On the Fear of Individuality

There is a great number of men, probably a majority, that fear their own individuality. The idea that they have both power and responsibility in equal parts; that the oppressed do not deserve their fate and the Elites have no special gifting from Almighty God; that we shall be held accountable for our choices and not our results.

On one hand, I sympathize. Life today is harsh and men are breaking under the strain. Good is punished and evil reigns supreme. Those who take risks are betrayed while those who empty themselves of self-will find a comfortable life as a puppet. It would be too easy to stop trying, keep our heads down and quietly settle into the little boxes society builds for us.

On the other hand, Christianity does not allow this. God has placed us here to develop good character to include initiative, self-discipline and enduring suffering for righteousness. Mortal virtues of victory, stability and group loyalty are not included; they simply make mortal life bearable, often at the expense of the very reasons we inhabit this reality to begin with.

Feudalism was the pinnacle of civilization for these people who fear to be individuals. Your work was your father’s work. Salvation was obeying the Church. You died in the house you were born in. Being a part of society meant doing all that was commanded of you and enjoying whatever was given to you, and should God descend from Heaven and ask why you lived as you did, you would cheerfully answer it’s not my fault. I decided nothing and therefore cannot be blamed for anything.

To this attitude, Christ responded with the Parable of Talents. It was not a demand for results; it was a demand for trying. Note that the Parable shows no concern for trying and failing; this is because God cares only about the effort. As if the Omnipotent Creator of Life would ever be impressed with our accomplishments anyway.

This post was prompted by “Individuality As A Western Pathology” neociceroniantimes.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/individualism-as-western-pathology/ by way of pukeko.net.nz. A very interesting article and well worth a fisking.

“If your average Westerner was asked to state what best defined the modern world, there is a strong likelihood he or she would give an answer relating to individualism. This is because individualism is one of the defining characteristics of modernism as it has been expressed both in the West and in other eras where similar late stage degeneracies in societies have taken place. The role of the individual has been exalted to an excessive degree in the modern West such that there is basically no sense of community, united purpose, or public spiritedness in our countries any more.”

Right off the start, we see a conflation of individuality with societal collapse, as if free men living on their own terms was something toxic to the proliferation of sanitation and currency.

Question: What is the purpose of civilization? Answer: To be beneficial to its members. A free man participates in society because it’s in his own best interests to do so, from public recognition of private property to a system of justice more advanced than vigilantism.

However, this kind of civilization does not lend itself to a sheltered life absolved of responsibilities, let alone “united purpose”. That one’s just a bit Orwellian.

“The great irony is that classical liberalism’s great collectivist bugaboo . socialism . is not actually as collectivist in spirit as they.d like to think. In fact, libertarianism and socialism are in many ways two sides of the same coin, both being modernistic rejections of traditional society which depend upon several post-Enlightenment epistemes for their intellectual justification.”

Seriously? “My property belongs to me” libertarianism is the same as “politics of envy” socialism? The author explains:

“They reject traditional “grounding features” within society such as religion,”

Is religion supposed to be mandatory, as in “not a choice individuals are allowed to make for themselves”? Sounds like the Roman Catholic Church back when it held an illegal monopoly on Christ’s salvation. Those were bad days.


Wanting a powerful authority to direct one’s life is exactly the fear-fueled attitude I’m talking about.

“the legitimacy of authority, and so forth.”

For Fuck’s Sake! Authority is not inherently legitimate, otherwise crime would not exist.

“In doing so, they atomise society, breaking down social bonds and turning communities into soulless, mindless aggregations of atomic individuals with no loyalties or obligations to each other beyond the rather ridiculous .non-aggression principle.. Both libertarianism and socialism are anti-social in the true sense of the term . BOTH break down these social bonds.”

The author is a fine one to complain about loyalties and obligations, talking about how society should force individuals to participate on society’s terms. Wouldn’t a free man voluntarily choose to participate if it was truly in his best interests to do so? I can answer for the libertarians, that freedom from loyalties/obligations is the start but not the end of social activity. What does he mean by social bonds, anyway? Let’s skip ahead.

Beginning with the Greeks, we should observe that in archaic and classical Greece . the eras in which “the West” as a distinct continuity really began to diverge from the broader Mediterranean-Near Eastern cultural koine . individualism was not well-respected. The unit of social organisation was the polis, often translated as .city-state,. but encompassing a far wider meaning than mere political independence. The polis was the centre of Greek life regardless of whatever political form its government might take. Whether they were monarchic, tyrannic, oligarchic, or democratic, the poleis were understood to be organic, hierarchic communities to which everybody belonged and in which everybody found their place within the cohesive whole, even if they were slaves or women without “political liberty..

Ah. Social bonds mean accepting one’s place in society without regard to any atrocities one might be subjected to as a direct result. Yes, I can see how the individualist and libertarian might have issue with that… but why would socialism? Socialists love class and race warfare. Very comparable to “city-states in which everybody finds their place”.

“Indeed, all of the various institutions which socially conservative classical liberals claim to support and find needful . the family, the church, the local community . are “collectivist” in nature. No family can exist where it’s every man for himself. Churches are inherently communitarian and aggregative, by their very nature. The community, village, hamlet, township . these all generally exist on “collectivist” grounds and involve collective efforts by most, if not all, members of the community. These things are what many classical liberals will claim to believe are necessary for our Western way of life . and they are right about that, though they don’t hold to this in practice.”

These are the words of a slave. A man who is so afraid to set his own life’s path that he believes that those who do are incapable of caring for their own children, automatically hostile to God & Church and an enemy of the State. This is downright insulting.

Free men have always been hated by both kings and pawns. The former hate & fear those they cannot command while the latter hate & fear those who escape the plantation. “Society” in this context is the pawns who accept enslavement to the local kings and together, they ostracize, persecute, enslave and/or outright murder the freeman.

This behavior was first documented in Exodus 20:18-21 when the first Israelites in the Old Testament demanded that Moses deal with God on their behalf because they were afraid of God (and also hated God, as their future behavior demonstrated). The usage of middlemen was kept up throughout the Old Testament with professional clergy, hereditary kings, God-appointed prophets and judges, assigned places in society by tribe & genealogy, everything this author could possibly have asked for.

It didn’t work. The Old Covenant was epic fail.

Christ set a new pattern, “God With Us”. Direct access. Even when He left, He said at Gethsemane that His spirit would take His place rather than a new crop of middlemen. He does not want us to keep our heads down, intentionally ignorant, following the whims of inevitably corrupt rulers. He wants us to use the wits we have, to live as the people we want to be, to make choices right and wrong that will define us as something more than the chained-will angels in Heaven.

Nothing has changed. The people don’t want to live free with direct access to God, accepting the risks and rewards of living an uncertain life away from Eden. Human nature is always to insulate itself from responsibility and suffering.

God has many servants. He doesn’t have many sons. It is God’s will that you make choices and live by the consequences good & bad. One cannot learn to be like God by farming out his life, his salvation and his very identity to third parties.

Postscript, I have always hated graveyards but didn’t know why for many years. It wasn’t a fear of death. Eventually I realized, it was the reduction of human souls to the BMD. Birth, Marriage, Death. Maybe # of Kids and “Beloved spouse” or something. Nothing else on the tombstone. Hundreds, thousands, millions of people who apparently accomplished nothing more in life than Birth, Marriage, Death.

Screw that. My tombstone will have an interesting story about my life. I shall be remembered for who I am and what I did, not remembered as beloved headcount. Reader, don’t end up a BMD. Become something. Something interesting, stupid, risky, whatever. Don’t let society tell you “This is where you’ll live, that is what you’ll do, I’ll be back in fifty years to give you a pension & gold watch.” That’s just tragic.


#MeToo Hits the Ninth Circuit Court

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is generally considered the second most corrupt and incompetent judicial court in the United States, having a reversal rate of 80%. That’s second only to the Federal Circuit’s rate of 83% per the American Bar Association. (ref: http://www.americanbar.org/content/dam/aba/migrated/intelprop/magazine/LandslideJan2010_Hofer.authcheckdam.pdf)

A couple weeks ago, judge Alex Kozinski resigned from the Ninth Circuit amid the usual accusations of sexual misconduct by no fewer than 15 female coworkers. Ah, the pleasure of watching the social justice criminals fall to their own mobs wielding their own weapons.

Interestingly, Kozinski is the only active Ninth Circuit judge to be appointed by President Reagan. It’s possible that this point-and-shriek is part of an ideological purge. Doesn’t matter. He’s a stereotypical Cuckservative to judge from his apology–you NEVER apologize in response to a false accusation–and that marks him as, at best, dangerously and uselessly ignorant:

“I.ve always had a broad sense of humor and a candid way of speaking to both male and female law clerks alike,. the judge wrote, according to CNN. .In doing so, I may not have been mindful enough of the special challenges and pressures that women face in the workplace. It grieves me to learn that I caused any of my clerks to feel uncomfortable; this was never my intent..

I assure you, Mr. Kozinski, that airing a legitimate grievance was never their intent. Be assured that justice was done, however. You were unfit for your position anyway.

What kind of judge can’t recognize or fend off a false accusation?


Apologetic Fail

For all its self-absorption, the modern Church is wholly incapable of actual introspection. This is because it has rejected its purpose for existence and must fill the void with a proxy purpose. The most obvious way this manifests itself is in the category of apologetics: Why should I follow Christ? A simple question… one that even professional apologists cannot begin to answer.

Which brings me to an article from Christianity Today: “Today.s Evangelists Face a Crisis of Confidence: Why .post-Christian America. hasn’t surpassed the need for straightforward apologetics” by Nathan Betts of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.


“Even within the church, even among evangelicals, we have begun to diminish the work of evangelism. We emphasize good things like relationships and charity outreach but question the work of traditional apologetics, of speaking the gospel in hopes of convincing another that it is true. (Think of the commonly quoted line: .Preach the gospel at all times. When necessary, use words..)

But when we diminish the work of evangelism and apologetics.as ineffective or as a secondary concern.we cheapen the gospel itself. If we believe the gospel is good news, true for all people, we cannot give up on making the case for our beliefs.

With the rise of secularism, sure, the church faces new challenges. But I’m convinced that what we need is not innovative methods or answers. We need fresh confidence in the gospel.”

He isn’t wrong about the need for fresh confidence. What he isn’t seeing, however, is that the reason the Church lacks that confidence is because the Church no longer believes in Christ and therefore cannot convince unbelievers of why they ought to. Thus, they revert to either preaching Christianity as a collection of facts to be communicated (with appropriate caveats like “male headship is outdated”) or offer the wellness benefits of membership in the church. (Scriptural citations needed for said wellness benefits.)

Nathan Betts demonstrates this total lack of belief in Christ as the article continues:

“After speaking to a group of students on their university campus, one told me she disagreed with most of what I presented that afternoon but had come with a Christian friend. She was baffled at why Christians make such a big deal about truth, specifically around moral issues. She recently experienced her own sort of freedom, without God or religion.

.Last year, I took control of my life,. she told me. .I cut my hair, which used to be really long. I got a tattoo, I got piercings, and I got my heart broken for the first time.” Then she brought up her struggle with anxiety. When she’s out, she’s worried that she’s annoying at parties, and when she is at home by herself, she has this gnawing feeling that her friends hate her.

Even here, she was keen to express how she has taken control of her dilemma. Still, no felt need for God. She told me, .When I wake up in the morning, I write in my journal, Anxiety is not telling the truth.. I listened along with her friend as this student told me her story, and afterward, I assured her that even if she believes her friends don’t value her, the Christian faith tells her that she is loved.”

For God’s sake, man. Why would she need God if the Almighty Chump is already sniveling at her unrepentant feet?

It’s good that he’s actually talking to unbelievers, bad that he couldn’t field “She was baffled at why Christians make such a big deal about truth, specifically around moral issues” and ugly that he’s a credentialed, professional evangelist who apparently couldn’t recognize female rebellion when its tatted, bald carcass announced the fact to his face. I see from the link to RZIM.org that he can at least give popular speeches so he won’t starve from unwillingness to confront evil.

But I don’t think he’ll make much progress in apologetics without confronting evil.

For the record, this is what good apologetics looks like:

Life on Earth did not evolve. We have a Creator. He designed us to behave in certain ways. We instinctively rebel against His ways even though they are beneficial for us. We cannot overcome this fatal flaw on our own efforts. Therefore, we need a Savior who can defeat our flaws… and the surest proof that He can do that is He faced the same flaws and overcame them. Death included.

We need a Savior because we’re evil, twisted and prone to such error as would disgust us if we saw it in anybody else. If we turn against the evil inside us and learn to hate it, then Christ will redeem us from our well-deserved punishment. Otherwise, we will stand or fall on our own merit, and please note that a generally well-lived life is insufficient merit to dismiss so much as a parking ticket. The price must be paid, the punishment must be served, and that is why Christ’s undeserved death is our redemption.


Police Bodycam Blowback

Liberals are horrified that police bodycams primarily benefit police, not liberals. As Yahoo News reports, “The benefits of police body cams are a myth” http://www.yahoo.com/tech/benefits-police-body-cams-myth-203046914.html

“In the three years since Michael Brown’s fatal shooting in Ferguson, police body-worn cameras have been sold to the public as a tool that would primarily deter police misconduct. One of the main selling points is the claim that the devices would have a “civilizing effect” on officers.

Officers would behave better, the argument goes, if they knew their actions were being recorded. Camera vendors have told departments that their devices would reduce excessive uses of force and complaints against officers.

But as it turns out, in one of America’s largest police departments, body-worn cameras did not produce any of these benefits.

A landmark study recently released by the D.C. Metropolitan Police found that officers who wore cameras behaved in essentially the same ways as officers who did not. The presence of cameras had no statistically significant impact on how often officers used force or on how many misconduct complaints the city received.

The results raise an important question: If these benefits have not emerged, could the other claimed benefits of body-worn cameras — increased transparency, accountability and trust — also be false promises?

So far, there’s little evidence to suggest that department-owned, officer-operated cameras will lead to any meaningful improvements. To the contrary, a tool that’s viewed by some as one that can protect black lives is actually one that mainly helps those in blue.”

Ahhh, the melodic shrieking of liberals who get what they demanded. Guess what, libturds, YOU CAN’T GET AWAY WITH LIES WHEN IT’S ALL ON CAMERA! Now that you’ve noticed, we can drop the mask and laugh at you demanding police adopt the most powerful anti-YOU tool that can possibly exist: a completely impartial witness with perfect memory.



The Manosphere’s Greatest Divide

Of all the divisions and disagreements I’ve seen over the last decade in the Manosphere, the biggest is one that is rarely mentioned: the guys who’ve hit rock bottom and the guys who haven’t.

One one side is Mister Success with all the answers, the jet-set Lothario idly wondering which country to sample next, the bureaucrat-in-denial (hello, Pastor!) who managed to follow an Assigned Life Path to a gilded cage. The popular, wealthy and sheltered.

One the other side is Mister Frivorced who tried all the answers, the hard worker frozen out of the “global marketplace”, the poor bastard bastard who never had a father to teach him right from left. The unsexy, unworthy and unwanted.

The former do not know sympathy. In their view, if you suffer then you deserve to suffer, somehow. Failure is something you shrug at, write off your taxes and walk away from because you have three other irons in the fire.

The latter understand. Suffering is a part of life. Some failures are permanent. They’ll push you as much as the former but they do it because they’ve been there. Because helping you helps them come to terms with their own experiences. Because they want others to succeed where they didn’t. That difference in attitude is life-changing.

I myself hit rock bottom despite doing everything right. Enough so that I can’t respect an all-powerful deity playing mindfuck games with the innocent while granting the world to the scum of humanity. But I can respect Christ. He got zeroed out, too. He walked where I walk. Here is a God who understands and isn’t merely issuing decrees from on high for his amusement.

Emmanuel, God with us. Not above us.

Happy birthday, Christ Jesus. You have given humanity the greatest gift possible: “I was there, too.”


The Federalist Is The Feminist

Female territory-marking is well in progress at the Federalist. Let’s fisk its latest offering: thefederalist.com/2017/12/13/metoo-movement-destroying-trust-men-women/

Title: “The #MeToo Movement Is Destroying Trust Between Men And Women”

I’ve been following this and actually, it’s destroying trust between Chads and Whores. I approve. As we Christians say, the wicked man falls into the pit he digs for the innocent.

“How do people from different walks of life, diverse experiences, and varied points of view live together peacefully within a civil society? What is the main ingredient necessary for democracy to thrive? It can be boiled down to one word: trust. Civil society is built on relationships, friendships, and associations that foster confidence in one’s fellow man or woman.”

No. Civil society is built on institutions and uniform standards. It’s called infrastructure and it applies to the social world as well as the physical world. Even though Marriage is a dead institution today, it is still about trust:

Him: “I trust you won’t totally screw me over just because I hereby give you means, motive and opportunity to do it.”

Her: “I will. I mean, I do. Trust you, I mean.”

“After all, we don’t think the distrust being bred “out there” in politics and social media affects us in our daily lives. “

No man who works around women would say this. *checks* Article is not written by a man. I’d say the author is a woman but it’s sexist (and therefore illegal) to assume that kind of thing.

“While women’s willingness to hold men accountable for criminal sexual behavior is to be applauded, the scorched-earth approach we are seeing today is destructive because it undermines trust.”

The trust that you’ll get your own turn on Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch? The trust that enables Beta Chump to believe he won’t suffer the fate of the last guy to sign a marriage license? Is there a reason men should trust women while women are spitting out unprecedented numbers of accusations?

“Whether it’s in the workplace, church, or home, the interaction between a man and a woman is unique and primary to all other relationships.”

The purpose of the workplace is work. The purpose of church is organized religion. These purposes and attendant duties supersede sexual relationships.

Women bringing relationships, and relationship drama, into the workplace and church has poisoned those institutions. Men do not like working with women even if he finds her pleasant to <del>stare at</del> talk to and Almighty God finds women unfit for church duty.

Don’t whine. God said that, not me.

“The Opposite of Fear Is Faith

“We must have faith in one another if we want to be free and happy. Faith means we don’t always know everything about the other person. Faith means we might be fooled, hurt, or abused. Faith is beyond reason, though not unreasonable. It is the essence of trust, as our knowledge of others is limited. We have to live by faith in our fellow man, or we will be isolated from one another.”

The Opposite of Fear Is Certainty. Marriage worked for millennia when it was defined in very clear language with very clear and enforced obligations. It inexplicably stopped working the moment it was redefined as relationships and “trust me”. You don’t know for sure if your wife loves you but you do know for sure that when you inform her it’s playtime, she’s legally required to play. That’s good enough for most men.

What matters is that the marriage works. Not whether the marriage has a relationship built on trust or faith.

D.C. McAllister

Denise C. McAllister is a journalist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Also a contributor to NPR, BBC and CNN among others, which aren’t places a conservative journalist would be welcome at. Let’s be honest, the only reason a female journalist was so much as allowed in the door of a purportedly conservative media site is because the Cuckservative leadership made the conscious decision to burn it all before telling a known feminist “No”. You can trust a Cuckservative to do that.


I Blame Evolution

There’s just been a schism between Vox Day and Dalrock in the Manosphere. You can read about it on dalrock.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/no-respect/. To recap, Vox Day made a post calling MGTOWs worse than feminists because we don’t have kids at all and demanding frivorced men go on murder-suicide sprees. Dalrock disagreed with the explicit lack of respect for men and things proceeded from there.

I blame evolution for this Voxian, and generally alt-Right, attitude towards human life. As we know, evolution teaches that the only purpose of life is to reproduce. There is no other measure of an organism’s worthiness. No morality. He who has the Moar Babeez, wins.

The disproven theory of evolution has been advocated with so much success that many Christians no longer accept that God is the Creator of Life. They believe instead that He directed evolution. In addition to violating the concept of creation (and why would an omniscient God use trial and error?), the belief lets in the demonic lie that a man’s worth is measured in headcount instead of Imago Dei. If you’re childless then you’re a waste of flesh; if you’re a father that won’t protect your children from predators at all costs, including morality, then you’re a failure of a human being.

When you hear an alt-Righter talk about tribalism, this is what he’s talking about: the evolutionary concepts of survival of the fittest and defining morality only as “what is good for me and mine”.

By contrast, Christ recommends men not get married, and by extension not have children, particularly in times of crisis. He Himself did not have kids and none of the Apostles evangelized via breeding. Christianity is very friendly towards childless men.

In the alt-Right’s defense, they didn’t start this. The Elites of the Western World have been soft-genociding white people via weaponized immigration for decades by now. Playing the same game is naturally more appealing than patient endurance of the destruction of not only you but your people and culture.

But the alt-Right’s effort is doomed because evolution is a lie. Everybody who bases their morality and ideals upon evolution are therefore children of the Liar regardless of whether they’re on the side of Team White, Team Brown or Team Mud Hut. The parting of ways between longtime allies Dalrock and Vox Day is only the beginning of the split between Christ and Evo Psych.

White America is being destroyed primarily by White Americans. The solution is obviously not “more White Americans”.


Islam Is Matriarchy

There’s an incorrect image of patriarchy in the Manosphere that it consists of dominant, aggressive men who keep their harems in order while facing the outside world as a target to be conquered. In other words, Islam. This is, however, the endgame of matriarchy.

1. Islam practices polygamy. This improves female access to Alphas while marginalizing Betas to the point of slavery or cannon fodder.

2. Islam is violent. It divides the world into “us” and “them” and does not allow for noncombatants. Violence between men has always been a favorite sorter of women because losers are, by definition, killed off. Let’s you and him fight.

3. Islam mandates a welfare state. Alms-giving is one of its Five Pillars. We all know who benefits most from the social safety net.

4. Islam calls for a class-based society. From slaves and dhimmis to warlords and imams, women have an easy time identifying Alphas.

The ideal Patriarchal society, as defined by God, is one in which every man is the leader of his own woman and is a peer of his fellow man, whatever his station. Christ called upon kings to serve the people in the Last Supper while advising the people to be grateful and humble in the Sermon on the Mount. We pay our taxes to gov’t yet expect gov’t to perform its God-mandated duties. Slavery may be practiced but the slave has Christ’s freedom and his owner is Christ’s slave.

Women instinctively hate Christianity. Any Alpha that gets married is off the market and Alphas are not allowed to play the field beforehand. Paul rejects the concept of welfare with “If you do not work then you do not eat”. And with nobody being born with special status, women can’t easily identify her “King David”. She must devote herself to an unsexy, unproven husband for years before discovering his true worth.

Female hatred of Christianity is why the Church died when it began to care about pleasing women.

Islam appears strong today only because the globalists are feeding Islam its every victory. They’re successfully invading the West because the West’s leaders threw the doors open and pay their rent. They manage to impose Sharia because police are ordered to allow it. Their marriages appear to be strong because treacherous journalists cover up both the maltreatment of Muslim Betas and the atrocities of Muslim Alphas. Why do the globalists spread such a violent, unstable religion? Because Islam is the endgame of feminism, not the antidote to feminism. The true antidote is Christ and we can already see what the Powers That Be, and feral women, think of Him.

Why are suicide bombers a thing in Islam? Because that’s the only hope many young male Muslims have of getting laid.

Do not look to Islam for a success story. Islam is what transformed the Middle East from the cultured center of Christendom into grossly inbred tribes of rock-throwing thugs.


Convoy of Hope Exports Feminism to the Vulnerable

A major reason for the spread of feminism throughout the world is the USA makes a priority of exporting it. Americans are the most charitable people on the planet but this kindness has been weaponized by feminists with the knowledge and approval of Churchian leaders.[1]

Convoy of Hope is a good example. From www.convoyofhope.org/what-we-do/womens-empowerment/ :

“When women are given the opportunity to generate income, it not only impacts their families, it impacts their country’s economic standing. The goal of our program is to empower women in El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Tanzania to make strategic, independent life choices through community-based training in peer-oriented cooperative savings groups and non-traditional micro-enterprise development.

We aim to facilitate sustainable income-generating activities and entrepreneurial thinking that equips women to make positive choices for themselves and their families in the area of health, education and economic welfare.”

And a quote from Co-Founder Doree Donaldson:

“Every woman deserves to be empowered.to have strength and dignity.to know she is valuable. Through this program, the lives of women and their families are being transformed and receiving hope for a better future. I am excited to be a part of helping my sisters all over the world!”

Donaldson’s bio:

“Doree earned her bachelor’s degree in Music Education at Evangel University and her master’s degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City in Piano Performance. She served as a professor of music at Evangel University for 19 years.

Through Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment Initiative, we nurture sustainable income-generating activities and entrepreneurial thinking while equipping women to make positive choices for themselves and their families in the areas of health, education and economic welfare.

She and her husband have four daughters….”

How this entryism works is the charity responds to a disaster, does the usual food & clean water help and then, as media attention wanes, they maneuver women to replace men in the rebuilding effort. Women being naturally fear-driven, it’s an easy sell, and tradition-minded governments are in a poor position to defend their culture when the price is starvation.

Excerpted from page 138 of “Women, Gender and Disaster: Global Issues and Initiatives”:

“Twelve years after the Great Hanshin Earthquake, women’s needs continued to receive little attention. Then, in the 2007 Nigata-Chuetsu Earthquake, national and local governments for the first time investigated women’s shelter and housing needs. This led to new arrangements such as setting aside a tent for women to breastfeed and care for infants. New approaches such as extending government support to privately owned houses during reconstruction are under consideration. Yet the disaster housing assistance programme remains particularly inadequate for the single-mother households. What is needed are programmes that enable and empower women and men equally as they seek to use their capacities and rebuild living, jobs and housing in their prior neighbourhoods. Listening to the gender issues confided by women to Women’s Net Kobe is essential. We must learn from single mothers how to shape more equitable government housing recovery programmes in disasters.”

If you donate to charity these days, you absolutely must do your homework to ensure you won’t be inadvertently funding feminist efforts to push women into the workplace and free them of God-decreed dependence upon men. Any charity that has a specific effort to help women, or women “and children”, should be defunded immediately. Any charity that has women in senior management should be defunded immediately… and that is nearly all of them.

These monsters do not hesitate to exploit the most desperate of humanity. You should not hesitate to defund and disavow them in return.

[1] Seriously, you don’t realize how cucked the typical clergyman is. I got dragged into a church service a couple months ago. The pastor was taking a special collection for a young woman doing a missionary trip to Germany. She had no missionary or evangelism experience. She was going alone. For only one week. She didn’t speak German. She had no friends, family or contacts in Germany. Not to mention, Germany is already a predominantly Christian country.

She was very obviously a sex tourist intent on convincing the Church to fund her effort to show Muslims the love of God between her legs. And Pastor Cucky gave her the pulpit to solicit funding.


The Blindness of Alpha Daddies

The latest offering from Crypto.Fashion:

Makes you want to wife her up right away, I bet!

This is a shocking move from no less than Vox Day, a pillar of the Manosphere and the very inventor of modern sociosexual taxonomy. How could such a man not only not understand how most men will react to this shirt, but not understand even after it’s spelled out for him? h/t Rollory.


The answer, of course, is that Alphas are Alphas. When Sexy Daddy considers his of-age daughter’s romantic behavior, he remembers all the women he deflowered who practically jumped into his lap every time he sat down and thinks about how he’s going to prevent today’s horny Chads from doing to his daughter what he himself did at that age. Credible death threats are, apparently, well in order and even necessary. As Vox Day said to Rollory:

“I have no doubt that you don’t [understand how people can convince themselves this is positive in any way at all]. And that speaks volumes about you. Not your motivations, which I believe are pure. It speaks to your inability to understand either female or paternal psychology. Based on what you’ve said, and what you’ve said about your sisters, I conclude you had a weak or seldom-present father.” Comment #62 in linked article.

Unfortunately, what is (possibly) appropriate for warding off Chad is open malice towards the vast majority of young men. As matters continued in Comment #73:

[Rollory:]If one is certain that one’s daughter can land the top 1% of spine-endowed men, fine, go for it. Most of the time it’s a bad bet. Better to work with a guy in the 40th percentile and help him discover his own spine – but that means not scaring him off by making exaggerated faces at him first.

Just asking for a “friend”, right?

Who gives a quantum of a damn about some weak, spineless guy? I certainly don’t and no self-respecting woman will either. Rollory, if this shirt is too much for you, actually dealing with a woman on a day-to-day basis for the rest of your life is going to be well beyond your psychological capabilities.”

Rollory is absolutely correct here. No sane man is going to marry a girl whose father was making death threats against him before even meeting him. A FIL like that is not going to step back after the marriage; he’s going to second-guess your every marital decision, monitor “his daughter”s happiness hourly and ramp the fitness tests up to eleven thousand, every chance and every day, because his daughter deserves the absolute best of male humanity… and you, sir, are not named Donald Trump, Junior.

This is the FODANS attitude I posted about earlier. Christian fathers must understand that their duty as fathers of daughters is to get them married as young as possible for the benefit of the son-in-law, not the daughter. Get over yourself, Daddy. Your Princess is only ‘special’ because she’s eighteen with a vagina just like every other eighteen-year-old female in society. If you want her to marry well (by definition, to a billionaire celebrity Alpha) then you are willfully, and immorally, denying sex to ordinary young men.

Maybe you shouldn’t give those unwanted young men homicidal ideas.

Meanwhile, go MGTOW, young man. Even Red-Pill Christian fathers of the Manosphere would rather vent your skull than give you a chance.



Slobodan Praljak

His suicide made only a blip in the news. His history, at least online, is little more than UN indictments. I think I like him. It’s a good sign if the UN, headquartered in the freaking Tower of Babel, thinks you’re an evil man who persecuted helpless, innocent Muslims.

As if Muslims understand the concept of “innocent”.

I was aware of my government’s evil beforehand but learning the truth of the Bosnian conflicts and Slobodan Milosevic was when the magnitude of its crimes really hit home for me. Milosevic turned out to be one of the most honorable actors in that theater. He was tried for corruption, exonerated, was tried a second time for war crimes, died in prison a year before being exonerated again, and was finally convicted postmortem of failing to prevent the genocide of Muslims. Per Infogalactic.

As if Muslims have any objection to genocide.

Now about Praljak. He’s unlikely to have been as clean as Milosevic but you know what? I don’t care. If he protected his people from the globalists and Muzzies then he was a good man. Not a nice one, surely. Civil war does not breed nice men. But good in the ways that count for a leader.

I approve of his suicide. It was a final act of defiance to a gallery of the most wicked humans currently walking upon the planet. The liberal media equating his act to Hermann Goering’s suicide only confirms my suspicion that the Christian world has just lost yet another defender. This meme isn’t much of a memorial but it’ll keep his memory alive a bit longer than any gravestone; feel free to use it.

In this crazy, Christ-hating world, we all do, Mr. Praljak.


Book Review: Heretics of St. Possenti

I once came across a “survivalist fiction” book in the local library. Early interest gave way to tedium when it read like a outdoors handbook written from a third-person perspective. Instead of saying, “You can build a deer trap by doing X, Y and Z,” this book said “Bob told Jerry he could trap a deer by doing X, Y and Z. Jerry went into the forest and did it, then came back later and found a deer in the trap.”

Informative? Yes, as much as the textbook it was obviously cribbed from. A work of fiction? Not at all. No conflict, no character development, and a villain as non-threateningly nebulous as “The evil US Army sent an Abrams tank to force the survivalists off their homestead. Bob made a Molotov Cocktail by doing X, Y and Z, waited for the tank to drive by, hit the tank in the correct spot and disabled it.”

Unfortunately, The Heretics of St. Possenti is the Manosphere equivalent of that miserable survivalist book. The first chapter opened promisingly with ordinary Bishop Cranberry having a life-threatening and -altering encounter with a mugger but then bogged down in Manosphere talking points. Most of the first half of the book consist of Thompson sitting in a pub being taught masculinity by the regulars in the form of so many, many talking points that the reader’s eyes glaze over.

The rule of entertainment is “Show, Don’t Tell.” Heretics completely violates this rule.

The point at which I stopped reading was when protagonist Cranberry reported his findings on masculinity to his very male-negligent authorities in the Catholic Church. Finally, I thought, those Cuck-priests are going to freak at the idea of encouraging manliness among the ‘little people’ of the Church, conflict will ignite and we’ll get this story on the rails. But instead, the clergy decided after off-screen debate to create a fully funded, militant monastic movement for society’s unwanted men who, primarily, are homeless military veterans with PTSD (a favorite talking point of the author’s).

This was the last straw for my suspension of disbelief. The reason masculinity is not welcome in the modern Church is because its leaders are incompetent, know they’re incompetent and therefore fear competition from laymen. There’s no way, in no reality, that such leaders would voluntarily fund an effort to foster potential male competitors, leas of all one that basically considers firearm practice a new sacrament.

Despondent, I skimmed the second half of the book, looking for any elements of a real story. There was one scene where a “gun nut but not a believer” was quietly asked to leave for his unbelief. He did, just as quietly. No conflict. Another scene was dedicated to the new Abbey setting up an ammunition reloading workshop. Did not advance the plot. Not that I’d found a serious plot yet.

The Heretics of St. Possenti is not a story. It’s a handbook written from a third-person perspective describing an idealized Catholic monastic movement that would be relevant for today’s unwanted men of the Christian West. I understand the author wrote Heretics primarily to give background information on his popular The Stars Came Back series, which I haven’t read, so the fact it isn’t a story might be forgivable to fans of that. As a standalone book, however, it is only a “How to Man Up and What An Ideal Future Looks Like” guide.

Disappointing. I was all set to read about how one priest’s concern for laymen and society led him to expose a few centuries’ worth of institutional rot while fighting off Vatican assassins and a corrupt world fearing the righteous wrath of innocent men with big guns a la Larry Correia.

A closing thought, what is it with the Manosphere’s association of masculinity with firearms? I realize the latter are essential for lethal-force situations but being a gun owner myself, there’s nothing magical about guns. A day at the range is not good exercise. Firearm maintenance is as character-building as toilet-scrubbing. Martial arts, even archery are better choices to hone the mind and body for exerting violence.



Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Pedophile and Plus Size.

This is the most fascinating scientific proof for the existence of God ever.

Human sexuality is an easily observable, verifiable fact. Put human cells underneath a microscope. There is a Y sex chromosome or there isn’t. Male or female. It doesn’t come or go. It doesn’t change its mind. Therefore the statement “humans are a sexually dimorphic species” is scientifically proven fact.

But humans live in rebellion of that.

Per evolution, we shouldn’t have that ability. Do (flight-capable) birds refuse to fly as a lifestyle choice? Do reptiles die because they intentionally refuse to thermoregulate? However one defines a “more successful” species, the addition of a feels-good suicide option doesn’t fit.

Proof by contradiction.

Assume there is no Creator God.

Therefore, humans are the end result of two billion years of ruthless trial and error.

Therefore, humans are the most reproductively capable species.

But humans destroy themselves and choose to not breed in LGBTetc.-based refusal to follow their genetic wiring, an ability that would have been screened out by evolution. Contradiction.

Humans are a created species living in pointless, self-destructive rebellion against their Creator.

Corollary: Humans are a rational species. Many humans think fat is a gender. One again, proof by contradiction, this time proving that humans are irrational.