.

She talked about her sex addictions in public while seated next to her mother? This time, I am NOT asking “where’s Daddy”.

This isn’t the first time Smith has been open about her sex life. In a 2017 interview on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, The Girls Trip actress addressed rumours she and Will are swingers.

.Yo, I wish!. that were true, she joked at the time.

You now know why she liked this “Cops and Robbers” movie.

End segue

The Matrix 4 star, who noted that she helped get the short onto Netflix, talked about Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes. contribution to the film with her performance of the song, .Soon I Will Be Done,. claiming that the song helps people feel compassion for black people that are dying.

Dying over turf wars in the street.

.Having her amazing voice and contribution solidifies and amplifies the messaging I was talking about before with emotion,. said Pinkett Smith. .It’s like there’s a splitting headache heart that hammers down any walls around a person’s heart and pride and ignorance..

.There’s that extra component to help whatever the wall or the block might be that stops somebody from understanding or relating or having compassion around the idea that African American people are dying at the hands of cops,. she added. .The song and Brittany just added that component to help pierce and get to the deeper compassion of the issue..

“She sings so well that lil’ Dewon must be innocent! Does she dance?” “She deals drugs in Baltimore.”

Pinkett Smith added that while “police brutality is nothing new,. Americans are now “watching executions on television” because people are taking videos with their cellphones and posting them to social media.

.We are watching executions on television, which is mind blowing. We are watching young men and young women gunned down on live TV and people are in the streets recording it,. the Gotham star said. .We’ve heard about it before and it would get written up, but now you have the visuals that make it real. We get to see it and that’s the difference. You can look at it and see for yourself what’s happening..

Now that Netflix is literally manufacturing outrage over how cops treat blacks… yes, I suppose you can.

On that note, the synopsis!

h ttps://

Judging by Ilinca Calugareanu’s .A Cops and Robbers Story,. the NYPD wouldn’t know a good PR move if it shot them in the back.

You want a mulligan to rephrase that with?

No, Illinca does not want a mulligan. I will assume the gender “female”.

Calugareanu.s follow-up to “Chuck Norris vs Communism” introduces us to retired NYPD Commander Corey Pegues, whose biography should be a testament to what’s possible in this country, and not a shameful illustration of why so many American lives don’t get the second acts they deserve. The long and short of it is that Pegues grew up on the mean streets of South Queens during the crack boom of the 1980s, and found himself slinging rock on the corner outside of the neighborhood bodega by the time he was a teenager.

INNOCENTLY slinging crack cocaine! It could have happened to anybody, really.

But that was never really his scene. Raised in a family of strong women who nicknamed him “Booby” and gave him shit whenever he tried to deny his inner softness, Pegues just did what he had to do in order to survive.

Well, the black community is writing what they know. That’s good as far as it goes.

That meant acting hard, joining up with the Supreme Team . the notorious gang that ran the neighborhood drug trade at the time . and ultimately risking his freedom for a little street cred after some other hood muscled him off his spot. Pegues went to kill the guy, but he didn’t know how to rack the slide of his stolen pistol, and the gun jammed. Twice.

Speaking of writing screenplays, blacktivists, it’s traditional to use the introduction of the protagonist to make him appear sympathetic, somebody that the audience can identify with… oh.

Carry on.

So he ran. First he ran off the block, and when he got to the end of the street he just kept running until he found himself in the military. By the time he made his way back to Queens a few years later, he wasn’t running from the police; he was wearing their uniform.

You’re welcome, Pegasus… Pegues? You fucked up your life then Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children put you back on the straight & narrow with an honorable discharge and legit street rep. Let’s hope it took.

But none of Pegues. fellow officers knew how strange it must have been for him to put on the blue every morning, and throughout his illustrious 21 years of public service, Pegues never told them. He kept his criminal past secret, as he had every right to do.

Um, no. That’s employment under false pretenses, an instant termination even in the civilian world. Why would he even hide it? “I did some drugs as a kid then got my act together and served in the military.” That’s respectable.

He put his head down, rose up the ranks in spite of undisguised racism at every turn, and used his personal experience to help make policing more humane.

Which is it? Did white man keep a brutha down or did they give him the promotions he deserved?

To judge by Calugareanu’s film, which runs 77 minutes without credits and doesn’t leave enough room for the nuance this story needs…

The entire Star Whores trilogy didn’t have enough room for the nuance to polish turds of this magnitude.

…Pegues never abused his power. The guy is a noble character, but he might be the first to admit that cops . even retired ones who shared their life stories after leaving the force and made enemies of their former colleagues in the process . have a greater burden of proof these days, and that onus extends to any filmmakers who strive to paint them in a positive light.

Police already wear bodycameras for their every waking moment. We see that Netflix is manufacturing the Narrative that they mysteriously can’t justify in real life, that police deserve to be defunded etc.

Let me say that a different way, just for comparison: Netflix is manufacturing false memories with which to justify the SJWs’ preexisting hate. And the SJWs are okay with intentionally adopting false memories if the Narrative requires it.

I hope I’m wrong… but then, why did they make this movie?

One of the film’s more effusive passages finds its subject recounting the day when, having been promoted to an instructor, he showed a training video about local crime to a class of rookie cops. His heart skipped a beat when his old friends started appearing on screen, and Pegues started to panic that someone might see him in the background.

HAHAHA! Let’s save that one for the inevitable Police Academy remake!

Oh wait, this IS the remake. Fracking year 2020, I tell ya.

His residual fear remains palpable, and we can understand how frustrating it must have been to feel like he couldn’t discuss a part of his life that civilians would understand as the first act of an inspirational trajectory (even Pegues. childhood friends are proud of him to some degree, which is all the more affecting given that some of them never managed to get out of the game). And yet even with all we’ve come to know about police culture, it’s still jarring to see the world of shit that Pegues stepped into when he finally spoke his truth.

That he’s a drug dealer wanted for attempted murder, a past he’s never been honest about nor left behind? …No, he wrote a book. “My Struggle”?

Calugareanu is broadly able to convey the extent of the NYPD.s response . the anger, the misplaced feelings of betrayal, the refusal to learn from Pegues. empathic approach to policework . but .A Cops and Robbers Story. is so eager to get to the part where Pegues starts promoting his book that it skitters over how it felt to have his decades of suspicions come true as the system crashed down around him.

Whistleblowing is one thing. Publishing a book complaining about your coworkers’ behavior is another. Especially if you still have the job. Especially if you’re their supervisor.

Some local news footage and a belligerent letter from the police union fail to provide sufficient dimension for the danger that Pegues invited upon himself, and Calugareanu seems uninterested in probing him for how the NYPD.s response may have complicated his thoughts on the corrupt law enforcement agency that gave him a lifeline when he needed it most.

Even when the blacktivists hate on us, they admit that we treat them better than they deserve. I was not expecting to say anything positive about Madame SocJus’ propaganda.

That Pegues. daughter became a cop is only mentioned in passing at the very end of the film, as is his mantra that he “loves police, but just hates bad police.” The agonized inner conflict that shapes his perspective is worthy of a documentary of its own, but .A Cops and Robbers Story. remains on the outside looking in. The dramatizations that Calugareanu uses to bring Pegues. teen years to life are erratic, and even stranger for how strong, vivid, and well-acted they are . think Sundance breakthrough, not The History Channel.

Eww. Sundance is Perv Row for NAMBLA.

Perhaps if she had taken the same approach to Pegues. adult years, her film would have amounted to something more honest than just a good story well told. But it’s also a story that the NYPD doesn’t want you to see, and at the end of the day that’s enough to make it worth watching.

Methinks it’s a story that the NYPD wants a jury to see. This sounds like a slam-dunk defamation case.

Let’s see if a protest chants “Justice for Pegues!” in 2021. Whoa, Gunner, hold on there! Year 2020 ain’t over yet.

Senator Feinstein Gets Punished For Barrett Confirmation

She’s not dead yet, merely embalmed a la Ginsberg, but the end of Diane Feinstein’s twenty-eight-year reign of Marxist Feminism is approaching.

After criticism, Sen. Feinstein will not seek leadership role on Judiciary Committee

h ttps://

By AP, 23 November 2020

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Monday she will step down from her role as the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, giving up the powerful spot after public criticism of her bipartisan outreach and her handling of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings.

Notice the headline of this article was, shall we say, “gently phrased”.

Feinstein, 87, said in a statement that she would not seek the position in the next Congress. She did not say why, but said she would instead focus on wildfire and drought issues and the effects of climate change, which are important in her home state.

“I’m leaving to spend more time with my family,” is what Republicans say in this situation.

She plans to continue to serve on the Judiciary, Appropriations and intelligence panels, but said she will not seek the role of top Democrat on any of those committees.

.I will continue to do my utmost to bring about positive change in the coming years,. she said in the statement. She has held the post since 2017.

Feinstein, first elected in 1992, has been a powerful force in the Democratic Party and is the former chairwoman of the intelligence panel. She has not shied from bipartisanship even as both parties have become increasingly polarized.

Oh, come on. That “bipartisanship” only ever went one way.


h ttps://

Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court, is already under attack by left-wing politicians and activists, but the outpouring of support for Barrett is also surfacing, including a professor of law at her alma mater, the University of Notre Dame.

O. Carter Snead wrote an oped in the Washington Post on Saturday titled, .I’ve known Amy Coney Barrett for 15 years. Liberals Have Nothing to Fear..

You might notice that Snead was discussed in my previous post, advocating a new bioethics for making the totalitarian Plandemic permanent despite whether it’s technically justifiable.

In his op-ed, Snead shared his experience with Barrett’s humanity, including while she was a professor at Notre Dame:

“A few years ago, a blind student matriculated as a first-year law student at Notre Dame. Upon arrival, she encountered delays in getting the technological support she needed to carry out her studies. After only a few days in Barrett’s class, the student asked her for advice. Barrett’s response was “This is no longer your problem. It is my problem.” Barrett followed up with university administration herself, got the student what she needed, and then mentored her for three years. That student just completed her service as the first blind female Supreme Court clerk in U.S. history.”

. Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) September 26, 2020

Care-based morality. Virtue-signaling.

Snead began his commentary by noting that many of his “progressive friends” are undone by having a conservative woman replace a revered liberal judge.

“She was appointed by DRUMPF!!!!”

.But I have known Barrett as a friend and colleague for more than 15 years,. Snead wrote. “And I can assure worried liberals that there is nothing about the prospect of a Justice Barrett that should cause them to fear..

Snead then detailed the things liberals should not fear, including her intellect: .She has an incandescent mind that has won the admiration of colleagues across the ideological spectrum..

Moreover, Snead cited Barrett’s “remarkable” humility. Snead wrote:

Time and again, I have seen her gently reframe a colleague’s arguments to make them stronger, even when she disagreed with them. And she is not afraid to change her own mind in the search for the truth, as I have seen in several of our faculty seminars. Such open-mindedness is exactly what we want of our judges . and what we can expect Barrett to bring to the Supreme Court, because that is who she has always been.

Snead also claimed . despite the attacks by some, including members of the U.S. Senate . that there is “no need to fear Barrett’s faith..

.To the contrary, her commitment to treating others with respect grows directly out of her religious convictions,. Snead wrote.

And Snead noted a remark about Barrett by someone from Ginsburg’s chamber.

[They] affirmed that Barrett is “not at all ideological” and believes that she will “try as hard as anyone can to bracket the views she has as she decides cases,.. Snead wrote.

That’s a lot of red flags for ACB. So, the insiders vetted her and decided that she’d be acceptable for Team Feminist. Feinstein proceeded to pretend bipartisanship. But in the process, she got viewed by her people’s extremists as

TRUMP SUPPORTER! Swarm swarm swarm!

End segue

That tension came to a head at the hearings for Barrett, when Feinstein closed out the proceedings with an embrace for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., publicly thanking the chairman for a job well done. Democrats had fiercely opposed Barrett’s nomination to replace the late liberal icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrats not including Feinstein.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat, has expressed interest in the Judiciary post. Durbin is third in seniority after Feinstein and Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, who is expected to remain as top Democrat on the powerful Appropriations committee.

A spokeswoman for Durbin did not have immediate comment. But his office has said there is nothing in Democratic caucus rules that blocks him form serving in his leadership post and also as the top Democrat on Judiciary.


h ttps://

Judge Amy Coney Barrett stood up to hostile questioning on Wednesday morning by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) about her dissent in the Kanter v. Barr case last year, after he falsely claimed that she had described the right to vote as “secondary.”

Durbin began by challenging Barrett’s claim to follow the text of the law and the Constitution. .You style yourself an originalist, textualist, factualist, whatever the term is,. he said, before asking her if the president could, theoretically, delay the election.

Barrett cited the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, but said that she could not answer hypothetical questions.

Durbin then tried turning to Barrett’s dissent in Kanter. He implied that Barrett had done a poor job the day before in explaining her opinion, referring to her responses to questions from Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) about her view of voting rights . .in an attempt to rehabilitate the witness,. Durbin sneered.

Kanter was a case involving a convicted non-violent felon challenging a law that prevented him from owning a firearm.

As Breitbart News has previously explained in a fact check, while both the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and the Fourteenth Amendment right to vote are fundamental, the text of the latter explicitly allows states to limit the right.

In her dissent in Kanter, Barrett cited existing precedents . including D.C. v. Heller (2008) . that define the right to keep and bear arms as an “individual” right, while the right to vote or to serve on a jury is a “civic” right.

So, Durbin is “considering” the role with the approval of the Trump Derangement crowd.

End segue

.This has been one of the best set of hearings that I’ve participated in,. Feinstein said at the end of the hearing.

Those actions put her immediately in the crosshairs of some influential liberals who had been questioning for some time whether she was right for the job.

.It.s time for Sen. Feinstein to step down from her leadership position on the Senate Judiciary Committee,. said Brian Fallon, the executive director of Demand Justice, which opposes conservative nominees to the courts. .If she won’t, her colleagues need to intervene..

ACB isn’t conservative even by the Left’s own people so this is totally about TDS.

Feinstein also irked some of her fellow Democrats at Barrett’s first confirmation hearing, in 2017 for an appeals court, when she said that Barrett’s opposition to abortion must be rooted in her religion and questioned if it would influence her rulings on the bench, saying the “dogma lives loudly within you..

Republicans seized on the phrase, saying it was offensive to Catholics. The backlash helped Barrett rise in the ranks of Supreme Court hopefuls.

Some Leftists still consider themselves Catholic. Well, Protestantism isn’t hurrying to clean up its own messes, either.

In a statement, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he was “grateful for Senator Feinstein’s leadership and contributions to our caucus and country. in the Judiciary post.

Feinstein.s .experience, decades-long relationship with President-elect Biden, and leadership on so many issues will continue to be an asset for our caucus, California, and the country as we begin a new term with the new president,. said Schumer, D-N.Y.

And the horse you rode in on. I don’t fancy Feinstein’s reelection chances the next time around.

Doesn’t it suck to have your name on a list, Diane? Especially when you’ve done nothing to deserve being on the list in the first place?

Theologians Don’t Know What It Means To Be Human

It was my coworker’s turn to spin the radio dial. He chose NPR as always. It was a segment on science’s progress to reproduce humans without the need for sex. Conversation ensued.

Me: “Trust a scientist to take the fun out of sex. Why would anybody want to do that?”

Him: “Look at it this way. Science can already create an egg from your skin cells. With this, you could have your own baby!”

Me: “NO, I could NOT EVER.”

Him: *silent shrug*

I may not be much of a Red Pill-dispensing evangelist but I know True Evil when I see it. It looks like Elites literally breeding themselves because they are THAT full of hateful, arrogant scorn for Normies.

And when the Normies fail to connect dots this obvious… “we can now ban sex entirely because self-reproduction is available to the superwealthy!”… a nasty part of me wonders if the Elites have a valid point. I don’t let it out because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

The lack of fear of God is the beginning of… bioethics?

The problem with talking about right and wrong

h ttps://

By John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera, 23 November 2020

The problem with talking about right and wrong is that it’s time not spent talking about good and evil.

Perhaps the most helpful framework I know of in wrestling with moral issues comes from T.S. Eliot. Before we can know what to do with something, we must know what that something is for. For example, before we decide what we should do with human life (whether we should take it, make it, or remake it), we should know what human life is for.

A regularly featured poster on a Christian news website just said WHAT? Me, I use Genesis 1:1a for a moral framework: “In the beginning, God CREATED…”

The opposing sides of contemporary debates around bioethics, i.e. abortion, doctor-assisted suicide, in-vitro fertilization, and other assisted reproductive technologies, often proceed from very different beliefs about what it means to be human and, therefore, what it means for humans to flourish.

There are two such beliefs. The humanists believe that human life is a freak accident that means nothing, a question asked by birth and answered by death, valuable only for the wealth and spawn it produces. The devout believe that God created humanity to behave in certain ways that would honor Him as Our Father.

There is no debate about abortion. It is capital murder. There is no debate about doctor-assisted suicide. It is the purest violation possible of the Hippocratic Oath. Pick a second and seppuku if you must, but don’t task the maintainers of human life with culling it. In-vitro is no problem unless you create multiple embryos expecting to kill the ‘surplus’, at which point you’re back at abortion.

That took me one paragraph. This upcoming hack needed a book just to begin:

That, in essence, is the very important argument made by Notre Dame Professor O. Carter Snead in his new book What It Means to Be Human, which was recently called “the most important book of moral philosophy so far this century” by public intellectual Yuval Levin.

Israeli-born Jew with a PhD in Social Thought.

Snead is a bioethicist and professor of Political Science. No Christian background in either of them.

It’s obvious this post is an op-ad rather than an op-ed. Regardless, the concept of bioethics has been on my mind since that conversation with a coworker who can’t tell his left hand from his right, morally speaking.

I’m making progress, however. When we first met, he thought he was a Catholic. He is now more honest in his unbelief.

Our laws and policies and debates about beginning and end-of-life technologies are proceeding these days, says Snead, without a shared or articulated vision of “what it means to be human.” Or, to use T.S. Eliot’s framework, we are greenlighting incredible technologies and freedoms about how to begin life and how to end life without a foundation for understanding what humans are for.

Oh, no no no. We aren’t charting new territory here. Only new tools. The hubris that goes into violating the natural order to secure immortality has been around since the Pharaohs were entombed with their retainers and wealth.

Absent any official conversation, contemporary bioethics merely assumes the dominant cultural narrative about human existence: That we are autonomous individuals living in moral isolation from everything and everyone. As Snead profoundly argues, “everything” includes our own bodies.

Food for the stomach and the stomach for food… God had something to say about that two thousand years ago.

In other words, some of the most profound moral decisions are made as if people are “disembodied wills.” Philosopher Alasdair McIntyre put it simply, .We have forgotten our bodies..

Um… where’s God in all that? His apostles? Every theologian since then?

Here.s why that matters. If we aren’t bound by our bodies, then we aren’t bound by the bodies of others, which means we have no responsibility for anyone or for any obligations that are not chosen. No relationship, not with fellow citizens, not with family members or friends, not with tradition or religion, can define for us who we are or how we live.

And that would be a bad thing? Is my life not mine to live?

This view of what humans are for, or perhaps what humans are not for, has been dubbed .expressive individualism,. and is the dominant worldview shaping our laws and our cultural imagination when it comes to what humans should do, and what we should be able to do with humans (including those not yet born, or who are infirmed and elderly, or who perceive themselves to be “born in the wrong body,. or who are fertile or infertile when they don’t want to be).

Expressive individualism, AKA radical individualism, AKA freedom, AKA self-determination, AKA civil-rights-before-they-meant-White-Man-Bad.

This is a Social Justice argument for justifying the Plandemic. Sure, YOU might be perfectly healthy and not afraid of the Black Coof, but if you don’t take every possible precaution including the end of civilization as you knew it, then SOMEBODY ELSE might TEST POSITIVE because of YOU!

And so we find Stonestreet’s answer to his original question:

“We should know what human life is for.” It’s for OBEYING THE STATE FOR THE BENEFIT OF OTHERS.

Stonestreet & Rivera stopped here but you know me, I went one step further.

In “What It Means to Be Human,. Carter Snead Challenges Our View of Culture, Law

h ttps://

By Maureen Ferguson, 10 November 2020

In “What It Means to Be Human: The Case for the Body in Public Bioethics,. published by Harvard University Press, O. Carter Snead lays out an inspiring and integrated vision of the human person and proposes a new methodological approach to lawmaking based on this deeper understanding of our embodied humanity.

Snead is one of the world’s leading bioethicists and director of Notre Dame’s de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture. He has served on numerous governmental commissions and advised all three branches of the federal government on bioethics and human rights.

“I am Big Important Bioethicist with all the Proper Credentials and Friends!”

.What It Means to Be Human. builds on his wide experience across the disciplines of philosophy, science, medicine, and public policy to advance a rounded vision of the human person and human freedom.

None of that is religion. Snead doesn’t even claim to be Christian.

Snead incisively argues that our culture’s current understanding of the human person is fundamentally flawed. As a result, our nation’s laws fall tragically short in protecting persons and in promoting human flourishing.

Nothing that follows from that paragraph will resemble Christ, the Constitution or rule of law.

Echoing the work of sociologist Robert Bellah…

UC Berkeley professor, Harvard graduate and proud member of the Communist Party USA.

…Snead critiques .expressive individualism,. the regnant ideology reflected in current American law. This anthropology assumes an unfettered right to translate one’s desires into reality in an entirely self-autonomous manner. Such an approach treats people as mere products of the mind, not products of the mind and body.

Yes. You ARE a soul and HAVE a body.

We fail to acknowledge the limits of our biological constitution, which is not free to assert itself to whatever end it pleases. Rather, we are embodied and, therefore, finite, vulnerable, dependent creatures. The human body gets tired, gets sick, and can become disabled. It needs replenishing, it ages, and ultimately, ceases to function when we die.

Building on the thought of philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre, Snead reminds us that we are rational creatures, yes, but dependent rational creatures bound to one another for support and care. From infancy to old age, nature.our bodies.dictate our dependency in innumerable ways.

His book was written to justify the Covidian Cult.

By reminding us of the limits of “expressive individualism” and proposing to resituate public bioethics around a more fully human understanding of the person, Snead reminds us that we belong to each other in a web of unchosen familial and societal obligations.

QED. UNCHOSEN societal obligations, he says. Coercion.

Modern expressive individualism demands freedom from pain, suffering, and unwanted death, a demand completely alien to the lived human experience, and in doing so only inflicts more of it. Only by remembering the body and building laws anew upon a fuller notion of the human person can these laws become more humane.

Anybody who says your life is not yours to live, is a modern-day slave trader.

So, how does this relate to “fertilizing your skin cells and gestating your clone in a vat of goo”? It never got discussed. How does it relate to abortion? Nobody discussed that, either, but Snead needed a full chapter in his book. That was surely not to bring moral clarity to the topic. And doctor-assisted suicide? Notice in that last quoted paragraph, “unwanted death”. Classic humanist moralizing: never say DON’T, except to individuality and freedom and Christ from whom the first two flow.

There’s lots of hot air about Snead’s new book but none of his fans can quite explain what Snead’s Brave New Bioethics are about. Our only clues are 1. he’s still welcome in the halls of power, 2. he’s selling his bioethics for profit, 3. he seeks to impose “unchosen obligations” upon you and 4. there’s an increasingly unjustifiable Plandemic going around. Now in Month Nine of “14 days to flatten the curve”!

Ouroboros Steak: You Eat What You Are

Elites are having a lot of fun behind the scenes, imagining the grossest food possible to mix into our diet after they take beef out. First it was soyburger so thick with estrogens that it feminizes men… now on sale… then it was maggots, now it’s your own human flesh raised on a diet of medical waste products.

Ouroboros Steak grow-your-own human meat kit is “technically” not cannibalism

h ttps://

By Jennifer Hahn, 13 November 2020

A group of American scientists and designers have developed a concept for a grow-your-own steak kit using human cells and blood to question the ethics of the cultured meat industry.

To STRETCH the ethics of the meat industry.

Ouroboros Steak could be grown by the diner at home using their own cells, which are harvested from the inside of their cheek and fed serum derived from expired, donated blood.

This post is Not Safe For Stomach.

The resulting bite-sized pieces of meat, currently on display as prototypes at the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition, are created entirely without causing harm to animals. The creators argued this cannot be said about the growing selection of cultured meat made from animal cells.

Eating your own flesh is more ethical than eating animals?! One part of me wants to dare PETA to set that example, another part thinks they’d actually do it.

The steak grown from human cells by Andrew Pelling, Orkan Telhan and Grace Knight on display as part of Designs of the Year

Despite the lab-grown meat industry claiming to offer a more sustainable, cruelty-free alternative to factory farming, the process still relies on fetal bovine serum (FBS) as a protein-rich growth supplement for animal cell cultures.

FBS, which costs around ?300 to ?700 per litre, is derived from the blood of calf fetuses after their pregnant mothers are slaughtered by the meat or dairy industry. So lab-grown meat remains a byproduct of polluting agricultural practices, much like regular meat.

Forget Frankenfood, this is Abortionfood.

“Fetal bovine serum costs significant amounts of money and the lives of animals,” said scientist Andrew Pelling, who developed the Ouroboros Steak with industrial designer Grace Knight and artist and researcher Orkan Telhan.

Andrew Pelling of the University of Ottawa, gives a lot of TED talks.

Faculty - IPD: Integrated Product Design

Orkan Telhan has an architecture PhD from MIT but curiously, is only an associate professor of fine arts at U Ottawa. He’s a cofounder of Biorealize, a company making “fashionable” biomedical laboratory tools. I don’t know where he gets his money from, or how he ended up in biology.

Ouroboros Steak, named after the ancient symbol of the snake eating its own tail, cuts out the need for other animals by drawing exclusively on human blood and cells.

The version on display at London’s Design Museum was made using human cell cultures, which can be purchased for research and development purposes from the American Tissue Culture Collection (ATCC). They were fed with human serum derived from expired blood donations that would otherwise have been discarded or incinerated.

The idea of eating human flesh grown from THAT is beyond disgusting. Not to mention, the idea of that being what they might use the blood I donate to charity for.

Amuse-bouche-sized steaks are preserved in resin and laid out on a plate complete with a placemat and silverware as a tongue-in-cheek nod to American diner culture.

No. They’re telegraphing. They’re showing us what they intend to do. That was not an innocent commentary on the ethics of vat-grown protein. This is pure diabolism from men with dead consciences and no disgust reflex.

“Expired human blood is a waste material in the medical system and is cheaper and more sustainable than FBS, but culturally less-accepted. People think that eating oneself is cannibalism, which technically this is not,” said Knight.

How is this not human consumption of human flesh? She didn’t explain.

“Our design is scientifically and economically feasible but also ironic in many ways,” Telhan added.

“We are not promoting ‘eating ourselves’ as a realistic solution that will fix humans’ protein needs. We rather ask a question: what would be the sacrifices we need to make to be able to keep consuming meat at the pace that we are? In the future, who will be able to afford animal meat and who may have no other option than culturing meat from themselves?”

Never in any possible future, will we have no option but to cultivate our own flesh for food. Unless that future is forced upon us by the State.

If I hold my nose enough to be “scientific” about this, losing several pints of blood, cooking the blood in a vat for several months and then eating the results will not be a net gain of protein. Perhaps our “biological designers” should have focused instead on making better ways to store donated blood so less of it will be need to be collected? Or better ways to harvest fish?

Or perhaps in their New World Order, they expect a huge surplus of expired human blood? Because if there’s one thing Communists do better than anybody else, it’s mass butchery of humans.

But no, instead they assume for no (admitted) reason that there are going to be no more livestock in our future so they’re helpfully finding ways to recycle infectious medical waste into “I must believe it’s not cannibalism” butter.

Although no lab-grown meat has so far [been] approved for sale in any part of the world, the market is estimated to be worth $206 million and expected to grow to $572 million by 2025, largely due to the increasing environmental and ethical concerns about the mass rearing of livestock for human consumption.

They intend to starve us. And feed us shit like this in place of healthy meals.

Among the companies hoping to bring cultured meat to market are Aleph Farms, which claims to have been the first company to make a lab-grown steak. Others have focused on substituting meat entirely, with Novameat creating a 3D-printed steak from vegetable proteins.

Novameat uses peas, seaweed and beetroot juice. It’s a step up from pure soy but I still have a question for them:

Does that Vegan look healthy to you?

True Crime: Lying To Contact Tracers

What do you do if telling the truth will hurt innocent people? In Australia, one guy simply lied… and accidentally justified martial law.

South Australia Ends Lockdown Early Because Pizzeria Worker Lied to Contact Tracers

h ttps://

By John Hayward, 20 November 2020

South Australia imposed an extremely strict coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday, attracting international attention when residents complained they were denied permission to walk their dogs.

On Friday, embarrassed officials said they would lift the restrictions two days early because they discovered the entire panicked .circuit-breaker. lockdown was triggered by false statements made to contact tracers.

No. Hell, no.

One guy who tested positive… not coughing up his lungs in an oxygen tent… said he’d been out and about town, and the government incarcerated two million people in their own homes? That one guy didn’t do that. That one petty dictator wanting to fap to human suffering found an excuse and did that.

South Australia’s two million residents said they were “shocked” and “angry” when the harsh new lockdown was abruptly imposed after months of zero coronavirus transmissions. A “cluster” of 36 coronavirus infections linked to a returning traveler from the United Kingdom raised concerns from local health officials.

From what I’ve been hearing about Australian travel restrictions, that “returning traveler” must have been the Aussie ambassador to England, to have been allowed back into the country without even a 2-week quarantine… probably fresh from an international orgy, too, if I know ambassadors.

The state went into panic mode when a man who tested positive for Chinese coronavirus told contact tracers he got sick after stopping to buy a pizza at the Woodville Pizza Bar in Adelaide, where several workers had become infected.

There’s no way he could have been that specific. Either that wasn’t what he actually told the State or those professional, highly-trained, completely trustworthy, life-saving contact tracers were credulous idiots.

Concluding that a highly contagious strain of the virus was leaping from pizzeria employees to their customers, officials declared a six-day lockdown and very literally placed the entire population under house arrest.

That was not an overreaction. That was a drill.

Only a single person from each household was permitted to leave home and only for a very narrow list of purposes, such as buying groceries. Weddings and funerals were canceled as virtually every business was shut down.

Residents were told they should ask the government for permission to go outside so they could exercise, get a little fresh air, or walk their dogs. To the amazement of both South Australians and observers around the world, the government started telling them “no.”

Normies never learn, that the ultimate aphrodisiac is power and the ultimate temptation is arrogance. This kind of behavior is not random. It is not “misinformed”. Although officials tried to claim exactly that:

On Friday, state health officials revealed they had investigated the man whose testimony triggered this draconian reaction, and discovered he lied to the contact tracers. He was actually an employee at the restaurant, not one of the customers, which meant he spends significant amounts of time in the indoor establishment, rather than passing by quickly for a purchase.

.Had this person been truthful to the contact tracing teams, we would not have gone into a six-day lockdown. To say I am fuming is an understatement. The selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation,. South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said at a press conference on Friday after the deception was discovered.

Is poor little baby Marshall upset that somebody didn’t play by the rules?


SA premier Steven Marshall defends Queensland trip amid coronavirus restrictions

h ttps://

By AAP, 8 November 2020

One week before declaring martial law upon two million people because a single pizza customer tested positive.

Premier Steven Marshall has defended his recent trip to Queensland to attend his son’s university graduation despite authorities still urging South Australians to rethink leaving the state.

Marshall took four days off from Saturday for the self-funded trip, which he says was perfectly acceptable under current coronavirus travel restrictions.

Marshall said that advice came amid the concerns raised by two women who travelled to Victoria and then returned, bringing the virus back with them.

But he said since then Queensland had done “extraordinarily well” with very low virus infections in the past two weeks.

Methinks we have our petty tyrant fapper. If these scumbags at least lived in mortal terror of getting sick themselves the one could at least feel sad while putting two in their chest and one in their face, but this kind of blatant hypocrisy means he’s pure, irredeemable evil.

End segue

.We are absolutely livid with the actions of this individual and we will be looking very carefully at what consequences there [are] going to be,. he added.

What’s the point of having contact tracers if you’re going to shut down half the country anyway? Did you even try to “trace this contact” before you chose to end civilization for another week?

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens promptly deflated Marshall’s rage by observing that citizens are legally required to provide information upon request to health officials, but “there is no penalty for failing to answer truthfully those questions..

The saddest part of the Plandemic is that the pushers are only now bothering to criminalize dissent. That’s how eagerly the entire West accepted the first wave of total government control.

Stevens later amended his comments by saying a task force would be established to examine the situation and determine if the dishonest pizzeria employee could be prosecuted for any legal infractions. He also said the police are looking at providing extra security for the Woodville Pizza Bar.

We got TWO power-tripping self-lovers here!

Officials said the six-day lockdown would be terminated two days early, with most restrictions eased by Saturday evening, although they insisted it was still a prudent measure and encouraged patrons of the “hot spot” restaurant to come forward for testing immediately.

Tens of thousands of tests were reportedly performed after the South Australia “outbreak” was declared, but a grand total of only 25 coronavirus cases have been concerned.

Powerful, arrogant, stupid and USELESS.

Now, let’s think about this. Why did Pizza Boy lie to the authorities? This is pure speculation, admittedly, but here’s my answer:

He didn’t want to lose his job.

A government like this would not have hesitated to shut down the pizzeria for two weeks of quarantine while giving all his coworkers PCR suppositories and terrorizing all the customers they could find with the idea that that wasn’t pepperoni they just ate. Thus, he said that he’d just stopped by for a quick slice and that’s why his shirt has the pizzeria’s logo on it, or something.

I discounted the alternative hypothesis, that he was taking revenge on the pizzeria for some fault, because Marshall ended the lockdown early. He wouldn’t have done that unless he was afraid the truth would come out and make him look bad.

Alas for Pizza Boy, Marshall was itching for a scratching that day and went Hitler on the pizzeria regardless. And on the rest of the planet, too, for good measure. Which is surely how they found out Pizza Boy had lied about not being an employee there in the first place.

COVID-19 health experts disagree on whether to issue fines for lying to contact tracers

h ttps://

By Bellinda Kontominas, 20 November 2020

As South Australian police investigate a pizza worker accused of lying to contact tracers, leading disease experts are at odds over whether penalties should be imposed for deceiving health authorities.

The discovery of the man’s lie prompted South Australian authorities to cut short the state’s lockdown by three days and Premier Steven Marshall vowed to “throw the book” at him.

But there is no specific penalty in South Australia, or anywhere else in the country, for lying to contact tracers.

Epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws, [an advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the response to COVID-19,] says that should change immediately.

She said emergency public health orders should be imposed as soon as possible to penalise people for wasting contact tracers’ precious time.

But University of Queensland epidemiologist and public health physician Linda Selvey said penalising people was “not the best approach”.

I guess asking for a male physician is too much to hope for anymore.

“If you impose a criminal penalty, then people are potentially less likely to come forward and be tested,” she said.

Associate Professor Selvey said good public health practice was to focus less on penalties and more on building relationships and trust with people.

It means that people are less likely to go to ground.

Selvey is right but we know who will win this debate: the power-tripping microtyrant globalist bureaucrat. Nobody obsesses over loyalty as much as the betrayer.

Atticus Finch, Apologist For Marxism?

This post took a fun detour from mourning a literary Goodwhite to warning us that “understanding black grievances” should NOT result in “I understand they’re Marxists!”

We ignore Atticus Finch at our own risk

h ttps://

By Cap Stewart, Op-ed Contributor, 19 November 2020

If you want to learn more about current race relations in our country, it would be beneficial to learn about race relations in decades . and even centuries . past.

That has been my perspective, at least. Reading modern-day books on race is fine, but one of my goals is to have a more historically-cognizant perspective on the problem of racism in the United States.

Does Cap realize, I wonder, that blacks were better behaved in the Antebellum South than today? That’s not my opinion, that’s recorded history.

As is often stated, those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Ignorance of past errors can easily lead to misdiagnoses of, and erroneous remedies to, current societal ills. Because of this problem, I have, over the past several months, been reading the works of abolitionists and civil rights leaders from times past . people like Frederick Douglas, Charles W. Chesnutt, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Howard Griffin.

“I want to educate myself about the history of race relations in USA.”

*Reads only abolitionist dogma.*

Sheesh. Is there an argument to be made that segregation might have been a good thing? Cap will never know because when he sat down to consider “the problem of race”, he intentionally excluded every suggested solution in history except the Marxist-driven 1960s demand of total equality. Not to be confused with the Marxist-driven 2020s demand of total equity.

Bad historian! No sinecure!

In so doing, I am reminded of the advice Atticus Finch gave in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird: .You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” In that same spirit, John Howard Griffin writes, “Black men told me that the only way a white man could hope to understand anything about [the practice of racism against black Americans] was to wake up some morning in a black man’s skin..

Griffin took the counsel of these black men, and of Atticus Finch, quite literally: he underwent a medical procedure to darken his pigmentation so he could pass as a black man on the streets of the segregated South. His documented experiences, published in the book Black Like Me, are both fascinating and sobering.

Griffin is a fascinating example… of goodwhite self-delusion. He started out with the assumption that the only difference between white and black is skin pigmentation and then changed his skin pigmentation in order to learn what life was like as an African. “Black people are white people who don’t sunburn!” As foolish a presumption as “Women are men who lactate!”

Griffin then went looking for trouble in the South and spoiler alert, found it. He said he didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was by white people and I agree, because he was still a white not a black. How he reacted to the behavior of white treatment of blacks is not necessarily how a black man would have reacted.

We. Are. Different. In. Ways. That. Matter.

Not to say the 21st century is identical to the late 1900s. It most certainly is not. We have made advancements and genuine progress as a nation since then. But we ignore lingering racial problems to our own detriment.

Year 2020 was the WRONG YEAR to say all that, Cap.

Below [is an] excerpt from the epilogue of Black Like Me, [demonstrating] how these excerpts relate to our own current cultural climate…

.People like Martin Luther King, they [white men] said, were just troublemakers and subversives. Whites told their black employees, and really believed it, that the NAACP and Martin Luther King were the black man’s greatest enemies. They were offended by any suggestion of injustice. . . . How easy it was to destroy a man’s good name and reputation by suggesting he was in some way subversive or by calling him a communist. (167, 169).

These days, if you express concern over existing racial disparities in the justice system in particular or society in general, you are likely to be accused of Marxism.

They *were* Communists. The Sixties radicals are now known to be Communists. The Commies tried to start a proletariat uprising but failed because America’s proletariats knew they had life pretty good already. So, the Commies switched tactics to race-mongering. The same old politics of envy but now based on ethnic group rather than social class.

Hello, NAACP!

Modern-day civil rights activists and organizations are also quickly labeled as either Marxist, or subversive to the American way of life, or the real enemies of racial peace . or all of the above.

First Cap says we should understand them, then he says we should stop calling them Marxists after we DO understand.

How can you Cuckservatives be this stupid and still be able to breathe? We are IN THE MIDDLE of a Communist revolution RIGHT FRACKING NOW!!! Would you even recognize a Communist if you saw one say so?

People are still astounded at how George Floyd’s death has sparked such a large public outcry against racism.

I feel a facepalm coming.

After all, the video footage of Floyd’s last moments appears to show no blatant form of racial animus. However, an analogous situation might be a simmering conflict between a husband and wife that slowly escalates with subtle verbal jabs over a period of several days, finally erupting into a shouting match when the husband makes one particularly snide comment. It isn’t just one isolated insult from the husband that causes an avalanche of emotion from the wife. Similarly, civil rights activists have pointed out that the George Floyd situation was simply the last straw in a huge pile of straws.

Thus proving that the civil rights activists lied to you, Cap. The Floyd incident, as you yourself noted, was not about race but the blacktivists staging riots claimed it was. The problem here is not a lack of “understanding” on our part, it’s police not shooting the looters dead on sight.

How did you end up this delusional about identity politics and their underlying motivations? Answer: you fantasize about being Atticus Finch in a courtroom, defending the Noble Negro farmworker/proletariat from the White/bourgeois class because they’re always innocent and pure of heart:

Without this understanding, many Americans have interpreted the national riots as evidence of a massive and subversive plot against our nation. And if a civil rights activist today tries to explain the catalyst of the riots (even while condemning the riots), they are told, .You’re blaming everyone for the riots except the rioters.. It’s the same back-and-forth that took place during the days of Martin Luther King and John Howard Griffin.

Cap might be the Cuckiest Cuckservative that I’ve ever seen Cuck a Cuckolding. I looked at his blog to see if he’s for real and found this:


A Public Plea to the Director of CUTIES

h ttps://

By Cap Stewart, 22 September 2020

Ms. Doucour?:
Even though I have grave concerns over your feature-length debut, I am also troubled by the overt hatred you have received since Netflix picked up Cuties for mass distribution. The uncharitable names you’ve been given, the perverted motives imputed to you, and the death threats you have received are wholly inappropriate. They are tantamount to violence against both your humanity and the God who created you with dignity and value.

Da Fuq?

I recently discovered an interview in which you shared from your heart the catalyst for writing and directing Cuties. Several things you said resonated with me:

  • .Our girls see that the more a woman is overly sexualized on social media, the more she’s successful. And the children just imitate what they see trying to achieve the same result without understanding the meaning. And yeah, it’s dangerous..

Right, so you made a movie sexualizing children that got lots of attention in order to demotivate girls from sexualizing themselves to get attention… to discourage them from imitating exactly what you successfully did… and us recognizing that hypocrisy “does violence against God” who made wimminz such beautiful, innocent creatures. /facepalm

  • ..isn.t the objectification of a woman’s body that we often see in our Western culture not another kind of oppression?.

Textbook feminism. Women parade their bodies on stage then vilify every man who reacts.

  • .I think all together we have to fix what’s gone wrong so we can give the most beautiful space to our girls and boys to grow up safely..

That’s like funding breast cancer research by renting the movie “Boobzilla”.

Based on this and other interviews, it seems your intention in producing Cuties is to critique our culture’s abundant use of sexual objectification.

It seems her intention was to normalize child sexuality with the fig leaf of “you shouldn’t be enjoying this!”

You even say as much in your interview with Indiewire, in which you address those upset with your film: .[W] both on the same side of this fight against young children’s hypersexualization..

Cap, the last man I saw this delusional about female nature was Jarrid Wilson and he killed himself when the pain of living the feminist lie became too much. He once warned Miley Twerking Cyrus about how men were only using her for her body and she should feel safe to respect herself more than that…does that sounds familiar?

Cap is at risk of suicide just like Jarrid was. He might not even know it.

Ironically enough, the reason why I have decided I cannot watch your film is the same reason why you decided to make it. Because we are, as you put it, .on the same side of this fight,. I hope you can accept the following as a form of constructive criticism.

The same side of female empowerment or the same side of normalizing child sex performers?

To be clear, I will not critique your film as a whole. How could I judge the quality of a work of art I have not seen in its entirety? To do so would be dishonest and uncharitable.

With that said, the method by which a visual story is told is just as important as its message. And my concern is that your film’s central message has been hijacked by your transgressive method.

“Hijacked”? They CHOSE to make this movie the way they did! But we shouldn’t judge too hard if we haven’t viewed the kiddie porn for ourselves…

That many of your critics are mislabeling your film as blatant pornography is no excuse for you to mislabel your film as being free of pornographic content. With the visual material you’ve included in your film, your defense of it (based on intent and context) serves only as a smokescreen from legitimate and warranted scrutiny.

Which is it? Porn or not-porn?

End segue and back to Atticus Finch!

Suffice it to say, Griffin’s experience illustrates how right Atticus Finch was: sometimes it is impossible to understand a person until you climb inside his skin and walk around in it. We may not be in a position to take Griffin’s literal approach.

That is not possible. Not even in Griffin’s extreme case. God can see the heart but we can only see the behavior. Neither should “understanding” be a one-way street. If I cannot “understand” a BLM terrorist until I’m able find a justification for his firebombings then he should cooperate when we Americans ship his violent, parasitic ass back to the Turd World. He’ll “understand” eventually, yes?

Nevertheless, we can . and should . more diligently consider things from other points of view . including those who speak to us from times, places, and experiences different from our own.

“We should always consider how our enemies’ accusations might possibly be true and never consider whether the white men of America’s history might have had valid reasons for treating the Negro like they did. And no matter what, blacktivists today are absolutely NOT Marxists! When we told you to understand them, that’s not what we meant!”

California Legislature Advocates Civil Disobedience Against California Governor

I did some work at a hospice last week, one of those no-visitor, max-quarantine penitentiaries for old folks. At least, that’s what all the outdoor signage said. Me being me, I showed up with a cheerful attitude, no mask (oopsie!) and an offered handshake.

The hospice supervisor shook my hand, never asked about a mask and didn’t wear one himself. He went on to complain about the mask mandate and when I peeked inside, the old folks were playing games and watching TV with each other like life was normal!

Little incidents like that tell me the people are sick & tired of da Coof. Of course, SJWs always double down so Governor Gavin Newscum is expected to announce a statewide curfew for all of California soon, to prevent us from enjoying the holidays unmolested.

This time around, it’s not just me advocating civil disobedience. It’s the California State Legislature advocating civil disobedience… against itself!

California legislators advocate civil disobedience following new state COVID-19 restrictions

h ttps://

By Brandon Showaiter, 18 November 2020

Republican lawmakers in the California state legislature are advocating for people to engage in civil disobedience and are pushing back against new COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The new regulations, which went into effect Tuesday, place 94% of Golden State residents under serious restrictions. Forty-one of the state’s 58 counties are now in purple tier status, the most stringent category. The state uses a color-coded system to indicate levels of restrictions.

What a coincidence that every region in California, larger than most nations, is experiencing COVID synchronicity. Like the Man said, don’t tell me the odds.

State Assemblyman James Gallagher, a Republican from Yuba City, is urging citizens to ignore the new rules.

James Gallagher

He’s one of them Northerners that keeps trying to secede from the rest of Commiefornia but can’t because the parasites won’t vote to let their food leave.

.The Governor and state bureaucrats can color code counties and change rules as they go, but the basics remain the same: We are all free people who can exercise our freedom responsibly,. Gallagher said in a released statement shared with The Christian Post.

.The Government can only take what you let them. I don’t think you should close your business, church, or school. I would encourage you to keep them open. I don’t think you need to cancel Thanksgiving..

Can I hear a Hell-Raising YEAH!!!!

The new regulations disallow restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and churches from meeting indoors. Newsom is also pondering implementing a statewide curfew.

Honestly, I didn’t even notice we were back in lockdown. I already paid the penalty to break my gym contract, wasn’t going to eat out in the winter cold & rain anyway and Hollyweird can suck reboots & die for all I’ll notice or care.

I got $$$ in my pocket for the first steakhouse to feature normal-life dining, however. I’m just sayin’, restauranteurs, the customers are here… you’re serving one Governor Noisome instead of all your paying clientele.

Gallagher added: .You are all responsible adults and you can decide what risks are acceptable for you and your family. Be considerate. Recognize that we are seeing another increase in cases. It is not because some restaurants have been open, it’s because that is what viruses do.”

Mein Gott! A Commiefornia politician just called me a responsible adult! I never thought to see the day.

The Yuba City politician is not the only one decrying the restrictions.

Writing on her personal Facebook page Monday, California Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove noted that the public is not being informed that the disease has an over 98% survival rate or the other mental health repercussions and other ills that lockdowns have brought about.

“We desperately need the Church to stay open !!! Suicide, depression, child abuse, isolation, domestic violence, business closures, the Church is needed and essential, especially in this hour !!! May God raise up is people,” she said.

Shannon Grove.jpg

Now we’re getting serious. A NorCal perennial dissident is one thing but a high-level senator and feminist is another! Lots of people don’t like the idea of Cancel-Culturing Christmas!

Newsom has come under criticism for attending a birthday party dinner for his longtime adviser and lobbyist Jason Kinney at the French Laundry . an exclusive restaurant in Napa County . while the rest of the state was being put under restrictions. A typical meal at the restaurant costs around $350 per person, not including wine. Meals at the French Laundry usually include nine courses.

Newsom did that intending to be noticed. He’s telegraphing to the world that Gavin Incorporated, the dictatorship formerly known as the State of California, is open for pay-to-play business. Kinney might already be a billionaire now that the world has proof he’s got special access to Newsom.

“Newsom is considering a statewide curfew. Unless you’re going to a birthday party for a lobbyist at an expensive restaurant like French Laundry. Then you can go and just say ‘I made a bad mistake’ and just like that, all is forgiven,” quipped Melissa Melendez on Twitter Monday.

Melendez is a Republican state senator from southern California who represents portions of Riverside County.

All Republicans, sadly. But wait, what’s this?!

The Sacramento Bee editorial board said the move was bad judgment.

“If Newsom can’t get his head into the game, perhaps he should make this governor thing a one-term affair and leave the job open for someone with a desire to lead,” the editors opined in a Nov. 13 editorial.

The journalists are turning against Gov. Newsom too?!

Newsom said in response to the controversy: “I want to apologize to you because I need to preach and practice, not just preach and not practice, and I’ve done my best to do that.

“We’re all human. We all fall short sometimes.”

No repentance, eh? Newsom flagrantly violated his own lockdown to prove 1. that he’s the boss of California and 2. he’ll bend the rules for people bringing him money.

Let’s check if any other California politicians are flagrantly violating the rules to meet with wealthy lobbyists… ah, fresh off the presses:

Aloha! Several California lawmakers emerge as apparent attendees of Maui excursion

h ttps://

By Jeremy B. White and Katy Murphy, 17 November 2020

SACRAMENTO . The names of four California lawmakers surfaced Tuesday as apparent attendees of a Maui resort conference that has come under fire because of California’s coronavirus surge and official warnings not to travel out of state.

Assemblymembers Jordan Cunningham (R-Templeton) and Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) reported buying plane tickets on their late October campaign finance filings. Neither has responded to phone inquiries about whether they are attending the 100-person, four-day legislative conference at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui.

Cunningham is a UC Berkeley-trained lawyer and professional bureaucrat. Rubio is a Mexican who illegally immigrated twice… deported the first time.

Assemblymember Chad Mayes (I-Yucca Valley) is in attendance, according to spokesperson Joe Justin, the first to confirm his boss traveled to Hawaii. Justin had no comment beyond confirming Mayes was there.

He tried to make a new holiday to honor the infamous homosexual activist Harvey Milk.

Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo (D-Boyle Heights) went last year and appears to have returned: Carrillo sent a tweet on Sunday that was marked as having been sent from Kihei, Hawaii . right near the conference resort. Carrillo’s office did not respond to a request for confirmation.

An El Salvadoran migrant and environmental activist.

The event run by the Independent Voter Project has brought together lobbyists and lawmakers from California, Texas and Washington, according to organizers. California lawmakers and lobbyists have been venturing to Hawaii each November to soak up the sun, socialize and attend panels, but never before during a worldwide pandemic.

What’s the Independent Voter Project? From Wikipedia:

The Independent Voter Project (IVP) is a 501(c)(4) United States nonprofit organization. It launched in 2006 with a $1 million grant from John Moores. IVP seeks to re-engage nonpartisan voters and promote nonpartisan election reform through initiatives, litigation, and voter education.

IVP was founded by former California State Senator and Assemblymember Steve Peace, a registered Democrat, former California Assemblymember Jeff Marston, a Republican, and Dan Howle. Howle and Marston are the current co-chairs. Peace is no longer a board member but is still a financial contributor.

Moores is the winner of the Peregrine Systems bankruptcy. Per Wikipedia, he cashed out $630M of investor money then the company went bankrupt one year later. He has numerous Leftist ties ranging from UC Berkeley to his Jewish (second) wife.

Peace was a registered lobbyist for Moores. Possibly his employee at the same time.

Now we know who the inner circle of Post-Coof Commiefornia is… for as long as it lasts. A state government divided against itself cannot stand.

To Kill A MAGAbird

Yes! YesyesyesYES! The Tradcon Textbook, “To Kill A Mockingbird” has begun to be banned! And in my childhood stomping grounds too, no less!

By Jove, I despised that book. Even as a child I knew the plot was ridiculous: an obviously innocent black man is condemned by an all-white jury just because he’s black, and even more ridiculous than that, the good guy was a LAWYER! And then I got creeped out by the little girl’s interest in the strange Boo Ridley that I later came to understand as the Noble Savage female imperative.

Worse than the book being less interesting and less moral than my Iron Man comics (his suit was originally transistor-powered with a built-in slide rule! Stark’s first arch-nemesis was the Communist named Mandarin!) was the fact that I had to read TKAM FOUR YEARS IN A ROW, that’s how obsessed the Los Angeles School District was with the idea of goodwhites championing one-armed laborers against their own people. I learned more about healthy white/black interactions from Bill Cosby and Mr. T.

The Eighties were great. Sorry you missed them, kids.

Seriously, after three years of reading the same lame book, I didn’t even crack TKAM the fourth time. I just took the tests and aced them. That was good, I was in high school by then and busy with learning my second computer programming language.

Thus, it is with great personal pleasure that I report:

‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Other Books Banned From California Schools Over Racism Concerns

h ttps://

By Samantha Lock, 13 November 2020

Schools in Burbank,[California] will no longer be able to teach a handful of classic novels, including Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, following concerns raised by parents over racism.

Middle and high school English teachers in the Burbank Unified School District received the news during a virtual meeting on September 9.

Until further notice, teachers in the area will not be able to include on their curriculum Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird…


…Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn…

I didn’t even know it was still legal to print that. Fun tip for the holidays: when your Antifa cousin comes to visit, put Huck Finn on the dining table. Tell him you’ll set the table if he clears it first.

John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men…

A boring paperweight, but contains the Red Pill character of (IIRC) Rose playing “let’s you and him fight” between her effeminate yet violent boyfriend and a skull-crushingly powerful simpleton. Spoiler: her skull gets crushed.

…Theodore Taylor’s The Cay and Mildred D. Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Never read. Never missed. Never cared.

So, what brought administrators to the realization that these books contain the dreaded N-word? Were they so bored with the plandemic that they began reading the books they taught?

Four parents, three of whom are Black, challenged the classic novels for alleged potential harm to the district’s roughly 400 Black students.

Man, I gotta stop being so optimistic about school administrators. A couple NEGROES, to use the ancient (1960s) term, bitched to Admin. Admin promptly caved like good little cucks who don’t actually care about teaching the classics:

All but Huckleberry Finn have been required reading for students in the district.

Hey!! When *I* complained about TKAM, they told me to suck it up! Three years in a row! Where’s this white privilege I’m supposed to have?!

Carmenita Helligar said her daughter, Destiny, was approached by a white student in math class using a racial taunt including the N-word, which he’d learned from reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry while both attended the David Starr Jordan Middle School.

“My family used to own your family and now I want a dollar from each of you for the week,” another boy is said to have told Destiny.

No. No way that happened. Burbank is one of the better (more white, more expensive) neighborhoods of LA but that kind of cracker arrogance didn’t happen even in my day when we could get away with it.

Helligar, who is one of the parents who filed a complaint in the case, claimed the boy’s excuse was that he had read it in class and the principal had been dismissive of the incident.

My daughter was literally traumatized,” Helligar said. “These books are problematic … you feel helpless because you can’t even protect your child from the hurt that she’s going through.”

You daughter is literally a bastard. Where’s Daddy?

Nadra Ostrom, another Black parent who filed a complaint, argued that the portrayal of Black people is mostly from a white perspective.

“There’s no counter-narrative to this Black person dealing with racism and a white person saving them,” she said.

Ostrom added that the current education given to students assumes “that racism is something in the past.”

Sorry that meme isn’t properly COLORED.

However, other teachers, organizations and students have argued that the books’ inclusion in teaching material is essential for supporting a conversation about contemporary racism and framing class discussions about race.

They’re also windows into America’s soul and past… yes? Hello? Bueller?

The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) sent a letter to BUSD urging the district to allow teaching of the books while the challenges are under review.

“[W]e believe that the books… have a great pedagogical value and should be retained in the curriculum,” read the letter from the NCAC, as cited by the LA Times.

PEN America (an acronym for Poets, Essayists, Novelists) also released a petition calling to reinstate the banned books.

“Each of the books in question deal with difficult subject matter from our country’s complicated and painful history, including systemic racism,” an excerpt from the petition reads. “Blocking engagement with these important books is also avoiding the important role that schools can and should play in providing context for why these books inspire and challenge us still today.”

Fascinating that none of the books’ defenders cited cultural relevance, inspiration or simple quality as reasons for keeping Huck Finn and Lenny around. There’s no America anymore, just competing identity factions cheerleading for their favored Narrative. With one exception. One hate… to rule them all… one hate to bind them, one hate to bring them all and in the darkness bind them, in the land of Mordor where white men aren’t allowed to maintain the power grid. Stupid orcs.

Which brings me to the sweet, schadenfreudic reason why the Left is banning TKAM after decades of constant usage for indoctrination: the Narrative has shifted.

The Negro in TKAM needed a white man’s help. Atticus Finch the White Knight Lawyer was his only chance at a fair trial, remember? But this year, the Narrative has shifted from ‘blacks need our support’ to ‘white man bad’! We need new Narratives to justify the persecution of White America into oblivion. Narratives like the 1619 Project or… or…

*GunnerQ checks what’s trending in race-conscious teen books.*


Feminists aren’t writing ANY new books for teens. Lots and lots of books for children up through age 12 or so but nothing after that. The Woke alternatives are so lacking that Hunger Games appears to be seriously taught in some educational circles. Nothing like I’d expected to find… “To Kill A MAGAbird” or “Fat Rolls of Thunder” or “The Gay” or ANYTHING.

I’d suggest writing new teen books to fill the gap but honestly, Mark Twain and Tolkien have it covered already. Classics be classic, yo.

But sure, you stupid loud fat vibrant Dindu POC Orcs, go ahead and burn the books that taught White Man to champion your self-inflicted plight. You’ll never need those again! because we have always been at war with Eastasia.

Electing Terrorists Is Hard

Here’s a primer for the confused on what the hey is going on with the elections. We start with the Clinton Machine playing Illuminati and end with CBS News making statements that possibly could, from perspectives they might not have considered, be terrorist threats against Trump administration officials.

I wanted to ignore this whole mess, securely knowing that Trump is in it to win it, but noooo, Democrats wouldn’t stop monopolizing the headlines. Fine then, let’s read some headlines!

1. Dominion Voting Machines is part of the Clinton Foundation.

h ttps://

In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies with access to voting technology through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the publishing of election results. Over the next three years, Dominion Voting will support election technology pilots with donated Automated Voting Machines (AVM), providing an improved electoral process, and therefore safer elections [for African and Latin American countries]. As a large number of election staff are women, there will be an emphasis on training women, who will be the first to benefit from the skills transfer training and use of AVMs. It is estimated that 100 women will directly benefit from election technology skills training per pilot election.

What is the Delian Project?

h ttps://

Enabled by local and international funding models, the Delian Project brings together various stakeholders from the electoral technology sector in order to support emerging democracies, with a particular focus on physically disabled and special needs voters. The use of donated electoral technology and expertise assists voters in exercising their democratic franchise by bringing consistency, transparency, and speed to the voting process.

The plot was “he who counts the votes, decides the elections” for every so-called democratic nation in Africa and Latin America. But hey, let’s try it out in USA first! What could go wrong?

2. State-level Democrats gave Dominion a huge percentage of the voting machine market, about 40%.

Dominion is second from bottom. Sourced from

h ttps://

3. Repaying the favor without actually throwing money around, Dominion programmed its machines to give Biden an extra percentage of votes in key states.

4. Most Republicans put off voting until voting day.

5. Democrats realized at the last moment that the extra percentage wasn’t going to be enough (Trumpslide). It was too late to reprogram the machines so they stopped the vote.

And that was the moment it all went FUBAR.

6. The stop allowed community organizers to pump out Biden votes in such a hurry that often, all the other selections on the ballots were left blank.

7. Democrats forced the election observers away then tried to mix fake votes into the system. Some were backdated by the post office while others just showed up in panel vans at four in the morning.

8. The panic reactions–stopping the votes, kicking out the observers, early-AM delivery of mystery ballots, election workers ordered to commit fraud without being vetted for loyalty first–made vote fraud easy to prove.

9. Having lost control of the election process, the Democrat-controlled media tried a “fait accompli” tactic. They declared victory for the Democrats and now talk endlessly about Biden’s new appointments, plans for the transition etc. even as their allies have begun to be arrested for election fraud.

10. Trump didn’t play ball with the people obsessed with murdering him. I am honestly shocked. Every single other sitting Republican would have rolled over for the trouble of asking.

11. Now in desperation, the Democrats are publishing hit lists of Trump supporters who aren’t playing along with the fait accompli tactic. A naked terror tactic. Although CBS surely, surely didn’t intend it as such:

h ttps://

12 November 2020

“The peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another is one of the cornerstones of American democracy. But officials from the transition team of President-elect Joe Biden are accusing the federal agency which oversees the transition of stalling by refusing to formally kick off the process.

“That agency, known as the General Services Administration (GSA), is a sprawling bureaucracy established in 1949 that now has 12,000 employees and a $21 billion budget. It works largely behind the scenes to support other federal entities, with responsibility for managing federal office space, procuring supplies and improving the use of technology across the government. …

In order to start this process, however, federal law states the GSA administrator must first issue a letter of “ascertainment” determining the likely winner of the race. The move is essentially a formal recognition by the current administration that a new president has been elected and a transition will occur.”

So, the news media doesn’t declare the victor. The electors do but in the meantime, the GSA head can “assume” the winner.

President Trump has so far declined to concede the election, even though Mr. Biden is projected to win a comfortable majority of electoral votes. His campaign has launched lawsuits in several states to discount votes which it considers to be disputed, although these efforts have so far been unsuccessful.

CBS waited a full week to announce that a flotilla of lawsuits and criminal investigations across the entire eastern half of the country was “unsuccessful”.

Emily Murphy, the GSA administrator, has declined to determine Mr. Biden is the likely next president and begin the transition process. Biden officials say that they are considering pursuing legal action if Murphy does not act in the coming days. Murphy is a Trump appointee and former Republican staffer on Capitol Hill, and has a reputation as a “diligent professional,” according to The New York Times.

Well, there it is. “If you don’t act against Trump, your boss, and concede us the election then we’re going to sue you.” How is that not intimidation in pursuit of a political objective?

“We believe that the time has come for the GSA administrator to promptly ascertain Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president-elect and vice president-elect,” a Biden-Harris transition official said Monday night during a briefing with reporters. …

[In] a tweet on Monday, Biden transition official Jen Psaki urged Murphy and the GSA to formally accept the inevitable.

Now that the election has been independently called for Joe Biden, we look forward to the GSA Administrator quickly ascertaining Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President-elect and Vice President-elect,” Psaki said. “America’s national security and economic interests depend on the federal government signaling clearly and swiftly that the United States government will respect the will of the American people and engage in a smooth and peaceful transfer of power.”

“Independent” means “not official”. Suck it, Barbie!

Psaki is one of Joseph Crowley’s former minions. He was the New York Representative who got shanked by his own party to inaugurate Occasional Cortex.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) confirmed on Tuesday that it has not begun high-level briefings for Mr. Biden. he has been receiving a lower-level briefing since he was formally nominated, but is not receiving the Presidential Daily Brief, the crown jewel of intelligence products. In a statement, an ODNI spokesperson said that the agency would not act until the GSA makes a move.

You don’t suppose they talk about the sitting President in that Daily Brief, do you?

“ODNI follows the statutory direction provided in the Presidential Transition Act, which requires ascertainment of the candidate by the administrator of GSA prior to supporting a potential presidential transition. ODNI would not have contact with any transition team until notified by the GSA Administrator,” the spokesperson said.

Lest you think this is a one-off case, here’s a link to the hit list of 1,202 names before it was made private.

And here’s the source website for that:

Biden’s America: Leftists Compile Massive Enemies List

h ttps://

As Joe Biden appealed the nation for unity on Friday, members of his party were busy compiling an enemies list.

Yay Unity!

Bronson already reported that people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and WaPo’s fake conservative Jennifer Rubin were calling for the blacklisting of Republicans concerned with election integrity. But some TDS-afflicted liberals have been quite busy on their Trump Accountability Project.

.Remember what they did,. the website’s homepage reads, vowing to “never forget” those who helped push the Trump agenda.

That sounds like a threat.

.We should welcome in our fellow Americans with whom we differ politically,. the site says.


.But those who took a paycheck from the Trump Administration should not profit from their efforts to tear our democracy apart. The world should never forget those who, when faced with a decision, chose to put their money, their time, and their reputations behind separating children from their families, encouraging racism and anti-Semitism, and negligently causing the unnecessary loss of life and economic devastation from our country’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic..


While the actual list is not publicly accessible anymore, lawyer Leslie McAdoo Gordon took screenshots of everything and published them here and on Twitter.

Link above.

Those targeted are people who served in the Trump administration, donors, and individuals and PACs who helped get Trump elected, such as members of his campaign and the Republican National Committee. A previous version of the site also included appointees (plus to the judiciary), donors contributing $1,000 or more, and law firms representing him. According to Gordon, the list of administration officials numbered 1,202 and includes assistants and stenographers. A sitting U.S. senator even made the list (Lindsey Graham).

She discovered the three people behind the project were Pete Buttigieg campaign staffers and a former Obama official. One of them threatened “consequences” for any employer that hired people on their list.

Sounds like a threat.

@kaitlancollins just reported WH staff are starting to look for jobs. Employers considering them should know there are consequences for hiring anyone who helped Trump attack American values. Find out how at the Trump Accountability Project.

Sounds like a… botched election grab.

And a threat.

And that is what the 2020 election has been reduced to, open acts of threats and/or intimidation directed against high-level government officials in order to advance the political agenda of Totalitarian Global Socialism. Textbook terrorism.

To close, Trump Derangement Syndrome did this. If the Left had simply accepted defeat when they saw the voting machines weren’t cheating enough, Trump wouldn’t even have gone after them. He would have declared victory, enjoyed another four years and then America would drown in Marxism as they’d always planned. Just a four-year delay, tops, because Drumpf hasn’t exactly gone after Commiefornia for spitting in his face, now has he?

But no, they just couldn’t accept Orange Man for one single more day. So they committed those acts of total desperation, which blew the lid off everything, and now their only hope is to literally terrorize enough of Trump’s Cabinet into joining them in election fraud that there’s nobody left to call them guilty.

More popcorn, please.

Dr. Doug Weiss Believes Hosea’s Wife Was Hosea’s Fault

It’s not news anymore when a PhD Christian is wrong about human sexuality, but it takes a special kind of stupid to call out Biblical passages that prove the expert wrong while doing so.

One of the Biggest Lies Christian Men Believe About Sexual Sin

h ttps://

By Dr. Doug Weiss, 15 November 2020

Picture taken from his own website.

The biggest lie I have heard among Christian men about their [online] sexual addiction is that “it’s not hurting anybody else.” Nothing could be further from the truth of God’s word or His heart.

Actually, there’s a LOT of truth to that. No women are being harmed besides the legal-age participants. No bastards are being made, no diseases are being spread and no marriage vows are being broken.

Your choices when it comes to sexuality affect everybody in your life, either for good or bad.

Fact, they don’t. Ask my coworkers how scandalized they’ve been with my porn habits that they never knew about.

How many of us have felt pain or sadness over our Christian leaders, singers and speakers when they went sexually astray? They damaged not only their lives, but also the lives of their spouses, their children and those with whom they involved themselves.

Not me. When I see a pastor resorting to porn, I feel pity that he suffers the predations of his Arctic shrike of a fishwife together with schadenfreude that he deserves it after choosing to make reenactment of Original Sin his life’s work.

Sometimes I even see it coming. But what can I do, warn Pastor to strengthen his pimp hand before the thirst gets intolerable?

I want to show you how your sex affects others to a deeper level. I believe within every man is a God-given disposition to protect. A man cannot stand by and allow an outsider to hurt anyone he truly loves. This is exemplified in the relationship between a man and his daughter.

Excellent. Doug didn’t waste my time, he went straight for the Electra complex! And in Churchianity, Electra is a “do” rather than a “do not”.

He will protect her above all, and he will protect her intuitively and valiantly. He will be her hero. It’s in all of us men to be this for her.

Biblically speaking, he will trade her away for a son because sons are valuable. *Points at Mosaic Law*

Your daughters will be directly affected by your personal sex life. This effect can be for the good if you have sexual integrity. Her mother needs to have the appropriate conversations with her regarding her sexual development so that she can understand the changes taking place in her life and the boundaries that God has for her sexuality.

Get real, Doug. Modern women are too busy teaching Scripture to men to also teach the Biblical boundaries of “respect and obey your husband and enjoy him in your youth”. To say nothing of her own youthful harlotry and poor marital example.

But if you are not keeping God’s boundaries for your own sexuality, I doubt that these conversations will have much depth, integrity or conviction. Guilt over your private sex life with yourself or others will prevent you from being an optimal father. For those who find themselves addicted to porn or the Internet, these issues are of grave importance.

Men disobey God… women most affected!

Your daughter might not see you check out that waitress or jogger in an inappropriate manner.

*giggle* Sorry. Inside joke that won’t age well.

On a serious note, we see here that Doug’s problem with male sexuality is that it persists in ways that aren’t useful to Mommy. Normal men, an increasingly rare breed, understand that checking out the occasional ass is a hardwired reaction and not at all on the same level of serial adultery.

Indeed, throughout this article Doug refuses to make a distinction between a frustrated husband resorting to porn, an innocent catcall at a chick walking by and a pastor committing adultery for all to see. Men without a woman in their lives at all?

She might never come across your secret porn stash. She might never see you spend hours upon hours every week flipping thru channels so you can ogle women.

She might never notice the lack of affection you give your wife because she is not like the pinup girl you’ve seen, although she may be.

Cucks do enjoy arguing against themselves. “You sin affects everybody! even though they might never notice it.”

Wake up, Christian men! God Himself addressed the issue of our sexuality and the effects on our daughters in Hosea 4:10-14 (NIV), ” Because they … give themselves to prostitution … a spirit of prostitution leads them….astray; they are unfaithful to their God…Therefore your daughters turn to prostitution and your daughters-in-law to adultery.

He goes on to say that God will not punish the daughters because it’s the men who have committed the sexual sin of prostitution. (see vs. 14)

Wow. The bitch is strong with this one. “I slept around, Daddy, and my bad behavior is so much your fault that God Himself won’t even punish me!” This while quoting from a book about a prophet of God forced to marry a shameless prostitute for his wife, to represent the nation’s unfaithfulness to Father God.

That’s not just wrong, that’s 180 degrees from right.

Let’s start with that hideously cut & pasted Bible quotation. Chapter 4 is a charge against the nation Israel, as noted in verses 1-2: “Hear the word of the Lord, you Israelites, because the Lord has a charge to bring against you who live in the land: .There is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgment of God in the land. There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed.

Let’s begin.

Verses 10-12:.They will eat but not have enough;
they will engage in prostitution but not flourish,
because they have deserted the Lord
to give themselves to prostitution;
old wine and new wine
take away their understanding.
My people consult a wooden idol,
and a diviner’s rod speaks to them.
A spirit of prostitution leads them astray;
they are unfaithful to their God.”

As with the early chapters of Hosea, prostitution is used here as a metaphor for Israel’s unfaithfulness to God. Prostitution itself is not the topic. Unfaithfulness to God is the topic.

Verse 13:”They sacrifice on the mountaintops
and burn offerings on the hills,
under oak, poplar and terebinth,
where the shade is pleasant.
Therefore your daughters turn to prostitution
and your daughters-in-law to adultery.

We have seen the truth of this in recent decades. Frauds like Doug Weiss worship false gods (in his case, Feminism… or Jezebel if you prefer) and as a direct result, the next generations of women run feral.

Verse 14: “I will not punish your daughters
when they turn to prostitution,
nor your daughters-in-law
when they commit adultery,
because the men themselves consort with harlots
and sacrifice with shrine prostitutes.
a people without understanding will come to ruin!

You can see why Doug was excited to find this verse. Applied literally, however, this violates the entire rest of Scripture’s teachings about guilt as well as condemns Hosea for consorting with a harlot as ordered by God.

Because the context is the nation Israel’s disobedience, we can see in history that God eventually restored them from punishments such as the Babylonian exile. That’s all that this is… God rejecting the concept of generational guilt. Jeremiah 31:29-30 “[Declares the Lord,] .In those days people will no longer say, .The parents have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” Instead, everyone will die for their own sin; whoever eats sour grapes.their own teeth will be set on edge.

Dough Weiss, PhD is a lying fraud of a Christian. He used the picture of Gomer’s unfaithfulness to Hosea as an example of Hosea being a bad man! Which was the total opposite of the message God was trying to get across when He ordered a righteous man to marry a skank-whore in the first place!

Back in Hosea’s day, they didn’t have Playboy magazine, the Internet or chat rooms. They only had prostitutes. These modern-day sexual sins are of the same spirit.

Doug, you JUST quoted from a chapter of Hosea that discussed idol worship! And men have been drawing bawdy pictures since the day we learned to draw. First we drew a stick figure, then we drew him with a big-ass spear, then we drew him humping the ugly stick girl, then we threw rocks at each other.

I wasn’t there but tell me I’m wrong.

They suck the spiritual life and power right out of men. So many men I know personally did not reach their destiny in Christ because of engaging in this modern spirit of prostitution.

So many clergy think God has a special love for them because they draw a paycheck in His name. “I used to be a no-name dirt farmer like you. Then GOD CALLED ME to attend seminary instead of being drafted for Vietnam!”

We need to rise up as New Testament saints and realize our sexuality is the issue. You don’t get away with a secret addiction to Internet porn, self-sex or adultery.

As I said, Doug refuses to distinguish between appreciating a hot chick and breaking a marriage vow.

What you do with your sexuality can create havoc in your children’s lives. You don’t get away with sexual sin.

That is not men’s motivation for using porn. Their motivation is either wifey refusing to put out or increasingly, no chance for a wifey at all.

If you’re struggling with sexual sin or addiction, get accountable. Start walking in God’s truth in your sexuality. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your daughter.

If a sexual temptation comes toward you, picture your precious little daughter crying because you let her and her mother down. That picture is stronger than any list could ever be.

Ohhh, Doug wants to compare pictures? Eye bleach warning! Here’s a picture of the Modern Woman let down by her husband being more attracted to an inanimate picture than her body:

I made a covenant with my God when I held my daughter as a baby not only to protect her with all my being and strength, but also never to shame her. I promised God that the spirit of adultery and divorce that goes up my family tree for as far as I can see stops here with me. In Christ, with accountability (see James 5:16), you can get and stay free.

I pray that you will see the damage your private actions can have on those you love most.

I close with a special hate for Doug Weiss invoking the taboo of child sex against the entire male sex drive. There is a special curse upon people who call something good, evil, and male sexuality was created by God. Instead of trying to suffocate masculinity with every tool of shame that can be grasped, the Church should be training its “somebody’s daughters” to be the loyal young wives of young men.

Alabama’s Potatoman Versus the Deep State

Our Elites aren’t even pretending that white Christians are anything but marked for extermination. I rolled my eyes at “yet another senator who doesn’t know the three branches of the Federal Government” then got whiplash when I noticed that criticism came from Al Franken. How would HE know?

h ttps://

Tommy Tuberville is Alabama’s U.S. senator-elect and former NCAA football coach who is going viral after claiming the three government branches are “the House, the Senate and Executive..

Tuberville, who defeated Democratic Senator Doug Jones on November 3, made the mistake during a November 12 interview with the Alabama Daily News.

His first mistake was talking to the press at all.

When reporter Todd Stacy asked the senator-elect whether he believed that Democrats would have to work with Republicans and vice versa to achieve progress moving forward, Tuberville said the “government was set up” to operate that way.

.Our government wasn’t set up for one group to have all three of branches of government,. he expressed. .It wasn’t set up that way, our three branches, the House, the Senate and Executive..

Sigh, well, I’ll go ahead and nickname him ‘Potatoman’ Tuberville for Cucking like that, yet as with Trump I find myself forced to defend somebody I don’t like because his accusers are so much more vile. Tuberville was obviously not being quizzed on the three ACTUAL branches of the government, just the ones he thought Democrats would have to cooperate with Republicans in.

I talked with @TTuberville about his next steps, including hiring top staff, getting on committees and the prospects of working with razor-thin majorities in the House and Senate. Listen and read to our “In the Weeds” discussion here: #alsen

. Todd Stacy (@toddcstacy) November 12, 2020

Turns out former Auburn f-ball coach, AL Sen-elect Tommy Tuberville doesn’t know the 3 branches, why we fought WWII, & that you can’t fundraise from your Senate office. What a surprise!

. Al Franken (@alfranken) November 13, 2020

What a surprise that of all the politicians in Congress to get called out for not knowing the basics of American government, the lucky winner of national attention is…

Tuberville, a “Christian conservative,. highlights several key areas of interest on his website, including gun rights, immigration and border security, lower taxes and “protecting life..

On abortion, he says, .I will fight to protect the sanctity of every human life because future generations may very well look back at the current wave of infanticide sweeping across our nation as this generation’s holocaust..

Heavy was never the Cuckservative pretender that Fox News was, yet this article is a shameless hatchet job. All the chips are getting thrown down in a desperate, all-out bid to destroy…

President Donald Trump expressed his support for Tuberville following Alabama’s March primary.

Tuberville isn’t really an ally of Trump if Trump didn’t help him win the primary against… JEFF SESSIONS?!

The president said in May that Tuberville is a “true supporter,. adding that former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions “let our country down” by recusing himself during the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Sessions later told Fox News that he did not regret his decision.

.You never regret doing what you believe is the right thing, Neil,. he said to the station. .I was convinced I had to do that, I was required to do that. My faith and my commitment to law is such that I would never fail to do my duty under those circumstances and I did what I felt I had to do..

Sessions ran as a Republican against Tuberville. The Deep State tried to cover its bets by running Sessions as a Republican against incumbent Democrat Doug Jones who per wikipedia, was the only Democrat currently in Alabama politics.

Also per wikipedia, Jones is now being considered for Biden’s US Attorney General, he’s that much of a Deep Stater. The Swamp thought it had both sides covered to marginalize the Republican State of Alabama, then Tuberville came along and upset its surefire plan.

That was depressingly easy to figure out.

h/t Dark Brightness.

It was a good day when the folks of Alabama elected Tuberville. That being said, Potatoman doesn’t know even the first rule of good government:

Frank Ghinassi and the Winter Elephant Of Mental Health

Truly, it astonishes how much professional, credentialed experts will sabotage themselves and the people who trust them in their desperate worship of the Narrative from which all sinecures flow. Compare this Behavioral Health CEO’s advice to amateur-anonymous-mine.

How to Manage Mental Health in Cold Weather during the Pandemic

h ttps://

By Ravi Maharajh, 5 November 2020

As the colder weather forces more people indoors . where public health officials warn there is increased risk of transmission of the coronavirus . concern is growing over the mental health implications of isolation.

Could it be possible that a nonspecific, context-free ‘increase’ in Chinaball bounciness might be less important to a person’s health than behaving like a human being? Let’s find out from a PRO!

Frank Ghinassi, president and CEO of Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care discusses ways people can stay socially connected and when they should seek professional help for mental health concerns.

The leader of a literal medical-industrial complex. Curiously, he’s never described as a doctor… neither am I but I don’t provide mental health care for a career.

How can people combat isolation as cooler weather drives them indoors?

GQ: The same way they’ve been ‘combating’ isolation over the summer: civil disobedience against State lockdown mandates in the name of acting human. Meanwhile, the main problem with winter, in the context of mental health, is the lack of sunlight, not being indoors. Humans aren’t designed to live without shelter even at the warmest of times.

Frank Ghinassi: Maintaining a level of social contact is going to be critical. People who live alone, regardless of whether they are young or old, are at particular risk. One solution is to stay in touch with family and friends, whether it is over social media, through video or over the phone. Maybe share a cup of coffee with someone over the phone in the morning.

Man, that’s… that’s depressing. Whose side is Frank on?

Write letters: Sending and receiving them can be very rewarding.

That is no replacement for being social. That is merely the ALLOWED replacement for being social, which is straight-up malpractice coming from a mental health expert.

If you live with your family, do activities, such as board games or listen to audio broadcasts, as a family rather than watch TV.

Okay, one point for Frank: watching TV is bad for your health. Although methinks he’s Boomering with ‘listen to audio broadcasts as a family’.

Take a walk in the cold with others.

Wear masks at all time. Maintain six-foot social distancing at all times. No hugs. No handshakes. Do not share articles of clothing. Do not sing or speak in a loud voice. Assume all members of other households are contagious with a deadly disease, including their pets. Report all violators to the Ministry Of Health for contact-tracing. And remember to eat your meals while you’re outside in the cold with others! Because eating indoors in climate-controlled comfort is UNHEALTHY!!!

The people I worry about the most are those who live in unsafe environments or where there is domestic violence. I encourage people in these situations to reach out to agencies or their case managers.

Ohhh, that’s right! We men can’t beat our wives during the Superbowl anymore! Guess we’ll have to beat our wives during Thanksgiving dinner instead! Gotta make quota! “That was a great meal, honey!” *whack whack whack* “Unggh, I’m too full to… continue…” *tryptophan claims another victim*

Are we talking DV as in “he beats me because he loves me” or DV as in “hubby touched my body because I haven’t put out since LAST winter”?

Should people anticipate . and prepare for . a “grieving” period for the lifestyle they enjoyed in the warmer months?

GQ: Grow up already. It’s winter, it happens every year.

FG: This is an appropriate term. Missing things that made our lives pleasurable is normal, natural and to be expected. Suppressing or ignoring the fact that we are grieving could make the situation worse. Acknowledging that grieving activities we loved, such as going to theaters, parties and restaurants, is legitimate, expected and . here’s the key word . normal.

Fuck your Normal. There is nothing normal about the government playing God… um… sigh, that’s a second point for Frank. I should’ve said there is nothing legitimate about government playing God.

This is a process. We need to accept that we are in a highly unusual time; a pandemic is something that people haven’t dealt with on this level for a century.

“The first step in good mental health is accepting that no matter what, Big Brother loves you and must be obeyed.”

People should realize that grieving ebbs and flows and other circumstances such as fatigue, work stress, family conflict and illness could exacerbate it.

But not lockdowns?

They should seek out the support of family and friends and, if necessary professionals or religious officials, if they feel their grieving is sustained without seeing any reduction after four to six weeks. Like echoes on a wall of a canyon, grief should get a little softer over time.

That advice fails epically at every level.

A man telling his wife he’s emotionally hurting? Bad idea to show weakness.

A man telling his friends he’s emotionally hurting? Okay, but men naturally don’t like to show weakness like that and there’s no response his friends can do that’s lockdown-obedient. Just quit the lockdown and be done with it, you’ll feel better once you start to act normal again.

A man telling “professionals” that he’s emotionally hurting? Goodbye firearm ownership, hello suicide-watch incarceration and a “medical history of instability”.

Don’t even get me started about “religious officials”. Frank refusing to mention Christianity by name says everything about his own belief in the regenerative properties of religion.

Seriously, how much more cynical can the Establishment become towards Christ? “If you have mental health issues then speak with a representative of your preferred faith tradition, who is a mandatory reporter of everything we want to hear.” “Come to Jesus but don’t go inside His church. The government said it’s not safe to worship Jesus indoors. Big Brother loves us while Jesus abandoned us to die of plague.”

How can people prepare mentally for a change in the upcoming holidays?

GQ: By resolving, now and forevermore, that Christ and country and family and friends are what make life worth living… not unquestioning obedience to a death cult of a government obsessed with “radically transforming” how humans behave.

FG: The traditions of the holiday season are going to be radically altered. This time is associated with gathering . people travel to see family, host family in their homes, something that will be dramatically reduced.

Frank is a New Normal spokesman, soul pre-purchased by The Powers That Be.

This is a time to take refuge in whatever customs and cultures associated with that. People do not have to break those food and gathering traditions. They can prepare food in smaller quantities for their immediate household, even if it is just themselves, and join others through technology as they prepare.

“The lockdown must be obeyed. The lockdown is more important than family. Good mental health comes from obeying the lockdown. Big Brother loves you. The computer is your friend.”

Every Easter, my family’s tradition is to have up to 50 family members gather at one house and make frittatas, an egg-cheese-and-pepperoni dish that is traditional in Italian-American culture. This year, we kept the tradition alive through a Zoom call during which about 30 of us prepared the meal and then ate it together.

“I don’t just tell you to love Big Brother. I love Big Brother myself! Big Brother is better than family to me so listen when I tell you about what’s important for your mental health!”

What self-care measures do you recommend?

GQ: Celebrate the holidays. Keep your family traditions alive for another year. Humans are creatures of habit so keep to your habits for best mental health. Take Vitamin D supplements, it’s a natural mood enhancer and compensates for lack of sunlight. Get lots of hugs from family. Have weekly game nights with friends in-person. Accept that a bug or two is going to be passed around; if that bothers you then keep your hands washed.

FG: Return to the basics: Drink five to six glasses of water a day to stay hydrated as the heat can dry your house, eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and maintain a consistent sleep/wake cycle, which is essential for sustaining mood and physical health. Your Monday through Friday sleep cycle schedule should not differ much from your Saturday/Sunday sleep cycle schedule.

None of that is winter-specific. None of that is directly relevant to mental health.

Reduce the urge to drink alcohol. Although a glass of wine with dinner four to five nights a week is not something to worry about, resist the temptation to have a glass of wine at 3:30 because you can. Increased use of alcohol can creep up on you, especially if there is no one else in the house to check on you. Do a self-check: Are you using more alcohol than you were a year ago? If you are concerned, you can call support lines anonymously.

SOMEBODY loves Big Brother so much that alcoholism is a constant temptation!

This Frank Ghinassi disgusts me. He sees that the lockdowns are hurting people and inevitably leading to self-medications such as increased drug abuse, yet he likes his comfortable position as President & CEO of a Big Brother agency too much to admit the blindingly obvious truth.

He will not be pleased to discover that Christ is real and pissed about his treacheries.

Plan for regular physical activity. If you are not comfortable going to a gym and do not have equipment, you can used canned goods as weights, use YouTube videos to guide you in exercises or meditation. Build in a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.

How female. No man can use canned food for weight unless he’s barely starting out–I’m not a great bodybuilder anymore yet I can’t even feel any dumbbell smaller than 10lbs. “30 minutes of exercise”? He’s preaching cardio exclusively.

Finally, make a list of things that give you pleasure . movies, crafts, reading, puzzles, exercise, cooking, board games, listening to music, social calls . and do at least two things every day.

But no hugs. Hugs are forbidden by law.

When should you seek professional [mental] help?

GQ: Never. The professionals are not your friends. They are government drones who first got into psychology to figure out what THEIR OWN problem was. Nothing they tell you will be more than you can read in a book and meanwhile, they’ll report to Big Tech everything about your mental and emotional vulnerabilities. That WILL come back on you in ways such as loss of firearm ownership, voiding of security clearances and harsher judgments in Family Court.

FG: This is a matter of time and severity. If you get into what feels like a slump and that lasts more than four weeks without a lot of relief, it’s a signal you are not snapping out of it. Look for disruptions in your life. Are you finding it difficult to get and stay asleep? Are there changes in your eating habits? Have you lost your feeling of hopefulness for the future? Are you disinterested in things that used to bring you joy?

In more severe cases: Do you have feelings that “it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I didn’t wake up tomorrow?. or do you have thoughts of harming yourself or other people?

Those questions are straight from the DSM-5 manual for diagnosing clinical depression. As I just said, nothing they tell you will be more than you can read in a book.

Bad news: depression is very hard to treat. That’s because our society is being intentionally and maliciously dismantled by depraved sociopaths with delusions of godhood. That is something a person will naturally be depressed by. If you reach the point of wanting pills then a doctor will prescribe them but that’s all they’ll do because honesty about the root causes of your depression would get them fired.

The government wants you miserable, alone and broken this winter. Set your face against that. Do not cooperate. Do not ask the government for help. Look to God in Heaven and the people who still care about you after the State told them not to.

That is a sign to contact a professional whether at one of the Rutgers support helplines or elsewhere, such as through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association’s helpline…

“Big Brother loves you. Big Brother cares about your mental health. Unless you play with friends and visit family. Then Big Brother must reeducate you about the dangers of Winnie the Flu. The lockdowns do not cause suicide and despair. Your inappropriate responses to the lockdowns cause suicide and despair.”

How Feminism Affects Wimmin

It’s like jamming a screwdriver into an electrical socket. It hurts the male part, the socket isn’t haaaapy either and no actual screws get turned. And then, everybody watching the incident does a facepalm.

I had to dig this one out of the archive. H/T Better Bachelor on youTube but I just couldn’t resist giving it my own go.

I.m All For Feminism, But It’s Kinda Making It Harder To Date

h ttps://

By some blonde without a boy toy in 2019

I consider myself a feminist, but I can’t lie.I.m starting to notice its effects on my dating life.

And so it begins. *popcorn*

This doesn’t change my belief in equality, I just hope that men and women can eventually learn to date in harmony because it’s pretty messy right now.

And to help men learn harmony, here’s her 10-step process on how men can get over her hatred of us long enough to pay attention to… uh… whats-her-name. No pic this time.

1. I.M HYPER AWARE OF EVERY SEXIST THING A GUY DOES NOW. It doesn’t take much for me to overanalyze a guy’s intentions nowadays. I used to see a guy opening a door for me as nice and polite, but lately, gestures like this have been making me angry. I know the guys offering these acts of chivalry have no intention to make me feel small or lesser than, but now that my eyes have been opened to feminist theory, it’s all I’m able to think about.

If holding the door open makes her angry and slamming the door in her face makes her angry… then all I can do is make ME happy!

2. GUYS ARE STARTED TO THINK WE DON’T NEED THEM ANYMORE. Even though the feminist movement is pretty much the best thing to happen to this world since sliced bread, it’s taking its toll in the dating scene. The thing is, I’m starting to get a bit of a stand-offish vibe from guys, like they’re afraid to make a move, and I think it’s because they think that we don’t need them anymore.

Bitch, it’s because you’re watching for us to set you off.

I.m not gonna go and cry a river for them because that’s something they’re gonna have to figure out within their own psyches. It’s just something I’ve noticed and it’s a bit of a shame.



Starfleet Facepalm.

All it takes is one quick scroll down my newsfeed and I have enough feminist rants to last me several winters. I think I’ve almost trained my brain to assume ALL men are here to try to put me down and dominate me when that’s far from the truth. I’ve made it kind of an automatic reflex at this point, though.

Yes. Yes, you have.


“I’ve been brainwashed! Please help me *whirr-click* pay for dinner dates.”

6. THE DEBATE ON WHO SHOULD PAY HAS NEVER BEEN MORE ALIVE. I.m on the side that believes whoever does the asking should also do the paying. If I ask a guy out on a date, I would expect to pay, absolutely. If a guy asks me, I would expect that he shells out the money for the evening. It’s just the way it should be. However, due to the recent boost in feminism, a guy paying the bill could be seen as anti-feminist and no guy wants to be considered a misogynist in this day and age. The song and dance of who’s gonna pay has never been more awkward and it’s making dating that much more difficult to maneuver.

“How DARE you give me free money! See you next week?”

The same way I’m hyper-aware of when guys are being insulting towards women, I’m also afraid that I’m gonna come off as too harsh and dominant, which could easily scare guys away. Feminism is something I’m passionate about, but I also know how guys can get insecure when I talk about it. I don’t know what to do anymore.

You could try being kind and submissive to men instead of “too” harsh and dominant.

…or not. *ducks*

8. IT.S MADE US MORE SEPARATE FROM EACH OTHER THAN EVER BEFORE. Men and women ALREADY have so much trouble trying to understand each other, but feminism has turned our society into a bit of a battle of the sexes. I.m not on their side or anything, I’m just pointing out that we’re currently in a sort of “us against them” mentality and it’s gonna take a while until it all smooths out.

Quote from #2: “the feminist movement is pretty much the best thing to happen to this world since sliced bread.” Sheesh, Blondie, even our bread is divided these days.

9. EVERY FIRST DATE I GO ON, THERE’S AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. It.s weird because we’re doing the whole “man seeking woman” act when we got on dates, but we both know that this old way of seeing each other is on its way out. I.m not saying dating is dead, but I think we’ll need to find a new way to be in relationships without falling into any sort of forced gender roles. I just don’t think we know how to do it yet.

Insert Masculine-Presenting-Lesbian probe into Questioning Allied Gay Child Lover socket. Electrify until chemistry happens. Smoking permitted even where banned by law. Justify with the phrase “New Normal”.

Also, dating is dead and Blondie here killed it.



Is it just me or are guys doing a lot more looking around than actually approaching? Times are a little weird right now and I guess guys are afraid that the way they approach women might offend us or give us the wrong impression. I guess this is a good thing in a way because now guys have to wrack their brain and kinda figure out how to treat women with respect and see us as whole people. That’s a good thing, but it.ll be awhile until we’ll see that as a dating trend.

Respect isn’t given, Blondie. It’s earned and you are not a whole person, lacking a brain.

Chicken Soup For the Trump Voter’s Soul

I see that a lot of people are taking Trump’s reelection troubles hard. Doomsday condolences abound! While I’m not one to give false hope… we were screwed long before this… I AM one to give legit hope. Let’s dig in.

COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System. It Was Already Broken.

h ttps://

By Corey A. Deangelis, December 2020 Issue of Reason Magazine

The reason I periodically cover what happens in the school system is because it’s the trailer hitch of Socialism. It cannot move on its own power. People must be forced to believe in it, which means the Socialist must indoctrinate the young at all costs in order to survive.

When “public education” breaks and the State no longer controls the curriculum, will be the killshot to modern Socialism. That Death Cult baggage will fall back behind us and eventually fireball at a hopefully safe distance. And wow, do the Socialists know it:

We are witnessing an exodus from public schools that’s unprecedented in modern U.S. history. Families are fleeing the traditional system and turning to homeschooling, virtual charters, microschools, and.more controversially.”pandemic pods,” in which families band together to help small groups of kids learn at home.

The result has been an enormous backlash. A recent New York Times opinion article claimed that families forming pods is “the latest in school segregation.” Denver Public Schools issued a formal statement in August urging parents not to unenroll their children.even though the district is not reopening its schools in person.because it is “deeply concerned about the pods’ long-term negative implications for public education and social justice.” Falls Church City Public Schools in Virginia issued a similar statement the next day, pressuring families not to withdraw their children. Administrators were concerned about “pandemic flight” and worried that “an exodus of students” would cause schools to lose money.

Listen to their REEEEs of terror!


h ttps://

(The Center Square) . The Denver Public Schools Board of Education is urging parents not to unenroll their children in favor of private teaching or “pod” learning, citing segregation and potential revenue losses.

In a statement, board members said the school district loses $10,600 in per pupil funding from the state for each student who’s unenrolled.

Such pure motivations!

The board also criticized the practice of “pandemic pods” or .micro-schooling,. which have gained some traction as alternatives to in-person or remote public schooling.

Denver Public Schools will start the school year on Aug. 24 without in-person classes, instead opting for online instruction until at least Oct. 16.

“We won’t allow you to do things the old way and beg you to not find a new way that replaces us!” Heehee, SOMEBODY didn’t learn about Newton’s Third Law in physics class. We won’t point any fingers at public education administrators but here’s a link to some gun-friendly remedials.

.We are deeply concerned about the pods. long-term negative implications for public education and social justice,. the board members said, citing the district’s history of segregation.

Like I said, the end of public education is a killshot to their beliefs.

.While today our student body is as diverse as ever, our schools and communities suffer from segregation,. board members wrote. .We fear that further flight will exacerbate academic and opportunity gaps among our children..

Pods would need to have “three students-of-color for every one white student, two students who qualify for free-and-reduced price lunch for everyone who does not, at least one student who receives Special Education services and at least one student who receives English Language Acquisition services. in order to be inline with the district’s demographics, the letter said.

And the fact they don’t, is the reason they work.

I couldn’t find the Falls Church announcement. Governor Northam announced so may Covid closures and reopenings of Virginia schools that my search engines choked.

End segue

While the direct cause of this wave of departures is the pandemic, the exodus didn’t come out of nowhere. Many families simply realized the school system wasn’t going to be there for them. Some expected the remote learning disaster from the spring to repeat itself. Others didn’t like what they saw going on when they got a closer look at their child’s curriculum at the end of last year. And being offered slightly less poorly choreographed Zoom lessons.or nothing at all.wasn’t enough to keep the skeptics around. For many, COVID-19 was the final push they needed to leave a system that was already barely meeting their needs.

The education establishment is panicked, but there is little it can do to stem the flow once families determine to take matters into their own hands. What remains is the task of restructuring the underlying funding mechanisms to attach money to students instead of institutions, so that more families are empowered to escape a system that isn’t working for them.

The old “school voucher” deceit, as we Californians have come to know it. Attach government money to each student and then it doesn’t matter which institution the student attends. If the school taps the money then the government gets its hooks in.

The permanent fix is to stop using tax money to pay for child education at all, but there’s no support for this because it means single men like me wouldn’t have to pay “our fair share” of our neighbors’ parental expenses.

Regardless, the Public Education Establishment self-destructing is a very solid step forward.

As COVID-19 started to spread domestically and schools began to close in the spring, many families struggled. But some discovered that they really liked homeschooling. The pandemic-induced test drive of home-based education gave millions of parents a chance to reassess the factory model. Some families reported that their children were less anxious, more engaged with learning materials, and learning more in a fraction of the time. Other families realized that they could actually make homeschooling work.and decided never to turn back.

Lookit that, Leftoids! It’s one of them New Normals that you keep giggling about!

In fact, national polling from EdChoice has found each month since March that families are growing more positive about homeschooling as a result of COVID-19. A survey from July found that 74 percent of parents reported having a more favorable view of homeschooling, whereas only 15 percent reported having a less favorable view.

These indications aren’t limited to surveys. We also now have hard evidence of actual public school enrollment declines across the country. Arizona’s largest school district reported a 5.6 percent decrease in enrollment from last year. Clark County, Nevada, reported a 3.4 percent drop. In Florida’s Orange County, enrollment is down about 9 percent from projections. In Nashville, it’s down 4.5 percent from projections. And as of August 28, over 3,000 students.about 1.6 percent of total enrollment.had filed to withdraw from Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools and switch to homeschooling or a private school.

Each of the reported enrollment reductions has been larger for elementary students than for higher grade levels. The drop in Mesa Public Schools in Arizona is around 10 percent for elementary schools and 17 percent for kindergartens. The drop in Dallas Independent School District is about 8 percent for elementary schools. Each of these districts reporting enrollment reductions has announced that they do not plan to reopen with any in-person instruction.

Homeschool filings are also through the roof in many states. Nebraska reported a 21 percent increase from the same time last year. In Vermont the rise is 75 percent; in Wisconsin it’s 128 percent. These spikes have been as large as 175 percent in the biggest school district in Utah, 229 percent in Maricopa County, Arizona, and 288 percent in the state of Texas. So many families filed to homeschool in North Carolina that they crashed the government website.

That is what winning looks like. Finally, FINALLY, parents are taking their children away from the Commies! And because the Commies ordered them to, no less… let it not be said that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Given that the U.S. spends about $15,000 per public school student per year.and given that districts are partly funded based on enrollment counts.the departure of 3.5 million kids could drain up to $52 billion from the public school system.

The public school monopoly is afraid of this exodus.and for good reason. Arizona’s Chandler Unified School District, for example, already estimated that its expected loss of 1,656 students would lead to a funding shortfall of around $21 million.

Aww, the poor Socialists are running out of other peoples’ money ahead of schedule.

A coalition of 10 teachers unions and the Democratic Socialists of America called for a ban on new charter schools and private school voucher programs, and the Los Angeles teachers union called for a ban on all charter schools.

Perhaps I was too harsh on voucher programs.

Families are hitting other government-imposed roadblocks as well. Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland; Dane County, Wisconsin; Sacramento County, California; and Oregon have ordered private schools not to reopen in person, even though day care centers are permissible in each of those places.

Totally not a feminism-motivated attack.

A private school in Sacramento rebranded as a day care, going so far as to retrain its teachers as child care workers, in an attempt to get around the regulation, but the county ordered it to close anyway.

Massachusetts now requires pandemic pods with more than five unrelated students to be licensed.and paying a private instructor is forbidden.

Protect the Narrative!

New Mexico is currently under pressure from the U.S. Department of Justice for unconstitutionally limiting private schools to 25 percent capacity while public schools are limited to 50 percent capacity and day cares are permitted to operate at 100 percent capacity.

The masks are coming off and that is always a good sign… a sign that the lies are failing and the dawn of truth approaches.

UK’s NHS Makes Suicide the Easy Way Out

In the worst case I’ve yet heard of refusing to tell a woman “No”, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock made an exception to his “Lockdowns Save Lives” decrees for customers of foreign-based assisted suicide clinics.

Take a moment. Let the derp of that one wash over you.

UK: People can travel for assisted suicide, but not the holidays

h ttps://

By Michael Haynes, 6 November 2020

LONDON, England, November 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) . Despite not being allowed to leave England for the holidays as part of new lockdown measures to “to protect the NHS and save lives,. residents are still permitted to travel abroad for assisted suicide.

The revelation came yesterday as members of parliament in the United Kingdom questioned Health Secretary Matt Hancock on the implications of the travel ban.

Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell asked Hancock to clarify “the impact of new coronavirus regulations on the ability of terminally ill adults to travel abroad for an assisted death..

Hancock gave a lengthy reply, explaining that despite the new lockdown restrictions that prohibit travel unless for a reasonable excuse, one could still travel abroad to die. He said “traveling abroad for the purpose of assisted dying is a reasonable excuse, so anyone doing so would not be breaking the law..

So, the lockdowns are NOT about saving lives. They’re about killing lives, whether slowly or quickly… by locking the elderly into isolated wards and letting them out only after they despair.

The issue was raised in parliament due to a recent case in which a 45-year-old woman accelerated her plans to travel to Switzerland to die before she would be prevented from leaving England in the impending lockdown.

British woman, 45, with terminal breast cancer fast-tracks plan to die at Dignitas due to looming lockdown as she slams UK’s cruel assisted dying laws for forcing her to end her life alone

h ttps://

By Shari Miller, 1 November 2020

A 45-year-old British woman with terminal breast cancer has fast-tracked plans to end her life at a Swiss euthanasia clinic this week, fearing she will otherwise be forced to endure ‘an agonising, protracted death’ due to the UK’s ban on assisted dying and impending lockdown.

Looks like the NHS is too cheap for palliative care.

The woman, who until her diagnosis was a senior mental health professional in the NHS, has been granted a special waiver by the Swiss government allowing her to travel to her hotel and on to her final appointment at Dignitas, near Z?rich, without having to self-isolate for 10 days.

Getting the government to okay suicide over palliative care gives me all kinds of confidence in Barbie’s skill as a mental health professional. But really, selling Boxer the Horse to the Glue Farm as a ‘retirement package’ is textbook socialized medicine.

In the UK, assisted suicide is illegal and punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

One supposes that the Health Secretary doesn’t have to obey his own government’s laws. That would be fair.

Revealing her heartbreaking plight in The Sunday Times today, she said that she feared delaying any further would ‘jeopardise’ her intentions and that due to Coronavirus restrictions her plans had been brought forward earlier than anticipated.

Cue the entrance of…

Less than a 72-hour response time from not fewer than two Members of Parliament. Mental Health Barbie won’t miss her flight!

Hmm, why am I happy about that? *soul search*

The woman acknowleged that she would eventually die from blood poisoning, suffocation or, her greatest fear, from strokes due to cancerous tumours in her brain, a scenario that she said ‘tormented’ her.

She added that she is not suicidal, rather she ‘desperately wants to live’, but as this is not an option she is seeking a death that is ‘peaceful’, albeit one that will separate her from loved ones due to the UK’s ban on assisted dying.

She is by definition suicidal, thus a lying fraud of a mental health professional. If she truly ‘desperately wanted to live’ then she could, oh, I don’t know, NOT GET SPECIAL PERMISSION FROM TWO NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS TO PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF OFFING HERSELF. If she wanted to die among her ‘loved ones’, presumably meaning her family not her favorite makers of boxed wine, then she could stay home in UK and enjoy the many benefits of the health care system she was a proud member of…

The woman described the ‘cruelty’ of the situation and said that within the medical profession the issue is considered taboo.

She said: ‘When I have attempted to speak openly about what I feel is a perfectly rational desire to avoid a traumatic death, I have been met by a wall of silence from doctors. To go from being a senior clinical leader to feeling silenced and patronised by people who were once my peers has hurt me deeply.’

…or not.

Yeah, I’m happy about her slitting her own throat in terror of being a patient in the very medical system that she was a leader of. Sic Semper Tyrannis and all that.

The woman’s experience emerged as nearly 50 senior doctors are today calling for an inquiry into the ban on assisted dying in Britain.

The move comes just days after New Zealand voted to make assisted dying legal for terminally ill people.

Other countries passing similar laws include Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, Holland and parts of the US and Australia.

Last month, a survey also found that 50 per cent of British doctors believe there should be a change in the law to allow helping patients to die.

First our governments enact lockdowns that isolate us from friends and family and church while destroying entire industries’ worth of jobs, then our governments “charitably” start a one-sided “conversation” about whether to grease our slide into the grave.

That would never sell on its own merits. So instead, the Powers That Be parade a sick “but brave” woman and dare us to tell her No.

Not only do I say No, I want to watch her endure the fate she’s forced upon the innocent for years. It apparently makes suicide look like the easy way out.

Lust Conquers All; the Manosphere For Newcomers

With any luck, the election shenanigans have broken a few more people loose from the zeitgeist, but I suspect most guys who come to the Red Pill do so the old-fashioned way, by thinking with their dicks. Which is awesome, healthy and nearly impossible to thwart, as this poor male feminist demonstrates:

Do men really hate women?

h ttps://

By James Bloodworth, 15 October 2020

No. In fact, men are hardwired to need sex and like women. When you find a man who genuinely wants nothing to do with women under any circumstances, you have found a man severely damaged by a man-hating society. He’s had his natural instincts beaten or twisted clean out of him. He didn’t wake up and decide “womyn sux” apropos of nothing or to fit in with the cool kids.

But that’s just my answer. Let’s hear James’.

Feminism is frequently described as arriving in “waves.” With each successive wave comes an embittered backlash. There was still a strong stigma attached to women giving birth out of wedlock when I was born to a single mother in the 1980s. A few years later, when I started school, my mum lost out on a promotion at work to a man who was significantly less qualified than her for the role.

Vastly more likely: his mother with her “I gotta be there for my kid” attitude couldn’t make the time commitment that the promotion required. Blah blah qualifications but if one candidate can promise he’ll show up every day and the other one can’t then guess who is more valuable to the company?

I could go a step further and bet that the qualification in question was an academic credential not actual work experience, but we’ll never know.

Yet even back then there were audible rumblings of discontent from men who believed that feminism had “gone too far.” Shortly after my mum had been stitched up at work (an experience depressingly common to many women) the men’s rights activist Warren Farrell published The Myth of Male Power (1993), in which he argued that men . not women . were being systematically disadvantaged by a female-centric conspiracy.

James is personalizing a culture-wide trend. He is taking the “men are the real victims” general statement and comparing it unfavorably to what his single mother taught him to believe. “It cannot be true if it isn’t true for me specifically” is an excellent example of solipsism.

James, your mother deserved to live in poverty because she chose to raise you herself, without a father, knowing she didn’t have the money or time to be both a mother and a breadwinner. Actions have consequences and most of feminism is avoiding the natural consequences of matriarchy.

In her latest book, Men Who Hate Women, the feminist writer Laura Bates…

She could have been pretty but now, her hair is going premature Bag Lady Grey.

…has delved into the stomping grounds of the latest backlash, immersing herself in the manosphere, an internet subculture where “the hatred of women is actively encouraged, with sprawling, purpose-built communities of men dedicated to fuelling and inflaming the cause..

Are we sure the title shouldn’t have been “Women Who Hate Men?” And have women done anything that might justify men having such an attitude?

The manosphere is made up of pickup artists (PUAs), involuntary celibates (incels), men’s rights activists as well as “Men Going Their Own Way. (MGTOW). PUAs try to lure women into bed with tactics and manipulation, whereas incels blame women’s sexual liberation for their failure to find a partner. Men’s rights activists express what Bates calls a “nostalgic yearning for ancient societal rules and stereotypes., while MGTOW aim to live their lives free from female contact, though whether this is a conscious choice on the part of the men involved is a matter for debate. According to Bates, these movements form .an interconnected spectrum of different but related groups, each with their own rigid belief systems, lexicons and forms of indoctrination..

No surprise that Bates will be last to admit what women have done to bring this about. Let me break down the Manosphere for a new generation:

PUAs are the men still actively trying to have sex with women. Many of them would do monogamous marriage if it was still a thing but because it isn’t, well, the itch has no off switch.

Incels are the men realizing they’ll never be able to act safely or consistently upon their natural instincts. They’re the ones most angry at women because 1. they haven’t yet given up and 2. they correctly realize that the problem is the women.

MGTOWs are the men who give up. No more anger, only indifference, but feminists claim we’re angry because their brains can’t handle the concept of male indifference. For some MGTOWs it’s an intentional decision, for others it’s simply the realization that tempus fugit.

So, she’s right that the Manosphere is an interconnected spectrum of related groups but there’s no beliefs or indoctrination. It’s just the male sex drive: Want it, Need It and Ain’t Gonna Happen.

Incel forums drip with misogyny [meaning Elliot Rodger of PUAhate specifically and exclusively]…

Pro-tip, anybody who equates Elliot Rodger to the Incel community can be safely ignored.

…and Bates provides copious examples: women are blamed for denying men sex while threads speculate on “the mandated redistribution of sex, the keeping of women as sex slaves or the widespread massacre of women and girls.” Furthermore, Bates takes aim at conservative commentators such as the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat for indulging the incel narrative: Douthat has speculated about a potential “redistribution of sex..

When even the NY Times editors wonder if you’re too far Leftist, it’s time to sit down and listen to your critics.

Bates has been sexually assaulted in the past and she relays in horrific detail how she has been subjected to a daily barrage of hate mail (including threats of rape and murder) from enraged men aggrieved at her feminist activism. .For nearly a decade, men have sent me daily messages, often in their hundreds, outlining their hatred of me, fantasising about my brutal rape and murder, detailing which weapons they would use to slice my body open and disembowel,. she writes.

She lied. UK police would eat that raw and/or she wouldn’t still be on social media.

Why, Bates asks, are these men so angry? Partly because we are living through yet another anti-feminist backlash. Manosphere communities assiduously peddle the myth of the bogus rape allegation “when in reality the average adult man in England and Wales has just a 0.0002 per cent chance of being falsely accused of rape in a year. Moreover, many men resent women’s sexual freedom as well as the entrance of women into the labour force.

That’s 1 in 500,000. Current UK population, 68 million, so 35 million men… James claims there are only seventy PROVEN false rapes accusations per year. That sounds high, actually. This being UK, even true rapes are often not reported. It would cause badthink towards their New Musloid Citizens!

Bates has visited British schools nearly every week since founding the Everyday Sexism Project in 2012, and rather disconcertingly has noticed of late that some boys have begun to espouse Red Pill ideas gleaned from the manosphere.

Would that be because Adolf Hitler lured them into a panel van, or because they’re newly interested in how women work and the Manosphere is their only option for learning?

Can't stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere. And i go everywhere - Mr Universe ...

Even the communities that make up the manosphere appear to have grown more extreme in recent years. There was always a dark side to the “seduction community.” It came marinated in assumptions that women were overly emotional and naturally duplicitous.

If that wasn’t true then why would women care? If somebody accused me of being emotional then I’d probably ignore him.

But geeky men venturing out onto Sunset Boulevard in top hats and feather boas (peacocking) with pocketbooks full of canned conversation starters . .Who lies more, men or women?. . seems quaint compared to what came later. Today the pickup community is marinated in Red Pill ideology, partly as a result of YouTube and its polarising algorithm. In the years after The Game was published,

YouBoob putting its multi-billion-dollar fat thumb on the scales of Internet discourse proves us right. “You’re wrong but we still don’t want anybody to notice you because… shut up.”

Erik Von Markovic (AKA Mystery) with his cheesy magic tricks was replaced by characters like Roosh V (real name Daryush Valizadeh) who writes that “My default opinion of any girl I meet is “worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise…

Doxxer-come-lately should have a look at where Roosh V is right now. The truth about women leads into the truth about Christianity. Turns out that God the FATHER wasn’t just a job title.

Similarly, it is important to ask why young men are being drawn to incel ideology.

Frustrated hormones.

The internet is one reason…

Yeah, because hormones…

…aren’t often seen at the grocery store these days. H/T Kentucky Head Hunter.

…as is the lingering societal assumption that men have a God-given right to sex.

Men have a God-given NEED for sex. But James is still right if he means husbands.

Yet paradoxically for someone of the Left, Bates echoes uncompromising War on Terror rhetoric when she writes about incel radicalisation. .I am not particularly interested in a “redemptive” narrative for incels,. Bates writes. .What incel beliefs. are actually about is terrorism..

Good call, James. But that’s “hypocritically”, not “paradoxically”. Terrorism is the tool of Socialists and tyrants, not men inconvenienced by virginity.

But surely it’s pertinent to ask why there has been a rapid rise in the number of angry, sexless men in the early twenty-first century?

Since 2008 the number of American men under 30 reporting no sex has nearly tripled. Bates makes no mention of this, nor of the increasingly winner-takes-all sexual marketplace generated by the retreat of monogamous norms and an increasingly polygynous, app-dominated hookup culture. While it’s important not to slip into victim-blaming rhetoric that sees the problem as women’s sexual freedom, the challenges facing unattractive, low-status men seem hardly to register on Bates’s radar.

As I said at the very beginning of this, the Manosphere exists because men… all men… including JAMES, heh heh… need sex. He was indoctrinated feminist by a single mother, then indoctrinated again in college, then indoctrinated again as a journalist… but the male sex drive can bust through feminist lies like nothing else.

Similarly, there is little examination of what drew men to the “seduction community” in its heyday. Misogynists who wished to assert tyrannical power over women were certainly ubiquitous in the genre, as Bates makes clear. .Instead of being open to women’s feelings and needs, acolytes are taught to ignore and deny them,. she writes.

That’s his feminist mother talking. This is an experiment that the early Manosphere guys ran. They tried being nice to women and they tried being jerks to women, and then they compared notes.

Spoiler: Chicks dig jerks.

The manosphere encourages men to be uncompromising emotional robots. As Bates convincingly demonstrates, this is immensely damaging to women.

Hahaha! “Men refuse to act normal… women most affected!”

It also produces emotionally stunted men. .When feminists talk about “toxic masculinity” we mean the enormous potential damage posed by an outdated version of what it means to be a man,. writes Bates. Those attempting to reanimate a rigid, dogmatic version of manhood for the 21st century confuse force with strength.

Toxic masculinity is the idea that a woman’s place is at her husband’s feet. The very purpose of feminism is woman ruling over men, or as we Christians call it, Original Sin. The servant rebelling against her God-ordained master.

Yet Bates seems to approach the topic of masculinity from an assumption that gender is entirely socially constructed. I’m not sure this . sometimes referred to as the blank slate . is helpful. Bewilderingly, she lists .strength., .physical prowess. and the pursuit of “money and status” as examples of “toxic masculinity..

As any red-blooded young man knows, gender is not a social construct because testosterone doesn’t have an off switch.

There are certainly toxic incarnations of all of the above. However, it seems unlikely that men try to cultivate athletic physiques and pursue power and status entirely as a result of brainwashing by western capitalist patriarchy. Every man from high school age up knows that masculine, high-status men receive the greater share of attention from women. Moreover, outside of the rarefied ideological bubble of the social sciences it is widely accepted that this is partly a product of millions of years of evolution and sexual selection.

Humans are a created species but regardless, James is right to notice that feminists are pushing something that did not exist before feminism and is not natural.

Harmful gender stereotypes abound and it is important to combat them. But assuming masculinity will fade away . to be replaced by some genderless utopia . is no more plausible than the Marxist belief that greed and avarice will vanish once the state takes over the means of production. It simply flies in the face of masses of empirical, cross-cultural evidence. Perhaps more pertinently, it also contradicts the lived experience of the majority of men, which in turn helps fuel the resentful grievances of the manosphere.

Poor James is buried in a web of lies dating back to a single-mother family. But he made it this far, to notice that what feminism teaches is not natural and what women say is not what women want. If he goes one more step, he’ll recognize that there are healthy gender stereotypes as well as unhealthy ones, and the feminists hate hate HATE the healthy. If he goes two more steps then he’ll notice that how women relate to men is how humanity relates to God.

And so the underlying order of the cosmos is discovered, that men should have dicks and women should serve them. For the women who do, they actually have a lot of fun. For the women who don’t, we have gender stereotypes like “spinster” and “crazy cat lady” and “feminist”.

They hurt because they’re true.

Fur Trade Spreads Coof!

The Covid-1984 Lockdowns have never been about medicine. They’ve always been about population control. Already, we’re seeing the lockdowns mutate into the more virulent disease of Socialism….

Mink virus might jeopardise vaccines

h ttps://

By BBC Environment correspondent Helen Briggs, 5 Nov 2020

More than 50 million mink a year are bred for their fur, mainly in China, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland. Outbreaks have been reported in fur farms in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Sweden and the US, and millions of animals have had to be culled.

Denmark will cull all its mink – as many as 17 million – after a mutated form of coronavirus that can spread to humans was found on mink farms.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the mutated virus posed a “risk to the effectiveness” of a future Covid-19 vaccine.

What a bald-faced lie.

Denmark is the world’s biggest producer of mink fur and its main export markets are China and Hong Kong.

The culling began late last month, after many mink cases were detected.

Before the announcement? Eh, we don’t need no stinkin’ government transparency!

Mink, like their close relatives ferrets, are known to be susceptible to coronavirus, and like humans, they can show a range of symptoms, from no signs of illness at all, to severe problems, such as pneumonia.

Mink become infected through catching the virus from humans. But genetic detective work has shown that in a small number of cases, in the Netherlands and now Denmark, the virus seems to have passed the other way, from mink to humans.

The big public health concern is that any mutation to the coronavirus as it passes between mink and humans might be enough to stop human vaccines working, if and when they become available. Some scientists are now calling for a complete ban on mink production, saying it impedes our response and recovery from the pandemic.

Whoa. We just blew past tinfoil-hat paranoia into six-foot-pool-noodle-hat paranoia. Minks “might be” incubating a variant of Coof capable of defeating a vaccine that doesn’t even exist yet, thus all captive minks must be eradicated AND all their farmers put out of business PERMANENTLY?

What’s REALLY going on?

PETA Calls For Emergency Fur-Farm Shutdown Because of COVID-19 Outbreak

h ttps://

9 October 2020

First place I looked. PETA has hated the use of animals for fur since its beginning.

PETA warned Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers in April of the prospect of an outbreak of COVID-19 on Wisconsin mink farms and is now renewing its call to close all fur farms immediately following a confirmed outbreak in the state and the deaths of at least 8,000 minks on farms in Utah because of the disease.which the animals contracted from workers. PETA says that the shutdown is necessary to protect both humans and other animals. Wisconsin is the largest mink fur.producing state in the U.S., with more than 50 mink factory farms that produce over 1 million pelts per year, representing more than a third of the annual national total, which is thankfully fast declining as designers and consumers reject fur. PETA is also reiterating its offer to help retrain employees to grow snap beans, sweet corn, cranberries, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, and other crops found in the state.and we’ll even help pay for the start-up seeds.

I wonder who finances that retraining? While PETA members do tend to be hoes, I don’t mean agriculture.

Below, please find a statement from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk:

“PETA is calling on Wisconsin officials to follow the lead of France, the Netherlands, and Poland [and Denmark] by shutting down the state’s filthy fur farms now. COVID-19 is a deadly airborne and contact disease that spreads from cage to cage, and no one, including minks, deserves to die from it.and animals definitely don’t deserve to live in filth and be gassed, bludgeoned, or skinned for hideous garments that no one wants anymore.

Who would ever have guessed that the proper response to a temporary health crisis would be permanently enacting the Utopian Socialist agenda?

PETA.s motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear,. and the group opposes speciesism, which is a human-supremacist worldview.

I proudly identify as both a human supremacist and well-fed member of People Eating Tasty Animals.

I Called It: Active Shooter Stupidity

As I’d feared in a previous thread, “active shooter” training has jumped the shark into police terrorizing children so terrorists won’t have to. Bonus: the idiot gave his own statement! Texas wasn’t where I was expecting it to happen, however.

The context:

And the New Normal:

School security test in Buna goes horribly wrong, officer involved makes a statement

h ttps://

By Steve W Stewart, 27 October 2020

A school security test in Buna on Tuesday morning went horribly wrong. Buna Independent School District Superintendent Donny Lee said that without notifying administration or staff, School Resource Officers Mark McKinley and Mike Henderson took it upon themselves to conduct the drill, with Henderson dressed in camouflage with his face covered, running around Buna Elementary School trying to break in through doors and windows.

Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman and Chief Deputy Scotty Duncan said that their department wasn’t notified of this happening either, so when terrified teachers began calling 911, every law enforcement officer in the county began running wide-open to Buna.

Duncan said officers arrived and with guns drawn began looking for the mock intruders on the campus, and finally learned that it was a drill when they encountered the camouflaged officers.

Henderson is lucky he wasn’t shot on sight by his peers.

Duncan said “They could have easily been shot and killed by one of our guys, and that’s after we risked our lives driving as fast as these patrol cars can go just to get there. If it’s a real situation, yeah we’ll risk killing ourselves wrapping a patrol car around a pine tree to protect a child, but doing this without notifying anyone that it was just a drill, that don’t work..

Duncan said he had a very stern conversation with those involved.

Meanwhile, Buna ISD Superintendent Donny Lee was equally upset. Lee said “Our school resource officers decided it would be a good idea to just go ahead and do this thing LIVE where nobody knew, so that, according to their story, .we would get the realest reaction. out of the deal..

Somebody was playing a movie in his head. That’s a bad personality trait for cop work.

We asked Lee if that was a good idea, to which he responded “Well hell no it wasn’t a good idea! That was the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard! I mean, my goodness. So, yeah, there’s been some crucial conversations already had this morning. When we have to lock down our school and, you know, parents are wanting to know what’s going on, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office shows up and wastes time and resources, it scares everybody for no reason, everything fell through..

You know what else isn’t a good idea? Talking to the media without a lawyer after pulling a stunt like that. Popcorn time!

Late Tuesday afternoon, one of the school resource officers, Michael Henderson, posted the following statement on the KJAS Facebook page:

“I’ve been called a lot of things in my life. Some bad, some good, some true, some not. I take exception to the untruths, addressing some and ignoring others. It comes with the job. When it comes to my integrity and my reputation, I draw the line there.

“Regarding the situation at Buna Elementary this morning, there are a number of outright lies being circulated. Since some who were involved won’t do the right thing, I’m more than happy to. The chips will fall where they may, but truth is truth and I while I can abide a great many things, having my reputation tarnished by those seeking to shield themselves from the fallout is something I can’t abide. Not one dang bit.

1. This was a PLANNED EVENT. I was notified by a school administrator LAST WEEK that it would be taking place some time THIS WEEK. I wasn’t aware of the date or time, only that I was asked by this administrator to “show up in plain clothes” and check the exterior doors of the Elementary and High Schools.

An unnamed administrator told him to dress like a civilian trying to break into an elementary school then gave himself a week to cover his tracks? Then didn’t tell anybody else, and Henderson didn’t think to tell anybody else either? That’s less likely than Joe Biden remembering his own birthday.

In related news stories, Superintendent Lee also refused to name the administrator who requested this drill. The lesson has not been learned, that people need to know what’s going on.

If you have an understanding of school security and basic common sense you’ll also understand that in order to test the effectiveness of any system, you need natural reactions. In other words, don’t warn people ahead of time. So, this wasn’t spontaneous.

After a county-wide demonstration of excellent trigger discipline, Henderson resorted to shooting himself in the foot. Which is it? Were staff supposed to have been informed or not? If not then what exactly went wrong with your plan that nearly got you shot on sight?

Seriously, what part of any “active shooter” drill is improved by not telling the people involved that it’s only a drill?

We did NOT “Take it upon ourselves” to conduct the drill. This was a SCHOOL SANCTIONED AND REQUIRED EVENT and I was TOLD to do it by ADMINISTRATION. I have good reason to believe that I know why these lies were told and it’s unfortunate. However, regardless of their source or intent, they are still outright LIES. Given the nature of the “exercise” and the response it could potentially generate, once at the Elementary School I removed my duty weapon and magazines and left them in my patrol car. Which, I might add, was parked prominently in the FRONT of the Elementary AND High Schools.

How is that supposed to be fair warning? “911? Help! There’s a man in a mask and camouflage trying to break into my classroom! Oh wait, I see there’s an empty police car parked across the street. We cool.”

Additionally, I waited as long as possible for as many little kids to be inside so as not to scare them from any possible response from staff.

He expected the staff to be afraid.

2. Mark McKinley did not participate, other than to monitor my actions on video. Contrary to what was reported on the apparent fake news website, KJAS, and what was also reported by a member of Jasper County Sheriff’s Department administration, there were NOT camouflaged “officers”. There was just ONE officer and that was me. I wasn’t even “camouflaged”, I had been wearing a camo jacket which was over my district-issued blue polo shirt which says, in large letters on the back, “POLICE” and has a small BUNA ISD POLICE logo on the left front breast. Once I made my way back to the front of the school it was removed. KJAS also contradicted itself in its biased and misleading article, as it states one time there were camouflaged officers then another time states that I was the only one dressed in camo. Let’s not let the facts stand in the way of a good story though.

Fact, there were 911 calls reporting somebody dressed in camo who was not obviously a police officer. Maybe if face diapers hadn’t been mandatory, his coworkers would have recognized his face.

3. I was NOT trying to “break in through doors and windows”. I was tasked with checking to see if the exterior doors were locked or not. Nothing was mentioned to me about windows, I did not touch any windows. I did not even attempt to “break in” period, merely check to see if the doors were locked.

Which is it, Henderson? Were you just checking whether the doors worked or were you trying to incite a “natural reaction”?

4. To those saying I should have notified someone, that’s not how things work. I’m not running or in charge of anything and it’s my job, especially as low man on the totem pole, to do as I’m asked and not question if the proper plans or steps have been taken. My assumption was that since this was a SCHOOL SANCTIONED EVENT, those steps had been taken prior to me being involved in this. My fault lies in believing that had been done.

The old “it’s not my fault, I just work here” excuse.

5. To those who have chosen to believe the lies being perpetuated by some on KJAS and other sites, I’m curious to know how you view CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media sources in their treatment of our President. I’d be willing to bet a very large percentage of you call them for what they are-fake news-yet here you all are, shoveling in more lies without even stopping to think that there is ALWAYS more to the story.

Now that’s an interesting wrinkle, appealing to Trump as if CNN’s lies have anything to do with being a mindless police drone in Texas. A(nother) mark of immaturity.

6. Some have called for Mark and I to be fired. I say if you can do this better, feel free. Come on out, lend your expertise. With all the law enforcement experts there should be no shortage of willing volunteers. Just don’t try your hand at investigations because based on what I’ve seen just from this one incident, most would do a piss poor job at gathering facts before pronouncing guilt.

Dude, don’t dress like a terrorist without telling anybody just to check if the staff have “natural reactions” then defy your critics to outperform you.

7. To those who know me (and those who don’t) and have offered words of encouragement, it is more appreciated than you know. To those who don’t know me yet still feel somehow qualified to weigh in on something you didn’t witness nor have reliable information about, your opinion and 99 cents will get you a cup of coffee anywhere in town. God knows the truth and that’s all I’m concerned with..

I don’t know him yet still feel somehow qualified to explain the necessity of being easily identifiable while behaving suspiciously. Probably because as a utility worker, I was in the habit of being rather casual about going through peoples’ properties, which is why I wore a very obvious company uniform, announced myself and made noise while I worked for no reason than to ensure that I wouldn’t accidentally scare anybody into calling 911 and describing me as a home invasion in progress. Never happened once, I’m glad to say.

While it’s nice that Henderson didn’t grovel, the militarization of police will continue to intersect poorly with the government inciting a permanent state of fear in the general public.