Manufacturing Demand For Polio: Oral Vaxx Is A Marek’s-Disease Scenario

My last post on manufacturing demand seems to have been timely. I laughed when the CDC labeled monkeypox a global threat before anybody had even died of it (outside Nigeria or wherever). But now there’s a “global polio threat spurring vaccination campaigns” despite only two people in the West even being sick… months apart.

Not laughing.

Explainer – Why Has Polio Been Found in London, New York and Jerusalem, and How Dangerous Is It?

h ttps://

By Reuters, 15 August 2022

LONDON (Reuters) – Polio, a deadly disease that used to paralyze tens of thousands of children every year, is spreading in London, New York and Jerusalem for the first time in decades, spurring catch-up vaccination campaigns.

To date, Jerusalem had one child case back in March, New York has one recent adult case and London, zero cases. They’re tracking a polio outbreak that’s only in the sewage, yet it’s a big deal… why?

There is no cure, but since a vaccine was found in the 1950s, polio is entirely preventable. Globally, the wild form of the disease has almost disappeared.

The wild form? As in, the not-genetically-engineered forms of polio?

And down the rabbit hole we go.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are now the only countries where the highly infectious disease, spread mainly through contact with faecal matter, remains endemic. But this year, imported cases were also found in Malawi and Mozambique, the first in those countries since the 1990s.

Sounds like what really killed polio, was First-World sanitation.

There are two main forms of poliovirus. Alongside the wild-type outlined above, there are also rare cases of what is known as vaccine-derived polio.

It is this second form detected in wastewater in the British capital, London, and in New York in the United States, with one case of paralysis reported in New York state. Genetically similar virus has also been found in Jerusalem, Israel, and scientists are working to understand the link, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) said.

GPEI is Gates Foundation. Although Bloomberg and some others have chipped in at times.

Sooo, Billy, how’s that “Decade Of Vaccines 2010-2020” working out? Dead diseases coming back, new ones escaping biowar labs in time for Presidential elections, eh? Have you sterilized any more African villages? A good time for your business, if not for your customers.

While vaccine-derived polio is almost unheard of in the above locations, it is a known – albeit rare – threat in other countries, causing outbreaks every year, including 415 cases in Nigeria in 2021.

415 cases in Nigeria one year, and 490,000 cases in India over 17 years.


h ttps://

Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates. vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.

The most frightening [polio] epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines are all linked to vaccines.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

End segue

I had no idea that today, basically, polio only exists because it’s spread by the oral polio vaxx.

It stems from the use of an oral polio vaccine containing weakened live virus. After children are vaccinated, they shed virus in their faeces for a few weeks. In under-vaccinated communities, this can then spread and mutate back to a harmful version of the virus.

While countries including the Britain and the United States no longer use this live vaccine, others do – particularly to stop outbreaks – which allows for global spread, particularly as people began to travel again after COVID-19, experts said.

The excuse given is that the oral vaxx is easier to distribute in Third World countries than the injectable, inactive-virus vaxx. But as the Gates Foundation developed, err discovered, when you use the oral vaxx it’ll trigger an outbreak unless literally everybody takes it at the same time.

Hello, Totalist biosurveillance state! None are safe until all are safe, eh?

And how about those open borders with exotically tropical climates? One Nigerian kid takes the polio vaxx, gets on a place to London and poof, a Patient Zero who’ll never get sick himself.

After the 2019 measles outbreak, public health campaigns resulted in more children being vaccinated against the virus, including within the Rockland County and Brooklyn Jewish communities that were hardest hit. But since then, the advent of COVID-19 vaccines have heightened tensions around vaccination in those communities and beyond, with inaccurate information circulating widely. Zev Zelenko, an Orthodox doctor who became a hero in some circles for promoting untested treatments and opposing vaccination, was based just outside of Rockland County.

He’s recognized among all us vaxx dissidents! I have slowly clued in, that atheist Jews and Orthodox Jews don’t like each other.


h ttps://

State Sen. James Skoufis, a Democrat whose district includes part of Rockland County [whose wife is a director for United Jewish Appeal-New York], released a statement on Twitter in a now-deleted tweet asking to “bring the full force of the law down on those who have skirted these requirements..

He singled out Ramapo Yeshivas as having .a history of non-compliance with the state’s vaccine laws.” Ramapo is one of the Five Towns of Rockland County, in which the source said there are over 120 Yeshivas.

.Additional enforcement is required in light of today’s news,. Skoufis said in his statement.

The context here is that NYC’s first & only polio case is a young adult Orthodox guy. Fox News says he got sick from the oral vaxx based on the virus’ genetics, having taken it maybe a month ago. That demographic would not be my first guess for reintroducing a dead disease into the West… but Skoufis is using that single case to breathe threats against an entire colony of Ortho Jews.

Skoufis. statement drew criticism from within the Jewish community. Yossi Gestetner, a Rockland County resident whose Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council worked to combat negative publicity stemming from the measles outbreak in 2019, tweeted that Skoufis. statement was “hateful and inflammatory..

.I missed your tweet calling out LGBTQ+ by name and as a community for Monkeypox,. Gestetner wrote, referring to the outbreak of a different virus that is underway. .So why treat visibly Jewish people this way? Every elected Dem should condemn you..

.People have real concerns about vaccines,. he said. .Even if they’re wrong, the government should go out there and show them the benefit of these vaccines rather than just yelling at people..

Sweet. For all that Churchians admire those Beautiful Judeo-Christians, one could wish they’d eventually notice that many Jews have spines and punch back when threatened. Also, that Jews hate Christ so Judeo-Christian sounds really stupid to any informed ear.

After the backlash to his statement, Skoufis said on Twitter that he met with members of the Rockland County Jewish community to discuss the situation. .I truly appreciate the sensitivity on the ground and the need to make sure the language used like that in my statement from today better reflects that sensitivity,. Skoufis said on Twitter.

Analysis: Senator Skoufis got taken behind the woodshed and handed his own balls. Again, Churchians should take a lesson here on the benefits of speaking harshly and carrying a big stick.

Frankly, Churchians could become better people just by taking lessons from prison gangs. They never hurry to please the State-appointed warden, don’t beg for the approval of their enemies and don’t have time for humble-bragging.

End segue

Experts agree that the major driver behind both vaccine-derived and wild polio outbreaks remains under-vaccinated populations, said Derek Ehrhardt, global polio lead at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Vaccine hesitancy was a growing problem before the pandemic, then COVID-19 caused the worst disruption to routine immunization in a generation, according to the United Nations.

NO! NO! NO! It’s the oral vaccine ITSELF that’s spreading polio!

Are these warnings about polio in the wastewater, efforts to manufacture demand for those very polio vaxxes? In order to cause a global polio outbreak? And they wonder why we’re “hesitant”!

It’s a Marek’s Disease scenario. If Western people start taking the oral polio vaxx then polio will spread everywhere, forcing everybody to get polio-vaxxed or risk a paralyzing disease. Nobody in the West is going to get it from the sewage-treatment plant.

Or as NYC Patient Zero discovered, you’ll get the polio-vaxx AND get the disease! Because if you ever got healthy, you wouldn’t need Doctor Bill anymore, now would you?

Update on Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses . Worldwide, April 2011.June 2012

h ttps://

CDC, September 2012

One of the main tools used in polio eradication efforts has been the live, attenuated oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV). This inexpensive vaccine is administered easily by mouth, makes recent recipients resistant to infection by wild polioviruses (WPVs), and provides long-term protection against paralytic disease through durable humoral immunity. Nonetheless, rare cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis can occur both among immunologically normal OPV recipients and their contacts and among persons who are immunodeficient. In addition, vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) can emerge to cause polio outbreaks in areas with low OPV coverage and can replicate for years in persons who are immunodeficient.

Now that the Covid vaxx is causing immunodeficiency problems (aka “long Covid”) in a significant percentage of the population, there could be a lot of people very vulnerable to such an outbreak.

Since 1999, when the last WPV2 case was identified, all cases of poliomyelitis involving PV2 have been associated with the use of tOPV primarily in the context of low poliovirus vaccine coverage. To prevent emergence and transmission of VDPV2 as progress is made toward WPV eradication, the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts advising the World Health Organization has recommended simultaneous global cessation of tOPV use in both routine vaccination services and SIAs and switching to bOPV as soon as it is safe to do so.

And on that last, boldfaced note…

h ttps://

The N.Y. State Department of Health’s public health laboratory showed “revertant polio Sabin type 2 virus, according to a news release.

Boom, there it is. VDPV2.

Ten years after the CDC called for ceasing its usage because the wild version is dead.

The polio variant being used to incite demand for vaccination… is a variant that hasn’t naturally existed in many years, and that should have been discontinued long ago in favor of inactivated, injection polio vaxxes.

Somebody is terrorizing the West with a fake plague, in order to create a real plague.

The Megalomania Of Charles Dickens

A textbook behavior of modern globalists is their habit of telling us how they’re going to hurt us, then proceeding to do exactly that… usually in the face of zero opposition whatsoever. Now, we see this behavior on a small scale for the first time:

UN diplomat allegedly gets away with raping woman in New York by claiming immunity

h ttps://

By Joseph Mackinnon, 23 August 2022

OH NOES! The Red Sox are on a new losing streak! And in other news, yet another UN diplomat used his legal immunity to underwrite his long-established criminal conduct. The stock market is up two points on news that the Fed Chairman ate a burrito and…

On Sunday, 46-year-old Charles Dickens Imene Oliha, a diplomat for the United Nations’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in South Sudan, is reported to have raped a woman in Fort George, New York. The victim called the police after the attack at 11 p.m., resulting in Oliha’s detention. Oliha was, however, released just a few hours later.

What crazy-ass kind of name is that? It’s the kind of name a classically trained Jesuit would give to the bastard he fathered and left behind in Sudan… hmm. I don’t know that to be true, but it’s an excellent guess how a Sudanese lowbrow with impulse control issues could have found his way into the halls of global power.

The victim, Oliha’s neighbor in upper Manhattan, claimed the diplomat had made a pass at her while she was walking a friend’s dog. She rejected his advances, but he persisted. Oliha allegedly told the victim he was going to follow her upstairs to her apartment on Wadsworth Terrace, and she replied “No, you’re not.”

When the victim opened her door, Oliha reportedly forced his way into her apartment. Inside, he is claimed to have twice raped the victim.

Now where have we seen that behavior before?

Him: “I’m gonna follow you home and rape you.”

Her: “No, you’re not.”

Him: *follows her home and rapes her*


WEF: “You vill eat zee bugs.”

Us: “No, we won’t.”


The victim told authorities she had gone into shock after the noontime attack and tried to sleep after the attack. Only after a friend suggested that she should report the alleged rape did she contact police. Afterward, she was taken to Columbia University Medical Center for medical attention.

Hers is a common reaction to real sexual assault. No empowerment speeches or Mattress Girl theatrics, but a shell-shocked “I can’t believe it happened to me, maybe it’ll un-happen if I don’t think about it” denial. That leads me to believe that this really was a rape-rape; that, and the accused didn’t deny it:

Upon his arrest, Oliha told the NYPD he had diplomatic immunity. Detectives from the Special Victims Unit released him without charge upon verifying his status around 5 a.m. on Monday morning.

Suck it, feminists! While you were complaining about the “male privilege” of Ordinary Joes, you totally forgot about the Diplomatic Privilege of the most powerful and wealthiest sociopaths on the planet.


Reporters attempted to contact Oliha for comment, but the only people present at his New York residence were reportedly his female relatives. Oliha is married and has four children.

It is presently unclear whether Oliha has fled the country, in which case he may face extradition.

That is not how diplomatic immunity works. The host country decides whether to prosecute. Ambassadors usually being the cousins or cronies of said host country’s leaders, we have a very predictable Nope on extradition.

Then again, if a woman cries about it….

The U.N. told the Daily Mail that this “particular case involves a member of the Permanent Mission of South Sudan who is not a staff member of the United Nations. … This is a bilateral issue between South Sudan and the US authorities.”

…the UN is already on record disavowing him…

South Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation issued a release on August 23 indicating that, pending the conclusions of an ongoing investigation into the facts of the case, their administration “will urgently take appropriate measures to address it.”

…and South Sudan is negotiating a price for Chucky Dickings’ head.

Oliha’s country of origin faces a rape scandal all its own.

Honestly, I didn’t know that his country of origin was a country. *checks* South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 but is still in process of being recognized by other governments, international organizations and… private foreign investors.



South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011, following 98.83% support for independence in a January 2011 referendum.

Bullshit levels of corruption.

The United States supported the 2011 referendum on South Sudan’s independence. The New York Times reported that “South Sudan is in many ways an American creation, carved out of war-torn Sudan in a referendum largely orchestrated by the United States, its fragile institutions nurtured with billions of dollars in American aid.” The U.S. government’s long-standing sanctions against Sudan were officially removed from applicability to newly independent South Sudan in December 2011, and senior RSS officials participated in a high-level international engagement conference in Washington, D.C., to help connect foreign investors with the RSS and South Sudanese private sector representatives.

WEF fingerprints everywhere on that.

In 2010, the CIA issued a warning that “over the next five years,…a new mass killing or genocide is most likely to occur in southern Sudan.”

GAE fingerprints everywhere on that.

The child marriage rate in South Sudan is 52%. Homosexual acts are illegal.

They skipped past sodomy and went straight to pedophilia.

End segue

The U.N. issued a report earlier this year revealing that women in South Sudan face a “hellish existence.” A 2017 study found that across much of South Sudan, 65% of women and girls experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime . one of the highest rates in the world.

In addition to the role that rape allegedly plays as a tactic in the region’s geopolitical conflicts, some scholarship suggests there is also a socio-cultural element at play. Alicia Luedke, writing for the London School of Economics’ Conflict Research Programme, noted that sexual violence in South Sudan is “connected to the local political economy of bridewealth in the country, which treats females as property, undermining their sexual agency and control over their own bodies.”

Moar “down with the patriarchy”. Anything to distract from that Strong&Independent NYC feminist getting rape-raped by the United Nation’s finest.

Which brings us to that very curious behavior of forewarning the victim.

Some religious pundits claim that God forces these wicked men to admit their crimes in order to prevent the victims from being deceived into cooperation. I don’t believe that because if so, it isn’t working, and God doesn’t do failure. Also, if God wanted people not-deceived then the server farms of Twitter would be pillars of salt by now… and the avenging angel would have branded “Nuremberg” on Tony Fauci’s forehead for the world to see.

So, from when this compulsion to not just do evil, but set up an appointment and do it in front of the world’s cameras?

My answer until now was simply “because they’re powerful enough to get away with it”. The globalists are baiting God Himself and the greatest thrill is getting away with it. But now, Chucky is NOT likely to get away with it. He’s already fled the country for the “safety” of South Sudan which even at a glance, is worse than the dystopia of Oliver Twist.

For the moment, I don’t have an answer I like… but this verse comes to mind.

Manufacturing Demand For Electric Vehicles

It’s really tedious that so many conservative commentators are no more than outrage addicts. You’ve heard that Commiefornia plans to ban gas cars by 2035, but it’s not a thing happening then. It’s a thing happening now.

It’s a classic ‘manufacturing demand’ strategy.

California bans the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035

h ttps://

By Emma Newburger, 25 August 2022

Marxists can’t even do a five-year plan, so what’s up with this 12-year plan?

California, the country’s most populous state and the center of U.S. car culture, is banning the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles starting in 2035, marking a historic step in the state’s battle against climate change.

The rule, issued by the California Air Resources Board on Thursday, will force automakers to speed up production of cleaner vehicles beginning in 2026 until sales of only zero-emission cars, pickup trucks and SUVs are allowed in the state.

A small group of bureaucrats accountable only to Governor Newsom, decided that, in their oh-so-EXPERT opinion, the rest of humanity needs to buy unaffordably massive quantities of toxic chemicals with no power plants available to juice them up. There is no chance that this actually happens. Not because voters, they aren’t even in the loop… QED above… but because reality.

The transportation sector represents the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in California, which has suffered from record-breaking wildfires, droughts and air pollution worsened by climate change.

The reasons given have nothing to do with the action. A classic, yet amateur tell for a deception.

Fact: nobody wants EVs except as expensive toys or situational applications. Fact: gas cars will always be cheaper, easier to manufacture and more easily repaired.

How, then, does the government manufacture demand for what nobody wants?

By banning the alternatives, of course.

Cali is banning gas vehicles tomorrow, so that vehicle manufacturers will change their product lines today. It’s not that the people will want EVs, it’s that the government won’t give them a choice, so car makers better get started making toxic junk that nobody wants because… the governor wants his ten percent.


h ttps://

Montr?al . TheNewswire – January 20, 2021 . St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. is pleased to welcome Mr. Paul Pelosi, Jr. as a Director and the President of St-Georges. new subsidiary, EVSX Corp. which is dedicated to electric vehicle battery recycling and future partnerships in the development of lithium mineral resources.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is Paul Pelosi’s cousin. That’s why Newsom and his Air Resources Board are spiking demand for lithium batteries. It’s not about everybody driving EVs in 2035. It’s about short-term market manipulations today.

Hat tip to

Paul.s expertise in green technology, eco-responsible investments, and regulatory governmental environmental legislative framework will play a critical role in developing and deploying St-Georges. lithium mineral processing technology and EV battery recycling technology initiative.

St-Georges and its partner, Altair International, have joined forces to develop metallurgical solutions for the recycling of lithium and other metals from EV batteries. They are working diligently to complete a long-form agreement before the end of the month.

About Paul Pelosi, Jr.

Paul Pelosi Jr. has many years of experience contributing to the sustainability of the environment through his service as President of the Environment Commission in San Francisco. The commission develops policies and programs in recycling, environmental justice, toxic reduction, energy efficiency, climate change, eco-friendly commuting alternatives, and policies regarding preserving the city’s urban forest. Paul’s experience includes emerging company investments, investment banking, sustainable real estate, and corporate governance. In each of these ventures, he was instrumental in developing corporate governance practices that advanced new technologies while supporting all stakeholders.

Paul graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and an MBA with an emphasis in International Business. He holds a juris doctor. He is known for his humanitarian beliefs and work in the field and received the Georgetown International Human Rights Award in 1994. He has been a member of the California State Bar since 1996.

I didn’t know he was Jesuit-aligned. Always figured the Getty/Pelosi crime family was its own shop.

End segue

Liane Randolph, chair of the California Air Resources Board, said the rule is one of the state’s most important efforts yet to clean the air and will lead to a 50% reduction in pollution from cars and light trucks by 2040.

Eww. I do not know the correct pronouns for Liane. Let’s assume that/freak.

The decision is expected to have sweeping impacts beyond California and will likely pave the way for other states to follow suit. At least 15 states, including New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, have adopted California’s vehicle standards on previous clean-car rules.

.California is once again leading the way by establishing commonsense standards that will transition to sales of all zero-polluting cars and light-duty trucks in the state,. said Kathy Harris, clean vehicles advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Their intent is clearly not for this to be a state-specific thing. A major reason why Commiefornia is where all the new freakishness shows up is because it’s 25% of the national economy, give or take. The thinking is that major businesses will do anything rather than be shut out of one-fourth of the economy.

As more governments are Converged, the market share increases.


That has ceased to be true. It’s happening in electric generators and small-motor equipment because of emission standards… hello again, Air Resources Board… but also, the makers of brass fittings, disposable plastic goods and foodstuffs are increasingly refusing to sell in Commiefornia AT ALL.

I’m sure there’ll be more stuff added to the list as time goes on. Point is, that’s what is happening here and it ain’t gonna last. Certainly not for another 12 years.

A federal waiver under the Clean Air Act allows the state to adopt stronger fuel economy standards than those of the federal government and it has set the precedent for the rest of the country on how to curb vehicle emissions.

California.s ability to control vehicle emissions has spurred innovations like catalytic converters that convert toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas into less-toxic pollutants, as well as “check engine” lights. The state established the nation’s first tailpipe emissions standards in 1966.

They’ve had a long run of success with wag-the-dog tactic, too.

The Trump administration in 2019 revoked California’s authority to regulate its own air quality, but the Biden administration restored that authority earlier this year.

Then Trump happened. Let it not be said that he was all bad!

State officials said the rule is critical to meeting the state’s goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2045, adding that resulting emissions declines would lead to fewer cardiopulmonary deaths and improved health for those suffering from asthma and other illnesses.

It’s true! Once we are renewably burning dung for warmth, asthma will be the least of our concerns. Fortunately…

However, meeting the timeline will face challenges, including installing enough charging stations across the state and having adequate access to materials needed to make batteries for electric vehicles.

…it’s not gonna come to that. Reality is that thing which when the government rejects it, cannot be shot, imprisoned, beaten, threatened, starved, intimidated, deceived or memory-holed into obedience.

Con-servative pundits should be laughing at this rule, not crying about it. That’s how you defeat these wag-the-dog efforts. You just don’t take them seriously… publicly.

That’s Not Repentance: Shia LaBoeuf

There’s a clip going around, that Shia LaBoeuf has just converted to Catholicism. My first thought is, I ‘ve seen much better acting performances, followed by “What, again?”

TL;DR no associate of the Sundance Film Festival can be described as repentant.

Shia LeBeouf now a Christian

Formerly Jewish actor claims to have “found God” while playing a devout Christian character in new movie

h ttps://

By Justin Jalil, 23 October 2014

Note the date. Shia finds Jesus every time he flogs a movie in which he plays a Christian character. 2014 was “Fury”, 2022 is reportedly “Padre Pio”. I haven’t seen it. Don’t intend to. After I watched “Transformers” devolve into a discussion of masturbation, I’m done with him. (Although I still have some of his home movies archived. Two words: police bodycam.)

Two of these AFTER this article of him professing Christ. (The Cabaret stunt was same-year.) And I’ll just mention his mind breaking under the strain of 4Chan literally pantsing his “Trump will not divide us” stunt.

Jewish-born actor Shia LeBeouf has converted to Christianity.

The actor, who was born to a Jewish mother and a Christian father, said he had “found God” while playing a devout Christian character on the set of the 2014 movie “Fury.”

.I became a Christian man, and not in a f*cking b*llshit way . in a very real way. I could have just said the prayers that were on the page,. LeBeouf said in an intimate conversation with Interview Magazine which features pictures of the 28-year-old in a number of shirtless poses. “But it was a real thing that really saved me.It.s a full-blown exchange of heart, a surrender of control..

That’s not what Christianity looks like. And it’s not about a surrender of control, either. Once you get through the early years of repentance and learning moral conduct, Christianity becomes a participation with God.

LeBeouf, who was the star of the popular Disney show “Even Stevens” and the enormously successful “Transformers” movie franchise, said “Fury” director David Ayer and fellow co-star Brad Pitt helped him through the conversion process.

LeBeouf had previously identified as Jewish, and had a Bar Mitzvah at age 13. When contributing to a book titled .I am Jewish. in 2004, the actor said it was “beneficial to be Jewish,. and that he had .a personal relationship with God that happens to work within the confines of Judaism. Really, I feel cocky when I say I am Jewish, not bad cocky, but good cocky. Because what I am really saying is that I am one of the few chosen ones out there. I made it; God chose me and I take pride in that,. LeBeouf concluded.

I do not accept any conversion unless the saved describes what he wants to be saved from. A child might not be able to name any particular sins or habits… but here, we’re talking about an A-list Hollyweird celebrity.

At a bare minimum, LaBoeuf needs to publicly reject the Judaism that he’s on record being proud of. He also needs to denounce his father… who is VERY FALSELY described as a Christian…

EXCLUSIVE: Shia LaBeouf’s pedophile father skipped the actor’s Las Vegas wedding because he’s been on the run from California police for years – last seen living in a party town in Costa Rica

h ttps://

By Ryan Parry & Jon Boon, 20 October 2016

God bless you, British tabloids! The headline alone is ten bucks’ worth of entertainment. And your work ALSO protects Christ from false associations!

When Shia LaBeouf married longtime love Mia Goth in a whirlwind Las Vegas ceremony on October 10, it was streamed live for his millions of fans.

They saw an Elvis impersonator marry the happy couple, while the two lovebirds sang and danced through the $700 celebration.

But one man notably missing from the celebrations was Shia’s father Jeffrey LaBeouf.

And today can reveal the reason why the patriarch was not there to support his famous son.

The Transformers star’s 68-year-old dad, a convicted pedophile who spent time in jail for attempted rape of a minor, is wanted by police in California.

Jeffrey has been on the run from law enforcement for three years, fleeing the state, as well as hiding out in a remote mountain community after violating his registration requirements as a convicted sex offender.

LaBeouf senior is currently missing in the eyes of the law, with police records showing no evidence of his existence. But has learned that Jeffrey has been hiding out unnoticed on the Central American country of Costa Rica for the last 18 months.

You can run from the cops, but nobody… NOBODY escapes the paparazzi.

The convicted sex offender lives in the area of Montezuma – a party spot that has a long history of sex tourism.

Social media posts show Jeffrey boasting to tourists that he is Shia’s father during nights out at hotels in the region.

Jeffrey has even opened up his own Facebook profile and has barely changed his appearance from his chilling mugshot for Megan’s Law, a national registry of sex offenders.

On his Facebook profile, where he has more than 380 friends, he reveals he is working as a teacher writing: ‘I’m teaching art.’

His profile classes him as single and retired.

In other posts he has told people that he had worked as a part time teacher, served in Vietnam and was a poet in Greenwich Village in the ’70s.

In one Facebook post, he revealed his favorite hang out spot is Hotel Celaje Cabuya, which he recommends to friends.

The hotel is popular with families who have children.

Since violating his registration requirements, as of January 13, 2014, Jeffrey has been swapping addresses at a whim to escape the authorities’ attentions.

He has since been inexplicably erased from the Megan’s Law database, a government controlled sex register where offenders have to detail their whereabouts.

Offenders are obligated by law to check in annually with their local police station, provide their address and have cops update their photo.

But when contacted by, the Californian Attorney General’s office confirmed they have no record of Jeffrey’s new location and are unaware of any specific reason why he would be removed from the register.

Brenda Gonzalez, press secretary to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, confirmed that even if they did know, under Department of Justice guidelines they would be unable to pass on details to the public.


What a small world it is at the top! AG Kamala let Jeffrey LaBoeuf off the sex offender registry with no explanation… you probably thought she reached the White House by burying more bones than Chairman Mao. I won’t say you’re wrong, but I will say that that’s not the complete picture of her perfidy.

Oddly he writes he has a son whose name is Honeyboy – an obscure reference to Shia. He doesn’t include any of his son’s work in his list of favorite movies though.

Because it happened the other way around.

Shia LaBeouf teams with Israeli director for semi-autobiographical film

Alma Har.el.s .Honey Boy. written in rehab by actor, who delved into past traumas and complicated relationship with father for movie

h ttps://

By AP, 27 January 2019

ARK CITY, Utah . Shia LaBeouf’s latest film was born in an unusual place . court-ordered rehab.

The actor spent time writing the script for his semi-autobiographical “Honey Boy” while he was being treated for substance abuse after a 2017 arrest.

.He wrote this script in rehab and actually sent me an email from there with the script,. said Israeli director Alma Har.el. .So it was pretty mind blowing. I couldn’t say no to that..

To answer Adam’s wondering about Shia’s Zionist beliefs, I note he has an established working relationship with the Israeli film industry.

LaBeouf premiered the film at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday in Park City, Utah. He didn’t speak with the media but posed alongside his mother, Shayna Saide, and fellow actors.

The former “Transformers” star plays an alcoholic and abusive father of a child actor, who is played at different ages by Noah Jupe (of .A Quiet Place.) and Lucas Hedges (.Boy Erased.).

Creepy AF, that. He appeared with his mother in a movie about his abusive father, made under his father’s pet name for him.

Har.el said the film shines a light on LaBeouf’s private struggles.

.It.s a story about the things you inherit. Shia definitely inherited a lot of his passion towards acting from his father. But he also inherited other things that he has to deal with for the rest of his life.


h ttps://

Tattoo: .1986-2004. tattoo on his right wrist.

Shia was born 1986.

Meaning: Shia got this tattoo inked for the painful childhood days he had experienced with his father. In an interview, he confessed that when he was young, he suffered verbal and mental abuse from his father. Not only this, his father once pointed a gun at him during the Vietnam War. However, he still takes good care and financially supports his parents.

End segue

And he’s trying to do it as best as he can. He had to do it in the public eye, unlike many of us. So it’s been very challenging. And I think this film really kind of deals with that,. she said.

It’s obvious what Shia LaBoeuf needs salvation from, and he’ll get it if he publicly denounces his father who might STILL be raping innocent children. Jeffrey will be held accountable in either this life or the next, but only this life offers the chance at redemption.

Christian love demands swift justice. But Shia isn’t turning against any of the sexual perversions that, frankly, the world already knows about.

Left unanswered, is whether LaBoeuf is a participant in the family wickedness or merely a victim lashing out because of family damage a la Hunter Biden.

Mel Gibson to play a super-rich “Rothchild” in upcoming comedy

h ttps://

By Gabe Friedman, 14 May 2019

JTA . Mel Gibson is set to play a super-rich character with the surname Rothchild . a clear reference to the eminent Jewish Rothschild family . in an upcoming film.

.Rothchild. will co-star with Shia LaBeouf as a bastard child named Becket Rothchild disowned from his family’s vast fortune. Gibson will play the patriarch, named Whitelaw Rothchild, Deadline reported Monday.

According to Deadline: .The project, whose title puns on the wealthy Rothschild group, charts how charismatic outcast Becket Rothchild (LaBeouf) plots his way back into his family’s riches, setting himself on a collision course with patriarch Whitelaw Rothchild (Gibson). On the way, he must infiltrate the weird and twisted lives of his super-rich kin including frat boys, hipster artists and reality TV stars..

Gibson infamously claimed in a drunken rant that Jews were responsible for “all the wars in the world,. and promoted anti-Semitic stereotypes in his 2004 blockbuster film “The Passion of the Christ.” Since then he has worked to get back into the Jewish community’s good graces, even donating to a Holocaust survivor aid project.

All of the reviews I scanned about the movie hated on Gibson for those past offenses against the Jews. Also, Gibson’s publicist denied that his playing a Jewish ultrawealthy bankster named Rothchild has anything to do with the Jewish ultrawealthy bankster family named Rothschild.

I know a ritual humiliation when I see it. The price of Gibson being taken back in, is to publicly identify as the very villain he railed against back in the day, while making the self-degrading lie that it ain’t what it obviously is.

And Shia LaBoeuf is lending his star power to it. Is Shia ALSO being ritually humiliated for his claims about being Christian? As he plays a bastard Jew trying to get back into the ((family))’s good graces?

Shia choosing to participate in Gibson’s humiliation speaks very, very ill for any possibility of his redemption to the Christ that Gibson once championed. Pretending to be a Rothschild “with a weird and twisted life” is not a morally neutral act for either of the movie’s big names.

No Jew can become a Christian without denouncing Judaism. That’s the opposite of what this movie is about. And don’t tell me that his unrepentant-convicted-pedophile father was a Christian, either.

SJWs Claim Noticing Woke Churches Is Threatening?

Here’s a constructive idea: Christians making lists of how woke the churches in their area are. No threats, no complaints of doctrine, just noting “First Episcopalian Church on Main Street flies the rainbow flag” then publishing the lists. Who could complain? Don’t the churches themselves pride themselves on their Pride?

Apparently not.

I would do this myself, except I did and there wasn’t a single “obeys Scripture” church on the list when I finished it. But the Libertarians, of all peoples, put some serious effort into it!

Looking for a church that isn’t ‘woke?’ Secessionist group tweets out list that classifies places of worship.

h ttps://

By Haven Orecchio-Egresitz & Kenneth Niemeyer, 22 August 2022

This is a repost from Insider, but what an interesting mismatch that is between the title and URL. Who’s saying anything about threats?

The Free State Project . a New Hampshire-based libertarian movement . tweeted a list of Christian churches in the state, identifying those that are considered “woke.”

The list, which was published on a wiki called “,” largely measures “wokeness” by whether the church is LGBTQ-friendly, has advocated for racial or social justice, or had implemented COVID precautions.

That’s fair.

It was distributed by The Free State Twitter account, which has over 80,000 followers.

The list on “” titled “Christianity in New Hampshire,” doesn’t detail the intention of the list, but some critics on Twitter are calling the “wokeness” classification a “racist dog whistle” and worry that it will prompt attacks on the places of worship.

Sure. Some anonymous peeps felt so threatened at other organizations being noticed in public… that multiple Lamestream Media mouthpieces are calling out the hate. No ulterior motives here!

Christian terrorists do not exist, but if they did, they would identify Leftist churches by the Freak Flags and BLM signs that the Leftists freely choose to display. No need for Twitter… which is the last place a far-right-wing-ultra-nationalist-MAGA-loving Putlerian Jihadist would hang out regardless.

The SJW cries out in pain as she strikes you.

State Democratic Rep. Lucy Weber has previously protested against The Free State Project and described them as anti-LGBTQ. Weber told Insider that she didn’t want to speculate about the group’s motivations for compiling the list, but found it “distasteful.”

Ahh, there it is. The people thinking that the Libertarians are about to reenact the Spanish Inquisition are either anonymous critics on Twitter, or State Toady Weber who’s not happy about the Free State Project importing lots of we’re-not-queers into her backyard.

“It’s not an issue I have a lot to say on except that they’ve gotten the right to say it,” Weber told Insider. “They’re not government actors, so I find it distasteful, but I’m allowed to have my opinions too.”

And her chosen opinion is…

<drum roll>

…to be a hate-crime victim of Libertarians.

At a recent protest against the movement, Weber told The Keene Sentinel that the group may preach freedom, but that liberty doesn’t extend to people in the LGBTQ community. Members of the group, she said, have pushed to make it harder to register to vote and want to restrict abortions.

“They go, ‘we’re for liberty, we’re for freedom.’ Who isn’t?” Weber told the Sentinel in July. “Their freedom is only for people who are just like them and they don’t seem to have a concept of the public good.

Bitch, find a mirror. Oh, wait… vampire. Never mind.

There are nearly 900 churches named, and they are identified by their location and denomination.

In a column called “wokeness” there are notes.

While displaying a Pride flag, or requiring masks was a sure-fire way to land churches on the list, there were other reasons cited for the classification.

An Episcopal church made its way on the woke list by donating to the NAACP. Another displayed a Ukraine flag on its website. A third included a blurb on its website about how they are located on “unceded native American land.”

Eight Episcopal churches on the list were included for either supporting the LGBTQ. community on their websites or for generally being LGBTQ affirming churches. The Episcopal Church is generally more accepting of the LGBTQ community, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the former Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, was the first openly gay priest to become a bishop of a major Christian denomination.

A representative for the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire told Insider in a statement that the church was aware of the list.

“The Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire supports gay marriage, as do Episcopal bishops and churches across the nation, as does The Episcopal Church as a governing body,” the statement read. “We are all seeking to be disciples of our savior Jesus Christ.”

Like I was saying, this list is unnecessary effort. Not one Christian reading this is surprised that the Episcopalians are prominently featured in a Who’s Who Of Churchy Wokeness. It would be much faster to make a list of churches that aren’t woke.

But perhaps that list would highlight the wrong churches?

Founded by Jason Sorens, the Free State Project is a movement that since the early 2000s has encouraged the migration of “liberty activists” to New Hampshire, where they hope to live in a libertarian limited-government utopia.

I love you Libertarians! While I don’t share most of your beliefs, you’re one of the very few sociopolitical groups that DOES STUFF. Like the Free State Project in Transylvania err, New Hampshire, or making Bitcoin the national currency of El Salvador, or as we see here, making lists of Woke churches whereas I only tried to make lists of non-Woke churches. It would never occur to me that Sodomite churches would be intimidated by us publicly noticing what they publicly do.

In hindsight, this is projection. When SJWs makes lists… for example, of gun owners… it’s always with the intent of targeting them for “Direct Action” later on. Thus, they freak out when we make lists of them.


Nearly 300 southern Illinoisans have to give up their firearms after gun rights revoked

h ttps://

By Mike Koziatek, 24 August 2022

Illinois State Police announced Wednesday that it has forced nearly 300 people in southern Illinois to give up ownership of their firearms after they had their firearms rights revoked. As part of a “firearms enforcement blitz” from June 16 to July 31 in 41 southern Illinois counties, including St. Clair, Madison, Monroe, Clinton and Randolph counties, state police officers performed 710 “compliance checks,. which resulted in 295 people being “placed into compliance” with the state’s Firearms Owners Identification Card, or FOID card, law.

.Compliance checks are not about confiscating guns, but about ensuring individuals who have lost their firearms rights to transfer their firearms to law enforcement or someone who is legally able to possess them,. Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly said during a news conference at the state police’s metro-east headquarters in Collinsville.

“We not confiscating your guns. We’re ensuring that you transfer your guns to law enforcement. You violated a temporary change to the rules, you see.”

The Illinois State Police has received temporary permission from state officials for an emergency rule change to broaden the use of “clear and present danger reports” that can bar Illinois citizens from getting a FOID card or cause a revocation of a FOID card, according to a news release by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

This decision was announced after the July 4th mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, where seven people were killed. The suspect in this case had received a FOID card after a clear and present danger report previously had been filed on him.

.The former administrative rule required a clear and present danger to be .impending,. .imminent,. “substantial” or .significant,. according to the governor’s news release. “Clear and present danger under state law however is more broadly defined requiring “physical or verbal behavior, such as violent, suicidal, or assaultive threats, actions, or other behavior…

Pritzker said the state will seek to make this rule change permanent.

3: “This isn’t a gun registry and we aren’t trying to disarm you.”

2: “This IS a gun registry but we aren’t trying to disarm you.”

1: “We won’t disarm you unless you’re a threat.”

“I feel threatened.”

End segue

The Free State Project says on its website . in bold . that “it does not welcome anyone who promotes violence, racial hatred, or bigotry” and in 2013 it kicked out infamous neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell after he wrote about killing government agents and violently overthrowing the government.

They said it and they did it. All is well.

And while the group says it doesn’t welcome those who promote violence, the list, which singles out places of worship due to ideology, was shared on Twitter as threats of extremist far-right violence are at a high.

Sigh. “While you, technically, obey your own non-aggression principles, OTHERS DO NOT! This is very irresponsible conduct for you!”

References to “civil war” doubled on online extremist platforms in the week following the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, Insider previously reported.

Wasn’t the Libertarians.

Extremists have taken to both niche social media platforms and mainstream sites like TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube to preach pro-Trump violence.

Wasn’t the Libertarians. And we’re discussing Christianity, not Trump. Keep that TDS in check, Fang-Fang, or else…

Antisemitic threats against the Jewish Florida judge who signed the search warrant became so specific and credible that his temple canceled Shabbat services.

…you’ll out yourself…

Judge Bruce Reinhart and Attorney General Merrick Garland have been subjected to “an enormous amount of threats and vitriol online,” [said]Alex Friedfeld…

…as a hypocrite:

…who monitors online extremism for the Anti Defamation League’s Center On Extremism, told Insider.

Who’s monitoring for online extremism NOW, huh? The Libertarians are making online lists of their enemies, now are they? Is anybody ELSE making lists?

But of course, the Left doesn’t care about hypocrisy. It follows from their first principle that truth means nothing.

What the Left DOES care about, apparently, is us noticing what they’re publicly doing. I’ll give it a try. Heeere’s Weber:

Chocolate Shop Kung Fu

The Viking berserker in me always nods when he sees people accepting the truism that government isn’t going to protect them, then proceeding to take their safety into their own, fudge-stained hands.

Say what? That didn’t sound right at all. Especially coming from Sodom Francisco.

Chocolate shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown teaches employees kung fu to combat crime

h ttps://

By Michelle De Pacina, 23 August 2022

The owner of a chocolate shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown has been offering her employees kung fu lessons after work to help them combat theft and crime in the neighborhood.

Mindy Fong, the owner of Jade Chocolates Teahouse and Cafe, closed her shop at around 5 p.m. on a weekday in March to hold the first of many kung fu classes for her employees following the rise of reported robberies in the neighborhood.

A little late to START a martial arts regimen, when next door gets robbed.

Fong had reportedly moved her Asian-inspired chocolate shop from Inner Richmond to Chinatown. Although she was happy to find .a cultural home. for her shop, she was worried about the increase in crime and anti-Asian hate in the area after the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Anti-Asian hate crimes in San Francisco increased by 567 percent in 2021, according to the San Francisco Police Department. Although there have been fewer recorded incidents in Chinatown this year, crime continues to be a big issue and concern for both business owners and residents in the area.

Consistent with growing Chinese influence in California generally and San Francisco specifically. The dominant ethnic group manufactures hate crimes against itself as a form of empowerment.

The Chinese didn’t create this crazy Clown World system, but that won’t stop them from playing to win. Anti-Asian hate crimes are up over 500 percent in a single year? Asian work ethic for the win!

This might also explain why Fong moved from Richmond… lots of blacks there, if I don’t miss my guess… to a “cultural home” in SF’s Chinatown currently enjoying a massive outbreak of highly profitable victimhood.

Which in turn, explains this very curious choice of self-defense.

Scott McTaggert, the executive chef of Jade Chocolates, told the San Francisco Chronicle that for the last six years, he has been practicing wing tsun, a form of southern Chinese kung fu that focuses on self-defense. He has reportedly offered employees the opportunity to train at Chinatown’s San Francisco WingTsun school.

.I will do everything I can do to make our employees feel safer and more empowered, so they can live their lives without being afraid,. McTaggert was quoted as saying.

It’s like free advertising!

Ohhh, it IS free advertising.

Wing Tsun is probably one of those martial arts that was first developed by disarmed peasants who chose not to go quietly into that crooked-government-goons night. A smart move for the time that doesn’t work against modern firearms.

But I REALLY don’t see it working in the Gay Area. For one, it’s not self-defense if you have to touch them. The bad guys there are homeless, diseased drug addicts. Grappling them is the next worst thing to grabbing your ankles for them, and God forbid you get any actual blood spatter on your person. Also, you don’t want to “go to the mat” on those chunky-brown sidewalks.

For another, syringes. Diseased drug addicts again.

For a third, a long learning curve. It takes serious time investment to become good enough at a martial art that one can use it reliably… that’s key… in a for-real street brawl or robbery that very possibly, will involve feces-coated shivs.

And for a fourth, nobody is afraid when a chocolate shop artist offers them a licking. Pun aside, the best way to avoid a street fight is intimidation. A martial art that lets you blend in until throat-strike time, does not warn the bad guys away, and the best way to win a fight is always to avoid a fight. Get in power cage, little yellow man. We pump you up!

That reminds me, Number Five: kung fu warrior princess AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

This kung-fu silliness is an example of cashing in on the “anti-Asian menace”. Free advertising, a little cultural celebration, maybe even stage an “attack” for a guaranteed-viral youTube video!

Is Jussie Smollett still acting? Asking for a friend who offered me a bonbon.

The Unabomber Discusses Bob

Serious question: what makes Bob tick? We all know Bob. He’s the guy who nervously tries to belong. The guy who trusts authority before & after said authority kicks his puppy into the busy street. While he watches. He’s the guy with a hundred reasons to believe something he didn’t even know about until ten seconds ago. The two-legged Normalcy Bias. The family doctor who chats conversationally about how social distancing ended scarlet fever.

He’s usually friendly. Smiles at you, when he’s not face-diapered. But then you dig deeper into his soul and find underneath… void.

Inside the mind of one of my very smart pro-vax friends

h ttps://

By Steve Kirsch, 22 August 2022

I recently talked to a friend of mine at a recent social event. We’ll call him Bob. He’s super smart about most things. But when it comes to the vaccine, he’s blind to the truth.

He was bragging about how he has been vaxxed 6 times with the COVID vax and he’s perfectly healthy. He can’t wait for SB 866 in California to pass so when his kids turn 12, they can decide to get the vaccine over their mother’s objections.

All you need to know about SB 666, err, 866, is that its sponsor is the most unrepentant and sexually active Sodomite in Sodom… Francisco. But here’s a quote regardless:


h ttps://

PROBLEM: Minors between the ages of 12 and 17 cannot be vaccinated without parental consent unless the vaccine is specifically to prevent a disease that is sexually transmitted. This serves as a significant barrier to teen health in California, particularly in situations where parents and children hold conflicting views about vaccines.

We don’t need no stinkin’ parents! Signed, a Minor-Attracted Person.

End segue

Bob thinks I’m a nut case, cherry picking data. He says I used to be respected, but after turning anti-vax, people have lost all respect for me. He said I have a religious belief about the vaccine and I’m not driven by data.

Yep, that’s Bob. I’ve encountered a few Bobs myself.

“I don’t believe you because you have no evidence.”

“Here’s evidence.”

“Uhh… if it saves just one life then it’s still worth doing.”

“Could you at least look at the evidence you demanded?”

What he isn’t telling anyone is that he’s been losing his vision ever since he got his first COVID vaccine. He used to have 20/20 vision, but now he wears glasses and can’t drive at night. When I brought up the data showing the connection between the shots and vision loss, he changed the topic.

I showed him two papers showing the more you vaccinate, the sicker you get (see the two papers here). I asked, .Where are the papers that show the opposite?. He ignored my request.

Bob knows. He MUST know. If he was that bad at cause & effect then he’d starve in front of a three-course meal.

He gets his belief system from the mainstream media. Full stop. He reasons that if I was correct, surely Bill Gates would agree with me and admit they goofed. It’s 100% deference to authority.

Bob will not look at the data himself and he doesn’t want to discuss it. He will not engage. He thinks that if I was right, there would be more than a handful of people speaking out. So he tallies the size of the support base on each side of an issue instead of looking at the data.

Insufficient. I understand joining a group and singing in the choir when it’s in your best interest. But here, it’s NOT in Bob’s best interest to be this “not curious about the side effects until the Big Man says it’s okay to be curious.” He’s ALREADY having life-changing bad reactions.

The important thing is you cannot turn these people around. Arguing with them is fruitless because they don’t want to see the data. They will only come around when the people they trust change their position.

The situation is much worse than that. Bob is ready to poison his children because Fauci said to, without being the slightest bit curious about a second opinion.

As a Christian, I know why Bob is like that: the devil prizes loyalty. The First Rebel, Father of Lies and deceiver of the entire human race, has absolutely no intention of losing the game he invented to his own students. Therefore, when his agents take control of a society, loyalty is endlessly demanded until you get purity spirals and witch hunts as people struggle to out-loyal each other.

(Which explains everything between GAE and Russia. GAE’s leaders are competing against each other in D.C. to hate Putin the most. Whoever Putin is. To the Regime, he’s more of a concept than a person at this point.)

Looking over all of Bob’s faults in Mr. Kirsch’s post, the one positive quality he has in spades is… loyalty. Bob is totally loyal to the Regime, to the point of offering them his own children and shunning the truth about their intentions. Old Scratch is pleased.

But I don’t understand the how of Bob ending up like that… waiting for permission to throw his own children into the fires of Molech. How messed up inside does a man have to be, to be thanking his overlords for the vaxx that’s slowly blinding him? Was he born this way? Did the Regime program him? Is there any way to help Bob connect the dots and save himself & family? Does Bob WANT to be like that?

We can safely assume that Bob isn’t going to just tell us. Because he didn’t.

What we need is an “honest Bob” to embrace that stupid then come back and tell us about it. Well, it just so happens that I know of one… Theodore “Unabomber” Kaczynski.

One reason for my interest in criminal manifestos is they’re a dark mirror to society. The reason manifestos get written in the first place is, of course, that the author has a grievance against society that he believes is best aired with maximal damage to that society. Presuming that the author is not a mere shitbag… I have no interest in the politics of a tweaker on an armed-robbery spree of convenience stores… it’s an outsider’s perspective on society. Especially when, as with Unabomber, the perp lives long enough to develop a coherent worldview.

Do not mistake my respect for him with endorsement of him. Why did he mail pipe bombs to random people? Because he had a manuscript he wanted published and thought that spilling innocent blood would be more effective than buying advertising. He was right, too. I can respect the daring, atheistic pragmatism while fitting his noose myself. I’m weird like that.

Industrial Society and Its Future, 1995

6. Almost everyone will agree that we live in a deeply troubled society. One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is leftism…

9. The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call “feelings of inferiority” and “over-socialization”. Feelings of inferiority are characteristic of modern leftism as a whole, while oversocialization is characteristic only of a certain segment of modern leftism; but this segment is highly influential.

10. By “feelings of inferiority” we mean not only inferiority feelings in the strict sense but a whole spectrum of related traits; low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, depressive tendencies, defeatism, guilt, self-hatred, etc. We argue that modern leftists tend to have such feelings (possibly more or less repressed) and that these feelings are decisive in determining the direction of modern leftism.

I think he’s right. Bob cannot possibly have self-respect, if he continues to obey after getting hurt in ways he was promised wouldn’t happen.

Moreover, those poor feelings didn’t come out of nowhere. Fatherlessness is an obvious contributor, but I wonder about meaningless ego-boosts such as participation awards. What does a kid feel when success is devalued into meaninglessness? Nothing good.

And of course, anarcho-tyranny. The former is lots more fun than the latter.

15. Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful. They hate America, they hate Western civilization, they hate white males, they hate rationality. The reasons that leftists give for hating the West, etc. clearly do not correspond with their real motives… He hates America and the West because they are strong and successful.

I think he’s wrong. Leftism being the politics of envy, the reason Leftists do not want to be thought of as successful is the same reason you wouldn’t want to be thought of as wealthy during a thieves’ convention. It makes you a target.

But… perhaps that’s a reason why Bob doesn’t want to listen to us. We’re the Approved Enemy that he gets to hate on. Even though he smiles at us. This is consistent with Hive-mindedness. One of the strongest tactics of group identity is hostility towards outsiders.

19. The leftist is not typically the kind of person whose feelings of inferiority make him a braggart, an egoist, a bully, a self-promoter, a ruthless competitor. This kind of person has not wholly lost faith in himself. He has a deficit in his sense of power and self-worth, but he can still conceive of himself as having the capacity to be strong, as his efforts to make himself strong produce his unpleasant behavior. But the leftist is too far gone for that. His feelings of inferiority are so ingrained that he cannot conceive of himself as individually strong and valuable. Hence the collectivism of the leftist. He can feel strong only as a member of a large organization or a mass movement with which he identifies himself.

That perfectly explains Bob’s willingness to trust “Science” Fauci over his own lying, fading eyes. He lacks the courage to hold his own opinion in the face of opposition. That’s a real thing these days. I felt it directly, practicing civil disobedience against the Plandemic.

But… while the leftist gives up and conforms, I thought of Christ and forged ahead.

20. Notice the masochistic tendency of leftist tactics. Leftists protest by lying down in front of vehicles, they intentionally provoke police or racists to abuse them, etc. These tactics may often be effective, but many leftists use them not as a means to an end but because they PREFER masochistic tactics. Self-hatred is a leftist trait.


25. The moral code of our society is so demanding that no one can think, feel and act in a completely moral way. For example, we are not supposed to hate anyone, yet almost everyone hates somebody at some time or other, whether he admits it to himself or not. Some people are so highly socialized that the attempt to think, feel and act morally imposes a severe burden on them. In order to avoid feelings of guilt, they continually have to deceive themselves about their own motives and find moral explanations for feelings and actions that in reality have a nonmoral origin. We use the term “oversocialized” to describe such people.

26. …The oversocialized person cannot even experience, without guilt, thoughts or feelings that are contrary to the accepted morality; we are socialized to conform to many norms of behavior that do not fall under the heading of morality. Thus the oversocialized person is kept on a psychological leash and spends his life running on rails that society has laid down for him. In many oversocialized people this results in a sense of constraint and powerlessness that can be a severe hardship….

I experienced this phenomenon for myself. Being very nerdy in my youth, I naturally found that doing what I was told in areas I wasn’t naturally skilled in, was a sensible idea. But then I realized that what I was told, didn’t lead to what I wanted. Example, I wanted to date & marry like every horny young guy. But the social conditioning, both explicit and implicit, was “wait until she’s ready, don’t rush it, you’ll know when the time comes”. That seemed like a bad way to pair off… to not be intentional about the process, or not expect society to help… and it was.

So, I rejected the advice and tried to get dates by asking women I knew casually for dates. That also seemed like a good idea at the time. Guess what? Every single girl was in a committed relationship that I hadn’t known about. For years on end. I finally gave up, having rejected society’s path while failing to forge my own.

Today, that kind of “social expectations” is on Social Media Cranked To 11. One needs strength of character to buck the societal expectations of an entire Hive.

Unabomber proceeds into other, irrelevant stuff… he thought that technology would eventually enslave us, which is actually happening now, but his idea of “technology” includes indoor plumbing… you see why I can respect him and despise him at the same time… but his criticisms of leftism are surprisingly timeless.

So, where are we? The Bobs of the world have had their personalities undermined to the point that they believe they need a structured, collectivist environment. They don’t want to even attempt independent living. Once inside the Hive, the emotional cost of Narrative deviation is ratcheted incredibly high. The reward for Narrative loyalty is permission to hate Narrative violators… both the misinformed ‘truthers’ and the Hive-drone’s own peers who stop clapping too soon.

The end result is a hollow soul. A person whose beliefs are his behavior. Notice I didn’t say his beliefs and behavior are related to each other; he doesn’t have any beliefs. They would only hurt and promote dis-Loyalty. How good a person is he? Social credit score. Who is he allowed to associate with? The people wearing masks and washing their hands like Lady MacBeth on Election Night. How will he survive hard times? By denouncing anybody less loyal than him, knowing that they’re looking for the same chance to do it to him. Everything is external. For show.

And if a successful outsider, those bourgeois capitalist pigs, should offer an alternative to the Narrative, he risks being completely shut out of the only world he believes himself capable of functioning in.

So much easier to just lie down in traffic until either he gets what he wants, or a commuter backs over him during rush hour. Both outcomes will stop the pain.

Such are the hollow man’s true beliefs: seek pleasure, avoid pain. Truth causes pain, causes doubt. Victimhood feels good; unapproved success is frightening and unsafe; why stand out? Mob mentalities offer absolution of responsibility. Empty yourself of individuality and there will be nothing left to hurt.

Mr. Kirsch offered Bob the truth about the vaxxes, specifically the harm they were doing to his vision. Bob felt threatened by the ‘opportunity’ to be perceived as deficiently loyal. He didn’t like the idea of losing his vision but knew that the Hive will take care of him, plus, he’s mutating into a Real Victim not just a fake one. Disability checks for life, guilt-free!

That’s why Bob refused Kirsch’s advice and didn’t explain why. He would be ashamed of the wretchedly self-destructive little twerp in the mirror.

What a pity that I need help from a terrorist in order to think poorly enough of Bob to make sense of his behavior. While I’m open to the possibility that I’m wrong… I see a LOT of leftists protesting in traffic these days. And they don’t act confident.

Is there a way to unplug Bob? No. He doesn’t want to be unplugged. He wants to feel as little pain as possible until his fuses blow… any minute now, at the six-jab mark.

The Globalist Plan to Keep Joggers Off Roller Coasters

It is an ugly, unfortunate fate when people are no longer permitted to speak the truth. In the wake of roller coaster park Knott’s Berry Farm imposing chaperone rules for “teenagers”, roller coaster company Six Flags decides they will no longer welcome the People of Walmart.

But the People of Target are still okay..? Hmm. It seems that while some of us aren’t allowed to speak the truth, others of us prefer it that way.

Six Flags gets treated like a ‘day-care center for teenagers.’ Its CEO is not happy

h ttps://

By Hugo Mart?n, 20 August 2022

It’s a roller coaster park. It has ALWAYS been a day-care center for teenagers. I played at Six Flags Magic Mountain (northern Los Angeles) and even worked there. It was great. Teens with spending money is Six Flags’ preferred customer demographic.

No more?

If you’re a teenage roller coaster enthusiast who takes advantage of free or discounted tickets to visit amusement parks, Six Flags Entertainment Corp. is making it clear it doesn’t want your business.

The nation’s largest regional theme park company, which operates Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia and 26 other parks across North America, is trying to attract more middle-class families by raising ticket prices and upgrading its food, beverages and amenities. At the same time, it is eliminating promotional deals, freebies, discounts and all-you-can-eat meal packages that have drawn teenagers and lower-income parkgoers.

The boldfaced is one mystery that I can clear up.


Man spent $150 eating every meal at Six Flags since 2014 to pay off student debt

h ttps://

Hungry for financial flexibility, a California man named Dylan shelled out a measly $150 a year to eat every meal at Six Flags Magic Mountain in order to save thousands, pay off his student loan debt, get married and purchase a house in Los Angeles.

.You can pay around $150 for unlimited, year-round access to Six Flags, which includes parking and two meals a day,. Dylan, 33, explained to Mel Magazine Monday. .If you time it right, you could eat both lunch and dinner there every day..

.The first year, the menu was kind of lame . all you could get was a burger and fries, or a pizza and breadsticks, or this pathetic sandwich and a refillable soda cup,. he said. .It wasn’t healthy at all, which was rough..

But, much to Dylan’s digestive delight, Six Flags began introducing healthier delicacies to its menu. got decent options now,. the cheap-eating enthusiast explained. .Still a lot of bad food, I mean it’s theme park food so you can’t expect too much from them. But you find the options that aren’t terrible . stuff like tri-tip sandwiches and vegan options like black bean burgers and meatless meatball subs..

.I got so sick of those chicken balls,. he said. .I.d estimate I got them around 150 times, and at five [chicken balls] per meal, that’s around 750 balls. I don’t know that I could ever eat them again.”

I’m not surprised that that deal is being shut down a year after this particular story went public. That’s just enough time for other people to get in on the crazy deal.

End segue

Too many discounts and promotional deals have turned the amusement parks into “a cheap day-care center for teenagers,” Six Flags President and Chief Executive Selim Bassoul said during an August earnings report. He wants to put an end to that with what he calls his “premiumization initiatives.”

Premiumization? He must not work in marketing. Wait… does he? *checks* Globalist finance guy from Lebanon… I’ll cover him at the end.

“Raising prices is no easy task for a company that has trained customers to expect discounts,” he said. “And in 2022, we have shocked the system with a significant increase in ticket prices.”

Daily tickets and annual passes vary depending on the access they offer, but in the first six months of 2022, per capita spending on admission at Six Flags parks rose by 29% compared with the previous year, from $29.67 per capita to $37.75, according to company reports.

The price increase comes as other theme parks grapple with crowding problems and brawls that threaten to turn away big-spending visitors, such as international tourists. Several fights broke out July 16 at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, prompting the park to adopt a chaperone policy that requires all visitors 17 or younger to be accompanied by an adult 21 or older on weekends and through its after-hours Halloween event.

A fight broke out in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Florida in July over allegations of line cutting.

How’s that Brave New Non-White World working out for you, CEO Bassoul? Oh, that’s right… you’re first-generation Lebanese. A foreigner in an American position of authority. We need to have a national conversation about that sort of thing… another example of people not being allowed to talk honestly.

After pandemic closures that lasted as long as 13 months, many theme parks in the U.S. are now reporting attendance numbers in line with 2019. Many industry leaders, including Disney, are focused on boosting revenue and quelling crowding problems by trying to attract high-spending tourists and discouraging locals who visit often . making ride queues longer . but spend less.

That’s a terrible business model on the face of it. Get rid of your existing customers in return for big-spending internationals? Especially in the immediate aftermath of a two-year global lockdown? That’s insane. You attract customers from the locals, especially if the locals are ALREADY customers, and tourists from the Old World are nice if they happen.

But existing customers aren’t who they used to be anymore, now are they? The White Replacement is having its predicted consequences.

Meanwhile, globalist CEOs obsess over the international market regardless. Even and especially when international customers don’t make sense. I read on Vox Day that Switzerland is going to impose energy hardships upon its own citizens by selling national electricity supplies to neighboring nations imposing energy hardships upon their own citizens. Nothing is permitted to be local. Everything must involve international links so that nobody can be self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency prevents rent-seeking middlemen.

The blacks run wild thanks to anarcho-tyranny, thus forcing globalist CEO Bassoul to decide that customers from Lebanon might be more profitable than customers from Los Angeles. Neither side of that makes sense.

“We are continuing to execute our premiumization strategy by focusing on guests who are willing to pay more for a premium experience,” Bassoul said during his recent earnings report.

A typical method of keeping the joggers out, expressed by a no-talent who somehow made CEO.

Bassoul, who took over at Six Flags in November, told analysts recently that the strategy will shift the company “from what I call the Kmart, Walmart to maybe the Target customers.”

A surprisingly tone-deaf comment from a CEO regarding his customer base. One really wonders what competencies Bassoul brings to the C-suite.

At Six Flags Magic Mountain, the park last month opened its 20th roller coaster, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, the tallest and longest single-rail coaster in the world. The park’s Halloween celebration, starting in September, will feature a new haunted house, two new “scare zones” and a new haunted happy hour and buffet.

“Flight of Courage”, soooo appropriate here!

As CEO of Six Flags, my plan would be to continue the easy discounts while militarizing park security so they can give the ugly stick to vibrants on live park TV as an “attraction” in its own right. When coasters aren’t enough of a thrill, you can fuck around and find out!

It’ll be like you’re starring on “Cops”. 1980 not 2010.

But a side effect of my plan is that coloreds and gangers will be given much different treatment from whites and English-speakers, and we won’t be apologizing for it to the Wokestapo. Who would try to shut me down and then discover the OTHER reason I raised a battle-hardened private army of thugs… visiting city council meetings for frank discussions about Cancel Culture.

Ah, pleasant fantasies. Then I wake up as yet another powerless white guy in a country that doesn’t want him anymore despite the “New Americans” behaving like poo-flinging, illiterate, poxxed monkeys.

The reaction to Bassoul’s plan has been mixed, with some roller coaster enthusiasts calling it “classist” and others saying they are still willing to pay higher prices to visit the parks.

Jesse James Suazo, a 16-year-old roller coaster fan from Northridge, questioned the strategy since adults with smaller children are unlikely to take up many seats on the park’s marquee attractions: extreme roller coasters.

“The whole point of them doing this is just for money,” Suazo said. “The parks truly don’t care about if a teen or a family goes. It all boils down to maximizing profits.”

It’s always about profits, but how do you say that when “more profits” = “more whites”?

Sarah Anderson, an Orlando, Fla., resident who helps run a YouTube channel about roller coasters, called Bassoul’s comments about Six Flag’s customers “classist,” saying the plan will “price out those families and kids looking to have a fun time within their means.”

That’s the needle Bassoul is trying to thread, pricing out the bad behavior while still allowing the good behavior. Also, preventing electrical engineers from paying off their student debts.

Derek Perry, a Los Angeles nightclub DJ and longtime coaster enthusiast, said he is skeptical of the changes because higher-paying families typically spend their vacation dollars at Disneyland or Universal Studios Hollywood while thrill-seeking teenagers and young adults prefer the adrenaline rush of the roller coasters of Six Flags parks.

Hence my plan, which maximizes the adrenaline rush craved by New Americans in ways that Disneyland and Universal Studios won’t ever dare to attempt. Market niche!

John Gerner, a theme park consultant and managing director at Leisure Business Advisors, said Six Flags should stick with its thrill-ride niche and instead find ways to operate more efficiently.

“I’m not saying it’s impossible,” he said. “I’m saying it’s really challenging.”

Gerner is correct, but globalists have trouble with the idea that businesses exist to serve a customer base. Time to discuss Bassoul at length.


h ttps://

Posted on March 2, 2015

When Selim Bassoul was in seventh grade junior high at a Jesuit school in Beirut, Lebanon, he was bottom of the class and considered a lost cause academically. Severely dyslexic, in an age when the condition was not recognised, it was only Bassoul’s outstanding performances in the cross country running championships each year that ensured he kept his place in class

Today, having been at the helm of The Middleby Corporation for 15 years, Bassoul is one of the longest serving CEOs of a US publicly listed company. His tenure has seen him turn a struggling, unfocussed firm with a market capitalisation of $15 million in 2000 into a global powerhouse worth $5.5 billion and with over 40 of some of the most respected brands in the business, including Jade, Viking, Blodgett, Pitco, Beech Ovens, Lincat and TurboChef.

Which is it? Was he a low academic performer, or a genius at finance?

The Bassouls were a well-connected family in Lebanese politics and business, but when Beirut fell into civil war when Selim was just 12, they found themselves “asset rich, but cash poor..

Of course. “Politically connected.” That would be the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990.

He recalls overhearing his parents talking at night, his father telling his mother .I have only got $20 left in my pocket. That’s all we have now. What am I going to do?. For Bassoul the moment gave him an iron resolve that he would never allow external factors to affect his own future. .I knew in that moment I would never be poor,. he says.

If true, which I rather doubt, it’s a bad sign. Poverty isn’t fun for anybody but people who resolve to never be poor against no matter the cost, tend to have very skewed moral compasses.

For his mother and father, (formerly an Olympic athlete, competing for Lebanon at the 1948 Games in London), the idea of their son leaving school and taking a family friends. offer of a civil service job was not an option. .I recall my mother shaking me by the shoulders and saying, .You will never work for anyone else,.. he says. .That had a big effect on me..

An entrepreneurial zeal was building quickly in Bassoul. He threw himself into his studies, achieving the highest grades in his class when he left school. His dream of one day leaving Beirut to head up his own company was now firmly entrenched in his mind. .I always thought I wanted to be an entrepreneur,. he says. .I didn’t know what type of enterprise, but I always had a dream to build something. I felt that legacies occur because you create or change something for the better..

That story is a lie to explain Bassoul’s need to be in control. Nobody facing true poverty refuses a job just because it’s “working for somebody else”. I begin to suspect Bassoul of sociopathy… which is not a hard guess thanks to his 20+ year-long career as a well-financed CEO.

In 1979 Bassoul graduated from the American University of Beirut, where he received a BA in Business Administration, with distinction (top of the class again). After working for Whinney Murray (now Ernst & Young) in the Middle East he turned down the chance to move to London and continue his career as a chartered accountant by studying at London School of Economics. Instead he opted to continue his postgraduate studies in the US at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. For him it was a clear choice.

.I always wanted to go to the US. Maybe from watching US movies, US TV and listening to US songs. So I said to my parents, I’ve made the decision to go to Northwestern,. he says.

Had he said “the Lebanese Civil War” then I would not be suspicious about his going to USA. Over a million people left Lebanon during those years. But he’s trying way too hard to sell “struggling dyslexic farmboy bootstraps himself into the halls of power and privilege, dreaming hopefully about the Promised Land”.

We already have examples of his entrepreneurial skill… phrases such as “premiumization incentives” and “from what I call the Kmart, Walmart to maybe the Target customers”, and the genius idea to get rid of his current customer base hoping that foreign roller-coaster addicts will bring their kids who are too small to ride the main attractions, to make up the difference. That, at the peak of his corporate career? His skills do not match his level of success.

That’s the thing about life in a kleptocracy: the winners don’t win on merit.

Bassoul.s parents had to sell a piece of land they were keeping for their retirement to fund him through college. It’s a gesture that touches him to this day. .I will never forget the sacrifice they made. They sold the only asset they had left to send me to school. It shapes your personality and your ambition,. he says.

They owned land and have a retirement fund? They’re wealthier than me. I am NOT buying his tale of childhood woe.

At Northwestern Bassoul would go on to receive a Masters of Business Administration and a certificate in accounting. There he learned three key lessons that he carries with him still.

.Firstly, I learned that rewards come with risks. I never had a big appreciation for risk, so one of the things I learned as an MBA is the risk-return equation. The second thing I learned is for every action, there is a reaction, whether it’s a competitor’s strategy or a capital expenditure or investment you need or borrowing to get there. I’ve learned there was always interaction of learning,. he says.

The final key business lesson Bassoul learned at Northwestern came from esteemed finance professor Alfred Rappaport. .He said to me, .It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how financially solid you are, cash is king. You have to manage cash.. I got that ingrained in me. We don’t run our company through net income, we run it through cash. Coming from a culture in the Middle East where cash is everything, it meant something to me. There was no borrowing to be had in during a civil war. It was all about cash..

That’s what he got from a graduate education in business? “You have to take risks, mind who you do business with and show me the money”?

Per wikipedia, Alfred Rappaport is best known for the idea of shareholder value, popularized by his 1986 book, Creating Shareholder Value.

After his studies Bassoul worked in the healthcare industry for eight years, firstly for American Hospital Supply and Baxter Healthcare in various positions including mergers and acquisitions, corporate planning and, aged 28, as a regional director in the Middle East and Africa.

Big globalist tell there. “I work in finance, mainly mergers and acquisitions. Some international corporate planning.”

In Middleby, however, a firm with a 100+ year history and proud manufacturing heritage, Bassoul saw huge potential. .It was a great brand,. he says. .They had done a wonderful job developing the revolving oven and automating the pizza business, but they had lost focus. They were no longer dealing with core competency. This was a huge challenge. Nobody lied to me. From the beginning, they told me, .Selim, we can’t guarantee where we’re going., because they were struggling and they wanted me to be part of the turnaround..

The risks Bassoul took were twofold. First, in switching from a high-flying career at Premark to take a pay cut to join “an unknown, not well-run company. in Middleby. The second risk was to sell the house he had just built to buy a large stake in the business. .It was our dream house, my father even came over from Lebanon and supervised the construction on the house, and I sold it to buy shares in Middleby and became the second-largest shareholder at the time, when nobody was willing to invest in them. These were big risks. Failure was not an option,. he says. “An old boss of mine said, .Don’t fear failure, fear success.. I’ve never forgotten that..

None of what he’s saying about his background is credible. “It was my dream house… then I got rid of it as quickly as it was built in order to fund my next acquisition.”


h ttps://

The Middleby Corporation was founded by Joseph Middleby and John Marshall in Chicago in 1888 as a bakery supplier… The company was privately held by descendants of Marshall until it was purchased by a private company in 1976. The company was purchased by TMC Industries Ltd. in 1983 and changed its name to The Middleby Corporation in 1985 and moved its headquarters to Elgin, Illinois in the late 1980s.

By 1996, the company had expanded its manufacturing base overseas and had opened a manufacturing and training facility employing 190 in Santa Rosa, Laguna, the Philippines.

Ah, the “Great Sucking Sound” of free trade’s destruction of the American manufacturing base. The timing of Bassoul’s buy-in suggests that Middleby had a disastrous IPO and needed financing in order to survive. Unable to confirm or deny.

By 2006, the company had successfully streamlined operations to an extent allowing them to close two of its seven manufacturing facilities in the United States with no loss of product lines or capacity; this was in addition to three facilities shut down in 2001 and 2002. Also in the 2001 to 2006 period, the company’s income yield from sales increased from about 3% to just over 10%, while its stock valuation increased by over 15-fold, performance gains which were attributed to CEO Bassoul.

Textbook globalist vulture capitalism. He generated record profits by moving manufacturing from America to third-world sweatshops.

The Middleby Corporation… first public offering came in September 1997 with a share price offering of $10 on the NASDAQ. Selim Bassoul became the CEO of Middleby in January 2001.

Since then, there’s been waves of major acquisitions over the years building Middleby Corp into a globalist juggernaut. One closing note:

In 2021, the company was criticized in the media for allegedly producing ice cream machines for McDonald’s that were intentionally unreliable and difficult to repair as a means to drive up maintenance revenue. They were sued by the makers of an app, Kytch, that assisted with repair.

And that’s when he transitioned to roller coasters….

End segue

For Bassoul, [the] final 10% of his day is spent in prayer. .I.m a Christian. I spend two hours a day praying, in the morning and in the evening. Those prayers are about God guiding me to keep a purpose in my life. My faith has given me purpose since I was young. Because I was one of lucky few able to leave Beirut I’ve realised you have to give back….

.So I said, I have to do something, to be environmentally friendly.”

He proceeds into how he’s going to help the little people manage the severe water and energy rationing demanded by the Great Reset. Because Jesus can’t stop Climate Change, don’cha know.

Today, Bassoul’s plan to handle roller coast parks being frequented too often by “New Americans” is to render them into exclusive globalist playgrounds. Either that, or mismanage the place, short the stock and use the Golden Parachute. Because the one thing he isn’t, is a fan of roller coasters.

Eat Pray Love Is Now… Colonial Oppression?

Western feminism has reached the point where not even Africa will tolerate it! The feminist response is… to blame their men.

[I’ve replaced sex with boink because it gets mentioned so many times.]

Gambian tourism board director tells Brits to stop coming to the country for boink with men

h ttps://

By Jamie Micklethwaite, 18 August 2022

A tourism director of The Gambia has told British women to stop visiting the country to have boink with younger men.

The African country has become a popular destination for Brits ever since offering cheap package holidays in the 90s.

But the destination has also developed a seedy reputation.

The Eat Pray Love trend has had that effects on several equatorial nations. Gambia might just be the low-rent destination.

Young Gambian men have been known to offer boinking services to older women in exchange for money. The nation has even been referred to as “a real-life Tinder” for geriatrics.

Wait, what? Even Africa is discovering it has standards of cleanliness and propriety?

Gambia Tourism Board director Abubacarr Camara said: .What we want is quality tourists… Tourists that come to enjoy the country and the culture, but not tourists that come just for boink…

Wow. We just hit Peak Feminism! Not even Africa wants to tolerate the poor behavior of our women any longer!


h ttps://

Hamat Bah, the nation’s minister for tourism and culture, told The Telegraph that Gambia wanted to shift the focus away from nightlife and towards nature, pointing out that there are over 300 different species of tropical birds in the country.

Bird tourism doesn’t sound as lucrative as boink tourism. Not that I’m complaining; I’d rather starve than boink a Brit MILF myself; but I hate to see them trying to escape Hell in a way that won’t work out long-term.

According to the outlet, the government is now looking to introduce new laws that could make it easier for law enforcement to arrest both local beach boys and older women engaged in “suspected relationships..

Top points for trying, however!

Boink tourism in Gambia took root in the 1990s after global travel agency Thomas Cook launched cheap flights and budget package holiday tours to the former British colony. Since then, the country has become known for having plenty of young black men who are ready to offer boinking services to older women in exchange for money.

Disturbing that RT knows the exact guy who started it.

End segue

But the reason this became a post, is because these particular British hags are trying to save face…

(GQ bites back a hundred puns)

…by blaming White Man’s history in Africa.

Speaking to Colin Brazier on GB News, journalist Caroline Farrow blamed British people for imposing their own values on boinking.

She said: “It’s up to Gambia what laws they want to set and they want to clean up their tourism industry.

“Boink tourism makes up 20% of their GDP…

No way!


h ttps://

Tourism in Gambia has three major strands. There is the traditional sun seeking holiday making use of the hot climate and wonderful beaches. The Gambia is also usually the first African destination for many European birders, in view of its easily accessed and spectacular avian fauna. There are also a significant number of African Americans tracing their roots in this country, from which so many Africans were taken during the slave trade.

Okay, apparently the country is already established in the global birding community so they really are playing to their strengths. Also apparently, no reputable source of figures wants to admit how much of the “tourism is 65% of the economy” is boinking UK grannies.

End segue

“Boink tourism makes up 20% of their GDP and it’s very easy for us it’s very easy for us to titter and giggle at all the women going to have affairs with younger Gambian men but it’s not seen as so taboo or quite so exploitative.

Not as exploitative as… having affairs with local men?

“But it is because if you’re having to induce somebody to have boink with you because they wouldn’t do so otherwise it is a form of exploitation.”

She also said: “It says something for a society where people can only better themselves by selling themselves for boink.

Work ethic? IQ? Sociopolitical stability?

“In an age where we’re so sensitive about colonialism, we shouldn’t be going over there imposing our liberal progressive boinking values on them.”

She blamed Englishmen for skanky English feminists indulging in boink tourism? Disgusting. Especially since journalist Caroline Farrow was nearly a victim of ‘liberal progressive values’ herself.

h ttps://

Caroline Farrow, a mother of five, faces questioning by police after allegedly using the wrong pronoun in a Twitter exchange with Susie Green after the pair appeared together on Good Morning Britain last year.

Mrs Farrow, a Catholic, believes that people cannot change sex and said on GMB that single sex spaces should be protected.

Mrs Green is the chair of trans campaign group Mermaids and mother of Jackie Green, who was born as a male called Jack before undergoing sex change surgery.

Mrs Farrow says Surrey Police told her that she had “misgendered Susie Green’s daughter” and that an investigation into her comments under the malicious communications act was “ongoing”. She also said she was asked to come in for a “taped interview” into the complaint. Mrs Farrow was invited to discuss the case with Green on the Victoria Derbyshire show on the BBC on Wednesday but said she declined because of the investigation.

Hate crimes carry a sentence of up to two years in prison.

The sad truth is that Gambia might be the more civilized nation at this point. They certainly are trying to be more moral than they were previously, while UK wimminz are blaming rejection of their EPL behavior on past Western colonialism.

These days, I find myself just waiting for it to happen. I don’t even know what “it” is, but GAE is terminally deranged and won’t stop until it wrecks.

Africa: “We won’t tolerate your boink tourism anymore.”

Feminist: “It’s because white men hurt you, isn’t it? We respect your culture more than they did!”

An Example Of Media Blackout: Why China Escalated Over Pelosi’s Trip

It’s repeatedly said in dissident circles, that the power of the mainstream media is not only to support the Lie. It is also to suppress the truth via total control of information sources. A recent and severe case was Nancy Pelosi’s infamous trip to Taiwan. At the time I covered it, I suspected that Taiwan was being strong-armed into choosing a loyalty between GAE, China and the Cabal.

I was correct, and Taiwan is allying to Cabal not GAE; that will be proven here. I was also pleased with myself for connecting the CHIPS Acts to Pelosi’s trip, deducing that this was about semiconductor manufacturing. A connection that official news outlet had missed.

Even so, I didn’t know the half of it.

U.S., Taiwan to start formal trade talks under new initiative

h ttps://

By Reuters, 17 August 2022

Say what? That sounds almost like… normalized diplomatic relations?

TAIPEI (Reuters) -The United States and Taiwan have agreed to start trade talks under a new initiative to reach agreements with “economically meaningful outcomes”, with a Taiwan official saying China’s “economic coercion” would also be discussed.

Washington and Taipei unveiled the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade in June, just days after the Biden administration excluded the Chinese-claimed island from its Asia-focused economic plan designed to counter China’s growing influence.

WHAAAT?! How did EVERYBODY miss that context in all the heated discussions about Pelosi’s trip? Why was it never mentioned in a single one of all the news articles that were flying around?


United States and Taiwan Hold Inaugural Meeting of the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade

h ttps://

27 June 2022

WASHINGTON . Deputy United States Trade Representative Sarah Bianchi and Taiwan Minister-Without-Portfolio John Deng today held the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade under the auspices of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO).

AIT is Fedgov’s de facto embassy to Taiwan, complete with a complement of USMC guards. America’s ambassador to China was located in Taipei until 1979. China demanded we break relations with Taiwan. America moved the embassy to the mainland then incorporated AIT for a deniable replacement.

Similarly, TERCO is Taiwan’s de facto embassy to USA.

.The United States and Taiwan have a long-standing trade and investment relationship rooted in shared values,. said Ambassador Sarah Bianchi. .This initiative will unlock market opportunities, promote innovation and create inclusive economic growth for our workers and businesses..

Ambassador Bianchi and Minister Deng reiterated their shared interest to develop concrete ways to deepen the U.S.-Taiwan economic and trade relationship, advance mutual trade priorities based on shared values, and promote innovation and inclusive economic growth for workers and businesses. They also discussed the development of an ambitious roadmap for negotiations under the auspices of AIT and TECRO to reach agreements with high-standard commitments and economically meaningful outcomes. The commitments will cover a number of trade areas, including trade facilitation, regulatory practices, agriculture, anti-corruption, small- and medium-sized enterprises, digital trade, labor, environment, standards, state-owned enterprises, and non-market policies and practices.

Is it “Ambassador Bianchi” or “trade representative Bianchi”? Big difference here.

Ambassador Bianchi and Minister Deng also held roundtable conversations with several groups of U.S. and Taiwan stakeholders.

Translation, USA and Taiwan agreed to formalize diplomatic relations at least as far as economic integration. No wonder China freaked out when barely a month later, Pelosi went to Taiwan to install her bagman son. An airhead female trade rep who can’t get her own job title right is one thing, but a follow-up from a prolific money launderer and insider such as Pelosi is another thing. That’s when China realized this was serious.


h ttps://

Sarah Bianchi is a political advisor and former investment analyst serving as deputy United States trade representative (USTR). Prior to her confirmation as deputy USTR, she was a senior managing director at Evercore ISI, a global investment banking advisory firm.

Bianchi was born in Atlanta. She attended Harvard University, where she was roommates with Karenna Gore, the daughter of Vice President Al Gore, at Leverett House.

In politics, it’s not what you know. It’s who you know.

In a New York Times profile of Bianchi published on September 4, 2000, her career after her graduation is described to have included work as “an assistant to the associate director for health at the Office of Management and Budget, an assistant director for health policy of the Domestic Policy Council, the senior health care adviser to the vice president and…as deputy issues director” of the Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.

Snowflake introduced Bianchi to Daddy, who gave her a spin and decided she would be useful.

Bianchi later served as national policy director on John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. She also worked on the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions for Senator Ted Kennedy, specializing on health policy. After serving on the campaigns of Gore and John Kerry, Bianchi joined the private sector.

While in government, Bianchi served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy under President Barack Obama. Bianchi served as director of policy for Vice President Joe Biden from 2011 to 2014. USA Today wrote that Bianchi “helped Vice President Biden formulate the 23 executive actions in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre” and participated in the development of gun control legislation.

Bianchi also served as chair of the policy advisory board at the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware and was identified as a potential addition to the Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign team by The Hill and The New York Times.

Sarah Bianchi is 100% pure Cabal.

Meanwhile, the current AIT director is Jesuit-trained Sandra Oudkirk. Not much info on her… she spent years in Turkey previously. One implication here is that Bianchi is not in any position to be described as an ambassador.

End segues

Taiwan’s top trade negotiator, John Deng, told reporters in Taipei he hoped talks could start next month, and that this could one day lead to a free trade deal the island has long sought with the United States.

The negotiating mandate released along with the announcement said the United States and Taiwan had set a robust agenda for talks on issues like trade facilitation, good regulatory practices, and removing discriminatory barriers to trade.

That negotiating mandate was made available just yesterday. Link. My key takeaway is that Taiwan is signing up to D.I.E.. The mandate is as much concerned about proliferating feminism, sodomy and climate change as it is with economically isolating Taiwan from China.

It will soon become redundant for PRC to nuke the place.

China reiterated its opposition to the new Taiwan-U.S. trade initiative.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters in Beijing that China opposed any country signing official trade deals with Taiwan, and he called on the United States to stop its engagement with the island.

“China will take resolute measures to uphold its national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We advise the United States stop making misjudgements,” he said.

GAE is the aggressor here. They’re making very deliberate provocations at a very sensitive time.

Two more articles.

h ttps://

In the days leading up to Pelosi’s visit, which was in the middle of a multi-country tour of Asia, the U.S. sent the USS Ronald Reagan and a strike group to the South China Sea, although a Navy spokesperson said it was a planned trip.

I never heard about Pelosi’s visit being timed with the arrival of a carrier group in the South China Sea, either.

US congressional delegation arrives in Taiwan, days after China drills

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A US congressional delegation arrived in Taiwan on Sunday [14 August], Washington’s de facto embassy in Taipei said, days after China held military drills around the island in retaliation for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

Sunday.s unannounced visit came after Pelosi infuriated Beijing by visiting Taiwan earlier this month, sparking unprecedented air and sea drills that raised the prospect of conflict.

.Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Representative John Garamendi (D-CA), Representative Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Representative Don Beyer (D-VA), and Representative Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen (R-AS) will visit Taiwan from August 14 to 15, 2022, as part of a larger visit to the Indo-Pacific region,. the American Institute in Taiwan said in a statement.

.The delegation will meet with senior Taiwan leaders to discuss US-Taiwan relations, regional security, trade and investment, global supply chains, climate change, and other significant issues of mutual interest,. it added.

Senator Markey is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations East Asia, Pacific, and International Cybersecurity Subcommittee. This second delegation is the official government delegation. Which means Pelosi cut off her own government’s diplomatic efforts in order to get her, and her cronies’, hooks into Taiwan in advance of the official process.

Between Pelosi’s shenanigan and the whole thing being brokered by the college roommate of Al Gore’s daughter, I conclude that Taiwan is switching its loyalty to the Cabal rather than GAE/NATO.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry hailed the delegation’s visit as another sign of warm ties between Taipei and Washington.

.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its sincere welcome [to the delegation],. the ministry said in a statement Sunday.

.As China is continuing to escalate tensions in the region, the US Congress has again organized a heavyweight delegation to visit Taiwan, showing a friendship that is not afraid of China’s threats and intimidation, and highlighting the US. strong support towards Taiwan..

The delegation will meet President Tsai Ing-wen and attend a banquet hosted by Foreign Minister Joseph Wu during the visit, the ministry added.

.The two sides will extensively exchange views on issues such as Taiwan-US security and trade relations,. it said.

Dayumn, that’s some tough talking. Almost as if somebody gave Taiwan an ironclad guarantee that GAE will wage total war on Taiwan’s behalf. News flash, Taiwan: if this shit goes down, nobody will win. Not China, not USA and certainly not you.

I close with a timeline.

27 June: Trade representatives make agreements intended to eventually result in formal, free-trade economic commerce with GAE.

1 August: Pelosi arrives in a severe diplomatic upset, meeting with the principles and inserting her son into the Taiwanese inner circle.

14 August: The official trade delegation arrives to formalize the trade arrangements, some of which are aimed directly at China’s ability to pressure Taiwan.

17 August: Mainstream media allows information on the trade arrangements to finally go public.

That was a very impressive and frightening news blackout.

Nothing Outside the State: FBI Targets the Baptists

The Southern Baptists denomination’s leadership has tricked the organization into manufacturing the evidence that will be used to accuse it.

DOJ investigating clergy sex abuse, Southern Baptists say

h ttps://

By AP, 13 August 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention said Friday that several of the denomination’s major entities are under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice in the wake of its multiple problems related to clergy sex abuse.

The SBC’s Executive Committee has received a subpoena, but no individuals have been subpoenaed at this point, according to the committee’s lawyers.

“This is an ongoing investigation and we are not commenting on our discussions with DOJ,” they said.

The statement from SBC leaders – including Executive Committee members, seminary presidents and heads of mission organizations – gave few details about the investigation, but indicated it dealt with widespread sexual abuse problems that have rocked the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S.

They aren’t talking about the details even though the subpoena was issued around Friday. I’d say that the organization’s members have both a right and need to know what the FBI is demanding from the organization.

“Individually and collectively each SBC entity is resolved to fully and completely cooperate with the investigation,” the statement said. “While we continue to grieve and lament past mistakes related to sexual abuse, current leaders across the SBC have demonstrated a firm conviction to address those issues of the past and are implementing measures to ensure they are never repeated in the future.”

Having read the report, I suspect the boldfaced there is the motive.

There was no immediate comment from the Justice Department about the investigation.

Earlier this year, an SBC sex abuse task force released a blistering 288-page report from outside consultant, Guidepost Solutions. The firm’s seven-month independent investigation found disturbing details about how denominational leaders mishandled sex abuse claims and mistreated victims.

The report focused specifically on how the SBC’s Executive Committee responded to abuse cases, revealing that it had secretly maintained a list of clergy and other church workers accused of abuse. The committee later apologized and released the list, which had hundreds of accused workers on it.

I’ve blogged on that Guidepost report before. Here’s the TL;DR on that report: SBC national leadership did nothing about reports of sexual misconduct over several decades because they had no authority by which to investigate. Every time, they referred the matter to local church & law enforcement authorities. They did maintain a file on such accusations–that’s what bureaucracies do, is maintain records–but the implication, that they were the head of a highly organized rape-and-molestation ring infesting Christianity that has a history of protecting criminals, is pure fabrication.

Member churches are autonomous and the national rules as written, didn’t mention anything about potential criminal conduct as a requirement for a church to remain in good standing.

The report is 100% a hatchet job.

A Guidepost spokesperson declined to comment on news of the DOJ probe.

One should note that Guidepost Solutions is a Leftist organization, not Christian. Now that the SBC leadership paid the SJWs to find the servants of Christ lacking, the SJWs are calling in the artillery using their misleading “findings”.

Details will presumably follow… but this tactic resembles the Steele Dossier and possibly the Mar-A-Lago raid as well. One entity manufactures incriminating evidence and provides it to a supposedly independent co-conspirator in order to legitimize hostile action. Everything inside the State, nothing outside the State and nothing against the State. Something like that, eh Mussolini?

If a Christian invoked the FBI then he should be disfellowed for violating Scripture about involving secular authorities to judge believers regarding our practice of Christianity. But my hot-take guess is that a Guidepost employee did it after the SBC refused to enact their toxic ‘recommendations’. Would that be considered ‘proof’ that the SBC ‘protects sex offenders’?

The Memory Hole Is Full: El Mirage Lockdown

Uh-oh! Failures of government can no longer be handled by pretending it never happened!

Reports of armed intruder prompt lockdown at El Mirage school; suspect arrested

h ttps://

By Staff, 12 August 2022

EL MIRAGE, Ariz. – All students are safe after an El Mirage elementary school went on lockdown for reports of an armed man on campus.

Staff members at Thompson Ranch Elementary School had called police at around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning. The school went into lockdown for several hours as police tried to find the reported gunman, but no one was found.

“Today we received a call of a man with a gun at the school,” El Mirage PD said in a statement. “PD responded and never found the person or could confirm a subject with a gun.”

Police later said in a news conference that the suspect fled the scene and is described as a Black or Hispanic man with a tattoo on his forehead. He was last seen wearing a yellow shirt and black shorts. The suspect, according to a statement released by officials with Dysart Unified School District, has been arrested.

His identity being withheld suggests he’s <18yo. Yellow & black clothing suggests gang colors, although I can’t confirm.

A “suspicious package” was also located, and children in the area were evacuated. No details were released about the contents of the package.

Probably drugs. This has every indicator of a drug deal gone wrong. Yoofs wearing gang colors, suspicious packages, no witnesses except an unfortunately nearby high-security facility in which somebody looked out a window and hit the panic alarm.

Children were later brought to their parents, and police said that there is no active threat.

No active threat to the kids, at least. Parents were not so lucky:

According to police, three parents were arrested for allegedly trying to force their way onto school campus during the lockdown.

Investigators said parents were not allowed on campus during the lockdown, and as a result of a physical confrontation to parents, police used a stun device on a man and a woman. One of the three arrested could face felony charges because he had a gun on him as he was trying to get on campus to get his child.

SkyFOX captured video of a person being carted out of campus on a stretcher. Police said he was one of the people who had been shot with the stun gun.

Wherever would parents have gotten the idea to charge through a heavily armed police cordon into an active-shooter situation in order to keep their kid safe? Uvalde, of course. I understand why cop culture is insular–factors from crazy work hours to most interactions with the general public naturally being hostile–but if society has reached the point at which parents are willing to charge tactical police into live-fire situations, then it’s obvious that closing ranks and doubling down on controlling the situation is not going to reduce the tension.

This is obviously a trust issue… and it’s been a long time coming. The Leftists have been allowed to turn our schools into Marxist horror factories, and the police do nothing until the kids lash out… like they never did before the Leftists came along.

Which is it? Are police the avenging angels of society or the paid thugs of GAE? Only police can answer that question and they can’t have it both ways anymore. 

In the short term, closure on Uvalde would restore some trust. People need to see the perps punished, which would begin with the POS officer-in-charge… “I forgot muh radio”… and end with tracing the Deep State actors to a showdown. People obviously are not going to forget Uvalde if the authorities just pretend it didn’t happen.

There’s a lot of that these days. Catastrophic government heavyhandedness and incompetence, then in the aftermath, they try to just memory-hole it. Hello, Covid-19 medical tyranny! “Take the vaxx, you misinformed dissident. You’re killing Grandma if you don’t take the vaxx. You’ll lose your job if you don’t take the vaxx. We’ll put you on a list and toss you in a quarantine camp and ban you from travel and… and… we now advise that the vaxx is optional. Hey, did you hear about Johnny Depp’s huge lawsuit?”

Screw. You. Authorities.

I cannot un-see. I cannot let it go. Justice demands closure, not omerta.

It seems that some parents in El Mirage, Arizona agree with me.

In the long-term, police need to decide where their loyalties lie. The State has openly chosen to be the enemy of the people. Police were able to serve the State while being trusted by the people thanks to short American attention spans, but that’s not happening any longer. The damage the State is doing to us is more than we are able to forget.

Those 87,000 Tax Enforcers Don’t Exist

Being the rare kind of crazy that I am, I decided to spend Saturday reading the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, better described as the Climate Change Agenda 2030 Wish List of 2022. I hit an interesting snag: while the conservative world is abuzz about the new 87,000 armed IRS agents authorized by the Act…

…They aren’t in the Act. I may have misread it… it’s 725 pages with no index or table of contents, and the changes it makes are typically typographical alterations to other texts of other bills as amended into the United States Code, which intentionally makes them nearly impossible to comprehend. But after several scans and keyword searches, I didn’t find it. This excerpt is more typical:

h ttps://

Starting Page 33

For necessary expenses of the Internal Revenue Service to support taxpayer services and enforcement programs, including rent payments; facilities services; printing; postage; physical security; headquarters and other IRS-wide administration activities; research and statistics of income; telecommunications; information technology development, enhancement, operations, maintenance, and security; the hire of passenger motor vehicles; the operations of the Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board; and other services as authorized by 5 U.S.C. 3109, at such rates as may be determined by the Commissioner, $25,326,400,000, to remain available until September 30, 8 2031

5 U.S.C. 3109 is the temporary hiring of experts and consultants. They do talk about operations and site security but that doesn’t sound like the banksters getting a private army.

What’s up? I finally sourced the number to an IRS modernization proposal:


h ttps://

May 2021

I can’t even do a screen cap, it’s such a wall of badly formatted numbers, but look on Page 16 and know that “FTE” means “full-time employees”. The hiring is spread over 10 years and not specific to tax enforcement.

So, the 87,000 armed IRS goons is a false threat. The scare goes back to a tweet by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Seems that nobody checked him. Granted, these bills are written specifically to not be readable, assuming they’re even finished at the moment of passage, but whose fault is that? Looking at YOU, high-ranking careerist Republicans!

In fact, I’ll go one step better and explain why you shouldn’t be worried at all about IRS modernization: incompetence and plutocracy.

Democrats. $80 billion wager: A bigger IRS will be a better IRS

h ttps://

By Jacob Bogage, 6 August 2022

The bill, known as the Inflation Reduction Act, would put $80 billion toward beefing up the IRS, in line with liberals. long-term goals to strengthen tax collection and enforcement on corporations and high-income earners, while relieving low-income taxpayers of cumbersome and frightening audits. Some of the additional revenue would go to pay for the largest-ever U.S. investment in clean energy technology.

The idea is that the government could bring in more money by examining corporate and high-income returns than it does by pursuing lower- or middle-income taxpayers who make mistakes on their returns or underpay their taxes by small amounts. The IRS in recent years has grown more dependent on those types of audits because they are relatively inexpensive: They’re automated, and they preserve the agency’s limited personnel resources. But they also mostly fall on taxpayers who can’t afford to fight back by spending hours on the phone with the tax agency or hiring lawyers.

…More than 4 in 10 of its [2021] audits targeted recipients of the earned income tax credit, one of the country’s main anti-poverty measures.

Oh no no no, they didn’t do that because it was inexpensive. The auditors chose the simplest audits… a one-line tax credit…because they’re incompetent, lazy and chosen for di-worsity. Should they audit Bezos’ lucrative yet well-defended empire? Or, audit ten EITC tax credits then go back to your soap operas on Hulu? “I did ten audits today, boss!”

On top of that, once the plutocrats got established, they weren’t interested in a strong IRS that was capable of causing them trouble:

Lookit that, a Federal government that didn’t like its own taxmen for an entire decade. Who would ever have thought to see it?

Of course, now that there’s no green left in the pig trough, boosting tax revenue has become an urgent problem. But I read the Inflation Act. They’re planning to go after cryptocurrencies… rather bad timing on that, the numbers from Coinbase don’t suggest a lot of capital gains for this year… and automate tax reporting so that audits no longer get triggered by basic math mistakes.

Yours or theirs.

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), the head of the Senate Republican Conference, said the proposed spending would “put the IRS on steroids” and in total amounted to about .a million per IRS agent..

.You don’t need that many IRS agents to go after a few people they say are very, very rich,. Barrasso said, adding that it would hit .families, farmers and the small businesses of Americans, that’s who’s going to bear the burden of this legislation..

But experts say that’s a condition brought about largely by GOP policies, which drove the IRS into more audits of poorer taxpayers by depriving the agency of the resources it would have taken to go after wealthier targets who shelter potentially much higher sums.

Wealthier targets such as Nancy Pelosi’s stock-trading husband. You see the IRS’ problem.

It’s a condition brought about by a refusal to match what the Bushes and Bidens are willing to pay for top-shelf tax talent. IRS doesn’t need 87,000 new employees being paid by the GS scale. It needs 1,000 new employees each being paid >$1M to go after the crime families. Employees exempt from all forms of D.I.E. harassment and supervision by politically-appointed department heads.

Which will happen the week after Christ inaugurates His Millennial Kingdom, or when pigs fly, depending on your religious beliefs.

In conclusion, nothing has changed in Tax World. IRS will continue to squeeze blood from turnips because the plutocrats who wrote the laws to ensure they never pay their fair share, will have no idea why their puppet regime is bankrupt.

Domestic & Foreign Examples Of Totalism

A long one from the heart today.

I walked into my local city’s Planning Commission the other day. Routine, job-related paperwork but I hadn’t been there since the Plandemic began. Not only were they still practicing the Face Diaper… there were multiple, large mandate signs in emergency orange on every wall. Of course, I was unmasked and ready with a couple choice comments, but the clerk didn’t say anything. He didn’t come out from behind a six-foot, wall-to-wall plexiglass barricade, either. People stared at me as I walked past. Every one masked up.

Those warning signs weren’t for me, you see. Those warning signs were to terrorize the employees into continued Narrative obedience, much like a motivational poster. The proof of it was that the signs mandated masks even and specifically for the vaxxed and boosted. Covidism has gone well beyond farce. “The vaxx will keep you safe, but only if you keep getting vaxxed, and still not then, so you need to mask up and barricade and social distance.”

They actually believe that. Still.

They must surely have noticed me standing there, visibly disobedient yet somehow not dead. Not to mention all the other unvaxxed not yet dead they see outside. Not to mention the tacit admissions that the vaxx was a failure as a preventative measure. But they obey anyway.

One could argue that they’re just obeying a meaningless order in return for continued employment. It wouldn’t be true here. Warning signs everywhere, barricades that interfere with daily work, no end in sight, justified by increasingly silly promises of safety and good health? What’s happening here is a pinch of incense to Caesar, not “I pay you wear bag over ugly face”.

“I don’t believe the Lie. I just obey it” is a bad idea. That’s another feedback loop that even we Christians practice. If you believe this but behave that, cognitive dissonance happens. You’ll end up believing & behaving the same way, and if you are never allowed to quit the behavior then it’ll be your beliefs that change.

That’s one reason why Christ ordered us to behave despite our status of being forgiven. Beliefs and behaviors are ultimately inseparable. One leads to the other.

I have some more examples to give. The Mar-A-Lago raid on Trump is making the rounds. Others have discussed the political implications but I’ll discuss the motive: why they did such a discrediting, preposterous and high-profile deed?

It’s a purity spiral.

Totalism demands polarization. Us vs Them. It contains several feedback loops to reinforce it, mainly peer pressure (also the abovementioned behavior modification). This results in purity spirals in which the people compete against each other to be the best embodiment of the Narrative. The opinion of outsiders is not a factor; they compete and measure themselves only against their peers.

Orange Man polarization happened in 2016. Clinton good, Trump bad. Are YOU a good person? Prove it. Prove your devotion to the Cause. Then the purity spiral lit up and proceeded from “Trump’s a buffoon” to “Trump’s a Russian agent” to today’s J6 Commission “Trump is an insurrectionist against Democracy and America and a mortal threat to everything we ever held dear. Once we break his followers, the world will see the righteousness of our victimhood!”

Why did the FBI commit such an ill-advised strongman tactic? Because they aren’t on the J6 Commission. They’re getting one-upped! Sidelined! Outed as NOT true believers in Orange Man Bad! They weren’t thinking about due process or long-term consequences. They were thinking about keeping up with the Joneses. Or the Cohens. Jesuits. Whichever.

What’s the next step, now that they didn’t find anything? Twofold: the nonparticipants will blame the participants for making Trump look innocent while the participants double down and/or manufacture evidence. Because the one thing none of them can do, is admit Trump was just proven innocent.

Finding headlines to confirm was easy:

CNN panel panics that FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago will help Trump in 2024 election: ‘A very good day for Donald Trump’

h ttps://

Former federal attorney suggests Trump is guilty because he invoked 5th Amendment rights. The backlash is bipartisan.

h ttps://

The latter is so ridiculous that Blaze even found a NYC prosecutor denouncing him. The former is upset that Trump might gain political benefit from the raid, not that the raid might have been unlawful or a bad precedent.

The raid also serves to polarize the MAGA side of Clinton vs Trump. But there’s no Totalism happening there. Remember when Trump was booed by his own supporters for continuing to push the vaxx? That kind of open dissent indicates the LACK of a purity spiral.

Let’s proceed to a foreign example of Totalist behavior.

Ukraine war: Estonia and Finland seek end to Russian tourist visas for Europe

h ttps://

By Richard Connor, 9 August 2022

Estonia and Finland’s leaders are calling on fellow European countries to stop issuing tourist visas to Russian citizens, saying they should not be allowed to take vacations in Europe as Moscow pursues its war in Ukraine.

The European Union is set to explore the subject of issuing visas to Russians at an informal meeting of interior ministers later this month.

The call from Estonia and Finland came as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also aired a proposal against visas for Russians in an interview with The Washington Post. The plea was echoed by Latvia, which has already decided to stop issuing the visas.

Getting a little big for your britches there, Baltic speedbumps. You fast-track your applications to NATO, grasping at the chance to be WW3’s first casualty, then you complain that Russian tourists are bringing you money, then you make demands of the European Union to follow suit.

What did the Estonian and Finnish leaders say?

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on Tuesday tweeted that other European nations should “Stop issuing visas to Russians. Visiting Europe is a privilege, not a human right.” Kallas said it was “time to end tourism from Russia now.”

Kallas also said the issuing of visas to Russians by other members of the Schengen area placed a burden on countries that share borders with Russia.

“More tourists” is a… burden?

Visitors to the Schengen area can move freely within its 26 countries . 22 EU nations plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Another 19 countries outside the area also accept foreigners traveling with a Schengen visa.

Finnish broadcaster YLE reported last week that Russian companies had started to offer bus and car trips from St. Petersburg to the airports of Helsinki and Lappeenranta in Finland.

Those airports have direct connections to several destinations in Europe, with Russia’s second-largest city only about 300 kilometers (186 miles) from the Finnish capital.

Translation, Russian tourists are working around those no-fly restrictions by using ground and sea transportation. That should be a tourism windfall for countries neighboring Russia. Especially in the wake of the Plandemic, those transportation revenues should be welcome. They will certainly be missed when Barbie Kallas gets her no-more-Russian-wealth desire.

Speaking to the same broadcaster on Monday, Kallas’ Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin said she wanted action to stop tourist visas for Russians.

It is not right that while Russia is waging an aggressive, brutal war of aggression in Europe, Russians can live a normal life, travel in Europe, be tourists,” the prime minister said.

That’s… disturbing. “Russian civilians should not be allowed to live a normal life because Putin is fighting a war somewhere else.” She didn’t make a complaint of espionage, sabotage or even criminal conduct. She just looked at kids on vacation and saw Putler. Textbook polarization/purity spiral. She’s trying to hate Russia more than any of her peers.

That demand for EU to cooperate? That’s the peer enforcement mechanism of purity spiral. The normal reaction should be “screw your demands, we need the money”. But doing so will out that government leader as a dissident amongst the cool kids while Kallas & Marin can brag that they hate Putin enough to harm their own countries.

You might wonder about a PM openly plotting the betrayal of her people & country for a mere one-upping of a Twitter rival. This is a consequence of Totalist “milieu control” aka “hive”. Isolating people in an artificial environment in which the Narrative Is All, makes this sort of cognitive disconnect possible. Also, social media.

Take PM Marin, for example. Per her wikipedia page, Mommy divorced Daddy then married a lesbian. She had no political connections yet went straight from school into politics, made MP at age 30 & PM at age 34. That’s perfect milieu control… she never knew life in which sexual perversion was bad, or in which men were heads of household… or even State… or how the Dirt People live. 


How did Finland’s Sanna Marin become the world’s youngest prime minister?

Her ascent . and that of her young, female-dominated cabinet . is a victory for youth and vigour

h ttps://

14 December 2019

Marin.s appointment and the fact that her government is made up of 12 women, some younger than herself and among them four party leaders, and seven men attracted attention from around the world, but it came as no shock to the Finns.

Oh, wow. Ohhh. This is gonna be uglier than a Gretchen Whitmer birthday favor.

The Social Democrat may be young, but she is no political ingenue; she cut her political teeth as chair of the Tampere city council, and YouTube clips of her steering sometimes heated council meetings played a large part in her rise to national prominence.

“You can tell she’s tough because she put her council meetings on youTube.” So we could watch some Nordic bewbs bounce when she’s angry, one would suppose, but alas.

Marin is something of a poster child for the egalitarian Nordic model of social democracy. Raised by her mother and her female partner, she comes from what she calls a “rainbow family” and moved around a lot as a child.

Bad sign. Bad sign. Bad sign.

She joined the youth wing of the Social Democratic party and stood for election in Tampere in 2008, but failed to get elected. Undeterred, she stood again in 2012 and was successful, rising to chair of the city council a year later at the age of 28. Despite her humble beginnings and relative lack of experience, she has now reached the pinnacle of Finnish politics.

And it happened as naturally as a Taco Bell burrito. Nobody lacking family connections is head of a major city after ONE YEAR IN POLITICS. Tampere is the second largest Finnish city by area and third most populous. Not a backwater.

.This is the biggest political event in Finland in many years,. says Maria B?ck, lecturer in political science at the University of Helsinki.

More women. The last thing that country should do…. or as it seems, WILL do… is volunteer for a land war in Asia.

.I.m not that surprised that she has become prime minister . it’s probably down to this Nordic model of equality…

It’s equity now. Now that her Cabinet is 60% female.

“…both economically and socially, and It is a little bit special now. Apart from the prime minister being a young woman, we have several other young women at the top of politics.

Part of the political instability in Finland can be put down to the arrival on the scene of the right-wing populist and Eurosceptic Finns Party as a force in the last decade, an event that has put the cat among the political pigeons both in government and opposition parties.

The more traditional parties like the Social Democrats, the Centre and the Agrarian Party are essentially conflict-averse, and for years have put their differences aside to form coalitions for the common good. The Finns Party seemingly have no time for such niceties.

.All of the traditional parties have lost support, some more, some less, to the Finns Party and they are struggling to win back their voters,. says Jenni Karim?ki, a colleague of Maria B?ck in the political science department at the University of Helsinki. .This presents an ideological challenge . is it possible to co-operate with the Finns Party in the future?.

Thankfully no, the Finnish nationalists have no intention of reaching across the aisle:

Recent opinion polls show that the Finns Party are now the most popular in the country.

With the Finns Party continuing to ignore the previous tradition of consensus politics, the challenge for Marin and her cabinet is to return to the stable politics… that has characterised previous Finnish governments.

She’s not returning to stable politics. She’s trying to kill her country because she wants the Cool Crowd to accept her.

How do you even reach somebody like that? Who’s never lived a normal life?

End Segue1. Now for Kallas.


Wikipedia again:

Born in Tallinn on 18 June 1977, Kaja Kallas is the daughter of Siim Kallas, who was the 14th prime minister of Estonia and later a European Commissioner.

That better explains her relatively fast-paced career as an EU fascist and Estonian PM. But not as fast as Marin.

Someday I’m going to do a post on generational Totalism. It’s a terrible fate. Ask Hunter Biden.

During the Soviet deportations from Estonia, her mother Kristi, six months old at the time, was deported to Siberia with her mother and grandmother in a cattle car and lived there until she was ten years old.

Seems barely relevant. No doubt lots of Estonians have dim attitudes concerning Russia. Fine, but why refuse tourist money? Why refuse to even be on speaking terms with a neighbor?

Kallas graduated from the University of Tartu in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in law… earning an EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) in economics in 2010.

Education finished in 2010 at age 33. 2014-2018 she was a member of the European Parliament working on the Great Reset aka Digital Single Market. She quit to become the first female leader of the Estonian Reform Party then became PM in early 2021. Straight shot to the top.

She was a vice-chair of the Delegation to the EU.Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee as well as a member of the Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly and Delegation for relations with the United States.

Cabal confirmed.

In January 2022 Kallas committed Estonia to donating howitzers to Ukraine to assist in its defense against a possible Russian invasion, pending German approval as the howitzers were originally purchased from Germany. When Germany delayed in giving an answer, Estonia sent American-made Javelin anti-tank missiles instead in the first weeks of February 2022.

Cabal ABSOLUTELY confirmed. She was the GAE cutout for pre-arming Ukraine against Russia.

Gotta protect those totally legit bioweapon labs that nobody knows about. If a few Estonian cities get destroyed as a consequence, well, Estonia’s continued existence is not the responsibility of the Estonian Prime Minister now is it?

Her responsibility is shaming EU leaders into punishing Russian tourists for being happy.

End Segue2 & back to the original article.

In comments on Tuesday, Ukraine’s Zelenskyy said it was important to close borders for Russian travelers to the West. Zelenskyy said such restrictions should apply to all Russians, even those who had left the country and oppose the war.

In Zelensky’s case, this demand for extermination is not Totalism. His people have been murdering innocents since Christ, the Ukrainians since Holodomor and nursing a grudge against Moscow for a long time. He even stands to profit enormously from the death of all Russia.

But the leaders of tiny nations, unnecessarily risking their peoples’ survival in order to match Zelensky’s ‘devotion to the cause’? Totalism is what makes that kind of stupid happen. Questions of gain/loss and keeping the electricity on take a back seat to being king of the hill.

That hill is, very intentionally, the only reality and people they know. Literally so, for Marin. Which is why they can cheerfully betray millions of innocent… numbers on a spreadsheet. Most of whom deserve that fate, anyway, because they’re opposed to Progress.

Russians should “live in their own world until they change their philosophy,” he said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he hoped that “common sense” would eventually prevail in countries calling for Russians to be barred from traveling to the EU.

Watching the GAE death cult struggle to provoke its own destruction on a global scale is a morbidly fascinating experience. Speak of the GAE devil,

Biden signs ratification documents approving NATO membership for Finland and Sweden

h ttps://

WASHINGTON . President Joe Biden signed ratification documents Tuesday bringing Finland and Sweden one step closer to joining the NATO alliance.

.[Russian President Vladimir] Putin thought he could break us apart,. Biden said from the East Room of the White House. .Our alliance is closer than ever, it is more united than ever, and after Finland and Sweden join we will be stronger than ever..

Last week, the Senate voted 95 to 1 to ratify the entrance of Finland and Sweden into the world’s most powerful military alliance.

What a coincidence this happened on the same day as “we call for banishing all Russians everywhere into the outer dark of Russia!”. Was denouncing every Russian man, woman and child for the crime of living a normal life the price of letting Estonia & Finland die first for the GAE?

Purity would demand no less.

When I walked the halls of the Planning Commission, I as a person felt exactly what Russia feels as a nation. I just want to continue my life. I don’t hate anybody. We can do business. Normalize relations after a bad time. But everybody backs away from me because I don’t love the devil’s lies. They hate me, my family, my existence, and most of all, my walking around where they can see me, because my presence alone proves the lie to everything they want to believe about me. They don’t even know my name; they just see me living a normal life. And they shun me for it.


Applying the Lessons Of Chinkypox to Slong Covid

Is the term “Schlong Covid” safe for work? Tucker Carlson used it publicly so I think it is, and we’re referring to a virus not a schlong, but it’s all so confusing anymore. I expect “woman” to become NSFW any day, and this post won’t convince you otherwise.

Sooo, how well are our power-tripping fascist bureaucrats in lab coats applying the hard-won lessons of Fauci’s Pet Project Released On Schedule?

First, the obvious: there was no “Fifteen Days To Flatten the Curve” for Pride Month. Schlong Covid is the kind of disease for which that would actually work, as in, thwarting the people about to intentionally spread the disease from doing so. Didn’t happen. Wasn’t even suggested by anybody.

Next, and I was waiting for THIS headline to pop…

Report: SF Has Largely Stopped Doing Contract Tracing for Monkeypox

h ttps://

By Joe Kukura, 8 August 2022

As the city now has nearly 450 confirmed monkeypox cases, we learn that the SFDPH is only contact tracing for a fraction of those cases, with one department email saying .Don’t want to say too much, or beg more questions..

Prepare to be quoted… forever.

When San Francisco Mayor London Breed declared a state of emergency over monkeypox in the city two weeks ago, it seemed like a real all-hands-on-deck move to throw every resource possible at the problem. But now, with infections still on the rise and currently standing at 444 confirmed cases in the city (as of Thursday’s numbers), we learn the response may not be as thorough as we’d thought. A disconcerting report today from the Bay Area News Group reveals internal SF Department of Public Health emails showing the city is doing only a very small amount of contact tracing among those who’ve tested positive, instead basically leaving it up to those people to contact anyone they may have infected.

The report is behind a paywall, hence my using this secondary article.

Per the News Group, the DPH consciously decided to forego most contact tracing “about a month ago,. which would be a couple weeks before Breed’s state of emergency declaration.

Contact tracing was never about health… and there’s the smoking gun.

The health department is doing some contact tracing, but only for a few certain, specific demographics. And while they were originally doing contact tracing for every case, they’ve pulled back on that effort significantly, with the rationale that people just aren’t disclosing the names of all of their partners anyway.

In any functional government, “we can’t do it” would be grounds for firing everybody and disbanding the bureau.

.This made it difficult to contact trace all known cases,. one DPH email said. .We are currently doing case investigations and contact tracing for youth under 18 years of age; any person who could become pregnant, and people who are pregnant, among others..

I’m surprised they’re doing even that much. Any <18s with Schlong Covid were raped by homosexuals, at least statutorily, and everybody can get pregnant now. Or, nobody can get pregnant thanks to Fauci’s Fertility Vaccine. Like I said, it’s all so confusing.

(That criteria does not include LGTBQIA+ men and the Latinx populations, who are currently experiencing the highest numbers of cases.)

And on that final note of equity…

California’s monkeypox response so far has been ineffective. Let’s apply lessons from COVID

h ttps://

By Conrado B?rzaga for the Desert Sun, 2 August 2022

Monkeypox is not a pandemic. Yet.

That didn’t age…

The World Health Organization declared on July 23 that this monkeypox outbreak is a “public health emergency of international concern,. and California Gov. Gavin Newsom also declared a state emergency on Monday.

…well. “It’s not a pandemic. Relax. It’s only a local, state and Federal public health emergency of international concern. Which is totally different from a pandemic. Remember to wear your face masks!”

We hope these declarations will be a wake-up call for everyone. We hope the wake-up call is heard in the Coachella Valley and in the California Department of Public Health, as well in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Coachella Valley, home to the Coachella Superspreader Event, oops, Music Festival back in April. I wonder where the contact tracing might have lead to?

California is approaching the monkeypox outbreak with ineffective, lukewarm, and misguided measures.

There are important lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and other epidemics that are important to apply, now and in the future:

    1. equity matters;
    2. no one is safe when someone is not safe; and
    3. stigmatizing diseases or communities results in the politicization of public health.

Well, dayumn. Were THOSE the lessons we learned from Covid?

  1. identity politics uber alles;
  2. none are safe until all are safe;
  3. Sodomy is a perfectly healthy activity that just happens to make up over 99.8% of Schlong Covid victims.

If 99.8% of poxed people were devout Christians, how quickly do you think the Regime would put us against the wall? That was a trick question. Our clergy would lock the doors against their own congregations before the Regime got the chance, because that’s what they did last time.

Hi, I’m a devout Christian who doesn’t go to church anymore. Ask me why.

Equity in healthcare means providing care that does not vary in quality because of personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geographic location, and socioeconomic status.

Does that mean we lock down the entire planet whenever a community or region gets sick, or take no containment actions even against specific people known to be intentionally spreading it? Because they’ve now done it both ways in the last two years.

It’s all so confusing. Not.

…No one is safe when someone is not safe. Men who have sex with men do not live in isolation in a fantasy gayland. They are our brothers, children, fathers, cousins, uncles, nephews, coworkers, friends, and neighbors. It is almost certain that without proper protection, which existing vaccines can provide, members of this group will not be the only community members affected. Other populations that today have lower risks also will be vulnerable: seniors, women, and children. Viruses do not discriminate. Also, although sexual contact is one way it spreads, Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease.

We ALREADY have the data that disproves all of that paragraph completely. Monkeypox spread is overwhelming Sodomites who know they’re infected, continuing to engage in rampant promiscuity. Two months is way more than enough time for it to spread in a gym or hotel somewhere in the world.

And no, no Sodomite is friend or family to me. I do not associate with the willfully self-destructive and they do not associate with Christ. Their problems are not ours.

They are not like us.

My final point is that public health is a science. It is the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. It is based on the study of diseases, risks, and behaviors related to a given population.

My next-to-final point is that San Fransicko just put the lie to that, too. If science says Gay then science doesn’t get to be done anymore.

The one lesson learned from all the pseudo-medical anarcho-tyranny is this: there are many people in positions of authority, who want this world to burn.

A Theory About The Pelosi Trip

The infamous Pelosi Trip To Taiwan gave me a bad feeling. One the one hand, China interpreted the visit as nearly a declaration of war, but they didn’t state how the visit of a single not-diplomat could be so important. Pelosi is not State Department. Or statesman of ANY kind. The bitch has only two gears, insider trading and drunken rages, neither of which makes her attractive for high-stakes diplomacy.

Well, she wasn’t drunk. (Unlike her husband, who just pleaded not guilty to DUI and “something else in his system”.)

And on the other hand, Potato Joe Biden did not not refuse to prohibit the opposite action of denying her trip. That’s what gave me a bad feeling: neither side of this incident talked straight.

h ttps://

Every year, members of Congress travel to Taiwan to meet with Taiwanese officials, educate themselves on this key national security issue, and strengthen diplomatic bi-lateral relations between our two countries.

Umm. Careful there, Senator.

In 2016, I [Senator Tom Cotton] personally visited Taiwan with Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain…

Burn in Hell, Songbird.

…and a large Congressional delegation. Our visit occurred without a major incident, even though I was travelling with one of the highest-ranking members of Congress and a former nominee for president.

Similarly, President Trump dispatched cabinet and sub-cabinet level officials to Taiwan. Contrary to claims made by Biden administration flacks, the United States does send senior officials to Taiwan.and does so often.

Whatever one thinks of Nancy Pelosi, she is entitled to travel to Taiwan.

I accept that she lawfully went there as a private citizen. That being said, when you reach a certain level of “I am a career agent and representative of the United States government” the State Department gets a veto on your international itinerary… in order to prevent EXACTLY this kind of incident.

What did the State Department have to say about her trip?

When asked in July about the Speaker’s planned trip, Biden responded, “the military thinks it’s not a good idea right now. But I don’t know what the status of it is.

This was an unbelievably stupid and reckless thing to say. In two sentences the president admitted to internal divisions within the U.S. government, a reticence within the military, and personal ambivalence, if not ignorance. Making matter worse, the president has made no effort to correct his obvious error.

Not a Bidengaffe, then. This was not a topic that the Executive Branch could leave at ‘senior moment’ so its refusal to be comprehensible must have been intentional. As was the comment about military approval in place of State Dept. approval. That was a calculated threat that China matched by making their complaints via military channels.

If it was indeed just an innocent trip, then Pelosi proceeding with it when it obviously upset China is, at bare minimum, a demonstration of total incompetence at government service. You don’t take the vacation when a reasonable consequence could be freakin’ World War 3.

So… what’s this REALLY about?

Pelosis sold $5M in Nvidia stock ahead of vote on chipmaker subsidies

h ttps://

As a Capitol Hill vote looms this week on a controversial, $52 billion subsidy to chipmakers, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband quietly offloaded a chunk of shares in semiconductor giant Nvidia, according to public filings.

Paul Pelosi sold the $5 million trove of shares Tuesday at a loss of more than $300,000. It’s unclear whether the couple sold their entire stake or just a portion of it. They could still own as much as $6.5 million in Nvidia, according to

Meanwhile, the Pelosis still hold a stake in semiconductor company Micron worth as much as $500,000, filings show.

The Nvidia selloff is a dramatic reversal for the Pelosis. Paul began snapping up semiconductor stocks in June 2021 . the same month the first draft of the bill was introduced. He bought between $2.75 million and $11.5 million over the past year and has been actively trading these shares the entire time the bill has wended its way through Congress.

Just last month as the bill moved towards a vote, now slated for Thursday in the House, Pelosi bought between $1 million and $5 million more in Nvidia shares.

Textbook insider trading but like I said, it’s legal for Congress. But here’s the catch, Taiwan’s TSMC is the foundry that makes the physical chips for NVIDIA. And most other semiconductor “manufacturers”. Those tech stocks are worthless if TSMC goes down. As would happen if US-PRC goes hot.

But they would go up if TSMC escaped to USA, leaving China without any advanced chipmaking.

Under the STOCK Act, which was passed in 2012 and is the only legislation that reins in lawmakers. trades, most members of Congress are still free to make trades that could conflict with their legislative duties . as long as they disclose the information within 45 days.

You read that right. Insider trading is a crime except for Congress, who gave themselves a legal exemption. Which explains:

  1. why politicians spend millions of dollars to secure a job that barely pays D.C. rent,
  2. why same politicians love to be the whores of literally Satanist banksters openly conspiring to exterminate most of humanity,
  3. there are hedge funds whose gimmick is mirroring the investments of Congressmen,
  4. why normal Americans think politicians are lying treacherous thieves, and
  5. why I’m willing to talk about the Speaker of the House doing financial frauds. They aren’t crimes… until she loses reelection.

There are three bills that you need to know about, the CHIPS For America Act of 2021, the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) of 2021 and the CHIPS And Science Act of 2022.

The first created the legal framework for development of a self-contained, public-private microchip foundry in the United States, from college training to new Cabinet officials. However, it did not contain any actual funding. By now, of course, whenever you hear about a public-private organization which is overseen by a single unelected bureaucrat, you should be thinking Deep State.

USA does need microchip foundries; it’s insane that the world has become this dependent upon Taiwan; but the foundry that will be created by CHIPS will be paid for with taxpayer money but operated for private profit.

The USICA allocated $50.2 billion funding.

CHIPS 2022 allocated an additional $52.7 billion, with the additional stipulation that nobody receiving the funds can expand their business with China, Russia or other country on the GAE naughty list. It was signed into law less than a week before Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, when she met with TSMC leaders.

US to Stop TSMC, Intel From Adding Advanced Chip Fabs in China

h ttps://

By Debby Wu, Daniel Flatley and Jenny Leonard, 1 August 2022

(Bloomberg) — As the US Congress passed an historic $52 billion federal program to boost domestic chipmaking capabilities, it included one significant caveat: Companies that receive the funding have to promise not to increase their production of advanced chips in China.

It.s a condition that will certainly add to escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing. The curbs will hit companies like Intel Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., leading chipmakers that have tried to build their businesses in China. TSMC won’t be able to substantially upgrade or expand its existing facilities, effectively losing some growth opportunities in the world’s biggest semiconductor market.

Specifically, the Chips and Science Act bars companies that get federal funding from materially expanding production of chips more advanced than 28-nanometers in China — or a country of concern like Russia — for 10 years.

A large chunk of the federal grant is expected to go to Intel, TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co., all of which are now building new chip fabrication facilities worth tens of billions in the US.

GAE is doing the carrot & stick on TSMC. This is frustrating because we don’t need TSMC. The only reason USA is not already the equal of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is the massive offshoring of our capability by the Bolsheviks and other sympathizers over the last century. We could easily make up lost ground, if only we weren’t being poisoned by our rulers.

Worse, forcing this decision is bringing our countries even closer to war. I just saw the headline that PRC is breaking off diplomatic contact with GAE.

But that STILL doesn’t explain why Pelosi went to Taiwan. She’s not going to hide a thumb drive of trade secrets in her hip flask or smuggle out some high-value targets while an enraged China has her under a microscope. And we surely have secure communications.

My theory: Pelosi DID go to Taiwan as a representative… of the DEEP STATE. The transnational globalists. Forget reunification, TSMC is now in the precarious position of being forced to do exclusive business with either China or GAE. Neither option appeals to them.

It’s a perfect time to offer them a THIRD solution.

That’s why she traveled to Taiwan instead of using secure channels… channels operated by the intel community. Can you imagine NSA having a recording of Pelosi discussing financial fraud against Uncle Sam with a foreign power? The blackmail potential alone would be tremendous, never mind power plays by rivals. Or that the fraud would be legal because she’s Congress.

That’s why SCROTUS Joe’s Deep State handlers refused to prohibit the trip, because she was working for them. They didn’t authorize the trip either, in order to send a message to TSMC. Pelosi did the visit being protected by USA despite not being a servant of USA… exactly the deal she intended to offer, money from USA in return for joining the New World Order conspiracy that wants both USA and China ruined.

Which is also why they sent a Congressman: only they have immunity to charges of financial fraud.

That’s also why China was pissed… they know much about the secret powers that run D.C., being one of the largest such powers themselves. How much of Pelosi’s loyalties they know is anybody’s guess, but they obviously don’t own her even though they’ve surely made an offer. Watching her make the trip immediately after CHIPS 2022 passed, but not as a sanctioned Fedgov representative, was strong evidence that another faction was making its move on TSMC.

That’s also why China never voiced their true objections about her trip. They can’t afford to draw attention to those secret owners of Congressmen, now can they? Not China, of all nations.

AND that explains China’s response (other than saber-rattling) of blocking sand shipments to Taiwan. It’s an immediate blow to the semiconductor industry that also has the plausible excuse of being directed at the construction industry. They don’t want this to be TOO obviously about control of TSMC. At the same time, the faster TSMC chooses, the more likely they choose the status quo of continued business with China.

The Deep State plan is to offer TSMC a seat in their inner circle, help them relocate with up to $100 billion of chump change and presto, their new Microchip-Industrial Complex… the critical piece to their Great Reset’s Internet of Things.

I don’t have any direct evidence of my theory. Pelosi’s ultimate loyalties are unclear to me as well, so I’m merely fitting the known facts. What I am sure of, is that per those three bills I mentioned, American semiconductor-manufacturing capability in the future will be controlled by an organization funded by, yet hostile to, the formal government of the US.

And Pelosi owns stock in them.

Schoolchildren In Danger, Administrators Most Affected

The latest stink from the FBI is going around naming Heritage America as the real terrorists. I’m not covering that here but this is parallel; a “professor of education” describing what’s even more dangerous to schoolchildren than mass shooter events.


5 of the biggest threats today’s K-12 students and educators face don’t involve guns

h ttps://

By Elizabeth Zumpe, Visiting Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership, UMass Lowell, 2 August 2022

Disclosure statement: Elizabeth Zumpe’s research has received funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

The warning is appreciated.

While many American students and their parents worry that the next mass shooting could happen at their school, schools are also facing a number of other threats that do not involve guns. Many of these threats are related to the mental health of educators and students.

From 2018 to 2021, both before and during the pandemic, I spent time studying a public middle school in the San Francisco Bay Area that serves a high-poverty community of color. The research involved spending more than 100 hours of observing classes and teacher and staff meetings.

It took two weeks for her to figure out what’s wrong with modern education? She could have just asked… but that way lies heartfelt honesty.

It also involved a series of interviews with 10 teachers and the principal.

Ten rounds of interviews, nine daily shots of gin, eight media pressers, seven mockers mocking, six angry parents, five riots, four Fauci boosters, three layers of face diaper, two bouts of Covid, one blind eye to race realism and zero concern for children.

Here are five of the biggest threats that I identified through my observations.

Not counting the globalist foundation that’s funding her.

1. Trauma among students

2. Worse well-being for teachers and students

3. Staff shortages and turnover

4. Threat of closure

5. Threats from the community

1. Trauma among students

Students often spoke and wrote about traumatic experiences. This included losing parents to murder, imprisonment or deportation.

One of those is not like the others.

Racial minority and low-income students tend to experience significantly more trauma than white students and students from higher-income families.

And government, specifically including Zumpe, does everything possible to continue that trend. WE KNOW FOR A COLD, HARD, SCIENTIFIC FACT how to raise kids so they don’t end up hopeless jailbait:

Fatherhood. Father as head of household. And chastity for little Snowflake.

Accept no substitute.

Society has the answers. We know what works. Hell, we were THERE at ‘it works’ in living memory. What changed? First the sexual liberation of women, then society killed off fathers in the frivorce courts, then there just happened to be an explosion in lawless, antisocial EVIL everywhere.

The COVID-19 pandemic created more trauma…

And that was the schools’ doing. Zumpe should be advocating the shutdown of public education, instead she went on an equity rant and demanded that schools monitor children constantly for mental illness.

The Hegelian dialetic is tedious wickedness. It’s everywhere! It never made sense to me until I understood it as “creating problems in order to force the sheep into the preferred solution.” Then lots of stuff made sense.

This obsession with the mental health of children? It started when it wasn’t a problem, then kids were “socially engineered” by their “mental health care providers” until they needed extensive therapy to not go on killing sprees. Inciting fear of poor mental health was how they justified hiring the first wave of quacks… and once they did their jobs, that fear proved justified!

The obsession with “Keeping the World Safe For Dumbocracy?” That path to safety is kicking the Russian bear in the nuts until it launches nukes, because then the people will demand the extermination of all GAE’s enemies. And lo, the world will become safe for them.

The obsession with food scarcity? As if the poor of USA are too thin! That originally came out of nowhere for me, but it made sense once I realized they really do intend to replace beef with maggot. The only way that’ll happen is… a scarcity of food. So they incite the fear, then use the fear to make the object of the fear happen and we’ll be so fortunate that Killy Gates just happened to finish building BugCo Burgers one month before the famine started.

Anyway, one variation on the Hegelian is using the academic system to plant favorable articles for upcoming agenda items. Zumpe was paid to write this so that when schools complain they’re being forced to close, they can point to this “research” as proof that schools keep kids safe(r).

Foundations and governments love to fund their own research to support their own, pre-existing agenda. It’s called Science, you hateful denier!

Me being scientific, I might revisit this post for similar reasons.

2. Worse well-being for teachers and students

Staff in the school I studied described their middle schoolers as increasingly “shut down,. .fragile,. “beaten down” and “hopeless” with every passing year.

“When will a knight in shining armor take me away from all this?”

“Hello, I’m…”

“Rapist white cis-male privileged TRUMP SUPPORTER!!! <taser taser> Oh, woe is me!”

Since the onset of the pandemic, lower overall well-being of students and teachers has become a nationwide concern. In the 2020-2021 school year, 80% of teachers nationwide reported feelings of burnout. In the 2021-2022 school year, nearly half of students across the U.S. in grades 9 through 12 reported persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Across the nation, district leaders in the 2021-2022 school year reported a general decline in mental health and well-being of all students and educators as their most pressing concern.

Taking that at face value, we should logically do LESS of what we’ve been doing lately. LESS lockdown-plandemic-mental health maintenance. LESS management by experts.

LESS racial equity.

LESS Lgbtxyzetc.

MORE fatherhood.

MORE fresh oxygen and visible faces.

But no, the priority is forcing boys and girls to become literally sexless androgynes… without them slitting either their wrists, or the staff who did that to them.

These people are in FULL rebellion against God. They are determined to rewire humanity so we’re no longer “male and female”.

3. Staff shortages and turnover

Like other schools around the nation, the school I studied was persistently short of teachers because of staff who quit due to stress or who were fired for unprofessional behavior. It was often difficult to find qualified teachers to fill open positions.

During the pandemic, one-quarter of teachers reported that they were likely to leave the profession. In early 2022, the share of teachers who reported being “very satisfied” with their jobs dropped to an all-time low at 12%.

Quit already. Do it. I dare you. You’ll even like it. Welfare checks would be cheaper than a school district. But no, wymyn would rather be miserable and overpaid than happy in a husband’s home.

4. Threat of closure

Do you think students are scared that 12-month summer vacations might happen? Me neither.

At the school I studied, the principal described extensive time and effort that she and others spent to encourage students to enroll there. .It is disheartening,. the principal said, that sometimes parents chose other schools due to a negative reputation that became associated with a school serving the area’s poorest Black and Latino communities.

5. Threats from the community

There are also violent threats at schools unrelated to mass shootings. During my study, teachers and principals reported distressing incidents of threats from members of the community, including verbal threats from parents and neighbors and an incident of the principal being held at knifepoint.

Simple question, Mizz Stumped: are you there to serve the people or not?


And the proof of it, is they treat you like this.

In how many different languages and gestures must you be told, YOU ARE NOT WANTED before you listen and leave their kids alone?

From March 2020 to June 2021, one-third of teachers reported at least one incident of verbal or threatening violence from students, and over 40% of school administrators have reported verbal or threatening violence from parents.

Reports of violent conflicts over masking at school board meetings, parents ripping masks off teachers. faces and physical fights between parents and teachers have emerged alongside reports of intensified hostility from resurgent culture wars, including death threats against school board members and their families.

Normal people who threaten violence, usually do so because they have no other recourse. You administrators force school attendance, force activist curriculum, force unprecedented ‘medical’ not-laws, openly defy parents’ wishes and publicly experiment on children… sexual experimentation, specifically… and you’re shocked that parents are becoming violent? You think they don’t have good reason to be violent after what you’ve done to their kids?

K-12 educators and students are facing many simultaneous threats in addition to school shootings. This raises important questions about whether schools have the resources and support they need to ensure that students and educators can thrive.

“School shootings are a problem, yes, but if trends continue then my funding won’t be renewed!”

Which is it? Are the teachers & staff miserable to do they want to keep it going?

It was a difficult thesis for Zumpe: claiming that kids are better off in school where they’re most likely end up soulless, gender-confused killers without mentioning her real motivation of ensuring enough administrative sinecures remain for her to enjoy a career handjobbing the devil. News flash: it ain’t gonna happen.

The crazy train has no brakes, but that won’t stop the wheels from coming off.

Usain Bolts From the E-Scooter E-Pocalypse

The rideshare scooter craze is a scam, but not against consumers. It’s a scam against globalist investors. Despite the impossibility of its concept working, they’re so invested in the concept of people renting mobility that they can’t help themselves throwing bad money after good, wondering what the magic marketing bullet will turn out to be.

Why do I say impossible? Because their business model competes against WALKING. In urban environments, the only conceivable context for short-range electric vehicles, speed is capped at 10-15 miles per hour if traffic doesn’t make it moot. Which means the typical rider is either using the scooter for 30 minutes or more at a time, in which case it’d be more economical for him to own his own ride, or walking would be just as fast.

(In practice, median ride time is typically around 18min per a Louisville, KY study.)

And no, the typically low-grade scooters we’re talking about here aren’t going to carry either cargo or a fat ass. Let alone up a hill.

I fisk an analysis and then proceed to Usain’s by-way-of-example.

Electric Scooters: The Unit Economics May Spell Trouble

h ttps://

February 19, 2019

ARK.s research suggests that dockless electric scooter companies are not profitable today, primarily because of short-term growing pains that should ameliorate over time.

Charging $1 to unlock scooters and then $0.15 per minute to ride, companies like Bird are generating a healthy $2.43 in revenue per mile, but their costs are roughly $2.55 per mile, well above the $0.53 that we believe will be possible as they scale, as shown below. Lower costs, in turn, could translate either into lower prices for the rider or better margins for the electric scooter companies, perhaps both, sustaining growth and the business model.

Will electric scooter companies actually cut costs while venture capitalists and companies like Uber are subsidizing public joyrides? They will have many ways to contain unit costs, among them: the cost of the scooter hardware, the cost of charging/relocating them, maintenance costs, and credit card fees, as well as higher utilization rates and longer lifespans. The survivors and ultimate winners will cut these costs aggressively, as shown below.

The Information reports that Bird pays roughly $550 per scooter, a surprisingly high price given its scale. Amazon sells the same scooter, sans Bird’s branding and hardware, for $500 to the average Joe. ARK anticipates that over time electric scooter companies will be able to source or manufacture their own scooters for $250, saving $0.34 per mile, as shown above.

Clue One that it’s a scam: no economy of scale. When bulk purchases cost more than retail, that’s evidence of embezzlement.

Not that unit costs are trending downward. Artificially inflated demand for lithium batteries guarantees that, among other issues.

Charging/relocation costs offer even more potential for cost savings. Thanks to the small size of its battery and low electricity prices, the cost to charge a scooter is well below $0.10. Consequently, the “charging” fee effectively is a “relocation” fee, which should drop precipitously once the scooter companies stop their land grabs, consolidate, and scale. Uber drivers looking for a fare, for example, could supplement their income with relocation fees, saving scooter companies up to $1.03 per mile, as shown above.

Unlikely, since most Uber drivers don’t drive trucks.


Make Money Charging Spin Scooters

h ttps://

Spin doesn’t typically allow normal users to earn by charging. Instead, they hire hourly employees in a city to go out, collect scooters, and charge them overnight. In the morning, you.ll take them back out and drop them off around the city. Spin offers its employees reimbursements for mileage, electricity, and cell phone usage.

The pay is hourly, and they cap the amount of shifts you can work in a week, as well as the length of shift.

Because they don’t want you to ever count as a full-timer. Or pay overtime. California legislating against the gig economy was a good idea, the worker exploitation is severe, but of course they used it as an opportunity to coerce union membership and Obamacare signups instead. Worker exploitation continues, but now for government benefit.

Requirements include having a clean driving record and the ability to drive a larger vehicle like a truck, SUV, or van that can carry at least 20 scooters safely.

(You can use your own car if you have that type of vehicle, but for the right candidate, they can also supply a vehicle.)

You also need to be able to lift 40 pounds, and you should have the ability in your home or garage to charge at least 40 scooters every night.

The fire marshal might want a word about using household-scale electrical systems for commercial-scale applications.

They also like tech-savvy people who will know how to use the GPS locator on the app to find scooters every night.

Sound like something you could get into?

Well, no. Driving around town using GPS to locate and retrieve discarded scooters in my personal truck capable of hauling dozens of scooters, to my home for charging dozens of scooters, then re-distributing them before dawn for the morning commute… why not run my own scooter company? Especially if I can undercut the competition by paying retail prices for equipment.

Also, this is Clue Two for a scam. The guys running the show, they outsource everything and don’t lift a finger. They have time only for the financials. Legit companies, the boss/owner knows the work even if he’s no longer in field ops… and the payroll guy works for him, not the other way around.

End segue

Moreover, as scooters move from consumer to commercial quality, maintenance costs should decline, saving roughly $0.19 per mile, while payment aggregation and batching should lower transaction fees for another $0.22 per mile in savings, as shown above.

Increases in quality reducing costs? When your business model is leaving equipment lying around unattended, increases in quality increase the odds of the equipment being stolen or scrapped. The needle being threaded here is enough performance to be valuable, but not enough performance to be illegal, while being cheap enough to either discourage theft or absorb losses.

Longer lifespans and higher utilization round out the sources, with utilization perhaps throwing entrepreneurial expectations for a loop. While headlines feature scooters dumped into lakes or strewn on sidewalks, the cost savings associated with extending the life of a scooter from the current four months to a year yields only $0.24 per mile in savings.

The Louisville study I read claimed one month median, with <5% of scooters remaining functional beyond 60 days. Come on, you’re leaving electrical equipment in the rain and dirt… and those are inflatable tires. Inner city has lots of puncture opportunities.

As for utilization, scooters average roughly five rides per day today which, in theory, could increase substantially, impacting the unit economics favorably. Scooter companies are flooding cities with scooters, perhaps with the assumption that their ubiquity will increase utilization.

Clue Three: the need to manufacture demand.

Citi Bike data, however, does not support that assumption. As scooters invade more public spaces, pedestrians, retail store owners, and others are pushing them out of the way, if not dumping them.

Clue Four: Tragedy of the Commons. When your business model is exploiting public resources.

Although our research suggests that its unit economics could improve markedly, scooter sharing could flail until the excesses in the market dissipate. Perhaps flooding the streets with scooters is a good short-term strategy to increase revenues and attract funding, but it is a poor strategy for the longer term.

And on that note, our feature presentation.

Bolt Mobility has vanished, leaving e-bikes, unanswered calls behind in several US cities

h ttps://

By Rebecca Bellan, 31 July 2022

Bolt Mobility, the Miami-based micromobility startup co-founded by Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, appears to have vanished without a trace from several of its U.S. markets.

Also co-founded by Ignacio Tzoumas.


h ttps://

Tzoumas is Chief Executive Officer for Bolt Mobility Corp., Chief Financial Officer of Fortelus Capital Management LLP, Chief Financial Officer of DPCM Capital, Inc., Chief Financial Officer at Pishevar Family Office LLC and Vice President-Finance for Stara Space.”

Ignacio Tzoumas previously occupied the position of Founding Partner-Quantitative Trading Group at Triton Global Sources, Inc.

A Wall Street wunderkind and the world’s fastest runner teamed up over a shared interest in microtransportation? Or did Ignacio run a scam and rent Usain’s name for the marketing copy?

End segue

In some cases, the departure has been abrupt, leaving cities with abandoned equipment, unanswered calls and emails, and lots of questions.

Clue Five, albeit too late: the sudden flight beyond extradition.

Bolt has stopped operating in at least eight U.S. cities, including Portland, Oregon, Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski in Vermont, Richmond, California and Richmond, Virginia, and St. Augustine, Florida according to city officials. Some city representatives also said they were unable to reach anyone at Bolt, including its CEO Ignacio Tzoumas.

It’s just a vacation. The Maldives are very nice this time of year.

TechCrunch has made multiple attempts to reach Bolt and those who have backed the company. Emails to Bolt’s communications department, several employees and investors went unanswered. Even the customer service line doesn’t appear to be staffed.

Bolt halted its service in Portland on July 1. Because of the company’s failure to provide the city with updated insurance and pay some outstanding fees, Portland subsequently suspended Bolt’s permit to operate there, according to a city spokesperson.

Bolt Mobility (not to be confused with the European transportation super app also named Bolt) was on what appeared to be a growth streak about 18 months ago. The company acquired in January 2021 the assets of Last Mile Holdings, which owned micromobility companies Gotcha and OjO Electric. The purchaser opened up 48 new markets to Bolt Mobility, most of which were smaller cities such as Raleigh, North Carolina, St. Augustine, Florida and Mobile, Alabama.

After purchasing Last Mile’s assets, Bolt agreed to continue as the bike-share vendor in Chittenden County, Vermont, including cities Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski.

That license was even renewed in 2022, said Bryan Davis, senior transportation planner of the county.

A typical story going back to the 1980s. Bankster gulls some investors, makes some quick acquisitions to give the illusion of a successful business, then bails with a golden parachute.

.We learned a couple of weeks ago (from them) that Bolt is ceasing operations,. Davis told TechCrunch via email, noting that Bolt ceased operations July 1, but actually informed the county a week later. .They’ve vanished, leaving equipment behind and emails and calls unanswered. We’re unable to reach anyone, but it seems they’ve closed shop in other markets as well..

This is going to be a big-time scam, one that will likely end the cooperation of local governments with rideshare scootering. Over fifty governments are being left with nonfunctional scooters in various states of disrepair.

Sandy Thibault, executive director of Chittenden Area Transportation Management Association, told the Burlington Free Press that Bolt communicated that employees were being let go and the company’s board of directors was discussing next steps.

You know it’s the 21st century when the boss you’ve never met, at the company without a physical existence, “fires” you simply by going silent.

And honestly, you knew it would happen that way. When management treats you like a nameless fungible commodity… when the least important people are managing ALL day-to-day operations… yeeeah.

A spokesperson at Burlington relayed similar information.

.All of our contacts at Bolt, including their CEO, have gone radio silent and have not replied to our emails,. Robert Goulding, public information manager at Burlington’s Department of Public Works, told TechCrunch.

Davis went on to say that about 100 bikes have been left on the ground completely inoperable and with dead batteries. Chittenden County has given Bolt a time frame in which to claim or remove the company’s vehicles, otherwise the county will take ownership of them.

It’ll be an abatement nightmare. Disposal of large lithium batteries isn’t trivial.

But I have no sympathy for these governments. They saw tax and license revenue so turned a blind eye to everything from toxic littering to unsafe loads on the power grid.

“Can we dump our short-lived products on your city’s streets, walk away and cash the checks until the investor funds dry up?”

“…What’s my cut?”

Bolt also appears to have stopped operating in Richmond, California, according to Richmond Mayor Tom Butt’s e-forum.

.Unfortunately, Bolt apparently went out of business without prior notification or removal of their capital equipment from city property,. wrote Butt. .They recently missed the city’s monthly meeting check-in and have been unresponsive to all their clients throughout all their markets..

The other reason to “co-found” your scam company with a celebrity, is because everybody will think about Usain but not Ignacio.

Butt went on to say that the city is coming up with a plan to remove all the abandoned equipment . about 250 e-bikes that were available at hub locations like BART stations and the ferry terminal . and asked people to refrain from vandalizing the bikes until the city could come up with a solution.

Service has also ended in Richmond, Virginia. The city confirmed that Bolt Mobility’s permit with the City of Richmond ends today, August 1, 2022.

…TechCrunch has reached out to several other cities in which Bolt operates and has not been able to confirm that the company has stopped operating entirely. A spokesperson from St. Augustine originally told TechCrunch Bolt’s bike share was running as usual there, but after looking into the matter further, has since confirmed the service is suspended.

Bolt.s social media has also been rather inactive in recent weeks. The company hasn’t posted on Instagram since June 11 or on Twitter since June 2.

It just keeps going. The article ends with the killshot:

Bolt has publicly raised $40.2 million, an amount that doesn’t include an undisclosed investment from India’s Ram Charan Company in May. Investors there could not be reached for comment.

I also have no sympathy for foreign investors meddling in markets that mean nothing to them but a return on investment. They say you can’t con an honest man… lookit all those conned people who trusted a bankster.

And they’ll keep trusting banksters because it’s probably not even their money. Socialized risk, privatized profit. Nobody loses except the little people who don’t even have names. They just run the company. Nothing important.

The only question is Usain Bolt. We can only guess at this point, how much of the creditor bag he’ll be left holding.

Hawaii Puts Astrologers In Charge Of Astronomers

The White Replacement continues… not only our bodies, but our sciences. And not coincidentally, Christ Jesus Our Savior.

A new law is putting astronomy back in the hands of Native Hawaiians

h ttps://

By Tatyana Woodall, 27 July 2022

Earlier this month, Hawaiian Governor David Ige signed legislation that transfers control of Mauna of two large mountains that dominate the Hawaiian landscape and where some of the world’s most powerful observatories call home.away from the University of Hawai.i and back to Native Hawaiians.

Remember, ye new owners of this valuable property, ten percent to the Big Guy.

The new law declares astronomy as a state policy of Hawaii, which means that in addition to the scientific knowledge it brings, the state sees the field as an important contributor to jobs and the economy.

So then, how many natives does it take to change a light bulb? Or rotate a telescope? We got budgets to write.

It also establishes the Mauna Kea Stewardship and Oversight Authority, an 11-member voting group that will now have majority authority over how the land is managed. According to the bill, the group’s responsibilities will also include building a new framework for the development of astronomy research on the islands, limiting commercial use and activities on Mauna Kea’s land, and requiring the “timely decommissioning” of certain telescopes.

It would be faster to just confiscate the land on behalf of the ungrateful squatters who will probably sell the equipment for scrap then whore themselves to globalists looking for new real estate “investments”.

The governor is expected to select members of the new authority soon: The deadline for the public to submit their names into the application pool for a seat is July 28, but the law includes that the group must include one member who is a “lineal descendant” of a practitioner of Native Hawaiian traditions associated with the mountain, and another who is currently a recognized practitioner of those Native Hawaiian traditional practices. That stipulation is especially important as it’s the first time community experts and practitioners will be able to make those kinds of decisions for their community.

While the University of Hawai.i has until 2028 to officially hand off its management duties to the group, locals like native activist Noe Noe Wong-Wilson are optimistic about the change. She and others note that it feels like policy makers are finally listening to Native Hawaiians. voices regarding the stewardship and care of their own community.

Translation, No-Wilson-No is first in line for a sinecure even fatter than her. She already helped write the law:

.This is the first time with the new authority that cultural practitioners and community members will actually have seats in the governing organization,. says Wong-Wilson, who is the executive director of the L.l.kea Foundation, a nonprofit Native Hawaiian cultural organization. Wong-Wilson, who is a member of the working group that helped develop the bill proposal, says that the choice to bring in people and ideas from all over the community is what helped make the new law a reality.

And does “traditional cultural practitioner” mean what I think it means?


h ttps://

Sacred chants recited by elders, like Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, reflect indigenous beliefs and worldviews that go back a millennium.

Yes, it does! The government just favored an establishment of religion. Separation of church and state, hello?


.In our culture, the elements have names and we consider them gods and goddesses, like the rain, wind and snow,. she told ABC affiliate KITV-4.s Lei U’i Kaholokula in the “Soul of the Nation” special “Together As One..

.Maunakea is one of our most precious and special places, and it cannot be duplicated,. she explained.

Over the past several decades, Maunakea, a dormant volcano on the Island of Hawai.i, has been at the center of a simmering battle between Native Hawaiian activists like Wong-Wilson, who want the mountain protected for spiritual, cultural and ecological reasons, and research universities who see it as a scientifically optimal place to build world-class telescopes.

She’s a witch. You can keep your culture but it’s sad to still be worshiping a lie. The best compliment I ever heard directed at Christianity by an atheist, was a complaint about how completely we erased many of the pagan religions.

When groundbreaking began in 2014 for a fourteenth telescope, known as the Thirty Meter Telescope, Native demonstrators blocked the roads in a series of protests that happened intermittently for five years. During an explosive and emotional protest in 2019, Wong-Wilson was one of 38 native elders who were arrested.

A witch AND criminal! Just a misdemeanor, 30 days/$1k fine, but she refused a plea bargain. If only Christians would uphold the True God as defiantly as Nope-Nope insists upon howling at the moon. We Californians know all about these “indigenous natives protecting their ancestral culture”. Take one guess, just one, what happened the week after Sacramento legalized Indian gambling.

While the controversy over Maunakea represents a textbook case of an indigenous community resisting development on sacred land, it has evolved over the past year into a story about the importance of open communication and inclusion.

End segue

She adds that the law’s mutual stewardship model takes into account all human activities on the mountain, and is designed to help “protect Mauna Kea for future generations,. as Native Hawaiians believe the mountain is a sacred place.a part of their spirituality as well as their culture. But years of mismanagement has created a mistrust in the state’s stakeholders, which included the University and Hawaiian government officials, and deepened a rift between Indigenous culture and western science.

That’s not just a rift. That’s opposing religions. Christianity is getting thrown out the window in order to accommodate known-false religions of Earth worship. Known to be false thanks to… uh-oh… those telescopes her “working group” is soon to be in charge of.

Mauna Kea has been a hot spot for astronomical research since the first large telescopes broke ground on the summit in the early 1970s. The height of the mountain, the torrid atmosphere, and the natural lack of light pollution make the dormant volcano an exquisite location for observing the sky. But Native Hawaiians say that placing too many facilities on the land, including large observatories, draws in activity that puts an immense strain on the environment and its fragile ecosystem. .In Hawaii, there’s always tension about tourism, and overuse of some of our environmentally sensitive spaces for recreational use,. Wong-Wilson says.

Telescopes don’t like to be around crowded, lighted areas and they certainly aren’t used recreationally. This strikes me as a false concern.

In the current land use agreements made by the University, all of the mountain’s telescopes are committed to cease operations and come down by 2033. The TMT could still continue construction until then, but as of now, the new bill includes a moratorium on any new leases or lease extensions. It’s unclear whether that could stymie the TMT.s future science goals

Denial is ugly.

or if the new authority will choose to issue new leases, but Robert Kirshner, executive director for the TMT International Observatory (TIO), says the team behind the observatory supports the new bill.

That is surprising. Continuing construction on something expensive and doomed to confiscation by an activist druid, is an obvious waste of money.

Kirshner is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which is listed with the WEF. Gordon is the coiner of Moore’s Law, for you techie readers.

.TIO welcomes this community-based stewardship model for Maunakea’s management,. wrote Kirshner in an email to Popular Science. .We value the respect, responsibility, caring, and inclusivity that this act is intended to foster.” He added that the observatory will work with the new authority to support astronomy and education programs that are in harmony with the culture and environment on the mountain.

Ohhh, right. Original sin. If Mommy Witch wants to worship Ra and Luna, then the men in lab coats will rename the Sun and Moon. Whatever the “goddesses” demand!

Original sin, and WEF paymasters.