On Witchcraft

Sparked by the article at https://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-millennials-are-ditching-religion-for-witchcraft-and-astrology-2017-10-20, a couple atheist MGTOWs have had some useful insights into the nature of witchcraft. YouTube links:


Speaking for the Christian side, women descend into witchcraft because it’s a source of power. Men are given much more strength, intelligence, social skills and capacity for devotion. God’s design for woman was that she would appreciate power wielded on her behalf, not seize it for her own use. Women have power of sexuality over men but that is very time-sensitive and prone to diminishing returns. Women in rebellion therefore seek forbidden power to replace the men their poor behavior drives away, a microcosm of humanity reaching into darkness to replace the light of God the Father.

TFM makes the case that women go for occult things like astrology and New Age because math is hard. In other words, they choose “religion” that doesn’t make moral judgments, has no mandatory structure and can be used to justify (or absorb blame) for just about anything. This makes sense and explains Churchians reverting to feelings and care-based morality at the expense of Scripture’s uncomfortable truths.

Similarly, Sandman revisits the (mythology of) witch trials of colonial New England as an example of men believing whatever young, sexy women say, and said young women using them in a power play against the older women. I doubt things actually happened that way in real life; Occam’s Razor says the witches were burned because they were witches; but the idea effectively explains why priests today are so reluctant to either thump the Bible or remind young women of God-given limits upon their power over men.

Lastly, this explains why the alternative to patriarchy is mud huts, because building mud huts doesn’t require math.


If I Seem Angry These Days.

This sort of thing is why.


Leaders at the church that George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first president of the United States must be removed.

Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia will take down a memorial marking the pew where Washington sat with his family, saying it is not acceptable to all worshipers.

.The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.

“Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques..

“Many in our congregation feel a strong need for the church to stand clearly on the side of ‘all are welcome- no exceptions,’” they concluded.

A memorial to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee will also come down.

The decision comes in the wake of renewed controversy over whether statues honoring Civil War figures should be no longer honored. The debate broke out again over the summer after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia killed one and injured others.

President Trump expressed concern that the censoring of Confederate generals would lead to dishonoring Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as well.

These scum won’t lift a finger to protect fathers or children but they’re happy to erase the history of my people. No doubt in the name of “agape love”.


Protestants Are Not Ashamed

I’ve mention elsewhere a defining point in my young adulthood, when I was trying to prove Christianity correct in college. While there was no shortage of debaters, I was never very convincing. It happened that one of my debaters told me I was so emotionless about the truth of Christianity, so focused on facts and observations, that he didn’t think I believed what I was shoveling.

This insight has since wandered through a number of permutations inside my brain. Most relevant today, if I don’t defend what I believe then people won’t believe that I believe it. A man has to throw a punch if he wants to be taken seriously today and therefore, turning the other cheek is not the way to fish for souls.

I’ve tried being patient, kind and always letting the other guy get the last word. The other guy has consistently taken my patience and kindness for weakness.

Which brings me to the tedious conflict between Protestants and Catholics*. On one hand, there’s no bottom to that debate. Nothing to achieve. On the other hand, I have learned firsthand in real life and then on the Internet that if I hold my tongue and allow Catholics to bash Protestantism, which they love to do because their priests train them to do it, they think Protestantism is weak and the bashing increases along with their disrespect.

By contrast, when I have experimented with hitting back quickly and foully, the bashing stopped with the conversation. They respect strength, not integrity or brotherhood. At minimum, they respect that my beliefs are strong enough that I am willing to defend them. Very well then, I shall adopt a policy of reciprocity. They throw a punch, they take a punch, respect is achieved and the matter is done so far as I care.

Unfortunately, such spats rarely stop on a dime. Dalrock has every right to be annoyed with me for touching off a thread derailment in his latest post. (Although in my defense, the desirability of a PvC spat was heightened by the thread being a discussion of period blood and alternative uses for tampons.) I’m not sure how to square that with reciprocity. Christ would have me be a good guest, too.

But reciprocate I shall. Protestantism has never been so hated in history as in modern society. The Papists and atheists openly despise us and our leaders are so cucked up that they beg for their enemies’ forgiveness. What The Fuck, pastors? Why are you so eagerly ashamed of the movement that has fulfilled the Great Commission, built the two greatest nations in human history, best carried the torch of God’s Will for humanity for half a millennium (almost to the day; happy post-day, 95 Theses!), and impressed you yourselves enough that most of you hold PhDs in the subject?

My useless leaders disgust me; therefore, I myself shall uphold and defend Protestantism because they won’t, because Almighty God is a God of Laws not Proxies and because the cuckoldry of my leaders reaffirms the wisdom of Martin Luther’s life’s work.

Please join me, fellow Protestants. Do not act ashamed of what you believe. Be as quick in war as in peace. Do not let your detractors think you weak and simpering. If our brothers in the faith accept us them all is well; if they feel a need to anklebite then a quick heel stomp is well in order.

*Nota bene, I don’t distinguish between RCC and the Orthodox churches. Their failings are identical.

Why Cities Are Leftist Cesspits

It’s where the most prey is. That’s all. Suppose you were a human predator lusting for the money, bodies and/or souls of your fellow men. What’s your plan? Will you expend your life to become the tyrant of a small town or the tyrant of a large city? Which is more potentially rewarding? Which is the harder place to connect the dots between victim and criminal? Easy math.

It’s also where your fellow predators are because they like plentiful prey, too. This is the point at which human predation gets political. You want to compete against your kind for access to victims but at the same, if you use law & order against them then the cops will come for you, too. Therefore, you form a mafia. Everybody gets a piece of the pie and while there’s squabbling over each one’s size of pie, the game develops rules because none of you can survive the light of exposure.

That’s all the Deep State is. An informal network of child molesters, robber barons, cannibals and utopians who have managed to grab themselves a seat at the table through status, money, lies, favor-trading and shared forbidden urges.

That’s also why big cities have governments determined to be incompetent. A competent government would not tolerate its own leaders. A competent government exists for the benefit of all its members, not to empower the strong over that weak.

This is why government is never the solution to social problems. Why an organized Church is never the solution to social problems, either. Any organization that provides a reliable path to power over one’s fellow man is catnip to the very worst of humanity.


It’s Time for Politics in Church

Being Protestant American, I know that one of the Church’s primary duties in society is being the public conscience. When society’s leaders do right, the Church should notice. When society’s leaders do wrong, the Church should notice. This highlights the black cruelty lurking in the heart of every single clergyman in North America.

For example, look at the latest tyrannies of the California government. Just a few highlights can be found at http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/06/01/california-bills-whats-passed-so-far-this-week-in-the-state-legislature/ and http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/09/14/liveblog-california-legislature-takes-on-big-bills-in-end-of-session-crunch/.

Treason against the United States by sanctioning illegal immigration. Obstructing punishment of juvenile criminals. More than $10 BILLION in new debt. Special considerations for transsexual behavior. More restrictions upon law-abiding gun owners. Using legislation for ad hominem attacks against Donald Trump. More entitlements for pregnant women that force business owners to pay them for not doing their jobs. Earth worship. Legalization of sex acts with children.

And YOU! You priests! You pastors! You so-called leaders of Christianity! You have nothing to say about any of this! Does God not care if a man keeps his publicly made promise? Does God not have an opinion about piling debt upon people who cannot yet vote for the frivolous benefit of those who can? Did God suddenly approve of gender-confused restrooms at the moment the Legislature said it was okay? Where in the Bible is morality considered a private matter only? No, you want to talk about Bible trivia and how God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life: raising children to be financially and sexually molested by Important People, apparently.

We are commanded to be the salt of the Earth. The purpose of salt was food preservation. It slowed decay. Thwarted disease. Improved taste. That is what God wants the Church to do. Make these monsters uncomfortable. Expose what they do. Uphold Christ to make life more pleasant for the general public. You already have social media accounts, yes? Then what are you waiting for?

That is all you need to do. Talk about it. Good and Evil and the current events in which they turn up. But you leaders won’t do it. You are useless, worthless silent partners.

Therefore, Christianity shall pass from your wooden boxes full of asswipes to we the people who dare to speak the truth. Because that’s all Christ wants us to do, too. Here is your opportunity, fellow Christian of no worldly significance! Bring politics into church. Point out the evil. See if you can corner your pastor into publicly taking a side, as if he could possibly justify “men who are sexually attracted to dicks should be allowed to take Boy Scouts into remote areas with no witnesses and little privacy”. Fun! Godly! And when they kick you out for disrespecting the Johnson Amendment, you will never have felt so free.


A Tale of Two Churches

The Renaissance had two Revolutions of great import, the French and American. The difference between them was Christianity.

In the French Revolution, the Church sided with the nobility in exploitation of the people. The result was the people rebelled against Christianity as well as monarchy. In turn, the result of that was that the French Revolution would be the crowning achievement of the Renaissance, removing the last religious barriers from man’s path to self-created utopia along with the political barriers.

And then the Reign of Terror happened. Pundits of the day were aghast at how the glorious removal of Christianity could end in such a blood-drenched tyranny. Then and continuing to this day, atheists of all stripes study the French Revolution carefully to discover what went wrong… how next time, they can purge society of Christianity without evil men taking advantage of the intentionally amoral situation.

Meanwhile, in the English colonies the Church supported the people against the corrupt nobility. This endeared Christianity to the people to such an extent that Christianity was formally accepted as the nation’s conscience. Laws were passed to ensure no government figure would be able to silence the Church from opining about the morality and worthiness of its actions.

By no coincidence, the United States is not considered a part of the Enlightenment or Renaissance. That nation was written off and ignored on the far side of an ocean, a failure unworthy of discussion… so far as the Elites of the day were concerned.

America went on to greatness. Today, it is clearly falling from that greatness in fires of usury and self-genocide. But this is only the backdrop to the great achievement of the Renaissance: purging a society of Christianity while maintaining that society’s integrity. This is being done through the trick of Original Sin, the natural inclination of man to appease woman at the cost of loyalty to God. In France, the rebels left Christ. In modern America, the rebels left Christ for women. A counterfeit morality took the place of true morality.

It is an awesome sight, to be sure. America’s Protestant Church was intentionally decentralized and redundant to limit such moral infections. And yet, the American Church sat down and died in a single generation with barely a whisper of protest on account of its eagerness to pedestalize women. A treachery that could not have been more smoothly enacted had all the clergy met in secret to plan it out.

On the strength of this, I predict that Christianity will only recover once women are purged wholesale from participation in Church business. They clearly pose too great a temptation for Christian men; this is hardly the first time Evil has used women as a moral shiv. (First documented case being Numbers 25.) But it may be the last. Every branch of Christianity–Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholic–has now fallen to feminism and despises us Christian MGTOWs, who have rejected marriage and sex for loyalty to Christ. They hate the bachelor and chase the pussy so much that they equate evangelism with breeding.

Food for thought.


The JFK Assassin

Trump announced he’d be releasing the JFK files.


Since the window is apparently closing, here’s my theory: JFK was murdered by his father, Joe Kennedy Sr., for not being his puppet.

Joe Kennedy Sr. is one of America’s unsung monsters. He was an ally of Roosevelt; a strong supporter of the New Deal; an inside trader appointed to the Securities & Exchange Commission to end insider trading; a craven ambassador and appeaser during the Blitz of London; and an early member of the Deep State to such an extent that he could not only buy his son a U.S. Presidency, but the first Catholic Presidency. (This in a nation founded by Protestants escaping Catholic persecution.)

He was also a monstrous father who used his personal wealth as a tool to control his children. He subjected one of his daughters to a frontal lobotomy for uncertain reasons and when it reduced her to imbecility, refused to acknowledge her existence again.

The story becomes interesting when JFK achieved the Presidency. His father intended the militant Communist takeover of America but JFK not only refused to cooperate but pushed back. As an example, the Cuban Missile Crisis happened because Joe assured the USSR that JFK would not take drastic action to stop it. What the Communists first assumed was harmless saber-rattling by a secret collaborator escalated to the brink of nuclear war.

Ironically, JFK’s anti-Communist (anti-father) actions warmed Americans to the idea of Roman Catholicism.

Which brings us to the assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald was a known Soviet agent. JFK was a known-to-be popular figure. There was no way the USSR would provoke a war by assassinating him. Had they wanted a war, they’d had several earlier opportunities to do so. But Joe Kennedy was the kind of father who wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own children when they became inconvenient to his plans.

Joe used his Soviet contacts to arrange the assassination and was the source of information allowing Oswald to pull it off.

The cover-up is unrelated and simple to explain. Once the investigators confirmed Oswald was a Soviet, they knew that going public with the information would probably lead to World War 3. The Missile Crisis had already come close enough and now the Russians had apparently fired the first shot.

What do you do? Tell the truth and ignite a global war, or cover it up and let people lose their minds but not their lives over the issue of a guy who’s already dead anyway? It can happen; ask Archduke Ferdinand. The conspiracy didn’t pre-exist but this sensitivity is why the conspirators took the truth to their graves. They didn’t want to spark WW3.

Epilogue, Joe Kennedy’s son Robert Kennedy was assassinated while Joe was grooming him to replace JFK, breaking Joe’s hold on the highest level of power. This coincided with the ending of Soviet provocation in North America.


MGTOW Proves God Is Real

For such an easily disprovable theory, the hold that Evolution has upon modern thought is amazing. It’s considered gospel even as it’s updated on a yearly basis to account for new information. Thank God gravitation doesn’t need updating every time a gym rat drops a weight.

There’s no shortage of disproofs of evolution. The Cambrian explosion has never been addressed; we’re looking exactly at where the “missing links” are predicted to be in the fossil record and they aren’t there. This won’t change, can’t change and scams like Piltdown Man only highlight the desperation of evolutionary scientists to find supporting evidence. “Look, we found one missing link! This proves everything even though TENS says missing links should be everywhere! Wait, that wasn’t a missing link after all. We’re still right!”

Then there’s Irreducible Complexity. Life is so complicated that making an organism one step simpler will kill it. Remove one element of, say, the blood clotting mechanism and you don’t get the slightly less efficient blood clotting that evolution predicts. You get blood that never clots, or never stops clotting, or clots in the wrong place. You get death. Like the fossil record, this disproof by counterexample hasn’t been answered so much as ignored.

And now, human behavior disproves evolution.

Per evolution, the SINGLE metric of an organism’s success in life is reproduction. Natural selection. Once again, we could just stop here because the simpler cockroach reproduces much more successfully than the more complex, later-appearing homo sapiens. The next time a woman talks about what a great effort childbirth is, remind her that the average bug will exceed her lifetime accomplishment by three orders of magnitude.

Now we get to the interesting part. Women are sexually free like never before. Per evolution, the result should be a baby boom. Babies all over. Women should have been breeding at capacity, say, 10+ babies per woman for a few decades now that the welfare state has made their resources functionally unlimited.

Oops. We’re seeing the exact opposite. Given the chance, women will selfishly destroy their own children. Given reproductive freedom, women will stop reproducing. These are exactly the opposite of evolution’s prediction. If humans are the pinnacle of two billion years of ruthless trial and error to maximize spawning then why do we need the artificial structures of restraint and civilization to meet the one and only definition of “successful species”?

On top of that, we MGTOWs shouldn’t exist. Intentionally avoiding chances at reproduction? Even with good motivation, there’s no reason evolution would have allowed us the choice. Bacteria don’t choose to reproduce. If there’s a fish or lizard avoiding females just because they might kill him then I haven’t noticed.

In truth, society does treat us as if we’re unthinking creatures. We must breed! Avoiding women is avoiding life! Man up and bang that black widow! But assuming evolution, the shame shouldn’t even be necessary. We can choose against women… and when we do, we prove evolution is a lie. Proof by contradiction: God is real because we can behave contrary to evolution.

And because we are creatures of design and not random chance, the attempts to reduce us to mere livestock can only be described as Evil.


Trump Builds Wall Prototypes

He isn’t moving fast enough to be serious but still, this is farther than I thought Trump would go. Sourced from Associated Press release.

“CADELL CONSTRUCTION CO., Montgomery, Alabama. (Concrete wall & other wall)

Its tan concrete wall is thick at the bottom and narrows considerably toward the pointed top. The other, also tan, has metal poles on the bottom, a metal plate in the middle, and concrete block on top.

W.G. YATES & SONS CONSTRUCTION CO., Philadelphia, Mississippi. (Concrete wall & other wall)

Its models are a darker brown than other prototypes and topped by round beams. Its concrete panel has a plain face; its metal one has a corrugated surface.

FISHER SAND & GRAVEL CO., Tempe, Arizona.

It’s the only prototype to be built entirely on site . as opposed to being hauled in. Its tan surface gradually narrows toward the top, like a long triangle.


The gray surface of the U.S. side is stamped with patterns of different-sized bricks, like a driveway or sidewalk at an upscale home. There is a steel plate on top with prongs that feature at three metal spikes, resembling an agave plant.”

Given the choices, I like Yates’ idea for corrugated surface and tube crossbar on top. Corrugation allows good thermal expansion, a necessity in the Southwest desert, and the tube crossbar is harder to climb across than simple spikes or barbed wire. There’s nothing for a grapple to hook on. Metal would also probably be cheaper & easier to repair than concrete as well.

What’s your favorite design?

Five Works of the Devil

The common conception is that devil worship involves chanting in a circle around a five-pointed star with backwards-played rock music for ambiance. This isn’t true, at least, no more true than doing the Lambeau counts as playing football. Our enemy is more results oriented. Here’s the highlights of how to recognize his deeds:

1) Inverting of Dominance & Submission

Veterans of Dalrock and Vox Day are familiar with how modern women are legally the heads of households, literally wearing the family pants while husbands are either obedient or punished. In other words, society pushes women to act like men and men to act like women, to the point where men are increasingly not allowed by law to participate in the workplace.

Another form of this is the slave ruling over the master. Did someone say “democracy”? It’s not a coincidence that our society has gone into a tailspin at the same time that the consumers became able to dictate rules and laws to the producers.

Why this is worship of evil: the archangel servant seeks to usurp the divine Master.

2) Separating Power from Responsibility

This is similar… one could even say identical… to the previous, but it takes different form in society. Christ spoke directly about this in his last sermon, the Last Supper. You’ve undoubtedly read/heard about the famous foot-washing scene but I bet your pastor wasn’t eager to explain the concept. Government is established by God among men. Men are to obey government. Christ’s addition to this is that the duty of government is to put the welfare of the common man over that of the government. The strong protect the weak; the gifted orator speaks for the dull-tongued; noblesse oblige. This pleases God.

But the powerful don’t like that any more than you enjoy explaining a complex issue to a moron. The strong despise the weak, the priest resents being questioned and the governor thinks society’s main problem is him being too lenient with dissidents.

In the same way, the devil uses the power he possesses to seek the ruin of God’s people.

3) Creating Moral Ambiguity

The devil’s first recorded action in Scripture, Genesis 3. It is always a prelude to lying about God’s will for humanity. More than anything, this is the fire in which Protestantism burns. Its leaders are completely unwilling to point out evil. In California, this has reached the extreme of Church leaders not voicing an opinion about schoolchildren being required to be encouraged towards sodomy and “gender fluidity”.

Be courageous. Be strong in your convictions. Test yourself and each other so you’re used to the “Are you suuure? How can you be so certain? Why can’t you do your thing while I do mine?” tactic. Because the next thing they’re going to say is “I defy your weakling deity.”

4) The False Accusation

It is curious that chilamony is only awarded after court hearings. An efficiency-minded legislator would simply grant the wife formal control of her husband’s money “for the children”. Why this costly theater? Because the False Accusation is practically a rite of passage for worship of the Evil One. The devil to admit his objections to Christ’s rule are poorly founded, now can he? And so his followers find meaning in destroying people with the power of accusation alone.

This is also why, in evil societies, so many laws are passed that innocence becomes impossible. Everybody is now vulnerable to the False Accusation! In a moral society, people are presumed innocent because innocence must protect, otherwise why be innocent? Again, if the goal was only to enslave you then why not pass laws establishing slavery? Ancient Rome was much more honest, in its robust and blood-spattered idiom, than Western governments today.

As a bonus, people live in fear of being punished for doing good and begin to self-police. The anti-conscience.

5) Exterminating Human Identity

Diversity is our strength! Except for diversity that actually matters. Miscegenate the races, abolish all differences real and imagined, meanwhile force Orwellian groupthink upon everybody. The devil sees us as cattle, as pawns in his chess game against the Almighty, and therefore seeks to treat us as cattle… all dressed the same, speaking the same, thinking the same, nobody standing out in the herd. Everybody becoming increasingly shrill about increasingly small differences.

Also, this is the motivation behind the creation of a world government. An authoritarian, hopelessly remote, one-size-fits-nobody bureaucracy that can crush the individuality out of you like a hydraulic press. The only throne suitable for the Sulfurous One’s butt.

Seriously, do even its proponents claim a unified world government would be the MOST efficient form of government possible? The most responsive to local situations? The most… humane?

These bullet points can help you judge current events that can seem overwhelmingly complicated or inscrutable. Is society being atomized? Do people respect authority more or less, and does that authority seek the good of society or the next reelection cycle? Is innocence considered sacred or outdated? Is there a lot of finger pointing at persons whose crimes are rather unclear? By their works you can identify the wicked.

This also arms you with ways to worship Christ, to push back against the tide of moral sewage.

Not a Wall Calendar, Thank God

from finance.yahoo.com/news/apos-women-nasa-apos-lego-164000165.html:


“The set contains four different figures: Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, and Mae Jemison, the first woman of color in space. Margaret Hamilton, who led the team that developed the software for NASA’s Apollo missions, is also included. Rounding out the list is Nancy Grace Roman, who helped bring the vision of the Hubble Space Telescope to life.”

No Christa McAuliffe?


Get Your Freak On Your Birth Certificate


“California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Sunday signed new legislation that will allow state residents to choose a gender option other than male or female on official documents.

“The legislation, a top priority of civil rights groups, also makes it easier for transgender people to change their gender identification on birth certificates or driver’s licenses.”

How much longer until your obstetrician can be punished twenty years after the fact for getting your gender wrong?


Ten Truths the Church Tells Women

Continuing with Charisma Magazine’s J. Lee Grady, this guy embraced Original Sin with the following article, h/t Lost Patrol:

“Ten Lies the Church Tells Women”


The article contains arguments so typical of feminists that it’s worth fisking for the ages.


“How sad that so many Christian men view women from a selfish perspective. This view is often promoted by misreading the account of Eve’s creation in Genesis 2:18-25, in which Adam is provided a “helpmate.” The Hebrew word used here often is translated “companion,” denoting intimacy and partnership. But through the centuries it has been used to imply that Eve was some type of domestic appendage. ”

The recorded purpose for Eve’s creation per Genesis 2:18 is that Adam was lonely, not that Adam was unchallenged by an equal. Eve was, in fact, created for Adam’s selfish pleasure. The verse makes it plain that God did not create Eve for God.


“From the time she was released from a German death camp in 1944 until her death in 1983, Corrie Ten Boom taught the world about a Savior who could forgive the cruelest Nazi. Yet she never married. Did the fact that she did not have a husband make her less “complete”? Some Christians would say yes.”

Strawman argument. Allowing women into leadership is not the same as allowing women to not marry.

“We’ve preached that a woman’s primary responsibility is to find a godly husband, have lots of babies and stay home to raise them for Christ.”

If women don’t have babies then who will? If wives don’t sex up the men then who will?


“Many evangelical churches have preached that women who work outside the home are breaking a scriptural commandment, but this conclusion can be reached only by distorting the biblical record. The woman described in Proverbs 31 is often used to bolster a traditional view of the June Cleaver-style matron who spends her day baking casseroles while her husband is at the office. But a careful reading reveals that the Proverbs 31 woman, in her ancient Middle Eastern context, functioned as a real estate agent and ran a textile business.”

A careful reading shows the Proverbs 31 woman pleasing her husband. Or is Grady making the case that God considers the textile business sacred? Must all women work in textiles & real estate in order to be holy?

Titus 2:5 instructs women to “take care of their homes” (New Living Translation). But most scholars would agree that this passage simply exhorts married women not to forsake their children.

Here, Grady refers to himself as “most scholars”.

Also, the reason Grady wrote this article in the first place is because for most of Church history, “most scholars” believed Titus 2:5 meant what it said.


“We often portray marriage as a hierarchy, with husbands on the throne and wives at the footstool, and we use Scripture to justify this view: “Wives…submit to your husbands as you do to the Lord” (Eph. 5:22).

“We assume this verse means women have no say in family matters or that their opinion is second-rate. In extreme cases, women have been told to submit to abuse in order to honor male headship. But this is not a Christian view. ”

God Himself is a hierarchy. Disobedience to God is never repeat never justified ever in Scripture. This is the Christian view… and the verse says husbands must be obeyed at God’s level.

“Paul also told the Ephesians, “submit to one another” (5:21, emphasis added).”

Grady conflates a general command with a specific command. He might as claim that the command to love our neighbors cancels all restrictions on sexual behavior.


“It is a mockery of the gospel to suggest that any human being needs an additional priest apart from the Son of God.”

One wonders, then, why Scripture defines the positions of teachers, elders and deacons.


“The most common mistake we make in biblical interpretation occurs when we take one isolated verse and build a doctrine around it–even if the verse seems to contradict other passages. This is often what we do with 1 Tim. 2:12, “I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man” (NASB).”

“Most theologians believe that this passage was addressing an isolated situation in Ephesus.”

The old “that was then, this is now” canard. When did God change His mind and who did He tell?

Also, 2 Corinthians 14:34: “Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.”

Shouldn’t Paul have said “Women should remain silent in the Ephesian church only”?


“Since 1 Timothy 2:12 obviously contradicts the overall biblical endorsement of women in authority, how are we to understand it? What is Paul actually saying in this passage? …

“What Paul was most likely saying to the Ephesians was this: “I do not allow a woman to teach these cultic heresies, nor do I allow them to usurp authority from men by performing pagan rituals.” He was not saying, as some Christians have assumed, “I do not allow godly Christian women to teach the Bible.” ”

If Scripture doesn’t say what you want it to say then rewrite it!


This idea has been taught by twisting the meaning of 1 Timothy 2:14, which says, “It was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression” (NLT). ”

That doesn’t sound twisted.

“No respectable Bible scholar in the church today would promote such a view. ”

No respectable Bible scholar believes the Bible means what it says? Please define respectable.


Let me tell you, Jezebel was the very definition of “strong leadership quality”!

1 Kings 18:4: “While Jezebel was killing off the Lord.s prophets, Obadiah had taken a hundred prophets and hidden them…”

1 Kings 19:1-2: “Now Ahab told Jezebel everything Elijah had done and how he had killed all the prophets with the sword. So Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah to say, .May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like that of one of them..”

2 Kings 21:7: “Jezebel his wife said, .Is this how you act as king over Israel? Get up and eat! Cheer up. I.ll get you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.. [She proceeds to have Naboth murdered.]

By contrast, Deborah the Judge did not have strong leadership qualities. Israel went to her, not she to them, and her work was resolving disputes not leadership. That was what Barak did.


Urban Survival Is A Team Sport

Most Prepper/survival information one finds on the Internet is not suitable for those of us who live in cities. Or, honestly, anybody not suffering from schizoid sociopathy.

The most important survival tool is a tricked-out AR-15 illegally modified to full auto with at least 25,000 rounds stockpiled… no.

The second most important survival tool is a fifty-acre ranch in the Idaho Panhandle with a 15,000 square foot underground concrete bunker where you sons can marry your daughters to repopulate the Earth… God, no.

The third most important survival tool is a bug-out bag in your garage so you can avoid disaster immediately after it strikes… sigh.

All three of these most-typical advice topics miss the most important survival tool ever: other people. Your neighbors. Your meatspace friends. There are five simple points to prove this:

  1. A single broken bone or infection can incapacitate you long enough to die of other causes.
  2. You need your sleep.
  3. Lone wolves are easily outnumbered.
  4. Humans are social. Are you really going to sit on a hill in the middle of nowhere for ten years without any human contact? No, you aren’t.
  5. Your neighbors will always be there. Making good use of what you have is the most basic survival tactic ever.

Now, there are obvious problems with this advice. Your urban-dwelling neighbor is more than likely a vibrant-minded liberal who would rather kill you than watch his kids miss a meal. This is a manageable problem, however, particularly for MGTOWs who have time to do more than double up on canned beans.

The main trick towards making use of your neighbors (instead of vice versa) is to be an authority figure to them. People in general and especially during a crisis, want to be ordered and led. God is right, humans behave like sheep.

Consider volunteering for a disaster team such as (in America) National CERT:


This isn’t charity. These programs typically give you good advice on immediate response, a support network specifically including emergency services, a simple uniform to mark you as An Authority Figure(tm) and of course, volunteers get fed first when disaster relief arrives. These are good things for you.

Another thing you can do is First Aid training. If people see you as the Block Doctor then you’ll have instant cred even with the lowlifes who don’t speak you language. Downside, you might end up being exposed to blood. Keep gloves and bleach handy!

A third issue is simply instructing your neighbors on basic latrine procedures appropriate for your situation. Not only does this generate gratitude in short order, it also promotes a hygenic environment keeping you from sickness. Helping them helps you.

And of course, knowing your neighbors at least by name goes a long way towards them seeing you as an ally instead of an anonymous meal ticket.

This is not to dismiss the importance of stockpiling basic supplies, martial arts or simply getting out of the way. It is to say that most survive-the-collapse advice I’ve seen assumes a literal Zombiepocalypse. Lone-wolfing is a risky prospect at best; the smart MGTOW realizes that survival is a team effort and positions himself to be the team leader.


Extreme MGTOW! Malcolm Applegate

He’s technically married but deserves a pass for achieving this level of ghosting:


‘Before becoming a companion at Emmaus Greenwich, I was a gardener in Farnborough for 25 happy years.

‘I loved the job and I still love tending to gardens now.

‘It wasn’t until I got married that my life became increasingly unsettled.

Malcolm has moved into the Emmaus Greenwich centre, a shelter for the homeless in south London ‘The more work I took on, the angrier my wife got – she didn’t like me being out of the house for long periods of time.

‘The controlling behaviour started to get out of hand and she demanded that I cut my hours. After a long time trying to stay in the marriage [three years], I decided to leave for good.

‘Without a word to anyone, not even family, I packed up and left.

‘I went missing from them for ten years.’

It’s amazing how little it takes to make a man happy… and how often a wife is NOT part of that equation. When God said it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone, He obviously wasn’t talking about Adam’s happiness. Or Malcolm’s.

Have you ever wondered by Man’s Best Friend is not a woman? Me neither.


The Importance of Cutting Loose Early

This post was inspired by comments at Dalrock’s about the Boy Scouts going full “sex-positive” and the inevitable heartache. Link: https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/how-youll-learn-to-love-big-brother/

Zombies horrify us because we care about who they were. The dead returning to life, that’s bad, but friends and family now want to kill you? That’s the part that hurts. It’s easy to say, “he’s already dead so headshot Grandpa until he stays dead” but that’s Grandpa’s face you see over the gun sights.

Your favorite uncle white knights. Your pastor just installed a female assistant pastor. Your boy’s Scout leader is “differently gendered”. Part of you knows that’s a monster wearing the carcass of someone or something noble. Another part wants to believe that this isn’t a write-off situation, that local people don’t have national problems, that Pastor is making an honest mistake with good intentions.

Don’t do it. At best, you’ll feed the enemy resources they don’t deserve. At worst, they’ll use you as camouflage to lure in more prey.

All zombie stories devolve into normal monster stories because eventually, the protagonist either gets eaten or destroys all the undead that he personally knew in life. Once that point is reached, he’s free. The devil can’t manipulate him, rob him or use him, and he’s free to rebuild his life with whatever he salvaged from the end of the last. It is better, but emotionally harder, to do that early.

When your enemy gains power over you, cut loose. Salvage what you can and deny the enemy everything, including what the enemy hasn’t had time to reach yet, because standing in front of you is not what once was.

MGTOW Life: Use the Porch, Luke

Solitude can be an issue for guys. There’s nothing wrong with it for the most part but when one wants to get involved or at least know what’s going on in local society, it can become a barrier.

The easiest way is simply to set up on the front porch and do whatever you were planning to do that afternoon, anyway. Read a book, Internet over wireless, and keep an eye on the world passing by. Working on projects in your garage with the garage door open works, too.

A similar method is to make use of the local park. For the minimalists among us, a pair of adjustable hand weights and a grassy field to use them is a fine impromptu gym. Walking there is perfect warmup time and most basic weightlifting exercises can be done without a barbell or machines.

Put yourself out there and see what happens. What opportunities present, who you meet. Our tech is more mobile than ever, might as well take advantage of the fact.


California Debts Caused by Troubled Childhood

From the San Jose Mercury News:


“Fourteen-year-old Jim Beall saw the black smoke from blocks away, wafting over the roofs of his San Jose neighborhood. But it wasn’t until the bus taking him home from summer school turned onto his street that he realized the smoke was coming from his own house.

Beall.s family of 12 was left homeless and lost almost everything in that fire in the summer of 1966 . an experience that eventually drove Beall, now a Democratic state senator representing Silicon Valley, to fight for housing security over the course of his four-decade political career.

It.s a story that few of [State Senator] Beall’s political colleagues have heard over the years. But when the Legislature last month passed Senate Bill 3 . Beall’s measure to create a $4 billion bond to battle homelessness and fund a variety of affordable-housing programs . his past burst into the public arena with a flood of emotion.

.There’s a lot of us who have had those personal experiences of homelessness,. the 64-year-old Beall said, choking up during a Sacramento news conference as the memories from the fire a half-century ago ran through his mind.”

Disturbing. Not because of what happened to him–nobody even died in his particular childhood trauma–but because he’s making policy and running up massive debts for the entire State of California to compensate for his personal past. The article continues:

“The bond, … would fund a variety of construction and homeownership programs, including $1 billion in home loans for veterans. … .My dad didn’t talk about being a veteran,. Beall said, “but the veterans part of this bill is my honor to my father..

A healthy man would honor his father personally, not by spending other people’s money to do what his father couldn’t. [Replace a destroyed home.] Many innocent people in the coming years will lose their homes like Beall’s family did, only this time the destroyer will be punitive taxation instead of mere combustion.

For a man so reportedly acquainted with poverty, Beall does not understand the value of a dollar.


Charisma Mag Fears the Red Pill

In June 2017, Charisma Magazine editor J. Lee Grady issued a warning to Christians, “Don’t Swallow the Red Pill”. Link:


“Zach and Amanda (not their real names) were happily married and attending a growing church on the east coast. They started a family and got involved in ministry. Things were going well for this young Christian couple. But then Zach took a major spiritual detour.

He swallowed the Red Pill. … At first Amanda noticed her husband was developing odd attitudes about women. He would talk about how “all women” are highly emotional and how they want to manipulate men. Then Zach began to play mind games with his wife…

Then he started demanding total submission from Amanda. He began quoting 1 Peter 3:6, which says that Sarah called her husband Abraham “lord.” Meanwhile he would sometimes call his wife stupid if they argued.

“It was definitely mental and psychological abuse,” Amanda says. “His love was conditional. He would say, ‘You need to follow me completely, and then I will give you what you need.’”

Finally, Amanda couldn’t take it anymore. She began to fear that Zach might abuse her physically.”

If calling someone stupid is psychological abuse then we need to build more prisons. One also wonders why, if Amanda was a good wife, Zach would complain she wasn’t obedient or feel the need for “mind games”.

Many authors over the years have advocated a men’s movement, including Robert Bly, Rollo Tomassi or the Christian blogger known as Dalrock. But Red Pill has taken the philosophy to the level of a religion. The Red Pill discussion site was launched in 2012 by Robert Fisher, a congressman from New Hampshire who describes himself as both preacher’s kid and atheist. He hid his true identity on the site for a few years, but he resigned from his government post last month after his connection to Red Pill was revealed.

This is the truly interesting part of the article. MGTOW is not a men’s movement but the Cathedral keeps trying to make one out of it a la Gamergate. Not only is this not true, it is never going to be true given the experiences of men like Fisher. Does anybody think that resignation wasn’t forced?

So long as men want a seat at the table, our enemies have leverage over us. When we don’t… when we aren’t even making demands to negotiate over… the pretenses fail and naught but our destruction will satisfy our enemies.


Thyatira Protocol

.To the angel of the church in Thyatira write:

These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. I know your deeds,your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first.

Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.

Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, .I will not impose any other burden on you, except to hold on to what you have until I come..”

The parallels to the modern West are obvious. Jezebel was a wife holding her husband by his short hairs, a rebellious creature of immorality and hatred of God. A Church that is very busy with acts of kindness and devotion with only the provision that they don’t crimp Barbie’s style. Of all the letters to the churches, the one to Thyatira hits closest to home. Therefore, take God’s advice and hold on to what you can of your decaying society. This is the Thyatira Protocol.

Welfare parasites don’t visit museums and national parks. The morbidly obese aren’t going to pay the wages of tour guides or rent a kayak for the weekend. Personality cult leaders don’t have time for what “the last guy” did. It falls upon you, glorious MGTOW brother, to venture forth, do interesting stuff, and by personal experience turn yourself into a living embodiment of your history, your culture, your ideals and your peculiar sense of humor.

Our enemies seek to miscegenate and culture-blend us into a meaningless paste of animal desires, government policies and Ebonics. Deny the enemy this victory! This is what it means to be MGTOW!

Meanwhile, be a hedonist. It drives your enemies blind with hate to see you happy.