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I don’t know if I’ll be able to log into Q2 much longer. In addition to readers having trouble commenting & accessing, and generally poor notification to aggregators when I have a new post up, and my login username being changed on me, the blog host wants my phone number for two-step verification. I already have two-step verification via email accounts, and my blog is already so secure that even spammers can’t touch it, and the wrong time to ask for my phone number is when the site’s backend is redesigned for high-pressure sales tactics. Therefore, I have only a couple logins left before I’m frozen out. So they say.

And they don’t let me stay logged in for more than a couple days, because they update the code so frequently.

This just ain’t working out, so I’m closing comments and shifting my future posting to Substack. This incarnation will stay up for another half-year since I’ve paid for it.

See you there!

Unstable Blog Warning

My blog host, Bluehost, altered my login without notice then changed the developer’s backend layout to ramp up demands for premium services. It was always bad like that, but now it’s bordering on ransomware.

Between this and previous issues with readers having trouble with access, it’s clear that the end of this incarnation of my blog is imminent.

I’ll be looking into alternatives this weekend, especially Gab since Andrew Torba is the only social media provider I respect, and Substack because it seems to work for dissidents. I am GunnerQ on Gab, in case this site explodes.

Meanwhile, whitelist moderation is one in case I can’t log in again. I backed up my site by making PDFs but if there’s something you want to preserve, now is the time to preserve it.

Unrelated, I have a week’s vacation coming up so posting may be light regardless.

Narcissistic Near-Death Experiences

The studio that brought us “Sound Of Freedom” is releasing a documentary on life-after-death for the Halloween season, “After Death”. There’s worse ideas, but it doesn’t help my suspicions that they’re intentionally acting as a relief valve for social angst.

Hmm, now that I think about the shared emotional states of a society… I was reading up on Narcissism today.

h ttps://

Clinical theories of narcissism, such as those of the Austrian psychoanalysts Heinz Kohut and Otto Kernberg, posit that adult narcissism has its roots in early childhood experiences. According to Kohut, the child’s self develops and gains maturity through interactions with others (primarily the mother) that provide the child with opportunities to gain approval and enhancement and to identify with perfect and omnipotent role models.

So, when a single mother blames the man she chose to divorce, the kid gets the message that everything bad is everybody else’s fault? Could be one of many reasons why single motherhood is bad.

Parents who are empathic contribute to the healthy development of the child’s self… parents reveal limitations in themselves that lead the child to internalize or assume an idealized image that is realistic and possible to attain.

Kids see that their parents are good but imperfect, so they’re willing to be realistic about themselves, too? Sounds right. There’s a bit of encouragement for parents.

According to Kohut, narcissism is in effect developmental arrest.a halt in the child’s development at what was a normal and necessary stage, with the result that the child’s self remains grandiose and unrealistic. At the same time, the child continues to idealize others to maintain self-esteem through association.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Narcissist’s need for external validation, or even external identification. The way our schools are run… entitlement over merit, grievances are weapons, the naked power flexes of a police-state campus… the Cabal that runs our government, I do not think they screen for a specific ideology. They screen for a specific personality defect that makes the person controllable no matter what they claim to believe. Narcissism. Not all kids turn out narcissistic even with all the risk factors, but if our society encourages the trait then all the susceptible ones will fall.

You get more of what you subsidize, so what are those feel-good participation awards subsidizing?

Meanwhile, notice the increasing interest in life-after-death, hallucinogen experimentation and similar (induced) spiritual experiences. I think promoting narcissism is part of how the Cabal corrupted the Evangelical Church, too. The emphasis shifted from ideas to experiences, from objective standards to selective feelings, so people began attending church to feel something instead of think something.

What is life after death like? I can easily tell you the objective standard. Men are appointed once to die and then to face judgment. Dying is like falling asleep; that’s the New Testament’s description in, for example, Stephen’s Martyring.

Thus, I’m not excited about LAD. You fall asleep, God wakes you up and makes you into more of who you choose to be right now. It’s just consequences, really. Life will be better for the in-group, guaranteed, but Scripture says directly that what we’ll be has not been made known, so why be curious?

A possible answer from people excited about LAD, is because they consider the supernatural something to be experienced, not understood. The Christian who smokes mescaline and talks to spirit animals is a better Christian than the incel who refuses to hire a prostitute, because the former is LIVING the Christian life! The latter is choosing to live nothing at all.

It’s not just dumb. It’s dangerous. The Narcissist cannot accept a god who doesn’t show up, and God has not shown up to do miracles in the West for a long time. Chinese Christians report lots of miracles in the same time frame, however, so it may be that God hasn’t done miracles in the West because we haven’t needed them. Certainly, our material needs have usually been easily addressed by material methods.

So, I’m not interested in a “documentary” of near-death experiences. Dramatic experiences of the spirit world were rarely helpful or pleasant even in Biblical times. Daniel’s prophecies are of interest to me; less so, that talking with the angel left him bedridden for weeks. Elijah called down fireballs from Heaven and shortly afterward, wanted to give up and die. You don’t need a supernatural experience to be one of God’s favorites. All that Samson needed was a mullet.

My search for a review of “After Death” to fisk revealed that all is not forgiven about the studio spreading the idea that our government is infested with child molesters. This one is particularly funny in that regard! He’s still so butthurt about Christian opposition to pedo that… well, you know the type. These people can play 25-dimensional, underwater chess when it comes to usury and legalism, but if you punch them in the face then they lash out so clumsily that they spill the beans along with their dignity.

Where I come from, we call that a glass jaw.

.After Death. Review: Studio Behind “Sound of Freedom. Returns with Brain-Dead Documentary About Near-Death Experiences

h ttps://

By David Ehrlich for IndieWire, 25 October 2023

Watching Stephen Gray and Chris Radtke’s “After Death,. a faith-based documentary about near-death experiences that was produced by the same company behind “Sound of Freedom. (last summer’s most popular movie among people who might accuse you of being a pedophile on Twitter)…

It’s not faith-based if it’s true, dude. I don’t know how long God will tolerate your people’s moral inversions… but you’ve got to know how this story ends. Why do you insist on opposing God? You aren’t going to win this spiritual war. You won’t escape justice. God has sworn His Own Name to that.

Perhaps to the Narcissist, justice doesn’t exist unless he experiences it. No problem, we can accommodate this special need. Behold the whipping post! It gives wisdom to the simple, just like the Bible!

…I was reminded of something that Lou Reed famously never said: .Only a few chosen people have been lucky enough to bask in the light of Jesus Christ during the kind of disembodied episode that might accompany a terrible car accident or a life-saving operation, but every one of them has apparently turned it into a full-fledged career..

I understand the sentiment, even though I know of a few counterexamples. The prophets of Scripture didn’t monetize their divine revelations… although several of them did write books.

Which isn’t to suggest that Dr. Mary Neal is lying about the heart-to-heart she had with the son of God after drowning in a kayak, or that ordained minister and .90 Minutes in Heaven. author Don Piper doesn’t sincerely believe in the story that sold more than six million books and got adapted into a movie where he was played by Hayden Christensen, it’s only to observe that nearly dying seems to make for a decent living. The overwhelming majority of the interview subjects in “After Death” are professional .I saw Heaven and it bore an uncanny similarity to how it’s described in Christian theology. people. That’s even true of obligatory “skeptic” Michael Sabom, a former cardiologist who draws from his increasingly religious output about the physiology of near-death experiences (or NDEs) to help disguise this movie’s .700 Club.-level hokum behind a cheap veil of pseudoscience.

He has a point, and my sarcasm muscles appreciate the burden being carried by somebody else for a minute, but the reason there’s a market for this stuff is because people want to experience the supernatural, even if only by proxy. Even if it cannot possibly do them any good.

Audiences who swear by the gospel of Colton Burpo probably won’t see the problem here, but those of us who are less inclined to believe . like, for example, an agnostic Jewish film critic who came face-to-face with God at a Radiohead concert in 2003 and returned from Giants Stadium with the ticket stub to prove it . might struggle to accept a handful of teary anecdotes and bizarre medical anomalies as compelling evidence that Christianity got everything right about life after death. On the contrary, such viewers are liable to be left with more questions than answers.

Most atheists take years to go from “there is no God” to “we must kill God again”. Ehrlich made the trip as quickly as you can say “agnostic Jewish”.

Questions such as: If no two NDEs are alike, then why do Gray and Radtke illustrate all of them with the same screensaver-esque imagery of starry mountains, fire-lit eyeballs, and streams of white light ejaculating out of the Earth towards the sky?

Answer, NDEs do share similarities. So do acid trips. Foremost among them, that supernatural experiences usually happen with the physical body is impaired. As if our bodies shelter us from a reality that we aren’t yet ready for.

Is Terrence Malick getting residuals for all the shit this movie strip-mines from “The Tree of Life,. or will the “pay it forward” scheme that made “Sound of Freedom” seem like such an enormous success make it too difficult for people to account for the profits? After Dr. Neal relates her story about “being held by Christ” as she went under the rapids and insists that .it’s just something that’s outside our language,. why do people then continue to talk at us . in “our language. . for another hour?

I like you better when you’re like this, Ehrlich… throwing unlit firebrands with a comical desperation born of a glass-jawed, guilty conscience… but isn’t your job to critique the movie, not the motivations of the people who made it? If Don Piper wrote his book in order to cash in on a good story he made up, well, then what’s the problem? Don’t you Hollywood types do that every single day? “Based on a true story!”

Which brings us to the only important question that “After Death” actually bothers to ask, if only by accident: Why is it so important to both the filmmakers and their interview subjects alike that audiences share their faith in the great beyond? The people onscreen bemoan the fact that no one takes them seriously, and I was fascinated by the realness of their frustration in the face of such fanciful visions, and how it sometimes curdles into measured fits of rage.

They crave a validation that they aren’t getting, obviously. It could be Narcissism, but it could also be the normal desire for socialization. It’s hard to hang out with people who think you’re lying about a traumatic event. Just don’t bring it up? Sure, but sometimes easier said than done.

One of the interviewees . a humble prophet . even goes so far as to insist that Jesus instructed her to tell the people of Earth what she had seen during her NDE, which would make this documentary an indirect message from Christ himself.

Okay, that one’s Narcissism. Had she really encountered Jesus, He would probably have said something along the lines of, “obey your husband, attention whore!”

Being content with self-belief is obviously anathema to the evangelical spirit that keeps Angel Studios in business…

If your beliefs are only true for you, then you don’t have any beliefs. You have fashionable accessories. In your brain. Like microchips.

…but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing that “After Death. . a repetitive slog that’s only shape or narrative momentum comes from its slow unmasking as religious propaganda . ends with someone lamenting the fact that so few people believe in heaven anymore, even now that medical technology has made NDEs more common than ever (naturally, that message isn’t actually the end, but rather the start of something new: The closing credits are interrupted by a “special message” in which the directors implore moviegoers to buy tickets for other people through the pay it forward program).

They had a near-marketing experience!

There may not be anything particularly insidious to the common religious notion that life is just a prelude to the glory or horror of what comes next (and yes, “After Death” boasts an iffy chapter about a drug addict whose NDE took him to the gates of hell), but in the context of such flimsy charlatanism it can’t help but feel a bit sad . even perverse . to watch a film co-opt documentary language to make such unfounded promises about the next world to the people still living in this one.

One hopes that Ehrlich isn’t narcissistic himself, because if so… well, he experienced this movie, so he briefly loved Jesus, right? I don’t wonder why he’s unable to separate a rather silly documentary for the holidays, from the idea that the people he shared emotions with are loathsome Christians.

Sabom goes so far as to describe this mortal coil as “being lived on a flat black-and-white wall,. and likens the emergence into the afterlife as being “lifted off that 2D painting and brought into a 3D room of color all around you.” If only this movie had been designed for the Sphere…


He’s referring to the Baby Boomer Mausoleum, aka the Las Vegas Sphere that recently opened with a thirty-six-show U2 concert. Heh, talk about a near-death experience. Some of those guys are still alive? Is there a necromancer in the house?

Imagine a football stadium. Next, imagine wrapping it in a ginormous flatscreen TV so completely that it needs air holes. Next, imagine paying $1,000 and a day of your life to sit in that architectural abomination instead of your merely hundred-inch flatscreen TV at home. Move over, Fahrenheit 451.

I started a post on the Sphere but lost interest. It’s just a football stadium wrapped in a television, and so big that it can’t possibly be profitable. It doesn’t have to be, Las Vegas is a reality unto itself, but still, how many events need a 20,000-person venue? 20,000 people and 304 parking spaces, per wikipedia.

Although, come to think of it… that could be an amazingly good tool for programming narcissistic personalities with a shared self-identity.

End segue

…perhaps the filmmakers might have been able to convey that such beauty and vividness is possible right here on Earth. Alas, the fact that “After Death” was made by and for people who essentially think of life on our planet as the parking lot outside the universe’s sickest light show is all the explanation you.d need to understand why this movie is such a braindead bore. “Be skeptical,. Sabom implores, and while it’s hard to ignore the clear implication that we’re meant to to be skeptical of everyone else, few documentaries have ever made it easier to question what’s on screen.

Yes, television is the wrong medium for a documentary that by choice of subject matter, has nothing to display except people who are not dead. TV is the wrong medium for much of the content on TV, which has long baffled me. It’s why I’m excited to research the idea that the Cabal has been deliberately fostering the growth of narcissistic personality disorders for decades. TV is the most immersive of existing media and therefore, could be most naturally appealing to people unable to describe who they are without a shared experience or induced emotional state. Favorite books are not the same thing because nobody experiences a book. A book’s stimulation is neither audio nor visual.

Most immersive, that is, with the possible exception of social media. Its long-term consequences aren’t in yet, but its short-term consequences are dopamine tolerance, attention deficit disorder and sudden urges to speak with the manager. (Which proves Narcissistic Karen is important, if the manager is paying attention to her.)

Now please stick around for a very special message about how you can Venmo me lots of money so that other people might be able to experience the eye-opening wisdom of my film criticism.

Not Caring Is Like A Superpower

In the grim darkness of Clown World, the ability to NOT CARE is like an X-mutant superpower. Everything about Clown World is meant to make you care! Marketing, sales, advertising, statistics! Lies and clickbait and polls! Agree or disagree, pay attention to anything you want, but She the media whore must not be ignored!

Thus, if you can be exposed to the media whore and still not care… still be capable of self-directing your attention… then you’re the kind of freak that everybody wishes they were.

I still don’t want to care about Israel’s latest Forever War, but my news aggregators are all forcing me to care by throttling any other topic. I lack the strength to fully not care.

You know what the next best thing is? MOCKERY!!!

Iran “actively facilitating” attacks on US military bases, Biden admin says

h ttps://

By Candace Hathaway, 24 October 2023

The Biden administration stated that Iran is “actively facilitating” some recent attacks on United States military bases in the Middle East.

Well, what a coincidence. USA moved two carrier groups and thousands of troops into position, and immediately afterwards, Iran decided to incite a hot war against USA for no reason at all and no gain at all. Either Ayatollah Khomeini has a death wish, or the CIA is wearing the wrong nation’s uniform. And Khomeini is already dead.

I should pull a Biden and sleep though this National Security Briefing. But then I’d miss the clown show!

During a Monday press briefing, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby explained that over the last week, there has been “an uptick in rocket and drone attacks by Iranian-backed proxy groups against military bases housing U.S. personnel in Iraq and Syria..


h ttps://

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group of Iranian-backed militias, said Monday that their forces used two drones to attack the al-Tanf garrison near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders, a sensitive location often used by Iranian-backed militants to transport weapons to Hezbollah.

Monday’s attack comes after a string of similar attacks on bases housing U.S. military in Iraq and Syria over the past week. In one, the same group attacked two bases in Iraq with drones, causing minor injuries among U.S. forces.

The U.S. military has maintained a presence at the al-Tanf garrison since training forces as part of a campaign against the Islamic State group.

Iraqi militias attacked an Iraqi military base located to interfere with them, and some U.S. “advisors” got hurt? At what point am I supposed to care? The answer is “at the beginning”, as in, “we still have boots in Iraq?”

Two U.S. defense officials confirm to Fox News a base housing U.S. troops in Syria was attacked by drones this morning. No injuries have been reported.

It’s a Pearl Harbor! except it ain’t. “A base housing U.S. troops”, not “a U.S. base”, eh? Can a single military base, from Vietnam to Venezuela to Qatar, be shot at without risk of hitting a GAE merc?

Yes, El Presidente Bukele of El Salvador, you are wise and epic. Sit down.

End segue

Kirby confirmed that the Iranian Armed Forces is backing some of the attacks despite Iran attempting to “maintain some level of deniability..

Et tu, NATO? Forget 404, just look at that al-Tanf garrison where our troops are doing everything but pulling triggers against Hezbollah, and pulling triggers “only to show the Iraqis how it’s done”.

During a Monday briefing regarding conflict in the Middle East, Kirby stated that the administration has “never been blind to Iran’s destabilizing behaviors..

Et tu again, NATO? Why don’t you blame Iran for something they did, like nationalizing their oil industry so Rothschild couldn’t own it anymore.

God help them if they ever decide to build a pipeline. Oh. Ohhhh.

Well, well. That puts the recent Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict into a perspective, now doesn’t it? Also, why London’s Paki mayor was backing the Pillys last I checked.

He touted the Biden administration’s implementation of 40 additional sanctions and its efforts to increase military presence in the region before the Hamas attacks. The administration has sent additional military resources to the region, including two aircraft carriers, warships, and roughly 2,000 Marines [between the Hamas attacks and Iran presumably enjoying attacks on US troops by proxy], Reuters reported.

Try harder, Kirby. Your administration does this every week.

Kirby noted that militia groups backed by Iran attacked “some of our facilities and our troops as well as our diplomats..

.We are certainly mindful of the impact that they have and the encouragement that they give to these groups. So again, without getting ahead of where we are right now and what ways in which we might continue to hold Iran accountable, I can tell you that we are certainly not blind at all to what Iran is doing,. he added.

Amazing. Kirby is floating false flag trial balloons to judge the potential acceptance of a real false flag incident! The only way our aircraft carriers will survive, is if We the Sheeple don’t care if they survive… with sufficient strength.

Not caring is like a superpower! It prevents wars AND floats your boats!

We might actually find out next week! It’s an exciting time to be alive.


Arguing about Israel won’t redeem us

h ttps://—Homepage/commentary-arguing-about-israel-wont-redeem-us

By Matt Himes, managing editor for Align, 20 October 2023

It’s true… but NOT CARING about Israel will restore our nation’s standing in the world! They don’t want us to do anything at all! They want us to go home and bomb ourselves into peace and safety for a change.

And frankly, we would be the better off for it.

A promo for the Supernova Sukkot Gathering addresses itself to the “Tribe of Nova,. which is also the name of the event’s organizer. Talk of “tribes” and the tribal.…

…and ‘nova’ or any other reference to the burning sensation known as “it hurts to pee”…

…is standard in the dance music community, as is the kind of Burning Man, techno-hippie speak promising a party “where the essence of unity and love combines forces with the best music..

If there’s a reason to love Hamas, it’s them sending jihadists to crash Burning Man-Tel Aviv in paragliders. We Americans normally have to buy tickets for guilty pleasures of that magnitude. Red Dawn but this time, with fags and the Russians win? Yes please!

These words take on a sad irony knowing the horror that awaited those who attended.

That poor tattoo artist didn’t know she was risking her life, when she brought needles to a rave in case the drug addicts wanted to vandalize their bodies. Just sayin’, while tattoos CAN be a legitimate work of cultural art, the ones you get at international techno-music raves are probably not that.

The “tribe” metaphor may be corny, but it does reflect our unshakable modern assumption that the obligations we choose take priority over the antiquated claims of family, nation, ethnicity, and religion imposed on us at birth.

The relevant metaphor for that assumption is “consumer” not “tribe”. In fact, now that I think about it, those two words might be antonyms.

It usually takes an encounter with tribalism in the older sense of the word . rooted in land and history and ancient grudges . to knock this assumption loose.

F*ck the Jews. They CHOSE to build a nation where they did. Old Adolf even made Madagascar available to them, so I’m told, and that would have been a great place for the people who are always hated by their neighbors for no reason at all. No, Palestine is not their ancestral homeland after 1,900 years of absence. They might not even be genetic descendants of Abraham. I have no ability to verify the claims that many Jews today are actually Kazarian Mafia, but the 404 War is very, VERY consistent with those claims.

And f*ck Hamas. Burning Ass was late October, not early October. They crashed the wrong party.

Just let God sort ’em out. He’s on their side, am I right?

The 9/11 attacks [united] Americans; now, in Hamas. massacre of at least 1,500 unarmed men, women, and children…

Which implies the border was left unguarded that day.

…Israel has a 9/11 of its own. The analogy isn’t entirely accurate.

I disagree! It’s perfect! What unites us Americans is the realization that our government is actively murdering us in the most passive-aggressive, usurious, Jewish way possible. Similarly, lots of Israeli citizens are now sympathetic to Palestine over the genocidal Orthodox that just froze them out of the government then incited a war to keep them busy fighting somebody else. Thus, both 9/11 and Burning Butt the Prequel were Israeli false flags intended to force GAE to fight a Mideast war on its behalf, so the analogy fits perfectly.

Except that half the planet called that false-flag play, and now poor Kirby must explain how Iran is a mortal threat to the Biden Regime’s continued existence as Israel’s war-profiteering little bitch.

The Bush Regime made it look easy.

But the sheer brutality on display seems to demand that everyone else, no matter how uninformed, also take a side.


Fuck you.

Never again, Shlomo. You cannot show me enough beheaded, tortured babies to care. Which means, both you and Hamas will quickly stop beheading and torturing babies. NOT CARING wins again!

What then can we do to help? It’s fashionable to ridicule “thoughts and prayers” as the ultimate empty gesture, but in my opinion the two are unfairly linked. “Thoughts” are what you post on X or Facebook, usually in reaction to the thoughts of others. Prayer is at once far more private and universal. Prayer is what Fulton Sheen, addressing his fellow Americans during World War II, recommended:

“In wartime the proper approach is to ask God to use our collective wills and our national arms for His holy purposes, rather than to ask Him to serve our purposes. In prayer we do not ask God to fight on our side; we pray to fight on His side.”

I did, and God didn’t care to answer me. Genius! I immediately stopped caring myself, and noticed that I had a whole Western Hemisphere of more relevant problems than whether Bibi ethnic-cleanses the Muslims that no other Muslims want to adopt.

Sucks to be them, but ain’t nobody giving a care for me either.

Sheen recognized that the most important battle of all is waged in the human heart. Of the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, he asks:

.Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.? Do we mean it? Does it not imply a continual conversion and purgation of selfish, evil desires, that we may be caught up as an instrument to serve God’s purposes and that peace, grounded on His justice, may reign throughout the world?”

Which is it? God’s purposes, or world peace? because God said straight up that He didn’t come to bring us peace. He even said that promises of world peace would be the trigger for Armageddon, and you “cruise missiles for peace” people have me totally convinced that God was spot-on from two thousand years away. Put those coordinates in your HIMARS of love!

Maybe the Puritans are still falling for this “let’s spread the Gospel by bombing hearts and minds into submission and shrapnel”? “Mothers will love us after they bury their dead”? I got sick of violence in the name of peace in Gulf War 1, only because I was a bit too young to understand Bosnia.

One could ask the same question of Judaism’s oldest daily prayer, the Shema. Early in his ministry, Jesus cites its opening as the most important commandment of all: .Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength..

Hmm, Christ only quoted the second half of that. It seems that He didn’t consider loyalty to Israel a precondition to loving God.

Meanwhile, God is NOT one. He is the Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That claim is not naturally contentious. It’s difficult and obscure, okay, but certain ethnics and/or certain highly placed leaders get upset at the idea that Father has a Son. I presume it’s a demon-taught aversion, since there’s no mortal consequence to the distinction, thus, I rub peoples’ faces in it and watch if they react like vampires to garlic.

More litmus tests, please!

The great evil Hamas unleashed on the morning of October 7 continues to play out on our screens. Are we unwilling to look away because we’re bearing witness, or is it because we’ve succumbed to the temptation to indulge our own enmities? The only way to find out is by contending not with our fellow fallen creatures, but with the perfect, perfectly good God who made us.

The only way to find out, is to give me a selection of topics to discuss and see which I pick. I can always dig for my own but if I’m not in the mood for research, want an easy day and there’s only one topic in a planet’s worth of headlines, then somebody is getting an ass-ripping worse than Hamas crashing a gay orgy.

Behind the Scenes of Czech Ownership Of American Ammunition

It takes time to move billions of dollars. Congress can’t just write a check, send it to Zelensky and watch him put it in a piggy bank. Especially not when all the Big Men want their percentages.

But after a year and a half, it should come as no surprise that a few arms dealers now find themselves flush with cash and motivated to buy.

Czech IT Company Gobbles Up US Ammo Manufacturers – Remington, Federal, CCI and Others Being Sold Off

h ttps://

By Michael Schwarz for MSN, 20 October 2023

On Monday, Vista Outdoor of Anoka, Minnesota, announced in a news release that it had sold its Sporting Products business to the Czechoslovak Group. Based in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, CSG operates as “a leading industrial technology holding company.”

It described CSG’s move as “the largest acquisition in the history of the Czech defense industry.”

$2 billion value.

Michal Strnad, CSG’s 30-year-old billionaire owner and CEO, expressed a determination to grow the Sporting Products business.

“We look forward to building on the company’s success in delivering innovative, quality products and are confident in the long-term value we can create together,” Strnad said in a statement in the Vista Outdoor release. He added a commitment “to expanding their legacy of U.S. manufacturing and providing resources to accelerate their growth.”

Meanwhile, Sporting Products CEO Jason Vanderbrink embraced the CSG acquisition and echoed the commitment to U.S. manufacturing.

If the manufacturing stays here then I won’t be overly concerned. Infrastructure doesn’t roll as easily as heads of state.

.The company is fully committed to our iconic American brands and expanding our legacy of U.S. manufacturing, support for military and law enforcement customers, and investments in conservation and our hunting and shooting heritage,” Vanderbrink said. “We are excited to work closely with the CSG team as we enter this next phase and position our brands for long-term success..

That’s not all, folks!


CSG scouting for more acquisitions after Italian ammo maker Fiocchi

h ttps://

By Jan Lopatka, 5 December 2022

PRAGUE, Dec 5 (Reuters) – Czechoslovak Group’s (CSG) deal for 70% of small-calibre ammunition maker Fiocchi Munizioni valued the Italian firm in the “high hundreds of millions of euros”, said CSG owner Michal Strnad, adding CSG was on the lookout for more acquisitions.

The Czech-based maker of military equipment and civilian sector products has seen its organic growth boosted by Western aid to help Ukraine’s defence against Russia’s invasion.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re on the take; CSG is a military-industrial holdings company, so of course they’ve been making bank off the 404 War. However, I’d be surprised if Congress allowed the sale of American munitions manufacturers at the moment they’re trying to monkeybranch between 404 War, Gaza War Z and the Cold Chink War with an empty warehouse.

Financialize yourselves just one more time, Senators. I dare ye!

End segue

Thus, as one might expect, the Czech billionaire seemed most interested in making money by creating “long-term value.” No doubt Vanderbrink and other Sporting Products officials appreciated additional “resources” in the form of capital infusion.

For ordinary Americans, however, transactions of this nature produce at least some degree of anxiety.

The National Rifle Association’s Shooting Illustrated, for instance, noted that the Sporting Products business includes “some of the industry’s foremost ammunition manufacturers.”

Therefore, allowing those manufacturers to become foreign-owned might not strike the average American as the most sensible choice.

Of course, such reservations have nothing to do with Strnad personally and certainly not with the Czech Republic in particular. Having been overrun by tyrants in the mid-20th century — first the Nazis and then the Communists — the Czech people have every reason to appreciate the need for an armed citizenry.

Likewise, American manufacturers have no built-in guarantee of favorable treatment — let alone principled patriotism — from a U.S.-owned “holding company.”

BUT, American owners don’t have to appease two continents’ worth of government regulators, all of whom fantasize about disarming the White American. Consolidating all bullet makers into one owner, makes that one owner susceptible to State pressure.

Nonetheless, anxieties remain. After all, how many of their own resources do Americans still control?

Last week, for instance, Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas announced that she would evict a Chinese state-owned company that held farmland in her state.

Communist China, of course, poses threats that the Czech Republic does not. But the principle remains. Ultimate control of U.S. resources must belong only to those who have Americans’ interests foremost in mind.


I did some digging on Michal Strnad. He owns 100% of CSG so this isn’t hedge-fund piracy, and neither the EU nor the Czechs are likely to sabotage USA’s national security. But nothing suggests he would risk his company to continue selling to American civilians, either, if ordered to “reserve production” for government usage. Then again, these manufacturers were already owned by a single company so I’m talking in circles.

Next, I checked if Vista Outdoors was divesting itself because of lawfare or other threat. There was an effort in 2018, motivated by the Parkland shooting, but nothing recent. In 2020, Vista rescued the Remington brand & ammo facilities. In November 2021, CZ-USA filed a $1M lawsuit to recover costs from a failed effort to purchase its ammo businesses, so this was a move that had been in the works for sometime.

Vista Outdoor to Split into Two Companies

h ttps://

By Andrew Weaver, 30 August 2022

Starting next year, Vista Outdoor as we’ve known it will cease to exist. The parent company of CamelBak, Giro, and Camp Chef announced today that in 2023 it will spin its outdoor and .sporting..i.e. ammunition.segments off into separate companies. Chris Metz, Vista’s current CEO, will lead the outdoor business after the split; Jason Vanderbrink, the current president of sporting products, will step into the chief executive role at the ammunition business. Both companies will be publicly traded and renamed following the separation.

Hold that boldfaced thought.

According to a news release published today, the decision was handed down by Vista’s board of directors, which unanimously approved the split. .Following a thorough assessment of Vista Outdoor’s businesses, operations, and value-creation opportunities, the board determined that a spinoff of its Outdoor Products business would unlock significant value,. said Michael Callahan, the company’s chairman, in the release.

Added Metz, “As a result of the separation, our Outdoor Products and Sporting Products businesses will have resources, management teams, and capital allocation priorities tailored to their respective strategic goals. We are confident that this increased focus will better allow each company to deliver long-term value for its shareholders, employees, customers, and other stakeholders..

The move comes at a moment of sales strength for Vista. On an earnings call this morning, the company reported healthy growth in its 2022 fiscal year (FY22), which ended March 31. According to Metz and others on the call, sales in Vista’s Sporting Products division increased 55 percent in FY22, with the Outdoor Products division seeing an 18 percent boost.

Why did they sell that immensely profitable division? Nobody sells their cash cow. They had a $1 billion backlog in orders during the 2020 lockdowns and every indicator is that today is a great day to own a munitions factory in America.

This has got to be a political decision of some kind. Remember that held thought? “Chris Metz, Vista’s current CEO, will lead the outdoor business after the split”?

Vista Outdoor CEO Resigns Unexpectedly

h ttps://

By Dan Niepow, 2 February 2023

Chris Metz on Feb. 1 stepped down as chief executive of Anoka-based recreation company Vista Outdoor. The company’s board asked Metz to step down due to a “loss of confidence in his leadership,. according to a Thursday SEC filing.

The board’s decision did not stem from any disagreements relating to the company’s .operations, policies, or practices,. according to the filing. The board noted that its loss of confidence wasn’t the result of “financial reporting or internal controls,. either, which makes Metz’s departure a bit of a mystery.

That’s another thing that doesn’t happen. I have no eyes in that boardroom, but getting rid of a CEO “for no reason at all” means the board wanted somebody else in the position. The new guy is Eric Nyman, previously the COO, president and a 19-year veteran of Hasbro, Inc.

Vista has been buying up other outdoor products companies ahead of its planned separation. In July, the company announced plans to acquire Fox Racing and Simms Fishing.

I have one last clue to discuss.

h ttps://

10 August 2023

Post-spin, Vista Outdoor will be rebranded as The Kinetic Group, a name that surfaced among employees during the naming process and represents the energy behind the company and its leading ammunition brands. The Kinetic Group will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock ticker .HUNT,. and the brand will feature original logo artwork of a North American ram. Sporting Products leaders unveiled The Kinetic Group’s branding to employees during an employee town hall on Aug. 10 at the CCI-Speer ammunition factory in Lewiston, Idaho.

Well… two months later, that’s NOT what happened. The spinoff got sold to a Czech arms dealer, and on no notice. Something queered that incorporation & stock offer.

My tentative conclusion is that there was a Social Justice-motivated disagreement in the Vista Outdoors boardroom about continuing to manufacture ammunition, no matter the profit, possibly dating back to the 2018 Parkland boycotts. A compromise was reached to divide the company.

And then, the NYSE was too ESG to allow a new arms dealer? Whatever happened, happened, and so the company was quickly sold to CSG.

The sporting goods side appears to have fallen into a black hole. It might not rebrand at all, and just continue as (publicly traded) Vista Outdoors.

I can’t say what effect Czech ownership will have on civilian supplies of ammo, but it seems clear that the sale is not a Deep State-motivated consolidation of the arms industry. Also, it was too long in coming, to have been a hostile takeover after CSG’s Italian purchase.

Banksters and their reindeer games. I’d rather have my ammo made by a privately owned, one-man shop than a corporate holding on the NYSE.

Smart Move, Josh Paul; A Managerial With a Conscience

The appeal of conversion stories is timeless because of their rarity and honesty. “Talk is cheap”, “show me your scars” and so on. Self-harmful behavior motivated by sincere beliefs cuts through all the bullshit. Especially in a context of brazen dishonesty.

All is not well in the managerial state of Fedgov.

We know that USA is a client state of Israel. Managerials do too, but the safe thing to do is… WAS, to deny it.

As I previously blogged, the current Israeli-Hamas conflict is primarily a civil war between secular and Orthodox factions of the Israeli government. Although I suspect the Neocons will soon appropriate the conflict for their own purposes.

In classic proxy-way style, this Jew vs Jew conflict is being waged in the halls of Fedgov. Harvard has been especially hilarious, with doxxing attacks literally the size of flatbed trucks and previously secret donors calling out disloyal bribe-takers.

That glitched their Matrix. There is no longer a safe Narrative for the managerials to parrot. For possibly the first time in their lives, they must make decisions without a safety net. No matter what they decide, a Jew will punish them for it. Answering the JQ just became mandatory!

One of them found the courage to eject.

‘I Couldn’t Shift Anything’: Senior State Department Official Resigns Over Biden’s Gaza Policy

h ttps://

By Akbar Shahid Ahmed, 18 October 2023

Veteran State Department official Josh Paul resigned from the agency on Tuesday over President Joe Biden’s approach to Israel-Palestine, telling HuffPost he felt he had to do so because he knew he could not push for a more humane policy within the U.S. government.

.I have had my fair share of debates and discussions and efforts to shift policy on controversial arms sales,. said Paul, who spent more than 11 years at State’s bureau of political-military affairs, which handles weapons deals. He most recently served as the bureau’s director of congressional and public affairs.

.It was clear that there’s no arguing with this one. Given that I couldn’t shift anything, I resigned,. he told HuffPost on Wednesday evening in his first media interview since he revealed his decision, which he also described in a LinkedIn post.

Textbook managerialism. He publicly toed the line so he could privately have power beyond his station. I have little respect for who he… was.

Multiple officials within the Biden administration who want the U.S. to encourage Israeli restraint and concern for civilians as the country seeks to exact vengeance against Hamas have told HuffPost they are experiencing a chilling effect.

Paul.s public announcement of his resignation sent shockwaves through the State Department on Wednesday. He said he was struck by how colleagues across the government and in Congress received his internal message: .I’ve been surprised by how many have said, .We absolutely understand where you’re coming from, we feel similarly and understand…

It’s not that they didn’t know Fedgov was an Israeli satrapy. It’s that the Narrative protecting them from cooperating with Israel popped. The Mideast is a powder keg that USA’s owners actively want to go nuclear, and USA’s continued existence is not a priority even for the Yankee Elites, and so reality is biting the managerials in their comfy little fiefs.

The natural human response to suddenly changing circumstances is denial. The other human response, one that strikes fear in the hearts of all diabolists, is the response of taking ownership of one’s fate and FREELY CHOOSING to suffer today in order to not suffer tomorrow. That is dangerously close to the Christian Cross.

Paul told HuffPost he had been on leave last week, adding: .It was pretty fortunate because I think if I hadn’t been I would have been fired rather than have the time to think it over and resign..

It’s all fun and games until it’s YOUR signature on that cluster munitions requisition form.

Josh is still in the Matrix, deeply enough to speak with Huffpo and Time, so this moment of clarity might easily not last; but he’s taken a big step towards confronting not just his external choices, but his internal choices too. Suddenly losing his career, and possibly his security clearance too, has significantly dropped the opportunity cost of reexamining his loyalties.

Josh Paul on Why He Resigned From the State Department Over Arms to Israel

By Mathias Hammer for Time Magazine, 20 October 2023

His departure is a rare sign of internal dissent over the administration’s strong support for Israel as it continues airstrikes in Gaza following Hamas’s deadly attacks on Oct. 7. The official, Josh Paul, was the director of congressional and public affairs at the State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, which handles arms transfers.

In an open letter posted to LinkedIn, Paul wrote that the U.S..s decision to rush “more arms to one side of the conflict” is .shortsighted, destructive, unjust, and contradictory to the very values that we publicly espouse..

It’s trendy to claim that Fedgov supplied both sides of the conflict, but this observably isn’t true. When the conflict first broke out, I had wondered how Hamas could fire 5,000 military rockets at a huge, urban target, to cause only a couple hundred deaths. Turns out, most of Hamas’ munitions are homebuilt. Which explains why the only description of those rockets is “rockets”.

Which is also why I’m certain it was Israel who bombed the Christian hospital. Hamas has nothing comparable to a JDAM’s destructive power. If they did then they would have used them by now. But I digress.

Fedgov does supply Iran, at least with money… $16b this year alone, I heard… but I’m not yet sure why. War profiteering is insufficient because Israel surely didn’t approve that.

In an interview with TIME, Paul speaks about his decision to resign, why the administration may be violating the law in providing weapons to Israel, and the response he has received from his colleagues.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. worked in the State Department for more than 10 years and write in an open letter that you knew the job was not “without moral complexity or moral compromise.” What led you to resign now?

First of all, the scale and scope of the crisis that is unfolding before us. Even in the worst days of the Yemen conflict, it was nothing of this scale. Second, as we deal with controversial, complex, sensitive arms transfers, in my experience, there has always been room for debate. Sometimes that debate can range for months or even years, while different stakeholders within government hammer out different approaches and ways to tackle these human rights concerns. In this instance, there has been no debate, or when there has been debate it’s been ignored. It’s just been, .here are your marching orders, move as quickly as you can.” That’s unique to this.

This could be Social Justice butthurt, except Smeagols rarely rise as high as Josh in the org chart. He’s also phrasing words carefully, probably to avoid nondisclosure violations, so reading between the lines, it wasn’t that Josh was ordered to do this; he was ordered to be responsible for this.

You don’t need much of a self-preservation instinct to know that when the boss wants somebody else’s signature on his orders, you don’t want to be that “somebody else”. Especially if he didn’t want to even hear your concerns.

How are U.S. arms transfers to Israel shaping the conflict?

The theory has always been that if Israel feels secure, it will be able to move towards peace with the Palestinians. But in practice the steps that Israel has taken to achieve security have all been at the expense of Palestinian good faith in the peace process.not to mention at the expense of Palestinian suffering. For that reason they have also not led to the two-state solution, which was the whole goal of the Oslo Accords. So in the end, our arming of Israel, which was sort of “take whatever you need, we want you to be secure,. has actually not led to security for Israel. I think that’s more apparent in the last couple of weeks than ever.

Josh was careful to not take the Palestinian side either, which is a second indication of not being a Social Justice Warrior. FWIW, he once did a residency in Ramallah.

Where does the line go between Israel’s right to self defense and what you describe in your letter as “collective punishment?.

I think there are clear guidelines in international law as to what is permissible in war and what is not. And just let’s be clear, Hamas violates those every single day. But when it comes to collective punishment such as the siege laid on Gaza, what possible military benefit does it give Israel to cut off electricity and water to 2.3 million people when you’re trying to target a small number comparatively of Hamas fighters? It’s clearly collective punishment.

Exactly, Josh. Retaliate against Hamas? Sure. Retaliate against the entire population of Gaza? War crime.

There are a number of legal and policy measures in place to prevent arms transfers that will lead to human rights violations. Are these being implemented with regards to Israel?

Earlier this year, the Biden administration issued a new Conventional Arms Transfer policy. One of the most significant adjustments in this version of the policy was the inclusion of this “more likely than not language..that no arms transfer will be authorized where the United States assesses that it is more likely than not that the arms to be transferred will be used by the recipient to commit human rights violations. That is a policy I believe that they are not adhering to or not even considering properly in their pending arms transfers to Israel.

A policy, coincidentally, that Josh would not be adhering to either, except he quickly resigned.

Smart move, Josh!

Because Israel receives foreign military financing it is subject to the Leahy laws, which require the vetting of units that receive that assistance to ensure they’re not engaged in gross violations of human rights. I think the process to do that for Israel specifically, within the department, is broken and politicized and has not been able to meet the requirements of the law.

You answered the JQ, Josh!

What kind of signal do you think your resignation will send to your colleagues in the administration?

I would like to think that it sends a signal that some things are worth fighting for internally. And worth giving up a significant amount for. I am hopeful that it will bring others out of the woodwork, but I don’t know if it will. I certainly am encouraged by the responses that I’ve seen.

What have you heard from your colleagues following your resignation?

That a lot of people are wrestling with these moral dilemmas. A lot of people are deeply uncomfortable, finding this a very difficult time and faced with a lot of tough decisions. People have shared a lot of words of encouragement and support and expressions of shared feelings of how difficult the situation is.

Nobody sane wants this war. Everybody who pays attention, sees the global Elites preparing to abandon North America to the economic, demographic and military controlled demolition that they plotted and enacted over decades of treachery.

Everybody is going to choose a side whether they want to or not. Josh chose early. It cost him much, but not as much as Nuremburg Two would have.

The Dispensation Deception

[This post had the wrong title when I published.]

I’m pretty much done with the current Mideast conflicts, but one thing that happened when Israel activated their entire media empire, is that the mask fell off Christian Zionism.

Trump & Friends are pushing Zionism hard… Steve Bannon is good example, or Jared Kushner if you want to hear it from the Nose’s mouth.

Clergy are pushing it, too… first some megapastors, then even Manosphere pastors… and then this from Vox Day’s blog:

I tried to run that down. It appears to be from this event:

Fury, sadness and solidarity at “Stand with Israel” rally in DC

h ttps://

By Nick Iannelli, 13 October 2023

An emotional, passionate crowd gathered at Freedom Plaza in D.C., about a block from the White House, on Friday afternoon to grieve together and show their support for Israel following the attack by Hamas militants nearly a week ago.

Some in the crowd had the Israeli flag draped on themselves like a cape, while others held signs that featured the Star of David or the words “Stand With Israel.. been absolutely devastated by what happened,. said Jacque Simon. .I just wanted to be with other people who probably felt similar to me..

The rally was hosted by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington.

American and Israeli flags flew next to each other, with the U.S. Capitol Building visible in the background.

Checking the JCRC’s announcement of the event, however…

h ttps://

No Non-Jewish co-sponsors are listed. Since the people in the photo are acting like Jews and Christians weren’t invited (D.C. Mayor Muriel Brown and Maryland Gov. Wes Moore were), and they’re acting like Jews, they’re probably just Jews. Appropriating an American national monument the way they’ve appropriated the rest of USA’s governments.

Nothing a janitor with some whitewash can’t fix, heh. But Israel has been dog-whistling its supporters loudly enough that a lot of masks have dropped, and I’m astonished at how infiltrated the Evangelical Church has proven to be. The trail led all the way back to the Scofield Bible, which I had vaguely thought a heresy as dead as gnosticism. That is, an obvious lie kept alive by obvious freakjobs, and not a serious concern.

I took a close look at Scofield’s lies, and found out that he was the popularizer of dispensationalism, (the originator being the satanist John Darby,) which I had also vaguely thought was a stupid idea invented by fools and left in the dustbin of history.

h ttps://

Dispensationalism is a theological framework of interpreting the Bible which maintains that history is divided into multiple ages or “dispensations” in which God acts with his chosen people in different ways.

Yeah, “Old Testament” and “New Testament”. Why invent a five-dollar word for that?

Dispensationalists use a literal interpretation of the Bible and believe that divine revelation unfolds throughout the Bible. They believe that there is a distinction between Israel and the Church, and that Christians are not bound by Mosaic law.

A typical definition even among Christian sources. “We take a literal interpretation of the Bible…”


“…and believe the Church and Israel [the nation] are different…”


“…and we don’t have to obey Moses.”


So, how is that of satanic origin? What’s the fuss?

h ttps://

“Dispensationalism” gets its name from the “dispensations” inferred in the Bible. They are innocence, conscience, human government, promise, law, grace, and the millennial kingdom.

Those are meritless, artificial divisions, but I say it without heat. They sound like the kind of meaningless arguments invented by ivory-tower Church leaders getting high off their own flatulence. See here, you experts, Christianity is so simple that illiterate peasants have been understanding it for hundreds of years. You’re making it hard just to look busy and sell books.

I hope you aren’t doing it to look smart.

Perhaps ironically, these seven timeframes are not literally named in the text, but they do accurately describe the different ways in which God has interacted with His creation.

Hmm… I’m getting a signal on what might be the problem…

A literal interpretation of the Bible may have its greatest and most divisive effect in the interpretation of what will happen in the end times. Dispensationalism holds that the church and Israel are two different entities, with whom God interacts in two specific ways.

Uh-oh. So far as the New Testament cares, God does not interact with nations at all. Nations still exist, yes, but so do smartphones and God doesn’t care about those, either.

Unlike Covenant theology, dispensationalism teaches that the church did not inherit the promises God made to Israel.

I think he means Moses’ promises of worldly success in return for keeping Moses’ rules, which nobody inherited.

Although both the church and Israel receive salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus…

No. You are Christian or you aren’t. Nationality has nothing to do with that… which is one reason I have concerns about the Christian Nationalist movement.

…the church is not a political/national entity and is not called to enforce God’s standards on a nationwide or worldwide scale. With this distinction in mind, God’s plan for Israel is yet to be fulfilled; Israel still has an essential part in the end times

Satan’s plan is for Israel to rebuild Solomon’s Temple and resume the Mosaic sacrifices, so he can interrupt them in order to become a counterfeit Jesus.

God’s plan is, when that happens, to spare the 144,000 virgin men who reject that abomination, then subject the rest of Israel to His Unfiltered Apocalyptic Wrath, together with the rest of the unrepentant planet. Descriptions of subsequent civilization make no mention of any surviving Jews.

Between the two, I don’t see any role for the Church to play.

God’s attention is temporarily on the church, but will return to [the nation of] Israel when the church is raptured before the Tribulation.

Sooo, the Christian will inherit heaven after he helps the Jew inherit the earth? I’m getting the drift of what dispensationalism REALLY means and it is UGLY. No wonder it’s couched in such deceptive language that I missed it until now. I’m having flashbacks to those attractive young women who told me I’d make a great husband for somebody else. It ain’t about what they say; it’s about what they DON’T.

This next article is worth reading in whole, but is too long to quote fully.

The War on Christianity, Part II: The Abomination and Blasphemy of Christian Zionism

h ttps://

Scofield.s foremost mission was to harmonize his Bible with Zionism. Central to this was distorting the promises God had made to Abraham (the ancestor of both the ancient Hebrews and Arabs) in Genesis 12:1-3:

“Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

Although the word “thee” is singular in the Hebrew, Scofield pulled a fast one, made it plural, and applied the blessing to modern Jews. He wrote in his notes:

.And curse him that curseth thee.” Wonderfully fulfilled in the history of the dispersion. It has invariably fared ill with the people who have persecuted the Jew.well with those who have protected him. The future will still more remarkably prove this principle.”

It’s true! Christ whipped those moneychangers’ asses, and look what happened to Him. Trust the Science!

Meanwhile, a lot of Christians are getting upset at the collapse of organized Christianity. Regardless of why God is permitting that, the very worst possible response is worshiping at the Synagogue of Satan until the Church of God gets its act together.

In Genesis 15:18, God described the land He was giving Abraham and his seed: “In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.”

This demarks “Greater Israel.; the Euphrates and Nile rivers are the two blue stripes displayed on the Israeli flag. They enclose a star traditionally used in Satanism, with six points, six triangles, and a hexagon (six-sided) in the middle.666.

I’ve heard worse guesses.


h ttps://

Joel Greenberg writing in The New York Times notes: “At Israel’s founding in 1948, the Labor Zionist leadership, which went on to govern Israel in its first three decades of independence, accepted a pragmatic partition of what had been British Palestine into independent Jewish and Arab states. The opposition Revisionist Zionists, who evolved into today’s Likud party, sought Eretz Yisrael Ha-Shlema.Greater Israel, or literally, the Whole Land of Israel (shalem, meaning complete).” The capture of the West Bank and Gaza Strip from Jordan and Egypt during the Six-Day War in 1967 led to the growth of the non-parliamentary Movement for Greater Israel and the construction of Israeli settlements. The 1977 elections, which brought Likud to power also had considerable impact on acceptance and rejection of the term.

And then, less than a year after Likud’s return to power in 2022, Greater Israel is the agenda once again, assisted by the holey aircraft carriers of the Judeo-Chumps.

Conspiracy theorists have suggested the blue strips of the Israeli flag represent the Nile and Euphrates as the boundaries of Eretz Isra’el as promised to the Jews by God according to religious scripture. This claim was at a time made by Yasser Arafat, Iran and Hamas. However, both Zionists and Anti-Zionists have debunked this.

Confirmation that we’re on the right path! snicker

End segue

Scofield also made it appear that the Bible prophesied a future return of the Jews to Palestine, in order to give the Balfour Declaration, and Israel’s eventual statehood, the illusion of “fulfilled prophecies.” His notes proclaimed:

“The gift of the land is modified by prophecies of three dispossessions and restorations . . . . Two dispossessions and restorations have been accomplished. Israel is now in the third dispersion, from which she will be restored at the return of the Lord as King under the Davidic Covenant.”

Third dispersion meaning the current, Christian world; Israel will be restored by the false Christ being revealed in the Temple, not the real Christ returning; at which time, “the Christians magically go away” aka Rapture (aka mass murder) and Israel gets to rule the world without suffering our existence.

WHY is that something that any self-described Christian would cooperate with? Moral inversion is coming full circle, to worshiping the devil in the name of God.

Eight Days Left On the Doomsday Clock

In addition to two carrier groups, Blinken (not Biden) is now deploying 2,500 Marines to the Eastern Med… not enough for an invasion, but enough to evacuate our embassies in good order….

Biden himself is being sent into an active war zone…

This from Matthew Bracken via

There is precedent for such convoys, although I didn’t see one announced lately. More important is Russia having a naval presence courtesy of Syria. Israel has maintained a naval blockade of Gaza for years but sometimes allows humanitarian efforts through.

And my two cents’ contribution:

Israel cripples Syria’s two main airports in strikes: Syrian state media

h ttps://

12 October 2023

Israel has launched missile strikes on Syria’s two main airports in Damascus and the northern city of Aleppo, knocking both out of service, Syrian state media has said.

The “simultaneous” attacks damaged landing strips in the two airports, .putting them out of service,. state news agency SANA said on Thursday, citing a military source.

Syrian air defences were activated in response to the attacks on both airports, television channel Sham FM said.

The attacks would [be] Israel’s first strikes on Syria since [May, when] Israeli air raids struck Aleppo airport, killing three people and putting the facility out of commission, SANA reported.

Israel has for years carried out attacks on targets in Syria, including the country’s main airports, as part of operations believed to be aimed at disrupting Iranian supply lines.

On the one hand, this is not going to disrupt Syrian air defenses much, and it’s happened often enough that I’m sure Assad has workarounds.

On the other hand, it will surely interfere with any emergency logistics over the next couple weeks, while runways and terminals get repaired.

NATO will hold a major nuclear exercise next week as Russia plans to pull out of a test ban treaty

h ttps://

By Lorne Cook, 12 October 2023

BRUSSELS (AP) . NATO will hold a major nuclear exercise next week, the alliance’s chief said Thursday, an announcement that came after Russia warned it would pull out of a global nuclear test ban agreement.

NATO.s “Steadfast Noon” exercise is held annually and runs for about a week.

Oct. 16-26. The same time frame, roughly, that Syria’s main airports are knocked out.

It involves fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear warheads but does not involve any live bombs. Conventional jets and surveillance and refueling aircraft also routinely take part.

.This is a routine training event that happens every October,. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said. .This year, the training will take place over Italy, Croatia and the Mediterranean Sea..

The Adriatic Sea, in other words, which is roughly equidistant from Ukraine and Syria.

Whatever is gonna happen in the Eastern Med… carrier group sinking, whacking a drooling imbecile that nobody listens to… it will probably happen before Steadfast Noon concludes. The Neocons didn’t get their Russia War in Ukraine, and this is a perfect setup to get a Russia War in Syria instead… and I can’t imagine that Blinken hasn’t yet wrestled the nuclear football away from Diaper Joe.

Israel just wants to ethnic-cleanse Gaza. They bombed the Egyptian exit, which Egypt fortified to protect themselves from cultural enrichment, which will provide an exit for the Gazans as IDF starts its push in the North. IF it starts its push. IDF has been delayed by adverse weather conditions of sunny and clear skies. Vampire much?

The bombing of Gaza’s Baptist Hospital also demonstrates why Israel needs GAE to fight its wars. Extreme passive-aggressive complex.

I always thought demons had courage… but courage is a virtue, now isn’t it? And they aren’t virtuous.

So, it’s the Neocons who will decide which war actually gets fought… the Gaza conflict that Israel wants, or the Syria conflict that Neocons want.

In eight days or less. Because Neocon is NATO.

Stay Away From Welfare

There’s been an uptick in voices suggesting that white men get on Medicaid, housing assistance and whatever other welfare we can. This is a typical sentiment:

h ttps://

12 October 2023

Speaking of the system, let’s talk about the title of this post: White males, EBT, and Medicaid. I wrote this post to encourage all White males who qualify to sign up for Medicaid and EBT. It is time for White males to begin taking from the system they have propped up with their earnings for many years.

Some of you might balk at this, having been raised with the retarded boomer nonsense about “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” and the equally retarded “rugged individualist” crap. Both of those ideas no longer apply in a multi-racial, woke communist society that has put a target on the backs of White males.

Fuck all of the boomer bootstrap crap! Put it out of your heads, once and for all, and never think about it again. Take what you can get from the system, do not hesitate, and do not feel an ounce of self-consciousness or remorse. The system hates you, so grab what you can get before the collapse finishes.

Don’t do it. It’s a trap! Several traps, actually.

First and most obviously, don’t allow yourself to become dependent upon your enemies. Don’t pretend you can work the system while remaining independent of the system. It’s designed to get you hooked. Once you sign on, you’ll be micromanaged by bureaucrats and limited to government-sanctioned options,. Worse, the anarcho-tyranny won’t stop. You’ll be tempted to cheat just because everybody else does and always get away with it. “Everybody else” meaning not you, Cracker Jack.

Second and most importantly, what kills a man’s soul is being powerless over his fate. There is no worse existential pain. The most miserable, whiny people I ever met, were welfare bums worried about their checks arriving at the end of the month because, oh, I think it was a possible Fedgov shutdown that time. They couldn’t do anything but hope the checks arrived and with the expected amounts. Or, they wouldn’t do anything. I was never sure which and didn’t want to start a fight to find out, not with people whose greatest fantasy was becoming a REAL victim.

Women don’t mind that kind of dependence. Neither do parasites. But you’re a white man. You’re a creative force. You want to do stuff. You’re wired to save and prepare for an uncertain future. If Karl the Magical Money Faerie showed up and gave you a guaranteed pension for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t sit in a chair and watch television for the next half century.

Not without asking your wife to hold your beer while hooking up some nitrous.

Notice those weren’t Asians, Latinos or Africans. Face it, Whitey, that’s how you roll.

Thirdly, never try to con a con artist. The primary reason white men are hated in our own countries today, is because all these entitlement queers know that they’re dependent upon us. They don’t like that. It’s emasculating and for damn good reason, and they’ll take it out on you if you get in line with them. Those micromanaging bureaucrats I mentioned? They have a special hate for white men who figure out their scam and try to move in on their action. Handing over your personal info to an Antifascist working hir’s dead-end day job of community organizing is a terrible way to beg for your tax money back.

For better or worse, white men are the race closest to God. That means we’re almost pathologically honest. That means we’re not comfortable under somebody else’s boot heel. That means we can’t beat a con artist at his own game. That means our default paradigm is a society of equals doing crazy shit that sometimes changes the world, not a society of caste and rank and obeying some random petty warlord just because he’s your second cousin once removed.

WE CANNOT LIVE LIKE THEM. We’re producers. They’re consumers. We’re angels. They’re devils. When their masters run out of food, they’ll burn, loot, then die. When our masters run out of food, we’ll piss on their graves and sigh with relief that the nightmare is over.

Don’t sell out; survive. Your natural gift is the ability to plan ahead for cold winters. The vibrant’s natural gift is gorging during times of wealth then starving during times of… consequences.

Life is hard right now because we see the end coming but aren’t sure what preparations are most needed. Do your best, practice patient endurance, and whenever you feel tempted to live stupid, fat & happy like the Groids and Nu-mericans, notice the glassy, bovine glaze in their eyes whenever you talk about an event farther away than the end of the month.

That’s not you and it’s never gonna be you. Self-serving Boomer advice has nothing to do with who you are, you rugged individualist.

Next and most importantly, remember that you have a future and the welfare parasites don’t.

Psalm 73: 1-14,16,17

Surely God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart.

But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold. For I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong. They are free from common human burdens; they are not plagued by human ills.

Therefore pride is their necklace; they clothe themselves with violence. From their callous hearts comes iniquity; their evil imaginations have no limits.

They scoff, and speak with malice; with arrogance they threaten oppression. Their mouths lay claim to heaven, and their tongues take possession of the earth.

Therefore their people turn to them and [learn their wicked ways]. They say, .How would God know? Does the Most High know anything?. This is what the wicked are like.always free of care, they go on amassing wealth.

Surely in vain I have kept my heart pure and have washed my hands in innocence. All day long I have been afflicted, and every morning brings new punishments.

When I tried to understand all this, it troubled me deeply, until I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny.

I have one last reason to not go on welfare, a personal one but it may inspire. I SHALL BE WITNESS AGAINST THE WICKED. They steal from me with the justification that when I fall into need myself, I’ll retroactively justify their thefts by asking them to steal for my benefit, too.

I never will, may God grant me strength. They will steal from me, I cannot stop that, but I will never legitimize their thefts by claiming “my fair share” of loot. Come Judgment Day, the wicked will cry, “God, when you were starving, we robbed the rich in your name, kept 90% and gave you all the rest!” And God will look down from on high and mutter, “I was that so-called rich man, and the reason I starved is because you robbed me. Behold GunnerQ, my faithful servant and by-way-of-example.”

That’s the way to do Christianity these days. Live your life to make a point. Have nothing to do with the wicked deeds of wicked men. Act, don’t react, and accept that suffering is the inevitable reward of righteousness. Are you surprised that the dead don’t feel pain?

Again, like the psalmist Asaph, remember that you have a future and the welfare parasites don’t. The ultimate reason NOT to join them.

Verses 27-28

Those who are far from you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you. But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.

A Discourse On City Planning: The Culdesac Tempe-l

Utopia is like Heaven: it has no place for the unbeliever.

I found some brochures-slash-news articles for Culdesac, a showcase Hive being built in Tempe, Arizona, a land of still-Americans but with Jew-controlled government. An ideal location to build a Potemkin Village showing us deplorables what we’re missing out on by not worshiping the Climate Change! And you know what? It really does show us what we’re missing out on.

We’re missing the chance to be parasitic livestock living between Armpit Hair Karen and the trendy cubicle-for-rent that you’ll need for telecommuting. You don’t need to own a car! Everything you need is a short walk away! (Also, you get government-subsidized metro and Uber vouchers. Because not everything is a short walk away.)

Culdesac Tempe is a car-free housing development for the ‘post-car society’

By Jonathon Ramsey, 1 December 2019

San Francisco-based developer Culdesac has broken ground on what it calls the first dedicated, car-free residential development in the United States. Culdesac Tempe is a $140-million mixed-use neighborhood that will house up to 1,000 residents in 636 multi-family units laid out on 16 acres.

That’s a population density of 60 people per acre, or 38,400 people per square mile. A typical definition of “high density” is 10,000 people per square mile. In 2015, New York City was about 28,000 people per square mile.

NYC is not a strong comparison, since we’re speaking of one housing development, but it’s relevant because Culdesac is described as mixed-use. I like the idea of mixed-use myself, of the first floor of a building being commercial and the upper floor(s) being residential. However, mixed-use doesn’t work with high population density because there aren’t enough jobs for the residents. You’re still going to have a lot of commuting, which is the main problem that mixed-use zoning is meant to solve.

Speaking of commuting…

None of those residents will be allowed to drive or park personal cars on the property, and they can’t park in the surrounding areas, either.

Behold the Original Sin of city planning: planners deciding what they want the little people to want, instead of giving the little people what they want.

The best definition of government that I’ve ever heard, is “the largest supplier of coercion in a society”. Some coercion is needed for city planning, but the operative word is “need”. Where I live on the Pacific Rim of Fire, everybody NEEDS to build for earthquakes… civilization will literally end if they aren’t forced to… but everybody doesn’t NEED to build for, say, my preferred lifestyle of ammosexual.

Although crime would become much less. Developers, please consider accommodating the special needs of us heavily armed rednecks.

Ryan Johnson, a Culdesac co-founder and its CEO, told the Wall Street Journal, “Transportation has changed a lot over the last decade and real estate hasn’t kept up. Now there’s the chance for us to build the first post-car development.” Transportation options on and off the development will include a light rail station across the street, scooters, bikes, ridesharing, and a few spaces for carsharing vehicles.

That wouldn’t work for a retirement home, or in rainy climates, or if the next stop on that light rail system is a ghetto. The automobile is what makes modern America work because 1. it’s a source of mobility for all persons and 2. you DON’T enjoy the companionship of your next-door neighbors. In our multicultural society, the way we avoid the inevitable social friction of diversity+density is not needing social spaces at all.

As a long-term strategy, avoiding socialization opportunities is going to fail USA. But we cannot do better until our government allows freedom of association once again.

Did you know that planned communities such as Culdesac here, used to have explicit racial standards on who was allowed to be a resident? Those restrictions ended in 1965. SecTrans Petey Buttplug cries about rayciss roads, but it wasn’t the roads that were racist. It was YOUR PROPERTY DEEDS.

Eliminating a huge chunk of space normally used for roads and resident parking pads makes wholesale changes to the habitat; according to the co-founders, “half of the land area will be covered in landscaping, public courtyards, and greenery,” which it says is three times the typical share of green space for an urban development. There will also be room for traditional amenities like a pool, a gym, and communal fire pits, and luxury touches like plazas, green spaces, a human park and a separate dog park, and shared working spaces (think WeWork).

Does it have a church?

Yeah, didn’t thought so. It has all the amenities of a one-star Extended Stay in (ahem) Phoenix.

“Half of the land area” means 50% site coverage by buildings. That’s not much open space when you deduct walkways and storefronts.

WeWork was a Jewish scam to inflate property rents. They rented unused space from property owners, then rented the space back as needed. This created an artificial shortage of rental space, which allowed owners to jack rents enough to turn a profit. Meanwhile, WeWork tried to make a side gig out of ‘shared working spaces’, which meant “you rent a cubicle in order to do your job, except there’s no cubicle and you have zero privacy from your boss”.

At least the”knowledge working” inmates won’t have to commute from their pens to their pods. Fine as far as it goes, this is only one subdivision, but none of these 15-minute cities offer shop space to the inhabitants. What are my options, as a resident, if I want to do a little woodworking on the weekend? Where do I park my work truck if I work-from-home as a roach coach chef?

When the development opens in the fall, rents are planned to range from $1,400 to $1,500, only slightly above the average Tempe rent of $1,360.

Most newly built subdivisions can charge higher-than-average rents. These people aren’t even going to try? Does it not have any luxury spots? That’s one way that subdivisions try to meet government mandates for low-income units, by offering enough desirable units to offset the lost income.

And since most of the units will be one-bedrooms, there will be private guest suites for visitors so that “living space won’t be wasted on rarely-used extra bedrooms.”

This is a dormitory, not a residential development. This is not how Americans naturally live.

It will be interesting to see who moves in. Culdesac says it has “enormous” demand for the units already.

“Everybody wants to live here! Our rents will be exactly median.”

That could be aided by the fact that Tempe’s a college town built around Arizona State University and the median age there is under 30, even though reports show millennials buying cars in the same numbers as the previous generation.

Under 30 is important because that’s the mobile young adult, no family demographic. They aren’t dumb, they’re building this “college dormitory-like housing” near a college. But those kids like cars as much as anybody else, so…

The goal is to create a city where everyone can access jobs and amenities without feeling like they need to own a car.

…the goal is to sell a city where everybody can be a good wage slave without being allowed to own a car. Until the dream fails, then they’ll rent to college kids.

Is the scam convincing anybody yet? Four years later?

.People are happier in a walkable neighborhood.: the US community that banned cars

h ttps://

By Oliver Milman, 11 October 2023

On a 17-acre site that once contained a car body shop and some largely derelict buildings, an unusual experiment has emerged that invites Americans to live in a way that is rare outside of fleeting experiences of college, Disneyland or trips to Europe: a walkable, human-scale community devoid of cars.

They left out Soviet gulags. Those factory-prison complexes became so profitable that dissidents were manufactured just to keep those 15-minute camps staffed. As always, the demand for Nazis greatly exceeded the supply.

Culdesac ushered in its first 36 residents earlier this year and will eventually house around 1,000 people when the full 760 units, arranged in two and three-story buildings, are completed by 2025. In an almost startling departure from the US norm, residents are provided no parking for cars and are encouraged to get rid of them. The apartments are also mixed in with amenities, such as a grocery store, restaurant, yoga studio and bicycle shop, that are usually separated from housing by strict city zoning laws.

Four years from groundbreaking to first tenants, and another two years to finish the job? Fifteen minute cities aren’t going to happen. Too much red tape, too many bribes, not enough skilled labor to make it happen fast. There’s not enough time left before the Dollar Collapse. Assuming it happens sometime this century, ha!

The $170m Culdesac project shows “we can build walkable neighborhoods successfully in the US in [the] 2020s,. according to Ryan Johnson, the 40-year-old who co-founded the company with Jeff Berens, a former McKinsey consultant.

Speaking of college, the two were college roommates. Speaking of McKinsey, I notice there’s no (formal) pharmacy. An oversight?


h ttps://

McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, will pay nearly $600 million in multiple settlements over its work consulting for drug companies that states say fueled the nation’s opioid crisis.

McKinsey reached the agreement with a coalition of 47 attorneys general, the District of Columbia and five US territories. The company settled separately with the attorneys general of Washington and West Virginia.

The $573 million multistate settlement, announced Thursday, .resolves investigations by the attorneys general into the company’s role in working for opioid companies, helping those companies promote their drugs, and profiting millions of dollars from the opioid epidemic,. according to a press release from the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Way too cheap a punishment for the damage done… but now that they aren’t literally poisoning you, McKinsey & Scum is building concentration cam… dormitories for you.

End segue

So, who are the lucky new tenants?

If this is a trend, then McKinsey is building a 15-minute brothel. The center visage is the camp commandant, excuse me, government and external affairs officer. But she’s also a client!

.It.s positively European, somewhere between Mykonos and Ibiza,. said Jeff Speck, a city planner and urban designer who took a tour of Culdesac earlier this year. .It is amazing how much the urbanism improves, both in terms of experience and efficiency, when you don’t need to store automobiles..

A lying sack of shit tells us how happy we’ll be after we own nothing. I haven’t shown pictures of the complex because there’s nothing to show. Dense white buildings, sterile as a surgical ward. It’s positively Mediterranean, somewhere between Gaza and Tripoli. Which is appropriate for Phoenix, Arizona, I guess, but I’m still not inspired.

Speck said that he expects closer relationships to form among residents. .We will soon have Culdesac babies,. he predicted.

In single-room apartments with no visitors allowed overnight? Speck must not have noticed all the research papers confirming the obvious, strong, inverse correlation between population density and fertility.

Also, between socialism and fertility.

Driving to places is so established as a basic norm that deviation from it can seem not only strange, as evidenced by a lack of pedestrian infrastructure that has contributed to a surge in people dying from being hit by cars in recent years, but even somewhat sinister.

Why would there be a “surge” in pedestrian deaths? Because cars are suddenly popular, because Venezuelans don’t know what cars are, or because Buttplug is cooking the stats?

People walking late at night, particularly if they are Black, are regularly accosted by police . in June, the city of Kaplan, Louisiana, even introduced a curfew for people walking or riding bikes, but not for car drivers.

Gosh, black people should be allowed to own cars, then.

Et tu, Speck?

A smart city planner would look for ways to remove the need for transportation. He would not outlaw private transportation while subsidizing public transportation. What they’re doing here is banning cars then subsidizing Corprat-operated alternatives to cars on the transportation-as-a-service model. There is literally no appeal being made, to live in Culdesac. Everything about this place is for stakeholder benefit. You can’t just build a dog park and expect people to enjoy it.

The only people getting into the pods, thus far, are post-fertility feminists wanting to be enrolled in the only harem that’ll still take them: Uncle Joe’s Corporate Laundromat, funneling welfare money to cronies for kickbacks, proudly financed & presented by the people who brought you the opioid epidemic. Why would they want to leave? They have no families, no God and no future once the gubmint checks stop.

This forced proximity is going to fail as soon as vibrant anarchists get housed above the Starbucks.

Learn To Discern

One of the most unpopular aspects of the New Testament is that it contains many gray areas. There are practical reasons for that… you cannot have a monocultural global religion… but more importantly, Christ wants His followers to be transformed into gods. That requires breathing space for initiative and self-determination.

Many people don’t like that. Many people prefer their religion to be a list of rules rather than a fountain of opportunity. Their God is NOT bigger than a bread box, thank you very much. He fits very nicely between Saturday’s nightclub and Sunday’s football game.

Let’s start easy. I don’t disagree with this bishop, but what he didn’t say needs to be said very loudly.

Belgian Bishop Claims Euthanasia Is “Not Necessarily. Morally Wrong

h ttps://

By Thomas D. Williams, PhD, 11 October 2023

For example, it’s easy to discern that Mr. Williams is an emotionally insecure midwit. He’s smart enough to get a PhD and insecure enough that he wants the world to know.

ROME . Catholic Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, has sparked controversy by suggesting that euthanasia is not necessarily morally wrong in all circumstances.

In a recent interview, the progressive Bishop Bonny took aim at the Vatican, asserting that Church leaders are mistaken in teaching that euthanasia is “always an intrinsic evil, whatever the circumstances..

.This is too simple an answer that leaves no room for discernment,. the bishop said, elaborating, .We will always oppose the wish of some to end a life too prematurely, but we must recognize that a request for euthanasia from a young man of 40 is not equivalent to that of a person of 90 who faces an incurable illness..

.What do you say to someone who has been affected by an incurable illness for years and who has decided to request euthanasia after talking to their family, their doctor, their loved ones?. Bonny asked.

.We must always refer to the Bible, but nothing is more difficult than interpreting it and applying it to a particular situation without falling into fundamentalism,. he contended. .God relies on our intelligence to fully understand his word..

That is correct.

The bishop said philosophy has taught him “never to be satisfied with generic black and white answers..

That is NOT correct. Your philosophy degree and six dollars will buy you a cup of coffee in Kommiefornia, but you still won’t know what a woman is.

.All questions deserve answers adapted to a situation: a moral judgment must always be pronounced according to the concrete situation, the culture, the circumstances, the context,. he said.

The Christian moral judgement on euthanasia, in a vacuum, is that your life belongs to you. God does not want slaves; neither does He want us treating our siblings-in-Christ as slaves. You can choose to live or die. There will be consequences either way, but nowhere in Scripture does God impose a duty to live.

We would, on occasion, have to temporarily renounce Christ, if Christ’s Will for us was longevity.

BUT, that is Christian morality “in a vacuum”.

Saint Pope John Paul II said euthanasia is often accepted out of “misguided pity” but is also “sometimes justified by the utilitarian motive of avoiding costs which bring no return and which weigh heavily on society..

The boldfaced is where we are in Current Year. In the context of socialized health care, the opportunity to die becomes… very quickly… the duty to die. As soon as government starts paying your medical bills, government will start looking for ways to minimize your medical bills, and cue the Death Panels.

Euthanasia is immoral for the time being, because we are ruled by people who hate us and want us dead and are trying to create as many ways to off us as they can imagine. We should not allow the State to exploit our freedom over death.

That will not always be the situation. And yet, many Christians are so uncomfortable with the spirit of God’s Will that they insist upon the letter of God’s Will. If God was not explicit then Churchian bureaucrats… at the request of the insistently immature… will happily step in to correct God’s mistakes.

This is what they mean, when they say you cannot free a man who was born a slave. Little has changed since Moses wore a veil.

A major cause of church friction is clergy imposing moral codes where God did not, then refusing to change those moral codes as time passes and situations change. Perhaps there was a time when dancing was sexually immoral, but it’s not immoral everywhere and always. Perhaps there was a time when the King James Bible was supernaturally special, but today I can’t hardly read it. I once heard of a promising pro tennis player who decided he was making an idol of tennis, and walked away from the sport. No rule or prophet required him to do that. He simply wanted, to the best of his knowledge, what God wanted.

God will surely reward him for that devotion even if he was mistaken.

But no. Instead of churches being groups of men worshiping God and building up each other, they’re bureaucracies of variable relevance, united only in their certainty that a man should not be permitted to judge his own way through life.

The issue here, is that discernment is DEAD in the Christian Church. Deader than disco. Christians, ESPECIALLY clergy, fail so completely to recognize evil or identify God’s Will in changing situations, that many unbelievers see nothing unique about God.

Do Christians have more stable marriages? No and don’t argue otherwise, because “No” is what they honestly see. Any quoted statistics are secondary. You have not the beginnings of discernment, if when other people think for themselves, your knee-jerk response is “don’t believe your lying eyes”.

Can you tell the difference between a Godly young woman and a Godless young woman without having to ask? No. How often does a “believer” alter his life path specifically because he is a believer? Heh. Unbelievers watch Christians live no differently than non-Christians, and reasonably ask why they should bother with Christ.

I cannot answer them because “come to Jesus, shun His Church” is nearly the same thing as “don’t believe your lying eyes”. The only reason it isn’t, is because the average Christian is lying about being a Christian… but “90% of Christians are faking it” is a hard sell. I myself don’t attend church because I’m a believer. It would be a decent social opportunity; I could make some friends or at least hang out a little; but I would either live the complementarian lie they offer, or be kicked out for denouncing that lie.

And you know me. I’m so quiet. Got no tongue at all.

Discernment isn’t hard, or at least, you can start with the easy stuff like “when is self-killing a bad idea?” or “do I go to Hell if I burn with lust but no woman will marry me?” or “is getting involved in yet another Mideastern war, on behalf of foreigners who hate Jesus, something that Jesus would do? Even if we assume, despite the evidence and history, that their cause is legitimate?”

Or how about, “did God mean what He repeatedly said about women submitting to men and wearing head coverings? Nah, we today are smart enough to know that God secretly wanted us to do the exact opposite, just like the God-hating Marxists are teaching us to.”


I’m not even asking for action. I’m asking you to make smarter choices about what you choose to believe & say, because it’s frustrating to be associated with morons who say God and do Satan. For serious, the typical “Christian” is two steps* away from believing Christ died so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice chickens on the pentagram any longer.

Christ has already covered any spiritual penalty for the inevitable mistakes you’ll make as you begin to actively participate in God’s plans for humanity. You have godhood to gain, and nothing to lose but your flesh.

*Step One: discover what your daughter is being taught at the local government school. Step Two: feel sad for the chicken.

I Nailed It: Netanyahu Wins Everything, Picks Up A Spare

Israel is now a triumvirate dictatorship… and poised for rapid growth!

Netanyahu Is Sharing Power With One of His Most Popular Political Opponents. It Could Keep a Broader War at Bay.

h ttps://

By Fred Kaplan, 11 October 2023

No, Benny is NOT sharing power. He won, permanently, full stop.

The formation of a unity government in Israel, with power shared by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and one of his most popular political opponents, is a major development.a necessary step to sustain support for the war, on the home front and among Israel’s allies, as the fighting is about to intensify.

Just as important as the step itself.which was announced on Wednesday and will last only as long as the war the new government’s co-leader: Benny Gantz, a former Israeli defense minister and army chief of staff whose party won more votes than Netanyahu’s in the 2019 election but failed to piece together a majority coalition. Until Saturday, Gantz had said he would never join a government with Netanyahu.

As part of the arrangement, Gantz demanded.and Netanyahu ultimately agreed.that all decisions about the war would be deliberated by a small emergency cabinet consisting only of those two men and the current defense minister, Yoav Gallant. This will exclude the other cabinet members in Israel’s governing coalition, all of whom are to the right of Netanyahu and, therefore, are distrusted by half of the country.

QED, a Triumvirate. And you thought democracy was an unstable government? Keep reading… I seriously doubt that a threesome was Gantz’ idea.

The two men also agreed that, for as long as the war lasts, the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, will not consider any legislation unrelated to the war. This means that Netanyahu’s most controversial motion.a package of laws to slash the supreme court’s powers, a proposal that has spurred hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens to protest in the streets every Saturday off the table.

Bibi wins.

The proposed laws have been the biggest source of political dissension. Just a few weeks ago, many reservists refused a call-up in protest of the pending law. Over the weekend, when the call-up did come, in response to a real, possibly existential threat, the reservists all turned up. Many Israelis living outside the country have flown back in the past few days to rejoin the army.

Bibi wins again.

A former senior U.S. official with long experience in the Middle East told me in an email on Wednesday, .The main thing Benny brings is credibility and rationality.” His presence “will strengthen the argument that, whatever the Israelis do in Gaza, it will be based on national interests, not on Bibi’s personal political interests..

Bibi started this with attacks on the Palestinians, notably desecrating the Al-Aqsa Mosque less than a week before Hamas launched its attack.


h ttps://

4 October 2023

Dozens of Israeli settlers have forced their way into the flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in occupied East Jerusalem to mark the fifth day of Sukkot, according to the Islamic Waqf Department.

Since Sunday, thousands of settlers have been carrying out provocative tours of the mosque complex following calls by ultranationalist Jewish groups.

That’s Bibi’s faction.

Israeli settlers stormed the complex on Wednesday in groups through the al-Mughrabi Gate by the Western Wall near Al-Aqsa Mosque and attempted to perform “Talmudic rituals., according to a Waqf official.

Police imposed age restrictions and prevented young Palestinians from entering the mosque during the incursions, witnesses told the Anadolu news agency.

Age restrictions? Why were young male Palestinians singled out for special maltreatment? To get them angry.

The Israeli army forced Palestinians to shut down their stores in the Old City to allow Jewish prayers to take place. The Palestinian Wafa news agency reported that Israeli forces prevented a number of Waqf employees from entering the holy Islamic site in the morning.

But nooo, it was Hamas who started the latest violence “for no reason at all” a couple days later.

Meanwhile, Israeli police on Wednesday arrested five people suspected of spitting towards Christians or churches in the Old City of Jerusalem and formed a special investigative team to deal with growing complaints of hostile gestures against Christians.

Have you no shame, Zionist Christians? When God said to bless those who curse you, He didn’t mean you should reward them for hating your Savior.

End segue

Then Bibi turned off his people’s border security for the retaliation, in order to maximize casualties. Watching puppet organizations such as BLM protest in favor of Palestinians is good evidence that this political rift is not over yet… but any efforts to undo Bibi’s seizure of the courts can now be construed as undermining the war government’s stability.

What convinced his opponent to play ball? Ockham’s Razor says Gantz has his own list of deplorables to cross off during this ‘state of emergency’, but maybe he’s just taking the best offer on the table. He’s a defense minister. He’s nothing without a war to fight.

He’s also fatally stupid. Does Gantz realize who the odd man out is in that threesome of Bibi, Bibi’s ally defense minister and Bibi’s rival defense minister? If somebody needs to take some blame, guess who it’ll be… which will let Bibi discredit his political rivals.

Bibi wins again.

President Biden has sent two aircraft carrier task forces into the region. The point of doing so is to deter Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran from getting involved in the war.

One to be sunk a la USS Liberty, and one to retaliate against Iran before any questions can be asked about who those masked men were. I’d guess that only one of the two carriers has dual-citizen senior command.

Bibi better not win that one, too.

Meanwhile, it’s disgusting that USA’s primary military concern is how to reach the battlefield. We had no enemies, not even peers in the entire Western hemisphere, but D.C. being infested with Nosy brain slugs means we struggle to keep Forever Wars going on the proverbial far side of the planet. If we need helicopters that transform into transatlantic-capable airplanes just to make the logistics of war bearable, then we’re picking fights where we don’t belong.

Thank God that Russia acknowledges it ain’t the American people playing Forever War. Would be nice if China did, too.

To Understand Hamas, Remember Aristotle

I’ve been monitoring the situation in Israel as best I can, me being a monolingual, provincially-minded ‘Murican who would be THRILLED to forget the Old World even exists. The Western Hemisphere has enough excitement for me.

Alas, my cuntry is a pawn of Israel and/or China… and/or Satan… the problem with buying politicians is they never stay bought… so I’ve cared to notice, unlike most major American media outlets, that Israel has been on the brink of civil war ever since Netanyahu’s Orthodox/Likud faction gained power in the November 2022 election.

Support for his coalition has plummeted since, as it consolidated power and warmongered against (COUGH, HACK, AHEM) the Palestinians… and while polls are propaganda at the best of times, IDF servicemen threatening to stand down is pretty serious.

Now, Palestine’s Hamas has just launched a very expensive and very sophisticated attack on Israel. It was unusual not in size and cost, actually, but because the Israeli border with Palestine was inexplicably unguarded while it happened.

Which. Never. Happens.

Israeli parliament votes in Netanyahu’s controversial supreme court changes

h ttps://

Israel.s far-right, ultra-religious government has succeeded in passing a key part of the coalition’s judicial overhaul, seven months after introducing the legislation, in the face of widespread, sustained opposition from protesters.

The bill abolishing the “reasonableness” clause that allows Israel’s unelected supreme court to overrule government decisions was passed into law by a final vote of 64-0 in parliament on Monday. Every member of the coalition voted in favour, while opposition lawmakers abandoned the Knesset plenum in protest, shouting .Shame!. as they left.

“Alexa, how many members does the Knesset have?”

“The term “Knesset” is derived from the ancient Knesset HaGdola (Hebrew: …….. ………..) or “Great Assembly”, which according to Jewish tradition was an assembly of 120 scribes, sages, and prophets, in the period from the end of the Biblical prophets to the time of the development of Rabbinic Judaism . about two centuries ending c. 200 BCE.”

Sooo… a 64-0 vote means the winning faction had a bare majority, and the entire ‘everybody else’ stormed out in protest. Maybe they were trying to prevent a quorum.

The Sadducees controlled Israel via the court system, but this was the Pharisees de-throning them in favor of the Parliament that they control.

But the Pharisees’ control of Parliament is based on Dumbocracy, which is not reliable… and 64-56 is a very weak majority.

I checked if they had elections coming up. They do at the end of October, but seems to be local elections only.

In the Knesset, which was empty of opposition members, the mood was jubilant…

The streets around the parliament building in Jerusalem were thronged with approximately 20,000 protesters waving blue and white flags, some of whom marched to the city over four days last week. There were cries as news of the vote result filtered through the crowd, together with shouts of “we will never give up..

VERY weak majority. The two sides are literally not talking, and only riot cops were keeping them separate.

Israel may now have a full-blown constitutional crisis on its hands, as a political watchdog group immediately moved to file a supreme court appeal on the grounds that the new law was a .de-facto elimination of the judicial branch..

Upwards of 10,000 military reservists . some in crucial roles, such as special forces, pilots, and intelligence officers . may stop reporting for duty as promised now that the overhaul has advanced, sparking fears both inside the military and outside over the army’s operational readiness.

And wide-scale industrial action is expected after the head of Israel’s largest trade union said he would meet other union officials to discuss the possibility of a general strike . similar to a strike in March that brought the country to a standstill and forced the prime minister to temporarily freeze the overhaul.

QED, “brink of civil war”.

What might Prime Minister Netanyahu do, to BOTH cement his grip on power AND get his opposition to see him as a good guy?

The Palestinians, that Netanyahu already wanted to exterminate, and was already in process in exterminating, suddenly managed a “Pearl Harbor” soon after he gained ultimate power but was in danger of Israel disintegrating as a result?

And like America’s Pearl Harbor, “nobody” saw it coming?

It’s good to see that the Jew doesn’t treat his own people any better than he treats me. Netanyahu sabotaged Israeli border security and incited a massive attack to kill many of his own people, to ensure that he and his rivals would now have a common enemy that Netanyahu was planning to exterminate anyway.

And to judge from the reactions of his rivals thus far, this act of domestic terrorism is, indeed, keeping Israel united.

‘We Are at War’: Netanyahu Responds to Hamas Attack

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By Storyful, 7 October 2023

Israel.s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said the country was “at war” following a large-scale attack on October 7.

Netanyahu said Hamas had launched a “murderous surprise attack against the State of Israel and its citizens..

He said he had ordered a mobilization of Israel’s military reservists and that Israel would return fire with a magnitude “that the enemy has not known..

Ten thousand reservists, am I right?

Netanyahu wins everything, and his enemies feel good about him “defending” them. Or, “avenging” them. Depends if he cares to rescue those hostages.

Biden and Netanyahu meet to discuss “hard issues” as tensions simmer

h ttps://

20 September 2023

President Joe Biden and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu met Wednesday for the first time since the prime minister took office last December, placing the leaders face-to-face at a time of strained relations.

The location of the high-stakes bilateral, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly instead of the White House, was viewed as a signal of U.S. discontentment with Israel. The president and his White House have raised alarms about Netanyahu’s efforts to weaken the power of Israel’s judicial system, a move that critics say leads the country toward authoritarianism.

Behind closed doors, the two leaders broached Netanyahu’s court reform agenda that seeks to curb the power of judges. Biden has publicly urged the prime minister to find compromise, saying that he “cannot continue down this road” amid monthslong protests against his government. But the Israeli leader has forged ahead even as his negotiations with Israeli opposition drag, moving the first major piece of legislation through the parliament earlier this summer.

U.S. sends aircraft carrier group to eastern Mediterranean in response to Hamas attack on Israel

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8 October 2023

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced Sunday that he has ordered American military ships, including an aircraft carrier and additional aircraft, to move closer to the eastern Mediterranean in response to Hamas’ unprecedented, multi-front attack on Israel. Several U.S. citizens were among those killed in the attacks, a National Security Council spokesperson confirmed Sunday after Austin’s announcement.

“Today, in response to this Hamas attack on Israel, and following detailed discussions with President Biden, I have directed several steps to strengthen Department of Defense posture in the region to bolster regional deterrence efforts,” Austin said in a news release.

The announcement came shortly after the White House confirmed that President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke again Sunday morning. The two leaders discussed Hamas’ taking of Israeli hostages, with Mr. Biden assuring Netanyahu that U.S. assistance for the Israel Defense Forces was on its way to Israel, with more to follow over the coming days.

Not even three weeks for a full-blown policy reversal. I don’t know the details of how Benny arranged this; I only know Cui Bono.

Women Get Erased From the Fossil Record!… Nobody Mentions Men

Evil makes you Stupid. The Lie doesn’t just take root in your soul, it expands to cover your senses. All of reality gets filtered through the Lie.

It’s kinda funny to watch. Let it not be said, that Clown World fails to amuse.

Activist Group Tells Archaeologists Not to Assume Gender of Ancient Skeletons

h ttps://

By Ashley Cowie, 26 July 2022

Self-declared “anarchist archaeologists” are warning archaeologists not to assume the gender or race of ancient skeletons because they see the categorization of sexes as discriminatory to the dead and as enhancing “white supremacy..

Many people use the word “woke” without knowing what the word actually means.

Me: “I woke up this morning…”


Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017, this African American vernacular English word describes someone who is sensitive or alert to issues of race and social justice . But has it gone too far?

The controversy has been raised by The Black Trowel Collective of multiethnic and “anarchist” archaeologists based on the notion that attributing sex and race to skeletons is fraught with issues, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Writing on anthro{dendum} in August 2021, the team of “woke” archaeologists warned against “biological essentialism” when it comes to categorizing ancient human remains. In their statement they asked professionals to be “wary of projecting our modern sex and gender identity categories onto past individuals” as this leaves aside the frequently contextual and contingent nature of gender variation.” Following this line of thought they argued that this kind of .anti-trans violence. shares a common origin with “white supremacist ideals..

I pity Normal People, who have no idea what is going on when they read insane paragraphs like that. ATTENTION NORMIES: this is a religious war between Christ the Creator, who founded our human identity on our being made male and female, and Rebel the Deceiver who declares us to be anything but.

Yes indeed,, let’s talk about “ancient origins”.

This spiritual war is heating up for a final showdown. You want to be neutral? You don’t get to be neutral. We Christians won’t force the issue but Satan absolutely will. Which means that some of my peers in Heaven will be there only because of Oppositional Defiance disorder. Somehow, that sounds right. Logic and polite debate are observably not accomplishing the job of evangelism.

Critics of (this) latest movement, however, told the Daily Mail that such ridiculous demands would “lead to a rewriting of history and imposing current ideology “where it doesn’t belong…

That’s the idea.

Sooo… after a year or Normies waiting for this ‘trendy’ insanity to fade…

Battle lines drawn over sex, gender at major anthropology conference amid controversial cancellation

h ttps://

By Just The News, 7 October 2023

North America’s largest annual gathering of anthropologists won’t get to hear why sex remains a “necessary analytic category in anthropology,. not replaceable by gender identity, because the idea is comparable to eugenics and would “cause harm” to everyone in the discipline.

That was the explanation the American Anthropological Association and Canadian Anthropology Society gave for canceling the session .Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby. scheduled for their November joint conference in Toronto.

Aww. I was SOOO looking forward to that panel, that I planned to hit an ATM on the way in.

AAA President Ramona P?rez and CAS President Monica Heller provided few details in a Sept. 25 letter notifying the sexperts their session wouldn’t happen, claiming the groups. executive committees received requests to review its content from “numerous members..

That wasn’t their motivation.


h ttps://

Dear panelists,

We write to inform you that at the request of numerous members the respective executive boards of AAA and CASCA reviewed the panel submission .Let’s Talk about Sex Baby: Why biological sex remains a necessary analytic category in anthropology. and reached a decision to remove the session from the AAA/CASCA 2023 conference program.

The reason the session deserved further scrutiny was that the ideas were advanced in such a way as to cause harm to members represented by the Trans and LGBTQI of the anthropological community as well as the community at large.

They added “as well as the community at large” because SJWs derive legitimacy from being self-appointed representatives of the proletariat.

This is an exploitable vulnerability. That AWFL screeching at you for being racist? Ask her what organization appointed her to represent them.

Going forward, we will undertake a major review of the processes associated with vetting sessions at our annual meetings and will include our leadership in that discussion.

“You will never again get the chance to be heard in the organization we control, as we purity-spiral it into a nihilistic crater.”

End segue

The sexperts hit back in a public letter the next day…

Yay defenders of the Faith!

…accusing the two groups of choosing to “forbid scholarly dialogue” by “an international panel concerned about the erasure of women..

Yay defenders of the TERF!

.What are they going to cancel next[,] teaching evolution?. pediatric gender clinic whistleblower Jamie Reed, who says she learned to “sex skeletal remains” as an anthropology major, wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Let me continue to rain Red Pills upon any Normals innocently passing by my blog. Women were deceived into thinking that Satan freeing them from men would liberate and empowerment them. In fact, Satan was destroying the husbands who defended and sheltered those women from evil.

Now that Satan doesn’t need women to betray and destroy men anymore, he’s begun erasing “female” from history, too… even, literally, from the fossil record.

No more male, no more female, and because the male is strong enough to defeat him, Satan used women to attack the missing rib err, chink in male armor. That is how Satan wins. All these lies and abuses of power are mere means to the end of destroying humanity’s willingness, then ability, to accept Christ as the Husband of Humanity.

Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism is womens’ doomed effort to stop Satan’s taking from them what they have rightfully stolen.

h ttps://

Dear Drs. Ramona P?rez and Monica Heller,

We are disappointed…

From the time of [our panel’s] acceptance until we received your letter dated September 25th, 2023, no one from the AAA or CASCA reached out to any of the panelists with concerns.

QED, the SJWs were self-appointed gatekeepers.

Our panel included a group of diverse women, one of whom is a lesbian. In addition to having three fields of anthropology presented in our panel, our panel also included anthropologists from four countries with three languages . an international panel concerned about the erasure of women.

“We were allies with you! Why can’t we still be allies?”

Answer: Satan doesn’t need you useful female idiots anymore. He gulled you into destroying & abandoning your husbands who protected you from Evil, now you’re wide open (heh) for Evil to exploit.

Yes, “let’s talk about sex”.

Your suggestion that our panel would somehow compromise ..the scientific integrity of the programme. seems to us particularly egregious, as the decision to anathematize our panel looks very much like an anti-science response to a politicized lobbying campaign. Had our panel been allowed to go forward, we can assure you that lively contestation would have been welcomed by the panelists and may even have occurred between us, as our own political commitments are diverse.

It was never about diversity. It was never about equality. It was ALWAYS, from the beginning, about Christ against Satan.

Kathleen Lowrey…
Elizabeth Weiss…
Kathleen Richardson…
Mich?le Sirois…
Silvia Carrasco…
Carole Hooven.

Hmm… it was never about men, either. Apparently.

Women and SJWs vie for power… SJWs winning easily… while men aren’t even in the room anymore.

Or the fossil record.

Does God Still Bribe, Oops, Judge Nations?

The Mosaic Law is MORALLY TOXIC.

When the Second Temple was destroyed in AD70, the Jews tried to hold on to the Mosaic Law, which they had never kept and could not keep, instead of following Christ, because Moses offered them this world and Jesus offered them the next one. That devotion to Moses’ promised prosperity gave the Pharisees the opportunity to shift Israel’s (no longer feasible) Mosaic loyalty to them. Moses promised worldly success and the Pharisees promised Moses 2.0, and so the Jews embraced Satan forevermore.

I fear that history is repeating. This time, for Protestants. (Catholics have mortal issues of their own at the moment.)

God Still Curses Nations

h ttps://

By Rev. Matt, 5 October 2023

There are Christians today who believe that God does not still judge nations as he did in the Old Testament.


They believe that the New Covenant has now changed how this kind of judgement works. They would base this argument on a few different prepositions.

The biggest difference is that the Old Covenant didn’t work. Israel was so faithless that God repeatedly persecuted and destroyed that nation. So much for Moses’ promises of worldly success. The highest point was God rewarding David’s bastard for David’s good deeds, because as devoted as David was, God didn’t want a bloodlusting corpse factory to build His temple. He wanted somebody known for his wisdom instead.

My burns pale next to God’s.

The second biggest difference: the Old Covenant is literally dead. Remember it was between God and Moses? Well… God died. Hebrews chapter 9 is explicit that the OC is gone and the NC is the ONLY offer on the table.


Hebrews 9, partial:

For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal that he has died as a ransom to set them free from the sins committed under the first covenant.

Boom. Christ’s death was the END of the Old Covenant, and with it, Moses’ offers of blessings & curses. Which is also why Israel didn’t need to listen to the Pharisees in AD70 when they could no longer offer sacrifices at a temple. All they had to do, was accept Christ’s sacrifice as the real one, and they would no longer have needed a Temple. They would have BECOME the Temple. God never left them trapped.

But no, they chose worldly success instead, and became living proof that money can’t buy love.

Matt quotes some of the Mosaic moral laws to bolster his arguments, but he neglects to mention the laws of cleanliness and separation. I’m pretty sure that Matt doesn’t take his mildewed garments to a certified Levite for cleansing.

That was one of the things that Moses offered blessings & curses about. Seriously:


Deuteronomy 28:15,28

However, if you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow ALL his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you… The Lord will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish.

Emphases mine, as usual.

End Segue2

Back to Christ superseding Moses,

In the case of a will, it is necessary to prove the death of the one who made it, because a will is in force only when somebody has died; it never takes effect while the one who made it is living. This is why even the first covenant was not put into effect without blood. When Moses had proclaimed every command of the law to all the people, he took the blood of calves, together with water, scarlet wool and branches of hyssop, and sprinkled the scroll and all the people. He said, .This is the blood of the covenant, which God has commanded you to keep.” In the same way, he sprinkled with the blood both the tabernacle and everything used in its ceremonies. In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

It was necessary, then, for the copies of the heavenly things to be purified with these sacrifices, but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these. For Christ did not enter a sanctuary made with human hands that was only a copy of the true one; he entered heaven itself, now to appear for us in God’s presence. Nor did he enter heaven to offer himself again and again, the way the high priest enters the Most Holy Place every year with blood that is not his own. Otherwise Christ would have had to suffer many times since the creation of the world. But he has appeared once for all at the culmination of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself. Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

Matt, what is your motive in wanting to return to the Mosaic Law? That inferior copy of what Christ accomplished? It didn’t save anybody, and its bribes… Moses’ promises of good results for good deeds… didn’t motivate.

Answer: you want worldly success against evildoers. Which Christ never offered.

Just like desperate Israel did before you, you’re grasping for practical results because the religion you have, feels inadequate to your needs.

Don’t do that. Do not use Christianity as a means to anything but Christ.

End segue

One particular passage I have heard people use to support this case is from Matthew 25 where Jesus says this,

.31 .When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left. (Matt. 24:31-33).

They use this passage, and other similar passages, to argue that God is going to judge the nations on the final day, therefore, he now no longer judges nations as he did in the Old Testament.

What an odd argument, both ways. God is obviously doing a “resubdivision” of humanity in that passage, collecting all the nations into one group, then dividing them between heaven and hell irrespective of nation. He’s erasing the nations, not judging them.

It also does not account for the fact that near the end of Revelation in chapter 18 God describes the judgement of a nation/empire, Babylon, in the precise same terms and style as he pronounced judgement on nations in books like Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah and others. Indeed, I suggest you compare Revelation 18 to Jeremiah 50-51 and you will see some incredible parallels.

Parallels? Oh sweet summer child, whoever said the Whore of Babylon is not Israel itself?

To be sure, I doubt it’ll be geographic Israel… the top geographic candidates are currently New York, London, Brussels and Rome… but which ethnic group, which nation is it, who teaches the peoples of today to worship the ancient gods of Babylon? I bet it’s one that previously lived there.

This shows us, very clearly, that nothing has changed with regards to how God judges nations from the Old Covenant to the New.

Because I follow Matt semi-regularly, I know that today’s complete failure of logic & theology is an exception, not the rule, to his normal quality.

I get it. I even sympathize. The reason “God still judges the nations” is perennially attractive to Normie conservatives, is because the implication is that we have the power to wish all the wickedness of GAE away. Don’cha know, God is stamping His foot with impatience because we haven’t yet ordered Him to act. I am also weary of evil… but that does not imply anything about my ability to stop it.

Or, maybe God made me Rambo but I didn’t notice. In which case, God is not yet impatient enough to offer me a clue how special I am. Big mistake, Boss, teaching me to be humble and control my temper instead of slaying my HUNDREDS of thousands….

Another prominent argument that such people will use, and perhaps their most powerful argument, is that God judged Israel according to the covenant that he made with them. Therefore, once that covenant was brought to completion, judging peoples as nations is no longer on the cards…


But just because God held Israel to a specific or certain standard, does not mean that he does not judge other nations according to another or similar standard.

No, Matt. Very obviously No. God personally founded Israel with a personally selected clan, by personally leading them there and personally dictating their new government into existence. He did not merely give them a moral code to obey… He wanted them to be a metaphor of Heaven, so He gave extra laws for only that people.

Thus, Israel was a theocracy. Everybody had to participate in the State Religion. You had to bring sacrifices to the mandatory priesthood yearly, if not more often; you have to obey laws covering everything from God’s standard morality, to dressing only in certain fabrics, eating certain foods, living in assigned areas, observing specified holy days… it was a very hands-on religion, often without specified punishments, so it made sense for Moses to warn “the people” about obeying it all.

By contrast, I am not a participant in my society, by no fault of my own. Already landless and a second-class citizen with no family, and homelessness is on the horizon. No vote even, because Dumbocracy. Why would God promise me rewards/curses about my leaders mutilating children? I’m not involved in that. I’m not even allowed in the building.

Any nation that worships false gods will experience the curses that come with that. Any nation filled with disrespectful children will experience the curses that come with that.

Consequences, not curses. But there are consequences for literally everything you choose, so that’s a meaningless statement.

Certainly, “God will judge you” is not the same statement as “that’s eventually going to hurt” or “listen to your conscience”. The former implies direct action by a wrathful God.

Let me state the problem outright. Is God going to punish the innocent for the crimes of their guilty leaders, until those leaders learn to fear God? If yes then God does indeed judge nations, and He better enjoy it, because He’ll be punishing me for an eternity and a half before Governor “Hair Gel” Newsom repents of status, power and money.

If no, then God does not judge nations… and according to Hebrews 9 above, we the people die first and THEN face judgment. Meanwhile in reality, the depraved will suffer the predictable consequences of depravity, and so on.

God did not found any existing nation to have a special divine status. There is no Australian Covenant. There is no Chinese Covenant. There is not even an Israeli Covenant. That was broken with Christ’s death, as mentioned above. Israel today is nothing like Ancient Israel.

It is critically important that you Normal Christians understand that modern Israel is not Ancient Israel. There is a growing moral threat of the Noahide Code, which will offer you a ‘temporary’ substitute for Christ, just like the Babylonian Talmudists offered the Israelis a substitute for Moses. I don’t have the full details yet, perhaps it hasn’t reached Australia, but the threat has appeared in USA.

God still judges nations. But the corollary of this is that he wants to bless nations if they would receive this… The choice is ours as a nation today whether we want to flourish or decay, God wants to bless, but he cannot bless those who foolishly reject him.

The idea that Moses’ offer of worldly success is still on the table, is one of the Jews’ attack vectors against Protestant Christianity today.

How so, you ask? You can’t accept Moses’ promises without accepting Moses’ Law. The entirety of the Law, including a “Levite” Jewish priesthood. Your churches won’t even be run by Christians anymore.

And those promises were useless even back when God had bound Himself to honor them.

Defend yourself by letting go of false hope and false guilt. Our current situation is not your fault. It did not come about because of you, and it won’t go away because of anything you might possibly do. Life right now is ugly, hard and poised to get worse… but it’s not your fault. God promised us suffering in return for our loyalty, not the halls of power in return for good deeds.

That’s the New Covenant. The ONLY Covenant. And the freaky thing is, it works better than the Old ever did. God’s offer of worldly success did nothing to foster devotion among the ancient Israelis. But suffering in return for devotion? Two thousand years later, Christianity triumphantly completed its mission to evangelize the entire planet… and I daresay that our finest hour is still ahead.

There are such strange things in this world.

Grim determination in Truth’s defense > bribes for good behavior. Which is why God does NOT judge nations.

The Laphonza Butler Snub

I wish conservatives would do more analysis in their reporting. Their hot takes are yelling about how Laphonza Butler of Emily’s List PAC, Governor Hair Gel’s designated replacement for Corpse Senator Feinstein, isn’t even a California resident. That was not to snub Californians. Newsom is happy to pick a Californian to represent him, err, California, because here is where all his sycophants and toadies live.

Thus, his pick WAS to snub… his house niggaz!

You might not think so at first glance, because Laphonza Butthurt is, herself, Cro-Magnon err, Colored. You must realize 1. USA is a satrapy of Israel, and 2. California is too important to be ruled by a servant race.

That’s right! It’s not me being rayciss today, it’s the Schiffs yanking on Newsom’s chain.

Gov. Newsom promised to appoint a black female to replace Feinstein after his appointment of Alex Padilla to replace Kameltoe Harris, upon her elevation to Veep Throat. That unnamed person of interest was state Rep. Barbara Lee, the only black female already campaigning for the seat. But postmortem, Newsom clarified that the “black female appointee” he promised would only be to finish Feinstein’s remaining term of barely a year.

That’s because ((Adam Schiff)) is the designated heir to ((Feinstein)) in 2024. Gotta keep the power in the Tribe! Surely, a blacktivist will understand that…

Or not.

Don’t hold back, Lee. Tell us how you feel about being snubbed for a D.C. wage slave, just because you refused to accept a term limit of ZERO!!!

h ttps://

Newsom.s response was .insulting,. Lee said.

.The idea that a Black woman should be appointed only as a caretaker to simply check a box is insulting to countless Black women across this country who have carried the Democratic Party to victory election after election,. Lee responded. “Black women deserve more than a participation trophy. We need a seat at the table..

Deserve’s got nothing to do with it. The Finklesteins will use you blacks for as long as you’re useful, then it’ll be abortion and free vaccines for the lot of you.

That ain’t how we Christians do business, but you’d rather suffer Newsom’s boot heel than our return.

On Sunday, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) cited similar reasons to urge Newsom to appoint Lee to fill the Senate vacancy.

Butler will be the third-ever Black woman to be a U.S. Senator, following Harris and Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois.

That glass ceiling just ain’t what it used to be. I got news for you, Barbie Lee: you ain’t gonna win in 2024 either, because you’ll be running against a ((Schiff)) in an election-fortified state that’s also the testbed for the Jew World Order. Newsom offered you a graceful exit and you chose to mud-fight instead.

So, he snubbed you.

The reason Newsom chose a nonresident of California, is to ensure that La-phonics or whoever can’t leverage that brief stay into an incumbency. While he could always just fix the election, Newsom clearly took the opportunity to put you and your Black Caucus in your place at his feet.

But hey, you’re free of white Christian racism now. Not even Satan can take that from you.

Postscript, do you know how “Emily’s List” got its name? Not from an “Emily”. Quote from Wikipedia: “The group’s name is an acronym for “Early Money Is Like Yeast”. [Founder Ellen] Malcolm commented that “it makes the dough rise”.

EWW! Just when you think the whores of Babylon can’t get any more disgusting.

The Future Of Christianity In One Quick Post

Several Christian voices have wondered lately where everything is headed. I believe I have the answer, although the comfort it brings is questionable.

The organized Church had two purposes: to preach the Gospel to all nations and make disciples of all peoples. That has been accomplished in our lifetimes… the lives of we who’ve watched the newfangled Internet become the final word in whether the entire planet is aware of Christ’s teachings and offer of salvation.

At the same time, modern telecommunication have eliminated the protections, imposed and lasting since the Tower of Babel, against humanity uniting against God (again). It’s not a coincidence that world government swiftly followed world telecommunications.

Clever of God, to have the Church’s final success also be the key to the unification of Satan’s kingdom.

Which is where we are today. God is allowing the organized Church to collapse because it has served His purpose and now is obsolete. Everybody alive has had their chance to make their decision regarding Christ. Continue attending church if you have a decent one, by all means, and of course never abandon the faith. But I suspect that restoration will not be our decision to make.

The next phase, per prophecy, is God crushing the rebellion that He has patiently tolerated for millennia. No more fence-sitters, no more ignorants… When everybody has taken a side, it’s time for the showdown.

Thus, wickedness is spiking because God has chosen to quit restraining it, so it can unify into a convenient last stand for the Ages. Part of this, unfortunately, is that most of us will soon be murdered by the wicked; God’s reward to us for accomplishing the task He gave us for the past two thousand years. Beheaded, most likely.

It doesn’t look like a reward on this side of mortality, but we have both God’s guarantee and Christ’s example. I don’t intend to go quietly, of course, and neither should you… a child molester is a wonderful thing to waste… but that helps explain God not communicating to us. He’s allowing the devil some wins, in order to set him up on the Cosmic Bulls-Eye, but He can’t tell us to give up while doing so.

(It helps to think of Father God as a storyteller. An author will create a dangerous villain and give him many successes, but that never means the author approves of what the villain does. The villain is created to serve a purpose, and when that purpose is completed, the villain will… MUST… be properly disposed of. Looking at YOU, Clown World!)

Not all of us will die. Some will be spared/raptured so Christ can build His coming kingdom, since the dead can’t have kids and don’t live twice.

We saints are not needed for that ultimate battle. We aren’t equipped for it. God intends to handle it Personally and on a much more supernatural level than our mortal limitations can process. As God put it in Psalm 82, speaking to the current Principalities of Earth, “even though you are gods, you will die like men“.

Many Christians do not realize that Christ Jesus is hardcore, the O.G. Angel of Death. He was gentle to humans, yes, but not to demons or their allies. When He famously spoke of the gates of Hell, he was speaking of crushing His enemies’ defenses. Not of taking body blows from doorposts.

Move over, Conan. Take a seat next to Alvin York and Carlos Hathcock, and watch how a real God of War takes out the trash. Christ will simply order His enemies to die.

But that fight will be to God’s glory, not ours. Our glory will be of a different sort… impressive only to the One Who Matters.

After that… somewhat one-sided… battle, will be Christ Victorious upon the Earth, and happy times for another thousand years before God finally shuts down this Saint Production Line that we call reality.

Satan is ascendant and the Church is fading, because the Age of Mercy is drawing to an end. Next up, will be the Age of Justice.

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Declares Chapter Trump Bankruptcy

The Totalitarian believes that laws are whims spoken into power. Having rejected the notion of objective morality, they enthrone the State as the only source of subjective power. And then cling to the halls of power until they shit their diapers and stroke out on the floor at the ripe old age of Methuselah’s granddaddy, because giving up control of the State would enable their enemies to do unto them. Not that Christians are the vindictive sort… we don’t have to be… the Totalitarian helpfully assumes that we’re just like him.

Trump is not that vindictive sort either, would that he was, but in New York City’s haste to destroy him, they undid a defense that they themselves will need in the near future.

More than that, however, is the Totalitarian is a coward at heart. He is reluctant to cross lines until the Narrative provides him with a precedent. Like demons, Totalists feel agonizing pain when they transgress into sunlight.

Trump sued under New York law extending statute of limitations in sexual assault civil cases

h ttps://

By Madeline Bruce, 25 November 2022

New York’s Adult Survivor’s Act went into effect Thursday, allowing survivors of sexual assault or abuse who were 18 years or older at the time to file a civil lawsuit against their abuser past the state’s statute of limitations. The act was signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul in May and amends the statute of limitations for civil actions related to sexual offenses committed against adults in the State of New York. Under the act, civil actions which were previously barred by the statute of limitations are now revived.

That was the most blatant example of ex poste facto legislation that I’ve yet seen. The entire point of limitations is that trials become so difficult as the years pass, that prosecution becomes impossible. Or defense, if the burden of evidence is shifted upon the accused.

Survivors now have a one-year window to file the allowed civil actions for cases of sexual assault for which they previously could not file suit past the time limitation placed on the crime.

One hour would have been sufficient.

E. Jean Carroll, a writer for Elle magazine, Thursday filed an amended lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, minutes after New York’s Adult Survivor’s Act went into effect. She previously filed a defamation suit against Trump in 2019 for statements he made against her when she publicly accused him of sexual assault.

In the amended lawsuit, Carroll sues Trump for battery regarding the alleged rape in 1995 and defamation regarding the alleged false and degrading statements he made against Carroll on social media and in the press in the years following her claim that he raped her.

Carroll brings civil action under the act against Trump for her alleged rape committed by Trump in a New York City department store dressing room in 1995.

That would be a very risky place to commit a violent sex crime. Ah, but she was only civilly rayyyped, not criminally rayyyped.

What’s my point? Now that the defense of limitations has been breached by the leaders of the Narrative, the second-tier minions rush in.

Archdiocese of Baltimore files for bankruptcy, braces for expected wave of sex abuse lawsuits

h ttps://

By Collin Jones, 1 October 2023

The Archdiocese of Baltimore made an announcement on Friday that it has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This comes after the institution expects to face dozens of sex abuse lawsuits.

Did Archbishop William Lori get caught diddling kids? Nope… it’s the return of the Cold War!

There was a 456-page investigation that goes into detail about 158 teachers, clergy, seminarians, and deacons within the Archdiocese of Baltimore who had allegedly assaulted more than 600 children going back to the 1940s. The document was compiled by the Maryland Attorney General.

They are now prosecuting the living for the alleged crimes of the dead.

Additionally, a Maryland law that was passed in April will reportedly see the statute of limitations lifted to allow for new claims about old acts of abuse to be investigated. The law was passed by the General Assembly.

Media partners at the Baltimore Banner noted that attorneys and victims of sexual abuse had planned to move forward with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of lawsuits against the archdiocese, but the recent bankruptcy announcement has brought litigation to a screeching halt.

The litigants stopped because they won. Lori is a gutless, Godless yellowbelly.

Archbishop William Lori said that the religious organization’s decision would allow “the Archdiocese both to equitably compensate victim-survivors of child sexual abuse and ensure the local Church can continue its mission and ministries.”

“I acknowledge that no apology, compensation, or knowledge of our present-day accountability measures will necessarily lead to healing for victim survivors, nor repair the harm they suffered,” Lori wrote. “To be sure, conversations with victim-survivors have taught me that neither I nor the Archdiocese can undo what was taken from them…”

He announced the lawless accusations were legitimate, assumed criminal and civil liability for actions that he couldn’t possibly be responsible for, and then…

“Chapter 11 is one of two types of bankruptcy. With an approved plan under Chapter 11, the Archdiocese will be reorganized, victim-survivors will be equitably compensated, and the Church will continue its mission and ministries,” Archbishop Lori said. “This is different from Chapter 7 bankruptcy where organizations sell all of their assets to satisfy creditors and shutter their doors.”

…Lori voluntarily surrendered control of the Archdiocese to the State. Without a fight.

I understand why the Totalitarian does what he does. His behavior is consistent, predictable and in the short term, beneficial.

I don’t understand how every enemy of the Totalist finds joy in defeat. They can’t all be closet pedophiles parachuted into halls of power. From clergy accepting false accusations at face value, to law enforcement nobly doing nothing at all about crime, to doctors knowingly poisoning children in fear of Fauci the Midget’s nonspecific displeasure, it’s getting quite tedious.

On the upside, we are now free to accuse these people of murdering Christ. The statue of limitations on the events of A.D.33 expired some time ago, and today’s SJWs weren’t alive back then, but that is… QED… a quick legislative fix.

Narcissism And the Hollow Soul

I found an excellent dissertation on narcissism here:

Part 1

Part 2

An extract is presented here, for me to riff off on my concept of the Hollow Soul.

The basic mechanism

As previously discussed, lack of self-consciousness creates a perception or definition of self which has three main properties:

    1. The definition of self is heavily influenced by others.
    2. The self is “fluid” . i.e. there is poor correction mechanism for the self, and correction is dependent on others.
    3. The definition of self is unrealistically positive.

This results in a “model of self. – which defines both self-perception and the perception of others. The model must always be maintained in such a way that self-perception remains high in relation to others.

The basic internal narcissistic mechanism essentially has two main components: the maintenance of this model, and how emotional factors are involved in its maintenance. The two traits thus come together and form the narcissistic behavior pattern. This can be described in the following sequential fashion:

Mainly caused by low self-consciousness:

    1. The narcissist has developed an internal model of self and others.
    2. This model is unsustainable under normal conditions.
    3. The model is unsustainable because it is simply wrong. It is wrong about the narcissist and wrong about other people.
    4. Because the model is wrong, it lacks robustness against the environment. It is inherently fragile.
    5. Because it is wrong, it will constantly clash with reality (mostly other people).
    6. Because the model has been emotionally internalized, it must be protected from reality – constantly and at all cost.

Mainly caused by emotional factors:

    1. The incorrect internal model will take on very strong emotional properties. Self-perception is intensely connected to emotions . negative and positive.
    2. Any value or belief system which is connected to the high sense of self will become a part of the internal model, and will be intensely connected to emotions much like the sense of self.
    3. Any outside stimulus which moves the model up or down will result in a very strong emotional response.
    4. When the model is reinforced (self-perception moved upward), it will result in what is basically an emotional “high.”
    5. When the model is challenged (self-perception moved downward), it will result in an emotional low . even an emotional crash.
    6. This will create what can be described as addiction. The narcissist will seek reinforcement of his model to get the emotional high, using whatever tools he has. This will become compulsive and tends to escalate over time.
    7. This will also result in elaborate defensive tactics to prevent challenge to the model . to avoid the emotional crash.

In other words: the incorrect internal model will take on such emotional properties that its maintenance and defense will create a state of emotional dependence which is similar to drug addiction. This means that the reinforcement-seeking behavior becomes compulsive, like the next fix for a drug addict. This dependence is not figurative . it is a real chemical dependence based on real neurotransmitters (rather than drugs which simulate neurotransmitters).

The narcissist’s behavior has two main goals; to receive reinforcement for the model (emotional high) and to avoid challenge to the model (emotional crash). For this he has two “tactical sets” of behaviors . which are basically tool sets of sorts. One set is designed to affirm or elevate the self and reinforce the model; the other one is designed to protect the model from challenges. The use of these tools differs between narcissists, mainly depending on how far out on the distribution of the two traits they are. That will be discussed later.

My main takeaway is that the narcissist is a person who defines himself by his external environment… inverted solipsism, perhaps… and then controls his environment to define himself as he wishes.

I have some trouble with “narcissist” being hung on that, because there are two subforms of narcissist here: The one who chooses his identity based on the social “climates” available to him, and the one who manipulates his social climate for optimal results. The latter is appropriately called a narcissist, but the former probably doesn’t think highly of himself. Instead of defending his own ego, he rents a well-defended ego.

It’s comparable to the Venezuelans being imported to exterminate white America. The Venezuelans will be extremely loyal to the American Regime because their survival in this country, err, economic zone depends upon them being extremely loyal. They might not enjoy the resulting self-image of foot soldiers for child molesters, but if they had chosen to be proud of who they were, they’d still be in Venezuela.

My concept of the Hollow Soul is a person who rejects self-ownership and self-identity, and consequently, tries eternally to fill the resulting void with other peoples’ identities. Or ideological identities. He is a pawn ever in search of a king to purchase and use him… as livestock.

Narcissists often select .pre-brainwashed. or .pre-broken. spouses that can be controlled and molded more easily. Narcissistic men often pick insecure women with already broken self, and female narcissists often pick emotionally damaged men, or men who are extreme .beta-males. and content to live on their knees.

This explains why every single Communist effort is explicitly and furiously suicidal. Everything about a person’s identity is projected outward… the past and the soul are both straight-up deleted as quickly as possible. It is not that Communism is rabidly atheistic. It knows that God is real and seeks to separate humanity from him.

Humanity thus emptied, can be jammed full of any lie imaginable, and the people will busy themselves choosing between competing social “climates” rather than developing who they are.

None of my readers are in danger of becoming the active narcissist, but the passive narcissist is a trap we can still fall into.

An example of this comes from the prepper community. Reasonable precautions against the coming hardships are appropriate, but there is a subset of preppers who have defined their entire lives in preparation for “the Collapse”. They have made life-changing choices that they would not have, had America never been prostituted to the Monster From Jekyll Island.

That is a spiritual death, a hollowing of the soul away from who they should have been, in favor of a probably-false guarantee of material success.

If circumstances for a life change upon you, that is not your fault.

If the choices you make are the choices you’d have made regardless, no harm done. If you would’ve been a gun nut anyway, there’s no harm in being a gun nut preparing for the Apocalypse.

But if you’re an artistic type and feel obliged to redefine yourself as a gun nut preparing for the Apocalypse, then that will harm your soul even if it preserves your life.

Another observation to be made is that a person who depends upon a social climate for identity, can put very little effort into creating and refining that identity. This may be the underlying reason for consumerism.

Or to be pithy, once you have nothing left to defend except your next meal, you’ll be tempted to embrace oblivion.

A third observation is that technology has made laziness more accessible than ever in history. I feel the temptation at my work to not improve myself professionally. That is not at all to mean continuing education (ugh). Useless seminars about the latest toys and software repackaged to be sold as new again, no. I mean, figuring out what other people do with my work, for example… a VERY interesting question… and how to prevent my field from being Converged into an unholy marriage of Autocad and lactation rooms.

Bureaucrats think that mandating education credits is how to ensure I stay competent. Me asking myself the interesting questions, and bothering to look up the answers, is how I stay competent. But after I’m forced to check the social-climate boxes, it’s hard to find the energy for legit self-improvement.

I can always sit back and have my identity spoon-fed to me. In fact, the active narcissist insists.

Self-discipline, self-pacing and self-ownership are incredibly hard qualities for most people to develop. And yet, I think those qualities are exactly what will defeat our Current Year’s Regime more effectively than hot lead in Reptiloids. They aren’t after our lives, after all; not until they’re done with our souls.

Both the passive and the active narcissist have no internal moral compass. This is a situation manufactured by participation awards and echo-chamber social media. The passive types end up needing the active, abusive, gaslighting narcissists to give their lives structure. Which is what we saw in the Covid Plandemic; everybody’s continuing education turned out to be repeating whatever they were told. “Handshakes spread disease. Christianity is unhealthy. Human contact is obsolete unless you’re looting a Walmart.” Actual advice given by licensed professionals!

To oppose that, choose your own structure, your own priorities, then make them happen, and that will give you something to defend. That is how you become you and not an interchangeable, bug-eating mammal in the pod.

Bonus, it’s way more fun to be you than anybody else.

Gamergate 2023: the Starfield Shenanigan Explained For Non-Gamers

The ride never stops for Gamergaters. Some people think the young are hopeless; I hear stories like this and think they’re rather precocious. I’ve grown a bit too technophobic in my old age to enjoy A-list games anymore, not to mention that the very real (and very First-World) problem of dopamine addiction means I can’t do the spastic FPS shooters like I used to. (I hit bottom during Borderlands 2 and have been mostly clean since then, but I sometimes load up Prey for a quick, shotgun-based soap opera.)

Headlines of sociopathic bankster CEOs debating how best to LITERALLY addict people to their games, for optimal wealth extraction, doesn’t help. Maybe I’m just waiting for Doom the LARP to hit the streets. Ahem.

But I keep it real with my roots, even if I don’t play the games anymore. Here is the Starfield Shenanigan for my readers who are even less gamer-y than me. We start with early access, because nobody releases finished games in Current Year. Finished games cannot be sold a second time… when they’re, you know, finished.

Streamer meltdowns and mass refunds: Players boycott Starfield over pronouns controversy

h ttps://

By Richik “anarkiddie” Bhattacharya, modified 4 September 2023

Starfield’s Early Access launch a couple of days ago has already seen a number of controversies, with the latest prompting players to mass refund the game and streamers having meltdowns, all because it allows them to choose their preferred pronouns during character selection. A clip of YouTuber HeelVsBabyface ranting about the customization option has gone viral, with Dr DisRespect also revealing that he was rejected by Bethesda for his past comments.

Ahh, I’m home among my people once again! With proper English names such as anarkiddie and Dr Disrespect, not Bhattacharya.

Many players seem to be refunding Starfield because it allows pronoun choice.

Or as HVB put it,

“You take everything we love and shovel your dogsh*t ideology.”

What triggered that? (GunnerQ ducks)

For those wondering, Starfield allows players to select their preferred pronoun when starting a new character, which has ruffled many feathers.

That is the entire complaint, that has seen half the Legionnes Gamergateur demanding refunds and boycotts against publisher Bethesda for nearly a month solid now.

When you make a new character in Starlight, an open-ended exploration game comparable to Bethesda’s older and beloved works such as the Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim… there is one point at which you can choose gender pronouns independently of your choice of gender.

That’s it. Blink and you miss it. Gender, Wokeness or other Social Justice dogsh*t plays no further point in the entire game.

Many [Twixter] accounts have been calling out Bethesda for including it in the game. Meanwhile, people on the other side are making fun of those demanding refunds and boycotts.

[HVB:] “I love nothing more than to be dragged out at every f*cking conceivable opportunity so that you can f*cking current-day us. Sorry, you wanted to get immersed in our world? Guess what, f*cking pronouns! F*cking gender ambiguity! F*cking current-day Californian sh*t, because that’s what we f*cking know because we are boring. We’re so, f*cking, boring! We can’t see past our own f*cking reflections, that’s the level of our narcissim at the Bethesda Western Gaming Company.”

[ReviewTechUSA on Twixter, 2 September 2023:] I’m jealous tbh. I want to live in @heelvsbabyface’s world where life is so easy that pronouns in a character creation screen cause me to rage like this.

So, what do you think? Is this an overreaction to a mere microaggression (GunnerQ ducks again), or did HVB and friends correctly, and instantly, diagnose an SJW infiltration?

One video-streamer that I have great esteem for, Upper Echelon Games (UEG), believed it an overreaction.

h ttps://

“You can call the game dogsh*t and you’d have valid reasons to do it. [Some bugs, some balance issues, quantity over quality of explorable areas.] Likewise, you could call the game a masterpiece after exploring it for 100 hours, and you’d have valid reasons too. [UEG liked the game overall but is reserving final judgment.] But it’s not a game that deserves to be the focal point of a console war, a political powder keg and a social media gamer civil war of sorts, all at once, at the same time.”

Today, I disagree with him. This is the Mockingbird Mechanic I coined in my preceding post. Here’s a game that UEG wants to like, but oops, there’s just a little Narrative in it “for no reason at all”. In truth, that’s exactly why it was included, in such an inoffensive way… so he would accept an evil that he would normally be opposed to.

Therefore, the correct response is total war for the first offense, no matter how trivial that offense.

Which of us is right?

Fortunately, there’s a simple litmus test to determine whether the inclusion of gender pronouns was malicious. Remove the option with a post-release, voluntary mod. Easily and quickly done.

Behold, the long knives immediately came out.

Starfield mod that removes pronoun options has been banned by NexusMods

h ttps://

By Vikki Blake, 17 September 2023

One of the biggest PC mod repositories in the world, NexusMods, has banned a mod that lets Starfield players remove all mentions of pronouns.

The mod was presumably crafted after a tiny number of perpetually angry snowflakes kicked off because Bethesda had adopted the inclusive practice of enabling players to select their pronouns for their sci-fi adventure.

[Quote from NexusMods:] .It’s not a “political statement” or an “alignment to one side or the other in the culture war.” We stand for diversity and inclusion in our community and the removal of diversity, while appealing to many, does not promote a positive modding community..

“Frankly, we are not sad to see them go,” NexusMods said.

That settles the question. The inclusion of gender pronouns was malicious.

The ironic part is that the mod in question removed all gender; your character became they/them.

UEG has a tough choice to make. He just wants to play games, as do all us Gamers. The only way that we’ll be allowed to play the games we enjoy, however, is an absolute-zero-tolerance, first-strike-you’re-out policy with respect to Social Justice.


We cannot coexist. They are agreement-incapable. They will demand endless concessions while making none of their own, until they allow us no game to play but The Last Of Us Part Twat.

I grant that NexusMods is not Bethesda, but I’m not going to wait and see if Bethesda voluntarily removes the gender option. It’s too late for apologies. They knew what they were doing. Heck, I can see their thought balloon: “Normal people have some tolerance, but SJWs have none. Therefore, since we can’t please both sides, let’s offend the Normies then walk it back if we have to.” Every single time. Until Normie becomes equally easily offended, and equally unforgiving.

God bless these Gamergaters who have already figured out the game! They didn’t write the rules; they’re just playing to win.